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3934 vb f'D+4 W W1 bP"'0 VJ lf, P v5 I 'YY Q 4 Q by L YM up' of 0 5 -UV KYI0 .I 4 AQ, 5' X 30" Pack. DQYWQO YS swf ,P +95 V,P'0',,9" J' 49' 'Q V' .0 00' Q, 4 5+ Gogh' 440' H nf vez!! xrifwb! MM 0' 40 59 ww A do V v""'1 0 Doro Swv O 4 rf L - L vb 1, 0 so N605 ' :T Tai Q M51 'af ' 1' ' -f,,,,,,, V ' mv- ,Wlag-5 t ., V! 3.4 4,,. NVV, R , 3 H i A .Wg WE,-, xii! 1 V wi A W Zi' ig 'Q' W M 'fe' If wg wi! 5:1 Ain' , ,-Y i Q. ,f mztgvzrig 5? Q "Q: mwfws'-N ll 12 ,V W :'Vg'. I ' -1, ' 5 , ' LW-v' 5' 'f WL. ,, f ,v .N T5 L lf vmg gq ,Q ,V Aw "W X, MA' Q J W 'N M, ' ' - I f '5'.53fQlf fx 'tL"1Jv'- , ,W W MM :Q ,5 'ww rx' " gi, . 1 1 Y ,f ..,,,4,w.h j' ,,n,,q I h f:'f,g1W 1 M -V S Q V m ' fi' "V' by 4AXxNl?1,. D99 bW5 W,xjwN r X W M nz 5 F Q0 Macy Qs' Q5 M MWA ,A ' A5Zn.L.L,ff,fl, ,M N M W M M' ,A 'W 1A Eff M YN , Ti J i gm f Q?" A ff 6713- L' Q5 Wh is 'UV LOU 17041 'XSXNLS idx .I A L L30 b I V , 76 I! My AQ ,XX XMJZQ N W 5fJ'll fM QW ruff! f Cb VC-0 X!! ,hr - Yhugiefb R , K Gldrlfwoxy ' X WN 1 Vmv rw KWGWD HOU F2ff EDD ' 101 , ' .Q 'N 1, 5 -r1'U'V J A S Wx OX gi HUT M4466 . Q' WM Q0 N K7 jf ,X EQVX R ' J , lain ' A - ' . , L 0 dw mf- . 3 ww Qfom bgwm ,xv V 1 f50fDQL'V'fQ rQx.qQL5,Mf 529 3110 ' . W J?DmDWC3102Lp-EVLQOVWIL! 4 , QM' diliirn-2 K I .4 VVLSL'lf71j45,fQsEljQf. ,yf N WWA if X 50 gf f VEVQCSW Graaf . wp 73 m V , J - QU . 13311 Wilf- 5' ' ' JUPQAJHD 65' H5952 LFS' - . t ' Pff1r+LV- 57' G .15 QJ X95 " 151732 ff Q64 A will !' f We lrx N W " QQA. ' f I ,LO . .Q F5 EDC! v 051 QSM Q9 9 fp Q 'N 5 A JS f , ',,YHgg ,"' Mig ','1-, "f' 2 'QA .,, ' ir. 'Y 'A ' . iw . fc? Sv' qv ' Jl . ' 4 47 1' 4v'. gf q L, . fy ,J , Ms fha . ,N L 3.2, Q . A V w wigrxfi , A' Y -iulfv, -'n!r?.:ix VA L HSL Y, iv 2 fig, l iff! V lv 3' 5 x. He is a Social Studies teacher ski club advisor daily swimmer ...avid skiier ...devoted family man. To make a class of boring facts unusually enjoyable and interest- ing can be a tough job for a history teacher. But Charlie Douglas, master of facial expressions, manages to arouse the students' interest purely by his presence and a few choice words. He has a unique ability to relate to the kids on their own level. His flair for quick and witty phrases includes "Go suck hot lead" and other delights. United Fund Week counts on him every year for chop-a-thons and his clever use of sarcasm. Even his fellow teachers gather for the show. He and his confidence influence those around him, especially his students. He shows us he cares. We dedicate the 1976 Galleon to Mr. Charles Douglas. Z? A- " ' M.. v-. f T , Agfa 'SEL' , ' ch' I rf- av-.14'f- ,A A 7' 411 '-s ' f L H ff Y 1 'F v 7 Q P '-L I -f- was --.W 41 1' -1 sa , 1 1 I, '44Z':'?,5,,4 I I , . ., .N - I ,---. - . ., W, .-,sz : . Q3 Ja- .,,:,f I1 In " ' 'P C' T 'IES' r " 1' .., ,- , f .,.,', ., ,. 4 ' - . J , :,5s:k.',,5if1f " V,?,g.f,9.,-1' -- ,. .- 3,,lj'.'.:l.'j-ggiieyvsgg, gk-Q '- , A, A" "1 ,Q-55, .- .Z .,, "-f,-,,,y--U 'jg -QL, V ' l" -'J 3- '?-jf. up 2-,Z -X V1 ' - . 5 - r Q03 g 3:r-"gfVg,,1,,-xg' 'f7M,47If: L, -. 1 ' ,uf f 5 I- !a 5 A i f If , ,,.,-,.,,, ., , , - 1975 NEWPORT HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL GALLEON NEWPORT HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL 600IRVINE AVENUE NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA 92660 PUBLISHED BY THE NEWPORT HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL GALLEON STAFF VOLUME 35 -- I .-zz. '52 -. .. 1'pQ'.-- -FT" -' 42:2-9 gy-Q' w 253- fi '-:WL ,437 1 , .-,. -, f --f "kg V, 9 ,4g,g5,.ze1-' ,QQ j.4j'.31 .1 ,:.-.fx Ixgff --'- Af-Q1 4 V, .5-4 .1-N rzfsqa 5-f 'P ' Q -'i'r.::. --H'w:i' , - fi?--if f ff 1 . 2- -LNFEIFQR 3, , - s f 15,ii's,fi 'L-QE. A ""' A sg f.-'fg,5, Spy. -gfv ,, - -' 344 't aw ' ' ff '-:Ig ""'1"'T1.1, .- -'f'- -x l - 24--'N if gf.--, 1 'F ujQ5P3yFgA- I r v, 5- Q3 ff xigir? Aff' 12 51-1 ig? L., "' '-Q. as-Qff- - M ,- t ' , fc .,c.,,-15-E, -31,111-.-Q, -g '-:jr-2-i, , f ,v OPENING ACTIVITIES PAST AND CURRENT EVENTS PERFORMING ARTS FACULTY ACADEMICS BOYS' ATHLETICS GIRLS' ATHLETICS CLASSES U CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS our todays are becoming our yesterdays, and our present, our tomorrow's past-shadows of time now keep us from those moments we loved and laughed and played in barefoot splendor. . . P 'qs H A 1 . L . "f1"- , N 1 ,,, Wgsgsiwgyg ,yi .,xv:..? dy Z5 ,V1,1,g.,,y J, 1 1 J 913,-244f:51f, 1 -Q M-2i"1"i7 'S 'fiifwg 'V J v t., hx- 2.1 f-'rr' A wr 1 .jg jlffi- 'L "Q 4ff:.,'f4 .Q .ra , f, 1. 31,w4vz,:.l,S.Q -dm- Qgifgfitgfifwg ag Y . , .w,.",..,f ..,, H' 'ik-if -y v, fi ' ,t.,,. H ,, ,4 ,f,,,,, ,, ,, A 1, -V ,f..,g.,.zf ff - fp i'J:.m",.1,-rg ,f Q 2 buf f 4 - ' fr - " 119 l'7'f fc ' 'Q9"'f ,'5f2,f" "f J. Q ZK " TU ,V 4 2' ,, , v, -W f V f 1 r 1 an r v I 6 . 0 r .4 Q f v ul g , I - 1 l w I I i i .-----,r ' - -i,,,,,,., ,fs 'r i f,,. Y . . -.--f--lf-+?-?'?f'-i- - - '... , - .-....ii...,-Y.Y A...-.... nf:-.. - - J." 1..ig ' 'LL'-'3 ":,5'..aiL' n9ef:a5...a.1' n1ns.-,:1p:v-ws-- e f l - ':LS""P" of il A L . v, "n t ..,, ' S' f'f2E'4f22"a ' ,e F 9: W? 2351 f' ' H A . a ' xi ll ' -.. 'WU 1. .11 nw, ' 0' .2. 8- 2 3 .2 wif' ol' ,i L 1 ' Z5E3Q ,- X ,X 51:6 fv - ,-ff 'f f' 'S' X 4,1 757 ,. ,: r.... .... N K' vm? xy-wx 'K' Q.. .gamut --mg 'Q' 'Q 4,446.9--A 8 11 U f4.+1f?evifai5 ,- -f P' ff -I '2f:-'z"ff- ' 1 + , M, - . -- k,,.,-sf-Q-v ' 2.-.1-fig iv" 1' ,r.IV.,,.. Q ,. .,:,.,5,..,-4 211Z'!"v' - - . . .. 35 A -f .4 N: N... 9 - " - -- V-...L M Q v-1 fat!-3-4 -'u m F- ' ' "' v I O , - A ' I f I j I O ,, I . I 1 cu. 'f-V 1 . xf--f 9 Q any - , V .45 . 4, , . .W---M. i ff 5 ' ' 4 .J--' ' ' ' """" I , ' "' J- ,. ' I w , .' Q " - f: 1 .' f 'I I ' 'M page-:alan-M " IX: ' . - -. 4 V -4- N X ' R ' "W-f-.. " f " -3.. - ' X 'X " . N b . 1 2' ' x ,, ' I f,.'lQ U A 52 gxlmxi ,, , ,! 'Q A .g X. ' 'K L u . . I . I ' N N-'gi M"-. L. 11 Q 15 "0 'A ' ,J ' -? ,-41" ' 1 +I? , gf "- 13. -vv i 14 - 1 if ' - I I l r lf w w l I 'an .,g' " but I 'H I 45 'J' '. 1 V ""'..! i 1' 43- "' e . . . 'lyi' H - . :L ,,, , . - , -a .Y .4 5- V " ' , ' "7::,1y, 5,1 Y I . .w I I A. , ,Ali Q' i 4 . ' Y A . -. . .QV ., A 'lr 0 v Q I' I 1 "'5.:,-- . I Y ,' '5 ,' - TSI . af' . 'W .45 - 1 , ."'7. 1' I -nu Inf' H A .A l 1 1 P I . W3 I , F 6' 1 1 Z 'YE I I I , . ' g ' ,jy ' -V K A V 1. mn 5 A l' , I fn, ., .V.1.g-M, ,,, fi' - V ' I ' ,, .VL. 'f ' . , A , ff 1 A ,U A I ,. .M..Qz:'-'5-g:7,,.9 fz,.,,,, . 17 ll .. ,, 7 0 R g,,gf'ff5r w 1 4 S 4 'E gm? '7 - ' 77" -'if-Ziff' ' j , ,, - , . , ,- Q , , -, . , , , I i5?'.Tf'7ff51- NM, M AQLL. f- - A- .-i N----'41---'-1--"'Irv--1 :L::'i:'::X3ii5as:E+:11f:.i.p.- - ay-..f...' avril--A1 :J-A-1 .77 -V -'TH - . ' " 'T l ' " " ' W' " ' 'f"""' ' ' x - - rg ,. BQ.-..,. ,, momemswhkhamnowbm wistful mistsp memories whose scarlet passions pale andfade.H l 1. ff. , ,I h. : h ' ' " 'Q ' If 'T' I I F ' " U! -A ' 'inf fi' 2 ,gif 352-'44 Y' 'W f 'T . . i ii , . 'f if 4, 3.534 . isaggigb-Qbsgfggq A .I , sl-Q is gms-QQ Qi n ss-is ami if sgfwbgg-1 :, i ia 4 I, ff -f , ,. sv. , Q- lf- T7 2 1 i f" ' r ,ff gifsiis- s fam-4 is ., 13 , 11w:.Lf1k'J:. qi ff' 1. ,V I f iw! 7' lf' - ff .Ja sii' i i ,, Q , -Alf-A - -annal- -541'--... :ls ,r-V.:--- . gin . 20 K but not moments to be ende seeing our future In today s setting sun, but moments that are rlpened Into tomorrow and its dawn -- : g , - .QL L1j'fT'E?L',2'f"LL4i1:25:Q' 2-g+?'f:-j.,.W V ,, . , N.. - -f . :V - .e . . .,,-gf...,',:-5,, 11' wfv- ,. --' - ff - P : s'-Hai-"' lik!'Zf'L1Tii-5L'l!f9541, A-55,31 F ALM- 1 wiv 22 .hw 24 I i 551- - -. - - - f1l,v:.,' "E if .1 ff' F' 1' 4' " .4 if ,,. - ,Z,.. , l ,, a ' , A .3-nys.. lv"1.w' - V x gpg in ., .. ...axis ' J' .ffiqqaj ,' W- WW v 1 f.. ,mv P954 1? E r va '33 I 'l-The ever changing Newport Bay as seen from Corona del Mar. 2-On the water's edge, beautiful Lido Village attracts many. 3-With Catalina in the background, a sailboat is Sil- houetted against the approaching evening. 4-Two birds and a boat enjoy the quiet and the unusual water color. 5-Over the bow, an autumn sun shines on the water. 6-Crashing waves never cease to pound the beach. 7-The familiar board- walk is known by the many who travel it all summer. B-Au- tumn's sun over Catalina Channel. 9-A parade of lights on the Coast Highway. 10-Some of the many buildingscomplexes at Fashion Island. 11-Overlooking the bay are the Lido Con- dominiums. 12-Astriking view of a south coast beach. 13- Pgaceful sailingithrough a rusticlchannel in the harbor. 14- From Kings Road, a quiet bay at dusk. 15-Tall buildings in Newport Center are a dominant landmark. 16-Glimmering spectale: Newport Center at night. 17-Summer's sun rising over the Back Bay. 18-A Newport tradition, good waves and good surfers. 'I9-Near Corona del Mar State Beach, many boats pass through the harbor. 20-Behind the old Newport Pier and Catalina the summer sun sets. 21-Newport Center's high rises reach for the sky. 22-Irvine Avenue in front of Har- bor's tennis courts in the evening. 23-The Back Bay in the morning quiet. 24-Sea Scout Ketch, Argus rests in the bay. 25-A Hobie-Cat sails clear. 26-Three seagulls and a jogger on the beach. 27-A surfer riding September's high waves. 5572 Q r-v Activities is a hodge-podge melting pot of thundering drumbeats, kooky contests and get down boogies. Noth- ing appeals more to tired students than the 45 minute break provided by the pep rally's fantasy world of bizarre skits, swiveling hips and overpowering sounds. Lunch- time students clamor about the stars of the hot air antics of the bubble-gum blowing contest while everyone cheers when the last human sardine pops out to safety in the VW-stuff 'em in competition. This year's students have added a new act to lunch-time entertainment as some of them joined fellow twinkle-toes, Dr. Godshall, and Mrs. Breeding, in a little dancing to lunch bands. But of course this was only warm-up for the big-time boogieing of the formal and semi-formal dances. SGS F- 41' JIS' its! fx Q: Q! f 1975 HOMECOMING QUEEN BRYNN DUBROW SENIOR SUZANNE AUBERT THE CORONATION SENIOR STACEY KIRKPATRICK I l l l - 1 i l V. .I I1 I1 IUNIOR ALLYSON RILEY SOPHOMORE DEBBIE BEATTY- FRESHMAN IULIE KAWAMURA . "IT f' 1 .,, A,-'L' ' llwxti ' Y-p'J-ig-3 , , -' I 1 -. .. .Li I ITN ' ' ' 7- f 5 ' ' I T .III . Mg, 2' if ll. .aff " 'P I . I 'V if 'eff' I I Q , A . ,e"f.T'4TV-TT Y x if DR. GODSHALL WITH 1974 HOME- THE THREE SENIOR PRINCESSES, COMING QUEEN BARBARA BEEK 1975 HOMECOMING COURT I I Im f I Girls in white satin and guys in white suits hustled out onto the South Coast Plaza dancefloor to begin the beat of the Bi- centennial Boogie. Bends and twists and sways and snaps exploded to the mes- merizing thunder of Mizzouri Foxx while multi-colored light-sparkles strobed above the boogiers. Then the band swayed into a more mellow mood as Homecoming Queen Brynn Dubrow with her escort waltzed across the dance floor in flowing formal The grand stomp ing finale surrounded the dance partners in eerie dry ice fog and hypnotic drum beats as Harbor High closed Il s 1975 76 Homecoming Dance in a frenzy of flushed cheeks and racing heartbeats 4 lpqwl fi Pm Q -ri . ? ff: Winter is a season of whiteness, Santa Claus, jingle bells and the Christmas Dance. Girls had bought long dresses and guys had made reservations at Newport's best restaurants. But tickets were scarce and only a ticket would al- low admittance. The theme "White Fantasy" draped the Anaheim Hyatt House. Ivy covered stairways gar- nished with babys breath adorned the room of Christmas trees and ornaments. The band, Black Fox, played all night for the dancers. The dance was a success and Girls' League was responsible. A new idea was tried out, a Christ- mas King and princes were crowned. Elected by Girls' League, Kevin Wilks ruled over the dance floor for the evening. His court included Senior princes Bill Wilkenson and Chuck Bul llngton lunlor prince Dave Roum Sophomore prince jeff Plaskowskl and Freshman jeff Fu ts 2 I .fy V., IZA' N :QX5f,g? W4h ...2QjC'9g1,f S --.295 Ixllzzf. ' 5 A I- .. x F K 5 r 5, I ,I AAS'- ni 35:2 455. if :EEE r' :F 90540 ".':::'.1' Wwe . L JW . Nui , Q as K Xxx s an Y N . tw XS li ' es if - 1 as 55 'ffss Q t W- ,. N X is 3 W , X fp' a-: 4 E 6 . Q gg -' . X is X X . if if s ,- iw -it ff"":x::5:'f5'?'45.l 2 - ,K .Ei Wi T , gssagf tgs, f Nut I'vAW? asf A N xxx Q ,I K K A I ' 413.-'f tm! Q vs i -1 . it W l '59 'I iw I Q Q S d vl NX :fig f Q, ' tg ic sh' X X sf ' it 5 Q 1 . vi? 9 J lf! 9 Q Q X 47 '11, 'Vw R A 19 M U 1 A. J 'K 1 .A L . ffwfig. N . Newport lam: March 13 at the O.C. Fairgrounds at 8 pm Featured group: Kings Road Attendance: 1100 Kings Road, a hot and popular local band played for 3 V2 hours to hundreds of people 'n a dance sponsored by the Chinese Club. Tickets were two dollars per person with five percent going towards their annual journey to Chinatown in San Francisco. The band is made up of Chip Bitteti limi Helfrich I Doug Weber anld Bob Williams. 6 it M fir 'gif 4 Wifi! K fy .2029 2' 1 ' . , ' - - x . X E . ' , kv ' h JI' Eli- ' C511 , ' - 'Y-4 S-v -' ffm . sum: -tgssfw W 'f . . ..., . .,,. V H ,. , -was-.ff-V-v gre ::.. - s V- , ' 9.1 ,cp ' ,wp-f . . , f?2fffr.ff,lzf' 5 0 3 fraf.:.t.g s:2",."4,,, ' fe, Facmf... T - - fx P 1 Q Mun A I' P r w my ,W,,,,,,:,.,,,m, ...L N-www .y 1.-M. me QW, n-.4 .W A ,,,,,.. Vwfw mmm flaw 'vii V ,Wan N WZ- Q- W awk? vQWM, .- af ,X Ar :NTaM,,jwF"'7' My ar, Lf' Y -ev YW? ' N- M. 45" MW My-'F MAX 116 , A A-4-W M Hsu' r ww , -,.,- ,. 'wiv' 1 1 W , , W Y 1 I 55 ' K ' ' N , X ' f ' w rf L: l: ' X , 273, L X ,Vi -- FL? ggi, W5 11 -fr Agn an V1 A, M "- , J, 3 49 j rx pgflwja ri'Q3If-uf 4-. ,135 J'U,.f'U :Hu , , , ..-LL ,-,x,, :K wx gym Q '-'Q ,2gfiwQm?' 1 'Q' j Dy' 1' '15 ,Lf '12, , , , , , . . , 1 A f i Jygf,l'grQ,gwy-5 ffw gpg' Q,1gY,:j1MC lvmg 'gxfijwg gy gfufw I 'gf aff 5 !'1f'a1?f 1f,1fQ.f'd ini! was 'V fwgq fffj 5151 H 'S QN1Hs1,r rg! 311' 32:7 'fvlyg Qing vw' ,.,,gxg mfx-5 L piiwi! Vw 'W 2 fFN'T,Nf Lfgwli r',r1QL?Hf.w- ,,,,7.,,,,- ,.,, -.,, f.. ,Q PHE, ,.,, . ,,A'N my ,gums Q51-,:y 'H-ff, fuuy L, wyVf1JC"W iwrfyfiw my" M513 FNL.x.qN5'g'j rm1ggmrwgxhgjxgl ljvmg- gmq yy' 2222? Qrwfwa fQW.'e,f'2L .dd Tffgfil QW 'I ff!!'f55J'5l' - f L ,R aww? fin!" ffiff mi swcw- uguiw,:f wi il m.f,!,,wf:f QM. , , ,n, -VV., .Y V,-,I A--, aw aalwufs-fl? 5, -f., m15r,1 fp:f,um SML fum ,wg ff,Q5pP1 54pe,fl2,mQ2 lm M-f,2vrs11 bfiviki, F551 PEI aided Eff WVlB'E'1"""3Q 'Ni i1fu1"",?1Ew,f Qui- i xQ1fMfw,?' 9 H Q, Bw, WWI? .,,,gfx7-'J -- :.:","' ' 1. faf1. f:. " ' .IQ - i'l ' ..,, ' V- V. ,. T. "-ff-5-...MJ i , 'ML-yvb' ,V -3 , .L M! I ' . ' ' P5,,f'E',iQj,',-1' ,llfiiifif g' A 1' -.J"Mj,v., x ' 1-gy:--.f,wg-,M 1 5.1 5- ,f ,ge . - .,x, X -Q ff,.v.- "- -.1 V Q-fff '1 1 , vim A ,, yy, V --1. 'Ku W "1 . , .. 1,-f'-V, Nr V ' f.. . , f-,,k :-- -1- -V .. 134- gtgiruliilf--"e-T 1 '. 1 1 ' ' -M I ,,'.. All Q3 ,V,, 5, -P L .1 fm QQ , , , . 0 ' 2 I Qgfgw ,gg A Vxmil 'LQ Q, 1, M 4,4 -:V :Aw wh . .,, A ,F :wx -f ,4 ' 1' xx., QXFY' 4. -H .1 fin, L E':,-. ,,,V,- .pt .JZ I, fy ,. ,Xi is -' ffl-'," ..- . ,, ' M ., 44'-' 4 "Q ' -'N ' . , ' ' ' , 4,1 JL ' ,:- VM. , A.. 1 '. A p N' , .. .: ' V - V 'R g"""'- 'W I 1' f". 7 Q? , :af ' gk' , ' f:"'g. ,f I, . , x"' N- ' 4 , . 1 ff f 'ff' W. - ,. , X f ,-wq-:- 2 VZ , .. K4 V: ' ., ' Q ' "3 . , , V f . v ' - -,V 3. 4:-.1 1 fl -gn - ' 4 g, ' Y . -T ll- V . f- :rig , f' ' gf? K. . f 3 4. 3 x Gia: Over 150 girls participated in the annual GirI's P.E. Dance Production Show. The show was in the Newport Harbor Audi- torium on january 12,1976. As in the past, Mr. Frank Wright's advanced dance class presented many fine dances in addition to the girls in regular P.E. dance classes. Some of the dances included: Funeral, Kit- ten on the Keys, Get it On, Babies, Com- puter, Typewriter, let Set, Spanish Flea, The Duet Firebird, Greensleeves, Saloon-Kan- sas City, When to Leave, Time Cube, Fire, Dogpatch, Fins, Temptation, and Coastin'. As usual the show was a big success. it., ,1 l 1 1 err X53 1 i 16 4 CQ i :il l -Q f:NN tQ,:,++ 1 .f S -::a: QD 21 .eitmu rs 1 1 Many talents previously hidden under wraps, came out of the wood- work and presented themselves to the community in the talent show, Tars and Stars. Tars and Stars is pre- sented annually by the junior Class to raise Prom funds. This years performance ran two successive nights, March 19 and 20. The curtain time was set at 8 pm, and the auditorium was full of ad- miring parents and school friends. The two hour show presented about 20 acts with 60 participants. There was a variety of acts which ranged from comedy routines to singing, dancing and instrumental perform- ances which were featured in the show. Mr. Robert Wentz, the show co- ordinator felt the show had "things the likes of which we never had before." Ji 5, nyiziii' Q ., " is " Asif J, .,, ,- ,, Vx , 1 -.--. -D+ ,H -a The Senior Class Play did not become a thing of the past but possibly the start of a new tradition. After last years mishap, the Class of 1976 decided not to follow their predecessors and revive the Senior Class' annual performance. With legs dangling in midair and Mad faces plastered on back- drops, the stage was set for this years performance "The Mad Show." There was never a dull moment as Senior Drew Lawler madly rode his motorcycle onto the stage, and the cast of twenty Seniors performed skits written by the writers of Mad Magazine. Responsible for the direction of the Senior Class Play was the Drama Supervisor Mr. joe Swift. Mr. Swift and cast felt that there should be no dominating characters so that everyone would have equal participation in this years performance. Nfl Wai l d If 'A t Auf . I ab' ,,,,, F, 4 fl .,., fvll i K is . -i 433 if if ff N s at-1 H Q si' uv 'n f ,. wiki? .M www ' '7 ' Q: Qi 3 .. 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' . - fs gb... .lull 4f,g1frs1.,,A5i'.":!n . -A ' f .. glam ' 1 4.4: M. sr ' was M iwgfwumim m ay Q T., - - 1 '.A-" "- I'- -14-L ,, ' ,V P t.: l . i ,- t J 1 Spirit of 76. Liberty. Freedom to Succeed. Free- dom to Fail. individualism. Initiative. During the past months this Bicentennial barrage has clogged our gutters with star-spangled flotsam, choked our airwaves with inane animations of 1776 scenarios and funneled our thinking into tinsel trappings. Rather than compete with these high sounding trumpets of Madison Ave., rather than reduce our forefathers' bravery to recitations of dead parchment, rather than exalt pioneer initiative from the Temple of the Abstract, we of the Galleon staff wish to give this rhetoric immediate and concrete meaning to you by showing how the pioneer initiative of colonial cobblestone is the same pioneer initiative which built your home from the sandbar muck of old Newport. These old pic- tures capture the dreams of early Newport, and the familiar details of the new pictures breathe the reality of those dreams. Human dreams and efforts in concrete formp that is the story of 1776-1976. X Q- -, P fT"'I'T"T" T' Q ' ' 1' A--r -f .-., 5 - 1 - Whg. "S, ' 8 -- Ki., ' V 4- A U ...A V n . P.-tQLku.ti,.:,"'Zf L , , 'J - , 1 ,Y-. h -wr I- -1 I s -ffm 4 1 Q, fr- Us " ' , f il? f -g 1842-The narrow peninsula ocean beach at 19th street in 1930. Today, the beach is considerably wider and Fashion Island towers over the city in the background. 3814-This photograph! drawing postcard of 1910, portrays the Balboa Peninsula as seen from the Pavillion toward Bay Island. Today the view is that of a commercialized bayfront and private residents on Bay Island. 586-The Main Street scene of Balboa in 1911. The Pavilion was a main sight for the first passengers of the Red Car on July 4, 1906. Today mature trees hide the Pavilion from Main Street, but it is still a landmark which enhances the charm of old Balboa. 7818-The back ferry, built in 1921 was a passenger ferry that pushed an occasional automobile or the local school coach across the bay. The'Balboa ferry still oper- ates today with a new capacity of three automobiles and fifty people. 98110-The entrance to Newport Bay as it appeared in 1914. The view today seen from Little Corona shows the Har- bor entrance with 2 jetties and a complete residential com- munity on Balboa. 118412-The oceanfront scene, west of Mc- Fadden's Warf as it appeared in 1895. Today's oceanfront scene is much different with old Hotels being replaced by du- plexes. 138:14-McFadden's Warf in the 1890's. The Newport Pier as it appears today after reconstruction due to the '39 hurricane. 158116-Aerial shots of Newport in the early 30's and 70's show the development of one of Southern Califor- nia's favorite sun sports. R f-f I I The Galleon of '76 solemnly dedicates this- section to all of the actresses, the actors, the drumbeaters, the flag twirlers, the second tubas, and the other assorted hams who comprise the Performing Arts Department. Newport Harbor would not be the same place without the glassy- eyed thespians stumbling through the halls mumbling something like ". .. To be or not to be. That's the oops! the McCoy." And how can one have a half- time show, or a parade, or a pep rally without that bright group of budding Bachs and Beethovens, otherwise known as Newport Harbor's Marching Bandg not to men- tion the ID Squad and the Flag Twirlers who dance, prance, and wiggle through their routines at pep rallies and competitions. They may not be perfect hams, but they're still working on it. , :QLEL '- , Y , S? ,,f. Eff: dv:-'---"F I , ' 1 .: .salsa 1" s1r,:,f,t-if , 'f:?f5,gf?3Z , i' " . , f Q ,: .,,. f,f?g, ., , :gm - : far 4151? 6,174 lilOlOI0000015IIOOOllI00000OllllllllllllillllillillOCIOOOCUCUOCCOOOIIIOOIOIOOOCOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOQQ '22 oooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooqoooooooooooooooooooooooloooooooooooooooooooooa 3 oooooooooooooo 1 IOOOlliODOIIIOIO00000OOO20llOO000000IOOOOOIIIOODOIOOOOCOUOOOOIOOCOIOC Q OOCOOIIOICOOQ .Cliff0000000OGOIIIOOIOIOIIOllliilillllllOOCOOQQIIICIOIOUUUUUifilllilglezegzsegggglOCO0l0OlOllCl:: sr::e2::::::::er:-:freeeases::eraseeeeeeeee2-'--'---'------''-'----------U------------H-H------. lou .Doo 'Ono 'DDQ 000: 'Ole .OOO 'Ona lion .Doo .lin C004 lin .Doo .lic .000 000: 'Cos .000 lion .000 .000 .000 'DDQ 'lbs lin 'Ono 000. .000 'loo lin .Oil 'Doo 'COD lo Oo. .Ulla .llc .las lien 'lic .llc .llc Its. .lou Ole. .loo 'lou Cleo 'Doo .Con lion lion OOO. liao .lon D000 Q00- .Occ .Ole lin .lla 'Coq Clos .000 .lin Qian lion .Occ CO5- lion .Ono .lla Qian .COA sis. lic .los Clos C000 'Doo Ilan Clog fliu .000 0000 'Con 'ln lla. .Occ Clan .llc Qian lla: C009 .loo Iles .Ono lla. 'Oo .loo 'Ono llc. llc. liao Clan lion .OOO lion .Doo ovfz .. .. .. -. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Q. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Q. .. .. .. .. .. Q.. .- .. .. .. .. .. Q. .. .. I .. oo oo 5.5 0000 Q. .Q Q ouunun Qunuun Q Q Q 4 Nnunvn ...snow cocoon ooooooo oqaooooooooo 5 ...ass 4 .wanna . 4 Q Q Nunn., nn....n 9990 gg 333 .. .. .. .. 3 .:"z, N of u N ., ,, 3 3 .. .. .. .. .. .. N of .4 so X I1 ZZ n ff N N .. .. nun N ev .,..,. Z! 22 IZ Z' " " . gn .Q N ...H Z! ZZ gg 5 n eeping up the superior Sailor tradition of fine musical quality, the Instrumental students under the direction of Mr. Richard England, did it again. Mr. England feels that these students have presented some of the best concert material in the recent years. Mr. England reasons that because "they're marching less and concentrating more on concert tours," that this year has made it possible for them to have the success. xquisitive performances were also pre- sented by the vocal department of New- port Harbor. Under the leadership of Mrs. Suzanne Haig, the vocal groups combined their unique talents in producing harmonious tones which were enjoyable and entertain- able to our community. early performances by both groups included the All-School Christmas Scholarship, Instrumental Spring Concert and the Midshipmen Concert. These per- formances raised money for financial allowances for the many tours in which the groups performed. f ff ff ff f :nf 1 fy! 9 2? so , . af ff 9 Q -1, " " -ey . ' '- '-f .C-it . 'f' , ' , -, 3. 4.-ZZ" V lg 1 ,. . . ,gp .-.m-QW myicg . 1 V , UQ,-3,4 iff' f 5w?f'.i.' ff- f 4 z If Y ' 'yi ,'ff..'f:.:-,gf f iv .mia in ' 6 .. V l- Q. n. .. .. .. i x ii 1 59,01-'gg' .. 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N...0.NO03Dzgggogooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaocoooooouq 'agi--.o.......0......2.222222222222222!222222f22222f2"""""""""'""'"""""""22222222'2"' ...,',-122:22ez:::22e:::2ze::::ee:::22:2:2::2:e2::2:ze::777737573373933333f3f33332f3T3!53733ff--:este: ' B ................... ..................... Ola... Qin... gear: o O00 Occ Cos o ll Q. ' Q.. . G .Z Q. Q. Cleo.. I 'Occ joan.. QOO0.. .lion 'Oln- 8.:::. X . fr aa. Clos. llc.. 'loo' Qian 'su .. o.. .. 'V 'Olav -- " ". , QOOO-. v - Qian.. filo.. .lion .f f I , lion.. " - ggu.. gon.. Q Q... ggg... Ole.- 8000.- .gap-2 o0".' .o' -'.' u .4 Q. N N .N n .Q N on N . N N n Q v n up no N H Left, right, left! Chino and Colton band reviews were keen enough to perceive a talented band when they saw one and awarded Newport Har- bor for their excellent performances. This out- standing group of musicians was advised by Mr. Richard England. The Drum Major was Steve Lane. Headed by Mrs. Cindy Collins and led by Admiral Stacey Bodenhoefer, the Sailorette Drill Team participated in many competitions doing very well. In addition to the Drill Team, Auxiliary also participated in parades and home football games. After football season, they continued to practice for further competitions, such as the State Championships in which the Flag Twirlers were awarded the honor of State Champions. The Band, Drill Team and Auxiliary have all been working very hard this year. The Band practiced two hours a day during first and second period. Drill Team and Auxiliary have contributed as much time in their preparation towards their successful performances. fi I 4. - lx l., A -in 4 ' V I jr' ' I- A 1 f . ,iii 4 'fa 4 A T -A an F ,llyfg , Y, , V 3' dd? Alf, I I ,f - 'F I "" V ' 'i::"'i31 4 jifzf , , C' ,ff . , . , I ,gl-f . Z1 f ,ff'.ir7E WF ' 5 1 , ' fm V , ' :A V ,sf 55552, ,f ' ,, 4, .y,. is ,,,., ,mf V 3 '.,affQxi.27" ' ' , .1. Q '21, ' , ,, 1 1 4 3 tw l ' , 5 A H M ,f fiat aw- ' 'ii 1 + 9' X-I. ' 1 N un N N Q Q . . Q f Q N Q U .N - s . . . v .Q N .. N Q N f . Q s 4 M!-,J f0 rizfgf V' o'.'i::---'':::::::::::::::::::::::::...........::::::::azz:::::::::::::::::::::::::''HHHUUU' .. 3.,'.'2::iiiii:zz::aa:a:usa:am:sgggggggggggggggzasa:aaszaaaa:asazz:aaa:aaaa:azzaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' ' . O C000OOOOOOOOOOQOOIOIOOOOOIC O0OOOOOO00000OOOll00000O00000IOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOIOOOOOU ...nun n nv u u n 0 N Q- u n Q- -- U 0 -- on N H 4. N N , N . - U N N u Q ..,.. o ...-gggg-pic .........uooeooo0l0'g222222...--075:32222223---' -.',0' soooonoooouonoooooonll"""'ffff,...-oe'-"222!2222!...........-- ..............,,:-gggggggzzz.............. l 4 0 nu N .- N H U . M -. u Q. u- .. u. -- U .- H .. u N H. g 1 MQ.,4o,M 'f f We 121.2 ifTUT! 3 f f 1 'zwiw ': .., " A afifqv 'fi A I ff. ,Wvf gl Q 'ff A . ,Q , aff.-If-ge .1,zfM ' ff kb ...oil ...o0l .--oil ...lil ...oil ...oil --alll ,ucif --coil ..oolQ .wolf -anti. ..oo0Q -will --soil --oil. ...oil -coil. .noif .noif ...sol .noll --soil --ntl. ...oil --ull --soil ...oil ...oil ...oil ...oil ...oil ...oil ...oil --coil --coil ...oil ..-oil -cool. ...obj ...oil --nil ...oil ...oil ...oil ...OOO -soil. ...o0l --oil. ...o0Q --coll ...ell ...oil -alll --uni' ...egg ...ggg .-soy' ...OOO --soil ...oil --.oil ..ooQ. -.coll --noll .-maj' H .nail .bf 'Q -coil. .ucij .noll ...ntl .nooj '.-ooOl . 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Nu.. 3::::: ":::8 3:2222 .58 'Stix 2222 E222 ovember was the month, the auditorium :ng gn... was the place and the first drama pro- -:zz Esffz duction was "The Man Who Came to Dinner." '23 9:21. This play has been presented each decade -E3 :ol since 1950 by the Drama Department. The -2:8 3:31 show ran for three successful nights, Novem- .3 222221 ber 5,6 and 8. Over 30 actors are involved in '38 aznff the cast with Bob Keller playing the lead. Oth- 8:22 er major roles were played by Sue Deverich, ..:: :aw Phil Phillips, Mark Rucker, Blake Schroeder, '38 83... Tracy Schutt, Mike Whitehead, and Scott W? sz: Golub. More than 20 people were involved in .3 3:1 the stage crew. 3: Q00 oil 'lion ell ln 000 O04 oil .Oo 00: 322 22. foo 'OO On '00 Qin... OOC .Oo UO. 322 133 'Oo 'U' C00 'U' Q00 W". Quo... will 8:2122 2223 8::::: 3:8 OOO... 00' foo... CIO QOQQ.. Ol. QIOO.. 000. .ll o.. COO. Ol: Ol- Ilan o.. Q.. .lieu lla OO: Qlto.. Qlio.. Ol. o.. QOOO.. ll. o.. 'Clu- ll- Q.. 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In an attempt 1:32 33. to get more student involvement in the pro- 33:3 8:3 duction the play was student directed. The 211:22 832- directors were Nova Ball and Mark Rucker. 31:3 33. The show ran for only two nights, December 3:23 8:3 5 and 6. There were two showings each night 3:38 833- at 7 and 9 p.m. 213: 222"' :::222 000 Q ' --not Q00 W --nl llc -will Q00 , --.000 O00 ' -will 222 1:2222 Q00 --0000 000 ---000 O00 '-000. Q00 "UCI Q00 --nil Q00 --soil Q00 --nil O00 "NOC 222 122223 33: :::222 .ll -ell.. lin 0000 Q00 oooj Q00 -.ull 222 :::222 000 E ---col ,jab .OO -noi.. 2222: :::222 Qu.. C00 uo0O "' 222222 l 1222" 22222 :::222 222:: :::222 ll -0000. 2222: :::222 000. -no0Q 0000 --ull Qian .uqgj 'COO -sell. 2222. 1:2222 222: :::222 lion --oogj 2222 :::222 Qilo. .nogj lin --no' 222:. ..:222 'loo -ntl. 2222. 11:33 .Cla -'iii' 'Con -nog. lin. dug' Qian -nog' Con. dug' 'lon 'Quo dong' 2222 122222 .Qin ..,g.. 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'.SOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOO000000000000000000000000000000000000000O00099GGQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . 00000000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooeeesoooooooooooooooooooooo0 37 .....:g::::::e:.........'.'.....!:::::::::::::!:llil.OICUOOIUCCICIIICIOOIIUICOIOCIOICUISSSSS:!C:.., 0,.n,f,f,:511133HQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ,fggggggggezzeezretere:e:::::e::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...... sy.-':1..... ::..',',-' Ring: o-III: " ss as 'se gs' ' " 'sz 5533-- Otn.. ga gn an :z 3::::: as 3 Q as . 2 sas M. ,, ,,. ,., 3 ...::2 lin.. --000' Qin.. --000 Ulu.. ftp :E z .S :::o0O 2:2221 hen you see a guy reach for stars in the sky, S312 12.38.21 you can bet that he's doing it for some doll", 21:3 3:1212 coined the theme for the 1976 Spring musical, "G uys 33:3 2:1221 and Dolls". The three act production was presented 11:3 3:22 May 5,6 and 7 by the drama department in the audi- 11:3 Qgu.. "0ll. .,,,,, torium. ...... ug tins: 3:5000 22:11 verall, lead characters were Mark Rucker, Nova gajjj 25.31 Ball, Chris Sippl, and Richard Rodriquez, with 2:2121 drama teacher joe Swift directing the production. .. '-I 333- .3 sz zz g""0 8:2111 32 ritten by Frank Loesser, the musical told a fable .2223 33:1 :..'1..2: of Broadway. Famous tunes from the score in- 112:22 3:2211 cluded: "Luck Be a Lady," "I've Never Been in Love 122:28 8:2111 Before," and "Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat." 12:23 Qgg... -'fill 222215 ' " 'Q' --3333 lian.. "UCC On... 23:8 33:1 ---000 gn... ---no .O0o.. "".. 'l0o.. "".. liao.. "".. 'Onan "".. 'Ilan "".. 'Clow Q0on.. Qllo.. "::.. OOO... " '. Qu... xx: 222121 ----oo l0un.. ""'. .lion "'... .O0o.. ""'. .Coon 3:2211 ---000 'Qian "'... 0010- "".. 3:33 1123: ... -- 0 SSI... --3:0 jon.. "Ulf Qjgon- "'... Qgg... "Nil gn... ---no jfs... "'90. Qgou.. "NOD Qga.u -H000 oogu H-oo0 0 I Qgn.. on... -f --:xg gon.. -- ... -- 0 23... --3:0 Qu.. --0000 Egan.. "Wig ..0s- HO.. .::::: :::::8 Qian.. nil' .lun-. -195.0 .Qian -mg.. Q0oo.. ui' 80ou.. .. . .:::o- 000. Qin.. ...ell uggg. jon.. ..n0l .gggn n0QQ Qilo.. 0000 gggu- 0000 .g.... QUQQ 00n-- 000. QQQQ.. 000. .youu ull 22221 2223 jon.. .oo0 .Clan .no gpg... e000 Qggn. 000. Qggu.. noi' Qian. 000' Cn. 0000 000. ni. Don- 0000 On- -000 C00 'OOO 332 2233 you H00 :zz .,5::: O"g'1L'.'g- ....................................................... ::::::::::::5::::::::::: ........ .f::0.'9Q ' 0'03 """"""" """" 'SSZZZZZZIZZZZZZ'"'''ZZ233333Z32o...noooaoooon.......u.-SSZZZ2253'09. Q., anoooouonoooeoeuqnpnoos ocean: ......qg5o00000oooo000ooso 00 38 ogS33333333332338325533333333333333333333333333333333330nu-333:3333:3..........338333383so . .OOOIIQOCOOOQOGUQSQQSOO QCIIIllIOC''CCIOOIIIIOQUCUICCCOOOICCI QOOIIOOOIOIOOIOOOO Q . 1222222222222222222222223223222222222222222222222222222'222'2'2'222222222222222922222222222 23 , g.l.e.g2:2:ggQ2:2222:gzggg:gs2:2222::gegg:obooneooo0osoooooooszooogueogoooo000000oogsggggggggggggfgfof g ....,...:!t:ee!:eztgettzz::::,::::22::.....'220000000lillblOOIOIOOCIOIOIIOOOOIOOIOCOO ..O . . U .... . .Oooh .Ilf- Oin- Qu.. Qu.. ggoo.. glau- 'gyn- 'Con- lon.. Qing.. 'lon- lin las lin- 'lou Q.. ltr ggg... Q -.. ...--fn.. 2-2--"---"HH-'H--:::::::::e::::e:::::..rf ax xxx sg, xx zz 'Hg lllMZ:lllllllllQl,,,,,, .A 1 'V V " -iff g " .tx hear: lf K' ,.. sf my L qlkxw 4' fi A T x X ln addition to preparing the plays, the Drama De- partment has been very busy competing with other schools. Making the finals in a recent drama compe- tition were the entries from Harbor in the group pantomime event and the special events category. The special events entries placed second. The drama competition took place November 'I5 at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. The performers from Newport were the students in drama instructor joe Swift's second period advanced drama class. Due to the fine direction along with the excellent performances of the cast, Harbor was able to place second out of 71 schools. .-1-'.o0 . D, 'noni' ... ...ogg -coli. ..a .n -ull. ...ogg ...egg --sul' -coll. .n Coon- ul .luv 000 DOOM- oil lion- ool DCOM- cog lisa.. ...ell Olav.. .null Gln .nqgg Olin- -uoqg sian. ug... .::oo- dong: . Qgooo- .nogj QOOH- ullg' 2222? -'-'g' - .ao gon.. qu.: gg... , , .0000 .::0:: 'DIN' .nogf zz:-H 0 Clin- ...nga lin.. dugg O00--' .ng Qian- .nqgg Ion.. ..o0lQ Olin. Moog. 0 -:OI 3321- ""!3 Qgon- .-:ogg loan- .aoygf ' -ol. 2221? ""32 0000- 'ff' .-.ggg 0000- Q, ..n0g line ...ogg Oooh- ...ogg 3221? ""28 ' -all ' lin-f ...egg Qin.. ...ogg Olav' ...ogg :::"- 41470 l --nog o-. . Olav- 2:2211 ---"0 lie... ".'.. .icon "'... nv- "nz: ' -OOO :3333 . , ,jug '.::'1"-:::'::::::::::::::zz:::::::::::::::::::...:::----------------- -' "zu: .,....:..,.,................'............... -................ Qfls....--...-.4-0...-......-'I. 9 0 'oo .qnqanauunnoQ....nQnun..-nono..nS33333332333332333333332333Z3333333333333333333333333 9 . '00QQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQCOQQOOQQOOOOIOOOOOOOO 41 0 ' 0 0 oooooooooouoooo0oooooooooooooooooooooooga3333333333333332-2333333333333333333333333333 '53 00 0 1 . .2222!222222222222222222222!2222222!222!222222222222222222232222222222"""""""222222222"" ..O..OIOIllO0CIOC!IOlIUIIIICOOOOOICCIIICCCDUUOOODOIOOOOIOIOIII I O I .............. ...t O IOOIO0liIl0ICO0DOiIllUlIIOCOOO!000000000OOIIDICDCIUIIIIDUOOeO:l:0!:::.:::...:::.!::x:.!::::.:2g::.' O 0. .O.',12 333133:ng.-...-.........-. ...' . . .... . ........ ... .O0:f,' IO00.. QO00.. IO00.. OOO0.. 00001. IO00.. lou.. IC00.. OO00.. OO0... OO00.. .Ola C000 IO00.. IO00.. .lion .l00.. .. 0. .Oooh 'Oln- 'lion Q000.. C000 .Cie QOO0.. 'lion QOO00. OO00.. .000-. SOO00. lin. 80000. lin. 'Qian .lion 'O .00- fllca. .0000- .0000- .000-. C000-. IO00.. .l000. .0000- .Chun 8000.- .Ulu .lion .fiom .0000- O000.. Q000.. 'lion .lin-. 'Oln- .lion .lion IO00.. QQ00.. .000-. .Ilan QOO0.. Olin. Q000.. Clos.. .lion .ll00. QCO0.. OIO0.. 0000 2000 C00.. .090-. D000- 235205:-57002:0.---0- -- -- l S EER H 2522 DOOM: esides playing at football games, con- """ E2"E1 certs, and festivals, the Newport Har- - ig? bor Marching Band entered num- 8000-. Q00.. QQ00.. .0000- .000-. QQQ0.. Qian. QQU0.. QQ00.. Qion- C000- .000- QQQ0.. QQ00.. Q000.. 'Otan- 0000-- QO00.. QQQ0.. QQ00.. QQ00.. QQQ0.. Q00... :youu Q00.. .Cloo- .Cloo- 0000-- 'lu .000 .OC0u .0000- QQQ0.. 0000.- QQ00.. QQQ0.. Q00.. l Q00... QQ00.. Q000.. Qin.. Q00... ggn.. 007.2 O 0'. l..0:.':': Q Q 0: O erous competitions and did well in all of them. The Band also hosted the annual Lobster Bake Parade. Over 100 members proudly displayed their talents, represent- ing Newport Harbor High School. nother performing group are the ?E..ESMidshipmen. Specializing in jazz 53 55 music, the Midshipmen played at Yacht Club openings, concerts and are available for dances. aturally we can never forget the Pep Band. This enthusiastic group of musi- cians performed exquisitely at the basketball games and also provided music and drumbeat at the Pep rallies. 301' is la in unforgettable talent is the TE ES P Y 3 '- Orchestra. These musical performers EE..Ei participate in concerts such as the Mid-Winter and Scholarship concerts. They also performed in a festival at the end of the year and traveled to Elemen- tary Schools for dazzling performances. All musicians are under the direction of Mr. Richard England. 35S223ZZZSZZLZSSZEZZSSZZZG. OIIDUOOOCOUOOOIOOIUOOIIOICU 00000000000000000000000000 OIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOO Alphabetically: D.Alder, K.Apel, K.Alderfer, K.Amstead, S. Baker, D.Barton, l.Barnett, B.Bayliss, L.Beauregard, D.Bee- gan, l.Beeman, P.Bixby, E.Boss, l.Bowler, C.Bradford, K. Bradford, P.Bradstreet, K.Brown, L.Brotemarkle, J.Burns, D.Butcher, B.Caldwell, A.Camien, T.Campbell, l.Caricof, G.Cohen,l.Cole,1.Corzaine, T.Cuomo, l.Dilullo, l.Doezie, C.Dostal, R.Driver, L.Duket, L.Duffy, R.Elliott, M.Eiland, B. England, E.England, D.Fier, T.Fier, C.Fletcher, l.Fuller, I. Fuller, l.Geumlek, S.Golub, S.Griffith, l.Grigsby, K.Guiltinan, K.Gobel, D.Hansen, l.Hansen, R. .:::.:::::: Harlow, A.Harper, V.Harris, L.Haskell, j.Haskell, T.Henderson, N.Herman, K.Hirahara, T.Hodgkin, C.Hodson, M.Hodson, P.Hoffman, C.Hosmer, l. Hurley, K.lacobs, B.johnson, M.lohnson, l.lones, A.Kaufman, R.Kenshahel, D.Kiddie, S.Kimis, I. Kovalenko, T.Kuykindall, K.Landrigan, S.Lane, C. Laljer, L.Leaverton, l.Lee, Q.Lee, S.Lindsay, M. ,, ,,,, Lovell, H.Mackel, D.Mukai, O.McCurdy, D. McKamey, I-McKarnes, K.Mclntosh, B.Moore, E. 5 gg: Navarreth, M.Olson, B.Perry, S.Perry, B.Pele- ' ,zu tier, l.Peletier, P.Peters, D.Pendly, D,Pratt, D. Prichard, B.Queyrel, M.Rego, D.Rohdy, S.Rob- Salvati, K.Salvati, M.Saia, l.Slaughter, D.Smith, I. ,,.. erts, l.Robins, M.Rowan, B.5chmidt, B.Shaw, B. Stoddard, M.Stoddard, M,Subcasky, M.Swanson, T.Thompson, R.Threlkeld, l.Torian, K.Tracy, K. Van, Dremlin, l.Vaccaro, H.Von Szeliski, P.Ward, B.Westover, D.Wilcox, L.Wood, P.Zill Q...-.e.-.0.-...-.0...............- 0 000000000000000000000000000000000 0' ' ggggggggggg......................:.:90 0000000000 0000000000000 0.0 Q 0000000000000000000000000000000 lil OO O OOOOOOlO0OOOIO0OOOOlOOOCOlOOOOIOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOIOCOIIOOO OOC 40 .1 . IllOOOOOOOOOIOOCIOIOIOIOO OOO IOlOOOO00000000000OOIllOOO!ll0000000IOCIO000000OOOOOIOOOIOOIOIIOOOQCg I 0 0 ''2222222:2::::::""-'mf-'.'-'H'"'Hz''2:ssze:ze:ee"''H''wemeeeeeeszmezszezeezzee.2..ef.-, OUOOIIIOIOIO UUOOIOOIOOO IO COOODOOOC 00 00000 000 00 000 0000 000 000 000 0000 00::e:::::::::::::2!f:::........,:::.l.g. ................................,,... 0 .. g PEP I Front Row: Mark Olson, Doug Prichard, Stan Roberts, Claire Fletcher, Joe Cole, Tony Cuomo, Row 2: lon Vaccaro, Bob Pelletier, Eric Boss, Brent Caldwell, Merri johnson, Scott Griffith. Back Row: Erin England, Bonnie Schmidt, Tracy Hodgkin, Peter Bradstreet, Brian England, Brad lohnson, jennifer Caricof, Peter Hoffman. B E EN' Front Row: Ianet Elliot, Martha Marchak, Tina Cherry, Pat Duncan, Tabitha Hasin, Lisa Yamaguchi. Row 2: Bonnie Schmidt, Gabrille Heywood, Lisa Pedigo, Kristen Hoganson, Kathy Dupuy, Kristine Kirven, Susan Takata, Diane Winocur, Jeanine Mansur, Liz Kendrid, Erin England. Back Row: Greg DeMocskonyi, Bruce Salvati, Ken Salvati, Bob Schmidt, Peter Bradstreet, jim Pelletier, loe Cole, Mark Rowan, jim Tellian, Lyle Haskell, Lowe Elliot. Front Row: lon Vaccaro, Merri johnson, Connie Bradford, Claire Fletcher, Doug Prichard, Tony Cumo. Row 2: Bruce Sal- vati, Scott Griffith, Gordon Cohen, Stan Roberts, joe Cole, Tim Fier, Ken Salvati. Back Row: Karen Bradford, john Hansen, Bob Pelletier, Mark Olson, David Butcher, Mark Rowan, lim Pelletier. . ., '...0O. ...ell ...00Q ...00Q -0000. ...00Q ...00Q .. dogg' ...00Q -coll. ..000Q ..00lQ .. --000' ..00Q' ...00Q -.0000 ..00Q. ,..00Q ...00Q .. --e000 ...ggg -0000. ..00lQ --000' .. .. ...00l --000. -soli. ..0lQ. ..00Q. .. .. ...ggg -ulil --0000 --000. .. S E QR ES? 00" 00Q. 00QQ 000' 00" s00Q .0OQ 000. 000. 000. .'."0 '0 .O 211H5:ii5i3tiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiii".0. 000000000 0 00000 0 0 0 00 0 00000 0 00 00000000000 0000000906295 . . 0 .lg 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000:f?5g:::::::::::.:.:::.::.0g 0000000O000000000OIOIOOOCOOOOOOlIOIOIOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOO0000000000869 . 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l690000000000000000 0 4'l ...,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,......,!!!2222:Oeliololoooooilolollllot000000000qoocoolloooctoolloioloe000 ,..-3.................-................. . ' """""""""""'H""'-ovvv0-'0"0""' gh..- ,.................................::.2:2::::e:2::::::::e:::'::""-------------------'H .. . .... ......, .......... ..... .Ooh .Ono 'N' 2 ...N X22 Q. N N 0 ,, .. N s. N Q. N .Q ,, ,, . N N ,, ,, o.. .Olav- nina. QQQQ.. QOODQ. Q.. 82222: 252522 'Ocu- 53222 Q.. Qian.. .lin- Qian.. Qin.. Q.. 42 on. O.. .lion Q.. Q.. Q.. .Q0n.. UO: Ola Qgoo.. Ol: li. .lion UO. o.. .lou- o.. Q.. lin-- Qqos.. o.. o.. Qian.. o.. I0- .Clu- Ol. Q.. 'Qian n.. .. .. .. .. gg gg 2 " N 4. .. zz .. ww N" 82 ..... rabbing the eyes of spectators during the halftime shows with regimental precision, under the watchful eye of Com- modore Stacy Bodenhoefer is Harbor's Drill Team. They have performed in various parades throughout Southern California. Due to such dedication, Drill Team won second place in the Colton Parade and also competed in the Chino Parade and the Pacific State Band Review. During first quarter, the girls practiced first period and when football season ended, they practiced Thursday nights for two hours and during summer onceaweek. f course we also have performing along with the Drill Team, the Auxilia- ry. This devoted marching team made fi- nalist at the Saddleback competition and also competed in the state championship at Arroyo in March. The girls also made a trip to San Diego in May. Both of the march- ing precision groups are under the leader- ship of advisor Mrs. Cindy Collins. ELL TE Alphabetically: Lori Adamo, Edith Ander- son, Lee Baylis, Lynn Bowman, Thia Chris- tianson, Pam Chung, Kim Cooke, Jeanine Cozard, Karen Davis, Denise Dickinson, Lorraine Felde, Ellen Fleming, Lorrae Gery, Anne Hanley, Tabitha Hasin, Michele Hemphill, Roberta Holland, Kay-Lynn Irvine, Laura johnson, Lisa Johnson, Kim Kaul, Kim Killian,lackie Livingston Nancy McCafferty, Diane McKamey, Laurie Morris, Kathy Offstein, Christa Peters, Kim Rodriquez, Collen Ryan, Michele Saurer, jennifer Shelby, Susan Shafer, Gail Smith, Thelma Sneathen, Linda Stiffler, Nan Wray, Lisa Yama- guchi,lolleen Zeimann. WINNIE? 2-Suzanne Crane, Torey Morvay, Stacy Bodenhoefer, Sandy Nickerson, joni Hutchison. 3-Stacy Bodenhoefer 'if' OJ.--........................5:-zzzzzs: TX W., J, -xg, ss , I :zz::sz::::aa:as::::::::::::::::::::::::: 22.2.2.eeo222322222222222222222223222222222222222222222222222222 nu . 0 OOOOOOICOIQIOC IOIIO OO' :DSDDDDDDODOOOOOOOOOIIIQOCO...OCDUUCOOCIIOOIIOIOIllQOOOOIOOIOO.UlfCCOOCOOO!OCOICOOOOOIIIOCIOOQIOOI . 0CIIO.lflfffll'ICOOQIQIUOOlI0.0COIllOOlO0.0QIOOOIOIOOOIOOCOOOOOOOUlf...O...C..O.llllllllOllOlll..l 2222222222222 UUIOIIIOOIQOOOICOIIOOIOO OCOOOIICOIQIllllllllllllllllllllllllillOOOOIOOOOOIOOOOOIOOOOIOIOOIICOOCOCOO Q . :S:2000OOOOlOO0O0OOOOOOOOO0000000000IO00000OIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000OOO0O0OO0OOOO00OOl:0::200. ' .0 0aoooooooooooooooosoloococonooneoooooooanoooosooooolisooooooooooooousooouqepoooqoosooaoooo e..-.oo,g' ..I ..lll.llOl....l.....lfICOQCIIIUICOUUCUQUCOOIICI...CUCUililflllilllllllll..ll.lOllllU.'.... ..0Q... -'ffffffffffffflffffffffff12'!"!T2!'!'f!T!T'f22fT!Z'!!5T!!7'2'!"""'2"!""2222f!f2f23TfTfff--If','.0.. ".' 0 gag? l 55? .- ii rffflai lillili 92 oionoo cons on on ,,,., -Q N nu fn.. , 3 1: zz: .: z: z: zz 1-jenny Smart, Barbara Froya, Marcel Riem, Sue Straw, Heather Oliver, Laurie McKarns, Sarah Fawcett, Ten House. 52, 2 ? 6535532 2-Front Row: Leslie Bowman, Ann Allison, Laurie Hanson, Linda Ryan, Wendy Dennis, Debbie Snyder. Back Row: lean Vinxon, Laura Kirkpatrick. 322 355555 3-Front Row: Tracy Pendley, l.R. Jamieson, julie Bedford, Laurie Bowman, Lynn Schoonover. Back Row: Brenda Bailey,lean Miller. 53 53? 5 4-Erin England. Cinrlv Dostal, l 21:00. --sol. .wolf .NIOQ .-niOQ .-901' 'nil -.000 noqj. ...c0Q ..n00Q -oootf 'coil -nog' -000. -oat. --.000 .-soy. --soil doug. ...GOO dong. 000 ol. .QQQQQ --noi. --000' .IQQQQ .null alll 0000 -coli. 0000. uogj. .-sig' ...OOO 000. coll no... ...OOO --col. -vat.. --coll ntl 0000 NQQQQ --coil --not. --000. soil ..eo0Q sl Q -Ill .oil ..no0Q --000. -.uoij -oo0O. -.no0Q .. .. .noij -.elif .uoqj doug. .wolf --aol. .. .. -neil .noij ..n0Q. -soli. .nggj .noij ,, .. 100' .000 000. -000 .. ..co0Q ..no0Q --000. .QQQQQ -noi.. noni' .. .. -nfl' . . 4 --sol' .niif ' ' 00 X , , ..- ...qgg , ...... -.QOQQ W .QOOIQ . .nolj , s .. --Ugg. ,, ' --nog' x 49, dugg' S .nofj - --.,., . ug... ...egg A...,... .- ..................................................,.....4--....... ..o ------'-----'-'-'- .. ..............--. ... .....-. ...-B-. . '--:--.....,.,.-.00 l8353333333233333E25333333333352.Sn33.n.....o.o.....u.55533...3.......3..,a-e.eS'3313333.ZZ8S""'"Z"o. n000OICI00O00000000000IOOOOQOQCOQQOQOOOQOICOIOOOOIOOOOIOOQOQOQUQOQQsuccess9lOO0lOl00000oQ0s0::..:"0.0. ICOlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOIOOIOOIOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOO00000 O ee 0' 0 ' ooo oooe c 0 cocoon Q ' " n00000on00000oo00onooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooeoeooeeQSQooooo ' """"""" O 43 QOslg!e2engOOuleOOO!lOlOOlllillllllllillllllllllQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q QQQ Q QQQQQQQQ QQ Q .l.g2:2,,,:,,.,?2,,Q.222.gggQg2!gggg:g:!!::00000000000000020 0000000000000 08000 02000000 03000 0 ...,. 0 " gfff.. gxflf 0o.u .000 O 0 :EEZ .000 .000 .000 .000 3 3:22 armonious music is displayed 2221 51 il by the performing group, the 22:1 Chantelles, which consists of 00" twelve members. These irls er- zr' f mdf g ' t' ngs clllmas 0' Ol' e Of Ol' Hnlza IO U 3:1 the Costa Mesa Woman's Club, 2:22 the Harbor Woman's Club, and 3:22 the Bayshores Philharmonic. They 23: also performed for Bayview ele- S3: mentary school and traveled with 00o- Choralle on the Idlewild retreat. sz-- .Ons aff.. unique talent describes the 2:21 performers of Newport Har- "" bor's Choralle. Consistin of over C000 ' g I :zz thirty members, Choralle has dis- .:o--- played their many talents by par- gqzffl ticipating in various concerts such 32" as the Spring and Christmas Con- ga: certs. They also attended their an- 0""' nual Idlewild retreat and were re- QQO0.. v s::L. sponsdneforthe 0:...- production of 30:21 "Amahl and the 3:2122 Night Visitors." 'Dion ""' 9 " . .. . 525532 US'CallY 00... EE 55 f?OI'lEl"ltGd :::::g::::3 :ffl Bicentennials 221 prowdeanexua ffgQg 3:3 added attraction to """ "" 3:33 tothevocd 00na depanmenLThe 522:12 group is made up of 0:2222 twelve people and aww? 3:1211 specialize in singing 331: popular music. All 33: vocal groups fall 0v--- under the 3:31 directorship of Mrs. 2:2222 Suzanne Haig. .Ol00. l0..h A Wana ggg... 1-Front Row: Lisa Nether- 0'0" cutt, Darien jones, Laura MacGregor, Gloria Feige, gzvi- Amy Smith, Katrina Heggener. Barck Row: "1 Monica Oldmen, Lisa Sawyer, erri- yn Williams, Mrs. Haig, Raun Thorpe, Debbie .""' Leffler, Laura Vaughan. 2-Mrs. Haig, Terri- Lyn Williams, Gloria Feige, Darien jones, 8200- Terri Felde, Joanne Cannirrllg, Diane Wlgt- ":f aker, Diane Coata, Laura ac regor, at Courteau, Lisa Sawyer, Amy Smith, Laura .""' Vaughan, Debbie Leffler, Cindy Hatchey, Lisa Barkdell, Melinda gvtyeri, Karen Hill- Qn... man, Kathryn Prichar , Sy via Ha pern, "':'f Mark Smith, Lori West, Pat McCarthy, Candy Rice, Scott Golub, Debby Pazjk, "':'f Roger Haskell, Ann Detch, Linda Thorton, 835- Steve Cannady, Carol Thornbeck, David DOOM' McKenny, Lauri Bowman, Ron McVay, Brian Cannady. 3-Front Row: Debbie Leff- Qn.. Ier, Gloria Feige, Lisa Sawyer, Darien Jones, Lora McGregor. Back Row: David Q00e.. Mdqenney, Mark H. Smith, Terri-Lyn Wil- '::::: liams, Brian Patrick Cannady, Lisa Nether- gn... cutt, Ron McVay, Steven Edward Cannady, 00"" 0" .-'-'---.. . . .J--...-....SZZi2321822313332Z ... Oli OOC!!! O0 l I COOOOUI I I OIC! ill! OIODOO l Ill.. O .. . .ROIQSCICIUCsazzllazgzlgxz OQCII.OIO..OOOOIOQI...llIQQCOOC...OCC'IllIQCIIICOQIOCUOOOOCCIUI CIOC... 0 00000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000 000000 000000 44 . 0 llOOOOOIOIIOCOOOOOOOOOOOI'OlOOO00000COOOOIOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOIIIOOO30000OOOlllllllOlIsllOlll 000000: 222223222222222222222222222222222222222222 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222Q2Q2?2?2 3. .. . . .. ...U .................l.I-....... . 22gggggfggseeefefzfftnfeerfffffgefnffggggffggfffggggffffz?:??::??:eerie:222:22:ss::::::::::::::t,-.',u'. 'O dding spice to the Drama De- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. g .. .. Aw E partment of Harbor are the talented performers of Drama Club. Under the direction of joe Swift, this gifted company of ac- tors and actresses are responsible for the delightful and captivating plays put on during the year. overing the nation is a drama oriented organization known as the Thespian Society. Harbor's Thespians are under the presi- dency of Sue Deverich. Senior Pam Franklin has been honored with the position of President of the entire California Thespian Society, while junior Mark Ruck- er is the Treasurer. The Thespians have traveled to London at Easter and New York at Christ- mas and this year are at- tending a nationwide convention at Muncie, Indiana. A W otally displaying their creative talents be- hind the scenes is the E hardworking stage crew. They meet everyday at miiiiifif fifth period and provide the scenery, sets, and lighting seen in the per- formances. 1-Front Row: D.Hall, T.Smith, B. Warner, L.Sloan, M.Orr, N.Ball, S.Deverich, A.Normington, V. Sloan. Row 2: N.Serra, M.Quick, S.Gamble, S.Seigel, L.Killian, G. Hayward, D.Shermer, A.Sher- man, M.Sweeny, M.Sweeny, I. King. Row 3: S,Scholl, K.Wolf, B.Lerner, D, Lewis, B.Williams, G.Couler, L.Curtis, I. Gorman. Row 4: l.Swift, l.Boy, l.Bob, C. Sippl, S.Feifer, M.Rucker, D.VanDiver. Row 5: l.Helfrich, K.Troughton, l.Cool, R. Haskell, D.Sampson, M.Whitehead, T. Felde, R.Cross, L.Rucker, Scrodus, K. Nowack. 2-D.Hall, B.Warner, L.SIoan, K. Nowack, S.Deverich. Row 2: G.Coulen, N. Serra, S.Gamble, S.Seigel, M.Orr, D. Shermer, S.Kitchens, A.Normington. Row 3: l.Swift, G.Hayw0od, K.Wolfe, N.Ball. Back Row: R.Haskell, C.Sippl, S.Feifer, M. Rucker, D.VanDiver, L.Curtis, l,Gorman, T.Felde, D.Sampson, M.Whitehead, L. Rucker, R.Cross, Scrodus. 3-Front Row: D.Hall, G.Coulen, S,Seigel, M.Sweeny, B. Warner. Back Row: 1.Swift, M.Orr, 1. Gorman, S.Scholl, P.Phillips, M.Felde, S, Mulins. Not Pictured: Blair Gust. -QQOOQ -0000. -will ...ony .. .. ...obj -0000 .- .. -nil' --soil .noij .. .. .neij .-ogg. -noi.. .wigs -:ICO --ntl ..o0Q' .noij -nal' -well .nogg -coil -noi' .nooj .. gg :oil :UCC nil 0000 -000 soil 000' ,nog .n QQ ..oo0Q --QOOQ -soil' ..ol0Q .uogj .QQQQQ .uogj ...elf noqg' -coll. .-n0Q. 333855353852SZZSSZSZSSZSZSSSSGZ1332323335533253383333A223133S32338S3233213EEEZSSZLSSZZSZSSGSSZZZ531' . Qneoconsoouooocaoooosoonsooooocoosononeness.nnoonooo'oosonuqeqgqnq'gonenvooeesvolsvoooooosnqogq0I,0 . QQIOIOCIIICCICIOOOOOIOIOOOOIOOOCOOIOCOOOOOOOIOO00OOOOOOOOCOOOOCUOOOOO6OEG4-BQGOQOOOOQOOIIOCOOOOOIf'.. 0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOIO 000000OOOOOOOOO00000O0OOOQQQQSSGGGCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 .. lllflllllllllllllllllillllllllllll0000000000 000000000OOICOOOOOOOUOOQQQJF?f:is-ZSSOOOIOOIOOOCOOOIICOOO 0 45 if-TX.. ag. ,f-,-1. ,-.,- ., , .pr -M' ' 2 'gg if , wh. This year's Galleon hopes to present the teacher's feel- ings about the students they teach. In an effort to ex- press the faculty's opinion, teachers were asked: What, in your opinion, is a teacher? And, what does teaching mean to you? ' Each faculty member was also asked the following ques- tions: What subject or class are you presently teaching? What career would you have chosen outside of teaching? Who do you admire most? And, what is your favorite pastime? Q-44gy.. T-ff.:5j-ig JF" ' ' -I' 9 - 4-72143. ', A , ,mt ,ff -i 1',w..:,,-L. , I. , ' 1?:a-I.-Tiqeegjri-na. Mgr . 'f'--ply sv ..- -, M Y .5--3 A. Y f-:ren Q ,.., ,ga-... -rf,-1-5 ull 1:11155 WH' 1 ' :sr -- -:qi-, ff ig,-f'-i -- " "., 3 fini" .1 ' ,' 'gil an- . - , ,- .who sua ,Ev WM? me vw., 51 , VIN' KQWNP' -nxt? Wes A M The man at the top of Newport's administra- tion is the principal, Dr. Godshall. His job is an endless meeting with the assistant princi- pals, department chairmen and teachers to see that the students progress. In addition to his other responsibilities he hires teachers, counselors, maintenance people and secretaries. Dr. Godshall feels that the better the personnel, the better the students. To relax, Dr. Godshall often plays football and basketball. He has two sons, Chris, five and Freddie, three. W-S-. Q23 vw-wana-lk u . 4 ei AS5:'...mi-. t .sw 4-:Sw R E tk K.. ...,4L..,.. A 1, 4 M I 4, W4 - xn+ l tw 4 9 X A firm ,W an . M Nt Mr. King has the role of Assistant Prin- cipal in charge of operations. He deals with the students on close terms. lt could be a hectic job but with the help of a cooperative student body, a lot of the work is reduced. Attend- ance and discipline are his territories as well as managing the school in other ways such as the budget, and the custodial staff. Mrs. Breeding, the Assistant Principal in charge of student services, lives and breathes enthusiasm when she sur- rounds herself with activities which will benefit students, Being the all-and- end-all of student registration, this human sirocco is one of the first ad- ministrators to have personal contact with new students. Mrs. Breeding is most appreciated for her deep con- cern for students. Dr. Tom Wilson is the coordinator of the interdisciplinary courses. His official title is Assistant Principal in charge of curriculum and planning, His concerns lie in the direction of faculty, staff, students and people in general. He assists those students who cannot readily adapt to the average learning situation. 49 Vickie Dendinger Mike DiDonato Tom Hays Mary Lou Stal Bill Straw Barbara McWhirter 'J 34 lik 51 tr: 252 -45.- 5-A , 3 5 t 8 lf. ' ' 'Yr -"' Q 1 , ,, ar V E.-'ll , I l gf l if 2 f 'z x t 3 - iso"-v 3 all al. , lit I I EM, . W ' ri U . Q K ,gm .t I63','j' f l . ,. l PM s . i , wa 5 Vickie Dendinger teaches Study Skills and Tutor Corps in addition to counseling. She majored in English and received her Mas- ters' Degree in PsychologyfCounseling. However, Mrs. Dendinger stated she would like to study Theology.,The person she ad- mires most is C. S. Tervis. 1 is if E .552 ' " l ' r we-m.::: .:'..:1,,.i fy V Q -..' UA. ,.: 2 Q S. iff - Lt 1.1" Michael Di Donato is a new member of this year's counsel- ing staff. He came to Harbor after teaching at Mariners Elementary School. He ma- jored in pyschological counsel- ing at Chapman College and Cal State Fullerton. "Time is the wisest counselor" according to Mr. Tom Hays. Mr. Hays would have majored in Business had he not be- come a counselor. The person he admires most is joe Fox. Counselor Mary Lou Stal is instrumental in aiding seniors in their college career plan- ning dilemmas. Mrs. Stal would have sought a Music back- ground had it not been coun- seling. "Besides'f, said Mrs. Stal, "I like teenagers for some obscure reason", Had Mr. Bill Straw not be- come a counselor, he would have sought out a career in- volving PhysicalLTherapy. The person he admires most is his wife. 51 .. ,,,,, T? Morris Adams Physiology, Biology judith Alterman Crafts, jewelry, Art ludy Altshuler English History and English Ken Ammann Varsity Basketball Politician My parents Athletic events George Badger English Patsy Baker English aa, J af l . am XZ W Z ,Q k I . vm L -v y gvgi 1 , Qing? :Liz Grant Ball William Barnett Civics, U.S. History Biology, Lite Science Athletics 1. -a 3.-Q, ,Mm 4.,,.,...,, .. .--V i "Teaching enables one to remain young through contact with youth and allows an immense feeling of accomplishment through watching and helping the youth of our society grow and to become worthwhile members of that society-Teaching is FUN!" -joseph Beatty "Being a teacher means opening doors for earning. It is awesome to contemplate the power and responsibility inherent in teach- ing young people. -Shirley Berry Teaching is love. It is also caring about other individuals and helping them. A teacher not only imparts knowledge but opefully exemplifies gentlemanliness. -MimiBirch I I ' rf 11 I h I 11 nt., .,,, : 1.3 :A -f-, 5 ,,,,. Q..-, 4- Q.--,.p--M: ,.,,. ,,., ,,, ,- , W,..,..N Ken Bauermeister joseph Beatty William Bernau Shirley Berry Mimi Birch World History, Civics, Economics Safety Education, Art, Department Head U.S. History, American Political Finance Department Head journalism World History Behavior, Department My wife lglqn F, Kgnnedy My mom Head. 53 nv'-Q1 nf "To me, teaching is sharing experi- ences with the students in hopes that some relevant understanding can be reached . -Karen Blackwelder Teaching kids to be themselves to try and do their best IS the most fulfilling job yet one that knows no rest' Lynn Blanton Through my teaching Iho estudents learn to discipline themse ves to ac cept responsibilities and be good mana ers of time money and energy Bar ara Block Teaching is having the opportunity to possibly help young peo le make ma ture decisions which wil affect pos: tively the rest of their lives lim Bratten Karen Blackwelder Lynn Blanton Contemporary Living, Girls' P.E., V-IV Basketball team - Public Relations Communications Ed Blanton Charles Bleiker Barbara Block lim Bratten World Geography, Sewing, Advanced and English Boys' P.E., Athletics Decorative Stitchery, Criminology Foods1 Robert Kennedy Patchwork, Golf, music embroidery 5 William Burge Earl BYQVS Advanced Biology, BOYS' Pf- Biology lane Caldwell Girls' P.E. Interior Decorating Cooking Paul Caldwell Spanish Law Emiliano Zapata Off-road riding Ellen Caricof Girls' P.E., Department Head Sandy Carney Girls' P.E. Hank Cochrane Algebra, Geometry Athletics B.B. Relaxing on the beach Cindy Collins DrillTeam, English Margo Cunningham English Robert Donald U.S. History, Social Problems, Athletics Charles Douglas U.S. History, Youth and Law Larry Doyle Algebra, Practical Math, Athletics Groucho Marx Donald Duffy Driver Training T. Scott Dukes Physics, Chemistry Dentistry Parents Skiing ,lun-M-ww ,,.,,.,, 4. Steven Dye Sharon East Vanderlan Algebra, Geometry, Typing Speedwrltlng Calculus Office Training Many people Wildlife Sports Mr Vanderlan 2 Q 71 WAS CH sp, ff' I try to help students realize that if they want something bad enough and work hard enough anything is possible to achieve no matter whether they are male or female. I hope that I instill the desire to do a good job but if they mess up to laugh at their mistakes and try hard- er next time. -Sharon East Vanderlan Being a teacher means that I can derive a great deal of enjoyment from relating with students. -Denny Engelke The importance of teaching to me lies in the interpersonal contact with students that allows both of us to grow as individuals. -Dennis Fox 4 X john Echternach Denny Engelke Richard England judy Fogt Dennis FOX Serendipity Foods 1, Co-Ed Senior Instrumental Music Girls' P.E. Earth Science, Geology lnst. Tech. Cooking, Young Law Enforcement Geology Decorator The honest person john Muir MY husband Hiking, climbing Reading cookbooks 57 - Being a teacher means l am participating earth . -Bob Fry 'T l Teaching is a learning experience-not only for the student but equally for the . N teacher. I feel a good teacher is one who lf does not TEACH TO but LEARNS WITH her students . -Bernice Graham Z Teaching is another way of learning- teaching is fun". f -Nancy Greene "To teach is an honor. To learn is a privi- lege". -Dale Hagey in the conscious development of the A M ll ll I ll ll ' "' - . -we Q 141 in . 'V .Q 41.2 , -,lui Pa'- loe Fox BobFry jules Gage john Gentile BiIlGeorge Career Planning, Work Biology and On Being Boys' P.E. Dept. Head French Math Lab Experience, WAY Human Don Duffy and George Ministry Spangler Patti Sampson 58 Bernice Graham U.S. History, Learning Disability Group Wildlife Preservation Waterskiing Michael Gray f x l W ,WW el will W -iggzl M il!! " W ll W Ml W Foods, Buy and Spy, Sewing Betty Crocker Reading, Swimming William Grgurich Geometry, Algebra X, r. 1, 1' Xxx 'x XX ,X xl K X 4 lift Gloria Qrota Ai, Gifls'-P5f..'- fa Xxyilv i , seg' l ir X wi ,I l i nl . of ie. . , x Nw' , X -: l? libs, ll' X Dale Hagey X . l English Photography Kathleen You ask??? Suzanne Russien Haig Vocal and Choral Music Writing Richard Wagner Reading, Gardening Bob Hailey Biology Forestry Frank Sinatra Fishing William Hanke Social Problems, U.S. History, Bio-Med Agriculture Woodrow Wilson Ed Herring English Eleanor Hodges Spanish Wayne Horowitz Psychology, U.S. History journalism jacques Cousteau fi ff .V ,,, f ,,,., -f ,...,.4.,.wy,mmuaw-'f' lun' 34 if ,aff auf X K . . . 1, I !"', ,Y-, J 6 mg ig 4939 Robert House Gail Hurwitz Advanced Biology, Algebra, Geometry Environmental Nature Animal husbandry Louis Agassiz :Z ef -I1 "Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week is the clue to being a good teacher." -Suzanne Russien Haig "The most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing our young people grow into respected citizens." Bob Hailey The problem is to remember that your students are individual human beings not to let your own ego get in the way of genuine communica tion and to avoid imposing answers on people who have yet to ques tion Wayne Horowitz f s William Jewell Janette johnson Liliajohnson Robert johnson Webster jones Life Science, Athletics Algebra, Bio-Med Spanish Ceramics, Art, Department Head Dance . Pflfifmfilsing, Algebra, Trig, Math P-R- FQCUOU Commercial Art Survey 61 'M l T' , rpm M 6, Qi xt I ,A 1' ' f NX X. W I . ,, rniigz, AQ so -1f L Teaching means walking a delicate tightrope poised between satisfaction and frustration Mary Lyons the two meet occassionally l am satisfied wheth er I am the teacher or the learner Evelyn McNeilly ,, . . . . . . . . ,, "Teaching is a process. Learning is a process. If . , . . I - ll I "Teaching to me means feeling involved, enthu- siastic, committed and excited about learning." -Barbara McWhirter - ' Lf? ii l Lex Kuhta jeff Lennox Andrea Lingle H. Loveless English Electronics Serendipity Woodshop English john Kennedy Reading, surfing 62 Maury Lowe Student Activities, Student Government, Song and Cheer R Ji sv' if 1 3-43' .:4. ANTI ' Qi 1, 95" ' ll X W Allv gf Q. If ' """ '-'- l 4ffZZ4g4, A 2 If 4 Q , .ts Z U IX t 2 H -'f'1 1 , f 'A'12 ss., I X- will S L x tw . 1 , X ,ff X A-ff 3 . lwizlfzfiif1,fil9il1iiiE:ii'l1'f1 7? , 4 jf, yl,i'y,,- 2 Leslie Luymes Mary l.yOr1S Practical Math, Typing, English Record Keeping Philosophy Leonardo da Vinci Reading Mike Marino Psychology, World History Law Mahatma Gandhi Andrew Mauthe English Law Broom Hilda john McGee English, Athletics U,S. Navy, Architecture Vince Lombardi john McGinnis English, Film Society Architecture Reading, Seeing movies Evelyn McNeily Serendipity, Sub Team English john Glennon Poetry Barbara McWhirter WAY, Counseling Traveling Ferdinand jesse Q Yi Ui 14 n it I IVF lake Miller World History Geography Don Moeller Ceramics Creative Arts Bob Hope Spectator sports Tom Moody Civics, U.S. History Richard Moreno English, Sub Team Al Morgan English Winching Falstaff Musing in the avocado grove Emil Neeme Driver Training, Practical Math, Recreation Program 5 l hw-uw fr-1 S , LW? james Newkirk Criminal justice, Youth and Law Law jose Gerald Noser Computer Programming, Geometry, Algebra . gems...- .lx , X .3 , Y ,.,,, " 5 3 .J 1 ,. , , , t ...xi J-dr, A .52 N .Rvw- I a nu- -1, IZ . 3, XA- if ' ,rp ,l llliti :Lift i- sl i if ,Q ,, , .il ,W "Teaching means helping young people find themselves and each become successful in his own way. It also keeps me young." -Dennis O'Hern "Being a teacher means being part of an exciting two-way learn- ing situation-my situation and my students'." -Betty Orbach f'Teaching is helping people bet- ter understand the world that sur- rounds them and preparing them to make mature decisions about theirfutures. -Fred Peterson Teaching is like breathing: I do it to stay healthy and I love it. I am not chained to teaching. If I had to stop teaching today I could. And the only person de- pendant on me would be me. Thatindependence givesmeaful- filling productive occupation. -Ieff Pierose Dennis O'Hern Andrew Oliver Betty Orbach U.S. History, African Industrial Arts Dept. Foreign Service Studies Head, Drafting Eleanor Roosevelt History Walking on the beach My wife Fred Peterson Typing, Business! Consumer Law, Bookkeeping, Athletics My wife Donnette jeff Pierose Algebra, Athletics Physiology, Medicine Robert R. Angell Flying, banjo, Porsches 65 "Teaching is the ONLY profession that allows man to live in eternal youth with the tremendous asset of experience and age." -Dwight M. Roberts "Bringing the best out of students, be- lieving in them." -Irene Robertson "Positively speaking, teaching is "free- dom". Negatively speaking, teaching is not much fun any more We seem to have lost our sense of humor in education So whenever I get too serious concerning myself or education l go to the zoo and look at an aardvark It puts me back in perspective George Selfrldge To me a teacher is someone who has had wide diverse experiences in life and is willing to share these experiences with others Connie Sell William Pizzica Mary Ann Porter Boys PE, Athletic Chinese, Spanish Dwight Roberts Irene Robertson Bio-Med, Physiology, Ceramics Horticultural Botany Medicine, Music Paul of Tarsus loan Sutherland Backpacking Looking for seashells joe Robinson Latin, World Historyf Geography, Anthropology, Serendipity Rosemarie Schnuerer German, Yearbook Advisor Carol Schuberg Typing, Shorthand George Selfridge Safety Education Theater Arts Al johnson Golf Connie Sell Newport Plan, Serendipity Psychology Eleanor Roosevelt Martin Shira Foreign Language Dept. Head, German French Donald Simpson Physical Science Dentistry Me julia Smart Homemaking Dept. Head, Short Order CookingfRestaurant Management, Exploring Childhood Andrew Smith Boys' P.E. Dudley Smith Chemistry Social work - Probation " and Parole My wife Eugene Smith Machine Metal, Drafting Industrial Arts My wife T. Scott Smith Geometry, Algebra, Senior Math Review Engineering William Smith Machine Metal Mechanical Engineering Thomas Edison X George Spangler Safety Education Ralph Stansbury Safety Education Athletics Physical Therapy Ken Duddridge I ,I ,wr f . - . 1 ., X ' 'gi A MMM- s ' - its It I I I f""t,-,s....J estly say that coming to work is a pleasure DudleyG Smith I enjoy being a teacher and helping to mold young people into worthwhile members of society Eugene E Smith Being a math teacher is having an opportunity to pass along to the students some of the practical ap plicatlons of basic and higher mathematics , T Scott Smith "Being a teacher to me means that I am in a profes- sion where learning takes place. Teaching is helping others to learn to cope with this new-learned knowledge. Teaching is a rewarding experience." -Ralph Stansbury "I love people and particularly youth and I can hon- ' ' ll ,, . . . Sri , if 2- tj' I Nancy Staub Ralph Stegmeir Karen Stoulffer Mary Stuttle joe Swift Girls' P.E. lOUfn3llSmf W0fld CROP, WAY, Career English, Sub Team Drama, Stagecraft History, Civics Planning, Study Skills Singing, Acting Production Martin Luther King Clinical Psychology A good hairdrggger Traveling Lawrence Kohlberg Hgrgegl theater 69 Gerald Tagami English Art Bob Wentz Donald Ulander English Dept. Head, AP English Alveris Van Fleet Drama, Popular Voice! Guitar Donald Vanderlan Photography Nature photography Ms. East David Vaughan Power Mechanics, Woodshop Connie Wadsley Trig, Geometry, Algebra Math Skiing l!UEiK3'5fl " ' 55335 mamma I M Wy, 'Vi , 1 A , Ig ,f a f,, ,, My L I J 0 f .J . ,L 1' f Z, v' ,V ,, -- D vw.. :-, f , , -- , gf , , ,H gr i sag ff? ' J R ' f A W nf A 2 , 1 uv f , sg, 1 1, A s.. 4 ,W X 4 Z f .4 4' 4, Y f ' aa , r, ,ZA we f XS? fel' 'gig I ' er V: wiv I 35:11, 4 11 ,f Z all , s 4 Q, 5,12 in W . '2""""1!1', 'f"'f"f 4 ..,, V, ,.. -r XXX William Wakeman Eugene Wellsfry English, Sub Team Spanish, Portuguese English as a Second Language X f x 9 was 'X t 'H X e il X NSC. r, k -W 2 IE! l ' si . ess Robert Wentz Carol Werner Walter CPatJ Wilson Speech, Newport Plan Reading Boys' P.E. No one person Podiatry Sewing, reading Shecky Green and lake Miller "To me it is the hope that people will "see" instead of "look"." -Don Vanderlan "Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to influence and interact in young people's lives. I attempt to instruct my students in fairness, kindness, and honesty in addition to math facts." -Connie Wadsley "Teaching is anything a teacher does to try and help a student learn. -Carol Werner Being a teacher to me means being a faci- litator of the learning process. It is an ex- tremely rewarding profession psycological- ly if not moneytarily. The youth of today represent the greatest natural resource our country possesses and I feel very fortunate to be part of the educational process. -Walter tPatJ Wilson Frank Wright Chester Wulff English, Advanced Business Dept Head Dance Work Experience Betty 'UFIF' Sue Qlo 'fger ,W fr Ilfizlzj M I . ' A if my BLGSMLFLQ -111- '19 L- fkgf .. Yi' 9 i I f I . Q by A lark J I A r , Martin -J.-agn ,,,. .-.-.-l' ,Q "r Es I Yirflggcalzo lu- 2 elf 1 XQ! 'I-CUSTODIAL STAFF Bob Murray - groundkeeper, Harry Friedberg - ground- keeper, Smoke the Cat-head mouse cater, Rod Rodri- quez - pool maintenance, Tom Logue. 2-CUSTODIAL STAFF Al johnson lSargej, Randy Haun, john Stokarek-pool maintenance, Gene Meister- plant maintenance, Howard Cambell-plant maintenance, Bob Fisher. 3-CUSTODIAL STAFF Tom King, Bob Parker, Bob Eng- land, john Meeteer. 4-CAFETERIA STAFF 1stRow: Honnah Peters, Velna Wea- ver, Linda lllingsworth, Virginia Clark, Norma Bour- gois, 2nd Row: jean Bowers, Carole Henke, jacque Kro- nitz, Wilma Ahlstrom. 3rd Rowz' Rosemarie McDonald, Dorothy Bayliss, Grace Beck- er. 1.-J xi, 1 9 vvlirilkttiti T y ,L V w T " - 1 ' It 4, Jag ,f QQ fi? ,M ,.,, 4 , 'fig 2 M ff - v f 'll u Xia ,Z Vg T , y , Y' in .- ' 4' V 1 The Executive Council of Newport' Harbor had a busy and productive year trying to involve the student body in many varied activities. Two major events were the Homecoming Dance and Spirit Week. Also, throughout the year, a wide variety of days, like Red, White and Blue, were organized activities to bring out student spirit. As in the past apathy prevailed, but less of it was present. ASB President- Gordon Adams, Vice President- Suzanne Aubert, Secretary- Lucy DeMocskonyi, Treasurer- Theresa Miller, Publicity- Tami Smith, Pep Commissioner- Kay Sheppard, Campus Com- missioner- Eileen Harrington, Curriculum Com- missioner- Amy Menkes, Representative- Greg Dawson, Chieflustice- Diane Seng. T 75 ':" ,M A N .ss -. SPM l Least it be forgotten the hallowed halls of Newport Har- bor High School were erected for the purpose of edu- cation and not entertainment. Though still reeling from the shocking reality of this revelation, teachers and stu- dents at Newport have followed the proper procedures in triplicate and have conjured up a scholastic smorgas- board which lhopefullyl caters to any and every sort of student interest or commitment. Members of the Play- Do patrol in ceramics mold faceless clay into touchable symbols of individual pride and accomplishment while the 'hardline' eggheads attack the world with a whirlwind of shiny SR-50's and thumbworn thesaurus'. Some stu- dents enjoy the increased discipline and introspection provided by the Advanced Placement Calculus and Eng- lish programs while other students prefer the casual, elastic structure of the Newport Plan and Serendipity. But, no more of this hot airg leaf through the following pages and remember those wonderful moments you spent with polynomials, pygmies and poster paint. HRT Pick a medium you love to work in, and chances are that the Art Department had a course in it! In the broad spectrum of courses the students had a chance to express their creativity in the medium which suited them best. A The Spring Art Show, which filled the Social Hall, attracted members from the whole community as well as students, faculty, and parents. Many fine examples of pottery and clay sculptures were sold before the week long show was closed. jewelry, in precious and semi-precious metals, displayed the emphasis on good design as well as original use of materials. Interpretive drawings, paintings, etchings, and lithographs lined the walls, as well as stunning silk screened fabrics. W' Mylfwu- Q-...V -5 'fm 461 1 H ALTERNATE ED. ' N" ...iw r -- - ... . -- - " E 'f'fT'1":f:asv'1::1f' " ff'-T"" "4f . 1. , , A 1 "f-v-.....,.,..jff,-. 1 ,.w.,,- V, ' --'.....a....,.A. L. . .,,,,Z, . - V-..,a . N. . .JAM Alternate Education to many students meant the easy way out. However, the interdisciplinary classes were not party sessions full of ping-pong and pop corn. The department was designed for the purpose of furnishing a less structured and more relaxed learning atmosphere for the student who could not work in the structured high school classroom. The Newport Plan, established four years ago, allowed stu- dents to use school hours to work on their individualized interests. In this way, Social Studies requirements could be filled by working on a political campaign, becoming active in the opposition of an offshore oil drilling or helping the school rewrite its constitution. Thus, credit was acquired in a new way. QU' r 077A 4-Tint 81 BUSINESS ED The Business Education Department was the students' chance for education and preparation in the accounting and secretarial fields. Typing, Marketing, and Speed- writing were a few of the basic classes taught in this department. Since the classes offered in this department are not required for graduation, students who enrolled in Business Education indulged themselves for their own personal benefit. Work Experience has been a part of the Business De- partment for a few years now. It gave working students a chance to obtain high school credit for working hours put in off campus. ln the meantime, regularly employed students obtain outside training for future professions as well as benefiting from the experience. This program gave the students an opportunity to receive class credit, job experience, and wages all together. -...4 digg ,W , , . t . 1. zfgsefw. "fwfr- 4 , -, 3' '1f'f:1E2fff4z9?.'l' -- V mg: coats-tif ihftswt ap- , f Q W,-1-, ' f N 9 4 2 fx Q W Wx X, 5 X ' wx X M, N ..gwi,..,,. x X ff X NN mv X f' , '11 JQJM ina m,f': ' fs ff ff- , I ' Lf , 4 w I v f 2 "I U, f 2 , 2 ,,.- f , , j v 3 I ,V ., VV v K 1 JJ. x NV Qgfglfyi 411 14' X1 ' yi jf f 1jk.5j-.ij xl 197 Zan x v 'Ili Z ,fii 5 J '1 'wil' ff4! as! Q 1 jf ' J 1, MUN! W7 a W' Z1 ff lf' ' 2 ff' YL! M- X, r ff! V,,, 7, C xulffl C,K1 I 7 P!! :Hifi ' 1,34 'Ox 'Y Xyxxfkf 1E,fQ,.1Ey fjgggbvw W aif,.'g4AlY J V4+w2,afjjw1Jff 'HMV 0 ,f u ,Ah , , -ff . 4... W .. ag fwv ff! l x 5 4 ,EQ alba' 4 Q he N. ij .2 if A i I - ,ll i ,lr Q W, , 'f 16 W AH 4 4, f 02 as wi ,ff 1 , ,m.e+:Lm4f,'f - ' 4 ,Lfifi-yan ' '4,:',Jw"?'1 . ,,. L ., ,c,',.u1,gf,1.fQf:4 'fy 1 7iJ?,'f3'I' 42 1.7, Q, " 1a'g,',245'f1,' 3 5' 41 v Q , f 6. .3 ,ff ,f 4 6 R.: iw g.. fa. t --V .... X - V .fn-Q., , . ENGLISH Harbor's English Department is one of the most active and well estab- lished departments on campus. Since English is a required course for three years, the department strives to improve all student's written and oral expressions. To complete this task, one, three, and five paragraph essays are constantly written along with other projects. To add and en- rich the program, the second semester of the sophomore and junior years are devoted to English electives for the students. These elec- tives come in a variety of choices, such as: Women in Literature, Ex- ploring TV, California Writers and Bible as Literature. As in the past, the Senior Advanced Placement English class worked full force studying many famous authors. ln addition to the work, this class offered college English credit to those whose abilities enabled them to get it. wig' , qv '-IN, i... fi ,,. ' n f ',..f . i n.,.,Qf-' xy- BL..-1 FOREIGN LANG. ' As school continued period after period, semester after semester, things changed around Harbor High. Progress moved forward and hopefully improved the atmosphere for learning. The Foreign Language De- partment added a few new improvements which changed language study for the better. The most important adjustment in the department format was the creation of Advanced Placement Span- ish. Geared toward the college bound student, it offered a more accelerated course to those exceptional students, who were recommended, because of their outstanding achievements in regular Spanish classes. The course involved the preparation for the reading and comprehension of Spanish Literature written by Spanish authors. Students could receive actual college credit in the class. f,yQqfz4h"V 86 in I .fvmqgq - ' Km 5 E . M f i 9 H iAm,uAnt LAB RULES 1 will fun V. aww mv funn.: N , f - - .-mmf umpumr ' 2 1 W.-W' 5 Hg, nf uma ru sf fun uf mc mu 3 nm In wus rnuw our ...f may tw- ' g li- rfun funn ,f .fn . . Ma g,,,,,,. Av U. ummm, rf nfnxwrs um 11.0441 in r- ' iwmmmn , ff ,1 fi -hw,-4 f.. U. ,.-.m.,.- H ii i F, E, nmu -.r-1-1 ur au.e.wrf:s-.vm . 'wars -- ,caczr wriuzavuz. ,F X ' it gg 4, Qx IWNLEQ - in 'bil' W if A' lg. g M5 fi 65' ' "' ' iq , A f an -1 Qu. y A ,Aw E ii a , eq P1 :V i . W, I . . 1 . A , . 5 , .,Q-1 Vi RICK!! Y -,N A 'X Calm 5 :- ' 5 fm "-" '-'Y W rf f-Sfffff f I ll.. ll ,, - f '--A' af-fnuunar uw' ' ..,.,.4f,.-.f,..-M W.. ., ..f.v,..-.fuuw-qw- 1,-.1 , f.. ,.f ,.,,..., ff ,-. M- ,--ffm... . ,,,-,.. -.,..n.- M..-.Y. M, nw... '.- mf.. x of Q.. M9 "af 4 5, 06- L. 'N .,.. 'MMMAQW is sl Q-bllf' ,, , 8 -Xu, SA f 25 1' HOME The Home Economics Department, once monopolized by women has taken a differ- ent turn. Now, the man is being taught the basics of homemaking. Cooking was a pop- ular subject with both sexes but, boys are usually more interested in the finished product than the preparation of it. Sewing was also open to boys, but not as readily ac- cepted by them. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced sewing classes were in high demand. Sewing basics were stressed as well as more specific techniques such as: Dec- orative Stitchery, sewing with knits, and tailoring. Contemporary Living dealt with the prob- lems and rewards of everyday life. Birth control, marriage, and child care were dis- cussed and questions were asked and answered on the survival of a woman in the world. .an-"Y .1 J. '4"5 ,f 4 WU? . ,asp- D 2, J 1 ... A-J iufztff til., ,M ' ff',U ,-lqxxek 'Y . " ' -:Q wk KW an V H J . x i s- ftl -ma af 'f T ,f , . 1 N f, 1 v , 4 A, .- 5 ' T Q ECONOMICS fig , f--- -www is if ,df X 'M if li -Q 52 A A I ,.,- ,.,v , , yy ' , , ' '47, N, ,Ny W N .V 111 ,,,,,., 4 , MW ' f-.441 V 'V ,A 1,155 VZ? I I. -'Z f 1" 4- W. f A ,ar A M. .7 4- .L 4 ., cdr, f , if 5. ' 5 'Exif , Y W' "" A 1112: W5 ., ,yzfr 5 -:g:+1- ar e-1, " ' "" ' " 4. Tv W, ,W ,,., V. n , f, my-,,,,',, ,, ., I'- INDUSTRIBL ARTS Preparation for an industrial career or just a safe home repair shop starts with safe- ty, one ofthe first rules stressed by the ln- dustrial Arts Department. Care of tools and equipment can save time, money, and prevent injury. Beginning to Ad- vanced courses were offered in drafting, photography, woodshop, electronics, metal shop, and power mechanics. Photography classes required only a few prerequisites: A camera, photography paper, film, and chemicals for advanced classes. Photo was a rewarding class. This year color developing was being intro- duced, although more than one color print ran into a little money. I . l...,' , Z P 1. ff ,A mm. 4 f 'V 'X 1 -,Q A ' 1 fe ' - Q ,X L 6 , f. "fn , A .W , 1 fungi , ,J , f ff f f, fu Q , I 'S 'ii 2 MATHEMATICS -'..4.... This year was a busy one for the Math De- partment. The Department endeavored to find new ways of teaching the many classes it offered. The wide variety of classes in- cluded Algebra, Practical Math, Geometry, Calculus and many more including a new course titled Advanced Placement Math. The APM course gave many of the more skilled Math Students a chance to obtain college credits. l 'V 1' .,, -W., ,. fn M , E., ,f at . 'Q 3 11 5 1 ,3 .tm 1 l T lg, 3 l,-'fn 7 y I , , T ' rfb? f. A ' ' 'W tgp lt '.," I 'C -, H ' 7' 1 ' ,. ,-1 , 1 f A is l it , L V ' Z . 4, if 5 J K ' -' Q -, Q-'l l MULTI What is the Multi Media Center? It's where the ac- tion is! On a normal day at least a thousand people visit the MMC. lts purpose is spreading the scene, the sound, and the word around Newport Harbor High School. The Library Staff as well as Student Assistants over- see the assortment of over nineteen thousand books and magazines. Besides aiding students and teachers in research, the Staff processes and maintains media such as film strips, film loops, microfilm, and cas- settes. w Q 1, 4 Wwfwwff' ' ,,n.,5,,ff, I X, P ,,,,,, 94 fr is fu . J , 1Q5., .ff12i2fi?bzf -fig? i SW 5 Q- sf? Q. fin' '57 'I PERFORMING ARTS USN 0 - , V ...l........Q-. f I' ,V I in il Win. 3 . , tr h u r - 1 t-nn The marching band was a symbol of the opening of the fall school session. Summer drills prepared them for foot- ball season, half-time activities, and parades. Canyon Meadows again re- ceived the Sailor Band for a week of band camp. Instructions on marching formation, precision of step, and play- ing prepared the band for an award ceremony at the end of their stay. Guitar and piano were two new classes offered this year. Guitar skills ranged from beginning to advanced, folk to electric. Drama also had a change this past year with a new director, Tom Swift. Choralle, Choruses and Chantelles, directed by Suzanne Haig, presented their Spring and Winter concerts with their usual eloquence. PHYSICAL ED The Newport Mesa Unified School District voted Physical Education on an optional basis for eighth semester seniors this year. The change was made, provided another academic course was taken in its place. P.E. courses not only improved, but were added to stimulate the students in- terests who decided against any more P.E.. Coed P.E. came into existence, which doesn't mean the sharing of locker rooms, but does offer mixed sport to the boys and girls. A few of the sports available to seniors on a co-educational basis were: tennis, volleyball, badmitton, and sailing. Boys P.E. continued testing to deter- mine each boys' physical capability and condition. They were then placed in groups according to ability. .Q ,I H V s , W - ,, , mt:-9, . 4 ,LL 1-1 .. M,-2 A ,z,,H,..,.....,.,..n. . f 'V I ,QQ-4: I ,, ' A- '1' Aff--1' 1 .,-'Lf-,.... 11411-2 M", fvff " ' , f : ,,.., f gtf-T:-1 K f vo in wg .M W W, ,wa .1 ., , , .. A .. H ' ,'1',j'1f"gm.2 f -1:2 W' , " ,x, MJ: A 4?a..,Q.... -M .1-, ' Jig :E , 7 -QS . Pi- :J ' fQ..,,4 Sgmbw DRW ER J!! l N fa , Zhvxztn 4 .LQXX ,A . ' Q-'x i 1 , 3 , 0 Q ZZA 2 .,A, Q , . fx. - 2' A nl 2 H "" V ' I 51 .41-3. ff , L E 925, .Q f i Q A A V WJ. ,il 100 3 WL SAFETY ED. A student looks forward to the age of sixteen, when he can become the proud operator of an auto, a means of transportation and freedom. Safety Ed. not only dealt with the handling of future teenage drivers, but informed students on the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. It instructed students on how to handle an emergency with basic first aid and supplies, as well as information on the purchasing of insurance. ,,,.,-qupw 1, 4 2,51 Wk iii Mhz" vIv'v9'4+'W ww SCIENCE Bug collections, a pocket calculator, a little mathematics and a lot of learning is what the Science De- partment is all about. From Biology to Physics, Science students are able to mix book study and note taking with the fun of labs and disections. The location of Harbor High offers the convenience of the ocean for sea life study and tidepool field trips, plus the opportunity at the Environ- mental Nature Center which depicts a number of Southern California's wild flowers and plants. The area, designed for plant study, was land- scaped by the students to look as natural as possible. SOCl6L Social Studies not only involves the history of man but explores man, government, politics, religions, economy, behavior and his mind. Speakers on these various sub- jects discussed their views with the students in their So- cial Studies classes. Speeches ranging from Communism to the john Birch Society and presentations from prison- ers of Chino State Prison and judge Walker, who presid- ed over the Sirhan Sirhan case were heard. Being an election year, 1976 has offered advantages in the learning and teaching of election process and system of government. With local and national campaigns un- derway, students had a chance to work for various can- didates to obtain Civics hours. it 451 1 Q, .4 I R gr.. A ff' A MA , :gig -A-...L sxr..-xx.: 35, ...rg- Fm--1' I Q 4 1 X. 4 I D STUDIES P ' S X l s i Y .,,,,,qul- E 105 l Dil N. S I I. Wm EMI Tl M I Springboarding from last year's triumphant march to the All-Sports Trophy, the mighty musclemen of Newport Harbor are again ripping, roaring, and rippling through the athletic arenas of CIF and Sunset League. Roaring the loudest and ripping the fastest are Newport's aquatic teams as Waterpolo captured the CIF crown, Sailing won the National High School Championship and Swim- ming lost the CIF Relay Championship by hundredths of a second. But at press time Soccer is socking it to their opponents with 6 and 12 point victories as those fleet-footed antelopes of Adidas by proving that they are not to be outdone by those sailors born in,Topsiders or those speedo clad speedsters who spend 500!0 of their time in the pool and the other 50010 in the mirror. Because of press deadline, more cannot be said about the other winter and spring sports. But will those other teams do as well? Consider this does the sun rise in the east? Do birds fly? ls the -.a. ? 1-'fi , ,, f. - 4 .,... -ff" tis, , "jar Y 41235 1.13 -TE,-v Q-Q ,i5 ,,af,-A. V! 1-,.,g, ' . Jw,-if ',l-E7 :J -'? 'rf L f ...ef a ge.::41f f X553 u I 0 "-Q. A SP? 913' xl ll: QI' ' I' 'l - ,Q mums -a ':'?P575fi '," 5 'A" v 5 fit, 2 - - Newport's undefeated waterpolo brott, Second Team All-CIF Mitch . , team shattered all precedents and White, Second Team All-CIF Ted :Tj f,fV ' I," roared through the last game for McGinley, Third Team All-CIF l i f e' .' I ' D, N their fourth CIF crown. Meanwhile, Randy Parole, Honorable Mention Q ff s C f ? . u .X the underclassmen polo players All-CIF. an . thundered the chant"'We're num- ber I!" for the last minutes of that Newport's IV not only won their fl? 5 last game. ninth straight league title, but also ,I IE beat many of the top ten varsity 5' Considered to be one ofthe nation's teams in CIF. As usual, Newport's M, best prep water polo teams in his- Frosh-Soph team prepared for fu- Qggiff V :t'. tory, Newport ripped apart Sunny ture CIF titles by winning their ,M :z'Q l',, . ,, Hills with precisely crafted plays, league championship because, after in -,,, f1SSiS'Sf and Sh0'SbY Ffank Andefsonf all5 , fll' N - Kevin Robertson, and Greg Fults. "WE'RE NUMBER ONE! !" Q- , ,, .y ut- The defensive effort was climaxed by goalie Randy Parole's block of a point-blank penalty shot, while George Newland, Mitch White, Iohn Dobrott, and Ted McGinley choked many of Sunny Hills' feeble offensive efforts. All of Newport's starting players were rewarded with the following: Frank Anderson, CIF Co-Player of the Year, First Team All-CIF Kevin Robertson, CIF Co-Player of the Year, First Team All-CIF George Newland, First Team All-CIF Greg Fults, First Team All-CIF Iohn Do- lx ,I , E ,xx x N "1 4 CIF Ci-IAMPIV NS Q -V mv, '5 'W t' i iw? . 34,1113 ,Za .V 7 9 fy, i:'- off?" A vi 'K 5' H5 Q X A X. J . fa f, ' f g 1 4 nw. fed' A - l . .1 ,.- . I Q- lea f, "MZ .gfifj MESS P -. . np-s' 91 95 l Q .ii Z .+-. - 1 . 5:"?"--Z. "'.,,.,n-'.' 2 . ,-"- ' W , A ' ,p' 'Q ' 1-Senior George Newland g 2-Coach Barnett giving la lines. 3-Newport throws the ball. oes for the ball. st minute guide- I 1 KQIEF. iq TW! LV 3' A ii" 'Y 5, DY INC 'P RS Cf MF A ui 12 IN LA fffxivtf x Q 7 J ,J Z- For the 1976 Newport football team a convincing victory over Edison left a good taste in the mouths of Har- bor's team and fans that had other- wise been mostly soured in an in- consistent 4-5 season, This decisive defeat over Orange County's number one team, Edison, was proof that Harbor had the Tal- ent. lt was however, a talent that too often failed to gel and thus made it a season of both rewarding ups and disappointing downs. 1'll ,,.,,,mn r I- ' ' . H fl ' Q. I 9 1, ,a,,,,, , ' , 'Lp 4 " 'wr .1 ' ' ' ' , ,z 7 '. jf' -'? 'Y -truth ' f , ,f -' .5 fig ffw' 'tl'?'rfKv A mf-wfserlx ' . , . ,, - .,f-if-f"i"' 1. 'rf' T"?"fW5'4", 1 T' twf":jfQ,f fd 1. al? f 2 . r- 1 r , A J ""'?'W5fz,1' - V, -J?f,:K,:!4.,mv. , -r 2-xg, , V ...V 4. , , Ma. V 1.4 , -?yw.,g4,,,z13gt,gQ,0g,Q,t,4fg-gq4,t35w4g,g59,1v2,,5?k Newport fell to a strong Servite team in their first game, but came right back and trounced Corona del Mar, 33-13. The Tars then surprisingly dropped the first two league games, Los Alamitos and Marina, and still had to face the tougher teams that lay ahead. Fountain Valley was one such team, but the Tar Machine got it together to down the Barons. Homecoming dealt the Sailors the next blow in a heartbreaker, 24-21, loss to Loara. Newport split the next two games, beating Western, then losing to Westminster, and so en- tered the final game- way down in the Sunset League standings with nothing really on the line but their pride. Newport responded to the challenge, smashing number one ranked Edison in a game that seemed a fitting way for the multi- talented Tars to end the season. t 4-Harbor's defense tightens up for a tough battle. 5-Paul DeLancelotti and Charles Upthegrove in action. 6-Senior Gordon Adams runs with the ball. Senior Steve Foley was voted most valuable player and it was an honor well deserved. His efforts were a key to the offense, carrying and passing for 13 touchdowns for 78 total points lover half the entire team's points! and averaging 5.3 yards per carry. Twenty one seniors played their last games for Harbor. While at the end of the 1975 season, the prospects for next year were hard at work. 1 'l.5a,,i!F' 'Q 5- 15 .. V ,s' A, ,G 'ff , . i Q , s D .,,. ,L S s ' it ' A 1 " 'K ' ' Q 'I Quarterback Adams was in charge of the Tar Machine. 2-Most Valuable Player Steve Foley In control of the ball. 3-Bob Hanke covering opponent in offensive pass play. 4-TOUCHDOWN!i!J 5-junior Matthew Kawamura sizes up opponents. 6-Senior Scott Lohman boots for the extra point. I ' AI RUNNERS POS' NV LEAGUE WINS Newport's Varsity Cross Country runners, led by senior Gary Ertz streaking to a number of firsts, had a rather disappointing year with no wins. Other runners heading the Varsity squad were seniors Don 'Patton, Lyle Haskell and juniors David Fier, joe Conk, and john Overall. More successful this year was New- port's lunior Varsity team winning four of their seven meets. lt was felt that the team lacked the -essential discipline that it takes to accomplish their goals: selfhdisci- pline. Cross Country probably re- quires more self discipline and physical pain then any other sport. RQ EH flg,,w'l l K .skis l wl X x ,, lilly Q e -XNXY A ,NS :QQ -, . 'tr YJ. 5, xy '- Q J if-'ik'-Wi. . .3 33's '- ..l-'Q 1-"2 L 41 115 TA RS ENDED UP I.-F' IN The Tar matmen ended up 2-5 in league competition with wins over Los Alamitos and a tough Western squad. They were dealt losses by Marina, Edison, Westminster, Loara, and Fountain Valley. Because of the number of young and inexperienced wrestlers Coach Stansbury was often forced to match LEA G UE his best young wrestlers against older, more experienced ones. In a test to see just how well his wres- tlers could do, he entered his young matmen in a Frosh-Soph tourna- ment. They won first places in five different weight classes. With the return of these young wrestlers Coach Stansbury is optimistically looking forward to next season. ml ..-.. J' Q f, f ' ., ...,. Y 'Nl llll fl li T if H V x f g f lll p or 117 FHLJRS POQ T' 3-'l'I IN -cr-GJE A disappointing season ended for the Sailors' basketball team with 3-11 in Sunset League. This placed them seventh in league standings. The season began with high hopes for the Tars. Coach Ammen felt that finally the team had come to- gether and that they are playing as a team. But a turn in the destiny of the Newport team took its toll on the Sailorsg sinking them way down into the Sunset League standings. With the loss of senior Bill Wilkin- son due to an operation, the team had to rely heavily on Newport's back-court quickness. Guards Kim Cooke, Rolf Schwalbe, and Ron Craig held down the back-court, while center loe Distanislao and forwards Bob Galey and Pat Patrick had to pick up the rebounds The Sailors were unable to over- come their inconsistencies in both offense and defense. They were the second worse team defensively in the league, allowing over 70 points a game. Offensively, the Tars shot well, but they have been guilty of too many turnovers. S n. 5... Q . fl -7-, in ,ig in f f 1 'rfxb ' A A- Eli 3 L. , N- .z. , ll 2-1 -,' ' rf fi .. : S534 V-if, 1 lfwfo--Q. gg-Q53 , , ,I f f .- '7 2., A ,W A R. 5. 'qs is ,.'- , tj . fhx I: 5? : . S- ,.', t s tl I .V - 'Xxx , v.,x 1 .il 1-1.-,J I 42? R i J stss n x 't - ' NX.,-' Qs ' E Q 2 6 5 -A 7 , iiigf. ti- 2:2 g I 4- With no trouble from the opposition, Kim Cooke shoots. 5- Senior Bill Wilkinson was a top rebounder and scorer for the Sailors. 6- New to the Harbor coaching team is Mr. Kenny Ammen. i-If RE-if it PLA CE? FIRST IN LEAGI E Kicking and stomping their way into CIF playoffs was Newport's Varsity soccer team headed by Coach Al- fredo Moran. Undefeated in league action except for a tie with Fountain Valley, the soccer squad took the Sunset League crown and seated third in CIF. Hopes of earning the CIF title went up in smoke as Newport lost to Santa Ana Valley in a 1-2 upset. In a des- perate attempt to even the score, Newport did net another ball, but was too late as the buzzer sounding the end of the game had already rung. Top scorers for the Newport team were seniors Tyron Blair, jack Rain- water, and lim Popov. Other assets to the team included Ken Parker, 1-Sunset League MVP lack Rainwater confers with Coach Moran and Doug Patton during a night game. 2-Senior Doug Patton takes the ball down field. 3-Fullback Craig Smith dodg- ing the opposition. 4-GOAL! Forward Tyrone Blair was one of the team's top scorer. 5- Using his head is senior jim Popov. Doug Patton, and Craig Smith. Sen- ior goalie lon Benbow led the de- fense with six shutouts, tying the CIF record. Coach Moran felt the success of his team is due to the team work. W, W I Q ,A ,,,-fm.. fum. wvmrv- '- 121 UQ gf? -, kan X ,. . vs.f,"':t7. A W i5 li Cf -A.--.........,,., 2 4 GGL? l BUMPERS EAI! ELL IN LEAGUE With hopes of entering CIF final competi- tions, Ron Coon's Varsity volleyball squad looked strong in league competition. The Newport squad headed by Mark Slev- cove, Kerry Carpenter, Paul Barrett, Cliff Schmeezing, and Tye Eggleston spiked and bumped their ways to numerous victories. The IV squad also promised a lot of wins for Newport. Although Volleyball is now sanctioned by CIF, the Sunset League does not recognise the sport. The volleyball team participated in a volleyball circuit made up of other Southern California high schools. Due to press deadlines, complete coverage was impossible. But prospects for the team were very as the team had already accumu- lated many wins. 1-Senior jeff McBride is "up and on the ball." 2-Hitting through the opposition is one of Harbor's top Varsity players, Mark Slevcove. 3-One of Newport's serving aces on IV is Greg Hart. 4-junior Marty Eslinger hitting the ball with some authority. 5-Perfection in volley- ball is achieved by Kerry Carpenter as he reaches for the sky in an overwhelming spike. 6-Senior Frank Anderson pleading innocent to a net foul. 7-Varsity setter Kerry Carpenter digs to save the ball as teammate Paul Barrett prepares to get under it. W7 . .," H SHM' ., , .,.,,.. ,, -I I 1 I A W I I W ., ..,. .,,,,,a,fM.W,:,, ...W ,,,, --:M M z .. f , ff ' ' ' " " "W f fi wfff d.-W. .... mf,-,.,,.z,.t...,,,,.., Q- U WA I f'1'f'f'---A-as--eff ,f nf.-,M ,,.. ,fy-po., ,. ...W .,.,.. A ..,, '-f . m.L.i.g.vf..r .,...,,., I ,,,, ,,.. . I' 1 I Off 3 fi T' l MAR Jsl,wrr'rwa: asf D Rf Cf ufrfxas Continuing the Newport Harbor tra- dition of excellent tennis, the 1976 Varsity team, coached by Pat Wil- son, took the Sunset League crown again. Lead by four year lettermen, Steve Marosi and Rick Wittwer, the Sailor team placed high in CIF compe- tition. if The racqueTars compiled a 7-2 pre-season record against some of the state's toughest teams. ln Sun- set League action, the Varsity team retained their crown without losing a match. Other Newport stars included Dave Nicholson, a pleasant surprise who transferred to Harbor for his senior year, and the sophomore sensation, second year Varsity player jed Dempsey. Without the three year Varsity duo of Duncan Strauss and john Pearson, there would have been no team. Kevin Buckler and jon Swedlund comprised the other top doubles team. With depth in all positions and at press time an unblemished record, the junior Varsity team was ranked number one in the state. 'I-With fierce determination Duncan Strauss prepares a backhand volley. 2-Number one single player Steve Marosi with his winning forehand style. 3-Displaying his graceful backhand is Rick Wittwer as partner john Pearson watches. 4-jon Swedlund serves, as partner Kevin Buckler awaits the return. 5- In good serving form is Dave Nicholson. 6- Coach Wilson rewarding his pet dog in Fresh- man initiation. - L K l , i i 3 , , E Q . E 61 i aj 'puny 4 1 , 1 li,iI 3'-,wmfjgwme pw-1' LW ,trauma '1"j2.x ff! fl f f ll i i ill Ulm .ve fn. :aw xifgiw ",'Q'-fliw lli 149 S1f1'f,'f1'.""1-' ' ' F' ff f 'Q' if V f','f'ff.t XX ' 1 ' .' '.' ' i - , , ii ,iw flf ff2fff.ff1,'!,f-2,lli.'., 'l5.1.1.i.. iliiwffzfl -iiffiffzf'fffziff .1 iw lllIf.'5Q"'1' 'y',, vyyj' 'iff 1'1.,Uf'.gi:'l, nf ,Q-','l',,',,' ' "' ' Q-f,',,i 'zM'zf:f':"',' ff lil-,rw . jglif my, ,i ff, ,,'.f'L,.W!Jplg.'1 f" . , - Q . , l' ,. , ,fi i' gilyli i llgfifswfif 'li5Hl'lffll2i2lill5lllQf fllvlillsiiliil jim fglljfsgillQfllrlllti'l?ll'lfiiliMlliiilvl.l' " ' i,fillil'l'll!ll'iif2v' .fem-.fic 1. .fxvQ122t:1frf-i- if Q v fw11'ziw,efi . .iii 1 ' '- .V ..-i f. gli 'l V: Ula ,k Q 1 'J ,I .Jlffj -'if , Illi',1ll',.l.wy limllllliillllllilll1ll'qil,il.T5llllll.'i X f Tfflitilli vial iw' ,ii iitili Qi 'i It iiiiiiiilllli . L f lfllil1li'llgll1lll'l , lfl.1i'lllllllll"l --Ml 1 li ill . g 1 ' sjqipii' 'Will' iff itll 'MS 1 , - 5 . 'AP lil S Zlli.ill,i,.f,llli2i' ' g l I .1 ..f.a-.rt .,. 1 'f-"!"1il."' A K -. ' ' 1' L 1 ' ,-. .' .. :L ' 1' ' 1-,,:g.j': Li' V . . 3 4 Q ,P H 44943. 3- MYQQBEG 39? w :Z iv j if H, gf Zi 5 A 5 'I29 GYMNAS'l'lCS Ni-I TI A DITION STILL SWIMS ON Those sleek seals of speedo speed have done it again as Newport Har- bor's Varsity swim team shot through the water to within 0.02 seconds of the pre-season CIF relay champions and won fourth place CIF laurels at the end of the season, Epitomizing this year's aquatic ex- cellence was the All-American 400 freestyle relay powered by Greg Fults, jeff Stevens, Tony Meyers, and jeff Demott. In CIF, only the performance of two world-class swimmers kept All- American john Dobrott from cap- turing the CIF title in the 200 free- style. The medley relay of john Do- brott, George Newland, Kevin Rob- ertson, and jeff Demott blitzed CIF, but the team's hunger for the lime- light doesn't stop there, for also streaking to televised CIF finalists' spots were seniors Keith Robinson 1100 breastj, and Ted McGinley 1500 freestylej, juniors Kevin Robertson 1200 indo, 'I00 flyj, Mike Vellenkemp 1500 freej and jeff Stevens 150 freej. Continuing in its own tradition of success, Newport's swim teams yawned through the League at all levels, though it must be admitted that Varsity swimmer Bob Owsley helped the jV team by condescend- ing to play Mark Spitz and grab the jV medals at the league champion- ships meet. Newport swims on. 'I-Before continuing his race, jdhn "Spanky" Debrott checks out the timer in lane seven. 2-Flying off into the wild blue yonder! 3-jun- ior Kevin Robertson churns through the pool. sq., " 1 .4 n,,.-.,a,,,,,,gyn'n-fi we-er -,-we -'f -pt? , Y., W n1n1m1!!F!?' E lv , - 1 Q 2 .DE -:.1:.1:g - -A 1 , A.. ,Vu -- W ,W -- 4 I I wxw5S?5N X f ,, ., W 1 riff , J ,Q psy. 1? 4 , .., ,f y--' ,L-f f I , -vzrffg? Q ' ,4 ffgh 'Q' l' ' 15" 1 ff' ' 3 H.. 2 b,,,.m 'F,',,,2' Jvfffff . 4 'V 15-ur WP Mx., F A FEB! LLTEAIV ' EA L!! SWUNC A- Relying mainly on pitching and overal speed, new head Coach Mike Gray's varsity baseball team fell short of the Sunset League crown. The pitching team of sopho- more Gary Brahs and junior were senior David Soss and juniors Matt Palmer and Brahs. But Harbor's best hitter proved to be senior Gordon Adams. Senior outfielder Craig Smith and Junior Matt Palmer pro- vide the Tars with good speed .IW M , my . , 5, l I v , C 6 Randy I-lailey proved to be on the basepaths. Qi Newport s greatest asset. The Qt ,, ' faumwf left hander Brahs showed the With the added talent of a few OPDOSIDCF batters the skill of an players, Newport's basemen outstan :ng pitcher. a a successful year. Strongmen behind the bat pf Z , .3 , if fs 'S 2 ,Q g . . M, - A " T 5, I Y LEE or f' 'Nt 1 , v' ' ' fs? 'fqgeh 'V . ga s Q , . ,Vs , -f-5, .Lx J i "' A -- V-5-2 E355 -'?Z"'f Q ' Z' If "' V, 1 - - . V- f. f'f"' "'?f1,fff f3. . g g-'wt 2,1 As Q . ' " 'P fists,-1.1-W . 'L - 1-Senior Mike Pantuso's fast ball kept the 'opposition-on the. guard. 2-Batter up IS senlor Bill Wilkinson. 3-Behind the catcher, the umpire makes the calls. 4-Senior Gordon Adams vying for a base steal. 2 1-gn--f 0,2 is X Ju in fx- ' . r f., I 92 e ax R G 4 '15 , U '5 v'f f wx fs p Bwflq, r 'f 3' - 1' Yi -,L we "' V 'wx o I 4635 f Q2 h., 1 l:N ,.,':k'f': f2'f?2ai. V. ..,.. . WW. .J L1 1, A 1, , if - 1' ,55f.,p.- if fa , ' " 4" ,'ff 1 . ' ,x .- 1 'Y' .f'Z'9z. ' av 'H 'nfl 44" . ,4, it M 3 I 'A P I .1 . M Q E 4' 1 f 4' 44 fr' 7 4 w ll ,V, -4 A, 4 x,,, 41 - t 53 In-f' ,,e:.. W W' ,.,-, vm, ff- 5 Kg ' ,I -A.v,.4-Q - , Q -ff KAW' ,mxwg-'f M- ,ay-1 .J " ""f'PfNiv ' 'V' A M " vu -W .Hx ' " ? -"V", ew , "' -fn 'Rx ' "- wwf-7 f ' , ,... '-Q, hfffwim, ' f, , ,sv : , xv ,4 -or L ' ' "iid-. my K ' Y ,. v 'Y Q ' 'Y, 0 T 3 5 '13 sS '17 1 Q H Igfx 3 mia. E AQ, Q 1 x , 579 5:5 5' f'?5 1-9 fqg 1 D A FE . aax zz5,,gso1.,w sgx Si ' xE8QW5m 8Uf E'E'N . - . 1 'K 4f. " , .' N . 'R f 'J .5 .:: gf I M Ar 'X x v Y I 6 k I X I 1X XJ iv I . E -iw tl, flax? 2 9 -3 N34 5 ' Q c vg E Z ' Afs Elxgrf ,X , .X N f 1 X ' N Y . gi L' in M 'Wt' xqhNk!g'Wb'f " 2' ll qx a I 5 9,1 S kv. . H ly 0 'A Q if ' x . -' I N X 5 5 L 4' 1 Q -Q ' 4 Q V. M' fJ iff! 'fl JD PK Q- 'E .3 an A f A Q , , 6, , 'A ,B . x -, F A .- ig ji ' ' K , 1 U I r ' r i ' I n v .1""",l"'Qa4 Q 1192 -nf I' "' I' ..- ma,m:4r5fy,:h zz ni, Audi-Q i. - .1 ...mam are - mn u,f,Jff:za5f 15fW'3. a12xef' V' A . Lf.. ,mac V a i ,,. ..,. , - .,, . -f.f v- ,...-, ,, ,... , .-.W ,,,. ... ,. V , . 'V 'V " 'miinn an u ammzfcnx-mia! nm 'z 4 x M A i h I Q 'I v., ,,..,f..,.- .... - .,..., , .,., ,. ,,,,., ,,,...,. ., , Y . Y " u ima ' A 1 , . ' .v.1.Q.g ilrglff i1tLEva"""'T 1. ..,. 1 QL g,4'z'.gA ,,u4,qfA -- U' 5 -MQ M VV ,UJ F-154 q I 'A"""'.' . 1 'YN-f'. g 'V V ' " TQ: ' ,- W yy: QQ ff , .,. 'F45fEJ5g14,y-WF-' '1fl4 -Q V54 , -.- 5 In , ,fa 7'?'D D ,., M, -M3 'A 'L' .- ,il V .I . W 1 V . if Q59 X ,r .C ., , - "Tw W . , ,K -, ' 1 W.-.,,. FY 94311 1135, me 41215 G5 7 3, 75 1. 5 4 - I if pw?" f' f' mf-an ' ,."'vNL ' 4 f' V' -A M - ,..., H' -f ' ' U - A .- U ' 'myyv 'j' I -f' ' 4 ,I ' ' ' , H wr- if 3211 WM ,V ,f D V 1 5 ' U ' 7 6 I ' f Y ' X 7 3 ' It L. A, M' V xiz- ' 1 'I l 1 ! ' 3 A k A. , , g , 4 JAAAJ f IVVA X an I V I G 45 51' Q ' ' ,,,,r ' ' f f' " Q W ax 1 vw g ?4'f-" 'ie-fl - ff - 15 -2+ A " , if 2 - - M: is , .HW - in - Si . ,. V ,.,.. ,V - k vrvrl W all VN... WA If f 77? , - 1 V , 2 . 1 ', iQ' ' ,lf -- ' , ., 923 ., Q ' , ' :'--'5 -I 1 , ' ' . ' Q 5' K A - ' . f , ,. '-"'-' ' .., fm 'Q 724, Q6 . ' ,R f ' 'K ,.,Jg gf -. f- 41141. 'Li ' .H 4 ",.- ni' iff' - ,',,Ti' 7 I 2 1, 'X 'a ' , , 4 . ' 1 fl VARSTY Servhe Corona del Mar Los Alamitos M . arina Fountain Valley Loara Vvestern Westminster ' Edison 7-24 33-13 7-17 7-10 17-13 21-24 24-20 7-20 21-03 NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH WAYIE ' P C - VARSITY Buena Park Beverly Hills University Mira Costa Sunny Hills Los Alamitos Marina Lake Wood Fountain Valley Loara University Western Downey Westminster Mira Costa Edison Sunny Hills Redlands Lake Wood Costa Mt-sa University San Marcos Sunny Hills' 22-01 11-03 14-06 13-04 08-07 17-06 26-02 16-07 09-04 27-01 12-06 21-04 12-03 25-07 13-02 22-02 07-02 25-03 18-02 15-02 04-03 12-07 08-05 .Eb FA' 'ta ,,. rw... Q. ...,...,f ,, 5 , QQ G, S 3- FROSHXSOPH Front Row: john Wate, leff Reece, Paul Poitevent, Ken South, Dennis Johnson, john Davis. Row 2: Craig Wolfe, Peter Gorma, jamie Bergenson, Graham DeVeires, Sam Williams, Giles Allison, Tom Beek. Row 3: Mark Buchanon, Mike Fedorchek, lim Iverson, Mike Stromgrin, George Robertson, Dale Neilson, Keith Kenworthy, Drew Cree, Greg Stevens. 5 -,.,.,,::..... 'OSS ff UNT'Y VARSITY NH Edison NH Los Alamitos NH Marina NH Loara NH Western NH Fountain Valley NH Westminster Low score wins. 45-18 33-22 42-20 31-26 36-19 43-20 41-20 -1 . lax Z Sass 5 is h WRES TLI N G Q VARSITY ill U9 1 .tw 4"""e s:Qff""- Q54 Lok Alamitos 39-22 Em 5 mfg mga' Im 'M' Marina 17-43 bi If I' Fountain Valley 6-50 5' 'in' 2 Loara 12-46 9 'f 'g if Western 33-26 ' - V, F If - Westminster 12-48 H? .. gy 1? -1 Edison 25-32 fi f 55 if 531, Ax is 1 'E Im 'N 1150 f fnw- fmt- 3 f 'T f X-Yfx E fe A fu' "Z 1m"'im'V ' ii- 4 1 ' ' - '41 C' P' N: or-Jn 5 Dr LL I gf , . 3 . 5 at ' . 1' H ' ' 2 A an a A is 1 M 1 I 1 z - YARSI I Y Hi '15 I V I , - kk A"' W9 nf A Ay- xtn lvttwtmti 57-80 - 1 ggijgay-f ' E Tift 65 NH Walton G7-az H 4 4 ' 4.7-55 NH Warn-n 75-82 teUlPu,,a fggwgb' xE:'g'llr ,gvlPn,7, wp' Eqynruyji gs-tpugl NH Huntington Btwn h 69-90 35, 455 , 53, '5g"k 25 3-1631 NH Corona Dvl Mar 42-71 Q 4 , -, ' - ' Q' i ' .--, 'NH Tustin 65-75 5 " 'yi Mg NH Estancia 62-77 , f y ' 'E f ,wp Q H I j , 'am 1 -5' 7 NH Rancho Alamitos 65-63 aWUI1 ,'11,j- 1 QEIPWL 'giwpgw' '33',f,- NH Los Alamitos 58-73 ,E I 15, 4' Q 'mm ' al , , NH Marina ' 46-56 iff 4' , T" .pf g NH Fountain Valley 54-60 mviw- S ' M ' 1 A " NH Loara 74-71 ' ' , A 1 , Q ' ,Li 5, ' x NH Western 76-64 , 4 5- X A 1 A ,g m -'Z' ' NH Westminster 74-56 " W A -" f 'uf-'L -W iz fi., J 3 Sf CCE' V ,sq 5s. . .2 H -s if' ' fl , X VARSITY ,,. .... 0 fi I 1 ,E NH Marina 05-01 X 'I -ga rg - A str i ' Q ' NH Fountain Valley 02-01 1- 2 :Q , 0 . -i'1fg.w's:f4- NH Santa Ana 03-00 Q , A Q 1 EWPUR7l Hug i QfQ',..., ff F, , 00lww0mwwwwwwmm m www M3 , HAYES H amgggnlaeun .1 E VEN , q Annan Nw -L NH Edison 02-01 iw : A -at 'WL- , t-1,01 - 5. W NH Marina 15-00 yiwpd ' .,V,, 1 1 ,mm ll -if EW M ' NH Fountain Valley 00-00 0' '15 RTW HEWPUIQ' Q rggwpgg'-5 1 'NEYIPTIHF A' L 'tsl P0595 , 9-Q? NH Santa Ana 03-00 f pl Hilllgll , ELET . rulnllllza Hlligllffl 1U H NH WQSIGIH 09-00 1, A "X ,Q-, A 1 f-T X l 032-gk A L AHEUF Q W NH Westminster 12-01 if -13 tj- b 5 'sp V KX ' ' " 5' ,I NH Edison 00-00 N ,' IV -4 0 A - I , Ki' Q., 570 ' NH Dana Hills 04-00 - 1 f -J D' it -1 f r 4 l NH santa Ana Valley 01-02 1- jV Front Row: Eric Smith, Dave Bunnell, jeff Farmer, Rich Mukai, Romeo Fields, jim Grey, Evertt Gee. Row 2: Mike Flynn, Paul Nicholetti, Larry jordan, Dave Mukai, Scott Laughlin, Craig Stewart, Brian Hagadorn. Back Row: Scott Perkins, Greg Kearns, Steve Smith, Drew jones, jeff Kuhn, Paul Hood, Walter Bushman, Eric Holland, Paul Ber- natz, jack Frank. 2-VARSITY jed "Stubborn" Dempsey, Chris "the Mighty" DeMott, Dave "San Berdo" Nicholson, john "Silent" Swedlund, Rick "Full Felay Wicky" Wittwer, Kevin "B.H." Buckler, Tom "Kojak" Unvert, jim "Good Times" Reordan, Duncan "D.T.D." Strauss, Steve "the Phantom" Mariso, john "Pea- body" Pearson. 3- FROSHXSOPH Front Row: Steve Burdell, Mark Nunes, Pete Spurr, Nick Gapp, john Heather, Craig Yester, Craig Avellar, Tom Holland, Clay Swigler. Back Row: Ted De- monde, Russel Perry, Marc Soderling, Greg Lowitz, Ron Boyle, Tom Miller, Tom Gayzey, David Wilkes, Kirk Wilks, Marc Morrel, joe Boyle, john Mathews. '-'W WL. 'Xi 1-'- il , -.1 ,ff La. .. .. K.. 1 ...hs Q ,.,a...4., 4, . ,..,,. -,,a,..,.. . . .,.. -4 .... ,L .,.., ,a ,t .... ,L .,., ,ac 1- IV Front Row: Gary Parker fmanagerl, Roy Ray, Kirk Elliot, Bob Clark, Doug Weber, Burt Siler, lon Overall, Daryl Durio. Row 2: Mac Coombs, Andy Simkins, Eric Fordham, jeff Benbo, Bruce Hagadorn, Frank Venclik, Steve Dawson, Dave Fier, Brett Wyah, loe Conk. Back Row: jim Hanke, lack Flash, Carter Lee, Chip Butera, jumping lack, Dave Sturgis, Chris Keys, Craig Lyons, Ben Shaw, Doug Brockmeyer, Brent Caldwell, Paul Helfridge, Scott Ertz, Scott Perry, Ronald Keith, Tim Campbell. 2- VARSITY Front Row: loe Conk, Don Fuka- moto, lon Overall, Tucker Sharp, Tim Diren- field, Gary Ertz, Ralph Westcott, Bob Ball, Bryant Hummann, Row 2: Daryl Durio, Pat Ward, Lyle Haskell, Dee Ward, Chris Corum, Ron Craig, Mike Hoose, Brett Wyatt, Bob Custer. Back Row: Owen Frost, Rick Clark, Bob Schmidt, joe Distanislao, Marc Lazzara, Pat Patrick, Matt Dickey, Steve Schock, Kevin Lindsay, Steve Foley, Rich Harrison, Scott Lohman, Gary Parker tmanagerl. 3- FROSHXSOPH Front Row: Al Alswing, Dave Shengallis, Fred Durio, Burt Siler, Pete Thompson, Bill Weiss, Pete Hoffman, Dave Roum, Dick Quick, Bill Bohls, Don Kenchel. Row 2: leff Hailey, Phil Toum, Pete Donald, jeff Cozad, loe Newkirk, Dave Sturgiss, Al Smiley, Al Newman, Paul South, Rave VO- boril, Pete Dickey, Lucas Luce, lack Fast, Ron Keys. Back Row: Frank Woliferton, Wayne Kasperek, Cris Corum, Rick Manlow, Tim Holland, Greg Pacquin, Andy Seek, Kirk Elliot, lim Corum, Dave Brockmeyer, Mike Ashew, Bill Wall, Rick Mayer, lose Nevvkirk, Ron Manciet, Brett Hallock, Tom Hules,xBob johnson, Mike Hosteen, Ron Lucas, lim Ward, Phil Flaharty, Tim Fier, Dick Cohen, GOLF ' fl B -3 qv' 1 ' 't 6 Qwvxm sms 5, x f LLEYBA LL ' L 1, ' ' 4 ,L 1 gli I Q L 3 ll U , 'Zu . r I 5 K ' 8 .1 ml S 7 I 5 A '- Fnr S fills f,A,f W- afx ,pg 3 4 ,f ..j l ' X, S ff: 'XR Q T n ,fm myyilfi fmiui,-ag? ' rf' W , LL, gy X S 3 1, Q LL' A, ' i" -1 1 -V fm. -'.' e f:Qaf,mf1f: -fp " V " J 'im '4ff :Q-fawf --b' pw ff,w.'zfe2','-jizz' M K. ,. ,R ,, 4 . V J, HM. . , , 7' , SY' ,kj ,- ,f ' f,g1f.a,t: wg, 4 14,1 q ...1. 4, ,sf , Z u .,. : 1 ' f 'Q if . I-A '0 ' Qr ' 'E - vi ? "W!!, 7-,rj ' "iz iff? .Q , , "" J -"" , -1 mi 55. Ng fi N" f iff 'T W ' 4. . 'fir ' y ll W 'K 'Z QA , 5 ' my . li fr Am. 5 xx ,R Eg, V . 9 P 5 ,L,' k A' f W V ' Y I L 4' 4 4 4, l Z f no fi.. f 25'-1. 5 A". if Qt' ',r ""N 4 S -.: 2 1-J ' S fl.. i .-r' -8 5 ,G A-fi 5 rss-4.4 1' fx Q The athletes in the Girls' Athletic Association all have a common desire, they like to win. Last year, they cap- tured the Beach Cities League All-Sports Trophy over seven other schools. Even more amazing is that last year was the first year of CIF competition for Newport's GAA. This year the girls have proved that their curves and dimples can be just as tough in the athletic arena, for tennis and volleyball won their league titles and pro- ceeded to CIF. Volleyball spiked their way to the CIF quarterfinals, tennis racket-served itself to the CIF semi- finals, and field hockey advanced to the CIF semi-finals. The tennis team also sent two singles players and two double teams into CIF individual competition. Special recognition goes to the following coaches of these fear- some females: Tennis-Gloria Grotta, Volleyball-Judy Fogt, Hockey-Ellen Caricof and Laurie Snyder, Track-Rita McFarland, Swimming-Teri Winfrey, Gymnastics-Sandy Carney, Softball-Nancy Staub, Basketball-Lynn Blanton, Badminton-ludy Fogt. f ,,,f,f1f IT WAS another year of domination by Harbor's female racqueteers in the Beach Cities League. The netters swept through the league as both a team and in individual competition. IN TEAM CIF, NETTERS FALL IN SEMI-FINALS, SCHOETTLER, IOHNSTON if 3 INDIVIDUAL DUO NOT SATISFIED with the league crown, two doubles teams, Lori Schoettler and jill lohnston and Allyson Riley and Melinda Myers, and two singles players, Kelly Smith and Kelly Wagner, defeated league op- position to enter Individual CIF competition. Sche- ottler and Johnston advanced the farthest, losing in the semi-finals to the Championship CIF team. By doing so well, they were named the third duo in CIF. THE TEAM that competed in CIF was four . 1 singles players, Schoettler, Iohnston, Smith and Wagner, and two doubles teams, Riley and Myers and Barb Skinner and Ioanne Gordon. z The Team won impressively 28-0 and 21 V2-61f2 w in first round and quarter-final action. West- lake stopped the Sailors 7 10-20 V1 in the semi- finals. IN THE two years of CIF action, Newport hasn't lost a league match. The netters racked up 110 points for Harbor against a mere four. Pre-season and pre- CIF action also wasn't much of a challenge for the team. In pre-season action, Newport swept past San Clemente 15-2, Sunny Hills 16-1, Rolling Hills 16-0, Beverly Hills 82-79 and Miraleste 14-2. Foothill fell 16-12 in pre-CIF action. The overall season record was an impressive 15-1. :sf-K fwf-1:s'::s.' 1-. .1 ' . ' f N 28512:112:fs2.4::ffQsi1s5s'li., I . ffi:'f 31 5-:D'Qs:!A:Z:2LXi,f:N'-721-:fs sqm- . ' . , ', I N S ss R ,EiNiY3fYT3:kQ.ER5E11H'S1fg"tEE,tA., -' - , '51 ' " ".-iii-1gf:f,l v X .125-gsvfi-wiQ1igfs:Qsf:',f:-it Q . Wigs:s-wail.:-Q:,id:ff::f.1-1is 4 S sggrigislgg-:E I-ftv.-5-QQ.-lyk' I "' ,ic-g ez-L-if,:te-.t51 . , ,X :,tm.9,,.,.,,,E.. . , 1' 33333- ,,.. ,,iw..,..-.t. ,. , s - my 5 4 filitiiiii-:.s-255.35.3, 'f,ZQEffIffI-E35 I ' liifysi E '4 t " Wit 'ii7i,?'giQsg!'f-int:-if -min:zz-rms.:-2 I ittlzgi, ro ggi-:s as h ' fm gzggg -f ,n w 1'- -11 . 1 . 5. : -, - -. Q 1 :- w i .w T35 fr if .1 at 1 l:'f-i-??ffi'?'?7f-.-7-fs""' " " I' ' H 1't'1:Li"" "TV v Y 1 Y., .,. 1-On the second serve, Allyson Riley and Melinda Myers are ready to return. 2-Number One singles player and half of the third Individual CIF doubles duo, Lori Scheottler serving. 3-The other half of the duo, jill Iohnston, putting a slice on her backhand. 4-Underhand volley hit byCeleste lardine. 5-Debby Gilchrist finishing her forehand. 6-Forehand volley hit by loanne Gordon as partner Barb Skinner watches. 7-VAR- SITY-Front Row: Lisa Myers, Debby Gilchrist, Laura Shelton, Kelly Wag- ner, Claudia Kerr, Gina Sammis, Maria Myers. Back Row: Celeste lar- dine, Melinda Myers, Terri Miller, Barb Skinner, Terry Andrews, Susanne Oelke, Molly Ashe, jill Iohnston, Margaret Deneher, Christina C-onzolas, loylynn Pike, Holly Hendrickson, Bridget Lehman, Allyson Riley, Dodi Gilchrist, Lori Schoettler. 8-Margaret Deneher serving. 9- Most Improved player Kelly Wagner waiting to return. 10-One of the top singles players, Kelly Smith follows through her forehand. n , , , 4 I . -K ' t l K . I I- 4 , Q ,ict EMEQI if-:1 . les' 3 3' ' ipffg fg' fffluf. tl, .41 v:lv 2: 59 Q if , V: M wa ,-1 l uf .ffm Y""' if .nu f- . A as vi I , ,. ,Yr-4' if I ' I 1 V4 is ' :- if " swf f' I we-may 5 .V ., ., ,W-f.n5,,M ,il f'J,f.,,x9y tr 3 312' if 'f 1. 2 if 'N 53 gg: - ,ss -,V 1 Q mf, 57,95 2 -133-Q, 'J , , 4 1wwmA,.,,..Q - 1. KQWQ, .,,., 4' ,3,,x,,.. -'f-wf..f:-+f,wfMfwmzfnmg,-,m.,:,Q.1:11,Q.,r,.1:.m,,:.w .4 ...-.. ffl. nf., p:':..f,1 ,. 4,5 ..,.., ..-1 W 'fj 'i Sky 2 f 'L 2.5519 fa. ,f., .V 2,1 1' 3 ff .'J'1, A, Y vm 4 s-. YT ,7 15 :SQ ,fK.,,4,,5 ' V-311.1 A 1- WN, , Quan-is it--w"w,1f" ,s I VARSITY Estancia 17 Fountain Valley 15 Costa Mesa 15 Westminster 16 Huntington Beach 16 Marina 15 Edison 16 TEAM CIF 28 0 Palm S rings 2116 61f2 Westla e 716 Zoyz Loara E -- 1g,::,:z,Q1wnmw:,:-m ,gf wr: DETERMINATION AND skill were abundant in the 1975 volleyball season as the Varsity, junior Varsity and GAA teams never dropped a league contest. The Varsity squad advanced impressively in CIF action before losing to the CIF Champions in the quarter-finals. VARSITY BUMPED OUT IN QUARTER-FINALS, LEAGUE MVP DANIEL ON 112 ALL-CIF TEAM AFTER THE league title was theirs, the Varsity squad prepared for CIF competition. The team boasted three Beach Cities All-League players, Becky Daniel, Pam Knox and Sam Stoneman. Daniel was the League's Most Valuable Palyer. Going into CIF, Newport was seeded eighth. Rounds I and II were easy victories as Mater Dei fell 15-6, 15-5 and ybAll -- Glendale 9-15, 15-8, 15-13. The quarter-final match proved to be the last as number one seed and CIF Champions Louisville won 15-13, 15-7. On the second All-CIF team Newport was represent by League MVP Becky Daniel. The Most Outstanding Varsity players were Daniel, Marji Friday, Marie Lundie, Knox and w' Stoneman. Kathy Caricof was the Most Im- proved and Barb Benish was the Most Inspi- lo rational. League action was tougher than last year, but both Varsity and IV claimed the league titles. In pre-season matches, San Cle- mente fell, while Corona and Laguna beat Newport. Cindy Palmer was the Most Out- standing and Most Inspirational IV player, while Sally Stege was the Most Improved. IN THREE sportsdays the 22 GAA teams ripped through all opposition. All-Stars included Gayle Penewell, Hillary MacDonald, Trish O'Rielly and Ieanne Wolfe. All V ff ... g 1-'55 l 'I as nu - 4- ll --1--' '-1--' ' 'g':"L"'w ns ' D 4' -. E! ,,.,, , ,,,..A , F li-ya it-V ' gi V A .Q QV 5' V V6 g V ff F' X gba ' Q, "gg - fl 2 ' ti -T' f WE X Ev: ff m f Z L - -- L .f ,,,' lr, gg 1 v J,-..V Vs, V yi, V. ,J y . V .yn .,. . -'fe . . ,, it L , V - t f ' - 4----' " , f"' 1- . ,.,, ' V, ,,, :,,,,,, .,,, ,,,,,g,4 V , ,. .. ,'rr'aw'a:,, 1 V V M W ..,,,..,....A.h...a ,M 1 , ,,,-vw' V f f .al L Nova' Jn MPDRT NE tM,,,...,,.,1L,. .g.L,a.., ,,,,,.a,..,A,... x-..' my -e. ,. ..,. 'ff ,,,,L.,4.2:,, VARSITY NH Estancia 15-2,15-8 NH Fountain Valley 9-15,15-13,15-12 NH Costa Mesa 9-15,15-8,15-12 NH Westminster V 15-8,15-13 NH Huntington Beach , 15-11,15-4 NH Marina 15-3,15-0 NH Edison 15-11,12-15,15-6 CIF NH Mater Dei 15-6,15-5 NH Glendale 9-15,15-8,15-13 NH Louisville 13-15,7-15 lV NH Estancia 15-0,15-7 NH Fountain Valley 6-15,15-2,15-8 NH Costa Mesa 15-11,15-12 NH Westminster 15-7,15-3 NH Huntington Beach 15-6,15-4 V NH Marina 15-6,15-0 , NH Edison 16-14,15-4 1-League MVP, Becky Daniel overwhelming a blocker with her spike. 2-Short set by Pam Knox. 3-lmpassable blocking by Marie Lundie and Lynne Williams, 4-Lynn Droke and Mary Plat- foot ready to return. 5-Bumping on the second hit is Marie Lundie. 6-One of the many GAA bumpers. 7-VARSITY-IV-Front Row: Pam Knox, Barb Benish, Kathy Caricof, Marji Friday, Sam Stoneman, Marilynn Horn, Mary Platfoot, Lynn Droke. Back Row: Sue Martyn, Ann Yardley, Karen Olson, Sally Stege, Marie Lundie, Wendy Lewis, Lynne Williams, Rose Greyshock, Becky Daniel, Cindy Palmer, Coach Fogt. B-Airborne Barb Benish spiking. 9-Marji Friday back-setting for Becky Daniel. 10-Cindy Palmer prepares to serve. IT WAS a season of surprises in field hockey. The Varsity team didn't keep the league title, but ad- vanced tothe semi-finals in CIF. The junior Varsity squad lost one game and reigned as League Co- Champions. The ten GAA teams also won all of their sportsdays. SUCCESSFUL SEASON: VARSITY GOES TO SEMIS, MARII FRIDAY NAMED TO FIRST ALL-CIF SQUAD AFTER AN 8-0 pre-season stomp over Santiago, the Varsity team had high hopes of again capturing the league crown. Two upset league losses burst this bubble however. By a league tie-vote rule, Newport entered CIF as a second place team. Round I was an easy 2-0 win over Katella. Fourth seed La Habra fell 1-0 to Harbor in the quarter-finals. University stopped the Tars 2-1 in the semi-final game. ockey Most Outstanding Varsity players were Pam Knox, Marji Friday Cboth members of the All- League teaml, Stacey Kirkpatrick and Lynne Williams. Friday was also nominated to the first All-CIF team. Most Improved honors went to Karen Tripp and Friday was the Most Inspi- rational. The Coaches Award went to Sally Field Stege. WITH ONLY one league loss, the IV team was League Co-Champion. The squad, mainly sophomores, also defeated Santiago in pre- season action. IV All-Stars were janet Jacobi, Dana Kenworthy, Candy Montgomery and jennifer Shoemaker. Eileen Harrington and Kenworthy were the Most Improved. The Most Inspirational player was Shoemaker. FI' -M .. Q U: W' . ., ,ws- lm, A I .fl'55'- - W . 1 - ,ft-yw.:jf. SALLY A ' "" """"" f "' "--' ' ---f ---- - - . .f... .. ,,,, , YW M 'N WQII3 uw mm 5 f - mf uc I .T 2' es 1 'F I L M If IS :gm-"'I""' od" I. 'V . .LENIEF Q ulhlsfkxadqw PAW A 5 DELCO , 3' Poo ' W . li ,I K Q 4 A rats , , , AA A yn - ' I H .. I 'L.,- 'Paul' ', , A Lf..-D - 4 ' v, ' ' I I ' I., ,, , . ,... ,..,, My f. G' V, W ,., 4----.Eva L, J 1 8 ., ., -,-- , P, pu, 1. Jn.- V--., -- - -' ,' WA. .. , ,,. . -'sC.,:.,h a i,,,,,4,-, , """ -sw- ida.w,,.u s- mnvqyq fg, 1. Q 0 .4 I e 55 ..,s1..-.Q 'vw 1-.. ' xv ,, .- 1 On the road to victory a GAA hockey player lunges. 2- AWOO! Stacey Kirkpatrick jumps with joy after scoring, 3- The Varsity backfield lines up to defend a short corner 4 A Haul A poster roots for Newport. 5- Driving on the run Nancy Olson avoids the opposition. 6- As Candy Montgomery drib bles Sara Schrlt and Trish O Rielly 1123 position themselves. 7- Sweep Sally Stege lunges to get the ball 8 Varsity-IV-Front Row: Karen Tripp, Nancy Olson Marg: Friday Trish O Rlelly Sara Schilt,1en Shoemaker, joy Marimon Marcie Kirschenbaum, Row 2: Coach Caricof, Sally Stege, Katrin Hetch, Pat Duncan, janet Jacobi, Eileen Harrington, Pam Knox, Candy Montgomery, Coach Sny- der. Back Row: lenny Caricof, Tami Smith, Gayle Penewell, Lynne Williams, Mindy Hoose, lenifer Hinshaw, Brenda Finegan, Dana Kenworthy. 9- The IV forward line attacking the opponent's goal. 10- Downing the goalie, Lynne Williams scores. 11- All-CIF first team selection, Marji Friday takesthe bully tostart the game. a,.,.... .a:v.mwmm,.a7:wmw:mn -i UPSETS DOMINATED the cage season for Newport. The Varsity team did very well in tournament and pre-season action, but had trouble with Beach Cities League opponents, and tied for fourth place. The junior Varsity teafn ended up with a 3-4 league rec- ord. In three sports-days, the GAA tennis were vic- torious in two out of the three outstanding days. VARSITY TIES FOR FOURTH PLACE IN LEAGUE, CONSOLATION CHAMPIONS IN GROVE TOUR- NAMENT BEFORE LEAGUE competition, the Varsity Team had a successful pre-seaso . Newport beat the de- fending CIF Champions, Santiago, to start the sea- son off. Next on the sshedule was the 32 team Garden Grove Invitational Tournament. New- i port dropped the first game to Mater Dei, but i came back to beat Los Altos, Palos Verdes, 4 Immaculate Heart and Connelly to be the con- solation bracket champions. Other pre-season A games were a one point loss to Los Amigos F and a win over El Modena. League competi- W tion was stiffer than in the past as the three losses were by close scores. The overall record A was 'IO-5. The IV squad posted a 2-1 season rec- m ord and a 3-4 league record. 4 COACH BLATTON felt the team accomplished more than the record indicated. Tne GAA teams lost to Westminster and beat Edison and Huntington Beach in sports days. I 'I-Center Gayle Penewell starting the game taking the tip-off. 2- Deep in concentration, Pam Knox, aims for a free throw. 3-Var- sity-Front Row: Sally Stege, Hillary MacDonald, Pam Knox. Back Row: jennifer Shoemaker, Gayle Penewell, Lynne Williams, Jeanne Wolfe. 4-Sally Stege goes up for two. 5-Nonchalantly Rose Greyshock passes to an awaiting teammate. 6-IV-Front Row: actes Marilyn Horn, Laurie Hendrie, Stacy Kirkpatrick. Back Row: Karen Olson, Diane Hoskin, Nancy McCafferty, Christy Miller. 7-Lynne Williams shoots over defenders. 6-Williams hits the boards again. 9-Sally Stege goes in for two. 10-len Shoemaker challenging the ball. VARSITY Fountain Valley Costa Mesa Westminster Huntington Beach Marina Edison Estancia lV Fountain Valley A Costa Mesa Westminster Huntington Beach Marina Edison Estancia 33-47 51 -40 59-27 35-39 34-35 50-20 46-44 21-41 38-25 36-23 31-51 25-51 30-21 28-34' . ,,.-:Wa-,,..f.,,, mam a.,z:,r,.fn.1..wa,aM-ee.:...,fe:i? i Azz-117427zaz::f::zff.znzm:mm.u4.-givinnear-:.JL1:v:.x'.:: --L,t:ffna.gZ:mzmmn we3 ALTHOUGH THE gymnastics team failed to retain the league crown, many fine performances were turned out by Harbor's tumblers. JV SQUAD FARES WELL IN LEAGUE: VARSITY TUMBLES THROUGH SEASON COACHED BY Sandy Carney, the Varsity and junior Varsity gymnastic squads practiced daily from the second quarter. This practice greatly helped the IV team as they were 4-0 at presstime in league W action. The Varsity team was 'I-3 in league at Q presstime. In the only pre-season match, New- port ripped through Corona del Mar in both NAs'ri divisions. COACH CARNEY was optimistic, however, that the top gymnasts would compete in ln- dividual CIF, even if the team did not. The top Varsity gymnasts included Nancy Choiniere, Sandy Sharp, Katie Mulroy, Terry Sharp and Dana Gragg. Stars of the IV squad were jill ,N Timmons, Robin McClure, Kelly Loy, Kim Connell, Karen Shropshire, and Karen Hel- frich. Coach Carney was also assisted by lan Bodinus. AT PRESSTIME, the high scorers on each event were, Choiniere and Timmons and Connell on the balance beam, Choiniere and Timmons and Mc- Clure on the uneven parallel bars, Choiniere and Mulroy and Helfrich and Connell in the floor ex- ercise and Choiniere and Loy on the vault. 'I-Terry Sharp doing her routine on the uneven parallel bars. 2-On the balance beam, Varsity gymnast Dana Gragg does the splits. 3-During a compulsary routine, one of Harbor's tumbles performs on the uneven parallel bars. 4-Veteran gymnast Katie Mulroy poses during her floor exercise routine. 5-A back walkover on the balance beam, executed perfectly by a tumbling star. 6-All-around star Nancy Choiniere coming off the uneven parallel bars. 7-Another fine performance by a Newport gymnast. J. .... . . ...Tag ,lgguv f - Txvxug :M X . WM.,--rl X-.-a""f::L-Q -gal - . 2... at,.,:me.,,,, ,, 411. 7 ,....v"""' Q KN l lm 8-VARSITY-jV - Front Row: Candy Stone, Nancy Choiniere, Sandy Sharp, Terri Shea, Lisa Beckley, Peggy Zill, Karen Lin- hoff. Row 2: janet Broxon, jill Timmons, Kim Connell, Karen Shropshire, Karen Helfrich, Kerri Smull, Kelly Loy. Back Row: Sari Pentilla, Liz Echter- nach, Becky Acton, Katie Mul- roy, Kelly Brundage, Robin Mc- Clure, Terri Sharp, loan LaBlanc, Dana Gragg, Wendy Carson, Marie Roussell, julie Kawamura. 9-On The Beam, Lisa Beckley performs her routine. 10-Execut- ing a hand spring walk out is Candy Stone. 11-After she finishes her compulsary routine, Stone poses to add the final touch. V--e.-M. .,.., e .,M,..vo..,,f.,.s,.. Ja..- , ...L,.fmmmz1-.fwffanc .-v, allele, -N,-f -T1 fva:z:z.n:e11z'm,-f'-. .. az VVYY .V TRACK TEAMS at Newport Harbor have a history of doing well, and the 1976 team kept this tradition alive. Talent and depth in every event was the team's greatest asset. SPIKERS OUTDISTANCE COMPETITION SHOWING STRENGTH IN EVERY EVENT THE SPECTACULAR 440 relay team of Barb Benish, Karen Bradford, loy Marimon and Nancy Olson ran well again this year, after being one of the top teams in the state last year. They hold the school record with a sizzling 48.4 time. The mile relay team, made up of Benish, Bradford, Candy Montgomery and Ol- son, sat a new school record, 4:1O.9. Carolyn Leith broke the old 880 record with 2:31.4. The 440 record also fell, as Bradford ran it in 61.9. THE FIELD events weren't to be left out of the rec- ord breaking, either. Shotputter Becky Daniel, one of the state's best, set a new school record with an astounding 42'51Ar" heave. Freshman Sue Kruse set a new long jump record with a 'I7'9W' leap. Kruse was also the top high jumper, consistantly clearing five feet, often 5'2". league. The team's chances to win the league title were excellent according to Coach Rita McFarland. Q AS OF this writing, the spikers were 4-0 in 4 Z THE TRACKSTERS were also victorious in two pre-season meets, a tri-meet with Laguna and Corona and a dual meet with Burbank. The team al- so entered four Invitationals - Newport's own Beach Cities, Chaffey, Ventura and Arcadia. The team also aimed to qualify for the CIF, the Masters and State Meets, and with this talented team, their chances were excellent. n-r Tl 0 l I as E gf.-:J k:-frm113pez W ,. -ei ...NM...... ,,,-L-- W ,I "'W"-Ullhlhunupgg 1 ff ,.- ,zgai ,., 1-Freshman star Sue Kruse anchoring the vic- torius 440 relay team. 2-loy Marimon streak- ing to first place relay win. 3-Varsity-Front Row: Candy Montgomery, layne Draganza, Sally Escher, Sally Butler, Nancy Herman, Iulie Haskell, Sandy Choiniere. Row 2: Debbie Hynes, Andrea Harper, Laura Wright, Cindy Shore, Sara Schilt, ludy Rich, Sue Kruse, Debbiy Gilchrist, Diana Bowman, Charlette Hogan, Back Row: Della Robertson, joey Sha- piro, Dana Lyons, Barb Benish, Nancy Olson, joy Marimon, Karen Bradford, Carolyn Leith, Sally Baker, Becky Daniel. 4-Long jump record holder Sue Kruse in action. 5-Dana Lyons clearing the bar in the high jump. 6- Co-Captain Nancy Olson leading off the 440 relay. 7-Olson handing off to Karen Bradford. 8-440 runner Sara Schilt taking the tape. 9- Bradford on her leg of the 440 relay,10-Shot- putting sensation Becky Daniel heaving another outstanding shot. - :gy ,s f 1 OFF TO a splashing start, the swim team again held a Swim-a-Thon to raise money for new sweats and bags. Forty-five girls participated, with 43 complet- ing 200 laps, and they raised S2000 for the team. SWIM-A-THON RAISES S2000 AS 43 GIRLS SWIM 200 LAPS WORKING OUT five days a week since the start of the second semester, Coach Terry Winfrey's swimmers were more prepared to do better in league, Invitational and CIF meets. Besides the regular league loop, the team participated in the Mission Viejo-Edison Invitational. They Z also had two pre-league meets against Rancho 0 1 Alamitos and Corona del Mar. THE EVENTS the Varsity squad competed in included, the 200 yard Medley Relayg 500, 0 1 200, 100 and 50 Freestyle, 200 Individual Med- ley, 'I00 Breaststroke, 100 Butterfly, 400 Free Relay. The junior Varsity distances were half the Varsity. GIRLS RECOGNIZED for excellence included Dawn Carlson, a top swimmer in all strokes, Kay Anderson, good in free and back, and lan Wheeler in free, back and IM. Lisa johnson was the best diver. T . ..,, 'W' .- H 1 eg -:M -' 'U - - 1-Off the block goes another Tar star. 2-Preparing to hit the water, a Sailor swimmer comes off the block. 3-Complete with goggles is a but- terflier. 4-Practicing the breaststroke in daily workouts. 5-To develop arm strength, the paddles were used. 6-jenny Caricof practices her diving. 7-Varsity-IV-Front Row: Coach Terry Winfrey, Anne Nutten, Francine Vittrup, Lisa Pedigo, Karen Atlesey, Kay Anderson, Ia Manraes, Sally Steige, Jeanne Caricof. Row 2: Merri johnson, Tracy Collins, Candi Price, Brenda Wehn, Popi Davis, Renee Powers, Dawn Carlson, Vicky Harris. Row 3: Kay Eadie, Mollie Ash, Michelle Price, Betsy Kyger, Wendy Hooper, Marim Marks, Karen Nelson, Rita Morreli. Row 4: Gigi Gorman, Carol Newbre, Lisa Mitchell, Tracy Adams, Kay Pierre, Loarraine Felde, lan Wheeler, Libby MacPherson. Row 5: Kim Win- burn, Laura Grundi, Suzanne Oelke, Laurel Gundrum, Belinda Blan- chard, Denneta Smith, Vicky Harris. Back Row: Liz Kendrik, Kathy Kendrik, Toni Wagner, Angela Morwin. 8-Off the block to win her race is a Tar swimmer. 9-Renee Power swims her hardest in a breast- stroke race. 'IO-While jules Gage boys watch, Suzanne Oelke takes off the block as julie Bergeson comes in. ' . , use 'N , ',-4 ,Q .,, . 'Vila 1-9-1 , pf" .9 Q.,-3, sf- . 51. J. x Ng. YI 4, 4 1-fl Xl n -r . 'va -QW. if ., ,. V .bf t 1 pw V, We I-WW. ' , F1 A - I ',, oy., .,,,:,, ytqw, , A , ,.,. M 4 ,y 4. A - --- W ,,,, M .ua ' ' -'--N :.e...1--EAW -'M-A I - fx:zr.s,:ynf:,,,,...sHl,...,.. rs A I m.4't,.aw,f ,I ,., ,nl .1522 , ' ,, ' 'V ' aff:-W af .. , 1,,.,, . . - .K" "f... "fVTfe51!5'x N -Mix x . wg- .7 'wx .t I f' N ' l K. ' ' ?.Vf'fzFf"f , VJ ,M ,I . ,V,:L V. . V.: 2, . 76 , ' :-M--1-New -I ,. 1 I-, ,.,,.,- . -:+,.-. .,,...:,.-. .A " 'T . Q .xv H..-,., , . -,....V ,:..,.+...- V-.M M.-.. . -1- 'A ,,...,,f -. ',f..-ff..f M V' 2:5 xv - A 'QQ' r H. . . -..., ., ..,,..,,4 ,,,. .. .I ,. ..,,.,.' ' ,Q ., N V E, , ju, ' M ,,.. I g ,F L ,,- ,. --..,,,. ..,..,,....,.,.,.. ,I-1,515.4 .. ' . a "' g LA--'H V- V- 1 ' ' .7'-QQJI, " .-L "N, . A' . f- ' '-s 5. 5' - M MM V , M, ,, 5, ,I ,, J, V .,.,,.,., , w-.:..,..V.,,....-M73---7 A W V 271- 'I' ' 1 H.. ,,,. V -QL . 'fi " . if f. .,.,Qf! Tf..,..,. 4 , 5 ,Lf ,Lx V- w A . .MA ,QMN7 W., ., ... 2 ,, , V t QQ M,-' Q' ' A' 1 'H-'NJ f-f-VVf'V" -'A 'F' V ""' ' "' L . 5 V 5 - f .fQ -' 22 -A-f'3"f" ' fn g " ' ""'u'Q"'f5 I Z A - W A in AA.. ,GN - 1 M, Ax Q J: I ,,,, ,,,.,..wA ,A ,,,,,,, ,. , Y nl is .ls A :Q-A iv. x W -. 2 ,,7.,-V, A71 i,?f , Z I g V, '11 rf- '-in - - V A V ' is , QQ' 'M Q.-' - , - - . - -' 'v " .r , ,I 'x f . - . .. ,N .A , ,. '7"' f, .A 4, .0 , , I g ,. :-, V -V.0.. - 5 551-,1 x., l . r' I- V ., V A . -L , A . , .qr ,, x.,,,4'4V N AH- -r,. , , -.. V., ,.,., L -1 , , V ll U , 1" df' ""'L'B"" Q 'V "hw" " .IA--'awww M ' ' ,,., iff' I frm- P S 'Q 7311-if -1+"v-?2-V 1....V.,fv-- Vf-f-.f- - . -..: -:gf-.q.r ,-fir i1i.11.n K' . f' ' ,afii-L 'Q I V111-4?-vi: 47-,V,gf. V 1,-7.4.7 K v.,,..f"' A VV Tlllfff fi. : 1 1:5----. V .-..,, ,- W. v-1.93.35 4- +11-gm .r ,, ., ,.1.,.1, .4 g,,...f,,f,g,,,,,., WV..-N..4,,7 . V.-v L I--,,Lq4.i,.,,.V7,V ,1--gu.,Q.:, ':3,- - I , V-,L ,V 7- A--,M.,1 .f , .' - '- 2" VV 4, . V. cv V . V . V f. , '-:JL-:,J3.'..' ,. r-qfarf-. V,Vq,q,, ,. V.- Q5 1' ,f 1 . 1,-:'3 V M" iff ' - Q: -rl.. ml. 1' , ' .' A' . V, ,L ,' , 'QQ' 1 , W is." 'fi g A if " . -vu A , , Al ,V .-ff --I ,i"F5A 1-5-fg1?g"'33Q-'?j1:--'-f:V Q.--. fp..-. ... -, V - -- - 1 V'-v.'.fV: 21, . Ag ' V '4 . ,.41"..',-V js- If A. -'A A V .413 714,25 .J , .- n:Vf""7 f Y 14 4 10, . ' .veil 'f - i-I I W V -au! 3 X ' lf'-A I , uc f L . sq .. ff A Q ' J Q ug-.a:Qrf1 V, Y, A V 1.1--' . - 1' qu.:-g-, ., -- gs ,. ff-. b 5' V . 7' , - if ' ' ' V-"1 5. ' ' '-23' , . . ,,z,..: I 1. V, -.,- 71 ,Ur nv ..,,,, :IJ V' fa, . V ' :Q , -W---,-,::Q,ff"' .f 'T , A f , 4 O mv- - - ' " , . . - V ff ' ' . In "W-fr L ' ' " ' AIA" V V "Q,-Aw M ' ' W 0 ur uaulfuull M' H , ,Q ...fifi-, I ff' 'ga 1-f1z.:2:f:,VfwW.,..., ' "HH U --.I ..,f ,fir -I...Z2,35w t-.Z-JW v!,7 ,,. , .V , A , bg 'IQ' 10 V f ., V-L N- K A - '55, LT , '-V V4.,s,' N f V: ,M 'V' A , , A, V,, V- V V V - . V . ..1,,-,M , V -. A TW "" " I ' VVY- L "" ' ' MZMUAWZWMTJIEMYWTLTW JITHN vvvwmwnmvwh Jr J W M...,M .,.A. ,, ..,, I l l l 1 -n JB S Q ll l " A THE 1976 badminton team was determined to bet- ter last year's 2-4-1 league record and practiced all second semester to achieve this goal. TEAM PRACTICED ALL SEMESTER TO BETTER LEAGUE PERFORMANCE TWO SEEMED to be the magic number for the Z team as there were two coaches, judy Fogt and Henry Vandaros, Two singles co-captains P julie Campbell and Barbie Skinner, and two doubles co-captains Marcie Kirschenbaum and Marie Lundie. All but Marie were returning from last year. Other returning players were DodiGilchristand Terry Miller. .E CORONA DEL Mar provided the only pre- 4 league competition. The highlighted league match was a night one at Huntington Beach. Wa W, 1:42-f,zy,f4Agy,1.44' I I A li C' q , , V 4. l Q . wg V',,, f Y, .f Z ' . , inf' 49 dv Z' lf? Hr: 1 f , 1-Marie Lundie goes for the drop shot as partner Anna Bushman watches. 2-Executing a graceful backhand is Marcie Kirschenbaum. 3- Varsity-Front Row: julie Campbell, Lynn Droke, Suzi Cline, Terry Miller, Dodi Gilchrist, jennie Howe, Anna Bushman. Row 2: Suzanne Aubert, Donna Celeberti, Kellee Kirkpatrick, Tracy Locking, Ann Consor, Trudy Miller, Barbie Skinner, Marie Lundie, Waverly Yarnell. Back Row: Linda Allen, Karen Parsons, Molly Ashe, Robyn Dalby, jennifer Walker, Carol janess, janet Elliott, Marcie Kirschenbaum, Henry Vandaros. 4-Singles star julie Campbell with her forehand clear. ,im 'lx img as ' A, K ZZ. -,f 4 f ,H -ff MM, ,aff MMMW M, 5. ,gk mama. ,bf A 5700, was acquired to help the team face the good, fast pitchers which the Beach Cities League seemed I to have in abundance. 2 PITCHING MACHINE PURCHASED TO IMPROVE BATTING SKILLS ' COACH NANCY STAUB, assisted by Laurie Snyder, had four returning Varsity players . pitcher Zenda Leake, Pam Knox, Gayle Pene- is well and Lynne Williams. julie Dunger and 5, ? julie Bernatz were junior Varsity returners. 4 , Laurie Cook was the jV pitcher. Almost ten 'f players were freshmen, a sign of a good future. Q I The Varsity team was coming off a 2-5 league record of last year. There were two pre-league T .4 games for Harbor s sluggers, with Santiago and ? Foothill. 5 5-Gayle Penewell fielding the ball in practice. 6-Complete with cleates, Lynne Williams catches the ball. 7-Displaying her throwing form is Pam Knox. 8-Varsity-jV-Lori Henrie, Marilyn Horn, Sue Habeckie, Erin Houstan, Laurie johnson, Denise Dickenson, Stacey Parker, jeanne Wolfe, Katrin Hecht, Laurie Dunger, Nancy McCafferty, Iulie Bernatz, Laurie Cook, Pam Knox, Gayle Penewell, Lynne Williams, Zenda Leade, Dana Kenworthy, Sherri Ciaddis, Rita Castorina. A BIKE-A-THON to raise money for the batting f machine already purchased was the first order of in the softball team. The machine, which was about V 12,9 -Y L-sf1ff1gs.f,,.,,.,.,wem-.eayyfew-2ew1f112:f1ez1Q:Q:.,, .V,,VY,VVV .Egg -- - HERE THEY are-Harbor's Girls' Athletic Associa- tion members-the GAA girls. These girls are the ones that compete in the Beach Cities League and IIF action, representing Newport. SSES lA THE ATHLETIC program at Harbor boasts nine CIF sanctioned sports. Depending upon how the teams finished in each sport, points toward the league All-Sports were awarded. THE GOVERNING body of GAA is the Cabi- net. The Cabinet officers are advised by the GAA Advisor lane Caldwell. The Cabinet's main goal is to keep everything running well. K 1-SENIOR GAA-Front Row: Marcie Kirschenbaum, Stacey Kirkpat- rick, Sally Stege, Sandy Tupman, Nancy Olson, Marji Friday, Gayle Penewell, Barb Benish, joy-Lynn Pike, Pam Knox. Back Row: Casey Cahill, Tami Smith, Terri Miller, Becky Daniel, Lynne Williams, Karen Tripp, Brenda Finnagen, Mindy Hoose. Not Shown: Kathy Caricof, Donna Celeberti, Lori Schoettler, Barbie Skinner, Debbie Wright. 2-IUNIOR GAA-Front Row: Sue Styll, Tina Cherry, Eileen Harington, Diane Kenney, Raun Thorp, Camille Conlin, Toni Wagner, Celeste lardine, Lisa Myers, Laura Shelton, Dana Lyons. Row 2: Ann Ishihara, Rene Power, Iulie Bernatz, Poppy Davis, Sherri Gaddis, Tina Kotob, Liz Kendrick, Lynn Ballard, Kathy Alderfer, Zenda Leake, Liz Mais, Briget Lehman, Ann Phillips, Tina Layman. Row 3: Nancy Merrell, Ann Hanley, Trish O'ReilIy, Gigi Gorman, Carol Jamieson, Jennifer Hinshaw, Molly Ashe, Hillary MacDonald, Dana Kenworthy, Krystie McFarland, Gwen Antti. Back Row: jane Weddington, Christy Kirk- patrick, Laurie Shulda, Robin Brodus, Kathy DeRuff, Evaly Kearl, Ioni Hutchinson, Kay Irvine. Not Shown: Debbiy Gilchrist. 3-1975- 76 GAA CABINET-Front Row: Pam Knox -Treasurer, Lynne Williams- CIF Team Representitive, Gayle Penewell-President, jennifer Hin- shaw-Recording Secretary. Back Row: Nancy Olson-Corresponding Secretary, Hillary MacDonald-Publicity Chairman. Not Shown: Barb Benish-Vice President. T17-:ma-1-rg MT-v ,-re ,W 5, W - Y Af- . I A l"' if ,t A ...J ,..-1-r-V ..-,---i -:vim s:2uz,.,.mL-Qsvrzf --Lag: wwf- 1--1-:,ff:,r1,-,:, -. 1-11: 4 4-FRESHMAN GAA-Front Row: Maria Myers, Lynn Rebal, Beverly Minter, jackie Loelle, Sally Escher, Rene Pellegrino, Michelle Granger, jennifer Howe, Laurie Thompson, Laurie Parker, Heather Richards, Kelly Bleiker, Susan Martyn. Row 2: Alyre Dabney, Suzanne Spangler, Lisa Moran, Terry Andrew, Claudia Kerr, Donita Smith, Christina Gonzalez, Cathy Swick, Lisa Grundy, Sue Bellas, Amv Hinshaw, Molly Ward Flizabeth Wzmnn. Erin Houstan, Lois Marsnall, Nancy McCaffertv. LIS3 Beazley, Ann Yardley,Karen Asahino, Karen Parsons. Back mow: Christy Miller, Charlotte Hogan, Stacy Hennesy, Gayle Hill, Sue Haeberker, Marilyn Horn, Barb Duey, Kathy Thompson, Marianne Leonis, Elizabeth Denny, jeanne Wolfe, Kellee Kirk- patrick, Laurie Wright, Stacy Parker, Lori johnson, Lori Hendrie, Dee Dee Davies. 5-SOPHOMORE GAA-Front Row: joyce jones, April Dennis, Sue Skinner, Katrin Hecht, Laurie Dunger, Lynn Thomas. Row 2: Christy jones, Margaret Deneher janet Littleton, Melinda Myers, Marianne Marks, Diane Smith, Barbara Louden, Lisa Pedigo. Row 3: Michelle Clark, Lisa Bostwick, juIi,Frum, Terri Gilpin, Kim rox, Karen Shoffner, Sally Butler. Cindv Garher, Diane Hoskin, Cindy Hersh, Beverly Garcia, Stacy Wooden, Karen Olson. Row 4: Karen Nielsen, Ann Cox, Debbie Dunn, Kristen Berg, Kathy Kend- rick, Suzanne Oelke, Barb Killian, Kathy Koll. Back Row: Lea Ward, jenni- fer Shoemaker, Rita Castorena, Nancy Herman, ilayne Draganza, janet jacobi, Candy Montgomery, Cindy Fost, Vicki Leeper, Taja Gray, Sara Schilt, Debbie Beatty, Rose Greyshock. '4 ru., X f, A-.,.Mm -fffffm-1 1 ,:vvm::g,v.1,1.z:v any -ae,,.:g1:xa-V-X 171 K' , zfiezas. -,, W -A, " ,Asmvw':4::yf' . .,.,..,,Y.., ,. . ,, . 2, ,',. ,.- .11 1,1 . Y ,. wp 2. iii: A Y :a.. N 1: Students. The people to whom, for whom, and by whom the Galleon is written. Students who laugh at parties and cry at finals, students who prefer surf tosyllables, the beach to biology, and Sheriff john to all-school as- semblies. Students. More than names, more than num- bers, more than pictures. They are your friends. Re- member? .. my L... 275' ggyt SAL L' fqrvlf 1: 'K :M -f Y! , . . ' 'ii Hi5f'f'r-1, ive' '. 'S wwf- em i- --nk -L.: G A -,:..sM f ,myv w l -'..--..R- fx , , V ,,,J.A,5, 5 11, glff . . , .,f- . , ' ' . 53722 'f LGTTA HOGLUND - "I think Newport Beach is a beautiful place to live with the ocean and all the sailboats. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables here! There are so many va- rieties and large quantities. For me, it was something new to have clubs, bands, varsity teams and other things that are attached to school. The school I come from at home is strictly academic. l'm VERY, VERY glad I had the opportunity to come." Qu GABRIELE AHNERT - "What language do you speak in Germany?" "Do all Germans eat apple cores?" "How many bottles of beer do you con- sume daily?" Those are some of Harbor students' first questions about Germany and me! As time went on, and I became more familiar with Harbor, and Harbor with me, the questions became less sen- sational. Coming from a strict academic school system, I really appreciated your classes. In short, I have had a marvel- ous time." FQIRIEICEINI What did Newport Harbor have in common with Finland, Sweden, and West Germany? Sappe, Lotta, and Gabi, that's what. Under the auspices of Youth for Understanding Teenage program Sari ISappeJ Penttila had come from Finland to live the school year with senior Susie Cline's family. Spending the year under the American Field Service program are Lotta Hog- lund from Sweden staying with senior Kathi lager's family and Gabrielle IGabil Ahnert from West Germany staying with sen- ior Iulianne Howe's family. ,,- far 1 ,,,i with weird sunglasses and a lot I 3355, - ., A, 4. I .,,t aww., here." H I' 'fye sAPPE PENTTILA when I was a little kid, my impression of America was fat lazy people of money and cars Of course I decided never to come here I if But my thoughts changed over the years, even so much that I wanted to come here as a for eign exchange student for a year. Since I've come I ve really learned a lot 1000!0 of the people are nice and the food here is fattening' When I go back to Finland I m going to tell all my friends to come Hedy Hendrickson ,,. ' f' fa, 'T ' . ', ' if 1+ 'g , - , A I ,5.,,w.,,' L V T ,A ,zzz .,5,1.1 1 - N. F, - A M . 1 t ,jf H ,P ,, I ,Wg r ft '- ' fry xl iff 1, ' f, fa :WW ' 1 ' Q 0, ., , W . - .5 V ,f , I ' A , V 'L .4 I I' i ' l JIM ' fy . ws, 4, . .f ,aww M , QL., Most scHoLARas,,ffrfI Paula Rosenef fz 1 'I U .42 zR"ae'f'f'21ff"' 9116 Deverwhf, I, W . 4 " 5' FH, -' ,' if 'qv LrndafButterworXlZ,ggZ5if2Q?j5g33igfZ? Steve Morihiroi-gf Steve Babb John Dobrott Best Lookiuo gf s Suzanne Aubert 1 Brynn Dubrow ' Nova Ball "'f 1 Ted McGinley Frank Anderson I Tyron Blair . 5 . , . Doug Kanaan joe McCartl'jy. BEST PERSONALITY Barb Benish A 'Q Z V ff Stacey Kirkpatrick " Lucy deMosckonyi Steve Marosi Brian Whitford jim Helfrich BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Terry Miller julle Shoemaker Kay Anderson Caroline Greyshock Mindy Hoose Duncan Strauss Steve Marosi Brian Whitford Mosr rfxuanreof Chris Sippl V. VNova'BaIl 'Sue Deverich 5 jim Helfrich Richard Rodriguez Brian Whitford MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Deverich Chris Sippl Nova Ball Gordon Adams Steve Morihiro Brian Whitford BEST GOSSIP Ann Moon Tami Smith Mindy Hoose Mike Pantuso Tom Unvert Bob Hanke xv 'W ,: BIGGEST EGO 81 BIGGEST FLIRT joni Tucker julie Comstock Amy Allen Rich Harrison Steve Foley Mike Pantuso if AW Q15 'I assi? Alt 'lxgdwuiof Q f! BarbBenish f 4 ,I V' -' ,, Stacey Kirkpfgglfi? Ellyn Beamish Gordon Brian Whitiord " Kevin Wilks? . Frank Andefgson BEST EYES jan Bodinus Suzi Cline' ' Karen Trigg, , joe McCarthy fy fied McGinley lgance Davis! 1 jlay Gerondale " Best 'smite ' iiri ' Ellyn Beamish I Barb Benish Suzi Cline Mitch Gray , Ted McGinley Tad Gail 4 1 MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Sue Deverich june Gorman Marci Kirschenbaum Brynn Dubrow Matt Schall Bunker Hill J Dan Strajna MOST GULIQABLE ' Dodi Gilchrist Hedy Hendricksgtjij Marei1fKirsChenba44rn Kevin1Wilks . I Steve Bruno ' Dan Christy ' H Mike Pantuso MOST ATHLETIC Lynn Williams Becky Daniels Pam Know Gail Penewell Steve Foley Frank Anderson joe Distanislao BEST DANCER ' Ellyn Beamish Sally Pfeifer Liz MacDonald Sue Deverich Kathy Troughton Keith Robinson Tony Nungary Doug Weber FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT Marie Calender's "At the Y" Coco's Mosr sP1RiTE,r1'Z?7iEf5ii StaceyKirkpatriclcfiVI .7 Kay Sheppard Barb Benish Lily Kumamoto julie Shoemaker Bill Buchanan Brian Whitford LIFE OF THE PARTY Peri McCIeary Ellyn Beamish Sally Pfeiffer Bunker Hill Mr. Don Ulander Steve Marosi ' FRIENDLIEST Barb Benish julie Oberg Nancy Olson Kevin Wilks Steve Bruno MOST INNOCENT Sappe Pentilla Katie Mulroy Stacey Foreman George Newland joe McCarthy Chuck Bullington jim Huber ' HARDEST BREATHER julie Comstock Ann Moon Elizabeth Stekol Darci Moody ' Steve Foley Mike Pantuso Dave Kent Keith Robinson MOST OBNOXIOUS ' Peri McCIeary Ann Moon Amy Menkes Rich Harrison Matt Schall jim Reordan Drew Lawler MOST LIKELY TO BE FOUND IN YOUR DREAMS julie Comstock Kathy Troughton Erin Mack ' Tyron Blair Brian Whitford Ted McGinley Kevin Lindsay Doug Kanaan FAVORITE GROUP Chicago Loggins 81 Messina Elton john V Eagles MOST SINCERE Hedy Hendrickson Brynn Dubrow Liz MacDonald julie Oberg Nancy Olson lan Bodinus Kevin Wilks Kyle Williams Scott Benson Steve Bruno Chuck Bullington Brian Whitford BEST LEGS Suzanne Aubert Amy Allen Liz MacDonald Nancy Olson Frank Anderson Kim Cooke Brian Whitford BEST BUZZ ' Peri McCleary Wendy Pothoff Lily Kumamoto Erin Mack Bunker Hill Paul DeLancilotti Henry Durkee Duncan Strauss SENIOR WHO IS NEVER THERE Gina Sammis Heidi Krasel Maureen O'Hora Paul Delancelotti lim Marino Steve Marosi FAVORITE B UZZ Dacqueries Tequila Sunrises Michelob Margueritas FAVORITE SONG "Your Song" "Stairway to Heave "Feelings" Fl "Breaking up is Hard to Do TEACHERS TO BE Miss Fogt Mrs. Cunningham Mr. Glennon Mr. Ulander Mr. Giroux Mr. Adams REMEMBERED A af,,12n,Q ,Q vuv-. ff- a- ,.i 5. W ""' ' A W" , ,,-.f ., , 1, -n' - 1 . , ..V, 3 'ms--1 - 1, .4 I :za '71 lx Ili. ,-1 1 ix an 4: 1 5 5 3' f,.- .314-3 I tlijux 3' ,- T A.,T?'Aq5n'1'qS . fav 7 A -, 'rf 4 1: AVR tb, A fu ,Abd 'Xxx as A if 'P Us wap .ff I 178 Qazfm - V- V - - 1 A.x'JiA1' Ci' -'I 1 LF: 11 if 5 f: ' ,443 ' f '4 lvl' EJ 4 A'-11.3 -2,1--2,24 ,hvkg K .4 L- 34 ri' E vu 3 Y gl., 5 uh . 5' 4 - 1-QPLNK7 kk K I ic: ' A A-'1 Q- ' 75? ' if' 91:1 1 5' . 1 I -Egfr? .A f 21 N me Q I' I ,:,'t 5 ll W ' - Sw sz, vm'-f1'Qi29 f 2 v 4 A, ,far ff, I X Y: 1- hwy: 1! ML.: X f L.. -- 1 ' - 1 . ' ' ' W K gif -.:, vw! 1 1 - - -. ' f- es Q - 1 ,5 lr' Y 14 1' I S - ww :-. 1 x , ,ya Q : xlf if 5 ff, f 1.:Q' K. A. in ,l 4 Ei fi 'iff xx' 1 T' 2 ". Q 17 F71 f f., fi if T Q41 i 1 1 ' ' V . I-f V A!'b ,: ,5 . ,l, , . 4 11.1, ,1 P xx N Fu-Ev 3 f?Q'i Q A Vvrf i Xhk5 Y .fr lx 'H 9 add' 5 .rl F54 i as K ! ..l 91 L.-, -L ,k" ' SEPTEMBER 28, 1972-Sometime during this year, you'll ask yourself, "How come I'm not out earning big bucks?" Then you'll say to yourself, "because I don't know how to do anything!" C.R.O.P., the Coastline Regional Occupation Program, is here to help you. Nurse's aide, lab aide, radiology aide and clerical aide are just a few specific courses offered. Being only one year old, C.R.O.P. has already placed over 60 percent of its students in profitable employment, This year, there are '481 training slots available. One of the seven programs is briefly explained. The Allied Health Program has been designed to prepare individuals for jobs in the health industry. I 1 I 1 we MARK ADAIR Skiing, sailing, The beach, San Diego State GORDON H. ADAMS Skiing, Aspen GABRIELE C. AHNERT Einstein, Watching people, Paris, Raggedy Ann, Dum Spiro Spero . V E, ,f j, ' ,Ar f I m y , J dl - 6 p. ,-5 i l 'l . . V Q 4, f '. f f K l 1 ,V I ' air' . If 'f ': , 11355K 1. ' ' v 1, 4 1 ' K 'T if Af . fi ,I . ff' H, , , ,'. 3,3 ' ,2 ,f , . I W , y. , 1 'fins y iff -I uf. ' gl" 'iz I 1 ' we ., S - A A V l gl , , Af. iv H3 gr l ' PAM RAE AKIN AMY ALLEN LINDA ALLEN Eating, skiing skate-boardin Case n Ame Mr McGinnis 1 E - - 1 - r with my friends, Parties, parties, Good bye, yesterday, I held you etc., To like people and make them laugh, Insane! Two Points! "Fonz", Surfing, skiing, l Colorado River, Dad, ALRIGHT!! 5 ...Q , .mas lr . ff ff If KZ fs 152 if -1 PETER ALLISON ANITA ALOMAR ANDY ALVAREZ RICO P. AMBRIZ CONNI LEE ANDERSON EDITH MARIE ANDERSON Traveling in Mexico, Baja, Watching people, Mountains, Surlin', California, lam, My Mr. Wentz, OCC, Good luck Mi Madfegy MMC and Randy, Skiing, Wolf Creek Pass, Change the water beach, Goto work, Beware Parents and good bye to my turkey To create, "Moment to moment College, My Mother friends each oiustryto catch the cloud that holds back the sky." I .. x J , fl? as W , A - ' Q as in 5 ' f fx - Y 'i , -' A 2 ' ' , , 5 ' R, . FRANK R. ANDERSON GARY DUANE ANDERSON KATHERINE ANDERSON BEVERLY ANDREWS DANA S, ARMBRUST MIKE ARRIGO Messing around, Bill B, and Surfing, Colorado River, Surf Dad, Backpacking on a mountain Singing, SRH, It takes both rain jeff Fogleman, Getting into Sailing, making music, On the Fabian G. Trex, Have lun, CROP top, Boy, this could be intense! and sunshine to make a rainbow. trouble in lreelall, Bill Stage, water, Lawyer, Catch the joy in Nursing, Mrs, Graham, Sport Drugs! living, Elvslrom x ful 5 .SKY .nfl .sv 1 ,pt A A rf if 1 L, id i t f ' M- -, ' 4 tai X .1 if - ,r .1 A r vi ' .fl I ' , 1 f-S' ff' , L.. 5 am. I . as F u f X 5' '- s 1 s , 4. f lx . t lf 'X it S W i v s .fs 1 . - L- xii , I I x X li X ' it t , 9 A xref' ' 'rf KAREN S. ASHBY IIM IOSEPH ASHEN KIRK LAWRENCE ATTEBERY SUZANNE AUBERT STEPHEN DEREK BABB PHYLLIS ANNE BADHAM Virginia, Parties, The beach, Oceanside, Mountains, Rex Staten, My Dad, Race Pro, Mombo and Daddy, jelly beans My Parents, Sailing, Home, My Tedp Get out of school! My Musician, Be happy, Better The chicks, Rodger DeCostef, Hi at Mama Leones, Smile, the Parents, College sophomore year, Why me Lord? late than never Ted world looks better that way l 3- ' 'im , 2' - ' 5, I " 1 S, ,. 1 H, f Z, gyx I M P. My. 4 1 -. . Q . ' rw U . ,Q - ., gf f ' Y , '. ,M - il' fe ' 415, ' 1 A ' f' 1 Q4-3, , , 4 ' " 0 5:3 A ' ,t f -' 'f , 1 i,'f' . I' I BRETT LEIGHTON BAILEY STEPHANIE SUE BAKER CYNTHIA CAROL BAKER NOVA BALL SHARON KATHLEEN BALLARD IEFFREY EDWARD-BALOGH Michel Wittmann, World War ll, My Parents, March 8, Yea Kim. . Riding horses, Beach, My Family, Actress, Tom Bradac Parents, Grandmother, Sunning, At Home, Errol Flynn, Success, to be rich, PE with Coach Wilson, My Honor is Loyalty First you have to please yourself. Because the first never was, and the last never will... Parents, To be a nurse tennis, bike riding, Beach, Mike Jewell, To be a good person, lts trick V LISA BARKDULL The way to have friends is to be one PAUL BARRETT DEBBIE BARTON Grandpa, Fred Astair, Travel everywhere , 6 .54 it 1 ANNE MARIE BAUGHER LEE BAYLIS Get away and find a treehouse, Greg Dawson, Cruzin', Park Attain as much as possible City, Mike Piccard, Going to through experiences to go on Denver, To be happy, Win some, to the next world, OOWOO! lose a Iotp SD ELLYN BETH BEAMISH Ma and Pa, Waterskiing, Lake Arrowhead, Sugar Bear and Whimpschlrull, Hit it tree! OCT. 19, 1972-Approximately 120 students are taking a class new at Harbor this year, photography. Mr. Donald Vanderland is teaching all five classes in this addition to Harbor's curriculum. The course will cover such things as the history of pho- tography, composition, developing, mounting, enlarging, printing, and special effects. The class is open to all classes except freshmen. Although the class is new the idea is not. Five years ago the idea was brought up but it was put off. The idea was brought up again in 1970 and facilities for the class were provided in East Hall, which was then being planned. ,fu- 'sg-fhaf-rf.:-, - 1 ' 1 , If ROBERT CRAIG BEACHAMP Dad, Motorcycles, Yankee, Travel, Success SUSAN IAMIE BEACHAMP My Fathe r, Sailing, Outdoors, Scott, Vacation, Being happy, 1 . I . sf I , V I I I ff 2 -4 4-lil , I - ' . t . 1. M f,,, , , " 'X X.-t. x . J' KARLYN LEE B ELLAS Mom, Dad, and a very special friend at NH Northern California, BOB KENNETH BEMUS i RIC CHARLES BENDER Father, Country, Winter, School, Happiness, Newport Plan BARBARA BENISH When you wish upon a Slat makes no difference who you are. .. Growing up Mr. Wright,Mylunior year-specially the people I met, MyTeddy Bear TM ' Y . af.. Eg. A i 5 1 , . SCOTT EVAN BENSON In the Redwood Forest, Carol Tatro, Accomplish something important, Worlds in the Ma king, The e nvironmenl, "The way todo isto be" WENDV BENTS IEANNE BERNARDY RICHARD CHARLES Parents, Sailboat racing, On the Daddy, Beach, To go around the water, Friends, UC Berkeley, "go world, "Tequilla Sunrise" for it" - 2 f . 'llll l e Z 'QA u ' 1-f' W ,iw , 5 X f, if I BIANCHINI CINDY BINTLIFF TYRONE BLAIR Fussball OCT. 19, 1972- A total of 2810 students are attending Har- bor this year. This is 15 per cent bigger than last year and the largest student body ever. Because of 10 more faculty members, last year's record staff of 123 teachers was surpassed. The year of 1957-1958 came the closest to matching this year's record with approximately 2,500 students. I ' 2331 N 1 N ,Tl at g y . . if' qt-get by aaaa V A -rg? .. fllfi' ' .ii ' Y'-2 1 Srrizhftf' . 51 fi! 512 , x , ' V r r .. E -sz., ,W i , fig if 95? swag! 1, -,-QW J, '13 , -i , I Y f ,r 2 la A af A. '51 , 3 1 , . '1 J Q31 - -4,,. , ,rs '-2 I Tr 'A'- ! ., 5 T. ' ,V -.Y .,. I-H1 . Mq, I 9 my 55 fu' Lx ll 1, in r -.QA 'f I, M-QQ, f -Vi: .'. Y - , sl. is 5 Mig ' TL' FQ' I ff I . .. .S s, at -- -, V . , Mg, I I I 182 ' Q , be-mf-rw . 1. r f I .L-.:ie'fe?:r: 1 W fT?"2." ...J f- 2. ... .,.s--.J-' -V fa --' F - ev. '- 1 f -J..-wee.. a fairies? suse- .-w.hee:,.1,?i-g- .. av in STEVE VINCENT BLANE ROBERTA LEE BLOWERS Hiking in the mountains, Kevin, Speak to the Earth, and Tom, Travel around, To be a musician, Theresa, Takea walk on the wild side it shall teach thee STACEY JOYCE BODENHOEFER Being with my friends, My Mom, College, To see some pigeon, feathers of my own, It's iuslgone too fast. .. IANICE SUSAN BODINUS Morris Adams, Maui, School, RENEE D'LVN BORDIER Mother, housewife, The Professional Dancer, "You've day Danielle Bukich was born got to be kidding" ti I ..-x pg, as 4 l , yz , ' 3 TOM MICHEAL BO URGOIS Pool, Beach, Vickie Dendeger, Financially set, Graduation, Ol Bourgois -sw Q :xl S L. DIANNA LYNN BOWMAN On the beach, Biola College, To do the will of God, Enoch, . . I LORI ANN BOWMAN ll - The sunshine of your smile, Amahl and the Night Visitors, LYNNE ELLEN BOWMAN Ml - Too shy to say To my buddies - That's the way-u h- CONSTANCE ANN BRADFORD My family, The Arts, With SRF, College, To become an R.N., OCT. 19, 1972- Are you bored with the annual Homecoming I Festivities that occur every year? Well, the year of the un- exciting Homecoming is defi- nitely gone forever as will be proven to all students and alum- ni tomorrow night. The highlight of the evening will be the entrance of the 1971 Christ, Ht Doll. Hawaii '75 - Mele Kakou huh-uh-huhl like it. Beginnings Sailor Band,"Give me a break" k ki - 'TXK by F e.. 1. V Q J , ' . , F 1, "Q W? . - ,- -J' 1. Q , 1' V , , .' z V I 1 Q .1 ' 3 - .' 1 l, V ' H Y A Q .Q .. fn . ,K , cj 1 t 4- , ' xr , X -X f 5.4! 'R , 1 A ff - gl "'-i if P7 1 9 C " ' 37 .' - 'Iwi ' 1 5' , - Queen, Michele Venclik, who IOHN DAVID BRADSTREET Doing di flerential calculus, Either2 miles up or 60 feet down, Barnett, AP E nglish, Albert Einstein, The Noser Theorm PETER DAVID BRADSTREET KAREN LYNN BRAINERD ERIN BRENNAN will be arriving by way of a hot- air balloon. GHERI LYNN BRIERY Skiing, Beach, Skeeter, To take My Mother, In thewater, R. Dana Courtney England, College, Electronics, lt's the H and the O that makes water good A faith .- f 4' -L '-L .Q -gk , - - - fs,-of ie. . r ' I H ' ' ' if ff fe I 1. t - , ., A . 4 :- ' V 1. U -, if' ' ' , R rg! ff. . 2. . ' 3' 4 -V 4. 4 'L i f at . 1 Nd , '70 Q - X . EE 41 " :,i.?5' I I. 'rr .. DON WARREN BRISBIN Water skiing, Mom, That's IDU things as they come, The people, bad Sorry - 55,jT Rips! I. SCOT BROADUS Bob Wentz, Bird watching, In my room,l.'Fabe'Giroux, See as much ofthe world as possible, Pass that rocket RON BROOK CARRIE ELIZABETH BROWN IUDY BROXON Being with Ma rk Greeson, Anywhere with my chums, College, To be a social worker, "lt's only the giving that makes you what you are." -lethro Tull - STEVEN VINCENT BRUNO WILLIAM BUCHANAN CHUCK BULLINGTON SHARON BUNNELL My Dad, College, School's Dad, Outdoors, Um. . .Let's Alone sometimes, no matter loni Mitchell athletic reputation see how many people l'm with, My Pa rents, lriend s, and coaches, To be better than my own expectations KATHLEEN BURBA NK Robin G raha m, Skiing, The mountains, My Mom and Dad, Pea ce Corps, Be happy, BAA g."'-a- ew yjgegsf- Y STEVEN MITCHELL BURKE Earl Burke, Music, On state, Parents, Professional musician, Friends -I I , 'E ' SEPT. 6, 1972-Who cares what our campus looks like? The Newport Harbor Horticultural Botany class does, and they are doing something about it! w it ,t T ' vQQR fm'lgg' Xjlii , ll,-ix b I' ln 'Simi 'T f 9' ' t. +L 4. , -we -.f '- . Q f- -. s. es'-4 t fz ffai-'rift i. A ' , ,ft-1.-ttf -' ri. f'is,g, , wi .Al tt, me W -Mig? ,, tg , :H ' fs- it W-if .sts ' asf 'elf' t at ,Uh 4335 J' K ' " , ,P -. l'.1xV' e " ,T :'?in 2 . Q"ii",:f'z ,fglffk-1 tp ixhx-"P-":r.FiZ-b "'g"""sglI ,A , '--.'i-,yf,'ii1' 3'0-rqnpv V .J . ,if'g,f-iff ': -f 1' if-,f" Ag "IQ "'11?f 'ah 3-I Q, v.?L,1i' ,I ,JJ A' iv ,W ,-:gt Y-.r,,,g V1 "P t '42 : , 1 5,'.',i4a !""'f'1,'fq,. .. .if .- fr? - .aw--9: .f ri'-ff gn' , v- ...W , '11, .5 ', .g J .1,Q.A- Y g qu 1212 " jg" 4 . ri fy 49-QI" -1 a ' ,4 -'Fei' aw , "ff" 3' Qi-tif? w A ...Mina-ff' mf :Uv , 'f- i . 9-'t,'..---if :jf'ny.l':.I W, n ?Q,zL,,i?1.+ , ,, ,ew V, ,I -ig,-ti. gr, - nf .jfg 11.- .- lf' 529--7 ,EEG f Y 5112 , ,ffj ' Q . ,l X pig A-,,,':x:'x.g,i37,l,. .i .-5 r " 5, ,-' I . -2-i ,Q 'A Y- ': 'felt 5, , . . , ,. ,.,, - A "-Q4 V ' w a- , 'y if gi- 'ii QM . . i ' '-ff, - , - - - ', f 1 Ut. ' -"- t .Fg5,Lv.C :V , vfffvl'-1' . 'as ' ' if f IT:-,Q ' we '--Elf -i vw we.. , ., I dayrg-ge. W ' frktwn i A , t .4 ' 2 7 1 1-W' 4 A 1 ,tnigqg , mga fs' ' -"' 'J - f ro- 41151. Us . yrij' FEL-YTQIMNM' a .1 i ' i ,.-J - , 1-. ".,.. sf if 9, . ,, ,-' , it t it ,, 245' 4 ' f .,f a.'.2i1efG w ifi? .- .- . 'wid-.f-+7416 t ' -win tr- Being offered for the first time at Harbor, the class meets four periods during the day. Each class has roughly 25 students who are taught and supervised by either Mr. Dwight Roberts 184 or Mr. Morri Adams of the Sci- ence Department. l The purpose of the class is to help stimulate student involve- ment with the school surround- ings, while earning class credits at the same time. The horti- culture class has nothing to do with the ENC. uk 1' ," t ' 7 X f T iff ,x fi IOHN BURNS My Parents, Sailing, backpacking KATHY S. BURNS Listening to music, In the wilderness, My friends, College, To be happy V JP IOSEPH W. BUSH Mom, Dos Equis with Derek 2' it LINDA KAY BUTTERWORTH Mother and Grandma, loe RobinsonfSuperl As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference ol darkness around it. HOLLY ANN BYERS My family and friends, My brother, Mike CASEY CAHILL Case and Ame, R and C, How little we deserve! How much we are given! BRENT EDWARD CALDWELL Having fun, College, To be rich, Ford-last on a race day DAVID IOHN CALLAGHAN Mom, Surfing, Mountains, Pop, Surfing down East Coast, To have a good life, Some "Punkin Head" f 1. fl V 'W W Y re RONALD NEAL CAMARATA Beer, Mountains, Canada, Hike lohn Muir Trail, junior College, Travel world ANDREW NELSON CAMlEN Mr. Spock, Formulating ideas, Home, Einstein, Knowledge, NHHS Sailor Band, Amazing MATT CAMPBELL Living in my own casual cannible world, Woodshop teacher, Bon Voyage 4-. T -fp. 'B PETER CAMPBELL LYNN CARHART KATHI IVI CARICOF CAROLYN S. CARPENTER KERRY CARPENTER lOHN EDWIN CARRUTH DOUG CARSON f S . .fi S , if s t fi 1 f be at f , fy, :Z 'r ' ,. V f I f'f' 1- 1 , Q f ' ,A , - ak 4.-JU is . 1 I l , fra-' V fi if " . I 4 x -'I i ' ' - " ' n 1 Q g , 'A f., , V 'et I 1, I , ,Av , ,. fo V. A Q in V A , .arg 1? .-1. .' Sl lk 9 ' -lub, f 5' , V ' . ' 1, O 3 -'-', f' . f . 'ilfi 14 5 Long walks on a moonlit beach, You lose 'em De Buck My best friend, Mother, Coach, Arts, sports, Best friend, family, To be the best I can be at what Ido. Sports, people Fred Peterson, Working with people, With nature, Mrs. Robertson, Enthusiasm ol the staff, Grant Stenger Top of the world, Blue Line Parents, Summer ol '73, Milton Shedd, Grandfather, Bermuda, Canada, Steve, Senior Kate year, Linda, Hey, what's going on?! 1 DARCIE LIN CATAPANO IAMES YOUNG CATHCART Uncle Bim, Skiing, The ocean, Work on my car, Brother, My family, To be h8PPYf College, Grandfather, You're Meeting new people, "Yepper" kidding ,A DONNA ANN CELIBERTI My parents, Newport Beach, College, Live a happy life, KC, ROBERT B. CHAPMAN Smokey the Bear, Backpacking in the Sierras, RLF, College, Forest ry, Preserving wi lderness, Yosemite Institute MARK CHASE GERALD D. CHATONEY The Lord lesus Motocross, Newport Beach, Travel, To be rich, PE, Neat Malcome ,TF , xggaaff ' V DC, BB, CB fd.. .fl ' 1' f ' Q f If y ., 9' ,,, I 1 NANCY CAROLYN CHOINIERE DAN CHRISTY My Parents, Coach Ford, To strive to be the best at what I'm Werner Erehart, Skiing, Mountains, Yosemite, To be happy, Mrs. Carney, she's great! doing, Meeting Karen Father KIMBERLY ANN CLARK Mom and Dad, Being with CS and Yogi MARYLYNN CLARK Dick Morley S "1 75 .Lf2U.! , , t . WM . if Q! " f""'f' f ' Q . if , -, f T KELLIE ANN CLEARY lames Dean, OBH with Carol CF, CS, To have people accept and Bob the way I am, Oh no! What am ALANNA LOUISE CLARY Craig Smith, Outta lunch, IB, SUSIE CLINE Dad, Taking lr. English Q3 GERALD COALTE To be an airline pilot, Losing one only leaves room for another. I gonna do? I , 5' 'E ,. -. - f , . av' fp ,ar , w Q' 'lag Q 1' ""s f 4. if V. . l ,Aw V , V' oaniri DEAN COLLINS luuz PATRICE COMSTOCK LARRY c. cons: cousin MELINDA CONNELL Aum mechanic, A.15lud Service PM, Partying, Pacific Ocean, My Mother, Skiing, At the l Have fun, Newport Plan, Nothing beach, My family, College, Travel around the world '54 ,f 51" NOV. 22, 1972- Would you like an opportunity to make some needy famiIy's Christmas a little happier? For the second year in a row, Harbor's student body has a chance to do this. ' Every second period class will be able to adopt a family, and will endeavor to help them by bringing food and toys. Canned foods of all type will be appreci- V , . 1 ,f ,af i V, f t 4- . X " Z" I' ' V 1 -rw' f - - 4- 14" AFR, ,fff f-:W -' f .f?fc2fc-" - ,Mt A ,. ,E I V,,, f y W, ,,,,,.., a, 4 ' , fw- W44 , 1 . . aa fa., ,M .. ated so that the family can have an enjoyable Christmas week. The Salvation Army will pick up the gifts at Newport Harbor and deliver them to the families on Christmas Eve. -. .,.:2,w'.: V Y 5 href - firf f , .ss M - DANIEL PATRICK CONNELLY KIM COOKE IUDY COOMBS MALCOLM COOMBS ELIS COPELAND BILL THOMAS CORNELL My Grandparents, Church, My My Grandfathers, Swimming, Working, The woods Sewing, Hawaii, Living OH 2 IJUQI Outdoors, The East, Mom, Parents, To be like my Father, In the water, AP, Great thoughts making jewelry, Sail around the College, Engineer, The vending machines, jesus, come from the heart world, Can't win 'em all? Oceanographer, The people, BUNYA TURKEYBIRD Toeach his own - IOHN GRAFTON CORZINE lohn Shedd, Summit Expedition, Sierra Nevada, jerry Damato, To be happy, Summer Field Studies, Mother Nature LAURI COTTEN "Feasting!", Skinny Haven BARBARA BRITTELL COWLES My Parents, Playing with friends, Marty, Teaching my goldfish to swim, Ski Club and friends H., fringe V, ff' 5, SHELLEY LYNN CRAGHILL Rob Bender, Collecting shells, needlepoint, Parents, Successful Animal Trainer, Oh Whoops! STEVE MICHALE CRANE Mountains, Skiing or surfing, College, To be happy CEE PW CRAWFORD Riding high in the mountains, Don Bacardi, That bowl isn't dust yet i A , I f , 'f Nov. 22, 1972-with the ex- gi AY , , , ,W ,Q 1 7-f V V, ception of one issue, Harbor's ' '- 2 ' fa' 4 - ' 5 I 1 A 11' , f mock election, held a few days i if V I , , , X f 1 before the actual voting day, 1' Q -'K QQ, G", V 'i f, ifyyyfy ' ,J was a good indicator of the I 17, 5' national and statewide returns. " ei I 2 5 'Y 5' T244 Wifi ' , 3 " H25 " . , I , ff , 4 ,t if 1 ' mf, fa " , l "2 Mn, . , W Results on all of the propositions ' V, f 'ff , M , M y 1 were' the same in the school I' gi ll, . election as in the California G 4.35545 , I , - , ., ,. ...., . , , , State election, except for propo- sition 19, the marijuana initia- tive, yes won. -.N 186 ELLEN CRAYCHEE BB, Mammoth, Brynn Dubrow CONNIE ANN CURTIN Mother, Camping, ln the forest, LESLIE ANN CURTIS My boss, Nookie Nookie, ROBVN DALBEY Interior Decorater, That's the Traveling and College, To enjoy, , way it goes Drama, Dominating male, By. ,, Cracky ,. , 11' , K, , 4 3- 3 I I., ""f-f , 1 , rj in ,rw f m, Q 3 , ff, . fs ,- 'J i as-al K if C ii ' T I , ' " if - ,f A , Z' ' Z, W J' 2 A 1 l V 4 4, 54 i V 1 1 3 X V . ' ff , y . VV , , 1 I DIANA KIM DANE WARREN IAY DANIEL LANCE ALLEN DAVIS GREG STEWART DAWSON Z Travel, To find my goal in life, Surfing, skiing, Flame on RPCP PAM, Tennis, diving, South Bass, Boogin', Ski slopes, ":Ji:E,Qi1'i1i 4 "More of the yellow" Pacific, My Father, Irvine, Pre- Med, Neuro-surgeon, Semi-far out University, Satisfaction, Don'l worry about it PAUL F. de LANCELLOTTI LUCY de MOCSKONVI IEFF DEMOTT My oldest brother, Bob, Inside looking out, Be myself, Good friends and nice looking babes, My Parents, Pass the Bong 11 SUE ELLEN DEVERICH ROBIN RAE DIAL My Mother, Dancing, l. Oberg, L. MacDonald, BYU, Mr. Bradac, There are so many possibilities TIM STEPHEN DIERNFIELD My Dad, Doing nothing, Hawaii, Going to Olympics, To be rich, Sophomore year, Eat it raw DEC. 14, 1972- "An unqualified success" describes this year's Toys 'N Travel campaign, according to Mr. Wayne Horowitz, treasurer for the campaign. A "conservative estimate" of 1300 toys will be purchased at cost by the Social Science Club with money from various fund raising activities, Mr. Horowitz stated. " A total of S270 was taken in at the all-star review at Santa Ana Valley High School, December B, and S160 at the Charlie Chaplin-Laurel and Hardy film shown December 9 in the Harbor Auditorium. Mr. Horowitz said, "the cooperation has been good." - Pvt. . -. , ' . ' . .if " J '. 1' N - nr- - 7 ' -f ,. 7 j J Ib ek . A Q , 1 , ,, L V 4 ' it-... jfj , Q- , -N M nf Q s " . 29222 5- wg' Q lf' 4 ' , ' ,j5 .f ,. 1 , " Q f f X , fv ,Z A- gf 'wwf' ' .C J , KATHLEEN PATRICIA DINGER 105 IOHN ANTHONY DOBROTT TAMORA ALYCE DOBSON WARREN IOHN DOODY GREG DOORE plams, The beach' -fone, Bigjim, Snow, Whit! whif! Herman the Helicopter, Keep limi Hendrix, Volleyball Gaston, Going to UCI, -rmnslale your composure Oaxca, Mexico, Mom and Dad musicto movement on ice, Guess what? , College, Oil - rf., , g . s,, ' 1 'J' , -1' L I' f 'f 4. "n V Wm.. N ,-a RONAI DORIAN MARK DORIUS PENNY KAY DOVEY CAROLE NOEL DRAV LINDA ANN DREXLER BRYNN DUBRQW Traveling Mountains or sea, My Father, In attaining your goals, don't Las Vegas, with people, My ' The tiny grunion run Cal Poly SLO, Architect, "To step on anyone, gently set them Dad, Grandmother, To persue build my castle" aside, for you may meet them an acting and modeling career. again on your way down, My Milwakee Brace, it made me stronger, Are you kidding mei X 'E-'ff I ,A f s if, I s , Ky, 4 , .2 "5 .1-,ff ff, 'W if f -Qiwbiq' .. 41. ' tefiff "' ' f?ff3"fa2?2'?:-2 Q : V . .fF,.3"Yi',ifw1q, 1 .fax FEB. 8, 1973-It has been a year since the Newport Plan, Harbors first alternative education program began. Since that time the program has been labeled both a waste and as a door to other innovative programs. The plan has been described as exciting, dull, different, re- markable, unimpressive, wasteful, both a good'experience and a bad experience, and for some, an easy way out of coping with previously accepted educational methods. ' .. Q s. 'Q I , I ',. A... 4? ,,' Jag . fi e' 1, t . L' 1, 'di f l , KERRV E. DUKE joseph Smith lr., In my room, Go on a mission, Direct my own world, My football years, My family, "It's cool" IULIE DUNGER Vickie Dendinger, On Being Human-Fall '74-'75, The most important thing is this: to be willing to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. HENRY DURKEE Buggs Bunny, Happy-go-lucky kid, Follow the yellow brick road, I was just getting used to yesterday and along came today. Ss. ' 'ff 1 ff, I . 1 1 ff, .a l t F, KAY EADIE IACK IIAYJ F. EARLY Outdoor sports, With someone Timothy Leary, Girls, Colorado special, People who share, River, OCC, Blillville Learn, make more friends, To live, "Far out" SYLVIA ECCLES OoMoTo Raspberries! I, 0 I W BR'Am.Ev EDwARDs lohnathon Winters, Riding porpoise, lammin', Gerry Garcia, lam, Torn cartiledge, It's cool IEFF STEPHEN EICHEN IACQUE EIFLER Burt Reynolds, Motorcycle riding, Camping, My Mother, College, Medical career, Good luck future seniors! BRIAN ALLEN ENGLAND Dad, Music, Beach, College 9' wg if IANET ENGLAR DPA, I can so too! LINDA ENSIGN joe Robinson, Running my dog onthe beach, Lake Tahoe 1 5 .L..... ,2 "' -'ff t' GARY ERTZ SHELLY EYMANN IEFF FARMER CURTIS FARRELL MICHELLE FEDIORCHEK MARTIN FEDUCIA My pa,-ents, Collegerfo be As'pen, Hey Brent! Surfing, Skiing Utah with Ski Mom and Dad, Backpacking, lake Miller, Kenneth M. happy and successful Club, '74 Summer Field Studies, skiing, Architect, Commercial, Ammann is a joke Sunshine and salt water Artist, To do everything atleast once, The people gif if ,L -if My X d ,- GLORIA LEA FEIGE Singing, Water-skiing on Lake Perris, My Parents, To be a dental assistant, Happy are those whose God is the Lord. MIKE AI moz Music, OCC, Salesman .rv -4- xw- A, rv- - .Q ,,. , 4354 s ky f , Q . lifes I X? 425' SALLY IO FIFER BRENDA FINNEGAN Shirley C. Filer, More school, To have no regrets SHELLY FIELDS Ms. Lauran Hutton, Partying, Beach, Mother, Going to college, Marry a millioniare, Little sister DON FELKER Travel, Utah, travel ELIZABETH FISCHER GINA A. FLAHERTY Brothers and sisters, Yosemite, Newport Beach, Laurie, Move- out, My Parents, LGS I i '-, LORETTA MARV FLAHERTY ROGER IOHN FLAHERTY DAVID R. FLETCHER STEPHEN PAUL FOLEV Mr. Newkirk, Beach, Party, My Dad, School, Snow, Friends, Thinking, At home, law school, My Dad, Sports, My brothers, Family, Work and get married, ski, P.E., I want to go skiing To be me, Seeing the managerie College, To be the best To each his own and his ownlo - My twin, Beggers can't be each choosey! STACEY FOREMAN Rich MICHEAL IAMES FORSHAY My Parents Cruising With Beth My angel Keep my wife happy A special day in May I Luv U' March 29, 1973-Mr. Newkirk is the instructor of a class ex- pected to be very popular. "Youth and the Law" will deal ' with the laws that apply to school-age people. A very im- portant unit will be a study of common juvenile offenses. Some of the other topics to be studied are Drug Laws, Rights of Minors, Child Neglect and Abuse, and Police Rights and Responsibilities. Like most electives, students will not be required to do a great deal of homework. A FRAME Getting caught goosing, Ann, Attila the Hun Life is like a padded bra you can get a lot out of it byiusr putting alittle .3 A L", get ' 1, .A aux' X I mi L 'L ig I ,gj5'1j . in J A 4' , - ,if 4- , 'fl Y 2, , 'if 'Q - . 4 ' , , PAMELA DIANNE FRANKLIN Semper Eadem SUSAN MARIE FRANKLIN Hal and Buntz, There are so many dreams I have yet Io find. BERNBECK E. FRANZISKA I My Father, In the mountains, My Mother, Become a doctor, Enjoy it while it lasts, "Got stoned and I missed il!" J 1' OCT 4, 1973-Yes, the rumor is true. Mr. Les Van Dyke left Newport Harbor last Friday, after four years as activities director. Mr. Van Dyke's job included being advisor for the student government, organizer of social functions and assemblies, and helping to arrange school time activities such as bands, candy sales, or pie eating contests. Q MARII FRIDAY IOHN MIKE FULLMER GREGORY ARTHUR FULTS TAD GAIL Free, "Mama C.", Hug the one Smiling, Get rocked Aquatics, Sierras, College, Watching the sun set, "The you love backpacking, design, Live a Wall", Mr. Wentz and Mr. happy life Robinson, See the whole world Hey Babe-Whose a bum? "I wish the students the best If I of I'-'Ck' he Stated- IAY GERONDALE secxv GILBERT GRACE s. oncniusr Catch the Fubar, Dip the wick, My Brother, Sleeping, Travel, Skiing, Mountains, Fly while "Then, send her home!" Totravel, Newport Plan, Ieanne you still have your wings Bernardy - F W: - l l l -"' f 11 I ' -Y ' - . 5 V H3-.if--'Weil ,V ,, X, A V. 4 ' I i , , ' "- 3,5 f+ La- '- ft .jj , , --N 5 -I. , I 1 -M I f 'ef' V- t ff ' 'vt o " ' : M 1 f H,--V I if - A A 5' , QW? , . T ' 3 V V , i .4 1ft a. l S,,1fi7m ' , :Ai , I l , I 2 - 1 - I - I - GAIL ANN QILPIN MICHAEL GIRARD Tennis, Mountains, Parents, College, Dental Hygienst GINI M. GLAS IAMES L. GOLSON Ian Anderson, Sleeping, San Francisco, Mom, To be an Accountant, "Third period sounds beat to me!" MICHELE FRANCES GORMAN Parents, Surfing, Liverpool, Colin Mc Connell, Go round the world, Love and happiness, Yummm! - 1 I I MM I E 2 4 I -1 1 TONY ROBERT GOSS IEFFREY GALE GRANT SCOT MICHAEL GRAVES MITCHELL IAMES CRAY LYNN ELLEN GREENBERG TERRIE LEE GREENE My Mother, Water-skiing, Surfing Don juan Matus, Drawing "THE BEAR", Snow, whif! whif! Bowling, College, ALRICHT! Colorado, Chip Morin, College, To be rich, The new roll call system V, e - -- feat., spacily, Skinny dipping in Rea Lakes, Mescalito, To find out how and why, My friends in the BBAA 5 T- M" ,Q A f , ' ' Cm .. y rx g. 5 A 'G 'fi . .. N EE, A CAROLINE GREYSHOCK BRETT ASHLEY HALLOCK 3' -I SCOTT ALAN GRIFFITH My GrandIather,Terrorizing, Hiking in the Sierras, Richard England Work colle e Band I f 8 1 camp '75, Drummers "UUHH! !" CAROLE TAMAR HAND With him, RMO, UCSD, To go forward, 'Forget it' SUSAN KATHLEEN GRIMM , 5-c - xi CYNTHIA LEIGH HACHEY LINDA THERESE HAGY IULIE K. HALLIDAV Mrs. Lyons, Playing Guitar, The limi Hendrix Tie-dye grapefruit y mountains, Carole, Mrs. Carney- SurlCily, USA, NIKON, YOU WVU she made me work lor the first miss your watertill the well is time. HeyGeek! dry K Oct. 4, 1973-Coffee, tea, or scrambled eggs? . Students will have their choice X I V of these delights and much more when the Short Order ' "' Cooking class will open their student run breakfast cafe,'some- time later this month. f,T,' V .r ..l, Liv all ROBERT HANKE Father, My Family: "Thanks for everything" BILL ANDREW HANLEY RICHARD DOUGLAS HANSEN IULIE KAY HANSON My uncle, Guitar, baseball, Drummers , .. UH! ,Q I , ' , if I DEREK IOHN HARDY THERESA MARIE HAROLD Steve Stills, Sailing, Snowbird, My Parents, Tennis, Hawaii, Going skiing, Richest Ski Mr. Wulfl, Be famous, The Patrolman, Dos Equis with joe parking lot gang OOPS!! Rodeo! ,fa .QQ The cafe, completely run by students of Ihe class, will be situated in the cafeteria and will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. For those students who crave morning munchies, deli- cacies such as hash browns, cinnamon toast, sweet rolls and other typical side orders that any other breakfast house would serve, will be available. And the price? Where else can break- fast lovers get two eggs, toast, hash browns, choice of bacon or sausage, and either juice, coffee or tea for a mere 75 cents? Customers who prefer pancakes and such can get those too. SUZANNE HARRELL CAROL HARRIS RICH IAMES HARRISON MARK KONRAD HARTMAN My Mom, 'ID Being creative, Dad and Mom, Donna, Linda, Dana, Lorie and 1 i ' ' ' To sail to Tahitiand other islands, Lisa,FacuIty in Main Office, ' To be a writer, jesus Christ, Drive Mr, Straw crazy, To be Howdy!! able to live it, Don't worry, I won't1lunk H A 2? f. COLLEEN HARTNETT LYLE DEAN HASKELL Thanks Mom and Dad for Backpacking, skiing, College or eV9fYthing, Hey Ang! Give me travel a break! - I . .wh-c 'f ' ' si a ff A , X if I ' 'N f s f' , wi-at Sk ROGER MALCOLM HASKELL SR Haig, Adventure, Anywhere with music, TLW, Live, Performing Arts DOUG HAUCK CHARLIE HAUSE Billy G's Army, Mexico, Canada, Carpenter, Live in Columbia, Baseball, Bing Bong the witch is dead 'L PAULA GAIL HAWKINS Mom, College, To be a registered nurse, Mr. Dukes, Chemistry teacher, TMH, Alright Oct. 4, 1973- For years this school's administration has at- tempted to update their student registration procedure in order to eliminate the problems that always seem to accompany the process. It seems the administration, or at least those connected with registration, have struck on a system that is a vast improve- ment from the others used. The unique do-it-yourself walk through system not only speed- ed up an otherwise slow and elaborate process, but gave students a chance to select the teacher they preferred and the period in which they desired the class. The major complaint encoun- tered ias alwaysl was that the last students to complete the process faced the problem of closed classes. The only differ- ence this year, people with last names beginning with the first few letters of the alphabet en- countered the closed classes. Q 1 l 1 -A .4 2-N - TOM C. HAWKINS K. 1 f ,Q . . 'mm' . A ANGELIA HAYS Girls, Beach, ISS, College, len, BH, Hey, Colleen! I'm sure! Dumb Head 1 Y 7 -'Y Ai' My fl., ' ff? - if :f ' . ' Q75 .HM i gf 44 U ' 4' I, 1 ,., ,A lg? CAROL HEADDEN My Family, Skiing and sailing, College CHRISTINE HEBERT M. Angela, Mountains, Summer Field Studies '75 .fy H A A fi xg' f ' vi-gy L, .4 . , ' I' I - -' IOHN ROBERT HEDGE Irene Robertson, Mammoth, "UkeIele Lady" CHRISTOPHER W. HEATON David Simonton, Discovering new things, good times and good friends, Focussing on the mirror, "Ommm pizza" IIM HELFRICH Helu HEDV HENDRICKSON CAROLE MARIE HERRICK Phil Kaylor, Experience 179 I V ,,-' f-'M ' :ff . ' Z ' , 3 ,- V ,II f ,,,' . Q 4 I .. Q "" ,Q M f I CARRIE LYNNE HESS ANDREW HIGGINS BUNKER ABERCROMBIE HILL Mom, Hiking, mountains, TH, Mumms Winery, France, Mom Hel Hel, Getting Blitz, TM, DS, TT, To be happy, And in and Dad, College and cops, Bayshores, GPH, Ringing the the end, the love you take is jesus, I have not yet begun to Tower hell, '72-76, Come on equal to the love you make fight! down X I Z 1 W , T , J ,f ,em ' -1 'Vfs.,,'..l ' ,J I tit, v ' A 1 , vfw ,.. 5 e . ,MWTY I IAN RENE HILLEARY CAROLINE LOUISE HIRATA CHRISTOPHER ROBERT IULIE ANN HOFFMAN Mother: Wilh Hall-lfe, IB, T0 be My Mother, David Hurley, HODSON My Parents, Photography, Mr. V, l"3PPY, lf YOU See Someone whv College, Michelle TSU D.Fox, On the slopes, College, Mr. Spangler, Mr. Adams, needs a smile, give them one of what else? Drummers: Uh Discover America: the 75 boys yours from Kansas City, "lLP's KIeenex!" 1 t x-tt 1: ,.. KRISTIN DEE HOGANSON IOHN HOGG LOTTA HOGLUND Listening to and playing music, MY IYIENCIS, 53llil'1B, SWSCISY1, To Goto college, To do something be happy well that really interests me, The entire school itself. What's goin' CHRISTY C. HOLLENBECK My Mother, Backgammon, RWB lll, Chapman College on? ' X iw' V - ' i, if . C ' 115- ' ' 1. if Q, . " 'gt' ' I - fgiiizl Q-H '. 5' .. CL ' ff fl Qi 42,1 , - 'IT " ,play f in .43 5, I WILLIAM IOHN HOLMES T. Scott Dukes, Out in the woods, Dad, College, What next? KEVIN 1. HONEYWELL Bruce Lee, Oacca Valley MELINDA HOOSE Mom and Dad, Wall in Varsity room front of GREG ALLEN HORNBY Water sports, In the water, Buy Freeport 41 and sail the world, Lunch, Ah, knee borne! October 4, 1973- After un- successfully operating on a basis of trust among its many student borrowers, the Multi-Media Center is soon to be equipped with an electronic book detec- tion system. Its aim: to cut down the loss of nearly 1300 books per year to less than a one percent loss rate. Books, magazines and other materials are treated so that they can activate the system if they have not been checked out, or deactivated by a machine at the desk. The exit gate then locks and a bell rings at the checkout desk. The MMC claims it's not an in- vasion of privacy of the student, because there are no cameras as many first believed. Q MULTI MEDIA CENTER fi cf., It ,gf f ,ff ff, " ' I L ,Q I ,, I7 . " ,Y 1 f ,Jia , -' 3 of ' .. ,y 4 Q , ' ,Z V ,W l. , -f 1 4 we 5 z 1 ' - 4. IQ I 9 f 7 f , 2 f 1 24 WILLIAM HORNETT Concerts, Beach, Maxill official surgeon, College, Cardio- Vascular specialist, "I dori't kno WH I' TERRI IOANNE HOUSE at fit' 5': "'3'7f ' ' sm. .,,.. .14 SALLV MARLENE HOUSTON Dancing, Mother, Live each day jesus Christ, Playing piano, to its fullest! Anywhere with friends, KB,Go to Biola, Pianist, Lord SULLY HOWARD Riding on my tri-umph, Bermuda, Gran-ma, Travel, Live Iiie to its "fullest!" Howburman IULIANNE ORNELAS HOWE MICHELE NOEL HOWLETT The Redwoods, Travel, college EMT w amazed C' 193 IIM HUBER Parents, Baseball, Palm Springs, Parents, College, S'l,000,000. Parties at Halderman's , 52 ct 5 sieklfk ,4 ALLAN D. IACKSON INewport Beach "Set go' MICHELLE DIANNA HUHNKE My Sister, Surfing, To travel, To be a famous lawyer, just being part of everyone, Go fly a kite 91 2 . fl 2 4 4 vp 1 nv , I' A 2 , M , , ff if ' ,, J r f fc, I ff s I fl' xuxh 1? ' ' BRYANT HUMANN Carmel IULIE ANNE HUMPHRIES IAN E. IRVINE ROBERT RICHARD IVERSON My Family, lakao, 4f7f72 College Car striping, Shaky lake, More school, Be successful V 10 Q-J ..,f A -Q-nf,-1 IENNIFER 1lLL IACKSON Mick Jagger, Getting stoned, At home with Mother, Absolutely nothing, To be rich, Sessions at Greg's house, Let's blow out the year lf. , 2 - , X X J KELLIE IACKSON College, B.G.A,T.W.F.T.A.U., "It's great to 'Je great, but greaterto be human" s IEFF IACOBI IODI L. IACOBI BP and Peg, Hangin' out, Mountains, D,P,1,l,M., BP, Cool yourjets 1 DANIEL R. JACOBS Elton lohn, Music, Horsetail Falls, CA, lB, Plucking chickens, "Finger Iickin' good" ,A ,Ml , Rf" ZA. Q, ,--for I. 194 NOV. in a true, 8, 1973- Harbor students Nursery School? Yes it's maybe not to learn, but to work. This opportunity is offered by the Coastline Regional Occu- pational Program, QCROPJ. Harbor is involved in each of the ten CROP programs, which in- volve retail merchandising, automotive service lthrough Theodore Robins Fordi, and service station occupations. IOHN DAVID IAENICKE Bob Wentz, Dancing, On stage, Carol Tatro, Getting into theatre, If your going to do it, A KATHI IAGER My Parents, Having lun, With people, AA I hope, The people, Cute! X 1 GROVES IAMES f? CAROL ANN IAMIESON My Parents, Volleyball, Swinging in my park, My Brother, UCSD, All my do il flghff experiences there. lust be that way,Shane! 'F ' :T , me I . V. ,, fl. .52 ,131 , M , X 1 . f ' , 1?g 'f ., ' tl -fo -'CV ri f' + 22 W- . fi - ,4 I, 5 V, ' ' I ' VV ,qi if A i L, V 'A' T iz ,Z ,, 5 ' it A f . "ff T lf, eu, f 4 , gf 71-I-E' f fif :aff "f A , 3 Q , S 'i C, YQ? ,f ' ' ' ' i 1' ILL , , 1 r, Jil, L 2 'gf 'z aw, . , .. ,L X, gl: MARY EILEEN IAV Badminton, reading by a mountain stream, My Family, College-UCVUCR, Happiness- fulfillmentg Natural Scientist, Science Department x IEFF C. IOHNSON Scuba diving, Underwater, Friends IILL IOHNSON Peter Sellers, Rancho California, My fantastic parents, IC, AC, Laughing makes life worthwhile LAURA MARIE IOHNSON Playing the guitar, Oregon, Travel and CCC, I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4113 Q ? I , K s gt fl i 1 1 l 1 I I , NOV. 8, 1973- Amidst a carnival atmosphere of helium 2 filled balloons, changing laterrto canoes and floating itz! X v - flowers synchronized swimmers of this year's Harbor Aqua V' ' Show will present "Broadway's Best" in the show's last X I performance tonight, at 7:30 p.m. in the olympic pool. ,Over 150 irls will be swimmin to themes from Broadwa Mmm BETH IOHNSON ROBERT C IOHNSON O D musicals. About 50 more girls, from Mr. Frank WrIght's . RH N A LEE IOHNSTON - Diane I., Music, With friends, Parents, On the lanes, Mickey Water-skiing, motorcycles, dance Class' wln also dance on the deck' Mr. England, To feel fulfilled! Mantle, College-CS Fullerton, Colorado River Band and its tours, Take it easy! Disc jockey, TV newsman, The Beacon, Damn pars I . I A S ' T' ' ' ta ff' lb if ' I . ill gpg . '-, ' , M' H ' -- . Q in an -"' A' . I . Q .L I -7 Q If y ' ' Wg 1 . I f J I' I " '-rf 5 l V I . - I . V-5 , 'L Q.,-A L 1 ,-1 . I :QA V6 -Ji., L ami.: an A '--A 'fi If es -2-L52Qf'L.. 'ai-L I-- 9-Q--"f.I.a:' " STEPHAN RICHARD IONAS DARIEN SUE IoNEs PATRICIA ANNE IONES ,H llfjg f 1" or., :fi : T':,-4.-7,533 Dr. RSlonas, MD, Mammoth Lakes, lohn Muir Trail, Dr. SR lonas, MD, Bio-med gang, The great, powerful Oz, Freak on a My Sisters, Music, horses, High Sierras, Ph.D. in Music Therapy, To be a music therapist, Newport Harbor Choralle, Reading, Nursing School, Work in Australia, CROP Program peak! Cultivate Serenity - 4-in F45 -. f' 4 . ' ff? 'KX z :' 1 'af' . A 1 s. X 1 , A 21: A,,. V A il, , . , I 2 4 , I I ,sa I '-Q li nr' ,ls g A . ... f N'i' L. ,Wy Xp , - 'cj' 7 X, eff' gp? , V f V -I f I , rHoMAs WEBSTER IONES LARRY R. IORDON oouc RANEN RONALD IAMES KWH IANICE KELLINc.ER MARK WILLIAM KELLY Flying gliders, My Dad, Go to college My Parents, Playing Farmer john, Circle K Ranch, Roy Rogers, Cowboy, Sundance Kid, Horses Rear I SK, Hoz"n", Ma and Pa, College, Success, Faces, Sit on it Sailing, raquet ball, Beach, Architect, RB Forever! Rocky Mountain High, My Parents, I don'I know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. To be happy, Remembering CIF Track The Point, To an old friend, PM , fm' iz if ,gg ,kt . DON S. KENCHEL My Parents, The mountains, wilderness, G0 backpacking, To be what I want, not what others want, Summer Field Studies, Smile, it's good for you V . -1- T BRENT KINNARD KATHY KENNEDY DAVE EUGENE KENT MARK STEVEN KEYS BRUCE N. KINKEL C0ll'2SGf If-Well To be happy Scopin', End of the Pier at 4 a.m., Can the Doctor Dunk? Love, fulfillment, success, AP English, Christopher Robin and Tigger, BFD 195 'fir LINDA KUHN Mom and Dad, College, Discover America-diets, drinks, fights and jelly beans NOV. 8, 1973- A dull Click is heard over the P.A. system.. Legs spring into action, racing fran- tically towards their destination, the "speedy lunch line". But no matter how fast they run, it's too late. The large line con- tinues to slow down to no faster than a snail's crawl, mainly be- cause ofthe number of students who have "buddies" up some- where ahead of you. tEver notice how popular you are when you're in the front of the line?l Eventually, with only a few minutes left, the last survivers straggle through only to find nothing left worth eating. p v gf . ". 13 ' J ' f' 'lrfllii 2 N 3' it f 4 .1 ' iif M A if H V rf y ROBERT T. KINNEY Ed Benit, Sailing, ln a boat, Go to school, Win the Olympics, Low Budget! CAROL ANN KIRKPATRICK DONNA KIRKPATRICK Experience LAURA IEAN KIRKPATRICK Good music, ECC and good times! College, Flagtwirling A ' MARCIL BETH smcsv KIRKPATRICK KIRSCHENBAUM , KIM Maine Knorrs PAM Louise Knox Hawaii, Mom and Dad, College, Ch"5f-Pafemsf R3"'flY' laughmgf Lynda Knotts, Loving, Oregon, CIF competition, playing Good friends fA93dl"f95f Cum afmcus of Move North,. To live a full, volleyball with Staub, Chico 'm3S'f""l8f less Lair, TS Dukes, satisfying life, Get organized State, To be happy, Ignore the IR, Tv Start mY Clif: CAN in Oregon cloudiness around you and ETIIEOTD Beacon, I-IPS' am! of take a walk with sunshine I 's L: ""1iv -I., . ff, 1 , ' " ,,!,. uf. Q KEITH A. KOSTLAN HEIDI KRASEL KATY KRUPP MARK THOMAS KUEHN W3lEf'SIiiiT1S, SCUI'-Ya diving, , My Mom and Dad, Being with Mitzi Gaynor, Going to college, Zeyne, On the water, George Sierras my favorite people, The beach, Being a professional dancer, Be Newcomb, As it comes, ski slopes, To stay happy, Things slow in choosing a friend, slower Commercial Artist, People, The always work out for the best! in changing. Barracuda Bite f ll" I Li Q ffl f W "::' A if 40, 1' I 9" a. - r : ' H-7 'I P ' V :I j 't 'f ae Sh-t" YURIKO LILY KUMAMOTO My Sister, Doing nothing, With friends, Sandra tMama-sanl. College, "Keep smiling,""Oh, DANETTE CHRISTINE KWOCK RUSSELL ALLAN LABRUOSSE Mom and Dad, Going to the beach, In Hawaii. . .Sandy's!! Skip Spengler, Meeting people in Calif., The good times ,... YAH? PAMELA LEE LACEY Mom and Dad, Partying, With DS, George Badger, College, Lawyer, DS Mexico, fishing,Graduation, To be myself, You lose "Buckwheat" ANNEMARIE j. L'AFRlCAlN Parents I, a-may STEPHEN RICHARD LANE TERESA LAUTERBACH jesus Christ, my Dad, Low Key Productions, EPF 1 DREW I-AWI-ER ANNE GALE LAYMAN MARC ADAM LAZZARA LISA I- LEBERT Where did you say you lived Sheriff John, My family and the Father, Sports, Newport, Brother Travelirig,M0ur1lairrS, OCC Lawler, East Virginia? blue eyed Mafia lDaIel, People, II you're going to do anything, do it right. i f' " 'QQ ' A cad 'fiat' .V -A dr-. w--t. A -3 , f ' , ,V ,. J 5 V 4 ,. V 3, . ,. :. 'I V M' ' fr , V' X3 H QM Zi vffgt rf- I ' " 1,3 ., ,, DEBORA EVA MARIE LEFFLER My Mommy, On stage, My RIC L. LBGENDRE Partying, Mom and Dad, Daddy, World travel, Actress Architect, Quality is always best and singer, Mike Potoma, Tastee Freeze DON LEHMANN Volleyball, ln bed, Hitler, Skiing, Lawyer, Teacher, Nutrition, "Go for the Gusto" BEA LERNER Dancing, Mountains ,fg 'VE 1 4 Y, I 4 ,, We 5 8 f si ff, M i 4 'U 4 az' I c T at - LYNNE LERNER CHIP LeROY DEBBIE IANE LEWIS DONA LEWIS Tropical farming with the My Grandma, The beach at Skiing, sailing, swimming, Indians, Punta Roja night, My Mom, To be the Living, GR, Dudley Smith, greatest person I can be, The Medium rare people, "Really" IOANNE LEWIS KATHRYN LEWIS IRR Tolkien, Horseback riding, High Sierras, OCC, Veterinarian, lam sessions with IK, "Hasta Iuego" ROBERT ANTHONY LEWIS My Parents, My Dad, Go into the Navy, Own a ranch in Montana,Go Navy ,1 Ii , .X V 2 IUDE LYNN LIGHTNER Mountains November 29, 1973- Hand- writing analysis karate transcendtal meditation undertaking an almost end- less list of different types of mini-courses is tentatively planned for this school year. There is a different format for this years' mini-courses. Instead of the usual week of classes, three days in separate weeks, will be utilized with three dif- ferent classes. 0 fi There is another big change in the way the mini-courses will be run. Three days before the mini-courses, there will be pre- registration. In other words, to sign up for that class, a student who has not signed up for a class will not be admitted. There will be a limit to the number of people in each class. rf- ei , Robinson, My Brother, I made it College of the desert, Q-as , 4, KEVIN FREDRICK LINDSAY MARY ANDREA LINGLE Skiing, College, Football, What's jason, L. Kottke, Yes, CSNY, for dinner?llZ Everybody, I love you TIMOTHY RAY LOATS Being with friends, The Sierrasr jesus Christ, Rainwater, you don't raise I ,, Y" ,I li, :Hg 1 fi ,, f E a sf r I , ' ll I , N A ,,,, I! ' .V M , fi y r . TRACY LOCKING Mom, RS and RK deMalignon, Traveling, Lake Shebandowan, George Harrison, UCSD, All things must pass -SCOTT GARDNER LOHMAN Fonzie, Balcony climbing, "44" Mrs, Ballard, There are many pebbles on the beach "I-Q.. 5 1 CHRISVLITTLE LUCIA DONNA LUER My Parents, Mountains, Robert, Grandmother, Horseback riding, Mrs. Ballard, The Beatty, Mr. Stardust Hill, Mom and Tam, ' ., E' ION LUMIAN LC goodman, Bicycling, My Mom and Dad Undercover work, "I swear" ni - IAMES LYNN UC Berkeley, Architect, Goodbye Newport Beach MARY BETH LOOMER Skiing, Mountains, My Brother, College, Veterinarian, Criminal lustice, Smile! ELIZABETH MacDONALD Parents, Ballet, Anywhere peaceful, Law and to find the is a word foe to ambition LAURA ANN MacCRECOR My Parents, Blue eyed Mafia IAN. 24,1974-lt's Dr. Godshall now. Principal Charles Godshall has recently added the new title of Dr. to his name after 1'l years of work in and out of USC, on his Doctor of Philosophy degree. Dr, Godshall stated that the purpose of acquiring a Ph.D was for personal and professional development through learning about administration. Furthermore, a Ph.D in Education is needed in case he ever decided to apply for a position such as Superintendent of Schools. ,-f' ag-:AQ-4-'35,-1 ,,-g 5 remedy to every problem, Can't ' fy 'Q gui' -sf I? f., ' ? I t , ERIN LESLIE MACK My Aunt Bev, Being with people, Beach, My Mom, Be a better person, Be yourself MATHEW MACK Travel, Retire before 25, Mom and Dad TED R. MacLEAD PAULA ANNETTE MAHON Walking my dog, Beach PAULETTE ANN MAHON Outdoors, OCC MICHAEL P. MANN Goethe's Faust, Acapulco, Herman Hesse, You can't always have what you want, but you can get what you need. a -Q 6 IULIE G. MANLOVE BSing with Gina, Oregon, Gina, I am born free to follow my heart SANDY MARAVICH STEVE E. MARCHESE IAMES MARINO Parents M Dad, Listening to good Kauai, The Crow, "If your going Y music, Mort Drucker, Go on to Art School, Become a cartoonist, The Art classes, I hose chicks to be a bear, be a Grizzleyf' February 15, 1974- Better organ- ization and more activities are the goals of Harbor's new activi- ties director, Mr. F. Lowe. Mr. Lowe says he finds Harbor students more enthusiastic about school-sponsored activi- ties than many schools' he's known. Q I - f' A 3: ,J-fl ,ffl T Q its I' , f' , I 'D ,, XJ , 'I 5 f ' . '- 'II X-ay ' ' "' g 'Qt .Y I A ,rg :W ' .Q 1' ' ' -.- A 1 , I K ' ' N I X I . ' F' I 95-f ,, f ' 1"-. il . ffl, 5 LYDIA IEAN MARINOS STEPHEN MICHAEL MAROSI LAURA ANN MARTIN IOHN HOWARD MARTINDALE Traveling, Mountains, Doug, The Rocket, Shapping, U,S,S,R., good times with Sue, Friends, Travel Your life is so very precious, Ambrosia, Luscious, Bar-Be-Que RM, MM, DS, Luv to IR don't let anyone crush it. atWhitwer's, Horny Bjorny, - When I was a bachelor my k NTIS. ., 1" - .V ' , M .I-Img ,X A I - - - ' I Us rd.. , V5 y x A .3 VV P. ,,,,, XV ' I I I I ' 1 : I ' 4 .1 i 'Q J' I JL . I 'Q I 271- , 'f . Q, , ii , wo- ' 1 - I ,,,q, - il' ,yr If I " M n, C r I . I Y I vu , . X , r, I - - - STEVE MASKREY LAURIE ELAINE MATCHA RACHELLE DENISE MAXEY PAMELA MAXSON MARK MELITON MAXWELL X IEFF M. MCBRIDE Pop, VBAS Being with friends Richard Cardello, Being with All types of sports, Beach, Dad, Surfing, skiing the one I love, To be someone important, Miss Staub, Parents, Whole family, You can't always get whatyou want. College, To help people, To live each day one at a time If ' N I 'lf ff 1 it Q 1 Zn , ' fn 3, F , IOSEPH IEFF MCCARTHY PERI ANN MCCLARRV CHERYL Mcctuxf DEBORAH KIM MCDANIEL MARK WALLACE MCDANIEL LISA MARIE MCDONOLIGH Oregon, Sooo Bitchen Horses, Mountains, College, Tom Bradac, My Mom, Hey Own a ranch, Friends, Live today Steph. . .The people, their as if there were only tomorrows games, "For an impenetrable shield stand inside yourself," 'm -:GFX . 7 Wx. e if, H512 Af, 4' L fy I N ff' , . . 4 ,, 4 I pw-WI, , K X I f L' ,a ak GORDON MCDOUGAL PAUL I-- NICCIAVRAN THEODORE MARTIN DARLENE ELIZABETH MCRAE AMY ELLEN MENKES IUDY MERMIS Loaling, Oregon State Bowling, Kona Lanes, Mama MCGINLEY My mother, Driving-especially Daddy, Mommy and Barbra San Francisco, Bob Dylan UHIVEFSIIYI FOYQSI EFISIHCEY, Pele, Be Successful in BVEVY Dreaming, In bed, College, in the canyon, Alone with my Streisand, Acting and singing, Big Bill, BM5 FE WHY I WGN. Ailefidafltie Own my own Stuff Noodle? daddy, IFW, "That's life in the Randy Reynolds, Actress and Director, "Habla" Losing CIF 1974, "Let's do it big city!" singer, Chantelles, "Cinema again" FaceI" I ' t fe X ' f A as cf MARCH 14, 1974- The New Year , for most people arrived lanuary 1, but for Miss Ann Porter's Chinese class the real New Year started Feb. 2. It was the Chinese New Year, and Miss Porter's class cele- brated the occasion by spending a wild weekend in San Francisco. Funds for the trip were raised entirely by the class, they amounted to over 5800. The Chinese Club has been one of the most active clubs on campus this year. They have pre- sented a surfing film and just recently raffled off two tickets to the Bob Dylan Concert. Sen- ior Amy Wagner won them. LEANNE MILLER MELINDA MILLER PATRICIA LOUISE MILLER TERRY IEAN MILLER My Parents, Sailing, Argentina, lesus, Doctor, The people, The Pafemsf Lake SIWBSIH, MYS- Patrick Howes, My friends, Lord, Praise Iesus 5f'Yd9ff Driving I0 DENVER To Carlos Miranda, What a crack- be happy, Meeting: CB,DS,DW up! LB, TH. CoCo's Combo, San Diego ifftfi' L , .1 ' 9 UL 5 , , ' . . I , .4 1 It a 4, . , ,H yi , U ,gay yy. -1-...4r A izffjv-. 'I , , 4 4 ' Q , .,,,, ffl 3 - Z I A f i is . ' 'j' . .a ' 5,4 .Q , f, , L - f Y ' 45 f I f THERESA LYNNE MILLER Water-skiing with Elly, OK? LESLIE ANN MONTGOMERY Charles, Loadie, Mom, Sessions at Greg's, Let's blow out the DARCY KENYON MOODY Dad, Backpacking, Sierras, Kenton Beshore, Coping with ANN ELIZABETH MOON College year Mr. Beatty, Hey pumpkin Bordier, what's you doin'? , ,fr I Q2 I - A. f 3, X., 1 5' ,IQ - , if ' ' ff l, ' . Q f as lv f "' f ' ..., , 1 . i , r I, . GV, K' f "f, . NA , .,- ' f 1 fxxfgv , Y 1 ' f L' 1' f '- 1 ',. , 1 .. 't . ,f L ' ., 1 N 1, . 1, . L , V is ' 'Ty . Q ' 5 fl U Y 5534! an A 2 ,M 'V ,' ,2 y I AX ' fa ' 'fl T' "' , 1-'l ' 5 , Q . Liss ?-eg, A- ffr-- f- F g y - I . aff I 4 I L... L' 4 'f " Q.: 1 ...Si g ' -1' , ' 4 X N, " ,, 9 - . 4,QiJ?!' I' " "" s---We-e . 4 I.. . mari: LORNA LEA MOORE The beach, Photography major at OCC, To be a known photographer IENNIFER MARY MORAN Being with my friends, Near the water, IW, You only go around once STEVE MORIHIRO Parents, Learning, Horne, College, Doctor, Meeting new people, Don't worry so much, TERRI MORITZ My Grandfather and KB, With friends, College Q . -in ANAMARIA MORLEY .re i. TORREY LEE MORVAY IANICE MOSHY CH, Cruisin' in La Bomba, Can't have a rainbow 'till after the DAVID MICHAEL MOTTER Backpacking, Sierras, Ed McFart Handle, Become rich, The rain people, Teddy Herbert Goburn, Dinner -V N iii 1' 5 'r ,- I 4 ' . f p JL.. 1 . . V I I - l x b , 9 3 M' , J X A sg ,2 ,.-g Nt an A A I it lu - 4- fi- A " " ' ,f nh- U 'l .. I . V ii f , , ,T E I .f-4' 19 'st - Q., " ' ' ' l ' is ' ' ' :Hr - S -V N , , f. Q .. A ' - ' -it 'W C , 4211 51211 ' . ! A V I. il 'V A' ' ' X , ,I XX f'4K :-I., K' ROGER WILLIAM MOTTER DAVID S. MUKAI CATHARINE CLARE MULROY MARIE MURDY Laguna Greeter, Mud Stomping, Senator EG Ross, Observing Sandy Carney, Outdoors, Vin At a parly, DVD, To get naked, wildlife, Beach, T-courts, Mulroy, Career in textiles and "Bayshores Bombing, Recover from high school, design, Gymnastics team, Alcoholics" Fulfill my dreams, Parents! "Mole" VeniVidiAmavi . .' ,,. F 1 '47 L. KELEEN MURPHY Grandma, Felix the Cat, Kitty and Gina, To travel, My Freshman and Sophomore years 2 DEBORAH LANE NANCE M.A. NAVARRO CAROL MARIE NEWBRE Music, College Mr. O'Hern, College, Mother 0 A and C, Swimming and sewing, In the water, Physical Therapist or Nurse, God, How rude OCT. 3, 1975- "In an attempt to further improve our learning environment, attendance pro- cedures have been completely revised," stated Dr. Charles Godshall in his back to school letter to students. This year's new attendance system ushered in a whole new set of guidelines and a Director of Attendance in the person of loseph McCoy. With about 3,000 students enrolled at Harbor, Mr. McCoy's job is a busy, full- time one. His function in the new system will be to moniter attendance accounting and counsel the students with at- tendance problems. Since attendance is checked every period Mr. McCoy pre- dicts truancy rates will drop, hopefully. ue V 7' A f pr ' , 1 ' f A "Wil ff 'Q - 5 ' . - ': .r 'Q f"' T" ff 4- .-f-. , ., W ., , Q, ,, I . Z A fv ,f,. 1 , , Aa fx f f' ' ' '7 ' ,i I 'V -eo-.1 .1 445 Q. j I, 5 fvmgivl ff its - ' ' W 4?fff,f'f:' , fy ' ff f A ' li ik , 'f f , , I V, ,. 1, L? 4 Q 4, 'Y rg., ,- I " 1 ' , V ,A V. i F, .V fr we - - PAMELA NEWELL GEORGE VANLEW NEWLAND DOUG NICHOLSON WILLIAM LANDON NIELSON DIANE NORRIS DAVE NICHOLSON My Folks, Free, Friends, left Hassett, Out ofthe pool, Off-roading, Desert, Goto Doug Weber, Being at the Nancy, Being with Pete, My ,ohh Newcomb!! Mike Sled, Architect, New experiences, Steve RE9V95rWlf1ninS CIF, COHSI, Playing Frosh and Soph b93Cl'!r PatriCk's Point or Mexico friends, Hawaii with Pam, To ' Take life easy Win the Big Ones, The new football, That's just it! My Mother, College, travel, become a Rovo, My Ma and Pa, pool, Sh-t for brains Architect, "Boss City" Hola, ! Que past!! i-ly 1. ,s-Eiga: , OCT. 17, 1974- What does Newport Beach, California have in common with lohannesburg, South Africa, Konya, Tur- key and San Sebastian, Spain? They all have students who attend Harbor High. This year, the American Field Studies program better known as AFS, is sponsoring three foreign students, Feli- city Lowry of the Republic of South Africa, Altan Uyker of Turkey and Toni Alfonso of Spain. AFS's stated aim is to achieve better understanding be- tween students of America and other countries. And the three AFSers reported that they are learning more about America everyday. IU les Po is 3 3 lf 5. , , r l I I " I V I Ing, SHARON O'BRIEN Blue eyed Malia 1 IAMES DAVID 0'CONNOR DIANE MILLIE OHLHAVER MAUREEN RUTH O'HORA YO BM ur life, it's the Iile in your wo X 'Q WM ff 4 V1 H , , 4, r ROBERT MICHAEL OWSLEY My Father, Sailing and scuba diving, Away from it all, CTH, Succeed iq 1 , ig I I ,I .fy f L 0 K , . Q 3 I GAYLE OLIVER HEATHER ANN OLIVER NANCY ELIZABETH OLSON MA To be with Phil, In alt. blue Mother, Camping, Trinity, Outdoors, To be happy Ou Dodge van, To make money, Family, Live fur each moment assi To travel The boys, I shall never the a wel BTU - l - . , 3' ' r f ' ' W i N I CRAIG WILLIAM PALMER IAMES I. PALMER IEAN PALMER IULIE LEA PARHAM MARTHA RUTH PARMENTIER KENNETH LaVERNE PARKER Gen WC Palmer, lr., Watching Sailing, skiing, tennis, Mom, Dad, Steve, Doug, ll, My Father, Girl watching, grass grow Back of a van, Ma Somewhere else, Enjoy it, CP, MK, LF, DG, MR, TB, BF, Mexico, Alfrato, Play Pro soccer and the whale, Sell Real Estate, Friends, people, Every picture BA, MH., jesus Christ, Bring To own 13 restaurants Build an empire tells a story. I the jar, Mark. - 44-1 . 'L' , 1 5 , E s ' "el-'fe -'f fr f ifie - ,ef Year, 4 - 1' -fx TT-:ff fe 'i ifiii e ,.tf:s-fe .gli 'fs 1 is r: vi! 7 7 BILL PARRY SUSAN ELAINE PARRY I PAT PATRICK ELIZABETH PATTISON DON WOOD PATTON I DOUGLAS IOHN PATTON Most dateable guy, Class of '76 Ghandi, The mountains in lamming with Mack, Mackinuw, El Morro, My family, Honduras!, Gene Meagher, Fly fishing, jesus Christ, Water-skiing, V winter, College, Physical Water-skiing down the Lido Owning a horse, Mr. Moody's Sierra mountains, lefl Pierose, Mountains, My Dad, Soccer Therapist, The people in Band, Channel Civics class, Take your time and pores! Ranger, Spgng, I have player, The Lord, Popov, "you I don't know do it right. the "F.T." don'l raise" I 1 I ,a -, 2, ,gf t ' Q- i ' . We ,1 1 fc A - K gif 'l V in .. -Q we f f , I J' 3, . 'Ii ' -I is , 2 I -L .. .. 4 ' .. , y ,l W., , I f' , 3' JN ' , K 2 I ..+ TYLER KENT PAULEY IOHN CHARLES PEARSON MARIE RENEE PECA INGRID ULLA PEDERSEN RICK ROSS PEDICO ROBERT M. PELLETIER, lr. Cen. Patton, WWII, Die Mom and Dad, V0ll9YlJ8llf IH Packand ski the European Alps, WH Ebert, lamming, lune Lake, Music, Sailing, Mr. England, Hofbrauhaus, To be a Military the sun. The Lord, To lead B Phillipeans1:3. Mom and Dad, College, Being Happiness, Stan Roberts, Susan, historian and author, The price healthy Chfiiliin life Oh I-Ufd in basketball "Tremendous" of victory is never cheap, A I I I ,511 V L .1 I 7 'MXN f ' V ', ' , A J , E, .L H f ' T' - -L ,Q , -' fab' 551 .2 ' ' 5 ., .... ' ' 1 '- x I fl V' 22 ' f,-' Y-. ' V. " fi fy 299, 3 , ' T-3,143.5 r i: it L -wr, ,- , in it 'sp' ' H 7' 3 ,,4QJ,s A fl' , F :VA -'-'. ' C., ff? fs., F, - GAYLE PENEWELL My Mom, To be happy, Haro! SAPPE HELENA PE'JTTlLA Sister, Eating. Pahki-a-voi DEBI FRANCES PEOPLES ANDREW PHILIP PERKINS Ringo Starr, Music, With my l Brothers, Professional Musician, Physical Education, The Beatles, I One, two, three and ! ii. 3' 5,1 IEEE PERKINS PHIL PERKINS DAVID MANUEL PETERS, lr. Sports, To go to OCC, To be rich and happy Flip Wilson, Fiddling-about, On the boardwalk, Mrs. Birch, To be happy, Eating hot tuna, There's no doubt KENNETH PETERSON Mom and Dad, Motorcycles, Country, Mr. Wentz, Forest Ranger, Police, Newport Plan, How's it going NOV. 21, 1974- After 25 years of service to Newport Harbor, the Round Galley was torn down three weeks ago, giving way to another more efficient speedline. For most students it was no I great loss. , "lt served its purpose well but was not adequate for today's I standards. We needed a newer, ' faster speedline to accommo- date the large number of stu- dents at the school. ' . L."l DONNA IEAN PETRY Ed, Newport Beach, OCC ' si, if-,ii 1 .1 " J I IM , r , , If , X f r A 5 t 5 A K f i f 1 ffw jf W ei GINA ALLEEN PETTINGILL Bill, BS-ing with lul, Colorado, julie, Mr. Doyle, My brother, Richard, T'Bye SALLIE DEE PFEIFFER Mom and Dad, Munch'in, Skinny Haven, My Mother, Nooners with Grotta DAVE MARK PHIPPS Parents, Sports, Fishing, mountains, BFD f l ,y are T fir, ' ff? J 1 I' I. I ' rr IOV LYNNE PIKE My Folks, Skiing and tennis, Aspen, Trip around the world, A friend is someone who knows your faults, and is still your friend. LISA DIANE PIROUMAIN My Parents DEC. 12, 1974- Newport Harbor will present its annual Christmas Concert next Wednesday in the auditorium at 7:30 p.m. There will be no charge for admission. The Band, Orchestra, Chan- telles, Girls' Chorus and Drama Production Class will all partici- pate in the program. The first part will feature the Orchestra, Chantelles and the Drama Class, and the second part will feature the Band, Choralle, Girls' Chorus and again the Drama class. The drama students will present a scene from "Circus Magicurus, The Greatest Show on Earth or Wherever You Go." BETH POITEVENT IIM M. POPOV WENDY POTHOFF Guitar, Mountains, water-skiing, Biola College, Accomplished guitar and soccer player, Fellowship, Goals does il again 5 ,Ja VIRGINIA LEE PORTER lill lohnston, Sailing, Santa Barbara, My Father, To help others, Newport Plan-Connie Sell and Bob Wentz 'S if ,rt gl 1-.MJ 2 DOUGLAS ROBERT PRICHARD MEREDITH PRUSS RODRICK M. PURVES IACK DAVID RAINWATER My Grandfather, Skiing, The The Fonz, The beach, In the Having a good time at a party, Pele, Soccer, Beach, Playing beach, My Father, To live a middle ol a blizzard, Take things Mr. Wentz, Going to the islands, soccer, Christ, I raise complete life, Seeing how other as they are, Mick, I.S.F.-T.R.S. Rich man, Newport Plan, Hay people have changed Thig I X ig, "7 I-A . 'X , Ni fm f - as ,J U Q A Y fr ' ' . f 1' ,, 1 I ,. CYNTHIA DIANE RAYMOND TYLER RECAN IIM REORDAN RON RESNICK Playing guitar and piano, My Artist, loe Walsh, Mr. Wentz, Bill Burge, Tennis, mountains, GM, HM, CM, ZMV Studying lamily, People likelO, CP, DT, Chew K2 Tom Unvert, Lawyer, Brig, people, Home, Goto school, DR, CW, IL, CH. Christ, Hey Roum! You WP! Hi, Peach, Hi Stupid "Courtesy ol" and "How ya do'in" Less is more, more or less l'm just the lool on the hill. 4 I l E. ,rx W '-J L I . . I et, tb J B 1 me GLENN CARLTON REYNOLDS Bicycling, Beach, Mother, To be a doctor, Head ol hospital, Chief Physician, Gross me out KAREN REYNOLDS Virgil and the Sky, people, To reach my highest peak, "Hit the Heaven" lllL CHRISTIAN RICHARDS Onl the shadow knows y f Newport Beach, Greg, College, Become a doctor, Yearbook staff member, AK AK A DAK 7? FRANCES CATHERINE RIETH Elton lohn, Swimming, At the beach, My Mom, College, New - at school, You savage CARLA LEE ROBB Mom, Tennis, Grandma, Newport Plan, You had to have been there KELLY ANNE ROBERTS My Parents, Going to plays. The ocean, College, To be a doctor, My Senior year, Boom Boom Boom! .r fl fe A . I I "3 SHERRY ROBERTS My Parents, California, Audie and Kyle KATHY L. ROBERTSON Larry Larson, Anywhere as long as Larry's there, My Dad, Marry, To be happy with Larry, I love you i 'Ji , - 1' ,f Imam 3 -.40 , I K. , 'f ' W ft js A i tier s iv 25? 2 f f,'?w ree 3, ' VL . 1 'T' 'Y f : ,li . ' 19321228 I . .:-11:t:::Li,jf, fx 1 pg "A '::":'1'-L . , seeewft eve , 4 , f: , ' 2: ff- JW, ' f I . v - 'vi tr' I L' 1.1. " "'r7'.,?.q: he ' f KEITH ALLYN ROBINSON Sailing, talking, talking,The winner's circle, My Parents, Lawyer, Geom1-2' with Mr. Dye, ". . .and you know it don't come easy" LlSA ROBINSON Doc. Tom, Skiing, hiking, volleyball and parties, Speedy Gonzalles, The people, Bayshore Bombing Alchies Assoc. ROSSLYN ROCHFORD Dancing, Susan Riddle, Pre- school teacher, Finish school, Easy come, easy go RICHARD G. RODRIGUEZ George johnson, Eating and women, Mountains, Tom Bradac, Definately, the people, ll the people only knew... Dec. 12, 1974- Head Coach Bill- Pizzica said, "l'm very proud of this team and its accomplish- ments. I will probably remember this team for the rest of my life." The Sailor varsity football team has just completed the most successful season in Newport Harbor gridiron history. This team is the first football squad to ever win 10 games in one season and was the first team to win an outright championship in the Sunset League since the 1940's. The season ended last Friday when the Tars lost to the Tor- rance Warriors in Long Beach by a score of 24-0. This was the first shutout in 32 games for the Tars. The game last Friday brought the Sailors record to 10-2 for an average of .833. 'T - f , Y' Q, , X . , .4 V, V A-V, f Tag' I ,giffwwvuumff ll. I 3 ' . ff., . 2 , S C f ,S . , ff: - f a' ,Z , A ,, ,G ff ff v ' 'W eq, fi ff ' ' - ' ' 317 gfw-fi' ,, , riff, , , 5 I er ,f I an If K 1. - .f - it . X ,w ' I ' V " gg gg . 1' W ' -f If mfr? ,wg ' ' ' i ,V '- 'Y y f Sf 1 y, 2,2 agfasgwffjges , te? .efz eww I f sf ' L X52 -'IT -iii." DAN LEE ROSSEN MARK ROWAN IENNIEER' DIANE ROZEAN CRAIG R, RUSSELL I SHARON KAY RUTHERFORD ROBERT LOUIS RYAN Where I am wanted, To live, MUSIC and fUW1'VlfZf5ElS0'000! Jesus CIHISL I-'SlG""f1S I0 "The M3f1"fCTU5ll'1'f TYOPICHI Mother, Being lazy, Mountains, Eric Clapton, Surfing, Trestles To be successful, Photography, Do it while you can Blue grass, Yosemite, My Brother, To have a mountain home, "Life is a comedy" island, Comfortable, Womens Scott Tracy, Work, L.V,N., Lib, Don't sweat the small stuff. Graduation Shine it on Dad, To be happy, Bob Fry GREG BURT SALMANS Brother, Surfing, Beach, Cabinetmaker, wuodshop, I guess so VICKI SALYER To be happy, Being a flagtwirler, Cherish yesterday, live today, strive for tomorrow, GINA SAMMIS RosA MARIA SANDREZ Mr, Wellsfrey, Dancing, Beach, Grandmother, College, The people, Esa morra! 'ns , if ' I i I' 9' I4 7 ' ,,. , 1 ' 'fi i t 2 nw- ' ' C i 1 lan. 23, 1975- A rowdy history if I Q class settles down and opens its ff A " " f 11..,,, I various magazines and books. glfl A3 L -2-1, ' a 59 Silence reigns as all students, J gl ft 'Y teachers and even secretaries T V, -J and administrators take a read- , , , :X Q: , ing break. 'f 1 I -s it ff- ' V , , ff, " 2,5 1 This scene will be a reality next "' ' ,I 'C semester, as an experimental Silent Reading Break QSRBI. NICK SANTANGELO Carolyn Sauer, Listening to records, C. Shulda, Be happy, The people, Children of tomorrow, Hey! How's it going? DAVLE SAYLOR Mom and Dad, College, Walk withlesus TAMI SCHAFFER Parents, Stardust, Kim, DC, To own a Porsche, Moose, Greek MATTHEW SCHALL Rabbi joseph Ben Akiba, People watching, An empty beach, Doctor's in psychology, To avoid boredom, Deus quid feci ut hol meream ., W Q Alfie refer'- we . 1 5,9 g , Q . I .cg 3 - 4 1 V 5 . Q, I 5. fx jf, V 5 if , , 37' y m f? , tp 4. ' f' ' V921 , hxlz .A X, K ,K f 1 , , 65441, , tt-l I , I I J 1 ', k ,, 1 I. Q IIM D. SCHLENKER GARY SCHMIDT KURT ALEXANDER SCHMIDT REBECCA IO SCHNEIDER LORI SCHOETTLER IAY STEPHEN SCHWANZ Father, Scuba diving, At sea, Mike Bass, Motorcycles, Duker, Pot throwing, An empty Godmother Art West Covina Steve Schoettler My family My Parents Palm Springs My Flipper, Prison, Teach my fish to Speedway, Ma and Pa, College, left point break, Travel and Grandmother, Enjoy myself junior year talk, Suspension, D.D.I.D.- To be successful college, To have what I need, I am not shy no more, Roger A.A.M. Sorry for being sorry Welty - - - - - - B35 ,,, GEORGE EASTON SCOTT MARK DENNIS SEAVEY LORI ANNE SEIERSEN Building a project, Go to UCI, Bill, Dancing, Mountains, Cod, Become a successful Electronics Goto Santa Cruz, To be happy Engineer, Being here . ' rf'-4 ' ll 33 , ' 'ff L fyv, .lg ffl: ff 'y .4 Xlglftlfl , ,H ,aw ' SUE LISA SEILING Bruce Thomas, Riding my horse, My Mother, Horse trainer and housewife, The people and teachers, Get it together Sue! GREG SEMPSROTE Bodysurfing, Backpacking, OCC, Summer Field Studies TAMI 1. SEMPSROTE Mr. Burge, Mr. Myers, Backpacking, art, Sierras, Mike Dunagan 3 F DIANE SENG My Daddy, Dennis Fox, College, My friends and teachers, jesus A V rin- ' ' s - 1. v-: ,- , 5. f" 35 gl-.-f I, v ff 1 V g 40' 1, M ,yy ' x ,g g DONNA SENG My Mom and Dad, lohn McGinnis, Discover America TUCKER WILLIAM SHARP IOHN IRVING SHEDD My Parents, Athletics, Travel, My Father, Off roadirig, Home, To be self-employed, The track OCC, Make money, Friends . ZQKF- ff' , - .,..-.Matti . ' ff Q. W f f fo' -3 is eb S1 ., it 'f N I ' tr R, '- -gf 3 Q fs. 1 Gy 4 Ya, fd gf t ,,X 9 I ,, ,a ' I 4 .. l ' 'Y . gy - ,Q . 6 QW? -I Afw' X3 7. VIL L ' A imx.. yy. 4 ., - ,X X I t i l sl I Q l X? t It I xffillmilllf I A 1 3' X X t X 1 li V 7 If 1 ' t X tf' I I , x 1 IIMMY SHEEN EI Montae Slim, Rock 'n Roll, Carol, Can't tell ya, Some of the LESLIE HOWARD SHELTON Fred, Racing, On the dance floor, Ralph, Travel, Race cars, Christ, I Corinthians 13 Tour-1974, "Booga, Booga!" program, Let it ride Rods, Meyah. . .meyah. . .give Blow your doors off me some coffee see!! - - 4, .. . . p -sf.. T' xx I ,.- .1 2 I 1 Q Q. J M: li V l V 3, A, . 4--" X -ii. J - 1 - ' " ' ' J T553-rl R .-f ' 1 f ., 'E ' ff, V s ss, as-,W , 'H' ,kip 2. t , ' - "f,.19.,gq,- what-. I - in 'l e ' . " 35? A . 'J ' l -,ser 4 . 15 , win A f -ff: , A5 W.. -. 7-zwe' f 'R N, -t sg "neg W . I. I I IAMES CARROLL SHEPPARD KAY SHEPPARD STELLA SHIRAR IULIE LYNN SHOEMAKER TANIA SHVETZOV HELENE SUSAN SIEGEL Peter Gabrial, Frogs, Tami's Larry Halderman, Mom, People Reading, writing, listening, The arms, Tami VDM, Musician, watching, Make people happy, mountains, Christ, Smile, architect,lack King, Ribel! CTB,Thereis no handle onthe Christ's coming back foryou. , outside of the human heart, it is open within 1 -I "" . K J". f . ' -ff f' I If G 'IJXX X Ii IAN. 23, 1975- In case you missed it, Newport Harbor's " 1 5 , , K Q 50' ' .. ' Water Polo team was defeated by Corona del Mar 5-4 in , 2 ,V ' H , -43 the CIF finals last month. Corona del Mar had tremen- ' , , ' , - V .5 , Ft dous support from their students, while Newport had . V -- ' P X basically nosupportatall. is xg n,, ,y 4, , ' za .-'ff 33, If 1793 A -. : I E fi t K i 'I ' . A-' ELWELL STEVEN SIMPSON Father, Drag racing, OCIR, Bob, Mile long burn out, Barney B., TIM S. SIMPSON CHRISTINE LOUISE SIPPL How could such a place especially in Easy: King Football the same night. S0 ridiculous situation occur in the first a CIF final game and against CdM? was playing a CIF quarter-final game water polo, being a so called minor Flatheads4ever My, , ' ,V I ,. f 1 ji U , fy ' 22 ,, 4 ' 1 " ' ' of ,", f f' 7 'I ' W , . L ' we 'ZW vie . 7 1 ' . - , ' -1.2: . , xi , " 1 he BARBIE SKINNER MARK SKINNER IOVCE SLAUGHTER Though we travel the world over Whatever will be, will be College, BQATCWFTAU and to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not Discover America sport, ate the big green moldy fig. To fully understand why football receives such a priority treatment some distinc- tions must be made about sport. The actual benefit a team derives from a crowd is hard to measure but when two evenly matched teams are playing the most important game, any advantage is helpful. - I 2 Fcfegsw 3' Jo -NF' ,few -' - 1 , V 1 -. w ' xt ' ' ,IW ' 1 3 . . ., , ' 5 - ,. ' li ' . i . . I , : Z H 'I i s ' ,. ' it t ,:l-: , , ,.v. ,f A11 I 11022, I I , I If K,,M T37 ,I 7' . 71 'L E ' ' ' if 'WN lflf BEN SLAY Frank Serpico, Laughing Fort Bragg, IRR Tolkien, College-bound, Teacher or Social Worker CRAIG LEE SMITH Mother, Soccer, On the pitch, Kenton B., Pro- baseball, God, That's what we like! IEFFREY C. SMITH Ray Bradbury, Electronics Yosemite, joseph Robinson, Electronics designer, joe Robinson, jesus Christ IERRY SWH SMITH Father, Thinking, Outter space, Mr, Dukes, Engineer, lawyer, The homework, "Nothing is impossible" LINDA M. SMITH Lou Lyda, Being with MGH, The mountains, My Parents, Learn to "rough it", Hi Coggie! MARK HORTON SMITH Mountains, Bitchin -at , if f - 1 'li , ...,L 'AZ ' I n 'Q it Xi 2 lv XX . TAMARA SUE SMITH My Parents, College, jelly beans at Mama Leones,, lt's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice, TINA LOUISE SMITH My Mom and Dad, ' Laughing, In the snow, KN, August 7, 1974, Smile for the coach TANYA SNODDY DEBORAH MARIE SNYDER My Parents, Thanks to Relaxing, Mountains, Mom everyone who has given me and Dad, To be happy love and made me happy! at what I do 2f18f74 and 3!15!75, "Color the gusto, or don't go at all," f xy, , I -I-A it ' 2 ef, 0 ' Q PETER SOMERS . -5 K ass? 1 , gf. .hh '.,, ' xi:-'fr , fa- sg ' fl , 'Q DAVID A, SOSS Living, Dudley Smith, Teaching, play sports, When Betty challenged me to a boxing match, lt could of been worse Y N irmtsa' f. if-wr-wow-f Y req-Qggvq ll ll ' . 4 t , lf' ,. - I 208 IAN. 23, 1975- The lirst Newport Harbor Invitational Car Rally vs. Corona del Mar is now set for February 1, at 7 p.m. with all cars starting in the Newport parking lot. This is the second car rally sponsored this year by he Math and Science Club and the first competition with another schoo . The entrance lee is S1 per car and 25 cents per passenger. The winner will take home 50 per cent ol the profits, with second and third receiving 30 per cent and 20 per cent respectively. "We hope a lot of Newport students will turn out lor this rally. Because ofthe possible gas rationing this may be the last car rally of the year." state Dave Warner. CAROL IEAN SPURGIN Glen, Aspen, Parents MATT SPURR Amanda B Reckonwith ff? 'K . X x SUSAN STANLEY Carrol Tatro Success Mr Glennon 1, , saw MINDV SUE STAUGAARD My Mom, With my boyfriend, john, jesus Christ, To be the best person I can be, Mr. Newkirk's class, Suck eggs. people ELIZABETH SUZANNE STEKOL A-ya ... -og- , ,' 1, ,J SALLY ELIZABETH STECE Sports, Teachers, College. Play pro golf, People, athletics, "What it is" and "item,""Let's play basketball" x ,, il T yr ELIZABETH AN N STIVERS IIM STOCKS Fonzie, Mountain climbing, Sierras, Cross country, Law School, Nutrition break, just posin' for a hosin' MELINA KAV STODDARD Colorado State University, To be happy ROBERT D. STONE That's life in the big city! 'fl' J I of ' ftabia' 3 .. - ae? 3 gf ".xff'ik, I. " 'T -' N.. fi , f rg :I J Q rv . . .I . .. v , Q zxtslxag Y A I- A .lil 7 ,Iii ' FEB. 13, 1975-Harbor High has "' ' ' fl: r been plagued all year by dam- . - ' ' . ' , X ' age done to student and school , ' , V "' properties. The latest victim in K 3: B , - - ' I the series of damaged property ' ' , as - 'Q Q rf was Newport's dugout. HI .v .5 V Is s X -,g:p,,,!,,4- , , The attack on the dugouts, X 6- I- which is believed to have oc- Z ii A - ',' '- 'I curred sometime prior to Christ- fii' ' mas vacation, included the 11 A l breaking off ol portions of the I I 'Q - benches, the twisting of wire A ' -1- " ' N-1'if"21f5' 'iii - 'A fences, and painting ol words r onthe walls. STEVE I-MARK STONE DAN WILLIAM STRAINA DUNCAN STRAUSS BRENDA STROUP Brian Sergon Rick Wakeman, Partying, Any Holden Caulfield, Say the secret Mom and Dad Mark Farner WW place with Pam, Coach Pizzica, word and win an extra 100 Plumbing contractor, Good by dollars to the good old mom jokes 1 I I 4 , I f 5, 6- n A, E -Ja I i , I 1, i ' M ' I L ,lr - I I CHRIS STURNIOLO LoRI SWAFFORD KEVIN I. swmiev PHILLIP TAHARA BRIAN TRAcEv mms roMMv T. TAR My Mom and Dad, Concerts, Motorcycle riding, Colorado Groucho Marx, Travel, Parents, Lake Tahoe, Mr. Lania S. USwhiffing team, On Aquaman, Getting tubed, Any parties, Back of an alley, All my River, OCC Minnesota, College, "Tell 'em O'Hern, Accountant, Mr, top, Steirling silver, Baseball, place that's wet, lacque Costeau, friends, College, travel, Groucho Sent you" Peterson, 442nd, Go for broke ' Good luck in this total mass To become "one" with the Mhlelicsl G0 fo, ng retain water, "Off-shore" I j H . , . 5,5 f :V Y , Q ' I l I ,ffl 7 'fan f - f: X' ' " ii' f V ' 7 ,:,,.1 'nr K' I 'J , - f are i f L X '42 f.,.w f f AZ , I f ' 1 Yo-37 ,Z ' ' 4 sf 1 1 2 A 14 ,,.,:,.z, ,3 I ' f f--'f r a-h, My " ,. . ,, , f ' X 7 - SUSAN DAWN TARNOWSKE Vincent Bogliosi, loni Mitchell, To be satislield, Meeting Gini and Space, Buggy, Third period sounds beat to me! KEN MALCOLM TELLOIAN My family, Water-skiing, On lakes, Parents, College, Seismologist, Friendly people BETH LYNN THOMAS DONALD ALLAN THOMPSON Dad and Mom, With MF, Keep MF happy, Nutrition on May 15 I think so, may be, yeah? LORRAINE MICHELLE THOMPSON , A THELMA LOUISE THORB Manferd Gundersnott, On the beach, Tiddley-winks, Tiddley Queen, USA, Donny Osmond, Don't tiddle before you wink Is I-ng av' J nu 4-may 'V ,+V uw Qrsvx MORTIMER P. THOKLIVICH Alias "Barnade Bill" Ph.D. in Tower Ascent, BA. in Bull, M.A. in the Porthole, and BFD, Being in the da rk. SUSAN IOY THORN MIKE IEFFREY THORNE Everyonelknow"Where'sthe ln search ol Santosha. On the party" Out on the field To go to Hawaii with DO To own a Silver-Shado Royce. "It's my Bug" w Rolls highway. PHILIP GEORGE TOWNE College RICHARD TOWNE Mom and Dad. Baseballm Mining. To seek adventure. Farming DEBORAH IOYCE TRAPP Parents, Cliff, KC, Mark. Getting restricted. On the phone, "Catch my drift," Hvesn -4' . iv. ly 'V L W1 W V194 ', I j VY .- f,,,,.sA2 . .. x A., f ..-'AF t V ,' A Nz V .f N 4 . il ' iff, ', . .. ff KAREN TRIP? KATHLEEN TROUCHTON IOANMARIE TUCKER SANDRA LYNN TUPMAN PHIL TUPY I SHONA B. TUTT Watching "I Love Lucy" on T.V, College. No one is the "best" if Syd Reynolos. Surfing, limi Hendrix, Mr. Moeller, Mountains. Commercial Artist. everyone is an individual. volleyball. Mexico. SM and DY. BSMA. C Summer Field Studies. To surf and not get rousted. AWOO. - . ,,. 'QL 'Ja- 'Yum-f A was www ' no . 735-www ,, .www foam! mfr-vvmawn-a , g, 1 ""!zf,,4,,, ""v""Ce "mph, 423 ea. , 4 1 ,, .-41 91:-11 4' 'W' uf I' .4 7 ag-f X -z-dh 455' ,vypaw 1 4 wi- ? f x LM , u ., ,W . ,aff- ys 1 gil!! f v.4f'4' mm '42 .H f",,",2!Hif'? 5' new A J 1 . , ll ,,,w Jig? ' .Fl "2 ra ., . f 7, '-5, fzfq fi V golf. ....g,.M---055 -??"'ffi'3 as . 'gf , L L . 5' A W :forex -1 x -V.V . , -W , -sf-,se Q .1 . , 4 ..- V. - ' if L - ,. Vvvyfr 1' - '.' Q ag ., ,,, I ,Q W., . m :""Vi' , . V, 4 1 ,31 .. .6 m y , .., vL , .--W-,. Gun-f---,V . , ' I I . port's soccer team this past FEB 28 1975 From first place to fourth place From a 15 0 2 record to 10 5 2 And from a cinch for a position in the CIF playoffs to a doubtful prayer That's what happened to New I week I Due to three "ineligible" trans fers from other schools Newport was forced to forfeit their first I nine gaI'TlES 210 K T ?Sii'2Q,e-,-l'::EL3 ff , : MICHELLE I. UBERT Mom, Grandparents. RULDSZ By the ocean. TOM IEFFERV UNVERT Mr. Marshall. Shappin. Skiing. Walt Binswanger. Dentist-and get rich. lim Reordan. Get Bummed, CHARLY UPTHEGROVE MICHAEL URAINE Parents. Driving. Parties. Father. To be satisfied. Anything worth having is worth cheating for. Z? GREG P. VACCARO 'Prol. and Mrs. Landi . Talking. Moose's bedroom. Architect! Engineer. The students and teachers. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun,fun, lun, fun, lun. ROXANNE VANCLEAVE Singing. Mother. Professional singer. sf? V if Q? Av A ' MF 'V" yi. LINDSEY VAUGHAN Pat Pierce. Scarfing. On the ICAROLE AVELYN VECCHIO .Celeste Piper. Reading, tennis. beach, anytime. Laverne. Make Mountains, My param, To be a Mike happy. The Fonz. Sunshine counseler. Newport Plan, Hi and Granola Logie! ,,,w A , re . 'fs- 'N-f-4-2'. - 1 6 tx N , 'lb s A , sf., 3 Y is M Ili , X fy " Y I ' gl If 1 1- s if I - -I5 -- Y-In W 'E A I X EL I l fx X, N ea 1' R 1 9 t P A, IN X Al X X we 9 t l' N .s J X S t , 0 . l A sw X2 WENDV DIANE VICKERS Anything with adventure, boys, The Islands, Grandfather, To be wealthy and healthy, Hey Howzit! IEAN ELIZABETH VINSON College, Being a flagtwirler KENNA LYNN VOGT My Dad, The beach, My Parents. VICKI VOLK ELISABETH VORKINK My Father, Mom, The blue eyed Markentim V., Lorie Thompson Mafia, and Karen Kilstrom, Temple marriage, be a mommy, Watashi menatao ieshi maso. as 1 Q'53333Ix I X lik t , x 1 n GORDON MICHAEL WAGNER Snoopy, Cartooning, Hanauma Bay, underwater, Vaughn Bode, Material wealth, The MMC and its staff, Ar-ef an eftee. Feb. 28, 1975 - Tonight marks the premiere of one of the most challenging plays for Harbor's Drama Department to produce and one which really entertains the audience as "Godspell" begins its three day run. The cast includes Nova Ball, Sue Deverich, Debbie Elias, john laenicke, Amy Lloyd, Kelly McGillis, Lauren Mitchell, Phil Phillips, Richard Rodriguez, Chris Sippl, Michael Soto and Rob Willhite. "Godspell" is a rock musical that tells the story of Christ based on the Book of Matthew utilizing a modern format with modern stories and parables. 4. W' I I 9 8 1 RON WAGNER My Dad, Surfing, In a foxy chicks arms, Marino, Start my own business, Has to be sex!! Screw roll call. DIANA WAHLSTEDT DENISE MARIE WAITE HERBERT T. WALKER College, Drill Teaml, Spread joy, for happiness is in the giving! S,O.T.C.N.V.C., High in the hills, IT, Travel, Too many. 1-25-74 IENNIFER L. WALKER KEVIN P. WALSH Otis Thorn berry, Pitcher's mound, Babe Ruth, OCC, Pro baseball, Baseball, Till we meet again. .. '4' ,I nv-rv I' ,,j'5. ff Us .Q fl' "Jef 21-fl 62,4 , I' 1" f v L ', U " .U 'Sli 115' ' ,M '12 2 as . Wt: , - IAMES PATRICK WARD, lr. IIM ROBERT WARD WES WARREN IOEL LEE WANDLER LORI WASHBON Theodore Roosevelt, Scouting, Grandparents, Surfing-MC, EK, HB, Work-OCC, Race car lesus Christ, God, Biola College, "Mom", That's the breaks, Pat, In the outdoors, D.Boone, Mountains, OCC, Ehhh. .. driver. , Debi Lawrence, Oh Babe. Hassling Mrs. Alterman. People, friendship, knowledge, 106 rules. DOUG HENRY WEBER My Father, Way too much iammin' I - - - MAY 9, 1975- It's the end of an era. Betty Mann, a campus super- visor here at Newport Harbor High School since 1972, resigned her post on April 11 to go into the Real Estate Business: - In addition to her stint at Har- bor, Mrs. Mann's background includes such things as work- ing as a dispatcher for the Police Department in Pomona, a guard for the sets at Universal Studios and writing scripts for television programs. "I am playing the hardest role in my life, the bad guy,"- Mrs. Mann said last year, referring to her job here at Harbor. fa ,I .M N 457' ' f , S 0-Q ' , I S fa I U!! Q, I I W!! ' Ill ' I ,,c-,,,,, 1 'EIXES 5 '...-1:-.. 23 , in W V , 'nil -w , 1. 5 7- ,ffl . if ". IAMES A. WILLIAMS Dudley Smith, Rugged 4- wheeling, Colorado Mountains in a Landcruiser, Bob Fry, Tearing down the Round Galley BRETT WEHN BMSA, Truck driver ta TRICIA MICHELLE WHITE Mr. Simpson, Place forgotten by time, Grandma, Lookin' for babes, The water polo players, My Mom, Break for a quicky RALPH H. WESCOTT Don Lewis, Tossing the football with my Dad, Brookside Park, Yacht Broker, Paul Canton, "Cut the traps" ' VJ? Q: S ' - Q-41, , .. . , Xi I LISETTE ANN WHITAKER My Parents, Skiing, cooking, BFS III, Home, Parents, friends, Achieve my plans the best I can, BFS III MITCHELL CARY WHITE Brother, Surfing, Beach, Dad, To make il, Water Polo, Ah who tu bed MICHAEL CARL WHITEHEAD Santa Ana College, Taking Fire Science, Fireman Paramedic BRIAN WHITFORD 4237 Quality photographs are harder than. . .to come by IANE WHITNEY Fencing, 12th St. beach, Afoot and light hearted, I take the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me. 5 , . - Af iff ' Y ' ,V ff - 5 , 'Sb , ' ,fl S, ,. N., fi 1 I "kiwi 7 , "' I '5 1 -v A Q af f , 'f' UZ .N Q., Q4 , 4 M H My 4' ,Z ,I 6 ff " JA ff g 1' 'ff , f 'fy ft 4,7 U ., , k , , , . ' iff . KEVIN LEE WILKS If you don't scale the mountain, you can't see the view. But, if you don't like the view, climb another mountain. NIQUITA WILKINSON Horseback riding, Folk Dancing, Mother, To do everything, F. Giroux, B. Fry, God, Learn and Grow WILLIAM IOSEPH WILKINSON Skiing, Beach, Lots ALISON WILLE joe Robinson, Camping, backpacking, lohn Muir, Head for the hills, A few good teachers, "Look to this day for it is life, . ." ,4 I LJ 1? KLYE WILLIAMS LYNNE WILLIAMS TERRI-LVN WILLIAMS TRACY MICHELE WILLIAMS CANDANCE A. WILLIS Chet Holilield, lakao, Iesus james Karangh, Beach, By the water, SR Haig, College, The last ol the litter Christ, R.M.K.L.U. Attending college, Smile, it Performer helps , :gg , , are . , i 'ri Y -" j 1 P .M ,., -1 dk-Y L . ff! CRAIG ALLEN WINGERD TRACY ANN WILLSON CAROLINE ANN WILSON IEFF ALAN WILSON RICK WITTWER KEITH DONALD WOLFE Uncle Don, Water-Skiing. My Father, Skiing, Mother, Photography, hunting, sierra lesus christ, Bike riding, On a shapping Rob wilhite, skiing, with traveling. Las VESBS, SQCTGIBYY, Architect, What you did Nevadas, My Parents, College, bike trip, jesus Christ, OCC, To I friends, Tom Bfadicr Theaiflfal Discover America Tour '72, yesterday creates today's To be successful, God, Live and be a professional bicyclist W0fk, M-0- Bug-off circumstances. let live C I 1 F ' b ,H , , g :xx cf , , , A 2 if ' i 'i Y fi if :, 1 ' f , ' - ., .19 ,. - . ff 4 V T . " fa ji f A1 ' 'K - I HARLA IAE WOOD DAVE STOYAN WOOTERS Parents, Enjoying life, Live in the country, Traveling, Party Hardy DEBBIE ANN WRIGHT Sailing BRETT M. WYATT Relaxation, My Dad, Viva La BUNYA! iii 1554, , . ,,,,, My I 1 Xa. MICHAEL ANDREW YESTER Making money, College, Be a millionaire KRIS G. YATES Ride the wind leave your mind behind, feel the rush of spending time, that gets you high, and thal's why I ride the wind. J, ZF 1 5 7 ff' KEITH IOHN YONKERS Photography, Sailing, "Yonks" h,.,,. IOHN B. YOUNG My Father, Thinking, Mr. Oliver, Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. ff f' A , ,M 1:2 ' 931, Y 1oHN RATHBUN YOUNG MARILVNN vouwo ciiizis MARTIN ZIMMERMAN Father, Draftsman My Father, Cornice at Mommoth, College, be a writer, To succeed S.. -of 2 - ' R 71: ,Ly v L v ' J 7 142. ff, " V ' i 2 GEORGIA LORRAIN ZITTER SEPT. 25, 1975- After 18 years of service at Harbor High, Mrs. Gladys Bonner will retire from her post as secretary in the ASB office on October 17. Mrs. Bonner, one of the veteran members of Harbor's staff, has had seven bosses in her career here. "The kids are nicer this year," noted Mrs. Bonner. "They're nicer every year." Mrs. Bonner said that she plans to do some traveling with her husband in their van, as well as doing some painting. David, Music, Almost anywhere, 1 '-' David, Travel, Newport Plan, Oooops FS3"'s?" W -'var Ka, 'g -My 63-1,99 652214 .cg sim QQ f Q, Q4 - 1-.14 1:4 f +4 f 4 1-Mf'f'iQ?lf mums- K nuts, ' '1 X 1 if ,., ijt. . THE CLASS OF 1977 crosses the imaginary line between underclassmen and upperclassmen status. One can always distinguish an upperclassmen by the way these 'top dogs' crank the ends of their noses in the air, toward the heavens. ln fact, a common injury among juniors is abrasion of the nose against ceilings. Further enhancing this smugness of superiority among juniors is the knowledge that they are responsible for that great tournament of plumes and peacock feathers, the junior - Senior Prom. To finance this extravaganza of ego-trip tuxedos and glimmering gowns, the junior class sponsors fund-raising events such as dances and the talent show, Tars and Stars. Next year these supercilius juniors become seniors, a position from which they can control the entire student body beneath them. 'iff V J , ,, , , ,, ,,,. , -,,,,,,:,, ,,,I - . 5 , ' ,. -' gf .,.f2CZ,,. nw' W ' I f J hr? I y iff me 5 , , x 4. r r ii 5 4:5 ,ge 2 MU A t , ' will Arnold Aabroughy Tove Aanensen Timothy Acton Tracey Adams Sandra Aken Pamela Akin Alan Alberts Kathy Alderler Allison Allaire Mark Allione Ann Allison Terry Alvarez Anne Amundson Gary Anderson Robert Anslow Gwen Antti Lisa Arellanes Cheri Armour Molly Ashe Mark Ashey Douglas Ayres Phyllis Badham Kyle Balen Lynn Ballard joey Balogh Kim Barnard Scott Barnard Teresa Barrenechea Vincent Bartolone Peter Bauman jacqueline Baume Roseann Baurngartner Stephanie Becket julie Bedford joseph Beek jana Beernan Kathleen Belveal Robert Bender Eric Bennett Wendy Bents julie Bergeson julie Bernatz Kevin Bertholomey Kevin Betson Maria Bill julie Bingley Stephen Bird Brian Bissonnette Mark Bixby Rodney Blanton Mark Bogan Brigitte Bordier David Borthwick Eric Boss Lauri Bowman Leslie Bowman Linda Bowman Richard Bradburne Brent Bradford Karen Bradford Myles Braoiey Warren Bradley Michael Brega Ruth Bresson Kathryn Brewer Sheri Briery Robin Broadus Truman Brophy Sandra Broward Cynthia Brown Doug Brown julie Brown Pamela Brown Kevin Buckler David Bunnell Daniel Burton Anna Bushman jon Butera Lorena Calderon Felicia Calle Timothy Campbell William Caneer joanne Canning jennifer Carey jeffrey Carlick Kathleen Carlson Deborah Carpenter Christen Carr Larry Carr Mary Carter z.mmf:z,,,::.f to "'- t , f , -Q ,fs , 1,3-G,r-,W,,,,,1,,,ffl-,m,g.h:y,,-A Annabelle Cave lohn Chalmers Deborah Champlin David Charlton Tina Cherry Nancy Choiniere Ann Christensen Mary Ciaccio Henry Clark Cynthia Clarke leifrey Clay Kristi Cleary Melissa Cockrell lanelle Collin Susan Colburn loseph Cole Matthew Coleman Tracy Collins Running into people, avoiding them, nearly anything can land doesl happen on the way to grab some lunch and head for the square in front of Beek Hall. In seeing the electric guitars, drums, and huge speakers, students' reactions range from "Oh no, not another band" to "Hey, I've heard they'r good", to "I hope they'r not as bad as the last band was." But when the band starts the Beach Boys' "Help me Rhonda" andthe Eagles' "Lying Eyes", reactions change. PEOPLE BEGIN TO "BOOGIE" to the somewhat mellow tunes, and enjoy themselves. 112, as William Collins Salvatore Comito Joseph Conk Cammille Conlin Emmett Conrecode Charles Conway Laurie Cook Malcolm Coombs Christopher Coppen Craig Cordeiro Gail Corse Kenneth Corwin Patrice Courteau David Covina Richard Covington jeffrey Cox Kelly Cox Jeanine Cozad Bruce Crane Suzanne Crane Lisa Craychee lohn Crilly Stephen Crump Robert Custer Andrea Dale jeffrey Danaher Micheal Dann Susan Dasilva Deborah David Wendy Davies Christy Davis "PLEASE DO NOT OPEN YOUR TEST BOOKLET until you are told to do so." And so begins another session of Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests. This test fthe PSATD, is offered annually to all those juniors who dare to have a sneek preview at what the "biggie" is all about - that dreaded SAT test! After struggling to get up in the morning for their 8:30 "reporting time", which incidentally, was planned this year on the morning immediately following Homecoming, some students began to wonder what this test was all about. rugf' ae' at-:WO QS' .e .19552' ' ,,5.,w K-'agp 4 Karen Davis Poppy Davis Kim Davy lohn Defrenza Mark Delancellotti Mary Deluca Claudia Denigan Raymond!Rocky Dennis Kathleen Deruff Ann Detsch Thomas Devick Matthew Dickey lohn Diiullo Denise Deering Beth Doss Wanda Downing Kyle Dowsett Philip Dowty Brad Drage Lyn Duker Patricia Duncan Kelly Dunn . iwanusxm wrs.arnmuaLx..o . N , fa : f 4. ':.-wM.,d!ffg5,, X ,gg A If Mfcjya.5.w:.Wg1f,w.f-nu,-.W ' 'f - Q .,,f1-.-.1-5-W5-+ve mg y ,wav , ' K " A'P-W'-,, 5264 v 3 '-'NG-EE? if4'1f!'32Q:1l-m:,,, V , W ' p.,,i':1wa1kawg,, 42 by : MW A M, zmzmf' 41 A , M ,- ZS I jf! 1 ,f 5 kfwjfzf 656,265 mf f Xi4f2Zf5Z43,56' 1 ' ,U X VWWQ? 0 W ,Q Q ff f I, M , 0 . -Aw., 'f , , nv, :fa , ,aw ,,ffr'4F-'v'2.4f"12'a1W1, eqy? of -5' Q' ' facmvi ' , W 4' fm' Wg ., ..,. W VVVI, . ,-.M- W ,wi-TGZN ff' f?L'32'if',1E1'fifif,Ll!! ,V,. , mlwfzf iW'.'1i2N" ,- "f" ':e.a:,.f1f'iw-E','E,-1fJ"v.,'1:'y'-,:.f 52:15 J ,g,, wicifiw' Y gg-,fm Q,,,?,f ,,',,fg-p.fw':,',' 1. , ." 5 ' 'fs4',ff,,2z,4:Q-'f4,. f- '- ' "'.'w:,g' 'f.' V-.,, I-. '- , 1, 1 V ... 35,1511-1 'Z:"'.ti':ZagU:5f4z',,,p5,fQa75.j.5l'g-" f, f 47 I ww 'MX fhff' ,' ,, f vw 1 - , 'R-7:4E"'Li""f ' f7.'-'11-Lf'z"f'7' - ,,:w,.f," ,' 1 ,H '-,g2wz,'!:.'.!"pf,-1L''w1fL.,i.:-2z4."",f1Y5ir4-1f6fvi4,:'.-1 f-4,4m.:I-.jiiiv-., V, " V . ,f df, 1.1, wr 1 16-' 41, ' , '-3 1-a.'j'sE5Q-,,fg":1f,2Pf"':,j2z,r:2j-Q-J:V. ,fi 2 ' f X I if f ,a ff U In A, H . , ., ffm, Q f P - if' 'IW ' " , Myagff ff wcffwf?-31?42?7?Y!4" W" ' ' ' ' " Brandon Htllis jennifer Hinshaw Kenneth Hlrahara Tracy Hodgkin lames Hodor Karin Hoganson Sheryl Holand Thomas Holland Erik Holsinger Annett Hong Paul Hood Susan Hooker Michael Hoose Kathi Horn Duane Houston julie Hovnanian Christina Howlett Ralph Hulse David Humphrey Eric Hunter joni Hutchison Deborah Hynds Kay Lynn Irvine Ann lshihara larnes lacobs jeannine lager lanine jamieson Carol laness Mike januszewski Celeste lardine Ronda lay Scott jimenez Milena jircvec Rebecca johnson lill lohnston Vikki lohnston jce jones Laurie jones Roger jones Cary jordan Matthew Kawamura Evaly Kearl Gregory Kehoe Marian Kelly Terilyn Kelly Elizabeth Kendrick Diane Kenney Dana Kenworthy Leslie Kephar! David Kiddie Steve Killian Barbara King Kristi Kirkpatrick Naomi Kirschenbaum Susan Kitchens Stacy Klein Marilyn Klinger Karen Knudsen Crew Koleta Kathy Kopp Christina Kotob james Kovalenko Karen Kowalchuk jack Kronstedt Tom Kuehn jeflrey Kuhn Diana Laddusaw Donna Lamar james Landrigan David Lane Michelle Larkin Cynthia Larrick Larry Larson Christina Layman Richard Leach Zenda Leake Lori Leaverton Carter Lee jeffrey Lee Bridget Lehman Bea Lerner james Lewis joan Lewis Lewis Lewis Wendy Lewis Karin Liliebladh Robert Lillycrop David Lindquist Robert Lindsay Suzan Lins john Lirrlejohn lean Locke lohn Lord Carl Lovegren Amy Lurher Karen Lynd Scott Lyon Dana Lyons Hillary Macdonald Frederick Mack Douglas Mader Gerald Madigan Tom Maier Elizaberh Mais WHO S THAT? 'I- "Now that you mention rt she " 2 The king Kevr Buckler rules with a broken tennis raquet 3 Mmmm, Tutti Fruiti" 4 Go ahead Bob, see uf I care loy Marimon Lydia Marinos Devon Marquet Laura Martin Nicole Martin lenniler Martyn Mitchell Massey Charles Massingill Craig Masters Richard Matteson Dawn McDaniel Leslie McDonald Krystie McFarland Melissa McGavran Karen McGillis David Mckenney Constance Mckibbin Ronald McVay loseph Meader Mike Mello Nancy Merrell A HIGHLIGHT OF SPIRIT WEEK, October 20-24, was the UNI- CYCLE RACE. A number of Newport Harbor Students showed their cycle-riding talent by zipping through the quad at re- .,.. ,+, Hz' -4- 5 - -1. markable speeds while dodging trash cans and spectators. The unicycle race was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a 'V favorite of lunchtime activities. 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Q Q- -, 5 , M N' ' . A W X A ' v 1+ -f A L 5's. xi52 -." T'a.2fz.'lffx:.Q.f' ,W- ...M W 7+, 7,7 X -i THE SOPHOMORE YEAR, WHILE OFTEN OVERLOOKED AS 'THE MIDDLE CLASS,' is an important period in the street towards adulthood. Sophomores still might feel like under- classmen deep down inside, but they'll have their driver permits burned before they admit it. After a year of 'lazing' as a freshman, the sophomores are probably the first ones to sell this year's freshmen elevator tickets to the top of the bell tower and are also probably the first ones to send a new freshman to the metal shop when he's looking for the cafeteria. In addition to this air of superiority sophomores also develop an acute case of cra- niuminfatius tswollen headl when they receive the crown jewel of adolescence, the driver license, the wallet size catalyst which transforms a mildmannered freshman into Wonder Wheels! Suddenly the forlorn cry "Do I have to go to the store, Mom?" becomes the breathless plea "Can I drive you to the store, Mom? How about the mailbox? Or a spin around the driveway...maybe?" As these full- fledged teenage terrors hurl and screech their machines through the streets, they grin and smirk as do the owners of body shops. Next year these mature young men and women will cross the imaginary line between upper and underclassmen and will become juniors. Already they rubbing their hands and car keys in eager expecta- tion. :QQ A J, 5 i X. X-N, -151 is i Sys sa. P rf A 1:1 A -f President- Blair Gust I Vice-President - Teri Hausman Secretary - lane Draganza f 11 l . .5 -Q 9 ' 1 his t ' -if . V . sew- l "EQ r, ' 'cf' x i . . 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Mffm, .MM,wfZzf2 ,J f f v vw A Yzfyfjz fi 1 I' 'TQ' 23M 1 ,M A wi mamma Wigfffv 2 ' 25241 T4 1 f' ' ,Q ,- 5 S .1 Y...,,, . mmap Stephanie Foreman Cris Forsyth Kimberly For john Franco Cari Freeman Cindy Frost lulrene Frum Iohn Fry Dawn Fryling Raymond Galantine Catherine Gallant THE NEWPORT HARBOR BRIGADE is sighted each morning at 7:45 by the friendly, local police officer on the Irvine Avenue beat. Those not heeding the Irvine-16th intersection stop sign are additionallycited, This morning ritual has resulted in a number of changes among Newport students: first, there has been a jump in carrot sales as students try to improve their telescopic visiong second, rules of the road are being obeyed more and more by previously cited studentsg and third, the bike shops are enjoying extra profits by those law abiding citizens. 'af' 0 ' . . . - s rib 1 -- , l its-2 ' if l l if , , - ,' , . A1 ,Q i . -5 i - ,M K 2.1 P . A- . X EE: Qt as h-4, V igfffiae " x ygsf . - f f ' - ' X .:.fV:.,s . 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During the first few days of this new 'education' freshmen learn the first rule of survival at Newport Harbor: "Never trust an upperclassmanf' The male members of the fresh- men class are also learning that sitting next to girls at lunch will not necessarily lead to a terminal case of 'kooties,' even if they do get a little ribbing from their buddies. But the dream of most freshmen is to become a sophomore next year. Then, they can sell elevator tickets to next year's freshmen. A Harbor tradition lives on. Q f 4, Z X iq ,Z , 1 ff, i .f r, e W, f aqf: f, , , g:vfgg,-mfr, 1 V ,, ,g 35, ,, I1 X V r 1133 ,, ., 4, ir V I Egg 4 1 L 'oanadams 1 3 L 4 i 2 A 4' ff f 'r -.2 r Laura Aken 7 , I 'V j, ,r ," -V 3 ,I z 4, Mark Alberts ' ' -414 ii' -' are Q i as 1,4 ,, , V '-5 1 .7 I 2 fly? ThadAIexander rim. y ,C W l ,. , " . 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'VWHR1 25154434 --15','C.f-fY1w 2321 f .ff,..-fM4fw'rffW Q , ,, ,-.W,,y7,,L.,,:zQWf'f5f ,,!?s,15?g4Q4f,4f,,f - ,MQ-, 5 14 '2'5rQ-51, 4 n f l . 4 Mg, ,Q . 4-,,W,5?w5Zag'.K,wQ.,w?2Q,V.,gW wr 7-.Mya H I, ,Q W V .,.,,,,,f M W fffwv J QW-3 ,pix ,ff .. J W . M f 'ggi NM QW' f 1 f"ff"W fhiijiffe c 4, vs-hw 'f 'inf ff 1 ff ' M "M'2f'14z ' 7 5 ' " in ,. Q ' 1. . f ,, '- , 7 M of 1, 0 f Mc W , X 5, 4 45, , pr "' J' ww 4 M5 4109-Q ' 'B ' mv' V334 3 V Q-nfs.. ,,.,-52, 19:1 1 1 ,Q L -9-ll--37 .ff-, 14,1 r 54: - 'fr- N - . - . - . Y S5'f-,-4.1 mud, -.4 ff.-' 539:17 ,fd Q., 14,5 ' 4 f uv 'fy - Q ff ff 4:-1 Q , ' WF? -J if f f , , 4 ,.,..,4 , 4 ,.,. -if Q , 1, . i ,, ,f . ' 1 X . ,V'. Lf 1 15,1 'W If i , gl f fa I M Paul McKelvey Lloyd McKibbin Robert McRae Steven Means Lane Meigs Lorraine Mendall George Mendoza lean Merriam Linda Merriam Chris Mier Deanna Mikkelson Elizabeth Millage Christine Miller Ferne Miller Michael Miller Thomas Miller Trudi Miller Randy Miner Beverly Minter Daren Mitchell Katherine Mitche lulie Moffett Maureen Mohr Michelle Mohr Conal Moran Lisa Moran Irene Morihiro Laurie Morris Katherine Muhs Nina Mulvey Jordan Murphy Sean Murphy Preston Murray Mark Murrel Maria Myers Edubina Navarrette Kris Nelson ori Nesti Mark Ngugen Tracey Nicoletti Elizabeth Niemeyer Teresa Noack Susan Norman Marc Nunes Mary Nutten Mary O'Hora Michael Odegaard Burton Ogata Delia Olivas Ianel Olson Kimberly Orahood Amelia Ormerod Corrine Orvis Denise Orvis Robyn Owens Paul Paliska Devon Palmquist Karen Parker Laurie Parker Stacy Parker David Parmenter Betsy Parry Karen Parsons Elysa Pauley Thomas Pellegrini Renee Pellegrino Michelle Pendley Tracy Pendley Wayne Penn Susannah Perkins Kathleen Perry Kimberly Perry Russell Perry laneen Peters Paula Peters Randall Phillips Tina Pisoni Nicholas Pizzica lohn Plaia Christopher Pochatko Paul Poitevent lames Posch Pamela Postans Cynthia Price Melissa Prior Steven Provence Melanie Purves john Pyle Lynn Rebal Kevin Reed Y.. me ,M-sf,-se ,,,f 1 Michael Rego Michael Relyea Heather Richards lohn Richards Steven Richardson Ted Riley Scott Ritsema David Roberts Thomas Rogers David Rohdy Christine Roum lenniler Ruhkala Alan Rushing Steven Ruso Carrie Ryan jeffrey Sachs Michael Saia Paul Salatti Kenneth Salvati leii Schalf Kenneth Schendel Arlyn Schirmer Robert Schlicht Bonnie Schmidt Steve Schmiesing Margaret Schneider Lisa Schone Nancy Sears Donald Shelby Bradley Sell Dale Shapcotte loanna Shapiro Terri Shea Brian Sheps Matthew Shergalis Reed Sherman Cindy Shore Latonya Shull Mark Shultz Adam Sinyltin lohn Slaughter Victoria Sloan William Smiley Alex Smith Amy Smith Brad Smith Bret! Smith Brian Smith Craig Smith Diane Smith Donita Smith leanette Smith Michael Smith Suzanne Sneathen Eric Soderling Teresa Soll Marcia Somers Kenneth South Suzanne Spangler Kirsten Speers Thomas Spengler Marci Spitler Kristine Springer Deearm Springmeyer lan Springmeyer T. Spurlock Peter Spurr Randall Starr Kelly Stellhorn Valorie Stephens Scott Sterling Gregory Stevens Lori Stinman Mary Stinson Kandis Stone Vicki Stoner Rosemary Strajna Russell Strauss Richard Strazzulla Robert Street Kenneth Stromgren Cynthia Stumfall Richard Sturdy Toni Sturniolo Sherry Sundberg David Swann Michael Swanson lon Sweek Cathi Swick Clay Swidler Kathleen Thompson Lance Thompson Leonard Thompson LoriThompson Todd Thompson Carole Thornbeck Linda Thornton leiferyTibbets jill Timmons lacquelineToelle Cheryl Totterer Kathleen Tracy Richard Trapp Charles Turek jonathan Vaccaro lames Valdez Cynthia Vanbruggen Cindy Vancleave joe Vasquez Vance Vitalich lay Voelzke Karen Vogt Wendi Volk Kurt Vonherzen Michael Waite lohn Wandler Rick Wandrocke Mollie Ward Gary Warner Tammy Waters Elizabeth Watson Leslie Watson Christine Szyraiew Clifford Takas Lori Tambellini Vincent Tapager Malia Tate Wendy Taylor james Telloian Lucille Tessers David Thompson Batman, lack and jill, and a cop incognito were among many outstanding costumes worn on Hal- loween for COSTUME DAY '75. Outrageous stunts, ri- diculous outfits and a continuous "Fellin' for 'Raisin"' swept through thecampus. The highlight of Costume Day '75 was a parade of candidates at lunch in the costume contest. Other costumes in- cluded: Popeye, Super- man, African natives and a Ku Klux Klan member complete with cross. O 250 V- , .ww 1 . N- , X 4 . 1 f 5 , Aj V Y . W Aixam- ff Q .imp 'Q 3:91 Z- fA1..:- 1 . N '1 f'-fr'f'n '?,iffffL.:1,- tbgwy, . - 1 nw-Q? ff-, ff:-1.31-gg ,J .f 3 wr '- ,1 J '-,Jef-we-1514 Q' -- Q -- 1- iw.:-,.-2 .. -r. pws-if A V-1 -'lim ' fig K' f --A-15?-' he .32 V 5 w ff ,, ' V., T hgwfg, .,,fv,,h,.' t TL f 'f' gr' r, 1 1 4: W , 4 1 if '. I 9 Q, " 'lY',' , X , .vt ,, f 1.55, nj Y fx 1 ..-1 5' . F1 5 Q '41 NEW X 'Q ' " rt' ."' f l Q" 'N L 1 C 'Nfl-V 4 ff f-22, " 1 ,A fxi I 1 W .1 -f X' 9 -.Kg,4V - "xg .- X1 ,in rl if Q -fv H' A ,Q -: 5' 7 I ug? U vw f- 4, rf-"iff 3+ fi V f' ' WH- HM' ' 1' ' 5 .- " Q ' , T 'YI . . 'H v A ' i f. A u. . V f y',x mn z ' V. k I Y WJ p1,.r I . U Z A I I V FW? " .Qld U ' ' 4' "2 1- ' . I F V ' I , 1 0 ,, J ff f f 1. 1 ' 1235. . ' 'w nu, -Qs fi 's Q Dr- ! 'ef .dp A-W F -xv ff'-ff ff ,A H' Y . ,F 51' 1-ea , 1-',..J, lf, Yrfghr O- u . -ff -' f .- ,.lr- :mi-'f 032, 'N J -2 W.w,,f Ax, uh 2 pf' . Y' . I, 3 . f '???3.G moxfwiav Q, 4, -. R vF'lL:,? ' 4 Each lunch period, secret societies assemble in closets across the campus, these are the social and service clubs of Newport Harbor High School. Clubs let students with similar interests become partners in crime, crimes like that cruisin' craziness called car rallies and the dry-towel scrubbing of club car washes. Local dentists attribute a 50'V0 increase in walk-in business to the never-ending Harbor sucker sales, a Newport ritual which probably takes more class time than the administration announce- ments. Through the money extorted, not earned, from these sales CaIdwell's Gringos financed a trip to Mexico and the Chinese Club trucked on up to San Francisco. To get a taste of German culture, the German Club at- tended the Oktober Fest. To experience the American wildlands, AFS, a student exchange program held a campout for Newport's two European guests. CSF, an academic society, puts aside its slide rules and dictionar- ies once in a while to go to a play or movie in L.A. And what would a high school be without a Pep Club, the club which distributes the chocolate chip cookies of the cam- pus. Each week this brigade of young lovelies saunters out to give the boys' athletic teams cookies and cheers. SONG AND CHEER- N-E-W- P-O-R-T, Newport, Newport, oh, let'sgo! The Song and Cheer Leaders are in charge of generating spirit and en- thusiasm for the boys' sports. The Pep Squads spend many long hours all year round organizing and per- forming pep rallies, and supplying support for the teams of each sport through routines and cheering. Twenty girls and two boys split them- selves between the different sports, but together they plan forthcoming events for spirit raising. Prior to the rush of the football season, the squads attended a summer camp at UCSB. The squads returned with blue ribbons, superior awards, and spirit sticks for enthusiasm! Mums :nw S' NlElLlEAlDIfll2S JIIIQ.. WAI Sll if V Wlfzn .W ' ' C 1Z?L . : ei julie Shoemaker, Bill Buchanan, Charlie Bill, Stacey Kirkpatrick, julie Comstock, Wendy Pothoff. SONGLEADERS-1Clock-Wisel Denise Doering, Ann Moom, Laurie Shulda, Dana Gragg, lulie Humphries, Kathleen DeRuff. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-loanne Gordon, Karen Egan, lane Weddington, Cindy Larrick, Kristen Olson, Stacey Mills, lennifer Martyn. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Gigi Gorman, Stacey Reeser, IFIUUUFA MK GSK cllIElUlAMK C.S.F.-The brains of NH have a fun, exciting club while still studying? Well, of course! lt's Calif. Scholastic Federation. With its main emphasis on schol- arship, the club attends cultural activities-like Disneyland! FLOTSAM AND IETSAM-In strong competition with THE GAL- LEON, NH's literary magazine, FLOTSAM AND IETSAM, was put together in a fine collection of student poetry, prose, and art- work. FILM SOCIETY -Lights, camera, action, and you've got a thrill- ing motion picture! Well, it's not that simple, but the Film Society was able to get 'I2 films for their Film Festival. And all were fantastic! . L f Z Ai ,Q if J-'ff 'ES f 'S l L l l l l L 6 5 1 , f K -.i 1 if ' f l 'fi l if - rw ,J 1- fe Q 550-Q. X 'il'-u If l ' i l l 1 sf l if il Q S 5 x K xxx , Q , 2. w- K t V ll, ' Vx iz in i ' ' ' X Yi l Ill l R 'o 'jf 'it 1 j xt,- i 1 ll ' X l Ili Q J ll i ' li 1 lin, O lll , mit ,I 3 Y if sl lem 'ill 5 r l , ,, uf , J , :i I I, H ,Lg N9 V 1 ' A3143 fill 'l li' ,J i . , 5 ' 1. W 2 " l N ' 5 A itilfi -w x ff Q ' All :lil v A ' NSS llml lil ilu X C.S.F.-Mary Allen, Stephen Babb, Wendy Bents, julie Bernatz, Brian Bissonnette, Stacy Boden- hoefer, john Bradstreet, Linda Butterworth, Greg Dawson, Steve Dawson, jed Dempsey, Ann Detsch, Sue Ellen Deverich, Laurie Dunger, Kim Eckenweiler, janet Englar, Owen Frost, june Gor- man, Laurie Hansen, Katrin Hecht, jennifer Hin- shaw, Ann Ishihara, Milena jirovec, Robbie Kates, Kathy Kendrick, Liz Kendrick, David Kent, David Kermode, Marie Lundie, Liz MacDonald, Carrie Miller, Steve Morihiro, Vartan Piroumian, Lisa Piroumian, Marcel Riem, Keith Robinson, Dave Rosener, Paula Rosner, Carolyn Sauer, Sara Schilt, Robert Schmidt, Pete Shelton, Chris- tine Sippl, Diane Smith, Susan Takata, Raun Thorp, Chris Vaccaro, jane Whitney, Nikki Wil- kinson. FLOTSAM AND IETSAM-Front Row: Mr. Her- ring, Nadine Shepps, Stephen Babb, Ellen Bem- ish, Greg Vaccaro, janet Engler, Carrie Miller, Back Row: Susan Kitchens, jill Richards, Marcie Kirschenbaum, Hedy Hendrickson, Mrs. Glen- non Film Society-Mr. McGinnis, Donna Seng, julie Bernatz, Carolyn Sauer, Bob Bernatz, Tyler Pauly 1 . mm my X lf ll IL M U CIIIEI V A-A W?gWv .grlx i GIRLS' LEAGUE-Whoever expected a fantastic new tradition to start in the dead of winter? Well, Girls' League surprized everyone, especially the guys when they decided to improve the annual Christmas Dance with a Winter Dance Court of the King and five Princes! Girls' League, not only spon- sored a great Christmas Dance, but also a Halloween Sucker Sale and Val- entine's Day Carnation Sale. PEP CLUB-Pep Club speaks for itself, it's purpose is to build the morale and spirit of all athletes. Pep Club members are girls anxious to become cheer- leaders. They bake cookies and paint posters for the athletic teams, and sup- port the boys at games by cheering. wg, b""l4' LX 'E IIIIQILJI " ILIE A13 IUI 5 ...t GIRLS' LEAGUE-Ann Allison, Leslie Bowman, jennifer Carey, Claudia Denigan, Wendy Dennis, Sue Dev- erich, Lisa Grundy, Laura Kirkpat- rick, Suzanne Lins, Liz MacDonald, Peggy MacDonald, Erin Mack, Laurie Matcha, Penny McGarrity, Karen McGillis, Laura Nelson, Cyndi Raymond, Karen Raymond, Marcel Riem, Linda Ryan, Diane Seng lPres.J, Donna Seng, Kay Sheppard, Tina Smith, Leanne Stromgren, Denise Summers, Beth Thomas, Debbie Trapp, Donna Venn, lean Vinson, Brenda Wehn, Laurie Williams, lody Fritz Advisors Coach and Mrs. Scalzo PEP CLUB-Ann Allison, Ingrid And- erson, Cindy Attyah, Lisa Beasley, Debbie Beatty, Cindy Bell, Liz Belveal, Kirstin Berg, Bridget Bord- ier, Tami Brierly, Lori Brittingham, Robin Broadus, Liz Brown, Kelly Brundage, jennifer Carey, Wendy Carson, Michelle Clark, Missy Cockrell, Ann Conser, Kim Con- nell, Pat Courteau, Ima Course, Shannon Davidson, Dedee Davies, Wendy Davies, lanet DeVries, Claudia Denigan, Ann Detch, Carol DiStanislao, lane Draganza, Dana Dubrow, Debbie Dunn, Lori Elias, Sally Escher, Linda Esslinger, Cindy Flinn, Stacy Foreman, Step- hanie Foreman, Cindy Frost, lane Gibbs, Francie Goodfield, Taja Gray, Rose Greyshock, Lisa Grundy, Gena Haddox, Patty Hanley, Kim Harling, Eileen Harrington, Leslie Harrison, Teri Hausman, Cheryl Hehr, jill Holcomb, Kathy Horn, Lori Howard, Mary jones, Rhonda Jordon, lulie Kawamura, Debbie Keberlee, Kathy Kendrick, Liz Kend- rick, Kellee Kirkpatrick, Kristi Kirk- patrick, Gay Koll, Kathy Koll, Wendy Kolvisto, Hanna Krasel, Caroline Krupp, Linda Lamberton, loan LeBlanc, Vikki Leeper, Mar- ianne Leonis, Stephanie Lieder, Susan Martyn, Karen McGillis, Fern Miller, Trudi Miller, Candy Mont- gomery, Kris Nelson, Tracey Ni- coletti, Lili Oberg, lanel Olsen, Trish O'Riley, Renee Pelegrino, Lisa Pedigo, Sue Phipps, ,ff " 5. kqq IDIE ID KEY CLUB-Plague by low membership, the Key and Keyette Clubs worked jointly in a number of service projects. The major ones included a March of Dimes collection and bussing at a Youth Employment Service benefit dinner. LATIN CLUB-There is more to Latin Club than E Pluribus Unum. This year's popular fund- raiser was selling Newport Harbor High School coffee and root beer mugs. The club participated in many activities such as devising chariot races and other Roman festivities. KIWANIS-Trivia, this is the basis of Kiwanis Club. Students are quizzed all year in prepara- tion for the Kiwanis Bowl competition. lt's a great way to gain a broad background in any- thing from sports to history. SOCIAL SCIENCE-No, this club is not social or scientific, but service orientated, The Social Science Club held car rallies and a dance to raise S500 for the big project-a successful toy drive to help needy kids! IKIIMA Nils S IUICIIAIL SICIIIENCIE Q mags 'ks , 3 ..... L L HC.-m gswapes iii?-Ee!! -We ,1 ff ' W fri, J i r""f WW KEY CLUB-Jill Richards, Linda Butterworth, Mikey Huhnke, Greg Vaccaro, Kelly Roberts, Not Shown: Ieff Miller, Chris Vaccaro LATIN CLUB-Iill Richards, Marcie Kirschenbaum, Linn Craychee, Kelly Roberts, Mr. Robinson, Martha Par- mentier, Steve Bruno, Candy Rice, Not Shown: Linda Butterworth, Chris Vaccaro, Greg Vaccaro, Debbie Gritton, jeff Miller KIWANIS CLUB-Dave Kermode, Linda Butterworth, Stephen Babb, june Gorman, Matt Schall, David Kent, Steve Morihiro, Iohn Bradstreet SOCIAL SCIENCE-Front Row: Nadine Sheps, Sue Takata, Linda Butterworth, Christine Kirven, Gordy Grundy, Lisa Sawyer, Second Row: Dave Kermode, Stacey Foreman, Laura johnson, Mr. Moody, Greg Vaccaro, Kate Simpson, Lisa Barkdull, Not Shown: Steve Babb, Barb Benish, lamie Bodinas, john Corzine, Liz MacDonald, Amy Menkes, Carrie Miller, Matt Schall W' M 5 nr " .X IL AIFIIN Ilillfy A.F.S.-NH's American Field Service Club was proud to host two Exchan e Students, Gabi Ahnert ani Lotta Hogland. The club started out enthu- siastically with a weekend campout and ended with even more excitement after holding an "International Day" for otherforeigners! CHINESE-This club might not have raised enough money to go to China, but they did make it to San Francisco for the Chinese New Year! And thatis exciting! MATH AND SCIENCE-With the purpose of learning about different math and science related fields, the club at- tended USC's Engineering Day. Xt ll-1 IINIESIE I. IE, 3 S xl I L AFS-G.Ahnert, S.Bodenhoefer, L. Butterworth, D.Gritton, A.Hanley, A.Hinshaw, I. and 1.Howe, L.Hog- Iund, M.Huhnke, L.lohnson, L. and P.MacDonald, j. and L.MilIer, M. Parmentier, 1.Richards, K.Roberts, R.Thorpe, C., G. and l.Vaccaro, M. Wray, D.Winaker CHINESE-Front Row: I.Sheppard, M.Mohr, C.Kerr Back Row: 1. Ritch, T.WaIl, W.Davies, M.Mau- liver, B.lohnson, Llager, L.Mac- Gregor, C.lardine, M.Odegard, K. Helfrich MATH AND SCIENCE-R.Kates, Lips, K.Wilks, S.Babb, L.BarkduIl, R.Thorpe, G.Vaccaro, L.Butter- worth, S.Bruno, S.Morihiro, j.Brad- street, O.Frost, K.Robinson, G. Scott, T.lones, M.OIdman, S.Dukes l f x M IH as sfclllm-CIE L 2 263 CALDWELUS GRlNGOS- English? French? Italian? No, but try Spanish. Named after Senor Caldwell, this club is actually his Spanish 5-6 class. Although the main objective of this class is to learn the spanish language, the club spent all year rais- ing money for an exciting trip to Mexico. But muc more exciting than the fund raising was the actual trip itself-to Guadalajara! FRENCH AND GERMAN- These two language clubs are for those students learn- ing either french or german and who want to learn more about the French or Ger- man culture-in a fun way! 'EIEIDMMXN x - I I l AlLlDX VIEILIL' EIIQIINE D N x 1 6 Ns lil -9 li d 1 ' I A1 l i. CALDWELL'S GRINGOS- Sr. Caldwell, Art Hansen, Kathy McBrian, Ralph Schwalbe, Karen Lind, loan Lewis, Diana Sturtevant, loanne Gordan, Paul Hood, Terry Soderling, Diane Kenny, Tina Kotob, Kirsten Berg, Dana Van Diver, Mark Buc- canan, Louis Lewis, Tim Con- lin, Mark Maxwell FRENCH-Front Row, Ann Detsch, Mr. Gentile, Christy jones, Missy Beechner, Lisa Sloan, Back Row, Carolyn Sauer, Brenda Bayliss, Tab- itha Hasin, julie Bernatz, Pat Corteau, Lisa Grundy, Mary Nutten, Brad Stemm, Bob Bernatz, Vartan Pirou- mian GERMAN-Lois Marshall, Dav- id Marshall, Ed Brejfus, Rich- ard Heryford, Steve Morihiro Marcel Riem, Tyler Pauly by-1 IFIDIEN IH II3lEAX'UUN JTIAIFIF I! Good-bye, Harbor students! The graduating Beaconeers hope your high school career will be as happy as our last five years. We hope that next year's staff will follow our precedent of sponta- neity, creative talent, fine journal- istic ability and outstanding bas- ketball prowess. fEd. Note: This does not apply to our photog- raphy.j The upcoming Beaconeers are already displaying the tra- ditional Beacon knack of wasting time, paper and fifth period Cand sometimes sixth or fourth period when they can get away with it.j And that's the way it is, june, 1976. Good night and good news. QUOTES FROM PARTING SENIORSI jim Ciment:"Like Rip Van Wink- le, I wake up from my four year slumber and say, 'Good-bye, Harbor High."' Bobjohnson: "Good-bye." Greg Vaccaro: "Marcie, how do you fill a six inch hole?" jeff Perkins: "Good-bye, Beacon, I have to go tend my worms." Linda Kuhn: "l've known some birds and dogs who can't wait till the Beacon comes out, and even a few people." Marcie Kirschenbaum: "My page is not O-D'dl" jeff Eichen: "Parting is such sweet sorrow. Yeah! Freedom! l'm all shoock up." STAFF-Mr. Stegmeir fAdvisorj, jim Ciment, Della Robertson, jeff Perk- ins, Marcie Kirschenbaum, Tom Young, Linda Kuhn, Sue Skinner, Gordy Grundy, Dan Burton, Stacey Wooden, Bob johnson, janet Smith, Peter Shelton, Charles McGuiness, Tom Turner, Greg Vaccaro, Kevin Robertson, Cris Forsyth, Susie Yale, jeff Eichen, David Siegel. -ta-if K if a- .l"'i" IEAILILIEUN JITIAIFIF FRAU SCHNUERER- Advisor. IULIE OBERG- Editor-in-Chief, Opening Section Editor, Lay-out Editor, Seniors Co- editor. MARCIE KIRSCHENBAUM- Girls' Sports Editor, Copy Co-editor, Seniors Co-editor. IILL RICHARDS- Faculty Editor. GREG VACCARO- Boys' Sports Editor, Copy Co-editor. BRIAN WHITFORD- Photography Editor, Academics Co-editor, Barnacle Bill. KEVIN WILKS- Cover Design, Performing Arts and Activities Co-editor. KAREN RAYMOND- Performing Arts and Activities Co-editor. KEITH ROBINSON- Opening poem, Copy writer. ERIN HAZLETT- Academics Co-editor. LIZ MACDONALD- Clubs and Organiza- tions Editor. TATIANA STEELE- Clubs and Organizations Assistant Editor. Photographers AMY ALLEN MIKE HOOSE IOHN BRADSTREET KATHY MILES BRUCE CRANE KEVIN STEWART KERRY DUKE CRAIG UNGER DEBBIY GILCHRIST MARILYN YOUNG Staff Workers ELLYN BEAMISH KAREN KOSTLAN ANN CONSOR IANET LITTLETON MICHELLE HUHNKE TRUDY MILLER We would like to extent our deepest appreci- ation to Bob and Beverly Walker of Cameo House for their processing and printing of fine photographs, Brad Bauman for his pho- tographs of Old Newport, ADPL for their football photos, and john Dobrott for his L.,,l.a nn Continuing in the footsteps of our predecessors, this year's Galleon staff has once again produced a quality yearbook. Many long hours were put in- to this creation, ranging from writing copy to seeing what was developing in the dark- room and much, much more, So you see folks, you get the real fruits of our labor-the magnanimous Galleon 1976! Now just kick back and enjoy. Top Row: Cousin Belle awaiting her beau from the plant, Cousin BeIIe's beau, Beau- regard, with his mistress Sinful Sal, Sinful Salgs sister, Sissy and seductive sis Suzy with the South's sexy Sewer King, Sam Spade, Mercedes McDonald, a wealthy Aunt who would like to see her family committed to an institution, Beauregard's kissin' cousins, Penelope and Petunia Blossom. Middle Row: the resident Captain Kangaroo, posing for publicity shots, the three family monkeys, Audra Audible, Peeping Tom and Gregarious Gabby, the Prince of Pornography, and the hidden man behind the shades, Uncle Otis Blossom, Cousin BelIe's father's second wife's children, john Boy, Billie jo and lim Bob, Otis' estranged wife and part-time lawn bowler Annabelle. Bottom Row: Great-great- grandpapa Sylvester Spade, Abercrombie the Ill, playboy and heart throb of many a girl, Captain Kangaroo's Kangaroo, Adelaide, a regular pouch dweller, I. Alfred Proofrock, early ancestor to the family tree, BeIIe's father's second wife, Eunice, the South's "best" Alias-Top Row: Ellyn Beamish, Kevin Wilks, Karen Raymond, Iulie Oberg, Brian Whitford, Marcie Kirschenbaum, Frau Schnuerer, Ann Consor, Trudy Miller. Middle Row: Iohn Bradstreet, Liz MacDonald, Greg Vaccaro, lill Richards, Keith Robinson, Kevin Stewart, Debbiy Gilchrist, Craig Unger, Michelle Huhnke. Bottom Row: Yearbook student after a "dead" line, Bruce Crane, Ianet Little- ton, Plant Manager, Karen Kostlan. ., N i So it is june and we come to the of this year's Galleon pep, and ink we hayecaptured thegij? ,Q QQ, memories of 1926 at Newport' Haitjylg 1' bor. l3Ut,m'ore than a semester endQs1i',"f: ' fQLgI3i,sgIune as Dr. Godshall, our dei- is 1" Ybted mentor for 10 years, is leaving, campus for another in ordeijfhls f' broaden his base,-,g f experiencei JL' After all of his har p conscien- , FIM fo' 'If tud?'I'S' I I I lsifenl ppm at h'5 Year . mf . ' V eff flosed with I I I 11ThQ,,pt prr? g7i5, of High Stu, den, 2-j'5n nd.L one. I am ex-.Q-ff gi ffgf trei i,,, fi oud to have, een your principal. Whenl if ve ,arbor High 'ff ff' Q35 this year, Qwill th-3 students I have51ll!orlcg2i close 'y with in what I feel .lvil s-been a "mutual trust" re- lationship." -Dr. Charles E. Godshall 5 7' 'Z A ., , wwf' I i f f , r v 4 -'ix y 5 g, ,wg '55 "wig 'A'2'M,f 555 X 5 'Q 5'1- -4 I AM . e A, I Q: - I- 3-,W 1 fd. -,f 5 1:4 13 :2 A A A ': 'Q , - '-.if W ,N , Mg'- .55 ' fi? 43 Y- TJ aw ,E .Mmv ,fd , 'J'vl'7?1g f HC .fZ,u'U"5'J,Oij3J1'A' A x Q' Rig-4,x.,.V'q V051 A j . of My p f11-ffJy jvif . A 1 . 1 Q , ,fx f--' ' 'B 1?5Jf'9+' 5?W' ,am ' 'JQLQE 'rf 1' , ,, M I 'wmi f WG - ?5SQ l 2593 ' A 55, ,, .mi v,, mv ,K- 4, , . 'li ' c:,v,V,,5:,5p., 7 fir' kv! .A 71 wx 1, t Q , 'V 1? M ' 72+ .M ' iw , - , 'kwiwm ,V , fxl' iran? 5, .-" f- . -ff: :fffsvf in Z ,- 15,5 1, :sf - gg: 1' j,s,m . ,. 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