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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1956 volume:

R . v 935 V s A245 5423 w MEN $ a Olen - . WW , 995339 A a 63$ 00 5,? g; Munoo uaqdumo TS saunoH 95:26 65330. 131: spuulqmli 398 Emagafl 5.09.0, 39?. a ' $ b . . pooAupaQSl m. onan 410M314 .39 EGQOYX. . - ' .. . ' 0 AK .Q Q 0 ES J-IOdMg K9965??? Q? $Q mfg; $ anj NW g; s 3216; $5 m 0:990er 9:0 ' 921???th N gwalag ,mdm 9M '83 33 Q g "a z E " 47a w x O. z z! 9 EB 9:53 60 :11 ' a Q ? 9 Q 0 p m SIOWDJ Vlsawlo 'LZHO , 835:6 $292, 0 9 x 0399 994 4? .490 l a 0:111 :Aw d 1 W" "1 WW 3??? x lana uquog-uodmaN W m3 rabs SpOtlighF 4w WXQXQ; POT rk9Ao ace Wr:u In RowFor Newnbr 9, ha Huh ow, - Marvin Wonder, Co-editor CLASS SENIOR ?ww 2a? xx xNiV:ZJ yaw WNW MWX , ? xxxK V 7 X xxxxf R E H S L B U P NEWPO Patricia Winters, Co-editor , V . V .. , 47.22? 4 i? .xxfyexa??x . , . , m V , 4 . W272? 4g $44 4?, 4 ,?;4,,;4 x. ,4 M4 , 44 ,7? 3x544: ,,?f47, . eEdu- lents . . S 6n, . A'x nib r t e iwhich will ,1 C . 1 I l' 3' ovfs Evegry yea ing Knowledg dcat 9 SK. ,,4 V r: imi" inds and choose ion ing VMr Ives Educat r e 5-. .f. e b g .m M , guy 3 $ , ,4 , A. k e e S S t n e d u LI S f O S d e r d n H In S S a D. basis for further learn S. ir tools for bu iches our character . . H doors of N become the 4344 we . 14K 2 ion helps us to develop our m 4 , xw Educat cation enr Education is a 41w 1 4 3w me ,4 x ,, S 4i $4 4 Ii, 17 --- 85 107 CONTENTS ies 55 M c Advertising --------- - - ----- ---------- m . u . " u . . n . . . . . . n n m t a II t uh. m m d A Athletics Act a x: Ck z 4 Q62 xx 7 ??Xx coat while pins the lining in Ruth Morgonk jacket. Betty Bradbury, facing on her E. K. Burton observes Bill Hodges doing his mechanical drow- ing. left to right Above, stitches Donna Schneider, Left: Mr. r e 9 o n o M iness Bus I Jerry Morris WWAWW , 4 x E $ y f Above, left to right: Danny Pittman, Richard Eubonks, Wallace Martin, and Roy Elkins, sond spice boxes in Industrial Arts assembly line. Above: Electric Typewriters are used for dictophone transcrip- tions by Norma Cope and Janet O'Doy. Left to right: Carol Stucker and Sue Ratliff make cookies for Christmas baskets. Below, left: Bev Deon tronscfibes her shorthand notes while Joyce Seibert mimeogrcphs and Sylvia Floig files. Below, left to right: Ronald Brewer, Ben Watkins, and Bill Brod- Iey perform a chemistry experiment. Robert Wilson f ; It .1 ,mall 1m! lv Hmir I Lark of pmhrnse .xumnml a rliy'vi. Above: Harry Butler points out the motto for the Art department to Joyce Wohrley. Nora Lee Tucker and Ron- old Brewer discuss a block print. Top: Carol Bailey explains a work sheet for Don Ratliff and Miss Bernice Culbertson's bookkeeping class. $1w :- man A ,Mv? V $ $ fhf- a y Above: Miss Mary Lee Caldwell points out the scene of a New England poem for Potty McFeeno and her Freshman English class. Left, left to right: Charlotte Myers and Nina Noble make up gift baskets in Home Arts class. ,W 2 ,7, ics 0nd I e... e C r nx o O O In M .mA ,. e V1 mu m e wB An. 0 I justs pulleys 5 Latin Class. Lyle Haggard ins ho WoHrley od ith Mr Jerry Jones In ight explo I IN William Carpenter G , and Gary Sm shows Norma Butler some mechon Donald Berkmeyer iss Hazel isy Herold, , Lucille Deaton Inn, M Wilson Leigh at the r Charlotte Kernon Roger Qu Bill Ruddick make a map for Mrs. Lois Gutekunst look on 05 Joyce Below: Miss Gypsy Gray, Above, left on acquorium to Do son, Top Right of a typewriter. Above: Lois Garriott and Bonnie Happe exchange autographs. Above: Ronnie Bridewell and Henry Green bring 'Toters' for xx Holly Hill's Thanksgiving dinner from the boys in Chem Lab. Below: The cast of the Sophomore assembly presented Donna Willoughby with roses as a token of their appreciation for help in their show. Heidkomp Above: Barbara Morris, ifourth from lefti Newport's candidate for Recreational Bowl Queen, with Queen and other candidates. Perry Eckert is now a full fledged member of the Business Honor Society. right: Mr. Howard Barnett shows the boys "how" at Newport lanes. left: Gwen Swank watches Shirley King as she trys for a "strike." mam 9 M MW, 7? Phyllis Brooks Fred Arthur Above: Marvin Wonder and Norman Youtsey jump rope for Honor Society initiation. Left: Freddie Arthur shows Shirley King the right way to throw a bowling ball. Below, right, left to right: Bonnie Schwarberg, Toni Manyet, and Donna McClung cheer for the Wildcats at a pep rally. Below, left: Phyllis Brooks serves tea to Mr. John Collins. Above: Peggy Ratliff, Ruby King, and Po- tricio Edwards of the high stepping mojorettes peform in the Recreation Bowl of Mt. Ster- ling, Ky. Left: Freddie Arthur and Gerald Hodges watch the "birdie" instead of listening, in class. Below right, left to right: Gene Ferguson and Kenneth Ferguson run the edging machine. Below left, left to right: Robbie Buck, Char- lotte Brickler, and Gerry Rush weaving baskets in Home Arts. I ., WWW. QM Morton M? y 3W 1? V 70714707757077, , ?gwy ?quam 7777777777777 '7Wi39-0X47y7477 , xV' 77W??? 7 W Mwa 777 7 936 7 MW 3w 7 a , Above: Robert Miller, head football coach. Above, left: Shirley Rittinger and Peggy Ratliff do the "Sloo-Foot" at the Recreation Bowl. clockwise: Carol Fisher, Shirley Marlene Wilmot, Jorine Peas- and Rosalie Hardin. ,ggzw a 7? room after in the dressing of volleyball. squad and coaches whoop-it-up The football 27-13. defeating Holmes 0 o m .m S V1 In D. C .m g .m X 0 ID 1' O S t .m 0 D. e n H e m 0 S n r O m r e n n O B Ll r e b r e H d n O s t .m O P y n n O D S s m C n .o h o C u d e . G.A.A. girls enjoy 0 fast game 0 . Above: Roger Quinn goes in fbr c1 basket against Campbell County. Right Below, left Below, center w i The following is a picture story of "Going Steady," as seen by our staff photographer one night in January. Left: Richard Long is met at the door of 439 by Mary Jane Rogers, his date for the evening. Below, left: Mary Jane and Richard leave for the basketball game and dance in the high school gym. Below: The happy pair exchange class rings. This shows the whole world they're "going steady." esgxnsaxu ABVKW . a X w I Top: Mary Jane tells the girls, "I've got his ring for keeps!" Above: Richard is telling the boys the good news. Right: The game and dance over, the happy couple leave for undis- closed places and eventually home. ?i? X44? 7 . OTC I Ebert visit Nu. Z O H m M t O In C 5 ID ID 8 T V; In t O r O D 5 Mr .0 n O .m, V .W G and Mrs. Morris discuss Jerry's future education plans with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gladys Garner during National Education Week. Miss Alma Lamb, Mr. with Miss Katherine Warren faculty tea. Right L. Cobb, Principal. Mrs. Above Below J. WW$ wmwvw $wmw W X gaW$w v V w ov wmx mmw aW;xLywa,kw Wwwewwwwm Wu, K 'wmwwm A mwmex, ' '"WMMWM, , ' Wwwamw , WWW wsmqw MN-Maw UM v WNW 4 V44v aga Wwb k yy, 7y$K wxwmq Mummy; M v M , vio Jaxx-W4VW Nx Z" $xV a$sy $ a , M Wm, V "HWM, Wm N WMM WWW xk Wm? w 5wcw ' f 3v w $0wbw5 2 ,$xSq W7w m ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY miMzn ; Wm; L Aw W 0 CC N e I e RL P S E e H m Tum W 7W $ ICASTLE AN D THE Miss Katherine E. Warren, Assistant Principal. A. D. Owens, Secretory; Albert T. King; Walter G. Melching, President; Carol H. Ebert, Vice-President; Victor H. Brown, and John Galvin, Newport Board of Education. ARE OUR COMPETENT Everyday through the halls of N. H. 5. pass hun- dreds of students seeking knowledge which will be- come their tools for building better lives. Our administration has accepted the challenge of furnishing these pupils with a never ending supply of knowledge. In their hands they hold the responsi- bility of inspiring students to search for and gain a greater understanding of man and his progress. Dr. Anderson D. Owens, Superintendent of New- port City Schools, with the board of education, co- ordinates the policies and rules of the school system. James Lee Cobb, principal and Miss Katherine E. Warren, his competent assistant, aided by the high school faculty, supervise the operation of these poli- cies, and see that the work of importing knowledge goes smoothly. IS al- 2 2 .522 2,: 22 , , 22222 232 2 2 222.22 22:22 $ 2 x 2 t72 222 222 2 age boy and He the city. Attendance Officer, system. In the record of every school Newport school so the man who "comes to call" when your feet George Painter, the In hove strayed from the paths that lead you to the various public schools keeps a girl Mr. ,Q222222Mww222 x22 k . 22 A222222A 2,2 222 2x22x 2x 2 2M, 2 2 222222222222 2 2 2222 22222222 22 22 2222 2222222 22 2 22 22:2 222222 2222 2222222,,x 22222 2 2 22 2 2W2 22222222 22222 2 22 x? 9 .22 2 22222 x t x A 2 222222 ,2 22$x?2222 2 222222. 222 2 2 262 62 22222222 2 IS return ir iversity of Ken- r. Collins and hours at the . Her duties has time to be a hool, to spend many happy igh School. She attended ho hos ben absent, upon h Attended Western Kentucky State , and Un our Dean of Girls has the respect M.A., is Dean of Boys and writes re- 3., is busy schedule at sc , Eastern Kentucky State College fishing. ADMINISTRATORS WITH admission slips for each boy w to school. He teaches History. his lovely wife find time Mr. John Collins, A.B., tucky. In addi ion to h College hobby Morehead State Teachers College and University of Kentucky. Beside her duties here at school, she still and admiration of every student and faculty member helpful minister's wife. are many and varied here at Newport H Mrs. Novma W. Tanner, A. TH E FACULTY AS MR. STANLEY ARNZEN, B.A. Attended: Morehead State Teachers College, University 01" Cincinnati. Head Basketball Coach. Teaches: Physical Education. MR. HOWARD BARNETT, B.S. Attended: University of Kentucky, Uni- versity of Cincinnati, Taylor University. Teaches: Chemistry. Sponsors: Bible Club, Bowling Club, and Golf Team. sMR. EDWIN K. BURTON, B.S., M.Ed. Attended: Pacific University, Xavier University. Teaches: Mechanical Drow- ing. Assistant Football and Basketball Coach, Track Coach. MISS MARY LEE CALDWELL, A.B., M.A. Attended: Transylvania College, Univer- sity of Kentucky. Teaches: English. Sophomore Class Advisor. MISS EVALYN COLLIVER, A.B. Attended: Georgetown College. Teaches: Spanish. MR. NEAL R. CONNOR, A.B. Attended: Villa Madonna College. Teaches: English. Assistant Basketball and Baseball Coach. MISS BERNICE CULBERTSON, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Commercial Subjects. Spon- sors: Business Honor Society. MRS. GLADYS GARNER, A.B. Attended: Transylvania College, Uni- versity of Chicago. Teaches: Civics, His- tory, and Business Economics. Junior Class Advisor. MISS JOANN GEVERTS, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Home Economics. MISS HAZEL GIRVIN, B.A., M.A. Attended: Berea College, University of Michigan.-Teoches: Latin and History. MISS GYPSY M. GRAY, B.E. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Commercial Subjects. MR. LYLE HAGGARD, A.B, Attended: Transylvania College. Teoch- es: Physics, Algebra, and Science. Spon- sors: Science Club and Rifle Club. MISS RUTH E. HARRIS, B.S. Attended: University of Kentucky. Teaches: Home Economics. MRS. CHARLOTTE KERNAN, A.B. Attended: Wittenberg College. Teaches: Biology, Psychology, and Science. Spon- sors: Visual Aids. MISS ALMA J. LAMB, B.A. Attended: George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Kentucky, Uni- versity of Cincinnati, Wilmington Col- lege. Teaches: English. Sponsors: Wol- den Club and Pen Pal Club. MR. ROBERT C. MILLER, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Head Football C'boch. Teaches: Science. Co-Sponsors: "N" Club. MISS MARY ELIZABETH MORRIS, A.B., B.L.S. Attended: Western College for Women, Columbia University. Librarian. Spon- sors: Library Staff. MISS JEANNETTE OWENS, A.B. Attended: Transylvania College. Teoch- es: General Science and Health. THE BUILDERS . . . AND THE MRS. ODESSA PRICE PARKER, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Art. MISS RHEA J. PEACHER Attended: University of Kentucky. Teaches: Girl's Physical Education. Sponsors: G.A.A., Cheerleaders, and Skating Club. MRS. LEILA M. PEAK, A.B. Attended: Union College, University of Kentucky. Teaches: Mathematics. Spon- sors: Newporter and Newportian. MR. CARL L. PLANTHOLT, A.B. Attended: Eastern Kentucky State Col- lege. Teaches: Algebra, Business Arith- metic and History. MISS JANICE C. ROBBINS, B.M. Attended: Cincinnati College of Music. Teaches: Chorus. Sponsors: Kappa Phi Gamma. MISS ELLA STONE SPENCER, A.B., M.E. Attended: Kentucky Wesleyan, Univer- sity of Kentucky, and University of Cin- cinnati. Teaches: English. Sponsors: Future Teachers of America. MISS LOIS V. TANNER, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Business English. Senior Class Advisor. MISS MARY M. TANNER, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Commercial Subjects. MRS. DOROTHY TEBBS, A.B. Attended: DePauw University. Teaches: English and American History. MR. DON E. WALKER, A.B., B.D. Attended: Transylvania College, College of the Bible. Teaches: Industrial Arts. MRS. LORENA WETZEL, B.A. Attended: Virginia Intermont College, University of Virginia, Hollins College, University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Mathematics. MR. JACK C. WIMMER, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati, Cin- cinnati College of Music. Teaches: In- strumental Music. MISS ALICE WITTERIED, B.S. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Commercial Subjects. MISS JEN BOHLINGER Secretory Attendance Department MISS LILLIAN GILB Secretary High School Principal MRS. HAZEL S. McFARLAN, B.A. Attended: University of Cincinnati. Teaches: Algebra and Commercial Law. MRS. NINONA KEW Secretory Board of Education MRS. MARY LOU MASON Secretory Superintendent of Schools MISS MATTIE PHILLIPS Special Assistant Row 1: Glenna Muilihs, Peggy Witt, Elaine Wander, Shirley Boyd, Frances Huffman, Toni Monyet, Audrey Morton, and Daniels, Ted Donsberry, and Miss Katherine E. Warren. Row 2: Alfred Moybury. Row 4: Warren Harden, Bob Wilson, Don Ernestine Rush, Jerry JoneS, Marlene Wilmot, Jackie Beozley, Kreutzer, Danny Points, Ronnie Bonfieid, and Richard Grischy. and Jackie Ziegler. Row 3: Carol Ortlieb, Billy Ruddick, Bill STUDENT COUNCIL AS THE PROPS Ronnie Bonfield receives his Student Council Pin from Marlene Wilmot, Council President. Ernestine Rush gives Toni Monyet an assist with the pin she has just received. Busy little beavers! That's our student-govern- ing body, composed of representatives from each homeroom, and meeting every other Wednesday to discuss the problems presented by the group. The group is under the capable leadership of Miss Katherine E. Warren, Assistant Principal, and the officers. The officers chosen this year were: Mor- lene Wilmot, President; Warren Harden, Vice- President; and Shirley Daniels, Secretary. Each representative is selected according to his record in citizenship, attendance, and scholarship. At the beginning of the year, each member is given a special Student Council pin, which he is proud to wear. The Student Council members find their experi- ence the awakening down in the teaching of good citizenship. 21$ W A , , , MAW S . l- S S A I- C 124 ?$; , , 5,5w0PE, ; msou, acullmz " :36tu- NQWWA mu: FROSH Miss Joann Geverts, Advisor Adams, Mary Adams, Roy Addison, Jean Albice, Sally Ament, Virginia Anderson, Betty Arnold, Becky Arrowood, Bill Arthur, Freddy Ashcroft, Lorry Ashcroft, William Baker, Barbara Baker, Louise Banfield, Ronald Borbieo, Janet Borhorst, Bonnie Barnes, Helen Barr, William Boss, Robert Beirne, Marolah Belcher, Gory Bird, James Bohlinger, Jo Ann Botkin, Joy Ann Bowmorg, Charles Brewster, Mary Ann Brickler, Charlotte Bridges, James Brock, Raymond Brummetf, Glenn Butler, Marjorie Butler, Shirley Bybee, James Carpenter, William Carter, Mary Charlotte Case, Christine Cosebolt, Donald Caylor, Joann Chandler, Alvin Christian, Dolly Clark, Ronald Cole, Kenneth Colston, Kenneth Combs, Ora Croil, Carolyn Creech, James Crosby, Ruth Dansberry, Edward Davis, Eugene Day, Donald Deoton, Bernie Deegon, William Delehonty, Patricio Demetre, Jomes DeMoss, Jerome Duckworth, Gail Ebert, Edith Lee Elkins, Mary Elkins, Raymond FROSH Ervin, Betty Ewing, Dion Farrar, Marvin Feldkomp, Walter Feltner, Bethel Fitters, Peggy Fryer, Alice Gabelmon, Harold Gobelman, Ralph Godd, Harold Godd, Phyllis Gemmer, Nancy Gibson, Wardell Gorden, Orvol Gossett, Robert Groydon, Stonle Greene, Donald Gregory, Doro Grisby, Jackie Gross, Poul Hall, John Hall, La Verne Hall, Nancy Corol Hartke, Roger Harvey, Janet Hesse, Robert Hatfield, Del Hutton, Darrel Hemingway, Ben Herold, Daisy Hettel, Ricardo Highfield, John Hill, Carol Hill, Retta Hinte, Patricio Hoffstedder, George Holzschuh, Arlene HOpkins, Ralph Howard, Gary Hudson, James Johnson, Rosalind Jones, Janet Jourdan, Douglas Julian, Donald Kaufman, George Kew, Mary King, Edith King, Thomas Kinghom, Marilyn Kneal, Myrna Koe Knock, Patricia Kunfz, Gory Lee, Charles Lee, Robert Lepper, Edward Liles, Walter Lively, Roger Losey, Franklin Lusher, Alfred Lutz, Ralph McFeeno, Patricio McGill, Clyde McIntosh, Donald ; McIntosh, Elizabeth McNay, Frank Martin, Lee Martin, Raymond Martin, Wallace Moybury, Alfred Metheringhom, Carol Miller, Linda Mitchell, Carole Mittendorf, William Moore, Patricio Moore, Thurman Morgan, Bruce Morris, Carolyn Morris, Edward Morton, Audrey Mosley, Anna Mosley, Donald Mullins, Glenna Mullins, Joyce Mullins, Terry Mullins, Wanda Myers, Charlotte Myers, Suzanne Noble, Nina Oliver, Odas Owens, Rosie Pongburn, Donald Pelfrey, William Pigg, William Pittman, Dennis Points, Daniel Pomeroy, Mary Porter, Ruth Price, Donald Pruiett, Jimmy Ratliff, Sue Rienfelder, Carolyn Reis, Iva Reynolds, Marilyn Ricketts, Peggy Ries, Mary Robinson, Elery Rogers, Robert R0050, Jim Rottinghous, Jerilyn Rowe, David Rush, Jerry St. John, Daniel Sansom, Carol Souerwin, Patsy Schlode, Ruth Scholl, Edward Schultz, Stella Scott, Audrey Scott, Jerald Scott, John Scott, Nancy Sebastian, James Sebastian, Mamie Seifried, Roger Sellers, Mary Sharp, Lourole FROSH Shay, Martha Sheets, Judy Short, Marion Short, Mary Siebert, Carole Simms, Barbara Simpson, Marguerite Simpson, Tommy Sizemore, Jerry Slovens, John Smith, Anna Moe Smith, Gary Smith, Harry Sparks, Juanita Sprong, Russell Sprott, Arthur Stockly, William Stormer, Stuart Storms, Carl Stuart, Anne Stubbs, Robert Stucker, Carol Sue Stull, Benjamin Sutton, Betty Toffe, Nancy Thompson, Don Thompson, Donna Thomason, Jacqueline Tignor, Joe Tully, Jerry Turner, Beverly Turner, Roscoe Tuttle, Charles Wade, Bonnie Wallace, Richard Walters, Charlene Wornke, Lawrence Wornke, Leroy Watson, Preston Webster, Bill Webster, Patricia Welder, Carol Whitford, Dottie Whittaker, Barbara Whittaker, Roy Wiggins, Dione Wilson, James Witherspoon, Bernice Witt, Carol Witt, Peggy Ziegler, Jackie Edith King, candidate for Recreation Bowl Queen. No pictures available Boden, Paul Buck, Bobbie Denny, Charles Edwards, Betty Holley, Ernest Lucas, Joann Martin, Barbara Strotton, Thomas Turner, Mabel Ziesler, Jean Nmmwmmvwa' 4;; WW z W WM, W w. WWWWWW VI, 0 ma; 4ng awszg; w, wawwy WMmW; W , MWWxWV W Wngx W4 MN WWW W ' m M 7 mm W; 7 h w 2 W 2 a $EX$XFNW ww R ,ym xxx Top, left: Miss Joann Geverts and Mrs. Glocken discuss Ello's Home Arts. Above: Bill Mittendorf shows some of his pho- tography to his mother and father. Mrs. Mor- gen and Mrs. Peak in the foreground. Left: Myrna Sporing and Rita Kreindler assist Mrs. Braun and the P.T.A. on Parents Night. Below: Students buy "breakfast" at on early morning bake sale. , W ,w 45 Zi$$wz$ $W Q f vxwgh WV W 9'0 II 4 W4! W h V xW WWx 7;; F WgWQQQWZxW W M ? W X? f v wnwowwivw x ,1ng V SOPHS Miss Mary Lee Caldwell, Advisor Abbott. Janice Adams, Gordon Adams, Janet Albice, Barbara Allen, Wayne Ashcroft, Thomas Austin, Judith Baumboch, Judy Beozley, Jacqueline Becker, Patricio Bell, Judith Bonner, Herbert Bowles, Arthur Bowles, Clarence Boyd, William Bradbury, Betty Brady, Ernest Bramel, Thomas Brommer, Walter Bresnouer, Bonnie Brewer, Shirley Burton, Thomas Butley, Normo Canada, Ann Copek, Marilyn Casey, Richard CaudiH, Lester Chandler, Lynne; Chenot, William Clark, Carolyn Clowers, William Coffey, mees Cole, Doro Collins, Jock Combs, Beulah Combs, Hayden Combs, Jerry Conway, Bernice SOPHS Cooper, Rohomo Cottie, Ron Crawford, Shirley Crosby, Robert Cummins, Wayne Domeron, Joy Daniels, Nancy Deaton, Bobby Deaton, Lucile Derrick, Mary Dewold, Dione Donnelley, Dan Drake, Hope Ebert, Carol Edwards, Audrey Edwards, Patricio Egan, Judith Eggleston, Morilynn Erpenbeck, Kenneth Eubonks, Ruth Ewing, Nancy Former, James Ferguson, Gene Ferguson, Ira Fogle, Ralph Frederick, Janet Fryer, John Furnish, Lawrence Gettys, John Glacken, EHO Griffith, Nancy Grindstoff, Arlene Grischy, Dorothy Hole, Judy Hall, Angelo Homblin, Jerry Hambrick, Wm. Hamilton, Michael Harden, Lawrence Hetteberg, George Hionce, Carol Hill, Louise SOPHS Hodges, William Holder, Evelyn Horn, John Horn, Marilyn Horsby, Joyce Hronek, Patsy Huffman, Frances Hunley, Rebecca Hurd, Ellis lngguls, La Verne Jennings, Pot Jones, Bill Jones, Jerry Jones, Lyle Kew, Earl King, Carolyn King, Richard Kohl, Harold Kolp, James Kreindler, Rita Kroth, Elwood Kroth, Warner Leigh, Delton Lepper, Peggy Lovette, Shirley Lowe, Wanda Lynn, Joseph McClung, Donna McGaho, Wayne McIntosh, Roy McIntosh, Walter McMoth, Jock Monyet, Mary Martin, Bill Martin, Dixiq Moschinot, Jim Mason, Billie Mays, Jessie Miller, Everett Moore, Barry Moore, Joe SOPHS Morford, Bert Morgan, Darrel Morgan, Ruth Morris, Wanda Myers, Robert Neal, Pauline Obermeyer, Mary L. Payne,John Powers, Gordon Reed, Tom Ruddick, William Sandfoss, Joyce Schloke, David Schneider, Donna Schworberg, Bonnie Sensel, Irwin Shcc-kelford, Earl Shackelford, Elwood Sims, Connie Sipe, Sharon Skaggs, Opal Smith, Nancy Smith, William Snyder, Peggy Spicer, George Sporing, Myrna Stephony, Lawrence Strange, Betty J. Swank, Gwen Talbot, Wilber Switzer, Kenneth Teal, Joyce Troendle, Bonito Turner, Ashbury Turner, Clarence Turner, David Turner, Jock Turner, Laura Turner, Moe Turner, Robert Turner, Virginia Utz, Ronald SOPHS Valz, Tom Vories, Richard Waddle, Linda Wade, Inez Wallace, John Walters, Harry Wander, Elaine Wasser, Carol Watkins, Lowe Watson, Betty Weaver, Le Roy Weiner, Joan Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Elaine Withorn, Russell Witte, Patricio Woodall, Norma Wooten, Bill Yelton, Donna Sue Zion, Jimmie Pictures not available Barnard, Bob Bush, Raymond Johnson, Allen McGill, Corby McGoho, Don McGoho, Robert Prutow, Dennis Rowlings, James Schirmer, Ca rol Story, Virgil Linda Waddle, condi- dote for Bowl Queen. Pot Feucht and her Mother enjoy refreshments after Parent's Night. 2mg: mm mile JUNIORS September 1953 found 216 freshmen roaming the halls of Newport High School. .By 1955 this number had dwindled to 115 who were Juniors. The main goal of the Juniors is the Junior-Senior Prom, held each spring at the Sheraton-Gibson Hotel. The money for the Prom was earned by selling address labels, station- ery, candy, and sporting goods. Mrs. Gladys Garner, class odvisor Business for the next Junior Class meeting is discussed by the class officers; Bruce Barkhou-Treosurer, Carol Lickert-Secretory, iBorry Peper-Vice-Presi- dent, and Ronnie Downord-President. JUNIORS Adams, Robert Adkins, Jean Marie Ahrens, James Axt, David Bocher, Beverly Bailey, Carol Bailey, Kenneth Baker, Monroe Bandermon, Mary Borkhou, Bruce Barnett, Rosetta Benjamin, Barry Bios, Dolores Blankenship, Patricio Blouf, Ernie Bonner, Arzell Bonner, Goldie Branham, Virgil Broun, Douglas Brountz, Gloria Carmichael, Barbara Carter, Lois Case, Goyola Collins, Poul Cornelius, Joel Cox, Don Crawford, Martha Curtis, Kent Daniels, Carolyn De Rossett, Florence Deoton, Ervin Dixon, Dione Downord, Ronald Dunn, Joyce Ebert, Houston JUNIORS 4S7iwmj MI 3:3!- Elkins, Jerome Feucht, Patricio Fritts, Dionne Gadd, Carol Gorriott, Lois Gauldin, Don Gemmer, George Govan, Charles Green, Henry Grischy, Richard Haley, Cecile Holl, James Hombrick, Edward Hamilton, Philip Hoppe, Bonnie Harden, Warren Hardy, Carol Harris, Joyce Harvey, Ruth Houck, Arliene Hedges, Margaret Holzschuh, Dennis Huffman, James Hurd, Eva Irwin, Patricio Johnson, Alvin Kidd, Thelma Kimbrough, Carolton King, Donald King, Paul King, Ruby King, Shirley Kinzer, Phyllis Klink, Wayne Kuntz, Carolyn JUNIORS Kyle, Edmund Lenders, Don Lang, Geraldine Long,Joan Lope, Arlene Lickert, Carol Little, John Lovelace, Mary Luke, Georgiana Lytle, Jack McIntosh, Margie McIntosh, Richard Morgan, Shirley Mullins, Sue Neal, Betty Niemon, Joseph Noonan, Richard Oliver, Josephine Ortlieb, Carol Pabst, Garry ,'x Xxuxy ; x . ; 9', Xxi V Pelgen, Barbara Peper, Barry Polletf, Jean Poole, Bonnie Quinn, Roy Ratliff, Donald Ready, Sonja Reder, Babe Reed, Patty Revel, Barbe ro Reynolds, Kenneth Rothe, Stanley Rush, Ernestine Rush, George Soid, Clifford JUNIORS Sonsom, Ronald Scheidel, Cecilia Schiller, Robert Schnieder, Donald Sharp, Verona Shay, Mary Ellen Smith, Barbara Smith, Richard Strobel, Sherrie Temple, Lester Thompson, Richard Trent, Mary Lou Turner, Cecil Turner, John Turner, Joy Vance, Bernell Voll, Dorothy Wohlbrink, Martha W'dller, Richard Weaver, Crystal Whitley, Violet Willoughby, Donna Woodward, Marilyn Wright, Lillian Yeager, Ronald Zinser, Christine No picture available Ament, Andy Bauer, Charles Bertlesmon, Nancy Bouros, Connie Bowling, Carl Engle, Laura Frymeyer, Mary McKee, Betty McMillan, Don Thomas, Bob Woinscott, Jock Dolores Bios, Bowl Queen candidate. SENIORS Miss Lois V. Tanner, Advisor Norman Youtsey, Senior Class President, talks over on important class issue with Jim Wood-Treasurer, Marvin Wonder-Vice President, and Roger Quinn -Secretory. WWW o 7,, IFTEPS f 1 N 7 W' fx 57 V a? . gWaQ" 1 Mi" A WWIMMWW Vicimz: f ' 5011p a uxxxx mm mm Arthur "Crowfrey" Crowe interviews talent scout Barbara Morris on the Lifter's Talent Program. Adkins, Julian Boss, Don Benefiel, Anna Irene Berkemeyer, Don THE SENIOR CLASS Bradley, William Bickers, Marilyn Anne Blankenship, Joseph N. Boden, Alice Joyce Bowen, Betty Bridewell, Ronnie Lee Brooks, Phyllis Ann Bush, Marjorie Ruth Broun, Rosalie Anne Brewer, Ronald Garrett Butler, Harry Carter, Owen Leon Case, Donald Coudill, Roberto Christian, Lorry Poul Clifton, Nancy Cope, Norma Jean Cofcomp, Kenneth Eugene Cowens, Samuel Crowe, Arthur Norman Youtsey, President, assisted by Marvin Wonder, Vice-President, complete plans for the Senior Class magazine sole. WWW ' 41$ 0'5 wk er Z - w u nu ertik Cummins, Raymond Howard Daniels, Shirley Mae Deon, Beverly Dietriech, Donald Michael Droege, LeRoy Ebert, Bill THE SENIOR CLASS Bill Thornton, AI Morgan, and Joyce Wohrley examine prizes for winning in the magazine sale. Decke r, Le Roy Eckert, Perry Thomas Engel, William Carl Ferguson, Janice Lou Dewberry, Kenneth Embry, Carol Enslen, Ronald Ferrel, Johnnie a: .xg. '36; 5.. v Rosalie Broun and Phyllis Brooks sort individual pictures for annual. Fisher, Carole Floig, Sylvia Ann Gutekunst, Lois Anne Hampton, Gail Hardin, Rosalie Joy Hemingway, Martha Wilson Henderson, Mary Hill, Bernice Jeanette Hockney, Ida Lee Hodges, Gerald The "Starlets" from Birdland are Peggy Ratliff, Rosalie Hardin, Shirley Rittenger, Marlene Wilmot, and Carole Fisher. Hoffstedder, Carolyn Ann Howard, Vera Lou Hunt, Ronald Johnson, Donald Johnson, Joyce B. Johnson, Norma Jean Kreutzer, Donald William Londell, Dole Long, Richard Clarence Leek, Wanda Gail ! 3115,. Linkugel, Daniel Lytle, Judy McAllister, Sue McClure, Betty Jo Mayer, John F. Moore, Clem Milford Moore, Robert Morgan, Alfred Lawrence Morris, Barbara Elaine Morris, Jerry Lee Morton,Bill Myers,Donold T H E S E N I O R C L A S S Noonon, James O'Doy, Janet Thanksgiving donations for Holly Hill are piled on by Bill Thornton and Roger Quinn. O'Doy, Peggy Owens, Sondra Peoslock, Jorine Pigg, Ronnie Plummer, Betty Powell, Loberto Quinn, Roger Raleigh, Robert Lee Ratliff, Peggy Roum, George Shirley Rittenger proved to be a capable leader for the Mojorettes a 1" 4 wu .. h- mmmu Ax g Nx Barry Benjamin rehearsing for an assembly. Reoms, MoriIon Redmond, Oliver Lewis Reed, Lois Jean Reppeto, Kathryn Ann THE SENIOR CLASS Richardson, Ruth Ann Rittinger, Shirley Yvonne Robinson, Lee Wanda Rogers, Mary Jane Rouse, Stanley Schuster, Roy Sensel, Robert Norman Shockelford, Lloyd Schreiber, Bo rboro Ann Siebert, Joyce Lee Marlene Wilmot, when a sophomore, places her package under home room tree. Smith, Cecil Stanfield, Tom Stegner, Mary Beatrice Stephany, Ronald Lee THE SENIOR CLASS Stephens, Margie Stephenson, Joe Switzer, Sarah Thornton, William Eugene Tucker, Nora Lee Ufz, Wayne Volter,, Elmer Eugene Wade, Clinton Wollingford, Rosalie Walter, Gayle Wonder, Marvin Ware, Helen Joyce Watkins, Benjamin Weier, Joseph Jerry Wenk, Mary Jane Wiggins, Beverly Wilmot, Marlene Mary Wilson, Robert Winters, Patricia Ann Wohrley, Joyce Faye Big day for Janet O'Doy, Rosalie Hardin, Marlene Wilmot, Joyce Wohrley, and Clara Wooten was their initiation into the National Honor Society. Wood, Lorry Jim. Zinser, Rudy Wooten, Carol Lynne Frymeyer, Betty Wooten, Clara May Zappin, Mary Lou Youtsey, Norman Witherspoon, Clarice Picture not available Carolyn Domico THE SENIOR CLASS "Sixteen Tons" was popular for the Senior Quartet. The Class of 1956 came to Newport High School in 1952. Two hundred and twenty-five boys and girls were lost in the maze of rooms and halls. But they got used to this. There were 137 as Sophomores and 127 as Juniors. In September of 1955, 128 returned as Seniors. This Year was made exciting because of the Junior-Senior Prom, the annual, and of course, Graduation. Above: Ben Watkins performs at an assembly. : Q twmxsm Left: Bobbie Morris, Senior candidate for bowl queen. f mm ms w- K N$XV wk , Wm, Above: Ron Pigg in the mud at a football game. Above: Roger Quinn and Norman Youtsey make a dis- play in the library case. Below: Carolyn Hoffstedder and Rosalie Broun at a football game. Above: Mary Jane Rogers poses for her class picture. Right: Senior quartet composed of Al Morgan, Ron Pigg, Owen Carter, and Jerry Morris rehearse for the senior assembly. Below: Stage Manager Marvin Wander, assisted by Rudy Zinser, Roger Quinn, Jerry Weier, Norman Yout- sey, and Ronald Hunt put up flats. Bottom, right: Jerry Weier of N U T S-TV on camera 1. iv M, a $V$ Qixxx max km W .N Bobbie Morris Peggy Ratliff Carol Fisher, Queen , Shirley Rittinger Marlene Wilmot PROM NIGHT Prom night was enjoyed by everyone as we see by the happy dancing couples. Queen, attendants, and escorts ore Marvin Wander, Gerry Swope, Jim Wood, Billie Zieg- ler, Queen Pot Harris, Norman Youtsey, Erma Huffman, Roger Quinn, Bonnie Brown, and Jerry Weier. xfnnng, V 2 W x? , xiz f Queen Pat Harris 7 0 7X K, 7 , K , WM, .1 WWMM IZQQ??? i4;5i.??$;3y? , 924 314? xfwxffg xz yy 7,6 , L 2 K5 7 W4. xa, s w w . m 1,4 , 72 , 9 N93 k; + f, f a i m Wood , , 2x zy? ,,, . 4. had J - he? , a ; f . 35$, Z 7 257,, 4; $ xi, 24$? 6:..z4Ex4viingslxgv V excitement with . . . the Senior Play! DON'T EVER GROW UP a comedy of youth by James Reach produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Directed by Miss Hazel Girvin Characters On order of oppeorancey Molly -- Joyce Boden Mrs. Meadows Lois Gutekunst Mimi - Patricia Winters Marvin Marvin Wander Dud - Al Morgan Elaine Jorine Peaslack Carrie ..... Mary Lou Zappin Velma -- Shirley Rittinger Roe - Joyce Wohrley Debbie Norma Cope Jean ...... Bobbie Morris Meadows .................................................... Gene Volter Glenn . , Jerry Morris Hal ....... Robert Wilson Judy .................................................... Marlene Wilmot Johnny ...................................................... Rudy Zinser Slim b- - Bill Morton Prompter ........ . Rosalie Broun Patricio Winters, as Mimi, shoves the college football hero, Hal Kenny played by Bob Wilson, into the front room closet. Row 1-: Marlene Wilmot, Patricio Winters, Eugene Volter, Lois Gute- kunst, Jorine Peoslock, Mary Lou Zoppin, and Marvin Wonder seated on floor. Row 2: Al Morgan, Bobbie Morris, Joyce Boden, Bob Wilson, Norma Cope, Bill Morton, Shirley Rittinger, Jerry Morris, Joyce Wohr- Iey, ond Rudy Zinser. Mimi Meadows is the manager of the Bull- dogs, a local football team. She plans for a Victory Bazaar to celebrate the teams first vic- tory, on her sixteenth birthday. Mimi has a crush on Hal Kenny, famous football player. Hal is being used as a foil by Elaine, Mimi's sister, to make Glenn Stevens, her suitor, jeal- Ous. Mimi saves Hal, to his amazement, from throwing himself away on Elaine, and Mimi de- cides that being 'sixteen' is something special after all. Left: Mimi, H played by Patricia Winters, says, you're terribly unromantic," cs Molly the Maid looks on. Awwmmm xxxxxxxwwxw kmw aws- Above: Miss Girvin, director, looks on as Mrs. Kernan applies make up for Marvin Wonder for the Senior Class Ploy. Left: Marvin Wonder as Butch, tells his Mother, Lois Gutekunst, and Dud Morton, his best friend, about Mid-Northern University. Assemblies add enioyment . . . and a break of routine! Above: Miss Janice Robbins plays the piano accompaniment as Mr. Jack Wimmer di- rects the student body in song. Right: Donna Willoughby adjusts Walter "Fi-Fi" Mclntosh'sfgorter for a "Can Can" number. Below: Shirley Morgan and Mary Lovelhce dance with snowmen Paul Collins and Poul King in Santa's workshop. Rig Lois Gutekunst sings "Embraceoble YOU." Below: Scenes from life of Julius Caesar were presented in an assembly. Shown are Ken Bailey, M.C.; and Toni Monyet, Mori- lyn Eggleston, Pct Feucht, Lucille Deoton, and Joan Scott 05 members of Caesar's family. Bottom, eff: Betty Plummer does the rag doll dance. Bottom, righ Shirley King does a rhythm top dance around the Christmas tree. m$wnmh m 1w WWW N M , i xi ,$x WW bw aw W Au 122m. W Top: Pictures to be used in the Newportian are selected by Co- Editors, Patricia Winters and Marvin Wander. Carolyn Hoffstedder, assisted by Roy Adams identifies "Ping- pong" pix for annual. THE NEWPORTIAN This year the Newportian was in the capable hands of Editor Patricia Winters, and Assistant Edi- tor Marvin Wander, advised by Mrs. Leila M. Peak. Business Manager Jerry Morris, and his assistant, Bill Morton, were in charge of the business staff. It was the job of the editors and advisor to get the book ready for publication while the business staff busied itself with the obtaining of ads. Plans for the annual started last spring when the staff was chosen. During the summer several meetings were held at the home of the editor and the advisor in order to obtain ideas for the theme of the book. These ideas were debated, revised, and finally settled upon. In September the ad campaign went into full swing under the direction of the business manager. By the end of December the individual and club pic- tures had been taken; the ad campaign completed; and the activity write-ups in. Then the real work started, the assembling of the annual which you now see in the finished product. The staff members were given awards and pins at the Award's assembly in the spring. Then all that remained for them was the joy of getting their an- nual in the gym which is the final and most cherished school event in the life of any Senior. Row 1: Pat Winters, Norma Cope, Marvin Wander, Phyllis Brooks, and Carolyn Hoffstedder. Row 2: Wanda Robinson, Joyce Wohrley, Nancy Clifton, Bernice Hill, and Gail Hampton. Row 3: Rosalie Braun, Freddy Arthur, Bill Morton, Jerry Morris, Mary Jane Rogers, and Mrs. Leila M. Peak. Row 1: Rita Kreindler, Phyllis Brooks, Retta Hill, and Elaine Wonder. Row 2: Sylvia Floig, Myrna Sporing, Pat Winters, Gail Hampton, Bonnie Hoppe, and Marlene Wilmot. Row 3: Pat Feucht, Nancy Griffith, Ruth Porter, Marla Bierne, Marilyn Eggleston, Pot Witte, and Mary Henderson. Row 4: Mrs. Leila Peck, Nan'cy Clifton, Ricardo Hettel, Richard Grischy, Ralph Fogle, Norma Woodall, Judy Hale, and Freddy Arthur. THE NEWPORTER In 1912, a monthly magazine was published at Newport High School, called the "Tottler." Then in 1924, a school Newspaper appeared under theiname of the "Newporter." The publication department of Newport High School, under the capable supervision of Mrs. Leila M. Peak, has been in existence, officially, for three years. The yearbook and the school newspaper are both published by this department. . Requirements for a reporter on the school News- paper are to have at least a "C" average in Eng- lish, writing ability, and a love for hard work. Co-Editors Bonnie Hoppe and Richard Grischy and the Circulation Manager Pot Feucht assisted by the hard working staff members sucessfully published the seven regular issues and helped the Seniors with the eighth issue, the Senior issue. The "Newporter" is printed by the Arrow Press in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is handed out to the students in their homerooms after school. Newporter staff members are given awards at the Award's Assembly if they have earned a mini- mum of seventy-five points. Points are earned by turning articles in on or ahead of time, attending various meetings, proofreading, and typing and edit- ing copy. Seeing one's article in the paper and awards pinned on themselves, they realize their time and hard work was worthwhile after all. Below: Norma Cope at the typewriter and Rosalie Broun ct files prepare copy for Newporter. Bottom: Co-Editors Richard Grischy, and Bonnie Hoppe confer with Sports Editor Marvin Wonder. Pl EPSILON PI Row 1: Norma Cope, Roberta Caudill, Rosie Hardin, Wayne Utz, Sylvia Flaig, Shirley Daniels, Norma John- son, and Miss Katherine E. Warren. Row 2: Pat Winters, Bev Wiggins, Marlene Wilmot, Mary Stegner, Rudy Zinser, Clara Wooten, and Marvin Wander. Row 3: Bernice Hill, Danny Linkugel, Stanley Rouse, Bob Sensel, Don Meyers, Joyce Wohrley, and Mary Jane Rogers. Row 4: Norman Youtsey, Robert Wilson, Don Dietriech, Don Berkmeyer, Jerry Morris, and Ken Dewberry. Pat Winters is "pinned" for Pi Epsilon Pi. t It's a wonderful feeling to be pinned for the Honor i Society, after attaining a "B" average in all subjects t through two and one-half years of high school. . Miss Katherine E. Warren, the sponsor, guides the meetings with the help of the officers. This year the officers were Don Kreutzer, President; Bob Sensel, Vice-President; and Roberta Caudill, Secretary. Each member is awarded a pin symbolizing Char- acter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. These pins are worn with pride and pleasure. Pi Epsilon Pi is only one chapter in the many which belong to the National Honor Society. A consti- tution is the basis for the rules of all chapteis and each sets up its own charter. e To be eligible for the Business Honor Society, which was organized for students taking the Commer- cial Course, 0 student must have an average of 90 or above in all commercial subjects. Meetings were held the first ,Tuesday of each month. Presiding at the meetings were the officers e Roberta Caudill, President; Wayne Utz, Vice-President; Sylvia Flaig, secretarnyhirley Daniels, treasurer; and Mary Stegner, Historian. The club was started and is sponsored by Miss Bernice Culbertson. The main project of the club was getting money for the official pins of the society. X HM! Averages in Commercial subjects are checked by Jar- ine Peaslack and Rosie Hardin for admittance into the Business Honor Society. BUSINESS HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Pat Winters, Norma Johnson, Mary Stegner, Shirley Daniels, Sara Switzer, and Mary Jane Rogers. Row 2: Rosalie Hardin, Janet O'Day, Bernice Hill. Clara Wooten, and Joyce Seibert. Row 3: Beverly Wig- gins, Jorine Peaslack, Don Myers, Perry Ekert, Wayne Utz, and Sylvia Flaig. Standing: Roberta Caudill, presi- dent, and Miss Bernice Culbertson, advisor. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Row 1: Betty Jo McClure, Bonnie Poole, Arlene Lope, Miss Lillian Gilb, Vera Howard, and Bernell Vance. Row 2: Ernestine Rush, Sherrie Stroble, Bobbie Mor- ris, Marlene Wilmot, Ida Hockney, Marilyn Bickers, and Gail Hampton. Bonnie Poole purchases a football ticket from office assistants, Betty McClure, and Marilyn Bickers. Danny Linkugel shows Art Crowe, Ron Bridwell, Dale Landell, and Sammy Cowens the proper way.ta thread a projector. VISUAL AIDS Row 1: Rita Kreindler, Russell Weithorn, Chas. Tuttle, Carol Mitchell, Myrna Sporing, Mary Obermeyer, Jack Collins, Kenny Gadd, and Ruth Eubonks. Row 2: Rudy Zinser, Phillip Wiles, Arthur Crowe, Ralph Hopkins, Donna Willoughby, Jerry Jones, Marvin Wonder, and Mrs. Charlotte Kerman. Row 3: Bobby Thomas, Roger Lively, Jim Zion, Lucille Deaton, Harry Walters, James Ahrens, Earl Kew, and Joe Tignor. Row 4: Larry Christian, Sam Cowens, Norman Youtsey, Fred Arthur, Jay Dameron, Jerry Weier, Barry Peper, Jim Huffman, and Danny Linkugel. Row 5: Rogef Quinn, Ralph Fogle, Clinton Wade, Jack Turner, Bill Hodges, Dale Lon- dell, Ronald Hunt, Tom McKinney, and Ron Bridwell. These girls could very properly be called Miss Gilb's "Right hand men." They run errands, answer the phone, deliver the daily bulletin, take special announcements to the various rooms inthe building, and do other duties that are needed to make our principal's office the effi- cient one that it is. An office assistant more than gladly gives up a study hall each day to stay in the office. If Miss Gilb should be absent, these girls can take over many of the office responsibilities. Not only do they get the experience of doing these small jobs, but it is also a lot of fun to work on the office staff. An important club, in rank, at Newport High School is the Visual Aids, 'Mrs. Charlotte Kernan has been the advisor of this club since its organization. There are many duties which the students must learn, the most important being the operation and care of the expensive equipment; learning how to re- pair the film when it breaks; going to get film; mailing the film, after use. In addition to showing film for our assembly programs, the students also show films to the manystdifferent classes. These film give the students a further knowledge of the subject. LIBRARY STAFF RECORDS! BOOKS! MAGAZINES! NEWSPAPERS! This equipment is found in the library where the library staff plays an important part in serving the student body. They have regular routine duties which must be done each day. The two duties are desk and room duty. Each duty consists of distributing books, answering the questions of the stu- dents, and helping them to select books for enjoyment and information. Room duty consists of checking the attendance, shelv- irlmg books, and taking care of the library 5 Ips. Row 1: Ruth Eubanks, Dione Dixon, Lois Carter, and Evelyn Holder. Row 2: Rebecca Hunley, Rosc- lie Broun, Nancy Clifton, Lucille Deaton, ond'Phyllis Brooks. Row 3: Carolyn Daniels, Judy Lytle, and Jean Pollitt. , g ? 3, Carolyn Domico watches 05 Ruth Eubonks checks out a book for Bill Ruddick, Harold Kohl, Ralph Fogle, Jerry Jones, Earl Kew, Nancy Clifton. LOiS GOFFiOti WOitS in line- and Joe Moore set up a science experiment with a tuning fork. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, commonly called "The M.E.S.S. of Scientists" was started three years ago by, and is still sponsored by Mr. Lyle Haggard. Last year's "scientists" built a Telsa Coil, used for electrical experiments. The officers for this year were: President, Joe Moore; Vice-President, Earl Kew; and Secretary, Richard Grischy. Row 1: Mr. Lyle Haggard, Harold Kohl, Jerry Jones, and Sandra Campbell. Row 2: Donna Willoughby, Jim Zion, Billy Bauer, and Ralph Fogle. Row 3: Earl Kew, Joe Moore, and Richard Grischy. Y . F . C . The Yout for Christ Club was organized in 1952 and is advised by Mr. Howard Bor- nett. It is affiliated with the Greater Cin- cinnati Youth for Christ Organization. The officers, elected this year, are as follows: President, Marilyn Eggleston; Vice- President, Mary Bondermcm; and Secretary- Treosurer, Lois Garriott. The club reporter is Bonnie Hoppe. Meetings are held every Wednesday of- ternoon in the second floor foyer. The club has guest speakers and the members enter contests. Row 1: Joy Botkins, Rosie Owens, Lois Garriott, Ann Mosley, Carol Clark, and Mr. Howard Barnett. Row 2: Pat Jennings, Louise Hill, Ruth Morgan, Peggy Snyder, and Nancy Griffith. Row 3: Nora Chandler, Audrey Morton, Jim Ahrens, Don Gauldin, Marilyn Eg'gleston, and Sharon Sipe. Mr. Howard Barnett shows the Y.F.C. trophy to the winning Lois Gutekunst, Wanda Robinsonh and Roberto Caudill, members team of Lois Gorriott, Morilynn Eggleston, Don Gauldin, Bonnie of the F.T.A. observe a first grade numbers class. Hoppe, and Nancy Griffith. FUTURE TEACHERS Visiting classrooms, attending lectures, and assisting teachers with their many varied du- ties are just 0 few of the projects which the "Future Teachers of America," sponsored by Miss Ella Stone Spencer, participate in. This year a tout was conducted through Goodwill Industries. For each hour of work spent on various school and community projects, the members earn credits. Twenty credits must be earned in order to obtain 0 pin. i A W??? W Lit Row 1: Roberto Coudill, Jean Addison, Gerry Rush, and Ricardo Hettel. Row 2: Donna Willoughby, Peggy Sny- der, Wanda Robinson, Lois Gutekunst, Stella Schultz, and Miss Ella Stone Spencer. Wmt RIFLE CLUB Danger! Beware! Detour! Rifle Club is practicing. Well, things are not quite so bad as all that, but it would be Sofer to stay out of the gym after school on Fridays. The Rifle Club, just organized this year, is sponsored by Mr. Lyle Hoggord. The officers are as follows: Bill Ebert, Presi- dent; Perry Eckert, Vice-President; and Don Boss, Secretory-Treosurer. The main purpose of the club is to, teach the proper handling of firearms. Meetings are held every Friday after school for about one hour and then the members proceed to the rifle range for practice. Row 1: Mr. Haggard, Jim Henly, Wayne Klink, Donold Boss, and Tom Volz. Row 2: Wayne Al- len, Horry Walter, Bill Ebert, Fronk Losey, Rudy Zinser, ond Forrest Bayes. Standing: Perry Eckert, Ronold Hunt, Nick Blankenship, Clinton Wode, Alvin Johnson, Lorry Furnish, Gory Pobst, Dovid Axt, and Bill Chenot. VWogl w ,, Deod aim at the target is taken by Jim, Henly, Woyne Klink, A strike is in order for Bill Ashcroft. Don Boss, and Tom Volz. t BOWLING CLUB When a story is begun about 0 bowling club two people come to mind, Andy Voripopo and Steve Nogeyl No, they aren't in the Bowling Club, but they are two of the greatest bowlers of all times. The bowling club is for those boys who core to learn, and for those who want to improve their bowling so they, too, may some day hold titles in bowling. One of its main principles is to teach a student good sportsmanship and bring out on in- terest for sports. It does this by letting the boys get in and pitch for o teomvto wm. Row 1: Charles Tuttle, Don McMillan, Richard King, and Mr. Howard Barnett, Sponsor. Row 2: Walter Feldkomp, Kent Curtis, Paul King, Jim Dimetri, and Clyde McGill. Row 3: Wayne Allen, Roy Schuster, Bob Wilson, Paul Collins, Ken Cole, and Lorry Christian. Row 4: Ronald Brewer, Ron Chandler, Tom Ashcroft, Alvin Johnson, Jim Rowlings, and Bobby Adams. Wmmwwz PEN PALS Miss Alma Lamb, in April of 1939, or- ganized the Pen Pal Club. The officers for this year were: Phyllis Brooks, Presi- dent; Richard Grischy, Vice-President; Carolyn Hoffstedder, Secretary; and Rosalie Broun, Treasurer. A formal reception for the acceptance of new members was held in October. A tea is given in the spring of the year, at which time on exhibit is held to dis- play the articles which the members have received from their Pen Palsrin various foreign countries. Programs for the monthly meetings are prepared by the members at which time letters are read and work on club projects discussed. Row 1: Ruth Eubonks, Mary Ann'Brewster, Shir- ley Daniels, Carolyn Hoffstedder, and Miss Alma Lamb and Phyllis Brooks standing. Row 2: Rose Ann Mason, Mary Ries, Pot Winters, Verona Sharp, Mary Kew, and Pat Webster. Row 3: Lu- cille Deaton, Nancy Clifton, Rosalie Broun, Ric- ardo Hettel, and Richard Grischy. we ngh , Miss Lois Tanner admires the new Silver Service, purchased by Russell Withorn admires on undersea Diorama. the Pen Pal Club. Rosalie Braun serves and Miss Alma Lamb, club sp'onsor, looks on. W A L D E N C L U B Since 1947 the Walden Club which is under the sponsorship of Miss Alma Lamb has been concerned with the work- ings of nature. This year the club chose Leroy Weaver, President; Robert Hasse, Vice-President; Carol Metheringhom, Secretary; Lucille Deaton, Treasurer; and Richard Grischy, Parliamentarian. Members this year sold Christmas cor- sages and decorated each home room in the school by putting large "wreaths on the doors. During their tree bells, the members continued to make Dioramas containing scenes of South America, Africa, and a Pueblo Village. Row 1: Peggy Witt, Carol Sonsom, Carol Croil, Carol Witt, Rose Ann Mason, Russell Withorn, and Ruth Eubonks. Row 2: Miss Alma Lamb, Bill Mittendorf, Marilyn Reynolds, Rosalyn Johnson, Billy Ruddick, Janet Jones, and Carol Wasser. Row 3: Morolah Beirne, Lucille Deoton, Marilyn Kinghorn, Richard Grischy, Robert Hosse, Ric- ardo Hettel, and Leroy Weaver. SKATING CLUB Members of this club learn the fundamen- tals of figure skating as well as hockey. A special admission price is given the members which entitles them to a full two hour skating period at only holf-price. Row 1: Miss R. Peocher, W. Lowe, M. Bush, A. Holz- shuh, I. Reise, C. Brickler, P. Godd, B. Whittaker, L. Engies, L. Baker, and Miss J. A. Geverts. Row 2: S. Daniels, M. Sporing, J. Scott, P. Brooks, S. Ratliff, N. Noble, B. Carmichael, S. Albice, E. Wonder, R. Cooper, and R. Kreindler. Row 3: D. Schloke, R. Johnson, P. Winters, R. Schldke, V. Howard, B. Wig- gins, M. Stegner, S. Owens, B. Wilson, M. Obermeyer, C. Stucker, and P. Ratliff. Row 4: M. E. Shay, M. Wii- mot, P. Reed, L. King, M. Shay, S. Stroble, C. Ebert, P. Fitters, M. Woodward, C. Morris, L. Carter, R. Mor- gen, and B. Borhorst. Row 5: M. Wolhbrink, B. Hill, L. Gutekunst, C. Daniels, B. Bowen, L. Hill, W. Robine son, M. L. Zoppin, J. Rothinghous, G. Luke, J. Peoslack, S. King, and C. Siebert. Row 6: H. Walters, J. Hole, F. Huffman, M. Crawford, B. Albice, F. Arthur, D. Cosebolt, M. Hemingway, M. Kneal, J. Kolp, T. Man- yet, 5. Sipe, J. Seibert, B. Morris, and S. Rittinger. TRAVEL CLUB On April 15 the members of the Travel Club climbed aboard the C 8t 0 George Washington and arrived in Washington, D. C. early the next morning where they boarded a Pennsylvania train for New York City. Noon found them checking into the Taft Hotel which was their home in the city. Conducted tours were taken through both upper and lower Manhattan and the United Nations Buildings. IWMW Row 1: Thelma K'idd, Mary Henderson, Gail Porter, and Donna Willoughby. Row 2: Mrs. Leila M. Peak, Jorine Peoslock, Roberto Caudill, Carol Anderson, Jo Ann Beggs, Luretho Monroe, Pot Winters, and Shirley Daniels. Row 3: Miss Janice Robbins, Joyce Dunn, Sylvia Flaig, Mary Lou Stine, Janice Schwit- zer, Gedrgia Goodwin, Barbara Wornke, and Pat Drees. Row 4: Miss Lillian Gilb, Judy Jones, Joyce Wohriey, Betty O'Bonion, Pauline Harrison, Betty McKee, and Mrs. Joyce Poinsett. Peggy Ratliff, Toni Monyet, and Don Cosebolt take a turn All aboard for New York and points East. Thelma Kidd, Pagline around the ice at Cincinnati Gardens. Harrison, Sylvia Flaig, Mrs. Peak, and Miss Gilb are waiting to board the train. ,m 7 . , ,, watt??? m: thveniterwsa nut ,5 I " . xi hi 1"; Above: Shirley King talks about her future in show business with George Palmer of WKRC. ,Above: A visit to the dressing room found all hands busy those lost minutes before the minstrel show. Below: Faculty members, Miss Mary E. Morris, Miss Mary Lee Caldwell, and Mrs. Dorothy Tebbs were present at the Junior-Senior Prom. Above: Miss Jen Bohlinger stops for a chat with her niece, Joann Boh- linger. Left: Dennis Holzschuh has the ball, but loses his seat in the donkey bos- ketboll game. Left: The entire student body is directed in song by Jack Wimmer. Below: The roving photographer finds a section of the chorus singing. Below, left: Jock Wimmer, music director, helps Stanley Rouse and Donna Willoughby practice for an assembly. Bottom: Music Department makes money from a bake sale. NV , $Q y I x ???X? Vr ww u ,yxg , . yin, , MUSIC PROVIDES A Left to right: Beulah Combs, Jackie Ziegler, Sonja Ready, Corol Wosser, Joan Weiner, De- lores Bios, Shirley Rittenger, Ruby King, Martha Wohlbrink, Pot Becker, Carol Siebe'rt, Bonnie Borhorst, and Carol Hionce. Peggy Ratliff at the center front. MAJORETTES BAND The sixty members of the NeWport High School March- ing Band and the fifteen mojorettes began another year of marching, playing, and dancing into the hearts of everyone at hoIf-time at football games, pep meetings, assemblies, and finally graduation. The band this year, was very capobly directed by Mr. Jack Wimmer. This was Mr. Wimmer's first year at N. H. S. In the lost two weeks of August the band members and mojorettes began to get ready for the coming year by learn- ing new dance routines and songs. This practice continued for many weeks throughout the football season. After the football season, the band practiced every day during the sixth period for assemblies, concerts, minstrels, and gradu- otion. This year there were two head mojorettes; Peggy Rot- liff, who led the bond and mojorettes through the first five football games and Shirley Rittinger, who led them through the last five games. They danced to theitunes of the late, greot, Glenn Miller and to some of the old songs that brought about the popular dance, the Charleston. Shirley Rittenger Peggy Ratliff CHANCE TO EXHIBIT TALENT . . . Row 1: Don Enzwoller, Bonnie Downord, Gloria Tieford, Sue Ruddick, Teddy Dansberry, Penny Ebert, Earl Losey, and Tommy Ratliff. Row 2: Pat Delohcmty, Carol Hoffman, Roger Hartke, Mary Ann Reese, Carol Ortlieb, Jim Abbott, Solly Seibert, and Mr. Wimmer. Row 3: Jim Wilson, Tommy Owens, Eugene Davis, Pot Reed, Judy Bell, Sally Daines, and Jack Shepard. Row 4: Tim Goodall, Linda Miller, Gory Chalk, Martha Shay, Marjorie Butler, Louise King, Mary Kew, Bill Knapp, and Ken Colston. Row 5: Donna Willoughby, Carol Hill, Ben Stol, Dennis Prutow, Donna Owens, Georgiana Luke, Houston Ebert, and George Hoff- stedder. Row 6: Tom Volz, Jim Zion, Corl Tilford, Harry Butler, Ralph Fogle, Wayne Klink, Joy Smith, Bob Sensel, and Stanley Rouse. Mr. Wimmer Row 1: Miss Janice Robbins, Ella Glacken, Opal Skaggs, Margie McIntosh, Dione Ewing, Marilyn Horn, Jackie Grisby, Laverne Hall, Wanda Mullins, Elaine Wilson, Charlene Webster, Mary Carter, Betty Watkins, and Cecile Holey. Row 2: Rosalie Walling- ford, Jorine Peoslack, Rosalie Hardin, Roberto Coudill, Mary Elkins, Helen Barnes, Joyce Hornsby, Phyllis Godd, Charlotte Buckler, Jackie Ziegler, Bonnie Borhorst, Peggy Ratliff, Beulah Combs, Nancy Daniels, and Christine Zinser. Row 3: Joyce Sond- foss, Bonnie Schworberg, Carol Witt, Janice Abbott, Florence De- Rossett, Marilyn Woodward, Lois Carter, Mary Bandermon, Lloyd Shackleford, Peggy Snyder, Laura Sharp, Pot Hronek, Phyllis Mixed quartet composed of AI Mor- gan, Lois Gutekun'st, Betty McClure, and Harry Butler practice, accompanied by their director, Miss Jonice Robbins. Smith, and Carol Sonsom. Row 4: Betty Erwin, Sherrie Strobel, Laura Engle, Lillian Wright, Verona Sharp, Ann Canada, Carol Bailey, Joann Bohlinger, Nancy Bertlesmon, and Carol Schriber. Row 5: Shirley Daniels, Norma Woodoll, Betty Bowen, Violet Whitley, Mary Stegner, Louise Hill, Betty Bradbury, Betty McKee, Margie Butler, Lucille Deoton, Judy Hole, Linda Waddle, Joyce Siebert, Goldie Bonnor, Ruth Harvey, and Pat Jennings. Row 6: Janet Fredericks, Gordon Adams, Myrna Kneol, Ronnie Collins, Norman Youtsey, Lorry Furnish, Ronnie Pigg, Nick Blankenship, Bill Boyd, AI Morgan, Jerry Morris, Martha Hemingway, Johnny Ferrel, Ralph Hawkins, Peggy O'Doy. and Janet O'Doy. IN ABILITY Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do! ! ! These musical tones are heard every .day by the students from the one hundred and eighty members of the chorus dur- ing the fourth and fifth periods. This means that the chorus is practicing for one of the many activities in which they participate during the school year. Some of these activities are the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies and Graduation. The chorus is directed by Miss Janice Robbins, 0 erer graduate of Newport High School and the Cincinnati College of USIC. - During the year the chorus participated in the Northern Kentucky Vocal Clinic under the direction of the famous Cincinnati Symphony conductor, Dr. Thor Johnson. In November some of the members participated in the eighteenth an- nual concert of the Kentucky All State Chorus given in the University of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, Kentucky. The chorus was under the direction of George F. Krueger, choral director of the Indiana University Schoo! of Music. The chorus of approximately a thousand girls and boys was the largest Kentucky chorus ever heard in the state, and represented seventy- six schools. Miss Janice Robbins, Director Row 1: Carol Wooten, Joan Scott, Judy Bomback, Shirley Brewer, Betty Strange, Arlene Hauck, Shirley Morgan, Pat Sauer- win, Mary Pomeroy, Carol Clark, Elaine Warider, Audrey Scott, Ruth Eubanks, Rita Kreindler, and Bonnie Poole. Row 2: Vera Howard, Mary. Ann Brewster, Janet Jones, Carol Metheringham, Beverly Wiggins, Crystal Weaver, Carol Gadd, Barbara Baker, Barbara Whittaker, Mary Jane Wenk, Harold Gadd, Ray Mar- Owens, Betty Neal, Clara Wooten, Pat Hinte, Clarice Wither- spoon, Pat Witte, Shirley King, Irene Benefiel, Nora Chandler, Gail Duckworth, and Mary Trent. Row 5: Shirley Rittinger, Carol Welder, Mary Lou Zappin, Shirley Crawford, Bonnie Bres- nauer, Rebecca Hunley, Jean Addison, Lois Gutekunst, Carol Lickert, Joy Turner, Sharon Sipe, Joyce Dunn, Gayola Case, Betty McClure, Maralah Bierne, and Ruth Richardson. Row 6: tin, Janet Harvey, and Diane Wiggins. Row 3: Margie Stephens, Toni Manyet, Pat Blankenship, Jim Raosa, Harry Butler, Ri- Myrna Sporing, Mary Lovelace, Dolores Bias, Juanita Sparks, carda Hettel, Larry Harden, Barry Benjamin, Charles Chandler, Pat Feucht, Margaret Hedges, Barbara Simms, Charlotte Myers, Erwin Deaton, Ronnie Banfield, Earl Shackleford, Owen Carter, Dianne Dewald, Judy Austin, Stella Schultz, Josephine Oliver, Barry Peper, John Gettys, Barbara Albice, Donald Bass, and Barbara Revel, and Connie Bouras. Row 4: Pat Moore, Marilyn Bruce Morgan. Eggleston, Nancy Griffith, Pat Becker, Joan Weiner, Sandy The Sand Men bring sleep to Gretel molores BioQ ond Hansel Womye Bitzerl Danced by Joan Weiner, Carol Pitford, Georgiana Luke, and Carol Wosser. THE MAD MINSTRELS Dolores Bios did a Polevetsion dance. Mam z, and Sh'b Os. inter r Irley ng D eted by Ron Collins, h Ol House" was a dance by Paul Gosneyt "T is e nd Ron VanMeter, the Mountain Boys. 0 The theme for the 1955 Minstrels was, "Pictures At An Exhibition." It was divided into "Latin America," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Stage Show," and was directed by James W. Parke. Choreography was by Ellen Stan- hope, Billie Ziegler, Dolores Bias, Pat Harris, and Tomye Bitze The finale with the entire cast. Left: Ronnie "Jug-heod" Bridewell goes in for o crip against Boone County. Results two points for N. H. S. Below: Owen Carter, Golden Gloves lightweight chomp, coaches Ken Colston and Jim Rowlings on the arts of boxing. Bottom: Lengthening shadows find the freshmen busy at a scrimmage game. s c .I E l H .I A ATHLETICS STABILIT NEWPORT HAS GREAT YEAR The "Wildcats" of 1955 in winning eight games and losing only two, had the best season any Newport team has had since 1940. The team's success this year was due to much hard work on the part of the coaches and the players. Coach Miller's charges started the season on the rightAfoot, by edging out the. good Louisville Eastern team, 14-7. The following week, they made it two in a row by trouncing Raceland. In the third game of the season, Newport Public won its first Pension Bowl Game by defeating Newport Catholic 28-7. The next three weeks saw the "Wildcats" winning in easy fashion to run their string of victories to six straight. This was the longest winning streak any Newport team had compiled since 1942. Newport, playing its worst game of the year, lost in its next outing to Dixie Heights, 14-6. But the "Cats" bounced back by beating Ludlow and a strong Holmes team in their next two games. In the final game of the season, Newport journeyed to Mt. Sterling to play in the Recreation Bowl Game, against powerful Corbin. The "Wild- cats" played great ball and almost upset the favored "Red Hounds," before finally losing 27-21. But even in defeat, Newport gained rnuch prestige as a result of its fine showing. The "Cats" were ranked among the top teams in the state at the end of the year. Phil Hamilton throwing a pass. F O o T B A L L Ronnie Downard pouse's to regain his breath after a hard ploy. Above: Jim Wood, No. 60, assisted by blockers, Ronnie Downord, No. 74, and Ronnie Pigg, No. 73, goes all the way for a touchdown. Right: Football managers for 1955 were James Huff- man, Clarence Turner, Kent Curtis, and Lyle Jones. Row 1: Sam Cowen, Mgr., Jim Bird, Bob Lee, Delbert Hatfield, Marvin Wonder, Jerry Combs, Larry Harden, Dick Wallace, Paul Collins, Harry Walters, Billy Jones, Tom Simpson, Gerry Scott, Jerry Jones, Delton Leigh, and Joy Domeron, Mgr. Row 2: Lyle Jones, Mgr., Clarence Turner, Mgr., Don Ratliff, Phil Hamilton, Clarence Swoblond, Richard Long, Eugene Volter, Roger Quinn, Richard Vories, Warren Harden, Norman Youtsey, Jim Wood, ! George Rush, Ernie Blout, Jim Huffman, Mgr., and Kent Curtis, Mgr. Row 3: Bob Miller and Pete Riley, Coaches, Edwqrd Morris, Earl Shackleford, Erwin Deoton, Ronnie Pigg, Donny Points, John Turner, Dennis Holzschuh, Dole Landell, Lester Temple, Ronnie Downord, Cecil Turner, Bill Morton, E. K. Burton and Carl Plant- holt, Coaches. Dale Landell Bill Morton Ken Cotcomp Roger Quinn ' 1955 RECORD OPPONENT THEY Eastern, Louisville Racelond Newport Catholic Dayton Highldnds Bellevue Dixie Heights Ludlow Holmes morbid Recreation unVANOONQV N-a Irvin Deaton, Dole Londell, and Mar- vin Wonder during extra point worm- Ronnie Pigg Marvin Wonder Eugene Volter Norman Youtsey Dick Long Jim Wood l WW 2 , BASKETBALL PROVIDES AN OPP. Henry Green goes in for a push up in the game with Covington Catholic. Row '1: Edwin K. Burton, Asst. Coach; Marvin Wander, Manager; Douglas Jordan, Angelo Hall, Billy Jones, Don King, Robert Stubbs, Jim Farmer, Kent Curtis, Manager, and Stanley Arnzen, The opening of the 1955-56 season found the Wildcat Basketeers facing the task of bettering their second place standing in the Northern Kentucky Con- ference. The team was centered around two return- ing regulars from the 54-55 team which had placed fourth in the state in tourney play. John Turner, with 115 points on foul shots, 1625 accurate1 was the recipient of the trophy awarded each year by Coach Arnzen to the player making the highest percentage of foul shots. John, with 517 points for the regular season, averaged 20.7 points per game. Making an average of 70.4 points per game, the team scored a total of 1836 points for the season. Their opponents made a total of 1322 points. The 'Cats were honored with a bid to the Louis- ville Invitational Tournament for the third consecue tive year. They were defeated by Central City in the second round. With a perfect record for the Northern Ken- tucky Conference, the team was able- to cop the Con- ference Crown and enter the race for a berth in the field of champions. The past season was the most outstanding exhibition of season play a NeWport team has enjoyed for the past 15 years. Co-Captains for the year were Henry Green and Ronnie Bridewell. The Little 'Cats were no slouches! Their record for the year was 24 wins and 2 losses. They were awarded championship trophies for winning the Nor- thern Kentucky Athletic Freshman Conference, The Northern Kentucky Freshman Tournament, and the Taylor Invitational Tournament. Coach. Row 2: Henry Green, Richard Casey, Jerry Morris, Ronnie Bridewell, Clarence Turner, John Turner, Ernest Brady, Ronnie Pigg, Richard Vories, and Roger Quinn. NITY TO EXHIBIT SKILL Above: Seniors - Henry Green, Jerry Morris, Ronnie Bridewell, Ronnie Pigg, and Roger Quinn. Right: "Big" John Turner goes up for one of the many rebounds which enabled the Wildcats to defeat the Little Colonels from Dixie Heights. Ronnie Pigg and Jerry Morris back up the rebound. Below: W-l-L-D-C-A-T-S- Wildcats in traditional pre-gome formation. Above: The Opening toss in the Covington Catholic game. Below: "Big" John Turner leads worm-up practice before a game with Dayton. SCHEDULE THEY Boone County 52 Dayton 33 Lloyd 34 Clark County 50 Campbell County 52 Holmes 56 Highlands 42 Newport Catholic 53 Dixie Heights 52 St. Henry 40 Ludlow 49 Inez 36 Boone County 57 Dayton 50 Covington Catholic 56 Simon Kenton 60 Bellevue 60 Campbell County 57 Holmes 62 Beechwood 46 Somerset 58 Highlands 46 Henry Clay 64 LOUISVILLE INVITATION 64 Male 54 6O CentrolCity 9O DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 71 St. Marys 15 99 Campbell County 60 77 Highlands 58 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 73 Highlands 44 53 Covington Holmes 51 59 Boone County 69 ROW 13 Kenneth Reynolds, Mgr., Kenneth C019, Frank LOSGY, Formr, Richard Wallace, Bob Lee, Don Price and Neal Connors, Coach. Row 3: Jerry Jones, Mgr., Robert Hesse, Stanley Graydon, Del Hatfield, Tom Simpson, Donny Points, Ken Pigg, and Jack McMoth, Mgr. Row 2: Ted Donsberry, Jerry Scott, Marvin Bill Pelfrey, Stuart Stormer, and Ellis Hurd, Mgr. FRESHMEN Left: Ken Pigg makes two points against Newport Catholic in the Freshman Tournament. Newport wos Tournament Champion. Below: Simon Kenton and Newport Reserves scramble for a rebound. BASEBALL Baseball season for the Wildcats started early in the spring, with the usual amount of "sore" arms and aches. The team, after hard weeks of practice, finally shaped into a fair looking boll club. As the season progressed the winning streak of the "Cats" rapidly increased, and the district and regional tour- naments slowly drew near. By tournament time the "Cats" record stood 0t 10 wins and 2 losses. The "Wildcats" won the district championship by defeating Newport Catholic, their orch-rivals, in a real thriller, with the final score of 2-0. This marked the first time in 7 years that the "Wildcats" had beaten Newport Cathol ic. W, Newport then won the regional crown and re- ceived the chance to compete in the State Baseball Tournament at Louisville. The "Cats" were unfortu- nate in losing their first game to Hall High School, but they still held a season record of 17 games won and 3 lost. This is the best record that Newport has had for quite a few years. Ralph Chapman, coached by Ronnie Pigg, is safe at home plate. Row 1: Ronnie Sonsom, Ralph Chapman, Bill Thornton, Norman Roger Quinn, Les Temple, and Barry Moore. Row 3: Stanley Youtsey, Douglas Herthel, Jerry Morris, and Bruce Barkhou. Arnzen, Coach, Don Bass, Kent Curtis, Frank Cheek, Richard Row 2: Ken Bailey, George Rush, Phil Hamilton, Ronnie Pigg, Vories, and Doc Morris, score keeper. 0IWWW M, miy 7 WV Ronnie Pigg and Norman You'rsey, Newport Battery, talk over Douglas Herthel grounds one through second for CI single. strategy before a game. Coach Stanley Arnzen conducts pre-gome worm-up. RECORD E Highlands Bellevue Campbell County Ludlow Lafayette St. Henry Holmes Simon Kenton Campbell County Holmes Dixie Heights Ludlow St. Thomas DISTRICT St. Thomas Bellevue Newport Catholic REGIONAL Ludlow MoysviHe STATE Hall High OObb-WQOxVM-ANOO Nww-'N-l0th-bgu1 Row 1: Coach Edwin Burton, Ronnie Derrick, Warren Harden, Droege, Ervin Deaton, Bob Taylor, Ed Huffman, Dennis Holz- Billy Jones, Don McDaniel, Tomye Bitzer, Don Schneider, Don schuh, Bill Morton, Jim Wood, and Joe Lynn, Mgr. Lovelace, and Carl Mcllvoy. Row 2: Tom Reed, Mgr., Leroy TRACK SYMBOLIZES ENDURANCE Last year's track team, piloted by Coach Edwin Burton,, placed second to Highland's Bluebirds in the Regional meet by a small margin of 2 points. Highlands scored 66 points against Neiwport's close 64. While trying desperately to take the crown from the' Bluebirds, the Wildcats managed to set four new Regional records. Bob Taylor in the shot put event topped his old record by 3 feet 131: inches with a distance of 48 feet 134 inches. Ed Huffman also maintained his record in the discus throw, of 135 feet lOV2 inches. A new Regional record was also set by the 880 yard relay team, consisting of Warren Harden, Bill Jones, Ed Huffman, and Leroy Droege. The time was l:36.9. It was a well fought meet by all teams but Highlands managed to edge out Newport to win 66-64. Newport finished fourth in the N. K. A. C. The lettermen that returned to the team this year were a promising lot, featuring Marilon Reams, top-notc'h broadjumper, Leroy Droege, the boy who broke the school's record for the 220 yard dash with the time of 24:0 and two little speedsters, Warren Harden and Bill Jones. Bill Morton, fastest Junior hurdler, at Newport, Mr. Burton has ever seen, was handicapped this year because of a knee injury ac- quired during football. Dennis Holzschuh tries a shotput. SWIMMING DEVELOPS GRACE AND FORM Each Wednesday afternoon the NHS Mermen are found swimming in a meet at some nearby school or practicing in the pool at the Covington Y. Meets this year were with Withrow, St. Xavier, Purcell, Taft, Hughes, Woodward, and Locklond high schools in Southwestern Ohio, and with Highlands in Northern Kentucky. Two important meets in which the team partici- pated were the Northern Kentucky meet, which the Newport team has won every year for the past 16 years, and the State meet which is held each year at the University of Kentucky Coliseum. The team was coached by M. J. Covana and Co- Captains were All Stater Bob Sensel and Marvin Won- der. Coach Covcmo with Co-Coptoins Bob Sensel and Marvin Wonder. Row 1: Marvin Wonder, Bob Sensel, Tom Stanfield, Don Kreut- zer, Barry Peper, Houston Ebert, and Earl Kew. Row 2: M. J. 'Bud' Covono, Coach, Robert Neal, Ronnie Utz, Don Ratliff, Larry Keen, and James L. Cobb, Principal. Howard Barnett, Coach, Jerry Weier, Ken Cotcomp, Ted Dons- Jerry' Weier, Ken Cotcomp, and Houston Ebert meet in the berry, Houston Ebert, and Roy Schuster. Don Schneider was ob- Club House before a round of Golf. sent when the picture was token. G O L F The Newport 'Niblickers,' under the leadership of Mr. Howard Barnett, ended their 1955 season with 0 record of two wins and eight losses. The team participated in both the Post Tournament and the Regional Tourna- ment, which were played at the Twin Oaks Country Club. The Golf team faced an uncertain season this year, having lost three of its members through graduation. The club was built around returning lettermen, end the captain Houston Ebert. Houston was backed by return- ing golfers Ken Cotcamp, Charles Schuster, and Raymond Schuster. "N" CLUB Row 1: Marvin Wonder, Norman Youtsey, Warren Hardin, Henry Green, Ken Cotcomp, and Sam Cowens. Row 2: Lyle Jones, Kent Curtis, Jim Huffman, Eugene Volters, Gory Pabst, Bob Sensel, Jim Woods, and Earl Kew. Row 3: Ron Brideweil, Don Rotiiff, Leroy Droege, Jerry Weier, Dick Vories, Phil Hamilton, and Roger Quinn. Row 4: Ronnie Pigg, Barry Peper, Ron Downord, Bill Morton, Dick Long, Edward Morris and Jerry Morris. Row 5: Cecil Turner, Billy Jones, Earl Shockieford, Dennis Holzschuh, John Turner, Clarence Turner, and Irvin JUNIOR HIGH TEAMS Row 1: Manager Bobby Walters, Rodney Gross, Darrell Murray, Victor Scharstein, Carl Tilford, Charles Lovett, Lorry Sprinkle, and Manager Ronnie Combs. Row 2: Coach M. J. Cavona, Larry Wilson, John Williams, Joy Boyd, Elwood Ewing, and James Gilbert. Row 1: Betty Waddle, Donna Bowman, Carol Hill, Sally Seibert, Kathy Myers, Darlene Brody, Sally Doines, Janice Seifried, Arlene Richter, and Sharon Wonder. Row 2: Richard Rip- berger, Sylvester Fields, Charles Tomlin, James Murphy, G. V. Deoton, Richard Lienhordt, and Howard Miller. Row 3: Coach M. J. Covono, Bill Hightchew, William Block, Roger Grimes, Victor Schorstein, Joe Beozley, Don Jones, Charles Lovett, and Leon Morris. 53 44'.- W1 , W CHEERLEADERS Mojorettes Delores Bios, Carol Siebert, Bonnie Borhorsf, Martha Wahlbrink, Carol Heinz, Potty Becker, Ruby King, Peggy Ratliff, Shirley Rittinger, Carol Wosser, Pot Edwards, Sonja Ready, Jackie Row 1: Varsity: Rosalie Hardin, Jorine Peoslock, M lene Wil- mot, Shirley King, and Carole Fisher. Row 2: Reserves: Mary Der- rick, Carol Welder, Toni Monyet, Linda Waddle, Connie Bouros, and Bonnie Poole. Ziegler, Beulah Combs, and Joan Weiner strut to "On Ye Wildcats!" at a pep rally. Left to right: Marlene Wilmot, Gwen Swank, and Christine Zinser make their selections for a record session. Back row: Carol Ebert, Gwen Swank, Georgiana Luke, Sherrie Strobel, and Shirley King. Front row: Rita Kriendler, Barbara Carmichael, President, Christine Zinser, Marlene Wilmot, Secretory, Martha Wahlbrink, and Miss Rhea Peocher. GAA BOARD and OFFICERS GAA BUILDS FIRM, STRONG BODIES Row 1: Rita Kriendler, Elaine Wonder, Beverly Wilson, Ruth Crosby, Louise Baker, Arlene Holzschuh, Betty Sutton, Christine Zinser, Connie Bouros, LoVern Ingguls, and Bonnie Poole. Row 2: Pat Souerwin, Caroline King, Carole Fisher, Juanita Sparks, Joan Scott, Myrna Spor- ing, Mary Obermeyer, Stella Schultz, Roberta Caudill, Mary Jane Wenk, and Miss Rhea Peocher. Row 3: Rosie Owens, Jorine Peoslack, Rosie Wollingford, Ann Stuart, Evelyn Holder; Shirley King, Mary Ellen Shay, Barbara Carmichael, Geraldine Hall, Joyce Sondfoss, Ann Mosley, and Iva Reise. Row 4: Marlene Wilmot, Judy Sheets, Gayle Walters, Nancy Scott, Ernestine Rush, Nina Noble, Jerry Rush, Gwen Swank, Pot Witte, Lenora Reeder, Ruth Morgan, and Marjorie Bush. Row 5: Betty Neal, Judy Bell, Martha Wahlbrink, Nancy Grif- fith, Marilyn Woodward, Laura Turner, Louro Engel, Morilynn Eggleston, Darlene Johnson, Ruth Schloke, Carol Ebert, and Mary Derrick. Row 6: Mary Lou Zoppin, Carol Hill, Linda Waddle, Pot Webster, Joyce Siebert, Janet O'Doy, Bernice Hill, Wanda Robinson, Toni Mcnyet, Betty McClure, Corol Welder, and Sandra Owens. Row 7: Donna Gregory, Sherrie Strobel, Judy Hole, Judy Egon, Rebecco Hunley, Frances Huffman, Janet Fredericks, Betty Bradbury, Martha Shay, Bonnie Bresnauer, Georgiana Luke, Mary" McIntosh, Audrey Morton, and Ruby King. m0$mxuwxm m 4' am .. Girl's sports at Newport High are sponsored by the Girl's Athletic Association. This group is under the direction of Miss Rhea Peocher, who is assisted by the officers and board members. The officers are: President, Barbara Carmichael; Vice-President, Martha Wohlbrink; Secretory, Marlene Wilmot; and Treasurer, Bonnie Hoppe. The board members each have the duty of efficiently carrying out the program of the sport which they are in charge of. The girls participate in such sports as aerial darts, badminton, volley ball, bowling, swimming, basketballl- hiking, ping-pong, and checkers. Points are given to members for participation in each session of indi- vidual sports. Awards are based on the total number of points received. The presentation of awards and the selection of the outstanding Senior member of the organization are made at the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet which is held in the spring of the year. The main purpose of the organization is to promote good sportsman- ship, teamwork, and fair-plciy. It helps girls to learn how to get along with each other. The organization strives to produce healthy bodies, strong minds, and true character through sports. Left, to Vright: Fran Huffman and Linda Waddle are waiting to receive an aerial dart serve by Mary Derrick. Above: Myrna Sporing and Rita Kriendler plan a tennis match. Left, to right: Judy Hole, Toni Monyet, Mary Lou Zoppin, and Shirley King enjoy a game of checkers while Carol Ebert and Sherrie Stroble watch. SENIOR Adkins, Julian "Silos" General 192 Peter G. N011 Co. 1-6416 Albany, Louisiana 1; Chefopo, Kansas 2; In.- dependence, Kansas 3. Bass, Don "Fish" Scientific 1105 Burnet Avenue Co. 1-8647 Baseball 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club 4; Chorus 4. Benefiel, Anna Irene "Renee" Commercial 222 Linden Avenue Hi. 1-2835 Swimming Club 1; Skating Club 1; Pep Club 2; Chorus 3, 4; Office Staff 4. Berkemeyer, Don H. "Berk" General 213 Linden Avenue Hi. 1-6060 Honor Society 3, 4. Bickers, Marilyn Ann "Lynn" Commercial 318 Lindsey Street Ax. 1-2090 G.A.A. 1, 2; Skating Club 1; Student Council 1; Swimming Club 1; Office Staff 3, 4; Chorus 3; Newportian 4. Blankenship, Joseph N. "Nick" General 736 Columbia Street Ax. 1-9316 Walden Club 2; Rifle Club 4; Chorus 4; Art 4. Baden, Alice Joyce "Jo" General 823 Overton Street Ju. 1-4292 Newporfer 1, 2, 3, 4; Pen P01 2; Senior Class Ploy. Bowen, Betty Comerciai 1007 BrightonStreef Ax. 119056 G.A.A. 1; Library Staff 2; Chorus 3, 4. Bradley, William -"Bill" General 336 Monmouth Street Ax. 1-3897 John G. Carlisle 1; Walden Club 2; Pen Pal. Braun, Rosalie Anne "Rose" Commercial 1117 Putnam Street Ju. 1-7084 Pen Pal 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Newportian 4. Brewer, Ronald Garrett "Ron" General 727 York Street Ax. 1-2350 Holmes 1; Grant County High 2, 3; Bowling Club 4; Track 4. Bridewell, Ronnie Lee "Jugheod" Commercial 70 Peter G. Noll Ju. 1-1609 Basketball 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 4. Brooks, Phyllis Ann "Puddles" Commercial 17 West Tenth Street Ju. 1-7579 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Pen P01 1, 2, 3', 4; Skating Club 4; Newporter 3, 4; New- portion 4. Bush, Mariorie Ruth "Bush" Commercial 429 Hodge Street Ju. 1-6844 G.A.A. 1, 3, 4; Skating Club 4. Butler, Harry General 318 West Fourth Street He. 1-1063 Aiken, South Carolina 1, 2; Band 3, 4; Min- stre1 3, 4; Chorus 4. Carter, Owen Leon, Jr. "Leon" Scientific 35 Booker T. Washington Place He. 1-3727 Lincoln Grant High 1, 2, 3; Chorus 4. Case, Donald "Treetop" Commercial 926 Park Avenue Ax. 1-7978 Caudill, Robeita "Bobbie" Commercial 794 East 10th Street Ju. 1-8873 G.A.A. 1, 3, 4; Newporfer 1, 2; Swimming Club 1; Minstrel 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, Secrefory 4; Business Honor Society 3, Presi- dent 4; Travel Club 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4. Christian, Larry Paul "Chris" Commercial 812 Patterson Street None Bowling Club 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 4; Chorus 4. Clifton, Nancy "Cliffie" Scientific 1227 Vine Street Ax. 1-5106 Pen Pal 1, 3, 4; Skating Club 1; Library Staff 2, 3, 4; Newporter Staff 3, 4; New- portion 4. Cope, Norma Jean "Noima" Commercial 27 East 81h Street Ju. 1-3468 Pen P01 1; Newporter Sfaff 1, 2; Honor So- ciety 3, 4; Newportion 4; Senior Class Play. Cotcamip, Kenneth Eugene Commercial 34 East 11th Street Ju. 1-8293 Football 2, 3, 4; Golf Club 3, 4. Cowens, Samuel "Sam" Commercial 215 East 3rd Street Ju. 1-3982 Baseball 1; Track Manager 2; Football Man- ager 3, 4; Visual Aids 4. Crowe, Arthur Lee, Jr. "Art" Commercial 114 Washington Avenue Ju. 1-6746 Basketball 1, 2; Visual Aids 3, 4. Cummins, Raymond Howard "Ray" Scientific 329 West 7th Street He. 1-5739 Damico, Carolyn "Domic" Commercial 2622 Alexandria ije Hi. 1-6153 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Pen P01 1, 2. Daniels, Shirley Mae "Shirl" Commercial 3 West Ridge Place Co. 1-9471 Bond 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Pen P01 4; Student Coun- cil 4; Chorus 4; Skating Club 4. Dean, Beverly "Bev" Commercial 311 Lindsey Street Ju. 1-2200 Decker, LeRoy "Lee" General 1095 Waterworks Road He. 1-0436 Walden 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4. Dewberry, Kenneth "Dew" General 1115 York Sfreef Ju. 1-8981 Student Council 1, 2, 3; Visual Aids 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4. Dietriech, Donald Micheal "Diets" General 10 East Walnut Street Hi. 1-9067 Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball. 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; "N" Club 3, 4. DIRECTORY Droege, LeRoy "Pete" Commercial 547 Lexington Avenue Co. 1-6385 Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Club 1; Foot- ball 3; "N" Club 3. Ebert, Bill "Ernie" General 32 Prospect Street Ax. 1-2106 Rifle Club 4; Track 4. ECkert, Perry Thomas "Eck" Commercial 1196 Grand Avenue Ju. 1-3202 Basketball 1; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Rifle Club 4. Embry, Carol "Red" Commercial 911 Hamlet Street None Student Council 2. Engel, William Carl "Butch" General 2122 Joyce Avenue Co. 1-1093 Walden Club 1; Y.F.C. 3. Enslen, Ronald General 901 Monroe Street None Highlands 1. Ferguson, Janice Lou "Jan" Commercial 61 Peter Noll Homes Ju. 1-4882 Chorus 2. Ferrel, Johnnie General 609 East 3rd Street Ju. 1-3299 Chorus 4; Rifle Club 4. Fisher, Carole "Fish" Commercial 511 Thornton Street Ax. 1-5505 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 2, 4. Flaig, Sylvia Ann Commercial 102 Walnut Street Hi. 1-4852 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Skating Club 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3,, 4; Student Council 3. Frymeyer, Betty Jo "Fry". General 406 Park Avenue Ax. 1-5573 Swimming Club 1; Skating Club 1, 4; G.A.A. 2; Office Staff 3;, Chorus 3, 4. Gutekunsf, Lois Anne "Louie" Scientific 307 Linden Avenue Co. 1-4967 G.A.A. 1; Swimming Club 1; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 3, 4; Newporter 2; Whlden Club 2; Visual Aids 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Class Play. Hampton, Delores Gail "Pete" General 1003 Columbia Street Ax. 1-2632 Student Council 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Class Secretary 3; Newporter 3, 4; Newportion 4; Office Staff 4; Chorus 3. Hardin, Rosalie Joy "Becky" Commercial 614 Lexington Avenue Co. 1-6551 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1; Newporter 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Swimming 1; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4. SENIOR Hemingway, Martha Wilson "Marty" Commercial 641 Central Avenue Co. 1-9217 G.A.A. 1; Chorus 3, 4; Skating Club 4. Henderson, Mary "Squeekie" Commercial 139 Center Street Hi. 1-6033 Skating Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2;1Newporter 3, 4; G.A.A. 3. Hill, Bernice Jeanette "Niece" Commercial 412 Monmouth Street None Skating Club 1, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Chorus 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Newportion 4. Hockney, Ida Lee Commercial 25 Weingorfner Place Ju. 1-7397 Skating Club 1. Hodges, Gerald "Jerry" Commercial 610 Observatory Avenue Co. 1-6649 Hoffstedder, Carolyn Ann "Carol" Commercial 831 Roberts Street He. 1-5878 Student Council 2, Alternate 1; Library Staff 2, 3; Pen P01 3, Secretary 4; Newportian 4. Howard, Vera Lou "Pee-Wee" Commercial 1219 York Street Ju. 1-2899 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Skating Club 1, 4; Office Staff 4. Hunt, Ronald "Ron" Scientific 422 West 12th Street He. 1-8262 Visual Aids 3, 4; Rifle Club 4. Johnson, Donald "Don Juan" Scientific 708 Isabella Street None Walden Club 1; Austin High 2. Johnson, Joyce B. "Joy" Commercial 410 West 12th Street Ju. 1-5976 Hazard, Ky. 1, 2. Johnson, Norma Jean Commercial 410 West 12th Street Ju. 1-5976 Hazard 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Chorus 3. Kreutzer, Donald William Scientific 312 Linden Avenue Hi. 1-8552 Track 1; Swimming Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, President 4; Student Council 4. Landell, Dale Commercial 1079 Grand Avenue Co. 1-8913 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; "N" Club 3; Visual Aids 4. Lung, Richard Clarence "Dickie" Commercial 249 Clifton Avenue Ju. 1-8510 Football 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 3. Leek, Wanda Gail Commercial 1302 John Street Ju. 1-1754 Skating Club 1; Newporfer 1. Linkugel, Daniel "Snoogle" Commercial 54 E. 10th Street Ax. 1-3354 Visual Aids 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. Lyfle, Judy "Sweetie" Commercial 812 Monroe Street Ax. 1-4405 G.A.A. 1; Skating Club 1; Library Staff 2, 3, 4. McAllister, Sue "Susie" General 911 Hamlet Street Ju. 1-0278 Campbellsburg High 1, 2; Carrollton High 3. McClure, Betty "Bet" General 406 Park Avenue Ax. 1-5573 Swimming Club 1; Skating Club 1, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Staff 2, 3, 4. Mayer, John F. "Johnny" General 17 Ohio Avenue Co. 1-3130 Skating Club 1, 2; Minstrel 1, 2; Bond 2; Dramatics Club 3. Moore, Clem Milford "Curly" General 116 West 3rd Street None Football 1. Moore, Robert "Buz" "Scientific 825 York Street Ax. 1-0487 Honor Society 3, 4. Morgan, Alfred Lawrence "Al" General 33 Kentucky Drive Co. 1-5825 Chorus 3, 4; Dromotics Club 3; Minstrel 3; Senior Class Play Morris, Barbara Elaine "Bobbie" Commercial 53 Rose Avenue Hi. 1-4851 Swimming Club 1; Skating Club 1, 4; Office Staff 4; Senior Class Play. Morris, Jerry Lee "Jer" General 270 Beech Road Hi. 1-9064 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; New- portion 4; Chorus 4; Senior Class Ploy. Morton, Bill "Jumper" Scientific 432 WesiL 9th Street Ju. 1-7181 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; "N'f Club 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Newporticm 4; Senior Class Play. Myers, Donald "Don" Commercial 131 West 11th Street None Skating Club 1; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4. Noonan, James "Jim" .General 1142 Central Avenue Ax. 1-8627 O'Day, Janet "Judy" Commercial 723 Liberty Street Ju. 1-9487 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Swimming Club 1; Business Honor Society 3, 4. O'Day, Peggy "Peg" Commercial 551 East 4th Sfreef Co. 1-1517 Chorus 1, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1; Skating Club 4. Owens, Sandra "Sande" Commercial 512 Hodge Street Co. 1-2985 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Skating Club 4. DIRECTORY Peaslack, Jorine "Jo" Commercial 217 West 6th Street Co. 1-6567 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 3, 4; Newporter 2, 3; Swimming Club 1; Minstrel '1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Class Ploy. Pigg, Ronnie "Wiggles" General 816 Roberts Street He. 1-7452 Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Skating Club 1; Bowling Club 2; "N" Club 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Plummer, Betty "Boop" General 818 Isabella He. 1-6174 La Salette Academy 1, 2, 3. Commercial He. 1-3566 Pdwell, Loberta 4 West 13th Street Bible Club 1. Quinn, Roger "Quinny" Scientific 1039 Brighton Street Ax. 1-8455 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3; Visual Aids 3, 4; "N" Club 3, 4; Senior Class Secretqry 4. . Raleigh, Robekt Lee "Bob" Commercial 412 Columbia Street . None Ratliff, Peggy "Roxshell" Commercial 209 East 2nd Street He. 1-2083 Mojorefte 1, 2, 3, Head Moioretfe 4; Swim- ming 1; G.A.A. 2, 3; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Skating Club 4. General Ax. 1-4902 Rcum, George "Whitey" 1114 York Street Reams, Marilon General 833 Maple Avenue Ju. 1-8229 Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Football.- 2, 3; "N" Club 3. General Ju. 1-0199 Redmond, Oliver Lewis "Lu Lu" 1016 Columbia Street Reed, Lois Jean "Freckles" General 26 19th Street Ju. 1-8841 Dramatics Club 3. Reppetto, Kathryn Ann "Katie" Commercial 35 West 81h Street He. 1-8016 Richardson, Ruth Anne Commercial 407 6th Avenue, Dayton, Ky. None Skating Club 1; Chorus 3, 4. Rittinger, Shirley Yvonne "Rift" General 624 Washington Avenue Ax. 1-4984 Moiorefte 1, 2, 3, Head Mojorette 4; Skating Club 1, 2, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 4; Senior Class Ploy. Robinson, Lee Wanda "Wendie" Scientific 1031 Brighton Street Co. 1-5406 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Skating Club 1, 4; Annual Staff 4; F.T.A. 4; Pen P01 2. SENIOR Rogers, Mary Jane "Janie" Commercial 439 Lindsey Street Co. 1-6502 G.A.A. 1, 3; F.T.A. 1; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Newportian Staff 4. Rouse, Stanley "Joe" Scientific 329 Hodge Street Co. 1-0252 Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Newportian Staff 4. Schreiber, Barbara Ann "Barb" Commercial 410 West 11th Street Ju. 1-8823 Bond 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 4; Skating Club 4. Schuster, Ray "Sonny" General 1137 Orchard Street He. 1-5355 Bowling Club 3, 4; Golf Club 3, 4; Visual Aids 4. Sensel, Robert Norman "Sense" General 238 Walnut Street Hi. 1-5444 Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Minstrel -1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Swimming Team 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 3, 4; Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4. Shackelford, Lloyd "Shack" Commercial 318 Elm Street Ax. 1-4753 Siebert, Joyce Lee "Joy" Commercial 131 16th Street Ax. 1-1398 Swimming Club 1; Chorus 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; Student Council 3; Skating Club 4. Scientific Ju. 1-50213 Smith, Cecil "Smitzky" 1119 Ann Street Honor Society 3, 4. Stanfield, Tom Scientific 609 Central Avenue Ju. 1-9872 Swimming Team 3, 4. Stegner, Mary Beatrice "Mil" Commercial 182 Kentucky Drive Co. 1-5109 Skating Club 1, 4; Pen Pal Club 2, 3; Chorus 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor So- ciety 3, 4. Stephany, Ronald Lee "Ronnie" General 235 Peter G. Noll Homes None Campbell County 1, 2, 3. Stephens, Margie "Nid" Commercial 46 Grondview Avenue He. 1-5077 Skating Club 1; Chorus 3, 4. Stephenson, Joe "Speeter" Commercial 17 Biehl Street Ax. 1-9064 Switzer, Sarah "Swifz" Commercial 1028 Hamlet Street Ax. 1-6792 Business Honor Society 3, 4. Thornton, William Eugene "Thorny" Commercial 25 Bramble Ave., Highland Hg'rs. Hi. 1-2782 Basketball 1; Baseball 3, 4. Tucker, Nora Lee General 918 Central Avenue None Library Staff 4. Ufz, Wayne "Utzerouche" Commercial 749 Isabella None Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4. Volter, Elmer Eugene "Gummer" General 227 Monmouth Street Ju. 1-3552 Basketball 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Seniof Class Play. Wade, Clinton "Clint" General 723 Liberty Ju. 1-1838 Skating Club 1; Pen Pal Club 2; Visual Aids 3, 4; Rifle Club 4; Walden 2; Newporfer 2; Travel Club 2. Wallingford, Rosalie "Rose" General 942 Ann Street Ju. 1-7582 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 1; Chorus 3, 4; Newporfer 3; Skating Club 4. Walter, Gayle "Wolf" General 29 16th Street Co. 1-5022 Basketball 1. Wander, Marvin "Marv" Scientific 837 Maple Avenue He. 1-3190 Skating Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Club 1; Swimming Team 1, 2, Captain 3, 4; SfudemL Council 1, 2; Visual Aids 3, 4; Newporfer 2, 3, 4; "N" Club 1, 3, 4; Baskefboll Manager 3, 4; Co- editor Newportion 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Class Vice-President 3, 4; Boys' State 3; Senior Class Ploy. Ware, Helen Jo ce "Toofie" Commercial Y 1123 Isabella He. 1-7497 Y.F.C. 1, 2, '3; Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. Watkins, Beniamin "Ben" Scientific 510 Wesf Sixth Street Ju. 1-3368 Lincoln Granf 1, 2, 3. Weier, Joseph Jerry General 1102 Columbia Street Ax. 1-0883 Football 1, 2, Manager 3; Chorus 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Visual Aids 3, 4; "N" Club 3, 4; Golf Team 4. Wenk, Mary Jane "Wenkie" Commercial 1037 Patterson Street Co. 1-4511 Student Council Alternate 2; Chorus 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4. Wiggins, Beverly "Bev" Commercial 923 Columbia Street Ax. 1-6359 Skating Club 1, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Club 1; Honor Society 3, 4; Busi- ness Honor Society 3, 4. Wilmot, Marlene May "Willie" General 612 Riverside Drive Ju. 1-6845 Student Council 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Presi- DIRECTORY den? 4; Swimming Club 1; Pen P01 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Skating Club 1, 4; Newporter 1, 2, 3; Girls' State 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Newporfion 3; Chorus 3, 4; Minstrel 3; Office Staff 4; Senior Class Play. Wilson, Robert "Bob" General 626 East Ninth Street Ax. 1-9671 Bowling Club 1, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Chorus 4; Student Council 4; Senior Class Flay. Winters, Patricia Ann "Pat" Commercial 627 Nelson Place Co. 1-6470 G.A.A. 1; Newporter 2, 4, Co-editor 3; Pen P01 2, 4, Secretary 3; Newportion 3, Editor 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Travel Club 3; Skating Club 4; Senior Class Ploy. Witherspoon, Clarice "Clar" General 620 Dayton Street He. 1-0524 Y.F.C. 4; Chorus 4. Wohrley, Joyce Faye Scientific 41 Sixteenth Street Ju. 1-4577 Pen P01 1, 2, President 3; Newporter 2, 4, Co-editor 3; Skating Club 4; Newportian 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Visual Aids 2; Li- brary Staff 3; Travel Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Senior Class Play. Wood, Larry Jim "Woody" Commercial 130 Harvard Place Hi. 1-2629 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Basket- ball 1, 2; Class Treasurer 3, 4; "N" Club 1, 2, 4. Wooten, Carol Lynne "Doodie" Commercial 427 West Thirteenth Street Co. 1-2279 Chorus 3, 4. Wooten, Clara May "Nookie" Commercial 427 West Thirteenth Street Co. 1-2279 Chorus 3, 4; Business Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. Youtsey, Norman "Youfz" Scientific 438 West Twelfth Street Ax. 1-9420 Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Swimming Club 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Class President 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; "N" Club 1, 3, 4; Track 1; Newporter 3, 4; Visual Aids 3, 4. Zappin, Mary Lou "Lou" Commercial 526 West Tenth Street Ax. 1-6808 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pen Pal Club 2; Chorus 3, 4; Skating Club 1, 4; Senior Class Play. Zinser, Rudy "Rock" Scientific 502 Overfon Street ,He. 1-4941 Swimming Club 1; Track 1; Visual Aids 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Rifle Club 4; Senior Class P1oy. mele Compliments Of YOUR P.T.A. Seated: Mrs. A. C. Gutekunst, Mrs. Douglas Braun, and Mrs. Edwin Quinn. Standing: Mrs. Walter Berkemeyer and Mrs; James Dunn. '! a V ' i I, of the ZON Compliments SENIORS and their Advisor Compliments YOUR FLORIST VICTOR H. BROWN Compliments Of FENNELL CO. Heating 8: Piping Contractors 7-H East Fourth Street Newport, Ky. CO. 1-9291 Congratulations to the Class of '56 EILERMAN'S Kentucky's Best for Men and Boys Covington Newport KENTUCKY ENTERPRISE FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Co. 1-3050 8th and Monmouth Streets Newport, Kentucky A Savings Institution! Compliments of KAPPA PHI GAMMA SORORITY 109 Compliments Of JOE GATLIFF WETZELS FOOD MARKET 3rd and Park We Deliver CO. 1-9568 Compliments Of K 81 K A P P L I A N C E S LATON IA KENTUCKY KENTUCKY RENT-A-TOOL CO. 408 E. 10th Street Newport, Ky. Phone HE. 1-4519 FAMISE CORSET and LINGERIE SHOP 843 Monmouth Street Newport, Kentucky JU. 1-5313 ALTONE CLEANERS 10th and Hamlet Newport, Ky. Open 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. '1 HOUR SERVICE "We do our own cleaning" 1001; Off 4 Cash and Carry Joseph Early, Prop. H A M L I N ' S SUNOCO SERVICE 2410 Alexandria Pike U. S. Highway 27 Phone H1. 1-9896 Southgate, Ky. Best of Luck Seniors Compliments Of CLIFF- WARTMAN Compliments Of GLENN SCHMIDT EBERT'S MEATS "Delivered to your door" CHRIS EBERT 8 SONS, PrOp. 338 Fairfield Ave. Bellevue, Ky. Phone CO. 1-5266 Compliments Of BRUNS' JUG HOUSE 414 East Seventh Street Newport, Kentucky Compliments of NELTNER SERVICE STATION 19th 8t Monmouth St. HE. 1-9144 WARREN J. KENNEDY Country Homes and Forms Real Estate Insurance Phone Myrtle 7-5556 Mentor, Ky. T H E F A S H I O N "Better wearing apparel for Women and Children" 833 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. WILSON'S MEATS Choice Steaks 8: Poultry 328 East 9th St. Newport, Ky. Phone HE. 1-9601 Compliments of TURTLE'S BARBER SHOP 1017 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. BROWNIES DELICATESSEN 844 York St. Newport, Ky. Phone HE. 1-8986 EAST SIDE SWEET SHOP 1 0th 81 Mon roe HE. 1-9291 Newport, Ky. KENTUCKY BARBER SHOP 209 E. 10th St. Newport, Ky. John W. Obel, Prop. SMITH'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 502 E. 10th Street Newport, Ky. Phone HE. 1-8508 Convenient Banking Prompt Service WEST SIDE SAVINGS BANK Easy Parking No Meters No Congestion 10th and Columbia Newport, Ky. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS - 5 to, 8 COMPLIMENT.S OF NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION "Congratulations and Best Wishes" from THE GEO. WIEDEMANN BREWING COMPANY. 601 Columbia St. Newport, Ky. COMPLIMENTS of NEWPORT STEEL CORPORATION "We thank you for your patronage for the last 26 years and wish success to the, 1955-56 Class" DIXIE CHILI 733 .Monmouth St. I ' Newport; Ky. COMPLIMENTS of CAMPBELL COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Fred A, Erschell 8: Son 5 Vanderhaor 5 Stetter William S. Muehlenkamp Wm. C. Betz Sons A. C. Dobbling 8: Son KENTUCKY GRILL Breckfost-Dinner-Sandwiches HE. 1-9673 912V2 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. FOR PRESCRIPTIONS ALBERT E. BATHIANY Pha rmacist Sixth and Monmouth Newport Kentucky MINGES HA,RDWARE,CO. Paints-Glass-Toys Electrical Supplies-Pipg and Fittings 935 MonmouthStreet Newport, Ky. Phone CO. 1-8051 ZEFF BROS. CLOTHING JEWELRY 8th and Monmouth Sts. NeWport, Kentucky to. 1-4183 co. 1-4184 B R A N D T ' s1 , FOR CHOICE MERCHANDISE Since 1848 9th 8: Monmouth Newport, Ky. Compliments of BECKERS CAFE 9th and Central K Newport, Ky. Compliments of WEIGAND'S TAVERN KLASERNERfS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 18th and Monmouth Sr'rs. Phone AX. 1-6210 Newport, Ky. FREE DELIVERY AMPLE PARKING M. 8: M. BEAUTY SALON Complete Personalized Beauty Service 641 Monmouth Street Newport, Kentucky HE. 1-8658 YORK FOUNTAIN 6th 81 YORK STREETS HE. 1-9101 HE. 1-9102 Air Conditioned Five Barbers H I C K S We Try to Please You 907 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. ERNIE 8: ELSIE VALZ'S MA R K ET Choice Meats --------- Fruits Vegetables - - - - - - - - - Groceries 11th and Columbia Streets HE. 1-9650 Newport, Ky. KLINGENBERG'S Paints HARDWARE Glass 11th and Patterson Sts. Newport, Ky. COlonial 1-6910 We Deliver FIRE - FIRE Avoid A Loss Insure with Haas A D A M C . H AAS 724 Monmouth 51'. CO. 1-9869 EDWIN l. POATE FLORIST and DESIGNER 111 E. 7th St. Newport, Ky. "Flowers For All Occasions" JU. 1-3996 RES. HI. 1-1991 MONMOUTH Wsmmcs AND lOAN ASSOCIATION 1010 Honmoulh Sim! - pron, Kentucky CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 35 E. 11th St. Newport, Ky. CO. 1-8440 PHIL MEYER APOTHECARY ETHICAL DRUG SERVICE 33 East Eighth St. JU. 1-2114 WE DELIVER MACEY'S JEWELERS DIAMON DS and WATCH ES Cor. 8th and Monmouth Newport, Ky. Phone JU. 1-3065 Mrs. John Pompilio COL. POMPILIO'S CAFE FINEST BEERS AND LIQUORS American and Italian Foods Italian Spaghetti and Ravioli Sixth and Washington Newport, Ky. Compliments of VESPER PRINTER'S Harry F. Deite rmon Compliments of NEWPORT NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 81 0 Mon mouth Street DRIVE-IN OFFICE 8th Street at Orchard Newport, Kentucky Car Home Insurance Liability Business CHESTER A. SILVA, Inc. John Bankemper, Prop. REAL ESTATE CO. 1-1840 103 E. 7th Newport, Ky. THE H. J. HOSEA 8: SONS CO. Domestic 81 Export Packers 8: Shippers 12th 8: Central Ave. Newport, Ky. AX. 1-2739 CRYSTAL CHILI 9th 8t Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. Tel. HE. 1-9317 "Chili at its best" Best of Luck to the Class of '56 Norma Cope and Gail Hampton shop for furniture at LOUIS MARX "BEST OF LUCK" To the Class of '56 Compliments GLASER'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Phone AX. 1-2578 10th 81 Monmouth Newport, Ky. Free Delivery Compliments Of 5 U N 5111 N E H A RID1N AKR E We Specialize in Corsages IDF El FI:EIKS FL13VVEER SIiCDP 720 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. Phone CO. 1-9297 HILL'S DRY CLEANERS K RAA N1E R C A N D IE S 1006 Monmouth St. Newport, Ky. H E. 1-9440 F RAA N K 'S MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEATS, FROZEN FOODS FISH AND POULTRY HEmlock 1-8366 805 Park Ave. Newport, Ky. We Deliver Amnca's MOST FAMOUS oouamoscx umauacsn. . .7": ORIGINAL BIG aov ORDER BY PHONE AND TAKE 'EM HOME Compliments of. C A R L C H AKL K Real Estate 10th and Monmouth Newport, Ky. Compliments Of JUNIOR CLASS Ronnie Downard President Barry Peper Vice-President Bruce Borkhau Treasurer Carol Licke rt Secretary Mrs. Gladys Garner Advisor CITIZENS TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations"- to the Class of ,56 from your Telephone Company V GOOD PLACE TO WORK" CANTEEN 18 E. 6th St. Newport, Ky. Each Sunday - 7:30 til 10:30 BOOSTERS Nancy Bertelsman, '57 Doc Morris Lois Gutekunst, '56 Carole and Jim Betty McClure, '56 Mrs. Odessa Parker Rose Wallingford, '56 Hazel S. McFarlon Connie Sims, '58 Leila M. Peak, Pot Winters, '56. Hazel Girvin Jerry Morris, '56 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burton Bob Wilson, '56 Mr. and Mrs. Neal Connor Wanda Robinson, '56 Mr. and Mrs. Stan Arnzen Bernice Hill, '56 Sophomore Homeroom 16 Abbott, Janice 31, 80. Adams, Gordon 31, 80. Adams, Janet 31. Adams, Mary 26. Adams, Robert 37, 72. Adams, Roy 26, 66. Addison, Jean 26, 71, 81. Adkins, Jean Marie 37. Adkins, Julian 42. Albice, Barbara 31, 74, 81. Albice, Sally 26, 74. Ahrens, James 37, 69, 71. Allen, Wayne 31, 72. Ament, William 37. Ament, Virginia 26. Anderson, Betty 7, 26. Arnold, Becky 26. Arnzen, Stan 22, 90, 95. Arrowood, Bill 26. Arthur, Freddy 10, 11, 26, 67, 69, 74. Ashcroft, Larry 26. Ashcroft, Thomas 31, 72. Ashcroft, William 26, 72. Austin, Judith Ann 31, 81. Axt, David 37, 72. Backer, Beverly 46, 67, 101. Bailey, Carol Sue 6, 37, 57, 80. Baily, Kenneth 37, 64, 94. Baker, Barbara 26, 81. Baker, Louise 26, 74, 102. Baker, Monroe 37. Banderman, Mary Ann 37, 80. Banfield, Ronald 24, 26, 81. Barbiea, Janet 26. Barkhau, Bruce 36, 37, 94. Barhorst, Bonnie 26, 74, 78, 80, 100. Barnes, Helen 26, 80. 3 Barnett, Howard 9, 22, 71, 72, 98. Barnett, Rosetta 37. . Barr, William 26. Bass, Don 42, 79, 81, 94. Bass, Robert 26. Bauer, Charles 37, 70. Baumbach, Judy 31, 81. Beazley, Jacquel 24, 31. Becker, For 31, 78, 81, 100. Beirne, Maralah 26, 67, 73, 81. Belcher, Gary 26. Bell, Judy 31, 79,. 102. Benefiel, Irene 42, 81. Benjamin, Barry 37, 81. Berkemeyer, Don 7, 42, 68. Bertelsman, Nancy 37, 80. Bias, Delores 37, 78, 81, 82, 83, 100. Bickers, Marilyn 42, 69. Bird, James 26, 87. Blankenship, Nicholas 42, 72. Blankenship, Patty 37. Blaul', Ernie 37, 87. Boden, Joyce 42, 62, 63. Bohlinger, Jen 23, 75. Bohlinger, Jo Ann 26, 75, 80. Bonner, Arzel Melvin 37. Bonner, Goldie 37, 80. Bonner, Herbert 13, 31. Botkin, Joy Ann 26, 71. Bouras, Connie 37, 81, 100, 102. Bowen, Betty 42, 74, 80. Bowels, Clarence 31. Bowles, Arthur 31. Bowling, Carl 37. Bowman, Charles 26. Boyd, Bill 24, 31, 80. Bradbury, Betty 4, 31, 80, 102. Bradley, William 4, 42. Brady, Ernie 31, 90. Bramel, Thomas 31. Brammer, Walter 31. Branham, Virgil 37. Braun, Douglas 37. Braun, Rosalie 42, 53, 66, 70, 73. Braunfz, Gloria 37. Bresnauer, Bonnie 31, 81, 102. Brewer, Ronald 4, 6, 42, 72. Brewer, Shirley Ann 31, 81. Brewster, Mary Ann 26, 73, 81. INDEX Brickler, Charlotte 11, 14, 26, 80. Bridewell, Ronnie, 8, 42, 69, 84, 90, 91, 98. Bridges, James 26. Brock, Raymond 26. Brooks, Phyllis 10, 42, 66, 67, 70, 73, 74. Brummett, Glenn 26. Buck, Robbie 11. Burton, Thomas Lee 31. Burton, Edwin K. 4, 22, 35, 87, 90, 96. Bush, Marjorie 42, 74, 102. Butler, Harry 6, 43, 79, 80, 81. Butler, Marjorie 26, 79, 80. Butler, Norma 7, 31. Butler, Shirley 26. Bybee, James 26. Caldwell, Mary Lee 6, 22, 31, 75. Canada, Ann 31, 80. Capek, Marilyn 31. Carmichael, Barbara 46, 101, 102. Carpenter, William 7, 26. Carter, Lois 37, 70, 74, 80. Carter, Mary Charlotte 26, 80. Carter, Owen 43, 54, 80, 81, 84. Case, Christine 26. Case, Don 43. Case, Gayola 46, 80. Casebolt, Donald 26, 74. Casey, Richard 31, 90. Caudill, Lester 31. Caudill, .Roberta 43, 68, 71, 74, 80, 102. Caylor, Joann 26. Chandler, Alvin 26, 72. Chandler, Lynne 32, 71, 81. Chenol', William 32, 72. Christian, Dolly 26. Christian, Larry 43, 72. Clark, Carol 32, 71, 81. Clark, Ronald 26. Clifton, Nancy 43, 66, 67, 70, 73. Clowers, William 32. Cobb, James L. 16, 19, 97. Coffey, James 32. Cole, Dora 32. Cole, Kenneth 26, 72, 93. Collins, Jack 32, 69. Collins, John 10, 21. Collins, Paul 37, 64, 72, 87. Colliver, Evalyn 22. Colston, Kenneth 26, 79, 84. Combs, Beulah 32, 78, 80, 100. Combs, Hayden 32. Combs, Jerry 32, 87. Combs, Ora 26. Conner, Neal 22, 93. Conway, Bernice 32. Cooper, Rohama 32, 74. Cope, Norma 5, 43, 62, 66, 67, 68. Cornelus, Joel 37. Cotcamp, Ken 43, 88, 98. Cottie, Ronald 32. Cowens, Sammy 43, 69, 87, 98. Cox, Donald 37. ' Crail, Carolyn 26, 73. Crawford, Martha 37, 74. Crawford, Shirley 32, 81. Creech, James 26. Crosby, Robert 32. Crosby, Ruth 26, 102. Crowe, Arthur 43,,69. Culbertson, Bernice 6, 22, 68. Cummins, Ray 44. Cummins, Wayne 32. Curtis, Kent 37, 72, 87, 90, 94, 98. Dameron, Jay 32, 69, 87. Daniels, Carolyn 37, 70, 74. Daniels, Nancy 32, 80. Daniels, Shirley 24, 44, 68, 73, 74, 80. Dansberry, Edward 24, 26, 93. Doves, Eugene 26, 79. Day, Donald 26. Dean, Beverly 4, 44. Deaton, Bernie 26. Deaton, Bobby 32. Deaton, Ervin 37, 81, 87, 89, 96, 98. Deaton, Lucille 7, 32, 64, 69, 73, 78, 80. Decker, Leroy 44. Deegan, William 26. Delehanty, Patricia 26, 79. De Metre, James 26, 72. De Moss, Jerome 26. De Rossett, Florence 37, 80. Derrick, Mary 32, 100, 102, 103. Dewald, Diane 32, 81. Dewberry, Kenneth 44, 68. Dietriech, Don 44, 68. Dixon, Diane 37, 70. Donnelly, Dan 32. Downard, Ronald 36, 37, 86, 87, 98. Drake, Hope 32. ' Droege, Leroy 44, 96, 98. Duckworth, Gail 26, 81. Dunn, Joyce 37, 74, 81. Ebert, Bill 44, 72. Ebert, Carol 32, 74, 101, 102, 103. Ebert, Edith 26. Ebert, Houston 37, 79, 97, 98. Eckert, Perry 9, 44, 68, 72. Edwards, Audrey 32. Edwards, Pat 11, 32, 100. Egan, Judith 32, 102. Eggleston, Marilynn 32, 64, 67, 71, 81, 102. Elkins, Jerome 38. Elkins, Mary 26, 80. Elkins, Raymond 5, 26. Embry, Carol 44. Engel, Laura 38, 80, 102. Engel, Carl 44. Enslen, Ronald 44. Erpenbeck, Kenneth 32. Ervin, Betty 27, 80. Eubanks, Ruth 32, 69, 70, 73, 81. Ewing, Dian 27, 80. Ewing, Nancy 32. Farmer, James 32, 90. Farrar, Marvin 27, 93. Feldkamp, Walter 27, 72. Feltner, Bethe! 27. Ferguson, Gene 11, 32. Ferguson, Janice 44.. Ferguson, Kenneth 11, 32. Ferrel, John 44, 80. Feucht, Patricia 35, 38, 64, 67, 81. Fisher, Carole 12, 45, 56, 61, 100, 102. Fitters, Peggy 27, 74. Flaig, Sylvia 4, 45, 67, 68, 74. Fogle, Ralph 32, 67, 69, 70, 79. Frederick, Janet 32, 80, 102. Fritts, Dianne 38. Fryer, Alice 27. Fryer, John 32. Frymeyer, Betty Jo 51. Furnish, Larry 32, 72, 80. Gabelman, Harold 27. Gabelman, Ralph 27. Gadd, Carol 38, 81. Gadd, Harold 27, 69, 81. Gadd, Phyllis 27, 74, 80. Garner, Gladys 16, 22, 36. Garriott, Lois 8, 38, 70, 71. Gauldin, Donald 38, 71. Gemmer, George 38. Gemmer, Nancy 27. GeHys, John 32, 81. Geverts, Joann 22, 26, 30. Gibson, Wardell 27. Gilb, Lillian 23, 69, 74. Girvin, Hazel 7, 16, 22, 63. Glacken, Ella 32, 80. Gordon, Orval 27. Gossett, Robert 27. Govan, Charles 38. Gray, Gypsy 7, 22. Graydon, Stanley 27, 93. Green, Henry 8, 38, 90, 91, 98. Greene, Donald 27. Gregory, Dona 27, 102. Griffith, Nancy 32, 67, 71, 81, 102. Grigsby, Jackie 27, 80. Grindstaff, Arlene 32. Grischy, Dorothy 32. Grischy, Richard, 24, 38, 67, 70, 73. Gross, Paul 27. Gutekunst, Lois 7, 45, 60, 62, 63, 64, 71, 74, 80, 81. Haggard, Lyle 7, 22, 70, 72. Hole, Judy 32, 67, 74, 80, 102, 103. Haley, Cecile 38, 80. Hall, Angelo 32, 90. Hall, James 38. Hall, John 27. Hall, LcVerne 3, 6, 27, 45, 80. Hall, Nancy 27. Hamblin, Jerry 32. Hambrick, Edward 38. Hambrick, William 32. Hamilton, Michael 32. Hamilton, Phil 38, 86, 87, 94. 98. Hampton, Gail 45, 66, 67, 69. Happe, Bonnie 8, 38, 67, 71. Harden, Larry 32, 81, 87. Harden, Warren 24, 38, 87, 96, 98. Hardin, Rosalie 12, 67, 68, 80, 100. Hardy, Carol 38. Harris, Joyce 38. Harris, Ruth 22. Hartke, Roger 27, 79. Harvey, Janet 27, 81. Harvey, Ruth 38, 80. Hesse, Robert 27, 73, 93. Hatfield, Delbert 27, 87, 93. Hutton, Darrell 27. Hauck, Arleen 38, 81. Hedges, Margaret 38, 81. Hemingway, Ben 27. Hemingway. Martha 45, 74, 80. Henderson, Mary 45, 67, 74. Herald, Daisy 7, 27. Hetteburg, George 32. HeH'el, Ricardo 67, 71, 73, 81. Hiance, Carol 32, 78, 100. Highfield, John 27. . Hill, Bernice 45, 66, 68, 74, 102. Hill, Carol 27, 79, 102. Hill, Louise 32, 71, 74, 80. Hill, Retro 27, 67. Hinte, Pat 27, 81. Hockney, Ida 45, 69. Hodges, Bill 4, 33, 69. Hodges, Gerald 11, 45. Hoffstedder, Carolyn 46, 53, 66, 73. Hoffstedder, George 27, 79. Holder, Evelyn 33, 70, 102. Holzschuh, Arlene 27, 74, 102. Holzschuh, Dennis 38, 75, 87, 96, 98. Hopkins, Ralph 27, 69. Horn, John 33. Horn, Marilyn 33, 80. Hornsby, Joyce 33, 80. Howard, Garry 27. Howard, Vera 46, 69, 74, 81. Hronek, Patsy 33, 80. Hudson, James 27. Huffman, Frances 24, 33, 74, 102, 103. Huffman, James 38, 69, 87, 98. Hunley, Rebecca 33, 70, 81, 102. Hunt, Ronald 46, 54, 69, 72. Hurd, Ellis 33, 93. Hurd, Eva 38. Ingguls, La Verne 33, 74, 102. Irwin, Patricia 38. Jennings, Par 33, 71, 80. Johnson, Alvin 38, 72. Johnson, Donald 46. Johnson, Joyce 46. Johnson, Norma 46, 68. Johnson, Rosalind 27, 73, 74. Jones, Billy 33, 87, 90, 96. Jones, Janet 27, 56, 81, 98. Jones, Jerry 7, 24, 33, 69, 70, 87, 93. Jones, Lyle 33, 87, 98. Jourdan, Douglas 27, 90. Julian, Donald 27. INDEX Kaufman, George 27. Kernan, Charlotte 7, 22, 63, 69. Kew, Earl 33, 69, 70. 97, 98. Kew, Mary 27, 79. Kew, Ninona 23. Kidd, Thelma 38, 74. Kimbrough, Carlton 38. King, Carolyn 33, 102. King, Donald. 38, 90. King, Louise 27, 29, 74, 79. King, Paul 38, 62, 64. King, Richard 33, 72. King, Ruby 11, 38, 78, 100, 102. King, Shirley 9, 10, 12, 38, 64, 74, 75, 81, 82,100, 101,102, 103. King, Thomas 27. Kinghorn, Marilyn 27, 73. Kinzer, Phyllis 38. Klink, Wayne 38, 72, 79. Kneal, Myrna 27, 74, 80. Knock, Patricia 27. Kohl, Harold 33, 70. Kolp, Jimmy 33, 74. Kuntz, Carol 38. Kuntz, Gary 27. Kreindler, Rita 30, 33, 67, 69, 74, 81, 101, 102, 103. Kreutzer, Donald 24, 46, 59, 68, 97. Kroth, Elwood 33. Kroth, Warner 33. Kyle, Edmund 39. Lamb, Alma 16, 22, 73. Landell, Dale 46, 69, 87, 88, 89 Lenders, Donald 36. Long, Geraldine 39. Long, Joan 39. Long, Richard 14, 15, 46, 87, 89, 98. Lupe, Arlene 39,. 69. Lee, Charles 27. Leigh, Delton 33, 87. Lepper, Edward 27. Lepper, Peggy 33. Lickert, Carol 36, 39, 81. Liles, Walter 27. Linkugel, Daniel 47, 68, 69. Little, John 39. Lively, Roger 27, 69. Losey, Franklin 27, 72, 93. Lovelace, Mary 39, 64, 81. Lovett, Shirley 33. Lowe, Wanda 33, 74. Luke, Georgiana 39, 74, 79, 82, 101, 102. Lusher, Alfred 27. Lutz, Ralph 27. Lynn, Joe 33, 96. Lytle, Jack 39. Lytle, Judy 47. , McAllister, Sue 47. McClung, Donna 10, 33. McClure, Betty 47, 69, 80, 81, 102. McFenna, Patricia 6, 27. McGaha, Wayne 33. McGill, Clyde 27, 72. McIntosh, Don 27. McIntosh, Elizdbeth 28. McIntosh, Margie 39, 80, 102. McIntosh, Roy 33. McIntosh, Richard 39. McIntosh, Walter 33, 64. McKee, Betty 39, 74, 80. McMath, Jack 33, 93. McMillan, Don 39, 72. McNay, Frank 28. Manyet, Toni 10, 24, 33, 64, 69, 74, 81, 100, 102, 103. Martin, Bill 33. Martin, Dixie 33. Martin, Ira 28. Martin, Raymond 28, 81. Martin, Wallace 5, 28. Maschinof, James 33. Mason, Billie 33. Maybury, Alfred 24, 28. Mayer, John 47. Mays, Jessie 33. Metheringham, Carol 28, 81. Miller, James 33. Miller, Linda 28, 79. Mitchell, Carole 28, 69. Mittendorf, Billy 28, 30, 73. Mockbee, Dale 33. Moore, Barry 33, 94. Moore, Joseph 7, 33, 70. Moore, Clem 47. Moore, Patricia 28, 81. Moore, Thurman 28. Moore, Robert 47. Morford, Robert 34. Morgan, AI 44, 47, 54, 62, 63, 80. Morgan, Bruce 28, 81. Morgan, Darrell 34. Morgan, Ruth 4, 34, 71, 74, 102. Morgan, Shirley 39, 64, 81. Morris, Barbara 9, 47, 53, 56, 58, 62, 69, 74. Morris, Carolyn 28, 74. Morris, Edward 28, 87, 94, 98. Morris, Jerry 4, .47, 54, 62, 63, 66, 68, 80, 90, 91, 94, 98. Morris, Mary E. 22, 75. Morris, Wanda 34. Morton, Audrey, 24, 28, 71, 102. Morton, William 47, 62, 66, 87, 88, 96, 98. Mosley, Anna 28, 71, 102. Mosley, Donald 28. Mullins, Glenna 24, 28. Mullins, Joyce 28. Mullins, Sue 39. Mullins, Terry 28. Mullins, Wanda 28, 80. Myers, Charlotte 6, 28, 81. Myers, Donald 47, 68. Myers, Robert 34. Myers, Susanne 28. Neal, Betty 39, 81, 102. Neal, Pauline 34. Nieman, Joseph 39. Noble, Nina 6, 28, 74, 102. Noonan, James 47. Noonan, Richard 39. Obermeyer, Mary 34, 69, 74, 102. O'Day, Janet 5, 47, 68, 80, 102. O'Day, Peggy 48, 80. Oliver, Josephine 39, 81. Oliver, Odas 28. Ortlieb, Carol 24, 39, 79. Owens, A. D. 18, 20, 24. Owens, Jeannette 22. Owens, Rosie 28, 71, 102. Owens, Sandra 48, 74, 81, 102. Pabst, Gary 39, 72, 98. Painter, George 21. Pangburn, Donald 28. Pangburn, Leroy 48. Parker, Odessa 22. Payne, John 34. Peacher, Rhea 23, 74, 101. Peak, Leila M. 23, 30, 66, 74. Peaslack, Jorine 12, 48, 62, 63, 74, 80, 100, 102. Pelfrey, William 27, 93. Pelgen, Barbara 39. . Peper, Barry 36, 39, 69, 81, 97, Phillips, Mattie 23. Pigg, Kenneth 28, 93. Pigg, Ronald 48, 53, 54, 80, 87, 90, 91, 94, 95, 98. Pittman, Dennis S, 28. Plantholt, Carl 23, 87. Plummer, Betty 48, 64. Points, Daniel 13, 24, 28, 87, 93. Pollitt, Jean 39, 70. Pomeroy, Mary 28, 81. Poole, Bonnie 39, 69, 81, 100, 102. Porter, Ruth 28, 67. Powell, Loberta 48. Powers, Gordon 34. Price, Donald 28, 93. Pruiett, Jimmy 28. Prutow, Dennis 79. Quinn, Roger 7, 13, 41, 47, 48, 53, 54, 56, 69, 87, 88, 90, 91, 94, 98. Quinn, Roy 39. Raleigh, Robert 48. Ratliff, Donald 6, 39, 87, 97, 98. Ratliff, Peggy 11, 12, 48, 56, 74, 78, 80, 100. Ratliff, Sue 5, 28, 74. Raum, George 48. Rawlings, James 72, 84. Ready, Sonic 39, 78, 100. Reums, Marilon 49. Reder, Babe 39, 102. Redmond, Lewis 49. Reed, Lois 49. Reed, Patty 39, 74, 79. Reed, Thomas 34, 96. Reinfelder, Carolyn 28. Reis, Iva 28, 74, 102. Reppetto, Katherine 49. Revel, Barbara 39, 81. Reynolds, Kenneth 39, 93. Reynolds, Marilyn 28. Ricketts, Peggy 28. Richardson, Ruth 49, 81. Ries, Mary 28, 73, 79. Rittinger, Shirley 12, 49, 56, 62, 74, 78, 81, 100. Robbins, Janice 23, 64, 74, 80, 81. Robinson, Elery, 28. Robinson, Wanda 49, 66, 71, 74, 102. Rogers, Mary Jane 14, 15, 49, 54, 66, 68. Rogers, Robert 28. R0050, Jim 28, 81. Rothe, Stanley 39. Rottinghouse, Jerilyn 28, 74. Rouse, Stanley 49, 68, 76, 79. Rowe, David 28. Ruddick, William 7, 24, 34, 73. Rush, Ernestine 24, 39, 69, 102. Rush, George 39, 87, 94. Rush, Gerry 11, 28, 71, 102. Said, Clifford 39. Sandfoss, Joyce 34, 80, 102. Sanson, Carol 28, 73, 80. Sanson, Ronald 40, 94. Sauerwin, Patsy 28, 81, 102. Scheidel, Cecilia 40. Schiller, Robert 40. Schirmer, Carol 80. Schlake, David 34, 74. Schlake, Ruth 28, 74, 102. Schneider, Donald 40, 96, 98. Schneider, Donna 4, 34. Scholl, Edward 28. Schreiber, Barbara 49. Schultz, Stella 28, 71, 81, 102. Schuster, Raymond 49, 72, 98. Schwarberg, Bonnie 10, 34, 80. Scott, Audrey 28, 81. Scott, Jerald 28, 87, 89, 93. Scott, Joan 28, 64, 74, 81, 102. Scott, Nancy 28, 102. Sebastian, James 28. Sebastian, Mamie 28. Seifried, Roger 28. Sellers, Mary 28. Sensel, Irvin 34. Sensel, Robert 49, 60, 68, 79, 97, 98. Shackleford, Earl 34, 81, 87, 98. Shackleford, Elwood 34. Shackleford, Lloyd 49, 80. Sharp, Laurale 28, 80. Sharp, Verona 40, 73, 80. Shay, Martha 29, 74, 79, 102. Shay, Mary Ellen 40, 74, 102. Sheets, Judy 29, 102. Short, Marion 29. Short, Mary 29. Siebert, Carole 29, 74, 78, 100. Siebert, Joyce 4, 49, 68, 74, 80, 102. Simms, Barbara 29, 81. Simpson, Marguerite 29. Simpson, Tommy 29, 87, 93. INDEX Sims, Connie 34. Sipe, Sharon 34, 71, 74, 81. Sizemore, Jerry 29. Skaggs, Opal 34, 80. Slavens, John 29. Smith, Anna Mae 29. Smith, Barbara 40. Smith, Bill 34. Smith, Cecil 50. Smith, Dick 40. Smith, Gary 7, 29. Smith, Harry 29. Smith, Nancy 34. Snyder, Peggy 34, 71, 80. Sparks, Juanita 29, 81, 102. Spencer, Ella Stone 23, 71. Spicer, George 34. Sporing, Myrna 30, 34, 67, 69, 74, 81, .102, 103. Sprong, Russell 29. Sprott, Arthur 29. Stanfield, Thomas 50, 97. Stegner, Mary 50, 59, 68, 74, 80. Stephany, Lawrence 34. Stephany, Ronald 50. Stephens, Margie 50, 81. Stephenson, Joe 50. St. John, Daniel 28. Stockley, William 29. Stormer, Stuart 29, 93. Storms, Carl 29. Strange, Betty 34, 81. Strobel, Sherrie 40, 69, 74, 80, 101, 102, 103. Stuart, Anne 29, 102. Stubbs, Robert 29, 90. Stucker, Carol Sue 5, 29, 74. Stull, Benjamin 29, 79. Sutton, Betty 29, 102. Swank, Gwendolyn 9, 34, 101, 102, 104. Switzer, Kenneth 34. Switzer, Sarah 50, 68. Taffe, Nancy 29. Talbot, Wilbur Lee 34. Tanner, Lois 23, 41, 73. Tanner, Mary 23. Tanner, Norma 21. Teal, Joyce 34. Tebbs, Dorothy 16, 23, 75. Temple, Lester 40, 87, 94. Thomas, Bobby 69. Thomason, Jacqueline 29. Thompson, Don 29. Thompson, Donna 29. Thompson, Richard 40. Thornton, William 44, 47, 50, 94. Tignor, Joe 29, 69. Trent, Mary Lou 40, 81. Troendle, Bonita 34. Tucker, Nora 6, 50. Tully, Jerry 29. Turner, Asbury 34. Turner, Beverly 29. Turner, Cecil 40, 87, 98. Turner, Clarence 34, 87, 90, 98. Turner, David 34. Turner, Jack R. 34, 69. Turner, John 40, 87, 90, 91, 92, 98. Turner, Joy- 40, 81. Turner, Laura 34, 102. Turner, Mae 34. Turner, Robert 34. Turner, Roscoe, 29. Turner, Virginia 34. Tuttle, Charles 29, 69, 72. Ul'z, Ronnie 34, 97. Utz, Wayne 50, 68. Valz, Tom 35, 72, 79. Vance, Bernell 40, 69. V0", Dorothy 40. Volter, Eugene 50, 62, 63, 87, 89, 98. Vories, Richard 35, 87, 90, 94, 98. Waddle, Linda 35, 80, 100, 102, 103. Wade, Bonnie 29. Wade, Clinton 50, 69, 72. 123 Wade, Inez 34. Wahlbrink, Martha 40, 74, 78, 82, 100, 101, 102. Wainscott, Jack 40. Walker, Don 23. Wallace, John 35. Wallace, Richard 29, 87, 93. Waller, Richard 40. Wallingford, Rosalie 50, 80, 102. Walters, Charlene 29, 102. Walters, Harry 35, 69, 72, 74, 87. Walters, Gayle 50. Wonder, Elaine 24, 35, 67, 74, 81, 102, 103. Wander, Marvin 10, 43, 51, 54, 56, 62, 63, 66, 67, 68, 69, 87, 89, 90, 97, 98. Ware, Helen 51. Warnke, Lawrence 29. Warnke, Le Roy 29. Warren, Katherine 16, 20, 24, 68. Wasser, Carol 35, 73, 78, 82, 100. Watkins, Ben 4, 51, 53. Watkins, Lowe 35. Watson, Betty 35, 80. Watson, Preston 29. Weaver, Crystal 40, 81. Weaver, Leroy 35, 73. Webster, Bill 29. Webster, Patricia 29, 73, 102. Weier, Jerry 51, 54, 56, 69, 80, 98. Weiner, Joan 35, 78, 81, 82, 100. Welder, Carol 29, 81, 100, 102. Wetzel, Lorena 23. Wenk, Mary Jane 51, 81, 102. Whi1ford, Dottie 29. Whimmer, Jack 23, 64, 76, 78, 79. Whitley, Violet 40, 80. Whittaker, Barbara 29, 74, 81. Whittaker, Roy 29. Wiggins, Beverly 51, 68, 74, 81. Wiggins, Dian 29, 81. , Willoughby, Donna 8, 40, 64, 69, 70, 71, 74, 76, 79. Wilmot, Marlene 12, 24, 50, 51, 56, 62, 67, 68, 69, 74, 100, 101. Wilson, Beverly 35, 74, 102. Wilson, Elaine 35, 80. Wilson, James 29, 79. Wilson, Robert 24, 51, 62, 68, 72. Winters, Patricia 51, 62, 63, 66, 67, 68, 73, 74. Witherspoon, Bernice 29. Witherspoon, Clarice 51, 81. Withorn, Russell 35, 69, 73. Witt, Carol 29, 73, 80. Witt, Peggy 24, 29, 73. Witte, Patricia 35, 67, 81, 102. Witteried, Alice 23. Wohrley, Joyce 6, 7, 44, 52, 62, 66, 68, 74. Wood, James 41, 52, 56, 61, 87, 88, 96, 98. Woodall, Norma 35, 67, 80. Wogdward, Marilyn 40, 74, 80, 102. Wooten, Billy 35. Wooten, Carol 52, 81. Wooten, Clara 52, 68, 81. Wright, Lillian 40, 80. Yeager, Ronald 40. Yelton, Donna 35. Youtsey, Norman 10, 41, 43, 52, 53, 54, 56, 58, 68, 69, 80, 87, 89, 94, 95, 98. Zappin, Mary Lou 52, 62, 74, 81, 102, 103. 1 Zeigler, Jackie 24, 29, 78, 80, 100. Zinser, Christine 40, 80, 101, 102. 104. Zinser, Rudolph 52, 54, 62, 68, 72. Zion, Jimmy 35, 69, 70, 79. 7i A r ,. i take it home and show your family , . . put it in the attic , , , on ?4fj some rainy, gloomy day show it to your grandchildren and laugh zayg . . . laugh at the glorious days spent in the halls of N. H. S. J5; ' STAFF Patricio Winters and Marvin Wonder, Co-Editors; Jerry Morris and Bob Wilson, Business Managers; Norma Cope, Carolyn k y Hoffstedder, Joyce Wohrley, Gail Hampton, Marilyn Bickers, I J Bernice Hill, Wanda Robinson, Phyllis Brooks, Nancy Clifton, on, r ' ' Stonley Rouse, Rosalie Broun, Mary one Rogers, Bill Mort and Mrs. Leilo M. Peok, Advisor. 4 f 31 i??? Mi a V ' K . i ka vb I T I o N yr 6 . r , 2f gygi W; yogi? T onnua s 0 extends their sincere th s to the Faculty and Students for their cooperation; our Advertisers for their loyal support; Pogues Portrait Studios and Cs orne Photographers 0 d Roylac Studios for their excel?t er i ' x Bob Walter, i the S. B. Newman Print? 9 3 65; New u 1. ' V, 1 n m E "Pal? W; o i 14 v A 0 $ W e ' 1i 0 x w N ewpma J: E . 0W 93:63 . ng'iVx , R, .19 Meet : U ' bx $ x Ma 4 ' 431W Whmng bu : J6 Q? :39 $V $4ny x0 W Ne Wm ' Def II 2: $0.823 aka 96 1' ' . m $$de '59 $25; 6 g Q '1'.'.c' 0'9 L Q x?cgaveot - - '1 v Kg'gEQJ :24 l' a :6 , ; x0 NewPort Cats, Sta . - W ' e . , . 0 '9935 8. HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL - ' $0 , 9 Newport Public 76, Beechwood 46 . . Bellevue 83, Highlands 48. Holmes 81, Campbell County 73. 4 n 1 ' l o ' ' , 0140019vavgdeaN JaiMou U! Jn '0 WxMo .. 3$yx$ '00:? JLIEI'nDdS quJr. t ?...Wwfwwivzi .- Etna?- ! 1d. .3,rlul. vlfrxrll r; nlllNNV r ..

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