Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA)

 - Class of 1950

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Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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V ff", . ff I fi V ,G I , v A I . iq Q . , 'f 'S-'Y ' ' , 1 iff Q in ! I A QR fi MJ WK MEWQWEQESQ J if if fggw' ?'X 4 S 5 fj'Mgaf' 'g T2 HWQHMWQ1 E if XLWMWW Xia? SWAWUTZW if 72 W M MQLW fqjgwf n ' , ' V "" . f W I ' A' . - , V V - -WA , - 9 , ' ' ji 'ww Qwfwy '69 QQ 1 W xi XFX Wwwyw Q, . W1 WW KW? W? fiw 5 72, fy P ggbfjfgmjiyw SQ Q55 S swf? 2 if VE EWXSMWA n.QQ44 W BW - x JXPXfNf Vxfxfv ofvvvx vxofvxf xfN.fNfN.fxfNfx.fxfxfxfxfx,fx Nf fxfxfxfxfxfxfxxxfxxxxxfxfx, 'NfN.fN.fNfxfxfxfN.xxfxfxfx.fx, 4 6 VVNAfvN j 1 .f . "' ' OXXXXXXN .fxfxfxf fxfxfxf XXXXIXX fxffxfxfxfkff 'wxxfxxxfxxffxf f'N!',N,XNp-X' axfx, .fN.!fN'f N .fxfxfx 'XXNXXXY ,fX,fX,fN ffxxfxfxfx - V cfxf"'Xx4'Nxf'-fx X.fXfXfXfXfX!' X ... , X 'f-fxxfx-f"5-Eff VXA Jxxxf Nx.4Ax AvfvxvfvNfA- - 'VN' xfxfxx-715 Xfxfx XZXXN 'Nf-X,- ' 4R,6X-3-3-f3:f3:i - A 'Vx GQ?-VVLSAEAV-Qivf-3-': fxfxfxfxf,-N, fvfxfwf f'xf'KfXx'fx.. mfffkfo fxfxfxfxfx wfN.fX.f'XfX.fN., V 'x N X fxfxfxfxfxfxfxfxfxfxp fgyxf-x,xfxfx,fNf-XAN " '3N4-'xNf1k4'sYf-5 " EMPYREAN NEWNAN HIGH SC NEWNAN GEORGIA WW WE PROUDLY PRESENT- The Empyrean, our highest achievement, as indicated from its Latin derivation "highest heaven." What a faded rose means to a lover, what a picture means to a far-off friend, what a memory of happy days means to a sad heart, that is the meaning of this book to us. To the casual reader, we make this plea: deal gently with the imperfections you find, for we were unwilling to omit a single incident, how- ever trivial. A it 0' I We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty, do proudly dedi- cate this, the fourth publication of the Newnan High School Empyrean, to Mr. Orren Pressly Evans, our principal, in sincere appreciation of his fairness to all and his continuous efforts to aid each of us to receive the best from our high school careers. W. H. DRAKE. Superinfencleni ADMINISTRATICN O. P. EVANS Principal ,,h, ,X X,' MISS LOUISE RUMBLE Dean of Girls MRS. LAVANE T. LEACH Secrefary i , ,li f FACULTY Miss Sally Bowen Miss Maryella Camp Mrs. Marie P. Evans Miss Madelyn Faulkner Miss Mary E. Ford Willie D. Gunn Norman Harrison, .lr. J. B. Jenkins Miss Sue Jordan Henry B. Kitchens Grady M. Martin Miss Lillian McDonald Miss Carrie May McElroy Harold W. Pierce Miss Myrtice Prosser Miss Ruby Reeves Walter E. Stevens Miss Onetta Varner Robert C. Waters Miss Ruth Young ,sei Sitting, left to right: William Hartley, Patsy Slaton, JoAnne O'Kelley, Donald Millians, Billy Barnes, J. T. Haynes, Gene Prince, Homer Drake, Nancy Connell, Emily Thomasson, Harriette Potts, Harriet Hill, Eleanor Hutchinson. Standing: Mr. Waters, Miss Faulkner, Miss Reeves, Mr. Jenkins, Miss Prosser, Mr. Evans, Miss Rumble, Miss Camp, Mrs. Evans. Editor-in-Chief . . Associate Editors. Literary Editor. . Feature Editor. . Photography ..... Sports Editor. . . Art Editor ...... STAFF . . . .JOANNE O'KELLEY ..........HARRIET HILL HOMER DRAKE, JR. . . . . . . . .NANCY CONNELL ELEANOR HUTCHINSON . . . . .. DONALD MILLIANS WILLIAM HARTLEY . . . . . . .BILLY BARNES HARRIETTE POTTS .........J.T.HAYNES Advertising Manager ...... EMILY THOMASSON GENE PRINCE Circulation Manager. . . . . .PATSY SLATON BRADFORD ELLIS 57112 SENIOR CLASS J I mWwv Eg.-N-RN , vvvv CLASS OFFICERS xg-ZRX I 'fi-fxNfNffxf WO ' vXf xxx,-X 5' ff' , V3XVgg.if,J ,-ax Pl'6Sid9l1f ...... ....ELEANOR HUTCHINSON f , V ffvfif 2 Y' 6 K W' xx ,-X ICG l'6Sl en ..... . . . . ffvxv , R v' -P 'd f FRANK WILKINSON x ' I W Secretary .... ..... G EORGE CARTER 9. fu'1 qf'f"! !' 5 '-Q gag Treasurer .... .... S UE MOORE -fN.fXfx, MM' wwV ' fvvv ' SENIOR WILLIAM YOUNG BARNES, III "And more than wisdom, more than wealth, A merry heart that laughs at care." 0 0 BETTY LOUISE BARNES "ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength." 0 0 BETTY SUE BARROW "Her smile is the sweetest ever seen." 0 0 WILLIAM EUGENE BRITTAIN "Men of few words are the best men." 9 9 KATHRYN GEORGIA BROWN "So modest plainness sets off sprightly wit." 0 0 MILTON WOODRUFF CARDEN "A good face is a letter of recommenda- tion as a good heart is a letter of credit." 9 Q GEORGE HORACE CARTER "Character is much easier kept than re- covered." 9 9 RALEIGH PENISTON COGGIN "Young fellows will be young fellows." 11 C L A S S NANCY LEE CONNELL "A rose is sweeter in the bud than full bloom." Q 0 BETTY ANN COTTLE "She sure kin' spread real happiness by rustlin' up a smile." 9 0 BARBARA JEAN DAVIS "Life is just a little sweeter with her along the way." O 0 RUTH DINGLER "Silence is the Mother of truth." WALTER HOMER DRAKE, JR. Q5 Many people do few things well, but few people can do many things well." 6 0 Ig, LEE GREENE DUNCAN "A quiet mind is greater than a crown." 0 0 RYAN BRADFORD ELLIS 'In thy face I see the map of honor, truth, and loyalty." 9 9 SALLY ELIZABETH EVANS Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." . I? S E N I O B S ALVAN DAVID FREEMAN "To be a well-formed man is a giff of foriunef' 9 9 BETTY ANN GLADNEY "Valuable Ihings come in small packages." 0 O THOMAS HUNTER GODDARD, JR. "A kind and genfle heart he had, Io com- forl friends and foes." 0 0 WILLIAM LEWIS HARTLEY "Gladness of the hearf is fhe life of man, and the joyfulness of a man prolongefh his days." 0 O JOHN THOMAS HAYNES, JR. "From the crown of his head Io the sole of his fool, he is all mirfh." 6 6 HARRIET FLEMING HILL "lf is beffer fo know someihing abouf everything, fhan all abouf one Ihing." 0 0 ELEANOR HUTCHINSON "She fhal was ever fair and never proud Had fongue af will and yef was never loud." LILLIE LUNELLE JACKSON "Tranquility, Ihou better name Ihon all the family of fame." A. QQ 5 , 41 fi' E i e. 1 v 4 E 0 f 1 Q . n "W, I ,Qi f, .4 .S-EN'IOBS ROBBIE ANNE JACKSON "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." 0 O MARIANNE LASSETTER "You were made for enjoyment, and the world was filled with things which you enjoy." 0 0 ANNE FREEMAN LEE "The two noblest of things, sweetness and delight." 0 O RICHARD LANHAM LOGAN "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much." 0 O JAMES EDWARD LOTT He is safe who does his best." 0 0 WEEMS BENTON MASDON "A dwarf sees farther than the giant, When he has the giant's shoulder to mount on." 9 0 CAROLYN IRENE MILLIANS "A faithful friend is a strong defense, and he that hath found such hath found a treasure." O 6 DONALD WADE MILLIANS "What he does still betters what is done." I .K SENIOR CATHERINE SUE MOORE Her dancing eyes reflect the sun, her smile comes tumbling after." O 0 BETTY NEGAS The fairest garden in her looks and in her mind the wisest books." 6 0 ANNIE RUTH NEWELL She's a friend who'll always love you, makes you feel you're not alone." O 0 JO ANNE NEWELL Let knowledge grow from more to more." Q 0 DONALD STEPHENS NEWMAN "Keep company with good men and good men you will learn to be." O O JO ANNE O'KELLEY 'The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest women." 0 0 BARBARA FRANCES PEARSON "Blessed with that charm, the certainty to please." 0 9 EUGENE CARLETON PERRY, JR. 11 Even though vanquished, he could argue still." ll I I CLASS JOYCE KATHLEEN PHILLIPS said is soonest mended." 0 0 TOMMY SIBLEY PIKE 'Begone dull care! Thou and I never agree." Q 0 f HARRIETTE JULIA POTTS 5' I' 'Nothing great was ever achieved with- out enthusiasmf' ' .A O 6 GENE wlLToN PRINCE ' to talk with." O 9 JAMES GOODMAN ROBERTSON 'His armor is his honest thought and simple truth his utmost skill." Q Q ANN ELIZA ROBISON 'High-erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy." Q 0 BARBARA ANN SCARBOROUGH A man's true wealth is the good he does in the world." 0 0 DAVID LYNN SHEFELTON Every man is the architect of his own character." And I oft have heard defendedg Little 'He is handsome to walk with, and witty 'I -1 'Rv SENIORS MARGARET LECREASE SLATON "Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful." 0 O BARBARA ANN SPRAYBERRY "It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than we should." O 0 CAROLYN RH UDENE STROUD "Let this suffice, by this conceive the rest, She should, she could, she would, she did the best." O 0 EMILY CAROLINE THOMASSON "Wit is the only wall between us and the dark." 0 0 GLADYS IRENE TITSHAW "She was ever precise in promise keep- ing." 0 O KATHERINE VICKERY "As merry as the day is long." 0 0 JAMES BUFORD WALLS "A friend indeed when you need a friend." 0 9 BUFORD DAVIS WHITLOCK "A good friend when things are bad, Quiet and pleasing, never sad." Qg""""'x SENIORS FRANK SWINBROAD' WILKINSON "The rule of my life is Io make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." A .fr Q 0 ' LINDA ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON "Few things are impossible Io diligence and skill." O 9 CHARLES EDWARD WILSON "Who fo himself is law, no law dolh needf offends no law, and is a king indeed." 0 0 BRUCE RONALD WINKLES 'No man ruleth safely, but he that is willingly ruled." 0 9 DOYLE GLENN YATES 'A friend may be reckoned fhe masfer- piece of nature." ' ff -A' ak -A' -A' f AQVL I WILLIAM YOUNG BARNES, III BETTY ANN COTTLE ALVAN DAVID FREEMAN BETTY LOUISE BARNES BARBARA JEAN DAVIS BETTY ANN GLADNEY BETTY SUE BARROW RUTH DINGLER THOMAS HUNTER GODDARD, JR. KATHRYN GEORGIA BROWN WALTER HOMER DRAKE, JR. WILLIAM LEWIS HARTLEY RALEIGH PENISTON COGGIN RYAN BRADFORD ELLIS HARRIET FLEMING HILL NANCY LEE CONNELL SALLY ELIZABETH EVANS ELEANOR ESTES HUTCHINSON LILLIE LUNELLE JACKSON ROBBIE ANN JACKSON MARIANNE LASSETTER ANNE FREEMAN LEE RICHARD LANHAM LOGAN JAMES EDWARD LOTT X .QP8 88 CAROLYN IRENE MILLIANS JO ANNE O'KELLEY JAMES GOODMAN ROBERTSON CAROLYN RHUDENE STROUD CATHERINE SUE MOORE BARBARA FRANCES PEARSON ANN ELIZA ROBISON EMILY CAROLINE THOMASSON BETTY NEGAS EUGENE CARLETON PERRY, JR. BARBARA ANN SCARBOROUGH KATHERINE VICKERY ANNIE RUTH NEWELL HARRIETTE JULIA POTTS DAVID LYNN SHEFELTON LINDA ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON JO ANNE NEWELL GENE WILTON PRINCE PATSY MARGARET LECREASE SLATON BRUCE RONALD WINKLES DONALD STEPHENS NEWMAN BARBARA ANN SPRAYBERRY DOYLE GLENN YATES -:.agj5g5r5,g,.:,, :QM v,,:,,,,, , ., ,,g,.,,,:,: ,:,.,,.,.: - -.. .:,:.N.,.:. . '55 2 sa 2:-is 'fgisukvys ,S I Wgw S53 f jg ggsiggwmeggq- 55,15 .gg-E Riagg., Iwrwqg Q, I gt wry :Eb I 'f - f,Q.,:p-. W1-aww Q-fgk gggz Q , Q Wm ww. ,MN I -has 4111- SH, v0f'?ff51:I IS 3: 'ia N . 'I A 'ziyiligifyg ' W- '- V TH wswdru. NNKWXI 3.15 --- , I W. -MX-um-mr .ww M wqgwfzw. ' Q W5 QM! M r.IXWfwQiQliSQ55: .'-.- -2- WIRES A f Q S of 'M ,S "-75 Handsome-sf. . . Mos? Infellecfual .... Mosf Charming. .. .... Best Sport .... Mosf Popular. . . . . . . HARRIETTE POTTS GENE PRINCE .. .HARRIET HILL HOMER DRAKE HARRIETTE POTTS HARRIETTE POTTS DAVID FREEMAN . . .BILLY BARNES HARRIETTE POTTS enior Besf Dressed .... .......... A NNE LEE HOMER DRAKE, JR. Typical Senior .... .... H ARRIETTE POTTS Wiffiesf .... BILLY BARNES . . .EMILY THOMASSON BILLY BARNES sw.. 14!oer!0L1fi1fe5 Besi Musician. .. .... KATHERINE VICKERY BRADFORD ELLIS Mos? Sincere. . . .... ELEANOR HUTCHINSON HOMER DRAKE, JR. Cufesf .... . . . NANCY CONNELL DAVID FREEMAN Neciesf, . . . Mosf Dignified. Most Aifrccfive .... . . . Most Athletic.. Besf All-Round. ........ANNELEE HOMER DRAKE, JR. GEORGE CARTER .....HARRIET HILL HOMER DRAKE, JR. .HARRIETTE POTTS GENE PRINCE .HARRIETTE POTTS DAVID FREEMAN . . . . . . . .HARRIETTE POTTS DAVID FREEMAN Historian Prophet HARRIET HILL BILLY BARNES Tesfofor Poef Gifforians MARIANNE LASSETTER CARLETON PERRY NANCY CONNELL DAVID FREEMAN WGS A0 We JUNIOR CLASS x7X'7'Q7'Y1 - , NM WW x CLASS oP1-'lcnns 'NJ ' 5 ' 5""fXfX Presidenf. . . .. . TOM FARMER V ' ,afvvvfv 'xfxfw-M2 Vice-President ..... .... P AUI. LUCAS Q uw fb Q 2 Q F i. If Z I'I'l Q 0 7: us O Z ii V fX!'N.. V vxfxf Treasurer ..... .... L AMAR POTTS x 4Nff?f.2X'2?4-X4'N -237' -Qs 1 .J 'N' if W' P S533 -' ' l xv . Q W . me W gs Q +31 K? E A Q MK A 4 'sz ,, RQ' ' : y iQiN if A I QW ,rs 3 X Ei if E., I- if-. 5 was 'eww 2 , g ., . E, ., V, - W' W wfwlwfg r rx .. ,,.:: - ii sig? 'fi' if sv- , B - K Y, Jack Adair Daisy Almon Hamillon Arnall Wingo Avery Jacqueline Ball Hazel Barnes JUNI James Barnefle Belly Beclcom Billy Benlon Nancy Bohannon Belly Bowers Joe Brannon OBS Cafherine Ann Brown Jacquelyn Brown Pringle Brown Dean Bryanl Bonnie Burgess Willis Byrd .loe Cagle Melba Cannon Charles Carler Wyolene Carler Emily Chandler Curlis Chapman Hazel Combs JUNIORS Ayres Conner Donna Davis Wayne Cook Margaref Davis Sandra Coolik Fred Dean Gladys Couch Gerald Denney Barbara Crawford .lanef Denney Alice Davis Jane Dickson Arfhur Dukes Sarah Duffey Harry Edge Bobby Evans LeRoy Fargason Tom F. Farmer Willene Fleming Oliver Genfry Tom Graham Billy Gray Farrell Hall Jane Hamby Roger Hammond N S :SQ rua, sl lk JUNI Harley Hanson Margaret Holeman Christine Jackson Edwin Johnston Betty Jean Jones Billy Jones Eugene Harris Joyce Harris Wilma Higgins Fred Hinesley Remah Holcombe Lyndon Jones ORS Betty Ruth Keitl1 Rudene Kimble Joyce Lewis Paul Lucas Andrew McAlister Donald McCarty Frances McCollum Betty McKoy Shirley McMichael Bob Melson Hiram Miller Elizabeth Moon Emma Jean Moore 25552 W, ' M f Q 1 1 -ga:-semis r S 5 02, , 1 ,Q N A524 A 5 fig f S X 'ii X wus QM-,L X H. ga JUNQI Ferrell Morgan Lamar PoHs Bobby Norfon Carlos Robards Martha .lean Olmsfead Donnie Robinson Beffy Orr Bobby Rooks Marfha Overby Evelyn Sanders Dorofhy Parks A. B. Scogin OBS Ella Scogin Bobby Sewell Howell Smitherman Jimmy Sprayberry Virginia Sprayberry Leland Spruell Sidney Slevens Harriefle Sfripling Gertrude Summers Mary Lyn Summers Sidney Thomason Pairicia Thomas Charles Tidwell JUNIORS .loe Wade Joann Wingo Eleanor Wifcher Tllyrza While Carlene Wilson Bobby Wriglvi O. C. Williams, .lr. Sara Wilson Pai Yancey Beffy Rulh Williamson Scoff Wilson Joyce Yeager V She SOPHOMORE CLASS I AVA" CLASS OFFICERS , , f N if ax ,Ax Presidenf .... .... W ILSON ALLEN Rfk fx, QQ A A E,-5.234 41:32 - , . S V V' X vice-Pfesidem .... DoRA WILKINSON , , A 12335215 iii ,QQ 29 :V " f E ,IR I 2 Secre ary .... . . .JUN MANSOUR vii?-'ie Liv ,A A Zii s!g T ffYj:Q, reasurer .... . . . DONALD STEVENS ' f22QXfNAf,fVfxxf 'NA-Rfb " SOPI-IOMORES Top row, left to right: Ray Lee, Franklin Mc- Whorter, James McMichael, Jackie McDonald, H. L. McCright, Donald Lassetter. Second row: Myron Haynes, Charles Winn, J. L. Fischer, Billy Gill, Alvin Holeman, Eugene Walls, Monroe McKoy, Ronald Cassell. Third row: Ronald Jones, Boyd Dominick, BOYS Paden Hendrick, George Byram, Thomas Winkles. Fourth row: Jack Thomas, George Robards, Johnny Caldwell, Frank Attaway, Therrell Banks, Wilson Allen, Jimmy Thomasson, Alvin Crews, Frank Hollberg. Fifth row: Talmadge Hawk, Bill Slaton, Ed- ward Kelley, Jimmy Braswell, Sample Brown, Millard Farmer, Ronald Fincher. Sixth row: George McDonald, Tom Jackson, Bobby Joe Shelnutt, Charles Gordon, Ronald Johnson, Carl Jones, Bill O'Dell, Bob Stewart. Seventh row: Elliott Kelley, Tommy Sewell Marion Houston, Donald Bass, J. C. Hudgens, Delmos Perry, Billy Caldwell, Render Copeland, Robert Harris, Walker Alexander, Jimmy Baggarly. I Top row, left to right: Barbara Pitman, Katchie Barron, Dora Wilkinson, Dell Young, Josephine Kidd, Jackie Ann Jackson, Jo Ann Morgan, Anne Stroud, Adell Whitlock, Susie Mann, Sara Ann Dukes, Juanita Richardson. Second row: Rosalind Attaway, Barbara Jane Melear, Joanna Barron, Alice Wilkinson, Martha McMichael, Betty Reese, Barbara Newman, Merlyne Jordan, Catherine Gann, Patsy Ozmore, Betty Lassetter, Virginia Avery, Pattie Sue Brown. Third row: Eleanor Estes, Gloria Davis, Gerrie I Norman, Esther Holcombe, Doris Ann Johnson, Joyce Jones, Mary Frances Coggin, Connie Yancey, Shirley Gordon, Betty Chappell, Betty Jean Yates, Ann Rowe, Margie Ivey, Mildred Oliver. Fourth row: Fannie Taylor, Bobbie Lambert, Leona Collins, Lucile Young, Joanne Bowie, June Ellen Mansour, Ellene Lamb, Mabel Dominick, Virginia Terrell, Lorene Phillips, Janet Cottle. Fifth row: Nell Haynes, Shirley Stamps, Kathleen Payton, Mary Ann Long. SOPHOMORES GIRLS Scene af 5740 FBESHMAN CLASS -N5fNJ- JX!'XfX 'NJXZXZXXXXXXXZXI v fss,-f - - Vx fi,-f f ZXXXJX Q x ?fx,vVv XIXZXZX, XXX.. 'XXXZ NfI-Lf N.fNfxfXfX.fX fx! "NfN-ffxfxfx-fxf? Sffx'ffXA2-?:A' M 'MV fxfxffiff 'X!X! XfX X VVx' R ' CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf .... ..... R AY LUCAS Vice-President. . . .... W. A. GLAZIER Secretary .... .... S AM CRAIN Treasurer .... . . .JACK JOHNSON FRESI-IMEN Top row, left to right: James Sewell, Tommy Glover, R. D. Barnes, L. O. Thompson, Ted Negas, Bobby Crawford, W. A. Glazier, Tony Wilson, Karl McMichael, Eugene Willingham, Ray Lucas. Second row: Howard Byrom, Lyndy Beers, Clinton McDowell, Jerry Stanford, E. J. Robinson, Billy Capes, Jack Johnson, Bobby Lassetter, Sam Crain, Cauley Hayes, Alton McKinley, Jimmy Pike. Third row: Charles Long, Richard Clayton, Ronald Hyde, Jimmy Newman, Jack Strickland, Pete McCullough, Donald Sprayberry, Paden BOYS Vineyard, Charles Jones, Jackie Duncan, Billy Avery, Charles Cottle. Fourth row: Carlton Tate, Warren Housworth, Danny Horsley, Howard Atkins, Joe Taylor, Frankie Daniel, Roy Hendrix, Garfield Winkles, D. C. McElreath, Frank Turnipseed, Johnny Dukes. Fifth row: Clifton Stephens, Frank Stevenson, Jack McGuffey, James Norman, Larry Ivey, Donald Morgan, Phillip Hudson, Kenneth Parks, Frank Banks, Billy Overby, Carey Duncan. Sixth row: Billy Davis, David Duncan, Billy Wyche, Jimmy Wingo, Eugene Neese, Leon Head, Edward Hendrix. FRESHIVIEN GIRLS Top row, left to right: Sara Young, Joanne Gordon, Charlotte Chapman, Wilma Cammons, Nan Young, Mary Catherine Hill, Lady Jones, Carole Coolik, Joyce Scogin, Betty Hamby, Joyce Smith, Barbara Grimes, Marie Layfield, Frances Lassetter. Second row: Jacquelyn Young, Annie Joe Horn, Jacquelyn Bowie, Virginia Pritchett, Evelyn Earle, Joyce Coggin, Patsy Phillips, Joyce Murphy, Sylvia Robards, Sarah Ann Hinesley, Mary Jewell Bell, Johnnie Newby, Joanne Barnes. Third row: Jean Davis, Brenda Kempson, Jane Manget, Mary Jane Hancock, Ann Manget, Vir- ginia Arrington, Hilmer Kierbow, Betty Tidwell, Carolyn Jackson, Marian Davis, Martha Sue Strickland, Macel Ayers, Jewell Layfield. Fourth row: Eleanor Allen, Marie Atkins, Mary Nell Harrison, Shirley Ayers, Florence Lord, Merne Hines, Peggy Turner, Joyce Milam, Leeda Faulkner, Mary Windom, Janet Pettigrew, Dorothy Willis. Fifth row: Gloria Hyde, Sara Ray, Shirley Jo Jordan, Joan Jones, Fannie Hall, Rochelle Mansour, Jean Ball, Jo Ann Ward, Dorothy Causey, Betty Lu Neil, Trudie Dean West. Sixth row: Betty Bass, Jacqueline Amis, Sally King, Mary Adeline Faulkner, Shirley Duffey, Alice Johnson, Peggy Brown, Louise Wortham, Betty Jo Davis. ACTIVITIES By'Txms RATED While TIGER TRACKS STAFF Standing, left to right: Miss Ruby Reeves, Miss Madelyn Faulkner, Mr. Willie Gunn, Tom Farmer, Tom Graham, Wyolene Carter, Mary Lyn Sum- mers, Bobby Wright, Pat Thomas, Eleanor Witcher, Harriette Stripling, Miss Mary Elizabeth Ford, Evelyn Sanders, Miss Sue Jordan, Sandra Coolik, Betty Jean Jones, Miss Maryella Camp, Melba Cannon. Seated: Billy Benton, Sara Wilson, Jane Dick- son, Thyrza White, Catherine Anne Brown. Editor-in-Chief .... ....... T OM FARMER Assistant Editor .... . . .BETTY JEAN JONES Literary Editor .... ..... T OM GRAHAM News Editors .... ..... J ANE DICKSON BOBBY WRIGHT Club Editors .... .... H ARRIETTE STRIPLING BILLY BENTON Sports Editors ..... ..... P AT THOMAS BOBBY NORTON Humor Editors .............. EVELYN SANDERS CATHERINE ANNE BROWN Feature Editors ................ SARA WILSON SANDRA COOLIK Reporters. . .THYRZA WHITE, WYOLENE CARTER, BETTY KEITH, ELEANOR WITCHER, MARY LYN SUMMERS, MELBA CANNON DRAMA CLUB Top row, left to right: Harriette Potts, Sandra Coolik, Homer Drake, Jr., Tom Farmer, Joe Wade, Buford Whitlock, Bill O'Dell, Scott Wilson, Jimmy Walls, Paden Hendrick, Joseph Cagle, Wayne Cook. Second row: Miss Carrie May McElroy, Miss Louise Rumble, Emily Thomasson, Emma Jean Moore, Betty Bowers, Robbie Ann Jackson, Katchie Barron, Rhudene Stroud, Rosalind Atta- way, Nan Young, JoAnn Newell, Eleanor Estes, Harriet Hill, Louise Barnes, Josephine Kidd, Patsy Slaton, Jackie Ann Jackson, Kathryn Brown, Betty Negas, Betty Keith, Joyce Phillips, JoAnne O'Kelley, Esther Holcombe, Shirley Stamps, Evelyn Earle, Miss Mary Elizabeth Ford, Anne Lee, Marianne Lassetter. Front row: Eleanor Hutchinson, Marian Davis, Annie Ruth Newell, Virginia Sprayberry, Donna Davis, Sara Ray, Nancy Connell, Sally King, Betty Ann Cottle, Evelyn Sanders, Alice Wilkinson, Jane Dickson, Daisy Almon, Sara Wilson, Eleanor Witcher. BETA CLUB OFFICERS 4DERSl'llP Vice-President ........ ROBBIE ANNE JACKSON Secrefary-Treasurer .... ELEANOR HUTCHINSON 2' ff ! ax 3' 9. El 5 El: P Z Ta 'H F1 E Z Q I I t X fr- X' ' BETA CLUB Standing, left to right: Christine Jackson, Betty Sara Wilson, Robbie Ann Jackson, Virginia Spray- Bowers, Betty McKoy, Remah Holcombe, Betty Orr, berry. Martha Overby, Hazel Barnes, Thyrza White, Nancy Bohannon, Tom Graham, Homer Drake, Seated: Jane Dickson, Catherine Ann Brown, Miss Reeves, Tom Farmer, Andrew McAlister, Miss Sue Moore, Emma Jean Moore, Harriet Hill, Har- Camp, Betty Beckom, Miss Jordan, Edwin John- riette Stripling, Emily Thomasson, Anne Lee, ston, George Carter, Carleton Perry, Betty Negas, Eleanor Hutchinson, Nancy Connell, Harriette Jo Anne Newell, Pat Yancey, Linda Williamson, Potts, Evelyn Sanclers, Daisy Almon. BETA CLUB INITIATION KE Presidenf CARLETON PERRY Vice-President GEORGE CARTER Secrefary TOM FARMER Treasurer BRADFORD ELLIS Pas! President HOMER DRAKE, JR. Sponsor MR. HENRY KITCHENS Sweefheart HARRIETTE POTTS CLUB Top, left to right: Richard Logan, Carlos Third row: Hamilton Arnall, Wingo Avery Robards, Mr. H. B. Kitchens, Edward Lott, J. T. LeRoy Fargasonl Frank Wilkinson, pdf Yancey. Haynes. Second ,-ow. Homer Drake, Tom Graham, Fourth row: Tom Farmer, Carleton Perry Edwin Johnston, Hiram Miller, Gene Prince. Harriette Potts, George Carter, Bradford Ellis. CELEBRATING WITH FRANK PAPER SALE PRESENTING TROPHY CASE TO HIGH SCHOOL CONCESSION STAND I TRI-HI- The Tri-Hi-Y Club is composed of all girls in our high school who wish to promote Christian ideals and activities throughout the school year. ln carrying out these activities, we have as our goals, self-improvement, Christian fellowship, and united service. Our pin with its triangle symbol- izes our main objective-the all-round develop- ment of our personality. OFFICERS ELEANOR HUTCHINSON .... ...... P resident CATHERINE ANN BROWN ....... Vice-President ELEANOR ESTES ........... Recording Secretary SUSIE MANN ......... Corresponding Secretary JUNE ELLEN MANSOUR ............. Treasurer TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Estes, Catherine Ann Brown, Shirley Jordan, Rochelle Mansour, Virginia Spray- berry, June Ellen Mansour, Sara Ray, Alice Johnson, Jackie Young, Louise Wortham, Martha Overby, Miss Ruth Young, Miss Sally Bowen, Miss Carrie May McElroy. SECOND ROW: Emma Jean Moore, Harriet Hill, Emily Thomasson, Jackie Ann Jackson, Thyrza White, Dell Young, Lady Jones, Harriette Potts, Katchie Barron, Martha Mc- Michael, Barbara Pitman, Carole Coolik, Nan Young. THIRD ROW: Susie Mann, Dora Wilkinson, Josephine Kidd, Betty McKoy, Carolyn Millians, Rhudene Stroud, Robbie Ann Jackson, Mary Catherine Hill, Anne Lee, Elizabeth Moon, Ann Stroud, Adell Whitlock. FOURTH ROW: Esther Holcombe, Betty Orr, Joyce lewis, Betty Ruth Keith, Marian Davis, Betty Bowers, Remah Hol- combe, Brenda Kempson, Mary Bell, Carlene Wilson, Dorothy Willis, Peggy Ann Brown, Sara Ann Hinesley. FIFTH ROW: Rosalind Attaway, Eleanor Allen, Joyce Coggin, Sally King, Mary Jane Hancock, Jane Manget, Sandra Coolik, Ann Manget, Nancy Bohannon, Eleanor Witcher, Mary Lyn Summers, Mary Adeline Faulkner, Kathryn Brown, Patsy Slaton. SIXTH ROW: Eleanor Hutchinson, Betty Negas, Sue Moore, Joanna Barron, Barbara Jane Melear, Alice Wilkin- son, Evelyn Sanders, Harriette Stripling, Nancy Connell, Louise Barnes, Barbara Pearson, Betty Sue Barrow, Katherine Vickery. SEVENTH ROW: Kathleen Payton, Mildred Oliver, Janet Cottle, Melba Cannon, Gertrude Summers, Jane Dickson, Annie Ruth Newell, Sara Wilson, Betty Jean Jones, Jeanne Ball, Wyolene Carter, Nell Haynes, Bobbie Lambert. CLUB PURPOSE: "To create, maintain, and extend COLORS: Red-Sacrifice throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." White-Purity Blue-Loyalty PROJECTS: Bible study, "Teen Talks," Community OBJECTIVE: "To seek, to find, to share." SLOGAN: "Pure thoughts, pure words, pure ac- tions." drives, School campaigns, Church Loyalty, Good Citizenship, Courtesy campaign, Contributions to State- Wide Tri-Hi-Y proiects, Conferences, Socials, Individual services in church, school, and community. Left to right: 5 6 7 2. June Ellen Mansour. ...... . . . . . .Treasurer 8 'l. Eleanor Estes ......... Recording Secretary 3. Miss Ruth Young ................ Sponsor 9 4. Susie Mann ...... Corresponding Secretary T0 Betty Negas ...... .... P roject Chairman Eleanor Hutchinson . . . ........ President Evelyn Sanders .......... Poster Chairman Catherine Ann Brown. . .Program Chairman Miss Carrie Mae McElroy ......... Sponsor Miss Sally Bowen ...... .... S ponsor CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl .... .... F RANK WILKINSON, JR. Vice-Presideni ..... . . . DAVID SHEFELTON Secretary ..... .... B RADFORD ELLIS ,MR. J. B. JENKINS Sponsor Treasurer ..... .... H AMILTON ARNALL HI-Y MEMBERS Top row, left to right: Gerald Denney, Cauley Hayes, Pringle Brown, Willis Byrd, Wayne Cook, Tom Graham, W. A. Glazier, Joseph Cagle, Bobby Wright, Sample Brown, Lamar Potts, Paul Lucas, Pat Yancey, Frank Hollberg. Second row: Ayres Conner, Charles Cottle, Ray Lucas, Alton McKinley, Wilson Allen. Third row: Phillip Hudson, Tommy Glover, Joe Taylor, James Barnette, Millard Farmer, Billy Davis, Donald Sprayberry, Paden Vineyard, Paden Hendrick, A. B. Scogin, Bob Stewart, Hiram Miller, Tom Goddard. Fourth row: Sam Crain, David Shefelton, Frank Wilkinson, Jimmy Baggarly, Donnie Robin- son, Tom Farmer, Homer Drake, Bill O'Dell, Billy Benton, Jimmy Thomasson, Hamilton Arnall, Brad- ford Ellis. Fifth row: Roger Hammond, Jimmy Spray- berry, Wingo Avery, Jimmy Pike, Howell Smither- man, George McDonald. RCYAL ORDER OE I-IOMEMAKERS MEMBERS Top row, left to right: Carlene Wilson, Nancy Bohannon, Betty Beckom, Adell Whitlock, Patsy Slaton, Kathryn Brown, Katherine Vickery, Ger- trude Summers, Dorothy Willis, Remah Holcombe, Daisy Almon Second row: Thyrza White, Melba Cannon, Jane Manget, Nan Young, Carole Coolik, Sara Ray, Hazel Barnes, Macel Ayres, Hazel Combs, Betty Jo Davis, Joyce Lewis, Barbara Pearson, Betty Sue Barrow, Jacqueline Brown. Third row: Miss Louise Rumble, Miss Onetta Varner lFaculty Advisersl, Shirley McMichael, Martha Overby, Jane Dickson, Eleanor Witcher, Jackie Ann Jackson, Alice Wilkinson, Evelyn Sanders, Betty Negas, Jo Ann Morgan, Sue Moore, Brenda Kempson, Janet Cottle, Mildred Oliver, Miss Ruth Young lFaculty Adviserl, Wyo- lene Carter. Fourth row: Jo Anne O'Kelly, Elizabeth Moon, Betty Bowers, Betty Jean Jones, Joanna Barron, Katchie Barron, Sandra Coolik, Josephine Kidd, Emma Jean Moore, Louise Barnes, Dora Jean Wilkinson, Rosalind Attaway. JU X NW QL . .M..,ng.N lllnnuQ R Sew and Save Beaufiful Clofhes for Ladies President BETTY BOWERS Vice-President REMAH HOLCOMBE Four Heads Are BeHer Than One Secrefary KATCHIE BARRON Treasurer JACKIE ANN JACKSON Cleanliness is The firsf Neainess is imporfanf sfep foward aiiracfiveness in being well dressed 66 P7 C8716 '-' 2l"e Mmxgrwgss .Mes A A B C Unless you are lazy, you'll keep a clean room, Do you need an electrician with a steady hand? lf you want good service and a thing or two, So why not see Harry and get a good broom. Call Donald McCarty, he's your man. Drop in to see Harley and he will serve you. D E F Bonnie and Jack smooth the wrinkles out, "Number please," that's what they say, Bobbie, fthe girl who's pushing the cartl, They know what they are doing, no doubt. You'll have your party without delay. Is busy learning the nursing art. 1 ...M A egg s f I 2 'fl 1' M.. G H With an empty tank you'll be distressed, He always gets his weights correct, See Oliver Gentry and get the best. ls never guilty of neglect. Earning .Whi1 Q-we-M Iv-fm. W l J K Richard sells cheese for credit or cash, lf you want service without delay, When you need fruits and vegetables and such, He also sells high-grade laying mash. This fellow will gladly come your way. You ought to see Bobby-his help will mean much L M N lf your television is not at its best, The young lady here is Annie Ruth Newell, Ann greets her customer with a big winning smile, Let Howell know, he'll do the rest. If you talk with her, she'll sell you a iewel. ls quick to agree it makes work more worthwhile. O P lf you cross up your wiring, you'll have some real fun, A monthly report is a tiresome thing, But Bobby's the one who can make the thing run. But you never can tell what results it may bring. earning i "N" CLUB MEMBERS First row, bottom to top: Frank Wilkinson, Bill O'Dell, Jimmy Thomasson, Hamilton Arnall, LeRoy Fargason, Roger Hammond, Fred Dean, Lamar Potts, Donald Lassetter. Second row, top to bottom: David Shefelton, Carleton Perry, Jr., Willis Byrd, Homer Drake, Jr., Fred Hinesley, Paul Lucas, Wilson Allen, Wingo Avery, David Freeman, Jimmy Sprayberry. Third row, bottom to top: Bobby Norton, Charles Carter, Tommy Pike, Millard Farmer, Billy Barnes, Charles Tidwell, Lyndon Jones, Lee Duncan, Arthur Dukes, Donald Newman. CHEERLEADERS Top row, left to right: Kathryn Brown, Jane Manget, Betty Jean Jones. Second row: Barbara Jane Melear, Patsy Slaton, Ann Manget. Third row: Katchie Barron, Dora Wilkinson. Fourth row: Harriette Potts, Captain. 3 W' Tw JN. LJ. S. 13 Ally ID OFFICERS President ................. EDWIN JOHNSTON Vice-President ............. BETTY JEAN JONES Secretary and Treasurer ....... TOMMY SEWELL MEMBERS Top row, left to right: Tom Graham, Virginia Sprayberry, Sara Ray, Katherine Vickery, Doyle Yates, Shirley McMichael. Second row: James Barnett, Pete McCullough, Howell Glass, Jimmy Baggarly, Joe Taylor, Tommy Sewell, Jack Adair, Edwin Johnston. Third row: Thyrza White, Betty Jean Jones, Sara Wilson, Jacqueline Ball, Betty Orr, Lionel l fi -A Martin, Johnny Caldwell, Jane Ann Neely, Jacqueline Young, Eleanor Witcher. Fourth row: Bobby Wright, Ronald Fincher, Frank Hollberg, Harriette Stripling, Eugene Willingham, Louise Wortham, Leland Spruell, Jack Strickland, Cauley Hayes. Fifth row: Betty Reese, Barbara Newman, Betty Lassetter, Annie Ruth Newell, Sara Duffey, Mr. Grady Martin, Director. ,Y X X X QXAX1 A- , W ., N . . XX X' X F-,fl ,Ne """W'NWN ' Q. XXX M 'iv XX "XF nk X4 X C X 'ik X X X 3 , X X., X mx X gx XX X Q XV i X X 1 wr 'Q x Sk SEN wg .. W ,NX X X X r X XX XX QNX? X X' X, xu X M X ,M ., .V ,. .. WXXX NMA X, AX 'S XXXXXXXX X. .2 C X, . " 'W x -f"1"X JK V ' WMX XXX X - X X : XM X X- QQ X X2 W sf . X-N SSW' ' X ts M A N' XX X , X, N .x,. f2f,,Z':2.:'Y"'iI::.X Q' " .' .f X NX 3 X XX R XS X Xa S' fi wx X . I vx 22 W E 0 X ..,,.A! ., ,.,, .1 -.' 1 X. 4, , ga. 5 .... X .. ...... :E S A TN' Q Y? .XX . .wb - .X sg X .X X -1 x X55 SX X X X5 X X? XS . 1 2 SQ. 251' if? iis. X X W x DEBATE CLUB M E M B E R S Back row, left to right: Talmadge Hawk, Bob Front row: Miss Ford, Donna Davis, Marianne Stewart, Homer Drake, Jr., Hamilton Arnall, Jr., Miss Sue Jordan lFaculty Adviserl, George Mc- Lassetter, Harriette Stripling, Joanne Newell, Jane Donald, Tom Graham, Cauley Hayes, Jr., Tommy Glover. Hamby, Mrs. O. P. Evans. ATHLETICS 'K sa K U V it vii-f Top row, left to right: Managers Jimmy Spray- berry, Willis Byrd, Millard Farmer. Second row: Bill O'Dell, Ray Lucas, Jim Pike, H. L. McCright, W. A. Glazier, Wilson Allen, Billy Gill, Bobby Lassetter, Eugene Willingham, Sam Crain, Ronald Jones. Third row: Paul Lucas, Arthur Dukes, Roger Hammond, Hiram Miller, Jimmy Thomasson, Fred , N ' 5-55.52. ' A A Dean, Bubber Potts, LeRoy Fargason, Donald Lassetter, Wingo Avery, Hamilton Arnall. Fourth row: Coach Harold Pierce, Billy Barnes, Carleton Perry, Lee Duncan, Hal Jones, David Shetelton, Frank Wilkinson fCo-Captainj, David Freeman CCo-Captainl, Donald Newman, Ferrell Morgan, Farrell Hall, Charles Carter, Tommy Pike, Coach Norman Harrison. FOOTBALL VARSITY AND SQUAD STARTING LINE-UP OF FOOTBALL TEAM Right End-David Shetelton, Right Tackle- Carleton Perry, Right Guard-Hamilton Arnall, Center fCo-Captainj-Frank Wilkinson, Left Guard -Wingo Avery, Left Tackle-Lyndon Jones, Left End lCo-Captainl-David Freeman. Baclcfielcl: Quarterback-Ronald Jones, Right Halfback- Paul Lucas, Fullback-Bill O'Dell, Left Halfback- Donald Lassetter. Newnan Newnan Newnan Newnan Newnan Newnan Newnan FREEMAN-End WILKINSON-Center JONES Tackle vs. LaGrange vs. Bremen .. vs. Manchester vs. Dallas vs. Tallapoosa vs. Villa Rica vs. Carrollton ALL-STATE CLASS "B" FOOTBALL SELECTIONS SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1 949 0 32 27 6 31 6 26 9 73 0 54 0 38 13 Newnan vs. Hogansville Region Championship: Newnan vs. West Point District Championship: Newnan vs. Ellijay . .. State Championship: Newnan vs. Adel .. TOTAL .... l AFA s .. Bk I Top row, left to right: Josephine Kidd, Dell Young, Joyce Scogin, Ann Rowe, Lady Jones, Jewell Layfield. Second row: Mary Catherine Hill, Betty Mc- Koy, Emma Jean Moore, Donna Davis, Gloria Hyde, Marie Layfield. Third row: Dora Wilkinson, Harriette Potts, Joanna Barron, Thyrza White, Emily Thomasson, Ann Manget, Patsy Slaton. Fourth row: June Ellen Mansour, Manager, Barbara Jane Melear, Katherine Vickery, Harriette Stripling, Jane Manget, Kathryn Brown, Evelyn Sanders, Manager. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The Tigerettes began the '50 season with five returning members of last year's first string. All of the forwards and two guards returned, giving the Newnan sextet an advantage which they had never previously had. The girls got off to a slow start, dropping the first game to Jackson, 20 to 15. After this sur- prise defeat, the girls came back to trample a fighting Jonesboro team, 56 to 27, in the first game on Newnan's home court. They then downed a strong Griffin team in a thriller, 23 to 22. In two out-of-town games, Newnan tied Hogansville, 35 to 35, and Fayetteville 31 to 31. Forgetting the two previous games, the girls sud- denly found themselves and rolled over College Park, Spalding, and Washington Seminary in rapid succession, winning the first, 31 to 29, the second, 40 to 30, and trouncing the Atlanta team, 36 to 32. The Tigerettes are scheduled to meet Spalding in the first game in the district tournament on February the fourteeth. Good luck, girls! wg- Top, left to right: Donald Sprayberry fMan- Third row: Charles Carter, Hamilton Arnall, agerl, Millard Farmer CManagerl. David Shefelton, Arthur Dukes, Wingo Avery. Second row: Hiram Miller, Bill O'Dell, Wilson Fourth row: Paul Lucas, Donald Lassetter, Allen, Bonnie Will Burgess, Pat Yancey. Lamar Potts, Fred Dean, David Freeman. BOYS STARTING LINE-UP LASSETTER LUCAS POTTS DEAN FREEMAN BASKETBALL 62528710 ,QU .SOOIJ5 SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY WILLIAM YOUNG BARNES, III Honor Roll two years: Vice-President Sopho- more Class: School Patrol: "N" Club: Football Team: Prophet. BETTY LOUISE BARNES Honor Roll five years: Perfect Attendance one year: Treasurer D. C. T. Club: Tri-Hi-Y Club: Dramatics Club: R. O. H. Club: Tiger Tracks Staff. BETTY SUE BARROW Perfect Attendance two years: Tri-Hi-Y Club: R. O. H. Club: Glee Club: Intramural Basketball Team. WILLIAM EUGENE BRITTAIN Perfect Attendance one year. KATHRYN GEORGIA BROWN Honor Roll two years: Tri-Hi-Y Club: R. O. H. Club: Jokes Editor Tiger Tracks: Co-Captain Basketball Team: Dramatics Club: Intramural Basketball Coach: Intramural Basketball Team: Intramural Softball Team: Cheerleader: Trophy "Best Offensive Player": Constitution Athletic Certificate: Football Club. MILTON WOODRUFF CARDEN D. C. T. Club: School Patrol. GEORGE HORACE CARTER Honor Roll seven years: Secretary Junior Class: Secretary Senior Class: Vice-President Key Club: Hi-Y Club: Beta Club: Intramural Basketball Team: Intramural Volleyball Team: Intramural Softball Team: School Patrol: Tiger Tracks Staff. l' Q f RALEIGH PENISTON COGGIN Honor Roll six years: Perfect Attendance nine ye rs: Band: 4-H Club: Intramural Basketball Team: Intramural Softball Team: Intramural Volleyball Team: Cheerleader: School Patrol. NANCY LEE CONNELL Honor Roll four years: Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y Club: Dramatics Club: Beta Club: Tiger Tracks Staff: Literary Editor Empyrean: Intramural Soft- ball Team: Giftorian: Intramural Basketball Team. BETTY ANN COTTLE Honor Roll six years: Tri-Hi-Y Club: Dramatics Club: R. O. H. Club. BARBARA JEAN DAVIS Honor Roll three years: Intramural Softball Team. RUTH DINGLER 4-H Club: Glee Club. WALTER HOMER DRAKE, JR. Honor Roll eleven years: Perfect Attendance two years: President Beta Club: President Key Club: President Dramatics Club: Secretary Hi-Y Club: Debate Club: "N" Club: Glee Club: Asso- ciate Editor Empyrean: Baseball Team: Intramural Softball Team: Intramural Baskeball Team: French Medal: History Medal: Second Place in District Declamation Contest: Voted Second Best Actor in District: Intramural Volleyball Team: School Patrol. LEE GREENE DUNCAN "N" Club: Football Team: Intramural Softball Team. RYAN BRADFORD ELLIS Honor Roll three years: Treasurer Key Club: Secretary Hi-Y Club: President Band: Business Manager Empyrean: Perfect Attendance one year: School Patrol. SALLY ELIZABETH EVANS R. O. H. Club: D. C. T. Club: 4-H Club: Glee Club: Intramural Softball Team: Tiger Tracks Staff. ALVAN DAVID FREEMAN Treasurer Sophomore Class: Vice-President "N" Club: President "N" Club: Captain Football Team: Captain Basketball Team: Baseball Team: B-Team Football: Intramural Softball Team: Intra- mural Volleyball Team: lntramural Basketball Coach: School Patrol: "Most VaIuable" Football Player, '49: Trophy "Best Blocker and Tackler" of Football Team, '49: All State Football Team, '49: All Region Football Team, '48, '49: Trophy All Region Football, '48, '49: Football Club: Giftorian. BETTY ANN GLADNEY Honor Roll two years: R. O. H. Club. THOMAS HUNTER GODDARD, JR. Honor Roll one year: Hi-Y Club: B-Team Foot- ball: Intramural Volleyball Team: Intramural Track Team: School Patrol. WILLIAM LEWIS HARTLEY Honor Roll two years: Perfect Attendance one year: Photography Editor Empyrean. JOHN THOMAS HAYNES, JR. Key Club: Art Editor Empyrean: Intramural Softball Team: Intramural Volleyball Team: School Patrol. SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY HARRIET FLEMING HILL Honor Roll eleven yearsy President Junior Classy Secretary and Treasurer Beta Cluby Presi- dent Beta Cluby Assistant Secretary Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Cluby Literary Editor Tiger Tracksy Asso- ciate Editor Empyreany Historian. ELEANOR HUTCHINSON Honor Roll eleven yearsy Perfect Attendance six yearsy President Senior Classy President Fresh- man Classy President Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Secretary and Treasurer Beta Cluby Dramatics Cluby Glee Cluby Wit Editor Tiger Tracksy Feature Editor Empyreany Cheerleadery Honorary Rotarian. LILLIE LUNELLE JACKSON Honor Roll six yearsy R. O. H. Club. ROBBIE ANNE JACKSON Honor Roll eight yearsy Perfect Attendance two yearsy Vice-President Beta Cluby Secretary D. C. T. Cluby Tri-Hi-Y Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Dramatics Cluby Intramural Basketball Teamy In- tramural Softball Teamy Reporter D. C. T. lnspirer. MARIANNE LASSETTER Honor Roll seven yearsy Perfect Attendance one yeary Vice-President Debate Cluby Dramatics Cluby Tiger Tracks Staffy Testator. ANNE FREEMAN LEE Honor Roll seven yearsy Perfect Attendance one yeary Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Cluby Beta Cluby Society Editor Tiger Tracksy Intramural Basketball Teamy D. A. R. Award. RICHARD LANHAM LOGAN Hi-Y Cluby Key Cluby D. C. T. Cluby Glee Cluby Intramural Tennis Teamy Intramural Softball Teamy School Patrol. JAMES EDWARD LOTT Honor Roll two yearsy Perfect Attendance six yearsy Hi-Y Cluby Key Cluby Intramural Softball Teamy Intramural Volleyball Team. WEEMS BENTON MASDON Intramural Basketball Teamy Intramural Soft ball Teamy Intramural Tennis Teamy Perfect At- tendance two years. CAROLYN IRENE MILLIANS Honor Roll three yearsy Tri-Hi-Y Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Glee Club. DONALD WADE MILLIANS Honor Roll three yearsy Perfect Attendance one yeary Photography Editor Empyreany Intra- mural Softball Teamy Intramural Volleyball Teamy Intramural Basketball Teamy Tennis Tournamenty School Patrol. CATHERINE SUE MOORE Honor Roll five yearsy Secretary Sophomore Classy Treasurer Junior Classy Treasurer Senior Classy Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Beta Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Glee Cluby Tiger Tracks Staffy Intramural Softball Team. BETTY NEGAS Honor Roll two yearsy Perfect Attendance five yearsy Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Cluby Beta Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Glee Cluby Tiger Tracks Staffy Intra- mural Softball Team. ANNIE RUTH NEWELL Honor Roll two yearsy Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Cluby R. O. H. Cluby D. C. T. Cluby Glee Cluby Bandy Tiger Tracks Staffy Maiorettey Intramural Volleyball Teamy Intramural Softball Team. JO ANNE NEWELL Honor Roll eight yearsy President Tri-Hi-Y Club, two yearsy Dramatics Cluby Debate Cluby Beta Cluby Glee Cluby Bandy Tiger Tracks Staff. DONALD STEPHENS NEWMAN Honor Roll two yearsy Perfect Attendance eight yearsy "N" Cluby Tiger Tracks Staffy Foot- ball Teamy Intramural Softball Teamy Intramural Tennis Teamy Football Cluby School Patrol. JO ANNE O'KELLEY Perfect Attendance one yeary Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Associate Editor Tiger Tracksy Editor-in-Chief Empyreany Intra- mural Basketball Teamy Intramural Volleyball Teamy Intramural Softball Team. BARBARA FRANCES PEARSON Honor Roll two yearsy Perfect Attendance one yeary Tri-Hi-Y Cluby R. O. H. Cluby Glee Cluby Speech Club. EUGENE CARLETON PERRY, JR. President Key Cluby Treasurer Sophomore Classy Beta Cluby "N" Cluby Tiger Tracks Staffy Football Teamy Track Teamy District Track Meety Poet. JOYCE KATHLEEN PHILLIPS Honor Roll three yearsy Perfect Attendance one yeary Tri-Hi-Y Cluby Dramatics Club. TOMMY SIBLEY PIKE Hi-Y Cluby "N" Cluby Football Teamy Baseball Teamy Track Teamy Intramural Softball Teamy School Patroly Intramural Volleyball Teamy Intra- mural Wrestling Teamy Football Club. SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY HARRIETTE JULIA POTTS Honor Roll six years, Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y Club, Dramatics Club, Beta Club, Sweetheart Key Club, two years, News Editor Tiger Tracks, Sports Editor Empyrean, Basketball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intramural Volleyball Team, Intra- mural Basketball Coach, All-District Basketball Team, Trophy "Best Defensive Basketball Player", Constitution Athletic Certificate, Football Club, Intramural Golf, Captain Cheerleaders. GENE WILTON PRINCE Honor Roll one year, Perfect Attendance two years, Treasurer Band, Key Club, Glee Club, Ad- vertising Manager Empyrean, Intramural Basket- ball Team, Intramural Softball Team, District Boys' Solo Contest, Fourth Place. JAMES GOODMAN ROBERTSON Honor Roll two years, President Boys' 4-H Club, Baseball Team, F. F. A. Club. ANN ELIZA ROBISON ' Honor Roll two years, Perfect Attendance one year, Tri-Hi-Y Club, D. C. T. Club. BARBARA ANN SCARBOROUGH Honor Roll four years, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Glee Club, Secretary D. C. T. Club, Intramural Softball Team. DAVID LYNN SHEFELTON Perfect Attendance three years, Secretary and Treasurer "N" Club, Vice-President Hi-Y Club, Band, Football Team, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Track Team, Intramural Volleyball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intramural Basketball Team, School Patrol, Football Club. PATSY MARGARET LECREASE SLATON Honor Roll two years, Perfect Attendance two years, Treasurer Freshman Class, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Dramatics Club, R. O. H. Club, Sports Editor Tiger Tracks, Business Manager Empyrean, Basketball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intramural Vol- leyball Team, Intramural Basketball Team, Cap- tain Cheerleaders, Football Club. BARBARA ANN SPRAYBERRY Honor Roll three years, Perfect Attendance two years. CAROLYN RHUDENE STROUD Honor Roll six years, Perfect Attendance one year, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Dramatics Club, Glee Club. EMILY CAROLINE THOMASSON Honor Roll two years, President Sophomore Class, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y Club, Vice-President Dramatics Club, Beta Club, Advertising Manager Empyrean, Captain Basketball Team, Intramural Basketball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intra- mural Volleyball Team, Intramural Basketball Coach, Intramural Constitution Medal, Constitu- tion Honor Athlete Certificate. GLADYS IRENE TITSHAW Honor Roll three years, Perfect Attendance one year. KATHERINE VICKERY Honor Roll two years, Tri-Hi-Y Club, R. O. H. Club, Band, Tiger Tracks Staff, Basketball Team, Intramural Basketball Team, Intramural Basket- ball Coach, Intramural Volleyball Team, Intra- mural Softball Team, Intramural Golf Team, Intra- mural Track Team, Constitution Athletic Certifi- cate. JAMES BUFORD WALLS D. C. T. Club, Dramatics Club, Intramural soft- ball Team, School Patrol. BUFORD DAVIS WHITLOCK Honor Roll one year, Perfect Attendance two years, Dramatics Club, D. C. T. Club, School Patrol. FRANK SWINBROAD WILKINSON, III Honor Roll four years, Perfect Attendance two years, Vice-President Junior Class, Vice-President Senior Class, Secretary and Treasurer "N" Club, Vice-President "N" Club, Vice-President Hi-Y Club, President Hi-Y Club, Key Club, School Patrol, Honorary Rotarian, Captain Football Team, Track Team, Intramural Basketball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intramural Volleyball Team, All Region Football Team, '48, '49, All State Foot- ball Team, '49, Trophy All Region Football Team. LINDA ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON Honor Roll six years, Beta Club. BRUCE RONALD WINKLES Honor Roll two years, Perfect Attendance three years. CHARLES EDWARD 'WILSON Honor Roll one year, Perfect Attendance five years, Hi-Y Club, Photographers' Club, F. F. A. Club, School Patrol. DOYLE GLENN YATES Honor Roll four years, Perfect Attendance two years, Band, Glee Club, Intramural Basketball Team, Intramural Softball Team, Intramural Volleyball Team. Jwhfk O ADVERTISERS M4 Comp-liments of JITNEY JUNGLE Quality Meats-Produce Phones 42 and 43 Thank You-Call Again C pl of MANGET BROTHERS, INC with All Good Wishes To The EMPYREAN, Its staff The Faculty And Students of The NEWNAN HIGH SCHOOL From The NEWN!-KN IIIJTTUN MILLS Comphments of A H N A L L M I L L 5 Ciffm Efanlefd AA'NAAA'VV C pl' of Beavers' Paul-iinq En "Old South Products" P117 N Gg Compliments of Henson Furniture Co., Inc. Q'Everything for the Home" A Good Place to Trade Buy on Easy Terms Mvvwm COMPLIMENTS OF THE ATTORNEYS OF NEWNAN wvXf 2 errieg 6 Fashions of Quality Since 1918 BUSIIU GRILL and lllnlnq Hnnm Delicious Food in Pleasant Surroundings Private Dining Room For Parties and Suppers Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Glazier, Proprietors Phone 9127 H. ll. E U L E Manufacturing Enmpany Building Materials Phones 13 and 14 JONES MUTURS SALES SERVICE "There's A Ford In Your Future" Newnan, Georgia Phone 347 MODERN SERVICE Sinclair Products Washing, Greasing, Road Service Phone 1631 H n R. Powell Newnan, G g Compliments of ASKEW LUMBER COMPANY VAAfx B E L K G A L L A N T Newnan's Leading Department Store Compliments of Powell Farm Imp. 86 Repair Shop- J. I. CASE Farm Machinery sales ac Service Phone 396 Newaaa, Georgia NX,VwVAA,wwxAwv U-SAVE-IT GROCERY L. H. SMITH, Owner Phones 168-169 ,XAAAA,vxAA,vX vvmAAAAAvJvw,AxewAAfw VWAAAAMVAAAAA Compliments l . of SOUTHERN MILLS, INC. SENOIA, GEORGIA VvVxAA,wANmWvvvwAAAA, GOZA MOTOR COMPANY DODGE - PLYMOUTH - DeSOTO Dodge "job-rated" Trucks Parts - Service - Accessories Bee-Line Alignment System Phones 9 3 6-9 3 7 Newnan, Georgia ,mAAm Compliments of N ewnan Clearing House Association First National Bank - Manufacturers National Bank Two Good Banks A FRIEND OF N. H. S. 1xA,vvvvvxfvvxA,cA,Vx,x,VVxA! ,AAAA BURSON-HARPER AGENCY General Insurance Phone 1446 2 Court Square Newnan, Georgia "For All Your Insurance Needsv THOMAS J. -GLOVER General Insurance 1 Spring St. Phone 22 "Your Friend After The Loss" ARTHUR MURPHEY F LORIST 16 West Washington Newnan, Georgia MATTIE COOK COMPANY Ladies' Ready-to-Wear CRAFT CLEANERS ALL MODERN EQUIPMENT Perry Street Newnan Compliments of KING WILSON SERVICE STATION ,Vvv Compliments of SPRAYBERRY'S Atlanta Highway Phone 91 13 Compliments of H. V. KELL COMPANY Newnan, Georgia N Compliments of JOHNSON HARDWARE COMPANY "A Good Hardware Store Since 1875" Phone 81 and 85 Newnan, Georgia Compliments of HAYES CLOTHES SHOP NEWNAN, GEORGIA JOHN R. GATES DRUG STORE The Rexall Store "Reliable Druggists for 50 Years" Competent and Experienced Clerks Competent and Exeperienced Clerks Accurate Prescription Service Compliments of GULF OIL CORP. Millard Farmer, Distributor Phone 774 Newnan, Georgia Compliments of MONCRIEF SHEET METAL WORKS SAM M. BANKS Sheet Metal 8r Roofing Contractors Manufacturers and Rebuilders of Spinning Cylinders - Card 8: Picker Screens Phone 108 Newnan, Georgia Compliments of SEARS-ROEBUCK COMPANY Orders Quickly Filled Newnan, Georgia V Compliments of AMERICAN SERVICE CO. Phone l 166 Newnan, Georgia wvwAAwv Compliments of WHITE DRUG COMPANY Buick and Frigidaire Two Great Products Sold By c. J. BARRON sc soNs NEWNAN, GEORGIA LEE-KIN G DRUG CO. "Two Good Stores Court Square - Phones 65 and 66 Greenville St. - Phone 60 Drugs, Toiletries, Stationery, Candy, Prescriptions and Sick Room Supplies Compliments of L E E ' S SERVICE STATION JOE CARRASCO Men's 81 Boy's Clothing McGregor Sportswear - For Men and Boys Iantzen's Sweaters 8: Sunelothes Nunn-Bush Shoes for Men Phone 626 N ewnan Frozen Foods Company "Foods Worth Freezing Are Worth Freezing Well" vvv LaGRAN GE STREET GROCERY Fancy Groceries, Meats and Produce 170 LaGrange St. Phone 325 LASSETTER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES WASHING, POLISHING, GREASING Phone 726 Compliments of HILLTOP HAMILTON C. ARNALL INSURANCE Complimems 1922-1950 of 29 Years of Insuranc RNALL FREEMAN IDS SSURED REFRIGERATION CO NEWNAN GEORGIA MNmM IN APPRECIATION OF NEWNAN HIGH SCHOOL ' KEYS PRINTING COMPANY Established 'I869 PRINTING OF DISTINCT ION Greenville, South Carolina G. E. PARKS Est. 1906 Real Estate Homes FHA Loans Phone 972 9 1-2 E. Broad St. Compliments of HARTLEY'S RESTAURANT Good Food Home Cooking 5 Jackson St. Newnan, Georgia Best Wishes of KEHELEY FLORIST Phone 240 mvvvwAAAw Compliinents of RAGLAN D HARDWARE 6 Greenville Street - Phone 117 K. 86 W. FURNITURE COMPANY "Complete Home Furnishers PHILCO REFRIGERATORS 86 RADIOS Home Owned 86 Operated by AARON KEI-IELEY 86 VANCE WINGO Compliments of BONNER MOTORS Studebaker Sales and Service 11 Lagrange St. Newnan Georg1a OUR VARSITY TEAM TOPS IN NEWS TOPS IN RADIO THE NEWNAN W.C.O.H. TIMES-HERALD 1400 A.M. 92.3 F M "Tiger Tracks" Platters and Chatt Dick Haymes Show Wh0,S Wh 1400 Club School Club News Dreamtime Sports Page 0 lure jokes and Fea Starlit Hour NfvvxAAfvvxAAAAfVvvv- Cars - Trucks Oldsmobile Sales 86 Service Parts - Accessories - Equipment WEDDINGTON CHEVROLET CG 4 - li AQVROIET, ' 'Lijfx 23 Greenville St. Tel. 145 FISHER INSURANCE AGENCY "Protection Plus Service" Phone 73 17 1-2 Greenville Street Newnan, Georgia Tailor Made Seat Covers and Auto Glass Installation Newnan Auto Seat Covers Co. Greenville Street Extension Phone 901-W HAMILTON 85 CGMPAN Y FURNITURE Phone 50 Newnan, Georgia AAwvvv Compliments of DOCTORS and DENTISTS of NEWNAN Compliments Model Laundry Ury Cleaners 'Qi join in. .. have a Coke o a Bott ing o any, ewnan, THE VIRGINIA SHOP Virginia Hotel Bldg. Ladies' and Children's Apparel ATTAWAY Electric Construction Co. Hotpoint and G. E. Appliances WvvwAA Compliments of THE ELEANOR SHOP S 86 E SHOES, INC. Quality Shoes for the Entire Family 'VW' BOWL AND SKATE Cl' HORNE'S Compliments of ROBERT'S 86 ALF'S AwwAAA Compliments of DIN E - A - MITE N EWNAN BEAUTY SHOP "Our Permanent Waves Make Permanent Friends" Compliments of CITY CAFE "HNEsr s1EAKs AND cHoPs" Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of NEWNAN ARMY STORE Perry Street Newnan For Rich Home-Made Flavor THE BAKERY KRAZY KAT FOOD STORE Newnan Compliments of ORR SERVICE STATION Newnan, Georgia Compliments of SWIN TON HOTEL Newnan, Georgia BOHRMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods - Shoes - Millinery Reay-to-Wear Compliments of FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Senoia, Georgia Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp m Compliments of COOK'S MARKET AND ARMY STORE Phone 72 Senoio, Ga. Compliments of A. L. CROOK Groceries - Meats - Feeds - Gas - Oil Highway 16 Senoia, Ga. OLIVER GENTRY GROCERIES AND GAS At Five Points Compliments of C. P. Daniel and Sons Senoia, Georgia Compliments of PAYTON'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Amoco Service Station Gordon and Bradley, Props. "A Good Place to Buy Gas and Oil" 13 Jackson St. Newnan, Ga. v Ray's Specialty Company CREDIT - CLOTHING AND JEWELRY 32 Perry St. Newnan, Ga. Genuine Motor Parts Co. N.A.P.A. Franchised .lobber 19 Spring St. Phone 340 ,A Compliments of BOONE FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of Newnan Dry Goods Co. Phone 986 3 Greenville St. Newnan, Ga BUD HECK RCA VICTOR TELEVISION Second Floor, Kersey's Compliments of J. U. McKOON ac soN FUNERAL DIRECTORS Newnan, Georgia Compliments of UNITED DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of ROGER S. BRYANT s DUNCAN CLEANERS Coweta Farm 86 Feed Store "A Feed For Every Need" Cor. Madison and Brown Sts. Phone 1550 Newnan, Ga. fvvxfvx AAAAAAAAAAA Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Home Owned and Operated Paul M. Starnes Pontiac - Cadillac - G.M.C. Trucks Phone 501 J. A. LATIMER AVERY AND BANTA JEWELERS SINCE 1885 Newnan, Georgia R. B. ASKEW 86 CO. CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 55 Compliments of A FRIEND VICK JEWELER Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Silver - China - Gifts - Repairing 14 Greenville St. Newnan Compliments of STRIPLING'S Newnan, Georgia Compliments of ALEXANDER'S BARBER SHOP Newnan, Georgia AwvwwvwA EDWARD LAZEN BY NATION WIDE AND SUPERETTE JEWELER GROCERIES AND MEATS Newnan, Georgia Newnan, Georgia BEST wisHEs H0LDER'S from MEN'S CLOTHING 11 E is d ELLIS MANSOUR Ph NvVVvWNvvW Compliments of NEWNAN HOME AND AUTO SUppLY H. K. CHASE GARAGE Firestone Products for Home and Car Arncql Georgia Newnan, Georgia P!-ITHIIINIZE IJUH ADVERTISERS "W"Q"v v 5'. ,mu , S+, ,S -f' 'qw' ff f 5 Y ? l K M Ava., 3 Em f 7 y 1 a 1 . s + X f 1- A Q V f rv- N f- , y - ' , ' 1' -L 1 L-. 1 P, 5-ai W , ,qs ,- -11133 0 , t Mfg Mmm mai A Qi mmxfmiiy Qs" if if fa 5 +6 af gf 5 533325 Mgwwjfwf 5634 41 QONMQMMMQXQULIXS A by mf 23, SRM M aww ,flwfm ,W Q! 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Suggestions in the Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) collection:

Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 30

1950, pg 30

Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 103

1950, pg 103

Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 83

1950, pg 83

Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 51

1950, pg 51

Newnan High School - Empyrean Yearbook (Newnan, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 12

1950, pg 12

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