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Y K A Q2 im my 'S ff? L +. if Q, :QQ 5555 233542 TH h x A E 52:5 :MSI 43- ,R a X ,kV, 4 www Q V ., di- wf-2, V:-. -. f 1 M. ,an w 0 ,,.,,, Y-annennn., -. 4-.Q K 4 . wwf? rf. , 'Mk X , A f SR? i, is I Qggf'-V ml ll l Il ll 1 ,X x Q 2 f lg I-a??2 It 'W' A ' .932 YI l'l I 1 ul fm 95 fl Drama PIPCPIIYOCI by THE SENIOR C I ASS NEW PORT PENNSH LX ANIA of Nc-wport Joint High School ' 'Y LTL' 7 fl LT ll ll Il sl .l ll B lunita Staff These are the w11ters of our play if v' -ifk Top: J. Trout. P. Saylor. Mrs. Wolpert. B. Peterrnan. M. Gardner. Third: L. DeLancey J. Wright. W. Super, D. Charles. J. Shir-k. R. Wallis. L. Campbell. Second: R. Bals- lmaugh. L. Haines. D. Haines. R. Charles. C. Dick. M. Stahl, D. Sarver, J. Amsler, R. Wiley, R. Woods. Mr. Houser. Front: S. Kennedy. A. Baer, S. Myers, S. Snyder, H Buckiwalter. S. Wilson. R. Kipp. J. Shutt. P. Knisely. S. Cumbler. R. Bolinger. R. Rice. BOB RICE Editor Q STANLEY P. HOUSER. .'K.ll.. XI.Erl. Susquelianna liniwrsity l'e-nnsylvania State flollega- "All the worldis a stage. And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts..- With a few liberties the preceding quotation "As You Like lt" could read: "All the schoolis ll stage. And all the pupils merely players: They have their exits and their entrances. And one pupil in his time plays many parts." Senior Class Advisors l'.KH'l'lllfNl.'X XYULl'l-IRT. .-LB.. Pennsylvania State Colle-ge Nl NK. from Shakespeares N. You. seniors. are finishing one of the acts in your lives-school life. Its many phases. curricular and extracurricular. have been filled with challenges which you have met successfully. Now you are departing from the stage of the Newport Schools and will start another act. Friends. teachers. activities. and studies-all will be fond memories. Some of you will further your education: some will go into the business world: many will become homemakers: and others will join the armed forces. What- ever your choice may be. we want you to know that we. as advisors. have endeavored to work with you. understand your problems. and in a small way. guide you during your school life. We have learned with you and will cherish the memories of our associations. To you we most sincerely say: "The best of happines. honor. and fortunes. keep with you!" ,Vx X INI, IIIII'IIIlmllulllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lWWWWMqggm 'UW 'Q 111335: 1.'1?!'1m lg ',wH.:1m5 Q 3!1w3x,1,,, M WMV Y N ,M 1N'W1.i, U1 W M X Wi wi" ' . w, M1 33 ,MLN ,MW X W 'WQ'. W 15? M ' ,- W , 131115 E! ? 3W1N" WWW 5 W-' r HEFNQ .,:1:.g! l H! I 1 V 5 .Y,,- 1,117 I Mx 1,!' x MM IU K s ll III!!! Hi ---'II r eos 5 Ca pe, 6 Q y 6 'Of as Q0 6616 46 dp so 117 00,4 I 90 '10 1,8 fb S60 nfs 11? 6 Qofjp Q00 J' 8 1361-I6 GS aj ag, USG 1 1? I, 4061- leo O11 QP 6 6 a IO ode Q lb J' 6' I' 1? 0 AZ? 0 1' 6 IJ e .9 01 Ie G06 I fw 1? Q' iff? . ' 1 C' 1121! I 0 f SU' S 4 0 1 of r S , Q' J - ' 15. 6 I 1: O Y g Q' ' I r I QCII' . . C' 1' '66 IG I PIII. 6 CO 1 p Q p O ea. 'ig 6 .O f f 1:1 Q fe We , 6 1-0 11 ry 0111. Q . 1' O ll 111 51 926,06 fly ey Oh deqo! aff O6 0251 6 02 I O 1' W Q .f O rs . 1- y Q 3 W M 6 hfyja r we fs 4 , , I 1 ' I4 X ', I 5 r MAN 'IW gy : I hh A lllglm. 1 WWITIliilillllltlun 11+111.,Q1,1,Q1.,1,,,..,, 11,,1f f H QQ Uedtdtldtl No drama is a success without competent and ef- ficient directors. NEWPORT JOINT SCHOOL COMMITTEE 1,m1e,,, I ut RFNKI- 1 mu nr RH I1 M Ice Iresulent JUIFN IILIFZKPPLP. F lx B W W Sefrelars IJ XNIEI. IIOON PH MTHRHN HUNT XIFRLF D 1nLFFx1xx Treamrer Xl PHI- IJ XX Ol PFRT ltr? l X Y .x I ' ' gi: ,. L' my 1 ' HI It QJLYUE s. 'ma 1" ' ' . E . . V . . . ,my . , Els ! V S. Our Principals In this annual. our Blunita, the class of '54 presents through names of students and teachers. also individual. class and group photographs. an interesting period of Newport Joint Schools. Even the people of our Joint School Area. and others with their advertisements have a share in the achievement of this fine annual. The editors and advisors have given a fine service in assembling this annual which brings pleasant memories. All readers. through these pages. can note the evidence of lmettcr schools, which mean richer farms. better business places. more wholesome com- munity activities. hetter homes and more effective churches in the Newport Joint School Area. 996 H. K. EBY Supervising Principal Sf To Hamlet in Shakespeareis play of that name there was a great decision to make. He alone could make it. You too must make decisions. In every phase of school activity and in life relationships. your teachers desire for you a wise discernment in all decisions which you make. "To he or not to he?" is the question facing you repeatedly. Be alert. be diligent in effort and may success he yours in all your worthwhile endeavors. EARL S. KIPP High School Principal Phe dlrectors of our drama have gxven us guldance that we shall never forget edddddd .. Q.. 1 : ' 1 f . gg 5. , Q NI, ii 7225 A ,fx Q fm... W Q ,..,,, K- Vp ig n 1, i ,gy .A fg N Y . 1.911 ,AWLW .Q ' Y . a--sr 'Y-I A sw A gi! X J av 'T ,Ada 53' ' ff Ml, 'A A+.. .ng 1 ,,. Jr 'fg-giff-gflcqga if -3 fi fl pw fm: 5 1 if ff .5 r , IU, if ,' 3326" , L, fig if T Q V ' ' -af V may 1 -k-wif ' f'.gf5:.2:' I ' .iigfs 'E PHYLLIS HAIR MYERS IIS.. Shippenshurg S.T.C.: Red Cross Advisor. Director of Cha-er leaders, Librarian, Sophomore Class Advisor. Geography and Art. JOYCE PARK ILS.. East Stroudsburg. 5.T,C. Seventh Grade Advisor. Girls' Coach Health. Physical Education. History JUIIN l'EFFI'iR ll.5.. ljlooinshnrg. S.T.C.g Eighth llradc Advisor. Science. Ueograpliy. CLARENCE D. ROTHENBERGER IIS.. Albright Collegeg Columbia Universityg Junior Class Advisor. Science and Math. M-.Nc .lu..,,,,' VIRGINIA NI. SHARP lib.. West Chester NIL.: birls lllee Cluh. Chorus. Vocal Music. ANI.-XNDA SOIIE ,-XII.. Dickinson College: junior Senior Play ,-Xdvisor. English. I.atin MARY NI. WERTZ A.B.. Bucknell Eniwersity: Eighth Grade Advisor. History. Reading. Spelling. JEAN IIRINSER BS.. Susquehanna Iinixersity. Ur-oi, rapliy and qXrt. KATHRYN CHIST .VSNET MlI.LltLi-XX. RN. ELWOOD FTRICKIAND Central Penn Abington Hospital School Custodian Business College School Nurse School Secretary Grade chool Faculty YTD Top: Mr. Clifford Raffensperger. Elementary Principal: Mr. Charles Kline. Custodian: Mr. Cup' Rhykerd. Fifth and Sixth: Mr. Williard jones. Fifth and Sixth. Middle: lllfs Taeie llelnett. Fifth and Sixth: Mrs. Martha Hol-te. Fourth Grade: Miss Elizabeth Tucker I-B: Miss Martha English. 2-A: Miss Helen Hoke. l-A. Front: Miss Pauline Whitekettle 2-B: Mrs. Claire Barton. 3-X: Mrs. llda Baker. 3-B: Mrs. Mary Eslinger. Fifth and Sixth Mrs. Florence Beasom. 4-K: Mrs. Mary Cox. l-l. and 2-l.. tMrs. 'liacie tif-luf-It flied ilanuary lift L 11e.:e are the 'lctols w 0 have plwyed m-xjor roles in our drama. Mfiy our friendship continue in the dlulfllii of life. rlrl U Q rid '1 N L h emor Class Offlcers In 14 ent Robert Btjllllfltf Tre 1 nrxr Nl lrlex Hier N an Irv ldent Ralph Wood and Nrrrtarx Pauline kill :lx P, if 5224. lf? . f-mil' L I xx, ANNA Lofts!-i BAER " tum" ll4frumr'rm'ial R4-il llrnfx 41 Offiw- Sl't'I'1'li.lTY 4: llluv anil Whit:- 3. Circulation Nlanapvr -1. Clmrus 2. 3. -4: Xiu-iv Night 3. 4. "Cowl llPl11'PIl.Y.,u lie-ing with lin-P 54-vre-tary My aliility to gvt along with purple- tw .l0M'Illlll14' Fl:-ixhvr J. Rirziurm BALSBALCH "Bully" .hailf-um Junior-N-niwr Play 3. 41 lflzmilrz l,ll4'lU,Uf8Ibll0'l' -I fllwru- 2. 3. 4: Nlu-if Night 2. 3. 4. ":1h. rm."' Nlmlf-l lrainx lim-tor My lenuwlwlggv- nf wiiriw- I1r,l4rllI'l Ro-ight:-r ,, l 'Bl-mf JOHN JACOB ANISLER --P,.f,." 'xf'84lPINlt' Junior-Sf-ninr Play Stage Manage-r 3. 4: ,lunior Yarxity F4-otliall 1. 2: Var-ity lfuotliall 3. 4: lla-fu lmall 2. 3. 4: Xarsity Club Fl. 4. 'll'll get Pz'Pn."' Fpnrti4Nax y N154 -pr-1-il to llaxv' l'ryr' FRANK RUSSELL BAKER 'lchickyu Cnmmercial Junior Varsity Fuutliall 1: Var-ity Fnotliall 2. 3. 4g Varsity Clulr 3. 4. "You fl0V1,f lfnoug do you?" Hooking School-Air Furcv My pa-s Catrliing ability to nxlttllku Shull A-Q F' LEON RAY BIERBOWER "Biery" Academic Student Council 2. 3. President 4: Class President 2: Chorus 2. 4: Music- Night 1. 2. 45 junior Varsity Foothall 1. Captain 1: Varsity Football 2. 3. 4: ,lunior Varsity llaslu-thall 1: Varsity liaskethall 2. 3: llasehall 1. 2: Varsity Clulf l. 2. 3. 4: Varsity Cluli shove' 1. 2.3.-1, 'lloly ,lIo5es."' Sports --Coach My spf-f-fl in football to Ronald Cox GERALD WALLACE BREAM "Jury" steadeniit' Projectionist 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior-Senior Play 3: Blue and White Reporter 2. 3, 4: Chorus 3. 4. "Ah .'Yuts."' Airplanes --Test Pilot My job as school projeetionist to Louis Mayer IKOBERT STEVENS BOLINCER "Holy" Al'8IlQ'IIIlC Class President 3. 4: Halloween King 4: Junior- Senior Play Stage Manager 3. 4: Blue and White Reporter 2. 3, 4: Blunita Sales Manager 4: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Night 2, 3. 4: Junior Varsity Foothall 1: Varsity Foothall 2. 3, Co-Captain 4: junior Varsity llaslcetlmall 1: Var-ity Basketball 2. 3. 45 Baseball 1. 2. 3, 41 Varsity Cluh 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Varsity Club Show 1.2. 3. 4: Best llaselxall 4. "You better believe ilfi' Dear Hunting -College Nly speed in shower room to ,Iakie 'lirout f 1 HELEN MAE BIICKWALTER L'Helen" Aeadeniic' Student Council 1. 2: May Day 1: Blue and White Reporter 2. 3. Feature Editor 4: Blunita 4: Music Night 3. 4: Chorus 2. 3. 4. "Well for Heaz'en's sake."' Collecting: Pictures-Nurse My auhurn hair to Mrs. Soule hh. .. 5h FHA 1, 2. Yin- Prosiflrfllt 3. Pri'-i1le'nt -ll Bask Show 1. 2. 4. Uv ability In ge-I away In -katv In Hy-I vi.. if ZZ.. Lv . A, gl, 1 ff fu" ,dw Cumlf: l,URRAlNI'I C.n1Pm3I.I. Vocational RIIIUIYH 4: 41 XHTSIIQ Ftric klanll "Charlie-" Yocational Rf-d Cross 41 Vanity Clulr 3. -lg Varsity Fnmllmall 3 4g l5.1.4lwall2. -5. Ability In play tackled to Ralph lmfh BARBARA SUE CUMBLER "Susie" Commercial Red Cross, Vice President 3g Office Secretary 45 junior-Senior Play 3, 45 Cheerleader lg May Day 15 Blue and White Reporter 2, 3, Business Manager 43 Blunita Typist -lg Band 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 County Chorus 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Music Night 1. 2, 3. 4. "How 'bout thal."' Collecting pennants-Secretary My dark hair to Judy Neilson CHARLES NIERYIN DICK Charlie" Commercial ,.- "Holy Cats. Hunting-Join the Army My mathematical brain to James Clouser DAVID MAX HAINES "Max" fifIHllIlt'I'I'12il Banzl 1. 2. 3. 43 Music Night 1. 2. 3. 4: Bascball 1. "Whal's the good nord?" H0ckcy4,loin the Army My sparc tirc to Mr. Fitzpatrick 1 "- sf, Vmoixu Lousr: Honrixc. "Ginny" Cioninivrciul Office' Se-cr:-tary 4: lJ'lum'ta Typift 4. "You 11011-I .Vliklil floll--cting picture----Svcrvtary My lid-lll'Ulllf'NN to Dftry Brown 5 .M E qs 2 2-4 it MARY IARVE GARDNER --31,,y1," X'..fa1i..naI l'llX l. 2. .l. -1. 1' ll 'X Rv-pnrtvr 1. "Oh her1r,"' Si-vving1J-Hoiisvwifc 'ily nii-chif-mm ways in H1-mc lic lu Joan llulilx kr f 18 , LENUS ALBERT HAINES "Lenie" Academic Red Cross 1. 24 Junior-Senior Play 3g Blue and White 2. 3, Etlitor-in-Chief 4g Hlunita Sports Editor 43 Chorus 2. 3. 41 Music Night 3. 4g Junior Varsity Basketball 1. 2g Varsity llaxkvtliall 3. 4: Varsity Clulm 4. "Holy SHIUli'f'S.'., Sports-Archite-ct . y maths-matical ability to Nlr. Crceslcr lllllll ill' I GLOROE ALLEN KESSLER "Kr-.." Yrwational Junior Vanity F 11fw tliull I: Yarfity Football 3. rl: Yurxity Cluli 1. "llon'l fznouy U0 youffl llunting 'xlt'1'll2iIllf' Nly aliility tn foul Nlr,gXtlan1ltO Luther Miller .cr PAULINE DELORES KNISELY "POlly" Comme-rrial Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 45 Office Secretary 45 Junior- St-niOr Play 3. 43 Blue' and White Rvportvr 2. 3, Ht-all Typirt 4g Blunilri Typist -lg Chorus 2. 3. 45 Music Night 3, 4. "Hou: frm you lellff' llrixing Ulil- Hr-, Carl llainm-N My c'0-opvratiun in vlaxs avtivitivi tO Dixy Farwr "Qi . liliisy ELLEN Kim- "Ruby" Acafle-inic Librarian 1. 2, 3. 4: Blue rim! lT'hi'1e Hvportf-r 2, 31 FXl'llL1Ilglt' lftlitor lg lfllllll-fl! '13 Churus 2, 3, 43 County Chorus 3. 44 District Chnruf 4: State Chorus -lg Glu' Cluli 1, 2. 3. 4g Nlufim' Night 1. 2. 3. -1. "I .slmulfl srnife'."' Le-ttt-r writing: --LQOII1-gr Nly gigglf- to Saunmlu Nlillvr DONALD HAROLD LONG "Don" Yncatinnal FF,-X 2. 3. 4. "Oh, bnl!."' 'l1t'IlIllIlQll'1WVr Farine-r My gooil lwliaxior tu Elwmnl Cainpbvll - , . 1 ,H .. 4.- HAROLD EDWARD PACE 3.7, "llc-a1'0ii" Cmiiiiivrvial "Tl111I's riglilfu llirlf' Fariiiiiig My alrility to km-p a girl tt- jim lfaiiiplie-ll SHIRLEY NITA NIYERS "Shirl" Comnif-rcial Junior-S4-niur Play Proiiiptf-r 3. -1: Blur rmrl Wlhilf Rt-porter 2. 3. Adv:-rtising Managffr 4: Blimim Typixt 4: lfhtirux 2. 3. -1: Nluxir' Night 1: lla-ltvtlsall Nia Qi Ut 'A ,ff tif ..-..1- mage-r -11 Cirl-' Yairxity tlluli -1. "Darn 1'!."' Rollvr Skating: Join tlif- Will My shurt hair In ,Mia Fyan- Ji STANLEY LEROY HHOADS Baseball 3. 1. "Gully .Hoses llrixiiig liix i-ur Nlai limi-I Nly ulrility iii uiailli tu Xiitilwt Nlzirklr "5tirilz-yu tliiiiiiiit-rvial ..B BETTY JANE l'E'l'l-QRMAN Flu Cuiiiim-rt-ial Junior-Senior Play Proiiipte-r 43 Blue and While Rr-- porter 2. 3. Typift 43 Blunila 4. "Come along and see."' Uriying Uatll Plyrnouth-Typiwt Nly typing ability to Joym- Huff -rg: I ROBERT ADAM RICE "Rice" Aeamleinie Junior-Senior Play 3. 45 Blue and While Reporter 2. Sports Editor 3. 4, Blunita Associate Editor 3. Editor-in-Chief 4g Chorus 2, 3, 43 County Chorus 2. 39 Blusic Night 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 1, 2. Captain 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 1, 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Varsity Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Best Football 3. 43 Best-All-Around Athlete 3, 4. "No kiddin' though ,"' Sports --College Nly appetite t0 Nlr. Pr-ffer ' " 4 EUGENE Ricmno SEIDERS "Prof" Aeatlemie .lunior-Senior Play 3. 4. "Hi, Hof-."' hlotlel Airplanes----College My science knowledge to liggie Nliller wfi DONALD LEE SARVER i'Tl1fl'C" Commercial Junior-Senior Play 3, 4, Blunita 4, Bantl I, 2, 3. 43 County Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3. 4: Nlu-ie Night 3, 43 ,lunior Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Slum' 2, 3. 4. "Wrap it up and 1'll lake il ulong."' Huntingikir Force Kly height to Bill wiellley JAMES ROGER Siiicx "5hick" Academic Chorus 2. 3. 4: Junior Varsity Football 1: Varsity Football 3. 4: .lunior Varsity Basketball l. 2. 3: Football Nlanager 23 Baseball 3. 4: Varsity' Club 4. "I dorft l.'nou'."' Sportsnfxriiiy Bly ability In keep the beneh warm to Glen Shull DHIRI FX XNN SNYDER E- 1 234 Ti 34 1, y ability to play ba lutball to Ann Campbell f-H 'i AYDREY JOANNE Fiirrr joan" liommt-rcial junior-Fe-nior l'lay 3. 4: Nlay llay l: Blue aml While 2. 35 .M-ixtant flirvulation Manage-r 4: Bfllllllffl 43 Chnru- 4: Var-ity Show l. MYVIPII Jorft need lo 1.'nnu."' Citing to Nlilli-rfburg: fqlob at llwll 'liw'lf'lubonf- Nly ability to work at lxIf'34lOW Grim- Park tit Nam-y Hoi-v MELN'1N LAWRENCE STAHL "Tort" Academic Junior-Senior Play 3, 4g Blzmita -lg Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Varsity Football lg Varsity Football 2. 3. 43 Baseball 2. 3. 4g Varsity Club 3. 43 Varsity Show 1. 2. 3. 4. "H0rsefealhers, lakie."' Hunting-Air Force My ability to play-guard to Lew Cressler N T f? C. JOYCE JEANNETTE TRoL'T "Joy" Coiiirrivrcial Blue and White He-portffr 2. Fl: 'liypixt '11 Blunita -12 Bae-ke-tball 2. 3. lg Girl-' Varxity fflub 2. 3. Se-cr:-tary 'l'rf'asurf'r -lg Var-ity Show 3, -1. i'T11EfPlS no future in Itfi' Ice- -lcatingw Typi-1 About tf-n pound- of my we-ight to my 1'fv u-in Jane-t in RICHARD WESTLEY WALLIS "TUl'llt"' Commercial Hlunim 41 Hand 1. 2. 3, -lg County Band 1. 2, 3. 43 Chorus 3. 43 Music Night 1, 2, 3. -1. 'lHe 5airl."' Outboard motor boat raving-Farnwr My ability to play my trombone' to Robert Todd MARTHA ELIZABETH L'RlCI1 "5is"' Comme-rcial Junior-Svnior Play Prompter -lg Ufficv Secrc-tary 4. 'SCee Whiz," Skating-Typist My rod hair to Je-an Smith ROBERT BARTON WILEY G' "Barton" Commercial Varsity Football Manager 1. 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 4. f.Yea?u Hunting-Navy My waxy hair to Skip Cox EUGENE RALPH WOODS "W00tlsy" Commercial Class Vice President 1. 3. 43 Junior-Senior Play 3. 4: Blunila Advertising Manager 4g Blue and White Reporter 2. 3. 4g Varsity Football Manager 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3g Varsity Club 4. "That's what you think, buddy", Driving a car-Truckdriver My ability to drive lhotrocll to Louise Sharar KENNETH KNISELY lfniterl States Army Air Force RONALD Huss United States Nawy SANDRA JANE WILSON "Sandy" Acacleniir' Junior-Senior Play 3. 4: Rf-il Cross 31 Bfzmilrz 41 Blue and White Reports-r 2. 3. News l'f4lit0r 4: Chorus 2. 3. 4: Music Night 2. 3. 41'llaskf-tball l. 2. 3. C0-Captain 4: Varsity Night 3. el: Cirls' Varsity Club 2. 3. 4. 'fllj' u.'0rtf,"' Sports-Nurse My tennis ability to Mr. ltlouser JOANNE ALMERA WRIGHT "Jody" Commercial junior-Senior Play 43 Blzmita Typist 4g Chorus 3. 4g Music Night 3. 43 May Day 1. "Holy ,'l!oses."' Crocheting-5eCrt'tary My peroxirle bangs to Mrs. llrinser CL ASS The last our years we ll never regret Here are a ew proverbs o rrends we have met Iohn Amsler rs a baseball star In lr e he rs sure to go ar Whenever you see a grrl wrth black curly harr You can almost be sure rt rs Anna Baer Rrchard Balsbaugh rs a senror brarn To go to college rs hrs arm Russell Baker rs a humorous boy Englrsh class rs hrs greatest joy Leon Brerbower helps provrde laws or the school For over the Student Councrl he rules Bob Bolrnger rs Presrdent o our class He has done a lot or us rn the past Gerald Bream never bothers the dames He d rather spend hrs time on model arrplanes Helen Buckwalter wrll choose a career rn nursrng To get better marks she rs always workrng One o Lorrame Campbell s greatest delrghts Is gorng skatrng every nrght Robert Charles rs a champ rn a ootball game W rth hrs sports he has garned much ame Dorothy Charles you can o ten see When you buy your grocerres at the ACME Even though .lames Clay rs qurte small Hrs abrlrtres and rdeas are very tall Rrchard Clouser rs among our smaller boys Wherever you rnd hrm there wrll be plenty o norse Sue Cumbler works wrth all her mrght She s Busrness Manager ofthe BLUE and WHITE A jolly boy rn our class rs DeLancey To get rn trouble rs hrs greatest ancy Charles Drck rs the hunter o our class He never lets a rabbrt or squrrrel pass Dave Harnes owns a car He drzves rt everywhere near and ar Lenus Harnes rs our class mathematrczan He makes those rgures stand up wrth recognrtron Vrrgrnra Hortrng seems very quret Burl guess she garns a lot by rt George Kessler wrll help rarse our food some day For now he rs a member ofthe F F A Ruby Kzpp rs a very pretty srnger She has a vorce I m sure success wrll brrng her POEM Paulrne Knrsely woman drrver 0 our class In typrng she cannot be surpassed 0 the F F A Donald Long rs a gallant member Much to thrs world he rs sure to render Shrrley Myers rs manager 0 the basketball team She sees that the grrls are on the beam Harold Page doesn t talk much rn class But when he does recrte rt s short and ast Betty Peterman a rrendly grrl rn our class Certarnly knows how to work and ast Stanley Rhoads rs always Cryrng the Blues Because he doesn t know whrch grrl to choose Bob Rrce rn school sports rs tops But at home he s srmply known as Pop Eugene Serders has an ambrtzon to ly Some day he ll make hrs career rn the sky I rm Shrek whose uture rs undecrded Wrll probably wrnd up wrth a wrfe besrde hrm Donald Sarver rs handsome and tall When rt comes to grrls he thrrlls them all I m sure she wrll r all goes well Shrrley Snyder has pretty black harr You can see her wrth a ellow almost everywhere Melvrn Stahl rs a demon rn ootball When he tackles them they really all Wanda Super rs a grrl that rs a lot o un She always has a smrle or everyone On the basketball teanr loyce Trout rs a guard And wrth her homework she works very hard Martha U rrch rs backward and shy But she ll get over that when she meets the rrght gu Rrchard Wallis has a brg red car But wrth hrs gas mrleage he doesn t go ar Robert Wrley rs not very ast rn school But he s an Ace at shootrng pool Sandra Wrlson has the abrlrty I m sure To become a good nurse and be success ul once more Ralph Woods rs a carefree lad But he s the ellow who got our ads loanne Wright uants to spend her remarnrng years Wrth a certazn someone guardrng her from all ears I , , . . , . f , f ff ' - ' , . I I ' , f . . . ' , f f - v ' " . ' . . . - , . ., I, . . - f , ' ' 'D f , -, cf . - . ,ss n u I f , . . . , . f ' - 3 ' 66 '7, I ' f , foanne Shutfs future is to work for the "Bell,', I I . ., n 4 ' f ' ' I a 1 a f ' I f. . . tj , f ll , . . . I ,l yi . . I , n . . . . , . ' , ' f n . y . . I , , ' ' , . 3 cc n . . ' 1 . fu .. , n 1 ' , , ,f . I . . .,V. . l ' I I '- "Lillie Bombshellsv Perhaps it was the influence of the war that led to the "garbage battlei' that we remember from those early years. The battle ended with the "soldiers" getting D's in citizenship. We entered the seventh year with the usual anxiety and perplexity. By the time Mr. Buffenmyer got us oriented, we found ourselves in the eighth grade. The Fresh- man Hop introduced most of us to danc- ing in 1950. Several parties and May Day exercises highlighted the school year. We began to work seriously as a class in our sophomore year. Mrs. Wolpert and Mr. Houser were added to the class and were destined to remain as our advisors for the remainder of our school days. We "May Day Spiriti' Senior Class H istor Most Americans recall the year 1941 as the beginning of World Wlar 11. but to the Class of 1954 it marked the beginning of a new life-school. While bombs were falling in all parts of the world, we little tykes were busily learning our ARCS. reading. writing. and arithmetic. Vile now realize how indebted we are to all of our teachers who worked and worried with us during these import- ant fundamental yearsg Miss Tucker. Miss Walker. Miss English, Miss Wlhitekettle. Mrs. Barton. Miss Klinepeter. Mrs. Oyler. Mrs. Hoke. Mrs. Eslinger. and Mr. Raffens- perger. "Dail Bait Rehearsal" began to build a class treasury by staging projects such as bake sales. soup sales 1What a mess!! and skating parties. We met many new subjects in our classes when we began to prepare for chosen occupa- tions. The class was split into groups of future farmers. homemakers. business peo- ple. and college students. We chose our class colors of blue and gray. our motto became "Knowledge comes. but wisdom lingersfi and our class flower. the red rose, was selected. This year also saw us sporting class hats and class rings. The outstanding social event was the Sopho- more Tea. given by us in honor of the Class of 1952 and their mothers. Ill UUI' jllllllll' yeal' YVC C011- tinued to work. building our treas- ury' to finance our senior trip to New York. The sale of candy' at noon and during basketball games was our principal project. We had some star actors and actresses in the junior-Senior Play'g"lJate i Bait." We were very' proud of the ' junior Prom which had for its theme. "Tiptoe Through the Tu- lips." It proved a project of work and fun for all. 'Hay' Day' lfeauliesw ln 1953 we entered, our final year in the Newport joint Schools. Again we participated in the Junior-Senior Play entitled "Special lleliyery Male." Our class was well represented on the championship football and basketball teams. Activities and class work kept us so busy' that the senior year seemed to be the shortest in our school careers. The Blunita publication. music. dramatics. journalism. and other activities found the Class of '54 well represented. The Junior Prom. Sophomore Tea. both in our honor. and the long-awaited trip to New York wound up the social events in our school lives. Vlve feel sure that the school will miss us as we shall miss our many friends. Graduation finds us happy' but reluctant to leave good old Newport High. "Soupy' .' Soupy' .' Soupy' ."' 0.3.9 ll "Top Hatlersn "See my ring CLASS HISTORIANS Sue Cumbler Charles Dick ,504 ., Sas fl-Q A wg: MK 2 R "" ',g Yr lefwe ff ID LAY . y 516422: JM .Sis pfnaw li P05609 5 LASSIES I'-5-sl Ruby -nf., 0 K - I up 24193 MJ-a EIY 3 yi 07 99 27-2 V6 ifvfffig-W' if M.. .4 'jo 0-'V GVNM7 rue 715 Y I 4 if in .fe ff!! Gefve 1 I 61 FF J'7'afY Ja dy if .fue nuff? LV, 9 . 1597.5 4 Q- '3 gs 670 Q5 Junior Class 1' ,fx Gloria Rif-hard joan :Xnn llarxl llarxsin liailor lil-ann liuhh Cznnplwll Canlplwll liilllllblwll vu 63 l' 5 james .-Xllre Llwfter l'at Kenneth Clarenre Campbell Cantrell Carl Carroll Clegg Clouser if - Nt "H I Marvin Donald Ronald lillif' .l0Sf'1JllilN' livlvd Clouser Collins Cox Dilhnan Fleisher Fleisher WN QS' S- 69 , L LHIIISF David Ronald David Vvilliam Uwrifilil Freeland Fry Crogg Houck Hower Hunter joyve Charles lloss Gladys David Charles Huss Kline jones Le-rc-h Little Maxwell xl SM. Ray Glenn 'Nletzger Miller John Ramp 6- 1:- 'Sf . , 1,3 , X, , xg. , : Junior Class 1.4511 f' I 'Q' Z Q :LF 'eff 5 W'illiam Morgan A A ohn Reighter i Dixy Palsy james J uma Loulfe Ccorbe Qarwr Saylor Seiflers Slmmr Nh ir ar Slll9ll7 Yancv Carul Ju Larrx Janet ane Vlrginia Wallis I' x ,yi fi, I if Smith Suult Super Q l'ruut Trout W alll 1 . I "0 'Q 49,5 6 'xvj in A f 11 ophomore 'lass 5 41 gun , 4 ,. 1 " -4 lv' Un" .Xruw-1. XXAITVII Hmlfyr. Flnwf'r ll.11vr'. Ibwrml-I UAA'-r. l'.1ulir1-- Hr-ll. Ijvlfvru- lirfmn. IM-n mxltv. Mm! f.1v:wy:w1l. WCM 4.1111pM'fl. XIurjwE-- 4l1.11l'--. Fm lglfflxxfr. .I.mfAt Vlv-ux r IM.ymiw if E1,r. Xhrx Km ryd,,,, I..-mx If-.-.-l.'r. Rixhdrll Crm. Ilalrwlfl ffrwlvtt. ilw-rgf Hr- V119 liz' U. II HM Xrw: lun--4. MM I.x.m-. Xlmx HJ Rmgv I. .l' -Xf' f"'1H+ Im.111. lifllx VI' I 1.1111 Huw!!! Irv. Ilffxhxlvf H.1.:.f-. fm Hug-fr. lmyx H'tr.Ak, 1-Imlllxlnf llwllvx. ,I1-lm fxfmf. .IHI11 Kr"tfil1g.ll.,1wIl1y lmvhfwi. Xnim I,.sIIm.m1. l.1Hw- It l.1!l1". 4 fumiv- Immun' H. 5' 4 u 4 'hx 3 1 I hi 3 Sophomore Class 1 71 4 -5 13 1 I V9 4 1-5 ' 'W' ,I ' 3 3 -'Z 2' 4 I - ol. X N N D1 V G. ox ' v 5 I Wy y ' pf' .5 y i Y U V A 5 0 - H . 4 ' X 'W wwrcta NX II 1 I Xlalwfwi. 1 Lllx Nldwr. 4,IlXl.1 NI.1x11.1r1l. 1-115.1 H1111-1: 1.111111-r Nllllf-11 1311111 x10I"'Yl. Fdllllliil H1111 H1-I'-11 X111-I11-ll. l1'111'- Nlwr-. Ulf-11:1 X'14111!1. ll-111111-1 4.11111 H.1rrx 4'-.1111.111, Shirlvy Nh iff r I 11111 hull 111111 lllll NI1 u f.1u . 1 1- F 1. .rt111.1 N:111Il1. I..11'1x 5111111 If XX1lI1.1:11 N1111lI.HffI"11.1 Nmf-rx. I 111 N1111tl1. km Nt.1111l1.111gl1. 41111-1 F!--11111. llf-111 NI1111.l.1111i. 13.11111 ll-11. N1111lr.1 ll-11, Nlxiry P1111111 XX1'1111I. X1111 xxrfll. ll1f1:1i.1- Xxfzmzvr. Iwi V1il1x. lM11.1l1l V11-.1:1. ,IM XXIIIIIYT. XYJFH XM-1--is. H.1lv'l Xxvfi 111 X U X QZA 4.1 'ST X 4 K. 1 I in Q? s-,f 5 7 S 7 s, .G X w Freshman Class 5 52 , , 6 i S Q 5 ,tt XS I X I L: . ' ix A S'-T' A .. .4 . 'z - 4' Q K , 5' f A Q, N' . if 'XXL' ,. X , , 'mf- gi .',' , f U. W' ' f, Q-. ' gf it ': ff Y - 1 s f I K C. 1570, Harold Marklv. Richard Mt'Y+-y. Carol Mitre-tz. llonaltl Myvr-. lnre-tta My:-rs. Coorgef Rhoades. Joyce Robinson, Ruby Rnush. 'IX-rrp' Sarwr. Mary Saylor. Larry Sr-anian, John Sheaffvr. Pat Sheaffer. William She-affvr. Yvonne- Slieaffer. Leroy Fhutt. Huh Shultz. james Spotts. Marietta Steffen. Martha Fwailvi. Ruhr-rt Todd. Stuart Trnut. Harry Tr'-utntan. Susan Troutntan. Charlvs Turnbaugh. Shirlt-y Wt-lflt-y. lanws Wilson. .Xltla Wright. Earl Wright. Cary Wright. Sara Wright, Mary Wright. Absent-Ronald Campbell. l-lvlvn Uilnnvy, Walter Myers. Rayniuiitl Shutt. Paul Wilson. 4 1 N I.. L , l lx if VS 9 QQ V xv! ' x I 4 if V S '- ' , -Yq1,,1 V I una N Q s:1iQv5Y33 6"-'f .gy nflrsibu 'QU .--- '- A luv --K " . J - mn Q hphwglxs P 4 mr" ' K , v ,' ul .nguulz 'U u If J n .61 I , 4 'K J if 'Ui .Q X 4 v 6 X ' it W 1' X5 ".:': 3 vu 93 ei + 1 ""5 4 w vs-,.,,,,d x I Ag ,sf 'Q' 0 3 9 -1' xv! .7 X3 ' N N91 .Sig Q gl K if- Z .1 I l E '11, w . W Fi , ,,.LJ'. 4?-Q ' "E: ' --5 in 4 xr ' P, , , 331 af 3' " E J I - QR- 1. 5 , , Top row: J. Shaffer. S, Freeland. R. Reisinger. R. Miller. R. Snocltly, R. I"oo-se. R. Bennett. Third rovf: J. Clouser. Nl. Troutman, E. Harper. B. Latchfortl. T. Woods. R. Bailor, B. Shuman. Second row: T. Chilton. J. Wallace. T. Zang. R. Wevoflau. J. Holley. J. Trout. A. Varner. D. Page. Front row: R. Barrick. W. Light. J. Coller. J. Dillman. C. Cassel. C. Lerch. C. Smith, C. Holley, L. Comp. ist 35 i z' , k li f" . -1 ll W ' ll CL! K Top row: B. Huss. R. Shick. M. Benner. F. Mayer, J. Geary, C. Jacobs, B. Miller, A. Little Third row: D. Rush. C. Mathna. N. Amsler. J. Carl. BI. Longwell. D. Crow. R. Shutt. Second row T. Shepley. E. Peters. R. Zeiclers. L. Reigle. C. Welfley, P. Calic, C. Rinehart. Front row. F. Boova P. Burd. B. Miller. H. Kline. B. Lightner. J. Latham, B. Hammaker. B. Hench, J. Barrick. Top row: V. Seiders. S. Hall. D. Knepp, V. Charles, B. Smith, Y. Smith, F. Cams. Third row: W Hoffman. L. Strawser. J. Wilmer, M. ifrich. W. Hestor, B. Miller, J. Focht. Second row: W Miller. R. Witmer. P. Cox. D. Shenk. R. Potter. M. Hetrick, R. Rhoakes, D. Frye. Front row: J Kahler. D. Arnold. D. Shull. L. Blaine. J. Wright, O. Smith. B. Wallis. P. Lenig, G. Ebersole f2'1Qf 1 'HQ .av 'A' pix , I -1 -2 A .. 4.. - ZF? . ' a, .1 , -ZW 1 M' 54? Bu '?4Q:"?Y'.'j ,Y 4 it in rpg ACS" 'I li 5 L I x '1 T 4 Fl 'F 4! Q ghd S P -qs x.js .f as Q-I Jw- g 4554 if 9 'C -S' 5 '51 g ' 'bi-4 . A 1.9, Top: C. Shaw. C. Neidigh. A. Willis. E. Willow. N. Campbell. N. Crist, B. Baker. 0. Benson. Third: W. Cox. H. Zimmerman, R. Sc-iler. C. Freeland. S. Rhoades, W. Trout, ,l. Westford. Second: N. Zang. T. Potter. B. Campbell. R. Rhoades. F. Delancey. C. Riggles, R. Snyder. Front: 5-C P. Saylor. P. Campbell. D. Campbell. J. Arlmogast, I.. Wright. P. Clouser. G. Kline, P. Musser. V. Houck. ' Top: R. Lenig. P. Flickinger, P. Bitting. C. Miller. C. Baker. L. Scott, J. Jones. Third: B. Willis. M. Nearhood. D. Whitekettle, C. Baker. R. Taylor. C. Clay. .l. He-isey, .l. Dotson. SOC0l'1d! J. Freeland. 5. Huss, R. Howell. R. Shultz. M. Clouser, ll. Smith, C. Cressler. Front: K. Holley. 5. Walborn. R. Snyder. K. Latchford. R. lfrich. P. Zang. L. Walborn. Absent: B. Mitchell. L. Wright. sv- 49' W-5 gxsn re -x If CE ,S'g,.15fu 3-, . lzl, Q! .. 'LF 3 4.1, Top: R. Burd, J. Buffenmyer. B. Shatto. B. Bingamen. N. Trout, M. Baker, D. Strohm, P. Showers. Third: J. Shearer. W. Mitchell. E. Hower. R. Wright, B. Morrison, R. Wright, K. Troutman. .l, 5-B Hultzapple, D. Baer. Second: R. Smith. J. Dorman. K. Wallett, J. Myers, M. Buckwalter, C. Bupp. .l. Page. D- Knouee. W. Flickinger. Frunt: J. Rubin-on. D. Crist. P. Huss, D. Baker, S. Crissman. D. Huss. Top: M. Miller. N. McKeen. A. Longwell. D. Deckard, R. Oren, P. Wevodau, T. Markle, B Warner. Third: V. Miller. R. Wallis. M. Charles. L. Wilson. E. Ditty, Todd, J. Ford, J. Sharar P. Dietz. Second: C. Hurting. M. Stitzel. J. Downin, L. Baker. L. Howell. D. Troutman. J. Sharar 'B J. Cox. Front: R. Campbell, B. Clouser. D. Bailor, ll. Rudy. B. Crist. A. Little, H. Ceedy. W Cree. D. Barrick. R. Wilson. :Li 'r 1-Q4 , .ai ,qi Q-1 l, .9- an 'SQOU I-,l +25 ax EW gl , W- Q5 .H- H51 :J f X x Q '-Y -ff-CR Q 'rl 6 bil .nl if 'J 2i l! s-, l'-' Top: NI. Galic. A. Sniith, tl. Snwers. J. Wright, NI, Neiswt-title-r. IJ. Light. tl. Campbell. G. Taylor. Third: T. Dirk. J. Crow, K. Britt-her. L. Drew, M, Carroll. J. Lindsay. NI. Dorwart, D. Rapp. Second: W. Wass. C. Slit-ihley. C. Sluvlu-y. li. Acker. IJ. Jones, ll, Ne-itligh. N. Myers. R. L:-onartl. 2-A First: N. l't-ters. J. Roush. R. Bonn. C. fjressle-r. J. Huffington. J. Hr-nry. D. Frye. Top: T. Trout. J. Clouser. J. Ne-arhnod. J. Ramp. P. Gingrich. F. Henry. J. Campbell. Third: B. Potter. R. Amsler. E. Bonn, Peters. J. Lenig. B. Shumaker. C. Roush. Second: C. Sheaffer, S. Buffenmyer, L. Campbell. G. Jones. T. Fitzpatrick. L. Henry. Nl. Campbell. Front: J. Hetriclx. T. Sheibley. L. Vernon, E. McNaughton. E. lfrich. 3-A if Top: J. Bell, K. Ford. C. Burd. D, Willow. C. Neilson, J. Wilson. J. Hitting. Second: N. Soult. C. Dorman. K. Bennett. R. M. Ehersole. C. Howell. J. Zcidcrs, C. Barrick. L. Blaine. First: J. - Nlusser. N. Cross. H. Anderson. J. Fliekenger. fl, Unrkepilv-, Y. Haines, C. Jones. J. Little. T. March. Absent: B. Rudy. 1-L Top: 2-L-J, Schreiber. L. Shutt. G. Hultzapple. P. Freeland. 0. Neidigh, J. Laubach. Second: B Brookhart. L. Reiglf-, j, Wright, R. Lauhaeh. Y. Clegg. J. Wright. N. Hulbert. K. Dorman Front: 1-L-L. Dudley. C. Kerr. D. Bennett. J. liurkepile. P. Boyer. L. Brighthill, J. Wallis, S - Horting. J. Burd. B. Barner. I 'K' 1 gf i Asvsgpf' N 'P 5 "' 9 If. gy: 4. A I I , ,Jh- .N 'fn Us ? db,-3" 1 A is f I- S26 Q4 ss- ' C X Top: C. Rudy. D. Baer, C. Lalniak, L. Resinger, J. Arnold. Third row: Nl. Rudy, N. Saul. Nl. Krf-tzing. l'. Wilson. K. Buhh. B. Smith. R. Tr:-ssler. l'. Maurer. B. Wright. A. Gardner. Nl. M Asp!-r. C. Holley. C. L. Flivkinger. Teavher. Second: C. l"leishe'r. R. Little, D. Simontun. C. We-ntzl D. Barkley, W. Lesh, A. Jefferies. E. Myers. D. Sheafff-r. A. Knisf-ly. L. Fleisher, J. I Mitchell. Front: R. Tressler. P. Barkley, D. Knisely. A. Lesh. C. Noll. L. Knisely. R. Rolston. C. llupert. ll. Crockett. J. Fosselman. L F O Sheaffer. R. Rhoades. B. Bornman. L. Bornman. R. Brown. D. Ehrhart, C. Strickland. W. R Howell. Second: J. Bonn. D. Walborn, C. Orris, C. Zeigler. S. Whitmyer, M. Cross, N. Brandt. L. Leiter. Front: S. Black. L. Miller. NI. Campbell, D. Nearhood. C. Reisinger. L. Roush. C. sfhuii, P. Clay. J. Maufm. D Top: P. Dotaon. S. Klvf-ra. Nl. Ct-urge. J. Numer. NI. Smith, R. Holley. D. Svhell. Third: D. tn! l 01' . ,Q e Top: D. Little. D. Kalkhrenner, R. Dolack, L. Barkley. L. Freeland, N. Buffenmyer, E. Borst. S. Oren. Third: P. Frye. S. Clouser. M. Ogden. J. Troutman. W. Ramp. R. Ofden, D. McNaughton. W. Bitting. Second: T. Rudy. D. Kennedy, J. Bowers. J. Czubowiz. R. Little, L. Shiebly. K. Bitner, D. Jones, P. Zeiders. Front: D. Flurie. W. Biddle. F. Lightner. M. Musser. S. Baer. C. - Barrick, B. Myers. K. Dorsey, E. Burkepile. Top: L. Shutt. D, Shatto, N. Reisinger, T. Reisinger, R. Miller, R. Urich, R. Kessler, K. Ewing Mr. Walter Byers, Teacher. Third: M. Jacobs, R. She-affer, L. Sheaffer, R. Price, C. Wright, C Campbell, C. Showers. Second: C. Kumbler, D. Ewing, A. Arbogast, B. Reisinger, C. Walborn J. Kline, B. Jacobs, N. Kumbler, M. Shutt. Front: C. Walborn, K. Rhoads. C. Snyder, C. Urich D. Miller, B. Wright. T. Wright, T. Wright, R. Heisey. 1-A 'YV M I L F O R D I N E G R O V E Top: W. Lerch, R. Lerch, N. Radabaugh, P. Ebersolv, Mr. Kochenderfvr. Teacher. Third: 1. Foosf-, L. Stitzel, J. Little. C. Hollr-y, S. Ditty. E. Fintnn, F. Huckwalter, E. Jones. Second row' D. Collar, B. Tumbaugh. J. Howell, R. Campbell, I.. Campbell, P. Harper, N. Houck, P. Asper, J. Snoddy. B. Snoddy. Front: R. Radabaugh. R. Seaman, H. Bingaman, NI. Finton. NI. Smith. R. Wallet, T. Houck, A. Stitzel. l' N Qggm C E AT T R E R O V E M A R K L E LS V L1 L L Top: C. Dupert, R. Gardner, C. Taylor, R. Buhh, D. Carman, O. Campbell. R. Wright, L. Frey, E M. Dupert, R. Arnold. Second: Mr. Sheaffer. E. Dupf-rt, L. Cibney, G. Crockett, S. Fritz. .l. Knisley, S. Shuman, M. Fleisher, J. Moretz, T. Simonton. Front: A. Lyons, D. Blaine. D. Maurer, D. Fosselman, L. Casner, O. Haines, D. Freeman, R. Campbell, H. Smith. S I ff, O A K H A L L :L Top: Mrs. Rapp, E. Dr-Lancey, B. Fleisher, J. Bubb, C. Smith, S. Holley, P. Beam, C. Freeman, C. Naylor, A. Gardner. Third: J. Smith, B. Knisley, P. Tressler, T. Lyons, M. Frey, R. Myers, M. Smith, L. Cihney, W. Dohyns, M. Wright, J. Adams, B. Kretzing. Second: B. Tressler, J. Arnold, R. Wilson, D. Blaine, L. Arnold, A. Fosselman, D. Wentz, R. Smith, J. Asper, J. Kline. Front: E. Saul, W. Reisinger, R. Chapman, L. Reisinger, L. Bubb, D. Reisinger, E. Rudy, G. Holman. 6 .49 M- ' 9 15 51 Twig Athletlcs have provxd ed a great deal of the Splflt essentlal to any successful drama Boys' Varsi ty C lu b F555 Girls' Varsity Club Football Sitting: Wayne Woods, John Reighter, Manager. First row: Georgie Katchmer, Lewis Cressler, Jesse Fosselman, Melvin Stahl. John Amsler. Ross Jones. Dave Frye, Bill Morgan. Bill Hower, Glenn Shull. Ted Willis. Harold Fry. Larry He-trick, Ronald Cox. Richard Clouser. Second row: George A. Katchmer. Coachg Chester Carl. Daryl Campbell. Glenn Neidigh, Leon Bierbower. Bob Rice. Russell Baker. James Shick. Ken Clegg. Robert Bolinger. Larry Trout. Lamar Freeland, David Oren. Jim Campbell, Robert Charles, Stanley P. Houscr, Coach. Twin Valley Champions Coach George A. Katchmer. who was voted the best Class C Coach in the Harrisburg area, and his Buffaloes stampeded to the best record of any football team since the initiation of interscholastic football at Newport in 1927. By winning all eleven games. Newport successfully defended its Twin- Valley and Perry County Championships. GEORGE A. KATCHMER THOMAS FITZPATRICK Head Coach Assistant Coach Only 24- points were scored against the varsity while Newport scored an amazing total of 336 points which could have been considerably higher, but for the fact that the varsity missed 147 minutes of playing times or slightly more than three full games. All of the Herd's four starting hacks were among the top scorers in the league. The varsity had to punt but seven times all year. Newport was ranked eleventh in the Harrisburg area by the Roger P. Saylor System of ranking high school football teams. Due to its league vic- tories and also wins over large non-conference foes. Newport was ranked fifteenth in all Central Pennsylvania. By going undefeated this year, Newport extended its two-year winning streak to 17 games, and a 20 win, 1 lost record in the last two years. Several players were voted to the All-Conference team. Carl. Rice. and Stahl, first teamg Bierbower, Bolinger. and Charles. second team: and Amsler. Baker. Campbell. and Trout. honorable mention. Rice received third team United Press All-State ranking and along with other seniors, Amsler, Beir- bower. Bolinger and Stahl are headed for college. Much credit is deserved by Coaches Katchmer, Houser. and Fitzpatrick and the players for the wonderful record which they have established. N sqm S 3 v 48h 3'- gf 0 358 51 Q ml? .J ff-we Q 1? 2 ', Q, NEWPORT 39 LYKENS 0 NEWPORT 31 DALLASTOWN 0 Playing in a hot sun, the Buffaloes opened the season with a blast as Bierbower scooped up a Ram fumble in the first period and ran 23 yards for a touchdown. Minutes later Rice galloped 34 yards for another TD. After taking a 15-yard pass from Rice, Campbell ran beautifully to the one where he scored on the next play. Rice and Hower scored the other six pointers as Charles and Trout were outstanding on offense and defense respectively. NEWPORT 21 Probably the toughest game of the year and one of the hardest fought was with the Seals. The Seals scored first which was the only time Newport was behind all year. Powering their way for ninety-five yards, Newport scored with Bolinger doing the honors on a buck. Rice then carried on every play to score Rice 1671 goes on 40-yard TD run behind interference of Carl 4581, Stahl 1581, and Bolinger. A penalty on the play nullified this action in Enola game. NEWPORT 30 CARSON LONG 12 The varsity played only 18 minutes but scored 5 touchdowns while they outclassed the Cadets on a hot day. Rice scored 3 TDs, one of which was a 60-yard run. Bolinger, Amsler, and Hetrick also scored- Hetrick playing with the second team at the time. The varsity line held the opponents to a minus yards rushing. Freeland and Troiit stood out on offense and defense in this fray. NEWPORT 26 ELIZABETHTOWN 6 The Buffaloes played one of their best games of the year in this game. Good blocking, particularly by Carl and Bolinger, were outstanding along with the defensive play of Stahl, Trout, and Amsler, who switched to backer up for this game. Rice scored all of the Buffaloes' points on runs of 30, 12, 5 and a 55-yard punt return. Bob also kicked two extra points. Only 2 fumbleskept Newport from scoring every time they had the ball since the Bears never forced the Buffs to punt during the entire game. Dintaman 1451 of Highspire is stopped by Carl 4611, Camp bell 1443, and Stahl. SELINSGROVE 12 from the 2. Bolinger followed with an 11-yard end run on a pitch-out to score the Buffaloes' last TD of the afternoon. Newport relied on the old fashioned power brand of football most of the game. Riceis run- ning, Campbell's defensive play, and Carl's two-way line play were outstanding. NEWPORT 27 HIGHSPIRE 0 Although the score doesnit show it, the Tigers proved to be the tou hest lea ue ame of the 'ear g g g 1 Rice scored twice while Bolinger and Campbell each scored once, Campbell's on a 40-yard run after picking up a fumble. Baker and Freeland played good defen sive ball while Amsler featured in the blocking depart ment. With the varsity playing only half of the game and scoring at will, the Buffaloes recorded their first league win. Amsler, Bolinger, Campbell, and Rice each scored once while Baker, who played a fine game at end, scored twice. Jones, Bierbower, and Frye were also outstanding. In the short time the varsity played they held the Tigers to a minus yards rushing. Captain Rice and Co-Captain Bolinger meet Highspire Captains Parthemore and Richmond. The Buffaloes scored 3 touchdowns in the first five NEWPORT 44 JUNIATA JOINT 18 In their first night fray of the year the Buffaloes stampeded over the Indians by issuing a strong run- ning attack. Early in the game Rice took an Indian punt and returned it 49 yards to the 31 and seconds later went 22 yards to score. Campbell raced 62 yards to pay dirt minutes later. After the ,Ioint scored on a pass, the Herd drove to another TD with Rice going around end from the 3. Rice and Bolinger then went 10 and 4- yards respectively. Campbell ran around end for 20 yards and Amsler ended the scoring on a quarterback sneak. The whole Newport line was out- standing on both offense and defense. NEWPORT 33 minutes and then coasted to their eighth win of the season. Rice scored first on a buck from the 6 and then intercepted a Panther pass and ran 10 yards to score. After Amsler intercepted another pass on the 50, he took a 10-yard pass from Rice and raced the in . - . Amsler 465D. Carl l61i, Bierbower, and Trout 1643 move in on Highspire's Dintaman after a short gain. NEWPORT 33 WILLIAMSTOWN 0 Playing their second game in four,days, and on a field covered by snow. deep mud, and water puddles. the Herd humbled the Rams. Campbell returned the opening kickoff T0 yards to the 4 where he took it over on the next play for Newport's first score. Rice scored on an 11-yard end run and was followed by Bolinger who sped 80 yards through the mud to score. Minutes later Bolinger ran 60 yards when the ball slipped from his hands. Bierbower picked it up and ran the remaining 13 yards. Rice ran 56 yards for the last TD. Stahl and Carl spent half the game in the Ram's backfield. NEWPORT 12 SIQSQUENITA 0 The Buffaloes won the Twin Valley Championship as they defeated a stubborn Blackhawk team. Bolinger scored the first TD on a 6-yard run after he had gained 22 yards on a buck and Rice snared an Amsler pass for 17. Campbell scored the other TD. Again the opponents recorded a minus yardage. Amsler 4503, goes for 15 yards before he is brought down by Bard 4681 of Enola as Stahl 148i blocks on another Enola man. ENOLA 0 remainder of the way to the goal line on a beautiful run. On the last play before the half, Bierbower caught a Rice pass for a 19-yard scoring play. Later, Bierbower blocked a punt, picked up the ball, and galloped 20 yards to score. NEWPORT 33 PERRY JOINT T Playing on a wet and muddy field which had been cleared of snow for the game, the Buffs smothered the Bobcats behind the dazzling running display of Amsler. After Campbell ran 43 yards to score New- portis first touchdown, Amsler scored three TDs him- self on broken field runs of 33, 4-8, and 4-4 yards. His last score came on a pass from Bolinger. Rice finished the scoring on a 6-yard run. For the second time, the opponents were held to a minus yardage rushing by the varsity. Rice 167i straight arms an Enola player and proceeds for a first down as Stahl 148' and Amsler 150i move in to block. ENDS Donald Clegg George Crow Danny Hoot er TACKLES gtuart Trout Rlcharrl Crlst Walter Dletz Ralph Le h Lenus Myer- Miclcev Markle GUARDS ,lay Witmer Bill Soult Stan Peters Dave Miller Bill Kimmielc v W1-1151 J un nor H mph Football Coach Captam ax Newport, . Newport ,,,, , Newport ,,,,, , .,,,,,, . Newport .v,,, . Newport e.,,Vr, Newport Newport ,,.,,. CFNTILRQ Corbet Straw ser Terry Sarver B1ll Savlor BACKS Earl Wrxght Dare Ll h ,leaae Fowelman Gil Clouser Jerry Rothenberger Earl Heisey Gary Wright Stan Sheaffer MANAGERS Bob Flickinger Ronnie Musser Basketball if K lieft tu right: Larry Hetrivk, llill Nlwrgan, I.:-nus llainvs. linli Rim-, lurk Ramp, Holi llnlingi-r Inu ll:-laiive-y. liin ffaniplwll. lilllliif l"r+-vlzinrl. lliff Lliiusf-r. fir-nt--r: XliillLlQlf'I'N jerry Rntlirfiiln-rge-r, john Rviglitr-r. anrl lmu Nlayvr. Perry - Juniata Champions For the thircl eonseeutive xear Coaeli Ceurffe X. Katehiner anrl his Buffalo Baslceteers won the Perri -Juniata l.eaf'ue Cahin minnshi 1. y.. . F 1 - . . . - . . . ' 9 BY winninff all 16 Haines this Near. New wrt zilsu ewtenrleel their leaffue winninf' . z- z- . l z- z- A streak to 55 games whieh lvrwlu- the Perry Cwunty reeurml fur eoiiseeutive league wins v 6 set hx' the Tressler Or Jhans' lluine at 52 Haines. . 2' ,., v , . . i Newport also set the following reeurcls: innst points in one season-1460: must ' points in league season-'Jil-1: anml the iniist piiints sf,-urecl in Z1 nun-league ganieA'9-1. ' 3 i, A victory fur the Buffaloes in the annual pus! season All-Star game set a record I fur the nifist wins in one seasnn fur Newpnrt teains--24. ' 5 A J' i Caniphell hruke the league reeurtl fur the iniist fouls inatle in the league for I Q W one year hy sinking 152 fuul shuts. Bull llire set Ll new recwirsl fur ilu- nievst pnints seorezl in u high sehiml 1-areer at Newpurt when he registeretl U30 puints in his four years uf varsity play. Both lmys were wt.-il In the first teain of the Perry-.luniata All Stars. 54 S1 CHQ' if?- X' . f . -si ff H X4 Nr 1 1 1' N, X n - - 'Sf af 5' , .' ' I . X Yggi if , A . , , r . .' . U 'if . - 1 X Q 1 x I 413 vm a- 4 ,- S' ' m . ' 'f f ' 'f X 1 F a , sm' ,1 , as ,X q W J! K W Q ", 3 E 43 ii. s W' Q 0 , M X ' New 'W , , ANN CAMPBELL MARJORIE CHARLES S SANDRA WILSON Co Capfam 4X ' 54..f'f SHIRLEY RUTH ANN MYERS EARNEST ANNE WERTZ IW! MISS ALICE PARK CANTRELL Girls Basketball In p0SIlng a record of 6 wms and 1 oss the glrls captured the Perry Junlata Cham plonehlp Good work Cnrls' Susquemta Greenwood Susqucmta East Jumata Blam Iumata Perry Non league RELGRD NJHS opp Jo suven JANET LORRAINE TROUT CAMPBELL JOYCE TROUT GERALDINE KNISLEY FAY CLOUSER NJ +I- 'x. DIXY SARVER ,X wx' CAROL 5 SOULT SHIRLEY STEFFEN SHIRLEY SNYDER Capfam A ' I 1I , I I I, S I I 6 'A ll ax J J, X- - I 1 I I W, A ' KA? v .V I 7 N ' -' U thi. E is . 1 L7 I 'I ' I I I 37 45 I I lll.. I IIII II I 45 47 ' IIIIIIIII I II IIIIII 57 55 X I Creenpark IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 65 4.8 ' 3 ' IIIIIIIIII II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII 48 39 ' III.. III.III IIIIIII I I II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 40 32 ' ' I II IIIIII II 40 39 ' I II I II.. IIIIII I 54 27 Ik I ,Q ,. .-I ' 4 I 4-+I- I 1 v If J N -F If ' '13 ' I . I W ' I' I fl ? I I L Q Ilxl , S I vl - XI I - 'I I I I L xx I x A I 1 l K5 I ' I I W I L I 141 Lfddddd Here are some educatlonal and lecreatnonal scenes to be remembered Student Councll T555 Standmg L Ehrhart J Potter C Regl R Fllckmger T Sarver M Charles L Cressler W Super G Mlller I Fo selman R Woods Seated W Welfley M Steffen D Charles L Bxerbower Mr Ebs R Grow R Earneft S Welfley me-3' O f I M. ., -if I ,, V 'yr A ' ' X fi ,f eb ' X Q x x Q . K . U ' .lil ' Y. 'S .Q "' . , i ' : . , . i , . . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . s , . . : . , . Y Top: J. Sharar, S. Cumbler, C. Laverty. ,l. Ramp. S. Troutman. P. Bretz. R. Earnest, D. Collins, L, Seaman. R, Bolinger. K. Hultzapple. J. Ruighter. L. Mayer. V. Wallis. G. Miller, L. Cressler, Mr. Brinser. Second: C. Soult, M. Kraft. S. Ush, J. Baker, L. Brookhart. J. Dowin, W. Soult, R. Wallis, G. Neidigh. D. Klsh. B. Freeland. A, Wertz. L. Blalsevd. F. Boova, J. Wallis, .l. Robinson. J. Dillman. Front: S. Fosselman. L. Deckard. D. Bonawitz. D. Haines. J. Myers, W. Welfley. W. Kahler. M. Fulton. S. Frye. B. Laverty. C. Gable. D. Sarver. Wle are justly proud of our hand which has performed brilliantly in competition and for our own enjoyment. The hand was awarded an excellent rating in the Annual Band Marching Contest at Harrisburg. Congratulations to Mr. Foster Brinser and his music makers on another fine year. qgswvun UINT HIGH SEHIIHL Nlary Kraft. julia Rush, Pat Sheafff-r. Nlarirtta Steffen, Bvtty Light, Janrt Trout ,fx Q Ax? Top: Rebecca Sowers, Reba Fleisher, Irene Myers. Bottom: Janet Campbell, Shirlcly Welflfly. Peggy Deitz. C H E E R S Vie 5 Olivia Maynard, Judy Neilson, Dixie Sarver, Dorie Brown, Saunda Miller. K -T T Tix A G 1 ,J 4 ' or X rj Top row: Mrs. Miller, Advisorg Kermit Harry, Bob Charles, Dave Frye, Larry Fosselman, Mrs. Myers, Advisor. Front row: Kennth Hultzapple, Lloyd Malseed, Anna Bear, Pat Saylor, Mary Krane, Gerry Knisely, Susan Frye. R E P O R T E R S H A AT D B O O K Ann Wertz, Ann Campbell, Reba Fle-isher. Patsy Saylnr. Glenn Miller. Mrs. Wolpf-rt. Advisor: Carol Soult. John Reighter. ,X A I ian ,, Ft ga 11:5 " 1356 T Sitting: Reba Fl:-isher, Robert Bolinger, Gerald llream. Lf-on Bif-rbower, Ralph Woods, Patsy Saylor. Standing: John Reighter, Ann Campbell, Carol Soult. Glenn Miller. Mrs. Wolpert, Advisor. be 3811112 ann whats wpott T1 Nc 1 111 ' FORT'Y TWO SENIORS T0 GRADUATE rty tw s h 1 fond f1re well to thelr ilma mt New port nent 1 C 7 HTC swf h o stx 1. fl TITTT 1111111111 tommente N 2 'ip 1mes VN Moyer tumnus o he c 1ss 1 w1ll be the uest spmlcer Pew-xend Vloyer 1s 1 tollege and the Ifranklln md 11n1ty 34th YEAR FOR BLUIL AND WHITE T 18 present y f 054 m1rks the thlrty fourth year of publ1c 1t1o11 of The Blue 1nd Whtte the school newspaper of New port Jomt H1 h school The first tssue of The Blue md Whtte to be publxshed was 1n February 1920 At fir t ll was not 1 newspaper 1n the str1ct sense mf the word but 1n tl1e form of 11 magaltne wtth heaxy Lowers A that ttme Harold Nianntng was the ed1tor An English Proled At first the paper was largely an Lngllsh proleet under the cl1rec't1on of Nitss Pltzaheth Do wart Dtfferent comm1ttees would t1ke the hest themes ot the hlgh school Engltsh elasses and punt them 1n the paper At that ttme there were HDDFOXT mately one hundred puplls md sxx teachers lll the Tll h school A Now the 421 pllplls The Blue xown Newspaper school h1s grown I in 20 te 1chers md mc Xkhlte has IND s ll w 1 newspuer pubhsltecl fixe tlme 1 year wtth two staffs ltterars and busx ness The l1tera1x staff Conststs of the news fe'1ture 'md sports departments wh1le the busmess staff eons1sts of the aclxert1s1ng KTFCLIIAUOTT and typmg depart ments e Blue md Wh1te changes w1th thtrtx other schools ln Pennsxlxanm 1nd ll roundmg Qlllll and scroll x htch llld,,P the p1per yearly smte-s It also belongs to four n monal org 1n11'1t1ons The Penn sylx 1n1'1 'Nhtlonal and Columbta Press ASSOCTTTICJUS and The EW STAFF T0 ht w port, l ennsx lx 1111111 N s Last Issue for .33 54 Blue K Whlte Staff W1tl1 thls INSUQ of The Bl11e anc Vkhm ireer cf 1 present st1ff ls ended '1s the next ISSUE w1ll he puhlxshecl by an en t1rely new staff The 1943.31 Blue '1nd xxhllt staff was he uled by Lenus Hunes who was Fd1tor1nLh1ef N'1nelr1 YVTTSOYT and Helen Buck w1lter were the News and Fu ture Echtors re speetwelw In thc spolts department were Bob R100 Boys Sports Fchtor and Wanda Quper f'1rls Sports Fdxtor Also on the ltterary staff were Ruby Kxpp Fxehange Edttor and Doro thy Charles the F1l1ng Echtor Vlrs Alfred Wolpert was then advxsor Que Cumbler Busmess Man ager supervtsed the Busmess Qtaff Lnder het were the CTI' culatton Manager Anna Baer and her asslstant Joanne 'Shutt der were the Adyerttsxng and As slstant AdX9I'flSlflg Managers The typtsts Betty Peterman and Joyce Trout worked under the Head Typxst Paulme Kn1sely Mr Franexs Brown was the1r advtsor Robert Bolmger Gerald Bream Leon Bterhower and Ralph Woods were 'he semor report ers EDIT NEXT TSSE The Fd1tor1al staff for the 19541955 Blue and Whxte IS as fol lows Ecl1tor1nChLQL Glenn Vhller News Ed1tor Carol Soult F1 1ture Pdnor P " sher Sports Edttor John Retghter Ex change Pdltor -. ., ll and F1l1nv Edltor Patsy Saylor Nmeteen r' .5-4, 4- class of 56 w1ll serxe next years paazi? e Paultne Bretz t tmpbe-Il Mlflc 'U Lewxs I- TFITQQI Jesse l- Bettv r Xe ' ' Joint llig' nY1'l ool 'f ' 'f " Vol. T954 AIQZF1. H54 fo. ti, 9' 9 S L - e , ' 9 Fo '11 se-niory will icl 1 1 1 " -' 1 ' 1 ter, . .h .N ,, i l '- ' t llig Svho l. in the t '-fg 1 ' ' . . " ' , , - ,- I 1 the c" - 1 tl e 1 ' tt be held 11:1 'Tue-scl11y. .Tay nth 11t 1 . m. Q h 1 .' L 1 Y J: at '. 1 V' ' . 1111 11 . f t ' :l1 ff .y f ' , ' 14 L' V ,' X' - l.l1.T . " 1 1 g . 1 '-. 1V 'I 1 1 y , , " ' 1- 1 l ' ' ' f ' ' ' 1 .. T , ' , . x t1 1 ' . .mx ' A I 1 , ln f I. Q Y Y Q . . 1 . ' C 1 ls 4 ' ' 1 . E ev , 5 -T4 Z ' .' . ' H 12 1 L' vi -,Z , X . . l' ' Y B 0' A M ' - ' . -I ff ' " 5' 1' 5 - ' . '1 1 I L . ll Q' -E A l . .' 1 w ' . ' ' J 1 1' 1 1 . hf v-my 1, 1,7 1 g ' . - Shirley Myers and Shirley Sny- ' .2 ' H 2 ' ' "' .1 - rs- A v, ' ' ' K. ' 'g f- , ', ' l 1 1. X 5 1. l I - vv -S - 'Af k 1 k ' , Y.. A1 - S ' ,K 1 K 1A- ' x ' " I , . ' 1 1 , 11' ' 1 . , , . Y X- . ' A ' 'S l' . L K D 1 1 1' 1 ' .' ' ' ,' 1 ' 1 1 '11 ' J. - ' 1 . ' ' - ' s 1 s v rv ' ' . ' T t l v I 1 nk- N- ' 1 .1 N , I T I TTIT IA. ' - 1 - u ' -1 ' ' . - , . ' ' -' - ' . ' 1 1 1 ' . 3 ' . Y I mi . 2 ' ' J' If. : I ' D ' Z . . . I I A' ' A 1 , . r . . . . . 1 . - fy - 1 4 . L . , Q., , . ' ' In ' ' 1- ni A I v ,- Y f A' ',' A , i 'r 1 . K . 1 . K - g ..' .. ' 1 ' ' 1" 11 ' o -, . 73" T" - - l t ,1 . 1 1 N . , ': .' 1 d -1 f S 1 :Z A ,L A. v " - 1 l ' ' " 1 i 1l: 4 gg' ' . It'.' o ' 1 If ff . ' Q t. 1 .' my . ' . F. X Y l A L .1 , N. h i . ' Sk.. , - ... B. , L. ' 1. 1x 4 I 1 . 1 1' 1 I : "Th 1 ' " ex- ' ' '1 1 . s 1' ' , ' , V ' " ' L7 1 d' 1 OI' Peggy' Love that gal I " J: ' -:Sl assi: -5.5 The bashful lov er UNI OR E I OR PLAY THURSDAY NIGHT. NOVEMBER 5. 1953 Ginny Wes! , fllrs. West Mr. West Peggy West Guy Healhergaite Patsy Bainbridge Suzy Willowby Aunt Kate , Peter Jones ,, Certie .Uaelntosh fames Tolirer ,,,,, .Wiss Prentis ,,,,,,,, Abe Swift , ,, FRIDAY NIGHT. NOVEMBER 6 Ginny West , Mrs. West Mr. West ,, Peggy Wes! , ,,,,,,, ,, , Cay Heathergaile Patsy Bainbridge .,,, Suzy Wiliowby ,,,, , Aunt Kate ,,,,,,,,, Peter jones ., ., Certie .Vaelntosh James Tvlirer ,W ,lliss Prentis Abe Swift , , Palsy Naylor Pauline Knise-ly Richard Ralslmaugh Shirley Snyder Donald Hunter Sue Cumlml:-r Ann Campbell Louise Sharar Ronald Cross , , . Joan Shutt George Smeltz .lane Wallis H ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , Robert Rice . 1953 Sandra Wilson , Carol Soul! Eugene Seiclers Reba Fleisher James Seiilers Joyce Potter , Julia Rush ,, Dixy Sarver Donald Sarver ,, Alice Cantrell Ralph Wborls Juan Wright Melvin Stahl ENTERTAINMENT BETWEEN ACTS Sara Kennedy-"The Breeze." "The Gypsy Iam- Song" Rogers Salyardb-"You, You. You." "Yaya Con Dim" 'Beit .-iv' Fwigjy C5 'Q WN fin, ff!! I rl '1 .5 Q -,V E igx RYA! 66 PECIAL DELIVERY MALE" COMMITTEES LSHERS Thurstlay Sara Kennedy Anna Baer Virginia Wallis Davitl Little James Sharar John Rf-ighter STAGE MANAGERS john Amsler Robert Bolinger james Campbell Q V , Clarence Newlin ADVERTISHNL' Robert Wiley Louis Delancey David Haines TICKET Richard Clouser Helen Buckwalter Darwin Campbell Joan Bubb FACULTY COACHES Mrs. Amanda Soule Mrs. Parthenia Wolgxert Erinlay Faye Potter Claclys Lerch ,Ioyvr Trout Robert Wiley Louis llelance-y Daviil Haines PROMPTERS Shirley Myers Betty Peterman Martha Urich Janet Trout Lamar Freeland William Morgan Davill Frye PROGRAM Lenus Haines Glenn Mille-r STAC E ADVISERS Mr. William Altlantl Mr. Earl S. Kipp CLASS ADVISERS Senior Class Mrs. Parthf-nia Wolpert Mr. Stanley Houser alla? ,IJI ,6.-gk VE hat a man!" How cllfl this get by the censors! ,lUfll0f Clara Mrs. Sara Miller Mr. C. D. Rothenberger A. S E C R E A R I E S Pauline' Knisely. Anna Baer. Virginia Hurting. Sue- Cumhler, Martha Urich. Q 1 X, "os 1 E? 2 2 ' 1. ' t Ill, f it Standing: Ruhy Kipp. Parry Saylor. Carol Suult. Ann Camplmrll. Dorothy Charles. Seated: Mrs. Myers. X N n It 'I ' F.H.A. , J., . .i 1 H ie-5 J -' z, 1" + sq' xl. O . qker 1 Top: S. Steffen, A. Evans. F. Potter, N. Keller, C. Railor, B. Shull, N. Smith. M. Crane, M Gardner. Third: S. Welfley, D. Bailor, J. Lenig, M. Swailes, C. Lerch, D. Buckwalter, J. Potter K. Stambaugh. Second: R. Roush. F. Harper, M. Campbell. C. Longwell, M. Haines, C Casner, J. Bubb, M. Bennett, F. Clouser. Front: N. Casner, H. Mitchell, H. Wright, J. Wallis V. Wallis, L. Campbell, D. Latchford. Advisor: Mrs. Miller. LN Pg ' iii: " F5 Q 2 AM fe-rf' H 7 111 I ' ff' ,C X Ly' 4 Top: G. Wright, M. Kline, E. Wright. D. Houck. J. Sheaffer. C. Jacobs, C. Kline. J. Sharar W. Dietz. Third: R. Lerch. L. Miller. R. Campbell, E. Lesh. D. Campbell, R. Charles, C Crow, C. Kessler, W. Myers. Second: D. Long. L. Shutt. P. Wilson. W. Kimmich, W. Sheaffer, J. Blaine, J. Kline, D. Campbell. W. Bailoi. D. Oren. Front: Mr. Atland, Advisor, C. Little C. Newlin, D. Cainer. L. Trout, C. Smeltz. D. Little, R. Beam. v F.F.A. lun- A3 1 5 IV1 n N V , 4 r .1 .sm . A 23 ,, A 4 r l v ' O E :I xg: ' :A-'f AL.. sw 'G-4: I: ,gf Z4 1 Wilmer Hoke Besf Wishes, Class of '54 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Supplles and Equlpmenl' For Schools and Offuces No 'E-'62 NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA NEWPORT PENN5YLVAN'A sLoAo s 'Q' K vIEw wmv RESTAURANT LEBO ancl HENCH "V ' W Qualnly Meafs I Phone 59 H Rou es II and I5 Ne Blooml eld 24 Hour Ser S Ce af wx Duncannon Pa YO ' Doo" X Ox I TS X' C23 MOHLER OIL SERVICE C2 Fuel OII Gasolme Kerosene Phone Newporl' 56M I r "'5's- Q1 Wullarcl Baflenes Qualzer Sl'a'I'e P D JONES GARAGE Off c al l specf on Sfal on A ,, 5 moco Gas Gooclruch Tures et AUT REPAIRS Phone 287W Newporl' Pa xvf X 'fa ' - ,V 1 T' R .1 . 1 I' IAN I A - O I W , I . I' , ,, f-VIA Q' TX t c ,T 1 V I I xX l 1. 1 w I ' ' u . xii E Q- E, 3 1 I g' , , E' :ga I IA Q '-Q f I 533 -TQ' ,sn NEW BLOOMFIELD ea ,E 1 A Q 4, -'I-' 1.3" " W E ' +11 L IL, , sl - I Qef fe E E--T :' 'I Riff A I n Oil I-5 . . . . . Ex I I n I I . D V, 4d V Q 0 n X, ' I ' gk Ii - . TR 'l . RA X F' 1' ? cfnffmdjdwwaomwe SENIORS OF I954 ENSMINGER STUDIO Harrusburg Pa Unlon Emblem Company HIGH SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY Fel+ Goods Jaclce+s and Commencemeni' Sfahonery E S BASHORE Salesman L G Balfour Company Known wherever +here are Schools and Colleges CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS AND TROPHIES W G Ross I20 Sou+l1 Second S+ree+ Wormleysburg Pennsylvania , . U I I . . , Palmyra Pennsylvania Q U Il I I Zezm Yfaluw , MAGEES CUT RATE Whf Phone I04 NEWPORT PA COMPLIMENTS OF TH NEWS SUN ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA CO Newporf Pa Newpori' Thea'rre 1 NNW fam? I' XX 61' X72 Comphmenfs of BENNIE F CARL NEWPORT PA MORRISON CHEVROLET C R Jig? REBAS BEAUTY SALON 364 N fh 4+h SI' eei' 1 xg I II Q? By Appomimeni' Phone 345 N ai' . 1 I American Greeiings Breyer's Ice Cream I man's Chocolaies E - I , . I' X A I -I N, I X K V 41 X X ' ' x f 3 Q ' X f - - f15Tf5'ff7f- I 3 ' . - Yfiifi . XI -15714 fi.-' I' I J I I 0 I CompIimen+s of or r li 2 , 'Z , 9 A 1 1 "le: nm' mn I , , ' '- Q ,gx , f' A I 1 A I - , I' M, IIIMNW X X q I 'N - J . ' I T' ' CompIumen+s of RICES HARDWARE 81 GIFTS HARRY S RESTAURANT CongraI'uIahons Class of I954 FAMILY SHOE STORE NEWPORT PA Shoes for fhe Enhre Famlly Phone I74J 367752 VHLUES VIRGINIA S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 396 NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA X Congrafulahons E G ROBINSON Beverages 57 R NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA A C SCHILL Newporl' Penna WEE yj 'I UCTS d GOODRICH TIRES GULF PROD Compllmenfs of ZUCKERMAN S I DEPARTMENT STOR Esso DEALER LIGHTNER S SERVICE STATION Esso Gas and Oll N P 4 -vvrn LTD , II .nl 7upI w 9 , 1 af I ' ' 'fn ,I f . ll I :xxx . Q IL from . . Phone ' Disfribu or of an XLNL 'Tx r ' ', 2 Complimenis of I X " I ' .' V 14 E J ew or+, Pa. Phone 7 SNAP ON TOOLS X E-f QW ?'Wm"gWZ5 iv QQ l W X. APPLIANCES Q E c REISINGER wyfmilmfwvww me SENIORS OF l954 J J NEWBERRY CO am fmzmfs 0 R A RICE 6' SON Newp +, Pennsylvania CompIimen+s of 1 945:-5 NOfT Y 'Eff . S ll .Z ' and 'aff fn I F , 1 X W kd - n 0 Q A Newporf, Pennsylvania '--. nAvm :wg IQ MYERS CompIimen+s of KELL FUNERAL HOME CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK S D Earnest !1'fREl715! Besf Wishes fo Ihe Class of 54 NEWPORT HARDWARE Comphmenis of AUMON S JEWELRY STORE NEWPORT ATLANTIC STATION Gas Oil Lubrucahon Car Wash Service Complimenis of BRANTHOFFER MOTOR SERVICE "YouR STUDEBAKER DEALER" C LQ' C53-0115 BOB BREDBENNER "Your Sinclair Supplier" Newporf, Pa Phone 50 QI? A4 , -,-' . ,,.V 1, H I ,, , ,,,,,,,, M' , N I and I PERRY FA M BUREAU MILLERSTOWN CO OE ASS N GULF SERVICE Feeds Seeds Ferhluzers Pamfs A compleie servlce for PeI'roIeum EIecIrncaI Equ pmeni' +he moionsi' Farm SUPPIGS C E NEARHQQD Owned by PERRY CO FARMERS Manage' Office Newpori' P Sunbury and Mann Sfreefs Phone 390 OI' 39' M H Branch Loysv Ile P u ersfown Pennsylvania Phone I I3 7, RALPH J LESH J H BORST CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH HRESTONE My WATCHMAKER 'MIT phone 20'-j AND JEWELER CenI'er Square Newpori Pa Y ff SHIFFER BROTHERS Q, Newport Dealers of gloaww an BENDIX Q I S E Ne pori Phone I75 X-4, ,, 1' FIowers for all Occasions TeIevson and Radio Sales and Service Congrafulahons Ph Ico Zemfh and Admural GI-aduafeg gf Clegg of 54 W W SHOWERS 23 Soufh Second S+ JIM S STORE Phone 43W Newpor+ Pa . . - : ' ai . . : I , a. - ev Q S9 4 E ' 9 6 . . ki, - . ,. f I xx X I Newpor'I', Pa. T , . I a I AV w , L -- A Pa. I u D . +0 SERVICE WHEN ARTHUR L. YOU NEED IT LESH General Au+omobile Repairing Gas, Oil and Groceries Phone 20I NewporI, Pa. Roy Leirzel NEWPORT. PENNSYLVANIA H. M. FLICKINGER Gllllll PlllHBlIlE SO S Plumbing and Heahng Phone 22R NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA DEPENDABLE ' ff SERVICE ROY M DUFFY C' Elecfncal Supplies Flxfures ancl Appliances 304 Marlrei S+ree+ Phone 7W YOUR SCHOOL ELECTRICIAN Newpor+ Dress Faclory BETTER VHLUE5 H R WENTZEL AND SONS Ivory Flour Perry Feeds Newporl' Pa Phone 355 Land sburg P Phone 20R2 K"'H E m l: NEWPORT APPLIANCE Hofpo n'l' Appl ances Sales and Ser Ice H R HORTING JR Phone 2I7J Compl menfs of FRED BEASOM Oualufy Groceries oI39 i - i 4 8 7 X a . N, V N 12 ' I 4 I A . . X-fe., xlnsj A T 'IL 5 s.. A, , . i , a. I .. : T1 'WY " Rl "' " F, .. - V . . , QLYAI ,- . E . Ll.. we , A , ,. hr NM- , ff g . - F xv, . f,.ff . Xl 4syj4a -'-'ff . I K ,ZZ'1-.3-?,.g:.',1 ,xv 0 l ' -'T 4 5' J' I I ' ' f v' ' V il l I f I ' . Your: HEALTH 1iBcEJzg6rN E ss DRL! Q M Bossermans Drug Sfore EARL F GOWER Ph Newporf Pennsylvama b XXXX Ur' 'JL NEWPQRT Auro PARTS INC or Qualliy paris for all PHONE 298 Compllmenfs of E G KEPNER Your Oluver Farm Equ pmenf Dealer E Phone los xi f' NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA 7Zat"clZr,'oa4 '5' " N 'A-' 5' DAIRY PRODUCTS JUNIATA DAIRY Farm Show Prlze Wmmng Mull: o Q I I G f 4 I I I . , armacisf ' X x 'v xf , I u V . :'f-515752 5 f ::1Q'. ,:Q5:11 ff "" cars, fruclrs, and fracfors Y Q- gal 'E K , - l - r . -r M, 1 . g . .nay - r-.Y Y EI M 55 5565 ' O neqgaif 'I S Cgfnpnfnenis of 35 Q aucnc SI-IEAFFERIS 2 IW ' f PLACE 2 I A lII"'I'-f -'WI'-'ww I 53" Qn H18 Square 5 I 4 ' 11- I . R- ' Z yy, Z 'W m A5 iw a+ JEFFERIES MARKET or dm Crushed S'Ione All Grades HN: f-OOD BINKLEY BROTHERS INC R AI' Ihe Keysihjme Hofel NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Compl menfs Compl men'I's of Bruce ROBERT c SMITH Sheaffer Fuel Onl and OTI Kerosene Phone 270J Newporl' P FOR SMOOTH DRIVING f""" AMERICAN OIL COMPANY .LUTNOR ZED m l: D E HALL Complmenfs of 373 North S+ N E BLACK ,Ni Ne Pod Pa Buick Ponhac XQ-I Xphone '45-I NEW BLOOMFIELD PENNA , 3 Z7 T N V 42J of On ou 22 I . o I I I of I . a. A I ' SA suoscnvacz . ' ' ' umm: uovon. ' Q I IIIYICI N W , . l T a 9'1" CompInmen+s TOOMEY S MILL Feed-Gram-Farm Supplaes WILA PENNSYLVANIA Phone 34 I -J2 Complumenis RHEAMS ROLLER RINK M cl ay Befween Newporf and Mnllersfown Compllmenfs S 8: S Chevrolei' THOMPSONTOWN PA Phone 666 Compllmenfs CHUBBY S RESTAURANT formerly Pe Cenfral MIIISFSTOWH Pennsylvania Compllmenfs of BURD S TURKEY FARM NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Phone 325 R5 Compllmenfs NEWPORT PRODUCTS CO an Employees Complumenis of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE R E Wuley NEWPORT PENNSYLVANIA Compllmenfs WILA TURKEY RANCH WILA PENNSYLVANIA Phone 342 Rl Broad Breasfecl Bronze Turkeys L H FOSSELMAN Proprefor of I of " I w of of I nn I ' ' Prop. EDITH CHUBB ' I of - cl ' Hs ' of . . , I ff- ,- wszfon ,COFFEE Complimenis of ISLAND PARK RESTAURANT Clark s Ferry - 'aj New BLOOMFIELD ' AUTO COMPANY p,q,,,,,,,h DODGE-PLYMOUTH 1 , . ' Phone 57-J and I7 'Ill ' A l 9 l lg! 2' ll Dodge Job Rared Truclcs A New Bloomfield, Pa. Buffalo lnn Meals Rooms Dancmg M ers+o n R D I Phone Newporf 292 R2 P E DILLMAN H W STATTE Props SALES and SERVICE Selecf Used Cars Guaranieed 24 Hour Towing Servlce JOHN C KUHN We Lend You a Car Whale We Are Servlcmg Yours MILLERSTOWN PA Phone I05 Com pllmenfs Dalmar Res+auran1' Amlry Hall A Cenfury of Servlce 'For Travelers Also Operaf ng Wafer Gap Lunch Near Dauphin RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT Texaco Servace Sfahon R+ II an DUNCANNON PA ROADSIDE MARKET FRUIT and PRODUCE M dway befween Clarks Ferry an Amufy Hall x ill w . . . of H ' fre Aco ISLAND I 2' V . . ' d . a ns ' E P HEWLING D LEONARD B ULSH M Marlcel' Sfreef Telephone 2l9 Telephone 6 ALAN WOLF AH'orney J E JANISON D D 38 Second S1ree+ TELEPHONE 225 26 Nor+h Second Sfreef TELEPHONE I8I Hefbeff M Baker WILLIAM MAGILL M D REGISTRAR and RECORDER 5,,u+,, Second Shee, Perry C0uf1+v Telephone 30I G E. TODD, D. D. S. B. F. Bar+ho, M. D. 3I0 Marlcel' S+ree+ Marlref S+ree+ Telephone 266 Telephone 45 D' ' S' 200 Norfh Fourih Sireel I . I . . I 0 HALL S DAIRY uaIl+y Dairy Produdrs MnIIers+own P VISIT OUR DAIRY PHONE I I0 R3 D IRY ij age AMERICAN LEGION Newpor+ PosI' No I77 an W W M A of Perry Counfy FRANK M SNYDER JR L CUMBLER Commander Presldeni F7 I Q u 3 W lun!-U-I -HS-SSS! F W N I WWWIWWW I Q ' ' ' , a. ' X A I V ' 1 V f vxww Xxx xxxx - - .Z 1' 1 ' 'I ' ' N .:.'...1.1-.-n x -175 Q CI . , . J. . I34 I29 I Wm f ff ' -IU , ,SAIL 'Qu W I , A 749bv Tum: I nuoo i N 541 ' 'f,3,w iw si- M 5-45 4 A if 7? XY X 8 + Q, Ig' A K Y :ff--bf , X aff' I- '5 " ',.k,1t if h f 1 , Ll ,.-5 ' , ir., Q.l','v' f' ,Y y t , M 'uf ' iv. 5 5' ' -E 1 ' 'f'.fQ1.e."f " -gg 4 The Choice of DisCriminf1l1'ng Seniors PRIXTCRAFT G1'ad1121tio11 Pc1'eo11f1I Ca1'1IQ amd Co111111C11CQ111P11t .'xIIIIOL1IICCHlC'IIIs IINICIIITI IXRI3 FUNII' XNY INC I IIIC IXI1D I XINIIX XS ISIN J 1 X R I' XRI XX XLI IN 1 1 r 1 NNIIIII N XII 'li HIURI' X I N IIIII N I PPf'i'.1 Q" ,I NI IIXYI IN 71. I'X I I - , I I. N 1 - . , - - . ff - 1- H 'GH mx . 1 FIIOI X X11 'X'I'.I' IIXX-INI1 I I II II I I I I I I I'111'111111-N.Fl1m--. IIIlIXilI't'. NIIIX IIIII . . III I II1..1I111g .IIIII Fl 1111l111g If,x1.111I1w-1-1,111IN111-1-1 XIIX VUHI- MIXNNH I X XXIX XI- 111111. I'1'1111-xIx:111I11 II fvn Inn I Il ' ffu lllllfl In fflvlf' yllf' I PII IIN!! IIIIX M1111 H R' I .lI1lllI .III ' XVIII'-N 11111I IIt'.l4'Ila'N IQ11-11 N11111111'-11 IIII11".11111NI11111I M1511-Izw II'11III f--1111I1 1111I NIx1111i.1 IX 1 H , Ifxgwrr IC,111-- .1111I 'IX II'g1.111 ll' -1. 1I,I'- -xIx.111111 IM I A A I I A III III II IIIII II.lI'IX IL.I.1-NI1,,I1,MP11111-1-1 IIII 5o'1'uII1I NIl'n'1'I X1-x11111I. I'l'IIII5XII.lIII.l Il.-I XX1xI1f'- 11- EI1' l11r111ff'1f11w111x1f1 1 IAQ HI l'J'wl LIINIIIAN IIXIIIIIfII NIIIII' !1'v1111 I.:-111.-1' N111.11"- lglllf 1 I INS Ill-' 1933 IIILKAF II IIIIIHII FIII I' ' lIlIf1.l.N I' 'II' I - II.11Ix1-I ,t1'.'.-1 IIIIZ I.I X55 III, I'fT LIIX3 IIXIIIIIQII FII! I' l'IIli1lI I .'.' 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The lvaln in lIn- nrtler nf lmsitinm xxus jim CampIreII. c'atr'I1vr: "Ilultur" Carl. first Irusc-: Larry IIe'lric-Ia. st-1-m1cI Item-: BNI, Iii:-1-. slmrtstupz Iivnm , IIuIlzul+pIe. lIlir4I Iutw: IMI' Iiulinge-r. It-fr fie'IfI. pilr'I14-r: It-tv -Xmsler. ve-lltvrIivI1I: IIIII Hwvrgzitl. right fwltl. ,lurk Ilumlt, putt-Ilffr. The Best Athletes of NJHS for 1953-1954 S ff ,1, iv!-71ff 'V if gg! af' I. I .1 I el I tn, , ff-- . . 'M "ft3""7' 1- . fv- ' U-.'.1-H ' " 1" 5. 1 'IXIPISH lit I KHP mm 1301451 Be5tBa51eIbaIl Best In 1 Mull rm! Bpsf 1g,,5gg,, Hex! , I -111 fn llllll N my R Comm en cem en t -v ,519 '0'4z.'Q4q, QAae 5 as 7446:-1 made wwvcovs DALLIK KYA v ,-. .A ,.. V ,-. v ,-. A ,.. A ,- ,-1 ,X W1 ,- .1 V ,- ,-. ,-1 A ,K 3, 7 xl gr 'fi 7 fN ,, bf Z U7 '-5 f 7 if. i P4 :Ei "Z .Hajj -J ao ,T it WZ .-cn UD... 757 ,QQ M-r1 id 54 7-J pl fl,- -V, ,- 71 Lf 5 31' J E T ., cf, w fi 5 Z wtf. r :L Q 3' W ff" Q if 6 5 5

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