Newport High School - Bruin Yearbook (Newport, WA)

 - Class of 1951

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Newport High School - Bruin Yearbook (Newport, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1951 volume:

BR I b h +I: Class of 1951 NEWPORT HIGH SCHOCL Newpori' WasI'nng+on I 95 I :ifIiEiQ7 ' I '-"'2EI i4r Pu Hs ed by e I L.lRJ"?"sN.... Dedlcahon klfh Gfxg, 1 k, 4. O I wr..-.1 if 'I ' 1 , 'r F-acul+y 'T r MR W LYNDLE MOORF Su ermfevdewf G CUM Y r ece MISS ERIEDA EOTH U we My of f h Q eu Les Ccmmer ww ube F hy E LJ a MRS MARGUERWE CQRKM' xv 0 w ew L r of Herne E owomsc L RS ALTA ROBPNSON W SL mc? 'Y S1 'TG pdleqe c, e MRS HATTIE BQYLE Wash wqfom S Q L L,ol'ege P md Gerer xl Miiiw feamer +144 K f Fw R LYNN EASTCN Prmcupa' Wa Lmcicm Sf fe Cc e e Second row MR EARL EAP-'LAND Umvers Mwrne J Ten be M fhem fm Q and CP1emm+ry ,Aj MR FRANCISAUER Umver fy of ld Mo Temcbes Buoioqy Genera! Suence ard Afhlefnc fR ROBERT INGERSQLL Wa h1Po+c S4 fe CoHe an E m ar VVO C Geocrapwy ie Per MR WALTER WINDMAN W LUNG S+ ie Col1e-ge A rrcuHur fe ch VR ROY PIERCE Whdmw Cofleoe d Q y dwedor MR RQDNEY RQBERTS NN SF rc e C wcre Civom rw B no MR HARVEY LOWE Eds+e r W H Q or Cc Yeqe of EGLC T C Ne e Shop p 'le Q Q13 X V7 LZ . f . 4? -' E fs ow f' A I' . . i, p " 'a'LeCf YCLCC3- V . . -- ru' ff A 'X Jus' Ir mv. T-fe Ch 5 Q-'it Fi .d R sim' d Q Him. . - 'E-Un' erjiy flo a T fc we 1. Q ' A F . , A A vw . H' o ,Y J x, O X J Hgh end gm 9e sein! llbmrifam. , 1 - . Y - c. T'f' F Y M Englisf, Laihw, 51 'Y 5' f ' el A 15, . If "' f , , . . . , if 4 . , .Y S., 1 I e J Q A i lead-er of Drive' T'-ahfng. I I f f Q V . Y - Hy of , ' Scfa ,CCR 5 51 a 'Q 'S . V . - ' sl M . S ',J. ff ,a ge Hfsfdy, Cans . ef -Co OFTWLCS, ,d :' ' 4 I 1 ez. . . . - - as ' jon e g ' af el er. U . i ' CTT J 1 Eigl7sH feacher an ' I fe " . 1 . X f - 5 YI ,jew Sie' :fleqe Tec '. 5 we 5 d a '. . - ' r- as. 'W T A ' " ef TT ., T ard Weed S515 e Hen Se-mor Clafs HIS1'OF o o .4 A4 L-V v t A Y .1 . ' .' 11, . . f. 1 . . rv , . ,, ' , ' I ' . I 1 I , , S 1, N' Y N . ' ' ff , 1 f",'- 1 . ,V I, 4. .' " 'J X , , I , . H, . . . ,I ', A lp, E Y . ' ',A A , ' ' ,' ' " x ' V 51 Cf ,J 'Y . f , -1 ,V .L,. F ' , ', , U .. r ..,,, A, K 1 'Q df' , , U Z, xl ,JJ 74 7 V " .. ,Y ,f , .Q 1 V Hx mf , , , f V , N", .V KY4 , ,,A ,I J .!1.,A 1 ,. -1' ., Sensor Class Hls+ory Conhnued As Junr rs we wee ound worry ng looul hnances lor we had lo pu? on a Junrcr Pom We chose lor our lheme l-low Deep rs lhe Ocean anc Kewry S o r wa crow ec Krnq Neplune We had a wonder lul 'rum oul nd every 'we had a Good 'fume In order 'ro rarse money we ha a Junror Revue whrch x s v ry uccesslu ew sludenls were Bev l-l l r T r ro Nel Sm S our clnool :le h s oone up urll our Sen or ar T 5 IS e brg year for ps We have many lhmgs lo do and lo loolc forward +o fha If keeps LJ qunre bu y Our Senior Bal wa p e enlecl on Decemb r 8 wrlh Tha? s My Deslre lor a lheme Mary Ann Oscarson was chosen queen of lhe Ball Now we have snealc and mosl rmporlanl gradualuon lo loolc lor ward lo We wrll pul on a play ln lhe sprung ulle a few ol us were ln lhe all hugh play as we have loeen an all 'rhe plays lhroughoul hrqh school Bull Pxllers who served wulh Urwce Sam loxned us lhrs year Our nexl slep now rs lo lrnd a suulable place for ourselves IH lhe world We re ure all lhe lrrendshup we have made wall lasf lhroughoul The years and we wall recall many happy memorres of school lrfe V l O fo r f , I a ' . ' r 4 c f 5 Q ' ' . 4 - a lo. J ' . ' . d ' , ' r va e s l. N - erly al, Ma Ion aylo a r l E' '. pson. o s . a J M E ye . hi ' lh A ' . so ' l ' 's ' s . ' ,I 'cs rr s L , e ' H ' ' ' . . . , . . . . , l , . . l 5 ' ' S ' 4 . f 1 lf If Class VJ r , 3 44 - , l .Y . , , . ,, .1 . fr J, ' HA, FU" ' Im, Ir, " I . i .R , , V . '4 V , , . . L. ,, V. , V, ,' ' , f . A 1 . -'v . , L ,'-r -- " I 3 V - N '. -- r 1 A , A I f f f , , ,, , ,. , Class Will Conf med Marcela Poele wlll f Fe l Kuoora all of lwer Home EC knowledge onne Rel- ros v. ner grea c oruvu Goldie Taylor wllls he laslc s melorel+e lo ldelle l-leaser Ken S oil wflls lo Ereodne V n W1 lle lms greal speed rmnlPersnwllsl's b yloqo eoyloRoyl nrey Jolwn on walls V oyely slngx o ollly lo P yllls Eun l-lerb Veal w ls o Lor ne Pellersow lfs sl ll al lorseoeclc rudung do Ann Har' en W lls l.os Mull her ob as wssaslanlr play oureclor Ellen Johnson wflls lo Helen Eng lner w ulres 'ob DlclcYoncl4wullsl11s loaslceloal posslon lo Glern Pear e Boo Slevens wllls 'lo Lynn Walker lm cowboy bools To Ty Zeng all Eyere l Sarlourn wslls luis dark lweur Eddie l-lem lmer wmlls hrs wlse ora las lo Tommy Boln Ray Jolwrso wlls lwrs leep ness lo Alex Boyl . 4 lf E a l l ' s o rc l ' 4 . l To D ' .e l , Vere Slrand 'Elle l e' " 'ng eblllly, Q X l ' 5 'n. ' , . Ke ' E o. I F e Ilfl sl-el Wills. To David Slrayer. Nell Simpson wills his qreal boxing slcill. Sn l 5 ' .ler l 'l "J a' E' n ' den. ' fl + 6 l ls fx . ' ' . ' ,s E. 'lo I Q Cf " . l , ' A l , 'l a' 5 ' . . . . . , .i f ' ' 's . rn , l . '. ' ' . ' ec ' ' ' 3 , 3 . Class Prophecy Ah :Ts I9o5' We iusT received our new aTomic Tel all machine Today and decided To Try :T ouT This evening F rsT oT all I wanT To Tnd ouT whaT happened To our cIassmaTes oT l95l JusT waTch a rninuTe while I adIusT The dial There' Now seTTIe b cl: and waTch Our TirsT sTop is Hollywood On The main seT oT TwenTieTh CenTury Fox sTudros we Tind GARY BERGSTROM and GOLDIE TAYLOR rehear sung a scene Trom Their nexT movie Gary is a greaT lover wiTh Goldie as h s leading Iady On anoTher seT we Tind KENNY SCOTT making a new musical H sings To The music oT GRANT KIMMELS HoT ShoTs Say whaTs ThaT brighT IrghT shining down There7 You say ThaT BOB STEVENS 1usT Trnrshecl polishing his Oscar which he received Tor being The besT direcTor oT T964 JusT The oTher nighT I saw hrs IaTesT movie The NighT ATTer The Day BeTore The Club See See owned and Oper3Ted by PHIL HOWE s The iBoo Bool STRAND and JEWEL Pinky KNUTH are The main aTTracTrors oT The Tloor show They do Their special vers on OT The Samba Say whaT are we doing here aT The UniversiTy oT Idaho7 Well well T T isnT JOYCE PAYNE A proTessor oT science aT ThaT7 Also aT The universiTy is MARIAN TAYLOR She is TaTernrTy moTher Tor The ETa BrTa P s DELBERT NELSON a TirsT class +ruanT oTTrcer has now been married To MELVA CRYSLER Tor nine years lvlelva owns her own beau+y hop and This weelc has been having a special on Radioachve waves SHIRLEY JOHNSON has been worlcing in The opera No noT as a Tar buT a The privaTe maid To The sTar soprano Wow' Loolc aT Thaf ambulance speed by' Say wasnT The docTor RUDOLPH HIEBERT7 Looks like a mrghTy inTeresTing case A Turn oT The dial shows us JIM BRIGHAM The well lrnown TV masTer oT ceremonies announcing JUNE EALK The Tamous canasTa player who will Teach you To piay in Trve easy lessons I . . . . . I Q I I ' . . . . . e S - , f , i mosT glamorous wesT oT The Mississippi River: especially since VERA i ' I . i , . ' ll Class Prophecy CONTINUED On The po Trcal s de oT The vrew we Trno CARL GRAHAM has be come mayor oT Blanchard Idaho Also BEVERLY HALL as runrrng Tor v ce presrdenT on The Thrrd parly TrclreT You Name IT HavenT you seen ROBERT HULINOS n me rn The headlrnes OT The newspapers7 He was chosen Mr Amenca oT I964 DOLORES DAHLIN h s an excrhng rob Shes secreTary Tor RAY JOHNSON who manuTacTu es baThrng surTs You Icnow Blcrnr s hr h prrce Tor a low cuT' RALPH HULINO has been enTerTaunrng hrs rmporTed chorus Trom Hawan Hrs chorus has also broughT hum qurTe a b1T OT money srnce he uses :T ID a burlesque show rn The evenung The oTher evenrng I aTe supper aT Tug BoaT Annre s owned by EL LEN JOHNSON IT s really a neaT resTauranTI In The sporTs scene we Trno MERLAN HULING playrng Tullback Tor The Cleveland Brown Boy whaT a racIceTl Merlan has Tour Cadrllacs Also we Tlnd DICK YONCK has been playrng proTessuonaI baslceTbaII wTh George Mrlran on The Mlnneapolns Lalcers Poor Duck' He has only Two Cadrllacs AnoTher Turn oT The dual shows us BILL COOKE Ieadrng a IlTe oT ease on has SouTh Paclhc Island whrch he discovered durrng h hrTch an The N xvy Say spealcrng oT going Trom hoT To cold' WhaT are we dorng up here n The NorThIar'o7 IsnT Th GALE LARSON prclcrng humseIT ouT oT The snow drrTT7 A Tur Trapper aT Th T' We undersT nd O Ie mrsses The brrghT spoTs oT The crTy MARY CLARK and MARCELLA POELLE have gone rnTo busrness rnanuTacTurrng a new cIoThlng Tabrlc made Trom sawdusT and lcnoThoIes They say rTs sTronger Than nvlon Their slogar rs We make IT TIT NEIL SIMPSON rs a r Ther unTorTun Te case He s work ng on The ad mosT oT The Tame and was yu T chosen Kung oT The hoboes I. . - . - r 1r r , - I , . I ' . , 5 . . 6 .. . 1 . I r . .. .Q ' s . V , . S. . . ' and Two beauTiTuI mansions. . . .. I . , . is . . .e . . , r gl . . . r . OI ' . a. a a ' ' ' a a . I I ro . . S .. . r. . Class Prophecy ICONTINUEDI The new eCIIIor of The SeaI+Ie Sun s EDDIE I-IAMACI-IER O h s I II: IS MARY ANN CLUIVIPNER who answers IeHer wrIIIen by IrouIDIed y Img Iover In he arhcles known as Ima Loveorn SpecIaIs BEVERLY MILLER h s IU I refurneo Iom wb o 0 The RussIon oov ernmenf paId her Io make s1I+ for The S bermn saII m nes She perIecIec:I h me+hoo In Cherms ry her semor year I mef JG ANN I-IANSEN +I'e ofher day Sir c+Iy bus you k ow She run 1 hook shop no ha me? many Iereshng eople o a Ihai nna Ion' o In s aII MILDRE B o bad we all canf marry nnIIIonaIres I-I o yo.I he rd abooi LILLY RAE DAUGI-IERIYS be ng In Ihe hos DI 1' wfh a sore Ihro +7 I+ seems fha? she was hured by Ihe New You Y nkees Io sf n Ihe r sec Ion and yeII She qof 1 IIHIe excIIeo nd ended D wI'h rynq II Look af Ihose I3oHIes of smoke' Who IS Iha+ IIIIIng Ihem7 Why KERIVIII PIERSON whaf are you domq he e7 II Iook IIke an exCIIIng oo hIIcIre'I Sho ma aces Io keep pre+Iy ousy I-Iave y u seen Admr I EVERETT SANBURN S QICIUVS Ihe new papers Ia+eIy7 He IS savd Io be The youngesf 1cImIraI II'e N y hzs ever 1 Yeske Jay I w IRENE DAI AZ one hunfIfeo 'Ie f aoofe +he gro J WQII I was In a neon SIQF aoverhsmg her opemnq nIgh'r as I2oIIer Skannq Cn mpIo of Ihe Wo IJ MARY ANN OSCARSON IS SIIII ma ned of ou e and us? recenfly I Ieo m oe nqI I +I'e Powe s Mooehng Agency Sne mo eI AI'omIc Iyes WeI Ihe Image Iid ng od on my I IaII creen ano Ihere qoe e I e oesf a se ew on IQ oo ever re ea eo I+ was Im of 'Inn 'ro ee wh Iour Cla snnafes have done IH Ihe pasf Iffeen year 'v J I ' I ' . n I s a ' I S I 5 s ' I I ' I II 5 I I I . . I I . a s I C f a . J - I ' Q I 'C I . ,ef III I I' I I . I '. I Iness, ' . I Is 4 I a I s In II jg . Lo k I ns' . 'I' Ih' k, I+ I . D AILEYIS. IIs LA ' ' I ' Io . IC I in I I I I - .ICI E1 . I I QI I I I II Q . C I I I I 6 LJ! 'I Ia I Is. Q D I U - u X I I I r . Is I I , I I I A BEIIY LOU UMBARGEI2 If SIIII a wIIe and aIso a mofher of Iour CIII I . f W I . 5 I Ia I 'n fg- . . I I C I I I HV In hed. I fo I sa v' -. I e' I I I.. und N I U I. 51 VN . 'f. I ' ' I' I C fs I I I 5 af I C I 'I o r I ' . I cl s II I I' 5 II . II, I I5 f I I e- s I 5 on o Ih ' CI 5 2 N p ' I-I' h Sch I I I I 3 I . ' Is I 5 a 5 I I I n s. 'Q r7 'II Sensor Achvrhes Furl row GARY BERGSTROM Class Vce R H+ 4 Cl Pre dehl Foo ball 4 Ba lcelball 4 JO ANN HANSEN Thesoran Q34 Secref ry Treasurer 4 Pep u Q 34 Dr m us e Tro O erel FH A Q3 Grrls Alhlehc Avmrd 3 Annua Slalf 4 Hr Trmes Sfalf 4 umo evue Or'e Ad Pl ys Q e se T The Whole oww K nd Lao GRANT KlMMEL Choru Q4 Boys uarlef 4 B md Q Jumor Re K hd Lad LIB Se ofwd row GOLDIE TAYLOR Chorus 1 Q 3 4 Operella 3 Pep Club 4 M lor e les 34 RAYMOND JOHNSON Cluderrl Booy Vrce Pre oehl 4 Sludehl Coun rl Represenlal ve 3 Class Presrderwl 4 Thesp an Q34 Vrce Rresr 34 Jurrror Revue 3 OT1GACl PI ys 9 Sevenleenlr Summer 3 Wh l me 3 Kmd Lad MARION TAYLOR Choru T94 B d 4 HERBERT VEIT F FA TQ 34 Sludehl Councrr Represenl hve Q 3 4 LID Th rd row NAELVA CRYSLER Clas V e P es dewl 3 Se rel ry T e u Club 4 Chorus T Q34 Operefla 3 B no 3 Annu S+a T 4 fn Slall 4 Mar relle 34 d R HOWE Sluderl Couwcr Repre ewlahv 4 The p PS 4 B l 4 Operella 3 Foolb ll Mah ger 34 lcel l 4 Jumor Rev rn d TILLY RAE DAUGHERTY Tr rw lerred from Dee Parlc 2 Gr l Cluo Rreroer1T4 Chorus 3 4 Trrple Trro 3 4 Ope ell 3 Rep Cluo 34 Sfudenf Courcrl Re e ehl +ve 4 Jumor Revue 3 A PU 'Sl If 4 .: I reside. 7 ass si . 47 T 7 s . C' b ,,, 7 'll Tea 37 Chor l l,?,3,47 Tdpl f l,3.47 p ra 37 . - r - . I . -A - K I J ,' r R 7 7 - , a 7 M2 'H I ' T l3 Talking" Q7 ' I 'yu' 4. z s . 7 TQ 7 a 7 ' - me 3: " r f y" 4. : - . , . 7 7 1 a' - l , . . I ' .J l ' si' r ' r denl 47 Chorus T7 Band l,Q,47 Foolball 3.47 Traclc 3.47 Lehrer NNN' Club . 1 ' 7 - a 7 V L' 7 l a A LT " 7 l ' v" 4. . . -r -- r X : s EC r F r , Q a - r as ref Q7 Pep I r.,I 7 a ' 7 -al .-T :Hi- Tf, ei 7 'O s 7 7 l'Klrwd La yu' 4. HlL 1 .. . 7' sr ' e P' ,s Ta 7 aff l,Q,3,.7 7 a a 7 7 Bas Bal 7 'N ue 37 K' d La yu' 4. L I a 5 -N r 7 Ars! . l ' pr a T 7 ' 7 7 P, a. ar . S v--' in va. an ML., an .4,,q, Senior AC+IVI+I9S Tzrfrl EDDIE HATVTACHER C as Presrde T 3 STude'TTCour1c: Repre emra T3 F A Vrce P 4 enT 3 0 Tb Q Trac DOLORES DAHLTN CH Secre-Tary Treasu er T 4 S uderw' B cy Se reT ary Treasurer 4 Pep CTub Q 3 4 P e dem 3 Secrefary Trea urer 4 D Tl Team 3 CT'1oru T 3 TrrpTe Trro 4 Operefha 3 ArmuaT Staff Ed Tc 4 A r evu If' Lad RALPH HULINQ Tran Q red from Kenmewrck VV1sTur'cT'o'T 'Z C C 4 B ya uwr eT 4 Mr Prm asse Va drdorr S cord row TARCPLLA POELLE F H A T Q 3 D T Team 3 TM BRTGT-TAM C3 s Vce Pre rc Pep Cub Q So ox aT Q 4 L 'Ter CTuo MART ANN CLUVPNLR Pep CT rp oru T T Q3 Opere Ta Jumor Re ue A mual QTT 4 H Tme m 1 B PENNY SCQT Ta Pe erwf Q Bo y P e dem 3 Se reTarfTreesurer Q Sfuderf CouncrT Represerwfwfrve T Q34 Pep C o 4 orlrb 4 Her N Quo 4 SecreTr r sue Tur or Refue T r r BE RLY HALL Tr rsferred Trom The D TTes Oregon 3 Te oe Trr 4 e r e e Lmor evu 4 Sa JTGTOFT GALE LARSON Cla P esroemr 3 r e P de-mr e es Min P esprrw Q34 3 To o LeT' CTub 3 4 Ju Revue TA Lr e 3 Ser r1TeenTH Summer rw L Gy VERA STRAND P 0 CLD 4 DrrIT Te m3 CT1cruSTQ4 Th p Ar 4 r evue 3 T1 A Te K Q L1 y 4 KID Ta ov : T 55 ' e 3 T ET 5 - ive 43 . . .Q,3, ' rejd 3 S T eTT 3 L 3.4. Q f - 3 , , , r ST , - S 3 PH. . T' ,Tunic R e 33 UK' 5 yn 4. I ST ff I , c T rj T TT f rue Q, 3 0 TQ QT :W . ' P 3ByT' 43 Te ' 'erm Tx r L 1 .... , ,42 VTT . J r .: Tfi. T s'TerTT 33 T T, 3 S TITET Q3 .g3:leTT5Q .3. 3 eT 'NM ' 23.4. r T ' X. : : u. 43CT'1 'S 2,33 BJPCT T,Q,3.43 Trfo , , 3 T 33 ' v 33 rw ST 3 K- T. Q Stuff 2 3,43 "Mr, PT Pcsses y' 4. N T: C' se r 53d T93 Sfudem d r ST ' , 2 M 1 ' Q" . . , 3 Tu' T23 TT'1espTarTs 43 FPA. TQCTTOFUS 33 Opefe+Ta 33 Fcofball 2.3.41 Baske-TTJQTT 23, 3 S ' afT Q3 Track 23. ' Le 'T T' 2.3, , 51 yfT ea rr ' 43 B f ' 3. hi d ow VE : er ' 51 , 3 C .ofus 43 Trl. T 'Q :TL spans 3.4, Pr sid rT+ 43 F.H.A. 33 J' ' R -'e 33 Kind Lady! :V T" ' 1 css r " , VC reel . T,4' Suffer? CeurTcTT R pr .e. Cale T.43 ep Cub T23 Th Aa S 3,43 Baed T, ,,, Pccfbar 3.43 Br ske ' UT! 43 S TTTQQTT Q3 ,er N ' . 3 vfcr 3 TrVTm 'T T 3 TS . 33 KI QT 5' M 4. 2 ex T" I 'I ca 7 T . . 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JUN r X: 'ass Se: ery-T'easu'e' 33 Chorus '3 3 3 3 I Ha 33 r'p1 Trl 43 H C1ub 33 3 DrE1 Team 33 1- 1. ee 11 3 3 HT S1 11 3 3 T su Iwi 3343 Jurior R rw e 33 S1a C1 11 97 1 L11 113' K1n1 a 14. 3 . r 1: iess Presicew 13 Bahd 13933343 oo1ba11 3 3 3 Ba 1 1 93334:S111ra1193Tra1c 3 3 3 1' 'e 3. EN 1.: 0353333 're 3...33r' am3q 2 ra. 1 3r 3 3 S - 11 r 1 ' 1 ss r 511 ' 1 3 C1 e' ' ' A B dy 5' 3 1 a 3 1-1 es 3 r 11 11 b 3,43 Ee 11: 3 3 Bash a11933343So'11rba119'Tra k 93 3 3 11 1 1 114. - Z '1 U 3 ' 11 1 3 . : . 3 3 5 Ie 3 3 3 h 513 3 3 'pfe Tr1o 43 A nua1 S4515 43 1-11-T1mes S+a.1 42 ' 1 3 1 1e Tawr 13 Tarklngu 9' VJhe1 A L11e1 3' K1rd La y 4. 3013 - 10: EEA. 43 Wie-Pres'1 1 . BEJE - L 1: TM311' e1?romMed1 1La11 9313-ep 1 3 2' 3 eseaws 9,3343 Chorus 93 3 1 1 T310 9343 '1 1 ' 3 ry-Treasurer 33 Juf1o' R e 3' 4ar1 S11 93 'r11 La y1 . .....i -.-.-...-.........,.-..,.. . .. ..-.................. 26 uv- L.-. 5144.01 93141 ' 2 J PI ..!... - ...Q-Y-..,w-. . ,..w.,. Q-Y.--... ..' ? 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Ren Yeunq Bwfrle- 'nwke ral Hwe mill .4 -'1 L SEPTEMBER QCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY School Calendar l9505I 7 l Scl'ool S arled Froslw lmlralson Pro ln Re epluom Ere lu Demce All Sclwoo Play Cla Boxmo lv' ide K nfl Larlyf u Progr m lov CE or q wnllw Deer Rurlq r mme elbal 1l1P es S1 rl H501 on S lor Ball ella l MerryG Rowcl 1 Mel l e o uw me 1 Sclwool closed lor lo d weell Soolwomo e Dance o u B wc T e 5 gr m Clworus Bard ard The p ar Me e Bfmd Carmvdl Sc wo Nu IC Corfel Jumo rom Sew Q a R m Q x Coe House Clworus lmp 'lo Clwevlelalw Jw or Revue mor gre L e Cv flu rw e Clo es A 5 l f . lO ' ' 4 . 14 ls Q ' . 3 5 l . lO Gulz' Club Dance. 17 l f W-ll l Q Q1 Ive' .55 'Q il S. l lvl Sli 5 l 'X lorui, 6 Bly I - Q , Elfsimelchll '-ye 7 Bail pl wl rl ' River. a ,Q -fs 8 ef, l. l5 Baek ai - oe J u aa if lm Fall Q3 Baslcelb ll lo ,a m 5+ lo'e. Q4 Baslcelball lourwey el love. 6, ,9 5 er. EO K r ' . ll CE rs, ood, E, l ,lw splari bro 5 . lQ . I l S I 12 lo lalln Eel Cll e 14 '. ' ' . YO X f' ,J 1 5' l- 1 . T7 ' ' f P . 4 If Pl y-"Mr, 3. Peife, Elm! 7 v . ll ' f . 19 . 18 Se 5 A C ep T7 Bf'Cf6:lCU!65l, Exerclse.. EO 'ao elio Ex fclse.. E Sckool 1 5 . Freshman Class OTTrcers TrrsT se'nesTer PresrderT STan Loodell Vrce Pres denT John Krogh SeCreTary T easurer Bonnre hurrlc STudenT Councrl Rep Lewr Carn Secord seme Ter Pres1denT John K ogh V e PesrdenT Bll l-lulr g SecreTary Treasurer Joy e Krehbrel STudenT Coun rl Rep Don l-lreberT Cn SepTember TO l95l The Freshmen were oTT orally made members oT The lNewporT T'lrch School Tude T body On Tha daTe The Tradrhonal Frosh lnrTraTron was held Thus w s en oyed by everyone Gr Gdober Q The lzrosh g ve a reTurn ddr' e Tor The Se or The e wa a g od Turrou Tor The occas on Sophomore Class OTT Cer TrrsT seme Ter Pre roer'T Cleo Dodge Vrce Pre rdenT Glenn Pe rce SecreTuryT ewsu er Daren ZangraTT STude TCounC Rep Gary Alcers Second semesT r Pre denT ldella l-le er Vrce Pre rdenT Nrna Oscarsor SeCreT ry Treasurer J rne Schell STuce TCoun rl Rep Glenn Pearce On March 30 The Sophomore gave The se ord dance oT Therr hah hoo C eer Aprrl F ol D n The Sophom res spenT much Trme on decorahons nd had a succe sTul parTy Table games Tor Those who 'Tr Junior Class e rr eme er re r er u Fc Ter Vr e Pre en burTa H lcanson Sec eTary Tonnmy Bohn Treas rer Al ar Smp on STu o '1 C un l e rero KuooTa Second semes er P sr T J ley Vee PresldenT Laura Pears Se reTary Barbara Ovehs Treasurer rn or uoe r e ao r e Jumor h a Tarrly usy yeir spon rr g Two p rTormance The e ca eo The a ua Junro Prom he or' A rr 2 rd The Junror Revu wh ch wa p e enTed on Mar TQ T . '. I : ' . . T 7 T T . I A F I . X I . 'I .S . ' , s : ' . . r 1 ic r ' . , I Tn 7 - , C T T7 T 2' ., T . . . T T T T s ' n T . T , . " , J T' T I T, a T . r , a f .Q r nl S. r s o T T . -5? 'fr uk - s, , 5 1 S r , 7 s , a 7 Q T- r C ' . e ' 1 ' n T TT .. . e : s? Is 1 A s' , ' ,g a - , ca 7 T n C' ., s Q ' IJ sc T ar , an T o s a Ce. . o r ' ' ' T a ' s . T dIdnTT dance were an Innoyahor aT This arT . T3 Y 1? Sf? U OTTE: rs, T' aT 5 , sT : P sd .T, Pa l sr 1 'C Qld T, Wil- o ' 7 r , , T 7 u . l . I S I - Te- T o TCT R p., F l T . T 1 re 'de' , Im Hen- : I ' . Q 97 Q . ' f r 7 , Allan SA .rps :ST T h' Couril R o., Ron IT F ance. Th f s ad T b I C , so 'C e 5. 3 lfrd T nn l T' r , ld . p'l 8,a T ' e .T s r s . T . Junrors FRONT ROW L lo R Dorrs Brown Wrlma Wrllner Allan Davaz James Balier C nrad Aydeloll Lowell Sell Jaclc Payne Allan Srmpson SECOND ROW Mr Prerce Lors Mull Par McGavran Barbara Ovens Lorene Palle son Hedy Grerener Hazel Mrles Anna Lou Turner Laura Pearce Margarel Rrchardson Ferol Kubola Mr Auer THIRD ROW Nancy Gordon Lonna Jones Wrlburla Holcanson Tommy Bol n D vrd S rayer Rrchard Geaudreau Roy Wrlls Donna Rrch ards Barbara Lrncoln Lourse Mclnlosh FOURTH ROW Belly Olson Jrm Henley Jaclf Berlz Helge Dahlen Alvrn Slrancre Paul Fo er Maynard Funderr Colrn McKrm Alex Boyle lha W ll Sophomores FRONT ROW Gary Alcers Arvrn Oclrerl Geraldrne Wrnlcel Paul rne Brown Sherrre Jones Leona Beroen Kalhleen Mandrgo Shrrley Bower Belly Lou Johr on Berry Pallerson He en Eng Dale Geaudreau Phrllrp e SECOND ROW Denny Lrlhgow Lau rlz Prllers Thelberl Hand Lewrs Verr Don Krrchgasler Franlc Rusho Leland Barley Bob Slraalsund Gerald Coy De'ores Chenevel Ann Hamaclner Phyllrs Brrllarn lla Rusho Ann Sowder B rba a Menear Herser Geraldrn Por er Arlene Jacobson Kerlh Nelson Gene Taylor Mrchael OBrren Clrllord Henke Trm McNarr Fred Van Wrnlrle Glorra Sprague Bonnr Krogh FOURTH ROW Mr Lrndman Connre Bennell Ann Allan Donna Rrchards Lrly Ann Errcls on Jerry Rooerls Roberl Taylor Eugene Barley Lor n Srllon Melfod Schrader Cleo Dodge Glen Pearce Darlene Zangrall Phyllrs Funden Mrs Boyle Freshmen FRONT ROW Gladys Bell Kerry Kennedy Arnold Goodell Janel Gordon Claudra N lson Alvrn Coy Slan Lobdell Rela Loper Rulh Carlson Donna Jo Davaz Roberra Drlley Lewrs Carn Bob Kanrlceberg SECOND ROW Mrss Folh John Krogh Geraldrne Turner Torn Surlon Par OBrren Joe Hooper Roger Zrclqler Luella Bower Naomr Clumpner Ja el Chereverr Franlcln Monlc Rrchard Jaclcson Charles Srllon THIRD ROW Berrha Srnner Bonnre Funk Goldre Hreberl Belly Holsl Alma Oslrander Donna Kollord Arlre Pearsall Edrlh Barley Shrrley Hansen Cynlhra Baker Jrm Jones Davrd Melrn Alan Meyers Kerlh Meacham FOURTH ROW Lors Sanburn Joyce Krehbrel Drclr Coolce Eddre Lrng Donald Graham Sranley Pederson Jerry Zrerdl Raymond Wrrghl Ty Zangralr Olrs Rosema Leonard Hrlsen Donald Hreberl' Harvey Slrange Brll Hulrng Mr Low 0 , 0 . . r ' . T R .. L . l l I . . I r r C I r r 1 ' Mar arrace. . ' I . J . I . t t . - r5 r r I r r S ll. 2 ' . r' ' . r r -' V r r I r In l . r r . a r . THIRD ROW: Darlene Olson, Nina Oscarson, Joanne Schell, ldella ' . ' e 'rl , r ' . . .Q . . Q. I I, I . S , r F' r , r , , r rf I r - - 2 . . . r 9 I r r r I l I I I ' I I I I I FooTbaH Tms year New QT Team havwge Trom eo Tm '1 To eleve mad oaTI by C u y Leaqu whwch m uoed S eve s o .4 me and Pen Q ew e Cou T The boy dad much beTTer an wa expecTecT OT Them Thefr TwrT year m The 'wew Teague The Team wa ed To Tm m T e cel r buT endec Lp m Tom Th plwce wfrwmq GS OUT' OT A 'T GFS C63 GTVTTS I EST' GT' TV' 'B DOD GC. DaTe e SepTember SepTember OcTcber OcTober OcTober C Toner N yemoer 3 SCHEDULE They Bomng OpponenTs Rsverwde Deer P1 Tf Co v Cheney Chewefah KeTT e FaTTs Meac P ace T-c e T-ere There There Here Here TS ye r T year Desp+Te The TacT Th T or1Ty Three boys hud ever had any rmg ex HG S my V1 VC SVS 957 IS TZ ISS VC OT The r Term mar he True m TTmer1 someT mes TougH says who h C1 one Q ree eoeence TQVWGQCCOC eoTemo Ae Swmrac eorc:TqhTerwT sx o ad w dw Da+e December 6 UBI' January .Tmay U Febm y Feb ua y Feb ua y T7 OpponenTs D er Pa Tc PrweT wer T? T'fTr Bc hers Fe y Qa hcrum c er D e Pa x Davempo T Prme T Rwver DaferDoT SCHEDULE P ace Here Here Here There There Here There Here Ther T er Won OS Drew " jo r s 1 d ' 'Jh V af he , Tec? ' foirmg The Tri- Q QT e ' ' QT ' T r , Sp - Ta , f ,d r 'TT r' fee. 5 ' Th 5 f ' 'S Q 'T T , ' 3 ex- pecT ' ish ' h T'a, T T ' r Q by A ' Thr 5' be T h QQ SI 1T abc! bed D D k'. Q -Corw- Tereh: lame. W T 22 Q6 QO ' ,' Here . Q9 44 6 fr I-r 6 T4 T3 T We Q T3 95 Q0 ' Q0 O 45 . T . C ' Q7 6 Q7 T ' 6 ,' 6 96 T Q Th' ea N.H.S. had a boxmg Team aqah Ter The Tir5T Time frm mm, pe' nc - The SE fee b Th and L T CT Bal y-The Gr' ZT' ,f 1 sTx Two. r Th ye-at -xl rl , buT h y fo T Qhar T h 'r ' CUTS. 'T n ' xx ' The T a 'I J 'E fh T wms, U3 T sses, 1 T 0 T L T e r 4 3 D Jan y 3 ' 5 R' 2 4 Q ' TO aT Ta um 4 Q D January T7 F rr Q 3 O a "f Q5 T T' ' Q 3 Q Jawary ET Bowers T2 ry 5 3 D Febr 'ary 3 e r r' 3 T O ' 'ar 7 ' r 4 T T r f T4 'S ' e T Q 3 F -' f- ,Q f h e 3 Q D Fooiball Team TOP ROW Lelf lo righl Lee Van Winlcle Tom Bolun Phillip Howe Kenny Scofl Fverell Sanburn and Allan Davaz BACKFIFLD Cleo Dodge Kerrnrl Pierson Gary Bergslronn and Diclc Yonclc LINE Delberl' Nelson Ray Johnson Rudolph Hreberl' Paul Fosler Bud Siusser R nald France and Gale Larson Baske1'ball Team Peirce Phil Howe Diclc Yonclc BACK ROW Coach Auer Kenny S oll Cleo Dodge Paul Fosler Ray Johnson Oale Larson Baske'rball "B" Squad FRONT ROW Donald Kxrchgasler Clifford Henlce lvlilce OBrien Allan Davaz Richard Jaclcson BACK ROW Jim Hodges Bob T ylor Jim Henley Bud Slusser Mr lrger all FRONT ROW: Gary Bergslrom. Jim Brigham, Kermil Pierson, Glenn C n '.a'Un'N - r A, ' - Au . . I - . N, V V V I. , ' ' 'quiz T YEA ., ,A nf 1 1 , '4 W 2 P:-A -A 5""f.. 1 A 4 7 2 X 4 3 Hirfrdm w'5Q4p3iV 'Inf' 'lol' 'n ri . 42 5 , KU gk Dgiigum Baslcelball Schedule Baskelball e ewe rl le g cl' KG e earn .T year e T he e e Crrzz' e C C 8 L ly e e hrhe The rzzlre 1 e he P Q Cowl! l.e.1G1, O C el elw ar' me lh e'r1 QQ y rs ou on w mhwle 1 6 're h Der C1 'wg O we :J ow gw A re op v e were r ehclc wrlh QCS Dom? 1 C Ql9ofwe1 O C1 L Tl N le ll h 5 ,oo basl lb al i f 'wed a fairly sr cieselel ,e,se' +hs Q cewlceriwg lhe laili QT h lghl 5 'T loya. Th -' 'F ve' T3 games eel 5' ,pl 3 fr 'Sze +6 The U'3llSV1-' ,T lzlahc Fr -5 . A . GE 1' Came I 5 C015 F' l . . X fa e 'y le T eivg len I-ie e rc: C'JSlCh Three T' . 33, bu T re Jr Q, lcil lo Melelr F lg 'wee 'mex Tlis ee' grel el? ill el' ' 1 all bd me T h pinyers cfm The 'A squad, l el owe. 'Q Grew Pearce. hrs? SW. T fl H ' ever, fweey CT The Bl SCl'4C1l I be ready Ter The Team 'ewl fell. TV f Tl e scor rs : Dfil, Y . , "T 3 , ' 3: Kew y 5 ell 5 fren P free, l737 Gary Berqslrem, TC: Gale Laffy, wh 5-eyes 7f. W EC 'JEEP Q U. el Idaho 5 3? 74 7 Pl gl ' 37 30 9 Serwdpelrwl' , Q3 70 TQ P' 5 Rf r Here Q5 Q3 Q0 B were F ry h e 36 Q5 Q3 M ed He e 49 5l 6 5 3 U fx 68 45 6 Melallee Fel! e 49 59 l:'e There 40 38 T3 Dee' Park Here 66 3l T9 l 41 Q8 Q0 Melalfne Fells e 49 54 if Mead T' 48 59 Q6 L. I: 53 Q5 27 e. 3 Fefry e 45 QQ FEJQQ, PY 2 Cusick T' 59 43 9 f filfre Fells f 43 63 T0 Dee' perk There 56 Q4 T3 l?fve'e'de ' 36 35 T6 lcwe ' 40 50 P. O. '3 CQJCP 56 36 Da+e D E JANJLPPY 4 E2 A Q4 Opponeni' i V S RTVCF rel ve cn er e Cal' CWS Csls B rmrer Me VVO Place There There There Ter r There Her Here Her mere Here H re mere Tnere Here There 9 COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT IONE C Merle Fl' 43 They 64 Boxing Squad LEFT TO RlGl-T Pal O Brren Bob Kanrlceberg Tommy Sulron, Allan Srmpson Alvrn Coy Nel Sampson Loren Srllon Ronald France Lee Van Wrnlcle Earl Mrlle B+ n Lobdell Coaclr Amer Boxing Squad LEFT TO RIOI-lT Kerry Kennedy John Krogh Frarlclun Monlc Fred Van Wrnkle Riyrn J Vhrglwl Gene Tay cr Leland Ba ley Joe l-looper Tm McNarr PF ll p Ser Charles Srllcn Coach Auer Letter N Club FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Kermrl Pierson Delberl Nelson Kenny Scoll Eyerell Sanburn Ray Jolwnson Drclc Yonclc NEW MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURE Jrm Geary Arclwre Slusser Glenn Pearce Pnrl Howe Allen Davaz Lee Van Wrnlcle Ronald France ,4f ,I 5' 4 1 WX, 911 4' ' r ' . 5 ' . ' . . ' , ' r, Wa , . I I I , , r I , . , c ,Off D . r , , I . . . . , . 1 , r r r., E , , 55 H BACK ROW: Coach fxuer, Jim Brlqlnarn, Gale Larson, Paul Fosler, .... Q ' S .s 7 Y.,-, G gf' M43 0 F5 -1 of-3 hm A6566 3 -....f P, " bm - ' H A - n M ' Q, Y J -, ' A 4 W- x Y ' Q A ' J 'H Q , , U' I 'l ' 1 x I . . X I .tug ' .Q N --2'9" g VM 'Lf V- fl I ' ,r .U ' K, , F Q . U v v U H W kr v A xi r . I K '11 '1 , 1 M 1 Q - 'N ' 4 ' Hugh School Band FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Alan Meyers Della Whealon Joyce Krehblel Lee Frsh Belly Urnb rqer Shrrley Johnson Jaclr Berlz Franlc Rusho Mr R berls SECOND ROW Bonn e Krogh Jrrn Ge ry Lewrs Veal Gale Larson Ray Johrsor Ph 'rp H we Drclc Coolce Boo Kanrlceberg Aldene Jones THlRD ROW Edna Gregg Sherre Jones Jerry Rooerls Davrd Slrayer Arr ld Good ll Kermrl Pier or Jm Henley John Kroqh Mlxecl Chorus FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Ver Slrano Jewel Knulh Joyce P yne Dorls Brown Beverly Hall Bevery Mrller Marqarel Rlchardson Wlma Wlllner Lows Mull Mr Roberl SECOND ROW Be ly Umbarqer Dolo es Dahlun Pal O Brien Ralph Taylor Marlon Taylor THIRD ROW Sh rl y Johnson Jure Falc lvlelva Crysler Lilly Rae D ogherly Davd Slaye Granl Krnnnel Hevge Dahlen Jame Balcer ry A n sc lo Pnn Han en lr ne Dav Girls Ensemble LEFT TO RlGHT Jewel Knulh Shurley Johnson Lrlly Rae Dauqherly June Fallc Jo A Har e Marlha W llace Beverly Hall Mary Ann Os Carson Do ore Dahlnn Beve y lvlxler Los Mal Mr Roberls O I ? . ' a . ' ' . , 3 . , . . . , . , or e . ' ' 2 . 7 . . . . 2 Q ', 1 . 61 A . l . X . ' . ' . A C A , ' . s. 2 5 . r ' . ' ' . Huling, Tommy Bolln, Ellen Johnson, Mary Clark, Mildred Bailey. Goldie : I e . , l , , ' G , L ro f. 7 . ' . S , Ma r O arson, o l . 2 .. e az. ' I , nn ,s P, a . , , - , l 3 ' rl 'l I lr . FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT M rl n Hullrq CarlGral1wm BIII Coolce Herb Verl Drck Gewdreau Roberl Hullnq SECOND ROVV Jolwn KrogII Laurulz Plllers Clnarles SIII n Tlwelberr I- nd Lewr Ve:-II Gerald Coy Ja I Payne Alvn Coy Bull Hulunq Kerry Kennedy IHIRD ROW Arncld Goocel Roger Z lrer Roy Wllls Farl Mrller ene Twylor Allan Srnwp or Joe I-ooper DI I Coole Dale Gewudreau Denny Lxllwoow Mr Lnorn BACK ROW Con o Ay e II Boo Sleven Gene Barley Olus erm Lo en S on I Ra QII He berl W llarn PI ers 0 1 r li Don lo I-lreber H Gludy Bell Donna 'oe Davaz Naorne Clurnoner Ferol Kubola SECOND ROW B In Lncoln Ma cella Roelle Mary Boyle Fdrllw Barley Gladys R Imrd on Cynllwra Balrer THIRD ROW Nancy Gordon Hazel Mule Wnlourla Hokanson D nn Frclw rc L RCI 4 Hedy Grelencr Louise MQIPIOSII Peo Club FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT lvl va Cry ler Vera Slrand Jewel Knulln Nan y Gordon Berry OI on Baro ra L1n oln Wrlrne WI ner Ferol KuboIa Glaoys Rrclwa dson Ma y A n Oscar on SECOND ROW Lous Ixfclnloslw ldela Hen er Slnrley Johnson Darlene OI on Dolores Dah n Wrlburla Holcanson Hazel Mules June F Ik Beverly lvlrller Mary Ann Clurnpner Nrna Oscarson Berllwa Sinner THIRD ROW Belly P Ilerson Connre Bennell Ann Hamaclwer D rlene Zar'graTI Plwyllr Furden Llly Rae Dauqlwerly Jo Ann Hanson Gloria Sprague Plwyllus Brnllaun Beverly Hall Hedy Grelener Naomi Clumpner Mr Ingeroll F. F. A. . 2 e aI 'I , 5 Q I ' I I I C I l ' : I. ' ' I I 0 . ld , .S I I I CI I II I I T : I I I, Io' , I .II , ' , G c I I f I S II I I 'ci Ii, Q I I ' A . . I '. ar. - fe I ,J -A ' f ' ' . Io o D I 1. I Ros .f, r III , Mefcrl SeFrader, 'o I I , 'lf 'II I D ncld G a am, Leonard H"5-en, .a ' ' I. Fl I Al FRONT ROW, LFFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Corlcill, Geraldine Winlzel, r S ' I x. ' , T I I . 1 aroara I , U I I I . - ' cl , ' fc L S I . .I . . .I I I K SI I o In I' Ia ls. aura I IarI5, I I I, 7 I . I I I ' I I :Sl S I I I I, I C I, 'II Is , 'a 'Q , 'II , , - 'I ' r L II r n s , ' In l 'C I . I V ' I I -I I I S I II . I I 5 I I I I I - : a I ' I . a I , I's I , ' , . I . I 5 . mmmfqhf'.5mn no M55 HH TL F' X5 UK A g xwz ' """"1 1 A J , . ., .I Q I N N Q ' f',,: s A 271 r A 7 K ta' K F K iff" FN ' 'L r - I --if A Of , I . A ,xl NX S 1, W , X 2' - Z l I ' f ' t Y A ' ' ' I .. 7 - ,lf 14, - ff J ' 1553 I sk, " ' 1, :"v!hl:X.f - - r , ,,Vg!' ' ,-A G- lr-,.,., ,L 'xx .y l -x v.. ., , . 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'.Efff','1f,T"3,C.kN"' CTS6 D'1'ff'EC.fT::C Lffvr 91 31 , Vik, DA ' T Kew: SETS LIN Pas D? 'JT y Thespxans LCFI TQ FG? em BverlyHJR fwryf-WC or Malore++es TO RIGHT B fy? H Cc me enme ANNO a Tv' vu Cry e N cm Cump e Bed? Summer Cheer Leaders Wu mf Hex Q c Hey ee Boys Quar+e+ LEVT TO RIGHT PM O'Bme'w Rdph Huwng, GMM Kmme' pe Feder I . W X A if: Mi. Vi e Vee S'fa'd,Jevfe1 Knee? Jure PM e' 13, ey Jig"'3C' 45 r seamen, J A H Effjifl, SLTETEE Jchmsom Beverly Mwer. Nyc, Gcfdcr Safe Larson, U LEFT - : ef 6 efsom N' B fi,?v1a'y sc .cm tel f sf f ea ' 1 f, ,fi ' . 'lb' 5 'engfm 5-Jef y Fifi?-Cum, id Gr ' Senior Play Casf "Mr. Pim Passes By" LEFT PICTLRE: Yjexa He' cr, Rip? Huirrg, Vey' Ain CLWLIPGN WG?-W PLC'UFE: lm Hefley, Befif Cfcn, LR y ,Ava Edilzim. Tim C NTEQ P JG y a H PM fn r 1 e Q 4 r cfnmf Q um F-em! y Ph wp Howe Befw C ai-245 ,I M All Hugh Play Casi- Kmd Lady me G U BFKDQV ar 'wwe rE f G L VVTT yBx 'fy Bc W. E . L CPJRE, Psa? fcw: Be :L Mifev Lfy Ar' Erffna Q p IKE g, lcelh Heber, May Ann Clumpmer, Mr. Pf za e. Bad Jw , ' 3 Hn, J' l e , TL , A lion. f 'P-Zigi - -j Q 5' 9 5 Q FSCNT SCN. '69 '3 "QM: Lcnrf1Jifes,fr' Siu-fdef, Aff P-rr ', Hai! -refoef, Jewe K' Hi Be.'er'i,f MNH, EZTTYQ Fink. FM. 'Xi Mr, Plefe DIC? Yet? Gm r K7. , L Pay Jc?'19w Lai" if 2, 1"f:m, T, 'fx ULF. Dramahcs The all hrgh play Krnd Lady drrecTed by Mr Roy Prerce was pre enTed November T7 Mrss Hernes Beverly Mrller was unconsciously a vcTam of The schemes oT Henry AbboTT GranT Krmmel The supporhng ce T whrch helped To malce The melodrama a success were Henrys w1Te Ada Jewel KnuTh Mr and Mrs Edwards Ray Johnson and Ann Sowder Aggle Thenr daughTer Bonnre Funlc Rose The mard Lonna Jones Mr r-osTer Tom Bohn Mr Rosenberg Jaclc BerTz The DocTor Drclc Yonclc Mass Herrles nuece and her Trance Ann Hamacher nd Gale Larson Lucy WesTon her Trrend ll-ledy GreTener Jo Ann Hansen was Th ass sT nT play drrecTor Q13 The Senror Class play M Pm Pas es By a Three cT comedy oT c nTusron caused by Mr P m was presenTed on May 4 unoer The drrecho T M Pre e Mary Ann Clumpner porTrayed Olrvra Marden Tom Bohn George Marden ldella Helser played The parT oT Drnah Marden George s ruece Ralph Hulrng w s Bnan STrarge Dlnah s sweeThearT Jam Henley Mr Pam Be-Tly Olson acTed The parT of Lady Marden Georges aunT Lsly Ann Errclcson was The mard Beverly Muller erved as assusTanT dlrecTor Qld The Thesprans presenTed a one acT play on Aprll 3 enTrTled Elmer Rlnrl Howe played Elmer who h d The mlsTorTune of havrng Three srsTers d TT ThaT w snT enough Two oT Them were Twrns Jeane and Janne played by Vera Shand and Beverly Muller respechvely Jewel KnuTh was The oTher srsTer Susan The moTher Mrs Collrer was porfrayed by Jo Ann Hansen and June Eallc was The Tamuly mard Fanny Belle Mrs Phan rey was played by Hedy G eTener Paul l:osTer and Ken ScoTT Toolc The parTs of HuberT Brown and Russ S D . .K .1 . E. K . J. V . l lx . . l lr I ' -l ' li - Nl lr U P rl 'li - -l li -l' li . . it 6 J: . ' rr- l- '21c4fJf In Ly6d..f'5 Quai? Do4oA'5S D 71711. AL "'?!?!0lY Mnncz A Ffruw M jwnff' zmgyg ,D f'7floRED 5 P754 wr C. Wt' fr: I nw L - . ' J' 5385: 'Z ', . I " U I Uffejifaz N .2 "' Q g 'I ' is -'QU' Sf' -044.5 4. 73:1-if 22. ,,,t .--'sf -Y -, , .. Q . ,191 hw. I. 1, ' N 3 . IES'-314' , H.-I v- x k 4949,-f 51 'f 5,23 T' 4' 'QQ' ig! Twf' ' ' .U , 3 , TA 91, fffwv ff df! Vnur .Si .5nm1.sjf , in ff 1 P Q L1 1 TQ i- f'?mv-f gf-V7 C- , J ww 4,AAy R01 D' 3 6X x ' Mi' MQ s Eff EAM -'E ,ff 47 T 553 50 f 'X Yu M iff i if I ,. D 1' 5 9, X Q '- I-lm, S HWZ7? Z CU'ha., End Tms ANNL.-X MA E BY LEO S STUDIO OPPCRTUN TY VSA H I 1 X Q , mf, xx X ' Aly," ,af 45,1 x X 5 I X xx W n f X 1 1 . 1" V ' L. C I , ' S .

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