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QICLSS me Tune -- Q' 'Aulcl Lrmg Sync' We 11,-ill still remember, In the days gone by, Of our years together, M nrmnrlngs clncl sighs, Though the roacl be clreclry, We shall never tire, A Of our Schoolday memories. LIFE AT N. H. S. Now we lecwe forever, Never to return, Unto our llfe's future, We will gladly turn, Be it love and honor, Be it toll or strhfe, Let our 'ITL6'l7?,,7'7lCS lflnger, LIFE AT N. H. S. Betty Garrison Gloria Conant M Qflvlf'C3a lvlzm:l1i,1,1gg Un ,. . 3 ff! 31.5 NUI llluu :md fgilw 1 f 'fv"',g .uv 2, , ,A Ly1,Q,iX,xfy,j,4. W hm: C .-i'UlkCfU,lf1Il Y i 4 X . 1 ...- V i- - gms, the stuhents nf yefnpnri gffiigly Srlqunl fnisljf tn hehiraie this issue nf the 'jfiifwe mire, faith nw: heepest respsri, in Y Qifiinlqarh EE. Kennehg as zz inken nf zxpprerizttinn fur his nuiiriug effuris in Imhalf nf Hp: srhnnl. 2 74456 af Qntente Superintendent of Schools School Board Faculty Editorial Board Editorials Senior Class Pictures Class History Class Horoscope junior Class Sophomore Class Freshmen Class Eighth Grade Literary Locals Athletics Personals Snapshots Courtesies Checking-up on our Alumni Advertisements SUl'ERlA'1'EINDEN'l'OF SCHOOLS Clayton A. Storer SCHOOL BOARD Alta Carter, Frank Boylan, Ralph Gray FACULTY Left to right: lst row: Mrs. Hall, Mr. Norton, Mr. Chaplin, Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Lanpher. 2nd row: Mr. Schmitz, Mrs. Dodge, Miss Covell, Mr. Curry, Mr. Mayberry, Mrs. Carter. NR. STUART C. CHAPLIN, Principal B. A. University of Maine Algebra I, Geometry MRS. MADELINE HALL Colby College Maine School of Commerce General Mathematics, Typing I-II, Junior Business Training, Shorthand II, and Book- keeping. Junior Class Advisor and School Treasurer. MR. HAROLD NORTON B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College M. of Ed. University of Vermont Guidance Director MRs. ETTA DICKEY Farmington State Teachers College Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Advisor MRS. PEARL LANPHER Nasson College Columbia University Home Economics I-II and III-IV Coach of Sophomore and Junior Prize Speaking MR. MAYNARD SCHMITZ B. S. Northeastern Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Econo- mics. Freshman Class Advisor, Assembly Committee Advisor MRS. HELEN Dooom New Haven State 'I'eacher's College University Extension Conservatory, Chicago University Girls' Glee Club, Boys' Glee Club, Eighth Grade Chorus MISS ALICE COVELL B. S. Colby College Columbia University Teachers' College English II, III and IV, Advisor for Live Wire Coach of Girls' Athletics and Coach of Cheer- leaders. MR. WILLIAM CURRY, Submaster B. S. Arnold College M. A. Columbia University World History, U. S. History, Civics and Problems of Democracy, Coach of Boys' Athletics and Sophomore Class Advisor. MR. ROLAND MABERRY B. S. University of Maine Agriculture I-II and III-IV and Advisor of F. F. A. Supervisor of Veterans' On-Farm- Training Program. x MRs. GERTRUDE CARTER B. A. University of Maine English I, French and Latin Senior Play Coach and Senior Class Advisor de .lace Wdze NEWPORT, MAINE MAY, I95O PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OE NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL vol.. xxn NO. I LIVE WIRE STAFF Left to Right: lst row: R. Mills, Nl. Mullen, V. Booth, S. Smith, J. lloylan, J. Grendell. 2nd row: F. Hanson, I. Sewell, E. Parker, E. Garrison, A. Pratt, E. Look, W. Jarvis, Miss Covell. 3rd row: G. Finnemore, R. Rich, W. Maynard, P. Heath, H. Plummer. EDITORIAL BOARD FOR THE LIVE WIRE Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor-in-I hief Assistant Editor Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Personals Literary Assistants Local Editor Art Editor Virene Booth Sterling Smith Malcolm Mullen Janice Grendell Richard Mills Eunice Parker Betty Garrison Alma Pratt Inez Sewell Paul Heath Assistants Betty Look Billy Jarvis Business Manager Westley Maynard Assistants George Finnemore Robert Rich Howard Plummer Exchange Editor Frances Hanson Alumni Editor Jean Boylan Faculty Advisor ll.iss Alice Covell Summa , THE AIMS OF OUR SCHOOL The new year of 1950 begins the first year N. H. S. has been out of debt in the last four years. Iam not bragging or being sarcastic. rnly tryirg to rut over a point l'his debt was not av y one persons fault. It came about because ofthe Izcc if' sch 1 il spirit thrfmghout the student h ldv. With the help of the principal, faculty. a'il with student co-operation. good school spirit has begun to return to the school. I believe I am safe in saying that the class of '50 is happy to see this turning point before we graduate. We are leaving three swell classes to carry on the work and the new class that comes in next year will be glad to pitch in, too. The high school is back on its feet and has great possibilities. When the future was dark there were no plans. Already there has been set up a list of aims for the school to accomplish. We have the school spirit, ambitious students and co-operative faculty to go ahead and carry out the aims. The aims are, first, to take care of the neccessities, then bring in luxuries later. The school needs new girls' basketball suits, vtarm-up jackets for both boys and girls. baseball suits and baseball equipment. Long awaited letters, numerals, and numbers need to be bought and awarded to deserving students. Ribbons, pins, cups and other prizes must be paid for, too. After these neces- sities are taken care of, luxuries will be bought which will bring in more and more school spirit. The only way to pay for all this is for every student to get behind the school activities. They must be behind the school to get the backing of the towns- people. There is no place for faiiure in in the future of N. H. S. Virene Booth '50 To the students of N. H. S. My topic may seem a little childish for high school students, but I think it is a topic which concerns more students than one might think. Do you like to come back to your home room and constantly find your new text books missing and that new pen or pencil gone? We all know that books can be misplaced, but when they turn up with covers half off and pages torn, it shows that these books have been abused. As for this borrowing of pens and pencils, let's at least try to find the owner when we're through with them. Also, I am sure none of us appreciate a loose desk top or one that is so full of holes that it is almost impossible to write on it. So let's make this a year of achievement in book knowledge, a year of pro- gress in mental maturity as well. S. Smith, '50. 7 CLASS PRESIDENT WESTLEY MAYNARD "Clem" General "He may be thin, and look all in But, - you never can tell. " Class President 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Live Wire Board 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Prize Speaking 1st Prize, Junior Prize Speaking 1st Prize, Senior Play, One-Act Play 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Win- ter Carnival King Candidate 4, Winter Sports 2, Captain of Maga- zine Campaign 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Cross Country 4, "N" Club 4, Booster Board 2, Address of Welcome, Baseball 1,2,3,4. VIRENE BOOTH Commercial "I've taken my fun where I found it. " Boothie Class Vice president 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Live Wire Board 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor in Chief 4, Editor in Chief 4, "N" Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Sophomore Prize Speaking Alternate, Senior Play, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 4, Homemakers' Club 1, 2, English Club 2, 3, Winter Sports 4, Spelling Contest 3, Spelling Contest Alternate 4, Girls' Athletics Club 1, 2, Winter Carnival Guard of Honor 2, 4, Manager for Carnival King and Queen Candidates 4, Valedictorian. LOIS BOULIER "Andy" General "Like unto ships far off at sea. Always homeward bound, is she." Homemakers' Club 1, 2. 8 JEAN BOYLAN ' "Jeannie' Commercial "Where there is a rumpus and a scream, That's where Jean will always be seen. " Student Council 33 National Honor Society 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Live Wire Board 2, 3, 45 "N" Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Playg Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain 2g Softball 2, 3, 43 Winter Carnival Queen Candidate 3gHomemakers' Club 1, 2, 3g English Club 2, 3g Winter Sports 2, 4g Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, Spelling Contest lg Winter Carnival Guard of Honor 2, 4, Assistant Manager of Magazine Campaign 3, Manager of Magazine Campaign 45 Class Gift. EUGENE CARR "Gene" General "Beware the fury of a patient man." Skowhegan High School 1, 2, 35 Attended Y. M. C. A. Older Boys Conference 4. DALE CARSLEY "Dale" General "His thoughts and time are very full Teasing the girls and skipping school." Student Council 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Prize Speaking, Winter Sports 3, 4g Class Marshall. GLORIA CONANT "Thirza" Home Economics "O, aint love grand!" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prize Speaking lst Prize, Senior Playg Homemakers' Club 1, 2,33 Spelling Contest 2, Class Marshall. 9 FRANCES DeBECK "Franny" Commercial "She doesn't mind if its rainy and muddy If she can be riding beside her Buddy" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 4, Sophomore Prize Speaking lst Prize,Junior Prize Speaking, Senior Play, One-Act Play 2, Bas- ketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, Homemakers' Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 2, 3, Girls' Athletics Club 1, 2, Winter Carnival Guard of Honor 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Salutatorian Lois Dow "Loey" Home Economics "So Cheerful, gay and happy, So free from all vexation" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Junior Prize Speak- ing' Alternate, Senior Play, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, l-lomemakers' Club 1, 2, 3, Winter Sports 3, 4, Girls Athetzcs L lub 1, 2, Class Will. FRANCIS FIELD "Fannie" Agricultural A "The quiet mind is richer than a crown. " Glee Club 2, 3, F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. JAMES FLAGG "Jimmy" General "I'd rather be right than be president." Sophomore Prize Speaking, Junior Prize Speaking, Senior Play, Cross Country 3, Address to Underclassmen. 10 In I. X IN H CA RRISON "Betty" Commercial "The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous of all spells. " llass ecretary 45 Student Council 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Live Wire Hoard 2, 45 "N" Club 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Prize Speaking 2nd Prizeg Hasketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Winter Carnival Queen Vandidate 3, -15 Homemakers' Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 35 Girls Athletics Club 1, 25 Booster Board 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Spelling Contest 45 Delegate to Girls' State 45 Junior Prize Speaking 2nd Prize5 First Honor Essay. ROBERT HAINING "Bobby" General "Well, I'll tell you, its this way." Student Council 45 Winter Carnival Guard of Honor 45 Attended Y. M. C. A. Older Boys Conference 45 Class Will. RICHARD MILLS "Dick" General "He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one, Exceedingly wise, fair spoken and persuading. " National Honor Society 45 Junior Prize Speakingg F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 1, 2, President 35 English Club 35 Class Chaplain. DON MITCHELL "Don" f General "Of woman no lover, no friend of the ball, But a jolly good fellow, which makes up for all." Class Vice President 3, 45 Student Council 1, 25 Winter Carnival King5 Class Prophecy. 11 iUNICE PARKER "Useless" Home Economics "0 Love, has she done this to thee? What shall, Alas! become of me?" Guilford High School lg Foxcroft Academy 2, Glee Club 4, Vice resident 4, Live Wire Board 3, 4, Junior Prize Speaking, Senior 'Im 3 Winter Varnival Queen Candidate 4, Homemakers' Club 3, '- inler Sports 3, -l, Chairman of Barn Dance 4, Class Prophecy. RONALD PLUMMER "Milton" General "The sun shines East, the sun shines West, But Ronald knows where the sun shines best. " 'lass Secretary 3, Class Treasurer 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 2, H, 4, Senior Play, Basketball 2g Winter Sports 3, 4, Football 1, 2, ixed Chorus 3, 4, VN inter Carnival Guard of Honor 2, 3, 4, Class Gift WILLIAM POTTER "Billy" General "True to one love, he has eyes for no other. " Class Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 3, Student Council 4, Vice l'resident4g Glee Club 2, 3, Junior Prize Speaking 2nd Prize, Senior Play, Winter Carnival King Candidate 3, 4, Winter Sports 3, 4, .Vlixed Chorus 2, 3, One-Act Play 4, Class History. INEZ SEWELL . "Hymie" Commercial "She is a friend to all, and loved by all." Class Treasurer 2, Student Council4, National Hcnor Socieby4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Live Wire Board 4, "N" Club 4, Vice President 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Girls' Athletics Club 1, 2, Winter Carnival Guard of Honor 2, Alternate for Girls State 3, Business Manager of Senior Play, Manager of Winter Carnival Candidates 35 Mixed Chorus 3, Second Honor Essay. CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1950 entered Newport High School as Freshmen with twenty nine members. Out of these we chose Gordon Richardson, President: Rich- ard Mills, Vice President: Wanda Greene, Secretary and Treasurerg and Don Mitchell and Gordon Richard- son, Student Council. We certainly were red in the face flipstickl at Freshman initiation, but we enjoyed it as much, if not more than the sophomores who had the plea- sure of painting us up. At the Recept- ion Night "Clem" really gave out with t he "Hula-Hula", Frances DeBeck sang "Symphony", the girls sang "Give me Five Minutes More" and a groupof four boys sang "My Bonnie". King and Queen candidates for Win- ter Carnival from our class were Gor- don Richardson and Wanda Greene with Richard Mills acting as campaign manager. We found, when we entered school next fall, that we had only twenty-one membersin the class. Atour first meet- ing we elected Gordon Richardson, President, Virene Booth, Vice Pres- identg Billy Potter, Secretary 3 Inez Sewell, Treasurer: Wanda Greene, Don Mitchell and Gordon Richardson, Student Council. Our faculty advisor was Mr. Burton. G I Although we were somewhat restrict- ed on Freshman initiation day, we had a grand time making those Freshmen to look comical. The Freshmen were good sports and had fun, too. We sponsored a hay ride for the school in our next meeting. It was a long, cold ride but everyone enjoyed it. Then came Sophomore prize speak- ing tryout, about which everyone was enthusiastic. This was the first real event we had since we started high school. Those chosen out of the class were: Elaine Garrison, Pauline Lan- caster, Frances DeBeck, Dale Carsley, Gordon Richardson, and Westley May- nard. Virene Booth a n d James Flagg were alternates. Westley Maynard took 1st prize and James Flagg second. For the girls, Frances DeBeck won first prize and Elaine Garrison second. Winter Carnival soon rolled around and again we chose Gordon Richard- son and Wanda Greene as King and Queen candidates with Richard Mills as the campaign manager. W hen September came around we found our Junior class had only nine- teen members. The following were chosen for class oflicwrsg President, Westley Maynardg Vice President, Don Mitchellg Secretary, Ronald Plummer: Treasurer, Billy Potter, Student Coun- cil, Dale Carsley, Jean Boylan. Betty Garrison and Westley Maynard. The King and Queen candidates for '49 were Billy Potter and Betty Garri- son. Those out for sports from our class were Eunice Parker, Inez Sewell, Lois Dow, Betty Garrison, Dale Cars- ley, Billy Potter, and Ronald Plummer. We were very proud to have so many members of the class participatingin Winter sports. In February try-outs were held for Junior prize speaking. The judges picked the following: Gloria Conant, Frances DeBeck, Elaine Garrison, Eunice Parker, James Flagg, Westley Maynard, Richard Mills, Billy Potter with Dale Carsley and Lois Dow as alternates. First prize for the girls was taken by Gloria Conant and sec- ond prize went to Elaine Garrison. First prize for the boys was won by Westley Maynard and second prize by Billy Potter. We finished our Junior year with the Commencement Ball which was a great success. The Class '50 very proudly entered their last year at N. H. S. in Septem- ber. Class officers elected this year QMVETWMEU I N5 an QUERY- FE? 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JUNIOR CLASS Rowlx D. Paradis, A. Easley,C. Brawn, E. Pinkhain, N, Tucker, E. Gorten, R. Parlee, J. Grendell, W. Jarvis Row 2: B. MacKenzie, J. Towne, A. Braley, J. Tardy, B. Oliver, A. Pratt, R. Tucker, R. Small Mrs. Hall Row 3: M. Mullen, E. Long, G. Finnemore, R. Rich, P. Heath, D. Keniston, W. Richardson, L. Holt, S. Smith, W. Stevens JUNIOR CLASS The first Junior class meeting was held September 14, 1949, during which the following class officers were elect- ed: Ernest Gorten President Richard Parlee Vice-President Esther Pinkham Secretary Nancy Tucker Treasurer Janace Tardy, Wade Richardson, Sterling Smith, Ernest Gorten Student Council Our faculty advisor is Mrs. Madeline Hall The members of the class who ord- ered their class rings last spring re- ceived them in the fall. Our candidates for Winter Carnival King and Queen were Richard Parlee and Constance Prawn. Tryouts for Junior Prize Speaking were held on Feb. 15, 1950. Girls se- lected were: Constance Brawn, Joan Graves, Delina Paradis, Alma Pratt, and Janace Tardy. and the alternate, Jane Towne. The boys who were jud- ged best were: George Finnernore, Paul Heath, William Jarvis, Malcom Mullen and Richard Parlee. The al- ternate Was Desmond Keniston. SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1: D. Burke, F. Hanson, P. Proctor, G. Fletcher, P. Harris, R. Brown, P. Ramsey, D. Mit- chell, G. Gilman, J. Getchell. Row 2: N. Day, A. Murphy, M. Cook, E. Gothberg, J. Wiseman. J. Gray, E. Look, M. Booth, L. Ingalls, K. Rideout, M. McAtee, R. Rollins. Row 3: L. Grendell, H. Plummer, R. Mills, N. Frost, D. Williams, Nlr. Curry, S. Turner, R. Hawthorne, A. Braley. Row 4: R. Gerry, R. Condon, H. Shaw, R. Dow, R. Sewell, K. Shorey. SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class started this year with much enthusiasm regarding class affairs. After one week, we elected the following class officers: Richard Brown President Paul Ramsey Vice President Patricia Harris Sec'y 8: Treas. Sterling Turner, Frances Hanson Student Council Mr. Curry is our Faculty Advisor. Our first objective has been to im- prove our financial condition. The first project of our class was to change the Sophomore Prize Speaking from the Spring to the fall. Several inter- ested students took part. This year was the first time this activity has been open to the public. The girls' first prize went to Betty Look and second prize to Kathleen Rideout. Other girl speakers were Nancy Day,Jane Wiseman, and Gloria Gilman. Rachel Rollins was alternate. The boys' first prize was won by Richard Brown and second prize by Donald Williams. Other speakers were Norman Frost, Dale Mitchell, Leslie Grendell and the alternate was Roland Hawthorne. We have had a hayride and our class won the first interclass Winter Carni- val Trophy. Unless something unexpected hap- pens, we hope to have one of the most successful years in the history of our class. FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1: M. Proctor, J. Robinson, R. Estes, R. Myrick, S. McAtee, P. Patchell, L Gray, D. Lancaster, D. Jarvis, M. Hawthorne. Row 2: M. Lovely, M. Buzzell, F. Whitten, R. Nelson, M. Bryson, B. Bates, J. Ramsey, J. Abbott, B. Fletcher, D. Shea, J. Jones, A. Garrison, A. Brackett. Row 3: G. Tibbetts, R. Gray, M. Oliver, E. Gerry, J. Boylan, J. Carr, D. Long, T. Bragg, L. Parker, M. French, M. Hussey, Mr. Schmitz. Row 4: R. Chaplin, L. Tuttle, W. Berry, H. Rich, B. Whitney, R. Day, W. Noble, M. Varney. FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman class of N. H. S. held their first election of officers September 13, 1949. The officers el- ected are as follows: Paul Patchell President Shirley McAtee Secretary Lewis Gray Treasurer Joan Ramsey Student Council We agreed to pay 31.00 a year for dues and have a class meeting every other week. We plan to have a box social in the spring. At the meeting of October 31, it was decided to send presents to Beulah Bates while she was in the hospital and to have a card shower for Eugene Gray. We were to get a gift for the president who broke his leg while skat- ing. The class also voted to give 35.00 toward a gift for Mr. Kennedy. EIGHTH GRADE Row 1:C. Hussey, L, Turner, J. Lander, G. Gilman, S. Smith, H. Nickerson, M. Jones, D. Day, C. Bragg Row2: R. Henderson, T. Paradis, E. Turner, M. Stevens, H. McCorquindale, A. Finnemore, E. Paine, L. Wing, M. Wiers, H, Fletcher, Mrs. Dickey. Row 3: J. Weeks, J, Whitney, B. Cormier, S, Peterson, N. Eaton, A. Harris, R. Stevens, L. Erskine, M. Brann, R. Gray, J. Easley. Row 4: A. Tedesco, R. Williams, S. Gray, E. Gray, H. Seavey, D. Hall, E. Tardy. EIGHTH GRADE President Stewart Smith Vice President Goodwin Gilman Secretary Janet Lander Treasurer Howard Nickerson Student Council Stewart Smith The Eighth Grade, Class of '54 came to school to find that we had five new pupils which made a total of forty-one. We found no one had left us during the summer, although two pupils have left school this year. We presented a Christmas pageant at the Town Hall as our assembly. We presented the operetta, "The Mikado," on Feb. 10th. It was quite successful financially. We put a lot of time in practicing the parts and making the costumes and set. The entire Class took part. We are also are printing a newspa- per, "The Sebasticook Tattler." Our editor-in chief is Daniel Day. Our two candidates for Carnival king and queen were Howard Seavey, Jr. and Janet Lander. Goodwin Gil- man acted as campaign manager. We have participated in Grammar school sports. This year We had ten out of twelve members on the varsity basketball squad from the Eighth Grade. We enjoyed a successful year with an impressive 9-2 record. We finished fourth in the Penobscot Coun- ty play-offs. A TOAST TO OUR JANITOR We are all so used to an orderly, well-kept schooland grounds that we do not always stop to think who it isthat keeps everything this way and in run- ning condition. However, if anything goes wrong with a piece of equipment the first person we think of is the jan- itor. Once a year we should all pause in the rush of busy activities and say "thank you" to our janitor. So thank you Mr. Strout and best wishes for a happy summer. Here's a toast to our janitor, may he never forsake us, For if he did, confusion would overtake us. He is painstaking, capable and goodnatured too. If he left us, what would we do? If the school was on fire, you'd hear everyonefshout, "Go get the janitor, he'll put it out." If a tornado lifted the roof and took it away. "Go get the janitor," the pupils would say. "Go get the janitor, he'll know what to do". Whether its fire, disaster, or just a loose screw." Let's sing him a song, let's give him a cheer. Let's make it so loud, it would deafen the ear. He deserves our praise and our good will too. Mr. Strout, our hats are off to you! Arlene Murphy '50 THE VISION Night and day the terrible picture comes to me clearly. At first, dim, then gradually becomes clearer and clearer. I don't know how it started, wait, yes it comes back clearly to me now. It started with a casual drink with my husband's political friends. Then, as his power grew, I became an unimpor- tant item in his life, but drink became an important one in my life. Soon I could not give it up. When my hus- band, Tom, came home at night, he would find me in a drunken stupor. He was gentle at first, then he gradu- ally turned against me. The sneer on his face turned my heart cold as I stared at him with dull, lifeless eyes. Oh, but then the the beautiful pic- tures would unfold before me like a dream. Tom and I were walking through a quiet forest, hand in hand, and he gazed at me with love in his eyes. The vision soon fades however, and Tom stands before me with that terri- able hate in his eyes. I cannot stand it. l am losing my mind, yes, thats it. I am crazy. My hand came in contact with a heavy silver letter opener. Raising the opener, I plunged it into his back. He sprawled on the floor in front of me as the blackness swallow- ed me. Telling this to Doctor Benton is not easy, but it was just a vision. I can't understand what the police are carry- ing from the cellar. Do you think I am crazy, Doctor? Do you? DO YOU? Betty Garrison A TRIP TO THE MOON One day as I sat nibbling on a huge sandwich of sardines, lettuce and to- matoes, salad dressing, tuna fish and other miscellaneous articles, and en- deavoring to study my latin, my mind strayed from my subject and I found myself dreaming about my favorite topic-rocket ships. It was then that the idea came to me. Why couldn't Professor Zanuck and I build a rocket ship and take a trip to the moon? I was about to get the professor and inform him about my wonderful idea when I heard a terrible explosion coming from the di- rection of the laboratory. I ran as fast as my short legs could carry me to see what had happened. Icau- tiously opened the door and peeped in. The professor was carefully getting up and was brushing himself off. "What happened '?" I boomed. He explained that he was only playing with his firecrackers, one of his favor- ite pastimesfI neglected to say the professor was in his second childhood and was quite playfull. I helped him get his beard untangled and explained my plan. The professor liked it and we imme- diately started work. In about two daysiwe were very fast workersl we were ready to start. With our tooth- brushes under our arms, we set the controls and with a zoom took off. We had traveled a few hours when we came to a sign saying, Go slow. Only 24,000 miles to the moon. It was just a few minutes before we arrived. The people and animals were indiff- erent to us and acted as though we didn't exist, We walked around until we came to a great big building which was made up of ice cream and floated in a little pond of soda pop. The people all had spears and daggers and ran toward us saying queer words and throwing them at our heads. If only we could make it to the rocket ship! Finally we made it. We jumped in and were off. We hurtled through space so fast that our stomachs began to object. As we were about to land I heard a voice say, "Wake up, wake up!" And wake up I did, sitting right in the middle of the floor. Elva Brackett '53 MAGGIE The day had dawned, just this morn, So beautiful and peaceful. But this sereneness did not last, For Maggie had her hands full. She had five kids, all her own, And don't you dare deny it. They all had hair as black as night, And tempers to defy it. First came Sue, the oldest girl, And she was in a dither. Her prize piece of calico, Had been borrowed by little sister. Next came Pete, the oldest boy, And he was very flustered. For how can you visit your very best girl, When your bow tie has been busted? Next came Joe, a dandy boy, Born just ten years ago, And why God gave him such power- ful lungs, I swear, I'll never know. Next came Jane, the youngest girl, The beauty of the family. She had hair of black, eyes of blue, And a nose that was a dandy. Last, but not least, came little Will, The baby of the household. He was putting up a kick, 'Cause sister had a wrestle hold. These kids, plus Maggie's housework, Kept her on the run. She always heaved a sigh of relief, When the day was done. But now as the day draws to a close, And the kids are fast asleep, Poor Maggie sits down in a chair And rubs her swollen feet. May Cook '52 A CLEVER BOY While Mother was setting the table, Father and John were in the living- room. Then Mother called them to dinner. As John and his father entered the dining-room. John's eyes lit up with a sly twinkle as he turned to his father with the question, "Dad, how many fowls are there on the table?" His father looked at the pair of steaming fowls, roasted a golden brown, that lay on the platter. He replied quickly, "Why son, there are two, of course." "Two?" scoied John. "There are three, and I'll prove it." "Three?" questioned the father, puzzled. He had been 'taken in' sev- eral times lately by his son's clever tongue, but he determined to call for an explanation. "I'd like to have you prove that." "Easily done, sir, easily done," said John with importance. "Now isn't this one?" laying his fork upon the first. "Yes, that's certain," said his fa- ther. "Andisn't this two?" said John, pointing to the second, "And don't one and two make three?" "Really," replied the father turn- ing to his wife who was beginning to smile in appreciation of her son's cleverness at 'getting one' on his fa- ther. "Really, this this boy of ours is a genius and deserves encouragement. "Here, Mother, you shall have one fowl, I'll take the second, and our John here, may have the third for his learning." An old joke retold by Dorothy Lancaster '53 BIOLOGY CLASS Of all the courses the Sophomores take This year at N. H. S. I think that they will all agree Our Biology Class is best. We learn that a grasshopper has green blood, And fish have three-chambered hearts. The nervous system of a crayiish is on the ventral side, And had blood doesn't cause warts. We learn why snakes are reptiles, And how termites build their homes, We learn why some birds migrate And others never roam. But now we're studying humans, Their functions and their habits. Later we're going to have projects, Like raising rats and ra.bbits. Nancy Day '52 THE STAR PERFORMANCE It was opening night and the seats in the huge theater filled rapidly. As she waited nervously in the wings for her cue to go on stage, Mary thought back to the last few minutes in her dressing room. Her maid had put the finishing touches on her costume and hair-do and had checked to be sure the laces on her snowy White ice skates were tied firmly. Then as Mary turned to go, a messenger boy rushed up to her and handed her a note. After quickly reading the note, Mary smiled know- ingly. Then she placed the bit of pa- per carefully on her dressing table and had hurried out into the wings where she stood. Mary thought of the note once more. "Look for me in Box 5. "Good luck," signed, "Dr. John Holloway." Just then the or- chestra swung into the melody that was her cue. With a last whispered, 'good luck,' from her manager, Mary glided onto the ice. Two spotlights were immediately turned upon her, flooding her and the ice around her with a dazzling brill- iance. She smiled nervously and be- gan the intricate steps of her difficult routine. The spotlights followed her over the ice making the sequins on her short jacket sparkle like diamonds. The blue plums on her skirt swayed gently about her as she weaved and darted in and out to the music of the ice follies orchestra. Then, before she knew, she was al- most through. Only one feat remained to be done. The one most difficult for a skater on ice to perform. Could she do it now before an audience? She knew that out there in the vast sea of faces watching her was one person who would know how anxiously her heart beat. Mary knew that he too, waited breathlessly. She must do it! Around the great stage she skated. Faster and faster! Then she leaped four feet into the air in a graceful arch. Com- ing down she made a quick stop in front of Box 5, her silver blades throwing out a shower of ice flakes. As she poised there on her toes she smiled confidently at the man who smiled back at her from Box 5. As Mary glided off the ice, a young man turned to Doctor Holloway. "She was wonderful, doctor," he beamed, "I see now why you wanted me to pay particular attention to her." "She was marvelous wasn't she,? smiled back Dr. Holloway, "but the real rea- son I wanted you to notice her was that I told that girl a year ago she would never walk again." Betty Look '52 .......q1-.Q?:,.- at Paul R: "Mom, Ican't. . . " Mother: "Don't say you can't. Ev- erything is possible if you try hard enough." Paul R: "Well, let's see you put the toothpaste back in the tube." ill- Richard B.: "You look worried." Roy D.: "I am. My sister was ma- king a cake and the recipe said, "Put in the eggs, sugar, shortening and milk, and beat it!" I haven't seen her since." ,..i-.Tl NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: J. Boylan, M. Mullen, V. Booth, I. Sewell, Row 2: R. Mills, Mr. Chaplin. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY With a very impressive candle- light service, members of the student body of Newport High School were initiated into the Nokomis Chapter of the National Honor Society. The initiation was conducted at the baccalaureate service of the class of '49. The formal requisitesgscholar- ship, character, leadership, and ser- vice were protrayed by Marilyn Mayo. Eleanor Wing. Eldora Wade, and Olga Haapanen. Rosalie Jones, Ruth Tomp- kins, and Jack Randall were the other alumni society members who partici- pated inthe initiation. We were very fortunate and glad to have them. The faculty of Newport High School has chosen the following stu- dents to become members of the Nat- ional Honor Society this year: Inez Sewell, Jean Boylan, Richard Mills, and Malcom Mullen. I STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: F. Hanson, W. Richardson, W. Maynard, W. Potter, E. Gorten, P. Patchell. Row 2: I. Sewell, J. Ramsey, J. Tardy, D. Carsley, R. Haining, S. Turner. Row 3: S. Smith, S. Smith, IV. r. Chaplin, R. Brown. STUDENT COUNCIL The following officers were elect- ed at the first meeting of the Student Council: President Westley Maynard Vice President William Potter Secretary Wade Richardson Treasurer Ernest Gorten The members are Westley May- nard, Inez Sewell, Dale Carsley, Wil- liam Potter and Robert Haining from the Senior Classy Ernest Gorten, Wade Richardson, Sterling Smith and Janice Tardy from the Junior Class: Richard Brown, Sterling Turner, and Frances Hanson from the Sophomore Classy Paul Patchell and Joan Ramsey from the Freshmen Classy and Stewart Smith from the Eighth Grade. Our most important project this fall was organizing the magazinecam- paign. Members ofthe StudentCoun- cil have been active in planning as- sembly programs for the school. We also sponsored improvements for the two basements. These and several other projects have made this a busy, profitable year for us all. "NH CLUB Row 1: F. Hanson, J. Cfrendell, E. Gothberg, J. Wiseman, I. Sewell, E. Gorten, V. Booth, L. Dow, J. Boylan, F. DeBeck. Row 2: G. Gilman, C. Brawn, A. Braley, E. Garrison, J. Tardy, W. Maynard, R. Small, P. Ramsey, W. Jarvis. Row 3:D. Williams, N. Frost, R. Rich, R. Plummer, G. Finnemore, J. Flagg, Mr. Chapman HN" CLUB The first meeting of the "N" Club was held in the French room with Mr. Chaplin, as faculty advisor. We elect- ed the following oflicers: President Ernest Gorten Vice president Inez Sewell Secretary and Treas. Virene Booth At present there are twenty-five members in the club. In order, to be eligible for membership to this club, you have to receive an 'N' or an 'N' certificate. To receive this, you must participate in sports, such as basket- ball, softball, baseball, cross country, or be in the Glee Club for three years. At last assembly the coaches will present to the deserving students, an 'N' or 'N' certificate which will make them eligible for the "N" club next year. We are hoping to have many new members. We have not planned many activi- vities this year because the many other clubs have kept the students busy. Before the school year comes to an end, however, we plan to help sponsor the Bulldog Jamboree. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row 1: R. Estes, F. Field, G. Fletcher, R. Gerry, H. Plummer, A. Braley, R. Myrick, L. Grendell. RoW2: M. Hussey, W. Berry, E, Long, R. Dow, D. Long, T. Bragg, K. Shorey, M. Varney. Row 3: L. Tuttle, B. Whitney, P. Heath, L. Gray, Mr. Mayberry. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA During the last year the Sebasticook Stream Chapter of Future Farmers of America has been very active in Community project work and away from home meetings. Mr. Kennedy, who has been with us for the past four years, left early in February to accept a position with the Farmers Home Administration. Mr. Mayberry, who has been teaching Farm Training at Bangor high school, is our new Advisor. We have elected the following offi- cers: President Ralph Gerry Vice president Howard Plummer Secretary George Fletcher Treasurer Francis Field Sentinel Alfred Braley Reporter Richard Myrick Carl Braleyf'49J and Ralph Gerry, representing Sebasticook Stream Chapter, placed second with their rope splicing and rafter cutting at the State Farm Engineering Contest held at the University of Maine in June, 1949. Community work projects during the year included bicycle racks, the merry-go-round for school grounds and bleachers for the Armory. Alfred Braley was elected Central District Secretary at the Fall meeting. Ted Bragg and Lewis Gray brought home first honors in cattle judging at the 1949 Farmers Fair at the Univer- sity of Maine. Ted also took first in- dividual honors and went on to win the State Championship and a cup trophy provided by Unity Feeds. In the 1950 Basketball schedule two games remain to be played. Of the four played, we lost two, won one and tied one. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: M. Proctor, C. Brawn, J. Towne,'I.Sewell, E. Parker, L. Dow, V. Booth, G. Gilman F. DeBeck. F. Hanson, P. Harris. Row 2: D. Burke, A. Brackett, D. Paradis, M. Bryson, B. Bates, B. Fletcher, M. Lovely, I.. Ingalls, M. Buzzell, J. Ramsey, D. Shea, D. Lancaster, M. Cook, S. McAtee, A. Garrison, M. Hawthorne. Row 3: B. Look, J. Boylan, N. Day, A. Braley, G. Conant, E. Gothberg, K. Rideout, A. Pratt, J. Abbott, J. Wiseman, A. Murphy, E.Garrison, F.Whitten, R.Rollins, Mrs. Dodge. Row 4: M. McAtee, B. Oliver, R. Nelson, L. Boylan, J. Carr, J. Gray, J. Tardy, R. Gray, M. Oliver, N. Tucker. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is under the direction of Mrs. Helen Dodge. At the beginning of the year we elected the following officers: President Lois Dow Vice president Eunice Parker Secretary Inez Sewell Treasurer Virine Booth Librarian Jane Towne On January 29th, we gavea pro- gram which was heid in memory of Mary Emery. The proceeds will be used to decorate the music room. The boys' and girls' glee club sang selec- tions and Rev. Miller gave a biograph- ical talk about Mary Emery. We plan to have many other musi- cal entertainments throughout the year and we are sure they will be great successes. Lois Dow, Pres. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: R. Myrick, L. Grendell, P. Patchell, R. Brown, R. Tucker,W. Maynard, W.'Jarvis, D. Jarvis. Row 2: R. Proctor, R. Hawthorne, F. DeBeck, G. Conant, Mrs. Dodge, K. Rideout, L. Parker, A. Braley, M. Hussey. Row 3: D. Williams, R. Mills, P. Ramsey, R. Chaplin, D. Carsley, L. Gray, L. Tuttle. M. French. Row 4: R. Day, R. Dow, R. Plummer, W. Noble, S. Smith. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The boys' glee club is working this year under the direction of Mrs. Helen Dodge. At the first meeting we elect- ed the following officers: Robert Tucker President Richard Brown Sec'y Sz Treas. Westley Maynard Librarian On Feb. lst, the boys joined with the girls glee club in the Mary Emery Memorial concert. We sang "The End of a Perfect Day" with the girls as a closing number. We have dis- cussed the Bulldog Jamboree and are practicing numbers to be presented at the program. We have worked hard and are anticipating a successful year. SENIOR PLAY Row lc F. DeBeck, W. Maynard, E. Parker, R. Plummer, W. Potter, J. Boylan. 2nd Row: L. Dow, G. Conant, V. Booth, J. Flagg, I. Sewell, Mrs. Carter. SENIOR PLAY The three act play, "Aunt Tillie Goes To Town", was held in the Town Hall November 29, 1949, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Carter. In spite of the bad weather, we had an excellent crowd. The scene of the play takes place in AuntTillie'ssummer resort. Aunt Tillie is strictly against all men until she leaves to collect the inheritance left to her by her uncle. Then the plot begins to thicken. Aunt Tillie soon gets back with a letter from her uncle saying that an attractive woman like her should get married. At this mo- ment she changes from a man hater to a man hunter. Comedy was added to the plot by the antics of Mervin and Ronald who were trying to avoid a Chinese pursuer. Mervin tries every imaginable type of disguise including a rain barrel and women's clothing. Aunt Tillie finally marries the first man she meets, who happens to be Mr. Lorrimer. This makes every- thing result in a happy ending of the mad happenings that took place while she was away. Cast of Characters Aunt Tillie Trask Eunice Parker Ronald Howland Billy Potter Luther Lormier Ronald Plummer Lucinda Inez Sewell Lizzie Parsons Dr. Hattie Bing Mervin Tucker Charlie One Lung Pamela Marsh Ellen Neelan Aunt Tillie Tucker Business Manager Stage Managers Gloria Conant Virene Booth Clem Maynard James Flagg Frances DeBeck Jean Boylan Lois Dow Inez Sewell Jean Boylan Virene Booth James Flagg 77fa9a56ae Qmpadga MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN The annual Magazine Campaign in which the school participates each year was held in November. This year there were two teams, the boys of the school opposed the girls of the school. Janace Tardy was the captain of the girls' team and "Clem" Maynard was the captain for the boys. The others in charge were as fol- lows: Jean Boylan Richard Small Betty Garrison Delina Paradis Richard Brown Freshman Captain Richard Chaplin Eighth Gr. Capt. Roger Williams The school sold 3305.95 in magazine subscriptions. Their commission from that sum was 310728, which was turned over to the Athletic Fund of the school for equipment. Business Manager Asst. Bus. Manager Senior Captain Junior Captain Sophomore Captain .,-....4g4Qj.g,.-.-.,.. Speiiiaq Zanlea! SPELLING CONTEST The league spelling contest was held at Hermon high school in October, 1949. Newport was represented by four girls: Betty Garrison, Gloria Tibbetts, Betty Look and Nancy Day. Virene Booth and Barbara Fletcher went as alternates. Corinna won the contest and Hartland placed second. The highest speller was from Hart- land. Hermon students served cider and doughnuts to the contestants after the program. v fu iff - may 9 V.A-v M . xi D m y K Wi ,vi K f SN X '- Q .. if .shi rg. vi 5, .gfik 'Q CHEERLEADERS I. Sewell, M. Bryson, C. Gilman, B. MacKenzie, C. Brawn. CHEERLEADERS Cheerleading tryouts were held about two weeks before basketball season started. There was a turnout of twenty girls. Out of this group our veterans of last year, Inez Sewell, Connie Brawn, and Gloria Gilman were chosen again. Betty MacKenzie and Marilyn Bryson were also chosen for the squad. This year we added substitutes so that we could have five girls every night. They were Norma Twitchell and Eleanor Gothberg. New suits were purchased this year, which brought up the morale of the girls. The suits were made in two pieces with the jackets of white satin and the skirts of blue satin. We also acquired new megaphones of blue, with a white 'N' on the large one. Whether it was win, lose or draw the girls were always there with pep and plenty of school spirit. . Q C ROSS COUNTRY Row I: E. Long, W. Maynard, N. Frost, R. Sewell, R. Small, R.Chaplin. Row 2: E. Gorten, L. Gray, R. Parlee, R. Rich, Mr. Curry, P. Ramsey, S. Turner. CROSS COUNTRY Newport High School opened its cross country season by defeating Dexter High, at Dexter, by a 33 to 22 margin. Norman Frost came in first for Newport, Carroll Rhines third, Sterling Turner fourth, Richard Parlee fifth, and Paul Ramsey seventh. The next meeting was against Dexter at Newport. Dexter won, 35 to 37. Nor- man Frost of Newport came in first, Sterling Turner fifth, Richard Parlee seventh, and Ernest Gorten tenth. Our next meet was against Hartland at Newport. The only two runners to place for Newport were Turner and Parlee. The last meet was held at Hartland. The same two boys were the only ones to place in this meet, too. We had a season record of one win and three defeats. We showed im- provement under the coaching of Mr. Curry. Our manager was Robert Rich. The following boys participated in one or more meets: N. Frost, R. Par- lee, C. Rhines, S. Turner, P. Ramsey, R. Small, W. Maynard, R. Chaplin, E. Gorten, R. Sewell, E. Long, L. Gray. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Row 1: Coach Covell, J. Grendell, J. Boylan, M. Cook, V. Booth, E. Garrison, L. Dow, J. Wiseman Row 2: D. Burke, N. Day, A. Murphy, L. Boylan, J. Abbott, E. Look, M. Hawthorne F. Hanson, M. Proctor. GIRL'S BASKETBALL The girls played hard this year, but only won two games. Bad luck was against us all the way but we are hop- ing next year that it will change and Newport will come out on top. Of course we are losing a lot of the first team girls, but we still have our subs that are right on the job. The four senior girls we are losing, Virene Booth, Betty Garrison, Lois Dow and Jean Boylan, have been loy- al and faithful to the girls' basketball team all their four years at N. H. S. These girls played good games all sea- son and we are going to miss them next year. A lot of credit goes to 'Chummy' Hanson for her fine job as manager. Betty Look did her part as assistant manager. We will still have Jane Wiseman, Janice Grendell fand May Cook who will carry on for N.H.S. The first team lineup: R.F. Betty Garrison, L.F. Jean Boylan, May Cook: C. Jane Wiseman: L. G. Virene Booth: R. G. Janice Grendell. The games and scores as follows: Newport Opponents 34 Corinna 38 25 Oakland 24 39 E. Corinth 26 26 Carmel 27 22 Hermon 30 25 Hartland 36 23 Corinna 33 29 E. Corinth 31 29 Carmel 30 43 Hermon 46 24 Hartland 44 17 Oakland 31 GIRLS' SOFTBALL Row 1: V. Booth, F. Hanson, J. Tardy, E. Gothberg, J. Wiseman, L. Dow, E. Garrison J. Boylan, J. Grendell. Row 2: D. Burke, M. Bryson, B. Bates, M. Lovely, M. McAtee, Miss Covell, J. Robinson, D. Lancaster, A. Garrison, M. Hawthorne, M. Proctor. Row3: B. Fletcher, D. Shea, M. Cook, R. Nelson, A. Murphy, N. Day, J. Abbott, I. Sewell, S. McAtee, L. Ingalls, J. Towne. Row 4: F. Whitten, M. Oliver, J. Carr, B. Oliver, L. Boylan, R. Rollins. GIRLS' SOFTBALL Our last year softball season turned out a very successful one as the girls team annexed the Central Maine Lea- gue crown by remaining undefeated through the season. The first game brought the girls through to a victory as they defeated Hartland with a score of 10-7. It really came as a surprise, but it cer- tainly made the girls fight harder. When our second game came, it found the girls playing with real teamwork as they scored over East Corinth 14-6. Then came our third victory over Cor- inna by a score of 14-1. It seemed like an easy game, but without teamwork it would never have been a success. .4 . With three victories hanging over our heads and two games to be played, the N.H.S. nine were playing hard. Then came our fourth game with a score of 15-3 over Hermon. The girls were really proud, but still had one more game to go. The girls had their hearts set on winning this last game, but they got a scare before it was ov- er. They still came out on top scor- ing 8-3. I'm sure the sportsmanship between the first and second teams and also all the subs who were always out there practicing was appreciated by the whole school. We can never forget the credit We owed our coach, Mr. Johnstone, for bringing our great suc- cess. BOYS' BASKE'l'BAI.L Row 1: R. Hawthorne, W. Maynard, G. lfinnemore, IC. Corten, lt. Small. Row 2: W. Jarvis, R. Chaplin, N. Frost, R. Rich. Mr. Curry, lt. Sewell, D. Keniston, W. Stevens BOYS' BASKETBALL The Round Robin, played at the Newport Armory, Nov. 18, opened the basketball season for Newport high school. This year proved rather un- sucessful due to lack of experience. The boys learned alot from the fine coaching ability of Mr. Curry. These two boys proved worthy of their jobsg Robert Rich, manager and William Stevens, assistant manager. The First Team for 1949-50 season was as follows: L.F. W. Maynardg R. F. N. Frost, R. Hawthorneg C. G. Finnemoreg L.G. E. Gorteng R.G. R. Small. The games and scores were as fol- lows: Newport Opponents 58 Corinna 68 32 Oakland 48 44 E. Corinth 33 42 Carmel 65 39 Alumni 23 33 Hermon 43 39 Hartland 49 34 Corinna 41 54 E. Corinth 51 28 Carmel 75 39 Hermon 63 41 Hartland 57 40 Oakland 44 ,4 BASEBALL Row 1: W. Stevens, J. Flagg, W. Jarvis, E. Gorten, W. Maynard, D. Williams, G. Finnemore, R. Small, D. Keniston. Row 2: R. Myrick, R. Mills, S. Turner, N. Frost, E. Long, S. Smith, R. Hawthorne, M. French L. Grendell, D. Jarvis. Row 3: P. Proctor, W. Berry, R. Day, R. Chaplin, W. Noble, R. Gerry, Mr. Curry, R. Sewell, L. Gray, L. Tuttle. Row 4: R, Rich, R. Dow, H. Shaw, B. Whitney. BOYS' BASEBALL The baseball season opened ofiicial- ly after a few weeks of practice. The first game was played April 28, with Carmel at Carmel. Mr. Currydevel- oped afine team out of twelve boys and wound up the season with ,six wins and four losses. The outstanding players were Gerald Morten, who did a wonderful pitching job, and Ernest Gotten and Wilbur Miller with their slugging ability. The Outsanding Player Award was given to Gerald Morten. ' ' The games and scores were as fol- lows: Newport Opponents 31 there Carmel 10 3 " Hermon 10 5 " Corinna 6 3 here Hartland 6 13 " E. Corinth 8 7 " Carmel 6 9 " Hermon 6 6 " Corinna 3 2 there Hartland 3 5 " E. Corinth 2 The line-up was as follows: C. E. Gorteng 1B W.QMiller1 P. G Morten: L.F. G. Finnemore, May nardg 3B P. Hawthorne: CFIM. French C.-RF N. Frost: C. S. Smith: 2B B Jarvis: SS-2B D. Williams. WINTER CARNIVAL Row 1: V. Booth, R. Hawthorne, G. Fletcher, E. Parker, L. Dow, J. Boylan, F. Hanson. Row 2: I. Sewell, E. Gothberg, J. Wiseman, M. Cook, E. Long, R. Small, D. Williams, S. Turner, Mr. Curry, W. Jarvis. Row 3: D. Carsley, S. Smith, R. Sewell, R. Plummer, W. Potter, B. Whitney, R. Brown, R. Parlee, R. Chaplin. WINTER CARNIVAL Our annual Winter Carnival had an experimental aspect this year, in that it was interscholasticg each class org- anized a team for the winter sports, Fun was had by all, starting with the first event. Cross country, snowshoe- ing and skiing starting from Fletchers and went to Tip-Top Hill. Down hill skiing was held on Tip-Top also. Afternoon events were held at With- am Field. Girls snowshoe and ski events were held first, then a relay be- tween the Senior and Sophomore girls which the Seniors won. The boys had snowshoe and ski dashes and a relay between the Senior and Sophomore boys. The sophomores came out with a victory. The evening attractions started with a baked bean supper put on by an committee of townswomen and home economics girls under the direction of Mrs. Pearl Lanpher. After supper the evening was highlighted by the crowning of the queen and kingg Inez Sewell and Don Mitchell. This crown- ing brought to a climax the impressive processional march of the honor guard and candidates. King Don gave out the trophies to the girls. Eunice Par- ker and Lois Dow, both seniors tied for the high point trophy. Queen Inez presented the trophy to the high point boy, George Fletcher. She also gave a trophy to the high point class which was the Sophomore class. Ro- land Hawthorne received the trophy for the class. We felt this to be one of our most successful carnivals. pefwonala WANTED COLUMN fRushJ Razor blades, Paul Ramsey Loud speaker, Richard Brown More basketball games, Janice Grendell Attention, Connie Brawn A little pep, Norman Frost Curly hair, Marilyn Bryson A Metropolitan opera contract, Frances DeBeck Gum, Douglas Long Kissable lipstick, Janace Tardy A barrette for her hair, Gloria Gilman Latin Translation, Nancy Day A beau, Nancy Tucker An orderly biology class, Mr. Schmitz Alarm clock, Jane Towne A movie contract, Betty MacKenzie Dancing lessons. Sterling Turner Height, Billy Jarvis A purple necktie, Mr. Curry Money tograduate, Seniors Less noise, more work, Miss Covell Less studying, Juniors A girl, Bobby Haining More activities, Sophomores Perfect rank cards, Freshmen More fun, Eighth Grade ,1l.1.1.-T- US Seniors Inez Sewell ' ' Billy Potter Ronald Plummer Eunice Parker Don Mitchell Dick Mills Friendliest Senior Romeo Most Ambitious Happiest Best Cow Milker Biggest Talker Keeps The Class Going Most Musical 'Clem' Maynard Bobby Haining Most'Athletic Girl Betty Garrison Quietest Francis Fields Most Bashful Jimmy Flagg Craziest Lois Dow Best Typist Frances DeBeck Giggler Gloria Conant Biggest Tease Dale Carsley Best Natured Gene Carr Gayest JeaniBoylan Biggest Candy Eater Lois Boulier Best Gum Chewer Virene Booth MMM- OUR SENIOR CLASS OF N. H. S. Bo Bo Pa Garri D Co M P Ca Mit P M Car D Boyla Field th lier ker on Beck ant lla tter r hell ummer ynard ewell ley W lass aining 51.355 N E LE 'P GT? ei 1 as if KJ' .J WINTER CNR NIVFXL E O, MT Y Qafateedea THE RIPPLE Hartland Academy A very good yearbook. Why not put the write-ups on the same page as the picture? A ACADEMY REVIEW Foxcroft Academy A complete yearbook. It is neatly arranged and the Literary section is very good. The half page pictures at the front of each section helps to improve the book. THE ROCKET Carmel High School An excellent yearbook. It was mimeographed Well and the arrange- ment of your pictures added to its fine appearance. E.C.A. ROCKET E. Corinth Academy Yours is a good yearbook. May I suggest mimeographing your book en- tirely and putting the write-ups on the same page as the picture. THE MUSE Corinna Union Academy A neat and complete yearbook. It shows a lot of work. THE MICROPHONE Hermon H. S. Your yearbook has very good cuts. Why not put the the class pictures be- fore the sports pictures? THE LEVER Skowhegan H. S. A well planned and interesting year book. Why not have a larger literary section? THE MESSALONSKEE RIPPLE Williams H. S., Oakland A very good yearbook which is neat- ly arranged. The Literary section is excellent. I suggest enlarging the senior class pictures. BULLDOG Madison H. S. Your yearbook shows a great deal of work. The informal snapshots of the faculty members are interesting. Ithink, however, that it would be better if the pictures of the editorial board was nearer the front. THE MONITOR Unity H. S. A well planned book witha neat cover. I suggest you put all the ads in the back of the book and enlarge your literary section. THE CABOOSE Brownville Junction A yearbook with a nice Literary section. A well planned annual with good art work. Why not have some informal snapshots? THE SCROLL Higgins Classical Institute Your yearbook was well done. The Literary .section was particularly in- teresting. You could have more pic- tures and larger print. THE SEDAN Hampden Academy An excellent, well planned yearbook. Very complete, and the art work is exceptionally good. THE CHRYSALIC Greenville Consolidated School An interesting yearbook with a nice Literary and Locals section. The ads with the pictures are very attractive. However, I suggest that you have some informal snapshots. THE SIGNET N. H. Fay H. S. Dexter A complete yearbook which shows a lot of work. A very good Locals sec- tion and clear pictures. Yours sincerely, EXCHANGE EDITOR ,4Zamuz6 A CLASS OF '49 Eldora Wade, Houlton Carl Braley, Plymouth Roland Butcher, Palmyra Ralph Flagg, Dixmont Melvin French, Newport Thelma Gee, Portland Richard Giggey, Plymouth Helen Gray, Corinna Olga Haapanen, Quincy, Mass. Paul Hawthorne, Newport Allan Hubbard, Newport Blaine Littlefield, Newport Neal McKenzie, Newport Wilbur Miller, Newport W Gerald Morton, Newport MarionCNelsonlTrask, Newport Mary fPageJ Fillmore, Conn. Thelma fPatchellll-Iawthorne, Newport Beverly Seavey, Newport Carrie QSewellJFrench, Newport Lauren Small, Newport Maudefllardyl Smith, Newport Herbert Towne, Newport Cheslin Trask, Newport Mahlon Turner, Newport Marilyn Varney, Waterville CLASS OF '47 Joanne Ballad, Augusta JacquelinefBolwelll Davis, Bangor LucilleiBoylanJ Gregoire, Fairfield, Vt. Maurice Bradford, Newport Wendell Braley, Plymouth LoisCBryantlCopeland, Portland Richard Chambers, Pittsfield Harold Condon, U. S. Navy Jean1FinnemorelScott, Newport Hanna Haapanen, New York MargueritefJennelNewcomb, Newport Rosalie Jones, Lewiston FlorencefKenistonlBoulier, Newport Roberta McDougal Richard Nason, New Mexico Jack Randall, Palmyra Nathan Reynolds, Etna Joyce Sheridan, Bangor Dana Small, Plymouth RetaCSpoonerJClark, Levant Hadley Smith, Quincy, Mass. DianeCWheelerJ Richardson, Carmel Eleanor Wing, Bangor CLASS OF '45 Joyce Emerson, Newport GladysCGravesJMerrill Howard Gray, Newport WinonafGrayl Bradford, Newport Ethel CHendersonD St. Louis, Carmel MarilynlMacLauchlanDWiers, St. Albans Robert Marshall Jeanne Littlefield, Waterville Quinn Rich, Newport Colleen Richardson, Bangor Celia Roberson Homer Sawyer, Newport Richard Scott, Newport Howard Shapiro, Boston, Mass. Richard Swanson RuthCTardyDEmery, Detroit HelenfWierslMillet, Palmyra Patricia Berry, Bangor CLASS OF '43 Arthur Anderson, Palmyra Mildred CBrawnl Coates, Augusta DeloresCBrysonlFernald, Newport Vincent Conant, Etna Kenneth Davis, Etna Margaret Delaney, Bangor RenaCEmersonlTardy, Newport Albert Fernald, Newport Margaret Foss, Newport 42 ,-flnmai EvangelinefGrayJMatcyzk,St. Albans Ronald Greene ' Norma Hand Roscoe Hicks, Newport Warren Maddocks Leland McLean, Palmyra George Merrow, Newport SheliafMitchelllMathews, Newport Althea Rich, Newport Buren Rich, Newport Glen Richardson, Plymouth Floyd Robertson Robert Scott Erwin Soule, Carmel InezfTowleJWitham, Fairfield Kathleen White Irving Wiers, Newport BettyfWithamJVarney, Brunswick Vincent Tedesco, Texas Bernice Jones CLASS OF '41 Robert Bean, Augusta ArleneCBoylanlMullis, Stacyville Philip Bradford, Newport Dwight Clark, U. S. Navy ElainefConantJHasey, Etna Ernest Condon, Newport Wilton Devereaux, Augusta Gerald Emerson, Newport Dwight Frazer, Bangor Gloria Gravos, California Frances Hand Thelma Hart BarbarafMcDonaldlKing, Newport Geraldine McIntyre, California ThelmafMitchellJStauffer, Burnham Henry Ordway, Newport RuthCPelkeyJWhite, Newport Barbara CPennellD Cheney, Newp'ort Waldo Pray, Portland , Dean Reynolds Jr., Etna Mildred fRichardsonD Berry, Newport Sidney Shapiro, Bangor Lauriston Smith, Palmyra Jean fShawJShaw, N. Carolina Mary CTardyJ Brewer. Newport Raymond Tardy, Newport Edwin Towne, Newport Henry Vance, deceased JosephinefVarneyJBatalaris, Buialo, N. Y. OpalCWadeJFarris, Corinna VirginiafWhiteJDoherty, Newport Frederick Witham Newport High School Graduates who have gone directly to colleges: Class of 1945 Jeanne Littlefield Colby Colleen Richardson U. of M. Howard Shapiro U. of M. Class of 1946 Emily Huse U. of M. Marilyn Huse U. of M. Shirley Look Westbrook Jr. College Class of 1947 Hadley Smith Eastern Nazarene College Richard Mason Farmington State Teachers College Class of 1948 Phyllis Ramsey Farmington State 9 Teachers College James Smith U. of M. 43 Friend 8L Friend Sales 7044 Service Body and Fender Work Distributors For Mobil Products Gasoline Motor Oils Fuel Oils Tires Newport Phone 4 44 YOU'VE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST CALL lVlcKenney's Oil Texaco Gas - Oils - Greases Range - Fuel General Repairs Tires and Accessories Courteous Service Call 8205 Elm St. Newport 45 H. P. Hood ii Sc Sons Plymouth Woolen Mills MANUFACTURERS OF Wool Blankets Virgin Wool Buffalo Plaid Shirting 46 Mace's Garage 8x Auto Supply WHOLESALE sr RETAIL AUTO PARTS Repairs Painting Used Cars Tel. 89-3 Newport The Prescription Pharmacy Barrows and Barrows Bob Mewow, Prop. Tel. Store 41 Residence 29-Z Newport VV. I-I. SMITH Dupont Paints Farmall Tractors Farm Machines Parts 23 Mill St. Newport Tel. 200 M- 1 -. . ...-U,---11-7 4, ---rf'--'li - ' Y.. Hanson Hardware Co. Plumbing Heating Hardware Paints Stoves Refrigerators Washing Machines Electrical Supplies Coal and Lumber Milking Machines Pumps Milk Coolers Newport Tel. 200 47 i 4... , Compliments of G. I. Higgins, Nl. D. Newport Compliments of Urban I-I. Merrill, M. D. Newport Milton Plummer ELECTRICAL AND REFRIGERATION SERVICE Appliance Repair FARM REFRIGERATION SERVICE A SPECIALITY We Are Equipped To Service All Wiring Oil Burner Service Tel' Lili Newport f Jackson Kz White U6'N,Q 3.,A'8U Portland, Maine raawggia-,Q-an Photographers for the Class Of 1950 49 Andy's Dairy My Hobby - - Your Satisfaction IN Milk and Cream Raw , Pasteurized Homogenized Cottage Cheese - Andy - Newport B-B Dairy Feeds MaCo Poultry Feeds Newport Producers Millard F. Palmer, Mgr. T l. 161 Newport B W' h i -i S nw- - in :hi F- est is as To HAYNIUNITS EUFFEE SHOP THE CLASS OF 1950 , MPERCYH Steaks, Chops, Seafoods, Sandwiches -111-11-11-1 Z4 Hour Service Tel. 8012 HUTCHlNSON'S Emfmrs mx: Esau uns a mi NCWPOH Tel. 164 Newport -, --me Y , .Y , , -1-mn-.Q--Y 1 -I1 , 50 Gulf Service Phone 230-2 Paine's Motor Company 73 Main St. Newport Pontiac Cars Sales and Service Used Cars G M C Trucks General Automotive Repair HOME FURNISHINGS AND APPLIANCES Allstate Equipment Corp. 62 OAK ST. BANGOR Terms To Nleet Your Needs See 'Phil' Maynard Your Local Representative TEL. 223 NEVVPORT 51 'weigh t 41" " , ' mar U. ll. MEHHIFIELU UU. Young 'X 'fl Q A Girls l X J-g li. ., 3 -E i Find School and Office Supphes Li 51 V ZZ Central St. Bangor Young i i Fashlons UAKIN SPIIHTINE nouns nn. 1 Headquarters for Famous ll B ry- MacGregor-Goldsmith i Sports Epuipment all , 60' Chuck Taylor Athletic Footwear M- M4 V Bangor Waterville Byron H. Smith Co. 124 Pickering Square Q Bangor Wholesale Drugs Flavoring Extracts Compliments of ED LEMERISE Newport Compliments of Carl Titcomb E. M. REYNOLDS Auto Parts Newport G. L. SMITH General Store Plymouth 52 TEL. 107-2 William S. Cole Attorney At Law Tax Consultant 15 Water St. Newport W. E. Whitney and Son Bulova, Gruen, Hamilton, Girard-Perregaux Watches 1847 Rogers Bros. and Community Plate Towle, Lunt, Heirloom, International Sterling Silver Newport Maurice J. Fineson 347 Center St. Tel. 5745 Bangor Class Rings Class Pins Medals Trophies Awards Official Jeweler To Newport High School 1937 To 1949 Classes Representing Loren Murchison and Co. ' ' ' :I Y-I ,- -. ,.. 53 , 'L if + ,1 I 2 Modern Photo Engravers Fine Printing Plates 9 Broad St. Bangor Corinna Insurance Agency I-I. R, Hamm, Mgr. Tel. 62 Corinna Atlantic Stove Co. Compliments of Call 9471 205 Exchange St' Bangor SPHINE STHEET EHEENHUUSE Compliments 07' Charlotte B. Webber, Prop. Bill Nadeau Taxi Service Tel. 262-3 Dexter Dexter - el.--F. . ,, , , . Y Y 54 W. C. Bryant and Sons, Inc. Eastern Maine's Oldest and Finest jewelry Store Diamond Merchants For Three Generations 46 Main St. Bangor l- --I K '-- 'pi--L 1 A Abbie's Esso Station The Service You Get When You Want It Landry Bros. Esso Range SL Fuel Oils Dexter Compliments of Koritsky's Department Store Main St. Dexter Compliments of D. D. Terrill Saw Co. Manufacturers Of The Famous Terrill Saws and Tools 126 Exchange St. Bangor 55 l... B. Soper F ernald Block Main St. Newport F itzpatrick's El5lEHN MAINE BRAIN UU Meats 8: Groceries Werthmore Free Parking Poultry and Dairy Feeds Newport T l 23 C CALL AT Rawclings l. G. A. For Quality Foods at Lowest Possible Prices Beer and Ale To Take Out Tel. 100 We Deliver Newport 56 -- - V - 2 -v--1- The Eastland Woolen Mill Corinna Green 8: White Garage H. H. Branscombe Repairing All Makes Cars 8: Trucks Newport On the Bangor Rd Progressive Press Printing East Newport Phone 235 Your Printing Orders, Please us Our Quality and Service, will please you Dexter Motor Sales Pipe's Meat Market Sales FORD Service Fancy Western and Native Beef Supplies and Repairs North St. Dover-Foxcroft Dexter Compliments Congratulations To The Class of 1950 Everybodys From Slwe Store Gables Grocery Of Bangor Dexter Snowflake Canning Co. Fresh Vegetable Processors Hartland Corinna Canned Beans, Carrots, Corn, Peas, Potatoes and Dehydrated Potatoes Quick Frozen Beans, Corn, Peas and Potatoes 58 Compliments of Kinney Spiro's Shoe Hospital Dupllcator CO' 120 Main St. Bangor I Compliments of - 197 mate St' Southard of Bangor Bangor Modern Store Equipment 195 Exchange St. Bangos Compliments Of Maine Coal Storage Inc., Viner's Music Store Tel. 8344 Maie's Most Complete Music Store 51 Pickering Sq. Bangor Pickerin gSq. Bangor Compliments Of Merton Davis O- M. Carr Tydol Gas Oils Accessories Cigarettes Ice Cream Sodas Dexter Newport Meet and Eat At The Yankee Cafe Regular Meals and Lunches Fountain Service H. J. Frazer, Prop. Newport D d Cl h Donald Pratt co. M 0 ge of es 89 Main Sli. Bangor Diamond Merchants 8: Jewelers W. L. Tilton 18 Hammond St. Bangor POOL 85 BQWLING -,i,-,- 1l1 59 Compliments of The Fayseott tlorrroration Manutaeturers ot Textile Maehinery Dexter P, Waterville Hardware 8.1 Plumbing Co. PAINT and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 20 Main St. Tel. 413 - 414 Waterville d It Ad - ' G W. S, Pillsbury sa son Hen S Mage Kaiser Frazer SL h nu Johnson Outboad Motors P one 163 Watervx e Pittsfield C l' amp ments of Cut Price Clothing Store D. W. Brown Dexter Skowhegan .4 60 The New Atlantic Restaurant EXCELLENT FOOD WELL SERVED 66 Main St. T. D. Mourkas, Mgr. Bangor Tel. 8810 or 9129 John Paul Co. Clothiers Short or Tall - Big or Small John Paul Fits 'em All 55 Pickering Sq. Bangor L 1 + l Green Lantern Gift Shop 46 Columbia St. Bangor Compliments of Iudlcins Insurance Agency R. M. Flagg Co. Plumbing, Heating, Refrigeration Dexter 35-37 Franklin St. Bangor Wright's Sporting Goods Compliments of DR. E. R. NAUFEL 54 State Bangor Pittsfield Bangor Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS 84-88 Hammond St. , .,., - -- Bangor . ,, 'fif- ,-!- -Q '- 61 Compliments of Barrett's 5 and 1Oc Store AND THE Federated Store STATIONERY SCHOOL NEEDS SUPPLIES Both Corners of Main and Water Sts. NEWPORT - i--3 --fz-- Hanson's Drug Store DRUGS SODAS PRESCRIPTIONS TEL. 247-12 Water St. Newport C0mPlimem5-9 Of BAR L RANCH GERAI-lD'S STORE Dancing Every Saturday Nite Newport Newport ANDERSON'S BODY LAKEVIEW DAIRY and REPAIR SHOP Raw and Pasteurized Milk Newport Newport Y ,,,,--...- ,, --1-'mn - ef-- 'W 4 --31: 1 Iu 62 Newport Trust Company 6 Newport, Maine 'The Bank of Friendly Service Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corpor t Lewis Bros. Hardware John Deere Farm Equipment Sales 8: Service Hudson Farm Equipment Gibson Refrigeration Newport Compliments Mr. and Mrs. . . Newport Waterville F rult Co. Waterville Jerry's Repair Shop Lower Elm Tel. 197-11 Newport Goode Shoppe COATS, DRESSES 81 HATS C. H. Babb 8a Co. 106 Exchange St. Bangor 73 Main St. Pittsfield Plumbing Sz Heating Contractors I - Hot Point Appliances Compliments B General Electric Oil Furnaces angor Drug Co. Bendix Laundries TEL. 4596 Tel. 4521 1 10 Broad St. Bangor Boyd 8: Noyes, lnc. JEWELERS 8: DIAMOND MERCHANTS 25 Hammond St. Dial 2-0183 Bangor Compliments of Christmas Rug Co. BRoADLoo1v1 Russ 1 CARIQETS BANGOR i- -1 1 1' 64 PIANOS Harmon Piano Co. BANGOR BAR HARBOR Steinway Wurlitzer Orgatron Knabe Story 8z Clark Wuilitzer Lester INSTRUMENTS RECORDS For the Latest Records on VICTOR COLUMBIA DECCA fWe have them alll Come To l... A. Dysart 5 8z 10 Cent Store Pittsfield Compliments of Phil's Dairy Husson College Maine's Largest School of Commercial Training 157 Park St. Bangor Free Catalogue C. H. Husson, President . ,Y . . il Y - -301 65 Compliments of Compliments of Jimmy Gray Bill Sawyer Newport Newport Compliments of fab: cmd .faella 7wza4am Compliments of Bill Shapiro Hoods Ice Cream Candy Cigarettes Tobacco Sondwiches -l l Lancey House Visit Maine's Famous Dining Room Catering To Banquets and Small Parties Pittsfield Tel. 1 05 Maine 66 R ll F C . . J Owe me arms Williams' Snack Bar Jersey Milk Cream Newport Hot Dogs Hamburgers Fried Clams B, QL E, Grocegry Hot and Cold Drinks Gas SL Oil Sunoco Gas SL Oil Plymouth Outer Elm St. Newport Compliments JUHN J. NISSEN BAKING UUHP. Banton Bros, Old Home Bread Q Doughnuts Cakes Pastries Newport 45 Columbia Sr. Bangor Meats K Groceries Emerson and Erwin 21 Water St. Newport Fernald's Market Self Service Pine Tree Stores 32 Main St., Newport Tel. 191 54 Main St., Pittsfield Tel. 220 67 Compliments of Bailey Motors, Inc. Dealers In Oldsmobile Cars O. M. C. Trucks Sales SL Service Distributors of Range SL Fuel Oils also Gasoline and Motor Oils Tel. 100 Dexter Snow Nealley Co. Wholesaler ot Mill Supplies and Hardware Specialities and Manufacturers of "OUR BEST" line of Lumbering Tools 144 Exchange St. Phone 7842 Bangor Friend Motor Sales Mercury Ford Lincoln Sales and Service Skowhegan 0: -- - 68 Don Susi Chevrolet 105 Main St. Tel. 124 Pittsfield Compliments on your graduation to the finer things in life. Fail not to include comfortable and dependable Chevrolet transportation. We are Factory designated dealership for the Pittsfield-Newport area, May We Serve You Today? Chevrolet Q- Main St. Compliments Davis and Davis Nation-Wide Store Newport The Bangor House "Food Fit For A King" Bangor 69 v Guy L. Clark, Inc. Your Friend Chevrolet Dealer Dexter Front Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing Genuine Chevrolet Parts Chevrolet Cars and Trucks Palmyra General Store I. A. Mann Tel. 32-ll Palmyra Goclin'5 Radiator S hop Schwinn Built Columbia Bicycle Call 603 Malbons Mills Rd. Skowhegan Brocl4way's Flower Shop Drink . J , Floral Arrangements Corsages Glam S 15 Central St. Bangor Bangor 70 , ' Dial 4887 Turner 5 Diner Clarion Stove Home of Home Cooked Foods CO. Tel. 1-I3 Corinna 213 Exchange St. Bangor Walker Lumber Co. DuPont Paints Lumber Hardware Millwork 40 Columbia St. Bangor Fay 8: Scott Dexter, Maine Distributors Amoco Products Williams Oil-O-Matic Heating Equipment Dexter 71 Compliments First National Bank Cf Pittsfield Pittsfield, Maine Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation llyakejieici Studios Portrait and Commercial Photographers 45 Main St. Pittsfield . jewelers and Watch Repair Memories Live ln Our Portraits PITTSFIELD RADIO SERVICE Electronic Repairing Tel. 260 Pittsfield PEOPLES' FISH MARKET 120 Broad St. Bango Compliments of H. P. SNOWMAN Job Printers Rubber Stamps 27 Franklin St. Bangor System Co. Main St. Ba g gun i' Y "'- 72 Fox K Ginn, Inc. MOVING STORAGE PACKING SHIPPING 12 HOWARD LANE BANGOR PHONE BANGOR 5608 Jones Market Where Your Dollar Has More Cents FRESH MEATS FISH AND GROCERIES Tel. 41 Corinna Elm City Tuhaccn SI Confectionery Go. BOYD'S FOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS 25 MAIN ST. WATERVILLE FAMILY SHOE STORE PHI,-,S LUNCH Footwear For All The Family 75 Pickering Sq. Bangor DEXTER B. 8: H. CASH MARKET BURRILL HARDWARE HARTLAND Tel. 64-2 Corinna 73 Eighth Grade Class Staples Oil Co. ESSO RANGE AND FUEL OIL ESSO POWER BURNERS ABC RANGE BURNERS ABC SPACE HEATERS SALES 8: SERVICE SALES 8: SERVICE Seca 685 Elm St., Newport Tel. 210 Pittsfield, 14 Main St., Tel. 339fZ or 339-3 74 Compliments Newport Bottling Works "Get KIST For A Nickel" Arcadia Flower Shop Cut Flowers Floral Designs Plants by Dglgen Maine Department ol: Agriculkure License No. 669 Reyn0ld's Lumber Co. Newport, Maine Custom Sawing 8: Woodworking Lumber Tel. Etna 3-18 Portable Mill For Contract g 75 -5 l Comphments - Rae'5 General Store . The Mrllrurn Hetel Paints and Wallpaper Skowhegan Gasoline Grease Motor Oils and Hartland Phone 74 Il!IegerH ' Compliments of ggcvvz 4 I We SW 2 Mary Uredrt Jewelers dm? 45 Main St. Waterville Pittsfield A Pleased Customer ls Our Best Advertisement CLlF,S sr-roE REPAIR AND SHINE sr-roP Expert Shoe Repairing Grove St. D 6Xt6I' The Biggest and Best Meal In Town Kenwood lnn Corinna Compliments of Poliquin Jewelry Store FAIRFIELD CREAMERY UUMPANY Fairfield Compliments of Mooseheacl Woolen Mill, Inc. CORINNA 1 11- 1 l l 'T E ATKINS BROS, CO, FOR EVERY FURNITURE NEED 72 Columbia Street BANGOR, MAINE CWVCW Wailpafers Cgfwwiiure Qownjlany Strahan and Birge Colonial - Park Straw 5 Pmsfield I ,E WEBBERS DAIRY, Inc. Augusta Road lV'i'7LSZOZl7, flIfl7:ll6 VITAMIN D IIOMOGENIZED MILK PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS M. H. Foss, Mgr. STERNS DEPARTMENT STORE Waterville Slcowhegan The Stores of nationally famous brands Built on Value Growing on Value E'S RAMSEY 6? GATES CO. Dealers in The Storc for Jllen and Boys FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS WATERVILLE Dexter, Maine 5AWlELLE'5 SANDWICH SHUP '-OM':"AHD"S .EXCL USIVE CHILDRENS WEAR CORINNA, MAINE u I I ,QQ Colfzmubza Sweet Bangor, Mzzne Z f Senior Class Z f Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class 79 EHHPE 311111 where Uhr muumheah Flrail Eivginz Newport B. K. Loolc, Prop. Tel. 209 LOOK INSURANCE AGENCY A Friendly Agency Representing You With The Strongest Companies Newport Judkins Sz Gilman Co. HARDWARE - ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL FRIGIDAIRES - CONDE MILKING MACHINES RADIOS COOLING TANKS Fairbanlcs-Morse Electric Pumps C+- Lighting Plants PLUMBING AND HEATING ALL KINDS OF COAL Tel. 67 Newport g so Wool Reworlcecl Wool Rayon Waste Daniel E. Cummings Co Picking Spinning Carding Dyeing Newport Tel. 5 Wheeler's Esso Station Atlas Batteries ancl Recharge Specialized Lubrication "The Right Place For The Right Service Don't Forget Joe Call 30 Main St. Newport I1-1 , El INSURANCE SERVICE gba Kmiichell Cg-insurance .lgiigency Fire, Theft. Collision, Liability and Property Damage Automobile Inszcranee--Personal Accident Newport Tel. 58 81 Medwed Footwear Pittsfield Manufacturers of Hand and Machine Sewed Moccasins Bijou Theatre PITTSFIELD Shorey's Luncheonette Newport Ahulplg Ol. Maura, ELQIHB Newport Compliments of Wiers, Barber Shop Newport Dr. T. S. Clement Dentist Newport

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