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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1957 volume:!Q 4.311 WJ! H M11 In Menlnrv ei and nernen llnvnes Marlene Milehell -- W G! M iii.. ' Administration Classes 8th Grade Freshmen Sophomore: Iuniors Activities Sports Football Basketball Baseball Track 8th Grade SP0 Seniors Advertisements tis Helm men te Remember The 1956-57 school year will always remain a pleasant memory for Newport High School students. Mr. Shelton, who became NHS principal this year and superintendent of the Newport schools in August. 1956, joined the students in making the year success- ful. During the year he acted as adviser to the student council. He offered help and friendly advice to all stu- dents who called on him for assistance with either academic or extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Vice-Principal Mr. Bucklin, also new here at NHS this year, assisted Mr. Shelton in supervising student activities, too, Mr. Bucklin scheduled all the activities on the school calendar. Mr. Bucklin also taught Eng- lish I and II and Social Science. Other duties included the guiding of the students toward better citizenship. ,pez ss' 1 1 M, W5 ..-M -E ' ' L L , y ga is Above: Principal Mr. Shelton Below: Vice-Principal Mr. Bucklin Lincoln County Superintendent Mr. Milton C. Huff has just completed another successful and busy year directing county school operations. Mr. Huff acted as assistant superintendent from 1949 until he became superintendent in 1955. Enter- ing office with him in 1955 were his officers William Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Elementary Education, and Harland Davis, Director of Secondary Education. One of Mr. Huff's main duties is preparing and ad- rninistrating an annual budget for all the schools of the county. This system includes fifty-five thousand students enrolled in the twenty-four schools. 1- Along with the various duties he performs during the year, Mr. Huff visits the county schools and ob- serves the classes in session. Below: County Superintendent Mr. Huff. .ns tutlent Council to tem' An active and competent slate of Student Body officers led the NHS Student Body through a lively and progressive year. The Student Council membership included school leaders who represented their various classes and organizations. The council Worked on several new ideas. Those adopted were: xdding a Homecoming game and dance during he football season, changing the carnival from November to March, and increasing member- ship by including representatives from several organizations. Those applying for membership who were accepted included Honor Society, FHA, Pep Club, and Girls' League. Since the Student Body Consti- tution did not include regulations for the Student Council, the coun- cil undertook the project of writing a constitution related entirely to its own organization. The Student Council was led by President Lee Versteeg, Vice Presi- dent Iim Bailey, Secretary Marilyn Bauer, Sergeant-at-arms Rich Cris- ler, Treasurer Mike Hanson, and Assistant-Treasurer Errold Burch. Above Right: L. to R.: Adviser Mr. Shelton, President L. Versteeg. Below: L. to R.: Back Row: M. Hansen, I. Ward, C. Hunter, R. Litchfield, A. Crisler, D.Hart, M. Zwicker, B. Wheatley, R.Crisler, Midi! F. Iacobson, B. Dorfer, I. Bailey, I. Church, L, Reinertsen. Above: L, to R.: Sgt.-at-Arms R. Crisler Yell Queen Front Row: I. Shields, I. Nelson, R. Mauch, A. Ward, D, D. Harms, Vice President I. Bailey President L Harms, M. Bauer, B. Simpson, L. Versteeg, C. Simper, I. Versteeg, Secretary M. Bauer Treasurer M Wallace, D. Ward, I. Houghton. Hansen, Assistant-Treasurer E, Burch l 4, 5 Z if Mr. Creighton Mrs. York Q-l'2'.-r 6 N ., ., ,Wm A 'Mt , in fm in---w...., '!"f"" Y , P4 Mrs, Howes 5 t Mr, Guthrie 5 Ckso H Navigaltor In the fall, seven new teachers joined the eleven returning members of the teaching staff. The faculty not only promoted further education but also served as advisers by donating their time to the students' extracurricular activi- ties, An introductory coffee hour, held in the early fall, began a series of faculty gatherings which continued throughout the year. The faculty dressed as ghosts, goblins, or as a song title and gathered for an even- ing of fun at a costume party on Halloween. On December 13, the facul- ty met for a Christmas party, with fun, refreshments and exchange of gifts. A social committee consisting of Lincoln, Central, and High School teachers conducted the social gatherings, which gave the teach- ers from the three schools an opportunity to become better acquainted. Mr. White Mr. Utterback Mr. Snyder , ' X Z hd x Fix WY'-iff Y an f Xi' 5 'fx .M ,.-up AMr. ohnson u'-4' Miss Iones to Lead Following is a list of the teachers and the subjects they taught: Mr. Bucklin - English I, II, Social Science, Mr. Creighton - Iournalism, Algebra I, English I, II, IVg Mr. Erickson - Social Science, World History, English Ig Mr. Guthrie - Algebra I, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Trigonome- try, Mrs. Howes - Library, Mr. Iohnson - General Math, Boys PE., Basketball and Baseball coach, Miss Iones - Girls P. E., Miss Lambert - U. S. History, Social Economics, Miss Malicke - Home Economics, Mr. McCoy - High School and Lincoln School Band, Mr. Morrow - Biology, Boys P.E., Football Coach Mrs. Percey - Typing I, II, Shorthand I, ll, General Businessg Mr . Pilch - Shop, Mr. Sandsmark - Chorus, Mr. Snyder - Art, Speech, English I, Ilg Mr. Utterback - Bookkeeping, Typing I, II, English Ig Mr. White - Drivers Training, Boys P,E., Track coach, Biology, In- tramural coach, Mrs. York - English II, III, Annual. Mr. Sandsmark Mr. Pilch bl M' . J . I 1 Mrs. Percey ,t14'g, , riffi it if Mfr lv: Y- ' Miss Malicke V I sq p Q fvu S0 -un.,w--- Mr. McCoy -if Mr, Morrow 7 a-"', .ve-v""' 'E'-'I-"W, , Yr I ll 1 Above: Tomorrow's secretaries. Above: First term paper, Below: What are you painting? Below: Lateral measurements in algebra iv i, 3, l mf s Above: Drawing house plans, Above: How can an insect have so many parts? Below: Alumnus B, Mills and students enjoying the Below: Mr. Utterback and Typing I class. library. . 9 iF:,,,,,1 My af W 9' J My I bw ,MTV ' . I m4pR"""Q.g,, , . Q ANI- Cm . ge if I 'ind' Mrs Persson ff-1 n 1 fl "-1 'Wersi WW 4 Mrs. Gagliardi Mrs Gnswold Aa 1-er WM! W ff' :Sb E vw I 7.4 ff' nr ff! X 12 f Eager Below Row 1 S Adams P Anderson D Baker M axler eck Bec er D Berklun Blanchard T Blalock Row 2 S Bowers I Brown D Burmgton B Butts D Campbell D Cheney C rrsler D Collms I Davrs w 3 Davrs DeFreese E Drttler I Dodd R Ely F Fawbush G Frsh S Iacobson IFogarty Row 4 L Foster S Foster I Gardner A Green Grxffllh G Grove Gru augh L Hall Hamrlton Row 5 K Hamrlton S Harrmgton D Harrrs D Haylrcek C Heater I Hewrtt R Horn Hull ugo ow 6 G IGYVIS I Iarvrs Iohn K Iohnson R Iohnson V Kamberg P Okes n I McK1ssen D Knaak V17 fx f, 'A' :tif ,Q -np, 'fd' H-1 W 1 'WF wp' , E . , 0' I B',K.'B',M.'4k, d,'T """" C ' , . ' , , ' . Ro : I. ' , S . . L' . E I A , . ' Ll , , b 1 , E , I I 'J' I ' . : 4 ' , . ' , seg : , . . 4M A, , E. H . R 2 . ' , A A , D so , . ' , . . 'UE-'f , 5 A., 5, ' ff 'af S A 'sr 2 ff, I 'ff' 'iq U V.-V ,I .gl f .rf ,A . I N ry my 5 t bfggg' gifs I -iii' I . A f B, ,,f r - Q- I 1 gf, I ,.,,.:. z E I we I S 'B S ' .,: ' , 'X I ' Q ":1' P Iif I I , , I , -N , 5 Q V- 1 12,355 4 " v ,. If . VTQH Air is I ,mr ,IE . :WIP as ,f 4 0- 4' ' " " ' H' - 0 2 if ' 555' ' I ,xg ,' 'S Jn A ' l ' I-.' I 1 I If I 1 ' A wi 3 .TF 4, I r K l t I I I. I ' rg . .,,. I ' A7 Q Q M ' ' - 1 . - E .. aa ' .:- v ' wr V' ' I - " .-' I --A E' If Af C -, f, l E ,iv 'Lf' 'ty' A 931' gg t S ' -.rf If Q ff g lf L 'nv 7 . 5 ' 1 B 8 I sw EB - 1: H- 1 1: ' X S 2 , I I .- , I . S Q ' sa 149 N fer Q 32 Q 4, ,Q ,V f I W' ' . f 5 - A fr 4 Sr: 4 f i I I we 5 12 'k i - ., ' 3 2 , S., ., I 4 I N I . , Q bf, . J , V, an f -v Il-, A B, Recruit L to R Rowl H Kupers C Matthews D Mathews I Matusch B Maki R MGCK1mml6 S Mealocl T Mc ntee I Milbrandt R w 2 D McKuhn I Mosier D Myers D Nagle I Needles B Nelson C Nelson L Newsom L Nibler Row 3 S Nort D Osborne A Parsons M Passmore L Pechota S Penter S Philo L Pontius I Plesha Row 4 I Ralphs T Robinson B Rumorfield S Scott G Shattuck M Smith L Sumner B Thompson N Umberger Row 5 G Wagner I Ward I Waring I Watkinkson S Wehling N Williams F Williams K Williams G Woltkamp Row 6 S Young C Zerzan C Zielinski -nf --r , W VY nl wa.: ,.,- V, wi' K 'TX J Q7 1, sl? Entering NHS activities for their first year, the Eighth Graders adjusted quickly to their new experi- ences. The class held election of officers in September to begin the new year. Those elected were President Iohn Gardner Vice President Bob Butts Secretary Ianet Ward Treasurer Iudy Needles and Sergeant at Arms Mike Smith Each of the three Eighth Grade teachers taught specific subiects The students studied arithmetic and science with Mrs Persson history and civics with Mrs Gagliardi and English with Mrs Griswold Mr Sandsmark directed eighth grade choral work Mr McCoy band and Mrs Schaeffer art Eighth Grade activities for the year included the December Christmas party three one act plays and the annual trips to Corvallis and Salem in the Spring if " -..., Q17 1 E JI ,if SY sis Mi A E , I. I ' I I. o 1 I . I ,I I Q A U ' I I r N 'la " S 3 1 l 2 Y 1' ff, I ,-5, 1 :L S A,-1, ,151 645 ' :E A lf Q I 1, -:4-'. 1 234. A ilui 'll' I rv I C XA - Q ? Q is ,f ,e,' if ll I Y .Q -V QL Q ,,i it sf ' 43,5 . A ,3 G-4: A 3 2 4 K ,Z 3 f ,v , . y g . In I 1,7 xf W I , 155. L, , 4 tr I X J, RA I J! I we xkhw if 3 X g ' , . ff E 541 f kr ii, I xref '15, l ' ff . fs - .5 , I A 0 f in 'I' T A If 9 A ff if-r sf- sf .ts ,-f r L .3-:-:Q J 1 f ith K f A 'Y X K 'Q I , if W' 1 i' I ' ai A , L trr' Q ' I Q . Q I K YA : It 0. 0 Q pl l p im .Af K S' 1 'dk , V f-1 K QV 'd :I if 'jg , I A lx' xx, +975 - V l 7 ' f fgg, N, , L , s..- -A 1 I it I, M 1 ,,., f- .1 i ' l""" ' My .' 51' 177' , I . 1 L' It ff: Q I -Y -, ' , .L as f la f kj- ls f S' V . .Vg ,A 1 :LL V VA 44' ,IL I ,r at ,J ilu? -.,tgx f J Ir Z Innl ' 'S , 'T V I n strf - --irrr .-r..,... f li 2 will 4.7, Q S it I "':' ' "' ,. Q 't to : o ,fm at A Sf QA r Mi- i rf l 3 ltecruitu in .tation TN New Below: Chorus, L. to RQ Back row: D. Berklund, R. Iohnson, P. Anderson, K. Beck, D. Osborne, B, Bates, I. Gardner, G. Woltkamp, I. Watkinson, R. Mochnick, L. Nibler, G. Wagner, D. Miller, M. Smith, R. Laker. Second row: B. Thompson, T. McEntee, S. Foster D. Mathews, K. Zielinski, I. McKissen, C. Pickens Above left: Class officers, L. to R.: B. Butts, I. Needles, I. Gardner, I. Ward, M. Smitl., Above right: Room representatives, L. to R.: D Berklund, L. Pechota, I. Matusch, K. Williams N. Williams, D. Cheney. Center left. Yell squad and pep club. V. Kamberg, I, Ralphs, S. Scott, L, Newsom, I. Waring, K. Iohnson, I. Milbrandt, S. Bowers, S. Medlock. Front row: M. Baxter, L. Foster, S. Wehling, C. Crisler, S. Adams, I. Davis, D. Havlicek, K. Hamilton, I. Ward, S. DeFreese. Y? , I .A i Beginning Crew The Freshmen launched their year of activities by taking charge of the bonfire during NeWport's first Homecoming. They worked hard to make the bonfire a success. To represent the class during the Homecoming events the Frosh chose Beverly Iacob as their princess. Elected Freshman class President was active Iim Church. Under Iim acting as Vice President was Charles Hill. Taking class minutes was Secretary Darlene Fogarty. Handling the financial affairs was Treasurer Eleanor Hugo. Keeping order at meetings was Vernor Passmore, Sergeant-at-Arms. Representatives were George Erickson, Ioyce Nelson, Leonard Reinertsen, and Iean Shields. Class projects included the "Hound Dog Hop", which was an after-game dance held in Ianuary. Class adviser was Mr. Snyder. 1 .M K4 Mr. Snyder W Class Adviser :ff M? .ifv ,, A H x ' I Above: Hound Dog Hop Committee. Left: Class officers, L. to R., seated: I. Hill, I, Church, V. Passmore, Standing: E. Hugo, D. Fogarty. Below: I. Church presiding over class meeting 'i U", ff' :Q-f .f.,. L1 .4- ,wg lzst 3. -. Fl 6, 5 Hg, asf gf. I 4 an ti .4 Below: Toledo at the stake. Above Frosh bu1ld bonhre tor Homecommq A, Be ow L to R Bow 1 C Amo T Applegarth D Baer D Baker L Baker P Barnettc E Hugo C Bateman I Beal R W 2 C Beal A Becker M Beryerle L Carson C Chtzek B Cook R Comstock S Cruse L DeMars 5' Q7 iff 16 cy J xv N st QQ M245 ,-4 x ,K M, ,A v f X- X VA X 1. ., A, rx , i .. . . T A Q if , . QM: hd K, W yt. L.. 4 f ' 1, ' . ' 1 i, x B H 4 , 'U' 1 Q E . ' B V, , V I ,Q - O -- X ' I V H x A ' 4 .w Q L B Q, we . 1 A L vm N Q. T 11 . B 273, 1 1 T H' , I V . ' ' :-V .-,:.,. ,.,, 5' A' rl ,Q 7 ,L x M 5, I Q .Y , 'VL T ,i yy , TA W Q. k fJ""p x Q f 1' w' A . 8 4' , V it ' N , A - 4 - VA ' S in I 4? ,V - 'ilk 'xi n A .. V .X f S It 6 , ,, T , - at Y. 211 gf up H Q r qt W , K, I T 2 T' W f - ,2 - vw 4 5 N ., , Q t Y as ,N Q A, B D v 1 I A ttt lllll T T 'T ,, Q ,, T S' , 4 " ' fu' ' ' ' B Row 3 P D1ck1nson T Dlttrlck M Dlttler N Doerfler G Dumont M Edge G Erickson D Fogarty B Franc1s Row 4 Frost Crtshaber D Grogan B Hall Harrxson B Hayden I Hxll Q' nh. Greenwald D C Hanner L rt? -4' wg, 1-sf ,f 5 . . ' afwfsifffssryr ,f,, - is : ,,....., 2 95, . . , , .. gm A 1, A W? .Wt W in V 4, f J-gkg IW ig, W ,E wb f 1 ygwgi '4 M, at ff W P W get rel Q57 wi' 'SWG 'iwwnwmpe Above Frosh party Commxttee Frosh Frosh clown1ng around Below L to R Row l C Hocken T Hope I Hughes Row 3 C Moley R McCauley L McEntee A R Hughes B Iacobs L Iohnson G Ieppeson M McOu1ne I Nelson P Newton P Park V Pcxssmore Kerb I Lawson Row 2 P L1tke I Lundgren M Peterson Row4 S Peterson S Phxlo I Pogue R Lothn D C Phelps R Phxfer L Rxddle L Remertson W N Lund W Lundgren T Loader Maloney L McCla1n S Mmller Schefters M Scott rf-A I -,yr ' Qtfl aww! Luv! vt 'gif A Wt' in ,,,.f ef-51' S4 'ran 9 T ,Ma vi? 3' 1-f i M 5 sew ' LM, f ,., I, , I ,bi-.Qt , I ,le I I 1 gf, It gd, I U. ff ' :gb 5 . 'Jar is : I ' I A' -f . I I W ,Q .'.::,. , A 1" . ff W .f f' . I M Us Wifi I 5 I Itge . I I W, - of , Nt . gag, Q3 I S f 5 I Vg ' 55 dir, A I K .5553 . . ,,, W A , ., . W I, my K' A . yy A K , Vi- 5 L.. 'gy f W' , ' , I ,gy ' W ' ..f ' A W' M H iss.: t a n . - t V411 ggi N-. . 1 I 'N ,ff I lp ---- in to f .,.,,r I fri 5 if :fd K f , 1' 5 3' f ' Q . 'V ' f l A 7 1, A V-Inga! ,,. " ""'. " f - 3' "A ff I V"f"" 7 " .Q are 7 , ff' .1 1 ,E 'MQW' I M fr egg, .Ji A' 'S It 'R if t f 'M ff? .fr ' o f " Q95-",E?!. I' I ' 1':'2vvf,? ,I A Q L f A- W. , 'A S. ,. Ayn- ., . 5 , J I W-" 72 A ,, gb " -N ':5- , I g H I 'J .N My is W 92' 3 '72 I 7 new 5 EQEf"ll I H' U ' I X gi ,P,' '54 "'lv f A M .. I A 5 M ' or f Y a: In 'Fw f IR 'Q if f ,.. ky ls- KW' 53, Y my X: H vw ' A 4, I Y I jx R 'S' L YJ I It f b X i , I W M V A Z :L M K gal f I 1 I A ra 1' 4 ' M gee . - o b ,K , J, - M, X I , .. 4' , . rfvvk ,A -. I A, I usual' .7 51 .Q A - ' M, ' ' . .' - nw. -' 1 . ' 1 i m g' ,Y F f- Q A .5 i W if 8, V .1 - n Q J .. V t ,.. M V, 1 -I VN V I I s I ,, s " I dt Above, L. to R.: Row l: P. Seth, B. Shattuck, R. Sherburn, C. Schunk, D. Smith, L. Smith, T. Strong, D. Stubblefield, B. von Hoene, Row 2: M, Waring, R Waters G Watkmson S Weise K Wood G Wrtght 0: Q arg + , ,.g5.':f. 0z"Q l Be ow left L to R Row 1 I Church I Clack B Dean Row 2 M Kasper R Larson P LeSueur Row 3 R Naylor I Norton M Sebrmg Below rrght Row l D Hadley D Hall M Halverson ow 2 G Lucas I Mrller L Mos1er Row I Sh1elds B W1llrams """Nu-r jk' it ,warts nigh Kb we ..,,- -nga-an 'QI abuux-Wifi-ulxnn W' W' WX E W' was ww PINK 'kb rv mils.. New x' we YK QP in-R . I 0 ' x fl, 9 4 41--' 1179 J l , . .1 Z , , . , . +1 -M w th -V:-I .:: .1 Uxx Q Wah - 'X an 'Iwi x I NI I ,I i , P V ' " ag, NW, , ""' . ' ...Z .. M at 1:- Hm W Q W I If It Y -:,. g ,gg :-. 9 , 4 K .V wt ' ' I A I I ls -J, A 4 ?? i LM of , I f .gf ,1-4-.3 ' 'iq'-A ll 'mf of ,, 1? .rm at 't t e trrrft f H Q ef.. , .sr I of at " f I mn I gg 1 A .-4 A ' J I: ,'. : V 5 fa Q W ,uh : ':',,-- 5, ,. ,Ry "" .MW i- A J c I-'Y M " .... 1.1 6 . ophomore Governing the Sophomore Class during the 1955- 57 school year was their capable President Richard Litchfield. Assisting Richard was Nina Baldwin, Vice President, Sandy Riddle, Secretary, Nancy Beyerle, Treasurer, Ralph Reinertsen, Sergeant-at-Arms, Adrienne Ward, Cliff Hunter, and Iohn Ward, Repre- sentatives. Sophomores, in the fall, selected Miss Iones as class adviser to guide the class during meetings and other class activities. Pretty Gloria Ludahl represented the Sophomore class as Homecoming Princess. Tom Heryford accom- panied Gloria during the Homecoming festivities. In Ianuary, the Sophs sponsored the dance, "The House of Blue Lights", after the Siuslaw basketball game. Right: Class Officers, L. to R.: R, Reinertson, N. Baldwin, R. Mc- Nutt, S. Riddle, N. Beyerle, R. Litchfield. Below Left: Couples enjoy after-game dance. Below Right: Dance decorations. Bottom: Class meeting. 'sag-,X 3? Q A 396D C, sf' Y-Y ,-in iw -GF 'J Wmmmi I Wulf I-al .3 ,...,-r fx ...qi 7 QA' 5. va' -9 G57 ff mi 1 ,JSO- ""'? vf my -4-' L to R Rowl C Abraham R Andresen N Baldwm N Beyerle I Black F Br1dges E Burch D Burmg ton R Carter Row 2 G Cathers L Cloe I Cooke G Dean C Damelson S Dodge S Ellrs C Ely Ely Row 3 K Emerson M Freld D Ford Foster D Franck A Galloway B Grrshaber S Gurlhams M Hanv11le Row 4 H Harms I Harrrs S Hari I Hartheld P Hayman T Heryford B Heghfrll C Hunter D Hundt Row 5 S Iackson M acob L ohnson L Iohnsion V Krmon Knaack L Krogstad L LeSuer R Lrtchheld Row 6 G Ludahl M Mahon A Martens C' Martm T Martm R McNutt T Mxller S Morgan L Nrbler lm f R005 i gf 20 K BBW:-1 S ,I I i 3 .. I2 A 11 I I v - "' 1 .- sg "' ' 7A .,. -- NL. ' rj: 4, W I ist, , , I V' K v-'ff :lil Y U K A , X 1 ,Y if Yifzj I ' 1 Q ,I ' 'ir ' . s fu rf: -ILT . E ' WI -If ' i , H V I A My F is " as ,. f "' 'X " 'J A N, if j. A -C 1 . gf VA... K- - --,TV I, X15 V' l Img' V... f Ns rr.-' - "" ' , . Al 'H may 1 , . ' if' . ,igggg ' by I , , A ,rw 'G 5 ca- I 5 .r L: X . , , - Av. ,, X .rv 3 . 4 -4- 6 I off 1 ' F .5-gy, , K :im .-7 r v-he v . I -:sssiirf ' . by , A gr, II rI I I I I rI I E in ' ' 'I If ' 2 rg Q av- J , , Q: Km f' 2 7' I I C ,. . ...ry I' ' '7 . ff' 'd A is :fav ,gi f x r E I s 5' , .:g.5gt?E:E:- 1-I J, K wg. 6 Y' NK .:..,:5:::,!::: lE, ,W 5 A , wx kg Lv D , A Ai' I H ' I Q ' XV .4 I H - , QM . .,..' E f W9 ' f r- A iii. Q A I. - . W C . Ti 1- Z-I 'ij' as , I . QQ' " , I 1 ,S W ' I I S i IIIC i I , M as ,:.': ' "'rr:' ' 'Tx p m R, 'Wi J .1 Wi A My A ,F ,, cr I A W I pg, xii . "f ' I ff' kr . V35 .5 ..,. 'S I 1 i W I VT K uf V . ll if , me .. in I, I A, ,WA Y I I ' I . I I , . I I , , I I , 1. I 1 , , ' 'so ,f "GI ' 3: A 7 , 1 0 x, I . , , V 4 ' '- U J 'ff M 'Q , ' 'ff' Q-7 H 2 1 id that Above l. to R B Nlx A Okessen V Parsons S Parton S Prlce I Peutz I Retchletn R Remertson M Renlcen Row 2 S R1ddle T Scanlon D Shattuck I Sprmkle E Stockton I Thomas M Tr1plett V van!-loene A Wallace Row 3 A Ward I Ward V Worden I Wells G Wheeler R Wtlllams Below Sophomores IH b1ology Below Stlrrmg punch forthe dance 21 'Mall' 'as I 'S Z? I- px- ' C3 X K I, 53' ,S xii' N 'W 7 by if cg 4. , V ,Za ,ga r .II Kr' 4 A A ' X 'M . M . I I W 1, :ff f,tL'li v. n nr F A A glq 7 6 r C V- ,eg 2 .K " fa' 5 a Q ' I7 I Id Q ff. N4 . ,M fy V Wuxi mm, 42 N I , . :sf t . . ff- J . f Et Y J- . to 2 4' , M - ' n -A ..,, . +7 tsl, I -f W 553 , ' . , ' L sw f , W H I MIN as ' , . I 2 , . I K A 'SM . A n- I I 5 Ili ing Mid hipmcn The year 1956-57 proved to be the "Proj- ect Year" for the Iunior class of NHS. The Iuniors took charge of the concession booth at the football and basketball games, earning money for the Iunior-Senior Prom. Too, they sponsored the Homecoming Dance and Sweethearts' Ball. Vivacious Lana Iohnson was selected as Iunior - class candidate for Homecoming Queen. Her escort was Terry Morgan. Holding class offices were President Frank Iacobson, Vice-President Wayne Braxling, Secretary Rosemary Mauch, Treasurer Steve Penter, Sergeant-at-arms Chuck Gomoke, and Representatives Mike Zwicker and Allan Crisler. Faculty member acting as class adviser was Mr. Guthrie. 4 f-' -. , if ' --'flifv-..i 1 2, '-' - - e , Y . gf . dl , 1 of .jx A , i, +5 cl 1153 1 I wk i ? "7 ' .le Z - A f.,- Below: Prom Committee, L .to R., Back Row: I. Dudley, D. Iohnson, O. Lee. Front Row: P. Moses, B. Pratt, H. Cathers, H. Potwin. ."'w 1,,s 'Vw'-Q xx New x. r f , It HE? Mr, Guthrie, Class Adviser Above: Class Officers, L. to R.: S. Penter, W. Braxling, R. Mauch, C. Gomoke, F. Iackobson, M. Zwicker. Below: Ring Committee, L. to R.: H. Carter, D. Harms M, Scheffers, W. Braxling, H. Cathers i7Ps4?' it l 4' H513 X I Ty. 'W' qv k 1 F' K. Lett: Sweethearts' Ball Committee, L. to R.: A. Winters P. Church, H. Cathers, I. Wagy, H..Potwin. Below, L. to R.: Row l: G. Bateman, L. Baxter, K, Beal, W. Braxling, B. Briggs, I. Buckingham, H. Carter, H. Cathers, P. Church. Row 2: I. Clack, T. Clarkson, T. Clevenger, W. Conklin, A. Crisler, R. Cure, D. Dexter, S, Dodd, D, Dodge. Row 3: I. Dudley, B. Edge, C. Gesik, C. Gomoke, G. Gray, A. Hadley, M. Hansen, D, Harms, I. Holmes. Row 4: C. Hudlin, B. Huitt, R. Iacobs, F. Iacobson, L. Iohnson, D. Iohnson, G. Iones, M. Kent, O. Lee. Row 5: P. Likens, T. Liming, B. Litke, T. McQuilliam, R. Mauch, H. Miller, R. Miltimore, T. Morgan, I. Morrison. Row 6: P. Moses, G. Murty, C. Naterlin, I. Niemi, D. O'Hara, I. Paden, S. Penter, C. Perry, M, Peterson. 5- V 3' N NF I 'Ji fl: Q ' -f ' fglfvr 'A Q lc.. I: Ka ef- A . jf, T. f - fr: ' tr 4.3 J, .. -M - . . .5 v .. 4' 'J' in I Q. I ll' f ' f X fm Q ' " ' Mm, f x . l E t i If , rf " 1 .I 1 rms.. Fr f f. 'Nj Q .N 4 If Q' i A ,wry ? 1 ' 5 .12 . 'Q-E I 'J P ' 1 . ff ff' I . I ff. .ff T... Q ...Y I 5 I --" J ' id' .. - if T' 2 ": I. K ' 33:13. EL Q I E? --':-- I I 8 - Pe - , f W! 'V I A I 1 -::,.,.,'. :.,. .- . , .. 3 80" , 4 3 . M - I , 1. I . W :ar X .-... , F is , r- . J, ff . f J rr. H ff., A A Il . s X mal' E I ' ' M " f , ' -.-., : 4,2 :-:, '-,.-,v:- E : ' v- P - .-v. . k:5Q'zI.' fr lg, .sz 'fe' I 1,4 "M I A K 'H ,N vw. I 1 A I . .. I A ' l 2 ff 5 ,A f , , I ,- as . .4-Q ,fav J '.,. I fe- .xg ...A . "J 1 ,M :ggi :-,- fi 535 ,ff - - g I w V' -v it 2.-g V 1 mg, , 51 -A z. H t-- -I .ll A. 1- - .. . ff ' I I ' 'wg f L . rw 'T I ' 'fj 3: ,.. .7 ' ra f r 3' ' J 'flif f-4' , -I 'F' . T' . -I 5:15 if -...Le . fi 2? X. fi fl . H' '12 23 of J o. K' zf sf I, A A 7 '- SK -H , -: ,,, .4 ,W V 'T 5 , ' m 'I f .1 1 ,AF-Q .. 'J . ma? I" Y rr 'P i .jd J "X N, in 4 E fy, Q!-R 'E 53,3 A , f f- nh rl "' 'C 'W ftp W K 4 ' ,A ' , .wr , wb E, rw' C J' -4 M ' -1' ' Ii fix 3 P M si iff: ll l ,gm 23.3 ,A ,. 1 v ",, -a Q- A, , O-, ,Q -. 1 -M17 ' 'f 7' Jizz... of U' ve? .,, ' ,Q f L ,L ,... 43? fl' 4 4, 4 J . e Above L to R H Potwm G Pounds B Pratt K Pruncr E Rasmussen Rea Shattuck P Sloan N Sm1th ow 2 R Steenson I Stubbletteld S Thomas Wagy G Whlte L Wrlbur A Wmters L Wolf B Young Row 3 C Zerzan M Zw1cker Be ow L to H Row l I Barley A Bowen G Crowe Row 2 L Doty G1llhoover I Howard S Naylor N Robertson M Schelfers K Westerberg Q, 'Uv--ft, 4ylnA'F'? 4, ,sf 'B Q.. "' S-ss f Q. 24f ij LL: F ,. . ll, ,V I ll I l Nl l N I X 1 l ,, .3 : . ' , , , . C9 0 I A j O' I I an N X I X 4 X. it iv f Vw , I W I I W 'Q "" I Q ,li QM? W lx if Mi. . 'Ty 1 I If fs gs A l r A -Q L fl 5 lf, iw. -Mwfwmmw 4 W, 'Q Carnival Committee, L. to R.: Back row. I. Morrison, D. O'Huru, L. Cloe, Front row: C. Simper, I Bailey, L. Versteeg. , VL ,F ' -"nf ,-. V 6' ,118 wwf fu. 4 wr-J i , xx J .AX up 1'-:ii .... -. A mg . ,gy if Q VM, ,,w,xw, as ,-4 ag, s .WV ,fish N'-snr WG' 1 W um Q7 -5 ' 19 5 o r f 2 1 Above, lefti Hurry up, people ore waiting. Above, right: The happy on-lookers. Center, left: Now here's how you do it, Below: The roycxl court, L. to R.: Seniors, D. Hart, L, Versteegg Freshmen, I. Church, N. Doertlerg Iuniors, F. Iocobson, A. Winters. may f H s -I X Q t " ,, 6 1 3 52 i -5 .4 55 'S Ee. rr new 5 I li K l . --2' X l I : in . , sh. .W ' N The dllxgent Sophomore Class earned the throne honors for the1r radlant prrncess lean Knaak who rergned as 1957 Car nxval Queen Second place honors were won by the Freshmen Class repre sented by thelr pretty prlncess Nancy Doerller Thrrd place pos1 hon went to lovely Angela Wxnter of the Iunxor Class Strll smxlrng Prrncess Lee Versteeg graclously accepted fourth place whrch lncluded the dubmous cleanrng up duty tor the Senlor Class of Laugh Game and Beauty S... I"1 Tm M? J y""9i Sophomore Queen lean Knack nn Q id Left Freshman Prrncess Nancy Doertler Center Iunror Prrncess Angle Winters Rrght Senior Prmcess Lee Versteeg nn'- 'YW 1, 29 Iteeerder inthe... il Ida Wallace Carolyn Hope. g , , if z eszm r t i if I V Adviser Mrs. York. I Jim. 'I W A X Editor Ida Wallace with the help of Carolyn Hope, Business Manager, and seven department editors re- corded the year's activities by directing the ANCHOR staff during the 1956-57 school year. Department editors were: Ioan Houghton, Layout Helen Potwin, Copy, Maxine Ferris, Photography, Bette Simpson, Arty Bill Wheatley, Sports, Eunice Ferguson, Typing, and Chuck Gesik, Captions. On October I2 and 13, seven staff members and the adviser attended the Oregon-Scholastic Press Confer- ence at the University of Oregon. Other yearbook projects included a cake and candy sale, a dance in February, and three special annual sales. Several additions and changes were made by this year's staff. Plans were made to include last year's spring sports, textured paper, and padded covers. A student opinion poll was taken at the beginning of the year in order that the staff could design a yearbook to please the entire student body. Mrs. York was the willing and helpful adviser who instructed and guid- ed the staff in performing their respective duties. Below left: Layout G art staff. L. to R.: N. Smith, P. Litke, B. Simpson, I. Houghton. Bottom left: Business staff. L. to R.: S. Riddle, N. Baldwin, C. Hope. Below right: Sports 61 typing staff. L. to R.: E. Ferguson, A. Crisler, B. Wheatley, E. Burch. Bottom center: Photography staff. L. to R.: G. Bateman M. Ferris, G. Cathers. Bottom right: Copy staff. L. to R.: C. Gesik, P. Moses H. Potwin, I. Morrison. . ' X if ' :,. A V Y ,131 N " M--qq ,.., , I if ' ' wits mg? Under a new director, the HARBOR LIGHT started an active year in the fall of 1956 by printing the weekly activities of Newport High School. Mr. Creighton and a staff of twenty pub- lished a paper which held the students' inter- est by including news, sports, and feature ac- tivities. Colleen Simper took the student lead as editor. Her six reliable assistant editors were: Assistant, Iean Morrison, News, Carolyn Hope, Feature, Helen Potwin, Sports, David Dexter, Typing, Karen Hartke, and Distribu- tion, Paul Minnick. The HARBOR LIGHT was financed by the student activity and carnival funds. Below: L. to R.: Assistant Editor I. Morrison, Feature Editor H. Potwin, not pictured News Editor C. Hope. 5,4 ws. ...Log of Memorie 3 Mali 7 K . .,, 5 . 11, ' f txt I Colleen Simper Mr. Creighton Above: L. to R.: Distribution staff. B. Iohnson, P Minnick, D. Dexter. Below left: Reporters. L. to R.: Standing: B. Sexton I. Rea, B. Davis, C. Simper. Seated: C. Hudlin, C Sweeney, G. Iones, I. Rasmussen. Below right: L. to R.: Typing staff. A, Winters, K Hartke, H. Cathers, P, Adams. Above: L to R: C. Hunter, Ward, I. Dudley. K R. Price, I. Thomas, I. '15, ft? 5- Ielodic V i rug, H' Y I X. an x iv N: ...,. H :..V .. r 4 ff: - A M ml ini' 4 f . is 'I Q 'Q .. V. fn " , 1 , ' 1 Above: Practice makes perfect. Below: Standing, L to R: M. Petersen, N. Baldwin S. Looney, I. Nelson, K. Westerberg, L. Harrison, S Delrreese. Seated: C. Beal, F. Renken, T. McEntee P. Anderson, L. Hutchins, T. McQuilliam, I. Ralphs ML MCCOY E. Stockton, E. Bump, I. Ward, R. Andresen, W Conklin, A. Hull. Memories Under the leadership of Mr. McCoy the NHS band had a very successful year. The band played at the football games, and a smaller pep band sup- ported the rally squad at the basket- ball games. Several concerts, featuring the band and small instrumental groups, added highlights to the year. To earn money for the annual band pic- nic, members held a spring concert. The band attended the County Mus- ic Festival at Taft on March 3U and later the band contest held in Corval- lis. Karen Beal directed the band as student leader. Assisting President Ierry Dudley were Vice-President Iohn Ward, Secretary Iudy Thomas, Treas- urer Cliff Hunter, and Sergeant-at- Arms Rod Price. 3 I I t lf l 4 TLSKQWWAL 1 6 in ' .ww i V A .,.:':77' Top: NHS Pep Band supports. Center: L to R: S. Looney, M. Peterson, I. Nelson, D. Wheeler. Back, standing, L to R: K, Iohnson, Mr. McCoy. Back G. Brown, G. Ieppeson, R. Comstock, D. Hall, C. row, seated: I. Riechlein, F. Fawbush, G. Smith, Hunter, I. Dudley. 2nd row: K. Beal, S. Price, S. K. Iackson, R. Price, I. Gillhoover, R. Cure. 3rd row: Huitt. lst row: G. Murty, I. Thomas. Chorister The NHS choral Work was directed by Mr. Sandsmark, returning for his second year, Chorus members Worked hard preparing num- bers for the annual Christmas program held in conjunction with Lincoln Grade School. They also traveled to Monmouth for the Dis- trict Festival in March and to Taft for the Lincoln County Music Festival in April. The choir continued their campaign for choir robes by selling "Birthday Calendars" and magazine subscriptions throughout the Newport area to increase funds. Officers elected for NHS chorus were Presi- dent Bruce Litke, Vice-President Susan Price, and Secretary-Treasurer Toby Ford. Mr. Sandsmark Below left: Soprano group Bottom left: Bass and tenor group Below right: Singing at Xmas time. Bottom right: Alto group. h sn sf? T , 'E Vx. 4:5 6-,Hn The pian Busy NHS students enjoyed staging several plays throughout the year. ln November the Speech G Drama class produced three one-act plays including two comedies- "The Plum Tree" and "The Lunatics" - and a moving drama "The Storm". In Toledo on February 7, several speech students participated in the Lincoln County Speech Festival. Their various speeches in- cluded interpretation, original, impromptu, and extemporaneous. They also presented the one-act play "George", Rod Price and Iody Holmes were honored when they were asked to return for the night performance. The Senior Class presented a three-act play entitled "Ghost of the Air" Which delighted both NHS students in the afternoon of March 20 and parents and friends at the night per- formance on March 21. Below, left: "George" at speech festival in Toledo. Bottom, left: Rod and Rich in "Ghost oi the Air". Right: Employer Watson stops threats. Below, right: Tea party in the "Plum Tree" ln f ,fl i ,. MM ,.,,qk f , t 5, tt.. 4 I 1? Q Putting on make up ... EE ..,,, Mr. Snyder F-ke... ffl t Bette Simpson Miss Lambert. 'Y League for terviue Girls' League continued the yearly traditions of the club as they sponsored the Girls of the Month, Honor Day, and Twirp Week Projects. Efficient Bette Simpson as President led the NHS Girls' League group. Other officers includ- ed Vice-President Carolyn Hope, Secretary Margie Fields, Treasurer Maxine Ferris, and Sergeant-at-Arms Gloria Ludahl. Guest speakers were featured at each meet- ing. Their talks introduced various topics includ- ing careers in homemaking, vacationing in Eur- ope and Georgia, and helpful hints for groom- ing. Bottom: Back row: L, to Fl.: I. Harris, E. Stockton, I. Morrison, C. Hocken, P. Dickinson, M. Bauer, M. McQuilliam. Front row: M. Field, M, Ferris, C. Hope, G. Ludahl. Below: Sergeant Colbert speaks on juvenile delin- L. to R.: C. Hope, M. Ferris, M. Fields, G. Ludahl. quency. ,,.a 1 .. Q 1 L v 4 1 4 ? rv 1 I Service and Learning Twirp week activities began on Wednes- day, April 3, with Honor Day. Special recog- nition was awarded to fourteen girls, at an honor assembly. The girls were chosen frorn each class and organization for their out- standing work. Thursday, April 4, students participated in color clash day. Cotton and Cords were the style Friday and the twirp dance at night con- cluded the annual event. Below, Girl oi Month for Ianuary, Carolyn Hope receives flower from Gracie Ieppeson. Nl i -f. J t H 4 'Q if 5 i? fig 5 . A rf F ' - -',. r - sy N K. 5 N7 if- . M M " ' 3 is 1 W, . ---- A W' . . je? 4. Above, It's your turn today. lsn't it awful? We have to do all the work. fir 3352, . i 'rm V 3 : ' ,rw : , vs1dfE'?ffQ:L'g3Qr rw Below, Honor girls, back row L. to R.: C. Hope, B. Simpson, E. Ferguson, P, Moses, P. Church, I. Thomas, M. Bauer. Front row: L. lohnson, l. Wallace, I. Morrison, P. Adams, E, Cutter, I. Cooke, G. Ieppson. fa' 5 5 " 1: f X A . i'rK' +-' 5 s V 16 VQAA .,,,, - 4 .5 39 S' Romance on the High Seas fs ii,-ffl A if Above: Crowning the King. Above: King David and Queen Pat dancing ' ,a x 5 Q , V1 5 fn 1 ' , it if Above: Seniors at last Sweethearts Ball. img. I A Q K XR f 5 'N 3 5, if Cupids and hearts, romance and love dominated the scene at the Sweethearts' Ball in the Lin- coln school gym on February 15, as Sweethearts waltzed to grace- ful music. Reigning as King and Queen of Hearts were the Iunior candi- dates, Dave Dexter and Pat Church. Other royal members of the Sweethearts' Court were Dick Hart and Marilyn Bauer, Seniors, Cliff Hunter and Margie Fields, Sophomoresg and Bill Frances and Pat Dickenson, Freshmen. The Iunior Class sponsored the annual affair. Committee mem- bers were Ieneane Wagy, re- freshments, Hazel Cathers, Angie Winters, and Helen Potwin, dec- orations, Darlene Harms, Nancy Smith, and Linda Wolf, adver- tisements. Above: Couples enjoy fine music. Above center: Marilyn and Pete signing programs. Below left: Queen Pat and King David Launching Homecoming' Newport High School students sponsored the first Homecoming activities in November of 1956 with the hope that this would become a tradition. To arouse spirit and enthusiasm for the coming event, NHS students gathered for a pep rally and bonfire on the night previous to the game. Cheering and shouting, the students led by the yell squad, paraded up town to encour- age the town's people to attend the game and support the Cubs the following night. The parade returned to the high school where industrious freshmen had built a huge bon- fire. Enthusiastic students gathered around for the traditional "Burn the Boomers" cus- tom. During half-time activities, Bette Simpson was crowned Homecoming Queen by her es- cort, Dennis Heinen. Other members of Queen Bette's court included lunior Princess Lana Iohnson, Sophomore Princess Gloria Ludahl, and Freshman Princess Beverly lacob. Their escorts were Terry Morgan, Tom Heryford, and Daryl Hadley respectively. Queen Bette I and her royal court reigned at the Homecoming Dance. At the dance spon- sored by the Iunior class, many NHS students and alumni whirled in an atmosphere of gay- ety under multicolored balloons floating in an overhead net, Below: Ray and Donna "Dancing up a storm". Bottom: l... to R.t Ir. Princess Lana lohnson, Soph. Princess Gloria Ludahl, Frosh. Princess Beverly lacob, Sr. Queen Bette Simpson, Alumnus Ron Braxling. elf ff me I te" Above: Queen Bette and Escort Dennis. Below: L. to R.: Frosh D. Hadley, B. lacob, Soph. T. Heyford, G. Ludahl, lr T. Morgan, L. Iohnson, Sr. D. Heinen, B. Simpson. Bottom: Students, Alumni, and friends enjoy the dance. -Iwi! 4-vi Active G.A.A. Energetic GAA girls participated in bowl- ing, swimming, and skating parties through- out the year in addition to the progressive supper in February and ski trip in March. Several girls also traveled to the GAA Con- vention held in Salem in November. Business meetings were conducted semi- monthly. Officers presiding were President Colleen Simper, Vice-President Eunice Fer- guson, Secretary-Treasurer Cay Danielson, and Point Chairman Irene Cooke. With the assistance of their adviser, Miss Iones, the GAA members had a very enterprising year. Below: Come and get it! im.. . I Q' 32 . I .5 E. -1? if 3 Q I' ' , Miss Iones Above: Standing, L to Fl: T. McQuilliam, S. Price, S Macliimmie, M. Karb. Seated: I. Cooke, cl Simper E. Ferguson. Below: Standing, L to R: D. Wheeler, B. Bates, I Lundgren, M. Waring, I. Lawson, T. McQuilliam, A Loader, S. Greenwald, G. Wheeler I. Miller S MacKimmie, E. Ferguson C. Chizek, C. Hocken A Galloway, P. Moses L. Harrison S. Weise L. Carson M. McQuilliam, M. Scheffers M. Ferris, M. Karb D Fogarty B. Von Hoene P. Newton. Seated: L. Cloe S. Naylor I. Cooke S. Price C. Simper L. LeSueur G. Ludahl L. DeMars, P. Seth. f 'dan- W'-'U' Mr. Iohnson Mr. Morrow , 1 sg l s , , tl Above: Members, L to R, Back row: C. Hunter, M. Zwicker, B. Litke, R. Steensen, C. Gomoke. Front row: D. Zetterberg, I. Bailey, D. Hart, W. Braxling. 2 X . g 'S Sportiva Lettermen The Lettermen's project for the year was the raising of money tor traveling jackets for football and basketball teams. They sponsored a Donkey Basketball game as a means of raising money. The Lettermen's club started a tradi- tion ol a constructive initiation. The new Lettermen had to paint the locker rooms and the keys on the basketball court. The Lettermen's club elected for the year President Dick Hart, Vice-President Bill Wheatley, Secretary-Treasurer Iim Bailey, and Sgt.-at-Arms Rich Crisler, Above: Officers, L to R: R. Crisler, B. Wheatley D. Hart, I. Bailey. Below: Members, L to R, Back row: C. Gesik, R. Cure, B. Edge, W. Conklin, I. Rea, S. Penter, B. Wheatley, K. Werner, S. Thomas, H. Carter. Front row: B. Iohnson, O. Lee, I. Stubbleiield, B. Dorter, R. Comstock, P. Ferris, A. Crisler, F. Iacobson, R. Crisler, D. O'Hara. I I wif Q? fi -.... , , ws , ---Q mn ltcvognition ol' Honor Society introduced the first tapping ceremony to NHS students in March with the initiation of eighteen new members into the organization. President Carolyn Hope presided during the program. Pour speakers, lda Wallace, Col- leen Simper, Dick Hart, and Bette Simpson, clearly outlined the qualifications of the or- ganization, scholarship, leadership, character and service. Carolyn introduced the new members who were then administered the pledge by Princi- pal Mr. Shelton. Adviser Mr. Guthrie wel- comed the new members into Honor Society, A . . 1 I I Above' Mlslress Cl Ceremomes Caro YH to conclude the impressive ceremony. Hope. Bottom: New members, L. to R.: Back Below, left: Regular members. row. E. Burch' C- petty' I' Dudley' R. Lttchfield, D, O'Hara, F. Iacobson, R. Below, right: Administrator of oath, Mr. Price, P. Moses, P. Church, I, Thomas. Shelton, speakers: l. Wallace, C. Simper, Front row: M. Mc Quilliam, N. Beyerle, C. Hope, D. Hart, B, Simpson, Mr. P. Adams, T. McQuillicrm, A. Winters, Guthrie, N. Baldwin, S, Hart. 'sm In N 3, Ntlttmail film , ,A ,tl Chafmfhr l'.L'.:""- L., - f' Ser ff riurtctu :ms X s 1 K ,J " M flags 'U Honored ilariner The outstanding students of the NHS class- rooms met as members of the National Honor Soci- ety, their purpose being to promote, the value of education. The "College of the Week" was featured each week in the library to furnish students with addi- tional college information. The members also sold tickets at games to boost their treasury. Carolyn Hope took the lead as President and with Mike Hanson, Vice-President, Darlene Ward, Secretary, and N. Lundgren, Treasurer composed the Honor Society slate of officers. A "tapping" ceremony was held on March 6, in which eighteen new members were elected to the with If -35 Q. Adviser Mr. Guthrie. organization. r 14 Flight: Officers, L. to R.1N. Lundgren, M. Hansen, W ii ' I . D. wma, c. Hope, T J Below: Left: Selling tickets at the basketball games. Q if i " ,..,, if - the 'Q ti Below: Right: College of the week bulletin board. P35 "i" .."' :r52t.i WJ - " . 1 :H W i A. f ? . , . 5 i...... -.. xiilisc or mg it 'C' 'ffl 1 ,.ii T T ".i w .. is . . .1 .1-J ,Z pa I Q' t, if J mart ., .,.. A lll- . , J S , 7 Q 1 fifff swift X.. 4, 5 W if .ri f W - f 1 . A is .,, , 'W' W ,, W if . .:. , ' x V ,Avv ' "" I wi. N if 'ii 5 - .241 . 5225 .,.-4 ' W v --" f 21... X fi! f Q pf, mi. Below: L. to R.: I. Houghton, D. Ward, L. Versteeg, H. if Potwin, D. Hart, M. Bauer, M. Hansen, C. Hope, C. Simper, 5 'il l. Wallace, N. Lundgren. X I mx . f 2 I 1- , 5 if it S "T E 52, 71 5 i , , 'Ev i Ui it iii: sieifiiiiimf Q if ii' I 5 2 Q . I Y, any . 'mba V v 4 79 Mgywuwwv' JSM firm ui ,of 6 Mm-cc' ,yi ix 5'-ii, -wqya--,f ,fx Abovei Doc captures grand prize. Below: Muriel wins with Maluguena. Bottom left: M. Triplett, T. Ford, V. Kinion, I, Wells, D. Leonards,4I. Hastick, 3 ,t FL, J 4 x 5 v if 'Foal I of Emcee Mr. Creighton Q Below: Iudy Waring plays accordion X .... x is 5. 1 1 the town Talented high school students from schools throughout the county presented the annual Lincoln County Talent Show in March. The show was sponsored by the Senior Class of NHS. Acting as M.C. was Mr. Creighton, class adviser. Doc Zetterberg, singing a vocal solo, cap- tured the grand prize. Other first prize win- ners were Instrumental-Muriel Triplettg Vocal Solo -Toby Ford, Vocal Group - Vernice Kinion and Ioanne Wells, and Nov- elty - Dick Leonards and Ioanna Hastick of Waldport. The winner and runners-up received merchandise awards donated by Newport merchants. Assuming the difficult task of selecting various winners were the judges: Mr. Bob Spangler, Mrs. Connie Gates, and Mr. Ellis Moses. Clever decorations carried out the theme, "Toast of the Town", by featuring a city skyline backdrop under a tipped goblet and glittering stars. Top right: I. Paden, R. Price, S, Wade, T, McQuilliam, M. Field, S. Price. Center right: Eighth grade quartet. Bottom left: B. von Hoene, S. Looney, I, Nelson, C. Palm, C. Raymond, K. Ellis, l. Waring, V. von Hoene, K.von Hoene. Bottom right: Ioyce and Shirley win novelty honors. 4 'N I s f i' 'qs' v L V 'Q is file EMXTN Etittiti 5 I y-.Fw ' 1 , , 1 V D 'W 1 I Future llomemaker Several FHA members brought honors to the Newport FHA Chapter in the past year at district and state meet- ings. At the state meeting in Corvallis, Colleen Simper be- came State FHA President. Colleen attended the National meeting in Chicago as an Oregon Representative. Newport acted as host to the annual South Willamette District Meeting on October 28 at which Marilyn Bauer, District Chairman, presided. Also at this meeting Helen Potwin was elected District Editor and acquired the job of publishing the District newspaper. The Newport FHA'ers sponsored the annual Football Banquet and Dance, and a "Chili Feed" after a basketball game. President Ioan Houghton presided over the FHA activi- ties. Other officers included Vice-President Darlene Ward, Secretary Angie Winters, Treasurer Margie Fields, Histor- ian Iill Buckingham, Parlimentarian Linda Wolf, News Re- porter Linda Cloe, Song Leader Pat Church, and Degree Chairman Helen Potwin. Below: Ofiicers, L. to R.: Back row: H. Potwin, M. Field, D. Ward, M. Bauer, I. Buckingham, L. Cloe. Front row: P. Church, C. Simper, I. Houghton, I.. Wolf, A. Winter. l nv' Q' 'JM iv, Adviser Miss Malicke. Above: The meeting in progress. Below, L. to R.: Back row: I. Buckingham, L, Wolf G. Ludahl, I.. Cloe, H. Potwin, P. Newton, L. De- Mars, M. Kent, C. Amo, M. Schetfer, M. Field, A Winter. Front row: M, Bauer, D. Ward, P. Church I. Houghton, C. Simper, L. Versteeg, S. Naylor, P Moses. :Il 5 4 Enthusiastic Supporter The NHS Pep Club, 'also known as the CUBBETTES, eagerly started the new year in the tall with election of officers and selection of new uniforms. President Darlene Ward, Vice-President Pat Church, Secretary Helen Potwin, Treasurer Linda Iohnson, with class representatives Sandra Mac- Kimmie, Mary Lou Schetfers, and Sandy Riddle met as the Pep Club Council to decide various club prob- lems. The CUBBETTES undertook several projects, includ- ing the cleaning of the trophy case, and making signs and posters to encourage attendance at games. Among other Pep Club accomplishments were the various drills and formations which they presented at several basketball games, these proved to be very successful. The constitution was also revised to meet the changing need of the club. Since the main purpose of the Pep Club is to pro- mote school spirit, the girls sat together as a group cheering under the direction of the rally squad, as they supported the Cubs throughout the year. Above: Council: S. Riddle, P. Church, L. Iohnston, H. Potwin, M. Schetters, D. Ward, S. MacKimrnie. e ow New members Below: Members, L. to R.: Back row: N. Smith, C. Wehling, P. Moses, E. Ferguson, I. Buckingham. 3rd row: C. Simper, I. Houghton, I. Harris, M. Kent, M. Peterson 2nd row: P, Church, L. Iohnston, D. Frank, S. MacKimmie S. Hart. Front row: M. Ferris, S. Riddle, D. Ward, H. Potwin, M. Schefters. 1 4 Below Using the pcm poms. tlllllllllll Uhoorlezlderu Yell Queen Darlene Harms and the tive yell leaders, elected in the spring of '56, became the newly elected rally squad. Rosemary Mauch, Carole Zerzan, Ruth Ia- cob, Angie Winters, and Adrienne Ward, to- gether with Darlene acted as organizers of school spirit and sportsmanship as they cheered the Cubs throughout the football and basketball seasons. Yell leaders: L. to R., in semicircle: C. Zerzan, A Winters, R. Mauch, A. Ward, R. locob, Center: Queen Darlene Harms. t if V' , ge- ---' Q 41 A E Q Below The Cubs routine swim Football: A Cargo... By defeating Lebanon and Bandon, the Cubs started their '56 season. Although the Coquille Red Devils dropped the Cubs in a hard-fought contest, the Cubs returned home to trounce Taft. In spite of driving determination, the Cubs were defeated by Reedsport, Siuslaw, and Tole- The team elected Bill Wheatley, Senior Right Halfback and Richard Crisler, Senior Right Guard as captains for the year. The Newport Squad placed three men on the All-Coast Team: lim Rea, Senior Linebacker, do. L. to R.: Kneeling: Wheatley, Bailey, Litchfield, Braxling, R, Crisler, Comstock, Hart, H. Carter, A. Crisler, Doty, Manager Harms, Center Row: Manager Mitchell, Iacobson, Werner, Zetlerberg, Rea, Ferris, Albright, Reggie Comstock, Senior Fullbackg and Ken Werner, Senior Running Guard. Hunter, Clack, Penter, Foster Reinertson. Back Row: Coach Morrow, Dexter, Steensen, Thomas, Conklin, Reichert, Ward, Ford, Carter, Huitt, Dorter, Streilt, Coach Iohnson. fr? 92... ml ooo 1956 Football Season - QQ V Home 13 Lebanon 5 ' K N V Home 14 Bandon 8 'W Home 21 Waldport 7 Manager Harms Home I2 Coquille 20 L Home 52 Tait U Home 13 Reedsport 31 v "i"" Home U PU Freshmen 28 Q' Home 12 Siuslaw 26 if' S to my T Home 13 Toledo 18 52 Manager Reichlein lCIII1bOI'ee 7 Siuslaw . tho - Q ' L ,ii . kd Right: A job well done. ...Ill Excilvmcnl ',,,.."'4' ,MW ' t-nm' ' " " Jw Abgveg Above: Head Coach Morrow. ASSiStC1I1t COCICh Iohnson. Left: Bailey finds a well-opened hole. Center: Offensive team: Line: L. to R.: Iohnson, Penter, R. Crisler, Werner, Braxling, Ferris, Claclc. Backlieldz Wheatley, Comstock, A, Crisler, Bailey. Bottom: Wheatley rounds end with good interference, 1, .. at H' aj! lg-TF: I 4, 'E Co-Captain Crisler we ' if MQW? M l 7 - ff Jin" , Egynutyfag Co-Captain Wheatley M A 1 w ' t it lootball t ouvenlr' The crowning of a pretty Queen, who reigned in a whirl of gay music, brightly colored streamers, and merry couples on Thursday night, November 15, brought the 1956 football season to a close. Rosemary Mauch, Iunior, was crowned Football Queen by Coach Morrow and pre- sented with a white football autographed by the Cubs. Ioan Houghton, Carole Zerzan, and Adri- enne Ward were named as Princesses of Queen Rosemary's court to reign over the football dance. Below: Team celebrates at football dance. Right: Queen R. Mauch dances with escort I Bailey. Below Right: Queen and her court. L. to R. R. Comstock, C. Zerzan, Fl. Steensen, I. Houghton Queen H. Mauch, I. Bailey, A. Ward, C. Hunter. " 'us illiwnmnt, Top: Spanglerucracks a funny". Above: Co-Captains R. Crisler and B. Wheatley. Below: Ellis Moses gives inspirational player award to Iim Rea. Bottom: Newport team enjoys banquet supper. Below Right: All-Star players. L. to R.: R. Comstock K. Werner, I. Rea. Awarding and Entertaining Climaxing another football season, the Newport Cubs were teted at the annual toot- ball banquet held on November 15. The event was sponsored by the FHA girls, under the direction of President Ioan Houghton and ad- viser Miss Malicke. Following a delicious roast beet dinner, Mayor-Elect Ellis Moses presented the Most Inspirational Player Award trophy to Iim Rea, outstanding senior. Mistress of Ceremonies, Ioan Houghton, in- troduced Coach Morrow, who in turn intro- duced the 1956 football team. Guest speaker, Bob Spangler, KNPT radio announcer who followed the Cubs through- out the entire season while broadcasting the Cubs games, gave an interesting and amus- ing account of the NHS football season. 'ifwv Above: M. C. Ioan Houghton. Arr?" ,x qv.. in 9' Q . in S' 3" .ng f ga . K M ,M Q if f Q f' MCM e tt . ' 0 . Q iii F v nt? M .fr GW in.. lar Wim f in 555 1 Q A D' Al 10 iff . 1 Z5 .VD my 9 1' 'i fy 2 1, it A thipload At the beginning of the basketball season there were separate I. V. and Frosh teams. They played their own games and each had a schedule. About in the middle of the season the two teams combined to form oneg but the Freshmen team continued to play games on their schedule. The I. V. games were then played with members from both the I. V. and Freshmen squads. The Newport I. V.'s enjoyed a fairly suc- cessful season. They won 5 games while los- ing 7. The teams they defeated were: Maple- ton l, Siuslaw l, Waldport l, Reedsport 2. Below: I. V. Team L. to R.: Back row: R. Comstock, G. Cathers, G. Watkinson, D. Grogan, I. Church, Top: Hughes hauls it down. I. Hughes, G. Erickson, I. Norton, H, Harms, D. Smith. Front row: R. Litchfield, T. Applegarth, I. Abovei Zellefbefg dflves IH' Hill, P, Bqmene, D. Hall, c. Abraham. I I QQ 77 . 3 3 i I ll Q. N S-wg 1, A: . I" of 'Thrill The Newport Cubs finished up a "hot and cold" season on February 18 by beating their arch rival Toledo, by a score of 57-51. Al- though the Cubs were not a winning team this year, they displayed brilliant ability and a will to win. The Cubs started the season by barely losing a thriller to Tillamook, 52-54. ln league play they had a 5 won - 6 lost re- cord. The Cubs lost only two seniors this yearg this shows a promising future for the Cubs next year. M, is Sli i """ 5 V H, . , it .Et I.,- t Q deft Top: Three hands after the ball. Above: Dick goes in for a jump shot. Left: Terry gets two free ones, Below, left: Bruce puts it in for two more points. Below, right' Terry drives ln. I . . . Award and The Newport Booster Club sponsored the annual basketball banquet in March. The Cubettes and Adviser, Mrs. York, served the ham dinner. Mr. Bob Spangler acted as Master ot Ceremonies. Guest speaker was Coach Iohn Lewis of Willamette University. NHS principal, Mr. Shelton, awarded the Most Inspirational Player Trophy to Terry Morgan. Mike Zwicker won the Free Throw Trophy which was presented by Marshall Simmonds. Mayor Ellis Moses awarded the Rebound Trophy to Bruce Litke. Above: Guest speaker Iohn Lewis. Below: Everyone enjoys the tine dinner Ft? ,ig 3 f" Aiwa E an 1' 255537 ,Q lf 5 if 1 ""'-13 v- ,. H 1, -v . , X 2 iw? . f r- 5' . i , f 4, all 3-if MGP' Top: Bruce and the rebound trophy. . Above, Cantor. Terry receives most inspirational player trophy from Mr. Shelton. Above: Mike receives iree throw trophy from Mr. Simmonds ff nf We Above: Queen Sue reigns over the dance. Entertainment Gay streamers of blue and white dec- orated the Lincoln gym at the basketball dance which followed the banquet on March 18. Team captain, Doc Zetterberg, crowned Susan Morgan Basketball Queen to reign over the event. Adrienne Ward and Rosemary Mauch were prin- cesses of the royal court. The girls were escorted by team members Bruce Litke, lim Bailey, and Terry Morgan, respect- ively. Senior Princess Marilyn Bauer was unable to attend. The Pep Club girls decorated for the dance using crepe paper ot the tradi- tional school colors. x r x Right: The Queen and her court: L, to R. T. ,N 1.1 K Ks' N i Morgan, R, Mauch, D. Zetterberg, Queen Sue ,Q 5 NN S :X xx xx 1, Morgan, B. Litke, A. Ward, I. Bailey. Below, lelt: Decorations committee: L. to R.: N. Smith, S. Riddle, P. Moses, M. Ferris, H. Potwin, Below, right Queen Sue and her royal escort, Bruce. K , , Nam nf: 42 til The ln inkahle Uubbie' Victorious throughout the entire year, the "Cubbies" took the volleyball cham- 'X W5 pionship of the county tor the first time in the school's history. During the year, the Student Council voted to buy sweatshirts for the "Cub- bies"g this uniform will be used by suc- ceeding teams. The girls added bermuda socks to complete the outfit. Hours ot practice throughout the sea- son spent with their adviser, Miss Iones, resulted in an undefeated season. Above: Ioan spikes the ball. es pg A' th V , ' 'N ,fi In 4 1 if " '-fri it H .1 P . Q S fe.-I . 65 .,: 352 one Coach Iones. Center Left: A-team, L. to R., Back Row: E. Cutter, E. Ferguson, R. Andresen, I. Houghton, L. Versteeg, K. Hartke. Front Row: S. Price, L. Iohnson, S. Hart, B. Bates, P. Church. Below Lett: B-team, l.. to R., Back Row: I. Williams, C. Hockins, M. McQuilliam, L. DeMars, T. McQuilliam, L. Cloe. Front Row: M. Scheffers, V. Parsons, I. Sprinkle, L. Brown, R. Williams. Below: Iean sets it up. 5? W tw L Wine Nhinhnnrd Ilntnrtninmnnt The Intramural program widened its fields of sports to include both foot- ball and softball for the '56 school year. Gerry Stubblefield's eleven won the championship football. The other team captains in football were Icick Hill and Dale Shattuck. Iim Rea's basketball team was faced with only one defeat which was handed to them by the faculty. Rea's five won over Owen Lee's team to take the championship of Intramural bas- ketball. Softball ended the year in the ln- tramural sports. Top: Winning team: L. to R.: K. Werner, R, Crisler, Team Captain I. Rea, I. Clack, I. Ward. Center: Second place team: Captain O. Lee, W. Conklin, L. Wilber, D. Bateman. Not pictured - L. Baxter, G. White. Lower left: Mr. Guthrie slips in two points. Lower right: Intramurals in action. .W V i 4 . til-iv ,y ."-n n fi ,, k if I f 'X . ,ia .R 9,L4 A Kim. 'xkf' ffwtv " iv' -cf' Q 1 U . R l tif. Q., , ' .r --11:-SWA.,, ' i :- M., NA . Q y z g K sq..--4. , fa 7 .'e+-fl'-0. QI ' Yi ny ,953 A 'WTR' ix. . Above: Moss throws to second. Newport's Baseball Team finished a very Memorie of... 'A ns. . Qqgarqew fi Above: Moss makes put-out at first. successful '56 season. The Cubs Won every Home 5 Siletz game in league play and defeated the Reeds- Home 15 Toledo port Braves in a best two out of three series. Home I2 Taft After the play-off with the Braves, the Cubs Home 7 Wqldport traveled to Seaside where they were dropped Home 7 Taft by the Gulls 3 to U. Newport had three play- Home 5 Siuslcw ers placed on the All-Coast Baseball Team, Home 13 Siletz they were Bill Wheatley - pitcher and out- Home 3 Waldport fielder, Richard Crisler - pitcher, and lim Home 6 Siletz Crowell - catcher. Wheatley and Crisler will Home 4 Siusluw be with the '57 squad. Newport lost through Home lo Toledo graduation: Dennis Simmonds - shortstop, Home 8 Taft Louie LeMaster - center fielder, lim Crowell Home ll Toledo -it catcher, Glenn Moss - right fielder, Home 5 Taft Dennis Hamilton -- first base, and Art Home 3 Reedsport Braxling - third base, The '56 squad was Home 5 Reedsport the first NHS team to represent our league at Home 8 Reedsport state play-offs. Home 0 Seaside Below: Back row, L. to R.: Coach Iohnson, Hunter, Hamilton, Abraham. Front Row: Crowell Litchfield, Penter, Thomas, Iohnson, Conklin, Manager A. Crisler, Zetterberg, Wheatley. Bateman. Row 2: LeMaster, Braxling, Moss, Simmonds, S- Xp QXNM . sf R. Crisle 6 2 4 l 7 4 4 1 5 O U 0 3 0 5 4 4 3 T, X t Below L to R Standing Mgr G White V. Passmore, S Thomas B Wheatley T Morgan C. Hunter, R. Litchfield W Conklin Kneeling R. Hart, A. Crisler I Zetterberg R Crisler I Rea, S. Penter. Pa t and Pre ent it was , The Newport Cubs baseball team started full scale practice March 18. The Cubs have very few returning let- termen, but several of the non letter- rnen have had considerable experi- ence. The first scheduled game was for March 29, but because of rain it was postponed. Postponements were frequent. The Cubs, having won the District Championship last year, had a high goal to shoot for. Senior players Rich Crisler, Doc Zetterberg, Bill Wheatley, and Richard Hart helped to make the season successful. and Crisler. his hunting form. Crisler and Conklin. V 4 ' adn? ff? M "'A" ' IQ .fee-f'fg ' ' Top rightg two pitchers, Wheatley Center rightg Zetterberg shows Lower rightg the two backstops u S! fqfs tvs M4 if ,,,l,.a if rv. N Left: Coach White. Memoric i ol... The Newport Track Team broke many records and won the Coast League cham- pionship to complete Newport's perfect year in all four sports. The Newport track squad won the Cen- tral Relays, the County, the Coast League, and the District ZA-2 track meets. Newport qualified six men for the state track meet, they were Reggie Comstock, Howard Carter, Harry Cure, Bruce Litke, and Louie LeMaster. At state, the 880 Re- lay team placed fourth in the finals, and Carter placed sixth in the 220 dash. lim Bailey broke the school record that was set by Chuck Mattucci in l949. Mattucci ran the 440 in 55.9 seconds, Bailey ran it in 54 seconds flat. Both rec- ords were set at the County Track Meet. , V i!-4. .-..... an-L Fmt? , . za. fl' , g . jf? Q. ., .,-z W A. k . L. 1,+" N V " 'V wr- 4 yi 57 if k V I t --. . QM , - A . if I ' K ' . , ' Nl . f A 'K' . . W. 'Y 'Q Q + 'V gh .,.T,, 6' .....-. 4 . , 4 , My I My M, . -. L' if . uw-M K' Above: Litchfield places in 880. M W. M ' Raimi V- ,L 1 V 4 im x , , . Nxwnwk at Abovet Cure finishes in low hurdles. Below: Back Row, L. to R.: Coach White, Miltimore, Front Row: Manager O'Hara, Rasmussen, Litke, Lee, Pakulak, Graves, LeMaster, Edge, Werner, Bailey, Perry, Westerberq, Ward, H. Carter, Peterson, Smith, Cure, Litchfield, R. Carter, Hultin, Pratt, Burch. Schneider, Stubhlefielcl, Manager Gesik. 1 'then and tow i fr r' Wim... . Aura. D I "'V 3 :" Q :': Before the Annual went to press this , ' 1 It 4., spring, the Newport Track Team par- ' . iiiiwrgfs ticipated in the Willamette Relays. V ein: a L' 25,24 5 W Lf, ffff iz A W Q of f 4 . ...yum ef ,, Q I The Cubs showed very good strength . New .fu . I fig? ? X Wa Q W if Y W V in the Distance Medley and the two 5 ' M Mile Relay. Newport placed second in f r the Distance Medley and placed third Couch Mr' Whlle , , . in the two Mile Relay. . The track squad is not strong in just J 'iff' I relays however, the squad has sprint- A DQ' ers in BaileY. Carter and Comstock I "'- 7 and others. Litke is a fine pole vault- E ,,-. ,. 'nv' D D ry 'Q T . er. These are 1ust a few ot the fine track men. Newport High is looking for a good track season. 'o :"" fr Steve warms up tor a big heave Y" y - Mgr. Tom Liming s . ,I f i . ,.,-c 7 ' .v N V ' ,ma-"""' NVQ WW ' '.'I.,,,MV ff .gf if I R H LAW Asian 4 ' X ' W .W . A , . 1, is ..-f.- .. I1-wi. 5? . Y mi iw 4,1 . .W ' A 6 sri. , Above, Iim, Howie, and Reggie Above, Stubby throws the javelin. Mgr. Ierry Dudley coming to their marks Below, L. to R. Back row, Coach White, S, Wade, B. Front row: Mgr. T. Liming, L. Parker, B, Schetfers G Edge, K. Westerberg, I. Ward, S. Rasmussen, B. Watkinson, D. Shattuck, B. Francis, R. Comstock Litke, D. O'Hara, T. Clarkson, M. Hanson, R. R. Sherburne, G. Murty, I. Stubbletield. Comstock, K. Werner, H. Carter, Mgr. I. Dudley. t fi! 1' ap' 9 ,,,,, H PN 4... wi ,wg L.- Q .Q -W if ..-'V p:-if 5 We me Fardinal Mcmorie ,U I ' I P 9 C 9 r A W 'if " 'V ' - " 5 Nz.. L-vt 0.33. A lk A f R Q K A I 1 , .. . l " I ! Q: : g ,E ,,.. , A- E wx , H Allvl ' ' if .ii I4 :F if f . wa ,.. "5 ""' for A F' 2 i . f . lk gm! I if tlwry If ' i y :W if W? I2 f1N.,.Q A I fa 5, kiwi 2 2 . ff: , . 5 5 Q .i1,iw,mw - terested Eighth Graders prac ticed for four sports. However, be- cause there was no organized team in Lincoln County, Coach York's toot- ball team had no season. Coach White's basketball squad played nine games, several with freshmen teams from other county schools. NeWport's Cardinals had three victories. Bob Butts held the year's captaincy. Coaches White and York directed spring sports, baseball and track re- spectively. Both Eighth Grade cheerleaders and pep club followed the teams and offered their support. Above left: Standing, L, to Ft.: Coach White I. Watkinson, T. Robinson, P. Anderson I, Gardner, B. Butts, I, Mochnick, S. Penter L. Sumner, D. Osborne, B. Nelson, D Collins, R. MacKimmie, M. Spenser. Kneele ing: M. Smith, L. Nibler, G. Wagner. Left: Standing L. to R.: Coach York, D Cheney, Fl.Mochnick, K. Beck, I. Watkinson S. Penter, T. Robertson, L, Sumner, D Collins, P. Anderson, R. MacKimmie. Kneel- ing: I. Gardner, B, Butts, M, Smith, D Berklund, G. Wagner. Below: Standing, L. to R.: F. Fawbush tMgrl R. Mochnick, R. MacKimmie, B. Butts, I. Sumner, S. Penter, I. Watkinson, I. Gardner D. Collins, D. Cheney. Kneeling: S. Young D. Berklund, G. Wagner, B. Thompson M. Smith. 12 lil 33 A if ,V The Ma ter Mariner Under the leadershlp of Presldent Dlck Hart Vxce Presxdent B111 Dorfer Secretary Darlene Ward Treasurer Colleen Slmper Sergeant at Arms Peter Ferrls and Representatxve B111 Wheatley the ambltlous and energetnc semors clxrnaxed four successful years here at NHS when they graduated on May 29 1957 Bac calaureate servlces were held on May 26 The Senrors of 1956 57 entered NHS 1D 1952 and under the1r able Presldent Albert Strxeff earned the thlrd place posltxon for the1r Carnxval Prmcess Marg1e Goble Workmg earnestly and dllrgently as Sopho mores under the1r Pres1dent Doc Zetterberg they acqu1red second place honors for thexr Prmcess Bette S1mpson Pretty Mar1lyn Bauer was selected as Car n1val Prmcess the following year and wlth Presxdent Bette Slrnpson the Iunlors were agam awarded second place honors One of the b1g respons1b1l1t1es of the Class durmg the1r Iumor year was the sponsor1ng of the Iumor Semor Prom Blue Heaven The bxg year for the Class of 57 came dur 1ng the1r f1nal year at NHS Cooperatlng as an actlve and l1vely group they sponsored several fun mghts and dances Also to 1n crease the1r class funds the Senlors sold mums and held cake auctlons durmg the football season The Senxor Class candldate sparkllng Bette Srmpson was crowned Homecommg Queen at the Newport Toledo football game RP isa i3V""J, Mr Crexghton Class Advxser Class Offxcers L toR B Dorfer D Ward P Ferrls C Stmper D Hart fff Volleyball Zurbuchen Carol Yell Leader FHA Cxrls League 70 ltxl J Adams, Pat Transfer from Canby High Girls' League Office Practice HARBOR LIGHT Albright, Virgil Transfer from North Bend Football Science Club Radio Club Bates, Brenda Volleyball Band GAA Girls League Bauer Marilyn Student Body Secretary District FHA Chairman ANCHOR Business Manager Beamish Ray Transfer from South Salem Christensen Sandra Transfer from Menlo Wash Chorus Girls League Comstock Reggie Football Coast League All Star Track Lettermen s Club Crisler Richard Transfer from Barron Wis Baseball All Star Team Student Body Sgt at Arms Football Co Captain Cutter Evelyn Transfer from Tillamook Library Practice Volleyball Daigle Sandy Band Chorus Speech and Drama Davis Betty Transfer from Canby HARBOR LICHT Girls League Dorfer B1ll Football Cla Vice President Br Troa urer Soph lottermr-n Club , Sr. Carnival Committee 1 . s . , . . 'PY -of -p--uf' ni 72 2 ze-it ' Nr' V awf' , ,N-"Cf r .3 X t x 'R r f-in , -J IVU' W 54' Qui 152' ly.,-" Eggan, Rita FHA GAA Carnival Committee Girls' League Evans, Bert Transfer from Bonner Springs, Kansas Ferguson, Eunice ANNUAL GAA FHA Pep Club Ferris, Maxine Pep Club ANNUAL Girls' League Treasurer FHA Ferris Peter Sgt At Arms Sr Football Lettermen s Club Band Treasurer Ir Ford Toby Transfer from Grant Girls League Chorus Speech and Drama Hadley Macy Transfer from North Salem Hart Richard Lettermen s Club President Football Basketball Student Body Treasurer Senior Class President Hartke Karen Transfer from Milwaukee GAA Representative Chorus FHA Heinen Dennis Baseball Homeroming Fsro t Hope Carolyn ANCHOR Businr- Manager Honor so it ty Pre ident lunior Class Treasurer Cirls League Vice Prrs Houghton Ioan ANCHOR layout Fditor Ctrl ol the Month May v HoybaH THA Pre id rt .J A F E l if -1 , ' 4' i -F 1' V 'NG V . A Q7 ! ., Li rx? 1 v 'I' illvg Q A' ,V Q ss W, J ev S. Kit. R4 S. hx ,NH V, ' A V I , Iahnson, Bob Lettermen's Club ANCHOR Football Baseball Karls Donna Transfer from Lebanon Pep Club Prom Commlltee G1rls League Krogslad Margaret Chorus G1rls League Mothers Tea Ar Lundgren Nancy Transfer from Stayton Honor SOC19lY Treasurer Grrls League MGCK1mm1e Sardra GAA Pep Club FHA Ofhce Practrce MCQu1ll1am Marrlyn Transfer from Sprrngfreld GAA Glrls League COUDC1l Pam? and Brush Club Mlller Gerry Mrnnrck Paul AUd1O V1suals Club HARBOR LIGHT Carnlval Boys Pep Club Negus Lyle Football HARBOR LIGHT Parsons Mary Ann FHA One World Club Speech and Drama ANCHOR Payne Connle lPrerJ Yell Squad Volleyball CAA Pomt Charrman FHA Prrce Rodney Transfer from Valselz Speerh and Drama Audlo Jrsuals Club E wif HY Y' A1-W' pn. W ' ' V., -Irv" 4-ull' -wr' fr 'E' Wm 73 Q'-may ft-wiv-" X'--of Qumn Alxce Pep Club GAA Representatxve PHA Speech and Drama Randall George Transfer from Franklm Speech and Drama 'Jr v--MQ' -1-"""' -qui 'J Ikqwff Rasmussen Irene Pep Club HARBOR LIGHT FHA Speech and Drama Rea Ixm Transfer lrom Ralmer lnspxrahonal Player Football Lettermen s Club W . Football Relchlem Ieanne 5' FHA ANCHOR GAA Rob1nson Dave Transfer from I'Iel1x I' Sexton Barbara Transfer lrom Corvall1s Pep Club G1rls League Sxmper Colleen FHA State Presldent GAA Pres1dent HARBOR LIGHT Ed1tor 4,1 Glrl of Month May S1mpson Bette ANCHOR Yell Squad --41W Ir Class Preslclent Clrls League Presldenl Strexfl Albert Fr Class Presldent Carmval Esvort Football Student Councll Sweeney Pep Club HARBOR LIGHT ln1t1at1on Commlttee FHA Verstoeq Iealrwr- Yell Quc'-en Student Rody Prcsxdcnt Student COUHFII Q2 Gurl ral the Month March von Hoene Karen FHA Chorus Exchange Assembly Wade Steve Presrdent Band Iunror Class Representatwe Football Lettermen s Club Wallace Ida ANCHOR Edrtor Honor Society Student Councrl Speech and Drama Ward Darlene Pep Club Pres1dent Senror Class Secretary Honor Socrety GAA Ward lack Football Track Basketball Student of Month Rotary Watts Ivan Sgt at Arms Freshman luntor Class Vrce Presrdent Baseball Wehllng Carol Pep Club Grrls League GAA Chorus Werner Ken Transfer from Taft Lette-rmen s Club Football Track Wheatley Brll ANCHOR Baseball Football Co Captam Student Councll Wheeler Dorothy Transfer from Rarmer GAA Pep Club Wrllrams Ianetta Transfer from Dayton GAA FHA ANNUAL Zetterberg Iames Football Basketball Sophomore Class Presrdent le-ttf rmen s Club 'N-:f ,be QQ' T? 14? im? 412 '1 '-4 "-O' 1---f F" if unit so 'W A l Mariner ol' Ili tinction ni Q sf N fl V" a Top lelt Best Lookmg Bette S111 pson cmd Blll Wheatley Top rrght Most hkely to succeed Rtalcrrd Hcxrt and Ccxrolyn Hope Center rrght Frlendlxest Ilm Rea and Dcxrlunf. Ward Bottom left Most Athlettc R1chcxrd Crxsler und Brenda Bates Bottom flghl Best Dressed Btll Dorler and Marilyn Bauer N 5 W' ? 'B enior Service Right: The Reverends Portis, Dunning, and Dexter. Below: Graduates Baccalaureate recessional. AE? ig Baccalaureate services for fifty-four gradu- ating seniors were held in the Newport High School gymnasium on Sunday evening, May 26. Rev. David Dunning of the Christian Church read the invocation and Rev. William Portis of the First Baptist Church presented the scripture and sermon. Rev. Virgil Dexter of the Free Methodist Church gave the bene- diction. The Newport High School Chorus sang sev- eral numbers, and Mrs. Burnell White served as organist for the traditional religious serv- ice. The Sophomore Class provided the decora- tions, B"lOW Seniors hear Sunday services Z3 its Above: Valedictorian Lea Versteeg. Below: Salutatorian Rod Price. l 'ilk Ma ter Mariner The Class of '57 clirnaxed four wonder- ful Newport High School years as they proudly accepted their diplomas from School Board Chairman Roger Hart at the Commencement exercises held on Wednes- day evening, May 29. Leatrice Versteeg and Rod Price present- ed the valedictory and salutatory address- es, respectively. Instead of the usual guest speaker, three class members shared the honor of speak ing at their graduation. They included an address by Dick Hart, "Graduation Night by Darlene Ward. and "What's the Differ ence?" by Colleen Simper Rev. Robert Clark of the Presbyterian Church read the invocation and Rev. Her bert Bennett gave the benediction Principal Mr. Shelton presented the Class of '57, and Honor Society Adviser Mr Guthrie presented awards and scholar ships. The music was furnished by the Newport High School Band The Iunior Class decorated for the event featuring the class colors, red and white the class flower the red rose- and the motto "We build the ladder we climb lteeeive Degree if Top right: Parents photograph graduates. Above: Mr. Shelton presents graduates to Mr, Hart, School Board Chairman. Right center: Richard Hart, class president. Right: Darlene Ward "Graduation Night". Lett: Graduates climb to commencement stage, L, Mother 'lea gh MD , Above Mrs Shelton pours punch lor the mothers and daughters Below Darlene one of twenty Glrls League models clrsplays In-LL-.-Q ballerma length formal l gf' 9 I ,ll .A Y ll ljL,,w!, I lv so wi, g X if l f q ,E ' l IV ffrr .lu ' iff' lx HERE SUPPLEMENT SUMMER PASTE sw RIIHMAID ll ,ee IU2 CREAM SHOP -a M emi We fe ee ee North Coast Hwy Newport Oregon if WW Mgrewww Herman s Mens Ytore L F OVER Dentlst phone 3 2229 Home of the Imported Engllsh Brogues Ross Thecte Bldg Toledo Oregon Toledo Qregon BITTLER BROS Texleo PARKER Hwy 20 lUl Newport Oregon A Praters e d CON S L Auto Service S N ac k Ba Y HDMI? Broiled Burgers 78 Newport. Oregon Home Made Pies Ice Cream Newport Oreoon SINCERELY SERVING V , , O, ,, we ,ee fe O e,e.. ,e., ,.,.e, N ,,e.,, A H ,fee r Q-EE-:: 77 H at W rms: I J ,age Merzeg Y ..:::5:.,:,.: . :.:f::...' ..... i A K " " ' ,O W, ,AA,. l ,..- Q Z K aye! lil 1 . 3 i if rl J. sv ' ' Le eww A M ,EI , ,,, ln . - ' t U I , M r.. ' - 521: O eegeii 3 5.13:-gf:,efi:ez:22ifM1::s:gs57::f r.e, , Y W . 5335.1 f ipi A r..,.Lw,,.e.N,W,M,.rr, ' , M ,Z 5, ,.,,.,,, , ,:g.:,.,..,. 41,,Qfw,g,wR,.eV,W .,.. , .... . M we v .- 9 DR. . . N X ' f x , 1 "K L L I . . . 0 K ' A 'V , l V Q O . - lct. I : GM AGATE BEACH GOLF COURSE DANCING at the Beach Club North of Newport DINING Newport Oregon LLUYIJS South Beach A :M -ul LINCULN BUITLING Ernest Borel Watches Waterman Pens NEWPORT OREGO SUUTH BEACH TE 0' we mm to please P Good Luck to 1957 Bottlers of 7 Up Nesb1ts Orange Semors H1res Root Beer Ramages . . t I E A " f - , tae A M I CcTfmeGjLo,b p ann. Streitf's::ml County SERVICE wg MLW 1756 uwmr FREDDIE S MACHINE CA E SUD? C0 W DAIRY OMEMADE BREAD f"' 7 , Newport, Oregon , 'M If O 517 N , Q W , A if E . V L Mfg y, ins M On the Bay F 4"'i"fW' 'A"W L? 5 S, ,,,V 2 Q iiudfs Q Q BHS HEHT DF HELUPORT M PENTUX NEWPORT F SH cowcnm COMPANY YRODUCTS C0 wm com CST T6 DRY NHZS :AH I PROPANE SAN BAY O DRIVE NORTH OF NEWPORT Milt Preisz Distributor I . NEWPORT, OREGON R E I i L AND Newport, Oregon F. H. A. LOANS lit VWEST COAST LAUNDRY COAST HWY. NEWPORT. OREGON ' u - C . I 'BU EP 81 E N QQMIWI nm SHELL SERVICE 1hC IH O Q Eiga Q NRRKE T BASKET K A 149 ff Q PHONE 1331 2 K 'wh XS mhlhhhllhi ' 'AQNHXSK um I A-f Sou oas ighway NEWPORT E Newport, re on N if H ' ff' E ,A E y r WWW QW Q P- J A BURN M Moms W Bulcn on your dual d U " C WON N C BTI IIT XNXS 0 WY Q SW , -L AST' 1 X 1 NNN 4 lam , ks S - N h H N 0 cr us on PIFER KANGISER J + PRINTING CO OFFICE SUPPLY 8 I6 I' Sh II y PRINTING P OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1192 S E 20 UK 5 S G H G YOUR TIME IS MY BUSINESS 9 JUNE5 Dr omgeom NEWPGRT SJWPWS wILLANmE FLGRTST Q" We LUMBER 'Off' s+S1l'-1Is COMQANY R ' o ' two businesses unde of to serve a' our and 0 needs Phan 236 . . Coast. Hwy Phone 5 Newport, LJ L, Newport. Oregon W reen Stamps f .J s, IE Newport, Ore o . :Q 3 J, 1 O I e e 84 333 NE Coast Hy. 'Bessie-5 C- ft Shop EMS Mme C K N0 Phone LJ' 0 if eniier t 309 W DST mewvom, or . SIMMUNDS NGLER S AVEN 1920724 Barber o ERLING GRIMSTAD BRIGGS Assncumn G R OC E R Y 'Q SE DAY HAROLD cf D re can nvnzf A TE 0155 Q-4 f 'Q r-if'-.W , , a Q f CLIP-on Avaons 'W Q , ,ff Qi V SMATH- 0 0 f A , ,4 fn i 'x 235 Y l ' , Philco '1'e1evision I R dio and P 1 "on service i C Phone Newpor 'A I lr E snrooos--snnxs Certified Public I i ACCOUNTANT E SCIINIIDIR I OISON INSURANCE I NEAL ESTATE VARIETY CANTIIN QOUN FOR THE LINCOLN LITTLE THINGS MERCURY HITRTNHN MUTUR SCHOO SUPPLIE AND AND A FOUNTAIN ND Open School Days Game Nights FOR FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE G0 TO Q 86 kpgm, QZJMZLJ Saad' lW JM MMLJMQ Zen! ,we Aww Gndleton HOWELLS f . l V-, had WAT 13 7 a 1 4 ' 4KNNN KV fr , Y , N Quai ' , :N Q xx ,it Q I! 1' ,f , O 4 ' V! H TOLED X PHONE 80 CUSTOM SMOKING All Seafoods m Season NEWPORT BUILDING lar, -n, WWI SUPPLY fe-wmfaemv., PY ,Aw ,134 3' 'S WADE J EAFOGD A W Maffkel MARKET COMPLETE LINE OF GRocERnEs f"'RABS FISH " HvMw Musxc and SMOKED AND FRESH MEATS POULTRY AND PRODUCE 111 COAST HIGHWAY Applxcnces H Your Norge Dealer -z -5 THE MELUIJY SHUP V I PHONE 1 J Novelhes f A Q r Hr? 3 'I "E, 1-1. 110,53 88 Agaies ' 4 i A C an Y 1 Q! . Y 3 ww M we 1 H 'G T L' -, .., iaga-34 A , f Y 1" K 7 a "' . ,, ' , " - ,,,.,, 1:11 f W'-Q " : 467' :Ji V' Q Ln- ' y ,jf K , F. A '1 'Q W fd F My ,. , g ,, 1 1 , - "E ,. 1, -M , " UM - W m in " ,KM 'N-f'if-.. 4f . A "' f-2, ' ,.,., P ' -7 -1 M 'ggi .991 :I ling , fe ll, I ' 'VA 5 'Wff-'Z' "Q . 'W + I ,N X M .,:, fs -K, , A 1 . v x nl V in vi r .as www ,N He., ' ' ' 6 :Ftezim Wzfw z 24,2-Jil QQ 'f g NN " Nbikk ' V A A ' in ,. ' :L in P F ., . 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SPORTlNG GOODS EQ SEC t O 65 Updentcelcters Auto Ele ctrsc C5424 YUT 'ryo shk TDM and GERRYS SERVICE WGATEUAY 4? QQ C PHONE 160 W EMFQQ f L1te Lon at er1es . cMc1nus-Pro . 113 . . cy lv, Phone 312 E "' v ...ww ,Q , u - L.. E' Ii M. mf Wilson Athletic uipment "J li wtivwg 133 . . ous Hwy. Q4 ge ' Newport, regon J I if , - I 113 nfT-' 4ff1fwwLff2,g3Z"' , M , WWWWW M'EEn 'M 't'Ett'EtEE'tE " M'n'E EWQF' 'T' 6 '45 75+ i E-XV EF if 'aff H 2 oledo r ur cl es! I W we-M041 CMQIMI 57 wr IVIIIIIILIIIIIIIIIKX ,GXA If PACIFIC LUIVIBEII COMPANY C dll d h WU DS H NI I I K , , I KINII I , 0 C I J I located in the orth ate District I ' 'Z' M C CI i ac cm C evrolet Dealer Newport . .II .I is I3 Q nm ,J "I'1'5?3ififiii"4f 92 Ie I CUAST FURNITURE CUMPANY U-V fa SITBLL SQTVICC Sdn Bdlf O Uenners N FOCC-inf X FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS G G I I' NEWPORT E A EN RAL wr-lm: mcol. C CONGRATULATIONS omrmw FROM 9 WALGBAEVE CLAY CUHPAIIY CABLE TELEVISION NEWPORT l N5 ' ' W Y W C jr ' ' L N DR Q0 ' T,fQf'fl ,Q Lgmgsw he 5gff22W 1,g, 5- .. if mmm? a .- , . ,-W . W we ms , I Q. W t Lf ' iw 1-.Y ,H TOLEDO WEARING APPAREL INC. Qi? wig T Q 49 WA' gi ir 5- PATTERNS K YARDAGE QUSS S QARBERSHOP RUBBFR WILDERS i C W' ' X1 ' 1 g'? Q. A , if- ! S ' 9 7 J 1 3 1 'Eg K , Y 1 B Blvd. Newport -. ' lx ..,, - S ORES O NEWPORT OREGON NYE BEACH Beauty Salon CURRYS GROCETERIA HALLS SUPER MARKET Ago I ' I 'I - ' ' ft, 3 fl , w , I f ' R E Q fi gfggar 7593 Sf . M LA. 15 0 I W ' R , PACIFIC GLASS 'X IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT wrony- 9 NORTHGATE DIST MIDWAY K SOUTH BEACH NEWPORT OREG YAQUINA X of I acc. IC PM NEWPURT TUURIST fu 10 ASSUGIATIUN G 0 of-fx Q? Milk Farms UREGUN CUAST EE NEWPORT RADIO AND SUPPLY 8' Im H raler SALES N99 or X ' ,,. V,Q,..,L N . ' Q . Qi , , .,Qx 1 I' sur' L f -- I V I i o fi f -2. New V Mm 3 I Newport -,-,-,,... 'I-'l-.'-"Ti V1 ' ,... 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Suggestions in the Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) collection:

Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 29

1957, pg 29

Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 52

1957, pg 52

Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 29

1957, pg 29

Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

Newport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 41

1957, pg 41

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