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 - Class of 1938

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1938 volume:

EX LIBRIS THE NEWP R T IAN For1938 5253? HIGH SCHOCJL NEWPORT, KENTUCKY DEDICATICDN Traveling on the road of education to acquire lcnowl- edge, to learn to lcnow others, and to develop richer personalities, we have met with many gay, happy occasions. as well as sad ones. Behind us always have been our loving parents with their plaudits and encouragements. They have understood us when others failed to understand. ln the turbulent years of adolescence when we were so often puzzled, they have tallced lcindly and companionably with us, seek- ing to help us solve our problem. Their untiring ef- forts to give us all possible advantages,their sacrifices, their hopes have not been unheeded. For them we strive to attain our goals, ideals, and ambitions. ln loving gratitude and remembrance we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-eight, dedicate our Annual to our parents. l MISS GYPSY GRAY MR. RICHARD NEISER IN APPRECIATION lor their guiding hands, friendly counsel, and Icindly interest which have helped to malce our . last high school year a happy memory, we, the Class of 1938, wish to thanlc our advisers, MISS GYPSY GRAY and MR. RICHARD NEISER ANNUAL STAFF FIRST ROW- R. KINSTLER, P. KYNSTLER, R. OLDFIELD, E. DAULTON, V. MAYBURY, J. BRAUN, R. WELLS, D. ALFORD, R. DOWD. SECOND ROW- K. KENDALL, M. KIDNNEY, M. PRUIETT, E. MCGURK, A. SEIBERT, J. BARY, E, FEHLER, E. DANIEL, V. MORGAN. THIRD ITOW7 A. COMBERGER, M, VUECHER, K. WASSER, S. CREECH, M. MALONE, D. EPPSTEIN M. DAVIS, M. STHVVARTZ, R. HINDMARCH. FOURTH ROW7 E. SCHNEEMAN, J. CARRISON, L. KUHR, R, RYAN, R. HULTQUIST, J. BOYERS, M. ESSIG E. DEWALD. FIFTH ROW! E. HERMANN, H. KELLEY, R. SEILKOP, H. WRIGHT, J. WILLIAMS, L. HOFFMAN H. MARSCH, J. HECKMAN, E. SIMONS, D. SMITH, I Erlitor-in-Chief ..... ............... V ERA MAYBURY Assisfant Editors ..... ....................... E . DAULTON, J., BRAUN Business Managers .......... R. KINSTLER, R. OLDFIELD, R. WELLS DEDICATION . ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES . UNDERCLASSES CLUBS . . CLASS HISTORY CLASS PROPHECY CLASS WILL . CALENDAR . SPORTS . INDEX ADMINISTRATICDIN 1 Q 3.222 LL fifj - --, ,'.... -R -.0 BGARD OF EDUCATION Gsouole Sc1INxemEn, President Du. R. W. Scnlfzlin Gizonulf EICHEH Du. PAU1. J. Runcow Du. Flush C. WEBER EMU, GlililIARD'l', Business Manager Loumuii Sf:o'r'r, Attorney A. D. UXVENS, Superintrfndent of Schools O Modern progressiveness i11 educational activities has been the key- note of the program designed by the Newport Board of Education. These lnen who are responsible to the public for the operation of the city's schools believe that the educational policies adopted will produce capable young men and women who are to take their places in society. A. D. OWENS, Superintendent L. COBB, Principal FACULTY C. ALBBRTSON R. BATHIANY R. CHAPMAN B. CULBERTSON K. FAI-u.nus1-1 C. Fxrzsmzuoxs W. FOSTER H. Gmvxx G. GRAY M. HAMILTON A. HARRISON H. HAUP1' M. HURST ALMA LAMB Avis LAMB C. LOVING J. NIOLNAR M. E. Momus R. NEISER M. PARSONS M. PHILLIPS N. Pos B. SCHSVARBERG S. Smuxcsn L. TANNER M. TANNER K. YVARREN K. WERNER FACULTY CLARENCE ALBERT SON B. S., University of Cincinnati Cnninzerriul Department RICHARD BATHIANY B. S., University of Cincinnati Science RALPH CHAPMAN A. B., Georgetown Mutlienmtics BERNICE CULBERTSON B. S., University ot' Cincinnati CUIIllI1l'l'l'itll Department KATHERINE FAHLBUSH B. S., University of Cincinnati i1lllillK'llIllfll'S und Ethics CATHERINE FITZSIMMONS B. S., University of Cincinnati Sirience and English WV. J. FOSTER A. B., Inclianag M. A., Cnlumhia Athletic Coach HAZELA KGPRVIN B.. Berea: M. A., University of Michigan Latin GYPSY GRAY B. S., University of Cincinnati Latin MAUDE HAMILTON B. S., University of Cincinnati Mutliematics ALICE HARRISON B. S., University of Cincinnati Science and Matliemutics HILDEGARD HAUPT A. B., University of Cincinnati Commercial and German MARSHALL HURST A. B., Eastern, M. A., Manual Training ALMA LAMB B. A., XVilmington, Ohio English AVIS LAMB A. B., Vanderbilt: M. A., Ohio State Social Sciences CELESTE LOVING A. B., Mississippi State College fur XVomen English JOHN MOLNAR B. S., Conservatory ot' Music, B. M., U. of C Ill nsic MARY ELIZABETH MORRIS A. B., XVestern College for XVomcn Librrlrian RICHARD NEISER B. S., University of Kentueliy Science and tlliztlzemrzlirs MARION PARSONS A. B., University uf Kentucky English :intl Ilistory MATTIE PHILLIPS B. S., University ut' Cincinnati Ilistory and Dean of Girls NANCY POE B. University of Cincinnati Girls' Athletic CUIICII BERYL SCHVVARBERG B. S.. I'niversity of Cincinnati Illrzttieniutics SUSAN SPRINGER B. S., University ot' Cincinnati English LOIS TANNER B. S., University of Cincinnati Science and English MARY TANNER B. S., University of Cincinnati Commercial Department KATHERINE NVARREN B. S., University of Cincinnati C!llIllIli'I'CIfl! l,!'1JIlI'll1lHllf KATHERINE WERNER B. S., University of Cincinnati Home Economics A I Geaod Po-em Our train has reached a new depot, In the railway of our life, The ties behind will always show, Along with ease and strife. Hard our train will chlzg ahead To climb the hill, success, B111 with the fuel our train is fed VVe'll arrive with our express. We'll venture on from place to place 1Vith thoughts of old within, And with those thoughts which we embrace VVe'll prosper and we'll win. Shortly our paths must part And each will have his way, Bat then we shall meet again, And glad will be that day. Now that our train is clue to leave Let us be on our way. lVe'll watch the trail before as weave, VVe can no longer stay. -Richard Wells Ai' 5 cf if H5 fp E4 Y :.,V,,,'1h 3 , '- ,'.. ., . J f :awww-J3'g,,.: Y , :+,ff1-w 5 1 , - 'I I- J . SENIOKS Lincoln Andrews "Abe" , -75, "I thank my stars I am happy" Donnell' P. Baumgzigtnerf if ,-,, "Even Zjilwllgh vanquished, he can afSUeii2!'?r??l" ' . Track 122211-4, Capt. 4 lntramlglt1ii"Basketball 2-3-4 Scotch Club 1 Athletic Club 2-3 "N" Club 4. Jack Walter Braun "Jack" "Wit now and then, struck sirlartly. shows a spark" , Band 1-2-3-4, Drum Major 3-4 " - Orchestra 1-2-3-4, String Ensemble 4 A Cappella Choir 3-4, Mixed Chorus 1 "Mikado" 2, "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Cadets' Jazz Orchestra 3 Camera Club 4 Aviation Club 2-3 Beta Club 4 Ass't Editor of Annual Lab. Ass't 4 Newporter Stan? 2. William Joseph Buchheit --Buck" "High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy" Athletic Club 3 Golf Club 4 lSec'y-Treas.l. Golf Team 4 Manford Cain "Man"' "Live truly, and thy life shall be A great and noble creed" Athletic Club 3-4 Hi-Y Club 4. 18 Dorothy Mae Alford ccDOtrv "She doeth little kindnesses, Which most leave undone, or despise" Chess Club 3 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Honor Bowling Team 3-4 Newporter Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Beta Club 4 1Vice-Pres.P Girls' Discussion Group 4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 iRinZ Girl 3, Squad Leader 3, Ass't Sec'y 3, and Sec'y 47. Jean Bary "Skeed" "Laughing, talking, never still, Ever bubbling like a rill" Class Secretary 3 Girl Reserve 2-3-4 LRing Girl 2 and Treas. 31 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 "Mikado" 2, "Pinafore" 3 Girls' Discussion Group 4 4Treas. 43 Prom Queen's Attendant Annual Staff 4 Verna',K.ff'Beierle "Vern" A"My':tongue""viIilfin my lips I reign, For who talksfinuch, must talk in vain" " G.A.A. l-2 . Rhythm Club .- Knitting Club. 2:5 Jean Boyers "Texas" "A spirit be moved to smile at lSee'yJ Bowling 3-4, Mary Elizabeth "Burke" "The have a Iriemi be one" a". ' f ' Girl Reserves 2-3-4 lTreas. 4? G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 "Mikado" 2, "Pix-iafore" Prompter 3 "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Girls' Chorus 4 A Cappella Choir 1-2-3-4 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Annual Staff 4. Robert Claudy "Bob" "The unspoken Word never does harm" Football 1-2 Radio Club 3 Camera Club 4. Edward Daulton "Ed" "His Roodly reason and well guided speech" Band 1-2-3-.4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 "Mikado" 2, "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Beta Club 4 Camera Club 4 Chess Club 3 Electrical Club 1 Hi-Y Club .4 Chem. Lab. Ass't 4 Physics Lab. Ass't 4 Newporter Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4. Donald W. Enzweiler "Einz" "Always active, every step, Full of liveliness and pep" Athletic Club 1-2-3-4 Aviation Club 1-2 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3. Herbert A. Fitzer 'tHerb" "The man that loves and laughs must surely do Well" Radio Club 1 Athletic Cillb 2 Golf Club 8-4 fPres. 43 Golf Team 2-3-4 lCapt. 4, Ky. Post Northern Kentucky Champ 19377. Eugene Fohlen "Yonah" "A friend and a gentleman" Newporter Staff 1 Alta Comberger "Her modest ways and friendly deeds, Makedstrong and firm, the friendship see s" Girl Reserves fVice-Pres, 3? Dramatic Club 4 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Beta Club 4 Annual Staff. SteH'aiMae Creech "Stell" "How much to be prized and esteemed is a friend, On whom we can always with safety depend" Girl Reserves 2-3-4 KRing Girl 3 and Squad Leader 3-43 G.A.A. 4 - Girls' Glee Club 4. Mixed Chorus 4 Beta Club 4 Junior Red Cross Club 3 Assistant to Dean of Girls. Eleanor Daniel "Noye,' "The all-in-all in life+content" Mixed Chorus Rhythm Club Knitting Club Girls' Discussion Group 4 Annual Staff 4. Martha Belle Davis "Belle" "As merry as the day is long" Highlands High 1 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 fSquad Leader 3-47 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 KVice-Pres.J Mikado Chorus 2 "Pinafore" 3 LPrincipalJ "Pirates of Penzance" 4 iPrincipaU Annual Staff. Elaine Dewald "Dee" "Happy am I, from care I am free! Why aren't they all contented like Band 1 meiw Football 2 G AA 1-2 Track 2-3 l " A. Athletic Cllib 2-3 iniiaiiiLi1ii1lucijhfiirlPres'J Golf club ' Library Assistant 4. 19 I Elmer Gerner "An affable and courteous gentleman" Athletic Club 2 Personality Club 4. Harold Gillett "Babe" "Better than gold is a thinkin! mind" Athletic Club 2-3 Band 2 Debating Club 1 Track 35 Milton Gillett "Mitch" "Oh, why should life all labor be?" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Athletic Club 2-3 Track 1-2 "N" Club 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 2. Thomas Goodall "Gut" "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men" Athletic Club 1-2 "N" Club 3-4 Junior Class Treasurer Football 3-4 Basketball 4 Track 4. John Pershing Graf "Jack" "Whatever he did, was done with so much ease. ,, In him alone 'twas natural to please Football 1-2 Aviation Club 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus 1 Student Manager-Football "N" Club 4 Junior Class Vice-President. 20 Ruth Dowd "DoWdy" "She doeth well who always does her best" Girl Reserves 2-3-4 1Vice-Pres. 2, Ring Girl 2, Pres. 3, Ring Chm. 4, Greater Cincinnati G.R. Inter Club Council Vice-Pres. 43 G.A.A. 1-2-4 Cadets Jazz Orchestra 3 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 A Cappella Choir 1-2-3-4 "Mikado"' 2, "Pinafore" 3 CPrincipalJ "Pivates of Penzance 4 fPrincipall Contest Representative 1-2 fPianol Orchestra 3 Newporter Staff 3-4 Beta Club 4 Girls' Discussion Group 4 fco-Chm.l Annual Staff 4. Dorothy Eppstein "Doti Mae" "A smile for all, a greeting glad, A jolly amiable way she had" Rhythm Club 2-3 Dramatic Club 4 lTreas.7 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Newporter Staff 2-3-4 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Mixed Choms 3-4 "Pinafore" 3, Principal: "Pirates of Penzance" 4, Principal Beta Club 4 tSec'yl Annual Stali' 4. Helen Jane Erb "Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind" Girl Reserves 2 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Girls' Discussion Group 4. Minette Essig "Minnie" "Manners, all graceful without art, That to each look and word impart A modesty and ease" G.A.A. 1-2 Knitting Club Rhythm Club Mixed Chorus Dramatic Club 3-4 Annual Staff. Kathryn Farber "Kay" "Her voice was ever soft. gentle and low: An excellent thing in woman" G.A.A. 2 Rhythm Club Mixed Chorus Dramatic Club 3-4 Knitting Club.. Lawrence Groeschen Esther Dorothy Fehler Es N "She is calm because she is the mis- tress of her subject: "Larry" 4. H "Short in stature, but tall in the things, That appertaineth to making of kings" 'Tis the secret of her self-possession" Aviation Club 1 blectncal Club 2 Camera Club 4. Knitting Club Girls' Discussion Group Annual Staff 1TypistJ. Franklin W. Grossheim C6Hank7Y Lydia Eileen Felgar "Scotchie" "He loved chivalry, truth, and honor, freedom and courtesy" Aviation Club 1-2 Golf Club 2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3 Electrical Club 2 Rip Van Winkle 2 "They who have light in themselves Will not revolve as satelites' Rhythm Club G.A.A, Knitting Club ' Girls' Discussion Group, Richard Hauenstein Mildred Ruth Fischer rcDickv1 "Milly" "Joy is the main spring in the whole of nature's calm rotation" Aviation Club 2 Radio Club 3. "Be silent and saf?silence never betrays you" G.A.A. Rhythm Club Knitting Club Girls' Discussion Group. Jack W. Heckman "Heck" June Helen Garrison 'Ever he was glad and blithe" Rand 1-2-3 Orchestra 1-2-3 Athletic Club 2-3 Personaiity Club 4 1Pres.l Annual Staff. "If e'er she knew an evil thought She spoke no evil word" Highlands High 1 Girl Reserves 1-2-3 Beta Club 4 Annual Staff. Lucille Irene Hatley ff H f'Cei1f' Arthur S. Heifner Art "And certainly he was a good fellow" Electrical Club 4. "A girl of such delicate grace, all laughter and love" Mixed Chorus 1-2 Knitting Club 2. 21 1 Edward R. Hermann "Feets,' "In company a very Pleasant fellow" Orchestra 1-2 Band 1-2 Ass't Football Mgr. 3 Basketball Mgr. 3-4 Football Mgr. 4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Electrical Club 2 Aviation Club 2-3 fTreas, 33 Ping Pong Champ "N" Club 4. Donald Higgins "One gift the Fairies gave me, - " The lovelnf books, the golden key That open the Enchanted Door" Track Team 4. LeRoy Hoffman "Roy" "A well accomplished youth" Radio Club 3 Aviation Club 2 Camera Club 4 Annual Staff Richard Horn "Rich" "Thou'rt such a pleasant fellow" Collectors Club 1 Tennis Club 3 Personality Club 4, Robert Ernest Jones "Bob" "He stood erect in all his manliness" Aviation Club Commercial Club 22 Rosella Marie Hearn KCROSQHY "A cherry lip, a loving eye a passing, pleasing tongue" G.A.A. Rhythm Club Girls' Discussion Group. Betty Jean Heidkamp "Fair is not fair, but that which Dleaseth" Southgate High 1 Girl Reserves 2 Knitting Club 3 Rhythm Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4,. Anne Elizabeth Henson "Little Hank" "A quiet way, and yet A permeating Dleasingness' G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 2-8-4 Rhythm Club 2 Personality Club 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Office Assistant 2-3-4. Ruth Clara I-Iindmarch "Ruthie" "Kind hearts are more than coronets" Knitting Club Red Cross Club Girls' Discussion Group Annual Staff 4 1TYDistl . Ruth Charlotte Hultquist "Rufus" "An equal mixture of good humor, and a friend' of all" Knitting Club 2 Rhythm Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Newporter Staff 3-4 Dramatic Club 4 Girl Reserves 1-3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff. Harry W. Kelley"Kelley" "A fair exterior is a silent recommen- dation" Aviation Club 2-3 Golf Club 2-3-4 Camera Club 4 Annual Staff. Richard C. Kinstler"Dick" "Much done, much designed, more desired" Southgate High 1 Electrical Club 2 Radio Club 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Camera Club 4 lPres.l Newporter Staff 4 Lhess Club 3 "Pinafore" Stage 3, "Pirates of Pen- zance" 4 Chem. Lab. Ass't 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Annual Stai.. Robert C. Kinstler "Bob" "Industry need not Wish" Southgate High 1 Electrical Club 2 Radio Club 3 Camera Club 4 ISec'Y3 "Pinafore" Stage 3, "Pirates of Pen- zance" Stage 4 Chess Club 3 Chem. and Physics Lab. Ass't 4 Newporter Staff 3-4 Annual Staff. Alan G. Kirscl'merVf'Al" "A friendly heart with many friends" Orchestra 1-2-3 Kathryn Edna Mae Kendall zaKenrr "Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun, Who relishes a joke and rejoicest in a Dun" Notre Dame 1 G.A.A. 2-3-4 llionor Volleyball 2-3-4. Honor Basketball 2-3-4, Treas. 4? Rhythm Club 1-2 Knitting Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 4 Newporter Staff 4 Senior Class Secretary 4. Goldie C. Kenneweg KKGOID "Always ready and always willing' G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Newporter Staff 245-4 Rhythm Club 3 Girls' Discussion' Group' 4. Mary Ann Kidnney "Ever in motion, Biithesome and cheery" A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 mixed bhurus 2-3-4 uiris' Lvlee Club 4 "Mikado" 2 "Pinafore" 3 1Ticket Mgr.l, "I'l1':xtes of Penzance" 4 tTicket Men? Orchestra 4 Band 4 Dramatic Club 3-4 G.A.A. 1 Intramural Sports 1 Girl Reserves 2 Newporter Staff 3 Annual Staff. Billie Krieger "You'd think when her delicate feet in dance twinkled round, that her home is the air" gggltjlugng Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4 Golf C1ub,4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Aviation Club 1 ggvthmzclub 2-3-4 - 1. orus Newporter Girl Reserves 2-3 ' A . O as u as Palfflel' L6d01'1l'l6 Pal Irene Mae Kruse uRenen "Forever foremost in the ranks of ,,, . funn So much is a woman as she esteems herself" Athletic Club 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 G'A'A' "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Rhythm Club' 23 E. Rudolph Lile "Rudy" "A good sport, a trusty friend" Radio Club 3-4 ' Electrical Club 4. Fred Lonneman "Sedrick" "Youthful is his middle name, . He never will grow up: He's always full of pep and play, Just like a babyfpupi -'V N Football 1-2-3-4 Athletic Club 1-2-3-4 fPres. 47 Scotch Club 1 Aviation Club 2 Newporter Staff 3. Elmer MacDonald "Mac" "So exceedingly tall and strong" Athletic Club 2-3 "N" Club 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4. Lillian Louise Kuhr "My favored temple is an humble heart" Girl Reserves 2 Knitting Club 3 Girls' Discussion Group -1 Annual Staff 1TypistJ. Wilma Marie Lape "Will" "Kind and friendly" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club lTreas.5 Chorus 2. Margaret Alma Leopold "Margie" "How sweet and fair she seems to be" Rhythm Club G.A.A. Girls' Discussion Group 4. .3 . Hubert McCall "Mack" Ruth Vivian Lucas "Youth holds no society with grief" "Pure dignity, composure, ease" Electrical Club 2 Athletic Club 3-4. Frank Ray McHenry a:MaCH "A gentleman makes no noise" ,..,......---..., in- Newporter Staff 2 Aviation Club 2-3 A Cappella Choir 3-4 "Pinafore" 3 Dramatic Club 4 Beta Club 4 lTreas.7 Annual Staff. 24 A Cappelia Choir Mixed Chorus. Evelyn Mildred McGurk CKEV77 "It is tranquil people who accomplish much" G.A.A. l-2 Girl Reserves 2 Commercial Club 3 Knitting Club 4 Newporter Staif 4 Beta Club 4 Annual Staff 4. Howard Arthur Marsch atHan1J9 "He was accomplished in the art of captivationn Band 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 Golf Team 3-4 Golf Club 2-3-4 1Vice-Pres. 4l Annual Staff "Mikado" 2, "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Cadets Jazz Orchestra 3-4. Daniel R. Mueller "Dann "He who is good is happy" Track 1 Intramural Basketball 1-2 Athletic Club 2-3-4. Wilbur H. Otting "Bill" "Formed on the good old plan, A true and brave and downright honest man!" Athletic Club 2 "N" Club 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4. John Patterson "Joe" "Of quiet nature" Southgate High 1 Electrical Club 2 Tennis Club 2 Chess Club 3 Radio Club 3 Golf Club 4 "Pirates of Penzance 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Boys' Glee Club 4. Jack Philippe "Phil" "Courage, my boy, the blush is the compleiiion of virtue" Red Cross Club Athletic Club Aviation Club Intramural Basketball. Anna May Malone "Mickey" "The very room, 'cause she was in, Was bright from Hoor to ceilin"' Knitting Club 2 Newporter Staff 3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 lChecker Champ Ii, Hon- or Basketball Team 41 Dramatic Club 3-4 4Pres., -ll Mixed Chorus 3 Annual Staff 4. Elsie May Martin "Love, sweetness, goodness in her person shine" 1-Iixzh School iN. YJ 1-2-3 Red Cross Club 2-3 Personality Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4 . Girls' Glee Club. Vera June Maybury 'To do easily what is difficult for others is a mark of talent" Girl Reserves 2-3-4 1Ring Girl 3, Squad Leader 3, Pres., 47 Newporter Stafi 3-4 Mixed Chorus 2B Girls' Discussion Group 4 Ceo-Chm.l Beta Club 4 Annual Staff 4 1Editor-in-Chiefl Assistant to Dean of Girls. Mary Michaels "Good to be merry" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 lVice-Pres. 4? Commercial Club 3 Rythm Club 2-4. Vivian Lucille Morgan "Binnie" "She is perfect to walk with And witty to talk with" Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Band 2-3 "Mikado" 2, "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Rhythm Club 2-3-4 G.A.A. 1-2 Student Council 1 Newporter Staif 2-3-4 KEditor 41 Pres. of K.H.S.P.A. 3 Annual Staff. 25 Stanley Poinsett "Speech is great: but silence is greater" Athletic Club 1-2 Liamera Club 4 Beta Club 4. Paul Edward Riley , "I strove with none, for strife is not worth while" Golf Club 4 Electrical Club 1 Athletic Club 1-2-3 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4. James Riedinger "Jeff" "Full large he was of limb and shoul- ders broad" "N" Club 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3 Newporter. Robert Rosteck "Bob" "Speech is silver, silence golden, Speech sows, silence reaps' Electrical Club Aviation Club Secretary Commercial Club. Benjamin Royce "Benny" "I always get the better when I argue alone" Football 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 "N" Club 3-4. 26 Virginia Ruth Neal "Ginnie" "Smile and the world smiles with you" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 2 Girl Reserves 3-4 Otfice Assistant 2-3-4. Reno Elwanda Oldfield "My mind to me a blessing is. Such pleasant joys therein I find, That it excells all other bliss" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Newporter Staff 2-3-4 lEditor 41 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Girls' Glee Club 4 A Cappella Choir 3 "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Beta Club 4 Annual Staff 4. Marjorie Lee Palm "The softest voice of all" Girl Reserves 2-3 1Squad Leader 31. Ruth Adyln Poihsett "The holyreglm that leads to heaven- ly musings" A Girl Resgryes 2 Commerktihl: Club 3 "Pinaforei' Orchestra 3 Orchestraf I-Lf' Marjorie Helen Powell axMarge9r, "The sweetest thing that ever grew beside a human door" Barbourville High 1-2-3. Clifford J. Schmidt "Smitty" "No one knows what he can do until he tries" Aviation Club 2 Track 2 Football 3-4. Raymond R. Schomaker "Dutch', "Not pretentious, but full of sense" Athletic Club 1-2-3 Personality Club 4 Intramural Basketball 2. Walter Schraer "Walt" "A light heart lives long" Football 3 Track 2 Basketball tafter school league? Camera Club 4 Radio Club Aviation Club. Brooks Schwarberg "Pete" "Tho' modest, on his unembarrassed brow Nature had written 'Gentleman' " Southgate- High 1-2 Athletic Club 3 Track Club 4 Golf Club 3-4. Fred Schwartz "Fritz" "Not a word he spoke more than was need" Athletic Club Florence Pross "Flo" "Shy and silent" A Irene Mildred Pruiett "Mickey" "She brings with her youthful jest and jollity" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 2 Rhythm Club 3-4 S Annual Staff 4. Wanda Reed "Her smiles are as the evening mild They charm the admiring watcher's eye-. Girls' Glee Club 1-2 Rhythm Club 1-2-3 Commercial Club 1-2 Girl Reserves Personality Club 4. Rose Ryan "Blondie" "The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed, And ease of heart her every look conveyed" St. Bernard High 1 Rhythm Club 2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 !Honor Basketball 2-3-4 Honor Volleyball 2-3-43 Beta Club 4 Newporter StaH 4 Annual Staff 4. Mary Jane Sale "As pure as a Dear and as Perf:-ct: a noble and innocent girl" Holmes High 1-2-3 Dramatic Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Girl Reserves 4. 27 John D. Seifried "Johnny" "Dance, laugh, and be merry" Camera Club 4 Athletic Club 2 Radio Club 3. Robert C. Seilkop, "Bob" "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot He is all mirth" Track 2-3-4 Track Club 3 "N" Club 4 Aviation Club 2-3 Chess Club 3 Boys' G13-:'Club 4 A Cappeliai' Choir 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzanceu 4 Annual Staff. Harold Byron Sheanshang nshingyn "Stature is an asset to any man" Athletic Club 1 Electrical Club 1 Basketball 2-3-4 Intramural Basketball 1 "N" Club 2-3-4 Freshman Basketball Coach 4. Edward Thomas Simons K6Ed,Y "Men of few words are the best men" Athletic Club 2-4 Radio Club 3 Track 2-3-4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4. Douglas Smith "His thought is ofte Southgate High 1 Band 2-3-4 Athletic Club 2 Dramatic Club 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Orchestra 4 n originalu "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Boys' Chorus 4 Hi-Y 4 fPres.l Annual Staff. 28 Mary Leatha Sarbeck "That continuous sweetness, which with ease, Please all around it from the wish to please" G.A.A. 1 Rhythm Club 2-3 Girls' Discussion Group -l. Evelyn Ellen Schneeman Klsneew "So laughable and jolly, That all who knew her were made joyous" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 lSec'y 4, Honor Base- ball 1-2-3, Honor Volleyball and Basketball 4, Red Team Capt. 4, Mixed Doubles Aerial-Dart Rurmer- up 41 Girl Reserves 4 Junior Red Cross Club 1 Glee Club 1 Rhythm Club 2-3-4 4Pres. 3-41 Newporter Staff 4 Office Assistant 3-4 Annual Staff 4. Leah Lorraine Schneider cxLeers "She is gentle, she is shy, But there's mischief in her eye? Rhythm Club I Knitting Club 2 Dramatic Club 3-4 G.A.A. 2 Beta Club 4 Margaret Jean Schwartz :4Marg,eyy "She walked in all her modest grace, And virtue showed in all her face." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Knitting Club 2 Rhythm Club 3 Personality Club lVice-Pres. 41 Cheerleader 3-4 Girls' Basketball Team 4 Newporter Stat? 4 Bicycle Manager 3 Bowling Manager 4 ' Annual Staff 4 Aileen Marguerite Seibert "Neatness.,is the crowning grace of womanhoodl' , G.A.A.1-2-3-4 ' Girl Reserves 2 Knitting Club 3 Mixed Chorus Pinafore- 3 Glee Club 4 Pinates of Penzance 4 Rhythm Club 4 Newporter Stai 4 Annual St:-:E 4 Harry Spinks "Hungry" "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short" Senior Class Vice-President Basketball 1-2-3-4 Athletic Club 1-2-3-4 "N" Club 3-4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 Golf Team 3-4 Golf Club 3 Track 4 Annual Staff. Louis Henry Strebel "Lou" "He is the mildest mannered man" Aviation Club Track Team 3-4. Howard Sturm "Squinty" "There is honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in thee" Football 2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 Athletic Club 2-3 lVice-Pres. 33 Dramatic Club 4 "N" Club 4 Class Treasurer 4 Annual Staff. Arthur Tuttle "King Tut" "Happy and carefree with smiles and laughter was he" Football I-2-3 Basketball 1-2-3 Track 2-3 Basketball Kafter school league? Mixed Chorus Boys' Chorus Collectors' Club Athletic Club 2 Camera Club 4. Erwin John Voelker "Erv" "The greater man, the greater cour- tesY" Latin Club 1-2 Athletic Club 3-4. Selma Sheanshang "Shingy II" "She that is of a merry nature hath a continual feast." G.A.A, 1-2-3 Rhythm Club 2-3 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Dorothy Marie Smith t1Dotsr "And all her looks a calm disclosed Of innocense and truth." Girl Rserves 1-2 G.A.A. 1-2-3 ' Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Dramatic Club 3 - Personality Club 4 Geneva Smith "Smiley" "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." G.A.A. 2-3-4 Girl Rserves 3 Rhythm Club 3-4 Mary Cornelia Smith "She spoke and all her words, more or less, Sounded in virtue and in gentle- ness." Junior Red Cross Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Dramatic Club 4 Beta Club 4 Rosalyn Stanley "Rhody" "Her joyous presence and sweet com- P5-HY. In full content they did enJ0y." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Honor Bowling Team 3-4 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Band 3 Dancing Club 1 First Aid Club 2 Girls' Discussion Group 4 29 Albert C, Wasser "Al" "Why should I worry or why should I fret? ' No cares or worries have I" Tennis Club 2 William Wilbur Weber "Bil1'f A "Laugh at your ills And save' tloctor bills" Athletic Club Track Team 3. Richard Wells "Dick" "A likeable fellow, one who will suc- ceed" Newporter 3-4 Dramatic Club 3-4 Beta Club 4 KPres.5 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Boys' Glee Club 4 "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance CPrincipall Annual Stai 1Business MST.,- H4 Jack Williams "Jack" "A careful man" Football 1-2-3-4 "N" Club 4 Newportian Senior Class Play. Howard Wright "Howdy" "A good laugh is sunshine in a house" Football 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 UN" Club 1-2-3-4 Newporter 2-3-4 Most Valuable Football Player 3 Football co-Capt. 4. 30 Anna Louise Swainson 6lAnn77 "Size is not everything" G.A.A. 1 Rhythm Club 2-3 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Irene Mary Thoney KlRene,Y "Not much talk - great, sweet si- lence." G.A.A. 1 Junior Red Cross Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Dramatic Club 4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Mixed Chorus Riva La Vera Tuch "Riv" "Whatever thing-is done, By her is done well." Red Cross Club 1 Knitting Club 2 G.A.A. 2 Dramatic Club 3-4 Elaine Frances Viel "E" "To see herria 'to love her" Algebra seaidlarship Rep. 1 Junior Relf'-Cross Club 1-2 Knitting.jCih1b 3 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Beta Club 4 V' June Wagner "Wag" "Deep brown eyes running over with glee, , V - Bonnie brown eyes are the eyes for me" Basketball Manager 3 Honor Basketball Team 2-8-4 Honor Volleyball Team 2-3-4 Honor Baseball Team 2 Newporter Staff 4 Rhythm Club 3-4 Knitting Club 2 Beta Club 4 Edward Yeager "Ed" "Good music brings delight" Orchestra 2-3-4 Band 2-3-4 Radio Club 3. Y.. I Darwin Carl Yung "Dar" "A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning" Southgate High 1 Athletiif, Club 2-3 Intramural Basketball 2-3-4 Tennis Club 2 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Boys' Glee Club 4 "Pinafore" 3, "Pirates of Penzance" 4 Track Team 3-4 Hi-Y Club' 4 1Vice-Pres.7 Golf Club 4 ' Beta Club 4. Alex Zechella "Zeke" "A busy man who takes his tasks to heart. Prepared in everything to do his part" Football 1-2-3-4 fco-Capt, 41 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 "N" Club 2-3-4 Beta Club 4 Class President 3-4 Newporter Staff 2-vii,-4.1: M arg :"A: ' .gl If -1 :A "The fairest garden in her looks' And ini her mind the wisest banks" Girl Reserves 2-3 Personality Club 4 Margaret Wagner "Margie" hsteadfastness and loyalty not to be surpassed" G.A.A. 1-2 Rhythm Club 2-3 Girls' Discussion Group 4 . , "lbw A' ' ,- Kagiyn Henrietta Wasser llKi.tty,, I "Life hath no dim and lowly spot That doth not her sunshine share" Girl Reserves 2-3-4 , Squad Leader 4 Girls' Glee Gflub 4 ' Mixed Chorus 4 Rhythm Club 4 Newporter Staff' 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Assistant 3 Madeline Whitehead 'Madgeu "Not a word spoke she more than was needed" G.A.A. Knitting Club Rhythm Club Marion Olinda Wormald ", such manners, such brains" Southgate High 1 Girl neserves 2 Knitting Club 3 Beta Club 4 Girls' Discussion Group 4 Clara R. Zechella "With countenance demure and mod- est grace" Girl Reserves 3 Personality Club 4 31 CLASS OFFICERS ALEX ZECHELLA ......., ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. P resident HARRY SPINKS -..,....,.. ....,. V ice-President KATHRYN KENDALL ,,,,,, ,-,-,,,,,,,, S gcrgfgry HOW,ABD STURM ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,A ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, T r e q gurgr Class Moft0f"Consider, then act." Class ColorsfSilver and Dark Blue Clr1ssFlower4Gardenia I Ljrcs X1 1- Mvigf '- U o Huw! Marsch wd EAWEYQ DavH1O!'bLASs qg60NGJ5C QVEIUH 1:11111 11 ' I.u1u1:1n1u:ml1 . 1 11 1 u.un::,11.l'r 11- 11 gu1111a1n111.111r11n-1111 111 Al-flu: we lava fhs dur IJ sc no , We uunf fo 5' gfkli t e I . 711:11-111-1111-11111111111 1 1-1 1 1 1-'11 11: 1 11 1 1: 1111 1 . . 0 LI H. I .M . ., , , , , r-v--I-1,1---1-1-1--1.-f-f-I1-11-1 --vm-nf-f--1--14---111.-f-V1-v1 1 1 - gfr, . Z ! r :av---1 - j Q ' if E? : 1 Jan. Wifi- dup re -grei' .ual gra - fi ' fu-la, We J J- J- ,1 , fs . r y mmv1f -11.4 1- n 1111 awe' - I.:: V P : - 1 ::P: - W. vffy ..- A .. .!.., . , .. . . .-.-.- f-vf ..- :E ' .....-'-:: as- i -, --n-..111'1 in thus .Surg 'ta Jon. wr. are the class of flair- fy ' I I fi .: , 4 :I 4 F f ' 5 F F zz- J ' . - . . 1 . I S F F Flea fit nf., . -- I , .-a . ' mam- :: - ae: 1 Aizz A N..-Q,1..-..,- --.. 5 J ngldj and .mr Hur I-If - fl Jw-s are 'U-ru'- Sa .nv in f5 , ::.'r.:1::::u ' ' ' : S '7"5:'?F-F'7"7Z' :' 5:51511 . f....,. I . 1 . A L vIu'1'r1v1-:1r11vn11.1u1u1l 1111111-111 111141 14111 11 1111.1 11 1 111-11 u.n1v111111111.11.4111r 1 1 1 1-11 su'1111111vf1111l11111-11 54 fare vdlf Jam Our f lewis nd fuck er-.sf The Clus G+' Tl: r fy egki' r 1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1:-1-111:11 f I A n I r' - M, I .- I . . fKi'lV1l-711111-lil1!1l11lil1111-'fl'1 7111111111-1717 f1l'1:11VlP'1: l1 -. .1 1 Cf A , 11,0 Y , Y y Y- 'LJ 3 M Q CLASSES , , , TW J' Y A X X X K 3 ,y ' XX -TUN"D R5 SOPHOMURFS F1PFsh'Meff t Ilopfbm Junior FIRST ROW-P. Davies, L. Deshler, J. Davies, C. Dufle, M. Buecker, M. Droeize, V, Erb. J. Douglas, V. Bruce. SECOND ROW-R. Clifford, F. Daniels, W. Bradley, H. Driess, J. Baumgartner, T. Polt, R.. Clark, A. Burris, M. Barone, I-I.. Diedenhofer, P. Bowling. THIRD ROW-W. Benre, A. Daniels, J. Backsman, J. Boltz, G. Ashford, M. Allen, M. Barbiea, E. Bolser, C. Butts. B.. Berger. FIRST ROWgG. Berger, E. Crawford. F. Brunk, D. Davidson, C. Drown, E. Daniels. E. Derrick, E. Abbey, D. Dinger. SECOND ROW-R. Bowling, H. Craig. J. Baldwin, M. Crites, J. Brewer, D. Bauer, H. Burke, M. Cohen, E. Crawford. THIRD ROW7R. Calling, I. Benedict, C. Busse, H. DeBellevue, K. Collins, C. Brauntz, W. Conway, T. Chandler. FIRST ROWfL. Helbig, I. Foizel, V. Golden, N. Fargo, A. Finauer, K. Hamil- ton, R. Hughes. B. Horn, P. Finley. SECOND ROWfJ. Frelinzer, E. Frischolz. M. Franke, T. Grigg, V. Fitzer, R. Heinlin. D. Fausz, R. Gasdorf, D. Harrison, R. Hodges. THIRD ROW-N. Herb, C. Foulks, I. Essig, R. Geis, R. Foster, F. Haas, B. Eger, A. Fissel, J.. Heavern, A. Fischer. Classes FIRST ROW-H. Kaiser, F. .lm-in. S Lemel, J. Murv-ell. V. McDnv-ald. H. King G. Mason. M. Mrischinof, V.. Lucas J. Linstaedt. SECOND POW-L, Mncht. R. Klein A Jenkins M Limne T Kw . . . . . -. ufman. A Luersen. P. Joerg, D. Kreuss. V. Mar- chant, M. Miller, K. Kaifenberzer, E Lehkamll. THIRD ROW-P. Milssrvwn, R. Knier- im, H. Kues. 0. Keeler, W. Miller, D Pierman, E. Moore. J. McCabe. C. Krebs W. Mr-Donald, R. Klaserner, J. Miller. FIRST ROW-A. Mueller, V. Rummel V. Mason, D. Nelson, M. Trautmann Q, Pnhlhush, M. Lin"ul!el. J. Marszileth A. Robinson, M.. Powers, R. Monsehen. SECOND ROW-H. Tuerue, H. Schultz 0, Smith L. Rinehardt C. Kis ert E . , . p. , . Mulnhev, V. Racke, J. Popp, H., Trame, W. Nolan. THIRD ROW-H. Powell, F. Rakosi 0. Rm-rlorw. A. Reinhart, R. Tuttle, C Stone, D. Simms, G. Nutter, H. Reis. FIRST ROW-M. Seither, H. Stanfield, N. Wolfe, R. Walizroski, C. Stewart, F. Schwermnn, R. Scheer. V. Wallace, M, Siephany, D. Schnclllley, A. Schenke, A. Seibert. SECOND ROWMR. Swope, L. Zakem 12. wma, 41. Ziegler. D. schnake, Ai Smifh, H. Shwrn, V. Shannon, H. Stuebe, D. Ziegler, A. Seirfeld. THIRD ROW-J. Wavner. G. Simms A. Yung, v. seibm, N. Thomas, wf Swaney, T. Smith, J. Scott, J. Warden. E. Sensel. FOURTH ROW-W. Schwiekert, H. Shaw, C. Yeager, R. Wienyzartner, J, Yeager, W. Volkmar, H. Smith, P. Veith, G. Schwenterly. Sophomore FIRST ROW-M. Chenot. M. Alford, D. Arleigh, A. Cottingham, H. Binder. N. Brauntz, M. Brown, J. Blankenship, H. Bubenhofer, L. Broering, R. Chalk, E. Adkins. SECOND ROW-D. Albert, W. Boec- man, C. Ballard. R. Brooks, H. Bartel, R, Burns, D. Botley, R. Burris, R. Chile. THIRD ROW-J. Conners. R. Rarbiea. A. Berkley, W.. Driver, E. Wicklehause, T. Balzer, S. Berkley. FIRST ROWfD. Fisher, T. Bodkins, S. Feistner, R. Emerson, G. Engle, J. Dameron, R. Camel, V. Ertel, J. Claybon, L, Fisher. SECOND ROW-M. Fox. D.. Farrar, M. Citron, G. Fischer, M. Eger, A. Els- wick, T. Chalk. THIRD ROW-D. Daniels, G. Green- holtz, W.. Finn, R. Spronk, C. Debes, T. Galvin, G. Hickey, D. Ginderly, F. Firth. FIRST ROW-C. Huffman, E. Jacobs, R. Gerhartstein, C. Gildea, E. Hanlon, E. Grey, J. Hughes, R. Gaupel, I. Gibson. SECOND ROW-A. Hopkins, M. Hei- dleberg, R. Hesser, D. Hinds, R. Gune- wick, R, Garrett, M. Moher, R. Millicon. THIRD ROW-W., Jones, C. Gaskins, J. Goodwin, R. Huffman, G. Guilfoyle, W. Hames, L. Heinlein, D. Gold, C. Hallowell. FIRST ROWYM. Carn, R.. Jones, R. Hunter, C. Horn, B. Mooar, A. Liles, V. Murray, H. Meyers, A. Hub, -A. Lucas, I. Meyer. SECOND ROW-F. Kilmer, C. Mc- Andrew, R. Kummings, B. Major, D. Kaulkenbach, L. Kruse, R. Marshall, H. Hanson.. THIRD ROW-J. Kramer, B. Kinsella, B. Eisman, R. Calf, H. Messmer, E. Moore, J. Macke, W. Calf, R. Mason, E. Ficke. Classes FIRST ROWfL, Miller, M. Mitchel D. Mason, R. Otting, R. Kotting, M Landrum, B. Hagedorn, L. Mueller, E Matzner, R.. Ogden. SECOND ROWfE. Purcell, A McCann E. Priestle, R. Plaga, A. Lee, D. Morgan L. Hennequin, J. Mussman, E. Tippen- hauer. THIRD ROW-E. Owen, J. Schmidt J. Norris, L. Morhstadt, W. Keene, R McHenry. E. Knarr, J. Neibaum. FIRST ROW-L. Lambert, V. Schwartz B. Mongenes, B. Pollock, E. Stahl, E Schwarberrz, H. Relly. R. Swainson E. Rache. SECOND ROW7A. Palm, H. Swope E. Smith, H. Thornberry, J. Rankin, H Sargent, R. Hodges. M. Schwed. THIRD ROW-B. Root, W. Racke, S Straus, W. Riehman, B. Schroeder, G Sheanshung, R. Lunsford, G, Ormes. O FIRST ROW-J. Pelzer, R. Welte, A Thasher, G. Sterr, L. Thomas, B, Volk- mar, M. Thomas, R. Sickmier, J, Mc- uarthy. SECOND ROW-E. Styles, R. Relly M. Smith, E. Smith, J. Tiesman, E. Sauer: M. Schultz, W. Smart.. THIRD ROW-W. Templeton, .J Turner, H. Thorn, W, Volkmar, C. Valz W. Shriver, H. Reed, H. Siehert, 0 Sawyer. FIRST ROW-R. Chalk, E. Streine, E. Williams, J. Ziegler, D. Whitehouse, M West, J. Brunk, V. Seiter, C. Dryer, SECOND ROW-F. Riefle, W. Wientjes E. Jones, H. Brauntz, S. Feister, C: Yutze, W. Wientjes. THIRD ROW-B. Yeager, N. Huff, E. Wiefer, J. Waterfield, R. Immepzart, W. Wells, A. Zechella, R. Willians. W. Williams. Fl'2Sl'lmCI1 FIRST ROW-L. Axt, T., Bingham, L. D yugles, A. Duva, M. Fortner, M. Bagby, M. Duffy, E. Arnold, E. Abbott, A. Bon- niville, R. Creech, B. Brunk, W. Ackley, L. Andrews. SECOND ROW-G. Chaster, J. Felgar, R. Adwards, R. Creech, D. Ebert, M. Ledel, C. Allen, M. Becklage, V. Ball. H. Ballman, D. Crage, V. Bennet, D. Furnish. THIRD ROW-R. Chandler, I. Friden- lxurg, R. Barth, C. Diedenhoffer, J. Butts, R. Daniels, C. Baxter, A. Feldman, E. Luecker, C. Benedict, A. Bartlett, J. Baily. H. Derrick. FOURTH ROW-F. Bowman, R. Bech- tol, T. Cosner, E. Alford, L. Kramer, R. bradley, R. Evans, F. Beierlien, E. Liohart, W. Enzweiler, G. Dant. FIRST ROW-R. Heck, P. Hodge, N. Burns, R. Gemmer, M. Huddle, A. Hill, A. Cox, E. Hurd, H. Venkins, E. Estes, F. Firth, M. Haines, F. Estes. SECOND R0W7V. Allen, S. Greco, R, Iusch. M. Bolser, B. Harris, S. Gar- dener, A. Copperson, V. Clark, V. Farrar, E. Liusche, M. Cain, L. Hamton. THIRD ROW-V. Cummins, J. Fitter, H. Brooks, H. Foss, R. Evefrsman, B. Emmet, H. Emmet, J. Drake, R. Evans, L. Brinkhouse, R. Cooper, D. Ewine, B. Eggamys. FOURTH ROW-J. Clark, R. Daniels F. Barns, E. Farrell, R. Feinauer, Bryte, H. Fosdick, R. Eaton, L. Darnell, J. Eppstein, E. Huck, J. Feisler, C. Lradly. FIRST ROW-J. Hart, A. Hatton, J. Brunk, J. Golden, K. Dunlof, N. Jones, A. Enderlein, V. Johnson, E. Gemmer, M. Hoffman, C. Gassman, M. Henry, L. Driess. SECOND ROW-B. Hansiurgen. J. Graf, R. Grimme, C. Hehman, D. Dixson, V. Berberich, M. Heinrich, B. Jones, L. Henderson, L. Hinnau, M. Hauenstein, L. Gugel. F. Auft. THIRD ROW-W. Garrison, M. Hunter, J, Hardman, R. Hackney, W. Geisic, J, Jackson, F. Hewling, L. Garmany, R. Hall, R. Hoffman, W. Gemer. FOURTH R0W4G. Gett, J. Huskison, R. Fischer, R. Hagedorn, R. Chalk, G. James, L. Hornsby, R. Jenkins, R. Keitel, D. Johnson, R. Burris, W. Grothaas, R. Gillaume. FIRST ROW-A. Kesel, D. Kilmer, J. Sandfos, G. Marr, D. Losey, N. Lyle, M. Mooar, M. Kircher, D, Mitchel, N. Mohr- stadt, M. McClure, M. Morgan, M. Mulli- gan, H. Mann. SECOND ROW -R. Lemberz. M. Macke, H. Meyer, D. Mohrstadt, G. Krie- ger, P. Morgan, M. Knoff, M. Morgan, M. Knarr, M. Kendrick. THIRD ROW-P. Kappas, L. Kiefer, E. Lemberg, E. Metzger, W. Kiefer, M. Klener, C. Mingua, A. King, J. Michaels, D. Knapp, B. Moore, J. Kidnney. FOURTH ROW-C Laher. J. Marz, R. McGarrell, J. Morrow, R. Kalhage, B. Krieger, J. Leforce, E. Klein, R. Maloney, E, Martin, M. Kleir, C. Lang. Classes FIRST ROW+J. Rodgers, B. Stratton, F. Reuscher, M. Payne, C. Sprott, P. Smith, M. Riehl, B. Smith, B. Smith, N. Scheer, B. Reuss, E. Priestle. SECOND ROWvB. Swaney, S. Rakosi, B. J. Nie, W. Power, L. Sharp, R. Smith, D. Stuart, R. Nelson, A. Bonniville, J. Schweigert,W. Risch, R. Reis. THIRD ROW--W. Stiens. C. Seibert, R. Schilling, D. Swalbach, R. Leopold, H. Macht, J. Schaber, D. Smith, W. Rodgers, G. Pauly, S. Pitakus, S. Popp, W. Reed. FOURTH ROW+R. Manning, B. Smith, H. Moriran, R. Stroebel, O. Robinson, B. Lampe, A. Owens, J. Knoll, P. Schu- maker, R. Prince, T. Swope, C. Newman. FIRST ROW-J. Valz, R. Velt, M. Warshofski, D, Thaxton, D. Morgan, E. Sawyer, R. Roberts, B. Riley, E. Will- iams, R. Schweikert, D. Voges. SECOND ROW-L. Shaifstahl, E. Rob- ertson, B. Stevenson, E. Smith, B. Shott- ler, B. Stenken, A. Theis, L. Sensei, V. Smith, R. Lemberg. THIRD ROWfR. Schilling, R. Nolan, E. Schorry, G. Neal, J. Seibert, C. Stri- ler, R Schoemaker, P. Mackintosh, A. Mienze. FOURTH ROW - F. Showalter, J. Placke, M. Pruitt, J. Stableton, B. Schweitzer, F. Vieth, O. Rober, J. Van Meter. G. Marshall. FIRST ROWfE. Engle, R. Whalen, E. Walter, M. Welsh, L. Wright, B, Walker, F. Weber, E. Walter, D. Yutze, M. Wal- ter, M. Walter, R. Wiesman. SECOND ROWYH. Wittman, M. Al- ford, P. Ziegler, Iola Allen, M. Wothe, J. Weingartner, D. Arleigh, E. Adkins, B. Walker. THIRD ROWYM. Brewer, C. Wilson, R. Alley, R. Weber, R, Wall, A. Walker, D, Albert, J. Vaal, B. Woodruff, B. Wright. FOURTH ROW-C. Laber, S. Zakem, Jr. Wilson, J. Wahlbrink, E. Wickelhause, D. Davis, R. Williams, E. Wagner, H. Wilson. fb x - , - 1 A KTZPQCKS Q ,123 I Q ' X fi MHEQK.. 1 1 1 3. W5 5:73 , 3, .- ,A , W ,R ,A . . . fx-fm 5 M' My G, LS? '-W1 VL i-32311596 was wa,- i ,5 Q-fJx,1, J poo S57 Q ' 'df A "" " 0 . 1 E X X 7 Wllflm , f Q1 X '! E ,EJSERVF5 I' KU sob X , .EY G ,R , g, wi- ' 6 24552 CLUBS AND THQR TMUE5, CL 5 BE TA-CLUB Illlllllll RWM 5 ,1 Q 45,2 5.-of , I 4- L AT :N i 'of' "0 CLg5,,,, -5335555 4 f HPY lffffamnbxffrn '5 3T'C 6377706 awe M cwa '06 "N" CLUB FIRST ROW-E. Hermann, B. Royce, W. Ottingz, J. Riorlinger, A. Zochella, J. IIs-hmzm, J. Boswell.. SECOND ROWf-T. Goodall, VV. Egor, Il. Srmulers, J. Ye.nrm', J. Williams, II. Sturm, W. Kinsella. THIRD ROWfH. Spinks, J. Caudill, M. Allen, H, Sheunshang, E. MacDonald, I". Haas, R. Seilkop. FOURTH ROWfCoach W. J. "Blue" Foster. ATHLETIC CLUB FIRST ROW-R. Chile, W. Wientjes, D. Botley, H. DeBellevue, F. Lonneman, Adviser R. Bathiany W. Weber, R. Eisman, E. Sensel, R. Marshall, I". Riefle. SECOND ROW-M. Gillett, J. Mussman, H. Bartel, M. Cain, H. Ries, C. Butts, A. Ste-rveld, C. Hollo- well, W. Templeton, H, Swope. THIRD ROVV-D. Enzweiler, H. Gillett, H. McCall, H, Thorn, W. Knltenberrfer, G. Hickey, .I, McCabe R. Burns. P. Ledonne, H. Sargent. FOURTH ROW-'f. Baltzer, E. Bolser, W. Haines, R. Weingartner, P. Veith, C. Debs, S. Straus R. Mason, R. Barbiea, D. Mueller. DRAMATIC CLUB FIRST ROW-L. Fisher, D. Arleigh, I, Thoney, H, Bubenhofer, J. Boyers, Miss B. Schwarherg, M Malone, J. Margileth, L.. Broering, M. Kidnney, L. Schneider. SECOND ROW-R. Emerson, M. Schwed, G. Fischer, M. Essig, R. Hultquist, R. Kummins, E. Sauer, M. Sales, K. Farber, M. Smith, R. Tuch, THIRD ROW-J. Turner, 0. Keeler, R. McHenry, B. Schroeder, R. McHenry, H. Sturm, B. Miller G. Ormes, D. Smith, R. Wells, M. Finn, GIRLS DISCUSSION CLUB FIRST ROWfD. Alford, M. Kidnney, M. Fischer, P. Davies, E. Daniel, I. Fogel, R, Hughes, V. Maybury, R. Dowd, M. Sarbeck, A. Feinauer, V. Hehl, K. Hamilton, M, Seither. SECOND ROWfE. Felgar, E. Fehler, R. Walgroski, J. Bary, J. Davies, C. Stewart, Miss M Phillips, S. Lemel, F. Jurin, H. Kaiser, D. Dinger. THIRD ROW-R. Hindmarch, M. Cohen, M. Wagner, G, Kenneweg, M. Buecher, T. Grigrl., A. Jenkins, M. Leopold, M. Franke, L. Hodge, V. Lucas. FOURTH ROW-H. Erb, M. Linkuyzel, M. Wormald, R. Hearns, S. Sheanshang, B. Dossett, J. Kaufmann, L. Kuhr, E. Viel, R. Stanley, A. Comberger. HI-Y CLUB FIRST ROW--J. Goodwin, J. Kramer, W. Templeton, D. Yung, D. Styles, H. Trame, T. Swnpe B. Nolan, W. Schweikert. SECOND ROW--D. Bonar, R. Weingartncr, R. Chapman, W. Racke, G. Ashford, H. Messmel' GOLF CLUB FIRST ROW-F. Grosshiem, J. Wagner, W. Jones, W. Buchheit, H. Fitzev, H, Marsch, R. Clark, R.. Knierman, J. Patterson. SECOND ROWfR. Williams, E. Fuhlen, D. Ziegler, R. Lunsford, T. Smith, D. Yung, H. Kues, K. Kaffenberger. THIRD ROW--D. Greenhoitz, A. Daniels, A. Fissell, A. Berkley, M. Barhiea, G. Guilfoyle, B. Schwarheryz, H. Kelley, G. Knarr. FOURTH ROW-J. L. Cobb, R. Neiser. PERSONALITY CLUB FIRST ROW-Anna Schenck, Irene- Gibson, Eleanor Streine, Ruth Chalk, Selma Feistner, Dorothy Farrar, Ray Purcell, Miss Hildezard Haunt, Jack Heckman, Margaret Schwartz, Dorothy Kraus, Margie Winkler, Wanda Reed, Thelma Botkin, Lila Lambert. SECOND ROW-Parnell Bowling, Anne Henson, Estelle Crawford, Jane Davies, Ethel Abbey, Eleanor Gray, Ruby Garrett, Madalie Trautmann, Jeanette Claybon, Vera Mae- Ertel, Clara Zechella. Anna Mae Mueller, Ralph Klein, Frank Firth.. THIRD ROW--Eddie Tipnenhauer, Hazel Craig, Jackie Blankenship, Margaret Pryor, Mary Jane Lampe, Virginia Marchant, Audrey Smith, Helen Brauntz, Myrtle Brown, Ruth Plaga, Martha Buecher. Helen Burke, Don Harrison. FOURTH ROW-Ray Sehomaker, Wm. Buerger, Nath. Huff, Wilbur Schweikert, George Nutter, Elmer Cerner, Herman Powell, Emmett Smith, Chas. Brauntz, Mike Barone, Jack Scott, Wm. Bradley, James Warden. GIRLS PERSONALITY CLUB FIRST ROW-A. Hob, L. Helbig, M. Karn, D.. Mitchel, .I. Linsteadt, P. Joerg, Miss H. Girvin. M. Crites, V. Mason, R. Monschen, A. Seibert, R. Jones, V. Bruce. SECOND ROW-H. Stuebe, J. Pelzer, J.. Pelton, J. Dameron, R. Welte, M. Marchinot, F. Brunk, D. Schnelle, J. Murrell, C. Drown, N. Wolf, C. Horn, R. Williams, R. Gasdorf. THIRD ROWgV. Rummel, R. Hesser, J. Baldwin, G. Ziegler, A. Thrasher, G. Sterr, V. Murray, V. Fitzer, K. Kispert, R. Sickmeier, E. Schwarberg, D. Morgan, D. Bauer, G. Berger. CAMERA CLUB FIRST ROW-L. Groeschen, J. Kilmer, I. Benedict, E. Daulton, B. Nolan, M. Dickerson H. Diedenhoffer, E. Lehkamp, E. Styles. SECOND ROW-J. Frelinger, N. Herb, R.. Spronk, W. McDonald, J. Braun, S. Pointsett, E. Crawford THIRD ROVV--V. Seibert, C. Stone, W. Racke, W. Swaney, B. Colling, R. Claudy, R. Foster.. FOURTH ROWi-R. Kinstler, C. E. Alberston, A. Tuttle, W. Schraer, G. Ashford, R. Holfman H. Messmer, R. Kinstler. GIRL RESERVES FIRST ROW-Miss A. Harrison, G. Groeschen, S. Greco, R.. Emerson, M. C. Schwed, D. D. Furnish M. Davis, M. Alford, S. Creech, M. Pryor, V. Maybury, K. YVasser, M.. Buecker, R. Dowd: J. Davies, R. Hughes, D, Dinger, D.. Kilmer. R. Oldfield, E. Schneeman, B. Stratton. SECOND ROW-E. Sawyer, K. Kendall. J. Bary, F. Jurin, D. Mitchel, M. Seither, P.. Davies, R, Reis, W. Risch, A. Duve, H.. Wittman, R. Millikgh, H. Jenkens, C. Hamilton, EL Gray, J. Dameron, R. Gaupel. THIRD ROW-C, Stewart, P. Smith, R. Creech, H.. Binder, V. Clark, R. Hesser, M. Buecker, A. Mackey, B. Smith, D. Ebert, R. Creech, A. Mueller, L. Driess, L. Axt, J. Hughes. FOURTH ROW-J. Linstactlt, V. Murray, T. Grigg, M.. Franke, J. Margileth, V. Mason, G. Ziegler H. Brauntz, R. Sickmeier, M. Eger, R. Garrett, H. Meyer, G. Berger, M.. Cohen. FIFTH ROW-A. Jenkins, M. Crites, J. Weingartner, J.. Kaufman, A. Smith, R. Hultquist, J. Boyer, Z. Gardner, D. Hinds, E. Smith, M. Dale, D. Fausz, G. Fischer. NEWPORTER STAFF FIRST ROWiH. VV1'ig'ht, E. Daulton, R. Kinstle-r, V. Maybury, R. Oldfield, Miss C. Fitzsimmons V. Mormran, G. Kennewug, R. Kinstler, A. Zechella. SECOND ROWf-R. Wells, D. Alford, J. Boyers, R. Hultquist, E. Schneeman, D. Eppstein, K. Kendall I. Gibson, F. Jurin, H. Powell. THIRD R0W7E, Simons, R. Gauvel, H. Meyer, A. Seibcrt, M. C. Schwed, R. Garrett, M. Schwartz E, Gray, J. Marfzileth, A. Palm. FOURTH ROWfE. Mcflurk, R. Ryan, J. Wagner, R. Woingartner, E. Sauer, J. Kaufman, M. Citron K. Wasscr. V, Mason, J. Davies. PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW-Mrs. C. Dinger, Mrs. John Wothe, Mrs. Courtney Foulks, Mrs. Paul Pursche. Mrs. Chas. L. Groneck, Mrs. Hayward Bruce, Mrs. Louis Williams, Mrs. Oscar Kurzynski, Mrs. Frank Chaille. "' SECOND ROWfMrs. Wm. Macdonald, Mrs. J. D. Bridges, Mrs. Sadie Raabe, Mrs. Ray King. Mrs.. S. Eiseman, Mrs. H. E. Wachsman, Mrs. Wm, Eger, Mrs. John Bush. THIRD ROWfMrs. Louis Hagemeyer, Mrs, I, Ricfkin, Mrs. Wm. Bary, Mrs. Harry Walker, Mrs. H. J. Collins, Mrs.. G. Yung. FOURTH ROW-Mrs. Fred Racke, Mrs. A. Knarr, Mrs. E. A. Smith, Mrs.. Byron Sheanshang Mrs. J. B. Dossett, Mrs.. Etta Turner. FIRST ROWfW. Kaiff, K. Collins, C. Brauntz, E. Daulton, R. Hughes. SECOND ROVV-E. Tippenhauer, J. PoPD, J. Dietz, J. Braun, R. Eisemann, R. Klein, M. Dickerson, R. Calling, and J. Hughes. THIRD ROW-C. Stewart, R. Poinsett, A. Palm, M. Kidnnev, R. Jones, D. Smith, O. Keeler, H. Marsch, V. Heinlein, E. Wickelhaus, N. Herb, FOURTH ROW-H. DeBellevue, W. Racke, T. Casner, C. Foulks, R. Swope, C. Stone. FIRST ROW-V. Morgan, M. Kidnney, L. Hodge, R. Hughes, M. Buecher, R. Dowd, J. Bary, D. Dinger, F. Jurin. SECOND ROWfC. Stewart, G. Fischer, R. Hesser, J. Boyers, V. Heinlein, M. Crites. T. Grieg. J. Margileth. THIRD R0W7J. Dietz, C. Foulks, D. Smith, R. Berxzer, N. Herb, R. Wells, J. Molnar, director. FOURTH ROW-H. DeBel1evue, G. Ormes, W. Racke, C. Stone, R. Seilkop. R.. Weinaartner. R. Schroeder, R. Klein. FIRST ROW-J. Braun, K. Collins, W. Racke, E, Daulton, P. Huff, E. Tip- penhauer, D. Bonar, H, DeBellevue, and C. Brauntz. SECOND ROW-B. Hodge, H. Marsch, E. Yeager, D. Smith, A. Walker, M. A. Kidnney, O. Keeler, R. Klein, H. Shaw. THIRD ROW-J. Dietz, B. Scheer, R. Calling, R, Eisemann, R. Klasener, N. Huff, G. Ziegler, M. Dickerson. FOURTH ROWgW. Swaney, C. Stone, J. Popp, T. Casner, R. Swope, C. Foulks, R. Kairf. MUSIC DEPARTMENT MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus is an organization open to all students. Anyo11e who can sing is eligible. ln order to get better results from the group as a whole, there are sectional rehearsals during the day. The mixed chorus trains the members for the big project of the year, the "operetta". This year it had an outstanding part in the Christmas concert. A CAPELLA CHOIR The varsitv team of the mixed chorus is the a capella choir. This choir is selected from the mixed chorus and has rigid requirements. The a capella choir meets before the home roo111 period, and much is accom- plished. The principals for the operetta are chosen from this choir. The outstanding projects of the choir were the Christmas concert, operetta, and Commencement. This year the choir was robed by the P. T. A. The black uniforms lend a note of consistency at the various perforlnances. EMRLEMS Emblems of three different sizes are given to those who meet the re- quirements. The emblems are hard to get. These rigid requirements are made so the person who gets one will value it. At the end ol' each year a gold medal is presented to the person who during his four years has heen the most outstanding member of the department. BAND The band. COlllDOSCll of forty-eight members. has added 1llllCl1 to the lively spirit at the football and basketball games. This year they have tried many new evolutions and formations on the gridiron. .Tack Braun was Drum Major Ellltl Miss Gilb was elected band sponsor for the Newport-Covington game. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, with its thirtv-three members. has better instrumen- tation than last year. It formed a large part of the Cllflsllllils C0l1C9I't a11d plays at graduation. The largest project of the year for this group was the operetta "Pirates of Penzance? The instrumental classes give basic training to beginners and pre- pares them for future service in the band and orchestra. Incidentally, this is the first year for instrumental classes in the Junior High School. We are looking forward to promising talent in future years fI'0lll the Fourth Street School. OPERETTA After many months ot' rehearsals, the third Gilbert 8a Sullivan operetta was produced. This year it was "Pirates ol' Penzance". The principals in the cast were Robert Seilkop. as the Pirate Kingg Richard Wells. as Fredrick: Douglas Smith. as Pirate Lieutenantg Clifford Stone in the role of the Major-General: Ruth Dowd, as Mabelg Dorothy Epp- stein taking the part of Kateg Margie Crites, as Edith, Martha Belle Davis, as Ruthg Douglas Smith cast as Sergeant of Police. The chorus of this year's operetta was smaller and n1ucl1 better than usual. According to the practice, the parts were worked out and rehearsed separately, and then later pieced together. An afternoon performance was presented on May 4. and evening performances were Swell 011 May 5 and 6- -JEAN Bixiir, MARY BUECKEH. CLASS HISTORY In September, 1934, the large group ol' Freshmen, who now, as Seniors, are leaving to meet the treacherous currents to sink or swim in the sea of life. entered the portals of Newport High School. We were about two hundred and fifty in number, and most ol' us went about rather bewildered illlll awed at the newness and strangeness ot' every- thing. VVhen we ealne back in the September of 1935 feeling so superior to tl1e fI'CSlllllCIl, we found that a group from Southgate had joined our class. We had no social activities as a group during our first two years of high school, but in our Junior year we finally became organized with Miss Gypsy Gray and Mr. Richard Neiser as our advisers. Our class officers elected during the first class meeting were: President .....,....,.. ,...., A LEX ZECIIELLA Vit'1'-1,I'!'Sil1f'Ilf ...,,. ........... I ACK Gll.Xl" Sec1'etr1ry .......... ........,.... I EAN Bun' Tl'0llSlll'l'l' ........ ...,.,, ..... ..... ' l ' noM,xs Goon,xI,L Class colors, the flower, and the motto were also chosen then. Meet- ings were held regularly during the second semester ot our Junior year, 1na111ly to prepare for the Junior-Senior Prom which, held on May 15, was a most dazzling and successful affair. VVe took no examinations at the end of the year because during our Junior year the custom of semester examinations was abolished. Back to school again in September with our importance as Seniors radiating from us! This was the important year. We elected our officers at the first meeting, they were: President ...,,,......... . ...... Au-:x ZECHELLA V ice-President ...... .......,. H Anm' SPINKS S eeretary ............ ..... I QATHHYN KENDALL Treasurer .............. ...... . . ................ Howxan STUBM Since Newport High has abolished the mid-year graduating class we have the distinction of being the first full-year class. In October our Annual Stall' was appointed with Vera Maybury as Editor and Dick Wells as Business Manager. During our Senior year we sponsored three picture shows, two dances, a tea dance and the Spring Hop, an assembly program, and a Moonlight boat ride. The last few events of our Senior year will never be forgotten. They, our Baccalaureate Services, Class Night, and Commencement Exercises, climaxcd our four years of hard work and study, the happiest years of our life. Now we, the hundred and twenty some students that have come to graduate, cast our eyes to the future with a feeling of hope and awe and bid farewell to dear old Newport High School. RENO OLDFIELU. 5 0 CLASS PROPHECY Having just returned froln a lengthy trip abroad, I was highly impressed by the great progress nlade by the city of Newport, it having just annexed the suburb of Covington. On my first night ll0lllC, I at- tended the premiere of that smart hit, "Merrie Melodies of 19589. This picture. presented at that world famous theater the "Hippodrome", was written by Jack Braun and Howard Marsch and produced by Edward Daulton. The film starred Robert Seilkop, baritone, and Ruth Dowd. soprano. It was filmed by Robert Kinstler. In the news reel, I saw Navy, coached by Howard VVright, trounce Army, coached by Benny Royce. After the game, Vera Maybury, the first woman presi- dc11t, was shown instructing the newlv appointed Secretary of Fish and Game, Donald Higgins, in his tasks. The news reel also contained shots of' Herbert Fitzer winning the American AIIIEIICUT Golf Championship a11d Cliilord Schmidt winning the National air races. Also in the news reel were Dr. J. Dewey Patterson and Nurse Marjorie Powell dedicating a new hospital, with Richard Wells, chemist, as principal speaker. Con- gressman Brooks Schwarberg gave his views on medicine and politics. After the news reel came a bit of vaudeville in which Strongman Bill Weber tossed around large weights, one of which he calls, "Little Hcetorv. Kathryn Wasser gave a review of Margaret Wagner's latest novel. S'The Hulnble Heart". A style show consisted of Mary Ann Kidnney's new creations in gowns and Martha Belle Davis' styles in hair dressing. After the show I left the theater to fi11d patrolmen Darwin Yung and Wilbur Otting arguing on whether or not to give me a ticket for parking. I settled' the argument and started down the street. I had hardly gone a block when I locked fenders with Albert Wasser. I was immediately assailed by Don Enzweiler, lawyer, who wished to take my case, while Lawyer Harry Kelly sided with Albert Wasser. All difficulties were settled, so I hailed taxi driver, Elmer Gerner, and went to a drug store where I phoned garageman Robert Claudy to come for lny car. Upon reaching my hotel, I received my key from clerk June Wagner and was taken to my floor by elevator boy, Dan Mueller. I passed Margaret Schwartz, Dorothy Smith, and Mary Jane Sales on their way down and saw Larry Groeschen just leaving for work in his night club. I entered my suite and having had a hard day went im- mediately to bed where I soon sank softly into the waiting arms ot' Morpheus. -DOUGLAS SMITH. 51 CLASS WILL We the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-eight realizing that we as a class have reached the end of our four years at Newport High School do at this time make known our Last Will and Testament. To Margie Crites, We leave Ruth Dowd's musical abilities. To Ruth Kummings, we leave Jean Bary's ability to stick to one boyfriend. To Dora Dean Furnish, we leave the sweet manners and popularity of the Senior girls. To Courtland Foulkes, we leave Stanley Poinsett's quiet manners. Vile leave Martha Bueeker, her sister Mary's place in Girl Reserves, and to Margaret Alford, her sister Dorothy's place. To the Juniors, we leave twenty-two vacant places in the Beta Club. To Dot Krauss, we bequeath June VVagner's place in G.A.A. To James Boswell, we leave someone to take Dot Gasdort"s place. To Dot Dinger, someone to east her charms upon since Howard Marsch is graduating. To the Mussman twins, we leave the reputation ot' tl1e Kinstler twins as being the cutest in the school. To the Freshman Class, we leave some ol' the over-supply ol' wisdom of the Seniors. To Minnie Miller, Mary Sarbeckis quiet and sedate manners. To Hermon Powell. solneone else to appreciate his affections since Eleanor Daniel is graduating. To Bob Clifford. the height of Ray McHenry. To Cliff Stone, Bob Seilkopis way with the women. To Virginia Mason, another Ervin Voelker. To Jack Heckman, plenty of sleep in order that he may be able to gg-ve answers to all difficult questions during the rest of his precious 1 e. To Velma Lucas, the Latin ability of Vera Maybury and Eileen Felgar. To Joe Miller, the hope of graduation being fulfilled before long. To Jack Boltz, plenty of girls to listen to his line. To Mary Raisor. someone to take the place of Aileen Seihert in her chain of friendship. To Newport High School, more good athletes like the ones who are graduating. To Miss Fitzsimmons, the hope of receiving a Journalism room be- fore long, and someone else to take to Lexington, since her old standbys are graduating. To Miss Springer. someone to be her A-1 pest after Mr. Jack Philippe leaves Newport High. To Miss Fahlbush, someone to take Benny Roycels place in Ethics class. To Miss Gray and Mr. Neiser. our sincere thanks for their faithful guidance and the hope that they shall miss us Seniors as much as we'll Iniss them. To Mr. Foster we leave three good athletes to take the place ot' Jeff Reidinger. To Miss Harper, several more 6th bell English class pests to take the places of John Seifried, Danny Mueller, and Bob Beckman. To Miss Gilb, we leave another helper like Ev Schneeman. To Mr. Molnar, we will three altos to take Jean, Dot, and Martha Be1le's places in the A Cappella Choir. 31. To Miss Harrison and Miss Girvin, success in guiding the class of '39 toward Graduation. 32. To Mr. Cobb, more freshmen who can't understand how to make a schedule. 33. To Russell VVeingartner, the dancing ability ol" Harry Spinks. 3-1. To Hazel Stuebe, someone to eat with after Dot Eppstein graduates. 3.1. To all undergrads, we leave the art ol' emptying lu11cl1 trays in the cafeteria. To any undergrad, we will Richard VVell's knowledge of chemistry. . To Janice Davies, we leave Mickey Malone's dramatic ability. 38. To Phylis Finley, we will Bose Byan's prowess of bowling. To Esther Lee Sauer, Vivian Morgan's success on the Newporter Staff. 40. To anyone remaining in high school, we give the honor of cleaning the lockers that the Seniors leave behind. 41. Lastly, we bequeath to the students and faculty of Newport High School our love and our sincere wish that they may ever uphold the ideals and sportsmanship for which this school is noted, and that they will leave to their successors the good name which we, the class of 1938, have tried to leave them. 36. 37 39. IN VVITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set our hand and seal on lhis the sixth day ol' June, Nineteen hundred and thirty-eight. VIVIAN lVIom:AN ANI: ITOHOTIIY El'l'S'l'EIN. W ITNESSBS : "Charlie McCarthy' A "Snow NVhite" "The Seven Dwarfs". I POPULARITY CONTEST Alex Zechella Harry Kelley Howard Wright Louis Strebel Richard Wells Alex Zechella Jack Braun Howard Wright Donnell Baumgartner Kinstler Brothers Rudolph Lile Howard Sturm Stanley Poinsett Bill Weber Arthur Heffner Milton Gillett Arthur Tuttle Jack Braun Alex Zechella Fred Lonneman Benny Royce Louis Strebel Thomas Goodall Howard Wright Danny Mueller Howard Sturm Bill Eger MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING ALL AROUND PERSON MOST DIGNIFIED BEST STUDENT BEST ATHLETE BEST MUSICIAN FRIENDLIEST FASHION PLATE MOST AMBITIOUS DREAMIEST WITTIEST QUIETEST NOISIEST CUTEST BEST DANCER MOST OPTIMISTIC MOST PESSIMISTIC BIGGEST EGO BEST LINE BIGGEST BLUFFER WOMAN-MAN HATER BEST PERSONALITY HAPPIEST GIGGLIEST BEST DISPOSITION MOST POPULAR UNDERGRADUATE Jean Bary Dorothy Eppstein Kathryn Kendall Minnette Essig Vera Maybury June Wagner Ruth Dowd Kathryn Kendall Dorothy Eppstein Vera Maybury Mary Ann Kidnney Evelyn Schneeman Elaine Viel Jean Boyers Betty Heidkamp Mary Michaels Margaret Leopold Wilma Lape Marjorie Palm Dorothy Eppstein Martha B. Davis Elaine Dewald Elaine Viel Virginia Neal Kathryn Kendall Ruth Lucas Margaret Schwartz Margie Crites SEPTEMBER -14-General confusion as N.H.S. students ar- ranged schedules and tried to flnd places in study halls. Four new teachers were added to the faculty. They are: Miss Hazel Girvin, Miss Springer, Mr. Novelli, and Mr. Ralph Chapman. Miss Marion Parsons and Mr. Richard Neiser were appointed as advisers for the freshman class of '37-'38, -Newpor'er meeting held to select staff. -The firstu football game of the year with Day- ton proved victorious for the Wildcats, 26-0. -120 Co-eds of Bug House College attended a party given by the Girl Reserves. -Initial Senior meeting of the year held to elect officers. OCTOBER -"Lit'e's Darkest Moments"-today was the be- ginning of the first five-week's tests. -The Autumn Swing Dance went over with a bang tcaused by the balloons which decorated the gymb. ' -Newport victors over Ludlow 7-0. NOVEMBER -9-10-Newport schools observed National Ed- ucation VVeek. "Open house" was held on Wednesday. -An "Adventurous" time was had by everyone at the Senior picture show, "Trader Horn". -11-The annual Ky. High School Press Asso- ciation convention was held at the University of Ky. Seven members of the Newporler Statl' attended the meeting. -12-After a week of monthly exams the stu- dents had a much needed two-day vacation while the Northern Kentucky Education So- ciety held its meeting. -The National .lunior Red Cross drive was started. -"Look at the camera and smile." We were having our pictures "tooken". -Everyone had the blues. The Covington game was called off and, consequently, the Home- Coming Dance was postponed. -The VVildcats left on a trip to Knoxville for the big game with the Trojans of Knoxville High. -The Beta Club members were given their cer- tificates and the organization received its charter. DECEMBER The day of days-Newport beat Covington 13-0, -21-A Christmas Concert in which 500 stu- dents participated was presented in the N.H.S. auditorium. -A Religious Tableux given by members of the Beta Club was the main feature of the Xmas assembly program. JANUARY Everyone started 1938 otl' right by breaking their resolutions. VVe were very fortunate in receiving report cards today instead of before Christmas. -Something new in dances-a tea dance-was sponsored by the Senior Class. lt lasted from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. -A Hi-Y basketball team was organized and Mr. Chapman and Douglas Smith were appointed Coach and Business Manager, respectively. 21-We forgot about the recent five-week tests in 1, 27 7- 10- the excitement of watching Newport defeat Daylon 27-25. FEBRUARY "Now you see the writingg now you don't." The Seniors were starting the sale of Magic Slates. The Personality Club followed the lead of the Seniors in sponsoring a very successful tea dance. Mr, Molnar picked the cast for "Pirates of Penzance," an operetta to be given on May 5 and 6. One of the ten best pictures of 1937, "A Star is Bornf' was given by the Senior Class at the S.rand Theater. 15-The Wildcats downed their bitter rivals, thc Covington Bulldogs, 24-17. 17-The Albee had .lane XVithers, the Shubert had 19 "Buddy" Rogers, but Newport High School fea- tured the Senior Variety Show. -Colonial Dance given by the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y Club. MARCH 8-The YVildcats advanced to the finals by stop- ping the Dayton Greendevils 40-35. 10-Walton defeated Newport in the last minute ll- 21 25 1 6 1 01 play in the tirst round ot' the Ninth Re- gional Tournament. The Seniors were using high pressure sales lalli on the underclassmen. Today was Illlr deadline for annual subscriptions. -Spring was in the air and a young man's fancy lightly turned to thoughts or "report caros". --'1'ne Senior Class play, "Lucky", was very real- istic. 'l'he audience thought their imagination was playing tricks on them when they smelled smoke during a make-believe tire. APRIL -Oh, my-fooled again. Why couldn't I re- member what day this was? -Popularity contest was held. -The Uramatic Club presented a three-act com- edy entitled, "Growing Pains". 8-"Moonlight on the Beautiful Ohio"-The Sen- ior boat ride was given tonight. 13--The students heard sad news today. Because 5 16 ot' the K.E.A. Convention school was dismissed April 14 and 15. MAY -ti-The N.H.S. Music Department, under the direction of Mr. .l. W. Molnar, presented the "Pirates of Penzance," two-act operetta. -The golf team, composed of Fitzer, Spinks, Buchheit, and Marsch played the Dixie Heights golf team at Hilands. 16-"ltla-Pa-Me" arrived at the Girl Reserve Ban- 27 quet, followed by a ceremonial in which the new officers were installed. -Repetition of the "Variety Show". This time the program was given at the Strand Theater. 27-Last day of school. tCHa-ha, for Seniors onlylj JUNE 3-"The night of nights"-the Junior-Senior Prom 5 was an event which will not he forgotten. -Baccalaureate Services-Yes, even the Seniors were serious. G-Class Night-Wow! Some roast! S-Graduation-Our goal has been reached. X. N 'jij ,J-25:--.., 121 if ','A if .XX X-fifff ' w el T, ' Q' 1 4: 5:35 QM, in M XV!! A73 Vf"','f ' ' t I ,., xg " 41 .V A , 'YK "' 0 X. n w, XX -Q .iii-, I' f' 'kmbilw ' 0 . l,.1.'11, 2' il -Q f " M . W1 7k "ff",-" nlriry Vrrw YV 4' 1 ig K p f if Y 1 . ' ' A f- - - wx 4 J 5 il: 5 2 55 FCDCDTBALL X Season of 1937 WM. J. FOSTER, - Head Coach RICHARD BATHIANY, - Assistant Coach WM. J, FOSTER FIRST ROWgAssistant Managers, 0, Smith and R. Huffman. SECOND ROW-Coach W. J. "Blue" I"', W. Kinsella, T. Zechella, W. Eger, R. Simms. A. Zechella. H. Sturm, R. Sanders, M. Allen, J. Graves, Assistant Coach R. Bathiany. THIRD R0W7M:-mager E. Hermann, J. Caudill, H. Wright, B. Ruyce, G. Hehmsm, .l. Rieclinger. I". Haas. J. Yeager, W. Otting, J. Boswell. FOURTH R0W7J. Mussman, H. Thurnberry, R. Leopold, W. Templeton, J. Waterfield, A. Burris, W. Volkmar, M. Klein, J. Williams, C. Schmidt, O. Robinsun, R. Knoll.- l"Il"TH ROW--H. Swope, R. Brooks, H. Seibert. R. Burns, H. Bartel, R. Chalk, W. Debs, G. Guilfoyle, R. Lampe, E. Klein, R. Swope, R. Keitel, L. Hornsby. RESULTS NEVVPORT . . . . 6 7 BELLEVUE . . N!'INVPOR'l' . . .,.. 26 - DAYTON . . . . NENVPOIIT ,. . . 0 7 ASHLAND .. NEVVPOIVI' . . . . 7 - LUDLOYV ., . . . . . . . . NEVVPOIVI' . . .. 0 -- MANUAL ....... . . . . . NENVPORT . .... 34 - AUTOMOTIVE TR.-lIJliS NENVPOIKT .. . . G - HIGHIANDS .... . . .. Nl'IWl'0HT . , .. 6 - XAVIHR .... ..,.. . .. NEWPORT .. .. U fe KNOXVIIQLE , NENVPOHT . . . .... 13 - COVINGTON . . . ZECHFLLA WRIGHT HEHMAN STURM WILLIAMS Every o11e knows "Zeke", three years a regular, a hard-hitting full- back. always good for a gain, also an invaluable man when backing up the line on defense. Coach Foster will miss "Zeke" next year. VVANTED a quarterback as smart as Zechella. "Zeke" and "Howdy" were pals throughout high school. 'gllowdy' also played regular for three years. Wright played the line defensively and offensively and acted as field captain. George came to Newport as a freshman from Newport Catholic High. His hard tackling and blocking soon had him a regular position. George was defensive captain and lettered twice. "Whitey,' had tough luck in his junior year having to fight for a position against the State Championship hackfield. However. in his senior year, Sturm was a valuable asset a hard-hitting baektield man. Williams never quite made the first eleven, However, he played well as an excellent substitute. His hard work and unquenchable spirit for four years earned his letter. RIEDINGER. ROYCE SCHMIDT OTTING HERMANN "Alabama" was a very valuable man at his pivot position. Big Jim, a center, stopped many line bucks and discouraged further at- tempts by his fierce charges. Jeff is also a three-year man. Benny was a hard-charging, hard-hitting tackle. llc played often as a substitute in his junior year, but earned his much fought-t'or posi- tion among the regulars when a senior. Smitty is another scrappy, determined lad to he patted on the back for his grit and nerve. Although not a regular, he was invaluable to the team. Bill played a great deal as a substitute. He really earned his letter by his hard-battling for the team. Bill was on the squad for three years. Ed was the pigskin manager for two successive years. For an efficient, capable manager and a willing, hard worker look up Ed Hermann. 58 X BASKETBALL FRONT tCenter7-E. Hermann, Manager. FIRST ROW-M. Gillett, A. Zechella, F. Haas, E. MacDonald, R. Sanders, J. Boswell, R. Huskinson SECOND ROW-W. J. Foster, Coach, J. Graves, W. Ottinrz, G. Gnilfoyle, R. Tuttle, H. Spinks .l. L. Cohh, Principal. Newport .... , . ... Newport, .... .. .- Newport .... . . . Newport .... . . . Newport .... , . . Newport .... . . Newport .... . . .. . Newport .... . . . RESULTS Newport. . . .... 31-XValton . . . . . .23 Newport. . . .... Jil--Reading . .... 25 Newport. .. ..., 17-Hilands ......... .... 1 5 Newport . . . .... 20-Hazard ..,.......,.. .22 Newport. ., .... 9-St. X., Louisville ..... .34 Newport . .. ., . .21-Bellevue ....... . .. ..2-1 Newport. .. .... 36-Locklancl . .. . . . .30 Newport. . . .... 27-Dayton .... . . . ,25 Newport. . . .,.. l-l-Covington ........... 29 IlISTItlt1'l' 'l'0lTltNAMENT Newport .....,...... Zili--llilands . . . Newport .... , ..,.... 45 Newport ..,..... .... 2 2 -Dayton ..,........... -Bellevue . ............ District Tournament, Newport was Runner-up REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Newport ....,...,... 23-VValt0n ...... . . . .25 Walton . .. Ashland .. -Hazard . . . -Bellevue , . -Covington . . --Dayton . . . -Ashland .. -Stivers . TRACK Newport, Norwood, Purcvll ..,... VVon by Newport Newport and Dayton ........ ..... W on by Newport Newport, Male, Covington .. .... Newport, second Highland Relays .... ..... W on by Newport State Moot . ..',.,...,..,..,........ ..... N cwport, third Covington :incl Nvwport .,.. .,.., N Von hy Newport RICHARD BATHIANY FIRST ROWfW. Egzer, R. Chalk, A. Zechollsx, R. Rathiany, H, Wright, D. Higgins, R. Se-ilkop. SECOND ROWfH. Ries, V. Mrfialue, 'I'. Bnlzer, J. Williams, R. Lunsford, R. Huskisson, G. Simms. THIRD ROW+E. Sensel, B. Mussman, R. Tuttle, VV. Volkmar, B. Royce, W. Harrar, H. Bartell, W. Weber. GOLF Newport Newport ci FRONT ROW-R. Neiser, Manager, H. Spinks, H. Fitzer, F. Grosshcim, J. L. Cobb. Prin p I SECOND ROW-J. Wagner, W.. Buchheit, H. Marsch. RES UI ,TS fSt. Xavier at Avon Field ..,... --Norwood ut Highlands ........ Newport-Covington at Twin Oaks ...... Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport 5Erlanger at Summit Hills .,.. -Covington at Highlands ...... Wo11 hy St. Xavier . ....... Won ,......Won . ,....., Won Erlanger at Highlands ............ ....... W on Dixie Heights at Highlands ....... ....... W on -Highlands at Highlands ...... .......Won Newport Tie Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport TOP7FIRST ROW-M. Schwartz, R, Otting, M, Mas- chinot, S. Lemel, J. Linsteadt, D. Gasdorf, E. Schnee- man, J. Wagner, M. Michaels, S. Kendall, D. Dinger, L. Broerimz, R. Garrett, R. Grigiz, M. Franke, J. Claybon, M. Chenot. SECOND ROWf.l. Pelzer, B. Mongennis, I,. Fogel B. Horn, H. Kaiser, A. Mueller, P. Davies, O. Schneider, D. Alford, M. Alford, C. Huffman, R. Chalk, E. Striene, M. Schwed. THIRD ROW-G. Smith, R, Sickmeier, M. Buecher, D. Furnish, B. Smith, S. Creech, A. Seibert, B. Scheer, M. Powers, V. Golden, J. Davies, S. Fiesner, R. Plaga. FOURTH R0W7J. Hurches, R. Hesser, E. Gray, M. Muller, R. Gaupel, B. Schwertman, V. Wallace, K. Stewart, R. Hughes, D, Eppstein, J. Davies, R. Gasdorf. FIFTH ROW-J. Margileth, G. Ziegler, M.. Crites, P. Joerg, J. Blankenship, R. Campbell, M. Citron, M, Eger. M. Lampe, V, Marchant, A. Thrasher, D. Schnelle, and G. Kenneweg. SIXTH ROWfA. Jenkins, M. Brown, E. Sauer. J. Buyers, R.. Hultquist, J. Kaufman, R. Ryan, S. Shean- shang, D. Cruse, W. Lape, E. Wood, H. Bubenhoffer, R. Hearn, V. Mason. BOTTOM-FIRST ROW--R. Velt, R. Schweikert, B. Royce, L. Driess, B. Walter, H. Jenkins, G. Groeschen, Smith, J. Brunk, E. Abbott, A. Lucas, A. Hopkins, . Ortel, T. Bingham, R. Gemmer, V. Scheis, A.. Kessel, Hart, B.. Stratton. SECOND ROWfA, Hutton, B. Swaney, R. Welte. . Fisher, L. Fisher, D. Arleigh, L. Deschler, P.. Finley. Pruitt, M. Davis, J. Bary, E. Derrick, H. Kink. M. Haines, L. Hampton, B. Hodge, C. Spotts, E. Williams. THIRD ROW-M. Welsh, B. Pollack, D. Davison, R. Dowd, E.. Sawyer, V. Bennett, P. Smith, R. Reis, J. Pochalkie, M. Paine, M. Hoffman, M. Bagby, A. Cox, J. Golden. FOURTH ROW-R. Emerson, E. Jacob, E. Busche, C. Horn, W. Riesh, S. Greco, S. Bocklage, R. Smith, J. Burke, B. Nie, M. Reel, H. Ballman, M. Kendricks, and M. Bolser. FIFTH ROW-V. Henderson, R. Oldfield, M. Buecker, H. Brauntz, M. Macke, B. Walker, L. Wright, H. Binder, S. Fingernagel, R. Stanley, G. Marr, M. Droify, M. Warschoski, G. Krieger, L. Sensei. SIXTH ROW-B. Shottler, E, Schwarberg, B, Harris, H. Meyer, L. Sharp, M. Wothe, J. Weingartner, M. Hein- rich, Z. Gardner, V. Heinlien, I. Mohrstadt, V. Brown, D. Kinds, R. Nelson, M. Knopif. P-cpu gr: GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' The season of 1937-38 in Girls' Athletic Association was started with Aerial Dart. Fast flying objects in blue gym suits. paddles dex- teriously wielded, and victory or defeat char- acterized this sport. Manv games were played. and no one was sure of tl1e outcome until the final match. Aerial Dart wasn't the only fall sport. Bowling also had its place in the sports of G.A.A. The pins were set up each Monday I'or twelve teams. Six girls from these tC21ll1S with the highest scores COIIIPOSQII the honor bowling team. Next came Volleyball with its excellently MISS NANCY POE- Advise' timed and placed balls. No one could defeat the Green Team. The girls seemed to work to- gether with perfect coordination. An honor team was chosen. This team played Highlands honor team and Newport was victorious in both games. After noting the enthusiasm that was aroused by the intramural volleyball games, no person can doubt that it has a major place in the girls' sports program. Winter set in, but the dreary outdoors IIIZICIC no difference to the ex- citement in the gym during the Basketball season. The girls all came to the gym to help their color team win the tournament. An honor team was chosen. and this team played other teams from different schools. It was great fun to pile in cars and go to St. Mary's 0.L.A. and VVyomingf to defeat them or be defeated. On your mark, get set, go, and the race is on. The new year of 938 was ushered in with another major sport, swimming., At least twenty- five girls boarded the Green Line and headed for Covington Y.W.C.A. each' Wednesday evening. Life saving perfection, diving, new strokes, and beginners' swimming were taught to the girls. It's a homer. Right over the left field. The shouts of the baseball teams were heard during spring practice. This sport was the last of the major sports Zllltl it was enthusiastically followed. The minor sports were ping pong, checkers, table tennis, and paddle ICl1l11S. These tournaments were played oti' during the 1I1t61'II11SSl0I1 of tl1e major games. The '37-'38 G.A.A. season ended with a banquet as a grand finale. All tl1e mothers of the girls attended, and the awards were given to those who participated. The kind of award was determined by the number of points received during the year. And so ended the fun in girls, sports of G.A.A. -RUTH C. HULTQUIST. 63 KG f-. E - af?-if Q f' , ,f - x . . -E Z,'.-iP5io5xX99oK'N A "' A 0 '14 ,f A E QQ . V I 4 A K Cn, ,4E-,PB R HI PP rv., Q fm ,nw QE? I ea' F3 53 Kala I UVA I 12 Q vi 1 V", A K, , 5 IC in L.: fl ,ZAPPQ LW EQ? XX, - nj X' fix Q X ' Q - svffff fff f KE - I GALESNQJ Kfhfvgrlf-AJ K ,i1:lEFi?f1?efAf ,Nm A10 I Q :sam Y I 4 K, 'te zsxf I , I Q gm X pf,,7j:k Wugflull X560 X xk 7 , - wi, X NCB! iw '71 Lam HNST Dian' WFZL5 51 KLMTING Qbxwfmlx CLASS Ao HJ ADVERTISEMENTS AT UI I OU K N 3 Q' . 2 , 1 A25 J "MMI P 0 'A ' 55- ',, EVOCLEUIY ,lf fs! 'PO XW W 1 Q. 000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 00000000000 0 0000 TIME is only as Valuable as the use We make of it. In the eflicient ae- complishment of useful things Where speed is desirable, your telephone aids greatly. Citizens Telephone Company LINCORPORATEDJ yx.wm 4' '95 U 3 "' an L f svsrzn ? ' f' ""' e 32. tw' fllznmg me QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo 90000000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000 OOO OO O OOO O OO OOOOOOOO Professor-t'This examination will be conduct- ed on the honor system. Please take seats three z-part and in alternate rows." Mrs. Jones-"We are keeping William from rc-turning to college this fall. He is really so young, you know." Mrs. Brown-"Yes, my son Hunked too." Teacher-"Jack, who discovered America?" Jack Williams-"Ohio," Teacher-"No, Columbus did." Jack Williams-"Yes'm, but I thought Colum- bus was his first name." Mr. Bathiany-"Benny, what does H. N. O.3 signify?" Benny-"Adaer-I ve got it right on the tip of my tongue." Mr, Bathiany-"Well, you'd better spit it out. It's nitric acid." r Jack-"At the prom last night, my suspenders broke right, in the middle of the dance floor." Eddie-"Were you embarrassed?" Jack-"No, Howard had them on!" THE HILAND DAIRY CO. "Sealtest" Dairy Products NEWPORT, KENTUCKY Compliments of NEWPORT MINERAL WATER COMPANY C. C. 8: S. K. WEBER Architects 705 ST. PAUL BUILDING CINCINNATI FRED HINDMARCH Choice Meats and Groceries 401 Columbia Street NEWPORT Telephone SOuth 3526 WM. W. WALKER Plastering Contractor 207 East Fourth Street NEWPORT Telephone SOuth 4090 Stop at the NEWPORT DAIRY BAR 717 Monmouth Street for your ICE CREAM Made Fresh Daily at Our Plant Thornton and Brighton Streets OO0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO0000O00000O000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' O O O O O 0 O 0 O O O O 0 O 0 I I m!I"""' 'J V71 2 Z 7011508 Qfxlsnm guy: O I ,pw ,W'!j., I QW ,JIM -I I ""-f 3 ,U I.Iy!'IIIIw IQFMIIIIE3 QL' 2 O Mj, 'iz'1i-4 1 NM? Q Nl lt f I fe. X 0 r a d ii I V 0 g .Qtr W 3 0 U ' ' ii 0 II, . I, , V! "Ia 2 QI: I E xy' 5 0 dj. ' 1 I. " h ' I. 2 vb fi 3 'Ig Z +I -. . mf z 0 MI WLJWI 20,525 It f IsrfI2wI: 0 2 'f f t1L, aIII.II m x V X E3 Z 0 0 2 . . 3 Art ID Portralture 3 O 3 Photographs that Please 2 O At 3 X . 2 3 PTICGS that Attract 3 0 O 2 Z 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 Q O 2 'YUUNG S CARL 3 5 A 2 Z 0 O O O Exclusive Makers of Z 0 O O 0 22 TIFFANYTONE PORTRAITS Z 0 Z Z Z Z 3 GYO Z 3 g SEVENTH AND VINE STREETS, CINCINNATI 3 Z Z Z if O O O Q 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0O0O0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000 00000690QOOO000000000000'00'00000009Q9Q900000000000000000000000000000000 Daughter-"Mother, why did you marry father?" Motheri"So you've begun to wonder too, have you ?" Teacher-"And now Willie can you give me a sentence with heterodoxology in it?" Little Willie fage sixj-UNO." Preacher-"Why don't you come to services ziiore often?" Student-UOh the choir is terrible." Preacher-"What do you expect for a dime- a Russian Ballet?" Teacher-'4Conjugate the verb 'to swim'." Pupil-'4Swim, Swam, Swum." Teacher-HNow conjugate the verb 'to dim'." Pupil-t'Dim-say, are you trying to kid me?" Professor of Mathematics flooking at his watchj-HAS we have a few moments left I should like to have someone ask me a question that is bothering him." Student-'AWhat time is it, please?" COMPLIMENTS OF YORK STREET SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED BATHIANY'S DRUG STORE Sixth and Monmouth Streets Telephone SOuth 0356 NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION RAY LAMMERS MUSIC HOUSE 534 WALNUT STREET, near Sixth Phone MAin 4739 CINCINNATI Expert Repairing 'ICARE is our Washword" THE ATLAS LAUNDRY CO. J. Robt. Geisen, Mgr. 508 Monmouth Street Phones: SOuth 1747-1748 Try our New t'ZORIC" Method of Dry Cleaning. We are sure it will please you. Congratulations to the Class of 1938 ALBERT SAUER Jeweler "GIFTS THAT LAST" 625 Monmouth Street, NEWPORT, KY. Telephone S0uth 1085 00000000000 000 00000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 NXOKX00O OXOXO0XK COMPLIMENTS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1938 'ww ' J EILERMANS The Young Fellowls Store NEWPORT COVINGTON 818-820 MONMOUTH ST. PIKE AND MADISON AVE Compliments of The Junior Class XOOOX 0900000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000000000000OfOOOOO00OOOOOO'0OO0OO0OO Talkative Tourist ion board ship "Pinafore"j -"Can you swim?" Sailor fDouglas Smithj - "Only at times, ma'am." Talkative Tourist-UHOW strange, and when do these moments of ability come to you?" Sailor-"When I'm in the water, ma'am." Joker fto Jack Phillipe in the storej-t'Give me two pounds of potato seed." Jack fafter hunting vainlyj-"Guess We're all out. I'll tell the manager." Manager-"That fellow was kidding you. Po- tatoes' don't grow from seeds." Next Customer-"I want a package of bird seed." Jack-"Hal ha! you can't kid me! Birds don't grow from seeds." Teacher-"Tom, will you please tell the class what an octopus is?" Tom Goodall-i'It must be a cab with eight sides." Mother - "Evelyn fSchneemanJ, come up stairs at once." Evelyn-"But I'm all wrapped up in my prob- lem." Mother-"Well, tell him to go home? COMPLIMENTS FROM A FRIEND JOHNNY'S WEST SIDE HOTEL O Home of the SIXTH WARD BOOSTERS OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT The Newport National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 810 Monmouth Street THE JOHN J. RADEL COMPANY FUNERAL HOME 822 YORK STREET, NEWPORT, KY. H. J. WILLENBORG, Manager BRA DTIS 1848 OF SERVICE 1938 IN NEWPORT NINTH AND MONMOUTH STS QQQQQQO00OO0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOO00000000000 000 0 00 0 000 00000000 0 0000000000000 000 0000 0000000000 Earruurt 2?cVQlnnqaz1ng Ennisnillv, Ilirnturkg L QDffirial 3lP11IPlP1'5 zmh Etatinnvrs In NP11I1IH1'1 High irhnul 00 000 0 00 00 00 00 000000000000 0 0000 0 0000 000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "Robert," said the teacher, to drive home the lesson which was on charity and kindness, "If I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him from doing so, what virtue would I be showing?" t'Brotherly love", replied Bobby. Mother-t'Well son, what have you been doing all afternoon?" Son-"Shooting craps." Mother-'tThat must stop. Those little things have as much right to live as you have. A little boy was saying his go-to-bed prayers in a very low voice. "I can't hear you, dear", his mother whispered. "Wasn't talking to you", said the small one firmly. There's a bright side to everything, But it gives no joy or fun, To see the shine upon the suit, You've worn since '31. "Did you hear ltuth married her X-Ray specialist?" "Well, she's lucky, nobody else could ever see anything in her." 4'Shush!" said the young man who had fied the group of boresome debutantes. "Pm a fugitive irom a Jane Gang." HIS old Angus a typical Scotchman?" Is he! Hels saved all his toys for his second childhood." Spinster-MSO the waiter says to me, KHow would you like your rice'I' " Friend-'tYes dearie, go on." Spinister-"So I says wistfully, thrown at me big boy." Wife-t'But I enclosed a small file in the last pie I sent you, Bert." Convict-"That's your blinkin' pastry again, Liz. I didn't notice it." Jack Braun-'tWho was that peach I saw you with last night?" Howard Marsh-"That was no peach, that was a fruit salad." Jack Braun-"What?" Howard Marsh-"Yeah. She was sour as a lemon, she was slippery as a banannag and when 1 squeezed her, she hit me in the eye like a grapefruit." Jim Riedinger-"Please, teacher, what did I learn today?" A Teacher-t'Why James, what a peculiar ques- tion." Jim Riedinger-'tWelI, that's what they'll ask me when I get home." LITTLEFORD-NELSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE C I N C I N N A T I COM PLIMENTS OF BOB AND DICK KINSTLER Newport High's Free-Lance Photographers COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND F. BLEY, BAKERY ALL HOME-BAKED GOODS Cakes for Special Occasions Tenth and Isabella Sts., NEWPORT, KY. Phone SOuth 3752 GEO. L. LAPE 8.1 SON HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Furnaces Cleaned and Repaired 1005 Monmouth Street Phone SOuth 3148 NEWPORT, KY. FENBERS 8: ROSING Furnishings for Young Men 826 Monmouth St., NEWPORT, KY. AVOID A LOSS-INSURE WITH HAAS He Gets Results! ADAM C. HAAS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Phone SOuth 1869 724 Monmouth Street 9vv0v'OOOO04''O0OOO000000OO000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0'OOO 000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 1888-1938 A Furniture Store jjirph A, for Fif'fY Years Erzrhrll 8: Sun Y FURNITURE AT PRICES THAT PLEASE iliunrral i s4o Monmouth sf., NEWPORT, KY. . . . enjoy the refreshing Ampfffgn goodness of Natinnal 'Bank CLO VER LEAF DAIRY ' PRODUCTS Member - i v- u ermi Fedefel Reeefve zfziaziifief System Zgiflaiitflifiifif iiffscream V ' Delivery Service Throughout FOURTH AND YORK STREETS NEWPORT, KY. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Northern Kentucky DAIRY BAR-1 lth near Monmouth CLOVER LEAF DAIRY Telephone South 0440 Kentucky's Model Milk Plant 000000000000000 0000000000 00000000000000000000000O00000000000000000000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00OGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAOQOOO'0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Usher iHoward Wrightj-"How far down do you wish to sit, lady?" Lady-"All the way, of course." Why does a horse hold its head down on Monday? Answer to thisit'neck's weak." Crowd-'tHey you! Sit down in front." Offensive One-"Quit your kiddin' I don't bend that Way." Street Car Conductor-"How old are you little girl?" Little Girl-"If the corporation doesn't object I'd prefer to pay full fare and keep my own statistics." Willie-"What's a lawyer, Pa?" Pa-HA lawyer, my son, is a man who induces two other men to strip and fight and then runs olf with their clothes." Sailor-"Don't bother me I am writing to my girl." Marine-'tBut why are you writing so slow?" Sailor-"She can't read very fast." Mother-'tSonny, don't use such bad words." Sonny-"Shakespeare used them." Mother-"Well don't play with him anymore." Dot-"Le Roy is such a dear! He is going to teach me to play cards so that I'll know all about it atter we are married." Martha Belle-"That's nice. What game is he going to teach you?" Dot-"I think he called it solitaire." He flew through the air With the greatest of easeg But the funny part was He forgot the trapeze. Mother-"My daughter Ruth, has arranged a little piece for the piano." Uid Grump-UGood! It's about time we had a little peace!" Magistrate-"You've committed six burglaries in a week." Prisoner-"That's right. If everyone worked as hard as I do we'd be on the road to prosperity." BETTER GROCERIES FINEST COFFEES SAVING PRICES ll PPI ll ' Phone SOuth 6000 621 Monmouth St. COMPLIMENTS OF PARK-LEX CONFECTIONERY Park and Lexington Avenue J. 'WL WETZEL 8: SON STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Third and Park Avenue, NEWPORT, KY. Phone SOuth 1568 YUNG'S MEAT MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF GEO. J. KAUFMANN COUNTY CLERK COMPLIMENTS OF ODIS W. BERTELSMAN COUNTY JUDGE HOHMAISTAR Candies - Cigars - Novelties Seventh and Monmouth Streets Phone SOuth 5607 NEWPORT, KY. 0vvO000OOO0O00O00O5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGQQ00000000000'O0000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 '0OOOOOO0va0 JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BECKERORQEQS. Co. Meats f Provisions f Poultry fxgqf' 203 WEST SIXTH STREET 942 MONMOUTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO NEWPORT, KY. THOUGHTS OF SPRING BRING THOUGHTS OF ICE CREAM JADED APPETITES . . . "Spring-feverish" palates . . . spring quickly back to energy when you serve Nature's most delicious food dessert. PURE FRUITS blended with rich milk and cream and tantalizing ingredients produce the dish which appeals instantly to young and old. N0 DESSERT can take the- place of Ice Cream at meals, 'tween meals or after meals. To get the greatest enjoyment out of Ice Cream, use FRECHTLING'S SEALTEST Ice Cream-made in a model plant, and every ingredient thoroughly controlled by constant laboratory protection. FRECHTLINC-1'S - "Sealtest" Ice Cream Complimenls of A Booster for Better Athletics Q'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000000OOQQQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 THE HALFTONES IN THIS YEAR BOOK were made by SCHULTZDGOSJIGER COMPANY ENGRAVERS X Cincinnati, Ohio W GEO VESPER COMMERCIAL PRINTIN PHONE so 0577 , R V , zz-24 z szvznm sr . ..,. Nswvonhnv urn

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