Newport High School - Tiger Yearbook (Newport, NH)

 - Class of 1971

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Text from Pages 1 - 130 of the 1971 volume:

M oo' Q www I "fab 1 aw L' LL W f QE- . Ig- 'N , U. ' I ' U bb A I . it -il F , A vu . ' . ' " 1 S ., on J., Q. f' 1 A N . My is qty- B MW Jw TW nw ,yy QMQW USEEEXSCP 69 06, 'SQ I k 'Qt . Qplfyygfbf Qf iE5pii E fgssfw W 6355? mv C QS Q95 f 'X XX M SP2 5 ,ww gh 5 29 NNAQX NW wggsq XPS f f 1 f Q l x 4 x E by ,f3lu,L,QQ, - 1 w fbi' , . MBMM M f l 2fi.4,wJc, LL QQ P. I v .4,wfg jaw Z Q 1 Q X Y A I N. L 1 M Q QQ WX 5 W QW Q P Ri WARNING . . . ! To 1 in UUFVUM O1 gywifgl , Q W ' aww You are now entering the world of - , 'jqyolxox NO-Q OXQfDOxf9LaNM3-P' vide 9V C5 cik 94' gov- O' 191 CD00 Gy 55 qaffdygio ' Qxfboy ww the unforgettable . . fx QQQVQQ- is .-Y 51159 . 'Nz El .4'.:AQ'3- , QI,- ii ',-' A.-2 ii' ' ff 1.5 1 2' ff x 'E . 'x I Ffh! W: -J- I of- 1 A V51 ,I ,4 'g'q:.', cf' rs. 'ask' ., - ' '13s-zskigg ,gf-if'Qf.Aug 5,-33,-g.' I ' ' 2" ' 1:21411 f?iHvKa " -ff.-'I'-5-f,gf,ff.L"g .,i:-ll, 4f,:v,. X, ,sig ' . I? Y f: .lsffgfsiai-C'5f.5if-1 S ' x E - .1 YUUR LIFE MAY .1 5.-,. 3041, . 5. . o,.,.f- ,yjlr V , , .nfl-Af? A " -fferb. .3 ' " I" ' I A A 'w . xl 15,-..-Lfk f. X ' 1 ' u - , Q P K l I X Q X., 4 '3- IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES 5 '- E u 4 i--W .ag Y . tx-gm. lr ' x X T if 5' Hg 'iw 31,1 11. 1- A, 4 ki' Qwiff :V Q 93' N : 4-1 N A . V . "H iixi 32 P O Z"' I can tell that ' ' .- ' ' - P -" ' 1" A-A "Q thas ss gonng to hur. ' W- , '.,, "' 1 HJ . -.Y J 110 "ilu, ,. ww .Q..v. 1-.-., , Ay, ' .. ' . V . 'a N ' - Fitz, Paul we really shouldnt be meetlng luke this .Ay fb 'V' fflxx i AZ. Mfxgfwfaw , 4 . '1 ' f-lfigf rv Q 1 3 OM ,L .bf-rx What do you think this ' v rs, anyway, a handfout. 'ff S sq- Wi ' gil!! 'Q 1 x 4 .Vina 4 Q-f is -. LI 11 1 I . QFFEWA ii, Q fr WV' nf- Y ii' W3 T Y, ? V .....,.M,, A , ':--A -1,4 U -vu... in.. 1 .....f. .. ,www V- M., , 'Q -vm.. v .. 1 I M. ,. "- fn..,,t4.x ""'4-4-Q E l ' 'ffw.i-,,,- ' 4 ., .,n, --Glu u'L't'. kg. - ,yylex-D .Q Y . ., fix ' 'mel -fu-N 'S ' -. . - ' "5f'f'K-. I . ,'F "'v5'Qv V --4-- J ,. . , , .mms-W-,,,, ,-.,..L ...f .,Mff1-- -- 4 ' ' ' 1 5:i'i'3gg. GLA . Y vgllldrw' ,Hg STATE .,-- 1 , Klip, h ,Aff -A .. 4' 'tw . . 13565 to BPPEM f . ff' X . be r Kim-.' Hzunpshlre' w llliv V, A vvlpa A ,, :n thi' fnrfxz -- . mm . . f :AS Yod fq Yu,-1 l 2 1'.1'fwX'fdf'd' f ,A .-4,141 . X, f M 1 x9'.,',..- . . 1 V L Uxlxz-,"' 5'uJ4 HAMPSHIRE . - ONCE A ' . Ig .... ...... 4! .b r Town ...... 7,. its T41-i....,.,..,.. Dilffitl , , - A ' cpugir .... fn me ...... ..... . day of ru va 0 hint U20 be Bled iii h4iisl,r1f!'stt.l 2""7m C3 iff: ff Q 4 H7 A , -1,gf"?"'5'n an 5, ,I h .. , 4 s .- 4 5' if .-... in violation of Q un of gm Suu ati New ,E 1' vnur fan ' . ,guy uf . ' ' 'ia V If ,X . ' .. .-.. ......... 1 l-' 1 --.-.-- ...I ,-.4. ...., T 2, my Xuan. Willul hilurq up ig V 4.-:ru Tundred dulhn oc insulting? 1:-:root rnssenrs " "- J ff' SERIOUS -9 X f 2 X ' x Y fgwcfffa 4 x- Secret Agent Buinicky - did you get a shot of that play? I 1 NYS EH! N i L L L i l- 5 ,J-. . r r h 1 --. - - J..-- V .v , .H .4 -- .. , . off" ,. -' 'als '19 mi 1 ,L Liu? ' V 1' V- . Q i , r. , -su-. .171 ,L - mfr. ,fy 1 .S ' . f N ,.,.4 ,. :.. , Su 'J I4-""' .f- hr., W' V' ,rf -,Ti .-1. RQ 'I -kv . J? ,I .,. - I Q v , . , W N ,w Q . V X , , , -Y ' . 1 M W ,LL . :Q-b ' u Q- s we . ,f -' 4,5 V -- -'- r Q wb F' ,sr A ' - .- r s 1 ' A-1:99, - 'N - . fl I f .' , n r-,ff-, Alright I m gonna break , , Y ,gf,-my Tr Q V V' K ' F , ' r- Q the record. . . ' , v H, Ea . 0, f' C 3, 1 9 ' V 'L L6 V Q-My - 1 ry , lf . If gf 5- I .U , Q Ju N 'V ' " There it goes, just like . 1 .j ' ,, 3 L. ve kr 3 blrdl 1 1 V 4 It was a bird as , I ' I glififf M., , , E 1 W W :Ass oA blur ' ' W , -.. l1,..,Z.f5..EL9n. , ' " ' ' E51 . YA S..A 4 ? ' Y'rxA,4 Y' ' YQT:-'-13,7 V ' .x .vv , VA If hi I VWWLA' HEQIONEYMLTST a :mo IN BY I Ny, M5 f: :::- V iff lk. Lv. 'C L if ,Q A-'f' ,,. W' T 1 . 5 a ,. ,-Qa...,, k, ', PM . X .sry U I. xt, . , . !,...'.,,,4.,.V , . .K .-LA ,-,..- ,yu .- f,-' - - 39 W 4 AM, - ,, l .X ,J-fy 1, ,W 'My .'l 4sTp"' nw , nn .rf af. .- -IQ 1 . . 'lg 1' if f f Y-,E ' ,fy . Y- -. ' ' 5921, Q5 "fin .- Ywd rv L I 'ij' , I r .'h If 9-rw! N n '. 5 N-ull" ,425 , , fs . EST? 'A My I J ,TI 1 'X Melanie Anastos Gordon Bartlett l Tl Paula Berquist eh. Gary Bagley "-Yi 1.7 Robert Bailey I f 2 li -I I' S "A T "Hi Shorty" Ambition: Marriage Gary likes steak, skiing, and Karen but dislikes Mt. climbing, pessimists, and critical people. Activities: Class Treasurer 2: Library Club 1, 25 Science Club 4: Drama Club 4: Senior Play 41 Musical 1: State Library fV.P.J 1, 27 Jr. Prize Speaking 3: Radio Announcer 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Ambition: Lawyer Bob likes camping, traveling, and nice people but dislikes mobs of people, lazy people, and dirty people. Activities: Football 1, 2: Track 1, 3: Cross Country 3: Musical 3: All-State 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4. Ambition: To be a bachelor Jennie likes badminton, horses, and G.B. but dislikes conceited people and work. Ambition: Working with children Gordan likes driving, TV, and hunting but dis- likes to make telephone calls. Ambition: Custoe dian Bob likes snowmobiling, sports, and girls but dislikes school. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 4. Ambition: To succeed in something l like Paula likes cars, horses, and boys but dislikes homework, reading, and English. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: Work fi dwg 'Tn , ... . ' ix sk ,'l,A,r.l .. I ,lr RFQ-N. xi-Q1 yr X'5,N.w '.x'I- A1 ' x RQ .. - V I 1 x wp. 1, - -l if 'l W' 'ima 1 if il 1 Fl l ll Swff Campbell Robert Childs Dee Clement 1 Donald Clough warm beer. Activities: Football 1. Ambition: Dee likes Dick' Tina' and good times but dis. Activities: Baseball 3- Ambition: Have a good Travel. Q likes arguments, getting up, and long hair. Ac- life Bob 'IRES dfag faces- Snowmobiles. and One tivities: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To live a Ronald likes girls and girls legs but dislikes Cenaln Sl" buf dis""e" Wifi hlgh dass Pe0P'e' fwfmal life English. Activities' Baseball 3. Ambition: work and Slow CSVS- Afflbifmnf Artist Donald likes butter and girls but dislikes liquor. fi ani Laffy Davis Anita Dearden John Dombroski 5 . i Oi, 1 We don't have any masking tape, do . f,.-, Larry likes hunting, fishing, pizza but dislikes boring English classes, tea, rice. Activities: Cross Country 13 Football 2: Track 2. Ambition: See the States Anita likes Bob, Camaros, popcorn but dislikes snobs, tripe, fakes. Activities: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Ccapt. 43: Softball 1: Drama Club 4: Ski-Team 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Class V.P. 4. Ambition: To be able to make gravy that isn't runny and that tastes like something John likes girls, drinking, cars but dislikes po- licemen, judges, spinach. Ambition: Stay out o pai Louie likes motorcycles, cars, and cold beer but dislikes girls, Honda's and hot beer. Activi- ties: Wrestling 3. Ambition: Auto and motorcy- cle mechanic Jon likes apple pie, Mom, and the American Flag but dislikes draft, fascists, and mince pie. Activities: Band 2, 3: Student Council fV.P.J 3: Newspaper 3, 4: Yearbook photo editor 4: Drama 4: Musical 2: Track 2. Debi likes Ray's smile, Autumn, and pizza but dislikes being told what to do, gossip. and ket- Louis Dubreuil 44" John Ducharme Debra Eaton Steven Edes Steven Fisher 1 1' Linda Flewelling Cynthia Freeman chup. Activities: Orange Key 3: l-rench Club Z, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To make a special someone happy Steve likes skiing, people, and food but dislikes Physics, work, and SHOES! Activities: Basket- ball 1: Ski Team 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Class Pres. 1, 43 Boys State 3. Ambition: College Steve likes girls, cars, and cycles but dislikes snobs, seafoods, nosyness. Ambition: Service Linda likes Bob, music, and Fridays but dislikes spoiled brats, war, and Mondays. Activities: Softball 2: FTA 2, 3, 4 CV.P. 3, Pres. 45: Drama Club 4 QV.P.Q: Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4. Ambition: Undecided Cyndy likes 5a-4-2-c-2, Simon 8t Garfunkel, and standing ovations but dislikes cafeteria, Polka-dot-Hondas, and humidity. Activities: Orange Key 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3: Musical 3: Year- book Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Newspaper 4. Ambition: Fulfillment Timothy GaNun John Gardner Susan Germ 'Wit Y-U' -1 Irene Hagianis Anthony Herbert Cathy Hebert L, Richard Howard Howard Huff Larry Huot Tim likes Ann, snowmobiles, and skiing but dislikes homework, science, and term papers. Activities: French Club 2. Ambition: Civil engi- neer John likes skiing girls, and music but dislikes albino beans, flat tires, and work. Activities: Chorus 3, 43 Boys Glee Club 3. Ambition: Elec- tronic engineer Sue likes people and outdoors but dislikes conceited people and computers. Activities: Majorettes 1, 23 Field Hockey 2, Basketball 3: flrange Key 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: Col- ege Eunlce likes music, sports, and snowmobiling but dislikes Snobs, homework, and oral re- ports. Ambition: Hairdressing Dick likes cars and pizza but dislikes English and orders. Ambition: Automotive Bob likes football, skiing, and drinking but dis- likes cops, Newport, and grubs. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 2. Ambition: Questionable Rene likes Ronnie, nature, wine but dislikes hypocrites. Activities: Drama Club 4. Ambition: Unknown Tony likes parties, water skiing, and girls but dislikes fighting and warm beer. Activities: Eunice Goodwin Richard Grenier Robert Guimond With Opal's dress, Tina is everybody's best all-around! Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CCo-Captainjg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys State 3. Ambi- tion: College Cathy likes skiing, snow, and sewing but dis- likes snobs, waiting, and fake people. Activi- ties: Field Hockey 1, 2, 35 Softball 1: Ski Team 3: Orange Key 3, 4. Ambition: Foreign Legion Dick likes snowmobiles, hunting, and camping but dislikes crowds, homework, and big cities. Ambition: Policeman Howie likes Jill, French fries, and Schlitz but dislikes cold cars, homework, and Rand's Pond. Activities: Baseball 2: Class V.P. 3: Track 4. Ambition: To make Jill happy Larry likes parties, people, and the outdoors but dislikes conceit, fanatics, and idleness. Activities: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1, 3, 4: Class Pres. 2: French Club 2, 3: National Honor So- ciety 4g Student.Council CClass Rep.J 1, 3. Ambition: To fully understand people Philip Jurson E 1 ' WEE: 'aaa an--" Catherine Kanakis Janet King if John Kailer Edward Kosotsky Phil likes Karin, football, and booze but dis- likes work, cigarettes, and cafeteria food. Ac- tivities: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3. 4. Ambi- tion: Teacher Cathy likes parties, skiing and meeting people but dislikes war and fighting. Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Frenbh Club 2, 3: Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4p Yearbook Staff 43 Class V.P. 2: Class Pres. 3, Student Council 3. Ambition: To be happy Janet likes Gary, Windsor, and drive-ins but dislikes Mondays, bucket seats, and Sunday nights. Activities: Yearbook Staff 43 Orange Key 4. Ambition: Marriage Ed likes pizza, English, and Sharon Rego but dislikes lima beans, gym class, and opera. Ac- tivities: Band 2: Chorus 4, Boys' State 3. Ambi- tion: Physical therapist I I , wi fn 1 ! I IQ. 5 .f. v 1 R f b' x ' ' t 1, . 5' 1 ,S 5' pxi 81 Q xxx 4' f .H ' .mesix m A M my . s iv I X' u :wx xl I .U ',. K A Q 'L ' xl, 't rf' J . I si" ,, - '13 K wa. 'Q s 24 wb' rg ,X I , 1, 1 'n' X km Q 2 " any .Ax U . 1 w I .. f .1 1 ' fl pl' .- ,A .M , . , .....1 ,X N ?!i'.!.f.'. wp, X 1 .9. L., ,Q x 1- - ' x 3 i' ' w 4 . 9 e n w 5 'w . K ..4 ' wf A - M.. 1 J' .- '. UN'-f,14 f": iw ' Q 1 ' fi .,, fm --', . '-R, ,.. 1" .. -L .. ,f"tN .-.QR X 'X I f x QI. 'lk E' . -A O rl, O wk QQ Ethel Krauss Betty Lamery Ann Leone Leo Martin Ann Maxfield Madaleen Mayhew Ethel likes music, talented people, and opti- mism but dislikes pessismism and those insen- sitive to anything except themselves. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Wind Ensemble 3, 4: Drama Club 4: Senior Play 4: Musical 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Newspaper 3: J.V. Basketball 2. Ambition: To first understand myself so that I may better understand others Betty likes skating, softball, and a certain boy but dislikes certain sports and speed-deemers. Activities: Softball 3: Basketball 3: Girls Glee Club 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Library Club 3, 4. Ambi- tion: Going to nursing school Mary likes a certain person, swimming, and pizza but dislikes people who won't listen to others and snobs. Ambition: To live every min- ute of my life in total happiness Ann likes Dylan, Shakespeare, and wine but dislikes concrete and steel. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 4: Drama Club 2, 3.4: Senior Play 4. Ambition: To capture a unicorn Pete likes sports, quiet girls, and no homework but dislikes red heads, Physics, and loud mouth girls. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3. Ambi- tion: Succeed in life Debbie likes football, skiing, and constant ac- tivity but dislikes white socks, Physics, and old X i . l 1 Y Kenneth McAllister . -'J' Mary Landry Debora Martin f'5 'fi'- Dona Mclntosh Carla McKenney age. Activities: Track 1, 3. 4: Cheerleading 1. 2. 3. 4 Chead 45: Student Council 1, 3: FTA 1. 2, 3, 4: Practice teacher 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: Newspaper 4: National Honor Society 2. 3, 4: Musical 3: Yearbook Staff 4, Ambition: To be a "real" person Leo likes stock car racing. motorcycles, and girls but dislikes pizza, working six days a week, and skiing. Activities: Band 1. Ambition: To be a stock car driver Ann likes car horns, peoples' problems, and talking but dislikes English and winter. Activi- ties: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Orange Key 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4 Ken likes Diana, food, and cars but dislikes conceited people and small cars. Activities: Basketball 4. Ambition: Work Dona likes Richie Haven, skiing, and smoky rooms but dislikes late people. being tickled, and sarcasm. Activities: Majorettes 1, 2: Ski Team 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: Class Treas. 1: Drama Club 4: Orange Key 4, Carla likes skiing, boys, and people who laugh a lot but dislikes Physics. diets, and loudness, Activities: Track 1, 2: Field Hockey 2: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: Teacher 4 -lwlsh Nlr. Massey would assign Hot Rod magazine Instead of this. ..y l 1. l l l Howard Mena rd Jill Morrow Joanne Mullen Debra Newton Gayle Newton Susan Nordholm 'n-. - - - .,,L Priscilla Parker " 1. 1 gifs .rr vu.. 4 .,i rus 4: Orange Key 3: Yearbook Staff 43 Prize Speaking 3. Ambition: College Sue likes reading, yellow, and skiing but dis- likes self-righteous people, boredom, and fig newtons. Activities: J.V. Basketball 1: Band 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 1. 4: Pep-Band 3: Literary Magazine 35 Chorus 43 Yearbook Staff 43 News- paper 43 Senior Play 4. Ambition: To be with fruit Dick likes cars, Budweiser, and girls but dis- likes slow cars, warm beer, and oral reports. Activities: Baseball 1: Band 1, 2: Cross-Country 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To outsmart the cops Bob likes cars and girls but dislikes parties with cops. Activities: Football 1: Cross-Country 2: Ambition: To outsmart the cops Bruce likes girls, sports, and people in general but dislikes dishonesty. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Ski-Team 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2. 3, 4: French Club 1, 2: Musical 33 Senior Play 43 Boys State 3: Chorus 4. Ambition: College Priscilla likes travel and Texas but dislikes war. Activities: Student Librarian 13 Newspaper staff 23 Orange Key 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4. Ambition: VISTA Patrick Patten Mary Jane Perry I I . . M 5' 4- I .r ' ut late Michael Pillsbury Kathleen Pollari JJ. I r again last night? Pat likes Madaleen, money, and life but dis- likes greassers, pigs, and Claremont. Activi- ties: Football 1, 2: Ski-Team 2: Wrestling 3. Ambition: Do what I want to Irene likes horse back riding, some boy, and swimming but dislikes long hair on boys, stuck-up people, and oral reports. Ambition: Riding Instructor Ivy likes horses and dogs but dislikes boys with long hair. Ambition: To travel all over Mary Jane likes reading, climbing mountains, and swimming but dislikes people who argue, term papers, and sick jokes. Activities: French Club, 1, 2, 3: Science Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To live and be myself Monte likes parties, girls, and sports cars but dislikes E's. Activities: Class Pres. 1: Football 1: Chess Club 1, 2: Student Council 1: Newspa- per Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Musicals 1, 2: Drama Club 4: Senior Play 4: Poster Club 4. Ambition: Undecided James Pierce 1 , . Irene Pelletier . X lvy Pelletier Monte Perry Stephen Perry Elizabeth Phillips Steve likes cars, girls, and carpentry but dis- likes girls that bleach their hair and six cylin- der cars. Ambition: Carpenter Liz likes Arne, long walks and Fall but dislikes competitive people, insecurity and Sundays. Activities: FTA 1, 2: Cheerleading 1: Track 1: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: French Club 2, 3: Orange Key 3, 4. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I do Mike likes sports, lunch, and friends but dis- likes French. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society Ctreas.J 4: Boy's State 3. Ambi- tion: To be a civil engineer Kathy likes dancing, skiing, and music but dis- likes pink, recitals COpening Nighty, and snobs. Activities: French Club 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Newspaper 4: Chorus 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Glee Club 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 1, 4. Ambition: Teach dance Deborah Porter Sharon Rego Richard Roy Debbie likes reading, records, and helping people but dislikes stuck-up people and doing dishes. Ambition: Travel Connie likes people, Nixon, and boys with bobby socks but dislikes people who are not nice. Activities: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play 4: Basektball 1, 35 French Club 2, 3g Chorus 43 Newspaper 4 Loralee likes experiencing and traveling but dislikes authority, rumors, and people that lie. Activities: Cheerleader 13 Orange Key 35 Drama 'Qu-4' l Constance Poulios Mitchel Rollins rf' W ,M l l Loralee Rannisto Ernest Rowe i Tl -A.,-X J ge ,I f, 9 X ' ST ? 1' A f is Q I f , Ji ' , l A 1: 1 ff .J ' r 1 E. 3 l J ' , 51 i . 1. fi -' ig gi U -I L- 22 .555, Kim St. Cyr Harry Sanborn Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To live off the fat of the land Sharon likes fall, good friends, and painting but dislikes snobs, homework, and hypocrites. Activities: Orange Key 3: Drama Club 4: Senior Play 45 Yearbook Staff CAsst. Ed.j. Ambition: To be completely happy Mitch likes wine, women, songs but dislikes snobs, homework, and warm beer. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CCapt. 43: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 43 Student Council Pres. 4. Ambition: Devotion to make society a better place to live Duke likes motorcycles, guitars, and a lot of free living. Ambition: Motorcycle Racer Ernie likes Chevys, races, and Phoenix but dis- likes oral reports, cold weather, and coffee. Activities: Cross-Country Manager 1. Ambition: To see the world Dick likes cars. cycles and girls but dislikes front-end machines and hard teachers. Ambi- tion: Automotive Mechanic Kim likes listening to records, food, and Dylan but dislikes homework and working. Activities: Band 1, 2, Chorus 1, 23 Prize Speaking 3: Se- nior Play 4: Drama Club 4: Radio Announcer 3, 45 Science Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To succeed G' , .., ng! i .EFX we ga. L t, L.. ' a Betty Sichol Sharon Spooner Brenda Swasey Cv- -64' Leonard Silver Sally Steve ns Linda Syriac X e Tina Tarullo Betty likes snow, people, and Italian food but dislikes snakes, snobs, and asparagus. Activi- ties: Softball 1, 3: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 49 Drama Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: College and to travel Lenny likes grinders, Saabs and sports but dis- likes snobs, conceited people and fairies. Activ- ities: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Go to college Marleen likes food, life, and Teddy bears but dislikes a certain C.A. in Goshen, White Moun- tains and frogs. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Field Hockey 3: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To live a full, carefree life Paul likes Patryc, basketball and baseball but dislikes winter, conceited people and colds. Activities: Cross Country 4: Football 1: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: CCo-captain 45: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Marriage and to make a go of everything l attempt to do Sharon likes boys, summers, and stuffed ani- mals but dislikes housework, essays, and win- ter. Activities: Basketball 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Librarian 1, 2. Ambition: Marriage wr' if i. .ng i I I 'T Marleen Smith l l Y 41' 7 W .Y Paul Spanos r if David Taylor Sally likes Mike, hunting and complaining but dislikes liver and know-it-all people. Ambition: Peace Corps and make Mike happy Linda likes sewing, fast cars, and being mean but dislikes people who brag. Activities: Library Staff 3. Ambition: Nurse and good wife Tina likes food, football, and people who care but dislikes waiting, carrots, and conceit. Activ- ities: Student Council 2, 3 ftreas. 31, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: FTA 1, 2, 33 Girl's State 39 3: French Club 2, 33 Newspaper 45 Cheerlead- ing 1, 2, 35 Class Sec. 4, Yearbook 43 Senior Play 43 Orange Key 4, Practice teacher 35 Class Marshall 3. Ambition: To live a happy and fulfilling life VT ooooc .2 - -e::2:2' '-i W l wish I l were in Nevada driving 90 miles an hour 'a 4- snr 75 Paul Taylor Beverly Tellor Cynthia Theall M r' l an-J Richard Tompkins Linda Trenholm Ronnie Walker Deanie likes Rob, snow, and furry animals but dislikes liver, speeding, and spiders. Activities: Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4 Csoloist 2, head 413 French Club 2, 3, 4: FTA 3, 43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 43 St. Paul's 35 Math Club 2, 43 Practice teacher 3: Student Council Rep. 3. Ambition: Teacher Paul likes Cathy, Friday nights, and dancing but dislikes drinking and English. Ambition: Go to California Bev likes writing, St. Bernards, and foggy nights but dislikes pickled tripe, being shut up, and summers. Activities: Science Club 4: The- ater Associates 4: Musical 3, 4: Senior Play 4. Ambition: Write a book Cindy likes St. Paul's, photography and life but dislikes phony people, trigger-happy hunters, and coffee. Activities: Newspaper 1, 23 French Club 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 CSec. 3, Pres. 433 Jr. Library Trustee 2, 3, 45 Math Club 2, 3, 47 Yearbook Staff Ceditory 43 Science Club 4: American Legion Oratorical Contest 3: Model UN 3: St. PauI's 3. Ambi- tion: Zoologist or Ecologist Steve likes motorcycles, conversation, and money but dislikes conceited people, hard work, authority. Activities: Chess Club 1, 2: l "' J Aus 'iffy Nadine Taylor Steven Thibodeau Ja mes Walters . . f Qi. . 1 U n I O I n , S l l u Q C O I U Q ' T! . o olioovgt OIQIVQIW refute- . .nl Q19 Q H l 9 0 'mmf , ., ., 'Q-.'!' 1 'gif Q 6 . u u 4 o 9 - a Q o o 1 s a 0 1 I- 4-u-.,2, vis R ' -QV5. --1f"' .l- it Taking your frustrations out on the piano? l 15 Gold Team 2, 3: IVlath Club 4. Ambition: Col- le e Dik likes girls, organs, and skiing but dislikes bad transmissions, big shots, and boring days. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Library Trustee 3: Men's Glee Club 3: Drama Club 4. Linda likes competition, food, and slacks but dislikes Physics, losing, and homework. Activi- ties: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Track and Field 1, 3, 4, French Club 2, 33 FTA 3, 4: Orange Key 4: Yearbook Staff 43 Practice teacher 3: Senior Play 4. Am- bition: Major in Physical Education at E.S.S.C. Ronnie likes Triumphs, Corvette Stingray, and nudist colonies but dislikes 450 Hondas, Volks- wagons and midi and maxi skirts. Activities: Yearbook Staff CBus. Managerj 45 Jr. Prize- speaking 3. Ambition: Almost none at all Jim likes pizza, football, and parties but dis- likes conceited people, olives, and baseball. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track and Field 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Mason or Fish and Game I Did Confucius ever di Frank Wiggins Marsha Wiggins Dana Wilcox Sylvia likes swimming, dancing and a certain boy but dislikes conceitedness, war and trou- blemakers. Activities: Band 2. Ambition: Air Force Secretary Kathie likes Fred, babies and pizza but dislikes snow, French fries and English. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition: To be a good wife Martha likes pizza, French food and horses but dislikes snobs, math and liver. Activities: Or- ange Key 3: French Club 2, 3. Ambition: Nurs- mg Martha likes to have fun, eat, and snowmobil- ing but dislikes spiders, snobs, and history. Activities: Softball 1, French Club 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To earn money and travel Frank likes skiing, fast cars and Oldsmobiles but dislikes '64 Chevelles, short hair and Clare- mont. Activities: Baseball 1: Football 1. Ambi- tion: Work in forestry, travel Marsha likes pizza, old fashion and clothes but about reading and succeeding? Sylvia Waters inf" Martha Whipple Kathie Webster Martha White lf-+ "" Harriet Winter Charlene Wirta Lanea Witkus dislikes work, and Oldsmobiles. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3. Ambition: Return to Germany Dana likes cars, horses, and hunting but dis- likes work and school. Ambition: To get a good 'ob i-larriet likes Mike, parties, and skiing but dis- likes homework, asparagus, and old age. Ac- tivities: Field Hockey 13 Orange Key CPres.J 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4: National Honor Society 4. Ambition: X-Ray Technician Charlene likes Bruce, spaghetti, and St. Ber- nards but dislikes parties, dances, and chicken. Activities: Band 1, 2. Ambition: Nurse Lanea likes skiing, warm beaches, and anyone unashamed of themselves, but dislikes stump roots and peanut-crispie crunch bars. Activi- ties: French Club 2, 3, 43 National Honor So- ciety, 2, 3, 43 Newspaper 3, 4: Student Council Sec. 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Yearbook 4: Math Contests 2, 3, 4: Model U.N. 3: Senior Play 4. Newport's First National Merit Finalist. Ambition: To hurt others as little as possible Darian Young Darlene Young Darian likes girls, my vessel, and C.F., but dis- likes proud people, albino beans. Activities: Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Musical 2, 3: Library Trustee 3: Drama Club 4. Ambition: To be Darian Young Darlene likes food and good cooks but dislikes getting up in the morning. Activities: J.V. Cheer- leader 1: Varsity Cheerleader 23 Softball 2: Track 3, 4: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 CSec.Jg Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, Drama Club 4: Senior Play 4: Ju- nior Prize Speaking 3, Yearbook Staff 4: Jr. Library Trustee 33 F.T.A. 3, 4. Ambition: Teacher . A .4 ,Q Q an - ' I. I ann, I-ll 5 Y Orange and pink stripes with purple pan got to be ki ' . ff' r-"E '5 Bfzfuem r- H" X351 , 1, 1 , g A ,un-nag TCI...-1 IN THE SHEEP I ..x putting o l 'H- fl ..' another one of your I 4"Irr-:f,,- -.., ---. -, xx i f fl' 4 if ,ff I 'M , - . I Rf' The stupendous Senior Class Officers, hanging out in the local GARBAGE CANN, are Anita Bagley, Vice President, Tina Tarullo, Secretary, Joanne Nlullen, Treasurer, and Steve Edes, President, Defender of the Faith, King, etc., etc. While the foursome unselfishly guide the class of '71, our fearless adviser, Mr. Thurlow, is quietly reading a news- paper, thinking profound CPROFOUNDD thoughts. , Getting your energy for the big game?' CYNTHlA THEALL Outstanding New Hampshire Teenager In ceremonies conducted at the State House. Cindy was presented a trophy by Gover- nor Peterson and named the Outstanding New Hampshire Teenager for 1971. She will now enter national competition where one boy and one girl will be selected as National Outstanding Teenagers. Cindy has also been outstanding at Newport High School. While maintaining a high scholastic record, she has participated in ma ny activities and has won many awards. She attended St. Paul's School in the Advanced Studies Program last summer, major' ing in biology and becoming a ranking scholar. She was selected to be Newport's entrant in the DAR good citizenship contest and placed in the top 12 in the state. Cindy was re- cently named Betty Crocker Homemaker oi Tomorrow. Last year she participated in the Model United Nations Assembly program at Plymouth State College and placed first in the local American Legion Oratorical contest. Cindy has been a member of the National Honor Society since she became eligible in her sophomore year. As a junior she was secretary of the schools chapter and this year she serves as its president, She has received medals for being the outstanding student in the entire school in English, chemistry, and biology. Other subject area activities include competing on the school's math team for the past three years, working on the school newspaper staff until the end of her junior year and then becoming editor ol her senior yearbook. She has been nominated for an award by the American Yearbook Company for her outstanding work as editor of the Tiger. She belongs to the French Club and the Probe and Scalpel Society Cscience clubj, Last year she worked on the Junior Hoe-down Committee and this year she is assisting with the Senior Prom. She has been a Junior Library Trustee of Richards Free Library since the tenth grade. Outside ol school. Cindy has been associated with 4-H activities since 1966. She has served as secretary, president, and junior leader in clothing for the club to which she has been affiliated. Her hobbies include photography, collecting Qeverythingj, sewing, and reading I I r P ,is -F-1-'rv wif: Since the seventh grade, our class has been infiltrated by that intelligent, musical, corny-joke girl, Connie Lawthers and al- though her family moved to Wat- erloo, N.Y., she was very much a part of the class of '71. She was active in various clubs at New- port High and extremely inter- ested in singing and music, at- tending All-State and All-New England and cast as Kim Mac- Afee in Bye Bye Birdie. She parti- cipated in the 1970 St. PauI's summer session and plans to attend Goucher College in lVlary- land. Noted for her drawing abili- ty, creativity, allergies, and that Q x WZ'--r ,bv favorite saying "Whoopee pick- le", Connie will remain a friend of many and continue to amaze and inspire others. cw l X, reno i h- S140 . ' - 1 . 1- 4 A . Jr' '. 'V w" 1 '- ' . fl J I . s ' . Q4' ' S .1 .fl - 5 QI. LE N'-' mo O Al' s rf , r 'sig i g J V ? ' .- 'cr l if s 2 QY' P M04 9 1 N 4C 09 5 D '-' z s ia. Q s ui v V41 ,, 0 'O I Through the efforts of the 1969-70 Student Council, the International Fellowship Organization, and the Roland Taylor family, Jorge Vincent Fa- jardo traveled from Ecuador to Newport on Febru- ary 14, 1970. Called by the second name in his own country, Vincent soon acquired the nickname Vince and an extra 20 pounds from the food, his favorites being hamburgers and M8tM's. Vince liked sports, experiencing snow and ice-skating for the first time. He also enjoyed fooling around, modern rock music, grocery shopping, ironing his own clothes and cooking pancakes. Deanie Taylor describes him as "lazy when it came to work" but he had a great sense of humor in getting out of work and in outwitting members of the Taylor family. While in the U,S., Vince saw the Ice Follies and later claimed to be Peggy FIemming's brother when he returned home! He entertained friends with his Latin American style on the drums, piano, organ, and guitar. Wnce wants to return to live in the United States after graduation and become an airplane pilot - however, he has to take pills be- fore a flight for airsickness! Vince became a great part of the class of '71, even though he was here for a short 3 months, and we wish him the best of America in his future. Teaching in Newport is a fascinating experience . . . The school is small enough so that personal relationships may be established and yet it is large enough so that one can meet stu- dents from a huge range of intellectual, social, and economic backgrounds . . . The six years that I have been here have been the most meaningful, rewarding years of my life and I would not want to be anywhere else . . . I have found seniors to be a most interesting and challeng- ing group of people QWTJ . . . learning is experience . . . at best we can help the student to learn how to learn . . . an important element of education is exposure . . . introduce ideas, philosophies, trends in culture, and forms of expression to the individual student QCMJ . . . Ce n'est pas assez d'avoir l'esprit bon, mais le principal est de l'appIiquer bien 1DesCartesJ QMWT . . . Teaching is a people orientated profession CCTJ . . . A school's attitude toward its responsibilities to its young people can follow two paths: C11 one of rigid tradition - molding its young people to fit traditional curricula patterns or C25 one of flexible innovation which seeks out varied curricula patterns to benefit its young people as persons . . . it is because I believe that Newport High School is presently alert to more flexibility that I find teaching here exciting, challenging, and rewarding . . . challenging . . . exciting . . . young people are the greatest . . . frustrating flack of time and spacej . . . student oriented . . . flexible . . . aware QANONJ . . . walking through the halls in Newport High School is not unlike trying to drive into Boston during rush hour . . . Teaching: so much, by so many, for so few QRBGJ . . . Teaching is an experience which boggles the mind . . . any teacher who attempts to do his job thoroughly will find himself faced with six hours of paperwork per day added to his six classroom hours . . . It certainly is no place for the perfectionist . . . Newport teachers carry the average class and duty assignment, meaning that they are totally unable to cope intelligently with the situation QPSJ . . . teaching is rewarding, discouraging, challenging, drudgery . . . where the action is . . . a waste of time . . . enjoyable . . . a real hassle CJBQ . . . BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE You have been teacher, counselor, and friend to us Your services have so much helped the Newport High School students Newport High School will always mean more to us for your having been identified with it of these and many other qualities, we, the class of 1971, dedicate our yearbook to you, Mr. James Ball 49 "h.-- , . A, 'nf lv Mr Walluams Guidance Dlrector 33' and Guidance 'L' NNN "TD Mr. Buinicky - Principal Mrs. Lewko - Secretary 'fjim Mr Sokul Assistant Superintendent Mr. Ball - Guidance Counselor p .., . - 1'.' -,':,l,,f,v',. f 1 '-1 7. -,. .j- ,, .' f ,,,, -,. -, ., ni Arm,-1. .Il I ,' g.,-,',q,p , , 3 g,f.'4'5fi31'f .- fr , - - 1,- ,',rlA,. . . ., ,I . , K N I ., lfj,'ffx'f""" ' ', 'f",.'4,",f,. , . 4, 'I Q 8 -l-.TR 61 ' ff' 2-'xg 1 ..,5:- .1112 .1-C, I ,171-.,f., .I i a. ,V I. -- w ,. '., ,,f,'.'. f . ,'.,'ff,'.'1. , , ,I . A ,,. '-,Qi ,Q,'-f+gggj',1j,g,. ., , W v i ' . - ' , , A 'W ,'1"- f '.'f,T7f, '. L, ,.., V ,.,. Hof A ,,.,,, ,. 1 ,. X, ,f ' .j,. , , ff. , .-', N,j.,. U' J 'ff H' , f,: lv , ' ,ff , 2 ,f,,,.,-, ,X 4 ,nw .' ,',-Q. A, di , 1 ,. ,g,,1f f , ,L I Rf XI 'I Q Ui' 1.1 1 .M ,V Mm fx , . ' 4 2 1 s ' 3,.,4TA:Q.,x ,1i. I", if-rw , gn.-1. .- 'Y Mrs. Young - Reading, A.V. N 1 Mrs. Spanos - English -V Mr. Zemianek - English Mr. W. Massey - Engllsh, Latln o. 1-- Parlez-vous Latin? va Mr. Couture - French Mrs. Walker - French --N23 X H Wx , "' f ,,4qQQE 'f9Q5,lfQ' 5 'iN,'xKV 3 :fi ' V '-, A 'S 'Q ' "T A g A,,, J' Q... " '31- '3f:2 Eff 'x Mr. Kelly - Work Study -1-1 he L 4. '-nr, r -I A . 5 . 4 r 5e,. . QQ .. , T, 'Wil 1',E'. ln ' 'n X- . J '., -.',-X. ' , lima Am few' f S J.:-.1 -- : 'v. 3,55-,.A. AQ wp fd I, :Inav F X J x' Iwi? 'x '. , 4 . v n H N A ? ' :W 2: S' V -:iq-Q E -4,2 ig., r-3, - ,-'gi' Q - xi - . f v 4 .Z Mr. Berthiaume - Science Mr. Kuczewski - Biology 09-0 7:'X"l'l ,gn-N50-.-PH20 R Ml E:co1-dey Ewfc' 'q:. -, 1: T A Mr. Koehler - Math i w.. - ri 5 x in A H535 im 1 Q ,q 4 ,...'., S.. Mr. 3.31 , .14 s Q fa! 575 Q' - A I yv Pfenning - Math Miss Bodge - Math X Mr. Niboli - Earth Science Mrs. Aldrich - Math Mr. Turpelnen History of Clvlhzatlon Mr. P. Smith - U.S. History Mr. F. Smith - History, Driver Mr. Thurlow - Contemporary Problems, Psychology Rx. X Mr. Hurley - Anthropology Miss Teague - American Studies xXx K 4 I 'x N4 Mrs. Grenier li Mr. Hoyt 'fi' 4 Mrs. Heath Z .H1 7' Y ri n . 1. I . - 'H "' i if-H Mrs. Avery -e xv . 83523. XFW Uh Q." N ir X es. Mr. Newton I . V' A A " A -. . I- A' - ' ' 'w - , Z 1- .D V f X EQ ,W 1 u 5 . -,J ' ,: mzfffg- ' 1 Eng 558: 'V " 'le 4 w , , kr W .'."' ' l. - ' ,rx -. ' M .2 .."i., busy, . 'J' ' ' . zz.. ' N ,...- el. I " . ,.f: ' ' - 1' 1 As '1i7'TSv"f ' Af' , U V, , g 4,-Am li - A G' A :fi Vx . W rv ,- -, 5 N1 .- ' WA -na 4 - rv .. , "-.n ff, Sartwell Mrs. Rollins 'U ..- .1 Mrs. Rzucidlo 15 5:53- , .Y . f'Q , , 4 1 . 1 , ,Qf:,."1f- " K P Mrs. LaCroix , A V NWQ32x'ff AA f-11 -t a If f ,I 'ff A , mv' 4-L X, is f'g:53'f . 4 ,C ga? I a 'H I .K P R I 1'-Av N :J 5: , af' f a 1 ' ,, kiwi!! A Xu. "., 11.-Kg-5 "f'.'i'? .Q. Q- J.. ' 'L' . VRF, flqtn -T' ' '-'- . ' v .r 'V w 1, f. if Q37 ! I. IQULIUUQ . p 1 . . . W . , ' A ,V . , 'I , , fl I ,a ' 5 ,fu H --aa..-...i--.,.. I fm - ..--Vx I I 7' 4, NWN' 'iii-f"r i vw. I 4 ' .41 V f ,M V, W, I f 1 . J 3 JY, of ' 9 W J gig' , T -1 '52 H V ' 'P . 'INV Effcf J s iw hr- 'li of ' , 'if N f Q1 41 ,Y fi-if lx 1" ui.. I . J 1 ' xii? rw-, ' X I., xv if w IE, hx fm i..-A " nl.. "' . V V ir --4-S W 7 ms wb X -4 "'i --- 1- ...L 5 fi 1 3 'TI 2 I ai,- 3444 1 1' .x 1' -Nz", -X Q 1 JN' T' A llfllll lplygllnn Qlyllllnul Anauuulu xlflll zu1A flu Ullrllwpwl VIIIIDIFIIII lllllmuu 1 flllllulu IIIINI In In Ill ' I 'sl lin HP" 45'-5' ,WE , Erik 1, , ,pf ff xxx 'fy XX d Fin. . X x EN 1 NN H1 ' x 'u ,ff-f' 33",-" 2 1ux'.X :f 1531? E, a moment together a gift frorrf the pa st 954 -su is-'Fil 1 fm' Es' "' vs QF 1 'J ii 1 X wr' J v HM, ,pn "r .1 I '5' Y I H! g 4 ,Hg H S if f U Q V5 CRM I. . X We , . ..,. ,Ml , V-1 W , ,JZ u- lv v,,..' 5 QE? ' gy rv f ,A 5.9-2 .. ,M 'J SG"'7:!E-I2 f 1' 1 1- If r ff, 1 !fES421vv . 1. .-- - -E ' '-'Sill lf' ,5,3,v,, . 1... Y ia as -6 ,,1. E - ' 'fury , '11 'J 1?- . 'lk . I fn .,, 4 , . 1' jr ff If f lf x 5. .- B' r , . 1?Q,b9e0'KH.. A N' 1' ' IAIILQA' B Ye? ,342- -41 I-ag ' ,Q BE .X 3 x W J Q ., 5 A... . P ' ., M 'q"' 3 ' ev I ' S115 . Q . 'Q ,, M1 N 4 f ' x ' h 5-N U' ' Y 4, ,Q 4. A X 'N": 1 . 3 ,F ' i I I: I" I, 1, -If-ifl: ' x',X If . 4 ka 5 QV I ,H W 0 ,av 41 ,J .' ,sf A 1 A ' in WE ms 1 l 2 h ' I 3 I gin. ' ' Q, 1 6 . '-'L' an 45 VE N' u If: Ip EEZ fa A s iq" eff if ,J 1 v H rf. aim LJ1 P V' 'U ,qu 1-' ,Id- rf' 'L A 1?f?1..!llH A -5.7. A H. I ,- t. .. -, 1s..,' ?, S wzgg wif S... -3 i, Sh -i S x.. X- Q' X"'x Q-,ESX E5 is ff' g S s S S ,QW . Q, K.. xi fix Z f Sf N 2 '37 'IE' vm nf' 5. JU WE... "WNY 4 4 ,, . . Lag - I I Y K, -1 'f-1'5.!h If ,Q-1 Q 4 1 W ig ig? it 9 i x gs 22 ,- -.Q-PV A -, 'R a HE 9 Xin .l , 1 ,, a Q.. A-1 'P' 1' N' lrli in HQ I 91? U. "Q, .'r-: , 'H wha VALV vi ,, 'a . 1 'QF gg ,1 I .. - 4 it ,715-1 " .2 ,W 2 F I . .fi xi . f P . -L., in ' 1.1 . V ,g 'S-QE., - .nn li 'E-.-5 1.1 Q, ,Q-sr , , M, w:.ys': .-v, -1 ml, . A J'- ,..i f , A17 4' . 21 - V M xLLW,AL 43--A.. ,ff-5. , . f g.,,,wa 'xg x Ii' 4 -5.5- -A, JF" 4 .-w Sz 45-Las! s.-.r - 44 4 ,u 51' 71 ..'...- ,.l.. we 54953 QP-- HEL ?ifTuT1'ii? 'E lmuun L l 'W' 'li '5 Q! P' M h gl! ' w-7 , . F w , J Y H ,, .,,+ if .Up 11 .j .URM 4 , I V T -.,.,' ,L .1 . -,J -J V -at qui, X I I. ,... .a I .r V, . '.,,, . -In , . f v + ,, g - A +I. f V L' XJ --- Mm 4 iffy ,ek X, .Zim Lb-V1 Pix 4 I Md . Y 11 4. . 14 Qin M !-- 41... v ' iii. fgnlu-N E lg r XQNS 0 ,,..--T L! M. Smith, K. St. Cyr, D. Newton, J. Mullen, T. Tarullo, J. Morrow, D. Martin, L. Trenholm, C. McKenney, E. Phillips, A. Leone. QB N G. Newton, D. Young, S. Nordholm, B. Sichol, J. King. , 5 l 545 The officers are S. Rego, Assistant Editor, C. Theall, Editor: J. Ducharme Photo. Editor, Also, R. Walker, Business Manager. 80 I l R 595 A 016W .f --.411 -,, mal, 'Tl Typists include C. Freeman, P. Berquist, D. Clement, S. Spooner, R. Alto, K. Webster This year's staff has broken from traditional yearbook design and has introduced many origi- nal ideas in layout and photography. The mem- bers extend their thanks to Nlrs. Heath, lVlr. Houle, Nlr. Flanagan of the American Yearbook Company, the many photographers and techni- cal people at Stevens Studio who aided in creat- ing this book of memories for the year of years - 1971! STAFF Flewelling, H. Winter, K. Pollari, M. Perry, M. Anastos, L. Witkus, L. Rannisto, Bagley. 81 n . DECEMBER 20 1969 4' 0911 A Bervmhrr Ni t.. Newport High School Cafetorium 8 P M 12 P M S3 O0 PER COUPLE FEATURING THE FOX CHASE 'I vi W V ' A , -. . - , -, ur, - .w E A E . A. 1, ,f ., V. H-2 W 1 ' V-'uf E' - 1- . ,f-. v ..,, - -Lg s:-1 V 1.1, 1,-. 17 V - L, -. 'V L -A Wt- 'JM -V M ! - 7' :U M ,ff7: A 'li iz MA ZUOASFS i Q6 Q53 Q wif' XXV! 0600 fi gfcpf' 1,0 z. 1" We've been busy during the last twelve years and it looks like the budding Seniors had a head start even at second grade Grade Glimpses! Some of us traveled to the Museum of Science in Boston in the eighth grade and, yes, that is Monte with the Coke bottle. Miss Oliver and Mr. Anderson's stage talent brought out the hams in the play "Why Teachers Go Nuts" and with that cast of thousands Qactually fifteenj it's no won- der the teachers go nuts! Running through dances here and there, the eighth grade "Snoopy Dance" and var- ious other successes and failures throughout junior high and high school, our turn appeared to put on the Junior Christmas Dance. After the general hoopla of disorganization, the class of '71 finally unveiled "On a December Night . . ." Amid the spring thaw and doubtful minds, the class once again dug themselves out of the snow and created the Junior Bizarre, complete with that controversial piano smash. And we have Mr. R. Barry Genzlinger to thank for his mind stirring. Now we are Seniors! vjfik i,ff':r'- , la to L V ls a o 4 71 0 C' ii H U ,- i 0 o .D r, J r li' i l Y--if ME f X x X x iii ,E gi f X' Q'- ll tl ox. QQNE M9 SUR A5126 X i K, 4 'fl ,tix ii 'l ll ll ll The senior class of 1970 produced the play STRANGE BEDFELLOWS on two successive evenings, November 20 and 21. Although it is set in the 189O's, its theme of women's rights is relevant today. Ex-Senator, William Cromwell lives happily in his Nob Hill mansion with his wife Julia, daughter Addie, and her husband Gifford and their children Lillian and Nicky. l l l l l NJ CIBEDPELE IDS The peace is broken when young Senator Mat Crom- well comes home for reelection with Clarissa Blynn - a suffragette leader - as his WIFE! Everyone in the house is against change in women's status - even Ling, the cook. The Senator bellows more than usual. Lillian's boy- friend, Vince, is Uunalterably opposed." Addie is glad to be dominated by Gifford. Julia is patient. Then the personage of Tillie Sparker, straight from the Barbary Coast informs Addie where much of the money for her anti-suffrage group comes from and war is de- clared. lt is every woman from Julia to Beulah, the maid, against the men. As the last scene closes, it appears the weaker sex has won. Tillie and friends give Clarissa the proof she needed - a list of who really owned the red light district! The yellow ribbons have tied the Senator up and he is now rather humble. "Walnuts?" The entire cast extends their gratitude to Lanea Wit- kus, assistant director, the crew that worked behind the scenes, and especially to "The Strangest Bedfellow," Charles H. Massey, director and designer, for making the play a huge success. -..y . l i THE CAST: Mrs. Worley - Nadine Taylor: Mayor Tibbets - Gary Bagleyf Addie Cromwell Hampton - Ann Leone, Mrs. Tillie Sparker Connie Mrs. Gimble - Joanne Mullen, Vincent Pemberton Ill - Bruce Pariseau: Pouliosg Nicky Hampton - Roger Edezfiuby - Beverly Tellor Birdie Lillian Hampton - Susan Nordholmc Sen- William cl'0mWell - MOFHG Harriet Winter, Opal - Tina Tarullo, Zita - Liz Phillips Ling Robert Perry: Julia Cromwell - Ethel Krauss: Matthew Cromwell - Steve Edes, Guimondg Beulah .- qfndy Freeman Clarissa Blynn Cromwell - Sharon Rego, Gifford Hampton - Kim StCyr2 Medical Research students include E. Koski, D. Demetrakopoulos, B. Duncan, C. Hemingway, K. Eggert, J. Martin, J. Kosotsky, J. Patterson, C. Edes, M. Vaine, L. LaValley, D. Patten, J. Rissala, D. MacWilliams, M. Bridgeo, V. Thayer, R. Tellor, T. Shank, Mr. Kuczewski, adviser. Astronomy students are Mr. Stetson, adviser: S. Nordholm, G. Williamson, N. Jarvis, D. Lader, W. Boyle, T. Annala, D. O'Clair, R. Taylor, A. Orcutt, P. Pockett, D. Young, C. Chamberlain, D. Wilcox. Ecological Research students are G. Bagley, B. Tellor, K. St. Cyr, C. Fortune, C. Theall, Mr. Niboli, adviser. Also, M. J. Perry. MA 5lZi iilim For the past four years, Newport math students have traveled to various schools throughout the area to compete with eleven other teams in the regional mathematics contests. This year, Newport hosted its first math contest on December 16. Other contests were hosted by Mascoma Valley Regional High School, Kearsarge Re- gional High School and Hartford Regional High School. The Junior Math Team participants Caboveb are T. Theall, S. Gouin, D. Thompson, G. Rule, M. Peabody, J. Terhune, M. Dawes, M. Pinard, R. Collins, Mrs. Aldrich, adviser. The Senior Math Team fleftj includes Mr. Genzlinger, adviser, R. Pockett, J. Eldredge, R. Underhill, R. Truell, J. Lucas, S. Thibodeau, J. Rissala, R. Taylor, C. Whitin , N. Taylor, L. Witkus. C. Drown, K. Pollari, B. Corliss, J. Martin, Fortune, C. Theall, J. Mullen. MJ G . ,, 1 f,--f 5 ' . 'is i f- -1. ,,-.'.. ,xl ,H '- This year the very loose Drama Club became the Theatre Associates, complete with specific rules and a point system. Emphasis is put on all phases of theatre work, and it is recognized that the backstage is as important as onstage. This year the Theatre Associates produced the Christmas assembly and a series of three one-act plays - student directed. Members include Mr. Massey fAdviserJ, S. Edes, L. Flewelling CV. Pres.J, E. Krauss, L. Rannisto, L. Witkus fPres.J, B. Pariseau, T. Shank, K. Pollari, M. Whipple, H. Nordholm, R. Dupont, B. DuPont, J. Ducharme, A, Leone, B. Sichol, S. Nordholm, J. Martin, S. Holland, P. Johnson, B. Tellor, D. Young, D. Young, C. Chamberlain, D. Wilcox, S. Rego, K. St. Cyr, G. Newton, J. Jennison, R. Tompkins, D. Mclntosh, M. Perry, C. Poulios. The Student Council had its work cut out, having been left with no constitution or workable format. This year found the new administration exceptionally receptive to student ideas and projects, and council spon- sored events went over well. Officers this year are J. Eldredge, V. Pres., S. Holland, Treas.g Mr. Walker, Adviser, L. Witkus, Sec., M. Rollins, President. ll J Girls' Athletic Club members include Mrs. Aldrich CAdviserJ L. Alto, D. Baker, S. Bidoli, M. Ross, M Gonyea,Z. Ambargas, M. Conwell, N. Mullen, C. Welch, K, Dorr, L. Leavitt, B. Clement, S. Burrell, J. Pariseau, R. Connor, A. Delaney, J. Gobin, M. Osgood, C. Gagne, U. Fowler CTreas.j, J. Violette, D. Morrow, N. Hastings, M. Saggiotes, D. Bougas, J. Dawes, K. Gagne, P. Heague, S. Linton, A. Zullo, A. St. Martin. D. Sandborn, S. Henault. 1 QJJL Members of the Orange Key are T. Tarullo, C Whiting, D. Alto, J. King, R. Alto, K. Hebert, C Freeman, D. Newton, L. Phillips QV. Presj, J Jennison, P. Wiggins, G. Geno, A. Maxfield, D Mclntosh, L. Trenholm, H. Winter, CPresidentJ Also P. Parker. KEY Members of the Pep Club are M. Perry, D. Mclntosh, N. Taylor, J. Mullen, D. Martin, B. Pariseau, T. Tarullo, L. Flewelling, M. Anastos, K. Richardson, C. Hemingway, S. Davis, H. Winter, S. Edes, R. Guimond, M. Rollins, A. Bates, K. Fortune, N. LaValley, K. Ronan, Mr. Richardson, Adviser. L... LQ?" -ig .-.NM ' ..... . " Q5-1' f -5 n R, Q ,, . ., , I, ,A 1 ' ' ' 'e...' - , .. -- L QP K lg ,Q ' v ' 1 4' . ? K ' f -P 1 ag ' i 5' ff , Q 'W U X .Ply in , SF . ,X - 1 -1. , -', I. A A 1 . 1 Q Q4 L sw fx ,. P A ,wb AY Q' -.W Q., :Hs 5 f '41 , 1 X , lg . N 'R . ffl I' 'sk I wht, !f" ' A , ' V H Q Q: .1 , ,k ' ,Q . ' -'g,g2f',f'g" V-5--zi.,:g ---Q--e:.15Rx.g-F-fgw, , ' .,j,1, .Af-1,1 H., rf 'I ' . rug s Y Q . QW' , - I L 1 , EK v 1 .A ,V , ' , ' 4 1 V' af , , ' 'v 5 . -45 1 5 , H 5 A -.- PN J I ' "H N, V lx. v -- --uw. J 1 ' 'Q '-A A, .. , L5 f".'T! ilk ! 'J' 3-' q,. . .:, IPS' T559 ,. R, natj 1 I If ' ' ' Ri r IF ET. . ' w,., 1 OV 'VG' Cross Country team members are L. Farrar, J. Brown, J. Eldredge, D. Davis, H. Sanborn, D. O'Connor, D. Waterman, R. Waterman, T. Teague, R. Pockett, P. Spanos, R. Carrick, P. Pockett, Coach Zemianek. K TH WEB ,.. .,. .1 - -I.. x .,."-. h wx. . "4 " R A X- ff' Y 1-. P5 51 .Y ,CS . f , , 591 572: u Zlx 1 . "'--J if ' Qtr x 3 Q :oft yr" -I- l at C-dgfn ,tg in L. Ax , :J ix! AT Ags-E So. . 1.4! A .llxt .iam f ..XXf!mje- .Y Ili J il, If fi ,J 2 5 lButtonxs, Abainnexits, bumper stickers and the spinit ofjlthe Tiger fans boasted the slogan "N umKber1!" fromwthe middle ofgthe grid season totipttjiedastl tense Lhdomgms.,fjfl7he Tiger stars ,openedpi their !SfU'f1l'1Il'lg.-"?GQS'O'!'l at Monadnock, ,winning thattgame ancI'ithewr'?xt 3 games.,Ihef- Plymouthl lBobcatsQ crtssliied ewport's.f-chances ofwan fqpfdefeatedfgsieauson but leftffans talking for weeks about tlsiiejfcontroversiral game. Little- ton topped the 'Tigers in a Q44 game that left Tiger stars and fafns undqtmted in spirit when opponents lost to othepfteams. Homecoming weekend featured the game of the season, the Fall Mt. Wildcats against the Newport Tigers in a battle that determined Newport's champion- ship. Amid thgcheers, the bonfire, and the lonely bull, the Newport Gridsters topped Fall Mt. 18-8 and went on to share the State Cham- pionship with Bishop Brady. The entire season was "Better than Best!" 6 4,5 4? if Y ' 3. 4? ,QLI -45' 1 5,4- 951 fr it .H +511 1 if Adnan- N' 1 I A .5 , ,, ,. P, ' -rw '-'.' H z 22' :?i."iA1ff:J 'T .od NKMZJE , 'arm ,fi HW' Q 'Fr X' M U1 35.5. lm!l? fl? .-ag E5 M, Ar '92, F. '.1 i .QW DP' l ffnm my A U ' mm . 1 :wwf T ww-.ff : , ww mm ,msgzny YU. AIX " ., 'K .3 5 - 1 f ,NU 1 1 1 ' W I .,.V,qf.':. bg 'I -uf.-' . J- Ar, r 'aww-:'g", I , . u "L E !""Q"f v., F Q Q , 5- , N ' "I : l Q. Hx L J V l , , ,fs 1 Bl ntk 4 gf 'A l gf - ,,, ,QQLQKT A , we gy THE MUSIC T'T?T ' W gr 'gf 517 Chorus members are: B. Lamery, T. Jurson, S. Clarke, B. Williams, Rowe, T. Annala, E. Kosotsky, A. Lamery, K. Corliss, S. Whitemaoe Rule, R. Tremblay, M. Dutireuil, B. Swasey, D. Henault, G. Nlclntosh Rzucidlo, A. Orcutt, R. Barrett, V. Thayer, K. Eggert, S. Bailey Patterson, G. Newton, D. Young, K. McGrey, P. Perry, R. Wood, me x', 0 x 1 0 L .N I W ' G , 5 1 AJ- ' ' ' x QR' ' I ll , pf "ff 4 f 5 X I fi Ex X? J 1 A 'i' 23 R 4 A f T If - f Q5 1 11 1 Q x ' If A j '05 'iq , ,.h--- 'I I N 1 s A ,, ' I X ' J 1 W I 4 K 4 x .- 1 ..l 5 ' 31 ' i' K .-H 4-L Y fl 5 Q' V - ,aj I ,NEG fs E ' YF 5. P -V M xl, rvf- Lrwa Vgilgf,-L I ' N .Q ' iw +, if 'J . ' A-lx .. . - u- . N x If 4 F . U- .- la. X' J' X sv' A ?'9 17' I 9 f 1 P A.. ZW --f Q5 A 1 Q. -FR N ,, T ,Q E -ff as Tu NIH, I Lx+ 3' :iii 0,7 5 T, If ,. ,A ,s 'Z Qi!! xf9 , , -mf v , 'L 'T - . if , M ' 'Q if: -1 ' 1 Q, 4 V Vg! . 4 -1 ' 'Q I5 ii' I. " ' 4A 5? n J ' H Y, Y W., , -'. . 1 I 9 , 1 fa? Ai? - as f g ,WWA 3 r r- xA, 'lf ll ' ' QUJII .'-' 1' ,..I, fv- ' ' 5 'YEEXQEQ , 2' W , ' ' ' f-1' bid -. Q '- 1 '-.'3--.'-E-.. f '0 - ' 1nql - -u1.,1,1 'L-'J' 7? :ffl haf! '4 .3 er' F it x l Chosen for All-New England Band are Ellen Rule and Penny Mable. D , X -X .g , , 3 V-sg.. rl YI e. up - 1 -Ii' Viiav A - I 1 5' N ,kph J FTA Members include A. Kulesza, CTreas.Jg S. Holland, CSec.J, N. LaValley, K. Lyman, J. Martin, B. Duncan, C. Drown, D. Martin, J. Mullen, L. Tren- CV.P.Jg L. Flewelleing, CPres.Jg Mrs. Walker, CAdviserJg K. Rissala, R. Dupont. holm, N. Taylor. Also, the outnumbered J. Gosselin. Not pictured: D. Dow, K. Ronan, J. Newell, B. Hooper, J. Jennison, DQ Young, T. Shank, B. Pills- C. Frye, L. LaVaIIey, E. Rule, S. Saggiotes, R. Wood. The year's plans in- bury, B. Coburn, D. Maiola, D. Young, P. Trembly, K. Fortune, P. Johnson, clude tutoring, visiting local teacher colleges, and practice teaching. f' ei ,fees L fl A will wil KE, . -3 . ig su.. .f 1, I-rr-55551141 JN Q af vmigii Hai "' F, . 1970 Practice Teachers were Tina Tarullo with Mrs. Swain, Nadine Taylor with Mrs. Maynard, Joanne Mullen with Mrs. Willey, Debora Martin with Mrs. Mclntosh, Linda Flewelling with Mrs. Wright, and Linda Trenholm with Mrs. Bickford. For the past thirteen summers, outstanding students throughout the state have been selected to partici- in the St. Paul's Advanced Studies Program, a intensive study of English and a major field of In 1970, four Newport girls attended the pro- Connie Lawthers who studied Western Intellectual , Lanea Witkus, also majoring in WI History, Na- aylor studying German, and Cindy Theall who in Biology, attaining the highest achievement one of two ranking scholars in the subject. YA-134, . .it at Ill f'P,2?Bl, 1 'F if school. Members of the National Honor Society are J. Lucus, D. Young CSec.D, B. Corliss, E. Rule, C. Theall CPres.D, R. Wood, M. Pills- bury CTreas.7, L. Huot. J. Mullen. N. Taylor, L. Witkus, K. Pollari, R. Truell 1V.P.J, H. Winter, D. Mar- Hn, T. Tarullo, Mr, Turpeinen Cadviserj. Also, C. Kanakis. The Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, the charac teristic landmark of the ,MQJAJ 'jf Fw f, .31 ii g ll ,lf YL: if iW,fZlffl I . ' w n lj ggi! fy! Pl? l M VJ lifwjq X flldwf wi ,l if " l 1, Gagne, G. Nlclntosh, G. Morrow, J. Eldredge Doxter, T. Teague, B. White, S. Edes, C. Stillson, Lyman, G. Blodgett, T. Nlaxfield, R. Guimont Coach Niboli Cwho, like the Swiss, "gained his si perior knowledge and strength by eating yogurt!"J n c Members of the Boys' Ski Team are N. Catsum, E , E ' l The team participated in meets with New Londo Sunapee, Kingswood, lnterlakes, Tilton, Concor Stevens, winning four out of the seven meets. jumping contest with Sunapee was also by the Newport team and the Tiger Jean placed fourth out of eight in the regional meet on the 19th and 20th of February. T- .. .,-. 4 J t ' X, ! 1 L , 1 1 I l I J 1 5 i QA, qs -rib?" ' My J. I . it ffssfzg,Qft5 The Girls' Ski Team includes D. Alto, A. Bates, D. Colby, J. Bartlett, K. Lyman, S. Whit- ney, D. Weed, S. Whittimore. HI, it eff H A 4-S A A I f 1 J 'Hi 255 H iimw 5 Lb fp-1,2 bk. -Q 6 ,Q r I, Y 4.1555 'Q FFQQJJ Q W 4 live! Bbw? 3 1970 71 Boys Varsity Basketball Opponent Score CNewport flrstj Littleton New London Woodsvllle X Monadnock St Ma ry Hanover fffffr",! FMIMK Kea rsarge Lebanon Con Val xx! 47 84 68 73 54 80 63 73 61 57 61 62 52 74 78 76 37 85 41 74 4X X L 51 84 48 112 ,,. If if l f'N ' f . 1 . 53- 78 1 ,Z Plymouth 69:61 37- 77 11 , . 57- 55 X K ' I 1 . . 57- 70 1 I 5 K ' - , 1 4 1 v JL 1 X lx X - ll l l l N 1 The Boys' Varsity Basketball Team in- cludes J. Catsum, T. Hebert, M. Ross, L. j Silver, M. Pillsbury, Coach Houle, R. Underhill, R. Truell, P. Spanos Qcapt.J, J. Walters, K. McAllister, C. Saggiotes. XGER 143 K ER 228 I0 ' W '4 If" 'fy 4 . . ,EM Hi, . ,f p 'i . ..1..,-4. 1 , ,T K L L , , : mfm' E6 i V1 ,I ,xl 4 -V it - Z L .Ei " OPPONENT Lebanon Mascoma Hanover Hartford Kea rsarge Fall Mt. Faculty 1' f w v x 1 K Ji? .. f ,f Members of the 1970 Golf Team include L. Bell, S. Thibodeau, D. Aiken, B. Corliss, J. Lucas, M. Pillsbury, C. Saggiotes. The team played against Peterboro, Springfield CVt.D, Hopkinton, Bellows Falls CVt.J, Hanover, and Stevens, winning 3 of the 10 matches. Jay Lucas won the 1970 Gauthier and Woodard trophy for Newport's Outstanding Golfer. Sc f X. fm... .s,B..-Half.. Tit"z2flTiH . . . ga" 5- -.V ,g. M, 'Y .. 'g-, ,,,.., 3 yi ri , ', - U., it -l 'T Ljg-Ywltizlzs I 25,1 K a Pb. 1...-I My hwsv,-4 I X 7-vi. ',JfJ- . . ,., ., . U ,' xi . ,,,,A.,, , N I' One more of +hese Cdngoonded +l1in39--- -I Y., 1 Granite Girls' State and Profile Boys' State participants traveled to, worked together with other students from throughout the state in a respectively, New England College in Henniker and the University of mock legislature. Delegates were A. Hebert, T. Tarullo, S. Edes, J. New Hampshire in Durham for a week this past summer. The delegates Mullen, B. Pariseau, E. Kostosky, M. Pillsbury. 7,5 .mv ill' Q I hh. C7 CW Under the direction of Nlr. Kelly. the Work Study Program has materialized this year and has provided school-time education with part time work for approximately 25 individuals. Students include D. Williams, S. Fisher, M, Smith. S. Waters. D. Clement, G. Bartlett, S. Currier, F. Ash, H. Huff, D. Taylor, R. Clough, A. Lamery, D. Clough. Others include L. Dubreuil, P. Glidden, R. Grenier. L. Howard, R. Hunevun, D. Magoon, D. Porter, K. Rowe, R. Roy, M. Bidoli, C. Bridgeo, F. DeCelle, B. Delorier, L. Syriac, R. Welch, W. Willis. Places of business include the Town Office, Sunapee State Park, the schools and various gasoline stations and factories throughout the area. 'f-fs ,4 -3 Mrs. Young's Audio Visual equipment boys include R. Barret, A. Orcutt, Mrs. Young, R. Tellor R. Clogston, D. Lader. Also, W. Boyle, L. Farrar. Student Librarians include P. Cutter, M. Saggiotes, D. Bougas Leavitt, P. Heague, N. Mullen, M. Waterman, K. Gagne, L. Howe: Welch, C. Willey, L. Thayer, D. Russell, S. Linton, L. Goodwin, Rodeschin, U. Fowler, C. Gagne, L. McKenney, D. Wiggins, Menard, D. Weed, C. Hemmingway, T. Goyette, S. Whitney, . Morrill, J. Violette, E. Tarullo, D. Thompson, P. Koloski, J. Davies, L. . Harrison, D. Lader, S. Avery, D. Radford, M. Pinard, C. Avery, M. . Kailer, K. Dorr, Also, N. Coronis, S. Davis, C. Dussinger, R. Edes, D. The French Club members include fsittingj J. Eldridge, R. Taylor, D. Mclntosh, L. Witkus, D. Newton, J. Jennison, D. MacWilliams, P. Wilcox, B. Mandigo, J. Lucas, C. Theall, C. Fortune, D. Young, Johnson, S. Holland, J. Bartlett, P. Wiggins, D. Demetrakopolus, C. fstandingj Mr. Couture, D. Dow, S. Saggiotes. H. Blodgett, G. Patten. K. McGray, C. Frye, B. Duncan, C. Aiken, A. Maryn. Williamson, C. Drown, V. Thayer, D. Hendrikson, T. Tarullo, D. Goal: 52880 The annual Junior High Maguine Campaign was a huge success this year with a grand total of 53541.96 collected. High rooms were Mrs. Aldrich's with 5663.65 and Mr. Hurley's with 5623.23. The top three salesmen were Jerry Sue Young bringing in 5172.71, Kathy Dorr with 5119.18, and Meg Fairbanks with 5114.82. Managers and high salesmen include J. Dawes, M. Saggiotes. R. Conner, M. Fair- banks. D. Stetson, B. Murgatroy, N. Mullen. M. Pinard, M. Peabody, M. Dawes. A. Latva, A. Luck, M. Conwell. J. Young. P. Heague, S. 1 Linton, K. Dorr. . Dig 1-133' AJ V - ..,' C. ....,-rv f .K .1,.,e'. .ip i it ? ,. k M .J 49? - Q -ei 5' CV . 11, eil 'as' RUN The 1969-70 Track and Field Team participated in ten meets with regional schools plus the Connecticut Valley Conference and the State Meet. Two state records were set by Bruce Pariseau fpole vault - 12 feetj and Dana Waterman Ctwo-mile run - lO:47.6 minutesj. The team won three meets, placed second in six meets and third in one meet. Coach Zemianek's boys also placed sixth out of eight in the Valley Conference and tenth out of sixteen at the State Meet. UN? .-1-Pm' L.. A The 1969-70 Track 84 Field members include J. Walters, J. Proper, D. Davis, D. Champney, W. Rodeschin, Coach ' R. O'Connor, B. Pariseau, L. Huot, M. Rollins, H. Lesley, T. Teague, R. Truell, B. White, R. Cowie, J. Petrin, Sanborn, Coach Zemianek, R. Waterman, E. Hall, D. J. Aiken, W. Turgeon, R. Pockett, J. Gagne, K. Gardner, Waterman, J. DeMayo, A. Willis, J. Eldredge, M. Currier, R. Shepard. The members of the 1969-1970 Girls Track team include D. O'Connor, B. Corliss, Coach Yeagley, A. Maryn, N. Kathan, S. Rude, N. LaValIey, B. Bagley, M. Lawthers, D. Young, K. Fortune, B. Wilcox, J. Martin, K. Ronan, D. MacWilliams, M. Nlosley, K. Eggert, V. Thayer, C. Chamber- lain, D. Purmont, C. Geno, C. Martin, L. Trenholm, A. Bates, D. Young, K. McGray, J. Johnson, The team enjoyed a good season placing first in two of five meets, barely missing a third win. The girls also traveled to compete in the State Meet -Ov. . Q at ea if iiaiiajitiff is if' I 1 4 .1 wMg1f5f?t.JN fa L55 mm H0 if 1 '.. 'v,,- 'r-'A 'A "' ' '-Vg..-:'. f e -- , -, V Jxf" .0"ff'vf"., 'ff' ' v4.1-'gm-, .n - J ,., firm . M B . U74 " ,' . . ,.. 'Q ,mu Q, , X 1 gl .F-'Mix I' A 5. my -vr " w f'vF?.., -'1 ,ti ' s V 5 ,-af .. I i.., 1 ,Q 1 Y- 1 . 1 ' ' v , I . X , I .lfa -iw: Q' is 7' . .-.1 111, Ar .1 'fp-'ij K v ' ' ' 5 ' Q F' Q 'Jim I TQ 'H x I nj fl Ir- ,X ' vi . . 5 H7 - a . . N Z W I N 'I N W 'N x 7 , v, fx - 4 ,X Nl 1: 'L L , , - 7,7 WJ M Q' W 0 H - 6 ' P, 54' rw ' is .1 A I-Aa,-,QQ 5. ,ga ' ' ,,QX..g, 5 - V,- J , , , - - ' 'N' .-ag' , ..a-A+ . .. .5 . ' V - . , , . ,. ' ' 'A ' 'iv' -- -- - f . Q- ' - Unfortunately, group pictures of the 1969-70 Girls' Softball Team were not taken. Players include E. Knight, D. Perry. D. Barton, B. Richardson, D. Chartier, B. Lamery, C. Thurber, L. Stevens, S. Armen, M. Koloski, S. Holland. 1969-70 Girls' 'Softball Holland. '-gg -any QL -in - X! IKE S7-f'w?'.'ga1 9 '.m'f.11t'l ,..-.--- 23:44 Q. .. -- .- Y ' w-'F" i"fQ""" '1f""g' 'Y'1"" fs 1 - -1' LL' -' -- u'1m..,I --- - . 5 .A . -'51 fllmifil ' '. -1-w"r EW?-'dl V A 6 ebancm. 3 'H Pffmefiela- Eill- M12 V... ellows .Falls anover ebanon alI'Mt. oodsville ew London oodsville anover, 2 lymouth lyrnouth . ew London C Newport filfstj 2-3 -O-1 O-9 5,4 3-8 4-112 f 4-O 1-2 1-6 0-7 6-7 O-7 7-5' 1-4 2-6 2-3 0pponent Bellows Falls New London Hanover Mascoma Hanover Lebanon Nlascoma Hartford New London Score CNewport firstj 12-24 10-28 10-20 4-40 6-38 3-18 11-35 4-26 27-43 l 9 :wr-v--L I ,,.. . ,. in Www Q. GYT1 ,V K., ' 7,1 3' Y i 5 . "' "lwrx!11"" vs- YE BIRDIE CONRAD BIRDIE DRAFTED!l . . . INSANE FEMALES STORM WHITE HOUSE . . . PRESIDENT DECLARES DISASTER. . . NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS . . . BYE BYE BIRDIE! That luscious hunk of man, Conrad, is drafted into the cold, cruel, army. Albert Peterson, manager of the music corporation Almaelou, said yesterday that there will be chosen at random a girl to be kissed goodbye by her idol. Every girl in the U.S. is envious of the chosen Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple, Ohio, scheduled to be kissed on the Ed Sullivan Show this Sunday. The whole world is anxious to see the outcome of this story . . . It seems that when the girls are confronted with the powers of Conrad, there exists a defiance of balance. What will these girls do next?? The award-winning musical Bye Bye Birdie was presented at NHS in May 1970. The story be- comes more complicated and captivating as it progresses. The cast was headed by Albert Peterson fDon Collinsl and his faithful secretary Rose' QEthel Kraussj, Kim MacAfee CConnie Lawthersj, Hugo F. Peabody CSteve Edesl, Conrad Birdie fLarry Wigginsj, possessive mother Mae Peterson CKathy Pollarij, Ed Sullivan fGerald Currierj, Teen- age Trio CTerry Shank, Gay Leone, Martha Law- thersj, Gloria Rasputen CAnn Leonej, the MacAfee family fSteve Soucy, Ann Lawthers, Frankie Mac- Connellj. There were also many other students playing just as important parts in the musical crew. Without them, no show could ever go on. The talented, motivating Charles H. Massey has opened up a new world for many of us. With Mr. Massey's and Mrs. Geraldine Rudenfeldt's help, Birdie became an important part in the hearts of ma ny Newporters and earned their respect from all of us. The key word in theatre is "togetherness" I am sure that each person partaking in Bye Bye Birdie will never forget this wonderful feeling. Qnjhn 1 A .U lv' ,4 4' V ff x .Re in-4, N x ER 'N , ,.,4 ,X z ,fr Q' .. J I v I 1 my ".- , "H, '. A w-!"'5' "g .JT my X :V is A um W wifi f ww 35 wg, E api K , A 84 W A A AUTO PARTS A. S. BARTLETT gl SON ELEC. CONTRACTORS ARGUS-CHAMPION BAGLEY'S PAVING CO. BARRETT PRESS BATES 81 DEMAYO BENEFICIAL FINANCE BERTHA'S BEAUTY SALON BALYER'S INC. C SL R SERVICE CENTER CHASE 84 AVERY INC. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK CLASS OF 1971 CLASS OF 1972 CLASS OF 1973 CLASS OF 1974 CORBETT OIL CORNER PHARMACY CORONIS MARKET CROWLEY CHEVROLET INC. DARLENE MURGATROY DAVE'S PIZZA HOUSE DORR WOOLEN CO. DOUGLAS BARBER SHOP DR. AND MRS. DENIS MARYN DR. CHRIS T. ARMEN DR. JOHN H. MUNRO DR. JOHN WALKER DR. RALPH A. BENSON DR. RICHARD D. MORROW ECONOMY MARKET ERNIE'S MILL END FIRST NATIONAL BANK FLOWER CRAFT FLOWER SHOP FORESTERS CLUB GAUTHIER 81 WOODARD INC. GREEN ACRES GUILD HILL MOTEL HARRINGTON JEWELERS HASTINGS FURNITURE HEATH 8. FIELD HEATH FARM SUPPLY HELGA KETCHEN HILLTOP MOTEL HOLLAND'S ELECTRICAL 81 REFRIGERATION HOYT TRUCKING COMPANY HUFF'S SUNAPEE STREET GULF J. S. HIRSCH DEPT. STORE JENKINS' SCHOOL OF DANCE JOHNSON'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE Patrons KATHI FORTUNE KELLY'S PHARMACY L. E. WEED AND SONS LA VALLEY BUILDING SUPPLY INC. LOUlSE'S BEAUW SALON M 8. W VARIETY STORE MARTIN HARDWARE MARY ROSE CLEMENT MCGRAY 84 NICHOLS MIDWAY GAS AND GROCERIES MISS CALISTA TEAGUE MISS DEBBIE KARR MISS DEBI MARTIN MISS MARY E. HUOT MISS SAN DY BODGE MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS BARRY J. WALKER CHARLES H. WALKER JR. DAVID A. SMITH DONALD BERQUIST DONALD HEATH EDWARD BAILEY GLENFORD PARTLOW GORDON R. YOUNG HENRY WHITTAKER HOWARD HIRTLE J. CARTER HARRIS JOHN MACKENZIE JOHN MULLEN JOHN NEWMAN KENNETH STODDARD KERWIN PURNELL M. I. GENO M. L. GENO MELVIN KEMP NIEMI NORMAN WILHAM OLIVER KATHAN PAUL PILLSBURY PETER LAMMERT PETER MAHAIR PETER PERRY JR. RALPH THEALL RAYMOND PARKER RICHARD E. ARMSTRONG ROBERT DEARDEN ROBERT ROLLINS ROGER SMITH ROY MUNSTERMANN STEVE DUPUIS VERNON SPOONER WILLIAM D. CLEMENT MR. CHARLES H. MASSEY 120 MR. CHARLES MCDERMOTT MR. ED GILBERT MR. EUGENE KUCZEWSKI MR. H. AIKEN MR. HENRY BUINICKY MR. JAMES BALL MR. KENNETH SHAW MR. LEON MAYO MR. OLLIE TURPEINEN MR. RICHARD PARISEAU MR. RONALD PFENNING MR. STEVE ZEMIANEK MR. TED NIBOLI MR. WARREN H. WINTER MR. WARREN HURLEY MR. WILLIAM THURLOW MR. WILSON J. CLEMENT MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS BERNICE SAWYER MacWILLIAMS EDITH HARRISON GERALD S. GROSS JOSEPHINE A. BARTON LENA BEDARD NAPOLEON BONAPARTE NEWPORT AUTO SCHOOL - MR. F. SMITH NEWPORT BUSINESS EQUIPMENT NEWPORT CINEMA NEWPORT CLOCK MUSEUM NEWPORT RAINBOW ASSEMBLY NEWPORT SAVINGS BANK NEWPORT SHOE STORE NEWTON-BARTLETT OLDE BRICKE HEARTH STEAK HOUSE PETER ROLLINS PUBLIC SERVICE RAMONA'S BEAUTY SALON RELIABLE AUTO SALES RICHARD DUNCAN RODY'S GUN SHOP ROWE'S PLUMBING 81 HEAT RUSSELL GARDNER SHOP-RITE SUPERMARKET SKIP-LESTER-BETH GLAZIER SUGAR RIVER SAVINGS BANK SULLIVAN COUNTY FINANCE CORP. TEDDI'S RESTAURANT TERZINA BIDOLI TOWNE'S SUGAR RIVER PHARMACY VIC'S MARKET WELCH'S GROCERIES WHITNEY STUDIO 81 CAMERA SHOP Z 81 W MACHINE 81 TOOL CO. au 4 QM. ff- u - .6 dl 0 , HQ, 1. .pg .vlaan- gi Mb 145

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