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A - 1 ,j'gDUm Q af Q A C3493 I -EX- Lmmw 5 r--Q---4 If ,-.- X ,, Zh bs0'Xpi'3,5 ' 'pf' ww "W X? x 727 ?Q'fff,?f2 Q6 ix , 131- W ,MUL 9gjW A3535 Na, . tix fi W E? 3:2 Wqifyfif Riff WMV? KM H2 lx M OL w- ? 4 - 4 VV ' ' ' I Q ' I E I THE Q BEACON JUNE W f if 1 2 'X fx , ' 5 KDA 3 The Yorktown, launched April 4, 1936 V-5 I I T1-ue: BEACON, JUNE iss TO MR. FRED M. ALEXANDER I "The heart to ronreifuv, the ZH1dl3l'5l'6H1di7lg to direct, and the hand to v.wfcute." I I The staff ol' the June Zlllllllill, lSIZIti, pays tribute on 'I his page to Mr. Fred M. Alexander, retired principal of this high school, who with his ready fore- sight, broad conipreheinsion, -executive ability, and able assistance, has guided well the high school careers of each of us, the graduating IS6I1l01'S. As he has taken up a larger task in El, wider sphere'of interest we are re- minded that he was the pilot of our school for nineteeii years. His zealous vision is in a large -measure responsible for the growthi and progress of our school. I The class feels privileged in dedicating its senior 'book to their former principal. A : I I I I I I I I Three THE BEACON, JUN12.: x36 SPONSO'R'S MESSAGE At a time like this, words seem inadequate to express the true feeling in the heart of one who has been s-o keenly interested in the welfare of a class for the past four years. As class sponsor, it has been indeed gratifying to me to have had a part in and to have watched the gradual development of young girls andl boys into young women and young men. You, the members of the class of 1936, have successfully passed one of the mile- stones of your career. Your high school days are some of the happiest that you will ever spend, and you will always cherish them with fond memories, even though the studies have -been hard, and at times, you have been discouraged. You will look back upon these days with fond pleasure, for as Virgil has written "Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit" which transla-ted into English means "Some day perhaps the memory of even these hardships will be sweet." M I urge you to meet your next task in life with determination, a cheerful smile and a willing heart. You can achieve much if you apply your native ability and if you have confidence in yourself. A good motto that each of you might well carry with you is the Latin quotation "Possunt .quia posse videntur' which means "They can because they think they can." -W. H. PRIDE. Four t I I THE B1sAcoN,JUNE"3e I I M 5 I f I I l I LAMAR R. STANLEY JOSEPH H. SAUNDERS ETHEL M. G LDERSLEEVE Acting Principal Superintendent of Schools Acting As-sis ant Principal A B University of Nebraska A. B., William and Mary B. S., Farmvillem State Teachers William and Mary M. A., University of Chicago College LL.D., Central University of M. A., Columbia University Indiana I I l In the days when Old King Cole and his fiddlers three were real to you, you! knew also of' the fairy god-mother who visited fortunate mortals and gave them a number of wishes to be fulfilled. What would you ask of that godmother today if she- should appear before you with her wand? If she would grant me three wishes for the Senior class, I would ask that you be ' clear think-ing-honest in your own mind as well as in your relations with others, seeing things as they areg 'I dependable-in your work and in all phases of your lives, I adaptable-yet able to adhere to your ideals, with ability to distinguish the essen- tial from that of little value. , Your teachers have tried to instill these characteristics within' you each day, as you have worked together in y-our classes. No wave of a fairy wand can give them to you, but every day you can try to grow in your grasp of the desired qualities. Gom- mencement does not mark the culmination of your educationg it marks the beginning of a more varied education. I ' ' " --E. M. GILDERSLIEEVE. ' I Ffifvc FRANCES ABBITT A. B., Fredericksburg State Teachers College, Physical Edu- cation. MABEL BARHAM A. B., Randolph-Macon, M. A., University of Michigan, Grad- uate work, Columbia University, Izatin. L HELEN BELL B. S., M. S., University of Vir- ginia, Science, Mathematics. ROSEWELL P. BOWLES B. S., M. A., College of William and Mary, Ph.D., Columbia Uni- versity, Science. ANNYE B. BURBANK A. B., M. A., College of Wil- liam and Mary, English. LOUIS CABRERA A. B., Dubuque University, Iowa, M. A., University of Maine, Post Graduate work, Columbia University, Spanish. THE BEACON, JUNEA3 6 Six ALICE ARCHIBALD B. S., Fredericksburg State Teachers College, French. MACON E. BARNES A. B., University of Richmonds, M. A., College of William and Mary, Social Studies. CATHERINE BLANTON A. B., College -of William and Mary, Drama, Public Speaking. BEULAH BRASHER A. B., College of Commerce, Bowling Green Teachers' Col- lege, Typewriting. MICHAEL J. BYRNE B. S., Furman University, Science, Football Coach. CA SSIE CHILDRESS B. S., 'College of William and Mary, Shorthand. 1 w 1 l 1 nn-n-mul I J ULIUS CONN B. S., University of Virginia, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Athletic Di- rector. MAE MARSHALL EDWARDS B. S., Farmville State Teachers College, English. LOIS LEAH EVANS A. B., Lynchburg College, Bookkeeping. GLADYS G. GAMBILL A. B., Texas State 'College for Women, M. A., University of Colorado, English. JA MES H. GOODMAN B. A., American University, M. A., College of William and Mary, Electricity. LOUISE HURT A. B., College of William and Mary, M. A., Columbia Univer- sity, Social Studies. THE BEAco1xI ,I JUNE '3 6 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , ,,,T,,- Seven- I I DOROTHY M. CRANE A. B., West Virginia Univer- sity, Graduate work, University of Michigan, Northwestern Uni- versity, University of Pittsburgh, Cornell, Drama. MILDRED EPES B. A., Wes-thampton College, Pupil of F. Flaxington Harker, Music. ELMA FREE A. B., Juniata College, M. A., University of Michigan, Colum- bia University, Universite de Grenoble, Social Studies, Latin. MARGA RET R. GARLAND B. S., George Peabody College, Social Studies. E. KYLE HAMMOND A. B., Berea College, Post Graduate work, Duke University, Mathematics. LUCILLE KAUL A. B.,, Bethany College, Grad- uate work, Northwestern Univer- sity, Journalism, English. -- - SUE KELLY B. S., Harrisonlburg Teachers College, Home Economics. ROGER LE FEVRE B. S., Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute, M. S., University of Vir- ginia, Science. M5339 HERMAN LEVY A. B., B.Sc., Hampden-Sydney College, M. A., Columbia Univer- sity, Mathematics. KATHYRINE LONG A. B., University of Washing- ton, Social Studies. EU LAH MASSEY A. B., M. A., College of William and Mary, English. ANNE V. PARKER A. B., M. A., College of William and Mary, English. THE' BEAcom, JUNE 'ae Eight ELINE KRISCH A. B., College of William and Mary, Typewriting, Shorthand. ELI LEONARD ' ' A. B., Drake University, M. A., College of William and Mary, Bookkeeping and Accounting. VIVIAN LLEWELLYN A. B., Randolph-Macon, Mathe- matics. CARLOS A. Loop A. B., Roanoke College, Social Studies. FLORENCE C. MONTGOMERY A. B., West Virginia Univer- sity, Social Studies. JOSEPHINE PETERS B. S., Farmville State Teachers College, Social Studies. ----a-- wlP"wlm"' ---- --- NINA POWELL B. S., Ohio State University, English. JOHN PULLEY B. S., Furman University, Graduate work, University of South Carolina, Science, Assis- tant Football Coach. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS A. B., College of William and Mary, M. A., University of Michi- gan, American Acad-emy in Rome, L.ibrarian. P .- - '. 1' CORNELIA SEGAR M. D., ,Medical ,collage of vir- ginia, Graiiuatefwbrk, Johns Hop- kins, University of Virginia, University, ' of Pennsylvania, A ysi .li Imgfif CHARLES SHREEVES A. B., A. M., College of William and Mary, English. MARJORIE TILLOTSON A. B., University of Oregon, Mathematics. THE BEACON , JUNE"3eL WILLIAM HARVEY PRIDE f B. S., M. A., College of William and Mary, Columbia University, Chemistry. LOUISE RAMSEY ! B. S., George Peabodly College for Teachers, M. A., Columbia University, Home Economics. . fr., f ANNE .s G f leg f i lam and M , glish,io t' nal Civics. 5 s F i' ELEANOR A. SHERMAN . B. S. M., Oberlin Conservatory ,of Music, Chorus, Band, Orches- ltra. MARGARET P. SMITH A. B., College of William and Mary, Social Studies. MILES L. THOMPSON B. E., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, Printing. l A ,. A. . ,,Al..,.A.,,A....-,....A--.:,......., AA-, LILLIAN TODD B. S., M. A., Columbia Univer- sityg Mathematics. ,XZ I . . . nj! CARLOS URRUTIA A. B., Institute Provincial de Puerto Rico 3 LL.B., Potomac Uni- versity, Washington, D. C.3 Nor- mal School, San Juan, P. R., Spanish. ' OTTO H. WEISS Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Mechanical Drawing. THE BEACON, JUN!-.:"3e Tw! JEANETTE WARD A. B., College of William and Mary, English. CARRIE VAUGHAN B. S., Fredericksburg State Teachers College, I Home Eco- nomics. ' FRED W. YANCEY A. B., Hampden-Sydney Col- lege, Virginia Military Instituteg College of William and Mary, Science, Mathematics. EDWARD M. WINGFIELD B. A., Randolph-Macon, Eng- lish, History. - 'viii' I l l l 4 1 l L I L ri. .sl 1 s . THE BEAcoN, JUNE 36 A SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Warren Ashby .,.... . .... . Mayo Fitzhugh ...,. I .ff- President I .,....,,.., Vice-President Helen Wairen .,..........,..,. ......... 1 ..................,. I Secretary Geor c Ellis ........................ .......... I ................... T reasurer Barb:-ua Ann Hamilton ...,... ...I ......,...... Valedictorian Gerald Berlin .........,.,.,.....,. .,.,.......,......... A .............,. S alutatorian James Hawkins ...,. .. .........,.,....,..... IIThird Honor Student Ted -Xcosta ..........,...........................................................,,....,. Student Clouncil Representative I ANNUAL EDITORIAL BOARD Sophia Elsenman ...,...........,,........,............................................,........,..,... .....,... Editor-in-Chief Alma McKenzie ....v,......,......... ....... . .,.........,.........,..... ..........,, S enior Editor Baibara Ann Hamilton ..,.e.., ..............,....... ,.., A c tivities and Feature Editor Iee Montgomery .........,,...... ........ A ssistant Activities and Feature Editor Ph hppa Schlo-bohm ,.... ............,.... ...,......,.......,,.....,.......,,... A 1 -t Editor Adelame Arch ........,.. .,...... : Business Manager Maxo F1t7l'lug'-ll ...... ,..... I Advertising' Manager COMMITTEES Ring Music I Charlotte Doggett Sophia Eisenman Miriam Morewitz James- Hawkins Senior Assembly Alma McKenzie Frances Maguire Ted Acosta Howard Mirmelstein Gerald Berlin Sophia Eisenman Miriam Morewitz Anna McKenzie J. W. Whitley Invitation Philippa Schlobohm Gerald Berlin Ruth Robeson George Abel Ruth Robeson Ted Acosta Jack Dixolr I Class Musibians Gerald Berlin George Ellis I Color I Frances Maguire Edmund Pearson Essie Millner Lula Ware' Motto I Barbara Ann Hamilton Lee Montgomery Lucille White Flower Adelaide Ar-ch Colors Evelyn Wilks Green and White Benjamin Leake George Ellis Flower Gift White Carnation Philippa Sclilobohm I I Eleven I I I I , ,, . eser I T THE BEACON, JUNE 'ae WARREN HINDS ASHBY President National Honor Society: Editor-in-Chief, Beacon Newspaper: President Quill and Scroll: Activities Let- ter, Journalism: Sports Editor, Beacon Newspaper: De- bate Team: President .T-Men: President 4-Low Class: Senior Literary Club: Advertising and Editorial Staffs. Beacon Annual and Newspaper: French Club: Latin Club: Speaker, Home Loan and Building Association: Class Speaker. MAYO McGILL FITZHUGH Vice-President HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: Foot- ball Letter: National Scholastic Athletic Association: Ad-manager .lune '36 Annual: Class Offices: Junior Literary Club: Chairman Senior Pennant Committee: Midget Football Letter: 4-Low Usher Committee: Home Room Offices: Cast: "Feathertop": Quill and Scroll. HELEN WARREN Secretary Secretary of Athletic Council: Glee Club: State High School Chorus: Student Council: Cast: "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma," "Tune In." "Up in the Air," 'iThe Holy Grail": Spanish Club: Home Room Of- fice: Type Certificate. GEORGE ELLIS, JR. Treasurer National Honor Society: School Cheerleader: Orches- Valedictorian tra Letter: Glee C'ub: Cast: "Up in the Air," "The Swan." "Tune In": State Chorus: Junior Writers' Club, Vice-President: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Musi- cal Festival, Williamsburg '34: Senior Literary Club: Home Room Offices: Art Club: Staffs: Air," "The Swan." "Up in the BARBARA ANN HAMILTON National Honor Society: Nelms' Honor Scroll: President Senior Literary Club: Junior Literary Club: Secretary Junior Vifriters' Club: Editorial Staff Febru- ary Annual: Quill and Scroll: Activities and Feature Editor June Annual: 4-Low Decorating Committee. GERALD BERLIN Salutatorian National Honor Society: Activities Letter, Music: Orchestra: Band: President. Freshman Class: Cast: "Up in the Air," "Tune In": Senior Invitation Com- mittee: Literary Club: Spanish Club: Track: Tennis Club: Musical Festival Trip: Home Room Offices: Cast, "Table D'Hotes and A La Cartesf' JAMES HAWKINS Third Honor Student National Honor Society: First Vice-President, Senior Literary Club: Vice-President., Secretary, Spanish Club: Quill and Scroll: Parliamentarian, Critic, Speech Club. LEE MONTGOMERY Commencement Speaker HONOR STUDENT: Activities Letter, School Spirit and Service: Commencement Speaker: National Honor Society: National Thespians: Nehns' Honor Scroll: Or- chestra Letters: Band: Circulation Manager Beacon XVeekly: Editorial and Advertising Staffs Beacons An- nual: Tennis and Fencing Clubs: Officer Junior and Senior Literary Clubs: Debate and Speech Clubs. RUTH CURTIS ROBESON Commencement Speaker HONOR STUDENT: President of Student Council: Vice-President of Student Council: Secretary of Stu- dent Council: National Honor Society: President, Junior Literary Club: President, Junior Red Cross: Activities Letter: Vice-President, Senior Literary Club. ROY F. CARTER Commencement Speaker COIDIIISIICEIIIBIHJ Speaker: President Student Body: Student Council: President Senior Literary Club: President Latin Club: B. P. Athletic Association: Cap- tain, Track: Activities Letter: Pennant Committee. Twelve 'WD A ,W -S . .- ' ALMA LEACY McKENZIE HONOR STUDENT: President National Honor So- ciety: Senior Editor June '36 Annual: Quill and Scroll: Chairman Senior Assembly Committee: Chairman 4-Low Decorating Committee: Glee Club and Mixed Chorus: Secretary 4-Low Class: Chairman Drama Committee THE BEACON, JUNE 36 ESSIE ROBETTA MILLNER HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: School Cheerleader: Senior Literary Club: Cast: "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Feathertop," "Up in the .iir": Staffs: "Quality Street," "Tune In": Spanish Club: G. .L A.: Home Room Offices. SOPHIA EISENMAN HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society, National Thespians: Quill and Scroll: Editor-in-Chief of June Annual: Senior Literary Club: Vice-President Speech Club: French Club: Beacon VVeekly Staff Re- porter: Staff of February Annual: Senior Ring Com- mittee: Senior Assembly Committee: Assistant Direc- tor: "Qualit5 Streetf, "Nine Lives of lihnilvf' "Thi: Youngest," "Mr. Pim Passes By." PHILIPPA ELIZABETH SCHLOBOHM HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: Nat- ional Thespians: .lunior Red Cross: Junior Literaiy Club: Senior Literary Club: Art Club: Art Editor, .lunc Annual: Chairman. Senior Invitation Committee: Cust: "Romance is a Racket," "The Swan." TED ACOSTA HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: Junior Class Representative: Senior Class Representative: Executive Board of Student Council: Manager Basket- ball: Athletic Council: National Athletic Scholastic As- sociation: Orchestra: State High School Orchestra' 1 Band: VS'illiamsburg Music Festival: Music Letter: Senior Music Committee: Spanish Club: Literary Club' 1 ' 'Feathertopf ' CHESTER BUCK ' HONOR STUDENT: New Hanover High School: President Nature Club: President. Der Deutsche Vtrein: Student Council: N. C. State Student Council Congrressg Radio Club: Astronomy Club: O. Henry Literary So- ciety: Cliciuistry Club: Home Room Clmirinan. N. N. ll. S.: Junior Red Cross. FRANCES PAGE MAGUIRE HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: Senior Literary Club: Speech Club: French Club: Cast: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Quality Street," "The Youngest," "Feathertop," "The Swann: Staffs: "Mi: Pixn Passes By," "Up in the Air," "XYild Hobby Horses," "Our Happy Little Home-": Vice-President 4-Low Classy Chuirniun Senior Color Committee: Home Room Offices. ADELAIDE ROSALYN ARCH HONOR STUDENT: National Honor Society: Vice- President, Secretary, Quill and Scroll: Journalism Let- ter: Business Manager Beacon Newspaper: Business Manager Julie Annual: .Kd Staff, Newspaper and An- nual: Parliamentarian, Home Economics Club: Speech Club: Home Economics Reception: Home Economics Wedding: Spanish Club: 4-Low Decoration Committee: Chairman, Flower Committee: School Usher: "Feather- top": "A Royal Dilennna": Home Room Offices. S BARBARA WILLEY HONOR STUDENT: XY:1sliin,f.:toll-Iiee High S1-hooli Art Club: Student Council: Home Room Offices. New- port News High School: Art Club: Senior Literary Club: Staff: "Up in the Air": Type Certificate: Home Room Offices: Student Council. JULIAN ELMORE EUBANK, JR. Hampton High School: Editor-in-Chief, Beacon News- paper: Managing Editor, Beacon Newspaper: President, Vice-President, Quill and Scroll: Beacon Advertising Solicitor: Journalism Letter: Type Certificate: Secre- tary, J-Men: Press Agent, Senior Literary Club: Senior Decorating Committee: Senior Assembly Committee? Home Room Offices. Thntun . -N . THE BEACON, JUNEA36 R. HAYWOOD SCHOMBURG Track: Quill and Scroll: Sports Editor Beacon News- paper: Assistant Sports Editor Beacon Newspaper: "Feathertop": Senior Decoration Committee: Beacon Annual Ad Staff: Spanish Club: Photography Club: Home Room Offices. MIRIAM EDA MUREWITZ Senior Ring Committee: Senior Assembly Committee: Senior Literary Club: Speech Club: French Club: .lnuior Red Cross: G. A. A.: Assistant Director: "Up in the Air": Cast: "The Taming of the Shrew," "Quality Street," "A Royal Dilemma," "Feather- top": Staff: 'Quality Street," "The Youngest," "Wild Hobby Horses," "Our Happy Little Home," t'Mr. Pim Passes By," "The Late Christopher Bean," "Tune In," t'Grandma Pulls the String," "Theme Song," "Enchanted Cottage." ALICE REBA McCULLOCK Writers' Club: Speech Club: Spanish Club: G. A. A.: "Feather-top": "Robinson Crusoe": Student Council Representative: Home Room Offices. WALTER LEIGHA National Thespians: Drama Letter: President, Photo- graphy Club: Home Room Offices: Co-head Electrician for: "Tune In," "Quality Street," "The Youngest," "Mr, Pim Passes By": Head Electrician for: "Up in the Air," "The Swan," "Feathertop." HOWARD CHARLES MIRMELSTEIN National Thespians: National Honorary Athletic As- sociation: President, Speech Club: President, Junior Writers' Club: Athletic Council: Manager Football '35: Senior Literary Club: Spanish Club: Junior Red Cross: Tennis Team: Tennis Club: Mixed Chorus: 4- Law Ushering Committee: Senior Assembly Commit- tee: Home Room Offices: Cast: "Feathert0p," "A "Theme Songj: "Quality Street." Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "The Swann: Assistant Director: "Up in the Air": Staffs: "Enchanted Cot- tage," "Grandma Pulls the String," "Tune In," THELMA EDWARDS Staffs: "Enchanted Cottage," "Romancers," "Ro: mance is a Racket," "The Late Christopher Bean,' "Quality Street," "Grandma Pulls the String-": Home Room Offices: School Usher: "Feathertop": G. A, A. Spanish Club: Junior Red Cross: Beacon Ad Staff. BERNICE HONICK Vice-President Art Club: Cast: "Up in the Air": Staff: "Quality Street," "The Swan," "Feathertop": French Club: Home Room Office. . . ' 'I' f JAMES SHIRES Cast: "Featl1ertop," HA Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Staffs: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Quality Street," "The Youngest": Home Room Offices: Boys Home Economics Club: Photo Club: Spanish Club: Usher: Airplane Club. JOHN WESLEY DIXON, JR. Managing Editor Beacon Weekly: Senior Literary Club: Fencing Club: Orchestra: Band: Williamsburg Music Festival: Service Letter, Orchestra: French Club: 4-High Committees: Home Room Offices. HELEN J ANIK "Fe-athertop": Type Certificate: Junior Red Cross: Senior Home Economics Club: G. A. A.: Staffs: "A Royal Dilemma," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "A Doll's Honsc": Junior Home Economics Club. Fourteen TI-is BEAcoN, JUNE S36 THOMAS NELMS DOWNING l Student Council Representativeg 4-Low Ushering I tonnnittec: Literary Clubg Spanish Clubg Speech Clubg Home Room Officesj "Feathertop"g Tennis Club: Junior Red Cross. IRIS CONSTANCE RICE "Feathertop", Home Room Officesg Type Certifi- cate. ALEXANDER N. BRANCH Cheerleaderg Junior, Senior Literary Clubs, Speech Clubg Spanish Club: Cast: "Quality Street," "The Swan," "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air," "In Dixon's Kitchenng State H. S. Chorus: Mixed Chorusg Staff: "Tune In"g Foot- hallg Home Room Offices. EDWARD BRUCE BEW Feature Editor of the Beacong Copy Editor of the Beacon: Quill and Scroll: Senior Literary Club: An- nual Ad Staff June '35: Maury High School: Oceana High Schoolg Home Room Offices. ALICE RAPPOLD G. A. A.: Spanish Club: "Feathertop"g Staff: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage," "Qual- ity Street," "Mr, Pim Passes By," "The Youngest," "Tune In," "Up in the Air," "Theme Song," "Nine i s of Emilx " 'Tazz and Minuet" "Our Ha Lhve I 3 . i ppy Little Home," "Wild Hobby Horses," "Julius Cae- sar," "Macbeth"g Thespiang Type Certificate. WILLIAM TALBOT EUBANK, JR. Thespiansg Football: Basketballg Golf Letterg Speech Clubg Spanish Clubg Home Room Officesg French Clubg Staffs: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Theme Song," "Grandma Pulls the String." "Quality Street," "Nine Lives if Emily," "Jazz and Minuet," 'The Youngest," f'Mr. Pim Passes By," "Julius Caesar," "Macbeth," "NVild Hobby Horsesf' "Our Happy Little Home," "Em-lianted Cottage," "Tune In"g Cast: "Up in the Airf' "Feathertop." "Robinson Crusoe"g Advertising Staff .Inue '36 Annual. CHARLES ELWOOD SHEPPARD Student Council: Buslcctlnillg Spanish Cluhg llattin EVELLYN FRANCES KINCAID A MV, , Home Room Offices: Home Economics Clubg Sivaiiislxxli I ' 'I A Club: Staffs: "Quality Street," "The Late Chrisfofpher Bean," "The Roma.ncers." J lk LILLIAN TU LLY Cin-l's Athletic Letterg Glee Cluhg State High School Cliorusg Home Economics Clubg G. A. A.g Cast: "P'eathcrtop," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Staff: "Tune ln," "Quality Sfreet"g Home Room Offices. ALF RED SOTER Cast: "Feathertop"g Photo Clubg Home Room Of- fices. I l Fifteen I 1 THE BEAcoN, JUNE 'ae LEONARD SHAWL Orchestra: High School State Orchestra in Rich- mond: Orehestra of "Up in the Air": Track: Home Room Offices. DOROTHY MAE HARDY L National Thespians: Cast: "Taming of the Shrew," "Romancers," "The Swan," "Quality Street," "A Royal Dilemma"g Dance Director: "Tune In," "Up in the Air," "Enchanted Cottage," "Jumbo Limited": Staff: "The Youngestu: Junior Literary Club: Senior Literary Club: French Club: Senior Home Economics Club: Beacon Ad Staff: Home Room Offices. PATRICIA WEYBURN Glee Club: Cast: "Up in the Air," "Who Says Can't?." "Feathertop," "Robinson Crusoe," "A Royal Dilemma." "Tune In": Type Certificate: Type Aniard: Home Room Offices: Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Home Economics Club: Readers' Club. FREDERICK ERWIN MALINA Advertising Manager, Beacon Newspaper: Editorial Staff, Beacon Newspaper: Advertising Staff, Beacon Newspaper: Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma": Staff: "Quality Street." "The Youngest," "The Sivan," "Up in the Air," 'tTune In," "ML Pim Passes By," "Grandma Pulls the String," "Teapot on the Rocks," "VVild Hobby Horses," "Our Happy Lit- tle Home," "Jumbo Limited": Junior Red Cross: .lunior VVriters' Club: Latin Club: Home Room Offices: Quill and Scroll. JAMES REID Home Room Offices: Cast: "Feathertop." LUCILLE WHITE Senior Motto Committee: "Feathertop": Spanish Club: School Usher: Home Room Offices. BERTHA ROSENBLATT Senior Literary Club: Speech Club: Junior Home Economics Club: June Annual Advertising: Staff: June Annual Editorial Staff: Beacon Newspaper Staff Re- porter: Beacon lVcekly Advertising Staff: Type Cer- tificates: XVoodstock Type Awards: Home Room Of- fices: Beacon Circulation Staff: Cast: "Feathert0p": B. A. A.: Staff: "Doll's House," "It'll Be All Right on the Night," "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Tune In," "Enchanted Cottage." "A Royal Dilemma": Usher: 'Beacon Typist: Fashion Show. ' BENJAMIN LEAKE Rand: Junior Literary Club: Senior Literary Club: Mixed Chorus: State H. S. Chorus: Spanish Club: Junior IVriters' Club: t'Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Beacon Newspaper Staff. LEE WORKMAN Thespians: Drama Activities Letter: Staff of "Tune In," "Quality Street": Stage Manager: "The Young- est," "Miz Pim Passes By," "Up in the Air," "The Swann: Football: Home Room Offices: Cast: 'Feather- top.' ' - DORIS CARTER Home Room Offices: Beacon Annual Staff: Senior Literary Club: Art Club: G. A. A.: Home Economics Club: Cast: "Feathertop": School Usher: Home Eco- nomics Fashion Show: Staff: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Theme Song," "Grandma Pulls the String," "Tune In," "The Youngest," "Quality Street," "Up in the Air," "VVashington's First Defeat," "The Girl Next Door." Sixteen THE BEACON, JUNEA36 REID PATRICK FRANCES M. YATES Spanish Club: "Featl1ertop"3 Staff: "Up in the Air," "Nine Lives of Emily," "Jazz and Minuet. ANNA M. McKENZIE Home Room Offices: Glee Club and Mixed Chorus: State H. S. Chorus: Assembly Committee: Senior Liter- ary Club: Chairman Short Story and Poetry Contest Committee: Chairman Constitution and Motto Commit- tee, Junior IVriters' Club: Chairman Program Commit- tee, Speech Club: Publicity Chairman, Senior Home Economics Club: Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In": Staffs: "The Youngest," "Mr, Pim Passes By," "Wild Hobby Horses," "Our Happy Little Home," "Up in the Air," "Jumbo l.i1nited": Usher: Junior Red Cross: Beacon Staff. ALBERT ROGERS Spanish Club: Model Airplane Club: Staff: "Up in the Air": Cast: "Feathertop": Home Room Offices. Q. CARLIN W. NASH Glee Club: State Chorus '35: Senior Literary Club: Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Student Council: Spanish Club: Home Room Offices. MILDRED HOPKINS Senior Home Economics Club: Beacon Annual: "'l"eutliertop": Photography Club: Type Certificate. EDN A BEATRICE LONG Home Economics Club: G. A. A.: "Featl1ertop": Fashion Show: School Usher: Staffs: "Quality Street," "No Retreat," "Nine Lives of Emily," "Jazz and Minuet," "The Youngest": Type Certifi- cate. HENRY HARRISON Newport News High School: President, Photo Club. Hugh Morson High School, Raleigh, N. C.: Science Club' Home Room Office' Band. NEAL JOSEPH PATTEN Student Council: Football: Basketball: Track: Photo Club: Speech Club: Spanish Club: Cast: "Tune In," "Feathertop," "The Late Christopher Bean": Staffs: "Enchanted Cottage," "Mr, Pim Passes By," "Qual- ity Street," "Teapot on the Rocks," "Vicious Cix-cle": Home Room Offices. DORIS WAGGAMAN Spanish Club: B. A. A.: Junior Literary Club: Junior, Senior Home Economics Clubs: Art Club: Home Room Offices: Beacon Advertising Staff: Beacon Edi- torial Staff: High Tide Staff: Junior Readers' Club: Junior Writers' Club: Cast: "Feathertop." "The Carey's of Virginia," "Enchanted Cottage," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Staff: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Theme Song," "Grandma Pulls the String," "Quality Street," "Jazz and Minuet," "Nine Lives of Emily," "The Youngest," "Miz Pim Passes By." Scvcntccfz- I I 1 , D 5 -nur --e--in..dr- Y' Au rw- - -- M- --- - -------' f i-- --us-A--.H . . -. -...- A ........-t.m..,....a..l. -H THE BEACON, JUNEA3 e. JOSEPH BROOKS BARNES President. National Thespiansg Staff Beacon News- paper: Cast: "Quality Street," "VVashington's First Defeat." "The Romancersj' "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Swan," f'Feathertop," "Robinson Cru- soe": Speech Club: Senior Literary Club: 4-Lou' Deco- rating Committee. ELIZABETH McCANN T C tf te' Ho li' on c Club' C N l ' y e ,er i ica . me ie omi s , 1. 1 . 1-., .- v . . , s , Home Room Ofiieeg llrncrs Club: ' Feutbertop' . "Robinson Crusoe." - GEORGE BURCHER Junior Varsity Football: Cast "Feathertop"g Staffs: "Quality Street." "The Late Christopher Bean," "Tune ln"g Pliotog'raphy Clnbg Home Room Offiees. OTIS ALLMOND Football: Basketball: Spanish Club: Cast, "Featl1e1'- topng Basketball Letters. EVELYN LORRAINE MILLER Home Room Offices: Spanish Club: Junior Red Cross: G. . A.: Staff: "Quality Street," "The Late Christopher Be-an": Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Difeminaug Type Certificate. LAURA CARNEY Senior Literary Club: Latin Club: G. A. A.: "Feath- crtJp": Peacon Staff: Beaeon Advertising Staff: Home Rooin Offices. JOHN A. EICHELBERGER Mana er Football: Assistant Manager Football, Ath- letic Association Council: Operetta: "Robinson Cru- soe," "Feathe1top"g Usher: Door Staff: Home Room Offices: Staff: "Taming of the Shrew," "Vanity," "Roxuancers," "Romance is ai. Racket," "The Vicious Circle," "Teapot on the Rocks." EDDIE A. JONES Junior Varsity Football: Varsity Football: Football Letter: Student Council: Home Room Office: National Thespians: Drama Letter: Stage Manager: "Tune In," "Jazz and Minuetf' "Quality Street," "Theme Songm: Head Electrician: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage": Staff: 'LStation Y. Y. Y. Y.i'. 'LTeapot on the Rocks," "Romance is a Racket," "It'll Be All Right on the Night"g Cast "Feathertop." "Who Says Can't?" BARBARA MacINTIRE Staff: "Vanity Fair," "Romancers," "Romance is a. Racket." "Enchanted Cottage," "Teapot on the Rocks," "Vicious Circle," 'It Sometimes Happens," "It'll Be All Right on the Night," "VVomen Folks," "A Royal Dilemma"g Cast: "Tune ln," "Feather top"g Home Room Offices: Senior Home Economics Club. VERNARD GRUBBS -Student Council Representativeg Traekg "Feather- t,op"g Home Room Offices. Eighteen '..,,.,e ., ., f,,,.., u-:if TI-IE BEACON JUNE 36 A LFRED ONNO LUN ING "l"e:i1lie1'top"g '1'raek: Spanish Club, Photo Club Student Council, Home Room Offices. RUTH FIEGE ti. A. .l.2 -llllllOl' Home Economies Clnbg Iflennoniws Club: HFt'3ffllF5I't0jl'xQ Fashion ICQ-ononiiv NYeddingg Photography Club: latte Christopher Bean," "The Youngestf Chimes"3 Home Room Offieesg I-I0 Receptions: G. A. A. Senior Heine Showg Home Staff: "The ' "W'hy the me Economic THELOISE A. MITCHELL Art Cluh: Beau-on Stnffg Cast: "Fea.tl1ertop," ' H018"g Staff: "Quality Street," "The Youngs-Qt G. A. A.: Junior Home Economics Clubg Junior Red Cross: Home Room Offices: NORRIS MASSIE Varsitv Football: Varsitv Football Letterg Junior 'Va rsity Foot hall: "Fe:1thertop." ' JOE RUBEN ,Spanish Vlnhg Cast "vl"eatl13rtop"3 Home Room Of fwesg Student COlllll'liQ Junior Red Cross. SYLVIA ISABEL HOLZSW EIG Beacon Annual Staff: Bearon Newspaper: Speech Club: Spanish Clubg "Feathertop"g Staff: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage," "Quality Street." BESSIE LORRAINE HOLLAND Glee Club: Mixed Chorusg Cast: "Featl1ertop,' Royal Dilennnu," "Tune In," "Up in the Air"3 Sfute ll. S. Chorusg Staff: "Quality Street," "Mr, 1 m Passes By," "The Late Christopher Benn," "Eueha ed Cottu,," "The Youngest"g Home Room Offices NEA L SHAWEN Hi-nier Literary Uluhg Junior lliterairy Cluhq Tennis 'l'i-ann: Tran-kg Staffs: "Tune In," "Quality Street," "The Yeungre-st.,'l "Up in the Air," "The Swu.u"3 Cust HFl'2l-iill'l'If0ll,,Q Student Count-il, Speech Cluhg Home Room Offiu-sg Senior Committee, Airplane Club. CLAUDE ELEY lun' Xnuuul Staff' "Fe atherto'i"' Staffs' ' Tie Late Christopher Beau," "Enchanted Cotta-ge," "Nine Lives of Emily," "VVhy the Chimes Raugf' "Grand ma Pulls the String", Junior Varsity Football. MILTON C. WALSH Beacon Staffg Cast: "Featl1ertop," "Holy Grai1"g Staffs: "A Royal Dilemma," "The Late Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottageng Home Room Offices. N ineteen - - -annnunnr---A W was THE BEAcoN, JUNE 'ae ' J. FRANKLIN WILLIAMSON, JR. School Cheerleader: Glee Club: State High School Chorus: Cast: "Up in the Air," "Tune In," "A R-oyal Dilemma," "Feathertop"g Spanish Club: Home Room Offices: H. R. Cheerleader. - LOLA ANDERSON Cast: HFBil.tllB1'l10lb,U "A Royal Dilemma"1 Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Beacon .ldvertising Staff: Senior Henle lieonomxcs Club. MARY MORRIS Type Certificate: Girls' Glee Clubg Exchange Man- ager. Beacon Newspaper: Editorial Staff, Beacon News- paper: Home Room Offices: Cast: "Feathert,op," "A Roval Dilemma," "Tune In": Home Economies Club: Junior Red Cross: Usher: G. A. A. JAMES WALSH Tennis Teamg Junior Varsity Football: Junior Var- sity liasketball: Latin Club: Spanish Club: Beacon Staff: Student Council: Staffs: "The Hottentotf' "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Roma.m'ers," "Romance is a,Racket": Cast: "Robinson Crusoe," "Feather- top.' LLOYD GRAHAM TAYLOR Photo Club: Airplane Club: Junior Varsity Football: Cast: "Feathertop," "The Swan." "A Royal Dilem- ma"g Staffs: "The Late Christopher Bean": "Quality Street," "Tune In," "Up in the .lir"g Home Eco- nomies Plays and VVedding': Home Room Offices: Of- fice Staff. GERTRUDE STU RM Spanish Club: "Feathertop": "A Royal Dilennna": Type Certificate: Staffs: "Tune In," "Quality S1reet": Home Room Offices: G. A. A. ELOISE JOHNSTON TEMPLE Staff: "Enchanted Cottage," "The Late Christopher Bean": Cast: "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air": Spanish Club: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: State H. S. Chorus: Art Club: Home Room Offices. GEORGE FREDERICK ABELE. JR. Band: Orcliestra: Senior Lit,e"ary Club: Mixed Chorus: Spanish Club: Vast: ".l Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air." "Julius Caesar," "Mae- beth": State High School Chorus: Home Room Offices. CLARENCE BLAKE Class Offieesg Home Room Offices: Cast "Feather- top." ' LULY WARE HONOR STUDENT: Maury High School: Officer in Math Club: Latin Club: French Club, Newport News High School: French Club: Chorus of "Up in the Air": Home Room Office: Color Committee of Senior Class. Twenty ..--,pw THE BEAcoN , JUNEA3 e BEATRICE EDMUND PEARSON Senior Color Committee: Type Certificate: Usher: Beacon Newspaper Staff: Beacon Typist: G. A. A. "Feathertop": Fashion Show: Home Economics Club: Home Room is a Racket," "A Royal Dilemma," "It'll Be All Right on the Night," "Women Folks," "Enchanted Cot- tage." "The Late Christopher Bean." JOHN STANADAY Spanish Club: Model .Xirplnne Club: Cast "Feather- top": Home Room Offices. Cast: "'Peu.tl1ert0p," "ii Royal Dilemma." "Tune In," "Enchanted Cottn.g'e,': Glee Club: Home Room Offices: French Club. M A RY ELIZA BETH BROCK Staff: "Romance is 21 Racket," "Romunccrs," "Vanity," "The Lute Christopher lleu.n": G, A, A.: Type Certificate. BERNARD LOCHSTAMPFOR Track Letters: Annual Two Mile Run: "Fea her- top": Home cate: Senior Street," "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Young:- cst": Iloorman, "Our Happy Little Home." G LENROY BELVIN Photo Club: 'Varsity lfootlull: Junior Varsity Foot ball: Cast "Fcathertop": Speech Club: Spanish Club: Home Room Offices. School Usher: Cast: "Fcatl1ertop": Type Certifi- cates: Beacon Typist: Staff: "Wild Hobby Horses." "Our Happy Little Home," "Up in the Air," "The Swann: Annual Typist: Junior Red Cross: Home Room Offices. WILLIAM TRIBBLE Manager of Track: Athletic Council: Class Offices: Home Room Offices: Cust "Feathertop": Staff "Qual- ity Strectf ' NVriters' Club: High Tide: Junior Home Economics Club: Senior Home Economics Club: G. A, A.: Spanish Club: Ad Staff of Beacon: Home Room Offices: Staff: "Tune In," BEN BRENNER Spanish Club: Home Room Offices: Cast "Feather- top": Photography Club. Office: Staff: "Romancers," "Romance HELEN HOYER Room Offices: Photo Club: Type Certifi- Home Economics Club: Usher, "Quality Y ERNA RAY PARROTT VIRGINIA ILISH A'.Tumb0 Limited." I u 7'1wnlyH0nc I 1 i g....J - . .ff-s-gnuv, ,a ---X W was .V-. THE BEACON , JUNEA36 , BENTON GA RRETT Track, Senior Literary Club, Spanish Club, Junior Literary Club: Art Club: "Feathert0p", Home Room Offices. EVELYN EAGLE School Usher, G. A. A., Athletic Letter, Junior Red Cross, "Feathertop", Home Room Offices. FLORENCE MAHONE Usher, President Photography Club, "Feathertop", Staffs: "lVashington's First Defeat," "Enchanted Cot- tage", G. A. A., Senior Home Economics Club, Junior Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross. JAMES KAISER Track, Annual Two Mile Race, Student Council, Staffs: 't'1'he Youngest," 'tVVild Hobby Horses," "Our Happy Little Home," "Mr. Pim Passes By," "Julius Caesar," "MnCbeth," "Up in the Air", Cast: "Feath- ertopf' "A Royal Dilemma", Midget Football, H. R. Offices. JOSEPH H. NEISE, JR. Home Room Offices, Class Room Offices, Cast "Feathertop"g Junior Varsity Football and Basketball, Airplane Club, Photo Club, Usher. ALDA LORRAINE CHAPMAN Orchestra, Chorus, Glee Club, Orchestra and Glee Club Letters, Richmond Musical Festivals, Cast: "Up in the Air," "Tune In," "A Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices, Type Certificates, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Fashion Show, G, A. A., Staffs: "Tune In." "Quality Street," "The Youngest," Mr. Pim Passes By," "The Late Christopher Beau", Bea- con Newspaper Staff, Annual Staff. RUTH GERTRUDE LEVINSON Spanish Club, ' 'Feather-top' ' , Staff: "Quality Street," ' 'Nine Lives of Emily, ' ' ' 'No Retreat' 'Q Fashion Show. JOEL WILLIAM WHITLEY Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Up in the Air," "The Swan," "Holy Grail", Staff, "Qual- ity Street", Football, Track, H. R. Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, State H. S. Chorus, Home Economic VVedding, Photo Club. MILDRED WILLIAMS "Feathe.rtop", Type Certificate, Home Room Of- fices, JIIIIIOI' Red Cross. CHRISTINE WHITFIELD Senior Home Economics Club, Spanish Club, Cast: "Feathertop", Type Certificates, Woodstock Type Award, Staffs: "Quality Sreet," "Tune In," Senior Pageant June '35, "Nine Lives of Emily", Junior Red Cross. Twenty-fl'wo .sf I 1 THE BEAQON, JUNE 'ae MORRIS HALPERIN Spanish Cluhg Junior Red Crossg "1"eutl1e1'l.op"' llomc Room Offices. SARA CHRISTINE WOOD ll. K. .Lf Cust of 'iFeutliertop"g Stuff: "lVushing:- ton's First Defeat," "The Euclniuted Cottage," "A Royal Dilemma," "The Late Christopher Bean," "Vauity": Home Room Offices: Type Certificutes: Home Economic Fnshion Show. HAYWOOD HUBBARD Student Council Executive Bourdg Speech Club: Photo Club: Spunisll Clubg "Feathcrtop"g Airplane Clubg Home Room Offices. WOODROW PULLEY Home Room Offices: Basketbullg Cust: HFt'!lllll'l" top." "Robinson C1-usoe": Staffsg "Quality Street," "Mix Pim Passes By," "Up in the Air," "The Swan." MABLE RUTH DUNSTON "l"culln-rtop": Spanish Clubg G. A. A.: Junior Eco- nomics Clubg Senior Home Economics Club. NORMA FORREST Spanish Club: French Club: ' 'Featl1e1'top" 5 Home Economics Club: Beacon Staffg Home Room Offices Junior Red Crossg G. A. A. JOHN STEVENSON Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond, Vu.: Geo grnphy Club. John Marshall High School. Richmond, Vu.: Geography Club. Newport News High School: Cast, "Feathert0p"g Spanish Clubg Home Room Of- fices. HERBERT TU RK llonn- Room Offices: Studi-nl Council: Spanish Club: Cust "l"vu.lln-rlolD"2 .lnnior Varsity linskctlvzillg Stuff "Mi: l'inl Passes By," "Jumbo Limited," "Tu Swnn"3 Usher. RACHEL MARIE WATSON Home lflconomics Fashion Show: Cust: "Feutl1c1'top," "A Royal Dilemma": Staff: "Tune In," "The Lute Christopher Beau," "Vanity," "Enchu.uted Cottageny Home Room Officesg Type Certificate. ODESSA FAIRCLOTH School Usher: "Feathertop"g Type Certificate: Bea- con Typist: Staff: "Our Happy Little Home," "VVild Hobby Horses." "The Swann: Junior Home Economics Clubg G. A. A.g Home Economics Fashion Show. T'l0C'I'Ifty-Th?'6G i I J. T A., A, .M , . WAN., THE BEACON, JUNE 'as WAYNE RANDALL RICE "l"eullicrtop"g Spanish Club, Home Room President. EVELYN RUTH WILKS Business Manager Beacon Newspaper, Advertising Manager Beacon Newspaperg Spanish Ciuhg Staff: "The Youngest," "Our Happy Little Home," "NVild Hobby Horses": Cast: "Feathe1'top," "A Royal Dilemma", Quill and Scroll. ETHEL SPIVEY Senior Literary Club: Spanish Club: Student Conn cill "Feat-he1'top," "A Royal Dilennnaug Type Certi ficateg Staff: "The Youngest," "Wild Hobby Horses,' "Our Happy Little Home," "Up in the Air", G. A .Lg Home Room Offices. FREDERICK PAUL MIDDLETON Spanish Club, Cast HF9ll.lLll0l'l,0lJ.H NEWTON SAVAGE Beacon Type Setter. CHARLOTTE DEAN DOGGETT Clniirman of Senior Ring Committee: Type Certifi- eateg Junior Red Cross, G. A. A., Home Economics Club: Home Room Officesg Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Quality Street." "The Girl Next Door," "Julius Caesar": Staffs: "The Late Christo- pher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage," "Tune In," "Nine Lives of Emily," "Mr, Pim Passes By," HIi1'2llldllli.l Pulls the Stl'Illg'., ' ANGELINE DANIEL Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dileuuna"g G. A .Lg Junior Home Economic Clubg Senior Home Eco nomic Clubg Junior Red Cross, Photography Club Staff: "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Young est," "XVl1y the Chimes Rungng Home Economics Wed dingy Fashion Show. WILLIAM CLEM ENT Band: French Clubg Cast: "A Royal llilennna," ' "l"eat.lic1'top"g Staff: "The Youngest," "Up in the Air." FRANK BEAZLIE Senior Literary Club: '1'rnokg Home Room Offices Cast "Feathertop"3 Student. Councilg Spanish Club Photo Clubg Senior Usher. MATEEL PAGE DUNSTON Senior Home Economics Club, Cust: "Feathertop"g Spanish Clubg G. A. A.g Home Room Offices, Type Certificate. Tlvcnty-1"0ur """ ' f- J' +50 -, , fwm, l I- . .v Y--nnmrnmx-et,-w .-Q -H-f'w!I"'P,W1rmnnng5,.rf.,ew . J ' l ! i i I T1-nz BEACON , JUNEA36 I WALTER ANDERSON ' Basketball: Midget Football: Track: Home Room Offices: Speech Club: Spanish Club: Sesqui Pageant: Cast: "A Royal Dilemma," "Enchanted Cottage," "Feathertop": Staffs of Plays: Officer in Speech Club. DORIS HATTON French Club: G. A. A.: Cast: "A Royal Dilcinmaf' "Feathertop": Home Room Offices: Beacon Newspaper Reporter: June Annual Ad Staff: Staff: "The Young- est." ' IDA SIEGEL Spanish Club: Junior Home Economics Club: Com- mittee of Junior Home Economics Club: Type Certifi- cate: "Feathertop": Home Economics Fashion Show: Home Room Offices. DICK HAMILTON Major Letter in Basketball: Midget, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Basketball: Junior Varsity Football: Track: Beacon Sports Writer: Beacon Newspaper Ad- vertising Staffg Beacon Annual Advertising Staff: Stu- dent Council: Senior Literary Club: Photo Club: Quill and Scroll. PETE VENERIS Spanish Club: "Feathcrtop": Staffs: "Tune In, "Quality Street," "Nine Lives of Emily," "Jazz and Minnet," 'The Youngest," "XVild Hobby Horses "Our Happy Little Home," "Up in the Air." JEANNE ANDREWS Needham Broughton High School: Home Room Of- fices: Beacon Annual Staff: Beacon Newspaper: Latin Club. ELLA W. LONG G. A. A.: Home Economics Club: "Feathertop": Type Certificate. JAMES WENDELL EAMES Varsity Football: Spanish Club: French Club: Home Room Offices: Cast "Feathertop": Junior Red Cross: 4-Low Ushering Committee: Senior Pennant Commit- tee: Junior Literary Club: Staff Beacon Annual. EUGENE MIDDLETON Spanish Club: Home Room Offices: Junior Red Cross: French Club: "Feathertop." FRANCES ADAMS Home Room Offices: French Club: G. A. A.g Cast: "Enchanted Cottage," "Tune In," "Feat.hertop"g Staffs: "The Late Christopher Bean," "The Young- cst, ' ' ' 'Quality Street. ' ' I f I Twenty-Five I I I , 4 A--M - A L. THE BEACON, Juni-:"3 e HARRIS SHIMKOWITZ Home Room Offices, Thespians, Spanish Club, Mid- get Football, Varsity Football, Cast: "Feathertop," "A Royal Dilemma," "Tune In," "Up in the Air", Mixed Chorus, Staffs: "The Late Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage," "Grandma Pulls the String," ' 'Quality Street, " ' 'Jazz and Minuet, ' ' ' 'Doll's House, ' ' ' 'Romancers, ' ' ' 'Why the Chimes Rang, ' ' "The Holy Grai1,' ' ' 'In Dixon's Kitchen,' ' ' 'The Youngest, ' ' ' 'Wild Hobby Horses, ' ' ' 'Nine Lives of Emily," "Theme Song", Radio Program for Educa- tion Xveekg Hampton Assembly Skit, Fire Prevention Play. ' CHARLOTTE PRIDE Junior Literary Club, Senior Literary Club, Fresh man Speaker, June '36 Anmml Stuff, Secretary, Fresh main Class, Home Room Offices, Staff: "The Young est", "Feathertop", French Club, XV1'iters' Club Latin Club, G. A. A. woonnow WYNN Spanish Club. F' Leek , l Twenty-Siu: BE sv onltssg o gwun wsucs THE BEACON, JUNEA3 6 HOST STUD! OV S x BFRBBRA nun HRHILTQN ' nwnug, i W 54 in XJR'-ses H 3 1 f ? 6 5351- URNCE. K9 HMRRKS SHSNK gwlfg DoKsTQ-lv 1 N'RRbY F ! Noi? vnvuug BWDVBY-lgsvu-A issue Hxguweft PR ,r +' ,an 5555224-3 'fy . ' ' f X '-wM'?-,iff-5fPa?5 X 1 of 2. - - Q ' L 1 it 'fwwf 3 .VU C 3- 1 3 . 'Fitz Sf . gf 5233? - V9 ' ' 'he'wQx ,3l22"23?"5e:.f'i2e:: . I a Cf,4,",f ,A 1 5',,p'.a'i - 'Q .2 1 k'.i'a'aJ-.fE:fQ1gj5?g'?-Q' if A ll ' I A is . A 5, , 5 - ' 5 2 'Q 9 X 'ff 2, u t D 1 X , ay in 6 , ni 0 ' ' W 1' Q x -mivx E T 3 Q K ' - 2 N 5 3 c. 5 c Qc T' x N 2 s X , L L 5 1' If il X fo 0 Q lg X T . ffm YN " 6 Q ' L f mlffif XXX I'w.,..-+-'v'vr-- ' Q' V ,L s BTNEL svwei W'W'f"W 'W'-EV ov- s m.x.Mow A ' f na UN B EES' """"" BEST Hu' D Mon- nvunevuc . xx 'Lg-ge 'L . :-T-ff? x l ' ' 's '. f XM - -njff "f b I . 1 1 -wM:-1..,E N, - 1 U ' . Lv,-1133: .N h 1 RUTH CBRTIS Kcmgson ,Y . in 1, 1 X. N A - I SG- E on G E Q LL K S N 5 ,fp 2 Nos-r gguoox.. Svwlsvib S x I Y . Ill YH surpg sq W museum fuvsn I uwNr'-110111 centuries F D I! lm Z D "' 'SJ' ll My -35511 J, Aff' 'LNX5 HALL OF FAME Monday 's child is- fair of face-Ethel Spivey and Woodrow Pulley. Tuesday 's child is full of grace-Dorothy Hardy and Harris Shimkowitz. Wed1iesdiay's child is full of woe--Lee Montgomery CAgi in "The Swannj. Thursday 's child has far to go-Otis Allmond. Friday 's child is loving and giving-Essie Millner -and A. N. Branch. Saturday's child works hard for his living-Barbara Ann Ilamilton and James Hawkins. But the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe and gay- Oharlotte Doggett and Tominy Downing. IT HAPPENED AT THE PROM Soft strains of music floated lazily from the radio. A silky rustle of dresses and a murmuring rustle of paper streamers lent a slight air of mystery to the masquerade ball. The large room was illuminated' by covered lights, and semi-darkness encircled the dancers. The French windows at both ends of the room were thrown open to the cool night breeze. "Look at Little Bo-Peep over there with Simple Simon. lsn"t that shepherdess's dress adorable!-Charlotte Doggett and A. N. Branch, you know. There are rumors of an engagement." ' The girl's escort emitted' a snort. "Speaking of peeping, she can't even peep over his shoulder! But they are a pretty pair." About this time, Mary, who was quite contrary, danced by in the arms of Jack Sprat. She was trying to teach him 'a new step. "I don't guess Mrs. .Sprat welcomes that sight," said the outspoken girl whom we have already overheard. "Oh, Howard Mirmelstein is merely having a little flirtation with Sophia .Eisen- man. Miriam Morewitz won't mind'-they're good friends." A gale of loud laughter swept from the far end of the room. Most of the couples rushed thither, where lo and behold, J. W. Whitley, attired as Little Boy Blue la suc- cessful impersonation to anyone possessing a vivid imaginationj, had slipped on a banana peel. "Now, who in the world was eating bananas on a dance floor!" roared the placid Boy Blue. "I did it," audaciously piped Peter Piper fno other than Joe Barnes, the little l rasca J. Soon attention was drawn back to the lilting tune that caused so many dancing feet to linger. As I was leaving, our first acquaintance remarked, "I've heard that Luly VVare is going to Europe this summer. I wish .her BON VOYAGE!" And I echoed pensively, "Bon voyage on the ship of Life--" 1. Doctor Foster-Frank Beazlie. 2. Peter Piper-'Ted Acosta. 3. Mother Hubbard-Frances Maguire. 4. Bo-Peep-Helen Warren. 5. Prince Charming-Jack Dixon. 6. Miss Muffet-Norma Forrest. 7. J ack Horner--Warren Ashby. 8. Old King Cole-George Ellis. 9. Mistress Mary-Ruth Robeson. 10. Wee Willie Winkle-Alma McKenzie. 11. Lucy Locket-Sophia Eis-enman. 12. Kitty Fisher--Miriam Morewitz. 13. Little Boy Blue-Lee Montgomery. 14. Simple Simon-A. N. Branch. 15. Georgy Porgy--George Abele. 16. Tommy Snooks and Bessy Brooks-Dick Hamilton and Phil -Schlobohm 17. Tommy Tucker-Gerald Berlin. 18. Humpty-Dumpty-Joe Ruben. 19. Jack Sprat-Eugene Middleton. 20. Mrs. Sprat-Erna Ray Parrott. 21. Jack-be-Nimfble-aMayo Fitzhugh. 22. Jack and- Jill-Howard Mirmelstein and Adelaide Arch. 23. Betty Blue--Alda Chapman. 24. Fat Man of Bombay--Freddie Malina. 2.5. Ten o'c1ock Scholar--Neal Patten-. 'llwcntgl-E ight .. . 1 i l 1 l A I N .,,,..l .. -,---. J.. . , ,, -..W-lun-. Y I I I ' I Uwxlllll , X MOTHER GOOSE GOES ON .TOUR Ride in the sky to Newport News High, 2 Your downy-white goose will carry you nigh To the best school we know in the stateg ' February fifth '36 is the date- . Upon the receipt of this invitation, Mother Goose ejaculated, "Well, well, I shall certainly be glad to visit this school. It promises to be very! interesting. The mention of school takes me back to my young days when- , Blithe lasses gay and lad-s so fine, Tripped lightly on to school, We learned' to count from one to nine, Read, write, and fear the dunce's stool-"I The following day, after having ridden many miles, liflother Goose stoodl before the Newport News High School building, and surveyed its' imposing facade- "A school which looks as this one does, ' Should 'be as good as my school was," quoth she- "I believe I shall now have a look at the back." Once iiiside the athletic field, the first thing she spied was- I Robin Hood and his merry band, I Engaged in archery, f Each bow was strung by a steady hand, - Each arrow fine to see. , Over in another corner of the field, Mother Goose saw many boys jumping and run- ' t b t h other," she exclaimed- ning. "Why it looks- as if they were trying o ea eac , "The queerest sight doth meet my eye-I Jack-be-nimble is jumping high, Simple Simon is running fast, ' A stick into the air is cast, ' And quivering, comes to rest at last- I We never had this in my young day, , Children would only romp and play, I But this is very good to see, It helps them, and seems great fun to bei But now I shall go inside," quoth she- I After climbing up the Vback steps, our venerable motlier stopped at the door lead- ing backstage. Hearing sounds of -music, she ventured in, and there- "Lights out" and "curtain," a hurried cry, The sound of music coming nigh, , And youthful voices singing high- I "Why, this is grand," and listening near, "Up in the Air" came to her ear, ' A droning plane instilling fear- I Hastily withdrawing from the auditorium, she peeped into a room near-by and beheld the French club in an afternoon meeting. They awaited their sponsor's ar- rival, and then- , Miss Archibald came to their meeting, , Thinking that French they would speak, But all that she got for a greeting Y Was "Hey"-ibetter English they seekb. Their neighbors, the Spaniards then entered, No better in language were they, , The sound of their voices was centered, On soft Spanish music and play. ' "Since I can't speak French or Spanish my presente is of no use here," thought Mother Goose. ' I The library was the next stopping point in Mother Goose's travels. Modfestly stepping inside the door, she saw a gladdening sight-i Books here, books there, books all around, It seems we now in books abound, f The Literary Club gives all ' That one could ever wish. I A stack that is so very tall, , Of birds and beasts and fish. I I I I I T101-my-N'ivfc E , l I gh, , mv, A-4, ...v..,..w H""... ..,,,.,f...,. 1... ., W, .,., i,- .ccmw oats cu Q , Q :. 'J 1 X MGH' D -5 rm ni fy IJ I If' Yosef Continuing her travels, she happened upon the -office by mistake fentirelyj, and there were three large groups: -one -on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. As she entered, the right one began reciting in chorus: There is a club in our town, With members wondrous wise, With character and scholarship, r You too may win a prize. "Why mercy me, this must 'be the National Honor Society," and while' our old mother was surveying the high school .intelligentsia the middle group began: Hey, diddle, dee, We're out for a space, With Thespies we'll have some great fun, Lights out, and then curtain, The actors are certain, The drama has really begun. "We are the National Thespiansf' announced a small girl on the front row, and Mother Goose mentally observed that this child' resembled .Little Miss Muffet. And now it was the turn of the left side, accompanied by the beat of a yardstick and a worn-looking proof planer: The Beacon! Ray! The Annual! Rah! Just see what we have now, News seekers gay, Wise 'eds' sirrah, And medals too, we vow. With happy tears in her eyes, Mother Goose inquired of a tall man who resembled Jack Sprat, who might those young folks be. "International Quill and Scroll," quoth he. "A sprightly crowd of students!" ejaculatedw the visitor, and leaving the office, she ventured into the now deserted halls. "I must have seen everything that is happening now!" quoth she. Then with a wave of her magic wand, she was transported' through time to the early part of May. My proud white Swan is gliding by, With neck erect and head held high, Miss 'Crane and cast, aswell as staff, Have made us weep, and think, and! laugh. "What a ibeautiful production," thought Mother Goose, "and now for the latter part of May!" And with a swirl, she was landed in a hall teeming with students. Peering more closely she noticed' that they were attentively reading books with similar covers. Upon inquiry, she learned that- The Beacon annual, very fine, Had' just come off the press, "Hey, you, will you autograph mine ?" Andi then there was a messf The faithful staff had labored hard, And done its work full well, With watchful eyes this book they'll guard Their school life it doth tell. Strains of music coming to her ears, she crept into the auditorium and there was the orchestra-- A jolly group are we, we are, We come from near, we journey far, Miss Sherman guides us very well, Our heartfelt thanks to her we tell-- We play for plays, for graduates Whos-e school life here soon terminates, Strike up the band, Why here they come, N ow -blow your horns and beat the drum- A slow .procession of gray clad figures, quite obviously practicing for commence- men! exercises, marched down the aisle. "So many of them! They must be sorry to leave here," she mused as she thought she discerned tears in several eyes- "'C'ommenceme11t's not the end," quoth she, "Your life begins. What will you be? Be good and pure, be strong and true, You'll gain reward whsn life is through." o-o-o Hickory, dickory, d-ock, These features now we lock, We must be done, Life's just begun, We'1l in Her cradle rock. Thirty 5 36 1 1 1 i TIVIT kj s... IES XS ,J EACON, JUNEA36 Tll'iI'Ul'T'1l70 1 ' A- A "fund- THE BEAcoN, JUNE '34, Thirty-Three , 1 THE B1zAcoN, JUNE N36 Thirty-Four TI-ua BEAcoN, JUNE'7'3 e. '1'1m-ry-Five TI-112 BEACON , JuNE"'3 Q NURSERY RHYME CHARAC- TER WOULD FIND HIGH S C H O O L HCHILLUNS' " ACTIVITY PACE RAPID. The old lady who lived in the shoe had a hard time in keeping up with her mischievous children, but if they were to attend Newpo-rt News High School and -engage in the activities there, she would never be able- to keep up with them, for the activities program is wide and vari-ed. First, are the honorary groups, two national societies, fllld one in- ternational society, each significant in its specific field. The National Honor Society, standing for char- acter, leadership, scholarship, and service, is headed by Alma McKen- zie, with Ted Acosta as vice-presi- dent., Monroe- Brown, secretary, and Miss Eulah Massey, sponsor. The dramatic group, National Thespians, has Joe Barnes for president, Dorothy Hardy, secre- tary, and is sponsored by Miss Dorothy M. Crane. International Quill and Scroll is the journalistic society of the school with Elmore Eubank, presi- dent, Adelaide Arch, secretary, and Miss Lucille Kaul as adviser. New members elect-ed this term are Sophia Eisenman, Barbara Ann Hamilton, Dick Hamilton, Julian Erlach, Alma McKenzie, Henry Marshall, Fred Malina, and Jack Dixon. The Literary Club stands out from all other clubs as the charter or oldest in school and has grown greatly in members and accom- plishment. It is divided into both a Junior and Senior group. Each club holds social and busine-ss meet- ings twice monthly, sponsors poe- try and short story contests, pre- sents radio and assembly programs, gives book showers, teas, banquets, and has many other affairs. i 1 VGQ21 it "xg ' lf faces you Want to make UP, Max Factor's is the thing. All the beaux will Wake up And maybe you'll get a ring. J. C. Gorsuch 81 Co. MONFALCONE'S News Stand Sporting Goods Your first objective should be to acquire Real Estate. We have the facilities to aid you. Newport News Building and Loan Association 'I'hirty-Sfinv l l l l l l l l THE BEACON, JUNE x36 rl , Officers of the Senior Literary Club are Barbara Ann Hamilton, president, James Hawkins, vice- presidentg Eleanor Mabry, secre- tary and Elizabeth VVright, his- torian. Those of the Junior Club are Margaret liee Alexander, presi- dent, Joe Buchanan, vice-presi- dent, Mary Pride, secretary, and .lane Blewett. treasurer. Mrs. Mae Marshall Edwards is the sponso1'. The music departments keep rhythm in their nursery rhymes through three separate organiza- tions: the band, the orchestra, and the mixed chorus. XVesley Berry- man, the band leader, conducts a large group of boys -at cheer assem- blies, and at football and basket- ball games. The mixed chorus and orchestra, composed of both boys and girls, sings and plays at school functions and concerts throughout the state. Headed by Jackie Burroughs, the cheerleaders lead yells and songs at assemblies and football and basketball games. The Speech Club aims to pro- mote public speaking, debating, and reading in the school. The ot- ticers are lloward Mirmelstein, president, Sophia Eisenman, vice- president, and Frances Maguire, secretary. The Home Economics Club is diyided into two groups, the Senior and the Junior. Miss Louise Ram- sey sponsors the Senior Club, and Miss Sue Kelly, the Junior group. Sponsored by Mrs. Florence Montgomery, the Art Club is to interest the artistically inclined people of school. Pliilippa Schlo- bohm is president g Bernice Ilfonick, Vice-president and Esther Diehl, secretary. Meet Me At DAY' 3401 Washington Ave. 2718 Washington Ave. Compliments of Milady Beauty Salon Tl-IE I l . Ns cfullllzg glcinfirzg S Boogfibzcfifzg FRANKLIN PRINTING CO., Inc. V Phone 92 2Ig6-2l8 Twenty-fifth Street Thirty-Seven 'ri-nz BEACON, JUNE 'ae The spring play, "The Swan." was presented by the drama classes with the following playing the leading roles: Thursday night-Edg-ar Apple- white, Jackie Davis, ll. E. Bridges. Frances Maguire, Jackie Hur- roughs. VVallace llarrison, Alma McKenzie, Herman Smith, A. N. Branch, Raymond Ulialloner, Gene Abrams, and Ellen Padgett. Friday night-Lee Montgomery. Gene Schwartz, Martin llarowitz. Ruby Amory, Mildred Lee Ford. George Ellis, Frances Steger, Joe Barnes, J. TV. NYliitIey. Howard Mirnielstein, Arthur Kneip, and Eleanor llewins. Replacing the cantata of former years. the annual musical comedy was "Up in the Air." Leading roles were played by Gerald Ber- lin, Alda Chapman, James Shires, Jackie Burroughs, Alma McKen- zie, George Ellis, Eloise Temple, Benjamin Leake, Frances Steger. Marjorie Fox, Herman 'Smith, and llarris Shiinkowitz. The Beacon newspaper is pub- lished weekly by the students of the school, under the guidance of Miss liucille Kaul. The present editorial staff is Elmore Eub-ank, editor-in-chiefg Jack Dixon. man- aging editorg Bruce- Bew. feature editorg Henry Marshall, copy edi- torg llaywood Schoinburg, sports editorg Evelyn XN'ilks, business nianagerg Fred Malina. advertising ni-anagerg Edmund Pearson, cir- culation manager and Mary Mor- ris. exchange editor. Miss Eline Krisch is in charge of the typing for publications. The Beacon magazine is pub- lished bi-annually by the graduat- ing class. The editorial staff of the June. 1936, annual was Sophia Eiseninan, editor-in-chiefg Alma McKenzie. senior editorg Barbara Ann ll-amilton, feature editorg Lee Montgoniery, assistant feature edi- ALL THROUGH LIFE GOOD FOODS ARE IMPORTANT TO GOOD HEALTH v STICK TO QUALITY AT PENDER'S OUTHER DAIRIE ICE CREA High School Diplomas Framed Epes Stationery Co. Th.i1'ty-Eight 'rr-in BEACON , JUNEA36 ,- ,f ',,- - f tor, Philippa Schlobohm, art edi- tor, Adelaide Arch, business man- ag-er and Mayo Fitzhufrh advertis- ing manager. The newspaper was printed, for the first time, this semester in the new school print shop under the direction of Miles E. Thompson. As a sub-division of the student council, the Honor council was formed this year for the sole pur- pose of promoting a higher stand- ard of honor in the school. The members are Tommy Downing, chairman, Gordon flikner, Sally Haynes, Neal Patton -and lluyke Urrut-ia. After bowling over such teams as the Virginia Frosh, Thomas Jef- ferson, VVilson and Hampton, the Typhoon basketeers hit an air pocket in their flight to the cham- pionship title .when the Maury Commodores clipped their wings in the second encounter to force the locals into a divisional tie, necessitating a playoff. In a rag- ing 'battle the Commodores out- scored the Shipbuilders again and walked away with the Eastern division honors. D 7 Paced by 'Captain Roy Carter and Benton Dodd, the locals out- scored all opponents to cop tl1e Eastern 'Tidewater meet in Nor- folk and the annual Tidewater contest on two successive week- ends. Benton Dodd proved the sta.r of this year 's track team, s-et- ting two new records at the state meet. He took the 'broad jump with a leap of twenty-three feet eight and seven-eighths inches and a jump of six feet one and three- fifths inch-es in the high jump. The century F1111 was taken in 10 flat. Dodd is now the holder of five school records, the high jump, the broad jump, the century dash, the 220-yard run, and the 440-yard run. Manv of the photographs in this Year Book Were A taken in the Photograph Studio of NACHMAN'S THE BEACON STAFF 'OF JUNE, 1936 Appreciates the aid of M if. O. H. Weiss in taking the activities pictures, The Norfolk Engraving Com- pany and all advertising pa- trons in developing this, the activities section. T liirty-N ine n . , ., - J .,.. THE BEACON, JUNEA36 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES!!! We hope your present success is but a stepping stone to still greater success and achievements. N A C H M A N ' S The largest and most complete store on the peninsula OFFICIAL N. N. H. S. JEWELRY PINS RINGS BELTS and BUCKLES COMPACTS BRACELETS H A T H C O C K ' S 2902 Washington Z. T 1 l TI-IE B EAcoN , JUNE '3 4, GOODPAR ICE CREAM Stop Ringworm Athlete's Foot Itching Toes and Feet q With First Application ATH-LEASE Newport News Drug and Chemical Co. Compliments of P. W. HIDEN Compliments of 1 Phillips 81 Bowen Real Estate-Insurance 2 Compliments of 5 Williams., Coile 5 and Pipino Architects F tyO , ,,4- .,,, ...J.....4.....,..A,-...,A..,,,,,,- l , -N -J. N, 11---ymifsvgurur-rswvqnemwayr-:F.lf-Fw.w....,,... . TI-IE B EAcoN , JUNE '3 c. Convince Yourself RINGLET BEAUTY SHOPPE 2904 Washington Ave. Phone 2217-W All Branches of Beauty Culture at Moderate Prices Compliments of Goodman's Hardware Company 2405 Jefferson Ave. WARWICK FARMS Milk That's "Safe for Babies" Prompt 'Service Always 3112 Virginia Ave. Telephone 2289 Compliments of Murray 81 Padgett, Inc Realtors and Insurors Phones 431-435 2711 Washington Ave. Compliments of Old Dominion Golf Club F tyT hr' 'H 'N THE BEACON, JUNEA3 6 Compliments of First National Bank Invites Your Account and Offers Every Service, Savings, Commercial ,:Trust, which any Bank or Trust Company May Legally Offer to Perform Y Resources Over S9,000,000.00 Member F. D. Ii C. Atchison's Restaurant 2404 Washington Ave. V Newport News, Va. Phone 1400 Parker 81 Spencer "Distinctive Home F urnishersn 212-214 28th Street Forty-Th -- H in-.4114--A If f-Y--.V . . ,.,q-r.i.,.1- .1 -W ,W ,.:5qggge71g,-Hr.-,rm-,.:,,.,.,..Tq- THE BEACON, JUNEA36 Compliments of AMER-- A D Adams Shoe Store e Shoes of the Better Kind" NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY ,,,,- , .,,. M.. , , ,, .,-. ...AD ..,-.--,A.... . , .A,, .-t. . we! 'rr-In BEAQUN, JUNE 'ae C ONGRAT ULATIUNS, GRADUAT ES!!! We believe we have the moot complete furniture sflorle in the South. Visit us and let us know what you t in . f PHILLIP LEVY 81 COMPANY Compliments of .1 0 ' Compliments of Florida Ofilllge St0fC ,I J Wzlshington Ave. Il l Forty-Five 'rr-In BEACON , JUNE' '3 e, New Heating Boilers for Old Modernize Your Plumbing and Heating Visit Our Show Rooms NoLAND co., Inc. 328 28th Street Compliments of Hundley 81 Applewhite Clncorporatedy Real Estate-Insurance MIKE SUTT LE "Super Service " 627-29 25th Street Phone 2075 Compliments of POSTAL SHOES, Inc. 2807 Washington Ave. SENIORS "The Newest Thing Always" LaV0gue Shoppe Washington Ave. at 31st St. 11 tjb V ww' Tr-IE BEAcoN, JUNEA3 4, ,.........,.................,........v-...-.....-,,,....... .,... , ....... N ..... ,,.... ,...,....x , ,h ..,..... ..., ,...... .....-,..,.-.. ..,., NM. . ., Withrow's System W. T. Grant Co. Roberts Beauty Parlor Holland's Confectionery Thomas W. Brooks Leggetfs Dept. Store -"The Home of Better Values" - 3209 Washington Ave. P Phone 2924 Compliments of MASON COAL CO. 22nd St. and C.. and O. Rwy. Phone 29 Compliments of Chappelle Motor Car Co. Packard Motor Cars 2515 Huntington Ave, l The Great Atlantic 81 Pacific Tea Co. 5 Q X ssmsusueo 1. lass ' HERE Econouv RULES' Stop in - - you will effect a saving worth having ---- Always on quality merchan- dise priced unbelievably low AttheA8LP TI-IE BEACON , JUNEA36 - its Good luck to the June 1936 Graduates of the Gold and Blue Best Wishes, Seniors ! Nachman Candy Co. 613 25th Street T H E AT R E " Your School. Cafeteria "where the better pictures Buys From U s" playss W. J. Wilson Spiegel Bros. Army Goods Store Fox Nut and Candy Go. VV. Rosenbaum SIGMUND'S Jewelers 3110 Washington Ave. Barclay and 'Sons Jewelers and Certified Gemologists 2605 Washington Ave. Phone 2439 OSER BROS. Reliable Footwear NEWPORT NEWS and HAMPTON F. B. Lawton Tidewater Motorcycle Go. Rowe 85 Woltz Grocery S. S. Kresge R. M. Hamilton 'fy-E l ,, .., i ...pu-uv, v r V . . .. . f. - .W , ..A. THE BEACON, JUNE N36 A. J. Hauser Sons Irving Nachman Tidewater Hotel Blechman's Dept. Store Sam Gordon Compliments of 2The New Broadway f3007-09 Washington Ave. i Newport News, Va. Youthful Shoes for ' Young Folks MERIT SHOE CO. Make Us Prove That KOPPER'S COAL Burns Longer PHONE 7 Benson Phillips Co. C1NcoRPoRA'rEnJ School Cafeteria S. Mirmelstein Mater's 'Confectionery Warwick Bakery Adams-Gregory Stringfellow Electric Corporation Electrical Contractors 2616 NVashington Ave. Newport News, Va. Electrical Accessories G f ' . E. Re rlgerators We Sell and Repair Anything Electrical Newport News, Vlrgmia Forfy-Ni 1. A., A -4Wv-Q.. M f -Y , THE BEACON, JUNE '36 Compliments of BUICK-PONTIAC MASTER SERVICE STATION WERTHEIMER'S Cxf - THE Q69 5 100 I SHOP HUELEESK f L... I l l THE BEACON, JUNE x36 SENIORS Make that college education possible by starting a sav- ings account in this bank. Crown Savings Bank X 2411 Jefferson Ave. Leroy F. Ridley. Pres. E Y Compliments of h ...... XNXN--.- . X fe . eoss f e Q texe Xsss s ' N5 .. "i f in fi 'P .X ii - . E ii X i In . L x xkkk kk K x K . X s .K X XX.-- 1 -- - . - - al W3 g- f .2 i i i ' ' i i e N ' 5 . .. X.. ti as Compliments of EWPORT EW LA D CORPUR TIO 4 00 Washington Avenue Fifty-One .. -,.--.-.,-41... -ww-. .W V V- . . THE B EAcoN , JUNE '3 c, Compliments of Sears, Roebuck and 'Company 2702 Washington Ave. Newpont News Business College Compliments and Best Wishes to the Graduates of . . JUNE '36 Summer Sesslon BCQIHS , Second Week in June B E S K I N S Delf J. Gaines, Pres. Corner 24th St. and Jefferson Ave. 3201 Washington Ave. "Where the Promise is Fulfilled" TAUBMAN'S, Inc. Auto Accessories and Parts "More Power to Y our Dollar" 2702 Huntington Ave. Phone 3208 Compliments of CHEVROLET Newport News Auto Exchange 3400 Huntington Ave. Phone 1087 Q Fifty-Tu-0 .... .. .,. ..g.. se... . .,.. A ss . , -, ,,,.......,-,-...M Ae- .-.ALJ . , ., A ,M A., ,-. .. ,, THE BEACON, JUNE 'ae fluw-P--Q4--Muff'-'f-' C,A,wf6f-A-f DARDEN - HASTINGS ST UDIO S Melson Building Newport News, Virginia N j 4 , sf' Lf M rcs Vly if G1 A f ' 'x...,1 p ','3., X , 1 ,, 'S 1 yi, I - 3' 5 ,gif ' '11.,,, NT Zip!! f 'f'.' Q '. ..,. 5 . A f . - . Q .,i- .. jx.. .4 , n sa.. . i. N3 , ' ' . J yi-'f if f isf. TW Q' ' . Am, M. , 'Wifi A QYPJVV 06' :F -fig-1. MJ 5351 .5 AS.. ff. gl -555, Q . -516.7 ffiv-g'f wg. 1.5. "5-.QF-E ,fi 1 peg F5523 .vga .' ..31:1.'f, "fig-7' -V., :- xi +T- '?,,. H. '43 ' "ag, 'gait 5-5' . . :Fri Y-.. u.: - --.JH T'-tri. IF ' 51532:-. -1 -.1?'2t2!fIb' g f' as .. 3,. 1 ,,. . . wi.,-3 ,:, Ls: -gi l . J., . x af. .1 ff' eg, :Y MQ' 1" . 'LM faire. -" .. ,,4. , 3 . vmkggix .4 .ff ,nb X.-qw ,?6.,...iX 3, . K ....,- Q ,r. . vii. . , I . .S 2.1 : f 299' . . 4- .gk .., ?53ffFi'Kv . . if-ffpiz.: .' 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Suggestions in the Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) collection:

Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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