Newport Harbor High School - Galleon Yearbook (Newport Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1945

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Newport Harbor High School - Galleon Yearbook (Newport Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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A r. A , K ,fx , A ,' fur ,lag 0 Vwmi 52 I, R- ,fy if ig? ' ' i QE, -l-af 5 Gt K O a Q Q Xf ' - 4 Q 'Pb if , ga , f Sea 'K ' y .3 NYY ' --, '45 " .QA 1- QE ' , ,' 3, 4 is ia x A 1 3, X L., Q. Amj QQ . f' X Qi, f lg ' ,g'i3,a Qwggx K . 55 5. Q1 'W NX ,AQ l' if mv, E .F fl gr -A ff B. QS ,Q ' -5' ,H 4 ' n ff 'fig ggi M ff' ' 'y ,. we MT FQWWEQ, N PH H, ,. : 1 .QV J -5 ,. 3 31 i 1. 1. A-,.-,.1.-naw, ,n,.-wgnwqffm - - .m.1.J-rf-.g,.w-.-uw -.4-nn,gmpmn-awnfwqw-z.u,1m-Q-,,. - 111 -,,.1,.nn-fm.-mf -wynmuww-,I4-f1,:f,fw,uw,Mmf-4.m,',Amw-Hum-,wx , Q K 4 lyplf- M4 0 2 , f " 42' - x ' ' Q ff 'E ,VJ J , y L! ,4 A LL 1 :L xlfblk , " I A 4 Lk, 1: A 7 , :fra j I X L ,N ' 1,1 If ' y L 1 , M If I X 01 if f 4 ff Lf, ',-I, .li 1 i :K I h 5 N fb T V1 V I rf L ff ,I r Milf? www Maw ww b ' s an QQ WQQ Q- J' 5 LL' ?, va, 5 Q5 if , 05 '-IQ? fwfrf Q B 791 O w Q10 QZQ 7-3 W5 my 4155 bc, Q 9 QL-.'.w,,if,s1-,vvm -. W f.. , f Jw f --' X ' . Hx.,-1- - , . V ' 1 ' ' A X '. ff vw jf!!! mv 11 ,Q f L QM ,Wfifff WWQVQKQMQMW ffjfjwwfjw um ww WLM ,- , J V. .' 1 , . K 'R-E". Wm 'bf ,QW 'O T2 fr ", . ' ' 9-rf' . My rw? " .,, W 5 , -V M...f 'o. .rb- ,L .r diff? 232' sv H+ U! 'J .HV Fr ,cu 'fr '1'9'G"Q 'Iva Q7 5 4-9 f i ' 'I Q -90 I-Wpflvf 5,3 9 "U A of 4 ,521 . jf' 0 7 Q 0 eo' fb J' Fyrgafg Lanny fled 2 J' -DU" P' of eq., L., Lf Us ,J-A-4J.A.z, -7"f3"'w "fra,-....aL....f.i ' '-hifi... ffmm ""1g'7f'NwJCw1ef..1,wqn..,.,N9sn.Z,x,oEj:,A,,-.9. 45 p,.,,,pww'-MJLN,'9uS.d -mwhm WM TY WM MW -AU. MMA Q-vv..s..x .. www w Nnnualof Neaxpml Jlaaioa Wnian Scion! Nwapoal Beach, 0614004422 1 I, , , . X' Q.. i , K vw! My 1? 'rw ff WWW www wp-me For hev' stimulating leadership and loyal efforts for the best interest of our school and her willingness to give of herself, which has been an inspiration to higher endeavor the staff of the Galleon fov 1945 dedicates this issue to f f f bIl?Nli XVIQLHTMAN . , Q Edztov' MR. NULAN ' MR. THUMPSON Galleon Ad1'I'S1l7' Business Adwsov Jim WE HAVE ATTEMPTED TO POR' TRAY THE CLOSE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS AND THE STUDENT LIFE ON IT. THE GREAT CONFLICT NOW RAGf ING IN THE WORLD CANNOT BUT HAVE A REVOLUTIONARY EFFECT ON ESTABLISHED PHILOSOPHIES, GOVERNMENTAL SYS' TEMS, AND ECONOMIC PATTERNS. TODAY'S YOUTH MUST SOON ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DETERMINING THE NATURE OF THESE CHANGES. IN OUR SCHOOL WE FIND AN ATMOSPHERE FREE FROM THE PREJUDICES WHICH SURROUND US IN A SOCIAL WORLD, HERE YOUTH CAN .DISCOVER THE CRI- TERIA FOR TOMORROW'S ALTERATIONS. THE WORLD WILL SOON JUDGE HOW WE, THE SENIORS OF 1945, HAVE AVAILED OURSELVES OF OUR OPPORTUNITIES. Kg "'x 'J ,, , 'Ti if-Q Q i I. MW if Kg,-v '747f'W' Mun "' 1-" ,,...,-- ,E-IZ.-nl ,f , A A f X : , . " 1 if W 7 - f 15 -if ,- . '- D . A f V111 V W ,J :,- ,V 'fv ' .If 4 V. ,N . U jd.,. . TW lx - . . . . .g . ,K U K X ,- V ' I 'N ,jf 'X j,,f" . 1 Y , , ! .3-1: Q51 .' A! 'rf' ' f - 2,1 are ., -, ,.-.-1-,za A f . 2 " if -ff Q .- . A"-' . A , ' ' .. .Qf I , - N. by Q 1 f fa.. f . 1 1 X -. M' . ' .c , , - ,U ' K ii z QQL E7 S gi 1 Q 4 gr 1 I: 5 1 ' 2 V 1 if W fn, , 1 'J . f 7 . fl .1 f W ,f , H J ' 2 .j 5 5 , J- , : x -- A r f' - ' ' J 'f 1 ' I ' 5 A 4 I ' ' I x r , 1' 1 X' "E" fl ' 1 , f Q 'YEIJ-.1. .' -, 5 iff! . . 'x . .fax ' as . f if.: .5 " ,wg-. .- - 1 'Pi' - ' -' ' gpg. ' if :,'f' ,L f., , A 1 A f' , w .wg ,I ,- me ,lv f 1 4 4 . -u':j,g , , , . .5 W' . . .QQ gi , , . -A,.,,..N I 2 V 4. -M:pfs.f-., U 'apr . , , . 2 ' . 1 - 'wo ff K wb Mum,MMM,'v:.,?,5l,, 2. 'mxw , lv- Q . 51.1 is I V ' MAA fig? if . ':- AH557: ' i f 7" ,rf , 2 ' 1 -3231 Q' X fr .. 15-17.73--,gf ,gm-J - , g pf . Q AV Q f iv' fn . .ws - v m , ..,,,f,: 4' .. ,bg , I, . V Y, , . .J Q. 3 .' ' if .V 1- ar- 5, 3 -5 if . iw - , f '-- 1-' " . 1 ,f x ,1 M I .f x ljxnryxi A .wif . V, L 1 1, 5 - mQvXqr:.f!' 1 , '- . L A Q2 wwfivx iii, MM 9 4' ' ,fi . a gg . A '-" 'K' n f U f f W 1 ' " f P ' ' J: Qkb .Y . .. H 'Z - ur " ' . , 3 Ir. 'w ' If If 1 mf' ,, ,, - .5 , 1 0. f K ., K. .- "I, , 1, v ,' "' 'W' 1 rr 1 1 , ., .1 S .ff 95x,g H' 4 LM! A- ., .- ' '. .' ff. 12 cvvil 13' 7222? 'X V :am ' 1. JF 7A L 1 tx 'Y " ' 1? ' Q. z W '.' ' 2' , . I Sw J.. 1 v " 'Nj A fa F5 Yr? s , , ff r ggi., 'yn , LE, ' 1 N ' fig 1 1 r "5 , 4-M ,. J.. Y Ind M ttf., MW f 1 e I Q . , . lx I 1 , V A I V V UNM-A k 'L ' if' I W 2.1.4 A ,.gf5.,f1 fi A ' , .1 4 , K ,N .N1,,: : , .-VN M I 1, 3 5 ' 4 f - M ' ? - I .Q .-ff-'9 - . 1 mg' J . m y - , if . 1 'Y' -. , 1 'f-BX . , 4 .:. " "' " ""5'Lgf"J'5"i:::h X ,YV MC: 4 Byfpf' 2: A N yr? A V , K 'J fa 'WK 'aww' ,av FQNA N swan. N ,,. mr am 'IWW' 6398459 -f', .WM - . ww,-N ., .. W, ,,., . : wwfffvmnwu gygm-iam: 9. XFN . 17"T'2,5?fA ,V , . -K' ' .. ' , , .. A ..,I.-..-.mfl V , L 1 ' , M , I I Q' J 1 N N. M, A, . . ,W-. - 'J- jx-' f 1 - . ' 5 N' W""ff 3 'Em . I 'Q an K." A 5 W, 4' Y ' 4 J . f xt?'f..L:- ' ' . N If V -ff, -aw ,M-M . fr .. W - ' ' ' Y""'n".s.-. ww ' -1 .M 4 The 1945 Galleon has sailed into port on time with her precious cargo of pictures and records. This has been ac' complished by her brave crew despite the trials and troubles of war time shortages and delays which on several occasions threatened to sink the gallant vessel with all hands on board. Fourteen successful annual voyages have now been completed and l am quite certain that most of the volumes which came in the hold of the famous ship are frequently consulted by our alumni, as the passage of time makes each memory of Harbor High more treasured. I congratulate the staff of the 1945 Galleon upon the splendid results of its venture, and to the departing seniors I bid Godspeed. SIDNEY H. DAVIDSON ' ' Zi Manga Eaafufof 7 Once again Newport Harbor Union High School has experienced a prosperous year due mainly to the com' bined efforts of Mr. Davidson and the Board of Trustees. The board is composed of five capable men: Mr. D. J. Dodge, Mr. A. J. Fitzpatrick, Mr. W. B. Mellott, Mr. J. A. Beek, and Mr. Braden Finch. These men, who are elected by the voters of the district, are responsible for much of the administrative Work in connection with the operation of this school. This board has charge of all school finances, such as: paying all bills, setting budgets, and purchasing supplies, and taking care of all other financial items relative to the maintainance of the school. ' We all appreciate the amount of time, effort, and work which these men put forth in their efforts to make our school operate efficiently. We especially want to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Board of Trustees for our Student Body assemblies and for the transportation furnished our athletic teams. MR. D. J. DODCE MR. A. H. FITZPATRICK MR. W. B. MELLOTT MR. BRADEN FINCH 1mwR-WWWMNWRQ-1- Q- - .w MR. ALLEN Miss ADAMS MRS. BASCH MR. GRABLE MR. HARRYMAN Mxss HIEBSCH A - w . ' vii Mlss CONYERSE MISS HILL f allgadaa MR. HAMBLET V1'cefPT1nc1pal Q - -- I . b MRS. PATTERSON Mlss .1 MR. REED MR. REHML 4:1-. Miss DANIELL MRS. DECK MR. HUGHES MR. JOHNSON Miss SToEx'ER I' MR. THQMPSQN -. If MRS. FEELEY Miss FROEHLICH MR. MILLER MR. NLJLAN ww MRS. SHERMAN Dean of Girls Mlss WEERSINKJ MR. WcwR1nEN w rl-ff l RmE.w ,mvNm.-nw.,.E-W ,W H 'R X m.R,,HNv,gmw GLYNN BOIES President S The B o t e Student Body composed of school officers and an elected representative from each of the four classes. The Board convenes every other Monday with Mr. Davidson, School Prinf cipal as advisor. oard of Control is the governing board f h The Board selects outside talent for assemblies, considers expenditures of athletic equipment, approves the dance applications of student organizations, and, in general, supervises the student body finances. Members of this year's hoard were: Glynn Boies, Student Body President, Virginia Fernandes, VicefPresidentg Diana Margwarth, Secretary, Don Miller, Treasurerg Jeanne Gerrish, Senior Class Representativeg Bard Howe, Junior Class Representativeg Bill Peyton, Sophomore Class Representativeg and Mary Hanzal, Freshman Class Representative. DONALD MILLER Treasurer EVELYN REA Girls' League Represent: JEANNE GERRISH HUBBAR H D OWE Senior Class Representative junior Class Re re p senta VIR A FE NA , ' ice' ident wb L!?,,x-My QW' if wggqtfff ALBERT BISHOP HWY Representative 0 The Student Court, composed of the members of the Board of Control and a representative from the HifY and TrifY respectively, is organized for the purpose of keeping order on the campus. Any student who breaks a rule is brought before the court and his case is carefully considered. The offender may or may not be punished, according to the seriousness of his offense. Members of the court this year were: Virginia Fernandes, VicefPresident and Presiding Officerg Mr. Hughes, Faculty Advisorg Glynn Boies, President of the Student Body, Diana Margwarth, Secretary of the Student Bodyg Don Miller, Treasurer of the Student Body, Jeanne Gerrish, Senior Class Repref sentativeg Bard Howe, Junior Class Representativeg Bill Peyton, Sophomore Class Representativeg Mary Hanzal, Freshman Class Representativeg Evelyn Rea, TrifY Representativeg and Albert Bishop, HifY Representative. DIANA MARGWARTH 'Treasurer BILL PEYTON MARY HANZAL Qrnore Class Representative Freshman Class Representative GMM HTHE GREAT WH ITE PEAK' b y Edgar Payne This magnificent study of Mont Blanc was winner of an honorable mention in the Paris Salon of 1923-in a competition that held 7000 paintings. BILL VAN HORN MERWIN GRIEWE JEANNE GERRISH VzcefP1esident Secretaryfflfreasurev The Senior Class of 1945 can look back on a successful ear filled 'th h y W1 t e many activities that a war year at school affords. Under the leadership of their president Jim Douglas, vieefpresident Bill Van Horn and secretaryftreasurer 3 Mervin Griewe, the seniors have shown that cofoperation is first and foremost in their minds, The first ditch day since 1940 was held in Corona del Mar and althou h g the day was wintry the bruises and duckings were enjoyed by all. The seniors' f ll ' ' ' arewe came in the form of an assembly recalling the pleasant memories they had on the "Good Ship Harbor." ' More than any other class to date, these seniors have realized the stark reality of War. Too many times throughout thislyear, classmates have left their studies to join the armed forces. They have left an empty space in the classrooms and in our hearts. JAMES DouGLAs President Board of Control wi ,. W nn -w.-mm DIXIE IJULXEL.-XS JAMES Dmlrzms JAMES BOOMER JEAN CHRISTENSEN ROSALEE CLEVELAND DICK CRAMER JUNE CRAWFORD ROSEMARIE CRIBBEN DiJNL'XLI7 CRo1fT DORUTHY Duma DEAN DONALDSON VIRGIE DIIBOIS BOB DUNLAP THOMAS ELLIS BOB FERGUSON VIRGINIA FERNANDES BARBARA FLORY ROBERT FLORY LOU FREEMAN DICK FREEMAN WANIIIA FULLER JEAN FUNK GENEVIEVE HOLEROOK DICK HCJRNBY ROBBIE GALAWAY JEAN GALLAGHER JEANNE GERRISI-I LAVON GIBSON MARGARET GOLD DONALD GRABLE MERVIN GRIEWE DICK HARPER ROBERT HENLEY DAVID HUGHES FRED JENKINS MARJORIE JONES SELMA KAUEEELD BILL KAIIFEELD GEORGE LAPERLE LORAINE LAURIE CALVERT LEATHERWOOD ROD MACMILLIAN MARILOII MARSIIIILI. DIANA MAROWARTH 'Nmv MIRIAM NASH ARLO NIEMAN JULE MARSHALL JOAN MARTIN MARTHA MASON TONI MEET: JAMES MELTON PEGGY IVIICKELXVAIT DONALD MILLER ROLINDA MORSE JOSEPH MUNIZ DICK OTTU DICK PEARSON JERRY PLATT BILL POLLARD EUGENE QUARRY TONY RAUSA EVELYN REA NADINE REED RUSSELL REED IVLXRY ANN RUCR KENT ROSIER JAOOLIELINE TARRANT JACQUELINE TAYLOR JOHN SHAFER EUNICE SHOW ERLA SHURLOCK HORACE SILVA LOUISE SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH JOHN STANDAGE DICK STEARNS BILL TALSTRA FRANCES TEPOEL DOROTHY THOMPSON STANLEY THOMPSON NANCY TOWLE DARRELL TURNER HAROLD VAN DE WALKER BILL VAN HORN IACK RICHARDSON PEGGY NIELSEN HELEN YosT DK5NALD VAlIGHN JEANNE WELLS JUNE WIGHTMAN CELORIA WILHELM ALICE WRICEHT BETTY WRIc:HT 1 1 X RALPH FREITAG N. xx X President xy, n' xx 5 3 X: , Q Y E 5 H e GEORGE YARDLEY ARDELLE KENNELL HUBBARD HOWE VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer Board of Control lnulvl liuxx .Immun ,X4M:NfXl. RI. rx l',u'ruII ,Immun XfI.1m--. Yn':nu1.n lim-Illlmvu .Xlwm lirwlx II1-Im: Iivfm, mimi lim. m'nn41- livin-1. Ruth Xl11l'l41:1 .XIII-w lhyui, lim-hvl .Xmir-lwm. Ulllllwlx l.1 . Iilwli linux: .Xlsm .Xl1sil'4'xw. Huy l4:zy'mlu. .lm-Ia Vu-ll. .lllll Iiumlh. K'I1:n'I1fs .XIIKIIIS O . . uiudflfi Irma! Kumi liv-I-5 Ilvtilwuwf-. I.11w-IIJ1 Iiznslum. 4'hv'1Nl:1InfI 1Q:n'mllzr-lx .ln-Jxllluw lfhllvli. Nnrmzl lihvrn-. Sv---mul Hmm: Kula:-rt 1'h4-vli. Imxlnl 1'l-mr-N, Nm'l1l.l Hlllllm. I,rul'z-II:l 4'1lll'IIIJlll. M:l1',v I"l'zlIm-, Rmfdy Guuld. lhllwi Rum Ihvli l"1vl'lIIlII'. ILIM' l"m'N,vIl1, Huh lhol1:hI,x, I.:-mlclwl IP:-limwi. Hwurux- Iflnvh. limb Ill1l'kvu'. lil--li Row' iilvflm ICIII-. Julm Ifmmll-l'. .l, IL Vnllllv-Il, Kzllph I"1'wll:1:. Illvli lirnlulm mr K N.-.Y -.ff wk ima FUN u aww? Wism Gm-1 Q' 9 J- ' 1 -2 Mfiyww W rj ' ff W 'iw A .Q f W W 1 Q X Q if o ,kip xRxb3 jk xy lv, ' K' 'X NA-, ' . X of by ki X. X ax fx 1 f , ' 'v 'K X ' Q V' .X XX wx X' .jx 3 N ff :xx ' A X wb ,K 9 r - No so' K x N xy ' . I N BILL PEYTON to Board of Control ROGER HILLHOUSE VELMA CASS ViC6'PTZSid6Hf Secretavyffreasuver ming? Wil? yi f 'WE ,P ...... . mmm? . .: . U. f'L ':':I.-'.,:2.fEf,' ' W , ch: .W ...f ,'::i1.. . ..Z J . - if l W A .,.., .. .I ..,. Y, M- fig' , E . f , ..QQf Z ':'? f , Y ,, gg .S M WMS, HQ! Q H: Front Row: .Il-:nlxtw Ruth, B:1i'lm:1l':1Sim', Dorothv Pl'l'l'Y P'ltvRu " A . . ,3 1-lc, Hurhzn-u NIUISUII St-4-mul limi: Molly Kl'tlllIUIlll, l'IlIllIl'l l'4-rw ' '- ' " "4 " ' iolit . ,. .hulm fiflllhlllllj. limi.: hs-eil:-y, Maur, ' Prie-ew Ilnrotllv Stumlzisc- Thnwl Row: I'h:n-lottv Phiimt-y, ilrlzlruiztrz-t N1-lson, Joan Pznllc-v, tfrn' Viv-l tn Jox , V tl i s- . . Jnnz- Robinson. I"tllll'Ill Row: Miki- Rovtnoi: Bob Robins, Bill P4-yton, VVQIII4-I' S1ri4't'V, Holi Nvtllmw. lim-lc Row: Ex-nt-st Fnllm-r. lS:n'1'5' Nunn:-y. Ili:-k Munson. Jim li:n'klr-y. John Pnlllimnl . . sap lfront Row: Jzwqlitllim- Smith, Dolormfs Ring: Guy Watson, Dorothy Wrirht, I5:lrh:n" Stovall. Sl't'Hll4l Row: Matrix' I,:xPm-rl:-, hloriu, T1-tzl:1t'l'. .lm-zninv 'I'I'0llllH'fl'l', June- 'Flxonnmm Nant-y Wilson. Dorothy Will-utt. Joun Wilkinson. 'l'hir1l Row: Put Tsvhohl, Sully 'l'owlr-, Pnl 'Flionn ' n Ilonni Jozun VV1fstl:nlu-. my , 1- Follows, Mary Villonr- l"ol1r'tl1Rowi Floyd Robinson. Hob Sl1lll2'lllt'l'. Hall Ylllllllf. H1 'z 'I Po ' uvi Ill llovli. HIlI'l'j Nvlllililll. Vluynr- Vztlalwf-ll. Buvk Row: Don Stl- , . my John Wilson. rm-V, Roy Wznwl. Jan-li Y1'llkl'l, Rivli:n'tl Wilht-Inu Pwnl Whit N"--. JAMES ASHEN President JOHN GALLAGHER DON MCCALLUM VicefP1'esident Secretavyffreasurer MARY HANZAL Board of Control F11-Nl Run' Swmrllwi Iimx. 'I'hlw4 Ibm: lfuxwlh Huw. FIV-I Huw: Nz-wului linux' Thlrw! Rfvw: Ifmlrlh Ibm: lfll-at Row: Sw-mul Huw: Third Row: FUIIVHI Row: I4 lrst Rmv: Sr-4-mul Huw: 'I'hll'1l Iiuw: I"ulll'tI1 Run 4? .4 Q? 'Viv aww Qian kv x K 4 1 .- A. ss .- ' fm Ax ff' . g- 5 Aff 15, i' 5 1 aff' ' -.1 - . . -- Q -'mr-. 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J U 3' ig? .. if A: 5 GENEYIEYE HOLBRCJCJK, - Business Manager 5 A ::E,:E.,z:", wwf .- ,fgzfg . -145.9 Nz' "ASX iff ms- SPV m 'E M fr QUINCY CASS JAMES RUBEL ROSEMARIE CRIBEEN BETTY WRIGHT LoRIs MEYER Ron MACMILLIAN VIRGINIA FERNANDES ARLO NIEMAN Duc to the WM, the Gal, NORMA GHERE JEAN FUNK DOROTHY DODD BOB HENLY leon staff has not had all BARBARA FLORY JACKIE TARRANT JUNE CRAXVFORD GENNY ANDERSCJN they would like tO have had in the way of material, to publish Our year book. But under excellent advisory, they have done their best. This year book, being one of the JUNE WIUHTMAIXN largest ever published at Harbor, has required a lot of Edfwl' work. Probably the two people most responsible for making this year's Galleon possible, are June Wightmaii, editor, and Mr. Nolan, advisor. Both of whom have done an excellent job planning and publishing our year book. Here's hoping that in future years when looking through the 1945 Galleon, it will bring back memories of the good old days baek at Harbor High. Toward this end this Galleon staff has tried to work. I 7he Qallean ROD MACMILLIAN Editor Peak . . . Sneak . . . Seek'-H These three words define the Igile staff Of the Beacon who kept the school aware Of the nappenings of the day through the weekly "Harbor Beacon." Editor, Rod MacMillian, Virf ginia Fernandes, Genny Anderf son, and Nancy Neice headcgl :he staff that strove to print the aews truthfully and correctly. Such features as Peeping Tar, Question Of the Week, and Sitf zin' In were combined with vaf 'ious specialties as What's Up DOc?, If, Harbor Harmony, and Ihoicc of thc Month kept the 'eaders interested and amused. The Tar Talker brought forth In interesting editorial column. 'Xn adequate, upftofdate sports roverage was presented for the sports followers to complete the weekly Beacon, ik '74 GENNY ANIDERSON ROSEMARIE CRIBBEN DOROTHY Donn BOB DUNLAP VIRGINIA FERNANDES MARGARET GOLD MILOREIJ GURLEY ROGER HILLHKJUSE GENEYIEYE ILIOLBROOK NANCY NEICE LAVERNE KINBERG JULE MARSHALL LORIs MEYER NANCY HLJLLINSHEAD DENT ROBINSON MARY ANN ROCK ERLA SIYIURLOCR ROBERTA TAYLOR 3 Si-an-il! Roberta: Taylor, Ferris Mm-Iioiisilil. Slillltllllllf Ruby Ii'-an. M:n'joi'ii- Ni-lson. Rash- Illllllll, Nzilley Towle. Diwlc FOl'llllll', Lavon Gibson, Sc-Ima KauI'l'1-lil. .Ii-:iiuiiv Wells. Harhor students have derived much pleasure and knowledge from the lihrary this year. In addition to the wealth of good hooks that this lihrary contains, five hundred new hooks, including many hest sellers, have found their way onto the shelves during the year. Under the expert supervision of Miss Stoever the lihrary staff served the school while learning, and gained the title of assistant lihrarians. To the collection of excellent paintings now in the lihrary another has heen added as a senior class gift. 'kMonthlanc" hy Edgar Payne, is the largest painting in the collection and will serve as a constant reminder of the elass of 1945. I"l'ul1I Row: Ilurutllp S11-xxzlrt. I-Cllwll I'uIIwl'. I"I4'It'II Yrwt, Al'1lx-II1- K4-:lm-II IIv'l'Iwl'I'1 .IuI1nQmm. I.0I'I1II Ynft. Ilnlm-1-s Yullllu. Vmxllxu- Slmuli. MIIIIIII- Iiuwt Illvli KiIymI1'l+'li. Iixlrnl Iluwf-, .Im-lilv I':lrIi. Sully III-y'mln:Il:Ill-. Ii:1l'Iw:u':x IIHIIII. filzuiys Kvrlvw. Ii:u1'Ivzl1':l I-InIIll1:'4wrl1'III. R11 II xmv B1 LIXMAN Q 5 l"l'uIlt Iiuw' NI.ll'II1:u NI:I54mn. K.utIu'yn 4'l1lmlnQ'I1:um. Ilululw-N Illlll. I4:lv'Iu.ll':u Sluxnlll. W I'n-:xy 'I'rlm', lmxwmllly XYVIMIII. Kuhn- Kaul:-W, .In-:umn- ICIIII-Ii. Ylrulluzl xg 5 ItIIllIIlII IIIl4IxIC1IX5I .XIIIII .Xlnln-xv, l':IlmnIm 'I'Iwm, Hu-N4-II It:-III. Illwlx ISI-rimuulx lim, Imuslxlp, HIII ISl'mx111f-. O I ,- il' . 1 1 7 . W I rcszcient S4-vulni Iiuw: .I4-:Ill li:lI,IIl:'lx4-1: Kay .Inns--, IXI:I1':':ll'vl Nwlfun, Iir-Vvrly iilwlww. .I:ll11'l tirmwlm, I':nl1Iu 1':1flIv. Ylrxinizs 5IIlIIIl. 'I'I1ir-II Run: .Iumu-S S11-II:-In-4:11. Iluvlf-1-I1 I5r5':m1. ICI'-:mmw .MI:m1vI1:nIz, tilurlw 'I'wt7l'uIl Mary fllxrl--y. .Imm SIn1xIu-y. .Illnv XV1:Inl1x:m. 5I:ll'Iml NI.1l'wI1zuIII .Iu.w--- .Mm .Ir1l1r-- , Ilmlli Run: VIIHUII Imlilu-y. Iiuln-rln Ilnsllnxf. I-'IMI Nlnwm. Jim Iiwixumi-. IMI:- Ilmlfptln-. .Izmn-N Iilllu-I, Iluxl-I fn-nv, limiy Ilnqxluln-I'-. ,f wp.. 14 irst lbw: lirm-sl Fuller. Rudy I.orAi'a, Dolores Yoiinu. t'ai'olyn K4-ii'l'1-r. Palsy lNl4'Mast1-rs. Juan Wilken- snn. .lzirliillr-liiw l3t'Ill'1li1'I, Bonnie Lou I"i-llows. B4-lty Lou Moores. Ruth Alcli'ids:'4'. Rudy V: s' la s. :hu Marlin. 1 il 1 JJ Si-wmnl Row: Arlo N11-man, Tony Hausa. I-Iiiiiif-v Show. Rosie- Mliniz. Patliv Gould, In-lsy IJ1-Grasse. Nam-y Towle, J1-anneI,oi1Gi'un1l, JUZIIHII''l'llUllll1S0ll, ,l2I1'iil1'T2II'l'!lIll, Sidney Ilavidsrm. Valvin M1-Intl-4-. 'I'hii'4l Row: Ralph Frviizlif. Ronald Iiai'i14-s. Rohm-1-111 Tziylor. 1'ai'i'olI Killmlrii-li. Nzidim' Milli-V. l'Ix'4'lyll lim-4-kniaii, Ns-tty Illlrhzum, Sally Towle, Bi-v1'i'ly lN11'y1-rs, 4'l1i'isI:ilwll Gardlim-i', law- I,ioiihill'::4-in Ste-wart V:u1z:h11. Iiziwli Row: Ilii-li C'1':nlni-V. Dim-k HIlI'Ill'l'v -lr'i'i'y .Im-ohsoii. M:n':'ir' Jones. Pat liai'nhoixs1-. Dixie Smith, Ray Jones, Ali:-it Wriuhi. Ilurothy WVi::hI, l'a1ri4-ia 'Psi-hohl, liowarml H2l1lI'I', lilll VanHoi'i1. Never hefore in Harhor's history has the Music Department exf culled in so many productions and accomplished so much. The orchestra and chorus under the direction of Miss Hiehsch and the hand directed hy Mr. Allen have this year set such high standards of musical accomplishment that it will he difficult to exceed. The higgest event of the musical year was the Spring Concert presented on March 23. At this time the chorus appeared in the Klilhert and Sullivan operetta "Trial By Jury." On the same program the orchestra, conducted hy Miss Hiehsch, played a selection of Uilhert and Sullivan melodies. The hand also entertained that evening and made the program complete. 7he Ghafuu 5 1. Ciioizos 2. Riciimiziw Biafxanstiay, Miss Hiuixsrzii The Christmas program hy the chorus and orchestra was an in' spiring one and will not soon he forgotten. The rendition of the British Childrens Prayer hy the chorus was particularly heautiful. Through the year the chorus and orchestra have shown their ahility in the musical field. The sextette has given many pleasant hours to the school and community hy their accomplished singing. Harhor's hand has had a husy year filled with hand work highly favored and richly rewarded. At all school activities our hig little hand has always demonstrated our school spirit and enthusiasm. With Mr. Alleifs capahle leading the Harhor Band marched off with a National award presented hy the Music Vxfar Council of America for outstanding participation in hond drives and other waz' activities. Need we say Harhor is proud of its hand. stamlinzi l':ali'n-In lS:n-nholm-. .l:i4-luv 'I'.u-mill, M:n'iou1w ,lonvs Ji--iiiiiv Ion lin-nml I il ls .zu-Q - lla-in-mlivl, Ray .Iom-s, A Sr-:ill-di Pillllil Vasllc. mzzlnsl, '7!1.e Ewa! wg pm MR. DAVIDSON MR. WM. H. RICTHARIJSON MR. ALLEN flwfenlazfian of Mudic Wm Gauncil of rqmeaica rqwafzxf 'Wm Uacfzaha ' 1 ----V A Q ,Q 7'f'f5Q5:5QW 29' 921 - g : if - - - e giwwegggfi ww Zfwwz' "5'33zwfg5f31:g'E' ' ' i f Vlllilqibziw wifi' f ffyfgxi rzffasfif .-.- - x f 1 :gi 4 2 Y ,K f W - ,fi ww 'iii ,A D?5Zi1"f3zs:J'i?2lSYE?f'ffiglif ' ' H .Jw ,w 2: A ff 7 f Kiwi, 4 1. . ' H 1 gp' if' ,f,1.f1,,1:. E 'EA-f,i2iEiiza2A:gf1Af,7 4- "'f' - 1 if? , ,2'3L?'2?'5?i3?2' ' 0213- A 2 fojgjgi. ,f Q I' 1 1, Wlgw zvvxq ygfljubz- N-W ' f ' ' 4 b"k' VH , 72" - H 3323711 ith: was-8 dv , - M' A' 3 ,iff . , A Y . .ljliqi 'NN , , X i n , W ss- M-1 Y f fi 4 g gif - W, 1 fx 1 U , ,M A ' az W , z I ' V ' W Q ' l .M 'Ai sg 25 5 , 'T mf mg, ' , V x N Q 'fi 1 F 'M y" 'V , K " 'wmv , ff . ff M 1 . 'lan' .- an ' , 1 H AM ,S 1 - Wmliai-wi,.,W . . r ,. . X X is ,Q W? F B .3 ' , V , 5 ws. i . H . ..,, V , in v , 'lux 5 I E . , .X . Q V 4... 5 A A nf f in "M" X 5 xx 1. , f W A Q rim v t . ,- 53 ,-, 'X .J 4-1 4 P ' ,V wg, 4 1 a , f L, gg. fm-X A 1 Q35 fi 4 Q1 4 - , , A Q A .W Y. vb ' if A .fwwf n ,Q Q t i J si 727 2' , Q' k ' 'S 1 ..,g5gg5i,?gLg:v.ii k,, ,,,.f. iff-W'f?'?xf'k'f:77'.M su., SQL gwzzigv-1, . ,,.,v.V., , , Sai.-ei -W2 15:3 J ' ---, - rw ,A , v. f Q Sw y S., 1 K ' an Q. m. ez I 4 . A , Zi A , wa. W in gf First Rfuw: Jlnly fvllillilllilil, Szlrzxh H1-sl, JI'JllHliI' 11111 Grumi. Lnll Frm-1-nxzm, Simlnxly Duvidfon. Sw-olnl Rowi Rllsszfll Rvml. F'l':1l1vrfs Wilwux. Yvl'l'llil Nix-Ism-11, H'-vm-rly Ullllhill I. V1-Ima Vzzss, Rosvnlzlrif' l'l'ihhr-lx, Ell'illlllI'1' A4lilllN'hZlk Bur-li Huw: Gm-ul':l'4' l,:1P4-l'law Dun Wuxwivll, Erlzn Shurlouli. Ja-:ul Funk, I-I1'n:-st Fllll4'I', Dun hil'f'Jlllllll1, alfa!! lllamll' if Q5 if ii is ,X zz fi 'lf 3 2 ii fx gl 2? 5 Z 1,.,.,-,Wf -V .V A J 1. 1...-...i-.13 1. ,ui wwf 1 M N W, f.,Vm:,W-7 .- W ...y.x1,-4,,,w.,. --.N Front Row: Calvert Lmitherwood. Rod Mai-Millian, Glenn Eilts, Mvrvin Grivwc-, Jann-fs Melton. Svc-nm! Row: Roma' Hillhuusv, Ronald Rimzl, Dil-k Otto, Roddy Gould. Coavll Rm-il. Bar-k Row: John Fowl:-r. Hal Yonnir, Louis M4-Ilo, Donalsl VVf'o1lhonsc-, Jim Shaft-r, Jim Douglas. Harbor's HifY Klub completed a most industrious year under the able guid' ance of Coach Ree and Glenn Eilts who was this year's fourth prexie, the oothers having entered the service. They opened the year with a roar by putting on the annual War Whoop followed by snappy looking programs that were put out at the football games at home. Then the Klub started the annual Bush League which was followed by the Huntington Beach joint meeting and the best after' noon dance of the year. The biggest project of the year was the Athletic Carnival which drew a turnaway crowd. As usual the HifY put on the Peanut League, Among the other projects were the noon recreation period, twilight league, assisting at track meets, campus cleanup and putting on the annual grammar school track meet. ALBERT BISHOP President '7!w Jia- W 7k W- President JEAN GALLACZIIER Promoting leadership and sportsmanship throughout the year, the TrifY Cluh has again maintained its high standing in the school. It has sponsored those activities that are found to he necessary for the hettcrment of the school as well as the individual. At the foothall games the TrifY put up the League flags and decorated the goal posts-fr hoth added color and variety to the gridiron. The TrifY sponsored their first night dance in two years in the cafeteria, The theme was a Hawaiian night cluh- the TrifYfAfNon. Successful? Understatef ment. Also, in the Athletic Carnival, the Tri-'Y performed two dance routines. One was the Arkansas Traveller and the other was The Sailors Hornpipe. Another attraction of the year was the time the TrifY challenged the HifY to a volleyhall game. There were refreshments afterwards and a good time was had hy all. The TrifY had fun! Front Iiowi Diana M:u'::'w:u'Ih, Iiavon l.lUl1lHll'5fl'l'. Lois Sll'lIIIli. Evelyn Ita-al. .l4'1lIlIl4' Gvrrisli. Hawk Row: Wanda Fllll4'l', Joyvi' Jon:-s, .lf-an Gallazln-r. Pr-u':'y Mil-km-lwail, Vii':'inia l+'m'n:imlz-s, Hr-rlmc-r1:i J1'llllhUll. Mimlilli- How: Juno f'i-awiorcl. G4-m-vii-ve Hollirooli. Marilou Marshall, Jlilllllll' Lou Grunil, Arnlvllf- Ki-nnwll. mL1'.L' Front Itowi EW-lyu Ri-ai. Louisi- Smith, Susan Walker. liavk Row: Virerinia Bai-hmann, Hi-rbi-rla Johnson, .Ivan Gallasrluelz Tanya Si-i-li-y, Virsriuia Smith. The Girls League began the year with the annual L'Big and Little Sister Party". The purpos was to ae' quaint new girls and freshmen to Harbor. Introduef tions of new girls entering school late, were presented during assemblies. A few assemblies were the Christmas Program, the Present Day Nursing talkfmovie presented by Vivian Campbell, and the talks given by the "Harbor Girls" from Seaside, plus many more. The main dance of the year was the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which went over quite profitably. The next event was the Mothers' Tea held in the patio. Many girls participated making it a sueeess. The last project was the clothes drive for overfseas war relief. This was an interfelass competition, won by the freshman elass. The Girls' League League Cabinet has fulfilled its aims to the school with much enjoyment. EVELYN REA President M' 1' lwait L'lvon Lionbarffi-l', Lois Strunk. Front Row: Pa-Huy is-te . , f .. Hz-11-n B1-an, Mary Ns-villr-. Vs-Ima Pass. Bavk Row: Wancla Fuller. June ITi'awfol'1l. Marilou Marshall. ' --- - - '--"-HHIII-sv JUIIHIIII' Lou Gl'llll1lv Aid: Ill Ki nm Il. in nz x It xi o v vzwqnn The Girls' Athletic Association had one of the most successful years in its history with the cahinet under the capable leadership of Peggy Mickelwait, president, who demanded the close harmony essential to all organizaf tions. The cabinet consisted of Marilou Marshall, vice' presidentq Ardelle Kennell, recording secretary, june Crawford, corresponding secretary, Helen Bean, treasf urer: Lois Strunk, equipment managerg Mary Lou Neville, freshman representative, and the managers, Wzlndzi Fuller, Lavon Lionharger, Mary Howe, Velma Cass, Genevieve Holhrook, and Jeanne Grund. Of course, without the help of Miss Marjorie Adams, advisor, the association would not have heen ahle to attain such heights of progress. Mrs. Sherman was always to he counted on to field good teams from the ranks of the underclassmen along with Miss' Hill and Miss Converse who were also G. A. A. coaches. PEGGY M1C14ELwAi'r President THE .IlTIiY4H:fwa:i'il Ha:'ifi'. lialph I"i'i-ilasf, John Marlin, Ralph Fri-ilasr. I'aIi'ii'ia Biinh 1 1 Pziti-ivia liariiliou-:ii Ray Jones Drama played a leading role in Harbor's activities this year. The addition of a drama class to the curriculum facilitated productions. Members of the class helped with sets, inakefup and costumes for all assemblies and other programs, besides demonstrating their acting ability in the numeruos roles. The biggest and most successful undertaking of the year was "The Saturday Evening Ghost" directed by Miss Froehlich and presented to the community and school. The freshmen's quiz show was very spontaneous and unrehearsed while the juniors circus and side show provided many laughs. The sophomores mystery thriller proved an excellent background to the variety of talent displayed at this assembly. The seniors of 1945 reminiscing aboard the "Good Ship Harbor" concluded a year of good enter' tainment. 7!ze Emma wi-:,,m., Aw 48 Vim , m,-aewwmiw 4'HEr:u Laainieus soma 1.EAm:us 4 X ovilu Tanya Sr-ol:-y, Judy f'h:minun. Roy Warml .Ir-an Ali-xzmnh-r. JK'Jlllllll' Lou Grund. Gloria Matsonf ' K x , I ,Y . Y , v' -M , x r R.. - f, ' ' lfni. L ! fx ,La , VV 8 Q gf I. x'lOOK'I'k' we K .e was Liv- ts. sy L-ulqy x. 1" sh 4 5 Ns -, M 3 0 gxqf, ,N .tv M Q x u 5 . 5 One of the more important functions of high school life is the field of athletics. No sports event would he complete without the colorful exhihition of the song and cheer leaders, Their efforts are invaluahle in rousing pep at all games and other sports T5 K events and actually are a part of the event that cannot he omitted. The excitement, tenseness' and exhilaration of foothall are stimulated hy the song leaders and cheer leaders. The song leaders, Jeannie Lou Grund, Gloria Matson and Jean Alexander did a superb joh of leading the spectators in Harhor's traditional fightf ing songs. Cheer leaders Roy Ward, Johnny Fowler, Tanya Seeley and Judy Chapman showed tireless energy in directing the cheering section. In rain and mud, they were out proving to the team how completely the school was hack of them. Sang am! einem , . First Row: Voawli Milli-V, Alan Antlri-ws, Hill Talstra. Don Gralilc-. John Martin, Riley Gaynor, Dim-k Hztrw-i'. Bob Owens, Stewart Gillette Earl Killvl'c-r, Stanley Thannrson. Sm-4-ond Row: IJ:-an Dolalslson. Glynn Bois-S, Howl Mat-Millian. Rivhartl Kilpatriek, Rivharil Kinyon, Charles Atkinson, Boytl Hoi'1'r'll, Jim Melton. Bill VanHorn, Al Bishop, John Shafer. Third Row: Dir-k Grahle. Harold Lowry, Rotlily Gllllltl, Dick Otto, Arthur Ahhott. Qllillt'y' Hass, Bolt Dnrkc-e, Dt-nt Robinson, Don Miller, Jinx Donirlas, Don Vansihn, Ralph Freitagr. Lead on hy traditional Harhor "never say die" spirit and the will to win, Harhor's 1944 Varsity Footballers enjoyed another successful season under the tuterage of head coach Les Miller, and assistant Bill Overlin. The Sailor grid machine powerhoused its way through its first four opponents with comparative ease to go into the championship thriller with Santa Ana, which saw the Saints take away the hunting after a hard fought 7f6 skirmish before 7,500 gasping fans. The Tars, plagued hy naval calls and injuries, continued their fight the next week as they tackled Orange, who scored on an Slfyard pass play in the waning seconds of the game to tie the Tars 737, after the locals had kept their territory free from the enemy the entire afternoon. They wound up the season the next week, without the aid of joe Iviuniz, who received his naval eall hefore the Panther fray, and Diek Freeman who was called after the Orange game. The final game saw the gallant and fighting Tars drop a l2f6 toughie to Fullerton. GLYNN BOIES GofCapt. DICK FREEMAN LES MILLER CofCapt. Coach af14iz'q4 Season highlights . . . Miller's extraordinary passing and kicking that netted him a berth on the second allfleague team along with end Glynn Boies, and guard Gene Lee. . . . Freeman'S stellar line play that placed him on the allfC.I.F. team as well as the allfleague eleven . . . Miller was selected as the most valuable man . . . Team composed of: ends, Glynn Boies, Rod Maclviilliang tackles, Freeman and jim Douglasg guards, Roddy Gould, Gene Leeg center, john Shafer, hacks, Al Bishop, joe Muniz, Ralph Freitag, Don Miller. RESULTS or VARSITY GAMES We Opponent 'They 12 Laguna 6 7 Tustin 0 7 Anaheim 0 14 Hunt. Beach O 6 Santa Ana 7 7 Orange 7 6 Fullerton 12 59 32 S: mv eb ,N Ek M ii -ag' is. 1 1 Q, 5 ? gf 4 I f 5 ,SX , il Ps km F -3 .f 1, 4 if mvmwm-m.f,.m.nn.wMwu.1nwfna, gvmxv-mrnmmw rw-,mwnwm W-mm wwwuwwn-wNw',fa1Jpw mm .,-W,,.-mnmuumwwmn-.1nmmqwr,4v,.mwwrwwm,M , H. -ywwwm W YA Q4 A+- ww Q 5-fwsw -. Nw -1' www- fs X 3,124 J x W KW 'A ,sn U a , n Y Mi: +84 VY - H, ..,, gs f ' 'V-.: 'Wi , . ff 'M s " , 11H,k.Y6jg5f'!rg:,!, ww ' 'iw L CAPT. DON CROFT Cofxcii JACK NoLAN "B " Qaalddl Using the famous "Shaughnessy T," Coach Jack Nolan's Tarhahies came through the season undefeated, hut tied three times, to earn a reputation of being the toughest in the League. Van De Walker, Croft, Silva, and Mello composed the greatest array of hacks in the loop, and with the circuit's two speediest ends to work end arounds, gave Harbor a very diversified attack. The strong forward wall of: ends, Glenn Eilts, Cal Leatherwoodg tackles, Bill Benhow, Mervin Grieweg guards, Bill Weatherwax, Ordean Monsen, and center, jim Shafer or Richard Brace presented a formidahlc defense that stymied all comets. Bee highlights . . . Santa Ana ties locals after trailing hy 12 points . . . Mcllo's- 70' yard gallop in thc Oiler game that was nulified hy clipping . . . The rccord turnout of over S5 potential Bee pigskinners. Front Row: D4-nt Robinson, Don Milli-r, Glynn Holes, John Shafer. Ralph Freitag. Back Row: Bob Durlu-0, Dir-k Otto, FV:-sl Hope, Sli-wart Gillette, Eilwarni Hill, Boyd Horn-m-ll. Coach Ralph Reed's Varsity quints notched up a creditable season, after starting out on what appeared to be a long and weary schedule. The Reedmen played each and every game with a calm and collected atmosphere that enabled them to knock off several of the top teams of the county. Built around their high scoring center, Dent Robinson, the locals were seldom installed as prefgame favorites although they beat the majority of their opponents. Glynn Boies and Don Miller paired up to give the 'liars two of the flashiest all around basket' hall players in the league, while the blubber boys, Ralph Freitag and Johnny Shafer had everyone amazed at their uncanny ability to maneuver around the court from the guard spots, Most satisfying win was from Fullerton. Robinson placed on the Allf League team at center. CAPT, GLYNN Bonis COACH RALPH REED Wdfldlllly Eadkefdalf Froixl R w: Bob Dllnlnlm, lim-ox'g'v X71lI'Illl'j', Jllll'Mlll'Sllllll. H2ll'1ll4lYvZilltll'Wi1llil'l', Glenn Ellis, DavidH11ghes. Nlnlillu Row: Roy Yv'.irnI, Louis Mi-Ilo, John Fowler, Huhlmrel Howe. llilI!ll'l'Ull 'llllUlll, Iiuvli Row: Tony liaillszn. Jim Shzifc-r. Walt:-1' Slll4'4'l', Paul While, Jzu-k Sillllilblll. Wlizlt was tagged as the hest team in Southern California turned out to he just another good team, as Harhor's Bees played through a very unsettled season that found them hot one night and eold the next. With such players as Harold Van De Wzilker, George Yardley, jule Mzmrshalll, Glenn Eilts, Dave Hughes, and johnny Fowler, the Sailors appeared destined for the championship at the opening of the season as they walloped all opposition and went to the Anaheim tourney hefore losing their first to Anaheim in the finals hy one point. As the League opened, the Tars had a hard time finding the hueket and as a result got off to a had start that sank their hopes. Most satisfying win was the 430.8 defeat of Ana' heim which also hroke the Colonist's 17fgame win' muy tr lk sf CAPT. HARoLD VAN DE WALKER P2 . s S ' MGR. Bos FERGUSON MGR. EARL KILLEFER ll " Eadkeliall .sl-.vf Front Row: Hui-olrl Ni-unizui, llolx-rl N4-ltli-, liomllil Rlmu. Bill Junli-s. Miildlz- Row: Don Wooilhousi-. Howurcl Polloi-li, Eilwzlrml Hanson. Bill Rohm-ts. Buck Row: Bi-rsri-ii Hi-ss. Viv-::il Pinlilify, I"i'ml Mason, Jann-s Ashvn. Bolw llc-liiiffi Coach -lack Nolan's Cees were slated for the championship as the season opened, hut this prognostication was soon withdrawn after Richard Brown, sharpfshooting forward, sustained a husted clavical. Withcnut their pacefsetter, the mighty lighties dove into stiff competition, as- they defeated Anaheim in the season inaugural, hut lost to Huntington Beach in their second outing of the year. From there on out it was no race as the Qilers rolled on unharasscd and the Sailors tasted several defeats. The team was made up of Ronnie Rima, who was the high scorer, Boh Nettles who, as a lanky center, was a stalwart on defense, Harry Neuman, who teamed up with james at fczrwardg Don Vxfoodhouse, southpaw guard, and COACH JACK NOLXN Capt, Ronnie Rima who filled in at the other CAPT, RONNIE Rii-fm guard P055 "G" Baafwiddl Front Row: Burl Ali-xzimlm-in Dan Walton. Mllrrziy Brown. Vlizirli-s Huy, Ilzirid Wilil. 44-1-ond Row' Jim Hi-ziston, John 'I':iIs1x':u. lkivid 'l'rm-blond. Dm-mils BPZIIIY Bill Brownie. 1 C 'lla , Bob Check. liavk Row: I Donalil Otto, Wally Slllll-ll, Osvzu' Holland, Rluy usl 's Harbors Dees had a tough time of it as they constantly found themselves, the green team going against a hunch of experienced players. If nothing else, Coach jack Nolan's midgets gained much experience that will he of value to them when they go up to higher ranks. During the season several promising players were uncovered in Murry Brown, Danny Walton, Donnie Otto, Johnnie Talstra, Bohhie Check and others. The Dees had a rough time the entire season and garnered their only win from Orange, although they were shaping into a winning combine at the end of the season. The mighty midgets are in hopes of teaming up next year as Cees and gain revenge for the defeats handed them this year. They lost their last game of the year to Fullerton even though they played their CAPT' MURRAY BROWN finest- "C" Ed? "D" MGR. Rieiman BROWN f " Biuhezfdall "A" 'l'RAl'K Front Row: John Marlin. Quinwy Cass, liill 'l':1lsti'a. l":l'll4'Fl Full:-r, Jim Mc-lion, Bill Van Horn, liozu-h Rm-ll. Millmllz- Row: Hal Younz, Gi-or:'v lin Pc-rli-, liir-lizu-il Kiliiulria-k. lion Xvillllllll, Roll lN1:u'Millian, Brian Hsmzzll. All'i'i'4l i'l'aiw. 11:11-li Row: Eel lic-Suit:-r. lim-li ll:-an. llivk H:1i'lu'r. Rivliziril lic-1-knluii, Holm Flury, llzuliih F11-il:l:1', X3 G11-mi Ears. 4?"'.g,i4'p Again, as in the past 14 years, Harhor's track teams hrought home some more trophies for our growing collection. This year the Tars were short on talent and took a second hehind Santa Ana in the League Finals held here April 20. Long, drawn out Don Vaughn was high point man, as he excelled in the high and low hurdles. Sophomore Brian Hanzal was an' other valuahle cog in the Sailor machine as he hroke the school Century record when he romped home in front of a classy field at the League prelims in 10.1. Bill Talstra was a consistent winner, as he gained the distinction of being one of the few Tars ever to run the mile under five minutes. The Tars won the Brea Relays for the fourth consecutive time, as they took S-ix firsts out of nine. ln the Southern Counties the Tars placed third hehind La Jolla and Huntington Beach. Al Bishop was lost hy thc Tars to thc Navy early in the year, CAPT. DoN VAUGHN Coacn RALPH REED I 1 'hack u ll "li" TKAFK Front Row: Louis Mello. .lohmiy Mairtin. Glenn Eilts, Hail YOHIILIQ Franz Hzinson, Mimlilli- Row: Divk W':i1l1wi', Roux-r Hillhoilsv. A11'ri-il Crzuil-. Jim Boonwr. Jr-ri-y Platt. Rover Putin'- sol Di 'li Hi':l4-in 1, 1 lim-k Row: Diwk Doslil. Ilziviml l'i'oss, lioh Hznstimrs. IJil1'1'0il Tiirlii-in Roux-1' Lind. .lim Ruin-1, B111 Peyton. A U I l'larl1or's championship Bee team featured several outstanding performers in vor' satile Hal Young, springy Glenn Eilts, john Martin, distance man Ernie Fuller, jim Ruhel, shot putter and furlong expert, and Dick Wallner, high jumper, all who placed high in the League Finals and who contrihuted largely to the defeat of Fullerton for the championship. Hal Young, heing a Cee, stood out strongly as he copped a douhle win in the century and furlong and set the Cee hundred record at 10.3. Eilts hroke the league record in the hroad jump with a super leap of 21 feet an inches. He also racked up a second hehind Young in the hundred. lvlartin tied Millers low hurdle mark of 13.7. Before heing called into the Navy, Frank Hanson was a capitol contender in the 660. Bees Young, Eilts, Martin, Ruhel and Crane were highly ihstrumental in the Tars' winning of CljfCAPT- HAL YOUNG the Brea Relays' and also their showing at the CWCAPT, GLENN EILT5 SOl1Cl1CI'11 CQ1UI1tiCS f1'1CCf. Front Row: Ray Uravl-s. Don Wnomllxousv. Ronnie- Kinizi, Ed Hanson. Danny Walton, Harold Pollovk, B4'I'H'l'll Hess. Midillm- Row: John Qlilllill-I'llt'I', Ralph Nohli-. Hob Ili-li1il'l'. Jim Ashvn, Bill Jann-S, lion Divlu-y. lizlwk Row: Sidney Ilaivimlson, frilly' Tripii-rm, lfrzink Bl!UlIll'l'. Fr:-il Mason, Russell Gilhi-rl, Rudy f, Harhor's midgets had rough goings after starting out with what appeared as a championship cluh. Coach Reeds Cees found competition growing as the season aged and when the finals were over they found themselves snuggled firmly in third place hehind the championship Huntington Beach unit and the runnersfup from Anaheim. jimmy Ashen was the pace setter as he ran the century, low harriers and the relay, taking a second in the first in the finals. Doc Hanson was outstanding in the shot put and also was a strong sprinter as he tied the school record in the 50 at 5.8. Other potential tracksters were uncovered in Ray Graves, sprinterg Bohhy DeRuff, hurdlerg Don VJoodhouse,, pole vault and hroad jump, and Fred'Nlason, sprinter and distance runner. Buck Bean, Rudy Casillas. and Sidney Davidson jr. ran the Varsity mile, although Dees. Bean made his letter, and with it garnered the record of lacing the first Dec ever to make his letter. CAPT. En HANsoN UG" Wash l"roni Row: liill Van Horn, Bnyil Horri-ll. Ralph l4'l'l'llilLLi. Jim Slmli-x'. Mirlillv- Row: Dirk Otln. Nolan Arr-her, Bill W1-alhf-rwax. Bill Jzimr-s, J, R. Fonnrfll, liavli Row: liolv lJlll'lil'4'- Halrolil Lowry, Tony Rzillszl, Siilnz-y Gzllzlwzny. The Varsity haselwall team started out with such a green team that it was helieved that it would take a streak of luck to produce them a win. In their opening game the Tars fielded a team composed of three freshies, one soph, two juniors, and three seniors. They lost this game l3f1 to Huntington Beach. The next game saw the Tars take the field with a few changes and lose a thriller to Tustin l2f11. In the next game Coach Miller assigned the chucker chores to Ralph Freitag, holdover catcher, and shifted fielder Bill Weatherwax to the other end of the hattery and converted pitcher Jule Marshall to the hot corner. This new arrangement along with some outfield changes gave the Tars their first win that was highlighted hy Bill Van Horn's homer into deep center with two ahoard. The league got underway too late for the final results, hut from the looks of things this year's green outfit will hring the Tars laurels next year. CAPT' RALPH FREITAG Coxon LES MILLER va A , ..,, W if 1 L if ? fe Q at 7' B f f .3 ip, S si .f Qs, ij. ,, ,QQ as V f , 3 1' 1 H Frunt Row: John Fowl:-In lim-nato Monavo, i'a1nm-ron Thom, Russ:-ll Ri-4-11, Rosrm-1' Lind, Gooch-ll VV:u'i'1-11. Middle Rowt Alun Amir:-w, Milford l,ionh:n':r1-i', Hlllvhzn-nl Howe. .Im-It Rivhzu-4Ison, Walt Swim-r, Bavk Row: I'o:u-h IIlll'1'y!1I2llI. Armzimlo lxllYIHll'U. G4-orxv Y:u'dl1'y, f'll2ll'l4'w Atkinson. Don Otto. I'larhor's tennisters had three lettermen, a new coach, and a vigorous schedule as the season opened. Under the ahle direction of Coach Floyd Harryman Harhor's netters got off to a good start as they opened April 2. In their dehut, the Tars lost to Orange, winning only one set. The following week the same team returned to the fold to trample Huntington Beach 17f9. The team was composed of: first singles, Cameron 'lhomg second singles, jih Ruhelg third singles-, Earl Killeferg fourth singles, Roger Lindy first douhles, Johnny Fowler and George Yardley: second doubles, Bard Howe and jack Richardson. Thom lettered for the third year while Fowler and Yardley gained their second stripe. Ruhel and Lind were reserves last year. Killefer and Richardson made the team their first year out. With the excepf tion of Richardson, the entire team will return COACH FLoYn HARRYMAN next year. CAPT, CAMERON THoM ennid 'mil iw-li 'mil is-li 'mil u-li :ml wk Row: M1-rvin Gi'ivw1-. Divk Kilnzitrivli, R, Illlllllillhv. Vhzis. 141154-Ili-, Fi-mil Row: Qllllllj' Fuss. liivlizml Drzilml, Juhu Msxrlin, Row: Villllfllll Iirinkmzin, l'21u:'r-in- 1,1-rf. lin-:qui Hzmzul, Dun Villlfllll, Ilan-li Row: liiwl1:u'rl lgl'I'lilllilll, Jim Ilrmiuflzis, Bill Y'illlHf1l'llv Rm! lwlm Rnw: Dun VV:ultm1, Hu1':u'z- Sllvzi, lilluvllv Qil:ll'l'A', l"i'rniI lirmwt l4'l':1llz H:nlw4m. 'Pom Ellis, Ililzuu- l4'm'syIl1r-, Jim Ruin- Rnw: Ralph Rm'iwli.0r1Ir-:nl Kllillhvll, Bill Wi-zilllr-l'w:1x. Fw-nl -ln-llliiluf. linvk Row: lliwli Grcnlwlr-. Holi llI7llil'l1lj', linux-1' I,iml. ll. Vlzirli. Il 1 Budfr. .feaague Huw: liolr lllll'liw-, limi Guillml. liuyl llul'l'1-ll. l"r4mI Huw: lin-li:lx'ml YVIII14-lm, l':l11l Ruin-x'1sun, Hzlrulil l'l1ll'I'. Row Nlvwux-I Gilli-tl:-, Hnrulml I,owx'y. I-'1-ml Holm-. lim-li Rnwt Willizum Kzillllr-lil, Rudy lAUl'l'lI, J, R. l'mm4-ll. Row' Dir-li Otto. Russo-ll Hzlniptmi, liill Smllli. l"rul1I Row: VV:lll Spiwr-V, .lim Sh:1l'4'l'. Row -n1'::i- M4-Kr-uhznn, Dwight Tnylrn-. .I:u'l: Hiwtvtlr-i'. lizu-li Rnwi I-Ill Hill, l':niur-x'rm 'I'l1om. -1:11-li SIIlIl'llI'4l. , 9 QDLQLM Umlawm' .X N, Kmglwow-Lm Qu:-Q.Q.9X QLANYNNKL GLM-li O-Swank d23u4..,Qgg I rx' 'KC' Fllbl Row. luvelyii lim-a, .Tzu-kie TilYllDl'- Marilou Mai-shall, I'1-Huy Ni:-lsr-n, Miihlli- Row: Virgriiiizi Pass:-l, .Ii-an Tronips-Ir-r. Joyeif Jones, F1-ali:-1-s Wileox, Vireiilia lizu-hmaim Back Row: Uomiii- Shook. l.:uN1-llv Gay. Iionnir- Nz-Ison. Iionnii- Nl1'lil'Sl1Yli Pzllric-ian Flilllilfilll The C.A.A. hegan one of its most successful years hy inaugurating a new sys' tem of practice for the upperclassmen which proved to he worthwhile hecause it eliminated considerahle confusion after school, and also improved practice. The usual fall favorite, haskethall. led to one of the hottest interclass hattles of the entire year. The juniors. eaptained hy Dorothy Wliite finally won the tourf nament after defeating the senior first team hy one point. Aiding manager Lavon Lionharger were the captains. jane Alexander. Sarah Best. and wlolee Meacham for the seniors, sophomores and freshmen respectively. After a successful sportsday at Fullerton. the following girls were found worthy of the allfstar team honors: Peggy Mickelwziit fcaptj. June Crawford. joan lvlartin. Evelyn Rea. Ardellc Kennell. Alolee lvleaeham. and ,lean Shipke '. 5 For the first time in the history of the G A A H h I ' . . .. ar or hasketeers came home from Huntington Bw 'l "I ' ' ' A ' ' e lei vtiti a championship in hoth th l e ower and upper divisf ions. This successful seasc ' ' ' 3 in was managed hy lVIary Howe ind th l g 3 z e c ass captains were Vxfanda Fuller. Ardelle Kcnnell. Velma Cass and Catherine Andrews. l t -1, .1 , . e , , A ' eass 1. n er' e imps were the seniors three of them l ' e . H pacing on the allfstar team. The team was as foll ' ' ' N ows. Ardelle Kennell feaptl W d F ll . . . , an a u er. June Crawford, Peggy Ivlickelwait z d Hr h' ' in er erta Johnson. An extra sport e'1eh yeir in th f ll . . .z e a or early spring is swimmin Y in 'l "l il iz l' N ' g vv ne i we vs lys iave a group of contestants 'it th k . . e county meet. This year we ca tursl the countf t' l' ' ' ' " p ee 5 ite at Tustin when the lower di l . N vision p aeed first and the upper division came in sf' d N N " ' ' ' ' eeon The mermnds in the u ver d . . W pi H ivision were: glean Calf ligher. high point wini H ' W' ' i ier. anda Fuller. Ardelle Kennell. Nancy Neiee and ' n ala .Q-I First . In x Mif-ltvlwail, Anlellv Kr-mn-Il, Hi-rhm-Ia Jrbllllriflll. VVancla Fiillvr. Jilin- f'rawl'or1I. hllnlillfi Row: Lavun lAlUIllVill'!l'4'I'. MilI',II1l'Il' l'i-iw-, Velma Vass, Gloria Tc-lzlall. lim-vm-rly Houihnoli 1 In-in Iam- Rulwl. Ji-an Shipkvy, !Tath4-i'ilii Row' ' -:YJ Hr-li-li Heal . Ir in C'lIl'1::'lu-r Judy Vhapnizin. Jul:-v M4-:nv . .. llavk Row: .fz 1. . . Aiidiw-ws. Nan Pierson. The lower division winners were: Mildred Curley, Betty Bilger, Charlotte Phinney, Paula Castle, Connie Shook and Dorothy Wright, high point winners in this division. Wanda Fuller served as hockey manager wth Mary Ann Rock, Rosie Muniz, Norma Fuller and Jean Shipkey as captains of the classes. Huntington was the scene of the sportsday and the interclass champs once again were the seniors. The all-star team consisted of Wanda Fuller fcaptj, Peggy Mickelwait, Elaine Quarry, Lavon Gibson, Martha Clark, Alice Boyd, Ardelle Kennell, Roseanna Still, Jean Shipkey, Velma Cass and Margie Price. With Genevieve Holhrook managing the season, volleyball sped hy with joan Martin, Herherta Johnson, Gloria Tetzlaff and Lou Ann Sampson. The season was concluded with a sportsday at Anaheim after the seniors had hecome the inf terelass champions. The volleyhall allfstar team was made up of the following girls: Nancy Pierson fcaptj, Marilou Marshall, Jane Alexander, June Crawf ford, Miriam Nash, Peggy Mickelwait, Margie Price, Elaine Quarry, Velma Cass, and Genevieve Holbrook. Badminton went off smoothly with Jeanne Crund as manager and June Crawf mes Betty Bilger and Alyee Klussman as the class captains. Sports Girden Grove ford, Joyce jc N , ' f when we played host to 1 . ' ' f the cap' day was held in our own gy m ' r ' h Frances Wilcox, Martha Clark and Clyda Elliott were H ' as managed hy Velm Rl Louise Smit , ' 3 ' d the last sport of the year w ' ' ' : 1 ex' tains of the hasehall nines an e Cass. We traveled to BreafOlinda for the hasehall sportsday thus closing ll citing sports season. Gfuifd Y' 'ami J'- wiv' 'Mlm I 14,9 Wim Qwig, Z ,Je 2505233 QE' inf ' X3 MHWWQ QW? E My 1, Sawz- lf ,yi I 1'1rl1I Run: 1 1 .v Xflll 1111111111121-r, BIIIVHXII 110111 Row: Pwuuy Ci1'1t'Iitl1. l-II:1i11f- Q11:11'1'y, I'4-:ry .Iol111sun, Mary Huw:-, 1.11 '- . H111111-r. Il1'1'lw1'1:1 .luhlu-1111. 111II1- K11w:.I11111- I,'rvl11S. l,1l1-II:1 IC:1sls111. .lnmym-w .lm1111-F. I4'1':1111'1-s WII1-ox. I,111'm-H11 f'!1l1'IllilIl1 Ahw- liuyrl, Num-y N1-img Hawk Rmx' f'!11'1-1:1111-I 12111-11111-r, .ln-:111 I-Inllv-Ii. .If-:11111r' 1,1111 GVIIIIIL Inns SI1'1111k, lim-tty H4-:111, .Iu:111 H41::111. X11':1111:1 IM' l1111.11111. l Iillllv- 1141111-yr-1111. ll411'uII1y Whliw. Iiuslr- Mulliz. M:11'jl11'i1' N4-Ismm, K:1Ih4-1'i111- P11414-11iX Ju-:111 'I'l1u11111-111. ' all I'1vl'1v- l"11'kl- N:111r'x P14-1'w'11. S11s:111 Wzllkrw. Xllzilllv' lion: ICII1-11 P11114-1'. .Xlwlxfllm-Ix1'1111' . .1 X . . . 1511141 Rim: Mary l"1':1111r-, No1'111:1 Hil!l1111. Pnl N411'111:111. Ruw:11111:1 Siill, lin-by lJm'li1':1sfr- l wid MM? if ww pine MA W QQ. ,wif ,N .is G f .,.,.,.V1.. ..:. , MW ww HQ ,sk ww 3 my f I 3 if Nw- M 53? H+ win? K ,wp WWA, ARS Q52 S Nw 25 fs 3 , 5 fe 3 wxigi' N-XWQWQE :QS Q 4 . Q . Q F i Q W' ..., My wx.. qi, ,eg ww 'QW' ,,,,,v 5 K., ,Q Q xi QM! Axim' xg-197' -3, wi , AEK 'W ww ff I Wx if ,wx f -533 'f af M ll 3 f . ' 1 X53 x 'si 4 ' "1 51, ' 4 W ..,. E. ' 15' Q NW' 'ff sk 5 2? ,QLQZE f 2' . ww x,. i - N4 'V w ,W Q V555 , 9? 'ii if in ye? Him W 'S JF? ' 'Hia Q 3 ,J ,ey ., 5. I . ff X 5? in ' sag? 'S 55.12 fe . x ' s. ' 1 Q5 o L Compliments of BALBOA ISLAND FERRY THE NEWPORT-BALBOA PRESS Oongratulates the enterprising young men and women of HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL on the attractive content of their annual GALLEON numf ber, and the yez1r's achievements which are chronicled in its pages. AA NEWPORT BEACH PHARMACY 2108 Ocean Front Newport Beach We Have Served Newport Harbor Area For 43 'Years soon LUCK TO THE SENIQRS or '45 SAFEWAY STORES, INC. Newport Boulevard Costa Meszl BEST WISHES TO THE SEN1oR CLASS ALPHA BETA MARKET, INC. L. C. Illingworth Costa lvlesa Harhor Area'S Most Complete Apparel Shop Exclusive But Not Expensive Everything to Wear for Womexu, Children, Infants POLLY APPAREL Costa Mesa, California Hardware Plumbing J. H. ESTUS General Electric Ranges - Refrigerators - Washers Cleaners - Radios O'KEEFE-MERRITT' GAS RANGES Phone 116 f 305 Coast Blvd. THE AVENUE FOUNTAIN Ice Cream, Magazines, Sundries 506 West Central Bglbga r Phone 27 "THE FAMILY STORE" Congratulations Class of 1945 C. RICHTER, M.D. 107 22nd Street Phone 133 Newport Beach Dependable Plumbing f Plumbing Fixtures H. H. HOLBROOK 3200 Coast Boulevard Newport Beach Phone l418'XV THEODORE ROBINS Excellent Car Repair and Maintenance Service Plan a FORD for the Future OCEAN FRONT MARKET 21 10 Ocean Front f Phone 63 5 Fancy Groceries, Fruits E5 Vegetables Fresh and Smoked Meats The Best Obtainable Ceo. Peterson Ceo. Taylor BRADDY'S ' BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa JL Q-RIO SHOPPE A friendly shop where tl1ere's always something different in Gifts and jewelry. Come ln and See EDNA WILSON Balboa ww? -"X :ssi- mv s xx b. 'Dv NW' h 5 N l 1 QQ, - ' S NS w I Q N X N x X 1 K ,Ss X bX,Qy1.,f. x . g: -. xx -- ' law- Rex' WL 6 ax ' - , . ' f Q QS FR. 3 123. . . Q Y P a . S -K L, 11 12 w nfczm ..-PWJWX F tv a . Come to the BALBOA FUN ZONE on the Bay Front Relax and Forget 'Your Cares FASCINATINU f f f WHOLESGME EXCITING Fun For All - - All For Fun Meet xmw vzends or that Everything for your re reshmg drm or dzsh o vacation ..... me cream at the Prescriptions filled promptly. f al l THE SURF AND SAND SPORT SHOP BALBoA The latest styles and models in bathing suits, slacks, and sports togs. MEN: Have you seen those at' tractive swim trunks in the men's department? JOHN VOGEL'S PENNY ARCADE and BICYCLE RENTAL Balboa and Balboa Island fbeaa joan: I asked Mom what she thought about my work- ing for the telephone company, and guess what she said: "I'd be proud and happy to have my daughter work for the telephone company!" I'rn going to make my own living now, Joan, and I realize wages are pretty important. But there are other things I thought about, too - such as work- ing with girls I'd like to have as friends. And what chances there are for promotion, vacations, benefits and the like. Well, I've made up MY mind. I'm going to see about a telephone job. Your pal, Mew Consult your school employment adviser AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE COMPANY Compliments of CONRAD SHOOK Contractor EL 1'1 d Builder 212 Mzxrixmc Avo. Balboa lslzmd l 2 Tclcplwonc lfl34'-I DODD'S MALT SHOP Balboa Island LINDY'S POOL HALL Famous for Hamburgers Newport Beach "Best of All Broclqersn and Malts Complete Fountain Service DROP IN AT DODD'S JOHN E. SADLEIR Licensed Real Estate Broker All Forms of Insurance Safe Deposit Boxes Notary Public 302 Main Street Balboa "Let fuck Do It" SAM KINSFATHER Plumbing and Heating Phone 420 619 East Bay Avenue Balboa jg SMART YOUTH APPAREL FITZPATRICICS DEPT. Smut SPORT SHOP Newport Beach Balboa Compliments of DR. M. D. CRAWFORD OPTIMETRIST 1792 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, California Phone 2430 Meer the GANG at .... 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'X D22 f f A 'Jw :X I ' j Q '72 L9 X77 1QM,Qw2 S31 x-Q Q 9 .J 3533 Rf, Wx 1 W s .g ' ff a.fqi5: A aff QZQ, 6' ,Z gg' my Q, , ' ,ff 5 gafefflf? 64 wwf f 'F , A HH ' ?f ,, g .f 213 K Ezz 4 ,fwki v f M fda G' N f?' gg M mf -9? ?ff ""' ' ' -'L'-My fx W , ,J 7,11 'aff 5, I V4 7 I f ff A V f ' ZX Q 53 x " 'V f ' ' , X 'Z ii? V 5' , lf ' x 00, 2 J BEST WISHES to all our FRIENDS at HARBOR HIGH from KAY FINCH CERAMICS ff ' X l if N Af A x f L, 'X' 'V A-A ,.,, . X.. W , A 4 4 Q 4 x I . ,K . af - , in I v f g 4, I W X ' ,QM R Q, ,f - vs wg, ri Vx . r " 1 Q ,. 1' 1 '16 H I sz 5 , If k,, f 15.31 ' f'f'-- K V 'Q X' 'I A wk- A , ,Y 4 las-n .r u X Mx ,, ,1- ,, s ,,-, , 1- . l Mgff f Cfwwf -NLM, WOM, do amd! A, -m Qow im. C6 swf! JWM 'JAX 735 'WH Clem-4, WQNV1 A QNX WHMJA- 0145- 6' 'A LL.-eww QIKQQ Ebfc I-'NX 'Mug Q X lAN7tJ'c j faq,-'ef Jr .566 7f4v VW111'f2v' 6- fLif,aJ- 7rf4Y', May? 6. Luz, 90.158 W QV W M vxQSAsix80 gig N' Ck? 1 .oo sv-xgqrk iw' ff . 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