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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1937 volume:

JI 1 ' AWN y x k Wkwmgg I V" L Wm. . W KKK. . , I -;' til X m. "g1?" V J H - ,9 I WWIIITMWmuu'MWfWWWW! M $12155 1Han Four years, so short to most of us, Have crept into the past And 'now we stand to knock upon The door of life, at last. We know there will be moments when well feel that allts in vain, And wish that we could just be back In high school once again. But as we go our many ways And enter different paths, To seek new light, to learn new things, well hold these memories fast: Our teachers help-a guiding star To aid us on our waye. Our many joys, our many fears, Our school work and our play, The games, the dances, all of which Go by in grand parade; were sure that pleasures such as these Were never meant to fade. But let us pause$give serious thought T 0 this opening door of life, See some high plain, set some fixed goal Well worthy of our strife. Then as we make our struggling way' Upon lifets busy road, Let,s stop to think of things worthwhile T0 lighten up the load. So if in lifets declining years We see good deeds welldone, VVe,ll know that we have reached the goal And that our battle,s won. -DOROTHY NEWBBANDT. Gib? Nvmpnriian kahusum 112 geniur alums g Newport x e I ? 'IlEyigh gdmm 1932 Hurtmnrh BEFORE LEAVING those whom we have learned to know and love, we, the class of "37" have attempted to present to you the activitiesZandE joys of the past year. It is our hope that this book will restore pleas- ant memories to you in the years to come. That this Nempnrtian be a long remem- bered book has been the. aim of every member of this Class of 1937. Evhimtinn IF at any time during the four years past we have seemed thoughtless, please ascribe it to our youth and impulsiveness. ' You, and you alone, know what we have done to your lives while you were our teachers and guides. But we arejust beginning to be aware of what you have meant to us and how your invaluable teaching and your fine personali- ties fashioned our life patterns. Through four years of turbulent adolescence in which our bodies grew apace, our minds were stimulated by yours, and our souls experienced an awakening. You have been our steadying influence. So with grateful hearts, we, the Class of 1937, dedicate this book to you, our teachers, and to our devoted parents who have made all our school days possible. yEI a V W , , W ,W. . , yX WWW ,, WV ' ' ' ' wzwm Fm W Wyrzv y W W, , xx XX xxxmw vwxxmxu $SWNQxAmeswxixw Mm; W WWW WNW mm W g$ WW1: Wwfg p x X , M WMW WAR ' a ,. VWV .X g x N VVNKN m wk kka W I , , 7 WWWWyxXZV , xW 2 W t; , Wyzmzx, ,W XX '94 Annual g?taff LITERARY DEPARTMENT Editor-in-Chief .................................................................................................................. Robert Plaga Assistant Editor .................................................................................................... Kenneth Schaufuss Literary Editors .................................................................................... Clarke Gray, Mary Schwartz Class Historians .......................................................................................... Norma Egan, Jean White Alumni Editors ................................................................................ Dorothy Baker, Naomi Brown Feature Editors .................................. May Bonnick, Irwin Katzman, Lloyd Blatt, Estelle Poate Popularity Editors .................................... Vivian Dudenhoeffer, Luella Hodge, Wilma Weber Staff Artist ............................................................................................................................ Jack Lanter Wit and Humor .......................................................... Janet Fisher, Bessie Styles, Bill Hollohan Snapshots .............................................................. Charles Spinks, Harry Walker, Lillian Enslen Music Editors ....................... Gordon Finck, Margaret Newman, Orell Swope, Luella Hodge Social Editors ........ Dolores Maschinot, Laverne Sickmeier, Lawrence Schmidt, Grace Clarke Athletic Editors ................................................ Hazel Braun, Chester Mason, Ralph Mussman Prophecy ............................................................................................................ . ...... G ladys Mae Breeze Class Roast .................................................................................................................... Charles Spinks Class Will .......................................................................................................................... Emily Knarr Class Song .......................................................................................................................... Lloyd Blatt Class Poem ............................................................................................................ Dorothy Newbrandt Typists L0rraine Weber, Helen Marr, Ruth Ehinger, Margaret Davis, Mary Staab, Norma Egan. Annual g?talf BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ............................................................................................................ Wilbur Klein Assistant Business Manager ............................................................................................ Gene Norris Circulation Manager ............................................................................................ Clarence Blackburn AssistantssHelen Straus, Helen Sargent, Edith Poweleit, Dolores Massey, Margie Becker, Robert Uthe, Dick Knarr, William Knapp, William Hollohan, Albert Fausz, Chris Domhol'f, Melvin Dickerson. Advertising Manager.--; .................................................................................................. Donald Simms Advertising Solicitors-Gene Norris, John Kiefer, Irwin. Katzman, Gordon Finck, Robert Feldman, Dan Davies, Wallace Allen, Martha Ziegler, Orsell Swope, Bessie Styles, Edith Poweleit, Helen Mam Emily Knarr, Aileen Benjey. Staff Stenographer ......................................................................................................... Dorothy Miller Staff Bookkeeper .......................................................................................................... Gladys Stewart Ailmiuigtmtinn A. D. OWENS, Superintendent of Schools n U NH 3 r. H h E f U h r a U m, SCHEER WEBER . of E dent REIKOW Member of Board tor B i SCHNEIDER i dent Pres Ice Pres Dzrec FRED C Member of Board V ROBERT W PAUL J Member of Board GEORGE EICHER EMIL GERHARDT GEORGE G DR DR iness DR Bus x 11132111112174 nf 1hr EHamIty J . L. COBB, Principal of the High School J. L. COBB, A.B., B.S., Principal of the High School CLARENCE ALBERTSON, B.S. in Com., Commerce RICHARD BATHIANY, B.S., Science BERNICE CULBERTSON, B.S., Commerce KATHERINE FAHLBUSH, B.S., Mathematics and Social Science CATHERINE FlTZSIMMONS, B.S., Science and English W. J. FOSTER, A.B., Head Coach and Physical Director GYPSY GRAY, A.B., Latin CELESTE LOVING, A.B., English GLADYS MAY, A.B., Latin JOHN MOLNAR, B.M., B.S., Music MARY ELIZABETH MORRIS, A.B., Librarian MAUDE HAMILTON, B.S., Mathematics GRACE HARPER, A.B., English ALICE HARRISON, B.S., Science and Mathematics HILDEGARD HAUPT, A.B., Commerce and German THEO. HOTZ, A.B., M.A., Mathematics MARSHALL HURST, A.B., M.A., Manual Arts ALMA LAMB, A.B., English AVIS LAMB, A.B., M.A., Social Science HAZEL RYAN, A.B., Spanish BERYL SCHWARBERG, B.S., Mathematics LOIS V. TANNER, B.S., Science and English MARY M. TANNER, B.S., Commerce JEANNETTE OWENS, A.B.,, Science MARION PARSONS, A.B., English and Social Science MATTIE PHILLIPS, B.S., Social Science and Dean of Girls KATHERINE E. WARREN, B.S., Commerce KATHERINE WERNER, B.S., Home Economics RICHARD NEISER, B.S., Science and English NANCY POE, B.S. in Physical Education, Girls Athletic Director MARY M. TANNER , JEANNETTE E. O'VVENS To our advisers we wish to extend our utmost appreciation for their co-operation and loyalty shown to us throughout our organized Class life. geniur 11355 BAKER, DOROTHY LEE llDottiell "Her fingers shame the ivory keys, They dance so light along." G.A.A. 1-2 Mixed Chorus and Orchestra 1-2-3 Latin Club 1-2 Rhythm Club 2 Mikado 3, Pinafore 4 Knitting Club 3 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Band 3 Girl Reserves 4 Annual Staff 4 ALLEN, WALLACE H Wally" " lTis not in mortals to command suc- CQSS But he'll do more-helll deserve it." Aviation Club 1-2 Electrical Club 3 BENJEY, AILEEN HA l" ing all her thoughts? G.A.A. 1 Literary Club 1 Glee'Club 1-2 Knitting Club 1 . Girl Reserves 2-3 A CappellaChorus 3 Dramatic Club 4 Annual Staff 4 AUSTIN, THOMAS 2Pete" Intramural Basketball 1 -2 - 3 - 4 Athletic Club 2-3-4 Track Team 2-3-4 Track Club 4 Annual Staff 4 BRAUN, HAZEL LEAH 3Sparky" She excels in all." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Sec'y 3, Pres. 4 Ping Pong Champ 1-2-3-4, Mgr. 1 Aerial Dart, Mgr. 1 Baseball Team 1-2-3 Volleyball Team 1-2-3 Girlsl Double Aerial Dart Champ Mixed Doubles Jr. Red Cross Club 2-3-4, Treas. 3 Doubles Paddle Tennis Champ 3 Newporter Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4 uHer eyes were like mirrors, reflect- Mm 63ka Max; 1V "Pep and action here personified." Asst. Stage Mgr. 1-2-3, Stage Mgr. 4 "In books, or work, or healthful play Girlsl Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, Mgr. 2 BECKER, MARJORIE GEORGIA wMargie" 2A ray of sunshine in the class, Her wit and smile will always last." G.A.A. 1 Travel Club 1 Fashion Club 1 Red Cross Club 2 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Knitting Club 3 418 f if 5AM ANDREWS, LLOYD EDWIN 44Bab67, "And mirth Withal did mark What'er he did." Aviation Club 1 BONNICK, MAY aSlugn M uA dancing Shap To haunt, to startl Girls' Glee Club 2 Rhythm Club 2 Newporter Staff 2- G.A.A. 2-3-4 Journalism Club 3 Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Annual Staif 4 BLACKBURN, CLARENCE "They conquer who believe they can." Electrical Club 1-2 Band 1-2-3-4 Theory Club 3 Orchestra 3-4 BREEZE, GLADYS MAE llshe was a phantom of delight." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2 Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2-3-4, Pres. 3 Girls' Music Club 23 Girls' Basketball Team 4 "The Lucky Jade" 1 Rhythm Club 2 Annual Staff 4 BROWN, NAOMI P. ttNonm'W CLARKE, GRACE 2Clcwkie" uPure dignity, composure, ease? uEver in motion Blithesome and cheery." G.A.A. 1 Girl Reserves 4 Rhythm Club 3-4 Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2 Annual Staff 4 Jr. Red Cross Club 1 Rhythm Club 1-2-3 Dramatic Club 4 Annual Staff 4 "The soul of Shell 4Ti11 waked and Rindled by the master spell." BLAUT, ROBERT J . t4BObi7 Orchestra and Band 1-2-3-4 Art Club 1 Electrical Club 2-3 Mikado 3, Pinafore 4 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 State Music Contest Soloist 2 Annual Staff-aClass Song "Geniality is the foot of success." Aviation Club 2 COLLINS, MARY J ANE 44Mowe" "Blue'were her eyes as the fairy flax, Her cheeks lige- the dawn of day." CLAUSE, BERNICE LOUISE 213 WW? HThere be none of Beautyts daughters With a magic like thee. Travel Club 1 Fashion Club 1 G.A.A. 1-2 Dramatic Club 2 3-4 Jr. Red Cross Club 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Mikado Chorus 3 A Cappella Choir 3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3 ththm Club 1-4 Knitting Club 2 Newporter Staff 2 Commercial Club 3 BOYAR, DAVID B, DAVIES, DANIEL , uDaven . "Dan" 'Tor ever foremost 1n the ranks of fun? "He never talks, but that he says somethlng." Athletic Club 1-2-3-4 Literary Club 1 Collectors, Club 2 Electrical Club 1 Radio Club 4 COOK, MARGARET RUTH "Cookie" "Modesty is a diamond setting to a female beauty," CRAWFORD, VIRGINIA "Ginny" 44Her voice was ever soft, Gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." G.A.A. 2-3 Rhythm Club 1 Library Club 2 Reading Club 2 Jr. Red Cross Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Career Club 1 Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2 DAVIS, MARGARET EVELYN . .. .- Warg" 7714M $3 WW 11A loving heart is t est wisdom" G.A.A. 1 Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2 Knitting Club 3 Rhythm Club 3-4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Fashion Club 1 DICKERSON, MELVIN RICHARD K4Dlicl6,3 "A merry heart goes all the day" Athletic Club 1-2-3 Band 4 Pinafore 4 Orchestra 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Newporter Staff 4 DEWALD, ALMA CATHERINE 2Ducky" uHope, like the gleaming tapefs light, Adorns and cheers the way? Girl Reserves 1-2-3 G.A.A. 1-2 Jr. Red Cross Club 1 Rhythm Club 4 FAUSZ, ALBERT EDDIE HAbeH "Always ready and always willing? Athletic Club 1-2 Commercial Club 3-4 EGAN, NORMA KAY 2N07'm,4 HAlways jolly and in the rush." Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2-3-4, Pres. 2 Glee Club 1-2 Girl Reserves 1-2 Girls4 Music Club 2 Newporter Staff 3 Senior Class Sedy 4 Annual Staff 4 DEMOSS, KATHERINE LUCILLE K4Kay7, "And With her graceful wit there was inwrought A miIdIV,- sweet unworldliness of thought? ' Liferary Club 1 Collectors Club 1 Glee Club 1 Jr. Red Cross Club 2 Debaters4 Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Mikado 3, Pinafore' 4 Dramatic Club 4 DOMHOFF, CHRIS WILLIAM JR. KiBudii "Rare compound 0f oddity, frolic and fun! Who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun." Hi Y Club 1-2 Afhletie Club 1-2-3-4 Track 2 DUDENHOEFFER, VIVI g 4: 176,07, HNone knew thee but to love thee None named thee but to praise." G.A.A. 1-2 Quilt Club 1 Career Club 1 Rhythm Club 3 Annual Staff 4 FELDMAN, ROBERT LEO UBObN "For every wherefore, he has a whyf' Library Club 1-2 Radio Club 3 Pinafore 4 Annual Staff 4 EHINGER, RUTH CLARA 2Ease in your mien, and sweetness in your face." G.A.A. 1 Jr. Re-d Cross1Club 1-2 Rhythm Club 3-4 Junior Class Sedy 3 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 ENSLEN, LILLIAN MARIE 2E72944 "Her eyes that dance with roguish glee, So full of fun and jollityf' C.A.A. 1-2-4 Glee Club 1 Jr. Red Cross, Treas. 1-2 Lucky Jade 1 Rhythm Club 2-4 Honor Basketball and Volleyball Teams 4 Knitting Club 4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 FINCK, GORDON "Correct with spirit, eloquent with ease, Intent to reason, or polite to please." Band 1-2-3-4 Electrical Club 2 Tennis Club, Treas. 3 Orchestra 3-4 Mikado 3, Pinafore 4 Radio Club 4 Annual Staff 4 FREDRICK, ANNA MAE UAnreN "Graceful and useful all she does, Blessing and blest whereler she goes? G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 1-3 Rhythm Club 1-2-4 Newporter Staff 3-4 Honor Bowling Team 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Cheerleader Basketball Team 1-2-3-4 HOLLOHAN, WILLIAM J . 44Bill,7 "Heid undertake to prove by force of argument, a manls n0 horse? Athletic Club 1-2-3 Intramural Basketball 1-2 Stage Dept, Mikado 3, Pinafore 4 Annual Staff 4 GILMORE, J EWELL HALE 2Little Bit" "She who is good is happy." Library Club 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Mikado Chorus 3 Commercial Club 4 Pinafore 4 FISHER, JANET 2Fish" uFrom grave to gay, from lively to severe." G.A.A. 2-3-4 Knitting Club 2 Jr. Red Crcss Club 4, Vice-Pres. Aerial Dart Doubles Champ 4 Honor Basketball and Volleyball Teams 2-3-4 Newportevr Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 22 22 GRAY, CLARKE THOMS uPTOf n "His only fault is that he has none." Aviation Club, Pres. 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Pinafore 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Newporter Staff 1-2-3-4, Assit Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 FRISCHOLZ, J EANETTE ELIZABETH 44lfl7nish7, "To those Who know thee' not, no words can paint! And th: 58 who know thee, Know all words are faint. 4' G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 1-2-4 Hiking Mgr. Knitting Club 3 Newporter Staff 3-4 Volleyball Mgr. 4 Honor Bowling Team 4 KATZMAN, IRWIN UITHv n uA little nonsense. now and then Is relished by the best of menil Science Club 1 Athletic Club 1-2-3-4 Intramural Basketball 2-3 Golf Team 3 Golf Club 3-4 Athletic Club 4 Senior Activity Committee 4 Annual Staff 4 HARTKE, ANNETTE 2Pete" uA daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair? G.A.A. 2-3 Knitting Club 2 NewporterStaff 2 Dramatic Club 4 H ILDEBRANDT, MARGARET ttllzlm'giw "Good qualities constitute the per- sonalityf, Rhythm Club 2-3 Knitting Club 4 KIEFER, JeHN C; 2For true he is, as he hath proved himself. Wise. fair, and truef, Electrical Club 1 Hi-Y 1 Athletic Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 HODGE, LUELLA 3WelleW "Sweet promptings unto kindest deeds Were in her every 100k." Knitting Club 2 Band 3-4 -Mixed Chorus 3-4 A Cappella Choir 3-4 Mikado 3, Pinafore 4 Orchestra 4 Commercial Club 4 Annual Staff 4 KNAPP, BILLY 3Willie" 3 The elements So mixed in him that nature might stand up And say to all the world, 1this is a. vn man . Athletic Club 1-2-3 Football 2-3-4 Track 2-4 Basketball 2-3 XX ,1" l, J JONES, WILMA LE - U A-1 a ' n j l lel V ,1 X "A perfect woman, nobly planned, T0 warn, to comfort, and commandf' Fashion Club 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Knitting Club 3 Rhythm Club 3 Commercial Club 4 HILLER, J ESSIE t21 ess" "The two noblest things, which are Sweetness and light." G.A.A. 1-2-3 Girl Reserves 1-2-3 Rhythm Club 4 Newporter Staff 4 p KLEIN, WILBUR thlzuch "Describe him who can An abridgment of all that was pleas- ant in man." Athletic Club 1-2-3 3N" Club 4 Football 2-3-4 Intramural Basketball 1-2-4 Latin Club 2 ; Senior Activity Committee ; Annual Staff 4 HUGHES, DOROTHY J ANE HJanien "Her eyes were fair, and very fair: Her beauty made me glad." l. Rhythm Club 1-2 ' Knitting Club 3 Newporter Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 KNARR, RICHARD 4KDicki, "Humor is the harmony of the heart? Track Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 KAISER, MILDRED LOU l4j'42'l27 "The memory of thy loveliness Shall lround our weary pathway smile." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 2-3-4 Knitting Club 3 Mixed Chorus, Pinafore Chorus 4 KELLY, HELEN 11Giggles2 "Short but sweet and hard to beat." G.A.A. 1-2 Rhythm Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 1-2 Glee Club 1-2 Newporter Staff 2-3 Lucky Jade 2 LANTER, J ACK LEWIS Just Jack" "A11 passes. Art alone Enduring stays with us? Art Club, Pres. 1 Orchestra 2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 All Art Work for Annual KINDNESS, NORA 44Teddyii "True modesty is a discerning grace." Queen Anne High 1 Norwood High 2 Dramatic Club 3-4 111, 11.11 1M LIEDHEGNER, Wlll 2Bill2 "Learning maketh a man fit company for himself." Covington Latin School 1-2-3 Athletic Club 4 KREBS, ISABEL MISS?!" "Goodness is beauty in its best estate? G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Quilt Club 1 Career Club 1 Rhythm Club 2-3 Knitting Club 4 1,4 71, ffi. -111: KENDRICK, MARY PAULINE "As merry as the day is long." Pep Club 1 Rhythm Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Mixed? Chorus 3 Newporter Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 ,. LAYCOCK, GILBERT H. M 1 2General2 14; "He is so full of pleasing anecdote, So rich, so gay, so poignant in his wit." Newporter Staff 1 Gen. Science Representative 1 Orchestra 2 Athletic Club 2 V Track Club 3 1 Dramatic Club 4 Mg 4W KNARR, EMILY l4E7rbii uA very small brunette, A sweeter person you've never met." Knitting Club 3 Dramatic Club, Pres. 4 G.A.A. 4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 MASON, CHESTER ELLSWORTH 2Chuck" "A dark haired, pleasant fellow, Who1s always making friendsf Aviation Club 1 Hi-Y 1 Football 2-3-4 Athletic Club 2-3 Basketball 3-4 Intramural Basketball 2-3 "N11 Club 4 Annual Staff 4 KRECHTING, ALBERTIS CATHERINE 286M" "None but herself can be her parallel." Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1 Pep Club 1 Courtesy Club 2 Newporter Staff 3-4 MARR, HELEN VIRGINIA HA beautiful and happy girl." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 1-2-4 Knitting Club 3 Newporter Staif 4 Annual Staff 4 MUSSMAN, RALPH GORDON, JR. HMuss" 44His limbs were cast in manly mold, For hardy sport, or contest bold." Intramural Basketball 1 Athletic Club 2-3 Basketball 2-3, Capt. 3 3N3 Club 3-4, Pres. 4 Football 2-3-4, Capt. 4 Annual StafE 4 $9 MASSEY, DOLORE gx 44Dee" $ uA face With gladness overspread! Soft smiles, by human kindness bred." G.A.A. 1 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Girl Reserves 1-2-3 A Cappella Choir 2-3 Ring Girl, Girl Reserves 4 Library Club 1-2 NORRIS, GENE A. 3G. N." "The world knows nothing greatest men? Glee Club 1 Lucky Jade 1 Camera Club 1 Latin Club 2 Dramatic Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 NEWBRANDT, DOROTHY J ANE 44D0ttie" 3O faultless is her dainty form, And luminous her mindW Girl Reserves 1 G.A.A. 1 Glee Club 1 Lucky Jade 1 Latin Club Pres. 2 Jr. Red Cross Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Mixed Chorus 2 MASCHINOT, DOLORES ELIZABETH UDeeH "Always active every step, Full of liveliness and pep." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Knitting Club 1 Girl Reserves 2 Jr. Red Cross Club, Vice-Pres. 3 Girls4 Basketball and Volleyball Teams 3-4 Aerial Dart Doubles Champ 4 Commercial Club, Sec'y 4 Annual Staff 4 N EISER, WILLIAM 44L0ad7, "The maidens all, he shunned With cautious tread." Electrical Club 1-2-3 Newporter Staff 2-3 MILLER, DOROTHY LOUISE t4D0t,, 3Carefr'ee and friendly all the way." Girl Reserves 1 G.A.A. 2-3 Latin Club 2 Annual Staff 4 Pinafore 4 Band and Orchestra 3 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 Knitting Club 3-4 Newporter Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 PLAGA, ROBERT 4430 b ,1 HA competent man is always in de- mand." Aviation Club 1-2 . Intramural Basketball 1-2-3 Dramatic Club 4, Treas. Annual Staff, Editor-in-chief NEWMAN, MARGARET E. llMaTgn "Silence is more musical than any song? G.A.A. 1-2-3 Knitting Club 2 Orchestra 2-3-4 Girl Reserves 3 Mikado Orchestra 3 Commercial Club 4 Pinafore Orchestra 4 Annual Staff 4 PARTINGTON, RUTH 3Ruthie Alice2 "An equal mixture of good humor, and a friend of all." Jr. Red Cross Club 1-2 G.A.A. 1-2 Latin Club 1 Rhythm Club 3-4 RIEFLE, WILLIAM L. 3Wimpy" "Small men are mighty men? Athletic Club 1-2-3 Intramural Basketball 2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 POWELEIT, EDITH KATHERINE 46Eden 2A happy heart, a happy face." Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Science Club 1 Annual Staff 4 SCHMIDT, LAWRENCE 3La94'ry" "I would rather excel in knowledge than in power." Electrical Club 1 Orchestra 3-4 Mikado 3, Stage Hand Radio Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Pinafore Orchestra 4 RAWE, MARY LOUISE 4331's,, 11She is a wee, Winsome thing? Rhythm Club 2-3 Knitting Club, Vice-Pres. 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Pinafore 4 POATE, J OYCE ESTELLE 2Stelle2 "Rich joy and love she got and gave; Her heart was merry as her dress." Fashion Club, Vice-Pres. 1 Career Club, Sec. 1 Girl Reserves 2 Rhythm Club 2-3 Dramatic Club 4 Annual Staff 4 SCHAUFUSS, KENNETH CARL 2Kenny" "Life is a songw Band 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Aviation Club 1 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4 Tennis Club 2 Mikado 3, Principal Pinafore 4, Principal Asst. Editor of Annual PRYOR, F LORENCE 2Floss'ie2 2Her mirth the world required; She bathed it in smiles 0f glee." G.A.A. 1-2 Rhythm Club 1-2 Newporter Staff 2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 SCHWER, WALTER J ., JR. 41Dubn "Manners the final and perfect Howel- of noble characterf SA NT, ELEN VIRGINIA 2Sweetie1' "Neatness is the crowniag grace of womanhood." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Library Club 1 Glee Club 2 Rhythm Club 3 lletHzicll llHer presence lends its warmth and health To all who come before it." Girl Reserves 1-2 G.A.A. 1 Knitting Club 3 Commercial Club 4 o. s. " SCHUMANN, ANNABELLE llSchunnie" "The mildest manner and the gentlest heart? G.A.A. 2-3 Knitting Club 2 Newporter Staff 2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 SHUFFLEBARGER, J 1M 4312711?" nAnd the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bandsfl Intramural Basketball 1-2-3, Champs 2 Travel Club 2 Athletic Club 3 SICKMEIER, LAVERNE ANNA llVerm'el, "It was her continuous sweetness, which with ease pleased all around it." Ludlow High School 1-2 Girl Reserves 3-4 Annual Staff 4 STAAB, MARY LOUISE llGiggles" "Thru life 1111 giggle my way.n G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Latin Club 1 Girl Reserves 3 Commercial Club 4 Newporter Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 . r 0'. l " . 1M4 2 I 712 MW dz . SCHOECH, MARIE "Illaddiell llLove, sweetness, goodness, in her person shined." Highlands High School 1-2 Knitting Club 3-4 G.A.A. 3-4 SCHWARTZ, MARY CATHERINE uHer very frowns are fairer far- Than smiles of other maidens are." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1 Lucky Jade Chorus 1 Rhythm Club Pres. 4, Sec'y 4 Girls, Basketball Team 4 Cheerleader 3-4 Class Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 SIMMS, DONALD 207w Playll uThe only way to have a friend is to be one? Intramural Basketball 1-2-3 Football 2-3-4 Athletic Club 1-2 Track 2-3-4 Track Club 3 "N" Club 4 Pinafore Chorus 4 Annual Staff 4 SMITH, IONE MARGARET ltRed,, "Soft speech is ever a blessing." Girl Reserves 1 Music Club 1 Rhythm Club 2 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Mikado 3 ' STEWART, GLADYs ANITA llGlad" "Teach lus half the gladness That thy brain must know." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Library Club 1 Knitting Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Commercial Club 4 Newporter Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 STRAUS, HELEN "So well to know her own, that what she wills to do or say, Seems quietest, virtuous, est, best." discreet- Quilt Club 1 Girl Reserves 2-3 Commercial Club 4 SWOPE, ORELL RUTH "Ease with dignity." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Rhythm Club 1 Knitting Club 3 Solo and Mixed Chorus 4 Pinafore 4 Ping Pong Class Champ 3 Newporter Staff 2 Annual Staff 4 X - t , jziwd ?Jvk SPINKS, CHARLES HENRY ttCharlie" "There is honesty, manhood, good fellowship in thee." and Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Golf 1-2-3-4, Capt. 3-4 "N" Club 4 Class President 3-4 Track 3-4 Newporter 3-4 Annual Staff 4 WEBER, LORRAINE VIRGINIA "Lightly was her slender nose Tip-tilted like the petal of a fiowerf, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Library Club 1 Jr. Red Cross Club 2-3 G.A.A. Board 2-3 Commercial Club 4 Annual Staff 4 TYLES, BESSIE MAE HBessn small, tiny, darling she." ; "A witty, charming, 1 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Sec'y 4 1 Aerial Dart Mgr. 2 j Jr. Red Cross Club 1-3 1 Knitting Club, Pres. 4 3 Girls' Basketball Team 4 1 Honor Baseball Team 3 1 Honor Basketball Team 4 1 Honor Volleyball Team 4 1 Honor Kickball Team 2-3 1 1 Annual Staff 4 THORNBERRY, VIRGINIA L, ttGinnie" 1 "For she is just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies." Quilting Club 1 Knitting Club 2 Commercial Club 4 UTHE, ROBERT URedH "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Collectorst Club 1 Athletic Club 2-3 Track 2 Football 3-4 Radio Club 4 WEBER, WILMA LORRAINE tth'llrie" "Like-music on the waters sweet voice to me? is thy G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Glee Club Treas. 1 Orchestra 1 1A Cappella Choir 2 State Voice Contestant 2-3 Newporter Staff 2-4 Annual Staff 4 WELSH, ANN ELIZABETH 4KSIissy7, "Thy mild looks are all eloquent, Thy bright ones free and glad," WHITE, J EAN ANN UJeanH HAnd her whole heart's welcome int her smile? G.A.A. 1-2-3 Quilt Club 1 Rhythm Club 2-3 Commermal Club 4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Swimming Champ 1 Girl Reserves 1 Honor Volleyball Team 1 Lucky Jade 2 Rhythm Club 3 Jr. Red Cross Club 3, Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA 2qu2,4 "She does well who always does her best." Collectors4 Club 2 Jr. Red Cross Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 WALK , HARRY V "In basketball this lad excels." Football 1-2-3-4 Intramural Basketball 1 Basketball 2-3-4 "N" Club, Sedy-Treas. 4 Annual Staff 4 ZIEGLER, MARTHA , . 04' "And when I think on th'e, dear friend, All losses are restored, all sorrow ends? . G.A.A. 2 Courtesy Club 2 Jr. Red Cross Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Commercial Club 4 Rhythm Club 4 Newporter Staff 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 22.; 011mm Gletrpra President ...................................................... Charles Spinks Vice-President ...................................... Kenneth Schaufuss J-nxng ZIEGLER, DOROTHY ALMA 2Dottie" 2Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind" Quilt Club 1 First Aid Club 2 Commercial Club 4 'WESSLING, ROBERT A. 44D angi, x 2A sound mind in a sound body." Football 2-3 Art Club 2 Travel Club 2 Athletic Club 3 "N2 Club 4 Track 3-4 Dramatic Club 4 Pinafore Chorus 4 Secretary ........................................................... Norma Egan Treasurer ........................................................ Mary Schwartz Class M0tt0-2There is 110 reward without effort? Class F10wer---American Beauty Rose Class C010rs--Cardina1 and Silver WORDS wt MUSIC 61315:; $0113 BYLLOVD BLATT The IzaZZs of Nchoz'f Zu'ji iazxe heard out Vozl- ch z-z'sc am! faZZ3 Hana W672 7274K? aoz'pizce 1221 From! - 23 say we came jfz'om Msvaozf sz'yZZ3 foa' Sizouzd 02d Acqaaz'n-fazzce 1N3 for-70t and 7m - VeZ' ,6z-ozzsz f0 ??zz'zzd 5!;and 5667: our sz'ics and kcaZ'd our faked, fie - VCZ' iAezvale ffzc auldaqaaz'izfawcc be foluyaf, and dayng aCderlafz Ca 2 2 5h: f sfazzcds foz' 52y -9e2' 2922 nys, fa fine frle com - fay dawrg 077.! we are 720$ af tlze end, our fiyllt Zea: J'zwf Ac v-"yzcn 5 auZd Aazzy L736, my dear, for aaZd Zazzy dfzze 45? CaZZ Z72af3 ecfzo-ea' dowzz r5e yeaw, fiat sfz'r- why 62y: Maz'c 027, .l Aimadxhtcrwas our 56 z-zL c won't sto fiZZ weve m won. k V fake a Cap 07 szzdzzess yell, for Auld? 72y -- Jyne okawm 5y - . 4. 014;;sz Iarnphprg This is your news commentator, Gladys Mae Breeze, bringing you news from here and there. Flash! America wins again! Among those who came through in the Olympics at J apan today are J ean White, winner of the hundred , meter free-style; Donald Simms, second in the hurdle event; Pete Austin and Bob Wessling, who ran the fifteen hundred meter, placing lirst and secOnd. respectively. New members to be added to the faculty of the Newport University are as follows: Clarke Gray, professor of English; Marjorie Becker and Helen Sargent, professors of Science; Sparky Braun, na- ' tionally known girlsi coach, and her assistant, J anet Fisher. They ac- ' cepted the positions on the condition that they be paid weekly instead of monthly to prevent their being 6tbrokeb in the, middle of the month. Flash! The lives of many people were saved today by Dick Knarr, who piloted his plane through a dense fog to take Jewell Gil- more, renowned doctor, and Kathryn DeMoss, Laverne Sickmeier, and Mary Jane Collins, able nurses, to a little Wyoming town, the scene of an influenza epidemic. They were aided by Helen Strauss, the air i stewardess. , The unique fashion show of the Grace Clarke Salon opened today. The names of the mannequins and the apparel which each modeled were as follows: Mary Schwartz, evening gowns; Dolores Masehinot, beach accessories; Helen Marr, sport togs; and Estelle Poate, town and country frocks. These fashions were designed by Bernice Clause and Isabel Krebs. The floor show consisted of dancing by Bessie Styles and May Bonniek, with music by the orchestra of Lloyd Blatt and Kenneth Seihaufuss. Tea was served by the socialites Mildred Kaiser, Jeannette Friseholz, and Dorothy Hughes. Decorations were in charge of Annabelle Sehuman and Alma Dewald. Coiffures were orginated and designed by Mary Louise Rawe. Flash! Lillian Enslen, the client of Charles Spinks, a promi- nent lawyer in this Vicinity, was awarded $20,000 today in a breach of promise suit. It seems that after waiting ten years to be married, she was finally left waiting at the church, of which Clarence Blackburn is pastor, by Chester Mason, universal playboy. Naomi Brown and Ruth Partington, secretaries to Spinks, both said they wouldnlt mind waiting ten years and being disappointed, if it meant $20,000 for them. The nightingale of opera stage, Wilma Weber, announced that she would make a tour of the several states accompanied by her pianist, Dorothy Baker, and her secretary, Jessie Hiller. After a farewell party given by Robert Plaga, the Viee-presi- dent, Mary Staab, first woman president of the United States, left for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in England. She was welcomed on board ship by Robert Uthe, the captain. During her stay in England she will be accompanied by Gilbert Layeoek, Americas Ambassador to England, and Nora Kindness, Americas Ambassador to Scotland. Flash! In the ottice of Dave Boyar, editor of the Cincinnati T imes-Star, quite a commotion was aroused among his stenographers, Maw Mary Kendrick, Helen Kelly, and Martha Ziegler. This was cause y rlvalry among the girls for the affections of their employer. 28 An accident occurred today when Virginia Thornberry and Dorothy Ziegler, secretaries to Robert Feldman and Albert Fausz, hotel proprietors, ran their car into the front window of Chris Domhost meat market, in their hurry to get back to work on time. Both received minor cuts and bruises and were treated by Luella Hodge, a nurse at the emergency hospital near by. The big-game fishermen, Melvin Dickerson, Lawrence Schmidt, .John Kiefer, and William Leidhegner, returned from their fishing eX- pedition today With no fish, as usual, but with some tall fish stories. Lorraine Weber, original hair stylist of New York, was sent to Hollywood today to arrange the curls of Aileen Benjey and Dolores Massey, stars of the cinema, who are appearing in a new production. Hark! Business is on the uptrend. Walter Schwer has just sold a $10,000 order for clothes tailored by the William Neiser Com- pany to Gladys Stewart and Ruth Schnake, buyers for the Richmond Brothers Clothing store. The events which led up to the headlines of this months Social Journal were the marriages of Annette Hartke, Orell Swope, Ione Smith, Dorothy Miller, and Margie Hildebrandt to prominent business men. Jack Lanter, world famous artist, has settled in Nova Scotia where he hopes to gain inspiration for some future masterpieces. He is accompanied by his secretary, Emily Knarr. Flash! Anna Mae Fredrick, owner of the famous horse iiSwisherK realized her ambition today when her horse won the Ken- tucky Derby. Trainer Robert Blaut saddled the mount ridden by Billy Riefle, one of the most popular jockeys on the turf today. Jimmy Shufflebarger, worldis heavyweight champion, man- aged by Irwin Katzman, will stage a bout at Dorothy Newbrandfs country estate in Boston. The event is being given for the benefit of the Maryland Childrenis Home, an orphanage which is under the'i'super- Vision of its capable superintendent Margaret Newman. I Florence Pryor and Edith Poweleit opened the Continental Cafe today, with Anna Welsh as hostess, and Marie Shoech and Wilma Jones as chief cooks. Flash! Today Gene Norris, noted pharmacist, introduced to the world his new patent medicine which claims 'to cure heartache immediately. . .32;- A new musical comedy that promises to be a Success was initi- ated on Broadway today at the Roxy Theater managed by Dan Davies. It was written by Virginia Crawford and Albertis Krechting. Vivian DudenhoelTer is cast in the feminine lead while Lloyd Andrews plays opposite her. Flash! Today Margaret Davis was acclaimed the worldis fastest typist, and Ruth Ehinger, the worldis most speedy writer of shorthand. At eight o,clock the novelty songs of a new radio team, Norma Egan and Wilbur Klein, will be heard over this station. Following their program, a speech will be given by the renowned coach, Harry Walker of Harvard, on the Sports Hour regularly broadcast by Bill Hollohan. Billy Knapp, star baseball player of the Reds will. also be interviewed. - a i Wallace Allen has finally dug his way to China where he is now looking for a lost Village. Well, I guess I had better be digging my way out of here, so good night all. aGLADYs MAE BREEZE. 29 Earmarnpv $115 NAME NICKNAME LOVES HATES DISPOSITION PASTIME WANTS TO BE BAKER, DOROTHY BECKER, MARJORIE BENJEY, AILEEN BONNICK, MAY BRAUN, HAZEL BREEZE, GLADYS BROWN, NAOMI CLARKE, GRACE CLAUSE, BERNICE COLLINS, MARY JANE COOK, MARGARET CRAXVFORD, VIRGINIA DAVIS, MARGARET DEMOSS, KATHERINE DEWALD, ALMA DUDENHOEFFER, VIVIAN EGAN, NORMA EHINGrER, RUTH ENSLEN, LILLIAN FISHER, JANET FREDRICK, ANNA MAE FRISCHOLZ, JEANNETTE GILMORE, JEWELL HARTKE, ANNETTE HILDEBRANDT, MARGIE HILLER, JESSIE HODGE, LUELLA HUGHES, DOROTHY JONES, VVILMA KAISER, MILDRED KELLY, HELEN KENDRICK, MARY KINDNESS, NORA KNARR, EMILY KREBS, ISABEL KRECHTING, ALBERTIS MARE, HELEN MASCHINOT, DOLORES MASSEY, DOLORES MILLER, DOROTHY NE-WBRANDT, DOROTHY .NEVVMAN, MARGARET PARTINGTON, RUTH POATEw ESTELLE POW'ELEIT, EDITH ' PRYOR, FLORENCE A RAWE, MARY LOUISE SARGENT, HELEN SCHNAKE,RUTH AADottieAA AAMargie,, AGAIS, GCVamp93 AASparkyA, CCHappyS, AANonnieA, AAClarkie,A cABernieA, 66Mar3733 AACOOIiieA, ,- AAGinnieAA AAIVIarg,, ACIAay99 AADuckyAA ACViA,,, C6Nupy99 AARuthieP A C$EnSS, AAFish,A AAAnneA, AAFrischA, AALittle Bi? AAPete,A AAMarge,, AJessA AAVVelleIw AJaneyA AABilP, CSMilQ, AAGigglesA, AAIbetchaAA AATeddy,, 6AEm3, AS ,9 $3,, AASpikeA, AADeeP ACDeeSS CCDOtS, AADottieA, ATlossie,, AASisA AASweetieA, AARuthieAA Plenty Dave Lou To Argue Athletics Jimmy A Good Time To be on the G0 Quiet To Dance KW 0 ance Everybody Herself To Talk Studying To Sing Everybody Em All Boys Athletics To Talk Potts A1 Russ To Eat Music To Dream To Eat 7 Horses A Deacon Johnny T0 Act John Tommy Nothing Spike Walt M. Kids John Singing To Eat George Most Anything Mamma AJimmie Bob To Dance Bossing Pests Seriousness Photographers Bedtime High Heels Chickens Nothing Dignity School Robert Taylor Onions .z Noise Studying Blisters Nothing Popularity Contests Nothing Studying Slams Everybody Nothing Studying Shorthand Being Tall Being Short English Nothing Disturbances School Smoky Onions T0 Worry Nothing Pests Ed Everything Nothing Bugs Noise Shorthand Noise To Talk Quiet Nothing Noise Rivals Going Steady Nothing Most Anything . Pleasant Giggly Quiet Happy go-lucky Jolly Happy Sweet Dignified Quiet Nice Smiling J Quiet Pleasant Quiet Jolly Sweet Optimistic Sweet Jolly O. K. Sweet Talkative Pesky Big Friendly Nice Sweet Sweet Friendly Cheerful Friendly Happy go-lucky Quiet Pleasant Smiling Nice Agreeable Jolly Quiet Happy Pleasant Quiet Cheerful Happy go-lucky Quiet Swell Pleasant Quiet Cheerful Skating Giggling Sleeping Tapping Sports Jimmy A Going to Pops Dancing Dreaming Dancing Taking Pictures ..- Dancing Typing Piano Giggling Skating Singing Typing Vamping Baseball Basketball Gossiping Talking Dancing Wyoming, 0. Reading Music Dreaming Mills Red Dancing Smiling Acting Dancing Working Day Dreaming Seeing Spike Chewing Gum Studying Working Singing Sleeping Dancing Sleeping Thinking Writing Poetry Bob Gene Talking Secretary Married Successful Popular Phys. Ed. Instructor Happy Private Secretary A Lady A Graduate Nurse Wife 'M ' I Somebody ' ' Steno Nurse Nurse A Success Radio Singer Steno A Swisher Prof. Baseball Player Phys. Ed. Instructor Secretary Surgeon A Very Private Secretary Married Steno Nurse Secretary Steno Commercial Artist Famous Private Secretary Commercial Artist Happy-in-Love Steno . Lady of Leisure Mrs. Spike Dignified Married Bookkeeper Globe Trotter Debutante Happy Model Who Knows Mrs. Beautician Married Tiny 9'0 U I ,XJa kmjo SCHOECH. .MARIE SCHUMANN, ANNABELLE SCHWARTZ, MARY SICKMEIER, LAVERNE SMITH, IONE STAAB, MARY STEXVART, GLADYS STRAUSS, HELEN STYLES, BESSIE SWO'PE, ORELL THORNBERRY, VIRGINIA WEBER, LORRAINE WEBER, VVILMA WELSH, ANNA WHITE, JEAN WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA ZIEGLER, DOROTHY ZIEGLER, MARTHA ssMaddies ssSchunmes, uspeedn ssVeI'nless sCRedS, ssGiggless ssGlads ssStrausieW ssBessss sWVilliess 'Kjissiess ssDundeess ssGinnyss CCDOt,, CCMart39 T0 Yell . Lloyd Sports Bernie Zech Competition Good Grades Quiet Morrie Louis Quiet Studying To Sing To Talk Lelgie Guess Who ? Studies ssWillie V To be Quiet History To Work Bashfulness Red Hair School Failures Noise Boys CD Black Boys To be Quiet Noise To be Quiet Studying Most Boys Noise School 71-30415 Happy Wltty Cheerful Bashful Quiet Happy Pleasant Cheerful Mean Pleasant Quiet Happy Cheerful Jolly Cheerful Quiet Quiet Friendly Talking EaUng Bicycling Blushing Dreaming Giggling Studying Dreaming Dancing Dancing Studying Gossiping Singing Talking Fixing Hair Writing Notes Studying Dashing About Happy An Angel Intelligent Alone Happy Vocalist Bookkeeper Air Stewardess Mrs. Morrie Someone Secretary Rich In the Opera Tall Olympic Swimmer Tall Secretary A Graduate ALLEN, WALLACE ANDREWS, LLOYD AUSTIN, THOMAS BLACKB URN, CLARENCE BLATT, LLOYD BLAUT, ROBERT BOYAR, DAVID L DAVIES, DANIEL DICKERSON, MELVIN DOMHOFF, CHRISTOPHER FAUSZ, ALBERT FELDMAN, ROBERT FINCK, GORDON GRAY, CLARKE HOLLOHAN, WILLIAM KATZMAN, IRWIN KIEFER, JOHN KLEIN, XVILBUR KNAPP, WILLIAM KNARR, RICHARD LANTER, JACK LAYCOCK, GILBERT LIEDHEGNER, WILLIAM MASON, CHESTER MUSSMAN, RALPH JR. NEISER, WILLIAM NORRIS, GENE PLAGA, ROBERT RIEFLE, WILLIAM- SCHAUFUSS, KENNETH SCHWER, WALTER SCHMIDT, LAWRENCE SHUFFLEBARGER, JAMES SIMMS, DONALD SPINKS, CHARLES UTYHE, ROBERT WALKER, HARRY WESSLING, ROBERT sWVallW CCBabCQ, sCPete,, ssBlackies, CCBlotii CCBObQS CGDas,e,, uDanv ssDickss ssBudss sGAb33 ssB01,99 ssStinkyss csProfP $CBi1193 Cilrsy99 CGKief33 gChucks CSinllySQ sCDickQH ccJust Jack, ssGeneraPs CCBiIIQS csChucks ssMusss', CCBi1199 CCG. N.,9 ssCutiess ccxxyimpyu chennysa CGDubS, uLarryaa ssShufP, ' ssOne Plays ssCharlies sCRed99 s?Walkss csDangaa Solitude To Eat To Run German Women River Times-Star Music Talk Blondes Fish Dance Food Blondes Sleep Golf Baseball Everybody Mary A Girl Drawing Grace Food To Talk Athletics Ethics Study Girls Ice Cream Eat Terraplanes Electricity Fight Sports Sports Girls Sports Big Brown Eyes Women Nobody" English Movies Nobody No One Post Pests Women Brunettes Civics Women Nothing Nobody School Nothing to do Work Enquirers Competition Opposition Nothing Curly Hair Spinach Keep Quiet Girls Girls Nobody English Pool School Nobody Girls Nobody Nobody Nobody Sociology Nobody Ticket Takers Quiet , Happy Friendly Quiet Big Quiet Friendly Friendly Pesky Jolly Pleasant Happy Friendly Charming Jolly Swell Quiet Happy Nlce Pleasant Quiet Jolly Quiet Happy Pleasant Nice Quiet Swell Happy Friendly 'Quiet. Quiet Friendly Pleasant Charming Friendly Quiet s Pleasant Baseball Light Refreshments Office Reading Piano Boat Building Making Money Swimming Giggling Working Working Eating Bumming Dixie Queen Shows Shows Eating Working Sleeping Day Dreaming Drawing Driving Track Ushering Fishing School Work Annual Sports, Monkeying Around Driving a Machine Electricity Fight Mechanics Golf Sleeping Dreaming Dancing Engineer Working Man Lawyer Minister Skinny Smart News Editor Business Man Lawyer Opera Star Filing Clerk Jeep Alone XVriter Famous Golf Pro President of U. S. Crooner Intelligent Aviator Artist Radio Commentator Doctor Famous . Athletic Coach Mad Chemist Druggist G Man President of U. S. Musician Short Radio Engineer Pro Fighter Mechanic Lawyer Loved Another Henry Ford ' Naval Officer Ollaaa iiiatnry In September, 1933, we, the class of 1937, entered Newport High School to embark upon four years of hard study. Upon our entrance as Freshmen, we expected a great deal of acknowledgment from our upperclassmen, but we were greatly disappointed at the lack of attention that we received. With the aid of the faculty, we finished our Freshmen year with more or less success. After completing our examinations, we left school for a few months vacation, which was greatly appreciated by both students and teachers. The following September we returned to school to begin our Sophomore year. Of course, we had a much greater feeling of import- ance than we had had the former year. As our class had not yet been organized, we continued our studies without any social activities. We were now in our Junior year and we were awaiting with much interest the organization of our class. In the second semester our class was organized, with Miss Mary T anner and Miss Jeannette Owens as our advisors. We elected the following class officers: President . . . . . CHARLES SPINKs Vice-President . . . . MALLOY DIXON Secretary . . . . . . JACK GBAF Treasurer . . . . . STANLEY SWOPE During this semester we planned the Junior-Senior Prom; which was a very elaborate and enjoyable affair. . It is with a feeling of great importance that one enters his Senior year. The first important event in our final year was. the election of class officers. These were as follows: President . . . . . CHARLES SPINKs Vice-President . . . KENNETH SCHAUFUSS Secretary . . . . . . - NORMA EGAN Treasurer . . . . t . MARY SCHWARTZ In our Senior year we sponsored candy sales, two picture shows, an all-school dance and a moonlight boat ride, all for the benefit of the Annual. With the help and cooperation of the entire student body, each of these events proved a huge success. After having spent. four happy years in Newport: High School, we must now go forth into newer experiences. It is with a feeling of hope, mingled with one of awe and expectancy, that we enter upon the great adventure which lies before us. --JEAN WHITE AND NORMA EGAN. g?thlahher Life is a stepladder, tall and straight, And the top rung rests on a star; And itis not for us to be able to say Just how many rungs there are; For every rung is a separate year, Each year a step is made, And we must see that this step is fine So our guiding star wonit fade. Now school takes care of twelve of these rungs, As the general averages show,. And these rungs are marked with happy hearts And friendships that blossom and grow; Sometimes these rungs are far apart And the going is rather steep, But again the way may be easy for us, And the years pass by in a leap. The first of these years are childish and free, And the steps are happy and light As elders help us along our way And our star shines ever so bright; But as the years and the steps go by Some small gray clouds may appear, Ogsomething make the path less gay And arouse a new feeling called fear. So slowly we barely notice the trend We mount them, rung by rung; Each year is a memory, some good, some bad A story we,Ve written and sung; And as we reach the topmost rungs We can bask in the light of our star And look down the years, with smiles and tears, At our school daysethe best by far. -DOROTHY NEWBRANDT. 0113155 18113151 Our latest gsit-down strikert Lil Enslen-Place-An. elevator in the. Hotel Gibson. Nice going gtLiPZ you are sure to get a ralse. Janet Fisher claims she is going to Lexington for her sodas from now on, as she gets, not two dlps of me cream, but two fellows With each soda. Dick Knarr is singing GtOut in the Cold Again,, as Helen Marr and tiSpikW just couldn9t say ttGoodbyeii Those Wishing to graduate in three easy lessons see Dave Boyar and Bob Wessling. 6tPeteii Austin goes in for track in a big way. He takes a half mile jaunt out to 1052 Grand Avenue dailyettBarbai couldnit be the inspiration could she, ttPeteii? Jean White, Janet Fisher, iiSparlqri9 Braun, and ttLiPi Enslen got the well known ttbouncinga, in Lexington. Resultefour Weary girls looking for a room. Time--3:OO o,clock in the morning. Our sympathy to Jeannette Frischolz eBowling Green and W. L. Mathews are so far away. ' Isabelle Krebs goes man-hunting and comes up With Tommy R. in Bellevue. We wonder Why Bessie Styles Visits Fort Thomas so often. It couldnit be because of Morris Nettlesecould it, Bessie? Dontt tell us you are falling for a ticake-eaterti! It has been rumored that Charles Spinks is going to take a va- cation when he gets out of school-emost likely to Bowling Green, Ken- tucky, to see Sara Williamson, the girl he met in Lexington two years " ago. . Helen Kelly is in a daze. The reason is Deacon. She rang for an elevator in the Phoenix Hotel, and When it arrived, she turned and walked up the steps. Mary Schwartz has taken to the wilds of Dayton for her cave- man, Melvin Gregory. i Mildred Kaiser says that the boys from Hazard don,t compare With those from Latonia. Well, Mildred, every one to her own taste. According to Chester Mason the better half of him. wants to be goodewell, Joyce, youire holding up your end. Margaret Cook went shopping in the Pay an Tak-it and came out With Harold Schlake in her basket. Puttini all your eggs in one basket, eh, Marg? m :bevri ' Mary Lou Rawe, anothertuofle of our young mlsses Who has gone afield for her love, picks. Bob Schoemaker as her Victim. May Bonnick has taken. her vampish ways to Fort Thomas and roped in the great Charlie Heil. 6cMe and My ShadowmeMary Kendricks and J ohnny White. Donald Simlns picks a pretty hot numbereThelma Pepper. 34 7 , ixv-eeX, Ruth Partington Visits T own Tavern quite often. The reason couldntt be the singer in the orchestra-could it, Ruth? Naomi Brown gave Charlie Young the air for Bay Stumpf. - You believe in a change once in a whileaeh, Nonnie? Margie Hildebrandt and Russ Harris, our eX-grad are ttthat wayh about each other. Dorothy Miller has succumbed to the crooning of John Cas- son 6tBingti Dolores Maschinot seems to be falling fast for an underclass- man football player. It couldn,t be Jimmy Caudill, could it ttDeem? Those Wishing some 66hot tips,, on the big races, consult ttbookiett Ralph Mussman. Emily Knarr takes great delight in shopping in Cincinnati, and. .having her things delivered by United Parcel Service, WithtJohnny Schwartz as delivery boy. , ea: THINGS WE CANT IMAGINE Lloyd Blatt as a ballet dancer. Gladys Breeze and Jimmy Lorenz apart. Norma Egan Without a smile on her face. Gene Norris in a football uniform. Irwin Katzman not ttsucking i1? at the golf links. Billy Knapp Without Mary Chenot. Mary Staab not giggling. Robert Uthe not crashing parties. Virginia Williams not blushing at the mention of Ralph. Estelle Poate at a dance Without Bob 01' A1. :35 THINGS WE CAN IMAGINE Jack Lanter as our future Rubinoff. Kenneth Schaufuss as a great saxophone player. Gilbert Laycock and Bill Neiser as the mad chemists. Harry Walker and Lillian Knapp as Mr. and Mrs. Ione Smith and Richard Zech as happy love birds. Jim Schuftlebarger as a future boxing champ tafter finally beating ttDodo WOOdSU. Bob Plaga as an editor of the ttdaily blab,,-Newp0rtts latest newspaper. Johnny Kiefer as a great scientist. Bill Liedhegner as track manager at some big college. eCHARLEs SPINKS. ZXZ 'f Z x Z Z xxxxquxwikxNQ x Glalpnhar FEBRUARY 1415-H0uses seen floating down the muddy Ohio. Everyone excited. No school, no food, no heat, no light, no fun, n0 shows, no nuthini, just water and more water. The notorious Ohio River reached a crest of 79.99 feet. Was that water wet? 13-On their own floor, our ancient rival, Covington, was defeated 39-13 by our crack basketball team. C. Spinks, starting his first game, came through with 14 points-a good sample of what our Seniors can do. 15-Back to school. It sure is hard getting down to fibrass tacksi, after that long layoff. However what must be done, must be done. 16-Heads fly back, chests expand, a new feeling of utmost importance permeates our beings. We are dignified CD Seniors. - 19-Our cagers 10st valiantly to a stronger Dayton team by a score of 26-17. Tough luck, boys. Keep your chins up! 28-Because 0f the flood, Baccalaureate Services were held on this date. A memorable date for the Class of 336122. A day for the class 0f 37 to look forward to. Lillian Enslen caught on to a joke the first time she heard it. MARCH l-Class Night and Class Play given by the grads of 36122. Robert Niemeyer, President of this class, presented to Charles Spinks, President of our class, the cane on which our class colors, cardinal and silver, were placed. 3-T he big night for the Senior Ais of 36122. tGraduatiom . 344-By defeating Highlands 30-18, Bellevue 33-20, and Dayton 31-26, the XVildcats won the District Tournament. 44Held our first Senior A meeting, and the class was addressed by our Principal, Mr. Cobb. The class motto was chosen, and an all-school dance was planned. 5-Dick Knarr purchased a club with which to heat off the girls. 11-Our boys won their first regional game, by defeating" Hamilton 40-11. 12hThe team came through again by defeating Erlanger 35-15. Harry Walker, the senior flash, scored 17 points. . 134The pep meeting held the day preceding the Dayton game proved to be an encouragement to the team as they defeated Dayton 19-18, in a wild and woolly game. On to Lexington! 17-Team leaves for Lexington. Much excitement on the part of every- one. N ewport is rather quiet for a changewhalf the town has gone to Lexington to encourage the team to do its utmost. 18-Our team defeated Carrollton. Their first win in the state tourney, 43-19. All our boys looked good. Fitzenberger with 11 points, and Mason with 10 led the attack. 19-B0ys suffer a hard defeat handed to them by a stronger Hazard team. The score at the half was 21-4, Hazard; final score was. 30-22. Weire still with you, boys, and think you and Coach are tops. 23-Girl Reserves gave a picture show, ifThe Hoosier Schoolmaster? 26--G00d Fridathere we all good? APRIL l-April f'ooPs day and the Seniors were up to their old tricks. The tests fooled most of us. . a 2--Emily Knarr and Robert Wessling waltzed their way into the prize of a box of candy at our All-School Dance. This was the first dance given by our class and it proved to be agreat success, both finan- eially and socially. Toes were trampled in the wild rush and con- fusion caused by the release of many balloons from the ceiling. 7-Annual Staff appointed. The popularity contest was held, and Wilbur Klein was elected the wittiest. Oh well! They were half right. 38 30 8eRalph Mussman was actually seen doing his own homework. Will wonders never cease? . lleGirls met and selected white caps and gowns for graduation. 15e16eK.E.A. Convention at Louisville. The holiday, much needed, was appreciated by everyone. l8-Young 8c CarPs grew gray hair. Seniors had pictures taken for an- nual. tGLook pretty now . Look at the camera. Smile? Snap! 19eCharles Spinks and Pete Austin were not seen together. That,s hard to believe. ZOeReds opened the 1937 season by losing to St. Louis and ttDizzyii Dean by a score of 2-0 in 10 innings. Tough luck. 22eGroup pictures were taken. for the annual. 6tDarn it! I forgot to wear my tie? ttHurry! Lend me your comb? More excitement. Track meet at Withrow. Newport defeated by a score of 79-53. Tough luck boys, but good work, since VVithrow was Southwestern Ohio Champions in 1936. Bill Eger, one of our dashmen, was spiked in his attempt to uphold the track honor of N.H.S. 23wttMoonlight and Sliadows,,-I mean our Moonlight was held on this date. It proved a huge success, although the dance floor was crowded. Carol Gable, former N.H.S. student led Clyde Traskas orchestra. ZGe-Senior Class meeting. Mr. Cobb named the day for the class party. 26-eCoach Foster won a combination regular and split-second stop watch from Bob Newhall for sending in the most interesting sport question. Nice going, Coach. 2tiwAt'ter much discussion, the class play was finally Chosen. The class of ,37 is especially different from other classes. Why? Because they had their Senior Group picture taken on a rainy day and a damp time was had by all who attended. 28-Robert Donat and Jean Parker thrilled the students in, ttThe Ghost Goes West? Our picture show was enjoyed by everyone. 28-0Marg. Davis and Ruth Ehinger finished ttGone With The Wind? which they started three months ago. . ZSeReds won their first league game by defeating Chicago 10-3 at Chicago. For further details see John Kiefer or Irwin Katzman, ' baseball fiends. SOeWilma Weber left for Lexington to compete in a State Vocal Contest. MAY 1-Spring is in the air! Tra-la tra-la! Notice the dreamy looks on the faces of the Seniors. 2eGirl Reserve Ring Ceremonial. - 6---7-The Pinafore, a light operetta, proved to be the biggest achieve- ment ever undertaken by the music department of N.H.S. Prizes were awarded for selling tickets. This resulted in a record crowd. 15wJunior-Senior Prom. The night of nights. Everyone decked out in his best. Many tears were shed by Seniors who recalled happy memories of the Junior year. Since it was formal, Chester Mason wore shoes. IQeEveryone in the halls singing 6tBoo-hoof not only because it is the most popular song in the Lucky Strike Hit Parade, but also because of report cards. 27eGirl Reserveis ShowettGirl of the Limberlost? 30eDecoration Day. Last holiday for the Seniors. J UNE 'ISwBaccalaureate Services, first and last time the Seniors had solemn and dignified expressions. 14eClass Night was presented before a large audience. The class play, a rollicking comedy, proved a big hit with everyone. Charles Spinks presented the cane to Alex Zechella, Junior President. 15eSeniors received the last minute instructions for their final stop-a graduation. IBeGraduation. All is ended. The Finis. Goodbye, all. 39 - 23 9 0115155 Will We, the Senior Class of Newport High School, being of dis- posing mind and generous heart and realizing that upon the things which we are giving away we have no furthel claim, do make this our Last Will and Testament. To the Class of i38wthe intelligent, grave, and reverent Seniors of next yeare-we give the privilege of setting a fine and high example to all underelassmen, of being helpful to them, and of showing at all times that kind spirit which should permeate a great institution of learning. To the Class of 39 we accord the right to organize and to elect class ofticersha distinction allotted only to those who have reached the station of dignity and power ascribed to Juniors. It shall be their duty to keep a watchtul eye upon the Seniors, as well as those below them, that the atorementioned dignitaries shall not inflict hardships upon their ttlesser kinsmen. To the Class of 340, so lately released from the bondage of Freshdom, we leave the iron hand with which we so ably made the class below us walk the straight and narrow path, so that they may. hold in check any and all pranks and frivolous ideas of the incoming pupils who will torm the class of i41. To the various athletic teams, we leave for the present, our gymnasium, Andrews Field, and the ttDllrnp,, in fond hope that the last named may soon be replaced by something better. For all time, we leave them boisterous and manly sports, a thorough disdain of weak- ness in themselves, and confidence in their own strength and skill. To the Librarians, Miss Morris and her assistants, whoihave made two ideas grow where only one grew before, who have found for us. many hidden treasures, and who have made us learn to love many books, we leave our sincere gratitude. To the F aculty, we leave our respect and affection with hopes that the next Senior class will be as studious and peace-loving as we were. To Miss Tanner and Miss Owens, we leave our sincere thanks for their helpful guidance. To Miss Poe, we leave some one to take the places of D0101es Maschinot, Anna Mae Fredrick, Bessie Styles, Mary Schwartz, Lillian Enslen, Jean White, Jeannette Frischolz, Helen Marr, and other Senior girls from the G. A. A. To June Wagner, we leave 6iSparkyii Braunis athletic ability. To Vera Schneider, we leave Janet Fishel s last name, so that she and Elmer Fitzenberger may sit very. very close in alphabetical seating arrangement. To Stella Creech, we leave Mary Staab,s 'title of ttGiggliest? To Mr. Molnar, we leave a whole new orchestra to take the place of Lloyd Blatt. To Jean Rice, we leave Mary Kendrickis stgift of gab? 40 To Frances Ward, Irene Vandergift, and Mary Durkin, we - leave the seats in the lunchroom formerly occupied by Dottie Baker, Dottie Newbrandlt, and Margaret Newman who ate their daily jello together. To Marjorie Palm, we leave Norma Egan,s winning ways. To Harry Spinks, we leave his brothers place on the basketball team. , T0 Martha Belle Davis, we leave Wilma Webefs straight pins and other weapons. which she used to make little girls squeal. T0 Ruth Gaupel, we leave directions on how to create curls 0f the style worn by Gladys Breeze. To John Yeager, we leave a place on the bench which Robert Uthe has kept warm for four football seasons. . T0 Grace Messmer, we leave someone to walk home with her, now that Gilbert Laycock will no longer be in school. To Junior Smith, we leave all broken ice cream sandwiches and candy bars, formerly laid away by ttChuclU Klein. T0 Ray Sanders, we leave Ralph Mussmanis ttway with the women? ' T0 Joyce Margileth, we leave Chester Masonis telepathic mind, in order that his absence may make her heart grow fonder. T0 Bob Seilkop, we leave ctPeteii Austin,s ability to ttrun the mile? , T0 J ack Braun, we leave more polish for his saxophone. T0 the Office, we leave our friendly and inspiring pictures to adorn its walls. To Mr. Bathiany and Mr. Hotz, first-rate judges of Prize Waltzes, we leave an empty candy box with the hope that enough candy will accumulate from future contests to keep their 6chunger for candy,i down. We tried to leave the titles of Jewell Gilmore and Melvin Dickerson, our Class Pests to someone, but found it impossible. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto subscribed my name and fixed my seal gthis thirteenth day of June in the year one thousand' nine hundred and thirty-seven. EMILY KNARR. WITNESS : F REDDIE THE F RESHMAN, SOPHOMORE SALLY, LITTLE J UNIOR. ianpularity Olnntwt GIRL BOY Mary Schwartz MOST POPULAR Charles Spinks . Helen Marr MOST ATTRACTIVE Charles Spinks Vivian Dudenhoeffer MOST INTELLIGENT Gilbert Laycock Mary Schwartz Virginia Williams Nora Kindness Bessie Styles Estelle Poate Norma Egan Lorraine Weber May Bonnick Mary Schwartz Norma Egan Grace Clarke Hazel Braun Gladys Mae Breeze Mary Kendrick J eanette Frischolz Vivian Dudenhoeffer Mary Schwartz Virginia Williams J ewel Gilmore Marjorie Becker May Bonnick Nora Kindness Wilma Weber Naomi Brown Dorothy Hughes Lillian Enslen Dorothy Baker Wilma Weber Vivian Dudenhoeffer Bessie Styles Wilma Weber Mary Staab J ean Bary ALL-AROUND PERSON WOMAN-MAN HATER MOST ORIGINAL BEST DANCER FASHION PLATE MOST. OPTIMISTIC MOST PESSIMISTIC BEST ILLUSTRATION OF 1T99 FRIENDLIEST MOST WILLING WORKER MOST DIGNIFIED BEST ATHLETE HAPPIEST BIGGEST GOSSIP NEATEST MOST COLLEGIATE MOST BASHFUL CLASS PEST BIGGEST BLUFFER VAMILSHEIK QUIETEST NOISIEST BEST LOOKING DREAMIEST MOST TALKATIVE BEST MUSICIAN WITTIEST BEST DISPOSITION CUTEST BEST VOCALIST GIGGLIEST MOST POPULAR UNDERGRAD Charles Spinks Lawrence Schmidt Wilbur Klein Charles Spinks Walter Schwer Lloyd Blatt Wilbur Klein Charles Spinks Charles Spinks Wilbur Klein Clarke Gray Ralph Mussman Chester Mason Billy Knapp Robert Plaga Charles Spinks Lawrence Schmidt Melvin Dickerson Billy Knapp Ralph Mussman Gene Norris Bill Hollohan Clarke Gray Harry Walker Chester Mason Lloyd Blatt Wilbur Klein' Charles Spinks J im Shufflebarger Kenneth Schaufuss Melvin Dickerson Alex Zechella ,42 Eh? AII-$7rhnnl Emu? Friday evening, April the second, the Newport High School gymnasium was the scene of an All-School dance, sponsored by the Senior A Class. Through the untiring efforts of the committee, who draped crepe paper in various artistic ways and arranged hundreds of brightly colored balloons high above everyoneis head in the center of the room, the atmosphere of the gym was magically changed into that Of a dance palace. On a gayly decorated improvised orchestra platform, Ben Berkmeier directed his orchestra in the latest ttswingb tunes. Distinction was addedto the evenings entertainment by a four-act floor show which included a dance of modern tempo by Ruth Kummings and Dorothy Krauss; a clever arrangement of music by the Sizzlers; a dance by Katherine Stewart, the girl with' the flying feet; and a song by Wilma Weber, the school nightingale. After intermission the dancers participated in a prize waltz which was judged by Mr. and Mrs. Bathiany and Mr. and Mrs. Hotz, who rightfully chose Robert Wessling and Emily Knarr as the winners. T0 climax the evenings entertainment, the balloons were released, causing everyone to jostle into everyone else while trying to obtain one. x The large crowd which attended, and the gala time enjoyed by all, was proof enough of thesuccess 0f the dance. The most spectacular and dignified social event of the year is the Junior- Senior Prom! The gymnasium, beauti- fully decorated, lends an air of enchant- mentethe rustling 0f gowns and the soothing music of Carl Brabenderts Orchestra indicate the beginning of a perfect evening. As the evening progresses, the lights are dimmed, and the music softened, as Sluninr-vainr 31$er our attention is centered upon the crown- ing of the Prom Queen, Mary Schwartz, Who is attended by Naomi Brown and Helen Marr. The Grand March follows. After a very entertaining floor show, dancing is resumed, and continues until midnight. To the Seniors, this, another cTare- well Eventtt, Will long remain a cherished memory. ' HELEN MARR MARY SCHWARTZ NAOMI BROWN Qllaaa Wag anh Ollaaa Night Monday, June 14, was Class Night for the Graduates of ,37 of Good Old Newport High. MuSic for the evening was furnished by The Cadets. A one-act comedy entitled, ttCircumstances Alter Cases? very ably directed by Miss Beryl Schwarberg, was presented by the class. The cast of char- acters was as follows: Don Hamilton ................................................ Wilbur Klein Eve Hamilton .................................................. Grace Clarke Stephen Everett ............................................ Chester Mason Betty Everett ................................................ Nora Kindness Maggie .............................................................. Norma Egan Several specialty numbers were given by members of the class, among them several selections by the German Band, vocal solos, and dance numbers. To conclude the program, the Seniors held their last class meeting, at which time the Class Roast, Prophecy, and Will were read. The meeting concluded with the singing of the Class Song. 19369g KORA ORMES, A. Nash C0., Cincinnati, 0. JEANETTE RISCH, Procter s Gamble C0., Cincinnati, 0. DOLLY DAUZENBERG, Willis Music C0., Cincinnati, 0. FRANK HEIDEBRINK, Rollman,s, Cincinnati, 0. ARTHUR BARTH, Union Central Life Insurance C0., Cincinnati, 0. VIRGINIA HINDMARCH, CampbelPs Business School, Cincinnati, 0. MALLOY DIXON, Ast Candy C0., Cincinnati, 0. s GARMAN DARNELL, Albers Store, Newport, Ky. 1936 JUNE BRUNS, Fifth-Thir'd Nat,l Bank, Cincinnati, 0. VIOLA BLEY, Fifth-Third Natsl Bank, Cincinnati, 0. s FRANK WILCOX, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, Ky. SHIRLEY CRITES, Eastern State Teachers College,-Richm0nd, Ky. FRANCES LITTLE, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, Ky. KATHLEEN WOOD, Washington National Insurance C0., Cincinnati, 0. IRMA MCGIVERN, Speers Hospital, Dayton, Ky. FLORENCE DEVOSS, Western 8:, Southern Life Insurance C0., Cincinnati, 0. CLYDE LEWIS, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, Ky. MARTHA COOK, Remington Rand C0., Cincinnati, 0. RUTH MEYER, Bell Telephone C0., Cincinnati, 0. ' LILLIAN KNAPP, Southwestern Publishing C0., Cincinnati, O.- - BARBARA SMITH, Southwestern Publishing C0., Cincinnati, 0. RUTH BUBENHOFER, Doermann-Roehrer C0., Cincinnati, 0. VERA MARZ, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, Ky. WILLIAM WAGNER, University Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. WALTER WAGNER, Duke University M RUTH HORN, Crosley Radio Corporation, Cincinnati, 0. JAKE MILLER, KBroWn Drug Store, Newport,-Ky. LOUIS CRAWFORD, O. M. 1., Cincinnati, 0. LOIS BOONE, Poguess, Cincinnati, 0. JULIUS BILTZ, Procter Sc Gamble C0., Cincinnati, 0. THOMAS LINCOLN, Rolling Mill, Newport, Ky. , ' FRANK SCHACHERER, Blanks Pharmacy, Newport, Ky. EARL LANG, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. GAIL'JOHNSON, Enslehss Meat Market, Newport, Ky. JOHN SCHWARTZ, United Parcel Service, Cincinnati, 0. VVOODROW CAMPBELL, McKessen,s Drugs, Cincinnati, 0. JACK KREBS, O. M. I-., Cincinnati, 0. CURTIS COOK, Rollmans, Cincinnati, 0. DOROTHY HALENKAMP, Giddings, Cincinnati, 0. HOWARD DAMERON, American Tool Works, Cincinnati, 0. HAROLD FUHRMAN, Baldwin Piano Co., Cincinnati, 0. ROYCE BEARD, Wadsworth Watch C0., Dayton, Ky. - MARY L. LICKERT, Procter 8: Gamble C0., Cincinnati, 0. FLORENCE HILL, Long Distance Telephone Exchange 193595 DALE MORGAN, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond; Ky. CARL YEAGER, Western Union Telegraph C0., Cincinnati, 0. HAROLD SMITH, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. HOWARD SMITH, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. . GERALDINE ANDREWS, Western Union Telegraph C0., Cincinnati, 0. ORIN BRITT, Pennsylvania R. R. C0., Cincinnati, 0. NATHALIE DYEVUniversity of Kentucky, Lexington; Ky. HOWARD STORN, Rolling Mill, Newport, Ky. ROBERT HUDDLE, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. HELEN SCHEARER, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. 1935 MARION SWOPE, Ernst 8: Ernst Accountants, Cincinnati, 0. LILLIAN HAUSER, McAlpin,s, Cincinnati, 0. JOHN POPP, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 0. VICTORIA SCHNEIDER, Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, Ky. FRANK GOODFRIEND, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. 46 ; Juninr 6115155 FIRST ROW L. Schneider, E. Schnee- man, R. Poinset, F. Fargo, H. Knierim, E. Flutmus, V. Neil, M. Raizor, N. Smith, M.. Palm, R. Tuch. 'SECOND ROW W. Reed, M. Pruitt, V. Schneider, M. Schulte, R. Oldfield, B. Purcell, D. Nelson, M. Smeltz, F. Ward, M.. Wagner. THIRD ROW S. Poinsett, S. Miller, D. Jacobs, G. Smith, R. Ryan, W. Lape, J. Garrison, J. Philippi, H .Sp'inks.. FOURTH ROW E. Schwalback, B. Royce, B. Schwarburg, D. Smith, B. Ott- ing, R. Nelson, R. Seilkop, F. Richardson. FIFTH ROW R. Purcell, F. Stemple, J. Reidinger, H. Sheanshang, P.. Reily, A. Tuttle, R. Rostech. J FIRST ROW M. Kidney, V. Morgan, A. Henson, M. Leopold, L.. Hatley, R. Hagedorn, J. Keown, R. Hindmarch, V. Maybury, M. Michael, K. Kendall. SECOND ROW B. Heidekamp, Kenneweg, B. Krieger, R. Hearn, Henzerling, R. Hultquist, I. Kruse, Kuhr, E. Martin, M. Hutchinson, McGurk. THIRD ROW R. Hauenstein, A. Hefner, P. Ledonne, A. Kirchner, H.. Me- Call, R. Boeckman, J. Miller, D. Mueller, E. Goshorn, H. Miller. FOURTH ROW J. Heckman, C. Hosea, L. Hoffman, E. Kelly, E. Hermann, H. Marsh, R. Lyle, R. Kinstler. FIFTH ROW-G. Hehman, F.. Lonne- man, D. Higgins, E. Macdonald, R. Jones, B. Miller, R. McHenry, R. Horn. .5 FIRST ROW -E. Daniels, J.. Bary, D. Dudley, R. Dowd, S. Creech, K. Farber, M. Davis, D. Alford, D. Dreiss, E. Fayler, M. Flynn.. SECOND ROW-E. Felger, M. Buecker, D. Eppstein, F. Essig, J. Davis, A. Ballard, M. Droege, Mr Fisher. , THIRD ROW K. Collins, M. Gillett, A. Comberger, J. Boyer, J. Erb, H. Erb, E. Dewald, V. Beierle, D. Enzweiler, L. Groeschen. FOURTH ROW H H. Gillett, L. Andrews, L. Braun, R. Claudy, J. Brown, E.. Fitzenberger, D. Baumgartner, H. Fitzer, F. Grossheim. FIFTH ROW M. Kane, T. Goodall, R. Arnzen, E. Gerner, D. Bonar, J. Graf, W. Bucheit, J. Brown, E. Dalton. $ FIRST ROWuM. Sarbeck, G. Smith, H. Wallingford, M. Smith, A. Welte, M. Wormald, M. Whitehead, E. Wood, I. Thoney, C. Zechella, J. Tilton. SECOND ROW J. McAllister, K. Wasser, G. Schoekley, M. Schwartz, S. Sheanshang, J. Wagner, E. Veal, M. Winkler, A. Sibert. THIRD ROW R. Schoemaker, F. Wachsman, J. Seifred, E. Simon, B. Stall.- A. Wasser, D. Young, R.. Wells. FOURTH ROWHW. Tranner, F. Schwartz, L. Strebel, A. Zechella, E. Yeager, J. Schafstall, W.. Staab, W. Schear, W. Scott, J. Williams, W. Weber, G. Schmidt, H. Stern. E112 ZJuninr Qllaaa Organized on March 15, 1937 $1 Ahniarra MISS GYPSY GRAY MR. RICHARD NEISEB SQ! 011mm prfirpra President . . . .v -- .7 5 A. ZECHELLA Vice-President ., . '. . . .. 1. J. GRAF Secretary f .. ' ' . . .' ; J. BABY Treasurer . . . . . . . , - T. GOODALL $2 01111an Dark Blue and Silver $2 IHlnmpr Gardenia $1 I mnttn Consider then Act 5711;111:1111an FIRST ROW R. Walgroski, M. Seither, B. Scheer, M. Stephany, T. Pep- XE ' . , , ,. per, V. Wallace, V. Shannon, V. Racke, XX X xx ' L ,1 , 1- . j '- H. Stuebe,- Km Stewart, A. Schenck. $x .- . 3-: . . V ' ' ' SECOND ROW G. Simms, G. Fister, ' ' , . - G. Ziegler, H. Sharpe, E. Woods, V. Witte, E. Semsel, A. Siereveld. THIRD ROWmHE. Schleyer, D. Zieg- ler, L. chel, W. Schweikert, W. White- house, H. Trame, H. Stopper, J., Scott, T. Zakem. FOURTH ROW-HR. Simms, D. Pier- man. T. Smith, R. Patterson, E. Ziegler, P. Vieth, H. Shaw, H. Smith FIFTH ROW R. Sanders, 'W. Volk- mar, R. Tuttle, J. Yeager, R. Weingartner. x x 99G FIRST ROW A. Seibert, O. Snyder, M. Powers, V. Rummel, V. McClure, L. Rheinhart, B. Schworman, C.. Scherzinger, H. Scott, D. Schnelle, H. Stanfield, M. Walters. SECOND ROW C. Yutze, R. Swope, V.. Siebert, P. Robinson, V. Rawe, F. Rakosi, J. Schrader, J. Popp, E. Runyan, B. Nolan. THIRD .ROVV--A. Yung, H. Tuerpe, H. Powell, VSK Swaney, H. Sargent, T. Thomas, J. Smith, I. Warden, J. Wagner, E. Johnson. FOURTH ROW C. Yeager, H. Reis, F. Ray, W.. Pruitt, C. Stone, A. Rhein- hart, G. Schwenterly, W. Reader, H. Thackstone. J o9 w FIRST ROW-R. Gasdorf, L. Helbig, V. Golden, R. Hughes, M. Franke, L. Hoepker, S. Fahlbush, B. Horn, R. Hughes, 1. Fogel, P. Finley. SECOND ROW C. Brontz, R. Eismen, T. Grigg, M. Hartman, R. Schnake, V. Fitzer, J. Goodin, H. Dries, H. Dieden- hofer. THIRD ROW-F. Daniel, J. Dietz, A. Burris, N. Herb, J. Hemingway, R. Geis, E. Frischolz, H. Driess, J. Frelinger. FOURTH ROW C. Foulks, A. Daniel, J. Baumgartner, J. Boswell, J. Decker, J. Caudill, J.. Hearern, A. Fissel, B. Eager, J. Hearn. FIFTH ROW G. Daut, R. Hurst, R. Foster, W. Benje, M. Allen, F. Haas, W. Henglebroo-k, M. Alley, I. Essig. Qllzmaw FIRST ROW-K. Hamilton, M. Feilen, V. Heye, W..Kruse, A. McNay, G.Mason, R. Gaupel, F. Jurin, I. Vandergrift, V. Lucas. SECOND ROW H. Kaiser, A. Muel- ler, J..Margi'leth, B. Miller, M. Maschinot, V. Mason, J. Linstaedt, P. Joerg, L. Lowe, J. Murrell, C. Dreyer. THIRD ROW K. Morris, M. Pryor, A. Jenkins, M. Miller, S. Lemul, A. Morton, J. Jones, C. Kispert, M. Link- ugel, J. Baldwin. FOURTH ROW E. Lehcamp, R. Knierim, M. J. Lampe, V. Marchant, M. Crites, E. Mulchey, L. Macht, R. Muss- man, W. Macdo-nald, R. Klaserner. FIFTH ROW H. Davis, W. Jones, J. Miller, W.. Kruse. J. McCabe, H. Mitchell, 0. Keeler, E. Moore, R. Clark, J. Heavern, K. Kaffenberger. .5 FIRST ROW V. Bach, V. Erb, D. Dinger, M. Auteri, L. Deschler, E. Daniels, P. Davies, J.. Douglas, E. Craw- ford, L. Feinhauer, V. Bruce SECOND ROW E. Derrick, J. Brewer, C. Drown, H. Burke, M. Buecker, D. Bauer, D. Davidson, E. Abbey, S. Buerger. ' THIRD ROW R. Clifford, J. Davies, K. Denis, D. Burris, M. Crites, B. Dos- sett, H. Qraig, M. Cohen, E. Crawford, W.. Bradley. FOURTH ROW P. Bowling, R. Bowling, C. Butts, M. Buerger, C. Busse, W. Conway, W. Busam, E. Crawford, R. Kline. FIFTH ROW-I. Benedict, T. Chand- ler, G. Ashford, M. Barbiea, J. Boltz, C. Corrigan, E. Bolzer, R. Boone. kngnggaaiis$s$k 7 .rwhman FIRST ROW-M. Landrum, E. Smith, J. Dorgan, B. Volkmeyer,, M. Citron, M. Smith, R. Campbell, E. Jacobs. SECOND ROW R. Gerhardstein, M. Durkin, B- Hagedorn, R. Elrod, R. Koet- ting, B. Eiders, N. Bradford. THIRD ROW V. Schwartz, F. Rifle, W. Reed, W. Finn, W. Wientjes, E. Txppenhauer, H. Meyer. ' FOURTH ROW W. Gold, H. Reed, L. Heindmein, J. Mackey, H. Messmer, M. Alley, A. Zechella, L. Schuster. $ FIRST ROW-E. Racke, R. Crosby, R. Go-ukel, C. M. Hoffman, M. Alfred, R. Sickmeyer, L. M. Broering, J. Mc- Carthy, R. Davies, J. ,Sullender, J. Limbert. SECOND ROW-R. Jones, A. Lee, M. Ball, E. Jones, E. Stall, J. Tiesman, H. Pubenhoffer, C. Gildea, R. M. Garrett, L. Henquien, H. Brunz, R. Ogden. THIRD ROWFE. Owens, 0. Sawyer, 0. McAndrew, E. Knarr, H. Thorn, F. Keene, B. Major, J. Beck, E. Purcell, W. Wientjes, R. Alley, E. Stiles. FOURTH ROW-W. Shr'iver, D. Ebert, C. Knebes, W. Racke, W. Driver, R. Baker, R. McHenry, G. Sheanshang, J. Conners, Clarence Gaskins, E. Gartner, H. Sprott. J FIRST ROW--D. Fisher, M. .Schwal- bach, E. Hanlon, A. Hub, R. Kummings, V. Murray, R. Farrar, A. Palm, 1. Allen, M. Bradford, M. Harms, T. Bodkin, C. Dryer. SECOND ROW-J. Hughes, R. Plaga, E. Streine, M. Lancaster, B. Manjanis, J. Clayboun, J. Cappas, C. Mingra, E. Smith, H. Wilson, C. Schomaker, L. Mueller, M. Priestle, R. Swainson, C. Flynn, J. Pelzer, E. Matzner. THIRD ROW-H. Swope, J. Turner, W. Templeton, J. Mussman, F. Ballard, E. Eldridge, J. Goodin, J. Swisher, W. Keene, W. Wilson, D. Moorman, F. Daily, P. Straus, H. Thornberry, F. Bonniville, FOURTH ROW B. Boot, B. Huff- man, R. Bradley, G. Fosdick, C. Valz, C. Debes, E. Moore, S. Corgan, J. Flaig, G. Young, T. Bolser, B. Haines, R. Brooks, W. Riehman. , 011315555 FIRST ROW5L. Fisher, V. Ertel, B. Moore, C. Hoffman, R. Emerson, S. Feist- ner, D. Farrar, G.. Engle, D. McCain, M. Flaig, M. Schwed, R. Chalk, A. Hop- kins, R. Otting, D. Ritter, R. Welte. SECOND ROW-F. Firth, E. Daut, C. Ballard, D. Arrington, P. Fox, A. Ellswick, G. Fisher, C. Drown, V. Britton, J. Ziegler, G. Eicher, R.. Mason, D. Gilb, J. Clark, H. Hanson. THIRD ROW-D. Davis, 0. Sawyer, R. Wilson, J.. Drake, R. Marshall, D. Ginley, W. Callahan, J. Cramer, D. Kalt- enback, C. King, D. Houlihan, L. Apple- gate, W. Kieffer, B.. Yeager, J. Dwyer, T. Galvin. FOURTH ROW5F. Randall, R. Spronk, G. Gett, J. Patterson, ST Kerkley, J. Norris, E. Ficke, W. Moore, J. Graves, R. Barbiea, S. Straus, G. Hickey, J. Finn. J FIRST ROW5E. Weber, D. Albert, M. Karns, I. Meyer, E. Adkins, C. Horn, H. Relly, E.. Gray, D. Arleigh, A. Thrasher, A. Lucas, E. Owens, J. Dam- eron, M. Mitchell, I. Gibson, L. Miller, R. Chile, W.. Smart. SECOND ROW5-N. Grizzell, R. Gun- wlck, G. Steer, M. Brown, B. Goodin, A. Lile, L. Kruse, M. Downs, J. Blank- enship, M. Thomas, R. Sto-neking, M. Heidelberg, R. Hesser, Du Morgan, E. Williams, A. Cottingham. THIRD ROW5D. Botley, Scott, M. Hunter, S. Dudley, J. Bonar, A. Ponchot, C. Douley, J. Placke, R. Burns, R. Kelly, G. Neal, N. Huff, D. Daniels, R. Burris, C. H0110Well. FOURTH ROW5-J. Waterfield, J. Volkmar, K. Gabert, H. Stodghill, A. Morgan, A. Burkley, W. Kaef'f, E.. Wickel- haus, W. Bryte, W. Kinsella, W. Wells, G. Ormes, R. Kaeff, E. Huck. 55555555555; 3 xx ?'ON Wk, :3. . 3 '39- ' 933.2, u txt'..?'.'o' 3 A My 3 "w ' . v 7 AIMN-xarz" - 5' 461.133,?le111 mun: VI. 0 " .7. .337 9';' . ARMM: 0' k A y 7 --' - - --.- V- :1: '1'- A. 3 83 V 3:3 :3 2-. 3! .03 7. x W3 - v :x':: 3.73 7'- 74."; v .7773 $ 73" ' 2.353225? 7 .1 Q .4; ' .77' '1 l rte ' H 4 A.BtAflf+.l.4MrM . ' . 3 73 m ! Actiuities FIRST ROWs-Howard Wright, Alexander Zechella, Charles Spinks, Dorothy Hughes, Jeannette Frischoltz, Blaine Marz, Miss C. Fitzsimmons, Clarke Gray, Reno Oldfield, Hazel Braun, Emily Knarr, Vivian Morgan. SECOND ROW-sMary Ann Kidney, Ruth Ehinger, Dorothy Miller, Eleanor Gray, Dorothy Alford, Freda Sattler, Jessie Hiller, Vera Maybury, Ruth Dowd, Jean. Bary, Rita Walgroskl, Gladys Stewart. THIRD ROW-Janet Fisher, Anna Mae Fredrick, Dorothy Eppstein, Jean Boyer, Annabelle Schumann, Jean Kaufman, Ruth Hultquist, Wilma Weber, Marion Citron, Helen Marr, Mickey Malone, Lillian Enslen. FOURTH ROWs-Jean Keown, Martha Ziegler, Robert Colling, Robert Kinstler, Russell Baker, Fred Lonneman, Ed Dalton, Ralph Klein, Mary Staab, Florence Pryor, May Bonnick. Nvmpnrter g?talf EDITORIAL . DEPARTMENT Editor-in-Chief .................................................................................................................... Blaine Marz Associate Editors ........................................................................ Clarke Gray, Jeannette Frischolz Managing Editor ............................................................................................................ Vivian Morgan Copy Editor ...................................................................................................................... Reno Oldfield Sports Editors- Boys ......................................................... Charles Spinks, Alex Zechella, Howard Wright Girls ........................................ Hazel Braun Gossip Editors .................................................................................... May Bonnick, Ruth Hultquist ReporterssJean Boyers, Jack Braun, Wilma Weber, Dorothy Eppstein, Mary Ann Kidney, Emily Knarr, Mildred Miller, Irene Fogel, Ed. Daulton, Robert Colling, Robert Kinstler, Vera Maybury, Jean Bary, Ruth Dowd, Freda Sattler, Miriam Citron, Jean Kaufman, Eleanor Gray, Robert Wessling, Russ Baker, Dorothy Alford, Ralph Klein, Annabelle Schumann, Martha Ziegler, Mickey Malone. Feature Editors .............................................. Dorothy Hughes, Richard Wells, Rita Walgroski BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...................................................................................................... Goldie Kenneweg Assistants-Anna Mae Fredrick, Ruth Ehinger, Margaret Davis, Jessie Hiller, Helen Marr, Dorothy Miller, Janet Fisher, Gladys Stewart, Lillian Enslen, Mary Stabb, Dorothy Alford. Faculty Adviser .................................................................................... Miss Catherine Fitzsimmons FIRST ROVV-Mrs. C. Dinger, Mrs. John Wothe, Mrs. Courtney Fo-ulks, Mrs. Paul Pursche, Mrs. Chas. L. Groneck, Mrs. Howard Bruce, Mrs. Louis Williams, Mrs. Oscar Kurzynski, and Mrs. Frank Chaille. SECOND ROWeMrs. Wm. Macdonald, Mrs. J. D. Bridges, Mrs. Sadie Raabe, Mrs. Ray King, Mrs. S. Eiseman, Mrs. H. E. Wachsman, Mrs. Wm. Eger, and Mrs. John Bush. THIRD ROWeMrs. Louis Hagemeyer, Mrs. I. Riefkin, Mrs. Wm. Bary, Mrs. Harry Walker, Mrs. H. J. Collins, and Mrs. G. Yung. FOURTH ROWeMrs. Fred Racke, Mrs. A. Knarr, Mrs. E. A. Smith, Mrs. Byron Sheanshang, Mrs. J. B. Dossett, and Mrs. Etta Turner. igarmt-Etmrhvr Aaanriatinn The Parent-Teacher Association has for its aims: F IRST, to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community; to raise the standards of home life; to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. SECOND, to bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child? and to develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as Will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. OF F ICERS President ....................................................................... Mrs. Chas. Groneck First Vice-President ...................................................... Mrs. Paul Pursche Second Vice-President .................................................... Mrs. O. Kurzynski Secretary ...................................... Mrs. C. Foulks Treasurer ................................................................................. Mrs. H. Bruce Historian .................................................................... Mrs. H. L. Williams Publicity Chairman .......................................................... Mrs. I. G. Wothe 57 OBrrhwtra This year the orchestra has reached one of its many goals: Newport 110w has almost a fully instrulnentated orchestra. Besides furnishing music for all assemblies of the year and for oonnnencements, several selections were played at the Northern Ken- tucky Education Association meeting held at Newport. Also the biggest project of the year, TH. M. S. Pinaforef produced by the entire music ' department under the capable direction of Mr, Molnar, proved to be a great success with the help and accompaniment of the orchestra. Interest in the orchestra has been steadily growing and more students than ever before are taking advantage of the opportunities offered to them by getting into its ranks. By next year Newport should have a larger and finer orchestra than ever before, as many of the boys and girls show promising talent. Earth With its famous pep, Vim, and Vigor, the band under the direction of Mr. Molnar, again attracted the spotlight of attention at this season,s basketball games. With their ever faithful presence, they added the much needed spice to the games, and made the ttpepi, meeting periods something to be remembered. On account of the approaching production of ttPinat'oref, the band has slackened its activities to make way for the greatest thing the music department has yet attempted. Time was found, however, to organize a concert band which promises much in the future. Many new faces were seen in the band this year because of the fact that free lessons and the use of the instruments were offered by the school. In this way students soon develop into good musicians, although they have little or no knowledge of music when they start. Another reason for the steadily increasing membership is that credit is now given for music the same as it is for any other elective subject. Glhnruz The mixed chorus for the year 1937 is the largest chorus ever organized in NewPort High School. It is composed of over one hundred V01ces. The biggest project of the year is an operetta which is presented in the Spring. Mr. Molnar works diligently with the students to make the show a success. Its production requires months of practice on the part of the students and much patience on the part of Mr. Molnar. Those who participate learn the fundamentals of presenting such a show ecostuming, stage managing, scenic and lighting effects, make-up, prompting, etc. The sweet strains heard from the music room each morning before school are rendered by the thirty-two members of the A Cappella Choir. This is the 6cvarsity team9i of the mixed chorus. The members are chosen according to voice quality, ability to read music, etc. This vocal group sings all songs without accompaniment. Among the various events in which they have participated are the Saturday High School Program over Station WCKY, commencement exercises, and programs for the P. T. A. This choir is under the direction of John W. Molnar. 59 H 133. g. IHinafnrf The project of the Music Department under the direction of Mr. John W. Molnar was Gilbert Sc SullivanTs, 6t'H. M. S. Pinaforeft the second large undertaking to be carried through by the Department. The principals, orchestra, chorus, stage crew, business managers, and those who helped, under Mr. Hubefs direction, to build the scenery were made up of one hundred and fifty members of the Music Department. The locale of the action was on the good ship ttPinafore? The principal girl characters were: Josephine, Ruth Dowd and Margie Crites; Buttercup, Martha Belle Davis and Dorothy Baker; Cousin Hebe, Dorothy Eppstein and J ewell Gilmore. One cast of girls performed the first night and the other cast took the parts the second night. The leading boy characters were: Captain Corcoran, Lloyd Blatt; Ralph Rakestraw, Clarke Gray; Boatswain, Robert kSeilkop; Dick Deadeye, Kenneth Schaufuss. Work began about the first of January, and, after working out all the parts separately, they were pieced together during the last few weeks before per- formances. An afternoon performance was given on May fifth, and evening performances were given on May sixth and seventh. Excitement ran high as the curtain for each performance was pulled. Splendid cooperation on the part of the cast, was shown throughout each per- formance, and sighs of relief could be heard as each was successfully completed. May the Music Depart- ment be permitted to engage in many more such ac- tivities. ' max JOHN XV. MOLNAR sxxx x V xix FIRST ROWeJ. Blankenship, M. Seither, A. Krechting, Miss Harrison tadvisori, S. Creech, A. V. R. Garrett, Dy Schnelle, M. Schwed, R. Emerson. O. Swovpe, M. Becker, D. Baker, A. Thrasher, M.. Keown, J. Davies, A. Jenkins, P. Davies. E. Gray. SECOND ROW-K. Wasser, M. Buecher. J. Douglas, R. Hughes, THIRD ROW P. Joerg, V. Mason, J. Margileth, M. Jr Dillander, M. FOURTH ROWeN. Brown, D. Dameron, M. Ziegler, R. Hessler, J. Keown, M. Malone, FIFTH ROW-R. Oldiield, M. Brown, R. Hultquist, M. Crites, T. Grigg, E. Poweleit, M.. D. Dinger, L. B. Scheer, Ru Gaupel, R. Sickmeier, J. McCarthy. J. Claybon, J. Pary, D. Massey, R. Dowd, Comberger, M. Davis, D. Alford, V. Maybury, L.. Deschler, K. Stewart, Ertel, A. Mueller, Eger, M. Smith. A. Elswick, V.. Murray, G. Fisher, Sickmeier, R. Ryan, W., Weber, B. Dossett, Daley, R. Stanley, M. Pryor. $irl 33251211195 ttTo face life squarely. To find and give the best? These are things Which the Girl Reserve Organization, through disCussions and opportunity for service, strives to help the girl to do. With the realization of the necessity of a well- rounded life, the Girl Reserves offer as a challenge to the girl threefold develop- menthmental, physical, and spiritual. Despite the discontinuance of the ac- tivity period, the Girl Reserves have con- tinued their meetings. Each Monday after school the Girl Reserves gather to discuss business, to learn handicrafts, and to enter into discussion groups. This year, under the advisorship of Miss Alice Harrison, the Girl Reserves have been very active. Among their ac- tivities have been Service Day, Hay Ride, Candy Sale, Discussion Groups, Christ- mas Baskets, April Foolis Breakfast Hike, Picture Show, Presentation of one-act plays, and the organization of the Junior High colored girls, Girl Re- serves. At the Southern Ohio Conference in Springtield, Ohio, and at the Hi-Y Conference in Cincinnati, the Girl He- serves were represented. Under the guidance of the following officers, the Girl Reserves have pro- gressed this year: President, Ruth Dowd; Vice-President, Albertis Krechting, Alta Comberger; Secretary, Dolores Massey; Assistant Secretary, Dorothy Alford; Treasurer, Jean Bary; Squad Leaders, Martha Belle Davis, Marjorie Palm, Dorothy Alford, Stella Creech, Vera Maybury. This year several girls have endeav- ored to earn a Girl Reserve Ring by per- sonal improvement and development. Among these are Evelyn Zakemg Wilma Weber, Dolores Massey, Dorothy Alford, Stella Creeeh, Martha Belle Davis, Kitty Wasser, Marjorie Pryor, and Vera May- bury. To each the Girl Reserve Code now has a fuller meaning: Gracious in manner Impartial in judgment Ready for service Loyal to friends. Reaching toward the best Earnest in purpose Seeing the beautiful Eager for knowledge Reverent to God Victorious over self Ever dependable Sincere at all times. FIRST ROWeT. Austln, B. Royce, D. Simms, J. Riedinger, H. Sheanshang, 0. Mason, H. Walker, T. Goodall, C. Spinks. SECOND ROW-H. Spinks, W. Klein, R. Arnzen, G. Hehman, M. Allen, Coach W. J. Foster, E. MacDonald, H. Wright, W. Otting, E. Fitzenberger, A. Zechella, R. Mussman. Eh? 8N" 0111111 The ttNii club was organized for the purpose of promoting good sportsmanship among the male students of Newport High School. 'To be eligible for membership in the club, a boy must have earned a letter in one of the three major sports-Football, Basketball, or Track eeeither by actual participation or by managing one of the teams. The club is under the supervision of Coach Foster, head coach of Football and Basketball. The club officers are Ralph Mussman, President; Alexander Zechella, Vice-President; and Harry Walker, Secretary-Treasurer. The club met every Monday and planned many things of interest to its members. One of its plans was to buy the football team Belt Buckles in order that the team might have something by Which to remember their remarkable season. The money for this undertaking was earned by selling candy at all of the Home Basketball Games. This club is a strictly honorary club and only athletes Who have earned a letter are admitted. $irlzf Athlptir Azanriatinn OFFICERS President ---------------Hazel Braun Vice-President-- Anna Mae Fredricks Secretary ---------.---------.-------Bessie Styles Treasurer --.--..-.-------.Helen Marr MISS NANCY POE Advisor xQxx$xx PURPOSE The Girlis Athletic Association, under the artful guidance of Miss Nancy Poe, has ended the seventh year of its exist- ence. This organization carries on a pro- gram of varied intramural activities, Which provide at least one sport for each member. Through the contests and tour- naments fair play, honesty, co-operation, teamwork, and unselfishness are devel- oped, and good health and happiness are promoted. TEAMS There are eight teams in the G. A. A. ethe Brown, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and White. Each girl is placed on one of the color teams which participate in the intramural tourna- ments. The team placing first in a sport received five points; second, three points; and third, one point. Individual awards are presented to the members of the color team having the most points at the end of the semester. VOLLEY BALL The Intramural Volley Ball Tourna- ment was won by the Green team, who defeated the Red team in the finals. The honor team, composed of Janet Fisher, J une Wagner, Mary Michael, Lillian Ens- len, Bessie Styles, Dolly Dauzenherg, Rose Ryan, Mary Schwartz, Jean Lin- staedt, Margaret Schwartz, and Betty Dossett, was chosen from the tourna- ment participants by our advisor, Miss Nancy Poe; the President of the G. A. A., Hazel Braun; and the manager, Jean- nette Frischolz. BASKETBALL The Basketball Tournament was cap- tured by the Blue team. The following girls were picked on the honor team, which automatically becomes the school team: Jean Linstaedt, Janet Fisher, Lil- lian Enslen, Bessie Styles, Gladys Breeze, Dolly Dauzenberg, Kathryn Kendall, Dorothy Gasdorf, June Wagner, Mary SchWartz, Rose Ryan, Anna Fredrick and Hazel Braun. This team played nine in- terscholastic games, winnning six and losing three. $615, Athletir Aaanriatiun 66 BOWLIN G Bowling was held each Monday for twelve weeks at the Newport Bowling Alleys. The honor team thighest aver- agesi was composed of Jean Linstaedt, Jeanette Frischolz, Mildred Kaiser, Rosa- lyn Stanley, and Dorothy Alford. Hiking, swimming, baseball, kickball, ping-pong, tennis, aerial- dart and check- ers are other sports which are enjoyed during the school year. AWARDS G. A. A. follows the ttPoint System3 of merit awards. For participation in the various sports, points are given which are kept on file from year to year. Extra points are given to those chosen on the honor teams. Awards are presented at the G. A. A. Banquet in June. itN,, RIN G The 9N3 ring, the highest honor of G. A. A., and the ambition of all its mem- bers, is given to the girl who is, in the opinion of the G. A. A., the tibest all- roundii girl of the year. This award is based on participation, scholarship, load- ership, ability, and sportsmanship. Sen- iors only are eligible for this honor. In the past the ring was presented to the following girls: 1931, Jane Keslar; 1932, Charlotte Wickliffe; 1933, Margaret White; 1934, Virginia Bohn; 1935, Mar- ion Swope; 1936, Kathleen Wood. Much credit for the continued suc- cess of the G. A. A. is due to the willing-- t ness and interest of our new advisor, Miss Nancy Poe, who has carried on, as successor to Miss Virginia Ebert, in grand style. The pictures appearing 011 the previ- ous page are as follows, from left to right: G. A. A. Board; Hazel Braun, ping-pong champ and President; Blue basketball team; Hiking pic- ture; Bowling team tournament winners; Fresh- man aerial-dart champs; Hiking snapshot; snap- shot; Freshman basketball honor team; Honor Bowling team; Senior Basketball Honor team; Volleyball champs; Jean Linstaedt, high point bowler. ,Mv FIRST ROW--R. Baker, Wa Kruse, H. Miller, J. Graf, R. Hoffman, E. Hermann. SECOND ROW T. Goodall, C. Spinks, C. Mason, A. Zechella, E. Fitzenberger, R. Mussman, M. Dixon, H.. Walker, G. Hehman, F. Haas, W. Otting. THIRD ROWeB. Royce, J. Caudill, H. Wright, G. Hosea, J. Riedinger, W. Klein, S. Swope, MU Allen, G. Thorn, R. Bathiany. i FOURTH ROWeW. J. Foster, D. Mormon, A. Martin, W. Benjey, J. Yeager, M. Volkner, A. Tuttle, H.. Sturm, R. Uthe, D. Simms, M. Eager, F. Richardson, A. Burris. FIFTH ROWeA. Zechella, Hicke, R. Brooks, T. Richardson, W. Scott, R. Simms, W. Knapp, S. Waters, G- Massey, L. Schoo, .A. Graves. i SIXTH ROWeS. Berkley, H. Swope, W. Callahan, H. Seibert, S. Phister; M. Shriver, W. Kinsella, H.. Stodghill, M. Miller, J. Goodwin, H. Sargent, J. Mussman, M. Templeton, R. Wessling. SEVENTH ROVVeH. Thornberry, B. Swaney, R. Smith, J. Lampe, W. Priver. 3911111115111 The 1936 football season was the most successful ever completed by Coach Foster and a splendid tribute to his coaching ability. Newport started the season by defeating Bellevue. The next team to face the Wildcats was Corbin, Cumberland Valley Champs, who went home with a 28 t0 0 defeat. Newport then met two of the toughest teams in Kentucky and Ohio on successive week ends; They journeyed to Ash- land and defeated them 14 t0 0. The next week they went to Hamilton, Ohio, and stopped. their winning streak of 15 straight by scoring two touchdowns in the third quarter. Newport then played S't. X. of Cin- cinnati, defeating them to the tune of 33 t0 0, and they continued their Winning streak at the expense of Ludlow. Hughesi giant team was the next on Newportts schedule, and although the first team to cross our goal line, the final score read Newport 25, Hughes 13. Elder, champion Catholic High School team of Cin- cinnati, was played next and defeated 14 t0 '6. All these victories were sweet, but the Victory over Coving- ton, our ancient rivals, was glorious. To make the game more interesting a beautiful trophy was award- ed the winner. During-the season 1936 the Wildeats scored a total of 204 points to their opponents 19. Newport Wildcats have not been beaten by a Northern Ken- tucky team since 1931. STATE CHAMPS Northern Kentucky Champs. Greater Cincinnati Champs. OHIO VALLEY CHAMPS .1 Newport ............ 12eBellevue .................. 0 Newport ............ 28eC0rbin, Ky. .............. 0 Newport ............ HEAshland, Ky ......... ;- 0' Newport ............ 13 Hamilton, 0. .......... 0 Newport ............ 33eSt. X, Cin, O ........... 0 Newpm' ............ 32hLudlow, Ky. ............ 0 NcwporL ............ ZBeHughes, Cin., O. ...... 13 VJ. J. FOSTER Newport ............ 14---E1der, Cin., O ......... 6 RICHARD BATHIANY Alhlelic Coach Newport ............ 33eCovingt0n .............. 0 Assistant Coach xTI-Eaakvthall The basketball season of this year was a replica of the years preceding it. The team played a total of 24 games, winning 21 of them. This years team played under a decided handicap, as they were dis- rupted in the middle of their schedule by the flood, the worst in our history. Even with this disadvantage, the team went on to win the district tournament, the regional tournament, and onto the quarter- finals of' the state tournament. In the district tournament played, at Newport, Newport de- feated Highlands 30-18, 'Bellevue 33-20, and Dayton 31-26, thus avenging a defeat sustained at their hands during the regular season. Newport then advanced to the regional tourney, played at- Dayton, Ky. In their first game, they drew Hamiltonis Landing. After a close first half", the Cats pulled away and won by a score of' 40-15. In their next game they defeated Erlanger 33-15 to advance to the finals of' the tourney, with Dayton again as their opponent. This game was one of the most spectacular games ever witnessed in, a regional tourna- ment; the score at the half was 10 all, and it was so Close the second half that when the final gun sounded, the score read 19-18. Newport thus won the right to represent this region in the State Tournament held at Lexington, Ky. ' i NeWport played only fair ball in the State meet, defeating Carrollton in the first game 43-19. In the quarter-finals, they fell before a huge'Hazard team 30-22. The score at the half was 21-4 in Hazardis favor, and the Wildcats canie back to almost beat them. ' Much of the teams success goes to the brilliant coaching of Coach Foster. This years team was his third straight State Tourna- ment team, and this years record of 21 wins and 3 losses is one of' his usual successful years. This years team had six members who were playing their last semester for Newport High. They were: Harold Sheanshang, Elmer FitZenberger, Harry Walker, Charles Spinks, Thomas Goodall, and Chester Mason. The other four boys on the team were: Francis Haas, Alex Zechella, Wilbur Otting, and Elmer Mac- donald-all underclassmen. In addition to these boys, Harry Spinks and Ray Arnzen were also lettermen. Swainr Eirmnrg BAKER, DOROTHY L., 1129 Liberty St., Newport, Ky. BECKER, MARJORIE, 538 East Fourth St., NeWport, Ky. BENJEY, AILEEN, 627 Nelson Place, Newport, Ky. BONNICK, MAY, 1, Beech Road, Southgate, Ky. , VBRAUN, HAZEL, 1036 Putnam St., Newport, Ky. BREEZE, GLADYS, 406 West Tenth St., Newport, Ky. BROWN, NAOMI, 123 West Fifth St., Newport, Ky. CLARKE, GRACE, 629 Lexington Ave., Newport, Ky. CLAUSE, BERNICE, 801 Linden Ave., Newport, Ky. COLLINS, MARY JANE, 316 East Second St., Newport, Ky. COOK, MARGARET, 430 West Eleventh St., Newport, Ky. CRAWFORD, VIRGINIA, 32 McCracken, Ave., South Newport, Ky. DAVIS, MARGARET, 620 Maple Ave., Newport, Ky. DEMOSS, KATHRYN, 606 East TenthIStq Newport, Ky. DEWALD, ALMA, 40 Sixteenth St., South Newport, Ky. DUDENHOEFFER, VIVIAN, 614 Maple Ave., Newport, Ky. EGAN, NORMA, 119 W. Seventh St., Newport, Ky. EHINGER, RUTH, 409 East Seventh St., Newport, Ky. ENSLEN, LILLIAN, 303 West Twelfth St., Newport, Ky. FISHER, JANET, 251 Linden Ave., Southgate, Ky. FREDERICK, ANNA MAE, 916 Robert St., Newport, Ky. FRISCHOLZ, JEANNETTE, 717 Monroe St., Newport, Ky. GILMORE, JEWELL, 841 Maple Ave., Newport, Ky. HARTKE, ANNETTE, 208 Linden Ave.,, Southgate, Ky. HILDEBRANDT, MARGIE, 201 East Third St., Newport, Ky. HILLER, JESSIE, 56 Sixteenth St., South Newport, Ky. HODGE, LUELLA, 1039 York St., Newport, Ky. HUGHES, DOROTHY, 1128 York St,, Newport, Ky. JONES, WILMA, 1153 Park Ave., Newport, Ky. KAISER, MILDRED, 305 Overton St., Newport, Ky. KELLY, HELEN, 208 West Seventh St., Newport, Ky. KENDRICK, MARY, 512 East Second St., Newport, Ky. KINDNESS, NORA, 430 East Fourth St., Newport, Ky. KNARR, EMILY, 228 Ridgeway Ave., Southgate, Ky. KREBS, ISABEL, 845 Central Ave., Newport, Ky. KRECHTING, ALBERTIS, 627 Washington Ave., Newport, Ky. MARR, HELEN, 1129 Putnam St., Newport, Ky. MASCHINOT, DOLORES, 814 East Sixth St., Newport, Ky. MASSEY, DOLO'RES, 112 West Thirteenth St., Newport, Ky. MILLER, DOROTHY, 543 Lexington Ave., Newport,- Ky. NEWBRANDT, DOROTHY, Box 47-A, Cold Spring, Ky. NEWMAN, MARGARET, Melbourne, Ky. - PARTINGTON, RUTH, 708 Central Aveq Newport, Ky. POATE, ESTELLE, 1177 Park Ave., Newport, Ky. POXVELEIT, EDITH, 84 Kentucky Drive, South Newport, Ky. PRYOR, FLORENCE, 14 Seventeenth St., South Newport, Ky. RAWE, MARY LOUISE, 413 West Ninth St.,' Newport, Ky. SARGENT, HELEN, 555 East Fourth St., Newport, Ky. SCHNAKE, RUTH, 16 East Third St., Newport, Ky, SCHOECH, MARIE, 717 Park Ave., Newport, Ky. SCHUMANN, ANNABELLE, Box 24, Alexandria Pike, Southgate, Ky. SCHWARTZ, MARY, 109 Fifteenth St., South Newport, Ky. SICKMEIER, LAVERNE, 937 Washington Ave., Newport, Ky. SMITH, IONE, 901 Isabella St., Newport, Ky. ' STAAB, MARY, 230 West Eighth St., Newport, Ky. STEWART, GLADYS, 319 W. EleVenth St., Newport, Ky. STRAUS, HELEN, 815 Liberty St., Newport, Ky. STYLES, BESSIE, 1137 Isabella St., Newport, Ky. SWOPE, ORELL, 1043 Washington, Ave., Newport, Ky. THORNBERRY, VIRGINIA, 1012 Vine St., Newport, Ky. WEBER, LORRAINE, 1117 Patterson St., Newport, Ky. WEBER, WILMA, 108 Electric Ave., Southgate, Ky. WELSH, ANNA, 1037 York St., Newport, Ky. , WHITE, JEAN, 117 Fifteenth St., South Newport, Ky. WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA, 343 East Second St., Newport, Ky. ZIEGLER, DOROTHY, 29 Court Place, Newport, Ky. ZIEGLER, MARTHA, Maple and Walnut Sts., Southgate, Ky. 72 MM ,2; myyz ,gwx X Fwy? 1311211111er nf the Sumail KNEELING4J. Mussman, E. Simons, R. Mussman, D. Yung, B. Eger, H. Schultz, H. Barbell. SITTING4R. Simms, T. Goodall, D. Simins, C. Spinks, H. Wright, P. Austin, D. Baumgartner, A. Zechella, R. Seilkop. ' STANDING4Coach R. Bathiany, G. Nutter, H. Walker, H. Sturm, J. Williams, B.. Tuttle, B. Weber, T. Baltmr, R. Zechella, Manager B.. Liedhegner, Coach T. Hotz. RESLLTS OF TRACK MEETS Withrow 79, Newport 53. Manual 57, Newport .47, Highlands 31, Covington 8. Miami Relays-Newport placed fifth out of thirty schools4-19 pts. Western Hills 67, Elder 22, Newport 77. Highland Relays, May 14-Newp0rt 47, Highland 42, Covington 29. State Meet, May 224Louisville Manual lst, Newport 2nd, 34 pts, Newport 03. Covington, May 284Newp0rt 67, Covington 42. Northern Kentucky Champions 69 FIRST ROVV3C. Spinks, H. Walker, B. Otting, E. MacDonald, A. Zechella, R. Sanders, Allen. R. Arnzen, H. Spinks, H. Sheanshang, T. Goodall, E. Fitzenberger, C. Mason. SECOND ROWhJ. L. Cobb, Principal, W. J. Foster, Coach, E. Hermann, Manager. Igaakpthall 7119511115-1935-1937 NEWPORT VISITORS NEWPORT VISITORS Newport ..... .. 423VVashington Newport ............ 393Highlands .............. 19 Newport ............. 403Reading .................. 20 Newport ............ 1326 Covington .............. 13 Newport ....... 24q1nez ........................ 23 Newport ............ 483N0rw00d ................ 20 Newport ...... 303Butler ...................... 14 Newport ............ 393COVingt0n .............. 13 Newport ...... 37 Flemingsburg ........ 23 Newport ............ 593Crescent Springs... 8 Newport ...... . 213VVashingt0n .......... 24 Newport ............ 173Dayton -- 26 Newport. ......... 433Lud10w ......... 1 ........... 17 Newport ............. 273Ludlow .. 12 Newport- ......... 30mBellevue .................. 20 Newport ............ 323Dayton Stivers ........ 11 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT WON BY NEWPORT Newport ................................................... .. 3O Highlands 18 Newport ............................................... . 33 Bellevue .................................................. 20 Newport ............................................... . 31 Dayton .................................................... 26 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT XNON BY NEWPORT Newport ...................................................... 40 Hamilton ................................................ 15 Newport ...................................................... 33 Erlanger Newport ...................................................... 19 Dayton .................................................... 18 STATE TOURNAMENT Newport .............................................. 43 Carrollton Newport ............................................... 22 Hazard gwninr Eirvrtnrg-mntinuvh ALLEN, WALLACE 62 Eighteenth St ............. South Newport, Ky. ANDREWS, LLOYD 315 Thornton St ......................... Newport, Ky. AUSTIN, THOMAS 1010 Washington Ave ............... Newport, Ky. BLACKBURN, CLARENCE Box 4, Licking Pike .................. Newport, Ky. BLATT, LLOYD 944 York St ................................. Newport, Ky. BLAUT, ROBERT 323 Elm St ................................... Newport, Ky. BOYAR, DAVID 828 Isabella St ........................... Newport, Ky. DAVIES, DAN 28 Ash St ..................................... Newport, Ky. DICKERSON, MELVIN 16 W. Riverside Drive .............. Newport, Ky. DOMHOFF, CHRIS 219 W. Sixth St ......................... Newport, Ky. FAUSZ, ALBERT 29 W. Twelfth St ....................... Newport, Ky. FELDMAN, ROBERT 325 Thornton St ......................... NeWport, Ky. FINCK; GORDON 823 Liberty St ............................. Newport, Ky. GRAY, CLARKE 550 Lexington Ave ..................... Newport, Ky. HOLLOHAN, BILL 748 E. Tenth St ...... 5 ................... Newport, Ky. KATZMAN, IRWIN 609 E. Fourth St ....................... Newport, Ky. KIEFER, JOHN 15 W. Thirteenth St ................. Newport, Ky. KLEIN, WILBUR 714 Monroe St ........................... Newport,Ky. KNAPP, BILLY 703 Linden Ave ......................... Newport, Ky. KNARR, DICK 102 Harvard Place .................. Southgate, Ky. LANTER, JACK 1011 Ann St ................................. Newport, Ky. LAYCOCK, GILBERT 5 Dexter Road .......................... Southgate, Ky. LIEDHEGNEB, WILLIAM 1244 Vine St ............................... Newport3 Ky. MASON, CHESTER 943 Monroe St .................... , ......... Newport, Ky. MUSSMAN, RALPH JR. 223 E. Third St ........... . .............. Newport,Ky. NEISER, WILLIAM 821 Park Ave ............................. Newport,Ky. NORRIS, GENE 907 Park Ave ............................. Newport,Ky. PLAGA, R OBERT 614 E. Tenth St ......................... Newport, Ky. RIEFLE, BILL 621 Overton St ........................... Newport, Ky. SCHAUFUSS, KENNETH 722 York St ............................. L...Newport, Ky. 0 SCHWER, WALTER 406 E. Tenth St ......................... Newport, Ky. SCHMIDT, LAWRENCE 731 Ann St ................................. Newport,Ky. SHUFFLEBARGER, JIM 414 W. Ninth St ......................... Newport, Ky. SIMMS, DONALD 519 W. Tenth St ....................... Newport,Ky. SPINKS, CHARLES 614 Lexington Ave ..................... Newport, Ky. UTHE, ROBERT 229 E. Fifth St ........................... Newport, Ky. WALKER, HARRY 1101 Park Ave ........................... Newport, Ky. WESSLING, ROBERT 1007 York St ............................... Newport, Ky. 000000000000o600f00o0000$60606000g 0 Walker Motor Company 6 AUTHORIZED W DEALER 207-209 East Fourth Street NEWPORT SOuth 4090 SOuth 4091 O 0 0 O 0 O 000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT THE NEWPORT NATIONAL BANK . 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 0 O C Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 810 Monmouth Street 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 000000000000000000000000000000000 FRENCH-BAUER Bette?" Dairy Products since I842 0 Milk Cream Golden Flake Buttermilk Delicious Chocolate Drink Butter Eggs Cottage Cheese Vitamin D Milk . Golden Rich Milk For a C001 and refreshing drink order a qucwt of Orange 0 SPECIAL CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS ICE CREAM ORDERS HEmlock 2600 PhorTe gherry 5880 It W hips 115-117 E. Seventh St. Clncmnatl, O. Covington Ky More than 1870 Butterfat 00600000000000o0006000004.oooooooo I. Katzman-ttSpeaking of inventions, I have a little machine in my place that would make 3 mil- lion if I could keep it going all the time? G. NorristltYou donlt say so! What is itiw I. KatzmantttA cash register? K. WarrentttHow may Bookkeeping be taught in three wordsiw M. DickasontttNever lend them? 'It was Gladys Breeze,s first attempt at cooking, and When her husband came home he saw a very long pie 0n the table. ttVVhatever is that ?l, Jimmy asked her. Gll couldn,t get any shorter rhubarbf Gladys replied. ERE LVE ARE AGAIN! THE ENSLEN BOYS RUDY-HOVVARDtGLENN AVOID A LOSS-INSURE WITH HAAS fie tiets Ieesults EWIHING 724 MONMOUTH STREET, NEWPORT, KY. Telephone SOuth 1 869 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0000000e00oo000000000000000600000 lawrence Riedinger, Jr. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Cor. Fifth and York Streets Newport, KY. 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000000000.'900000000000000000000 BETTER GROCERIES FINEST COFFEES SAVING PRICES llllllEllT'S PHONE SO. 6000 621 MONMOUTH ST. COMPLIMENTS OF LITTLEFORD NELSON A Professional School of Commerce CINCINNATI, OHIO 0000000000000000090000000000000000 '1 ' ' ' 1 - ' ' ' 066606000000060 oo000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo 0 For Your Next Car ;SEE1- LOUIS EWING Compliments of TH 121 East Sixth Street NEWPORT TFdephones: SOuth 01231-SOuth 0124 Q 0 Q o o 0 6 o 0 o o o o o e 9 0 o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O o o 0 0 0 Residence HI land 1052-J g 9 o 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 6 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1Q100000011111660009000.0000090011 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooodoooo00000000111 a Best Wishes to the Class of1937 Compliments of 2 o o e o o o o o e o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ' 2 2 o o o 0 2 o o - - o o '1 o 0 4 g 2 -4 - o o o o o o . o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 6 O o Geo. J. Kaufmann County Clerk 000000000000000000000900000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 OOOOOOOOO'OOOOOOOO0000000000000000 ttYeSf Miss Harrison explained, 2quite a num- ber of plants and flowers have the prefix tdogi For instance, the dog rose and the dog violet are well known. Can you name anotheriw There was silence, then a happy look illumi- nated the face of a boy at the end of the class. 2Please, Teacher? Robert Blaut called out, proud of his knowledge, ttCollie-flowersW Dot-JtSo youtre not going to marry that Mr. Firthson after all. Why notiw Helene:ttWell, father thinks he ian rich enough and mother thinks he is too good looking to make a good husband, and Uncle Joe says he has heard things about him? Dot-JtBut what do you think about itiw Helene-ttOh, I think I ought to wait until he asks me? P. Austin-JtLaugh and the class laughs with you? Miss OwensettBut you stay after school alone? 1? The decrepit old car rolled up to the tollt bridge. ttFifty centsf called out the gateman. ttSoldf, cried Charles Spinks' who had driven his Dodge up the gateway. OPEN ALL NIGHT PHONE so. 3945 Sandwiches that you will like HIPP CHILI PARLOR Coney Island 50 Hamburgers 709 MONMOUTH STREET, NEWPORT, KY. DR. WM. J . LINSTAEDT OPTOMETRIST COMPLIMENTS OF KING SHOE REBUILDERS BILL KING a OSCAR RUST COMPLIMENTS OF , FENBERS 85 ROSING 0000000000000000000000000000000000 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9oo Russ Bob ' PEPPER E? HAKE RADIO AND ELECTRIC SERVICE 111i Radio, Refrigerator, Washer Repairs Tenth, near Monmouth St. ' Newport, Ky. Telephone SOuth 3503 0000000000000000000000000000000000 DOLLY SUE FROCKS NEWPORTtS SNAPPY DRESS SHOP 71214; MONMOUTH STREET, NEWPORT, KENTUCKY Telephone SOuth 2845 Compliments of Another Southgate Friend LEE DAY, THE GROCER North and Walnut Streets ttLET US CLEAN IT" We Call For and Deliver Anywhere CASEYtS DRY CLEANING EDW. CASEBOLT Phone SOuth 2032 309 MONMOUTH ST. "MONITE" Moth Proof Cleaning BROWN THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Quick Delivery Service NINTH AND MONMOUTH STS., NEWPORT 0000000000000000000000000000000000 The Newport Rolling Mill Co. Newport, Kentucky Producers of High-grade Iron and Steel Sheets Since 1891 000000000000000000000000000000000 It was the fourth inning when the couple reached the ball park. ttVVhatts the score? Smoky Sanders asked of a fan. ttOh, nothing to nothing? 0 ttGoody-goodyP, exclaimed Mildred Kaiser, ttWe haventt missed a thing, have weiw Proud FatherettOf course my son has studied a foreign language. Say thellot t0 the man in . algebra, John? ttMoike, do yez know why an Irishman hits the pepper-box on the bottom an, a Dutchman hits it on the side? ttBegorra, Pat I don,t. Why is itiw ttSure, ant itts to get the pepper out, Moike?a D. KnarrettHow come you write so slowly, fellaiw C. Mason-ttI gotta. My girl cant read very fast? ,Visitor-JDO you think times are getting better? Pastor-JtOh yes. We are getting a better class of buttons in the collection plate than we used to? STANLEY EBERT Superior. Meat Products The Market of Personal Service TENTH AND ANN STS., NEWPORT Telephone SOuth 4170 PRESCRIPTION S FILLED BATHIANYtS DRUG STORE SIXTH AND MONMOUTH STS., NEWPORT Telephone SOuth 0356 000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 00000000 00 TRIKtS Economy MEAT MARKET ctTm'kts Meats Always Goodtt N0. 637 Monmouth Street NEWPORT 000000000000000000000000000000000 WEINGARTNER LUMBER COMPANY tIncorporatedt MILLWORK-WALL BOARD SHINGLESeROOFING 1126 JOHN STREETLNEWPORT, KY. TELEPHONE SOUTH 022 0 HERBERT AXT CONFECTIONERY, NOTIONS, SCHOOL BOOKS SUPPLIES, MAGAZINES, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, ETC. Phone SOuth 3818 122 E. FOURTH ST. COMPLIMENTS OF NEWPORT CHAPTER ORDER OF DE MOLAYV 00000000 0 00000000000000000000 t 0 00 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ibarmurt 8c Qtumpanp 0Incorporated0 louishille, ?Rentutkp CBffitial yemelerg anh $tatiuner5 tn jaempurt 319mb $tbunl O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000090000 0000000000000009000000000000000000 Brandt,s John J. Radel Q E Company SERVICE IN NEWPORT NEWPORT FUNERAL HOME 822-824 York Street Q Phones SOuth 0560-0561 CINCINNATI FUNERAL HOMES 652-654 State Avenue Phones WAbash 0365-0366 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 U 89 YEARS g Runmae Quentaw 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 NINTH AND MONMOUTH STS. g 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00009000900000000000000.000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000 0000900000000000000000000000000000 G. Clarke-hDid you ever see me danceiw K. Schaufuss-5N0P G. ClarkeeJWVell, P11 show you a few steps. They are on the end of the porch? According to one of our honor students, the reason why there are no asylums in Arabia is because there are Nomad people there. His sister called him 5Willief His mother called him 5Will;,, But when he went to college, To dad 5twas 5Bill, Bill, Bill? M. Bonniclce-5Did I leave an umbrella here yesterday 17,, G. Stewarte5What kind of an umbrella? M. Bonnick-J5O-h, any kind. Pm not fussy? Bill-fhl hear you are working in a shirt fac- tory now? Jillv-hYesf, BillefWhy arenht you working todayiw JiIl-th, we5re making night shirts this week? FROM A BOOSTER OF CLEAN SPORTS GET YOUR. BAKERY GOODS- :ATh LANGKS BAKERY Northern Kentuckys Best Bakery 318 PARK AVENUE, NEWPORT, KY. Telephone SOuth 5145 0000000000000000000000000000000000 0000900009000009000.00000000000005 DIXIE CLOTHIERS All Lines of WEARING APPAREL O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 Q 0 0 N 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0 0 Catering to the Discriminating Students and Young Men M 809 Monmouth Street, - - NEWPORT COVINGTON 0 0 9 o o e e o 0 0 0 o o o o 9 o o o 0 0 o o o 0 0 0 o 9 o 0 Q o o o 0 o e o o 9 9 2 538 -Madlson Avenue, - 6 e 0$0000009500000900e$0000000090000 Certified Lubrication Car Washing . NEWPORT SERVICE STATION A-J.DAMERON COR. FOURTH AND MONMOUTH STREETS Telephone HEmlock 6937 COMPLIMENTS OF NEWPORT MINERAL . WATER CO. 0006000000000000000000009000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009 00 Compliments and Good Luck to the Class of .1937 m JUL, a RMANS The Young F elloufs Store 818,820 Monmouth Street Pike and Madison Avenue NEWPORT COVINGTON 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 000000000000600090000000000000900000000000000000000000000;000000000000 . 00000000000000000000000000000'000 QQOOOOO0.0000000000000000000000000 Compliments of Compliments of Newport Central . s ' B k . ngh School avmgs an El 0 0 0 0 0 O00000000000000000000000000000000 000000099000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 Visitorngnd what time do you have dinner, my little friend?3 R. Mussman-fSoon as youWe goneW Miss Harper ogiving assignment in Englislnw mFomorrow we -will take the life of Shakespeare; come prepared? Mother Umocking at 501105 doommyEight o0clock, eight 000100160 J. Lanter osleepilyo00Did you ? Better call a doctor? Miss Gilb00Give your parents, names? B. Knapp09Mama and Papa? . G. Finclc-0Wl'hat sure is a flaming tie you have on, Lloyd. Where did you get itiw L. Blatt00At a fire sale? Mr. Cobb 00 Florence Pryor, who is late agai1n00VVhy are you late? F. Pryor00Well, a sign down there0----. Mr. Cobb4J0Well, What has a sign got to do with itiw F. Pryorv-NThe sign said, School Ahead, Go 9,, Slow . f, COMPLIMENTS OF' PARK-LEX CONFECTIONERY Park and Lexington Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF The Fish Gang and Official NHS Downtown Coach,s ASS,I1 Both Clubs meet every night at the Park-Lex DIXIE QUEEN S'Weet Shop Delicious and Tasty Sandwiches and Salads a Specialty Home-Made Candies Made Daily Fancy Sundaes, Sodas, etc. 920 MONMOUTH STREET, NEWPORT, KY. . We make C omfortable H omes out cf H ouses WK Rid FURNITURE AT PRICES 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 THAT PLEASE F??? iii! f2: 840 Monmouth Street, NEWPORT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 W 00000000000 0 0000000000 00 0 0 00000 PERMANENT WAVE SHOPPE ELSIE B. STUMPF, Prop. Specialist in All Branches of BEAUTY CULTURE 0 206 EVERGREEN AVE., SOUTHGATE, KY. Phone Hiland 1895 for Appointment COMPLIMENTS OF PARK AVENUE SCHOOL P. T. A. 0000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000 000 0 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000000000000 01 ,Ml f l. ! UIMJII, ' Aft in Portraiture Photographs that Please .At Prices that Attract YOUNG 86 CARL Exclusive Makers of TIFFANYTONE PORTRAITS Seventh and Vine Streets, Cincinnati, Ohio 000000000000 , 92a... . 2 37- 1? "' " $h2?uifr a. My arm . a

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