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1, , Q ,V -if rf l , .V , -,-, -.f5.f-1,- , . 5213--1,1 .4 .1 -. i 5. , r . ' w , .e, - .Q ' ., . .M . 141352 i' if Q ' , -' 2:62 ' iq. ff" 4, 1 4 'a ,. U-Lu - . . .,,,H ,7'f54,!5' . 'rw !'. '-'T'..Z -A X- -X. - .. ' 5-as M ' A . vfgw. ,N 4,-if . -, Jj-J, . 5.. ,MMV , 4 fV.D:1-I-.. 'Z' ' lg. l:xT,,.yj..,5? r -nl, .L..,Yf.i:!Av: ,npr gi' ,I 5- K .ig .x34.'3.:.kA.'1.c -T-V.-if .. ' "N" V., V. ,. -1.1 H H f' 'Q 'W--23-1 .1--.,,, fag, 1 :fw 1 1" .,:1:- , ,f-Q.,-w-,-.., -'.'-mmf-. .V . :.'f,jQ'r'f.1:i Lklfil ' 1 .s , ,' in f., - 4 ,.,,.fM .HX .. my 5 1, .. ,, . 'VI' -w, L' .nf ,-4, mf 21. " -.. 1 ,V 1 'P" 1- . L. 1 . ,qt ...A . HJ - x , ,, 4. 3, f.: ., H f- . . . -,N.,0.-Q , . 2' ff' ., ,lf M'.. ,psf W X 4 -1' . 1. - . .V A.L'.'i1I . 1' "Y, Q. ,WJ I .x , ya, ., .' f. 5? V L.. .U Y A .min-i '- Q, A-Q ,J , 'J 'Til . s' 1 bw.: A .,-. . ., A . I.. ..f .V .B -. . -5, .Iv-vfx, . -- 4, W ,... 1.x ' 'uf .1 4, .- , f X f. , x 7' ' Y . af., .u . 'J ul., U, 1 Q., -if V, , . E yy. A-3 -Q ' VTLIR-?f"3Q'. H "V H' ..-,,. v ' l,fff'b . , . ,,.. u gf' -.:..g!.,,.- -Q A 'G U ' ' if l .f.,1'f'?i 7f-1. . 'f- ."J- 1, 41" ll' 'i..."l, -. f". K "Z 51 Uffz' ,1 -f fv.f-ji-.- -T Lffirr'-j',1,Rj,lz,.H-'!Q'. .-'HG' Wi-f-.',, ".'4E. v.,,,-L...,i-I.. ,4 ,. .-1 .fM',. . N . .. lx- A- Q A -. '. A' 5 --Q . Q' 7,Jf5f"'T .91 15" "i-"ll f ,f - ' -q.x...,. f 'A ' 'N "fd E-f1".1 Lili", Kali .:,,.,-'flwi V,,ggY N:4.q23Q- 1,1 C., . gf.fQ .,i1'-. -CQ: fQ1v1',L ' .--'1'f-rw 111. .., k..':.f-xl.-" S' ' --xi-4. - x . .. '.J'v - V ff-.9 , 1,6 ' ..'f72.1,:, :W 3, f v-. Q.. ,.. .,,,. qu .T ,xii-3 ,'w::.g,3-,..5,5.'-A ...f 1 -Tit -- - :"'-v- ffm- A . ' U,,'.,,", Wzwtv. .. ,., N,- 1' Q-Avi:-,-,"fL sg", . -f' .:- .wr '-i.I.'.'."'4 '. 7',-. . 1'i5I 1:2-"z, La V ,, .. gf. f- '--f x A r- Y. . ug. .v rn -..- , L ' H LH5..'r' - ' . qui 5 ' iw 24.1 .,. U., A J ' 1' ' ' 1 , , ., , , . 'Ir'k!,.. 4' 1,1-A, , ' s.. .. . r- .fm .J 1- . xv-.. . 1 ,bl -- . .,.: ,, sw.. va, 12... .f'., .-.vgyg W , . . 1 V. .FIJUIQK-.L A A 5. -2 .' :3'F"3, l A, .1 I , ,, ., W. 1'.gt ,.g,:.,p5-' X ' fgjf- p T-".,:'fF ". .--fun, .A I . 3" y - . ' ' . 1 - , . ' 4 'ki ,. - -' -, ,.,Y ,. ,, . . . ," ' ..' Wa 4- .fx " ' v L n' L, f g . ':JC"'?i .',Ai'." '4I1i-'Xi' " fi ' . Qxff.',ffE "r, ' ' ""'??' -T4" 1 " 'L.-A , F fi' , . Q V. . ', .,.t:.- 1-. if -L., ' .. V 11-. u' ..,.1 ,QV L 4 -. 5 552 . 9 '.....,, .gum - Y-1 ' Y Wgilg..-1.g.'311'2, " 1 F' Mn " 1':ii.A fy 4 ' '3'T'3? .1 'Y' 'gf I' b f- J' 5 x' .b.:,,1:gl,- W.. ffl'-, Ll! , '- , , V J . -. ' rx , I ' 1' . x- w ' J .. Joseph Hopkins Sl-IIPYARD FOUNDRY .I cold aftvr1m0n, tlzu lurid glow of metal, ships in tlzf' nmlcing, I1 nalion lrzcvlzarzic, and all the world is .vprd lo zz qllickclr pace. The Beacon Published v by the efaduaiang 7 Class of February I935 . Newport News High School Newport News Virginia THE BEACON DEDICATION v It is a prifvilege of the February class, 1935, to recognize a serfvice and loyalty which have extended for long, and to commemorate especially a friend- ship which has grown through these last four crowded years. The class salutes Willie Rowe Nelms, Secretary of the school, and with pride and pleasure the staff dedicates this annual to her. WILLIE RO1WE NEL FEBRUARY. 1935 MS THE BEACON SPONSOR'S MESSAGE v Too often we set upon our jobs of lifuing with the idea that unless -we can do efuerything better than the other fel- low, there is no need of attempting the task at all. Each of us has just an infini- tesimal place in the universe of things, yet that sphere is to be occupied by us alone. Let's fill it so perfectly that we bring assurance to the fellow lifving be- side us and contentment to oursel-ves with the knowledge that we hafve been useful to another. These two lines of Douglas Mal- loch express the thought quite aptly: "We can't all be captains, we"ve got to be crew, There's something for all of us ' here." E -Jeanette Ward. P FEBRUARY. 1935 MISS JEANETTE WARD, SPONSOR THE BEACON A MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS V In one of his moments of depression, Hamlet, the melancholy Dane, exclaims, "The world is out of joint: U cursed spite, that efuer I was born to set it right!" In leafving school and entering the actifuities of adult life, you are entering a world that seems to be out of joint-war, greed, selfish- ness, dishonesty in higlz places, scientific discofveries and inventions pro- ducing tevlznological displacement of employment, new modes of living and new theories of social relations have all contributed to a situation which requires us to critically examine all of our past modes of action and theories of gofuernment, religion and human relationships. You are con- fronted by a crisis out of which will come opportunities for serfoice sur- passing any previous age of history. President Roosevelt says, "This crisis can be met, but not in a day or a year, and education is a fvital factor in the meeting of it." Keep your mind alert, fluid, receptifve but critical, not accepting an idea because it is new nor rejecting it because it is old, but demanding reasoned proof of its aceeptability. Continue the pursuit of knowledge, keep your thoughts pure and your bodies clean, and thus keep yourself fit to aid in remaleing a world built upon the ideal of the brother- hood of man and the fatherhood of God. Then instead of Hanilet's cry of despair, you will joyfully exclaim with Browning, "God's in his heafven- 11ll's right with the world!" -Joseph H. Saunders. PAGE EIGHT FEBRuARY.1935 ADMINISTRATION FRED M. ALEXANDER .xossm-I H. snunnens LAMAR R. STANLEY Principal Superintendent of Schools Assistant Principal A.ll., William and Mary A.IB., William and Mary A.B., University of Nebraska M.A., Columbia University M.A., University of Chicago William and Mary Phi Beta Kappa I,l.D., Central University V . of Indiana Kappa Phi Kappa I l'Iii Iieta Kappa I'In llolta Kappa Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Delta Kappa Phi Sigma Mu V BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES A. L. BIVINS MRS. L. T. JESTER D. C. PLEASANTS M. M, FITZHUGH A, R. HOFFMAN PA NINl" THE BEACON FACULTY MEMBERS FRANCES ABBITT A.B., Fredericksburg State Teachers College ALICE ARCHIBALD-Alpha Phi Sigma B.S., Fredericksburg State Teachers College MABEL BARHAM-Eta Sigma Phi A.B., Randolph-Macong M.A., University of Michigan MACON E. BARNES-Kappa Delta Phi A.B., University of Richmondg M.A., College of William and Mary HELEN BELL-Alpha Chi Omega B.S., M.S., University of Virginia ROSEWELL P. BOWLES--Chi Beta Phi B.S., M.A., College of William and Maryg Ph.D., Columbia University BEULAH BRASHER A.B., College of Commerce, Bowling Green Teachers College ANNYE B. BURBANK B.A., M.A., College of William and Mary MICHAEL J. BYRNE B.S., Furman University LOUIS CABRERA-"13" Club A.B., Dubuque University, Iowag M.A., University of Maine CASSIE CHILDRESS B.S., College of William and Mary JULIUS CONN B.S., University of Virginia DOROTHY M. CRANE A.B., West Virginia University HARRIET CUTLER A.B., Lynchburg Collegeg M.A., New York University MAE MARSHALL EDWARDS-Phi Kappa Omega g B.S., Farmville State Teachers College LOIS LEAH EVANS A.B., Lynchburg College ELMA FREE-Eta Sigma Phi A.B., Juanita Collegeg M.A., University of Michigan GLADYS G. GAMBILL A.B., Texas State College for Womeng M.A., University of Colorado ETHEL M. GILDERSLEEVE-Sigma Iota Chip Delta Delta Deltag Kappa Delta Pig Delta Kappa Gamma B.S., Farmville State Teachers Collegeg M.A., Columbia University JAMES H. GOODMAN-Lambda Chi Alpha B.A., American Universityg M.A., College of William and Mary E. KYLE HAMMOND--Tau Kappa Alpha A.B., Berea College VICTOR HARRIS-Phi Alphag Phi Beta Kappa B.S., M.S., University of Virginia LOUISE HURT AQB., College of William and Maryg M.A., Columbia University SUE KELLY B.S., Harrisonburg Teachers College ELINE KRISCH A:B., College of William and Mary E N FEBRUARY. 1935 ABBITT ARCHIBALD BOWLES BRASHER CHILDRESS CONN EVANS FREE HAMMOND HARRE BARHAM BURBANK CRANE GAMBILL HURT FAn'n I I DVI N BARNES BYRNE CUTLER GILDERSLEEVE KELLY BELL CABRERA EDWARDS GOODMAN KRISCH THE BEACON FIA C U LQT Y M E MIBEE R S fContinuedl ROGER LE FEVRE B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute 5 University of Virginia HERMAN I. LEVY B.A., B.S., Hampden-Sydney Collegeg M.A., Columbia University VIVIAN LLEWELLYN A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College CARLOS A. LOOP A.B., Roanoke College EULAH MASSEY A.B., M.A., College of William and Mary FLORENCE C. MONTGOMERY A.B., West Virginia University ANNE V. PARKER-Kappa Delta Phi A.B., M.A., College of William and Mary JOSEPHINE PETERS-Delta Kappa B.S., Farmville State Teachers College WILLIAM HARVEY PRIDE-Kappa Phi Kappa B.S., M.A., College of William and Maryg Columbia University NINA POWELL B.S., Ohio State University LOUISE RAMSEY-Kappa Delta B.S., George Peabody College for Teachersg M.S., Columbia University ELIZABETH SAUNDERS-Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Sigma Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Phi, Los Quiotescos A.B., William and Maryg M.A., University of Michigang American Academy in Rome CORNELIA W. SEGAR-Alpha Epsilon Iota M.D., Medical College of Virginiag Graduate Work, Johns Hopkinsg University of Virginiag University of Pennsylvania ANNE P. SCRUGGS-Kappa Delta Phi A.B., College of William and Mary ELEANOR SHERMAN B.S.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music LUCY SINCLAIR-Phi Gamma Mu, Phi lBeta Kappa A.B., College of William and Mary HARRIET SMITH-Phi -Beta Kappa, Pi Beta Phi A.B., College of William and Mary LILLIAN TODD B.S., M.A., Columbia University MILES L. THOMPSON B.E., Northern Illinois State Teachers College JEANETTE WARD-Eta Sigma Phi A.B., College of William and Mary CARLOS URRUTIA A.B., Institute Provincial de Puerto Ricog L.L.B., Potomac University, Washington, D. C.g Normal School, San Juan, P. R. OTTO H. WEISS Virginia Polytechnic Institute FRED M. YANCEY A.B., Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Virginia Military Instituteg College of William and Mary FA E TWELVE 'Q' 0-. Q LEFEVRE MASSEY PRIDE SHERMAN URRUTIA FEBRUARY. 1935 LEONARD MONTGOMERY RAMSEY SINCLAIR WARD LEVY LLEW ELLYN LOOP PARKER PETERS POWELL SAUNDERS SCRUGGS SEGAR SMITH TODD THOMPSON WEISS YANCEY PAGE YHIRTILILN President .............. Vice-President Secretary ...........A...,....,, THE BEACON The Class of February, I935 V Treasurer .................,.................................. , Clinton Spencer Leroy Spzgel Margaret Ashby David Blaxlock Student Council Representatifve ........ ...................... 1 'age Buckley Spgngor ,,,,,..,.,.,..,.,,..,,.,,...,.....,.,,,.,,,,,.,,.....,.,. ......... M in Jeanette Ward Valedigtorian ,,,,.,., ............... E loise Wtnd6T Salutatorzan ........................... Third Honor Student ....... Color Eloise Winder Roberta Baird Joe Shaheen Motto Jane Saunders Henrietta Ivers Sarah Hayes Prniiaizt Rebecca Williams Kenneth Wiggs Bobby Kilpatrick Leroy Spigel Barbara Brown Jane Saunders COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Eloise Winder Lloyd Noland Barbara Brown David Blaylock Bobby Kilpatrick COMMITTEES Senior dssenzbly Dorothy McMullen Charles Spradlin Robert Jenkins R i n g Edith Coalter George Massenburg Billy Granger jlllljit' Barbara Brown Charles Spradlin Frances Scott Flofwer Janetta Wimmer Bennett White Elizabeth Stevenson Gift Robert Jenkins lu-vitalion Barbara Brown George Wingfield Joyce Gleason Clinton Spencer Musicians-Barba1'a Brown, Bobby Kilpatrick E Colors-Dark Blue and White lylotto-De profundis in lucem scientia. Out of the depths into the light through knowledge. FEBRUARY. 1935 QL, skim, speucsn Asn-nav spleen. wmnsn s1.Avi.ocK anown CLINTON SPENCER President, Honor Student, National llonor Society, National Thespians, National Athletic Scholarship, Athletic Coun- cil, Manager, Basketball 1934, Orchestra, Band, Student Council, Sr. Commit- tees, Activities Letter, Music, Usher, Literary Club, "Robinson Crusoe", Cast of "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Christopher Bean", Home Room Offices. MARGARET ASHBY Secretary, Honor Student, Editor, Beacon Annual, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Glee Club, Three Year Letter, Glee Club, High Tide, Literary Club, Writers Club, Jr. Red Cross, Beacon Newspaper, French Club, Readers Club, Girls Athletic Club, "Dizzy Baton," "Rob- inson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma", Staffs of "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Doll's House," "It'll Be All Right on the Night," "Women Folks," "Christopher Bean", Home Room Offices. LEROY SPIGEL Vice-President, Vice-President of Student Council, National Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Boys Glee Club, Sports Editor, Beacon Newspaper, Three Activities Letters, School Service, Sr. Assembly Committee, Sr. Pennant, Jr. Red Cross, Chairman 4L Ring' Committee, Chairman, Pound, Speech Club, Cateman, Cast of "Grandma Pulls the String"', Staffs of "Vanity," "Romanccrs," "Romance is a Racket", Home Room Offices. ELOISE WINDER Valedictorian, Nelms' Honor Scroll, Senior liditor, Beacon Annual, Literary Club, Speech Club, Writers Club, Readers Club, Girls Athletic Club, 'l'ype Certificates, Jr., Intermediate, Sr. Color Commit- tee, "Robinson Crusoe," "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", Home Room Offices. DAVID BLAYLOCK Treasurer, National Honor Society, Sr. Class Speaker, Debate Team, Advertising Manager, Beacon Annual, Tennis 'l'eam, High Tide, Literary Club, Spanish Club, Writers Club, Student Council, "Robinson Crusoe," "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", Midget Football, Home Room Offices. BARBARA ROBERTSON BROWN Salutatorian, Nelms' Honor Scroll, National Honor Society, Activities Editor, Beacon Annual, Glee Club, Student Council, High Tide, Literary Club, Activities Letter, Literary Club, French Club, Writers Club, Sr. Music Committee, Sr. Invitation Committee, "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. PALI- LN THE BEACON ABRAHAM ADAMS ALLEN ARCH BAIRD BAKER BAYSDEN BELBIN JOSEPH ABRAHAM Spanish Club: "Feathertop": Basketball, Home Room: Home Room Offices. ROLAND ADAMS Midget Basketball: Golf: "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Sesqui Usher, Staffs of "Christopher Bean," Senior Plays: Home Room Offices. ELIZABETH ALLEN Type Certificate: Home Economics Club: "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe": Home Room Office. EDYTHE ARCH Business Manager, Beacon Newspaper: Activities Letter, Journalism: Quill and Scroll: Assistant Business Manager, Beacon Annual: Home Economics Club: Type Certificate: Sesqui Pag- eant: Girls Athletic Club: "Robinson Crusoeug Cast of "Enchanted Cottagen: Home Room Office. ROBERTA BAIRD Type Certificates, Primary, Inter- mediate, Accuracy: Home Economics Club: Beacon Typist: "Robinson Crusoen: Home Room Offices: Sr. Color Committee. BARBARA B. BAKER Editor. Beacon Newspaper: Quill and Scroll: High Tide: Jr. Red Cross: Usher: Literary Club: Writers Club: Readers Club: French Club: Sr. Assembly Committee: Cast of "Grandma Pulls the String," "Enchanted Cottage": Staffs of "Royal Dilemma." "Vanity," "Romancers," "Ro- mance is a Racket." "Christopher Bean," Senior Plays, Feb. '34: "Robinson Cru- soe": Home Room Offices. MAXINE BAYSDEN Usher: Glee Club: Photo Club: Type Certificate: Jr., Sr. Home Economics Clubs: Sesqui Pageant: "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Dizzy Baton," "Royal Dilem- ma": Girls Athletic Club: Home Room Offices. CHARLES BELBIN Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Sr. Writers Club: Home Room Office. PAGE SIXTEEN FEBRUARY. 1935 BLOCK BOOKBINDER sunnousn-as CATER MINNIE BLOCK Home Economics Club, Girls Athletic Club, " Hollow", Staffs of "Vanity," "Romancers", J U LIAN BOOK BINDER LUTHER BRIZENDINE Jr. Type Certificate, Sesqui Pageant, Photo Club, Home Room Offices. BRIZENDINE BUCKLEY CHAPPELL. COALTER Type Certificates, Jr., Accuracy, Robinson Crusoe", "Legend of Sleepy Home Room Offices, "Robinson Crusoe", Spanish Club. PAGE BUCKLEY Student Council Representative, Senior Class, Honor Student, Nelms' Honor Scroll, Advertising: Manager, Beacon Newspaper, Quill and Scroll, Literary Club, Readers Club, Spanish Club, Usher, Sesqui Pageant, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. BOBBY BURROUGHS "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Spanish Club, Midget Football, Home Room and Class Offices. ANNA MARYE CATER Literary Club, Jr. Writers Club, Art Club, French Club, Readers Club, "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Vanity," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Doll's House," "Royal Dilemma," "Chris- topher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage", Home Room Offices. ELLA CHAPPELL Type Certificate, Jr., Intermediate, Sesqui Pageant, Girls Athletic Club, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. EDITH COALTER Jr., Sr. Home Economics Clubs, Photo Club, Usher, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices, Type Certificate, Sr. Ring Committee. PAGI' VI' IFI THE BEACON COFFMAN EPPES FRANCES COFFMAN Home Room Offices. MORTIMER H. COHEN COHEN COINER EKEN FORREST FOWLER FR ETWELL Spanish Club, "Robinson Crusoe"g Spanish Clubg Radio Clubg Class Basketball Team, "Robinson Crusoe"g Home Room Officeg Beacon Annual. WILLIAM COIN ER "Robinson Crusoe"g Staffs of "Tam- ing of the Shrew," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Vanity," "First Dress Suit," "The Valiant," "Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage," "Royal Dilemma," "Do1l's House", Home Room Offices. BILL EKEN Staff of "Vanity", "Robinson Crusoe", Cast of English Playg Patrons' League Play, Home Room Offices. THELMA EPPES Type Certificate, Photo Clubg Home Economics Club 9 "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"g "Robinson Crusoe." VIRGINIA FORREST Student Councilg "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe"g Home Room Offices. MAURICE FOWLER Activity Letter, Footballg Football Squadg Band, Home Room Offices, Tableau of "Legend of Sleepy Hollow." JOHN L. FRETWELL Jr. Varsity, Varsity Footballg Beacon Staff 3 "Robinson Crusoe," "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"g Home Room Offices. FEBRUARY. 1935 euNoHAn1' si.sAsoN GRANT HAwKss HAYES Hom.LlNeswoR'rH Hon.LoMAN Honxms LUCILLE GINDHART Orchestra, French Club. EMMA JOYCE GLEASON Literary Club, Speech Clubg French Club, Sr. Invitation Committeeg "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Vanity," "Ro- mancers," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. IRVING GRANT Bandg Literary Club, French Clubg "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop"g Beacon Newspaper, Staffs of "Romance is a Racket," "Doll's House", Home Room Offices. ALLEN M. HAWKES Orchestra, ,Bandg Track, Spanish Clubg "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. SARAH HAYES Honor Student, Sr. Motto Com- mitteeg Literary Club: Writers Club, Speech Club, French Clubg "Robinson Cru- soe"g Staffs of "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Doll's House," "Women Folks," "It'll Be All Right on the Night," "Royal Dilemma," "Christopher Bean", Home Room Offices. MATTIE HOLLINGSWORTH Girls Athletic Clubg Home Economics Club, Photo Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Type Cer- tificate. LUCILLE HOLLOMAN Girls Athletic Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Vanity," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," Sr. Plays. EMILY HOPKINS Type Certificateg Sesqui Pageantg "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe"3 Staffs of "Taming of the Shrew," "The Hottentotf' Sr. Plays. Al' FN THE BEACON Hunsou :vans JAMES JENKlNs Joi-mson KANEl.os xnLPA'rmcK LAssl'r:-:R DUVAL HUDSON National Honor Society, National Thespians, Glee Club, Literary Club, French Club, Usher, Cast of "Christopher Bean," "Vanity," "Theme Song", Staffs of "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket", Readers Club, Sr. Decoration Committee, "Robinson Crusoe," "Dizzy Baton," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. HENRIETTA IVERS Sr. Literary Club, Jr. Literary Club, Glee Club, Beacon Weekly, Beacon Annual, Sr. Motto Committee, Cast of "Robin- son Crusoe," "Royal Dilemma," "Enchanted Cottage," "Theme Song", Staff of "Romance is a Racket," "Romancers," "Doll's House," "These Women Folks," "It'll Be All Right on the Night", School Usher, French Club, Readers Club, Home Room Offices. HENLEY JAMES Orchestra, Band, Activity Letter, Music, Type Certificates, Jr., Intermediate, Accuracy, Literary Club, Student Council, Midget Football, Beacon Newspaper, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. ROBERT JENKINS National Thespians, Literary Club, Photo Club, Cast of "Romancers", "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Vanity," "Romance is a Racket," "Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cot- tage", Home Room Offices. JIMMY JOHNSON . Honor Student, Home Room Of- fices, "Robinson Crusoe", Literary Club, Spanish Club. ROBERT KILPATRICK Honor Student, President, National Honor Society, Orchestra, Band, Activities Letter, Music, Boys Glee Club, Sr. Musician, Sesqui Pageant, Sr. Pennant Committee, Beacon Newspaper, Literary Club, Readers Club, Spanish Club, Cast of "Christopher Bean," "Dizzy Baton," "Good Ship School," "Royal Dilemma," "Theme Song", Home Room Offices. ELSIE LASSITER Home Room Offices, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Home Economics Club, Photo Club, Speech Club, Track, Staff of "Hottentot", Clerk in Office of Assistant Principal. PAGE TWE NTY FEBRUARY. 1935 LEIGH Lewis LYON MASSENBURG MCMULLEN c, MlDGE1'rE .1.MlDGErrE MORELAND VIRGINIA LEIGH Beacon Typist, Speech Club, Jr. Type Certificate, Home Economics Club, Reading Contest, Girls Athletic Club, "Robinson Crusoe." FRANCES LEWIS .Beacon Annual, Literary Club, Glee Club, Readers Club, Jr. Type Certificate, Sr. Assembly Committee, Jr. Red Cross, Staffs of "Vanity," Sr. Plays '34, "Robinson Crusoe," "Royal Dilemma", Usher '34. JOHN LYON "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe." GEORGE MASSENBURG Boys Glee Club, Boys Glee Club Letter, High Tide, Sr. Ring Committee, Literary Club, Readers Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. DOROTHY LEE McMULLEN Literary Club, Readers Club, Writers Club, Speech Club, Jr. Red Cross, Usher, Jr. Type Certificate, Student Council, "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Do1l's House," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket", Sr. Plays, June '34, Home Room Offices. CLIFTON lVlIDGE'l'l'E Photo Club, Office, Beacon An- nual, June '34, Basketball, Spanish Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Cast of "Romancers", Staffs of "Vanity," "Doll's House," Sr. Plays. JOSEPHINE MIDGETTE Girls Athletic Club, Spanish Club, Type Certificates, Jr., Intermediate, Usher, Glee Club, "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "The Valiant," "Vanity," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "Teapot on the Rocks," "Vicious Circle," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. EUNICE MORELAND Glee Club, Girls Athletic Club, Home Economics Club, Sesqui Pageant, Head, Door Staff, Staffs of "Vicious Circle," "Vanity," "Doll's House," "Romancers", "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. A TWENTY N THE BEACON NOLAND NORFLEET PALMER PERKINS PITTS Powsu. QUISENBERRY RANKIN LLOYD NOLAND President, Student Councilg Com- mencement Speakerg National Honor Societyg President, Jr. Red Crossg Jr. Varsity Footballg Trackg Wlriters Clubg Literary Clubg Home Room Officesg Activities Letterg Secretary, Student Councilg "Robinson Crusoe"g Spanish Clubg President, Jr. Literary Clubg Readers Club. HELEN NORFLEET Beacon Newspaperg Spanish Clubg Girls Athletic Clubg Writers Clubg Readers Clubg Girls Reserveg "Robinson Crusoe." CLARA PALMER Spanish Clubg "Robinson Crusoe." MARSHALL PERKINS Midgett Footballg Jr. Type Cer- tificateg "Robinson Crusoeng Home Room Offices. ESTELLE PITTS Girls Athletic Clubg Home Economics Clubg Type Certificateg Glee Clubg "Robinson C1'usoe"g Home Room Offices. EDNA POWELL ' Home Economics Clubg Beacon News- paperg "Robinson Crusoe," "Legend of Sleepy Hol1ow"g Home Room Offices. DOUGLAS QUISENBERRY Type Certificateg Photo Clubg Staff of Spring Playg Home Room Officesg Business Manager, Fall Playg Staff of Sr. Play. HERBERT RANKIN "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robin- son Crusoe"g Home Room Offices. PAGE TWENTY-TWO FEBRUARY, 1935 ROACH J. SAUNDERS R. SAUNDERS SCOTT sr-nu-:EEN SIMPSON SPADY SPANGLER ALTON ROACH Spanish Club, Photo Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", Staffs of "Christopher Bean," "Enchanted Cottage", Home Room Offices. JANE SAUNDERS Honor Student, Business Manager, Beacon Annual, National Honor Society, Sr. Motto Committee, Literary Club, French Club, Writers Club, Speech Club, Girls Athletic Club, Readers Club, "Robinson Crusoe." RUTH SAUNDERS Jr. Type Certificate, Glee Club, Activities Letter, Music, Girls Athletic Club, Home Economics Club, Girls Athletic Council, "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma." FRANCES SCOTT Glee Club, Activities Letter, Glee Club, Type Certificate, Sr. Music Committee, Spanish Club, Staff of "Vanity", Student Council, "Robinson Crusoe," "Feathertop," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. JOE SHAHEEN President, Speech Club, Copy Editor, Beacon Newspaper, Quill and Scroll, Type Certificates, Sesqui Pageant, Library Clerk, Cantatas, Sr. Color Committee, Staffs of "I-Iottentot," "Taming of the Shrew", Home Room Offices. ALICE SIMPSON Smithfield High School, Science Club, Beacon Newspaper, Girls Tennis Club, Sr. Home Economics Club. GEORGE WESLEY SPADY Writers Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. CHARLES SPANGLER Football, Basketball, Track, Acti- vities Letters, Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. PAGE TWENTY-THREE THE BEACON SPRADLIN suTTLE TIMBERLAKE TULLY TRUL1. TILLET wslss WEST CHARLES SPRADLIN Co-Editor, Beacon Newspaper, President, Quill and Scroll, Activities Letter, Journalism, Orchestra, Band, Two Year Music Letter, Sr. Music Committee, Cast of "Theme Song", Literary Club, Readers Club, Spanish Club, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. REBECCA SUTTLE Beacon Annual, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Readers Club, Jr. Writers Club, Home Economics Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Taming of the Shrew," "Chris- topher Bean", Home Room Offices, Cast of "Theme Song." WVAVERLY TIMBERLAKE Football, Track, Sesqui Pageant, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe." MABEL TULLY Home Economics Club, Service Let- ter, Home Economics, Jr. Type Certificate, Photo Club, "Legend of Sleepy Hol- low, Staffs of "Royal Dilemma," "Women Folks," "It'll Be All Right on the Night." MAYNARD TRULL National Thespians: Photo Club, Stage Manager oi' "Christopher Bean," "Why the Chimes Rang," "Enchanted Cot- tage," 'Theme Song," "Grandma Pulls the String", Staffs of "Romancers," "Wo- men Folks," "It'll be All Right on the Night," "Mis' Nelly of N' Orleans," "Doll's House", Beacon Newspaper. DOROTHY TILLETT Home Room Offices, Staffs of "Hot- tentot," "Station Y. Y. Y. Y.," "Vanity", French Club, Beacon Annual, June '34, Beacon Newspaper, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow." LEONORA WEISS President, Girls Athletic Club, Activities Letter, Athletics, Photo Club, Beacon Annual, French Club, Spanish Club, Jr. Red Cross, Archery, "Robinson Crusoe," "Royal Dilemma", Home Room Offices. HERMAN WEST Student Council, Office Boy, "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," 'fRobinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. AGE TWENTV F- UR FEBRUARY. 1935 'J wmrs wless wn.LlAMs wnvuwzn w1NFlz1.o wmernsan vouue JAMES WHITE Midget Football Team, Home Room Offices. KENNETH WIGGS Beacon Newspaper, President, Quill and Scroll, Exchange and Circulation Manager, Beacon Newspaper, Beacon News- paper Delegate to C. S. P. A. Convention, New York, Activity Letter, Journalism, Photo Club, Sr. Pennant Committee, Home Room Offices. REBECCA WILLIAMS Literary Club, Readers Club, French Club, Usher, Sr. Pennant Committee, "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Royal Dilemma," "Christopher Bean," Sr. Plays. JANE'I'I'A WIMMER Speech Club, Sesqui Pageant, "Le- gend of Sleepy Hollow," "Robinson Crusoe", Staffs of "Taming of the Shrew," "Romancers," "Vanity," "Enchanted Cottage," "Christopher Bean", Home Room Offices. BERNICE WINFIELD Literary Club, Speech Club, French Club, Readers Club, Beacon Newspaper, "Robinson Crusoe," "Royal Dilemma", Girls Athletic Club, Jr. Red Cross, Staffs of "Vanity," "Christopher Bean," "Doll's House," "Vicious Circle," "Women Folks," "It Sometimes Happens," "Teapot on the Rocks," "Romancers," "Romance is a Racket," "It'll .Be All Right on the Night," "Enchanted Cottage," Senior Plays, Feb. '35, Home Room Offices. GEORGE VVINGFIELD Orchestra, Activities Letter, Or- chestra, Sr. Invitation Committee, Literary Club, Home Room Offices. ROBERT YOUNG Honor Student, Beacon Annual, Basketball Manager '35, Athletic Council, French Club, Spanish Club, Readers Club, English II Play, "Robinson Crusoe", Home Room Offices. A- IWIN'lY-I THE BEACON Caught In The Scuffle V U79 aka' Vol. I, No. 1. Spagetti dmits ?!:-?!Defeat Famous Lemming W alk er Falls Short of Reaching Goal. Professor Ura Spagetti, world famous lemming walker, who has just returned from Africa, states that his last lemming walk during which he covered over half the dis- tance around the globe, was a com- plete failure. Spagetti left from the front of the Newport News high school in a direction that would make him pass through Africa. His first seeminglyi unconquerable obstacle was the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company. His path led through the main shops of the yard. Spagetti immediately pulled out a stick of his trusty dynamite and poof! the shops were gone. He then proceeded on his journey. The James river was easily swum and next came the forests. Spagetti took out his axe and began chopping. When final- ly he reached the Pacific Ocean he had cut a straight path through one thousand miles of forest, had traveled through four hundred miles of buildings, had swum six hundred rivers and lakes ranging from twenty feet to sixty miles and had climbed over one hundred and twenty-seven mountains. All told, he had worn out three hun- dred pairs of shoes. When Spagetti reached the Pacific Ocean he rested a day be- fore trying to swim it. After swimming sixty days he landed in Africa. Then came jungles to cut down, more rivers to swim, lions, as s 5iQ9PY World Famous Explorer Lost !n,Jungles,,Qf Darkest Africa -W. JU .111 'O '- 4X" f V .,' ' .7 x - 1 wffitgfgg A .M-11 7 EXPLORERS Left to right: Coypean, famous explorer feared lost in African jungleg Crondier, bravest man in the world and Coypean's com- panion. tigers and other wild beasts to fight. These things he had to do with- out stepping out of his path. Spagetti, although he did fight wild beasts, never killed any liv- ing animal or creature and only wounded those animals which he fought. He succeeded in getting half way across the African continent when one day he came upon an ant hill six feet high and two feet wide. There was nothing to do. He couldn't climb over the ant hill, he couldn't cut it down for fear of killing some ants and to go around would be out of his path. Spagetti stood there a moment longingly and then turned sadly back to- wards the United States, thus ad- mitting defeat. jaerolysine C r o n d i e r Fears Aloysius Coypean is Killed. Aloysius Alistair Cholmondeley Coypean, who graduated from this high school in 1936 and who is now a famous explorer of Central Africa, was last heard from on January 35, 1935. His co-explorer, Jaerolysine Arograne Fetergrate Crondier, who has made and re- tained' the reputation of being the world's bravest man, fears that Coypean has been eaten by a ren- goaelosyes plant. Coypean, who set sail with Crondier from Death Valley, California, last July for the African continent, has been through some harrowing exper- iences. When he and Crondier landed in Cape Town after a long sea voyage they were greeted first by a ferocious lion standing at the rail- road station. Coypean, with great presence of mind, whipped out his gun and shot. A loud explosion followed. Coypean was sued 5,000 pezozees by the African govern- ment for shooting so rare an Alaskan rubber lion. After this matter had been rightly cleared up, Coypean turned to find his com- panion, but the clouds of dust were so thick that he couldn't see objects farther away than two feet. Being unable to find Cron- dier, Coypean decided to wait at a hotel for him. After three weeks of searching, Crondier was finally found in Christendom lstill run- ning! by Norwegian police, and was immediately returned to South fContinued on page 41 2 THE WEAKEN WEAKEN Cbe Zlleaken weaken fVery Weakenj Published Weakly Official eyes and ears of the Student Body of the Newport News High School Newport News, Va. Entered and Insulted the High School, February 1935 Business Phone 217, Out of Order Office Phone 344, Disconnected Tele Phone 697, Not Sufficient Funds Co-Editors-in-Cheese..5 Llmburger 1 Hamburger Business Mgr. ..,.......,... I. Cheatum Sad Mgr. .......... ........ B oo Hoo Short Editor ...,.............. Stan High Copy Editor ,.........,,....,...,.,. Absent Change and Cir. Mgr. .... U. O. Me Art Editor ........................ I. Draws . j I. Click 1 U. Clack Type Adviser ......,....... Click Clack Faculrty Diviser EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Mutiny in the Ranks QA!! Resignedj ADVERTISING STAFF out TRYING to get ads Typlsts ...,........... Hugh Splitum Let This Be a Lesson to You The singular and most exciting experience of the renowned ex- plorer, Aloysius Alistair Chalmon- deley Coypean, who is lost in the deep, dark jungles of Africa, should be a lesson to the students of New- port News high school. His decision to become an ex- plorer and his subsequent isola- tion in the depths of the African jungles is certainly lesson enough for anyone. The moral to this story is never to gaze at the lions in a circus cage, because you might become attached to them. CI-IATTER Wealcenlite Who thinks that he will ever see A man as tall as Page Bucklee But height is of some use you know He says, "I didn't have any trouble seeing the Hampton game!" From Phoebus Tech There came a wreck! flts name was Joe Shaheenl. When Maurice Fowler comes your way Do not sit idly, this I pray But quickly hide all food away Or else you'll starve for many a day. P.S. This refers to biscuits espe- cially. Oh brothers and sisters beware Of a boy with a mouth, I declare He can talk a blue streak He can talk for a week Before he has started The class time's departed He's missed his profession This is a confession. What a wonderful hog caller George Massenburg would make! There is a boy named H. B. West As office boy he does his best. QTo fill a vacant periodj. Believe It Or Not Two nickels make a dime. Most N. N. H. S. students live in Virginia. The Apprentice Athletic Building will not float. Ice skating is prohibited in tele- phone booths. It's not etiquette to eat soup with a knife. Ghandi is not a Democrat. A division of his wardrobe would be most revealing. Dear boys and girls, today we will begin our English lesson with a bit of poetry. bk ik if Iii l- Take it away! Si: :is Pls 711 fl- Sweet little ribbon, Don't you cry, You may be a bathing suit Bye and bye. Sk PK if Pk if if The human mouth has become a parade ground where dentists drill and drill. 224 vi: :lf P14 :if if N. N. H. S. Teacher: "I sup- pose this is another one of those horrible futuristic paintings which you call art." Storekeeper: HI beg your par- don, sir, but that is a mirror." vis :ll Pk Pls wk ik They laughed when I started to make a new dynamite, but when I dropped it, they exploded. if 1: 1: a: 21: ac Charles Spradlin: I don't know what kind of leather makes the best shoes, but banana skins make the best slippers. :lf 214 211 :li 211 PF Now, if this isn't enough for a column, we will donate the rest to Philip fPhilip Space of coursej. elf FF ,If 44 'K Pl! And now, boys and girls, good day. With Love!'?'I'oA5, Your Teacher. Get Your Face Lifted SHAHEEN 'S BEAUTY SHOP Joe Shaheen, Prop. 1816 Jefferson Ave. THE WEAKEN WEAKEN 3 ALL E IOR C UGHTI SIXZZTQZ Shipbuilders Defeat Crabbers By Close Margin In Thriller Newport News Wins Annual Contest By Score of 1-0. Fighting valiantly and playing better football than they have shown this year, the Gold and Blue Typhoon eked out a 1-0 victory over the Hampton Crabbers in the annual grid battle which was held on the Newport News high school gridiron December 33. The Ty- phoon scored first on a lateral pass on the kickoff when Captain Ivers received the pass from Captain Hayes and raced across the line. A few minutes later another pass, from Captain Hudson to Captain Baker was completed for the sec- ond touchdown which gave the Ty- phoon a 0-0 lead . Here the Crabbers rallied and started a drive which carried them to the fifteen yard line where a bad pass from center halted the march. The Hamptonians could not be denied, however, and a pass placed the ball deep in Newport's territory. A combination forward and lateral pass, Krab to Jones was good' for a score. Smith place-kicked the extra point. The score stood at the end of the first quarter: Newport News, 03 Hamp- ton, 6. Newport News scored again in the second quarter when Captain Ashby intercepted a Hampton pass and ran through the whole team for a touchdown. The half ended: Newport News, 7, Hampton, 5. In the third period' the Ship- builders were driven back to the shadow of their own goal where Captain Lewis downed the ball to give Hampton two points on a safety rather than risk having a punt blocked and a possible score. In the last quarter, Captain Cater snatched a Hampton fumble in mid-air and ran about forty yards to cross the line for the final score. Newport News, stall- ing for time, kept the ball for the remainder of the game which end- ed, Newport News, 1, Hampton, 0. The lineups: N. N. H. S. Pos. Hampton Saunders ........ LE .............. North McMullen ........ LT ..,........... South Hayes .............. LG .......... .. East Williams ........ C .......... .. West Coffman .......... RG .....,........ Brown Lewis .............. RT ,...... Smith Cater .... ........ R E ......, .... J ones Ashby .............. QB ,...... ...,., K rab Hudson .,.......... HB ...,... .... B lack Baker ...,.......... HB ....... .. Greene Ivers .....,.......... FB .............. White Substitutions: Newport News, Winder, Weiss, Brown: Hampton, Gray, Red. Officials: Spigel, N. N. H. S.g Spencer, N. N. H. S., Spradlin, N. N. H. S. "I Used to be a 97 Pound Weakling!! ' look at me now" Page Buckley World's Strongest Man!!! Gamble on a three cent stamp. Take my course and I'll guarantee that within 7 days you'll have a figure like mine . J Teaspoon Tips Barbara Baker: "Hampton will be crooning 'Who walks in when I walk out' after the game to- morrow." Jane Saunders: "If we go about the game in a geometrical manner and take advantage of the 'breaks', then I am sure we will 'Crush the Crabbers'." Frances Lewis: "I have nothing to say except that 'It wasn't told to me I only heard' that Hampton is using the claw system which consists of a double reverse back- field. I wonder if double reverse means to go in the same direction twice." Rebecca Wlilliams: "Remember that I like 'Jello' after the game in its six delicious flavers of or- ange, chocolate, vanilla, tuttifruit, walnut and raspberry." SALE! ! ll Winter Underwear Tickle You To Death SPENCER DEP'T. STORE 1820 Madison Ave. Clinton Spencer, Prop. Be the Life of the Party You can learn to sing. Just write to I.. U. Noland Jr. Newport News, Va. H N OI ,AN D'S SINGING SCHOOL 4 THE WEAKEN WEAKEN News-Eashes Co-pilots Kenneth Wiggs and Charles Spradlin, representing the United States in the around the world airplane race, came out ahead, defeating the British star by 12 seconds. They arrived in New York 2 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds after their take-off from the same airport. Their former record of three days, 0 minutes, 0 seconds was broken by one second. Lloyd Noland has just been elected President of the United States, defeating his opponent, Bobby Kilpatrick by the large majority of one vote. Noland's running mate and vice-president is Barbara Brown, the first woman to be vice-president of the United States. Barbara Baker has just been chosen president for principalj of Phoebus Polytechnic Institute. Her predecessor, Robert Jenkins, when he learned of her appointment said, "Now I know this is going to become a famous Institute." Radio's funniest man has just been chosen. He is George Mas- senburg. He began his career as a funny man at Newport News high school. He says, "I got my ideas of being a comedian from the Beacon staff of 1934-353' FAMOUS EXPLORER LOST IN JUNGLES OF AFRICA fContinued from page lj Africa. After this uncalled for delay, Coypean and Crondier sailed to Central Africa where their ex- plorations for Indian reservations were to commence. One day while walking' through the woods, they happened upon a deserted Indian reservation. This was better luck than they had hoped for since In- dian reservations Were few and far between. But the minute they stepped into the open, they found themselves surrounded by Indians. They jumped back into the shelter of the woods, but to their great horror, they landed at the feet of a wild ant. Crondier ran, but Coy- pean was so terrified that he could not move. As Crondier looked back over his shoulder, he saw the ant leap on tContinued on page 3341 An Interview with Mrs. Duval Hudson Jones I'm a Widow with 5 Children . . . . and I can't afford to take chances with CHEAP BAKING POWDER-I! That's why I always use ADAMS BAKING POWDER Make Your Next Summer's Trip to the Sun on One of Arch's Rocket Ships. Passengers Called for and Delivered Phone 000000 Arch Transport Co. l '7 ,C r I 1 fu li if at Ll 1, f x , . Babies Can Take More Bumps . . when they have their rubdowns with FOWLER'S BABY POWDER They laughed when I got up to speak . . . But from the first word I held them spell- bound. I attribute my success to George Massenburg Public Speaking Instructor Tin Can Alley, Va. I Write me a 100 word letter and you will win 5500. Next week's winner will be Kenneth Wiggs. His letter will be as follows: My dear Mr. Spradlin: .If you gave me 51,000 and I lived through the shock I would attain a state of deglutition consistent with dietetic integrity. Kenneth Wiggs. Just send your letter to CHARLES SPRADLIN 406 East Side, New York City FEBRUARY. 1935 Front row: White, Hoffman, Acosta, Allerton, Gilliam, Carter, Robeson, Noland, Spigel, Buckley, Brown, Givens, Amott. Second row: Miss Ethel M. Gildersleeve. Wallace, Ewing, McBride, Harris, Goff, Christian, Alexander, McMullen, Scott, Rawles, Hyatte, Knight, Crayton, Morgan. Third row: Fowler, Bama, Mnrden, Maupin, Akiss, Wright, Millner, Spangler, Verell, J. Gil- liam. Maesenburg, Long, Grubbs, Ahearn. Fourth row: Perkins, Sands, Peck, Wiseman, Lawton, Hudson, Brooks, Marshall, Hollingsworth. The Student Council 'lille Student Council is divided into two parts: the executive board, composed of the officers and representatives from each class, and the General Student Council, consisting of a representative from each home room. Once a month the whole Student Council meets to discuss the prob- lems of the school. For the past two years they have been working dili- gently on evolving an honor system for the school. At present there are sixty honor classes. The Student Council hopes that in a few years the honor system will he school-wide. The officers for this year are: Lloyd Noland, President, Leroy Spigel, Vice-President: Ruth Curtis Robeson, Secretary. PAGE TN IRT Y-ONE THE BEACON The Speech Club The Speech Club was organized in the spring of 1933 by a few of the members of a Speech class under Miss Harriet Smith. The club, since then, has grown and is progressing nicely. The members give opportuni- ties for practice to speakers, debaters, and readers, and offer comments to contestants chosen for state competitions. The officers for this year are: Joe Shaheen, President, Frances Steger, Vice-President, Dorothy Johnson, Secretary, George Sands, Par- liamentariang and A. N. Branch, Sergeant-at-Arms. V Spanish Club Hable Usted Espanol? No? Well, the Senoritas and Caballeros who are members of the Spanish Club are learning to speak it at a very rapid rate. The Spanish Club was organized a few years ago under the super- vision of Mr. Carlos Urrutia, Spanish instructor. The object of the club is to create a Spanish atmosphere among the pupils, outside of the regular daily class work. The pupils have shown great enthusiasm and member- ship and achievements have been growing apace. Wilson Urrutia is Presi- dent and James Hawkins, Vice-President. V Senior Literary Club T A wide-awake organization, now in its tenth year, this group enjoys varied activities and an extensive popularity. Social meetings twice a month, teas in honor of graduating classes, Memorial Day broadcasts, historical tours, and annual banquets are among the items on the club's program. This semester's officers include Roy Carter, President, Mi1'iam Car- penter, Vice-Presidentg Henrietta Ivers, Secretary, Barbara Baker, Treas- urer, Barbara Brown, Historiang Dorothy lVIcMullen, Press Reporter. FEBRUARY, 1935 Front row: Barbara Brown, Gertrude Bromberg, Rhea, Mirmelstein, Bobby Kilpatrick, Ma:- garet Ashby, Jane Saunders, John Massey. Second row: Ruth Turley, Clinton Spencer, Duval Hudson, Page Buckley, Miriam Carpenter, Mary Comstock. The National Honor Society 7 Chosen for Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service, these members of the National llonor Society represent the top level of achieve- ment afforclell hy the school. Membership is limited to the senior and high junior classes, :uul recognition into its ranks is parallel to Phi Beta Kappa election at colleges. 'l'he oH'icers are Bohhy Kilpatrick, Presiclent: David Blaylock, Vice- Presitlent: lflizaheth Cutler, Secretary: and llane Saunders, 'l'reasurer. Other memhers are Barbara Brown, hlargaret Ashby, Duval Hud- son, l,loytl Noland, Page Buckley, Clinton Spencer, Ruth 'llurley, Nliriam Carpenter, Mary Comstock, Gertrude Bromherg, Rhea hlirmelstein, anal john Massey. PAl:L IHIRIV INR! L THE BEACON Beacon Newspaper T - Co-Editors ..................... ....,.,.., .............. ..,,,....... Business Manager ...,...... Advertising Manager .,.... Sports Editor ........................i..................,......... Copy Editor v.v...,v....,..........................,..................... Exchange and Circulation Manager ........ Art Editor ...................................,.,.....,.,.......,.,..,. Typists .............. ......iA...........................,........,.,.,...,,..,................. .... EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Warren Ashby Howard Jordan Joe Barnes Maynard Trull John Fretwell Ruth Turley Robert Jenkins Margaret Ashby Verna White ADVERTISING STAFF Margaret Hatten Evelyn Wilks Frances Wilson Adelaide Arch ' Katherine Everhart Type Adviser ...........,..... ......,..........................,r.......................... Faculty Adviser ........... ................... ......... Beacon Annual V Editor ............................,.......,.. .,......, Senior Editor ....................,.,............ Assistant Senior Editor ............... Activities and Feature Editor ..,... Art Editor .......................................,....... Business Manager ........v..,................ Assistant Business Manager ...................................... Advertising Manager .....,......i.i.................................................... ASSISTANTS Haywood Schomberg Mortimer Cohen Betsy Blanton Mildred Rawles V Quill aw Scroll Gertrude -Bromberg Rhea Mirmelstein Anna Mack James Seymour Q Charles Spradlin il Kenneth Wiggs Edythe Arch Page Buckley Leroy Spigel Joe Shaheen Lee Montgomery John Needre gl Virginia Leigh l Roberta Baird Miriam Carpenter J e J H tt un oy ya e Rhea Mirmelstein Alice Simpson Ruby Amory Arthur Kneip Bliss Eline Krisch Mr. Victor Harris Nlargaret Ashby Eloise Winder Frances Lewis Barbara Brown June Joy Hyatte Jane Saunders Edythe Arch David Blaylock Lena Mae Scruggs Doris Scott Margaret Cutchins It is considered an honor to be a member of the Quill and Scroll, in- ternational honorary society for high school journalists. Only pupils who are outstanding in the journalistic field and who have Worked faithfully on thc publication staffs are eligible for membership. The local chapter was organized in 1930. The membership includes Kenneth NViggs, Charles Spradlin, Edythe Arch, Barbara Baker, Margaret Ashby, Leroy Spigel, Page Buckley, Joe Shaheen, and Francis Acosta. Mr. Victor Harris, adviser of publications, is also the Quill and Scroll sponsor. PAGE THIRTV-FOUR FEBRUARY. 1935 First row: Carpenter, Buckley, E. Arch, Winder, Spradlirx, M. Ashby, Wiggs, Saunders, Brown, Baker, Spigel, Scott. Second row: Shaheen, Jenkins, Blanton, Lewis, Hudson, Ivers, Suttle, Hyatte, Mirmelstein, Turley, White, Blaylock, W. Ashby, Knelp, Fretwell. Third row: A. Arch, Baird, Akers, Weiss, Lloyd, Amory, Wilson, Everhart, Simpson, Wheeler. Publications W The Beacon newspaper is a weekly publication, written and edited by the journalism students. The paper is the proud possessor of many high awards. In the years 1932, 1933, and 1934 it was awarded All- :Xmerican llonor rating by the National Scholastic Press Association. in 1933 and 193-1 it was awarded the Medalist Rating by the Columbia Scholastic l'ress Association-one of the highest awards given high school newspapers. lformerly a five column pamphlet, the paper is now seven columns wide and contains four pages. The Beacon annual is published twice each year by the graduating classes, serving as a memory book for seniors and a record for the entire student body. VVith some trepidation, some misgivings, some hopes, and certainly after a great deal of earnest thought and labor, the annual staff presents this book to its class and school. PAGE TNIITY FIVE: THE BEACON The Glee Club V Progress is the Glee Club's middle name-and progress not only in size. Miss Eleanor Sherman, director, sees to it that the girls admitted have not only singing ability but also tone quality. There are now twenty- four members. The group sings for Patrons' League meetings, spring cantatas, commencement exercises, and on various other occasions. In 1933 they attended, for the first time, the annual music conven- tion held in Richmond, Virginia, and made such a favorable impression that they went again last fall. Each Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon the club practices its "do, re, mi's," and prepares to sally forth and add another performance to its list. V The Band V The band is an organization which has its full share of vigor and pep. At the football games the boys are resplendent in gold and blue capes and White marine caps. VVhen they march down the field, their colorful capes flying, their leader, Chancellor Bailey, strutting ahead in the traditional drum-major costume with his energetic "goose stepf' the game becomes a special occasion indeed. In this progressive organization there is plenty of hard grinding rou- tine and polishing, which accounts for its fine form, both musically and otherwise. The band has grown steadily, and now numbers forty-seven pieces. AE FEBRUARY. 1935 hrront row: Shockley, Kilpatrick, James, Woodcock, Baker, Turner, Bama, Le Pevre, Tilghman, Ma one. Second row: Abel, Leigh, Spradlin, Driver, Dishuxan, Comstock, Glndhart, Kyle, Chapman, James, Knelp, Bailey. Third row: Massey, Hawks, Spencer, Berlin, Smith, James, Siegel, Berryman, Halprin. Fourth row: Abel, Montgomery, Challoner, Ellis, Sterling, Via, G. Abele, Powell, Wright. The Orchestra Such progress as the orchestra has made represents not only the pro- ficiency of the group, but also the excellent training given them by their director, Miss Eleanor Sherman. The orchestra members, of which there are forty, provide music for the plays, for assemblies, and on other oc- casions. In the State Music Convention at Richmond the orchestra has been well represented. This semester it has a concert master, Bernard Siegel. A com etent, well-or fanized froup, the have been hi fhl commend- P 5 L Y B Y cd by critics and music lovers throughout the vicinity. The orchestra adds more laurels to the school's reputation for a high level of vcrsatiltiy. FLG! THVRTY-SEVFN 5 THE BEACON Thespians W Remember the many years ago when we belonged to Thespians? Seems funny now, as I look back, and think that we got our first big chances there. From Newport News High School to Broadway. Not bad. We had swell times, the bunch of us . . . Howard Jordan, Thomas Bowers, Chancellor Bailey, Robert Jenkins, Leroy Spigel, William Coiner, Lee Montgomery, Clinton Spencer, Joe Barnes, Louis Smith, lVIiriam Car- penter, Rhea Mirmelstein, Duval Hudson, Frances Brooks, Frances Graves, Ruth Turley, Verna White, Doris Scott, Dorothy Jebson, and Elizabeth Cutler. Even though we had to work, it was fun. Thespians are admitted on the basis of service to the drama department. The club was organized a few years ago and has been very outstanding since. Good V Senior Plays W ole Troupe l22! The senior plays this year have brought before the spotlight some new actors and actresses. The seniors present two plays on class night, "Theme Song" and "Grandma Pulls the String." The cast of "Theme Song" is composed of Clinton Spencer as Phil, Charles Spradlin as Mr. Higgins, Henrietta Ivers as Lucy Elizabeth, Rebecca Suttle as Mrs. Higgins, Duval Hudson as Gwen, and Bobby Kilpatrick as Larry. The cast of "Grandma Pulls the String" is composed of Barbara Baker as Grandma, Eunice Moreland as Nora, Jane Saunders as Hilde- garde, Leroy Spigel as William, Janetta Wimmer as Julia, and Anna Marye Cater as Mrs. Cummings. V Fall Play Staff Maynard Trull ............... .......................................................................... S tage Manager William Kerlin ..................... .......... .......... A s sistant Stage Manager Verna White Gertrude Brombergl ................................................................................ Asslstant DlFCCt0FS Anna Mack 5 DEPARTMENT HEADS William Coiner Q Eddie Jones S ,...,.,, ,.,,,,,.,.,.....,.........,,........................................ ......... E l ectricity Eddie Ritzel Q - Janata Wimmer ..... .......... P urmture Anna Marye Cater ........... ............... A dvertising Lois West ,,,,,.,,,,.,.,...,.,.,,,,,, ....................... P rompting Carolyn Gordon Q , aff Jacqueline Dishman """" ' I tops and Il ects Eloise Temple .................. -.............-...... C Ostumes Catherine Butry ......... Martha Allen ........................ Catherine Morrison F Ticket Doorman Makeup FEBRUARY. 1935 Seated: Ruth Turley. Standing, left to right: Frances Graves, Bernie Whitmer, Duval Hudson, Thomas Bowers, Dorothy Jebnon, Joe Barnes, Howard Jordan, Neal Patten. Fall Play Christopher Bean! Dead ten years and still not forgotten. How could we forget that name after the drama classes of our school presented it in such an excellent manner this fall. Both the Thursday night cast, which is seen above, and the Friday night cast played their parts in ex- cellent style. Miss Dorothy Crane directed the production, and managed to inspire almost a truly professional spirit. 'lihe stage crew and the various staffs functioned with remarkable efficiency, and the entire performance merited the praise it received. V The Cast 7 TIIURSDAY FRIDAY Thomas Bowers ....... ........ D r. Haggett ..............,... Chancellor Bailey Frances Graves ...,... ........ S uS11n ,....,................ ......, N 'liriam Carpenter Dorothy jebson .....,, ........i N bby ..............,............ ,......, l 'ilizabeth Cutler Ruth Turley ............ ........ b lrs. llaggett ....... ..,,..., l Vrances Maguire Duval lludson ...... ......... ' Xda .......................,................., lfrances Brooks Bernie Whitmer ....... .,.,.... X Varren Creamer ,...,.... Lee Nlontgomery lloward Jordan ....... ,,...,.. ' liallant .....,,..,,,.......,.. ...... C linton Spencer Neal Patten ......,.... ........ R osen .........................,........,.... Robert Murphy Joe B. Barnes ,,,,,, ...,.,,, b lr. Davenport ............ Bobby Kilpatrick YAG? HI Y N N THE BEACON Junior Varsity M Under the coaching of Bill Cain and Saunders White, the Junior Varsity had an unusually successful season this year, winning four games, and losing one. Eddie Jones, playing the quarterback position, was responsible for a good amount of the yardage gained. The Midgets built their attack around an especially good passing combination, with Claude VVard on the receiving end. V Girls' Athletic Club V Girls, do you want to be strong and healthy? Come with us. Xve camp, hike, swim, and play all sorts of games. There is not a single sport we do not indulge in: tennis, archery, basketball, cornell, track, volley ball, baseball, skating, cycling and swimming. We are indebted to Miss Frances Abbitt for our organization. Three years ago when she came to this school she started the club. Now it is one of the largest organizations in the school. Miss Abbitt has taught us many things, but above all, good sportsmanship, upon which our club is based. V The Tennis Team The tennis team was organized three years ago through the com- bined efforts of Mr. Julius Conn, athletic director, and Randolph Tucker. During the first year, the team did not have a very successful season. Nevertheless, the following year they were state champions. Last year, although many of the members of the team were lost by graduation, there was another fairly successful season. The members were Captain Billy Verell, David Blaylock, l.eonard Pepe, Bobby Spangler, Billy Brooks, and Billy Hill. F FEBRUARY. 1935 Seated: Managers Kerlin, Eichelberger, Kidd, Mlrmelstein. First row: Head Coach Mike Byrne, Assistant Principal Lamar R. Stanley, L. Smith, B. White, Martin, Allen, Millner, Goalder, Helmet, Baxter, Principal Fred M. Alexander, Superin- tendent Joseph H. Saunders. Second row: Assistant Coach Julius Conn, Noland, Spencer, Wright, Massey, Gaines, C. Span- gler, B. Spangler, 0'Ronrke, Timberlake, Watson, Teachey, Knight, Parker. Third row: Henley, P. White, Maclay, Goodman, Gilliam, Fowler, Nelson, Fitzhugh, Pretwell, W. Smith, Givens, Meanley. Fourth row: Bayfield, Ward, Shimkowitz, Morrisette, J. Bayfield, T. Massey, Gildner, Jones, McClellan. Football V Coach "lV1ike" Byrne's Gold and Blue 'liyphoon enjoyed a successful season with five victories, two tie scores and only two losses on their tally sheet. 'lihe high spot ol' the season came with the defeat of the traditional rival, llampton, hy the 6 to ll score that the record-hrcaking crowd ol' ap- proximately 9,llllll witnessed. Bohhy Spangler was chosen to fill the center position on the mythical All-Southern eleven and was listed on nearly all of the mythical state and conference teams. Charlie Spangler, Stewart O'Rourke and Stuart Gould- er also placed on the All-State team. At the end of the season the team picked Stewart O'Rourke as the honorary captain and he took the part as president ol' the Athletic Society and presided as toastmaster at the banquet. PAGE FORTV-ONE THE BEACON Emily is looking spic and span And she's happy as can be, For her clothes are always cleaned By the NEWPORT NEWS LAUNDRY. Her tender flesh does not itch and burn, But is cool and clear and free, For her dresses are hygenically cleaned By the NEWPORT NEWS LAUNDRY. She toddles to Church on Sunday Morning Feeling grand with spirits high, For her dress is ZORIC cleaned By the NEWPORT NEWS LAUNDRY. Would you have your clothes caress you Like the masseur's touch, Would you have your dry-cleaning Free from odor and all such. Would you like to walk the streets Feeling proper as can be, Then have your laundry and dry-cleaning done By the NEWPORT NEWS LAUNDRY. LK'50iigiiiY I 5 The House of Quality Service FEBRUARY. 1935 This is Miss Wimmer Aglow and aglimmer Now what could be trimmer Than she? If Hastings will get her, She'll look like Janetta And what could be better To see? DARDEN-HASTINGS STUDIO Photographs of Distinction Melson Building THE BEACON Compliments of Saxon W. Holt Congratulations to the February 1935 Graduates of the Gold and Blue THEATRE "The Pride of the Peninsula" To drive Packard Cars Is my greatest delight, So to Mooer's I'll journey To get one tonight. Yours truly, Rebecca Williams. Mooer's Motor Co. , I I Let J ack Isaacs Teach if ' In Your Children to Play 4 ' at lIllC if :iiit C fi 0ld Dominion n it ' t ' Golf Club Pm Singing a song for Foot of Chestnut Avenue Gemmell Phone 3276 For Gemmell, for Gem- mell, for Gemmell. Whatever we get from him'll 1 Be pretty good, I'll say. With love, ,lg Barbara Brown. Gemmell's Music-1 Store Goodpar Ice Cream "All Ages Enjoy It" FEBRUARY. 1935 Undergrad Varsitytown Esquire Clothes for Young Men WERTHEIMER'S Not merely a Store- An Institution "The Smile That Makes Us Happy is the Smile of Our Satisfied Customers" Modern Barber Shop WM. L. THIGl'EN, Prop. 3010 Washington Ave. Good to the Last Thumbful l Dot T illett certainly en- joys her ice cream from Southern Dairies The more she eats, the more she eats, the more she eats. DRINK Akers Orange Akers Ginger Ale and all Assorted Sodas Akers Beverage Co. Phone 1893 Iligh School Diplomas Framed Epes Stationery Co. Parker and Spencer "Distinctive Home F urnishersv The Home of the Heatrola 212-14 28th Street A. J. Hauser 8: Sons Watch Repairing 2519 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. P FORTY-FIVE THE BEACON ag Good Luck ttend You Best wishes of the professional men of Newport News W. L. Carleton Dr. W. F. Creasy Richard Newman Dr. Samuel Downing Herman O. Schey Harry Reyner Dr. R. Cowles Taylor Dr. Joseph T. Buxton A Friend Dr. J. Warren Sayre Dr. A. Gentile Dr. M. B. Beecroft Joseph C. Biggins Dr. White W. E. Jones Ana' the business men of Newport News La Vogue Shoppe Boulevard Market I. Seigle's Loan Office Tidewater Motorcycle Co. Bil1's Barbecue Battleman's Fur Shop Garner Clothing Company Lawrence Barber Shop Nicholas Beauty Shoppe Commonwealth Building and Loan Association Cordon's Custom Tailor Billy Williams Doug. Pitt J. C. Bloxom and Son Rowe and Woltz W. H. Forrest Joe Frank and Sons FEBRUARY. 1935 417 Q . , :ff -P lt s Max l+actor's makeup 1 ,w K x 'l'hat makes 'em all wake up, If you buy it from Gor- such You'll always want more such. Love and kisses, Eunice Moreland. J. C. Gorsuch and Co. Compliments of J. H. Stelling Compliments of S. S. Kresge Co. Graduates We Congratulate You! Hathcock Jewelry Company 2902 Washington Ave. Official N.N.H.S. Rings, Belts Compliments of CHEVROLET Newport News Auto Exchange 3400 Huntington Ave. Phone 1086 If you want a cute dress That's bound to impress J ust ask Frances Coffman about it. "At Broadway," she'll tell you, "T he best they can sell you." Go see them and then you won't doubt it. Broadway Department Store THE BEACON Compliments of Shackelford Auto Co. Compliments of N. Suttle and Sons Quality Jewelers" CC ESTABLISHED 1895 Cor. 25th St. and Jefferson Ave. 329-341 25th Street Mother Warwick says: Clothes do help you Win-- Compllmems of Dry Clean them Oftener-- Warwick Laundry and Dry Cleaners Phones 10 and 12 Goodman's Hardware Co. 2405 Jefferson Ave. The girl above is pretty Jane Saunders And a sterling piece is she For all her life, I'm sure she's heard Of Noland quality. Truly - - - Living Comfort Modern Plumbing Fixtures-Ideal Heating System Modernize Your Home Now-Low Cost! Noland Company, Incorporated Wholesale Plumbing, Heating, Mill and Paint Supplies 322-330 28th Street Phone 1700 Visit Our Showrooms FEBRUARY, 1935 Bobby is a happy tot As you can readily see For every night While stars shine bright lle sleeps on a bed from Phillip Levy 81 Co. Compliments of Hundley and Applewhite Clncorporatedj REAl,'I'0RS ----- INSURORS Make the PALACE four Movieil-labit I. A. Hogge 8: Bros. Clncorporatedj Groceries, Fresh Meats DELICATESSEN Cold Storage Equipment 4412-4414 Huntington Ave. Phones 837-838-839 Newport News, Va. Spigel Bros. 137 29th Street Electric Refrigerators Washing Machines and Grunow Radios Dawn breaking over Bill liken- Note the joy, the abandon. Accessories at Virginia Public Service All Electrical Fixures and Appliances Virginia Public Service Co. THE BEACON Compliments of Virginia Pilot Compliments of Mike Suttle "Super S ervice' Association 627-29 25th Street Phone 2075 Meet Me at A. M. Deal DAY'S 3401 Washington Ave. 2718 Washington Ave Mutual Insurance Agency Safety at a Saving Compliments of Newport News Land Corporation FEBRUARY. 1935 Wilson Awning and Tent Company Compliments of Newport News Overfold Company National Compliments of , Lvncheoneffe, Warwick Theatre Dinner, Chops, and Sandwiches The Test Tells The Truth 3112 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. "Newport News' A musement Bargain" SCHOOL LUNCH -'QUICK SERVICE" Soup, Bread, Rice or Tea 25c Only Tea Garden Restaurant 3210 Washington Ave- If news it is you want to John Moeson, Prop. hear Why follow socicty's leaders For ladles like Barbara Baker are For Reliable Jewelry Go To Palmer's The Daily Press' readers. Daily Press and Times-Herald The Peninsula's Newspapers THE BEACON Buxton Lines, Inc. Overnight Freight and Passenger Service Richmond l Newport Petersburg News, Va. Hopewell V3- Norfolk i Portsmouth Through Freight Connec- tions Baltimore, Md., and Washington, D. C. Terminals Pier "B" Municipal Boat Harbor Compliments of Newport News Transfer and Storage Company Your first objective should be to acquire Real Estate. We have the facilities to aid you. Newport News Foot Jefferson Ave. We Invite Your lnspectic Hudson--Terraplane Compliments of Florida Orange Store Sales and Service 2910-12 Huntington Ave. Phone 928 Compliments of Bob Jones And His Southerners "Music That Satisfiesv Compliments of Merit Shoe Co., Inc. FEBRUARY. 1935 n tr e ' ,.,., " Edythe Arch looking grim and foreboding ln fact Y she's losing her hair. Avoid worries, build your future, bank at the First National. FIRST NATIUNAL BANK OSER BROS. Reliable Footwear Newport News and Hampton Barclay 81 Sons Pretty Miss Hayes is A girl who amazes With aplomb and a this and a that. And mostly she'd boast that It's N achman's- Jewelers especially the hat. 2605 Washington Ave. Nacllmallis Department Store THE BEACON Compliments of Citizens Marine Jefferson Bank 25th St. and Washington Ave. Compliments of 6.1 ' PHARM AC' IES Cor. Blair and Buxton Avenues Huntington Ave. Near 47th St Compliments of J. T. Tilghman, Inc Real Estate E, ,::t.n Q ,,:. t":E ..:: b I'm the mate on the jolly old ship And a rough tough guy I am I'll haul your freight at a jolly old clip For I yam what I yam what I yam. Anna Marye Cater. Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company FEBRUARY. 1935 SOUND managerial pollctes and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of flue printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN at Ou-'ER ENGRAVING CO In the foreground Ft. Dearborn re erected ' in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. lllustranon by Jahn fr Ollier Art Studios. U17 West Wsthlnilon Blvd., - Chlcsgo, Illlnols PAGB FIFTV FIVE THE BEACON Congratulations Seniors! Omega Kappa Club Best ol: Luck from the Literary Club The Franklin Printing Company wants you to let them furnish your Printing and Engraving B X liz' I897 ima u di iii :L r lmiMl., ff' : .1 ESTABLISHED -US 1 1 L 1. .-i"?f 1 it AQ 'f - ll- 52 LJ-'Q-'Y-1 FRANKLIN vruN'rlNu vo ., ag. Y --.-. ' 5 - in J .',,...,. J MJML Jllfi3I1E,EE'-':EE2E'f"gill 1 - ll 1 "-I .f A T L in as - Nl Compliments of edical Arts Pharmacy Medical Arts Building Newport News Business College First National Bank Building Mid-Winter Term Starts Phone 24 or 21400 Feb' A to H DELF J. GAINES, President Phone 355 Warwick Farms Milk That's 'Safe for Balniesn Compliments of P. IL. Blackwell GOODRICI-I TIRES AND BATTERIES

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