Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA)

 - Class of 1938

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Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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W!! 4, r. 7+ F ,rx .!' K , -X X I ' ,- E P- . 5 A 'H ? -X ,ff ,j i lf f U7 l ' U f ff ff ww I J . f 1. . X M x ,fi f- f 1 .1 X X Ng Ii-ix 5 X4-, K . X, XR A N x. .ff-'ig K, WN" M X,. " - 552+ Q 'XX , ff " N ?E V .Eg A, 664 V 'X 'F' - A' W -- V--fizzigwf .X X T-Q --4 -,.,.-' ' .. . Ai- - - - r ,q,,,:f f - .. 337 ::,.,.,- I: 3 ,, F f Jill 3U I .al W N WEA W 1 The Beacon February, l938 Newport News High School Newport News Virginia ? wi A 160 66510077-f f fm ' fu 0 I C0'Il,1'fl,'S1Il of Daily Pres NIODERN ACCOMPLIsI IMEN'I's IN TIII3 FIELD UF l'XV'IATION Four S RQ W 2 , gf ' 1 0 Foreword ..............,,.,.........A..............,......,.....,...,.......,. 6 .111.vl 11 frfw 111.11 11111111l1' 111.vl1'111'li1111x 'Dedication .................................,,....,..,...,... ,.,.... ....,..,....A.....A ,....... ........... , , , 7 I To 11111' 1111111 1111.9 l11ill7l'l, IIA' 111 I'1'1JiIl1I1 .Vll1f7,Y1I1lfP1' Sponsor ....................,............,...,.AAA....,..A ...........,........4,.,.....,.,.....,..,....,,.,..,. 8 1,1110 1111 Il11ll'I'v!i1'Vt'I',i, iw, 11111, Ill't'f, I1 .vp1111,v111' fXmlministr:1tion .......................,.....,..,,..,.A....,....,...,...............,...........,..................,...A.,,........... 9 T110 aces fw1111 1111101 11111111' 11111 11111111 f1111111.v 111111 1111.15 l111'11' 12.vp121'11'111'1f.v 111111 1c1111w11'11111' 011 111 11ll' 1111l1'11'11 f-1vX't'l'.Y .111s1fj111 H. S111111111'1'.v-S11j11'1'11111'11111'11l IJIHIIIII' R. SIlllI1l?j'--Pl'1?Il71f71l1 S. D. G1'1'1'11-.1s.v1.vI11111 1,l'1lIl'1Al7I11 Ellzcl IW. G11111f11111-'1"U11'-IJ1'1111 of Girls Faculty .,.....................,.............,..............,... , ..,,.,,...........,.,.......,..........,........,.....,.,.,..., ,,,,.,, 1 O-I 5 T1111-31 1111'L'11 1l'1l'Il' 111 11'111'11 11.1 1111111 111 1111111 I111' 1'111111'01.v Senior Class Officers ......,,.........1................................,....,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,. 16 I1'lf'1-0d1ll'l1011 10 11111 fzfllows 11111111111 11111 fltlllglll' Seniors ...............................,..............................,.....,...........................,,..,...,. ,,,,,,, 1 7-32 The 111110 311111115 'zc1111 111'1' j11'1'j1111'111g 111 11211 l111f11' 'wings 111 l111'1rf11'xl 50111 Hull of Fame ....,.............,...................,..............,,.................,.,..,,,,,,,..,.,.,,,,,.,,.s1,,,,,,,A4, 33 If"UC'7l 011 II-f1y11I!j f11'111 1111'1'1' 1.1 II Tiiilfl' i'KIl'11'1-N' of l11'l'.Y0lIII1111t?.v Annual Staff .......,............,................,...........,...................,...,.... .,,.,,, 3 4 T110 01'g11111z11111111s of 1111.1 'fg111111' 11111118' Activity Section .......................,....,v...,v...,.....,........,.....,......,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., ,.,,,,,,.,,..,,,,A, ,,.,,, 3 5 -42 ilG01?1gl-0l'I.Y,i 11111111111 1111' f11f111 111' llll' f1y1f1'.v' 1011111 11f1' Feature Pages .............,...,......,.........,1......,........,,.......................,...i..,...,.,1,..1,,,. ,, ,A,, ,,,,,, 4 2-43 1111 0b01l1 1111' 111g11 f111fzv11 11.vj111'111111115 of 1111' f1'Vl'1'5 Advertisements ...,..v......,,........,............,.i.,..............,.,.............,,.,..,,,.,, 1,,,,,4 4 4 I7lf0l'77l1lI1101I 11111'1'1111 of ,J-I P111'f'!1ff.Y111!f f71ll'1't'.Y for w1'11-1'1j111pj11'11 f1y1'1'.v l"11'0 g T , Jie Beacon, Foreword 0 Contactl The propeller-s are spinningl l,et us stop for a while longer hefore heginning our flight into the world and read the records of our tried flights, take-offs, and landings. The staff has tried to make this hook a living reminder of our high school days hy putting hirclscye views of the various activities in it. Photographs of our flight instructors and the fellows around the field to help to keep them in our mind when we are flying high or Ceiling zero. But, that isnlt necessary hecause We hold them and their friendship deep in our hearts. fx member of thc staff expresses our feelings in this poem: Take off! these wings of hearts: There is no other way. XVe think but trifling thoughts, For all We mean to say. Our airship starts its flight, The first one that We knowg XVe cannot tell the height Of destiny we'll go. The fellowship of friends, ltlas made us what we areg Yvith us no friendship ends, But broadens just that far. Take off! these Wings of hearts: There is no other Way. YVe think but trifling thoughts, For all We mean to say. IRENIL KooNs. Nlay each of you have successful flights and make smooth landingsl T1-Ile ANNUAL STAFF. Nia' RX us eri d :7'ie 6 eww Q Liff Z, 5. No pilot, regardless ol: his worth, can make at successful flight with out the uid of 21 good mechanic. There are many jobs around the hangar and much Work on the field which our J2lCli-Of-Zlll-fl'2ILlCS attends to, but he finds time to befriend each instructor and pilot. ln our appreciation, we dedicate this book, the l"elJruz1ry 1938 Annual to lVlr. Erickson, our Teneral re air man! 2, P Sefucfn eg g , Jfze 73ea,c0n., ff - l.M' F' 4' S U E K E L LY, Sponsor Having successfully completed four years of ground work, you are ready to try your wings. Newport News High School has given you the opportunity to develop the ability and confidence to fly alone. Do not fear your first solo flight, for I fly with you in thought wherever you go. Choose your landing field with careg chart your course before you leave the groundg and then fly straight on the beam. NVhen you get in a tight place, think only of those who flew through. A failure is an inspiration to no one. VVeather conditions and engine trouble may cut your speed, but you can stay on the course and take time out for repairs. After accomplishing your first solo, keep your balance. Start your next flight with just enough confidence to see you throughg too much might blind you to the pitfalls ahead. Are you ready? Contact! Happy landing! - SUE KELLY. Eiyh 1' RX gf me new f?f LAMAR R. STANLEY josmru H. SAUNDERS S. D. GREEN Principal Szrperintendent of Schools Assistant Principal A.B., University of Nebraska A.B., Williaiii and Mary A.B., William and Mary William and Mary M.A., University of Chicago M.A., University of Chicago LL.D., Central University of Indiana llllilllil, M. GILDERSLICIEVIQ Drum of Girls B S., Farmville State Teachers College M.A., Columbia University N 'iv 1, U vi L- fa .g FRANCES ABBITT B. A., Fredericksburg State Teachers'.Collegeg Physical Edu- cation. ALICE ARCHIBALD B. S., Fredericksburg State Teachers' Collegeg French. MABLE BARHAM B. A., Randolph-Macon, M. A., University of Michigan, Grad- uate work, Columbia Universityg Latin. CATHERINE BLANTON B. A., College of William and Mary, Draifna, Public Speaking. BEULAH BRASHER B. A., College of Commerce, Bowling Green Teachers' Col- lege, Typewriting. ANNYE B. BURBANK B. A., M. A., College of Wil- liam and Mary, English. MELVILLE BRYANT B. S., College of William and Mary, History, Assistant Foot- ball Coach. MICHAEL J. BYRNE B. S., Furman ' Science, Football Coach. CASSIE CHILDRESS B. S., College of Williaiii ann Maryg Shorthand. JULIET COLEMAN B. A., Universit inondg Social Studie Ten fue 73ea,c0n., V l Universityg y of Rich- s. . RSX Wie 43 0000 fy! JULIUS CONN A I B. S., University of Virginia, ' Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Athletic Director. DOROTHY CRANE B. A., University of West Vir- ginia, Graduate work, Univer- sity of Michigan, Northwestern University, University of Pitts- burgh, Cornell, Drama, Activity Director. ESTHER CUTLER B. A., Lynchburg College, History and English. HARRIET CUTLER B. A., Lynchburg College, M. A., University of New York, Social Studies. LOIS LEAH EVANS B. A., Lynchburg College, Bookkeeping, Law, Accountancy. MAE MARSHALL EDWARDS B. S., Farmville State Teach- ers' College, Graduate work, University of Virginia, l1Villiam and Mary, English. ELMA FREE B. A., Juniata College, M. A., University of Michigan, Colum- bia University, Social Studies, Latin. MARGARET GARLAND B. S., George Peabody Col- lege, Social Studies. JAMES H. GOODMAN B. A., American University, M. A., College of Willialn and Mary, Electricity. ANNA E. HALLETT B. A., Westhampton College, Graduate work, University of Richmond, Mathematics, Science. Eleven 1' . l ' r L-,AA M. X . KYLE HAMMOND B. A., Berea Collegcg Grad- uate work, Duke University, Mathematics. LEONARD HONICK B. S., University of Virginia: Spanish, Accounting. .'.,'.,,A, ,.,,Mi5.. 1, ,,,. . , .O A , W . is-:2Eif5QWi1 .E 'Sail CLIFFORD HOUSE :Rs-f,,y,." ,, ...,- .,,:g..:.....,.,:g-1s-"2'-keg',. '-,SEK 3 Q "" B. A., Kentucky Wesleyan? Graduate work, Harvard Uni- . . versity, English, Journalism. in ' ,V 7 HUGHES HOYLE i . . M. A., B. A , University of THOMAS KEESEE B. S., Hampden-Sydney Col- lege, M. A., University of Vir- ginia, Mathematics and' Science. SUE KELLY B. S., Harrisornburg Teachers' College, Home Economics. ELINE KRISCH B. A., College of William and Mary, Typewriting, Shorthanmll. CONSTANCE LEACHMAN B. S., Music Education, New York University, Music. ELI LEONARD B. A., Drake University, M. A., College of Williaili and Mary, Shorthand, Business Eco- nomics. HERMAN LEVY B. A., B. Sc., Hampden-Sydney College, M. A., Columbia Uni- ' versity, Mathematics. T'LDCl'UC six 4 1 eg l f71i.e 43 00700 , CARLOS LOOP B. S., Roanoke College, His- tory. EULAH MASSEY B. A., M. A., College of Wil- liam and' Maryg English. FLORENCE MONTGOMERY B. A., University of West Vir- giniag Social Studies. ANDREW MURPHY B. A., Erskine Collegeg M. A., University of North Carolinag Chemistry. ANNE V. PARKER B. A., M. A., College of Wil- liam and Maryg English. NINA POWELL B. S., Ohio State Universityg English. JOHN PULLEY B. S., Furman University, Graduate work, University of South Carolina: Science, Assis- tant Football Coach. LOUISE RAMSEY B. S., George Peabody Col- lege, M. A., Columbia Univer- sity, Home Economics. A. E. RECTOR B. S., Emory and Henry Col- lege, Mathematics. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS B. A., College of William and Mary, M. A., University of Michigan, American Academy in Rome, Librarian. T7L'i7'lcC11, Q :gf We Beafeon, l VIRGINIA SAUNDERS l B. S., Freclericksburg' State Teachers' College, History. ANNE P. SCRUGGS B. A., College of William and Mary, English. CORNELIA W. SEGAR M. D., Medical College of Vire- ginia, Graduate work, John Hopkins, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, Physics. JOSEPH A. SCHAD State Normal School, New York, William and Mary Exten- i tion, Syracuse University Ex- , tension, General Shop. CHARLES SHREEVES l B. A., M. A., College of Wil- liam and Mary, English, French, Civics. ELEANOR A. SHERMAN B. S. M., Oberlin Conserva- tory of Music, Chorus, Band, Orchestra. LUCY SINCL AIR B. A., College of William and Mary, Social Studies. MARGARET SMITH B. A., College of William and Mary, Social Studies. LOIS STONE B. S., College of William and Mary, Home Economics. MILES L. THOMPSON B. E., Northern Illinois State Teachers' College, Printing. Fourteen I 'X 3 l gf? 4300100 f sway' " 1 g . T, s . Nw-1 ' - 'i:' ..5 " ' " 'N-mf ga. l.fE3ftg.l- wa - -asf at -1 -21: if Gfv J 1 ' iw. 5.. . .wi ,jg if 1 "w .:f. '.. '-N4-I -CfY:I"'.: 1, ...So gg y .. 1 LILLIAN TODD B. S., M. A., Columbia Univer- sity, Mathematics, Science. CARLOS URRUTIA B. A., Institute Provincial de Puerto Rico, LL.B., Potomac University, Normal School, San Juan, P. R., Spanish. ROBERT VADEN B. A., College of William and Mary, M. A., University of Vir- ginia, English. CARRIE VAUGHAN B. S., Fredericksburg' State Teachers' College, Home Eco- nomics. JEANETTE WARD B. A., College of Williaiii and Mary, English. OTTO H. VVEISS Virginia Polytechnic Insti- tuteg Mechanical Drawing. FRED W. YANCY B. S., Hampden-Sydney Col- lege, Virginia Military Insti- tute, College of William and Mary, Mathematics. Iffiftccn ik I 51 Lf, Dfw Deacon! The Class of February, H938 slnclq Dfxvis ................A lXfIAR1AN P1aA1csuN AVDRIQY XVA1,L.Lxc'11 Tiiomns VIENICRIS ...... VIRGINIA Bvkisncsic .,.... SAM l1ll,Ll5NSON l'1'1'.v11l1'11f l"1c:1f-P'1'1:.vi11'c11I SU1'l'C'llll"V I' 7 I 1'1fz1,w111n I',tl,l'dlt'lUI'llllI S11l11111l01'11111 , .,'. A UDREY VVA LLAC IL ........ ..........,..........,......,,....,.....,..,.....,,,.,...,,,....... HONOR STUDENTS VIRGINIA Bmusnurz SAM lLi,,1,1aNsuN ,RXUDRILY XVAL1,Ac'u CULURS: N11-ry 1311111 and ffflzilz' Tlzirzl lfllllfll' Sludazzf Snsir l'lORRliS'l' NLARIAN Piafxicsonl KA'l'l'll,li1EN GNVAl.'l'NlLY If'1.ow1c R : C6ll'Il6I 110 115 lN'lO'1"1'0: "Nil 111a1'111lil111.v 1111111111111 1151" f "JN otlziuy is loo 1111111 for 1111111 10 1i111'11" COM MITTEIBS INVITATION: MUSIC: SENIOR ASSEMBLY: Jeanette Walker 31155111 WGISS Elsie Lee Gray Evelyn Catlin Gerry ACli1SS Arthur Beauchamp Eugene Pointer Elsle L99 G1-Y Julia Acosta I MOTTO: Benson Mirmelsleiri COLOR: Mayiqn Paulson Florene Mahone Jane Christian C I' , G9116 Abrams W .A . Donald Wught Donald Wm -hr BOWL' LIQLQII Barbara Dawson g men A-me PENNANT: SENIOR DANCE: FLOWER: Maurice Huffman gvellin Catlm Virginia Burbagc Kitty Dfidfl J atm een Fgvlflalmcy Susan Weiss Chelton Givens Bglfgafl . ' ' 1' ' we Sadie Sutton R1NGg Betty Lester L G1FTg Audrey Wallace Mildred Harrison Arthur Beauchu mp Cii3li3nAke1-S Charles Huffman Rand-olph Coifer Dina A1,1,1a1z'1'uN ......,. GICRRY A014155 ....... ll.-xcli Dnvis ..,...,. SPILA lilll RS Ni.1rlvc1L Clrzxx Sf7t'zlkL'l Farlllly Sjufz1fcL'1 Fzlfllflj' Sf7L'l1kL'I Ill FF RX gf Yi? 430 i JACK DAVIS COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER l'l!l'15IlJl4IN'I': I'rcsidont,, Freshman Class: Frunvli Club: Jr. Literary Club: Debate Clubl Svhool Cheerleader: Jr. Red Cross: Debn-to Tarun Alternate: Mixvd Chorus: Cust, "Rose of the Dun- ubu": Beacon Annual Staff: Dmxnlatic Club: Nntionul 'fliospinnsz Cast, "The Goose Hangs Highu: Home Room 101. MARIAN PEARSON HONOR STUDENT 'VICE-PRICSIDENT: Editor-in-Chiel', Beacon Annual: Secretary-'I'ro1isure1', Quill nnd Scroll: Nntionul Honor Society: Secretory, Varsity Club: Senior Motto Committee: Athletic: Monogram: lilrcnvli Club: Copy Editor, Bozwon Newspnlier: Drzunatiu Club: Archery Club: Nntionnl The- spinns: Latin Club: Girls' Roscrvos: G. A. AJ Cust, "Tho Goose Hangs High", "Tune In", "Encl1m1tvcl Cot.tnge": Play Staffs: Home Room l0I AUDREY WALLACE THIRD HONOR STUDENT Sl1lCRl'J'I'AQRY: Jr. und Sr. Litorury Clubs: Student Council Rop1'osenl,z1,Livo: Llntin Club: Benvon Ii0ll0I'I0l'I Manmging Editor, Beacon Newspaper: Co-Editor-in-Chief, Beacon News- paper: IP:-osiclnmt, Quill and Scroll: Senior Edi- tor, Annual: Sol-i'et:l1'y, 4 Low Class: Chairman 4 Low und 4 High Ring Committees: Activity Lettur, Journalism: National Honor Society: Spanish Club: Home Room 307. THOMAS VENERIS 'I'Rll'l.lSURliR: Sr. Literary Club: Art Edit-o1', lheavon Annual: Vice-President, Ariz Club: Dro- mntiu Club: French Club: Staff of "The Goose Hnngrs Highu: Spanish Club: Jr. Literary Club: Jr. Rod Cross: Office Assistamlsg Home Room Ol'l'i4-us: Home Room 114. i VIRGINIA EARLE BURBAGE VALEDICTORIAN ' S'l'UDEN'I' COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVIQ: Vivo-President. Nntinnnl Honor Sonioty: Nclm'N Honor Scroll: Prusidcnt. Vice-President. Sr. and Jr. llitn-r:1x'y Clubs: Activity Letter: Presidonl, Jr. Rell Cross: Executive Board, Student Coun- cil:' Club: Office Force: Type Certifi- cates: Plny Casts and Staffs: Spanish Club: Buuron Newspupr-1' .Kd Staff: Jr. W1-iter's Club: G. A. A.: Chnirmnn, 4 High Flower Committee: 4 High Dunro COIIIIIIIITHEQ Home Room 101. DICK ALLERTON KIOINIM l'lNC'lGMl4lN'I' l'll'l'SlllYHlll Clnss' li Club! flr. Rod Couuvil: Jr. 3 Low Class: dont, 35 High Usher: Varsity Conn:-il: Varsity Sevc11.t0e11, l l l ,AA +- . x 62 If .-f fue 73 moon., FREDERICK GENE ABRAMS Tliesniamlisg Sr. und Jr. 11lIl"l'llI'Y Clubs: Phoiuh grnplly Clnhg Home Room Offices: Cast, "'1'ln: Bishop 1N'IlSlllbllilVl3S,', "Berkeley Squn1'o", "The Goose Hangs High", "Up in the Air", "Tune In"g 1-Ionic Room 114. GERRY ACKISS COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER -lr. and Sr. Litf5l'iiI'j' Clulrsg Latin Club: G. A. .l.g Jr. Red Crossg Sr. Home Economics Club: Chorus: Musical Comedy Cast: Pluy Staffs: Plny Cnstsq National Thespiunsg Drunmtic Clulmg French Clubg Beucon Newspaper Stnffg Home Room and Clnss Officesg Home Room 101.. JULIA MARIE ACOSTA Sr.'y Clubg Home Room Officosg Vieu- Prnsident, Jr. Red Crossg President, Frenuil Clubg G. A. A.: Benvon Newspaper Staff: Ben- von Annual Staffg Nationall 'fliespiansg Stuff, "Tho Bishop Misl1eha,ves", "Berkeley Square", "Kose of the Danube", "The G-host Story", "The Goose Hangs I-Iigh"g Home Room 101. MARY LOUISE AKERS Spnnisll Club: l-lonne Room Offices: Typo tificulc: Plny Stufisg Home Room 307. Cur- OLGA BELLE AKERS Sr. Lit01'n1'y Clulig Home Room Ofl'ic'L-sg Play Smnffsg Jr, Red Cross, Executive Bourd: Girls' .ithlotviv Club: Beacon Advertising Stuffi Adver- tising Staff, Annunlg Us-alierq Office Force: 4 High Ring Committee: Jr. and Sr. Home Eco- nomics Clubsg Home Room 101. THOMAS ARMSTRONG -Ir. Red Cross: Spanish Clubg Cust, "Jumbo Limitcd"3 Jr. Clxornsg lliusicnl Comedy: 4 Low Ushering Committecg Midget Footlmllg Vnrsity Rzxslcutlxall: Home Room Officesg -lr. Red Cross: Home Room 101. Eighteen x 94.0 43 eww A E . ol 7,57 Typist g Sr. Hom matio Cla GRACE ATWOOD National 'l'hespinns: .Tin Red Cross: G. A. A.: Type Cei-tit'ivut1-ss: Sm-1'et,a1'y, Sr. Home Eco- U nouiics Club: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: State Music Festival: Cust. "Up ,in the Air": Beacon Class Lilwurinn: Progrnui Chairman, -lr. Home Er-onomivs Club: Publix-ity Committee, e Evonomivs Club: Play Staffs: Dm- lht .lununl Typist: Home Room 101.1 JEANNE BAKER Spanish Club: Rod Cross: High Sr-hool Siu- dent Club: Home Room Offices: Play Staffs: Type l'm'1,il'i:-ntf' 1 Fashion Show: Office Stuff: Homo Room 11-l. . ARTHUR S. BEAUCH AMP Rec-eo! ion Room 101 National Thespiuns: Drumntic Club: Casts, "The Swan", "The Bishop Misbehnvesn, "Berkeley Square", "The Goose Hangs Higl1": Sr. .Xssemhly Committee: Sr. Gift Presentation Committee: -lr. Red Cross: Christmas Plays: Home Room Offices: Plmliogrnpliy Club: Speech Club: Beavon Reporturiail Staff: Mixed Chorus: State Music Festival. Richmond: Muster of Cere- monies, '36 Musir Convert: Home Economics , '36, '37: Home Room 11.4. WADE H. BERRY Nzxtionnl Honor Society: Quill :md Scroll: Spzuiisli Club: Sports Editor, Beamcon News- paper: Cirvulaitiou Manmgvr, l'l6!1H'0ll Newspaper: Type Ci-1't.ificz1t,0: Home Room Offices: Mixed llllllllfi Club: Spvovh Club: Home Room 114. Chorus: Cust, "'l'lw Gooso Hnligs Higl1"3 Dril- DALE BOOTH Home Room Offives: Spanish Club: Home JEAN VIRGINIA BOUTCHARD Homo lilvonoinivs Club: Girls' Athletic Club: Home Room Offim-os: Liln'n.ry Assistmitg -Tr. Red Cross: Stuff, "Tune In", "Quality Street", "Jazz and Minotel", "Nino Lives of Emily", Sfiuior Pug:-amt: Homr- Room 114. Nineteen .dl Y g ie 73ea,c0n, WILTON CARTER Home Ronin Offices: Home Room 307. EVELYN CATLIN G. A, A.: .Tlx Red Cross: Spanish Ciuh: Glvo Club: Mixed Chorus: Nntionul TllES11iEll'lSQ Nul- ionnl Honor Society: Dramatic Club: Sr. Chorus: Clmirman, Decoration und Dnnre Connnitrvws: Pluy Cnsts und Staffs: Home Room 'IOL ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN Plmtograpliy Club: Girls' Athletic Club: Jr. Rod Cross: Advertising Stuff: Beacon Annual: Type Certificate: Tennis Club: Staffs, "First ut Bethel", "'1'ha.nk You, Doctor", "A XVc:l- diug": Home Room Offices: Horne Room 101. JANE CHRISTIAN G. A. A.: Jr. Red Cross: Jr. Home Economics Club: Home Room Offices: Staff, "Rose of the Danube", "Ghost Story", "The 'Fx-nvelc1's": Advertising Stuff, Annual: Home Room 101. : l WESLEY RANDOLPH COFER French Club: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Chorus: Stu- dent Council: Cast, "Rose of the Danube", ".'luu1bo Limited", "Up in the Air": Concert: Presirls-nt, Stamp Cluh: State Music Festival: Boys' Chorus: I-Ianulbook Committee: Home Ronin 101. MARTHA PAGE COLEMAN French Club: Jr. Red Cross: Home Room OI'- fices: St. Mzlrgrurctfs School: Drama Club: Lntin Club: Garden Club: Home Room 307. Twen ty .Vie 43 0 N LUCILLE COOPER Jr. Hannc- Em-ononiii-s Flulng Spanish Cluhg Jr. IQPII Crrwsi linarnn Typist: Sr. Ifillllll' l'li-Unomii-S Vlnh: 'l'y1u' LH-l'lil'ii':1ii': llmni' Ronin THIT. DAN CURRAN Varsity Scxvvvl' 'l'0IllIlZ Yzxrsity I' '-" Ihmul l l -I . GEORGE F. DANIEL -lr. Rnd Clos:-s: Ilunir' Room 0l'1'ivcs: -lr. Vars- ity lfuulilrzllli H1nl'l'. "'l'hm' Y0unML'st'. Rom' ol' ilu' l7illlllll1'v', "'l'hi' Hw:1n". "l5Illiil'll'j' Si1l1:1x".'!': Hmm' Ronin llll. LOUISA DANIELS l l'lny Slnflis: Ilmnr' Room llll. l BARBARA DAWSON Spocvli Club: Sr. h'I0li0 Cuixiziiittavt Frvnvli Cluhg Sr. Hmm' l'I1'onnlnir's Club: Infirmrlry .ls- sistnni: Cust. Mnsivnl Conwdy: Play Staffs: ,lggistgml liiri-rim-, "Br-rlcvlvy Sflllfll'l?N, "Roan of flu' l'l:1n1lhm"', "'I'ln' lhzosc' Hangs Tlig:h"1 -lr. licrl Uruss: Nnliunsll 'l'lli'slli:ins: Horns' Ronin 307. K ATHERINE DODD 7 'nnn UH'-vs: Play Qtzffsg Avtiv' .., I ,Z F A , U I: . lvv: llmni- liomn lll I , Turmzly-One llm-levy: 'F'l'l'NIlllHlIl 'l'r:if'lc: Nowpmdi Nvws High: -l High Ring f'mnnlith'i-g .l1', Rc-:I VIKISSI l'i0llll' Sr. Iloxni' Iilvniunnivs Cluhg Girls' ,ltlilvlic fllnh: l'ri':.iil4'nl, l"onmls Vlnssz .liz Rvil Cross: l.Ii'nvl CilOI'l'i4'2l4l4.'l'1 Usln-rg Vici'-Iwsiilmxt, G. .l. .Lg Jr. Hmm' l':l'UllD!!lll'S Club: Varsity Club Sr. Ulmrusz Horne M:1n:xgc1n4-nl XY:-dilingrg Home lu IIIQ . I llj Littu . C':us1, "lip in thu Air", "Row nl' thi' ll:innhe". llunlm Illnlmil I I nu lliim lllllll 1' nil Ullll C:-ntrnl High School. l'liil:11li'l11lii:l. Pvnn.: '. Nniux liun lc 1-- ... MAUDE ELIZABETH DONNELLY -Tr. and Sr. Home Econoniies Cluhs: Home Room 2507. SAM ELLENSON SALUTATORIAN National Honor Society: President, Vice-l'rcsi- dent, Spanish Club: Managing Editor, Circula- tion Manager, Reportorial Staff, Beacon News- paper: -lr. Red Cross: Literziry Cluh: Student Council: Speech Club: Home Room 114. l GLADYS FLEMING Ruffner Jr. High School, Class Offices: Girl Reserves: Home Economics Club: Maury High School, Class Offices: Newport News High School, Home Room 307. SYBIL K FORREST HONOR STUDENT Spanish Clull: National Honor Socicty: Play Staffs: National Tlicspinns: Home Room 11-1. JEANNETTE EVAN FURMAN President, Girl Reserves: Secretary, Spanish Club: Executive Board, Athletic Club: Athletic Letter: Executive Board, Varsity Cluhg Photo- graphy Club: .Tin Red Cross: Student Council Representative: Staff, "Berkeley Square' ', "Rose of the Danube", "The Travelers", "Ghost Story", "The Goose Hangs High'f: -l Low Decorutifm Committee: 4 High Dance Cmn- mitteeg Archery Club: Home Room ll-1. ROBERT STANLEY GARRIS Fencing Club: Airplane Club: Home Room Of- fices: Class Offices: Stage Crew: Home Room 114. T'LC67Lfy-T100 1 o il i lib -CQ? A y 0 43 0 U f " iff CHELTON GIVENS Varsity Football: Track Team: Varsity Basic- :-llmll: Home Room Offices: Student Council Executive Board: Home Economics Club: Vice- Presidenl., Varsity Club: Office Assistant: Home Room 114. EMORY GOOLSBY French Club: Home Room Offices: Staff, "The Goose Hangs High", "Berkeley Squ:n'e": Aix'- plane Club: Fencing Club: Home Room 114. DORIS GOULDSON Mixed Chorus: Cast, Musical Comedy: Home Room Offices: Dramatic Club: Type Certificate: Musical Concert: School Usher: Home Room 114. ELSIE LEE GRAY Jr. and Sr. Home Economics Clubs: Mi Chorus: Concert: Cast, Musical Comedy: 1 Staffs: Home Room Offices: Infirmary Af tant: Sr. Assembly Committee: Home Room i KATHLEEN GWALTN EY HONOR STUDENT Student Council: Home Room Offices: Type Corcificnte: Photography Club: Sr. Literary Club Typist: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. Home Economies Uluh: Stuff, Beacon Annual: Spanish Club: 4 Low Decoration Committee: 4 High Dance Com' mittee: Home Room 114. MARTIN W. HAROWITZ Latin Clnh: Play Cnsts: Play Staffs: National Thespmns: Speech Club: Dramatic Club: Home Room 114. Twenty-Three - l , .Dfw 73ew001L IMOGENE HARRIS U. A. A.: Uirl Rvuorvesg Student Council Rup- l'l'Sl'lliiliiYl'Q Home Ecouomivs Club: hil11'zu'y As- sixlzuillg Plny Staffsg Assistant lJll'lE1'i,Ul', i"l'l1u Gousv Hangs Highng Arcliery Clulig Home Room 11-1. MILDRED VIRGINIA HARRISON .Ir. and Sr. Home Economics Ulullsg Cust, "Rose of the Dn.nulm": Home Room Offices: Infirmzu-y Assistzuit: Sr. Dance Committecg Girls' Athletic Clullg Play Stuffsg Jr. Rod Crossg Fnsllion Showg Home Room 11-1. MARGARET ANNE HILL Girls' Athletic lflubg Sr. Home .Euonoinius Club: Stz1l'I', Annual: Staffs. "Rose ul' the Dun- ul.n?". "The 'l'1'uvelers", "Ghost Storyug Home Room 114. EMMA HA RRIET HART Girls' Mhlotic Club: Spannisli Club: Jr. Home l'1m-omnnim-s Club: Bouuon Typistg Gust, Musical llomodyg Type Cei'tificn,lL:g l"nslii0n Slmwg Home Room 307. MAURICE HOFFMAN Jr. Varsity F'ooLlmllg Vawsitly l1'ool.lmll: Cll04!l" laude-r: Home Room Office-sg -Tr. RL-41 Cross: Plmtogruphy Club: Cllazirnmn, Pennant C01lllllll- too: Airplane Club: Home Room 114. - EDWARD HOLLAND l'I:uy Slnffs, Homo Room Offira-sg ilr. Rod Uross: Homo Room 114. Twcu Ly-Four l RX f' ,Lf Yi? 'B ecaoo 4 2 CHARLES HUFFMAN Jr. Vslrsity Football '34, '5553 Varsity Foot' lmll '36, '3'7: Football Lvttorg 4 Low Usher: 4 High IJHIICO Connnitteo: Sr. Home lCuonomi1's Clulr: Varsity Club: Home Room 11.4. CARLISLE JONES President, Pllotogrnplly Club: Jr. Varsity and Varsity Football: Stuff. "Berkeley Square", "Rose of the iijillllliliimj Reportorial Stuff, Fen.- Lurc Editor, Bannon Weekly: Home Room Of- fices: Home Room 101. EDITH JON ES Usher: Girls' Athletic Club: Jr. Red Cross, Stuff. "The Bishop Misbelmvcs", "Little Ilfo- mcn", "Thank You, Docrto1"', "A XVedding"g Home Room Offices: Jr. Homo Evonomics Club: Latin Cluh: Home Room 101. 7 CECIL JORDAN Football: Home Room Offices: Home Room 307. GILBERT EMMETT KEENE 'l'ruc-If '1'eznng 'l'r:icli Lcttcr: Varsity Club: Home Room Offices: Student Council: Home Room 307. ANDREW L. KELLY Band: Spamisli Club: Jr. Chorus: Home Room Offices: Home Room 307. T10 cn l y-F i 'uc .I' ..5 , fm 0 moon, 1 1 A Q w ,,- N xi- vf N he ,gy x , HADEN KING Home Room Offices: Spanish Club: Jr. Vars- ity Basketball: Home Room 307. IRENE KOONS Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Jr. Red Cross: Home Ronin Offices: 'Pypc Cu1't,ificuf:c: Home Room 101. RICHARD ROY KOSCHEL Spanish Club: Home Room Offives: Airplane Club: Fencing Club: Home Room 114. BETTY LESTER Latin Club: Frenvh Club: Jr. Red Gross: Beu- von Annmil Staff: Pliotography Club: Sr. Liter- ury Club: Girls' Reserve: Girls' Atrlilvtiu Club: -I High Dance Committee: 4 Low Decoration Committee: Home Room 101. l VALDA MARIE LUNING Quill and Scroll: French Club: G. A. A.: .lcfivities Letter, Journalism: Advertising Man- ngvr, Beacon Annunl: Business Manager: Beacon Newspaper: Play Stuffsi Usher: Jr. Red Cross: Tieuron Adver1:ising,: Stuff: Speech Club: Home Room Offices: Home Room 101. FLORENCE MAHONE Orvliesfru: Music Letters, Orcliestra: Concert: Y'runc-h Club: Spanish Club: Jr. Red Cross: G. A. A.: Home Room Offices: Play Staffs: Sr. Lit- erury Club: lBeavon Annual Adveririsimz Staff: Music Committee: Sr. Assembly Committee: Home Room 101. Twenty-Six si wx'-2. 5 :71f.e 6 cf ff A. BENSON MIRMELSTEIN Activities Editor, February Annual, Sr. As- if-mlyly Committee, Home Room Offices, Spun- sli Club, Stuff, "The Ghost Story , ' ' :lie Dunuhu", "Berkeley Square", "The ers", "The Goose Hangs High", Home lOll. JOHN NEEDRE Band, Orchestra, Art Editor, Beacon News- paper, Quill and Scroll, President, Art Club, Sr. Literary Club, Spaniesli Club, Home Room 114. DOROTHY NEWBILL Jr. Home Economics Club, Art Club, Type Cox-tificute, Play Staffs, Dramatic Club, Beacon Stuff, Fri-ucli Cluh, Home Room 114. ESTHER LAURA ODEN Girls' Athletic Club, Jr. Red Cross, Lutin Club, Home Room Offices, Book Room Assis- tunt, Staff, "Tho Bishop Misbelmvesn, "Thu lYe1lding", 'ulvllllllk You, Doctor", "Berkeley Square", "Travelers", "Ghost Story", Sr. Home Economics Club, Beacon, Home Room 101. ELLEN PARKER PADGETT Play Stuff, "Tune In", "Quality Street", "Up in the Air", Cust, "The Swan", French Club, Senior Assembly Committee, Jr. mid Sr. Economics Clubs, Home Room 114. FRANKLIN PERKINS Home Room Offices, Student Council, Band: Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Jr. Chorus, Concert., 4 Low Decoration Committee, Home Room 11-1. l Twenty-Seven, YY QQ, , 'Q V V --M 4 f Q., f . .go X7 EUGENE POINTER -lr. and Sr. Literm'y Club: Latin Club: French Club: Cost, "lDoll House", "Quality Street": Bllllfll llrmnmtu: Club: Home Room 114. GORDON FILLMORE PULLEN Student Council: Frenvh Club: Homo Room Offirvs: Home- Room 114. LAWRENCE E. REA Spanish Club: -Tr. R011 Cross: Assistant Lib- r:u'iau: Home Room Offirr-S: Model Airplane Club: Home Room 807, MORGAN P. ROANE Home Room Offices: Sr. Home Economics Club: Play Stuff, "Berkeley Square", "Rose of thc- l'Dunnbe": Home Room 307. fze Beacon, HELEN MARYE ROBINSON Cast, "Tho Enchanted Oottngeng Plniy Staffs: Spunisli Club: Home Room 307. CHARLES F. ROULET, JR. Library Assistant: Home Room Offices: Jr. Varsity Basketball: -lr. Varsity Football: Vars- ity Football: Football Letter: Varsity Club: Hmm- Room 307. Tw fmtgu-E ig ht D I Til 5 yi? 43 06,00 ff!! '45 -f l0l', ' 'Tile - it '- Hwh ' lvl ANGELA SANTAPAOLA Varsity Clubg .Ir, Homo Economics Clnbg Girls' Athletic Club: Girl Reserves: FYI-Slli0I'l Show: Cust. Musivnl Cmnt-flyg Assistant Direc- 'l'rnve-l0rs'., "The Goose Hangs no Cortilmntost livnvon 'Pyplslg Ac- tivity lmttvr: Ilmnv Room 307. DOROTHY SHOCKLEY .l1'. :xml Sr. llonn- l':1'0ll0lllll'N Clnbsg Spanish Club: -lr. Ri-rl Uross: Girl Ilvsvrvvsp Gil-l's Atlr lm-tic' Club: Hi-lmnl llslu-r: Play SI,ul't'sg Home Room 1402 A SAMUEL E. SIEGEL livairon Nt+w-spaipvr Stnffg Jr. Red Cross: Span- iwb Club' Tr- 'l" Pilot '- 1 Ulnb' Bind' Aw- Lut, -ogxanli, ,1 . i. ,,. NlNllIlll Lilll'2ll'lIlllI llonn' Ronin 2107. OLIVER V. SHORT, JR. Lziwrem-vville High School: Fruslnnnn Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Monogrzun Vinh: Ni-wpnrt News High S1-bool: Home Room OI! lllx Stills un tn ll-l "it-vs: 'ng .' z Hz v Roo . Fnottlmllz l-lmnv Room AUGUSTA WALTER SMITH Football Let,l.f+1'g '1'r:1c:kg Spanish Club: Vnirsity Club: Hmm- Rmnn 0l'1'ives3 Uslnerp lfll. - HENRY sorxrz Spanish Club: Art Club: Tru:-k: Home RDOIII 0l't'iv4-sr l'-lonn' Room EHI7, 717lif?'ll11l-N'i7l rz -JB -. J ---i...... - Q Z0 WILL S. SOUTHERLAND -Stuff, "Berkeley Square", "Tho Goose Hangs I-Ixgh": Home Room Offices: Home Room 307. DOROTHY INEZ SPEIGHT Jr. Red Cross: G. A. A.: Jr. and Sr, Home Evonoluius Clubs: Hmm- Economics F':ie-:liiou Show: Home Room 307. WILLIAM STEVENS Mixed Chorus: Senior Home Evouomivs Club: Home Room Oifives: Home Room 307. ELLIS STUART Home Room 307. i L SADIE SUTTON Secretary, Jr. Literary Club: Sr. Literary Club: Varsity Club: G. A. A.: Mixed Chorus: Play Staffs and Casts: School Usher: Infirmary Assistant: Home Room Offices: Home Room 114. ALBERT GEORGE THOMAS , Photography Club: Jr. Red Cross: 4 Low Decoration Committee: Model Airplane Club: Library Assistant: Home Room Offices: Home Room 307. Thirty sg- I-- .... , i 1 il Q me 43 ff MAE ELIZABETH THOMAS A G. A. A.: Jr. und Sr. Home Economics Clubs: Play St.nffs: I-Imam Room 307. JEANETTE WALKER Beacon Newspaper Reporter: Feature Editor, Beacon Newspaper: Feature Editor, Beacon An- nual: Vive-President, Quill and Scroll: Student, Council: Drimmtiu Cluh: Plny Staffs: G-. A. A.: Type Certificate: Office Staff: Home Room 3107. SUSAN WEISS G. A, A.: Mixed Chorus: Vursitiy Club: Jr. Red Cross: French Cluh: Spanish Club: 4 High Flower and Music Committees: Cust, "Rose of the Dnnubeng Home Room Offices: Home Room 307. HARRY WHEELER Golf Team: -Football: Home l4lcnnnmic's Club: Hmne Room 114. JULIAN H. WHEELER, JR. Latin Club: Beacon Advertising Manager: Home Room 114. GRACIE WHITE Spanish Olub: G. A. A.: Cast, ".Tu1:ulro Limit- cr1": Play Staffs: Student Onuncilgl PIOHIE Room Offices: Home Room 307. Thirty-One V b 4 ff" 51' Q QQQOOPL 114. WALTER WILKINSON Sponislx Clulug Jr. Varsity Fuotlmllg Photo- :.u'f1phy Ululz: Homu Room Offices: llomu Room EMMA JEANNE WILSON Ushc-1-1 Spzunish Cluhg Studa-nt Council: Clnorusg Sr. Homo 1311-ononnivs Clulpg Play Stuflsg Iloml' I'I1'ouomi1-S XVHIIKIIIIQEQ Rvaxlzou St:l.l'I': Home Room Offir-a-sg Homo Room 307. 207. EDWARD J. VERELL O1'c'l10st.1'u3 -lr. Rod Crossg Spvvcll Club: Model ,vlirplunv Club: Homv Room 0l't'l1-os: Homes Room THELMA WORKMAN Tlxespizlxnsz Sr. Litcx':u'y Club: G. A, A.: Spec-vlx Clulng .I1-. and Sr. Home Euonoxnivs Clubs: Jr. Red Cross: Bvu.r'on Stzn.I'l'g Idxm-llnmzn Editor, Bvavon Newspaper: Assistant I5ll'l'l'l0'l', "Bishop BIISIIUIIGIVONN. "Firm :ut Br-tln-I", "By1'd's Cln'isl.n1:1s Curol": 4 Low In-r-omlion Commit- lwf-: Home Room 307. DONALD WRIGHT Bond: Orc-lu-sim: Lutiu Cluhg I,l'0SlIIP!ll, Nut- iounl Honor Sovioly: Holm- Room OI't'im-sg Home Room 101. FRANK BLAKE Mode-l .lirplzuw Club: llomv Room 0l'l'i47esq Hmm- Room 219. Thirtgzf-T1u0 Nw 4300100 .1 . ,I V' , A W ix!! A k b X K 2 M., if TROUPE I22 THESPIHNS "' ' .-. M -,f ..' ' ' ,w X. 1. N ,II ,- +3 , Q, -1, , , , , A , ,, , :': C f V JR. ur. CLUB 1' 0 Bdwwfb l , l - W ' 1, w ,:- 1, W. gs' m, ARM Y GU VARSITY Q Thirty-Sim O RN :Me 43 aww Tlzirty-Sc-UCQL V ,,.. ,.. Y... H, 'I wi Q 40 I. . . . , 5 Q 4 L., - jx w....,f 7 '31 X- fze 73 Mfwflf 1 l I i i Thirty-Eight 'lhe selection ol the people ol the Virginin lltlllllltilllil ns the most populnr luurulerers :intl elezurers ever to serve them. rllter every tlnwn no nrmy ol thousnruls ol people mnreh l'or'wan'tl to sehool, husiness, unil professions wearing Down elenneil elothes with eournge nntl determination to exeell in their un- tlertnhings. 'l'lierel'ore Dnwn's inexpensive services prove one o l their greatest investments-liitting them to leel equal to uny :mil all oeensions-Helping them to heeome more sueeesslul in Whatever they untler- tulte. lf'tH'l,ll-l"lIlll' lie 73tMf0'1f flncfrey and Dire H Your .rrlerliorr or the rrznu popzrlfrr hay and girl , Qrtc 43 new triculated at the bachclor's college Notre Dame. Charlie Iferrdcrson received his fanre from the College of Hard Knocks. Remember he got one when he was in high school. As for Charlie Roulct, he has made history by being the first Ameri- can to play for Pittsburgh. I guess you know that 0. V. Short has won his fame as a mid- get in one of the big circuses. "To be or not to be" might be the slogan of eight of our class who have made dramatics their lifc's work. Arthur Beauchamp. is playing a part in the production "The Swan' on Broadway. Every- one remembers this was his first starring vehicle in high school. Wade Berry and Gerry Ackiss are co-starr'ing in "Hamlet", Miss Askiss plays the "let" and Wade plays-the other part. This show is being put on by Barbara Dawson anc Angela Santapola of the firm of Dawson and Santapola. Sybil Forrest, who is teaching dramatics in N. N. H. S., rounds out our list. Randolph Cofer has taken Henry Ford's place in the Automobile in- dustry. Not selling Fords, how- ever. ', Congress has taken several of our former students such as Dan Curran who is trying to put through a bill to make autos start without being cranked. Senator Gordon Pullen just passed a bill prohibiting a person to stay in high school more than six years, saying he knew what it was to be a land mark. Thin clads of the class of Febru- ary '38 have made a pretty good name for themselves. The Olympic team has taken Gilbert Keene as a "das-hater." We have been hearing of the ex- ploits of the males, now let's turn to the females. They, too, have been doing right much for them- selves. Jean Boutehard, who was held the honor of the class as most stylish girl, has achieved her fame through pastry. "Boutch's Bunnery" is the by-word of those who crave "fancy dough." Noted beauty experts are under the name of Christian dr Gwaltney, which means Jane Christian and Kathleen Gwaltney. After Elizabeth Christian read the Beacon Annual of February '38, she let that be her career and is now one of the nation's foremost air hostessesg she really is flying high. The golden voice of Elsie Lee Gray is now heard in all the latest shows. Also in the field of music is Florence Mahone, who has fid- dled her way to fame in one of the biggest all-girl orchestras in thc country. Mildred Harrison is now trip- ping the light fantastic in one of the outstanding Broadway shows. She is tops when it conres to danc- ing Back to the bloys, we find Holly- wood has lured that handsome brute, Chelton Givens. Emory Goolsby is also in Hollywood and seems to be Chelton's greatest rival. Still another is Wilton Car- ter, who is wowing 'em. These boys will soon be seen in "These Three." Speaking of competition, we find that Sidney Becker's alumini seven is tossin j right much at the Wright crew. Sgidney's clan includes such stellar jrerforrners as: Frarrhlirr Blake, who plays the piccolo,, and Andrey Kelly who does a mean bit of sax playing. Sam Siegle is an- other saxter. Billy Southerland is doing some fine tooting on the trurnpet. He is ably assisted by Benson Mirrnelstein. To top it off, Edward Holland gives a fine bit of "bassing." The vocals are supplied by a nifty quartet composed of Albert T.homas, Ed Verell, John Needre, and Eugene Pointer. lt's really a trio and a half, because you can't call Eugene a whole per- son. Neverthcless, it is rumored, they will soon journey to Holly- wood. It is' needless to ask if yon've read that world-famous book, "Went With the Atmosphere" by Irene Koons and Susan Weiss. These girls really have something there. We might also add that the book is published by the Lester and Gouldson Company, which to as means that two more of the February '38 Grads, Betty Lester and Doris Gouldson have made good. Among the female additions to Hollywood from our renowned class are Olga Belle Akers, Ellen Padgett, Thelma Workman ami Imogene Harris. These girls are currently starred in "Little Wo- men." As women venture to do great things, ,so have our alumni. Since football has been played not only lf'orly-f'lrrcc it by boys but girls as w ball tcarn known as Teasers. Then' roster' our girls have forrneii ,. -1 ' .' cl ., , 1 ell, we find their foot- re Typhoon ncludes: Right end, Helen Rorinsong right tackle, ,Margaret Ann guard, Esther Odeng ce llillr right nter, Emma Hart: left guard, Mar-tha Colmang left tackle, Mary Akers: left end, Lucille Cooper: quarter rack, Maude Donnellyg half back, G. ingg half back, .lean adys Flem- Qtakerg and full back, Dorothy New Jill. These girls scored a smashing victory over the Hampton girls' team, known as the Crabber Co- eds. Nice goin' girls. You know, of course, that Louisa Damels rs assrstrng Miss Kelly, our sponsor, as cooking instructor at the high school. Our own Kitty Dodd rnade her name by developing her cheerlead- ing technique into swi won her way in the Ol mming and yrnprcs. William Stevens found his fame in the Metropolitan opera house and has thrilled his audiences with his bass voice. Also doing good work as a crooner is Thomas Arm- strong, who got his start in Junior Chorus class. Haden King and Lawrence Reed have become arnbidextrons paper'- hangers. As stylists, Edith Jones and Gracie White have rnade their names famous. Valda Luning took Miss Bur- bank's advice and became a writer and has given us many good short stories which, by the way, have appeared in the Booth Gazette, edited by Dale Booth. Also writ- rng for Mr. Booth is Cecil Jordan, a renown poet. Sadie Sutton alias the Blonde Bombshell and Walter Wilkinson teamed up as dancers and have Just returned from abroad. Harry Wheeler. the class' own Bobby lar gcr country clubs Jeanne Wilson has adopted the Jones, is now a pro at one of the I 'ijllll I r lg. S Trudgery Dorothy S reiglrt is p the Speight tock Brokery, while resident of Spic-an-Span Cannery, slrowirrgthe female half of our class rs in ausrness, too. That just about winds things up -I guess you're wondering what happened to who new has a newsp own, rs str l trying to Sam Ellenson. Sam, aper of his get in the last word, but I'rn not going to let him. I'll say-Thank you. N O ey ' 21 if jie 43 clwoo Qcwqfzaflh 0 Best wishes to the members or the Class or February, IQ38. May you hurclle the obstacles oi life with- out Faltering, ever pressing Forward to greater success ancl ambition. We are very happy to be the pub- lishers or the "Beacon Armualn. C0 3 The FRANKLIN PRINTING CO., Irie. ef ',Q.,z.. g me UMA dl-Lee! fee QQ, ,-i,, reieeieeee Q2 4 216-la-20 Twenty-Fifth Street Newport News, Virginia li'01'f1l-Iwi rci 5 5540 iw 0 It A 'Q M. L. Weger and Sons Goodman Hardware 23rd Si. WVHOI FSALE CONFECTIONERS If Il C dv VV g Il IL 2405 Jefferson Ave. Compliments of A. L. BIVINS Rosenbaum Hardware Company Senator from 33rd 2610 Washington Ave N l . . benatorlal D1StFlCt FOR GOOD FASI-IIONS d FOR GOOD VALUES NAC!-lMAN'S 111 N Wie 43 oeoo i Our Best Wishes to the Williams: Cone Grneluntes for Their tlllli PIDIIIO Continued Success and v H I " .... Architects appmess Noland Company, Inc. For true living comfort, in- sist upon Noland Plumbing AliillIlS Sillie Si0l'e Fixtures und Heating l l, ly Equipment . . . ily U 1 M You'll he so proud of them. 328 28th St. Newport. News, Vu. "M-. f' ' lii' , In 1891 o hunk was not much more than merely it place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the mnny services Ahead ot the I not ,II-s i rt it X If . ,tml I iiutltttt' lil L: fl the FIRST NATIONAL Offers in additions to thisl i"iiill'i'i'illtI he 73te00fl-f U 'R . Nihw N15 . lx- X-san If . ri, : "The Pride of the Peninsula" rr no A A ll whore the better pictures ploy Make the l ME Your MoeieHohlt A Beers BREAD BAKED IN NEWPORT NEWS W. lt. Cutchln V. L. Cutchin Always Shows None Con Afford to Miss . . . All Con Alfortl to See . . . Molto the Palace Your Movie llabit . . Cutchin Brothers Telephone 3221-I Gus. Oil, Grease, Accessories WASHING AND l'0LlSIl'ING Norwalk Tires and Tubes 25th St. and l-'oplor Ave. Compliments of Murray 81 Padgett, lnc. llenl Estate and Insurance I. A. Hoggellzllro., Inc. Groceries, Fresh Meats DELICATESSEN Cold Storage Equipment 111112-4414 Huntington Ave. Phones 837-838-839 Newport News, Vo. , l"lj lol-N lr RIN 4 A ,4-Q Q, jf! 43 eww ' Congratulations and Best Wishes Graduates! SUTTLE'S .IEWELERS NEWPORT NEWS OVERFOLD CO. SCHOOL CAFETERIA MILADY BEAUTY SALON RLECHMAN'S DEPT. STORE HARPER'S 3SHOE STORE WARWICK FARMS CRANDOL'S MARKET .lACOBSON'S PRINTING PRESS SATISKY'S SANDVVICI-I SHOP NICHOLSON'S BEAUTY SHOP LEON'S SHOP PENINSULA SUPPLY CO., Inc. CLYDE P. NEAL .l. GREEN'S SHOE STORE THE UNION LIFE INSURANCE CO. SALASKY'S EYE GLASSES WAVERLY JONES COMMONWEALTH BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1. MIRMELSTEIN'S CURTIS AUTO SERVICE LA voCUE sHo1fI-E IIENINSULA ICE SERVICE, Inc. I-ARAMCUNT SERVICE s'rA'rIoN . COFER'S CICAR STORE RICHARD NEWMAN 1'ULLEY'S SERVICE s'rA'rIoN 5' Barclay and Sons Registered Jewelers and Certified Gemologists 2912 Wzlsllilmgtorl Ave. Parker and Spencer Furniture for Every Room in the House 2.12 281.11 St. Phone 29211 1"ij'1y'Se1:c1i 4ll 5 go he 73 64110121 W. C. BOYCE Local Dlstrlbu tor lor Wonder Bread and Hostess Cakes Pho 729 Levinson Packing Co., Inc. 2612 Jefferson Ave. . THE Newport News Q' .A Business College X ' ' MAGIC First National Bank Bldg. Phone 350 -- BUYER W. T. Grant Co. Micl-Winter Term Feb. 7 uIfVh61'6 Economy Rules' Delf J. G3.iIleS, Director Washington Ave Virginia Pilot Association f"-Neff.. .P ww- -f ix .4-ELS G. A. Massenburg Newport News Agent Patronize Qur Advertisers 'x V X wx 914.0 43 eww gf f AUTOGRAPHS N Y w 4 .J GSE? fm 73 206077- X 1 AUTOGRAPHS

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