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X XX NX o ., N x Xx , A . THE SCHOOL :SONG r Let's give at cheer for Newport High School And let us pledge Ttor her anew Others may like black or crimson X But for us it's white. and blue. 'Let all your troubles be forgotten Iiet real school spirit rule' . Q 'Weill join arid give a loyal effort For the good of our old school. y . 1 . Q ' ,Chorus X l its bltjlrpgt High School pp pe p It's Newport High School The pride of every student here H Come on you old gradsz join with us young lads It's Newport High School snow we-cheer Now is the time, boys, to make a big noise P Notmafter what the people say, For- there is naught .to fearg tl'ref"gang's all here sd hail to Newport High School. H X Xl-Iail 1 :cz " X H .4 I-,W?,Qa7 "JH" .Qli?4"?'5' ""' "" ' 'Y' DEDICATION i It is with deep appreciation that we wish to dedicate this "Live NVire', to you, "Charlie, Sheridan, in grateful acknowledgment and recognition of your efforts for Newport High School. You will long be known for your genial smile, your constant elforts, and lasting interest in our school problems which arose in our daily work. We shall always hold pleasant memories of your helpfulness and kind understanding, and it is with great respect that we dedicate this "Live lVire" to you. NEVVPORT HIGH, SCHOOL 1' ' ,W I 2 1 , vas 0 6 . O 'Q2C?Q3Q4XX'wvsA'm"QQ?? 3??e W I "'83" I " '8832'V""'4"A,4,4,Q,?Q. 23 1. Dedication 2. Table of Contents 3. Superintendent 4. School Board and Faculty 5. Editorial Board 6. Editorial 7. Editorial 8. Senior Class Pictures 16. Class History and Baby Pictures 19. Junior Class 21. Sophomore Class . Freshman Class 25. Eighth Grade 27. Literary 40. Locals 30. Athletics 61. Winter Carnival 64. Fine Arts 74. School Calendar 75. Music 76. Here and There With the Alumni 80. Courtesies lin lei., Q-Ox' S Niall Q I 4 J:- v 1 x rv I92l -0 1 'P Q. N V S 4 55W THE LIVE WIRE I 3 I -- 0 w SUPT. HOWARD I. LIBBY QQ h?0Q006s?4X9QQQQ3J 6Q30Q 3 S Xl'lXNl'Uli'lA lllllll SCIHUUI I 1 I SCHOOL BOARD li.nIp!u funn. f,l1.n'l4-x Blu-rl4l.m. l' li xlm 'slgpdlk lf.KCUl.'l'Y imr Xlv Il.fll Nh, lnlrmlrl XII llmplm Nllx, l'.l'11' Nl: 'N fur! Hun N11 Nlcllvrruxuuxglu Nix lmulw- Nll, lunnul- XII lvxxlm 2f43k?0iV4?i'i'?4?s'CsfQa?4??4's'4'4's's's's'Ji'4?4?i'i's'x' Q' s' s'4's747s'4?s7s's's's'4P s's's'aY'4,"s's'Z?Cs5C0Q?Q?? N' THE LIVE WIRE lg ' 1 ' v VUL. XIX NEWPORT, MAINE, MAY 1947 NO. 1 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF' OS ig S s i ig Newport High School -Y Q 5 Si ' COO? 0Oa??? J80?iXh JOs53Q Q?Q3AhV0A EDITORIAL BOARD First Rowf-P. linnscy, li. Nason, j. Slicrimlani, H. Smith, XI. Clmw, I,. Boylan. S1-cond Rim'-f-VH. Alznwis, O. llampmlcll, C. llryson, li. jonvs. C. Scum-ll. l.. Bryalnl. Al. llycr, IC. lYzulv. 'l'lIircl How'--XI. Talrfly, llzlmlalll, li. Uipson, li. lYilli1uns, N. XIUKQ-nlic, Nlr. Nlcllonongll, Xlrs. llzlll, Slim Hutchins, Fun-nlty Advisors, j. Hnlsor. w l,'f"z" Rl't Q" 1 A LIVE WIRE BDITORIAIJ 1 ci ny c 1 oi s i AI idx .ll lllddll Rosalie joncs BOARD ,lncquc-line Balsor Alumni , .kloycc Dyer Editm.-in-Chief. H H V A Iladley Smith Business Xluimgcrs liicliard Nason Assistant Editor-in-Chief .loycc Shericlun Neal NfCKf'1121f' . 7- ' 1 1 f - if Local Editors .Lucille Boylan Iwllm- LLmC'l5t" Nlarilyn Cllmsc 'lrl Olga Haalmfmll BOYS, Atlllctics llicllarcl XVllll2llllS Maude Tardl' llobcrt Gibson LUIS Blyallt Girls Athletics , ., Larrie Sewell W11111111 .lamb Phyllis Ranlsey lauace Tafdll l'l1otogrupl1cr Mahlon Turner NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l 6 l 3QQQ fffffff' ' QAXAAAXSAAXVWA ' VWAAAAXV' 'f X Q is c '9 EDITORIAL Our school seems to have come into the hearts and minds of the towns- people and we appreciate all that is being done. One thing which we hope they have not overlooked is the need of manual training. At present anything of this type has been done only in connection with the agricultural course, and has only been available to students enrolled in that particular course. lt had been entirely eliminated until the recent reintroduc- tio11 of agriculture as a course. Since those classes do most of their work in the building provided for it, the "workshop', in the basement of the high school is not utilized to the fullest extent. This room could be used as a manual training classroom and give students the chance to take the subject without enrolling as an uaggief, A class of manual arts, of course, necessarily needs material on which to work. Up to their capacity, they would be able to repair furniture and other wood-working projects brought in from the homes. Many jobs around the school could be used as class problems. The town pays out a comparatively large sum of money each year for the repair and upkeep of school property, much ot which could be done by a manual training class, if one were started. Cupboards, lockers, bookcases and many other things, made by the class, would greatly decrease the town's appropriation for that type of expense. It seems that a manual training class would be a valuable addition to our school. It would cut the sehool,s expenditures, make many helpful contrivances available for school use and would provide a new and instructive class for the students of Newport High School. Hadley Smith '47. THE LIVE XVIRE tri A EDITORIAL lVe, the class of 1947, have reached the last days of our high school career. lVe've had many good times in good old Newport High. All the fun, edu- cation, and friendships weive made can never be taken away from us. VVe can all remember the day when we were initiated into high school in the proper manner. Right then, we would have given anything to be "dignified" Seniors and not usillyn Freshmen. But then, one always has to start at the hot- tom and work up. ' The years soared by until, at last, we have reached our goal-we are Seniors! There is p1'ide and happiness in the word, yet it touches us with a hit of sadness. With only memories left, We go out into the worldito face life with the line and efficient background that we received at Newport High. Thus, underclassmates, we bid you farewell with the hope that you will make many friendships and have as many good times as we have had during the past four years. loyee Sheridan -it -tif rigiibkau naihkarr nQ,.f'4't9'gf'fC5F"w.9n svfmirfaffin v THE LIVE WVIRE L 9 l I CLASS PRESIDENT Hadley Smith "Smithie" College Course "Nature made him what he is and never made anotherv Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys, Glee Club 1, Journalism ,Club 2, 3, Booster Board 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 3, Live Wire Board 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Speaking, Junior Prize Speaking, second best speaker, Audubon Society 2, "N" Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Senior Play, Carnival Queen Candidate Manager 2, 3, 'Carnival King 4, Class President 4, Music Festiwal 2, 3, 4, National Honor 'Society 8, 45 First Honor Essay. NEWPORT IIIGH SCIIOOL l 10 l . ,W Ioannc Ballard General Course "Where therek fun slwfs always in it5 -Never still for half a minutef, Home Economics Club 53, 45 junior Speaking, Girls, Athletic Club 3, 45 Glee 'Club 45 Winter Carnival Sports 35 Senior Play5 Class MarSl11l1 . Hartland Academy 1, 2. Jacqueline Bolwell "jackie" l General Course "I can resist anything but temptatimf, Basket-ball 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Girls, Atbletic Club 1, 25 Softball 1, 2, 45 Bowling 2, 45 Music Festival 1, 2, 45 NVin- ter Carnival 15 Mixed Cborus 45 Oak Grove Seminary. Lucille Boylan 'KLucille' Commercial Course "Still water runs deepn C190 Club 45 Home Ee Club 4, Secretary 45 Dramatic Club 25 l,ivt NVire Board 43 Booster Board 4: SPYUU1' P1353 Claws l1l9l0"Y- 'KBrad" lklaurice Bradford Connnercial Course "Only way to have a friend is to be onev Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 25 "Nw Club 2, 3, 45 Boys, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 15 Class President 25 XVinter 'Carnival 1, 2, 35 Senior Play5 Business Manager of Magazine Campaign 45 Prize Speaking 2. n THE LIVE WIRE -?+-A.-W Y-Q-M-.We-?I 11 1 Lois Bryant' "The world delights in sunny pecrplev Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Editorial Board 2, 3, 4, English Club 2, 3, Senior Play, Sophomore Speaking, National Honor Society 3, 4, Journalism Club 1, 2, 3, Second Honor Essay. Commercial 'Course "Little-but, oh, myv Mixed 'Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Clee Club 1, Sophomore Speaking Senior Play, Dramatic Club 1, 2. ..L0is,, General Course Harold Condon "Ile is winding up the watch of his wit, by and by it will striken Boys, Athletic Club 1, 2, "NU Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 2, 3, Class President 3, Candidate for Camival King 3, 4, Senior Play, Football 2, 4, Baseball 2, 4, Basketball 2, Basketball Manager 4, Class Marshal. Richard Chambers "Dick' General Course "He puts his yzroblems aside for a lmziny day" Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, "NU Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Boys Athletic Club 1, 2, Basketball 3. uslugn General Course VVendell Braley "Wendell' n , NEXVPOIVI' HIGH SCHOOL ..i AMY, Y, A W H U -YWA , ..,, ,W,s,,,,- ,m,,,,,s,ii,,,l 1' lC,,,,,i-,, , W, Jean Finnemorc "Jeannie General Course "A smile for all, a greeting glad, a gay mul friendly way slzc hllllu junior Prize Speaking, Candidate for Carnival Qui-en 3, Senior Play Carnival Queen 4, NI. C. I. 1, and Corinna Union Academy 2, Clas Gifts. Hanna Haapanen 'iHanna'l General Course "Oli, but tlzere's misclzief in lier eyesl' Dramatic Club 1, 2, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Homeniakers 3, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Candidate for Carnival Queen 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Musical Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Prophecy. Marguerite Ienne "Marge Home Economics Course "Not much talk-just .s'ilence" Hoineinakcrs Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2. Rosalie Iones "Roggie" General Course "There is no secret to success but work" Journalism Club 2, 3, English Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice President 4, Student Council 4, Vioe President 4, Live VVire Board 2, S, 4, Booster Board 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Speaking, First Prize, junior Speaking, Bowling 3, 4, Class Vice President 4, Senior Play, National Honor Society 8, 4, Manager of Senior Candidates for King and Queen 4, Valedictorian. v THE LIVE WIRE i i131 Florence Kenniston "Fl0SSiG,' Home Economics Course "Along her tranquil way she wentv ll10lHCl1l2ll'CCl'S Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Dramatic Club 2, Senior Play. Roberta McDougal "B0bbe" "A merry heart goes all the Richard Nason "Dickie" Commercial 'Course "I love work-I could sit and look at it all dayi' Orchestra 1, 2g Glee Club lg Debating 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 1, 3, President 2, 4, journalism Club 1, 2, 3, Booster Board 2, 3, 4, Live Wire Board 3, 4g Manager of Boys, Basketball 2, Manager of Baseball 1 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2. Jack Randall 'iJackson" General Course "llc never worries and seldom lmrrrlesv "N" Club 45 Athletic Club 2, 3, Football 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Booster Board 4, Student Council 45 Junior Prize Speaking, First Prize, Freshman English Award, Class Gifts. w NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 14 l Nathan Reynolds "Nate" General Course "Haste makes waste, therefore I never hastenv F. F. A. l, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, Boys' Athletic Club 1, 2, F. F. A. Basketball 4, Baseball 2, 4, "NU Club 4, Senior Play and Asst. Manager, F. F. A. Vice President 4. Ioyce Sheridan 'Clif' Coinrnercial Course "On with the dance, let joy he unrefineclv Live Wire Board 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 4, Booster Board 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Girls, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, UN" Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Student Council 2, Sophomore Speaking, Bowling 2, 3, 4, English Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Senior Play, Winter 'Carnival Sports 1, 2, 3, Candidate for Queen 4, Ping Pong 1, Freshman English Award, Junior Prize Speaking, First Prize, journalism Club 1, 2, 3, Saluta- torian. Dana Small MDHIHIY General Course "Content thyself to live obscurely guodv Football 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, Boys, Athletic Club 1, 2, Track 1, Baseball 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. Club 4, F. F. A. 'Basketball 4, "N" Club 4, Basketball 3, Senior Play and Assistant Manager. Rota Spooner 'iKitten" General Course "Love to live-and live to love" Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Hartland Academy l. THE LIVE WIRE i151 Eleanor WVing Commercial Course "It is u friendly heart that has many friends" iAdVB1'tlS6Ill6llt Manager of Senior Playg Amostook Central 'Institute 1, 2, 3g Address of Welcome. Diane Wheeler "Di" Clillllll b'1'Clkll Clll1fSC "It's a pretty good scheme tn be clzeeryv lJl'illlliltlC Club 1, 25 Home Ee 1, 2, 3g Debate Club 2, Secretary and TI'GilSll1't'1' 24 Clee Club 15 "ND Club 2, 3. "Eleam0r,' n l x W X , iw ' X. xx few i" F5.3 'xl' 3 i wafiflzw. , A A ef, 55215554 'fi + 39 NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l16l Jbisff C ,Tae K W! ww IU ff' 'KUSAUE 3 I-.a'S IK-sf ftlillf N0 CLASS HISTORY As the spring of 1947 arrives, another Senior Class will see its last days at Newport High School before it departs on its long journey into the world. Our thoughts go back over the four happy years that we have spent here, and before us looms our Freshman year. Our class was led that year by Earl O,Farrell, Betty Turner, and Dorothy Garrison as class officers. Our class made a fine beginning in the participa- tion of school sports and activities. Betty Turner was our candidate for Carnival Queen at the annual Winter Carnival. ' We entered into sport activities with Joyce Sheridan playing basketball and Maurice Bradford participating in base- ball. At last we had made the grade into our Sophomore year of high school. We had become now fairly well established in N. H. S., and elected Maurice Brad- ford, Harold Condon, and Hanna Haap- anen as class officers. At Sophomore Speaking, held in the Newport Playhouse, Rosalie Jones won first prize for girls, and Dick Nason first prize for boys, with Lois Bryant as sec- ond best speaker. Other speakers were Joyce Sheridan, Wendall Braley, and Hadley Smith. Our candidate for Carnival Queen this year was Hanna Haapanen. The sports events at the Carnival were up- held by Joyce Sheridan and Maurice Bradford. THE LIVE WIRE "l17l Again, participating in athletics were Joyce and Maurice, with David Rowe and "Slug, Condon making promising Also Dick Nason, feats as beginners. Dana Small, "Slug" Condon and Dick Chambers appeared on the gridiron of the newly organized football team. The word and rank of "Juniors', was music to our ears. Our proud and am- bitious class elected "Slugv Condon, Hadley Smith, and Hanna Haapanen as class leaders. Ohl How we remember the night of our Junior Prom which was effectively combined with Junior Prize Speaking in the Town Hall. Our committee worked diligently in preparing and decorating the hall for this big event. Speakers chosen were Joyce Sheri- dan, Jean Finnemore, Rosalie Jones, Richard Nason, Hadley Smith and Jack Randall. Joanne Ballard, who was al- ternate, took Jeanis place that night be- cause of the latteris illness. Joyce and Jack were winners of the first prizes and Hadley was judged the second best speaker. "Dick', Nason, a top deba-ter, was an extremely active member of the Debate Club this year, having shown great in- terest in this organization since his Freshman year. Again our sports-minded students had taken their places in the field of ath- letics. The year passed quickly with many good times and friendships made by everyone. But there was great anxiety and excitement in our class, as We xi Y I kiwqm Q 'f ,W I 'Y 'K lrvtf Hndfwf A 'JL-.C ' is ' 2--,.:,:, r 5 f e J fi 4 5 I , 4 'M "vsif?"fitjt ' A wENdmll . VV 2' .-:, ltr' 'f'jE ,. ll A, 1 A -'-- 3' -. V -' .lli 3:25, go if C 5 ,nynvd says NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL 1 I1 8 would take our places as Seniors at Newport High School the following September. Like a ship emerging from a storm, we now beheld the beacon lights of completion guiding the way to the calm waters of graduation. We are Seniors! Our class officers were Had- ley Smith, Rosalie jones, and Hanna llaapanen. As always, it was our duty as Seniors to give the Freshmen a welcoming re- ception. Following the reception a dance was held, which made the eve- ning a com-plete success. Through the chilly days of autumn our energetic sportsmen, Condon, Na- son, Randall, Chambers, Small, and Reynolds, were back on our football field. Next year the basketball teams will lose from our class Joyce and Maurice, two of its most faithful players. jean Finnemore and Hadley Smith made our class very proud when they were crowned King and Queen at the XVinter Carnival Coronation. Our class was greatly honored in hav- ing had four of its members initiated into the National Honor Society by the charter members of the class of '46 at Baccalaureate Services in the Union Church. The students who received pins and certificates were Rosalie jones, joyce Sheridan, Lois Bryant, and Had- ley Smith. As day comes to an end at twilight, so comes the end of our perfect days at N. I-I. S., and we are looking forward to the happy and prosperous days of our future. Joyce Sheridan Rosalie jones UIHSS MUNI! Into the Dawn W 'MINMQ' Ha M NlCXYl'OR'l' IllCll SCHOOL I 2 JUNIOR CLASS First H,,w,..'l'. lflzisley, G. Bryson, j. Dyer. G. Gray, P. Fraziier, M. Patchell, M. Rich, j. Balsor. Second Rowffl. liinnemnre, M. Davis, M. Chase, j. Rich, B. Parlee, P. Ramsey, I. Fletcher. 'rhira Rowfj. smith, nw, 11. IVillizuns, R. tailmm, o. Perry, P. Reynolds- JUNIOR CLASS President i ., . ., George Gray Vice President H . Paul Frazier Secretary-Treasurer joyee Dyer Student Council George Gray. james Smith. Richard lVilliams, Nlarie Patehell Faculty Adviser.. , . . Nliss llntehins The junior Class has heen active in school affairs, earning money and mak- ing plans for graduation next year. The highlight of the year for this class was the junior Prize Speaking held at the Armory. The speakers were Gloria Bryson, Xlarilyn Rich. joyee Dyer, Phyllis Ramsey. james Smith, Paul Frazier, and George Gray. :Xlternates were llltflltlftl xl-Illldllllk and jtan liieh. The members of the class who or- dered their class rings last spring re- ceived them late in the fall. Our candidates for King and Queen of the Newport WVinter Carnival were Paul Frazier and joyce Dyer. The members in our class participating in the winter sports were Marie Patchell, james Smith, Wendall Greene, Ivan Fletcher, Richard Williams, and Marilyn Rich. The assemhly sponsored by the jun- iors was a great success. Marie Patchell and Marilyn Rich gave readings, and the class as a whole put on a short humorous skit. Our class contributed 356.00 from its treasury tor an advertisement in the "Live XVire." j o yce Dyer 501552 OJHORE 1 NEWPORT HlCll SCHOOL - M p M' -, sl 22 SOPHOMORE CLASS lfirsl How --ll. Sr-avcy, Nl. Tzirdy, I. Cray, 'I'. Patcliell, C. Sewell, E. VVade, O. Haapanen, H. Gray, C. Ch-ment, D. Kimball, Nl. Yarney. St-cond ltou'-flt. Ciggey, A. Iluhlmrd, lt. Holt, L. Long, B. Littlefield, G. Norsworthy, G. Morton, H. Towne, XV. Miller, C. Braley. Third Row--li. Flagg, G. Patch:-ll, li. Plummer. C. Trask, N. McKenzie, W. Cetchell, L. Small, I. Fraser, lt. Butcher. SOPHOMOBE CLASS President., .. . ,,.. Eldora Wfade Vice President ,.,.., ,..,.. B laine Littlelield Secretary and Treasurer Olga Haapanen Student Council Nlary Page, Nlahlon Turner, and Eldora WVado At the beginning of the school year the Sophomores elected the above class oflicers. At our next class meeting we decided on the method of initiating the green Freshman. Friday, November 5, the Sophomore Class put on an assembly at the Town Hall which consisted of "Smoky -Ioels Fashion Show" and a one-act play. A successful nylon raffle was held in December. It was drawn off just be- fore Christmas and the lucky winner was Glen Richardson. In january tryouts for Sophomore Speaking were held. Those chosen were Eldora Wade, Olga Haapanen, Dori-s Kimball, Wilbur Miller, Allen Hubbard and jean Paul Fraser. The alternate was Beverly Seavey. On the 14th we chose our candidate for King and Queen for the XVinter Carnival. The candi- dates chosen were lola Gray and Pete Small, and their manager was lean Paul Fraser. Taken as a whole, the Sophomores haven't done too badly for themselves this past year. MES MIIJEN I NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l 24 l ,ra ,,.V. V,,.. ,. K, FRESHMAN CLASS First Row-B. Cook, E. Garnett, L. Bonlicr, R. Mills, NV. Lancaster. Second Rowfll. Dyer, XV. Maynard, j. Berry, 1, SQ-WCM, Kenzie, J. Flzlgg. Third Row-I. Gerry, R. Haining, D. Mitchell, H. Kenzie, H. Underhill, D. Carsley. FRESHMAN CLASS At the first meeting of the Freslnnan Class we elected the following officers: President. , ,,Gordon Richardson Vice President., ,. ,..., ,, .... Richard Mills Secretary and Treasurer,,lVanda Greene Student Council. ...,. ..,. ..,.. D o 11 Mitchell At this meeting we also decided that class dues would be fifty cents. Then came the Freshmen's initiation. The Sophoniores really painted us red! We had to carry our books in a pail, pencils in a bottle, and carry an um- brella. At the reception a group of girls sang "Give Me Five Minutes Moref, A group of four boys sang "My Bonnief Toussa Greene, G. Riclmrdsnn, E. Garrison, G. Conant, P. 1... Dow, V. Booth, F, DeBeck, I. Boylan, R. Mac- iint, E. Underhill, R. Tucker, NV. Potter, R. Mac- Frances DeBeck sang "Symphony," and Clem Maynard danced the "Hula Hulaf, At our next meeting we decided to have a chicken raffle, which was held Thanksgiving. ln December we had our assembly. A preview of the Senior Play, movies, and Christmas carols were the high- lights of the program. Gordon Richard- son read the Bible and led the prayer, and Richard Mills led the saluting of thc flag and Christmas carols. Next came the day for choosing the candidates for Queen and King for the NVintcr Carnival. The candidates were NVanda Greene and Gordon Richardson. Richard Mills was their campaign man- ager. Wanda Greene SW 4G?E2fQ+D wi , 4 I f i a K f i I 1 f . A X I N . N , i 1 W , r I L V r l f S w I I i 1 NlCXYPOH'l' HIGH SCHUOI. I zo A lk Ps - -r EICHTH GRADE First How-j. Noiles, E. Pinkhuxn, D. Purudis, A. Bruley, R. Parlee, E. Gotten, C. Brnwn, l, Buell:-lllel', -I. Grindell. 1 Second ROWAR. Jewell, ll. Sennett, N. Tucker, A. Jackson, 1. Tardy, B. Carver, J. Towne, A. Easley. Third Row--R, Tum-ker, M. Mullen, ll. Rich, B. Elkins, C, Finnemore, D. Kenniston, C. Holt, R, Small, VV. Jarvis. EIGHTH GRADE President. . ,Ernest Gorten Vice President .. ., . .Richard Parlee Secretary and Treasurer Constance Brawn Student Council. ,. , . .Ernest Gorten This year the eighth grade. Consisting of twenty-six students, settled down to a year of harder work and much more dignified manners. A social was held in November, at which dancing, games and refreshments were enjoyed. December was a rushing month for everybody. A decorated Christmas tree was gaily laden down with gifts, which were exchanged by the students. The january highlight was the VVin- ter Carnival. Candidates for King and Queen were Ernest Corten and Phyllis Batchelder. Malcolm Nlnllen served as campaign manager. The eighth grade sponsored the as- sembly at which the King and Queen were chosen by popular vote. During the latter part of january, preparations began for a spelling con- test. The team was made up of live members: Delina Paradis, Malcolm Mullen, Esther Pinkham, Nancy Tucker and Ernest Corten, and alternates George Finnemore and Beverly Sennett. NVe are all looking forward to enter- ing high school next year as Freshmen and hope that We have as much success as we have had in the past. Phyllis Batchelder . THE LIVE VVIRE K " 'I:271 Likei' My 2 Je' ff ko 07 W WWW7., .X ' t f , x ' ty kz- was 154729 :gb 1 N j NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL 1 l28l THE JOURNEY I donit know just how it happened, but suddenly I found myself in China, the land of coolies and chopsticks. Be- fore my eyes stood the oldest civiliza- tion in the world, and the largest in all Asia. Confucius says its history reaches back for fifty centuries, and still old an- cestry worship reigns oier the land. Here in the Far East, as in America, the importance of rivers is very evident, and from the mountainous inland re- gions of China they flow straight to our own Pacific Ocean. My vision quite suddenly vanished, and I now gazed upon another corner of the earth, seeing before me the lofty Alps of Switzerland, the most magnifi- cent physical feature of Europe. The weather was a skieris dream. The weighted spruces cast blue shadows on the gleaming slopes and Swiss chalets, summer will come, bringing a great transposition. The slope, which once gleamed with snow, is now blanketed with famous Alpine roses and violets. Now and then a young mountain goat can be seen wandering in this field of rainbow colors, trying to reach the in- accessible rocks of the higher altitude. At night the stars seemed to crackle in the black infinity of sky, as I looked up- ward to the summit of a gracious, snow-capped mountain. There I stood- in the enchantment of this momentous twilight view, gazing upon the flowing, silver tributary o'f the Danube and Rhine as it took rise in the Alps, the pride of all Switzerland. I shall now proceed to tell you of Holland, the most important small country in the world, known principally for its dykes and windmills. The in- habitants of this little nation call them- selves "Nederlanders,v meaning Dutch. Though they have had their own dis- tinctive characteristics for centuries, manyfof them are rather like Germans, while others are like the English. Dutch folk are known the world over for the quaintness of their costumes, the wooden shoes and baggy trousers of the farmer, and the neat white caps and dresses worn by the women and chil- dren. Along the canals and o,er the low meadow land, bicycling is the modern mode of travel. As for history, Amster- dam is Hollandis largest city, the Hague is the nation,s capital, and Rotterdam the seat of authority. My next stop was London, a most beautiful old city of palaces, museums, and cathedrals. Yet I had seen so much of man-made beauty I decided to spend a day in' the English countryside, and observe the architecture of the "Old English half timbersf' as the country homes are called. They are low ram- bling cottages, and to the spectator the neatness of their shrubs and gardens in the misty early morn gives a calm and peaceful picture. For excitement and pleasure I went to Paris, the literary, artistic capital of France, and social capital of Europe since the decline of Rome. Because of its magnificent architecture, Notre Dame becomes the oldest, largest and most impressive cathedral in the World. Here in France there are ancient castles of every description, but the treasure of them all is the Lourve, a royal castle since the day of Philippe Auguste. Paris can rightfully claim the title of being the cradle of the newest fashions, the latest luxury, and the paradise of all pleasure seekers, who wish to glimpse THE LIVE WIRE l29l the most attractive jewel that glitters in the Coronet of mother earth. Paris became a thing of the past, as I journeyed through Italy, for my en- tire attention dwelled upon a White, circular tower in the distance. Some- thing seemed to tell me that it was the famed 'leaning Towerv of the cele- brated Italian city of Pisa, but much to my dismay it vanished from sight. I might have ventured to some other remote corner of the earth had I not been awakened by the strike of the vil- lage clock, reminding me to reopen the pages of a forgotten history book. I did this enthusiastically, for still fresh in my memory were the thoughts of that mo- mentous journey. But instead of finding the lesson to be full of Parisian adven- ture, I proceeded to read how Colum- bus discovered America. Rosalie jones '47 -u sf fu HIS LAST COURT Old judge Gibson, a justice of the Peace, was never known to smile. He came to Arkansas years ago, and, year after year, by the will of the voters, he held his place as magistrate. The law- yers who practiced in his court never joked with him, because everyone soon learned that the old man never engaged in levity. Every morning, no matter how bad the weather might be, the old man took his place behind the bar, which with his own hands he had made, and every evening, just at a certain time, he closed his books and went home. No one ever engaged him in private conver- sation, because he would talk to no one. No one ever went to his home, a little cottage among the trees in the city's outskirts, because he had never shown a disposition to make welcome the visits of those who even lived in the immedi- ate vicinity. His office was not given him through the influence of "elec- tioneeringf' because he never asked any man for his vote. He was first elected because, having been once summoned in a case of arbitration he exhibited the executive side of such a legal mind that the people nominated and elected him. One day a woman charged with mis- demeanor was arraigned before him. "The old man seems more unsteady than everf' remarked a lawyer as the magistrate took his seat. "I don,t see how a man so old can stand the vexation of a court much- lon-gerf' "I am not well todayf said the Judge, turning to the lawyers, "and any cases that you may have you will please dis- patch them to the best and, may I add, to the quickest of your ability." Everyone saw that the old man was unusually fee-ble, and no one thought of a scheme to prolong a discussion, for all the lawyers had learned to rever- ence him. "Is this the woman?" asked the judge. K'Who is defending herlw GI have no defense, your honor," the women replied. "In fact, I do not think I need any, for I am here to confess my guilt. No man can defend mef, and she looked at the magistrate with a curious gaze. "I have been arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace, and I am will- ing to submit to any judgment. I am dying of consumption, Judge, and I know that any ruling made by the law can have but little effect on me,', and NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l30l she coughed a hollow, hacking cough, and drew around her an old black shawl that she wore. The expression on the face of the magistrate remained un- changed, but his eyelids dropped and he did not raise them when the woman continued: "As I say, no man can defend me. I am too near that awful separation of soul and 'body. Years ago, I was a child of brightest promise. I lived with my parents in Kentucky. Wayward and light-hearted, I was admired by all the gay society known in the neighboring town. A man came and professed his love for me. I don't say this, Iudge, to excite your sympathy. I have many and many a time been drawn before courts, but I never before spoke of my past life." S-he coughed again and coughed a flow of blood on a handkerchief which she pressed to her lips. "I speak of it now because I know that this is the last court on earth before which I will be arraigned. "I was nineteen years old when I fell in love with the man. My father said he was bad, but I loved him. My father said that I could never come home again, after we had eloped and had been married. I had always been his pride and had loved him dearly, but he said that I must never again come to his home, my home, the home of my youth. Hfow I longed to see him! How I yearned to put my head on his breast. My husband became addicted to drink. He abused me. I w1'ote to my father, asking him to let me come home, but the answer that came was 'I don't know youl' My husband died-yes, cursed God and diedl Homeless and wretched, and with my little boy, I went out into the world. My child died, and I blowed down and wept over a pauper's grave. I wrote to my father again, but he an- swered, 'I don't know those who dis- obey my comm-andmentsf I turned away from that letter, hardened. I spurned my teachings. Now, I am heref, Several lawyers rushed forward. A crimson stream flowed from her lips. They leaned her lifeless head back against the chair. The old magistrate had not raised his eyes. 'fGreat Cod!" said a lawyer, "He is dead." The dead woman was his daughter. Hanna Haapanen '47 1 4 -u MONDAY MORNING BLUES I lay in my cozy, warm bed and dreaded to throw back the covers. A persistent voice broke into my thoughts for a third time, calling "This is the last time I'm going to call you. What's the matter? Arenit you going to school this morning? I began throwing back the covers one by one and sat up. Why did they ever invent school, anyway. I got a glimpse of myself in the vanity mirror, and what a sight! I didn't know any- one's hair could stand up so straight in all directions, and my eyes were still heavy with sleep. With lagging motions I started to dress. I tried to remember where my blue sweater was. Good heavens, I had left it-yah, where? Finally, getting discouraged and giving it up as hopeless, I decided to eat my breakfast and dress later. Since I couldn't find my slippers, I paddled down stairs in my bare feet. I guess I must have been a little late for break- fast, for everyone had long since left THE LIVE WIRE l31l the table. The food was cold and the coffee was all gone. After burning my fingers four times, I got my breakfast. I glanced at the clock and decided it must be Wrong, it couldn't be that late. I made a scramble back upstairs and decided to put on the very first thing I found. It happened to be a pair of my father's size 40 breeches. They were a little long in the legs, so I turned them up a bit. The too large waist was easily fixed with a large safety pin. I decided I must have something to go with the pants, so I donned one of his best shirts. Even if the outfit was a little baggy, it didn't matter. I also noticed I had one red plaid sock on and the other was a brilliant yellow. I 'combed my hair, which had a slight resemblance to my mother's dust mop, and gave my teeth a glance of the toothbrush. When I tried to find my books I was thoroughly convinced that some kind friend had disposed of them. I heard an urgent blast of a horn that must belong to the school bus. I grabbed my brother's wool shirt that was close by and made a dash for the door. I arrived at the bus breathless, sleepy and played out. I wondered Why they ever had school on Monday mornings. Eleanor Wing ,47 It -k :r A PERFECT LITTLE MAN The children made a snowman Out under the big oak tree, They used a carrot for his noseg Made eyes so he could see. I He's just as broad as he is tall, In fact, he's much too fat, But just one visit from Dr. Bain VVill soon take care of that. I think he's the most pleasant man I've seen in a good long while, For, even though he's made of snow, He has a big, warm smile. He's just a perfect gentleman. He never would talk back If you went out and knocked him down. Now find another man like that! He never speaks a11 unkind word, He never tells a lie. Heis never been known to frown or pout, And heis never been known to cry. He just stands there as big as day. We never hear him complain, Sometimes I'm afraid he wouldnit say If he really was in pain. But soon the children must say goodfbye To their little man so dear, For the sun will make a date with him And then heill disappear. I know we all will miss him then, Seems a shame he has to go, For we never could find another man Like this little man of snow. Marilyn Chase ,48 an 4: an LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP Perched ion a ledge ten stories up on the front of a hotel, Ken tried to mus- ter enough courage to leap to his death and end his miserable life. Ann, his young wife, was gone, his job lost, and the future held nothing but wretched- ness. He had done much thinking while in the balance of life and death on that afternoon. Ken and Ann had been mar- NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l32l ried for a year, and they were to have a baby. Now he would never see his child. He had been drunk for two weeks, ever since he had lost his job. Ann had left him in a drunken stupor, as she had threatened many times to do. When Ken awoke he found a note telling him his wife had gone. Then he realized how wrong he had been. In his opinion, everything was lost. There was nothing in the future for him. How he longed for another chance. From the street there arose the soft, murmurous noise of milling, gathering excitement seekers. To Ken there were a thousand intimacies in the sounds. Brakes screamed somewhere. From far away came the sound of music very faint and uncertain. Often he heard horns blast. The street shimmered in the baking sun, and perspiration ran down the young man's face as he watched the police trying vainly to dis- perse the crowd. A group of firemen with a large round net had been stand- ing all afternolon Where they thought the suicide would land. Other policemen and firemen were stringing a net across the front of the hotel a few stories below the ledge, and still others had been talking continu- ously with him, trying to discourage him in his attempt on his life. Meanwhile, a search was being made for Ann. VVhen it began to grow dark the crowd broke up and shuffled away in different directions. Ken would get it over with now. He must delay no longer. He leaned out, far out, and closed his eyes, but he caught a glimpse of a woman leaning out a window in an apartment across the street. It was Ann! But what could he do? It was too late, he had lost his balance. He went careening down, down toward the side- walk. If only he had been sensible. Perhaps that net stretched across the front of the building was secure enough to save him. Thank God! He landed in the middle of it. He was saved. As he scrambled to a window and was helped in by two policemen he gazed down to what would have been a certain death. Soon Ann was there and explained that she had only meant by the note that she would be gone until evening, visiting with a friend across the street. The judge heard the story and ar- ranged for Ken to be given a job. Ken was more than thankful and learned to use liquor more wisely. Jack Randall ,47 at nf -0- THE STREAM Between a break in the forest Ran a cool, blue stream. Over the rocks and through gullies It ran as if in a dream. It passed the tall, white birches, And floated noiselessly by. It served as a home for the sly ones Below the azure blue sky. No one knows where it is going, As it quickly winds its way, Through the deep, dark forest As endless as the day. It seemed to flow on forever, As the clouds float up above. "Could it be, my friend, That this stream is seeking its love?" Jean Finnemore '47 THE LIVE WIRE l33l HOME-BOUND Kathy sat on the edge of her suitcase and tugged. There! The locks had finally clicked shut. She looked up into the smiling face of her nurse, Miss Evans, and her heart sang. Tomorrow she would be going home. Home! Home, which meant everything to a six- teen-year-old girl. Her mother would welcome her with open arms and her father would smile and nod understand- ingly. Her brother Jim would grin and say: "Gee, Kathy, itis sure great having you back homef or "Did I tell you the Johnsons have a new colt?', They were all so dear to her, espe- cially Shep, her -beloved dog Whom she had found in a bllizzard. Her mother would have her room all ready. Crisp, white, ruffled curtains would be g1'aceful1y looped back with red ribbons at the windows, her little dressing table with the gay white skirt and red bows, her rugs and her book shelves would still all be the same as when, Kathy had left them two years before. 'Kathy lay on her bed, tired from the strain of packing, and thought back two years ago when she had been brought here to Spencer's Sanatorium in Warm Springs. It had all seemed so unreal and strange. She recalled overhearing the doctor tell her mother that she would never walk again. But, some- how, Kathy began to get well, under the doctors, and nurses, care. She was still a little lame, but well enough to go home at last. That afternoon Kathy said agood-byv to her special little friend, Randy Owens. He, too, like Kathy, was an in- fantile paralysis patient, looking for- ward to a quick recovery. Seeing Kathy grow so well and strong seemed to fill him with courage and hope that some day he would be well and going home again. Finally, it was time for her to leave. Her folks would be there to meet her in the familiar little station. Perhaps Shep would be there, too, jumping up to lick her cheek in remembrance of his beloved mistress. It was good to be going home. Olga Haapanen ,49 IF if HF NEWPORT If you want a rest or change of sport just come to the town they call Newport. It is just beside the Sebasticook stream, And you can sit and fish and dream. But if you want a real vacation, just take a train from the station. Or if you prefer, you can drive your car For the distance isn't very far. And when you arrive in this famous town, Put on your specs and look around. At every turn there's a filling station, With gas and oil, the best of creation. Thercis a good hotel called jones' Inn. If you Want some rooms theyyll take you in. And when you are hungry and wish to eat, .lust wcncl your way down Nlain Street. Stop at the place they call Yankee Cafe For they serve the public, night or day. And if amusement you wish to seek The playhouse has pictures seven days a week. NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL i34l Thereis a bowling alley and a poolrooin, too VVhere you can spend an hour or a dol- lar or two. - And it for knowledge you would try, There's no better school than Newport High. Several churches stand in view And they extend a welcome to yon. Or if for a hike you would thrill, just climb to the peak of Tip-Top hill. Better take a lunch and a drinking cup To refresh yourself as you'rc climbing up, For when you have reached the very top You will be quite tired and willing to stop. ' Now you can stop and a rest you can take Then gaze down on Sebasticook Lake. You can be sure youire all welcome, ac- tors or clowns, To Colne and visit our industrious town. XVanda Greene HK Bk QF A MEDAL F OR MOTHER The time was late afternoon. The place was the junior English room of Parker-ville High School. At the present time, lean York was very busy day-dreaming and looking out the window. jean's face could not be described as peaceful, for she wore a rather disturbed look. Ieanis thoughts were of her mother, who had been taken ill early that morning and rushed to the hospital. The doctor had said that Mrs. Yorkis condition was very serious and that it would be quite a while before she would be entirely well again. These thoughts upset Jean greatly. jean was not what you would call a model child, but would more likely tit under the title of a problem child, the reason being that jean did not like work, at every chance she could she would find some excuse for getting out of it. Regardless of this, however, she just took it for granted that her mother would do the work, therefore, why should she worry about it? And so Jean went on in l1er own gay, carefree way, while her mother worked and slaved at home. jean hadnit even noticed how badly her mother had looked the last few days before she had been taken to the hospital. But then, why should she? She had only been home long enough to eat, and sleep, and also make sure she had her allowance on time each week. However, at the presen-t time, Jearfs conscience was bothering her rather badly. What if her mother didn't get better? NVhat would she do without her? It her mother could only get bet- ter, she would work so hard to make up for her selfishness. No, her mother couldift die, not when jean had just come around to realize the mistakes she had made. As these thoughts ran through JC3.l1,S head, she was suddenly brought back into the surrounding again by Mr. White, the English teacher. "Miss York, it is your turn to suggest a topic sentence for our written compositions next week. Have you any?', asked Mr. VVhite. "Yes, Mr. XVhite," answered jean, "I would like to suggest the topic 'All Mothers Deserve a Medailfv Eldora VVade '49 THE LIVE WIRE !35l GRIN AND BEAR IT "lIello, Connie. Say, whatis the his- tory assignment for tomorrow? . . . Heavens, you donlt say! You mean that was actually a hat she had on? My lord! VVhatever happened to the cute little hat with the bird house on it? . . . Nooooo! She never! My, isnit the hous- ing shortage getting terrible these days?v "Say, Con, whatcha going to wear to- morroW?v . . . Oh, no, not THAT! Wear your checked skirt and jacket with your White sweater .... Itis dirty??? Wash it .... Oh,-wonit be dry in time. Hmmmm, weell, let me see. ,I know! How about your blue skirt and pink sweater?' . . . Heavens, no, donit wear anything dark, it doesnit go with my complexion. No, wear your blue skirt,-besides, I have to show off my new blue one, so you might as well. . . Oh, for heaven's sakes, what skirt is clean? . . . But, Connie, if you wear your purple skirt, and I wear my blue skirt, we wouldn't be able to speak to each other all day. Imagine what peo- ple wouild say if they saw purple and blue together. No, that simply wonit do, you'll just have to-Oh, excuse me a minute, Conf, "What Mom? Yup, just a second. Iim asking Connie my history assignment for tomorrow, I won't be longf, "Con? My mother Wants to use the phone, so I'll have to cut our conversa- tion short. What I had originally called you up about was-my, lord! Who did that blood curdling scream betlong to? . . . Hmmm, well will you please tell that kid brother of yours to hunt In- dians in the other side canit hear a Word youlre saying! Ah, of the house? I thatis better. Gee, am I glad doors were inventedf' ' "Talking about doors, HOW do you suppose our Bookkeeping teacher got his black eye? . . . Well, it serves him right! After a-ll, who does he think he is, another joe Louis? . . . "What??? Oh, for heavenis sakes, Connie, youire not going in town to see that skinny 'oldi twerp sing Saturday, a1'e you? Why, he must be at least twenty-five! I hear he is so weak, he has to lean on the microphone for support! And, the how ties he wears, Why, even my brother has worse taste than that! Personally, I don't see anything idoliz- ing about him, unless he is the kind of idol that witch doctors would love to stick pins into, and on him they would look good." "Yes, Mom, just a secf, "Gosh, Con, did you see our new Spanish teacher? There are only three wordsfl can describe him with, Hubba, Hub-ha, Hubba! Isn't he just too, too, too? Sigh . . . Hmmm? Do you really think Betty and Karl will get junior Boy and Girl? VVon,t that be swell if they do? WVell, I,ll have to hang up now, my mother wants to use the phonef, 'iBye.v "Now, isnit that just like parents, you cut your conversation short just so they can use the phone, and they turn around and go down to the drugstore to callf' "Hey, Ken, get away from the phone. l have to call up Connie to find out my history assignment. Ii!! only be a sec- ondf, jackie Balsor '48 ik wk if NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 36 THE CRISIS The afternoon was muggy, mosquitoes and flies were thick, the cattle were restless. The Round-up was over, but the relief usually felt by the cowhands had disappeared. Still, in the air there was something which COl1lCll1,t be seen or heard. One couldn't feel by the touch of their hands, but its icy fingers of ex- pectation chilled their spines. Each of the cowhands went about his own work as usual, but with a nervous glance cast over his shoulder. Little Perry came out of the ranch house in search of something more in- teresting. His playthings, which meant so much to him, no longer held his at- tention. He wanted his daddy. He would be home that night, but it was now that he needed the big rugged fig- ure, who always served as a helping hand when things werenit as Perry would have liked. Slowly, Perry walked toward the coral, taking each step as though it were a task to pick his little feet up. Although Perry was only six years old, he knew. He knew something was wrong. Nobody had said anything, not even his mother, who usually took care of such things when his father was away. This morning when he had asked for a se-cond help- ing she seemed slightly irritated. Oh, yes, he knew. As Perry approached the coral, he inet Ned, the foreman, and said: "Ned, daddy is coming home from XVashington today. He,s been there for two weeks. Iim glad heis coming home. Arenit you and mommy glad, tooiw "WVhy, Perry, of course we are glad. Very glad. Your dad is a wonderful man and friend. lt's iust that . . .that . . "just what? You told me you wouldnt keep secrets from me nowf, Ned stooped over and picked Perry up and carried him to the coral rail- ing. After setting him on the railing, N ed looked squarely into the boy's eyes. "It,s no secret, son. It's just that there are days that are disturbing. There is actually nothing wrong, but people let their imaginations annoy them. What say we forget it and go in the house to get ready for your f3.th61',S arrival? We are going to the airport to meet him, you knowf' No sooner had he finished than there came a heavy roll of t-hunder in the dis- tance. Instantly, everything deadened. The cattle stopped their lowing, the hammering of a cowhand ceased, the flies quit their buzzing. Suddenly, the sky blackened, a crash of thunder, fol- lowed closely by a huge streak of light- ning, broke loose. "Come quickly, Perry, we'll get drenched if we stay heref, The 'thunder and lightning were now taking turns. Barely had they reached the house when the rain came down in torrents. Amid the tumult, Perry sat wondering. How long will this last? When will I see Daddy? Oh, when will it s-top? After what seemed hours, it cleared off as quickly as it came. The sky light- ened. But the room was quiet, while Perryis mother sat with an unhappy, ex- pectant look on her face. Ned looked sullen. Perry didnit dare move. Sharply the 'telephone cut the silence. Perryis mother hesitated, knowing not why. Finally, as though making a serious de- cision, she picked up the receiver. "Mrs Theodore Webb? This is the United Air Lines, Inc. Our plane with THE LIVE WIRE QLEYEW .- .M.wW4 .... -nail 37 i-.,4-r.kE. as A . E. your husband aboard has crashed live miles from the airport. There were no survivorsf' Phyllis liamsey '48 an as wk TOO LATE lt was a cold winter day in january, when a young man was hired to cut wood. The place where he was going to cut was a long distance from home, so he and his wife gathered together all of the dishes, furniture and other things that they needed and moved to the camp near the wood lot. The cabin was once owned by a wealthy couple who lived in the city and came to this sporting camp a few months during the summer. The camp and wood lot had been sold to a farmer. All this occurred forty years ago and the camp had never been used until now. In front of it, there was a well which had fallen in from the lack of use and care, and was now nearly sur- rounded with bushes. The small bushes had grown to be large trees and were ready to be cut for pulp. They moved in on a Saturday and got the bed and stove set up. Most of the day, Sunday, was spent arranging things as they should be. As the wife was putting a few things into the cup- board, she found a notice which read, "Whoever finds a platinum ring with side diamonds will receive a 31,000 re- ward upon return to the owner. Lost near camp. Signed, Sir Thomas Gil- man." Evidently someone, long ago, had lost a ring and had tried to End it by post- ing a notice that had finally found its way into the cupboard. As a matter of curiosity, she read it to her husband and put' it in her pocket without further thought. The only way in which the couple could get water was to haul it, so the husband decided to dig out, as soon as possible, the well which had fallen in. The next morning he started digging. The work was slow and tedious, because there were many rocks in among the clumps of dirt and gravel which had filled in the shallow well. When he had dug down about five feet, his shovel turned over something that looked like a small box. At the first moment, he thought it was the ring which had been lost so long ago. ln great excitement, he ran into the house and showed it to his wife. To- gether they hurriedly opened it and found a note which read "Kilroy was heref, - James Smith '48 lk ak lk NEVER CHEAT jack lived on a large farm in the country. His father owned a colt which .lack liked to ride very much. One day he asked his father if he could ride the colt. His father told him to take a dish of grain and go to the pasture and get the colt. Jack had no trouble in catch- ing it. A few days later, he decided he would like to ride the colt again. He thought it too much bother to get the grain and carry it to the pasture. He said he would wave his hat, the colt would think it was grain, come after it, and he would catch him. The colt came up to NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL the hat, took one smell, turned around, and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Jack thought perhaps he could catch him by chasing him. But the faster jack ran the faster the colt ran. F inally, jack gave up and Went back to the house. When his father asked him l38l if he rode thencolt, he said he didn't be- cause he could not catch him. Then came the question as to Why he had dif- ficulty in catching him. He said he did not take any grain with him because he thought that he could Wave his hat and the colt would come. His father said, "It never pays to cheat, my sonf, Malcolm Mullen, Sth Grade LIMERICKS I once had a friend called Anna l married a beautiful girl To whom I gave a banana, With hair that would gorgeously curl. She Slipped on the peel But now she is cross And Called me a heel And shows me whois boss, And now I have no friend called Anna. A rolling Pill Often Sheill hurl- Gary Holt, 8th Grade Beverly Sennett, 8th Grade i ? M E n'-ul Q nn . 7, ,Q mm LF :F 4.2-' -QM 'J I lull :Aw I-.' 0 A 'l'IIIC I.lYl'I XYIHIC I css: 1- Uovav V8 0-"' ova 5 R I S The, Sum? R Makin SENIOR yr ff?-M f NIIXVPOITI' HIGH SCIHUOI ,,,g iTg,g'j' il 40 I 1106 'll -if ,4WZfW4g3v 0' 'wf f-pix? XKKLJX X Liz 41 THE LIVE WIRE I 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row-L. Bryant, R. jones, I. Sheridan. Second Row-H. Smith, Mr. Chaplin, Faculty Advisor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Four new members were initiated into the National Honor Society last year in an impressive candlelight cere- mony, performed by charter members. class of ,46, at the High Street Church. This ceremony was effectively presented at the close of baccalaureate services. Individual speeches were given, stressing the honor, importance, and standards of this famous society. Fol- lowing the oath, pins and certificates were awarded to these four students who are proud to be members of this outstanding organization. New members from Newport High School, upholders of character, service, leadership, and scholarship, are as fol- lows: Rosalie Jones Joyce Sheridan Hadley Smith Lois Bryant Rosalie Jones '47 XlCXYl'Olt'I' HIGH SCIIOOI. S -,g.s-scsi- -W -Wg Weis.- I 42 SENIOR PLAY First Rowfli. Boylan. ll. Condon, -I. Sheridan. ,l. Randall, R. jones, ll. Smith. Second How---Miss Hutchins, Faculty Advisor. nl. Ballard, lil. XVing, R, Spooner, F, K4-nistou, -I. lfiuneuiou L. Bryant, Il. Ilaapanen. Third How--VV. Braley, R. Nason, Nl. Bratlford, R. Chamhers, X. Reynolds, D. Small. SENIOR PLAY December 12, 1946 was the "big" night. "Shes a Soldieris Sweetheart," produced hy the Senior class ot New- port High School, under the direction of Miss Hutchins of the faculty. was given in the Town Hall. Synopsis As the curtain rises, a low, lllySil'l'i- ous laugh bursts forth. Grandpop, the wolf, and his young grandson, Ricky. are practicing their "Little Red Riding Hoodi' skit, which is to he given at a local U. O. show. The little town of Nlarbury has taken on a very proud and lively atmosphere, for the World premiere of the movie "Shes a Soldier's Sweetheart" is to be shown there this week. Grandmom has consented to have one of the stars as her guest during the premiere. Francy, a saucy, fun-loving neighbor of the Larkins, had hoped the guest would he Van johnson, but instead it turns out to he a charming star by the name of Andrea Vale. Cordon, Miss Valeis press agent, is very ambitions for her to become a sensational actress. Kip, the Larkin's other grandson, tall and good-looking, is, at the time of An- drea's arrival, very much interested in cute Paula and baby-talking Coralie, his two girl friends. But they are both quite forgotten when Kip gets ll glimpse of Andrea. THE LIVE WIRE Andrea, for a good publicity story, tried to play the game fairly in en- tangling Kip into a fake love affair. However, by 'the time Kip leaves for camp Andrea has ureallyv promised to wait for him. Paula and Coralie are willing to set- tle for Phil and Chub, two old "stand- bysf, thinking they are quite -nice after all. Everyone is happy, even hard-to- please Ricky, who has received his long- awaited invitation to Francy,s 'birthday party. Cast Kip ,.,,,,.... .......,......,..,... l ack Randall Ricky t,....... .....,.. H arold Condon Crandmom ....,., ., Crandpolp 4..,..,.,. F rancy ...,,.,..,.. Paula .,..,,.... Coralie ....., Phil ....,..... Chub ....... Andrea ,..,.., Cordon .,..,...., Leota .tt......, Kay ..,,.,.....s. Laurette ..,...... ..,,.. Bill .,..,...,., George .,....., 7,1 G YQ+j Fx Q 24 Q' 39725 2 QM-'9 1 x xg x -xii' .va 77 H' qw. .J w - ' ,AQ ': MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN Business Managei '........ Maurice Bradford Senior Captain ....,,,,.,...... Harold Condon junior Captain ............,...,. Phyllis Ramsey Sophomore Captain 4,..,... Roland Butcher Freshman Captain 4.,.,... Wesley Maynard Eighth Grade Captain ......,.., Robert Rich The annual magazine campaign of Newport High lacked school spirit this year, and as a result we fell about five hundred dollars short of our quota. ....,.,Lucille Boylan .......,Hadley Smith ....,.....Rosalie jones .......,....,..Lois Bryant ...,....Ioanne Ballard Richard Chambers .......,,.....,Richard Nason .....,..,.Ioyce Sheridan ,..,.........Dana Small ,.........'Rita Spooner ..,..,jean Finnemore .Florence Keniston ...Maurice Bradford ..,..,.,..Nathan Reynolds Rosalie Jones The high salesman was Neal McKen- zie, who brought in thirty-eight dollars. The Sophomore class lead the school. The totals of the respective classes were as follows: Senior ...... junior ....,.. Sophomore Freshman . Eighth ..., ..,....S20.50 64.50 79.00 60.00 53.50 Nl'IXVI'Olt'i' HIGH SCHOOL i -44 l ST UDENT COUNCIL First Row-E. flortcxi, E. YYaclc, lt, jones, ll. Smith, H. I'laapanen, L. Bryant, M. l'atcl1cll. Second How-ffl, ltichnrdson, C. Cray. Al. Randall. R. Xvllllillllb, I, Smith, D. Mitchell, Hr. Chaplin, Faculty Advisor. STUDENT COUNCIL Ullicers tor the Student Council tor the school year 1946-47 consist of Had- ley Smith. Prcsidrntg liosalie jones. Vice l7l'CSlClClllQ llanua Haapancn, Secretary a11d Treasurer, and Nlr. Stuart Chaplin, Ftllllllly Adviser. The first inattcr acted upon hy the members ot thc Student Council was that coiicerning the l1l'l'iI11gGlHt'lllS lor dancing classes. Since nearly every stu- dent i11 the school showed a keen inter- est in dancing, classes began i11 january i11 the Home Economies Lab each Mon- day and Thursday afternoon during music periods. A successful football dance, spon- sored by the Council, was held in thc Town Hall November 15. 'Several members of the Council and their adviser attended the State Stu- dent Council Convention, which was held in VVaterville 011 November 28. The convention was made up of sev- cral sessions, held in the VVaterville High School, which discussed teen age cantcciis. social functions in schools, and changes in curricula. One of the outstanding topics discussed was, i'Does Your Student Council Live Up to Its Itesponsibilities?" The kllllllllll VVinter Carnival was next on the Council's age11da. A new and dillerent program was planned for this year. Seven candidates for King and Queen were Cll0SCI1 by their re- spective classes and tl1e student body at large. Each school in the Central League was invited to participate in the winter sports and to select two attend- a11ts for our King and Queen on the night of the Coronation. We feel that tl1e members of the Council have striven successfully to meet the problems of our school. 'Hanna Haapanen ,47 THE LIVE VVIHE L 45 1?M-'E-m -e ENGLISH CLUB First lloxvffl. Clement, li. NVade, li. jones, II. Smith, I. Dy-r.! O, llaapanen, T. Easley. Second llouglt. NVilliains, J. Sheridan, P. Ninn:-ey, Al. Iiieh. Ni. Chase, H. Gray, Mr. Xlellonough, Faculty Advisor. ENGLISH CLUB The English Club, an honorary so- ciety, has taken active part in the social life of N. II. The Hrst meeting of the year was held at the hoine ot our faculty acl- viser, Xlr. McDonough, Where the olli-' eers for the eoining year were chosen, Plans were made for several outstand- ing features presented by the club, which have proved to be both educa- tional and entertaining. The first of a series of programs was a lecture by Ralph E. Gould at the High Street Union Chureh. Mr. Gould is a Maine author, and one of his best-known novels is 'iThe Yankee Storekeeperfi Our next event was the Creek Ortho- dox Choir from Bangor. This was also held at the High Street Church and was most entertaining. The String Trio, 1-pciisniatl by lin' Sclnnnann Club ot Bangor, was another highlight of the year. The school library, now under the direction of the English Club, is being developed a great deal. The club gave ten dollars, which has been used for the purchase of magazines, books also have been donated by the club. NVe are losing several active ineinbers this year. one of whom is our president, Iladley Smith. and our vice president, llosalie jones. New members Were taken in this spring. .Xu English test, prepared and given by a committee of older mem- bers. is a basis for the awarding of prizes at eonnneneeinent. N. II. is very proud of its English Club, and the support it has given to the school under the excellent Sl1p61'- vision ot Mr. McDonough, and we hope that it may continue to do as Well in Pb: lvilnif-, NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL W l46l HOMEMAKERS CLUB First Row-H. Haapanen, I,. Boulier, E. Gamett, li. Jones, L. Bryant, L. Boylan, C. Sewell, j. Ballard, D. Kimball. Second Rowfl. lloylan, V. Booth, P. Lancaster, VV. Greene, F. DeBeck, E. Garrison, l. Sewell, ,l. Berry. l.. Dow, T. Easley, C. Conant. Third Rowfli. Cook, H. Gray, M. Tardy, Mrs. Page, Faculty Advisor, R. Spooner, B. Parlee, I. Rich, B. Seavey, F. Keniston, M. Davis. HOMEMAKERS, CLUB President ..,..... . ,...., Lois Bryant Vice President . ..,.... Rosalie Jones Secretary. , .. ,Lucille Boylan Treasurei '..,.., .. ...,,, .Carrie Sewell The Homcmakers' Club was rather inactive this year. Plans were made for a Halloween party in October, but un- fortunately it had to be indefinitely postponed. However, in the spring the annual "Barn Dance," sponsored by the Home liconouries girls and Future Farxners. was held in the Armory. This event has always been of great interest to every- one. The hall was eifectively decorated in gay colors and everyone came in farm regalia. A wide variety of enter- tainment, including dancing, skits, raf- iles, and floor shows, insures that every- one has a good time. The main attrac- tion of the evening, however, is the crowning of the "Hayseed King and Queenf the couple dressed in the funni- est, most outstanding costume. Lucille Boylan THE LIVE ,,?.,,- 7,17 ..,,, -YW ,,,..E-,A ,-..--,-,. ,I 47 l,.,,.,,-,,,,,, WIRE FUTURE FARMERS Ulf AMERICA First Row-C. Bialny, R. Giggt-5, R, Mills, xl. Smith, N. Reynolds, G. Norswortliy. Sccond Row-E. Underhill, H. Tousszlint, L. Long, I. Gerry, D. Small, Mr. Kcnncdy, Faculty Advisor. Third Row-R. film-Kcrizic, R. Flngg, R. fXlacK4'iizis-, E. Dow, G, Putt-lic-ll. FUTURE FARMERS TAKE TRIP T0 LEWISTON Om- morning around cight-thirty. during mid-wintcr. thrcc cars loadcd with Futurc Farmers svt out for Lewis- ton on a Held trip to attend a showing of modcrn farm machinery. Arriving thcrc around t'lt'Yt'Il-fl1ll'll'. wc spcnt a plcasant day ttXLllllllliIlQ modern machin- cry and listening to instructive farm lccturcs. On tht- rcturn trip wc stopped at one ol' thc largcst applc packing plants in thc- statc, and xverc shown all the vari- ous nmchincry and incthods for storing and caring for applcs. Loaded down with a goodly sainplc of apples, we ar- riwd hack at Nc-wport at five oiclock. .....:.3Qy:,...- AGCIE COURSE RETURNS T0 N. H. S. This year thc Agricultural Coursc was rc-cstahlishcd in our school curriculum and fills an important place' in thc high sc-hool's activitics. NVc wcrc vc-ry fortu- nate in sc-curing a capable and cflicicnt instructor in tht- pcrson of Mr. Richard Kc-nncdy. A Thc an-tiritics of thc- Agricultural De- p:n'tmr-nt haw included the renovation NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL t48l of a new workshop and the inaugura- tion of a Veterans' On Farm Training Program. In regard to the first of these activities, it may be said that the boys have done an extremely good job in Hx- ing up the old barn attached to the rear of the school lunch building. Al- though the winter months have halted the work, the boys will be at it once again with the coming of spring, and a 11- Mr. Chaplin: "And so we find that heat expands things, and cold contracts them. Can any of you give me an ex- ample of this?" Nason: "Yes, sir. The days are longer in the summerf' it if if A student failed in five subjects. He telegraphed to a brother: "Failed in five. Prepare papaf, The brother telegraphed back: "Papa prepared, prepare yourself? 5 5 6 'iHow are you getting on at home since your wife went away?', "Fine, I've reached the highest point of efliciency. I can put my socks on from either endf, 5 4 if The only passenger in the elevator was a redheaded sailor. The pretty girl operator called: "Upl Up! Anybody going up? Please, won't somebody go up?" new shop excellently equipped will be ready for the students next fall. The training program for the veterans has placed sufficient funds at the dis- posal of the Aggie Dept. to equip and maintain one of the best shops, for a school of this size, in the state. Newport High is proud to have the Aggie course once more in its curricu- lum. -...- jimmy Durante claims he is the only man alive who can take a shower and keep his cigar going at the same time. 4 9 6 Six-year-old Mark awoke at two oiclock in the morning. "Tell me a story, mama," he pleaded. "Hush, dear,', said the mother. "Daddy will be home soon and tell us both onef, 6 B 6 There is the story of the Scotchman who went and hid behind the barn the night before Christmas, iired a shot, then went and told his children that Santa Claus had committed suicide. Q 4 it An eagle-eyed mortician noticed an old crone shufliing away from a funeral service at his parlor, and asked her how "One hundred and one," old lady proudly. "Well, the mortician suavely. old she was. cackled the well," said "Hardly worth going home, is it?" THE LIVE WIRE I 49 lgi-W -A e"h do N Nd' tf1l'fV'l dgciq U11-oifi Xonesamef Miko , KAP Y 9 Hhcff' C3 i'lfmc:a+ Nous" U E NEWPORT I-IICII SCHOOL l liii' ,,,, '11 ' "O "W" 'Y s "Nw CLUB First llouf --j. Hin-lm, P. llznnscy, Il. Condon, il. Slwridun. ll. Smith. M. Putclxc-ll, I. Gray. Sn-1-ond llowrf-X. Hcpnolds, ll. Nason. G. Cray. C. Horton, D. Small, H. VIWOXVIIV, B, Hranllord, Nlr. Chaplin. Famlliy Aclvism. Tllird How --l., Snmll, ll. flipson, KI. llamllnll. ll. NYilli1nns. XY. Gctcln-ll, ll. Clmnxlwrs, l"l4il5t'l' 6N, CLUB The first mccting of the AN, Club was lxcld Octolwl' IT for tha- purpose of clccting ollicvrs. Tln- following worc- vlectcd: Prrsidvnt llarold Condon Yicc Pl'l'SlClC'llt A ,. lladlvy Smitll Sl'L'l'l'l'ill'y and 'lll'l'LlSlll'l'l'. .Ioycc Slwridun Faculty .Xdxisvr . Xlr. Chaplin Tln- sc-L-ond lIll'K'llllQ was llcld -lulnnlry QS. lo nmlw prqmrntions lor tlu- annual 'NW iflnlm d1ulc'c'. ll was nh-4-iclml to llold :wc-4-ssu1'y connnittccs we-rv appointed and il was suggested that the Hot l.nnch womun be asked to serve refresh- llH'lllS. and that tlu' money made bc' giwn to tln-In for snpplivs in tllv Hot l,nncl1 lloom. 'flu' nc-xl Ill0Cl'lIlg was he-ld FClJl'll1Il'y 23. lo discuss plans for tllf' dance. 'l'lu-rv was also u colnmittvc appointed lo turn in tha- nznncs of all thc peoplv 1-nrning llwir so that tlwy could ln- ol'cl1-rvcl. xl in lln' .Xlllltllf Xl.lll'll T ITJIT, '1'ln3 -lg',111Hig-ll THE LIVE WIRE l vl le Ewan EEEee,-e+? if' CHEERLEADERS First Howill. Bryson, C. Sewell, J. Dyer. Second Row--M. Davis, l. Gray, M. Chase. CHEERLEADERS Although the squad was rather green at the first of the football season, they have done very well rooting for N. H. During football 'season there were five members: Phyllis Bamsey, Gloria Bry- son, Jane Cothberg, Carrie Sewell and Joyce Dyer. Because of vacancies in the ranks, due to one cause or another, a second tryout was necessary. This time the cheerlead- ers chosen were Nlarilyn Chase, Xlarilyn Daxis. lola Gray and Xlary Page. pls the basketball season Went on, the eoinparatiwly new squad improved rapidly. Throughout each game their xoices were heard lashing the Blue and XVhite on to victory. New outfits are first on the agenda of equipment for this spring or early fall. llowexer, new suits or old, theyill be out there cheering at the softball and baseball tilts this year-this is a new lwist this year. Phyllis Ramsey Carrie Sewell N1ZW1'O1i'1' 111611 SCI IUC JL ssss ss s l1v-l GIRLS' ATHLETICS lfirsl lfmxfff. S1-xxrll, Al. Bilylilll, F. lla-Bock, P. Kixiiisuy, XI. Putc-l1c'll, Al. D51-r. D, Kixnluill, C. Bryson. Svvolicl llou7NIrs, Pzlalv. l"zV.'l1liy .-Xzlxisor. IC. C111'1'iso11. B. Cook, l. S:-wvll, 'lf Pzltclwll, YY. til't'l'IIi'., V. Booth, Xl. Cluisv. j. lizillzxnl. Thiril Row-ij. R1-r1'y, AI. Slim-riclmi, I. Gray, Nl. Davis, Al. Rin-li, B. l'z1rl1-1-, H. Svzivcv, II. Cray, I... Dow. GIRLS' ATHLETICS .Xl llu' lirst ol' llw sc-z1so11 l'lgllll'l'll girls llIl'IlL'Cl out and no calptuivs worn' cle-ctc-cl :is tlim-ly wi-1'v l'Olilli'll for c-ucli QIIIUO. As li1111- XX'l'lll on. l-Ulll' girls clroppc-cl. mlm' lo XLll'lUllS ri-11so11s. Nvxrporl lll flLll'llll'l 9 'l'l11' gzum- was playa-il at tlic Now- porl Xl'lIlUl'f'. lt wus 21 xcry lust anal ex- citi11f1' ff'11111-. ,Xt tlic lmll tliv score wlis nh' ' 5-G i11 Nl'XN'lJlJI'liS l.L1XOl'. glftcr 21 lmrcl struggla- i11 tlw sn-croml lmlf, N1-wport 01111111 llll'I7lIl2,'ll witli Ll oiir'-point lmltl. x' H1 fN1'.xl1111l li- ll1'1111ol' -11 'lllll' l1'2lIll l1'a1x'1'l1'1l to llCI'lllOll for this om-. XYl1il1- ll1c girls wx-rc fighting witli all tlll'lI' migglit, the llk'l'lH0ll girls were also doing tlic-ir utmost to keep the score Ill ilwir liuor. Ncwport 15 Coriiniai 26 This ti1111' thi- girls xwlx' lxiclc 011 tlieir home court trying to ucliicwc victory, but the Corinna girls had proven them- selves superior by the time the final Wliistlc soimdecl. Newport 14 Hartland 29 .Nt llurtlziiicl thc gaune was not so l11",l1l1 f'Xl'Illll":, :is llzirllppvul I1-fl QI wgglg' TIIIC I,lX'I' cl 5,3 l .WI HIC GIRLS' BASKETI lielt to lllgllt-gl. Sewell, H. Cook, l. Putt-In-ll, Al. lioylwix 3ALL IG. Garrison, D, liimhnll. -I. Slut-rizlnn, I". Della-ek. V. Booth, XV. Greene. L. Dow, Nl. Patehell, Xlrs. Paige, Conch. margin throughout the game. Still, the girls had really tried. Newport 13 Carmel 15 The game at Carmel could he spoken of as the most exciting of the season. Exen the first of the game one team would lead the other hy only one basket or so, then, without Warning, the oppos- ing team would sink a couple ot baskets. This eontinnecl throughout the entire game. All the girls were at a highly emotional pitch and when the whistle blew, Carmel was one basket aheacl. The guarcls, cleliense was the hest ever witnessed. Newport 19 East Corinth 21 ln spite of the tact that this was a close game. it was not especially ont- standing. Newport I-l In the quite as saicl that they cliclnit try. New mort 3,1 East l Our high scorer for this llartlantl 29 home gym the girls didnit do well as nsnalg lint it cant he Corinth 23 game was Xlnrle Part-lie l, who rollecl in seven has- . - 1 kets anal six lonl shots. 'tht . r - X gllllltt XVHS xerx' lneh' antl Newport longht victori- onsly throughout the tilt. Newport 25 Corinna 41 NliNVl'Oli'1' HIGH SCHOOL M s HM'i54 li SOFTBALL First Row !lQ. Unvrison, -I, Boylan, -I. Slwrialnn, Nl. Pntclicll. 'l'. Pnlclicll, I, Scwcll. Scconcl llow ll l-limlmll. Y. Brmili, l,. lioxx, Nlrs. Pngc, l"nc'uliy Atlvisor, YY, Grvcnc, H. Cook. l". Ds'll1'c'l4. 'l'l1ircl limi l,. l3r'i'liL'i', l'. I.nncnsic1', ll, Scum-5, l, Urns, ll, llolucll, ,l. llcrrp. Altliongli tlic ginnc was wry slow. willi grim clctcrniiiniliong thc last' score Sllcridun was rcnlly in tlicrc ligllting. ol- tllc yczn' lnul to lic sometliingl New- 'l'ln- scorc. liowcvcr. prox'ccl to iw clis- port fought lnlrcl lllI'Ollgll0l,lt the game appointing. nncl tlic rcsults ccrtuinly provccl that Npwpm-t 21 llUl'IllOll 8 llniy wc-rc sncccsslnl. Tlw lust gzunc ol' lllll scnson was on I , Phyllis llznnsey our liomc lloor. llcrlnon living llic op- posing tc-inn. Tin- girls took tln-ir plnccs UNMC Sewell '-"-41ifQ?!'---- Mr. Burton: "lf 11 mnnbcr of cattle is Tln- cnslncr of ii I'CStiIlll'21llt kept a called a herd, and a nnmlmci' of sheep is pzlpcr napkin next to thg Cagh bgxl called a flock. what is 11 nnmlxn' of uXVllCllllYOl' an cnstoincr walks off with- camels called?" ont change," hc explained, "I tap the .lack Randall: "A cau'ton.i, conntcr witli it as lmrcl ns I can." 'l'III'l I.IX'IC .1 nw -1 75 1 'rf WI 1115 0 ,- 1,11 BOYS, BASKETBALL First R1111'-I. Finxwr, C. Cr111, 51. Br11111'11r11, 11. XV11Ii11111s, R. Gipsun. S1'c11n11 Huw--Nlgr. N. NlcK1'11zi11, Mgr. II. C1111111111, 11. 1"r11s1'r, Il. '1'111v111-, I. 1"11't1'111'r, Hr. 1111111-joy, C11111-11, '1'11ircI H1111'-WAY. NI11y1111r11. C. X11rsw11rtI1y, H. 'I'111'k1-1'. I,. S11111Il, CI. 1111-I1111'11s1111. BASKETBALL 11s 11111 s1-11s1111 1Jl'Ugl'1'SSL'11. 1111-1' wc-1'v just as Som, as 11,9 gridimn SUHSOH 1r'1l111'1T.1 111-1'11111111-1:1111 III 1111s1- 1111s1t11111s. was fi11is111'11, t111- 111111pst111's, 1111xi1111s t11 H' "WUI, Wm Us Iollmwi get into 11cti1111, st111't1-11 t1111i1' 13I'2lL'11C1'S. c11'1II'Q1' C1111 1,1111 1'10l'XV2ll'K1 O111' c1111cI1 t11is yltill' was 1111- s111111- 111111 11ic.1,L,,-11 11'i11ii,,,,1 Night 11'm.Wm.d 111111 11151 IIS t11 1111- L'1I2III11JI01IS11l17 111 t1111 Xlmlrm, Emil!-UNI A Centm. 1111111111 I.1111g111- 21111 t11111'11111111-111 i11 ' 1111111111 CIi11s1111 1.1-ft Cll'll'f1 1940-46. 11111111111 S. 1.1111-1111. w ' K 1111111 1'I'1lS1'I' 11115111 c1ll2Il'l1 T111- 111111' 111111 11111 1111111 11111 1'111'sity 11-11111 111 1945--46 was .I111111 1'1I'1lS0l'. 111115 C1111c11 11111111111 111111 t111- 11is1-11111'11gi11g task 111 1111i111i1115 up Ll 11-11111 1111111 11114 18 111' 19 g1'111-11 c1,11111i1111t1-s. Aftm' 11111011 p1'11Cti1'1-. t1111 1l'Il11JOl'2ll'y first team was pick1111. .-Xt first t11es1- I11111ps1111's 111111 1111 spc-1-i111 p11si1i1111, 11111. '1.1I1' 1111111 1111-111111-1' 111' 11111' 1'111'sity 1Lkl1Il. 111111 1'1-1111101-11 1111- 1-111'1v111'11s 111111 1-1-11t1'1' 11111111 11l1'j' 11111111 ti1'1-11, 1v11s P11111 "Red" Fl'21Z16'1'. 'Xs t11is 11111s Nl'X1"1D1l1'1,S 1111i111i11g-1111 1'1'111'. 1111-1 111111 111111 11111- 122111161 w11i1'11 11'11s 11g11i11s1 1'121S1 CI111'i11111. NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL .p I 5 L, - The j. V fs also were doing splendidly N on the Hoor and learning fast. They lost twice to the Future Farmers and beat Dec 3 Dovel-,FOXC1-oft fthe,-ej 25 the Grammar School 'by a large margin. Dec 6 Corinna chem, 20 . Next year they.W1H halle .an excflp- Dec 10 Hartland Ctherej 9 tionally good varsity and junior varsity , team, losing only one man this year. Dec' 13 Carmel lherel 15 Newport will be fighting for permanent Dee- 19 Dexter lthefel 21 possession of the Central League tourna- Dec 31 Dover-Foxcroft Qherej 14 ment t1'0PhY- jan. 3 East Corinth Qherej 29 The j. V. players were as follows: jan. 10 Hermon Qtherej 36 Herbert Towne .....,,...,...,r,,,.....,...... Guard Ian. 14 Alumni fherej 34 Ivan Fletcher ,......,.,r.... .....,,.r F orward jan. 17 Corinna Qtherej 25 Gordon Richardson ,...,,... ........r F orward jan. 21 Hartland fherej 34 Ralph Tucker '....,..,,r.... ......,.. 1 Center jan. 24 Carmel Qtherej 18 George Norsworthy ,...... .,....,... G uard jan. 28 M. C. I. Qtherel 37 Lauren Small .,.....,..,... ....,..,., G uard Ian. 29 Dexter fherej 12 Wesley Maynard .,....,.,......,.....,... Forward jan. 31 East Corinth Qtherej 29 The scores of the games that were Feb 4 M- C- I- fhefel 1 32 played by N. H. S. were as follows: Feb 7 Hermon lhefel 24 l..-4fQ?p.i..... Mr. Lovejoy: "Who was the greatest general in France?,' L. Long: "General Fochf' Mr. Lovejoy: "Right Now, who was a great German generalffw L. Long: "Hindenburg.', Mr. Lovejoy: "Very good. Who was the American general?" L. Long Qthinking very hardj: 'fCen- eral Motors." it W 15 '1'I I IC LIVE WIRE FOOTBALL First Row-G. Norsworthy, P. Frazier, H. Condon, J. Fraser, I.. Small. Second Row--R. Chambers, N. Reynolds, li. Cipson, G. Gray, li. Nason, I. Randall, D. Small. Thirrl Rcnv-Coach Lovejoy, H. Towne, I. Fletcher, XV. Milller. R. Tucker, Mgr. FOOTBALL The football season opened with twenty-six men reporting for practice. Mr. Lovejoy gave preliminary exercises and a few trots around the Held before handing out suits. After the insurance papers had been sent in, the boys got underway in block- ing practice, which proved to be rugged workouts. Mr. Lovejoy, having played football himself, molded out a hard- hitting backfield, although it did take a little time to develop a good line. Captain for '46 was George Cray. Schedule of games: Sept. 28- Newport 6 Dexter 32 Oct. 4- Ncwport 7 Oct. 1:2- Ncwport 12 Oct. 19- Ncwport 0 Oct. 26- Newport 19 Nov. 4- Ncwport 0 Nov. 9- Ncxvport T The lineup: 1 II. IS. .. 11.15. , P. B. ...,. ..... . Skowhegan I. Vfs 12. Belfast 52 Corinna 34 Skowhegan I. Vfs 6 Bangor J. Vfs 19 Corinna 12 Fraser ,.. . .. L. Small . .. G. Norsworthy NEYVPORT HIGH SCHOOL ,, I "I 58 I ' , F , II.. Condon-P. Frazier li. E. ....A..,.........,....A.,..,......., R. Chambers Small Subs: G's, I. Fletcher, R. Nason, VV. Green Nlillerg E, H. Towne. Randall Mgr. li. Tucker did an excellent job Cray in taking care of the balls and tending GiP50n the ,water at games. Reynolds ,, Q Q 1.-gqgygp-.1 "How I met your mother is not a story for little ears like yoursf' a father told his son from behind the evening newspaper. "But I can tell you one thing, it certainly cured me of whistlingf, Mrs. Poore heard a crash in the kitchen. "More dishes, Francesa?,' she called with an air of resignation. "No, ma'amf' came the voice of Francesa. "Less.', it 15 it "jimmy, Sethf screamed a hillbilly bride to her husband. "Yer beard is cought firef, "I know it, I know itf, he answered angrily. "Can,t you see me praying for ram. THE LIVE WIRE l59l BASEBALL First Row-D. llUW8, G. Gray, F. Pray, C. Gray, P. Coburn, Second Row-Coach Lovejoy, I. Randall, G. Norsworthy, A. DeBeck, M. Bradford, H. Towne. Third Row--AMgr. lt. Nason, R. Chambers, R. Gipson, G. Morton. BASEBALL With April, comes baseball. There is a soft thud of a ball against a horsehide glove. The players took their last yearis positions and after a few Weeks prac- tice were put in temporary positions. Coach Lovejoy developed a fine team out of the boys and wound up the sea- son with five wins and five losses. DeBeck and Pray were famous for 'their "homers,' and Coburn for his udoublesy' and utriplesf' Bradford, our pitcher, showed his ability as a fine ballplayer on the mound, while DeBeck and Pray played excellent games at shortstop and third base. The lineup for the season of '46: G. Gray, catcher or third base. D. Rowe-R. Chambers, first base or outfield. P. Coburn-1. Randall, second base or outfield. A. DeBeck, shortstop or pitcher. F. Pray, third base or catcher. Nl. Bradford-G. Morton, pitcher or outfield. C. Gray, outfield or third base. C. Norsworthy, outfield. R. Cipson, outfield or second base. NEXVPORT HICII SCHOOL , , I 60 1 T Schcdnlc of Gaines N. ll. 3 Hartland 15 N. ll. S. 6 Ilermon 8 N. H. S. 6 East Corinth 4 N' H. S. 9 Carmel fforfeitb 0 N' H' S' 6 COHHHH 7 P. Coburn was awarded the most N' H' S' 7 Hartland 4 valuable playerls medal for his marvel- N' H' S' 20 Carmel 4 ons performance at second base and out- N. H. S. 4 Hermon 5 Held. N. II. 0 Corinnzl 2 Mgr. II. Towne proved to be Worthy N. H S. 5 East Corinth 0 of his job as bat boy. i.. ..T "Miss Sheridanf said the Science pro- fessor, "would you care to tell the class what happens when the body is im- mersed in water?,, "Sure,,' replied Joyce. 'The telephone rings." it 4 if In a tight-Hsted Iowa congregation the hat was passed around Sunday and returned absolutely empty. The pastor cast his eyes heavenward and said rev- erently, "I thank Thee, O Lord, that I got my hat back? "Shucks, Sunday school againf, grumbled Willie. "I bet Pop never went to Sunday school when he was a kid." "He went regularlyf, his mother an- swered him. "O. K.,', agreed Willie reluctantly. "But I bet it wonit do me any good eitherf, it it IP Cass Daley, asked if shencould sing loud, replied: "Sir, lim the only songbird who ever got an answer from Chl-oe.', port llig Tl Ili LIVE WIRE ,WW77 ,rv .,,,, ,, ,,,,,. ,, ,,,, , ,,,.,, , ,. HI l,,.,7 ,M Y ,...... ,....-A Y SYINTER CA RNIYAL First limi'-gl. binith. L. Small, Se-cuncl Huw-f Ni. Pntclwll. ll, NYilli1nns. 'lf l'ut4-ln-ll. THE NVINTEH CARNIVAI . Tha- annual lVint4'r C,lz1l'1iiN'nl ul- Nvw- lklllllklfy 25. Snowsliov and slxi 4-xc-nls xvcrc he-lcl with llalrtlzincl anal lloriinm crnnpc-sting. llulwrl lla xx'm'm' lln' In f ' thus hringing il xiclory lo llzlrllnncl xL'Lllll'lllX. l'mn1 -1 tn 601-loclx ll SIIPPUI' was hvlcl il lln- C-lungv llnll. nnclc-1' tlul Llirvction nl Xhs. Phyllis Pagv. lnnnv vc-onmnic-s nstrnclrnx ll School was ln-lcl Szltnrcluy. -:sc-5' :Incl Nlz1rQglu-1'ilc- llalrl Tha- lcstivc' ox cnt of thc' clay was the cnroinntion ol' King and Queen nt the ,Xl'lll0l'j'. Tho czulcliclatcs for King and Queen wvrc us Follows: liighlh CIi'nclc'ff'-l'ln'llis Bintc-In-lor anal lurnc-st C-Orion. flu point sc-orvrs lor thc nlnv. , , 5 ' l'r1-slnnan-llunclu Grvcn. Cordon lliclulrclson. Suplmnmri--lnlu Cray, l,aun'cn Snmll. ,lllllwl-.Inycc IJ51-r. Paul l"1'a1zic-r. S1-niol'--llalnnn llznlpalm-n. black llzln- flnll. NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l62l School at large-Jeanne Finnemore, Hadley Smith, Ioyce Sheridan, Harold Condon. - By popular vote of the student body, Hadley Smith was elected King and Jeanne Finnemore, Queen. Principal Stuart C. Chaplin presented their crowns in the presence of a large audi- ence at the Armory. .......ggQjy?-..- A bachelor skunk The awards to the high point scorers were then presented by the King and Queen and the trophy to the highest scoring school was presented to Hart- land Academy. The ceremony was terminated by the singing of the school song, followed by general dancing. 41' H' 'Q' visited a newly married pair of skunks and was sur- prised to Iind anrextra bed in their room. When questioned they explained, "We are expecting a little stinker in the ' springf' If 10 ii smart little boy, Slugger was a very not particularly addicted to taking baths. Things reached a point where his schoolmates shied and his teacher, who away from him, liked to see him high in his class, but not too high, sent a note home by him which read: "Your Slugger is a doesnit smell so good. fine boy, but he Wonit you please see that he bathes more regularly?" Back to the teacher came Slug with a communique from his Ma. "My Slug- gcrf, she pointed out, 'caiift not rose. Learn him, dol1't smell liiinf' , ,WM 1 -. THE LIVE WIRE W W 7, 1 63 T N. G E.: V FQ ut.. NIS+ Cl Snqml "5c..e.,nc?., P YTI NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL ' E 64 I E W L le S- f ' :CD 'SL -ia H , ,f W K , 1? TS THE LIVE WIRE I 65 I- FRESHMAN INITIATION P . A ff ' 2? - S "K xgdllm- H" H111 Gi' REQ- Eijlf . U is 2 v M W ' " YW ' f I . XS: ful" W , ' Q. . - NN fb ff 1 Q 44, .. 'aWw7f ' +- I ' A W g . I Ygwixg f WW Q x 1 Y I X K Rx fix + ...Q X " xilxxx- ' Qs Xe- iw WM iii..- 'NIEVSPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 66 I ENIOR PIAY x. A A x .X M? ' 1.15 2 -fi -1 wi fi Q ' 'lg' "' ,Q We ,1 NN A 4 X W k ' Y, Z X X 1 X I Y N Xb WN ff . , 1 3-'IL :Mn IN'.'UlMl, v Z1,i, X XT-'QQ 1 fl , X 4 51 M : W I V NX , KX N , i ll' . 1 . if mv W, W ww rg W f f WM QW W NM' X u X xs- I ful Q, I . MJ l,-....---- THE DIVE WIRE I 67 1- ' fi A ,M N ,Q gfxif' ix Q 1NTi xf'Ab.. SN 4 ' X Q X A ffxljjilwhk f M Y ,K HSXX ,Af X 1,1 . RQ V I V P, , XX X ' ff, xx N m fg KQMLQ X C-fi ,, Wiv ' ff 7? "HN x X Q ,F Xx x ' 5 fm X A M SMQW ,Q fm W WXi W. fy 15" xiii' 'f,y,' 1, ' 495 "1 1 , W il nw ff' .l, ' XfgP ' X ff FM 1 I f1 , W N ' XMI? 'I X I Q f 5 V .X Y ' ! Xi-af7847.a,M'6' NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL N , ,gjA,,,11'i1,, ,7,,, ' ,,,,,,QQQI 68 1jTi1ff, ' """'gi:fg1l...... fT5J 9 FSS XX5- 1 X' k X ,- Qfgh ,fl X O ,f Lf fb-W ff-1 ' I Q ' Y X gr ,ff 2 1 X I fffi f 4 Q2 dig V Q4 ff? . Q Xi. Q . .. , Q, . Eg, qi 5 I.. ff'5 xf i ff W 1 ,, I 2 S ill! K X351 g X .X WPORT H G C OOL Y. I I i Q 1 QE TL., .sh , H H, ,fn , M ff X RS ,f 'QT cf 17 -f Nl ' w 74 WS? Fifi fi N? R dl Jig R fm , f 'J 'tif--5 Q vfxws LQ NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 72 1 H I Q 2614 . if QW A fy ' ff! xx! at I if Z S ' f VON GM j N v W ff! H N X U ,X V4 VW XXX - Q 'QF wp. xvlffrrf xg lk iiavuvmr X URN! XIUVK lv MML17 Wlliwrfwl ILAWXQMKW I T- Blanlx ! O " O Mosh 'BMV Q- SQNXOR QYONN Q1 , fm xo 'i . M. Ll , f ,Nix 7 f I Jigga jwffiw Qfjfjg 2 with 51 fMuaw X ggi? Daman! geggy . S wg , X X - Q YZZZYQML' ,W VIE ff VYQWEXN L 1 XS . . . E WW Xu 'f f t ,- WWQ E 'ff 2?ZEE?r'S :qlgk Eqwj i7 gjj: 2? X 51:1 . i pm !M'7M7 I Wm' .Eh 3 :SCHA f747 mf 2, ' - 5 Q X K . ffm 'M 'tal-,Fw 4 CALENZER MMM 'l'llk1 LIX I. I 75 l 5. ,. XVIRIC gi . MIXED CHORUS AND GLEE CLUB First Row-E. VVnde, G. Conant, I. Ballard, 1. Sheridan, G. Bryson, I. Cray, F. DeBeck, D. Kimball. Second Row-B. Cook, H. Cray, C. Clement, O. Haapanen, V. Booth, I. Boylan, H. Haapanen, L. Boylan, L. Dow, T. Easley. Third Row--VV. Braley, I. Bolwell, H. Smith, P. Ramsey, R. Tucker, I. Rich, XV. Miller, M. Davis. CLEE CLUB AND MIXED CHORUS President ,.... ...., . q.... C Yloria Bryson Vice President.. .. .... joyce Sheridan Librarian .,.... . , . . Iola Gray The sounds of harmonious voices, blended together in such songs as "Bells" and "Hear Our Prayerf' ring throughout the halls on Monday and Thursday mornings. This year the number of students par- ticipating in the Glee Club and Mixed Chorus has greatly increased, due to the fact that a very Wide interest has been shown in fine music. Our sincere appreciation is extended to Miss Thorne, our loyal director of music, who has supervised the respec- tive Glec Clubs and Mixed Chorus for years. These musical organizations have provided our school with enjoyable se- lections and entertainment at several social functions. A new idea introduced in 1946 is again being carried out this year. A "Musical Quintetf composed of five girls from the Clee Club, has recently been formed. They are: Joyce Sheridan, Hanna Haapanen, Phyllis Ramsey, Marilyn Rich, and Jean Rich. The greater part of their selections are folk songs and classical music. This spring at the animal "Music Festivali' the quintet will make its first public appearance. NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL 1761, " 1 Hifi HNlllIflHl IHIIIIII MNI 8 QQQ 3QCQQ 104 Whitman Ave. West Hartford, Conn. February 27, 1947 Dear Miss Dyer: Rather than writing a letter, I have listed my various activities for you, hop- ing that this list will be self-explana- tory: Newport High School, 1928, Maine Central Institute, 1929, Bowdoin Col- lege, A. B. degree 1933 fDelta Kappa Epsilon fraternityj, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, M. D. C. M. degree, 1938, Rotating Internship, Newton Hos- pital, Newton, Mass., 1938-1939, Resi dent Anesthetist, Newton Hospital, Newton, Mass., 1939-1940, General Practice of Medicine, Newton High- lands, Mass., 1940-1942, Associate Anes- thetist, Newton Hosptal Staff, 1940-1943, Member of Medical Staff, Newton Hos- pital, 1940-1943, Resident Anesthetist, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Hartford Hos- pital, Hartford, Conn., Sept. 1942-Ian. 1943,U. S. Army Medical Corps, Cap- tain, Ian. 1943-Dec. 1945-Brooke Gen- eral Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, Anes- thetist, lst Auxiliary Surgical Group, Anesthetist, Thoracic Surgical Team, Chief of Anesthesia and Operating Room Section, 231st Station Hospital, England, and 79th General Hospital, Northern Ireland, Anesthetist, Thoracic Surgical Team, 1st Aux. Surg. Group, England, Anesthetist, Thoracic Surg. Center, 160th General Hospital, Eng- land, Anesthetist, Thoracic Surg. Team, Field Hospitals of 71th Army, France and Germany, Chief of Anesthesia and Operating Room Section, McGuire General Hospital, Richmond, Va., As- sistant to Director of Anesthesiology, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn., Dec. 1945 to date. American Board of Anesthesiology fDiplomatej October 1946. Member of American Medical As- THE LIVE WIRE e l77l sociation, American Society of Anes- thesiologists, Mass. Medical Society, Conn. Medical Society, Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, West Hartford Con- gregational Church. Married Doris Anne Linscott of Waban, Mass., April 26, 1941. Charles Manson Barbour, Sd, born March 13, 1944. .lm 54 Valentine Park West Newton 65, Mass. March 2. 1947 Dear Miss Dyer: I am sorry that I could not comply with your request for reply to yours of February 22 before February 27 owing to holiday delay in mail delivery and error in address. With the subject mat- ter which you suggested, perhaps it is just as well. I do not think I could write anything which would be of in- terest to readers of the school magazine. I have spent the greater part of my life in Newport. And it has been made up of the duties of the ordinary New- port housewife with the joys and sor- rows that come to the average woman of my age. You ask for a photograph of myself for publication. I have had none for Best wishes to you in your task of editing the school's annual book. Cordially you1's, Charles M. Barbour, jr., M. D., D. A. B. it 6 it years and I fear there would be few who would recognize it. I have always been very much inter- ested in the town schools and especially in the school magazine. My son and my grandisons were among the con- tributors of t'he earlier editions. I think I have a copy of nearly every issue. I regret that I cannot grant your re- quest for a biographical sketch. HOW- ever, I thank you for the courtesy of your inquiry and wish you and other members of the editorial staff all suc- cess in your work. Sincerely yours, Theo jose Barrows, N. H. S., Class of 1885. 0 ii 5 NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I78l 8th Weather Detachment Chanute Field, Illinois February 17, 1947 Dear Joyce: I recently received your letter and I am deeply honored, that I may have the opportunity to contribute to the Alumni section of the "Live Wirev. I will try to do my best in giving a resume of my time as an alumnus of Newport High School. Shortly after graduation from high school I enlisted in the Army Air Forces. Naturally, the following months were merely routine-Reception Center and basic training. Upon completion of basic, I was assigned to the Air Weather Service. My first objective now was Weather Observer School. This consisted of a ten-week course at Cha- nute Field, Illinois. For several months after this I was retained at Chanute Field as an observer in thc Weather Training Command. In july of last year I applied for scr- vice with the Sth VVcathcr Squadron, to which I am now assigned. Upon reaching my new headquarters at VVestover Field, Mass., I was as- signed for detached service at Goose Bay, Labrador. There, I served in the Radiosonde Observatory of the A. A, F - R. C. A. F. Weather Station. Undoubtedly you are unfamiliar with Iiadiosonde. It is a method of obtain- ing wind speed and direction, tempera- ture, and relative humidity of the at- mosphere at all heights by the use of a radar set. After several months at Goose Bay, I was recalled to Westover Field, where I was informed that I had been ac- cepted to attend the newly opened Weather Forecaster and Analysis School here at Chanute Field. I have recently completed the first half of this school. Upon completion of this course, roughly the last of May, I will return to 8th Weather Headquarters for re- assignment. This about covers my activities of the last few years. I think the fact that I have a high school education has helped me a great deal in the weather service, especially in being eligible to attend Forecaster School, which is the most advanced technical school that the WVL-ather Service offers. I am enclosing a small photo that was taken recently and hope that it will be satisfactory for your purposes. Sincerely yours, Howard L. Shapiro. THE LIVE WIRE ITSJI Dear Miss Dyer: It made me happy to hear from a Newport High student. Itl has sheen some time since I left, hut I have not lost any interest in the school. My achievements since graduating are not outstanding. I attended the University of Maine for three years and spent nearly four more in the Army. My combat time was with the First Armored Division in Italy. At the war's end I was sent to Army schools in Eng- land and returned to Germany to organ- ize and instruct in "G, I." schools. I returned to the States December 9, 1946, in time to begin serving as Repre- sentative from the Detroit, Palmyra, Pittsfield, and Cornville district in the Ninety-third Legislature. My best wishes are for the success of your annual. Sincerely yours, Elton M. Rich. 0 Q H' NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL l80l 3 it 'XVWXV-fff' WAAXYWAAX' V54 AAXWXVW ' M146 Vfffffff ' 0 'AIYAXVVVVVW ff-Af-A Crimson Crier, Orono High School A very fine yearbook. I liked the way your print runs. Why not enlarge your Literary section? Messalonskee Ripple, Oakland High School An interesting yearbook. Your Lit- erary section is excellent. Why not have class pictures? Academy Review, Dover-Foxcroft A nicely arranged yearbook. I like your idea of having individual faculty pictures. The Rostrum, Guilford High School I like your flyleaf pages, sports pages, and informal service pictures. The Microphone, Hermon High School Yours is a good book. VVhy not have the faculty pictures nearer the front and the write-ups and other sections more distinctly separated? I also think that you should have a larger Literary section and an Exchange column. Lever, Skowhegan High School An excellent, well planned, and writ- ten uip annual. I think, however, that the book would be more effective if the Editorial Board and School Board write- ups and pictures were nearer the front. The Muse, Corinna Union Academy Your book shows a great deal of work. The Literary and Poetry is the outstand- ing feature of your line book. Bulldog, Madison High School Very good pictures and a V6l'y well planned book. The Scroll, Higgins Classical Institute, Charleston, Maine Your pictures would be more effec- tive if they were the other way around. The Literary section is good and the whole book was well done. You could do with more Locals. The Ripple, Hartland Academy Your book was well done, but a change of the layout from that of former years would begmore attractive. E. C. A. Rocket, East Corinth Academy Why not enlarge your book and have pictures taken inside. A good book. The Rocket, Carmel High School Yours is a good book, but the ar- rangement could be improved. 8 6 6 ADVERTISING INDEX Atlantic-Clarion Stove Co ......., 89 American Gear Co. ...,......,. 100 Abbie's Esso ..................,.......... 108 Andy's Dairy ...,.............,.......,... 111 Atlantic Restaurant, The New ...,..,. ,, .,.. 113 Barrows 8: Barrows ......................... 106 Bijou Theatre .,........,........ 107 Bangor Furniture Co. ....,.. 108 Broclcway's Flower Shop ...,. ,. 115 Bryson, I. P. 61 Sons .......,.... 111 Burton, William ......,... . 116 Barrett, C. A. ......... 53 Bluebird Welding ........ 89 Burke, P. W., M. D. ..... 93 Banton Bros. ...................... 96 Bartlett's, I. G. A. .....,......,,.. 98 Bryant, W. C. Sr Sons, Inc. ..,.. 101 Baxter, H. C. ....................... 103 Bangor House ...,.......,....,... 105 Bird's, L., Gulf Station .......,,, 116' Bolwell, H. I. ..,.......,..,....,, 118 Boyd Sr Noyes, Inc. ....... 119 Burrill Hardware Co. ..... 120 Call Studio, The .........,....... .. 115 Centra-1 Maine Power Co. ....,.. 113 Corinna Insurance Agency.. 112 Cornlorth, Harry L. .....,....... 110 Crane, Raymond ................ 115 Cal's Electrical Shop .......... 82 Cianchette, I. R. ............, 90 Cox, H. E. 8: Sons ....,....,, 98 Carroll Cut Rate .....,,.......,,. 99 Cary Insurance Agency ..,....... 101 Grossman, H. A. ..........,..... 104 Clement, T. S., Dr. .....,............. 118 Cummings, Daniel E., Co. ..,., , 102 Clarion Stove Supply Co. ...... 119 Davis, Merton .....,..... .... 1 15 Dodge Clothes ...........,..,.,.,... 114 Dysart, S. A. .,..............,....,..,......,. 109 Dakin's Sporting 'Goods Co. ,...... 84 Doherty's Market ....,................ 90 Dexter Drugstores, Inc. .... 118 Dyer, J. F., Dr. .............. 106 Dexter Bakery ................ 119 Daggett's Shoe Store .....,.... 100 Emerson 8: Erwin ............ 95 Elm City Tobacco Co. ...... 95 Eastland Woolen Mill ....,... Emery Brown Co. ,.........,......, . Eastern Maine Grain Co. ...... . Eastman-Kelleher Co. ...... , Emery's Taxi Service ........ Fitts, L. R. . ,......,.. ., Fox 61 Ginn, Inc. ...,..,,...,........... . Frati ..,....,......,. .,............,,,...,....,... ,First National Bank of Pittsfield .,...,.,. .... Freshman Class ....,.....,.....,.,... ,... Fineson, Maurice I. .,...............,. . Friend 81 Friend ......,...,,...........,.. Femald's Nation-Wide Stores ...... Farrar's ., .............,..................,..... Farnham, Idhn 8: Louella ........., Ford's Ienney Service ............. Fairfield Creamery, Co. .... , Flagg, R. M. Co. ........... . Goode Shoppe .............. Gerald's Store .................. Gibson Radio Service ,..... Green 81 White Garage ....... Hanson's Stores ............................ Higgins, G. I. ............................. . Herbie's Nation-Wide ....... .. ,Harmon Piano Co. ......,.. . Home Restaurant ........ Holt, P. I. ................... . Hughes, Ken ................... High School Teachers ......... Hanson, B. W. 8: C01 ..., . Hubbard's Garage .......... Hincks Coal Co., The ......... I-Ianson, C. H. ............. . Imperial Roller Rink ....... Jackson dr White ........ junior Class .................. Jones Inn ......................... judkins 8: Gilmore Go. ...... . Iackson's Barber Shop ............. jubilee Gospel Tabernacle ........ Iones Market ....,..............,,...... jones Seafood Market, Inc. ...., . jude, W. F. ............................ . Kinney Duplicator Co. ...... . Koritsky's ......................... Heart of Maine Flying Service, Inc ........... 95 106 116 117 118 115 114 114 85 87 90 93 96 99 104 1 17 1 18 120 115 100 120 102 109 108 110 91 92 95 87 98 99 116 117 120 116 115 100 86 112 103 119 120 119 118 99 111 104 Littlefield, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. Leonard's Grain Store ............,..., Lancey House ....,......,.,.........,.. Lewis Bros. .... . Levine s .....,........ Lemerise, Ed ........ Lakeview Dairy .........,. LaBarge, H. A., Dr. ,... . L-Hill Filling Station ......, Lewis, "Duffy" ...,...,.. Merrill, Urban, H. ..........,..,... . Morang, H. L. ....,..,..,,......,.....,... . Moosehead Woolen Mills, Inc. ,...., . Mitchell Insurance Agency ......,.. Medwed, P. E., Inc. .......,...,... . Merrifield, C. D., Co. Modem Engravers ....,.... Mark's Garage ...,.... Mace's Garage ............,..,... Moses, Adolph C. ,.., . .,....... .. Madeline's Beauty Shop .......... ...... Newport -Producers, Inc. .......,....,...,... . Newport Vifholesale Confectionery Co. .... . Nissen, John I., Baking Corp. ..,...,...., , Newport Bottling Works ....,....,... Newport Trust Co. .,............... . Newport Flying Service .,......,... O'Donnell Real Estate Agency ....... Pickwick Farms .......... , ............... . Pillsbury, W. S. 8: Sons ........,....., Pittsiield 'Coal 61 Lumber Co. ..... . Pie Plate, The ,...............,.......... Plymouth Woolen Mills ...,.... Pratt, Donald, Co. . ....,... .. Portland Flying Service... ..................,. .. Pittsfield Advertiser, Inc. ....,........,.,.. . Pine Tree Restaurant, The New, Inc.. Phil's Lunch .....................................,... Paul, John, Co. .,...,....................,..,....., . Ray's Garage r......... Rawding, I. G. A. ...., . Reynolds, E. M. .,........ . Russell's Garage ............... Ray's Electrical Service. ,,..... Rines Co. .......................... . 113 116 86 94 100 116 118 119 120 120 110 81 84 93 94 97 98 118 118 119 120 114 111 90 92 96 105 107 115 115 114 97 101 108 117 117 120 120 120 116 112 115 91 94 97 Rich, M. -F. ............ Ramsey 8: Gates Co. ..... . Rowe Home Fam1s ........ Smith, Keith .....,..... Stems ........,......,..,..,.... System Co. ......,............ . Smith, W. A. 81 Sons .....,.. Senior Class ,...........,... Sophomore Class ........ Staples, W. Henry ....,. Sawyer, William .............. Spiro's Shoe Hospital ......., Soper, L. B. .........,.,...., . Spears Clothing Co ......... Shorey's Luncheonette .... Spring Street Greenhouse Shapiro, Bill ..................., Simpson, Drs. .....,..... . Smith, W. H. ....,.,........ . Smith, .Byron H., Co. ..... . Smith, G. L. .......,...... ' ..... . St. Albans, General Store Salisbury's Market .......... Sheridan, Charles ............ '1'errill, D. D., Saw Go. .. Towne, Eugene ................ Tilton, W. L. ................. . United Stores .................. United 9c to 99c Stores .... Viner's Shoe Store .......... Whee1er's Esso Station .... X'Vhitney, W. E. ............. . W'ilson's Grocery .............. WABI ................................ Wight's Sporting Goods.. Woodie's Service Station Weymouth Dairy Farm .... Western Auto Store .......... Waterville Hardware 8: Plumbing Co W ebber's Dairy .............. Webster's General Store.. Wrig'ht's Stables .............. NVhite Star Laundry ........ Waterville Savings Bank.. Yankee Cafe .................... !!!!!!!!!! ... . . .. .............,....yy......AAfy.gfyy.f. ............ 4 Y 0 q 0 O 9 O O . 9 O O . o O 4 . o U O 4 O O o O O 0 0 !! sl!!! !! ff f !!!!!!!!!! !!!A!!!!V! !!!!!! e!! !! !! WA.. .fy.f.Af,ffp. ......... . !!! x x x x x x x x x x x 5 x x x x 5 x x x x x x x x V 5 THE LIVE WIRE I 81 1 - !7 4 !!'!7! !f!!4!! ' !!!!4! !!! Compliments of H L MORONG Home of Tested Motion Pictures Visit the Newport Playhouse i Regularly if !! !!! !! !!! !!!! ff! !! !!!!!!!1! ! !! ............................ ...AAAAf............. ...................- ... !!! 14 !!!!!!! !! !!! !!! !!!!!!! !! NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 82 1 if fbceeecewarcavewff 'M' W-a.A,w'wA'w2Vc QQ' cecccfu x Daw e.w,c.wccaw2rcce4w if fir F E ' 9-Y- fn O Z 5 9, :ki PE U3 gi ,Q wh! E E. mFu'f7E :. is ' S2 O -.gpfw-hx D A, CU :QU-Q ww-E., ff , is pq 20 vgggidgvwi T"- H' CD,-v ,O 7:7 cn Dwwlifi,-QUQ 39 12 g-D CD'-1-QCDCD mfg v-T, PI- F" -1 f'Y'VJUJ"153Uf-f-CA ,.,.. HU Q 4 M fn'-+-.O -J Zw 3, a- Qwa :f me r-1 CD ws. CD x 2 D 3 0 I 5- Q : fb L o 55 'U S' s s ik - . . . . . . . . . . - . . , . . . . . 1151. . .fyffpggfyfg . yyyffffyyf 0 ' 0 o o o O 0 O O 0 l A o o 0 9 O o 0 4 R 0 O 4 O 0 o o o O !!' !!!!! I! !!!!!!! Q, !!A6!5f5!!! KKK? THE LIVE WIRE I ss 1 -me V! Q, !!'! Q, !!!!!!! ! ! !7 af! VVhen In Newport Visit TAYI OR 81 ESTES FOR VARIETY MERCHANDISE THE F EDERATED I' OR DRY GOODS AND DRESSES In Dexter Visit The Ben Franklin Stores C. A. BARRETT, Prop. 2230 OQQQOV I Q !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! ..,fy........... ....... .. !V!!'!' '!'!!!!A!'!!!!!!!!!! !! NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL X l84l 0 ' Compliments of 0 S Moosehead Woolen Mills, Inc. CORINNA, MAINE J X X E E 3 X x SPORTING GOODS 3 . X 5 AND PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES s X X X X DAKINS SPORTING GOODS 3 S COMPANY X X X X X X , BANGOR - WATERVILLE 5 Ci X X VGQCCCTC833C6QQ0C3C3iCQ33Q336C66CC?CC6CC336Q6O306Q3C6C0QC3Q3?CQ: THE LIVE wma -+-K+ W i851 55 55 ,S 5 S545 5 -5 5 555 'V vs, vbvl s, w vsfvik, g 6 0 '11 if '-3 H U2 '11 P-4 F1 , F F U fi: Q 11 X 1 E - rs U: : -' 2 p-1 : TL O CD : 5 L K4 rg V-P. 5' 'R H5 2 rr P- 'U -- va 5 54. L A :r . 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Newport 197-4 01- Pittsfield 107-2 X X ' X X X Q X 1 X 3 X Y Y K Y S Y X A K 0 X . 5 W A B I 1 X X CBS in the Heart of Maine X I 910 KC 5000 Warts 3 X X Y Y Y Y Y Q X T X X Q X X 751 VQZVSXZX . 756134317 ' 'f!'f'f644f'4f' Z 'fff'f'A,A!'!7'X7 '!7'!74!'!7'f' THE LIVE WIRE a Q ? g C 'S :4 E - O' 5 Pl!! .Y ' O m 3 , 3 5 'B E 'QD 5 Q N f U1 v- , Q 51 if I , x : G KW 2 F' 5: , X L U? Q- Q R1 3 F' H IKJN L-rj 5 no 2 ' o A IT! F a IU v f- "' vw Z Z o ' F" CD H N S Z V xxx 0 : 3 Q H X ' U1 X' ff 1511 u-1 5 2 g if :Q 0 -1 H gf ga cu CU . fx ' - Q 5 P1 J' 2 2 2' . ET S Q ' Q: C ru cm mfg Q- g CU ' H xt :U 1 K v-5 v- rn H .., 3 ' "3 'N Q- so SD 3' F X 00 -3 f: x 5' 5- I 3 8 ff- 'U D, S Q X - H rn ,., sw X L- x L' 2 UQ 'S 'U V' 751 gf' 75 Q X 3 5 5' ff' 2 2 Q L ... Q o V3 5' K 2 , fm I ggi? -4 0 S Z 5 3 UQ ag? Z S m i 3 5' 'A X ' E51 5 :r as "' V3 3 5 o F m u-1. 3, be 3 2 K rn 'U '-3 Z 'U X ' DP 4 K4 x 'U H CD Q Q 3 B H : Q fu 5 x 5 Q - 4 5 B X 5' 0 3 3 Z O m E X Q4 F1 '-t Z 5 S rl W Z UQ Q Q 91 Z E? S Y NJ P1 cn 3 ex M Q NENVPORT HIGH SCHOOL E f ' l90l . X I Q C ,3 MAURICE J. FINESON 374 CENTER STREET BANGOR, MAINE 3 if Q TEL. 5745 Class Rings - Class Pins - Medals - Trophies and Awards Official jeweler to Newport High School Q K 1937 - 1948 Classes , Q Representing ' Loren Murchison and Co. 3 X Q Ready - When and VVhe1'e You Need Me 2 S General Contractors K ea Y Roads - Bridges 2 Y T E , J. R. CIAINCHETTE S No Eartli Moving -lol: Too Large or Too Small for Our Consideration S TEL. 1942 PITTSFIELD, MAINE E E 5 John J. Nissen Baking S - Compliments of Corp. BETSY Ross WHITE BREAD DOI-IERTY'S QEnriched with Vitamin BD Doughnuts - Cakes - Pastries Newport Maine 45 Columbia St. Ba11gO1', M9- 33 is n 1 Z5 2 ? 8 S 1 Q v X Q Q 5 QU S 2 Q Q 5 E 2 E' X Q E L5 E Q D' 4 ' cn O , S 2 I Q E W . 0 A W fb Q Q Q W 8 m N no , Q Q 7 ,U Q U1 W C-4 2 . A I U v --4 ' 'D 'U 'Q Cn U1 X N F11 l-4 ff- D' fc ST 4 T F' 5 fr UD 3 Q Q-3 2 " C 2 U: A ? Pi' K 'rn I xi- CID C fi. so vm P-4 0 Q X at P PQ , 5 rl Q Qi Q E- Q U2 Z A 2' 2, F ' - 3 S 2 Hs :D :F O 5' 5 Z C13 Q Q0 Q CD Q 3 r--I E Z 5 L 2 : V , Q-. :P gg 0 X S 2 S- r-4 F1 2' 3 FU Q Q 'P fb Q 5 fb 5. Q Q Q : I H 2 -,Q 2 Q UP Q Q 3- Z 1 Q W 'JU X . W -J Q Q 5 . P1 25. 5 3, 3 5 ... ' E 0 . G E Q 0 E C3 Q ' Z "' Z F1 FJ 'U ' Q 2 U 2 Q 5 Q E rrj O H Q Q 'U G Q S Q 'J b-1 X Q LE E 3 4 Q E G Q 1 . X Q Q Q Q Q Q EQ . , x 04' X THE LIVE WIRE NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL - -Af , X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 60 6 0 n X f NEWPORT BOTTLING WORKS "Get Kist for a Nickelv o ff 2" W E5 'f 5 H1 5: O gig 5 DU: F 3' 32 ? 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NEWPORT MAINE 9 9 Compliments of Compliments of l-Iome Restaurant Elm City Tobacco and "We Serve the Best of Foodv C0nfCCti011Cry CO, 49 Main St. Newport, Me. v 60 Q 55 Q 'Q tfiyix ypislw Waterville Maine Compliments of EASTLAND WOOLEN MILL COIIINNA, MAINE sk "s"A'5s'50s3Qs'A,"x7 " 'Jax "C?vsA' ' 'fifvv' 'Qui"4mWQ8i?603'm??AV44mwA44AA'A' C vi ff . . . . . . . .fy .AAA .fff.f.f.g .Af.AAfy,A . . ff!!! XXXZZAA ff wwf-Af-1-fwnnwf-Ann -f Q - - f - - - Q - NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL i96l ISIIAAAIVIIIIIVVV' V IIIIIIIIAIVI ' 'AAAAAII II IIIIIII !!I III 1IIII!II II IIIIVIIIIII II III II II I! Fernald's Nation -Wide Stores Everything for the Table 82 Main St., Newport 54 Main St., Pittsfield Tel. 191 Tel. 220 Compliments of Compliments of Banton Brothers William Sawyer Newport Nhiuc Newport Maine NEVS PORT TRUST COMPANY Imui nice Corporation O j i . 9 1 1 C Q I - I I 9 Q I . Member of Federal Deposit I . -1 U C . . I Q C I , . 9 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 9 ig IIII III I! II! III! . .................. ...Q.Afs................. I IIIII! 7' ' 'AIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII II !!I!!!I! ...... .. .f.AAAAf.fyy,f.................... II x x x x x x x X x x x x x x x X x x x x x Q X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X a X X X X IIIII! THE LIVE WIRE f f l97l ' 4 fvhffff' ' VV 'AWfWAAWfVV' V X . ' Comoliments of I C. D. Meirifield Co. 1 . , . S School and 'Office Supplies Wlght S Sportlng Goods E 23 Central Street Bangor 5-4 State Street Bangor E . X C l' 1 f . X Ymplmems 0 The Pie Plate Q Woodies Service Station Cas, Oil and General Repairing C' H' DUNLAP, PWD' ' K Tel- 153-2 Waterville Maine X X . Q Compliments of Compliments of E Rines Company Spirois Shoe Hospital E Graduation and Dinner Dresses 120 Main Street 5 Bangor Maine Bangor Maine X X t 5 5 P. 1. I-IOLT 5 Q Potatoes and Fertilizer X Q Groceries X E Plymouth Maine X K O X X X . X NEW STORE - NEW MERCHANDISE . X , ' X Latest style trends -- Same high standard quality. You ll Find jackets, Slacks, X X X Topcoats, Suits, Shoes and furnishings with just the right amount of dash X X X X and color. A X Q X A See us for your Athletic Equipment and Save Q X X Q L. B. SOPER 3 3 Clothing and Footwear ' O Q Fernald Block, Tel. 31 Newport, Maine S X . 3 S 5 5 K X - . WAAAAX' 33 ' NEXVPOHT HIGH SCHOOL i,iiiT,igt1i1I 98 1:16 W , - 3aXZxX'AXX7C3eQ ?2C Q 6 0 Cmnplimvnts of HIQEN7' L H, E, CQX SL SQN SERVICE STATIQN mi lliusfivld lim-Hnml Tyrlol Gus and Oil Q . Q ei ,xujglllfi Ivpyvpgrt XXHXIIIS, xlklilll' 5 5 'S Nl I ll K 1aA1e'l'1,E'r'1"S I. G. A. Y VVEYMQUTH MARKET lfnncy Croccrics and Nlvats A . . . X x Q Plymouth Xlaiuc Ham Shut Q Pittsfivld Maine 6 3 2 Q if 8 Q? 1 f af Q0 X Q' 3' 3: ii 9' O5 35 gg V Q S gf Sv a jr is f 1 I if 5, 'e 'Q S' if I S: it 1 ,V , , 272-"JCs5q?QfQ' 34535 sxQs"s'3s"'s?'7 QC s5?xxs' s'xxs CC Q53 S3484 ss 'Cf' C' 3 CC QQ s,'C'4'x's5's"s' 345C s'f4'fs5xx4'q'q',', x X THE LIVE WIRE I Y S P1 s--4 r? 0 ZA'-1-1 Tj. 54 F E 'Q 3? H mm :n 'JN ,J h-40 -1 SCD Q rn ,-QQ U' E E Sf-+ 5- SDD "fir-QSDS Q-,FD AJ 'fo' L-45'-1 'fx : ,. vnu I My 'f H 5 om: -1-16 W '-' 'Tl 1 -4 gms 2 CQ kfifc' C3 may Hg' gf ww- wac 2 De :1.E?wSE' E 'T' "" 73- :r-ff 591-'5f'g3v N Qc: Cv: CID D-Um P2 524 03:13 G Q-F ' 7' EEO VO 7 CQ CE C: -A 'LH 5 A Ei c E. QCD 2.0 E. ' G 5 : m : - : CD' ,U cn cn cn X :f K ' 0 O 3 CD o I-I Er Q- s-Q Z :O EQ 91-1 G 5' Cn 995 if F1 5 " 5"1 Q E Z : M "f,.. CD " Q :I 'U-eo " C: m M S ffm Q O 5 Q V' E D' Q- 5 ROOT C 'Ti PJ v-r-AZT P+ LT: FU 9 92-E' 55 Cn -'f :Tj Zzrw 97? D fl 5:30 CD o sb S: CDUQ'-r-A '-vs 1' Q- " CD 5 L-1 W O Z'-P an W O :DO ,:- 2 . '5""t FE cow cn Q 4, NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I ' a z 5 9 3 frm 5 Ka ga -. ,, ,g 43.3 '-:J ' : H9 55 E Z Q Q :':H FP. Q U35 if ' B :Q E 3' S Cn -- 'Tj 'Q 1 '11 N 'Z , C-I . 31 5 gi O C-' '32 I FU Q CUE' 1 39 231 3 5 SY g fl .95 iQ , " "1 E. c: "1 :HQ H :" ' S w G is 5 I .. fn O P 1 '-:J O F: E2 Q 9 v 53+ UD C' mm I1 lf. ' ' li O 1 9 5,-he Q 7 E 53 XE 3 mo O 3 .4 L X ' H 0 gn, 2' Q 5 9 C535 .. 2 so , ,110 D, W 5 , X ,-, E Z ar 2 Q LE P, O 21,3 Z la' 3 K1 W 1-4. gn, 'Q U: in 3 if I m H- Y -T W U ni "5 O 5 fb FQ H-1 H O 'Q' ' v-1 H cm 5 9 If CD UQ X f-H ff V' UQ O K o Q Q x m 7: ua V' f-v- : ' 9 F1 3' P' 5 "" S ' H 4 252 r 1 ff: as , "" Fm f- : Q X Y ,f Z O '1 5 51 Cn cn X fc 9."1 5 aa 3' 2X v D ITI P. 5- m fp m X su: U3 gg 2 if E-. X 5 x4 "' 1 agar- S. Q' w 5 O X cn Q X 'gg S , O Z cn QS X if E. 3 elm 2 2 S 2 ' 1' 5 THE LIVE WIRE ,,,,L,,.- ,, , ELO i" 'l101l 1 30Q0 44 +AAfw'VvQ ' S Q B. K. LOOK, Proprietor Telephone 32-13 3 Q Q S l 3 Cary Insurance Agency E S 5 I A Friendly Agency Representing You and the E Q S X Strongest Companies Q S X S NEWPORT MAINE Q Q S Q Q o ' Best Wishes of ' I 3 X Q W. C. Bryant 81 Sons, Inc. g Y S Eastern Maine,s Oldest and Finest jewelry Store -' XS Diamond Merchants for Three Generations ' I S 46 M-AIN STREET BANGOR, MAINE Q S Q o 1 Q 9 S Q B X X I I s X PLYMOUTH WOOLEN MILLS I Manufacturers of I S 2 Q WOOL BLANKETS ' S . Q Virgin Wool Buffalo Plaid Skirting E 3 I 5 5 X B X I X S NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL ' H021 X e E 2 Q O E o F "CJ F' to 3 :U T5 gg an Z D Q UD DP "" w v-g 'O .. Co ,D O., Z h-4 ru CD Q,-, rn G gs. Q E13 5, pq :T 5' mm 3 E JQQZUQFSD r ga ng gigama STG . Q HOCQ 5'fPe,'Q. HHS E123 w :WQSUU MCD- DU' 71 wmmwm UUCDP-9-' 553 gf-'E' F' . Gm 3 35'-' 932-C'Dm,L?: rn r'- KD.-v -a ,Amo 4 .n Q ..-.QU ,.,.4u,-gGf'f Tp-SA of-:qmg Pgdzgm in X 3 9 mf-P1 V: 5 G w PU on Q 53 S33 HS' e -2 SO 5 gp Sw g'g '-1 'C in UQ pq CD E SD FD H FD S rn rn D 5 K4 F ' Q 2 Z Z 3 E P1 Pa Z crm Fl M TIIE LIVE XVIRE eee eeeeeeeeee as P P ,P liosi L-, f f w ts, ii L 'Q sg X is l f Y X SS JUDISINS 81 GILMAN CO. X X , l Q Hardware - All Kinds ot Building Material Q Q X 0 Z Frigidaires - Conde Milking Machines - Cooling Tanks - Radios i 9 . Fairbanks-Morse Electric Pumps and Lighting Plants X X Q Plumbing and Heating - All Kinds of Coal X 3 X S NEVVPORT TEL. 67 MAINE X X X X X X X X X 0 X Compliments of X 3 BILL SHAPIRO S O x sf , P Hoodis Ice Cream - Candy - Cigarettes X Tobacco - Sandwiches X X E Q Cd ' Compliments of Q Canners - Quick Freezers - Dehydrators Plants V HARTLAND CORINNA 39v3Qfs AZZZQQQQQQ NEWPORT HIGH SCIIOOL L1041 ' 2? C 3069s, 0 VWAXQAAXVSAX q, 'AXVV AAAAAAAA! V .. ..... 1. 2 E 2 X B 3 Q 2 S E Q S E 3 S 2 . 'S X X XXX!!! QQ AnAAnnAAfw - wfwfwfwxwff 0 -fv- Pittsiield Truck 81 Farm Equipment International Harvester Products International Trucks Farm Supplies Phone 117-2 H.'A. CROSSfMAN, Mgr. Compliments of John and Luella Farnham Compliments of Drs. Charles and Sarah Simpson Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons NIEVVPORT, MAINE Congratulations to the Class of 1947 Koritsky's Dept. Store Clothes for Graduation DEXTER MAINE THE LIVE WIRE f f X S X S X UU no Q D' O C s 5 5 5 Sv 4 -1 'Qu Fr 5 5 5 5 F1 Q 5.4 ' X as ' ., ix W cn S. S 5 '1' A S U Q 53 X' rn CD x - 'U rm I X 2 0 H I S if W 5 Q3 E: U F1 S - be 5 '-S 4 -- g Z Q "5 1 L5 Q. 3 Q 9 E x fc he +3 E. 2 H 2? I 5 2 5- fm D- f- Q. Z a Q '51 3 I-4 1 g L11 S3 gb E 9 Y ' f-2 H' F1 ' W H X I-1 S f' I -4 F ' Q 2 rv 2 Sf in Q w S ' -4 Q Sf - U1 F o X U' 3 -sg 5 Z .- ri rw 3 O 5 po Q X O xg u D O D- K X H, Q A U3 N2 I CD K X U1 H' "' 5 Q' '-:J 3 Y X O B H5 A . gg K XX 0 0' Us 5 '94 0 Q Q 3 ' af as 'U Z C Q f Z xg Cn m '-1 V' """' ' Y E rn E 75 rs C C S S 5 ,Q g- 4 Q B UD Q 3 he "A :S H E11 X . O fs 2 '-' 5 ET Q Q 73 cn. : C5 3 K X W Q rl' In ' UQ ' Q 3 2 5 Z Z Y p Q' P X 2 5 Z cz Q . pq F11 . S X E X X fffffv-fvw V-Af-fwffvvw NEXVPORT HIGH SCIIOOL ' l106l -. L gs. 6323 w ,QQ "VV C 3 QQOs Compliments of Dr. .l. F. Dyer UOPTOMETRISTH NEWPORT MAINE The Prescription Pharmacy Barrows 81 Barrows "BOB" MEIRROW, Prop. NEWPORT MAINE Telephone - Store 41 - Residence 29-2 Compliments of WEBBER's DAIRY 9 Pastenrizecl Milk and Cream VVATERVILLE MAINE EMERY - BROWN CO. DEPARTMENT STORE A Store VVitl1 a Long Record of DEPENDABLE QUALITY Better Styles - Honest Values WATERVILLE MAINE 830 ?Q 86 'V ' ' A 5 'Q 324343 ff!! ff ff' 0 e ' 0 0 0 0 A MAAAAAAAXVFAAAXVVVWXM Q ' ' Q ' ' f 0 ff Affffff X s-, 9 THE LIVE WIRE DuPont Paints - Farmal Tractors Farm Machines 3 a X X v 5 PU +G Q E I S e E O E . fn 4 Z E E 5' P1 5 P1 5 C 5 s 5 'Q ' W X W 0 W C S C O a n-4 In CD 32 2 o ' U 9 2 C-1 Us Ei Z E 75 E4 ' Q H S? D' E 7. PH 5' I P Cn FD H1 Q 9 K 5 Z C H1 H H 'U - E S H 2 S E ' E 93- E 'S Q Q 3 ' T. C' H w Cn r O T UD S 3 , 5 vw f-+- H- rv P X I-I X fu H 7' U F1 D' 5- an 7 Q , Z , U cn - X X' F1 P. S va cn 'D E3 'Q K X 5 cn P1 0 '14 7 Fr O P il-4 'S 3 73 : CD O L- . Q m E 3, 'H CD ' o 559 Q P3 Q 9 4 G K1 J I 3 E. Q UQ 2 X 5 . FD M Q x UQ 53 2 5 S F1 O he 5 Q4 Q o Y -1 ' Q Z S0 51 X ' 0 H X 3 :D sr V K B ,.. , Q X z S 4 . m Q Q F1 . K Q S K X Q X NEWTORT HKHISCHOOL I1081 VWXV' 77444 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Donald Pratt Co. 4f'f"!VvV Diamond Merchants and jewelers 18 HAMMOND ST. BANGOR, MAINE fbhfh V5 ' 'Aff 46f'fVVv' X Abbie's Esso Station ust Received New Tires Telephone 8370 X ff!!! f!f!ff!!f'!fff'f!f'ff!ff, ff! A16 DEXTER MAINE Bangor Furniture Co Complete House Furnishers 84-88 HAMMOND STREET BANGOR MAINE Heart of Malne Flylng Servlce, Inc 4? Student Inst1uct1on C A A FhghtExam1ner DEXTER AIRPORT DEXTER 'VIAINE 5' ff!!! ff!!! X fffffff X ff 5 ff!!! XXXXXZXXXXX X!!! 3 XXV!! X77 ff fgfffffffff . H4 8QKXV999008Q4Mi9990906Q!N90066QWN990G606QRINU900000QQNIIMOOO0O0illll0O00O0ilNiOO0Of Y , O . D . , , 0 . O O . Q 5 P X , O . D O . 5 ' m v-4 o eq 4 5' ' 5 X , -2 ' o' O 3-1 , . m Q ' H1 Q- f? X un - m O ,1- Q U3 U N U n E I . CL O O CD - 2 . 4 D E - . a O . . , . 6 9 O O O o .. V ' X O O . . 4 O O O O O . .......... ............... ...... . .. .... . . .. . . .. . . ff ffffffffff 5 fffffffffffffffffffff THE LIVE WIRE ff! fzfczx-coz-an-awe , . . I S X 21 Z? 2 x ' E L- 3' Q :L 5. c: 522 S cc as 7 ,.. X F' F 55' 5 S Q ' ii I P1 A S UP " Q z rn ' P1 ,ami ' 5 E' f Q P7 ag F Q. f- 'fi S '-3 E : 29,3 U is E' ' 2:32 P5 ' Q F wok w asf ,U 53, gc 5 ,I gag U2 fda: w-UCD OO C P 0. OT' C 'ff 7 v-5 3 L-my my :Ir 1:7 D-CID U, fb UD -A .- 3 '9 A H 7' ET: W7 -s 'O 'DFEEN -1"' 5' O --Q.V9 sz P-13 H 9-s gg" ftp 2 30,3 05-E-Qmg 25.94 gn-'35, 5-go-sw' , mm ... . Egger-4 QPSEEHF'-:'IE, gm :egg-.CEE-li-. F4 Em ' GQ-I ":cDU"r-Hg O cn F1 K r- -. F, I v n-g 39 '-' S3095 55553292 -9555522 Zn--CEE :gg ,FEE S2235 haf- 'EOEPD' EO 25' 9320 Ugamesg 3 img? S 5 .-.- Hy: cn Q H, v-15 fn o 152 f 57 A-Cn -2.0 C-D m P1 QUE Z5 C "Qc-r W :Q A gg Q, ,-. G r-r : 2 53 Q 3-Q U B 2591 3 2,5 "' if 5 Z fum ..3 'U E rn g 3'-53 cn U, V1 O 3 Q ,U vi gsm "' 5? CI r O vw: Si if Q U1 '4 W 14 cu E11 7 -1 Z -5 : ,.3 FZ E' Z CD H rn NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL ff I X V 1 Q 5 E 2 2 ' 'E 3 E 3 3 P-u : CQ ' O SD H X 'JU r-g C11 Q Q C "'3 "1 Q S 3 W 14 C Q 5 Q 31 r D 4 S m ' Fr' 3 S Z T" Ei '5' G CD Q 3 in 'D O Q.. X m n-1 97 ' ri' X ' :7 D' 14- Ni 3 Z E CU hs Og' Q 3, Q H 5 sg M Q H 5 Q 5 g 5 :V W U, o B X 5 '- PU 3 7 Q Q- jf, ' ,4 S ' H S G' A EZ +11 : -U Q NO S? S FU Q CD O G ,-4 .- - 5 C o n-1 '-H ' H2 '5 o e-r 2 Q 'H T' 7 G' 5 Q :' '5-' A E7 UQ :n Cn , Q ' ' 0,2 A FD - "' K F 3 r- C O 5. U fn' 9- F5 Q 5 2 "J E. O , 5 Z 53 S v :D rv :D 3 P14 P14 2 2 3 v rn rn g 5 S B XVVVVVQAAXWX' VVWXMA 7 9 AAAAAAAXGM XAXMAAAX ' THE LIVE WIRE ' fllllf ' The New Atlantic Restaurant Excellent Food XVell Served ' Q, 66 MAIN STREET BANGOR, MAINE T. D. MOURKAS, Mgr. Tel. 8810 or 9129 9 J. P. Bryson 81 Sons 0 Clearview Farms - North Newport Q Cream, Milk, Long Lumber, Pulp, Posts, Ties, Bean Poles Buyers and Shippers of Potatoes and Dry Beans TEL. 18-22 COBINNA, MAINE 0 9 3 Y Compliments of i Newport Wholesale Confectionery Co. PALMER D. TEDESCO Q LM ----- 9 Mimeograph Headquarters i The System Co. Kinney , Worn ff Duplicator Co. el S Q Fine Apparel if Bangor Maine 98 Main Street Bangor Supplies for All Makes Qvs 5li8N3q5S1fV5Ql'QQfV5' Q,QS6! f S 5 S x 3 S x x x x S x 5 3 3 x x 3 x x i Qs ff ffffffff . . WA. ....f.f..f.Ap.......... f 'Vfff ff! af NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I1121 5 'AMX-XV! 'X-febAXVMXVWfehbfehhhIV'Afffv5fVV'AAfVVVsf'!fAfVV!A V! - ' ' 'AAA 'Af'ffAAAAAAA!V'bf'A6hf'X'AAI-Af'f'!'f' 'f'6AAf6!'A!'4, ff CALL RAWDINGS I - G - A for Quality Foods at Lowest Possible Prices WE Deliver NEWPORT Tel. 100 MAINE JONES' INN Typifying Maine in Food, Atmosphere and Hospitality NEWPORT MAINE Corinna Insurance Agency H. Il. I-INMM, Mgr. Tel. 62 CORINNA MAINE Wheeler's ESSO Station Atlas Batteries and Recharge Specialized Lubrication QQ' I I X X I I I I I I I X I I I I 5 S 3 I I I 3 I I I I I I X I I I I I I Y 9 :See "The Bight Place for the Right Service For the Right People" MAIN STREET NEWPORT, MAINE THE LIVE WIRE I 1131 'M' A" s For better grades And better sight, A student's need is lots of light. For washing, knitting And baking pies, XX!!!!XX!XX!XX! For working, bowling And reading the paper, Dad finds good light a real eye-saver fRedldll5 !!!X ........ .. ....-.. ......... mygnnfwfsnf,A.................... Compliments of AN DY l S DAIRY !!!X!XX!5 X! Milk and Cream For Clean, Rich Milk Call 34-I3 Newport, Maine 'VX X! 2 ffxffffx fffvffff V 9 0 9 9 "Head to Toe Outfitters for the Entire Farnilyv FGX Naturally - You'll Find It At S T E R N ' S XVaterville - Skowhegan : - I A-fytdgsr, I Good light's the thing to save Mom's eyes. Ritek . 'Ktllcwatt YDLIR ELECTRICAL EERVANT Mr. and Mrs. Newel D. Littleneld School Street Newport Maine Compliments of gl GINN, Inc. Bangor, Maine Dial Bangor 5608 'S X ! XXX!! ' X! XX! X!!XX!X!!af XXX!!! ...ffm .fnfnfmnffffffffngnfyy.f....-.... .................. X !!! NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL H141 1 2 E 0 9 x Q 5 Y 5 S x x Q Q Y x ii 5 S x 5 x X X X! XXXXVAX '5 X .. ... . ... -. AA,sAAAf,Afw4 .Y. .. . .... XX XXXXV 514 X! XWXV XX XWXXXAXXXXS ex X! ....... ..AffAAf.f...,s,c ... ... XX X!X!XX V. .A Compliments of Compliments of Newport Producers, Inc. DODGE CLCTHES B-B Feeds 89 Main St. Bangor Newport Maine Pi'ftS5C1d Viner's Shoe Store Loal SL Lumber Co. Footwear Building Materials C011 - Lumber For All the Family Telephone 34-2 51 Pickering Sq. Bangor, Me Main St. Pittsfield, Me. , KEITH N. SMITH HILLACRE FARM - NO. NEWPORT Potatoes - Fertilizer FRATI 85 Pickering Square Bangor, Maine Main Street Pittsfield , Q?QO34"v'"'AWQANVm" 304" 'V W 4 THE LIVE VVIRE Dfw 1, 1 115 1 429022 3s?3" ffffffx Raymond Crane l3TOCkW21y'S VVatch and Clock Flower Shoppe Repajl-ing Floral Arrangements y Corsages Telephone 47-2 15 Central Street Pittsfield Rd. Newport, Me. Bangor Mame Compliments of Goode Shoppe L' Fltts Tune Shop Coats - Dresses - Millincry PITOUC 119-4 Phone 185-2 Pittsfield Maine Piliglicld Mum W. S. Pillsbury 251 Sons E. M. Reynolds Waterville, Maine Auto PM-ts John Deere Farm Maeliinery Tel, 62-4 DeLaval Milkers, Separators Nl-Wpnrt X1 um PICKWICK FARMS T. S. Burch Sz Son Pittsfield, Maine Compliments of Merton Davis Chicks and Eggs Newport Maine 'fhe Studio Compliments of jewelers 3 Photograpliers ' . 1 Gilt Shop Imperial Roller Rink Ask lor Special Class Rates - ' Dexter Tel. 91 Maine Coziinna Mime W. E. WHITNEY 8: SON Jewelers for Over Fifty Years Telephone 131-2 Mill St. Newport Maine 7 fffffffvf ' AAAXSAAAX' WAAAAXMXMAAAA 'AAAAAAAAA !9AAAAAA 'V ff! NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I 1161 Y Q, QQ MAAXWAAAAA ' fhhfffhfff ' ff!! Compliments of LEONARD'S GRAIN STORE PITTSFIELD, MAINE Rayis Garage G. L. Smith General Repairs and Welding U. S. Royal Tires and Tubes General Store NC'WD'UYf Maiffe Plymouth Mraine WilS011'S Grocery Websteris General Store GEO. WILSON, Prop. Groceries Tel. 153-13 Dry Goods East Newport Maine Palmyra Maine Compliments of Compliments of I William Burton B , anson at C0 Clothing and Footwear Piitgfiglrl Maine Hartland Maine G H Hanson Compliments of I' G. A' Store St. Albans General Store St. Albans MMDB St- Albans Maine Al Birdis Gulf Station Salisburyis Market H A , The Quality Market Cmmml Mdme VVestern Meats - Fresh Seafoods Tel, 37-12 Dexter ' Maine Dairy and Poultry Feeds Compliments of Eastern Maine Grain Co. Ed Lemerise Corinna Maine Newport Maine QAAAAXQAXM -AAAAAAXYAAAXVVSAXWAAXQAXWAXO v2 WAXWXVWXM VWAAAAXYVVVV TIIE LIVE WIRE ffffffffff ff ffffffffffffffffffff X ................................nfyffnfyvsfffnfwfyym.. .............................,...., 0 fXff!!!fffffffffffffffffffff ff I1171 FLY! l PORTLAND FLYING SERVICE Flight Instruction Under G. I. Bill of Rights Special Courses - Special Bates For Students PITTSFIELD - PORTLAND MAINE We Specialize in SCHOOL PRINTING PITTSFIELD ADVERTISER, Inc. PITTSFIELD Write for Prices MAINE EASTMAN - KELLEHER CO. Pontiac Sales and Service BANGOR and ELLSWORTH Compliments of Compliments of White Star Laundry 81 W1'Ight,S Stables Dry Cleallel-S Pittsfield Miaine Hubbard,s Garage Ford's Ienney Service Pontiac Sales ' Servlce Tires - Tubes - Batteries Parts Pittsfield Maine Newport Maine 'AXVVVWAXW ' 'AAAAAXWA ' A AAAXXXMA 9 S l l I x x S x x l l I r l S S x x l S x x aff ff .....fAffAAf.AAAA. .....-... ff!!! 5 fffffffffsf XV ........yy,x.AApAAAAf. ......... ffffffff NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL 0 I: 118 l . "" WAAAAXM Q AAAAAXW X Y Y Y . , . . Y Y C0mPl1m'entS Of Emerys Taxi Service Q Lakeview Dairy ' Q . l Tel. 164 K S Raw and Pasteurizccl Milk Q Ngyvljryrt Maine Anywhere Anyti-me Y Y Y Y Y Y Q Compliments of Compliments of Y Y . Q DI. T. S. Clefflellt Ma1'kS Clafage Q Y Dentist I Y E Newport Maine I Newport Maine Y I Y Y Y Y Y Q Jones Seafood Market, Inc. Comphments of ' 49 P7-k -' is . Bt , M . . Y i IL Cllllg q Q 'lllgof C K Y "VVh0n you think ol Seafood think Y Q ,, Newport Maine Q S of Jones S Y Y E Compliments of Mace 3 Gg11'ag9 S Y 1 Repairing of all Ill-8.k8S of cars-Exide 0 Q B0 We Batteries, Aicetylene and Electric Weld- Y Q ing, Auto Painting and Tire Repairing Q Y Newport Maine 68 Elm St., Newport, Tel. 89-8 Y Q Y Y Y Y Y g For Service, Dependability and Quality E call ' x Y Y Dexter Drug Stores, Inc. 5 Y . . Y Y 118 Main St., Waterville, Me. Y 2 Clinton Avenue, Winslow, Me. Y . Y Y Telephones-Waterville 2095, Winslow 363 Nite Calls 2294 Y Y Y Y Y X . Q I Fairneld Creamery Company S Q Y FAIRFIELD, MAINE Y Dairy Products Whole - Retail Home of Pine Cone Ice Cream Y Y Y ' yvffvvvwnn vwfwf-fwnnnn -Annnnfw THE LIVE WIRE ll19le K 2 . 2 Q Put Your Savings in a JOHCS7 Market 2 Mutual Savings Bank Quality Meats S K . Y . . Q Waterville Savings Bank Fish and oi-0061-ies X Y X S . . . . 3 Q Waterville, Maine Corinna Tel. 41 Maine Q ' i ' S X . S E Q X Boyd 8L Noyes, Inc. 2 g Dial 4887 5 X Iewelers and Diamond Merchants . Q 5 Clarion Stove Supply Co. Q X 25 Hammond St. Q Q 213 Exchange St. Bangor, Maine Q Dial 2-0183 Bangor, Me. 3 ' B S Q V . g S Q Compliments of Compliments of 5' Y N S ' . 3 Q Dr. H. A. LaBarge W. L. Tilton 3 S S Q Dexter Maine Pool and Bowling Q X S X X Compliments of ComP1iU1'9f1fS 'Of B X S , Q Adolph G. Moses, D. M. D. Iacksons Barber Shop X . Q Newport Maine Mill Su-get Newport, Me' Q i 9 Q Compliinents of R N G C . , 'unse ates 0. 2 Charles Sheridan L y C Q Furniture and Funeral Service Q State Fish and Game Warden S Dexter, Maine Q Newport Maine 3 Rowe Home Farms X Compliments of Q Jersey Cream S Dexter Bakery . Milk K N cw port Maine e M 'Q NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL I120l fffffffff 'AXWXZAXVWAAXWXVVVSAAAAf-XVVVV! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 0 WXMA 69 wwnfwn Annwnnnfvvwnnnnfvnn vwfv IVWAAAXWX - Q vvwnnnf -rw , cz9,2" Compliments of Compliments of L-I-Iill Filling The New Pine Tree Station Restaurant, Inc. Groceries - Ice Cream 114 Main Street Soda - Gulf Gas Bangor Maine Try us once - Youill Compliments of Come Again Phil,s Lunch ' 1 Madellne S Dexter Maine Beauty Shop o Compliments of 364 Main St. D Burrill Hardware Co. Dexter Maine , , , A Corinna Maine JUBILEE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 25 Mill Street Newport Services: Sunday, 8 P. M. - 7:30 P. M. - Thursday, 7:30 P. M. Pastor, Rev. Rinaldo McLeod The Hillcks Coil C0 Comrplimcnts of Heating Fuel 101112113331 CO' o rers 11 Central Sf- Bi1Hg01' 55 Pickering Sq. Bangor, Me. Plumbing - Heating - Refrigeration Compliments of R. M. Flagg Co. United 9c to 990 Stores 35-37 Franklin Street Visit our Basement Bangor Maine ljexter Maine Gibson Radio Service C0m1'1ime1fS0f Newport DUHY Lewis Tel. 15:2-ll 45 Highland Ave. Palmyra, Me. ffl!!-X' ...............AAAAAAAAAW,g,4.-.. ff!! ff ff ff Q S x x E Y x X l X t Q S t Q X i x Q 3 x X 9 5 i 5 l x X 5 X 3 3 5 S THE LIVE WIRE e E121 lr 'AXAAXVWAAAX' ' 'Af' fffffffffff XXAXXXXXXX X!! 'fffflff X ffffffff X X ff ff fv"! X 'f,f. I-IUSSON CCLLEGE Formerly Bangor Maine School of Commerce 157 Park Street, Bangor, Me. Free Catalog Tuition S60 quarterly C. H. Husson President No Solicitors Employed Our AdVCTtlSCfS made this issue of the Lwe Wire posslble Please QHITODIZC them an pe. . 6466 7Zew,wzz 52 746 14:54:42 20 .leavin punt 3 X X X X X X X X X 3 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XXQIWXVJX' 'X 0517777 X ffffffffff fffffvffff. I fflfifff ff X. . ' . 0 0 o J R Q Q Q o ' Q 0 0 , u o o 0 o ' I Q o Q 4 0 o o o o , yysAAAff.....-... ...... ....-.........-. .... ... x X x x X x X S x ? X x X x x x x X Q X gig ' N, x ,XX X - i I .CLASS one Farewell to each' onel ohr time , l Now' has ,eome P l To bid you all a fond adieug ' For friends so true. H i You'll always,,beQ innmemory , ' I 'Thfough yers of toil and victoryi W'e'll leave with a ismi1eQ M P Q The thingsaso worthwhile. And thank our teachers once again. . f We'll find ,pathways "secure, Thoogh studies are O,S1f - ln the classroomsaol old Newport Goodbye l-.l'Olll us all, f High ff We'll take up the call. i'Mf"'-te title to To find ounplace in futore years, Midst smiles and tears. ' We leave with ybuQ our teachers true, , That you may learn the Fhestvto dog Our school will he here,k with each passing year. I although welre leaving it hehind. 'X So 5 farewell too you all, A X l Q t a We've'-heard the last ball, ' ' That' echoes from old'Newport High. ' ' ' jean Firinemore Hadley E. Snuth 'Mele iw

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