Newport High School - Bruin Yearbook (Newport, WA)

 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1952 volume:

THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 THE BRUIN .... Wh 'fm NEWPQRT HIGH scHooL Newpor+ Washmgion P 1 : xi ' ' 51:1 'V - , . Q I ' 'I 1 ,ix , J .- V , W - iw . N I E xr f A HN" ' 1 Qs. M5 f 1 i .A A 5 5. . . , .V i V . O I Faculfy I ASTON P 1 nv Mo W W LYNDLE MOORE Supermfemderf of Newport h I WALLACE MOORE B Ch T pI no Boy OU r+eI're CAVINESS B If Ib C 1 h wk ach BIO' G ence m A JI J er XJ MRS ALTA ROBINSON Lbran m JOHN SEYMOUR TOCIIJHII Cowch A I B koib II CC I1 Bom ech To Coach EI Tory Jmf C Advw r ERIEDA EOTEI Comwmer I GI E Jer: as Ao Or r O Ov 0 Am MRS MARGUERITE CORKILL I'Icmc E mm E e I'f'w'1 CIQ 5 1 vsor EI-IA Adv WALTER LINDIVIAINI Agr uliure ETA Aaw or Sew CI Aow or DE POCK IVI hem I M ch mc I D m C S v or Pep Cmb Aovr o EIATTIE BOYLE Emch I1 S13 7 I r PIERCE Sycpch English ram II ac T e rv A v S mor C11 Aovusor Dedlcahon e The Senor Ca I QSQ I G Q QOJ CLI V99 Mr WWII Lhh rw LYINIAI E -- fIwi4pEI. D' ef's Tralirg, l-1,Ifs'r7f51 FQ. . A ' I ' SQ .o:,s, I I ' 'T' ' ' - awe, Qrug, rr e I , I 5 e. . BGB - f 152 'nw O12 , Aisfjkawf EO IIJJI Cswih, Buzobla CO , ' , e1ercISci , Bo I5 P. E., Erciln Q' Cops d Er' 1 U .YN I I LeH I Ao-mor. . A I '43 . XA',.I 1 f , zslfafw as f ha 'GC , 'mcg Co , VQIQ ' , I5 , I 'or Iafa EO. MISS - I cle, We R. ., 'H hcmcfe C' 5 I vis , Oi Is Cb. A' Ye r, Annual 'son . .. - -I Cfiwfi -5, 'SI E. S ACI I , Vicf. HARVEY LOWAWcod2hop. Machhe Shop, Junior CIQSS Advlsor. . , . . , . f 1: , - 2, , ,Icr diff 5 . CLY - at aa ics, e 5 Qwihq, Scph: . we Iae Ac Ts , I 'S r. MRS. ' -- JE . Wcmish, GM: Iy GF?-wIf Adffo . ROY Y 3 4 , . ' , D aa 'cz Cofgh, h sph, d Mor e ' cfs I A . f I NV , ' I I 55 o I , GIG gf ai pIeasL.'-V 5' dedi ming Ihg :'mJaII If Iwo Ta-II,y adviefgre Mm Roy ,ifie X' ,N L I"mIvfar'w, f.'IW1i hwc JLIQCI Us in rv1nI'rwQ ff 'Ur If 'vc-1' "3 ng,f1'I W:- " 1' IQ'L,.I'1i-Q 1 Jef. i ig ,'Y 1-,-1 ,IRS rf f' - fi .. ,I Il1,TTT,T D- Xxx Qia- i.u.,', ' -, Y ,. S Class Hnsfory On a SepTember clay rn l94O nune members oT The currenT gradu aTung class enTered The NewporT School Tor The Trrsf Tsme Mrss Sapp was The Teacher who TaughT us our T1rsT readrng Davrd STrayer Allen Davaz Jum Henley Jack BerTz Lonna Jones Laura Pearce Lourse Mc lnTrsh Hedy GreTener and Hazel Mules were among ThaT happy group ln The second grade The group was lorned by MarTha Wallace and Alvrn STrange wrTh Mass Hayley Teachung We had our TrrsT worry ThaT year when we were exposed To arrThmeTrc ThaT wouldn T soak rn In The Thrrd grade we learned our mulTrplrcaTron Tables and had Tun playrng RhyThm Band rnsTrumenTs under Mrss Taylors durechon Mrs Jones was our TourTh grade Teacher There we learned qulTe a brT abouT scrence geography and hrsTory which made us Teel we had grown up qurTe a blT New members who loaned us ThaT year were Anna Lou Turner BeTTy Olson and Maynard Funden ln The TlTTh grade wrTh The same sTudenTs we never knew who Mrs Johnson was gorng To send To The cloak room nexT Tor musbehavrng As srxTh graders we were on The Top Tloor someThrng we had looked Torward To Tor a long Tume and had a loT oT Tun wrTh Mrss Cowen Dck Geaudreau Iorned us ThaT year Tor a whale We had a large class rn The sevenTh grade so They drvuded our group wrTh Mrs Nelson and Mrs Magee as our Teachers New class maTes ThaT year were James Baker and Gladys Rrch rdson ln The erghTh grade we had Tour dTTerenT Teachers Mrs Nelson Mrs Wncks Mrs MlTchell and our TursT man Teacher durmg grade school Mr Chapman Wrlma Wrllner and Lowell SelT gorned us We had Tun aT The prcnrc The lasT day oT school aT Beaver Valley especnally when many oT us goT pushed an The creek wlTh our cloThes on and we decrded To go swrmmrng Tor a whrle Graduahon day Tound us nervous and excnTed all decked ouT rn our new cloThes were qurTe red Taced abouT 1T durrng The Tame The mrghTy sensors Took over rnrTraT1on Those sTudenTs iounrng us here were Jack Payne Perol KuboTa Lorene PaTTerson Helge Dahlen Dorss Brovn Tom Bohn Lynn Walker Lors Mull WrlburTa Hokanson and Paul Fo Ter Duck Geaudreau loaned us agarn aTTer berng away Tor Two years We had our TrrsT brg dance whrch was qurTe a success Our Sophomore year was very successTul especrally when TT came To makung punch Tor The WesTern dance We worked hard our Junior year wrTh many sTudres and also our mosT rmporTanT dance oT The yea The Jun or Prom The Theme we prcked was Snow WhrTe The gurls worked on The Table decorahons lnTTle plasTer oT Paras dwarTs whrle The boys decoraTed The gym We had a good TurnouT and a wonderful Trme New members were Alex Boyle Wayne Thrasher and Barbara Ovens Our Sensor year has been very excrhng and busy Our Senror Ball was held on December 8 l95l WrlourTa Hokanson was ueen Wayne Thrasher Krng Loulse MclnTosh and Laura Pearce Pruncesse Alrce Grb bons Iorn cl us Th s year The S n o play Take Ca oT My LrTTle r was grven an March BaccalaureaTe servrces on Sunday May I8 and commencernenT exercises on May 23 broughT our school days rn NewporT To a close . I l Q u I F Finally The big day came when we enTered High School. MosT oT us . . I . -I I - Q I- - "le ll 7 . e,Er . re J' ' Gil" Senlor Achvlhes F1 rs'I' Row LAURA PEARCE Sludenl Body Secrelary Treasurer 4 Class Vxce Pres: denl 3 Annual Sfall 4 Pep Club 4 Sensor Bal Princess 4 JACK BERTZ Class Sfudenl Councnl Represenlahve 4 Thespuans 4 Knnd Lady 3 Where 'the Dear Anlelope Play 4 Band I Q34 Annual Slall 2 l-In Times Slall Q 34 Edllor 34 Debale 4 Take Care ol My Lnllle Glrl 4 Asslslanl Dlreclor Second Row LOIS MULL Chorus Q34 Triple Tno 34 Meel Arnzona Q Jun or Revue 4 LOUISE McINTOSH Pep Club 34 Fl-IA I Q3 Secrelary Q Girls Club S C Represenlahve 4 Chorus 3 Annual Slall 4 Malorefles I Gsrls Alhlehc Award Q Sensor Ball Pruncess 4 Drnll Team Q ALICE GIBBONS Transferred from Cusuclc Washlnqlon 4 JI MHENLEY Class Presndenf 3 Vice Presldenl 4 Thesp ans 34 Represenlahve 4 M Plrn Passes By 3 Talce Care of My Lnllle Gnrl 4 Junior Revue Q Band I Q 3 4 Chorus 4 Third Row PAUL FOSTER Class Preszdenl I 3 SC Represenlahve Q Leller N Club 2 3 4 Presndenl' 4 S C Represenfahve 9 3 Thesplans 34 vue Q 4 I-In Tlrnes Slalf 3 Foolball I 2 3 4 Baslcelball I Q 3 4 Soll Tra GLADYS RICHARDSON Pep Club 3 4 S C Represenlahve 4 Chorus 9 4 Meel Aruzona 2 I"IlT1meS Slall 9 3 Annual Slall Q 3 4 FHA 3 Girls Club Secrefary 3 BETTY OLSON Class Presldenl 4 Pep Club 34 FI-IA I Chorus Q Meel Arizona 9 Thesplans 3 4 Where 'rhe Dear Anlelope Play lm asses Talce Care o I e ell' e Sllver Cord 4 Annu l Slall 4 I-In Tlrnes Slall 4 Debale 4 LORENE PATTERSON Class Treasurer 4 Annual Slall 4 Pep Club 4 Four-H1 Row WAYNE THRASHER Transferred from Cusuclc 3 Lelfer N Club 4 Foolball 4 Boxnng 3 Traclc 34 Sensor Ball Klng 4 FEROL KUBOTA Class Secrelary Q 4 Treasurer 3 S C Represenlahve 9 Pep Club 9 3 4 Vnce Presndenl 4 FHA 2 3 Chorus 3 Drnll Team 2 Cheerleader 4 . It . . 1 ' I I - .- - . . 2 ' ' . 1 I' ' I' : i - ' 1 ' - ' : I . 1 SC. ' 1 " r. ' " I " ' "Meal Arizona" Q: Chorus I.,2:3,4: Boys' Ouarlel lI,P,3,4q Junior Re: ball I,lQgI -Ck I,2.3,4. ' l ' ' ' ' ' I ' I 4: "Mr P' P ' By" 3: 'I ' ' r My um sl' 41 'Inq we T T19 Q i Y' Q 'Vx L if' Q., Qs -9--A as ,4 Q9 - Chg' I i--.7 ' 1 C' 'T JL QL IP Senior AcIiviIies DICK GEAUDREAU FA I Q 3 4 PresroIerI 4 EooIoeI I 2 3 4 I3 eb II BARBARA OVENS Cr s Se reIary3 SC RepresenIaIrye 4 ChordIe-ers 4 The omrws 4 Where Ihe Dear ArwI pe Play 4 I-Ir Trmes SIHII 4 Ah ual EdrIor 4 Per: CIub 4 Deo Ie 4 Tram Ierred Irom Red mord Qregon 3 Second Row ALVIN STRANGE FFA I 2 3 4 H EL MILES EI-IA I23 T ea urer Q SC R p Irv 3 P p CIub 3 4 Chorus 3 TrrpI Trro 3 Drrl Team 2 Grrls AIhIeIrc Awe d Q Tnesprams 4 Tak Care oI My LrIIIe Curl 4 DORIS BROWN Choru 4 -In Times SIIII 4 JAMES BAKER Thesprah 4 Where Ihe Dear ArrIeIcoe PT y 4 Chorus aI e Thlrd Row LAURA RICHARDS Tr 'IsIerred Irom We I VaIIey Q EI-'A Q3 Vee Pres cerrI 3 ChoraIeers 4 Lrbrarrarr 4 MARTHA WALLACE GrrIs C ub V ce P e de I3 Choru Q 3 4 yIeeI rz F5 Trrpe Trro 4 Junror Revue Q 4 I-IA I Lrbrarre The pre s 4 Take Care I My LIIIIe G I 4 De-oaIe 4 ANNA LOU TURNER Arru I SIQII 4 Chorus 9 IWeeI Frrz he L NNA JONES CIa S Cr I ry I SC Repre PHI Irve Q Vrce Pr r e ro e reI r rea e eIe 4 u Four+h Row WILBURTA I-ICKANSON CIass Se r Iwry I Q Tre urer Vrce Pre: 'I 3 I-IA I Q3 P SC Reore e fe Rep Cub 4 re er r uo r s ew Pm P W e Ire Deer e e PIay 4 Ch r re rro rrhu 1 I I 4 G r' AIhIeIrc Aw J cr Rewue Q 4 Che B I yu er' 4 V 'ea r DAVID STRAYER Barre I Q 3 4 Choru 3 Che s CIub 9 F oIb I 4 -E L, , 1 ' 1 1 I I , ,,, 1 as a 4. . F 'Z TM C, .1 C 1 . wr! . ' i AZ - , , , r s , , . e reserve' e 1 e 1 1 1 I .e ' 1 AI 1 I I 1 ' r - 1 ' s , 1 5 I 1 1 3,41 EQOIID 1I Q1 I3asebeII 41 ITaI4 Care OI My LfIIIe GErIII 4. W ' I I - r s? rw 1 s , , 1 I. Ar'o.I Q1 I I I 213.1 I ' ,1E 1 ' A5141 s I O , I' f 5 A IrI' 1 I . - .1 5 r 1 L1 I 1. .' o 'I Q. O - ss e e e . . . s,. 5 ' , ' f esi- deQI Q1 Chorus 31 I Khd LadyI 3, IIVVhere Ihe Dear AnIeIope PIey' 41 Jrflc R CI C ss S C 5 y-T fsurer 41 D ID 1 Sef IeI:rIerI. e- C e 1 , , as Q, ' - sl de1I 1 E , , , re57CIer1I 3. .C. 1 s rrIaIEX Q1 I 23, , Sec I y-Treaiure 41 GIrIs CI I P e id 1I 41 Thespiahs 4, 'IMr. Y asses I3yI, AssIsIahI DTre2Ior 3, II her I1 A'I - Iop 1 I' 1 orus 41 T Ip' T ' 41A 1 al SIQII 41 HI-Times S QI 1 fs' ' ard IZ' uri . ' , 1 1 erIeeder 3,41 Sefor e-I A e 1 1 51 IILIQ Senior ACTIVITIES Frrsi' Row LYNN WALKER FFA 4 ALLEN DAVAZ rwbsrr 34 Baske rs rr 34 Lelfe N crab 34 TOM BOLIN Class Presrdeml Q Secrelary 3 Thesprarws 34 Pres denl 4 Kmd Lady 3 Where The Dear Anlelope Play Slage Manager Mr Prm Passes By 3 Take Care of My Lrlfle Grrl Slage Manager 4 The Srlver Cord 4 Chorus T34 Boys uarlel 4 l-lr rme Slaff 3 Debale 4 Foolball 234 Traclc 3 Baseball 4 Lefler N Club 34 Secrelary 4 Second Row HEDY GRETENER Class Vrce Presrdenl Q Pep Club 9 3 4 Presrderrr 4 FHA T9 Thesprans 34 Secrelary 4 Whal a Lrfe Q Chorus 4 Trrple Trro 4 l-lr Times Slaff 4 Grrls Alhlelrc Award Q Jumor Revue 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Debale 4 JACK PAYNE FFA Q WILMA WILLNER Chorus 34 Pep Club 34 Third Row HELGE DAHLEN Chorus 34 LOWELL SELF Jumor Revue 4 ALEX BOYLE Thesprahs 4 Talce Care of My L He G rl 4 Foolball 4 Lel er N Club 4 M v 4 f F 7 I 2, ugyuvj ON' 0 . O I - r 2 T 5 . I r l ' , . - ' . Q ' . . 5 1 . . .. :H ,, 4: I .. . ,, I I I Z . Q I .-T. S I I . . . Z . 1 4 I . . - 1 ' -4 . I ,. K y V. I : + ., -, ' rs ' 4 , ,, 1 , 4, ., xv W3 fa: '- ! '1WP"4' 4 52' .J fl- ff . . FAQ 5-fffg' '. ' ,..,- ,g'?3D. I .49 5 wJ W Bana- 1 if E5 07" f? 13' lm 42,35 'EW Mx. '!""A an ,. 7'3" :V V , .- .,,,, I , ffznfxxg, 1 V V Jw ' i vs? X! 'if ,,, Senior Class WIII We lhe Senror Class of I959 berng ol unsound mrnd and rr poor heallh due lo schoolwork do hereby beguealh lhe lollowrng I Hecly Grelener wrll my cheer leadlng rob and my lamou school sp r I lo June Rusho I Anna Lou Turner wall my Englrsh grades lo Ann Sowder and Helen E g I Laura Rrchards leave my place rn shorlhand class lo my srsler Do a We Lols Mull and Doris Brown leave our good grades lo Denny Lrlhgow I Marlha Wallace will my grace and charm 'ro lhe Sophomore g rls I Tom Bolm wrll my flashy shrrls lo Jack Burge on I Wilma Wrllner wrll my drrvrng abrlrly lo Gary Akers I Jimmy Henley wrll my hol rod Io Bob Taylor Be carelul Bob We Alex Boyle David Slrayer and Wayne Thrasher w II our robs a ser vrce slalron allendanls lo Joanne Schell Nana Qscarson and Da Ie e Olson Maynard Funden wrll my prn up gurls lo Jerry Roberls Allen Davaz wrll my wrde grrn lo Leona Bergen Belly Olson wrll my old mard roles lo Phyllrs Brrllarn Duck Geaudreau wrll my FFA posrlron lo Frank Rusho Lowell Self w I my wrld hwrr lo lvl ke O Brren Hazel Mules wrll my alhlelrc wbrlrly lo Lcwrs Verl Lonna Jones wall my lhespran pornls lo Ann Allan Ferol Kubola leave my place on lhe Honor Roll lo Jrm Hodges Louise Mclnlosh wrll my rob as pop corn maker al lhe crnema lo Con re Bennell r I PII e s Jack Berlz wrll my rob as edrlor ol Ihe Grrzzly Growls lo anyone who lhrnks he can gel rl oul on lame Torchy Hokanson wrll my loo ol washrng lowel Io Coach Cav ne Jac Payne wrll my seal on bus No 6 and all Ihe chewrng gum o h bollom ol ll lo Mary Jane Frease Bobby Ovens wnl my rob as ed lo ol The Bra. n lo Mrs Folh as does all The work anyway Paul Fosler wlll my srze I3 shoes lo Alberl Barnell rn hopes lhal Ire w wrll grow rnlo 'Ihem Gladys Richardson wrll nolhrng I nobody bec use I heed every+h g I ave Barbara Lmcoln wrll my lub ary rob lo Arnold Goodell srnce he alway wanl lo be I The Ir rary Laura Pearce wrl my prrnces c ow lo Sharon Ba on Alice Gibbons wrll my abrlrly lo graduale m d lerm lo BIII Worley Lorene Pallerson wrll my recerol' book Io nexl ye class +re urer James Baker w I' my place al Ile pr g p ng lable lo Belly John on I Helge Dahlen wrll my way wrlh rhe grrls lo Glern Pearce . I . I . I l I. . . ' ' ' s IE v . . . Q I . ' . ' ' , nn , . . . , . . . I . I . .r ,. . S . , . . r I I l II ' II 4 I . . . ' . . I ' S' - ' ' I I ' . r 1 I' I . r. . i ,, . l I, , ' ' ' . II i . r. . ,. . , . . I, , il ' cl I I A . I! . I , . C .. X . .. I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' . ly . I . . - . Q. We, Lynn Walker and Alvin Slrange, will our abilily in woodshop Io Lau- Iz 'I r. II . . . . . I, , ' ' ' ' 2 I Cs. I, lc , ' . . ' n I e I, , " ' I r W, ' s , she I, , ' ' 'I I ill II . I . . O I 6 Y 4 in h , I, ' , ' ' r ' '. 1 ' s s 'n 'b . I, , 'I ' s r rs ' c . I. . . ' .V .. I W .. l I, , ' 'X . are as . I, , E. . r 'n - o , s .. I I .I A ' l ' ' Prophecy The Year 1970 HeIIo CenIraI qrve me rnIorn'IaIlon InIorr'naIIon7 Couo you Ie nne II Anna Lou Turner IS IIII workrng Ihere7 Yes she rs JusI a mornenI and I wIII conneCI you Anna Lou as IhaI reaIy you7 Thus IS Lonna Jones Pernernbe me7 Why Lonha whaI are you dorrg NewporI7 I Came bwck Io Iook up some old Irrends and ouI oI a hunch I oe c ded Io Iry Ihe Ielephone oIIIce I dronI know II you d sI be here IIIe aII Ihese years How are you Anna Lou7 Im Ine and now Im head over I e qrrIs 1IIhc swrI hooard ard I Io do Ihe book work Are you sIrII wrIh Ihe CuvII Se-rvrce Lonn 7 ve Ioured aI un e wor a w a was a aw as I Came rnIo Iovsn 1bouI Cook s MounIarn Skr Re orI7 Lynn Walker ow s -I d operaIes II You remember hm donI y u7 He employes Wrlma Wlllner an Hazel Mules as sk: rnsI ucIor he Ihey re preIIy good I beI you canI Imagine who I saw IIoe oIher day Anna Lou II was Wayne Thrasher I saw hum In Mexrco He s workrho Ior some Mex can busrness Irrm e always w s qooo rr Spanrsh S y Lonna dd y u Inear b u Ferol KuboIa7 She was Chee Ie oer ID hrqh school nd coIeqe nd W her Iwrn daughIers are Iead ng Ihe NewporI Grrzzly Cubs IF yeIIs You know Arna Lou Ihe Iur' reI Ih ng happened Ihe oIher day BrookIyn Dodgers and her Ieam hasn I IosI a qarne In I4 years She sand she saw Bobby Ovens Ihe oIher day Bobby rs a WAC and cl rms she saw Ihe worId Ihrouqh a porI hoIe or heavens sake' WeII I ave sorne sIarI ng new Ioo nm en ey has Iaken ove hrs IaIhers Iousrness H hw a srde ne I o H h s a dance band and he C IIs Ihern Ihe Merryrnakers e spe kr g oI rrfusrc na ou w en s rm saw Alice Grbbons She has a record hop The y Ihere was havrng a soe aI on Paul FosIers reco ds OI years Q I Ih nk o e oI Ihem was On Top oI OId Smokey Drd you know Lonnw IhaI Louise McInIosh IS runnnnq Ior Pro e cuhnq AIIorney oI Pend OreIIIe CounIy7 AI o Alvin Sfrange IS Ihe Ag rr uIIure PxgenI Ior Ih s counI They are boI dor q preIIy weII see haI Barbara Lnncon I u eIy h ppy c' h Ceu dPxIenc She I h pp Iy rnarrred und her husba y rhI Ih Iak Ior ou I rd She sard she ww Laura Richards Ihe oI r d y I CoIvIIIe and L urs he Ihe cuIesI NnveIIy Shop Ihe e II . . . . Ny, I . . C. . .I .I . E . . A V V II I I- ' c I' In I . I C C a ' aI - I , I I I I I C V II I I I I ' h I 4 - I Q I I I ' a s - . I I I I I I a. II IIYes, I I aro d Ih Id, S y. h I IhfI SIQ1 I Si I ' C X I I S . I .I . . I I n en . I o . I I d I I I ' r s. I ard a . IIH a I II I . a , I o I a o I . r- I3 I I I ., a I aI ro I I , s I . I saw Hed GreIener In Brookl n, and uess whaI! She mana es Ihe Y I y Q U Q A . I aI II: I . ho , I' 3, . JI H I I I -I . e Cs I II. o . e a a .I IIW II a IF I I I Arm L I h I wa In Con ecIIiuI I f I ' . s S . da I was she , I I QI' ' r a o. I n II I , c, I n I I S - IC I . I I h In , .I II I 'I I If Is S r a . I saw her Ihe Iher day IIC, r -. Is II I- I ' nd hasa a, on e e I 'ICI Iues. I I se I he 3 C I ' G Q LS J ' - Prophecy CONTINUED Well speaklng oT berng happrly marrred Mr and Mrs Eddy Ha macher Mrs Hamacher rs The Tormer Be'Hy Olson you know are lrvmg on a Tarm and Thenr son Eddy Jr ns only a Ereshman and he made The TooTball Team Anna Lou drd you hear abouT Jlm Baker? He IS a guard aT AIcaTraz and he as Tryrng To work up To Warden Imagine' NoT really' Well Lonna Duck Geaudreau us Chref oT Pohce aT Blanchard and he has The n1cesT Irrfle Town Anna when I was IH France I saw MarTha Wallace She rs workrng rn a haT shop and Taking srngung lessons She sand ThaT Helge Dahlln Teachnng Enghsh IH Norway I also saw Jack Payne H rs rn The Arr Force Says hes going To make IT hrs career Say Lonna I saw ID The Dalkena Darly News ThaT Allen Davaz as home vrsrTrng I read ThaT he rs a Torergn news correspondenT OT course you knew ThaT Jack BerTz rs edrTor oT The Dalkena Dauly News LasT week he TeaTured a sTory on David STrayer He IS our RepresenTaTuve aT Olym pra I saw Laura Pearce rn Pullman Anna She rs a house moTher aT sand she heard Trom Mrs Herb Verr The Tormer Lorene PaTTerson Lorene and her husband are luvung rn Colorado on a horse ranch Lonna drd you know ThaT Dorrs Brown and Loas Mull have a nursery school here and aT MeTahne7 Lowell Self our local carpenTer has a con TracT To buuld Them one IH Cusnck and lone Well Torchy Hokanson surely drd well She has her own Televrsnon show and Maynard Funden announces IT She always was good aT danclng Lonna drd you hear abouT Tom Bohn and Alex BoyIe7 They are sclenTusTs aT The Hydrogen planT rn Rrchland Well They always were good In physrcs and ChemrsTry Oh by The way I saw Mrs Duck Bshop IH Spokane She rs The Tormer Gladys Rach ardson you know She and her hu band operaTe The Evergreen TheaTers rn Spokane Yes I know Lonna I noTuce ThaT oh my' I have been so busy Talkmg over old Tmes ThaT I dndnT noTrce ThaT someone has been Trylng To geT me ld love To go on and on buT my swrTchboard calls me Well Thanks Anna Tor Talksng over old Tame IT really has been Tun I hope ThaT all oT The graduaTes ol 52 have The besT oT luck nn The TuTure Good bye . l - 1 . ' . 4 . Q . . . Q . e . . . Willmer Hall. She said her girls are The 'besT in The wesT I' She also , . s Jumor Class Frrsl row lell lo rrghl Lewrs Verl Fhrll p Sell Denny Lrrhgaw Dale Geaudreau Arvrn Ockerl Gary Akers Ann Sowder Helen Eng Geral dune Wrnkel Barbara Mene r Second row Mr Seymour Sherrre Jones Paulrne Brown Leona Bergen Darlene Ol on Mary Frease Glorra Sprague Arlene Jacobsen Joanne Schell Delores Cheneverl Nrna Oscarson Pnyllrs Brrllarn Sh rley Bower Belly Lou Johnson 'lhrrd row Mr Low Belly Pallerson Laurrlz Pullers Darrell Ran dolph Jerry Roberls Gene Taylor Clrllord Henke Glenn Pearce Mrre OBrren Gerald Coy Thelberl Hand Jrmmy l-'odges Jack Burgeson Sharon Bacon Fourlh row Frank Rusho Phyllrs Fun en Connre Bennell Do na Rchards Bud Slusser Bob Taylor Eugene Barley Jrm Geary Nerl Hen derson Le Roy Davre Fred Van Wrnkle Ann Allan Lrly Ann Errckson Don Krrchgasler Sophomore Class Frrsl row lell lo rrghl Lewrs Carn Bob Kanrkeberg Roger Zckler Alan Myers Marran France Gladys Bell Lors Sanburn Berlha Srnner Second row Mr Pock Tom Sullon Brll Hulrng Kerlh Meacham Dave Melrn Vernon Mallow Franklrn Monk John Krogh Marlrn Barlon Thrrd row Rulh Carllon Janel Cheneverl Luella Bower Ed lh Barley Noreen Fabrrque Jackre Bell Geraldrne Tu ner Donna Kollord Joyce Henderson Joyce Krehbrel Belly Hollz Bonnre Funk Cynlhra Baker Palsy Mrghl Fourlh row Alvrn Coy Joe Hooper Harvey Slrange Pal O Brren Donald Hreberl Bull Grosso Jerry 7rerdl Raymond Wrrghl Jewell Own bey B uce McLaren Don Graham Slan Pederson Drck Cooke Freshman Class Frrsl row lell lo rrghl Shrrley Mrghl Gladys Grbbons Aldene Jones Ann Slrayer Palsy Proclor Mrldred Grllord Edna Gregg Joella MacArlhur LaVerne M kkel on Carol Proclor Second row Camrlle Chrysler Palrrcra Loson Peggy Barlon Ba bara Blocker Alrce Kubola June Ru ho Clrllord Jores Carl Holrnberg Rrchard Olrn Mrke Wohld John Srllon Alberl Barnell Thrrd row Arlene Tay or Sandra Anderson Shrrley Capellen Della Whealon Louella Lear Barbara Yonck Naoma Barncll Beverly Lozar Darlene Ferron Lorna Osca on Jan lle O kerl LaV rne Mrlls Fourlh row Jrm Wrllner Merrrll Waller Ted Clark Jess Morse Harold Rusho Jerry Shrere Ed Allan Orland Slone Delberl Davre Wayne Grllord George Chaney Duane Randolph Drck Wrnkel . . . I C. . , . . . . -r r . . r . . . . , I I l I l ' I 1 . ' 6 . ' , n r . . r . . I . I . . I . I 5 I I I I . I l ' I Sluarl Bacon, Richard Jackson, Miss Folh. ' 1 . . . I r 1 . r V- . I I 'A I I I ' ' l I I . l P 4 , I s , . 2 ' , ' ' ., r- . ' . s . A I . . ' I I I I I I I I I , rs , e , c . e ' , D142 :Jo FoorbaH C Oppc1cw+ Thvy Baske+baH We Tn 1 C X OpooweN Q PW '.. Cxx W H' , f I I' - V- H , if If f- . 3 rf .1 A 5. ,L , 'Q . . c fi . - 1 cr - , . . 4, CQi?w.f w ' , V i r .,-V 1 -3 'ea ,:,' ,N 1 N . , 1' 'H : lf: 3 " X -' " ' Q , ' ':f":' lp I .. xi : . , Y I-"1' V' ' " Op rworfs X A -Ms W4 T . ' Q , ., -1 .g 5, 1- V, - .1 . , 4 . A .Q rv-, , 1 , , .1 V , ' , , .' .Ll f' H I I , ,j, ,1 . A 1 W ,I ,r 4. . '- ' 237' "1 CQ. V ' u I Foo+ball Squad row l ll rrglfl Tommy Bolrn Le Roy Davre ex Boye Piul Fosfer Bud Slua er Jlmmy Joe Sea y Arvrn Oclcerl Second row Jack Burgeson Jrm Hodges Bob Taylor Dclc Geau dreau Glenn Pear e Allen Davaz Cllflord Henlre Coach Seymour llwrr row Carl Holmberq Jum W lner La Verne lvllls Dayrd S+rayer Donald H elder Fred Van Wrnkle Bruce McLaren Donald Krrclw ga ler Baskefball Team Arvrn Oclcerl Jaclc Burgeson Lewrs Carn Second row Glenn Pearce Nell Henderson Paul Fosler Jrmmy Geary Jrmmy Henley Mrlce OBrren lvlr Seymour Nor rn prclure Coaclw Cavrness B S'rrmg Frrsl row lell lo rrglwl Lewls Carn Gary Alrer Dale Geaudreau P clw d Jaclrson Punlcy Mrlls Second row Clllod Jones Donald Hreberl Jes Mcrse Prnlcy Ownbey Bruce McLaren Coaclw Seymour 2924 In Fuel ,e To ' r: . ', ',fXl l, 2 , ' , , E A ' d : . ' V Il , l , ' Flrsl row, lell lo rlglnlz Clifford Jones. Don Kirclwqasler, Bob Taylor, ll ll 0 U ,Ou xg. Gp, A 9 H G0 Opponenk Bomng SCORES They asebaH 1952 SCHEDULE I952 Track I L 6 Da+e U ' . f'-I 'Am I l ft .V Ptw, ,.'. V I' I .V X 2'M 4',-"N'nyW f v,'- MYR. ff, P fH.vwxf - w 5 1 4" 'fl' ', WL", i3!"gf 1 N 3' 'Y " auf " 7.'-13 XS' MY ' ,' ' " A' '-V- fp- C WHw'Ul KW AH' Qffi f U'r,qMw VJ'HUv Q'w ," w': f' g' , L .?, ," F' QW, Q'Ju'g Pf'-A 4 .' 7 '.,-' wx Fl' QfB'Emm VVS . Q-ff 9- - fWW'H .. , 4 Q , if S ,4- .H 1 , M ,,j M- . V ,, I ' " 7" "ii , ,, . U 'f . -- "1 3' . v,f ,,,D g , qu-M .b .f- I ' H '-1' fb' ,V-w VV'NiQVf'H iQff1' U fU,' wan Ag WMV: L 11 ' : ', .'yf: ' gg'L, C -'f- f'!iNfU .g Nc: ' -' r Fr -.' E f,,, P M' ', f"'N' f"g ,. 'f ' I.- lv 'ff"' V f.X.J1 i -N ,.1 ',,.:, J f Cf"'1 X! f, U cj i ,V- a- 6,7 , ' -, 'f Boxing Squad Firsl row, lell lo righl: Bob Kanikeberq, Sluarl Bacon, Leroy Davie, Raymond Wr'ghl, Franlclin lvlonlc, Richard Olin, John Sillon, Coach Seymour, Second row, lell lo righl: Alvin Coy, Lowell Sell' Pal O'Brier', Cli- lord l-lenlce Jlrn l-lodges Jim Wlll e Ma n Barron John Krogh Mlm Wohld N l in p lure Slan Lobdell Gene Taylor LeHer N Club irs lei? 'ro righl C rl l-lolmo rg Donald Krrchgasler om B in Punlcy lvllls Second row lell lo righl Aryan Oclcerl Bill Grosso Allan Davaz Jim l-lodoes C llord l-l nlce D vd Slr yer Jalc Burgeson Coah Seymour Nor r piclure Coach Caviness Baseball Squad Henoerso Av Oclcel Glenn Pe rce Second row Mrlce OBrien Alex Boyle Cleo Dodge Tcm Bo n Bob Taylor Da ryl Zallca Diclc Geaudreau Gary Alcers Third row Jim Willner Bril Worley l.aVerne lvl Ils Bob Slra sund Jewell Ownbey Don l-liebe-rl Joe Geary Jerry Shiere James Balmer Rirhnrd Jackson Avin Coy Coach Cayiness Nol in p Clifford Jone Jess M e , l , , , ' '.n r, rli ,, ,, i e o ' ic 3 , . Il ll F' lrow, ' : a le , ' , T , ol' , I . ' J ., lli e l, a I ad, c I , cl i A : ' . Firsl row, lelf To riqhl: Phillip Sell, Jaclc Burgeson, Sian Lobdell, Neil , . n, r ir' r , 5 . Q ' l ' , , , , X cli , . : . . I ., I I I 6, H I n l I - ' I I I ' ' iclcre: ' , ors . Hugh SpoTs 5epTember 14 CounTy l3ooTball Merry-Go-Round Q1 Seniors Welcome ParTy Tor Frosh OcTober 19 Prosh ReTurn Dance November Novemb r 9 G l Club Dance lo NJT ral Assembly Program 16 The plan Play Where The Dear AnTelope Pray December e a 1? Nahonal Assembly Program 14 CounTy Ba lceTb1ll Merry Go Round February 15 STarT oT CounTy B3slceTball 1ournamenT March Soohomore Dance 4 Seno Play lalce Care oT My Lrflle G rl 8 8eaTTle Chow Program 1 Pep Club Dan e Nahonal A sembly Program Aprr Junror Revue CounTy Mr or 8porTs -l'ourramenT Qpenrng oT Baseball Season Jurwor Prom Sorrng Musr ConcerT May 1OBa d Carnryal A Hr P The Srlvr or 18 Bac alaureaTe Q3 Graduahon STuclenT Council The 5TuderrT Coun rl rs composed oT The 5TuderT Body oTTrce and rep ese TaT ve Trom all classes and clubs TU The school The 5TudenT Body oTTrcers a e The he os OT The Coun rl wh ch s unde The gu ance oT The prrncrpal Al STuder'T Body balls musT be approved by The Ccu cal beTore mea ures belore They are presehTed To The sTude T body Paper STaTT TIN Grrzzly G owls oT NewoorT l-Trgh School Torm rly lcrfown a The rme ad Ta w r num ee eg Teen Th year TU udwg c erTz and A n 5 wder is co cdTors uno M lfe O Br sr T e T r T TT d coed To have Th parser publr heo every Trree we h e d oT efery TNQ and To Try To we a larger y reTy oT a T aTTre y w The gro a v Irs' f ro, 8 S nor B ll 7 A 1 2 f , " ' r " I I . Q c Q6 ' s 'l 4 . 5 V' . 15 ' Q5 f 30 1 1 'Q rs lll- all ray, . ' Q c as 'T Mfg s'. 5, sr ,Q sa T paymenT ls auThorIzed. lT also malces new laws and pazees on mosT Hrr' 12,11 5 Arr was ls f a TTY Tye: A 'Jgr B ,. I' o,,4 .--?,,1Q,'E 'lenasxsors dlo. lheza e" C e is T' elrs 1rsT X ' . T he Q ar' rT'cle:. Mrs. T-To A Ba le as ups d Ezor. Annual Slalf Flrsl row lell lo r'ghl: lvliss Folh Laura Pearce, Lorene Pallerson Gladys Richardson Barbara Ovens Ann Sowder Belly Johnson Barbara lvlenear Belly Olson. Second row' Louise Mclnlosh, Anna Lou Turner, 'lorcly l-lokanson Gary Akers lvlrke O Brren Darlene Ol on Joanne Schell Grizzly Growls Slall Frrsl row le-ll lo rrghl Barbara Ovens Darlene Olson Dons Brown Ann Sowder l-lelen Eng Sharon Bacon Joanne Schell Nrna Oscarson Belly Lou Johnson Barbara Menear Belly Olson Second row Gary Akers Mrs Boyle lvlarlha Wallace Laura Rrch ards lvlrke OBrnen Jack Berlz Dale Geaudreau Paula Bacon l-ledy Grelener Torchy Hokanson Pep Club Fnrsl row lell lo rrghl Ferol Kubola Wrlma Wrllner Lourse lvlc lnlosh Gladys Bell Maruan France Second row Shrrley Bower Belly Pallerson Lorene Pallerson Belly l-lolsl Gerald he Turner Bobbre Ovens Gladys Rrchardson Laura Pearce Belly Olson Mr Pock Thrrd row l-lazel lvlrles Phyllrs Brrllarn Gloria Sprague l-ledy Grel ever Torchy l-lokan on Connie Bennell Phyllis Funden Darlene Olson Fnrsl row lell lo rughl John Krogh Brll l'lulung Gere Barley Dor Graham Dck Geaudreau Roger Zrckler lvlr Lnndrnan Second row John Srllon Lewrs Verl Brll Cooke Dave Melrn Joe Hooper l-larvey Slrange Laurulz Prllers Denny Lrlhgow Mrke Wohld Duck Wrnkel Thur rofv Bob anrkeoerg M r l Walk r Ayn C y Gene Taylor Don l-l eberl Jerry Coy l-la old Ru ho Ray Wrrghl Slan Pederson Ed ward All n fxlv n Slr rge Lynn Walke helberl l-lan . r , . , l ' ' rS . . ll - ll Sharon Bacon, Nina Oscarson, Bonnie Funk. F. Fo A he , 1 , ' , . ' . f I 1 I B. l 1 l . 'd r: lf" ,er7? le, ll o, , 7 , , 7 S , ' ' . . - a , E a . If ' r, T d. 1. Q new f 0,63 ,Af OGG O ne ,.. :sqm . -'i ' n any MOHAQAQ Of' 1 I -.. QI F' 3 I Q ' fl w af.1+f' JW- ' r 'E- Triple Trio 1 VON 1 H en mg Fl row Mr ee W P1 He me Chorus 4r on emrrw Kfheenvi :O cbffle u rr oo r Brown Hedy Ge rw Terr V' U fs' ffri U QV m ber pH Pe ee aw F ef ar X Nw Band 4G rr e P e Dm Jr JN fm erqin L G Fr D r P fwdolr M au C O Af Q P e C r e J me LQ ff Her er mer M Ur J eff Cx e Q rv r e 1 V K D JP? 'rmHe y Xl S Ffrr riw, lef? fo MQW: Lcf, MLN, Sim: Bron, Hcify Gfrferre RMB CUHUC, el- E . Seie : . M1 re, Pfmha Barr, LIU Aww Er' I-fer, TJTQWV VVa nie, Tut y lm ,em Fire? IQQVV, fe'H 'ghrz Hel-- Z q, fa ' e1d'qX,Bo' X rf m Lok M U. Se-et d row: Mr. M re, D015 X , f fe er, , ,ry He M 5 . Laura Ridmrds, Prda Bacon Sa rd K A 1S ,cn. Trfrii !'fWI Je . es B51 ,D5zfreU Rancfeiw, ' :rj Dfr'erw, J, Bzyfc Perf Feder, Jim HerWey, Tom Bah, ljly Ann Ericjffrv, M, 'Ha Nt Ice. Fifi? ww, left . 'qrh Markm Frome, Cyrwfrmid Bfmfcr, B-fry PJLJC' fm C2746 Bemdt Berfrn Siiner, Bennie Fmk. June Ruxrwe. GW xriyi Bef! Seized raw: Mr. Meme, " Md Devnz, R-Lbeff Prod' , De5 be-fume Leer B, 1 , e 'SH a rell ww, , P' 'Tne Brcwn, lgabc Cmwfyc Erie: GHQJ,Ne1d'FeM5f'cv1, Kdlef- Trfi raw: Led--r Sfemi' EQU Kanireb f3, Dcfffei Mirleez, Dv rf MJ' C5235 Bev' Cahn 'f N - d ,ew Ve ff! Jr, Ln Ti VY? Dave! ffffrrr, Kd-we Janet. L-We Cffw, Dfgdlnf EIJZN:-TJ' Geflriie V!RWe'. Feufilw ew: Brue, Mr Lfzref, Jayco Krer-bill, Nm Wye", Sfwwflri Pfffereer, Duffel? Cf, Hee, Fran? 91410, Jffyie 'ieiiefff Jiri? Bed: 3'?f i1":'d2, Q 'Je , Dail rriayef, Edvfwrf FJ111'1. Thespuans El sl' row lell' 'ro nghl Belly John on Ann Sowder Torchy Holcan son Tommy Bolrn Jlm Henley Hedy Grefener Barbara Menear Second row M Prerce James Balcer Lrly Ann Ernclcson Paul Fosler Ja lc Berlz Barbara Ove s Sharon Bacon Belly Olson Where 'rhe Dear Anielope Play Ersl row lelf lo rxghl Belly Johnson Ann Sowder Lonna Jones Ann Allan Mr Pnerce Lily Ann Ernclc on Barbara Menear Rulh Carlron Belly Olson Second row Helen Eng James Baker Torchy Holcanson Jack Bur geson Jerry Zlerdl' Jaclc Berfz Tommy Bohn Sandra Anderson Sharon Bacon Barbara Ovens Errsr row lell lo rnghl Be+l'y Johnson Naomi Clumpner Nlna Os carson Barbara Menear Belly Olson Helen Eng Second row Ann Sowder Barbara Blocker Joanne Schell Hazel lvl les Cynlhua Balcer Shurley Bower Rulh Carlfon Thnrd row Ann Hamacher James Bwlcer Jaclc Burgeson Jaclc Berlz lex Boyle J nn Henley Tom Bolln Marlha Wallace Sandra Anderson M Plerce 45 A' . "Take Care Of My LiH'le Girl" A Q' k iz' ,N l , U ' Q , I . . I, FN - Ann Drama The Tl play oT The yea was a hree acT com dy Vfhe e The Dear Ar1Tel pe Play preserTTed by The Thesprarws wrTh an a hgh ca T M Rey Perce drrecTeo Thrs p y wh h was pre er1Ted on Nofember T7 Thrs comedy cormce med 1 collece gurl eTTorTs To ccrwm e her pwrehl Th3T Thelr hou e hould be re de or Ted and showed The co Tl T beTweerx progresslve youTh and Tradrhonal Qld age Thrs play was very well re ceryed by a large auoremce md me Ted The Thespm s a mce p oTT e ewror cla play wTh an all hugh ca T oT TwehTy Tuoe Ts wa pr erTec OF Ma ch T4 alre Care oT My LTTle G rl Told The sTory oT a q rl who lome a oll ge sororrTy Th s pl y wa a Type OT mlld swhre o college sororr e The eT used Tor Th s plwy w one oT The be T efer seeh on NewporT Tage and The play was wel recelv d lay The Sryer C d wa p eserwTed on Jlay Th wrTh c s v e Th se rm The c T were Arm S wder Sha on Bacon BeTTy Ol on Tom Bolm ahd Ja rc Burgesorw The as r TarT drrecTor was The pluy rs a Three 1cT comedy drama 1bouT Two som Torn beTweer1 lo Tor Therr moTher and ThnT Tor Therr wTe and 1 rw e The NewporT l-I ch Scho l T e ouarm Troupe 57? was or orhwTed rr' The qoTl947urTdr ors po lvl ucue we r eeh urder The qurda El worTh and Mr Roy Pre e a ecre am row ocra or aruza lon w o e rs TurTlre The dramah acTrvrTy IO The hrgh school IT L, ually produces one oT The ye rs plays lvlembershrp I grverw Tor parTlcupaTro awd produc 'T The NewpoT Hgh School Tlfesprm Troupe T' s be rf a e T w s s ar r s w , TVST r :F : Tr - 9 , T r F r O .T T ' TQ . T lT- -T s . r. T T T IT Ta Tc s r T . T. r Q .. J T Ts . T ,C Q .3 .f T s s - T c a 'T Tc b QT T T ' . T. C - T T l TT Q T Tan T r T . Th s I ss , T - T s ,. s l W , s es l , r . .T X T E r X . V . . d c TTe TT . T Ta s T T C T U Tl TTy IIT . T Q as 5 T Ts s F l T e . Ap, TT Tl cr,T s r l XT6'. T a aT oT Ti e Th splans. C T T as r o , r , s , TT , , c' . s's A T Barbara Menear. c T -c T c c S ve T Q T I c . . A Q F . 7 . . ' ld .J my C rw, Q T r s rln e The s ces hT T Esi L -Tl Lilo. IT has si ce T3 . T3 . . b . 'T A me o Mraz rs . fC . lT is nor-s T ,l , r-s T-l Q TQTT hose purp s T To ' r r Tc T T T T , 's a T . TI Ts T T T T VT r - Tlor In plays. r T r Tc Q a ev veg cTTve sfrc T ' a .T Ted. and Thfs yea ha spoosored T 3 plays. S+uclen'r Councul row 'r r our los L ur e r e ron Bac Bu bara Ovens G adys R lwardscn Hedy Grele Arn Harnaclne Bonnae Krooln Arl en Taylor Gvlon Sprague econd row L wr Ca n S+ r'r Ba on Sfan Lobdel eo Dodoe Paul Fosler Jack Berrz Jrn Henley Jaclf Burge on Thur ow Nr Easlon MukeW lnld Doraldg lmarn A n S 1 E ward Alla Je y Zneror Prolecfors Flrsf row Lewas C rn Gary Alcers Muke Wor'd Dua e Rando pln Second row Mulce OBrsen Jerry Zreror Harvey Slrange Davrd S+rayer Edward Allan Mrs Robin on Noi an pncfure Sruarl Bacon Dale Ge udreau Llbrarlans Frsr row Ferol Kuoola Lorna Jone Barba Blo Le Sand a derson Rurlm C rlron Ba lbara Llncol ecord row ll Wor ey L y A c ow r a r lnards M Robin on Junior Red Cross urs row rol ro or o ra cr a Spraoue Koglw Ge ad e Turner Second row Slwerre Jones Cleo Dodge L y Arr E clf o PW He-nl y and adv or Mr Pocl Q Firal ' ,lel lo iglwlz L 'Se Mcln L, a a P a c ,Slwa on f f , l lc ,, ner, r, I, ' A , e , , 'a . S r : e 's 3 , ,ua c .. r l, C5 ol , , , I N, X 5 L. I d r g g , r V ' Q 1 N , fa. , lvl lk WQ6, cl c L, 'N 'V I l. . ' : ' a' , , ' 1 , n ' .. . . , . . , . . , . ' s . ' ' 2 , a . O O I : ' , 3, ra :L 1 ' An- , a , r ' n. S r : BI ' , E5 nn Er' lcson, E' a d All r, Laq a Rlc , rs. ' S . 0 . F' 'r : Ca P cl , L nr J es, Glod , J , Bonnie fc , rcl .fx , ' . 3 E , A F' r ri .5 n, JL e , is , . '. I ll.: , Q-vw 1, K A 1 1 ., - S O p1 mg "il 3 Tj ,.1... J,.L .,,. F51 BL Kffycf 5QL'fC7D .zffvffEAO Hu I L! K 1 Ewa Pwm Cxffff-fps 51411567 cava 'Q was A Published by .Ceo A frnnuafa Opporfumfy Wash wgfon xxx! 2 ff

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