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2? lfl FOREWORD Here is your yearbook We have tried to depict the growth and progress of Newport joint High School through these pages Each year the BLUNITA STAFF faces a formidable task that of presenting old and well known ma terial in a fresh new way Our success in doing so depends on how you accept our efforts As we approach graduation we are reminded as indicated in our class motto that OUR ONE TASK IS NEARLY OVER BUT OUR GREATEST LIP S BEFORE US As seniors we express our sincere appreciation to every faculty member and to every student who has helped in some way to make this an out standing year in the history of NEWPORT JOINT HIGH SCHOOL The class of 55 owes a debt of gratitude to our Alma Mater Alma Mater in For the past twelve years the Newport School System has been our Foster Mother We wish to acknowledge with our sincere thanks the training that has been ours We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed publishing it It was ours for almost a year Now it belongs to you ALMA NIATIER an Oh' Alma Mater thee we praise High our Joyful voices raise And our loyal hearts attest We to thee devote our best And our loyal hearts attest We to thee devote our best RAH' RAH' RAH' For the White and Blue H1 .ay RAH' RAH' RAH' For the White and Blue To play the game fair on the field And our fairest name to shield These the duties thee we owe And our love must have it so These the duties thee we owe And our love must have it so 4 I 4 ' r 3 I 1 l Latin, signifies "bounteous Mother" given by the Romans to certain goddesses. . 1' 'A s l 25? Q Sixty-nine years have elapsed since the first commencement exercises of Newport High School. Seven Seniors composed the Class of 1887. Since that time many forward strides have been made by those interested in the educa- tional development of the youth of this school system-each step marking a definite trend in the direction of progressive education. Imbedded in the school of today are the same fundamentals that were so urgently taught to the "tune of the hickory stick" in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The borough of Newport had its own high school from 1887 to 1927 when the Newport Union High School became a reality through a union with Gliver Township. This school system expanded considerably in 1950 when a jointure was affected between the Newport Union School District and those of Buffalo, Howe, Juniata, and Miller Township-the newly formed district to be known as the Newport joint Schools. This meant closing the one-room schools and transporting the pupils to the two buildings in Newport. Plans were made immediately upon the formation of the jointure to expand building facilities to accommodate all the students. On September 28, 1954, a momentous occasion occurred in the history of Newport joint High School when ground-breaking ceremonies were conducted commemorating the beginning of a building project which, when completed, will be modern in every respect-the children who are in grades 1-12 of this district today will have more adequate facilities extended to them. To those adults interested in our educational development who had the farsightedness to look ahead and ascertain our needs, we dedicate this page. Ham!! ' a a i 1 X4- Congratulations to the Blunita Staff for presenting so well in these pages a vivid summary of the school activities during the past year. I extend to each Senior my' sincere wishes for a successful journey' into your lifes career I appreciate the fact that you haye progressed through the past twelye years in the educational program under my superyision whereby you are en titled to be known as a Newport joint High School Alumnus I am proud to state that in the near future better facilities will be proyided for the girls and boys of tomorrow Our schools are presently expanding to make this possible H K IQBY S11 emzteudezzf ames M Barrie says The secret of happiness is not in doing what you like but in liking what you do These words suggest a thought worthy ot con sideration Regardless ot the choice ot occupation which you choose to follow you will not be able to do as you please To do only what you like is to be pampered coddled and spoiled To like what you do is to follow ottimes a pathway ot duty and sery ice that brings happiness to you because it brings ha pine-ss to others True happiness will come to you as you spend yourself freely for the good of man kind and tor the adyancement of the Kingdom ot Go True happiness to the Class ot 1935 EARL S KIPP Pnmfpal 1. a a gg In these days of rapidly changing values it becomes increasingly difficult for youth to know where to anchor its faith and when to throw ox erboard that nh ch is only of temporary worth In my capacity as advisor I have learned to know many of the problems facing you the Class of 1955 I appreciate the co operation that has existed betvx een us In the problems that life has in store for you in years to come may I extend to cach one of you my sincere wish for a happy and most progressive solution C D ROTHENBERGER Long ago, when a young knight set out to see the world, his lord equipped him with armor and weapons suitable for the life that lay before him. Among these things was a protective coat of mail, a keen sword and a tough shield. The members of a graduating class are much like new knights. They, too, should have protective armor -skills acquired in school-a keen sword-a mind equipped to think cleanly and clearly and a tough shield of experiences met and mastered The knight of old rode with more than physical things however Each had a wonderful dream He followed a Grail So too must our high school graduate have more than a well equipped trained mind He must have a goal a dream a follow Grail to I could wish no more for anyone than I wish for each member of the Class of 1955 Like the mediey al knight may he hayc a wonderful dream and the ability to follow it to the end of the road MARY M WFRTZ W X A . . Y , . . ' 7 5 V Y u . . 9 ' I I 7 Ir . V . H , I 7 . I Y r ' . . 41 V, , , . . r rs . Y i - ' ' gg . . . N. . , V , N 51,1 4 ' I r Dv . I OU FACULTY XY ILLIAM E. ALTLAND BS.. Pennsylxania State College. Voca- tional Agriculture. Industrial Arts, l I VUILLIAM I. AIQGIQST A.B. Franklin and Marshall, Penn State Extension. Milligan College, Science, Yj R: K :Roi At Geography. FOSTER M. BRINSER B.S.. Lebanon Valley College, Band Director, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music. LUKE H, BUFFENMYER FRANCIS BROWN B.S.. Bloomsburg S.T.C., Business Ad- visor, "Blue and White," Commercial Subjects, Graduate Work Penn State University. BS., Elizabethtown Collcge, Pennsyl- vania State College, Mathematics, Sci- CDCC, VC ALTER CRESSLER ,. ,, 5. -fe -Q x,-"' wk,- 'L 1.1 , ,av""Qw" B :ff-1 "fs -12. Q 250' BS.. Shippensburg S.T.C.. M.Ed. Penn State, Budget Advisor. Mathematics. Qi. limi WP"fI lEVQ:Ai i THOMAS FITZPATRICK BS.. Susquehanna Lnnersity, Assistant Football Coach. Commercial Subjects, Penn State STAB LEY HOL SER A.B.. Susquehanna University, M.Ed., Penn State, English, History, Basketball Coach. X .J - A21 effedire family of a rcbool ryrtem 1111151 be L'0lI,fl'f0I15 Of Ihe ifzlererfr and needy Of Ihe cozzznzfniflj. PHYLLIS MYERS BS.. Shippensburg S.TC.. Red Cross Advisor. Librarian Director. Geography. Spelling, EMMA SL'E REXRODE JOYCE P. PARK BS.. East Stroudsburg S.T.C.. Head Coach of Girls' Athletics, Health, His- tory, Physical Education. B.A.8QS.. Indiana S.T.C.. Teacher of Art in Elementary and Secondary School. LESTER ROCKEY B.S., Penn State, Texas College of Arts and Industries. Shippensburg S.T.C., University of Maryland, Athletic Direc- tor. Head Coach Football, J. V. Basket- ball Coach, Social Studies, Health, Phy. Ed. VIRGINIA SHARP BS., Wfest Chester T.C., Vocal in Ele- mentary and Secondary School, Girls' Glce Club. Chorus. ALIANDA SOLLE PAL LINE SHEARER B.S.. Penn State. Red Cross Advisor, FHA Advisor. Home Economics. AB.. Dickinson College. junior Senior Play Advisor, English, Latin. PARTHENIA VOLPERT B.A.. M.A.. Penn State, Advisor of "Blue and VUhite." junior-Senior Play Director, English. We are ever grateful 10 them izzdizfidzmls for fheir marked co-operation and effiriml Jerzlire. KATHRYN CHRIST Central Penn. Business College, School Secretary. JANET IVHLLIGAN, KN. Abington Hospital, School Nurwc. ELWOOD STRICKLAND I if.-ql! High School Custodian. CHARLES KLINE Grade School Custodian. Apprecialion if exlended I0 our Jezferzteezz buf drizferf who bare Ike tnfk of tmmporting 587 pupilf to and from our .fchoolf fafely early dag. "All Aboard" for Newport The End Of 21 School D-ll 'N ll-l TALENTED Vi 44 Ramp Soul+ BEST ALL AROUND A it J Campbell Super MOST CO OPERATIVE Freeland Saylor CYCLONIC Smell! Ca n'l'rell MUSICIANS 'N Q Muller V Wallis STUDIOUS l Server Salyards WHfCTS XWHU GTC WELL' GROOM ED D Campbe BEST ACTOR Gross HAPPY GO LUCKY Cox FLIRT ar. Collms A-sd L Sharar WITTY N Smlllm QUIETEST M Clouser Reg' BEST DANCERS HOWBF Rush MODEST' Dlllman Hugs JOURNALISTIC Relghier A Campbell BEST LOOKING Flelsher ATHLETIC ..s Car INDUSTRIOUS' ua- 3 Cleqg Trou BAKING QUEEN Bubb -9-, J me 1 :D A :Q R :U 15" l C. .Va A , 3' T .. , f j S 53' - 9 , 'J . u ' Q N r cf V C ff ff: S Q, fm S ei -' SL Q A ia 3' : ll .TK . ' I L ha ii: '55 F339 T7 Y L T L V 5? X 4' , ' . Il' +"' , nn 9 Q. M Y' 'T LAI- ' -L 1.1: ' as 'A 4-QA if. 'H I . D x, I It 1,, pn 4-at gi A Vry i I 1- ,5 LVL, 'ix Cu ' A , -,Z - - I E' ' 2' C ' Q X X ' N 977' uf. . ff Ve CLASS SONG When from these walls we xe drifted And oer lifes path we start When bonds of friendship sexer And all dear ones must part When of our tolls we ponder Our ioys and laughter bold Then we will all remember The Blue and the Gold C fm rm Hail to old Newport High School To all her memories sweet Memories of our dear schooldays And friends we always greet Hail to old Newport High School For you we'll always cheer And we will all stand by you Our Alma Mater dear. 5 5 CLASS OFFICERS f!'F""'i"'Y2" CLASS COLOR Blue and Gold CLASS I LOXVER Wfhite Rose CLASS MOTTO Our one laik it zzeizrl-3' rn er B111 01n'gref1fe,rl lie! Izefme I1 QSC!! ALICE ANN CAMPBELL ACADEMIC "Ann" . . .March 25, 1937 Tuscarora Township Ann Campbell, ar a rule, doe! u'ell in all Jbe irief. Sbe'.r :ure to be Jurcerrful in any enterprise. Chorus 2. 3, 43 junior-Senior Play 3, 4g Handbook 2g Blue and White 2, 3, 45 Blunita 4g Librarian 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 35 Girls' Varsity Club 2, 3, Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, County Chorus 23 Music Night 2, 3, 4. "Aw, new look!" To be of service to others . . . My tiny features to Shirley Steffen. DARWIN LAVERNE CAMPBELL VOCATIONAL "Camel" . . . March 30, 1937 Markelsville Darwin Campbell will be a farmer, tbafr a .rure fire bet. He'll do df well df anyone tba! rome! ou! of Newport yet. FFA 1, 2, 4. Vice President 3. "Don't know, do you?" Farmer 'l 4: . :ei My ability to fight with the bus driver to Lenus Wilson. .. RICHARD EARL BEAM VOCATIONAL "Dick" . . . July 27, 1957 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Ritbard Beam will never rbirk, anything that point! lo lVork. FFA 2, 3, 4 "You don't know, do you?" join the Navy . . . He wills his ability to get along with the bus driver to jim Moretz. JOAN LORRAINE Buns V0C,1T10NAL "Bubbles" . . .October 30, 1937 Lewistown joan Bubb if good az baking, that we all know. Sbe'll make a good boufewife for rome lurky guy. Chorus 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 2, 33 Junior and Senior Play, Usherette 3, Local and County Apple Dessert Queen. "Oh, my golly!" To marry Bob My pie baking ability to Mrs. Wolpert. Z9 ivy ik ' Gia DARYL EUGENE CAMPBELL VOCATIONAL "Dar" . . , August 28. 1936 Newport Daryl Campbell mn pu! on a real boxing exhibition, but offer :ehool you'll find him joining with the game rom- minion. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, Music Night 3, 4, FFA 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Show 1, 33 Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2. 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. "You're right!" To work with the game commission. My Toni home permanent to Susan Frye. JAMES BEALE CAMPBELL COMMERCIAL "jim' '... May 11, 1937 Newport jim Campbell if an athlete, and a mighty good one, too. Now he'r going to the Navy to fight for me and you. Class Vice President 1, Student Council 1, Red Cross 43 Blunita 4, Blue and White Business Staff 3, 4, Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Varsity Show 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, junior-Senior Play Stage Manager 3, 4, All-Star Basketball 3, All4Star Baseball 3, AllAStar Foot- ball 4. "You're right!" Undecided My football ability to Bill Kahler. it Ox 1 1,11-, . V. - 1 , . 4.1 .' ' K W ', f "1 :- ' ,' - '. v N u 'l 5 Wt -1 ' Q . EU? X ' 3" Qi,fll'f.- 5 s- 'T Qi Q x ALICE VERA CANTRELL Co.u.uERc1AL "Rebel' '... April 29, 1936 South Carolina "Typing if ihe clan in which I excel. l'll make good in il," my: Alice Cantrell. Varsity Show 2, Blue and White Business Staff 4, Chorus 2. 51 Girls' Varsity Club 3, junior-Senior Play 31 Baskrt- ball Manager 3. "I know another joke" Secretary My ability to chew gum, talk, and laugh to Bonnie Saylor. CHESTER WLLLIAM CARL C o.w.uERc1fiL "Dutt0r" . . .October 1. 1936 Newport When Chener Carl in football, Jlarlr to throw hir weigbl. Hir opponenzr get zz liule green, turn up their toer and faint. Blunita 4, Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- tain 4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, All-Star Baseball 5. "You don't know, do you?" To raise a family. My ability to coach football to Coach Rockey. , lv '37 . 'W fi- Ji.: DONALD MORTIMER COLLINS COMMERCIAL "Mort" . . .january 24, 1937 Middleburg, North Carolina Swimming if Donald Collint' middle name. Being a :wim- ming inrlruelor if lair big aim. Blue and White Business Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Music Night 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 2, County Chorus 2, 3, Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. "I'm Bashful" Swimming Instructor My majorette and cheerleader pull to Jerry Myers. RONALD EUGENE Cox COMMERCIAL "Gummy" . . . October 14, 1937 New Bloomfield Ronald Cox in :lan put: on quite a Jbow. Bu! right after Jcbool, lo :be Air Fofre be'll go. Chorus 3, Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 1, 2, 3. "I don't believe that" Undecided My pea shooter to Monk Shull. KENNETH Bnooxs CLEGG ACADEMIC "Goof" . . . March 17, 1937 Harrisburg Ken Clegg, a mechanic will be. He'll make a good one, jun wail and fee. Varsity Show 1, Boys' Varsity Club 2, Football 2. "He's Crazy" To be Happy. My height to Bill Welfley. MARVIN LEE CLOUSER COMMERCIAL "Marve" . . . November 5, 1935 Newport Marvin Clouter an arcowztant wan!! to be. He'll make il without help from you or me. "I don't know" Join the Army My ability to hunt to Harry Focht. Nl - xi! bl -v-, fy TREES we N oz: -kay TRESPASSIIG " if J"" JACOB CLARK DILLMAN COMMERCIAL "Jake" . . . September 5, 1936 Liverpool Ar tz student, I am sure, yozfll find no one finer. jacob Dillmanhf going to he a rucfesrful clothing designer. Chorus 2, 3, 45 County Chorus 35 Music Night 2, 3, 4. "Hard to tell" Clothing Designer My friends I made in Newport to someone who needs one. josxspi-UNE MARY FLEISHER COMMERCIAL "Mitch" . . .July is, 1937 Markelsville jofephine Fleirher is good al ringing. When rhe'.r u Jeffe- lary, you'll hear that typewriter ringing. Chorus 2, 3, 45 Varsity Show 35 Music Night 2, 3, 45 Junior-Senior Play Prompter 4. "Oh, baloney" Secretary My ability to sneak to bed after 2:00 A.M. to Linda Comp. 6 C' 3 'vis'- E' REBA MAE FLEISHER AC,4Dg,tI1C "Mazie" . . . December 5, 1938 Wila In school, Rehn Fleirher ir as hright as a star. When Jhe get: through Jrhool, we're Jure 5he'll go far. Class Secretary 1, 25 Blunita 45 Band Front 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Blue and White 2, 3, 45 Varsity Show 35 Music Night 2, 3, 45 junior-Senior Play 3, 45 Handbook 2, "Heck" College My way of getting a man and keeping him to Delores Brown. LAMAR LEE FREELAND COMMERCIAL "Peclc' '... August 30, 1936 Newport III .Ithletian Larnur Freeland is uug out there on top. He dererxer the credit. friend. He'r iz mighty hard boy to Jtop. "Frye, stay out of Red Hill." Bookkeeping Teacher Class President 1. 25 Vice President 45 Student Council 45 Blunita 45 Chorus 2. 3, 45 Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, 45 BOYS' Varsity Club 1, 25 Vice President 35 President 45 Music Night 2. 3. 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 junior-Senior Play Committee 3, 4. Qi' kd' X - If if 1 fi" .X X Q- , K Nu Z 1931, will QM A-V Q' I 3 ,. 1 H Xi. N N I A 3 J -fi: f ll If WILLIAM GRANT HOWER COMMERCIAL "Tony" . . . April 19, 1936 Mifflintown Painling is Bill Hou'er'r nmbirion in life. He'll gel there like lbe oibenr, lhrougb toil and Jirife. Varsity Show 3, 4, Football 1. 2, 3. 4g Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4. "Is That right?" Painter My dancing ability to joe Klingman. DONALD ROBERT HUNTER COMMERCIAL "Hunter" . . .November 3, 1937 Harrisburg Donald Hunter, we all know, in Jborilmnd is a rofker. I'm just at ture ar ture can be. he'll be an office ZUOYEFY. Chorus 2, 3, 4, junior-Senior Play 3g Music Night 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 3. "Like fun" Florist My seat in English Class to George Crow. DAVIID CLOYD FRYI2 COMMERCIAI. "Lem' '.,. May 13, 1937 Newport Dare Frye in foozball. buf the imporlani job of guard. Whey: be goes up and hifi ilmt line, be nailr it plenly hard. Class Treasurer 4, Red Cross 1. 2, 3, Chorus 2, Varsity Show 1, 2. 3, Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, Junior-Senior Play 4. "Quiet, Morgan" Find easy way to make money. My curly hair to Lloyd Malseed. RONALD STAHL GRoss COMMEIQCIAL "Butch" . . . September 4, 1957 Newport For Ronald Gron, his .tense of humor it a big important farlor. Il'J llae one living ibut would lzfelp him to be a greal and famous arlor. Class President 4, Vice President 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 43 Varsity Show 1, 2, 3g Junior-Senior Play 3, 45 District Student Council Convention 1, 3. "I figured" Undecided My crew cut to Mrs. Wolpert. be Q- A 1 JOYCE EVELYN Hrfss C0,w.uERC1AL "Shorty" '... September 26, 1937 Newport jogre Huff if ,good .11 ringing. 117:11 une ir true, SlJe'l1 mike af good 1 rerre!.1v'5 511.171-30716 of you. Chorus 2, 3, 43 Office Secretary 4. "GCC Wfhizu Setrctary My red hair to Judy Neilson. GLAIBYS IRENE Lrzrtci-i VOCATIONAL "Happy" . . . May 10. 1957 .Lebanon County I21 life Gludjr Lerrb haf iz .rpefial pofiliwz. S1755 going lo be a famouf beautiriazz, Blunita 45 FHA 1, 2, 3g Treasurer 45 Chorus 2: junior- Senior Play Usherette 3. "Oh, My" Beautician My shortness to Marjorie Charles. gait V x 3 i ah ir E. 639' DAVID EDXYARD Li1"r1.ia VoC,Ai1'1o.xxi1. "Munchy' '... August 14. 1937 Newport D.1ie Lillie' if .it mini .11 ,i llfilp. liz ibe Air Ffnve. hd!! drift .ni JIY' rhip. Chorus 23 FFA 1. 2. 5. 43 Varsity Show 35 junior-Senior Pl.iy1'shcr 2. 33 FFA Rtportcr S, "Holy lNI.1tlccrel" Suttessful lliinxer My ability to makc low to Leroy Barkley. CHARLES EDXYARIJ IxI.axwifi.L Co,if.iri11cc1r1L "Bunny" '.., April 16, 193' Newport Cli.1v'lc.r ill.l.X'll4U if ilu' fliifig l':.1.1fJ. B5 rin .:?1E7Il.1, be ui!! 55 drnidrd. Varsity Show 1. 33 If t-iw th.1llM.1n.1gur 4, "You and whose Army?" -loin the Army My tlemocraty .mtl scienre books to Tom VC'hitmycr. Q ifx 'ur' leaf' ts., ., WILLIAM RAY MORGAN COMMERCIAL "Bill '... February 8. 1937 Newport llnllliam Mangan bar a job UPI our allnlelic Ieam. In any Jporl 3011 find him itz. lady aluwqr on the beam. Class Vice President lg Student Council 13 Blunita 4g Blue and XX'hite Business Staff 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Varsity Show 1. 2, 3. 43 Boys' Varsity Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1. 2, 33 Basketball 1. 2, 3. 43 Football Manager lg County Chorus 23 Eighth Grade American Legion Award. "Sit down, Frye!" To work behind a desk. My ability to fall asleep fast to Don "Beamer" Myers. CLARENCE WALTER NEW'LIN VOCATIONAL "Hawk" . . . February 7, 1937 Dauphin Being a farmer if Clarence Neu'lin'5 line. Hill make good in a rery rhort Iime. junior-Senior Play Stage Manager 3, 43 Class Treasurer 33 FFA 1, 23 Treasurer 3, 4. "Yea, man" Travel My ability to get along with the bus driver to jim Moretz. RAY ARTHUR METZGER COMMERCIAL "Ray" . . .November 29, 1937 Duncannon Ray Metzgeff talent if hunting. llVl1en be Jlaoolr, the rabbits all .Hari running. "That's nice" Fndecided My new 1936 Ford to Harold Frye. GLEN ARTHUR MILLER ACADEMIC "Eggy" . . .October 15, 1957 Sonestown, Pennsylvania Glen Miller in .tcbool ir a brain. Everyone knowf chemirzry if hir rhief aim. Student Council 33 Blunita 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Blue and White 2, 33 Editor-in-Chief 4g Varsity Show 33 Handbook 23 County Band 3. "No kiddin'." College My art of eluding Mrs. Wolpert to future Blue and White Editors. 30 1 tg I J R if 4 lt. DAVID HUGH Oam VoCA1'10NAL "Bugs" . . .April 16, 1937 Newport Dare Oren uwztr 10 be a mechanical engineer. He'll make the grade, deff! you fem. FFA 2, 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 43 Boys' Varsity Club 4. "Nou: wait a minute!" Construction Engineer My ability to play alley basketball to Bob Flickinger. JOHN MELVIN RAMP C0MiwERC1AL "Moe" . . .june 2, 1937 Newport Wfhen jerk Ramp, lhe boy Called "Mae," get: to rollege, be u'0n'! go .rlouz Blunita 43 Chorus 43 Band 1. 2, 3, 43 School Orchestra 3, 43 Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basebal' 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Varsity Club 3, 43 Music Night 1, 2, 3, 4. "Hey, Sing Ding!" College My height to Kermit Harry. . ? . . bb -va g '. CQ gf . T Com Louisa REGi COMMERCIAL "Tate" . . .July 3, 1937 Lewistown To be a Juccerf, ezeryone goe: zhfough many paim and arher, bu! Cora Reg! will be 41 Jefrelary, caufe rhe bar all it taker. Student Council 33 Red Cross 43 Blue and White Typist 43 Chorus 2. 3, 43 Music Night 2, 3, 4. "Honest to john" A certain farmers wife My Shorthand ability to Kaye Casner. JOHN KELL REIGHTER ACADEMIC "John" . . .October 10, 1937 Chambersburg "A biilkfffl up john Reighler, "I 1111211 to be." lVill be make il? Yerfiree. Blunita 43 Blue and NX'hite 2. 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4: School Orchestra 3. 43 Varsity Show 3. 43 Boys' Varsity Club 43 junior-Senior Play Usher 33 Football Manager 3. 43 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 County Band 33 County Chorus 2, 33 Music Night 1, 2, 3, 43 Handbook Co-Editor 2. "You don't say!" College My manager duties to Wayne Rockey. vu., iff 1 ' I J",-:'fi:'a"5."fQli , A . .. f+H'ff,'r4tt.3 . 5 ' y . ftfiy 'tif .iii ig, "i,L'.'Q,.,:l '-.i 14 Us fllliktgiilgl, fi'fl!i". Lhjfi. K Vyvrsf 'y':I.J yfiiv' 1. . ffl' '-':2 ..' ..' ,,f,J5. 'SLNQVNQ ty ,Q .pr lvl' Y : iii Sf . . lil "G fl il. 1 ROGER DEAN SALYARDS ACADEMIC "Slim" . . . April 6, 1937 Lewistown Roger Salyardr if a name Ilya! in your memory will Mandy. as Ilae guy Ilyaff knouvz ar the guilar pirkin' man. Blunita 4g Chorus 3, 4g Varsity Show 1, 2. 3, 43 Football 2: junior-Senior Play 4. "Dear Heavens" Singer My ability to play a guitar to Glen Shull. DIXY ANN SARVER COMMERCIAL "Dix" . . .December 29. 1936 Newport Dixy Sarref to Ike Jerzire will go. Sl1e'll make good, llml we all know. Class Treasurer 1. 2g Blunita 43 Blue and Wlhite Business Staff 4g Chorus 5, 4g Varsity Show 2g Girls' Varsity Club 5, 4g President 3g Basketball 2. 3, 4g junior-Senior Play 3. 45 Office Secretary 4g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. "You better would" Join the service ' My ability to play Basketball to Alice Clouser. A ROEERT EUGENE Rum' COMMERCIAL 'Roots' '.,, April 7, 1936 Mannsville. Pennsylvania Bob RI!!!-3 if .1 hog fluff bard to be ouiuilted. For any job be 111.13 1.1542 np. yfzfll alu'.:.i.r find him filled. Class Chaplain 4. "Did you hear what he said?" To reath the goal of happiness. success. and peace of mind. My ability to get along with Mr. Brown to Elmer Baker. JULIA ANN RUSH COMMERCIAL "julie '... july 17, 1937 Newport " ' N julia Rmb, I'm lure, would be Jurceuful in any line. Bu! Jefrelary work if where Jlzefi naturally inclined. Blunita 4g Blue and Wfhite Business Staff 4g Band 2, 33 4g Chorus 3. 43 Varsity Show 1, 2g junior-Senior Play 3, 43 Office Secretary 4g Halloween Queen 45 Music Night 3, 4. "My Wlordn 3 Secretary My Halloween Queen to Peggy Dietz. 4:13, , 1 95:39 PATSY ROXANN SAYLOR ACADEMIC "Pat" . . .March 8, 1937 NX'aterman, Illinois Fairy Saylor would make good in ,fhe aczirzg profefrion, hu! rzurring if lo he her main irzlenlion. Librarian 2, 3. 43 Red Cross 33 Blue and Wfhite 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Varsity Show 33 Junior-Senior Play 3, 43 Forensics 33 Handbook 23 Blunita 33 Editor-in-Chief 43 Music Night 2. 3, 4. "How much trig do you have done?" Nurse My ability in Blunita editing to Lewis Cressler. JAMES WILLIAM SEIIIERS ACADEMIC "jim" . . . December 8, 1937 Newport lim Seiden' ir top! on that rteel guitar. To heal him, yoilll have la lmrel far. Blunita 43 Varsity Show 3, junior-Senior Play 3, 4. "Aw cripesu Air Force My ability to play a steel guitar to Elmer Baker. Z' I ff' 2'3- 'IAMES ANDERSON SHARAR VOCATIONAL "jim" . . . january 1, 1937 Newport jim Sharaf if a boy who liher to Jhate. Afier Jchool, with the Nary he'I gal 41 dale. Blunita 43 Chorus 2, 3. 43 School Orchestra 3, 43 Varsity Show 1, 2. 51 Junior-Senior Play Usher 33 Boys' Varsity Club 1, 2' FFA 2. 3 43 Bi-County Chaplain 3' FFA Cha lain 33 Coiinty Chorus 3, 4. i P "How 'bout a date, huh ?" Air Force My dating ability and girl friends to Walter Deitz. MARY LOUISE SHARAR COMMERCIAL "W'eeze" 3 . , October 3, 1936 Newport Louiye Sharm ran play the piano much berzer than I. lVherI Jhe'J on tha! Ijpeuvitef, you ran :ee lhore old hey: fly. Class Secretary 3, 41 Blunita 43 Blue and W'hite Typist 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Varsity Show 23 junior- Senior Play 3, 43 Music Night 2. 3. 43 Office Secretary 4. "You irritate me" Secretary My job as Class Secretary to Pauline Bretz. ' .nf . 5 K 'Q CAROL LYNNE Sour AcADE.yr1c "Carol" . . .February 17, 1937 Lewistown Carol Soulfy going to be u flume, I'lI 1611 you for Jura. Sheff leo! Ike bmizzr, falefif. .md plufi. llnbo mn mi for more? Librarian 2, 3, 41 Reel Cross 1, 2g Blunita 4g Blue and VC'hite 2. 3. 4g Band 1. 2. 3. 4g Glee Club 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3. 4: Varsity Show 1. 2. 33 Girls' Varsity Club 3. 43 Basketball 3, 43 junior-Senior Play 3, 43 County Band 1, 2. 35 County Chorus 3, Handbook Co-Editor Zg Music Night 1, 2. 3. 4, Eighth Grade American Legion Award. "You hate me" Nurse My love for writing English themes to XX'ayne Rockey. jo ANN SUPER COAlMl:RCIAL "jo" . . .November 3. 1937 Newport Uufaerz jo Super 4361! our of frbool, .wie 19,15 bu! one irzrefzl. Shell find Jufreri ar .1 J6f1'cl,l7'-'l Io .1 :Hg gfext exierlf. Blunitu 4. Student Couneil 3. 43 Blue imel wil71IC Business Staff 4g Chorus 2. 3. 4, Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4g Girls' Var- sity Club 1. 2. 3. 4g Musie Night 2. 3. 45 Office See- retary 4, "Oh. you're ignorant" Setretary My basketball ability to Peggy Dietz. Gi5oRcii2 FRANKLIN Sxiiiiz l'7Uf,,-1'l'1UX,l1 "Smiley" . . . xl.1nu.1i'y 19, 1936 Wiistunisto Gffirya Smefljf fuir If zmiln. H11 ilu bug zifm uxzrzfi In min Ilan N.zz,i. Blunita 4, Chorus 3. 41 Varsity Show 2. 31 Vlunior-Senior Play 31 FFA 1. 2. 3. 41 Seeretary 2. 31 Bi-County ITA Secretary 2. "Thark real George" Navy My ability to make speerhes in assembly to Mr. lfitzpatrirk. NANCY' lNlARIIE SMITH Vw ,i1'1o,x.Ai1. 'Smitty' '... April 25. 1937 Newport Nariq Smith uzzntr In um! in .1 !lIcf7.l?'lNI6lIl mmf. Sly!! be rurreuful, need I my nzffrc? FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretary 3, 4. "Aw, heck?" Clerk in a Department Store. My interest in the FHA to Ruby Roush. 5 it -il A 4i"".. w JANET LOUISE TROUT Co.mI1:Rc1A1. "Jan' '... November 11. 1956 Newport jmzef Tmn! xv .1 Ijfllil In be. Shall fi! info ilu! fob ilu! like .1 Band 3. 45 Chorus 2. 3. 4g Varsity Show 1. 2, Girls' Varsity Club 2. 3. 4, Basketball 2. 3. 4: junior-Senior Play Prompter 3. 4. "Don't know. do you?" Housewife My position on the basketball squad to Anna Mae Seaman. MARY ELIZABETH JANE WAI.LIs VOCATIONAL "jane" . . . November 26, 1937 Liverpool june Uyillir will be iz Home Er Tearher. We're Iure in leacbiiig, no one u-ill eier rearh ber. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 4: Varsity Show 1, 2, 5, junior- Senior Play 3, Usherette 4, County Band 1, 2, 3, Music Night 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. "Ya don't know, do ya?" Beautician and Housewife My ability to hunt game to jerry Charles. .-if Y 4 'Nei' if ir all - .gg ' .. f. 5 'J -J f if '- J 1, L3 1-A S ,1 avi.: 1374 ' 'ai r I 1 3 7' ed K ' Y' 4 if ii I, .2 K 4 4.5 x 5 .3'Sw"fE". if 'N Q- :mr ' -' I X 1' 'axffqi -v:'Z"l I 'Q , 1 4 2.143 .. ' 53.5271-f 0 ai f 'f A-' 'A -. - R' '1' nfl-1 ' I . 11: ' 3' ' VIRGINIA ANNE LORRAINE WAI.LIs V0cAT1oNfiL "Ginny" . . .November 26, 1937 Liverpool To Virginia Wfallif, mum' il dear. Ir'I going to be her Iurreuful rareer. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4, Varsity Show 1, 2, 3g Junior- Senior Play Usherette 3, 4, County Band 1, 2, 33 Music Night 1, 2, 3, 41 FHA 1. 2. 35 Chaplain 4. Ujeepers Creepers" Musician My ability to become an "Old Maid" to Dorothy Dietz. CORP. RONALD WERTZ U. S. Army Fort Dix, New jersey CLASS PRUPHECY This is the city Newport Year 1970 Our names? An insignificant factor in thc occurrences about to be rcxealcd to you It is Iall A few leaves of different types and xarying in color are falling all around us It is near Thanksgiving and the streets arc jammed with people running to and fro The wind makes an errie sound as it screams and roars among the towering sky scrappers of this now thriving metropolis We stop in front of a huge building of stone decorated by gle ming marble pillars Curiosity got the best of us so me began the long trek up the stairs Upon entering the building we were surprised to see a xery familiar face It was that of ohn Reighter an established banker in these parts Upon speaking to him w learned that Cora Regt and Louisc Sharar were employed at his bank as sccretaries and anet Trout as a typist We further learned from him that his buddy and a close one of mine Glen Miller was named chief chemist for the Dupont Laboratories last year Upon hearing this we decided to usit Glen We procured from ohn the address and immedi ately set out for the laboratory which was situated on the far side of town Due to the almost impossibility of procuring a taxi and our dislikes of the crowded subways we decided to walk We were going for lunch when we noticed two nurses whom we recognized from the far side of the street They were Patsy Saylor and Carol Soult For old times sake we ins :ted them to have dinner with us We were happy to learn that Carol and Lamar were happily married and getting along just fine Carol informed us that Lamar was now captain of the famed Detroit Lions Football team Upon leaxing the restaurant we noticed something strange about it Of course' It was a Chinese res taurant and guess what7 Ronald Cox and Chester Carl were the proprietors It was about office going over some important papers We talked over old times for almost two more hours when suddenly a loud explosion racked the whole left wing of the building where the office was situated We rushed out of the office and into a laboratory down the hall where the explosion came from There we found Kenneth Clegg and Ann Campbell staggering around the room each holding a broken test tube in their hands I knew they didnt pay attention in Mr Rothenbergers chemistry class We decided it was too dan gerous around there so we left and headed back to town This time we took a taxi and to our surprise Darwin Campbell was the driver He told us the car was a Rudy Maxwell etmobile His employers were Ronald Gross and Bill Morgan He also told us that Richard Beam and Gloria Bailor were married and owned a huge farm outside of town He took us to the square where we immediately encounted Reba Fleisher an English teacher at Dartmouth College She informed us that Virginia Wallis was a now well known musician and Dixy Sarxer was a Captain in the Waf s Speaking of Wafs I hap pen to know myself that Ray Metzger and Daud Frye had also joined the Air Force Of course they didnt go for adxenture they went for not game but Wafs We con tinued speaking to Reba but learning nothing further of our former classmate we bid her farewell By this time it was 5 00 oclock pm and we were very hungry after our unscheduled tour of the city As we were walking down Campbell Street fnamed in hon or of the heavyweight boxing champ of the world james Campbell vue noticed this figure on the roof of a building As we drew closer we recognized it to be that of Bill Hower He was busily singing and paintrng the roof of Hunter and Dillman s huge de partment store Upon seeing us he dropped ex erythmg and immediately came down He looked so surprised he could hardly speak Could you if you dropped a bucket of paint on a policeman s head7 Especially if the policeman happened to be Daud Little Boy what a day Dave told us he yoined the police force after he sen ed a four year term in the Air Force We were also mformed that Clarence Newlm was now a successful farmer in Wisconsin and owned one of the largest farms in that state a ' ' , ' ' , - J l 1 i A ' . A l , C 2:00 p.m, when we finally arrived at the Dupont Laboratories. We found Glen in his Bill told us that jack Ramp was a pro-basketball player and his team was unbeatable. He also said that a few of our classmates were Jake Dillman's secretary, Nancy Smith was one of the main clerks and joan Bubb was managing the shipping department. It was getting rather late and we had to be back in Washington the following morning, so we said goodbye and headed for the airport. We received our tickets from none other than Josephine Fleisher, and upon entering the plane found our crew to be former classmates also. My good friend jim Sharar was pilot, George Smeltz was co-pilot, and Gladys Lerch was the stewardess. Sitting in front of me was Daryl Campbell who was on his way to fight jim Campbell for world's heavyweight boxing crown. He was involved in a conversation with Alice Cantrell and jo Super, also, on their way to Washington to apply for government jobs. jo had her radio turned on and was listening to the famous folk artist of radio and TV, Roger Salyards. In a few minutes we landed at Washington's new airport which was constructed fas I later found outj by David Oren, chief engineer for government construction jobs. As we reached the gate we saw the familiar face of Donald "Mort" Collins. He said he was waiting for his wife who was coming in on a later plane. He told us he had achieved his ambition to become a swimming instructor. In fact, he was an instructor for the U. S. Navy. What he told us next nearly knocked us over. He said julia Rush was secretary for the U. S. Board of Health and Marvin Clouser had made his first million as an account- ant. As I walked away I began thinking, what a day it was. Meeting all my former class- mates and, oh yes, in case you're wondering, I happen to be a traveling salesman. JIM SEIDERS il.i1 i.-l ..-1 Freld Trip- 55 Shorthand Class HOWCI W'orking- This Ole House Receiving Line Sophomore Tea CLASS I-IIISTURY September 1943-A new life began for quite a few little tots of Newport and vicinity. It was a land different from the land of "Give me this," or "I want thatf' or "that's mine." Here under the guidance of Miss Alice Walker and Miss Elizabeth Tucker we learned what it meant to share. For some it was very difficult while for still others it was hard to even learn who they were. Wfe left first grade with visions of "Dick, jane, and Sally." In second grade Miss Pauline Wfhitekettle and Miss Martha English taught us to spell and do some simple arithmetic. Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Baker proceeded in third grade to teach the multiplication table and advance us in reading and spelling. Fourth grade was quite different. We were introduced to geography and history. CHowever students aren't the only ones who forget. One crisp fall morning Mrs. Oyler came to school without her dress. Fortunately she had on a long coat and things ended very well. Mrs. Hoke and Mrs. Johnston steered us on to fifth and sixth grade where we changed classes for the first time. Fall of 1949 ushed us into the high school building. It took us six months before we dared venture upstairs and see the sights. We elected officers to guide us with our first problems-having a Halloween float and a class as- sembly. In eighth grade, we took on new interestsfboys and girls. Special recognition was given to Carol Soult and William Morgan for winning the eighth grade American Legion Awards. Again we entered a float and put on an assembly program. In ninth grade we moved upstairs. We were lucky to get Mr. Rothenberger as our class advisor. Tenth grade found us busy trying to plan and serve a tea to the seniors and their mothers. Many thanks to Mrs. Soule, we made it. Mrs. Mary Brandt and Mrs. 'lane Wertz served as our hostesses. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with spring flowers. A group of our own class formed a small band and played while the seniors sipped tea. That night we held a dance. How pretty everyone looked. Spring was in air! 1955 and 1954 ushered in the peanuts. Everywhere we turned we found peanuts. Early in january 1954 wc started planning our prom. Our theme was "Stardust" We decorated the auditorium with spring flowers and pine boughs. We used star studded crepe paper and the ceiling with a revolving crystal ball as the moon. Delicious refreshments were made by our faith- ful home ec girls and served by several members of the Class of '56. We helped the seniors finish their year by acting as ushers and usherettes at their Vesper Service and Commencement Exercises. Many music talents were discovered in our Junior year as Vir- ginia Wallis represented Newport at State Band and Glen Miller won a music award at Commencement. In the last few years we had been planning the work for the "Blunita" At last the work began. We ran the concession stand at the football game. It was quite a successful year. The crown of Apple Pan Dowdy Queen in Perry County was won by Joan Bubb. She also represented the county at the state baking contest. Blunita was our biggest headache. Plans for class day were completed and May 27 saw 48 sad seniors marching down the aisle for the final look at Newport Joint High School. Yet inside they were somewhat happy. They had spent 12 of the best years of their life at Dear Old Newport High. Class '55 as Third Graders Class '55 as Freshmen ""'F .Fin hw gran tr mi I W V 1 v CLASS UF N57 First row: J. Gabel, M. Wright, L. Myers, S. Fosselman. A. Amsler. M. Haines, S. XX'elfley. N. Cas- ner, H. Haines, V. Sheaffer, J. Downin, G. Knisely. M. Steffen. J. Robinson, P. Sheaffer. M. Saylor. Second row: S. Troutman, J. Lenig, J. Dillman. R. Roush. N. Heisey, N. Wileman, C. Holley, M. Gibney, C. Moretz. B. Light. M. Fulton, L. Deckard. C. Carpenter. S. Myers. N. Keller. S. Wright, A. Wright. Third row: I. Bitting. J. XY'ilson. H. Focht. D. Hoover, R. Todd. D. Hetrick, H. Troutman. H. Clouser, E. Galic, J. Spotts. D. Myers. E. Wright. C. Baker. K. Harry. R. McVey. Fourth row: S. Trout, G. Xwright. M. Kline. XV. Kimmick. R. Lerch. L. Seaman. L. Campbell. J. Brown. R. Flickinger, NW. Deitz, T. Karstetter. K. Hultzapple. P. Houck, VU. Sheaffer. T. Sarver. Fifth row: R. Shultz. H. Markel. J. Klingman. D. Clegg. C. Droman. F. Jacobs, R. Campbell. J. Sheaffer, G. Laverty, L. Shutt. P. XX'ilson, G. Rhoades. As Sophomores, the Class of '57 wins acclaim for active participation in school life. This year's agenda CLASS OFFICERS consisted of a Thanksgiving Assembly Program, skat- ing party, St. Valentine's Dance, and Sophomore Tea given annually in honoring the graduating Seniors and their Mothers. Advisors-Mrs. Soule and Mr. Brown. Preriderzt ............. ............ MARVIN KI-INE Vire PV't.fiIjE'7If ...... .. ..... SANDRA FOSSEI-MAN V K LIGHT Secretary ............ 7'n'.1.f1u'er.. .... SARA XVRIGHT Eighth Grade Adlf.fOfJ MRS. SHEARER MR. BLYFFENMYER 8-A First row: G. Landis, R. Miller. A. Kahler, D. Jones. V. Huss, F. Fleisher, G. Haines, E. Heisey, R. Harry. T. Wright, G. Noll. Second row: G. VUilt, V. Mitchell, V. Henry, A. Miller. J. Markle, S. Foster, C. McNaughton. L. Light, K. Downin. L. Leedy. Third row: J. Galic, D. Myers, L. Ehrhart, F. Gougler, M. Markle. C. Evans. L. Freeman, C. Gardner, W. Little. 8-B First row: S. Bell, J. Potter, S. Camp- bell, L. Cumbler, C. Campbell, D. Baer, D. Coller, J. Asper, J. Arnold, J. Baker. Second row: D. Bailor, K. Casner, A. Arbogast, P. Bupp, P. Page, B. Cox. L. Comp, D. Bonawitz, J. Lesh, C. Campbell. Third row: E. Cas- ner, J. Carroll, J. Clouser, S. Peters, C. Carl, L. Myers, C. Geedey, H. Bier- bower, L. Brookhart, E. Clay, C. Crock- CII. 8-C First row: M. Robinson, B. Speroff, N. Walborn. J. Westford, R. Klingman, S. Sheaffer, J. Kretzing, M. Showers, K. Strickland, K. Strickland, C. Rudy. Second row: B. Rhoades, M. Collins, E. Smith. G. Sheaffer. A. Rudy. L. Wallett. J. Steckley. C. Miller, M. Shaw, P. Sweger, N. Rhoacles. Third row: B. Shields, F. Rudy, D. Rice, P. Troutman, P. Shuman, L. Trout, M. Wright, W. Saylor, R. Rhoades, W. Miller. Shutt. Seventh Grade Advirafr MISS SHARP MR. HOUSER First row: I. Ewing. D. Arnold. B. Hammaker, R. Barrick, L. Blaine, P. Galic, F. Boova, M. I-letrick, G. Eber- sole, C. Cassel, E. Harper. Second row T. Chilton, D. Crow, J. Carl, W. Hoff- man, J. Focht, S. Hall, N. Amsler, J Clouser. W. Hestor, A. Foose. E. Du pert. Third row: V. Charles, M. Ben ner, S. Freeland, R. Bailor. F. Carnes R. Bennett, J. Geary, P. Cox, L. Comp P. Burd. First row: B. Miller, J. Kahler, P. Lenig, B. Latchford, J. Barrick, B. Lightner, H. Kline, D. Page, L. Reigle, R. Reisinger. Second row: E. Peter, T. Shepley, G. Lerch, D. Rush, A. Little C. Jacobs, D. Knepp, M. Longwell W. Miller, J. Latham. Third row: R. Potter, D. Shenk, R. Shick, S. Mayer, C Mathna, B. Miller, V. Seiders, R. Mil ler, B. Miller, R. Rhoads. First row: J. Wright, C. Welfrey, R. Bubb, B. Wallis, R. Zeiders, T. Zang, C. Smith, S. Fritz, G. Hench. D. Fossel man. D. Shull, J. Knisely. Second row: L. Strawser, J. Wallace, M. Troutman B. Shuman. V. Smith. B. Smith, M Fleisher, B. Huss. M. L'rich. Third row' J. Moretz, A. Varner. J. W'itmer. C Speroff. O. Campbell, T. Woods. J Trout, R. Shutt, C. Smith. iw 1'-"' 1' lEllGll'llT SETS UDF TWHNS llN Nl-ZEWPURT SCHOOLS The teachers of the Newport Schools are more confused than the students in attempting to solve the problem of identification of the unusual number of twins in our classrooms. Of the eight sets of twins, three are in the Elementary building, four in the Junior-Senior High School and one at the Center School, The Class of 1955 shares this distinction through its two members-the Wfallis Twins. er 1- 'gg 9:7 'yi' nik '1 i"s-av S 0 r xv .sa ?np- IA Larry and Barry Bornman Henry and Harry Knouse Terry and Thomas Wright i 21.9 'i .Jw Q7 Marian and Mary Hagstrom Jane and Virginia Wallis -5,1 I- Y' E-rr Jane and james Troutman Edwin and Charles Dupert Barbara and Virginia Smith 7 ,fff Z4 K CLIFFORD I. RAITITENSPERGER li.S.. Albright College ME.. Pennsylxania State Vniveristy buperintentlent Snyder Atltlrtsses liroup XY'e recognize the efforts of all the elementary teachers who were patient and diligent in making it possible for us to travel from 4th street to ith and Caroline. Mr. Clifford Raffensperger. an alumnus of Newportffllass of '36, is principal of our Ille- mentary Schools. To Mr. Raffensperger and the teach- ers he represents we submit our appreciation. Atlministratixe Conferente Senior Skating Party " is Mr. lirinser .intl -lunior Hariri Mtrizlvtrs Senior Home Nursing Demonstration f-., Sl MR. RAFFENSBFRGER 6-A First row: T. Potter. B. Campbell. R. Snyder. N. Zang, S. Xwalborn, B. Mitchell, J. Dotson. L. W'alborn. Sec- ond row: C. Clay. P. Bitting. D. XVhite- kettle, J. Dillman. J. Freeland. R. Erick. R. Howell. Third row: F. Vifillow, L. Scott. C. Baker. C. Baker. C. Holley. B. XVillis. R. Taylor. Fourth row: D. Frye, A. Willis, B. Baker, J. Holley, L. Wright, P. Flickinger, B. Speroff. MRS. ESLINGER 6-B First row: D. Baker, D. Crist, G. Rob- ingson, D. Knouse, L. Wright, G. Kline. Second row: K. Wallett, J. Myers, R. Wright, P. Miller, J. Shearer, W. Flickinger, M. Buckwalter, D. Baer. Third row: C. Riggles, B. Morrison, W. Mitchell, P. Showers, C. Kipp, M. Baker, J. Dorman. Fourth row: D. Strohm, R. Burd, J. Hultzapple, R. Wright, J. Buffenmyer, B. Shatto, N. Trout. MRS. ESLINGER 6-C First row: J. Arbogast. J. Coller. J. Heisey. P. Campbell. V. Houck. R. Smith. D. Campbell, P. Huss. Second row: VU. Light, P. Saylor, D. Rockey. J. Westford. S. Crissman. P. Musser. D. Huss, C. Cressler. Third row: S. Rhoads. H. Zimmerman. F. DeLancy. E. Rhoades. M. Clouser. K. Troutman. W. Cox. R. Seiler. Fourth row: C. Free- land. VU. Trout, G. Shaw. R. W'itmer. O. Benson. E. Bingaman. E. I-lower. Absent: Barry Neidigh. MRS. BORST 5-A First row: D. Barrick, R. McNX'atty. A. Little. H. Geedey. R. A. Campbell. B. Wright. Second row: L. Howell. J. Seiders. K. Holly, M. Reisinger, B. Smith, J. Cox, J. Burd, C. Horting. Third row: G. Crockett, R. Gardner, M. Miller, B. Varner, C. Miller, j. Holley, P. Zang, R. Shultz. Fourth row: N. Campbell, L. Kiner, T. Reisinger, R. Page, R. Lenig, H. Witzler, N. Ben- nett. MRS. JONES 5-B First row: B. Rodes, C. Neidigh, R. Sheaffer, P. McKee, P. Orris. Second row: D. Troutman, S. Todd, N. Mc- Keen. J. Sharar, W. Smith. Third row: J. Ford, C. Hultzapple, J. Kipp, R. Wallis, C. Wright, S. Baker, R. Carns, B. Clouser. Fourth row: M. Enck, P. Dietz, J. Dowin, K. Flickinger, D. Deckard, W. Cree, B. Crist. MR. RHYKERD 5-C First row: R. McGowan, L. Wilson. D. Smith. L. Hulbert. Second row: D Sharar. D. Bailor. B. Peters. G. Trout- man. J. A. Klingman, T. Markle. M. Miller. Third row: M. K. Doyle. H. Clegg, L. Smith, N. Kumler, A. Boova V. Miller, P. Clouser. Fourth row: M. Charles, S. Campbell. L. Baker. S. Pot- ter. N. Crist, S. Huss. A. Dick. MRS BEASOM if--5 First rov E Lrich Lenig B Potter J Hetrick E McNaughton T Sheibley Second row B Rudy R Amsler R A Campbell D Coller j Little N Houck M Campbell E Bonn L Campbell Third row R Lerch T Fitzpatrick C Sheaffer S Peters R Wilson P Gingrich G Jones S Garland Fourth rovs j Clouser E Henry T Trout S Buffenmeyer J Ramp L Henry J Campbell M Stitzel MRS HOKE L! First row: D. Crockett. J. Musser. . Flickinger. XXL. Lerth. N. Gross H. Anderson. B. Groce. Second rowi V. Haines L. Stitzel C. jones B. Rudy. j. Little. F. Foose. j. Bell, W. Stimeling IN. Soult. Third row: P. Asper T. March L. Miller R. M. Ebersole. C. Barrick. G. Dorman. L. Blaine. J. Zeiders. Fourth row: S. McXX'atty, j. Wilwn, j. Bitting. A. Gardner, R. Oren, P. Eber- sole, C. Burd. G. Neilson. Absent: N. Radabaugh, D. Wfillow, K. Ford. MRS. BARTON 1 p Frrst row B Aclcer D jones R Bonn G Taylor 1 Buffmgton G Stuckey G Burlcepxle M Garnner J Henry Second row J Wrxght D Lxght N Myers D lxexdrgh C Sherbley Nl Peters G Howell J Wagner C Cressler Thlrd row T Drck A Smrth G Campbell M Galxc D Rapp K Butcher C Sowers -I Lmdsay Fourth row K Bennett M Dorvuart R Leonard K Dorman M Carroll D Frye J Wright J Crow Absent L Drew P Freeland B Brookhart MRS BAKER 1 in-1 Flrst row S Stone L Rergle J Wnght J Geedv V Showera C Strltkland M Vieltlew L Klmgman L Shutt Second row J Troutman D Holles C Holley J Schrelber L Campbell S Hoke K Snyder O kerdlgh S Deckard D Comp Thrrd rom jl-lagbtrom A Rudy L Hott man R Freet J Troutman N Hulbert M Zxmmerman F Spaller Fourth rovs J Hrnkle H Hoke M Prxddrs K Lxndsay V Clegg B Shumaker N Llih I Harry G Hultzapple Alben! B Hench J Wrtmer 1 l ""u-' 1 , f ,I .V A 1 . yup. KF' MARTHA K. ENGLISH 2-A First row: B. Bornman, C. Shull, C. Reisinger. D. Sheaffer, B. Groce, N. Brandt. S. Black, B. Turnbaugh, P. Clay. Second row: M. Campbell, D. Fhrhart. W. Howell, L. Bornman, C. Zeigler. J. A. Bonn, D. Wfalborn. L. Leiter. Third row: M. Smith. Ogden, P. Dotson, C. Orris. S. Witmyer, M. Gross, R. Strickland. Fourth row: S. Myers, J. Numer, J. Brown, R. Holley, M. George, D. Schell, E. Murphy. Ab- Sent: J. Mattern. MISS WHITEKETTLE 2-B First row: M. Musser, M. A. Ogden, J. A. Troutman, D. Kennedy, S. Baer, C. Barrick, J. Czubowicz, B. Myers, F. Lightner. Second row: D. Flurie, K. Bitner, E. Burkepile, W. Biddle, T. Rudy, D. Jones, P. Zeiders, N. Buffen- myer. Third row: L. Freeland, D. Lit- tle, D. Kalkbrenner, J. Bower, L. Bark- ley, W. Ramp, P. Frye, J. Roush. Fourth row: E. Borst, W. Bitting, D. Wright, D. McNaughton, R. Ogden, L. Sheibley, S. Oren. MRS. MARY COX IL and 2L First row: L. Zink, G. Lenig, J. Schreib- er. L. I-Iolley. Second row: W. Miller, D. Hulbert, P. Crow. C. Dorman. E. Groce, C. Wallis, R. Horting. D. Shu- maker. Third row: D. Book, J. Hoff- man, C. A. Sheaffer. D. Shaffer. L. Baker, L. Dudley, L. Brightbill, P. Boyer. Fourth row: S. Horting. C. Kerr, B. Barner. J. Burd. J, Wallis, J. Burke- pile. R. I-Iochenbrock. HELEN HOKE 1-A First row: B, XX'alborn, Di Dick, R. A. Gardner. S. Gross, W. Gardner. G. Campbell. S. Smith, H. Sheibley, E. Peters. Second row: B. Wolpert, A. Amsler. M. Trout. M. E. Myers, R. Trout, M. M. Harper. C. Gibson, T Brown. Third row: D. Potter, H. Knouse. R. Little, L. Howell, C. Stuc- key, C. Dudley. E. Myers. Fourth row. S. Clouse, C. Cox, S. Leedy, P. Sowers, P. Smith. R. Hall, D. Bennett. Absent: H. Knouse, S. Clouser. MISS TUCKER 1-B First row: J. Saylor, L. Miller, F. An- derson, P. Crissman, M, Shearer. E. Little, R. Pricldis, Kitner. Second row: T. Campbell, W. Fleisher, C. Bower, R. Campbell, M. McGowan, j. Rudy. L. Sheaffer, G. Morrow. Third row: E. Dietz, H. Frett, T. Bonawitz, R. Carns, G. Potter, J. Page, D. Rhoades, M. Bupp. Fourth row: A. Gardner, R. Holley, K. Wfhitekettle, A. Newlin, S. A. Bitting, G. Katchmer, C. Hurting. Absent: R. Rhoades. ELEMENTARY SAFETY PATROLS First row: R. W'right. B. Morrison. F, DeLancey, B. Flickinger, G. Robinson. J. Hultzapple. C. Riggles. Second row: J. Myers. J. Shearer. H. Zimmerman. J. Buffenmyer, P. Miller, J. V'estford. MRS. RAPP- Oak Hall First row: L. Bubb. E. Saul, R. Chap- man, B. Tressler. D. Reisinger. G. Hol- man, W. Reisinger, XV. Fuhrman. E. Rudy Second row: T. Lyons. M. Frey, L. C iney. J. Smith, L. Reisinger. J. Smith, J. Kain, J. Wentz. J. Fuhrman. J. XVright. Third row: B. Knisely. M. W'right. S. Rudy, J. Kline. J. Adams. R. Myers, B. Fleisher, B. Kretzing, D. Reisinger, M. Smith. P. Tressler. MR. FLICKINGER - Wila First row: R. Lithe, A. Lesh, D. Bark- ley, C. Wentz, J. Kline, C. Dupert, D. Wentz, J. Asper, L. Arnold. Second row: D. Knisely, C. Noll, A. Fossel- man, W. Lesh, E. Myers, D. Blaine. L. Knisely, R. Smith, P. Barkley, R. Rol- ston, W. Wass. Third row: J. Bubb, D. Rudy, C. Labialc, P. -Maurer, C. Freeman, L, Reisinger, R. Tressler, C. Naylor, C. Smith, S. Holley. RECESS SCENE AT OAK HALL The pupils shown in the play scene are enjoying one of their many games during recess time under the supervision of their teacher, Mrs. Rapp. These play scenes one year hence will be a thing of the past in the rural sec- tions of Perry County as plans should be completed to have all these schools closed. MR. SHEAFFER-Markelsville First row: A. Knisely, A. Jeffries, D. Sheaffer, D. Baer, C. Rudy, R. Arnold, C. Fleisher. Second row: P. Wilson. L. Casner. M. Asper. N. Saul. K. Bubb. M. Kretzing, B. Smith, B. Wright, A. Lyons. Third row: Mitchell, R. Wright, L. Fleisher, M. Dupert, D. Blaine, S. Shuman, L. Gibney, C. Tay- lor. L. Frey, R. Tressler. Fourth row: A. Longwell, D. Freeman, C. Holley, H. Smith, R. Campbell, O. Haines. M. Campbell. MR. BYERS-Centre First row: L. Wright. P. Rhoads, K. McConnell, D. Wright. D. Woleslagle. J. Shaffer, N. Reisinger, R. Urich, R. Kessler, R. Shatto. L. Erving, M. Shutt. Second row: C. Helsley, C. Wright, B. Reisinger, A. Woleslagle, A. Arbogast, C. Showers, B. Jacobs, L. Shaffer, G. Campbell, G. Wright, L. Shutt. C. XVal- born, C. Urich. Third row: P. Jansen, J. Kline, T. Wright. R. Heisey, K. Ewing, K. Rhoads, D. Woleslagle, S. Speroff, G. Snyder. D. Ewing. G. Walborn, D. Shatto, T. Wright. MR. KOCHENDERFER-Pine Grove First row: R. Seaman, D. Troutman, R. Lerch. H. Bingaman, R. XY'allett. M. Smith, J. Jones, G. Baker. Second row: J. Foose, B. Snoddy. P. Crockett. J. Miller, B. Baker, W. Bender, P. Finton. A. Stitzel, S. Troutman. E. Jones, F. Buckwalter. Third row: Lf. Finton. A. Shotsberger, P. Harper, L. Campbell. L. Howell. J. Snoddy, G. Holley. E. Finton. X l ,nf 13.25 'flaf me fi' HISTORY julia Rush and Patsy Saylor ADVERTISEMENT George Smeltz Chester Carl Bob Rudy Donald Collins LITERARY EDITOR EDITOR IN CHIEF Pat Saylor JUNIOR EDITOR Lewis Cressler Carol Soult PROPHECY POEM WILL SPORTS EDITORS Jane Wallis Roger Salyards Dixy Sarver ADH Campbell and John Reighter jim Seiders BUSINESS MANAGER Reba Fleisher ART PHOTOGRAPHY PICTURE SALES SUBSCRIPTIONS jack Ramp jim Sharar Jo Super Bill Morgan CIRCULATION Glenn Miller Lamar Freeland TYPISTS jim Campbell Louise Sharar Chester Carl Julia Rush Dixy Sarver N'E'WlPURT .llUllNT HIGH SCHUUL B..-kN'flD Top row: J. Sharar. T, Kauffman. G. Laverty. J. Ramp. S. 'I'routm.1n, G. Floova. B. Hestor. P. liretz. R. Earnest. D. Campbell. K. Hultzapple, D. Collins. J. Reightor. I.. Mayer. V. NX'.1llis. G. Miller. J. Robinson, L. Cressler, J. Dillman, F. Brinser. Second row: R. Yfriglit, K, Downin. J. Baker, J. Domnin. B. Soult. G, Neidigli. B. Freeland. L, Broolchart. A. Vfertv. I.. lxfgilseeal. J. Wlillis. F. Boom. Front row: S. Fosselman. C. Gable. D, Bonnawitz. L. Declcard. C. Soult. S. Frve. B. Lav- erty. XV. Kahler, E. Smith. M. Fulton. J. Myers. B. XX'elfley, S. Freeland. M, Kraft. S. Flsh, D. Dietz. Our band composed of students from all grades . . . adept performers .it footlmill games . . . played for pep rallies. Newport Halloween parade, Annual Music Night. etc. . . . performed at Harrisburg Annual Marching Contest and Middletown Armed Fortes Day . . . sent representatives to County, District. and State Band . . . Mr, Foster M. Brinser, director. On Parade at Harrislvurg Marching Contest ,ir 1 ga ' Y ' v ebxvhfi ' - 14 f- .. gn an can 32' 2? .. 'E-, 27 vga' .Y F , 2 J sf J K - ' ' 1' 4 wg' .x I Ex GX K IP? ii' N me 2 IKZ-: -- gc 1 sf- ...., ,, we -4 -L " K - '-, " ' ,zlsufsi 27- '-4 i X D A ' r-1? 1 fwfr. X. ' 'a- J "- . ' -Q. - ' Q N 'ixltxxh-. BAND FRONT Majorettes and Twirlers Faithful performers at all football games and parades. Perky band front members catch all eyes as they prance in parade. CHEERLEADERS V-A-R-S-I-T-Y.. . . added spirit to football, basketball games, pep meetings . . . aching backs and cold shivering knees dominated squad . . . introduced new yells . . . planned programs for pep rallies . . . emphasized sportsmanship and school spirit . . . Dixy Sarver, Head Cheerleader. 3 . ' I f' Q . i ' 9 , . 4 ,, ,S I ,- f- 'ii . , If -1 9 4 ., w D I , . .7 . I its su f w' ww - -H 1 .-1 ww -,vx --,-, ' " ali' 9 Q AIJASS lf9im HCDX UR STL Dl4f,,N', p.lfNY 5.1ylu:', Ylulm Rn-xghtu. Rplm I'lKlNhl'I', Cylnnn Mlllu. Carwl Nvult r Q . R E C I PI EQQYTS O F N E WP K BRT 'V fli1RS .fX 'Nfl Y Louis: Sharm. P.1tSy Sklylur. Carol Swult, Glyn Mlllcr. X'i'1ll1.1m Biorgan. ,Irwhn Reightcr K QUIILL AND SCROLL S YVY V B Q Dj JITQH , EQ polar! XM i -'QA AY 1 Ai fg J 5 a .4 ,pea- .Ns I -K ,M 1'--L t"::. , 1 43 Sl BLUE AND 'Wfl'TlTE Our school paper, "The Blue and White," of Newport joint High School celebrated its 55th anniversary this year, Thirty five years ago the "Blue and Wfhitef' published in a magazine form, consisted of .1 collection of themes selettions from English classes, To- day articles are assigned to various reporters to be written for the paper. During depression days the "Blue and XVhite" staff published the paper in mimeo- graph form, Since 1947 it has attained its present form through the cooperation of the Newport News Printery. The "Blue and XVhite" has received distinctive recognition. It is considered a first class newspaper. The "Blue and XY'hite" belongs to Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion, Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association, and Quill and Scroll. Many members of the staff also belong to the Quill and Scroll. Pins are issued to those members. Three members of the present staff attended the Pennsylvania Press Association Convention held at Penn State College-P. Saylor, P. Dietz, and D. Brown, Many useful things are learned at these conventions. The paper consists of two staffs . . . the literary and the business. The literary has charge. of all articles written and the makeup of the paper. The business staff has charge of all tinancial affairs andthe distribution of the paper. 'Q' fl NEWPORT CHAPTERH FUTURE FARMERS OF .AMERTCA Top row: G. Smeltz. C. Johnson. R. Drew, R. Campbell, J. Moretz, P. XX'ilson, G. Sheaffer. D. Oren. J. Kipp. R. Kauffman. J. Roush. L. Wfilson. G. Holley, D. Fry. J. Steffen. Second row: D. Camp- bell, F. Jacobs, C. Jacobs. J. Kline, R. Maurer, D. Houck, XV. Kimmich, D. Little, G. XX'right. J. Sharar. Front row: Mr. Altland, J. Sheaffer, C. Newlin. G. Crow, G. Little, J. Kline, R. Beam, L. Shutt. Vocational Agriculture Students have been affiliated with the FFA-since June 5, 1940, when the Newport Chapter was chartered. It has served in motivating and vitalizing the systematic instruction offered to students of Vocational Agriculture and to provide further training in Farmer Citizenship. Each member undertakes a project such as shoat fattening, bee raising, vegetable gardening, etc. The chapter as a unit conducts such projects as corn picking, testing soil, and salesmanship. Participation in county, regional, and statewide activities is encour- aged. The Newport Chapter makes diligent plans annually to cooperate wth the instruc- tional phase of the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Officers of Newport Chapter FFA are: President, G. Little, Vice President, G. Crow, Secretary, Kline, Treasurer, C. New- lin, Reporter, R. Beam, Chaplain, L. Shuttg Sentinel, Shevaffer, Advisor, XV. Altland. George Smeltz and James Sharar are officers of the Bi-County Organization. Newport FFA Boys All Set to Return from Two Cornhusking Projects. i ' . Q. mar-Q ,J X. :pg on md P' I ll Q' ja 'TN "U Q ,4.. .X 'Y X X. NEWPURT CHAPTER- IFUTIURIE HUMEMAKERS UF' AMERIICA Top row: Mrs. Shearer, F. Barkley, M. Geecley, H. Xwright, j. Bubb, D. Howell, P. Myers, N. Keller, F. Clouser, S. Steffen, K. Stambaugh, j. Zaring, M. Campbell. Second row: P. Cumbler, M. L. Barrick, R, Brown, M. Haines, N. Casner, R. Roush, S. Welfley, A. Amsler, C. Longwell, D. Latchforcl, H. Mitchell, Front row: F. Harper, G. Lerch, N. Smith, M. K, Crane, J. Wallis, V. XX'allis, D. Buckwalter. An integral part of home economic program in our school . . . It offers opportunity for the future development of pupil's initiative in planning and carrying out activities relative to homemaking. Thirty-three members comprise our group. Very active during the year . . . preparing and selling two school lunches per week . . . preparation of cookies and candies, also, gathering clothes for distribution to needy families at Christmas . . . demonstrating the art of making covers for paper handkerchief boxes . . . field trips . . . competing in two baking contests, apple dessert and cherry pie. joan Bubb, senior member, won the local and apple dessert contests and placed sixteenth in the state. Six girls attended the regional "C" convention at Cressona High School and are also planning to attend the FHA Convention at Penn State University in june . . . Mrs. Pauline Shearer, advisor. "Home Ec Girls on Field Trip" OFFICERS Prefldenz ............ ....... IN f. K. CRANE Vlre Prefidenl ....... ....... -I . VVALLIS Sfffdldfj' .......,..... ....... N . SMITH Treufurer. .,............... G. LERCH Cbaplairz ...,... ................... V . WALLIS Song Lmder' ....,......... D, BUCKVVALTER Neuu' Reporter ...................... F. HARPER JUNIOR ANfID SfElN'fIO.R QPL..+X Y 'I Wlrltl ffiILLfIilID ,,4XL"N'Qli' CfXQROLlNQli1" "Entire Cast" Y r- 'Consequence of Doped Tea" One of the clminiltic highlights of the year was gix en when the Seniors and juniors colliborated in presenting the mystery-comedy 5 act play entitled "XY'ho Killed Aunt C,aroline?' The presentation was well received by both student body and public. Activity centered .around Mrs. Endicott. .1 poor woman, who taught pi.1no lessens and labored to sup- port her family. Aunt Caroline, while visiting Mrs. Endicott, is poisoned and consequently many ch.1r.1cters are woven into the plot. "XY'ho Killed Aunt Caroline?" Surely not Riccy, it fine young fellow. Nor kind-hearted Mrs. Endicott, Nor cute Beryl or sweet Cecily. Nor Dan Donovan, the high school football hero, or Agnes, the sister type girl, that Miss Mabbitt, Aunt Cnrolines committed the act. CAST MARY KAY CRANE Mfr. Efzdimlt RUTH A. EARNEST Atwer LLOYD MALSEED Ring DIXY SARVER Bug! PEGGY DIETZ Cerily PATSY SAYLOR Ann! C.1wlfr1e Miss Mabbitt Being Questioned A jittery Tea Drinker Surprise is exhibited by everyone when it is discovered personal secretary, LOUISE Sl-IARAR REBA ELEISHER RONALD GRASS JANET CAMPBELL ANN CAMPBELL REBECCA SOXX'ERS jI'I.IA RI'SH NIH Aflbbllf PAILINE BRETZ .IAMES SEIDERS D,111J 'lfwzzzpwrz LEXYIS CRESSLER GLENN XYEIDIGH 13.171 Dwmzeul DAVID ERYE ANNE VVERTZ Mui N.zcI..11r1 CAROL SOI'LT GLORIA HAILOR I,'r1.1 fl.IQ.177I.IPI SAIQNDA MILLER ROGER SALYARDS 1.2. Cl.15!fn1 TED XX'II.I.IS Pwffzplem JANET TROl'T MARTINA SMITH JOSEPI-IINE ELEISHER ANITA LATHAM Cmzrbef INIRS. EDVVIN SOELE INIRS. ALFRED NYOLPERT "Red Roses for Madame" Z S E X I p UR ' S Y. 2 hz:- ...PE-1: Ah Pop, Qui me mu bus XXhm, dld l-ull Aunt Camlmc Chow S On "Watch the Blrdxcn "Tea for 22 f "H.,f1,P5" Hlntcrntii mn P6 Kneeling: F. Harper. M. Smith, A. Latham. S. Fossleman. S. Xlfelfley. M. Haines. First row, Coach Joyce Park. A. Clouser. D. Trout. L. B. Light. L. Xlfilson. R. Vfriglit, G, Knisley, R. Earnest. M. Crane. Second row: L. Myers. C. Soult. F. Clouser. D. Sarxer. -I, Super. J. Trout. M, Charles. S. Steffen, A. Viertv. GlRLSl 'V,.4XRSITiY' CLUB Activities of Girls' Varsity Club supervised by Miss Park. are of a nature whereby sufficient funds are raised to purchase suitable awards such as sweaters and letters for the girls recognized as varsity members. Fourteen new members were initiated during the '54-55 season. The club was organized in the fall of '53 and presently composes Ll membership of 2-1 girls. "Female Bucket Platoon" PM lldtflf RLYTH ANN EARNEST cf PV:'1,1Jc'.'.' CAROL SUI 'LT Sew'e1,zvj,-Tn.: .wtf wr ANN XX'FR'l'Z y . I gfl 2 g4' 5 Q Q ,Af gxf 'S X.. 5 ffm-:. 5+ h:- .i' ' i,' x Q xi Sitting: 1, Reighter. G. Clouser. C. Maxwell, XV, Roclcey, D. Collins, G. Miller. E. Wlrightz Kneel- ing: XV. XX'oods, K, Hultzapple. XX'. Soult, j. Klingman. J. XX'itmer. D, Oren, T. Willis. Standing: Mr. Houser. Mr. Fitzpatrick, C. Carl, G. Neidigh. L. Cressler, XX'. Morgan. G. Shull, R. Cox, NW. Hovver, D. Campbell. j. Campbell. L. Freeland. J. Ramp, Mr. Rotkey. BUYS? 'VARSTTY CLUB Under the leadership of Lamar Freeland, Presidentg 'lim Campbell, Vice President, and Daryl Campbell, Secretary-Treasurerg the Varsity Club has sponsored several aetivi, ties. These boys have completely controlled the club, the varsity show, and initiation. They initiated 13 lettermeri this year. At their football banquet they had E. E. QShortyj Miller, Prineipal of Edison junior High School, All-American Football player, as their guest speaker. l They also participate in the All Sports and Band Banquet in the spring. Money they earned from the Varsity Show was used to help defray expenses and purchase honor awards, All members of the Varsity Club and future prospective members contribute to the success of the ever popular presentation known as the "Varsity Show." Never to be forgotten moments of the Initiated Q? .41 l 3. s.J'1 FN LPS I l LES ROCKEY J. CAMPBELL '55 D. CAMPBELL '55 C. CARL '55 R. COX '55 Head Coach TOM FITZPATRICK QQVEPQ ,, Q iiwpcgi-RT A R Assistant Coach f 'Q 1 , L Ei-if "f4fffW49M W it 127' A W QL f -G' ' .,,, . ' ' iff A ' it ' Left Halfback Left End Left Tackle Center CLOUSER '57 7, I 1 Q? , if I X s, 1 - ' 1 if iw' V :,wxfi'gf', . 5 f mmf! ' 4?ifg""5ff ' . ' V 153' 'fm V. , f' , ',. 1 , V Vw 5233? 5 .tw , dif f- 3 .: , "J 1" uv 56524 iiwtf' L -gxju i" 1r"' I ff:-f 13 Jw... .44 Halfback 'g KLINGMAN '57 N lfgtfyafiziia 'Fwd 5 Q if " 1' , ' -'Ffmfhll 'ff' ' a Jqtls 4 A "L, w,-'9f13.w9?12a, if-es Guard CRESSLER '56 NEIDIGH '56 SHULL 56 WILLIS '56 X 5 Ei ' f 'SH M f ' BN :.-19' ' if - A , A f .M W 5,5 .I A W X .. ,9,g ' , 'riff 'haqlyv 1 I 5 A . tai? 5-Jw? 6 'f5J:F!'7s- Q,T'W'Q i' ' V V 'J' 1 W gl" ,- -: , i. V .J -5' A Q , cfm' 1 V, N .Uv -' hm .vu f a ,- -Q-. S . 4. 6 .i I . - ' W, xi'-r ,,,!.:' v I - ' W' 1- fin! , " - .-' W: ' ' -12,2 ' ---A f f.41sH"vf J' 751 .- P-.5 452 , ' 3. ' , , -5 ' . "' fr: ' ' 'ia " Q4-1, f ' '4 tl ' f 'zt f' S A it -- A' fff'-PM 11fw32?'7T'L'ddpmL -r"f"" f 'eff Right Guard Right Halfback Right End Left Guard L. FREELAND '55 W. HOWER '55 W. MORGAN '55 D. OREN '55 i X Cemef Fullback Quarterback Left End KIMMICH '57 Q-' X 4 - lx fl: r.. S CLEGG 'sv , , f,.x: as Guard " XQ - SARVER '57 ,L Q 1' 5 Li, . , ,vf-5 ' gy if ,H 3 'Q 'J ' + -y 4 J.. , 1- .B 1 5 LN I A: ii. ., jg' Halfback 13' ffiqi' 5 f ' VK X 232, :f'x.z':p ' 'M' :,:9i X ,L Center WITMER '56 'Z CROWE '56 SOULT '56 WRIGHT '57 A 'uf' X - 44 : If 5.3 M h Q , 4 S' Eg g f 5-'fm ' -ff 4 , F4 -5 L B 5 M ' '-7".'f 'QPR' nt. " 5 1-:ff ' M W 'E 3 4 6 2 " 'f b ff fx " ,'31?' 5"5 if " " "f Right Tackle End Guard Halfback N VARSTTY FOOTBALL HIIOHLTOHTS The 1954 Newport joint Buffaloes opened their sea- son under the direction of Head Coach Lester Rockey with a 38-6 victory over Dallastown. Carl scooped up a Ram fumble on the second play of the game to score. Freeland, Newports stellar center, blocked two punts which resulted in two more touchdowns. Daryl Camp- bell with jim Campbell throwing a key block ran 84 yards to score. The Buffaloes passed one of its toughest tests with flying colors as they downed a power laden determined Selinsgrove team by the score of 7-6. Early in the second quarter Carl skirted Selinsgrove right end for a T.D. jim Campbell toted the ball around end to score the all important extra point. The "Seals" climaxed a 50- yard drive by scoring from five yards out. Freeland blocked the attempted placement kick for the extra point. The second half was strictly a defensive battle. The entire Newport team played fine on both offense and defense. Outstanding were Carl, Freeland, Hower, and Cressler. Chester Carl suffered a foot injury in the latter stages of the game. The Buffaloes journeyed to Lykens and were sur- prised in meeting a spirited and improved football team -the final score being a 6-6 tie. Lykens scored in the second quarter on a 50-yard pass play. Newport scored its lone touchdown on a six-yard end around play by Daryl Campbell to top a 65-yard sustained drive. jim Campbell's 43 yard run on the end of a five yard for- ward pass highlighted this drive. jim Campbell picked up more yardage than the entire Lykens team. Outstand- ing also were Freeland, Frye, and Neidigh. Newport's long unbeaten streak, one of the longest in Central Pennsylvania, was broken as the Highspires "Tigers" came from behind in the last four minutes to defeat the Buffaloes 12-6. Lamar Freeland blocked a punt early in the first-quarter and Daryl Campbell scooped it up and ran 13 yards for Newports only score. Newport's team played brilliant defensive ball. Stellar performances were made by Freeland, Willis, 'lim Camp- bell, and Hower. Newport's game with Carson Long was only a few minutes old when Larry Trout recovered a punt blocked by Lamar Freeland in the end zone for a T.D., jim Campbell followed with two touchdown runs of seven yards and 20 yards out. Lefty Wright scored the fourth touchdown. The Cadets scored twice to narrow the gap to 25-13. Jim Campbell, Lamar Freeland, Larry Trout, and jay Witmer played their usual fine game. At Elizabethtown Larry Trout repeated his act of the C.L.I. game when he scooped up an Elizabethtown fum- ble and ran 30 yards to score a touchdown. jim Camp- bell picked up the other six points on a 60-yard run. The Buffaloes added two points when Freeland tackled an E-Town back in his own end zone. Final score New- port 14-Elizabethtown 6. The Newport Buffaloes played one of their finest games when they upset the favored Juniata joint Indians to the tune of 14-13. Jim Campbell scored all 14 points. The Indians scored early with six points but the Buffs came back with Campbell going three yards to score and adding the extra point. The Indians came back to score seven points and take the lead at halftime 13-7. During the second half it was all Newport with 'lim Campbell scoring from seven yards out and again adding the all important extra point to put the Buffs ahead to win 14- 13. The entire team was outstanding. The Buffaloes romped to victory over Perry Joint by the score of 32-20. Newport's second stringers saw plenty of action in the second half during which time the "Bobcats" scored 20 points. The most crucial game of the year which had a direct bearing on the Twin Valley Championship was won by Williamstown in the last two minutes of the ball game by thc score of 6-0. The outcome was in doubt through- out the entire game as both teams staged offensive drives only to be stopped by the fine defensive play of the other team. Williamstown's six points came as the result of a break in the final stages of the last quarter. Newport met Susquenita in its annual Thanksgiving Day game minus the services of a number of its regulars. Susquenita came to life in the second half after a list- less first half to win 15-O. The play of jim Campbell stood out for Newport both offensively and defensively. The class of 1955 will graduate seven seniors who were varsity lettermen in football. They are Chester Carl, Bill Morgan, Bill Hower, Daryl Campbell, jim Camp- bell, Ronald Cox, and Lamar Freeland. Due recognition was given to the entire football team at a father-son banquet held in Social Rooms of the Newport Meth- odist Church on Dec. 2, 1954 by the mothers of the football boys. The main speaker was Eugene "Shorty" Miller, former All-American, who dwelt on the subject "A boy who will not be licked can't be licked." Newport .......... ....... D allastown ....... ...... 6 Newport .....,..., ....... S elinsgrove ......... ...... 6 Newport .......... ....... L ykens ........... ....i. 6 Newport .......... .,.,... H i ghspire ................,,.. 12 Newport .......... ....... Newport .......... ....... Newport ........., ....... Newport ....... Newport .......... ....... Newport .......... .....,..... Carson Long Elizabethtown Juniata joint Perry joint Williamstown Susquenita 6 142 109 Jim Campbell was named Twin Valley All-Confer- ence back on the first team and Lamar Freeland was selected as All-Conference Center on the second team. INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Total Ydf. Average Poizzlr gained frored Jim Campbell ,..... ......... 1 011 7.6 48 Chester Carl .,...,. .,,,, 2 93 13.1 18 Bill Hower ,.,.... ..,.. 1 47 2.1 6 Earl Wright ....... ,.... 1 32 5.5 12 Larry I-Ietrick ....... ...,. 7 5 1.7 6 Bill Morgan ....,.. ...., 1 8 2.6 Gil Clouser ....... ..... 2 1 5.8 Ronald Cox ...,....... ..... 5 8 2.5 Glenn Neidigh ...... ..... 8 6 4.8 Daryl Campbell ...... .. 24 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Larry Trout .....,..,,,,,, Lamar Freeland Glenn Shull .,...... Total Ydr. Average Point! gained :fared 12 10 6 Newport's Co-Captains Freeland in Hot Pursuit Campbell on the loose .IIUNIIUR lHlllGll-ll FOOTBALL r 5 pf. J". ff Fxrst row Hetrxck Manager Sharar Campbell Harry Sheaffer johnson Clay Musser Cox Stexgleman Hoffman Gaugler Second row Trout Wrtmer Fosselman Campbell Maurer Mrller Geedy Wrlght Hoover Lesh Clouser Todd Kexter Lesh Thxrd row Coach Houser Shenk Peters Saylor Bennett Grbney Strawser Sharar Myers Markle Rothenberger Kerlxn Mrller Helsey Kahler Cams Manager The Newport Jumor Buffaloes under the tutelage of Coach Stanley P Houser racked up a successful record of three wms two defeats and one t1e wxth an mexperxenced squad At the close of the season the followrng were elevated to the Hxgh School Squad Dave Mlller Ralph Lesh and Dennxs Kerlm jerry Rothenberger and Corbett Strawser served as co captains Newport N Newport Newport X Newport Newport A LL: V 'L :I A Q 'A I V Newport ----'----'-. U--H--on if ' ' ' Q, ".fflQ" its 5, FL? , alse s r tf 1' Q-lil L Q'mAM'..1'r:' J' Rothenberger Houser Strawser Perry joint Mxllersburg Susqueruta C L I Perry jomt C.L.I. ..... . W- MORGAN J- CAMPBELL J. RAMP L. HETRICK W. WOODS fl.. Forwardj QR. Forwardj QCenterj QL. Guardj QR. Guard, A quick glance at the results of the 23 game season makes it seem unnec- cessary to comment further on such a performance as this. Much of the praise must go to Coach I-Iouser for his ability to urge the team to greater heights. The team started its league play with an unbroken string of 55 consecutive victories . . . completed the season with 14 straight wins to extend the num- ber to 69 . . . but not without a struggle . . . a three point margin was the difference in the Greenwood game. Team work marked the play of entire squad. Newport will miss the tower- ing height Of Ramp on controlling the bankboards, the all around stellar play of jim Campbell, the set shot ability of Morgan and the supporting roles played by Freeland, Daryl Campbell, and Collins. Competitive spirit and determination to win . . . very evident. Buffalo rooters relieved to see Kenny Hultzapple ably fill the gap left when Hetrick was sidelined due to illness. The four Varsity Lettermen: XVOods, Hetrick, Rockey, and Hultz- apple remain as a nucleus for next years team. X OVER-ALL INDIVIDUAL SCORING F.G. F.T. F,M F.Pct. T.P. Ave.fOuls J. Campbell .,.. ......... 1 38 196 151 66.872 417 10.5 79 J. Ramp ....,.,.. ......... 1 25 150 79 60.8921 525 14.1 77 W. Morgan .... ......,.. 1 16 32 15 469W 247 10.7 44 L. Hetrick ........ .,.... 5 1 90 47 5am 149 7.8 38 K. Huimppie ..... ...... 5 s 47 31 70.012 107 4.9 25 W. Woods .... .,..,. 5 5 51 za 54.990 94 4.1 66 L.'Freeland ..., ...... 4 10 5 50.092, 15 .s 8 W. Rockey ........ .. 5 15 6 40.025 16 1.0 6 D. Campbell ....... 2 7 1 14.36727 5 .2 16 D. Collins ........... ........................... 4 8 0 0.0925 8 .5 14 J. Rothenberger ..... .,............................ 0 0 0 0.0fR 0 0.0 0 l OVER-ALL TEAM SCORING RO. RT. RM. F.Per. TP. Ave.fouls Nev-'Port ------ .......... 5 75 596 344 57.7fn 1574 59.7 378 Opponents ---...- .......... 5 58 602 290 48.296 966 42.0 567 Time Ou I R amp on 3 Tip-Off NcW'p0rt Newport Newport Newport Newport Nc:wport,,, Newpnrtn. Newport. Newpo rt,., Newportn, Newport, Newportn. Newport., Newport, Ncwportn. Newporth, SEASON RECORD Xevvport ,,,,,,,....,,,,,.... 55 ,,,,.50 ,,,,,38 ...,,,,,48 ,,,,,,,69 ,,,.'4 M56 ,..."1 52 ,,..,..50 ..,,,,,62 ....,,,59 ,,,...,5fJ ,,,,...9l ,"6 'G , ,NGS McClure ,,,. Selinigrovc McClure , Selinsgrove Suiqucnita Bfillersburg . Millcriburg . York Springs ,49 ,59 40 ., ..,,,..., 39 A17 Z5 Q1 mpbc., f L 63.0117 Ncwprvrt, Newport, Newport. Newport, Ncwport. Newp0rt.,, f? IAN 51- ,52 ,GI ,,,.,..50 ,,,,,,,66 ,...,.,68 ,,,,,,,6R V wx J' Susqucnita ,,,.,,,, .,,,..,, 5 0 Grecnpark ,,,.. ,,,...r, 3 2 Carson Long ..... ,,,,,,.. 3 6 Perry Joint .,,,, ,.,,,,.. 4 3 Greenwood .,,,,,, ....,,.. 4 2 Juniata Joint 62 EaQt Juniata ,,,,, , A ,IO Blain ..,.,,,,,.... ..,,.,., 5 9 Grccnpark ,,,,, 29 Carson Long 41 Perry Joint 40 Greenwood ,, 47 Juniata Joint 45 East Juniata ..,.. ..... 2 8 Blain ,,,,,,,,,,, 39 fix 1 Atl x.'v'l V591 ., in T K - J Vfoods has Competition XY. ROCKEY D. COLLINS I.. FREELAND D. CAMPBELL K. HVLTZAPPLE QI.. Eorwardj QR. Forward QCenterJ QI.. Guard lR, GU-itil R 1Y1l1k11'1.2Cf DT. Rr-tlunbnr J. Bmxvn XY' Kahlcr I Kline . lx ihull . . I.. M.1ycr .. 'If XX'1111x R. Musser R. Slmrar G. Stiugkmen 'If bmw: . R. Lush ,,,, Newport Oppurucnts SEASON S R . W'V"lll .1 15..Xb.1x.11, 1 15 X.1.,.1, . .1 CQORING R1ZC.ORDf1L'N1OR VARSITY FU. 1f'I 105 11-3 A18 NJ .. . S4 mu g9 'L . 56 3' 55 ZS 20 36 . 12 13 11 15 . 6 -1 . 4 5 -1 13 0 0 TEAM Sf PG. 17.1 3'6 4141 S31 'til I. . .M 5- sv 26 -if 111 164 10 3 1 -1 1 0 .ORIN ITM 216 W3 G 111. in' 11" Sr- Q" .1R.3'f if. fx: 2' 11" wi " S11 11' -111 11' Z0 11' ZS uf, -411110 ll " 11 uf? 1fP1t. 44129 -111-V2 '1' 1' 251' 159 134 121 5411 -LJ SH S11 25 13 10 9 0 TP. 968 9-15 Aw 11,6 T5 6.1 5.8 4.-4 4 4 2,6 lu- 1,4 1.0 1.0 0.0 AKC 42.1 41.1 Ifuuls 51 63 44 -12 Zi we 56 116 27 1- w 15 0 Fouls 425 511 Vnsiry Buys C11-C.1p:a1m Co-Captains-Newport Lassms Q ix S, ,f5"' x. 1 Standing: M. K. Crane. F. Harper, D. Sarver, J. Super, Miss Park, F. Clouser, M. Charles. J. Trout, L. Sharar, Sitting: G. Knisley. C. Soult. R. A. Earnest, A. Wfertz, R. Wfright. A. Latham. M. Smith, A. Clouser, M. Haines, S. Welfley, L. Myers, B. Light, S. Fosselman, L. W'ilson, D. Trout. S. Steffen, absent. GHRLS' BASKETBALL The Newport Buffaloettes for the 195-4,55 season had an overall record of five wins and three losses. Under the tutelage of Miss Park the team made an auspicious beginning by winning their first four games and then lost the next two by the close margin of two points. Five senior girls will be lost to the team through graduation: Dixy Sarver, Jo Super, janet Trout, Carol Soult, and Manager Louise Sharar. jo Super and Janet Trout were named to the Perry-Juniata All-Star Team, Names jo Super . .... . Dixy Sarver ...... Faye Harper .. Carol Soult ...... Ruth A, Earnest Alice Clouser , Loretta Myers Martina Smith Anita Latham Shirley XX'elfley Sars er jumping Quarters Field Fouls Fouls Total Goals Att'ed Made Point BASKETBALL SEASON 33 253 Newport.-............6I Susquenita il 4 76 Newport................59 Susquenita 1 6 1 '3 Isewportm.............56 Greenwood 4 0 I 0 0 biewport................37 Green Fark 7 7 9 4 8 fsewport........ .....28 E. Juniata g 10 4 14 Niewport................51 Blain.,........... .......53 4 5 4 1 7 Isewport ............,.,. 20 uint V ...........,... .27 2 0 Z 0 0 INewport................43 Perry joint 1 1 0 0 2 Two for Super Alert janet Trout Soult Shooting ' ,. xglsgw K ,l Q J Wil I I I A 39 iw.'!f'feh lm -., ,. 533324: Ia: 43, 'SE Q. ' "QQ 0 Q . He. I 1135 4 4 ' '20 Qing' , W1 4, Mg Um sirfijxlwia ax-xilbs I fi k 2 if A 5 Ly, sf? ' ' W aa . I 4-0' A, V 573 i A ' If 53 is T H? in I-lm: Vu ' 7 U Q3 A 11 f. .3 . -4.1, gx K .-'. WEB! , A - I x .4 ,Q V1 ,- Ai-jfxk N 4 s i ff f l 4 , Q ' 'A uf . 2 op n M Ile sio MOORE HARDWARE Plumb ng Heaf g Roof g Spou'I g MILLERSTOWN PA o e Fa Eq pm H Mach e y Ne m CI HAIR BROS 81 MYERS New Bloomfleld Pa General EIec'I'rIc Appllances Furnaces AIr CondIIIoners PHONE 43 NEWPORT AUTO PARTS C OI' Quallly paris for all cars Iruclcs and I'rac+ors PHONE 298 PERRY FARM BUREAU CO OP ASS N Feeds Seeds Ferilzers Pamis Pefroleum Eledr cal Equ pmenI' Farm Suppl es Owned by PERRY CO FARMERS Offce Ne porf Pa Phone 390 or 3 Branch Loys Ille Pa Phone I Complumenfs RHEAM S ROLLER RINK Mud ay BeI een Ne pori' and Mllersfo n NEWLIN S RADIO AND TV SUPPLIES Newpor'r Pa IEXPERT ANTENNA REPAIRSI IFI1' S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT Im , Wmf fl N HARRY'S RESTAURANT Lunches DInners Home Coolu g P mp+ Co Ieous Servuce N EWPO RT PA JACK SHADES STUDIO Commercial Pho+ography NEWPORT, PA Weddmg, Po I BIIS, Baby "Will Pho+ograph Anyfhing, Anyhme, Any Place" Sh I I r wn a'I I , In , In , In - , . , . . . M or rm uI enl' -' ' I. . In r , w Idea Far E uipmenf llfllllnolll NAIVIST 1 u "ReIIabIe Shop ServIce" I , IN . .. . I I Il I I ,F , I I I I I I I : w , . : v' , . ' I of I " ' w w ' ' I ll w I w U Q- 2 I 1 1 ' I r I . r r . 'n - ro ur ' , . ow7fm7fwQ6J6oo'21AvTcv Tie SENIORS OF I955 ENSMINGER STUDIO SMITH s Music STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS H B LESH JR O OF .955 W F 5 LOYAL ORDER OE MOOSE NO I562 P Y J J NEWBERRY CO Harrisburg, Pa. Complimenis of I Newpori, Pa. . . , ., wner Besf ishes, Class o '5 New ori, Penns lvania Four Capfams +o One Freeland and D Campbell Combune Theur Efforls Thus plaque as affached io bullcl mg ai Veferans Memorial Parll presen+ecl nn fhe m+eres+ of fhus commumfys youfh Campbell Pene+ra+es Perry Jomts Backfneld Freeland Tackles Hvghspnres Porr 4 "N, DAVID ,mm Compllmenfs of REBAS BEAUTY SALON 364 No 'Ph 4+h Sfreei as 4 23 xx' x LH? By Appoln1'men+ Phone 345 1940771 x wma? ALMAS BEAUTY SALON Compllmen+s of ZUCKERMAN S F DEPARTMENT STORE DEAN W LYONS Wnla Pa GENERAL MERCHANDISE MOBILGAS AND OIL Hampton. Snyder 8: Seeds -mmmnn so anna mmrmu New aLooM FIELD PENNA Lumber Millwork Bulldlnl -vvsuvsnvvvvvovv av-pp-q0NE 49,-Auvs. .-vvvvvvvvvvv IF vou A : Avmc ron A Howl wmv own our-1 R. L. DITMER Shoe Service 223 WALNUT ST. NEWPORT, PA "We Docfor Shoes, Heel Them, Tend fo Their Dyeing and Save Their Soles" Wi X, .,,. .,,, i A- ff i,,.,, M. i ii'ifl: MYERS KELL FUNERAL Home K T I 1 'N . T lg Q .,'? 1 14 f y - 1' in L 51 ,. vi 6165, xvk! WW XTKT -sf, Nxt A A , x A if ,, XlA 5 Exo Willard Ballerles ualcer Slale Oil P D JONES GARAGE O'ffic'aI Inspeclion Slaflon A Aur REPAIRS ...W AMOCO GAS GOODRICH TIRES Phone 287-W Newporl' P . DEPENDABLE SERVICE ' i ROY M DUFFY 5' Eleclrlcal Supplues Flxlures and Appliances 304 Marlrel Sfreel Ne porl' Phone 7W YOUR SCHOOL ELECTRICIAN Wilmer Hoke Supplies and Equlpmenl' For Schools and Offices NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Newporl Penna Dlslrsbufor of GULF RODUCTS and GOODRICH TIRES FLICKINGER lillllll PLUHBIIIIS so s Plumbmg ancl Heahng Phone 22R NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Compllmenls TRAIL DINER Roule II and I5 DUNCANNON PA New Modern Aur Condll oned Compllmenls CHUBBY S RESTAURANT Formerly Penn Cenfral EDITH CHUBB Prop Mlllerslown Pennsylvania On I'he Square X . . Q . . 'lbs 00' , a a ,a -1 f - A. C. SCHILL H' M. 8: N ,Q P I of ol I I I BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 55 May Success and Happmess Be Yours HALLS DAJRY Counfry Fresh Dalry Producfs Laborafory ConI'roIIed and Pas+eurlzed or Your ProI'ec'hon MILK CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK BUTTERMILK Phone IIO R3 COTTAGE CHEESE REDDI WHIP ICE CREAM Mlllerf wn Pa Comphmenfs N E BLACK Buick Ponhac NEW BLOOMFIELD PENNA Sales and Service The Cho c PRINTCRAFT Graduahon Personal Cards an Commencemen+ Announcemenfs PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY INC Sca+ 5 a I I ll ll U ' f - - ' so , . ' I e of of Discriminaiing Seniors cI . I , r n on , P . Complumenfs of MORRISON CH EVROLET XL flaw WWZQZZZ WW CARS AND TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE 24 Hour Towlng Servlce Body Shop and Froni' End Alrgnmeni' TELEPHONE 220 34 NORTH FRONT ST pori Pen DUM S FARM SUPPLY Ne por+ P PHONE I80 R 6 E, Opera+ed by J F DUM JR Armslrong Tlres DeKalb Co n AQUA'-gy, a cl Ch clrs CompIlmen+s of H D FAUL Insurance Brolrer NEWPORT PA Telephone 30 J L G Balfour Company Known wherever Ihere are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS AND TROPHIES W. G Ross I20 Soufh Second S'I'reeI' Wormleysburg, Pennsylvanla x Aff' T ' A ' New , na. W , B- A' I A Owned and :figs " 4. T . I I . ' T 0. I 14 ,- - X Q' yi!! , n 5 PROFESSIONAL WILLIAM MAGILL M D LEONARD B ULSH M D Soulh Second S+reeI' Telephone 30I N 'rh F Telephone 2I9 DDS Merkel S'rree'r Telephone 6 Marlcel' S+ree'I Telephone 45 E TODD D D 3IO Marlcef SI'reeI' Telephone 266 JANISON D 38 Second TELEPHONE 225 ALAN WOLF A'H'orney 26 Nor+h Second Sfreef TELEPHONE ISI Herberl' M Baker REGISTRAR and RECORDER Perry Counfy I l D 200 or .our+h Slreel . E. P. HEWLING B. F. Barlho, M. D. G.. , . .S. EJ. ,.D.s. S+. Complimen+s of NEWPORT PRODUCTS CO. AND ITS EMPLOYEES Producers of "Ice TreaI"' Producfs for Malling Frozen Suclcers in +l'1e Home Complimen'rs of +l1e FRIENDLY TAVERN NEWPORT GAS COMPANY INC 3I SouI'l'1 Second S+ NEWPORT PA Complele Llne Gas Appliances Tappan Caloric Hardwlclc John Wood Wafer Healers PHONE 440 367752 VHLUE5 VIRGINIA S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 396 NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Compllmenfs ROHRERS STORES Duncannon and Marysville PHONE DUNCANNON 23l Marys lle 342 J Complumenls TOOMEY S MILL Defmde Feeds for Deflnde Needs WILA PENNSYLVANIA Pl1o e 432 J 2 MILLERSTOWN GULF SERVICE lumenh of A complefe service or Comp S flue moI'orus'I BUCK SHEAFFER Wm c E NEAR:-aooo PI-ACE Manager on me Squ re Sunbury a cl Mal S'I'reeI's M Ile s+o n Pennsyl ana Z M , . . . 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COMMUNITY BUILDERS Complumenfs of R A RICE 81 SON Newpori Pennsyl ana Newpori' Dress Facfory Congrai' Iahons CIass of I955 BATA SHOE STORE NEWPORT PA Shoes 'for 'I'I1e E hre FamlIy PHONE I74 J 367752 V4L!!E5 H R WENTZEL AND SONS Ivory Flour Perry Feeds I F p Ph e 55 P 20R2 J H BORST 7 WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER Cenfer Square Newpori' P Compllmenfs of AUMON S JEWELRY STORE Newport X-f. Greenhouse ?lacaa4 df, Wm Phone I75 'Flowers 'For aII Occasuons 5? .1 5 . . ., ' , v I u . E I, n . - ll U mtl . Q . N .5 C ia ' Q . O . I I I I A 9' fn g Q, f In Q Q , New orI', Pa. on 3 Landisburg, Pa. hone I '3- I Complimenfs of E G KEPNER Your OIuver Farm Equlpmenf Dealer Phone I08 I NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA CO Newporf Pa 'gezfzfem 'Valued MAGEES CUT RATE Wh I Phone I 04 N EWPO RT PA 01' X X xx: Compllmenfs of BENNIE F CARL Newponr PA CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK S D Earnest Newporf Theafre 1 l NNW COMPLIMENTS OF 1 TH NEWS SUN I f' ll l o I I I . A - T.,- I ' I af American Greefings Breyer's Ice Cream I man's CITOCOIBTES I X b H x X 7 1' ln f ,, A -in .ff a n d .-it Eff-EX . 2 QQQA., l . , I Your: HEALTH Tiazzgfmess DRL! 6 fm Bossermans Drug S+ore EARL F GOWER Pharmaclsf Newporf Pennsylvama f iqalrt. 3-4 RALPH J LESH CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH FIRESTONE Phone 20 I J pl mouth Newporf Pa HERE 1715! Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of 55 NEWPORT HARDWARE Complumenfs of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE R E Wnley NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA NEWPORT APPLIANCE HOIPOIHI Appl ances Sales and Ser Plumblng and We mg Confracis R HORTING JR PHONE 2I7J SHIFFER BROTHERS Dealers of KELVINATOR an AND RCA SAVE Ne por? Pa TeIe slon and Rado Sales and Ser Philco Zen +h Dumonf and Adm ral W W SHOWERS 23 Soufh Second S+ PHONE 43 W NEWPORT PA Q I G 4 I I . 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I . , a. ,711 Z I ' l CompI1men'rs of JIM S STORE emembe' CompIvmen+s of RICES HARDWARE 81 GIFTS FOR SMOOTH DRIVING AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Q D E HALL 3 37 N Ih S+ SMITH S Candy Ice Cream Groceries PHONE 23 R GEO C RODES Mg NEWPORT LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Phone 8I NEWPORT PA W F CAMPBELL 81 SON MOTOR EXPRESS Mnllersfown Pa Esso DEALER P ROBERT E SMITH Fuel OII and OII Kerosene PHONE 270.1 NEWPORT PA NEWPORT ATLANTIC STATION Gas Oul Lubncahon Car Wash Servuce 1 I l Complimenfs of 3 or . 1 N . Efx ' HR' ew or' a Newport Pa. M QQ ,X PHONE I45-J f . . , r. Ni H. . J. P. erfz E. K. SouIe Com Iimenfs of 9 f 5 NEWPORT AMERICAN LEGION Pos+ I77 WORLD WAR MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION of Perry Counfy 955 Amerlcan Leglon Awards 55-C Sou++ W Morgan presenfed annuaIIy by Posf 56-R Earned L He'l'r1cIc I77 fo 'Iwo members of II16 LIgI1I' R Fluclunger elgI'1+I1 grade for dlshnchve 7? 58-J Nellson qualuhes were received by J Ro+henberger sfudenis shown K L Courage I956 SCI1OIdI'SI1Ip I957 Leadership l958 Servlge '5W"'EQ "' Qwmwwwg Xaxfw Compllmenfs VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Wllllam H Saylor Pos+ No 34 Newpor'r Pennsylvania DAVIS Compllmenfs Furnaces Sfoves Tmware of A Friend Roofung and Spouhng NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Con ra+uIa+ions Class o '5 and Honor I 0 - I' l I ' . 3 ' . . . A- -f 'sv-a. - , . ' ' . . . N: ' i ' 0 -wi rf 'sv , ng .1 .2 A -A 3 x gy ti .gik ,LVL K J aaf of U O 1 ll 0 . - n I I 6 1 ... 3-1---.. , 1. "' V3 , I -FJ Ja U ' ls-1L..t" ' . . va .,p?' -'I ., "Vl M , ,.. Tl s 5 Jai W I Y Q 'Q X 4. v .1 tl .A 7-mf -1 ji! ,dl- ig ix SCI-HMDL wRCHim-5sTR fx AUTOGRAPHS FA R EYWELIA N D T fldl A NK S As we approach the day when we will graduate from Newport joint High School, we, the Class of '55, are conscious of the fact that we owe a debt of gratitude to individuals who made our graduation and this Blunita Yearbook possible. To our parents . . . we extend our sincere thanks of appreciation for their many sacri- fices in making it possible for us to remain in school for the past twelve years. XVe compliment the various unit Boards of Education and the Newport joint School board for the many facilities and advantages afforded us, XY'e recognize the "profession of teaching as being creative work with its basic ma- terials, the minds, the hearts, and the ambition of impressionable youngsters who des- perately want and need guidance." Wfe, the Class of '55, are ever grateful to all our teachers during the past twelve years. As we continue our perpetual climb through life, we should like to thank them for their guidance, wisdom, and tolerance, XYf'e appreciate the cooperative support given to us by the various individuals and or- ganizations who have assisted in financing this yearbook through the medium of adver- tising. Wie encourage you to patronize them. We wish to bid farewell to our fellow schoolmates and offer our thanks to them for willingness to make this yearbook possible, We extend to the Class of 1956 our best wishes for a successful year and '56 Blunita. - Final Copy Shipment ,go ' vwqy f- .1 ' M i 'JN' " ae., lbs., :J-gf? K a A My A an ,Az 5: ,gr Y1,,i-41. Q ' h 'A . I J. N mb 1 i "Q ' .. - Q aa V- I T I Q bviug, . :. .L A - ' '- c '. , as 'M .2 Q.: Jn V L V Y 'A'E.:,..2g5i Yearbook Completed Frame of "Greater" , l 115- x4 Newport joint , YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS A LITHOGRAPHED 1 P O

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