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I 1 1 X K Q I 5 1, " I X , f 2 'i L K I 6 I P S 5, 2 1 x I F X ? 1? 1 'x .4 ? , 4 P E' x. M Y 5 11 if 1. g2i z E 23" 5 iii A 1 M R . N ,,. -' j,,1,, 'QA DEG Ttjfij x xg,B HAR'f if MEIMJOKLT l ,,,.. .mv 11" f-vw .5 1 u 1 m 1 'E 41 4, K 1 .1 ,I :lm , s Nl S ' Q-1-5 .l -l i 1.-l. - ..-+ - X J X N x X J J J X HIS IS NOT just a story about a ship, nor is it a factual back- ground of its history . . . rather let us consider it fa personal account of the men who have lived, worked and played on board this mighty man-of-war. Yes, it could easily be said that we have laughed, cried, and prayed with every dip of her majestic bow-and that one without the other is useless-for it is you and your ship which have made this description possible. Therefore, take pride in the following pages, for they not only record the auto-biography of the USS NEWPORT NEWS QCA-1481, but the ever-heart-warming story attributed to those who have shared her adventures and triumphs. Some say a ship is born when it transcends the ways and first hits the water, but not those who had for some time conceived the beginning of this vessel. It all started way back in 1934 when the Vinson-Trammel Act was authorized thus giving the Navy the green light in its plans to increase our fighting fleets. On April 8, 1944, the Navy awarded a contract to the New- port News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Virginia, to start production on a new heavy-cruiser. The keel was laid on November 1, 1945, and the busy hum of this eastern port continued on until March 6, 1948, when hull number u456" was launched. Mrs. Homer L. Ferguson, wife of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shipbuilding Company sponsored the double-N at the launching. With the clouds of a threatened freedom-loving world hanging BL E PHI TS m BL E SEAS in the overcast, plans were speeded up and a group of men were assembled, rior to the commissionin , to tackle the roblems P g P of-injecting life into these steel veins. iThe occasion arrived, and ontjanuary 29, 1949, this ship was proudly commissioned as the United States Ship Newport News VQCA-1481, in honor of itis namesake, the Shipbuilding City of Newport News. Besides the more than 300 crew members who lined the decks for the momentous ceremonies, there were many guests, among them: Admiral W. P. Blandy, Commander ln Chief of the United States Atlantic Fleet at that time. Throngs stood by as a beau- tiful 315,000-dollar Silver Service, commemorating the occasion, was presented to the ship by the proud citizens of Newport News. Rear Admiral R. O. Davis, USN, then Commandant of the Fifth Naval District accepted the ship for the Navy and in turn Captain Roland N. Smoot, USN, accepted command. Cap- tain Smoot stated that accepting command of such a magnificent ship as the Newport News was MA Naval oHicer's dream come to life.'7 And with the raising of colors and the strains of 'The Star Spangled Banner" filling the air, the CA-148 assumed the re- sponsibility to carry out its part as a unit of the worldjs greatest Navy. However, this role could not be effected without the training and proper indoctrination of both men and ship, and shortly after commissioning and a three-month outfitting period, the Newport News first cut her wake out of Hampton Roads, Va., heading south for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and shakedown train- ing. Firing the Sis, maneuvering in tactical formations, tAA' exer- cises, and sea-drills under the tropical sun followed. Upon com- pletion of this vigorous schedule under the capable leadership of Capt. Smoot, the Newport News, now a Hman-of-warw and x B C b Admiral Blancly and Officials during Halifax, Nova Scotia Visit At Anchor in Guantanamo ay, u a Battling Arctic Weather i . . . Turkish Tots perform on board "NN" in Istanbul Sunday Mass at Port Au Prince, Haiti p h art enon in Athens, Greece, cluring first Mediterranean Cruise l 4 Q 1. f i i 1 r ready for any assignment, pointed her prow homeward. During the shakedown cruise several Carribbean ports were visited in- cluding Haiti, Jamaica and Panama. Back in Norfolk once again, the ship underwent a post-shake- down yard period and in July, 194-9, as Flagship for Admiral Blandy, departed on a 'fGoodwill" cruise to Halifax, N. S. Our visit to this famous Canadian port was during its f'Centennial,' celebration. Next, after operating with Operational Development Force in Norfolk, the Newport News embarked with the U. S. Second Fleet for a cruise to the 'icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. And so it was, on November 12, 194-9, with waves breaking over the forecastle, that we crossed the Arctic Circle, thus inaugurating all members as uBlue Nosersf' The "old saltsn on board con- sidered that cold' Arctic Cruise the double-N's 'fmaiden voyagef, as all 17,000 tons of this Hdeadly killern brazenly resisted the mountainous waves and sub-zero weather of the Arctic Ocean. January 4, 1950, Captain Smoot was relieved of his command by Captain James S. Laidlaw, USN, in a ceremony at the Naval Base, Norfolk, Va. A passage to the distant Mediterranean was our next assign- ment-which also meant our first crossing of Father Neptune's Atlantic Ocean. This cruise had long been anticipated and finally the day came, and with Cape Henry fast disappearing, the double-N steamed the high seas once again-destination-Gi braltar. Days passed until finally one misty morning anxious eyes made out the African coastline and the famed Rock of Gibraltar rising from the sea in all its impregnable armor. In the Mediter- ranean at last as Flagship for Vice Admiral John J. Ballentine, USN, Commander Sixth Fleet, the Newport News assumed her role as the ugoodwillw cruiser. During this tour of duty which lasted over five months, the NN visited nearly every major port of the Mediterranean, including: Augusta, Sicily, Venice and Tarranto, Italy, Athens, Greece, Beirut, Lebanon, Istanbul, Turkey, Tripoli, Tripolitaniag Trieste, T.F.T., Suda Bay, Crete, Toulon and Villefranche, France, Lisbon, Portugal, and Palma, Majorca. Many of the wonders of this once-center of ancient civilization were viewed by the crew as well as the picturesque scenery and mode of living in these lands. Not only did we see them, but thousands of people, some very prominent fKing Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece, Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth and other celebritiesJ visited our ship and many were the compliments heaped upon this dreadnought of the high seas. Yes, it was a happy cruise-a successful cruise-and upon being relieved, Capt. Laidlaw and the officers and crew received praise from Vice Admiral Ballentine on an excellent performance of duty while serving aboard his command ship. 7 Arriving back in Norfolk, USA, during the latter part of May, a three-month yard period was undertaken and completed. Before our departure in September, 1950, on a six-week re- fresher training cruise to the Caribbean, Captain Edward N. Parker, USN, the present Commanding Officer, assumed command of the Newport News. Under the vigilance of Capt. Parker, the ship completed her return shakedown cruise at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with fiying colors, and earned for her toil and sweat a mark of uExcellent.,7 To all those who contributed so much in this fine evaluation, a feeling of pride and satisfaction was felt- and justly so, for we were ready for what may lie in the future. Yes, ready to take our place in the fieet once again. Back in Norfolk for a short recreational and leave period, the Newport News once again readied for a forthcoming Mediter- ranean Cruise. 4'Cast-Off" was echoed on November 20, 1950, and the Newport News now prepared, departed for distant duty with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Presently embarked on that cruise, the USS NEWPORT NEWS, as before, is fulfilling that all-important task of supporting free- dom-loving nations throughout the world. Although assigned many purposes during this cruise, the Newport News has continued to mold the faith and courage of her officers and crew. And as you observe the pictorial record on the following pages, you will see why our Hoating and fighting home, from HBlue Prints to Blue Seas," has been an inspiration to all of us who have sailed with her. Moonlight over Guantanamo Bay We W Officials on hand for occasion Crew assembles at Quariers for Commissioning 29 January 1949 Admiral W. H. P. Blandy, Cinclant "piped" on board Guesfs are escorted back Aff for ceremonies -l Q - mfwffgew- 1:'::w E! f s I . 5 ' 1 f L ll V 1 I 1 43 I ,V Crowd watches as Admiral Blandy and Captain Smoot arrive at speakers stand Admiral Blandy and Captain Smoot before ceremonies Mrs. Homer L. Ferguson, who christened the ship in 1947, addressing the Assemblage Captain Smoot greets Dignitaries arriving for ceremonies Admiral W. H. P. Blandy, USN, Cinclant making the principle address Mr. J. B. Woodward Jr. delivers Hull No. 456 to the Navy .Af ' na QQ , A - W g, .1 :s . 0 41 W w " 'QW AW: ..,, W7 P42 4 f Q , , Nr, Z "7 44: 1, , . , Q2 444. 7 ,X Em. ' ' .Q y nf ', 'X ,W fn 35 tyf -24,35 x Q f Q f f f f, ,e ff jff, fs 9 0 A N , f I 1 f gg 4 2 ' 5 W 6 , if 4 if 'W Q1 ,331 - K . ,AQ Aff fyff ww A f 1 7 ff , f 'L A - .,,.- f f f 5 A ,4 I 1 Wmwalf , - .ww X ,V ,,,.f, ay sf uw xg 1 5 2 f ' Q '- 1: 423, i L li Nl, x.,, , W fs f N .V ,Q ff ff' S f 'Q f . y,.,sf,:y Q W f f is 0 45 5 P " ':' f dv!! L,.c iw f W7 X A X f f , ,r f f V 1 1 if 1 f f f, 4 ff 1 f Q af Q A if Q' 9 ' " fi ff Q as ,Wy g ' -2 4 43? , 3? 'M ft 4 2 WF" i "Batten down" that cover Ship's Quartermasters during drill lay to on those lines mates . . " "CoiIing" the line . . . This sailor shows how it's clone. lil - f it "Hauling to" while in NNSY, Portsmouth, Vu. "Mail Call has it's effects" j E E IE Fi Y' 23 1 I i 1 I 5 x The mighty "NN" at rest in NNSY, It's "turn to" on board the NN Portsmouth, Va. - Suffolk Boy's Club poses during Gala visit Newport News in Drydock at NNSY, Portsmouth, Vu. 3 I A 1 1 , ix 1 3 I I 1 Suffolk Boy's Club on tour of the ship "Attention" is the order as personnel inspection gets underway Marines fire volley as comrade is buried at sea Chaplain conducts burial services for l.t. Stork, USN lRet.J Cdr Webster looking the situation Captain F. W. Baker, U.S.M.C., at skyforward during G. Q. OVBI' Cdr. Dancy and Cdr. Webster during G. Q. In the calm waters of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Liberty Party embarks "NN" at Gitmo Bay, Cuba Protestant services in Port Au Prince, Haiti "Bumboats" Alongside in Port Au Prince, Haiti i NN" Landing Party Stat? at Gitmo Captain Smoot awards good conduct medals Marines on Parade at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Mardet on Parade Ship's Landing Party in Dress Review. Ship's Landing Party at Gitmo-1949 Slugger" Joe Sutyak, leading "NN" Batter during '50 season. Captain Smoot and training officers view exercises Coach and lst Baseman, Bal.: Bryan, mainstay of the "NN" Baseball team NN's First Baseball team and Crulant Champs of 'I949 The "NN" Fueling a "Tin Can" Clnclant Band gives out with that Hotlaeat enroute to Halifax Cinclant Band during one of their serenades AA Batteries swing into action Left: Admiral Blancly and Staff disembark from Helicopter Squaring that block and tackle away I ,,,,,f,,f. 1 ., 'IT'y7?,f 1 i I , .Y 1 ffm 7 f , , , K X Q : 4 V . , 5 Crew of "Saluting Battery" in action Cdr. J. A. Webster, E. O. and Captain R. N. Smoot, C. 0. " Pilot receives Iastbminute directions from Cdr. .I. A. Webster Admiral Blandy is shown welcoming Halifax official on board in visit to that port Nova Scotian Oflicials and Admiral Blandy during the "Centennial" Vigif Inspection of Mardet during Halifax stay Cdr. Webster inspects Personnel Ship's Mardet at attention Captain Smoot inspects crew Paul Hooton receives award for his placing in 1949 Crulant Golf Tourney - "Eternal Father, strong to save . - ." "H" Division back in 1949 ' 2 A it The "Rock" lGibraltarJ is sighted Captain Laidlaw reads his orders as new C. O. vnDNV 'ne on bodfd ADM. R. E. Conolly lCinCNELMJ, Cdr. Webster, Captain Laidlaw and ggllenll Captain Wheelock during Fleet Admiral's visit at Gibraltar 19505 weltdmes ugh-I idldw .braltaf Ca? tain Lu qi G' Augusta, Sicily Ashore in Taranto, Italy un. Ju... .,.. v. ...I-vu . . . x...l.v---v-----I Palms sway in the cool breezes of Beirut, Lebanon Left: Units of the Sixth Fleet at anchor ott Istanbul, Tl-ll'keY Crulsermen pose In front of th e historical Parthenon CAthens, Greece! Hiking in Suda Bay, Crete Toulon, France, Lair of the French Navy Chief of Naval Opera- tions, ADM. Forrest P. Sherman, is welcomed on board by Captain Laidlaw during Ville- tranche visit. VVc1terways of Venice, ltaly Mr. and Mrs. Aly Kahn lRita Hay- worthj during Villefranche, visit Disembarking for liberty at San Marco Square, Venice - San Marco Tower and St. Marks Cathedral maiestically stand out in San Marco Square, Venice "NN" Sailors visiting two masted ship used to lilm "Capt Hornblower" during our stay in Villefranche, France. Pd ' 5 1rieSle 'mul Muiorcd . -,,,4-9 I N N f BQ 1 I Prince Umberto Gallery in Naples, Italy WP ,I ' Sailors view bullfighting during Lisbon, Portugal visit fl' I P 0 Llfg 1 """"'--1... 's""'P"'-f-N -fs.,-M Captain Parker assumes command of Newport News I nspection prior to our return to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I' I M. , . - M545 16 Wm 119545 nw wwf Fueling Exercises Af Sea E i CAPTAIN EDWARD N. PARKER United States Navy HWE HAVE a beautiful ship, letis make her the fightingest ship in the Navyf, These are the words of our Commanding Officer, Captain Edward N. Parker, USN, who on September 11, 1950, as- sumed the task as 4'Skipper,7 of the USS NEW- PORT NEWS CA-111-8. Captain Parker, a native of the uKeystone State," was born on July 26, 19011-, in Avalon, Pennsyl- vania. Upon graduating from Louisville fKen- tuckyj High School, he entered the U. S. Naval Academy in September, 1921, and was graduated and commissioned Ensign in June 1925. Activi- ties while at the Academy included working on the publications 4'LogH and 'lucky Bagw and also par- ticipating in class football. Among his earlier sea billets, included such ships at the BB7s UTAH and CALIFORNIA and the cruiser PENSACOLA. He also served on board the MAHAM QDIVIJ, DOBBIN CADD, and the DD,s PERKINS, PARROTT and the CUSHING. During World War II, Captain Parker saw ac- tion with the Asiatic Fleet in the Java Campaign and also with various destroyers in the Gaudal- canal engagements. It was while serving as C.O. of the USS CUSHINC in the battle of Gaudalcanal that he was awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a third Navy Cross. In 19-41-6 he served as Commander Surface Pa- trol Group, during the atomic bomb tests at Bi- kini Atol. His last tour of duty was with Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department, Washing- ton, D. C. In addition to the Navy Cross with two Gold Stars, the Silver Star Medal, and the Commenda- tion Ribbon with a bronze star, Captain Parker also holds the Presidential Unit Citation with two stars, and the 6lVIilitary Willemsordef presented to him by the Netherlands Government. Captain Parker married the former Miss Eliza- beth Hunter and they presently reside at 1819 N. Inglewood St., Arlington, Va. ' 1 f fl CAPTAIN RALPH C. JOHNSON United States Navy ALPH C. JGHNSON, USN, now Captain, reported on board the USS NEWPORT NEWS CA-14-8 late in August, 1950, to assume the duties as the ship's Executive Oflicer. Captain Johnson, a native of Caleshurgh, Illinois, was born on 4 January, 1911. He attended Gales- burgh High School and graduated in 1928. He en- tered the U. S. Naval Academy soon after gradua- tion and was graduated and commissioned Ensign with the c1ass of 1932. After graduation Captain Johnson's billets in- cluded battleship duty f1932-1937j and destroyer duty Q1937-1940 and 1911-2-194-65. ln 1940 he was assigned to the Naval Academy as an instructor where he served until 1942. During the war Captain Johnson saw action on board the USS COWIE U94-2-19451, where he served as Executive Officer and Commanding Of- ficer. In 1911-5 he was attached to ComDesLant as Gunnery Ofiicer and continued in that capacity un- til 194-6 when he reported for duty at the Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Virginia. Prior to report- ing to the Newport News, Capt. Johnson was sta- tioned at the Naval Amphib Base at Coronado, California, since 1948. Among his awards, Capt. Johnson is the holder of the Bronze Star and Com- mendation Letter received during World War ll. Captain and Mrs. Johnson presently reside at 6129 Rolfe Ave., Norfolk, with their three chil- dren, Carol, David and Sara. VICE ADMIRAL JOIHN J. BALLENTINE United States Navy ICE ADMIRAL JOHN JENNINGS BALLENTINE was as- signed Commander of the Sixth Fleet on November 3, 1949, succeeding Admiral Forrest P. Sherman, now Chief of Naval Operations. He served in the Mediterranean area previously as Commander of Carrier Division ONE. Born in Hillsboro, Ohio, October 4, 1896, Ad- miral Ballentine was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1917. Since 1920, when he received his designation, he has served in Naval Aviation. At the outbreak of World War II, he was serving as 'Executive Officer of the aircraft carrier USS RANGER. On December 24, 1941, he was or- dered to take command of the carrier USS LONG ISLAND. He took command of the newly con- structed 27,000-ton aircraft carrier USS BUNKER HILL on May 25, 1943. While under his com- mand, the BUNKER HILL participated in Pacific operations at Rabaul, the Gilbert Islands, Nauru, Kavieng and the Marshall Islands providing air cover for amphibious operations striking crushing blows towards annihilating'Japanese fighting power, and inflicting numerous losses on the Japanese Fleet and merchant marine units sunk and dam- aged. In February 1944, Admiral Ballentine reported for duty as Deputy and Chief of Staff and Aide to the Commander, Aircraft, Pacific Fleet, at Pearl Harbor, 'Iv.H. Later, he was assigned to duty as Fleet Liaison Ofiicer for Commander in Chief, Pa- cific, at Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, Pacific. He landed at Atsugi Airport on 30 August in the airborne occupation of Japan, escorting General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur to the surrender ceremonies on the bat- tleship MISSOURI on 2 September 1945. In January 1946, Admiral Ballentine reported to the Office of Naval Operations, for duty as Assistant on the Military Staff Committee of the Security Council, United Nations. He made a five months cruise in the Mediter- ranean in the USS MIDWAY during the winter of 1947-48 and made a similar cruise with the Sixth Fleet on board the USS ROOSEVELT in 1948-49. An ardent student of the Mediterranean, after having served in these waters for more than four years, he unhesitatingly describes his duty as "the best in the Navyf, His guest book reads like an international 66Who's Wllowg it is inscribed with names of kings and queens, presidents, governors, mayors, cardinals and bishops, dukes and duch- esses. He collects and reads avidly everything pub- lished about the Mediterranean, supplementing his reading knowledge during calls with tours, and con- versations with officials. Q li 'E I 3 ill J 1 an-1 - .IIQIININE THE SIXTH FLEET ODAY, at the time of this publication, many ships of the U. S. Navy are engaged in actual combat in eastern waters, shelling far-off shores and creating devastation among enemies of the free world. Their contributions are in support of democratic living countries everywhere. Their honest efforts, the firm endeavors of their crews, have been and will continue to be successful in a job which leaves no alternative, but to be accepted and com- pleted in the traditionally fine manner of naval accom- plishment. The USS Newport News, to this date, although we deem her capable, has never inflicted concentrated de- struction on an enemy. The non-veteran majority of her crew has never been able to say 4'This is the real thingf, But we are not idle, we are not resting. We are vigor- ously and industriously preparing ourselves for the pos- sibilities that may be born in the future. The most significant part of our duties since com- missioning, 29 January, 1949, has been, Flagship, Com- mander Sixth Fleet-the Mediterranean Sea. Having completed two cruises, totaling approximately 9 months of Mediterranean Service, we have decidedly manifested our usefulness and dutifullness to the United States. This has been our vital contribution toward uni- versal unity and lasting peace. Since the end of World War II, the United States has maintained a Fleet in the important and strategic Med- iterranean. On 30 September 1911-6, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal emitted wisely: uThe United States is continuing to maintain forces in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea for the following specific pur- poses: First, to support Allied occupation forces and the Allied Military Government in the discharge of their responsibilities in the occupied area of Europe. Second, to protect U. S. interests and to continue to support U. S. policies in the area." From Admiral Forrest Sherman, Chief of Naval Opera- tions: uThe Sixth Fleet is a powerful factor in maintain- ing the policies and prestige of the United States in the Mediterranean? The Sixth Fleet sailor who joined the Navy to see the world is seeing it. Each bluejacket is a roving ambassa- dor in his distinctively cut uniform, creating good will and better understanding with the people he meets, there- by, making firm our prime objectives-policy and pro- tection. This then is the Sixth Fleet purpose in the Mediter- ranean, ctangible evidence of the United States' interest in an area whose strategic importance towards the main- ranean, Htangible evidence of the United States' interest those days of Wooden ships and iron men when the sheer boldness and daring of a man named Decatur made history in these waters and set the pattern for what is more easily felt than defined as 'cNavy Tradition." Sixth Fleet duty is vital, necessary, strategic. lts success has always depended upon the combined efforts of the individual, which to the present have been more than rewarding. Our ship, of which we can be justly proud, has ex- celled in all phases of readiness in view of a national emergency. It has become a familiar and welcome sight to many people in many nations, and we, her crew, have gained invaluable knowledge in our travels. And We must not and will not allow ourselves to ease in our present tasks. Whether in Mediterranean Service or elsewhere, we have a duty to perform, a duty far more significant than ever before, and it will be done, so that in the future our performance will merit the praise of a nation that can say emphatically HWell Done." GATGWAY lu The MGRTTGRRANGAN GIRRALTAR AUGUSTA RARGGLGNA UHAN TARARTG ISTANBUL VILLEFHANEHE NAPLE5 GAGARLANGA MALTA ATHENS BEIHUT ik ITINEHAHY A 4 . 3? s S X new K S www fe Wylw xxx K f, M54 ,V ,X 0 ,y 2 1 fs? ' we ff My K 4 f 5 Q , Mu, q , 1 W, W ff my N10 1 i i w I 1 r I f 1 I 1 3 N 1' 1 r Madam Butterfly 1 1 1 1 Y 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I. 1 1 1 I I I i, I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I II I I Ii . . . where the boats pull in Cooling off at Jimmie's No Elevators I I I I I I I I I I I ' . . . Lovely, Lovely I I I I I I I ls that u fish I I I I I The 02 level I ,I 'I I I I ,4L "Wonder where this leads to?" to-FK ,Jw bf "Got the duty" Fabulous Monte Carlo Fountain of Youth, Vence Monte Carlo at Midnight . . . Now return ail paint and paint brushes to the paint locker. fu Z 'CZ ! f 2 V4 E? S ff zz we I, 5 5, L E, V, E, ,. P ? 5, is g, 2 Q The Riviera CNiceJ Familiar nightspof Stroll she dances to Movie call . . . a short one Sallors skled here fFrench Alpsl . . list to starboard Skl party s shelter thunk l1"ll snow' I m scared Skiers must be eaters Snow tired J I 1 i 1 I ' f W s' "Rest quietly, dear" Carnival time QAA. y ,,V.,k I ,.,., Narrow Path 4, fl: 1 k t .gt 1 Nice for the price neu light f S I Servicemen, half-price Novelties Left: Greek theatre Curiosity 1 W Cafaniun View R, The Ice Cream Man The Ear of Dlonyslus Syracuse Stroll Looking It over Roman Amphitheatre mmnll 4 Q , , Q f A 9 , if 52 I M 7 , ? P X110 YA 9' if V 4 ,yi ..,, , L, If fa x y Q59 A 1? X Q 4 I Y K' 4 Q Zz: s- Z 12 3 3.1 vqxrx Q22 5 ,-., www, . 73 LJ 'f- , 7 K. ,Q 4 ff 'f ,:-.Jinx-::T:2f:?,Ys---H fm Y - - ' Castle of de Medici "Attractive Arcade Neopolitan orphans having Xmas treat ,VXW1 mf 'WSZW ' Downtown Napoli S k 0 Christmas Carols na e Put Pearl Swinging Siren Roman Theatre fPompeiiJ Unearfhed Pompen Chrlsfmas gafherlng aboard you from Casa de VeHi, Pompeii X , I fr V, ' M, I w 4 E e 21 . , V ' 'N U1 N! ,, H 4 r "Talked About" Stromboli t i t I t 5 W W Though never actually visited, this active volcano became visible to i hoth port and starboard many times. It extends from the sea between Sicily and the toe of Italy fthe Messian Straitsj and as if emotionally upset i it is often angered to the point where fire and rock pour forth from its p mouth. Inescapahle of mention, it was particularly made popular by the 1 movie actually filmed upon its rugged heights. MSO that's StromlJoli?", t flowed the average comment as we curiously eyed this lonely work of old I 66Ma Naturef, l P 3 H ELU RESENTING itself as a 'gnew find" to ships of the Sixth Fleet, Barcelona opened wide its doors and spread the welcome mat for us. We were received with great enthusiasm as ours was the first American vessel to visit this port in many years. A large and beautiful city, second only to Madrid as the largest city of Spain, it was here that Ferdinand and Isabella received Columbus on his return from the dis- covery of the new world. Our memories will include the fiesta given in our honor, the skiing resort 64La Molina," the radio pro- gram aboard ship, later transcribed through- out the country, and most important of all, the warm hospitality of its friendly populace. If and when we find ourselves in the Mediter- ranean again, we have hope of returning, as Columbus did, to Barcelona, g"Ciudad des Amigos." Ccity of friendsj Q 1 w SYSQ .J Jo ll "Scenic Stairway" usold Sunday Sanctuary . "Amusement" 3 i Fun al' the Fiesta "L I ' ' H oyo a Unlverslty I N1 I ' iQQ ,f:'fs 5 ' ' V M v , ,Q 1 55 .X 1 f A If 7 ,, 1 1- ad' ,fl 2 4 wi 'M ,Sw 50 N 1 W5 4 -W N rl 5: 1 H -N i I 4 il ii i i 1 , N Xl J N M ,, g. A K, r, ,r r 'x Ships for sale ,. H ix Smooth Sailing 5-- :,.,-. .-,.. - 0 0 . ,. "Bell Bottom Tourists" Site of the RooseveIt-Churchill-DeGaulle-Giroud conference Looks modern to me "Going about their business" I "Sailors and Squirts" Plain and Pretty Young Smile' "Making the rounds" General lyautey's statue in left foreground "Holiday Routine" ,,,, -cf. The new Mosque "Lay down to the laundry and pick up same" ? Q2 u .. , . f 35 I A , LEIEH5 HE scenery was especially pleasant from our Htieing up" spot, hut uwhere was the cityf, we pondered. We later found it was a thirty-minute bus ride gthat-a-way., Lying on the western coast of Africa, Oran, Algeria was active during the African invasion of World War II, being an initial oh- jective of the Allied forces. Our visit was much shorter, however, than we anticipated, and many did not get ashore. We, nevertheless, add this brief sojourn to our itinerary with pride. A ETT , MALT ALTA suffered, endured and survived the greatest concentration of bombing during World War II and was awarded the Cross of St. George by the King of England. Since 1874- she has been guided by English counseling. A mid-Mediterranean island, tormented by storms and inconsistent climate, she is situ- ated perpendicularly between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa. Many times, during our training periods at sea, we operated under combat conditions in the Malta area, and cli- maxed these preparations by a full scale amphibious landing of Naval and Marine Corps personnel in wartime realism. Valetta, unveiled upon our anchorage in its 66Grand Harbour," is sustained by agricultural devel- opments. She is plentiful in grain and wheat and many of us felt an appetizing yearn when viewing the bountiful orange groves. Tours of the city monopolized entertainment ashore while the athlete had a holiday enjoying the convenient basketball and tennis courts. Sailors, that think themselves Prince Charm- ings, were eager to get a glimpse of a real princess 1 Princess Elizabeth - who makes her home there. I N 4 ,T E n L: sf Fi ji ,r rw i v 1 5, ' '4 1 , 14 2 'I 3, , U 1 1 L iw 5 1 , i N 5 S4 E. I 0 , A , il i iw . I lr Q: Er ,, wi +1 H 'W i 'rf ' I ' xr 1 5 Ziff ' L W P P E F I 1 3 r 8 , Q 1 I I 6 3 Q w 4 I I i I 1 i 1 L , , . f .y , ,, 2 Y" '1 14" ,,4,-my-Quai, gf' T if f -1 ' Ag-,arc 1' ,fl f.+,-,af , A , -If ,ef q iq y.-. , fx :IM ,.,,-wg 3,3 -f: nz.:-fy: Wy A I A- -I fwgfexiax-f. ' 1'L! ,. x ' f ' ai ii -'fifew a w. M-A -TSQSQC -.. fiiz-'WW 74' : A .,,i,,., .1 ' . K, v- ' -' :f. ffFV-'f f . - eww .g fe "':I:i::2r' 2.:::4gS"f:?,j! -'V--71 i:f'!Q7,i" 2 'bg' j"'4L,, 1:5 ? 4 'K ' ' -QgK'x' ffa- -hifi, 5"ff-SWX -, .GW svwi ffl, 'ii I l KX W: , - . ,,,x A ,. ,,,,s , T , , . ,.V, . if ,Wk ,T :V ' f Mai' fgjzf ,,,,:,".1Sfv 'gif -. 2 0 , - , , -,gm- ,, ,,,QXqfg.:A,.,.. 4' "" f , ' f:f:2 ,:n,g:gE Smiling Trio "A View of Valerie" Tourists never fire" "SdiIor Soiourn" "Masta Church" "The tide is out" "Fort across the bay" A V i 4 5 1 9 K I Ml' i, TAHANTU, IT LY XISTING as one of the major naval bases of Italy, Taranto is located within the arch of the geographical boot. For the inquisitive history student, two islands, St. Paolo and St. Pietro protect the port of Taranto and make it almost invulnerable against enemy attack. The streets are narrow, but kept surprisingly clean and the general appearance of the place is reminiscent of some rustic town in the northern part of our country. Other than facilities such as the servicemen's clubs and 'bicycles for rent' Taranto seemed compara- tively uneventful and provided limited en- tertainment for personnel ashore. A modi- fied cathedral, ancient and venerable, stirred a celestial interest. Opposite the Palazza Della Poste E Dei Telegraphic stands the building where Mussolini, standing on an outer bal- cony, flanked by two steel falcons, shouted Italy's glory to be. "Sidewalk sales" "You do too know what it is" "Time out for chow" "Corner Crowd" "Every day is market day" What's news at the local Post Ofiice "Coma-sta" Left: "Window Shopping" Right: . On parade in Taranto "Italian Nuns" fry ' ,i he QL 'ff Q 1, 0 - I OME rhrill . . . +o be reminded of pages in our hisrory books by fhe realisric and "on fhe spo+" remains of Ancienf Greece. We were surprised ai' modern Aihens, 'rhinking perhaps +ha+ because of Hs exfensive hisfory ir was sfill behind limes. Bur no, i+ was a brigh+ and beau- +iful ci+y, alive wifh hus+le, and inviling ro rhe +ouris+. We gazed in awe a+ +he maiesric pillars of +he Parrhenon, and as we s+rolled +he grounds of 'rhe Acropolis, we couldn'+ help bu+ 'feel a few 'thousand years younger. Q! , n , Lf, 6 , Q! g if iw. X . wow x 'si 2 , fur, Q. 4.0, ry Z rw V' 1 "Where is that Q ? ! ! CX, Q ! ! bus?" 1 I l , ' I "Going Ashore" +4 "' Mx I , Us 1 "Passing the word" WI swf H644-4l'X "Acropolis Souvenirs" "One porch, four sailors, and six girls 6 i Q: I I I I I 5 l 5 i I I ge 5 I K II ii I, I 4 EI E I :I 'I I 1 1 I i I 5 I 4 ll 2. 5, E 1 I n 1 I .1 I I I I I '4 I I I I i I I I "The Acropolis, general view" l l I 5 x F "Screen fest" 3 r i I N "Greek-American Confab" Q N N w 4 I r N I The temple of Zeus towers high" H-I-he Magnificent Propylaeuu l1 "Looking down on Beule Gate" "Sig ht-seeing Quarte The Erecfheum Admirable Athens" YQ' 4 ,,,y,,v,-- 'WG L , ' ' 11171 759' MMM W , "Dwarfed foursome" I can see the temple of Zeus from here "Palace Guard" 1 5 i The Parthenon, Mr. Roger Laphum, ECA Chief, entertains at his home "Servicemens' Conte perfection personified "Downtown Athens" The Ship's Choir, following services ut St. Andrews w 1. gi i A F Q 4 fi or ,F I F E z i 1 l r X . V 4, x 4.4. fx 'Q x I 1 1 1 1 w 1 1 Q N U F fl V .1 X f ..4 Short Cu Vlrglnlo Bruce Kcenterj former movie star, visits ship War Memorial, downtown Istanbul .z I I l .ls nz 5 'J , , ,Z ! Q Z F l ' 4 s h "Tour Completed" Blue Mosque an eye full " offers 9 Q, wnplbfzf HUM? ey? U .. QQ? ix! W M, V X ffm ! f 1 5 'V ,Y g X 4 Turklsh Museum whlch was Sultan s "Many Mlnare s" ! . I "..laiIbird View" Interior of St. Sophia" ll I Where s the harem?"-SuItan's palace grounds Entrance to Suleiman the magnificent M c j- ' , - - V - 1 . ' A A A U . ' !4:W A-in U ,,, g , .. A, , WM4. .A44,. A , M A. Ae. 4.--.,T4- Y. v - A A A 5 , ex , X L5 V414 ,1 f,,. .Il M- K- BEIH , LEB!-lN N N THE eastern Mediterranean, or what might be considered the far corner, lies the country of Lebanon and its largest city, Beirut. Our visit here acquainted us with strange customs and laid before our eyes historical sights of grandeur. Some journeyed to the ruins of nearby Baalbeck, while others, cross- ing the Syrian border, entered Damascus, which names itself the uoldest city in the world." Damascus offered such interests as the Biblical 66Street Called Straight,', tomb of St. John the Baptist, St. Paul's Window and other particulars. Some won't forget skiing in the beautiful Lebanese Mountains, while others will recollect the simple oddity of seeing a camel other than in a zoo. The Arabic dress, the hectic bus rides, and the American University will also register in our memories, as will the visit of the S. S. INDEPENDENCE on her maiden voyage from New York . . . a welcome reminder of home. f 1 "Taxi Service" ll Downtown Damascus" "Three courses clown, one to go" "Chow Contentment" "What, no Worcestershire Sauce?'l' Tonsorial Artist at work- Beirut Style Goodwill Ambassador at w ork Can you change a twenty, cabbie?" Lu Busullca Du Sun Marco VE IEE IT!-XLY LTHOUGH thls hook IS constructed prlmarlly around our second Medi terranean Crulse, lt IS of deservlng lmportance to mentlon our 1n1t1al cruise ln these waters and to scan plctorlally those ports whlch were not sched uled for return VISITS These lnclude the aquatlc beautles of Venlce Cltalyj the partlally Amerlcanlzed status of Trieste FTT the qualnt customs of Palma, QMaJorca plus VISITS to Toulon CFrancej TFlP0ll QTr1pol1tan1a and Suda Bay CCreteD. , '-'ff Xu, f . ff M 4 ym,4gJ.,,Li Z K1 . X ,A Q. T ,, AQ? X ff"AX17,AlMXZ f476fi3V f?VZR'?1iNwmf,y.ff'i42 4 0 , UEWQFX , 'VX-v4f4L,m-Vg? 'XX,,gfX1e,wX..,, fx ,N X , :M-,, , X ,, f WX, f wfifif-WAX' 2 ISS-5 Q '- X X-ff wX, WX X 4 ,, 1 , 1 ' , X QSM'-wCi:fZ'W4i5 Tm 2 ,L f X f , ., -:,fg,XWS ...zgfrjz s ZX. 4 57' 5- ,xx .X Ji, ff-5, 'kj 0 V ,, ,Q X 'k'Q5ifK, ,f,?gf,X gf ',- 'f Xi 'V X "'fiffVZ'-X 45 X' '2 f ' 1' ' X f : : X X ' WX" . 'X f L. X: K Q Q 'j 4301, ,,,' '- -,. X X4 X ' ' Ay,-' ' rf ,sw if " X M8939 7 , ,.-,V-'y,f,+4k,m5 , 5-fiiwf ,, X.. X 'fu Q,,,,,,v.:.V,. ,,5.v,,-, XX 4, Xb kg sshggwg y f ' f' 'f f X 1 X, X, QS XQXSQX 'YQNX MQKXX 45 X X X X . X ' X3 A HC U," ,g -W cQiNs5,?NQl'6fQex N 6 X X , W MX W M 7 -,MVB.w.:Q:avLwzyzN4s.-Qwma fwfwz. wa, 4i'1e.v"'NNms9igmE"'Qi FSAIXXQ Q, AMW' iw v 1 , X yi OX X X 0 'X 9 ., ,AX Q N X N XX 'XV 5 X N Xi X ' XfEXmf vggXX X, w . KX Wg , AX- 53 5 , V QXQA Q 5 Q8c' X x .4 X X, I y 'kg S . - l.,XnlQX-.,f G, lx. .1 10 X x 4 19 -, '17 X AQ f 4.1 rv 5 - 4' lv, Q xl W N v 'B I f ' wXXQXXgXX2'gz6ZSs,g2g,gi2X'Xw4 X SR X " ' Xxvw -Y "X '4 0 . N' Xfgiggv 'Aff NW ' SQZQPQXQRZ -Q X Y , A X 'xv X fry , - ay Q X'2,-'Sff,XXXifQ"'miV1 , ,mv N X X WW ,Gm My XRYN X W - Xmw--fa mvfff-M, ' mwww X A Xf JWQX X L .V ffXv,4Mp-14 I, ww Mffiff ,AX .M QW' fp, X- X30 XX wi 1 -'vm 3vX-0 XX pg sf 7 'gmb MX X 'Qfwm Q X' X Q X 'ef X XX f ,,,, X f .X ,,X,,! 0 Xmw,jggWQ,X X ,gy his-,, :M gX31QX,,,5V4 gk A oSfZ.SQg,fqQi0fs5f'Y "XX 'Q,, QAXQM .X,,Q5-wQy.g5yqX-MHZ f f,X,wc.,,, 3, 43 K ks? 'HANK FW QQ? WSW aw 'WNW X 4' Sf N' f QM X' 4, QXXWN,-XM, XM. X. V, .X Q X' 'MSW 4,2 'wnsfvlii SEX ww, YS?" ' M ff - 5 'I' Y Gif' ,' Q ff 3i"'X5,iw"'Qf"1-fy: 1 X' A, , Xagh Xff, .xg .Af ,X kv ,X QS, qw, MSX M..-0 QM., 1 X V 53 , 'V , X, X fr , .0 Q ff- Z .T JS may CT W-5 7, Xfv Nw QQ? ms M V XWVS fa-XWQ M - XX 5 :evil if W V! y new ' Lv ,. V. 5, ., .M4,Z5,Q,zg,,NX My A X 'f Q MX- X M .. , ' 0 if 0 Q W -X 0' ifffkwx f " , . . ,ri 4 -X 4.1-V,Xfw, X f. , W gi X X X - J - ' 'X 5 1,1193 - D-y1vffX' ,QM 6, wa- E- .1 , ' f law- -25641 3 - f ' 7, iw-' nfs fZgf'nV- f h.5,,?g,g 'aa ' is as 'XXQQXXQX X, MW ,QX X ' .5 1 " CTT ' Jia X ,X 'iff-" 9- 12 f' V X, is : A , XXX. ,MX-. ,A ,X ,M ,e 2 V f 1'-X, Q , 1' f. ,H X R f 1 ,,X, .mg X. 4 f f ' " , 2. ' '- ,WW-yw fi, gs,-4 , MQ ., 4- ' V WX 5 X 1 ,, X:-7 "1,1'5,x . ,Q ,, H. , 1,59 X., -4,-g,,-g,X:,,,Q?AWN4yv'?fWw,Xa4wwf,Qw,, X5X. if V M f f ,gm-fs yn J K azgfgff X-ff -" ' 9 v M 2 ' 404'-ff' X ' wwl y .. YX3??'ea.WXf, ' f -X, wXmwv.,,W,.M4,S, ,, .ff ?flf'f , ' - E 1. f' ,,. Castelfrcmco Towers High Lu Baslllca DI San Marco ,ww W1 -K dw Bridge of sighs San Marco Square it . LL Palazzo Ducale Another vlew of LL Palazzo Ducale I F 2 3 4 1 1 w 1 i r l w 1 I V 1 V n K 2 1 s 1 1 I w i 1 ., ,' m,,5 - .. A X QV l if tv f 1 1 1 . Ulf. , wif, . 21, 1, A if Sailor You're Wasting Time 5 I K RX l ,," b'.L K , X K 5 or iz " N-L5 C 25 , W Q4 l 5 I , . s ' Q ' 1 l y Public Gardens, Lisbon, Portugal 1 5 l I 7 3 s NE of the very large and especially beautiful cities visited on our first Med Cruise was Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, or as natively called, Lisboa. 5 To get there we merely signaled for a right turn as we passed through the l Straits of Gibraltar into the familiar Atlantic. Fruitful in world trade and commercial activity, this fair city also ranks among those European localities that highly attract Western-world tourists. E u PA ZL AJORCA is the most interesting of the Balearic Islands. Its chief asset is its variety. Every change from rugged mountains to peaceful coves, olive trees, hundreds of years old, with gnarled trunks, almond groves, that burst into blossom of dazzling white- ness in the first months of the year, lordly estates, with avenues of magnificent trees, steep cliffs, towering over the sea from dizzy heights, forests of pine, fringing the pure JUHE white sands of ideal beaches, wide bays, with wind-mills in the background, deep caves down in the bowels of the earth, with static pools surrounded by stalactytes of fantastic shapes. The villages and small towns have a charm that has become famous, and Palma, the capital of the island, is a city with a su- perb cathedral Qpictured abovej a splendid harbor, old palaces with a characteristic style, good hotels, restaurants and shops. Sailors' Holiday Palma Shrine cuvem eh ' C f' V V WN? u . , M s g. Q , E Y.: I I I . 'YL .3 N415 x 9,5.i,, Ky .. , A5545 :H . .5-:::24:v1:g1g3L- A ' vt .15 - ,f ' V f A 2,44 ' ' , , ,Ae , ff ifywf ., w .:, f WJ," . , :.zj1: 'A-5-f 1,5 fmg, iw 1:1225 :JW 'ffl-P-5:49 ?3V":-'W'- ' ,A f ,f'm,'. . rgffa-gig,-Q: hwy Mg.-.:',g:5f,5 -- X r-- M4Q,Jc 5- nh, .,.d,,:- . .5 ,- V A W. , , X , , . - ' ff A , W J fw, Q: :vw-5.ff, Qgf,...,:4f'2 -.1 . iw ,., f4.,..f,,,..v ..,.. gf f fluffy. , , .- ,f My -f 711+-Ye: ,- ,Q , I, 2 - f. Aw - - fp. '- H: .f ks., 2 A4356 f ,M 141' .s,-vw.-0.-Q.-,f. He... o-f,..ia,,.W X, J , -,X - f, 352 " " . ' . ., ff 4 6 - 'Fw ,df -, 4, . :.f. wwf'--'fi mf, -"P ' , , .. . ., . , . ,, . ,, , X. ,, . , 2' .5 ,- i ' ' A 95' X 54' 'rlfzls ' l: ' Ef,,5"ff ffify .' f -Cl S 49 -174,1 f" -f ' 512' .' ' ,' " 4 'xii' -f -,V u wi K ' cf 4' 'xr-CM Riga' fha? ,M ww, ff Y. 1: .b .1 v fw. 7 A , M, 'Q' ., w,,,:f:S:-iq., LA, E3 1,5-:5:, 5.1-1-.:.. 4. ., '- . V -V V' - A , ,, ,V . , A w:,.i,, Monument left: Divine Architecture . i , I i . . ,152 . , ' wi f . 5 4 ,, V A , ,.',' Q f f, 5 "' f ,kai ' f if X , A st ' l 5 , fu ,gf ,H 4 A - M f M Q ' 2 y we we o f K5 mb W ,V x , As . V , A Q K f J, im W ,Q f Rubber Neck Rail Exploring 2 P r , TU LU , FRANCE OULON, an afternoon's drive north of the playful Riviera, was the NN's first taste of French soil. As a chief naval base it was highly active during World War II, and destructiveness of Nazi U-hoats can still he seen in its harhor. Introducing us to the gaiety of France, of which we soon grew familiar the heart of Toulon offered a variety of entertainment. Some 9 extended thelr llhertles to the nearby and more popular port of Marsellles Archway Flower Shop Shell marked monument to the honored dead 6 '1 'Y 4- 'F 21 Q I Q THIESTE ORMERLY Italian, Trieste is now an international territory occupied by Allied troops. It is situated in Italy's far north, scant miles from the Yugo- slavian border. The smiling faces of udough boys" plus the states-like facili- ties there seemed to Americanize our stay. That which was oifered by the Hangar Club, including the dances in our honor, will add to our memorable riences And who could forget the Roller Rink which should have taught expe . us that sea legs were not meant for skating? Tours were conducted of Army installations and the pictorical out-skirts of the city were admired by all. AW? Public Square Temple of the Past I' H-an n- Moderne :QSXSQS x5hksQ1Q5SiQkQ5t5SxQ5 ,Qt - Qggggqgh SQSQQ gggvgggttygx Q 5 xsxx-xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx J I I IN! I N. I 5, I I p I I 5 5 I I 1 5 1- 5 I I I I ' 5 I I f I I v I ' I ' 5 5 4 His SECTION, DIVISIONS, introduces to you the Q I personnel of the NEWPORT NEWS. These DIVI- 1 5 SIONS form Departments which are accountable for I I a specific assigned job. First Division through the Q 0 Eighth Division plus the F Division come under the Q 5 Gunnery Department. A, B, M, R, T, and E Divisions I Q constitute the Engineering Department. CR, CS, and 5 I K Divisions are under the Operations Department. I g S1 and S2 are responsible to the Supply Department. B I The EX Division falls under the Administrative De- I 5 partment. H Division consists of the corpsmen, med- f 5 ical technicians, under the leadership of the Medical I f Officer. The Navigation Department and Dental De- Q Q partment complete the team that operates the NEW- 1 s PORT NEWS. But no team is effective without co- 5 I ordination, managing, and goals to be achieved held 5 5 before it. Our Captain and Executive Officer with 2 ' V the assistance of the Heads of Departments perform 1 I this im ortant function with the maximum of effec- 5 5 t' P ' lveness. , I I I How well has the team performed during the past 5 5 twelve months? The record shows that a grade of f g EXCELLENT was received on the Annual Ad- Q I ministrative Inspection. The GunneryGDepart1Rent I I chalked-up a grade of OUTSTANDIN as we as 4 I winning Four Eis. Athletic teams made an excellent I I showing winning Cruiser Division baseball, softball, 1 I and golf championships while the basketball team I I made a clean sweep among the ships of the SIXTH 1 I FLEET and foreign teams in Naples, Barcelona, g 7 Beriut Istanbul and Nice. I I 9 I E The men of the NEWPORT NEWS who without 5 I an air of haughtiness are men who are proud, 5 I proud of the record made, proud of their ship and f I proud because they know they can make the record I 5 better yet. How proud can you be? Well, during the 5 5 past ten months 126 men have re-enlisted aboard 5 9 the Newport News. 4 I 2 Turn the pages and you will see the men and a Q Q few activities that have made a winning team. I I 1 5 5 f I 5 5 1 I p I I 5 I I I I 5 I 4. 1 N .07 S5 xsxss xsxssggg ' sSXS5NXissS w""""" 'xxx 'F X I gg 5 553Xxxs'0 x ssi S5 ,XX N I 5 x xi it BQQQQQQQQY Qtsxtxt it QQQQQSQQQ si sssxxt t s X ' FIRST DIVISION SECOND DIVISION x E 1 1 1 l I 1 3 A N , l 1 1 1 3 gl Field Day aboard the Double N requires many hours of back- breaking work, but the result is desired by all hands-a clear V ship. Repairing Fender Here two NN sailors measure out line from the boafswain's locker. THIRD DIVISION FOURTH DIVISION i-li i l X Ng:-g2fXiiLixo fxbgjx .X Chipping paint from Davit Turret men work at keep- ing their turret in per- fect working condition at all times. Letter from hlome FIFTH DIVISION SIXTH DIVISION Sail Locker 2nd Deck Division Here comes the powder' Sailors SEVENTH DIVISION EIGHTH DIVISION Replenishing Ammo." whfle underway "FeuIing at Sea Murme Office MF" DIVISION DIVISION Armory Firing the 8 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT I H DIVISION 1 Executive Omce Dental Office X Ouch ni. S 4 in S-1 DIVISION S-2 DIVISION Tw Gedunk Stand L 2 ,Mg my an xllr sf' 5 4 ,un l-w""' 0111,-.,f,N f B , ,, X B 1 -4 .,...f S1 and S2 Divisions man the various supply activities. A few of these activi- ties are pictured on this page. Thanks to the men who provide for our every VY , .. Av f '- f -WM., f f f7 Q '95 2 ai ' K need. Above: Tailor Shop Left. Cobbler Shop Rlght: laundry Below. Barber Shop Butcher Shop 3 x Above: Galley Right: Ship's Store Below: Pay I.ine Right: Supply Oliire 1 CR DIVISION CS DIVISION ml' w 4, E ix lx I I I 1 Signal Gang i Operations Office Crew 'f ff .5 A f - - 11:52 x ,w ,UL X, ,250 fi, ev -174+ f Q , ws Ov O -. we xv, ,jig A , , X f, f 4 Q O f vw- ,,Q,5ffS , 7 if Q y f 4, , 9, M A Amt RW -N i Weather Man J Signal Bridge Post Office wwbm, WK" DIVISION WA" DIVISION Machine Shop Engineering Gang AboVe: Refriger B" DIVISION M" DIVISION EVUPOVUYOYS Machinists at Work Y I No. 2 Engine Gang N i i n Engineering Oflice 0ilShUCk ' HR" DIVISION If MEM DIVISION Carpenter Shop Blacksmith Below: Welder , Above: Pipefiffer ' Electrical Workshop l x N l N I w 1 I 1 my ,, 03" ' xx wb - . -.. ..,, f Xf42n.'Tt:..wl .. ,W . Pain! Locker MT" DIVISION HV" DIVISION Optical Shop Responsibility Our Eyes MESS COOKS MAA Chief Petty Oliicers Gus" at the Trough I 3 5 C.P.0. Pantry Crew K ,N x. T, ,few i x X A-pfwx ww , S9 .' ga fn 9, ,,.. .g f v . , , if ua! 3 I 16 'M X' l i l l V I ,, V ,N ,, VADM M B Gardner relieves VADM J J Ballentlne as Commander Slxth Fleet at change of Command Ceremonies aboard The USS Newport News whlle at Vlllefranche Left to right Captain R L Campbell USN Chief of Staff VADM J J Ballentlne USN VADM M B Gardner USN Captain E N Parker USN Commanding Officer USS Newport News Sixth Fleet Flag Personnel Ye, "'S 1 1 N s 5 J Ks xx.. stgax 4 n ni 120.8 , x 21 : I I 5 ff I - 9' W me . Z, Y, VW rw' 1 . , me ,V Qx .G'J . F XX A .3 Q 9' ." 77 S ' 0- f I'- IIIOQQE , Q 'gi' 9 v, 'v E 0' 'xg . 5 Ol, .Z 'f V' 530' I I ' v xx .v 1 ' 0 ' I 0.133 ' I 'Q-9 Q, Q 2 'H' 3, a:s Xl N : :gg " ig' 52 ,SE ,o 'N 'hz " sr Ky 9 - al 'Yarn--'W 7459 I qlffi 9. 1: ' I Q N!! Q" s N v 11" s 0' Kg' .". ll. Q g Y ee JU, Q : X Q' S N f 51' 5 Ks l S K Q O I Q .5 .0 X,! N 5 0 5 O 's ' N O Q 'f fx X X x 4 he : 'O 5: xxx., I. XL' -" 'fi Wk! 5 p i -5, N 'xxs' lm? O' '."'o A ' ..! ailxq 5 9 :W H A f l"o Q ?' f'N: 5 ' 'Q O f 'Oo o"" 7' .1 ' :gg . Q,?,YNy I QI 6 5. I 1 : : U Qxx' '- Q 5 ,' V. Ny! O yl wit' E. I"'l' 0' JV95'-lkxx' A s x Sa ff-.":-'Lv x ' op? I " " r 02: '77 .5 .Q .IN 'O gf 4 ra ' RX Q ,n' if m x "' 4' 3 Y f I 0 5 'Q s'. 1" M' OJ I I-XLL WUHH ND NIJ PLAY . .... T TIMES lt may have seemed that there was all work and no play and then to some lt may have ap peared to be all play and no work but regardless of how you phrase lt an effort has been made to save Jack from becomlng a dull boy The plctorlal portrayal on thls page and followlng pages of sports events and 3CtlVlt1CS lndlcate lt hasn't been all work -R member the dance at Vllla? Swlnglng and swaylng to the danceable tunes offered by the Slxth Fleet or chestra under the starllt RIVICPH sky Tlme and weather consplred agalnst us this year when we trled to stage another Klds partles were fun and besldes havlng the party plctured here for the famllles of the crew we had partles for Italian, French, Turklsh and Lebanonese chlldren Remember the fun we had watchlng them do away wlth mountalns of lce cream and cookles and the pleasure they had wlth toys pre sented and thelr gratefulness for clothlng l'CC6lV6d9 We were happy to have had the opportunlty of mak mg some ch1ld's heart glad Then for those who love books have at thelr command the servlce of a well stocked llbrary and for those who wlsh to further thelr educatlon for servlce rates or hlgh school and college courses have the Educatlonal Office and Chap lam s Office standlng by ready for servlce Sun bath mg under troplcal skles, fishmg ln strange waters, hlklng at Suda Bay, and for a change of pace and splrltual refreshment DIVIHC Servlces on Sunday The cholr group provlded lnsplratlonal muslc for SCFVICBS aboard and appeared before congregatlons ln forelgn lands At St Andrews ln Athens The Church of the Holy Splrlt, Nice, and St Paul s ln Naples our cholr sang their way lnto the hearts of the people , Party for crew members' chlldren 'il if !,. 'ff ii? , I . Qt, , 32 , ,J AV f A84 fl Q X Q r f 5 Ship's Choir Library Church Services M W My Z gh 04' Educational Office 0 YOU really couldn't truthfully say that we had all work and no play. Although it was waork for. Hugh Baird and his staff of assistants we.all enjoy readlng the product of his labors-66The Rapld Flre. n It IS by far one of the best ship"s papers in the Atlantlc Fleet. Any challengers? Birthday parties were in Order HS 3l10thCI' milestone was passed and the Sixth Fleet orchestra was on deck to add music for our enjoyment. While. the Warrants enjoy a friendly session of "Yarn swapplngv our basketball team and honored guests enjoy a vletory banquet at Le Corsalre, Vlllefranche Chrlstenlng of chlldren by the Padre Happv Hours on the maln deck aft preparatlon for 60perat1on Santa Claus and varlous other aCtlVlt1CS formed a part of the pat tern that makes our shlp a happy shlp No dull Jacks around from all work and no play, perhaps, a few tired ones now and then but tomorrow wlll find them wlth their backs lnto thelr Jobs and when 'cknock off work" lS sounded ready for that llberty, special 3Ct1Vlty, sports events, letter wrltlng, shlpboard movles, working up another Happy Hour, or just plaln relaxing I 1 F 5 5,1 e 1 Q E . ii? pw,- if I + 1 i, f If i f s sv Q AdmiraI's Inspection Re-enlistments have been high aboard the USS New- port News-126 for the current year and more to come. Here's another kind of Happyv Hour one that is con- ducted in all seriousness-Captain's Inspection. No ioke! It is a happy hour to find that you are part of a smart crew. Here Captain E. N. Parker is reassured by the smart appearance of his men as he passes between their ranks. Officers Party at Malta, B. C, Adm Gardner and guest at Villa Capt. and Mrs. Parker 3 Wardroom party in full swing Captain Johnson presented gift at Malta party SE L UIJEL UF S5 EWPUHT EWS ORMAND LEON BEAUREGARD, DC1, USN, during the period 20 November 1950 to 8 May 1951 constructed the scale model of the USS New- port News seen on this page. Prior to reporting for duty aboard the New- port News Beauregard was aboard the BCS, 1431, a ship being used for experimental purposes in Key West Florida. While attached to the BCS 1431. Beauregard constructed a scale model of it and won the praise uthe exact work of a skilled artisan." Just two years later Beauregard builds a scale model of his present ship, the Newport News, that is regarded as a fine display of superior craftsmanship. U V I The Newport News is built to exact scale from scrap wood, discarded tin cans, welding rods, and twisted wire. It is complete in every detail includ- ing turrets, boats, accommodation ladders, guns, rigging paraphernalia, and all other essentials. The precious prize is now at the home of Beaure- gard's Father wl1o resides in West Walrick, Rhode Island. It will remain there until he acquires his own home. ' Good-luck, Beauregard, in all your future uwhit- tling-in-wood" and thanks for showing us what a constructive hobby can net. :!1Z.WV In Naples Ruddy ruled Woody sinks as Gal watches METEORS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN STABLISHING one of the finest records at home or abroad, the Newport News Rockets, Sixth Fleet Champions, concluded the 1950-51 season in a blaze of remarkable glory as they took home 45 victories against 2 defeats. Under the tutelage of Chief Sinclair, the black and gold, after early losses, won 35 consecutive ball games, achieving an all time high in the international basketball scheme. During the spectacular streak they participated in four maior tournaments and gave su- perior performances in each engagement. In Barcelona they met an aggregate of Spain's most qualified athletes and emerged tri- umphant in one of the most memorable ball games ever witnessed in that country. In Naples, Italy, before the high command of the FDR, Roanoke, and Columbus, they gave a scintillating exhibition of team spirit and unity as they brought home the Silver Cup emblematic of Sixth Fleet supremacy. In Istanbul, Turkey, pitted against chosen performers, they once again proved themselves champs as they captured the tournament and the hearts of those who watched the dazzling display. In Beirut, Lebanon, at the scenic American University, in the twilight of an outdoor court, they - thrilled a throng of students by their unbelievable basketball wizardry. Meteors of the Mediterranean were showered with lavish praise that was seldom unfounded. Wherever they went a brand of Ameri- can basketball was displayed that all viewed with pride. They were fast, aggressive, deceptive, and well organized. They were a personification of American strength and won the respect and admiration of European youth. It will be some time before these people see an array of such mixed talent on one ball club. Red Ruddy, his picturesque one- hander swishing through the net, Giz Guinnesey, ball-handler de- luxe, Tom Brownie, accurate on a set: Curten and 0'Brien, haste on the hardwood: and Sharp, Cramer, Gardner, and Burns, eager and excellent replacements, each with a specialty and all knowing the meaning of the word team work. We, as well as the people of the Mediterranean, anticipate another great Newport News basketball quintet, iust as deter- mined in endeavor, just as perfected in performance. Vlciory Partv Hands Across the Sea The Fruits of Vlciory Wrestling Team f-ff.,.g,W , gg - Y- -- f - ,WTA-YJ-R'-f-i:'1..,r: Athletic trophies awarded Boxing Team Ship's Smoker at Naples Golf Team French Alps olter appealing sights for NN Skiers Up the lofty slopes Gathering at the Inn Catching a little rest Hungry skiers liquidate chow Ready for the big one Snapping that shutter 1 1 i SUMMATION of the USS Newport News' baseball team accomplishments during the 1950 campaign establishes firm evidence of their reputed place among the top service clubs in the land. While taking the Crulant Crown, they had an outstanding record of 31-12, a pitching pattern that stitched itself securely in a tightly woven league, a bat busting brigade that had five regulars swatting the pellet well above the 300 clip, an infield that had "Magicians at the Midway," and an outfield that made the outer-garden a pasture of pleasure for unsteady chuckers. It was a ball club that maintained perfect balance, both afield and at bat. lt was a ball club that was competitive, willing, determined, full of force and loaded with startling capabilities. It was a club that could run, hit, field, a club that could do each with a "touch" that was above mediocrity, and it was a club that pulled itself into the finals of the Atlantic Fleet Baseball Tournament, losing a 6-2 heartbreaker. The teams ascendancy toward capturing these memorable Iaurels can be scattered throughout the line-up. .loe Sutyak, pudgy "Master of the Mask and Mit," was a hustling inspira- tion to pitchers and led the club in batting. He cracked out a lusty 396. Peewee Parnell and Ed. Novak made the inner- defense as tight as the "rocks of granite." Sandy Sandoval, who last year maiored in obscurity, came out of the bull pen and had an impressive year, winning eight ball games. Phil Taylor, left-handed stylist, the head of the mound staff, came through with another brilliant season. Red Porter, chubby reliever, rescued a number of close ball games which later proved of great importance. The hard and rewarding work of other performers such as Haynes, Decker, Byrne, can not be easily forgotten or underwritten. All team members made their own characteristic contribution, giving whatever specialty they had, and all cooperated as one towards the victories won. 1951 will find the entire squad back and it is safe to pre- dict that the NN Cruisermen will have another banner year, APTAIN RALPH C. JOHNSON wishes new Executive Officer, Commander Hugh Murray best of luck upon being relieved in Naples, Italy. On the morning of April 21st, with the protruding harbor of Naples, Italy, offering a memorable background, Commander Hugh Murray, USN, relieved Captain Ralph C. Johnson, USN, as our Executive Officer. Captain Johnson, who had embarked on this cruiser last August as the X.O., left to take command of the newly created Oilicer Candidate School at Newport, R. I. Commander Murray came to us from a three-year tour of shore duty as First Lieutenant of Bancroft Hall at the U. S. Naval Academy. It was there he began his naval career twenty-o11e years ago, and where he starred as a varsity end on the football team for four years, from 1930 to 1934. After being commissioned an Ensign in 1934 he was ordered to duty on the USS MARYLAND, which he left in 1937 to serve on the USS WAR- RINGTON. In August, 1939, the Naval Academy recalled him for duty as Assistant Coach of the football squad. From 1940 until July, 1942, then Ltjg Murray saw service aboard the USS ARKANSAS, and on the staff of ComBatDiv 5. He was again transferred to the Naval Academy as Graduate Manager of Athletics, and was later assigned to the Executive Department. At sea once more, he took command of the USS JEFFERS DD-621 in March, 1944. While attached to the Jeffers, Cdr. Murray participated in the invasions of Normandy and Okinawa. For gallantry in action, he was awarded two Silver Star Medals, A Bronze Star Medal, and the French Croix de Guerre. In October, 1945, he was ordered to the USS RICHARD AN- DERSON DD-768 as commanding oflicer. He left the Anderson in Decem- ber, 1947, to assume his post at the Naval Academy. Buster nf IIA!! Adams, Glen F., SN, USN, l0l South Tecumish St., Lindsay, Okla. Adams, Hansel M., SN, USN, Plant- erville, Miss. Adams, Fohn W., FN, USN, Roseland, Va. Adams, Robert L., PFC, USMC, I40 Otis St., Barstow, Calif. Adkins, Thomas, 320 East l22 St., New York, N. Y. Agee, Minnis O., SC2, USN, 5lI Bel- mont Ave., Portsmouth Va. Agnellino, Lucian D., SN, USN, 60 Ashford St., Hartford, Conn. Ahearn, William H., ICFA, USN, Qtrs K, Naval Base, Newport, R. I. Akins, Ralph C., l036 Talmadge Ave., Rockford, Ill. Albaugh, Keith D., SK3, USN, 707 West Hanover St., Marshall, Mich. Albert, Cleopha, PFC, USMC, 32 Hor- ton St., Lewiston, Me. Alderman, Jackie, AIRMAN, USN, Bartley, W. Va. Allen, Bruce B., DC2, USN, 5238 N.W. 24 Court, Miami, Fla. Allen, Donald E., SN, U'SN, Victoria St., Commerce, Ga. 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Campbell, Gerald C., EMFN, USN, 37 Goldenrod Ave., Franklin, Square, Long Island, N. Y. Campbell, Guy L., SA, U'SN, 209 S. Main St., Salem, Ind. Campbell, Lewis E., SA, USN, Eagle Rock, Va. Cannon, Homer D., FA., USN, Box 456, Reinbeck, Iowa. Cantirino, William J., SN, USN, 5 Temple Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. Cantrell, Virgil R., SN, USN, Gabbett- ville, Ga. Carder, Carl, SN, USN, I427 Elmwood Ave., Columbia, S. C. Carder, Wesley, SA, USN, I427 Elm- wood Ave., Columbia, S. C. Cardillo, LTJG, U'SN, 32 Woodmount Rd., Bell Haven, Alexandria, Va. Carneal, John D-., ICFN, USN, 4l7 South King St., Leesburg, Va. Carnes, George W., SN,.'USN, Rt I, Box 262, Starke, Fla. Carno, Frank, FN, USN, 43l Franz Josef Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Caroselli, Francis G., FA, USN, l02 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Carr, Michael J., 'SN, USN, 273l E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Pa. Carson, Charles H., SN, USN, I6 Ir- ving Court, Malden, Mass. Carson, Robert J., SA, USN, 742 Co- lumbus Ave., New York, N. Y. Cartell, George W., TE3, USN, 2525 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Carter, Horace F., FA, USN, 2700 Dell- rose Ave., Richmond, Va. Cartledge, Joseph R., SN, USN, IIB4 Jackson Ave., Bronx, New York, N. Y. Catchpole, Arthur W., Jr., SN, USN, lI22 Washington St., Portsmouth, Va. Cathcart, Edward O., 'SN, USN, 23 Case Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. Catlin, William R., PFC, USMC, 42-B South Baltimore, Md. Castle, Jack Arnold, SA, USN, Harlan, Ind. Castle, Leonard, GMI, USN, l328 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Penna. Cedarstaff, Carl A., BMI, USN, 359 Langley Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. Cermak, Donald F., RDSN, USN, 47l9 State Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. Cheron, Allen E., ET3, USN, 90 Win- trop Ave., Albany, N. Y. Chambers, Arthur A., FA, USN, 320 Eldert 'St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Chandler, Monford B., SN, USN, Rt I, Jakin, Ga. andler Roberf J. SA USN Fullerfon Ave. 'Schenectady N. . Chapman Paul H. SN SN 69 N. Lueff Indianapolis Ind. Chasfeen Jerry E. SA USN I4554 Minock S+. Defroif Mich. Checki Sfanley F. PFC USMC R Lena Wisc. Chenowefh Clarence E. FN USN Chesser William W. SA USN 2I9 Soufh Jackson Sf. Monfgomery Aa Chovan George QMSM USN, 3682 Easf Il41h Sf. Cleveland Ohio. Chrisfensen Roberf M. SA USN I4 Dexter Si. Worcester Mass. Churchill Thomas M. SA USN I76 Langfield Drlve Buffalo N. Y. C urchwell C rl E. FN USN O Crosby James R. J. SN Danville Cross Joseph H. SN USN 506 Cen- fer Sf. Lexington N. C. Crow Wesley E. MEI USN 504 81'h Sf. Virginia Beach Va. Crowell Ray O. PFC USMC Rf 6 Fort Wayne Ind. Crouse Robert R. PFC USMC 3II Crumpler Odie B. Jr. PFC USMC 305 Madison Sf. Roanoke Rapids CuIbe.r+sc5n Morris . Disbursing Cerk SN USN RR No. 2 am- I . Cu en William J. PFC USMC 23 Reed Sf. Jersey City N. J. Cunneely Edward F. FN USN Frank- Dowdle Howard S. GMSM USN Rf Dillard . Downing Darrold E. Sa USN Boone owa. ozier Joseph H. BMI USN 37 S. Carneys Poinf N. J. Drake Robert Y. SA USN Ashland Drapp. Joseph J. YNSN 3lI Jane Sf. Drum Henry Bert SA USN 2225 Painf- ers Sf. New Orleans La. Dudchock eorge M. SN USN Brookside Ala. Duke Benedict A. PFC USMC Box 58 Brier Hill Penna. Dulac Robert L. FCSN USN I926 North Upton Ave. Mmneapolis Minn. Dumoulin John L. Chief Machinist USN 4496 Ec1orSf. Beaumont Tex. Farrell John J. FA USN 2503 E. I9fh Sf. Brooklyn N. Y. Fasano Nicholas J. SN USN 44 Ruel S+. Waterbury Conn, usf W'IIiam L RM2 USN Rf Alton M . Faynor Robert FN USN 60 Elliott Ave. Yonkers N. Y. ecak Michael J. SA US Fedor Andrew J. MSGT USMC Ma- dero Tex. Feeney William J. CORP USMC 2224 McClellan S+. Philadelphia Pen .a. Fellin Joseph A. YN2 USN Market S+. Luzerne County Weston Pa. Fernandez Henry SA USN 209 Ave. E Bayonne N. J. Fernandez Jose FN USN 23 Gibson Terrace Connellsville Penna. Ferraioli Richard F. BM3 USN RFD Ch , , , , II . I I I I I I I I I I I I , , Y Ga r I. . Ga I I , , , U , 20 , , . , I . . . . . . . . ' . ' ' , ' , , ' , , D . . . . B Fa .' I .I . . I. I I I 'I . ' I f ' . I I O R I, , , , , . . . . . . . . . . . . I I I HI I I ' I I I I I , , , .. . I I F I l I . N. 1036 Box 22, Laddonia, Mo. West Pleasant Ave., Syracuse, N. PlHSbUF9h. Penna- BfUfl5WlCk AVE-I Tfenfon. N- J- I ' I , Y, . . . . . . . . . . . N C - - - ' I I ' D I . . . I . . . . I I I . I . ' I I . R ' ' I I I I ' Seyl I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' ' I I I I I a IIn , , Y I . I I I I I Box I50, Panama City, Fla. Cieri, Elmer N., SN, USN, I5 Clear- field Sf., Rufherford Heights, Pa. Cilla, Samuel C., SN, USN, I73 Clin- ton Sf South Bound Broo'c N J CIO' Angelo W FN USN 90 Tlles fon S+ Everett Mass Isek Henry MMI USN RD Arlmgfon Ave Jeanette Penna Clarke Edward A PFC USMC 203 Walnut Sf East Aurora N Y Clark Frederlck L SH3 USN 946 Marshall Sf Benwood W Va Clark RlchardJ SA USN Box 66 Hinckley MInn Clark Robert B CSSN USN 504 West Gordon Sf Thomasion Ga Cllffon James P SA USN 3252 Gaul Sf PhIIadeIphIa Penna CIIHY Robert W FA USN 704II1h Ave North Sf Cloud Munn Clonfz Thomas H SA U'SN R15 Morganfon Cobb Duncan C SN USN Box 303 Newroads L Cobb George V SN USN Box 2I2 Knllen Tex Cochran Eugene L BT2 USN Rf 3 Box 45 A South Haven Much Coello Columbus FC3 USN 60I7 Ennghf Ave Sf LouIs M Cohan Allan L SA USN 3407 De Kalb Ave Bronx N Y Cohen Norman SA USN 7803 I3fh Ave Brooklyn 28 N Y Coker Leonard SN USN 2609 South Wesf 33rd Sf Oklahoma CIfy Oka Co er RaymondJ CSI USN I4I4 Llewelyn Sf Norfolk Va oe Fred M A SN IH f Beckley W Va C e Lee SA USN 28 N I41h 1 HarrIsburg Penna Colella Frank SN USN Kane Penna Coleman RIchard P SN USN l530 llsfh Sf N W Washlngfon D C Co Ier WIlIIam A MMI USN Rf I Frankfort Ky Colllns Lawrence R ET3 USN II93 East Il0ih Sf Brooklyn N Y Connally Boyce E HM2 USN Box NC Y Connors Walter W SA USN 2II 42nd Ave San FFGHCISCO Callf Conover PauIJ ET3 USN I9 JBFVIS Place Trenton N J Consoll Anfonlo LTJG USN 93I0 Park Lane Cfmufh Woodhaven Long Island N Y Conway Robert D SN USN R1' I Cynfhlana Ky Cook John E ET3 USN 23 Park Sf Cortland N Y Cook RIchard L SN USN 7I Greer Ave Vuenna W Va Cooney John W GM2 USN I24 WInfIeld Ave Jersey Clfy N J Cooper Edward C Rf 7 Box 363 c!oW O FIIppIn Atlanta Ga Cooper Jerome P SDI USN 3I2I L Sf San Dlego CaIIf Cooper Roy R SN USN I05 I71h Lake Charles La Cope Howard E PFC USMC P O Box 34 Rural Hall N C Copeshck DanIeI C EMFA USN 4l2 Johnson Place Wellsvllle Ohlo Core John S BT3 USN Addor N C Couch Norman R PFC USMC 624 Second Ave Albany Ga Coughhn Walter F Corp USMC 30 E Walnut Lane Phlladelphla P Cox Lester W YNSN USN 200 Fourth Sf Manchester Ohlo Cox Rupert D SN USN Box 2I4 Dawson Ga Crawford Darrell L EN3 USN Van Buren Ark Crlpe Lawrence F FA USN 630 Morton Ave Chester Penna Crockett Joseph R SA USN 320I 4th Ave Rrchmond Va Cromllsh Robert T SA USN 3453 Clay Sf NE Washlngfon D C Cromp Thomas HM2 USN 3046 Arm Ifage Ave ChIcago III Cronley Charley H BM3 Box 8 Kenton Ohlo ' S+. Brooklyn N. . Cunningham, Bernard V., LCDR, USN, 6I Foxcroff Road, Manhassef, Long Island, N. Y. Cunningfon, Thomas J., SA, USN, 22328 Flrwood East De1roIf MIch Curhn Wllllam D FN USN Dover e CusaneIII Anthony FA USN 47 WInd sor Sf Hartford Conn us man Joel W FA USN School Sf Whlfman Mass D James P SA USN II60 sf Ave New York N Y Damberg Bennle V ENS USN 26l5 Hermansav Saglnaw MlCh DamIco Peter QMSM USN 2733 Arbor Sf Clnclnnah Ohlo Dame RolandJ TESA USN 7l Cen fral Terrace Cohoes N Y Dancy Charles A CDR USN 39I8 81h Sf S1' Petersburg Fla DBHISIS Charles L SSGT USMC Moorehaven Fla Daniels Robert E FA USN 2359 6th S+ Wyandotte Much Dargan Joseph PNI USN 49 Wash Ington EMS Cambrudge Mass Davas Charles S ET3 USN 4l5l Lake VIEW Defrolf MIch Davls EIVID C BM2 USN Red Boll Ing Sprlngs Tenn Davls EQIIS E SA USN R17 Lenolr avls Horace L SN UN R Box 26I Rocky Mount N C DavIs RIchard N QMSN USN II03 W Onfano S? Cenferwlle Iowa Davus Robert M FA USN JerIcho Davls Robert T PFC USMC West LIberfy Sf Box 58 RD I McDon ald Ohro Davns Rudolph SN USN 60I 3rd Si Goldsboro N C Dawson WIIIIamJ FN USN 454 49th Sf Brooklyn N Y Day Robert A ET3 USN 542 Maple Ave Grafton W Va Dean Alphonzo B ISA USN 50I0 Dan Dallasl GM2 USN Aushn vIlIe V ean Luther H MMI SN 1' Alma Ga Dearruda Rlchard P SA USN 3254 South Lowe Ave ChIcago III Deblen Carlos SA USN Box 67 Ar royo Puerfo Rlco Decker JayR SA USN 250 Broad Si' Phllllpsburg N J Delaney John L GMC USN 3428 Salmon Sf Phlladelphla Penna Delongchamp Francns P FA USN I3l2 HIIIex Road Ponflac MIch Del Plafo LawrenceJ Corp USMC 20 Wllllam S+ West Orange N J Del veCChIO DomInIc PFC USMC 254 Lloyd Sf New Haven Conn Deneen BruceT PFC USMC Box 76 Byndman Penna Derose Joseph SN USN II77 th Ave New Kenslngfon Penna DesparroIs FrankJ FA USN I639 West I81h Place Chicago Ill Dewlif Robert FA USN Nays Ind Dlchfas George EMSN UN 32 East Lemon S+ Tarpon SprIngs a Dickens George E 'SA USN l822 Sth Ave North Nashvllle Tenn Dlckenson JosIah G QMC USN 570 West Mann S1' Madlson Ohlo Dlckey Robert M LTJG USN 2425 NW Overton Sf Portland Ore Dlefz Robert C BMC USN 3I W Coover Mechanlcsburg Penna DInIzIo James R RMSN USN 2I Center Sf Greenporf N Y I Iefro Alfred L U Laura S+ South Norwalk Conn Dlrga Andrew PFC USMC 8 WII lIams S+ Granvulle N Y Dobrenlch Joseph PFC USMC 3l3 N Holland Ave RankIn Penna Dorcus John F SN USN 436 PR Rd Waynesburg Va Duncan, Harold C., PFC, USMC, I05 King Sf., Greenville, S. C. Duncan, Leroy, SN, USN, Rf 3, Way- cross, Ga. ' Dncan Joseph L YNSN USN II Gnbbons S+ Weymouth Mass Duncan Robert SN USN 5I0 East 38fh Sf Chlcago III Dunn George L LCDR USN 8234 Gygax Rd Norfolk Va Dupuls Joseph A SN USN 478 East ern Ave East Lynn Mass Durr CharlesJ GM3 USN 2008 West Lexlngfon Balhmore Md Du cher Charles C SN USN G-Imerfon Ave Portsmouth Va Dufra Joseph R FN USN 63 Foun fam Ave Portsmouth R I Dutton Carroll L EM2 USN Rf 2 Washington N C Dwa eebe AIVID G FN USN 488 HIQQIDS Ave Olean N Y Dzuryachko RIchard E SN USN Monf Clare Penna Eabon An1'honyJ PFC USMC 2721 East II51h S+ Cleveland OhIo Easley Buford W BMI USN 9 Rowan Ave Portsmouth Va a ey Slrdy Jr RM USN 2I00 Government S+ MobIIe Ala Eblnger AnfhonyJ SA USN 4 Flor ence Ave CoIIIngdaIe Penna Eckloff Gllberf A 4339 Blandsburg Rd Balhmore Md Edel Joseph SN USN 630 Forest Ave Laurence Harbor N J Edwards Joseph L SA USN Blrch leaf Va Edwards Lloyd C SN USN RFD 3 Fayeffevulle N C Egan Edward B SGT USMC Pelham Ave Balhmore Md Egerdahl Harold E SA USN West Sfh Sf Duluth Mlnn Eggers Franklm C SN USN R Box 3 CoIumbIa La Elserloh Warren R SN USN 039 Tohouplfoulas New Orleans L Eleffherafos EvangeloJ SA USN 223 Chenango S+ Bunghampfon N Y 2800 2006 Apt 3l8 Wllllams Court Porfs mouth Va Eller HarryJ FA USN l540 E Long Lake Rd Burmlngham Much EIIIOH George T LCDR USN I40 Callan Ave Evanston Ill E ernck P ul SA USN 4I4 E R I road Sf Plymouth Penna Emerson George E EM3 USN Box 164 Pemberton N J Emerson Henry F PFC USMC Forth Sf Befhage N Y Emerson Welford H SA USN 2826 Garland Ave Richmond V Emhoff Clarence F SN USN Shef fleld owa n lSh Jack L ENS USN I48 851h Sf Los Angeles Callf Ensko Joseph P FN USN 2270 Wash Ingfon Sf Roxburv Mass er Robert C FN USN Rf Trrfy W Va Er eson Arthur R SA USN 20lI Wagon Road RIverdaIe Norfolk Erwln Duwayne H SA USN I98 East Second S+ Jamestown N Y Efchmgham John B FA USN 425 East 86th Sf New York N Y us ace Bully E FN USN RF Box l03C Greenwood S C Evans James L SA USN 2059 Sf Raymond Ave Br nx N Y vans Joseph F S USN Grenshaw Sf Chncago III Evans Lane H SA USN Perryvllle Evans Lloyd A SA USN 374 Gaston Ave MemphIs Tenn Evenson Harold W SA USN Bald wIn Wlsc Fa ey Wllllam F ET3 USN 42 Grenshaw Sf Chlcago III Farmer Stanley L HM3 USN Love less and Dale Franklm Tenn 2, Alfmonf, N. Y. Ferrell, David G., SA, USN, Box 96, Chesapeake, W. Va. Ferrell, Robert E., SA, USN, 4943 Hoopes Sf Phlladelphia, Penna, Ferrlora Carlos J PFC USMC, 34 Neponsef Ave Hyde Park, Boston, Mass Ferryman Donald E PFC USMC, IOII Llnk Ave Sprlngfield Ohio. Fesfog Eugene G R.D. 4 Box 256, Umonfown Penna Fetkenhour August Jr., CS3, USN, Ap 327 Bldg I5 Keay S+., Wil- lIams Court Portsmouth Va. Fetzer Donald M PFC USMC, 47 Woodlawn Cnr East Hartford, Conn FIEIdS George TN USN 4207 Cen- tral Ave Cleveland Flla Walfer MM2 USN Rf 4, Payne Ave Kmgsfon Penna. FInk ClarenceJ SA USN Gonzales County Cossf Tex. FIscher Leonard J SA U'SN, 3035 Rosemont Ave Chicago, IH. Fnsher Robert H SC2 USN, 3063 Shelter Road Rlverdale, Norfolk, FIfZQIbbOI'l FrankJ FC3, USN, Road Hull Ave Bronx N. Y. FIemIng Charles B SA USN, Clincho, Bo 2 Va Fletcher H rry V EN3 USN, Rf I, Bellevllle W Va I pen Russell F SA USN, R+ I, Box 245 Mullno Ore. Flores John FN USN 294 Carolina Sf Buffalo N Y Flores PhIIIIp F I7 Temple Sf., Som- ervllle Mass Florv EdwIn B LT USN, Rural Rf I, Hycresf Farm Georgetown, Ohio. Floffe Mlllard C SA USN, 42984 Bemls Rd Bellevllle Mich. Flynn WIlIIam T MRI USN, 4l0I Co- lumbus Ave Norfolk Va. Foley Howard E PFC USMC, Rf 3, Barbourvllle Ky Foley Paul PFC USMC, 64 Logan Way Boston Mass. Ford RIchard K FC2 USN, 538 9th Fon am Don D PFC USMC, 404 South Newport S+ Tampa, Fla. ooe RIchard P SA USN, RR I, Blue Lake Churubosco, Ind. Fortenberry George B. PFC, USMC, Box 342 Columbla Miss. Forln Raymond J SA, USN, l84 Pambrndge D East Hartford, Conn oss Frederlck A SN USN, Rf I, LIve Oak Fla os er Allen J PFC USMC, l4l7 W 36th Sf Balhmore, Md. os er WIIIIam E SA USN, 3l27 West Nmfh Sf Mt. Rion, Ind. Founfam James C SN USN, 2I53 De- lano Drlve Atlanta Ga. Founfam Rayr-'Iond M., SN, USN, Cresfvnew Fla Fowler Tony SD2 USN I496 Warford Sf MemphIs Tenn. ower Wallace D SN, USN, 22 Wardlow Sf UnIon S. C. ox Charles J L G USN, I7l6 Cafalpa Sf Norfolk, Va. x J hn F FN USN I855 E. 36th S+ Brooklyn N Y. Frank Paul SN USN l5I9 Forsythe Sf Plffsburgh Penna. rankel Wlllxam M SA, USN, Ill5 MISSISSIPPI Ave PIHsburgh, Penna. nklln D C U , Box II6, Chester Tex Franklm Robert B SN, USN, Bryson C N C Alarka R1' ll. Frangen Edward D SN, USN, 4Il Harwood S+ Johef III. Frazler Merrnf B SN USN, Box 59, Saluda S C Fredeffe Joseph A EM3, USN, 27 Cottage Sf Rutland, Vt. Frey Ar'rhurJ FC3 USN, 78I8 South Park Ave Chncago III. Frey Charles T ChMach,USN, 4804 Palem Rd Norfolk V. , ., I I- Q , I I' . I u .I .I I I I -I I I .I I I C h ',I .'I I . I I -I 'I I I' I ' I D' .II I' I. u .'I I I I IIDII +I . Ill . l I I. I f' I .ll I I -I. I I aly' " ' ' Fir I I 'I .I l I I' I I 'I . I .I -I. I ' '. I- ' 'I ' I I .'I . I' I I I . H. ' I . I -I I V I " .. '. of I I I ' - - Q E sl , ., ' S, , , ' .. I .I -I II ' .I an . I. -I I s I . I .CI I , I . - XII I - -I I I I I ' I .' . 'I I I ' ,I ' I , , . a ., , I .I I Il . I A . LI' . .I I I ' ' . I Z, U .'I . I I 1 'I 1 I I " ' D, '. .. . S . I 4. ' - - ' - ' CI. ' Ilsuu' .' hs.. -' ' "- ' '. Q .. . . . " ., '-. - -. 'I " .I . . I' ' ' ' " . 'H -. I. '. T I. I I . , , . ' " ' ' ' . .. . . 6 ' . - ees, Cilleffe, wk. ' ' ' Apache Sf.. B,gp,CI,,I,',e, Mg, Elharf. James W-IMRC. USN. Bl'dq.' l7I slf., sf. PeferQ1:urg,'FIa. I -I I I e , ., , I ' - - I ' f ' I '-I I -I ' I t- . ' , a. I - . ' -I . .. . . D , ., ,U ,R I, - - .- P+. .. . I -'o I' I . I I JI' I I' ' m . ' a '.'I ' 'I i ' ai- V. ' .Il I. -I I I I I I - " ' ' I I l'., ' D I " ' ' - 4 " L I lu' I I' -I, I l-I. I I F + I I 'I' , I 'I I I - I I 'Ii I . I -I I a. . . . .I .Il 'I I. I V I I ' I 'I I . - F f I . .I . 'I I - . 'I' 'I I I - I I I ' .I 'I'-1' ' I -I I": Egr, ., , ,I w. '.. .. . . .. I . . I ' Q 'I I 4 EpI , " ,, 'I - 'I . I4, , ,' . I , I I -I 'I .V .I I . 'I.l H I' I g I' ' ' ll. ' I F I ' 1' ' " - ' -' '. . .' . '.' . Nd- ' ' ' F . IJ'. . . ' -. ' . . 'I ' ' ' FO . Q -. . . .I 'I l I l I I ' " '. I E f I . 'H ' ' I' 'D 2' I , I I I ' I I a' I l' . ' ' " ' . I -I ., , I , ' I ' .I :I I I I I E I lf' 'Chl' I' I' 4342 Ffa I I '. ., . U I I . .. I A' I 1 2 Mid. H I I I .I , ., ', I ,' D' P' , " ., FN.. iN. 2I 2' 'I I . ' , ' ,' I 'I ' 'I .I 'Iv' I .I .I I .I I . us " HF., , .I ., I I ' - 'I I I I .'I i- I I . l' I .'I : . l. - l -. H . a L..- ,iv -..- I I I I Fritz, Nick, Jr., SA, USN, IIO-I4 Ja- maica Ave., Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y. Fritsch, William H., LTJG, USN, 496 Painter St., Norfolk, Va. Fry, James R., CORP, USMC, I432 La- gonda Ave., Springfield, Ohio. Fuller, Harry R., RMSA, USN, 2I6 Midland Ave., Nyack, N. Y. Fullerton, Frederick W., PFC, USMC, 6-A Franklin 'St., Summerville, Mass. Furlow, Kenneth R., Disbursing Clerk Shief, USN, l204 4th St., Monetf, o. HG.. Gallagher, Thomas V., SN, USN, l448 Dover St., Philadelphia, Penna. Gallo, James E., SN, USN, Box 33, Adena, Ohio. Gaming, Jesse, SN, USN, 4 East 3rd St., Tracy, Calif. Gardner, Richard L. PFC, USMC, I205 Bordner Ave., Canton, Ohio. Gardner, Ronald J., SA, USN, I20 Grote St., Buffalo, N. Y. Gardner, David L., FN, U'SN, 206 Foun- tain St., Darlington, S. C. Garner, Joseph C., SN, USN, l22l Jefferson Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Garrett, Leon Ru., SA, USN, Lafay- ette Road, Salisbury, Mass. Gayon, Floyd J., SN, USN, l006 Grove St., Morgan City, La. Gennett, Richard K., SA, USN, Thorn- town Lane, Bordentown, N. J. George, Charles R., Disbursing Clerk, SN, 5I05 Benton Htgs Ave., Bal- timore, Md. Getty, Richard H., PFC, USMC, 604 East Main 'St., Rock Hill, S. C. Giblgls, gerbert, BM2, USN, Middleton, Gilmore, Russell J., FN, USN, 240 Awater St., Lake Orion, Mich. Girard, Augustus W., HM3, USN, RFD 4, St. Albans, Vt. Godfrey, Leo, TN, USN, RFD Box 260, New Bern, N. C. Goggin, Lloyd J., FN, USN, Cairo, N. Y. Goines, Robert A., SN, USN, I5 River St., Morristown, N. J. Golden, Leonard M., OMI, USN, l53-I4 79th Ave., Flushing, N. Y. Goldie, Hugh, YNSN, USN, l585 Mel- ville Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Gonsalves, George, 'SA, USN, 38 Mar- vel St., Taunton, Mass. Gosselin, Noel M., SN, USN, 2 Ellis Ct., Amesbury, Mass. Gosselin, O'NelI M., SN, USN, 64 Spruce St., Leominster, Mass. Gough, Eugene B., FN, USN, Box 39, Connellsville, Pa. Grablg, Phil L., SN, USN, Lakeville, n . Graham, Alvie B., SA, USN, 2I East Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. Graham, Joe H., PFC, USMC, Box 324, Scooba, Miss. Grau, George D., PFC, USMC, Rt 2, Box I08, Vienna, Va. Gray, D-urwood E., SN, USN, Myrtle Hill, Gayetteville, N. C. Gray, Norman C., FA, USN, Budding- ton Road, Groton, Conn. Greene, Donald L., SN, USN, Rt l, Readfield, Me. Griesbach, Gustave P., LTJG, USN, 7740 Maior Ave., Norfolk, Va. Griffiths, George C., SH2, USN, 304 Cricket Ave., North Hills, Penna. Grimes, George C., SA, USN, 722 Maryland Ave., Cumberland, Md. Grimm, Edward W., SN, U'SN, 287 Main St., Westerport, Md. Groneck, George M., ChMach, USN, 2I7 Palisade Ave., Garfield, N. J. Groscost, Bradley D., SA, USN, I3-B Midland Hgts, Midland, Penna. Gross, 'Clyde E., FN, USN, Kit Carson, Co o. Grub, John C., SA, USN, RFD I, Craryville, N. Y. Gruber, Robert D., MM3, USN, Box 73, Venango, Penna. Gruber, Robert M., FN, USN, Il07 Tyler St., Sandusky, Ohio. Guindon, Richard L., SA, USN, 2l5 Cass Ave., Bay City, Mich. Guinessey, Robert, 'SN, USN, 92-54 St., Bellerose, Long Island, N. Y. Gulitti, John P., PFC, USMC, 96-08 50th Ave., Elmhurst, Long Island, N. Y. Gunn, Martin W., SN, USN, Pasa- dena, Calif. Gunter, James A., SN, USN, II9 West 27th St., Norfolk, Va. Gustafson, William R., YNI, USN, cfo P.O. Box, Greenville, R. I. N. Y. HH!! Haddix, Otis R., SN, USN, RFD Box 46I, Sickelville, N. J. Haebe, Albert J., PFC, USMC, 84 Roosevelt St., Garden City, Long Island, N. Y. Hager, Clarence G., GMC, USN, I5l9 4th Ave., Charleston, W. Va. Haley, Jack, SK2, U'SN, 202 Athey Ave., Covington, Ky. Hall, Clarence, MMFN, 3I0 West Packard St., Appleton, Wisc. Hall, Howard J., SN, USN, Logan, W. Va. . Hall, Louis E., Jr., SN, U'SN, 2002 N. Ave., New Castle, Ind. Hall, Malcolm J., SN, USN, Box 665, Ervin, N. C. Hall, William R., IC3, USN, 509 7th Ave., New Brighton, Penna. Halstead, James F., FN, USN, Box l98, Divermore, Iowa. Hammond, Gustavus L., RFD 6, Box 3l3 H, Roanoke, Va. Hamrick, Jack F., GMI, USN, 723 Market 'St., Selingsgrove, Penna. Hancock, Donald D., GMI, USN, IIO3 5th, Portsmouth, Va. Hancock, James T., SGT, USMC, Rt I, Murphy, N. C. Hand, Oliver E., SCLK, USN, 279 East 25th St., Jacksonville, Fla. Hanhold, Vincent E., SKSA, USN, R,D4, 2, Clarion, Penna. Hannah, C. L., SN, USN, Cleveland, Tenn. Hanna, Richard E., FN, USN, 5l0 Blaine St., New Castle, Penna. Hanselman, Richard K., SN, U'SN, I73 Main St., Mancelona, Mich. Hansen, Donald C., SN, USN, 33-7th St., Fruitport, Mich. Harcrow, Joe M., PFC, USMC, I4I-59 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Harding, Eugene F., BM2, USN, Box No. 66I, Berry, Ky. Hardwick, William J., SN, USN, Rt 2, General Del., Conway, S. C. Harriman, Clyde A., PFC, USMC, 27 Boyd St., Portland, Me. Harris, Clifford C., SN, U'SN, Chelyan, W. Va. Harris, Roger L., LT, USN, 2l9 W. 27th St., Norfolk, Va. Harrison, Cecil M., ChGun, USN, 8909A Chesapeake Blvd., Norfolk, Va. Harrison, Edgar L., FCC, USN, 4507 Woodlea Ave., Baltimore, Md. Hart, Carl G., Lt, USN, 3l48 Eucalyp- tus Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Hartmann, Norman D., MMFN, USN, 5II7 Park Ave., Kansas, City, Mo. Hartsuff, James L., FN, USN, 3l80 Kenmore Rd., Berkeley, Mich. Hauger, Dwain E., FA, USN, Rt I, Somerset, Penna. Haugh, William C., SA, U'SN, Parker's Landing, R.D. I, Penna. Haugue, James M., FA, USN, RFD 8, Box 30, Richmond, Va. Hauptman, Charles H., AIRMAN, USN, Box I07 North Bellmore, Long Is- land, N. Y. Hayes, John E., FA, USN, I4 East St., Mount Tom, Mass. Haynes, William M., SN, USN, 6I0 West I2th St., Anniston, Ala. Hector, Micheal, SHC, I74 Morris Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Helgesen, Henry N., LTJG, USN, 85 Gelston Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Helinski, Anthony B., HNC, USN, I6 Sayward St., Dorchester, Mass. Hellman, William E., FN, USN, Lin- coln Lane, Sudbury, Mass. Helms, John H., SN, USN, l002 Ist Ave., Dothan, Ala. Helt, Raymond J., RDSA, USN, Kirk- wood Heights, Bridgeport, Ohio. Hemphill, Donald W., FN, USN, l20 Elm St., Hagerstown, Md. Hemphill, Elwood L., PFC, USMC, 205 Broadway, Niles, Mich. Hems, Ellsworth C., PFC, USMC, 244 Wood St., Bristol, Penna. Hems, Fred B., PFC, USMC, 244 Wood St., Bristol, Penna. Henderson, Donald J., PFC, USMC, RFD 3, Arlington, Va. . Henry, Laurence F., SN, USN, 3I8 First St., Weatherly, Penna. D Henry, Robert R., SN, USN, 5I7 Madl- son Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Hernandez, Anthony C., SN, USN, 8I6 Soldano Ave., Azsa, Calif. Herold, William, CORP, USMC, R.R. 4, Freeport, lll. Herzog, Fred J., SA, USN, I6 Bloom- ingdale St., Chelsea, Mass. Hester, William O., BTC, USN, 30I4 Caol St., Houston, Tex. Hicks, Haston A., GM3, llI2 N. Oates St., Dothan, Ala. Higbee, Joseph, Aviation Machinist Mate Chief, USNM, Herndon Park No. 225, Nas Lakehurst, N. J. Higdon, William G., RDSN, USN, Guthrie, Ky. Hildebrand, Eugene M., PFC, USMC, 809 Madison St., Gillespie, Ill. Heasty, Robert M., 'SN, USN, Eaton Rd., Prise, Ore. Hinton, Robert R., FN, USN, 90I Sher- man St., Akron, Ohio. Hobbs, Harry S., PFC, USMC, 2025 Shaflesbury Road, Dayton, Ohio. Hobbs, John E., EM3, USN, I7 Albion Pl., Charleston, Mass. Hock, Richard E., 2837-48th St., Mil- waukee, Wisc. Hocker, William R., BTI, USN, 3400 Taylor Terrace Apt, 3B, Philadel- phia, Penna. Hodgkins, Joseph D., DM3, USN, 249 Boston St., Dorchester, Mass. Hogan, Dennis A., PFC, USMC, BI4 West 55th St., Chicago, Ill. Holbert, Ronald L., FN, USN, P. O. Box I27, Honesdale, Penna. Holland, Edward C., 'SN, USN, 66 Elm St., Aragon, Ga. Hollcroft, Louis E., Bt3, USN, Barnum- ton Okla. Holleman, Carl R., SN, Dequeen, Ark. Holleman, Robert E., SA, USN, De- queen, Ark. Holman, Leo O., TN, USN, BI6 Frank- lin 'St., Madison, III. Holman, William R., SN, USN, 64 South Ave., Staten Island, N. Y. Holzmeister, John P., SN, USN, Mon- trose, Colo. Hooten, Paul J., 'SA, USN, 6030 E, Forence Bell Gardens, Calif. Horowitz, Sheldon, SN, USN, 830 Saro- toga Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Horton, Willie W., GMK, USN, I407 Greenville Ave., Richmond, Va. Hoster, Donald W., SN, USN, I060 Acacia Ave., North Sacramento, Calif. Hotema, Cyrus S., SN, USN, 7l0 East Jefferson, Juga, Okla. Hough, Darrell L., HM3, USN, 750 East Church St., Galion, Ohio. Howard, Elmer D., 'SN, USN, Mouth of Wilson, Va. HovI1ell,FEdgar E., BM2, USN, Wauchu- a, a. Howerton, Virgil, BT2, USN, II9 West New York Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. Hrinko, Charles, Jr., SN, USN, l5I8 Poplar St., Erie, Penna. Huber, Fred, FC2, USN, PO Box 563, EI Reno, Okla. Huckstep, Robert L., BTC, USN, 733 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk, Va. Huitt, Charles W., CORP, USMC, 509 7th St., San Antonio, Tex. Hunt, Charles R., LT, USN, l7l2 Catal- pa 'St., Norfolk, Va. Hunsinger, George W., SA, USN, Rt I, Douglassville, Penna. Hunt, Walter R., SN, USN, 600 Wal- nut St., Dordyce, Ark. Hunter, Albert C., TN, USN, 42 East l29th St., New York, N. Y. Hutcherson, Algernon W., SDC, USN, I9 Montgomery St., Baltimore, Md. Hutchins, Joseph B., QMSM, USN, 242 north Theobold St., Greenville, Iss. Hutson, Marion E., SN, UISN, 3I8 Glen- dale Ave., Norfolk, Va. Hutto, James E., FN, USN, Star Route, Swanrea, S. C. Hutto, Ralph E., SN, USN, Rt 2, Munford, Ala. Hyler, James B., BM3, USN, Main St. gervice Station, Draper, N. C., t I. :ilu Ikner, Walter G., BT3, U'SN, Rt I, Uriah, Ala. lngle, Fortsmith E., TN, USN, General D-elivery, Stamps, Ark. lngrum, Joseph, TN, USN, II4 Shaffer Ave., Egg Harbor City, N. J. Ippolito, Neil, BMI, USN, 702 Moore St., Philadelphia, Penna. Irby, Charles E., SN, USN, 3 Oak Ave., Winthrop, Me. Ireland, Robert, QM3, USN, 29 New Castle Rd., Brighton, Mass. Iverson, Oscar R., SN, USN, 2I4 Wood- bine Ave., Westvill, N. J. Ivey, Vernon, BTC, USN, 43I ,'C" St., Newport News, Va. HJ.. Jackson, George B., ENC, U'SN, II7 7th St., East Ocean View, Norfolk, Va. Jackson, Frederick S., Jr., SN, USN, 5l44 Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa. Jackson, Lonnie J., SN, USN, P. O. Box 54, Valdosta, Ga. Jacobs, Charles L., SN, USN, I926 Koehne St., Indianapolis, Ind. Jacobson, Charles H., SA, USN, I27 Washington St., Gloversville, N. Y. Janiec, Alexander E., BM2, USN, I08 Clebb St., Rochester, N. Y. Jaso, Stephen M., SGT, USMC, 8 Strong Place, Choes, N. Y. Jenkins, Lawson G., TSGT, USMC, Ma- thias, W. Va. Jennings, Bruce E., BMFN, USN, 320 South Light St., Springfield, Ohio. Jirik, Robert A., SN, USN, 5I0 N.W. 4th 'St., Faribault, Minn. Johnson, Jacobus J., SDI, USN, 709 North Devillirs St., Pensacola, Fla. Johnson, James E., PFC, USMC, 308 Wist 6th St., North Little Rock, Ar . Johnson, Roy L., SK3, USN, I28-I9th St., East Ocean View, Norfolk, Va. Johnston, Cable P., MMC, USN, 270l Primrose, Ft. Worth, Tex. Jones, Arthur, FN, USN, I4557 Ed- quindre, Detroit, Mich. Jones, David L., PFC, USMC, I239 Erie St., Massillon, Ohio. Jones, Francis R., SCI, USN, RFD, Lightfoot, Va. Jones, Fred E., 'SA, USN, 90I Sanson Ave., Alabama City, Ala. Jones, Joseph U., FP2, USN, I5 Jor- dan Ave., Brunswick, Me. Jones, Raymond R., PFC, USMC, Cleveland, Tenn. Jones, William O., FA, USN, 84 Main St., Whitesboro, N. Y. Joseph, George, 'SN, USN, 2l73 Cen- tral Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Jowers, Willie F., SN, USN, 76 An- derson St., St. Augustine, Fla. Joyner, James Earl, EM3, USN, RFD 4, Box I75, Rocky Mount, N. C. Jursa, Anthony V., PFC, USMC, 533 Chestnut St., Springdale, Penna. Justice, Maurice E., ME3, USN, 4807 cennsylvania Ave., Charleston, W. a. HK.. Kahila, Roy E., SA, U'SN, Rt I, Box I6l-D, Wakefield, Mich. Kachmar, John, SKSN, USN, 37 West l7th St., Northampton, Penna. Kackley, James H., CORP, USMC, l30 North 7th St., Zanesville, Ohio. Kaczmarek, Michael J., PFC, USMC, 20 Grattan St., Buffalo, N. Y. Kaiser, Donald L., SN, USN, RFD 4, Van Wert, Ohio. Kalish, 'Stanley J., SA, USN, II6 Weeg- er St., Rochester, N. Y. Kalmback, Clifford J., GM3, USN, Butte Meadows Stage Chico, Calif. Kane, William E., PFC, USMC, Gen- eral Dielivery, Syracuse, N. Y. Kania, Daniel, SN, USN, I328 Am- herst St., Scranton, Penna. Karstetter, Roe V., RMSN, USN, Rt I, Rio Linda, Calif. Kearney, James B., SA, USN, 3I0 Hol- brook St., Cadillac, Mich. Keesee, Roland T., PFC, U'SMC, Ed- wight, W. Va. Kelly, Martin H., MM2, USN, P. O. Box 635, Portsmouth, Va. Kemp, Herbert L., Jr., SN, USN, R. D. No. 2, McMiIlin Ave., Beaver Falls, Penna. Kemper, Paul A., EMFA, USN, Rural Route 2, Bellefontoine, Ohio. Kenis, Nick, SN, USN, l5I5 Celery Ave., Sanford, Fla. Kent, Charles B., MMI, USN, Cotton- dale, Fla. Kent, Vernon R., SGT, USMC, 8lI Goodrich Ave., Thomaston, Ga. Keogh, John O., LT, USN, 7735 Maior Ave., Norfolk, Va. Kessler, Robert C., LT, MC, USN, 4I5 Harvard St., Norfolk, Va. Keturakis, Jack D., SA, USN, II3A West Main St., Belleville, Ill. Kight, Charles T., SN, USN, l076 Cur- ran St., Atlanta, Ga. Kight, Robert L., CHELE, USN, 90I Euclid Ave., Waycross, Ga. Kilpatrick, Jack E., HM2, USN, De Funiak Springs, Fla. King, Elmer D., SA, USN, 223 Georgia St., Harriman, Tenn. King, Richard A., 'SN, USN, Saint Francis, Kan. Kingsley, Harry E., Jr., PHSN, USN, 2425 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. Kirk, James F., SN, USN, 228 Odell St., Concord, N. C. Kirkland, Charles R., SGT, USMC, 727 Evergreen St., Jackson, Miss. Kirkpatrick, Arthur G., BMC, USN, Grand Junction, Colo. Kissee, Chester, BM3, USN, 29I6 Chestnut St., Portsmouth, Va. Kline, Darrell L., SN, USN, 522V2 Hyde Ave., Ridgway, Penna. Klingenstein, William W., FC3, U'SN, B6I West 2nd South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Knickles, Kenneth L., OM3, USN, New Orleans, La. Koch, Max N., SA, USN, 5937 Electric Ave., Berkeley, Ill. Kolacki, Bernie J., Jr., SN, USN, 50 Dosciusko St., Rochester, N. Y. Kolenda, Arthur, SH3, USN, 535 Nor- man St., Alexander Park, Ports- mouth, Va. Kosarko, John, SN, USN, 66I9 Lin- wood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Krahn, Lawrence R., SN, U'SN, Lang- don, N. D. Kramer, Raymond G., RDSN, USN, l4lI Lander Road, Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Kruger, Carroll P., SA, USN, R.R. I, German Rd., South, St. Paul, Minn. Krull, John, HMI, USN, RR No. 3, Sparta, lll. Kuhn, Charles W., ICI, USN, 32I2 4th Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa. Kushion JohnJ MMI USN 86 French Sf. Buffalo N. Y. . Labeau Thomas BT3 USN I4l6 Cen- fer Rd. Saginaw Mich. S. Main S+. Waferbury Conn. LaF eur John M. GM2 USN Sfar Route Washingfon L . LaFrance Maurice J. SSGT USMC RFD- I Massena N. Y. L 'dlaw James S. CAPT USN I30 Ma ecki Eugene E. CS2 USN 75 New Burgh Ave. Buffalo N. Y. Malone Hoyt H. SN USN Horton A a. Maness George E. SN USN 4309 College Ave. Sf. Louis Mo. Manilli Francis FN USN 734-3rd Sf. Manship Bruce L. SA USN Oak Sf. R 2 Harisville S. C. Maples Malcolm P. CMC USN IO4 Gafewood Ave. London Bridge McMurrin Donald L. FC3 USN I04 Wesf I6fh Grand Island Neb. McNaH' James H. SHI USN Bux 74 Bemis Tenn. MCNJII Russel SN USN Porf Gibson ISS. Mc enny Joseph J. SN USN I02 Mc even Leslie R. SN USN Box I03 Waferford Mich. Meehan John E. MMI USN Dayfon Ohio. Meehan Roberf H. ENS USN Van Munnock Archie l3l7 Pearl Sf. Seaf- fle Wash. Munoz Jose SK3 USN I25 Carang- Iaan Dagupan Pangasinan Phil- ippines. I Murphy Herberf P. MM3 USN 8I7 Markef Sf. Banger Penna. Ave. Alameda Calif. Murphy Ralph J. PFC USMC I35 Washington Walk Brooklyn N. Y. Murphy Richard F. PFC USMC Ca- naan N. Y. Murray Kenneth W. RM2 USN P. O. WRU I I I I I I 'I I I ' I I I I I S I I A I " IILII I I I I , I I I I I , I , I I I N I I I 5 I I I I I I ' LaG-asse, Roger R., EMFA, U'SN, 480 NE' washingfonl D, C, N. Blvd., Mays Landing, N. J. Murphy, John P.. MM3. USN. 562 EGQIG . . I . I I . I N I I I . I I I . . . . I , . . . . . . . I I a , I I I I I I I I I I I' l I I I va , I I ' I I I I I I I BI E. Bradley Laine, Chevy Chase, Md. LaLanceHe, Leo E., FP2, USN, 209 ls- Iingfon Sf., Porfsmoufh, N. H. Lamberfh, Grady J., GMC, USN, 202I, Woodrow Dr., Tarranf, Ala. LaMendola, Phillip J., SN, USN, l203 271'h, North Bergen, N. J. Lance, Roberf F., PFC, USMC, 22l4 Wes? Monroe Sf., Chicago, III. an ry Charles H SN USN Wesfwood Rd Medford Mass Landry JohnJ EM3 USN 378 Maln Sf West Warwlck R I BHQIOIS Roland E SN US 33 Alrce Ave Woonsockef R I aw George C FN USN 1' Box BIB Cascade Va Lawlckl Rlchard R PFC USMC 5 Daniels S+ Salem Mass Lawrence Henry F EMI USN Forth Sf Befhpage N Y Lawson Roberf L SK2 USN Mon? eagle Tenn Lawon Henry N SN USN R14 Box 85A Savannah Ga Ledbeffer James SN USN General Delivery Bankhead Ala LemIeux JohnJ CORP USMC I9 Park Sf Websier Mass Leonard Marhn H SGT USMC 8874 Duckens Ave MIamI Beach Fla Lesher Charles EMFA USN 209 W Mam S+ Adamsfown Penna Lewls Huber1'M SA USN l60B Buch anan Amarlllo Tex LIbby Jesse L 'SN USN Norih Tur ner Me LInk BIlIyG ET2 USN Box7 Bunker LInk Thomas E SA USN 28008 2Is'f Ave Long Island Cufy N Y Llnsangan Joaquln T TN USN San Vlcenfe Gapan Nueva Ecnfa PhIIIppInes LIpp William T SA USN 733 Sloan Sf Phuladelphla Penna Lopez Frank Jr FA USN 968 WII lard Sf Gary Ind Loughlm PhIIIp H PFC USMC l65 Conan? Sf Manchester N H Loveloy John H SA USN 27 Mam Sf Easf Rochesier N H Lovelace Francls M J FCSN USN Rf 2 Faurburn Ga Lowe John W GM3 USN 3I9 W 341h Sf Norfolk Va Lowery Leonard F SN USN Route Lowman George N SA USN 300 Befson Ave Odenfon Md LucIus Arfhur G SN USN 422 Chel sea S+ Boston Mass Luckle WIIIIam ENS USN Chnnqua pIn Planfahon ThomasvIIIe Ga Lulkarf Richard Lee SA USN Rfl Saegeriown Penna Lukacmsky Stephen Jr RDSN USN 298 Bennett Sf Luzerne Penna LukIns Darrell A FCSN USN 2605 Kessler Blvd NDr In Ian apo IS Ind Lukosherlfz Samuel P FCI USN 4I6 East 781h Sf New York CI1y N Y Lund Allen L GM2 USN I2534fh Sf Newport News Va user WIIlIam S SN USN Logan Ave Youngstown Ohlo Lutz Charles E RD3 USN 9l5 Moun fague Sf Covlngfon Ky Lynch WIIlIam R PFC USMC 83 East IrvIng S+ Oshkosh Wlsc Lyon DuaneA YNSN USN 3I7 Pune S+ Black Rlver Falls WIsc Lyons Orvllle A PFC USMC WII mIng+on Del Lyons WIlIIam A SA USN 23 Glb son Terrace ConneIIsvIIIe Penna MacDonneIl Ernes+F Jr MM3 USN 59 John S+ Pawtucket R I MacKen1Ie Robert E PFC USMC 43 Dartmouth S+ Belmont Mass Madara Allen W SA USN 20 West Adam Sf ShamokIn Penna Madison Robert L MMFA USN I9 North Brewer Ave Annapolls Md MBGSIFI Anthony SN USN 27I Wln fhrope Sf Brooklyn N Y Magdalene HenryH FC2 USN II20I S Berendo Ave Los Angeles Callf Magee James M FCSN USN RFD I Sfar ss Magruder Walluam L SH3 USN I238 Armsfead Way Baltimore Md Mafcoife Norman L. Mes usN I5 Gagne S+., Rochester, N. H. Marek, Frank, SN, USN, Chapels, W. Va. Margefan, William B., EN3, USN, Box 60, R.D. I, Conemaugh, Penna. Marien, Nicholas L., SN, U'SN, 24 Downs Sf., Bristol, Conn. Marks, Amar D., PFC, USMC, Arnaud- ville, La. Marshall, Billy G., PFC, USMC, Rf I Fillmore Calif arhn Alan E PFC USMC Norman Ave Park Ridge Ill Martin Glenn D SN USN lOl West Blgger Hutchinson Kan arhn WInfred SN USN Rf Gainesville Ga MBSCI Paul B FA USN 3I5 United Ave Warren Penna Maslngale RayW QMSN USN Tel hco Plains Tenn M ssung Carl C SA USN RD I Sfoysfown Penna Mafheny James SA USN 364 Jackson Sf Columbus Ohio Mathews Elmer E CM2 USN Box 252 Beresford S D Maiiox Charles H 2nd LT USMC 38 Second Sf Laurmnburg N C Mauls Charlle R TN USN General Dellvery Stamps Ark Maxey Nelson C PHGI USNR 225 Garrard Sf COVIDQTOI1 Ky Maxwell Jack M RM3 USN Jackson Ave Newburch N Y Maxwell Lyle T SA USN Box 244 Jualahn Ore Mayo Alfred D SA USN 724 So 25th Sf Arlington Va Mayo Charles B MMI USN Cof fondale Fla Mauoffa Anthony J BM3 USN 88 North Munn Ave Newark N J McCaIn M rvIIIe D ET3 USN Rtl Roanlke Tex McCarthy Charles H SN USN 25l2 E 5+h Ave No Birmingham Ala McCarthy Dennis F SN USN 22 Fairmount Sf Hartford Conn MCCIBIU James G BMI USN Rf L Maynard Ark McClure Arthur H CORP USMC IZI3 GrosscIp Ave Dunbar W Va McCluskey BennIeW YN2 USN 726 W 34th Sf Norfolk Va McCuIIey Warzell C TN USN 2525 State N Ave Memphis Tenn McCurdy Ronald E SA USN I47 North Long Ave ChIcago III McCurley R Illn E RDSN USN RR No 2 Qulncy MIch McDanIeIs Leon ST2 USN II Mathew Henson Tlsfus Town Norfolk Va McDonald GeorgeW SA USN RFD 4 Charles S+ Freeport III McDonald Jerry E SGT USMC I455 West Nlne Mlle Rd DEfl'Ol+ MlCh McDowell Alfred H SN USN Pen Hook Va McFadIn Delbert D FC3 USN I23 Pomona Sf Revere Mass McFall Richard G EMFN USN RR No 4 Neblesvllle Ind McFarland EugeneC-3 QMC USN RR No I Ogdem Iowa McGaffagan EdwardJ PFC USMC 7 Robinson Ave Danbury Conn McGarry William QM3 USN 267 Washmgion Place Englewood N McGovern Albert F SN USN 32 Ann Sf Brldgeporf Conn McGovern Owen Jr PFC USMC Sparr Fla McGrath RIchard A SA USN 290I Farnam S+ Omaha Neb McGregor Dale A SGT USMC l4225 Dolphin Sf DefroI1' MIch McGuIre Rlchard M PFC USMC Ul309 North I6th Ave Pensacola a McKee Ellwood M BT2 USN 76I9 Newport Ave Apt G Norfolk McKenna Dale D PFC USMC 5l05 A Delmar Ave S1 Louis M McKeveny P1rIckF SA USN l6l5 East 35th Sf Brooklyn N Y McLaughlIn Edward B SN USN Wafer S+ SalInevIIIe Ohio McLean JackF FN USN Lone Tree owa McCloud Raymond W SA USN 228 York Sf Bangor Me McMIIIen Rober+W MMI USN 762 Saranac Sf Jacksonville Fla Nuys Calif. Meldrum, Thomas D., FN, USN, I245 S. George Sf., York, Penna. Melencamp, John E., SHSN, USN, 436 Naval Place, Apt I, Portsmouth, V . Mendaelsohn, David C., 'SGT, USMC, 2928 North Sacrament Ave., Chica- go, III. Menfee, John S., TN, USN, PO Box 733, Sanford, Fla. Meng Edwin L Jr LTJG USN 4022 Warwick Kansas CI1y Mo Metcalf Raymond D BM3 USN I47 B Helmlck Sf Norfolk Va Metz Gerald R QMI USN I84 W Oceanview Ave Norfolk Va Meyers Howard K ICFN USN De lanson N Y MlCheIS RobertJ SCI USN 303 N Mann Sf Fond du Lac Wlsc Mlckle James A SA USN Box I5I A Medford Okla MIIES Louis W TN U'SN 7l5C Jes sup Place Phlladelphla Penna Mllefie Andre E SN USN 287 Dla mond HIII Rd Woonsockef R I Mllhoan Edward S ET2 USN I Vwerpool W Va er Alton D SN USN R1 I pe Fla Muller Arthur V MMFA USN 964 Edison Ave Bronx N Y MIller Donald W RDSN USN 749 S Mlllvale Ave Plffsburgh Penna Mlller James C FN USN Waynes boro MISS Mlller Richard A SA USN 220I Su Muller Robert D PFC USMC 203 Stout Sf Rice Lake Wlsc MIIIer Robert LTJG USN 7I6 E Long shore Sf Phlladelphla Penna Mlller WIIIIamJ MM2 USN 324 N KIp S1' Philadelphia Penna Mlllgkrl AIberfC SA USN Muldrow a MIIIS OrvIlIeW HMI USN General Delivery Laffa S C Mlneharf Charles H Jr MEI USN I525 So Corhess S1 Philadelphia Penna Mlner James E SH3 USN RFD I Box 38 VIrgInIa Beach Va Mlnfer Alfred V BM3 USN ISXZ Hatton S+ Portsmouth Va Mlnuck Erlc R MM3 USN Center ville Tenn Mlfchell John H SA USN 39 Chat Molizan Vernon K SA USN Rf No 3 Frazee MInn Monday Kenneth R EM3 SN Brownsfon Ind Mondy Charles W FN USN 3424 E Pratt Sf Baltimore Md Moody Marnon E SGT USMC IO7 Castle Si' Wilmington N C Moore Carl K SA USN 322 Lald Iey Sf Charleston W Va oore Donald C SN USN OFaIIon Ave Bellevue Ky Moore Edward D Steward llc USN I632 B Ave Norfolk Va Moore Ephralm H SA USN 720 Jackson Sf Easton Penna oore Fleet S N Carnesvllle G Moore Frank E PFC USMC Rf 7 Box 3l9 Memphls Tenn Moorehead Donald F ET3 USN I95I Faye Road Akron Ohuo oore John O US OSlaughnessey Ave Hun'rsvIIIe a Moore O C TN USN Junction Clfy Ark Moqunn Roland L MMI USN 0 Franklin Sf Lawrance Mass Morgan Thomas M 'SN USN Box 396 Smlihfleld Ohlo orrls Edward J SA USN Quincy S+ Boston Mass Morris Vermon H FN USN 2 Ethan Ave Westfield Mass Morrison Robert L MMC USN 222 Rndgewell Clrcle Norfolk Va M0ff0ShISklE Ronald E FN USN 227 Parh1IonSf Hudson N Y Mu zo Michael G SN USN 2l Maple Sf Old Forge Penna Mullavey Edwm T SN USN 3433 Chapllne Sf Wheelsng W Va Mullins Fred E CORP USMC 4943 Gammage Drive Houston Tex Mulferer Howard D SA USN 504l North Spaulding Ave Chicago Box I83, French Lick, Ind. Mufchler, Jack R., ET3, USN, IOI2 Charfiers Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. Myers, Eugene A., PFC, USMC, 7080 Fenton Road, Grand Blanc, Mich. Myers, Joseph J., Disbursing Clerk 3!c, USN, 5656 Ardleigh Sf., Philadel- phia, Penna. Myers, Wyatt L., YNSN, U'SN, Box 75, Noma, Fla. Nabors John W SN USN 436 Naval Place Apt No II Portsmouth Va Nadolna Philip PFC USMC 74 Ruver Sf Lynn Mass Nagy Conrad SGT USMC 67 West 68fh Sf New York N Y Nardl Sanfo S SN USN 2804 Burd Ave S+ Louis Mo Neale Langdon E FCC USN 2800 South Lang Sf Arlington Va Neff Dale E SA USN 894 Thomas Road Columbus Ohio Ness AIberfJ SN USN II00 Mlss ISSIPPI Sf MIHDSBPOIIS Mrnn Neufzllng James W RMSN USN Rear 32 Souder Ave Columbus Ohio Newman Leonard E SN USN 6988 Ready Sf Van Dyke Much Nichols Stward D PFC USMC I3 Kearney S+ Oneonta N Y NIc erson Ellis L GMC USN 9 Central Sf Westbrook M Nncoara Alexander RDSN USN 20l5 South Ave Youngstown OhIo Nnero Gerard T SN USN Snedens Landnng Palisades N Y Norman Harry B FA USN 6703 AI bany Si' Los Angeles Calif Norman Marshall E STI USN Rx bury V Novak Edward L FCSN USN I50 Bridge S+ Egypt Penna Nu er Andy J GMC USN 30 Hillview Ave Norfolk V Oakes Henry M SKI USN Box No 79 Carrollton Mnss O Day Charles H Jr OMSN USN 202 Beach Sf Revere Mass ell Wllllam W SA USN l3'rh S+ NE Mason CIfy Iowa Odom Dean S ET2 USN Perry Fla Odom Joseph J TN USN 6I7 Ken dall S1 Soufhbend Ind Brlghfwood Ave Nashville Tenn Olson Herbert U SA USN 27l0 West Agahfe Ave ChICagO III OquIs1' Lee R SN USN 833 West 50th Place Chlcago III Orman Donald A FCSA USN 42l South 3rd Ave Mt Vernon N Y Orman Thomas E ST2 USN 529 ueen Sf New Bern N C Orele Alphonse N SA USN 97 Chambers S1 Waterbury Conn Osborn DelberfC SN USN 779 Mc KInIey Ave Jeffersonvllle Ind Osborne James B SN USN Box 23 Afferbury Ill Osfrem Douglas D QM3 USN 66 3rd S1' North Fargo N D Otto Wallace R PFC USMC 30 West Court Sf Hhaca N Y Owen Fred S SA USN I456 South 4th Sf Louisville Ky Owen Henry E RM3 Rfl Brevard Owen JamesW BTC USN I09 North Payne Sf Alexandrla V Oudheusden Herber+J SN USN 93l Chancellor Ave Irvmgfon N J e J kIe R FN USN N Bedford Ind PBIS SIIVIO D YNSN USN Bradford Penna Palazzolo Anthony Louus ENS USN 519 Jefferson Ave Uhca N Y P mer Wilbur A Jr SN USN Rf No I Drew MISS Panske PaulT SN USN 46 Westland Ave Boston Mass Panzer EdwardW Jr FA USN 5826 West l61h Sf Cicero Ill Parker Douglas SN USN 29 PIne S+ Waltham Mass Parker Joseph C SH2 USN RFD I Moulfne Ga Parker TomJ SHSN USN 34 Allce Ave ShadysIde Ohlo Pa nell Sbal FN USN Mills al Sfahon Rocklngham N C L d , .. . . '30 , ' , '. I -. -I . . .. .I ., . -, M ', ., ,. , I70I ' , ' . . I N ' ., I - - M ' , ' , , , I, ' I. I - -I I - , I- . -. . I R I- ' ' , . . I. . . - I - I - I . 'I I ' I. I . -I I I ' , . -I I D - - 'I ' D I. ' i l .. I I ' - -I a , ' ., 0 , , . . , ' , .I . I I ' ' -I' ' I I I I 4' I , I . -I I I I -I I ' I I ' I I . , I ' I, , I I l . ' .I ' Il' II . I .I . . ' I I I ' : . ' I I I., I I I I D I .' 'I I I I . . I .I 'I I I . I ' . ' -I ' - - ' ., W ' I . .' Mill '. If. '. I . . Jas- ' - 'I I ' b -I u I - I ' ,I I I . r, . I V -I I. I Q .I l'I I I I ' ' ' ,I I ' ' . ' ., I , . . . I 'I 'I II I . I i l . 'I I I ' -I .I ' I ' - : .I ' . I I I i . k I . .I I I 6 t I! . H I I , I .., , , . n Val. H ' ' I ' I I .I :I I I. ' ' D IH"I I I I I -I 'I I 'I I . I H . 'I ' I , . I I I H I' - I- I - ' ., 'I . ' J I. . . ' ' . .,' ' J ' I, . . - I JJ ., I. ., Q . ' . I I U. I . ' 'I' " . '. ' I I' ' .J ,i , 3 I a. ' .. J I ' I. e ' .I I ' ' u. .' ., , l . .I -I I I 'I ' ' . . J ., ., 'I .I 3 . D I . -, , , J . , 'I I a' I .I I 'I' . I. I . I 'I I ' I , , . . IIOII " , ' u ' I..' ' . ' - 1: I ' I' - - ' ' G' I' 'I I I o'D , ,' ' " ., ', ', Ioe No: 4, Kershawl' S. C. ' - . ' I I ham'S,,.' I-ymgz Mgssi' ' ' Offinqer, Eziward M., Lbo-R:'usN, 27II ' " ' ' , O . , I, , , I . 'I I I ' " ' ' .' . . . ' .' ' - I , .JI , I , D I J . 'I' I I J I :I JI 'I I I H. .I ' I . I I . H ' ' I 'I .I I I i, . - 1? I ., I' , I. . . NI 'I J I Id. ' 'I H I I M 'I .I , , 4 'I I ' i -- I - ' ' ' ' " . ' 'SN' Rf I, ' .. ' . -' . ' I I+. -' .. . .Im .- -- - I- M ' -,'a.S"" . .. . .I I I . .ll 'I JI . I J' I I . J H L 'Q . I .I -I I I . I I ly .I . .D I i .I I I M I ' .I SN' Nl Iggg N. C. V ' .I , I D I J . .- I I .I I I Al . I " I J .I ' . a. ' I " ' . '. i 'I I ' ' 'I I . ' I I 6 IIPII J ' J' "i ' , ' " ' ' Pag , ac ' ., , . R o. 4, V IIMII I I . .I ' l I . . 'I . . I I ' D I I l ' U' .I I I FI ., I M , 'I I 'I I ' 230 I ' -I I I I . -I I I va. I' I I . 'I' ' ll' ' I I al , I I: .I ., ,' l I. . 'I . I - I ' "il I ' - I 'ol . . I ' W .' 'I I .I I I . . . ., , I I. 'I I I I . ' .L ' , . I . ' I 'I' I I I I I I Mi. -'I I I . I .I I 'I . I I I Irl' I I 'I In -I . I I . h I . K I -I I I I I -I ' I I . I, . I F ,. O I ' I I ' I Ru W Parr, Leland B., SA, USN, Stephen- ville, Tex. Parrish, Ross L., Chief Pay Clerk, USN, Bruno, Minn. ' Partlow, James, ST3, USN, West Liberty St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Party, Louis E., FA, USN, 2l23 Lincoln Ave., Baltimore, Md. Patti, William H., PFC, USMC, 47 Division St., Chelsea, Mass. Peace, Bernard, ST3, USN, No. 7 Mathewhenson St., Norfolk, Va. Pederson, Willis A., SN, USN, Rt I, Devils Lake, N. D. Pelzer, Herman T., SA, USN, l20l 9th Ave., S. St., Cloud, Minn. Perez, Manuel, TN, USN, Santos, Mari- Iao, Mulacan, Philippines. Perhavec, Louis, FN, USN, 7803 Rose- wood Ave., Cleveland,,Ohio. Perry, Bert E., LT, USN, 430 Glendale Ave., Norfolk, Va. Peters, Carl L., SA, USN, l4l4 Mar- quette Ave., Bay City, Mich. Peters, Leonard C., RMSN, USN, Al- bion, Iowa. Peterson, Richard J., ENS, U'SN, 7l2 Soc Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, Calif. Petrucci, Joseph A., SN, USN, ll Wilmuth St., Lackawanna, N. Y. Petry, Walter J., SN, USN, 409 East Phoenix, Bloomington, Ill. Peyton, Chester A., SA, USN, 246 South Hever St., Beckley, W. Va. Phelrpls,YHarry, FN. USN, Rockdale, Phelps, Robert L., SA, U'SN, 25l6 Mulberry St., St. Joseph, Mo. Phillips, Burton O., PFC, USMC, PO Box No. 5, Maitland, W. Va. Phillips, James A., SN, USN, 702 Vernon Ave., Kinston, N. C. Phillips, Luther P., SK3, USN, ll5 Gay St., Cambridge, Md. Pierce, James E., RD2, USN, 903 Bart- let St., Houston, Tex. Pierce, John A., SA, USN, 280l 32nd Ave., North Birmingham, Ala. Pierson, James A., FN, U'SN, Walker, Minn. Pigman, Benton, SA, USN, May, Ky. Pippin, Clyde L., ICFN, USN, RFD No. 2, Scottsville, Va. Plais, Bernard, SKSN, USN, 32 Geor- gia Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pletcher, Delmer D., SN, USN, Barnes- ville, Minn. Polink, Fran, SA, USN, RD Box 92, Uniontown, Penna. Pollum, Edgar W., SN, U'SN, Falls Creek, Penna. Porter, Raymond A., SA, USN, 4724 Brighton Blvd, Denver, Colo. Porth, Harold V., BMC, 406 Union Ave., Jefferson City, Mo. Potter, Robert D., MM2, USN, I3l2 North Princeton Ave., Albuquer- que, N. M. Porzelt, Francis, OM2, USN, 208 Hud- son St., Hoboken, N. J. Price, Roland R., SA, USN, 60I7 En- right Ave., St. Louis, Mo. PricgkCecil L., MM2, USN, 'Salt Fork, Ia. Prott, Roy E., PFC, USMC, 3434 East 5lst St., Cleveland, Ohio. Provost, 'Sam, GM3, USN, 202 Beech- wood Ave., Norfolk, Va. Przybylski, John A., FN, USN, 778 Board St., Hartford, Conn. Pulkownik, Theodore C., FCSA, USN, 423l West Roscoe St., Chicago, Ill. IIQII Quero, Jesus V., ST3, USN, Babatngon Leyte, Philippines. IIRII Raducha, Louis J., GM2, USN, l640 S. 54th St., Philadelphia, Penna. Ragan, Rudolph C., RMC, USN, PO Box 428, Newnan, Ga. Rainville, Joseph W., HM3, USN, 968 Conn. Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Rand, Alphonso P., Jr., SA, U'SN, l20l Creston St., Des Moines, Iowa. Rankin, Leonard G., Ship's Pay Clerk, USN, Custar, Ohio. Rasmussen, Earl N., FN, USN, Il29 North Damen Ave., Chicago, Ill. Ray, John P., SA, USN, Box 2, Albion, Calif. Red, Calvin J., Jr., ET2, USN, l920 Bal- timore St., NW, Washington, D. C. Reese, James F., OM2, USN, 33 East End Ave., New York, N. Y. Regan, Paul V., FA, USN, 80 Kenneth Ave., Baldwin, Long Island, N. Y. Reiger, Charles W., RDSN, USN, 6 Brainerd St., Phillipsburg, N. J. Renaud, Clement E., CSSN, USN, Hardwick, Vt. Renolo, Manuel, TN, USN, S Narciso Zambales, Philippines. Rhoads, Lawrence J., SA, USN, 630 Vance Ave., Paris, lll. Ricciardelli, John, FN, USN, 53 Amity St., Lynn, Mass. Richards, Donald H., EMFA, USN, ll0l Lawson, St., Portsmouth, Va. Richards, Peter C., MM3, USN, Rt No. 3, Chippewa Falls, Wisc. Riddle, Mitchell, SA, U'SN, Haleyville, a. Ridle, Ossen T., GMI, USN, II79 Massillion Road, Akron, Ohio. Riffe, Howard L., Jr., MEFN, USN, Box 323, Van Lear, Ky. Riggs, Wallace M., LTJG, USN, 7th St., Water Front, East Ocean View, Va. Ritchie, William D., SN, USN, 205 Bayard Ave., Rehoboth Beach, Va. Roach, Stanley C.,-- SN, USN, Box 8, Kensington, Ohio. Roberts, Leon J., PI3, USN, l632 Junipers Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Robinson, Kenneth M., SN, U'SN, 45 Emeline St., Randolph, Mass. Robnik, John R., SN, USN, 923 Miami St., Youngstown, Ohio. Roddick, Chester L., GMI, Rt I, Lindsay, Calif. Rodgers, John A., SN, USN, I0l6 Park Ave., Canton, Ohio. Rodrigues, Leo L., GMC, USN, 2032 East Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, Va. Roeder, Calvin S., FN, USN, Prairie View, Kan. Robert A., SN, USN, 303 5th Rogers, 'St., Portsmouth, Va. Romero, Daniel W., SN, USN, l6l7 W. Mt. Road, Albuquerque, N. M. Rooney, Lawrence S., Jeffersonville, Vt. Roose, Paul V., PFC, USN, 289 Dudley St., Roxbury, Mass. Root, Louis L., RDSN, USN, 666 Park Place, Elmira, N. Y. Roper, John C., SN, USN, 6Il7 Dau- phine, New Orleans, La. Rose, Hugh William, ENS, USN, l925 Elmwood Ave., LaFayette, Ind. Rose, Paul G., SA, USN, l3l9 McAl- pine 'St., Nashville, Tenn. Ross, Charles W., Jr., YN3, USN, I9 Lyon St., Dorchester, Mass. Rossett, Daniel C., SN, USN, 7th Ave., Alpha, N. J. Rotes, Donald R., SA, USN, 353 N. Grinnell St., Jackson, Mich. Rouchka, Charles J., BT2, USN, l600 East Broadway, Sedalia, Mo. Roush, Robert A., SA, USN, 3855 Settle Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. Rowen, Richard C., 'SN, USN, 4060 South Brudick St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Royal, Horace, CS2, USN, RFD 2, Box l0, Starke, Fla. Ruddy, Gordon, SN, USN, 86 Glenrose Ave., Braintree, Mass. Ruszkowski, Hendryk R., SN, USN, 308 Monmouth St., Jersey City, N. J. Rutledge Donald M., SN, U'SN, Box 528, Charlottesville, Va. 1 --Sn Sabatucci, Pete SKC, USN, 3l0 North Clinton Ave., Dallas, Tex. Satfell, Donald H., RDSN, USN, 705 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio. Salassa, Francis A., Chief Carpenter, USN, l008 Bolling Ave., Norfolk, Va. Sanborn, Richard E., SN, USN, Box 230, Hazelton, lowa. Sandoval, Eduardo A., SN, USN, l02 Vidaurri Ave., Laredo, Tex. Sapp, Joseph C., SA, USN, 36l7 Brown Pl., Detroit, Mich. Sarell, Ray G., CORP, USMC, Belmont, La. Saucedo, Francisco, SA, USN, 6l0 South Kansas St., El Paso, Tex. Saunders, William S., SA, USN, 5Il Lincoln St., Steelton, Penna. . Savarese, Louis FRI, USN, 2944 Tulip St., Philadelphia, Penna. Schaney, John E., AIRMAN, U'SN, I560 Silver St., Bronx, N. Y. 'Schialdone, Ralph C., BT3, USN, l3I Wilt St., Apt 323, Youngstown, Ohio. Schildknight, Edward, SN, USN, 424 High Forest, Winona, Minn. Schmidt, William J., Jr., FN, 'USN, 77 Westmoreland St., Whitesboro, N. Y. Schoenberger, William F., ETC, USN, I44 Middlesex Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. A., SN, USN, I9969 Detroit, Mich. J., GM2, USN, 824 Schultz, Edward lndster Rd., Schultz, Charles soufhara sf., Apt IB, Trenton. N. J. Scott, Frankford L., SN, USN, Grager Ave., Rt No. 4, Portland, Ind: Scott, James O., SN, USN, I24 Sigbee Ave., Lemay, Mo. Seaborn, Norris L., RD3, USN, 7220-24th St., Newport News, Va. Segal, Stanley, LTJG, USN, l475 Grand Concourse, New York, N. Y. Seay, Henry W., Jr., BTC, USN, l78l Dupont Dr., Lemon Grove, Calif. Sedlbauer, Howard V., SN, U'SN,.Rt No. 3, Alban Road, Monroe, Mich. Segner, Donald R., FIRST LT, USMC, l0l2f East Verduzo Ave., Burbank, Cali . Seelye, Thomas T., Jr., ENS, USN, Thirty Acres, Hudson, Ohio. Senter, Price D., SN, USN, Rt No. 4, Booneville, Miss. Sharrer, Rollen E., SA, U'SN, Rt 2, Marietta, Okla. Shandy, Daniel K., SA, USN, Pine Bluff, Ark. Sharp, Harry R., SN, USN, R.R. I, Sugar Grove, Ohio. Shaw, Claude B., LCDR, USN, 89I6A Old Ocean View R., Norfolk, Va. Sheehan, Edward, ME2, USN, 236 No. Champlain 'St., Burlington, Vt. Sheehan, John F., BMI, USN, 929 Har- ris Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Sheldon, James M., MM3, USN, I33 South St., Rutland, Vt. Shelgon, Ralph L., Box 22I, Mulvane, an. Sheranko, Elwood W., GMI, USN, 5ll8 N. 24th Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. Sherrick, Bev E., SN, USN, 3l0 Cherry, Nevada, Mo. Sherrill, Jesse R., ISA, USN, l07 32nd St., Connersville, Ind. Shinn, Ralph A., SN, USN, 4l27-8th, NEW, Washington, D. C. Shockley, Silas C., MM2, USN, Ar- mentrout, Max Meadow, Va. Box 86. Shoemaker, Creedon L., SA, USN, R. D. No. 5, Carlisle, Penna. Shortell, John P., SA, USN, 27 Maple Ave., Glen Cove, Long Island, N. Y. Shortell, Richard A., SN, USN, 27 Ma- ple Ave., Glen Cove, Long Island, N. Y. Shubelka, Julius, FN, USN, Pine Hill Road, Nashua, N. H. Sibbio, Ralph, SN, USN, 65I Crescent Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 'Sigr'r'tIonbBilly G., SN, USN, Hickory, Siegel D-onald, SA, USN, 4I West New Cumberland G.D., New Cum- berland, Penna. Siemer, Harold N., LCDR, USN, 42l- l0th St., Red Wing, Minn. Simkins, Samuel T., FC2, USN, 76I6 l5th Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Simpson, Joe B., BM2, USN, 803 Simpson St., Westminster, 'S. C. Sinclair, John J., BTC, USN 523 Chi- cago Blvd, San Antonio, Tex. Sinkovic, Walter J., SN, USN, 3709 Leybourn Ave., Toledo, Ohio. Sissgna Charles F., SA, USN, Lapel, n . Skippers, Ronald E., BT3, USN, R.R. No. I, Vicksburg, Mich. 'Skelnka, Ronald J., SN, USN, 262 Green Road, Euclid, Ohio. Skonberg, Rudolph D., PFC, USMC, RFD 2, Fulton, lll. Slaughter, Clarence L., MMI, USN, 506 Elliot Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Slazinik, Norman G., SN, USN, 3005 Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Sloan, Ray, SA, USN, 323 Garfield 'St., McMechen, W. Va. Sloyer, Paul D., SN, USN, Rural Rt No. 3, Topeka, Kan. Smart, Franklin W., ICC, USN, 326 Allen St., Benmorell Housing, Nor- folk, Va. Smart, Robert'G.,-SA, USN, l26 Wa- terhill St., Lynn, Mass. 'Smith, Alphuse., CS3, USN, I7 Lake- view Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Arthur H., DCC, USN, Box I6, Montrose, N. Y. Smith, Ernest G., SN, USN, 79l2 Elton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Smith, George C., SN, USN, l5I6 West 47th St., Norfolk, Va. Smith, Hoke, GMSN, USN, Rt I, Coosa, Ga. Smith, Robert G., LTCDR, U'SN, 22l lvaloo St., Norfolk, Va. Smith, John J., SA, USN, 936 Walnut St., Ashland, Penna. Smith. Joseph J.. SN, USN, IOI3 North I4th St., DeKalb, Ill. Smith, Kenneth T., PFC, USM,C, 470 N.W. 38th, Miami, Fla. Smith, Robert L., Jr., ET3, U'SN, 507 East 35th St.. Baltimore, Md. Smith, Roy A., FA, USN, Il95 Fisher Drive, Saginaw, Mich. Smith, Thomas C., SA, USN, 2893 Mc- Dermott St.. Muskeqon, Mich. Smith, Samuel F., Aviation Storekeeper 2fc, USN, l5l9 Alsacs, Norfolk. Va. 'Smith, Wilbur A., PFC, USMC, Bran- ford, Fla. Snow, Windfall B., FN, USN, Phalanx Station. Ohio. Snyder, Allen C., SN, USN, P.O. Box No. I6, Alverton, Penna. Snyder, Douglas M., SA. USN, I54 West Ave., Fairport, New York. Snyder, Thomas F., RM3, USN, 238 Chestnut St., Plymouth, Penna. Soboloskv, John, 'SN, USN, 42 East-Wa- ter St., Coaldale, Penna. Sockell, Edward J., YNSN, 420 Church St., Gallitzin, Penna. Socks, Jack A., ET3, USN, Williams- port, Md. Soring, Donald S., MMFA, USN, l25 Jeffrey St., Chester, Penna. Sowerby, Thomas G., SN, U'SN, 53 Bidlack St., Forty Fort, Penna. Southerly, Harold C., SA, USN, Moore- field, W. Va. Spanswick, Eugene, SA, USN, I36 George St., Green Island, N. Y. Spark, Michael M., IST LT, USMC, 30 East 55th 'St., New York, N. Y. Speck, Edward L., SGT, USMC, East Main St., Tuckeston, N. J. Spencer, Elwin P., SN, USN, F.D. No. 2, Waverly, N. Y. Spencer, Elwood C., SA, USN, Rural Retreat, Va. Spenla, Leo J., SGT, USMC, Elhart, lowa. Sperry. Thomas C., SN, USN, 1744 W. Glenwood, Glendale, Calif. Stahl, Russell F., MMFN, USN, Tower City, Penna. Stahlman, Axor C., MMFN, USN, 223 W. College St., Sparta, Ill. Staley, Robert J., FA, USN, 9 Ga- zelle St., Dunkirk, N. Y. Stanford, Donald E., SN, USN, 709 West Cedar St., Franklin, Ky. Stanley, Donald P., PFC, USMC, I49 Manhattan Ave., New York, N. Y. Stapleton, Donald E., SA, USN, I32 West Milford St., Mount Union, Pa. Slaifin. James D., YN2, USN, 9I4 Flem- ing St., Hendersonville, N. C. Steele. Carl. SN. U'SN, Betsy Layne, Y Steele, Russell W., PNC, USN 48 Roton Ave., Rowayton, Conn., Steele, William E., ADC, P. O, Box 336, Beechwood, N. J. 'Steenbeke, David J., SN, USN, I22 N, Johnson St., South Bend, Ind. Steffens, John R., PFC, USMC' 431 Tusculum Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Siefllnq. Fred, Jr., SA, USN, Naxera P. O. Gloucester County, Va, Stengel, Richard A., BM3, USN 307 Peckham sf., Buffalo, N. Y. ' Stevens, Phillip L., SN, USN 3I5 S Weadock. Saginaw. Mich.. ' Stevenson, Marion E., SA, USN 72 Sf Frizieesfi, mock Hill, s. c. ' ewar, ar ,, P Rock, W. Va. Fc' USMC' Key Stewart. John. Jr., 'sA, usN sax 4 Sf Hefndmgsonville, Penna. l I ewar, vid Dv., SGT, USM . No. 2, Waldo Ark. C' RFD Stiles, Charles R., 2nd LT USMC ii3gI State Line St., I-Iammond: n . Stiles, Freddie, SH3, USN Bak sfifes, Harald c., TSA, usii, iiaisnelilij sfo rilqervSt., SpxringSf'gd,UgGii0, c . ernon ., , I , Holland' N' Y. Pearl St, Stokes, Robert L., SN, USN, 44 Cain St., Greenville, S. C. 'Stone, William Sl., YNC, USN, P, 0, Box No. 465, Griggsville, lll. Storey, Leroy Gene, PFC, USMC, RR No. 2, Aurora, Ind. Storm, Howard G., SN, USN, 305 Taft Ave., Pittsburgh, Penna. Strafalace, Frederick J., SN, USN I36 Clara St., Pittsburgh, Penna. l Straight, Richard E., SA, USN, I36 Knob 'St., Sparta, Mich, Strandquist, John H., PFC, USMC, l425 Tenth St., Marinette, Wisc. Strayer, Gerald L., SN, USN' l223l Shore Acres, Fenton, Mich. l Stroman, Harry C., Jr., HM3, USN, l8I North Forest Road, Williams- ville, N. H. Stumph, John M., CSI, USN, Canon City, Colo. Sumlin, Eddie D., TN, U'SN, IO0I Tar- wall St., Chester, Penna. Sutton, Paul L., SN, USN, Rt I, Box No. 77, Middlesboro, Kv. Sutyak, Joseph A., FA, USN, Box IS, Tams, W. Va. Swearingen, George R., LT, USN, 2Il Dare Circle, Norfolk, Va. Sweeney, Edwin C., LT, USN, 34I Lin- coln Ave., Glencoe, III. 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Wocgtts, Harry V., EMI, USN, Shawnee, lo. Woody, Philip, GMC, USN, O-3 N. Chamberlin St., Rochwood, Tenn. Worosylla, Eugene J., MMFA, USN, 464 Horton Highway, Williston Park, Long Island, N. Y. Woytasik, Walter R., SA, USN, 2835 South 7Ist St., Milwaukee, Wisc. Wright, Carlos T., SA, USN, l424 Mc- Daniel Ave., Anniston, Ala. Wright, Charles A., 'SA, USN, Villa Ridge, Ill. Wright, James T., Rele, USN, clo Albert Woitte, Balfour, N. D. Wyatt, James I., SN, USN, P. O. Box 276, Ilion, N. Y. HYII Yaney, Donald L., FN, USN, RR No. 2, Geneva, Ind. Yarber, Joe W., SN, USN, 927 Wash- ington St., Harrisburg, Ill, Yarborough, Elies W., GM2, USN, Box l50, Carrabella, Fla. Yates, Smithy D., Chief Gunner, USN, 539 Larchwood Ave., Upper Darby, Penna. Yerkes, Robert F., SN, USN, 405 E. Union Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. Yidiaris, Angelo, PFC, USMC, I27 Prairie Ave., Providence, R. I. York, Nile D-., GMC, USN, 263 Hel- mick St., Norfolk, Va. Young, Timothy R., PFC, USMC, 79 North Street, Middlesboro, Mass. Young, Will N., BM2, USN, 3700 Shore Drive, Norfolk, Va. Youngs, Henry A., FA, USN, l6l West Ave., Brockport, N. Y. llzu Zim, Angela F., SA, usN, RD Na. I, Langhorne, Penna. Zimmerman, David 'F., MM3, USN, College Ave., Nanvet, N. Y. Zimmerman, Edward E., GMI, USN, l2l8 Ferside Drive, Lacanda, Calif. Zimmy, Stanley M., CDR, USN, 204 Seay Ave., No. Ingleside, Norfolk, Va. Zola, Joseph 'S., GE2, USN, l0548 Oglesby Ave., Chicago, Ill. Zuk, Ronald P., SA, USN, 97l6 Gibson Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Zukowski, Joseph A., MMI, USN, 336 E. Randall Ave., Norfolk, Va. Zullo, Rocco A., MSGT, I2 Fremont St., Claremont, N. H. The USS Newport News Cruise Book is the product of the work of Chaplain J. J. Tubbs, Nelson C. Maxey, PHG1, USNg Thurman Bailey, PH35 Hugh Baird, JOSN, USN5 John Ferango, SA, USNg Earl Biegert, PISN, USN. We hope that you will enjoy this hook and keep it as a treasured reminder of a happy cruise. I I 1 I I I I 4 I I I I . l'.'. I. i f ,..Y.-.,..,,,w.,..77..-.. 3 . H , . uf, -1,,,.W .. 9 ' Al U k ,, 'Ewa ,J , . TLP"- ' . -SLS nie" .N .-L ,Q 'L wig -'45, ...J ,N .agp i 72. 'za - 5 1' -..-,.,vm

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