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 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1951 volume:

36 , Cm 5 1 .V 2' 1 2 74 1, ' ,f 'I X4 'W , 1 U .,,- f M' as . ill ill fi f 4 ' :- " ff':.,n2vv: .pw , 44 'I 4 f , M .W ' f:v --, ,,,.4 f, ,fnvvvw ,.. ,..,...--W M W, ,,..,,.M..... M "M,,"'w "' 'f WM Q M2 , if , ,1j,,,M4,1 Q 4 P it-ik , -. n., ,HK i fr' I ,,,.f .IWW Jw" 4- fl H ,pw 5' ,.-1 2 4 ' 9" ' . " V: ?f' 5- j:g,-3949 iff , M , ,nu 1 w5iiL1f?,3 'Q if , . 5 g' -L 1' ff .v""' rw .--'fi ,f:'f""'L M - :if ff. B. Q. ,- , 1 4 , , J if ?x ' ' Q ' l ! .mal Ehgwqilww l , 1 ' w E 'f A w .,i w V aff W' ,, 1 gl M E ,,,wi'f""' 'H' ' I 4171 4 - im 7k vwm Maia? J X 2 gf Q ,Wx 52. 'I I-V If X ffff' X? 1 nl Anderson D Owens Sup! of Schools The Admlnustratnon ot the Newport Publuc Schools IS the responsubuluty ofthe Board of Educatvon through the Superun tendent of Schools who IS appounted by the Board and who manages both the educational and funancral program of the schools The Treasurer Mrs Nenona Kew IS responsrble for the safe keeprng and dispersing of all funds and makes regular monthly reports to the members coverlng the funancual condutnon of the school system The Superintendent make recommen datlons to the Board for the appountment of all school personnel and changes un the curnculum of Schools A record of each child an school age as kept In the attendance otfuce 6 M y Louise Klesxman Secy to Sup! af ' , . . S - IN 4' ' ' ia: T r ' I ' ' . .lm N X urrenq ass' ance officer and Gen Bohlengef Nlnona Kew Treasurer WI Wl'0llT SLll00L B0 XRD John F Galvm Harry J Macke Robert H Rohde Presndent Albert T Kung and Walter G Melchmg W J J 7 602 'QW James L Cobb Principal The actuvutues of our school center around the offnce of the pruncnpal Mr James L Cobb Mr Cobb supervnses the educatnonal recrea tlonal and publlc relatlons programs of the school Thus requnres a great deal of tame the most of whnch IS given to the educataonal phase Mr Cobb s office secretary and capable as slstant us Mass Lnllnan Gnbb She ns one of the busuest people nn the school Besldes her regu lar office dutres she spends many hours mnmeo graphung tests and bulletins and suoplynng nn formatnon as well as excuses for the students Llllran Gnlb Secretary to the Pnnclpal B Tllli BEANS MRS. GLADYS GARNER College: Transylvania College Uni- versity of Cmcmnati Urvversity f Chncago Degree A B Guidance Lounselcr Likes Fushmg and Early Amerlcan Glass and China MR JAMES PARKE College Ohuo State Umversntv College of MUSIC e ree B A an M Musncal Dnrector Dean of Boys Lakes Eating and ransmg ehuckens MISS MATTIE PHILLIPS Je v r I f Cnr-fmnan Degree A B Teaches Amerucan and Werld Hlstory Dean of Gnrls Lnkes Travel J? 'W ,.,.v-v-""""" MISS MARY LEE CALDWELL tucky University of Cincinnati Degree A B and M A Teaches English Sponsor forYTe ns Likes Travel MISS EVALYN COLLIVER College Georgetown College Degree A B Teach es Spanish and American History Likc Photo raphy MISS BERNICE CULBERTSON College Miami University Oxford Ohio Univer sity of Cincinnati Degree B S Tea hes Sten ography Bookkeeping and Commercial Law Likes Photography and collecting figurines MISS HAZEL GIRVIN College Berea College University of Cincinnati Degree A B and M A Teaches Latin and English Senior Class Advisor Likes Travel 0lIll FACULTY MR STANLEY ARNZEN College Morehead State Teachers College Uni versity of Cincinnati Degree B S Head Basket ball Coach Assistant Football Coach Likes All sports MR HOWARD BARNETT College University of Kentucky University of Cincinnati Taylor University Degree B S Teach es Chemistry Mathematics and History Sponsor for Bowling Club Likes Playing golf and tennis MRS BURNETTA BROWNFIELD FLAIRTY College University of Kentucky Degree A B Te ches Physical Education Sponsor for Girls Athletic Association Likes Photography MR EDWIN K BURTON College Pacific University Oregon Degree B S Teaches Mechanical Drawing Coaches Track Freshman Football and Basketball Likes, All sports O 1 , '- : , , . n . U V ,,.. A I. d a . -1 4' ' ', . 1 1 . . : . , College: Transylvania College, University of Ken- , . I - . . . : ' . - e . ' 1 : ' ' ' . A Vs: g- : . . . .I , Q. , 1 1 I ' Z I I . . , . .I G U I ll E U S . Miss GYPSY GRAY College: University of Cincinnati, Columbia Uni' versity, Northwestern University. Degree: B. En Teaches: Commercial Subjects. Likes: Sewing, l reading, and music. MR. LYLE HAGGARD College: Transylvania College. Degree: A. B. Teaches: Physics. Likes: Sports, huntinfi, fishing, photography, collecting arrowheads, and teaching school at Newport, MISS GRACE HARPER College: University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Ohio State University, Columbia Uni- versity. Degree: A, B. Teaches: Chemistry. Likes: Clay modeling, cooking, and reading. MRS. CHARLOTTE KERNAN College: Wittenberg College. Degree: A. B. Teach- es: Biology, Psychology, and Sociology. Head of Visual Aids and Sponsor for Z. O. N. Sorority. Likes: Antiques and her dog. MISS ALMA LAMB College: George Peabody College for Teachers, Wil- mington College, Wilmington, Ohio. Degree: A. B. Teaches: English. Sponsor for Walden Club and Pen Pal Club. Likes: Flowers, collecting stamps, coins, and antiques. MISS MARY E. MORRIS College: Western College for Women, Columbia University, Degree: A. B. and B. S, in Library Science. Librarian Likes: Reading and knitting. MISS JEANNETTE OWENS College: Transylvania College. Degree: B. Teaches: Science. Likes: Cooking, baking: and fancy work. it i MRS. ODESSA PARKER College: Private Jr. College, Eastern State Teachers College, University of Cincinnati's Teachers Col- lege. Degree: B. S. Teaches: Art. Likes: Painting, poetry, and young people. MISS ELLA STONE SPENCER College: Kentucky Wesleyan, University of Cin- cinnati. Degree: A, B. and M. E. Teaches: English Sponsor for Future Teachers of America. MISS BARBARA STRANGE College: Morehead State College. Degree: B. S. Teaches: Home Economics. Sponsor for Future Homemakers of America. Likes: Travel, reading, and being with people. MISS LOIS TANNER College: University of Kentucky, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, Illinois State University, Normal University. Degree: B. E. Teaches: Health and Business English. Likes: Gar- dening, young people, collecting figurines, and travel. MISS MARY TANNER College: Universit yof Kentucky, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, Illinois State University, Normal University. Degree: B. E. Teaches: Commercial Subjects Likes: Hiking and music, A S W E S li E K Mus. LEILA PEAK College: Union College, Barbourville, Ky. Univer- sity of Kentucky Degree: A, B. Teaches: Mathe- rnatics. Annual Advisor. Likes: Cooking, music theater, and teaching school. MISS HAZEL RYAN College: University of Cincinnati, Degree: A. B Teachesi Spanish. Likes: Reading and art. MR. JOSEPH L. SEIBERT College: Georgetown College. Degree: A. B. Teach es: Speech and English. Likes: Antiques. MISS HARRIETT SMITH College: University of Cincinnati. Degree: B. E Teaches: Health, History, and English. Likes Dramatics and the theater. FIIEATEII KNOWLI5lllili MRS. DOROTHY TEBBS College: DePauw University, Greencastle, lndiana. Degree: A. B. Teaches: English. Sponsor for Junior Red Cross. Likes: Travel, flowers, and birds. MR. DONALD WALKER College: Transylvania College, College of the Bible. Degree: A. B. and B. D. Teaches: Manual Train- ing. Likes: Bench-Made Cabinets and Colonial Re- productions. MISS KATHERINE E. WARREN College: University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, Ohio State University. Degree: B. S. Teaches: Bookkeeping. Sponsor for Honor Society and Student Council. Likes: Music and collecting Hurnmels. MISS NORMA WELLS College: Morehead State Teachers College. Degreeg, A. B. Teaches: Mathematics. Likes: Teaching at Newport. MISS KATHERINE WERNER College: University ot Cincinnati. Degree: B. S. Teaches: Home Economics. Head of Cafeteria. Likes: Music and reading. MRS. LORENA T. WETZEL College: Virginia lntermbnt College, University of Virginia, Hollins College, University of Cincinnati. Degree: B. A, Teaches: Mathematics. Sponsor for Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority. Likes: Reading. MR. CLAUDE WILSON Colleges: University of Cincinnati. Deqree: B. S. Teaches: Physical Education. Head Football Coach. Likes: Reading and Football. MISS ALICE WITTERIED College: University of Cincinnati. Degree: B. S. Teaches: Typing, Business English, and Business Economics. Head of Newporter. Sponsor for Skat- ing. Likes: Sports, reading and traveling. OFFICE STAFF Mnss Lnllran Gnbb seated Standmg Icft to nght P Dernck L Galluccl S MATHEMATICS George Dcmctrc cxplams a plane Geometry problem for Mlss Wells and one of her clwsses I4 I I I I Hale, F. Roberts, F. Combs, D. Mul,Iins, C. lMoore, N. Kinzcr, and Hamilton., ' , b 'r I 0lll KWITIIILKN llll' If On October 24 l95O the Freedom Bell rang out In Cermany telling the world that the answer to nts problems today ns peace Sometnrnes we as Amer :cans have forgotten and fall to ap precnate the lnberty our forefathers fought and dued for because we have cnloyed nt for so long Luberty ns a gift we nnherlted a gxft mor valuable than gold It: freedom and as free people we can attend schools and churches of our chonce and en'oy the freedom of the press freedom of speech and fre dom of many other things that people rn some countrzes fund hard to belneve Tomorrows chxldren wnll hold dear what the leaders of today wull do for the nation Let us In the future thunk and buuld for the generatuons to come so that Freedom can rang tn their of General Lucrus Clay when he sand May nts voice lnft a note lf warmth nn the hearts of all that hear It As the notes of thc Freedcm Bell d ed away we resolved as growung Amerucwns to do our pdrt to make the world a better and more peaceful place an whnch to ve Repluca of Frcedom Bcll on Fountain Square Cnncunnutl Ohno Same of the Boys nn Home Room 'I4 listen whsle a recordmg of the rlngmg of the Freedom Bell IS bemg made by Mr Parke , 4 , V L A 4 L A 1 V V ll I4 A I H , . , - I - e . 'S I , , D . l V. I - - xi' 11 11 - e - lives, We all were inspired by the words f 3 . . , lr . - - I . ' Y . ,, J l' I C I r . . li . l. ff ,Vfqzg IDEA: Mr. Burton directs Dickie Meyer in mechanical drawing. TOOL CRIB: Harold Rogers and A. C McDonald check out equipment necessary for construction. FINISHED PRODUCT: Norman Turner, and Louis Waggncr polish chair side chest 1- I6 N3-la lNlll'S'I'IlI.ll A Il'I'S ll0l Sli Il0Lll XIITS The Household Arts Depart ment is directed by Miss Kather ine Werner and Miss Barbara Strange Both rooms of the de partment are filled to capacity every period of the day Here the girls learn not only how to face future problems of their own but how to adjust themselves to their everyday surroundings Few people realize what goes on beyond the scenes of the class Some think of it only as the hum of a sewing machine or the smell ot cooking food but to their amazement the girls are taught how to prepare a well balanced meal the care of young children some interior decorating and the making of beautiful garments. They learn how to entertain how to budget their time and money and how to be well groomed Some even overcome bashfulness and inferiority complex. A strong feel- ing of lasting friendship develops among the classmates. So you can see there are many reasons for a girl taking a course in Household Arts. Everyone that has taken it would surely say that words cannot express her appre- ciation for such a worthwhile course, tEEz6224Qi2tZc2 "e9?2ff V wif -3 flnlf' A"' any' KX 'A-X X1 I' Y 9 S FR ESHMAN F Nh'5::s ,, 4:11 I il: I Ill llll J .47 Y h W -nib hdg SENI R Il a P MORE by hs f olfy II JUNIOR r " 1 701, . ',-y . I h I . 1 Q . Ay A ,.. 4' 1". qw'i, ' 4 ,f A. , 1- . . ' J . - I Q' Bu you can't fell a v 0 7, '. L an thin Y L ' 17- I , 1 y ,, f ' 'ag . 4 1 I Y i k rr :L - L I, il -, --L . -f I , K " Q. pf Qx wg ' t3 , A Y' ' P - I .Z lf ' - 'Q lg , , -1- efa' yi ", 1:2 ' ,ff Jw' 1 W -V A7 . :if f w + , -7 ,I xx W 4 ,' 'A 1 - A. - : ? ' f .V 4 'V . A- . . Q. . . I . 1 A,-d , - W X r ' You can always fe S0 1 Z , ' i riv i . - ' . . fv , ' W ? ' l 'E f A ' I W U- . ' ' vi 'mfg ' . n rg Q - 'A ' Q '1' You can always te a of F Y ks 7 -W I., Jw i by is pride. ip VE- p N ,Av , y g . my y 7 A You can always fell a O 4 by is i nity. 18 9656 ' 1 X SliNI0ll CLASS 0Fl+'lClillS AND AllYISOIl WIV 20 'tg' 25-sm Wu. Otto Budig, Presidentg Tom Brennan, Vice- Presidentg Sally Hamilton, Treasurerg Martha Slwackletord, Secretaryj Miss Hazel Girvin, Ada viser, in center, 03 ABNER BETTY JEAN BET A 2 3 Annual Staff Chorus Y Teens 3 ABNEY FARRELL B ABNER clnll I 3 4 Foot Slu 3 Clu JUDICY CI1 s Trcasuru AXT FAYE CAROL SNOOKS A A 2 Jr Red Cross 2 3 4 Stu en ouncll I Hon r no V Teens 2 Spamsh 2 BLACKWELL ANNA MARGARET ANNIE oru I 2 4 M1nstre I 2 Dance A A r BLADES ROY THOMAS SLEEPY Vlslnl Amis 4 BOYAR MARY ANN BARBARA A A 3 Inter No I Stud lCour1 3 4 Nrwportor Sl1ff4 Holmes rhqh School J Slmtnng Club 4 BRENNAN THOMAS JOSEPH TOMMY JOE otball I selnll I Chorusl 4 M1r1strcl2 3 4 l'lC'l1OI'SOCl9fY 3 4 Camera Club 2 Golf Club 2 Newport cr Staff 4 Annual Staff Jumor Class PFCSI dont Scmor Class Vnce Presldenl' BRINGMANN NANCY LEE CURLY YTec-ns 2 Mmsfrel 2 3 4 F H A 4 S IE N I S G. A. 1, , , 1 , ' 2, ass . ' , 2, 4, Chorus 1, 2, , f ball I, 2, 3. Basketball I, 2, 3, .t-n b 3, G. f , 1, 1 . , - d 1 C , 2, 3, o Soc t 3, 4, Y- Clw s , , , I , g Club l, 2, 4, Majorcttc I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens lg G. . . I, Ope ella I, 2, 3. G, . I. l', j s , 311 cil Fo , 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Ba L , 2, 3, 4, N-Club I, 2, 3,- 4, 'FY 0I' BUCHANAN MILA KAY eens3 4 Dance Clubl G A A I 3 4 Inter Nosl 2 Newporfer 4 Annual Staff 3 Art Edltor 4 BUDIG JR OTTO M OTT seballl 2 3 2 3 4 Foot I 2 Annual Edntor Sennor Clas Presldent orus I 2 Stu ent Councul I Newporter 4 Honor SOCIETY 3 4 Munstrel Sensor as Pla Bo s State Swlmmmg 3 4 CALHOUN DOROTHY ELIZABETH DOTTIE A A I 2 3 4 Annual St f' YTee Newporter Staff 4 F H A 4 Jr Cross 3 Chorus 3 CAPEK BOB PECIK Swlmmlng 2 3 4 CECIL MARGIE ANN MARGE A A Honor Socsety 3 4 Y Teens 2 3 Sec y 4 COCHRAN JEAN TWIN nstrel I peretta I 2 3 nce Club I Musnc Board 3 Ann al Staff COCHRAN JOAN TWIN A s Munstrel I 2 te eretta I 2 3 ance Club I 2 Musuc Board 2 Annual Staff COMBS FANNIE LEE FRAN orette I 2 3 4 G A I 2 Ope 3 Mun 2 3 4 Dance S , J I I I S Y-T , 5 . . . ,2. Ba ' ,' , ,4, HI-Y 1, , , , ban clq ' , , 3, 'a 5 ,V2, af I,2:, 'I C' S vi 2: G. , , , , , 5 a ., - ns 3, , . 5 Red G. .I . I, ' , j - , G, A. A, IC 2, Y-Teens I, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Mi , 2, 3, 4, Majorefte I, 2, 3, 4, O. , , , Da , 2, 3, 4, G. A. . 1,'2, Y-Teen 1, 2, chorus 1, 2. 3, 4, ' , , 3, 4, Majoref I, 2, 3, 4, Op , , Q D . , 3, 4: Maj , , , 5 .A. . , , ret- fa I, 2, , ' strel I, , , , Club I, 2, 3, 4. 22 I' I IIS COOK ROGER A IGGIE Basketball l Hn Y 2 Red ro 3 Swnm ming 3 4 COPENHAVER JOAN SNUFFY A A 2 3 4 Dance 3 Cheer er 3 4 F H A 4 Skatruq flub 3 Newporfer 4 Annual Staff COWENS JUNE DELORES JUNIE A A 2 3 Treas 4 YTec 2 Se 3 4 Spannsh Club Sec y 2 Mmsf cl 3 New porter 4 Annual Staff COX MARVIN JOE COZY JOE l 2 Conscrvatlon l Mnstrel 2 3 4 p r tta 3 Band 3 4 Rifle Club DAY DONALD LEO DON otball l 2 3 N C Weight Lifting 2 3 DEATON MANUEL EDWARD BUD Lhorus 4 DEDMAN JOYCE A A rus l O erctta l 2 F H A 4 YTeen 4 DEMETRE GEORGE DEMET Basketball l 2 3 4 Pen Pal h . I V . S R 0 A 5 -J 5 C as 5 ' - G, . . 1, ,' 5 5 club 5 A lead , 5 . . . 5 Q .. , 45 ., H G. . , l, , , , 5 - ns , c'y warden Club 1, 2, Camera Club 1, 2, chorus , , L 1 5 V , 1 O - C C 5 , 5 ' l, 2. Fo I , , , 45 - 'lub 2, 3,115 ' ,, ., G. . . ll, Cho , 2, 35 Minstrel l, 2, 35 P I I - - - I ' 2 - ll Il 23 la! 0B DITTUS EVELYN VIRGINIA G A A I Annual aff DRAKE JOHN C JOHNNIE s etball I Latun Club I EDWARDS DONALD KILLER otballl 2 T ckl 2 Bask fb EMBS DONALD C DON otball I 1 ketball I 2 servanon Club 2 Newportcr 3 4 Bowling Club 4 Annuil Staff FRANZEN DONALD C FRIZ otballl 2 3 4 Bas u 3 4 Svllrnmxn Chorus I 4 Mlnstrel 2 3 4 CJWSGYVEIIOH Club Presndcnt 2 Golf Club 2 Annual Staff Newporter Staff 4 .lunnor Class Vice Press dent FROEHLICH JERRY ALAN FROCK Camera Club I F tball 2 3 4 Skatn g Club 2 Track 2 Conservatuon xlub 2 Jr Red Crosb 3 Annual Staff 3 4 GALLUCCI LAURA KATHYRN KAY A A B 2 3 Chor 2 3 Annual Staff Newporter 4 Jr Ped oss I 2 3 4 Spamsh Cl b Mans I 2 Offlce Staff 4 Dance Club 4 GAULDIN FRANCES IRENE FRAN n Pal I A I Clworu Jr Red Cross 3 4 Annual Staff S ' I ' I S I Nev., . . , Q St , Ba R ' , ' , 2. Fo ,I , ra , , of all 3. Fo I 5 B.s ' , l-lu-Y I, 5 Con- Fo ,' , 3, 4, Traek 1, 2, , , km- ball lj N Cl b I, 2, , g g 2, ' ' 1 O0 , , 1 'n G. . , ll, 2, 3, 4, and I, , 5 us cl I , , , , I u lg! 'l trel Pe 12,-3, 4, G. A. . 1 S 3, 24 'War -sag if Xa 53 Hof 'FTZIY H, GORE GEORGE A n or Nu I 2 Ngwportcr Staff I Slfatu Q GREY DANIEL W Camera Clul I 2 Ncwportcr Photographer I Annual Phutugraphu 2 3 4 Vu u I Aids 4 GROTHAUS LEONARD EDWARD LEMONS Chorus I 2 Jr Rod Cross 3 Mmstrcl 2 HALE SHARON LEE SHARE Inter Nos I 2 Ncwporter 2 I-I nor Society An uul 'Aff D n-to Club 2 3 4 A A l 2 Ottnco Staff 4 Student Councll Y Tgcns 2 Mmstrd 2 3 4 HALL DONALD RAY HUGGER otbull I s Inl B kc u ent Council 2 Vucc Pres In r Annu1 a sun I s nor Socmtx 3 Pro 4 Nowpor 2 I HAMILTON SALLY ANN SAL A A P 4 Y'l-Lin 2 TL 3 VICC Pms 4 Lnbrary Staff 2 I-Ioncr Coty 3 4 Sensor Class Treasurer Junror Class SCCrct1ry Nawportcr Staff 3 4 uw t I-mcurt Ouc n Attendant 3 Footlwll Queen Attundant 4 Gmrls State 3 Off fc Staff 4 Arnual Staff HARDEN THOMAS Iln Servicel TOM HARTMAN BILL MARTIN wllng Club 4' Football I' fnicrvation Club 2. I' I HILL DONALD SNOWDEN DON otball I 2 3 4 NClub 2 3 4 Con vatlon Club 2 HOEFINGHOFF DONNA MAE HOFF A A C 'P Ban 2 Annual Staff HUBER GLORIA JEAN HUB eensl 2 4 In Nos l 2 Honor Society 3 4 Lance Club 3 Annual Staff LANTHORNE EUGENE LOUIS Football l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 Camera ub l 2 Base C ub l 2 3 4 Chorus 4 Mlnsf el 3 n servutuon Club 2 Ncwporter 3 4 Annual St ff LENSE WILLIAM ALBERT BILL LITTLETON DONALD LAWRENCE DON Skating Club 3 4 LLOYD ROBERT RUPERT Skatung Club l 2 3 4 Conserv hon Club 2 Vlsu1lAldS 3 4 LYMAN LLOYD LEROY lln Servncel BUD C mera Club l Vnsual Ands 3 4 1 Y V 1 S , N I 0 I S F0 I , , , 2 , , J ser- G. . , l, 2,I3, 45 horus 1, -' d l, Y-T ' , , G. A, A, 1, 2, 3, , fer ' "BIG GENE" Cl , rim? 1', Q ban 1,'2f'3, 4, N I , , , J 5 ' f' 1 C0 - . I ' I I , 26 0l' MALONE RONALD CLAYTON MALDOON Hr Y Sec y R fle Club I Student Councrl MALONEY JEWELL ANN JEW A 3 Stud n n I un 2 Offlcc Stu MARSH RALPH WILBERT Skatrng Club I 2 Conservatnon Club 2 Honor Socrcty 3 4 MCKINNEY JEANNE CAROLYN KAY Ma omttc I 2 3 4 Y Teens I 2 Operetta I"I McLAUGHLlN WILLA LEA BILLIE AA 4LatlnCuI2l-Ionr Socnety 3 4 Y Teens 2 Annu I St ff MOORE LORENIA RENIE Honor Soclcty 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Newportcr Staff 3 Jr Rad Cross 3 MORGAN MARILYN LEE MERT nd I 4 Ops 2 3 Chor YTecn5 I 2 Honor Socnety 3 4 Annual Staff MORGAN VENA RHONDA RONNIE Srrnon Kenton I Glee Club I 2 Dramatic Club I 2 Honor Soclety 3 4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff YTeens 4 F H A Vace Presldcnt 4 S N I I S - ' z I 5 ' I, 2, 3. G. , A 2, g 0 t Cou c'l I, 2, 50.31.31 Cl , .ff 3. I ' I , , Q ' , f I, 2, 3, Da cc Club I, 2, 4, Chirus I, 2, 3, 4, G A. A. I, Mlnstrcl I, 2, G . . I, 2, 3, , ' I b , , 0 Ba , 3, , -retta I, , 3, us I, 2, I3, G. A. A. I, Minstrel I, 2, 3, 4, 27 ol, MYERS JERRY DONALD Annual Staff NUESLEIN JOYCE MARIE A A I 4 Choru rs rel I Y Teens 3 4 F H A 4 ODER REUBEN EARL GUS Vrsual Alds 3 4 PALM JUNE SHIRLEY DUTCH G A A I 2 Spanrsh b Conservatron Club 2 Honor Soclcty 3 4 PIGG BOB LEE BULLETS N Club 3 4 PITTARD JOAN PITT orus I 2 G 2 3 4 YTC Cheerleader 2 3 4 Dancc. Club Mrnstrel I 2 PRICE GEORGE lln servucel Basketball I 3 4 Camera Club I Conser vatron Club 2 Hr Y I 2 Baseball 2 3 4 REED DONALD LEWIS RED Inter Nos I HI Y 3 Football Manager I S N l I S G, . .', g sI,2gMi.' ,2g . . I . , j ' Clu 25 ' Foorllall 1, 2, 3, 44 Baykctball Ig Track Ig Ch ,I 5 . A. A. I, , , ' - ons lj , , 2 ' 21 28 S E N I 0 ll S ROBERTS, FERN GLADYS "FERNBUR ER" G G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Sec'y 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Newporter I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, Football Queen Attendant 2, Office Staff 2, 3, 4, Minstrel I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, Dance Club I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff. ROGERS, LLOYD KENNETH "ROD" Honor Society 3, 4. SCHNEIDER, JUDY MAE "BO BO" G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club I, 2, 3, Skating Club 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, 4. SHACKLEFORD, MARTHA JEAN "MARTY SCHANK" G. A. A. I, 2, Newporter Staff 2, 3, Editor 4, Library Staff 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Student Council 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Minstrel 3, Annual Staff, lAssociate Business Managerj Senior Class Sec'y, Pen Pal 2. SHACKLEFORD, VIRGINIA ROSE "GENNIE" Jr, Red Cross 3. STRASINGER, JANET MAY "JAN" G. A. A. I, 2, Board 3, 4, Y,Teens I, 3, Annual Staff. SUTTON, BARBARA JOANN "BOBBIE" Inter Nos I, 2, G. A A. I, 2, 3, Newporter 3, Student Council 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Annual Staff. TRAUTMAN, BETTY JANE "BEE" G. A, A. l, 2, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, Spanish Club 2, Honor Society 3, 4. 29 SENIIIIIS TREMPER, CLAUDE "SLEEPY" Football l, Weight Lifting l. TURNER, NANCY "NAN" ULRICH, VIVIAN LEE "VIV" Y-Teens 2, 3, Annual Staff. USLEMAN, RONALD LEE "USE-LESS" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel l, 2, 3, 4, l-lunwr Society 3, 4, Rifle Club l, Pen Pal l, Dro- matics 2, Opcrctta l, 4, Walden Club l. WARD, RONALD EARL "RON" Bond l, 2, 3, 4, CbOru5 l, 2, 3, 4, Nlingtrul 2, 3, 4, Camera Club l, Pcn Pal l, Dramuticg. 2, Opcrctra l, 4, Walden Club l. WESSLING, SANDRA MYRLIN "SANDY" G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Inter N05 l, 2, Annual Staff, Pon Pal l, Libw-rv Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Honor Socictv 3, 4, Newportcr 3. WHITE, JAMES T. "WHIZZER" Football l, 2, 3, 4' Basketball l, 2.4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, N Club l. 2. 3, 4, WHITE, MARY DELORES "MARY DEE" G. A. A, l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics l, Dance Club l, 2, F. H. A. 4, Ncwportcr l, 2, 3. 4 -.x",' 3 X BI f X ,371 lv 5- lc 0 5 Q. J a . 47 1' M ,vs , ay 727' SIiNI0llS WIESMAN, AUDREY CATHERINE "AUDIE" .A.AA . WILLIAMS CAROL LEE r 3 Hum: S c WILLS MARGIE RAE MARG A A M r 2 3 4 Chor mstml I ub Op rum 2 Armuwl Mff WISEMAN BETTY JEAN BETTS 1 rgttc 7 3 4 Camgrw Clu'1I Chor mr 3 4 Hfmur Sonnet p tt I 7 Annual YEAGER GAYOLA VANORAL MARY GAY YEAGER PHILIP ALLAN PHIL Y 2 blfafnng 3 B Stale 3 Track 3 Honor Society YOUNG DONALD BRIG n rref 3 Bow m 3 Swum Slfatmg Club A Visual Auds A Newporter Staff Ass Clare Editor 4 ZIMMERMAN AUDREY R AUD A A A Mans a Pr Nc ance Club I 3 4 Y Trxrns 2 nual Staff ur gig? My ., Q 0 Qu" i 139i ' - 19 -V-sv A tai A .A.,, 'sr ' I I ,ld JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jack Rauss Presldenl' Beverly Jones Treasurer Marvin Hamilton Vuce Prcsldenf Miss Norma Wells Adviser Martha Barkhau Secretary Abramw G Adams D Adams D .Mr Adormtto 'Q' '17 if Q Baker J Banderman P D" Burkcr P ,lx Barkhau M Burone R Becker Berry A z , .,.3 BW, P B if R. -'-,L H In Bouras G. Bowling E. Brungmann 'Ms Egg? ' -uv' A A C1stor D, ,.J Zi -Q .4 fi - ve: I -V-' 2 - V, P Ce F1 tc YS 1 . alu I A ' L me ,,..- Colston E. ' , iq A Cool W. ,I . jf. Cornelius B. U' E," A D nicl J, , , ,,,. E ggi, Demon M- A 4 92? , wr A DCrrlCk . Dickerson, A. Emmett, T. 5 N Hz . X ll NIUIIS L L S L mmm D lm .1 L Li R Grow A H1L D VTII m I' xftorw L fx 'E' ul'e:-A-fl 'C' 4, TZ. Tl' " W Hwydnrm hw imvnn P hruon K mu r N1 Kumi K L ng B Lchcw G Loscy M MLC mc P MQGU LX Iv ax M H1177 N rg nn MLIIIIYW I IL Owuw J rk Pmrmwn L P IL tlc W r"IkI15DI'1YlL L ,qw mx' f 4,1 B' if JNL ,,,.- -'WG ,NI 'ply' arf' My 's aug. 4-vv,,,. vw-'S 'T Rake M ,,.,,, Y drvmmd L .H 4 Rgbmson G " f 7, , M M 04 YZ? Us -vf g 9 3, 1 I If J f , ""'Y www I ,Q gum 'SZ' ,I .-Jr r gf. :vw 1541954 ,hand 93' VA P? Alf 12:1 In A an W' v-it 740-v NR' W-ww? Vi' nw Q", 'wif sw 7' .RQ Nr w-uw llh IOIlS Sindltn B Saupe B Sclrtnteder R Schnelle J Schwartz A Scott J QQ' f-Qs 'Daw 4...- Hit' wiv agua Q? N, ,Nv- iz? ,ap- Scott R Searfa E Selzer lf Spradltn K Stanley A Stephenson Sttne P Stokley G Strobel P F ww Strtcker R Swope C Swope G ,M 44, If ,X Thornberry J EW -5, W-'I it iff "" A., ffrw NE' gv Turner D Vullandtngha rt P qw. Ag, Wagner C 49'-was rl '51 Wilker J Walter R W1 z J Wwtson H Weber R .6 Weber D wttttehouse F Wtggtns P Wtlltarns A Wtlluams J Wtlltams T La A Wtlson xx., Wtlson Wrught Young Youtsey A Ztegler S V V 1 A A , , K At ' Q I , . , . 3 A' f f we 4 1 Q A V, '3' 'f t 'Q " A Q ' " I - At. A :iii - V I X ' jf 5 , Q R t ---f , , . 'g ' ,A ' H g 1 1 Air' ' ' Z4 ' Z f , Q It , f if J I. A :fl J AAA- , A ' A ,tw J A - 'll A ' ' ,tv ? - I tw V ,G 7, A W w V, .A wt E, x ! R J J ' ' ' ' ' ' X 1 N' f' Az.: N I 4 W 4' A AA ..,...... 1 Z1 ,, t f - ggi? '45 :-: . X 1212- A IE.. J' 1 ' Qi Q A ,S 4- S A K, ' ,z . fn' V 41 l Q nw A: ,Qi I pr ll 4 , A. V r - I D A " .--w' X ' l ,mr-f A, Q ' A 2 ' A A. , ' , ,gf you t 3? 5 ' - W 9 lg f A ' A ' Jo ff' A A ,A A 5 A A ,A , 5: .i' 'V f 1- ' f , - t tzj: b h t . I 1 b A A In A ,, .E t Y Q 5. -I K 4 , .. 7 f a -. 1 Y' .-I' yt 5 M ' ' I 1 A " 7 Q K ' ' l .ff Y A A z ' Q35 - ll -' i'z 523:E 4 Y - ' ' it A A .,.. A , ' "" ""' A " : ' ' .V I 1 , . my I " it Q J , 1 'AA ,ls 1 V V 1 fi 3 54 Ft ng H ' Sal' Y 1 - Aw A .,.. Z V Q , A , A.. A V ' J ASQ .-'- J tif , t A, A ', , t.,. :., A A AA I I ' 'M ' 'ffl , G. - A f a if 'VM A J ' .,. A A A A A - fo, A. , A 5 ff, . A AS' N' A , R. , . , ' I I Allen P Anders Anderson Andrea D Arnold B Baker A Ill K B 1 . R B1nflCld M Becker Becker Becker Ben' wmln L Bergmann J Buggs Black B Blythe M Boeckley Boots J J Brelwnd V Brldcwcll Brudcwf-Il N P fi!! 9' uv -'lik Brusehwbcr P 'K ..- Buchwn an Buckler P C Udall J Coffmwn Colcmm, Combs N Cooper D Cox G X C 'nl' R Crwwford Crcwufz nlel C C M C K-M4 'Ut 'Sou fig 410' "f"'P lui X' B as Dmucls W Dwvcs W Dwylpcrry Dewton Dewtczn Dcckcr Dcrrucl Dezarn Ductrncch Duct! Dnnzcr Drcycr M 8 S-I ?"'? ,1 .1 ff t X469 ,gy 7 W1 K -6 V7 ,Q .1 " 7 4" ,Ai C my ,-...Q ev PM '17 TQ? 'ESS' V00 O""'q XJ YU! ggi. if M254 Lx, , , .. fe 'df , fu ,-'V E ... ,, 4 M , I " , W.. 9 4. f .1 i N' -. 54 51-5' 434,41 k u Sf? Q ,, E, . , . .ZR , . I , 'Y I-L, qw'-I I" .5 ,,, Z - A E --.. .,., E V, , V.,..., , .. In H Q51 ' I : 5 ,A,.: , , . , ' A"' -..A ' "T ' ., , A p Q Q Z.-,,, ,A Ag It '13 " lj. g , was V 7 A .,.' g , if , 373 , , J K ,JL .,.. , "' S ' ggi' f 33: :..E:-, J SIIPIIS Owen P Pilnst Palmer J Pmsliclx A Pune P llO Puckett Poe B wal PrlCC A Pryor L utter P Rechtln Reed J R S Ruchardson R f e J Roarls P Rising Y Rutter G R t er J Roberts l-l Robinson D Rodgers H Russell J Ruttencutter Sea ua S Schuber S Schnerder D Schraer J Schulte Selnstnn G Smlth M South D I Steunhwuer D Stephenson Stokley C Storrner R Sullivan Swope C Thon1aS M T rey Tomlln Turner Turner Turner Turner Voter T Wugner B Wa lace B We xr J Westarlfamp We terlfarnp Whutacre J Whlttwlfer D Wrllnams F XlVllSOl'1 B Wfmr1clS R -as ,Tj Q I flu A Like ap.-9 '1' fe' 5' N0 mini' 'G ,2 ,,, -ar. 7? ,d it "" 0- 'if' 1 'J' 6' AL4 13 H411 -W .N 'lu J wr 1 57 "7 f J 1, S um 1' w-f .411 kin. -N -1. ivrfvq JQA Q5 ,QW '27 1' 'QM fx 'f..."' .1 f- av- , ' r 5 e W ' 'J ,V 1 Q I V Q K mg A J ,V ,J s ll W A L 25 A - 4 .,.. U Q N M - . J A I E? I 1 J L I Rf Q , J ' o J , J 55 " - J J J M R j nr s , J V .J . ', J J 'I .J , ' jf' V' i P -ll I ii? 'J H J ' ,NJ f W M ft 1 J rf" -1 PJ. T I' CJ 35, A Q J gQJgJr , JJ ro' 'J 2 A r - A J ' , Q R ' ,,.,.- W-V 4,. K J , A I JJ I J, U r,r.r J J A , ' J J - ' 'Che I' 1 - W5 . V ft f 1 ' J , I-1 J Q i f I ' If J ' 1 I J - - J P' J -'r' ' J 215 --l' ' it l 5 , r, J J J DJ J P Rouse, JJ A R'-IJ, ,a 5. fq , J " J ' J J ' , J J X! A J -.-. 1' V f J RJ J -- Q, W' ' J . -r' 4 ' "' l 1 - ' I J 4 l J- ,.., J ' - J ' ' ' I , - ,5 , TJ , J- ,v A A N M h 1 f , . We ,xt t Q f ' . M J - J f ' ,, ,j, , , y 'J V f - iv 2' 45, H V' .WI N- 1 ri ff, Smhfm ' J J J J J J J EJ J I 5 Q ff ' C I fag ' .,,- 4 4 - , 'J ' ' J , P, ,XJ JJ J J J , J. ::,, 'J .A J, J " K lr ,J 'J J ,,,.g ,ry : a 7': 'SL -fi ' ' Q f ' J -. if 2 J W Q' f J ' iw I J I ,yu r J J CJ A I C. J J f f H f J ,J J -J N. 45 ' ' : 9' J ' J 2 -JV? - 1 A VA A f g 4' A N' ,V 3- , f . 4 P? I nvl, V IJ L C I ' ' H I il P , Ds' 1 Q 4 J I I J , I Lv I ' I ' J, 8 I -' J K ,' L J , , Q J , 5 H v JJ., 1 , , N A ' f 4 f 1 l A J X ' I .-' As l 0 .f . A ff no ,F J . ' P ' J .3 ' ' 'Of 'Qnpw ? K' W? u an -nv- Q 'adv at ? s-....,x I A ll X'-4,1 'ik ff Aff IIIL C5 'cz' W- ss.- .,,,,, -asm., Y'-xv knv ,Q Ng si? x...-' 5 L-wifi 0 I4 'QZI' 'ill' .Jw -sq -wh.. Q lov? i ,aaa -mr 'hz' f' qw? if Ablmft A mu K A mcg J Ac mms C Adlfuson V' Am rc 1 5 Arms! mc Armuix Bulky B wkcr Binkc vwk mrlmm Bwrmtt Bcck B Bock V Becker B Emcrift Bc L M Buxzmq C Burgmmn But cha D B C us E rz ICJ' Blwckwgll D CVIFJ Buwcn S wlc Bcmwlmq A BOyCrS M B arilrury J Br: cwkli H Branch J Bucklgr N Bucinq Bundy K Cwrncy I C sc J nllcr Chrnstnn D Clwrk A C wrk B C 'ark P Collmns M Combs D Combs Crmmtt COr1w1v Cox B it C ng F C UI T Cruwford V If MIISII ,ru m y,,, Q Arm D Hmm mcf ru I D rm D IVVVI G D rw Im H1 r I mrni vnu 31 0 I Q E 1r I TTY I RTV? Farmcr O Fmlds K Fx C Flwrmerv K FIxr1n W F wrmzrn I Frfuchllch D F Oy I Fulrrmr Ii' uIw1r If VTHFY r 11rIf N Goof! M G 1 M U Hum' C I rr r? rw I rw I-'IO1rfuIcI Hr'wTIw P VYIIYW X51 Hcrw H ch D F fi I-'IGI n Hfnuv' Puwr H1fr I-I1I'v f I bl Dx 13? " A. HQ! 1""7 ,Q '10 'D- f"" 4...- 137' if WH? 2' fax 'K' -vu., 'I' 4'-.sf H' " if ...I Z' 'Sv 1 5. '4-'fl' S99 g,..... 394 sry. 'S W G-f wa. G W' 'Qf Q'-wr ,- i '64 f- fl-we ik. fro uw qv-,, 'La il bo Banu awp, or ' ' I I " ,f . V' , A I I , .. I ai V iz., A .V 'A ' ' I 'WU H A. ' 'Q' Q ' , if ? 1 , fi' '-Ig , , J ,, - ffl? I Dah S 57 ' I 3 , M A yj 1 - - . . 1 , , A W, , f Dv J Q' , g Dm I ra Q I I , I 'MM I ""'if Q. . I ,I , -I ' he ' ' I ' I H l Donn, V ' I- 'I I ff I I 'I' " ' , I ' A Dust un, A '. A A ' - p w." fs, ' . ,F :V A' A , DU ' I W ' - . I ,l i W, Z , A f , i ,- Dv r c I., M I . Dvnwr . , I ,. ' - , , l D X I D I ,--- 6,5 ,ig t ,, Q V , ,.v I ,, K: ,-v-,, . 'Q 2 A W1 - I I DIA I J. ,li ,,Aq I 3 -2 5 . sf f N M En IC' T -f' ,LM 2, H-If I, -J I A- . 'I IK R X -I In Erfsfr S ' "", -ff, , if - dim I - '-' jf A I I :iz I ,Q 'if' ,iz Lbv 'A - , ' gs I EfI'1w vm' I ,I rw, N W ' E Illl jig. W :V-fs -v-:-1-v- 1-. '-" ' l . ' ' 2 4" Eng D ' - D EMC vm P ' I" L ' T -I M5 I I . I I E A , F 1 . Q - ' .,,- A ig Q53 ,G FW " ' -' , , , i Q 1 I, rx VJ V v.,v AAV, , Vi, lv .-:. , r I W . QW 1, 9 yy A E E .--AV E33 qnnu H I1 ,Q 1 IV:A,. V f I - 3 I MQ I ,,'V " ' " 7' f f - mf ' 1 ' I I - 'I 3.2, .:"" I I H I . , I ' 1" f-"Z, I . -'--' I I .,V I wk -V ' ' ' f I, s ff- , , X Z- ' F K. Li: ,ms I -1 :EI ,' V ' , ,f V j K Cmw' , J 'api' 3 I , ' f I jf 5' , N 9 V, , GC I1 1 E 1" if If MPS - , , '- 44 GOWN 2, D if ' "V Q V, ' .E I I ', , , . . In I 4 v,.' AZ ' .,. "5 V ' 1- 'J wx 1 I W I I I H I I ,sv Halal mn, H ' ' ' I ' , t 'I' I "v ."' f I I ' M 'Q I ' , If' ,Aw I I I M ,ff HAII, P I-IQPWII OVW, B " ,- - H1 I2 D f . , N Ha Im R I M I , ,I I v . I , -I , fz Has S ' 'vi ' ' If QQ. H7 3 2 I' A' V' 'J' Ha, I, Q I ,,vH Q I , X5 IV., f . 31 fm Y: A - ' ' V ,, fa' fy I A A I-If'IY'wrv, K , WV 1 4 K J, : -'If3rm',n, C I ' I I I V gn H9 V in ig an x A' ,V I k f S III, I 'C ,K ' ' gf. , I I LJ I ' 'Q I , Hu YL mm' F, . ' ' f X 3 W I ' " I-lvl f-n G. , , 1 V AZ- 6 1, " I V f ' ' tw I E 1. ..,w I. ""' - A pq A I .V , I I , L I , l ' L I' 1 , M I N , ' 5 I I L fy rf xv I7 elf ' I f 74 V V ,jf ' I I 'Qlmi A Jnclff, an S ' I ., , qi ' If Y, 'Y 1' I J , , 8 If I 1 I 7 ik ' Q ' ' ' ' 1 - f ' II I . ' I 'V " W- I 3 ,bf 41- 'fl-eu. ' 'Hr 43 4 ,.,,, "H-vw' Jul' 31" 61 ful? lm... News ui W' -vm 'i' fi ' Y ..: - 'Nav nr- 'bw I P-I K QC' it -uv Sig.. M, -4- -Q-HQ' l , , JJ Qu QW M .... V ' Q--, R Ai . as Vz. Q - , We 2- ', W, 'a .' , My-qv :ga 3 E? ' z H I, , A ..,. iz... t ,i ' so , l I f . ,J , H 1 . -v,. 1:1 - f J Y' N ' .1,,-f. I le I4 Il 0 Jennings C Johnson G Johnson M Joos M Jourdan D Kaeff W Klnser B Kelsey T Kushneroff Lambert H Lana F Lee C Leek L LeMaster L 'nonwrd B Lewns B Lovelace Lyniglw G McKrnney M Maloney W Mirksberry Martrn D Masters J Meyer C Meyer E Mlneer W Moss E Mueller J Mu Inns B Murray J Nea R Necimp H Neffwmp J Nicholas N Nugent M Onley A Obersclwlake l Odor H Pwrker Pvrish, R. Pau y, S, Pfelfer, R. Pickens, N. Pryor, G. uesenberry 1 ill . Rayenecrafr, Rawe, G. Redmond, Reuss, R. Reynolds, . Rich G. xnsley, L. Rogers, J. Rosenlwigen, R lw,J x L l' , .Y Sfunwrn F Qwnefs-Y. ll Snntlnl P Srlmrlwer, D Sclfweoer, VJ. ,N C l'll0SIl f ,4 .r A Maya ' an Q I' , .:, 4 -:F rv 5' Q- '- :Her JchncldCrJ T SChnenderJ Schnelle J mf' S oll S Schwartz M Sears E Sense! C Sensel W D' Sharp F Sharp J Shumate N Swnleton T Sizemore Sm th D Srnlfh J Smith L H Spencer S TT Spenlau R Spradhn Sprong A Stanhope R Stunton R Stegner E Stephens E :TQ Sfokley G Strasunger Strlcker J 1 Tedrow B Thomis B Thompson -af Thompson 'T' Turner Turner J Turner Turner UZB nSfr he Wide L Wagner C Wwgncr C Wwqner L Wilton R VN U7 D .fn Pi 3' it V' QT:-Y-.v 'hi F95 3' 'Div 'KV G. ,MA I Manu W mfr J 'Vi A! W1 Wu V T 1 'I -1 T' gn., mv Y? Q. c ,W '? vu ., W1 W r TT' 'TQ' Lk vi rs. M 17' '-"' ru- 5-is is W wx 'J If Q 2' ' , 9- X V ff J ' J Sch ' , J. ' " V ,, ,. , , -- ji V, I -L, T o ch , . ' 1, A 1. . . . KZ? ' , f'- " 4, ' . f - S , , or V I W A -A Q 1 ' ..' 2 S nh' V 4 , lvlll- J V. , Q 1 . , J 1 ,r,, T J T T S T , - V ff V T V 'I ' V 'V A 2 Q . ' V '-v-V ' ' ff,:J' , " " ' gr' J fwff f - J Y 2 ' 52 2. -V T , ' if A gfiiiilif , . Q N '4 ' ' , ,Zig Tecl, C, ' V - . W5 Q f Q JJJJ he we J- T , J - , J. ,M Q55 ,gm ' , ' , G. ' S w 5 ff Y .1 Z' ' VZ J ,- ' Ee ' A J vm, H. J 1 ' ' ' ' - W ' A VC V 3 V! ' wg Q Je 1 'xg wi .f . f 5 '05 Q? , me f ' A .V" 1 3 if ,J f "" f . ' A 4 rr. 1 ' ' pf I wx! A A , .Y , . V I . r . 1 T S Ve.e J 1 . SJrSJVrJ J V he rf 1 f - 1 V ' f Tv' 41121, J J V fi I fr , I W 'M H -f , iff in I ' Y M Wt QU' C I , I 'jf -A .,,. , .2 . W I W1 SW D 1 ' J ,fl J ' W ' p ' '15 223 v.w,nV B T - 1:7 1, f A .1 V i J T, fa' , 4 I rr.1'r f W rr,, 2 ' + ' V! lub, T. W 7 - r 7 C "'1 - .2 I ' ff 'f rl? , , J V. J A Wr'.:1'r VT , J V N -jlyrr' T? , I X., er FQ V- . ' A A V .. 'TSS QV V 7 ' ' ' ' .5 .V If 3' Vkhlh' TTL- D I f--' ,aff V J 4 , L B If , Vvv' 5 v"': . J., ' ',,V T 'fl w Vwm' B H , T- ' T 4 , .vm I-I A Wim ',', A 5 , , V 1 2 v J T T J fr-an F A ' J -1 7 kwrrfnnf L ' V' ' Z 'P Yfemf, K Q- , 5. V ' f 'wif '- , ,W if 1141 Ai Hmmm X MK! ,N 'f Vf' r K. f -xx X 4 413 -4- 1 vi 4 I Q 0 xx J ,af A " F .I N Qi. 'l, y U' I :IVQAQ I W , Qfxf' X .4 ' N 5? Af . f 5 ha r b Si' ,t - -f . :- . L I i ' V ' w .Q f ' i :Q 1 f if , 1, - - W . f . 4 YX , .-iz I L y' ' A 4 1 ', 1156 fu. YY O Qt Ao 45?-. btanding J Rwuss M Shackleford .l Froehlich D Hall D Gray Scatcd E Picrman O Budig lx Bunduman J Myers Shall wc use this onc7 MM :fa 44 I-I NLYVPUIITI KN The willing workers which we label the Production Staff are responsible at the beginning ot the year tor layouts Be hind the scenes many suggestion ideas and brain storms have been c lminated into this th l95l Newportian Our oil can the Business St tt keeps us rolling on by doing a good Job of Col lecting adds, taking orders, and keeping our funds intact. Last but not l-east in those wheels of progress is the Editorial Staff, which is responsible tor headlines, cut lines, and write-ups for each page. All of this work is done under the help- ful supervision ot our advisor Mrs. Leila Peak. EDITORIAL STAFF Fnrsl' row S Hamllton J Cowens D Cox M Wllls J Copenhaver D Calhoun L Galluccl Second row F Gauldm S Hale D Hall S Wessllng B Abner R Morgan D Hoeflnqhoff M Shackleford Thlrcl row M Buchanan B Wuse-nan G Lanthornc J Myers J Rauss D Grcy 0 Budng Mass Lcnla Pcak Sponsor Wllls J Copcnhaver D Calhoun L Galluccl V Ulrlch Second row J Huber S Hale D Hall S Wesslmg S Morgan D Hochnghoff M Boyar M Shackleford J Froellch Thurd row B Wiseman A Zlmmerman J Cochran J Cochran J Strasunger E Dnttus F Gauldm G Lanthornc D Franzcn T Brennan R Cook BUSINESS STAFF: First row: S. Hamilton, F. Roberts, M. 45 Tllli G NI'IWl'0llTl4Ill The hum of typewriters, the snap- ping of pictures, the reporters racking their brains, the sound of the editor's voice saying, "Where's that copy,' 'Count these words,' 'How many inches does that take," all add up to one thing, the Newporter Staff. Yes, rooms twenty-one and twenty-two were regu- lar bee hives of activity this year put- ting out the "Newporter", our school paper. The editors, Martha Shackleford, Mary Ann Boyar, and Don Young, Jr. with the assistance of Miss Witteried, advisor, and the staff worked many hours putting out a good paper. "The Sfaff proofs galley sheets." First row: F, Roberts, C. McGuftey, B. Jones, B. Wagner, S. Hamilton, D. Castor, J. Copenhaver S. Schol, A, Price, l-l. Watson, G Robinson. Second row: R. Gadd, J. Cowcns, D. Cox, B Howard, R. Stephenson, F. Gauldin, J. Mcorc, S. Engle, J. Tehan, S, Mcrgan, E. Picrman, N Bringmann, Miss Wittericcl. Third row: D. Young, G Lanthorne, T. Brennan, D. Franzcn, J Bickcl, P. Barker, B Corneliui, R Neal, O. Budig, D, Gray. Fourth row: D. Calhoun L Gallucci J. McDermott, B. Maloney, D. Hall, R. Stephenson, M, Shackletord, R. Morgan, M. Buchanan R. Banderman, M. Boyars, G. Stoklcy, S. Fahlbush. ni- I ll0S I INITI XTIIIIN The freshman were recog nrzed and the sensors felt au thorrty on thus day ol Fresh man lnntuatuon The halls an array of color and actavxty gurls with hanr fled IN socks and boys wlth theur pants on backwards were very funny profited In that their books were carrred all day the trays carrned at lunch tnme and theur stomachs fulled wuth candy cookies and chewung gum Some ot the teachers even got therr boards washed and thenr floors swept Since the fresh man were good srorts the sensors treated them to a dance and cokes after school 7 .' I V Y A A I to spectators. The seniors ' Q, lr I I J 1 fi!! 5' 610012 F 1 if Rqnqldlkleman g 'Doihe Calhoun """N-. Mxlaiucbanan 264434 Mirvm Cox ,QQ F fi 5 xxx. 9:1 1 1 7 4, I , .A,,. " sky C961 afa!0fht7:Geo1f2'6 Bid? 1' f 1 ! , w . . . , 2, SWPHFZHUV 5 JW WWW 3Zmn5ii?'.2f1?M WMWM 3,1 2331111 T, ww ?,z,'m,"0"Qaz1,: ' -r !L , Q ,, Sf - f , - if s v ' 1 fl 4' "" X- ' WXYF 2 'i ,Q QU' ,Q , K A . , if u, F' x A 1 ' X' Tllli DIAII MINSTIIELS 0F '51 Here we are again rejoicing over the tremendous success of our annual Minstrel. Ot course, there were the end-men, who were the main attraction ot our show. Their funny jokes and stunts and even funnier solos took everyone, young and old, back to the good days ot the Minstrel when it was at its peak, Everyone certainly enjoyed them. The songs by the chorus and orchestra, such as "Set Down Servant," "Blow, Gabriel, Blow", and "All the Things You Are" were outstanding. There were also solo performances by Ronald Ward, singing the "Wit- tenpoot Song", and a special chorus singing "You're Just in Love." We would also like to thank Dr. Owens for his con- tribution in making the show a greater success, A few ot the dances presented by the girls in the Dance Club were "The Petite Waltz Ballet", "Charles- ton", "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody", and "Sweet Georgia Brown," and the "A-Train", The solos were a few in number, "The Bowery" by Fannie Combs and Anne Lee Stanley, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" by Shirley Hutton and Tommy Bitzer, and "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Sharon l-lale. The show closed with the Finale on March 30, Then at a later date, it was presented a second time in Cin- cinnati at the l-lyde Park Public School. The end-men were assisted and the Chorus and Music was directed bv Mr. J, W, Parke, and Chore- ography by Ellen Stanhope. "The A-Train" 50 ., my 1251 2 ,AW D Q! 4 2, My 1 I' ' """I.fI 5 Q .. 1 9 i' A s if 32?-U X 4 is I 3 if A ve I af F 4 , A, ., , 4 f kv 7 We ,f M305 V JA- Q llll XPI Il Ili Tlll llllllh THE CAST Don Hall as Joe Scales Jnm Whnte as Jack Gulbreth Don Embs as Ball Gnlbreth Marvnn Cox as Dr Burton Otto Budsg Jr as Mr Gnlbrefh lfbff N Lloyd Rogers as Fred Gllbreth Torn Brennan as Frank Gllbreth John Drake as Larry Ronald Uslernan as Dan Gulbreth Martha Cecul as Martha Gllbreth Betty Abner as Mus Brill Carolyn AACKIPHEY as Ann Gulbreth Sallv Hamulton as Erncstunc Gnlbreth June Cowens as Lvlllan Galbrefh Jean Huber as Mrs Gnlbrcth Rhonda Morgan as Mrs Fntzgerald 52 I KIITS 53 parm 7757 Barbara Cogens, 'Queen f 1 1 ! ,- Tom Brenhei' Below, lelt to right: George Price, Juanita Landers, Otto Budig, Jr., Jo-Ann Kaltenbach, Barbara Copens, Tom Brennan, Mary Rauss Ronald Malone, Pat Benzinger, Farrell Abney. 1 I .'- N .fl 'Q ga xl xii 3 , ,KJ in - ' 5 Q1 gg of 1 if f sl H, l ' is 1. .gf ,gg if f M , xg 1' ++ xi if 1 ,Q 35? H f' 'f fz- r ix .5 os A' ' Q ' r 5 lf' arf? I I I 5 7757 Zia 4 -.aa-.u-.ea..q :M-Q,,,,..... ,,3..., I I I if av- '97 Ji. Queen Jean Cochran Attendants Dorothy Calhoun Sally Hamnlton Martha Shackclford Fannie Combs Crown Bearer Joan Cochran 2 Q 5 C . X .x r . -C 4 bt A s 'W 'A f 1 . 1. ' 3 E '55 f E 5 L C if s 5 I . T 95- if '? , gif, Q 'z 'f fi I 'tfffff ,F " 'g rf A X if - , of-1: , f m - gn - if 1 11. C ? q,f ' Fi 253455 ,Q , . A : ,ia V 1 'I 5- ,Q fu V ' '43 ' ffl, r I W I .V ' Tm 51 3 A -,.. ' x l n,n, V, , f V r ' f .X , I A S 'ln rl . - A 'C , 'fx 3 3 ' 5 , , 55 Zak 3 fi J My NA a u 915 K 2' We 5 P W ' 0 .fg ' 5 ,I ge an J Y' if ,i"1 Spf xl! f HQ' ' I ' .X , q v, -Z h ' Q . I' f . ':4uA :.,, ., x ' P' f' . ',' xx ,A li. f XX - ' f g 4' 1' I " , I 5' ' f f' XQJJ . 1.4 - 'Q Q" U 7 -H' ,, 2 3 K" 4 1.,. 'yiff .1 "' Miff 'la ' " f"' 21 1 V I xlvfyi ' ,A .-ff . 1. f- V ' If " W: f - T Alf: . u 'I-'g ig' "Tk, J 'f-" 15 , . 1. ' f, J ' "" ,I I f'. j' ., 'H 111.13 V A ful V , :qui l K F - :- -. - Q flif --il? A ""' ' 'I I , 1 I 1 nf. N-.www 1 V .. First row: J. Schiller, B. Jones, B. Becker, G. Brock, D. Losey, N. Combs, V. Decker, R. Stephen- son. Second row: C. Swopc, D. Hall, P. Owen, B. Sutton, R. Usleman, G. Budig, D. Harris, Miss Katherine Warren, M. Boyars. Third row: R. Stephenson, J. Williams, S. Fahlbush, D. Adams, D. Spradlin, M. Johnson, J. Rauss, C. Foy, G. Sizemore, J. Griffin. STYIDIQNT The Student Council is a body of high school students who bring before a faculty "Santa will soon be hcrc" l70l'Nl'II, committee suggestions by pupils which are beneficial to the entire school, Its members are elected by popular vote of the home- rooms, cach homeroom choosing one repre- sentative cn his ability to converse, and on the basis of grades. Any important suggestion is first discuss- ed by the homeroom, Then, when the stu- dent body has brought out all the maior points, it is the duty of their representative t3 put it into the form of a motion before the Student Council lf it is considered appropri- atc, the entire Council may vote for its ap- proval. Then, the President of the Council peisonallv discusses the problem with the higher school officials. lf they too, consider the suggestion beneficial, plans for its ex- ecution are made. Newport is a member of the National As- sociation of Student Councils, and many im- orovements to property and school have been made through the efforts of its Coun- cil First row: J, Palm, S. Hamilton, B. Trautman, M. Cecil, D. Cox, L. Moore J Huber Second row: S. Hale, W. McLaughlin, S. Wessling, R Morgan, B. Wiseman, F. Axt M Morgan C Williams, Miss K. Warren, M. Shackleford. Third row: B Sutton, D. Hall R Usleman R Marsh, T. Brennan, L. Rogers, P. Yeager, O. Budig, D. Grey, L. Groathaus ll0N0ll The Honor Society ot Newport High School is composed of senior students who have maintained an average of 90 or more throughout their high school studies. Mem- bers are chosen in the last half of their junior year after a complete investigation ot grades has been made by a committee of the society members. They are initiated this same year, and organize the group when they return their senior year. Under the very capable direction of Miss Katherine E. Warren, officers tor this year were elected at the opening meeting. Don- ald Hall was named as President, Phil Yeag- er as Vice-President, and Faye Axt, Secre- tary. To familarize members with the functions and meaning of the Honor Society one meet- ing is directed to reports on the origin of the various symbols, and the purpose of the organization. SUITIIETY un r- - . 59 'ET Furst row F Roberts B Wagner G Strassunger B Becker S Hamilton J Cowens J Beckley J Ratlutf P Payn N Mahret B Cornelius Second row Muss Mary Lee Caldwell M Barkhau N Brudewell J Strassunger M Buchanan A Peaslack R Morgan C Johnson F Stokley B Kunzer D Blackwell D Wrught J Whuttman Third row S Burd P Bird M McKinney J Rutter D Cox B Howard R Steohenson J Dedrnan J Nuesleun E Puerman N Puckett M Coleman M Cecil M Shacklefor:l A Dickerson Fourth row J Stahl N Combs A Baker Val! S S oll M D ruck A e Boo J Derruc G Lynagh S Daley Fux E Sansorn If N The purpose of the YTeen Cl.ib is to build a Christian fellowship between women and girls During the past Summer Martha Shackle ford and Sally Hamilton attended a Y Teen Camp at Camp Lenmary in Indiana The fall t rm marked the Conference at Simon Kenton which was attended by Sally Hamilton June Covxens Dorothy Cox Emma Lou Pierman and Martha Shackleford, Martha was then elected President of the Conference to preside at the spring meeting. Other activities of the year included a pie supper and square dance, which every one thoroughly enjoyedj a style show, potato chip sale, and other seasonal programs Miss Mary Lee Caldwell, the adviser is aided bv the officers who are Martha Shack- leford, President: Sally Hamilton, Vice-Presb dent Maroie Cecil Secretary and Mila Buchanan Treasurer The latest un Teen Fashions "gig: 3 'tm gb' Left to right: S. Scholl, Miss Morris, S. Wcssling, R. Stephenson, F. Wilson. At Table: B. Wagner, J. Boots. Magazine Stand: E. Ficldcrs, J. Daybcrry. Back Table: B. Sandlin, L. Said. "Librarians at work" Q 6'I LIIIIIAIIY STAFF lf you are looking for information on per- sons, places, things, or just browsing, you will find yourself in the Newport High School Library. There are approximately 4500 books filled with knowledge and en- joyment, plus various magazines and news- papers that are easily accessible to the faculty and student body. Our Librarian, Miss Mary Elizabeth Mor- ris, has a Library Staff of l2 students, who help with many of the duties that must be performed daily, This staff is made up of both boys and girls from all four classes, To be eligible you must have passing grades in all subjects and spend one half of your period on library duties. There are no school credits given to the student staff for their work, but every year awards of appreciation are given by Miss Morris, according to the number of years one has served on the staff. These awards are made at a special banquet for staff mem- bers. Favors forxVeterans' Hospital" .I ll . ll li ll Have you ever seen fourteen busy work- -ers making things and trying to make others happy? Yes, the Junior Red Cross is still carrying out the motto, "Service for others." This year, the club made nut cups and favors for the veterans' hospital and or- phanages, S2715 was collected from the activity fee was contributed to the National Children's Fund, and the Educational Fund, Plans were made for sending an album to Italy in return for the splendid one, illus- trating Italian school activities and customs, that they sent to us. This year we have a new teacher sponsor, Mrs, Dorothy Tebbs. We would like to ex- press our gratitude to her, for her energetic leadership, The officers for the year were: President, Faye Axtg Vice-President, Sandra Morgan, Secretary, Emma Lou Pierman, Treasurer, Jack Adornettoc l'Il0SS First row: J. Hall, D. Watson, C. McGuffey, J, Hill. C. Tedrow, B. Trautman, F. Gauldin, Second row: L. Gallucci, E. Pierman, J. Schneider, F. Axt, S. Morgan, R. Gadd, J. Adorneho, Mrs. Tebbs. The Skating Club under the capable sponsorship of Miss Alice Witteried, com- mercial teacher, boasted some forty mem- bers this year. The club went skating at Sefferino's Roll- er Rink on Saturday evenings. Despite a few "ups" and "downs" many wonderful times were had. These experiences were not confined to members alone. Non members, both in and out of school enjoyed attending the parties also. The Skating Club really did much in promoting friendship. During the first of the year they also went swimming at the Y, but all of the members did not take part in this enjoyable sport. The officers for the year were as follows: President, Bob Lloyd, Secretary, Betty Saupe, and Treasurer, Pat Norton. Wh-o-o-ps SKATING l'l.l'Il First row: J. Moore, B. Lloyd, B. Soupe. Second row: D. Young, P. Norton, B. Wagner, B Clark, B. Hamilton, H. Moore, M. Graft, B. Becker, G. Strasinger, W. Hatton, D. Castor, C Fix, D. Schneider. Third row: Miss Witteried, E. Stegner, S. Scholl, J. C. Copenhaver, B. Long R. Royce, C. Tomlin, A. Price, H. Valz, J. Stahl, K. Wagner, 0. Bailey, B. Lewis, D. Wester- camp, C. Wasser, J. Sharp, J. Adornetto. Fourth row: M. Boyar, D. Littleton, M. Thomas, R Bergman, P. Barker, D. Wright, J. Bickel, J. Craft, C. Drowns, A. Noll, B. Dryer, D. Weber, R Neal Fifth row: M. Coleman, J. Schneider, J. Holden, J. McDermott, R. Anderson, R. Stanhope B. Weber, M. Ravenscraft, C. Downs, N. Bridewell, S. Hutton, P. Boyars, J. Bergman, P. McCane The Walden Club made a great showing this year by increasing its membership to thirty-eight students The club, taking its name from the book "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau, is very interested in the study of nature. Their aim is to stimulate interest in nature through th-e building of a museum. The club, under the capable guidance of Miss Alma Lamb, took its annual trip to Fort Ancient, They also sponsored a lectur- er, Mr Cleveland Grant, who gave an en- tertaining and educational program on American Birds and Big Game. For some of their many projects, the Walden Cl-.ib Plant- ed tulips in the school yard and decorated the building at Christmas time The officers for the year are as follows President, Barbara Wagner, Vice-President, Marlene Dietriechj Secretary, Marilyn Hill, Treasurer, Henry Feldman, and Historian, John Parker mr.. . ,J ff "Santa's Helpers" YV A I. ll Ii N I' I. I' Il First row: J. Schiller, F. Wilson, D. Curry, D. Wilhoite, R. Adkison, B. Wagner, B. Becker, D. Schneider, M. Bell. Second row' E. Scars, H Valz, O. Wiles, H. Bridewcll, J. Stricker, M. Hill, G. Stephens, S. Reynolds, G. Holland, G. Rich, C. Wasser, C. Gebhardf, A. Kushnernoff, Miss Lamb. Third row: J. Case, H. Feldman, J. Kinq, J. Schneider, L. Risley, L. Huber, J. Adornefto, J. Parker, D. Manning, B. Webb, P. Allen, B. Dinser, M. Derrick, R. Neal, C. Gray. This year the Pen Pal Club has as its capable officers the following: President, Sondra Morgan, Secretary, Emma Lou Pier- man, Vice-President, Ruby Gadd: and His- torian Charlotte McGuffey. The worthwhile purpose of this club is to gain knowledge of the customs and tra- ditions, music, games and folklore of the people of foreign countries. They wish to broaden our relationship and friendship with other lands, and promote a feeling of good- will between our nation and the other na- tions of the world. Some activities of the club were collect- ing greeting cards and placing them into albums to be given to the orphanage home and make table favors. At one of their meetings a speaker dis- played various curios and articles that she had received from other countries. The club concluded the year with a large dinner for its members. Making Christmas Card Scrap Book" P EN I' A LS First row: C. McGuffy, D. Wilhoite, S. Jackson, F. Gauldin, E. Pierman, S. Morgan. Second row: R. Gadd, G. Dawn, S. Hasse, C. Adams, D. Lambert, Miss Alma Lamb. First row: S. Emerson E. Sears C Adams J Wittman D Spradlin B Boyers D Said A Price A Baker B. Webb M. Johnson E Harvey P Allen E Sears N Mahret A Pcaslack P Derrick. Second row: J. Necamp F Roberts P Norton P Becker B Wagner B Clark V Crawford R. Franzen D. Watson D Schneider S Bird E Sansom H Oder B Foy M Graf J. Hill, F. Combs, A. Stanley, J Ratliff J Derrick C Moore Third row G Strasinger P Payne, M. Joos, G. Lynagh, S. Daley, J. Moore, C. Haer, C. Tedrow, J. Mueller, C. Wagner M Wells S. Hale P Hearold B. Hofacker J. Weber, E. Fieldcrs, G. Pryor, C. Rosenhagen, M McKinney, P. Bird, E. Mitts, E. Moss, D. lssacs, N. Buckler, V. Decker, J. Derrick, L. Gallucci M. Coleman N. Birdwell, J. Beckley, Ellen Stanhope, advisor. Fourth row: D. McArdle, D. Goens D. Wallace, J. Sullivan, J. Copenhaver, F. Gauldin, C. Tomlin, P. Wilson, L. Leek, J. Schneider S Scholl S. Pellillo D. Blackwell H. Valz W. Mineer, B. Kinzer, F, Stokley, G. Johnson J. Reed D. Mullins J. Cochran J. Cochran B. Wiseman, C. McKinney, G. Centers, 0. Bailey DARLL LLIB The girls an the Dance Club buslly pre pared their numbers for the comino of the Mad Minstrels of 5l Each number in its way helped to make the Minstrel a greater success The Choreography was staged by Ellen Stanhope who has been in charge of the Dance Club for the past four years. A few of the outstanding dances present- ed by groups of girls in the club were, of course, the opener-to the song "A Good Day"-which got the show off to a good start, the ever popular "Charleston", the beautiful "Petite Walz Ballet", and the sur- prising-"A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody'4'. There were also solo number by Fannie Combs, Anne Lee Stanley, and Sharon Hale. Minstrel High Steppers 31.1 66 Mr. Howard Barnett. new faculty mem- ber of Newport High School was chosen to lead the bowling club for the past school year. The club voted the following members to serve as their officers. President, Don Embs, Vice-President, Chester Gray, Secre- tary and Treasurer, Dave Ettiene. The club secured the Southern Lanes in Newport and they bowled every Wednesday. The teams were composed of club members. The club then proceeded to schedule games with other bowling organizations. Games scheduled were as follows: Newport Catholic, Newport High's G, A, A. and the Southern Lane's Pin Boys. The season came to a close with the pres- entation of awards to the club's bowler with the best bowling average and the highest individual scorer on the team. "Waiting for the pin-boys" Il01VI,INlQ l'I.l'IS Ruttencuter. Second row: D. Littleton, C. Turner, J. Schraer, D. Etienne, D. Embs, G- La"'h9""e, D. Edwards, R. Blair, Mr. Barnett. Third row: C. Trcmpcr, B. Hartman, E- HBYCICH, 5- D0dm0"f P, Wiggins, G. Hunt, C. Gray, T. Frommc, W. Pricstlc. 5,5 teacher. the White team. nomemaking. "Future Cooks" Reporter, Irene Carney. Fl'Tl' ll li IIIDDIIQNIAKIEIIS First row: M. Becker, H. Moore, N. Buckler, J. Hill, P. Becker, R. Franzen, B. Clark, B. Barnett, M, Banfield, S. Bird, G. Strasinger. Second row- Miss Strange, B. Howard, R. Stephenson, C Stephenson, Stahl, D. Calhoun, L. Gallucci, C. Rosenhagen, G. Pryor, J. Copenhaver, J Dedmon, J. Nueslein, M. White, D. Spradlin, D, Wright. Third row: R. Morgan, P. Buckler, M Huber, B. Mullins, S. Hasse, I. Carncy, J, Weber, R. Rauss, F. Craig, E. Harvey, M. Dietriech D. Blackwell, J. Bickel. Fourth row: M. Willoughby, J. Blevins, J. Masters, D. South, B. Lewis: H. Holalain, M. Barbeia, N. Bucklcr, B. Ruddick, B. Leonard, D. Combs, J. Whittman. The Future Homemakers of America Club was organized this year under the guidance ot Miss Barbara Strange, Home Economics The club was divided into two teams the Red and White, which are the colors ot the club. Rhonda Morgan was the captain ot the Rod team and Mary White, the captain of L The flower ot the F, H, A. is the Red Rose and motto is "Toward New Horizons The aim of the club is to promote a growing ap preciation of the joys and satisfaction of Officers were: President, Phyllis Buckler First Vice-President, Rhonda Morgan Sec ond Vice-President, Mary White, Secretary Nancy Buckler, Treasurer, Jeanne Wittman Historian, Helen Moorei Song Leader Gloria Pryor, Cheer Leaders, Sara Bird and Betty Clark, Parliamentarian, Betty Kinzer and T11 tif 47. First row: P. Norton, W. Hatton, J. Sharp, M. Coleman, R. Stephenson. Second row: C. Lang. R. Stephenson, D. Mullins, L. Said, N. Bridewell, Miss Ella Stone Spencer, YV V 1 A lil Illll' The George Payne Club of the Future Teachers of America was organized about two years ago by Miss Ella Stone Spencer, who is the adviser ofthe group. The F, T, A. is a member of the National organization of Future Teachers, and al- though a small club in membership, is quite large in interests, aims, and ambitions, Members receive their club pins when they have accumulated 20 points. These points are based on time spent in grading papers, attending educational meetings, and various other activities. Many interesting programs were arranged by Miss Spencer and the club members for the ensuing year. One of much interest was given by Mrs, Gladys Garner, counselor for the high school. Mrs. Garner's talk was based on facts, statistics, and requirements for entrance in several teacher training col- leges. Officers for the year were Ruby Step- henson, president, Donna Mullins, secretary, and Roberta Stephenson, treasurer, TIiAl7II li IIS "An apple for the teacher! 'C' 69 First row J Necamp N Edmonson D Watson M Joos C Tedrow J McCord H Halalam C Tomlin H Valz J Schneider W Mmeer Second row Mrs Charlotte Kernan J Abney R Rlsnng K Spr1dlln M Hamilton R Lloyd L Young A Youtsey J Hesch C Coffman G Swope D Weber D Grey Third row J McDermott J Strlcker C Sensel R Oder R Scott D Hall T Williams G Wilson R Weber A Schwartz B Glrvm L Williams L Leek C Wagner M Good B Webb A Noel Reel ustic Don shows Dan how i7 70 KI IS The Visual Aids Department of Newport High School has completed another success ful year More interest has been shown on the last school year in this activity than at y other period For the first time there has been a group of girls as well as boys and in the operation of the two proiectors A regular schedule by which everyone in the depatrment was able to do an equal share of work, was developed by Mrs. Char- otte Kernan, the faculty adviser to the club. The teachers of the various classes ordered films to help in the study of their subjects, and these films were shown by club mem- bers to the classes. The subject matter ranges from scientific movies to explanations on geometry prin- ciples. vii? 3. ez. J X- mga ' if H2195 5 Q new . 'rw 45 ,140 aa if 1 I L WL f .34 - .Mt :M of gf Eff if av V- . A -W' in igigf f ' h, in ' fflalf 'PNK , , - Klip ,iv 13974 s 22 Z 4. Qgf fig 42 " , Wy' VN if , , .,y-WN. Qi AQMMJM V, , , Wim 8 , .... , .,.L' 2,2 "2 wh i f " 5 , . f 1 M Q SL ll ! , 0 nu.. I .1 1,2 Pl. 'P M, ,Q 4 W. 1, , 0 . isa W f 4 L' I , if 5 i ' Q , W, V 1 , .. A H lgu '66 f ma' 99 W E Q 3 .., ,, 2 1 E I if E 3" Q 225 fl ' MW. .. wma. ......-. ,4L M :,m0...WN.,...1.N.,.. ... .m,..,,....,.,.......g..1.,,, wh ,QE 5 YEQQQVQ' 'Y 1 4 - 1 . u . 1 H, ' K as W 1. vs , I 1- V 4 , v ""' 2 E. ., Q x W6 Q NV.: 4 ai -4..f : I . .fQ. 5 V , - My - ,, A, ,X ,, A 1 'ex u n--law-- 1 ss An g. ,.1 Q L l 5 idx v SN' Basketeers KX n , .2 M!" """M H J 'Wim "" ee strikes and you're oufl Gel that ball all ,443Ezt X ww lr N Ag a? Wg, We-..e. ff Imfbx E 3353 f L Z g Al X " ' I 'N 'I I V 4 I v- - AY 5f:'i,.' ' . ' A , , tt ' 'ii I ' ., Ny. X5 . , , arf ' A Zu . xr: ' A , 2 we ' F 3 .I ' -, 'rdf 1 I .rffff ,J ., .. , , ' Q' ff' 'L A 17 - 1 A 4 N, , 'N A d Q x 4L+xA W' ARE ' ' 7 ' . A I f t A 22 h M...-2 - 2: -4 Ml. :Ji-,'1'7 X - V" Af 'Qf J A I . X M 'V If x ,. ' if- -K r A s ' A" 1 , K ' Lx 1 ' .- ,sq if 1' Lx J 51, QE 25 ? 70 " MJ' - .KLRN xf "' , - wx' Na. X' Q 4 5 sy, 2 1aa', fgf2f,, ff' fs 55 I.: , .V K1 ,h Y if Q Im if -M-XJ ,I Q TW :fs wmv' ff x V2 - 2+ Q -2 Q5 XE f 9 wf 'Sf ff -ff W5 5 L 'WYW A i 7' fi' Q? gcgpga Q4 Gfg Q 355 555 5 f Q 1 fu is fi up win W x X Q if Q 4 " 4 ,V -hz VE. Mr. Parke and several band members watch the Newport-Newport Catholic football game Football season is herel As we look down on the field we see that the band and majorettes have joined in making the letters U. S, A, The beautiful sound of taps, the playing of the "Star Spangled Banner", and the bursting of a rocket overhead, tells us that game time is here. Half-time nears, andthe band lines up, a final word of encouragement from the director, Mr. James Parke, and the fan fare begins. Sparkling majorettes, with knees lifted high and batons gleaming, lead the band onto the field. A few snappy steps and we see a bow to the visiting stands. The majorettes now line up in front of us and "expertly" maneuver a twirling rountine, which is followed by a very lively "Hungarian" dance. We hear the found of a boat whistle and her comes the "Showboat'f Accompanying this formation are such tunes as "Robert E, Lee," "Sailing," and "Anchors Away." For the final game of the season, the band has made a football, and the ma- jorettes have formed l95O in the center of it. The sad strains of "Auld Lang Syne" reach our ears, as the band bids us farewell until next year. F. Combs, J. Cochran, N, Mahret, A. Peaslack, J. Ritter, K. Wagner, C. McKinney, J.lCochran, K. Kuntz, A. Price, G. Strassinger, B. Wiseman, M. Willis, A. Stanley, C. Tomlin. Tllli Cll0lll'S Following the game is a parade up town, followed by a grand- march around the gym. The familiar and well-loved notes of "On Ye Wildcats" are sounded and all of us join in the sin- ing as we look forward to "5l ." Providing something new to pick up our day is one of the jobs given the band. The playing of the National Ar-them in the morning is enjoyed by everyone and is a good way to start our day. The band also plays at assemblies, and in the annual "Minstrel Show." ln May, we look forward to seeing the "Red and Black" represented in the traditional Memorial Day parade. The Music Department boasts a large chorus this year. New- port High School is represented in the N, K. E. A. chorus by nine members who are as follows: Bonnie Cornelius, Carol Lang, Jim Griffin, Ella Sears, Ronnie Ward, Janet Bickel, Shir- ley Fuhlbush, Ruby Gadd, and Ronnie Neal. The chorus also took part in several assemblies, one of which they sang "Tunes From South Pacific", and another community singing, in which they took the lead. The next big event for the chorus is the Christmas Concert. Three songs which they sang for the concert werei Christmas Song, Carol of the Bells, and Christmas Carols, They also made a recording of Christmas Carols at radio station W. Z, l, P. The highlight of the year is the Mad Minstrels, which is put on each spring by the band, dance club and the chorus. This year the chorus gives out with such songs as-lt's a Good Day, which is the ODener, Blow Gabriel Blow You're Just in Love, Set Down Servant, and the Whitfenpoof Song. Mr. J. W. Parke, Director and Carol Lang, Pianist 78 9 5? iii w 93 QQ' .QE 2.95 ,.-.4-.........,4. -w,.,..1., W W ,,,....--.............., 51:66 Sww O M wb-x,Qv4f9 gpg5x Tk 1'-X 71x X 7, Mig. A"' X A 5' xxx 1 f S 1' I W ' S ' , jx q ,KQV Q . 1 H ' ' XX NO ' , 'fx ' -1 if U in, ,N if KV I 1 1 -. rj J ' K H. .', j - IN 4 fl" Y i K 1 'x F A1 4 K V V Nd X' ' ff- Q. J L f , ' Q ? -T tg: 1 ,X I E Lg X Q A 4 f J -Aj N ' f " 0 jAf f -f 'XD ff X :X C : R 1 Q t .f r" ' D X u l, I , .- ,f Y f if W W 80 if 1, Z . f 1 Q fy' wvgwfww F S 'W 1 ' M ,fpfngiy M, .-1 ifjm W' A 1, A . ff' bf ff1wfgg F , 'ifwf R' Q ,ff . my . JSE? '1 .M mf kerS The reC0'd blea 1 '- g 3 ,WM n ,Q -Nf if The pause that refreshes "On ye Wildcats!" nfl 'E is :af I fm w QE. gr 1 1 F C e n rg . 1 I aak 1 I' Q I :Y 9 4 5 ff .I A Y Stanley Arnzen, Edwin Burton, Assistants. . C h Claude Wilsom Head oac Y0l"Vli GOT T0 BE A FO0TI!ALI. IIEIIO The Newport Wildcats successfully opened the l95O gridiron season with a 39-O win over Campbell County High School. , The 'Cats set a 'past pace in their opening games, al- lowing their first three opponents a total of only 2 points. One of'the highlights of the early season was a 22-O victory over a highly rated Lexington Ky. eleven. Highland's Bluebirds handed Newport its first set- back, although the 'Cats were able to score twice on long runs. - - A surprisingly easy 32-7 win over a favored Bellevue team marked the return to form of the red-and black. .The Wildcats-then met their second defeat, a one- touchdown loss to Dixie Heights. In their next contest, Newport returned to their early form with a 52-l 8 victory over Ludlow's Panthers. The final two games were hard for the Newport boys to lose, as Holmes and Newport Catholic each outscor- ed them by one touchd-own. Over the season, Newport earnedf5 wins as against 4 losses. ln the N. K. A. C. play, they had a 4-3 record. The Wildcats totaled 226 points for the year, allowing their nine opponents a total of.l08. 84 -1. Z3 The Wildcat freshman fir-fshed their Seven game schedule with three wins, three losses, and a single tie. FROSH SEASON RECORD We Opponent They 0 Purcell 30 0 Dixie I9 O Covington I 2 6 Covington 6 32 Highlands 0 24 Jr. High 0 l2 Newport Catholic O ln addition to their games and daily practice sessions, the Frosh were call- ed upon in the varsifv Game with Ludlow, where they tallied Ne-wport's final touchdown, D. Hill, T. Brennan-Co-captains First row: K. Fields, E. Lyons, T. Volters, L. Redmond, J. Schnelle, J. White, C, Swope, G Bouras, J. Rauss, C. Foy, D. Etienne, G. lgo, J. Schraer. Second row: D. Day, P, Roark, K Flannery, B. Piqq, T. Fromme, G. Haller, G. Hunt, D. Franzen, D. Hill, T, Brennen, E. Lanthornc D. Hale, A. Youtsey, B. Dryer, T, Emmet L. Humphries, E. Burton, Coach, C. Wilson, Coach Third row: J. Catiller, D. Smith, L. Lambert, L. Benjamin, P. Etienne, J. Ratliff, L. Redond G. Holland, R. Vandergrift, J. Arnold, R. Spenlau, R. Wier, D. Wall, J. Fry, J. Schnelle, B Poe, D. Weber, J. Abney, G. Budig, H. NeCamp, N. Pickens. 1 ,, , RFQ I 3 '4 A if ,x K f ff ,L , 'L if "Z ww N ,. 1. M' n if as if wb fy A ,X 5, 4,2-:.g. Jw W W if 2' . 1 ', Q52 ,5fd?2f , v E sf T ii' ..,,, 'S W6 Y' Three members of the l95O gnd squad earned post season honors for their owsfandung playnng during the y ar Don H II Wlldcat lineman was named on the furst eleven of the Greater Cnnclnnafn All Star Football Team Jim White and Tom Brennan rec :ved hon orable mentnon Campbell County Henry Clay Dayton Hughlands Bellevue Dnue Heughts Ludlow Holmes Newport Cathollc l I I We Opponent They 39 0 22 0 34 2 14 ' 26 32 7 7 ' ' ' 'I4 52 18 I3 20 'I3 ' 21 Qs I0 N ll ia ' wh- ite E E First row: Asst. Coach Edward K. Burton, J. Ratliff, L. Redmond, T. Brennan, J. White, E. Lyons, Coach Stan Arnzen. Second row. G. Lehew, G. Rawe, A. Youtsey, D. Robinson, G. Dernetre, P. Guy, R. Stormer. Third rowg C, Swope, D. Smith, J. King, S. Turner, G, 'Abramis, H. Roberts, J. Arnold, J. Schnelle, K. Johnson, Manager R. Young. Nli1Vl'0Il'l' CIN Tllli IlAIlIllV00ll Last minute instructions Coach Stan Arnzen's basketball squad finished the season with a l4-3 league rec- ord to take second place in the Northern Kentucky Athletic Conference. Over their 28 game schedule for the year, Newport tock lo victories, Only Tom Brennan of the starting five, and Jim White, who also played good ball, will not be with the team of l95l-l952, The rest of the squad was Composed mostly of iuniors who are looking forward to an even better record next season. The squad was fast, and had considerable height, Their mainstay was the fast break, now very familiar to all Newport fans. Sharp- shooters Les Redmond and Tom Brennan broke up many a zone with their set shots from far out, and the rebounding of Don Robinson and Glen Lehew were excellent. One of the best floor players was Paul Guy, a shitty dribbler and tricky passer, who Sl III Ill I I I Il0SII Dnue Heughts Campbell County Hughlands Beechwood Newport Jr Hugh Bellevue Newport Catholuc Dayton Highlands Covlngton Lloyd Bellevue Newport Jr Hugh Newport Cathollc Covlngton could also l'11ffl'1e nets wnth has Corner s"1of The Wnldcafs regnsfered double wms over fourleaguefoes buffhe1rbeQ'pMved gawm of the year was the second me tmq wnfh Holmes Stull better over a 30 pfwmf loss suffefed To Covungton earher un the vear the Cats Conwpknelv ouwran oufr bounded and oufshot a surpmsed l4ohwes hve Thus wrtory clumaxed a successful season for Newpon 6 I LIISITY Opponent Hebron Dune Campbell County Hlghlands Beechwood Maysvulle Brecklnrldge Bellevue Newport Catholnc Sulver Grove Henry Clay Dayton Hughlands Erlanger Bellevue Walton Dlxle Ludlow Dayton Campbell County Covlngton Slmon Kenton DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Bellevue Newport Cathollc Campbell County Kneelmg J Schnender D Walz D Harns G Budag Coach Edwnn K Burton Standnng R Spenlau L Huber W Bankes J Bradberry L Redmond R Stanton They , . . ' L , a , , , 1 L A 1 17 ' ' ' 20 VV 41 26 76 45 37 - 10 47 ' ' 46 43 34 56 41 43 . ' 32 61 ' 52 43 23 72 45 37 - 21 so ' 65 27 16 42 ' ' 51 32 ' 21 59 I 40 32 ' 31 68 45 so 28 65 ' 29 33 15 24 43 42 . ' 36 43 46 24 ' 23 70 ' 1 56 19 mxm Hewhh 23 39 Cownmvn 68 35 ' 38 47 45 55 so 59 63 E 70 ' ' 46 , ' ' 1 . . eo 46 ' - H ' 53 54 - 52 47 ' 5 , 47 ' 36 4 4 H. 47 ' as 1 - ' 52 48 ' D ' 53 ' 48 9 , , 1 56 so 'I' II li I+ Il 0 S ll M as :S ,,4 W I nzjk! X 1' ' 5- x init fi 9, 4 1 -A 9 9 E 5 , ve 4 u .Q X 26 ff, Ja Ei is Sm it Q1 an - - J ' ' 5191 fag' ' 'N Q4 -U. U' if E x X: ff la 3 6 5 fs-ga'-' :uv ...l 'fs 'r ii Y N if iv ng., Svx yy lf' 'ww ', ' --1,:M 1' " ' Furst row J Daniels J Rauss G Bouras J Thornberry J Schnelle J WIlll8MS D Ffahlefl Second row Mr Burton P Guy G Lchew D Robinson R Ward L Knoll E Woods B Bankes N Il S I' ll K K Under the capable coaching of Edwnn K Burton the Newport Cmdern'-en had a moderately successful season of 2 wlns tor try outs In the sprung The relay teams were put together and sprants and dust ance runners began theur condutsonung The mule relay paced by Don Franzen and Jerry Schnelle placed tnrst an the regnonal track meet and fourth nn the State track meet In Lexungton Next year s track team should have a successful season for of the ten lettermen enght are returnnng There are some good prospects coming up to full the spots vacated by the mem bers that have graduated L v K J V A F and 3 loses, Twenty-tive boys reported YVILIDCATS 0N Tllli IlIAlVl0NIl The l95O baseball season opened the first week in April, after several weeks of hard practice sessions, The Wildcats, under coach Stan Arnzen, were defeated in their opener by Elder, 5-2. Newport soon got back on the victory trail, paced by the steady hurling of Otto Budig and Les Redmond, and the hit- ting of Fred Moeves, George Price, and Tom Brennen. The 'Cat infield was especially effective as the season rolled on, as Stan gave them individual workouts at the practices. Highlights of the year included wins over Covington Holmes and BelIevue's Tigers. All impressive 9-O win over Covington Latin's strong team marked the Newport debut, under the lights. Several times during the season Les Redmond and Otto Budig neared a no-hit game, but had it ruined near the end of the games. The Wildcats met Newport Catholic in the tournament. A homer by Redmond looked big until the score was knotted, and an error put the winning run on base, Newport Catholic won the game 2-l to climax the Wildcat season. Two batters for 92 Y' First row F Wllllams G Budlg L Oberschlake R Walter Second row Coach Bud Cavana T Schulte J Dietz T Wllllams 0 Budlg Jr James L Cobb Prmclpal rl' Sxvlvllvllxf K "hem Ke"""kY Cl'a"'P""'s Newport Hugh School mermen coached by Bud Cavana had a hnghly successful swnmmung year Fraars Club Junlors of Clncnnnatu It was at the vusntor s pool that the Wnldcats made theur best show :ng of the year The team set new Northern Kentucky marks nn the l00 yard backstroke event and an the 200 yard freestyle relay ln the l50 ya rd medley relay Newport bettered the state record by two seconds Comprusrng the te m of 5l were returnnnq lettermen Capt Otto Budug John Dnetz nd team members George Budug larrx Oberschlake Tom Wulluams Ruch ard Walter Tom Schulte and Frank Wnllnams gr L if ts!! ff ig Q I , , 1 Y Y I I' la A Rl . I II II A ' ' I Their first meet was against the . , . . . , - - ' 1 a ' , A ' .a . 'gm - ' I 'I - , F I, - F Our cheerleaders are top fo boffom J McDermott J Put J Schneider J Cochran 95 IIIEADFIIS fard N Kmzer C Moore J Cochran l'll . Allly , . L . ,- ,' VV? K gin Ms llJ1Nl0ll Ill Slll00l FOOTBALL Flrst row R Hornsby R Derrnck H Lnpscomb R Taylor W Proctor D Wilson R Pugg J Cook A Crlswell Second row M J Cavana Coach J Dunn Mgr D Craft W Shackleford H Richardson T Porter R Pearson H Tremper B Mann E Volter J Henderson F Shlvel D Poe J Swob land A Norton D Deaton BASKETBALL Furst row C Stafford J Cook R Dernck C Arthur M J Cavana coach Second row Mr E Bush teacher Mr H Benedict prmcupal J McClana han F Shlvel H Ruchardson R Pngg E Huffman R Taylor J Arthur W Shackleford and B Mann Mgrs V I ' 1 1 0 v Y f J 1 - 1 - I - - l 3 . - 1 I , .5 . , . , . . , . , G. Puckett, I. Moore, F, Tunget, G. Rindsberg, Mgr. Third row: C. Deaton, o 1 . , . , . , - . , . J, . ' , . , . . . . . , , - - 1 1 - ' , . l , . l 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - I 96 . V' . if -. Q -. 'fu mn 4' 3 ,- ,df ar 0 0 l NAME BETTY ABNER FARRELL ABNEY FAYE AXT ANNA BLACKWELL ROY BLADES MARY ANN BOYAR TOM BRENNAN NANCY BRINGMANN MILA BUCHANAN OTTO BUDIG DOROTHY CALHOUN BO CAPEK MARGH: CECIL JEAN COCHRAN JOAN COCHRAN FANNIE COMBS ROGER COOK JOAN COPENHAVER JUNE COWENS MARVIN COX DONALD DAY MANUEL DEATON JOYCE DEDMAN GEORGE DEMETRE EVELYN DITTUS JOHN DRAKE DONALD EMBS DONALD FRANZEN JERRY FROEHLICH LAURA GALLUCCI FRANCIS GAULDIN GEORGE GORE DANIEL GREY LEONARD GROTHAUS SHARON HALE DONALD HALL SALLY HAMILTON TOM HARDEN BILL HARTMAN DON HILL DONNA HOEFINGHOFF JEAN HUBER EUGENE LANTHORNE WILLIAM IFNSE DON LITTLETON LIKES Fglendly people curly halr Baseball Movues Sports Eating John danclng Dons Muslc Mary sports fun Shorthand travel musrc Cats and Marlan Brando Sports dramatlcs Clothes Pestenng Mala Danclng rnovles Jerry Doug To sleep Bull Sports sclence food Happy and cheer ful people .lack Beautnful women Football E Kampsen DISLIKES Snobs wheels Glrls vegetables Snakes homework Stuck up people Englnsh Lnver any type of Math Nothrng Catty concerted stuck up people Show offs work Lazy people Unfrnendly people Gnrls Concelted people Snobs show offs wheels Snobs wheels Catty people Showoffs Dull snooty people Homework Corny muslc School None Y Beautiful thlngs Not much good sportsmanship Soorts Swrmmmg and football Garn and frenchfrres Sally sports fun Food Bob and T V A certaln fella Margre Losey swrm mmg :cc skatnng roller skatlnq Photography tearing mechanlcal thmgs apart Gurls dances To dance Foods sports School sports Don Hunting flshlng eatlng Hunhnq flshmg wood workmg Football oarnes Playrng basketball Everybody and Everythnro Food music sports books Nurf- people read :ng Homework Snobs Concerted people Gosslp Work Show offs Homework Jealous people None Homework Readmq books Concelted people To oet uo early Englnsh classes School Study Halls Gettvnnn uo e rnormnq Slushy weather Work Ra nv days Stuck up people ll Il 0 S l' ' I" 1 J . . ,, . I I . . .. u c Il I II ' . . . . ,, I I I I I 0 I ll - ' 0 ' n ll I - . ' ' ' - II I ' II ' I . . . ' ' II Il ' I I . . . ,, 1 I I I 1 r ' n c 1' ' ' ' I ' ' Il I II ' , I ' ' II I I II ' I ' ' II I II ' ' 4 . . . . . ,, ,, . . 1.3 ,fa .. . . . . ,, ,, - , . . ' ' II II ' I I ' Il II ' , . t ' ' II Il . I I Q E ' ' II ' II I I I F I Co. 9 II I ' II ' - ' r I ' v II II Q ., . . . . ,, , 1 . . . II ' ' II ' II ' ll II I I II Ever one No-one Watchmg T. V. "Go fly a krte To be a secretary , An ' I V, " " To . . . l I J II II ' ' ' ' ' IIB II ' ' II II , , II II I II ll ' . ' . ' . 1, . , . s s I II J 4 u u ' I - I . ' . . . U u - I I I ' . I o Il I II ' , To s n ll II 1 s I . ll I II ' ' , , , Re . . - n - ,ll 1 r " To . . . . . ,, . , , lt, I Il 1 u o a a I ll 0 Il ' . , , - II I II 'D o a I 4 ' II Il In th , - - . . . ,, V , . . . I ' II .I ' f 11 ll I I I ' , , Travel : .3 . . " . " , . ' I " I - I I PASTIME Havmg fun Playlng sports Drawmg wasting tune Llstenlng to radlo Work Eatlng and watch mg T V Having fun Drawnng playing prano Doing nothing Studylng Eatlng Flshlng Watching T V Playing PIIIIO Thlng of Doug Eatrng sleepmg Studying e1tlng sleeping Dreaming Watchrng T eating Thmklng Eatlng :ce cream Covington Arrplanes Watchmg T Grrls Plamg pmballs Funmakrng Loaf Bob and T V Sleeping Sleepnng readrng Drlvmo a c1r tak Ing pnctures Day dreammq Watching T V Watchnng T V Reading Shooting pool Huntung flshlng Mayflower Watchlng T V Lnstenvnq to favorrte radio Loafing Watch ng T V FAVORITE EXPRESSION That looks pretty IIICC Thats a gasher Oh for corn sakesl Oh heck! None That s Iufe Hey Don Oh for corn sakesl What d you say? That s llfe What s say Nuts You know Cute as a peanut Cute as a peanut Golly What he sand That s all rlght As far as that goes That s thc way lt should be Gee whlz It all depends None If you say so George oo Hey Tom Ah shaw Really Ann t at the truth tho? None Gentlemen I don t know And them I was Pessernrst Oh fucldle You know too Good mornmg III het you Huh Gnll you don t say Ah mellsbells La De Da Reading 'Wee wee woo wow AMBITION To fund a man Sports broadcaster To be a desugner To be a secretary A dnesel engmeer Nursrng career Anything easy Stenographer housewife to llvl to be 'IIO Krll Bob Capok To be a success A receptlonlst Kull Mula Buchanan To get a good job To get a good pob To be a housewrfe Te become a secre tary To work at ULPH Housewufe secre tary Secretary Muslclan aPro be a CPA aviator work for F Bl Complete Hugh school To be a man To get ahead Make S5 000 a month Typnst To porn the waves To be a chemist Be top color ohot grapher ln U S be rlch be successful a T V technrcla bo to college Navy career Get a good lob P t r-ut nf school To travel To be a rmllronanre A qreat news hawk Bookkeeper To be a success ROBERT LLOYD LLOYD LYMAN CAROLYN McKlNNFY WILLA McLAUGHLlN RONNIE MALONE JEWELL MALONEY RALPH MARSH LORENIA MOORE MARILYN MORGAN RHONDA MORGAN JERRY MYERS Joyce Nbllifitf nsussn oosk JUN: PALM BOB PIGG JOAN PITTARD GEORGE PRICE DONALD REED FERN ROBERTS LLOYD ROGERS SCHNEIDER MARTHA SHACKLEFORD VIRGINIA SHACKLEFORD JANET STRASINGER BARBARA SUTTON BETTY TRAUTMAN CLAUDE TREMPER NANCY TURNER VIVIAN ULRICH RONALD USLEMAN RONALD WARD SANDRA WFSSLING JAMES WHITE MARY WHITE AUDREY WIESMAN CAROL WILLIAMS MARFIE WILLS BETTY WISFMAN FAYOLA YFAGER PHILIP YEAGER DON YOUNG AUDREY ZIMMERMAN Everbody Dorothy apple pre Cheeseburgers Ed potato chlps None rn parhcular Walt Bookkeeprng 2 33 Musnc Nrce people Excitement Horses drawrng Joyce and Angle Huntmg frshmg Drrvrng Sports hunting travellng dancing Cheerlng Charles Sports Wrestlung on Televuslon George Chorus gurls Zeak To help people Jnm Dancmg shows people Sports Pete Melvln and nrce people Don muslc Good food Sports Sports Babe musrc eating Janet Fat have fun All sports Nancy Dancmg sports Nnce people Art musrc lnterature Junee clothes Don dancrnq Gene Fnendlv people Square dancrng Sports Nobody Work Snobs Dryrng drshes Junuor lname kllls mel Workrng Homework Show offs Snobrsh people Grocery work get tlng up early Concerted gurls No one Poor sports Elevators and ro er coasters War Work None Hot weather Ram Show offs Teacher s pets Show offs History Homework show o s Concelted people Homework Show offs Nosey people Mean people Waknng up False frrends Old fasluon people To get up early and anvthung chocolate Nonsv people laces None concerted people Stu k up oeoole Snobash people Vegetables Snobs Hume Cnrcurnferences lBm wheelsl Shorthand Watching T V Loahng eating Lustenmg to favorate song Talkmg on phone Worknng Loafrng Rarsmg rabbrts Readrng Sleeping catlng Slngrng Drawung and rldrng Talkmg Watchrng T V Drlvrng T V Dancmg Readmg Shootmg pool Watchmg T V Loafing Showing off Keeprng Zeek happy Dreammg Gomg places Sleepnng eatrng Sleepmg eatmg None Huntlng Work Watchnng T V Sleepung working Photography T V dayclrcamrng All sports Wntung poetry Fatlnq Readrng Pla :no canasta Th nlunq of Don Wrntunq to Gene R stlnq Checluno up on rn c I-nrts Watching T V 99 Rough as a cobb Tell me all about Isn t that darlrng I don t know Oh heck Its about tame None None Gee whnz You can bet m Oh prunes Shucks Are you krddnng? God helps Those who help them selves What ya say George Oh murder O K for you Awe qunt It out I hate cha Gee whlx Thats a boy? Heck wuth that nonse Oh for Pete sake Genroe Huh Qhnker Wee wow Shut uo anfl drunk your beer Say now You know rt Oh bull O Gee Nuts W'-at a say krd? Sav there Why sue Oh no Oh Gads What the Hay Pllot a flyrnq saucer To be a mechamc To become a mllllonalre Go to Morehead College Go to college To be a success Take Berl s place Make loads of money To succeed To be a socual worker and a housewife To be a commercral artlst To be a success Own a farm To graduate nn 5'l To be an electrical engmeer To be a Model To succeed nn some thrng To be a telephone llneman To be successful Professor To be a success and travel be a mrllnonarre see Marlon Brando an person be a Stenographer be a desvqner a game hunter he a sec etary b a Narune nurse Naval career Manager of S S Kresge To be a qood nurse To go to college and become a lawyer be a nurse oet marrred travel a housewrfe be a suc ess a housewufe study televnsmn Leave my mark rn t e sands of tlme Graduate J ' Il Il ' ' . . I ' . . ,, . ' ir" ' ' Il I ' II I r n - ll I ll I I ' ' II ' Il I II II ' ' II I ' II ' . . . . r , . ' - - ' u - lr I I ' I - - - rr err ' ' - ' - - - u u ' I ' 1 ' - - r ll II --U e-L,..,. 1: VL, . L - I ,. ' ' 4 ,. ,L ' ' ' ' ll I l ll I A . ' ' ' ' II - ll- , . . II ' ' II Il I I I I . ' ' Il II , ' ll ll ' ' ' ll II ' ' ll - r ll , ' - ' II ll JUDY ' ' "oh sau," Graduate ana Loaf ' ' ll 0 II , - ' I I ' ' ll Il n s . I . lr . , , - . To ff o II Q ' u Q Q 1 ll II , , ' ll ll To 1 - s ll II rr. - rr To I' r . I . ll - ll To Q . 1 r , ll ' ll - ll ' r II ' ll u I I , , ' I n I 1 s Il Il I P V 1 ' ll Il p I o I Q . u 4 n Il V I 0 II 1 I , r . V' H U Be ' F I ' F 1 : ' ll II 6 Q - o Il II 1 ' D s ll ll To I s . ' ' ' ll ll e . v ll . A . Sl4INl0ll LLASS WILL We the Senuor Class of l95l beung of supposedly sound munds and bodues hereby declare thus to be our la t wull and testament ARTICLE I To Newport Hugh School we leave our apprecuatuon for the wonderful days we ve spent here ARTICLE Il To Mr Cobb we leave a new frame of mund-one of peace ARTICLE III To the Junuors we leave our hugh scholastuc abuluty and outstandung tal ents ARTICLE IV To the Faculty we re Ieavung ARTICLE V Our personal bestowals I BETTY ABNER bequeath my subtle re marks to Donna Mulluns I FARRELL ABNEY bequeath my place on the baseball team to Janet Walz I FAYE AXT bequeath my quuet manner to some nousy Junuor I ANNA BLACKWELL bequeath my bashfulness to Janet Owen I ROY BLADES leave my Englush class to anyone wullung to take ut I MARY ANN BOYAR bequeath my abuluty to get to school on tume to a more punctual Junuor We TOM BRENNAN and DON FRAN ZEN wull our good and unusual talents to Allen Youtsey and Les Redmond I NANCY BRINGMAN bequeath my soft vouce to Angue Duckerson cheerful and fruendly dusposutuon to some one who needs ut I OTTO BUDIG bequeath my Edutor shup of the Newportuan to Jack Rau s I DOROTHY CALHOUN bequeath my tutle of Football Queen to some lucky Junuor I ROBERT CAPEK bequeath my deep toned vouce to Bob Scott I MARGIE CECIL bequeath mf place un the Popularuty Contest to Pat Derrufk I JEAN COCHRAN bequeath my place un the chorus Iune to some lucky 'unuor I FANNIE COMBS bequeath my abuluty to strut to Nancy Kunzer I ROGER COOK bequeath my n w Book keepung book to Duck Walters I JOAN COPENHAVER bequeath my abulutv and courage to be on the Reserves to Janet Wal7 I II INF COWFNS bequeath my guggles to Ruth Banderman 100 I MARVIN COX bequeath mv most talented award to some lucky Junuor I DON DAY bequeath my abuluty to catch passes to Allan Youtsey I MANUEL DEATON bequeath my posu tuon un chorus to Mutchell Deaton I JOYCE DEDMON bequeath by dead pan look to Annette Baker I GEORGE DEMETRE bequeath my Grec uan nose to George Bouras I EVELYN DITTUS bequeath my ambu tuon to work for the F B I to some crooked Junuor I JOHN DRAKE bequeath my rughteous ways to Dallas Hale I DON EDWARDS wull my Amerucan Hustory abuluty and banjo to Margue Losey I DON EMBS wull my curly haur to Garnet Stokley I JERRY FROEHLICH bequeath my abuluty to be class pest to Ronnue Long I LAURA GALLUCCI bequeath my place un Mr Cobb s offuce to Nancy Kunzer I FRANCES GAULDIN wull my glasses to Jack Schraer I GEORGE GORE wull my physucal abuluty to Margue Losey I DANIEL W GRAY bequeath my place an Annual Photographer to Glenn Swope I LENNIE GROTHAUS leave mv wad of chewung gum un the 3rd desk 2nd row of Room 24 to Joe Jett wuth the Ruth Arden Dancers to Tom Fromnf-e I DON HALL bequeath my good grades un truq to Tom Wulluams I SALLY HAMILTON bequeath all my embarrassung moments to Emma Lou Puer man I TOM HARDEN wull my quuet manner t Ierrv Schnelle I BILL I-IARTMAN wull my stupuduty to Rav Strucker I DON HILL wull the furst davs of foot ball oractuce un Auoust to Les Redmond I DONNA HOEFINGHOFF bequeath my abulutv to ol v basketball to Garnet Stokley I JEAN HIIBFR bequeath mv abuluty to m ss un the Enqlu h Ianquaoe to Ella S-ears I GENE LANTHORE wull my abuluty to use mv elbows to Tom Emmett I WI' LIAM I ENSE wull mv abuluty to be th CI Q f Oavud Adams I DON LI'l'l'LFTON bequeath my qood looks to all the ugly Junuors at N H S W V N 1 w J L ' ' Il II I ll . I . I H I '. I ' ' . C . . . Q . , , . . . . - I . a I .- I . II ' I I II ' I I - . . . . . - . I I .- . I I ' . . . I I I I . X I . - R. ' - Q . . I . Q . I- s I I . . 'I ' ' I I I . I . ' ' I I ' ' II ll 1 I I I ' ' I I . . , . . I D I I b ' I ' ' I - I . I. I. l . .' - Q ' I I 1 I ' f - 1 , I II . II O I . . , A I . . I I - I I, MILA BUCHANAN, bequeath my I, SHARON HALE, bequeath my place . . . . . ,, ,, .' f S. ' . ,g . ,, -' . . r I I ' I - H 11 ll ' ' - I I ' I . - ' . o . ' I I . . I - . . I I , , . . . Q o - ' . ' ' . ,' " 9 u S , , . , , I I K u . . , , , in cs ccmvqlnr , DC O I I -I us , , , , , I, . I BOB LLOYD wull my abullty In Trng to Margue Losey I LLOYD LYMAN leave all my school books to anyone who wants them I CARROLYN MCKINNEY bequeath my abnlaty to wash and dry hose In homeroom to some unsuspectung Junuor I WILLA MCLAUGHLIN wnll mv fnend shup wuth Mrs Wetzel to anyone who needs I RONNIE MALONE bequ ath my friendship wnth Junlor Pstzer to Anne Lee Stanley I JEWELL MALONEY wlll my bad grades to Eva Colston I RALPH MARSH wall my oral reports nn Englnsh to Jean Mcllvoy I LORENIA MOORE wall my long halr to Jo Ann Tehan I MARILYN MORGAN will my Bell Lyre to some unsuspectung Junlor I RHONDA MORGAN wvll my place In the sensor class to Shernll Morgan I ERRY MEYERS wnll my abllltv to draw gurls to Tom Fromme I JOYCE NUESLEIN wnll my guft of gab to Martha Barkhau I REUBEN ODER bequeath my buss ness to Art Wllluams I JUNE PALM wull my sense of humor to anyone who wants at I BOB PIGG leave my ablllty to get out of class to Paul Guy I JOAN PITTARD leave my cheerlead Ing ablllty to Donna Mulllns I GEORGE PRICE wlll my ablllty to grad uate to Roy Kenney I DON REED leave my red halr to Lonnie Humprnes I FERN ROBERTS bequeath mv heaght to Don Robunson I LLOYD ROGERS wlll anything to any one I JUDY SCHNEIDER bequeath my abul :ty to tumble to Faye Whltehouse I MARTHA SHACKLEFORD bequeath my ready smale to Glenn Lehew I VIRGINIA SHACKLEFORD leave my height to some tall Junaor I JANET STRASSINGER bequeath my long legs to Beverly Jones I BARBARA SUTTON will my cu y hair to Janet Sulluvan I CLAUDE TREMPER wall my n ckname of Sleepy to Walter Cool I NANCY TURNER bequeath my blonde hanr to Marilyn Hull I VIVIAN ULRICH wlll the fun I had In my Sensor year to Carole Moore I RONALD USLEMAN bequeath my bal .Encfd sawed off crooked drumstlcks to Jam If e I RONALD WARD bequeath rr'y singing vouce to Ronnue Stromer I SANDRA WESSLING wnll mv ab' fy to get to school on tnme to Martha Barkhau I JIM WHITE wlll my curly halr and athletic abllnty to Nancy Knnzer I MARY WHITE leave my opt mlsm to Janet Owen I AUDREY WISEMAN bequeath my Bookkeeping homework to Helen Watson I CAROL WILLIAMS leave my place In the Honor Society to Bonnle Correllus I MARGIE WILLS will my ablllty as a mayorette to Shnrley Fahlbush I BETTY WISEMAN leave my dark curly hanr to Dora Wrught I GAYOLA YEAGER bequeath my short hand homework to Catherine Wagner I PHILIP YEAGER leave my wllllng workers to any ambltlous Junlor I DON YOUNG wlll my arguments with Mass Wltterued to Lonnne Humphrles I AUDREY ZIMMERMAN bequeath my troubles In shorthand to some poor unfor tunate soul Sngned Otto Budug President Tom Brennan Vnce Presudent Martha Shackleford Secretary Sally Hamnlton Treasurer WITNESSES Sally Hamulton Sharon Hale . . . . 11 . H 1 1 1 1 ' I , 1 . 1 " ' a 1 I 1 - l ', . 11 11 ' 1 1 1 I ' . , I lt. , 9 - 1 I I 1 I - 1 I 1 ' 1 e ' - .In 1 1 1 , I In 1 1 1 , - Il , G 1 1 1 L, H . . ' 1 1 1 , . . . I I 1 1 1 , ' I 1 1 1 , Il - 1 1 1 ,, . . , , ' 1 ' ' , 1 1 ' ' ' I, . . 1 1 I I ,, . . . . . ' . . ' . I I ' ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . ' 1 1 ' I I - 1 1 ' 1 1 South-Co 9499 SENI0ll DIIIECTIIIIH Abner Betty Abney Farrell Axt Faye Blackwell Anna Blades Roy Boyar Mary Ann Brennan Thomas Brnngmann Nancy Buchanan Mra Budng Jr Otto Calhoun Dorothy Capek Bob Cecrl Margre Cochran Jean Cochran Joan Combs Fannre Cook Roger Copenhaver Joan Cowens June Cox Marvln Day Donald Deaton Manuel Dedman Joyce Drttus Evelyn Drake John Edwards Donald Embs Donald Franzen Donald Froehlrch Jerry Galluccr Laura Gauldrn Frances Gore George Grey Danlel Grothaus Leonard Hale Sharon Hall Donald Hamrlton Sally Harden Thomas Hartman Bull Hull Donald Hoetmghoff Donna Huber Jean Lanthorne Eugene 424 Lindsey St Ax 7601 825 Llnden Ave Ax 5473 1150 Park Ave -Co 9730 6 7 726 25 5 E Nlnth St Ax 5536 Columbia St None East 4th St Ax 7937 Overton St -Co 1 Evergree Ave H 52 57 54 754 7 507 215 East 2nd St -Ju Overton St C Hodge St H East 3rd St -Co East 10th St --Co East 3rd St -Co East 3rd St -Co Lewrs St A 327 Thornton St H 655 East 3rd St J 202 E S gate St -Ju 901 Wash mg St J C C P O Home 15th St 714 Liberty St A 2 West 13th St J 1 t 646 Oak St 1017 Orchard St C 723 Central Ave -Co 1147 Isabella St 309 W 10th St 196 Mann St 403 West 8th St 31 East 13th St 205 Ky D 11 Ohro Ave 116 East 8th ot 320 West 7th St 1130 Vane St 15 P vuew Ave 202 Walnut Ave 817 Saratoga St J J 6424 2013 8630 2644 4790 3392 2370 6433 6433 8735 8186 8641 3982 9045 9499 5407 7058 4776 7132 8484 3214 5467 7380 3439 8628 7500 8903 4182 1638 9253 9831 2936 1937 7375 408 East Ninth St None 16 East 3rd St Ax 6026 630 Monmouth St None 10 2 Lense Wrllnam Lnttleton Donald Lloyd Robert Lyman Lloyd McKinney Carolyn McLaughlrn Wllla Malone Ronald Maloney Jewell Marsh Ralph Moore Lorenra Morgan Marilyn Morgan Rhonda Myers Jerry Nueslern Joyce Oder Rsuben Palm June Prgg Bob Prttard Joan Prrce George Reed Donald Roberts Fern Rogers Lloyd Schnerder Judy Shackleford Vlrglnla Strasmger Janet Sutton Barbara Trautman Betty Tremper Claude Turner Nancy Ulrlch Vrvran Usleman Ronald Ward Ronald Wesslrng Sandra Whrte James Whrte Mary Wuesman Audrey Wrllnams Carol Wrlls Margre Wiseman Betty Yeager Gayola Yeager Phrlllp Young Donald Znmmerman Audrey 120 East 4th St -Ju 30 West 5th St C 223 East 2nd St A 930 Park Ave-Ju 1 East 21st St H 137 W 13th St-Ju 222 Beech Rd H 1011 Cent l Ave -Co 418 Keturah St A 3 East 11th St None 33 Kentcky Dr-Co 503 York St Hamlet St -Ju Ky D 522 Powell St A 9 4 Saratoga St-Ju 8 6 629 Roberts St H Oak St 1033 Brrghton St None 720 Dayton St J 405 Elm St C C P O Home 701 Park Ave H 318 Elm St 637 Roberts St J 1807 8588 8884 4453 1226 6177 2369 1996 4183 5825 3780 8876 5176 8122 9614 0550 4522 8627 3937 9709 4753 6357 14 West 11th St None 317 West 11th St None 129 Center 510 Elm St 794 E 19th 317 E Oth 23 19th St 7 Overton 9 8 Monroe 9 8 Monroe 220 East 5th St H None S St -Co S St--Ju StA 1040 Orchard St J 417 East 5th St H 1035 Ann St 720 Central Ave -Co 1114 Putman St 714 W ton Ave 917 Saratoga St H 3940 5181 5633 5983 5059 5027 5027 5813 1845 9448 1338 7529 7220 4242 0202 I ' --- ' , .- o. 1 . . , .-- x. 1 1 . ' .- , . . 1 ' .- ' , .- e. 1 5 .- ' , ' , A . , 1 80 . . , .- i. ' 1 - .- i. , ' . . 1 'l 1 . . , .1 x. ' 1 - 1 .- o , ' .- 1 311 .- e. , ' , , I 3 - . 1 . - Ju. '1 ' - - 1 931 . . 1 50 - - ' , 180 , r. - Co. 1 1 . , .- x. 1 ' ' .- x. 1 3 . . 1 .- e. ' , 1 .- e. 1 .- u. ' , , - Ca, 1 ' " .- u. , ,-- u, ' ---- l xfco. 1 . - Co. 1 ' .- x. I llll , I -- U- ' 1 .- e. Demetre, George 735 Maple Ave.-Co. 9902 Shackelford, Martha 27 West 13th St.-Ax. 5953 ' 1 17 - Sth S.-Ju. , ' ' ' , - Ax, 1 . - Co. ' , ,- u, 1 .- o. , ,.. 1 -- u .,,. - i. ' 1 . .--Co. , , - .I ' --Al ' 1 ' ' . t.-He. ' 1 .-Ax. , , 1 , , 1 .-Co. , . -. Ag, 1 ' - r- - Co. ' , 15 t.--He. 1 ' . - Ju. ' , 1 , , ' A --CW ' 1 1 St.-Ju. 1 - .-Ax. ' , ,.- X, ' 1 ' .-Co. ' ' , ,- U, 1 ' ' .-He. ' , ' ,.- el 1 ' .-Hi. ' , , ... He, ' 1 .- u. , , , A I ' -1 1 ' ' .-Ax. ' -" - 1 ' .-Ju. 1 --' ' 1 .- i. 103 0Ull ADVERTISERS Complrments Of E 81 G CARD and GIFT SHOP 639 Monmouth SI' Newport Ky He 8389 Complnments Of CALHOUN AUTO BODY SHOP 7th and Columbia St Newport Ky He 7774 Dramonds Watches EI-ectrncal Goods Jewelry MACY JEWELRY CO 8th and Monmouth St CO 5800 Newport RAY A CRAWFORD DEL'CATESSEN Frozen Foods Fresh Meats Open Daily Except Sundav 802 COLUMBIA ST Newport Ky He 8389 104 Best Wnshes to The Class of 51 From CAMINS Furmture Floor Covermgs CO 8630 638 Monmouth St Newport Ky BEST WISH ES From JOHNNY S WEST SIDE HOTEL Newport Ky EL S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Complete Auto Repair 907 Sarafoga St He 8313 Complrments Of 6 2 6 B A R He 9121 626 Monmouth St Newport Ky I , . . . , . I I I I I Silverware -- Clocks - Radios . , Ky. i ' I , . . - - - - - Phnl Meyer Apothecary ETHICAL DRUG SERVICE 33 East Eughth St JU 2114 WE DELIVER Compluments Of H I LL DRY CLEANERS 937 Monmouth St Newport Ky He 7249 Shop Self Servuce and Save BLOCK S FOOD SHOP 402 Columbia St Newport Ky HE 8766 Open 10 tml 10 MORGAN S FOOD SHOP Chouce Meats Grocerues Frunts Vegetables Phone He 8644 503 York St R 81 G CLEANERS 5 EAST THIRD ST Newport Ky JU 6419 Compluments Of SOUTHERN LANES M Schnender Prop 629 York St Newport Ky 9746 BILL KIDD S MARKET Choice Meats Fruxts Vegetables Groceries 11th and Columbna Sts HE 9650 Newport Satnsfacteon Guaranteed Compliments Of KAPPA PHI GAMMA 105 I I , . , . At I Fresh Fruits-Vegetables-Fine Meats - ' I I I , , , . He. I LEUIS MARY 81 BRUS I I AMERICAN NATIENAL BANK SUMEREL TIRE SERVICE SHORTY NOE 81 WIFE I APPLIAN N 1 8th and Orchard St. Compliments Of CLASS OF '51 ' ss ss SEVENTH 8. MONMOUTH STS Compliments Of MAYFLOWER SWEET SHOP 111 Monmoufh sf Newport Ky HE 8363 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE THE F A BUCHANAN CO 30 East Slxth St Newport Ky Alr Conditioning Four Barbers HICKS We Try To Please You 907 Monmouth St HE 9721 Newport SARATOGA CLUB 801 Saratoga Newport Ky PARAMOUNT CONSTRUCTION 93o Monmoufh Sf Ju 2122 Siding Pamtnng Remodel. Free Estrmates F H A Terms ECONOMY JEWELRY CO 641 Monmouth St CO 6734 Newport THE FASHION INC A Smart Womens And Chuldrens Apparel Shop 833 Monmouth St Compliments DRIVE IN MARKET 'I914 Monmouth St 9326 Newport St. . , Ky. l - 1 1 - 1 . . I . . I .pg I A I ' Of I I . ' ' KY' HE. I KY- 'I07 WHEBEMANN s -FINE BEER CRYSTAL CHILIPAIILOII ELLEN STANIIIIPE ELLENS SCHIIIIL of DANCING DIXIE CHILI PARLIIR G R E E T I N G S Q e Geo. Wiedeman Brewing Co., - Newport, K Good Luck to the Closs of '5I ' 9th and Monmouth Sts. , Kentucky I Congrotulotions to the Closs of '51 ' 9 5th and Monmouth Ne CHILI ond CONEY ISLANDS OF HIGHEST UALITY nmouth St. New V nleIVE1nTIngSlDE SAVING IIIIIIDIT Easy Parkung No Meters No Congestion 10th and Columbua Newport Ky Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Betty and Ronald Storn Pharamacnsts and Washungton Newport CO 0380 ZEFF BROS Jewelers Clothers Cor 8th 81 Monmouth 4184 Newport Ky BECKER BROS CO INCORPORATED CHOICE MEATS Newport Ky ClncnnnatlO Jann The Happy Group Specral Rates for Teen age Classes SINGER SEWING CENTER 914 Monmouth St Phone HI 6518 Insurance and Real Estate LAWRE CE RIEDI GER 6th ' , Ky. - Co- 109 N EWPORTIAN BOOSTERS Abney and Walz Mrs Odessa Parker Muss Hazel Gnrvln Mr and Mrs George Mr Vnncent Yeager Catherane Yeager Mr Richard Yeager Melvm Dnckerson AlfredT Whlte Jr Mr and Mrs Frank Relslng Jerry and Joann Pat Derrnck Mr and Mrs Derrlck Yeager Mrs R M Whntehouse Mrs Jeanette Lanthorne Mr and Mrs F Troutman Homeroom 4 Emerson Wasser Mr and Mrs E Wasser A Frlend Duck Strassell Homeroom I I Homeroom 5 Dora and Ted Sandy and Tnppy Mr and Mrs Nell Clements Compllments of KENTUCKY AM SEIVIE T C0 Compliments of EWPORT HIGH CHO0L U IC B00 TER ASSOClATl0 'I10 Mr. and Mrs. Upshire White Mr. Seibert's Hoomeroom O 4 06x ,Z Ffa! A " Ja., s 1 A 0 p , , v5,An wXW Qfi QMGOWS' xy w,.,m-wf-- XY GX If ,J 40 K- Vulbh 3 1 'lg S 'iw W K Q I iff , b f X Q Q7 ' , ,fini A Z3 X3 3

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