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x 'HE BEHBU' FEBBUHBYI, IQ!!-I I I xx ,- . -:-"'-133:52-. fi 55375 r f ws.. H I'1,nblished by FEBRUARY GRADUATING CLASS of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA KLIN PRINT C0 NEWPO The Beacon February, 1941 The Beacon February l94l FDBELUUIXD There she stands, the outward symbol ot friendship and peace, protectina the doors ot our nation from intruders. I-ler name implies her ideals 5 We are justly proud ot the Statue ot Liberty. ln View ot the conflict in toreian countries, and the liberties denied European peoples, we, the statt members, have chosen as the theme ot our yearbook, "patriotism and treedomf' W e February l94l araduates ot the New- port News hiah school teel proud that now we may participate more tully in the various pro- arams attorded the American people by their democratic aovernment. Graduates look tor- Ward to becomina active American citizens. After araduation, we shall realize better that we are a small but important part oi the areat- est aovernrnent on earth. lt is ours "to hold hiah" the torch ot demo- cracy that still shines briahtly in a World ot dark chaos. Statue oi Liberty, we return your salute! Tl The Beoicon February l91ll SPDIlSDil'S IllESi3ilBE M. J. BYRNE To the Class of February, 1941: In the past few months many new and revolutionary changes have come into being in the world. Since this Beacon has as its theme "patrio- tism", it is only fitting that we should consider the role of our own patrio- tism as it is affected by these changes. You who are about to be graduated will have excellent opportunity in the next few months to change from high school students to responsible citizens. You will take your place as workers in a democratic society that is rapidly preparing itself for self-preservation. My advice to you is to do all Within your power, and that is more than you think, to do all you can as patriotic citizens to realize the fulfillment of this defense program, and thus preserve our American way of living. M. J. Byrne. Four The Beacon February, 1941 UJE DEDIBHIF Q y WILLIAM B. KIRK He came to Newport News High School from the State Teachers' College at West Chester, Pennsylvania. For the past two years he has been adviser to both the Beacon Weekly and the Beacon Annuals. This excellent adviser has furthered journalistic work in our high school. He is not only the adviser of the school paper and the annual books, but also the teacher of journalism in the school. It is through him that the members of the present annual staff as well as many other students have learned the real importance of originality and respon- sibility. The staff of the February, 1941 Beacon Annual takes great pleasure in dedicating this book to William B. Kirk, faculty adviser of the Beacon. Annual Staff. Five The Beacon February, l94l The student bocly recognizes three outstcmflingpew'so1za.lities of our rulmivzistrationg they are left to fright: Ethel M. Gilclersleeve, M. A., Dean of Girlsg Lcwnrw' R. Stanley, M. A., P1'incipcLl,' S. D. Green, M. A., Assistcmt P1'i1zc'ipal. Dr. Joseph H. Sazmders, L. L. D., S?.l,173'l"7:'IZfT6'lZd6'lZt of city sch-ools, clrirects the ed-ziccttional progrcmt of the entire city. BRIEF Bl.llIlBES Dr. Joseph H. Scczmolers. Meeting with the School Board - - interviewing teachers - - speak- ing before many groups - - addressing graduates. Lamar R. Stanley. Writing "Just Between Us" - - preparing college credits - - speaking be- fore P. T. A.'s - - addressing faculty members - - speaking to the student body. Ethel M. Gildersleeye. Advising the Student Council - - preparing girls' schedules - - lending valuable service - - spreading joy around the office. S. D. Green. Working on schedules - - inter- viewing new students - - talking to parents - - giv- ing much needed advice - - tending to a thousand details. Sim The Beacon February, 1941 MABEL BARHAM B. A., Rauidolph-Macon, M. A., University of Michigan, Latin. ANNYE B. BURBANK B, A., M. A., College of 'William and Mary, English. A .ruumr COLEMAN B. A., University of Richmond, Social Studies. 7 .532 1 . X ' iii, - ' H 1. .5512 ,fx X 1:,' s ,L fb '- MAE M. EDWARDS B. S., Farinville State Teachers' College, Eng- lish. CATHERINE BLANTON B. A., College of Wil- linni und Mary, Drama., Public Speaking. MICHAEL J. BYRNE B. S., Furman Univer- sity, Science. . . J LIU O N M B. S., University of Virginia, Physicnl Edu- cation, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Athletic Di- rector. LOIS LEAK EVANS 13. A., Lynchburg Col- lcgo, Law, Accountancy. BEULAH BRASHER B. A., College of Oom- mnrce, Bowling Green Teachers' College, Type- writing. CASSIE CHILDRESS B. S., College of Yl'il- liaim and Mary, Short- MELVILLE BRYANT B. S., College of XVil- liaun and Mary, History, Football Coach. EDN A C OLBURN B. S., College of iVil- lium and Mary, Home hand. Economics. DOROTHY CRANE B. A., University of Nlfcst Virginia: Drama, Director of Activities. ELMA FREE B. A., Juniata College, M. A., University of Micliigxmg Social Studies, Lntin. Seven ESTHER CUTLER B. A.. Lynchburg' CDIA lege, English, S o c i :il Studies, Drzuna. G-LADYS G. GAMZBILL A. B., Texas Status Col- lege for Women, M. A., University of Colorado, English. f The Beacon February, 1941 f "". . - .- 1, N. 1--e 2 - - :E-f r ' f " fe 3 , f , .Q -2. . :. "" " 2.5 5 2.315-5.--1.1-1:, rl MAR G-ARE T GARLAND B. S., George Peabody College, Social Studies. HUGHES HOYLE ' M. A., B. A., University of North Carolina, Bi- ology. WILLIAM B. KIRK B. S., State Teachers' College. West C h e s t e r , Pa., Journalism, Univer- sity of Pa. HERMAN LEVY B. A., B. S. C., I-lamp df-n'Syclney College, M A., Columbia. University Mutheniutics. JAMES H. GOODMAN B. A., American Uni- versity, M. A... College of NVillium mid Mary, Elec- tricity. E. KYLE HAMMOND B. A.. Berea College, Duke University, Mathe- matics. LOUISE F. HURT B. A., College oi' NVil- lium und Mary: M. A., Columbia University , His- tory. ELINE KRISCH B. A., College of 'Wil- liam and Mar T ' vewrit- ' ,ya :V1 Q ing, -Secretarial Practice. Y YRUSSELL LEWIS B. S. Oswego State Noir- mnl, General Shop. SUE KELLY B. S., I'Iil.1'1'iS0llilll1'g Teachers' College, M. A., Columbia U n i V e 1' s i t y Teachers' College, Home Economies. CONSTANCE LEACHMAN B. A., Music Ellucntion, N e w Y 0 r k University, Music. UCARLOS A. Loor A., Roanoke College, History. Eight PAGE HARRIS ON B. S., Mary XVashing- ton, New York Univer- sity , Columbia, 1'liysica.1 Education. THOMAS O. KEESEE B. S., Hampden-Sydney College, M. S., University of Virginia, llflatlieinnties :md Science. 33 5,5 ggw 9 'QMJSQ 'Q F724 451 5:5-f,9'0qjg A5 NY' 53 ,:-:r-i -".Vr-'i Z '--.., 2 r.-f- '- ,.'.. i 'f,l., . '-,-1 -r,-' I ' A . ...' - .,,,.,., 1 . ,.-. 1.-ee ..:.' f .',,- 1' ,,--' ? . ' ELI LEONARD A. B., Drake Univer- sity, A. M.. College of XVilli:un and Mary, Short- lniud, Business Economics. HARRY LYETH B. S., Oswego State Normal, Gmpliic Arts. The Beacon February, 194 1 MASSEY B. A., M. A., College of XViIliam and Mary, Eng- lish. ANNE V. PARKER B. A., M. A., Collage of Xlfillinm :md Mary, Eng- lish. LOUISE RAMSEY' B. S., G-Purge Puatimdy Collegug M. A., Columbian Univcrsityg II o m ca Eco- nmuifzs. VIRGINIA SAUNDERS B. S., Mary 'Waishinglon College, History. 32534 . ,:, In 5, 'N,, '1f V Mjfggw 4 Q5.,,'l,,. 4. , I 5 . ww- , T .-1- ' 2413 "" i" '-1 :Z Ir.: A - 5' ,, ' ,HW ,if Q 11- ' - - . i 1. .ffm I V E ' - k . ""2?G'i - .M ' re.: U .A L 0 ' Q J ' ' 'J - g si 'Q ROSEMARY McMILLAN B. A., NVon1nn's Col- lregu: University of North Unrolinng Retail Selling, Consumers Relations. N INA POWELL B. S., -Ohio Sliulu Uni- vz-rsity, idnglish. A. E. RECTOR H. S., liimury :mil Ilfsnry Unlhegv: Niiliifiltillliiyiiifw. JOSEPH A. SCHAD B. S., Oswego Shame Normal, Head of Dept. of Industrial Arts, Dir. Vo- cation Edncritioil. ' Ii. MONTGOMRY' A. B.. University of West Virgining S o ci ai l Studies. 'fff v xv Y if 42? Wmssi A S we is is ' 'i-- -my zz..-.-1 .1..:in151:2222:2-::e:i2:2.1.. --24-wx:-::rf 4'6.:':-:-:l's- -,,.l 4f:::v: 5-g:::::,:::f--., -,4:.':::ffN,.7,.::g:5. --ii A . ' I . ' :va 2. f .i3'1va.f ' ::5a:.'.' '::: '2-.1 .-' .. ', s'5Z3iii.fg,L2'5 2- .. I ,3 ,...,.,... , ,,,. JOHN PULLY ll. S.. Flll'lll1'l.l'I Univeih sity, Science, Assistamt Football Conch. NARCISSA REEDER A. IS., XVn-llvsheyg Eng- lish. ANNE P. SCRUGGS li. A., College of Wil- liam und Mary, English. N ine B. A., Erskine College, M. A., University of North Carolina, Chemis- try, 4 V ni P. W. ALLEN RAINE B. A., Hnmpden-Syd- neyg M. A., University of Virginia, Mathematics. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS B. A., College of WVil- iiauu and Mary: M. A. University of Michigan, Aruericmi A c n. cl e m y in Rome, Librarian. i M. D., Medical College of Virginia, Physics. The Beacon February, 1941 ELEANOR A. SHERMAN B. S. M., Oberlin Con- servatory o f M u s i c , Chorus, Band, Orchestra. I im g. V A ..., ,X H' v if 9 a iv ,fm f ie Q' K K rw ,Q ff 1 X51 MILES L. THOMPSON B. Northern Illinois State 'l'c:1.ulwi's' Collegcg l'i'inl.in5:y. 'WW' CARRIE VAUGHAN B. S., Fruclcrickshu1'g Stuto 'llenchers' College, Home lilconnniivs. ...S . , , 1 4 1 if ' ..i:i,,?f .. ,. ., Q., 'if . . CHARLES SHREEVES B, A., College oi' iVil- limn and Mary, M. A., Columbia University, His- tory, French. LILLIAN TODD ll. S., M. A, Columbia University, M:'mth0nm1.ics, Science. JEANETTE WARD B. A., College of iVil- lium and Mau-yg English, Social Studies. OTTO H. WEISS Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute, Mechanical Draw- ing. Ten LUCY SINCLAIR B. A.. College of Wil- liam und Mary, M. A., C 01 u IH b i :L University, Mutliemntics. CARLOS 'URRUTIA li. A.. Institute Pro- vinviul dc Puerto Rico, LL. B., Potomac Univer- sity, Spzinisli. GUDE WILKINSON B. s., V. P. I., Hamp- dcn-Sydneyg History. PRED W. YANCEY B. S., Hampden-Sydney College, College of lVi1- liam and Mary, Mathe- matics. REBECCA SUTTLE B. A., College of Wil- liam :ind Mary, English. f- w Y .ng 4 .5 13 'Ii , - 'mi-Ersexlgf I 5? NX gif? We - ef . . 4-22:2 law' 1i'1?Li' ii "ff "-' :5iY?f'3' 4 'drag K 1312 g ..l'1E'i",Z5s. .,ze. 'f2:,...4l2l 2199492 Q M- ..,s,,.,, .. ROBERT VADEN B. A., College of iVil- linm and Mary, QM., il., University of Virginia, Iilngxlish. MILBOURNE G. WILLEY B. S., Mary Washing- ton, M. A., Temple Uni- versity: Sliorthnnal and l3ooklcucpiii,'Z,'. The Beacon February, 1941 SEIIIIJB BLESS 1 Z ix 5. xv I vi!-b-.lx vw ,P ,, Q + Q ', ' Q ii? - + 4 si + 'r 1 ., K ge I ' ' i n F 63. And now We should like to introduce to you the members of the February Graduating Class of 1941. Prospective clerks, stenographers, vocational tradesmen, house Wives, husbands, and college students, they march by in review. "First, may We present ---- Eleven The Becrcon February, 1941 PI rlfl 1 l'r'r' I'Jl'r rl W J-: ofa Jrrlomlo ' P1"0S:LCl8'r21t ........... ........................................................................... J ean Golden V'ice-Preszfcleut ..... S ecretalry ......... . Trecasw"er ,,,..,,.,.......,,, .,.,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, , Student Council Represeolztot-toe .... Class Specckev' ...............,..,......,,..,,. Sponsor .....,.. U N1 's1rr'r":': N Ll ll I I uno Ring: Pemzfmzt: Anne Cosby Ella Kundert Mollie J oynes Billy Dickenson Evelyn Richman Elwood Cooper Senior Assembly : Mollie Joynes Anne Francis Betty Charles Ruth Garris Charles Potter Elwood Cooper Joe Shinn Inez Lenz Theo Kerlin Mary E. Dale Stella Dale Jolliff Cross Dorothy Pratt In'vitrttion: Betty Thomas Carl Hueller Nettie Duncan Music: Elizabeth Dale Stuart Eubank Valentene Forest Flower: Bettymay Becan Virgil Marshall Mae Massenburg Gift: Joe Farry Jolliff Cross Betty Hopkins Margaret Bishop Anne Cosby Melvin Anderson Mr. Byrne Dtmoc: Katherine Thomas Franklin Gray Mae Massenburg' June Fox Harriet Levinson Joe Farry Billy Harrison David Gregory Colm' : Harriet Levinson Melvin Anderson Elizabeth Smyer Motto: Allen Wells Valentene Fo1'est Sidney Soltz Motto: "Nil mortalibus arduum est"3 "Nothing is too hard for man to dare" E clit or ..,........ Senior Eflitofrs : Colors: Red and Blue Flower: Carnation r ' ' r 0'1" rl r' r' N flIlIlUflL o 1 rr Elizabeth Smyer Typist: Ad Staff: Bettyinay Becan Harriet Levinson Activity Editors .- Harry Butler Jack Bembow Proof Reader: Edith Hubbard Pltoto Editors: Stella Dale Betty Thomas Nancy Scull F'ecLtm'e Editors .' Mollie Joynes Jean Golden Art Editor: Joe Shinn Bnsfiizess M aozctger: Theo Kerlin Ad Dlamtger: Katherine Thomas Twelve Betty Goolsby Madolene Oden Franklin Gray Jean Hargrave Dorothy Williamson Ruth Garris Dorothy Staples Elizabeth Cutchins Evelyn Richman Mary Elizabeth Dale Betty Page Charles Mae Massenburg The Beacon February, 1941 JEAN VIRGINIA GOLDEN "Godin" gg: .5 WINE!-N PRESIDENT FEATURE EDITOR Jr. Red Cross: Girl Reserves: Art Club: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Jr. and Sr. Chorus: Play Cust: "Daniel Boone": G. A. C.: Pianist, Boys Jr. Chorus: Music Letters: Home Room Oilicosz Vice-President, 3 High Class: President, 4 Low Class: Tvpe Certificates: Archery Club: Concert: Shorthand Certificate: Play Stulii: "Seen But Not Hoardn: Play Cust: "Our 'I'oWn": State Musirul Festival: National Honor Society: Home Room 218. YVILLIS JOLLIFF CROSS HJ-ouyu VICE-PRESIDENT I French Club: Latin Club: ilr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Science Club: 3 High, 4 Low Student Council Represeutu.tivc: Jr. Varsity Footbull: Varsity Football: Pennant Committee: Invita- tion C0llllllllil,00Q Home Room Ofliccs: Home Room 216. MARGARET ALBERTA BISHOP Amp., TREASURER Jr. Red, Cross Representative: Bouoon Report- er: Froshmun Cheerleader: Varsity Club: G. A. C.: G. A. C. Letter: G. A. C. Board: Seo., Jr. Home Economics Club: Vice-President, Presi- dent, Sr. Homo 'Eoononiirs Club: Play Staffs: "Our Town": Home Munuigomont Recuntion: Home Room Oiiices: Practice Vlfodding: Home Mnnugemont Teo.: Fnshion Show: Girl Roserves: Home Ecouoinios Letter: Home Room 218. MARY ELIZABETH ANN HOPKINS 1 uBetty:r SECRETARY G. A. C.: School Usher: Home Room Oflim-cs: Girl Reserves: Sec., 4 Low und 4 High Classes: Home Room 219. WILLIAM MORTIMER HARRISON, III "Morty" SALUTATORIAN Varsity Football: Jr. Varsity Football: Jr. Varsity Basketball: Jr. and Sr. Literury Clubs: Vico-President and lfresixlont, Nntionnl Honor Socioty: Spanish Club: Student Council: Honor Council: Vice-President, Quill and Scroll: Chom- istry Club: Home Room Ollicesg School Spirit und Leudership Letter: Home Room 103. ELIZABETH ANNE COSBY 'f'rubb1e" STUDENT coUNcIL REPRESENTATIVE Trans., Student Council: Sec., Literary Club: 4 Low und 4 High Ring Commit-tee Cliairman: Varsity Club: Soc., National Honor Society: Sec., Vice-President, G. A. C.: G. A. C. Letter: G. A. C. Certificate: G. A. C Bom-fl: Typo Certificate: Play Staff: "lfVha.t 11. Life": Plny Cust: "Little W'onien": Art Club: Program Chairman, Jr. Home Economics Club: Sr. Homo Economics Club: Archery Club: Library Asst.: Shorthand Certificate: Home Room Oliices: Drnnmtio Club: Trens., Girl Reserves: Flower Show: School Spirit and Leadership Letter: Home Room 218. W E 22 s rs si KH N. s xi i .i ,X Tlrifrtean Q ? fy 55 ?P:E H 5-wg s rr -is-f Qs- ' H . s A . E-ef fs The Beacon February, 1941 :qua 'Wi 8 S E.. x 'EL RUBY ELIZABETH SMYER "Libby" EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Quill and Scroll: Editorial Staff, Bc-mron Wi-ckly: Varsity Club: G. A. C.: G. A. U. Board: Athletic Lotlor: Girl RL!lSl5l'VL'SQ .I r. and Sr. Home Ml'U'll0llllCS Club: Studl-ni: Council Reprosm-nl.a1,ive: Photo Club: Fashion Show: Homo 'l'ca and Reception: l'rnctico Xifodding: Home Room Ollie-va-a: Plav Staffs: "Daniel Boone", "Florist Sl1t1p": Dr-lngato S. I. P. A. Conven- lion at In'xingt:on, Vu.: 4 High Color Committee: .lournalism Lut4t.e1': Home Room 103. BETTYMAY BECAN ..Beaky,, SENIOR EDITOR HONOR STUDENT Girl Rr-survus: Jr. and Sr. 'Dl'illll3l-ll' Clubs: Vivo-1'1'usirlvnt. Jr. Literary Club: National lionor Sorivly: National Tlmspians: Play Staffs: "You Can't Take It AVitli You", "Our Towu": Sonior Plays: Cliristinuis Plays: Play Casts: "Our Town". "VVl1ataLifo", "Chnrni School": Sr. Home Eronomics Club: Homo Room Ollives: Chairman ol' Flowei' Comniitlvc-2 Frenrli Club: Art Club: linac-on R4-porter: Sr. Litcr:m'y Clulr: Honiu Room 218. I-IARRIET RUTH LEVINSON uHappy,, SENIOR EDITOR .AdVI'l'lflSll'liL' and Business Managers, lioauon I Wvvlclyz Quill and Sr-roll: Home Room Otlires: do .lr. Red Gross IIt'Ill'URQllf?liilV!'1 Srhnol Uslu-r: Student Counril Rom'vsl-ntativn: French Club: Cl. A. C.: G. A. C. Poard: G. A. C. Lettor: Var- sity Club: Journalism Letter: Play Cast: "Our '1':iwu": Play Staffs: "Our 'l'on'n". 'iYou Can'l 'l':1lfQ It With You", HR0l'llill'lC'f' Is a Ra:-lfnt.". "Tlicnu- Satin". "Soon lint Not Heard", "What, a Life", "The Goose Hangs High", "Riding Down tlw Sky", "Cliar1n Srhool", "Girl R0- svrvvs: Photo Club: Girls' -Tr. Chorus: -lr, and Sr, D-'aiu--tic Clubs: National 'I'l'espianr-1: Svnior Danvv Conimiltoe: Clxairnian. -I High Color Com- --fttvi-: -l Low Dm'o"ating Committee: Horne Room 103. MOLLIE ADSIT .IOYNES FEATURE EDITOR Spanish Vlub: liiiorary Club: fIl'l'llk'Sll'ilQ tlirlu Jr. Chorus: Mixed Chorus: President, Vico- l'ri-sidvnt. Franc-li Club: Ori-liostrsn L4-ttors: Activity lmtle-r: Garflrin Club: National I-lonor Sovicty: Librarian of Orc-luzstrn: Play Staffs: "XYl1ut a Life". "Littlv Vl'omen": Com-nrts: Ftato lN'l"w'cal Fvstival: Hall ol' Fume-: I-Iomr Room Oilirvs: 4 High Ring Conunilluoi Chairman S1-nior .lSX0llllJly Comniitlvc: Home Room 219. ELIZABETH L. THOMAS "Betty" PHOTO EDITOR U, A. C.: G. A. C, lioard: Athletic- lu-ll:-r: Varsity Club: Girl IM-survcas: Garde-n Club: Homo lCc'oxifuiiic's Club: Dramalir' Club: 4 Low Ring Committee: Chairman 4 High Invitation l'onunitt'-0: Homo Room Offices: Home Evonomir-s 'lloav Pluv Staffs: "Daniel Boone". "Tho Florist Shoo", "Rovnanre Ts n Racket". "Our '1'owu", "Family Failing". "Theme Sanz". "XVlmt an Life", "Cradle Song", "Nino Livus of Emilv". "Bi: Popular Requtest". "Boncr's S1-hoolro'om". "First Lady", 'iLittle AVOmen": National 'l'lu-ispiuns: National Honor Society: Home Room 216. STELLA LUCILLE DALE PHOTO EDITOR Spanislx Club: G. A. C.: G. A. C. Board: G. A. U. Lettvr: Varsity Club: Tennis Club: Arc-liery Club: Girl Reserves: Play Slzzlffsg Pennant Com- mittee: 4 Low Duvorutimz Committee: Home Room Oflir-es: Home Room 219. Fourteen The Beacon February 1941 JOHN HARRIMAN BEMBOWV -HJ-ackyy ACTIVITIES EDITOR Cliffside Park High SCl100l, Cliffsido Pnrlc, New Jersey: Astronomy Club. N. N. II. S.: Beacon 'Weekly lf0lI0l'l'0l'lill St:1l'I': .l'l'UlIl0 lfllillll 216. HARRY BUTLER "Scoop" ACTIVITIES EDITOR fiuorts Editor, Circrulsxtfou NI2lllllEI'0!', lioncon WL-okly: President. Quill and Scroll: .Ir. Rod Press: Convention ljelc-gzlte, 510: l3l'llllHlili' Club: Home Room Ollirusz l'rj's .l1'. Clxorus: Hmm- Room 103. NANCY RUTH SCULL ' ' Scatter-Brain' ' THIRD HONOR STUDENT TYPIST Girl Rescrvc-S: Jr. Dl'1Illlill'C Club: Typo Cor- flicnteg Sr. Home lil:-onmxxivs Club: Home Ern- uomivs 'Pe-11 and Lnwu l'illl'j'Z Clllllflllilll, Flowvr Show: Cazfxfte-i'ia1 IJI-vorzitioxx Oll2ll'l'llll'lll. finrmlr-n Club: G. .l. C.: Nulionnl Honor Soriotyz I'Io1uo Room 219. JOSEPH MARTIN SHINN, JR. GIJoe!! ART EDITOR Art Club: Homo Room Baxslcvtlizlill Tflilllll Radio Club: Photo Club: .lr. Vnrsity Football: French Club: Clw111istry Club: Literary Club: Varsity Football: Sr. .lssonlbly 00lllllllll0UC Homo Room 218, HELEN THEADOTIA KERLIN "Theo" BUSINESS MANAGER G. A. C.: Girl Reserves: Home Room Otlirvsl Student, Council Rr-111'uso11tn1ivu: 4 Low, 4 High Ring CClll'lll'lll'lL'0Q Sr. Assvrnbly C'o111111it,iec: Play Stulfsz "Seen But Not Heard", "You C:1n't Take It 'With You", "1JllIlll'l ll00ll4'.'Q 1'l'o111v Room 216. EDITH VERNELL H UBBA RD .1 Sis., COPY AND PROOF READER Sr. Home Economics Club: Garden Club: Ren- con Weeklv Editorial Stuff: Plziv Staffs: "lVlmt 11. Life", "Little NVomeu": Girl Reserves: G. A. C.: Home Room 219. Fifteen ms iw The Beacon February, 1941 KATHERINE CURTIS THOMAS rrmttyyy ADVERTISING MANAGER Home Room Otficesg Vice-President, Sr. Home Economics Club: G-. A. C.: G. A. C. Boardg G. A. O. Letterg Photo Cluhg President, Gurdon Club: Varsity Clubg Lutin Club gn 4 High Dnnve Committeeg School Uslierg Home Economics Teas and Reception: Jr Red Crossg Girl Reserves: u 5 L - - -A - Ji .N I "E E ' .4 Z3 ir h E si H ' ,H - -' ...:.a -.::a- -2- ' --I '-. ,Q - Pluy Staff: "Little XVomon"g Senior Plnysg 4 Low Deoomtion Cmnmittoeg Home Room 21.6. MAE FRANKLIN MASSENBURG "Mae Franklin" AD STAFF Student Council Repro:-aentativo: Beavon XVeek- ly Typistg G. A. C.g Girl Reservesg Sr. Homo Economics Clubg Home Room Oliicesg '.l'v1m Cer- tificates: Photo Club: 4 Low Ring Committee: 4 High Flowur and llzuir-e Cominitteesg Quill and Scroll: Nntionnl Honor So:-xc-tyg Home Room 103. BETTY PAGE CHARLES ' ' Charlie ' ' AD STAFF Senior Assembly Committee: Art Clulig Stn- dent Council Representative: Home Room Of- fiocasq G. A. C.: G. A. C. Boardg G. A. C. Lottery Jr. and Sr. Home lflronomic Clubs: Bear-on Weekly Typistg Photo Club: Varsity Clubg 4 Low Ring Committeeg Girl Reserves: lnlirnmry Asstg Tennis Clulng Type Cf-rtifivntc-3 Home Room 219. iw. .xt- zw M KATHARINE JEAN HARGRAVE "Jeanie" AD STAFF G, A. C.g Girl Resorvesg Jr. Red Cross Repro- sontutiveq Vive-Presillent, Sr. Home E1-onomivs Club: Home Room Oflim-os: Practice XVoLlding: Fashion Show: Home Management Tong 4 Low Decoraition Committev: Type Certificate-7 Flower Show: Home Room -218. FRANKLIN GRAY "Frank" AD STAFF Home Room Otfiuc-sg Jr. Red Crossg Gs-nernl Shop Otiiue:-3, '36, '37, '38g General Shop Ad- vanced Cluxs: Retail Selling Certificateg Gurflc-n Clnbg Grnpliiv Arts Oiiia-ug Homo 'Room 216. -11-Jibbyn AD STAFF MARY ELIZABETH DALE Sixteen Play Staffsg Play Casts: "Riding Down the Sky", "Daniel Boone"g Mixed Chorus: Girls .lr. Chornsg Jr. Home Economics Clubq Music- Lottersg G. A. C.g Girl Reservcsg Chnirmnn. Sr. lifllusicz Committee: Music Festival, '39g Converts, 'SH-K, '39g Music Lelvturg Homo Room 219. The Beacon February 1941 DOROTHY ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON ' 'Sleepy' ' AD STAFF G. A. C., Girl Reserves, Jr. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, -Tr. Red Gross, Jr. and Sr. Home Evo- nomics Club, Play Staifs: "Charm School", "Riding Down the Sky", "Little XVomen" Home Room Oflicesg Senior Assembly :l'1'0gI'!UllQ iggw . Com-vrts: Home Room 2115, PAMELIA RUTH GARRIS HRusn1e" AD STAFF .Tlx Red Cross, Gaiwlvii Club, Sr. Home Ero- noinios Club, G. A. C.: Girl Resewvusg Homo Room Offices: Jr. Driumiticz Club., Senior As- sembly Committee, Play Staffs: "Daniel Boone", "You Cllllyt Tuke'It NVi1.h You", "Lil, Wo- men": Home Room 219. MADOLIN ELSIE ODEN "Pinkie" AD STAFF Type Co1'l.i6uzitup Soc., Jr, und Sr. Home Eco nomirs Cluhg Home Economivs Ten: G. A. C. Fashion Show, Lihruriim Assisuiiitq Homo Room Oliicvsg G. A. C. Rvpivrsuxituiiivfeg sIl0I'fIl1l.l'ld Cm'- tifivnteg Hmm- Room 2115. EVELYN MIRIAM RICHMAN ' 'Dimple' ' AD STAFF Sr. Home Evonomics Club, 4 High Ring Com- mittee, Cross: Staffs Town' 'g G. A. C.g Fashion Clubg Homo Room Offices, Tvpe Cvrtificntog Drmimtic Club, Jr. Red Girls .lx-. Chorus, Mixs-d Uhorusg Play "You Cil.Il'I3 'fluke It. XVit.h You", "Our Homf- Room il 19. MARY FRANCES LOCHSTAMPHOR -iskipn Uohm' lr Home Euonomim Club' Tv iz, Cm' .. ,', . , - :. . .1 1 f - tificxitug Girl Rvservcsg G. A. 0.3 Homo Ronin V Iollr-y Hall 'I'f-ann: Homo Room 1218, MARY ELIZABETH CUTCHINS ' 'Runt' ' AD STAFF Jr. amd Sr. Homo Economics Clubs: Girl Rc- nervesg Play Staffs: "Our Town", "What n. Life", "Little Women": G. A. C.: Home Mam- ugement Ten, Home M:1nngmnmit Rcceptiong Flower Show, Home Room 218. Se've'n.teeu is a Si 53?E ,,W5 3? 5Mo.i ii. i Hem? W, . The Beacon February, 1941 ii 51 em 'min is Eighteen BETTY ROWE GOOLSBY AD STAFF UJ-ubbyn IIlflI'lll3l'l'y 4XSHlL'llil1.IllZQ Sr. Home Economics Club, 4 LowVRing Committee: Photo Club: From-li Club: Gordon Club, G. A. C.: Jr. Red Cross: Typo Certiflvateg Plav Staff: "Little Wo- mon"g Hirl Reswvvs: Home Room 216. DQJROTHY ANN STAPLES "Dottie Ann" AD STAFF Typo Certifiratvg Presidc-nt, Photo Club: -lr. and Hr. Home Evonomirs Club: Home Em-onoinii-s Ti-a and Reef-lation: fl. A. C.: Play Stiaffs: "Boiwr':4 Sl'll0llll'Kl0lll'e, Lkxvilill a, liife": Home Room 2115. MELVIN LEIGH ANDERSON, JR. .iAndyi, CLASS SPEAKER Orcllestmg Concerts: '37, '38, '39, 510: Musi- c-al Comedies: '38, '39g Sr. Litermv Club: Latin Claim: National Tliespiansg Play Casts: "Our 'I'own", "Wlmt in Life", "Litllv XVomen": Sr. .lssmulilyq Musical Festivals: '39, H103 ,li-1ivi- this lic-ttor: Home Room 219. , LESLIE CLAYBORN BAKER "Little Davie o'Baker" 'I'llL"Hl7l3IlSQ Activities Letter: Home Room Of- fices: Play Staffs: "L-Iilicayliisliop :llIlSll8ll3V43S", "Tho Goose- Hangs igi , "Cli:irm School", "Seen But Not I1ezn'd", "You Cnn't Take Ii. With You", "Our Town", 'Wllliat :L Lila". "'1'eapof On ilu' Rocks". Romanve Is a Rael:- 4-t", "Florist Shop". "'l'lu-me Song", "Family Fnilinf:". f'Danicl Boone", "Riding Down tho Sky", "Bird's Christians Carol", "Guest Iloass-", "Billy Goes Haywirvu, "Little Xl'o- 3 men". "C1'orllP Song". "BV Iopulur Requvst": Asst. and Stagv Bl'ill1i'llI0l'SQ Homo Room 216. ETHEL ADAIR BLAKE "B1akie" G. A. C.: Girl R6Hf'I'YflSC Ilay Staif: "Sol-n But Nor I-Icard": Homo Room Oflires: Student Council Rep:-:Iss-iitaitivog Home Room 216. 1 VIRGINIA LEE BROWN ' ' Ginny' ' Band: Beam-on NVcokly Staff: G. A. C.g Girl Rosorvex: Tivkoi, S'czil'l's3 Home Room 218. The Beacon February, 1941 ERNEST RUTLEDGE BURT ..Eamy., Home Room Softball Team: Home Room Basketball Team: Home Room 218. ALVIN GEORGE BOOKBINDER "Jackie" Jr. Red Cross Representative: Trxu-kg Jr. Varsity Basketlmllg Usher Staff: "Little Wo- lnon"g Home Room Basketball 'Foamy Home Room 218. .BEN CARLOS CLEARY "Lacey Iiamlg Jr. Varsity Footlnallg Jr. Rod Cross: n Usllerg .Play Costs: ' 'Robin Hood", ' 'Riding Down the Sky' ', ' 'Clmrln School' ': I,1'lllllillllC w Llubg Mixed Chorusg Converts: Vice-Presidciit, Varsity Club: Fashion Show: Olliee Staff: Home Room Ollicesg Co-Captain, Varsity Football Teamq Jr. Varsity Basketball: Truck: Athletic Councilg Homo Room -218. PAUL RANDOLPH BURROUGHS ur-latn Home Room Basketball, '38, '39g Home Room Softball, '3Hg Jr. Varsity Basketball, '4llg Jr. Red Cross Represcutativeg Home Room 218. WILLIAM TABB DICKENSON llmuyll Model Club: Stage Cruwg Home Room Ollicesg Drunlutic Club: 4 High Rini.: Committeeg Mau- apfer, Home Room Baslcotbull Teamg Home Room Softball Team: Home Room 1318. ELWOOD ERNEST COOPER . "High Pockets" Four High Senior Assembly Committeeg 4 Low Decoration Committee: Chorus Lottery Stair: Music Festivulg Mixed Chorusg Buys Jr. Uhorus: Concert, '38, '39, '40g Cast: "Daniel Boone"g Play Staff: "Seen But Not Hcard"g Student Council Represontativeg Jr. Red Cross: Home Room Ohilcesg Manager of H. R.. Basketballg Home Room 216. sm' -'f Nineteen The Beacon February, 1941 Twenty NETTIE ELISE DUNCAN ' 'Dunkie' ' Girls Jr. Ohorusg French Club: Red Cross Representative: Mixed Chorusg Jr. Dramatic Cluhg Type Certifieateg Shorthand Certificate, Pluy Cust: "Our Town", Musical Festival: National Honor Society, Home Room 218. AUDREY LEE ELLIS "Little Audrey" G. A. C.: Play Staffs: "Seen But Not Heard", "Little XVomen"g Home Room Offices, Infirmary Assistant: Type Certificate: Home Room 216. ELIZABETH LUCY ELLIS "Ebie" Jr. and Sr. Home Evonomics Club, Jr. Red Cross Representative: G. A. C.: Play Staffsg Home Room Officesg Home Room 219. ALVIN STUART EUBAN K ' 'Stooge' ' Home Room Ofiicesg Student Council Repre- sentative: Engineering Club 5 President, Ping Pong Club: Jr. Red Cross Representativeg Jr. Varsity Football: Varsity Football, Garden Club: Music Committee, Type Certificate: Home Room 216. ALVIN PITTS FARINHOLT "Little Country" National Thespinvnsg Jr. Red Cross Represen- tntiveg Door Staff: "You Can't Take It With You", "XVhnt It Life", "Our Town", "By Popular Request", "The Nine Lives of l4lmily"', "Theme Song", "1+'amily Failing", "Little Wo- men", Home Room 318. JOE MITCHELL FARRY "Joeseppi" Track Team, Home Room Basketlmllg .Ti-. Varsity Footbullg Varsity Footballg Boys' Jr. Chorus, Play Cast: "Daniel Boone", Varsity Letterg Varsity Cluhg Mixed Chorus: Senior Dance Committee: Usher Staff: Home Room Of- ficesg Hull of Fzuneg Home Room 218. The Beacon February, 1941 VALENTENE EBEL FORREST 4 ureenyr v. Girls -lr. Chorus: Motto Committee: Music Committee: G. A. A.: Sr. Home Economics Club: Pluy Cust: "Charm Sch0ol": French Club: Jr. amd Sr. Drzunutic Clubs: 4 Low Decoration Coln- mitvtee: Beacon Reporter: Home Mzuiugunwni Ten: Spring Fushion Show: Flower Show: Play Stzrlfs: "Daniel Boone", "You C:in't Take Tt With You", "Seen But Not, Heard", "Romuncu Is Il, Ruclcetul Home Room 218. JOHN CLEVELAND FORREST "Johnny" Poquoson High School: Librurr Club: Student Council: Chnirmun, I'ulrlim:ul,ion Coinmitteu: Presi- dent, Latin Club. Fishiguroop High Svhool, -f-we Maryland: 4 High Club. N. N. H. S.: Home ' Room 219. JUNE PAGE FOX "I'oxie" Home ll'Iunn.gnnwnt I'rm-tive Wedding: Home 1i1Ill'l3l1fL'ElIl0Ilt Ten: Home Nlllll1lg0lllt'lli- Rl-mzoptiont :H . Fuszliion Show: I'ln.y Staffs: "Soon But Not :f I'Ien.rd", "You Can't Tulco It With You": G. , ,." A. G.: Home Room Ollicos: 4 High Duncu Com- mittee: Home Room 219. ERWIN A. FOX, JR. llslugn Mixed Chorus: Boys Jr. Ch01'u.s: Stull' Musi- cal Festival: Photo Club: Play Gusts: "Riding Down the Sky", "Daniel Boone": Converts: Beacon XVeekly Printing Stuff: Jr. Varsity, Vur- sity Football: -lr. Red Cross: Fencing Club: Home Room 216. DAVID JEFFERSON GREGORY, III ' 'Doodle-Bug' ' Central High School, Greensboro, N. C.. N. N. H. S.: National Tlxuspiuns: Jr. Red Cross: Arti- vity Letter: Beacon Reporter: Play Staffs: Stage Crew: "You Cnn't Take It With You", "Dun- iel Boone", "Sven But Not Heard", "Our '1'own": Musical Comedies: Elvctricity Shoo Of' lines: Home Room Ollices: Home Room 219. ANNE WILSON FRANCIS Spanish Club: Sr. Home Evonomics Club: Senior Assembly Commit-too: 4 Low Decoration Committee: Girl Resurvos: G. A. C.: Home Room 19 128. L I Twenty-Ono The Beacon February, 1941 We Jr. Ilif gin .4 tio Twenty-Two BILLY REVV HARRISON "Slim Jim" Quill und Scrollg Printing Stuff, Benron nklyg Home Room Basketball und Softball: Varsity Footlmllg Usher Stafli: "VVlmt u u", "Little XVomen"g Sr. Danvc Committee: Home Room Ofiicesg Home Room 218. ROGER BEAUREGARD HAYM AN l4M0mv1 Home Room Otlicesg Industrial Arts Ofliccsg Home Room 318. JANET HODGE Binford Junior High Srhool. Richmond, Vir- ia: Art Club. N. N. H. S.: Play Staffs: ' "What u Life", "Little Wumun"g Home Room 019 DONALD FRANKLIN HUDGINS uRuben .Ir. Rm-cl Crossg Homo Room Oflicosg General Shop Officosg Jr. Varsity Footlmllg Home Room 219. CARL HUELLER Bauull Croativu Writers' Club: 4 High Invita- n Committee: Home Room 216. GEORGE WILLIAM KENT, JR. "Slave" .Ir. Red Cross: Play Stnffsg Home Room Of- ficesg Truckg Shop Oflicesg Home Room 219. The Beacon February, 1941 TIMOTHY CHARLES LAMB auluicn Printing Sllnff, Beacon Wueklyg Stage Grmvg Home Room 219. ELLA KUNDERT "Toots" 1 G. A. A.g Girl Reservesg Fashion Showg Typi- Cortiiicates: 4 Low und 4 High Ring Committee' Jr. Home Euonomivs Cluhg Home Room Oflivesi Home Room 219. INEZ FELICIA LENZ Jr, und Sr. Home lllvonomivs Club: 'Play Stull' "Little XVOYHQIIUQ Sr. Assomhly Clllllllllilillld Home Room 219. VIRGINIA EMILY LEAMAN "Giulia" Jr. and Sr. Home Economics Gluhg Latin Cluhg School Usher: Home Room Oflicesq Play Stuff: wg "NVlmt xl. Lifo"g Type Cswtificaxtug Library I 'I'ypiHt.g Sv. Invitation Committeeg Home Room 218. ALBERT MOORE MCCULLOCH "Colle" Boys Jr. Chorusg Varsity Clubg Jr. Varsity Foothaillg Jr. Varsity Bawlwtlmllq Vnrsity Fool, bully Varsity Bawketbull: Jr. Red Cross Repro' sexihmtivvg Home Room Offioesg Stage Cl'f'lVI Foot- lmll Letter: Home Room 219 THOMAS N. LINK "Tommie" Home Room Oflicesg Jr. Red Cross: Beacon Xlleekly Printing Staff: Servive Letterg Beacon XVeek1y Editorial Stuff: Quill and Scroll: Man- ager, Home Room Baxsketlmll und Softball Temnsg Home Room 216. Twonty-Th-ree E ,.! M, xv -l-X 2315 is E Wa. QMQE S The Beacon Februdry, 1941 VIRGIL HARRISON MARSHALL lfsporkym Usher Staff: "Seen But Not Heard"g Adver- tising Staffg Radio Clubg Play Cast: "Little XVOIDGDHQ Student Council Representative: Home Room Oliicesg Flower Committee, Senior Classy Dramatic Cluhg Home Room 218. HORACE TALMADGE MASSEY "Gates County" Varsity Football: Jr. Varsity Foothallg Jr. Varsity Basketball, Home Room Ofdcesp Red Cross Representative: Play Castsg Jr. Chorus: Printing Staff, Beacon NVem-lily, General Shop Otlic-es, Home Room 216. CHARLES VINCENT MAYER, JR. "Little Charlie" Vice-President, National Thespiansg Service Letterg Printing Static, Beacon Weekly, Home Room Ofiicesg Stage llrlanagerz "You Can't Take It Vllith You", "Our Town", "XVhat a Life", "Seen But Not Heard", "Cradle Song", "Lit- tle Women", 'iBilly Goes I-Iaywire", "Teapot On The Rocks", "Romance Is a Racket", "Florist Shop", "Theme Song", "Family Fail- ing", "Guest House", "Daniel Boone", "Rid- ing Down the Sky", "The Goose Hangs High", "Bird's Christmas Carol", "Charm School", "By Popular Requestug Home Room 219. JOHN UPTON MILLER KlBuddylY Industrial Art Foreman, Jr. Red. Cross Repre- sentative: Electricity Record Clerkg Home Eco- nomics llfeddiugg Fashion Show '-103 Home Room Office-sg Home Room 218. DOROTHY MARIE PASS "Dottie" Langley High' Sohool, Pittsburgli, Pennsyl- vania: Chess Clubg Bible Clubg Student Council Representativeg Operetta., "H, M. S. Pinaforeng Photo Club. N. N. H. S.: Mixed Chorusg Home Room 219. CECELIA PERZEKOW 'fzeke' ' Honorary Member, Spanish Club: G. A. C.: Sr. Home Economics Clubg Beacon WVeekly Ad- vertising Staffg Beacon Annual Advertising Staffg Dramatic Clubg Play Staffs: "You Cnn't Take It With You", "Seen But Not Heard", "Tea- pot On the Rocks", "Billy Goes H:1ywire", "The Goose Hangs High"g Home Room 216. Tw enty-Four The Beacon February, 1941 CHARLES KILGO POTTER, JR. "Charlie" y Vice-President, Garden Cluhg Student Council Reprusentntiveg Sr. Assembly Committeeg Home Room Ollicesg Home Room Bnsketlulllg Homo R-nom Sohlmllg Hull of Fmnog Home Room 218. CATHERINE SEWELL POTTER "Kitty" G-. A. C.: Girl Reserves: Photo Clulxg .Tr. and Sr. Home Economivs Club: Infirmary Assistnntg Type Certificnlv: Home Room Ohicesg Home Room 216. CALVIN FRANCES RICHARDS, JR. "Dickie" Home Room Orlivesg Shop Oflif-esp Home Room 218. DOROTHY E. PRATT "Pretizee" Jr. Red Crossg Pennant Committee: G. A. C.: Home Room Oflicesg Invitation Committeeg Play Staffs: "Seen But Not Heard", "You Cun't Take If XVlth Yon"g Svnior Plays: Home Room 216. DORIS EILEEN SHOCKLEY "Shockey" G. A. C.g Girl Reservesg Play Staffs: "XVlmt an Life", "Daniel l3oune"g Home Management RPPPIPIVIOII und '1'f-n: Homo Room 216. MINETREE SHELTON uBucku Jr. Red Cross: Thespinnsg Latin Oluhg Jr. Varsity Footlnmllg Home Room Officesg 4 Low Decorating Gommitteeg Stage Crew: "You Can't Take It YVith You", "Seen But Not Heard", "Daniel Boone", "Our Town", "What ll Life", "'l'enpot On the Rocks", l'Fun1ily Failing", "Theme Song"g Mnsirul Cnnmdiosg Concertsg Home Room 219. :yr-1 ,gf 1 4 Q ml-Q :SLI gms .nn .Rl wn F , lil-' I A1 A? L-. S, l. . if-sgyi . ,- Q mf: -ima in - m sf Us Twen ty-Five sm , ,Sf UR The Beacon February, -1 941 CORINNE B. SICELOFF Jr. and Sr. Home Economics Club: Jr. Red Cross: Girl Reserves: G-nrden Club: Home Room Officesg C0l1llll81'CiZl1Cillb of Durham High School, llurhzim, N. C.: National Honor Society Service lmttvr: Homo Room 216. SIDNEY SOLTZ "Epsom" Home Room Offices: Typo Certificate: Boys .liz Chorus: Student. Council: .lr. Red Cross: Tr-nnis Club: Spanish Club: Cir:-nlntion Nnn- uger. Beau-on XVec-lclyg Home Room 21.8. EVELYN ANNE SPIVEY Spanish Club: 'Pypu Certificate: Home Room Olliuvs: Sr. Honn: Ef'0ll0llllCS Clnbg Homo Room 216. ' FRANK LESLIE STOKES "Stokes" Jr. Red Cross: Photo Clubg Office Assistant: Jr, Business Association: Lib1'ru'y Assistant: Ad- vanced Rotnil Selling Clossc-sg Home Ronin Ol'- fiuos: Library Lott:-rg Home Room 216. RICHARD VERNON TAYLOR Klnicktl Slange Crow: "Our Town", "What xi Life", if "Daniel Boone": Play Cust: "lVl1nt xi Life": Library Assistantg National Thespizinsg Home Room 219. ALLEN JACKSON WELLS I lInky! Y VALEDICTORIAN National Honor Societyg Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubsg Lxitin Clubg French Club: Chemistry Clnbg Home Room 218. Tiventy-Six The Beacon MARGARET BETHUNE WVHITE "Tuna" llouu- Room OlTi1-vs: Jr, :xml Sr, Home Evo- numivs Clubs: Fusllion Show: Jr, Rf-d Cross Ih-lam-so-111-:iiivv3 Svhunl Usll0l': Sll0l'illFllld UN'- lilis-ulv: ll, A. V.: lSc+:l4'on NYM-lily lfl'll0l'lf'l'C llmul- Room 219. l Class Sonq Dear Newport High we now commend thee To future sons of thine. With saddest thoughts We say good b e ' Y To Alma Mater dear, Though new ones come we'll ne'er forget Our friendships made while here. Words and Music By Mollie Joynes Tw an ty-Scv en February, 1941 The Beacon February, 1941 HALL OF F AME :I was 2-:-, , 1 X . ,NO -z fl 555. V A ff Mg, ' 'M ffm' X, ' K l " Q its, :es , X - 1 i V 1 iw' :f' a54. '19 5 U . iq 2 ,, 1 . . 2 fl , .. ' "" -'-. Q .,,.,.: - - F "?'fffF"': ".' . ' :': ewes see? Q-.11 'ff , , ' W T32 - .- " fi 4 , ' - bi' gl' i ' . B l ' 1 5 ., In H Ri K . H 1 , fi . . 5 . 1.-Betty Hopkins, Best Looking Girl, 2.--Margaret White, Most Stylish Girl, 3.- Mollie Joynes, Best Studentg 4.-Jolliff Cross, Best All-Round Boy, 5.-Ben Cleary, Best Boy Dancerg 6.-Joe Farry, Most Athletic Boy, 7.-Elizabeth Smyer, Best Girl Dancer, 8.-Margaret Bishop, Best All-Round Girl, 9.-Allen 'We1ls, Best Studentg 10.-Charles Pot- ter, Best Looking Boyg 11.-Anne Cosby, Most Popular Girlg 12.-Billy' Harrison, Most Popular Boy. Twenty-Eight The Beacon February, l94l And Now for a FARRY Story Once upon a time there was a little girl named GOLDEN-locks. Her hair was long and KERLIN. As she was strolling through the FORREST one bright and CLEARY day the ROBBINS and the Bob-O-LINKS were chirping merrily. Suddenly something CROSS-ed her pathg she stumbled and hurt her SHINN and SCULL. And was she SHOCKLEY! She picked herself up and BECAN to go on her Way happi-LEIGH. She PASS-ed by Red Riding Hood's home, but she had gone out with the MILLER, and BAKER, the MAYER, and the TAYLOR. They had gone to see The BISHOP Misbehaves, at the WELLS theatre. ELLIS too bad I have to go alone. The THOMAS passing on and the skies were getting GRAYg so she ran. Too late, she reached her grandmothers be-COSBY the FOX had eaten her. As she was lowered into HARGRAVE, GOLDEN- locks uttered the prayer: "Here lies Grandma . Now on the road to glory Goodbye Grandma, I'm in the wrong story!" ay-o - -- Y .K , I3-" I EJ i'65T?JlXQ What Our Classmates Will Be Five Years From Now: Joliff Cross-Still riding the bus to Oak Avenue. Melvin Anderson-23 years old. Mae Massenburg-Gold digging. Billy Harrison-Professor at Yale College. Elizabeth Smyer - Dancing teacher "Down Argentine Way." Anne Cosby-Kate Smith the second on Ry-Krisp Program. Stella Dale-Athletic teacher. Betty Hopkins-Miss Phoebus 1946. Charles Potter-Headlines-Potter Re- places Clark Gable. Ben Cleary-All-American, 1 946. Allen Wells-Experiments with new electric shaver. Mollie Joynes-Mrs. Gatlin g. Twenty-Niow Harry Butler-Sports reporter for New York Times. Bettymay Becon-Ballet star. Erwin Fox-Sings at Metropolitan. Valentine Forrest-Selling groceries. Harriet Levinson-Married to a sur- geon. Ruth Garris-Cooking pies. Sidney Soltz-Married to Carry Papers. Jean Golden-Best wife of 1946. Lucky man! Theo Kerlin-Executive of shipyard. Katherine Thomas-Still looking. June Page Fox-Preparing for the next leap year. Virgil Marshall-Playing "Shakespeare," Margaret Bishop-Treasurer of VVomen's Club. The Beacon February, 1941 T hir ty Club Senior Home Economics Club ch Spee Home Economics Club Junior National Honor Society The Beacon February, 1941 Thirty-One Inii1'ma1'y Assistants Registration Day in f-4 GJ CJ .,-1 511' O ,Q 5 .-1 Q ?a ,-4 ev f-1 Lite Election Day The Beacon February, 1941 Thirty-Two kworm Club Boo Mixed Chorus .Q :1 U Pi r-K 4-V U1 's L' GJ Ch Retail Selling Class The Beacon February, 1941 Thfirty-Tlw'ce S' Junior Chorus Boy Volley Ball Champions ncil Honor Cou Club U2 H CU -I-7 -r' F4 E The Beacon February, 1941 T hifrty-F our Girl Reserves Club C1 cv fs :-4 as U CQYS p Offi Sho Photo Club The Beacon February, 1941 R , aw Q. H ,. W iz. F ,, ., ,, -.T -'C' nf x H , ,. Thirty-Five .-Q.-QT! ss- -1.-45 OOO wwf' 'QF' ,csqf +'::sC.'J fda. S, D Staff fr' P4 ..- fb lub Annual Tennis C Beacon ba -4-w Q3 .H U O S 11 Scro and uill ub Q 1 C ch F1 en F' The Beacon February, 1941 7"' 1 e . s 1 ff'4'-sweffsua X, I . TlLi1'ty-Seven ior Varsity Football Team Jun ootball Team F Varsity Archery Club Cheerleaders The Beacon February, 1941 if f 'H'-f -1' i 1 if 1 if L , wg e Vi 3? ' U", 'Q iff' 4 ,A Ear-..g .es-4. M 2.3 E .f 35" SQ if , 5. , f . fi J if , 1 L55 is -, . 249 a ff, A fl. -,, ,. ..g.g1,. . - Thirty-Eight rary Assistants ib Band L Office Assistants Orchestra The Beacon February, 1941 .nb aifww f i E , T hiv' ty-N ine Student Council Executive Board Varsity Club Beacon Weekly Staff DAIHIEN-HASTINGS S'l'Ulll0 211 Melson Building 423 eammeaciaf p0-flfbbdflz Phhqaaphm Y? Telephone 11 Newport News, Virginia ' f ' EEE ' ' 32 ' Z1 ' Si QSESiZQ'ESE E G- L 352355, , - Mutual Underwriters A. M. DEAL, Mgr. I9-38th Street, Deal Bldg.. Phone 698 Hampton Va., Dial 3016 Divfidancl Paying In.sfm'cmce" - - CHQ-C-Isl llK-i-K'-l-l-l- - 151111 Lee White Hardware 2701 Ro'mol'c, Ave. Newport News Virginim Waterfront Lumber and Shrpceilinq Corp. 1200 lcfferson Avenue Phones 75 and 64 L I- ' 1 x' -' L L . , , , L I I- Hardware in General I T i I L Your Diploma ' Framed, 31.00 H I Epes Stationery Co. I I5 if H I I PRINTING I I f I ,I . BooKBlNDlNe I RULING I - I eoro STAMPIN6 ENGRAVING "Printing is the lnseparabfe Companion ofAcf7ievement" 2I6 I8 20 Twentzy-Filth Street - g.--.g- - O 5 . I 401 Citizens National Bank Bldg. 7 C ar 1, C x ' -x 1 x x 1 m x The FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY, Inc. Telephone 92 Newport: News, Virginia 3 3-3-3- -j-3- -5- -3- - - -3 - -y-5-3-3-5-3-3-E - -3-y-y-j-3-3-3-3- - - - -5- - -3-5-3- Forty-One , I L I I I , L I f' . I f f 9 i f I f f f 9' L I f f f f 9 L L I- L L L t-K- t-i- nK-lunl-QgLnl,-Q- -Q-1-Q-Q-Q-Q-Q.. -. GPAD UA TES : , . Insist upon Noland Company Plumbing Fixtuies and Heating Equipment always .... youll be so proud of them! vit Slzowfrooms Open Daily I Noland Company nc 2l'th to 27th 'rt Vl1'1,'lI1l'l Ave. Newport News Va. KGK-ll-lvlrll-ll- 1 -QnlK-l- -IK-K-I 1 Let Us Help You F'i7lCL7LUo the Home You Want Commonwealth Building and Loan Association ' B. G. IAMES Algv-. 138-27th Street Phone 11.20 S. W. Holt 61 Co. Wholesale Groceries and Tolooooos Peninsula Supply Company Inc LUMBER fmcl BUILDING MATERIALS 34th Street and Virginia Avenue Phone G6 and 301 ehl s Confectlonery For Quicl' Delivery Phone 3953 or 9207 Magavines Groceries Medicine All Kinds of Cold Dfrinks COHQ7'Cl'f7llflt'l0lZ9 fmcl Best Wishes fm Yom' Success ztrknr JJBITKBI' Furniture for Every Room in the Home 212-28th Street Phone 2924 1 Y L 1 , 1 ' J . f 1 2 l 6 I . . J c ' c 1 A 3 W - f . , k ,J A I O I 4 A C I l K I 1 1 I . h H ' ' D - I J 7 9 I I I -3-q- 1- up -3-3-3-3my-y-3-3-3-3-y-3-3-3 ' -y-3 ' -3-3-3 A -y-3-3-q-.3-q-q-q 3 333 Forty-Two - - -1- - 1- -1-1.4. .Q-L.Q. -g..g-1-L- - -q-q-g-g- -1,- -Q. Compliments of Your Neighborhood Grocei' Quality Service Stores Compliments mid Best Wishes to the Gwicliicites of Febiuowy '41 I3 IES EU N'S Corner 24th St. and J efferson Ave. "Where the Promise is Fiilfilled' Savaqe's Grocery FRESH MEATS cmd VEGETABLES A D A M S For Better SHOES . 2609 Chestnut Ave. Washington at 30th Newport News, Virginia N6Wp0I't News ewport News Shipbuilding and Drg Dock Compang -. ,-------3-3 -3-3 - -.3-3- -3-3-3- -3- - 3 I ' Ani l Forty-Thfree Kramer S Market LEADERS LOW PRICES 2211 Jefferson Ave. Phones 4200 'Ind 4201 THE B 4 ' MAGIC BUYER W T Grant Co Where Economy Rules 2803 Washington Ave. DODGE ----- - - - PLYMOUTH - - - - - - - DODGE TRUCKS Dependable Used Cows Shackelford Auto 327-339 Twenty-Fifth St. The Peninsula, s Oldest Dealership S :S M Pharmacy Give Us cz, Ping fm Anything We Deliver Phone 1715 DFCC Ji AND SONS The House by the Side of the Rodd 0 PRICE - QUALITY - SERVICE AMBULANOE SERVICE C Carder Funeral Home Inc: Certlfled Gemoloalsts and Eeqlstered Iewelers I 2912 Washington Ave. 2606 West Ave. Phone 818 K K-K-K-t-t-L-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-l-l-K-K-i-K-K-t-K-t-K-K-l-t-Q-Q-1...g.g.g.g...q-g.q.g.g..L-g.g 1 7 U' , ,P I NM 0 0 g I I , , I I 1 J Co. ' I s 1 n L . 1 4 . . . I 7 4 . I O 3 -5- -3-3 - -3-y-j-3-3-5-j-y-3-y-y-j-y-j- -3 Forty-Fam' il-Q'-l'-111-IKHKSKSI1 Q , - l -2 . ,E 1 jf" 1. . 1 L M -A " J Oligo I--v"' 'Q 5 X Q ' INC rr ' N I - Meir. are , . V - Y I , . N , . .I I . , Y r . J . .I .I .I .I .I , , I - .,,, ,, in-KKKK ce WA? D5 D L 569 Coal Fuel 011 PHONE 2288 Rosenbaum Hardware Company If It s Hcmdwcwe We Have It 2F08-10 Wwshington Avenue Warwrck Farms Dalry Products Cadlllac ----- - - - Oldsmoblle Mrke Suttle Motor Co 627-25th Street Phone 2075 I I - Company r . . ' Quality Hardware 1 J o k 2405 JCf'I'C1'S0l1 Avo. i A r 1 , The Broadway . ' Wishes You Good Luck, Success, H dppiness 3007-9 Washington Ave. Newport News EGEQEDE I Goodman Hardware Leqqett's Department Store, Inc. Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Millzfnery, Clothing cmd Ladies' Ready-to-Wecw' :qui --g..Q.---Q----..--g.-..g. ---.g...g.. I o 1 . 1 I Phone 2924 Newport News, Va. For CL complete line of Drugs- guawmteed to be fresh cmd put up by reliable Druggists see us first. I. C. Gorsuch 61 Co. 'DY 327232231 -23323225 32332552 A ' Forty-F'ive ...g..g.Q- -ti. T Ki-K-K-C.-K-l-K-K .g. - .g.g-1 111111-nlal-nb g.. ...g.g.. - - -L-1. ..g.g. .. .. -g.g l ll! 1 lil Rl KKK ll il .I I .I ,I Q .l ,I . .! .I .I I X 'I ' ' 1 ' ' V -. L - i J L 1 L , .I 1 0 .! I .! .I .I .I .I I I, I l. I I I I1 ' .I , I I I I N I I I, l-K-l- - l- - -Inl-In - -K-l-K-Kl-K-K-i- -l-K- -l- -K- - , , 3iZ Cmflzmaf, 0 BILL' BAHBECUE Compliments of Handy Oil Corp. 4100 Phones 4101 Compliments of Scott Hardware O 2405 J eiferson Ave, Phone 468 Congratulations Graduates! Coinyoliinents of Whlte Oak Coal Co W. W. Anderson GRADUA TES! Make that College Education Possible by Starting a Savings Account in this Bank Clrufrm SEIUIIIBB ggauk Leroy F. Ridley Cashier Sears Qoebuclq and Company C5489 Sincei ely 'wish each one a life of happiness and success. We hope the fntnoe holds many goocl things in stove for all. 2411 J efferson Ave. Forty-Six M 67L,S H GCLCll1'ZLfL'l'f67'S of the Pen-iusulca I HUELLERVS 3107 Washington Ave. QQ CX, . THE EN 9 1009 94 S HOP -l-K-l-K-K-l-l-K-lFK-l-K-K-l-l-l-K- -1- - - -K-K-l- ll- Srl- K-l-K-l-1 Murray 6 Padgett, Inc. INSURORS REALTORS o 131 28th Street Phones 431-432 Williams, Coile and Pipino Architects and Engineers Coonpliments of Motor Sales Company I 2910-12 Huntington Avenue o HUDSON HUDSON SIXES EIGHTS Peninsula Dairy O 2700 Wickham Ave. In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place Where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many services the First National Offers in addition to this! f, 1 St T NATIONAL B NK Forty-Seven C'01lLjllf'H'LG7LlIS of .Cutchins Brothers Service Station Poplar Ave. and 25th St. 1 -k-K- t-k-Q-L-Q-L-L-q,..g.g..1.1.g-g-g-1,-g- .- o o J. W. Itorn by Amoco Gas U. S. Tires Phone 4164 PuIIey's Market O 2915 Wickham Avenue Phone 3021-R 0 Groceries, Gas, Oil BILLY WILLIAMS The Cleaner CIUIILQIZIVIIVGYLLS of rqliwfi fewefmfl Who's Your Cleaner? Compliments of Medical Arts Building Corporation Sgoeoiahsts in DIAMONDS 3301 Washington Ave. I "The Dicmzoncl C07"7'L6'I'H -quqgjn - -3-1-y-3-q-3 -3 ' ' -y - -3-3 apnyny u- Q- - ny- -I ' Forty-Eight rg- -1-1-1.1-g.g-Q.q.g.g.L.q.1.g.g.g. L.g.g. - g.g. - -g.g- -1- -g-g- -1.1-1.1. -1-Q-Q :J I l .1 Conqratulatlons and Best Wlshes Vlrlbllllrl LUIIlP:lIlf Newport News Business College First National Bank Building Phone 350 Adams Gregory Co nc Schmitt s Confectionery .! U! ' .. .! I I o .E i ' ' C t .E . I , 1: I' 1 r 1 ' -ff PUBLIB SEBVIBE I - 1 1 H f f ' w ' , t E . .! .! , Band Instruments By Selmer-King-Holton Pianos-Sheet Music Thomas Piano Co. "Everything M usicalu Phone 2863 210-28th Sli. Strinqlellow Hg t Electric Corporation U Sales cmd Selrvice Ligltt'i11.g Fioxtures General Electric Refrigerators t Ranges and Washers O f 2616 Washington Ave. Phone 970 ' Newport News Va W I-I IT E Qpticel Company 0 Medical Arts Building , . J -y-3-3-3-W -y-3-y-W -3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-y-3-y-3-3-y-y-3-3-j-3-3-3..3- -3-3-3-m-3-5,-3-q-3- Forty-Nine V1rq1n1cr P11ot Association Best Wishes rl-K- - --is K-- -----L-Q---Q-Q--- i , ' I u n I I G. A. Massenburg Newport News Agent A i, ..Eil if ll! AA. X 'H fill I lfllllls wi.,-1 ' MI. 351- " " lil E391 '5?'i5s-. X72 To the February '41 Class ACHMAN' I l THE WCDRLD AT YCDUIQ DOOR Cultivate 'clue lwabit - of Following world events by tlwe systematic reading of your l local newspapers. THE DAILY PRESS TIMES-HERALD Hljfis Qaninaufal dvawafzapazijl V V -j-5-q-3- - -3- -3- -y-3-y- - - -,- -3- -1-j -3- - - -5- -,-y-j- I 'Uftgj CldS,1ZELE,ZQ!1G. dddGS1dlIGS.S,!S SS1'1E., "The Pride of the Pe'rL-i11s'ala" Where the Better P'ictu1'es Play Make the , The New - Ame! Yom' M ovie Habit W. B. Williams The Smiles That Make Us Happy are the Smiles of Ozu' Satisfied Customers. F ' Up-to-Date Sanitary Equipment umlture . Modern Barber Shop 225 Twenty-Eighth Stmct 3010 VVashin2JtOn Ave. Phone 2091 W. L. THIGPEN N9WP01't News, Va- Newport News Virginia PATRONS RULANE GAS SERVICE WALTER REED MARKET ALLEN JEWELRY CO., Inc. W. R. TIIVIBERLAKE B. F. LAWSON LAVINIA A. MINOR BARR BROTHERS, Inc. WYTHE RECREATION FORREST B. WOOD CENTER 1- FRED P. BLAKE ELLYSON FORBES CONFECTIONERY M. G. PITTMAN PETE'S GOOD FOOD ! THE JACOBSON PRESS G. S. BARNES ganna -x-1 -3 -x-x-m -3 -x-x-x-x-x-x- -x-x-x-1-x-m-x- -x-x-x-x-x-m-m-x-x-m-m- Fifty-One I' F G QS.5!I15S1GEG, , C0'Hlf11Z'i'IMG7lf8 and Best Wishes for a, Successful Future The Archie L. Harden Co. Fine Custom Tcwllorecl Clothes Cofmpliments of 841-25th St. 920-24th St. I JOHN J. MOONEY A. L. HARDEN I E. W. WEAVER Hiclen Storaqe Cuugmlulu lions fre-zu Forwarding Co. S I E G E L ' S O Largest Stock: of New Luggage on Peninsular O 2606 Washington Ave. Phone 1185 Established 1910 46 Q 77 di7Z0lfLL 6 DLT 6ZV6'CiL.46T.4 -,fs 1 ' ts Y ---isisiff,-- This familiar phrase tersely and appropriately tells you that excellent cooperation from your local merchants made this yearbook possible. Make it a haloit to patronize those who patron- ize you . EES E ZbZEEEZ33ZEFw33ZFQFlQSJ3FlQEEEZEJ1 lfifrly-1'wU Q 1 ,,..,

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