Newport Harbor High School - Galleon Yearbook (Newport Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1947

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Newport Harbor High School - Galleon Yearbook (Newport Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1947 volume:

H5 Uixff, ' W' g 54' XQZ' F Y - 'Y 1. 030,532,550 JPJR- XNOQQJ C .X oem! X 1 ig' W jxewoddix 6 ' 4 U xx we pw 049. W. Qvvkrr 'HU-Lx NQ3wMX fav? 299' f' k MNM?35L9 x ixwv giqoeagwxxsm xgj!-Bc MX , QM' , ' a I ' ' ij, jgxegb ai 'jk L '19 M " J' f fQ,fis 3, if QQ' W ' lb cf' uflfy fi 9' M , MM M , f. Y Nm K 4 vb A U V ww 4 I fi " T ' QCUVJ X ,fi W W! . EJ , Q . , 4M Gyx masse I MW lc A KQV - Y' 61' ' ' wb-5 'itchy Q23 A W ri ,V :J I uve? 5551880 i Of? y f cvyigxy M U . Q K 13, Q, Www if. I keyed! . Q5N.5P7XQ1Jiibr' 0819! n ,N S 5-X ,BQ br- 459' W - t . xl . f bf QW gp is K M . 1:56 wwf- A f , Agglgfgy QQQSV 1X.g' Aa . SEsiRRxX'jgi3??EQQg 1 QXwEggX A5?'3? egfak Elxifxixf 2?E2Q A A f' ' X1'v-apex-13f.1Vo'gQ . A , NQ Kifwfwfd 9 Mm M X iiigigkqf Z, Ky cgi :W ,M wi? 'X 9059? Awlffwy ,gfvfidpiffiiwifiikiii if A fm 1, of , 5 ig? .9065 aah 1443 l gvbdqo 5 3 '. in - 57 no no 11,111 og . Pow HM? wpffffwf 5 . fyb Gejob .yxzvsx pzfga 2214-was .7494 Jwy KN? favwfpffpfyfway !Q?f5-6991 ' Eflffff 7Qif- ' N 'f'A fy, V Q, L H. -Q.. gall 1. .5 - ',. 5 , N . 1 kw.,,.,l1 K ,A If "ik k fx gf 5 4- ' I , '-1 A v ! ' W "f:1'QK? - ,f-fa ,, E x K, L: -, . ii ' ' ' 'N 1' ' - , ' , 1, 'V Q 2 550 - A j'54,'.fw.f Y' - . ax 'i . ' fi' -n "' "' .1-. , ,.,.r1iMffv- A ,. 5" 1 -f .JM - " .. K y '-.,-' ' fl" ' FT Jr -' 1 ' , , - K , Lf? ,s- 3 'f -' . ff 'W-. 0- 5 ., 'fa :WIC v " 'l " .g: ,,'... 1 a . K Q, , Y - . L ff if 'LL . M?fT::yi1xQ -I .- 3 : A-' ,. V. . 'HMT v - 1 .V lx 0 'UT' .J ' Q, X , ,.a:4 '. I .. ? x 2 ff 2 ' N' - I ' ' ' ' Q ,A ' 'Z' 1 , .. '- '- . -' M,--Q' ' ',, Fr.-'. 354 r -, M ' f . Q. - W ' f ,, . kr . ,F X ' ' XIV, . , ,. ,V hc - A M X R' 1 K XC' ! V-,, ,. M, pda?-1, HLXNLQ7 OO QI? --. 1.. . tx M6-,. ,O , ,a I ,.' f P ts , . ' 1 1 . x vii 1, il , ig VM V X I A , I, ef ARS- f k M M Nga , V ,y Y A xtiiwx . . Qff fb D 1 A 'v f af, Q ,rv x,,a, Cl' 'ff P' Q, , ,, , ' C, 1 -' fig X44 C750 ' .af 1 o xg, . N M "N V V . JV W fe3??JfM QW wf f0f22 fL fi? M5295 9 My Qu- W M , ' , iW:521ff ,4ff fglZ f",M"" ' if M' fffqfffw 06,91 A ZA Aja! ,QM WK' WP MfMJffQWw hggflgfffm c f,.i'jNLA,g5x fgmZ. ,fp mmf If I Mwiigyf I wif Im IIIIIIIIB II WVZQIILM' fyvxlbi gli! Liferary Edifor ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,AA ,,,,, - Assisfanf Liferary Eclifor .,,A ..AA Girls' Sporfs ,,,w,,.......A,,..,,,,.,... Boys' Sporfs ,,, , Phofographer . A Typisf ,..,.. Typisf ,,. , .,...., Business Manager ...,......, Circulafion Manager ...asa....a.a Galleon Advisor ...,..e.ees.e Business Aclvisora. 5 1 , sub K NORMA ANDERSON BETTY BEAN JEAN TROMPETER FRED MASON HARLAN HOYT KEITH NICOL LEROY BROWN SELIM FRANKLIN DENNIS BEAN MR. NOLAN MR. THOMPSON we GALLEO 1 luuc UWM, Mmoioumamuug rw' Ward Within Du-fssfamfct stmxzxswly Sai all Numa W ak, :SOL vwwunlc' 0sfU"f""'-f gk. 3 NL l 'MJ f21TtCF,,4ff" X l ff" ff Editor - BEVERLY GRACE We have collected the momentos of our school year of 1947 so that you may enjoy them, not only today, but also in future years. For this edition of the Galleon, we have chosen the theme, "Friend- shipf' As the years roll by and you leaf through the pages of this book, you will probably recall chiefly the friends that you had in high school. As you again visualize the exciting football games and track meets, the juniorfSenior Prom and the Service Banquet, the classroom discussions and club activities, you will associate them with the classmates who were dearest to you. Some of these members of the class of '47-perhaps the star of the track team, the fellow who never did have his assignments, the quiet girl whom none of us knew very well-may be famous several years from now as an outstanding statesman, a brilliant writer, a noted actress, or a learned scientist. We shall be so glad and proud to have had them as our friends at Harbor High. Many of the students in the class of 1947 will continue to be very dear to us all of our lives. Some of our most enduring friendships have been made in this class, and we shall probably come to learn that friend' ship is one of our most valued possessions. 194 Miss RUTH DANIELL For her unceasing inleresl' in 'rhe school ancl slu- c.len'I's, and l1er willingness fo l1elp us al' any 'lime 1'l1e Slaff of flue I947 GALLEON fonclly dedica+e l'l1is issue +o Miss Daniel. is S5 M MMM 22130 HMP Lu yay LW Mo MM -mfifl DEDIQATION S5 Cyn 5277 QQAQQNMMM ,Ma .Awww- ,i'i-nw 'N 4 4 4 x 1 X 1 Q ,,,,. ,, x 3 'I ,r W f if kj Ahh ww- N ax R i my . N . wx ,156 ,E sw' S P i 5 I E x i L 5 5 r m I s ,f , an-Q 'tal'-4' iu wi' 'CUM ' if 6 ififif ,mf 22? fairy' ,4"",, W Q Administration .. . fl hr. MR SIDNEY H. DAVIDSON f PRINCIPAL This 1947 Galleon is the seventeenth in an unbroken series of the student history of our beloved school. Each book as it emerges with its photographic records safeguards for all time the story of a generation of the students of Harbor High. To the seniors, living as youth does in the present, the book gives photographs of the classmates they see every day, of the sports and the plays that are still fresh in memory. With the future looming bright and challenging the average senior cannot possibly appreciate the full significance of this Galleon. To those who were seniors back in 1932, however, the Galleon is a storehouse of priceless reminders. Here are preserved the fresh young faces of the classmates now adults and living in remote sections of the world, of the teachers who deeply influenced their lives, of the good times and the friendships cemented in Harbor's classrooms. To the class of 1947, I extend my heartiest best wishes for the im' portant stages of life that are ahead. I am certain that you, too, with the passage of the years will treasure increasingly your mementos of these important days at Harbor. Sidney H. Davidson -TRTLK' THE BGARD OF TRU TEE Harbor High's smoothly run course this year is due chiefly to the combined efforts of the Board of Trustees, and our principal, Mr. Davidson. The Board consists of five capable men: D. Dodge fPres.jg A. H. Fitzpatrick fclerkjg Joseph Beekg Willard Mellottg Braden Finch fmem' hersj. Among the administrative and financial activities of the school for which these men are responsible is: hiring of teachers, setting budgets, purchasing necessary supplies, paying bills, and taking care of all other financial and administrative activities relative to the maintenance of the school. We fully appreciate the time and effort they so unselfishly give to insure the success of our splendid school. D. J. Domus A. H. FITZPATRICK W. B. MELLOTT J. A. BEER BRADEN FINCH MISS WOODWARD f Dean of Girls MR. HAMBLET f VicefPvincipal 1 QHE: K -. . 4 ii ,.., A . '23 ' is b Q lids-3 '- .13 -.Mm -'--- 4 1 X dx sf ' ' . -fl-A M .1 3... 4 4 Y ' , . X533 R ' I f? Mlss ADAMS Mlss BRANDHOFER Miss BROWN Mlss DANIELL MRS. FEELEY Miss FOX Miss GALAZ MR. GRABLE MR. HALL MR. H.'KRRYMAN Mlss HIEBSCH MR. HUGHES MR. JOHNSON Miss KILGROVE MR. MILLER MR. NOLAN MR. PICKENS MR. POWELL MR. REED MRs. RICHMOND MRS. ROBERTS MRS. SANDERS MR. SAWIN MRS. SHERMAN Mlss STOEVER MR. THOMPSON MR. WESTERMAN MR. WHITENECK MR. WORDEN bg., if , zgxpx My ., 1 me - Q SQ . 'sr -. fm liking , MAINTENANCE Mr. King, Mr. Sharmzm, Mr. Phoenix. Mr. Schuster, Mr. Hartman. Mr. Ravely, Mr. Glesenkamp. Mr. Flory. Mr. Ott, Mr. Frink OFFICE ASSISTANTS eated: Jean Clark. tanding: Carolee Burdick. Jean Trompeter. Romona Gruharing. Munna Windringer, Charlotte Best. OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Albers, Mrs. Hocfner. Mrs. Wilson CAFETERIA Milslllaxlrl Yflyvlilalllml, Mlizlrlwzgzl Allllllvr. 'Ifrink Jean Hollingworth, Mrs. Frink, Buyers. S Qlllvlll 1 L . L- J lllllllt.,'N-, Mis. AXBIIIIQIII X I pqvrdft ' V190 mln 17 Hu ujvjilfjl'-A DW! 0 eff 'I' W 4'9',UxlfJ lqjgf' wg? jk! TMMYW 551W M STANLEY CHAMBERS BILL PEYTON President V1cefP1'esident ROGER HILLHOUSE VELMA CASS Treasurer Secretary STUDENT GQVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Board of Control, which is the governing board of the Student Body, convenes every Monday with Mr. Davidson, Our princif pal. Mr. Thompson and Miss Woodward acting as faculty advisors. Members of this year's board were: Student Body President, Stanley "Buz" Chambers, Vice President, Bill Peyton, Secretary, Velma Cass, Treasurer, Roger Hillhouseg Senior Class Representative, Bob Robins, Junior Class Representative, Murray Brown, Sophomore Class Repre' sentative, Gene Milleng and Freshman Class Representative, john Hitchman. The duties of this board are to approve dance applications Of student organizations, and in general to ,supervise student body finances. The Student Court is to maintain Order On the campus. Anyone who may have broken a rule Of some kind is brought before the Court, and may be punished, according to the seriousness of his Or her Offense, Those representing the Student Court are Mr. Hughes, Faculty Advisor, Bill Peyton, Vice President, who presides over the meetings, Secretary, Nod Cass, Treasurer, Roger Hillhouseg Hi Tar Representative, Louie Mello-first semester, and Bill Roberts-second semester, and Girl's League Representative, Joy Jane Robinson. We appreciate the hard work these members have done this year! BOB RoEiNs MURRAY BROWN GENE MILLEN JIM HITC1-:MAN Semor Class Rep. junior Class Rep. Sophomore Class Rep. Freshman Class Rep Louis MELLO JOY ROBINSON BILL ROBERTS lst Sem. Hi-Tar Rep. Girls' League Rep. Znd Sem. Hiffa-r Rep CLASSES R RD BRIAN HANZAL t V1cefP1es1clent B013 ROBINS S ci f C 1 My 5029 . ,J Aj J Wofy MW DM . VffWf,Wfv,fW,, tb UW M JW OM! KWH' 3OwKkJ,J M N3 Jw!! W M WWSE ICR 'yum www -- Q W Wi aww 30201 wuekx KLWUVNQXX Lfkrym AfYQ'X'L X605 YK' LQGJM' 0 VQAQQMX QQKQM 056505 QQwwy5 S4-6K f-D+ we N va 'S an I, ,, ..,, ,.., . S X231 SS 'gulf le X s MP' X vs 3 'wh JOAN ADAMS NORMA JO ANDERSON JIM BARKLEY JACQUELYNE BENEDICT RICHARD BERSCH CHARLOTTE BEST SARAH BEST BARBARA BONSON DIOR BRAOE VAUOHN BR1NKMAN GEORGIA BRISOOE RICHARD BROVJN DARLEEN BRYANT CAROLEE BURDICR GUNNING BUTLER VELM.K CASS - A Q.-T ' HY7355' Q . A R JR if QA g f T Elf- EIA. -5'?1 1 wggiqg Ag. K Q :IAS A ' lRu1N1A CASSEL ARLES CHAPMAN RYN CLTNNINGHAM LRZHARD Donn PAUL.-X CASTLE JUDY CHAPMAN CHARLES DEPKJNTEE IVIIDGIE FOSTER JACK CATT STANLEY CHAMBERS JEAN CLARK X7IRCINIA CRANE DORETHA DERROUGH JUN DINSDALE SELIM FRANKLIN NURMA FULLER A.. DAVID GARDNER PAT GLASS BEVERLY URAIIE BETTY HAMMIINS 9 'ff' a 3. N 2.5 I 1 ' 5 "' T . ..':g, Rafi? W - .52 R MARGALINE GIBBS PRISCILLIX GODSOE JANET GRIICH EDNNIN HANSQN RUSSELL GILBERT STEWART GILLETTE JACQUIE GOOIIYEAR PATTI GOIILII RAMIINA GRIIHARING MILIDREI5 GLIRLEY BRIAN H.'XNZ.RL JQANNE HARRIS I ii . ,.,., f I q1Q, '.., Q 'f . 'E' 2 vi 21 JIM HEASTQN ICR HOSTETLER TY JEAN JACIQLIN IAROL KILPATRICK ' N xg? Q as X- QQYSR 'NW Lg t ix' " , Rx. J R +A- " , EDWARD HILL RIIILER HILLIIIIUSE GRACE HUWLAND PHILLIP INMAN JOE JACKSON RAY JONES CHARLES LA BELLE MILIDREID LANL: 5 3 Eff! si FREE I-Iomz DIIRIITHY IVERSIJN EARL KILLEEER M.'XRIIZ LA PERLE HQIMW Am, 'HY' 53 Vi .R W5 fx., TED LEHMANN BARBARA LONGEROQK BETTY MCCLIBBINS FREDERICK MASON GLIIRIA MATSIIN MARIIIE MAYS FRANK MEANS LOLIIE MELLO CYNTHI,-X MILLER W.-ILTER MILLILIAN MARY MILLINQ 0RDE.RN MIJNSEN BARRY NANNEY MARGARET NELSON HARIJLD NEUhI.XN GENE NICHOLS Q , tk sg, , . Q . 2:-A 'B' I as . I i' n' I'?gjZ?:f E Igkf - A., .K ...,. I, M A I RW SR si' if M' f"9 ABARA NIELSEN IRBARA PETTIT 'WARD PoLLouI4 'OLORES RING ' - - 9 A A K ..... A . , : , Hw--.VM-:1-:'ws-1 f ikffw , 5f5?f:'5+'ffZQ.+3s ' .'1wA.Mi, -,uk I-5g5..g4.Qf.M1L'I ,I , IM f V , M ,QSM 'ff XVERNA NIEI,SEN BILL PEYTIIN MARIIIRIE PRICE BILL ROBERTS i 1' . i ff ,A joAN PAULEY CHARLOTTE PLIINNEY BARBARA PACKARD THEIIDIIRE ROBINS EMMA PEREZ CURTIS PHINNEY MIILLY REDMIINII jaw .IANI2 RIIRINSIIN 3.86 jg"' 2 I 1-1:5 ' PATSY ROCK WILLIAM SIMS WALTER SPICER JANE THQMPSON F E We MICHAEL ROETNOR BARBARA SINE BARBRA STOVALL PAT THIIMPSON ANDREXN' SALFRANK ROBERT SLALLQIITER J.-XCQUELINE SMITH SALLY TowLE Q NN. .,':?Q-: , , E:5'-I ' :S IE Tx-f., 1 . - . .? ,':,' " mi' ' i TANYA SEELY WILLI,AM SMITH GLORIA TETZLAFF PEGGY TRINE AN TROMPETER CHARLES VANDEREIIRO DIANE WAKEIfIEI.D f:AY VJ.-XTSON BARBARA WEBSTER JOAN WESTLAKE :HARD WILHELM NANCY WILSON NANCY WILSON HAL YOUNO PHYLLIS YOUNG TOMMY YOUNG ROY WARD RONALD WILD DOROTHY WRIOHT PAT ZAMLOOH 'H 'Nm 'K' ui Q uf' as i hug N A , f ,Wm f nu Q , MK? E ,hx QV avi 6,1 , Q. r , 5 Y 1. mmwquuaw- N .. x, KJ .,,, v ge . W., ,W xg fx.. fa ' 5 'U'w,,lS:X'uXe ' 3 W K.. .. we ,ivy -f wi if W. fx K VN Y MY xh:N?3'k-.W - , x President Vice President Secretary BILL BROVJNIE JIM ASHEN HELEN DAVIS - JU IOR - Board of Control MURRAY BRUWN ont Row: rond Row: ck Row: TOP PHOTO Mary Gurley. Peggy Ann Smith. Catherine An- drews. Nancy Jenkins. Gloria Cross, Virginia Compton. Betty Bean. Doris Billings, Edna Bagby, Shirley Beach. Mary Redding. Daryl Bernasconi, Ruth Tuck. Della Beal. Weston Crocker. Bob Whyte. Larry Kruse. Bob Mitchum. Collins Christy, Rudy Casillas. Jack Stafford. Wayne Corbin. Jim Ashen. Boyd Horrell, Murray Brown. Bob Gill. Allan Greeley. Bill Bodenhoefer. Dennis Bean. Ralph Rorick. Dean Hall. Don Otto. Jim Craig. Jerry' Tripp, Stanley Bell. Ronald Birtcher, LeRoy Brown, Bill Brownie, Dirk Balch. Dwayne Campbell. Front Row: Second Row: Third Row: Back Row: BOTTOM PHOTO Jack West, David Wild. Dan VValton, Ed Wilcox. Glenn Young. Bill Weatlierwax. .lolin Wilson. Jim Wells, Dolores Marshall. Lorna Yost. Mary Yamami. Helen Svznitli. Helen Winters. Clycla Mae Elliott. Dolores Young. Sue Hume, Barbara Hale. Joe Tatchell. Gwyn Young. Pauline Weiner. Louanne Taylor, Lou Ann Sampson, Put Welch. Alyre Klussnian. Joyce Stewart. Betty Weatlierall. Evelyn Timber- lake. Lee Lionbarger. Kip Nicol, Frank Watts. Don Dickey. Frank Waltze. Charles Wildman, Dennis Turner. AIQLLT Front Row: Second Row 2 Back Row: TOP PHOTO t Wyvonne Berry, Mary Siebengartner, Connie Shook, Virginia Straling. Dixie Samith, Dorothy Reed, Alene Suttora. Bernice Luper Harold Schierholt, Jim Snyder. Jack Shafer, Bev- erly' Sharp, Annette Shirley, Anne Baxter, Colleen Slaten, Shizue Shigaki, Blackie. Robert Scott, John Sailors, Paul Robertson, John Sadlier, Don Scott, Jim Steffenson. Dale Stward, Jim Rorick. Front Row: Second Row: Back Row: BOTTOM PHOTO Bimi Powell. Pat McMasters, Elouise Owen. Mary Neville. Shirley Mitchell. Shirley Millard. Barbara Miller. Bill Mattingly. Carl Parker. Ralph Noble. Bob McDermott. Bonnie Nickerson, Bonnie Nelson. Pat McCall, Don Otto, Virgil Pinkley. Paul Robertson. Pete Norris, Armando Monaco. Don McCallum, David Patterson. Ronald Othmer, Bill Montgomery. 5 MW if -af ! M f i Q President Vice Pfeszdent Secretary Bmwd of Control CARLTON MEARS DON jomis Dowmis MCTGEE GENE MILLEN - OPHO ORE ' l-ff V . n, .l its Z4 l 'WS -'iv ll i3:..4..-f ll att, ont Row: -ond Row: 1-k Row: l-...-" wr vw-v TOP PHOTO Richard H2llllll1if'llt'l', Keo Fisher. Thelma Harland. Mary Greiner. Shirley Huffman. Barbara Hardi- man. Bonnie Finley, Alva Anne Denton, Mary Nell. Ann Flory. Berle Haley, Dorothy Fowler, Ronnie Haines. Erl Greenl Roger Gordon. Betty Hass, Lyn Bar- rett. Shirley Firlfller. Bernive Fletrher, Della Ilol- brook. Shirley Sz-hriz. Snsy Fowler. Elaine Free- man. Ruth Gl'imm. Jim Graham. Don llitvhnlan, Bud Bennett. Dick Ferguson. Bill Hand. David Fletm-her. Delbert Gridley, Kenneth Galaway. Bruee Ellerhroek, Bill Gustafson. Larry Hart. Ronald Haines. 4, J 'Sl lg li '53 X 4 .,,,.,,,. . M., a,"' Front Row: Seeoncl Row: Bark Row: -. 'N- BOTTOM PHOTO Norman Haynes, Ruth Ilwlwotson. Jenn llownrd Vivian Horvath, Kathaleen llill. Sheila Howe Estelle Jackson. Peggy Johnson. Barbara King Connie Hanson. June Hoffman, Pat Jones. Merlin Kesel. Don Jones, Don Knipp. Rodney' llnln' son, APhylliS- Larhmeyer. Man Kelly, Mary L1-e Laurie. Javkw Johnston, Roh Lanllfivlll. .lohn Kin- eaid, Maynard Lohell. Stephen Hope. Stanley llomlgkinson, Charles Ilan- son, Arthur Killion. Ivan Hoffarml. Ronald Lester John Henry. t my Front Row: Second Row: Back Row: TOP PHOTO Bundy Chamberlain, Ruby' Cardell, Joan Dodd. Pat Arnold, Barbara Burnhouse. Dorothy Carter, Renee Aughe, Joann Bauders, Grace Crocker. Worley Alexander. Victor De Sutter, Lincoln Clark. Beverly Bucking- ham .Lorraine Brest. Barbara Collier, Imogene Brown, Carol Arnesen, Marie Crews. Dick Coun- eilman. Mike Balch, Roger Beck, Dick Dunlap. Jack Croft. Ed Blehm, Orren Brooks, Bernard Bardon. Warren Crane. ""-. Front Row: Second Row: Back Row : ,TT 5' BOTTOM PHOTO Dora Perez. Dorothy' Paulsen. Frankie Pauli, Mary Jo Quarry, Ann Pollins. Joan Mason, Dolores McGee, Pat Paxton, Terry McGuiness, Mercille Nickell. Al Muniz. Jim Ravely. Alyn Nielsen, John Ragan. William Rabbitt. Carlton Mears. Bill Mealey. Gene Millen. David Pridham, Jim Nettles, John Pitts. Leroy Patterson. Bill Klussman, Don McDowell. Roger McKenzie. Ted Millett. Jerry Meek, Howard Larned. Bob Ore. Walt Racker. X IW! W'-N 1 a e 422' ont Row: -onli Row: vk Row: X.-asf' TOP PHOTO Ruth Varney. Lonita Vincent. Nancy Ward. Imo- gene Williams. Charlene Wall. Frances Mary Wright, Diane Trask. .Ioan Zube. Wilcox. Molina Winclringvr, Boh S'i11i1'c'l1. Duane Wells, Earl Trapp. Bob Yard- ley, Don Ward. Lenny Winner. Dean Williams. Bob NVells, Donald Willrut. Stanley Young. Arlie Toulouse. Bob Trusty. Bob Wood. Jim Woods, Don Woods. Charles Crawford. Front Row: Second Row: Bork Row: BOTTOM PHOTO Thelma Susman, Pat Kelly. Pat Seegar. Carolyn Svhniidt, Mary Robins. Dmnma Ring. Jc-an Reed. Virginia Roy:-e. Joann Russell. .Ian Talstra. Albert Svrnith. Eugene Ruvger. Ella Threet. .loyanv Steward. Joyce Smith. Darlene Taylor, Rarlwaru Taylor. Kenneth Taylor. Harvey Stern. George Reeves. Donald Shivlt. Boll Thompson. Jerry' Spangler, Frank t-'vpivlhe1'gQ-r, Dale Thompson. , K s , "" ' - ..,.L, x r A r f S My :'P 3 ' QW'-'Q X ww-wsu L "" ":' r Qi Y bu, I e 3 President Vice President Secretary Board of Control MARYIN JOHNSON DIANE WESTLAKE KATHY LIBBY JIM HITCHMAN - FRE HME ' NH 'uv' is Q X S0 --Q is sa. isgif,-g 'VP -K Kin, A., xt,,,,,,, .W wzf' 'O 'sv mt Raw: und Row: -k Rnw: '55- YZ? in TOP PHOTO Muna Bird, Dulures Ankeny. Beverly Beolituld. June Allen. Maureen Camermi. Rusarnuml Clark. Juan Benhuw, Barbara Brownie. Doris Arnuld. Marjorie Chandler. Peggy Cnmk. Charles Cnmptun. .lack Bell, Juan Cox. Vivian Cawtlnvn. Wanda Bryant. Evelyn Barkley. Anita Cnane. Leon Caldwell. Jive Casillas. Don Cantrell, David Chambers. Harold Bauniea. Bill Clanc-y. Bob Blaisdell. Dun Barnes. Jerry' Blue. John Boyd. .lark Clark. David Canchula. John Burger. Chris Christensen. Don Bayliss. ,xr X. 'Keir BOTTOM PHOTO Frnnt Ruw: Durnlliy Queener, Carol Runsli, Kallwrinm- Ralwlnitt. Carol Piersun. Juyve Puri-ell. Arlene Raggan, Diam- Pattersun, Diane. Sk'lllllf.2'9l'. Se1'umiRow: Jim Snlfrank. Steve Sailors. Norma Opp, Luvy Pillkley. Faith Smith. Steve Pridhani. David Stmiv. Nivk Slaughter, Toni I'artun. Bark Huw: Gene Sherman, Per Ps-tersmi. James Runisey. Joe Rosan. Ted Peterson. Jim Nurek. Dun Swlandage. - x 1-2" l lt, Wt M? .W J 5, W Wm wif Qs 1. . EE gl, ,. . M ......,..,.,,.,M 4 N 1. Q is' y E? ,,:.,. E Q. Q :., ' cf t .. 3 , 5- ig 'S " 35? Q ig 3 T Front How: Sec-ond Row: Back Row: TOP PHOTO Herbert Gregg. Leonard Timberlake. Beverly Thompson. Barbara Strihhling. Fa5 Huddleston. Barbara Reed. Donna Rook. Diane Westlake. Betty Updike. Virginia Stroup. Bill Warne. .Iaok Wood. Bruce Johnson. Phillip Shafer. Ralph Wells. Mat- tie Jean Queen. Phyllis Watkins. Pat Taylor. Alive Voright. Jackie Thomas. Carol Clark. Velma Prid- ham. Jack Updike. Keith Burch. Ted Trompeter. Harlow Rivhardson. John Kingston. David Stewart. R. C. Crane. Bill Oakley. Front Ro "' BOTTOM PHOTO wt Barden Greenleaf. llarhara lfagraii Leola Funk. Lola Pordill. Velma Crews. Pat Frahrn, Verna Funk. Beverly Davenport. Derra Dodd. Robbie Lou Fiero. Sec'ondRow: Ray Cook. Bob Gillinn. Barbara Forcl. Robin Ravk Ro Cross. Nanvy Green. Catherine Craig. Pat Cox. Joan Drummond. Diane Gordon. .loanne Dye. Doris Gates. Diane Dirkerson. Gerald Forest. w: Harry Crosby. Ronald Engle. Charles Covey, .lark Ehlen. Fred Guard. Roger Gorman. Larry Durkee. .Iirn Gross. Robert Gross. Www RQ N-by va xv QP ,4-4" muy-ww-ur We 35 5- Q? wsu vu 41+ in TOP PHOTO BOTTOM PHOTO ont Row: Bell Jackson. VVanda Kasper. Peggy Joiner. Rose- Front Row: Ethel Mitchell. Mary Ann Morey, Lewann Messing. mary Hartman. Margaret Keller. Pat Hayes. Max- Carolyn Lange, Luella Lester, Barbara Lange. ine Hartman. Gloria Harris, Jean Hollingworth. Joan Mattingly. Yvonne Millard. Barbara Mt-- Sonya Johns. Richard Herms. Bill Hamm. Clellan. Dorothy Leal. 1-ond Row: David Joy. Robert Kelsey. Marvin Johnson. Jim Second Row: Loretta McCullah. Mary Morales. lm Mae Laurie. Ibbitson. Lyle Hilmerson. Marlene Jacobson. Janet Naney Lingo. Kathryn Libby. Jewel Mawson. Phyl- Hill. VVanda Hyatt. Joan Kelly. Roger King. Bill lis Lake. Daisy Lane. Lura Mae Landfield, Mary Kittle. Don Ketcham. Ronald Jackson. Jim Hur- Mores, Marjorie Law. Bob Monroe. Rivhard Melendez. tado. Jim Kimbrough. Bark Row: Bob Murry. Gene Mc-Masters. Bob McClelland. ek Row: Dick Herms. Jim Kline. Jim Hitchman. John Hall. Raymond Louiver. Jerry Lingo, Gene Mitvhell. Leonard Hale. Ed Hale, Bob Hall, Bob Haynes, Jim McVay. Don Middleton. George Murray. Ronny Don Jackson. Ed Kauffeld. Mf'Bl'id9- H. C. Mc'Corkhill. Q, ,N X U -. M 'W 'z 1 632. M Q5 X ar 4A Q H A , W ' QQQR rw M x S gf , a i Hi F W 5 wg X55 KJ Q Jkt A '49 -"'. S A G 3 if 3 4? :E 9 ,v-'gg xf X ,ZX wr K fi Hs .. if 4' -. ,i 'Q gm" ig Q , ,,.....-:rx iw - ' 'R NSW Q N . Q T X. 3 faery ff W gl. rv is gewgf Q, if as .- " .. wx .ff .Mi ,ix w lk QQ was . hw: S54 - 3 . 1 m 4 X5 if -' iff Efffflf f N Q ---' 1 ' .N .,. : 1 kk viii. P A., 'X bg' A 'IX-' sm Q 3 Q , x i-5 5. Sf ei 1 S J .X if Q s at V J 'fmwllvigly' Q" ' Bi fir' W K KKVV or H ' fl! F 'jf' X .. .i"J f C K' e, the stall, ho e' 19 alleon will recapture some of a sv 1 , ' , , - ,JVM , f C .L iifiom n thef igh scho ays of all our classmates. If it M114 A ny," v is regk ,o 21 f anced thro fondly in the coming years, we l , AOP hat ' av ne r ' el ,. 1 ,A - , U ,Liv J ' . ,Ellis yezuho ' the result of any mo hard work on the Dir" . .39 part f sta members. The bo '1 plated by Dennis Bean, of, 13,274 ,,1jCir' rtion anager, and Bud . in, Busines Mzxnagerg Norma by o I, Moria A clers , iterary Editor, Bett an, ssistant Literary Editorg Jean 37" If Tr ter, Girls Spor Editorg red '1son,rBoys' Sports Editorg , ' ' an,,Hoyt, Photo? , rg Keith Niiolf a LeRoy Brown, Typistsg ig! M and fverly Gra e, dijor. 'XI , f A , My I ' e dee " preewe the ' ancelti en hy our Advisor and ' icnd, olan, wi Jxw L e erlcouragement ai help we were ahlc A uce the 1947,L eon, and to Mr. Thom on, our Business 'isor. ' X j 'x X K is BEVERLY GRACE Sriram FRANKLIN Editor Business lifla-nager gf - G i" ": . W fr A ss sa lk P 1 . Front:-Mrs. Richmond, Bill Smith. Richard Cooper, Molly Redmond, Keith Nicol, Jean Trompeter, Verna Nielsen, Pat Glass. Back:-Rudy Casillas, Bonnie Nelson, Daryl Bernasconi, Mike Gaines. Harbor's industrious Beacon staff has really done itself proud this year. Even though it was a very small group, it was blessed with some very fine editors and re' porters. Wheim class assembled, Molly Redmond took over as editorfinfchief, and with the aid of Mrs. Richmond, advisor, was responsible for many fine papers. The editors for the 'first semester were: First pageAMolly Redmond, second pagefBob Cooper, assistantvliip Nicol, third page-Pat Glass, sports-Mike Gaines, assistantfffRudy Casillas. As the second semester rolled around, some changes came about on the staff. Bob Cooper became editorfinfchief, and Jean Trompeter took over the first page. Now for those who did so much of the hard work that goes into making a paper. These are the noble guys and gals who'fought the deadline every week to bring the news to the press, the reporters. They were: Daryl'Bernasconi, Verna Nielson, Georgia Briscoe, Betty McCubbins, Bonnie Nelson, Peggy Smith, Marion Pitts, Bill Smith and Harry Neuman. MOLLY REDMOND Rlctufxan Cooima lst Semester Editor Ind Semester Editor HE BE CO S ,FF . f"'?F WK' NH au. x If A JI 5 'w .K K Q' s, TOP PHOTO Front Row: Alyr-e Klnssman, Dolores Ring. .lzlcfjnio Goodyear. Peggy Trino, Dorothy WVright. Bnrbru Stovall. Mary Milling, Mildred Gurley. Tanya Seely, Gloria Tetzlaff. Marie Lu Perle, Ray Jones. Norma Fuller. Punlu Castle. Beverly Grace. Joy Jane Robinson. A Stranger. Paul Robertson. Bob DeRuff. Fred Mason, Dick Deaver, Carlton Mears. James Kline. Linvoln Clark. HO OR OCIETY Second Row: Back Row: Front Row: Pat Welch, Ken Fisher, Anno Ritter. linux BOTTOM PHOTO Nm. ino Alix Kathryn Cunninghzini, Dzirleen Bryant. Ann Floi Betty Bean. Second Row: Gladys Golew. Shirley Gehrig, l'riscillai G1PLiS4 Bzirbaral Hollingworth. Conniv Fvhook. Murlc Jzicfobsoll, Mzir'gz1i'et Nelson. Grzirv Howlzi nll. Burk Row: Phillip Inman. Ted Lehnizin. Svlini Franklin. Vir Pinkley. Bill Brownie, Pete- Norris, Mziyiizmi I loell. James Steffenson. Kip Nivol. Front Row: Ada Frankek Vlyvonne Berry. Ann Fieciizan, Ruth luck. Bennie Ilolsxii. Bonnie Nickerson. Mona Vilindrlnger, Virgfnia Cassel. Second Row: Richard Cooper. Barbara Reed, Lee Knight, Lorna Yost. Ruby Laurie. Barbara Packard, Phyllis Young. Harhor students enjoyed the lihrary more than ever this year, Many inttrtsting hooks were hought for the students' henefit, including current hest sellers In tht pleasant atmosphere of the lihrary and under the guidance of Miss Ruth Stover sixtttn assistants learned the methods of running the lihrary. It was the center of interest to new and old students' alike. The seniors look hnk upon the hours spent digesting the pages of the Encyclopedia Britannica, tht hours spent hrowsing through newspapers: the lihrary remains one of the favorite memories of all the graduates. From April 17th to 20th the lihrary was converted into an art gallery. A year ago the first Art Exhihit was held here. It was greeted with such interest hy the community that it is now heing regarded as an annual attraction The first exhihit was sponsored hy the Newport Harhor Chamher of Commerce and all paintings were scenes of the Harhor area. The prize awards were "Light on the jetty" hy Rex Brandt and "The Harhorv hy Dan Lutz. This year the Newport Harhor Ehell Cluh was sponsor and provided a fund of two hundred dollars for a single purchase prize. From one hundred five entries, fiftyfone paintings were selected hy an all artist jury. Milford Zornes' "Point Arena" won the purchase prize and was presented to the school hy the Ehell Cluh. The two pictures voted the most popular in the exhihit were "The Lone Sentinel" and "The Red Barn," done hy our own art teacher, John Nolan. LIBRARY S AFF Front Row: Second Row: Sonya Johns. Alice Vought. Grace Howland, Marge Gibbs, Pat McMasters, Jewel Mawson. Doris Gates. Lincoln Clark, Jack Ehlen. Dick Hermes, Lenny Winner. Dean Williams. Jackie Benedict. Joy Rob- inson. Margaret Nelson. Marlene Jacobsen. Bar- bara Reed, Peggy Smith. Barbara Stribbling. Ray Jones, Helen Ekstrand. Margaret Kipp, Patricia Haynes. Donna Ring. Beverly' Grace. Bob Wells. Karl Sfihilling, Jerry Lingo. Jere Meek, Lee Lionbarger. Jane Thomp- son, Barbara Bonson, Shirley Fidler, Frankie Paul. Barbara Barnhouse. Jackie Thomas. Third Row 1 Back Row : 5 E Sv N S Nancy Lingo. Mary Morales. Lura Mae Landfield, Loretta McCullah. Dolores Marshall, Paula Castle taccompanistj, Dot Carter Philip Inman, Sid David- son. Jim Harris. Dick Brace. Ted Lehman. Howard Larnard. Barbara King. Joanne Cox. Patty Gould, Bernice Luper, Donna Rock. Joan Westlake. Carol Clark. Virginia Stroup, Ruby Laurie, Jean Hollingworth, Norma Anderson. Nancy VVilson. Velma Pridham, Norma Fuller. Marian Pitts, Evelyn Timberlake. Barbara Brownie. Emma Perez. Mary' Siebengartner. Dorothy Leo, Marjorie Law. Mary Moores, Peggy Johnson. Betty Updike. CHA TER Margaret Nelson taccompanistj. Lincoln Clark, Fred Hope. Brian Hanzal, Sidney Davidson. Jimmy' Snyder, Dick Brace, Philip Inman. Lee Lionbarger. Q3 CHORU Under the excellent leadership of Miss Marie Hiebsch, who is back in the music department after a year's ab' sence, and with a greatly increased enrollment, the chorus was able to present a number of very successful prov grams this year. These were: The music assembly, given in conjunction with the rest of the music department, the Arimistice Day program, put on by Mrs. Feeley's English classes and the chorusg the P.T.A. district programp the Christmas prof gram with its breathtaking candle light processiong and the Orange County Music Festival in which forty of the chorus members participated. The highlight of the year was the Chorus-Choir Spring Concert given for the purpose of raising money to buy robes. It was a great hit, reaching the climax with the concertized version of the opera "Carmen" The season ended with the entire chorus participating in the graduation services and a choir composed of seniors singing at commencement. SEXTETTE Paula Castle taccompamstl, Ray Jones. Margaline Gibbs, Margaret Kipp Shirley Fidler, Margaret Nelson. Marlene Jacobsen. r l Front Row: Connie Shook. Tom Summers, Alva Denton, Mike Smith. Bob Slaughter, Paul Robertson. Second Row: Joyce White, Jerry Robinson, Fred Guard, Jim Goss, Bud Van Deavender. Harlan goygp. Barbara Hollingworth, Barbara Fagan, Marcus Monson. Buz Noble. Jim or in. Third Row: Ruth Grimm. Pat Kelly. Ethel Mitchell, Don Cantrell, Karl Sihilling. Terry Welch. Norman Wyers. Glenn Smouse. Frank Speilberger. Joan Dye. Jim Hitchman. Dick Brace. Steven Hope. Beverly' Cornesl, Marvin Smith, Larry Durkee. Back Row: Jerry Blue, Jack Hostetler, Bill Skiles. This year's Harbor Band has had one of its most successful seasons. Starting with the football season, the band played at all of the league games except Santa Ana. Our band was also the official band of the Armistice Day football carnival. After football came basketball, so the band again helped in furthering school spirit. At each of thc games, the band was' divided into smaller pep groups which played popular music as well as school songs. ln the spring the Orange County Music Festival drew a large representation from our band, All of the people going from Harbor placed high in the competition for seating. The big band endeavor of the year was the first annual spring concert. This prof grain, played before a large and appreciative audience, was the culmination of an extremely busy and happy year. AND Under the direction of Mr. Lee Sawin, the string enseinhle had quite an eventful year. The group was composed of six very talented people, who practiced hard to make the season a successful one. They played for hoth the plays that were given. "Junior Miss" and "Stage Door." The ensemhle also wresented wrograins' for the l'.T.A. and the l l . Kiwanis Cluh. The high s ot of the ear was when all meinhers were . ld Y invited to participate in the Orange County Music Festival. ff TRI G ENS MBI, Left to Right: Barbara Petit, Dixie Smith, Luana Alton. Mr. Lee illis a Front Row: Bob DeRuff, Dick Brown, Hal Young, Rudy Casillas. Second Row: Bill Weatherwax, Jim Ashen. Bill Roberts, Louis Mello, Buck Bean Don McCallum, Harry Neuman. Back Row: Brian Hanzal, Bill Janges, Virgil Pinkley, Roy Ward, Paul Robertson, Armando Monaco, Bill Peyton, Bill Smith, Mr. Reed. The relatively new Hi Tar Club has successfully completed its second year of activities, The purpose of the club is centered around many new activities to occupy students in their idle time. The Hi Tars are responsbile for such things as sponsoring the community and noon basketball leagues. The vvomen's basketball champions of the world, the all American Red Heads, for the second time in two years came to our school, and also the sensational and extremely comical game of Donkey basketball. More of the Club's activities are: Annual war whoop, Football programs, provision of Decathlon medals, Bush League, Peanut League Baseball, and the annual Newport Harbor District Grammar School Track Meet. . Officers in the club are elected twice a year. The eligible offices are: Hi Mogul, Vice Mogul, Scribe, and a Gazabo. The gazabo enforces laws ruling the club. Offices held this year are, lst semester: Hi Mogul, Louie Mello, Vice Mogul, Roger Hillhouseg Scribe, Bill Peyton, Gazabo, Brian Hanzal. Second semester: Hi Mogul, Bill Roberts, Vice Mogul, Buck Bean, Scribe, jim Asbeng Gazabo, Don McCallum. There are also committees appointed at the beginning of the year to take care of circulation, publicity, sports, etc. Plenty of consideration and many thanks should be given to coach Ralph Reed, who his spare time, supervised and made possible many of the activities men' tioned above. I - ' - H1-TABS . P Front Row: Catherine Andrews. Charlotte Phinney. Tanya Seely, Barbra Stovall. Marjorie Price. Second Row: Dixie Smith, Connie Shook. Verna Neilson, Jean Trompeter. Beverly Grace. Judy Chapman, Gloria Tetzlaff. Sarah Best. Back Row: Miss Adams, Anne Ritter, Mary Gurley. Peggy Trine, Paula Castle. Joan Westlake, Dot Wright, Nancy Wilson, Joy Jane Robinson, Velma Cass, Gloria Matson. Really living up to their motto, "Sportsmanship, Scholarship and Service," this cluh had a most successful year. They had the largest number of qualified leaders in the history of the cluh. The energetic officers were: Prexy, Tanya Seelyg Vice Prexy, Barhra Stovallg Secretary, Marjorie Priceg Treasurer, Cathy Andrewsg and Sergcantfatffxrms, Char' lotte, Phinney. 4 The cluh demonstrated its sportsmanship at games hy spelling programs, supervising concessions, and encouraging an organized cheering section. They were outstanding in their service to the school this year. Fehmary 19, the TrifSigma assemhly, "Black and Bluefoutsf' a sensational show with an all "colored" cast and Tanya Seely at M. C. was well received hy the students. March 21 a "Half and Half" costume dance was given in conjunction with the Hi Tars. lt was a huge success. Added to the TrifSigma tradition was the first formal candleflight initiation on May 1. Thus, the eventful year came to a close with an impressive hanquct. Thcrc was the installation of new officers and awards were given to the most activc memhcrs. The cluh owes an immense vote of thanks to Marge Adams, the sponsor, who made the cluh a success hy her enthusiastic efforts -seff-' af' 4 ... as ,Wg - TRI- IGMA - -,fg:- Front Row: Dot Wright, Joan Westlake. Jean Trompeter, Peggy Trine, Gloria Tetzlaff, Nancy Wilson, Marjorie Price. Back Row: Bonnie Nelson, Jan Talstra, Catherine Andrews, Miss Adams, Barbra Stovall, Donna Rock. Every Tuesday noon, this group of girls could be found in the gym, busily dis' cussing problems which arise in the Girls Athletic Association. They are the girls who head this very active organization, the G.A.A. cabinet. President for the 194647 season was Jean Trompeter. Under her leadership, and the guidance of Miss Marjorie Adams, advisor, the cabinet had a very successful year. As for the rest of the cabinet, here's a word about them. Joan Westlake was vice' president. She spent her time coaching volleyball and keeping the G.A.A. scrapbook in order. Recording secretary was Dot Wright and corresponding, Gloria Tetzlaff. Norma Fuller had charge of the funds as treasurer. She also was in charge of selling apples. Managers are the lasses with lot's to do. It's their job to keep their certain sport running smoothly as well as helping with the other numerous tasks to be done. Nancy Wilson took over first. Her sport was basketball. Next was Kathy Andrews with tennis, followed by Peggy Trine who had Hockey. Bonnie Nelson was badminton manager, Marjorie Price, volleyball and Jan Talstra, baseball. The event of the year for these gals was the G.A.A. banquet. It was held April 25th. The theme was Hollywood previews and can be rated with the best of them. The year ended for these gals, many of whom will not return to Harbor next year. Serving on the cabinet was loads of fun for them and they're sure to miss it quite a bit. A.A.C BI ET. GIRL ' LE GUE The Girls' League really started off with a "bang" when the Sadie Hawkin's Dance came around the corner fturned out a big successj. The next event was the Mother's Tea held in the cafeteria. The program consisted of the sextette, and a fashion show. Many girls participated in making it a big success. A woman spoke who was experienced in the field of specialized careers. The Cabinet also serves as a Court for those who have had uniform violations. The officers of the year were: President, Joy Jane Robinson, Vice President, Verna Nielson: Secretary, Gloria Matsong Treasurer, Beverly Grace, Representative, Mary Millingg Freshman, Mary Ann Morcyg Sophomore, Mary Jo Quarry, Welfare, Annette Shirleyg Art, Marie La Perleg Usherette, Ann Freemeng Finance, Paula Castle. The capable leadership of Miss Woodward has made this year's Girls' League a very active school organization. Front Row: Beverly Grace, Mary Milling. Paula Castle. Joy Jane Robinson. Marie LaPerle Back Row: Mary Quarry. Mary Morey, Annette Shirley, Miss Woorward, Verna Neilson Gloria Matson. HALL COMMITTEE The Hall Committee l946f47 had a comparatively uneventful year. They successfully handled their various legislative and judicial func- tions. The only change in organization this year was that there were three groups instead of four, led by captains Roy Ward, Walt Spicer and Brian Hanzal. Their able lieutenants were: Tanya Seely, Jean Reed and Earl Killefer. Under these officers were eleven in each group. These three groups rotated so they served every third week. The head captain this year was Roy Ward. He deserves much credit for efficient handling of the organization and overfseeing of the different groups. The faculty advisor is Mr. Lynne Hughes who was a most capable administrator for all sides of our student government. His advice was well heeded by the committee and it was through his enthusiastic efforts that we had a wellffunctioning student government. Front Row: Gloria Matson, Pat McCall, Bonnie Nelson, Joan Dodd, Pat Arnold. Donna Ring, La Nelle Gay. Second Row: Coleen Slaten, Carol Goss, Annette Shirley, Nancy Wilson, Beverly' Bechtold, Joan Drummond. Back Row: Kathy Rabbitt, Grace Howland, Connie Shook, Mary Gurley, Jean Reed, Diane Westlake, Dorothy Fowler, Joan Talstra. Front Row: Roy Ward, Judy Chapman, Beverly Grace, Paula Castle, Peggy' Trine, Barbra Stovall, Dorothy Wright. Lee Lionbarger, Janet Groch fabsentb. Second Row: Earl Killefer, Tanya Seely, Charlotte Phinney, Marjorie Price, Jane Thompson, Sarah Best, Geor- gia Briscoe, Virgil Pinkley. Back Row: Brian Hanzal, Walt Spicer, Fred Hope, Pete Norris, Bill Brownie. HALL M0 ITORS The hall monitor group is composed of willing students who are assigned to the job of keeping the halls in good order during class time. They check all students who are in the halls during class time to make sure they have permit slips signed by their instructors and are not ditching class. They are stationed in four places: the hall by the office, outside the typing room, near the cooking room and in the library. There are six groups, one for each period. They consist of a captain, three reguf lars and two alternates. The hall monitors are not connected with the hall committee and they can only give tickets while on duty. Another important function is the distribution of call slips, also the distribution of announcements to each class, usually during fourth period. This is under the direction of Mr. Hamblet who has made it the smooth functioning organization that it is. Front Row: Bonnie Findley, Barbara Hardiman, Pat McCall, Bonnie Nelson, Joan Dodd, Donna Ring. La Nelle Gay, Kathryn Cunningham, Dorothy' Wright, Diane Wakefield, Second Row: Pat Paxton, Annette Shirley, Lorna Yost, Dorothy Reed, Peggy Trine, Dcnna Rock, Nancy Snyder, Elaine Freeman, Barbara La Belle. Third Row: Virginia Royce, Maurene Cameron, Diane Trask, Helen Davis, Ada Frankel, Tanya Seely, Gloria Tetzlaff. Back Row: Ted Millett, Virgil Pinkley, Pete Norris. Paul Robertson, Bill Brownie, Bob DeRuff. Fred Mason, Dick Deaver. J 4 X , .6 , N Q3 Zf . ' , Q , ' I Q? - ' vq fb, x 6 TE 5 1 f Agia x xv I iii fi 9 1 X DUST ON THE ROAD BOB SLAUGHTER, KIP NICOL was JUNIOR MISS HELEN WINTERS, TANYA SEELY, FRED HCJPE, DIXIE SMITH Under the ahle guidance of Mr. Karl Westerman, Harbors dramatic coach, the first major play of the year, "junior Miss," was- a huge success. The performance went off smoothly and the audience was delighted with the wit and humor of the play. of. cb Two other excellent onefact plays were presented to the Student Body. At Christ- mas time, the appropriate "Dust of the Road" and on Lincoln's birthday "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" were given. These were both well given and well received. DRA , . vi -7-' iii! m ff, Xi HJ Q 5, sag! r' tj 'pf . c PL X A ar QQ.. ... I -7, I M 52112 2705 L L., :P fT"3H.:J -JB I-I -fr- 2771+ QWZZ 55-ii I-J"'P11f'f c.xf'+:' ... E-gill.. mgrivs C-mv? ffm 'N 5225 S"""'f'7E as?-CG' -, :-:EEA cps: 255: f-fi.. -71 L-Tiff-3 '::'U' mg , giicn -+."'!' 2526 QL., LGHU -.'1 :gg " "1 c:."Q: : 252 3542 C...-E" Cm-3 mf-f.,-, Ji 39.9 .-,Q 5'3"-' tm? EGG. r,fI,J.. f.. 2132 r-' "' :Era KZPQ: '-J zQ'y'7' 4--J. :,-2: :-rl-1: LINCOLN DAY PLAY FRIINT Row: BILL SIMS, NELLIE RENDERS B.-xctlc Row: JIM STEPHENSIIN, TED LEHMAN, KIP NIKZIJL, ULIIRIA MATSON STAGE DOOR FRED MASON, JACQIIIIE GOIIDYEAR, BILL PEYTIIN DRAM Front Row Bob G' , . . . . John Boyd, Bob Scott, Alan Knight, Earl Tripp, Charles Hay. Second Row Harry Neuman, Bill Roberts, Al Muniz. Don Howe, Back Row: Ronald Engle, Jimmy Hurtado, Don Schutt. Jack Zimmerman, Ordean Monson. Sid Galloway. Front Row: Harry Neuman. Eddie Hill, Bill Roberts, Stewart Gillette, Charles Hay. Second Row: Al Muniz, Don Barnes, Ronald Engle, Don Schutt, Jack Zimmerman. Harbor High's Future Farmers of America chapter took tremendous strides in its first year of organization since the war. The chapter, with Mr. Hall as advisor, is made up of forty boys from the agrif culture classes who are deeply interested in farming and cattle raising. The F.F.A. is a nationfvvide organization and Harbor forms one of ZOO chapters in California. Among the many activities which the local lads took part in was the annual Bank of America field day and livestock judging contest at Palamar. They also made trips and entered teams in other contests including the Chino field day at which Jim McVay vvon fifth place in cattle judging in a contest involving 177 boys. In February the Club entered and won the Orange County F.F.A. basketball tourney at Anaheim. The classes studying vacational agriculture often took field trips to local ranches. Demonstrations have been given by Dr. Horace Parker who is a practicing veternarian in Costa Mesa. The boys are hoping to start a school farm next year and if all plans work out as expected Harbor will have one of the best Future Farmers of America Chapters in the U.S. -FUTURE F MER - ill Bob Hall Jim Hobson H C McCorkill, Third Row: Bill Warren, Wallace Emerson, Jim McVay Ronali Lester. Ronnle Haines, Victor De Sutter Johnnn Gregg, Charles Chapman, Don Barnes Ronald Wild Bert Gridly, Donald Jackson Mr Hall Eddi Hill, Stewart Gillette, Jon Dinsdale Bill Wright Q as X , y ' s l Q1 Y- r Hi K Ek E WN 'Ei X I NY' As I Ouwv 351020 'vo CVS. QJ9' km 554-L KARQWNK BUYS' SPORTS W x was VAR ITY FOOTB LL During Harbors first football season under the coaching of Coach Wendell Pickens since before the war, the Tars had a fairly successful season. They showed good promise for next season, with all but a few of the lettermen being underclassfmen. Despite the small size of the regulars on the Varsity this year, a good showing was made in every game. The season's opener was a 12f0 loss to a bigger St. Anthony team. Then came a win over Riverside, close losses to Garden Grove and Fullerton, thanks to the accurate toe of Louie Mellcag a tie against the powerful Santa Ana eleveng losses to the strong Huntington Beach and Anaheim teamsg and a final decisive victory over Orange. Front Row: Svecond Row: Back Row: Bill Weatherwax, Jim Aslien, Louis Mello. Ordeun Monson, Ed Hanson, Bill Roh- erts. Pete Norris, Jim Corbin, Jerry Tripp, Al Muniz, Armando Monaco. Buz Chambers, Bill Brownie, Brian Hanzal, Paul Robertson, Dick Dodd. Dick Brace, Jim Rorick. Roger Hillhouse, Dick Brown. Roy Ward, Boyd Horrell. Marcus Monson, Bob Robins. Bill Peyton, Bob Thompson, Earl Killefer. Bob DeRuff, Dick Balvh, Bob Killefer, David Patterson, Don McCallum, Ralph Rorick, Bill Clark. Ncwport ..... .. 0 H St. Anthony .... .... 1 9 Newport ..... .,.. 1 9 1 Riverside ........ . Ncwport i..., ., il V- Fullerton . Ncwport ...,. .... 1 3 -H Santa Anal ..,, .... 1 'S Ncwport ,.... ,.,. 2 0 - Downey ...... 19 Newport ..... .. 0 f Anaheim .....,.,.,,.... ,... l 3 Newport ..... ,. O -- Huntington Bench ..,, 17 Ncwport ..... .... l 9 f Orange ...... .,,,...,, . A si-env .S 'F 'Fl - is . Newport ....... Newport ...... Newport .,.... Newport ....... Newport ....... Newport ....,. Newport ....... Front Row: Seeond Row Back Row: .. 39 - Garden Grove .... .... 6 12 f Fullerton .. ...... 25 18 f Santa Ana 20 .. 6 ff Downey .,....,.., .... . . 7 .. 7 - Anaheim ................... .. 38 0 4 Huntington Beach 20 .. 19 - Orange .... ............,,. . . 7 Ted Millett Cmanagerj, Bill Smith. Clifford Tripp. Howard Pollock. Charles Hay. Mae Henrotin. Harry Neuman. Dan Walton. Charles Hanson. Bill James, Bud Vanderburg, Walter Milligan. Albert Smith Qmanagerb. Dennis Turner, Charles Chapman, Ronald Othmer, Frank Watts. Dale Thompson, Dick Ferguson, Buck Bean. Mike Balch. Virgil Pinkley. Ronald Birtcher, Stanley Bell, Glenn Gibbs, Maynard Lobell, Stanley Young, Coach Nolan. Jim Nettles, John Kincaid, Don Jones. David Chambers. Don McDowell. Bruce Ellerbroek, Bob Harris, Worley Alexander, Jim Hitehman, Ivan Caley, Jim Woods. Duane Wells, John Kingston. V, HW With five returning lettermen from the almost championship '45 season the out' look for the 1946 season looked none to bright for the Bees, which was the only team in the Sunset League to use the famous "Shaughnessy T" and the "New York Giants' A" formations. Coach Jack Nolan led the team to Garden Grove for its one practice game and came home with a 39f6 victory. Defeated in their next game by Fullerton, which finally took the championship, the game, nevertheless, was a thrilling contest in which the Tarhahes twice came hack to tie the score at 6'6 and 1242 hefore Fulf lerton went on to win 2542. It was a determined team that played Santa Ana the following week only to lose the game in the final minute of playing time hy 2048. The big thrill of the season was the last game, with Orange, in which the Bees did themselves proud by winning by a score of 19f7. Cofcaptains chosen to represent the Tarhabes were left half, Bill Smith and left end, Bill James. BEE FOOTBALL ny.. A itiiga ' T- egg, if Q V .es We . . man, Bill Oakley, Ronald Engle, Tommy ' Partin Cmanagerl. The "almost" championship Cee football team was coached by es Miller who concentrated on the short punt formation. With a well rounded attack of speed, power and passing, the mighty Cees sped through their season undefeated until the final game when they encountered Anaheim who by virtue of this victory won the championship. - The big feather in the mighty Ceesf season was their game with Fullerton. The Indians came to Harbor expecting to find an easy victory. However, Coach Miller's charges weren't obliging and they fought toe to toe with the invaders and earned a moral victory in the Of0 tie. Cee football was revived for the first time since the war began and it brought with it many future Bee and Varsity prospects in Bob Watts and Gene Millen as cofcaptains, Carleton Mears, Donny Ward, all in the back field, Dave Conchola, Keith Burch and Ronald Haines in the line. gf my K CEE M' 2? ,.-, A "'- . Q T Back Row: Ronnie Haines, Tuck Rabbitt, Donnie Ward, Ralph Rea, David Conehola. Larry' Durkee. Kieth Burch, Ge-ne McMasters, Gene Millan, Raymond Louvier, Ed Trompeter. These outstanding Cees and others should form an all around good Bee team next year. This season's games saw the hard hitting Cees downing Laguna 13fO, Garden Grove 2OfO, Orange 39f6 and Downey 1Zf6. They tied Fullerton 0fO and lost to Anaheim 6f0. All in all they piled up a grand total of S4 points to their oppnents 18. This is an excellent record considering they only played 8 minute quarters. Boh Watts lead the scoring parade with 42 points, Donny Wzxrtl had 18, Gene Millcn 12, Carleton Mears and Harlow Richardson each had 6. FOUTBALL - -ii ,rx , Front Row: Roy Ward, Bill Roberts, Fred Hope, Jim Wells, Louis Mello. T Second Row: Jim Roriek, Glen Young, Walt Spicer, Ed Hill, Stew Gillettea,QBoyd Horrell Coach Reed. nf R- Y ' Back Row: Bob Nettles. Bob Killefer, Bob Thompson. . Showing excellent teamwork, passing, and shooting the Harhor Varsity haskethall team did much hetter than was excepted of them hefore the opening of the season, All memhers of the team were small, with the tallest heing only 6'l". This handicap kept the Tars from winning more of their games, hut they were impressive even in defeat. Meiiihers of the starting five were: Center, Fred Hopeg alternating guard, and forward, Louie Mello and Jim Wellsg guard, Shiner Roberts: and forward, Roy Ward. High point man for the season was ,lim Wells, a returnee from the Navy. He was used as a foreward on offense and a guard on defense in order to use his height to hest advantage. Voted most valuahle player was Louie lvlelloz whose stellar defensive work and passing made him an important part of the Harhor play. Those players most likely to he on next year's team are: Jim Wells, high point scoring forward, Glenn Young, a late season transfer from Chaffee who will be a valuable longshot artist next year, - VAR ITY ' Front Row: Don Ward, Howard Pollock, Harry Neuman, Virgil Pinkley, Fred Mason, Murray Brown. Second Row: Coach Reed, Bill Smith, John Talstra. Don McDowell. Jim Heaston, John Sailors, Jim Ashen. Back Row: Bob Trusty. Jim Woods, Jim Nettles. Bill Gustafson, Roger Bock, Don Woods. The only team from Harhor to gain a championship in haskethall this year was the Bee team. Going undefeated until the tinal day oi the season, the Bee team com' piled an enviahle record. Lacking individual stars, the Bees emphasized their teamwork to good advantage. The team had six first string memhers with Donny Waird and Murray Brown alternating at forward1 Brown and Howard Pollack at centerg captain Harry Ncuf man as high scoring forwardg and Buster Pinkley and Fred lvlason as guards, Pinkley was noted for his work on hoth offense and defense, heing an excellent long shot artist. Since three of these six are underclassmen it gives good promise for a Varsity next year. Results of Bee games were: l'larhor 43, Laguna 121 Harhor 34, Corona 171 Harhor 69, Laguna 201 Harhor 25, Fullerton 221 Harhor 25, Excelsior 211 Harhor 33, Corona 171 I-larhor 43, Downey 181 Harhor 34, Anaheim 241 Harhor 36, Huiitiiigtoii Beach 341 l'larhor 33, Orange 211 Harhor 36, Fullerton 261 l-larhor 40, Santa Ana 231 l'larhor 45, Downey 311 Harhor 41, Anaheim 341 Harhor 45, l"luntington Beach 241 l'larhor 28, Orange 32. -BEE ' Front Row: Coach Whiteneck, Rudy Casillas, Donald Knipp, Harlow Richardson, Dick Deaver, Earl Sihilling. Second Row: gqliinslliffyd, Carlton Mears, Bob Yardley, Kieth Burch, Gene McMasters, 1 1 es. Showing amazing scoring potential, this years Cee team, under the tutelage of Coach Whiteneck, gave great promise for the future. Due mostly to a lack of ex' perience and teamwork, the record of the games was not too impressive, but the individual players were all of top quality. The standout player on the team was Center, Bob Yardley. He scored a total of 97 points during the year, which is quite a record for a Cee. The forwards were Carlton Mears and Bill Skiles. They worked very well together and made many a successful fast break. The guards, Gene Millen and Carl Shilling, showed excellent team play and defensive ability, without which no team can be effective. Results of the games were: NH 25, Laguna 15, NH 15, Fullerton 23, NH 25, Excelsior 26, NH 22, Downey 17, NH 21, Anaheim 35, NH 12, Huntington Beach 32, NH 33, Crange 21, NH 23, Fullerton 25, NH 28, Downey 18, NH 17, Anaheim 28, NH 26, fTournamentj Crange 13, NH 21, QTournamentj Anaheim 33, NH 14, Huntington Beach 22, NH 23, Orange 25. CEE - Front Row: Bob Sailors. Roger Welch. Wayne Welty. Bill Kittle, Bill Hamm. Leon Caldwell. Second Row: Kip Nicol, David Joy, Jim Goss, Bill Oakley, 'luck Rabbitt Starting out with what was expected to he a championship team, the Dees failed to come up to expectations. They were lacking in team play and experience. But game individuals have promising futures. High seorer for the team was Gaylord Barnes. He was the spark of the team on offense, and made most of the team's points. Pla fin forward alon with Barnes was Bill Kittle. He was noted for his team 5 S . I 4 ll play and seoring ability. The other memhers of the starting linefup during the year were: Center, WHj'1lC Welt5'g Guards, Bill Qakley, Leon Caldwell, and A1 Smith, who alternated hetween Cee and Dee. Results of the Dee games were: NH 18, Laguna Sp NH 15, Fullerton 223 NH 14, Excelsior 20g NH 15, Downey 19, NH 15, Anaheim log NH 18, Huntington Beaeh 27, NH 27, Orange 23, NH 14, Fullerton 29, NH 14, Downey 243 NH 24, Anaheim 313 NH ll, Huntington Beaeh 21, NH 22, Urange 18. -DEE - '.f1"q5'm.,x,Y,?w3,t ww- -- 3 ., s . Front Row: Pete Norris, Don McCallum, Bill Peyton, Doc Hanson, Brian Hanzal, Paul Robertson, Bob DeRuff, Don Scott. Second Row: Howard Pollock, Roy Ward, Andrew Salfrank, Dick Brace, Vaughn Brinkman, Joe Nulty, Buz Noble, Buck Bean. Back Row: John Freeman, Richard Henley, Ernie Fuller, Fred Hope, Ed Hill, Dick Dodd, B111 Mattingly. Starting out with what seemed possibly to be a big year, the varsity track team seemed to run into hard luck wherever it went. The team won the novice track meet at Anaheim, even outscoring Santa Ana's varsity, but then its hard luck began. Injuries to key men slowed down the team for the BreafOlinda Relays, where the loss of Hal Young and Bill Mattingly was sorely felt. The team won most of its dual meets with the aid of second and third places, but lacked the stellar performers needed for the big meets. This strength was mainly in underclassmen and shows promise for next year. With well distributed strength in all events, this year's Bee track team walked over all opposition. They won the second Sunset League Bee championship for this year, by winning the league finals with over twice the score of any other school. At the League finals they won eight events out of a possible total of eleven. There were two recordfbreakers on the Bee team, with Howard Pollock raising the high jump records for the school to S feet 10 inches, and Murray Brown, a junior, lowering the Bee high hurdle time to 9.2 seconds. Other outstanding performers were: Bill Smith, sprints and broad jump, Bob DeRuff, hurdles, Bill Klussman, 660g Fred Mason, 1320, and Hal Young, sprints. This years Cee team was what is known as a "hot and cold' team. Some days they would perform up to any expectations, and on other days, they would fall down miserably. The day of the league final happened to be one of their "cold" days, or there might have been two championship track teams. They had many outstanding track men, but lacked the final punch necessary for a championship. TRACK - Front Row: 1-'vevond Row: Back Row : uv- TOP PHOTO Jim Ashen, Hal Young. Fred Mason. Wayne Cor- bin, Howard Pollock. Murray Brown, Bob DeRuff. Bill Smith, Bill Klussman, David Gardner. Don Mac'Dowell. Bill Gustafson. Chili-k Hanson, Bill James, Bob Thompson, Frank Waltze, Russ Gilbert, Bundy Chamberlain. Harold Hesterley. Danny Walton, Jim Kline, Stanley Young. Jim Hitehman, Virgil Pinkley, Frank Watts, Kenneth Galaway, Don Jones. sau BOTTOM PHOTO Front Row: Marvin Smith, Albert Smith, Carlton Mears, Turk Rabbitt. Don Knipp. Second Row: Marvin Johnson, David Pridliani. llzirlow Rivliailwl- son, Gene Millen, Dim-k Count-ilman. Bark Row: Leonard Hall, Jerry Lingo, Ke-ith Birt:-lm. David Conchola. Front Row: George Reeves. Bill James. Donnie Ward, Boyd Horrell. Bill Roberts, Bill Weather wax. Bill Smith. Carlton Mears. Back Row: Bob Nettles, Roy Ward. Richard Brown, Paul Robertson, Pete Norris, Fred Hope, Coach Pickens Showing a combination of excellent pitching and batting, the Varsity baseball team showed that it will be the team to beat next year. The outstanding thing about this year's varsity is that all but one of the regulars were underclassmen. This combined with several excellent sophomore players makes it seem as though Harbor will be well rcpref sented on the diamond next year. The pitchers on the team were Bill Smith and Bob Nettles, both of whom were seniors. The catcher was Bill Weatherwax, who was the outstanding star of the team with the best batting and fielding percentage on the team. The team started the year with a surprise win over Covina in the Pomona Tournament. Then came a heartbreaking loss due to fielding errors in the Huntington Beach game in the Tournament, and the first league games against Fullerton and Santa Ana. - VARSITY - . JU IOR ARSITY . Since the reason for having a junior varsity is to train players for the varsity, it would seem as though this J. V. was worthwhile. The outstanding prospects for next year's varsity who are playing on the J. V. this year were: Carlton Mears, who finished this season on thc varsityg Fred Thomas, Bill Skiles, Al Smith, and "Bones" Harris. These boys are all freshmen or sophomores and will be valuable assets for next year's varsity due to the experience they have gained this year on the junior Varsity. The Coach this year was Mr. Hall, in his first year at Harbor. He has done an excellent job with these boys, many of whom had never played baseball before and since his job does not get all the headlines, he deserves some recognition for his good work. Front Row: John Burger, Maynard Lobell, Johnny Boyd, Jack Clark, Mac Henrotin, Fred Thomas, Bill Skiles, Coach Hall. Back Row: Rodney Hobson, Jim Harris, Bill Jackson, James Nettles. Harlow Richardson, James Woods, Ronnie Othmer, Gene McMasters. A . 9 :rss A f , tt Six: Sf - BASEBALL . 'WY W4 "': 'iz Front Row: Coach Harryman, Bill Sims. Bob Yardley, Earl Killefer, Walt Spicer Donnie Otto, Bob Trusty, Jim Mitchell, Armando Monaco. Second Row: James Stephenson, Lincoln Clark, Dickey Deaver, Larry Durkee, Worley Alex ander, Mike Gaines, Roger Welsh, Ralph Rea. Back Row: Roger Beck, Sid Davidson, Bruce Ellerbroek, Stewart Gillette, David Fletcher Kenneth Taylor, Frank Watts. With his eyes on the future, Coach Floyd Harriman, composed his tennis team this year, mainly of underclassmen. With the exception of senior doubles players, Spicer and Killefer, and junior doubles player, Monaco, all members of the team were sophomores, since tennis is a game where practice is the main essential. This would indicate that in a couple of years, Harbor might have a fairly good tennis squad. Those players most outstanding this year were:First doubles, Walt Spicer and Earl Killefer second doubles, Armando Monaco and Bob Yardley. Single players who stood out were: Otto, Mitchell, and Ellerbroek. TENN S . W Q Front Row: Second Row Front Row: Second Row: Front Row: Second Row' Front Row: Second Row - A ........ ,ta M Mac Henrotin. Biil Brownie, Richard Wilhelm. : Glen Young. Bill Weatherwax. Carl Sihilling, Bob Yardley, Donald Knipp, Keith Burch. Bill Skiles. Al Smith. Carlton Mears. Donald Schutt, Bill La Valley. Frank Watts. Dick Ferguson. Jim Ravely. Steven Hope, John Kincaid. Bruce Ellerbroek. Bill Gustafson, Duane Wells, Stanley' Young, Fred Thomas, Bob Ore. J Q7 ,xl ei N... . . " Q-'Src X Yk. f ' V . , Q c -SSN? .XA l i we Front Row: Second Row: Front Row: Second Row: Front Row: Second Row: Front Row: Second Row 4 Barry Nanney. Rudy Casillzis, Roddy Gould. Jerry Blue, Richard Brown. Don Scott, Frank Wnltze, Stanley Bell. Worley Alexander. David Wild. Charles Huy. Jim Nettles. Don McDowell, Roger Beck. James Woods, Don Dickey, Bob Trusty. Brian llanzal. Frank Means. Bob Gibbons. Mt. Vaughn Brinkman, Don McCallum. Roger Hillhouse. WQWNQKW' ,A 255 Q-ky! I op QI!! Qwgwiy fm HF if . . Wx . S5526 wif 'IV' rf cpypfqy ,fb -GIRLS' SPGRTS -1- - - -I - . l 1 .if Q1 l CK, V,A4 V! 1 e LL -3 l ,V ww Q 'S he U Q ,fo "Lt 3" K sg 4, 5 tg, is .3 27 'imming ht Charlotte Phin Mary Gurley Connie k, Sarah Best, La- e Gay-. L to right -- Dorothy S . - 5 . reHes 1t Row: Suzy Hume. y Bean: Second Row: anne Taylor, Pricilla soe. Wyvonne Berry: 4 Row: Cynthia Mil- Edna Lane. Coleen en. to nght - Grace ker Dlane Westlake, l Clark Dorothy Fow- athryn Rabbitt. Joan i center-Janet Hill. 'imming Ei v i is N! Front Row: Nancy Wilson, Dot Iverson, Dot Wright. Charlotte Phinney, Jean Clark, Virginia Cassel, Judy Chapman. Peggy Trine. Second Row: Velma Cass, Verna Nielsen, Pat Glass. Janie Thompson, Tanya Seely, Gloria Tetzlaff. Caltharine Cunningham. Mildred Gurley. Pat Thompson. Front Row: Barbra Sftovall, Diane Wakefield, Gloria Matson. Marie La Perle, Margie Price, Joyl Jane Robinson, Carol Kilpatrick. Norma Fuller. Second Row: Beverly Grace, Paula Castle, Janet Groch, Nancy Wilson. Sarah Best, Georgia Briscoe, Jean Trompeter, Joan Westlake. SENIOR . L Y , sua, A 4 L . W Q x Q-V w. an Front Row: Peggy Bushling. Nancy Jenkins. Catherine Andrews. Connie Shook. Dixie Smith. Della Beal, Ruth Tuck. Shizue Shigaki. Dolores Young. Second Row: Mary Hanzal. Anne Ritter. Carol Goss. Lee Knight, Ruby Laurie. Annette Shirley. Polly Weiner. Lou Anne Sampson. Virginia Straling. Fi-ont Row: Helen Smith. Joyce Stewart. Pat Flanagan. Ann Freeimin. Ln Nelle Guy, Bonnie Nickeson, Bonnie Nelson. Clyda Elliott. Helen Winters. Sevond Row: Mary Lou Neville. Alyce Klussman. Pat Welsh. Binimie Powell. Helen Davis, Vir- ginia Compton. Gladys Kolew. Shirley' Beach. Virginia Gross. JU IOR fy. Fa. Harbor's Girls' Athletic Association has had an eventful and busy year under the leadership of its president, Jean Trompeter. Two hundred girls participated in at least two of the six sports offered. A system of student officials was used for all G. A. A. team games and gym class competition. These officials were trained and rated as to ability, the best in each sport usually represented Harbor at the County Sportsday. From the group there was selected coaches for the lowerclassmen. With this method proving very successful many Harbor girls received excellent training in leadership. First on the list of activities for the girls was basketball. Loads of girls stayed out for this sport and under the management of Nancy Wilson, had a very successful season. Jan Talstra and Tanya Seely, "all star" forwards, captained the sophomore and the senior teams respectively. Other captains were Lou Ann Sampson for the juniors, and Diane Westlake for the freshmen. lnterclass champs were the seniors. Marjorie Price, as forward was elected captain of the "all star" team and was coach for the freshmen. The guards of the 'hall star" team were: Virginia Cassel, Sarah Best, Connie Shook and Margaret Kipp. Gloria Matson coached the sophomores who were second in the interclass competition. Rated as the top referees for basketball was Dottie Iverson, followed by Mary Gurley and Joan Westlake. Outstanding umpires were Jean Trompeter, Bonnie Nelson and Pat Welsh. Now for tennis. Kathy Andrews was big chief manager for this sport. Nod Cass was captain for the seniors, who again stole interclass honors. Junior captain was Annette Shirley, sophomore captain, Joan Dodd, freshman captain, Janet Hill. Teddy Wilson was Harbor's top singles player, with Helen Smith a close second. Nod Cass and Marjorie price, as doubles, also rated "all star" material, but actually were defeated in an interclass tussel by Helen Smith and Bimi Powell. The 1947 graduating class contained perhaps the largest group of good tennis players ever to participate in this sport at Harbor. Some of these to layers included Joy Jane Robinson, Jean Clark, Diane Wakefield, Dot Wright, Gloria Matson, and Front Row: Daisy' Lane, Pat Arnold, Joy Robinson, Margie Price, Bimmie Powell, Helen Davis, Kay Stewart, Mary Morey, Wanda Haitt. Back Row: Pat Cox. Maureen Cameron, Dot Fowler, Nancy Wilson, Velma Cass. Joan Dodd, Jean Reed. TENN S - Verna Nielson. Verna also acted as an assistant coach for the lowerclassmen. One freshman, Kay Stuard, was outstanding in singles competition. Several tournaments were held with other schools, with Harbor defeating Santa Ana in a fall meet, later being defeated in a return match in the spring. Huntington Beach and Laguna were defeated in fall meets, and Garden Grove was tied in a minor contest. Let's take a peek at the little birdie, and see how badminton came out. This sport had a long season and Bonnie Nelson did a fine job of managing. At the end of the sport, a playday was held at Harbor with Huntington Beach. Captains for the sport were: seniors, Barbara Stovall, juniors, Donna Keller, sophomores, Delores MeGee, and freshman, Barden Greenleaf. The "all star" gals were, jan Talstra, Bonnie Nelson and Jean Clark. As winter really got under way, hockey became the main sport. This sport goes over well with girls. Whether it is the coaches' enthusiasm that is catching, or the fun of the sport itself, hockey draws participants out in droves. Manager for hockey was Peggy Trine. Captains for the classes were: seniors, Joan Westlake, juniors, Alyce Klussman, sophomores, Margaret Kipp, and freshmen, Diane Westlake. Seniors again became champs. Coaches for the sophomores were Marjorie Price and Tanya Seely. Joan Westlake and Nancy Wilson coached the freshmen. These gals proved to be top "pucksters". They were chosen for the "all star" hockey team: Center forward, Marjorie Price, inners, Glenna Pollack, Sarah Best, wings, Devra Dodd, Martha Clark, LaNelle Gay, center half, Barbra Stovall, half backs, Shirley Gehrig, Jean Clark, Pat Welsh, full backs, Joy Jane Robinson, Nancy Wilson, Jean Howard, Goalie, Velma Pridham. There were some very outstanding officials for hockey. Dot Fowler rated top among them. She was followed by Pat Welsh, Pat Flanagan, Bonnie Nickeson and Barbra Stovall. Swimming proved to be very profitable for dear ole Harbor High. Her mermaids took top honors at the county meet. Sarah Best and Joan Dodd really became big Front Row: Mary Neville. Bonnie Nickeson, Velma Cass. Marjorie Price. Bonnie Nelson, Mary Jo Quarry, Virginia Cassel. Jean Clark. Pat Flanagan. Back Row: Nancy Snyder. Joan Benbow, Dot Carter, Barbara Brownie, Jan Talstra, Leola Funk, Ann Pollins, Mrs. Brandhofer. - BADMI TO - 2 X Front Row: Grace Crocker, Susie Fowler. Dorothy Fowler, Joan Dodd. Shirley Schriz. Kathaleen Hill, Ruth Gramm. Back Row: Ann Flory. Vivian Horvath, Bonnie Findlay, Barbara Barnhouse, Keo Fisher, Elaine Freeman. Front Row: Ann Pollins, Barbara King, Mary Jo Quarry, Nancy Ward. Mary' Robins. Mona Windwringer, Jannette Talstra. Back Row: Margaret Kipp. Rosemary Woods, Virginia Royce, Dorothy Paulson. Joan Mason, Jean Reed. 9 0 Front Row: Pat Arnold, Donna Ring. Joan Russell. Phyllis Lachmeyer. Mary Nell Fuller Joyce Smith, Thelma Harland. Back Row: Shiela Howe. Shirley Fidler. Dolores McGee. Darleen Taylor. Emma Jean Brown Jean Bartine, Peggy Johnson. time stuff by breaking records all over the place. These girls are members of the L. A. Athletic Club and show signs of great futures. Dot Wright and Grace Crocker both made exceptional times, and placed in diving events as well. Freshman Kathy Rabbitt placed second in lower division diving and her classmate, Diane Westlake made an effective splash in the relay events. Glorious springtime came and with it volleyball and baseball. These two sports wound up the year's activities. Volleyball was managed by Marjorie Price. She was assisted by Joan Westlake. This sport had the shortest season on record, but was still fun. Seniors and sophomores tied for first place in the interclass race. Top rated officials were Bonnie Nelson, Alyce Klussman, Bonnie Nickeson who coached the sophomoes and was elected as an "all star" player, and Pat Flanagan who coached the frosh along with the "all star" Virginia Gassel. Other "all star" members were Jan Talstra as captaing Nod Cass, Tanya Seely, Mary Robbins, Diane Pattersong and Carol Roush, who was captain of the freshman team. Other team captains were Dolores McGee, Donna Keller, and Gloria Tetzlaff. Baseball finished the year of good times, with jan Talstra manager. Every class put in a very good showing and all deserve credit. Seniors, captained by Virginia Cassel, again were interclass champs. The sophs, captained by Shirley Fiddler, came in a close second. Mary Gurley and Wanda Kasper were junior and freshmen captains respectively. Student coaches were: Bonnie Nelson, Pat Welsh, Gloria Matson for the froshg and Alyce Klussman, LaNelle Gay, and Nancy Wilson for the sophs. Skipping back we pick up some of the most outstanding names in the G. A. A. news. Margie Price headed the "all star" list with four honorary teams this year giving her the highest four year total of eleven. ,Ian Talstra also received four honorary positions this year making her two year total of seven equal to Nod Cass' four year total. The school record of "all star" positions is sixteen. G. A. A.'s highest honor award is that of a starsgiven for points in excess of stripes and emblems following the sweater award. There have been eight girls so -G.A.A MUN' Front Row: Pat Taylor. Beverly Bechtold, Evelyn Berkley, Loretta McCullah, Patti Hayes. Lucy Pinkley, Maxine Hartman, Yvonne Millard. Back Row: Velma Pridham, Caroline Lange, Deavera Dodd, Carol Pierson, Marlene Jacobson. Peggy Joyner, Dorothy Queener, Catherine Craig. honored in the seventeen years of Harbor atheltics. This yaar three girls names were added to the honorary scroll: Barbara Stovall, Dorothy Wright, and Nod Cass. Joan Westlake also joins the realm of Harbors immortals by receiving the highest total of G. A. A. points for the school year. Special praise is to be given the teachers who helped out this year. They were: Mrs. Mary Richmond, tennisg Miss Mary Brown, basketball, and Mrs. Marijane Brand' hofer, badminton. Of course there was Mrs. Zelma Sherman, who was the mainstay for the sport season. She is head coach for all G. A. A. team sports. Miss Marjorie Adams is another one to praise. She not only watched her gym classes and acted as advisor to the organization, but coached junior and senior teams as 'yell as officials for the various sports. "Tarettes" was something new this year. lt was comprised of juniors and seniors who were unable to make sixth period gym. In the past this type of thing has never been very successful, and the G. A. A. was very pleased with the results this year. The team had its own series of interclass games, and was directed by Betty Bean during hockey season, LouAnne Taylor for volleyball, and Edna Lane for baseball. The G. A. A. banquet is always the highlight of the year's activities, This year the theme was, "Premiers of l947." There were 46 initiates participating which is the largest group to ever be eligible. Priscilla Godsoe was the outstanding initiate of the evening, Robbie Lou Fiero and Barbara Brownie had the most unusual costumes. The skit sponsored by Joan Westlake won GAAcademy Oscars for her initiates. Lastly came the eighth grade sportsday. It was sponsored by all the girls organiza' tions as an incentive to the incoming freshmen, to encourage them to take part in all extracurricular activities offered at Harbor. Newport Beach grammar school eighth graders were the victors of the day's events. H After the noise of cheers and laughter have cleared away from the fields of Harbor, it won't be the individual results alone that are remembered by Harbor's girl athletes- but the fun and experience that was gained by such wholesome ,competition and friendly associations. . -G.A.A.- S Front Back Front Back Row : Row: Row ' Row : Daisy' Lane Leola Funk. w. smbkg-kv- .1 fl . F . f ' A . 6 , 3 N , . "' . , 3 N ri .f W .., wen 'K' M .. :Steer x . Kiev- J June Allen. Janet Hill, Pat Cox, Wanda Kasper, Barbara Brownie, Joan Benbow, Barden Greenleaf. Joanne Cox, Maureen Cameron. Robbie Lou Fierro. Louanne Messing. Barbara Reed. Donna Rork. Lura Mae Landfield. Mary Ann Morey, Wanda Hiatt. Katherine Rabbitt Nancy Snyder. Carol Roush, Diane Westlake. Diane Patterson, Virginia Struup, Mary Morales. .FREH had N if mb ik 'iw l For This Page of Candid Shots, We Thank BALBOA PHARMACY HAMPTON'S HARBOR DRUG NEVJPORT PHARMACY Corona del Mar S .il ,N 3 S , 15- Q5 eQpf Ni. 'Ski S , ER s mix c'1 'Wi ,,......-- SS? Kg' Q 1 if wk 'lm mmmwswsw - x N3 3 . gwwag' '5 5 . lxx .Nm 'Fm fy K mg ff XANV M W Sffwrm , ,, x Ag, M ix A ,M x f 3 ? Q. X t 114.0 Q. X .iv 5 Y Q N I 5 ,.., , ., -'A D91 .4 ,fm . , f. Ev Nga . 4' f -if DODD'S MALT SHOP Balboa Island "Famous for Hamburgers and Malts" Complete Fountain Service DROP IN AT DoDD's :li :IZ di SAM KINSFATHER Plumbing and Heating Phone Harbor 420 619 East Bay Avenue-Balboa Hu I ll Hell Ll Balboa Isl md 5:15:13 Sll llill i 5 rt 5 5 5 sg 5555, s:s..SsEsSsS Es? fififiiffifi 2 E 5 5: 'i:E: 5:2 if Wifi if ffifffiii QQQQQQZQ2QQfQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQSf' 'f3f3fEQEf3fEf5' 'Q2I3iif3732El35555QfQS5f5fQiQiQiQl IEIEIEIEIEIZIEISISIE3212" . f- 1' ' .- ' , , , , AEQEISIEIE . 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Phone Harbor 576 i :IS :Ii NORMAN'S FLOWER SHOP 0 NURSERY "Flowers 'I'ou'll Like" Corona clcl Mar .5 5 :Ii ALLEN'S PHARMACY 201 Marine Ave. Balboa Island Phone Harbor 1 11fW Sli CII 511 KEITH'S JEWELRY BOARDMAN'S HARBOR MARKET Balboa Island 303 Marine Avcnuc Balboa Island 4 .:f1,f . .: QQ. '- I I 7 U : .N i ' 'I 1 .. Lf .qs--.,., 55: X Ffa. v .1-.::7g-g:3::::.1glg::::q:EF-235:32 is , .-: I Q ll I M, 4- Q Na. ' + I , A J' xl X X x wr: ,N fOr everywhere Z! X I l I . ,r L Q, 1534 Newport Boulevard 806 East Central AVC COSW M953 Balboa, California Cl? ii CIS lf's Always COFFEETIME at the C0 I IAGE QD U1'sg.m1gnFFL Complete Fountain Service 0 Open Evenings Till Ten 305 Marine Avenue-Balboa Island iiclirli LINWOOD VICK REALTOR BALBOA ISLAND General Insurance 312 Marine Ave.-Phone Harbor 2241fW COX 81 KEELER UNION GIL DEALERS Balboa Island :IZ :IG ai GUNDERSON DRUG 117 Main Street Balboa Phone Harbor 515 CII Sli Sli THE BOBBY SHOP Infants' and Childrens CLOTHING Ee? TOYS 711 E, Central-Balboa Harbor 1158fW Si, Wflrq. f II ' 311 IMI x o'!b l 1 11 4 905,504 muon :sumo :IZ di 5 BAY DISTRICT HARDWARE 210 Marine Avenue Balboa Island ai i :IZ BE SURE INSURE with MAURIE STANLEY EARL W. STANLEY Agency Balboa Island jg jj, jg S13 Sli if ORANGE COUNTY CERAMIC TILE WHITE'S COFFEE SHOP MANUFACTURING CO Balboa and Balboa Island Corona dd Milf . Harbor 2 3 70 Earl W. SI'anIey Announces the opening of f f f CLIFF - HAVEN an exclusive residential subdivision which is part of the famous Irvine Ranch lying south of N.H.U.H.S. and overlooking Newport Harbor. Watch for the opening of our t Model Homes :Ii 5 :IZ MARKET SPOT Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Groceries Phone Harbor 1000 Corner of Park and Marine Balboa Island rl? Sli ii GREELEY AND GRIMES THE LAMP LIGHT SHOP INSURANCE AGENCY ANTIQUES f f f LAMPS 302 Main St.-Balboa 1507 Coast Highway-Corona del Mar rf- i ai I Compliments of BALBOA ISLAND FERRY BROOKINGS VARIETY STORE Corona del Mar 555 KAREN MARGRETA ' IMPORTS f f - GIFTS Corona del Mar 5 5 5 WIEGANDS FOOD CENTER 206 Marine Ave. Balboa Island 5 5 5 BALBOA CENTRAL MARKET "Never a Bum Steer" Phone Harbor 2729--Balboa 5 5 5 SUTTORA'S FISH MARKET 21st Place Newport Beach, Calif. 5 5 5 In the Coast's "Largest Gro wing Communitvn PERRY'S HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE CO. 832 Coast Blvd.-Corona del Mar Phone Harbor 232 5 5 5 WALKER'S FROZEN FOOD ana' Bakery Goods Balboa Island I 555 GERTRUDE A. WALDRON W. W. SANFORD, Broker Balboa Island 5 5 5 ORKIN'S DEPT. STORE Costa Mesa 5 5 5 MESA MALT SHOP Newport Blv. Nationally Known Brands FlTZPATRlCK'S Deparfmenf Stores Established 1914 Newport Beach Balboa Corona del Mar C13 S13 S13 TED W. BROWN, Jeweler Nationally Advertised WATCHES, JEWELRY and SILVERWARE Phone Beacon 5321fW Costa Mesa di 5 :IS LIDO THEATRE Newport Beach :l3:11:13 Hardware Plumbing J. H. ESTUS General Electric Ranges, Refrigerators, Washers Cleaners, Radios O'Keefe EG? Merritt Gas Ranges Phone Harbor 11 - 305 Coast Blvd. THEODORE ROBINS Excellent Car Repair and Maintenance Service Plan a FORD for the Future 33:12:13 u Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Seniors of '47" BROWN 8: DYER 2201 Coast Blvd.wCosta Mesa, Calif. :IG at :IS NEWPORT BALBOA AUTO' SUPPLY 2110 West Central Newport Beach, California GLENN Hi. CONKLE Phone Harbor 2132 :li :li :Ii NEWPORT PUBLIC MARKET C. F. LOY, Prop. Fresh Fruits, Vegetables Quality Groceries and Meats Phone 113-2116 Ocean Front Newport Beach 53:13:13 Hb, Lfbuara11iPP 0N.ue27-We TO CERTHFY e ,-.. H .,,, . .... -A 'mis is 1 overhaul. .,.. H h ComPlete,,X .,....,. wr was 0 L61 69,2 ,.,... ,,,...............,.. . .. 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' ' "W My SSWWWS' HBE NEWFDRT HlVD, CUSYA MESA PPLBEIEDN S776 "Wheve Gems and Gold are Fairly Soldu NEWPORT ELECTRIC ERNIE'S NEWPORT VARIETY 2305 Coast Blvd. Near Pier Newport Beach, Calif. Newport Beach, Calif. at e fn in 5 e MAYBERRY'S SHOE REPAIR CARR'S FEED STORE 1831 Newport Blvd. 1827 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. Costa Mesa, Calif. 5 5 5 5 5 5 NEWPORT HARBOR MOTORS NEWPORT AUTO WORKS 2616 W. Central 30th Ee? Coast Blvd. Newport Beach, Calif. Newport Beach, Calif. 5 5 5 5 5 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS .... Complete Fountain Service af HANSON'S by fhe Pier Serving ICE CREAM f::f FROSTY MALTS f::- WAFFLES SANDWICHES 'zz' HAMBURGERS . . . . OPEN EYENINGS 5 5 5 5 5 5 50 v OCEAN FRONT MARKET 2110 Ocean Front 113f22nd Sf. N B, h CH Newport Beach, Calif. - Phone Harbor 1071 ewport CAC ' a 1 ' FOR YOUR FAVORITE RECORDS C. THATCHER W.fxRREN , M, ww r- ' I 7 'L I ff MERMAID MALT SHOP M DH! UL R F 2121 Coast Blvd. f , 01 If 1 20 ew vdy A A Costa Mesa, Calif. ?AQ ,W MJ we W A lafffbrarswf if QM ELTISTE GROCERIES H. RICE 2504 W. GCEHI1 F1'Ont l O8 2 Newport Blvd, Neevggjc-gz.Beach, Calif. My V Costa Mesa, Calif. , K, Jr- -- A -J., if A . 477731 Y e as as an 1 .2 CG7T.s'f A ARVlN'S JEWELRY MATTOON'S SHOES Q 116 TwentvfSecond Street 1795 Newport Blvd. ' ' Newport Beach, Calif. :IZ :13 QUALITY BAKERY 1838 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. i S13 i COSTA MESA HARDWARE 1842 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. 173551 SPROUSE REITZ 1822 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. Costa Mesa, Calif. :lL 5 :ll POLLY APPAREL 1811 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. is rl? 5 ADA'S BEACH'N STREET Sportswear 1813 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, Calif. di :IJ :IZ NEWPORT BAKERY Newport Beach, Calif. .W ff+f'ff ,ff PM aP"'y' MJ0f'd If ff' 'ff W s- f1N ,f'f0":jP61mU"'f.f" !4'y'fj"Wf,u"'13'L Www ,M fcff:ff xii W ., H' KQCMQMW MQW :'fff f'2m11v,,,Kf pyfi?'Vxif'?1"M' ,M Wffjjf JV .af My W e o v 1 Y 1 5 ' f lc Q ' 'W ,n La X .. Q L .A " 1 , u 5 Q mu f'..,,, " hi, J ,- ,,.:., a .gp ' HA.. -1' L ':"'?f'L, -, . "ffm-' 2 My . A 1 Q - ' , " if 'Z' M c?4,.,,., ffl-6711 QM' , 'P YS Q2 Q24 ff-W SZ-AJJV Ji, -V Ji, 1. -- Gym 2. , Dam, t S gl . tp K n - X ,, qifR,Sf'bh QQ, qgibg E Jig! U . W Q Q 22 of yy? Qkf ' itat! ky Vw 'X qt' as xi as Dm? X A9 Y ik? Q A .,f2+f. .,:, ,EXLPALJQ,, , jtlfy mb W Wi 'U S3-J X EBMXXQ fc, - ,Ibm 17 0' xg, "' QW' lg-'N M Uffl W ,ff , Exhummmwn , pf' QV . ,XM X. JJLvJ"'lJ I p I . .A 'L ' . X 7 ISMWM M wx ,f HM 400 Nw J Q .2 N QFSEPO VW? fl? X wo? 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