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" "W "'-IH-fa -'- Qlw geczcan - M1940 P , , , b 1 X. 4- N I K , Nr" fi f 1 , , A i -.-ifietn i i e xif, "if:'?7 Shiv' Nu! un Published bg 'JUNE EHAUUATIUN CLASS UF NEWPURT NEWS HIGH SCHUUI. ' Newport News, Virginia L . L Q W 1, , ,44,,,7,,, Y, S, my -1 M, 'f -y --r,.--M.. . ,a.,"-V-1 'I nm,-. nz- -N. -I ez Ez: wr :Q v.s.,'1', QU va N- 35 7272 :- ESS 'AN 05 Es N 'mr UZ :Ps :M ES 'EC 4.3 cw wg, :Q au "cg QA g-Q :w -Q AE QQ. .Sm qw 'U QT: "WN om N ,QU as Q ww rx.-Q.. NQQ Q - if ig -N . 2.5 Q: SQ Q2 . .-a.: EAVEQNS Rpfom aw .N 'S-Q.95fQ -v-f,,r'wu - S QQU '.V-WEN :Sava Tfllgzm .. -.N ,bgww NCJN: Q -Q. -QQENA .N or: gikvw wifi? wld?-iz CEQWQ gg' 9234: HQ. C nwgmf- 'Ngw-Q... :QNU 6:5992 mx -. :lv 'S Nz 5- wwa, -o-' "Nm rorgg ww Q QWggN 'kim .sw wbvgw-o-. 1-' C05 '-fN"Gw: .SINOQI :NW-"4-4. 3-.W A -4.w+:.,2 CST-. "2-.Iwi 'UASQIQ 2S:QQ ?S3m" Q. eil 'NP -QQAQN CIJQBQSIO 'QCII NS-BZSFZ' wZJ'H 597 'wbgrg fmifvgv SE"'a,Q' QSQQK wggik NE 'QI' A 'W m:3O.3 eg 'E Q. as Q-if A . . .. f. M- in -. , L A QS W Q -u.. va fw -N Q5 : N P1 CO 7' 4 QC LJ N. 91 HJ. -N Fi T m an ca Q Q Q ag .5 in- Q uw C .Q 2 . W Q '8- .ku Q 21:1 U 'O-f F0 N Q -.. 'B 'r ,-. Qa Q -Q., 'QI 'Q fb 'Z' P: A Q S -'Z -.N Q 'N R U 'U -A.. S vp 95 2 Q. an Q 4-1 .X- Q 'ha ,Q fl kr Ama. 1, , ,1-. -., f...i,.,., ,,L,.n.n4:. M-, , wdggw, , , gig... ,,ml.,,,,4..'42i'lL,4 - gil. QQ?-wpqp --- uv, , .- F- -,-- ..,. QQZZG of C0lfLi6lfLi4 Photographs by Otto Weiss Theme Page ...... Sponsor ,... Dedication ....... Administration Faculty ....,. Class Officers ....... Graduates ..... Class Song ,,,.... Hall of Fame ........ Activities ..... Informal Snapshots ....... Features ....... Advertisements cg. I A . ,,4,, Page 2 4 5 6 7-10 12 13-29 29 30 31-37 38-39 40-42 43-60 .. Lim 1 1- .1 .s-..A.uik:sn.5L Li 1.,-,L-1tm....., V -a uf SPUNSUR ANDREW MURPHY To the Class of June 1940: While the hearts and minds of most of the races of man are filled with hatred, bitterness, and suspicion toward one another, and while those who are strong and powerful are inflicting their cruelty, greed, and lust on those who are weak and defenseless, you and thousands of other young men and women will, in America, graduate from high school in a society where such conditions at present are unthinkable. While you were with us, it was your opportunity and privilege to learn the meaning of and receive the beneiits from all that is embodied in and exemplified by the creed of Americanism. It is the fervent hope and prayer of all of us who bid you farewell, that always you shall realize the American way is the only way, that unceasingly you shall cherish it, for- ever guarding it as your priceless heritage, and that at all times you shall strive to protect it from those who continually seek to destroy it. -fqmhew Wmpkq V I, . W -1- DEDIEATIUN ESTHER CUTLER Her willingness to assume responsibility in school, church, club and young peoples' activities always has been admired. Even in her high school days here at Newport News, she was an honor student and active member of many organizations. Now as a teacher of drama and social studies in this same high school, she has continued her interest. The Girl Reserves and drama department especially have a full appreciation of her valuable contributions. Poise, calmness, and a sense of humor havealvvays been her outstanding assets. All these, plus a sense of proportion and cooperation, have earned her the reputation of a most versatile personality. To this fine person and teacher, Miss Esther Cutler, the June 1940 Beacon Annual staff dedicates this publication, an annual devoted thought- fully and reverently to "Americanism." --fame f94f0 W1 4 ' A Q - v 4 ,I f. 4 4 if 1 'ii l 3 1 'I a 11 1 4 ' ' mg..- .. ...4- A -, Administrcrtionff:c:f l . l l'VIcmIners of fhe AIIIIIl'lIiSfI'fl.f1'0ll are lefi' to riylzf: Joseph H. Sazzmlers, S11per1'nfe'nr1efr1f nf City Sclmolsg Lamar R. Stanley, I'I'flIf?f1JfIl,' Eflzvl M. fIllfII'l'Nl0Cl't', Dann of Girlsq rind S. D. f7l't'0II, Assis- tant Principal. Typically American is the administration of our local school system. Working in close collaboration with the school board, faculty, and our stu- dent governing body, the administration has developed an efficient system for serving the individual student for his greatest individual good. Dr. Joseph H. Saunders acts as superintendent of schoolsg Lamar R. Stanley, as principal, is in charge of the high school in generalg Ethel M. Gildersleeve, dean of girls, acts as adviser in helping the girls with their problemsg and assistant principal S. D. Green has the task of advising the boys. Represented by this group and backed by our student council, We have here a small democratic unit governed by the same principles and practices used by our American government and found so necessary to an indepen- dent and free thinking people. 6 i Q Lf. - . 'ffizkzif -' . 'AA" , fa- X Ji , gg , Xi 33' 5 fs A ng. in , , 4 if i fy, Qu was J H -- r m L I I Ms 2 'iii 'WS fc C5521 FRANCES ABBITT MABEL BAR!-IAM CATHERINE BLANTON li. S., Fl'GdI'l'lt'i'iSbl11'g li. A., Ramdolph-Mnvon: li. A.. C0111-ge of XVil- Stntv Teavhers' Collegeg M. A., University of liaun and Mary: Drama. Physical Education. Michigan, Latin. Public Speaking. MELVILLE BRYANT ANNYE B. BURBANK MICHAEL J. BYRNE. ll. S., College of XVil- li. A.. M. A.. College li. Furumn Univvr- liam and Mary, History, of lVilli:un and Mary: sity: Science. Football Coachi English. EDNA COLBOURN JULIET COLEMAN JULIUS CONN B. S.. Aviiiiillll and B. A.. University of li. S., University of Mary: Home Evlniolliius. Riclnnoml: Sovial Studios. Virginia: llliysivzil Edu- vzltiun. Raskvtlmll Coavli. '1'ruvk Couch. Athletic Di- rvvtor. Faculty BEULAH BRASHER B. A., Collvgc of C0111- lnerrv, Bowling Green '1'eau-liars' College: Type- writing. CASSIE CHILDRESS B. College of iVil- liani und Mary: Short- hand. DOROTHY H. A.. lfilivorsity of XYPM Virginia: llmliial. Director of A 1-tivities. , ' 2 - ' b . K 5: ... ' 5 5- ' ESTHER CUTLER MAE M. EDWARDS LOIS LEAH EVANS ELMA FREE li. A., Lync'l1lnn':: Col- B. S., l"Jll'lllVlii1' Stair- li. A., Lyiirlilnlrg Vol- li. Au Juniata l'olI4-gil-1 105:02 English, Social '1v0ilCil9l'SY Uollogcg Eng: lm-gm-1 Law, A1'L'0lu1tal11'y. M. A.. University of Studies, Drannu. lish, Mivhiuun: Social Studies. Latin. - ., 'V'-vm-. .. .... AIM ...Q- P 5 Facultymm P l V GLADYS G. GAMBILL A. B., Tvxus Stutn' Col- Ivme for Wouu-u: M. A., lfuivorsity of Colorado, linglisli. I l E. KYLE HAMMOND B. A., Boron Collcgvq Mathematics. 5215. MARGARET GARLAND JAMES H. GOODMAN ANNA HALLETT li. S.. Gvm'g:v l't':nlmdy li. A.. Amvrif-an Uni- li. A.. Wvstlimiiptoii t'ull4-go, Social Studia-s. Nvrsity: M. A.. College- ot' Collt-gl-: lilntlmiiiatics. XYilliuui :mud Dhiryg Elec- h trit-ity. LEONARD HONICK HUGHES HOYLE LOUISE F. HURT li. S., Univvrsity of M. A., li. A.. 1'uivr'i'sity H. A.. Collvgge of iVil- Vii'g'iuiug Spanish, AC- of North Cz11'0lin:xg Bi- lizlm null Mary: M. A., counting. olofgy. Columbian Vnivorsityg His- tory. THOMAS 0. KEESEE WILLIAM B. KIRK ELINE KRISCI-I li. S., Hampden-Sydney B. S., State 'l't':ic'lu-1"s B, A., Uollvgn of iVil- l'0llm-go: AI. S., University C0114-5:1-, NYG-st C111-st:-x'. lizuu and Mary: Typewrit- ot' Viiyffiiiiag Mathematics Pa.: -lournulism. History. ing, St'1'1'0i2ll'iili Practice. and Svieucc. , 5 F V l SUE KELLY B. S., Hu1'1'isouhui'g:j '1'm-zwlwrs' Uolln-:vi M. A., C 0 lu in h i za llnive-rsity 'l'vzu'liQrs' Coll:-grt-g Home l'im'on0miCs. CONSTANCE LEACHMAN B. A.. Music Education, New York Universityg L Music. 8 ELI LEONARD HERMAN LEVY CARLOS A. LOOP A. B., Drake L'uivQi-- li. A.. B. S. C., Hnmp- B. A., Rouuoke Collogeg sity: A. M.. Collogro of tloxi-Syduvy Collogeg M. History. William and Mary: Short- A.. Columbian University, hand, Business Economics. Mztthoiuutics. 121 G 5 !1ZCi, ' QCILE HARRY LYETH EULAH MASSEY ll. S., Oswi-5.20 Slam- li. A., M. A.. Collegfu Normal: Grzlplxic: Arts. ANDREW MURPHY li. A., Erskine College: M. A., University of North C!lI'0llll1lQ Chemis- try. LOUISE RAMSEY li. S.. Goorgro Peailmfly Collvgrv: M, A.. Columbian University: Home E004 nomii-s. JOSEPH A. SCHAD Stain Normal School, New York: XVillinrn and Mary Extension: Syracuse University Extension: General Shop. of William and Mary: liiiglisli. ANNE V. PARKER li. A.. M. A.. folic-ge of William :mil Mary: English. Y A. E. RECTOR li, S.. l'llll01'A' and llc-nry Colle-gc:: Matlminaitics. "" i A 5.5 ff' f' rf' H... 'fzjs' ...,, I " ,,..., ' ANNE P. SCRUGGS B. A.. lollege of Vil- liuui and Mary: English. tzicvzxssxcxczimczmizfnhnmmszvnscfqgulty ':. 3 .,.. - . 535,55 . l ,gif ,E V .1 1 ,- . ' an ' .- A :-..,....L . 4 . 5 . , - , .Q ' o " ROSEMARY MCMILLAN B. A.. Women's Col- lege: University of North Vznrolinn: Retail Selling: l'onsumvi':s Relations. NINA POWELL H. S.. Ohio State Uni- vvrsiiy: liiiglisli. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS B. A.. College nf Wil- liam and Mary: M. A., University of Michigan: American Academy in Rome: Librarian. CORNELIA W. SE GAR M. D., Medical College of Virginia: Physics. I F. MONTGOMERY A. li.. llniversity of Wm-st Virginia: Social Studios. JOHN PULLEY li. S.. l"urman Univer- sity: Svimico, Assistant lfmithall Conch. VIRGINIA SAUNDERS li. S.. l"i'0Ll01'ivksln1i1'g State 'l'0:11:l1u1's' College: History. ELEANOR A. SHERMAN B. S. M., Oberlin Con- servatory of M u s i c : Chorus, Band, Orchestra. r'Y?" l r w V l F' L F 1 i Faculty 1 W l CHARLES SHREEVES B. A., Colle-prv of Wil- liam and Maury: M. A. Columbia Univ:-rsityg His- tory, French. C551 LUCY SINCLAIR MARGARET P. SMITH REBECCA SUTTLE li. A.. Colleggc- of XYil- TS. A., Collegu of XVil- B. A, iullx C D liam and Mary: M. A., lizuu :md Mnryp Social lianu and A Lllf.,l1Sl C0llI mlvin Univvrsityq Studios Mz1lll01n:1tiCS. Q . -A Ybvqm i MILES L. THOMPSON LILLIAN TODD CARLOS URRUTIA ROBERT VADEN B. E.. Nortlivrn Illinois li. S.. M. A., Uolunilriai B. A.. Instifutf- Pro- li. A. iollege 0 1 State Teachers' College, l'iiiv1-wily, Mzitlivuiutics. Yinvizil llv Puvrtu Rico: lizxm and 'Klux Printing. Science. LL. li., Potoiuzu' l'11iver- Vniversitx XlI'L,lllll aityg Spzmish. English. CARRIE VAUGHAN JEANETTE WARD GUDE WILKINSON OTTO H WEISS B. S., FI'O1li'fl'lCkSlJlll'K li. A.. Collm-'gn' ol' lYil- B. S.. V. P. l., Hzuup- Xvllfflllll1,0lXi0f'llIlll ll State Teachers' College, liaun :md Mary, Huglislx, dun-Syslm-yg liistory. stituteq Nluliminal llrm Home Economics. Social Studies. ing. 10 FRED W. YANCEY li. S., fllsmiprlcn-Sydney 1 -, ,- kollcgeg Lolla-ge of Xlil liam and Mary, Mathe- matics. VZYGPTCKCSCLGCSCKCK'Z555915f:i'jZCYf:iU1SGf!.CYf:0:0:iC1f:QjC2CfCIC1CK'51CiCi!iZ'Zi5C Seniors SENIURS -JUNE rff' i s 1 I I, r I l E l I Sen101'5x:o:r:c:c. President .......,............,.,........,... .,,,.,.......,............ ........ E d ward Norwood Vice-President ..........,............v............. ..... E rnest McDermon Secretary .................v................v............. ............. B etty Davis Treasurer, Faculty Chosen Speaker ..... ..,...,,. J ohn Hewins Student Council Representative ..,.,.. .4,,,,,,.,,... J ohn Seward Class Speaker ..........................e..... .... V irginia Chandler Faculty Chosen Speaker .,... ....,. R obert Lanahan Sponsor ,o,........................ ..... A ndrew Murphy Color: Invitations: Pennant: Dorothy Hebble Virginia Chandler Jack Milnes John Cox Alvin Mirmelstein Frances Leigh Edythe Goldberg Bobby Lanahan Sam Maclntire , Mildred Barney Flower-' Rnwf Thompson Phillips Mary Ann Bartoshesky M. K. Ingham Doris Schomburg Bill Lawson Francis Comer Dance : Ogden Bigger Assembly: M, U ,t L K- , MUSIC-' Dorothy Mitchell Nggizlewilffhsogsel John Cox A. D. Currie Ethel McCann Mildred Barney Mary Jane Rinker Motto: Charles Haas Charles Massey Esther Mirmelstein John Roady Peg Lomas Russell Johnson Julian Irvin Harriet Frost Maggie Wood Brett Rita J aski Francis Coiner Ruth Dugger Patsy Richman Mary Mesic Billy Sands Jimmy Bartles Julian Kurzer Elizabeth Weston Dorothy Dyke John Reid Davis Flower: Gladiola Colors: Maroon and Grey Co-Editors .... Senior Editors .' Harriet Frost Peg Lomas Activity Editors: Billy Sands Leonard Levinson Photo Editor: Norma Wilkinson Typists : Marguerite. Christian Audrey Sharpe Copy Editor Proof Reader: Esther Mirmelstein Motto: "Ant inveniam viam aut faciam" "I shall either find a way or make one" A N N ll A L S T A F F Jack Milnes, Mary Ann Bartoshesky Feature Editors: Ruth Dugger Gloria Epstein Ad Staff: Ruth Miller Grace Spivey Herman Scott Lloyd Amory Charlotte Morris Betty Van Arsdale Dorothy Dyke Art Editor: Jack Milnes C'l7'C'lllflf'i07'L Manager: Charles Verell Co-Business Managers: Miriam Brenner Virginia Harnsberger Co-Advertising Managers. Virginia Chandler Mary K. Ingham Ad Staff: Russell Johnson John Poindexter Ernest Buck Doris Schomburg Claudine Marshall Ella Smith John Roady Ernest Rowell Frances Leigh Dorothy Hebble nl- F-N f I -Q-t Q.g-Q.. -1- -Q-Q-Q. -g.g.g. -1-1-Q-Q-Q-Q-tp -l,-L-i-t-K-K-t-K-K-t- -i-l-l-K- - -L-K-K-K-K , ', . 1 ' 1. F X 'I I 1' 1 f Y fb. .f f t 'L EDWARD WATSON NORWOOD ERN T ERM "Eddie" ftMac1, PRESIDENT Hgh VICE-PRE T HONOR' STUDENT . sity lu iee-I' es.: Class Ot'-J Jr. Red Cross: Stamp and' Coin Hoes? H0 zoom 4 TGS. Va V' if Club: Sr. Literary Club: Aetivitios Letter, T 2 k: Varsity Tat I yet. IJHUUT? S12 Cll0l'l1SZ SGCTHNITYY BOY S ball: -lr. arsity Baske b. Captain tllee Club: Ilrainatic Clubi National The-spians: National Honor Society: llonie Room Otiiees: Exe:-utive Board of Student Council: Cast: "Seen But Not Heard", "You Canlt Take It With You' ', ' 'Daniel Boone' ', ' 'Our Town' ', ' ' What a Life": Home Room 3 16. BETTY VERNON DAVIS "Po1kie Dots" SECRETARY Usher: G. A. Club: G. A. Board: Jr. Rnd Cross: Jr, Chorus: -lr. Home lirononiit-s Club: Archery Club: Var- sity Club, Sl'L'l'Uftll'j'l Library, Seere- tary: Four Low Seeretary: lntirniary Assistant: Type Certifieates: G. A. A. Letter: Head Usher: Home Room Of- tiees: Home Room 101. ARDr I ast Sol-iety ltll. MARY ANN BARTOSHESKY "Bartow , C0-EDITOR Pierre S. tlul'0nt High Sr-hool, 3Vil- uiington. Delaware. Newport News High School: G. A. Club: Jr, Red Cross: Reporter, Copy lflditor, Assis- tant Editor ot' lieaeon XYeeltly: Sec. Spanish Club: See. Chemistry Club: Hee. antl Charter Member ot' Garden Club: Treas.. Seeretary ot' Girl Re- serves: President ot' Photo Club: See. 'l'reas. Quill and Stroll: llelegrate S. l. P. A. Convention at Lexington, Va.: Chairman Four Iligh Flower Commit- tee: Home Room Otlices: Home Ronin ltlll. HARRIET FROST SENIOR EDITOR THIRD HONOR STUDENT Jr. Literary Club: Secretary of Sr. Literary Club: President, Freneh Club: National Honor Soeiety: Nelms Honor Seroll: Jr. llramatir Clubi .Kd Staff, lieaeon XYeekly: litlitorial Staff. Bea- :-on Weekly: Statt: "Daniel Boone". "You Can't Take lt XVith You", "Roinanec- is a Raivltt-t", "Florist Shop' ', ' 'Our Town ' ', "Family Fail- ing", "Thx-uno Song", "Nine Lives of l'lmily' ', ' 'liy Popular Request' 'g Business Mir., "YVllat a Lit'o": Speeeh Club: Sr. Assembly Commit- tee: Home Room Ottit-ns: National Theapians: Home Room 2109: 1. Varsity Basketball: Traek I'eam: Ath- letic Scholarship Key: Play StatTs: Athletic Couneil: Home Room 3113. JOHN HEWINS any.. TREASURER HONOR STUDENT CLASS SPEAKER Secretary, National Honor Society: President, National Honor Society: Vice-President, Jr. Literary Club! Treasurer. Sr. Literary Club: Spanish Club: Boys' Jr. Chorus: Band: 01'- chestra: Converts '39, '-40: Chemis- try Club: Play Cast: t'What a Lite-"1 Home Room 309. VIRGINIA CHANDLER "Ginna" C0-MANAGER AD STAFF HONOR STUDENT CLASS SPEAKER Student Council: Yiee-Pres. and Pres. Lalin Club: Pres? .lx-. Literary Club: Vive-Pres. and l'i-es. Sr. Liter- ary Club: Girls' Jr. Chorus: Usher: Vice-Pres. National Ilonor Society: Chairman llonor Counril: Sc-liool Ae- eoinpanist: Speerh Club: Chairman Four Low and Four Iligh Invitation Committee: Library Assistant: Home Room Utliees: Sehool Spirit and Lead- ership Letter: Home Room 221. JACK MILNES. JR. C0-EDITOR ART EDITOR Banll: tlrehestral Quill and Seroll Soi-iety: Art -Editor Heaton News- paper? Art Editor Beacon Annual. June 'lit-G, .Tune '39, February 340, .Tune '-tll: Jr. Literary Club: Sr. Lit- erary Club: Band, Oehestra Concerts: .Xrt Club: Stamp and Coin Club: Vice- Pres Quill and Seroll: Beat-on Repor- torial Staff: Beat-onlile Editor: Co- Editor Reaeon Annual: .tetivities Let- tor, Journalism: Sr. Orehestra: Chair- man Four High Pennant Committee: Home Room 0Ft'ives: llome Room 103. MARGARET RAND LOMAS Mpeg.. SENIOR EDITOR Latin Club: Jr, and Sr. Literary Clubs: Reporter, Nt-we lflditor, Feature liditor. .Xssoeiate l'ltlitor, Bealron XVeekly: Treasurer Quill and Serolli Mixed Chorus: Chorus Letter: Con- verts '39, '-40: Cast: "Riding Down the Sky", t'Daniel Boone' ': Riehmontl Music Festival: llramatie Club: Cast: "You Can't Take it With You", "Our Town", 'tXVhat a Life' ': Staff, Sr. Plays: Tliespians: Sr. Assembly Coni- lnittee: Home Room 103. 13 1 4 4 il l . l l 1 5, 2 1 K Seniors RUTH DUGGER FEATURE EDITOR HONOR STUDENT National Honor Sm-it-ty: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Play: "XYhat . I ' :NZ Costume StalT: "Our Townm: Varsity Club: Ay'clw1'y Club: G. A. Board: tl. A. Club: Four Low llvvoratin ' a"- lllillll Usher: Claw Ofliver, Jr. Your Soo.: Fronvh Club: Clwarle-ade'r: Cast: "Nine Livvs ol' l'1mily": Home Room lltlin-es: Homo Room 2lo9. NORMA WILKINSON "Nome" PHOTO EDITOR Srhool Cln-vrloalll-ri Rand Sponsor: G. A. Club: li. A. lioard: G, A. la-tf ter: Varsity Club: 'l'roasur1-'r. Span- ish Club: Jr. Rn-cl Cross: Sr. Ilanro Committee: Four Low Dvroi'ating Committe-v: Homo Room Otiirus: Girl R+-serves: lbramativ Club: Rea:-on Atl SHUT: Play Stut'T: "You Can't Take- It IVith You", "Our T0wn": Play Cast: "By Popular Roquc-wt: Ilonn- Room 221. WILLIAM B. SANDS ACTIVITIES EDITOR Freshniun liaslu-tball Mgr.: Sc-hool Clieerleudor: lbramatit- Club: Mods-l Club: Boy's Jr, Chorus: Latin Club! Sr. Ilanvo Conimittoo: Jr. and Sr. Lit- erary Clubs: Jr. Rl-rl Cross: Play Cast: 'tXK'li:lt a Lift-": Assistant Sports Editor on livavon XYeokly: Home Room Utlim-Q: SIIIKIPIII Count-il: Home Room 221. AUDREY CAROL SHARPE "Red-Head' ' TYPIST ll, A, A. Club: Junior Homo liro- nomirs Club: Sr. Homo Evonoinivs Club: Girl's Jr. Chorus: Mixe-fl Chorus: Convert '-lo: Swhool I'xlwr Staff: Typo C4-rtitirato: Home Room Offices: :Stair Musin- Fm-Stival i-Ill! Home Room Zio!-I. MIRIAM BRENNER rtsisu CO-BUSINESS MANAGER HONOR STUDENT Spanish Club: Infirmary Assistant: StatTs: "Our Town". "XVhut a Lifo": Sr. Plays: Photo Club: Ad Stati' Wvekly: All Stall' of Annual: Hunn- Room Ofhm-N: Homo Room 221. 14 2 'HY' Di 'WH-0 5- Y, ti ESC!! GLORIA EPSTEIN FEATURE EDITOR HONOR STUDENT Historian ot' tho Jr. and Sr. Litur- ary Clubs: Spvevli Club: Srhoul I'sher: Atl Staff. lil-'avon XYM-kly: Sur. Frenvh Club: Assistant Librarian: Jr. and Sr. llramatir' Clubs: Staffs of Plays: "Our Town", "Family Fail' ing' ', "'l'lufnu- Song' 'Q Cast ot' Plays: k'IVhat a Lift-' ', l'Nine Lives of l'Imily"3 llomo Room Otiiwvs: Na' tional lIonor Sovil-ty: llomv Room 309. ESTHER CAROLYN MIRMELSTEIN 4 -Spookyn X COPY AND PROOF READER HONOR STUDENT xvIC1"'T,l'1'h., National Honor Sorioty: 'I'I'C?lSlll'l'l', Jr. Litvrary Club: Vivo- Prus.. St-r'rvI:i1'y. Sr. Litorary Club: Frenr-h Club: National 'l'ln-spianeg A1-tivitin-s laftl:-r. Literary Club: Four Low llc-voration Committee: .hsistant Direvtor: "You Can't Takv It With Yon". "Ilanin-l Boone", A'Run1ana-o is a Rae-ke-tu: "Our Town", "Tlu-nw Song for tho Marria-cl": Conn-rt: Hr. Motto C0lllIllilll'1'1 Ad Stall' li.-at-on KVM-kly: Home' Room 3119. .IULIAN L. LEVINSON "Lova." ACTIVITIES EDITOR I5oy's Jr, Chorus: Typo C1-rlifiratos: A4'4-uravy Award: Four Low Usher Committon-: Homo Room lilli. MARGUERITE JEAN . CHRISTIAN . "Marcetta" ' ANNUAL TYPIST Nr. YVviss' Seorotary: Jr. Home Evonoxnics Club: Spanisli Club: Girl Rt'St'1'Vl'SI 'Typo Uertifiratf-s: Tirkn-t Staflf "XVhnt a LifP": lin-aron An- nual: l4vu1'on Wm-kly: Home- Room 316. VIRGINIA BALDYVIN HARNSBERGER "Ginie" CO-BUSINESS MANAGER Latin Club: Sr. Literary Club: Soi'- rotary, Spa-1-vll Club: Srhool llslu-rg Mixed Chorus: Music' Concorts: Vivo- Prosidont, Jr. Home I'i00ll0Illit'S Club: Sr, Homo lit-ononiic-s Club: H, A. Club: Home Room Utiic-os: Play Staffs: Atl- vertisingt Statl' of June Annual: ll, A, Club Lette-r: Dramatir Club: Home Room 221. an--wg-v., j MARY KATHERINE INGHAM HM. K." C0-MANAGER AD STAFF Ma.u1:y High Svhool: Athletic- Let- ter: School Play: Business Staff: Latin Club:' Girl's L4-atlers Club: Home Ronin Ot'l'ic'es: Class Otliues. Newport News High S+-hool: Latin Club: Sr. Literary Vlub: C'ln-niistry t'lub2 President. Spanish Club: Four lligh Flower C0lIllIllllt'1': National Honor Sol-ioty: Home Room Otlircst Homo Room 2221. JOHN SID ROADY, III. "Rodney" AD STAFF Spanish Club: Traek 'l'l-am: Jr. Varsity Football: Home Room Ollit-es: l-Ilevtrivity Shop Oflim-s: Sr. Orclies- tra: Sr. Assembly Committee: Home Room 105. RUTH E. MILLER "Blondie" AD STAFF tt, .V Vlub: Girl Rt-se-ry:-s: Student Founm-il Rep.: Costume- Stall' ot' "XVhat a Lift-"2 Home Room Otliet-s: Ilome Room 316. HERMAN SCOTT -'nighpocketsu AD s'rArr -lr. Red Cross: Stutln-nt Vounvil Rep.: Spanish Club: Varsity Club: Football 5 .lr. Varsity liasketball: Major Letter in Basketball: l4oy's -lr. Chorus: Home Room Offices: Home Room 309. ' DORIS iffyiv if J . . .SW Q29 J. S ' If AD' F,,f I .kj GJKEIVI Gi, .X.:lf2:yQlA.itl1 ic -t : V nity' nb, .l . Red, 'ossz . :film-n ounciiy -K: lltiiyef Room ffl' ,,ll'l?y gif s: Jr. Hfilllt' Evo- ivs Fl J: Eour Low 'llc-1-oration ommitt 3 Four. Hlgrll Flower Com- mm- mam "1 ClulJ:, naar High Uyllilr: Ho o0nrQ,0jy.' G 4- ' 'I , . . F I ,,,.1 ,lf ' ff' 1' '. , if ' I r:xi:u,:n:z:c:Q:fc:f. :mmm Senigrs LLOYD R. AMORY, JR. AD STAFF Leo Jackson High School: Dra- matic Club: President, Photo Club: Spanish Club: Jr. Red Cross: Ping Pong Club: Play Staffs: "Our Town". 'tXVhat a Life", "Theme Song". "Family Failingn: Ad Staff: Home Room Oiiim-os: Home Room 221. EMILY E. VAN ARSDALE "Betty Van" AD STAFF Beacon IVQ-ekly .ld Staff: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Home Economies Club: Sei-rotary, Garden Club: Business Manager: "Seen But Not Heard", "You Can't Take lt With You". "Our 'I'own"3 Staff: Sr. Plays, Uliristinas 'l'ableaux, "YVl1at a Life": G. A. Club: Home Management Tea and Reception: FI'l'Slllllil,Il Assembly: Spring Fashion Show: Make-Up Staff: idlvllvlllt' Song", "Family Failing". Infirmary Assistant: Girl Reserves: Home Room 1411. ERNEST ROWELL "Gene" AD STAFF Spanish Clubi Type Certifivates: .lr. Red Cross: Home Room Offices: Library Assistant: Home Room 105. CHARLOTTE MORRIS ' 'Chicklet' ' AD STAFF Four Low and Four High Ring Com- mittee: Girl's Jr. Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Convert '39 and '40: Musil' Letter: Cast: "Daniel Boone": Type Certificates: G. A. Club: National' The-spians: Play Staffs: "Charm Sl'll00l,', MSPPII But Not Heard". "Teapot on the Rot-ks", "Billy Goes Havwirew, "Sweet Sixteen", "The Shrinking: 0wl": Head of Prop StatT: "You Can't Take It l.Vith You". "Daniel Boone". "Florist Shop". "Romance is a Ravket": Home Room 13115. JOHN POINDEXTER "Junky" AD STAFF Latin Club: Pres. and Vive-lres.. Spanish Club: Jr. and Sr. Literary Vlubsg .lr. Varsity Basketball: Travk: -lr. Varsity Football: Varsity Foot- ball: Four High Ring Committee: -lr.' Red Cross: National Honor Society: Home Room Otlives: Home Room 221. 15 ' A.. -. , 44.431, ...W L.: . .Q an. " . aaa. x -.4 1,Z,,,.,,,,,..,5?,,,VH,,,.,.,,,,-w, :7-,-ygu-,- W X 7- ,w 'T .Y .. W ,, .rhfwgfly ew mp-1--V V f-fwfr Seniors' :GRACE THELMA SPIVEY "Ann How" AD STAFF Girl l s Athletic Club: Home Room 309. fl , 1 ir' X t E a f ,C , fl I fb' fr' ' USSELL JOHNSO ' 'Gra.ndpa" ' AD STAFF Thespians: Archery Club: Student Council: Beacon VVeekly Ad Staff: Home Room Offices: Shop Offices: Drama Letter: Model Club: Photo Club: Stage Crew: Play Casts: t'See11 But Not Heard", t'You Cz1n't Take It With You", "Our Townms Home Room 316. 1 . r , I A v 1 ,f ' - W lk , . DOROTHPY 'ina Puma' . f fl "Dot'f 'I " 9 ry' f' ' AD ,STAFF I , G. AQ' C 1,16. A. Board: .1-sity Clu : Cost, e Staff: "'XVl1at ifew: 3 Gir '5 Jr.-111013145 G. .X..Letter: Type . , .ificatesy onie Room Offices: ,. .f'Home Room 101. ..f. V , 1 x f A If f' i' ' ff 1 :. i MARGARET IRENE ALLEN N "Renie" Beacon XV:-ic-kly A d Stuff: G. A. Club: Make-Up Stuff: "Daniel Boone i ', A 'Our Town ' ', ' 'Thenne Song", "Family Failing", "You Can't, Take It VVith You'!: Sr. Home Economics Club: Home Room 309. WALTER BARNARD "James River" Home Room Olhccs: Home Room 105. 16- -vw-qu ERNEST BUCK AD STAFF Chorus: Concert '38: "Daniel l5oonc": Cast: "Our Town": "What a Life": Concert '40: Home Room 221. A .. f If J X Lux' V ' fa ELLA LMILNE 'SMI'ITH ' ff AD STAFF I, V Latin ggjiuh: Beacon '3Neekly'VNews- parrevyr "Staff, Reporter:. Societg, Editor: Quill - and Scrolblf' Mixe Cliofrus: Ccg1,aor!'ffj'40: State Music Festivalf Richmond, '40:. Girl's Jr. Chorus: G. A.,Coun-ei1g.G. A. A.: Girl Reserves' School Usrlier: Senior Home iiconomifs Club: studen . council Rep.: Jr. Red Cross: Vice- reg. ,Photo Club: Garden Club: Home Room Of- fices: Home Room 101. - CLAUDINE VIRGINIA MARSHALL AD STAFF Victoria High School: Home Room Ohices: Glee Club. Newport News High School: Jr. Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: Usher: Make-Up Stafs for "The Screech- ing OWl": Assistant Director for 'tRomance is a Racket": Ticket Staff for "Charm School" and 'tYou Can't Take It VVith You": Head Ticket Staff for "Our Townug Quartet for Concert: Girl Reserves: Triangle Leader: Home Room 101. BOBBY APPLEWHITE ..App1e., Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: French Club: Jr. Red Cross: President, Nat- ional '1'll9S'DI?lllSQ Mixed Chorus 3 Speech Club: Play Casts: "Berkeley Square". "The Goose Hangs High", "Seen But Not Heard", and "You Can't Take It VVith You": Home Room 309. MILDRED LEE BARNEY "Mime" AD STAFF Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Jr. Red Cross: French Club: Student Council: Drainatic Club: G. A. Club: Play Staffs: "Charm School", "Seen But Not Heard", "You Can't Take It With You": Four High Pennant Com- mittee: Sr. Music Committee: Home Room Offices: Home Room 309. .:', . 'x , .1- .NZ - A 1 i 1... ...L ' Q., f ,df 41.7. , , A . ,.i-i.1s,., . ..i,.2.. .. 1. , A .. . ,. '-- ' ., .mu -'rw' , ,.,, .nn . Senigrs JAMES EDWARD BARTLES "Jimmy" .lr. Varsity Football Captain: Var- sity Football Letter: Mgr. Baskotball: Varsity Track Lottcr: Track Rcrords: Ottirc Boy: Boy's Jr. Chorus: -Tr. Var- sity Basketball: Jr. Red Cross: Ath- letic Council: Varsity Club: Sr. Dance Committee: Activities Lvttcr: Home Room Olliccs: Home Room 316. THOMAS OGDEN BIGGER 4 coggievu Jr. Red Cross: Assistant Sports Editor, Beacon Newspaper: Quill and Scroll: Play Cast, "YVhat a Lifc"Z Play Staff, "Charm Scho0l": 1VIOdel Airplane Club: Jr, Varsity Football Toanig, Varsity Football Team: Track Team: Photo Club: Spanish Club: Boys' Jr. Chorus: Spf-r-ch Club: Chair- man Sr. Dance Connnittec: Jr. and Sr. Literary Club: Four Low Usher Committee: Oliico Assistant: Drauialic Club: Home Room Offices: Homo Room 101. MARVIN BRAY "Popeye" Junior Chorus: llc-in-1'zll Shop Ol'- tices: Home Room Oliices: Home Room 101. MAGGIE WVOOD BRETT "Woody" HONOR STUDENT Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Latin Club: French Clubt ti. A. Club: Girls' .lr. Chorus: Sol-rn-tary. Art Club: Speech Club: National Honor Society: Student Council Roll.: Pianist for Girls' Chorus: Cast: L'Our Town" : Staff: "Family Failingu, "YVhat a llifc' 'I Girl Reserves: Jr. and Sr. Dramatic Clubs: Sr. A ssombly Com- mittee: Home Room Otlices: Ilomc Room 22 1. FRANCES C. BURKE tl, IX. Club: Jr. and Sr. llonif' Ero- nomics Clubs: Girl R4-scrvcs: Pholo Club: -lr. Business Assoviation: 1iOlllU Room Offices: Homo Room 221. in fu..- ft. -4 ,-., yo HELEN BARWINSKI HONOR STUDENT Now Kent High School, New Kent County, Va.: Secretary of the Fresh- man Class: Home Room Ol'Flt'eS. John Marshall High School, Richmond, Va.: Etiquette Club: Reporter on "Mon- oclcf' Newport News High School: Typo Certificates: Home Room 105. W7 Z MARION LUCIL Z BOUSMAN "Ce1e" Home Room Ottir-cs. Home Room 101. BOB BREON Stamp and Coin Club: Photo Club: Stage Crew: "Our Town". "Family l"ailin,L:". "Theme Song", "YVl1at a Lift-"I Home Room 309. AMORY BROVVN "Blondie" .lr. Red Cross: Secretary. Radio Club: Home Room Oltices: Elf'l'lT'll'lfy Shop Oftires: Play Staff: Ping: Pong: Club: Home Room 105. FRANK CARDER "Daniel Boone" Jr. Red Cross: General Shop Of- lii-os: Home Room Offices: Home Room 316. ng- 1.4 . x au - 5 7-fr ' wvrvwv "'-:Q -11 ay ' I , P , Seniors NORMAN FREDERICK CARROLL "Doc" Crcuvrail Shop Oilioosg Home Room 105. I FRANCIS COINER "Snake" Quill and Svroll Sovim-ty: livavon AYeekly2 Art l'lub: Staffs of "What a Life". "Our 'l'own": Sr. Plays: Propeller I'lub Essay Contest 191591 U. D. C, l'Issav Fonts-st 19159: Sr. Rin: Coinmittev: Sr, Amt-inbly COIIIIIIIIIPUQ Sr. Invitation 1'mnmittve: Home Room 5 Offices: Homo Room 103. r l x r l. F , SAM COLLINS Photo Club: l'rc-s, Stmup and l'oin Club: Jr. Rt-il t'rosS: -Ir. Varsity Football Squad: Home Room 309, V l. JOHN THOMAS COX "Oh Johnny" Drum Major of Baud: Capt. lianili Co-Editor ot' lic-avon AVC-vklyi Sports X Editor of Bi-a4-on: Rvportorial Stall' ' ofvlioavon AY:-4-kly: Quill and Srroll: - A Assistant Swirls Editor of lit-:wol1: E' Bc-'aconlitv liditor: Avtivitios L1-ttn-1': f'llairm'ln Sr, hlusiviau I'0mlnitt1-1-Z Four High Color t'ommitte-v: Alusiv Departim-'nt Com-1-rt 'IL-K, '39, Vtog Announvvr for 'All Conv:-rt: -lr. Var- sitv Basin-t'vall2 Silllililli Counvili Sivanisb Club: S. l. l'. A. Convc-ntion: -lr. Red Cross: M4-nibvr -lr. Busim-sk Association: S4-bool Spirit and ln-ails-in ship Lf-ttf-'ri llomc .Room Otlivvs: l Home Room IH3. l t l F A KENNETH RICHARD CRUM ig "A1igator" 1 Printing: Stall. livacon Nvwa1mpvr': Photo Club: Ping: Pony: Club: .l1'. Rs-cl Cross Ren.: Iiiolouy Assistant: Homo Room Oiiitw-S: Ilomv Rocni 101. L r r 18 L-. . in ---an-. -- H ANSFORD SH ELTON CARTER Homo Room Oflivesi VVork in Lib- rary: Otlicc: Play Staff: Home Room 316. MILDRED LEE COLEMAN G. A. Club: FI'9Il'.'l1 Club: Latin Club: Girl lit-as-l've-s: Gardvn Club: Jr. Rx-tl Cross: Play Staffs: "'l'l10n10 Sonu"'. "Family Failing". "AVhat. a Lifo"1 Home Room 221. DOROTHY MAE COX ..C0x,, bm-4-iw-tai'y, Home Room: ll. A. Club: tlirlm' Jr. Chorus: Home Room 107. CHRIS C. CRITZOS Pros. Spa-4-vli Club: Spanish Clubi Fronvh Club: -lr. Iilli-'!'fi1'At l'lub: Cast. 'tBirrl's t'hristnias Carolu: Jr, anil Sr. llramativ Club: Class Room Of- ficosq Home Room 309. MARGIE LEE CULLEY "Cu11ey" I-:rl Ri-svrvc-si G, A, Club: Latin Club? Spanish Club: Photo Club: Lit- Orary Club: Garden Club: l'lay StatTs: "Tlnuno Song", 'tFamily Failing", "What a Lifo"g Home Room 221. , . B... -spxnw-f,-fav -I -pf . 4, H+. 4. I , 'N f ..--urwirfggh - -- -g.g..g-g-1- -1, -y-i-g- ..g-g..1- -g-g-1- -Q-- -1- .g---- .., .-- ., , Y . V117 ' ' g , A. D. CURRIE l , Covliditor B4-iaxvon Weekly: Cirrula- jl C, of tion Mgr. Hoaxvon NYM-kly: Refportoriail Stull' Rvavon KVA-Pkly: l'ubli1'ity Of' 1 tim-r Sr. Ititelrury Club: ExAOffir'io vw Ms-nibor of ltlxt-wiitivv Roaird of Stu- tlt-nt Council: Stutlvntt Counvil Rgp.: June' '38 Home Room Iiuslwtlmll, lit-lt-goto to S. I. l'. A. Convention Capt.: -lun. '40 Biwkethfill lllsrlxz flth- 'ziog Sr. ,lsseinbly Committee: Quill letu' Counrill Home Room tbttlcewl :mtl Sa-roll: Avtivitin-s he-ttvr: Chair- Home- Room 318. main Constitution Committee: Dole- slzitt- to Ya. State Sllltlvllf Government Convention '-10: Naitionul Honor S0- 1-ivty: Home Room tbtiit-1-sg Home Ronin 103. ZELLA RAE CURTIS "Rebel" Studi-nt Counoil: I"ron4'h Club: Sliunisli Club: Home Room 0fl'il'e'SI Home Room 309. JOHN REID DAVIS HJ. RR, Ruud: Hampton Cours-rt: Ruud Convert '37, '38. '39, '-itlg Jr. und Sr, Lite-rary Clubs: Stump :intl Coin Club. Cliarter lilomber :incl l'rvr.id0nt: Spanish Club: Speevli Club: Sr. llunve Committev: Ilome Room Utiim-si Home Room 105, SARA FRANCES DAVIS Pike- County High Svhool, .llzibamnz Glov Club: Newport Nt-ws High Svhool: G. A. Club: Studi-nt Coun- vil Re-p.: Type Cc-t'tifi4-alto: Gurdon Club: Home Room 105. JAMES U. DICKINSON "Jimmie" Thospians: Printing Staff: Assis- tant Stage Manager: "You Cnn't Take It With You", "Our Town", t'XYhat zz Lifv, Musival Concerts, "Soon But Not Henrd"g Sr. Plays: "'l'vnpot On tlw Rocks' ', iiR0llllll1t'O is :1 Rm-koi' ', "Florist Shop". "'I'lis-nw Song". "Family Failing' ': Iivnkc-l Ri-vital. "El 'l'ravntore"g Homo Room Uffiffesq Home Room 105. VIRGINIA CUTCHINS 'tJinny" .lr. Ilomc-1 Ei-onomivs Clubi Girl R0- st-rvvs: G. A. Club: Home Room Of- Iivvs 1 Home Room 101. EVERETT OTEY DAVIS, JR. UE. O. The Lion" Spanish Club: l.:itin Club: Photo tluh: .lrrliory Club: Vivo-l'reS. Gar- 1li'nClub: Plzix' HtntT: "Winn ai Life"Z 1 1 lloni 1- Room LL1. LAIVRENCE DIAMOND Latin Club: Stutlt-nt COIIIICII Rep.: ling: Pong Club: -lr. Rc-cl Cross Rep.: l':urlialiiufiitawiain ot' tht- llardvn Clubl Roys' Jr. Chorus: Four Low Deco- rution Il0!lllllillt'i'I Homo Room 221. ,. BOB DOREY Ilopowell High Sf-hool: Iloino Room Ollie-vs: Studont Counvil: Photo Club: 'SVT Minstrel. Nvwport Nvws High Svhool: Clwmistry Club: Ping Pong Club lh t fl l Of 2 l 0 0 'nip llnmv Room - tu-tm: Studi-'nt Counvil: Boys' .lr. 1 t horns: Dratnzitin' Club: 'Younis Tvzun: lloma- Room 1tll. A- G' .L R S if Y' Y YVYYHH V Senigrs , DORIS DORNER HONOR STUDENT G. A. Club, Girl Reserves, Sr. Home Economics Club, Type Certi- ficates, Garden Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Home Room Offices , Photo Club, Student Council Rep., Home Room 105. THOMAS EUBANK "Tommy" Band, Orchestra, Jr. Red Cross, Beacon YVeekly, Concerts '38, '39, '40, Hampton Concert, Sr. Dance Or- chestra, Home Room Offices, Home Room 105, MARY FLOWERS ' 'Susie' ' Jr. and Sr. Home Economic Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Business Associa- tion, G. A. Club, Play Staffs: "Charm School", "Riding Down the Sky", Dramatic Club, Home Room Offices, Home Room 105. MARIE FOX Mixed Chorus, Jr. Chorus, Ad Staff: "Our Town", 'WVhat a Life", -Ir, and Sr. Home Economic Club, G. A. Club, Richmond Music Festival, Concert 1940, Jr. Red Cross, Home Room 101. CHARLES FRANCIS GARDNER ' 'Frankie' ' Radio Club, Ping Pong Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Offices in Electrical Shop, Home Room 221. KERMIT EDWARDS Band, Band Concerts '38, '39, '40, Spanish Club, Student Council, Elec- tricity Club, Electrician, Stage Crew, Home Room Oiiices, Home Room 101. ALICE ELIZABETH FARINHOLT ' Tarenheit' ' Jr. and Sr. Home Economic Clubs, Jr. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Usher Stalif, Concert '40, G. A. Club, Rich- mond Music Festival '40, Type Cer- tifimtes: Home Room llflices, Home Room 309. NORMA EDWARD FORREST iipegn Girl Reserves, Sr. Home Economic Club, G. A. Club, .lr. Red Cross Rcp., Home Room Otiices, Home Room 105. KW' - MABEL JJ RASER 1 l in, , Senior inc-'ll' nomic Club, Fre h Club, Ho . m 1 102. Z ' HELEN GARDNER Jr. and Sr. Home Economic Clubs, Speech Club, Student Council Rep., Pnrliamentarian, Garden Club, G. A. Club, Type Certificates, Girl Re- serves, Beacon Reporter, Home Room Offices-, Home Room 105. Q w- me ..... -L , ...nm ' if ,gc Lr- WU f 1--4 -- --, ----gy 1 N Y.--if Y .,.., Senigrs HARRY GINDHART c aGinnys 1 Staff: "You Can't Take Tt VVitli You' ', ' 'Daniel Boone' ', Con cert, "Romanc'e is a Racket", "Florist Shop", "Our Towu"', "What a l.ife": Stage Crew: Der-orating Com- mittee: N'l'lli'lll1' Song", "l":nmily . Fuilingu: Home Room ZL1. HARRIET RITA GOLDSTEIN "Gypsies" Spanish Club: Garden Club: Home Room Offices: Jr. Red Cross: Photo Club: G. A. Club: Prop StatT: "What si llifo": Sr. Plays: "Family Fail- ing", "'l'liemo Songw, "For the Mar- riedn: Girl Reserves: Home Room 221. CHARLES G. HAAS, JR. SALUTATORIAN National Honor Society: Band: Or- chestra: Orchestra, "Daniel Roone": Converts, '37, '40: State Music Festi- val: Artivitin-s Letter. Music: Sr. Lit- erary Club: Spanish Club! Chemistry Club: Chairman Four High Motto Committee: Sr. Orrhestra: Bausch and Lomb Award: Home Room 221. CARSON HARRIS Home Room 309. ' DOROTHY HEBBLE MDW, AD STAFF Varsity Club: G. A. Board: G. A. Club: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: National Honor Society: Jr. Red Cross: Latin Club: Usher: Chemis- try Club: Four Low Dec-oration Com- mittee: Four Low Ring: Committee: Athletic Letter: Home Room Offices: Home Room 221. af . .., Q..-. z.. J., . 0 a -,4Bz.nn... f:lhLQm: "Gen Ili ' EDYTHE GOLDBERG f 4EggS1 1 Latin Club: Art Club: G. A, A.: Gir1's Jr. Chorus: lioy's Jr. Chorus: Accompanist: Mixed Chorus: Accom- panist: Orvhestra: Chorus Letter: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Type Certi- tivates: Staffs: "Our Town", "Fam- ily l"ailin,Lr", "Theme Song", "NVh:at a Lil'e": Convert 1940: State Music Festival, 1940: Home Room 221. J' dev! WILLIS CSOODWIN CE-V47 licurlyu Supt. General Shop: Supt. Eleetrlc' Shop: l,ll2llllt1"l12l!1l'l-' l4'orc-man General Shop: Jr. Varsity Football '36: Var- sity Football '37, TEH: 'l'ra1'k '36, '137. '38, '39, HUD: Secretary Two Low Class: Home lflvonomic-s Club: Usher Conmiittve: Door Staff: Varsity Club: Home Room Offiees: Home Room 221. 'I NELL HALL ' 'Nellie' ' Matthew Xvlltllfj' High School. XVil- liamsburg: '.Ir. Chorus: Jr. Choir. Newport News High Srhool: Jr. and Sr. Home Eeonomivs Club: Girl Re- serves: Jr. Business Association: Home Room 221. IRENE HAWKINS- "Hawkeye" Latin Club: French Club: G. A. Club: Photo Club: Garden Club: Girl Reserves: Girls' Jr. Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Concert 'Mug Class Oiiivos: Home Room 0H'ic'es: Home Room 221. MARY SYLVIA HERBST National Thespians: National Honor Society: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Spanish Club: French Club: Gr. A, A.: G. R.: Jr. and Sr. Dramatic Clubs: Drama Letter: Library Letter: Bea- Con NYM-lily, Ad Staff: Head Assistant Director, "You Can't Take It YVith You", "Romance is :L Racket", "Our ToWn": Play Cast: "NVhat a Life": Play Staff: "Seen liut Not Heard", "Billy Goes Haywirv": Four Low Deeorating Committee: Home Room 309. -6 .a--..- 21 Seniors ELLA MARIE HILL AlEmmaYl HONOR STUDENT G. A, A.: Girl Reserves: Latin Club: Trensurer, Latin Club: Stulif: "Our Town", "What a Life-"2 Sr. Play Staffs: Home Room Ottives: Latin Tournament: National Honor Soeiety: Home Room 221. I. BROOKS HOLLOMON Boy's .lr. Chorus: Hleetricity Shop Supt.: Photo Club: l-'our High Ring: Committee: Home Room Oliiees: Rudio Club: Office Assiatuut: Jr. ViEI'Slll' Basketball: Home Room 105. EARL H UNDLEY Varsity Football: 'lr' Varsllb' Basketball: Shop Ottiees: Home Room Offices: Home Room ZIIS. RITA M. JASKI ' 'Laughteru HONOR STUDENT Latin Club: Girl's .lr. Chorus. See- retary: Mixed Chorus: Dramatic Club: National The-spians: Home Room Ot'- fic-es: .lr. und Sr. Literary Clubs: Chemistry Club, Seeretary: Sr. As- sembly Committee: Play Casts: "Charm School", "Seen But Not Heard', "You Cun't Take It XVith You", "IVhat a Life": Play Stalifs, "Our Town", "Daniel Booman: Sr. Plays: National Honor Sm-iety: Home Room 221. BILLY JONES Roy's -lr. Chorus: -Tr. Red Cross: Door Staff: Home Room 101. 22 .1 f my f '1u-1-mf 1. -...-,-wa?" JAMES HOLLAND "Jimmy" lioy's Junior Chorus: Door StufT': Trai-ki Home Room 105. CHARLES S. HOSTER .lr. Red Cross: Student Count-il Rep.: Slllllllhll Club: French Club: Lntin Club: .treluery Club: Stainp untl Coin Club: .lr. Varsity Footlmll Squad: Art Club: Home Room Oliives: Home Room 309. JULIAN R. IRVIN ' N ..RedsH HONOR STUDENT Nelm's Ilonor Seroll: .lr. and Sr. Liteiwiry Clubs: Latin Club: FI'f'lll'll Club: Cln-mistry Club: Ping: Pong: Club: Student Counril: National Honor Soni:-ty: llome Room 2121, BEULAH JONES "J0nesy" ll. .L Club: Play ,Statler Musirul Comedy. "Riding: Down the Sky": Gills Reserves: Photo Club: .lr. and Sr. Holm- hleonoinies Clubs: Uurllei Club: Home Room 309. J 0. : D 'LI ON . ' '. oi C00 lies ubs: s 'vm-S1 . A . Club' Play Stull' 2 ' :nv .0 I0 1 , U' n But fo, 1' ', llf lsiea ,om "llam- ' Nlllvy Z A ss' an rarian: :nf ' ,' 2 ' Rm- 1 r: Hoi Room H5 f l 1 -vp --N ,N MILDRED JONES "Millie" Usher: Jr. and Sr. Hllllll' hlconoinics I'lub: Typo Ctrrtaficatos: tl, A. Club: Rod Cross Rep.: Play Staffs: Home Room Offices: Home Room 101. MARGARET LEE KISER "Kiser Lee" Usher Head: Jr, and Sr. Home Eco- nomics Clubs: G. A. Club: Home Room Oflicos: Pianist for Sr. Homo Economics Club: Sr. Ilancu Commit- tee-: Home Room 105. EUGENE LANGLEY "Gene" Stage' Crow: Elcctrician: lloim- Rooin Otliccr: Static Vrcw: "You l'an't Takc lt XVith You' ', "Our Town". Uxlvllili a Lift-", "Musical Concerts". "St-cn But Not llcard"2 Sr. Plays: ' 'Tcapot on thc Rocks' ', "Romani-c is a Rack:-t", "Florist Shopm. "'l'hcmc Sona". "Family l"ailing": Printing Statl': Home Room 105. LENVVOOD LAYVRENCE Radio Vinh: ii,t'llF'l'2ll Shop Otliccr: lilcctricity Shop Otliccs: lloinc Room ltll. EMMETT VVILL M ORE LAVVSON Room Otliccs: Home Room 2518. llatin Clnbt Spanish l'lulm: Jr. R4-fl 'rossg -lr. Varsity Footllall: Illllllt' mms. - - Seniors MARY KILPATRICK Sr, Home- Economics Club? G, A. Club: Fashion Show: Photo Club: Gardcn Ulub: Beacon NYM-kly Typist: Type Ccrtilicatt-s: Home Room Of- fices: Home Room 105. ROBERT L. LANAHAN, JR. "Bobby" CLASS SPEAKER Morrison High School: Vicc-Prcsi- dent, Latin Club. Newport News High School: ltatin Club: Sr. Literary Club: National Honor Socicty: Chemistry Club: Ne-lm's Honor Scroll: Sr. In- vitation Committec: Home Room Of- tices: llramatics Club: Casts: "Our Town", "XVhat a Lift-": Highest Scholastic Average: Home Room 105. CARL E. LARSEN liaml: Orchestra: lioy's Jr. Chorus. Jr. Rod Cross: Mods-l Airplanc Club: Dramatic Club: National Thcspians: Conccrts, '37, '3-N. '39, '40Z Orchcs- tra for Musical COlllk'flll-'SI "Riding Down thc Sky' '. ' 'Daniel Boom" ': Fall Music Festival in Richmond '3fi: Spring' State Music Fcstival in Rich- monll 139: Play Casts: "You Can't Take lt Xl'ith You", t'Our Town", 'tWhat a Life!! Play Statfs: "Our T0wn": Two Music Seryicc Lcttcrs: Activitics Lcttcr: Home Room Of- fices: Home Room 105. VVILLIAM E. LAVVSON, JR. "Bill" HONOR STUDENT National Honor Society: Spanish Club: Hand: Orcln-slra: Hampton Con- cert: Statc Music Fvstivall Concerts '37, '38, '39, '-10: Orchestra, "Fly- ing: Down the Sky' ' and "Daniel lioonc' ': Jr. anll Sr. Literary Clubs: Sophomore Class Prvsidi-int: lllllllt-' ROQJIII Otliccsi Art Club: Chl-mistry Club: Four Low Ring: Committee: Chairman Four High Ring Committec: Tcnnis T4-am: Statc liand: Activities Lcttcr: Home Room 105. JULIUS KURZER ' 'Achem' ' iithlctic Council: National Thes- pians: Sr. Track lilg'r.Z Track Activi- ties Lcttcr: Stat? of Plays: "Charm School' ', "Riding: Down thc Sky' ', "Set-n But Not H:-ard' iz Hvad of Statfz ' 'You Can't Take It NVith You". "Daniel Boone". "Our Town": Sr. Play Staffs: Four Low Dot-oratin,L: Committee: Four Low Usher Conimittco: Four High Dance Connnittce: Home Room Offices: Home Room 316. 23 A A . ...A 1 u.. .lc .A Www' t ,"'-'rr-51 farm w, gytg- - -w X ., .- 1'-gl l fu-, - - 'v-,v':".1'- rqfvj' :wg wx wg Seniors FRANCES EITGENIA LEIGH ' 'Grandma' ' AD STAFF lieaeon All Statf: Head l'liee1'lt-:ulel': Assistant News Etlitor of Benvon NVeekly: lyftillltllll' Club: Pres.: Photo Club: Vice-Prt-s,. Garden Club: G. A. A. Board: Varsity Club: Asst. Direc- tor: "Our Townw: Vive-Pres., Girl Reserves: Cast for "What at Lit'e": Quill and Scroll: Athletic Letter: Four Low Decorating Committee: Four High Pennant Committee: Home Room Offices: Home lllanagenient Tea and Reception: Typo Certificates: Asst. Direftor Christnms Plays: Renton XVoekly Typist: Home Room 103. REUBEN D. LEVY ttRudy,, Mixed Chorus: Spanish Club: Roy's .lr. Chorus: "You Can't Take lt XVith You", "Daniel Boonew: Home Room 101. :XMLJ at - 'ti : "Our Tow ': Home Roo Offices: Home Roo 101. SAM MACINTIRE "Sammy" Captain of 'l'rzu'k Teanli Vive-l'rn-s. Varsity Club: Atliletit- Council: Var- sity Football: Major Letter in Foot- ball and '1'l'ilfkQ Pennant Committee: Home Room Otiict-sg Jr. Varsity Foot- ball: Printing Staff: Home Room 316. JAMES GARLAND MASSIE Football: B2lSlil'ltiHtllI Track: Val'- sity Club: Home Room 316. SHIRLEY LENZ .lr. Home l'l4'on0mi0s Club: Lat-in Club: G. .L Club: Home Room Ullirt-i': Play St:ut'l': "St-on But Not Ht-:urml": Home lllilllillljvllltfllt Tea and Ruvep- tion: Home Room 309. ' :'i5 A ' ,J ,WW ' FLEDA LIPFORD ' 'Fleecy' ' Homo Room Offices: Mixed t'horus: Musical Conn-fly: "Daniel ISOUIIPNQ Girl Reserves: Play Staff: "Seen liut Not Hc-:rrd": -lr. Red Cross Rep.: Home Room 101. JACK MABRY ' 'Beeftrust' ' l4'ootbaIl: Track: Varsity Club: Sr. and -Ir. Literary Clubs: Spanish lllub: Boy's Jr. Chorus: -lr. Red Cross Rep.: Band: Home Room 316. CHARLES MASSEY VALEDICTORIAN Latin Club: l"l'l-'ll1'll Club: National Honor Soi-iotyl Sr. Literary Club: Chemistry Club: Student t'oun4'il: Nelm's Honor S4-roll: Home Room Uf- tivcs: Homo Room 221. ALVIN MCBRIDE r i,ll't'llt'Sll'illI Sr. Chorus: liantl: Jr. Uhorus: Musivnl Festivals '39, '4lI: Concerts 'SNL '40: lllusivul Connolly, "Daniel liooni-": Engineers Ulub: Music Letter and Activities Letter: Home Room 221. .p.f.. .ALM .Ju Q4 . LBA? .. no , L . - . fn .... -fp . , A PQ? 1.-gif" " 15 ' 1 .f"" ' ETHEL ADELE MCCANN iiEppie,, National 'l'ht-spians: Spanish Club: tl. A. Club: Latin Club: lli1'l's Chorus: Girl Rn-st-rvt-s: .lr. 2llIKi'S1'. 'ri llramatit' Clubs: Play Staffs: "Ro- IIHIIICQ' is it Rat'kt't ' '. U31-on Hut Not lla-ard' '. k'You Can't 'l'akt- lt XYith You". "Ti-apot on tht- Rot-ks". "'l'lu-nio Song", "Hur 'l'own"g Cast: "Our Town' ', "What a Lift-' 'g Home Room 221. ARCHIE McWILLIA MS ' I iMac! 7 Ilramatit' Club: Jr. Ri-fl Cross: llomt- Room Ullii-1-st Cast: "You Can't 'l'akv It With You", "Daniel lioont-". "Our Town", Hhvililt a'0": Court-rt '2l9: Homo Room 318. VIRGINIA MESSICK :'Ginna." lilair .lr. High Srhool. Norfolk. Va.: tilt-v Club. Nt-wport Ni-ws High Svhool: Latin Club: Play Stalls: "Ro- inanvt' is a Ravlin-t". "'I'hv Florist Sliup", "Dania-l lioonv": tlirl R0- st-rvus: 'l'y110 Ci-rtil'i4'ates: Homo Room ltil. LAURABELLE MILLS Girl Rf's+'l'x'm-s: Hr, Home- Plvonmnivs Club: tiartlvn Club: llramativ Club: lntirniary Assistant: Home Room 309. DORUTII Y MITCH ELL HDOV, .,. , :, K Jr. Chorus: Mixt-tl Chorus: l'slu-r: f X . tl. A. A. Club: Al't Club: Statl' of . r Play: Conrvrt '-UI: Sr. Asst-mbly ', 71' Q Committee: Typo C4-i'ti6t'att's: Sucre- I , tarv of the Rand and Orchestra: Rich- if" j nioiid, '40g Home Room 316. L' t l o rv-'fir "- " :QSeniors JOHN MARSHALL McMURRAN :iMacvr Fl't'llt'll Club: Latin Club: Boys' Jr. Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Jr. and Sr. Literary Clubs: Dramativ Club: Play Cast. "You Can't Take- lt With You": Beavon Reporter: Home Room 221. MARY MESIC Spanish Club: Girl Rr-sf-rves: G. A. Club: Sr. and Jr. iI0lllt" Et'onoini4's Clubs: Assistant D,ir+-rtor: "XVhat a Life", UFHIIIIIA' l"ailing:", "Our Town". "Romant'v is a Racket": Play Staffs: "Daniel lioono", "You Cai1't Take- It XVith You": Dante Committvo: Jr. Dramatic Club: Home Room 309. DOROTHY MICHIE ' 'Mickey' ' HONOR STUDENT Morrison High Svhool: Give Club: Newport Nbxvs' High School: Typo Certificatvs: Home Rooin Offices: Vim-- lfres. and Pros. Jr. anll Sr. Homo Ern- nomit-s Clubs: G. A. Club: Hearon Annual Ad Staff: Fashion Show: Cast of "Our 'l'own": National Honor So- vietyi Home Eronoinivs Monograin: Dramatit' Club: Homo Room 101. ALVIN B. H. MIRMELSTEIN ' 'Mirmy' ' National Honor Sot-it-ty: Quill and Scroll: National The-spians: Band: Orclmstra: Chorus: Boy's Jr. Chorus: Activities Letter, Musiv: Musit' Festi- val: Converts, '87, '38, '39, '40: Lit- erary Club: Spf-'4-'vii Club: Dramatit' Club: Feature Editor Bt-:muon NVevkly: Sr. Invitation and Rini: Committees: Home Room Offices: Spanish Club: Jr. Varsity Basketball: Tram-k: Music Lot- ters: Bowling: LG-ag'110: Cast: "Berko- ley Squaruu, "Timo Bishop Misbv- haves' '. "Charm Srhool ' ', ' 'Tho Goose Hang-s High". "Blue Danube". "St-1-'n But Not Ht-ard' 'C Sr. Dance Orchestra: Home Room 101. M URIEL CAROLINE MOORHEAD "Yankee" Our Lady of XYisrlom At-atlviny: French Club: Sowing Club: Flowvr Club: Homo Room Ottirvs. Newport News High Svhoolz Latin Club: French Club: Garden Club: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Ring' Committee: Sr. Home l'l4-onoinirs Club: Home Room Oflivesg Home Room 309. 'Ln 4.14, as gh-4-4 f -n..L..3A...l.., .f1an..l4..-uv--A , ' 4.4401 ' -1 -1' ' En! 1 I 4 J l . A W 'ww Y' ' ' If-"Q ,W 'Q R ' ' mrs:"'w.-:- - v- -L --3 -w- Seniors - RIMAN E. MUTH Mixed Chorus: State Music Festi- val, '40: Cast: "Daniel Boom-:": Second Year Chorus, Letter: lioyka Jr. Chorus: Concert, '40: Home Room Offices: Home Room 105. JAMES ALFRED NEWTON "Newtt" Superintendent l'Ilec'trit-ity Shop: .lr. Red Cross: Photo Club: Play Staffs: "Our Town", "Theme Song", "Family Failing", "XVhat a Life": Concert: Sr. Plays: Stage Crew: Home Room 221. J ELLIS O'BEIRNE "01ebeane' ' Jr. Red Cross: Boy's Jr. Chorus: Cast: "Daniel Boono": Home Room 316. fy-Y' Me' fW3QJRA5,d1i I7 ff' R '4 v tl l! 'J i '. J Fl 2 C' . . Club! Sr. H . 't mirs 'lub IITHlllllRl' I i: ta ', ixed Con- 'erts a 403 L' I B 1 ': ake-Up f Wil" ' Vlmt n ' gem . ai 0 309. ' 26 ARLINE PATRICIA RICHMAN Photo Club: Usher: ,Ir. and Sr. Home l'l1-ononiies Club: LllJl'ill"lilll .ls- sistant: Parliaim-ntarian, Sr. Ilunne Economies Club: Home luiLll2ligPlllk'llt Reception: Home ltleonomies Assent- bly: Head of Mako-Up Staff: Hllnn- iel Boom-U, "You Can't Take It Nl'ith You", "Seen But Not Heard", "Ro- mance is a Racket", "Florist Shop", "Family Failing", "Theme Song", "Our Town", "YVhat a Life": Sr. Dance Committee: Home Room 221. fn- is BETTY NEWBILL "Gunm0l1" Photo Club: Jr. and Sr. Home Evo- nomics Clubs: Jr. Chorus: Ilead Usher: Sevretary Class Three High: Home Room Otiices: Garden Club: Girl Reserves: Spring Play Cast: "XVhat :1 Lift-"2 Staff: "Our Town": G. A. Club: Jr. Red Cross Rep.: Home Room 101. HARRIET NUNN f-Polly" Iwi- Jr. lligb Sm-bool. Roanoke. Va.: Jr. Rod Cross: G. A, C.: Girl Re- serves. Newport News High Svhool: Home Manugenient Tea and Recep- tion: .id Staf of "Our Town", "What a Lift-": Furniture Staff for t'Themo Songw: Home Room 101. WILLIAM FRANKLIN PATRICK Home Room Oflices: Sr. Usln-rg l5oy's Chorus: Red Cross Rep.: En- gineers: Model Club: Play Staff: Home Room 2251. THOMPSON S. PHILLIPS Fl'l'Nllllliill President: Jr, President: Sturlent l'ounm'il: Fl'9hlllIl2lll Travk Mfr.: Pairlinnientzirian, Speer-b Vlub: l4oy's Jr, Chorus: Pennant Commit- tee: Ilomo Room 101. MARY JANE RINKER ' 'Fats' ' HONOR STUDENT National Honor Society: Quill and Svroll: Sr. Literary Club: News ltldi- tor. lleavon NVeekly: Girl Reserves: Si-bool Ilsher: Typist. Literary Club: Band: Orr-liestra: Girlls Jr. Chorus: Four Low llvvoration Committee: Four High Music' Committee: Home Room Offices: Band Otlicer: G. A. Club: Concerts '37, '38, '39, '40: State Music Festival 339: Beacon XVeekly Typist: Music Letter: Student Coun- cil: Garden Club: Journalism Letter: Home Room 103. , . .4 lz.,..g.. - f,'., .. '- .. .'.1.l'..L6.,,g ,Qui-Lkgad ssl. 1 :LAT s -- --1-vfnvu - vt ,. . ,ff-uv 7- V -ll ,tl i W 4 Mm. 'ff Seniors EDWARD ROWE EFFIE MAE SAUNDERS Elec-tri1'iau1 '39, '40: Staffs of Plays: "You llRlll'ii Takc' lt XX'ith "Bl1lll1i6" Y0U": HOU" '1'0Wl"'v "D1H1iP1 '5"m""" Imtiu Club: Sr. Homo E1-onomios "What at llifo": Sr. Plays: Shop OI'- fim-rs: Hmm' Room IOL Club: 'l'ype Certitivates: Garth-u Clubg Girl Rvserve-sz Library Assistant: llomm- Room 316. FRANCES SEARS "Fran" OTTO EDWARD SCH ADE. JR. .lin Rod Cross: He-:ul Uslu-rg G. A, Club: Play Statics: 'kYou i':ln't 'l'uk0 HSha'd0W" A lt With You", Hllunivl Boone", lilixvrl llhorusi Play Cast: "ll:nnu-l "Our 'l'own"g "Girl HQ-St.,-vos: Jr. llomt- lflronoinivs Club: Homo Room Illli. l3onnv": Home Rooui 3115, ANNE SHOCKLEY "Chuck" ill'l'll0SlTl'2lI Senior Litorory Club: l"i'e-iivli Club: Stzunp and Coin Club: Spot-rll Club: Jr. Chorus: Staff of "Our Town". "'1'hQnw Sonp.t": Home Room Otiivosl G. A. .L f'lubZ Girl Re- st-rvvs: Garden Ulub: l'onre-rt! Jr. Rm-d Cross Rep.: 4-H Ring: Commit- tvm-: llrznnutic Club: lie-zu-oil Annual .Ml Stuff: Home Room 3119. ALLEN SHOCKLEY Stngrv 1'l't-'XVI "St-on Rui Not lie-ard". "Clizu'ni School". k'You l'un't 'folio It ll'ith You", "'l'ht- tioosv Hangs Hip:h": Class Room UI'- firvx: Rod Cross Rvp.: Printing: Ht:1iT: llomv Room 101. BERNARD SMITH ' 'Barnyard" HONOR STUDENT Sr. Lite-rury Club: National Honor Sovivtyi Bond: fil'CliPSil'ZlI C'oiw1-rts '37, '38, '39, '40: Second and '1'hii'Al Your Musiv Letters: Stamp Club: Modvl Club: Photo Club: l'lll'lIllNlI'y Club: Spanish Club: Stutv lilusim' F1-stivul: Hamilton Cou1'1-'rig llomv Room 105. HAMER KENAZ SPENCER "Jimmy" Slmuisli Club: Orvlwstm: Cl0llf'PTl 'CDL '39: Student Counvil Rn-li.: His- tory Class: A01-i1rzl1'y .XNVZIFLII First 'l'ypv Awzxrdg lilixlieograilrll lxlilflllllt-'Q Homo Room 316, LUTHER STALLINGS A'Lutie" llziiin Club: Studont f'0un1-il Rep.: .lr. Varsity Football Squad: Play Staitlk: "0ur Town", "What at Life": lloms- Room Oflim-os: Hmm- Room 309. JOHN M. SPINDLE "Duke" Printing Stuff: f'it'llPl'ilil Shop: Off tim-sg Home Room 316. 27 -, 4 ., 1 x , 1 .t .,. .. 17.355 -f .dang . J' ,... LAL , M 9 an A I-,LAM M. Tl fl -i i I fl I l an 3 fi ii -I li 4 sein -1 lf? if 1 k E . -. . 5-. I r 5 5 i ? F v l 1: R, V' fn e l F 3 l i F 5 1---H 1 'I . "WF"""'i""-'W.7'n"if' ' V " '-. :"!'!7"' Seniors 91 COSBY SUMMERELL fiBingyv 7 Lit-ut. Drum Major, Band: Orches- tra: Quill and Sc-roll: Sr. Literary Club: Boyk Jr. Chorus: Heavon NVM-lily: Coiimwts '39, '-LU: Jr. Red Cross: Nusiz' I.n-ttor: Homo Room Ot" lim-N: St-nior Ort-lwstra: .lourualism It-ttvr: llomo Room lofi, FRANCES E. STANAVVAY ' 'Short-Circuit' ' G. A. A,g Jr, Home Economivs Club: Sr. Home Et'onomit's Clubi Photo Club: Girl Reserves: .Kd Staff: "You Canii, Take lt With You": Home Room 221. MILDRED TERRY "Terry" Jr. Home Et-onomivs Club: Sr. Homo T4iI'0Yl0lllTl'S Club: Mako-Up Sta,H': "Charm Sm'hool", NSWVI-'Pt Six- te-Pn' ', ' 'Tho Shrie-king Owlwi Homo Room ZS l ti. LOIS ANN THORN ll .X. X.: i"l'l'II4'il Flub: -lr. and In- 1ol'lin'ili:ll4' Typo l'ol'Iifir':ltv: Tiolno Room 31119, DOROTHY ARLINE n TIMBERLAKE "Linkey" Spanish Clubg Latin Club: Girl'S Jr, Chorus: Mixud Chorus: Girl Re- st-rves: Homo Room Otfiovsg Girl'S Athlvtic Club: Cast: "Our Town". "Dani:-l Roonv": Convort ,401 Musi- vul Festival l-lo: Home Room 221. . CHARLES M. VERELL "Charlie" CIRCULATION MANAGER Spanish Club: Latin C'lub: Varsity 1 lub: lit-avou XY:-4-lily Rvportorial Staff: Capt. of T4-nnis Toamg Jr. Rod Vross R1-11.1 Homo Room Oilim-s: Ping Pong' illub: Homo Room 105. 3 ROBERT LEE YVARD ROBERT VERNON . .,Pm,, Printing Stai'l': HCIIllP Room 316. AML Hmm uf Gl,m,ml Shop -37: Supl. of llvm-ral Shop Thi: Supt. ol' tlralwliit' .Xrts Elo: Jr. Varsity Foot- bull Te-am: llomo Room Oitim-sg I hoto Vlub: lloml- Room 1109, MARGARET HARRIET WVENZEL I H ':Pe3gY" U I T ELIZABETH REBECCA . r. oint-' '1l'0ll0IIlTl'S ' u rg . r. I ' tlirl's Chorus: Latin Club: Home Room Oflim-os: Girl's Athletic Club: fl. A. A. Board: Home Nlfiiiugoineiit Rt-4-option: Homo Mmiaigeriieiit Tea: Play Statiis: "Semi But: Not Heard", "You Can't Take It XVith Young Play Casts: "What u Lift-s"g Dra- matic Club: National Honor Society: Home Room 309, fl. .X. A.: Girl Rosvrvos: Studi-int Count-il Roo.: Jr. Rod Cross Rep.: .Ir, llomo T'1f'0lllllIlit' Club: llome- Room Ollivi-sg lit-avon Ri-portvr: 4 High Ilzmvo f'Ullllllliit'l'Q llruniutiu Club: Iiouiu UOOU1 310. 28 . my ,ml 5.1, lH..a.n1..n4,. ,, ...... ...Q , .-i---.F Y- - .- in V 2-1----W -fr :fm ::fm:Qcf:cm:::f:c:1:r:Q:z::::c1::9::e::c:cv:d:f::f:c:::f:r.ACtivities JMM, ,Z-'f1M4,-2Af'-,J J Wvwff J.-A,,,4,A.f.A.f ,Ev-sz ,J . , A5gL,fff .. .Nw . ,, ...M Activi11e5-1-:c1w:r:n:11:o:f:c:fe:ff:c::m,:fv:ff:f:fa:cs:x:fc0:r:c:x:n::n:r:0:f:v:x:::s:f:fe:v:cf:::c:1:f:Q:f x I ff ' 1 f -' "w .1-"L"""' L I, Wk I 1 5 1 K,-5-in., J' ,Y 'K f , ,,. A,,,x' , ,. V vm NQQA 54394 34 -- . Ja..-A W - .,Y. ,.,, ,. .,,.. ,, -W' -.4 .4 ---v if --1 ff-Y-q--W V :u:AQfiVitie5 ff gif! 26.4 'gJj,,L Agyfflf, 070 f 'ff 4 5831+ Q" 4 biaffiaks ..., . ..'..u-Q.. ,wc 31 ,f 'Y 8114 35 5....z.Lii, 4,..-f , YW, A C I iv i t i e,:a'zu-:w:s,:x-:af:af:u:xc1f:L':Lf:u:s:xf:ac:f:Le:f:xf:xf:1s1f:L:xr:pf:u:u::xc:Q:x:1:x:L:xc::1c1r 36 -A ,A ...L . :V ., ' -PL ' W f:1.e:1a:x::m:Q:1mf:ac:x:f.c:Q:u:s,f:xeAgtiVifie5 . -vi A 1 ,,',-, - 1 . 4 - I .- ' 1 4 371 4.2- .. ,- , 7-x,,,,4,,gU - 4 , I sb,-,'J ,AJ A ' .J . v'4 V bf N' f 4 ,xl ,g, . f -J- 1 1 N 7 .,,. 'ily fi., z""i'fY . . +"- xvlvgigr 1'- Informql P r 5' L K l rr if E r EL I, F b 'gm . R31 I. F T i L I s Q 5 E '438 . by . 310 --H91 VFfr1'f5"' A YA-4L1 Q , ,A hgh' , Snapshots 39 L J- . . . -Q. . 1... ....- . ,J f-v- - -- if-W V -W -,-W-U Feqluyessmmmmmmwauamwismm iimmtmuzmmmmmmmmmmcsmmmmmnmmmc iw www of mm new new ,zzz www Smdeuga. Boldt '- Cradle sew :ew Gingdafws i 3 f?i?'s-f'Z,ff"'ffa11.fs Radio belies Netwod, Scattered above in more or less haphazard fashion are Beacon head- lines covering' a fourf?J year sojourn here at Newport News high school. This highly eventful period was climaxed by the addition of the new wings, symbolic of tho growth and progress ol' a typically American high school. 40 'Air A -L r ...W we- j W- 9- W. in ewmrlfecttures Mighty Seniors from Little 'Freshman' Grow n 1 I i r Try to match these following names with the above pictm'es.' M. K. Ingham, Amory Ilrmma, Erlrlffr Norwoorl, Elizabeth Weston, Cfmgev' Mrrclwtire, Mftl'Q1 Aww llartoslveslcy, Sara lfrrlwces Du1w's, Mary Mvsic, Mary .hum R1'nl.'m', Gloria Epstein, .lulm Smvurfl, IMI JIz'tg'l1f'II, Virginia II1rr11sIwrgm', 1"l'IllIl,'US Leigh, John Ifcizl Davis, John l'uinclL'.ctcr, and John Cox. 4 41 Fl' IM. FQqtures:m::d: :w:m: orwood In Norma Wilkinson 1 0 ,the MWC M1 vents Painless McWilliams Named Poet Laureate Inaugurates School 1 A For Young Men ' 1 aaa 1- V Of Phoebus I 1 Qfi?1fS6hi0YOfCh65tT8T0' taco Hgh, . Replace Goodman P9119 ,af-f000"1,,'ffm aefbsaoaaaioa K3 ICYCIG Ralze In CQQQ6 Ce ' 6, 1 Qgpoeb Q A 'ie 335,653 615 1 96 ,Qc Q as 'pf 1 as Q' o woo 0 Q 'S fab : EllaH11111b' QED eslilzt Mfvm op kg a a 'a Q oe? sms Q ,aaa f .awe Z o Smash 0 9' Qfaf 'xo 'iz 'Zn 'Qi 1 '25 'ff Road Map Self F 1' ' 1-111 mm' Il '1'11' 111' H11' 111111111 l11'1111li111's fflflf will UNH - 1'l"l' 1' II11' fillqfl' uw l1111'1' 111 I 7 I 1 I if ll 1 11' 11111111617 '1111n1e11p11.11. U I 11 fl B 7' 101' The Ofuff fzxwfnz 1 1' in ze 61101111 fl, ,1,1. 1. N 42 L , wn:Q1c1::Q:c::m::1::Q::v1m1:L:1:1:Q:s1f1c1::1s:c1::AdVe If isemenfs LPFTLEEIELEIL-5-LL1Lnl..I.5?LT2,'l:1.Lf:n5il5-L.LlLT4TI. l.?5'a."gL,.23aLe5a5L1b.Li4TL'uT':LEL!F-.'E'-'5L:2:ml?b-' ?'.f.51".lL51. Cut Flowers Potted Plcmts F L O R I S T Ellyson Forbes Compliments of Medical Arts ' i FINIQRAI, DESIGNS Building Corporation nl 129 251th St. Newport News, Va. E Phone 875 W l' Rinqlet Beauty Shoppe Leqqett s, Inc. All Urazzclzcs of Beauty Culture 5 23211 VVashington Ave. q Second Floor E Phone 4196 fl li ll Could Russell Take It? Time was when Russell lived in deadly ter- ror of soap and water. You ean't blame him ' either-for the t'hot" water might be iey cold, Then Ilussell's Dad bougrlit an Automatic n l 'H H FH ,U luke-warm, or scalding. fl F1 ni Cas Storage Type XVater Heater. Now all li gl the family fineludingg' Ruszsellj is sure of clean l' . . lg hot water at exactly the right temperature, 24 hours a day. The 1940 Automatic Gas Heaters insure perfect, unfailing service at every hot YAH! SISfY! ,,-mane A an Bwiuse ue uxss d".56w-,,,e:5a Do you know about our Special Low Gas Rate for Automatic Water Heating and Refrigeration? Call 731 and ask for details, also find out that Automatic Gas Water Heating costs less than you think. VIRGINIA PUBLIC SERVICE F water faucet and with Gus as the fuel, low- cost is a certainty. il 5" .5151-:"Ei5'z5'l +l...1J' .uk rn. AJ KF., -.--- ag.:- -rr p, L a i 5 L P .-.-I ,. .1 1 an fa:-1 'H Advertisementslefleeerleelee 51:51--I-.I if 1- 1. Havre-I -.f-H-Elvn-1r 1.- 1. I5-.ref--ra. EEE-f-.rar-'57,- S 62 M Pharmacy 34th and Washington Ave. o Where you get what you want- When you want fit! O Phones 1715-9125 .. .ew-fr-vqgig-11-,Jill-1, 1 CISGGCXCZSEZSGZSGSSCKEG C F' F? 9.-2.7. BR C5 I' rl 5. R o Reliable Footwear O Newport News and Hampton Dodd's Pharmacy 3111 Washington Ave. o PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Q Complete Lines of Yardley, Mm: Factor, Huclnul Mutual Underwriters A. M. DEAL, Mgr. o 99-28th St1'eet, Deal Bldg. Phone 698 o 401 Citizens National Hank Bldg. Hampton, Va., Dial 3016 'Wd COW! COSWWHCS "Dl2'iele1ld Puyfzfrty"" fn td In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where ll U tu one could keep money safely. Now -v think of the many, many services Wil ,YW ..-y may My E the First National offers in addi- .Q i E1 tion to this. fill ' v H X lip THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK NAT' NAL Newport News, Va. BA 7 4' lg fl. at Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insufrfmee Corporation. ev Founded 1891 Newport News ,i'F5 44 1... - A-1.14, ,.. - . A . -:Aung W- -W - -fr , -mf ' -f' ,X 4 mzcszf, i :::mnnAdVeftiSemeni5 5 0 ik N Bank of Worwic Hampton Roads I-Q Washington Ave. and 33rd St. U I Member F. D. I. C. EJ Y , 'c ' ' 6' ft ' ll - Il ou ai ncvcfirsri a 67 your fOr Bqbles Phone 916-917 . . H , Wilson Awning Co. Ma1L11fact1.c1'e'1's of Kvwughtan Road-Locust Ave. Awnings, Tarpanlins, and Covers 4 , Venetian Blinds QUALITY ' 232-34 28th sn. Phono mu E Newport News, Vu. ' I ii -2 .Q 4 1 1 1 NEWPORT NEWS LAND CORPORATION Newport News, Virginia 4500 Washington Ave. Phone 696 45 If-'.JQL... .u.,'. .4--1. .z-sr X' ' 5? L- ' Lu .'1..nml.A P I Advertisements "The House by the side of the road" O Price-Quality-Service o AMBULANCE SERVICE V 0 ' Carder Funeral Q E Home, Inc. 2606 West Ave. Phone 818 Res. Phone 353-R l f rw I s g Murray 61 Padgett, 5 Inc. INSURORS E E Q REALTORS P1 L t r Phone 431 Phone 432 V GRADUATES: Plumbing Fixtures and Heating W G r F1 F G Q Insist upon Noland Company W Q Q Equipment, always ..... you'll be 5 l iq so proud of them! : ll:-I F t E 75 r Showrooms Open Daily k Q E Noland Company, Inc. 26th to 27th at Virginia Ave. Newport News, Va. Om' Best Wishes to the Graduates of the June, 19,40 Class Tidewater Stevedorinq Corp. i Baud I 'fL8lf'l"lH'lLC'lIffI8 By S elmcv'-K in g-H ol ton, Record-Sheet Music Thomas Piano Co. "E'UC'l'1jfh'i'l1fl Musical" Phone 2863 210+28th st. While OPTICAL COMPANY I Medical Arts Building .j 46 3 A A-. .sa .::L'. - . 1:nmmmd:m : n nu:m:m::m:Adverfisemenfs L grLTJ47QFL'F. q3.i'.?dF'LT4T4T Ei4TL"gFL.rLFdTLF T5'hT.T.4T iii' EILLTLTL-LT Td5' T..E'5' - 53 BEcK's BREAD Baked in Newport News LJ , D1 "The Pflde Make the New L th,Pe I" ee of e enmeu a The New vl HEAHHFULLY All CONDITIONED Where the Better Pictures Play Your Mmm? Habit 5 ' ' 'W l rCXV3OI't ews SIliiDIDL1ilChIlg EJ E3 U5 L 5 DJ ZUCIC Q 'I 5 lDl'y lDOCI2 ompzmy 5 HE H H M F . :EE 'EHTLT' ETL? 5' 'RTE E'a'? lE:?b1,5'5ET-.r'L51i"i3i . 'E.?'g:54r1 :i?,5l 'F-E 'EF'+': '3 , 'F',.T.iF'....':'lT5 LI 4 T Advertisements Hundley and Applewhite, Inc. O Realtors-Insurors I Phone 685-686 K Sctvaqe's Grocery FRESH MEATS amd VEGETABLES 2609 Chestnut Avo. Newport News, Vu. ROSENBAUM Metropolitan HARDWARE CO' 5c:, 10C to 51.00 Ulf 158 Hardqvaye, We Have It!! 171111911111 VNIIIUS in E'1'e1"11 I7ep111'h f ' and 2608-10 Washington Ave. S'm'11i1'e Wifi: fl Smile Menfs Headquafrters of the Peninsula HUELLERQS E 3107 Washington Ave. Z Tail? Y-346 ,CQUQS SHOP . '?'E '1 'EEK' Tg 5-' 48 'T'F'FEH'!Z'XTi'Ei'735F'7"H1'T"?l'T?iFl'?i '.?5"7'T'F"K' gmc az AND SCDNS Certified Gemologists and Registered Ieweiers O 2912 Washington Ave. 'F ' , A D A M S For Better Shoes Newport News Business Colleqe First National Bank Bldg. Phone 350 C Registration for Summer Session Washington at 30th June 10 I Net"'Wt News Delf J. Gaines, Director Williams, Coile. Compliments and Best Wishes to the Graduates of and Pipino JUNE '40 ARCHITECTS B 0 Corner 24th and Jefferson I A'I'A ffvffhm the Promise 'is Fuzfzzzew' Virginia Pilot Association G. A. Massenburg Newport News Agent Mvl W L., I "if, ll V I i ds' Y W "'- Y wmv: ' HWZ, Eiitltlgr' 'E f its? ' N at 3fisf":"sa 'V 'l?i '1'E 5"T'E Sears, Qoebuck and Company QQG Sincerely wish each one on life of happiness mid success. We hope the fufzwe holds many good things in store for all. ' '4TK'. CFYTE !E?.i iFE 5'E 'TE UP' Q.. 4: rn 1 El cn B m El. fn 5521. AELEL' L! :ELS L' ig' IEE? L?- fi. L?L7.ET:i Advertisementsi Cf l if The Broadway Wishes You , TF.5'5?4?'F4li TL.5'.4T g? LS'4T -' COlIl2lIilll977fS of the Newport News Good Luck Q Success - - HUWWSS Burlclrnq and Loan E WaShll'lg't0l'l Ave. Newport News n I S C07II1IIl77Z07IfS of Market ' . Handy Oil Corp. Our Specialty SERVICE, QUALITY 100'i LOCALLY OWNED cmd PRICE lVhere Your Drtllar Buys Mor? EARL HATTEIN CHARLIE PARKER Congratulations and Ship Und Travel by BGSJE W1ShSS to Chesapeake 1940 Graduates SteGmSlr1iOC0mpcrnY I6 'LUGGTL V? Baltimore, Qld Point, Norfolk slr ' 11 New Low Rofmd-Trip Fares L? k rg-, ' X.. f - 34.00 week-end sold Friday and f X 'U Saturday. Good returning until ,J ,A Monday following. 36.00 sold M I T' every day, good for 30 days. I For Reservafioiis Call Hampffm 585 I 6 Co. For Rates on Parties and ArlrI'if'im1nl . Inforzzlrzfifm Wrife CHARLES E. MYERS, The Peumsulffs' Largest 7-,mrf,iC Rep,.eSe,,mm,e F1u'11itm'e Store 214 Granby St., Norfolk, Va. ?ii'? .5' TQEFTQT- 50 'T' '74 EE 'F 'E L?!TT5PFi b1E.T.E"RE .i?5?'R 1 l Lili. : QE' CICIEISIQIQIQZ1 LLWJLb ' 55EE1m I. " 'PLEELPSILE Peninsula Supply ':f.f:Q:m:fv:fwI-ldvertlsements S. W. Holt 6. Co. Company, Inc. . age Lumber and Building Materials Wholesale Groceries and ' Tobaccos 34th Street and Virginia Avenue Phones G6 and 301 THE I Il MAGIC X f fb "N1ck" Allen BUYER , 1 W. T. Grant Co. "Where Economy Rules" 2803 VVashington Ave. 50th BUICK M mfnfvzilliozw mf ilfflfffl CVM4 eg J The FRANKLIN PRINTING CCD., Inc: Telephone Q2 2IfJ-I8-20 Twenty-1CiI:tI'1 Street Newport News, Virginia i1uZ:F2: " ' ' lTi5f2:2i2as5"""' 6.5 St. and Huntington Ave Adverfisemenfsxmcacr r:1r::1x:Q::xc-:u:.:c,:v:Q::e:z:x ':s:c::Q:a:Q: EFL-JE: L d1 EnS':4"5vL 1534-2: iEE'.SE4'3 'H t U1 W I' H' lil P3 V1 W F3 Q 'il W E Q 'il E Q E Peninsula Transit Corporation SCENIC IZOUTES HAPPY THA VELING CADILLAC LA SALLE OLDSMOBILE Mike Suttle Motor Co. 627 25th St. Phone 2075 Imltzviclzmlize Your Make-Up Graduate to H0lljjIl,700Cl,S Choice O MAX FACTOR MAKE-UP I I. C. Gorsuch and Co. Bryant and Nelms O I1Lsm'cmce-Real Estate Surety Bonds O Phone 222 " ' ':Q'1.L?-ELT' 7 52 t F Best Wishes to the tune '40 Class T AC ANS Qgzrrlzsr auth PBITIZBI' Furniture ter Every Room in the House 212 28th St. Phone 2924 EESL mamma Advertisements FFE2l?5lZ3:2nLLvLnL5l :!:ikid:Lui'5552553223EESt1l E 3EZ'E2n5P-.r l5 . Eh Fi 1 Walter Phillips Fi Q ' 1 V1 Q1 i W V1 fi 1 Service Station Cutchins Brothers Service Station Poplar Ave. and 25th St. IQ Iilst St. and Huntiugrton Ave. Q Phone 4164 W IQ Phone 2091 DQDGE lq . . Ei W. B. Williams PLYMOUTH . DODGE TRUCKS Furniture "Dependable Used Cars" L . Shackeltord Auto Co. J 225 Twenty-eighth St. 327-339 Twenty-fifth St. Newport News, Va. "The Peninsula's Oldest Dealership" fl . it Cwzgmtulctttons Graduates! for ' Antiques and Reproductions Cvv'H11l1'HwHfS vf Upholstering ct Specialty Co. NOTE the New Add1'6SS VV. VV. Anderson 820 Kecoughtan Road Phone 1323-J Couzplimcnfs and Best Wishes for ct C Z, I tl 5 Successful Future amp Umm 6 of 5 HARLEY-DAVIDSON U1 . MOTORCYCLES-BICYCLES E4 Archie L. Harden Co. ,Ind t I Q Fine Custom Tailored Clothes 1 ewa er 5 sin 25th st. 920 24th st. M0t0rCYCle C0- John J. Mooney A. L. Harden Joe L' Pinneu' M972 E. W. Weaver 25th St. and Huntington Ave. T'iE'.F1.4' 5l:1 I 4 3 5 'Q l as ,n DH Q. 4 en 1 al cn B na Ei U! 11: 1, i?55L T if .51 FULL-O-FLAVOB Newport News' Finest Ice Cremn Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Co. Washington Ave. at 35th St. Rush Barber Shop 1156 25th Street Newport News GRADUATES I Make that College Education Possible By Starting a Savings Account in This Bank Crown Savings Bank LEROY F. RIDLEY, Cashier 2411 Jefferson Ave. The smiles that make us happy are the smiles of our satisfied customers. Up-To-Date Sanitary Equipfrnent Modern Barber Shop 3010 Washington Ave. In Our New Location W. L. THIGPI-:N ' EH 54 Newport News Virginia SEE om: FINE CRUISERS Style Headquarters of the Peninsula fefger- Wertheimer-Conner Company C. P. AMORY, D1StI'1bL1130I', IHC. Hampton Fine Motor Boats Virginia Public Service Bldg. Newport News, Va. 'ETLlT.:T n.'TE'L T5'4T B..-L n5'L-'L5'5E L5?E'Q'ET 15'4TL5'4T 1Q1l,-Q- -LnlqQqQqQ1Qqln11K-K-.11 1 QQQQ Q1 Q1 QQQQQQ HAVE A NATUPA SPI ENDID PHOTOOPAPH TAKEN in the Famous PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO OE NACHIVIAIXVS DEPARTMENT STOPE MQ Qfbfzcgaf M0f07mfAm, fn me ,gem 500.4 SH Q.. 4: en Pl ::.': UI 5 5 cu :s FII UI 'TEEET5' I-, '-:.T.TfEF51.11.r'L.'T::.'LT2"L?L"L'?E' E'F-.TLT- .:T:.TdTL v F.5l LJ Li TJ ia T L34'l?L5E.T T T T T T T E 3 Q T juewjoozf Amewa 5-cA00! 55 .nl 1- -1- ' ' Advertlsement Harry Reyner The Mutual Life Insurance Company oi New York fl0H11?lf'I7'I0l7f8 of Nachman Candy Co. 1 1 Q Q or 1 lj' I. A. Hoqqe 61 Bro., Inc. GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS IJELICATESSEN 0 Uolrl Storage E'l1Hf17lHl'Nff 0 4412-4414 Huntington Ave. Phones R237-R384--8357 Newport News Vll'j.Ellll21 Lee White Hardware 2701 llozlnolu- Ave. Newport News Virginia HnwInw'e in Gewmwl EPES Let US Help YOU Finance the Home You Wnwf ' l Stationery Co. Cfmtmonwea th Building and Loan ' Association FILMS DEVELOPED B. G. James, Mm., 25" PM Hou 138 27th St. Phone 1120 Strinqlellow Electric Corporation Sales and Service-Lighting Fixtzlfres: General Electric Ref1'ige1'ato1's Ranges and Washers 2616 Washington Ave. Phone 970 Newport News, Va. ESU?5?'TFT''F'qE'T?i.'EE'E5T"T?T5F'F"TP,T?i' 'E5"Fl'F"F' ...z.-:.5. . Bread, Rolls, Cakes, and Pastries Fresh Daily Frofm Om' Completely Equipped Bakery Forrest's Market GROCERIES AND lVlEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phones 3015 and 3016 23600 Huntington Ave. Newport News, Vu. 'T''E'K'5?.SE'T:'lE'-1"ETT'WF''TT'T"F"T'TSE'E'IL'E.'I'T"F"Tl'T"T"7"i"i'i?TLE5F'T?'T'i' .T n '?5' 1---r-f +?'- Y f"' - 11-ily'-v 'r . ., wang, ii '24 -..g,,,ngy E :mc:L:1s:s:x mmm mmmm:m cxcncsszsnlxdvertisernentg IVF:nl:LETLTEEESEE11:L:ELdb:lullaLu'-:nEEh?5El1b2Ln1lanl:ulzu1:n5ELE1u?S5En'F!uEn!'inlaL:'-dlT3E1Er5lu2aE.bL!::l1ialiL'd52'L1'n.Siil1:'!frl'1!:uL1in5ET:EnE1E1'?' t 'H t D1 A CUlll,11l'i'l1L6lLtS of la I' Q Ice Cream 'I it 5 Newport News ' Sealtest Approval In . Q Supervlsed Fl . Overtold Co., Inc. 1 E Q W , , Goodman Hardware E Ioe s Quallty Meats iq Phone 4248 Company Pg 2602 Jefferson Ave. . I P ' Quality Hurdzrure We Deliver Anything, AIl1fll'hCl'6 O 2405 Jefferson Ave. B1 Compliments of Hi en Storage and lFom1uar ing Company EEE .. L5LT:i5 57 ...Ln fi ' 58 7777 IP' :- 9. El 5 3. l is l r i l 3 1'. -LTbiJL'1.1'1.1'1J1.11J'1.EJE:1.J-:T4'LF lT.7.?:i 474 lilsbq ' ' ' 1Q74"2"3.g'3 'ln ' -' W vv "N "uv - jr v aw- ,, ww-y-fr: - -ef Sturlg and Compare . . . Urn Cleaning and Laundrp Services . I-lnd . . . You Will Find . . . Value and Appreciation . . ln... il li E1 Ei Ei I Ei lf E E I E2 fi Di II: Ea E E Ei Q! E: Ea TA E L? fi i E E FF E3 .EEE .51 7fne 710-ice of efea41l1InafA! .ZW Glefwwi am! .fmmlwmfi ln Yi A iifYi5f.,'Q R777 TY 'H J il :"1!. 3 "'4'1-,Sw V' .vTi'i"Y""1 ':f.:Q:f.:ce,:x1:f1:c1,:v.f:u:Q:1:x::xf:r.:m:t::ne:n': Advertisements Ez LW :LEz'EE'iL"nii5E. gT En Hn Eln"i5L1'EL'T.Ll""ln':'5"E1El all :Ei EEl'1ZEi-Eilulu-ELM-':Lz in 5 F2T5E1E'E3 5213.125 xl: '21 :E 271' P gl P1 In Kramefs I Market fl F1 Leaders of Low Prices x Pl 'll 'H li W ll P1 'l l F1 it Eg 2211 JUff01'S0ll Ave. Phones 4200 und 4201 51 W I P c1'0'IIl1Il'i7Il0'll.tS uf The House of Phillip Morris Smart Appmcl for The E'r1tz711'c: Family 2412 Jefferson Avenue NAEHMAN'S HAT BAR Lf Q-53:5zgzg-'l'c1'l:lQ?-I-:::::f:-3?4' .-., .- . -' we - :.-:-. - - -'...ff9.R"- . - ft . E41'Cl2fS1'vC , 4 ' S We f to "" i ji' T f 1-27 " lm-Sf 1 f"'E:sE55: Flvvf' tg? Y, M -s ,wi N , H, , A gf ,+ rf ,. .- -Qf-' ' X 1711 3 N. ' ' ' 1 ,jf of I 1 . r- A 1 -. 1 -I R. ff 'C X f a 'V' f ff 95? Af' f f I S 2-. ..5'3f.-. '- ,. ,.,. ,.,, . 2. .1.,:.- ,, f , -fu.-.-. .,.w.-:-.-:g+:4-:5- 34. f ,., 4 ,. -.-.-xc 5,-:g-:-2,-:-az-z-.-: .-,.. f -.--.gif-.-.+-. f,-,-:-:-:fp gy ' 4' 2 4- ' .4 ff P 2 f .0 Q 'wwf -t .-, , -. 5- .f jf' 1: 36- ,ff fe if CI 1 f a f 5: 42? 4, 'Hg 35: X 1+ sd 'f,,f-, 129 4,- .- -. ,f f '. , .--. A -1 4 .E ec'-'c 'P . 1 I A FRIEND DANIEL CLEANERS ARNOLD SL PHILLIPS WALTER REED MARKET IRVING NACHMAN W. E. ROUSE HANNA'S B. 8: B. REALTY CO., Inc. B. F. LAWSON SCHOOL CAFETERIA ELLYSON FORBES, FLORIST DJ ROGER CALLIS H. C. PETERSON, GROCERY E2 J. H. KEENE, JR. I The following wish the Graduates ot I une 1940, Success in their future lite. TIP-TOP SANDWICH SHOP I. LEAKE WORNOM MI-LADY BEAUTY SHOP THOS. W. BROOKS 8x SON LEON'S BARBER SHOP A. J. HAUSER SONS JACOBSON PRESS MORRIS DOBSON CONOCO ' STATION ANONYMOUS H. N. VENERIS MURRAY Sz PADGETT, Inc. THE FRYING PAN CLOCK BLECHMAN'S YOUTH CENTER ..? J 59 .f,.- .' . , , H "H, wks . , ,,. , ' " qu-A......minA-.N .I ' - 'gL,:'," :J-1' .I L' 'L 'f' ' ' 1' Adverflsemenfg mszctnmcnctfncnfnnfnmszmcumczmgfmgtmtmmuummmumc l Big Things Are Happening Un This World Oi Ours It's mighty nice not to hear the drone of mighty bombers overhead . . . it's really great to sit down to a dinner that the gov- ernment hasn't planned for you. Do you know one of the most important reasons why you can do these things? It's because your paper and every other newspaper in the United States protects America. In this country you can believe the news you read . . . you get the most accurate reports pos- sible on all events. It's your duty, as an American citizen to truly appreciate the importance of a free press. THE DAILY PRESS TIMES-HERALD "The Peninsula 's Newspapers " 751i

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Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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