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i L J, . + +4 +1 17" wif F ++i+ +, +++++ 4k- fT?ig+ilxly + wH 4' +++ + wk 1+ + ' +A 1!f++wE'giN?4f wktkwEWiMi+i++lJ +4f'w4f4b9fJ'HW.'w+ -If +A- I -if wwf, mm,- ,F if Wa I ' slf +-mffgFK-1- -if 4' fir 'ff 4-Jrslf 'V , if -If 4, 4,34 wif 591+ +V wif Jf uthorit z sage counsel benefits all. The responsibilities connected with heading an active organization are almost infinite in extent and limitless in demand. As Principal, Mr. Joseph Hamblet has been faced with the technical and personal problems concerning faculty and students which have tested and proven him of exceptional capacity. Those who have dealt with him personally have quiclfly become aware of his directness and sense of fair play. His good natured dealings with faculty and students place him high on the list of respected and admired. PRINClPAl'S MESSAGE In fables of old the hero was always c'onfronIed with eer- Iain Challenges which he must mee! before winning the prize he sought, be it the golden grail or a lovely maiden. So it is in our castle on the hill. The gif! of wisdom is available only to him who will mee! the C'll!lllL'lljJl'.Y of scholarsliip, citizenslzip and leadership. Like Ihr' rewarzla' of heraldry, the reward of WlA'fl0IH is well worth lhe efforts necessary to attain it. Josizvn HAMIILET Principal More than all others, the e disciple Mrs. Fay Harbison Mr. Robert Magnusson Vice Principal Mr. Les Miller A dministrative Assistant Vice Principal left: A veritable dynamo is Mrs. Fay Harbison who acts in the double capacities of Vice Principal and Dean of Girls. Efficiently and with calm serenity she organ- izes school activities, assists in scholarship planning, advises in college selection and application, counsels the Girls' League, and with patience and understand- ing, guides in solving the many problems of the girls at Newport. right: Today, when new horizons are expanding in the fields of occupational and social counselling, Mr. Robert Magnusson is demonstrating his qualififations with the careful counselling of our students. Because of his perception and tolerance, he is sought out by those encountering the questions and problems which so often arise during the high school years. His advice is desired and needed, and he has become an integral part of our school. below: As assistant to the District Superintendent, Mr. Les Miller is involved in details of budget, personnel, and scheduling. His captivating sincerity and evident efficiency are two of the attributes which make him an immediate favorite among his associates, both adult and adolescent. Mr. Miller will be principal of the new Costa Mesa High School. nfluence the formal education of outh Using his special powers, the Prince of Fortune gave to each of the Good Rulers of the Domain a special gift. The teachers herein tell of their wonderful wishes that came true: Tl Miss MARTHA HAWKINS . . . the fortune of a good education, good friends, and a good profession. MR. WEBSTER JONES . . . learning how to use the slide rule. MR. JOHN ROUTLEDGE . . . the opportunity to begin my schooling in the sixth grade. mathematics MR. DEE CASEY . . . my wife's consent to my telephone proposal. , ' 4 , , 1 Miss ELIZABETH BOYER . . . living in this atomic age. MR. LELAND BECKETT . . . the annual opening of the hunting season. MR. JAMES MILLER . .. twenty-one .straight wins in basketball. MR. ROBERT MONTGOMERY . . . a new classroom in Beek Hall. Their friend hip based on common goal english MR. WILLIAM CLARKE leaving the smog. serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. MRS. MARTHELLA RANDALL . . . meeting Bob Wentz. 18 MR. DANIEL GILLIS . . . MR. ROBERT Wooo . . . realizing f though not until collegej that reading is not only painless, but reward- ing and enjoyable. MR. MALCOLM BUCHANAN . . . seeing the graduation of my first Harbor High class. MRS. MARY Lou STAL . . . moving from the barracks to Dodge Hall. MR. LEWIS PALMER . . . being a bachelor. ey praise and chide for education's sake ++++ +++ +1'+ english left: Mlss ROSCINE FEELEY, CHAIRMAN . . . being born in America in the twentieth century. MRS. HELEN BALLARD . . not being born a hundred years ago. MRS. HELEN HARVEY . . . seeking an education in two different eras of World History. Miss DIANE FRUI-ILING . . . travelling through Europe as a student. MR. WILLIAM BURNS . . . my wife's learning to cook. MRS. CATHERINE HORN . . . each day's promise of a tomorrow. MR. GEORGE BADGER . . . being born with thumbs. Miss ZATHA TALLMAN . driving my new "T, Bird" off the floor. 3 g s ? gg -... . .A 5 I S. A s In piring unto irtuei their peech 5'JSStytSS5556 20 languages H' f Mas. TERESA PATTERSON ' cl-TAIRMAN' . . . having my - three boys. , , ""'f k ,I ' X , . I .. . E, ,I r l , - v. MR. PAUL CALDWELL . . . X exhausting the privileges ofthe G.I. Bill of Rights. Mas. RUTH LE LIEVRE . . . being born. MISS MARY LEE RICHMOND . . . teaching French at Newport. MRS. LOUISE GREISSER . . winning a scholarship to Pomona College, where I met my husband. MR. DONALD KAVALEC . . the day Paul Caldwell left me some space on the blackboard. Q Mas. MARGARET LEWIS . . . liking to cook and having friends who'Il eat my meals. MR. JACK KING . . . vladly do they learn, and gladl teach business MR. LEONARD THOMPSON, CHAIRMAN . . . taking a slow boat to China one summer. MR. CHARLES RANDALL . . . being able to attend college on the G.I. Bill. Miss MARTHA SUE DICKMAN . . . switching from student to teacher. MR. CHESTER WULFF . . . moving to California. Miss DoRoTHEA HILLIARD . . . pay day every month. attendance having l00'Zz attendance at Harbor High. MR. LEROY JlLLsoN . . . marrying my wife, Carolyn. MR. WILLIAM MCLAUGI-ILIN . . . being born to patient parents. MR. JoI-IN PRICI-IARD having my fvuffh period Southern California. English 6W. . . . "pasta fazulf' They guide witl MR. LEE ROSCH . . . meeting and working with some of the fine students at Harbor. MR. JOHN Rose . . . running into a particular Harbor grad at College of the Pacific. MR. WILLIAM BERNAU . . . living and working in MR. MYRON PELSINGER MR. RIGHTER GOERKE MR. PAUL LAWHORN . . . . . . the day no student voyaging to Tahiti last ' ' appeared in the student summer. S O c I a I S t u d I e S court. ords so wondrou MR. LYNNE HUGHES . . . being a citizen of the U.S.A. and enjoying all the privileges thereof. having been blessed with a full head of curly hair. MR. WILLIAM MIDDLETON . . . getting my discharge from the army. MR. EDWARD NEWLAND . . . the invention of the surf board. MR. Goss GRABLE . . . obtaining a position at N.H.U.H.S. social studies MR. GERALD FOWLES . . . wise 'l'L'Ufl"Se MRS. MARGARET MAY . . . having the Kleenex con- tainers installed in the gymnasium. librarian I . VX J -A . - "'5EQ.5' Sf' - 'tis 1- Q- ii J MRS. ANTOINETTE ADAMS . . . going back into coun- seling and teaching. fir 1. They mix in mirth ana industrial arts MR. ASHBY POWELL . . . being born in this country. MR. VINCENT HARRIS . . . playing football for deciding to go to college. MR. JOHN MCGOWEN . . . AA Stagg. MR. EDWARD CONWAY . . . being a member of the champion faculty football team. MR. ANDREW OLIVER . . . living in a democracy. MR. CHARLES FUNNELL . . . my dachshund's giving birth to seven pups. MR. ROBERT PERRIN . . . twins! MR. CUTLER DIPPELL . . . every studenfs bringing paper and pencil to class. agriculture outhful plea ures share G homemaking MRS. HAZEL OWENS . . . discovering my husband ek- could cook - - also. Sw O O m u S I C MISS JOYCE ANDERSON . . being born an American citizen with the added g 'J privilege of being a native f "M zgl Southern Californian. W. 1 5 MRS. DOROTHY RING . . . finding a Ring fMr.j MISS MARIE HIEBSCH . . MR. CLINTON SAWIN . . . the decision to present having a fine band and "Carousel" in '56. orchestra. fine arts MRS. LAURA LANE . . . vacations and 2:30 schedules. MR. ROBERT MATHENY MRS. SHIRLEY RICE . . . . . . the Pauncefote developing my six senses. Treaty. Each MR. ROBERT HOUSE . . . catching my first Golden Trout by the tail with a safety pin fage 62. of them with wi dom's spar science MR. FLOYD HARRYMAN making my first million. MR. JOHN ECHTERNACH . . . following friends' advice to become an educator. MR. DUDLEY SMITH . . my C basketball team's winning a game. MR. JOHN JOHNSON . . . meeting the future Mrs. Johnson at Harbor High. MR. K1NGERY WHITENECK . . . fate acting to give me the family it did. MR. DWIGHT DOTMAN . . . losing a football bet and thereby enrolling in a child psychology class. .mae onsider u future man f'if gl R 'I an mx. ... . N I.. . physical education MR. JULES GAGE . . . having boys who enjoy hard work on the basket- ball court. MR. EMIL NEEME . . . having a wonderful wife and two blonde kids. MR. WILLIAM STRAW . . . being able to play in the Faculty Football game. MR. GEORGE HUNTER . . . finding a dollar bill on the beach. MRS. MARJORIE SI-IEA . . . discovering that I+1:1. MISS JEANNE CONGDON . obtaining a Thunderbird. MISS MARY WHITNEY. . MRS. DIANE PATTERSON winning two cases of soup on a quiz show. MR. RALPH REED . . . just too numerous to mention. . . . meeting my "Buddy." MR. DONALD BURNS . . . graduating to head foot- ball coach. ., , W.. A ,,.,...,.. A...--...,.' They dail offer services to please THE BUSINESS OFFICE If thou wishest a ticket for an event Or a small loan, a member of the Business Office staff will grant her services. They successfully transact the school's financial business, managing requisitions to all departments, student body funds, payrolls, and other tasks necessary to keep our school running smoothly. MRS. FRANCES COLLINS, MRS. JOYCE WEBBER, MISS WILMA BLANKENBAKER, MRS. ARLETTE MANNING, MRS. RUSTY HAYNES. MAIN OFFICE E'-' I . Whether it be for guidance or for busi- "'I"' ness, students depend upon the advice of the secretaries in the Main Office, who help them with problems from their freshmon year to their senior year, tak- ing care of all necessary clerical work and sending messages over the public address system. MRS. DOROTHY STILWELL, MRS. BARBARA GRANT, MRS. PHYLLIS HIRD, MISS PAT WILD, MRS. DE LOS Rios, - seared, MRS JANICE WILSON. Q .. ncl august appetite do they appea e. F. .mv . ..f ' f " R 4 , , I lg: M g Y . A5 I 4 5 I gb' 255' 5 if fs Y I , 3: f AE . ,rf y i ,ii Q 1 T . " ' 4, . 1 . It if fi J. ' if 1 i 5' ' ' 1- 't" .2 rw 2. F ffl J .f'tW "' V . r IJ.: cv, Nl .: it w ggri -ft ,QQ mf, . and , Q r fe , wwf W - 1 , - .,.: ,..:, . by 1 g.i.s..e .- fx. ' L . f JE. . .-fr. CAFETERIA STAFF After half a day of school activities, the faculty and students appre- ciate and enjoy the hot appetizing lunches which are prepared by the cafeteria staff. Quivering with anticipation, students stand in block-long lines only to hear, "Sorry, we're out of tamales." MRS. E. UPDIRE, MRS. F. GIVANS, MRS. E. SHARMAN, MRS. E. JENNINGS, MRS. M. CARMiCHAEL, MRS. W. BULLOCK CUSTODIANS Our floors do shine with a lustrous gleam. But more than the wax it's the elbow grease of these diligent custodians, who contribute to the attractiveness of our campus by improving our grounds and buildings. Whether driving a bus or repairing a lock, these great giants of maintenance go about their work cheerfully and willingly. Back: W. FRINK, G. MICRELWMT, J. HARDY, H. ELMER, D. ENSIGN, O. LLOYD, H. MCCORD, M. MAGNUSSON, C. ZELLMAN, C. OTT, R. SHARMAN Front: K. HICKMAN, J. STOLAREK, L. GLESENRAMP, D. MEINHARDT, C. DURLEY, J. NIEVES, H. KING, J. Lmco. Ps ,. lg wmamasswxe sees-fwwsmwwmmwwzw mszonfmwixmwemsm tr ,..,wMgN-M. GALLEY Dost thy appetite respond only to the best the realm affords? What magical flavors cometh from the careful preparation of the Galley Staff. If thou hast not treated thyself with such kind- ness, satisfy thyself at the haven of food and fellowship - our Galley. MRS. M. ELMER, MRS. A. COTTLE, and MRS. W. FRINK. 29 1 , Q58 Classes Thus our Student Body Officer BOB HENDERSHOT When asked about his main inter- ests, Bob instantly replied "Sports!" All four years he was a member of the basketball and track teams. This year he played varsity foot- ball. Bob plans to study civil en- gineering in college and hopes to find his career in that field. He thanks his position as our repre- sentative to the California Associa- tion of Student Councils for giving him a great deal of self-confidence in working with people. JODY LIEB Known by all for her cheerful and friendly personality is Jody Lieb, Secretary of the Student Body. In addition to keeping efficient, ac- curate records of Student Body ac- tivities, she has been active in Student Government, Girls Athletic Association, Californa Association of Student Councils, American Field Service, Tri Sigma, and was elected Zonta Girl of the month. Jody be- lieves that she has learned how to accept responsibility in addition to gaining much satisfaction in being of service to her school. 1 3 2 JOHN HENROTIN "You may all return to your 5th period class now" is a familiar phrase spoken by John Henrotin our Student Body President at the close of each assembly. With un- bounded enthusiasm John has conducted many Student Body activities this year. He feels that his experience in student government will be valuable to his future plans which will include college and a maior in the field of mathematics. lg? l .H ft ead u in friend hip and exampl CHARLES VANDERVORT Whether it be athletics or scholarship, Charlie is equally outstanding. He has been on the Honor Roll and in the Honor Society for four years. An avid partici- pant in both varsity football and baseball, in summer and winter Charlie also skiis, shifting from water to snow with no less- ening of skill. In the fall he hopes to enter Stanford to study mathematical en- gineering. V -ug.-f Q CAROLYN DANIELS Flag twirler and Student Body Treasurer are two jobs that have made Carolyn well known throughout the school. Her win- ning smile has made many friends. During her four years she has been a cabinet member of the Girls Athletic Association and of the Student Council. Caro- lyn believes that her work as treasurer, both of the Junior class and of the Student Body, has given her invaluable experience in student government, which will undoubtedly help her in her personal life. DON REDDINGTON "Protector of the innocent, prose- cutor of the guilty" is Don Red- dington, head of student court. Don, first to hold this new office has set an example of impartial- ity, iustice, and tolerance. When not upholding law and order on the campus Don, a two-time All- Arnerican swimmer, may be seen engaged in one of his major interests, swimming, surfing, or mathematics. 33 O N-...,,-Mwmmk fu-my we' who oum Q :xperience and wisdom came with a e. ri gh! : Van Pomeroy Pra'.x'izlc'nI hclow, left: Duvc Brickncr Viva' Prf'.x'irlz'nI below. right: Kurcn Wagner Sl'!'I'l'flll'xV right: Joyce Alhcrs 'l'1'z'z1.s'1ll'w' fair right: Lynn McFarland und Wult Howzild Slmlwil Cuinzril Rl'f7l'l'.X'l'lIflllfl't'.X' senior class officers Four years can be long or short. Those who were interested in their education will fondly recall the arduous tasks and their resulting rewards. Those who found no delight in learning will take ioy in remembering the friends gained in these years. This learning encompassed many things, from the experience of achieving new scholastic goals to the sharing of group activities. Some of the highlights were the Sadie Hawkins Dances - the whimsical buffoonery of cap- tured men, and mock weddings - the Fresh- man dances and the Sophomore shows. Many expressions were bandied about by the Sen- iors in their farewell year: "Good grief, Charlie Brown," "Push the panic button," "How-va-ya," and "Doll." Most of these com- ments were twisted to fit all occasions. There were the Proms with fond memories of deli- cate lace and shimmering lights. Transformed from the popular costumes of Ivy League, thonged sandals, and sweat shirts, the gentle- men were restless in their dinner jackets and confining cummerbunds. At baccalaureate came the first premonition of possibly losing contact with companions and friends. Then the day of graduation, the sudden realization that the four years here were precious - and truly very short. Th e e Seniors, the unitee I John Albarian Joyce Albers Lynn Allan Anita Allen ' David Allen 'l"': ' Q James Allen ff' Robert Allen Jean Anderson Thomas Anderson Paul Ashby Margaret Andre Thomas Atkins' - f fb :Z ,., ui wg f Y? ,,.., a i f Q s ' ' ' , ....,. - ' -fi' .' E- fr ' -' lm lt: sg. am Fl EQ A fisiiif 'WQHQE -ext. Q Mm .52 l f wif i Xrtisans of the guild Don Babbs Jeanette Baird Bill Ballinger Mona Rae Barlow Arleene Barrett Diana Bass Ann Arnquist Tag Atwood Jack Bath Marcla Baugher Russell Beach Joe Becker have eompletecl 4 Robert Bell Cynthia Beltran James Bento Helmut Beran W l Judy Bone Sue Bonnell Larry Bott Douglas Bowl Arthur Birtcher Betsy Blackmar 'Q Steve Bolce be Q " t Roberta Bolton Sandra Brennan David Bricknc V our year cru ad -G1 William Buckland , f if s ..... Dennis Bush Duane Bontekoe Allen Boris Sally Bragg Lora Braze Joan Bush x ' . A -nn. S Sharon Briggs Dennis Brown Susan Brown Nancy Bryant Peggy Bush fra X gl John Calnon Diane Canfield Lani Cannizzo Linda Cannon Mike Carden Alden Carney Sybil Carney Lester Carr along the path David Carroll Colleen Carter Yvonne Chavis Janet Cheney .N 3 af learning Margaret Crane Ann Chisholm Ronald Christensen lancy Chamberlain Linda Childers :gh ai Bernie Claus Sandra Coleman Craig Cordrey Merlin Couch Dick Cox Jack Crandall They share Barry Crawford Lee Crissell Doris Crossley Dennis Dalebout Marcia Davis Mary Lee Davi Robert De Jong Mary Delphini Terry Dallas Charlotte Dalton Carolyn Daniel Marlene Daniel Virginia Dixon Nancy Dougla: e dreams -qu -W 'ii .i f on- if 1. 0. , gy ,rx mf R E f Gary Deem Georgia Dingcr Barbara Dorkin Carol Elmer David Emmes Camilla de Gaston Judith Dixon Joan Farquhar 2 L1 Mary Dudley Brenda Elford Dan Ellis C iii. , ,. harlcs Farwell 'Nbr 5 5 Diane Featherston David Feinstein Richard Fenley Henry Ferry Jeanette Fewell Howard Fisher Katherine F itzgeralu Ray Fleeman which th ' Gary Foell Martin Frost Delvin Fredrick: Claudia Gento mow not the value I vi Jewell Freitas David Gifford ...xv Frank Glasgow Sally Gould Martha Gragg Howard Graham Eleanor Grams Velma Graves Carolyn Green Da rlene Green Gary Green ,,,-.w . Kenneth Griewc Wendy Gruwell Robin Hacker Robert Haig Barbara Hammond Jerry H and Larry Hansen Brent Harrington but striv Helen Hart Leon Hart Hope Hathaway Diane Hawk: L 'QIQ at H Taccoa Hayes Ron Haywar vnly onward fri H2 M S f.. 9' .WJ vlickcy Haskell Gary Haworth 'E . 3 Y' Q William Hatch Bill Hayes Nancy Hennings .lohn Henrotin Norman Hess fdlfnw Mllim ww 'WF' John Hazlett Peter Heikes Robert Hendershot Laurie Hendricks loxnn Hickey toward the perfectio Tom Houston Gene Hubbard Walt Howald John Huber Jerald Hilbert Henry Hill Robin Hill Jerry Hilliard Edgar Hirth Cathy Hofmann Leroy Hogland George Hood f the Julie Hurndall Peter Huycke Sum Jarvis Ray Jcunson Joe Howard Gary Hugo vision Barbara Jewett Michael Johnson Kathleen Johnston John Jordan 1, 'QF is William Kabis Harold Kulluwuy which abide in ther Alberta Kanold Brenda Keeling Charles Keith Kathie Kell Donald Kimble Stephen King Robert Knight Virginia Knigh Harry Kelso Jerry Kemper Joan Kilius Bobbie Killinger Elena Kornilov Chuck Kram nd in their hearts. Nancl Lange Wrlllam Langjahr rtricia Kingsley Patricia Knapp L Lee Koerner Ronald Koren Ann Lardner Tom Kuhry Kay Lacefield Jane Lamb Theodore Lane Barbara Larson Then' Norman Lawson Charles Lee John Lewis Nancy Lewis Jody Lieb Ann Lillywhitc James Linderman Judith Linklater endeavors hav Robert Littell De Anne Ludi Leonard Lope Beverly Lund :et an example Penny Lowe Wendell Maberry James McCullar Marilyn Madison William Mandell Michael Mang Sharon Mann Dale Mart1n Dor1s Martin Joanna Matthews Andrew Mayo their pirit hav Kathleen McAhren James McBride 5 Donald McCand1ish Susan McCarthy Anita McClelland Barbara McClellan Barbara McGeough Jean McQuee1 William Milburn Linda Miller James McCoy Lynn McFarland Beverly Moores Evelyn Morelane eft an imprint: f-K s Ruth Moser D' 6 V, X1 A " Bert Myers Gerald McRae Jay Mika Thalia Miller Phyllis Milum Judi Nealy Naomi Morgan Rodney Moritz Glenn Morrison Margaret Morrison Jack Newbury Stephen Oquist Lyell Paff V Lorene Nowak Lee O,Neal Richard Palaferri their fraternit ha Jacque Palmer Joan Papke Harlan Pauley Ward Pearce :reated a bonds Ray Pickens Joan Patterson George Pcsenti Betty Piper Tom Patterson Howard Petersen Q xl 3 it as , V, i fe Henry Pirtle Van Pomeroy Ed Pope Bill Potts Alice Pridham Carole Putman Michael Ragan Wade Randall Ruth Ann Ray P t i -wk H :sg N.. "WS A V7 tl! their good am Donald Redington Peyton Reed Gary Rees David Reese Terry Reich David Renaker fg S or fi . N, M i so-'Q' Bob Rice John Richardsoi Andre Riou Susan Renaker Nanette Reynolds Mary Rothaermel Jessica Roberts T' , 'EQ' f Q Ronald St. Clai ionest Workman hip Stanley Schones ..1,. ' .. Larry Schwan "' N z 5 Q ' ' Larry Scruggs I Robert Shafer iretchen Richter Patricia Riley Bill Rodman Elizabeth Rood Jerry Shafer Don Seal Diana Sanders Judy Sauter Howard Schaffner Betty Shannon Constance Seeley R tsl ff f A Q., if 1 in 1 J Q 3 - Q f NR t ,--" 1, at wig y mf swlybuft, - S N Q 1- i W: Marilyn Shooter Jay Shore Dythula Sitchler Barbara Smith Melinda Smith Roberta Smith Shirley Stafford Kristina Stange 4-.lg will bi Diane Swanson Carol Talstra Beth Stanley Mary Stone Charneth Stare William Studl S N 1 i foundation Jill Taylor Henry Stcgman udith Sutherland Richard Taylor Jacqueline Stell William Sturshcrg 55, William Taylor Ben Thayer Jill Thiele Henry Thomas Buddy Thompson Margie Thompson Ron Thronson Jerry Tinker Ray Tompkins ,....q upon which futur Diane Tonne Ellen Tonne -51 a ai D ' fl af- ., "' .., at ..,. .,,iq:,,l L 'X is , , I 7 3 P Dana Torrance Wanda Trautweln Diane Trooien Bob Turner 'QR .Q YHNP ' '40 John Vale Charles Vanderw Betty Vineyard Lanene Vinsol Pat Tuttle Douglas Unruh Adrienne von Ehrenberg Oren Wade rtisans may build i .fa-fy -A f Jerry Webster Johnny Wells .ak 4'i A . Jerry Whitaker Edward White Dave Vaughn o Ann Vinzant Pat Whitehurst John Whitman D .I 535, J -. g: 4 a 2 ' 1 E. " 'iii'-: .' N35 if ,U :lil " 1" 5i'f5"5P ' rgsivgg f' 3 15 ,Q 3' ' F Jan Waggoncr Karen Wagner James Walters Peter Whitney Donald Williams for their success s and attainment Phyllis Winters Diana Wolfe James Wood Judeen Worthington John Williams Marianne Williamson Linda Willsey Judith Wilson David Yeisley Loretta Young Nada Wilson Nancy Wilson Rod Zwiebel Ron Thorx 64 aw . Wal' -1"f"' 1 fi f? AN Q59 S. 2? vw! wx ' . ,B S 2 1 hr H. x ,N S : .. ,K .- ,. if r , L 1.5 5' 5 ? ,.. .SWS K fx few H 'L , Lay 5 . W: K X 5 each of the e a citi en well f' i"""" Constance Seeley Charles Vandervort Robin Hill Mickey Haskell The NINE TOP SENIORS were chosen purely on the basis of their academic achievemer Their excellent record in high school resulted in acceptanc at such universities as Stanford, Pomona Principia and Occidental. Ann Lardner, the valedictorian, and Terry Dallas, the Salutatorian, were chosen to give addresses in behalf c the Senior Class. They achieved their titles by earning the two highest grade averages in the Senior Class, respectively. Gary Deem 3 Q M-MMM... -M . 'W-:I T? ' ' 5 N, 2 owl i 5 - -Q1-.. , ...uns msnssl:s s1w,sQ: f 'L Q' rpon the artisan platform I l l l Jerald Hilbert C09Lo i A' l W fall 1 a. "Www m...l....w..a....,.m f-ffaff f 3 24 high to sit Barbara Hammond Terry Dallas V - the e Juniors, th C C. 'Qfsfffiiw .5 junior class officers left to right: Dean Ricketts, President Glenda Price, Vice President Maxine Chung, Secretary Paula Echols, Treasurer Diane Lund, Board of Control Ronnie Keeler, Board of Control Back: B. Rich, J. Bonner. Middle: C. Saragosa, G. Dodson, B. Bailey. Front: J. Corfman, V. Bernauer. Back: E. Schuman, J. Russell, D. Hammond. Middle: S. Hughes, D, Goodsell, D. Stafford Front: J. Crum, S. Clark, E, Wardzik. Back: R. Kennedy, A. Yard. Front.' B. Tweddell, S. Childs, J. Popejoy. 68 nclustrious Journeym n, . 1 1 K . xi' R. Baz'k: B. Miller, C. Woodmansee. B. Earle, S. Sehmuck. K. Stal, D. Hogue, D. Corbin, B. Rodman. D. Fitch. C. Marziole. L. Lahodny. H. Shigaki. Front: S. Green, L. Endicott, K. Kincaid. L. Preston, F. Hesterly. C. Clapp, H. Sagud, L. Kem . J h L. A p, M o nson, lden. Back: M iddle: Front: Back: M iddlvf Front: S. Betz. D. Pettit. R. Lisk. D. Weaver, D. Hall, J. Leahy. D. Harshbarger, J. Beard. D. Kimes, T. Stilwell. P. Andersen. M. Walker. A. Carroll, S. Mangan, B. Sharp. P. Hourigan, D. Cock D. Dickason, K. DeLong. R. Daniger, C. Bergeron, G. Engle. D. Holt, B. Selby, J. Hulbert. G, Mann. H. Hayden. S. Moon. L. Lloyd. J. Marx. L. Kiddie. C. Lefever, D. Price. S. Rhone, W. Connell, J. West, D. Smith, B. Brew. S. Telfer. M. Denlinger. A. Musselman, S. Martin, J. Whitney, M. Seely, M. Carr, M. Henderson. 69 la. have admirably accompli h d th Back: D. Newbury, A, Yard, G. Kimberlin, C. Ankeny, S. Rogoff. Middle: G. Queen, J. Griffin, L. Deering, R. Loptien M. Randall, E. LeBaron. L. Smith, S. McCollom, K. Brooks, C. Carney, K, Kaiser, S. Sutterfield. Front: F. Knowlton, W. Royce, R. Smith, B. Bailey, N. Warrum. Back: Middle: K. Earhart, C. Rolland, G. Johnston, B. Clark, Q S. McLeod. Back: Middle: Front: Buck: M iddle: Front: Y. Hickman, S. Deardorff, D. O'Leary, L. Harper, J. Williamson. Front: J. Buck, B. Thomas, R. Wilcox. G. Nack, R. Keeler, K. Snoke, D. MacLachlan. S. Weston, P. Feeney, 1. McCormick, V. Csenar. J. Sibert, B. Studley, B. Osborne. K. DeLurgio, C. Clark, D. Ward, P. Evans. M. Gaughan, R. Griesser, M. Rudell, S. Philp. nost admirable and formidable feats Buck: W. Stone M Scanlon B Macgurn D Pearson B Villagrini B Regan B. Nott. M George R Griffin B Mailloux Middle: B. Banks D Evans P Westttll J Worman N Vernon J Ledbetter N. Ross V McLeod Franz: B. Anderson B Harper C Dawson J Libelle C Smith M Cooper D.Janelunas J Payne M 1-lennigar Buck l Fontius. G. Kinsfathcr. D, Stott Cole. E. Wood. Ollila, B. Montgomery. Purcell. P. Whitefield. Merriam. A. Benstein. Nelson. J. Ary. Fundon. B. Hyden. D. Lomax. Leer. S. Drake. C. Trapp. Brandt. Delgado, B. Martin. D. Haxby Burns. J. Hostetler. M. Nielson Atkinson. R. Gurren. Trautwein. St. Clair. V. Rice Rice. l.. Baldwin. E. Najera. Alharian. D. Hoyle. D. Riley. Cole. M. Bernard. N. Knighten Patterson. Jones. D. Usrcy. P. Sincs. Tamura. C. Moore. Youngblood. J. Emerson. 71 - completing their thin is Back: L. Johnson, G. Cantrell, J. Heaston, B. Von Hemert, A. Baker, G. Roberts. D. Ricketts, W. Franz, N. Bestgen, J. Flickinger, H. Beran. Middle: R Lake, J. Bush, J. Hoag, B, Goemer, S. Stewart, C. Sturtevant, P. Parker, D. McGinnis, T. Thompson, D. Berryman. Front: M. Ackland, S. Tombordo. D. Lund. Patty Smith, S. Gwin, J. Warren, L. Wicket, S. Davis, M. Mercer, D. Wichman, if :iv A i i' as W, 3 I at - , ..,.... ii, . , ,,, .Q 0 fi' ,J J 1 1 ,g , f 3,,n- 7, .........., - R. Featheringill, A. Roesch, D. Swaney, B. Marcus. B. Mills, J. Andrews, J. Dunham, T. Baum, B. Akard. Burk: B. Tomb, L. Lynch, E. Lawless, R. Peterson, E. Miller, D. Schlueter, J. Elliot, J. Hehn, L. Larson. Mirlzllef R. Godwin, F. Schultz, J. Smith. J. Deaver. D. Sheleny, G. Price, J. Blum, F. Davis, D. Moody, D. Smith. Front: B. Weir, R. Thompson, B, Devine. E. Warren. N. Kimberlin, L. Shrader, 72 M. Hammond, T. Hoop, P. Ragan, B. Queen. isnlsmreilsivril f sv: wi mir wmen:um's1: - f ul w . . 'ear of continuous effort lx'f1c'k: F. Smith. M. Smith. J. Arnold. N. Howard. P. Rabbitt. D. Pierce. C. Fitzwater. A. Youngquist, T, Murphy. D. Lambert, N. O'Malley, G. Lineberry. Mifldlv: D. Merkel, G. Berk. G. Sanger. M. Chung. M. McMillan. S. Waidelich, D. Miller. N. Mayberry. E. Robuck. D. Bridgeman, M. Hayes. l"rm11: M. Covault. I.. Ginoux. J, Robinson. M. Andrews. B. Thompson, L. Pelletier, G. White, Sehussler, B. Thompson, J. Jones. W. Phillips. W. MeManigal. M. Coke. Sprich, M. Habel. K. Snow. J. Crank, H. Jacobsen. B. McClelland. J. Hayes. lfrmn: B. Berryman. E. Gustkey. P. Hienz, D. Goodale. T. Garnier. J. Berg. S. Pretorious. G. Stein. D. Sibley. W. Burgess, S. Lewis. Midfllv: Leahy. K. Wedeking. S. Gaston. P, Echols, S. Lyman. From: D. Marsac. V. Verrinder. Swank. G. Porter. J. Monahan. N. Kerh, D. Horn. E. Whitman. D. Erickson. Hy 1 1 Y .1 Te Bi -tJ'i V'f Q .. S 74 with outhful hearts Bark .' Middle: Front: Back: J. Jones. P. Sandoval. M. Carden. S. Simonson. B. White. Front: C. Windham, V. Reich. R. Taylor. N. Phelps. J. Cunningham, J. Glass. J, Quinn. Back: J. Wood, R. Perez, F. Thackery, R. McDonald. F. Burns. D. Pierce, D. Henderson. - From: N. Garrard. D. Hiatt, K. Seiler, N. Maddox. L. Stahler. M, Kelter. Back: D. Hastings. G. Burns. D. Henderson. F. Thackery D. Henderson. R. Langseth, R. Perez. Front: B. Reich. N. Garrard. D. Hiatt. K. Sciler. T. Stahler. M. Kelter, M, Carr. Philip, E. West. J. Haas. L. Scruggs. B. Mandell. J. Bell. D. Fredrickson. Conus. Trusty. R. Jacobs, S. Pope. E. Arey. S, McLaughlan. R. King. K. Olds. Weedon, D. Raines. McElroy. J. Corder. M. Buchanan. J. Hummel. K. Keithley. J. Martinez. Fellbaum, M. Tanyi, T, Cooper. S. Stowers. .fx 3 .BED I1S ' 1 J ' . 5, ' -rw Buck .' ll4irlrllt'.' I"1'm11.' M f . Q f 51 ,Ag .. j A ff . A Bark: . Micldlch' Q5 F I'0flI.' Burk: F rom: .Jn I 5 ' l f , .Y Bark: F rom: Betz. D. Pettit. R. Lisk. D. Weaver. D. Hall, J. Wilcox. B. Welgan. D. Lyon. G. Lakin. S. Davis. N. Bent. B, Milliron. C. Wehh. B. Beecher. H. Laarss, A. Schmidt. B. Schutt. G. Estrada E. Jackson. P. Sandoval. R. McDonald. M. Carden. B. McShane. D. Pierce. S. Simonson. R. Taylor. N. Phelps. J. Glass. J. Cunning- ham, J. Quinn. N. Grisham. C, Windham L. Vinson, J. Jones. J. Meier, D. Hunt, B. Casillas. M. Gragg. J. Tunstall, l. Dalehout, M. Doughty. J. Locker. Leahy. J. Buck. B. Thomas, Harshharger. J. Beard. D. Kimes, L. Stilwell. P. Anderson, M, Walker, Nack. R. Keeler. K. Snoke. D. Maclachlan. Carroll. Mangan. B. Sharp. P. Hourigan. D. Cock. D. Dickason, DeLong. S. Weston. P. Feency. l. McCormick, V. Csenar. fy.. I-.A and purposeful intent O F Back: W. Rice, S. Barnes, T. Andrews. Back: T. Thomas, S. Landess, J. Jones Back: F. Stegman, A. Gardner, J. Neufeld. Middle: D. Bailey, P. Reed, A, Clendenc A. Robinson, Middle: J. Wall, S. Lubeck, L. Kelly. From., P. Stoddard, M. Wienenga, Front: H. Richardson, L. Fortune, L. Beebe. C- COUOH- Back: J . Raines, B. Smith, A. Davis, B. Davis. Middle: D. French, L. MacCarter, S. Haisa Front: K. Romberger, D. Haley, B. Pec Back: B. Crawford, G. Nelson. J. Louden, J . F ron t: Warford. L. Ashby. J. Lemon. B. Smith. D, Carroll, P. Gordon, C. Basting, P. Olson, L. Bateman, L. Headid. These Sophomore , left to right: D -in Bob J ohnson. President ' 'fj1 -. .1-' .,,- ' 5 J John Haskell. Vice Prcwidwrt Y. '35 8 i f an , 1 Pat Fruehllng. Serrelztry 5 I , 4 . "-'f-Q, Bob LCC. 7'rt'u.s'1lrc'r X 3...-' E- ,..:: H. ly Q? ' . X Barbara Lilienthal. Board of Control lg if H' I ' A A A - I . 5, George McFarland. Board of Control E "' A "' ,,'-' ,,,.:. 1 ' is D in ' 5 5 X . :L 5' 2 r . 1 ' A sophomore class officers Back: J. Henderson.. R. Potter. R.Johnson R. Morton. D. Yarnell. D. Arthofer, B. Van Sickle. Middle: C. Schmoyer. G. Potter. L. Kimmel. G. Webb. C. Smith. W. Desenberg. M. Bowler. Front: R. Moore. S. Butterworth, F. Ventura. P. Mailloux. J. Haskell. M. Irwin. C. Smith. Back: A. Davis. A. Abbott. J. Dotson. A. Wilson. S. Tudor. C. Pelletier. Middle: W. Van Aken. R. Yarnell. K. Harris M. Petty. M. Patterson. L. Kemper. J. Martines. lfront: G. Miley. E. Bulwin. E. Gates. D, Helton. S. Wheeler. H. Schatter. G. Rogney. wk: T. Zwiebel. J. Lucas. F. Livingston. J. Carmichael. F. Wagner. R. Stomp. E. Lopez. D. Griewe, 'iddIv: P. Yenn. C. McGann. D. Curley. L. Trantum. J. Henry, G. Askew. N. Jarret,D, Hahn. mom: L. Stephens. B. Peck. R. Troegner. G. Dunn, S. Fletcher. M. Barth, J. Haines,M. Sheeley. A. Ledbetter Back: M iddle: F ronl: Back: M iddle: Front: G. Nelson, R. Woodside, G. Giles, B. Hickman, J. Hayes. E. Seaquist, K. Raub, H. Parker, J. McTague. L. Anders, A. Morris, L. Valenzuela, H. Yorba, E. Ware. J. Owens, J. Martin, T. Vidal, D. Haley. S. Chamberlain, M. Stewart, L. Harper, J. Gallacher. S. Loeffler, S. Fleer, S. Brock, D. Dightman, S. Daly. the festive Foremer M. Reese, J. Delphino, C, Gibson. Back: R. Beauchamp J. Dick. E. Lewis, J. Newcomb. Front: D. Smith, M. Soyka, R. Rogers. D. Netzeband. Back: D. Devine, K. Marlatt. M. Peeler. Front: V. Martinez, L. Lancaster, J. Barth. J. Hamilton. re caught Back: M. Kalash, E. Savage, M. Brooks, S. Hill L. Henry. Middle: B. Nott, S. Pattison, S. Kimble, D. Rothenberger, J. Lundwall, D. Reddick. Front: J. Boas, T. Villagrana, M. Rork, V. Dunlavy, M. Bunnell, B. Erickson. Back: H. Neeper, M. Stewart, K. Haworth, S. Giles. Middle: F. Harris, B. McCay, A. Curtis, M. McCoy. Front: S. White, L. Johnson, C. Carroll, M. Evans. Front: W. Wright, B. Ritschke, C. Vest, A. Brewer. Back: F ronl: Back: Front: E. Burnside, R. Fitzgerald, C. Vining, L. Lee. R. Wilson, A. Guenther, E. Sonnenberg, D. Tucker. D. Jackson, J. Davenport, J. Goddicksen, J. Doughty. G, Baines, P. Lombardo, H. Gilstrap. J. Waters, D. McNutt, R. Flores, F. Munsey, R. Balmer, R. Hoffman Back: J. Ballinger, T. Driskel. F. Boice. W. Connell. Middle: D. Long. L. Compton, S. Eymann, M. Myers. Front: J. Hayes, S. Heck, J. Allen, C. Swim. so by the enthu iasn Back: E. Suchy, B. Ghriselin, T. Cottle, J. Murphy. R. Mather. Front: J. Streich. J. Najera, K. Kittle, S. Westgate, H. Schaffer, L. Vodicka, C. Jaquith, Back: D. Reid, R. Hanson, C. Hatherly, R. Enoines, J. Chase, E. Canchola. Front: N. Bendig, S. Dial, J. Lewis, A. Reynolds, P. Peters. l. Branch. Back: G. Cantrell, D. Drury. D. McDougall. T. Jones. D. Miller. Middle: T. Lawyer, J. Lippitt, J. Bissell, M. Trautwein, Front: M. Price, C. Hyden, S. Smith, M. Connell, S. Wirta. if the future. 'W'9"5f . if 'T v . . -'Y 5 qv -i1Q3jS"iv , .. N" nr Qu. ' - 2 A J . ' mail?" ee -of . v i f . 1. ' A. Valenzuela. L. Post. K. Claus. J. Dietz. K. Harvey. E. Von Ehrenberg. Back: S. Wesley. F. Amhurgey. T. Davis. Miz1'fllv.' P. Munce. P. Clune. G. Tonne. C. Carter. l"ronl.' J. Winterbotham. R. Drew. T. Cooper, T. Hallett Back: J. Oquist. P. Andrews. R. Dunse. E. Silman. J. Weigand. J. Garrett. Front: H. Zamora. C. Remley. O. Bixler. B. Nagel. J. Lawrence. Back: J. Smith. T. Corkctt. B. Whitney. B. Garvey. J. de Jong. Mida'Ie.' R. Shorey. J. Taylor. J. Otis. G. Potter. K. Miller. Front: S. Pomeroy. B. Wiebel. L. Frazier. B. Hanson B. Crow. A. Collins. Buck: D. Fenley. K. Swanson. D. Gordon. D. Feinstein. J. Lovell. D. Bodman. Front: J. Lake. R. Brown. B. Johnson. C. Willey. D. Koehler. .... x. wk They stani Burk: D. Hastings. C. Wilson, T. Clarke, D. Brooks, B. Douglass. J. Niemic, G. Barker, F. Baxter. D. Pierce. Middle: D. Fisher, P. Wilcox. L. Waltz, T. Palaferri, R. Fischer, M. Sheely. J. Hutcheson, M. Yamer. R. Port. K. Tollefsen. K. Forderbrugen, L. Ford. Front: J. Beattie, G. Poteet, D. Darnell, G. Graham, G. Wolverton, M. Harrington, B. Almeida, B. Lieb. Buck: Front: B ack .' Mifffl1e.' Fran I: 8 2 P. Speth. C. Steverson. C. Lieber. L. Bowen. L. Henry. D. Tarnowske, B. Jamieson. D. Bailey, O. Crary, D. Ferrington, T. Cannizzo, G. Gidney. D. Gibson, D. Kornweibel, E. Schuman, J. Willeford, J. Bell L. Hudson, G. Estrada. D. Shohe, C. Casey, R. Anderson. B. VanBrandt. J. Baker. R. Stauffer, P. Bush. M. McClintock, T. Affolter, B. Lilienthal. aiefwwmm x . .45 w 1 11 in msg -em . -Qsx,f: hi h repute, X x. ...Ati . . Q Ah 1.V,,f if , .Wm 4" L.. . fn Back: l.. Poindcxtcr. R. Shorcy. F. Rios. D. Springcr. B. Corkctt. Mifldlv: R. Fclkcr. J. Brcilo. C. Corbin. R. Edcs Frmzrf B. Jackson. D. Larsen. T. Albertson. R. Hill. T. Pctcrman. B. Muzzy. J. Reed. J. Jordon. R. Johnson. R. Swinford. R. Lundy. ls'm'l4: D. Pease. T. Bclford. J. West, R. Carl. D. Carden, P. Mackey. B. Wakeman. R. Elliott. ll4ifl1Ilv: J. Bonner. J. Armstrong. R. Studley. L. Denio, L. Lawton. L. Robb. V. Noonan. P. Ryan, J. Smith. J. Kilius. I'.f'lNIf.' A. Messing. D. Hampton. R. Pugh. R. Green. R. Stedman. L. Vinson. D. Cordrey. J. Mann. 89' Q the qualit of their wor P. Taras. B. Wolff. R. Crisfield. D. Hill. A. Doesburg. R. Shlickenmayer. D. Flory. P. Henshaw, C. Cadwalader. J. Neal. L. Cuthbert. J. Rumscy, S. Spurgeon, B. Bardcl. J. Quinn. B. Reese. J. Hibdon. K. Leieritz, P. Rouhier. C. Francke. J. Hoffman. G. Bruns. P. Kennedy. D. Bellinger, W. Wood. B. Storm. J. Harrold. T. Alcala. J. Montgomery. D. McNamara, J. Walp. J. Gazlcy. S. Tobias. D. Condry. N. Michael. V. Pemberton. G. Hoag. T. Mang, R. Bouck. J. Jaunor. K.Murray. B.Wcnton, J. Kramer. G. Potts. B. Elliott. C. Donica. A. Lehto, N. Walls. N. Fronsman. M. Owens. J. Schleiger. D. Elford, D. Hone. B. Trapp. J. Roberts, J. Bagwell. G. Clark. Ietermining their success s. Back: B. Hemstreel. D. Finn. D. Willms. M. Anderson. T. Briekner. A. Lindeke. 'A Mi1lu'Iv.' l.. Wright. A. Mellor. -is-54 P. Fruchling. B. Barnes. agp K. Phillips. Ifrnnl: G. MacFarland, J. Lewis. R. Jessec. Hughes. B. Dock. ,gng Bark: R. Hall. B. Riches. T. Ireland. D. Hepperle. J. Stucky. D. Phalen. J. Jewell. Miflzllv: C. Dunbar. Waggoner, N. Grisham. K. Ganl. J. Cooke. J. Ahlstrom, D. Fox Franz: S. McNeilly. I.. Fulkerson, M. Hopkins. D. Lewis. N. Breithaupt. S. Heymer. D. Potekin. .. -.:'A ,., D. Guerin. T. Meslon. C. Reich. 'S J. Thurman. W. Gill. R. Peeler. , P. Johnston. C. Lathom. Iff1r'k: K. Geisert. F. Jensen. A. Kellogg. M. Garrison. J. Killinger. F. Brown. W. Watson. D. Bantam. D.Alberlson .WiflfJIv: Wilson. C. Foreman. B. Lippincott. R. Palm. C. McDonnell. D. Harrison. J. Jewell. T. Trimble. I... Davis. Duncan. Ifronl: B. Merrill. D. McNevin, G. Vandergrifl. G. Oster. D. Blount. Singer. B. Ray. R. Rylett. A. Pinkley. These Freshm n, th S ., , '-:" gl:--:Eh A . f N- "-' " ". , ' is Je ":,,' , V W is ',,A -' ., TOM SANDOVAL, President, BOB WARM1NG'roN, Vice Presidentg PATTY JONES, Secretary Treasurerg NANCY MAXWELL and TOM MARKHAM, Student Council Representatives. Buck: D. Merrell, D. Gray, W. Wedeking, R. Juhl, D. Barrick, E. Perez, A. Molho. Middle: J. Prather, L. Waters, M. Hambrook, L. Steller, P. Jarvis, M. Kelso, S. Purcell. Front: P. Featherston. J. Butler, J. Bushling, R. Whitney, F. Shelden, G. Morris. Back: J. Huff, D. Langley, R. Bates, T. Bernauer. Middle: J. Ridder, D. Goodwin. M. Bandel, K. Foster, G. Thomas. Front: D. Miller. A. Stone, D. Perez. Back: M iddle: Front: R K J. N K R P. J. . Lang, B. Ingold, S. Cooper, . Daily, D. Roth, E. Leon. Minney, P. Burrowes, S. Kiln . Gardner, A. MacLachlan, . Stal. . Trenta, J. Schorle, McMillan, L. Yeisley, Johnson. nstoni h d Apprentices, I- Q J lf' Qvb w ral l1'ur'k.' I'll'0lll.' f , s '-.. H ,Lf . 27 Viv' J. Mauser. M. Fitzwater. B. Armstrong. S. Robinson. T. Sandoval. M. Fealheringill. S. Hart. D. Ladwig. P. Akerman. D. Church. T. Steverson. D. Shaw. l.. Rvan. .l. Price. P. While, D. Williamson. G. Paquet. Bark .' Mi1l1llf'.' Frou I .' S. Ward, D. Dunbar. N. Fox. M. Rogolil. D. Hogland. T. Perkins. S. Wing. J. Johnson. A. Hummel. G. Ott. l-. Reed. P. McKenzie. A. Gibson. G. King. D. Swanson. S. Seiersen. J. Warmington. J. O'C'onnor. P. Newman. C. Cundall. l.. Whitney. A. Woodrieh. R. Sloan. K. Bonnell. Haas. V. Grow. P. Lynch. A. Alexander. K. Betz. M. Buford. A. Stanley, J. Jordon. A. Humason. K. Carr. K I W Q ...F i hw A f Em - J.- f "' Z l lo l ie' .-J'f prepare them elve pictured on opposite page: Back: S. Hubbard, J. Carey, S. Dollonger, C. Jones, L. Spencer. Middle: R. O'Brien, R. Grant, R. Port, R. Hachez, R. Schroeder. Front: C. Marx, C. Towle, V. Brown, P. Evans, P. VanTress, R. McShane. opposite page, below: Back: P. Jones, J. Mills, R. Fuller, M. Hammond. Front: D. Wells, B. Jackson, P. Pringle, B. Tritt, G. Greason. pictured at top left, this page: Back: S. Edkins, C. Eldred, C. Page, P. Gaynor, S. Humphrey. Middle: M. Casillas, B. Ormerod, M. Swanson, B. Hanson, M. Bramble. Front: S. Leischner, J. Ullman, S. Watson, C. Yard, C. Gill, E. Hood. pictured directly left: Back: D. Rumble, C. Mauser, J. Baird, M. Reilly, L. Keily, J. Pixley, K. Burbank. Middle: D. Ellis, R. Thurston, J. MacDonald, R. Merickel, J. Wattson. Front: A. Marziole, M. Watts, S. Smyth, M. Shonert, J. Armstrong. Back: C. Norton, D. Hewes, G. Gardner. Front: K. Gettler, P. Giles, J. Wilson, D. Higuera. Back: R. Kirchen, J. Sinkie, A. Jones, R. Perez. Fronr: P. Ludlam, A. Payne, J. Shrader, R. Hetrick. Ol' 3 CEIYBBY, 33 7 lj ' YY' K ,mf Y - !' m 9' :' A ' J A ! nw . 'fa Sf? 5 a Q. Bm'k.' G. Myrick. D. Ehy. R. Kent. Front M 'itllcll P Smith 9 Vnrvrl C' Young I-. Maxwell. J. Papkc. W. Mayiluld. B. Foxlns ni l J. Hulbert, B. Konccl. C. Bostcr. D. Raylc. Ifur'k: G. Gist. B. Sampson. H. Ovcrscn. B. Riggs, B. Hugcl, J. Hchn. J. Pcrcz. Tudor L Rutsnydpr D. Swanson. Miflfllv: S. Smith. J. Priddy. D. Ficdorowicz. C. Bledsoe. T. Bogan. P. Twist. E Shuuluv M C s ll C Ad lms J. Johnston. J. Martin. l"nml.' J. Stangcr. S. Sicklcr. E. Price. J. Collins. D. Willcford. J. Black. B. Klrkpltrlck M Morrison l I lwlu Li. Graves. J. Godfrey. K. Dalton. Q9 -:gf BN SNA? 4 Nh W D9 WV' B' 1... Back: Front: Back: Front: D. Woodworth, C. Hussey, M. Allen, M. Oliver, J. Collins. D. Gault, D. Trap, D. Lourie, J. Potter, J. Baker, D. Beecher. B. Lawver, J. Frost, B. Cooper, J. Hallberg, L. Hogan. J. Porth, M. Hughes, J. Erwin, T. Markham, J. Gage. T. . A ..... Q' Q A X ? rig s . V41 ? learning new ski ff"":ia.-W A Ia.4.'fZ'w,f isa .S xl. K V-f Hg 1. J. McSevney. J. Carlyle, B. Anderson. R. Watson. Back: S. Lewis, D. Price, J. Walker, Middle: B. Young, L. Otis, E. Bradbury, M. Phoenix. Front: N. McClellan, P. Brown, E. Godines. Back: M. Williams, L. Hays. S. Brown, V. Phegley. Middle: D. Supple. B. Harbison. B. Rysdale. Front: P. Kinney, L. Martocchi. nd forging new path Back: Front: Back: Front: Middle: C. Howard, M. Miller, P. Wilhite, L. Hahn. Back: Middle: Front: Back: F rom: S. Nealy. M. Adams, L. Caudell, B. Roa. S S. Brown, O. Fealy, E. Thompson. J. Worthen. M. Marshall. J. Sinon. S. Pearson. D. Harper, N. Atkins. L. Purcell. ' . Seal, B. McCarthy, R. Caya. K. Klafs. C. Nugent, M. Soyka, S. Hansen, J. Thompson. D. Smith, J. Shelden, W. Haddock, E. Gill, C. Evans. C. Coldoff, D. Ewing, P. Johnson, C. Michelson, S. Barber, K. Anderson L. Garcia, K. Berg, P. Weatherhead, N. Ward, J. Laurie. Middle: N. Stickler, J. Richards, Wm. Daunt. D. Greene. D. Moss, D. Riggs. K. Flynn, J. Walker, M. Retmier. to develo "U" Back: M. McPherren, J. Ghiselin, R. Bare, S. Riesmen, J. Guinn. Front: L. Pearce, l. Cistaro, L. Daynard, K. Babson, G. Tough, L. Mossholder. Back: W. Hoffman, D. Sheehy, W. Zuetell, W. Perry., ,auf Middle: D. Clarke,i'B'. Bolln, R. Scruggs, T. Tobitt, D. Popejoy. Front: T. Brennan, N. Hackford, J. Smith, D. Dunn, F. Gillette. eb' Back: V. Chamberlain, N. Cyr, E. Armstrong. J. Warren, R. Mailloux. Middle: J. Fowler, L. Smith, B. Lientz, T. Tahara, T. Herbert. Front: M. Brenner, P. Ostling, R. Greiser, N. Maxwell. Back: T. Kornweibel, M. Price, H. Bell. Front: B. Lace, S. Watson. B. Stegmann, P. Cook. X Back: M. Roesch, L. Hofmann, C. Councilman, J. Williford. Middle: J. Bowles. R. Slater, T. Reeder, S. Hoose, D. Caldwell. Front: A. Rains, P. Gay, J. McCullar, L. Robeson. heir understandin . Back: H. Yorba, M. Mendez, R. Reaume. B. Ferry. R. Kyes. Front: S. Godwin, J. Havens, V. Cistaro, P. Forguson, D. Schindler. Back: A. Daynard, J. Chalk, V. Martine, L. Robinson, D. Peters. Front: C. Crum, M. Purves, S. Henderson, P. Wiseman N. Rains, M. Kabis, J. Hemstreet, D. delong, S. Rice. X R. Twedt. R. Lasley, G. Parsons. Buck: L. Schwartz, H. lngram. R. Stewart, S. Gould. Middle: B. Virgo, B. Haworth. B. Kennedy. Ifronr: L. Allen, G. Romero, M. Peralta, S. Downing. Here they will mee with-1 Back: G. Morrison, G. Miller, D. Cassel. Middle: J. Tracy, D. Brown, M. Taylor, J. Applegate. , W g Front: J. Weber, K. Phegley, J. Mathews. C. Carr. J Back: K. Colyer, S. Leighte, G. Lowe. B. Lucas. Middle: J. Andersen. L. Stevens, G. Flatt. Front: N. Mangan. B. Lee, M. Mayer. Back: B. Hadley, N. Haley, L. Spratt, J. Turner. Front: S. Schussler, B. Callis, J. Miller, J. Belford, D. Copeman. Back: C. Rigby, H. Henrotin, M. Wright, S. Knapp, J. Hobbs. Middle: G. Von Hoffman, C. Fogarty, G. Munsey, W. Rice. Front: D. Pope, S. Johnson, M. Bejune, J. Druck, M. De La Torre, C. Saragosa. . VZIEZPS. .... X - , : I - -. .... '- .... i t s , . I if M -jf' K X -wi f. 2 J. - 4531, J 9,1 ig. I M. G . ffl . V Q - . te is ,zulu 6 1 I .M . Mg - 3 fxs,w . '-:' wg. V - . .... K . Q t E' JF? H R 'ii J 1 3 4' A 4 ' 'mf ' rr N We , is .,... t E ,. is N 4-:"' ll l our years hence Eastman. J. Anderson. J. Basabe. D. R. Rapp. L. Holms. Burk: Middle: B. Cole. D. Gouley. L. Harris, ' C. Worman. D. Kreutcl. B. Hicks. Deveney. J. Smith. C. Newcomb. Front P. S. Schmidt. V. Lowcn. S. Florin. .. . F Q! Back: Mir1rl1c'.' Fran I .' D. Stahler. D. Jacques. B. Shaw. D. Ostraski. B. Stipp. D. McFarland. B. Kellcr. F. Ruiz. T. Feslcr. P. Morgcnrott. P. Hastie, G. Rinde. J. Harbour. C. Rupp. A. Thompson. S. Davis. S. Schneider. A. Garlinghousc, L. La Touche. P. Tohill. H. Hyden. J. McClure, M. Hitchcock, C. Loomis. J. D'Errico. S. Lagerlof, R. Beauchamp. J. Dawson, J. Fredrickson. J. Qucener, J. McAnlis. D. Carswell. J. Canfield. P. Winger. P. Preston. and recount their experiences Back: K. Stanwick. B. Heiligers. K. Brown. J. Hargrove, B. Jewell. Middle: J. Martin. M. Wyers. P. Elsner. D. Kropp. B. Guenther, Front: J. Curtis. S. Walters, B. Fleming. Brick: A. Mendez. C. Pickup. A. Willcut. P. Getchell. C. Fleener. A. Malcomson. D. Drake. Mifldle: T. Hankey, J. Burnett, B. Lewis. M. Pickens, E. Bounds. S. Cole, P. Holder. Fm.-vt: T. Butler. N. Shooter. L. Sachs. P. Clark. M. Martinez, D. McManigal. B. Westerdahl. L. Peters. Back: H. Williams. R. Echols. J. Gesler. P. Cooper. M. Lindstedt, D. Berry, J. Sharp, R. Warmington. J. Stonebuck J. Hulbert. Middle: S. Lear. C. Lile. J. Ritter, B. Paul. D. Albright, D. Meyer. D. Warren. J. Hand, M. McClellan. S. Nelson. Franz: S. Koch. S. Lockhart. P. Stewart. L. Whitman. C. Comardo. J. Fontius. M. Amburgey. N. Garrison. S. Holman. M. Horvath. Time transforms dreams into realit lier R Tweddell. J. Ncmetz. J. Corfmun, B. Kdrgcs T Scott M Stomp S Edney B Perkins Mason C Liwshc. Widolt V Buylies, J. Hohel, P. Peoples, C. Garrison S Av int M Berry D Drake M Grimes Rupp L Cxrpenter, M. Cavanaugh, S. Hanson,K Cookerly K Weldiy J Hutter L Bernird G Vaughn B. Keppen. A. Puff, C. Miller, R. Hass. R. Rivera. J. Miner. l.. Mackintosh. J, Valenzuela.. M. Perez. C. Burney. M. Marshall. D, Peralta. B. Clow. B. Bonudurer. G. Dawson. J. Davis. D. Cooper. M. Regan. P. Jackson. J. Vega. M. Engle. M. Acklund. C. Vermilyu. l.. Seymour, P. Johnson. A. Pupineaiu. 97 Y. Organizations They legislate, that b thei Back: J. Chalk, R. Keeler, Middle: Front: Back: Middle.' Front: M. Bridgman, D. Cole, Howard, N. O'Malley, Yard Taylor, D.Lund, White, A. Benstein, D. Vaughn, C. Ankeny, M Phoenix Lowen, J. Fontius, Hofmann, S. Godwin M. Johnson, V. Pomeroy, Hubbard, A. Birtcher, Peeler. R. Swinford, Brickner, D. Reddick Jarvis. S. Gwin, L. Lloyd, N. Mangan, R Rylett, J. Cantu Carpenter, M. Chung. Hammond. K. Brooks. Carter, M. Bowler, J. Baker, N. Fronsman Fruehan, A. Humason, Members of the Student Council ore elected in every fifth period class to represent the thoughts ond opinions of the stu- dent body. As on odvisory group to the Board of Control, they present current problems for discussion and solution ond keep the student body informed on the decisions of the board. student council egulatlon they shall have order. Girls' League Promoting friendship by providing Har- bor's girls with the opportunity to become better acquainted with one another is one of the Girls' League's main purposes. All girls automatically become members of the League when they enter Harbor. Besides sponsoring social affairs such as the Moth- er-Daughter Tea and the Sadie Hawkins Dance, President Laurie Hendricks and her cabinet did special work, such as revising and maintaining the girls' uniform stand- ards. The efforts of the officers, members and the capable leadership of Mrs. Fay Harbison have made this year's Girls' Lea- gue an outstanding school organization. ,ati Laurie Hendricks, Prcsiderzt Buck Mona Rae Barlow. Lonna Lloyd. Jan Ary. Julie Jordan. Mrs. Harbison. advisor. Mulzllz Nan Reynolds. Maggie Crane. Sue Stewart. Pat Fruehling, Lester Carr. front Lyn Ginoux, Merlin Couch, Laurie Hendricks, Cynthia Beltran. Karen Wagner. U was gp, Don Rcdington . 1' U S' . x 'Y eh N Trish Knapp Mr. Goerke advisor . E Xi E' 'Pilflllm . Q x X X X sq 4 'K vm' 1' A ei' Q -. Bi? f 1 six Q ff: 3- 9 .r NS... A' N. -- s- .ez xx.. E., . . . f s- Mr. Newland advisor 102 Back: O. Wade. D. Lee, J. Wood, A. Canzoneri. D. Gibson. J. MacNeilIedge. J. Mang. D. Emmes. J. Hazlett. D. Brickner, J. Shore. J. Lewis, G, McCandlish. N. O'Malley. Middle: Mr. Newland, advisor, J. Hofmann. S. Renaker. R. Hill, J. Walp. D. Swanson. S. Briggs. K. Harris, S. Fulkerson, K. Wagner, C. McAhren, P. Milum, M. Cooper. J. Ledbetter. N. Doughty, Mr, Goerke, advisor. Front: M. Andrews, S. McLeod, B. Clark, L. Allen, K. Kell, M. Barlow, P. Tuttle. L. McFarland, J. Lieb, C. Beltran, L. Hendricks, B. Dorkin, J. Sutherland. Student court teams reprimanr The responsibility of enforcing the school regulations during the lunch periods is placed in the hands of the Student Court Teams. The captains of each team assign the members to posts situated around the campus where regulations are enforced and order is kept. Back: R, St. Clair, D. Cole, M. Fitzwater, B. Johnson, D. Ricketts, R. Taylor. S. Hill. L. I-logland. D. Reddick, B. Crawford. Middle: N. l-lennings, S. McCarthy, B. Evans. C. Sturtevant. P. Echols. I. McCormick. C. Fitzwater, T. Knapp. D, Lund, J. Albers. D. Featherston, B. Jewett. S. Stewart. R. Eckert. Front: S. Weston, G. Price. J. Waggoner. P. Smith, P. Ragan. D. Drake. P. Olson. B. Bardel. M. Couch, L. Cannon. 1 -1V . .w u t I1'uc'k: J. Haas. J. Wood. J. Hehn. B. Nagel. J.Whitaker. D. Redington. T. Brickner. P. Reed. .l. Smith. D. Sihley. J. Hazlett. H. Kallaway. M. Carden. J. Bento. D. Bowler. D. Bush. Miflfllv: .l. Gaynor. B. Schutt. G. Robinson. K. Phillips. S. McLeod. D. Jones. M. Smith. S. Bonnell, I'll'fIHf.' S. Haiser. .l. Farquhar. R. Fleeman. R. Peeler. A. Wilson. J. Hillard. P. Huyeke. B. Langjahr P. Kinney. C. Munee. A. Carroll. J. Griffin. L. Deering. J. Bonner. P. Smith. J. Hurndall D. Bass. D. Tonne. J. Wilson. M. Kalash. E. McElroy. B. White. nd cause some to repent. l1f11'k.' Mi1lrllz'.' l'rm1l.' J. Vale. G. Burns. M. Mang. T. Davis. J. Bath. G. Dcem. T. Atkinson. D. Berryman. B. Berryman. l.. Bcstgen. G. Hauser. B. Lich. R. Harvey. Hughes. D. Koehler. B. Dock. R. Peeler. J. Eliot. D, Unruh. B. Brew. A. Baker. Waidelieh. D. Marsae. D. McGinnis. M. Downing. MeCollom. l.. Stahler. T. Ross. Haiser. M. Sheely, J. Kilius. L. Johnson. S. Carney. N. Morgan. R. Bolton. z..rbm.i"w x 5. l fn , . .2 J 1 I s Walt Howald Pat Tuttle Doug Unruh Gary Deem 103 Sentrie halt Wanderers of the kingdom The job of cu holl monitor is sometimes referred to as the extra study hall. The student does his homework and serves the school ot the some time. Delivering coll slips cmd absence sheets, and stopping needless wondering is all port of the iob of cz hall monitor. 'I04 ,mmm Back: P. Heikes. J. Schones. R. Griesse J. Wells, S. Oquist, B von Hem- ert, M. Jones, B. Buckland, D. Bonaka, B. Rice. R. Taylor, G, Morrison, L. Hanson, G. Hubbard. Middle: M. George, J. Hulbert, D. Riley, M. Sheeley, M. Bonnell. S.Nealy L. Allen, J, Pomeroy, M. Morri son, J. Cheney, S. McCollom, I Smith. C. Daniel, S. Mangan, B. Rodman. Front: J. Niemiec, P. Ragan, C. Cortes S. McNeilly, L, Waltze, B. Bardel, J. Smith. J. Waggonel K. Kell, J. Anderson, N. Mangai C. Beltran, S. Philp. Back: P. Stoddard, C. Ankeny. K. Olds S. Brennan, N. Bryant. D. Red dington, J, Farquhar, K. Kincaid S. Pope, D. Boutelle, J. Arnold M iddle: N. Howard, B. Larson, I. Dale bout, J. Hurndall, J. Raines, L Kemper, I. Drake. C. Talstra, S Lyman. M. Covault. B. Stanley N, Reynolds, A. Yard. Front: J. Hilbert, D. Dalebout, J. Smith W. Howald, R. Keeler. D. Stott R. Fleeman, D. Smith, B. Hen dershot, A. Birtcher. Learning rendered, not by books alone PROJECTIONISTS Back: D. Miller, G. Lineberry. J. Beattie, J. Stoneback, J. Gaynor, R. Stipp, J. Comer, R. Echols, D. Berry. C. Smith. Middle: T. Richards. G. Hedlund, L. Davis, B. Nott, C. Dawson, C. Smith, J. Baker, F. Brown, Mr. Echternach, advisor. Front: G. McRae, B. Balmer, G. Giles, M. Swanson, G. Weedon, J. Murphy, USHERETTES Back: Mrs. Greisser. advisor, B. Davis. V. Noonan, K. Keithley. J. Worman, P. Ryan. J. Bonner, L. Fundon. Mrs. Lane. advisor Front: R. Studley, B. Nott. J. Whitney, A. Davis. E. Smith. When watching interesting and informative films little thought is given to the work involved in bringing them to the classroom. From the time these films arrive they are cataloged and tagged in preparation for showing. The films are then scheduled to time and place of use around the school. For this work one can thank Mr. John Echternach, the advisor, and his crew. Bidding welcome to all that attended the Senior Play, Spring Show and various school concerts were the Usherettes. These Sophomore and Junior girls, dressed in tailored uniforms, handed out programs and escorted visitors to their seats. sg? 105 'W Y In ,. lll' E We Q Honor Society The outstanding academic students at Harbor are awarded membership in the National Honor Society. They hold with pride the high standards of qualifications. Members are rewarded for their accomplishments once a year with a field trip. Starting with a traditional lunch at Knott's Berry Farm, the group this year attended the musical comedy "My Fair Lady" at the Philharmonic. At the meetings, during the year, the members see films and hear prominent speakers. This year the boys have formed a welcoming committee for new boys at school. The students who attain membership in Honor Society are looking toward 'Future education. SENIOR GROUP: Burk: C. Kramer. J. Hilbert. T. Dallas, vice-president,J. Howard. M. Haskell. D. Bush. M. Mang. J. McCoy. D. Unruh. H. Beran, B. Ballinger, J. Henrotin, C.Vandervort. H. Hill. J. Tinker. Mifldlcs G. Deem. L. Cannon. S. Brown, J. Lieb. D. Trooien. N. Hennings, J. Roberts. A. Arnquist. S. Renaker A. Lardner. D. Sanders. L. Hendricks. S. Oquist. FFUHIJ R. Bell. R. Bolton. N. Morgan. K. Wagner, K.McAhren. R. Hill. C. Seeley. J. Linklater. S. Carney. B. Hammond. P. Kingsley. J. Baird. M. Davis. D. Vaughn. Truth is the highest thing a man may keep. JUNIOR GROUP:- Burk: B. Burnett. R. Griesser. J. MacNeilledge. D. MacLachlan. C. Fitzwater, D. Ricketts. president. F. Schultz B. Brew. D. Pierce. R. Godwin. R. Keeler. Midzlle: Mrs. Lewis. advisor. D. Miller. J. Whitney. J. Payne. S. Martin. J. Williamson. D. Lund. C. Sturtevant G. White. G, Sanger. G. Nack. B. Evans. B. Kevin. L. Pelletier. I-'rnnr.' P. Anderson. treasurer. J. Brandt. S. Moon. P. Whitefield. D. Marsac. secretary. C, Smith. L. Lloyd. 106 G. Price. H. Hayden. M. Chung. B. Clark. L. Wickey. P. Echols. .. .1l 1.11.--w. in4..r...1..l 1 A1 - i"i ' visas 5 wld l lirlrkx Wade Randel, Greg Wilson, Fred Munsey, Barry Regan, Glen Miller, Bob Anderson, Dick Harvey, Jeff Smith. Front: Judy Henry, Lillian Daynard, Charlie Burney, Lavonne Hahn, Dorothy Woodworth, Mike Lindstedt, Janice Tegland. Buddy Young, Nancy Lee Rains. The Tar Band Made up mostly of Freshmen, this band was heard at all football games as part of the Marching Band, performed at the District Festival of the Orange County District where they received a rating of Excellent, and were an integral part of the 'l2th annual Band and Orchestra Concert this spring. Section leaders of the band included George King, Glen Miller, Fred Munsey, Nadeen Fox, Bill Collis, and Roxanne Loptein. Grace Carter was the librarian and secretary while Judy Henry and Richard Atkinson assisted in band rehearsals. Iinck: John Kesel. Wayne Mayfield, George King, John Hulbert, Ruben Perez, Daniel Gray, Edward Leon. Timothy Richards, Keith Klaps, Gary Barlow, Don Fronsman. l"r0n1.' Boh Almeida. Gary Cundall, Linda Sachs, Steve Seal, Bill Callis, Roxanne Loptien. David Louric, Grace Carter. Jesse Reeves. ,Q Q. ,.. at 5 -4 , ' , 1 is , lim-k: B. Thompson. G, Huhhurd. G. Hood. B. Villzigrunu. A. Birtcher. D. Smith. T. Atkinson. R. Peeler. Couch Reed. advisor Ifrnnr: M. Haskell. D. Brickner. B. Allen. C. Vundervort. D. Dulehout. C. Bergeron. J. Bcnto, G. Deem. HI-TARS: Formed of Varsity Lettermen, the Hi Tars sponsor and promote athletic activities and general sporstman- ship. One of the most enjoyable events ofthe year was the Hi Tar and Faculty participation in the Donkey Basketball game. They entertained the crowd and filled the gymnasium with hilarious maneuvers and un- expected antics. The next day was more memorable to the participants than to the audience. ot for riches would they forego fellowship TRI-SIGMA: Outstanding girls at Harbor are awarded membership in Tri Sigma, an honorary girls' organization, for their exceptional service and scholarship. Led by Charneth Starege, president, this year's activities have been many and varied: a beanie sale in the fall was followed by making Christmas card books for children in hos- pitals and caroling to the faculty. Each member also participated in the Ground Observer Corps and many have earned the twenty-tive hour service pin. The annual candlelight induction at the beginning of the year and the party with the Hi Tars at the close will be lasting memories for each member. lim-k: G. White, D. Lomax. D. Lund, C. Sturtevunt, J. Ary, P. Whitefield. B. Lilienthul, R. Ryletl. L, Lloyd. S. McCarthy. T. Knapp. A. Lurdner. Mirlrllv: V. Csenur, l. McCormick. P. Echols. G. Sanger, L, Pelletier, A. Benstein, J. Baker, C. Holmzinn, B. Hammond, G. Nuck, R. Hill, L. Hendricks, B. Dorkin. l"ron1.' T. Reich. M. Barlow. C, Talstru, S. Brown, C. Gentosi. C. Starege, J. Lieh, C. Beltran. N. Reynolds, 'l'. Hayes. P. Milum. M. Davis. 9 we iii esAffef A iv Buck row: D, Lomax, C. Sturtevant, J. Ary, N. Bryant, C. Talstra, J. Henry, M. Peeler, R. Anderson, J. Armstrong B. Barnes. P. Peterson, S. Tobias, S. McCollom, C. Hyden, ff C Wh't J Gazli . J. De Jong Third row: K. Harris, J. Baird, R. Hill, C. Casey, M. Rork, C. Hussey, S. Hu man, . ie. . ay C. Gibson, S. Renaker, K, Brooks, A. Yard, Mr. Wood, advisor. Second row: S. Philp, C. Seeley, A. Lardner, L. Peters, G. Price, P. Whitefield. P. Riley, J. Godfrey. P. Jones. Front row: L. Davis, C. Hofmann, C. Donika, P. Echols, T. M Buck: Tllirdf S ccomls Front: D, McManigal, C. Stal, D. Dayton, L. Wickey, L. Miller. cCormick, K. Earhart, L. Robinson. R, Rylett, S. Heck. Tau Rho Kappa With enthusiasm and interest, the fundamentals for a career in education are reviewed and developed by participation in Tau Rho Kappa, a club open to all students with a B average or better who are interested in future teaching. The club's program for the year consisted of many stimulating group discussions on such topics as the Grading System, Problem Students, and Counselling in the Schools. Visits to nearby schools and chances for cadet teaching gave the mem- bers opportunity to become familiar with the career which they hope to pursue. Kornilov. A. Mellor. V, Dunlavy. T. Affolter, S. Eymann, T. Palaferri. L. Lee. J. Bonner. P, Rose. L. Lieber, Nott, S. Dollonger. J. Shafer, H. Ingram. E. Tonne, N. Morgan. G, Queen. S, Rhone, L, Preston. D. Riley, M. Habel.M. Downing. J. Smith. L. Nelson. B. Bordel. L. Lloyd. M. Patterson. K. Raub. L. Keily. S. Schussler. K. Daltor. P. Lowe, L. Davis. L. Hogan. R. Stauffer, A. McClel- land, B. Davis, Mr. Jones, advisor, C. Carroll, M. Bendig. E. B. S. Spurgeon, H. Hyden, L. Spratt, E. Silman, J. Doddy, P, Speth, C. McAhrcn. M. Barlow. S. Brennan, T. Knapp, C. Starege. K. Fitzgerald. P. Olson. D. Shobe, D, Haley. M. Davis. M. Andrews. P. Kingsley, D. Hoyle. L. Allen, K. Kell, V. Lowen. G, Vandegrift, A. Stan-ley, J. Waggoner, J. Frost. J. Papkc, S. McCarthy. D. Torrance, D. Wolfe, B. Stegman, L. Pierce, S. Briggs. D. Carroll. . A 'C w-45 -Q . liuckx S. Dollonger. E. Ware. K. Romherger. D. Shohe. V. Dunlavy. Y. Boas. D. Carroll. K. Togerty. l.. Hofmann. R. Studlex. Miflfllv: Mrs. Griesser. advisor. P. Kennedy. Fleer. C. Carter. P. Peterson. J. Smith. M. Sheely. Purcell. B. Ray. 1 l"mnl.' J. Hamilton. B, Nott. G. Graves. M. Roesch. J. Frost. B. Bardel. M. Kalash. S. Tyson. C. Doniea. J. lXIartinez. Service lub Working with earnest enthusiasm, the Service Club has effectively organized several charitable drives during the year. At the beginning of the year, they were in charge of the Tuberculosis, Care, and Navaio drives. After splitting into two divisions at the semester, the Junior-Senior division had a very successful donut sale. As their final activity for the year, they made colorful scrap books for children's homes. Iimkx S. Hughes. A. Kanold. A. Yard. M. Cooper. S. Rhone. D. Riley. H. Hart. A. McClelland. J. Worthington. N. Vernon. Ci. Price. .Miilflln Mrs. Patterson. advisor. W. Traatwein. Briggs. J. Hickey. P. Lowe. J. Cheney. B. Vineyard. N. Wilson. D. lonne. R. Smith. C, Dalton. L. Endicott. I"rm1l.' A. Barrett. K. FitzGerald. D. Wolff. S. McCarthy. L. Cannon. N. Owens. N. Hennings. J. Thiele. M. Madison. N. Wilson. R. Ray. 59' legs .mx fwuq Q. - lr:-z : n i . Waves and oars transport them afar RADIO CLUB Encouraging an interest in the ama- teur radio construction and operation, the Radio Club holds meetings one night a week where the members are provided with the machinery of the shops. They have an opportunity to investigate the more technical details of television and radio while discussing and solving their individual problems. ROWING CLUB Endeavoring to promote interest in rowing as a competitive sport, the New- port Harbor Rowing Club is one of the newly formed organizations on campus this year. The student members comprise the first high school crew on the Pacific coast, as often they are seen working out in North Lido channel. Periodically they met to discuss their problems and techniques, while they participated in school activities by co-sponsoring the Freshman dance. lidade and sextant tell where they are. Fi? t S S,-A . Burk' C. Fitzwater. F. Schultz. J. Dunham. D. Dalehout, D. Bush, B. Rodman, D. Unruh, G. McRae. H, Ferry, D. Goodale. J. West. T. Garnier. Mirlrllvs Mr. Whiteneck. advisor, D. Stoddard, T. Peterman. R. Keeler, J. Gage, V. Csenar. l. McCormick, D, Lund. P. Echols. C. Sturtevant. D. Harshbarger, S. Lewis. D. Scott. D. Ricketts. J. Niemiec. I"rnn1.' J. Macbleilledge. R. Ruggs. S, Kimble. K. Snoke, S. King. S. Jarvis. T. Atkinson. T. Ragan. B. Villagrana, D. Cole, D. Pierce. J. Lucas. G. Dunn. ENGINEERS CLUB: Delving into the newest mysteries of scientific phenomena, the members of the Engin- eers Club made careful preparation for their future. This year, as an extra activity to build their budget, these future engineers sold blue and white plastic book covers and decals. The successful campaign con- cluded with many durable book covers sold, and with a new student awareness of the fact that this rela- tively new club was really a going concern. SAILING CLUB: Each weekend the members of the Sailing Club can be seen competing in Lehman races at the Balboa or Newport Yacht Clubs. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Lawhorn and Commodore Oren Wade these nautical minded mariners learn new and interesting skills. liurkx J. Minney. J. Neufeld. J. Lewis, D, Redington.O. Crary. J. Warmington. P. Reed. B. Sawyer, T. Corkett. B. Ballinger. T. Driskel. D. Cole. J. Hazlett. M. Peeler. B. Berryman. O. Wade. Mizlfllvx A. Birtcher. B. Warmington. B. Balmer. S. Watson. S. Coke. G. Lee. D. Berryman. B. Burnett, King. D. Gibson. K. Snoke. R. Merkel. T. Kornweibcl,C, Newcomb, L. Ware. lfrruil: N. Bryant. J. Lovell. J. Ullman. A. Curtis. P. Peterson. W. Desenberg. K. Stzinge. Green. K. Romberger. M. Couch. Kilroy. L. Lieber. J. Hurndall. K.Bonnell. P. Lerner. wu 2:f r-f all -'m7 in1 l'I3 With Seven Leagu Boots they visite sf 1 SPANISH CLUB I' xi. I above: upper right: Back: D. MacLachlan, M. Stewart, D. McNutt. Back: C. Smith. M. MacMillan. V. Csenar. R. Keeler J. Warford, L. Schwan. C. Fitzwater, J. MacNeilledge, D. Ricketts. Middle: K. Tollefsen, J. Walp, M. McCoy, B. Von Brandt. L. Endicott. D. Lund. C. Dawson. E. Silman, D. Feinstein, R. Fletcher. Middle: M. Johnson. B. Rodman, J. Hazlett. J. Hurndall Front: B. Barnes, J. Gazlay, P. Zinn, J. Ary, N. Morgan T. Dallas. J. Oquist. J. Hand, O. Wade. J. Weigand, S. Oquist, J. Hoffman. Front: C. Dalton, M. Rothacrmel, S. Briggs. J. Baird, Mr. D. Kavalec, advisor, Mrs. R. LeLievre. advis below: or, D. Swanson. T. Knapp. H. Hart. J. Sutherlanc Back: R. Eckert, D. Hampton, J. Burnett. M. Irwin. M iddle: Front: 'l'l4 A. Doesburg, J. Anderson. L. Compton, D. Pope, A. Stanley, P. Jones. M. Retmier, P. Weatherhead, H. Ingram. M. Hambrook, C. Coldoff. M. Yamer, C. Hyden, R. Rylett, S. Heck. C. Jaquith, P. Rose, M. Fruehan. lower right: Back: R. Kornweibel, A. Yard. M. Hayes. R. Garcia. M. Scanlon, B. Dock, H. Gilstrap. Middle: J. DeJong, V. Dunlavy. D. Ward. M. Carr. P. Westfall, J. Ledbetter, B. Davis. Front: M. Sheeley. B. Banks. J. Williamson. G. Sanger J. Whitney, D. Miller, J. Payne, L. Najera. ei- ither vast realm ..... Q. x 5 . top picture: Back: S. Huffman. K. Forderbrugen. C. Casey, L. Cuthbert C. Carroll. P. Munz, N. Walls. Midflles M. Rork, K. Raub, M. Patterson, S. Pomeroy, D. MacNevin, D. Carroll. E. Ware. From: J. Delphino, S. Dial, L, Lee, B. Bardel, J. Hayes, W. Desenberg. M. McClintock, P. Peterson. middle picture: Back: D. Lomax. L. Lee, B. Burnett, R. St. Clair, R. Griesser J. Berk. G. Nack. D. Trooien, Mizlzllv: I. McCormick, P. Echols. M. Merriam. J, Ary. J. Farquhar. P. Hourigan, B. Milliron, S. Waidelich, M. Covault. From: L. Lieber. J. La Belle, S. Sprich, S. Weston, S. Lombardo J. Waggoner, P, Smith, K. Kell, M. Richmond, advisor. bottom picture: Back: A . Davis, C. Stal, D. Gibson, O. Wade, T. Mang. G. Morrison. P. Tuttle, L. Hendricks. J Miffffla- J. Tracy, C. Hussey, L. Walker, N. Cyr, G. Creason, J. Gaston, L. Endicott. Miss Mary Lee Richmond Front: B. McCay, T. Affolter, B. Lilienthal, R. Studley, Mrs' Theresa panel-Son E. Jackson, C. Estrada, S. Wing, S. Haas. Mrs. Ruth Le Lievre FRENCH CLUB Using cup cake sales as means of financial aid, the French Club is building a scholarship fund for the education ofa worthy French stu- dent. Asocial meeting of the French Club featured a film titled "Travel in France." Under the direction of Miss Mary Lee Rich- mond, they plan, as the last event of the year, a dinner party at The Old Brussels restaurant 'ANISH CLUB: Under the direction of Mrs. LeLievre, the ianish Club presented a Fiesta compar- Jle to one given in any Latin country. Gay xnners decorated booths where fascinat- g articles were sold. Dancers clicked stanets to entertain the excited crowds. ith the money raised by the gala fiesta, ey purchased a record player. Now stu- ents can gain a more intimate knowledge Spanish language, songs and customs. ll5 la.-,.....' .fm ..... -1,a.1.-1- is -1 They reap the bount of eecl Back: B. Hoffman, M. Perez. E. Perez, K. Brown, D. Perez, S. Edney, T, Gilbert, R. Scruggs, B. Jackson. Middle: Mr. Perrin, advisor, L. Holms, B. Johnson, W. Rice, B. Heiligers, C. Bryant, P. Griffin. D. Drake. P. Morganroth, G. Gidney. Front: G, Leeper, F. Rivera, J. Mackintosh, J. Thompson, M. Marshall. Back: W. Royce. E. Vonlihrenberg, E. West, M.Queen, J. Haas, R. Jacobs. Third: B. Hemstreet, N. Jarrett, S. Barnes, T. Andrews, M. Garrison, J. Woods, W. Pinkley, G. Gardner, L. Beebe. Second: J. Cock, Mr. Funnell, advisor, R. Perez, G. Nelson, K. Marlatt, B. Miller, C. Taylor. L. Scruggs. J. Woods. J. Chase, F, Knowlton. Front: R. Jessee. B. Whitehead. D. Thompson, D. Henderson, L. Fortune. D. Bailey, D. Carroll. B. Trusty. B. Shafer, J. Shafer. 1 . Jw own and livestock grown. Will it lllllx ' ll, it Xlglw XL .,l ,. p, -M ,eg X' .21 . 7? lvl V ,.,. ,,:,.l:-J, tw FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: One ofthe largest and most active clubs in Harbor is the Future Farmers of America. These "Agricultural Specialists of Tomorrow" work hard to achieve the various levels of advancement starting as "Green Hands" or "Chapter Farmers" and working to the rare attainment of "State or American Farmer." Who's boss, Don or Bossie? Executive Committee Back: Dave Carroll, president, Mickey Queen. secretary. John Haas, vice president. Jerry Shafer, Sentinel. Bill Miller. reporter, Ronnie lessee, treasurer. "Pete". the F.A.A. ram mascot put his O.K. on Ron's records. 'I'I'1 'Cir BIOLOGY CLUB: lSenior sectionl Burk: Mi1lll1r'.' Front: D. MacLachlan, H. Ollila. J. Barth. J. Stucky. J, Grray, L. Schwan, C. Woodmansee, R. Stedman G Grahim T. Dallas, M. Haskell, R. Kumely. L. Hogland, Mr. House, advisor. Jones. D. Ward, B, Banks. P. Echols. G. Burns, P. Milburn, president, B. Selby, J. Sibert, F Jensen . Parker, T. Ross, B. Barnes. J. Gazlay. Pelletier, A. Benstein. K. Earhart. D. McGinnis. L. Nelson. A. Kanold, D. Jones, P. Westfall B Helden . Garrard, D. Miller, M. Hennigar, J. Armstrong. For these, every season unfolds its own treasur Buck.- Mizl11lt'.' S. f'1I'0Ilf .' Field trips to many places of interest was the main function of the Biology Club this year. They were taken at times corresponding to the current projects in Biology classes. While the classes were studying sea life, the club made it a point to visit Marineland. The members observed the under sea life on display and collected shell specimens on the neighboring beach. Slides were taken and shown at a meeting held during an activity period following the trip. Another excursion was made to the Bird Sanctuary at Trabuco Canyon, where the club contributed to conservation by planting shrubs and helping to preserve the natural home of migratory birds. B. Stone. F. Ventura. D. Tucker. B. Ghiselin. D. Stafford. W. Baines. C. Sherman. L. Ashby. P Stoddlrd , Berryman. W. Van Aken. H. Neeper. Mr. Johnson, advisor. Rhone. C. Carter, S. Briggs. S. Hughes. J. Williamson. J. Jones. J. Brandt, P. Parker. D. Condry l Drxke . Trapp. H. Hayden, M. McCoy. . Whitefield. S, Sprich, A. Reynolds. l. Naples, M.Cooper. C. Dayton, B. Queen. B. Sutterfield J Delphino Kempton, D. Feinstein, K. Raub, B. Gurren, R. Taylor, L. Wright. BIOLOGY CLUB: Uunior sectionl Atwood. J. Bcnto. G. Wilson, D. Smith. S. Deardorff, R. Slater. J. Wilson. C. Wulff. B. Bcuuchimp D Bowlci Bugcron. J. Pixlcy. Gibson. B. Crowe. C. Carter. B. Blount. D. Pettit, B. Schutt, M. Wulkcr A Buictt Wudclich. M. Shooter. D. McGinnis. D. MacNevin. Mr. Neeme.z1dvisor.J. Duinn. Downing, L. Hahn, L. Ryan. P. Wilhite, G. Price, D. Larson, E. Wichman, K. Harris, J. Dclphino S Bisscll Robncy. To obtain a better understanding of human beings and the word of the Bible is the goal of the Bible Club. As an activity the members invite speakers from local Churches and Fellowship organizations. Histor of the written word. Iota Rho Gamma, is a history club, open to all students who maintain a B average in social studies. Under the leadership of Mickey Haskell, president, the club held regular bi-monthly meetings which consisted of lively debates and stimulating discussions on world problems and current affairs, using such specific topics as the reunification of Germany, the Hungarian revolt, and the segregation problem in America. Another highlight of the year occurred on the November 7th meeting, when, with a generous supply of refreshments the group witnessed the re-election of President Eisenhower. The keen interest of the ad- visors, Mr. Rosch and Mr. Jillson, helped make the club's activities a success. Burl. Mr Rosch, M. Haskell. D. Kornwiebcl. D. Smith. D. Stott, B. Burnett, C. Smith. H. Bcrun, T. Dillis S Brcw D M icl zichlzm. Imnt M Smith, A. Lzirdncr. R. Hill. A. Arnquist, M. Andrews, K. Stzinge, S. Gould, P, Kingsley. M Divis J Burd S Rcnikcr. HISTORY CLUB 9 f sr' With humor and concern, they plan for social benefit AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COMMITTEE Back: S. Gould, J, Henrotin, T. Dallas, J. Thiele. P. Kingsley, J. Lieb, S. Renacker, M. Davis D. Redington, M. Smith, R. Hill. Front: H, Beran, exchange student, A. Lardner, M. Haskell, K. Stange, exchange student, M. Andrews The school was fortunate to have two foreign exchange students sponsored by the American Field Service, living in the community and attending Harbor High School. They were Helmut Beran from Linz, Austria, and Kristina Stange from Stockholm, Sweden. The main objective of the American Field Service was to give these two students both the academic and social aspects of our life in America. By placing them on school committees, urging them to ioin clubs, entertaining them with parties and trips, and in general, creating an atmosphere of friendliness, the committee hoped that through association and under- standing the students have had a profitable and enioyable experience. Boosting spirit with arresting signs and ingenious pep rallies, the rally committee increased attend- ance at school games. They completed one of their maior tasks by having a successful Homecoming Dance. Back: Mr. Caldwell, advisor. T. Brickner, H. Kallnway, D, Pettit. D. Vaughn, J. Whitaker. M. Johnson, B. Beauchamp, T. Atwood, R. Palaferri. Front: D. Featherston, M. Hammond, J. Corfman,B, Lund. K. Brooks, S. Rhone, M. Couch. J. Lieh. PEP RALLY COMMITTEE 120 The arts know neither age nor season A new format, a new cover, new ideas, require- ments, and layouts combined to make Flotsam and Jetsam the biggest surprise of the year. The endless reading, editing and debating, the dozens of manila files of classifications, the frayed nerves and after school hours paid off in producing the best literary magazine in the history of Flotsam. The ability and iudgment of the staff, the creative leadership of editor Robin Hill, and the enthusiasm of Mr. Robert Wood, advisor, sparked the best literary efforts yet produced. Left to right: Robin Hill. editor, Mr. Robert Wood. advisor, Ann Lardner, Barbara Hammond. Judy Link- later, and Norman Hess. not pictured, David Renaker. The Art Club answered the call of the students for an organized group to engage in the activities pertaining to the enioyment of art. Besides evaluating the student work brought in for criticism, the group enioyed an all day trip. This covered places of art interest in the vicinity of such as a complete tour through the beautiful Savings and Loan building on Lido Isle, a visit to the Laguna Museum of Art, the Dixi Hall Studio, and the Art Center all in Laguna Beach. The club members with other art students took a bus trip to the Bullock's Scholastic Art Show to view the work from all Southern California schools. Left to right: Mrs. Shirley Rice, advisor, Patty Parker. Sherry Gaston, Judy Raines. Karen Foster, Jerilyn Godfrey, and Deri Dayton. Standing: Gary Graham, Angelo Canzoneri. Seated: Beverly Helden, Sally White, Leo Bestgen. president, and Richard Bagley. 121 FLOTSAM AND JETSAM STAFF ART CLUB THE CHORUS Sober cheer and revelr 122 LARKETTES' BARBECUE Under the able direction of Miss Marie Hiebsch, the chorus is an outstanding example of the high standards of musi- cal accomplishment. The biggest musical event of the year for the chorus was the Annual Spring Show, "Harbor Hi-Lites of l957." Back: F. Thackery. B. Divine, B. Caya, L. Hogland, I. Hehn, R. Taylor Front: J. McCullar, C, Ankeny, D. Haxby, P. Hanshaw, C. Boster, J. Lake. Back: T. Kuhry, G. McCandlish, R. Meeks, M. Crawley. Front: B. Lieb, S. Rogoff, J. Butler, R. Palaferri. Back: L, Kiddie, T. Hayes, K. Miller, L. Wickey, K. Harris. Middle: A. Allen, V. Bernauer, S. Childs, L. Alden, L. Lloyd. Front: A. Lardner, L. Harper, C. Steverson M. Bendig. WPS: 5625 - Www. S 5 leralcl the voices in harmon . Buck: M idcllv: Front: Back .' Fran I: P. Riley, D, Hawks. P. Smith, S. McCarthy, J. Brandt, J. Wilson, P. Kennedy, L. Alden. S. Pope. V. Graves, F. Hesterly, S. Sitchler, l. Humer, G. Price, P. Bush, F. Dalebout. J. Kilius. K. Olds, B. Goemer, J. Waggoner, J. Kilius, L. Stahler. N. Kimberlin, G. Miley, B. Shutt, R. Anderson, N. Grisham, B. Clark, S. Renaker. M. Andrews, D. Najera, J. Garrett. l. Guinn, C. Starege, J. Papke. J. Jones, D. Horn, D. Tonne. LARKETTES: Back: N. Bryant. R. Bolton, F. Hesterly, D. Middle: T. G. Front: B. Horn, Reich, H. Hayden, S. Renaker, Price, L. Kemp. Hammond. B. Clark, M. Dudley. THE CHORUS Larkettes Annual Barbeque, honoring all the new Larkettes This year it was held in Ann Lardner's patio. H' They raised aloft a ringing note. Back: S. Luhek. J. Worthington. G. Askew. P. lvlllom. K. Snow. J. D, g H , Crum. B. Ray. J, Hamilton. L. "-f 5 "" 1 Q Kemper. M. Trautwein. . J llrirlrflrfr M. Gragg. v. Graves. C. Nelson. i' L. Bowen. S. Martenscn. C. Smith. A . Q - B. Shannon. P. Marshall. M. Petty 'K Q X Front: M. Mercer. B. Ellingwood. M, tt' Q y Q. l is -s Lloyd. C. Carroll. K. Tollofsoo. Q i GT? J S. Gaston. J. Deaver. R. Smith. . -,., P .... 1 '-'-t" - 22:53 5. fit , , . , , , .its in . Brick. S. Wlckander. M. Crane. B. Jack- ' al' " ' "": A " N X' 5 son. C . Freedlander. C. S-chmoyne rs 1 . . 5 I f ,.:, " 1? . .I A. McClelland. s. Wilson. J. Wilsl r B '- W 223' ,J 4 M izldle: D. Blount. C. Niles. D. Smith. P. .. . ... , , H: A E Q X.. Kennedy. K. Leicritzi L. Hcudidi f ..3 -g N.. f ,P . . ... 'T . f "" :-Y .. wi if L. Davis. R if st' :":' is ' , gf cgi. C ' Fr-orrff E. Tyson. B. Fisher. N. Prior. s. wb! or Bissell. J. Fewell. B, McLaughlin. Buck: D. Donica. V. Gistero. C. Merrill. L. Ford. J. Almond. L. Johnson. B. Vineyard. C. Elmer. Micldlca' B. Davis. D. Hunt. J. Smith. L. Deering. S. Lombardo. D, Carroll R. Hacker. FRESHMAN ACAPELA CHOIR CHANTERS Blending voices harmon- iously, the outstanding male voices of our school, The Chanters, made a fine show- ing at various school functions throughout the year, the most significant of which was the Annual Spring Show. B. Holden. G. McCandlish. R. Meeks. D. Emmes. R. Koren. G. Kelso. R. Taylor. B. Johnson. D. Smith. B. Dock C, Wolverton. N. Howard. L. Wiekey. accompanist. T74 J. Hidon. C. Reich. S. Fleer. J. Bone. R. Godines. J. Nealy. Front: opposite page: THE CONCERT BAND This was a banner year for the Concert Band with its high point an invitation tc the only high school band to perform at Cl session of the Music Educator's National C ference. Members of the Concert Band also requested by the Orange County Elemen Music Teachers Association to sight-read elementary band music at a Music Worksl They participated in district and regional festivals where they were awarded Supe ratings in performance and sight-reading. Section leaders of this year's band were SL Brown, Bob Bell, Claudette Lomax, Barlow, Gail White, Don Swanson 1 John Carlyle, David Moody, Chuck Kramer, Mona- John Kesel, and David Vaughn. 'Q A blithe a tone as an Angels. wk: G. Engle, T. Hoop, D. Moody. M. Frost. S. Kimble. J. Carlyle. R. Stauffer. T. Hall. R, Atkinson. CONCERT BAND lirlcllv: J. Lundwall, E. Savage. G. Decm. R. Bell. S. Oquist. F. Glasgow, G. Johnston, S. Tobias. T. Villagrana, M. Gruehan. J. Baker. C. Hyden. rant: D. Hogland. G. Nack. J. Henry. L. Mavis. J. Sauter. l. McCormick. R. Rylett. D. Lomax, R. Loptien. K. Babson. B. Lund, Huffman. S, Heck. ark: G. White. J. Morrison. G. Sharp. M. Barlow. J. Hand. M. Garrett. D. Swanson. D. Brooks. D, Harvey. D. Kimble. Iirlfllv: C. Kramer. L. Wood, G, King. D. Harrison. L. Henry. J. Sanger. B. Lilienthal. J. Walters. r0HI.' D. Horn. H. Schmoycr. B. Kabis. J. Crandall. R. Godwin. V. Csenar. L. Cannon. D. Vaughn. T. Kuhry. J. Kesel. 125 .f-"" Back: G. Morrison, D. Dunn. R. Griesser, H. Richardson. F. Gillett. L. Blakely. Front: G. Mann, N. Morgan, C. Casey. K, Dalton. B. Rysdale, H. Hyden. This year marked the high-point in Harbor's orchestras. With a large and competent string section, the orchestra was able to perform many of the great orchestral masterpieces. In Festival competition, the orchestra played music by Beethoven, Mozart, and Correlli, receiving a rating of Superior. Furnishing Music for the Sen- ior Play, the Open House, the Spring Show, and sight-reading elementary music for the Orange County Ele- mentary Music Teachers at Orange Coast kept the sixty members of the orchestra almost constantly busy. The high point of the year was the l2th annual Band and Orchestra concert in which the orchestra played the accompaniment to a Beethoven piano concerto with Linda Wickey as soloist. Th greatest gift di played in soun Buck: S. Godwin. C. Vining. H. Ingram. B. Gibbons. M. Kahis. THE ORCHESTRA Front: M. Oliver, P. Wilhite, M. Mendez, L. Keily. L. Valenzuela, C, Marx. . r a 1 . .. ""- r sv ' K -rsvp an - . Km... mt ORCHESTRA: Brick: Herb Schmoycr. Tom Kuhry. Roy Yarnell. Front: Churlottc Dalton, Wendy Dcscnberg, Pam Gaynor. Kristin Stal. Pam Olson Drummers: Raymond Godwin. Ross Eckert. David Vaughn Y sl! 'CYS' nsurpassecl in all the region round. B11c'k.' I'1I'0IIf,' J. Curlylc. G. Sharp. D. Bccchcr. M. Barlow. R. Rylctt, D. Lomax. G. White. D. Brooks, S. Oquist R. Stuuffcr. B. Lilicnthttl. D. Harrison. R. Bcll, G. King. S. Brown. C, Hydcn. 127 OO Awards adorned effort . . . bw gr! above left: At the annual Orange County Press Awards Banquet, Connie Seeley accepted the trophy for Darith Sherrill, editor of the 1956 Galleon. The gold cup was presented for the best art and layout of Orange County yearbooks. above: Costa Mesa store windows, painted by Harbor High art students, cheered and entertained Christmas shoppers this year. Recipient of first prize was Carol Lathom, with Leo Bestgen second, and Richard Bagley third. Mr. MacDonald represented the merchants of the area in awarding the checks to the winners. left: Hallowe'en window painting has be- come an annual event in Costa Mesa. This year's first prize went to Jessica Roberts for the best decorated window, with Howard Schaffner, Richard Bagley, and Pat Johnson runners up. below: The annual Spring Art Exhibit was an eagerly awaited event with the Junior Art Show gaining a fair share of the attention. The P.T.A. sponsored awards were given to Dave Renaker for his fine pencil drawing, Christa Friedlander for a design in mixed media, and Angelo Canzoneri for his self portrait in tempera. 5 JA titties top: Peggy Bush and Dave Renaker stare with appar- ent amazement at the letter announcing their Gold Key awards for winning art entries in the National Scholastic Art Awards contest. Their work was sent to Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh for further iudging on a national scale. below: The best cherry pie baker at Harbor was Linda Miller, ci fourth year Home Economics major. She won the District bake-off and is shown admiring her prize, an electric frying pan. 9 Diane Sanders, senior, won the Betty Crocker award for high school achievement in domestic arts. Diane also won a certificate in the Homemaking Division of the Bank of America awards, and a gold cup in the voca- tional arts division. Another jewel in her crown of at- tainments was the twenty-five dollar bond for the best tailored garment. They perform and entertain wit Enid Lacy CTerry Reichj was the at- tractive woman whom Wormy lRon St. Clairj imagined to be Bernardine, the beautiful lady of his dreams. At the local malt shop the wheels of the town met to discuss every- thing from automobiles to girls. Beaumont, CDave Emmesj led the boys CRich Taylor, Mickey Haskell, and Walt Howaldj through the ex- hausting realms of day-dreaming. Always there were the over- whelming problems of youth. For instance, getting a date for the im- pulsive Wormy. 130 Vernon Kinswood Uohn Hazlett and Leroy Hoglandj was th model boy, his talkative nature was hindering Wormy from sneal- ing out to ioin the gang. Other characters on stage are Jean Can rick fTaccoa Hayes and Betsy Blackmarj Mrs. Cantrick CMerlin Coucl and Mrs. Weldey fDiane Featherston and Joan Bushl. irth to endow and drama to enact Vormy's mother wouldn't appreciate the company ue's keeping. in -wa w .A Under the artful direction of Mrs. Marthella Randell the drama classes presented "Bernardine". The play is a humorous portrayal of adolescents with a whimsical dream of the impos- sible town of Sneaky Falls, Idaho. Lynn McFarland, one of the capable make-up crew, checks a last detail before Terry Reich goes on stage. A good play is also based on extensive preparation and artistic efforts of the stage crew. Miss Zatha Tallman and her assistants provide the nec- essary scenery, lighting and staging details for a memom- able performance. 131 Th Chroniclers assemble and circulat Wm Miss Hilliard, Mrs. Horn, advisors Under the direction of Mrs. Horn cmd Miss Hilliard, the iournalism staff had another successful year of school news coverage. As well as complete general school reporting, the Harbor "Beacon" has kept students posted on scholarship awards and sports victor- ies achieved by their fellow class- mates. The paper was conducted in the same fashion as local newspapers. Beacon staff members are especially proud of awards they have won. At the state wide press conference at Redlands they took first place in news, sports, and editorial sections and third place in feature section and society. At the Santa Ana Junior College Con- ference they won seventeen awards for various outstanding achievements. Top-left to right: Kris Earhart. Judy Bonner. Mrs. Horn, Betty Kevin. reporters. Bottom- Back: Sue Stewart, Judy Bonner, Alice Pridham, Ann Benstein, Betty Kevin, Kris Earhart. Front: Betty Evans. Margaret Merriam. reporters. hat which informs and entertain . we 11-nnnq A t JERRY TINKER, EDITOR As editor-in-chief, Jerry has made the "Beacon" his dream come true. At the beginning of this year, he was heard to comment that the "Beacon" was going to be a really award-worthy paper. Generally, such a boast by o new editor can be taken with a grain of salt, but in Jerry's case his dream came true - but not with a wave of a magic wand. His hard work began with a column reorganization, a new nameplate, and an enthusiastic staff. 'X The newspaper came alive with his drive and humor, and it set a new standard for Harbor "Beacons" while Jerry set a new standard for "Bea- con" editors. EDITOR: Jerry Tinker left 10 right: Gary Green, Dave Hammond, sports editor, left to right: Diane Trooien, feature editor Peter Rabbitt. Earl Gustkey. sports staff, S-undru Martin, assistant editor ss . LITERARY STAFF: Writing interesting and infor- mative copy for the various ac- tivities pictured is the job of the literary staff. Through their ef- forts events became specific memories and thoughtful re- minders. ART STAFF: The art staff developed the theme of the book in pictorial form under the guidance of Mrs. Rice. Richard Griffin was respon- sible for the precise and sym- bolic design on the end pages of this book, and the illuminated capital introducing the theme. Margie Habel rendered the charming designs of knights, iesters, and scholars running through the faculty section. John was responsible for the volume of posters advertising the sale of the book. Mrs. Shirley Rice. advisor. John Jordan, Dick Griffin, Margie Habel 'I34 Care and embelli hmen CONNIE SEELEY, EDITOR The new larger Galleon called for all the many talents Connie could muster. Foresight, imaginative planning, organization and leadership were the quali- ties necessary for this daily iob from the first day of school to its ninth month of completion. With the help of her many staffs, deadlines with photographers, engraver, and printer were met. All those who worked under her were inspired to give their best through her example. left 10 right: Mr. William Clark, Mr. George Badger, advisors. Connie Seeley. Kay Lacefield, literary editorg Sally Gould. Sue Weston. 5 ecorcl a year's progress. "THE GALLEON" . . . The massive work and planning behind the school's yearbook is seldom recognized. Only those who cooperate in its production realize the repetitious trials, the slow and steady building up, the endless details all climaxed by laborious proofreading right up to the time the last page is run off the press. The feeling of elation at having created a part of a lasting memory for the students of Newport Harbor makes all the work seem worthwhile. f wmwsslmz aww Mui SPORTS SECTION: Taking complete charge of the sports section, Terry and Sonia gathered all the facts and figures necessary to make their section a true record of the athletic events of 1957. Terry Dallas, Sonja Moon, sports editors left: Art editor, Leo Bestgen, undertook the task of revising old, familiar ideas into fresh concepts. The "Galleon's" theme of an old fashioned fairy tale was given a contemporary interpretation in Leo's stylized design on the cover and his imaginative work on all of the division pages. He gave the theme its visual impact you may find unique and lively. SECRETARIES: Secretaries gave inestimable service by typing all copy, securing identification, checking names, and accomplishing the numerous details involved in such a large enterprise. John Jordon. Veluriu Rice, Larry Bott -EFEIJJS 3 To catch a memory they did their part PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: The photographers spent many long hours taking and developing the pictures necessary to the ex- istence of a yearbook. Tad con- tributed most of the fine sports ac- tion and other candid photography which give life to these pages. Lee Johnson, Gary Nelson. Dan Pierce, Tad Tobitt, Mr. William Zimmer, Dick Hepperly SENIOR SECTION: Organizing the Senior section Kay, Connie and Sally had the task of laying out, ordering, cutting, identifying, alphabetizing, and as- sembling each senior picture so that the students might have a pictorial record of their classmates. Kay Lacefield. Connie Seeley. Sally Gould ADVERTISING STAFF: The advertising staff helps the book pay for its production by sell- ing advertisements to the local mer- chants. The merchants' cooperation makes the school yearbook a com- munity enterprise upon which many of them look with pride. seated: Sybil Carney, advertising editor, Marceil Carr, assistant standing: Kathleen Clune, Diane Sanders. Leroy Hogland, Larry Lahodney, Jeanette Baird fnot pictured. advisors Mr. Chester Wulff and Mr. Lee Roschj iw, Uk auf? by wi. 1, I 22 32 'wx Q3 .L WNW Sf Nxxgx Ofcporrff 5 55 0 NYU 50 w 999' W 'wgxfww UZOK UIUJUD XOVJXY wblrx CB Q U .xJkGg Xw wfbwlfwipvuy ' www' 5 , X N yx Qxxqiwyl- 6 B355 U, of? Eli. OPXU df' who 0,509 JJ O U bp M 0 o 4 o l,0:s 'o'.'o ,f.0 ,Q 5-.4 , S K lx s A' . . Sports C ci R fc 1 1. f'sL4kcx Kg' ML sgktl L Q Q 9 Together they voice, that by dynami Buck: J. Lieb. D. Lund. B. Thompson. K. Snow. Front: J. Kilius. K. Brooks. V. Mills. C. Beltran, P. Ragan. FLAGTWIRLERS: Twirling blue flags and keeping in step with music, flag- twirlers performed with the band. Tedious practice resulted in clever formations on the football field. MAJORETTES: With flashy batons our major- ettes strutted lightly about as they led the band. Tricky rou- tines added extra halftime en- tertainment at football games. Molly McClintock Sandy Dcardorf Wanda Trautwcin Beverly Lund ig- 1.3 -M... -Q 'Q . ' ii ,W eww Ve- wfmw my 1, z Q. 4 7. sa t A -ff ,iw 121: .. 112.44 ig N. aff? awhwum ff ff .MQW ' X , . -mg ,aff mv.. '1 4' mmwwywwi mg' izge lv TQ a ww ff, W M. ....,...4 X , ' .13-21's-fl r v -Y um ,i .f , 3 E 1 r E A gr? S it l 'Q X we 4 yi xi xx 'R' 'Mt it x 3' xx 'Avi . 3 s an Q w X 5? Q 5 lk A x W ff3'?i 1. sr' 3 .x as r X x 1. .sw .. we, 5 . -W- sg .Sp-4 1' Q it f':'I!T' K - 'ws e Y. Qi is .NE NPG wg -3 3 SE I? t it.- i 213224 2 ' 43 -gg Z ig . 1 E o alutes they might shape victories. SONGLEADERS: During time out and half time the songleaders stepped lively to fight songs and yells. They were ready to help lead the cheering section with ruffled pompoms and peppy routines, which inspired the spirit of every game. Buck: Judy Coffman, Marilyn Hammond. Sonja Moon. Frw1r.' Sue St. Clair, Patti Smith. uvmmn1l11rmm:zam sm. as .su CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders had a new tech- nique of cheering this year with their crazy hats and antics. Their surpise entertainment at pep as- semblies sparked school interest and generated enthusiasm. Mike Johnson. Carolyn Grccn. Dave Emmcs. Merlin Couch. Jerry Whitaker 141 Varsit footba One of the hardest fighting teams Harbor has ever known was this year's Varsity. Its standing in the Sunset League was sixth, but its spirit was first rate. The team's ability was shown in the game against Montebello, one of the best teams in Southern California. Harbor held down their scoring points to 13. Harbor managed to score 20 points against Anaheim, more than any other school in the League. Coach Don Burns felt that the best game of the season was against Orange: Harbor won by 'I9 points. Some of the outstanding players who made these games noteworthy include: Buddy Thomp- son, Charlie Vandervort, Stan Schones, Bob Vil- lagrana, Bob Allen, Terry Ragan, Dennis Dale- bout, Carl Bergeron, Stuart Betz, Herb Yee, Doug Bowler, Art Birtcher, David Goodale, Jerry Shafer, Bob Hendershot, and Dale Martin. Dale Martin ,c.,c ......,c, C 193 Carl Bergeron ,..cs..,,. .,,,, C 343 Bob Shafer ..... C333 Art Birtcher ...ccc. .c.... C 303 Gary Deem ,s,..... ,...,.,.. C 443 Stan Schones ....,,,c ....,c C 133 Bob Allen ...,... C263 Jerry Shafer ...,, ,,..,, C 223 Stuart Betz ........ ..,,c,,c, C 273 Doug Bowler ,,,,,,v, l,.... C 403 Terry Ragan ,,,.........,,c,,c C293 Bob Hendershot ..,,l,ll,,ll C153 Dennis Dalebout C493 Bud Thompson ,,,,,,,,,,l C143 Herb Yee ...e,. ,.,..,,.... C163 Bob Villagrana ,,v,..,v..,, WC503 Charles Vandervort ....ll, 1 42 C367 ecord another season C ouch es: George Hunter, John McGowan, Don Burns, and Bill Bernau in weighty conference 'ivy 'fi-'-Kgs? WM V W Qi? W .Wai Q5 ? , 3 5 if 91 ""' X x575'CrSnf f' r ,A 'VA gg? 58,223 " 'f' Wgagf. EA J' 1 .Y 1 Q xr' 'g ' fi 1 Q 'X'Zl 6,N 'rfgifggf' ,K ' If ?'zQa'!'5g?f?5" 'Q' ,gg gg 349 WQWQ-i' 335 'W-'VJ Y' ' E ' X?P,?15l1i?yI1! I1 Pql'9', QR xi 5' -' gg. 7 si fa wx, 'iv S I xx-M" CQ QF :gp "B" football For the first time in 20 years, Harbor's B football team captured he Sunset League Championship with six wins, and one tie with Sarden Grove. Strong men Mike George, Bob Johnson, Mike Hayes, d Rothenberger, Dick Raines, Lewis Fronsman, George McFarland, David Vaughn, Ron Koren, aided by Phil Mailloux, Robin Swinford, 'erry Bagwell, Dave Hammond, Richard Schlickenmayer, Craig Iadwalader, John Haskell and Pancho Rios scored a total of 189 aoints to 63 for their opponents in league games. First place B team smashes, tackles, outruns, and foxes opposition. BOX SCORE Huntington Beach ., 7 Newport 14 Excelsior ................ 6 Newport 13 La Habra .............,,, Newport 37 Montebello ............ 18 Newport 12 Fullerton ,..,.,........,, 0 Newport 26 Anaheim Cforfeit .,.. O Newport 2 Santa Ana ..sYs ,..... 6 Newport 19 Garden Grove ....,... 13 Newport 13 Orange ...,.. ,,,,.. 8 Newport 54 Burk: C. Kramer. managerg P. Rios, K. Daly. D. Cassel, Harrison. G. Cantrell, J. D'Errico, J. Lewis, J J. Sinkie. B. Johnson. G. McFarland. G. Miller. Arnold. Coach Neeme. C. McDonald. D. Vaughn. T. Dallas, Front: R, Atkinson. J. Haskell, D. Raines. R. Schlickcn Miflflln Coach Pclsinger. J. Stoneback. S. Lewis. L. Frons- mayer. M. Hayes, A. Boris, R. Korcn, M. George man. R. Swinlord. J. Bagwell. P. Mailloux, D. C. Cadwaladcr. P. Rabbit, D. Hammond. Q' W-ffw 5 , 5555 f Via ,QE .gf's5 f 5f4 if M, EYff1',Qf,E'i Q A f2 g .As V, Q we Yi is : M ff? 5'-221' g mx :R if?fg,f,Yi gf A ii- Q?"" , W Q sw 4. '2 gkgy gg by Sw " 3 4" 2. fy 10? 13 23 as ,,, Ep 55 A - Y kr I 4 Ha Q - , 1' 5 W 17 14 ex? 33 3 37 49M as 45 'Q E7 aa f mf Q '45, ' V as ,V Ak MSL 4 Q5 E A-JYQLB 45 ?" 33 93 5041 BP Q10 M P , YW Q5 'v ,, , M 4' wav . W., f v g .1 Sc 8 fu .ws ix alas' 2.5 6 'Ns J H is ggi s wf- fi' 1 if g .-. Q Q 3 Q 3 J? E 4 I W., , -f 2 1 .: .. V1Q :: .,,.E 2 ang' 5 Sy in iiiiilkiilb' ' ,f - Q x ri . qkxr, b. hh ,, 7 , f 'Swv L 5' U wi- y. D 'L L 11 7 , f - - kff' Y ff , f Y fH?..,.g'i' ' x ' Nxfw . Fl f fs. QQ wt JP x .9 football banquet W.-N-tm f u nght Coach Recd presents letters to top cross country runners Jerry Hllll :rd 'md George Hood. lnlow: Varsity is downed by Faculty in riotous flag football game. 'gf luliiiiiiii almvrff 1c'fl.' The Football Banquet at the New port Harbor Yacht Club. Bob Allen. Art Birtchcr. Doug Bowler, Bud Thompson and Dave Uoodale receiving awards at the Football Banquet. 74 Sw 147 P -eiftf HARBQQ ' g Q E E A if f qzzk ,,, , ,S ':.' A ...Ll LEAGUENSCORES Buck: Coach Gage. J. Kemper, E. Pope. T. Houston. B, Villugranu. G. Hubbard Anaheim Newport 60 Orange ,, Newport 53 La Habra .,,,,,,,o,o.7,,7 Newport 86 Garden Grove ,,,,..., Newport 56 Santa Ana Newport 51 Fullerton ,7,,....,,,,.... Newport 62 Huntington Beach ., Newport 55 Anaheim ,,..,,,,,,,7,,,. Newport 55 Orange ,7,,A,..77,,,.,,,. Newport 55 La Habra i.,,7,,,,,,..,,7 Newport 53 Garden Grove ,,7,,,.. Newport 48 Santa Ana Newport 56 Fullerton ,Y,,ii..,,,,,,,. Newport 60 Huntington Beach .. Newport 61 148 Manager R. Godwin. Front: S. Schones. J. Lewis. J, Hcnrotin. R. Palaferri. G. Green. varsit basketball Ending the season with a 21 won and 8 lost record and a League record of 12 won and 2 lost, Newport broke six and tied one school record. They were undefeated on their home court, with 14 straight home game wins. Outstanding per- formances by individuals were vital factors in gaining this outstanding record. Special recognition goes to All-League first-string guard Gary Green, and to first string C.I.F. forward, Eddie Pope. left: Gary Green sinks another while Ed Pope watches to make sure. Il1fZf!11t'fCll'CCI1 hetters opponent in scoring jump. Tom Houston and John Henrotin uid. riglzt: Pope sinks one Linder nose of La Hahru man. -QP -13' a init 1Po glad P045 . A E7 19 t i Q 2' 24 xiii Boa -v-f' 1--bf means Burk: Coach Gage. R. Peterson, V. Stanford. D. Pierce. T. Garnier, J. Hulbert, J. Queener, M. Marshall. Manager J. Niemiec. lfrnnl: J. Schones. R. Tarnowske. G. Bryant. R. Morton. R. Hill. junior varsity basketball Opening the season with seven straight wins, the Junior Varsity squad enioyed the best year of Newport's JV teams. Ending the season with a 16 won and 5 lost record and a 9 won and 5 lost League record, the JV's took over third place in the Sunset League race. Many well-played and hard fought games occurred as this year's squad developed many fine players who did an outstanding iob throughout the season. Captain of the Team and the Most Valuable Player was Roger Peterson. Vern Stanford was the Most Improved while letter winners included Gene Bryant, Jerry Hulbert, Jim Schones, Dan Pierce, and Rich Tarnowske. Anaheim .s............., Orange ..,...,........... La Habra ,,...,,,,.....,. Ga rden Grove ,.,,,,,, Santa Ana Fullerton ..,.,,,,......., Huntington Beach ,, Anaheim ..,,.,...,,,.,,. Orange ...s.............. La Habra .,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Garden Grove ,,,..,,, Santa Ana Fullerton ..,,...,.,,... , Huntington Beach ,, 56 41 20 44 44 38 33 47 22 49 65 40 Newport 47 Newport 52 Newport 47 Newport 50 Newport 42 Newport 4'l Newport 48 Newport 54 Newport 41 Newport 63 Newport 52 Newport 35 Newport 48 Newport 53 .lVis and Varsity plan strategy at halt' time. Harbor man scores another. Villagrana sinks one Back Coach Neeme J Lewis J Nlemlec C Cotton P Stoddard, R. Merkel, Manager T. Dallas. Front C Taylor M Hayes C Pickens R Schllckenmayer, J. Fontius, Cv. Clark. " " basketball The Tarbabes of Newport enjoyed a success- ful season this year, finishing second in the final standings. Newport was leading the pack until the final week when they faced a determined Santa Ana quintet and were upset. That same week they were forced into overtime by Fuller- ton on the Indians' court and in the last second of play a perfect shot from the deep corner de- prived the Tars of a piece of the championship. The Tarbabes managed to pour through 868 points during league play for an average of 63.4 points per game. John Fontius scored 324 for an average of 23 points per game to lead the class B scoring. This Tar junior was voted the Most Valuable Player in the Invitational Santa Monica basketball tournament which included the best class B teams in Southern California. Gary Pickens was named Captain, with John Fon- tius the Most Valuable and Gary Clark as Mott Improved. LEAGUE SCORES Anaheim .....,,.,,...... Newport 5l Orange ............,..... Newport 56 La Habra ...,............ Newport 7l Garden Grove ........ Santa Ana Fullerton ...Y....,..,.... Huntington Beach .. Anaheim .,.............. Newport 60 Newport 58 Newport 55 Newport 79 Newport 63 Orange ,,,,...,........., Newport 65 La Habra ........,,.,..,, Newport 79 Garden Grove ,,,...., Newport 61 Santa Ana Newport 56 Fullerton ................ Newport 57 Huntington Beach .. Newport 53 Tim Jones sinks one. LEAGUE SCORES Under the guidance of Coaches Fowles and Smith, Harbor's mighty "C" basket- ball team captured second in the League with a ten and four record. Led by Captain Jerry Hehn and Most Valuable Player Tim Jones, the C's had a very exciting season. In the first game of the season they beat Excelsior by two points in a thrill packed overtime period. Then later in the season the Huntington Beach game ended in a tie which was again won by the hard-fighting C's in another over- time, 32-28. Steve Robinson was the out- standing player in this, the C's best-played game of the season. QQ if ba ketball Anaheim . .............. Newport 12 Anaheim .... ...... N ewport 21 Orange ,.,,.,.........,.. Newport 33 Orange ,,...,... ...... N ewport 21 La Habra ................ Newport 37 La Habra .,.s...s...,.... Newport 37 Garden Grove ........ Newport 38 Garden Grove ........ Newport 49 Santa Ana Newport 31 Santa Ana Newport 31 Fullerton ,. .,............ Newport 39 Fullerton ...,.......,..., Newport 43 Huntington Beach .. Newport 32 Huntington Beach H33 Newport 22 Built Conch Fowles Coach Smith. F. Rivera. T. Sandoval, Front: R. Watson, B. McCarthy, B. Lucas. T Hubcr D J Hiskcll S Robinson, R. Keeler, W. Connell, Powers, S. Lagerlof. T. Jones. J. Hehn J Butlcr D Pcisc J Hobbs. S. Lewis, R. Tweddell. 'q..4r'l 4, varsit cross countr "Sunset Champions" again best describes Harbor's 1956-57 cross country teams. Coach Ralph Reed's Varsity ran up a 48 duel meet con- secutive win record over the past five years before finally dropping a meet to Santa Ana. However, the Tars easily won all important Sun- set League Finals and the cham- pionship trophy. Captain Jerry Hilliard and George Hood were the year's outstanding runners, but were ably assisted by Randy Peeler, Bob Van Sickle, Ed- die LeBaron, Harry McKinney, and Eddie Miller. left: Randy Peeler comes across for a breathless finish. right: Jerry Hilliard is first to finish. Back: E. Miller, B. Dock, B. Van Sickle, A. Rios, Front: T. Gilbert, H. McKinney, R. Peeler, J. Hilliard ' 152 B. Whitehead, G. Hood, Coach Reed junior var ity cross countr Bar'k.' P. Griffin. D. Unruh, J. Hilbert B Zentil J Mic Front D Qtifford E West D Cola, M Hiskcll Ncillcdgc. D, Hull. T. Blakely T Hmky T Baumc L Hxnson Coxch Reed D Tuckcr The Tar Junior Varsity Cross Coun- try team was the Sunset League Champion for the fifth consecutive year, with an admirable record of having never lost a meet in its J.V. cross country history and with a con- secutive string of 54 wins since 1952. Andre Riou was the Jayvee cham- pion in the big Sunset League finals although Tommy Gilbert, Beryl White- head and Bill Dock were key men on the team. Several excellent Freshmen were on the squad, so that next year's prospects are equally as bright. Buck: D. Pearson, B. Villagrana, D. Goodale, J. West, B. Claus, A. Birtcher, V. Stanford, J. MacNeilledge, G. Rees Coach Burns, Coach Beckett. Middle: H. Pauley, M. Frost. R. Peeler, R. Rice, D. Martin,T. Atkinson, J. Hilliard, G, Hood, J. l-lazlctt, J. Hostetlcr Front: J. Butler, A. Roesch, G. Burns, L, Hansen, J. Shafer, B. Buckland, J. Hand, H. McKinney. Couch Straw varsity track The Harbor High track team 'Finished second in all three classes in league competition, each losing only one dual meet. During the Varsity season several school .records and a league record were broken by ,Harbor athletes. George Hood set a new school 154 and league record in the 880 at 1:57.6. Other new school records were Bob Rice, 440 at 51.8, Dale Martin, 100 tied at 10.0 and the 220 at 21.6, Dodd Pearson, low hurdles at 19.8, and the 880 relay team of Pearson, Rice, Atkinson, Martin at 1:3O.7. SCORES Santa Ana Relays Co-champs Anaheim .............. 36 Newport 68 Garden Grove ...... 42l'h Newport 61 V2 Huntington Beach 35 Newport 69 La Habra .............. 33 Newport 71 Fullerton ...... ...... 6 1 Newport 43 Santa Ana ............ 3126 Newport62Vs Orange ..... ...... 4 1 Newport 63 "ei if .P-"""" ,sf-""' x gg, " is A 'af me l- be is x liuck: D. Stafford. D. Hall. T. Petermun. D. Sibley, Front: Couch Straw, J. Frcdrickson. J. Anderson, R, R. Lowe. A. Yard. R. Vz1nSickle, C. Cadwal- Atkinson, R. Hanson. R. Flccmun. Lewis, udcr. R. Lundy. E. Miller. Coach Burns. J. Marton, E. Perez, T. Buumc. Couch Bcckctt SCORES Anaheim 7.7.,..7.,.... 24Vz Newport 65V2 Garden Grove ,,77.. 28Vz Newport 57V2 Huntington Beach 37 Newport 58 La Habra ,,,,,,,,,,..,. 22 Newport 56 Fullerton .,.. ,..,,,. 3 076 Newport 64'A Santa Ana .,..,....... 6OV2 Newport 33V2 Orange 77.7,. ...,... l 8 Newport 77 track In the B division Harbor's track team took second in the league. Out- standing performers on the squad this season were Ronnie Lowe, sprints, Russ Hanson, broad iump, Bob Van Sickle, 1320, Bob Hendershot, hurdles and broad jump, and Ed Miller, hur- dles andthe 660. 155 Qifia' fb VW 56 saw WX " " track SCORES Anaheim .....,....,... 5 Newport 67 Garden Grove ...... 17 Newport 60 Huntington Beach 31 Newport 46 La Habra ...........,., 2016 Newport 50216 Fullerton .....,, ....A. 1 5 Newport 62 Santa Ana ............ 17W Newport 59W During the season there were several outstanding team members who led the C's to their second place standing. First Tom Huber broke the C shot-put rec- ord by almost two feet when he raised the old record of 51 feet 10314 inches to 53 feet 9V2 inches. Other top C track members included the following: Lloyd Fortune, setting a new school record in the 180 at 18.8 and the 440-relay team OVUUQG ---- ------ 1 QV3 NeWP0"1642f5 of Swinford, Hehn, Watson, and Fortune setting a new record of 46.6. Buck: J. Hehn. T. Huber. R. Rapp. D. Tucker. R. Front: Coach Straw. T. Blakeley. S. Robinson. M. Swinford, L. Fortune, R. Watson, T. Belford. McClcnnan. W. Callis. J. Richards. T. Davis. B, Lucas, S. Cooper, N. Stickler, S. Henrotin. R. Smith. T. Sandoval, K. Klaps. A. Woodrich fir , fs 'lr U :Mm I i3fii?z1k?5f ' F ? wa I u if 1 wg , 1 zo co -H , M. Front: C. Kramer. G. Sharp, G. Green, C. Vandervort, B. Back: F. Smith, J. Hulbert, C. Bergeron. D. Smith S Thompson, P. I-leikes, J. Bento, B. Allen, G. Pickens Simonson, P. Rios, J. Hehn, Coach George Hunter var it ba eball At the date of publication, Newport's Varsity Baseballers were second in the League, tied with Santa Ana one and one-half games behind leader Anaheim. Top players helping the team maintain this posi- tion were Captain Bud Thompson, top batter Gil Sharp, pitcher Gary Green, and first-base-man Char- lie Vandervort. The Coach was Mr. George Hunter and Manager, Chuck Kramer. SCORES Anaheim ..............,. 4 Newport 2 Orange .......... ...... 7 Newport 6 La Habra ..............., 4 Newport 8 Garden Grove ........ 3 Newport 4 Santa Ana ............,, 0 Newport l Fullerton ................ l Newport? Huntington Beach ..l Newport 8 Tarbabes out-pitch -- out-hit opponents. X JV ind V irsity fight e- und win. Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport junior varsity ba eball Following league leader Anaheim by one game was Harbor's Jun- ior Varsity Baseball team with a 5-2 record as of May 1. Top players helping the team maintain this position were Larry Shroder, top hitter, Roy Dalton, pitcher, Dennis Powers, short-stop, and Jim Schones and Terry Bagwell. The Coach was Chuck Randall and Manager, Paul Hasty. limit B H irbison, T. Bagwell. D. Finn. J. Zagrodsky. P. Rabbitt. R. Dalton. J. Schones, Coach Charles Randall Imnr J Hobbs P. Fcuthcrston. D. Powers, L. Shrader, lilll Nag., G. Clark, F. Rivera, R. Jcssce. not pictured, Paul Hasty ' an-rv Lg -' -gf 160 Toward the end of April, Harbor's varsity swimmers were a close second in the league and were also a good bet to win the Sunset League finals. According to Coach Newland, swim- mers who contributed to the team's suc- cess included the following: free stylers D. Bush, D. Brickner, and D. Redingtonp dolphiner B. Millsg back stroker J. Lind- ermanp and conventionalists B. Hoffman and T. Dallas. Of these, Harbor All- American swimmer Don Redington broke his own old record in the 200 yard free style down to 159.8 and set a new 105.2 second time in the 100 yard dol- phin. He also holds four other school records and two C.I.I. Midwinter records in the 100 and 200 free style. K Harbor relay lean' "W SCORES OF MEETS TO DATE Anaheim .................... 14 Newport 76 Huntington Beach ,..... 25 Newport 67 0 0 La Hclbra ..................., 13 Newport 70 GardenGrove ,.., shutout Fullerton ...................... 51 Newport 36 Back: M. Denlinger. A. Doesburg, B. Keppen. B. Hoff- Front: J. Berg, D. Brickner, H, Petersen, D. Bush, man, D. Redington, B. Mills, Coach Newland. T. Dallas. B swimmers hack: J. Owens, D. Allen, J. Whitaker. R. Harvey, T. Hallett, S. Knapp. D. Eastman middle: S. Boice, G. McFarland. B. Johnson. C. Fitzwater. M. Gaughan, Coach Newland front: R. Griesser, D. Stott, J. Buck. B. von Hemert, P. Reed C swimmers back: B. Ballinger, T. Thompson, M. Fitzwatcr, D. Harshbarger. K. Malcomson, W. Boice. D. Gibson, T. Brickner. D. Palm. G. Baines middle: W. Haddock. B. Warmington. D. Miller. P. Recd. T. Hankcy. J. Coffman. Coach Newland front: N. Jarrett. K. Snoke. B. Lieb. K. Haworth As of late April, Harbor's B swim team, coached by Ted Newland, and one of the strongest in Southern California, was easily League champ, with a chance to win the Sunset League finals. Some outstanding records were: Free stylers: Barry von Hemert, Bob Johnson, Dave Allen, and Peyton Reed, dolphin and conventionalists: Jack Buck, and Robbie Griesser, back strokers: Jerry Whitaker, Chip Fitzwater, and Bill Jewell. Of these team members Robbie Griesser set the school conventional record at 112 flat, and Barry von Hemert set the follow- ing standards: 100 dolphin, 108.27 50 free style, 25.2, 100 free style, 56 flat, and 75 individual, 45.2. "B" and "C" swimmers Harbor's C swimmers were also League champs, with a chance to win Sunset League finals. Some top swimmers on the team included: free stylers: Tom Brickner, Dave Gibson, K. Malcomson, and Jim Corfman, dolphiner, Walter Boice, back stroker, Doug Miller, conventionalists, Dick Palm and Bill Dock. Of these members Dick Palm set the new school record for conventional breast stroke at 36.2 seconds. Tom Brickner set the 100 free record at 59.8 and the 50 dolphin record at 28.8. .d..iL. Mike Mang, Tim Mang, Wayne Whitney, Oliver Quarry. Mickey Haskell. Lee Crissell, Richard Schlueter, John Hall, Dick Bridgman, Scott Thompson. Back: M r. Lawhorn, advisor Ted Cooper Philip Mackey Ronnie Bates Richard Elliott Chip Willey Mr. Dorman. advisor Fronl: Allen Boris Orrin Wright Mike Phoenix 162 to T 5 x that 3 tenni team The varsity tennis team won six and lost three games as of May 3rd, Outstand- ing senior players were Mickey Haskell and Lee Crissell, who were probably the best doubles combination in the league. Their only loss was to Anaheim, which was reversed the second time they met. Two freshmen this year were regular Junior Varsity players, Mike Phoenix and Richard Elliot. The Junior Varsity won eight and lost one. KW? ? Je , X .. . - gfmsb ' www W M' We S'-6. 3 ,M me-susan. 2' Nxmvvx , xx, 1 xi Y In the moonlight mermaids emerged. aqua show 4 "Happy Wanderer" was the title of this year's Aqua Show, which led both audience and per- formers on a gay journey through mysterious Arabia, dark Africa, a panorama of the United States and other countries. Elephant heads were worn by mermaids while doing the routine rep- resenting Africa. In "Buddhas of Siam" there were worshippers and one main Buddha. An Oriental headdress added a far eastern touch to the show. The managers participated in four special numbers: "Long Night in Alaska," a slow number in which girls gave the impression of being asleep, "Little Red Fox" for England, a number for China and a slow, graceful interpre- tation of the "Eleventh Hour Melody." "Little Bells, Big Bells," represented Germany. The main prop was a German clock, divers were the figures in the glockenspiel. Three hundred and fifty girls participated in the entire produc- tion. All of the routines were done by the physi- cal education classes. Q, "Long Night in Alaska" b, "Baub1es, Bangles, and BC't!f1.YH - ARABIA C, "March of the Siamese Children" d, "Zippity DO0Dal1,' - U.S.A. .-xv' ,An Seniors won the tennis interclass this year. They also did very well in hockey. These girls have enioyed all sports offered them during their days in Girls' Athletic Association. Marcia Davis. Sharon Briggs, Phyllis Milum, Nancy Hennings, Joan Patterson, Barbara Dorkin Burk: Judy Sutherland, Betty Shannon. Diane Swan- son, Beth Stanley. Front: Roberta Bolton, Joyce Albers, Naomi Morgan, Anita McClelland. Buck: Jill Taylor, Diana Sanders, Cathy Hofmann, Ann Lardner. Frunl: Arleene Barrett. Sue McCarthy, Terry Reich, Alice Pridham. Burk: Nancy Bryant, Merlin Couch. Carol Talstra, Claudia Gentosi, Lynn McFarland. Front: Helen Hart, Judy Wilson. Linda Cannon. Carolyn Daniel, Cynthia Beltran, Jody Lieh, Laurie Hendricks. senior g.a.a junior g.a.a. The year most athletic minded girls look forward to is their junior year. For the firsf time, they are eligible for sixth period P.E. They also receive the letters for their sweaters. Gerry Sanger, Diane Lund, Cynthia Smith, Ilene Drake. Cathy Trapp, Page Westfall. Back: Vickie Verrinder, Lonna Lloyd. Patty Smith. Mary Ann Cooper, Terry Cooper, Barbara Banks. Front: Sue Stewart, Joan Brandt, Ann Benstein. Jan Ary, Barbara Harper. Paula Echols, Cathy Sturtevant, Harriet Hayden, Mary Hennigar, Judy Labelle, Carol Dawson. Back: Gerry Nack, Dockie Lomax, Betty Evans, June Payne, Deanna Miller. Front: Patty Parker, Gail White. Vickie Csenar. Irene McCormick. Lois Pelletier. d u s vc Q - J, . . 1 'X Ag , xfgij ff! 'E' ?m ' , ,I UW Q si Q Q: 'Z Q' - I , wk 'E 9 Q5 Xigesfiv il 5? I " 'S f F 5 QE - . ' ff xg ii? A , 4:23 ? vw W fa. D . fx' 7 K. X .FN ... MN 'Nw - 'Qs Q, LL - A xgiw W lf? . 9 . -pf Ck X '+ x Y! 'P Q3 I, S' 2 W5 3 X GN w w y Q me f ,,,.,w- aaa, sophomore g.a.a Back: Our victorious sophomores won hockey and volleyball interclass. This was the year they obtained their GAA sweaters which they had earned by accruing points for extra participation in sports after school. Barbara Elliott, Sandy Spurgeon, Lor- raine Cuthbert,Sharon Pomeroy,Wendy Desenberg, J. Reed. Front: Kathy Romberger, Jeanine Bonner. Judy Baker, Janis Hayes, Clementine Estrada, Sandy Fleer. Back: Virginia Dunlavy, Melinda Rork. Kay Harris, Kathy Raub, Barbara Crowe, Terri Affolter. Front: Susan Huffman, Johanna Oquist, Bar- bara Nott, Judy Armstrong, Mary Lu Downing. Back: Robin Rylett, Stephanie Heck, Marilyn F ron Bowler, Judy Lovell, Cherie Vining. 1: Lu Davis, Bonnie McCay, Tina Pala- ferri, Carol Hyden. Dee Smith, Louise Frazier. This year over one hundred fresh- men went out for vollyball. It was the largest number enrolled for a sport in Harbor's history. They looked forward to the fun they would have in G.A.A. all through high school. Back: Jane Fontius, Mary Bandel, Rachel Stewart, Karen Betz. Sharon Lockhart. Judy Hemstreet. Kristina Berg, Myrna Featheringill. Front: Linda Spratt. Susan Kilroy, Mary Ret- mier. Kathy Carr, Darlene McManigal, Meredith Miller, Jerilyn Godfrey. Back: Holly Ingram. Diane Drake. Susan Gould. Katie Bonnell, Jeanne Martin, Sharron Hansen. Front: Lorena Keily, Cathy Coldoff, Jo Anne Hallberg. Jean Ullman. Mary Michel- sen. Gail Graves, Mary Hambrook. Back: Diane Hogland. Christina Hussey, Julie Tracy. Susan Wing. Fronl: Barbara Kirkpatrick. Barbara Cooper. Nancy Gardner. Merridy Roesch, Kath- leen Dalton. freshman g.a.a t V Magix,-f at .immlll 'FN 7 N-H f'N?5F??fE?? Taceoa Hayes and her interpretation of "Hound Dog." What am I missing? Smile! Ah! Easter Week. When they said MUD Bow! Game, they meant it! Asked their opinion of women drivers ...... Registration of students is the teaeher's first job each year Ah! Ah! Lorraine - He's taken. Grown in California. ws., ' ia Aa ,A A i M1 Our firsl flunva' Wim' .x'pon.s'orc'1l by ilu' Bofrrrl of Conrrol. "lJm'v, lzirla' Ilivsv owl' lwrf' nnril ilu' Prom." Jimi rlic way you look Ioniglzl. "Hvy, wlml lima' will ilu' Prom ln' owrI"' Har Mujvxly and livr Court fn flu' ff0Hll'l'UlHlllALf llmlrv. "Hz'llo, I'n1 Sadie' H1m'kin.s'." ll'.s' Illl'l'l' o'c'loc'k in Ilia' morning. Nim'ty-nina' fill-VX of working on Ilia' Prom. "Pew, ix tlml my pum'l1f"' enior activitie . . . A ALBARIAN, JOHN: Hall Monitor I ALBERS, JOYCE: Senior Class Treasurer IV: Student Council I, Il: Carousel Ill, G.A. A. Dance Coach IV ALLAN, LYNN: Student Court IV, Galleon Advertising Staff IV, Service Club II, III, IV, Hostess Committee ll ALLEN, ANITA: Carousel Ill, Larkettes III, IV, Christmas Assembly III, IV ALLEN, DAVE: Swimming Team I, ll, III, IV, Student Council I, ll, Christmas Play ll, Football I ALLEN, ROBERT: Football I, II, III, IV, Basketball I, II, III, Baseball I, ll, III, IV, Hi-Tars III, IV ANDERSON, JEAN: Senior Play IV, Aqua Show IV, Student Council II ANDREWS, MARGARET: Summer Foreign Exchange Student III, Tau Rho Kappa I, Il, Ill, Vice President IV, Honor So- ciety II, Ill, Usherettes Ill ARNQUIST, ANN: Honor Society III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa III, IV, Iota Rho Gamma IV, Girls' Varsity Tennis Team IV ASHBY, PAUL: Cross Country III, IV, Track IV, Biology Club IV ATKINSON, TOM: Football II, III, IV, Track II, Ill, IV, Student Court II, Ill, IV, Engineers' Club, Vice President IV ATWOOD, TAG: Football I, II, III BABBS, DON: Basketball I, II, III, Football I, II, Student Court III, IV, Honor So- ciety I, Il BAIRD, JEANETIE Honor Roll I, li, ul, iv, Student Court Team III, Galleon Adver- tising Staff IV, Dance Assembly II, Ill 172 BARLOW, MONA: Girls' League III, IV, Marching Band I, II, III, IV, Tri-Sigma III, IV, Senior Play IV BARRETT, ARLEENE: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Service Club I, Il, III, Theta Beta Kappa I, II, Cafeteria I, Il, III BASS, DIANA: G.A.A. I, Hall Monitor IV BATH, JACK: Biology Club Il, III, IV, Stu- dent Court ll, III, IV, Student Council I, Tau Rho Kappa Ill, IV BAUGHER, MARCIA: Usherette Ill, Business Club, President IV BEACH, JEAN: Business Club II, III, Bi- ology Club III, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Chorus III BELL, ROBERT: Honor Society ll, III, IV, Student Court IV, Concert Band I, II, III, IV, French Club Ill, IV BELTRAN, CYNTHIA: Girls' League Vice- President IV, Carousel Ill, Student Coun- cil Ill, Flag Twirler Il, III, IV BENTO, JIM: Football I, II, Ill, IV, Track II, III, Basketball III, Hall Monitor III, IV BERAN, HELMUT: Iota Rho Gamma Club Vice President IV, Student Council IV, Foreign Exchange Student, American Field Service Committee BIRTCHER, ART: Class Vice President I, II, Student Council ll, III, IV, Football I, Il, Ill, IV, Honor Society soice, steve: s Swimming ni, iv, stu- dent Court II, III, IV, Senior Play IV, Engineer's Club III, IV BOLTON, ROBERTA: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Honor Society ll, III, IV, Larkettes Il, III, IV, Spring Show ll, III, IV BONE, JUDY: Aqua Show Il, III, IV, G.A.A. Il, III, Usherettes III BORIS, ALLEN: Football II, III, IV, Cross Country Ill, Tennis II, IV, Student Coun- cil III BOTT, LARRY: Galleon Staff IV. BONTEKOE, DUANE: Hall Monitor IV BOWLER, DOUG: Football lll, IV, Track, Hall Monitor Ill, IV BRAGG, SALLY: Spanish Club, Business Club, Aqua Show BRAZE, LORA: Business Club IV, Bible Club I, II, III, IV BRENNAN, SANDRA: Tau Rho Kappa IV, Senior Play IV BRICKNER, DAVE: Class Officer IV, Hi-Tars IV, Student Council III, Senior Play IV BRIGGS, SHARON: Student Court I, Spring Fashion Show Narrator IV, Senior Play IV, G.A.A. I, Il, III, IV. BROWN, DENNIS: Football Ill, IV, Band III, Student Court I, Student Council I BROWN, SUSAN: G.A.A. Cabinet II, III, IV, Tri-Sigma Ill, IV, Band I, Il, III, IV, Honor Society II, Ill BRYANT, NANCY, Carousel III, Senior Play IV, Tau Rho Kappa President III, Student Court II, III, IV BUCKLAND, BILL: Track I, Ill, IV, Football III, IV BURNS, ALICE: Speed Swim Manager G.A.A. III, Reporter G.A.A., Cabinet IV, Aqua Show I, II,'lIl, IV, Beacon Staff IV ausH, DENNIS: swim Team ii, ln, iv, Honor Society II, lll, Hall Committee Captain IV, Engineers' Club Ill, IV BUSH, JOAN: Senior Play IV, Aqua Show II, Ill, IV, Sophomore Dance Committee G.A.A. I, II BUSH, PEGGY: Student Court Team II, Ill, Hall Monitor III, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Aqua Show I, Il, III C cALNoN, JOHN: B Football in CANFIELD, DIANE: History Club IV, Busi- ness Club IV, G.A.A. CANNIZZO, LANI: Cross Country III, IV. CANNON, LINDA: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Student Court IV, Tau Rho Kappa, I, II, III, Spanish Club II CARDEN, MICHAEL: Hall Monitor IV CARNEY, SYBIL: Yearbook Business Editor IV, Student Court IV, Honor Society III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa III, IV CARR, CAROLYN: Glee Club Il, III, G.A.A. II, III CARR, LESTER: Girls' League Cabinet IV, Tau Rho Kappa III, Freshmen Girls' League Council I, Spanish Club I, II CARROLL, DAVE: Student Council, Swim Team, Student Advisory Committee, F.F.A. President CARTER, COLLEEN: Bible Club I, Il, III, IV, Business Club IV CHENEY, JAN: Business Club IV, Aqua Show I CHILDERS, LINDA: Class Vice President I, Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, Service Club CHISHOLM, ANN: Service Club IV, Busi- ness Club Vice President IV CHRISTENSEN, RONALD: F.F.A. I, Il, III COLEMAN, SANDRA: Aqua Show I, Il, Ill, IV, Dance Assembly II, III, IV, Student Court III, IV, G.A.A. I COUCH, MERLIN: Girls' League Cabinet Treasurer III, IV, Senior Play IV, Rally Committee IV, Sailing Club Vice Com- modore II, Ill, IV COX, DICK: Football I, II, Ill, IV COZAD, DENNIS: Bible Club I, Il CRANE, MARGARET: Class Treasurer II, G.A.A. I, Il, III, IV, Girls' League Cabi- net IV, Hall Monitor CRAWFORD, BARRY: Student Court Team CRISSELL, LEE: Tennis I, II, III, IV, Honor Roll I, II, IV, Sailing Club I, II, III, IV CROSSLEY, DORIS: Spanish Club III, Tau Rho Kappa III, Aqua Show IV DALEBOUT, DENNIS: Football II, III, IV, Hi-Tars III, IV, Track Il, Student Court DALLAS, TERRY: Swim Team I, II, III, IV, Galleon Sports Editor II, III, IV, Amer- ican Field Service Committee IV, Honor Roll, I, II, III, IV DALTON, CHARLOTTE: orchssfm ll, ln, lv, G.A.A. II, III, IV, Spanish Club, Aqua Show IV DANIEL, CAROLYN: Student Body Treasur- er IV, Junior Class Treasurer IV, G.A.A. Cabinet I, Student Council III DAVIS, MARCIA: Tri Sigma IV, Aqua Show, Honor Society I, II, III, IV, Ameri- can Field Service Committee IV DAVIS, MARY LEE: Aqua Show I, Il, III, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, Spanish Club III DEEM, GARY: Football II, III, IV, Honor Society I, II, III, IV, Concert Band I, II, Ill, IV, Student Court III, IV DELPHINO, MARY: Bible Club President IV, Honor Society III, IV, Theta Beta Kappa IV, Spanish Club Ill DINGER, GEORGIA: History Club IV, Fash- ion Show III, Business Club IV, Home- making Lab. Assistant IV DIXON, JUDIE: Hall Committee IV, Girls' League Cabinet I, G.A.A. II. DORKIN, BARBARA: G.A.A. Ill, IV, Honor Roll, I, II, III, IV, Tri Sigma III, IV, Band I, Il, III, IV DOUGLAS, NANCY: Theta Beta Kappa DUDLEY, MARY: Larkettes ll, III, IV, Melo- dists II, III, IV, Biology Club III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa Il, III ELFORD, BRENDA: Aqua Show I, Spring Show II, Christmas Play II, Business Club IV ELLINGWOOD, BARBARA: Bible Club II, Student Council Il, Ill, Business Club IV ELLIS, DAN: Proiectionist I, ll, Cross Coun- try Ill, Radio Club Ill, Hall Monitor IV ELMER, CAROL: Chorus Ill, IV, Christmas Program III, IV EMMES, DAVID: Cheerleader IV, Senior Play IV, Rally Committee IV, Student Court IV F FARQUHAR, JOAN: Student Court Secre- tary IV, Honor Roll I, Il, III, IV, Aqua Show I, II, Ill, IV, Hall Committee I, ll, III, IV FARWELL, CHUCK: Swimming, Spanish Club FEATHERSTON, DIANNE: Girls' League Cabinet, Senior Play IV, Rally Commit- tee Secretary IV, Student Court III, IV FEINSTEIN, DAVE: Band IV FENLEY, DICK: Student Court Team III FERRY, HENRY: B Football I, Student Court IV, Senior Play IV, Engineer's Club IV FEWELL, JEANETTE: Librarian III, IV, Bible Club II, III, IV FITZGERALD, KATIE: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa II, III, IV, Chorus I, II, III, Service Club II, III, IV FLEEMAN, RAY: Track I, II, III, IV, C Foot- ball I, Hall Committee IV, Student Court IV FLOREN, RONALD: Radio Shop Assistant I, II, III FREDRICKSON, DELVIN: Track I, II, III, Engineers' Club I, II, III, Cross Country III FREITAS, CHARLENE: Business Club IV, Librarian II, Ill, Fashion Show III, Office Practice IV FROST, MARTIN: Concert Band I, II, III, IV, Track Ill, IV G GENTOSI, CLAUDIA: G.A.A. Cabinet, Vice President IV, Manager III, Tri Sigma, French Club I, II, III, IV GIFFORD, DAVID: Honor Society III, IV, Engineer's Club III, IV, Lab Assistant IV, Spanish Club III GLASGOW, FRANK: Concert Band I, II, III, IV, Proiectionist III GOULD, SALLY: Galleon Staff IV, Ameri- can Field Service Committee IV, Senior Play IV, Aqua Show IV GRAHAM, HOWARD WAYNE: Poster Club I, II, III, School Play Productions II, IV, Ceramics Assistant III GRAMS, ELEANOR ANN: Senior Play - Student Director IV, Galley II, III, IV, Biology Club III, Christmas Program IV GRAVES, VELMA: Chorus, Acapella Choir III, Theta Beta Kappa III, Service Club IV GREEN, CAROLYN: Cheer Leader IV, Rally Committee IV, Senior Homecoming Prin- cess IV, Spanish Club II, IV GREEN, DARLENE LOUISE: Carousel III, Senior Play IV, Larkettes IV, Service Club I, ll, III GREEN, GARY: Basketball II, Varsity III, IV, Baseball Il, Varsity III, IV, Hall Monitor III GRIEWE, KEN: Future Farmers I, Il, Ill, IV GRUWELL, WENDY KAY: G.A.A. I, II, P. E. Manager IV, Home Making Lab. Assistant IV, Aqua Show I, II, III H HACKER, ROBIN: Aqua Show III, IV, Golf Club Il, Nurses' Assistant IV 173 HAMMOND, BARBARA: Honor Roll I, II, III, IV, Melodists Il, III, IV, Tri Sigma IV, Student Court Team III, IV HAND, JERRY: Concert Band I, II, III, IV, Honor Society II, III, IV, Spanish Club IV, Track IV HANSEN, LARRY: Track III, IV, Cross Coun- try IV HART, HELEN: G.A.A. I, n, ul, iv, Span- ish Club IV, Service Club I, II, III, IV, Dance Assembly II, III, IV HART, LEON: Football I, II, Biology Club III, Proiectionist IV HASKELL, CHARLES lMickeyJ: Class Presi- dent III, Honor Society President III, A.F.S. Boys' Chairman IV, Varsity Ten- nis II, III, IV. HATCH, WILLIAM: Student Court I, ll HAWKS, DIANE: Spring Show II, III, Busi- ness Club IV, G.A.A. II, III, Acapella Choir IV HAWORTH, GARY: B Basketball I HAYES, BILL: Basketball I, II, Football I, Student Court, Hall Committee HAYES, TACCOA ANN: Tri Sigma, Vice President IV, Softball Manager G.A.A. III, Spring Show I, II, III, IV, Freshman Girls' League Cabinet I HAYWARD, RON: D Basketball I, C Bas- ketball II. HAZLETT, JOHN: Cross Country IV, Track IV, Student Court, Senior Play IV. HEIKES, PETE: Football Jr. Var. III, Var- sity IV, Baseball Jr. Var. III, Varsity IV. HENDERSHOT, ROBERT: C.A.S.C. Repre- sentative IV, Varsity Football, Basketball I, Il, III, IV, Track I, II, III, IV. HENDRICKS, LAURIE: Girls' League Pres. IV, Girls' League Sec. III, American Field Service Committee II, III, IV, Hon- or Society I, Il, IV. HENNINGS, NANCY: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Honor Society II, III, IV, Service Club III, IV, Spanish Club II, III. HENROTIN, JOHN: Student Body President IV, Varsity Basketball IV, Board of Con- trol I, II, Ill, Honor Roll I, Il, III. HESS, NORMAN: Honor Roll I, II, III, IV, Student Court I, II, Ill, IV, Engineer's Club III, IV, American Field Service Committee IV. HICKEY, JO ANNE: Service Club IV, Busi- ness Club IV, G.A.A. IV. HILBERT, GERALD W.: Honor Society I, III, IV, Student Court II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, Cross Country IV. HILL, HENRY: Honor Society II, III, IV, Swimming I, Il, III, IV, History Club III, IV, Engineer's IV. HILL, ROBIN MARIE: Flotsam and Jetsam Editor, Honor Society I, II, III, IV, Tau Pho Kappa II, III, Vice President IV, Tri Sigma III, IV. 174 HILLIARD, HARRY: Cross Country I, II, III, Captain IV, Track I, II, III, IV, Hi-Tar's IV, F.F.A. I, II, III. HIRTH, TED: Hall Monitor Capt. III: Stu- dent Court IV, Student Council IV, En- gineer's Club III, IV. HOFMANN, CATHERINE: Honor Society II, III, IV, Tri Sigma III, IV, G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Service Club I, II, III, IV. HOGLAND, LEROY: Galleon Advertising Ill, IV, Spanish Club I, ll, Ill, IV, Stu- dent Court III, IV, Biology Club II, IV. HOOD, GEORGE: Cross Country Jr. Var. ll, Varsity Ill, IV, Track Il, Ill, IV, Foot- ball II, III, Hi-Tars III, IV. HOUSTON, TOM: Basketball I, II, III, IV, Track I, II, Hall Monitor III, IV, Drama Assembly IV. HOWALD, WALT: Board of Control IV, Honor Society II, III, Football II, III, Senior Play IV. HOWARD, JOE: Honor Society I, III, IV, Engineer's Club IV, School Paper Ad- vertising Manager I. HUBBARD, GENE: Varsity Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Baseball I, II, IV. Hi-Tars Ill, IV. HUBER, JOHN: Swimming I, II, III, Stamp Club I. HUDSON, LINDA JAN: Sailing Club II, III, IV, Spanish Club II, III, Aqua Show I, II, Ill, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, IV. HUGO, GARY ALAN: Theta Beta Kappa III, IV, Galleon Ad Staff I, II, III, IV, Chess Club IV. HURNDALL, JULIE: Sailing Club II, III, Treasurer IV, Honor Society I, II, III, Student Court ll, III, IV, Senior Play. HUYCKE, PETER: Honor Roll I, II, III, IV, Tennis I, II, Galleon Staff III, IV, French Club III, IV. J JARVIS, SAM: Football III, IV, Sailing Club IV, Engineer's Club IV, Student Court IV. JEWETT, BARBARA: Aqua Show II, Ill, Service Club, Hall Committee. JOHNSON, MIKE: Cheerleader IV, Spanish Club III, IV, Rally Committee IV, Stu- dent Court III, IV. JORDAN, JOHN: B Football II, Galleon Staff IV. K KABIS, BILL: Marching Band II, III, IV, Track Manager I, Radio Club III, Latin Club I, Il. KALLAWAY, HAROLD: Basketball, Hall Committee, Rally Committee, Freshman Play. KANOLD, ALBERTA: Biology Club III, IV, Business Club IV, Service Club IV, His- tory Club II, IV. KEELING, BRENDA: Drama I, II, III, IV, Senior Play, Dance III. KELL, KATHIE: Student Court Team IV, Galleon Adv. Staff IV, Tau Rho Kappa IV, Service Club III, IV. KELSO, GRAY: Swimming, Tennis, Student Court. KEMPER, JERRY: Basketball I, II, III, Jr. Var., IV Varsity. KILIUS, JOAN: Flag Twirler IV, Aqua Show III, IV, Christmas Program III, IV, Hostess Committee IV. KIMBLE, DON: Honor Society II, Radio Club, Band. KING, STEPHEN A.: Student Court Ill, Stage Crew II, III, Rifle Club II, En- gineer's Club IV. KINGSLEY, PAT: Tau Rho Kappa IV, Iota Rho Gamma III, IV, Student Court IV, American Field Service Committee IV. KNAPP, PATRICIA: Student Court Captain IV, Student Council Secretary III, March- ing Band I, II, III, American Field Ser- vice IV. KNIGHT, ROBERT: Photography Staff III. KNIGHTEN, VIRGINIA: Fashion Show II, III, IV, Home Economics Assistant ll, III, IV, Dance Assembly II. KOREN, RONALD: Chanters IV, B Football IV, Christmas Program. KORNILOV, ELENA: Tau Rho Kappa III, IV, Biology Club III, IV, Student Court Team IV, Uniform Checker III, IV. KRAMER, CHARLES: Honor Society II, III, IV, B Football Manager I, II, III, IV, Spanish Club I, II, Rally Committee. KUHRY, TOM: Football II, Orchestra I, II, III, Acapella Chorus I, Hall Monitor II L LACEFIELD, KAY: Galleon Staff IV, Spring Show, Aqua Show, Christmas Play Il. LAMB, JANE: Chorus Il. LANGJAHR, BILL: Swimming Team l, II, III. LARDNER, ANN: C.A.S.A. Membership Secretary, Tau Rho Kappa I, II, III, President IV, Americqn Field Service Committee, Tri Sigma III, IV. LARsoN, BARBARA: Junior Red cmsl I, Library Club II, Business,CIub III, IV. LAWSON, NORMAN: Sailing Club I, II, III, IV, Hall Committee III, Chorus I. LEE, DICK: B Football II, Student Court IV, Lab. Assistant III, Chorus I. LEWIS, JOHN: Basketball II, III, IV, Swim- ming I, II, III, IV, Senior Play IV, Stu- dent Court II, IV. LEWIS, NANCY: French Club ll, Ill, Tau Rho Kappa ll, III, G.A.A. I, II, Biology Club III. LIEB, JODY: Secretary Student Body IV, Honor Roll I, II, III, IV, Class Officer I, ll, III, Flag Twirler IV. LILLYWHITE, ANN: Pep Club I, II, Biology Club Ill, Dance Committee I, II. LINDERMAN, JIM: Football I, Swimming Il, Ill, IV, Sailing Club II, Ill, Hall Com- mittee ll. LINKLATER, JUDITH ANN: G.A.A. Cabinet IV, Student Court IV, Honor Society Il, III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa Ill, IV. LITTELL, BOB: Hall Monitor, Student Court. LOPEZ, LEONARD: Football I, Ill, Track Il, III, IV, Basketball I, III, Student Council I, II. LOWE, PENNY: Aqua Show I, Il, III, IV, Chorus I, Il, III, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Service Club IV. LUDI, DE ANNE: G.A.A. I, Aqua Show I, Spanish Club I, Il, III. LUND, BEVERLY: Drum Maiorette III, IV, Rally Committee President III, IV, Band I, Il, III, IV, Honor Society I, II, III. M MABERRY, WENDELL: Student Advisory Council I, Hall Monitor II, Chorus II. MACCUBBIN, JAMES E.: Spanish Club Ill, Track III, Rooters Club Il, ROTC - Cristobal, C.Z. MADISON, MARILYN: Business Club III, IV, P.E. Office Assistant IV, Aqua Show I, ll, Tau Rho Kappa I. MANDELL, BILL: Carousel III, Track III, IV. MANG, MICHAEL: Tennis II, III, IV, Honor Society Il, III, IV, Football B II, Basket- ball Manager I, II. MANN, SHARON: G.A.A. I, ll, III. MARTIN, DALE: Football Varsity III, IV, Track Varsity Ill, IV. MAYO, SKIP: Junior-Senior Play INotre Dagne Highl, Band I, Il, Ill, Skin Diving Club. McAHREN, KATHLEEN: Student Court, Tau ,. Rho Kappa ,l, Il, IV, Prom Committee, Girls' League Hostess Committee. McBRIDE, JAMES: Bugler lArmy-Navy Aifademyl, Marching Band II, III, Wrestl- ing Team, Student Court IV. McCANDLISH, DONALD GENE: Student Court Team IV. McCARTHY, SUSAN: Student Court III, IV, Usherettes ll, III, Service Club Secretary- Treasurer ll, III, IV, G.A.A. I, Il, III, IV. MCCLELLAND, ANITA: Spanish Club I, II, III, Usherettes II, III, G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Honor Society III. McCLELLAN, BARBARA: Cheer Leader II, III, Iota Rho Gamma. McCOY, JAMES L.: Biology Club Vice President III, IV, Honor Society III, IV, French Club Ill. McFARLAND, LYNN: Class Officer III, IV, Girls' League Representative III, Student Council I, II, III, Student Court II, III, IV. McRAE, GERALD: Engineer's Club IV, Phy- siology Club I, u, nl, rv, Band I. MIKA, JAY: B Football II, III, Hall Monitor Ill. MILBURN, WM. PATRICK: Biology Club ll, III, President IV, Honor Society III, IV, Iota Rho Gamma IV. MILUM, PHYLLIS: Tri Sigma IV, Student Court II, IV, G.A.A. Cabinet IV, Senior Play. MILLER, LINDA JO: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Aqua Show III, IV, Cherry Pie Contest IV. MOORES, BEVERLY GAIL: Hall Monitor III, IV, Aqua Show III, IV, Lab. Assist- ant IV, G.A.A. Il. MORELAND, EVELYN: G.A.A. I,II, Aqua Show Il. MORITZ, ROD: Stage Lighting I, Il, III. MORRISON, GLENN: C Track II, Ill, C Football III, Hall Monitor IV. MORRISON, MARGARET: G.A.A. II, Ill, Fashion Shows ll, IV, Hall Duty IV, French Club II. MOSER, RUTH ANN: Tau Rho Kappa Il, III, IV, Bible Club II, III, IV, Honor Society ll, III, Spanish Club Il, Ill. MORGAN NAOMI: Student Court, I, II, Ill, IV, G.A.A. Cabinet IV, Honor So- ciety IV, Tau Rho Kappa I, II, III, IV. NEALY, JUDI: Chorus IV, Christmas Play IV, Dance I. NELSON, JOHN: Poster Club I, Basketball Manager IV. NEWBURY, JACK: Track I, II, III, IV. NIEMIEC, JAN: Hall Monitor IV, Basket- ball Manager IV. O OWEN, NANCY: Service Club II, III, IV, Business Club III, IV, Cafeteria Assist- ant lll, IV. P PAFF, LYELL: Proiectionist IV, Woodshop Assistant IV. PALAFERRI, RICH: Cheer Leader II, Basket- ball Varsity, Hall Monitor, Track I, II. PAPKE, JOAN: Tau Rho Kappa, Glrls' League Oakland, H-ll Honor Club. PATTERSON, JOAN: G.A.A., Bible Club I, IV, Fashion Show ll, III, Business Club IV. PAULEY, HARLAN: B Football I, II, Ill, Track Il. PESENTI, GEORGE: Radio Club III. PETERSON, HOWARD: Swimming I, II, III, Student Court III, Hall Committee IV. PIPER, BETTY: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Fash- ion Show I, II, III, IV, Tau Rho Kappa Il, III, IV, Home Economics Laboratory Assistant IV. PIRTLE, DEWAYNE: Bible Club I, Il. POMEROY, VAN: Senior Class President, Varsity Football III, Student Council President IV, J.V. Football Il. POPE, EDDIE: Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Rally Committee, Prom Committee. PUTMAN, CAROLE: Cheer Leader ll, Ill, Junior Play III, Band III, Pep Club II, Ill. RANDALL, WADE: Basketball I, Il, III, IV, Football I, Tennis III, Hall Committee Il. RAY, RUTH: G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Business Club IV, Library Monitor IV. REDINGTON, DON: Swimming I, II, Ill, IV, Student Court Head IV, I'Ii-Tars Club IV, Sailing Club I, II, III, IV. REED, PEYTON: Swimming I, II, Ill, IV, Hall Committee II, IV, French Club I, ll. REGAN, TERRY: Football A Il, III, IV, B-I, President Engineer's Club IV, Track I, II, III. REICH, TERRY NAN: Tri Sigma III, IV, Dance Manager IV, Larkette President IV, Spring Show II, Ill, IV. RENAKER, SUSAN: Larkettes III, IV, Honor Society III, IV, French Club III, Student Court IV. REYNOLDS, NANETTE: Girls' League Cab- inet III, IV, Uniform Court, Student Court, Girls' League Council I. RICE, BOB: Track Il, III, IV, Football Il, III, Cross Country III. RICHTER, GRETCHEN: Service Club III, Tau Rho Kappa III, Nurse Assistant II, G.A.A. I, II, III. RILEY, PAT: Student Court III, IV, Spring Show III, G.A.A. I, II, Flagtwirler IV. RIOU, ANDRE: French Club l, II, III, Cross Country ll, III, IV, Track ll, III, IV. ROBERTS, JESSICA: Galleon Assist. Editor III, Aqua Show I, Il, III, IV, Student Council I. RODMAN, BILL: Spanish Club Il, III, IV, Rowing Club Il, III, IV. S . ST. CLAIR, RON: Stage Lighting Il, III, IV, Drama IV, Senior Play. SANDERS, DIANA: Galleon Adv. Staff IV, Tri Sigma Ill, IV, Honor Society I, ll, III, IV, G.A.A. SAUTER, JUDITH: Band I, II, III, IV, Sen- ior Play IV, Honor Society II, III, Span- ish Club II, III. SCHAFFNER, HOWARD: Art Club, Baseball I, Tennis. SCHMOYER, HERB: Orchestra II, III, IV, Stamp Club I. SCHONES, STAN: Football I, II, Ill, IV, Baseball I, ll, Student Court Il. SCHWAN, LARRY: Biology Club ll, ln, lv, French Club, Ill, IV. SCRUGGS, LARRY: F.F.A. I, II, Ill, IV, Bi- ble Club I, ll. SEELEY, CONSTANCE JOAN: Yearbook Editor IV, Honor Roll I, ll, III, IV, Stu- dent Court Team Ill, Dance Assembly II, III. SHAFER, BOB: F.F.A. I, Il, III, IV, Football B I, Varsity II, Ill, IV, Varsity Track II. SHAFER, JERRY: B Football Il, Captain Ill, Future Farmers Officer, Track A and B. SHANNON, BETTY: G.A.A. Cabinet IV, G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Chorus IV, Usher- ettes ll, Ill. SHOOTER, MARILYN: Theta Beta Kappa IV, Beacon Staff IV, Bible Club III, Service Club Il, III. SHORE, JAY: Student Court IV, Track I, Basketball. SMITH, HOWARD H.: Cross Country II, Track II, Ill, Poster Contest III. SMITH, MELINDA: History Club IV, Ameri- can Field Service Committee, Spanish Club, Aqua Show. SMITH, ROBERTA LUCILLE: Galley Worker I, Il, Nurses' Assistant III, Theta Beta Kappa IV, Nurses' Club IV. STAFFORD, SHIRLEY: G.A.A. I, II, lll, IV, Student Court I, Il, III, IV, Ralley Com- mittee IV, Hostess Committee ll, III, IV. STANGE, KRISTINA: A.F.S. Exchange Stu- dent, Iota Rho Gamma IV, Art Club IV, Sailing Club IV. STANLEY, BETH: Student Court Team II, III, IV, G.A.A. I, ll, III, IV, Spanish Club I, II, Ill, Senior Play. STAREGE, CHARNETH: Tri Sigma President IV, Homecoming Princess and Queen II, IV, Prom Committee Ill, Aqua Show I, Il, III, IV. STEGMAN, HENRY: Phy Lamba Club, Pleasantville High. STELL, JACQUELINE: Theta Beta Kappa. SUTHERLAND, JUDITH: G.A.A. I, Il, III, IV, Student Court III, IV, Spanish Club III, IV, Iota Rho Gamma IV. 176 SWANSON, DIANE: G.A.A.' I, ll, III, IV, Student Court Team II, III, IV, Aqua Show I, II, III, Spanish Club I, Il, III, 1- IV. T TALSTRA, CAROL: G.A.A. Cabinet Sec. IV, Girls' League Cabinet I, Tri Sigma I, II, Student Court I, II. TAYLOR, JILL: Aqua Show I, II, ll, IV, Service Club ll, III, Galleon Advertising Staff IV, G.A.A. I, ll, III, IV. TAYLOR, RICHARD L.: Student Court IV, Hall Monitor IV, Chorus Ill, Senior Play IV. THOMAS, HENRY P.: B Football I. THOMPSON, GEORGE: Football Varsity III, IV, Baseball, Varsity II, Ill, IV, Class President I, II, Hi-Tars. THOMPSON, MARGIE: G.A.A. I, ll, Theta Beta Kappa. THORNE, RON: Football III, IV, Baseball I, Radio Club I, Il, Engineer's Club III. THRONSON, RON: Swimming Team I, Il, IlI', Galleon Staff II, Science Club Il. TINKER, JERRY: Drama Activities IV, Stu- dent Council ll, Beacon Editor-in-Chief IV. TONNE, DIANE: Chorus I, II, Ill, IV, Span- ish Club I, II, Hall Monitor IV, Business Club IV. TONNE, ELLEN: Hostess Committee I, Aqua Show II, IV, Tau Rho Kappa Ill, IV, Dance Assembly III. TORRANCE, DANA: Senior Play, Tau Rho Kappa Secretary I, II, III, IV, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Service Club. V TRAUTWEIN, WANDA: Maiorette II, III, IV, Senior Play IV, P.E. Manager IV, French Club I, Il, Ill, IV. TROOIEN, DIANE: Feature Editor, Harbor Beacon IV, Honor Society ll, Ill, IV, French Club ll, Ill, IV, Office Practice Ill. TURNER, BOB: Football I, ll, IV, Hall Monitor IV. TUTTLE, CAROLYN PATRICIA: Student Court Captain IV, Student Court Il, Ill, Aqua Show I, Il, III. V VANDERVORT, CHARLES: Student Body Vice President IV, Varsity Football ll, III, IV, Honor Roll, I, Il, III, IV, Varsity Baseball III, IV. VAUGHN, DAVID: Band I, ll, III, President IV, Honor Society II, III, IV, Football Il, III, IV, Student Court IV. VINEYARD, BETTY: Hall Monitor II, IV, Chorus IV, Librarian IV, Business Club IV. VINZANT, JO ANN: Business Club Ill, IV, Hall Monitor ll, Captain IV, Aqua Show II, III, IV, Office Practice IV. VON EHRENBERG, ADRIENNE: Uniform Checker I, IV, Aqua Show IV, Galleon Advertising Staff III, Service Club I, II. W WADE, OREN: Swimming II, Ill, IV, Honor Roll ll, Ill, IV, Drama I, IV, Sailing Club Officer fCommodoreJ ll, III, IV. WAGGONER, JOAN: Student Court III, IV, Galleon Advertising Staff II, Ill, Senior Play, Tau Rho Kappa II, III, IV. WAGNER, KAREN: Senior Class Secretary, Girls' League Cabinet, Student Court ll, III, IV, Student Council I, Il. WALTERS, JAMES H.: Football I, ll, Band I, II, Ill, IV. WEBSTER, JERRY DEAN: Football II, III, Track II, Tri Sigma Ill, Fashion Show II. WELLES, JOHN: Hall Monitor Ill, IV. WHITAKER, JERRY: Cheer Leader IV, Rally Committee III, IV, Swimming I, II, III, IV, Football ll, III. WILLIAMS, DON: Track II, III, IV, Student Court Member III, IV, F.F.A. Officer lSecretaryI Ill. WILLIAMSON, MARIANNE: Honor Society lll, IV, Business Club Secretary III, IV, Service Club II, Ill, Spanish Club II. WILLSEY, LYNDA: G.A.A. I, II, Biology Club IV. WILSON, NADA: Business Club, G.A.A., Fashion Show Il, III. WILSON, NANCY: Student Council IV, Business Club IV, G.A.A. lfucson High Ariz.J III. WINTERS, PHILLIS: G.A.A. I, Il, Home- making Assistant IV, Gym Manager III, IV. WHITE, EDWARD RUSSEL: B. Basketball II, Jr. Varsity Baseball III. WHITEHURST, PAT: Aqua Show III, IV, Gym Manager IV. WOLFE, DIANA: French Club Ill, IV, Tau Rho Kappa IV, Service Club Vice Presi- dent IV, Aqua Show Ill, IV. WORTHINGTON, JUDEEN: G.A.A. IV, Ser- vice Club IV. Y YEISLEY, DAVID: Track B I, Varsity Il, Ill, IV. Z ZWIEBEL, ROD: Track Il, III, IV, Swimming II, Student Court I, II, Hall Committee I, II. OBLIGATION TO YOUTH lt is today's obligation to each coming generation to so firmly build the economic stability of our community that each child ol' tomorrow is offered his "Opportunity," The Newport Balboa Savings and Loan Association is cognizant of this responsibility. We zealously guide our efforts toward the prosperous development of Orange County and especially the Newport Har- bor - Costa Mesa area. We aim to help make this the land of opportunity. lneidentally thousands of homes here have been financed by us with the funds of 8500 investors, to whom in excess of 5800000.00 has been paid in dividends in 1956 alone. A savings account with us that pays 494 per annum can be your opportunity too. Accounts up to Sl0,000 insured by an agency of the United States Govern- ment. NEWPORT BALBOA SAVI NGS AND lOAN ASSOCIATION P. A, Palmer, Preudcnl I , , Payr d' 'dendx luur limu 4 year, :un all t Sybil Carney, Sonia Moon and Kay Lacefleld on the mum igiizsfn ulwrou nncnxnurbnnyif 4x""""""' - 3366 VIA LIDO T I pb MARIO! 4200 threshold of the Newport Balboa Sovlngs and Loan Ztranrb nffize: 2407 East Couxl lligbenafayjngoronu del Mar Association' loAlli AvAll.All.l lol Ill Noll lullllll ll Olllll GIUIIY .ix 1 I I if F tag, w A W R 1 z. .n N ,- At the beautifully arranged cosmetic counter at Vincent's in Corona del Mar, Linda and Patty are shopping for a birthday gift. Suzy and Diane are at Vincent's of Lido, waiting for a prescription to be filled from the complete pharmaceutical department. vu..-we " f W All the kids at Harbor agree that lunch just wouldn't be fun at all without the ice cream and milk products supplied to us by Excelsior Creamery, located in Santa Ana at 926 East First Street. Phone Kimberly 2-3531. 11 H el l.:l.x.L -1 C: Shirley and Kathy are looking over the wide Kay and Tom are depositing their weekly variety of flowers and plants at Hollister allowance at the California Bank, 3435 E. Bros. Nursery, 1969 Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa. Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. You too, can prepare for the future as they do, by opening an account. Loading up their shopping basket with good things to eat, Ellen and Chip are going to fill that empty refrigerator at home. They agree the best food shopping is at the Balboa Market, 608 E. Balboa Blvd. Looking at some of the auto equipment at Beacon Auto Supply, Mary Jo and Kitty are even more confused by the mechanics of a car, but they know their cars will be kept in tip-top condition with reliable parts from Beacon Auto Supplies, 476-480 N. Newport Blvd. in Newport Beach. TOPS IN SCHOOL CLOTHING . randl'-3 O E D T S TO Q E 3321 E. Coast Highway 0 CORONA DEL MAR Telephone: Harbor 2441 NEWPORT FURNITURE F. P. WALDRON COMPANY REAL ESTATE COMPLETE Home FURNISHINGS 308 Marine Ave. BALBOA ISLAND 2620 W. Coast Highway NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. HOWARD'S RESTAURANT AT BALBOA coves 3945 West Coast Hwy. NEWPORT BEACH BALBOA CLEANERS Kmrs oun srecmrv Next to Bank 605 E. Balboa BALBOA At Lido Toyland, 3442 Via Lido, Mary Jo and Judie are displaying some of the dar- ling toys available. Here, there is a wide variety of stuffed animals, games, dolls and other toys for children of all ages. BRAGG5 "Miss MUFFETT sHoPPE fashions ,, 2737 East Coast Highway Corona del Mar, Calif. Lowell and Kay are admiring one of the many attractive record players to be found at Davis-Brown. Davis-Brown now have two locations, one at 1885 Harbor Blvd. and a new one at 835 W. 19th St. in the Vista Shopping Center. jjv ARTHUR MURRAY'S 3523 E. Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR Fashionwise in ChiIdren's Eyes' 2731 E. Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR Harbor 0667 ' CORONA DEL MAR Unusual Jewelry and Gifts I THE JEWEL BOX 2515 E. Coast Highway ANTHONY'S BEST WISHES SHOE SERVICE 3401 E. Coast Highway WATCHES - DIAMONDS WATCH REpAlR CORONA DEL MAR Harbor 1403 I STUART H. PRICE MEN's AND BOY'S WEAR 1808 Newport Blvd. COSTA MESA Llberty 8-1421 MEARS CAMERA SHOP 1782 Newport Blvd. COSTA MESA Photo and Model Airplane Supplies Liberty 8-7042 THEODORE ROBINS HAROLD'S Your Ford Dealer Since 1921 1670 Newport Blvd. 3100 West Coast Highway NEWPORT BEACH COSTA MESA BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF JUNE '57 FROM HELIPOT Build your meals around Carr's Fine Meat Products which are served at Harbor's cafe- teria and galleys. Drop by their market at 1741 Newport Avenue to prepare for dinner tonight, as Syb and Martin are doing. This beautiful portrait of Karen Wagner is an example of the fine work done by John C. Hellyer, 3424 Via Oporto. I DICK MACKER'S INTERIORS MABERRY'S SHOE REPAIR CARPETS DRAPERIES GYM SHOES UPHOLSTERY 1890 Harbor Blvd. One of Lido Shops COSTA MESA Harbor 4328 S 81 H Green Stamps JERI'S MAX W. POPE OF LIDO REALTOR Dress and Sportswear 'for Teenage Girls and Fellas 1908 Harbor Blvd' 3405 Newport Blvd. COSTA MESA NEWPORT BEACH Llberty 8-1142 WILLIAMS STATIONERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT - STATIONERS - PRINTERS 3430 Via Lido NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. Harbor 4588 'x 4 X . N. M ,. lt looks as though Syb and Kay are going to take outa new savings account. Here they are looking at a passbook at Costa Mesa Savings and Loan Association, 1872 Newport Boulevard. ,,,,-'ff' Charlie and Dennis visit Hoyt's Harbor Engraving Co., 644 W. l7th St., Costa Mesa, engravers of the Galleon for the past eleven years. Here Mr. Hoyt explains one of the processes of modern engraving. At U. S. National Bank, Harbor students can use modern banking methods in handling their funds. Walt looks on as Kay takes out a new checking account. This bank is conveniently located at the corner of Newport and Harbor Boulevards in Costa Mesa. Q ,n In the delicatessen of Richard's Lido Market, Margie and Jo Anne browse among the tantalizing rare and imported foods. For cool and easy shopping it is Richard's, Newport's most complete market. Jill is looking happily on as Leroy pours o creamy thick malt for her. Malts are only one of the many delicious treats in store for you at Bud's Drive-ln, 2698 Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa. LIDO CLEANERS 1782 Newport Boulevard COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF DEPARTMENT STORE RElNERT'S DEPT. STORE OPEN DAILY 1816 Newport Blvd. 303 Main Street COSTA MESA BALBOA THE KNITTING BAG McDONALD PAINT 113 E. 18th Street COSTA MESA 1870 Harbor Boulevard Yarns - Knit Dresses COSTA MESA SIZES 1-12 Llberty 8-2602 DIAMONDS - WATCHES WATCH REPAIRING COAST OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. DENNIS' iewelers rvpswnmsns 1808 Newport Boulevard -. ESA Llberty 8-7794 COSTA M 1888 Harbor Boulevard Llberty 8-2417 COSTA MESA COMPLIMENTS OF VISTA DEPT. STORE SPORTSWEAR SPECIALISTS 815 W. 19th St. Vista Shopping Center COSTA MESA CARNEY HARDWARE 805 W. 19th St. Vista Shopping Center COSTA MESA "Open Sundays" Llberty 8-6001 COMPLIMENTS OF BANK DESIGNERS OF AMERICA, Inc. Roger J. Cunningham President l "EVERYTHING A WOMAN WEARS BUT SHOES" POLLY APPAREL 1833 Newport Boulevard cosTA MESA Llberty a-2114 Barbara and Lonne are selecting some rib bon from the complete stock carried by Burnett's Variety Store, 223 E. 17th Street Burnett's is also the place to go to buy your school supplies. Don't Nancy and Dale look casual in their Ivy League shirts and polished cotton slacks and bermudas? These outfits and many more fashions are available at the Beach- comber Shop, 2701 W. Coast Highway. VITAMIN sPEciAusrs HARBOR HEALTH FOODS 353 No. Newport Boulevard NEWPORT BEACH Llberty 8-6424 TRADER HORN SHOP BEST OF LUCK Freddie 81 Edith Balboa, Calif. Harbor 0649 BAMBOO RATTAN "The Prescription Pharmacy" GIFT SHOP CORONA DEL MAR PHARMACY 601 E. Balboa Boulevard BALBOA, CALIF. Harbor 1112 3127 East Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR, CALIF. Harbor 2272 v """N 4 Sf' M yd l Q B I ' M 3404 via Lido X, v Mg q s ,Q NEwPoRr BEACH v CALIF. L 5 1 N : :.. :JEL ., .. . 'f-2-:-.1:-:r1:::::5:2:::.:-:..-.. :N F' - -- . . Y- , "''-'1-1-2:f:1:a:f:r::ff:4f-- z ,.,.4--.,: - . -.1--3f:4a:,e4:S-n..e..- Q .3. f.6.- . 1:84. .. : -ack!-f'.o.w-:R--Stfaz'-fr'-: -8:2--:ft-:Jr-:W-. 921+ - . - :1i::5,1s3:Ay -. ' - -.L .V-"rift: E A - .Rr:.35:1:. 2... '-"-" "-'FRA-riff: :',i2t::'f1"R-ckfa is 1 J., I ,I ' ' . f. 3 E 51529151ssffitl-iiiPfsza-frfiivs Sal' si: 4.-xiii? 2 :- ., - A ,V .H T-.A 5. - 4. E E -E - 1 L' -' -fa E .' - f H ' +s?f5 E III I 5 iiffi E ,X I ill I I fails : -- 1 I Q- Q -Q -.1 A- I rf-: -ter: 5 Y I 4 ,L BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS or '57 EARL W. STANLEY REALTOR BALBOA ISLAND 1831 Newport Boulevard COSTA MESA Virginia's VARIETY STORE SHOPPE "FABRICS FOR FASHION" Quality Yardage - Buttons 213 Marine Ave. Patterns - Notions BALBOA ISLAND 3337 E. Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR Ladies' and Children's Shoes 716 E. Balboa Blvd. CIRCUS BOOTERY GUNDERSON DRUG CO. Prescription Pharmacists Mesa Shopping Center COSTA MESA BALBOA Harbor 515 Looks as though there's some good eatin' in store for Charneth and John with ice cream and other goodies from the Market Spot. For groceries as well as between-meal snacks, shop at this Balboa Island Market at 200 Marine Avenue. KAY FINCH CERAMICS coRoNA DEL MAR BAY CLEANERS 1687 Orange Avenue COSTA MESA Llberty 8-3560 DIKE 8K COLEGROVE DEVELOPERS AND BUILDERS OF QUALITY HOMES AT REASONABLE PRICES 419 E. 17th Street COSTA MESA BUD'S SALON OF BEAU 3440V1 Via Oporto NEWPORT BEACH In the Lido Shopping Center Harbor 5364 TY HARBOR Bodybuilding GYM 644Vz W. 17th St. COSTA MESA Liberty 8-8388 In the spotlight is Harborite, Terry Ross, a student at Dorothy Jo Dance Studio in Cor- ona del Mar. Tap, ballet and ballroom dancing are specialties taught at Dorothy Jo's. Here Carol and Jerry are going to buy o pair of "go-clheads" at one of Alden's Gift Shops. Both shops are conveniently located in the Harbor area, one at 401 Main and the other ot 600 East Edgewater, Balboa. GOOD LUCK TO CLASS OF '57 B5 X? elenzfs CORONA DEL MAR Harbor 6173 BOB'S SPORTING GOODS 1807 Newport Avenue COSTA MESA Llberty B-4512 Finer Functional Furniture CARLYLE'S 1990 Harbor Boulevard COSTA MESA BALBOA MARINE HARDWARE SMALL BOATS - WATER SKIS 2537 W. Coast Highway NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. TURNER DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS 2542 W. Coast Highway NEWPORT BEACH Llberty 8-1153 MARTIN FURNITURE MODERN - MAPLE CARPETS - APPLIANCES 1865 Harbor Blvd. COSTA MESA, CALIF. LORNE FEATURING - WHITE sTAG DIAMONDS - WATCHES THOMPSON'S GEM BOX 183616 Newport Blvd. CATALINA - SHIP 'N SHORE COSTA MESA Exclusive Keepsake Dealer 204 Mflrine Ave- Jewelry - Silverware BALBOA ISLAND Liberty 8-1313 BAY READY MIX, INC. CONCRETE SATISFACTION 711 West 17th Street P.O. Box 127 COSTA MESA Llberty 8-2283 J A X BALBOA ISLAND Best Wishes To The WARD 81 HARRINGTON . K I x Oren and Norm are admiring one of the N Class of '57 LUMBER COMPANY BLANCHE A. GATES REALTOR 3300 W. Coast Highway 311 Marine Avenue NEWPORT BEACH P. 0. Box 372 Llbeny 8.3411 BALBOA ISLAND In the tool section of Stroot's Hardware fTe- Winklesl, 18th and Newport Blvd., Kathie and Lynn are inspecting the merchandise. Stroot's have the most complete line of paint, hardware, housewares and gifts in the area. new "Fiberglass Sea Spray Sailors" at Newport Marine Supply Co., 2700 W. Coast Highway. Newport Supply is the place to go for all your marine hardware. Congratulations to the Class of '57 ANDERSON, ANICH and STANLEY INSURANCE BROKERS MYRTLE E. DAVY REALTOR 3432 Via Oporto NEWPORT BEACH Harbor 5446 VILLAGE DRAPERY and MAPLE furniture MAPLE ACCESSORIES 349 North Newport Boulevard NEWPORT BEACH Llberty 8-B464 ART 81 BILL'S SEASPORT TACKLE "Our Tackle Has Fish Appeal" 2633 W. Coast Highway NEWPORT BEACH Llberty 8-4631 TAYLOR'S TRIM SHOP SEAT COVERS UPHOLSTERY CONVERTIBLE TOPS 1102 Industrial Way COSTA MESA Liberty 8-7333 This picture of our varsity football team is here by compliment of Crawford's Pharmacy, 1804 Newport Blvd. Crawford's have the necessary bandages, aspirin, iodine and surgical dressings to which the team's hard-hitting players can readily attest. For an evening of fun and excitement these Harborites know where to go. At Harbor Roller Rink, 1726 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa, the kids enioy the good music, smooth floor and fine snack bar. i 3 X a Enjoying their ride on the Balboa Island Ferry, Sonia, Ray and Sandi, like all smart Harbor students, know that it is the fastest and most economical way from Balboa Island to Balboa. 89 EGNGER BETTER? SNS HAL DIKE 81 CO. INSURANCE BROKERS 632 West 17th Street COSTA MESA Llberty 8-5504 E. H. THIELE OPTICIAN Harbor 2515 2515 E. Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR BALBOA GLASS COMPANY . . 2436 Coast Highway Lynn may be buying lust car wax at Court- ney and Lester, 1596 Newport Blvd., Costa NEWPORT BEACH, CAI-IF Mesa, but she is going to tell her father about their selection of Goodyear tires and I'IberIY 84728 their reliable auto service. Compliments of CARVER CRAFT For Evinrude Motors and Wizard Boats 1998 Harbor Boulevard RICHARD SEELY Photographic Portraits 208 Marine Ave. BALBOA ISLAND Liberty 8-2062 Harbor 438 HUTCHEN5 COSTA MESA OPTICAL COMPANY LUMBER CO- Dispensing opticians 3341 E. Coast Highway CORONA DEL MAR Harbor 2579 MATERIAL 8- PLYWOOD 1700 Superior COSTA MESA Llberty 8-1061 LIDO WINDOW GIFTS - COSTUME JEWELRY HANDBAGS - GREETING CARDS In the lobby of the new Lido Building Harbor 6308 LYLE A. HOSKIN 8. SON Water Sports Equipment EVINRUDE MOTORS SKI AND DIVING GEAR 1220 W. Coast Highway Liberty 8-7673 Barbara and Dennis are inspecting a yacht which is getting its finishing touches before launching. This yacht was built by the Sea craft Division of Rosan Inc 2901 W Coast Highway, Newport Beach Shopping for shoes is a pleasure for Marceil and Syb at David's Florsheim, 'I83'I New- port Blvd. David's can accommodate even the hardest to please people with smart shoes for any occasion. Who takes all the pictures for the yearbook? Mr. Zimmer, of course. For portraits and candids of all school affairs it's Zimmers 237 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach. Phone HEmlock 9-4057. Best Wishes to the Class of '57 THE VOGEL COMPANY ' UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Santa Ana Plant REALTORS Manufacturers US Kaylon Foam Bw Wishes fo The COMPUMENTS BoARDMAN's MARKET Class of '57 CQMPLIMENTS of 301 Marine Ave. CLOTHES HQRSE of CROWN HARDWARE gAL30A ISLAND CORONA DEL MAR 215 Murine Ave. REGAN BROS. Harbor 317 BALBOA ISLAND Featuring Nationally Advertised Housewares QUALITY FOODS W . L f ff I fx .VN X ji 1 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp X F X 2712 W Coast Highway Newport Beach A '92 201 Avenida Del Mar San Clemente , V - Q b X W I we ' 'r I fx .f "' ,f:1,,,.s?:' I ' ,ff If Tl" I ' If 6 xml-fkrf-, I ' ARINERS AlNIKf'im .',g s . 7 . yu'-'P 5 " WH-I ',,,,.Am, . , ...., - eg.1 ,.iJL.4 . fin 2 P A N I C j g,, .AIU -,, X f .-C - I,-.,.,,' 1 .ti .. Sally and Marceil are having fun looking at new cars at your new Buick center, Stansbury Buick, 234 E. l7th St., Costa Mesa. For fair, fast, friendly service drop in to Stansbury Buick, or phone Liberty 8-7765. You will see Terry behind the candy counter at the Mesa Theatre in Costa Mesa, where Harbor students go for the latest in movie entertainment. Another favorite with Har- borites is the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach. 5 ix 3. K . . . and they all lived happily ever after! Q .jr1rv4,4' -if 'f 44- 'W W" wk- M, ' ?fw?""wi , Q., 'LlL+IiW"jfffW+ 4, WK-Jf',,4, if Vw' J,d'-4,-,lf'k'++.y,.J'v4f +wM'+,r, Jw 'G' ,Qfk air +V ,pw sl' 'jf Qlfnlar N4' M LJ' -VF 4' -fn-'h"V'rW'Y-if if wUf"'4,4'Y,L."f +"" + -tL4LY+qlr,J,++Z.liVq,,,- wk? W'+4'i+i,l,+f!l+f,+ ,M 'vf+f,"f++iQj,+q" agf++W4'Y11f+Y+W-1,"'J':.imr 'Ynylf ,,Mt'wlrw,j,.'f" 4: 1 . JJ. vwQf+,g.+Y+WJr-+' vw X."m?l+ilwfiJ,V++iiWjL +A' ++,4,4'V,I,5J'-+V? SWF '!',g,'VL,4f"wV'4,4' +A' S., +,lf+W4F+,,1,+qrwlfv5JFY 'FY if wif ,J,'l'wlF4JrwJF

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