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1' As he walked down the sandy beach on one of those warm, spring days that are so rare in Bellevue, Washington he could feel the cool sand ooze between his toes. His thoughts flashed back to Newport High and the year that was about to end- -What he had hoped for and what had happened. His daydreams were broken by a sharp pain at his back. As he quickly whipped his head around he saw that it was an old friend. As they continued to walk they began reminiscing, and. . . wonder if that old man ever caught anythingf 'I don't know. Hey, speaking of catching, didn't you know the guy who caught it for punching out the ceiling ti1es?' 'Ya, I don't think I'11 ever forget tha,t.' 14" , J .3- .,,,,, ,Q vin.: 'T - 'lf fifi' ',r'f',- ,:. -62:1 - ete- 55 455' ff'f5?1'f4"9-"- ,-.- 4- If ,.-- Q,-. 13 - . I'l"fZ":':,,.'m ff.,-'4' ' y 4' " f"" - .,,l"9"-A-b l'f-- ' '.-- L -J ff. L ,,,,..,1f-5-5'- i,."f3? Az' f" ,f ' J W V 5- f ' ",,-',g- ' ' 'N .1 'ff i +R- '- i 'ff' :"1Q'5f"7'-"'5"".f ,., - iff 'Jil'-J5s.' 'A f"!: . -lifw-if I-ff .,- 4, - gf 'SS 'PS -f' .f -' ',I,9-.J-m.4':,,- "J ':.--- ..f...::-1. ..f'-c"'.-" .A Q-:CW -2--511 -r-'Ng :R--. - , ,,,'.. '-,.,g.f--:-y -- :CQ -ry, ."- - f" " -"' -z1"':f, 34"-V--'ff '- 'ghaivs . -1 r,..,,, - ' y:-1' S+' K- "-'-n-.,,,,-- - "1 g,.o "', . P ' , - 5 ay . 5 1 J., .5 , Q -.,-"-1l'. "".4'. 'fvnf S -V s. ""' s "' ""'Jx Y' 's.-f' ,g ' -1 - ,ar",-,fnx-, q"f-..pv ' s',- .--f -7'-..f' - we i ! - -v""' ' - "S ' -- ,1- .--' -'------ ' 1- ".. v- -' '-- . "4 v-'.?""'5' -4- 'una-1" ' ,.':' .--w'- '37 - vt ,T-f"q-9 AN ' -stv ',2 ' K 'flg-s: IA" L,-'.54 .- "f"' -,"",..-,Q"4-'I,,i'4,3L dv, .'- -..,--, ,K :bx?f.-i:- ':f7', Z2-.1-51 .,-2 .., - -' .-4-fiugi-' 'vi 4- - -sg. .f -Q:-j' ,Is M,-.,, .-,1, jff. -.-J: ,.,--. .,.,,'.....- - . A 1, - ,,' -Af, - c' ,i-, -' -1.5 f, 4.:""'- ', .-.., .....-.2 ,fb -z" Js",'1,..-Q -Af , , .4 ' ' ' -r " ' - 4 ' 'Q 4 ' M. y- -f--,V .J .:,v A-,,,ll'-':,.1-,,,' 5,,,. t vid IQ. 5' 'A ' 0- -' 5 - - f.1fv-vfn- 'fn -5?-1 -f. -'af '--.- - l1,i:f J " .-A ,,,,f'3 J , KA -v"' X .-'fqa - . I , N, 'N -I, iv-'r , fv , 1- -A , ss A 'Hey, Who's that chick over the1'e?' 'Oh, she was in my English class. She's kinda quietf 'Ya know Wha,t?' 'Wha.t?' 'I still Wonder if that old man ever caught anythingf Anyway, what did you do last summer?' 'Oh, not much, just messed aroundf 'Did you hear about the game out at the field yeste1'day?' 'Navv, who vvon?' 'We didn't keep soore.' 'I don't know what to think about this yea1"s football team We lost a lot of good seniors last year! 'We'll be all right. We lose a lot of good seniors every year.' They slowed their pace, rounded the tip of the point, and sat on the eraggy surface of some driftwood. For a moment there was silence. He noticed a small, delicate flower striving to reach sunlight through some stones. Ya know, when I was a soph I used to think the juniors and seniors were not only older but Wiser- -but now it's different' 'Ya, I remember-' 'How about the time We raided Mao's?' 'And the time after Homecoming. Now that was a. b1ast!' Ya, but not so good as the times we'11 have during Winter Brea.k.' 'Rea.11y!' 'That is- if we get any snow this yearf .gl 4! N A I 4K Wir I ff au fs gi .ef ' 2353"-' 'SL Hia. im' i or .. ,J A.. omg . Zfffw e 'wi e e i - , ' A fi f 1 'The one thing I look forward to most is the days We spend at the lodge up at the s1ope.' 'The fireplace in the middle is all right? . nhl we 11 'By the Way, do you remember all the crazy things We used to do? How 'bout the time we TP'd Be11evue!' Ya, and there was 80 percent chance of rain that night!' fx, , - b o 7 'Hey how many football games did you really see?' 'Not too many Whole ones I spent too much time keeping warm and watching the girlsf 'Just think, it's almost over. No more extra time.' 'Ya, We'll be too busy with homework, then Homecoming, and all those football games' . . an - ,, 1 . t ... . ., . 1.3 ' '--L -.,-- .,-n . , . -,Meg-,-e v -. Q muuvn. . mu ' ...M new Q - .. "pl V w , , aff- ' " ,...,,A. A 4 .' ,,,,. m- - ....1, . ,.... - ,.M,,...-.n-u- , ,, Mmm., ff mmm-uw-...nn -.' Q... , mag., . 'No more 5 a.m nights after concerts-' '-or lazy days at the beach. . 'Ya, that'11 be too bad. By the Way, have you gotten your registration packet yet?' 'Uh-huh, I'1n already starting to dread it.' 'I don't dread that as much as I do the crowded halls between classesf They hesitantly rose from their comfortable spot and continued to Walk along the beach. . . --,di ,J" X 'R L GQ7 3-... ffl Y . z i I n xy , I Rf l i f 3. -5 g ,xg gs 7 -. . 2 " -' 9 - ,-., --- -2 f It ', f. .- X V ' 1 I ,-Ti-f"59' ' ..' K il ff' - l'J . wx - ' 5 1' ' . ix .fl K A great metamorphosis takes place when a student becomes a senior. The senior fights a personal struggle to become an individual, and yet remain his parents' child. What he has accomplished, learned, and experienced with the past few years becomes the backbone of his personality. A senior goes through a special time in his life and will be projected into an adult world in a matter of months. He must make decisions that someone else used to make, and dreams quickly begin to change into realities. Graduation for a senior is in his thoughts even at the first of the year. The sometimes mystifying and strange events that occur are attributed to the wide-spread disease known as "senioritis.' But, even as the anticipation of graduation draws near, .with the fitting of caps and gowns, tickets to the senior party, and graduation itself, the senior s thoughts seem to change back again, and he wonders what lies ahead x X, Steven Beth Bennett Bessette P- Timothy Paul ' Bet! Bialek A 2 A 21.-. , ' - F, If ! 5, Dana Elizabeth Sabrina Bret Bier Bissell Bobrow Bollinger Brian Neil Marijeanne Perry Bolton Boyle Brashcar Brassington Thomas Cheryl Therese Gregory Bray Breen Brenner Brewer Class of '78 is great Spirit and fun filled activities have sur- rounded the Senior Class. To start the year off they had complete success with Home- coming. As Senior Class Treasurer Tim Prasil summed it up, "Homecoming was 31. The Saturday night dance was a suc- cess, we made more money on it than last year." The officers have "a very positive tone," as described by Senior Class Advisor Mr. john Scannell. Vice President Mike Luchino has worked with the other officers to make this year a success. The secretary, Nancy Leigh, "really liked to get things done, and was always keeping people organizedf' re- plied Mr. john Scannell. Senior Class Historian Pam Grimm thinks, uThe class has really gotten closer. Every- body seems to be Working well together." Some of the activities accomplished were the film festival, lots of bake sales, car washes and a t-shirt sale. All these projects were to raise money for Senior Ball. Now Seniors, all that is left is graduation 1. The Senior Class Officers are busy at work plan- ning exciting activities. 2. Showing who's the best class are Senior Officers: Vice President Mike Luchino, Secretary Nancy Leigh, President Michael Davis, Historian Pam Grimm and Treasurer Tim Prasil. 21 lxvvni brit' Steven Brian Hcull llromler Brooks Brown Buingarilner Burdick 'Sr' Ken Tracy Matthew Andrea Wayne llnrnett Burris Bnstad Bntancl Byron HQ 5 2 '-5 551 , Matthew Keely Roger Daniel Cynthia Shawna Calhoun Canlplicll Carlson Carroll Carter Casey Elizabeth Colleen Merriheth Karen Cederstrom Chainlierlin Chase Christiansen ws., Lawrence Scott Valerie Carol Chu Colinrn Collioff Collins 22 X .,'- . x. X,,,Q,Q It Iielieeca Collins vit-ki Cook N X is---x xg..- :Q at tx '4 X Kevin Tony 2 A Cooper Correa Suzanne Paula Debra jan Courtright Craig Crone Crosetti I, Malcolm Kye Currie Daarud Kathryn Bert Dame Davis 30- History is Worth a lot more Did you ever get tired of studying how Co- lumbus discovered America or what hap- pened during the XVar of 1812? Elective history was more than just history. lt in- volved classes that were meant to broaden the students' awareness ol the current world, while also giving them the chance to see how people can behave. "One of our goals is that by the time the student has completed his studies at New- port, he should have worked in nmnbers ol' ie s in e ocia fciences, suci as is - f ld th S l S l r chology, anthropology and sociology and have had some exposure to societies and current events outside our nation." coin- mented Nlr. Bruno Pierini. Social Studies Department Chairperson. Some other goals were to help each stu- dent for his own opinions, organize ideas and to defend his conclusions. The Social Studies Department continually evaluated courses to see which would be dropped and looked at courses for the up- coming year, such as "Fntures". "Futures will be a course that looks at how societies will be in the future and what we'll have to do to prepare for them," commented Mr. Pierini. 1. Ms. Cenese llarney looks over the shoulder ol' a student she is helping. 2. An interesting question catches the attention of Ms. Barbara Velategui in her lluinan llelations class. 3. Mr. Bruno Pierini, "the Lion," gives a student an intriguing grin. 23 BECKY IO ABBEY Reeh Gymnastics 1.2. Looking Back: Remhr. CO. ez DQ. LD. IIE. Canada ISITT. Tolo 61 Prom 1976-T. the par- ties Cs the Creek ik My Sweet Love Mark. Party Down. KATHLEEN MARIE ALDER Kathy Choir 21 Knight Sounds 3. Looking Back: M6:M's. movies. chicken. Colour my M'orld. mass. hucks. crack attacks and endless iitters. Many special friends I couldn't replace. SCO'1'1'R1C11ARD AGNENY Ags. Aggie Basehall 1.2.3. Baskethall Ig M'ater Polo 3. DECA 3: Laurel Guard 2. Looking Back: Basehall State Champs. Mr. Alho, a great coach and friend. Mr. E. and fantastic lilnes. "LII Gang." Always hold your head up. SCO'1'1'4lEFFREY ACKERSON Ack Musical 3: Band 1.2.3. Orchestra 2. Looking Back: Stomp on it. ahacus. headswells, hlandin. leading hand cheers. oregano. CF on B. Blues. Racing SW, two down one to go. 'IEFFREY 11. ALLISON jeff. Alli Musical 2.3: Spring Play 1,2.3: NASB Vice President 31-11: Class BOC Rep: Dehate 1.2.33 Laurel Guard 2. Looking Back: Good Times, Kentucky Fried. Tolo. On Stage. "Knee Love" "Dang Funnv" The Pen. Cheez. illank. Nip. Smither. Frodo, Thunder . . . Ka- ren. LARRY WAYNE APPLEGATE ' Apple. Big A Baskethall 3. Golf 1.2.31 NVrestling Ig DECA 53. Look- ing Back: Golf races, functions with SB. DM. Skiing Sneakies. B-hall. "hut Othsifern Sammamish. "car fe- ver." hut Mostly Qlulie, NYAZZU. TIIEODORE IOSEPII ASPINALL Ted, "Ass" Cross Country 1: Track 1. Looking Back: "Growin' up" Springsteen. influences changes, memories. Friends. and special friends. Phil M. Perry K. MAL,O and a good Fi'iend forever, Liz. DEBBIE A. AST "Squirt" "Gimpy" Looking Back: "1'rinz", "151", Mac's. "Girls", "It s a Norma McKinney ' f f Eric Beckes I 24 Boy!" Senior Ball TT" with Carey! Prinz. Dave. Greek. Thanks! Great times with Carey! TERRI LYNN BARBER Barhs. Berher Powdeipnff 3. Cheerleader 2: Musical 1.2.31 Band 1.2.3. Looking Back: Victoria's. whidhey. MFgigs. "the late foursome". SB NTT. 6!28!TT. "good friends" thanks Mom-Dad. mostly my hest friend . . . Michael. BRENDA MARIE BARD Drill Team 2.3. Looking Back: Kent. Stompin'. Snow! Parties. CS. LF. CL. MS. CO. CZ. KA Special Friends to Cherish: Mom and Dad. Decisions. DAAVN LEE BARKER Alvin Baskethall Statistican 2.3: Camp Counselor 53. Look- ing Back: Gettin' Randomll Foothall games. B-hall stats. Chism. Tolo's. Chic. Being in Love?l IT. DB. SS. and My hest friend Valerie. DAVE A. BARONE Wrestling I. Looking Back: Loop. Colhy, Saturday Nights. lime 10. Gook. Willv, Mightv Mopar, The Cheese Ger 11a Ila. last hut Not least' Alanie. MARY TERESA BASTA Gymnastics 1.2: Powderpuff 34 Drill Team 2.3. Musi- cal 3. Spring Play 2,3g DECA 3. Dehate 2. Looking Back: Rape Spray. CRAZY wllen. ear ache. Calif. friends, dimples. Targhee. 18.19.20 DT Comp.. Suey. XYhite Pass. and Lesley my hestus friend. FRANCOISE PATRICIA BAUMGARTNER Fran Powderpuff 31 Accolade Staff 3g Camelot Cahinet 3: Camelot Treasurer 2. Leadership Camp 2. Looking Back: Special Moments, friends. Karen W. N.M..L.II..C.C.. parents, much love, SURF 'TT. Elwa ITT. Tolo 'Tti "SUNSI'IINE". skiing. cruises, Food. DIETSI Learning ahout life: Doc. Overlake. I FOUND IT! MARY ELLEN BEAM Spiderman Musical 1.2,3g Spring Play 1.2.31 lr. Class I-Iistoriang Choir 23, Looking Back: Tech, TIIE BABYS, Punk. KASB. Iliiiiiiil 1'm four! NVanna he friends? Yon're in my heart. you're in my soul . . . l1!5!TT. ERIC ROBERT BECKERS Boh Foothall 1.2.31 Soccer 1.2.3. Looking Back: Times with good friends. Ruh, Betzer Illlgl' Ye. LY "Pumpkin Bergateu. Lightning. "PW." Soccer is Ilersh. Special times with the one I Love. Shelly. STEVEN E. BENNETT Looking Back: Ilappy times. skiing. crusing. Parties. Samammish. NVSU. Always in search of the illusive hun. LA. DM. SM. "Woody" and Carol. BETII ELLEN BESSETTE Choir 2.3. Looking Back: Newport Singer 3: Croshy. Stills. Nash Oct-20. Church- Luke. 12:3-1. Special People . . . i'IIolly". Thanks Mom. It's already Gone. Life Continues On . . . TIMOTIIY ROBERT BETZ Betzer. Time Bomh Basehall 1.2.3. Baskethall Trips. Special friends- SR. EB. Sleezy . . . . "Vedged . 3-Wheelin. Thanks Teachers 6: Coaches. Tln'ee Years of Love 6: Ilappi- ness with Laura. DANA S. BIER Camp Counselor 3. Looking Back: Friends, great times. who?. thanks mom and dad with love, Chism. Mac's. Blimps, "Loves". memories. happenings, dreams, realizing 1ife's heauty. ELIZABETH LYNN BISSELL Liz Powdeipnff 1.2.31 Drill Team 2, Captain 3. Looking Back: Cigars. ROAD, Gu's condo, hest friend-Ted. Chnck's Angels, NA's. DT, Kent. Capts. hig 5. "Let it ride". Guess ya had to he therelll BRIAN E. BOLTON Bolt! Baseball 1. Looking Back: FOBB. Crusin 1.2.3. Schmelly. 360's 55 Chev. loop. The Truck. Bird. Bart, Schlen. Ed. juan. Thoughts of DE. CC. Mas. Ko- olamundo. Teachers. MARIIEANNE BRASIIEAR The Oracle Looking Back: Stuff. Special Folks: "What tl' you think I am. a schizophrenic?" Those who made New- port into one long non sequitnr. ENCELSIORI THOMAS P. BRAY Sperk, hugs Baskethall Ig Golf 2. Looking Back: Golfing? Pum J- kings, Tuhing C45. Sneakies. Condo, PNB. Week- Cindy Lervold Ken Bumett jeff Allison Scott Gulick . . Mary Busta 5 1 S' Kristy Lindgren Mike Luchino ends. Mesc. Beck. Ceeke. Nigs. Snapper. Boozer, Cinliee, Nugent. M'ings. Cet Naked. CIIERYL ANNE BREEN Sherrv Powderpuff 1.2.31 Drill Team 2.53. Looking Back: 21S.l!l,20. spaghetti dinners. Big 5. Ilomecoming '76, Charlies. secrets w!Valynn, SC - "OWB"?. Nah CY CCAC. Lil. Pain. Sharing a special love with Mike. TIIERESE I.. BRENNER Boom Boom Basketball 2: Track 1.2.31 Soccer 1.2.3, Powderpuff 1.2.3, Drill Team 13. So nh. Class Ilistoriang Sr. Class Craduation Chairman. Camp Counselor 1.23. Laurel Cuard 2. Looking Back: tolos, LSSMBE, OTLB2, Ri crushes. Kev, Nicki, 5 yrs. Rowdvs. NC at C. Mesc. 151, TED. AVAIIC. cigs, float on, Sum TT, va had to be there. ' KEVIN DEAN BRONDER Tennis lg DECA 33. Looking Back: Night games. the cong, Mac's. TB, ML. BS. TA, night crusin to Crvstal and everything else that made Newport liveable. ERIC SPENCER BROOKS E Baseball 1.2.3. Football 1.2.3. Looking Back: State Champ. 76, State Champ TS. Football V11 MTM Cood times. STEVEN SCOTT BROWN Steve NASB Board of Control 3, Sr. Class Fund Raiser: Camp Counselor 2. Looking Back: Shut up Fujel. 600 miles, library stand-in. jA "Prez", 100 screaming kids. neatrr jet teacbersl. success and defeat: "C'est la vie. IIEIDI BURDICK Burd Swimming 2, Cheerleader 331 Musical 1. Looking Back: Malibu, Bainbridge. LS. DI1. BW. Marileeg Kidnev Beans and Ilershey bars. My sister Marci McCall. My special guy always BOB. KEN RAY BURNETT Brawny. NIIIS Football 1.2.3, Track 3. Looking Back: Lightnin' Mescl Float. B Tolos, weekends, Summers. Tubing. ski times Condol Pumpin' fron Cu Bugs Booz Nose and OTIIERSI Andrea. P. TRACY BURRIS NVyatt SPCIICCI' Newton DECA President 3. Looking Back: Lunch with Trotskv and Cement at Ilazen. KZ. The no scratch zone, Fleetwood Spra-Mulch Ilail to Yrauus. ANDREA F. BUTAUD Gush, Nun Powdeipuff 2.331 Cheerleader 2. Drill Team SI, Sr. Class Ilomecoming Chairperson. Looking Back: Mesc. Cu's Condo. Charlies Angels. Yakima 151 clowns, CF. AYAII Club. Ted, Float, 11f5!T6 LZSIS unick Ri Lucky Charms, Ken. KEELY ANN CAMPBELL Keel Swimming 1.21 Powder-puff 2.3. Looking Back: Van- cover. Soccer. 220. Cuties. It's been reall Cood times. good laughs and good friends. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Gotcha! ROCER SAMUEL CARLSON Rodge. Carl Soccer l.2,3. Looking Back: Planning for the future. enjoying the present. Things I've gained from friends find good times. LOOKING FORAVARD. not looking Jack. CYNTI IIA ANN CARTER Cindy, Rocky Gymnastics 1.2. Powderpuff 1, Cheerleader 2.53. Mu- sical. Looking Back: jane Il.. Ilawaii, Summer 'TT. try-outs, camp. superiors, Talks with Kj. Marilyn. logging. NIIOLD ONE, lay, Fran, SUCCESSL with ove . . . lim. SYNDE SUE CARTER Looking Back: SMMIICP IIIIIIIKW FBSJCF and Nanci. Denny's, Bernie's, diets, Malibull. IIRSSZDKD. OCC, M'innah, poems, jim Z., john K.. baircuts, PTLUI. Thanks Mom 6: Dad. S1 IAAVNA RATE CA SEY Cymnastics 1.2,3g Powderpuff3. Looking Back: What it was, Cymnastics with my bud Colleen. coaches thanks. Cood friends Karen, Debbie, Lisa. To1o's. Most of all "Eiwin"lll ELIZABETI1 ANN CEDERSTROM Lil, twurp Powdeipuff 1.23. Looking Back: Tolo. concerts. wild Raniers. partying with friends, Stairway to lleaven. thanks to all the friends who made school fun, espe- ciallv Dale. COLLEEN ANN CIIAMBERLIN Chumbunski ly.-f A ff X 'Y if for - '-xgwy, f 'Nw 3 Andrea Butaud Badminton 2.3. Looking Back: Singin. CK, Loving special people. Little llurts, SMILES yeaaa For the moment is present but the memory is forever . . . LAAYRENCE Clll' Larry. Clin Musical 2.23. Camp Counselor 3. Science Seminar fl, Orchestra 2.3. Looking Back: Music Thalia quartet all northwest. all state. craunning. making friends. "Pens and dogs". LO 'IC IIO etc. Thanks Mom and "Goodbye" Michael. SCO'1'1' EDAVARD COBURN Colie. BA FS Band 1.2.3. Looking Back: Victoria. FOOS, Bear IIITS. SEX files. TIME. Lava. 11 . whits. Etc. Photos. Racing. CL. sunny. The gang, tit was croticl. YALERIE DAXYN COLIIOFF Val. Fritz Basketball Statistician 2.51. Looking Back: Football games. getting random. Taking stats. 4!1fi!7T. SS who is it this week? DB and my very best friend. REBECCA ANN COLLINS Bees. Becky Musical 2. Looking Back: Monroe. KCI, Saga. The Cabin Seattle cars Big Seven huh? Bren he showed inc love and gave life meaning love. VICKI AIO COOK Denicki. BOZO Looking Back: AVinning never losing. VW Whiplash. Wagons still running? see ya jeff, 1.2.3, "Life goes on" I won't forget! Later. IOSE ANTONIO CORREA Tony. Chic Swimming lg Sou-cr 1.12. Looking Hack: Trying to shut Yirden u ml Ben's Becks's. Raising hell, Chic I'11 see you sometlayg E131 Taking 11crsh's BS. MR. AS. SUZANNE LEE COUR'l'RlC11'1' Looking Back: Cood luck to all my friends old and new. Sunshine IIIIB. DEBBIE M. CRONE smallfry, weiner Accolade Staff 3. Looking Back: Svecial Menioriesl Learning, changes. hard times, the lioys, WAIIC. jet rides. M-fights. drives. talks. s. plans. 1'll sec Mont. M.. Calou. Ilenger. solo. Mar, sis. MOM LY DAD. 1 Love you all. KYE IOANNA DAARUD Looking Back: The Creek, The Mav.. Crand-Targnee. "moosli-moosli". Tolo '75 and '77, EB. Learning 25 s 9-:ki Q. . . z 'S x 5 ' qv' l X 1 WMF? ,94Lil4:' UL. I fm ' Lisa Mark Davis Davis if 'H ., A Calc Melissa Dom Downs Karon Shawn Cary Russ Edward Craig Eclwards Evelyn Exncr Ezell Faulkner Fir-big 26 Lynn Lesli Thomas Ieffrey Keith Carey Ford Forshaw Foster Franko Freeman Fujii D D Darlene Kimberley Michael Laura Michael Ijavid Gaskin Cates Gaudio Cerend Cess Cilstrap ' M it-hael Denise Laura Lori Davis De Chaineau Doinan Dore Keith Bobbi Io Stephanie Steven Duffy Duvall Dye Eckley Iudi Cregory Neil Delwrah Fish Flynn Fogleman Ford i '3 t. . 1 r . Walter Linda Gallagher Carinanian Paul Mark Cookin Corow N Discover our system There is an experience that everyone goes through at least once in his life. It teaches one of a vast "world" where momunental decisions are made about the future and where past was formed. This "world" is a mystery to many until the experience of American Government. It is the purpose of the American Govern- ment Class to make us aware of our sys- tem. Mr. Peter Vall-Spinosa, American Government teacher, hopes to see that his students, perhaps ten years from now, can say, "I am not unnerved or disgusted now that I recognize how omnipresent the sys- tem really isg how prevailing it is." Mr. Vall-Spinosa thought the main asset of his classes was the students. "The students make the class by questioning their own situations." He summed up the students ac- tivities by saying he thought they were more pragmatic than those of six years ago, when he started teaching here. l. Mr. Peter Vall-Spinosa looks for the answer to one of his students' questions. 2. Mr. Ralph Hayes waits for a response from his class. 3. Mr. Gene Paterson is surprised his students can't read his board. 27 Douglas Timothy Patricia Stacy Brian Graham Graham Grantham Craven Grp-cnc I I L p Ann Terri Pamela Susan William .Mlri an Grieshaum Grieser Grimm Gustafson Gustavcson ll wut Alan Susan julie Linda Halvorson Hamilton Hansen Hara julia David Arthur Pamela Harshbargcr Hartmann Hartwig Hartzell l A f."1 Casey Laura Richard Timothy Haskins Heheler Heintze Hendry Eileen L iurn Harper ll lrrou xr sqm, 1: ,af VX. ' s pi .gs Deborah Todd Valynn David Heng Henry llenzler Hightower l C 1 ' fx xxx" David Carol I Iostenske Howe Glen Connie Hiraki Ilorne I Xi: ' if 1 . Kathleen Linda Ann Scott Hubbard Huber Hurd Imhoff . n your own Independent English at Newport is a class that was popular among seniors. Students took the responsibility of working and completing assignments on their own with weekly progress discussions from the course instructor. Individual methods of class teaching allowed students to spend less time on guided discussion and more time on written assignments. Films, videotapes, records and interviews were encouraged throughout the course to keep students in touch with different types of media. This improved their abilities in English and built a stonger awareness of the other research sources available through media. l. "Working on your own is what Independent English is all about," comments Ms. Tia Kinncar. 2. Mr. Steven Mooney is one of the new English teachers working in the Writing Center. 3. Our Leaming Resource Director is Ms. Alice Briant. 29 growing. NIV verv SPICCI.-XL friend Michael. mm-c, Pu,-h1i,,Q Cm,i,,'. Qm,,,,,,i,,'. Hn., 3, X'i4-nm shroonis. llonda 250's. SS. -lj. IDS, and the inert-alililc K.-XTIIIIYN'l,l'ilC'lJ.-XNIIC Dante. "l3onier" Sfogig-5. Tolos. Cat's. The Bird. CY Bo, s'.-alia-.-.h cp.-. srnoking nianf Q V H Looking Back: "Forever . . spetial friends. Ilelen. eial people. Nlovin' on. Nl-.Il. Nl. l'OC.l.I'.kl.XN H A l I V V p l jackie. ibomiy. "Iwi-rt-i". "fit-I-i-wal" .... lit- saiistivd iaoimi io Dev.-tu. li-I li-Mitts liwlv NUI- 'MIN 'I 5l""l1'?' NOW WSU with life alwaxs lint never with oneself . .. Thanks l3ml,,,i,,i0,, 1.23: ylmgi-.ll 1.23: qj,,,,,l, ql,,,,,N.l,,,- ggi iii Iiio. Il IIIOLD. Senlia-St-nlia, I.. Inrktw-l'n.rtl. Dad. "l3ahe".' Knight Sounds 33: Band l.2.3. Looking Iiaek. Lettnec ll XI ll- ,lwlljill flilfli nlilifb- -I- 5"I'lill I'l'llt"' ' BIQIIT NIATTIIICIV D.-IVIS "Dirtv Bert" anxone? Nlr. Lincoln. Nlr. Bailey - Thanks. S ol XI on lll':-Inrxffllll VIIQIIQNN- 'Yi III' 1 Looking Back. GTO's all the wav! Malcom. Iioltsg at Fritlav. snnnner 'TT ST. SC. BXI. D.-I, RZ. Iillen. to all l?lUl'f0li-Ill -INNI2 l'Ulil7 Q V A Delilmn- liirtls house. Nlopars are innkl and l'ni lnekx' to have nw faiinilx' - I Love Yon. I niatltt it. liye-lwel lraek l.2.Ii1 Ilonievollll"2.f.:E""'llIf'f'N I-2-'Pl l"i'l'll4 I- llmvl-uillcq 'flmllkg Sue! ' ' 5'j'l.jl2HANll.j DYE Looking Piack: Snninier ol ii. Parties. Lakes. l.ahI.. NIICIIAISL PIIILLIP D.-XVIS Nlad Dog Xlnsical l.2.33. Spring Play l.2.'3. Laurel Cnard. Seri- l'V-'Sljl'S- ll'1l"N- 1 lfl"2l'N- UIUIWN 'tl' ,ll"llU':l' !U"lWl'N Footliall 2.3. Traek 53: Spring Play 3: lr. Class Vice- ons Days - Crazy Days: .-Xlrezlds' Cone wfl5l1 BIC. -IS. xlivwfj xlM'I"I'l,l"II"'IP- I"'S'N' IN" I 'I l""""' President: Sr. Class President: Dchate l.2:Lauirel IY. SKY, the gang. not TOO sinalll It's lieen fun - I-INN xl-XIII-I5 TVOIIDA H Cnarcl. Looking Back: Football! The Creek. Nloosh- To The Fntiirel liilml I-21 Uflll ll'i"" 'fl 0"fjl'f'Sl"1' it lA""It"'f PMI' xiakii. .xii Boa ma Cv 1:1-aiiam. isaims. Mic". ",lIt". i,oiin.-xixisiai5vi:ii1,ri:.xsos sm-.-a ""f'f"""i W' "'f'K'? 1I'I'."'9.l"'!'I' W" ul' "W Nl'i"'f'I" Sue C . . . Special feelings for Kye . . . P.tnla my closet Powclcrpul'f l,2.f3g DICCX 53. Looking Back: Un and L'IlEfc'Sc'l.lilhiiSk I nil.K.IlN I. lolos, soccer lllllilws- friend N love in life, on. Sunnner '77, .'Xlki. Chisnl. Seattle. Canada. Places Z 1- I lflflflit- Sl'il"""'l'lX- IAIIIIX JH.-KN DOM.-IN DOL' and People I wonlt forget . . . tiines with llert. TIIOXIXS CIIICCOHY l"OS'l'l'Ill llvltlll Powdeipiiff 1.2.31 Clieerleatler 2: Laurel Cnard: NIU- K.-XIIIQN LYNN EIJIILXIHDS The lids looltiiigu Bat-kg ,Xll nit Irienils. Sports TT. DNN l"all. sieal 3. Looking Back: Slnniher parties. Creen I'ow'tlerpiit'I l.2: Nlnsieal lg Soph. Class President: -Ir. full, fjllil-I? Dll, BAIFS, Most til' all no parcnts. NILYNIN, Charlie s Angels. Cronk. Cl-glue. 9-26-75. Class Seeret:n'v: Special Aides lg Camelot Caliii et fi. uYax'a con Dios". and the days spent sharing love and good tiinms with ltmkillg lim-1.2 "T1,.- qgm,g". pclc lm BB, "Win-ri-'s ll.jl.'i:R1.jYMllpx 1.-IMNKO Nm.. Tini. IPI' llilslllllltlu. klirsie. wasting. growing. nionntain itL-i-i,l.iilt- Stall' Il. klnsieal Il. Spring Play Il: Canip DICNISIC NI.IlillC DE CIIAINEJXII Deniek' highs. Leslv. sharing with my friends, I Love Ya. qj,,mN-l.,,- 23, Looking Back: Steph. lied ltooin. Tolo. Looking Baek: Parties. Tolo, Yan Scrap. lClaine's. CXIIYA. ICXNEII ISI Lnneh. Lightning. Condo. tiiliing. Ted. I"loat KFC- Bcluis- lluck Wllill Cm' I WY! Good I"lI"lIlS' Bimfl 23- lllmkll LI Bit'-'IV VICIIWIII- 'VIH' ,l'l'Wf"'5- Iililll' Crew. Cettiili sniall. great new Iriends. here's to ex'- "VC". IIS. SM. De-elm. PIV, Coodliye. sin with PK. Nlonients with Kathy. Cvndy. Paul. erxone. I I LOlilLI'IE :INN DONE Lori Karla. Scott and all the DQ crew. fjftlilit' 'AY l"L'lll lflij Basketball lg Track l. Looking Piaek: linilirg people - l'ilJXY.'XlIDCII.-UC I".'Xl'I.KNlCll lid Bum! 1.2.3. Looking Back: No. I .Ill-NIV, Yietoria. CD. IIE. BA. S.-X. PKI. -IIC. Soph. year. -lr. yt-ar. Sr. Foothall 1.2.31 Track 53. Looking Back: lfootliall 'TT. pqykiqlq ami ,,,u,,.L.n1i,,Q mn. 'l',,i,, gm, yi... tint. year. All the work. the area, Iloger. Runnin' around. The Mask. Nlcse. C-45 parties. The ,W-dn th.. pmml and Full 'l'.,,,,A '77 in -l.,lm,,. C.ILI'INIAIIIICDOIIN Cloria inajor Iid's. CV. Boon. The Nnrse. Xlootly. Cood D.Xlll.ICNlCl'il,IZ,IlIl'lTllCASKIN Dill' SUCH-'I' 1.2: Powderpuif 2.3: Leadership Cainp 53: Times. liasi-hall l.2.i31 Del1ate2g Special .Xiiles l.2. Looking Ilonieeoiningf Chairperson l.2g .-Ieeolacle 3g DEC.-I 2. ll'DI LYNN FISII Back: Dinner chez moi. Walkt-r's tcniper. loekt-r Canielot Ciiliinet Lg Camelot President 3: Canip Looking Back: TIWVI.. Cetting Lost with CL. Sarah lam.. 1331.1 lmwlmll! CFC' Slqlm. , Xp,mi..,,,-- ml. Counselor 1.2. Looking llaek. IIerI'y's. Elwah 77. CF Sniile. Lots ol' special nieniories and friends. Cay rig-kligli? fort-vt-i- Ruins guiql Nannxg Terry always. llowclies. Torches. ES.-XII. Nornia. Treasnred friends. Bois. Tinnnv. Sliellv, I-iarri. Nlarilee. Craig. KlNIl3IiIlI.l'IY ANN C,X'l'ICS I Kin: smiles. klr. Molecule CY Snmie. The real von is alwavs CIIXIC Al :IN FIICBIC lfeeli Looking Back: Love is walking together". , . inaking the liest that von've got. I I Footliall I: Soccer 1.23: Band l.2. Looking Piaek: new trails to tomorrow. Thanks star! KP. CL. ll'- XIICLISS.-X LOIIEIC DUNYNS Nlissy XI'inter of 'TT skiing aiiyway. Soeeer with Ilershey. Iootliall. ernsin. thanx nioni Cv dad. r Dt-lialt-:lg Band 3. l, Back: lt's lieen Inn! RKDS Friends forever: .Klan II.. Nose. l'n'a'-viw. lispeeially NIIKIC gk. C.Xl'DlO A p 4 Xlhop is topsl I've made lots ol' friends, l'll reineinlier CU. Krista Olson and JXIIQIISI I5. IIJTT. litllllslllg Patek: The good tiines our ernisin with Sl.. and DF. Cood Lnek to alll CRICCOIIY DIVICIIT FLYNN lflann' -llf. llli. Sl. C.-X. Xirloree. h A KEITII STEVEN DUFFY Duff Knightlife Staff 531 Xlnsical 53. Looking Ilaek: Creek. l..Xl'lt.X .NNN CICRICND 5""I"I Basketball 1.2.31 Tennis 1.2.3. Looking Back: Issy tliei Nike Site. skiing at Stcveifs Pass. picking Cyninastics I. Looking Piaek: Ilcekend wildness. fith NI' ' i P hz Stacy Craven IPL I I :mg Sandy Reclshaw ' Tim Pwsil 30 I Q Nancy Xullisl I.inlIn Ilnlicr X9 Gr -lciiiiilbi' Yaiclinn SIHIWII IZYCIYII pl-rioll. nl' i-1-ill-is-s. I.lf innl l3I. "I3iislvi"'. I?IlCSl ID. in I'.I'Il'IllIS. I3I3'I'X. XYIiaill-vci"s rczil llnllcsl inivk-l-yi-. Xninan. ninsl nl' iill . . . Km-iiiiy. SISVXX LYNX l5l'S'I'pXFSl7N Snc DXYID .L lIII.S'I'I3.XP Iliins X'nlIcy'Ii1iII l.2.531 I3auIniinlon I.2.f31 Nlnsir-nl I.2.531 I3nnlI I.2.-'3. Imolsing I3gil'Is: Dvnlscli. I3.inlI. YIL'll7l'Ill I3anill I.2.531 l,l'L'IIK'SII'iI I. Imrilliiig I3lll'IiZ Xivluriai XI1lrl'Iiing. Kl'X'lll. llngli. Tunis, Klllllyl ljimll. Ill-,Ay Slum-Ii. XI LY NI. Nlr. XII: I... nps. llowns. Ilailcli. Nlr. I31iill'i'. I.l'aii'iiclI ii lot N Inls ln lviirii. spvciail Irivnlls I'II iiuu-i' Iiwgvl. gnnll linivs ainil Dnnlsl' XIISY Iainglis. il's In-L-n grvail. IXJVCIIAS CLIKXIIXSI XYII.I.I.XXI QI. C5l'ST.-XYICSDX fins lfnnlliaill I,2.S3. lpnkiiig l3gil'kg'l'.ii1gl-l-TS l3gilni. Nliill I31islwlIinIl I1 llnll' 21 'l'l'nnis I.2.I3. I.nnking I3lll'IiI Dog. Inncli liinm' airlivilics. I3 N Cf. 332, 380. l.mik Snpli. ivair. Skiing. 'I'nIus. XD nw-r. SC in ATT. KI.SI'. Onlf Ilnclwl Ilziiiwy. I3airlivs. nnl vninigli nl' llivin. SNIQXKIICS. 'I'I3C5'I'-IN. vlcc'pin'. lfnmln. Tlic pass. Tn- S'I'.XClY KU' lIll.'XYICN 'IWVI3 Inn.. I3 LY I3 2 I.21 zlnll NINI. IIllNYiIl'I'l5IlIIi I.2.531 Drill 'I'l'ann 2.53: Xlnsicuil 53: ifann- I,IXD.X .XKICXII II.XI3.X L-lol llnliiiivl I1Cannpliiniiisl-Im' 2.531 Cliuir 1.2. Imnk- Xlnsiczil 1.21 Spring Plny I.21 Dclmlv 21 Clinir I.2. ing I3lll'ls1 I3ig 5. Slim-rrx. I.l'l il Iiiclu. Daircs. "Clic-IQ". Innlsiiig I3aic'Ix: Tulum. "vs". DD. A'I.igIilsIiinc". vlinir. Xli' gnnl. Cfigs. X'nIks."l'I'fI7. Iiiiiiiiic-lzixx. llinnp pli. "lliiigl'i"'. NIJUIISCIIIYIIIIYKJN. Xlrikiini. Slizilwfs. 'II'- ISCIIIIXKIRIIU. I3:illIlrsIiip. In-ns. scninrs, 'I'Iiis Sung is lnilai Snnrisv. lfxploiws. L-innping. N14-DrnniIlI's. OVW- llinil-vs. 'illnclspl-IIIU. LI". pairlics. Ilcrlyls. lIIl'IiIIlllIl'- 'ION I..XXYIII'IXlfIC llIlIICI' Xnrsl- pllligig. Ifnolliaill 13. Kniglillill- 53. I.nnking I3nl-Il: IFIIUIIIAIII. 'I'Iic' Sl'S.XX KYLIC II.XNIII.'I'OX Snv NIuiisll'i'. I":iiiIIiiici'is I'wllIIIlI'l'S N mil' pnncli Xlinllii- Nlmil-ul lg XASB 'l'rl-glsnrl-i- 131 lr, Clgiss l'i'l-silll-iilg Dv- :-nin. SIIRIIKCS. 'I'In- inann' I'ril'iicIs willi rnoni for ininn' liiilo 21 Ciannp Cfniiiisclur 131 lfgnm-l llniirll, Lnnking lll0l'l'-SUIIIUI' I'illIll'llUllS Illililll- I3aic-Ii: IMRIIAIIIIIQ. Growing. Sinilvs. Ilngs. Clrnslics. .NNN fi5'II'ifZI'iI1I-'I UIIIICSII-IIVNI 'I'l'2lI'S. Wllirls. Sziiling. Y-I'aiIs. Spcvizil I"i'iciilIs. .. Di'iII 'I'cann 2.I31 Illnxilly 531 Cfannp lfninisclmn' I3. Infili- lil-.ll-li lim' llil- sim null lgilql- llil- iinnm. lun. ing I3nc'I4: Skiing TH. IIl'lIll'IllIN'I' lliis IIIOIIICIII ll'l.lIC.XXX IIAXSICN lnlvs uslringu. lull iiiuinis. Illlllllll' lril'ncIs. NYisIiing rcnlly Illglslgl-llmll 1.2.31 Sul-L-l-r l.2,f33 Ylyllpslmll l.2.S3g l'nw- vain nnilw il sul 'I'Ininks Nllnn 1inlI D1ilI. lll-rpnlli L31 l34nill l.2.I3. I.onIling I31u-Is: Slsiillg. lvaini 'I'I'fIIIII .XXX ClIlII'1SI'3I3 llrvnsc sporls. NICYNI. Wings. lfliil-ngn. Yiclnrin lrip. oc-mini. DI'Xf.X 53. Inokiiig I3ril-Is: Snnnnvr ul 'TT cxcriisioiis. Spcl-inl liinvs willi spcciall pcopll- wlinm I will .ilu-.iss ill. lkilmins. Ocviiii. I.nIws. DI3's. I,m'os N I.aingIis. li-lqlgni-l-, M N D. Yl'Sll'l'4I1lI. Sl?l'l'IllI Iriciimls. 'l'li1inks lnr llil- iiil-iiimics l,.Xl'l3.X l3Ii'l'II II.'XI3I3OX lniwril- Diivl-. W1-niinlc ill Nlnsicuil I1 Spring Plzii' I.2.53: Dl-Iiaill' 53. I.nnking I3-WIICIA-'X JUCIIININI I31lIll I3ail-IQ: ICiii'opl'. Ilnwnii. I,1lI'IIL'5. Q'0Ill'l'I'IS. Ilml. rillicn- I,UWlI0l5llllIIl I.2.53: XIIINICLII 531 Sr, liliiss IIISIlH'IilIIL Inns rnlvs. Ivairning Irwin iiiislnkcs. Trai-s. sinnincr. Drill 'I'v1nn 2.531 Dvlinlc 21 Caiiiivlnl lfailiincl I1 Cainip llnn. I"ril-iicls I love. Drvanns Insl. Drcznns lnllillvll, l.niiiiscInrI31Cliuir I. I.nnking I3iil1Il: 18.19.201 Cfnni- lfllllffll Ilxxlggfllglxmllin Jul... pulilinii. I3ig 5. Nun. T-np 'ii CI-snaips. I.I3. Spalglivlli Swinnning 1.2.-'31 Unlci' Polo 53. I.nliIsing I31il-ll: Swinih 7llllll'l'N Nlikw. IBM- Iil'll"1Ill'M IFIUSII. l'iclimllc-s. nnng. Kniglilics. slailv. llil- pool. Ifnn willi 'Kiln' SIivi'ry'. Special Nlviiirwics lliiil Iiisl I"ni'm'ci'. gnngu. llizinlss. XIV spuciail faiiiiilv. A'I,m'l"l aincl lvairn- Sflfylvll II.'XI3I.Oxy l1l'I.IlIR fill ini Hil-mls, 'lkillli Qglrl-, Xgilil-, n Ifmilliaill I.2.S31 Ilinuilly 531 Spring Plan 53. Looking D,-XYIIJ SCQOTT ll,Xll'l'NlgXNN I3aiL'I4: XY, I.igIilnin'.lfinnln. Ilnincl-nniing.XYl-vkciicls glugil-all 233 Bgnill l,2.3, I,llOIQlllg I31icI4: Iixplnsiun. willi Xliclil 'I'ocI, -lannin'. Nil-sv. fIl'l'Isl'lI.iI1Ill' l'Ilinnilc Blmllisl, Nlnnk. 5lIi liinl-. I3.rXI"S. Yiclnrizi. lull-ll. .Qbx 5 3 I if ,l , ,.. I.:-sl:-v Nlliilimrlli nnirnls. I3.inmI, Slugc I3alnlI. grcnl lnnvs. gil' ini Iriviills. .Xll'I'IIl'Il II.XI3'I'NYIlC .Xrl Lross llnnnlrx l. I.fNlIsIllQ I3.u-Is: Uliiglilf Nir. I.. I"nolli.iIl - 'lliiufi' nl I'mil-r. I3ig lfig. In Yin-Irs. 'I'lim- I3ircI. loliliin' in lliv I3ng. XII.. DXI. Slsi. llrrr. DI3, J KLXSICI I.YI'IIICIK IIXSKIXS 'I'rzu'k I: Xnviiliifll' Slnll' 531 lf.nnp iflninsl-Inr 2.53: Sl'il'iiu' Svininair 2.3. I.nnlling I3aim'Is: IIIIf'Sll'S. spnrls nl' lnnls. XIII ii lui' gnml lcnl'In'i's nncl ninrl' gnnil lril-nlls. slum' gliml 4-Iiissvs nnll Inlsii Iainglis. I.XI'I3.X .XXX III'3I3I':I.I'II3 I.all1l'j Clyininislics I.2. cnplziin 53g IIllXVlIl'I'lIII'I 531 .Xa-4-nlnllc Slailili 531 XXSI3 Sl'C'I'l'IllI'f 53: Caliiivlnl Cfzilriiivl 2.53. I.u0Ixiiig I3aic-Ii: VI1Cill'IIl'I'S wlm ill-vvllipvll ini' l-ri':llix- ily. Nluni anicl II'IK'IIlIS wliri incain su iiiiivli. innsllx' Slivllv. Nnil-y and Dain. who I ll nlnuiys low. DICI3OIl.XII IIICNIT IIICNKQ Dvli I.rviI4ing I3.ick: XYAIIKI. Slnll Figlils. ,Il-l Ilizlcs.'Iq' Cfliiirins. I3nlainlI iillvr 22. Dnsling llic' vw-Iv. uinfl sian' nwgiy. spvcinl Irivnlls , , . Xigs, TINI CICORC IIC IIICXDIIY Ilvnry' Cross Clnnnlij I1iI3I'2Il'Ix lg I31inlI I.2. Looking I3ail'k: I" I3irll. I7ail'l'l'Ils. Yin-lui'iai. Xlvsc. NYv+'Isl'iilIs. Snnnnvr TT. Nlilll-r. SCI. Ifnn 'IIIIlIl'N. Clnml X11-iinwis-s. I"ril'ncIs nnl I'-llI'QUlIl'll. lIIIl'. Nino. .Vis 'I'.X. -IOIIN TODD IIICXIIY Ilaink IIAINUIILIII I.2.f31 Fmrllinll lg Iinyailly 531 Kniglillill- Slzill I.2.531XInsil-all I.2.531 Spring I'I1n'2. NXSI3 I'rl-silll-iil 131 I3Dlf Ili-p 21 I.anirl'I lln.irlI. I.nnl4ing I34il'If: .hang 'Ivann I3n + 2. t.IIl'l'lI l. Xlain. I'i'n. Nil SIl..XI,S, 'AI3.XI.I,Y'l KI. Sliill. Iioliliis. .XSI3. I3IIOIsI'IlS. KICV. Ifslvlm. Xngiv. pnppols. I3II- IIIS-lI3XY I. D N Ki-l. YXIXNX NI.-XIIIIC IIICNZI.ICIl i l Yinn IlllXK'lIl'I'llIIII- I.21 Drill 'I'l-ann 53. Ilnynlly I. I.nnking I3iil'I4: Snnnnvr TT. Skiing. "slring". YI-Ill' ID. lln- unilln. spcc-iail Iricnmls. Ifric. lips nnll llfnwns. iiinrvli- ing. XVIII lflnli. scc'i'l'ls. DAVID DON.Xl.D IIIfQII'I'OXYI'3I3 Dnvl' 'I'rnrI4 I1 Swinnning I1 Kniglillilc Sl.iIl 531 Nlnsivnl 531 Dvlnilc' 2. Imlillilig I3aic'Ii: I.iI'l' annl linivs SKIINKIY' I7i'il'inIs1 Panil. Ilainlli. Aiillv. NRIIIUY. .ll3NY il. Nlnlilni T75 Now I'1ilIis. Xl-xv I'l-fipllx I.iiving IJIilIll'. 'lnlin I3:Ili. I.lIIl'l'Il lil ,ICN I"OI3IIIiS'I' I IIIM KI 31 ex yi s i i. ,. . .. in if 33' av JN 32 ji E r Xl , Y 1 ...J G 1 X xl" .Q David Brad jones journey 4 .fkrt K , A lg -Q-2 jamie Cherie Debra Kevin juderholm jahodu jenkins johnson i Lesly Michael Russell Tanya johnson johnson johnson johnson ff X in K x Nez: ,sl Matthew Richard Karwal Kearns julie Ronald Keck Kent . 3 Brian Randall Anne Sarah King King Kinnaman Klostcrman W L Kevin Leo james Mary Knowles Kosenkranius Kragh Krenowicz john Lisa Katherine jackie Kunde Kutch Kuzeja Lake Gregory Jeanne Lisa N ancv Lamb Larsen Ledbetter Leigh 5 . :sn vi Nicola Leigh .Qristofer Lepsoe Math programs expand Got the interest? Get involved in the ad- vanced math program. The program con- sisted of Advanced Algebra!Tri- gonometry, Math Analysis, and Calculus. A sophomore who started out his year by tak- ing Math Analysis could take Advanced Calculus his senior year. This year, Advanced Calculus was a col- lege-taught course. Another addition to the area is Ms. Terri McGuire, the new in- structional assistant of the math center. "She is well-versed in all areas of math," remarked Mr. Earle Smith. The students who enrolled in this program were college-bound. It gave them the op- portunity to prepare for college, and they will be that much further ahead. The math department is going to revise the whole program, update the material, and is hoping to get more students involved. Mr. Earle Smith commented, "Everybody in the department enjoys what they are doing and enjoys working with the studentsf' 1. Mr. lim Murphy smiles as he waits for his students to respond. 2. Mr. Earle Smith can't believe that that student is late again! ' 3. Mr. Bob Albo waits patiently for one ol his math students to finish a problem on the board. 4. Taking down scores, Mr. john Fullerton is amazed at his trigonometry students. 33 Cynthia Keith Cheryl Pm Theres Lervold Leslie Lett Linder I ., A I f Kristy Dan Heidi Helga A 1 Lindgren Linthicum Lintz l llltl : H" , i H. . . l R l l - K Ili' Q jay Michael Linda Mark Andrew Thom as Linwiclc Little Littleton Lloyd Loclcett l otkwoocl GSYTT' Shelly Miehul Carollee Richard Long Lumhmo Ludwig Lundberg - K-.ix -a R 5 1 -x Matthew Ioanne Mabus MacAulay 34 Robert Tina Mace Machnicki Enjoyment Creates success S.W.R.L.-swirl? Was it a new code, a new language? No, but it was helpful in lan- guage, especially foreign language. S.W.R.L. stood for speaking, writing, read- ing and listening-the four factors neces- sary in learning a second tongue. Advanced foreign language students have found the program rewarding. "Those who have stuck with four or five years are sue- cessful and have found complete enjoy- ment and satisfaction in it. Most go on to college and receive at least a minor in the subject. Many travel to Europe, some to live and study there after high school." Mr. Lyle Nichols was pleased with- the pro- gram. i Forty percent of the student body has taken a foreign language-three times the national average. This is due to the "su- perb teaching staff and excellent pro- gram,', stated Mr. Nichols. All the staff was either foreign-born or was fluent from at least two years firsthand experience. 1. Herr Duane Hatch smiles widely as the photogra- pher catches him glancing up from grading a stu- dent's oral responses. 2. M. Alan Biggs listens with interest as one of his pu- pils gives a response to "Qu'est-ce que se passe?" fwhat's happening?j 3. Sr. Alfredo Crenion, "El Cuapon, exhibits the rare art of wearing a hat, and seems to be enjoying himself while teaching an advanced language class. 35 XYrcst1iug 1.3. Stage Rand 2.3. Looking Rack: Eoos. Pin-R. Rurritos, Cycling, Partviug, Mesc, KF. RN. TN. -IP. Rockin' Out at 103 dli. Reing Radical and Living Life to the Max. CONNIE SUE IIORNE Short-Stop Looking Rack: Partyin' with wild friends. TM. LC. VII. LG. and Watts. Southern friends tCG and LGi Qlesse. ID, 151. slirooms. 4!T!TT. CAROL ANN IIOAVE Raskethall 1,21 Volleyball 3. Badminton 1.2.3. Musi- cal 2.3: Rand 1.2.3. Orchestra 3. Looking Rack: Tar- ghee, Victoria. Lake llills. Green MkM's. McDonalds, Dana, Kathy, Cheryl. Bruce. Greg. Ter- rie. All the neat people and great times. KATIILEEN MARIE IIURRARD Tennis 1.2. Choir 2.3. Newport Singers 2.3, Looking Rack: Chester and Arnold. All Ye. French. Sonates. Economics, Lunches with lieth. My Parents. and Spe- cial Friends who I'll Always Love. ELIZARETII ANN IIIIRDV Annie Soph. Class Vice-President. Musical 1. Spring Play 1. Choir I,2,3g Deliate 2. Looking Rack: Quiero apren- der mas y mas de vida. Gracias. a mis amigos, para todo. Mnsicl Mexico. Friends. Arigato. .IAMIE RENEE IADERIIOLM james Raskethall 1.2.3. Swimming 1.2. Soccer 3. Badminton 1: Mlater Polo 33 Powderpuff 1.2.3. Laurel Guardg Rand 1.2.3. Looking Rack: Romers, VEGAS. Ilang Ten, Good Ruddies, Friends: Mike. Tans, Canuk, Murph. Tommy, Greg. VARSITY Coach Ilarn. tiokes?l Rarli. Rig-'Ier - memories. KEVIN LEE 'IOIINSON Soccer 2.3. Looking Rack: Crazy days at Newport with people flying on the ground? lIarney's 'okes and special friends sci. KD. Iley Newport goodlmye. LESLY MARIE IOIINSON Rakewoman Powrleipnff 1.2: Camelot Cahinet 3. Looking Back: Mtn. highs. lost lights. kalaloch. Pete L.. stars, CSNY. Great people, Ilarps. vans. -lodes. Eds. Love the one your with. Mike. TANYA FAYE IOIINSON Tanz Raskethall 1.2.3. Powderpuff 1,2.3. Musical 1.2.3. Rand 1,2.3. Looking Back: Victoria. Stagehand. Chapter IV. Rasketliall and "grunts", Carev. jamie. Katliv. Dave. Ilarn, Sandv. some friends I'll alwavs rememlier. DAVID GRANVILIIONES Ape man Rasehall 31 Footlial 1.2.3. Looking Rack: My 900. California, mustang, drive in, Tolo TT. fighting. te- quilla. 9th suimn. Shelly. SPG PP, DS KS. IF KP. CR IIR. Pinto? G6zGII, God Bless my dad. MA'I'l'lIEW KARWAL K.Z. Golf 21 Swimming 2. Cam 5 Counselor 3: Rand 1.2.31 Orchestra 3. Looking Rack: just call out my name, Ilall tx Oates. Deli. 'le Taime. new years. Davna's AVyatt. Schrods. chance. Neeves. Trotsky. Power Ilit- ters. ' IULIE KECK Keckles Looking Rack: MDAOAO. Novl. NDGD. Seattle, Garfield Rulldogs. Baque to Raque, Duanel Little Linda. Mario. Pete, Gary. Stanleys. Shuxtu. TR6. Olal RONALD GEORGE KENT Rodo lfoothall 1.2.3. Gymnastics 1.2.3. Science Seminar 2.3: Band 1.2. Looking Rack: Piece of cake. INTRIN SIC, Die Grosse nasen, Sat. night. zeros peaps. nicht genug Zeit. Kiaus. BM. 3'DL. CS. Luv' ya all. RRIAN DAVID KING Roops Raskethall 1.2.3. NVater Polo 2.3. Laurel Guard. Looking Rack: Iloo 3, Full. Polo. Central. ladls cone. Chelan. 3!lT!TT. iloat. Tolo. torn ligament. great friends. good times ahead, Nicki-late nights LY LGI'1's. RANDY L. KING Wrestling 1.2.3. Looking Back: CCKC. 1.2,3. What! hapinen. Bigy at sunset creek. partys. the trail. llappv rocks. the gang. sweet ass. ANNE KINNAMAN Tomhov School Musical 1,31 Spring Play 1.21 cztimpeiimtx Speech 3. Looking Back: Punk concerts, parties. 3603. Tech, I'm four now Rod. frogman, spiderman, motorcycles, R 6: B, Laura. douhle dates and most of all Egore. SARAH LYNN KLOSTERMAN Swimming 1.2. Looking Rack: Kathy. Carolvn, Pam. Linda-Best friends who gave me great memories: TP, Shanel. Ocean Shores, driving, duck! It's snowing! skiing. KEVIN ARTIIUR KNOWLES "Kev" Musical 1.2.3. DECA 21 Science Seminar I. Rand 1.2,3. Orchestra 1.2.3. Looking Back: Close friends. DG. RI - "Mancluual" IC. Tina - "Keep in touch al- waysulllncle Roh and the liand. auf wiederseheu Ilerr Ilatch. LEO KOSENKRANILS Swimming 1.2.3. Looking Rack: Adventures on space ship. Physics with roach and his strolmo-scopes. Swim- ming at 5:30 AM. Polo weekends. Skiing and friends. PERICLES DIMITRIOS KRALLIS Perry Footliall 1.2.31 Powderpuff 1.2.3. Spring Play 1.2.3. Looking Back: Powderpuff heartlmreaker. Rig NI'liee- lin. 9th grade. Cathv. Liz, O's, MAC. KS. Dj. DS. Mostly Phil CSI Ted. lierli. MARY ALICE KRENOXVICZ Kreno Powdcrpuff 1.2,3: Drill Tealn 2.3: DECA 2.51: 142ttll"-'1 Guard. Looking Back: DT Ruds. Stompin. P-Putters. OMII, CTO. S mecial Friends, "daylmreak". girl's state. SSNSSIICNllll3MCE. My family. Smile and the world smiles with you. LISA K. KIITCII Goolmer Soccer 2.3. Cheerleader 2.3. Looking Rack: '?. ,lane Ilansen. "just diving luv!" RDA-ierks! Pep stafffcamp lim! .. talking 'liout the lilies N O.CC. Your special Dan. Me tool H U KATIIY LOUISE KUZEAIA Iall DECA 3. Looking Rack: llomeconiing, UTTG. the Pits. E-hurg weekends, friends. parties. Maff. I.ori. Linda. Mary. Smiles for rainy days. Friends. experi- ences. IACKIE SUE LAKE Alcky DECA 2.3. Looking Rack: living. loving. laughing. crying. Good times. happy memories and friends al- wavsfloved KD. DII. DS. DII. CG and always Rolilmie. IEANNE M. LARSIEN Rand l,2,3. Looking Rack: Friends who mean the world tome. Laughs-Sundays. People to thank. Great trips. Commuting. Search-lmelieving the future in. LISA MARIE LEDRETTER Swimming 1.2, Looking llack: geeting small. Lake Hills. state park. AS. CII, LIT. IM. TR. PII, SIR, 12 years- a long time. Dale. NANCY IO LEIGII Sr. Class Secretarv. Rand 1.2.3. Looking Rack: Spe- cial people. usually somewhat eccentric, who taught me to think, to he different, to laugh. Being touched. Excelsior. Beckv Ahhev I Matt Bustad Monique Battema Mark Ryan 36 i Marilyn Otter T C Avent I.7eI11i1e Forcl. Therese 11renncr NICOI..-1SI.-1N1CI.ICICII Nicki 170173110 2.51. Looking I1ack: 11'ast1-11 Kniglits, orange inice. Tolos. motorcycles. liroken tloor. fickle. pizza. skiing, tire station. aicl calls. my 1'.-11-11.11. K11IS 1111111115 LC7PS171'f I1oy from Troy Looking I1ack: I1olv 17ylan. 11111111111 I7l'tl11lL'1'S, HNYF '71i. USC-N17. pina 111111 Iwrcw 21.2. O11 I7I'2llsl'. Inm- ker. I1igI1ass. 78 Cainaro. .-X I7avis. -I Nlac. SP. BC. Nugent '77, 11ockin' Steady, 11awa1i. CYNTIII.-X ANN 1.1C11YOl.I7 Cintly Pow1Ierp11l'1f1g 11Ulll1'L'l7I111l1Q:1. Looking I111ck: Cooml Ilriencls 111111 tnn times, Nlish . . .I promise. 1151. XYacko. Ilawaii. snnnner '77. parties, 151. Ken .... it's tllllf' tI1e Ilcginning. C11IiI1Y1..'1NN L1'l'1"1' Clieryl 371 Tennis 51: Swinnning 1.21 .-Kccolacle S1111-In 51: NIus1calf1: Camelot Calnnel 2.!1g 11211111 1.2.31 Orcliestra 2. Look- ingl111ck: The lmest way out is always tlirough. Tlianks to all Cincly, Cheryl 2. Lynn. c11ll'011'II,cl1l1'0l. I7I'Cl1lllI. Sis. I7N1CI1NIL5N. NIIIVPIIY. Creen. Later! PIA 'l'lI1CI11CS1'1 LINDICI1 11asketI111ll 1.2511 Colt S31 Yolleylwall 2.511 Camelot Calw- i11et 51. Looking I1ack: I1nskies. Seahawks. golf, lnintetl lmarn. Cale, Norina, Fran. Lincla. Karen. CI1ris. Lisa. teacliers especially N112 Paterson and Nlr. Creen. Senior 111111. Love ya 1"11XN1CI7. K111S'l'YNI.-111115l.1NllI11'IN Kris Soccer 2.51g Powcler 7111-11 1.2.31 Footlwall manager 2: Camp Co1111selor 51. ll.ooking 11ack: Floricla ITIIIZIID, 76 seniors. Nlesc.. 1117111 .-Xpt 20-1. ONICILO, Targlmeel Van 11.C.. S11'77. Iloat on. 'I'oIo 77. Snowlmircli Parties. Cootl times. TL ' CT Special Irientls S11 ' KP CII.-111I.1'ISI7.'1N L1N'I'I11C1'NI Wintliicinn Ifootlmall l,2.51g 1Vrestling 1.2. Looking I1ack: footlvall 1111 il knee. wrestlers. Iyreaking training, I went in antl 11011111 tinklc SOIIIIKI,0110171111911 parties VIC ICF. pinlvall 111e to LK. 11111171 S. LINTZ Snoopy I1asketI1all 2. Tr11ck 1.2.I1g Yolleylmall 2.51. Musical I,2,3,0rcI1estr11 I.2,51. Looking I111ck: Souncl o1'N1usic. Little L1il1'1'SlllISI1Ill4.'. My I"11ir Lasy. volleyball, lmas- ketlmall, track. C11. TT. S11. 1111. CIC. K11. cast parties. 111111.08 L. LINTZ Cliris 7Ill'i1l'Ii 1,2,I1g Volleylwall 1.21 Spring Play 51, 11111111 I,2.f1. Looking I111ck: 17ouIwle tlating. parties. 11eitl1, Loren. lyancl. Victoria. K11. goofl times. Sue, 1117. the carl 1IlLfl.Ul'Will'4l- Track. Cotl loves IIS all. 1:11 NI. LINXYICK NI.-1'1'1'111C1X' 1iI1IC 51.11115 Matt Swinnning 1.2.31 Kniglitlitc Stall' 21 Musical 1.2L Cymnastics I. 11oy11lty S13 Ilomecoming 2.51. Looking Clioir 1.23 Ifollies 1.2.3. Looking 15.14-kg Nwsliing, 171 S I1a1ck: 5-I-1-77 Arcl1ies'. 1Visconsin. I7ame I7ays. C: California girls, mural. strawberry letters. '51rien1ls." NIM "Times we never can nor sliall erase . . NIIC11.-XICI, STEPIIIEN I.I'I'TLE Ilcrm Track 2.3, Looking Back: 11ey I-Icrin someone is call- ing for you way clown the l1aIl. 7711101015 tlie perm? I7on't even think almont it. LIN17.-X 51.111112 L1'I'TLE'1'ON Peanut 11kl1liI1'S17il1I11llI7. tolos, green N161NI's. 12-I0-76. .Kn- 1t11's P11's. 1111111 TK. 5111. I1L. anml Natalie. Tlianks Niom. Torrey. 511111K 11. LLOYI7 Cross Country 2, Tennis l,2.!1. Looking Back: Tennis. skiing. Mr. Lls. Art's lung, 17ennis's Imircl. Creg. 11111 Fig. Parties CY Crusin'. Living 61 Loving. A 7110111111 ot' Ifriencls. TI IOM.-XS Ii. LOCKNVOO17 Sclilock 11asketIJall I.2.3,'1'1-111-k 1. Looking I1ack: I1oop. ankle, victorv stogles. Jarties. 151, Chelan state park. 7111117115 clogs. gootl times. 1Vceclle SI1. KL, "Pick", anal others. SIIIQLLY .NNN LONG Looking l111ck: Special people who taught ine love, life. knowlealgc. Mom. 17111. Mr. Paterson. LII, II". K11. S111 Imeautiful .-Xinyg At last. Iiric. NIICII.-1111. F11E17111CKLVCHINO Clieez 11oyaIty 511 K11igl1tli1eStaf12g Musical 2,51g Spring 1,1111 I. Sr. Class Vice-President. Ctllllli Counselor 1.2,S1. Looking I111ck: Alar, Foos, l1zt 11. Staulis, Carol, Tolo. Ilank. Pen. C Man. 11 Nosen. parties, Ilawaii, Paul, jen, Snowlmircl. Ilorse-pig. camp hysterics, . . .Katl1ie. CAI101.1.1'IE 11. LUI7XV1C Looking I1ack: Cootl times. good friends. MK, KC, People are not planets revolving around yon. Make yonrself conifortalmle. It's Rl long way. 11IC11A1117 KISITII LUND11E11C Lolmerg I111sket1JalI 1.2.31 Track 1,21 11111141 1.2.3. Stage I1ancl I. Looking Back: Friends. Scott. 11-Ball 22. coaclies Drake, Klurphy, NIonty's Math Class, Z-Man Sonny. Victoria, eyes. soccer. hooping, family, always look- .'winnning. state. I1ill's. Targliee. 'I,I'1ll1lll7Il. creek. slnifilc. lwlne meanie. P1111N1K. 111'II1'1'l'. K1VI7S. It wishes were liorses lmeggars wonltl ricle. vl17.1NNI'1 M,-XC.-Xl'l..'XY Ilo Tennis 1.2: Track 2.51: IlON'llL'I'I7ll1'I- l.2.f1: Ilonie- coining Chairperson, Camelot Calnnet 2g Camelot Vice-Presimlent 51g Cam 5 Counselor I1. Looking I111ck: C17 rowclys. Lucky c111ill'lIlS. NIICSC. XVAIIC. 151 clowns. set IIlCI.l'l'4.'.1lIl1'11U, NC at C. Float on. langli attacks. Co1111ie. Kirsten, NILYT, games. Snowlmirrl, Sinn '77, CLICNN T. NI.-111,171.31 Male s Soccer 1.2. Looking I111ck: Ifriclay niglit lootlmall games. kegs. I1ento11 loop. Ilerslmey kickecl ont, soccer 21, 11111 I1al I1ot roclcling. SLSAX PICCCY NI.-XLCOLNI S-n-c-y I,1JXY41CI'71lIlI1 l.2.f1g Accolacle Statl' S13 171'1C.'1 2.51, Carn- elot C1ll11net 511 Camp Counselor S11 Ilomccoming 1.2.3. Looking Back: Snnnner '77, 11111801-A1111 cliisin. Iilack vans. Cl'1lS1l1 5111 111111 wall. 11181111 "Lorraine clock" Special Irientls an1l lIllI-01'gl'1I1t17l1' memories. Hike. I71'iNNIS 1.-XNIICS NI.-1I1SII Animal Cross County 2, Looking I111ck: Kegs at .'X6zI1's. lioys state cross conntrv. new lmeginnings. rookie plioto. Nlercer Islancl I1ri1lge. friencls L.-X. SI1. NIL. AI1, MN, always remcinlwer lan. N1.'X11Al.-K A. M.-XI1SII.NI,I, Marj Tennis 1.2.33 17rill Team 2.51. Looking I1ack: 75-76 Se- niors, 1Yilson Fero, 11-clavs. tlie gang. Tolos, xvilll. NIac's competition. 11831, Special 1'riencls-Pam, 11111, Terri. Itls Imeen real1 KI11STI .NNN M.-YI'1'I11.'1S Kris NVl1itey, scliemesg close lmut no lmananasi Flingo. Coli- seum. "Your Move." 17o tliisl Live learn. Clit, C1111 Porking. jogging. Horoscopes. Incretlilmlel K11.-1162.-KIAN NIC C.-XXX "l1n" I1asketI111lI I.2.51g Colt' 2.51. Looking l1aek: lnncli, Smitty. Fletch, "1 saw tl1e whole thing," 411-I'1'roy. Slielly, eatin' Jancakes. footlmall games, -Io, Sain, Carin, 151. NVQIHKIO, SI1, jannninl 37 QQ... i X hx! rl Scott Kathy Murilee Karen loanne Rohert McKinney McKowu McLean Meehan Melcher M essncr 2 1 'ii l bn- sx . he ' A: john Susan Susan Christopher Kathryn Robe rt Miller Miller Miller Misenar Miskimcn Miyutakc 1 5- s 5 , 1 x rl' X Elizabeth Daniel Karen M izcrku Moncla Montague ty, z I t r he X141 K , , f r 1 r . - i Denise David Bert Morrison Motsenhoclccr Mount . 1 N . nn-A '-fs., TWH? Q, 'I 38 if it , . , ll , 2 ' S 3 Mike Suzanne Lori Nancy Eric Murphy Musil Neheker Nellist Nclgon Michael Nelson 'l Lynn Madeleine Spencer Cindy Nenberger Neves Newton 1 Neyhart r w lx 4, Q , 1 . X .L .f- Chris john David Cynthia Nickolas Nigro Nishet Ohlsen Douglas Cyndy Carolyn Oldenburg Olsen Olson -... Daniel Jody Marilyn Olson Olson Ot ter i f Z Barry Kip Chuck Kim Owen Owens Parks Parshall Art is a Working sense Independence: self-governing, free from the influence, guidance or control of oth- ers, self-reliant. These were some of the possibilities in the atmosphere of Art Stu- dio this year. To create independence in a working sense. To be creative in one or more of the classes offered. The four different areas were: photogra- phy, jewelry, pottery and drawing and painting. They were taught by Mr. Greg Coy, Mr. John Grove and Mr. Ron Ho. When Mr. Coy was asked his feelings about Art Studio he said, "Art Studio is a contract course allowing for a great deal of freedom in doing creative work while also requiring personal motivation and respon- sibility. It can be a real fun class for those that can handle it." l. Art Studio Students express their creativity. 39 ' x X NX1 X 1 K l t I 1 I P A l Stephen Patti julie Andrea Karen Thomas Panstain Pawlink Pearl Pellegram Peters Peters Kathie Michael Hugh Kimberley Timothy Lance Pickering Piha Poling Poppe Prasil Priest X N f K l . l P Lynette Ronald Stephen Melanie Steven Deborah Prinzi ng Pnetz Raatz Rader Rands Rann Benjamin Sandra Patricia Ladonna Reali Redshaw Reebs Reed Carolyn Bruce james Linda Regan Richards Richardson Riffey .1 e Catherine Roselynn Rine Roberts . Y Q Tim Te rrie Rogan Rogers A 2 - , Q' 0 . Sonja Kathy Gregory Laurie Rudholm Rudolph Ruiz Rum pakis Katherine Kaye Mark Russell Rutledge Ryan Rondi Kristian Annette Sacha Sandst rom Sax Survival of the sexes Everyone needed to know the hasic skills for day-to-day survival, and that is what the Home Ec. classes taught. There were many classes in which the students were able to participate like Apartment Living, Interior Design, Basic Home Ec. I, Ad- vanced Foods, Clothing, Consumer Ed. and Exploring Childhood. Ms. Kathy Montgomery, a part time Home Ec. teacher commented, "Survival of the sexes would be an appropriate title for the classes which are planned with the young- adult in mind, away from home for the first time and needing to know all those things Mom and Dad never explained. The guys are just as much involved in the program as the girls, with a great deal to offer each classf, l. Ms. Kathy Montgomery, listens with at smile to at cooking demonstration. 2. Ms. Iaclin Woodcook, passes out the next assign- ment to her Home Ec. students. 41 PATRICK T. MC CARTI IY Fuzz Ilasketliall I.2.!3. M'ater Polo I.2.fIg DECA 2. Laurel Cuard. Looking Ilaek: launita warin-up. hoop. slain dunks. sweet Polo. 2nd state. Canada. Central. Mae's Cv Nie. Pool. Puinpkins. fever? Dreani Lake? Murph, speeial friends. SI'SAN L. MC CLEARY Susie Looking llaek: Creat parties. good tiines at Lake Sa- inannnish. seaside. and Ilawaii 'TT. My elose friend Rohin and inost all Dale. CYNTIIIA LEE MC CRAY CeeCee Musieal S33 Spring Play II. Choir l.2.I3. Looking Rack: Newport singers fl. Follies. groups with julie. Mary. Minnie. Late nights with PSFR. Tues or Thurs "it's a wheezyf' -linnny Chuff. PATRICK TIMOTIIY MC COXVAN Maeadoo Raseliall l.2.3g Footliall Ig Cauip Counselor 3. Look- ing Iiaek: RY lv 'Lnin'. Proardin. skiing. Ilengs. Nigs. 'Tnnes'. Mese. "O's", KS. TA. PK, Fish lips. San Diego-Ilelhw, Rye llarhi. PIIILIP NICIIOLAS MC KEE Phil Cross Country l.2.J3g Traek l.2.fI, Looking Pmaek: Dreains to eateh. shoes to fill. Megan. Ilad soine good tinies TA. PK. NORMA MC KINNEY Norin Powderpuff Il. Iloineeoining I.2.fIg Camelot Secretary . 1 Cainp Counselor 23. Leadership Camp 53. Looking llaek: ehains. Elwa TT. leadership eanip. Chris. halls 2.20 AM. eolnsiel IIurfey's. eoneerts. Sounders. Tor- ehes. tickets. eluteh iul Special Friends Cale. Fran. Sandy. Nery. SCOTT EDNVIN MC KINNEY Mae DECA 53, Looking Rack: Cruising the loop, Cetting Lueky. Cetting Unlueky. Football. Friday. Cars. Ski- ing. SOCCER! Iliking. Short Sunnners. Learning. Rt.. KI. SPI. LA. CIIRISTENE KATIILEEN MC KNOXYNKathy, Mac New mort Singers 2.fIg Musieal 1.2.33 Chorus l.2.3g Ilantl I.2,Zl. Looking Rack: Baud. Victoria. Singing, Musieals. Sundays. Chapter IY-NYe're On Our M'ay. Fantastic Friends. M'ho inean so inueh. Yeahl Fain- ily. . . .Tiin. MARILEE MC LEAN Siniley. M'hirIee Musieal lg Sr. Class Float Chairman. Camelot Cahi- net I.2. Choir l. Looking Ilaek: Mask. Stonehenge. Crushes. Concerts. Cay hoys and girls. Tolo. Sarah. Sinile. Parking. Movies. Drives. Deli, IIYC., Ilallow- een. California Dreaining. Parents. .IOANNE ELIZARETII MELCIIER Yo. Masuniiis friend, Iloineeoining 2.3. Looking Raek: Canada. Sounders. I-'IT The Creat Runeh of Raisins. PKI Island. 'iFleet- wood Mae". Aren't I taking this Clint and Peter thing well. ROBERT P. MESSNER Roh Footliall 1.2.33 Track I. Looking Back: "IIeeIs out. heels out". "Die grosse Nasieinn. "We'Il see ya .. . tomorrow". "IIey Kid". Rods CS, L'S. MICIIAEL IONATIIAN CESS Newport Singers 3. Coneert Choir 53. Looking Rack: M'eight lifting. LR, Choir Rooni. Ilaving a good time. KFC. Traek, Madison II.S.: Chatham. Israel. Ceriuan. Causing Ilavoe. Trig, Ren Israeli Arniy. Elvis. SUSAN MARIE MILLER Sue Swinnning I. Looking Rack: Swiunning Meniories and Cood tinies. Franiton Coneerts. Parties. Dane- ingl Macs. Exeelleutl Speeial Friends. Rondi. Denise. Ky. Staey. STH". Good Rye. ELIZARETII IEAN MIZERKA Bette. Zirk. "R" Looking Raek: Special friends and tinies, SR. ES. CR. Makin everlasting IIICIIIOYICS. Long talks. Sunnner 'TSI Looking forward to the future. DANIEL ROBERT MONDA Musical 2: Spring Play I.2. Looking Rack: Sieeial Friends. "Our Cangn. CS. KM, IL, RZ. Play reliears- als. DF. "Rionies". Christnias IFJTG. KA, "Moin": Fainily. KS. RII. LII. ROBERT MIYATAKE Roh Cyinnasties Freslnnang Captain Ig Laurel Cuardg R.O.C.g NASB-Secretary. KAREN DIANE MONTACUE "Montx"' Camelot Offieer Sunshine. Looking Rack: CALIF MEMORIES, PRP. Young Life. Malihu. M'ashowitz, Senior Ilall. "Sunshine" eonnnittee. Sunnner 'TT al- ways. Diane. Creat Friends and nieniories forever! DENISE MARIE MORRISON Morinski. Denny Looking Rack: Friends. Memories. Carnes. Parties, Tolo. Mae's. Lunch gang, Kegnappers, LP. DA. KD. Rig "R", The girls. Deuiekiis. Delmlvie, BEEN FUN! BERT MOl'NT Looking Raek: Cood tinies and good people. Looking Forward: more of the saine. SIYANNE YYONNE Ml'SII. Sunil Concert Band l.2.5l.4g Marehing Rand l.2: Orchestra 3.4: Musieal Orchestra 53.-I. Looking Raek: Crissoin: Band trips- Six hags. Pina Ilut. Freueh. Iluiuan "Fizz". Cary. Mike K.. Newport: Rand-Yietoria. I Physics. Isyehology. Coing to Bellevue. LORI CAYE NEREKER Neh. Nehhei IIOIIIVCOIIIIIILC Connnittee 3. Deliate 2. Looking Ilaekz It's heen real t'T'I'C. -lody. The pits. CO.PS.MS.KK.I.Z. Cronk running and the dot-ks. Sunshine. Laughter. rain. tears. I niade itl NANCY LEE NELLIST Nant Powderpuff l.2.3: Sr, Ilall Chairinang Canip Coun- selor 23. Looking Rack: Rig Fiyel. Laura. T-upin. C. snaps. Cu's eondo. Mae's, R-days. CC. AC. Sunnnei 'TT. Seniors 'TT. Canip PII. Speeial ineinories with Arnie. ERIC TAYLOR NELSON Eye v Swinnning Ig Deliate I.2.Il. Cainp Counselor l.LifI Looking Raek: LA 'TT. Footliall gains-s. The Cutless. SKIINCI "Not now. I've got a headache." NIKE. Mae's Ilaving fun?l Math parties. YINCYANC. MICIIAEL NV. NELSON Footliall 1.33 DECA SI. Looking Rack: lYorking at the hig A. The Nowhere. Friday and Sat. nights. The hird. M'aterinelon and straws. Cood friends. good tiines. LYNN CAROL NEl7I5ERCER Lady loyt Follies 2. Looking Rack: M'hidhy Island. Spokane. Outrageous tiines-friends that inake them happen. Cortina Love, Red Roses. Iolo s. IONY. Moin. Dad. j'n'K: COODBYE. MADELEINE NEYES Twerp. Maddog. Cookers Looking Raek: Ilard tiines and good tunes of growing up, Frieudsliips. MR. and KP. A speeial friendvStig. SPENCER D. NENVTON Rig Fig. Newt 7 Looking Raek: SKIINCI l.2.fI: Iustrueting 2.3. IHO- Duster. M'ild. i'Douglinuts" in the parking lot. Tick- ets. Friends. Ilaving fun. Causing trouhle. visiting Prin. Seott. grades? NVelI. nohody's perfeet, College? HELP!!! ' ' -IOIIN NICRO Nigs. lllllitll Megan Sutton Barry Owen Tanya Johnson 42 Cathy Sims Scott Cohurn Roh Mace 5 7 A if ..' F' I f Nicki Sutich Brian Sims and Cyndy Olsen Fran Baumgartner Basehall 1.2.3. Baskethall 1. Looking Back: MESC, Lightening, Calif. 1.23, EC-190. Crnisin' Under the PT Pass. runs Bird 1,11 Vette? Colts. mask. good times with DEB. CYNTIIIA ELAINE OIILSEN Cvndi, S-D Musical 2. Spring Play 1. Dehate 2,31 Band l,:?.,J3. Looking Back: Thanx Mom, Dad! Bahyface Murphy, You're great! Paterson. Equal time? Friend Sandy. Rememlier Loyla jon? Eric. 'Twas fun !!! Dehate friends. CAROLYN ANN OLSON Powdeipuff 53, Musical 531 Camelot Cahinet 2,31 Camp Counselor 531 Band 1.2,S3. Looking Back: Mr. Creen and Bolivia. Victoria, Malihu, BZT. Hyak, Criz., Rogan, Creer. MS. BB, CZ, LF. Schmitz, CL, KM, Brad, Carl. CYN'l'Il1A KAY OLSEN Cyndy. Oly Accolatle Staff 2.3. Looking Back: "The Sky's the Limit!" Crazy friends, crazy times. Lunches. parties. Banana. KP.1K 61 DQ. Senor tk jack. Thanks Mom and Dad. Patty. I'm readv! DANIEL Tl IOMAS OLSON Dan Looking Back: Cood times start. are. and always CW's excellent. Wild parties. foothall games, the loop. Best chicks, Skiing, and good C. times. JODY ANN OLSON Royalty 31 llomecoming 3. Looking Back: Memories of three great years. Many special moments, teachers, and many heautiful friends. tNeh?i. All those little things that keep me smiling. MARILYN LESLIE OTTER B.B. Cheerleader 23, Accolade Staff 3: Choir 1. Looking Back: Tolo '76, .lane 1l.M.B,D, Try-outs, Camp Supe- riors skiing, Lisa K. "in the cage," "Talks with Cindy," My friend and love, james. BARRY EARL OYVEN Barium, the 'iEarl" Aecolatle Staff 531 Musical 3: Spring Play lg Dehate 2,31 Band 1. Looking Back: Mr. L's classes. Dancing in Flipped, Dehate is Creat, my friends and the teachers that made learning fun. ALL RICIIT! ALICE CLAIRE PALMER Aliass, .Allass Swimming 1, Musical 21 Spring Play 11 Choir 253. Looking Back: Tolo, El. Frampton. Balxys, jazz, Dance, Snowhird, Cheers, to cap Uzard, Tink, Wee- howl, Blum, Rump, Barrfy. Scannell. Eyinan .... Ilow Cinchy. CIIARLES E. PARKS Porks, Chunk. Chnckles Soccer 1.2.3. Looking Back: Kegs. Boot hoardin. Rally, Fitss. YVhat's going on? Friends that are and aren't. Everyone. jR. KIMBERLY ANNE PARSHALL Kym, Apathv Soccer 31 Powderpuff 2, DECA 2.3, Laurel Cnard. Looking Back: Senior Ball, Summer spot lights. Cee Lee. Susan elite. Friend, Mac's Smut in the halls, Do- nuts and moments with Randy Reality. STEPIIAN FRANCIS PAUSTAIN Pause-Clyde Basketball 2.3, Track 1.3. Looking Back: Roh Dylan. M. Caye, ND-SC, Pizza-n-Brew, Bunker, YValt, Fra- zier. Coach Creen. Must. Tammy. PATTY GAYLE PAYVLIUK Powder muff 1.2.3, Cheerleader 2g NASB Rep 2,31 Sr. Class Float Chairperson 3. Looking Back: Unik slum- lmer. Cil -15. CFFDS rowdys. !1!18!T6, LK Sam. Tolo 23. Mesc float. on-R. YVAIIC, Roiller, Yak 151. Vodeo. LZSzS. Char's Angel's, TED, Claak. JULIE LYNN PEARL "The Cenin, jules Looking Back: DCLT6, 77. BBYO. IZTC. Kallah, IC. RCI, TT Tolos. Vancouver, Marcy. Lindsay. julies, AZA's. Hawaii. "Nu1T said", my family. ANDREA ANN PELLECRAM Pelly-Wellv Foothall l,:2,3, Looking Back: "That's really tacky", TR-T. New Years Eve. Targhec, Skis, Unicorns. Pizza. Supertramp, Terrific people like Sue, jeanne, And Rondi. KAREN LYNN PETERS Looking Back: Reach for the stars! Falling down 15: getting tip again. Old and new friends. My special sunshine, KC. Thankx Mom and Dad. KATHIE ANNE PICKERINC Pick Foothall manager 2: Powderpnff 2.3. Looking Back: Florida, XVlio, "Red", Parties, 151, Mesc, Tfisen, Tar- gee, Snowhird, Mike, Tolo. LP. TLIV, TIIIATP, Oth- ers. "Ted", True friendship Sandy, Kristy. MICIIAEL LEON PIIIA "XVoody". "P" Foothall 1.2.3, Track 3, Looking Back: Friday night "hattles", Ilomecomin f 762 Mustang, Cahin. Long- acres-Country Cad. Charlies. Gambling, V-Duh? HM". "T", "RUB", Most of all heing close to someone special, Cheryl. KIMBERELEY VAUCIIN POPPE Kim Powderpuff lg Accolade Staff 3. Looking Back: Memories: good times. Bad times. Skiing. Tolo. Se- nior Ball, llomecoming. All shared with someone very special. Tohy. 11!:ZT!TIi, TIMOTIIYDIOIIN PRASIL Pen, Pretzel Coll 2,31 Musical 531 Spring Play 2,31 Sr. Class 'l'rea- surer: Camp Counselor 13, Band l,2.3. Looking Back: BZT II C-man, Cheese. Nip, Mister. Brown-nosin. Doggin, Foos, B-Fohh. Condo tape, K-friend, PDF, Victoria, Tolo's. Kathy. I knew this kid once . . . LYNETTE K. PRINZINC "Prinz". "Side-kick" Looking Back: 1t's a hoy. 3-28-TT, 151, Squirt. Mat-'s. Parties, Busted, Freehug, Oregon. 12-28-TIS, Van El- linshurg. Thanks Mom. I wanta he free. STEP1 IEN KARL RAATZ Steve Musical 1.2.31 Chorus 1.2531 Follies 2,31 Looking Back: Rehearsals, NP Singers, Skiing, MV Fair Lady, All City Choirs!Orch.. Friends. More rehearsals, Mr. Il., Mr. C. and more, Cood times. SF. Free in Christ. STEVEN RICIIARD RANDS Ruli. Zonk, Steeh Foothall 1.2.3, Track 2,31 Spring Play 2.53, Stage Banrl 2.53. Looking Back: Cood memories, Friday night "sticks", State meets, The weight room, The halls. My teammates, Teachers, Coaches, Friends 1'll never lose. DEBORAII SUSAN RANN Dehhie, De-eh Looking Back: Friends. Carnes, Tolo. Mac's lunch hunch DA, LP, KD, Big "R", Kegnappers. Denicki's, KVP experience. DM, Memories. DMM, CB's, NA's, Alright! PATRICIA ANN REEBS Tricia, Trixie Swimming l,2,-lg Soph. Class treasurer: jr. Class trea- surer. Looking Back: Many identities, Patty, jo's mv fave, I'll get hy. Amigos, Memories, Batman, Whatfs your prohlem? Thanks for understanding, Off We Co! SANDRA LEE REDSIIAXV Sandy, Red Powderpuff 2.3, Royalty 3, Camp Counselor 3, Fool- hall manager 2, Stuco Representative l,2,3. Looking Back: Florida, T6Srs. Parties. 151. Mesc, RDW, A it 20-I. OMCILO, SBTT, Unick, TED, Float-ou, AVedtfle TL. Lasting friends KLGIKP, and others . . . CAROLYN ANN RECAN Dehate 2. Looking Back: Fun times: TP, Shane, lt's snowing! Skiing, Driving. Duck! Bamalam, Beach Boys, Bio, Especially great friends-Kathv, Sarah, 43 A Dennis Todd Cheryl Kathy Schenck Schlosser Schmidt Schmitz Schooler MJ Karen Marcia Mary Ann Terrance Cameron Scofield Scott Scott Scott William Shaffer Sekor rr V -s. Marliss Shorctt Q-1 Alcta Sillmugh Sandra Brian Cathy Simpkins Sims Sims Lynda Debra Denise Sjolie Smith Smith .Q K- it Q N cry Sison Douglas Smith Enid Steven Connie Smith Smith Solowoniuk Todd Dana Dodie Stampfler Sterling Stevenson Camilla Kimberlee Nicolette Megan Stoneback Sunderland Sutich Sutton ,.-w W N thi' K,-Qs. is I. t . ..,,.y,g Q., .2 f . 2 X . s ,V ' f ' A' r, Sandra Sharon ' I 'l5"""l' Swan S m ds :.. '-,- , , . :,:,:,l,.A..,- 1 y OII . -1 Ig ' 1 i ' "fi-'sj',n7f,, rs. ff gl F :"f" Lg4i' 2L,L.'ff -'75 ijfiiii. -2".', .. Q ,' 'CW .7 413. up U.- ' , .,r, QL tw, .going . , D7 . if .WZ -ri!! ' 1 -'ni' Jw '15-74 is-.J L w . ,-1-jr . tif!-. :if,7"i: Q 2 T ' iciwiif .fzrrliz -1- -. i ' '2:'.-ply rpm- ,. 5-2' 12 A-. z .-L".'1 - .- ,--'29, ft 'fa' ' glijvhfll 1215.53 11 -xl :Q-ff":fz.' -gf-31: -, 1... ,K.,rp:,.,' .r .5 .113 ' -If '.-psig:-t. ga:-V' - '55 'glfgggiflff ia- K af- fjziriifitfi - - i 'fi ' "f:75i!5' -4 1 gray.: , I ,V A.,.,,g,.. - '..:,.,,r - '- . - , , l'i31Z37V ' V ' 1 f sf 1942-A I! r ,P-2' ' N -8 , L . h V kg." ' w ""'-f Helen Cary Taft Taller Credits earned for Working Did you know that you could earn credits for making money? Cooperative Office Education, Distributive Education and Di- versified Occupations are the three classes in which credits are given to students for working in jobs related to these classes. Cooperative Office Education, commonly known as Co-op, is a class in which the stu- dents were holding business and office jobs. Distributive Education deals with sales and merchandising. The students' johs were in that field. Diversified Occupations, as the name sug- gests, is the class with the widest range of occupations. The students' jobs ranged from Veterinarian Assistant to working in manufacturing plants. The goals of all three classes were inter- viewing, acquiring jobs, advancement and up-grading of skills on the job. Most impor- tantly, the students learned to develop good human relations for current and fu- ture jobs. Mr. Allen Dormaier, department head, was pleased with the program. According to him, "Continued success of our work-expc- rience program has heen rewarding. Close to l00'Xi of the students have had an oppor- timity to be employed in the husiness com- munity." 1. Mr. Bob Lavery teaches accounting in his Dis- tributive Education class. 2. Mr. Allen Donnaier talks to his Co-op Office class about the proper dress for a job interview. 3. Ms. Nadine Engh grades some hasic math skills tests from her Diversified Occupations class. 45 Leon Scott Stacy Jeanne Jeff Cordon Tao Taylor Taylor Thompson Thompson Thorpe X X :X Richard Brian Julie Jennifer Tom Towey Turner Vadino N S -44, J, S wr J .. x 'g K wx ' 1 x. J f fd John Judson Van Valkenburg Virdcn Kelly Suzanne Steven Kim Von Der Linn Waiss Walker Wallace Edith Scott Paula Weerth Wertman Wertman Robert Rebecca Lori Westover Wheless White 46 I Lori Karen Wallace Waterbury T . . 1 .K V ui Q V . s E 2 ' f 5 IV . , W U V1 I - Q 25? ' i l 'WFS ' - ' ' . '11Y n Stephcn Lesley Colleen Colleen Whitney Whitworth Wilhelm Wilkins ff! Kathleen Mary Michael Robert Williamson Wim mer Woerner Wright s- X .4 Duane Randi Lorraine Scott Yirka Zink Eason Gulick , X X Ag . Anderson, Dustin Olson V Avent Scott Record 'fi b jay Richardson Mark Rumpakis BlSCh Robert Russell Melissa Sanders almstein Donald Simmons , 4 Edyveriatgkck I f 2 R Bush Patrick Story . Butts Siillens' - Cynthia Carter T Pericles Krallis ' . 5 Tomalik Robert Dalton v r Krzyzewski Timothy Davies X Christopher Kuensser Unzelman Russell Dickenson . feter Kunzler Waller Steven Ekerson K ' I Suzanne Lack' ti-23' Watanabe Mary ann Lamb McCarthy Wesley K A change of pace Experience is the best teacher. That was the idea behind the vocational classes of- fered to the Bellevue students. Many dif- ferent programs were offered, ranging from Nursing to Horticulture. Students traveled each morning to the school Where their class was taught. The schools split up the courses evenly. Newport's part of the program was Voca- tional Carpentry, taught by Mr. Richard Robinson. The program gave the students a chance to do the work involved in building a small house, which they sold. They did all the work, including the plumbing and wiring. The students really enjoyed the class, be- cause they felt they had really accom- plished something. Senior Gary Taller stated "I like it because I learned a skill without having to read a book." VVhat they have learned here at Newport and the other schools, will help them later on in life. The vocational programs are a different form of teaching that helps pre- pare students for life after high school. 1. Mr. Richard Robinson, takes time out from a hard day's work with his Vocational Carpentry Class. 2. This is mly the beginning. 47 Linda, Pam, BBUCE N. RICIIARDS Soccer 2.53, Looking Back: Yirk, Wert, Pum Jkining. Pl. Soccer. Pool. Cumby, Accounting with Scott, Doug and Schafe, Problem? Bud Bennett. KD. l2!4! l l. CA'l'lllCltINli T. BiNIC Bob. Cath Looking Back: Star Wars. Fred Ilardy. Future dreams. Bugsy and Cod, Starvation. 400 beanies with chinstraps, gingerbi'ead houses and kisses. Softball I,2.3. KATIIT ANN IIUDOLPII Fred Camelot Cabinet 2.531 Chorus l,2,f3. Looking Back: Pitby-Apples, Tolols. SB 'TTL Lunch-Group, NVas- kowitx young life. Thanks KM! Porkin Football games. KS. CS, IS. AVL-'ve only just begun . . . TIM S. BOCAN Bogs. Cinlee Looking Back: C-45. Mesc, Lighting. Pass condo, Criese fever. Calif. l,2,3. Mask. Crusing under the PT. Tubing, Pumpkins. Nugent, 190. 'l'lCBltlli MAIIIA IIOCEIIS Basketball l.2g Volleyball I,2.3, Badminton l,2,I3. Looking Back: Sue, CII. DM. SA, DS, IL. KM, Tar- ghee 1.2.3. Lake IIills. finding yourself. Plants. Spe- cial thanks to Dave for his love and support. CIIEC BUIZ Looking Back: Crossmont, M'agon's, Spitfire's. Cam- aio's.'Debbie. Ileart. Cindy, Steve Miller, joy, Beach Boys. Parties. Lupe, Sannnish. Tracee, Fall City, Sue, Dance. LAURIE ANN BUMPAKIS Looking Back: Concerts! Is this just fantasy? I'm over my head but it sure feels niee, September 25. 1976- Dan. tou'ours. Chuff. KATlIICliINlC RUSSELL Looking Back: Mary S. Colleen, Linda Z.. OZ, Mimi. Crove, Targhee 2,3, "The Dinner Party". Best at being' bad. So many men- so little time. MAIIK S. RYAN Cross Country 3: Track 2.3. Looking Back: XNIIAYBCIfIKSUPEIITTUBYUACALIFBACILE- CIAltTtJRBISTICKYZFUCITRACKICXPEA LA DOS- ISIISSAMESCIKPIIESSTKCNVAYDAMOM END. W' Dave Hostenske Pam Crimm 48 BONDI ELISE SACIIA Bondns. Bondini Chorus l,2,3. Looking Back: Targhee. California. KIIIOII' Tour. Ski-School, BEATLES. Yesterday. Memories, Pizza, Chump, Thanks to special friends: CTV, DD, SM. Bobin Andrea. MELISSA SANDERS Looking Back: Thinking it would never happen, Spe- eial friends and ever lasting memories, LZ DS. A mir- acle come true, Cregory. KRISTIAN O. SANDSTBOM Kris Football 53. Looking Back: California. CiSzM's. Crusin Mustangs, Big wheeling. Boarding, Fiat? Drive in concerts, 9th grade busted. tequila. Lumbo. Special friends and family, Dj, DS. SL, PM ANNETTE MAY SAN Badminton l,2,I3. Looking Back: Lockerbie's lectures: Broken lockers, Excuse mel, Ameri gout. Bumpy rides to Interlake: Mostly my friend. Sue! PAT E. SCHENCK Pete. Patty Looking Back: Cyndy O. "The Sky's the Limit ' Charles. Banana. Nebs. IO. Bev, NVick!NVake up Ol- sen, 4!2!T5 PS "I love you" Kalydaseope. All my love, Curt Ilines. DENNIS FRANCIS SCIILOSSICB Sloosh Football I,2.3g YVrestling l.2.3, Powderpnff Coach l,3. Looking Back: M'restling, Foothills 61 Diets, Bowdy times KS 6: DI. Fights. Little Sister. Letters St. Christopher friend, Summer 'iT5". Thank you my friends: Dj, KS, CB, LD, and "Bounds". TODD IEFFEBY SCIIMIDT Uncle Zed Looking Back: All the lunatics that made Newport a little easier to swallow. Coach Wrinkles, Mr. IIayes's lectures. Bamev's Molecules. AXV, KL. CHEBYL ANNE SCI IMITZ Cheryl -'22 Looking Back: La, 3' l. Park-outs, Skiing Parties. BB Farm. Thanks to special friends. MS. SS, CL. SZ, LF, BB. CO. Too manv good times to forgetl KATIIBYN SUE SCIIOOLEB Kathv. Kath Debate 2: Camelot Cabinet 2.31 Band l,2.3. Looking Back: Victoria 61 the drunk, Cougar Mt., CII. DB, DB. MB, Mar, Carv. Forever an OKIEl Looking ahead for bigger and better times! Kathy Mc Kown Lisa Sanders MABC IY ANNE SCOTT Matt. Farklc Looking Back: IITTC. Ilome-coming. The Pits Cang. good times. good friends. trouble we get into. Thanks Kathy. for being there. MABYANN SCOTT Looking Back: Kate B.. Colleen XY. Linda Z. Bemem- bering Michigan. The very best at being bad. BEST. BBICIITEST. BBAVICST. So many men-so little time, CAMERON M. SEKOB Camie Looking Back: To the person who picked me up when I was down. jim P. thanks. Cood luck: like. Scott. Mike. Chris. ' -IOI IN SEVEIISON Football lg NVrestling l. Looking Back: l finally made it. Parties. Cood times on the slopes. Pt Iluron, Mich. Ocean City State Park. Summer of '77, XVILLIAM B. SIIAFFEB Shaft' Baseball I, Track 53. Looking Back: Lunch times. NVeekends. Parties. Cruisin, Burnt Friends, the con- certs. radiators. Bobert. Later Newport. PAMELA ANN SIIETLEB Pam Powdeipuff 3: Drill Team 33. Looking Back: Ocean Shores. Tolos. Summers in Bellingham. Tutoring. Pizza Parties, TP-ing. Special Friends: Kathy. Car- olyn. Sarah, Mike, Randy. This ones for von. CONNIIC YYONNIC SIIIBLICY ' Choir 1.2.3. Looking Back: Square Dancing. Miyat- ake M'eekends. Cood Times and Bad Concerts. Tolos. Senior Balls 1673. Pj. Friends KB, KM. Neve Only just Begun, MABLISS KATI IBYN Sl lOltl'I'l'T Mar Cymnastics 21 Powderpuff 53, Camelot Cabinet 2.33. Looking Back: Skiing. Tolos. Fashion Shows. Thanks to all my special friends. Cheyrl Il ck 22. Denise. Carolyn. Cindy. Kathy. Lynn and Bingo. SANDRA LEE SIMPKINS Stanley, Pygmy Basketball 3, Tennis l,2.3g Soccer l,2.3g Poyvderpuff 53. Looking Back: BOMBEBS. Vegas, Bose 26. Dis- trict? Cracie . .. XVimbledon? Bball? lad, Tans, Ilarsh, Kim, jo. Lo. Keel. Ceorge, Leeanne. "Kid", Babs. Kaye. Creat Kid! jeff Franko , fn- Stig Johansen Joe Yazzolino BRIAN D. SIMS Flash Accolade Staff 1,2,3, Knightlife Staff 2. Looking Back: After all the things I learned in High SchotR it's a wonder I can thirlk at all. I made it!!! CATHY L. SIMS Slims DECA 3. Looking Back: The friends, time and knowl- edge. Especially two who have touched me deeply ant grown close together, Edith and forever Jay. NERY C. SISON Ner, Twirp Badminton l,2, Drill Team 2,3, Camp Counselor 3, Laurel Guard. Looking Back: ifl, DT, stornpin, Kent, cutie- ries or succulent thots, Don, who? Love 61 friends, aglsahshamasmkap, memories, anticipation 9 DEBRA K. SMITH Looking Back: Senior Ball '77, Tolo '77. The monster STILL Lives! Beach Boys, Magmrn Force, Karus Groupies California Dreaming. Friends... Say What? DENISE MARIE SMITH Denny, Neicer DECA 3, Camelot Cabinet. Looking Back: Special people, Special memories, Much love to Rob, Kathy, Jackie and Mar, CG, DH, HT, and my special guy Dan. DOUGLAS EDWARD SMITH Doog Golf 2, Track 3, Spring Play 3, NASB Parlia- mentarian, Debate I,L.,3, Science Seminar 3, Laurel Guard. Looking Back: Special friends-Jeff, Lynn, Scott, Gus, "Crip" Mr. Green Harn, French Dinners, Tonilio Accounting, Lost Elections, Robert-the best. ENID CARLIN SMITH Choir 1. Looking Back: Merrrories, SM, CR, KR, My thanks to special people, future expectations, I'm moving on. Au Revoir! STEVEN SCOTI' SMITH Track 2, Musical 1. Looking Back: Trying to fit in. My Fair Lady and srnallness. Music: Guitar 61 Piano. Snowbird? Decisions, dreams and friendsVall Spin- osa's 6 per. Baily, Cox, Goodbye. CONNIE LYNN SOLOWONIUK Little Buckaroo, Betty Powderpuff l,2,3, Royalty 3, Accolade Staff 3, NASB Back: Rep. I, Camelot Tolo Chairman. Looking UNICK, Ted, NVAHC, Cam 1 Fire, Battleship, Baby Pinto, Honre Coming, HANJAII, SENIORS, Debbie, Joanne. ROD, Iliglr Times. Thanks Mom 6: Dad. It's reen real .. . Fun!!! TODD RIC HARD STA MPFLER Cookie Face Wrestling 1, Musical 1,2, Spring Play 1,2,3, NASB Rep 2, Debate 2. Looking Back: Kim's first ear pJays, lots of old Indians ZS: drunks. John S, BiR, E, oy, Follies. DANNA LYNN STERLING Banana Accolade Staff 2. Lookin' Back: GTO, good times, good friends, Yakima, Shell, Pam. P6zJ, oly, Redondo, Renton MST, being myself . . . with every sunrise . . . DODIE STEVENSON Looking Back: Oh no, I'm having a party! NVhen all else fails, scrape it and sift 'em. Love! CAMILIA MARY STONEBACK Garnrnie Looking Back: Magnum Force, Max, NVisconsin: Ar- chies Groupies, Couples Only, NB! Would do! Cali- fomia dreaming, Senior Ball, Friends, Laughs, Rich- ard . . . Say what? KIMBERLEE SUNDERLAND Kim Camelot Cabinet 2, Cam Counselor 2,3. Looking Back: We have finally macl,e it! And with no regrets. Looking towards the future, with special thanks to all my friends. NICOLETTE S. SUTICH Pick, Bobo Badminton I, Powde uff 2,3, Drill Team 2,3, Roy- alty 2, Accolade Steiff 3, Spring Play 1,2, Luarel Guard. Looking Back: Therese, LBIV, Brad, Cabin- cuz, OTLB, Zic, Hengs Closet, "click" Allisons, Linda Zuber TED! -IBXJV, Roundabout, Bud-XVEF, Fuz, 3!I7!77, Chelan Tolohens, Heaven Knows Brian, LGB's. MEGAN LEE SUTTON Musical 1,2, Spring Play I,2, Choir 2,3, Choir Presi- dent 3, Knight Sounds 2,3, Chorus 1. Looking Back: Years of growing, singing, learning the realities of this world and falling in love with night hours. SANDRA LYNN SNVAN Sandy, San, SS Knightlife Staff 2,3, Spring Play 1, Debate 2, Camp Counselor 2,3. Looking Back: NVannapit? Sharon, Holden Village, Young Life, Greg, Cyndi, Edwin, Jeanne, Tolos.!! JV stats, Dawn, Val, ptl, Mom, Ma- ibu, Ron. 8:28. Phil. 4:4-9 SHARON ANN SYMONOS Henrietta Debate 2,3, School Musical 1,2. Looking Back: Mo- torcycle races "Hey Georgettlef' Parties, NVonderful friends, Life is never what it seems, and every man must meet his destiny. HELEN KEOUGH TAFT Keough, Mellon Cross Country 1, Track 1, DECA 3. Looking Back: The AM Crew, especially Kathy. Mike D. "NVhen I feel like an eagle my soul has no place on the ground." 'GARY BOOZE TALLER Baseball I, Basketball 1, Football I,2,3, Soccer 2,3. Looking Back: MASK, C-45, MESC, Sneakies, Tub- ing, BigWheel, Igloo, Condo, Snapper Bugs, GinLee, Nigs, . NUGENT, KISS, Pump 'ins, Lightening, Hersh-TP, Twinkie, Tolo '77. SCOTT ALAN TAYLOR Football I, Track I,2, DECA 3. Looking Back: Hav- ing a great time with friends. The Nowfhere, Home- work every ni fht, Skiing, Football games, Friday Nights. MN, RP, sw. Do. STACY TAYLOR Band 1,2,3, Choir 2,3, Knight Sounds 2,3, Musical 1,2,3. Looking Back: Chester and Arnold, H's 75, zap guns, NVorm NVoman, Moniqus, Cerebral, Bobbert, spaghetti, Brett, Gehlhaar's . . . Ling Ling Haro? J 'ANNE MARIE THOMPSON Knightlife Staff 2.3, Debate 2, Camelot Cabinet 3. Looking Back: Memories, Tolo 76-77, Sandy ll! "Cruising" Dawn, Val, Chism, ES, Interact, great friends. Yesterdays gone Looking ahead to To- morrow. Hallo'-Jochen. GORDON TH RPE Looking Back: Nugent, photography Coy's, keggers- Ze pelin, Radiators, Mur hy s, cuts, Nugent, Bus Ricfes, Driving Friday Niglfts, TED NUGENT, For- ever. JULIE TURNER Ingrid Looking Back: Backstage ELP, LKeithJ Queen, UFO, Bowie and countless others. England Punk, "Rocky Horror," Linos, CeeCee, XVendy, LM, "Sheer Heart Attack," Chuff. JENNIFER ANNE VADINO Jen, "V" Musical 1,2,3, Sprin 1 Play I,2,3, Choir l,2,3, Knight Sounds 2,3, Choir Co-president 3, Powderpuff 1,3. Looking Back: Eliza, Seahawks, Tolo '77, Werty, Uncle Evman, Basta, Mike, Meg. Lessons learned are bridges bumed-you have to cross them but once. JUD NVILLIAM VIRDEN Jud, Quarter Ounce Soccer I,2,3, Baird 1. Looking Back: Boot, Bobo, Ga- buditch, Crust, Shakcy's with Biz, Red Pick, Friends, learning, NSVJ, Sounders '77, Bren, MBIC, Teeth, Kris, TN, Life . . . SUZANNE MARIE WAISS Sue Swimming 1, Badminton I,2,3, Musical I, Choir 1. Lookinf Back: TA, Lockerbie lectures, conventions, pliraperrflicrrlar, tangelnt, pizza blitz, pork, drive-in, , visit, Greek, ovie House, AS, CL, ES, BM, MK. , Colleen NVilhelm LORI JO XVALLACE La UNIQISIIIIIIS Friend" Swimming 1,2,3,-I, Knightlife Staff 2,3. Looking Back: Hawaii, '77, Lake Ta ips, suntans, Vancouver, Soun- ders, ifl-1, Rocky, Tollol Jo, Keely, Julie, Strawberry Letters and Jay, It's been real . . . KARNE JEAN WATERBURY II2" bnry Camelot Club Cabinet 2, Camelot Corresponding Secretary 3, Junior Achievement 2,3, Leadership Camp 2, Accolade Staff 3. Looking Back: Crushes, crusin, accidents, diets! JZ, SCREAMING!!! Elwah '77, Crustovah you winnah, Synde! Fran! A little suf- fering for alot of Glory. I found it! PTI. . . . EDITH MARIAN XVEERTH Ed, Edie Track 3, Volleyball 1, Badrrrinton 3, Drill Team 1, Spring Play 3. Looking Back: Things once important, Emotions, changing, Growing up, Close Friends, Mary B, Sharon S, Ann K, Layra H, Cee Cee's tea, Cathy's friendship always. My Family . . . Woody, Spurt, NVert JAY SCOTT YVERTMAN Golf l,2,3, Musical 3, Spring Play l,2,3, DECA 2, Choir 1',2,3, Knight Sounds 3. Looking Back: Golf, Musical, FLIPPED Small People, Tolo '77, B Green, B Eyrrrarr, Hugh G, Cee Cee, Yirk, Farrah, Laurel, Jennifer forever. PAULA R. WERTMAN Orchestra 1,2. Looking Back: LRC, Cougar Mt., Mean Machine, DMD, STH, Turkey, May of '76, 7! 14176, PDN, Bi 1 7, and rrrost of all, Stan. ROBERT WILFIIKED WESTOVER III Willy Football 1, NVrestling I,2, Gymnastics 3, DECA 3. Looking Back: The poorest rrran is not the man with- out a cent, but instead the rrran without a dream. I have mine. LORI A. WHITE Whitic Soccer 2,3, Powderpuff 3. Looking Back: TVNVJ, 151 fun with the worm, Kris, Bear, Sugar, Drives, PIC, EVVF, Reason, BROOMS, Hawaii, NVAM, Emrnr- claw, Drive-in, Herb, Sisters. STEPHEN PATRICK WIIITNEY Whits, Whittles Baird 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3. Looking Back: Hawaii, Victoria, Cruising to EYVZSIF, The BA, Good times with BK, SA, DS, BB, tk especially Debbie. Thanks Mom or Dad for everything. LESLEY KAROL NVHITWORTII Whit Gymnastics l,2, Powderpuff 3, Drill Teanr 3, DECA 3. Looking Back: XVhitc Pass, Targee, dimples, ear ache, "I've never done this before!" RS, DT Comp., Eagles, a special friend Mary, and a special love . . . Brad. COLLEEN MARIE WILKINS Looking Back: Rowdy parties, Special Friends, CB, LF, DS, I'll never Never Forget My Soplr. Year With Pete. Special Times NVith TU. MARY ANN NVIMMER Rufus, NVeeble NASB Rep. 2, Choir 1,2,3. Looking Back: 6-29-11-13, business, sownt, GFB, TSIF, BB. Tolkien. Love to many friends, Nan, Tex, Dar, Deb, Kath. Thanks Scott, I love you. MICHAEL DEAN WOERNER Mike Tennis l,2,3, Swimming 2,3, NVater Polo 3. Looking Back: Swimrnin , CAC, Morning rractices, Roach, Polo weekends, Central, Hawaii, LK, NS, KD, SC, Thanks to my parents. DUANE MARK YIRKA Yirk Looking4Back: Cruisin rorrndabout Cascades, High Lakes. I ass Flish. Shopping by mail. Soccer was ex- cellent. P-Pool. JR, Twert. The Cheese. RANDI ELIZABETH ZINK Zinker, Farrah Musical 3, Spring Play 1, Choir 1,2,3, Kni 'ht Sounds 2,3. Looking Baci: Sounds-tenor, Mt. Si, Bingo! Tar- ghee, "Friends" Elton, Carrie. Seems to me a crime that we should age . . . Thanks Mom!!! 49 RU H Hx 1 igiffl - ff an 'Egg x"'f'Q Xr7?4 I ks , ZS:- Q91 X xfb f f Q Vx f tri' 4 f sW' ., VG I NWI! if I E? fi li, 14?-'fr' W 'Q 1 KX TCT i5f7?4. f V ' fd f 'I '- , 'I I ,, ..y V. X . 3 5 I L , i gg-, . - gy. . 'W - ' "I AJ 'X .1 V "Wk W A 'Q X 5 ' - ' 1 ' i - " 4. 9' f:'k M'.Q'.:- L .v 1 Q I K ' A X'NXX ,, 'K1 U - , N 5 .r 'X 'X ,I ' 5 J ' , ' , I X' Vg A ' 5 J 6' k ' VY 415' Vg' I? Q' ,f 4, " V' , , Wf- w...f 5 ' .QV . Q7 . 4 I 4 ---- ., , -.... , - '4 Q' ' x, f ' W , - 1 . 'Ib 5 ht 4 N ,zxgm QVQX, i ' KA .,,,,,., V 'P ,M . ,, 4 -j i m lb K :F 'Q Qin R N Kkx , - 1 a we ' 'L-"'- 4 A. VN , . -.u i Y hx L f X A I 1 ff- M Wi , , 0 P f ,N ,J -.1 L D - ' '- .re-f---an -.,.....f,,,, 4 X f- - Ei u' L I. 3 2' ' W' , N l i ' 4 1. D , 'gay RFS otaaart' I 1 04" J 1 , .- Ui: " , -. f Nxq , 'K sf 1 s a qfvxdl fix! 1 , x' f j 71 X l 4 r 1' f I. R .S N, O 9 4- . K QQ. 15 S ,,ksx N fi 11, X, During and after school, students can be seen doing any number of different things. In one day students can be found in just about any area of the campus. While some enjoy socializing on the radiators others enjoy socializing in the smoking area. With the new addition of Factoria Square many enjoyed browsing through the many different shops and establishments. Apart from offering a place for spending free time, the mall gave students a chance for employment close to school. When the night rolls around you can find students participating in one of the exciting sports found at Newport. Many just like to watch the games. After a game or event you can find students at many popular restaurants in the area: the most frequently visited being MacDonald's, Shakeys, Dairy Queen and Denny's. 51 As he rounded the corner he saw that familiar face. His hair was shorter, but he was still the same. 'How goes it-so far?' 'Pretty good. My locker is out in no man's land, but pretty goodf 'I'm going to the pep assembly today.' 'So am I. There are supposed to be some pretty wild games this time I'm on my Way to get something to eat in the eafeteriaf 'Save me a seat! 53 As he pulled the big blue swinging doors open he could see that it looked dead. While he was making his Way to the machines he surveyed the Whole room. There were a few groups of people scattered about, but no one he knew. He got a milk and sat down. 'Hi, vvhat's for lunoh today?' 'Burritosg vvhere'd you go?' 'Ihad to get rid of my books. Hey, let's go to the Center on Friday nightf 'O.K. I'll driveg talk to some of the others. l'm sure they'll want to go.' ' 'Sleeper' is playing-let's go They pulled up some chairs and sat back to enjoy the movie. 5 , 3 ,1l. . .3V,.,Vgk,T r ,ff fy ,1', fl Wx, 4 r Q-1 -2 G3 ,., '75 Hold fast to dreams 56 Fun, excitement, rowdiness, hard work, memories . . . The chairpersons, Seniors Andrea Butaud and Joanne MacAulay, had homecoming week mn smoothly. Spirit Week started off with Monday as T-Shirt Day. Tuesday showed how many students were really "hick" at heart, with Hic Day. Wednesday everybody came in their favorite hat and the Sophomores played the Iuniors in pow- derpuff. The juniors came out victorious with a score of 12 to 2. Thursday was Sports Day and competition for the title of powderpuff was held. The juniors came out ahead again by a lucky touchdown in the last minute of playg the score being 6 to 0. Friday was Pied and Gold Day and is Q 7 the assembly organized by the Seniors was, "The most spirited and most involved as- sembly I've seen in yearsf' according to Mr. Iohn Scannell, senior class advisor. That night at the game the climax of the week was reached at halftime. To start off, the Seniors received an "excellent" rating in hall decoration. The sophomores had "A super fantastic float," according to Ms. Ia- clin Woodcook, sophomore class advisor, which took first place. The Seniors ended up being overall winners with juniors sec- ond and Sophomores third. The royalty chosen by Newport was also announced at halftime. The score of the game ended up being Newport l9g Issaquah 42. .1 fill T'--4 ':'f re"-W 19 i S'-IMA 1 A . '14 li fm' P' iw 5 iw, 'ASSE 3 . . ji glad L -5 I Xfus X ,' Jgffligw 2 N AC. ,. 1.5-.".L?vr4t-K -Q 8 l. Senior Princess Sandy lledshaw and Prince Mike liuchino get ready for the ride around the football field. 2. Seniors Karen Montague, Debbie Smith and An- drea Pellegram take a break while working on Hall Decorations. 3. Seniors Steve liands and Tim Betz do a routine for the pep assembly. 4. The junior float took second place. 5. junior Princess Janie Smith and escort Steve Clearinan jump into the car. junior Prince Ted Aspi' nal, not pictured, 6. Senior Princess Connie Solowoniuk and Prince jay Linwick with surprised looks on their faces. 7. At Newport's rowdiest assembly Senior Mary Ann l,ainb introduces Junior Charlie Paerstein and Soph- omore Tom Bernard. ,gn- ITS Q 9 -Q12 'Qu in 8. The number one float was displayed by the soph- omorcs. 9. The Sophomore Princess Sue Clifford and Prince Brent Bahrcnburg ride around tbe field. 10. Senior Princess Ann Crisbaum and Prince Todd Henry. ll. Senior jeff Franko participated in llat Day. 12, Queen Jody Olson and escort jeff Allison paradc before the Homecoming crowd. King Scott Culick is not pictured. 13. Sophomore Annette Duvall is tackled by a junior during Powderpuff action. 'V 10 l Q I Q2 Pep staff for spirit 58 ii 1 m x Q3 S-P-I-ll-I-T. Cot spirit? Uh-huh. Let's hear itl Okay. The 1977-T8 cheerleaders started off the year with great enthusiasm. Sep- temher lllth was the date of their first pep assemlmly. There they introduced the foot- lmall team and had class competition in yelling. This was the first time in three years the cheerleaders had only had one squad. They felt that this made it hard on them hecause they sometimes had two activities going at ' k 4. . . V RV' ' v A4 H. . 5, , .S t .E 5 i.4.Lw:Q'il- the same time. During a week. clmecrleadt-rs put in 15 to 20 hours ol hard work. Most ol' this time they spent halting cookies. making locker decorations, planning pep assemlmlies. mak- ing posters and writing good-luck notes. Along with all the work they did, they also had to maintain a 2.5 CLPA. Over the siunnier, the cheerleaders spent a week at cheerleading camp. They received 'Qu K W . 4. 41 Q T " . 1' .Rig r ' v X . - .- v ww: .x.k , ,. 4... - Kilim.--i " ,. ,K-nn 4. x.t,,,1..,,, .N ,,...1.-.X 5, , ,,, N N xx' "5 VT 'S Vw t x .ifarxi ,Q- f Auf" Q N-rf A ilii SllpC!'iOl' lIlill'kS ill tht' CIICCY COIII- l. hlnnitn' xlklfikl ciUl'l'Ckl cizips nncl ix'alt4'in's fm' tin' ti.Sl1cminQ Nl1iI'il.ilItliltIll4'X4'iit'lIlk'lll.St'lliHI'xitlfiifll petitions- tmun to iimkv uimtlicr nimv, Ottvr starts tuning Iwi' penn-pnins. 2. During HOItll'l'UlIltllQ, tin' t-lit's'l'is'znit'l'x display T. Svnini' Ilvitli linrciic-it gin-x an MQ snails- fin' tin Nts. llnriicy was tlicn' atdvism' and tlwy up- tht-ir t-.,il,.,tm,.,,, 4-I..-Q-ring 4-I-ntttit, pr0t'iz1t0ti all thc good things sho ctici for b W 1 I . .. . - 53. lxcupiiig in tiinm' with at 1-lnlnt ix Illtlitll' lxwnni 511' S,Inninl''I'hn'111xin.ltialnt'vruntint 'lin'- thcni. .M thu' put it. Sillx s il watliv ncut t ' ' . - I - h - . Oil, ing il pvp 1lNNt'llliFif. utlvism' ancl puts ont ll int ot hor own tnnv uml lnmwy into L.lK.m'h.ilding." 1.H0il3itlQ'ix1'l'Piill'Cl'UXYtlL'ilt'l't4illQtllliif't'iiillQiN Sv- SJ, XYitli pmn-puinx miviiig. Sl'IliilI'ciilltlyl:tll'il'I'il'1lKlN ' nimn' l.isn lxnlcii. at t'ln't'i' tin' lin' tvann. :XS S0lli0l' iJiStl Ktllvil plll il. "It XY1lSllitltUii 3. -lnnini' 'I'yrn CTL-rin' ix rvanly tin' thc ganna- to xlnrt. fun and at lot of work." 59 A - -.'- 4 1 V 2 , "4 ,A lf- . .1 K I' - M V' Q. U . , 14" , t " ", , ' it - - ,I r gp ' ' N -'fa 'V gi A x -A X V, L , A .-N I wh , X, ra ' ii" r '4 . A. ' l : " i ffl'-J--A if L W ' ,F A ,Q ' -fi... FL2.,,4'irg't,,,-,---- nxq.. pn- t Ji - - - r "' " mini , ..,. 4, ' i ii ' I l 4 :G Crusaders march 60 .Q Q 53 Hurd work. clctcrminzition. spcciul lricncls and good tinics wcrc all ucconiplisliccl by thc 1978 Newport Knight Criisaulcrs. Bt-sidcs lmiliini cur wuslics, pol luclis. and sccrct pills. the 530 juniors and seniors with two Co-Captains Nicki Snticli and Liz Bi- sscl inurcliccl during linlf linic at all lionic vnrsity footlmll gtnncs and most lioinc var- sity lmskctlmll gznncs. Tlic rontincs wcrc v .. Easy Yak. i 3 5 K I I' 5 . E? ?i5S'i pr? R 5 if sim Y Dlill .I. TIQXN1 NI I-IX! B 4 iillfllliil Bam! Xianri liuxtn l.iz Bixsvii l.iA Billlllllx liin-ryi pbl'l'l'Il .Inn iil'00Il 'l'iu'i'm-W lil'L'lllll'l' Xmirm-ai Pmlaimi -Iam Qfiiun-li Nauru lkuwivy' l.auu'im' Iiwivn Lynn lforci Slain-x llnivcii .Kim Clricxlmuin iyillll Klrinnm Ylliillll Ilvnlivr Nancy Hiisc-lim' lim-mutiny' lluffimu lfimli .'l'llilillgN Kairvn King Baiririv Km-nig Many Kr:-imwicf Xlauju Nizirshaili Knrri l'ch-rwn i N Q fr ,1,., -fig uh .N J M.- ia L siy ,1,'r Q , J 553' ' J' .ua r V-1 , N ' I-Q -A'Q'x:.' -.g - x ' - 'ali Alf -- 7: 'i fl A-'I M: he 5 i .1 '43 'X q ' uw, ' . ,. I.: Mrvepwf, i AN -x ,jx jk 4 5 r. W, fi2ll'lliL'Il i'risximutti Liinn 'Salim' A ' cali-'iijlgllcw' . M..-N xflhcryl Schmitz M""A' Pam Slwticr No.-ri Sison Nicki Sutich Leslie Whitwortii , M ... .-f.,......w. .. Q- I 9 2 c:.xnixi:'i' ximmi-:ies Fran llktlllllQill'lllCl' Karen Montague Delmlwie lloflinaun Sue Xlailcolni Stephanie lilliott leanne 'l'honipson Karen lidwards lfileen Harper Lesh' johnson tfheryl Cfurtis Patti Pao Desley Brooks Nancy' Xellist Connie Solowoniuk Kathy Rudolph Katln' Schools-r Cheryl Lett Carolyn Olson Nlurliss Shorett Denise Smith tiarolyn Sehelley Sheryl Montague Vicki Smith X Lu ,mt n 42 , Q1 VV sw. an X . K N g Camelot plans all lfxcitenient, fun and hard work were the reasons people joined Camelot Cluli. The elulm put great effort toward involving new students, sophomores and hovs. More than any other group, Camelot' Cluli niade things happen. The hest social event was Tolog over five hundred people attended. The Bigfhittle Newporter Picnic repre- sented a lot of work luv upperclassnien. Be- sides these activities, the cluh sponsored the Fashion Shows. Senior Tea. Daddv- Daughter Dessert and ushered at gradin- ation. Added to the clulms responsibilities were the siirit chain and decorating the foothall field before home games. The usual two chairpersons for Tolo and refreshments was changed to three people. Coinniunitv services were added to the list of the clulis conunittees. During meetings a small amount ol' dis- cussion went on and the people at the mectings were ahle to express their opin- ion. They alwavs came to a conclusion. -.yu-ov fs.'.1W" S Q3 .s 1 .,, 1 .A 3 --if Q. 3 If '77 .an Presiclent Calle Dorn eonnnentecl. "lively- hotly tries luircl and is always cloing her hest and getting the jolm clone. A lot of cleclieution is seen." Aclvisor Xls. Sharon Crniksliunk. felt that the officers worliecl hznil. long nights and tluys to inuke the elnh fnnetion and often went without praise uncl thanks. Ms. Crnile- shank eonnnentecl. "This yean"s officers are one ol' the finest type of young women." Cnhinet nieinhers and olifieers sturtecl work us soon as they were ehosen to prepare the elnh lor the eoining year. They had meet- ings and pot-lueks during the snnnner. l. Correspontling Sl'L'I'l'ltll'f' Kairen xVQtll'I'l7lII'f' listens patiently to other IllClIll5l'l'N. 2. Senior Kntln Sehooler makes puppets for Chil- clrenls Urthopetlie llospitzxl. IS, Senior fillll' Dorn. Cannelot presiclent listens in- tently to one of thu lIll'llllY0l'Si icleus. 4.a...,.., , I, ilunelot lilulw nuemlsers listen to an propo IlllX1'tlK'lltHlllHlN. 5. xll'llllll'l"s ol tfaxnlelot lflnlm :ire 1PlllIlINl'll all ont ol the ollieersl eonnnents. fi. Pietnrecl :ire ollit-ers Xorinu Nleliinnex-rnmoulin-' Nt'l't'l'l1ll'f.fi1llt'litPI'II-lH't'Nlllt'lll.illlllfllllllt link tn 1 Nl I l'k'I'. 1. Lannelot C.lnls ineinlwers ure happy cleeisions. yy llh tht Im il .I 91 .X Qrmip nl' 5IlIllC'IlIS was iiimlwal ili SIlL'lI 1lix'111'sil'ic1l nclivitics 11s selling yogurt. tak ing ow,-1' il QI'0L'L'l'f' xtorc 11111l 11111ki11Q 'I' I S 3 sl111'Is. DECLX isa1c'l11l1 tlml 11ll sliiclcntx i11 C11-11c1'a1l ' ' ' Xl'll'lil'IIIIU' '111cI Di-z1'il111livc I'lLlllL'ilIIOIl . 1 K 1 ,I 1-laiswx 111-rc iiivcmlvccl iii. ,xclx-iwr llcilu-1'I I,11vc1'x', Ilmsiclciil 'I'1'11c-1 Ii111'1'is. XIICL'-lJl'L'SILI0IlI 'I'm'1'1'i Cl1'icsc1'. rIlI'L'il- siircii' Stcvv H1111-l1111'cl llllll SCCl'L'IilI'X C,11Il1x' Sims lDI'Q'illIIZCll plxmjvcls for Ilic groiip. 64 .J I NI11 l,11x'1'1'x NIIIIIIIICKI up II11- L'UIlI'St' lux' N111 IIIQ. Iliis XU1lI'N 1-lass is 01111 ul Il11'111-a1I- usl QHJIIIJN you Ctbllltl 1111-1' xxurlx xxilli. Il1c1 rc NL'lI-NlllI'Il'I'S, I'CNlNlIlSlIllL'. llllll IIIONI IIll1JUl'IilIlI. ll lol ul I-IIII Io lu' Milli." I. 31-111111 NI.1ll lm11xI.1cl lixlvm .lIIt'IIIIXl'lf cl111'111Q14l.1sx. 3. Dviiiw Sinilli. sm-11i111', ivalvtx111.11-111111111'11l gin-11 In .1 I1-llmx IJICCX Illx'lIIIVl'I'. . , , . . I.S1-111111'xlwl11'1'I I5.1lI1111, XI111'x ll:1sl.1. Illltl Ix11ll1x Ixu- lt'l1l lnmimlvi' Ll prmiiil. 3. ifulln Sinn. Nl'lIIlll4. nliwiw-1 ximspmmiiilx xxilli .1 I1 i1'111l. J K Q .gg ..:,, vs vii 49 kr. S ' dh Spvviall Xiclcs is ll scrvu-c nrganiimlimi in- mplu-nl c-liilclrcn. nnil llu-5 also nrgalnin slillucl in nuwsl lnigli sclumols ln Kiwanis alrl 1'lllNNL'NilllCl lnnlx ilu' lsirls ln llu' inn Cilnlms tlnniiglunil llu' stall-. ln l7n'c'ciiilu'i' ilu' c-lnli inannwml lln- Cfllll 'ilu' Simimlus. nssislc-cl ln X111 lfnrl Sinilli. l7l7Ulllllll'1l'k'llK'l'lL'lsLlll1lX4'lNUlliN.k'lDll1'k'llll" ni-nl tn livllcxnc 'l'cri'au-c Nursing Ilnnui mlnimtiuiis. mul all llu' cnml nl ilu' im ll hh 1 f 1 QW-rs 'l'lnn-gglin in yiqi Un' plgll-1-ly. rrlipy Spziulvs nllciiclvcl ai stailv Q-nnxvnlinn. spun e P u plinml lwingn. plgnnuml paiitivs zuul slump- sou-nl ln ilu- Kixxnnis Clliilm, ping cu'iirsinns. als null as pu-nics. Q. Snpliniimix' lhiulx llinxxn guul 'Inninr Xlnurn , i V V l A iinlc'Xiimilsiug1'lllL'l 1111.1 piuim-l .ii .iSp.iiil4's Xl:-vlin llu' two C.n-pwsiclciiis, .lun Swisluii' mul Ilg'l'jljQl'Q! lllgsllg with SQL-I-L-lily? ii,5l'IIllll'llIlNNlJll'lsl'IlNllll.lllill.lll1'lSXXlNlll'l'IlIills4'lll liuclq XYlu'lvss. lircniglil lcmgclluw' pm-nplv ln" 'l'm"'iN"1"""""'l""X- nlin lu'llJ0ll lcucli swininiing tn liauuli- -.X 1" fff i Q-l , Q-2 'Pl Q3 Stu-Co improves -' 1 41 There was a common misconception that Stn-Co was a secret. elite club that inet ex'- ery XVednesday to plot against the students and to dole out large sums of students' money at will. Stu-Co proved this theory false by acting openly and thoughtfully in making every decision for the students' benefit. Student Council was the means by which our entire student body was represented by elected students. livery student was af- fected by its legislation. From the charter' ing of every club to the passing of bills and alloting money, Stu-Co's influence touched every corner of high school activity. Representatives came from Sophomore English, social studies classes and charted clubs and activities. President Todd Henry said, "Stu-Co was a younger organization this year than in the past, due to the fact that Jr!Sr English was no longer offered." Since Stu-Co's majority was new and unfa- miliar with Robert's Rules of Order, Mr. Henry said they stressed organization. The first step was to appoint Doug Smith as Parliainentarian to help the representa- tives better nnderstand Student Council procedures. ASB officers featured a "Special of the NVeek" at their meetings. This helped X e Q- 5 , -6 6 Q4 Q, SlBl'C1lll SONIC lKlCll gCllCI'z1llllg alllll tliSCllSSi0li l. Supliuiiiorc .Klan Ks-yes prusciits a lull proposal. 5. Cla-ryl licilwlc. a iuuior, ulmiccts lo llu- lull lv ui promotion mdics that thcx. hun-HL.d at l E U Q Q 1 Q ' pwsciilccl. as -luiuor lxalliy l',clwau'cls llNlt'llS nu. l Y I I Ml . ' 2 5CIll0I' lmlcl llcury. Stu-Lu l'i'1:slclviil. anal bcuuu' Slllmml hu U5 nl, hlmll' Doug Sinilli. Stu-Cn Parliaiucnlariau, discuss Holm- H. Stu-Cu Prcsialcul Toclcl llcnry lisicus L-arclully lu Siu-1.0 iuaclc sonic siguilicant accoiuplisli- ms Rules ufOi'clur, the qui-stiuus asked. iuvuls. iuclumliug our first annual ioQ-a- k K F Q 1 u . . ' '. 53. Cluinv m cr lllIilllL'l3ll rccorcls arc Scniur elf .-Xlliscm, i, Senior Sanrlx' llculsliaw, Si-nim' uauui- Nl.iL'Auil u lliou wlua-li also iuvulvccl Tum' lr llwli V - 7- V - - - ' V 1 - f - ' - , 'l ' V - ' P' ' Slu-Lu X ICU-l,l't'5lilL'lll and SCIIIOI' Susan llauuilton, aucl Scuiur Nlllw Lum-luun takc uolvs Qllll'lIlg a ui llic ing-a-lliou liclpvcl raise thc money Stu-Co'l'i'cas11l'm'1' ing. lwcmlccl in purcliasc a paclclcnl lmcauu for V ,K , , , Q . I . . . PI. .Xll ilu' Stu-Co uilwcrs prcpau- lui' a iucx-ling. gyiuuaslic-s and a uuul-lmus to lic usccl for sf-lmol activities. Siu-lfu also clcall witli Sl.lIClClllfl.ilL'llllf' prolmlcins. sucll as lllDl'2lI'f' uoisc aucl calc'- lvria nlisruptiou. llivy planned iuaioi' pl'0lllll'llOllS at Arts XYQ-ck, for llu' lwuclil of thc NASB. , M-.5 y ' iff ' f r i .i,. in if , U A. .. an .L Q- I - Q 2 7 0 Q6 KL staff takes on a new look 68 Wim! -fs-'svn Nlost things change with timcg new peoplc. ncw ideals. ll now way oi' looking at things. NYith il CIIQIIIQC of cditors cannc ll new view of how thc Knightlife should hc rnn. Lay- out and format were changed, editor sec- tions were revised, cvcn thc front pargc had u new look to it. Larger pictures appezircd. stories were huscd on the fnturc. and it hore thc countenance of an magazine. 4.-1 The papcr was rcalh' cohnnn orit-ntcd. Thrcc ncw und nniquc cohnnns cvoivcd. The ncws and Sports fcutnrcs wcrc nlorc in-dcpth than in yours past. "Stndcnt rc- sponsc was good: wc ilcci this was doc to thc fact that thc storics wcrc much morc intercsting ilCL'illlSC ninch inorc happcncd that pcoplc wcrc involvcd in." siutcd Co- Iiditor Todd llcnrv. IZ' 'bn 1 1 J V . 94 'S QT -4'1f"' -',.,..- ,.-,,1-- I .J X , - 2. Alumni' ,lofi l'mlM 111-1-inll-N xxlm-ln x1ul1j1'c'INllLlu'lll1' fi, SHPIIUIIIIII1' ,lllL'lxll' lfstvs iinixlnvs .1 mms xlory auul lllll Slllll N lllllllll' glllll Wllx ll, llclllllxlc llll IHQQMI possllvllllivx wwf gaming mm' un-ll with ilu' xlu- .ulcls lwr Hxml lmulcll. KH-.'xlIll'lAiK'llll ruling for ilu-i1'cf'l'ol'ts: il lillv +l1'lll 110115. ith Hwy migsml In H Hwux nyc, points in 1 I t l I A. llu' klllilllllll' whlii 1'1'.u'lx In am vmlllm' x lxmlmsall. U ' . ' fi. f,.lllQIll ln um' oi ilu- ivu nnmnvnis nn xxlllvll lllvx ll' A llll lll lllllllll llllll gllllll pllllplll uvllllll Qvl along. lf1lilm's'l'rmnlnl Ilvury mul Samly Mum Qivl- B. llmim' Phil Sinlplxins WAN Imul l7IIUl47LfI'illTlIl'I' is Ull llll' Slilflf illlll lllklIlY will IM' Cillllillg llzlvk. 1-.wh 17llll'l'.l'I nmlmtinnixliclulgg. llnl Kllighllih- im' lmlh M'lIll'Nli'I'N. llu' pnpvr slmlnld lu- good for ll long lima" , , A N N , 1 i ' 1. IIIIIIIYI' l,1lvl+x Dulull' lnkvs ll lllOlllt'lll lu chwlulv llllllllllllll c'U'll'lllllll' Slllllly Sllllll- XXIIEVII Itkltllll' Llw xunllml lilw to XX'l'llk' for Hu' IIUXI 1-mlilion rm! lln- pnpcr. I lu .ulslitimm lu xxruting 'ICI nun 1-nlumn. blunun' 5, KL-llaulm'Ilvnry.wplumllluw.111au1.1gcV'1nimlowl' Irlm' 5IlIilll xignx up to um-1' .ul .ulmlitmml slury. Iillgvlwn to Qvl .ul cmlilrwizll lypm-ml cm limv. 6 1 t 1 Q-1 70 Q-3 '72 it if MX A Creative minds seek originalit 74 1 Q- 5 The annual: a book depicting a year of his- tory in a form showing creativity and origi- nality. The job of tl1e annual staff was tedious and demanding, Order and cooper- ation were key factors i11 the production of the 'iAccoladc". Many hours were put i11to the production of tl1e book, and though all class ti111e was used to complete numerous assigninents, many extra l1o11rs were spent to meet all pressing deadlines. The members of the yearbook staff Worked hard to get the best pictures to represent the students, fro111 the adversities illlll plea- Q-7 -..,,,mNNmx .. im sures of their social lives to the hardships and triumphs of daily classes and sports. l. junior Kristi Bosch works hard at cutting a pic- ture to size. 2. Senior Cale Dorn looks up for a moment from hcr typing, with ii look of satsifaiction. 3. Sahrina Bohrow, senior, searches for the right se- nior name. 4. junior jenny Nelson concentrates on hitting the right keys. 5. Senior Dehhie Crone quickly checks over her lay- ont. 96 rf f . fe , T -ff vw, 48 3 -wi .W .,... 6. Editor Brian Sims, Seniors Laura lleheler, Nicki Sulich, and Editor Cyndy Olsen discuss the problems involved in tying a year together in one hook. 7. Laura Heheler, senior, contrihutes time to paint- ing a sales sign. 8. Copy Editor Casey Haskins listens intently to ai student's ideas. 9. junior Leslie Hales and Senior Barry Owens work diligently on a pressing deadline. 10. Advisor lack NVilson comes to the aid of Seniors Fran Baumgartner and Karen Waterbury. ll. Steve Borchers, lavout editor, wonders a trouhle- J l some point. Q9 FT Q10 'll gg, .. bw . ,f 'Zi ff i '-Aki, . v , y , Nga' ' A' iiif, ,.pf'x2Q'f .. y"f'Q ' 't'9'x ?1i'9az2. hi - , J' 5' j -'fr W' " . if - 1 . . ,A l' 'ff' . V ' 71 'Q I xg.: . 'f 'xi 9 2, 42 Q-I3 'R'-" 2 1111? 5 ,115 l A X X5 Y fl! .els .chu I 72 Band adds spirit Thc uclcling of llllll0SlJl'lL'l'l' lo ilu- lootlmll and lmskctlmll gauncs was uc-c-omplislwcl lmy tlw lmml this past your. l,ccl lmy Dirvclor Robert Bailey, the lmncl also played ut ml- mcrous com-crts throughout tlmc year. Tllc lnuul lulcl zum uctivv yn-ur whim-lm. in- cluclccl illllllllOll5 for .-XII-City aulcl .-Xll- Xortlmwcst lmumls. 'lll'lCl'0 was also om' l:l'Cl1Cll hom player clmoscn to pm-rllorm willm thc Sczlltlc Sylnpllony' Ol'cl1csl1'z1. X Q-4 SQ , '11 'X fn 1-"5 F .fx P' xx fx I '1i11l' l'1111lilX 1111 1110 YCAII' WMS 1110 11'1 J 111 Yi1-- 2. 111111 111'1ll1l'X. s1111111111111'1'. 1-11111'1'1111'1111-x 1111 111s 1111I' , A . 1 1111111 111 111111111 11111 11111111 111111'1-111111 111 11111 W'- X Klmhm DAY" I 'Hath' HN LXPUIM 5 im 53. 11'11111lJ1'1 l711lXk'1'N 1.11111 11111111-13 s11l1I111111111'1-. IDA!" 11115 11111 XY1'l'C 021111011 011011 111 1110 11111111 1'1'11 S1-11111-VQ111111. 1111111111 111111 Cf11111'1i1- f:1'll1ll'. N1ll711' lIK.lIllwN gcllinw UUHINHIS gwqug ,UNI 1111111112 111111 ll 11111111111 x11111111 11J11l1'11Ll1111. .. 1 V, .. . 1 ,V 1 1111141111 111111115 11-1-1.0 il 11-11. 111 1111-11. l11'1111-1-15, L .Xu llH,lmm1mm.M,f pm,m,L, UWM in ll .WH lm.- 1111'1111'11 s1111Q 111 ,1llll11l1'A1l'1l1lf X1'1x1111. XY1I1'1l 11514011 111 1-111111111'111 1111 1111- 11111111 111111 - I V . '. . I Xl U b Q . I I I 11. X111 1111111111 1111l1L'1. 11111111 1111'1'1'l111'. 11'1111s 1111' 11111111 111 .111111111s. . 1. 11111 5cl1Q. .15 11 11 11 ll 111 Um, of HN mum, w,M,I.hA 11111'i11g 1'1'111'111's111s. 'A-111s1 111111 111111'1' 1i1111'.x' 1 11. I1111-111-111Q1111'1111-11111-111111111 1'11111'111'1 is -111111111 .XIIIX 1. 5l1l3111lIll111'l' 51111111 N11-1 1111111 l1.111s1-1 1111' .1 1DI't'1l111l'l'. c.1ll'1lQ. -6 1 Q-2 Q I3 11 tux. ' t ' A W1-11-f111'111c11 group 111' 12xp111'ic111'1f1l 1111151- 1-i1111s, 1111- S111Q1- 11111111 111'f111'1'11 ll 1111111 for lJ111f'1'l'S 111 p1'1'1111'111 1yp1-S 111' 111usi1- 1'1111gi11g th- k t 1111111 i'j117L" 111111 u111lllJSn 111 i'1111p111111' 1'111-11." e e O '11111' 11111si1'111 s1'1111'1i1111s 1111151111 1lui11' 1111'- 1111011111 1.C2l1llI'l'11 511111 1111151 111111 1l1SfI'llIllCll1 . . rw . . f s111111111s. 111c g1'111111, w1111-11 wus 111'g11111x1-11 1111- 11l11'11111g y1'1u' 111' N1'w11111'1. 11215 1-111111- 74 1111111 21 1111111 wl11-11 111111111111' lllllS1L' wus 11111 11v11i1111111- 111 111111-p1'1111'ssi11111115 111 w11111'1' it s111u11s 111111112 111111: 111 g1'1 illlf' 111usi1- 111111 l511ly 11 1111 ll 11ig11 p111'f111'11111111'1' S1-11111. A pe1'f111'111iug group siucc 1972, 1111- Or- 1-11cst1'11 11115 1101111110 il W1-11-51-1151111011 111usi- 1-111 CllSC1ll1J1C. The 11i1'111'1111', M 1'. 1111111 Cox. who 11119 c111111u1-1011 111e g1'11up for six y1-111's, c11j11yc11 w11tc11i11g 1111: 111usi1-i1111s 1111v11111-1' 11lI'01lQ1I 1111- 111w11ys 1'1111111'11gi11g 111usi1'111 111'- 1'1111g1111111111s. T111' g1'11up. w11i1'11 1'1111sis11'11 11111 111111 111' Ncwp111'1 511ll1l'1l1S. 13111 111511 sm'- 1'1'111 T11-1' bllllliibl' 1111511 IlIl'lll1l1'l'S, was 1111111 111 p1'1'f111'111 in 1111- .-X11fS1'1111111 11111wi1-111. 111111 iu lllllllCl'O1lS 1-11111-c1'1s 111111 1'111111's1s 1111'11ug1111111 1111- s1'11s1111. CI1111111s1s w1-1'1- mg thc Xlusic- l':llllL'1ll0l'S. Cfm1fc1'c11cc. v s Y its 1 -W1 .wr 98 f lvglilgllmlc lmlll Ibm' H10 suloisls glml for thc I. Senior Vltflfh Tlmnlpsml amd Suphmmxn- Nlilvx ,Kslv vnu!-1, tj! and two nN,InlM,l.S rc- Ii?.4L'0llk'1'lltl'ilfl' Ull ll1'l'f,Ol'lllillQ llwil' pzlrl with ll pm vcivccl thc lumm' of lwing sch-Q-lcd for the hmmm' naw' UI-Smit, OH,lwStl.2L which lwl.t'm.HK,d dm, ,Iuniur lirvll .NlulIins km-ps il Ntifililf' IiL'2ll for ilu' 5tilQl' lianul in hmllnw. fi. SUIJIIHIIIOVL' Kim Brnwn zunl Slwlly' Nlc' lilmy of I, SUIHHI' Sta-xv Hnmls l'll1N mul ll lmalxs Inu' during pray- lyvc Allllllill' HILQIL plan IIIYUIIQII ll1L'IIllINli'NYllll :1 ch irc. lK'l'lIliIll'kl altlilmlv, 1. Scuiorx 'llllnyal 'Immhmmn aural Kllcu llirnki wt up for ax T. Stun' Bu1'vl1c1's. illllillf. slums thc x'4ll'iaxtim: of in quirk l'lIll'lllI'UlIQlI uf llwir music. strunmunls lm-cl in Staxgu lhlml als lu' pluvs his 'l'ulm. 3. N1r.julnnlinxA lvalnlxnwlllcwllall cullmminxtic- group H. Thu Stugv lluncl f'I'k'illll'llllf' Q'L'ilflIl'l'N mln in of unlsic-inns, SfI'lllllt'lll wc-lium. 75 ,, .. 15... . han- 1. .ir 414f' Nw. ,,.- A-""'W it .5 Q2 J ' ltlllt X ,, . , 91+ S 7 1' t "Students nizulc il superior sonncl, he-ttci S than IK1' lit-aircl lwl'oi'c" rciimi'lwcl Xli Ccorgc ll1ll'Slll3tlI'gCl'. clinir elim-t-tml, Tha- largest choir was thc' Cfniit-c'i't Chinn A np C01 grnnp consisting nl 5-1stnmlc'iits.'l'liis gm it-ciullv sat-rctl and s 7ll'llllill sunffs uncl lc l . l .N ituinvcl all girls annul pixlctic-vcl uncl pu forniccl ull typos ol ninsiu. Knight Snnncls 2lllCl' group ol Iii, sung pop :incl Voc ll nicnts. thc Newport Singcrs wort' nnicl in thc Nlatclrigul stylc they nsotl. XK'0l'l'iCIllJ1lSlCklllf' on all typcs ol ninsiv. as ilk IQ settings. Thu next group. thc Cllnnwix jazz. Set zlsiclu lroin nthcr ninsic rlvpznt Q.-v -5:3 'iNYe attempted ltllll5tliOtlS umusie zuul I'iu ilupressecl with the poteutiul students lmuiglit to elnssf' eouuueutetl Nlr. llursh- lmrger. Oue highlight of the year wus working towurcls 11 trip to Suu Fruueiseo. Xlr. IIAll'Slll3LlI'QK'l' eouuueuted. "lt's rewurcl- ing to see students apply what thefve lenruetl iu eluss to their whole uppmueli to music." l. Kuiglut Siuuui uienulvers work luml ou perfecting suugx. 2. 'l'l1eres:n XYutwu. iimiur. auul xeuiurs lletli liessette auul ,Xuu Ilurml prnetiee time quality. 53. Xleiulmers ui' Kuiglit Stuuulx prnetit-e for the up- Q- l ff"f 'Y Q3 -2 Q6 ? X 'N vw? 5' gm s -4 ,I Debaters cook "NVim1i11g COIIIUS from In-ing cxccllcnt and not thu other way ilI'OllllCl,n C'0llllllCHlCll w 1 . , , C-ill'Y XX xllxcr. fornwr clclmulv c-cmcll. Nlr. XYa1lk4fr rcsigm-cl hum llls lcuclllnq and 4 cmlclmillg job of llu' Dvlmlc anal Com- pclitivv Speech classes at thc cncl of thc first sclncslcr. Cyndi Olmlscn, scnior. sum- mccl up tcau n IS leaving, SCYL'I'1lI lcnving, whit lllc NVIIOIK' tczull icll. llmc' 1 y , I'C'lHy sorrx' llrlt Nlr. Nhllkcr IS wa-'rc ghd tlml Wm- luul hum for vc"u's. XVCIAL' clcpl 'cssvd ulmolll his lull W1-rc optimistic ulmul lllc Q4 r 4-v"'r' ..l nt-xv t-out-li. Put 'l'limiiusoii". XVitli the snmllost sqnucl tlic school luis had in yours, tlic tlclmutc tcann got off to at slow start ut tlic lit-giiniing ot' thc st-uscni. How- vvci' tlic tcznn quickly' rvgziinctl its rcpntu- tion its ont' ol' XVa1sl1ington's fincst clclmzttc tcauns las' talking svn-tnnl overall in NVa1sl1- ingtoifs lmiggvst tonrnanncnt at cltllllllgil Uiiivt-i'sity. Tlioy also plain-ctl first in thc stutc. tht- lirst tiinc tlicx' lmvc 1-vcr donc so. For tlic first tiinc. Nlr. Nllilkcr fclt thc i QT Y H4 P5 . it n. if IGP X ,, XXX X 'Z lC2tIll ltllil t'0ilCll0il its p0lCIlli11l and XYQIS 118 3. Svniin' llnss l,lt'lst'lINtllI. innirn clixisiun tl:-lw.iti'r :intl vxlvinptn'4nn'tnis slwailwly lINl1'IlNillll'IllIYl'lf :lt liis up strong as tlic L-oinpctitivc spcccli tcann. Ilttlll' nivnllmcfs L-onstrnctivv spa-coli. 2. SOIIIOI' livn livaili. junior tlivisiun tlvlmtt-r, is psy'- cliing liinist-lt' np for his npvcnning pun'n'mr. ., . ta. IIIIIIOI' lqirctl linlncnxp sL'l1l01'cllx'ism1i nlt'lv'itt'r rtruls lns llllll'tltAlllYt' mst' known :is tln' llnslaicc. -1. lllltllll' txt-mtl: I inn. scniur clivision tIs'lmtt'i'. livlps lnnior Dvlwlwic Fri' with lit-r illlll'ltlLlllYl' slwwli. I s i't-tlltitiuiis. l. junior Lynn Sago, llltlltll' division dt-lmtci' and sv- H. Svmm. Cxmli Ohlwn .md Plumm. .ION lWI.sml N nior division 0l'lll0I' :incl intvrpcr, tiinccl aiiiotlit-i'tL't1iii on HN, m,lkm,,x of l mm. RUN, i, Innirns Scott Xmlvlt 'intl l.xnii- Snuitli, gnniur ilu ' tl U1 N S 7l'l'k'll. sion clt'lmtt'rs. lollmnx tln-ii opp n it I Q1 'Q' 3 ' "' J vig 'A . IA A K ff" ."u"',,, 154 , ' ' J " ' . fs, Q I '- faux Y -I . . 80 1 5 Q4 Q-2 Musical proves excellent X ,- The cast of the musical "My Fair Lady consisted of people with many artistic abil- ities. By Director john Scannellls estima- tion, Greg Parish blesses the school with his super-positive attitude and leadership abilities. Scott Wertman was the pride and joy of the play for Mr. Scannell. "The major behind-the-scenes problem was the coordination. Of course it always has been and always will be a problem be- cause of the large quantity of people to handle and work with," commented Mr. Q6 all . ' . A 4 v Scannell. He thought this play was better than ever before because everything meshed the way it was intended. Not only did the members of the cast do an outstanding jobg so did the backstage orga- nizers, like Stephanie Dye, Assistant Stage Director. Her devotion of time was incred- ible and given completely on her own. Stephanie took care of Mr. Scannell by helping to make his job easier. "We cast right and everybody fit super- well into their parts. It is the individual '77 78 I' ft 'X Q S 3 sacrifices of time that make a great showf' l. Eliza is the talk of the strectsg and at bit of laughter is shown. 2. Harry tltete Kelleranl and Iamie fTodd Henryl get excited over Doolittle's fSc0tt Wertmanl "little bit of luck". 3. Before Eliza's entry at the Ascot, Henry Iliggins QGreg Parishl explains to his mother fMary Beamj about Eliza. 4. The cast does a finale for the audience. 5. Amy Harper. as Eliza, has a heated argument with Arif'- ,. ab ing Q 9 Ilenry Higgins. 6. All eyes are on the servant chorus for this scene. 7. Eliza Uennifer Vadinol in her finest moineutvpre- paring for the Embassy Ball. 8. jeff Allison does an excellent job, playing the part of Colonel Pickering. 9. Freddy Eynsford-Ilill iliirk Parcel sings a love song for Eliza. 81 .I 94 Q S? 9 NIV. IIIII Ifflllilll I'illa1IIy gut his vImm-4' lu mlm Ou C t llw phny In' zllualys umltvcl to clu. llm' Q-In IULI41 it IIIISfl'LlI'IK'L'illlSk'. ull ix lIlm- slmll T 1 wl mul IK1- l'X'L'l' Iuul lo xxurk xx illlf' 'l'l1L-mst HIKHYIJII Chuft 'llxkc' ll XYHI1 Mm ' vomixlcml ui' 20 pcuplv. IIZIIII UI xxlmm zum U 341 f'L'1ll'S alncl olclcr. 'l'I1v sluclmnlx lugul 1 tough limo t1'yinQluzlL'l mul lmuk wld, alml tlwx xpn-nt ll lol ul' lima' lJl'.ll'IIk'Ill"' IIILII , 5 mllkmnl ll'X'ix1Qlola1IIx in IIN- n'ul'1'1-ul xxazx Nom- :mI IIICII' cII4mrt xxals xxuslvcl lmxu-ur IWULYIIINL' llw xlmxx uns u Q11-all N114-cm-xx, 'IAIIQ IJUIIQHLI-llu' sccllc L'l'1'xx'. lml Ivy SUIIIOI V3 511-1111111110 1310. 111111 il 1111 171. 1111-1-1111 1-111.1111 111 11-1 1117. 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One of the very special satisfactions you can get from playing is that you are no longer 20 or 30 individuals playing the same sport, but a team. There is an excitement felt when the individuals of a team pull together and act as a whole. On the other hand, apart from the tough competition on Friday nights, there are many long hours of practice sweat, and frustration. To each team member, not only the goals of that team are important, but also their individual goals. Along with the expectation of winning grows a sense of respect among themselves and between the coach and the team. Being part of a team involves a great deal of sacrifice from all members, but they gain something more: the reward of self-accomplishment. As the movie drew to a close, a throng of people began to rush towards the gym. 'Let's get going so we can beat the orovvd.' When they entered the doors, a Wave of excitement rushed over them. 'People are really up for the game tonight. Let's go to the top of the standsf From the top they had a bird's eye view of the event that was about to take place. The excite1nent drew to a climax as the cheerleader picked up the microphone. While they slowly made progress to the head of the line, they could hear the roar of the crowd start to build. 'Let's get a program, I Want to see if I know anyone on the other tea1n.' mmm W , , I , V K - W K I r y, ' F w w I ff - I .A xv I , ,M,,.. fy dwwq ffk - - Q -, ' at A, ,g b X nf ,I A I its nl! gtt e lt ,g,:. . A ,Q X .wk -4. They made their Way up through the Stands. As they sat down, they not only became part of the crowd, but also part of the team. Gridders gave it their all Keep on pushing, keep on hitting. That was the attitude of the Knights' Football Team. According to Coach Bill Bloomer, the Cridders improved every week and were always playing their best. This showed when they took victories in the last games of the year against Iuanita and Ab- erdeen. The team ended up with a record of 4 wins and fi losses. "NVe may not have had a Winning season, but the team had something elseg winning attributes," said Coach Bloomer after it was over. Two records were broken this year by Se- nior Eric Brooks. Ile ran 88 yards from the line of scrimmage and also had the most yards mshing. with 2131. Coach Bloomer said the team also had ex- cellent running backs this year with Se- niors Tim Betz, Eric Brooks, and Steve Rands. He also commented that the defen- Q-l 90 nf' 3. 9' ff il is 92 Q4 sive line did exeeptionally well with Keith hlCliC2lll, Mike Pihu. and llrad Zirekel, ull seniors. All in ull Conch Bl0OIIl0l' thought this was the hest tezun he had ever had as far as spirit goes. "They really liked to plan' foot- hullf' he said. l. Ken llnrnetl easily takes down the opponent with the help ol' his teaunnmtes. 2. Camry Taller' and Mike Pilm. seniors, tnke at lwreule while the offense has ll turn. Il. The opponents elose in hnt that doesn't stop Quan'- terhuek Mike Mains. 4. Everyone gets in the at-tion for ai successful defen- sive play. 5. Crent hloeking hy Erie Beekes gives Mike Mains ai ehanee to complete another successful play. 6. No help is needed from limcl Zireliel on another defensive play. llis tl'1lIlIlll1llCS have it well in hand. 7. Upponents are left standing as Camry Taller goes head first after one more great interception. .5 -6 ,7 Under the direction of Coaches Doug As- bjorsen, a student teacher at Newport, Mr. Bob Haynes, a teacher from Ringdall and Mr. Dan Holden, a science teacher from hh d Newport, the sophomore team had a good S O year, with five wins and four losses. Mr. Dan Holden commented, "It was a pretty good team effort and the hest record for a sophomore team yet." Q1 9 2 l l The objectives of the team were to gain ex- perience, have fnn, use team effort and en- joy the game. For the coaches, the benefits they received were hoth working with the hoys and a sport they all enjoyed. All of which made those involved with the Soph- omore Foothall Team have a very good SCRISOII. l. ln the middle of a key game Gregg Napoli and Mark Spargo watch jim Musgrave carrying the hall. 2. Carl Carlson makes a tackle. 3. jeff Me Shane, Kirk Faulkner and Carl Carlson are getting ready to hike the hall. 4. Matt Leishman C735 watches while Ronny Pawlink runs for a touchdown. 5. jeff Mc Shane holds the hall while Bob jackson goes for a tie-breaking field goal. 6. jeff Nic Shane hands off to Brett Iverson Q4 -5 96 -1-1 Q Golfers finish fourth The youngest golf team ever in Newport's history had its hest overall season in the last four years. With a final score of twelve wins and four losses, the Golf Team came in fourth place in the league competition, defeating its long lost rivals, Bellevue and Sammamish. As a first try for Newport a Girls' Colf Team was competing. Its final season record was two wins and two losses. The two teams totalled 35 participants, who re- mained throughout the full season. Coach 41 Q2 43 T4 94 5 A , 'wsu -.i .. .t ,ff . mi Q ,M itil? '. 4. - A .5 T15 Qs: ' 4 , L,,. , it W, K L . , ,,,.' ,v.g 1 it . 3 1, 3' f"-ws 9 5 " I -,rw ,, , , 1 . W, -,si t , f " Us 1 gr, L wtf A34 I P ku, 'Vit ivy if 4, . gy 51 I Q s l , ,rn 4 - , 5 ' i . -P . ,Q '-A- i' r ' . . F.. egg? A, A IV . . M New Bill Green was impressed with the large turnout and participation of the students and commented, "Our success came through good team effort." Ending the sea- son were 22 lettermeng sixteen boys and six girls. 1. junior Kevin McQuilkin drives the hall high up the green. 2. junior jim Quickstad concentrates on his next shot. 3. Coach Bill Green demonstrates proper form to the team. S . ww i W 'Qs :ses - ' . u .H oi N .qv ss vs fi 's:51+Ea'f 4. junior Brian Schafer prepares to drive the hall dur- ing a match. 5. Following through on the swing is Sophomore Rick Carher. 6. Tension builds as junior Ron Romanick concen- trates on his next shot. 7. Sophomore Ned Hartly smashes the hall during a match. 8. Senior Scott Wertman relaxes after a hard match. 9. junior Kevin Keierleher steadies his swing. .gs Q7 is Q9 Runners show effort 6 1 V3 Cross Country started strong when a large group of students turned out to participate in the sport. In the King Co league meet, held at Lake Sammamish State Park, both hoys' and girls' teams placed third. Seniors Phil McKee and Mark Ryan led the boys' team, running well at the NVest Cen- tral Distriet meet held at Evergreen High School in Burien. The team placed sev- enth. "The meet We enjoyed the most was the Eisenhower Sunfair Invitational at Yakima where the team placed eighth," com- mented Coach Marshall Virgil. The girls did well, as sophomore Corinne Milligan gained a fifth place finish. The girls came in tenth overall. Coach Marshall Virgil felt the team's strength was the large turnout of soph- omores and juniors. He wanted to attract more students to the sport. l. Seniors Phil McKee and Mary Ryan show strong cinotions after a tough race. 2. Anne Custaveson, junior, paces herself hy the mn- ner ahead of her. 3. juniors Bonnie Bradley and jenny Breitenfeldt dis- cuss their chances of heating the opponents. 4. Coach Marshall Virgil and juniors Bill Spieth and Randy Cray discuss running meet strategies. 5. junior Stuart Melhy paces steadily through the wood. 6. junior Bonnie Bradley tries to pull ahead of the pack. 7. Iunior Buss Hayes glances at the cainerman as he strides through the woods. 8. Three Newport runners lead the pack, V4 77 -Q5 Q8 -Q6 , j , -e ,S v ,i s ,,,g .xl . .Q-N ' nf ik x T v . ,,.,.,1 Strongest team ever Teamwork. This was the word that best described the volleyball team. They fin- ished the season with a 9-2 league record, placing them third in league standings. They made it to the West-Central District tournament where they played Kentridge, one of the top teams in the state. Newport lost the match, although it was extremely close. Coach Ted Montgomery commented on Ni Q "" Q i r 7 24 Q3 the girls, "There's no doubt this was the strongest team ever." Katy Miskimen was voted team captain by the players early in the season. Coaches Ted Montgomery and Jim Murphy named julie Hansen as thc most improved, and Sue Gustafson aus the most inspirational player. l. Rene Arbaugh sets the ball while Terrie Rogers looks on. 2. Coach Ted Montgomery gives the varsity team a pep-talk during a time-out. 3. Coach jim Murphy quiets the players for a dis- cussion of game tactics. 4. Lori Eken hits the ball out of an opponent's reach. 5. Heidi Lintz bumps the ball while Rene Arbaugh observes. 6. Terrie Rogers shows her technique for serving the ball. 7. Fay Eken shows her unique serving style. 44 V5 X .ke 1. f-an Riagg: .Qs . '- ,, 4' " "rv, Trap. R A , L , ' U l A I ,f .A s , -'5,t,R. x N. A NN.. 1 t. J ECN' -. . - X X Q,-.,. of Lf-. -Q-6 A '-7' . Q2 "'ni.. . Q- A11 ya' need is a, little .M.A. All you need is a little teamwork and de- termination to come up with a winning team, and this year's hoopsters rate No. 1 in both categories. VVith this kind of a combination, the Knights Went out and proved that they were one of NeWport's finest teams, both on and off the court. They started their season off by coming out the high scorer at the opening Jambo- ree held at Sammamish. This was only the beginning of some spectacular play to be seen by the Knights' faithful fans. In the beginning they had a few falls in some close fourth quarter games, but this wasn't to last long. Soon they were win- ning and starting a streak that included a very exciting game against Bothell that lasted through four overtimes. l lf Bob Fletcher . -- l It KVTOITI Rich Stev Ron Romaxiiplgm V , ppfiddescsfivus s 100 B1jian.King ' Lockw ,-f-"t"'..' ood MGD C-1 Q2 Q3 O4 V5 As the season went on the team got stronger. They kept on pushing and pulling and never let anything hring them clown. It was a very emotional year for the team, hut they handled everything well. This year's team was made up of a hunch of exceptional players. Coach Fran Drake put it hest hy saying. "This year's team will always he rememherecl for its determina- '6 41 -..,-vs... tion and spirit." l, junior left Sottli leaps out of reach to shoot for two. 2. Center Pat Nleflartliy tips it to the Knights. 3. Senior Brian King does some ianey footwork to get past his opponent. 4. Newporfs Larry Applegate watt-hes the hall clrop in for another two points. 5. junior Boh Fletcher looks patiently at the falling Q8 haskethall. li. This was no trouhle for Cuartl jeff Softli to get hy. T. Brian King shoots through two of Mercer lslantl's attemptetl hloeks. H, The follow through, shown hy Senior Cluartl Keith Duffy. 9, Ron lloinanielis look of tleterminalion. Lf Q9 385' 'X 101 1. ' 1 emi E i R il Y.. Teamwork triumphs The balls were really making the baskets this year with the help of the junior Van'- sity Basketball team. 'This seasoifs games were ai tremendous success," remarked j.V. coach jim Mur- phy. Mr. Mmphy felt that any program should help the team to learn more about them- selves, to build character and self-eon- fidence and to develop lasting friendships. Coach Murphy enjoys working with . St? x g 1 Q ........ trip Mm-4 .Q -1 2- 10 Q 3 Q-4 ll' f ,Lg he N gui s i .2 :plc who lnistlc as thc tvznn did. "Tlx I0 Ycrs on ilu' loam zlrc l1a11'clwm'king. doc 1 cd. und wry ciijoyulmlc to com-li." mu mlm no nf tlw main goals tliut were moi lcd ln' Mr. Nlilrpliy' were learning lun ncntzxl skills. building individual scll , lnmn in sn ilu ll-lClCllC0, and lC1lL'lllllg tcannworlx. "WU I lu-vin Nlc-Qnillsin gm-s in lm' lln- lmrkct, tml lvnls 1 ' mls in-lc tln- s , 5 l""i1""l""f'f' King' QMS thu 1'f'i"fSll"Nl'i"l1iN"l' ll las Banllu lilsns :ship Ill lation ln xx mlm lns illunpl lm l lint I 3 Ling .Xvnnl sinks amnllivr lwn for lln- Knights. T K.- 'SQ . Q-1 Greg .-Xvcnt l.cs llclitluy Slow Cla-uri Alnlin KL-llcr Briicc King Mark Irwin Nlikc Nl1llllS Kcvin NlL'Qi Sc-ull Nlurr Nlilw Nlnsgr Knrl Nagel ,321 l20l iiil L50 lillll L-803 H25 Q22-ll i523 4507 Q3-ll We Are ne NVe are one. This was the motto of the 1977-78 Girls' Baskethall Team. Head Coach Cenese Harney explained that the motto was meant to mean, "either we are numher one, or we are together, hecause were both." The team did exceptionally well this year with six returning letter winners. Iody McCarthy returned and hecanie the team leading scorer, and also the team captain. It was Ms. Ilarney's first year as head coach for the Girls' Baskethall Team. NVhcn asked how she felt. she commented. "I liked it. It's easy when you have a lot of talent. it's a nice way to start." She went on to explain the secret of the Knights' sue- cesshil season. "NVe had very intelligent players, we were just very good." Coach Hanley said that special credit should he given to the seniors on the team, Faye Eken Lori Eken 'Xliffy Fuller ' Patty Gmntham Tammy Hampel julie Hansen Denise Ilild ltoherta Hopper .lainie -Iaderholm Tanya johnson jody McCartl1y Katy Miskiinen Gayle Peters Crystal Pleittei' Cheryl Reihle Linda Roth jamie Sehenck Sandy Simpkins -Q 1 Q-2 Q5 Q6 Q4 104 '-.M .X .4-ov' ii fear' s. mMW'm0,.,. s sf 3 , -'7 ,...- .Sl who ot-ferecl poise, intelligence and lead- ership, and the clesire anal cleclieation of the entire team gave them the sueeess they de- sewecl. l. Senior lxaty Nliskimen shows her style with this iuinp shot. 2. Coaches Cenese llarney anal Doug Oshiornsen give the team a quiek pep talk tluring a time out. 3. junior Faye liken clrihhles the hall past an oppo- nent. 4, Sophomore Lori liken searehes for a teammate to pass the hall to. 5. Sophomore Ciystal Pfeiffei' attempts to make a hasket through the opposing defense. 6. Senior Patty Grantham looks for an opening to pass the hall. T. Senior-lulie llansen demonstrates her technique hx' taking the hall clown the court. H. junior Faye Eken watches anxiously as Senior vlocly Nleflarthy goes for a rehouncl. 4:3 1 ,I 6' l s sf, , in Q7 " fmwv V h .wg " "'- ,,, Q att 1i ' 'LR - I NN V ,....4-a is as 1 105 ff- N Grapplers work for Q6 ww X in-fL.v..-vfl' ' .uf Q-., 1,4-. If' WMM-I MEVCII though wc were fortciting tincc wt-ight classes, our goals wt-rc to win as many dual inccts as possible and to send most of thc wrestlers to thc thrcc tonrnai- ments in state competition". stutccl Couch David Ticcn of tin- wrestling tczun. :Xlthough hurt ivy thc loss of thc tiircc oi' thc I3 weight classes, tilt- tcann clici vcry well with the onlstuncling wrestling of Scott Greer - 108 lb. class, Ed King - IIS lb. class, Randy King - 135 Iii. ciziss, Bra-t Bob Hcisli yww it ew. 'QT 1 Bollinger - l-ll lh. eluss and Dennis Schlos- ser - l58 lh. class: ull of whom won inost of their I5 clnnl nieel mntehes. They' also went on to league. clistriel. and state toni'- nannents on three successive weekends. l. Senior llznnh' King tries to turn nn opponent in an elose nnnleh. 2, llezul eoneh Dexter lieeksteznl gives nclviee to one ol lm lvauu ineinhers Klllflllg il nnileh, 53. Alnnior Seoll Greer nppliecl pressure in nn nltenipl lo pin. A-:3 'S l, Dennix Sehlosser. Senior, works to get ai lnkemlown. 5. Greqg Napoli. junior. zlncl his opponent W' the i'eferee's whistle. 6, Sophomore Dave NH-lsh uttclnpts to push his nent! hezul into the lnnl. T. Senior Brel Bollinifer ire lures for an esea It .-. 8. Bret Bollinger. senior. triex to gnin eonlrol opponent all the heginning of his lnziteh. lil for oppo- oli his SI. Senior Dennis Sehlosser looks lor ll way to get his OPPOIIOIH lllllll'l' L'0lllI'tll. U W. is . S ,gm-:wud , ' - , ' , x., ,' N w Q5 .-N,,,. 44 Q9 if .. -Ng - ,Q - 4 1 f 'wil 107 Gymnasts reach heights One might have heard our coach sav "You kids need speed, strength, endurance, self discipline, timing and courage to survive in this sport." No, this was not football, gvm nastics was much more than that. Cvmnas tics combined strength and grace, creativ ity and balance into a very difficult sport often considered an art. Every year girls' high school gymnastics gerous. With the help of ASB funds thc x ,Q i t Q- 108 - 1 1 V4 Lf A Q-2 tc nn xx is almlc to buv 1 filicwlass lm: ind 1 p iddcd liilancc bc un both of which will liccomc mandatorx lol sifctv XVith thc ncvx cquipmcnt, thc uls wcic ililc to placticc much molc difficult stunts with confidencc Cvmnastics included foul ucas floor cxci cisc, balance lic un uncvcn liars md v llllt The fnst part of the scason thc tcun did compulsaiv routines and thc list li ilf was up Coach judv Olson sud Wc did wcll pn -A Q5 it at xiii Q 31 1 iz fa." 2 , 1 ' "1 1 - i 1 Q . - 1 12 , 5 ' I ' I I 3 1 1 V 1 ' N i . . x K I - 1 r 1 ' 1 1 - A- 1 - 1 i 1 , 1' ,t. ',A.' , .k .,,-.Z . , ,.- ull' 4 4 1 li , K 1 I 'K' 2 Z . . 'I' I ' 'A X' 1' K' x li I has become more competitive and dan- spent on optional routines the girls made x . . . nf N-1 ' H 1 ' 1 "HM 'A 'MJ . , " . 3 6, t M ng! . , g- t 1 , if at K mcg Q , lil? , rd on floor exercise despite the lack of space and our difficulty in optional heam has really improved." Coaches Kathy Court and Indy Olson were very determined and their devotion and time was apparent in the routines. The girls also received concentrated attention on dance from Mary Ann Lamh and Roh NVestover helped to spot advanced tum- hling. "Their help was appreciated so much." said Mrs. Olson. Olson, who is in the P.E. department, stated "Gymnastics is one of the most diffi- cult sports and if a girl has competed at the high school level, she should feel a good sense of accomplishment." l. The girls delight in a win against Inglemoor. 2. Senior Shawna Casey puts everything into her fin- ish on floor exercise. 3. l,isa Beasley executes a strong vault. -1. Sophomore julie Iverson finished a full turn on ha rs. 5. The team waits with anticipation for the I hegin. 6. junior Ann Bialek does a split leap show cellent flexahility. neet to lllg ex- i. Senior Laura Ilehelcr dances through part of her floor routine. 8. Cheryl Schmitz. senior. performs her puppet-doll routine. 9. Jayne NVhitworth does a sole-eirele on the high har. Q 6 '-- -N, '78 -Q-7 .Q A -0 Q9 109 Even with the loss of quite a few good swimmers, the girls' swim team still came in second at the KingCo and third at the K ' hh ' State Championships. Eight swimmers and S one diver placed in the top twelve at State. An outstanding job was done hy junior ' Ianie Smith, placing second in the 200- yard individual medley and first in the 100-yard free style. She was also on the t 200-yard medley relay tezun that placed on second. ,N ' ki V , ..f. ' 'grae' .- K ' 1 Mm, 1 ' 5 'mg 42111 .e -I 1' L 3 yu: rx: 3 W Qihb .- ' A 1 ' 2 1. l" gxgvi A '. i- 7 . if - 2? nw- 4 ' sh " ,,,g10w- 'r'r1w'l'!0Y 'l'0WlZL 'rllllsvlf ur 'nm 'mwian is ALBBA we srouz 110 Other outstanding swimmers were Iill An- drews, Lauri Barker, Melanie Barker, Su- san Crane, Leslie Elliott, Mary Fleckens- tein, Tammy Hampel, julie Harshbarger and Nancy Simmerly. Despite the drop from first to third place in State, Newport swimmers could still hold their heads high. In this region the team placed second and their win-loss record was 7-1. g ' rj! t 4 .,,.. . . , 2 ,1 t '- - HM -'r3:,fE-3'-k', f f. ..- 't'v"X': "' Q54 'aff is . . . g i an - 1 -A ""i ' the eil.. ,, s aw' we ja. , ' ,, . '74 1. Figuring out the point spread is Coach jack Ridley. 2. Novelty towels are very popular around the pool. 3. Senior julie Harshbarger swims with a look of de- termination on her face. 4. Finishes are close and sometimes worrysome as shown on the faces of these Newport swimmers. 5. Practic is not one of the finer points of swimming- sometimes it's quite lonely. 6. junior Nancy Brumbaugh works diligently on her breaststroke. 4- .I Q my as Y, rg. 5 - 'Q' 9: 952' val' . of F'4iZi"i',ivV'7f .fact-Q..w .gn-ax 5. .,.. :l!!',,"f"1fQI'.'i:. G 2 '-ng, .jg44,1f': ' 5 ,ev .,3' . f' MV- l '77 .iw-amz, ..f.....r" "ff , I I 4 , ,4- , M, .. a -f a I ,hd L0w.s ,Uwe f' 5"'3Qa18'- -.yliyw l"""f- , .4 nv- .1-. K, fw f. .'. 111 Still defending champs Once again the hoys' swim team tried de- fending their second straight year. XVith Mercer Island close behind the com- petition seemed tough hut Newport held out in their upcoming meets. Having had the strongest team in their his- tory, they hoped to he ahle to challenge the NVilson team of Tacoma for the state championship title in March. - fl -iap' in 1 91513 fe P tix Q-1 49 Kdlleran ,v Tim Knsinm Tom I..aPlante Tom Leonard N Matt Mabus W Rob Mace 5, jeff organ K h Bgaulsen enn:PoIinskV' f ob Qoedel enny Ross Scott Smith ! 112 9 -62 L -af? ,ff 1 rim, Y ?7'T13p,. . , iw - ' Him 1 AF 1 -v""f,j?4i12ig1,'?1 'X' . g A 1 ew g Reflecting on their past years, the hoys had continuously proven to he one of the hest teams in the state. VVith the outstanding participation and coaching the team has heen receiving their superior record in the many years to come. l. Senior Mike XVoeruer takes a hreath during a 100 meter Breastroke relay. 2. Resting up after a hard meet is junior Brad Hales. Q6 L 3. Swimming the 100 Butterfly is junior Tim Kusumi. -1. Tom Leonard concentrates before attempting a hack flip off the hoard. 5. just hefore entering the water, Tom Leonard com- pletes his dive. fi. junior Kirk Figon swims Breastroke during a relay. T. Another successful dive for Senior Matt Mahus. 'N ,.. ez. Q Q-3 'Why 'ft U r 41 Hard work reflects SUCCESS Stading the year with a "twice-a-day" practice whedule, the Knights got a jump ahead of the other teams in the league. The team finished its season with an admirable record. Many seasoned veterans were welcomed backg how- ever, most of the players were young, but experi- enced. Outstanding players returning to the team in- cluded seniors Scott Agnew, Tim Betz, Eric Brooks, and juniors Ron Enyeart, Tom Gilchrist, Brad Havist, Kevin McQuilkin, and Ron Romaniclt. -G 14 f-IN Determination was the key to success, and the team's hard work reflected it. "I felt good about the teamg they had a good attitude," stated coach Boh Alho. "They worked hard, and this is what paid off." I. Senior Eric Brooks looks intensely on the game. 2. junior jim Clifford practices his pitching. 3. First baseman Greg Monda waits for a decision from junior Tom Gilchrist. 4. junior tempting 5. junior tempt to 6. junior Tom Gilchrist gets ready to pitch a fast one 7. junior Greg Monda runs for first base 44 Once again members of the girls' badmin- ton team proved themselves strong by coming out on top. They have gone unde- feated almost since tlie beginning of a Newport badminton team. This year the number of girls trying out in- creased from last year. The team was very strong in both doubles and singles. Singles was once again dominated by returning se- niors Terrie Rogers and Sue Gustafson, and junior Faye Eken, who were also top seated last year. Newport's badminton team continues to be a threat to the opposing teams. This year there was only one match that Coach Lin- coln was even the slight hit worried about, hut as usual they played strong and won. l. Senior Annette Sax pulls way hack for a good, hard swing. 2. VVith an underhand swing, Sophomore Kathy Knnnwiede hits the hirdie. 3. Lori Eken, sophomore, is keeping score for her tezunmates. 4. Standing in ready position, Senior Katy Miskimen watches for the hirdie. s5fbs:..- nge U 'QW at N M 'fini I-Q. -G7 5. Coach Ray Lincoln gives instructions to the had- ininton team. 6. Bohhi Io Duvall, senior, shows good sportsmanship in shaking hands with an opposing player. 7. Prepared for another good hit is Senior Carol Ilowe. 8. Sue Gustafson, senior, gets ready for another smash down the court. 9. Syd McLean and Lucy Chang, sophomores, pause for a moment from scorekeeping to watch the match. it Le Q3 With time techniques may change, but the skills stay the same. The newest technique for the Boys' Soccer Team was the philoso- phy on coach--player relationships. Paul Mendes, a player forthe Sounders and a Newport alumnus, was installed as an assis- tant coach. It was much easier for the guys to relate to Paul. There wasnit the teacher-student relationship. Paul Ren- kert, another Sounder, also helped to coach his former alma-mater earlier in the year. "The pair were a tremendous uplift to the team," remarked Coach Don Her- shey. Dedication was the name of the game. You've got to want it had enough to go out and get it. Physically and mentally, the team was Well rounded, tough and capable of handling anything. As Coach Hershey said, "It just depended on the attitude with which the situation was attacked. Anybody or any team is potentially capableg it just depends on Where you place your prior- ities." Q3 'V Coach Hershey thought that the players were perhaps the best he had ever worked with. And, although over half the players graduated at the end of the season, he feels that there's still hope for next year. "It happens every yearg in time they will be replaced." 1. junior judd Virdeu goes for a goal. 2. Coach Mike Smith and Steve Clearman, junior, discuss the game strategy. 3. After an interception, junior Carl Sikkeina reverses the action. 4. Everybody needs a breather! 5. The players congratulate each other after an out- standing goal is achieved. 5. Sometimes shots can be very tricky. 7. Senior Chuck Parks outruns his teammates and an- ticipates his next move. 8. A short timeout can mean the difference between a win or a loss. Q5 75 Q7 V8 1 .Q . f 1 :X .N f A Y l . I i l I Av 9 ...Q- 'S .La-. A Cirls' Soccer Team Katliy llallcw Pat Bralicc Katy Brown Sue Burton ff , D Laurie Clark Sue Clifford Tracy Cooke Kim Dahlqnist Sharon Dorn Annette Duvall Kathy Edwards ,' 'xxx W Rhonda Erickson -N 'A G Cindy Farrer 573. ' Y ' ' annie jaderliolin , Q the lolnisonfmx' ll Lisa Kntch A 'risty Lindgren C ody MeCartl rlilindy Mc-L' an S ' Colleen Mc-Shan i "" Michelle Mnnnic Natalie Nelson Sandy Siinpkins Sue Thompson Elaine Virden Debbie Westover Jayne NVhitworth T +V 34. N w is 'J wh 258754 4 2 1, T'-52441 Miixl ' x s ri SN ' E323 sr -f of O l .. s.--f ff ' 'af fit xv? 1 ,,. .sl ' 1 , f . .f"' 3.4 ws N rx w 2' Q ' -0 f 'X fl , a A Y' .ate 3, r,,1 aw ,4 i , .955 . , .t,. , 1 7' -sw.-at Q32 1 - if petition. "Most of the school districts play in the fall, so it would be hard for them to get hack together again in the spring. But the champs of the KingCo Conference get to play against champs of the Metro Con- ference," Coach Kretz said. There were no real outstanding players on the team from Coach Kretz's point of view. "Each girl has a job to do out there, and she does it. But, each of the girls from both j.V. and varsity could he playing as a '94 starter on varsity for another team." l. Senior Jody Mt-Carthy drihhles the hall down the field. 2. jody McCarthy looks on after junior Kathy Iohn- son heads the hall. 3. Senior jamie Iaderholm and Junior Natalie Nelson save the hall after an opponenfs kick. 4. knior Lisa Kutch kicks the ball hard to a team- mate. 5. Kathy Ballew and Tracy Cooke, juniors, jog off the field after one of their victories. 6. Rhonda Erickson, sophomore, Watches the game intensely. T. Annette Duvall, sophomore, drilmlmles near the op- ponent and prepares to pass the hall. 8. Annette Duvall passes the hall across the field. 5 as Q6 .t . X f . A r " ,' ,U .- . uf. ' f -7 A-8 121 .sm .' Personal goals stressed 1 2 4- Q5 4 Track is an excellent chance for individuals to develop personal talent and demon- strate it against others in competition. Suc- cess in track depends on how much talent is present and how hard each person is willing to work to develop that talent. It is up to each student how far his talent and dedication will take him. To have a good track team each individual must be dedicated and have the desire to work. But unlike other sports, an out- standing individual is not held back by a V6 poor team. "Individuals can develop their talents and become state champs," said Coach Dwaine Hatch, "if theyire devoted." 1. Mark Rvun, senior, works hard at kee in f ll sleadv . P I-1 . pace. 2. Sophomore Mike Musgrave races after being' passed the lmuton. 3. Newport rlmners dash to reach the finish line. 4. Senior Steve Rands warms up at the discus throw. Personal best achieved Along with team spirit, the Cirls' Track team members strived for their individual goals-their personal best. The team par- ticipated in six league meets, an All-City meet, and, in May, the championships. Among the ontstnading track competitors was jruiior Michele Carver, in the 880, and the mile relay. Seniors Therese Brenner and Debbie Ford were exceptional in sprints and relays. The team's strength was in the rluining events. 124 Q1 -fe Q2 22.32 --If 'T f sm, - 5, ,JXP at - 1-ts..- ' -f- Q7 ,531-I Q N The most noted girls in the field events were Roberta Hopper and Liz Bounds, ju- niors. The field events included discus, high jmnp, long jmnp, and shot put. "The girls Worked very hard, they were en- thusiastic, and we had plenty of good team spirit," commented Kathy Hutton, coach. 1. Kay Poppe, sophomore, psyches herself up for her next event, 2. Edging into the lead for a victory is Senior Therese Brenner. 3. Striving for a few extra inches is junior Roberta Hopper. 4. Breaking the tape ahead of Mercer Island is junior Leigh Iardine. 5. Heidi Burdick, senior, watches Anne Custaveson lead the pack. 6. Coach Kathy Hutton is pleased with the results of the relay team. 7. Accomplishing a new goal is junior Liz Bounds as she sqneaks over the har. 8. Sandy McComb and Barbie Koenig, juniors, and Emily Mortimer, sophomore, make the sweep. 9. Kyomi Satoh, junior, builds up her lead in a long distance run. r ef ' --.fn W' Q3 -8 Q-4 -9 -Q-5 u, .4 .- .. 4 vw . 1: T , Q gf:.p'5i'fQ-"Av 4 .W " A-L, .- ' fe... K, v 9. are, . "-'f'-iv 551' 5 j'.+'P'?:.?sn', if f, fy nn A, -- . 'tr-....- , 3. Lu" 125 Boys aim high Mental attitude contributes greatly to suc- cess in the game of tennis, as do strategy and careful placing. All of these aspects of the game were practiced by this year's boys' tennis team. Aiming to be top in the district, the team got off to a strong start. Coach Robert Cle- land felt the strongest players were Scott Pearson, Steve Galvagno, and Gary Mar- shall. However, Coach Cleland said, "All 2 41 l 42 the boys are fine players." On their way to the top, the team had to face Mercer Island, Bellevue and Sam- mamish, their toughest competitors. But age and strength were the boys' strongest advantages. l. Sophomore Cary Marshall finds a two-handed hackhand more powerful. 2. Senior Mike XVoemer attacks the hall fiercely. 3 Team has slow start This year the Girls' Tennis Team got off to a slow start, but ended up in winning form. Practices were scheduled to begin before school started, but no one tumed out. Once school began, though, nineteen dedicated girls showed up on the courts. Four seniors, five juniors and ten soph- omores made up the squad. Mr. Fran Drake, the girls' coach, said, "I was pleased with the enthusiasm. I feel the pro- gram will be strong in future years because we have many young playersf, The team's T43 Q1 2, Q4 128 - Q- 5 I r lv I Q overall record was 7-3, with outstanding performances by Senior Marja Marshall f 10-OD, junior Traci Cooke Q9-lj, Junior Sue Hannah C8-2Q, and a doubles team con- sisting of Iuuior Sue Rose and Senior Sandy Simpkins Q7-35. Marja was team captain and also chosen Most Valuable Player. ju- nior Kim Murray received an award for Most Improved. Senior Sandy Simpkins again gained the title of Most Inspirational for the second time. She had received it once before in her sophomore year. 1. Sophomore Kris Gustafson "goes for it." 2. junior Cindy Zink awaits the ball. 3. Style and grace are important factors in tennis, as shown by Sophomore Tami Spencer. 4. Carefully planning her next shot is Sophomore Carol Thorpe. 5. junior Traci Cooke looks to the sideline before her next serve. 6. With her eyes on the ball, Iunior Kim Murray pre- pares for her "killer backhandf' 7. Senior Marja Marshall displays her own version of the backhand, 7 l gi 129 3 Xi? if It f 4 9, gr' Y xg . '6- i' ly! X YA W A V Z J x A 58 -- f 0 " , I C3 , A ,, . W I 2 Q., n,""N . fy.:-:flffa . -.X O f. Newport's academic program is designed for reaching and reviewing. In science you can take a class as basic as Biology or as challenging as Animal Studies. One of the more popular courses was Ecology, in which students went on numerous field trips. English took on a new face with a number of new classesg some of these being Composition and Practical Writing. The overall program was reviewed as a success by the English faculty. The Math Department has as many different courses as any student would want to take. One of the courses taken by seniors was Math Summary, in which a review of the basic processes was covered. Out of all the required courses speech was one of the most popular among sophomores and juniors. They learned a great deal about communicating with their peers, as well as with parents and teachers. Overall, Newport's academic program can be as rewarding an experience as one could hope for. The half-time buzzer rang and the Drill Team took over the floor. 'Hovv'd ya, do on the U. S. World test?' 'Pretty good, but I had trouble on the essayf 'Same with me.' ,Rei We k'XxN 'Q 'inef- W., a 'There's my third hour teacher. Maybe he's graded the papers. l'll go ask.' He became oblivious to the half time activities as his eyes wandered over the stands and the groups that filled them. 33 4 'What did ya get?' 'He thinks it was a B-he's not sure.' As the players took their positions all attention was directed to Center court, and the second half got under Way. 9 fl : milf! For avvhile, the momentum would switch from side to side, but it soon began to build in the home team's favor. 'Too bad he fouled out.' 'Ya, in the closing minutes, but he was the leading soorerf 135 36 Problems are handled v 91 Q2 Contact with all students, not just the problem ones, was something both the ad- ministration and the counselors were al- ways trying to accomplish. The administrators were confronted with problems every day and had to have an- swers for all of them. For instance, what to do about garbage clean up, and better landscaping around the school. These were two of the goals set by Mr. Ed Rosin, vice- principal. E 93 Organization was not a problem for the ad ministration this year. Everyone involved had their duties and they completed them "The climate, environment and the stu dents are more school-oriented, both aca demically and activity-wise, than it has been in past years," commented Mr. Rosin The Counseling Center was an area de signed to help all students with personal, academic and social problems, and they ,-12 ,-we , fs' - Q. - "if . Q. be Tix -4 V5 V6 l l Q l 4 I A' did it very well, according to Mr. Fred Freeburg. Vocational and occupational information could be obtained all year long from the computer terminal, which is now owned by the Center. "The Counseling Center was one of the warmest places in the building, both physi- cally and humanly," commented Mr. Free- burg. ...AQ Q7 4 W N M -v--ask i , Linn.. 1. Mr. james Scott, principal, takes a breather from his busy schedule. 2. Ms. Karin Cathey, vice-principal, starts hcr day off with a smile. 3. Mr. Ed Rosin, viceeprincipal, keeps things nmning smoothly. ' 4. Ms. Marian Lamont, the business manager, works hard. 5. One of the counselors, Mr. Fred Freeburg, thumbs through some student records. 6. Mr. Mike Hitch, counselor, sighs after seeing one of his students. J ws .sir',' I' I. . .n' ' 1 ' at ' , e. Q' ' ' ...All-AN.. 98 7. Ms. Maja Cowan, counselor, is amused by a stu- dent's comment. 8. Mr. Ted Kirchhoff, counselor, talks to a concerned parent. 137 29 ,. xQ 5s Office runs smoothl .111 A -Fifi 1 A I -'r'1ff.-ay-Fgijjf The time is past when secretaries use a quill pen in their everyday work. They still make use of basic secretarial skills such as typing and filing, but now there's more. By their experience and efficiency, they can now be called Office Managers. Secretaries are very important because they are the first to meet and deal with the public as they come in the door. Secretar- A 3 2 -fs 4. ' I9 V' X 45 'Q . 3 Y ' fi ies often act as liaison for the public, par- ents, teachers and the administration. Few students realize the contributions our secretaries make daily. They continually work within the complex plan of running the program smoothly. 1. Ms. Karen Pinnick, counselor's secretary, is respon- sible for keeping the Counseling Center running smoothly. Nt if Q5 77 2. Ms. Miriam Yanoff, school accountant, handles all ASB money and keeps track of the budget for all stu- dent groups and clubs. 3. Ms. Donna Carkeek is responsible for the paper- work that comes out of assistant principals' office. 4. Ms. Calloway, Senior Lisa Kutch, junior Kathy johnson and Sophomore Tina Templeman in the At- tendance Office. 5. Ms. Elsie Galloway, attendance secretary, is the one who greets late students, let out those who want to go home early, and deals with those who were not where they were supposed to be. U6 xx 8 V lui 6. Ms. Fran Troje, registrar, keeps student schedules and information straight. 7. Ms. Ruth Condello, faculty secretary, helps teach- ers make more work for you. 8. Ms. Sylvia Breshears, principal's secretary, is the one who keeps Mr. Scott's head on straight. She also is here all year long, doing all of the secretarial work for the summer. 139 140 1-Q. 5' ZQ. 69 34 Cooks really care fu Did you ever suspect that someone at school cared about what you ate? Believe it or not, the cooks did, and they planned menus that were nutritious. More yogurt, salads and fmits were also con- sumed by students. Ms. Peggy Berry, the head cook, commented, "Students are aware of the nutritional value of food and have good eating habits." To help promote healthful eating habits 7 'Q 4G 8 one of the two snack machines in the Cafe- teria was stocked with raisins, nuts, cheese, and crackers and the like. The cooks were happy to meet the stu- dents' demands and hoped that the health food trend would continue. l. Ms. Peggy Berry, head cook, supervises and cooks main dishes. 2. Ms. Janice Smith makes change for a twenty dollar bill. 3. Ms. Cwenn Dodge serves a la carte lunches to stu- dents and faculty. 4. Ms. Lela Defeld serves breakfast before school. 5. Ms. Sue Sein helps serve lunch. 6. Ms. Ulla Foster bakes breads and desserts for New- port and Ringdall. 7. Ms. Erika Parker assists in baking bread. 8. Ms. Markie Miller frantically serves type A lunches. Not pictured are Ms. Shirley Raatz and Ms. Sawako Hacker. 9' xx ' ,- 4-wg: 141 A .Nga U 9. A, 4 -41 wg' Q F l F Q1 ww-mam -Q-4 2 'fda -,,,4 After clances, llomeccnning, pep asseln- blies, Tolo and niore, who was always there to help clean up? The custodians, thatls who. Everyday, all day, eight men and one woman were lmnsy cleaning np after stn- dents. N0 matter how messy we left a place, it was always cleaned up hy the next clay. In addition, they clitl such tasks as in- stalling microphones, repairing machines and waxing floors. Ja t S t t Q i snack' E 5 .M ,.W.WMw,'.wW...wN 3 ff Q-5 .6 .7 Q8 NVIICII aSliCLl ll0W he liked l1iS j0lJ, MY. Al- 4, Custodian Al Thomas, relaxes during a coffee hert Thomas, an evening custodian stated, break- "I like it. The only drawback is when I see 5. joe Ost, custodian, is 'caught in the actf some student come toward me, I know ex- 6. Dick Bradshaw, head night custodian, enjoys his actlv what thev'll say, 'Hey Al, I need a fa- ' ' ' ' work. vor."' l. Custodians relax lmefore starting their work. T. Custodian Charles Donley grins for the photogra- pher. 2. Night custodian Vern Kopp, enjoys a moment of , rest. 8. Custodian Vern Ropp gets a chauffered ride to work from Al Thomas. 53. Head custodian Ben Carroll, concentrates on the rest of his day. 14 144 Class of 1 979 145 1 Juniors have identity Getting as many people involved as pos- sible and establishing an identity were the major goals of the Iunior Class Officers. The class was advised by Mr. Dan Holden and the officers were President Janie Smith, Vice President Dorothy Hoffman, Secretary Cindy McLellan, Treasmrer Kim Cillman and Historian jenny Breitenfeldt. "We want to make money, spend money and most importantly, have fun making and spending money," said Ianie Smith, who was very excited about her class and its activities. They planned such events as candy sales, garage sales and a sports com- petition. The Iunior Officers all worked very well together and were happy to see their plans come through with lots of involvement. l. Historian jenny Breitenfeldt looks down to New- port. 2. Kim Cillman, treasurer, wades through the weeds. 3. Vice-President Dorothy Hoffman turns and smiles. 4. Cindy McLellan, secretary, leans near the Library. 5. Ianic Smith, president, thinks of something to say. A - S fi fn Anne Karen Cliff Chris Liza Acker Adams Alberts Alma-lose Almonrode Q. W .. 1 I 'W L A Ianice Robin Nicole Tom Rene Alverson Amstadt Anderson Anderson Arbaugh at . C ' ' m Scott Iudie Ti Amey Arnold Aspinall Sharon Robin Avolio Babcock Ron Karen Kathy Laurie Marsha Baker Balch Ballew Barker Basey 1 2 '- r A - , . - . Q 5M ..- Ms Q i A Don Bennion FQ 1 .- t K . 1 ,J A we . i B B f' Kristi Bescli v ' X ., qu lm 5 ll . -r P , U 'K 4 A . gg o fx l X Liz Boundi Alun Brown I ' - . S wb -3 -4 Les M ark Brad Charlie Bentley Bergeson Bergfalk Bernstein Q 5 , Ann Kerry Dave Mike jared Steve Lisa Bialek Blake Blazier Blomquist Bob row Borchers Borg 'il- sq, an at KJ J we as 5 Bonnie Linda Kathryn Ian jenny Matt Pat Bradley Braunstein Breckel Breen Breitenfeldt Brenner Brogan f . X 1, , i if ' 6 . Glen Kathy Lani Mike Rex Nancy Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brlunbangh 147 48 Math problems solved VVhen you got cross-eyed trying to figure out how many apples Ceorge had if he had one-seventeenth as many as Herman, who was twice as old as his brother ..., wasn't it nice to know that there was somewhere you could go for help? In the Math Resource Center QMRCJ, there was always someone willing to help you with any kind of math problem. "It is a place where people can get help with their problems or just study," observed Ms. Te- resa McCuire, the new instructional assis- tant in the MRC. "I like to think of it as a place where they can find interesting things to do." Ms. McGuire planned to make it a more interesting and fun place by adding more games and puzzles. She wanted to increase the number of students who used the MRC while still maintaining the same standard of service. 1. Mr. Davis Vail poses in his office in the MRC. 2. junior jim Quickstad addresses the ball aggressi- vely. 3. juniors Andy Dalton and Dave Williams attempt to stop junior Steve Clcarman during a weekend football game. 4. Mr. Donald Perry, who is shown here teaching a physics course, also taught fundamental math and electronics. 5. Ms. JoAnn Pharr smiles at her math students as Sophomore Robert Mimbu checks his homework. Ms. Pharr also taught Social Studies courses. 6. Ms. Teresa McGuire works with Junior Nancy Briunbaugh on a tough math problem. i t. e i Cordon Barb Barb Sh eba Chris Buck Bullock Burton Bussing Butaud ,QP Doug Stu Karin Ric Kathy Cameron Campbell Carlson Carlson Carroll Q1 Q2 if Q. Dave Michele Christyne jim Greg Carter Carver Case Cecil Cederstrom Debbie Tyra Caroline Doug Tony Ceely Cerny Cervarich Chadwick Chalfant Doug Charles px Samuel Chase Q3 'fa 4 Slcvc Clcarman W. ii' Amy Cheng Debbie Christensen Snc Churchill jan Church Lisa Clark Cary lim 4 4 .Q 5 Clarke Clifford A fe QQ., ,iw ,oi . A +r.'wr'j - 'Q f'??f'fff1i r y , Br i X S C lx Q3 11 ' ' , K x ' 'fit ' A , my J x - JN , Stacey Curt Tracy jeff Coe Cologna Cooke Cooper 3 s Q ' Maia Dave Susan Kathleen Correa C randon Crane C ranston Q 6 if 9. I . l ,af 5 ' . 01 V EQ . f, -A iZff,,,q:1A ' , 5 M' me ,vc Lfv Am 149 150 I.E. builds futures Industrial Education builds for the future, helping students to realize their potential and gain experience that will open up many fields for them. The Industrial Arts Department consisted of Mr. Hugh Cheeseman, Mr. Greg Coy and Mr. Dennis Kempf. Mr. Cheeseman in- structed the metal working classes, power mechanics and he also helped in the con- struction trades. Mr. Coy, who has taught photography for six years here, was new to the drafting department. Mr. Dennis Kempf, a former teacher at Bellevue High, taught the woods classes. There was growing interest through the year in Industrial Arts, but Mr. Kempf stated he would like to see more girls in his classes because, "Woods can be very per- tinent in their lives toof' He believes it is important for young people to get in- volved with woods because there is such a growing field in construction. Mr. Kempf said, "There are a lot of jobs out there re- lated to woodf, The department, according to Mr. Kempf, had excellent equipment that matched any in the district and bettered most schools in the state. 1. A junior carefully Sponges on the finishing touch. 2. Junior Iohn McCullough contemplates the situ- ation. 3. Soccer buddies Colleen McShane and Lisa Maybee giggle at the photographer. 4. Mr. Dennis Kempf takes a breather after helping a student with a wood project. 5. Mr. Hugh Cheeseman demonstrates for his stu- dents liow to "do it right". Laura Lisa jennifer Criley Cromwell Crowder ...K K . sig," Z. Nancy jan Kim Crowley Curre Dahlquist Andy Craig Kenny . if ' I Dalton Daly David Q I Brian Peter Davies Davison Scott Alan " Davison Dawson Q 2 v 3 Doug john Kevin Ken Day Deszo Dettwiler Dickenson A f at T? Q' X. a , t if Tom Greg Katie Torrey Dolliver Dore Downey Dringman S av H ,N E f' - r 4' Libby Steve Bunny Dubar Ducic Dunbar Craig Curt Bruce Dwyer Dwyer Earley x P AX A lib ? Kay Marvin Faye Eckstrand Eide Eken Lynette joel Keith Ron Bobbi Elliott Embrey Em ry Euyeart Espedal an-Q-f-""""" " E 14 sw' . , l,. 4' ,.-:fx 1 g Q4 ,S jim Esposito ft Q ' X' QA ' E ' ,E-1 v ' 5 ,, of i lk I W . 5533-L is. A- Mark Laurie Evans Evelyn 151 15 Cultures shared Would you be able to communicate with a person from another country? Teaching this skill was the basic goal of the foreign language classes. A new addition to the teaching staff was Alice Savitch. Ms. Savitch was born in Germany and later moved to Bolivia. She teaches both German and Spanish and is completely trilingual. The Foreign Langauge Resource Center is a place where students can go for extra help with their assignments and to listen to tapes. Also there were some students who were in accelerated programs who inet in the Center daily for class. According to Mr. Lyle Nichols, depart- ment head, "The foreign language teachers and students have had an excellent year. I think, however, we all need a few weeks' vacation to get ready for another exciting year." l. juniors Kirk Parce and Amy Harper spend their study hall sitting on the radiators. 2. Caught hy surprise is Karl Paulsen, junior. 3. Ms. Alice Savitch, new foreign language teacher, emphasizes the pronunciation of a new word. 4. Mr. Lyle Nichols is amused at a student's question. if john john Grey Mary Rob Everett Ewins Ezell Fleckenstein Fletcher W ras X 45 Ax I X r , x 5 1,541- Cindy Debbie Shawn Dennis Brian Forbes Ford Forquer Fox Frazee Y N j ' N ' .3 X Mike Deborah Melanie Vicki Steve Freed Fry Fuller Funderburk Galvagno Russ Kim Pam Randy Karen Gillam Gillman Goddard Gray Greene v- J? 1',N of?rn Scott Fran Marcel Doug Greer Gregory Guerrero Gunter 2 1 Anne Brad Cnstavcson Hales 5 . -2 5 H V Q X' 1 i l Leslie Chris Hales Hall Mary Tznny Hamilton Hznnpel Susan Cheryl Hannah Hansen Business is booming Many students are beginning to prepare themselves for the future, thus keeping the enrollment in the Business Education De- partment growing. Students are being trained in the areas of preparation, knowl- edge and skills for both their personal and vocational lives. Data Processing and the Audio Visual Cen- ter were on trial last year and they worked out so well that they were made per- manent this year. The Audio Visual Center is a cabinet full of 400 tapes and filmstrips, which cover forty or fifty categories. The topics range from thought problems to learning the metric system. Mr. Al Dormaier, department head, said, "The department is continually updating its equipment. Office machines, such as programmable calculators, a computer ter- minal and graphics equipment, are used to train people to compete in the fast progressing business world." l. Mr. Frank Herzog helps one of his students. 2. jenny Breitenfeldt, junior is amazed at what her friends say. 3. Barb Price, junior, smiles when she is called upon by her teacher. 4. Mr. WaltvHaeck glances at the camera while show- ing a filmstrip to his students. 154 , . Q Q 2-Q 1 jeff Iulie Denise Chris Hedwall Hopper Hild Hildenbrand F ' Xxx : Fifpxg 1 V Q 5 . Q. l S141 . r fq , Nancy Debbie Dorothy Mike Hilscher Hoffmann Hoffmann Holland 4. If Chris Todd Roberta Dan Holmdahl Hooper Hopper Houghton Ag.. ,L V xg A ffm N Terri Pam Scott Mark Howard Hulin Hunter Irwin l ifgg upo- 0 l Q O O Q- 1 V ,ir J-if 4,- 1. ' . 9 V' s X. P l Q3 22 Q 4 gf "mr A N-z 2 , .ffh 4' 8 Y' ,QQ , s .4 ' , Vik Qs, s Q of -..., ,. S 4 il.. VN- ..' Brian on Lance Laura Lei fh Cindi B Isaacson Iverson Jacobson Janson Jardine Jennings A J' 9 is favs r V K K Hi. .. s RJL ' 'YQ J gf 'f Yin 1 7 1' ' " .ds 1 J' -, K -: f . ' K If ' 6 ' E Chris Dan Bobbi Jan Jenny Kathryn Jensen Jensen Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson A Kris Richard Russ Richard Jody Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Jordheim X f: K" . -4 Q- ? N: V wks Q Z ij' - . - 37 . Darlene Kathy Julia Greg Dave Kajiinnm Karwal Kato Keeney Kegel 155 Visit the past and the future "And now for a look into the past, present and - future." This past year the Social Studies Depart-N ment was mainly interested in strength- ening the courses that were already of- fered. Mr. Bruno Pierini, chairman of this department, said that there is a new class on the drawing board right now. "Futures" is the title he gave it and it will be a look into the problems of the world and what will happen tomorrow. Hopes are that this class will be offered next year as a world studies requirement. Mr. Pierini feels that the Social Studies Department offers a wide variety, instead of just the very minimum required courses. "This department is strong because of the many talented people we have," stated Mr. Pierini. 1. junior Fran Gregory, Sophomore Scott Fuller and Senior Sharon Foster take notes while attentively lis- tening. 2. Mr. jim Lockerbie finds one of his student's papers amusing. 3. Current affairs is part of the semester study in Mr. Bob Mitchell's USXWORLD class. 4. Mr. Ken Beall explains to his Origins of Civ- ilizations class the film they are about to see. 5. Ordering new books for the SSRC is one of the jobs of Ms. Heidi Habersetzer. 6. Mr. Bill Green is known for his Economics class discussions. Kevin Cary Keierleber Kesselring Cathy Bruce Kilbom King Eddie Karen King King . ,iA. .1 -M 1 K Q m V, Vgpi I . 3' N B' 'ffl , Q K El. .. ' S l ' Q In Bill Barbara Kirk Koenig ln. ve-"""' -- Q 1 1 :rf vt vs- A Teri jean 2 ' Komell Kosanke A 2 ' 3 et.'i 'N' gr. Q , V, 8 y ,. ,, . 6 S ar Q ,. l ' -A - 'W . J ' " i .t M. ! - ' -- ' Evi Steve Kosenkranius Kroeger ' ,. .. L Mark Tim Kuenster Kusumi 'ff "if , 3 1 z Cheryl Karen Q Lance Lange 5 3 4 Ii john Robin Lareen Lareen I Q4 Q5 "1-manga-1:-wg, Mark Kevin Lerchcnmueller Leverenz Mary Hank Richard Paul Levy Lolmdcll Loman Luchino ' av- 1 Wi.,-. t :S Y f Q' - -' N Q Q J , ,r . 3 janet Lynn Cathy Mike MacLean Maclin Maes Mains v 6 I KK 5, 1' -. Mike Art Marc Rob Matt Majnarich Mallonee Martin Mathiesen MHUSOH L 4 ' 'QQ ' ' Lisa M ikc Robert Mary Tom Maybcc McAllister McAuliffe McCarthy McCarthy 157 Science builds esteem The Science Department doesn't mess around. The teachers have had to deal with very few accidents, and they want to keep it that way. The Department was also thor- oughly inspected for safety and has now complied with the most recent safety regu- lations. As they say in the science wing, 'No experiment is worth a student's life or limb.' "We always tried to impress upon the stu- dents that to fool around in the lab is dan- gerousf' said Department Head Denis DuBois. One major objective of science classes was to create a higher self-esteem for each stu- dent. The teachers firmly believed that ev- ery student should have the opportunity provided to believe in his intellectual ca- pabilities and to feel a higher sense of self- worth. They also stressed the point that science teachers and the science community is on the whole not monotonousg that there is something for everybody. l. Mr. Mark Peterson is amused at a student's com- ical gesture. 2. Ms. Marcia Stuart, tries to control a grin as the photographer candidly snaps a picture. 3. Junior Randy Cray concentrates on drawing straight lines. 4. Jimior Paul Luchino is too absorbed in his home- work to notice the photographer. 5. Mr. Ed Ramey anxiously tries to stir a dormant in- tellect. 6. juniors Marvin Eide and Scott Davison give the Computer Terminal a try. Q1 52' Mike Cindy McC0nnick McLellan Eric Kevin McNamara McQuilkiu Colleen Pat McShane McSorley . . Q . ' 75 . I, K' I T if ,. ,1 ,gh ' . S iv fl Melanie M ikc Meadows Meder l Stu David Melby Miller ,X i Doug Greg Mimbu Miyata Monda P i Karen Morillas Mueller Q Brett Michelle Scott Mullins Munnich Murr QPF' Il Bruce jeff Murri Myers I n - M121 :af ra L 1 wk f Chris Kurt Vale ri Barb Dave jenn y Nzuzlm Nagel Nebekcr Neilson Neithcrcott Nelson E Xl-l O i f s R. V- x. 'ffl -I . ' . I I J V f J Ed Erwin Todd Chris Pain Scott N cvcs N cvcs Nielson Nigro N ill Nodcll jeff Scan Nylnzxn O'Donncll X Rob Tracy Olney Olsen Aclora Lorcn Olson Osborn ' 3 - 4 Q 5 A 6 159 0 Juniors ohoose electives Did you notice extra confusion at registra- tion when the junior! Senior English class was no longer offered? The program changed this year for the students. The year long junior!Senior English was dropped and the students chose between a list of classes. A semester of a writing class and a semester of a literature class were re- quired for graduation. Classes such as Composition, Expository Writing and Nar- rative Writing were just some of the classes offered under writing. Others, such as American Literature, British-Irish Litera- ture, and Myth and Classical Literature were also offered. The teachers seem to agree that the stu- dents felt they were learning more because they chose an area of interest or an area they needed help in. The goals of the English Department vary, but as Mr. Robert Cleland said, he wants to use his understanding of the subject to teach students to apply what they learn in class to the contemporary world. 1. Ms. Kim Anthony is amused by a student's re- sponse. 2. Mr. jack Wilson smiles inwardly while playing the part of an overseer. 3. Mr. Robert Cleland explains a written assignment to his class. 4. Bobbi johnson, junior, has a very sullen look for the cameraman. 5. Ms. Sharon Cruikshank takes time out for a quick pose. X if 1 Kim Alice Kristina Padgett Palmer Palmer al Patti Kirk Greg Pao Parce Parish s f - Karen Suzanne Karl Parsons Paszek Paulsen 1 A ' 3 ,,.,,,,.., ..,.,,.. Y. ...........,. -L , Scott Tracy Pearson Peltier 'zwtntkf F lC" f in , I I, Lori Fabienne Perkins Peter-Contesse i L i ff sg if W QP Q ff rn Bob Karri Linda Robert Mark Peterson Peterson Peterson Pfau Phibbs Q 9 r' 5' .. fdw QQ? Laurie Ted Brian Carmen jeff Pickering Pilot Poulsen Prissinotti Probst David jim Laura Proclil Quickst ad Rands fi' r 50 N Chuck Cheryl llcbbc llciblc Rcnkert 4? 'Y' we v A 6 I sf Q ' N l X 'll f 5 ' 7 5 51 is , , h! -W Iill Renee Liz V " llenicha Renter Robinson 2 A ,IU 3 . 'W slim ,jf 'ff ' xnxx 'N N """""i Page Matt Stef Robinson Rockcastle Rockastlc Brian Bob Lori Rodriguez Roedel Rogers xl V fl 5 9 A K lv-fu X, ' 161 Skills are studied in reading How often do you need to use reading skills each day? Practically every minute. That is why passing a basic skills test is necessary for every student before grad- uating. Department Head Mr. Irwin Sameth stated, "The whole country realizes that students possess minimum reading tal- ent to cope with the worldf' As a result, more basic skills courses were offered. These covered such things as how to read graphs, charts, maps and reference materials. The classes were relatively small-an average of 16 people per class-which enabled, the students to receive more individual at- tention. People ,who wanted to improve in finer skills, such as speed reading and com- prehension, as well as basic skills, were also welcome to take the course. 1. Mr. Irwin Sameth is pleased with his students. 2. Karen Parsons is intermpted by an Annual Staff photographer. 3. Ms. Edna Burns enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the Reading Center. 4. Lenny Ross wakes up to Monday moming. 5. jim Quickstad is caught by surprise. ,,,, .. 2 v 4 Rick Rosaaen - i Lynn Sage ,V 5. Scattergood Q I V , 3 I g 1 X4 ., rx' Q S N .t leaf ' .wi 1 . 'Se' Y Lori julie Ed Todd Schwerzel Scott Sein Sessions X Q ir. 2 X JR ., , - x ,X X , at SS X s , J'-2 -S Dave Sandy Mark Lisa Severson Shaffer Shelley Shultz Carl Robe rt Ian Leisa Sikkeina Sims Smith Smith 24 Q4 If Q L '34 Ianie Mike Pat jeff Smith Smith Smith Softli Q A R Y X if Cindy Mark Heather Bill Sotelo Spearman Speirs Spicth Doug Kelly Suzanne Spohn Stam pfler Stanley N , , 5 63 164 Media, equipment updated A lot of people thought the Media Center was where you went to get a film and pro- jector. They were right, but it was much more than that. How many people, for ex- ample, knew that you could make copies of slides, make prints from microfilm, and dry-mount pictures for only the cost of the materials? These were just a few of the ser- vices available. Ms. Virginia Marl, chair- person of the Media Center, remarked, "We have everything but books and we aim to serve." Other services available included loaning of albums and tapes, videotapes, microfilm and recording equipment. Among the many services that were new this year were closed-circuit videotape on two channels throughout the school fremember the lunch-time movies?j and a new wide- angled camera for the videotape machines. Ms. Marl felt that the biggest problem was that people didn't know about the services that were available. "My biggest goal right now is to correct that." 1. Ms. Virginia Marl takes time out from her work in the Media Center to pose for the photographer. 2. Dave Canter enjoys another comment brought up in his speech class. 3. Tony Chalfant and Tom Gilchrist are amused at Tom's latest drawing. 4. The numbers most often seen on the Newport Spirit Banner were 1979. 5. jeff Dao takes advantage of the Library for a quiet study area. 6. juniors Andy Dalton and Kirk Parce discuss their next play. Mike john Still Stine Lori Cindy Strauss Swan jim Robin Swegle Swenson Q 1 jan Suzy Tim amie Rocky Swisher Sylliaasen Tattersall Templeman Tom ldl eitl e ohn Howard i Karen Elaine I B ll Tremblay Trott Tuff Verket Virden ti .31 nf' , J ,I ical? 'Q , r wi A w- 1 rw .. ,1 tiff Q ,A .. f. -I gl V. A ', ? fn" ' 'W 2: I Jn sa' b flvfiii Li Xnewg -wa ' s - r . '-K f i -'fi , 5' ' Sa, if sl. 'Maxi 9-,za l?lg5',t:afg'i.E V5 'TT 7711?-lfts 5 Slit -lin skit. A: A mtg: jg 55 A2 -1.9" yy l5!gP, 5342 ll 5 Nl A K 5 YQ tr at 5 523 as la Q 1 ,c,..,, X .W ., .' J' ' 4" , 1 3 ii? 't'ff"':- fag- I '.-w , ja. - 5 j A' 'M -2. L Qv ' , r,,,-L mg. 5: ,J . a, ',""f- 41,3 - A4 1 45 L ' X Y' 'N f K 5 F - 5' L Dave Erin Carla Voeller VVagstaff Wallace ', - 6 5' -1 ll . A: 'gf 'J' 7. 1' , ,' in-. Q vii K L., .. nn --vi ' Chuck Theresa julie Watson Watson Wclilv J Sarah Robin Walt Warner kia Yu, S' T 1 7+ Marty Anita Wcilmcl Welch Lori Dave Wcslcy Williams 1 . , g Sf. X' " L ' 11 Ronda Darren Williams fn wr ' Wilson Q Marcus Karla Wojcik Wood Tom Susan Woods Youth as t jx 2 Cindy Zink 165 I mf 3 3' 2 23.3.323232323. .3 35323E35.3.3:3:3:3:3:3.3.3.'.3 2:2:2:!3- 3 .3C3.3.3.3 . - .'.' ....... . ....--. . -.I I I I Ill. I I.l.I-I I III- . I I l l l I I I l I I -.-:1: :-:-:2:-:-.-.5.3:-:-:f:2:5:-:-:2:2:2:::3:2: 3- 5.3.3 2323 .3.32 2323.3232323232323232323.32323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232333i323?32 232:2323232323.323232323232323232323.3232323232323232323232323232323232323. 23'2232323232323232 2 2323232 2 23.3232 2323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323'3243232323232 ' ' ' 3 .323232323232323'32323.323'3' 23232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323D3CC2'23C3232323 ' ' ' .3.3 3 3 .3 3 .' 3 323232323232323.3.3232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323 .32323. 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Zfzftfirftfifr . . .55 f 3 . : .3.3.3 2 3 I 5.33 . . 23232323'323232323. .3 23.3. ' '32323. . .3 I E E I I E I E I E E -3 :E 3132515252523 2 2 '. ' '23" .3. 166 ...33.: 3.3.3: . . : . . . . . . . 3 3. : . . 2 23. . . . . . . ' sE2Ss3:: : - - .1435:3525525325532gsgsgsisgsgggsgsgsgsgsggz5:5.,' - - ' Z-I-2-' I-I-Z ' .-.'.'.'.'.-.'.3.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.Q.:.:...:.:.:.:.:...:.:.:.:.: .g.:.:.g.'.:' . .I ...-.....,... ... .-... ....,..... ' . ' ..5:5:5:2"' :i:1:1:3:1cE!:5':E:5E2:2:15'2'2:2:!:E:5 ' .' :s:a:s:2s: v:1:ss5zaaa:-r2f1ss:::e ':. -.-:-:-:-.-:-::.-. '.-H-. ,+, f,1c5c:g '- -:-:-:-:'-' -4-:-:-:-:+.-:-:, :-.h . , 535: '.:3f5f3f1f3f5E5E5f3f5iQ' ' - 4 ' I-2:23.55 '.:I'I:I:Z:l:I:I:I":!:::::...'.'.,. I ' ' ' . . 5.2.2 ":5:5:1:5:l:2:!:2:C:5EU':'-3. ' '.' . . . . ' Iglglglglglgiglglglgiglg . . , . . ': l n n Q' l : ' "'.'.'.'.' ' I 0 n ' :'n':'l5 '1:1:f":2:2:f: " ':2:2:2:2:2: . .-25:5 2523: -- '5:!:l:!:!: -EEEEEESEEEEESEEE 2555552555552 ' ..-555555525 -515522320 :2:5:1:- ':2:2 -:-:-:-:- .:.:.:.: -.'.' .:.:.:.:.g.g :2:!:!'i .-"'5'5:5:2:"' E:Q:f:g:- -- -- .. ,, ,, . ':1:2:2:I . Ers.-. Z'I'I'Z'I:' A212121 25255553 zsfifffifiiizi ' ' ' ' . ...H-... . . .:.g.g.g....... Class of 1 980 167 Adamski Paula Allen 1 Q' M "' 'Km Q v K 1 V jill Miles Mark Laurie Andrews Ashley Astor Austin Debbie Brent Mike Curt Ayling Bahrenburg Baker Balmer but fa- 1. v Q 1, s- x l I Steve Darcy Diane Wendy Barber Barbour Barker Barnes 168 Wendy Allott ' Wal Brett ' Anderson Greg Avent Dede Barben Sheila Barone Carmen Almajose Scott Anderson 2G- David Duffy Barr Baskerville Nate Lisa Bastuscheck Bauman Eric Tom 3 Q Baumann Beam Lisa Kari Pam Dan Doug Beasley Becker Bedell Beerman Bell X 1' Q S A g Sue Chris Bonnie jeff Tom Bender Benis Bergfalk Bergman Bernard gs 55.72 1 W L5 Vilnis Patti john Randy Brenda Bimbaums Bisch Blake Bloom Blum 1 . 1' .- f if i .I ' "lr r' 7 1 A Rl ' 5 3 4 . I lr Lisa Sara Christie Deana Brad Bockhoven Bolson Bolton Borchert Bowers wc, Sophs are surprising Sophomore fSaf-,morjz The beginner, the bottom, the lowest rung on the ladder. Many a joke has been made about the sophomore, from being compared to man's best friend, all the way to being rated on a scale of 1-10 along Senior Hall. Well, how wrong you are this time! The Class of 80 was in no way low, at the bottom, or even similar to our friend Spot. They reached new heights over the soph- omore classes of the past. They led the f1oat competition during Homecoming, and showed an exceptional amount of spirit at assemblies. Their football team also finished with the best record ever. President Kellanne Henry stated, "I feel lucky to be a part of such an outgoing and spirited class. The adjustment is hard at first, but for our class it came especially easily." 1. The Sophomore Class gets a smile of approval from President Kellanne Henry. 2. Sophomore Eric Griffith takes time out from a busy day to take care of the little things. 3. Sophomore Class Officers: President Kellanne Henry, Secretary Shari Sheppard, Vice-President Sue Thompson, Historian Valerie Reynoldsg not pictured is Historian Gina Griffith. 1 l. --fp ' K f. ' A . l Il "n f K - af y ' bQ ' 2 , 'ik X ,Q sg .Q K A Patty Van David Linda Renee jeff Bralmcc Brassington Breckel Breitenfeldt Brooks Brown SW if' ff .- r 7' Katy Kim Randy Peggy Mark jeff Brown Brown Brown Brumbaugh Brune Burch f 'xl KH- . Q ff' " R l "' MAL ., 9 , ll"i . A 'imm r Kathy Teri Kelly Sue Candy Pam Burke Burnett Burris Burton Butler Bye f 3 l n Q- 1 Q 2 170 Q- 4 is E Karen Barry Scott Carl Doug Byers Byington Callaway Carlson Carroll Chris jennifer Craig Lucy Herman Cavanaugh Cecil Chaney Chang Chien 1. A. Rodney lack Steve Dave Sue Chinnick Christiansen Citron Clark Clifford Chris George Alyson Karen Eileen Cologna Cook Coote Copenhaver Cornelius Sophs enjoy speech Today's society revolves around communi- cation and so many of the people never seem to get across in their message exactly what they intended to. Mr. Bill Eyman, speech teacher, said that speech classes are no longer "speech" classes. They deal more with communica- tion. People need help in thinking things out before speaking, and not assuming people can read their minds. To start from the bottom of the problem, according to Mr. Eyman, we need to improve self im- ages and teach people "how to be nice to themselves." They need to think more pos- itively, learn how to recognize good quali- ties and deal with bad ones. Also included in the Speech and Drama Department are Beginning and Advanced Acting, which provide a creative outlet for students. The Drama Department sponsors the all school play, the all school musical and an all school variety show. There is also a class offered called Techni- cal Theatre for students who don't want to act but like to get into the scene by help- ing in such areas as lighting and sound ef- fects. Overall, a great deal of variety is offered by this department. 1. Mr. Iohn Scannell gets a few chuckles as a response to another one of his amusing stories. 2. Mr. Bill Eyman has a serious discussion with one of his students. 3. Listening intently for the next instruction is a member of the Newport orchestra. 4. During a discussion Mr. Cary Walker calmly adds his point of view. 71 Charlie Mark Roh Rhonda Lisa Cher l Y Crane Crochcron Crouch Curdy Currie Curtis cf!! I Linda Sue Mike Chris Cynthia Skip Cuykcndull Dalrym plc Dancn Darby Davis Davis A 3 Tim Bobbi Robert Sharon Karen Laurel Barbara Davis Degcl Donaldson Dorn Drim mel Dunseth Dutto ' ' il f -"' 9' rl! K fi f L s e ,fa Annette Sheri Laurel Ion David Lori Chris Stephanie Duvall Dvorak Earley Eckman Eken Elliott Elliott A 17 -Q1 v a s I gums i we Annum r r?' ."'Lf't K s rf i ln 94 '75 37...- is . ,., X Z S i f- cl s r l A llis ll a .A air. i Brad Ioe Rhonda Regan Ellis Engman Erickson Eserhut jackie Deanne Diana Laurie Estes Everest Fairbanks Farnham Cindy Richard Kirk jonathan Farrar Fassio Faulkner Fellows Drivers are trained Responsibility-Hard work-A good atti- tude-A lot of free time. Traffic Safety, a class made up of mostly underclassmen, in- volves all of these things. It is a class set apart from other classes in that the state sets up a certain "lesson plan" that must be followed, and the teachers Mr. Darren Sipe and Mr. Mick DiRe follow it. There are three parts to the lesson plan: the actual on the road driving, the class- room sessions, and the simulating machine. What is leamed from these areas is directly applicable to the immediate needs of the students. The Traffic Safety program is one where the student has more one-on-one time with the teacher and the teachers like to show them a lot of responsibility and a good atti- tude. "Traffic Safety is the only class in the school that may mean the difference be- tween life and death," commented Mr. DiRe. 1. Mr. Mick DiRe manages a nervous smile while waiting for a student. 2. Mr. Darren Sipe gives a student a shocked look af- ter a comment was made. 3. Kirby Miller, sophomore, studies with immense concentration. 4. Sophomore Randy McDowell crams for a geogra- phy test. 5. Sophomore Susie Franko laughs at her teacher's joke. 6. Mr. Larry Hitchcock, driving instmctor and ath- letic director, makes sure one of the simulating ma- chines is in working order and properly secured. 17 Y Kerry Ferderer '1 l 5 Robert Folie A' 2 .a d P' I Fricdermhs Fulton Farber C rman Leslle Mlchele Debble Garmaman Caskin Cermann Leo Lauri Monica Gillespie Gillis Clasenapp Marjie Diane Goar Grantham f 9 mx it ' s tx Bob Curtis Gratton Gregory is Mark Gina Griesbaum Griffin X A x I3 -'C Doug Mark Grimm Grote - 7 N 2. I 'f' f ,QE 1 hx ,X i 7, s r "1- 4 , ' iin' K1 j. f Y V ' john Kris Susie Kim Tracey Guerrero Gustafson Hahn Hall Halvorson ohn Lisa Hamilton Hanson Cathy Ned Harms ' Hartley Naomi Hara An. Carol Hartwig Everyone needs art There were various art programs, in- cluding the visual arts, crafts, theatre, mu- sic and literature, which invited students to be a part of the search for artistic ex- pression that enriches all of our lives. In Mr. john Grove's opinion, "Art resists tidy definition. As soon as someone decides what art is, someone else will expand our collective vision to a new horizon. Histori- cally, art has both mirrored our vision and expanded it out of sight. It is this quality of the art that continues to invite all dimen- sions of human expression. "Such lofty words may sound above and beyond us all, yet the potential for such as- pirations begins with paint, clay, wood and metal, right here at Newport High School. Many young people have launched their artistic vision in such a humble place as this. Art can be a part of everyone's lives, for its many forms of expression is one of the greatest influences in our life." 1. Sophomore Ulrika Wahlstrom smiles while work- ing in the library. 2. Sophomores Karen Copcnhavcr and Kcllanne Henry demonstrate the "Bird Man." 3. Mr. Ron Ho helps a student on an art project. 4. Mr. Iohn Grove sits back to rest while his pottery students get involved in their projects. 5. Sophomores Pete Russell and Dan Beerman go back to playing with string. 6. Mr. Greg Coy comfortably sits while lecturing his students. 7. Sophomore Sue Von DerLin carries her hooks as she walks through the halls. 175 x Q Beth Holly Connie Carla Rick Ruth Ilurvcy Haskins Haslam Hatcher Heckt Hendrickson 41 Rod Kcllanne Kathy Martina Renee Dennis Hendry Henry Hesslcr Hiemstra Higgins Hightower Curyn Nancy jerry Mark Gary Theresa Hildenhrand Hill Ho Hood Hopper Howland Q 2 3 , N-:of wwf' 41 it 176 'jpg Y, x E . l R ,mg ,. .. Q iexgi i r ' 'Q X xcgwit-I we X t 'xY?'y'?2c1,, Uv as 'Q is X-1-:Sag is xxx by , . 1. 4' f Q Q4 5, Michelle Debi Tom Kelly David llowton Hubbard Huber Hunich Hunt . 5, F ' r -gf lv john Iohn Mary Brett julie Hutchins Hnxel Irwin Iverson Iversen 159k sig S- V s julie Bob Michelle Scott Ion Iverson jackson jarzabek Jennings Iensen "5 fIf'3?fe, 'K . . I I If F- . , fr K 1.52 - s . I - 1 1 .5 X li jackie M ichellc Kim Marek jerome jones jordheim Iudd Kasp rzyk Kavcsh English changes English started off with a bang when the English Department changed its program. Sophomore English changed from a year- long to a one semester class, leaving the second semester open for the student's choice. These changes came about when the requirements were reviewed for the sophomores. Sophomores now have to pass a competency test containing writing skills and punctuation, as well as some usage be- fore they graduate. The first semester was spent reviewing and improving their writ- ing skills in Sophomore English and thc second semester was spent in either a writ- ing or literature class of the student's choice. One goal of the Sophomore program was to teach students to do well with basic skills without over-emphasizing it. l. Ms. Donna Hughes chuckles at a response given by one of her Sophomore English students. 2. Mr. Fran Drake answers one of his sophomore stu- dent 's quest ions. 3. Dr. Fred Meitzer concentrates on adjusting a cam- era in the Broadcasting Room. 4. Ms. lane Vosk glances at the cameraman for a pic- ture. 1 -lulm X, livh' Su vm 6 hm Pm, lwllcmn In llu IXLHIIIL, lwlly Kvvlvl' x Pillll Alilll KUIIIICKIY Kcycs ' x Q 5 A , -Q , A , 1 1 :ng X Byron Klingforlh cm-,L Kosaulkc- 'ix X Y X Nita Kovul Dino Kralllis Dcul JCL' Krvl ms L . 5 Q.. i ef Suzi Krekus Q A' Y .Y ,, , x' Phil Kropelnicki K-4 Krueger Q 6 Y f f I Doug Kathy Linda Carol Heidi Knunmel Krumwiede Kunzler Kuzeja Lake FF' Q- . il r t.- Thomas Glenn jeff Lisa Matt Lake Lane Leach Lehning Leishman Isabelle Michael Wendy Sandy Heidi LeLong Leong Lepsoe Libbey Lineberger l L P K jim Danny Ion Diana Brad Littleton Luke Luke Lund Lytle P.E. becomes popular Flag football - weight training - archery - figure contouring - floor hockey - soc- cer. These were but a few of the many P.E. courses offered this year. Participating stu- dents worked with some of the new equip- ment available, such as the new Weight- Training Room. Different school districts around the state came to visit Newport's P.E. department. Mr. Lincoln, Department chairman was pleased with the quality P.E. program that has been receiving a lot of recognition throughout the state. 1. Heading back to the locker room aftcr another class is Ms. Kathy Hutton. 2. Mr. Don Hershey times a student during his floor hockey class. 3. Mr. Bill Bloomer watches his students progress on the field. 4. Mr. Ray Lincoln is pleased with the quality P.E. courses offered at Newport. 5. Cramming homework is a familiar sight around Newport. 6. Ms. Iudy Olsen poses for the camera after her class. 179 Itlitll Stove N1tlCl,Ctlll Musk !".' C1-no C11 ry NIKIHOIICC Mz1rsl1all 1,1 ek N xt FQ Q, ta 3 5 A 5 Mark Eric Mains Mukus Shelly Crcg Nlllfttll Matthews L , . jeff Christa Sandy Scott Muytmvu McAllister ML'c:illlll1 McC011l1rcy 'K ,was 9 av,w:5, , 1.1 Q: Lucy ltzuuly Mc-Dowcll McDowell X 71 f' ' :Jr E V li' ' " ' 1 f 1, ' A wr Chvriv Ian N1K'Nillll1lT McNccly 11. Trov MLKIIIIILV Sydney MLI 4,111 11, Scott McQl1ilki11 Chris McRcynolds 180 K Q: ., . 44 .Luk-.B A Q5 151-gy: 1 1 ie A in-.n'.f,a, ,, ,, 1 Q2 1' if Q-3 ,il Q4 lf: Q5 Lisa McSh'mc McWilliams Kristi Kirby Michaelson Miller Kim Mittness Alstair Morrison Laura Linda Meadows Meder Xf.: 1 Q.r.. Q s X rorr . sr . as .I . xi I v A :sr ? ' 4 . X' r 1- Q K S i . b N i f N 9 I 5' . .Q Corinne Pattv Milligan Millpointer 'A A 1. R... --, Q 55 " 'LY' Laurie Sheryl Miyatake Montague Kathy - Meserve Rob M imbu 'Qs' was Jig' fi, . X a 5 fi Q K as ga W E Anita Moran Stacy Emily Morrison Mortimer Steve Motsenbocker Changes seen in Library Shhhhl Who me? Talking? Not any moreg not after the library arrangement was changed at the beginning of the year. The librarians and a group of concerned stu- dents and teachers devised a way to keep the noise level down to a minimum. They took away tables and arranged the Library so they could keep more of an eye on the students and take care of those who were being noisy. As a result, there seemed to be less noise, and the librarians helped more students on the whole. Since the fire, things have been going well. According to Mr. Dave Ticen, in about one half year the Library will have the amount of books that they need. When asked how the students have adjusted to the shortage of materials, he said, "1 think students have adapted, and gotten along well. I'm happy with the Way it's improved." 1. Becky Lamatao raises her hand in Speech class. 2. Ms. Fran Apetz checks a card in thc card cata- logue. 3. Mr. Dave Ticen glances up from his book to talk to a student. 4. Ms. june Wehrwein is captured while doing some library work. 5. Sophomore Carla Hatcher turns to talk to a friend. - Q1 S.: D "ff , gg I 'ff' .. A Kevin Mike Mike Rick Gregg Murphy Musgrave Mnsil Mnth Napoli I . ,,, lloward Cheryl jane Natalie Tim Negri Nelson Nelson Nelson Newman ?. ,w' K, Q I , , -5 W' J ,. K .g. . f,, 5-5 'tr-, 'F' f A QR if M . P if X - A. ., ,431 :ms lim Camilyn Nancy Lindsey Roberta Linda Nigro Nislmel Noble Nodell Nordstrom 1 N 1 ' ' 9 john Kathy Bridgette Noren O'Bricn O'Donn ell 2-6 '74 ll in 'Q 93 Keri Olsen A jon Ozbun Gayle Peters 'S . lr! Elizabeth Pitkin V' 'f V t x Sim- is g .Q Q H is it ,. . E x 5 Kevin Pam Cheryl Kathy Olsen Olson Osnmndsen Owens Betty Debra Palmer Patterson S il v Crvst rl Peyou Pfeiffer Paul Lynn Plager Polinsky E Ron Don Pawliuk as X11 .. -I sa' Q. 21 K - 7g 2. Mindy Phillips Kay Iodi - 5 l ' ii as I ' -by Peruchi Chris Pipkin Poppe Priest V ' ...Mis Q-5 Musicians prosper Again, the dynamic sounds of the Music Department's performing groups rang through the halls in preparation for their numerous concerts and contests. Taught by Mr. Robert Bailey, Mr. John Cox, and Mr. George Harshbarger, the groups ranged from the Wind Ensemble or "band" sound to the coordinated voices of the Newport Singers. These classes, in addition to nine other music oriented courses had a total of 346 students involved. "Music is an important part of a student's life," commented Mr. Robert Bailey, "it is psychologically with a person all the time." l. Sophomore Karen Copenhaver is caught hy the photographer as she flashes an amused smile. 2. Terry Uht, sophomore, listens to some helpfnlad- vice from a friend while working in the lihrary. 3. Mr. George Harshbarger, choir director, sings along as he leads his students through a series of chords. 4. Band Director Mr. Robert Bailey listens intently as one of his trumpet players works his way through a piece of music. 5. Mr. Iohn Cox, demonstrates a new chord to a member of the Guitar class. 18 . fl gf x' R 1 Am, 1 5 Q Sha-ri Doug Pzuncla Miko Rlmmln Prinling Prior Reuclcly Iicngstorff Renter F .K h b f . Q' 4 A v - X i .1 1 ll s V Ill I IL Art -Icff Kinmm RL vnolcls Rc x llolclx Ridley Kicker Riffey x el: f' f- - ,- Carl Iiignvy Pillll lloclkcx' Chuck Q A X Roxanne lioclrigllcl Tcrric Honey Debra N. a 09" .O,f' .f ,. Q .,f'n ' v f L ' " Q, Zfgaff: ., A 4, E . 'I Q' 'UI' a I Ill f '1' 1 U ,I 'fgf J U ,vi i llll I . , , lff.1g ll" I ,., L? . ' 1 P, ' I. 1 n I:- a"'l4 I .nv- S , U :I U' ,U 4 Home Ross - I , 2 184 Q3 Q4 Calmrielle Dave Pete Mark Rubs uncn Rumpakis Russell Rutledge 7 ': I an A Q .N ana. ' . .S ... Qs' jeff Brian john Carrie t Sansburn Schafer Shaffer Shaules Q - ws - Shari Sherri Martin Dick Sheppard Shirley Shultz Shumway W " 'D if St., gps. , .gp . Q.. 4 if li is ' X ' I 1 'T if li? " jane Nancy Kathi Kelly Lisa Sikes Siinmerly Sliger Sliger Smart l 1. Scott D. Scott F. Vikki David Mark Smith Smith Smith Snodgrass Spargo it f . ft 7' , ,. Vx kb Biology is popular Co ahead, admit it. You liked Biology. The fact is, out of all the science courses of- fered, Biology had the biggest enrollment. "People like to learn about themselves, get a feeling for why they are the way they aref' Biology teacher joan Davis suggested that this may be the reason for the popu- larity of the course. A high percentage of the class time was spent in labs, in which cells, genetics, phys- iology, energy, and other subjects were studied. This year the Biology teachers strived to expand the energy unit, due to the current energy shortage. Ms. Davis explained, "We're trying to raise the level of student awareness, that there are alternative sources of energy to oil." l. Biology teacher Denis DuBois pauses during a busy day. 2. Randy Nash takes a break during speech class. 3. Mr. Dan Holden talks with a student in his ln- tegrated Science class. 4. Ms. joan Davis is always interested in the discov- eries of her Biology students. 5. Enjoying another speech class is Russ Clillam. 185 ,gs if X s .3-.l ., S 'fl sf Q .f A T Iden ft, ,X jf N 'N F TK Q5 v , . if 5 Q 4, ' ,I l ' 1 A l af 8 y s y . Tarni Andy Cheryl Vu ln Spencer Stewart Stocking Stop lung, 3 lm 3 SX Gary Cathy Szynlanski Taylor David Angie Tinsley Tonga ? . , 1 s Tim Turner . r x A 0 x Laura Villegas Ulrika Marty Frank xVkll1lStI'0IIl Waiss Walker Tim Steve john Walsh Ward Warner ,X .T Q- .W . -2 4 g, 3 X I' . 41 V A X R . 1 A ' ln, 4' ,E pri! ...A 21 K iz.. X 5 sl Q 1 , Sue Brian jerome Patty Bryan Watanabe Waterhouse NVatland NVatts VVelch Q Cheryl Ralf LA p Debbie jayne john Westover Whitworth Wiemals VVillson Winkelmann x N fl... A X fx' ' 5 Dale Kay 3 Q- 4 Q Wien wood Cindy Winters Duane NVoods Q Q s- in , I H 1 -A 'fe 7 If 5 Deanna York in X l D ,A All l me -f if .f f-3 s - s g Monty Zink jeff Zulfer Sophs take on m th Everyone knows that being a sophomore can be hard, and it was no different for the Class of 1980. While they were getting used to more homework, more tests, and new teachers, the sophomores also took a wide variety of math classes, ranging from Lab Geometry and Special Algebra to Al- gebra 3X4 and Algebra!Trigonometry. The Math Department tried to make life easier for the sophomore. "We take time to help sophomores get into the high school lifef' Ms. Ian DeLacy, Department Chairperson said. "One of our goals is to acquaint the sophomores with the Math Department so that we can be of use to them," she concluded. 1. Mr. Ted Montgomery looks bright-eyed and bush 2. Dr. Richard Singletary is deep in concentration while working on a math problem. 3. Ms. Ian Delsacy takes time out from her work to pose for the photographer. 4. Sophomore Peter Russell seems to be having prob- lems tying a knot in a rope. y-tailed 187 8 As the end of the game neared it became apparent that Newport would once again be victorious. The two filtered out the doors with the rest of the crowd. -2. i S 'The team looked pretty sharp tonightf 'Ya We really played good. Where'd ya park?' 'Up in the visitors so We could hit the road and make our getavvayf 189 1 They drove over the same familiar road, as they had done so many times beforeg each was immersed in his own thoughts. They pulled into the driveway and said their casual goodbyes. He put the oar into gear and proceeded to his own house. an 0 aft 6 He drove up and parked. As he looked at the house, the one light in the living room awaited him. He decided not to go in right away . . . 191 He turned his back and began to walk. His thoughts reflected back to that day when he Walked along the beach. The entire year's experiences began to blend together into a colorful Kaleidoscope. 193 4 x X XX X X x X ' i NX i NX ' ,v 1 1 N. KY XX' v, f f x 1 B- 'N a X I X . ,f K .f ,i - iz 'Q A i ' Q' A' f 'Quai v' v X Q kN x X A I x MY' X NX i fx W Wm. In Memory of: Robert Miyatake Kraig McCann Patrick Smith Dee-Dee LaRoque ist in pcwcc dear friend- L. . . , Our piuyers for you are our goodbye. Somewhere deep inside our spirits sigh, "Tell him uc loved him once again." Larry Fostcl 4 I 1 I .1 Girls' Tennis Team ' ' ' l' I 1. an -. M---. K lrls' Tennis 'llullll-1977-l9T8: Front Row- XYclJlm, Thorpe. Nl. Czlskin, T. Spencer, C. Curtis. Back Row- shall. S. Ilznlnuh. T. Cookc, S. Rose, S. Simpkins. K C Gustafson, N. Nelson, C. Town-y, XY. Lcpsoc, C. C. Zink. K. Cllristiunscn, C. Lcll, V. Smith. M. Mar- Niurruy. Golf Team lolf Tczun-1977-1978: Front Row- B. Crccn, Second Row- B. Kirk, T. Hooper, R. Curlwcr, M. Back Row' T. McCzu'tl1y, Quickstud, S. NVCTIIIHIII mlmst, M. l3l'l1nm'. K. Olson, S. Smith, N. Il1ll'lCl. McCarthy, M. Fuller, K. McQnilkin, B. Schaefer. K. KCiI'll'lN.'l', R. RUIIIRIIITCTQ, S. Anderson. Cross-Countr Teams Cross-Country Tciiiii-1977-l!JTS: Front Row- R. Malice, M. Ryan, li, Bmcllcy. Nlcym-rs, C. How- D. lpkly. NI, Syzinauiski. Nl, Clorow. B. Ifmm-1 lloppcr. Pnl-ituiifulclt. C. Milligan, A. Ciistuvvsoii, Nlclluyiiolcls. C. cll'2lllC, ll. Spictli. B, Iszizivson. Tliircl C. Daily. S. Kelly. C. Nlaitlii-ws. l'. lloliinson, S. Nh-lliy. Nl. Virgil. Scconcl How- P. it: xlhfisw' - K k.X.?.??y.1' W' . . 1 . f""'-.fflvl jig. x , . ..a- . 4 A N1 . , ,. Y K f- Allin, fly .Af . , , 3945 ' sf' "' .', W .- 7 , - - ' 1' Vollcylmull Tcuiii-IEJTT-1978: Front Row- C. llowc, Sinitli, C. Davis, H. Lintz. Second How- Murphy, Hansen, S. Tlioinpson, K. Copcnlizivcr, I,. llaxuinun, l jones, McCarthy, F. liken, P. Bmlicc, I.. Ekcn, D. A. Tong, R. Arlmangh, S. Gustafson, K. Miskiincn, jzirclinov 'lj Momgmncryh J.V. Basketball Team -LV. Busketlmll Teaun-1977-1978: Front Row- B. King, K. Mc-Qnilkin, S. Cleurnnan, M. Irwin. Second Row- l.. Bentley, K. Nagel, Keeler, M. Mains. Varsity Basketball Team Boys' Basketball Teznn-l97T-1978: Front Row- S Wertman, K. Duffy, B. King, S. Paustain, Softli. Second Row- F. Drake, ll. Ilornanick. I.. Applegate. P. McCarthy, T. Lockwood, B. Fletcher, j. Murphy. Sophomore Basketball Team Sophomore Basketball Teann-1977-1978: Front llow- S. McSlxane, NViemuls, C. Balmer, B. NVelcl1, M Mains. Second Row- S. McQnilkin, S. XVurd, M. Mus- grave, B. Klingforth, M. Waiss, C. Cook. Not Pie tured, C. Kosanke. G mnasties, Wrestling, Boys' Tennis Teams Q9 ip :gf ' 'li V f -K Cirls' Cyniruislies Teann-IQTT-1978: Froin Left To Yntzune, NVliilwortli, C. NR-Sliauie, L. Beasley, Iverson, C. Sclnnilx, l.. llelieler. Right- C. lluslann, S. Casey, A. Bialek, D.j. York, S. 1' Wrestling Teznn-1977-1978: Front Row- B. Bolli- C. Napoli. Second Row- D. Ticen, E. King, B. Davies, R. King, D. Schlosser, T. Dringnmn, D. Beekstead nger, D. Welsh, M. Griesbainn, C. Hiraki, S. Greer. -1.--an-aan V-w L.. . A Q Q4l0 oqQu4 434.44 5 ,ful 5Q+QUl pqonnh Boys' Tennis Teain-1977-1978: Front Row- C. ond How- B. Cnstaveson, M. Leong, NVvnn. R. mn- P' Kmlwlnlcklw ll- C"0"l'h' M- l1l0Vil. ll- Cillillll Crane, M. Woerner, C. Mzirsliall, S. Calvugno. See' johnson, C. Fillion. Third Row- R. Cleland. Pear- S' B'm'llUr5- 1 4- iv A 1 i Baseball Team ' ' ' X K1--..:-J -.r.,w:fXSrQ,g4,gx .K nk-f1 . Boys' Busclmll Tezun-1977-1978: Front Row- L. Mig- Brooks. C. Moncln, B. Allyn. Second Row- j. Clif- ll0n111niCk. T. BCI!- liorc, K. Mdjuilkin, li. Enycnrl, S. Agnew. B. Wclcll, lflfll- M- 3PCl1l'Ill2lll, B- Pluvisi, B- Kirk, T- Cil0lN'iSl. ll- Badminton Team Badminton Tczun-1977-1978: Front Row- M. Cuskin, M- Pllillipi Back Row- VV- LCPSOC, A. Sax. S. PCiCr-Crmtcssc, I.. Ellen, K. Miskirncn, R. Lincoln S. Barone, L. Bznnnun, B. Duvall, S. XVuiss, K. Cullen, MCLCHIL lv- Allott, L- Clllllig, C- Howe, F- Elwll. F- Girls' Soccer Team Clirls' Varsity Soccer Teurii-l9TT-NTS: Front Row- C, Schmitz, T. Cooke, C. Furrer, K. lidwzirds, A. Du- xatll, lf. Virden, lt. lirikson. Second Row- McCar- thy, l.. Clark, N. Nelson, l'. Bruhec, C. McLellan, rderholin, K. Bzillcw, K. johnson, K. Zell. Boys' Soccer Team den, ll. Carlson, K. David, G. Parish, S, c:lL'ill'ttlilll, C kenni, D. Ilcrshey. 6 4. -1 Q .1 . 9 Girls' S J.V. Soccer Team Girls' j.V. Soccer Teuiii-1977-1978: Front Row- j 3 ,ia X H NVhitwortli, I.. Kntch, S. Dorn, K. Dulrlqnist, C McShane, S. Thompson. Second Row- D. Kretz, A Harper, M. Munnich, Clifford, D. NVestover, S Silnpkins, K. Lindgren, S. Schenck. Boys' Soccer Tezu1iel9TT-1978: Front Row- Vi' Pairlas, K. Paulsen. Second Row- li. Beckcs, NY. Butts B. King, ll. Lundhcrgli, llenkcrt. Nl. Smith, CI, Sik Ads Index 195 Ads Lee's Union '76 x1lllIllIlNll'.llllllI. lvlw xlllllhll. Til llillllllllllllll. lllli and 3Slll - lllllli Sli. . ll -Q LN Tlfi-Tfi llirlim'xlr.l. .vw .,. IN-p5l1ill, JN N'L'l'4'l.lI'l1'N. lfiki Zmfcwwl Q-Q E G Q9 dos 5 Q 05, ,BA 'fl' 6 bb 65N ,VACATION BREAKS DQUG Fox TRAVEL SUPER TRIP f' ' 'lli-Flfpllllfffrmsro' Bill Xlll Xl lllllllllllll llll ll 91' 7 W S Q16 'wx V' W v- 1 I D- ll' You onli ll-airii mic lliing all sl-liool .. + C .lll us .il i l .ulx ll.niil. T2 Nl'IIlill' lllxixiimli. IN l5.1xlxl'lli.lll, llmf, lllll Sinliiluw 153 li.lxlwll1.ill, limi Npurlx llixixiun. Sl I. X .. Nipli.. lllf Spurlx lfwly. 'Nfl lliuir, .41 Spring l'l.ii. S2 Ki,lIIll'lIll l'lulm, H2 Suu-vi', limp., llS Vlmiiig llwlx. ISN 51lk'L'K'I. llirlf. lfll lfuulw, llll Suplmiium' llixiximiii. lfilm f'l'1lwi'irllllll'X, llfi Ntaigv lliuul. Tl ifiixlmliim. llf 5lllLll'lIl li-mm-il. H6 Ili-lnilv 'S sllNll'lIl l.ilm' llixixiimil. BH lllflfl, lil Slunlvul l.iIs- livin. 32 llrill 'l', fill SXXllIlllllllQ. lluix lll limullnill llfl Siiimiiiiiig. 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Bellevue Kirkland Redmond p Sunset Hills Chapel Colonial Chapel of 1215 I451h PI. S.E. Chapel the Valley 747-6240 822-4151 885-1529 199 CORKY'S Newport Hills IIIIIIIIII. K.ilI1Ic'n'1l I".ic' ITS 1 Iluxvl. Immlm III ITT Iialmwn. Ivmiilvr II I33 Ilmlmwn. IXIIIIIIW I1-Immun. Ixvxln Iulllmui. Krixlim- in ll Iu5.Im I" SI TII IB? .I -1 Ilmllmma lulx I' u , I I .nhl Ilul Il m.: InI1rlwil.Xlu- a ' 1 . IIIIIIINIIII. IxlL'IILll'iI II I33 Imlnull. Sm-ull I2 fl? I:nIl1mnn.IIlw,c'I II I53 11.111111 X11111 11 1111151 Iulnmnl. Iluxwll IQ IS 11.111111 111111 111.111 111 177 I.1IllNm.'l'.ir-ui I2 ll. I2.TI.IIIl i....7I.7... :mm ll -mm I-"H-X I7-Ml I2 WH Iwlluli. XIm'X.lllnIl':lIm'm' III IIIIIVY I-IVIIIIVIIIII' III km-ITT IN.lIi1ll.NzlIIX li IIIIIVN II'III'I'l If III-M.. im-u in v:.vz.177 l"'H'N .11 . Im'IumI I I In . - '- Il-rmlllm-liii,ImIx II I33 IXUINOII. lun II .NIH In-rwn. Iulw III IIIXI.. 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Xl 111 111l'1Q1E1f1,:1 111116, SRM YP Ar 1.1 3 CQ 1977 Hallmark Cards, . . . . with beautiful graduaiion cards and gifts by Hallmark. M M, Aflr fa ' ' 1,1 t 5 ,Q 5 yn 1 V 11k J!! NV , X '15 1111111" ' A 1 "' 4016 Factorla Sq Mall S E Bellevue 641 7555 5k'21ll1ll'll. hllbllll 1l"111'1 IT11 811.1111-1'u,1x11l. 131111111-ll 1111 72.1112 s1'llill'1'l'. l1l'l1lll 11111 81-l1.11'1'1'. l'1I'lilll 1111 511.1112 S1-1111111-1. 11111111111 1111 112.1112 SL'll1'lll'lx. 4l.111111' 1111 1111 S1'lll'Ill'1'x. 1,111 1121 11 SL'lll11SNL'l'. lDL'llll1N 1121 -11,FIl,l1111, 1117 S1'llIlIlll1. '1111111 1121 11 S1'l111111A.1Il11-1111121 11.1118 SL'll110l1'l'. lX1l11lf 1121 11.112 S1'll1l1'l1'l1l. Kill'l'Il 1121 11 SL'llll1'1llL'l'. lJ1'l11'11 1111 1112 8c'l111'1'rA1'l. l,111'1 .Xllll 1111 11153 81-1111. '1111111 1111 11113 S1-1111. 511111-111 1121 11 81-1111. Nl111'1' .xllll 112.1 111.18 51-1111. 11'1'1'l1il1lL'L' 1121 11.111 50111. 1'fc111a11'1l 1111 11153 S1-11111. f1ilIIll'l11lll 1121 11 S1-xs.11111s. 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X111-c ,l"a11-1 15-'3 to the Class of 51111-. 1J.lI'1'l'll 1l"111'1 1151 from Siwn. X1-1'1 1121 44 8111110 1.111113 1121 11 5llLfL'l' K.11l11 11111 183 S1121-1' Kelly 11111 112.185 SlllAll'1 1.1511 .x1'11L' 11111 185 S1111111. '1'l11111111s 1111 Slllilll. DL'l11'a1 1121 11.511 51111111 120111812 xli1l'1L' 1121 1-1.112 51111111 lJ1J1IQlLlS11214l+1.11'1 Slllllll lflll'lL'11'ilL'l 51111111 12111111121 15 Slll11l1 111111111 11153 Slllllll llilllll' 1111 511.1f111,118.T11.l18.11113 W 81111111 Lcisu 1111 1113 51111111 1,YIl1ll' 11111 51111111 N1l1'llllCl 1111 1113 51111111 N111-111101 11111 51111111 l'1111'i1'lx 1111 1653 , , 51111111 51-1111 .1111 1111.185 Sm11h!R1ng, INC., Realtors Slllitll 811111 15111111 11111 112.183 Ave. Bellevue Slllltll S1C'YL'll 1121 15 51111111 YlL'l11l'l1l 1101 62.128183 Slllllll. 411'1'1'r1'1' 11 ll S1111clQ1'11ss, 12111111 11111 183 s111'111. .11-1'1'1111 111.11111.11a:1 , S11l11w1111111l1. f:1l1l1llL' 1121 43,311,152 S1111-111. fl1I11ll1il1l1l 1113 81111012 '11-11 11111 92 Sp1111Q11. Nlurk 11111 92,113,185 SlJL'ill'lll1lIl. Nlalrlx 1111 91,1113 8 11.'12l11, S1-1111 1111 , 8111-irs. 1101111101 1111 1113 lntenorsl INC' Sll1'lK'L'l', '1111111 11111 128.1811 10429 N.E. 2nd 51111-111, 13111 1111 911.11123 Bellevue 454-9500 'l1l1111'I11'.1.11'11l l.XIIll1' 111 128.188 111111111 1111111111 11 111 Sears Roebuck SL Co. ig V- -19 CUIIIPIIIIIUIIIN ui Ou-l'Iukc Park 701 I f ll X 1. fill H700 ,44nx. IIICQHXX "TT QU" Il lf I l .l I.. lf ll ll I2 I ll l v g v X1II" REALTY INC Xl ll Il XXX I , . 13900 - 1 28th SE.. Suite G!EelIevue, VVA QBCJCJS Congratulations Seniors from Golden West Realty 108453 XE. Sth licllcvuc 454-2-187 Yllu-Sliilllhll. Poll- klralc' 26 Yun .Xl'smln'l.Alol111 .IW IS!-1 YlllIllk'I'LllIlilL'll. Cklflll .lllw Y . .ul Xm.Cfl1l'islinc .ION ISH X. . 1 u 7 46 gun Mllkvnlmrg. AI lm 111 XIRIIKIKCKIIIL linrlmm xlfnn-W 253 X. . . IW 186 l'Ilt'Llll. 'Ilmi Xllll 4 Yurkcl. Karon Yivm. Sllllllllilll gllb! IBB .lla HH Yillcqals. l.lllll'il 1101 186 X-il4l1Ull. IIHINUII All 16 Hum AIIW IM X-il'lICIl. A Yocllvr. 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AND LOAN Assocwnon , ,- 641-8100 207 litlitors in Chiel' Brian Sims Cyndy Olsen Copy Ifclilm' Casey Haskins lin' tfl. 1 Editor Steve Brochers nt -1.1 I iiimmg ,-4. pim- Tim Holt lnclvx Karend Waterbury ,Xrtisl Jim Quickstad llllUlUQl'illDll0l'N Jeff Franko alll' 'i Fran Baumgartner Kristi Besch Sabrina Bobrovv Debbie Crone Gale Dorn Leslie Hales Laura Hebler Linda Huber Cheryl Lett Sue Malcolm Jenny Nelson Marilyn Otter Barry Owen Kim Poppe Connie Solowoniuk Nicki Sutich Cindy Zink .Xmlvisnr Bob Dalton . Jack Wilson 'The Aggglade' Acknowledgements "Now 1-anne the moment for which CVL'l'f'0llC was waiting. The young ninn went lor- Xls. Nlirium Ynnoll' wnrcl to the lord who was to innke him an knight nntl knelt llL'li0l'C him with clasped Nls. Donna Clnrkuek hnncls. The lord questioned him somewhat in this wise: Willy clo you wish to he Phil Siillpkilis-unitrihnling pliotogmpliei' inauie at knight? Is it thnt men innj: show you lionor?' On the young mnn's dt-clzn'ing liiclmrcl Fnssio-wiitrihnting plmtngrnplier that he had no snch wishes. hoth knights and lnclies united in arming him. The Lnnm Ilelilei'-erwei' design golclen spurs uune first, then the other pieres of nrinor. and lust oi' nil the sword. The lord then gave him the nt-enlntle, solnetiines ai lienrty hlnw with the hnnzl or linrt Dnrhznn-Ilerllfjunes Yenrlmoks even the cient-hetl fist. This was followed hy the t-lmrge to he hrnve. 1'ez1ch'. :mtl Lintln lfrickson-Ilei'l'f!-Ioiies Yearbooks School llepresentnlive lcwnl Su it was in the eerenumy ol' making ai knight From Tappan. Tecl Cint1-Professional Pliotogruplier Wlien Knights Were Bold. 208 Q i'r S-227

Suggestions in the Newport High School - Accolade Yearbook (Bellevue, WA) collection:

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Newport High School - Accolade Yearbook (Bellevue, WA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 62

1978, pg 62

Newport High School - Accolade Yearbook (Bellevue, WA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 109

1978, pg 109

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