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k $ X E wax .MM' 7 . 04,5032 7 Xazng,g,w y WW . Ma 32m 2:?sz , ' WM MMMMMM W - ' ' MILK . ; W ; WM ' . 5v uu : I ' I d M ' W 1W??? M j Z q J4 chT5 of Luck A vajf Phi i 50.1304. kaann l'S ,4,x $ Q v? NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL, located in, a Metropolitan area, provides knowl- edge and recreation ifor the foundations of your future. The building, though not an architectural inspiratiOn, is certainly O veritable fountain of knowledge The halls lined with works of art placed there by classes hs o memento to their years at N HS, and cases filled to oVerflowing with trophies . . . trbphies won by those who have performed for their Alma Mater in their yorious fields of ehdeavor, are an inspiration to those students who will pas; through these halls in years to come. i , The library, tdntains books by the score which are of great research value to both students and faculty; loborotories, where scientific facts are established through many hours of experimentation, give us information concerning the latest findings of this atomic age; activities, clubs, and gym furnish physical as weH as mental growth; and assembly programs, SK ix speakers and certain clubs contribute to moral and spirituqi development Ali this and more constitute "NEWPORT HiGH SCHOOL IN THE SPOTLIGHT" as seen by the Newportion Steff of 1957 Ronnie Downord and Kent Curtis, co- editors ewe Jwry? 7i 1; , a z? vh-M-u-zaya- wa M17? , 7 Classes are foremost In the 777177 77m, f 7 ,AWMMVN7Mk7 , m WWWMW , Above: Joyce Dun Pot Feucht, Nancy Bertelsmon, and Barbara Car- michaelh Right: Don Price and Ronnie Coddie slug it out 05 Coach Arnzen watches. 77x x y 7 777y M , xx 7 xx 77 7 S s b 77, X77 7x 7 7W x W wwj7VK ..7 wmmm Left: sewing by hand Dione Ewing, by machines are Edith Ebert and Mary Ingram. Right, sewing by hand Mamie Sebastian. Standing on chair is Edith Lundrigan as Patricio Lundrigon, her siste , pins up a hem. 7 x i7 . 7 77:17,; A w 77 77 ' 7 7 v 4 7,7xxf x , 7 7 AS J77 7 WV S 7 7 , 7; . :va xx 'Sx' ' ' 7 $777 M77737? 7 spotlight I Right: Josephine Oliver, Cecilia Scheidei, and Hayden Combs, are adding up columns in their book- keeping. Below: Richard Vories and Sharon Sipe explain the map to the class. Right: Mr. Edwin Burton points out Bill Quigley's mistake. Naamumm . Above: Mrs. Loretta Wetzel shows Ralph Musgrove how to work his problem while George Neider, Pot McIntosh, and Donna Surrey work at their algebra problems. Above: Frank Losey gives a speech in public speaking class for Miss June West and the class. Below: Making baskets are Nancy Hindmon 0nd Rosella Long while Lavinia Greene ties a large bow for the center piece. :'"' .135 co.mmu cu 0,; J! Hum r..... 0.7."; .075m754 Suvmos Ham: Cahzn Tomf910855 um. 5mm Wswmun Above: Linda Alspack weighs her con goods and Judy Anderson records. Left: Biology clos's examines life during a class session. Below: Mr. Don Walker supervises while Charles Bowman cuts the wood and Jim Webster watches. t the pace for IOI'S I SE Sen R Alma Mater Alma Mater, old Newpo , Alma Mater brave and fair Alma Mater we hail thee, We own thy kindly co e. Alma Mater old Newpor , As we sing thy praises o'er, We evere thee and cheer thee, As we sing thy praise once more. : Student life de Umuwmn ' ,mem Above: Victor Balthis uses the library to obtain inf rmotion for a class assignment. Below: Examining the "Thoroughbred" before the Newport Catholic game are kneeling, Warren Harden and Connie Bouros. Below: The freshmen b0 5 engage in a game of checkers during Standing, left to right, Shirley King, Ronnie Downord, Phil 0 homeroom party. Hamilton, Dennis Holzschuh, and Carol Welder. , m e- VA w for Honor ion lot t lnl , I g ine Rush and Ronald a wg NXV ing Ernest Downord dur Want... m-onwv, .w .12215121111 . , t, e Y n a M .m o T e m 0 In G r O f t S O p a 0 g e In t g .m . x 31v . Wwwwzxwmfw xii . . erx?$3 King, Carol Welder decorot Odessa Po rker Mrs. indows for Halloween ore Don King, Charles Bauer, Bob and Linda Waddle who are ing the w helped by their teacher I t m From top to bottom are Shirley igh Mary Derrick football game : Po iller Below Sch Above: Betty Bradbury works at a bake sale R L ?;??f N x f! 1 Above: Prepared for initiation are, left to right, Martha Wohlbrink, Arlene Lope, Carol Lickert, Barbara Carmichael, Nancy Bertelsmon, and Lois Garriott. Below: Frank Losey jitterbugs during 0 homeroom party while the other students watch. Below: Bruce Morgan gets his tie od- justed before the minstrel. MINIUHH iiNIUC m: 5"! HIGH SPEEI CUUH h m; 5 MW :7 m . am M' 14: 7 f' m. n w W m: Him "famw WNW . f stlf NMWJW x wWAW , Q; Wu M Wm, Students examine the Jet engine during exhibit. Below: Rita Kreindler helps Joan Weiner dress before Below: Mayor and City Commissioners for a day are left to right, Ronnie the Minstrel. Downord, Ernie Blaut, Phil Hamilton, Alvin Johnson, and Dennis Holzschuh. a 4.,1 . .49, ,, a; W wnav Frances school a V ,v f w Am? za Janet Frederick, ixie Heights game. Hicmce autograph each others onnuols. for WWW V1 t v1 VJ x :3 t 7m; $2,? Pat Jenn o : Mary Derrick, , and Carol at a pow wow held before the D Below Huffman t Am xxx fawn it by burning the "Dixie Colonel" the distribution of the II' spur ,t n e ,,S n m t r 0 p Iy. m r D: e D. O .m e t O .m C .h PI 0 D. S m w wwwx; t The annual staff prepares to Students 0 rouse the Senior 9 d , 04;, a ,0 , Wt, 1956 .yeorbooks. Abo e Above Below Above: "Poor Jud is Dead" as portrayed by Jud, Jerry Weier; Above: Donna Willoughby ond Pauline Neal ready the cost for mourners ore Robert Sensel, Roger Quinn, Don Kreutzer, Norman the minstrel. Youtsey, and Marvin Wonder. Le": Ronnie Downord places the crown on Prom Queen Carol Fisher. Activities afford us practical educatio Above: Bruce Borkhou, Richard Grischy, and Joe Moore participate in re- hearsing their part for the Thanksgiving Assembly. Above: Gory Chalk, Carol Hoffman, Roger Hartke, Martha Shay, and "Santa Claus," entertain the children from the Orphon's Home. 1. RRVk e w Left: Cheerleaders, Connie Bouras, Toni Manyet, Linda Waddle, Shirley King, Carol Welder, and Mary Derrick carry the Dixie Colonel to his "warm up" before the Dixie game. BeEow: Cami Wasser, Leuise King, going to :ouisviHe, Kentucky. mm .....,W Nwwwwww Rx. xW, t h swexe V w s ; WWAVW , h 7 ?y t. w t x Q wxv , y ' ,, , , t x ah ,xx xyt Sh H mm w w J W e t L e AK eV K x Above: Retto Hill is seen helping Jackie Thompson with the finishing touches. Right: Shirley King does a jazz leap in "Sophisticated Lady." Below: Mojorettes led by head mojorette, Delores Bios, step out for football pep rally. Below: Darlene Brody identifies class pictures Elaine Wonder keeps self busy doing home work. T WM , Just what are the administration and teachers like? This was a question asked of you many times by young people who would some day be in school at Newport High and by your family, friends, and others you met in your everyday walks of life. They're human! Their interests were many and their hobbies were varied. Their main interests were you, the students at NeWport High. What are your needs and desires? Their class work plus all the extra club and sport's activities varied with the different individuals? Their hobbies were cooking, sewing, baking, mak- ing jewelry, and many, many others. Take any normal day when class time was sprinkled with the spice of school activities and augmented by their many other interests and let the Newportion, Spotlight . Nancy Bertelsmon and Ronnie Downord turn the Spotlight on ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY. Administration and faculty ,4 s BOARD OF EDUCATION Anderson D. Owens is completing his thirtieth year as the Superintendent of Newport Public Schools. The Administration of the NeWport Public Schools is the responsibility of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent makes recommendations to the board for the 0p pointment of all school personnel, and changes In the curriculum of schools. Below: Dr. Anderson Owens, Carl Ebert, Walter Melching, Albert King, Victor Brown, and Francis Herzog make up our Board of Education. Mr. Anderson D: Owens. AND ADMINISTRATION Our principal, Mr. Cobb, has served in this position since l933. Before this he was a teacher and a coach. He is known throughout the school as a very capable man who has the admiration and respect of all the students. His leadership is shown in all of N, H. S.'s activities. Although his school work is the main thing in his life, he is interested in farming and raising thoroughbred cattle. He also like athletics which explains his interest in all the sport activities of the school. Throughout the city and the state everyone recognizes Mr. Cobb as a truthful, loyal citizen who always stand for fair play and for the betterment of our school. Below: Miss Katherine E. Warren. AWMMM M Mr. James Lee Cobb. Miss Katherine E. Warren has the position of Assistant Principal. She is well liked by all and will be remembered always for her helpful and tireless efforts to guide us in the right path. In addition to her many other duties, she is, this year, serving as dean of Junior and Senior girls. msmswsyss L s4 W 85L w ssh SM, 0 so 82 s ,yfxi Z L 7X L 2L XxC, XX 7 ,Za y Edwin K. Burton Bernice Culbertson w x X LQSLL X z 7ZtML , WV, : Howo rd Bo rnett Evelyn Colliver t ngi hot? m tWMA L w 7 Sophomore girls. She sponsors G.A.A., Dance Club, and Cheerleading. As a newcomer this year, she is a friend Miss Margaret Moose is the dean of Freshmen and to every girl. A? .m vmehisxxyvhi w W m m L. w 0 M n e z n r A Y b n o t S ISSIOn and friendly He and his wife spend many happy hours at their hobbye-fishing. He also teaches History and English. , O L VMLVM , 7L IMM is trays mg 5 Th by him. Attendance He keeps a the and gives helpful has the job of return Pointer, F A C U L T Y the Newport school system job and one well done reads excuses, advice to all who wish or need big Mr. John Collins, as dean of boys, issues reodm age In record of every boy and girl of school back on the track to school. Mr. George J slips, Officer, Is a -dys Garner ele Harmon Joann Geverts Ruth E. Harris Hazel Girvin Stanley Arnzen Teaches: Physical Education. Sponsors: Co-Sponsor of "N" Club. He has traveled in the Central and Eastern part of the state. Howard Barnett Teochesf Chemistry. Sponsors: Team, and Student Council. Edwin K. Burton Teaches: Mechanical Drawing. He has traveled in Ontario and Oregon. Mary L. Caldwell Teaches: English. Sponsors: Junior Class. She has traveled in New England, New York, Florida, Michigan, California, Arizona, Europe, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Holland. Her hobbies consist of photography, travel, and cooking. Evalyn Colliver Teaches: Spanish. Sponsors: Spanish Club. Her travels have been mostly to California. Her favorite hobby is photography. Bernice Culbertson Teaches: Shorthand, Bookkeeping, and Business Law. Sponsors: Business Honor Society. She has traveled in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Nassau, Cuba, Dutch West Indies, and Venezuela. Her hobbies are collecting and sewing. Gladys Garner Teaches: English, Business Economics, and Selling. Sponsors: Senior Class. She has traveled in the United States and Canada. Her hobbies are collecting antique bottles and old Chino. Joann Geverts Teaches: Home Economics. Sponsors: Ice Skating Club and Sophomore Class. She has traveled in Mexico, Midwest and Eastern States. Her hobbies are music, sports, sewing, and cook- Ing Hazel Girvin Teaches: Latin and English. Sponsors: Pen Pal Club and Latin Bible Club, Bowling Club, Golf Charlotte Kernan Gypsy M. Gray Mary Elizabeth Morris Lyle Haggard activities. She has traveled in Italy, Greece, France, England, the American West, and Kentucky. Her hobbies are reading, photography, and notebooks. Gypsy M. Gray Teaches: Typing and Business Economics. She has traveled in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D. C., New York, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Her hobbies are sewing, phi- lotely, and history. Lyle Haggard Teaches: Algebra, Science, and Physics. Sponsors: Rifle Club. He has traveled in England, France, Germany, Cuba, New Zealand, Semoo, Hawaii, Guam, and about 20 of the United States. His hobbies are fishing, shooting, and sports. Steele Harmon Teaches: History and Civics. Sponsors: Safety Club. He has traveled in Florida, Michigan, New York, Canada, and through- out the West. His hobbies are sports and music. Ruth E. Harris Teaches: Home Economics. Her favorite hobbies are making gondy and tending to her strawberry patch. Charlotte Kernan Teaches: Biology and Psychology. She has traveled in Central and Northern Canada, Mexico, and all of the 48 states. Her hobbies include jewelry making and collecting antiques. Robert C. Miller Teaches: Science and Health. Sponsors: "N" Club. He has traveled in Scotland, England, Iron, Algiers, Tunis, Sicily, Italy, Frances, Germany, and East Coast of United States. His hobbies are trying to;win football games, golf, and basketball officiating. Mary Elizabeth Morris Sponsors: Libraw Staff and Teen-Age Book Club. She has traveled in New York, New England, Canada, Florida, California, and Colorado. Her favorite hobbies are reading, theater, copper enomeling, leather work, knitting, and sewing. Robert C. Miller Jeannette E. Owens Be ryl L. Schworbe rg Odessa Price Parker Leila M. Peak Ella Stone Spencer Jeannette E. Owens Teaches: General Science and Health. Her hobbies are cooking and collecting little pixie miniatures. Odessa Price Parker Teaches: Art. She has traveled in New England, New York, Washington DC, the Great Lakes region, Smoky Mountains, Florida, and Havana. The hobby she enjoys most is water color pointing. Leila M. Peak Teaches: Mathematics. Sponsors: The yearbook, Newportion; and the newspaper, Newporter. She has troveied in ports of the United States and in Canada. Her hobbies include music, cooking, sewing, and photography. Janice C. Robbins Teaches: Vocal Music. She has traveled in ports of Florida, Detroit, Michigan, New York, Canada, and Washington DC. One of her favorite hobbies is photography. Marion J. Romo Teaches: History and English. She has traveled in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Mexico. Her hobbies are reading and music. 0 Beryl L. Schwarberg Teaches: Algebra. She has traveled through England, France, Lois Virginia Tanner Janice C. Robbins Marion J. Romo Mary M. Tanner Norma W. Tanner Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Venezuela, Dutch Guiana, West Indies, Haiti, Santa Domingo, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Canadian Rockies, Block Hiils Bod Lands, Thousand Islands, Quebec, Mon- treol, Victoria, and southweostern and eastern ports of United States. Her hobby may well be called traveling. Ella Stone Spencer Teaches: English. Sponsors: Future Teachers Club. Miss Spencer's favorite vacation spot is her hometown, Winchester, Kentucky. She likes to read historical novels and enjoys operas and plays. Lois Virginia Tanner Teaches: Business English and English III and IV. She has traveled along the gulf coast of Florida and the Smoky Mountains. Her hobbies are gardening, collecting figurines, working with flowers, and she likes pets. Mary M. Tanner Teachers: Shorthand, Typing, and Office Practice. Sponsors: Pi Epsilon Pi. She has traveled in Florida, on the Atlantic Coast, and on the Gulf of Mexico. Her hobbies are voice, piano, and working with flowers and gardens. Norma W. Tanner Teaches: Algebra and Geometry. She has toured through the southern and eastern states. Her chief hobby is collecting recipes. Don E. Walker Teaches: Industrial Arts. A few of the hobbies he enjoys ore photography, flower gardening, and furniture construction. June B. West Teaches: English and Public Speaking, She has traveled in Canada, New England, South and West. The hobbies she enjoys are raising dogs, piano, reading, and making jewelry. Lorena Wetzel Teaches: Mathematics. She has traveled in England, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Her favorite hobby is reading. Jack C. Wimmer Teaches: Instrumental Music. He has traveled in Florida and New York. His hobby is home movies. Alice Witteried Teaches: Typing and Bookkeeping. She has enjoyed traveling in Europe, Mexico, Cuba, and most of the United States. Her hobbies are sports, reading, and travel. Genevieve Bohlinger Secretary to Director of Pupil Personnel. She has troveied in California, Niagara Falls, Cumberland Falls, and Mommouth Cave. Her favorite hobby is crocheting. Lillian C. Gilb Secretary to Principal. She has traveled in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Her hobbies are crocheting 0nd embroider- mg. Ninona M. Kew Treasurer, Newport Board of Education. Mary Louise Mason Secretory, Newport Board of Education. She has traveled mostly in United States. She enjoys playing the piano, cooking, crochet- ing, and embroidering. Mattie Phillips Board of Education Office. She has traveled in United States, Canada, Alaska, South America, and Europe. Her favorite hobby is traveling. Right: New teachers this year were Mr. Gordon Kenney, Mr. Steele Harmon, Miss Beryl Schworberg, Mrs. Marion Romo, Miss June West. E. Walker June B. West Lorena Wetzel Jack C. Wimmer Alice Witteried evieve Bohlinger Lillian C. Gilb Ninono M. Kew Mary L0uise Mason Mattie Phillips 94424 4.4., y ,4 , v A, , 44345? , 1131.; $44949 D N A N O T A R T S N M D A w ,, 4,4 3 44 , 4 4 4 4,444 , x, 4444 y xwmu, In z 44 44444igx4 Qigyv? x A: KS V 44,4 L w banquet SUM v44 , x y A . Cobb, Miss Culbertson, and Miss joy 0 tea given for them in the Howard Barnett examines the damage done to the pipes by acid. Mr Mr. Coach Steele Harmon and Coach Edw Burton autograph the football given to them at the annual football Mywxwk Below Warren en library. Right Above SS ?4 A . 4 g4? STUDENTS WORK TOGETHER Row 1: Glenna Mullins, Donna Yelton, Mr. Howard Barnett, Jim Bird, Edward Donsberry, and Rosella Long. Row 2: Carol Lickert, Toni Manyet, Jacqueline 'Beozley, Ernestine Rush, Carol Hill, Marjorie Butler, and Jackie Zeigler. Row 3: Bill Knapp, Rodney Gross, Frank Losey, Garnet Worthington, Darlene Brody, Charlene Herzog, and Carol Daniels. Row 4: Ernie Brody, George Rush, Donny Points, Harry Smith, Ronald Downord, Bill Ruddick, and Wilson Leigh. STUDENT COUNCIL Hal Smith, Bonnie Poole, George Rush, ROnold Downord, Jackie Beoz- ley, Margie Butler, Darlene Brady, Jackie Zeigler, and Danny Points decorate the big Christmas tree in the first floor hall. Mary Ellen Shay and Martha Wahlbrink. The Seniors enrolled for the last time at Ol'e Newport. They hoped to have a fine year in the last of tour which prepared them for the en- counters of their future lives. They made their final appearances for Newport on the stage in athletics, and other school activities. The pride of the Seniors was the New- portian, which was published by the entire class. The busy beavers were the Juniors who had played host at the Junior- Senior Prom each year and who had all the responsibility of financ- ing the project. This they did by bake sales; sales of cards and candy; in fact, the sale of most anything that brought some income to their fund. Never forgotten was the fact that near Christmas each year, the proud possessors of class rings, their most prized possession until some hand- some man or beautiful dame came along to capture a heart and of course a ring. Sophomores were the lonely ones. They were familiar with the building and were not responsible for any big projects other than those that their clubs performed, and their annual assembly. Freshman, enrolled in NeWport High for the first time, experienced difficulties in finding their way for for a few days until they remembered that study halls were on the second floor; lunch room, home arts, and industrial arts departments were in the basement; and that in order to get to the lockerrooms one had to go to a floor below the basement. Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman were labels which denoted the four groups in high school. sx , , . , A . am; a , m . A . , . S . L .. , e. 5 Above: The Senior class officers are seen pondering over important data. They are, left to right Kent Curtis, secretory; Ronnie Downord, president; Below: Mrs. Gladys Garner, our copoble Senior Class Bruce Borkhou, treasurer; and Dennis Holzschuh, vice-president. advisor, is shown seated at her desk. SENIORS HAVE FRUITFUL YEAR The Seniors enrolled for the lost time at Newport, in early September. They hoped to make this their best year of the four which would prepare them for the encounters of their future lives. They made their final appearances for Newport High on the stage, in athletics, and many other school activities. The pride of the seniors was the Newportian, which was edited by the staff of seniors, THE SENIOR CLASS Abbott, Janice Katherine Commercial Allen, Wayne King "Elvis Presley" Academic 812 Hamlet Street Ju. 1-8461 542 Lexington Avenue Co. 1-3283 Chorus 2, 3. Visual Aids 2; Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. Adams, Janet "Jan" Commercial . 637 Monroe Street Ju. 1-7106 Amenf, Andrew "Andy" CommerCIol Chorus 4. 1118 John Street None Adams, Robert "Bob" Scientific 25 East Eighth Street He. 1-6155 Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Axf, David HSkip" Academic 1150 Park Avenue Co. 1-9730 Football 3, 4; Rifle Club 3. Ahrens, James R., Jr. "Jim" Academic 817 Dayton Street None Bacher, Beverly Ann "Bev" Commercial Y.F.C. 3; Visual Aids 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 563 East Third Street Ax. 1-8844 4; Safety Club 4: Senior Class Ploy. Ludlow 1; G.A.A. 2. Abbott, Janice Adams, Janet Adams, Robert Ahrens, James R., Jr. Allen, Wayne King Ament, Andrew Bejow: Mr. Steele Harmon's homeroom initiates him into Mickey Mouse Club. Axt, David Bacher, Beverly Ann THE SENIOR CLASS Bailey, Carol Sue Commercial Senior Class Play. 717 Roberfs Street Ax. 1-0160 G'A1A1 1' 2; Chorus 11 21 3' 4; Minstrel. Blankenship, Patricia Ann "Pot" Commercial 736 Columbia Street Ax. 1-9316 Bailey, Kenneth "Ken" Scientific G.A.A. 1, 2; Walden Club 1; Pen Pal Club 117 West 11th Street Ax. 1-7681 2: Chorus 2, 3- Baseboll 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. Blaut, Ernie "Bear" Academic Baker, Monroe Commercial 200 Walnut Stret H1. 1-4935 233 West Seventh Street None :12?me 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Semor Class Banderman, Mary Ann Commercml Bonner, Arzell "Zeke" Academic 1117 Patterson Street Co. 1-0419 33 Booker T Washington Ju 1-1152 G.A.A. 1; Chorus 3; Library Staff 4; Y.F.C. Track 3 4 ' ' 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Senior ' ' Class Ploy. Bonner, Goldie Lee "Bonner" Commercial 521 Elm Street AX. 1-5502 Barkhau, Bruce Byron Academlc Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. 137 Kentucky Drive Ax. 1-7518 FootboH 1; Bowling Club 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Senior Class Play. Bouras, Constance H. "Teeney" Commercial 843 Linden Avenue C0. 1-2737 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Chorus Barnett, Rosetta Commercml 2, 3; Dance Club 4' 935 Washington Avenue Co. 1-7899 1 , , . B dle , William " ill" ' Bauer, Charles 1Chuck' Acodemlc '0 y B Academlc 336 Monmouth Street Ax. 1-3897 1037 Hamlet Street Ax. 1-5694 . . John G; Corllsle 1; Walden Club 2; Pen Pal Football 3; Serum Class Ploy. Club 2 Balley, Carol Sue Balley, Kenneth Bertelsman, Nancy Ann "Nance" Commercial . . ,, ,, . 85-19 Street Ju. 1-4689 Branhom, Vlrgll Scrounge Academlc Newporfer 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2; Assembly 1, 2, 332 East 13 Street, Covington Ju. 1-8502 Baker! Monroe Bonde'monl MOW An" 3, 4; Minstrel 3; Chorus 3; Newportion 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society Braun, Douglas Scientific 3, 4; Dromotics Club 2; Senior Class Ploy. 45-16 Street AX. 1-9734 Honor Society 3, 4. Bios, Dolores Faye "Dodo" Commercial 829 Linden Avenue Co. 1-5674 Brauntz, Gloria Ruth "610" Commercial Mojoretfe 1, 2, 3; Head Mojoretfe 4; Chorus 917 Park Avenue Co. 1-4807 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1; Pen Pal Club 2; Chorus 3. Bo rkou, Bruce Byron Barnett, Rosetta Bauer, Charles Bertelsman, Nancy An memw 3. .3er 3N ,, cs, Dolores Fay Bonner, Arzell Blankenship, Patricia A. Blout, Erme Bonner, Geldie Lee 'uros, Constance H. Bradley, William Bronhom, Virgil Broun, Douglas Brountz, Gloria Ru y the leaky pipes are, left to right, Ernie Rush, Chr'stine Zinser, Shirley King, Nancy Below: Cleaning up the mess caused b Bertelsmon, and Carol Lickert. 4$X41 m . x WW,M Ww ,V xm w ? $ a ,x . 6?x ? WV Y Qy 4 $ $ X x WAQAQ Ix. z M? i' 2,;Www 1;; 4? N xngygxxw w me W M ,wam MN vi , wk Y'w 74.$V4,wWWW$Vf$ W 60m x a gK i ' ' m:'mz,mr;. w , .k Above: Martha Wohlbrink and Shirley King perform in the 1956 Minstrel. Case, Goyolo Mae Collins, Paul F. Combs, Hayden Carmichael, Barbara A. Carter, Lois Curtis, Robert Kent Daniels, Carolyn Deaton, Ervin DeRossett, Florence Dixon, Dione wnard, Ronald -ert, Ca rl Houston , Laura Lou , Dionne Yvonne Dunn, Joyce Marie Elkins, Jerome Louis Feucht, Patricia Ann Godd, Co rol Jean THE SENIOR CLASS Carmichael, Barbara Ann "Barb" Commercial 556 Lexington Avenue None G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, President 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3. Caer, Lois "Vonnie" Commercial 35 Booker T. Washington He. 1-3727 Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3; Library Staff 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4. Case, Gayola Mae "Gay" Commercial 320 Chestnut Street Ax. 1-1989 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 2, 3. Collins, Paul F. Commercial 1008 Brighton Street AX. 1-0499 Basketball 1; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- 'ball 1.; Assembly 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Minstrel 3, 4; Football 3; Senior C1655 Ploy. Combs, Hayden "The Head" Commercial 721 East Ninth Street Co. 1-4703 Football 2, 3; Track 2. Curtis, Robert Kent "Curt" Academic 511 Lexingfon Avenue Co. 1-6958 Basketball 1, Manager 2, 3, Head Manager 4; Football Manager 1, 2, Head Manager 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Bowling Club 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; Newporter 3, Sports Editor 4; Co-Edifor of Newporfion 4; Senior Class Play. Daniels, Carolyn Scientific 1438 Waterworks Road Hi. 1-5625 Chorus 1, 2; Library Staff 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1; Pen Pal Club 2; Ice Skating Club 3; Student Council 4; Senior Class Play. Deaton, Ervin "Deats" Scientific 331 Elm Street He. 1-7862 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2; "N" Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4. DeRossett, Florence "Fuzzy" Commercio' Sunset Drive, Highland Heights Hi. 1-4424 Campbell County High 1, 2; Chorus 3; G.A.A. 33, 4. Dixon, Diane "Dix" Commercial 201 Evergreen Ave., Southgate Hi. 1-3744 Chorus 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 2; Library Staff 3. Downard, Ronald "Rock" Academic 120 16th Street Ju. 1-5640 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Student Council 2, President 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Co-Editor of Newportion 4; Senior Class Play. Dunn, Joyce Marie "Jo" Commercial 1019 Park Avenue Co. 1-7924 Pen P01 1; Travel Club 2; Minstrel 3; Chorus 3; Assembly 4; G.A.A. 4. Ebert, Carl Houston I'Hoot" Academic 719 Park Avenue AX. 1-2211 Band 1, 2, 3; Minstrel 1; Swimming Team 2, 3, 4; Golf 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 4. Elkins, Jerome Louis Commercial 21 Miller Street Co. 1-8858 Engle, Laura Lou "Lou-Lou" Commercial 14 Home Street Ju. 1-8176 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Ice Skating Club 3, 4. Feucht, Patricia Ann "Pat" Commercial 58 16th Street Co. 1-4157 Pen P01 1; Corus 2, 3; Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Newporter 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 4; Assembly 1, 4; Minstrel 2, 3; Dramatics Club 2. Fritts, Dianne Yvonne "Frittsy" Scientific 411 East Fourth Street Ax. 1-4563 Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Newporter 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Minstrel 3, 4; Newportion 4; Senior Class Play. Gudd, Carol Jean Commercial 515 Hodge Street Co. 1-6384 Pen Pal 1; Library Staff 1; G.A.A. 2; Chorus 3. Garriott, Lois Gouldin, Donald Gemmer, George Grischy, Richard Otto Holey, Cecile Hall, Tyrone James Hombrick, Edward Hamilton, Philip Wayne H pp Bonnie Jeon Harden, Warren Below: While Connie Bouros, Beverly Bocher, Bonnie Poole, and Florence DeRossett sigug, Dennis Holzschuh and Warren Harden sit and enjoy it very much. arvey, Ruth Violet edges, Mo rgaret schuh, Dennis son, Eugene Alvin Hauck, Arlene Frances Henley, James Lee Hurd, Evo Marie Keen, William THE SENIOR CLASS Garriott, Lois Scientific 810 York Street Co. 1-5028 Middlesboro High 1; Y.F.C. 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2; Library Staff- 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; New- porter 4; Safety Cour1cil 4; Senior Class Ploy. GauldingDonald "Don" Commercial 403 West Eighth Street Ax. 1-8628 Y.F.C. 1, 2, 3, 4. Gemmer, George 44Gim" Academic 206 Washington Avenue None Basketball 1. Grischy, Richard Otto Scientific 511 York Street Ju. 1-1428 Bellevue 1, 2; Walden Club 3, 4; Pen Pal Club, Vice-Presidenf 3, 4; Safety Club, Vice- President 4; Student Council 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Science Club, Secretory-Treosurer 3; Senior Class Play. Haley, Cecile "Tudie" Commercial 1115 Columbia Street Ax. 1-0003 G.A.A. 1, 2; Pen Pal Club 1; Afssembly 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3. Hall, Tyrone James "Paris" Scientific 38 Booker T. Washington Ju. 1-0467 Pen Pal Club 3, 4; Walden Club 3, 4; Track 3; Spanish Club 4; Newporfer 4; Senior Class Ploy. Hambrick, Edward "Fatty" Academic 36 Booker T. Washington Co. 1-7638 Hamilton, Philip Wayne "Phil" Academic 1130 Vine Street Ju. 1-5279 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Student Council 1; Baseball 2, 3; Senior Class Ploy. Happe, Bonnie Jean "Bon" Scientific 108 16th Street He. 1-2797 Pen Pal Club 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; New- porter 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 3; Y.F.C. 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Safety Council 4; New- porfian 4; Senior Class Play. Harden, Warren "Stoney" Academic 1020 Grand Avenue Co. 1-5868 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2, 3; Student Council, Vice-President 3; Senior Class Play. Harvey, Ruth Violet "Rudie" Commercial 736 Liberty Street Ju. 1-4260 Assembly 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4. Hauck, Arlene Frances "Shorfie" Commercial 2206 New Linden Road Ax. 1-4870 Assembly 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4. Hedges, Margaret Commercial 621 Roberts Street Ju. 1-1260 Chorus 3. Henley, James Lee "Chief" Scientific 115 Washington Avenue Ax. 1-1211 Student Council 1, 2; Rifle Club 3, 4; Boys' State. Holzschuh, Dennis "Horse" Academic 84 Kentucky Drive Co. 1-0384 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; "N" Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Senior Class. Hurd, Eva Marie "Neenie" Commercial 846 Brighton Street Ju. 1-0828 Pen Pal Club 2; Walden Club 2; Chorus 3, 4; Y.F.C. 3, 4. Johnson, Eugene Alvin "Gene" Academic 517 Hodge Street Co. 1-4135 Bowling Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Track 1; Rifle Club 3,64; Chorus 3. Keen, William "Duck" Scientific 1034 Orchard Street Ax. 1-8842 Band 3; Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play. THE SENIOR CLASS King, Donald Lee "Yukon'l Academic 28 West 13111 Street Co. 1-4669 Morgan High 1, 2; Basketball 3, 4. King, Paul Academic 838 Park Avenue Co. 1-7327 Track 1; Bowling Club 3. King, Ruby Juanita Commercial 43 East Ridge Road Ax. 1-3802 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Moiorette 2, 3; Minstrel 2, 3, 4; Office Staff 4; Dance Club 4; Senior Class Ploy. King, Shirley Jean "Kinger" Academic .204 Kentucky Drive Ax. 1-6817 Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Student Council 1; CheerIeoder 1, 2, 3, 4; Ice Skot- ing Club 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Newportion 4; Dance Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Senior Class Ploy. Kinzer, Phyllis Commercial 402 West 1th Street Ju. 1-8435 Chorus 3. Klink, Wayne Scientific 541 Lexington Avenue Co. 1-0129 Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club 3, 4. Kuntz, Carolyn "Kuntzie" Commercial 643 Monroe Street Co. 1-0552 Kyle, Edmund Allen "Sonny" Academic 117 15111 Street Co. 1-5401 Assembly 1; Football 1; Basketball 1. Long, Geraldine "Gerry" Commercial 249 Clifton Avenue Ju. 1-8510 Pen Pal Club 1; G.A.A. 1; Newporter Staff 2, 3, 4; Assembly 3, 4. Lung, Joan Carole Commercial 915 Hamlet Street Ju. 1-6578 Lope, Arlene Rae Academic 210 Evergreen, Southgote Hi. 1-0862 Assembly 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Y.F.C. 1, 2; Chorus 2; Office Staff 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Lickert, Carol Ruth Commercial 659 Nelson Place Co. 1-5946 Assembly 1, 3, 4; Newportian 1, 4; Newporfer 1, 2, 4; G.A.A. 2; Chorus 3; Class Secretary 3; Business Honor Society, Vice-President 3, 4; Honor Society, Secretary 3, 4; Student Coun- cil 4; Senior Class Ploy. Little, John "Little John" Academic 403 West 7th Street Ju. 1-2937 Basketball 1, 2. Luke, Georgiana "George" Scientific 34 East 7th Street Co. 1-3610 Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 1; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Minstrel 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Lundrigan, Edith Louise "Edie" Commercial 20 East Ridge Drive Ju. 1-8404 Mt. Healthy High 1, 2, 3; Ice Skating Club 4. Lyfle, Jack "Jackson" Academic 812 Monroe Street Ax. 1-4405 Assembly 1, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Bowl- ing Club 3. McClung, Donna Jean "Donnie" Commercial 29 West 81h Street Ju. 1-7286 G.A.A. 1, 2, 4; Chorus 3. McIntosh, Margie Rose "Mac" Commercial 922 Columbia Street Ju. 1-6384 Pen Pal Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4. King, Donald Lee King, Ruby Juanita Kinzer, Phyllis Kuntz, Carolyn King, Paul King, Shirley Jean Klink, Wayne Kyle, Edmund Alle Z ZZZ McIntosh, Margie Rose Little, John Lickert, Corol Ruth McClung, Donna Jean wZ$Z Z Z , Lope, Arlene Roe Lytle, Jock Lundrigan, Edith IV. 10 m e S S A r m n e S e In t .m w 6 VI :0 .r e In t r .n s e k U L O n .m g r 0 e G d n O 9 .m K V: 6 I'll In S k, n .n m h we 0 In t r m S e In C H. w e e r In t e In T a V 0 ID A ng, GeroIdine ke, Georgiana THE SENIOR CLASS McIntosh, Richard "Mock" Academic 29 Grondview Avenue He. 1-6695 McIntosh, Walter "Mac" Commercial 938 Ann Street Ax. 1-4729 McKee, Betty Joyce Academic 307 York Street Co. 1-1200 Y.F.C. 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Minstrel 2; Newporter 2; Office Staff 4. Martin, William 'Big Bill" Academic 321 West 13th Street C0. 1-6752 Football 1; Track 3. Martinelli, Thomas "Tommy" Academic 414 East 4th Street Ax. 1-7116 Basketball. 1, 2; Hughes High School 3; Foot- ball 4; Assembly 4; Senior Class Ploy. Mockbee, Dale "Archie" General 337 Keturah Street He. 1-7327 Morgan, Shirley Jean "Shirl" Commercial 1043 Central Avenue Ju. 1-2678 Chorus 3; Assembly 3. Neal, Betty Lynn "Bets" Commercial 1040 Ann Street He. 1-4988 Pen Pal Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Assembly 1, 2, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Dance Club 4; Senior Class Play. Noonan, Richard "Dick" Commercial 1142 Central Avenue Ax. 1-8627 Oliver, Josephine Elizabeth "Jo" Commercial 17 Court Place Ju. 1-9766 Pen Pal Club 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3. Orflieb, Carol Sue "Ort" Commercial 615 Linden Avenue He. 1-7138 Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pen Pal Club 1; Student Council 1, 3; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4. Pabst, Gory "Blue Ribbon" Commercial 1026 Grand Avenue Ju. 1-7170 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 4; Rifle Club 3; Track 1; "N" Club 2, 3, 4. Pelgen, Barbara "Barb" Commercial 942 Ann Street Ju. 1-7582 G.A.A. 1. Peper, Barry Edward "Pep" Academic 143 Harvard Place, Soufhgate Hi. 1-2052 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 3, 4; Junior Class Vice-Presidenf; Chorus 3; Assembly 3, 4. Phelps, Vera Alice "Alice" Commercial 509 West 8th Street Ax. 1-8716 Dramatics Club 1; Y.F.C. 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. 2; Senior Class Ploy. Pollitt, Delores Jean "Jeannie" Commercial 829 Monroe Street Ju. 1-1341 Pen Pal Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Y.F.C. 1, 2; Library Staff 3. Poole, Bonnie "Pooch" Commercial 304 East 7th Street He. 1-7487 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Cheer- leader 2, 3; Office Staff 3, 4; Senior Class Play. Quinn, Roy "Quinny" Academic 1039 Brighton Street Ax. 1-8455 McIntosh; Richard McKee, Betty Joyce Mortinelli, Thomas Morgan, Shirley Jeon McIntosh, Walter Martin, William Mockbee, Dole Neal, Betty Lynn , y? E Quinn, Roy Poole, Bonnie Pabst, Gory g e u S d r a C b, .w H r O Pollitt, Delo Oliver, Josephine E. Phelps, Vera Alice Below: Connie Bouros sings a firey torch song to Paul Collins. Noonon, Richard Revel, Barbara R. Said, Clifford Reed, Patti Rush, Loraine Ernestine Ratliff, Donald Rothe, Stan Y. .m. S e F D! .6 Iv E 1T O t r O D. e In bl S e 0 d n b A e n V, we .m H w m 0 e r C s um. O O P .m. n n O B d n O t .f. e S S 0 R e D e C n e r. b F a V 0 b A Raleigh, Robert Lee Reynolds, Kenneth V. . om, Ron Iler, Robert eider, Donna p, Ve rono Fostino Scheidel, Cecilio Schneider, Donald Sensel, Irvin Shay, Mary E11en THE SENIOR CLASS Raleigh, Robert Lee "Bob" Academic 412 Columbia Street None Ratliff, Donald "Rat" Commercial 209 East 2nd Street He. 1-2083 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; 'N'" Club 2, 3, 4; Assembly 1, 2; Student Council 1; Senior Class Ploy. Reder, Lenore "Babe" Commercial Cold Spring, Kentucky Hi. 1-8388 Campbell County 1, 2; G.A.A. 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4. Reed, Patti Commercial 321 Elm Street Ax. 1-7496 G.A.A, 1; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Assembly 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4. Revel, Barbara R. "Bobby" Commercial 839 Monroe Street AX. 1-6552 Chorus 2, 3; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. Reynolds, Kenneth V. Commercial 45 Amelia Street Co. 1-9844 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society, Treasurer 3, 4. Rofhe, Stan Academic 1035 Ann Street AX. 1-4667 Rush, Loraine Ernestine "Ernie" Commercial 548 East 2nd Street Ju. 1-0486 Pen Pal Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 4; Newporfer 2, 4; Office Staff 3; Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Newportion 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society, President 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Rush, George Scientific 203 East 7th Street Co. 1-9045 Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 4. Said, Clifford "Cliff" Academic 420 Elm Street None Bowling Club 3; Visual Aids 3, 4. Sansom, Ron "Sambo" Commercial 327 West 11th Street Ju. 1-6306 Baseball 2, 3; Bowling Club 3. Scheidel, Cecilia "Ceil" Commercial 111 West 6th Street He. 1-7875 G.A.A. 2; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. Schiller, Robert "Sonny" Academic 18 West Crescent Avenue He. 1-2065 Schneider, Donald "Don" Academic 808 East 6th S'rreeiL Co. 1-2662 Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Football 4. Schneider, Donna General 808 East 6th Street Co. 1-2662 Walden Club 1; Band 1. Sensel, Irvin "Pencil" Commercial 1113 York Street Ax. 1-4132 Sharp, Verona Fostina "Vera" Academic 1013 Ann Street None G.A.A. 1, 2, 4; Chorus 3; Pen Pal Club 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Shay, Mary Ellen Academic 203 Linden Avenue, Soufhgote Hi. 1-2468; Mojorette 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; As- sembly 1, 2, 3, 4; Dromotics Club 2; Chorus 3; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Staff 2, 4; Dance Club 4; Newporfion 4; Safety Club 4; Senior Class Play. Smith Richard Trent, Mary Lou Below: Ervin Deaton W W x w Smith, William Turne , Cecil receives his footbo ll owo rd from $W$$CWW Mr. Miller at the annual WW Qk WWW x xk va K ' x W WWWWVAK W I W $91 W$W$ W W FVSA W 19W. W ng V , x, x Q W W wfg W W W m y; W Teal, Joyce Ross Voll, Dorothy Football Banquet. WW WWW 0x 'LWWW .,WS Wyy, K W Yr k ?Wg Q.7$xWSW x W 5x VW'Wk W W WxWWa W We W W WW WW VWN AW 7 W. A Aw x W l W K WW W . - $$W- N W W W h : XK?CWWW y x yW z W , WWgw ng QW .y W WWA m9 W W W x ff??? NW x? g W$W. -v W WWW Q ; W$W3 vywx 3W W$ WA, A; wWWsPX W WW$W v ;WW$W W , WWWWA WWViW W $ WWW Wm M V Wxg WWW SWx W$y W QWAW WW $W VA: $ $W$W Thompson, Richard W hlbrink, Mar h er, Richard ughby, Donna M. Whitley, Violet Woodward, Marilyn M. Zinser, Christine E. THE SENIOR CLASS Smith, Richard "Smitty" Scientific 23 16th Street Co. 1-6272 Smith, William "Bill" Academic 321 Columbia Street Ju. 1-0714 Strobel, Sherrie Rae "Strob" Commercial 30 17th Street Ax. 1-4899 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Assembly 1, 2, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Minstrel13; Office Staff 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. Teal, Joyce Ross "Devil" Commercial 41 East 14th Street Ju. 1-6784 Chorus 1, 2, 3; Minstrel 1, 2. Thompson, Richard Allen "Mousie" Academic 1428 Waterworks Rood None Trent, Mary Lou "Mary" Commercial 933 Orchard Street Ju. 1-8392 Den Pol Club 1; Chorus 3. Turner, Cecil "Cec" Commercial 508 Hodge Street Ju. 1-0601 Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; "N" Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play. Turner, John "Big John" Scientific 420 West 7th Street Ju. 1-3904 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2; Assembly 1. Voll, Dorothy Margaret "Dot" Academic 266 Beech Road Hi. 1-0371 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Wahlbrink, Martha "Marty" Scientific 437 East 51h Street Co. 1-8496 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; chd 2; Mojorette 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Ice Skating Club 3; Honor Society, President 3, 4; Newporfion 4; Senior Class Play. Waller, Richard Academic 1038 Saratoga Street He. 1-2958 Whitley, Violet Commercial 325 Kefurah Street He. 1-4074 Chorus 3. Willoughby, Donna Marian "Willy" Academic 1079 Loraine Court Co. 1-7364 Band 1, 2, 3; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4; Travel Club 1, 2, 4; F.T.A. 3; Ice Skating Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Safety Institute 3, 4; World Affairs Institute 3; Safety Council 3. Woodward, Marilyn M. "Woody" Commercial 937 Ann Street Ax. 1-9889 F.T.A. 1; Pep Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 2, 3; Assembly 1, 2, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Newportion 4; Senior Class Play. Yeager, Ronald "Ronnie" Practical Arts 720 Central Avenue Co. 1-7529 Zinser, Christine E. "Chris" Commercial 502 Overton Street He. 1-4941 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Assembly 1, 2, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4;, Newporter 4; Newportian 4; Senior Class Play. JUNIORS HAVE A PROSPEROUS YEAR The Juniors have spotlighted as their goal the Junior- Senior Prom, held each year at the roof garden of the Sheraton Gibson Hotel. To achieve this goal, they elected Billy Jones, Clarence Turner, Kenneth Erpehbeck and Richard Casey as their leaders. Selling stationery, sporting goods, candy and numerous other things helped raise money for the prom. Their biggest moment as Juniors was the day they received their class rings. Miss Mary Lee Caldwell, the Junior class odvisor, looks . . The Junior class officers are seen in a casual pose at a dance. They are over some Important class papers. from left to right, Billy Jones, President; Clarence Turner, Vice-President; Kenny Erpenbeck, Secretary; and Richard Casey, Treasurer. JUNIORS Adams, Gordon Ader, Shirley Albice, Barbara Banfield, Ronnie Barnard, Robert Boumback, Judy Breozley, Jacqueline Becker, Patricia Bell, Judith Bowles, Arthur Boyd, William Bradbury, Betty Brady, Earnest Bresnouer, Bonnie Brewer, Shirley Butler, Norma Canada, Ann Copek, Marilyn Casey, Richard Chandler, Lynn Collins, Jack Combs, Beulah Combs, Jerry Cooper, Rohoma Crawford, Shirley Crosby, Robert Domeron, Joy Daniel, Nancy Deoton, Lucile Demon, Robert Derrick, Mary Dewold, Dione Donnley, Daniel Drake, Hope Ebert, Carol Edwards, Patricia Egon, Judith Eggleston, Morilynn Erpenbeck, Kenneth Eubonks, Ruth Ewing, Nancy Ferguson, Gene JUNIORS Ferguson, Kenneth Fogle, Ralph Frederick, Janet Glccken, Ella Griffith, Nancy Grindstoff, Arlene Grischy, Dorothy Hole, Judy Hall, Angelo Homblin, Jerry Hombrick, William Hamilton, Michael Hetteberg, George Hionce, Carol Hill, Louise Hodges, William Horn, John Horn, Marilyn Hornsby, Joyce Hronek, Patsy Huffman, Frances Hunley, Rebecco Hurd, Ellis lngguls, LaVerne Jennings, Pot Johnson, Wondo Jones, Billy Jones, Jerry Jones, Lyle Kew, Earl King, Richard Kohl, Harold Kolp, James Kroth, Warner Kriendler, Rita Leigh, Wilson Lepper, Peggy Lewis, 'Sue Lobett, Shirley Lowe, Wanda Lynn, Joseph McGoho, Wayne aw wg $19th JUNIORS McGill, Clyde McGill, Corby McIntosh, Roy McMoth, Jock Mollery, Georgia Manye'r, Mary Martin, Dixie Mason, Billy Miller, James Moore, Joseph Moore, Potty Morgan, Ruth Morris, Edward Morris, Wanda Neal, Pauline Obermeyer, Mary Payne, John Pittman, Dan Powers, Gordon Reed, Thomas Ruddick, William Sondfoss, Joyce Schlake, David Scott, Joan Shockleford, Earl Shockleford, Elwood Sipe, Sharon Slack, John Snyder, Peggy Spicer, George Sporing, Myrna Steffony, Lawrence Strange, Betty Swank, Gwen Switzer, Kenneth Thompson, Donna Troendle, Bonito Turner, Asbury Turner, Clarence Turner, David Turner, Jock Turner, Laura JUNIORS Turner, Virginia Utz, Ronnie .. Vories, Richard Waddle, Linda Wade, Inez Wallace, John Wonder, Elaine Wosser, Carol Watkins, Lowe Weover, Leroy Weiner, Joan Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Eioine Witte, Patricio Woodall, Norma Yelton, Donna Zion, Jimmie Below: Clyde McGill is shown opening Junior Class candy in preparation for the Junior Class candy project. Wwwww SOPHS Miss Joann Geverts, Class Advisor Addison, Jean Albice, Sally Ament, Virginia Arnold, Becky Ashcroft, Larry Baker, Barbara Barbieo, Janet Barhorst, Bonnie Beirne, Morolah Bohlinger, Jo Ann Bonner, Herbert Botkin, Joy Bowman, Charles Brommer, Walter Brewster, Mary Ann Brickler, Charlotte Rose Brock, Raymond Burch, Joan Butler, Marjorie Butler, Shirley Carpenter, William Case, Ello Coylor, Jo Ann Chandler, Al'vin Christian, Dolly Cole, Doro Cole, Kenneth Colston, Kenneth Combs, Ora Cottie, Ronald Cox, Chevi Croil, Carolyn Creech, James Crosby, Ruth Donsberfy, Edward Day, Donald Delehonty, Patricia Demetre, James SOPHS Denny, Charles Duckworth, Goil Ebert, Edith Elkins, Mary Elkins, Raymond Eubonks, Shirlev Forror, Marvin Fischer, Dennis Foss, Poul Gadd, Harold Gadd, Phyllis Gemmer, Nancy Gioncolo, Gene Gibson, Wor'dell Gordon, Orval Gregory, Donna Grisby, Jacqueline Hall, La Verne Horden, Larry Hartke, Roger Hesse, Robert Hatfield, Delbert Hemingway, Benny Herald, Daisy Hettel, Ricardo Hill, Carol Hill, Retto Hinfe, Patricio Hoffstedder, George Holzschuh, Arlene Hopkins, Ralph Howard, Garry Johnson, Rosalind Jourdon, Douglas . , , . Julian, Don ' ' . . , ' , . ' , v 9 3: :k t 9 . , b 91 ' ' 4 . ' , L915! Vp Kew, Mary . , . , . , , , ,1. . "536W 4'; , ., a :53 a s : 233d + u H .3. rdumm ; m w- gawrm-uuqn 319M :34! ?HH? 9:23:5N135:0.8'51592933.3 30:33? King, Louise King, Thomas Kinghorn, Marilyn Kneol, Myrna Kuntz, Garry Lee, Robert SOPHS Lepper, Edward Lewis, Ann Lively, Roger Losey, Franklin Lucas, Jo Ann Lundrigon, Patricio Lusher, Alfred Lutz, Ralph Mollery, Pot Martin, Lee Mayburry, Alfred McFeeno, Patricio McIntosh, Elizabeth McNoy, Frank McMahon, William Metheringham, Carol Miller, Linda Mitchell, Carole Mittendorf, William Moore, Thurman Morton, Audrey Mosley, Anna Mullins, Glenna Mullins, Joyce Myers, Suzanne Pongbum, Donald Pelfrey, William Pigg, Kenneth Points, Daniel Pomeroy, Mary Price, Donald Pruiett, Jomes Ratliff, Sue Reis, Iva Reynolds, Marilyn Ries, Mary Rottinghous, Jerilyn Rush, Jerry Sonsom, Corol Souerwin, Patsy Schloke, Ruth Scholl, Edward SOPHS Schultz, Stella Scott, Jerald Sebastian, James Sebastian, Mamie Seifried, Roger Sellers, Mary Shay, Martha Jane Sheets, Judy Short, Mary Siebert, Carole Simms, Barbara Simpson, Tom Slack, Margie Smith, Anna Smith, Gary Smith, Tom Sparks, Juanita Sprong, Russell Stormer, Stuart Story, Dwain Stuart, Ann Stubbs, Robert Stucker, Carol Stull, Benjamin Sutton, Betty Thomason, Jackie Thompson, Don Tully, Jerry Turner, Robert Turner, Roscoe Wallace, Richard Watson, Betty Webster, Bill Webster, Patricio Welder, Carol Whitford, Dottie Wiggins, Diono Wilson, Jim Withorn, Russell Witt, Carol Wooten, Bill Ziegler, Jackie my a Miss Ruth Harris, Class Advisor Adams, Richard Adkinson, Charles Alford, Ronnie Allen, Marion Alspeck, Linda Anderson, Joan Anderson, Judith Bacher, Janice Balthis, Victor Bonfield, Donna Barker, Margaret Barr, William Boss, Robert Bostin, Peggy Bauer, Janice Beozley, Joseph Bennett, Judith Berkmeyer, Lois Berry, Leslie Bird, James Boden, Paul Bonner, Bcrboro Bowman, Donna Boyd, Joy Brody, Darlene Brody, Donna Lee Bridges, Jomes Brinkmon, Nancy Brown, Joel Brusehobcr, Corl Bybcc, James Campbell, Borboro Campbell, Catherine Case, Agnes Cosebolt, Carol Coudill, Carol Coudill, Malcolm Chalk, Gory Clark, Ronald Clutterbuck, Lorry Colston, Linda Cooper, Ivan Courtney, Ina L. Crowe, Charles Daines, Sally Daniel, Joan V. Daniels, Roland Deoton, G. V. Deegon, William Ebert, Penny L. Eckert, Donny Embry, Yvonne Ewing, Dion Ewing, Elmer Feldkomp, Walter Feltner, Bethel Fitzer, Deanna M. Fox, Jock Furnish, Donna C. Fryer, Alice Gabelmon, Harold Gouldin, Frank Gemmer, Tom Gerhardt, Jim Gettys, Sandra K. Gilbert, Jim Gillespie, Beverly Sue Goldner, Elizabeth Goodall, Tom Greene, Lavinia M. Griffith, Peggy Griggs, Beverly Gross, Rodney Gross, Ruth Hodden, Joyce Holl, Joan Yvonne Hambrick, Carole A. Hamilton, Grant Hammer, Jerry Hampton, Bill Harden, Dennis Larry Harden, Linda L. Hardy, Thelma A. Hutton, Darrell Hotton, Lula E. Houenstein, Janet Herald, Wilma J. Herzog, Charlene Hewins, William Highfield, John Highchew, Bill Hilbert, Joe Hilge, Marilyn Hindmon, Nancy Hoffman, Carol Hogle, Peggy Holt, Dola Hoskins, Billy Jo Howard, Betty Sue Howard, Rebecco Howe, Beverly Hughes, Alfred Hurd, Glen Jackson, Gwendelyn M. Ivy :AxAZEAr. Q : L 2 ? ?7 L x ??;w M X , ?AVI? , 462 ,. f? ?Vf 1i! . yxx yyyfxx 2v 7 7K 2x a; S ss . 5y 4 , 4XXAzAf? x W73 Izzie icio Ralph irley Myers, Helen Kathryn iom ionno Patricio Ga Donald Esther McKenzie, Jerry Ila Lope, Robert Long, Rose LoMont Knapp, W Knock, Jock Betty Linda Charles Potr Barbara Johnson, L Janet Julian, Jim Soro Lienhordt, Richard Liles, Walter I Murray, Mary Frances Musgrove, Long, Roberta Ruth Lepper, Christie Lewis, Margaret Ruth Miller, Howard Mullins, Moe Marie Murphy, James Mitchell, D Morris, Carolyn Jackson, Yvette Jacobs, Johnson, Sh Jones, Lewis, Lonaker Lovetf Martin, Martin, Ruth Mouer, McClain, McIntosh, McIntosh, McIntosh, Meyers, Susanna Murray, Darrell Myers, Lawrence Neal, Robert Nelson, Donna Roe Nieder, George Noble, Outney Nolan, Dixie Oak, David Owen, Donna Faye Poynter, Yvonne Pelgen, James Peterson, William Perty, Margo Pfermon, Geneuo Plogokis, Ronald Pucket, Dolores Pugh, Patrick Quigley, William Rocke, Charles Roder, Thomas Rankin, Mary Reinfelder, Carolyn Relly, Diana Reynolds, Harold Richard, Mary Jo Riffe, Kenny . Ripenberger, Richard Robinson, Eiery Rogers, Carolyn Rothe, Eva Sue Row, David Ruddick, Susan Sonzenbocker, Jerry Schorstein, Vic Schoo, Harry LeRoy Schultz, John Schweitzer, James Seibert, Sally Sharp, Pledge L0uis Shields, Robert Short, Marian Sibrel, Harry Ervin Simms, Mary Slavens, John Smith, Albert Smith, Charlene Smith, Colonel Edward Smith, Harold Smith, John Smith, Martha Smith, Robert Jay Smith, Vincent Sprogue, Carolyn Sprott, Arthur Stamper, Carol Stephenson, Kenneth Steven, Thomas Stidhcm, Linda Stowers, Wanda Strunk, Harold Surrey, Donna Talbot, Wilber Thocker, James Tignor, Joe Tilford, Carl Toler, Lorene Toler, Ruth Tomlin, Charles Turner, Kathleen Turner, William Vulhop, Ethel Wade, Bonnie Wagner, Carolyn Woltermon, Donald Walters, Robert Wornke, Leroy Watson, Earl Watson, Leroy Weaver, Nancy Wechback, Evelyn Wessling, Leroy Whitford, Barbara Whittaker, Barbara Whittaker, Roy Williams, John Wilson, Bernita Wilson, James Wilson, Lorry Wilson, Ronald Wohrley, Frank Wolf, Koy Worthington, Garnet Yeager, Clifford Ziegler, Tim Left: Garnet Worthing- ton, Mary Ann Brewster, Vincent Smith, and Frank Wohrley decorate their h o m e r o o m Christmas tree. Kent Curtis and Chris Zinser mewawws. mmw." .3 e r The hustle and hurry of the begin- ning of school; classes begin and clubs are organized; uppercloss officers are elected and start piloting their groups in their annual projects. The festivities of the holiday season; the Student Council, striking a note of gaiety, put up and decorate a lovely Christmas Tree; the bond and chorus groups furnish the traditional carols and it all culminates in 0 grand and glorious Christmas Vacation. The first of the year rolls around all too soon and everyone is involved in preparing for mid-term exams, which are followed by the start of a new se- mester, the lost half of the school year. The seniors go ON out to make "ANNIE OAKLEY" one of the finest senior performances ever produced from the stage of NHS; the MAD MIN- STRELS OF '57 are under way; upper- clossmen are looking forward to the Junior-Senior Prom, held each May in the Roof Garden of the Hotel Sheraton Gibson. The month of June, more than one hundred students will be traveling the halls of NeWport for the lost times as students; classes are over for the year and everyone looks forward to a sum- mer of play and fun. Movies, musical programs, guest performers, as well as class productions round out the tossemblies for the year and the climax is, of course, the Prom, sponsored by the junior class, honoring the seniors. Activities THE PROM IS SEASON'S SOCIAL HIGHLIGHT Carole Fisher and Jim Wood cut capers at the Prom 05 the others look on. Dancing to the music of Don Locke's orches- tra at the 1956 Promenade, the girls were owhirl inhformals of various shades except for the Seniors who prominently, wore white. The faculty was well represented as the Queen, King, and their court walked sedately to their places. After the "Grande March" the guests enjoyed themselves at various parties. Later Highway 25 was crowded with Newport students as they made their way to Butler with swim suits and picnic baskets in hand. Queen Carole Fisher and King Ronnie Downord are shown dancing at the Prom. Above: At the prom, a good time was had by all. Above: The Queen and her attendants prepare for the Grande March. onnie Bouros Carol Ortlieb Ruby King, Queen Dolores Bios Mary Ellen Shoy Below: The Queen and her court were left to right, Cecil Turner, Bobbie Morris, Bruce Borkhou, Marlene Wilmont, Carole Fisher, Ronnie Downord, Peggy Ratliff, Barry Peper, Shirley Rittenger, and Dennis Holzschuh. Ax? x23 ,4. . . 212, '15; . ,,ar.l!?y;z.!x ?iwg, y? V q $4,131, v x '" mzv , I J - 'Xd 1, v ' AVJ SENIORS BRING "ANNIE OAKLEY" TO NEWPORT Annie, shy and awkward, came to the Wilson Boarding house to sell some quail to the proprietor. When the proprietor hesitated, Annie pointed out that these birds were not all shot upe'ijust one little hole in the head." It was difficult for him to listen to her be- cause he was upset about Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, which was in the process of mov- ing into his hotel. Frank Butler, the star of the show, challenged any local person to a shooting match. The proprietor, after seeing Annie shoot, decided to have her challenge Frank. Frank Butler saw Annie polishing her gun for the match and asked what she was doing. Not knowing that he was Frank Butler, she asked him to wish her luck against the swollen-headed stiff." At the match, she dis- covered who Frank was and fell in love with him, but that did not stop her from beating Frank in the contest. Buffalo Bill, worried about competition from the other shows, hired Annie. Frank insisted that she be his assis- tant but soon found himself falling in love with her. Below: Charlie Davenport, Richard Grischy; Mac, Bruce Barkh- Buffalo Bill, Paul Collins; listen as Pawnee Bill, Richard Intosh; tells them about Sitting Butt, James Ahrens, the lndi who is visiting his show after a trip to Washington to see t President. Above: Annie Oakley, Mary Ann Banderman, listens as Frank Butler, Ronnie Downard, tells her that she is becoming more and more feminine every day. Because of Frank's jealousy, the two split up. Other members of the troupe tried to get them back together again, and everything seemed to be going wonderfully, when the old argument, who was the best shot, burst out once more. They decided to shoot it out once and for all. Chief Sitting Bull realized that if Annie won the match she would lose Frank and bent the front sight of her rifle. Annie did not understand why she was miss- ing her shots until Sitting Bull told her. She was very happy to concede the match. Abov'e: Dolly Tate, Shirley King, tells Winnie, Nancy Bertelsman, and Tommy, Bill Keen, that they should stop seeing each other in cattle cars and horse stalls. Right: Annie Oakley waits as an Indian, Tyrone Hall and Chief Sitting Bull, James Ahrens, make her a member of their tribe. Charlie Davenport witnesses the action. Above: Annie Oakley agrees to tell Minnie, Vera Phelps; Jessie, Arlene Lape; and Little Jake, Warren Harden; a bed-time story on the train. f Above: Foster Wilson, Kent Curtis, tells Charlie Davenport, Richard Grischy, that he will not accept 500 squaws and two clollars as payment for rooms in his hotel as the pest, Dorothy Voll, listens. Above: Row 1: Rita Kreindler, Elaine Wander, Pat Tuttle, Ina Courtney, Christine Zinser, La Verne lngguls, Dorothy Grischy, and Myrna Sporing. Row 2: Dianne Fritts, Mary Ann Ries, Sally Albice, Mary Lou Obermeyer, Bonnie Hoppe, Gwen Swank, Retta Hill, Lois Garriott and Mrs. Leila Peak. Row 3: Rosalind Johnson, PUBLICATIONS BRING THE Activities at Newport High were enumerated in the Newporter which was very highly rated. The "Newporter," which had its origin in 1924, is Supervised by Mrs. Leila M. Peak, who really knows the score. On the "Newporter" staff were boys and girls, inter- ested In Writing prose, And to keep their staff praiseworthy they had to stay right on their toes. One must have had an English average of at least a IICII If on the staff of the Newporter one really wanted To be. Writing ability and hard work were also necessary For there was no room on the "Newporter" staff for Below: Elaine Wonder and Richard Grischy lay out the pages of the Newporter. Ernestine Rush, Frank Wohrley, James Julian, Kent Curtis, Vincent Smith. Carol Lickert, Nancy Bertelsman, and Marilyn Egglestan. Row 4: Bill Mittendort, Norma Woodoll, Barbara Albice, Ralph Fogle, James Hall, Richard Grischy, Garnet Worthington, Recarda Hettel, and Bonnie Bresnauer. NEWS TO THE STUDENTS Those who wish to tarry. The work of co-editors Elaine Wonder and Richard Grischy was always steady And a a result each issue of the Newporter was ready. The number of issues published totaled up to eight And in the eighth one the Seniors really rate. Awards were given to staff members for the work That they have done. And strange as it seems along with the work, they Have had much fun. Co-Editors, sports editor-Kent Curtis, and the staff Worked long and hard, But receiving awards and seeing the finished product Was truly their reward. Below: Marilyn Woodward and Mary Ellen Shay type up ma- terial for the Newporter. stsw x t x Above: Getting the advertisements ready for the publisher is Paul Collins. Our "Spotlight" was directed on Newport High School by Ronnie Downard and Kent Curtis, and a staff of twelve seniors advised by Mrs. Leila M. Peak. Work on our yearbook begain during the hot, summer months, with the gathering of advertisements from various businesses, and other loyal supporters of Newport High. This kind of work continued until the first of January and was very successful under the guidance of our Business Managers, Paul Collins and Bonnie Hoppe. After several gatherings, the staff finally de- cided on a theme. Then the work for completion of Row 1: Kathy Myers, Mary Ellen Shay, Nancy Bertelsmon, Ernestine Rush, Carol Lickert, Dionne Fritts, and Shirley King. Row 2: Christine Zinser, Elaine Wonder, Bonnie Hoppe, Martha Editors Kent Curtis and Ronnie Downard. our book began. Pictures were taken; summaries of the various clubs were written; and after much edit- ing, rewriting, selection and identification of pictures, the publication was finally completed and ready for the publishers. The staff members received pins and special awards for their achievements at the Aword's as- sembly. When the annual was finally issued, the Seniors had their most prized possession, "in The Spotlight" . . . the recollection of their final year at Newport High School. Wohlbrink, Darlene Brady, and Mrs. Leila M. Peak, odvisor. Row 3: Kent Curtis, Paul Collins, Ronnie Downord, Bill Mittendorf, Richard Grischy, and Marilyn Woodward. PI EPSILON PI Pi Epsilon Pi, better known as the Honor Society, is an honorary group or- ganized for the recognition of students who have attained a "B'l average in all subjects for two and one half years of high school. To retain their membership, students must keep up their "B" average for the next year and a half. The sponsor this year was Miss Mary Tanner. Officers were Martha Wahl- brink, President; Kent Curtis, Vice-Presi- dent; and Carol Lickert, Secretary. As a symbol of their membership, each member was awarded a pin. These pins show the four things the Honor Society promotes: C h a r a c t e r, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Pi Epsilon Pi is a chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society and its constitution sets forth all rules and regulations neces- sary for the running of the organization. Above: Daug Braun, Ken Bailey, and Kent Curtis prepare Christ- mas baskets for Speer's Hospital. BUSINESS HONOR SOCIETY Students who were taking a Com- mercial Course and obtained an average of at least 90 in all commercial subjects are eligible for membership in the Busi- ness Honor Society. Miss Bernice Culbertson is the sponsor and founder of the group. The officers for this year were: President, Ernestine Rush; Vice-President, Carol Lickert; Sec- retary, Carol Ortlieb; Treasurer, Kenneth Reynolds; and the Historian, Lois Carter. The main project was obtaining money for pins but several other projects also in- cluded bake sales, sponsoring a movie, and a visit to the Cincinnati Stock Exchange. Above: Row 1: Arlene Lope, Barbara Revel, Lois Garriott, Barbara Carmichael, Verona Sharp, and Christine Zinser. Row 2: Miss Mary Tanner, Marilyn Wood- ward, Cecilia Scheidel, Nancy Bertelsman, Ernestine Rush, and Shirley King. Row 3: Bonnie Happe, Carol Lickert, Georgiana Luke, Kenneth Reynolds, Sherrie Strobel, and Martha Wahlbrink. Row 4: Kent Curtis, Douglas Braun, iilfhard Grischy, George Rush, Ronnie Downard, Kenneth Bailey, and James rens. l Above: Carol Lickert and Ernie Rush discuss a coming project. Below: Row 1: Marilyn Woodward, Nancy Bertelsman, and Carol Ortlieb. Row 2: Lois Carter, Sherrie Strobel, Ernestine Rush, and Carol Lickert. Row 3: Barbara Carmichael, Mary Ann Banderman, Babe Reder, Kenneth Reynolds, and Cecilia Schiedel. Miss Bernice Culbertson, sponsor, standing. VISUAL AID CLUB A great help to all the classes was the Visual Aid Club. Mrs. Charlotte Kernan has been the advisor at the club since its organization. The Club showed different movies to classes, connected with the classification of work which they were studying. There was a lot of hard work involved in becoming adapt in showing films. Besides showing films to classes, the club gave assembly programs for the enjoyment of the students. Above: Row 1: Mrs. Charlotte Kernan, Betty Strange, Elaine Wander, Russel Withhorn, Mary Ann Brewster, Charles Adlginson, Janice Bacher, and Rita Kreindler. Row 2: Myrna Sporing, Rosalind Johnson, Geraldine Rush, Donna WiIIOughby, Jerry Jones, Paul Foss, Barbara Simms, and Sally Albice. Row 3: Earl Kew, G. V. Deaton, Ralph Hopkins, Edward Greech, Bill Ruddick, Barbara Albice, Bill Mittendort, and Jean Adison. Row 4: Barry Peper, James Zion, Cliff Said, Bill Hodges, Jock Turner, Ralph Fogle, Joe Moore, and James Ahrens. Above: Sherrie Strobel, Shirley King and Miss Lillian Gilb. Above: Looking out from under their empty reels are Bill Keen, Barry Peper, Donna Willoughby, and James Ahrens. Below: Standing: Miss Lillian Gilb. Row 1: Arlene Lape, Bonnie Poole, and Mary Derrick. Row 2: Shirley King, Ruby King, and Mary Ellen Shay. Row 3: Phyllis Kinzen, Carol Metheringham, and Sherrie Strobel. Row 4: Dolores Bias, 0 F F I C E A S S I S T A N T S and Connie Bouras. Row 5: Francis Huffman, Linda Waddle, Toni Monyet, and Betty Bradbury. A big job was taken care of by the girls, who were office assistants. They ran the errands that Miss Lillian Gilb would not have the time to do, without their help; they answered the phone; de- livered the daily bulletins; and took spe- cial announcements to the various rooms in the building. The girls were more than glad to do the work and showed it by giving up a study hall. The work they did gave them the experience in efficient office pro- cedure. It was not all hard work, fun was also taund in the daily routine. Another one of the many interesting clubs at Newport High is the "Los Cucarochas" Club, better known as the Spanish Club. This club was organized by Miss Evalyn Colliver and its purpose is to give the Spanish students a better opportunity to use the lan- guage. They have pen-pals, make Spanish foods and carry on most of their exercises in Spanish. Only students who completed one year of Spanish were eligible for this club because the language is so new to first-yeor students. The officers for this year were: Richard Casey, President; Joan Burch, Vice-President; Becky Arnold, Secretary; Audrey Morton, Treasurer; James Hall, Re- porter. Books are a major part of every student's life. They are used for study, research, and enjoyment. Dur- ing the day many students visit our two room library on the first floor, for both enjoyment and information. This year there were fifteen girls on the library staff to aid you and answer your questions. Among other duties performed by the girls were repairing and shelving books, desk duty, checking attendance and fix- ing magazines. The requirements for membership on the library staff are passing grades and on enjoyment for books. At the end of the year, awards were presented for faith- ful performance of duty. ? ' t , nu 5 , wk, 0 -9 1' n $114;th , , i; SPANISH CLUB Left: Row 1: Ann Mosley, Elaine Wander, Joon Burch, Pot Jennings, Marion Short, and Joyce Mullins. Row 2: Joy- Botkins, Alice Fryer, Becky Arnold, Jackie Beazley, Donno Willoughby, Marilyn Kinghorn, Audrey Morton, Lindo Miller, Shirley Ader, Myrna Sporing, and Jeri Rottinghous. Row 3: Rita Kreindler, Iva Reis, Gail Duck- worth, Roger Lively, Ralph Hopkins, Jomes Hall, Jerry Combs,-, Richard Casey, Janet Borbieo, Ruth Crosby, and Miss Evolyn Colliver. Below: Larry Brown and Martha Smith. E ?me Above: Standing: Lois Carter and Mary Bonderman. Seated: Bonnie Hoppe, Pot Feucht, Lois Gorriott, and Carolyn Daniels. LIBRARY STAFF Left: Row 1: Elizabeth McIntosh, Betty Watson, Nancy Griffith, Lois Gorriott, and Lois Carter. Row 2: Pat Feucht, Becky Hunley, Ruth Eubanks, Lucille Deoton, and Barbara Simms. Row 3: Bonnie Hoppe, Mary Ann Bondermon, and Retto Hill. Y.RC. Right: Row 1: Arlene Grindstoff, Charlene Brooks, Wanda Lowe, Mr. Howard Barnett, Carol Clark, Betty Watson, and Glenna Mullins. Row 2: Stella Schultz, Donna Yelton, Mary Ann Bondermon, Jennie Ament, Wanda Morris, Lois Gorriott, Rohomo Cooper, and Retto Hill. Row 3: Anna Mosley, Peggy Snyder, Georgia Mollery, Marilyn Eggleston, Bonnie Hoppe, Ruth Morgan, and Nancy Griffith, Row 4: Inez Wade, Audrey Morton, Elizabeth McIntosh, Joy Dameron, Myrna Kneol, Donald Gouldin, Ruth Porter, and Lynne Chandler. Below: Lois Gorriott and Mary Ann Bcndermon oc- a T .V companied by Marilyn Eggleston. s g . ,. Organized in 1952, the Newport Youth For Christ Club, now affiliated with the Greater Cincinnati Y. F. C. is making rapid progress. Mr. Howard Barnett is the advisor of the Club. Meetings were held every Wednesday afternoon in the second floor foyer. Many guest speakers from local church organizations spoke at the meetings. The club's Bible Quiz team, now in its third year of existence, did very well. In 1948, the George Payne Club of the Future Teachers of America was granted a charter by the Na- tional Education Association. The Newport High School club, under the spon- sorship of Miss Ella Stone Spencer, was one of the first F.T.A. clubs to be established in Kentucky. Its purposes are to acquaint students with opportunities in the various fields of teaching and to encourage some of the better students to prepare for the profession. Club activities include visits, study, and work in co-operotion with other school groups. The officers for this year were: Ricardo Hettel, President; Peggy Snyder, Secretory; Jo Ann Bollinger, Program Chairman. TR A L x ' 1 J; ga , . afarmatloh ft, 5;: . 3 Above: Parents obtain information from the members of the Future Teachers of America at the open house held at school. FUTURE TEACHERS Right: Row 1: Peggy Snyder, Jo Ann Bohlinger, Betty Watson, and Marjorie Butler. Row 2: Joan Burch, and Ricardo Hettel. Row 3: Miss Ella Stone Spencer, and Ruth Morgan. RIFLE CLUB The purpose of the club is to teach students the right and wrong way to use a rifle. Instruction is given in how to core for your rifre, how to use it properly. The club was established last year under the direction of Mr. Lyle Haggard. Jomes Henley was the club President and Roy Sonzenbecker was the Treos- urer. The club met twice 0 week this year. The President and director made several contacts with Police firing in- structors in this area who come and gave talks. Above: Mr. Hoggord shows Lorry Clutterbuck how close he come Above: Poul Collins in action at Glenn Schmidt's Bowling Alleys. to o bullseye. BOWLING CLUB Strike! S p o r e! Gutterboll! Brooklyn! Double! Fomilior sounds it you stopped around the bowling alley on a Monday afternoon during one of the bowling club meetings. The Bowling Club is for all boys who wish to increase their bowling skill and have a little fun doing it. The olleycots met once a week at the Glenn Schmidt lanes and bowled three games. The club this year was divided into three teams; the Alleycots, the Wildcats, ond Guttercots. PEN PALS Sponsorship of the Pen Pals was accepted by Miss Hazel Girvin this year. Miss Alma Lamb, who had sponsored the club since 1939, left to teach nearer her home. Officers this year were: Ricardo Hettel, President; Richard Grischy, Vice- President; Garnet Worthington, Secretory-Treos- urer. For initiation of new members a formal re- ception was held in October. During their meet- ings the members discussed other countries and got a chance to hear the letters written to other members of the club from friends of theirs in foreign lands. A tea was given in the .spring of the year for the teachers Of Newport High School and for the parents of the members. Row 1: Carolyn Sprogue, Judy Sheets, Dione Relly, Mary Ann Brewster, Evelyn Wechboth, Ruth Eubonks, and Miss Hazel Girvin. Row 2: Frank Wohrley, Rebeccc Hunley, Vincent Smith, Ricardo Hettel, Garnet Worthington, Pot Webster, and Bonnie Hoppe. Dorothy Grischy and Mary Obermeyer prepare Christmas decora- Ricardo Hettel, Richard Grischy, and Garnet Worthington discuss tions which were placed in the home rooms. the agenda for the forth-coming meeting. WALDEN CLUB The new sponsor of this year's club was Mrs. Charlotte Kernan, who teaches Biology, Psychology and Science. The officers this year were: Leroy Weaver, President; Carol Witte, Vice-President; Marilyn Kinghom, Treasurer; Anne Stuart, Secretory; Richard Grischy, Parli- omentorian. Row 1: Leroy Weaver, Morloh Beirne, Carol Hill, Ivo Reis, Dorothy Grischy, Mrs. Charlotte Kernon. Row 2: James Hall, Coroi Wosser, Rosalind John- son, Mary Obermeyer. Row 3: Bill Mittendorf, Ricardo Hettel, Marilyn Kinghorn. Standing: Corol Witte, and Richard Grischy. SKATING CLUB There were "spills and chills" on Sunday nights when the skating seoson first began. Of course, as the season progressed, figure eights were mode by Newport High School skotes. This all took place at the Cincinnati Gardens. The admission for the club was reduced because they went in 0 large group. This was 0 nice opportunity for those who like to skate. Miss Jo Ann Geverts, their sponsor, devoted her time to make the skating parties possible. Above: ROW 1: Miss JO Ann Geverts, Rito Kreindier, Corole Clark, ivo Neol, Carole Siebert, Sue Ratliff, Nina Noble, Bonnie Borhorst, Carol Ebe Reis, Eloine Wonder, Rohomo Cooper, Lindo Colston, Beuloh Combs, Marilyn Woodward, and Sherrie Strobel. Row 4: Laura Engle, Anne Stuo Wondo Lowe, and Edward Goblemon. Row 2: Carol Stucker, Beverly Wilson, Donna Willoughby, Pot Lundrigon, Myrno Kneol, Joseph Beazley, Moril Mary Ellen Shay, Borboro Whitford, Joyce Sondfoss, Charles Adkins, Dorothy Kinghorn, Mortho Shoy, Moroloh Beirne, Louise Hill, Mary Ann Kew, a Whitford, Mary Ann Brewster, Agnes Case, Christine Zinser and Joan Louise King. Scott. Row 3: Carol Wosser, Gwen Swank, Jacqueline Thomason, Betty Above: Carol Stucker, Marilyn Kinghorn, and Sue Ratliff practice Above: Donny Points, Dixie Martin, James Ahrens, Richard a few foncy steps. Grischy, and Mr. Steele Harmon look over the emblem for the Safety Club. Left: Row 1: Mr. Steele Harmon, Donno Nelson, Ruth Mortinp Eloine King, Martha Shay, Darlene Brody, Bill Mittendorf, Leroy Weaver, J- Wonder, Dionne Fritts, Corol Stucker, and Dorothy Grischy, Row 2: Mary Athkins, Shirley Crawford, and Jackie Beozley. Row 4: Ricardo Het Ellen Shoy, Lois Gorriott, Fronk Wohrley, Nancy Toffe, Bonnie Hoppe, James Ahrens, Joe Moore, Richard Grischy, Daniel Points, Christine Cm Mary LOu Obermeyer, Geraldine Rush, and Carol Coudili. Row 3: Louise Jerry Mullins, and Jerry Hobert. SAFETY CLUB "Don't let your conscience be your guide; unless sofety guides your conscience" is the motto for this safety minded group. It was founded to help prevent accidents to and from school. Eoch homeroom had two representatives who met together during the homeroom period once 0 week. Mr. Steele Hormon was their faculty sponsor. NEWPORT HAS A WIDE VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES R'ght: Six m mbers Of our band are shown playing Christmas carols by the Christmas tree during homeroom period. Above: During parents visitation night Mr. Kenney and Miss Geverts are shown talk- ing to one of the students' mothers, Mrs. Snyder. Below: The Teen-oge Book Club is pictured in the library after they started this club for the enjoyment of all high school students. The club adviser is Miss Morris. Above: Coach Edward Burton is giving point to Jimmy Bird about the art of holding extra points. Marilyn Woodward and Shirley King "Music Hoth' Charms," so the poet soys--whether it be one hundred twenty-five voices blend- ing in the beautiful harmony of a song; the strains of the many instruments of the Marching Band leading the student body across town to the football field; the melodious tones of the dance orchestra playing the ac- companiment for the N. H. S. Minstrels; or the glittering batons twirled by the high stepping majorettes. The music department, both instrumental and vocal, consists of more than two hundred and offers a means of expression to all of those members, who show an interest and talent. Membership is not limited. mewg L VMWVWWW ROW '1 Mr. JOCk Wimmer, Tommy ROfliff, COFOI Stucker, Jim Waddle, Joy Blout, Sally Seibert, Patti Reed, Sally Daines, Corol Bridges! Wayne MCGGhOI JOhn Martin, Ken Cope, Don Enzweiler, Hill, Martha Shoy, Donna Willoughby, Jim Wilson, Carol Hoffman, Joan Long, Don Day, Ken McLaughlin, Sue Ratliff, Bonnie Sue Ruddick, Irma Cosmer, and Joyce Gross. Row 4: Naomi Downordl Pamela Knox. ROW 2! J0Ck Gemmer, Gloria Tilford, Wunderlick, Ken Schweitzer, Roger Hortke, Linda Miller, Gory Betty Doe, CGFOI Ortlieb, Donna Owens, Georgiana Luke, Marjorie Chalk, Jack Fox, Wayne Klink, Jim Zion, Carl Tilford, Tim Butler, JOY Smith, Gail Weber, EOF'Y LOSEY, POT Morris, GCIFY Goodall, Jock Scheper, Tommy Owens, and Teddy Donsberry. Faulkner, and Dale DeBelievue. Row 3: Mary Ann Ries, Judy THE BAND IS A SYMBOL OF OUR SCHOOL Newport High School's marching band is worthy 0 true tomes To make this bond the best in the land was ever member's aim, In August this fine bond began to practice withou end, Knowing that upon this success depends. At last the football season comes and the ban Marches to the beat of several drums. At football games the band did march, and play go Tunes and dance, And out in front of this grand bond the mojorette Did prance. These sweet girls who did dances and twirls th- Certoinly were stupendous Were taught by head majorette, Dolores Bios, who i Really tremendous. At the close of football season, the activities are ju Beginning. The bond gives many performances and is constant! Kept spinning. At assemblies, variety shows, and graduation, t Bond you will always see. And when the bond began to play, all were fill- With glee. The reason Newport's bond was at full blaze 0 Never at a simmer Was its capable director, Mr. Jack C. Wimmer. Below: Mr. Jack Wimmer directs the bond during 0 Christmas concert. rwiWYa-wm MAJORETTES Sixteen mojorettes danced their way through another successful year of per- formances on the football field at half- time, assemblies, and pep meetings. Parades were enlivened by their high- kicking and twirling. The girls were led by head mojorette and choreographer, Dolores Bios. Right: Dolores Bias, Head Mojorette, is shown in her high-stepping pose. Below: Row 1: Mary Ellen Shay, Rudy King, Dolores Bios, Louise King, Carol Wosser, and Carol Hionce. Row 2: Joan Weiner, Carol Siebert, Martha Wohlbrink, Pot Becker, Beulah Combs, and Jackie Ziegler. Row 3: Penny Ebert, Becky Howard, Bonnie Barhorst, Ruth Schloke, Peggy Bostin, and Chris Lepper. Above: Shirley Ader plays the piano for Chorus, while Miss Janice Robbins directs. Below: Row 1: Mary Pomeroy, Jackie Grigsby, Betty Strange, Yvonne Poynter, La Verne lngguls, and Marilyn Horn. Row 2: Phyllis Hogle, Elaine Wilson, Judy Boumboch, Linda Colston, Judy Sheets, Ella Glocken, Ello Hutton, and Fay Lenders. Row 3: Dionne Wiggins, Evo Hurd, Stella Schultz, Suzanne Myers, Joan Scott, Ann Canada, Donna Thompson, Dione Dixon, Carole Mitchell, and Nancy Daniels. Row 4: Carol Coudill, Marilyn Hilge, Judy Bell, Anna Mosley, Peggy Snyder, Ruth Morgan, Lois Carter, THE CHORUS ADDS BEAUTY During the fifth and sixth periods of Newport High School, the halls ring with the sound of the one hundred and forty voices of the chorus practicing for their many programs. Under the direction of Miss Janice Robbins, c1 former graduate of Newport High School and The Cincinnati College of Music, the Chorus participated in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Assemblies. Also during the school year they assisted the Senior Class in "Annie Get Your Gun," the Bond in the Variety Show, and finally presented their own May Concert. Outside of school the Chorus song at the First Baptist Church of Carol Bailey, Carol Metheringhom, Barbara Baker, and Marilyn Reynoldsi Row 5: Joan Daniel, Patricio Hinte, Ethel Vulhop, Gail Duckworth, Betty Neal, Sherrie Strobel, Kathy Myers, Beverly Howe, Wanda Stowers, Rosalind Johnson, Charlotte Myers, and Margaret Lewis. Row 6: Gay Case, Ellis Hurd, Jerilyn Rottinhous, Jean Addison, Garnet Worthington, Christine Case, LaMont Mc- Clain, John Horn, Gordon Adams, Frances Huffman, Patricia Webster, and Judy Hole. TO SCHOOL LIFE Thanksgiving and St. Pouls Evangelical and Reformed Church at Christmas. A selected group participated in the Northern Kentucky Vocal Clinic under the direction of Dr. Hubert Cockritz and in the Kentucky All State Chorus under the direction of Charles C. Hirt, a graduate of the School of Music and the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. All State Chorus was held in the:j nlegw Memorial Colosseum, in Louisville, April 11 cm . To end the school year the Chorus sang for the Commencement Exercises. Below: Carole Casebolt, Shirley Ader, Arlene Houch, Ina Courtney, Wanda Lowe, Joy Botkins, Lavinia Green, and Miss Janice Robbins. Row 2: Pat Sauerwin, Ruth Crosby, Joyce Hodden, Mary Ronkie, Patricio Mollery, Donna Furnish, Carol Witte, and Janet Houenstein. Row 3: Joyce Hornsby, Soro Lewis, Phyllis Godd, Mary Ann Brewster, Janet Adams, Nora Chandler, Joyce Sondfoss, Bernito Wilson, and Jo Ann Lucas. Row 4: Bonito Troendle, Juanita Sparks, Marilyn Woodward, Hope Drake, Patricio Hronek, Mary Elkins, Georgia Mollery, Nancy Gemmer, Above: Members of the chorus file into the auditorium bearing candles during the Christmas Assembly. Ruth Harvey, and Charlotte Brickler. Row 5: Mary Sellers, Gwendolyn Jackson, Gwen Swank, Goldie Bonner, Patricia Jen- nings, Harold Godd, Patti Moore, Jo Ann Bohlinger, Bethel Feltner, Carolyn Morris, and Harold Musgrave. Row 6: Donna Willoughby, Charleen Jackson, Betty Bradbury, Rebecco Hunley, Kathleen Turner, GeorgetHetteberg, John Wallace, Barbara Albice, Toni Monyet, Dolly ChristianL Donna Surrey, Martha Smith, and Yvette Jackson. Above: A dance line does the finale for the Minstrels. Right: Marvin Wander performs in part one of "Little Bop Riding Hood." MINSTRELS BRING LAUGHTER "Here Comes the Showboat" rang out as the "Show Boat" docked on the stage of NeH-S, thus the Theme for the 1956 Minstrel was introduced. Arthur Crowe and Paul Collins, as old Captains reminisced through a scrap book of past show boat acts. Among them were "Down by the Ohio," "I've got Rhy- thm," and "Can Can" all done by the pony chorus. Their choreographer was Miss Rhea J. Peacher. Music was arranged and directed by Mr. Jack C. Wimmer. Miss Janice Robbins directed the chorus as they greeted the show boat and added vocal background to many of the num- bers. Left: Dolores Bias does a dance for the folks at the Minstrels. Below: The entire cast is shown as they await the beginning of the show on the showboat. ion of "Kokomo" 1r vers Don t Boss's tie as other members of the cast look on. In par II instrels. mgs e In Ll 0 d r e t r O C .K. O L d n 0 lab! U Q g In 8 n r e V O L iler br Thornton adjusts in Wonder does part two Bill : Marv "Little Bop Riding Hood. Above ight Don Enzwe of the scenery for the M Above: Mary Carter Left of R at the Minstrels. exxxxxxkxxxixxxixxtxkkkxkxkixx qe Nixxxxg N x Bertelsmon and Carol Lickert. Spins offer an opportunity to. build bodies and to develop a spirit of fair play, while building the athletes of tomorrow. The student body and. alumni al- ways wont championship teams. This takes Coaches who excell in leader- ship and patience and great players who have the will and desire to make winning teams. Football qnd Basket- ball are the two main sports at New- port with Baseball, Track, Swimming and others being secondary. In 1956 Football was King. Mr. Miller's powerful team won the NKAA Championship while the Basketball team dropped the crown in the last game of the season. GAA and girls' sports merit the time devoted to them. Each year the' girls strive to meet the high standards set by theaboord and the girls' oth- letic director. The spirit of competition runs high and even bubbles over into some of the clubs, such as the 'boys' Bowling Club, where mixed games are bowled each winter. There are also basketball games with surround- ing schools for the girls, and color teams who play such games as bad- minton, volley ball within their own organization. 1 , ' w 2' . x ?V V K74 x '2 7a Av J ; , $6 V my , gi x, 4 A Ax NVAV wx g m 5i, ' 3g; , Zz x V Vik$m4iz , 7N WILDCATS WIN CHAMPIONSHIP Above: Co-captains John Turner and Ronnie Downard accept the trophies presented to the team after the Newport Catholic game. The high-spot of the 1956 season was the win- ning of the Conference Championship. The team turned the trick for the first time in the history of the school. The 1956 football squad had more than four- teen seniors, more than any previous Newport team. The boys worked very hard as did the fine coaching staff. Head coach, Bob Miller, was ably assisted by coaches Harmon, Burton, and Riley. Newport started the season off with a "snarl- ing" 34 to 7 victory over Eastern High School. The power packed Wildcats continued to ramp by scores of 34 to 7 over Raceland and 34 to 0 over arch-rivals, NeWport Catholic. During the fourth game of the season the powerful Newport machine was stopped by a fine Western Hills eleven to the tune of a 14 to 7 score. The 'Cats; not liking the taste of defeat, bounced back to defeat of Highlands in a last minute Above: Newport Coaches are from left to right, Pete Riley, Steele Harmon, head coach Bob Miller, and Edwin Burton. Right: Row 1: Roy Whitaker, Bobby Shields, Jimmy Pruiett Bob Quigley, Larry Sprinkle, Bob Morris, Howard Miller, Bill Knapp, Robert Walters, Wardell Gibson, Ivan Cooper, and Charles Adkinson, manager. Row 2: Kent Curtis, man- ager, James Murphy, Harold Strunk, Jimmy Bird, Jerry Jones, Ben Stull, Bob Lee, Tom Simpson, Dan Pitman, Mike Stull, Leroy Schoo, Walter Feldkamp, Bill Pelfry, David Axt, Houston Ebert, manager. Row 3: Steele Harmon, Bob Miller, coaches, Rodney Gross, Vice Schar- stein, Edward Morris, Ronald Downard, Danny Points, Dennis Holzschuh, John Turner, Ervin Deaton, Cecil Turner, George Rush, John Slack, Gary Pabst, Edwin Burton and Pete Riley, Row 4: Richard Wallace, Billy Jones, Ernie Blaut, Warren Harden, Phil Hamilton, Don Ratliff, Don Schneider, Larry Harden, Jerry Combs, Del Hatfield, John Williams, and Bill Highchew. 1956 RECORD Opponent Louisville Eastern Raceland Newport Catholic Western Hills tOT Highlands BeHevue Dixie Boone County Holmes Dayton Kiser tOT Exposition Bowl Louisville St. Xavier -ld Nd OsONOhOQJJkONV U1 N Above: Ervin Deaton goes off tackle during the St. Xavier game. thriller 21 to 13. The Wildcats were then upset by a fiery Bellevue squad, 9 to O. The twice defeated eleven, feeling in a bad mood due to the loss to Belle- bue, spanked Dixie 7 to O and went on to humble Boone County 34 to 12. The Holmes "Bulldogs" were the next victims of the "Cats." This hair-raising game ended 21 to 20. Dayton Kise of Ohio invaded Newport soil only to go home under another Wildcat mauling, 34 to 6. Newport m t Louisville St. Xavier in the Expo- sition Bowl at Louisville, Ky. for the final game of the season. The "Tigers," rated number one in the state, tromped the 'Cats, 52 to 7. Although the team was badly beaten in the last game of the season, the school spirit was high, as it was all year. Newport ended the season with an 8 and 3 record and again, under the talented hands of Coach Miller, ended as one of the states top teams. Above: Newport managers are left to right, Houston Ebert, Clarence Turner, and Kent Curtis. W7 ? x? x Ponero ?e g egg 5 5 corner d by all the team. boll Signe iiggei? i. . IdVvar th 0 football, ins John Turner and Ronnie Downard present w: Pabst moves in for the tackle as Dennis Holzschuh The Co-Capto and John Turner are ready to assist. of Western Hills. coach Bob Mi I Ier Garry kegx?! x: is;? Ronnie Downard gets a block during the Newport Catholic game. Below e v o b A x; a.?iltlii; ;, 3, f5? J. Slack D. Holzschuh R. Downord D. Ratliff G. Pabst J. Turner G. Ru$h E. Deaton W. Harden P. Hamilton C. Turner E. Blout D. Axt D. Schneider 44$ 7 7 WQ y $ V 7 , 0M? x SO ms 2 w, 9 15 wamwyp WMV2A22XMi 22XX22 y A ,y 7 Above: Row 1: Kent Curtis, and Kenneth Reynolds, Managers. Row 2: Del Hatfield, Richard Casey, Earl Shackleford, Richard Vories, Eenneth Cole, and Angelo Hall. Row 3: Ernie Brady, Clarence Turner, Danny Points, John Turner, George Rush, and Coach Stan rnzen. WILDCATS ENJOY GOOD SEASON A power packed Wildcat team romped over op- ponents for the major part of the season, with one EdWln K' Burton and Stanley Amzen, COOCheS- , conference defeat when they lost to Dixie Heights, by a score of 69-67, to drop the NKAC Crown. The record for all games played was 24 wins with tour losses coming from Newport Catholic Thoroughbreds, Elder Panthers, and the Colonels from Dixie Heights in conference play and the Regional Tournament. In 28 contests the 'Cats netted 2029 points for an average of 72.5 points per game, while the op- position totaled l603 points to average 57.3 points per game. The team was paced by Captain "Big" John Turner who totaled 704 points to average 25.1 and Richard Varies who posted an average of 19.4 points with a total of 545. The two players netted 61.10b of all points scored by the entire team. The team may have lacked the points needed to win those four games, but through good spirit and deteimination they gave Coach Stan Arnzen a good season. Opponent Boone County Campbell County Clark County BeHevue Simon Kenton Dayton Highlands Newport Catholic St. Henry Erlanger Lloyd Hazard Highlands Holmes Dayton Covington Catholic Boone County Beechwood Campbell County Somerset Ludlow Holmes Henry Clay Dixie D'strict Tournament Opponent Campbell County St. Thomas Regional Tournament Opponent They Dixie 59 Tr -Stal'e Invitational Elder 62 Hamilton Public 48 5555 m m 0w $ ,7 5- Z , v27; 5 hi p 44V $175 421' 75444? . M5! Above: Head basketball coach, Stanley Arnzen, and his start ng five; Angelo Hall, Ernie Brady, John Turner, Richard Vories, and Clarence Turner, gather for their last minute instructions. Below George Rush 5205 fires 0 mp sh t against Dixie Heights as Del Hatfield 025 watches. W55 ' s V x w V54 555$ - w a V5 V Ms W545 V , , , , , , V ? A 5s x 1 11; x11 15111SJ11111V11111$41' 1 1 41141141 1 7 111111 1111 711 , 11 1 11111 1 1 ' 4 , 4 X 111114 ,7 1 471111144114 1 1 451111111 , ' 1,111 1 1 1111 1 , , , y 1 y , 1 , 11111111 11121111 4 .x - s$xi$ xxe 1 771 xxx Xxx Q'Q 4 x 11 1 111111 $444 ; g g x 1 1 11 111 1 11 11. 1 e mwx xf WV Abo e Kenny Cole drove past the St. Henry guard or the bucket, good for two points for Mr. Burton's reserve team. 4111111 Below: Richard Vories has his jump shot blocked in the Dayton game, Clarence Turner and "Big" John were ready for the re- bound. 1.4 4411 1 t 1; 1 17 1 , 4 x1141 1 1 x xx , 1 x 1, 1 11 1 41111111 1 x 1111. 1,611 , 111msp 1 211111111 ; 1 1 11 M111 ,1 111 V 1111114 , L w 1 1 WW11111 1S1 1 ,1 . 1e11,, x?A11VNVX 346$ 4fx1 . Wow 11 K A :1 11, x 11 1km? V11 11 1 1 111 1 11 11 1 11 10 1 1 111111111414 11 1 Above: Del Hatfield drives in for a "bunny" pre-gome worm-up 1, ,11 11 1, , 1 N 11114414446114 , 111111; 1111 11712411111 7,1111 . x44; 1 1141114111 1w 4 411 7 AK 7 t . 114$ ,1 WI; CL , h xyh $igg$ e , 1411 ' 141th , . x 744 41 1 - 11111, 11,1 1 L 1 1111 7y 1 11111 , 4 11- ' , 11 11 1 11 1 - 114 11 111111 , 1 M1 111414141111 ,1 , , 1 1M 1 ,111111111w 11 11111111111 11111411111 144,411, 41w 1 Xx? Mex L xxx axe x xx x NVQA xxxx innoti block 0 Inc 41 N21??? 2 inly t0 Ies VG V V 477 A 7 77s 7e97, 77 7 X777 7,. V4x ichard Vories 034 looks on ing the Newport Catholic game at C R Clarence Turner tZSt tr , 77 7V . 7:277 M7$V74e 4 . g , W2: , :x 74$: 74S774sx shot dur Gardens. Above a 7443 $7 77: 4 g 4 77777 .7, e t Y 74 wt ixie, Newport inst D 74$ $77 ,2? 775777,? 7O 7: s; 4777 77 , Tou rney was eliminated from Tournament plo shot ago by 0 score of 58 to 59. Jump ,7 7 John Turner is high in the t the Bluebirds of Highlands Regional ogoms for 0 the Above: "Big" John Turne gets one of his many tips, good for two poin Right air in KX; 0Q ?f r , W7? , ,, , W xXH V , i w; Xegylwwl ?7 M,X a A W , r r ngxv Igaoiy r n xlI , VOWV iy M W ,x x, Mwhgg OMM , w i 7?"? Above: The baseball team are from left to right, Row 1: Coach Stan Arnzen, Bruce Barkhau, Dick King, Kent Curtis, Bobby Lee, Del Hatfield, Kenny Pigg, and assistant coach, Neil Conners. Row 2: Kenny Bailey, Bill Thorton, Roger Quinn, Norman Youtsey, Dick Vories, Don Bass, Ron Sansom, Kenny Cole, and Stu Stormer. Row 3: Jerry Morris, Ernie Brady, George Rush, Edward Morris, Ronnie Pigg, Phil Hamilton, and Les Temple. The little girl sitting in front of the the team is their mascot Donna Arnzen. Below: Ronnie Pigg, number four, is on his way to first base after hitting a ground ball to shortstop. BASEBALL The charges of Coach Stan Arnzen ob- tained a late start due to bad weather, thus not playing a full schedule. Newport, pre-season pick to take top honors in the Ninth Region, was loaded with talent. Eight regulars were returning from the previous championship team. The "Cats" suffered a major upset at the hands of Silver Grove during the District Tournament as the "Big Trains" scored one run in the last inning to take home a 3 to 2 victory. The team was also disappointed because they did not meet their arch-rivals, the New- port Catholic Thoroughbreds. The game was cancelled due to rain. Newport finished the season with a 9 and 4 record. Coach Arnzen believed the season would have been better if there had been more desire. A boy to watch this coming season is sophomore pitcher, Kenny Pigg. As a fresh- man, Pig compiled an impressive 4 and 0 record. wnmvxwwwwwwv 4r .Lds LQW Mg, RECORD 2;, , 5 Opponent -' 3' m WW BeHevue Boone County Holmes Silver Grove Highlands Ludlow Holmes St. Henry Loyfette Purcell Dixie VQL, , Wm 1g- 0R XX K W W W SWWQW SQ"! L7 W wx Rx L ALL , Wgs? ' 7WX V7 W7$V FD CO 00 V3 L0 Ln W4 OJ hJ CD 00 A 20 r . v 747W. , L ix4L ,stx 4?z ' LL w : '- g$f QW? . L, L , 4W , .,r. V -W ZwXQ; W L' ' W MW Campbell County Silver Grove L" 00 C:?Ch ON to ho CD CD .. -d L L 45,- V . ' MM AL V' W . ,vXanKI4 f, L vL WLy 3 6V Above: Lester Temple congratulates on opposing player after a game. , Below: Lester Iemple is waiting to accept a pitch. V490 399 S "n1? ' . V'rrw VWLx k $1, L WW 4 W4a L W W WZg;?;QA L ,xm ' $WWW$W$i52gg Cy x as W, X xv . , x74x$ W z L Ly y L W w W. WMLLW ' r, wa ; WNWm xW x MWLQ WWW Qx LW , 7H 'NVWxWLx xo- LW l .,LWL; oowngvxy V$ Lx W LL WAQ $W W , xW V L mew? 4.x LLxWL-W x L L ' w x L L , , W L x LmeL $"v$ kWL , ' , , W L L s L L : Y ' $Wx W$W$W LWNWLW - a L , , , L W L,wrx W LW$W EW, y , L , - w , L , -r wW$'k L W$Q , ' W $WS gMLW XX vxw-W - ,, , W L w W KW L KWL WLW , , $W x QWx g rm, , , y L x, LL WAL VW' , L , , W a H W ' xx 4f 7 X p a WW 7 w 71 i Above: Highland takes first place in the low hurdles as Newport's Earl Shockleford finishes in a close second. TRACKMEN DISPLAY ENDURANCE Dennis Holzschuh is shown as he warms up before a track meet. "Below: The varsity track team are from left to right, Row 1: Jerry Jones, Billy Jones, and Adams. Row 2: Larry Harden, Bill Morton, Ken Colston, Don Schneider, Pete Droege, Gordon Leigh, and Dennis Prutow. Row 3: Manager Joe Lynn, Arzell Bonner, Cecil Turner, Wilson Dennis Holzschuh, Ervin Deofon, George Hetteburg, and Earl Shockleford. . WWW Jaw w v 4w , g v ' W , w 1m, , , , v , K ' 4W . ' 'xwmwmm W nWA jww Wkwmw ,, . ., , I , , , V MN I wawzhmMMqum WWW kaAmewm r , $$wwwx WMWMow IIWAW . y, , IMWWW Above: Droege and Jones are shown as they race to the lfinish line against two Holmes trock-men. Coach Edwin Burton instructed his boys to "run the soreness in, and then run it out," and they did just that. The team was captained by LeRoy Droege 0nd wigs sparked by the fine running of sophomore Billy Jones. Newport had fine sprinters in Droege and Jones and the 880 yard relay team also showed its heels to many opponehts. The distance runners and field men were not up to par clue to the loss through graduation. Coach Burton expects a better showing from these departments this year. Throughout the season the "thinclods" of New- port participated in ten meets, including the Con- ference and Regional meets. The Wildcats finished Pole-voulter, Ken Colston, is shown as he goes over the bar. second in 0 rough Regional meet and in the Con- ference. This year's team will be built around five return- ing lettermen. Ervin Deoton will give needed strength in the distance and hurdle races. Cecil Turner will return in the 440 yard dash and the mile relay. Don Schneider and Arzell Bonner will bolster the relay teams. Lorry Harden, a boy with good possibilities, is returning in the pole vault. The llbig gun" this year should be little Billy Jones. Last year as a sophomore he broke the school century mark with 0 good time of lO.2 and also smashed the 220 yard dosh record in 23.8. Below: The freshman track team are: Row 1, left- to right: Don Green and Ben. Stull. Row 2: Warren Harden, Bill Pelfrey, Tom Simpson, Ellery Robinson, Roger Hartke, and Joe Lynn. Row 3: Don Points, Dick Wallace, Jock Fox, Roger Seifried, Carl Tillford, and Vic Schorstein. Wli" X , M WWW I MW Mg INN 45 f ' w 5V5, t 114W? x 944wa , , The Swimming team are: Row 1, left to right: Houston Ebert, Earl Kew, George Hetteburg, Dan Donnelly, Barry Peper, and Bob Neal. Row 2: Coach Bud Covana, Harold Strunk, Roger Seifried, Bill Quigley, and Ben Hemmingway. SWIMMING DEVELOPS MUSCLES Below: Coach Bud Cavono shown with Co-Coptoins, Houston Ebert, left, and Barry Peper, extreme right. Twelve boys made up the 1957 Swimming Team which took part in several dual meets, the Northern Kentucky Athletic Conference and the State meet. From this group the two seniors were the two captains, Barry Peper and Houston Ebert, who be- tween them earned seven letters in their years of competition. Other lettermen and the years they lettered were: Eorl Kewt3i, Lorry Keent3i, Bobby Nealt2i, Joseph LynnHi, Dan DonnellyHi, George HettebergHi, Roger Seifriedtii, Harold StrunktD, William QuigleyHi, and Ben Hemmingway, Dual meets were held with Withrow, Purcell, Taylor, and Highlands high Schools. Holmes, High- lands, Bellevue, and Beechwood in the conference meet, and several strong schools in Class B in the state meet at the University of Kentucky. GOLF REQUIRES SKILL This year the Golf team was coached by Mr. Howard Barnett and captained by Houston Ebert, three boys were lost through graduation, five returned for the 1957 season Houston Ebert and "Teddy" Donsberry led the team through a schedule of ten games. The "Niblickers" not only played a full schedule but also partiCIpated in the Con- ference and Regional Tournaments. During these tournaments the "Cats" held their own and showed plenty of fight. 22, W2 2WWWWWWWWWWW , 22222W222W2WWWWWW WWWWWWWWW 2 2WWWW2WWWWWWWW2 22222WWWWWWW 2 22222222 WWWWWWWWWWWWW 22 WWWWWWWWW 2 22222WWW2W2W W 222 WWW WW2 WWWWWWWWWW 222 WWW WWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWW WWW WWWWWWWW WWWW WWW WWWWW W WWWWWWW WW WWW WWWWWW WWWWWWWW WWWWWW WWWWWW 2 2 WWW WWW WWW WWW WWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWW WW 2W2 222 WWWWWWWWWW WWW WWWWWW 222 WWW WW WWWWWWWW ' WWWWW2 WWWWWWWW WWW; 2W 61222 W"; WWW 2.2, 2222 Q NQQNN , , a 212,791 W W 22W2WW W Above: The golf team are. Row 1, left to right: Teddy Donsbury, Ralph Hopkins, and Bill Knapp. Seated. Carl Tillford, Captain Houston Ebert, and Mr. chord Barnett, Coach. Below: Row 1, left to right: Don Schneider, Barry Peper, Billy Jones, Joe Lynn, Earl Kew, G V Deaton, and Coach Bob Miller. Row 2. Warren Harden, Kent Curtis, Clarence Turner, Richard Vories, Richard Casey, and Del Hatfield Row 3: Houston Ebert, Ernie Blout, Phil Hamilton, David Axt, Lorry Harden, and Gary WNN W WNKQQ 22 2QQ2W22QW WNN Q2222 W22QQ22Q i 2 WW A 2W N2W2QWW Q2 W2 N2Q 2 W72NNQ x2; WN2WW22NQQQW QQQr -; $222 NNQW2 i W W2N.QW .Q'2 215$ QQQ WW1? Q22 22 2 , V22 N22 W; WN222222$WNNNN22Q2 WN W :NQQ'2'22 W W2 NNN2 2Q2WNQ2?Q 2QWNN222 , N W222 2 2QQ 2W WNNQQ WW 2 QW 2 2Q QQQQ2 W 22 N22WNQQQ N2 N- W N. W W22QQW NN Q QQWN2 WWWQQWQW VNN22NN2NWWN N W , 22N ; TNN2W', N N22WN 22 W W WWN22QQW NNNM WNQ 2QWNNN WNNfWNQN2 WQ22QQ2 QW N N W WNNN 2 2222-QQ WN NNWWWNN22QW22 W N22QQW W2NNW 2 W QW2 N WNQQ2 2W N262; Q22NNWWNNW 2 22 1 NN22QW222WW2 2 A;2' 272 22 2Q:WW 2QQQW 22WQ Q22 WNN 2NQQ2 22Q QQW222W NQ2WQQQWW22 -Q 22 NNQQQWQ W W. 22QWNN222-Q W2 W 222W QQW22W Q2 N 2WN4W22QQW N WW 2NQN22 W22 QQW22 WNN22QQW IWQ 2 W .th922 'NN, WNNNWWWNQQQ22QQW 2QWW2 WWWNNNQ2 W W 2 ' Q , NWjQ2 sWNNN W 2 ' Q IQQQQW22NN . QQQQW 2 WNN Pabst Row 4: Cecil Turner, Ervin Deoton, Edward Morris, Arzell Bonner, Dick Wallace, and Don Ratliff. Row 5. John Turner, Dennis Holzschuh, John Slack, Dan Points, Ronnie Downord, and George Rush. WNNN Q-222W 22W Q 22WNNNNQQQ22N WNN222WNNQQ NQQ22W22N N N 2, 2. 22WWWNNW W2NNNNWNW2WW2NNN W QN-WWWN 2, WQ2WNNN NQQWNNQWQWQ2NNQW W Q,,- W N WWQNN 2 WNNQWN 22WWN2NNN222NNWWNN 2gN2WN 22:2;NN NWNNNWWi 2220322 ?WNNW 2W2 NW22 N2QQQW2; 22WN2222? 22224 2W2NN22222 N WWN22QW2 NN 2 2Q 22 2QW2 2QQ2222QQ W22 2 22QQW2NNN2 Q2W2N NNWNN2Q2Q 2WQ QWW N,QW7 Q. T W WQW'22W 22QQW WQ222 'WN N222 . NN 22WNQ 2W W2 Q- W2NQQQ W A22Q 222WQW22N WW ' 72k 222W W. N N22W2N 2 2 222WNN 2N4 N. QQQ 22W QQWWWNN2 2QW2WNQ22 NN W W W22 222NQQ2WNQQQ2W2WN 2 N22W 2Q222N2 :QQWNNQQQQ 22222 2 v WNN2222 NWNQQ2QQW2222Q2 22QWWNNN2 22; N22 Q N22 2 W .W2NN2 2 22NWNQ NQQ , N, W NNNNQQ 2Q WNNNN2QW NNWNNN222QQQWWNN22 Q22; W2 2W2; ;WNNN WN2QQ W222WN2QQW N222 QW222 ,7 Q, 2QQQ W2 X 2 Q222 W W WNQLLWW 2m xQ W2NNN22QW222NNQQ222WW WNN2QQ222 WN QQW22 N2Q Q WWN 2QNW, QQW N22W 2N W W2NNNWNQQ22 NNNN Q22QQ QQQWQQWW122 W22 NQN22WN2Q NN2QQWW 22 W2 NWNNN 2 WNNN 2W QQ W2 2 22 NN JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Row 1: Tony Henderson, Drew Goskins, Ervin Strubbe, Gory Buck, Carl Sharp, Alfred Neal, and James Ploeger. Row 2: Coach M. J. Cavono, Jock Gish, Alvin Britsch, Melvin Johnson, Richard Schultz, Garland Whisner, James Mc- Laughlin, Walter Kyle, Ronnie Demon, Lorry Hatfield, and Ronnie Storn. Row 3: Bob Fennell, Leroy Shields, Ken Stuempel, Elbert King, Mike Stull, Larry Sprinkle, Wayne Hetteberg, Charles Buckler, Warner Moore, and Neil O'Horrah. Row 1: Wayne Hetteberg, Charles Buckler, Larry Sprinkle, Ken Stuempel, Lorry Hatfield, Mike Stull, Owen Rinsburg, Tom Owens. Row 2: Coach M. J. Covano, Melvin Johnson, Ron Storn, Bob Bennell, James McLaughlin, Corl Sharp, Alfred Neal. Top to bottom, Janice Seifried, Carol Hill, Betty Richter, and Sharon Wonder ore Junior High Cheerleaders. CHEERLEADERS PORTRAITS By James J. Metcolfe "The Cheerleader" With multiple gyro ions and . . . A voice as- tonishing . . . He strives to rouse 0' stadium . . . or make the rafters ring . . . In college or in high school, he . . . Commands the s udent ' tiers . . . As he jumps up and leads them in . . . Their unison of cheers . . . He may seem somewhat funny, or . . . That "he" may be a gal . . . But anyone who draws those cheers . . . ls boosting school morale . . . Cheerleaders are 0 specialty . . . As much as those who play . . . And now and then they are the ones . . . Who really save the day . . . In football, baseball, basketball . . . In hockey or the track . . . Let's give each good cheer- Ieader now . . . A pot upon the back. "Courtesy of James J Metcalfe, the Cincin- nati Enquirer, and the Chicago Sun-Times Syndicate." Top, righ Varsity cheerleaders Mary Derrick, Carol Welder, Toni Monyet, Linda Waddle, Shirley King, and Connie Bouras. Right: Reserve cheerleaders: Row 1: Sally Doines. Row 2: Sally Seibert, and Suzanne Myers, Row 3: Kathy Myers, Betty Bradbury, and Darlene Brody. Below: Toni Monyet, Linda Waddle, Corol Welder, Shirley King Connie Bouros, and Mary Derrick, fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Above: Row 1: Bonnie Poole, Ruth Eubonks, Marilyn Horn, Fay Lenders, Mary Jo Richards, Evelyn Wechbath, lvo Reis, Pot Sauerwin, Dione Mitchell, Judy Boumbock, Elaine Wonder, Wanda Lowe, Rosella Long, La Verne lngguls, Eva Rothe, Rita Kreindler, and Dorothy Voll. Row 2: Babe Reder, Florence De Rossett, La- Verne Hall, Dion Ewing, Dione Relly, Christie Lepper, Elizabeth Goldner, Connie Bouras, Mary Derrick, Joyce Mullins, Rohoma Cooper, Penny Ebert, Ina Courtney, Dolores Puckett, Janice Bocher, Beverly.Wilson, Morg Simms, and Miss Margaret Moore. Row 3: Ruby King, Pat Becker, Laura Engle, Dolores Bios, Yvonne Poynter, Barbara Simms, Charlene Smith, Myrna Sporing, Roberto Long, Joanne Daniels, Yuetto Jackson, Carole Hombrick, Carol Ebert, Betty Neal, Shirley King, Marilyn Woodward, Carol Hionce, and Christine Zinser. Row 4: Suzanne Myers, Judy Bennett, Georgia Mollery, Carolyn Wagner, Sally Seibert, Anna Mosley, Judy Anderson, Lois Carter, Verona Sharp, Gayle Duckwdrth, Ann Canada, Pauline Neal, Jenny Ament, Carole Caudill, Stella Schultz, Dixie Nolan, Wanda Stowers, Jackie Zeigler, Charlotte GIRLS KEEP ACTIVE Below: Wanda Lowe, Stella Schultz, and Georgia Mallery aim at archery targets. Brickler, and Barbara Whittaker. Row 5: Sally Doines, Nancy Brinkmon, Betty Howard, Linda Miller, Margie Butler, Ruth Schlake, Martha Wohlbrink; Nancy Hindmon, Gwen Swank, Barbara Carmichael, Judy Bell, Carol Hoffman, Carol Siebert, Louise King, Bonnie Borhorst, Margie Slack, Nancy Griffith, Sally A'Ibice, Peggy Bostin, Jackie Thomason, and Mary Ellen Shay. Row 6: Ann Stuart, Beverly Howe, Carole Welder, Pot Jennings, Marilyn Eggleston, Nancy Weaver, Jerilyn Rottinghouse, Judy Egon, Peggy Lepper, Kathy Meyers, Shirley Butler, Norma Butler, Ethel Vulhop, Kay Wolfe, Joyce Dunn, Charlene Herzog, Mary Kew, Catherine Campbell, Barbara Bonner, Linda Waddle, Martha Murphy, and Pat Feucht. Row 7: Carol Rae Hill, Lois Berkemeier, Donna Gregory, Donna Miller, Becky Howard, Betty Bradbury, Martha Jane Shay, Dolly Christian, Becky Hunley, Linda Alspech, Marilyn Kinghorn, Barbara Albice, Marion Allen, Darlene Brady, Toni Monyet, Sherrie Strobel, Donna McClung, Elizabeth Mc- Intosh, Audrey Morton, Donna Surrey, Shirley Crawford, and Carole Mitchell. IN G.A.A. Girls' Athletic Association is a club of Newport High School organized for girls who are interested in sports. Members learn to bowl, play basketball, volly- boll, badminton, tennis, golf, aerial darts, archery, and to ride horseback. Teams are chosen for some of the sports and the girls play teams from other schools. These girls are the "honor players" and get extra points. As it is plain to everyone, G. A. A. is a club with a purpose. It teaches the girls to work and play 108 together, fair play, ability, leadership, and also creates an interest in all sports. The members look to their odvisor, Miss Margaret Moore, their officers and board members for help and organization of their sports. For the time and work the girls put in, they are well paid. If they attend seventy-five per cent of the time in each sport they receive points. Those having sufficient points receive their awards at the Mother- Daughter Banquet. Each consecutive year, the girls receive a bigger and better award. Right; Miss Margaret Moore gives instructions on how :to grip 0 bowling ball. Below: The G.A.A. Board. Row 1: Standing, Shirley King, and and Myrna Sporing. Row 3: Donna Gregory, La Verne lngguls, Martha Wahlbrink. Row 2: Audrey Morton, Sherrie Strobel, Carol Ann Stuart, Iva Reis, Connie Bouros, Bonnie Poole, Chris Zinser, Ebert, Miss Margaret Moore, Barbara Carmichael, Rita Kreindler, Elaine Wonder, Delores Bias, and Marilynn Eggleston. G.A.A. KEEPS FIT AND TRIM , , MW? V C , ; x ziI- wM 7 w Above: Shooting, Pot Jennings. Ann Mosley, Sally Albice, Carol Mitchell, and Charlotte Brickler, wait for the rebound. Below: Joyce Mullins looks over the pins as she prepares to roll at a G. A. A. meeting. x 7J7W L ,H . xxy xm Ky AW 1x Ag? Above: Wanda Lowe, Georgia Mallery, Miss Margaret Moore, and Stella Schultz ot the archery target. , 21;, MA; x W 742 sz; W, 7$W$VQOw WV 4N? ; vmxxy 13M Zifx ZWZZZZZszZZZZYZZ Z ZZZ??? , Z ?Z, AZ, Z , w ,; ZZZZ IIZ , ZZ Z Z Z! Z iii ZZZ: Z Bonnie Bradbury, Becky Howard, Martha 0 o L Q$ws , Z . Z , Pot Becker, Row 4 ice In. ZZZ, foZZ and Miss Margo ef Moore. ,ZZZ$ZZ ZZsZ Z Z ZZZ, , S ZZZ Z WWWWW$ ZZZ ZMZ , and Peggy Bast ise King, ZK Laura Engle, Sally Alb Z Z ,Z xg , Sally Seibert, Judy Anderson Borhorsf, Ruth Schloke, Betty Bouros, Suzanne Myers, Wohlbrink, Carol Sieber , Lou Z? 7 xZuZZSxWZM! ZZZ Z1$ QC K. Z WZZZoAsZZ Ruby Z Connie ZZQKZN ZZv Z x Z ,7 , I, I .,. Z xZZsy A $59, ZZZZ L xnyZZ ZZwZ$Z , Z Z xMZKWQ Z ZZZZQZ Z ZZVZmZVfo Z L ; ZZZ, Z39 QZ Abo e: Sh rrie Strobel and Marilyn Woodward approaching alley at Newport Bowling Alleys. , and Bonnie Poole. Row 2 I , xw Z Zwus , and Jackie Ziegler. Row 3 I aZZZ Carol Hicmce Shirley King, Betty Neal, y? Z La Verne lngguls, lno Courtney, Christie Leeper, ZZZx, ZZngZZsZZ Z s Z ZZZ Row 1 ZZZ Z ZZ o - Z Z Z . ZN Wx MZZZMZZwZM King, Mary Ellen Shay Sally Doines, Dolores Bios Below : Charlotte Brickler, Penny Ebert Vice President: Mrs. E. Quinn Rec. Secy.:'Mrs. R. Rottinghaus Correspondence Secy.: Mrs. H. Curtis Treasurer: Mrs. J. Duckworth President: Mrs. H. Braun Mr. and Mrs. Troy Adams Mr. and Mrs. S. Arnzen Mr. and Mrs. H. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. H. Barkhou Mrs. J. Bell Mr. and Mrs. W. Berkemeyer Mr. and Mrs. H. Braun Mr. and Mrs. J. Bridges Mrs..O. Budig Mr. and Mrs. E. Burton Miss M. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. R. Coudill Mr. and Mrs. J. Chalk ' Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. H. Cole Mr. and Mrs. J. Collins Miss E. Colliver Miss B. Culbertson Mr. and Mrs. H. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. G. Daines Mr. and Mrs. A. Dameron Mrs. L. Day Mrs. E. Dansberry Mrs. M; Derrick Mrs. J. Duckworth Mrs. W. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. C. Ebert Mr. and Mrs. D. Elkins Mr. and Mrs. M. Farrar Mr. and Mrs. R. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. J. Garner Miss J. Geverts Miss H. Girvin Miss G. Gray Mr. and Mrs. A. Gutekunst Miss R.. Harris Mr. and Mrs. L. Haggard Mr. S. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. M. Hettel Mr. and M15. H. Hilge Mr. and Mrs. C. Kernan Mr. and Mrs. F. Kinney 'Mrs. J. Klink Mr. and Mrs. H. Kohl Mrs. R. Lope Mrs. M. Lively Mr. and Mrs. D. Losey Mr. and Mrs. T. Manyet Mrs. R. Meyers . Mr. and Mrs. W. Mittendorf Mr. R. Miller Miss M. Moore Mrs. A. Morgan Miss M. Morris Miss J. Owens Mr. and Mrs. C. Owens Mrs. 0. Parker Mrs. L. Peak Mrs. E. Peper Mrs. Dan Points Rev. and Mrs. Dudley T. Pomeroy Mrs. E. Quinn Miss J. Robbins Mrs. M. Romo Mrs. R. Rottinghaus Mrs. J. Schillef Miss B. Schworberg Mr. and Mrs. J. Schultz Mrs. F. Seibert Mr. and Mrs. E. Shackelford Mr. and Mrs. H. Slack Mrs..N. Smith Miss E. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. N. Surrey Miss L. Tanner Mr. and Mrs. C. Tanner Miss Mary Tanner Mr. and Mrs. A. Troendle Mr. and Mrs. R. Walters Mr. D. Walker Mrs. H. Welder Miss J. West Mrs. L. Wetzel Mrs. S. Wilson Mr. J. Wimmer Miss A. Witteried Mr. and Mrs. D. Wohrley Mrs. R. Woodall Compliments of the ZON Seniors and their Advisor. Compliments KENTUCKY ENTERPRISE Of FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION FENNELL COM PA N Y Co. 1-3050 Heating and Piping 8th and Monmouth Streets ontractors Newport, Kentucky C A Savings Institution! 7-H EOSt Fourth Street co. 1-9291 ' ' Newport, Ky. I "Congratulations and Best Wishes' Compliments from Of T H E YOUR FLORIST GEORGE WIEDEMANN BREWING COMPANY VICTOR H. BROWN 601 Columbia St. Newport, Ky. AX L W WW V W NW, W ,1, W LW , A W ' W W x ' A , .W , . ' Agvvy ? r W' r W ' ' VVXSAZLWVx x0 x4 $15 A LW 5 40$ny WA, K A 1A NW xx W W W A L M . W V WWW W ' ' W . r W W U WV A 97 , , W AAAAxeW W L W Ag " ' ' c xAsWWWL ' W .W ' iw - ' , W W N? WV WW A; x . u WW W WAN A v A . - ' AWwNWWWWWW KW esz W WVL W . KL . $ , L W . v L , W W X I X y L m 4 Wk7 va Kw uxK AW W NyWW 4A; i 0AM WW xxW K x A ' A W V W WLW WL W , 4kaQI$fx Ax - L , A7 A L w A WW LL ,, " , W; imxxyWWxthWx-WWL y, K x L W "A , w 'xx A Q KW v WL W ,L , CVWWM W Awa W AM L A ,L W 64W V W x y L m2 W L W LA W w W 'V - w A Q I Ax, $7M, $ x ,, I WLNIAW v .Wx V x TAKM x MA NW WM W WWW' xWWWWyW WX yawn X , , KWW A W x W wax J. W WAwA A m 'm f KAPPA PHI GAMMA SORORITY Co plI ents o . KLASERNER'S Prescription Pharmacy 18th and Monmouth Sts. Phone AX. 1-6210 FREE DELIVERY Newport, Ky. AMPLE PARKING KENTUCKY GRILL Breakfast - Dinner - Sandwiches HE. 1-9673 912V2 Monmouth St. NeWport, Ky. ORDER BY PHONE AND TAKE 'EM HOME We Specialize in Corsages PFEIFFERS FLOWER SHOP 720 Monmouth Street Ph. CO. 1-9297 Newport, Ky. Compliments of NELTNER SERVICE STATION 19th and Monmouth St. HE. 1-9144 EDWIN l. POATE Florist and Designer 111 E. 7th St. Newport, Ky. "Flowers For All Occasions" JU. 1-3996 RES. HI. 1-1991 Air-Conditioned Five Barbers HICKS We Try to Please You 907 Monmouth Street Newport Kentucky Compl iments of VESPER PRINTERS Horry F. Deiterman FIRE - FIRE Avoid A Loss Insure with Haas A D A M C . H A A S 724 Monmouth St. CO. 1-9869 Compliments Of SUNSHINE HARDWARE WENDLING PRINTING COMPANY Wedding Invitations LATEST DESIGNS ENGRAVED - THERMOGRAPHED 1H Beech Street Newport, Ky. Phone CO. 1-8300 C 8: D RECORD BAR 703 Monmouth Street HE. 1-0512 S C H E P E R-Woodwork Doors - Sash - Insulation - Roofing Presdwood - Mouldings - Paints Licking Pike at Thirteenth St. CO. 1-8361 Newport, Ky. Studebaker Packard NEW AND USED CARS KOEHLER BROS. Auto Sales and Service Co., Inc. Phone H E. 1-2556 231 Monmouth Street Newport, Ky. "Your Pharmacist" RONALD K. STORN CO. 1-0380 6th and Washington Newport, Kentucky Compliments Of ALFRED G. MAYBURG JU. 1-8464 R. 81 M. CLEANERS 4-Hour Service - Call and Deliver LAUNDRY 25 East Sixth Street Newport, Kentucky 529 York Street AX. 1-3319 Newport, Kentucky JOHNNY'S T.V. SALES 81 SERVICE We Repa i r Cor Radios - Home Radios and Phonogrophs 24 HOURS - 7 DAYS A WEEK Convenient Banking Prompt Service WEST SIDE SAVINGS BANK Easy Parking - No Meters - No Congestion 10th and Columbia Newport, Kentucky Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS - 5 to 8 NEWPORT NATIONAL BANK Your Friendly Bank 810 Monmouth Street Drive-In Branch 8th St. at Orchard Member F. D. l. C. COMPLIMENTS OF NEWPORTHIGH SCHOOL MUSIC BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPBELL COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Fred A. Erschell 8 Son Vonderhoor 8 Stetter William S. MuehJenkomp Wm. C. Betz Sons A. C. Dobbling 8 Son LEO G. BROERING Real Estate 8: Insurance Agency Phone CO. 1-9288 609 York Street Newport, Ky. W. F. Wintersole Forms Lillian Wintersole Homes Investments B. 8: L. REALTY CO. Real Estate - Insurance JU. 1-2330 1025 Monmouth St. Newport, Kentucky EAST SIDE SWEET SHOP 10th and Monroe CO. 1-1044 Newport, Ky. GERNER Appliances Visit oursHi F1 and Record Department 316 E. 10th Street JU. 1-8588 Newport, Ky. Exclusive Northern Kentucky's Smith-Corona Dealer Phone JU. 1-3006 Electric Typewriter Rentals Sold - Rented - Repaired New and Used Business Machines - All Types BILL SEIBERT'S OFFICE EQUIP. CO. 408 York St, Newport, Ky. Phone JU. 1-3006 Lawler Hanlon Ladies Auxiliary Veterans Foreign War No. 5662 326 W. 10th Street NeWport, Kentucky HINDMAN DRY CLEANERS Bill and Tom Heck, Props. Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing WE DO OWN CLEANING Phone CO. 1-5603 109 East Ninth St. Newport, Ky. PHONE CO. 1-3611 . 511-513 YORK ST. NEWPBIff 16K. Compl iments Of A FRIEND Ph. CO. 1-6474 Bob Enos Res. HI. 1-9324 ROBERT J. ENOS AGENCY Insurance - Real Estate 414 York Street NeWport, Ky. MINGES HARDWARE COMPANY Paints - Glass - Toys - Electrical Supplies Pipe and Fittings 935 Monmouth Street Phone CO. 1-8051 NeWport, Ky. AX. 1-7150 HI. 1-1131 Compliments of CARL CHALK Real Estate 946 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. KENTUCKY RENT-A-TOOL CO. 408 E. 10th Street Phone HE. 1-4519 Newport, Ky. ALTONE CLEANERS 10th and Hamlet Newport, Ky. Open 7:30 AM. to 6:00 P.M. '1 HOUR SERVICE "We do our own cleaning" 1001; Off - Cash and Carry Joseph Early, Prop. Compl iments GLASER'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Phone AX. 1-2578 10th and Monmouth Newport, Ky. FREE DELIVERY TRIK'S MEATS 637 Monmouth Street NeWport, Kentucky SMITH'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 502 E. 10th Street Phone HE. 1-8508 Newport, Ky. "Always A Friendly Welcome" Phone HE. 1-9298 FOSTER'S PURE OIL SERVICE ALL TYPES REPAIRS AND SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories Sixth and Overton Streets Fred Foster Newport, Ky. Your TV Set is only as good as the service it receives. Woody's T V Phone AX. 1-8676 408 East Tenth Street Newport, Ky. WM. A. WOODY HILLTOP VETERANS CAFE AND HOME 176 Main St. South Newport Cold Beer in Frosted Glasses Sandwiches "A Good Time All The Time" Ph. HE. 1-7479 Take No. 20'Bus Compliments Of BECKERS CAFE 9th and Central Newport, Ky. Compliments Of JOE GATLIFF MONMOUTH JEWELRY COMPANY 719 Monmouth Street NeWport, Kentucky THE FASHION "Better wearing apparel for Women and Children" 833 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. WILSON'S MEATS Choice Steaks and Poultry 328 East 9th St. Phone HE. 1-9601 Newport, Ky. BRANDT'S For Choice Merchandise Since 1848 9th and Monmouth Newport, Ky. KRAMER CANDIES 1006 Monmouth St. HE. 1-9440 Newport, Ky. PHIL MEYER APOTHECARY Ethical Drug Service 33 East Eighth Street JU. 1-2114 WE DELIVER Compliments Compl i ments Of Of THE ACME-NEWPORT STEEL YORKSHIRE COMPANY CITIZENS TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations"- to the Class of ,57 from your Telephone Company V GOOD PLACE TO WORK" CRYSTAL CHILI 9th and Monmouth St. Tel. HE. 1-9317 "Chili at its best" Best of Luck to the Class of '57 Newport, Ky. Best Wishes To The Class Of "57" AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Newport, Kentucky TWO LOCATIONS: Seventh and Monmouth Streets Newport Shopping Center "A Strong Bonk . . . Since 1882" JU. 1-3022 R. 81G. CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Plant 2 HOUR SERVICE 612 Monmouth Street REX PERKINS Newport, Ky. CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 35 E. 11th Street Newport, Ky. CO. 1-8440 SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Singer has All Three: STRAIGHT NEEDLE - SLANT NEEDLE SWING NEEDLE For Home Demonstrations Coll AX. 1-6518 914 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. Compl iments of NEWPORT BOWLING LANES 513 Monmouth Street JU. 1-2481 W. G. Lagedrost, Owner For Prescriptions ALBERT E.1 BATHIANY Pharmacist Sixth and Monmouth NeWport Kentucky FAMISE CORSET and LINGERIE SHOP 843 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. JU. 135313 moumoum WSAVINGS AND lOAN ASSOCIATION Home omcg: 1010 Monmouth Sine! Branchomce: 14 South Ft. Thomas Ave. . Newport, Ky. o Ff. Thomas, Ky. CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes for success and happiness in the years ahead. QnteMtate 732V2 Monmouth St. Ph. HE. 1-1916 DAN DI ORIO, Manager Compl iments of The BOARD OF COMMISSION ERS Robert A. Fischer Joseph A.'Schaber Hargis Cole Clem Reker Wesley Bowen, City Solicitor; Acting Manager Alfred G. Moybury, Mayor Alterations and Repairing - All Types Rapid Service On All Work HILL DRY CLEANERS HE. 1-7249 940 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. Hrs.: 7 am. to 6 p.m. - Mon. 8t Fri. Till 9 p.m. We Sell Service - NOT INSURANCE After many years of business in Newport we still emphasize service, the Service that proper Our aim is to give you insurance provides. adequate coverage-without "overloading." We will insure your home, car, business, etc. Ask today for free survey of your problem. Congratulations 1-0 I N C - the Class of '57 CHESTER A. SILVA Insurance and Real Estate Newport, Ky. 103 E. 7th Street co. 1-1840 El LERMAN'S Kentucky's Best for Men and Boys In NeWport it's . . . DIXIE CHILI Newport for Quality and Service Covington Eighth and Monmouth Sts. Newport, Ky. "They tell us . . . it's better than ever" 4 4 v 7$44K$4e 4 44$ x m4mz V4 4 h g Q 4x 44. 44 t 4 4 A e?e?jgw VW h 4,4 4 $44 4 N ASW 44449 4 4440 44e- Wo o 744 QV444 4 h x4 4m $444$x4k 4, 4 46444 V 4 9 Ah VVZA 4;; . 4- , Awe 4w $ W4, 4 - k4SM4474$4 4 w 444v 4 4 4 4444 44x4 M49444 4 4 s4 4x4 44 m4 4 x 4 4 4x 4 ;44 , 4 4,; 44; W4$4 4N 4$4$ , 4V4 4 ttme 4. 4x e4 4 44444; ; -4444v;4; 444 ,4 4444 xx 4 x57 Z4$ ng; C I' ents ' 44s4y ' 3 x v3 V'K4444w4j 544x 4 - xeW 444 4 43 R49 4V4 44444 xV444kxx ' ' , C4 74,94 N4 4 44 $4M 4K4 4 4S4 i4 4 xxx? 4x gQVV th xx44 x0 4w MW 4 m4 4 4 4 4N4 xxx44 4x V4 4x414$44 AV4w; 4; - 4444 41;44 ; V4x 44V 4 54$ 4444; ' 4 v New 4 ' ,4 444 YA' - V 4 4; 4;;4 4474 44 x44 . , 4. $44147 ' h x h , 74w;i;24 444 V44 - . 4 . 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Advisor A Abbott, Janice 31 Adams, Gordon 47, 86, 102 Adams, Janet 31, 87 Adams, Richard 55 Adams, Robert 31, 78 Addison, Jean 51, 86 Alder, Shirley 47, 76, 86, 87 Adkinson, Charles 55, 80, 92 Ahrens, James 31, 70, 74, 75, 80 Albice, Barbara 47, 72, 87, 108 Albice, Sally 51, 72, 108, 110, 111 Alford, Ronnie 55, 78 Allen, Marian 55, 108 Allen, Wayne 31, 42, 78 Alspeck, Linda 7, 55, 108 Ament, Andy 31 Ament, Virginia 51, 77, 108 Anderson, Joan 55 Anderson, Judith 7, 55, 108, 111 Arnold, Becky 51, 76 Ashcroft, Larry 51, 78 Axt, David 31, 78, 92, 95, 105 B Bocher, Beverly 31, 36 Bocher, Janice 55, 108 Bailey, Carol Sue 32, 86 Bailey, Kenneth 32, 74, 100 Baker, Barbara 51, 86 Baker, Monroe 32 Balthis, Victor 10, 55, 78 Bondermon, Mary Ann 32, 70, 71, 74, 76, 77 Bonfield, Donna 55 Banfield, Ronald 47 Barbieo, Janet 51, 76 Borhorst, Bonnie 51, 80, 85, 108, 111 Barker, Margaret 55 Borkhou, Bruce 16, 30, 32, 65, 70, 78, 100 Barnard, Robert 47 Barnett, Rosetta 32 Barr, William 55 Bass, Robert 55 Bostin, Peggy 55, 85, 108, 111 Bauer, Charles 11, 32 Bauer, Janice 55 Boumbach, Judy 47, 86, 108 Beazley, Jacqueline 27, 47, 76, 80 Beozley, Joe 55, 78, 80 Becker, Pot 47, 85, 108, 111 Beirne, Moroloh 17, 51, 79 Bell, Judy 47, 86, 108 Bennett, Judy 55, 108 Berkmeyer, Lois 55, 108 Berry, Leslie 55 Bertelsmon, Nancy 4, 12, 18, 32, 33, 71, 72, 74, 90 Bios, Dolores 33, 65, 66, 75, 85, 88, 108, 109, 111 Bird, James 27, 55, 92 Blankenship, Pot 33 Blout, Ernie 13, 33, 92, 95, 105 Boden, Paul 55 Bohlinger, Jo Ann 51, 87 Bohlinger, Steve 77 Bonner, Arzell 33, 102, 105 Bonner, Barbara 55, 108 Bonner, Goldie 33, 87 Bonner, Herbert 51 Botkin, Joy 51, 76, 87 Bouras, Connie 10, 16, 33, 36, 41, 42, 65, 75, 107, 108, 109, 111 Bowles, Arthur 47 Bowman, Charles 7, 51 Bowman, Donna 55 Boyd, Bill 47 Boyd, Jay 55 Bradbury, Betty 11, 47, 75, 87, 107, 108, 1 1 1 Bradley, Bill 33 Brody, Darlene 17, 27, 55, 72, 80, 107, 108 Brody, Donna 55 INDEX Brady, Ernie 27, 47, 96, 97, 100 Brommer, Walter 51 Bronhom, Virgil 33 Broun, Douglas 33, 74 .Brountz, Gloria 33 Bresnouer, Bonnie 47, 72 Brewer, Shirley 47 Brewster, Mary Ann 51, 61, 79, 80, 87 Bridges, James 55, 84 Brinkmon, Nancy 55, 108 Brock, Raymond 51, 78 Brooks, Charlene 77 Brown, Lorry 55, 76, 78 Brusehaber, Carl 55 Burch, Gloria 51, 76, 77 Butler, Marjorie 27, 51, 77, 84, 108 Butler, Norma 47, 108 Butler, Shirley 51, 108 Bybee, James 55 C Campbell, Barbara 55 Campbell, Catherine 56, 108 Canada, Ann 47, 86, 108 Copek, Marilyn 47 Carmichael, Barbara 4, 12, 34, 74, 108, 109 Carpenter, William 51 Carter, L6is 34, 74, 76, 86, 89, 108 Case, Agnes 56, 80 Case, Christine 51, 80, 86 Case, Gayolo 34, 86 Cosebolt, Carol 56, 87 Casey, Richard 46, 76, 96, 105 Coudill, Carol 56, 80, 86, 108 Coudill, Malcolm 56 Coylor, Joann 51 Chalk, Gary 16, 56, 84 Chandler, Alvin 47, 51 Chandler, Lynne 47, 77, 87 Christian, Dolly 51, 87, 108 Clark, Carol 77, 80 Clark, Ronald 56 Clutterbuck, Lorry 56, 78 Cole, Dora 51 Cole, Kenneth 51, 96, 98, 100 Collins, Jack 47 Collins, Paul 34, 41, 70, 72, 78 Colston, Kenneth 51, 102, 103 Colsto'n, Linda 56, 80, 86 Combs, Beulah 47, 80, 85 Combs, Hayden 5, 34 Combs, Jerry 47, 76, 92 Combs, Ora 51 Cooper, Ivan 56, 92 Cooper, Rohoma 47, 77, 80, 108 Cottie, Ronald 51 Courtney, Inc 56, 72, 87, 108, 111 Cox, Chevi 51 Croil, Carolyn 51 Crawford, Shirley 47, 80, 108 Creech, James 51 Crosby, Robert 47 Crosby, Ruth 51, 76, 87 Crowe, Charles 56, 78 Curtis, Kent 2, 30, 34, 62, 67, 70, 72, 73, 74, 92, 93, 96, 1.00, 104, 105 D Doines, Sally 56, 84, 107, 108, 111 Domeron, Jay 47, 77 Daniel, Joan 56, 86, 108 Daniels, Carolyn 27, 34, 76 Daniels, Nancy 47, 86 Daniels, Roland 56, 78 Donsberry, Teddy 27, 51, 84, 105 Day, Donald 51, 84 Deaton, Ervin 34, 44, 92, 93, 95, 102, 105 Deoton, G. V. 56 Deoton, Lucile 47, 76 Deaton, Robert 47 Deegon, William 56 Delehonty, Patricia 51 Demetre, James 51 Denny, Charles 52 DeRossett, Florence 34, 36, 42, 108 Derrick, Mary 11, 14, 16, 47, 75, 107, 108 Dewald, Dione 47 Dixon, Dione 34, 86 Donnelly, Donald 47, 104 Downord, Ronald 2, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 27, 30, 35, 64, 65, 66, 70, 72, 73, 74, 92, 93, 94, 95, 105 Drake, Hope 47, 87 Duckworth, Gail 52, 76, 86, 108 Dunn, Joyce Marie 4, 35, 108 E Ebert, Carol 47, 80, 108, 109 Ebert, Edith 14, 52 Ebert, Houston 35, 92, 93, 104, 105 Ebert, Penny L. 56, 85, 108, 111 Eckert, Donny 56, 78 Edwards, Pot 47 Egon, Judith 47, 108 Eggleston, Marilyn 47, 72, 77, 108, 109 Elkins, Jerome 35 Elkins, Mary 52, 87 Elkins, Raymond 52 Embry, Yvonne 56 Engel, Laura Lou 35, 80, 108, 111 Erpenbeck, Kenneth 46, 47 Eubonks, Ruth 47, 76, 79, 108 Eubonks, Shirley 52 Ewing, Dion 4, 56, 108 Ewing, Elmer 56 Ewing, Nancy 47 F Farror, Marvin 52 Feldkomp, Walter 56, 78, 92 Feltner, Bethel 56, 87 Ferguson, Elbie Gene 47 Ferguson, Ira 48 Feucht, Patricia 4, 35, 76, 108 Fischer, Dennis 52 Fitzer, Deanna M. 56 Fogle, Ralph 48, 72 Foss, Paul 52 Fox, Jack 56, 84, 103 Frederick, Janet 14, 48 Fritts, Dianne 35, 72, 80 Fryer, Alice 56, 76 Furnish, Donna C. 56, 87 G Gobelmon, Harold Edward 56, 80 Godd, Carol Jeanne 35 Godd, Harold 52, 87 Godd, Phyllis 52, 87 Gorriott, Lois 12, 36, 72, 74, 76, 77, 80 Gouldin, Donald 36, 77 Gouldin, Frank 56 Gemmer, George 36 Gemmer, Nancy 52, 87 Gemmer, Tom 56 Gerhardt, Jim 56 Gettys, Sandra K. 56 Gioncolo, Gene 52, 78 Gibson, Wordell 52, 92 Gilbert, Jim 56 Gillespie, Beverly Sue 56 Glacken, Ella 48, 86 Goldner, Elizabeth 56, 108 Goodall, Tim 57, 84 Gordon, Orvol 52 Greene, Lavinia M. 6, 57, 87 Gregory, Dona 52, 108, 109 Griffith, Nancy 48, 76, 77, 108 Griffith, Peggy 57 Griggs, Beverly 57 Grigsby, Jackie 52, 86 Grindstoff, Arlene 48, 77 Grischy, Dorothy 27, 48, 72, 79, 80 Grischy, Richard 16, 36, 70, 72, 74, 79, 80 Gross, Rodney 27, 57, 92 Gross, Ruth 57 H Hodden, Joyce 57, 87 Hole, Judy 48, 86 Holey, Cecile 36 Hall, Angelo 48, 96, 97 Hall, James 36, 70, 72, 76 Hall, Joan Yvonne 57, 79 Hall, La Verne 52, 108 Hamblin, Jerry 48 Hambrick, Carole A. 57, 108 Hombrick, William 48 Hamilton, Grant 57 Hamilton, Michael 48 Hamilton, Phil 10, 13, 36, 92, 95, 100, 105 Hammer, Jerry 57 Hampton, Bill 57 Hoppe, Bonnie Jean 36, 72, 74, 76, 77, 79, 80 Harden, Dennis 57 Harden, Lorry 52, 92, 102, 105 Harden, Linda 57 Harden, Warren 10, 36, 71, 92, 95, 103, 105 Hardy, Thelma A. 57 Hortke, Roger 16, 52, 84, 103 Harvey, Ruth 37, 87 Hosse, Robert 52 Hatfield, Del 52, 92, 96, 97, 98, 100, 105 Hutton, Darrell 57 Hotton, Lula E. 57, 86 Houck, Arleen 37, 87 Houenstein, Janet 57, 87 Hedges, Margaret 37 Hemingway, Ben 52 Henley, Jim 37, 78 Herold, Daisy Lee 52 Herold, Wilma J. 57 Herzog, Charlene 27, 57, 108 Hetteburg, George 48, 87, 102, 104 Hettel, Ricardo 52, 72, 77, 79, 80 Hewins, William 57 Hionce, Carol 14, 48, 85, 108, 111 Highchew, Bill 57, 92 Highfield, John 57 Hilbert, Joe 57 Hilge, Marilyn 57, 86 Hill, Carol 27, 52, 79, 84, 108 Hill, Louise 48, 80 Hill, Retto 17, 52, 72, 76, 77 Hindman, Nancy 6, 57, 108 Hinte, Pot 52, 86 Hodges, Bill 48 Hoffman, Carol 16, 57, 84, 108 Hoffstedder, George 52 Hogle, Peggy 57, 86 Holt, D010 57 Holzschuh, Arlene 52 Holzschuh, Dennis 10, 13, 30, 36, 37, 65, 92, 95, 102, 105 Hopkins, Ralph 52, 76, 105 Horn, John 48, 86 Horn, Marilyn 48, 86, 108 Hornsby, Joyce 48, 87 Hoskins, Billie Jo 57 Howard, Betty Sue 57, 108 Howard, Garry 52 Howard, Rebecca 57, 85, 108, 111 Howe, Beverly 57, 86, 108 Hronek, Patsy Ann 48, 87 Huffman, Frances 14, 48, 75, 86 Hughes, Alfred 57 Hunley, Rebeccc 48, 76, 79, 87, 108 Hurd, Ellis 48, 86 Hurd, Evo 37, 86 Hurd, Glen 57, 78 lngguls, La Verne 48, 72, 86, 89, 108, 109, 1 1 1 INDEX J Jackson, Gwendelyn M. 57, 87 Jackson, Yvette 58, 87, 108 Jacobs, Linda Carol 58 Jennings, Pot 14, 48, 76, 87, 108,. 110 Johnson, Alvin 13, 37, 78 Johnson, Lizzie 58 Johnson, Rosalind 52, 72, 86 Johnson, Shirley 58 Johnson, Wondo 48 Jones, Billy 46, 48, 92, 102, 104, 105 Jones, Janet 58 Jones, Jerry 48, 92, 100 Jones, Lyle 48 Jourdan, Douglas 52 Julian, Donald 52 Julian, Jim 58, 72 K Keen, Bill 37, 71, 75 Kew, Earl 48, 104, 105 Kew, Mary 52, 80, 108 King, Donald 11, 38 King, Louise 16, 52, 80, 85, 108, 111 King, Paul 38 King, Richard 48, 78, 100 King, Ruby 38, 65, 75, 85, 108, 111 King, Shirley 10, 11, 16, 17, 33, 34, 38, 39, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75, 82, 107, 108,109,,111 King, Thomas 52 Kinghorn, Marilyn 52, 76, 79, 80, 108 Kinzer, Phyllis 38, 75 Klink, Wayne 38, 68, 78, 84 Knapp, William 27, 58, 78, 92, 105 Kneol, Myrna 52, 77, 80 Knock, Jack 58 Kohl, Harold 48 Kolp, Jimmy 48 Kreindler, Rita 13, 48, 72, 76, 80, 108, 109 Kroth, Worner 48 Kuntz, Carolyn 38 Kuntz, Gory 52, 78 Kyle, Edmund 38 L Londers, Foy 58, 86, 108 Long, Geraldine 39 Long, Joan 39 .. Long, Roberta 58'," 108 Long, Rosella 6, 58, 108 Lope, Arlene 12, 39, 71, 74, 75 Lope, Robert 58 Lee, Robert 52, 92, 100 Leigh, Wilson 27, 48, 102 Lepper, Christine 58, 85, 108, 111 Lepper, Edward 53 Lepper, Peggy 48, 108 Lewis, Alice 53 Lewis, Margaret 58, 86 Lewis, Sam 58, 87 Lewis, Sue 48 Lickert, Carol 1, 12, 27, 33, 39, 72, 74, 90 Lienhardt, Richard 58 Liles, Walter 58 Little, John 39 Lively, Roger 53, 76 Lonoker, Betty 58 Losey, Frank 6, 12, 27, 53 Lovett, Charles 58 Lovett, Shirley 48 Lowe, Wondo 48, 77, 80, 87, 108, 1 10, 1 1 1 Lucas, Joann 53, 87 Luke, Georgiana 39, 74, 84 Lundrigcm, Edith 4, 39, 80 Lundrigcm, Patricia 4, 52 Lusher, Alfred 53 Lutz, Ralph 53 Lynn, Joe 48, 102, 103, 105 Lytle, Jack 39 Mc McClain, LoMont 58, 86 McClung, Donna 39, 108 McFeeno, Patricio 53 McGoho, Wayne 48, 78, 84 McGill, Clyde 49, 50, 78 McGill, Corby 49 McIntosh, Don 58 McIntosh, Elizabeth 53, 76, 77, 108 McIntosh, Esther, 58 McIntosh, Margie 39 McIntosh, Pat 6, 58 McIntosh, Richard 40, 70 McIntosh, Roy 49 McIntosh, Walter 40 McKee, Betty 40 McKenzie, Jerry 58 McMahon, William 53 McMoth, Jack 49 McNoy, Frank 53 M Meier, Barbara 58 Mollery, Georgia 49, 86, 108, 110, 111 Mallery, Patricio 53, 77, 87 Monyet, Toni 11, 16, 27, 49, 75, 87, 107, 108 Martin, Dixie 449 Martin, Lee 53 Martin, Pat 58 Martin, Ruth 58, 80 Martin, William 40 Martinelli, Tom 40 Mason, Billie 49 Moybury, Alfred 53 Metheringhom, Carol 53, 75, 86 Meyer, Suzanne 58, 108 Miller, Howard 58, 92 Miller, James 49 Miller, Linda 53, 76, 84, 108 Mitchell, Carole 53, 86, 108, 110 Mitchell, Dionne 58, 108 Mittendorf, William 53, 72, 79, 80 Mockbee, Dale 40 Moore, Joseph 16, 49, 78, 80 Moore, Patricia 49, 87 core, Thurman 53 Morgan, Ruth 49, 77, 86 Morgan, Shirley 40 Morris, Carolyn 58, 87 Morris, Edward 49, 92, 100, 105 Morris, Wanda 49, 77 Morton, Audrey 53, 76, 77, 108, 109 Mosley, Ann 53, 76, 77, 86, 108, 109 Mullins, Glenna 27, 53, 77 Mullins, Joyce 53, 76, 108 Mullins, Moe 58 Murphy, James 58, 92 Murray, Darrell 58 Murray, Mary 58 Musgrove, Ralph 6, 58, 87 Myers, Kathy 58, 72, 86, 107, 108 Myers, Lawrence 59 Myers, Suzanne 53, 86, 107, 111 N Neal, Betty 40, 80, 86, 107, 111 Neal, Pauline 15, 49, 108 Neal, Robert 59, 104 Nelson, Donno 59, 80 Nieder, George 6, 59, 78 Noble, Outney 59 Nolan, Dixie 59 Noonon, Richard 41 0 Oak, David 59 Obermeyer, Mary 49, 72, 79, 80 Oliver, Josephine 5, 41 Ortlieb, Carol 41, 65, 74, 84 Owens, Donna 59, 84 P Pabst, Garry 41, 92, 95, 105 Pongburn, Donald 53 Payne, John 49 Pelfry, William 53, 92, 103 Pelgen, Barbara 41 Pelgen, James 59 Paper, Barry 41, 65, 75, 78, 104, 105 Peterson, William 59 Petry, Margo 59 Pferrmon, Geneva 59 Phelps, Vera 41, 71 P199, Kenny 53, 100 Pittman, Dennis 49, 92 Plogokis, Ronald 59 Points, Daniel 27, 53, 80, 92, 96, 103, 105 Pollitt, Jean 41 Pomeroy, Mary 53, 86 Poole, Bonnie 27, 36, 41, 42, 46, 75, 108, 109, 111 Porter, Ruth 77 Powers, Gordon 49 Poynter, Yvonne 59, 86, 108 Price, Donald 4, 53 Pruiett, James 53, 92 Puckett, Dolores 59, 108 Pugh, Patrick 59 Q Quigley, William 5, 59, 92, 104 Quinn, Roy 41 R Rocke, Charles 59 Roder, Thomas 59 Raleigh, Robert 42 Rankin, Mary Lou 59, 87 Ratliff, Donald 42, 92, 95, 105 Ratliff, Sue 53, 80, 84 Reder, Babe 42, 74, 108 Reed, Patti 42, 84 Reed, Thomas 49 Reinfelder, Carolyn 59 Revel, Barbara 42, 74 Reis, Iva 53, 76, 79, 80, 108, 109 Relly, Diana 59, 79, 108 Reynolds, Harold 59 Reynolds, Kenneth 42, 74, 96 Reynolds, Marilyn 53, 86 Richard, Mary Jo 59, 108 Ries, Mary Ann 53, 72, 84 Riffe, Kenneth 59 Ripberger, Richard 59 Robinson, Elery 59, 108 Rogers, Carolyn 59 Rothe, Evo 59, 108 Rothe, Stanley 42 Rottinghaus, Jerilyn 53, 76, 86, 108 Rowe, David 59 Ruddick, Susan 59, 84 Ruddick, William 27, 49, 78 Rush, Ernestine 1, 11, 27, 33, 42, 72, 74 Rush, George 27, 42, 74, 92, 95, 96, 97, 100, 105 Rush, Jerry 53, 80 S Said, Clifford 42 Sondfoss, Joyce 49, 80, 87 Sonsom, Carol 53 Sonsom, Ronald 43, 100 Sonzenbacker, Jerry 59, 78 Souerwin, Patsy 53, 87, 108 Schorstein, Victor 59, 92, 103 Scheidel, Cecilio 5, 43, 74 Schiller, Robert 11, 43 Schloke, David 49 Schloke, Ruth 53, 85, 108, 111 Schneider, Donald 43, 92, 95, 102, 105 Schneider, Donna 43 Scholl, Edward 53 Schoo, LeRoy 59, 78, 92 Schultz, John 59 Schultz, Stella 54, 77, 86, 108, 110, 1 1 1 Schweitzer, James 59 INDEX Scott, Jerald 54 Scott, Joan 49, 80, 86 Sebastian, James 54 Sebastian, Mamie 4, 74 Seibert, Sally 60, 84, 107, 108, 111 Seifried, Roger 54, 103 Sellers, Mary 54, 103 Sensel, Irwin 43 Shockleford, Earl 49, 96 Shockleford, Elwood 49, 96 Sharp, Louis 60 Sharp, Verona 43, 74, 108 Shay, Martha 16, 54, 80, 84, 108 Shay, Mary E. 28, 43, 65, 80, 85 Sheets, Judy 54, 79, 86 Shields, Robert 60, 92 Short, Marion 60, 76 Short, Mary 54 Sibrel, Harry 60 Siebert, Carole 16, 54, 80, 85, 108, 1 1 1 Simms, Barbara 54, 76, 108 Simms, Mary 60, 108 Simpson, Tommy 54, 92, 103 Sipe, Sharon 5, 49, 85 Slack, John 49, 92, 95, 105 Slack, Margie 54, 108 Slovens, John 60 Smith, Alb'ert 60 Smith, Anna Moe 54 Smith, Bill 44 Smith, Charlene 60, 108 Smith, Edward 60 Smith, Dick 44 Smith, Gory 54 Smith, Harold 60 Smith, Horry 27, 54 Smith, John 60 Smith, Martha 60, 76, 87 Smith, Jay 60 Smith, Vincent 60, 61, 72, 79 Snyder, Peggy 49, 77, 86 Sparks, Juanita 54, 87 Spicer, George 49 Sporing, Myrna 47, 72, 76, 108, 109 Sprogue, Corolyn 60, 79 Sprong, Russell 54 Sprott, Arthur 60 Stamper, Corol 60 Stephohy, Lawrence 49 Stephenson, Kenneth 60 Steven, Thomas 60 Stidhom, Linda 60 Stormer, Stuart 54, 100 Story, Dwoin 54 Stowers, Wanda 60, 86', 108 Strange, Betty 49, 86 Strobel, Sherrie 44, 69, 74, 75, 80, 86, 108, 109, 111 Strunk, Harold 60, 92, 104 Stuart, Anne 54, 80, 108, 109 Stubbs, Robert 54 Stucker, Carol 54, 80, 84 Stull, Benjamin 54, 92, 103 Surrey, Donna 6, 60, 87, 108 Sutton, Betty 54 Swank, Gwen 49, 72, 80, 87, 108 Switzer, Kenneth 49 T Talbot, Wilbur 60 Teal, Joyce 44 Thocker, James 60 Thomason, Jacqueline 17, 54, 80, 108 Thompson, Don 54 Thompson, Donna 49, 86 Thompson, Richard 44 Tignor, Joe 60 Tilford, Carl 60, 84, 103, 105 Toler, Lorene 60 Toler, Ruth 60 Tomlin, Charles 60 Trent, Mary Lou 44 Troendle, Bonito 49, 87 Tully, Jerry 54 Turner, Asbury 49 Turner, Cecil 44, 65, 92, 102, 105 Turner, Clarence 46, 49, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 105 Turner, David 49 Turner, Jack 49 Turner, John 44, 69, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 105 Turner, Kathleen 60, 87 Turner, Laura 49 Turner, Robert 54 Turner, Roscoe 54 Turner, Virginia 50 Turner, William 60 Tuttle, Pot 72 U Utz, Ronnie 50 V V011, Dorothy 44, 70, 108 Vories, Richard 5, 50, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 105 Vulhop, Ethel 60, 86, 108 W Waddle, Linda 11, 16, 50, 75, 107, 108 Wade, Bonnie 60 Wade, Inez 50, 77 Wagner, Carolyn 60, 108 Wohlbrink, Martha 12, 28, 34, 39, 44, 67, 72, 74, 85, 108, 109, 111 Wallace, John 50, 78, 87, 105 Wallace Richard 54, 92, 103, 105 Waller, Richard 45 Woltermon, Donald 61 Walters, Robert 61, 78, 92 Wonder, Elaine 17, 50, 72, 76, 80, 108, 109 Wornke, Leroy 61 Wosser, Carol 16, 50, 79, 80, 85 Watkins, Lowe 50 Watson, Betty 54, 76, 77 Watson, Earl 61 Watson, Leroy 61 Weaver, Leroy 50, 79, 80 Weaver, Nancy 61, 108 Webster, Bill 7, 54 Webster, Pet 54, 79, 86 Wechbock, Evelyn 61, 79, 108 Weiner, Joon 13, 50, 85 Welder, Carol 10, 11, 16, 54, 107, 108 Wessling, Leroy 61 Whitford, Barbara 61, 80 Whitford, Dottie 54, 8O Whittaker, Barbara 61, 108 Whittaker, Roy 61, 92 Wiggins, Dione 54, 86 Williams, John 61, 92 Willoughby, Donna 15, 45, 75, 76, 80, 84, 87 Wilson, Bernito 61, 87 Wilson, Beverly 3, 50, 80, 108 Wilson, Eloine 50, 86 Wilson, James 54, 61, 78, 84 Wilson, Lorry 61 Wilson, Ronald 61 Witt, Carol 54, 87 Witte, Patricio 50, 79, 86 Wohrley, Frank 61, 72, 79, 80 Wolf, Kay 61, 108 Woodall, Norma 50 Woodward, Marilyn 45, 72, 74, 80, 82, 87, 108, 111 Wooten, Billy 54 Worthington, Garnet 61, 72, 79, 86 Y Z Yeager, Clifford 61 Yeager, Ronald 45 Yelton, Donna 27, 50, 77 Ziegler, Jackie 54, 85, 108, 111 Ziegler, Tom 61 Zinser, Christine 33, 45, 61, 72, 74, 80, 108, 109 Zion, Jimmy 50 84

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