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X fgljnfrciucx' 'I xg ff , ax X 'Ls A qi X X X 4 J fx T -Zigi'-f"J"" img - ewmarfef Jfyf cgcfoof Qfewmarfef 95 cv Rmpsfzre I X f N f N f ff ,ff fm ! x f W 1 v Q ,ff . . X, ,ff N X X M! if, N f , f f I i If ' 1 I ' S 5 j' " 1 4 xii, f f X 'fl ' gftl -' 4-5Q ff?Y , ' 'S-if: 1--T 4 'tffil P+ A - "'-"fl+ 'TQM ' ' -lv Yi- L 1 , , - 1 Y L+- - L ' 1 Sl.. ' ' , 3 "" -SA Y ,: W5f -""?' f T F' 7--P24 96 1' 7 Q . Newmarket High School is the setting for the four-act play and education is our main plot. After four years here, we come forth with the knowledge and confidence that success lies ahead in the chosen field for which we have been auditioning. The success of our role on life's stage has been determined already by our performance in school work and extracurricular activities. We have been trained in our vocations to be star players with lead roles in our professions. The main obiective at Newmarket High is to develop and further our abilities, whether they be in science, the liberal arts, home eco- nomics, the manual arts, or in business. To us, each area- is an art in itself and this knowledge is being transmitted to us through our instructors. Here at Newmarket High School, we not only learn the intricacies of starring in our future productions but also the back-stage work as well. We fully realize that our high school years, Acts I, ll, Ill, and the grand finale, are the actual rehearsals for our final role in the drama of life. YEARBOOK EDITOR Lorraine Hamel " fi' A i ' ' ' 5111.7 ,fy ' . -, ,- ifsfivvr if ' ,,., . ,r. -1 ,J ,-is. 2 ' T f- DEDlCATlON Zzfecfor To you Mr Miner The Class of 1956 is proud To dedicaTe The Lamprey As The member of The faculTy who has done The mosT in deTermined The success of This our lasT sTand aT N H S We sincerely hope ThaT This humble display of graTiTude will show in parT our indebTedness for your leadership I ' I guiding us in our individual roles, we feel ThaT you, above all, have , . . . I I TFOOQICQF All fhe world s a sfage And all The men and women merely players They have fherr exrfs and fherr entrances And one man rn hrs frme plays many parts SHAKESPEARE These famous lanes hold to be as True Today as when wnflen In 1600 How well you play your many parts vvlll depend upon how well you have learned Those fundamemals of acfnng whsle playlng yourself In Act l of The story of your life Your second acT as about To begun will The play be a comedy Tragedy or a wholesome long run producTuon'P We who have worked vvnh you during your hugh school years suncerely hope you have learned your parfs well for you will gave buT one performance will :T be a good one? REXFORD AVERY Prsncupal ll I I . . . U I I - n 11 - ll - ll - - . . . , , ' . I IUOIZ .S OPS REXFORD H AVERY Umversety Massachusetts B S M S EO A LANDROCHE Keene Teachers College Plymouth Teachers College B Ed ,l CHARLES E GREENWOOD Plymouth Teachers College BEd LEWIS E CROCKER Umversuty of Mass, Boston Umverslty BM FORREST C MINER Umversnty New Hampshire B nn d MARJORIE V WOOD FREDERICK G FARLEY Unnversuty of N H Bryand and Strat Keene Teachers College Unuverslty of ton B A N B E ANNA S TEERI ROBERT DORVAL Boston Unlversnty BS EdM Anselms College BA ANTHONY N CIRILLO IRENE A LABRANCHE Lowell Teachers College, Boston Um Boston College Umversuty of Mass versny BS nn Ed BS 0 X of - of . ., . , l .s. ' E . I A 1 'V :ll fb T ,1 ' 1 , ll Je' L - . . l. Y t 'K X ' 5 I T . EDITORS Lorraine Hamel Editor Carol Beaudette Assistant Editor Sandra Walker Junior Editor Nancy Dawes Staff Artist Mrs. Anna Teeri Advisor eargoof csfqff BUSINESS STAFF Bruce Hauschel, Business Manager Mrs. Anna Teeri Advisor Carol Walker Kenneth White Robert de Rochemont Gretchen Mason Richard Demers Nancy Dawes TYPISTS Gretchen Mason Muriel Wawrzkiewicz Nancy Dawes Lorraine Hamel Jeannette Belleau Carol Beaodette Mary Lasofsky Cynthia Hill Joan Labranche Mrs. Anna Teeri Advisor K.. aw if-fm r but I cfs A Lxgxxx X Q imhxm ,,"is1't 1415 I' 'R 2 .SD J ll, 9 A NN I ' QU' C T X '14 K! 7 Q f NV Q' 5 If WI 0066-2' W af? X44 415 'V i I ,f 'fo L! '0 ,S , g?Q,Iax:"1 -'7,f'Q". 74 - A ,, ,Lf Rig, FA' :Z ' fa 1 1 f, - - ' Al' 4-14, ,ML .9 Y, x.H b ,i' -X f W if 'N k'Ni:4Q ' ,jf -I , . U: ,' G -13 1' W We' " 1,21 ff " N' -N :fv . TOJTQ.. X - X I K 'PBKQSA '3 - wh - Q N 45.-Ska, fr. ' X wi" :fr FA: ,A ' - 7 V Aft! 'gulf 11.7 ,l.:??:!4 ly, 'pxszzxkns 'N Jff If 35: -,ffj ff ,Z al- "" , 4 "f 1 9 ' x xe:,5'f" 1' 44 'f V 1 I G' :QI ifiniah. ?g ' '-fix? " 'fL'2C5,' I glf 1 f j x f 'Q um - If r' .f' 'K 17 1 x 15191, 4, r ".f 1 . lx ef' X CK X 2 , f f I v 4 '-N -' r I X Y Nl! ' ' I r I + gf ' C x x N f ,Inf 4 I 1 U I I X X x 1 y ' R , A N155 4 R 1 fi l 3 T- W l E. ,, at 1 'DU ' wa- A M L.. L A A A , H., ,"0"'h-. First row: Alice Mongeon, Nancy Gooch, Owen Russell, Jacqueline Dodds, Jack Beairsto, Mr. Farley, Jane Hoik, Paul Savko, Carla Donovan, Gloria Gagne, and Catherine White. Second row: Hartford Laughton, Chester Willey, Elaine Keller, Geraldine Bogacz, Marie Robitelle, Cynthia Nelson, William Roulo, Mildred Roy, Eleanor Bomze, Rita Talbot, Richard Proulx, Richard Norton. Third row: Robert Roy, Frank Smas, Raymond Beaudette, Robert Schultz, Richard Morin, John Call, Edward Finn, Robert White, Charles Clark, Peter Desroches, and Maurice Pelletier. F93 122912 September finally came and thirty-four pupils entered Room 3, im- patient to begin their role in senior high school. Though it was quite a challenge, we were immediately accepted in the activities of New- market High School. Our first class meeting was held under the supervision of Mr. Farley, class advisor. We elected our class officers as follows: President, Jack Beairsto, Vice President, Jane Hoik, Secretary, Paul Savko, Treas- urer, Jackie Dodds, Student Council Representatives, Carla Donovan and Owen Russell. Our Freshman Initiation was not quite as hilarious as in former years, but we got a taste of the Seniors' superiority. Wei One l i 9 ,,.,-,4,g..'..,-.Mei H I N K "fn" N5 .-3. ,-9' -A fm ' - W H?- ' -fa T- is-an ' s will QQ-2 I . 3 3 5 , r wi gresfman CQSJ Ojffcers President , ,, ,,.,,,,,, ,,,, J ACK BEAIRSTO Vice President ,,,,. ,,.,. J ANE HOIK Secretary ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , , ,A PAUL SAVKO Treasurer , ,,,,,, ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , , , ,,,,,, ,A JACKIE DODDS Student Council Representatives ,,., CARLA DONOVAN OWEN RUSSELL Class Advisor ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, . . ,,,.,,,,.. MR. FARLEY The main social event of the year was the St. Pat's Dance which was held in March. Through everyone's cooperation, the gym was color- fully decorated forthe occasion. We have been well represented in all sports this year, especially basketball, and we are all looking forward to future years at New- market High School with eagerness. First row: Virginia La Branche, Rose Pelletier, Madeleine Clough, Anita Geoffrion, Carla Grant, Constance Bloom, Mr. Greenwood, Crystal Marden, Sandra Bassett, Robert Gowen, Beverly Laughton, Joanne Gooch, Virginia Brigulio. Second row: Ernest Robertson, Richard Emond, Bernard Grochmal, Sally Dawes, Sally Philbrick, George Beaudet, Dorothy Woinar, Joan Pohopek, Gilbert Lang, William Mason, Dennis Abbott. Third row: Roland La Plume, Robert Zwearcan, Robert Schultz, Robert Melanson, Edward Prescott, Eugene Call, Robert Labranche, John Conner, James Howcroft, Allen Russell, Richard Crooker. C3010 OIZQOFQS Well, here we are again! A year older and, we hope, a year wiser. At our first class meeting we elected our class officers. They are as follows: President, Constance Bloom, Vice President, Crystal Marden, Secretary, Carla Grant, Treasurer, Sandra Bassett. Anita Geoffrion and Robert Gowen represent the Sophomore class in the Student Council. fvcf Uwe 5 4, 4 5 1. 5- 2 if' li 4 f t . s it to if ., .'a s C 5 5 Mawf t . ' g , CS 0,05 0112 ore GQSJ OMCQFS President CONSTANCE BLOOM Vice President , CRYSTAL MARDEN Secretary CARLA GRANT Treasurer SANDRA BASSETT Student Council Representatives ANITA GEOFFRION ROBERT GOWEN With our advisor, Mr. Greenwood, we have had an eventful year, the main event of which was our annual Sophomore Hop, held Novem- ber 5, T955. We danced to the music of John Howe and his orches- tra. The whole class participated in decorating the gym and the results were most gratifying. We eagerly anticipate the next two years. First row: Judy Hale, Rober Harvey, Sandra Walker, Miss Wood, Edward Dutka, Jeannie Ryan, Richard Wilson, and Rachel Labonte. Second row: Dorothy Dickinson, Betty Shelton, Shirley St. Laurent, Sandra Dodds, Joanne Reardon, Harlene Szabo, and Betty Finn. Third row: Genevieve Robertson, Ronald Davis, Edgar Moisan, Bruce Dexter, Richard Emond, and Nancy Finn. 111210143 September 7 marked an exciting day for us because at last we were upperclassmen. Under the supervision of Miss Wood, we elected our class officers. President, Sandra Walker, Vice President, Edward Dutka, Secretary, Jeannie Ryan, Treasurer, Roger Harvey, and Student Council Represent- atives, Judy Hale and Richard Wilson. We were all surprised and happy at the early arrival of our class rings on September 20. On October 28 we had a halloween dance which was very suc- qcf 7 fee A 3 F iii 5' . L1 , -I 1 , unzor Cjkrss fygbers President SANDRA WALKER Vice President EDWARD DUTKA Secretary JEANNIE RYAN Treasurer ROGER HARVEY Student Council Representatives . ,,,,,, JUDY HALE RICHARD WILSON cessful. Our class was well represented in social activities and sports. Our Junior Play turned out successfully and from then on all thoughts were focused on the Junior Prom. The music was provided by the Cavaliers and the evening proved to be an enioyable and memorable one. We all look forward to our last year at Newmarket High School with great enthusiasm. .,...-.- r-57' Q'-ni 5.2 --...W .35 -fz J, .1 fill ssl! li: ul I ,S n p 1 ,-sf 1 0 9 in 121 Us i' tl 11 v.,.....-.w T 445-1 .14,., ww-ff WE' Qf2IOf'15- AW' ff 5' fax j y 4 N1 1' X 5 . f f ,, M 6 f If gf wry 1 M Q fllwx yt. J 5 ILL ' 4 , X X x K , lx K ,W Q y, " ' 5' id X , X , ' , ,.,f S7 X "6 ' xilqi 2 ix N5 f 1 X 'X K f XR x XX If W J y i QZQGQ as ,ww 4 5, lf if 5 S E 5 .,, S 5 r , , i 2 A I 2' ',ff, l D -1.5 is ii- Z President BRUCE HAUSCHEL Vice Pre-Sidenf ROBERT cle ROCHEMCJNT Fecre'arr CARCL BEAUDEYTE 3 C QIYIOITS First row: Carol Walker, Robert McGowen, Carol Beaudeife, Bruce Hauschel, Mr. Miner, Roberi de Rochemont, Richard Derners, Greichen Mason, Jeanne-tie Belleau. Second row: Mary Lasofsky, Muriel Wawrzkiewicz, Nancy Dawes, Joan Labranche, Richard Gagne, Lorraine Hamel, Cynthia Hill, Frances Brigulio. Third row: Ronald McGowen, Jacques Gagnon, Charles Chanfre, Richard Bealieu, Bernard Baillargeon, Richard Pohopek, Ken- neth White. cgenzor GQSJ Offfbers Treasurer RlCl-lARD DEMERS S'i,'lPl7l Cow: C-RETCHEN MASON RCDBERT '.'fGOWENl fldwsof '.'.R TJWNER i BERNARD D. BAi LLARGEON "He wouldn't do anythin Expression: "You like that, Goal: Aeronautical Engineer Interest: Cars and Hunting g against the rules." you?" Honors and Activities: Glee Club l, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Golf l, Transferred A. mmf CAROL A. BEAUDETTE "This is worse than living in an insane asylum!" Expression: "Step on it before it spreads." Goal: A successful marriage Interest: Monroe's Gulf Station Honors and Activities: President l, Pep Club President A, National Honor Society A, Vice President 4, Secretary 3, 4, Pep Club Secretary 3, Golf Club 3, Student Council l, Glee Club l, 2, Music Club l, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Golf Club Treasurer 3, Student Patrol 4, Yearbook Assistant Editor 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Usherette Junior Play 2, Usherette Senior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Pep Club 2, 3, A, School Service Club 3, 4, Senior Class Marshal 3, Girls' State 3, Sophomore Hop Committee 2. RICHARD P. BEAULIEU "Looks pretty complete to me." Expression: "Shall things fascinate small minds." Goal: Electrical contractor Interest: Playing cards Honors and Activities: Glee Club l, Music Club l, Stage Crew, Junior Play 3, Stage Crew, Senior Play A, Usher Senior Reception 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Boys' State 3. JEANNETTE R. BELLEAU Expression: "You betcha!" Goal: England Interest: Looking for a "39 Olds" Pep Club 3, 4. "This man and woman business is very foolish Honors and Activities: Glee Club I: Music Club 'lg Senior Play 4: Junior Play 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Sophomore Hop Committee 2 FRANCES E. Bizisuuo "lt was all a joke." Expression: "Goin' like crazy." Goal: To retire lnterest: Skating and Badminton Honors and Activities: Glee Club lg Music Club lf Softball Manager 3: Student Patrol 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Senior Play Promptor 4: School Service Club 4: Sophomore Hop Committee 2. CHARLES P. CHANTRE "Ah shut up and let me sleep." Expression: "Hey Punk." Goal: To pass Generai Science Interest: Hanging around Honors and Activities: Basketball Usher for Junior Play 2. I NANCY E. DAWES "Why-that's my picture, I drew that!" Expression: "You gotta go!" Goal: To be a well-known artist Interest: Drawing, Playing piano, and Jerry Honors and Activities: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff Artist 3, 4, Junior Play 3: Senior Play Ag Junior Prom Committee 35 Junior Play Make-up, Senior Play, Make-up, RICHARD A. DEMERS "ls someone trying to make a fool our of me?" Goal: Success and Recognition Interest: Tropical Fish, Hunting, Fishing Honors and Activities: Treasurer 3, 4, Yearbook, Business Staff: Junior Play, Stage Crew, Senior Play 4, Usher, Senior Reception 3: Junior Prom Committee 37 Track 1, 2. l ROBERT D. DEROCHEMONT "You're still here, Romeo?" Expression: "How about that?" Goal: Bachelor Interest: Dancing and Playing Piano Honors and Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club President 4: Glee Club Vice President 1, 3, 47 Student Council 4, Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Student Patrol 4: Yearbook Business Staff, Biology Club 2, Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4: Usher, Sen- ior Play 3, Junior Prom Committee 3: School Service Club 4: Senior Class Marshal 3. Ricrmeo G. GAGNE "Didn't know you was in on this " Expression: "Aw! Aw!" Goal: A twenty-year Navy man Interest: Playing the guitar Honors and Activities: Student Council 3g Presr dent 3g oiee Club i, Qt 3g Musk cms i, Gait 2, 53 Junior Play 35 Senior Play Stage Crew Ag Junior Prom Committee. Q ' .1 JACQUES A. GAGNON "You ought to see some of the girls he likes to meet!" Expression: "What a club!" Goal: Become an odd-shoe boy like Richard McDonald Interest: Playing carcls and breaking hearts Honors and Activities: Music Club lg Basketball l, 2, 3, Ag Baseball l, 3, Ag Usher Junior Play 25 Track l, 2, 3, Ag Pep Club 3j Babe Ruth Athletic Award 3, LORRAINE C. HAMEL "Are you positive nobodys telephoned rr1e7' Expression: "No kiddin'9" Goal: Secretary to Mr. President Interest: Those dark and handsome six footers Honors and Activities: President 2g Vice President lg Student Council 2, 4, President A5 National Honor Society 3, 4, President Ag Glee Club lg Music Club lg Softball l, 3, 45 Student Patrol Ag Yearbook Junior Editor 3, Yearbook Editor 47 Junior Play 35 Senior Play Ag Usherette Senior Reception 3g Junior Prom Committee 3g Pep Club 3, 45 School Service Club fig Girls' State 35 Sophos more Hop Committee. F BRUCE W HAuscHEL Eypr ss on al nneclo n Q ,Q an O Q cy C pert o J C A Student Pa r Btoloqr ri f or r -'nt r 3 Se 1 cceptlon 3 unlor Prom Commlttert Trac J Silt rv gb v A CYNTHIA E HILL She 5 really very sensrfrve Expressuon Real large oh sugar' Goal To be a secretary Interest Cooking lustenung 'fo the radro Honors and Actnvutnes Glee Club l 2 3 A Musa u l 2 Sensor Play 4 School S rvlce Club Sophomore Hop Comr-mttee 2 Yearbook Typlst A JOAN A LABRANCHE 'I dont have anythmg lo be ashamed ol Expressnon 'Large charge good grlef' Goal To become a stenograplwer Interest Oll pamtung Honors and Actuvltnes Glee Club l 2 3 .1 Senuor Play A, Pep Club 2 Glrls State 'Z oxho more Hop Comrmttee 2 School Servuco Club A Yearbook Typust 4 ,mY Ning., GRETCHEN E. MASON "Oh, ah understand he's been nuts about lots of girls." Expression: Did you see him? Goal: X-ray Technician Interest: To travel Honors and Activities: Student Council 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 2, 4: Softball 1: Golf MARY LASOFSKY "Boy, will she make a sucker out of him" Expression: "Wowe-isn't he cute!" Goal: Won'ien's Army Corps Interest: Boys Honors and Activities: Glee Club l, 2 3, 4 Usherette 2: Pep Club 3 3, Librarian 3, 4: Yearbook Business Staff 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play mittee 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Corn- 4: Cheerleader 3, 4, School Service Club 3, 4: Sophomore Hop Com- mittee 2. " - l ' A an g ROBERT MCGOWEN "Thanks to you and your wacky ideas." Expression: Let's face it Goal: Navy Career Interest- Attending school events Honors and Activities: Student Council 3, A: Glce Club lg Music Club lg Student Patrol 4: Yearbook Business Staff A: Junior Play 3: Senior Play, Stage Crew A, Junior Prom Committee 3. RONALD MCGOWEN "Who else was there to blame?" Expression: "Nice going!" Goal: To have a happy future Interest: Bette Honors and Activities: Glee Club 1, 2: Music Club lg Junior Play, Stage Crew 3. RICHARD A. Poi-IOPEK "Make up your mind, are you Shakespeare or Don Juan!" Expression: "Best club in the state." Goal: Architectural Engineer Interest: Hunting and fishing Honors and Activities: Glee Club lg Music Club lg Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Student Patrol 4: Junior Play 3. VIRGINIA ST. HILAIRE "You're always up to something." Expression: "How are you?" Goal: To be an Airline Stewardess Interest: Going out and riding on Harleys Honors and Activities: Glee Club l. 'Wh ll' .3 MURIEL WAWRZKIEWI "Dorv'Y say arn'r1n fronlofvhv svudemsf' Expression: "Mother McCree" Goal: Teacher lnteres1: Seeing Bob CAROL A, VVALKEQ "There are worse rhrngg vlzav forrbcysl ExprCS5lCrvg"AwlgOlr1g 'oc las' lo' ,OFM Goai, Marrrage amd Deccrarmg lwteresv. Hrro Honors 8776 Ac? -:Ties V o- Presrocf' 25 ST,l.IL'Yl Counm I, 2, Treasner 2g Gee Cr-: lp Vasc Club l 2, 3, 4: Basxe'Ca+ 1, 2 E -1gCC-Capmw -17 Sollliall 7 2 3 -1- GG' 3: SLUQWV Petro .15 Yearbook Business Slafl .ig Juwor Play 3g Semor Play Ag Uslwcrefve 3g Jw or Prom Cow millec 3g Pep Club l Q 3 -1 Treasurer 3 4 Clmorl Lr-.2 cler l, 2, 3 .ig H1-ad Cheerleader 4, School Serwce C uh l 2 3 .1 Scsoowore Hop Colrwrrwdvcff 2 CZ Honors and Acfnvmiesa Glen Club I 45 Music Club lr lrbrarian l, 3g Prompler Junior Play 3g Somor Play -ip School Service Club l 3g Year- book T,plsr.1. KENNHH H, Www, JQ. Y l wir' rf r fl! 'V r lrV"' i-gm-szrrw "Kwai V '1"" Gu: H- s czwslul rx r-,r ' 1 .-,,,K- GP V-Q 'lf'-wg ,1-': ff W. ' -' K ' YQ ' iw fl.: E BAL--'riall l 2 Pa, i""": -,,, cm, phd, 359, 3 , , 4 5 r -5, ffrv' v W 7"ck l T 'll fm' 7 A1 jufoyrapfs My OOC "W-q C659 F M W 777 :go-ufwff MJ A , ff KM M5 jifw QXMEQWKM Z, ffm . gf M . M 5f'jiQ1E'1X533'! ' K9 ww 5 Wm c W Q J if MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Lorraine Hamel Richard Demers MOST REPRESENTATIVE OF N.H.S. Lorraine Hamel Bruce Hauschel MOST ORIGINAL Nancy Dawes Robert de Rochemont MOST SERIOUS Muriel Wawrzkiewicz Walter Zwearcan MOST RESPECTED Carol Beaudette Bruce Hauschel MOST ATHLETIC Carol Walker Jacques Gagnon MOST FRIENDLY Frances Brigulio Ronald McGowen MOST ATTRACT IVE Carol Beaudette Bruce Hauschel Oufsfan 1h y MOST EFFICIENT Joan Labranche Bruce Hauschel MOST POLITE Gretchen Mason Bernard Baillargeon MOST VERSATILE Carol Walker Bruce Hauschel MOST DRAMATIC Carol Walker Robert de Rochemont MOST ROMANTIC Mary Lasofsky Richard Pohopek J QI' OZQIZQGIQ C83 CLASS GIGGLERS Gretchen Mason Robert McGowen CLASS WIT Lorraine Hamel Bruce Hauschel PEPPIEST Jeannette Belleau Richard Beaulieu CHATTERBOX Frances Brigulio Kenneth White MOST INTELLECTUAL Lorraine Hamel Richard Beaulieu MOST TYPICAL Jeannette Belleau Richard Demers MOST TALENTED Nancy Dawes Robert de Rochernont BEST DANCERS Carol Walker Robert de Rochemont BEST SPORTS Frances Brigulio Richard Gagne BEST NATURED Frances Brigulio Jacques Gagnon MOST RESERVED Virginia St. Hilaire Charles Chantre CLASS BABY Cynthia Hill Richard Pohopek September 3, 1952, forty-six pupils enrolled as Freshmen at N.H.S. Mr. Landroche was our advisor in Room 3. The following week we elected officers at our first class meeting. They were as follows: President, Carol Beaudette, Vice President, Lor- raine Hamel, Secretary, Priscilla Wycik, Treasurer, Martha Marshall, and Student Council Representatives, Carol Walker and Bruce Hauschel. Late in September, the class felt like true members of N.H.S. Freshman Initiation was held, and dressed in silly outfits, passing lollipops, and bowing down to the almighty Seniors. ln October we put on our first assembly which was a thrilling mystery program. We, as Freshmen, held our St. Patrick's dance which was a colorful event. The auditorium was gaily decorated in green and white. September 9, 1953, we returned to high school as Sophomores. We soon found out that Mr. LaBouthillier was to be our class advisor in Room 4. Our first class meeting was held later in the week, and we elected officers as follows: President, Lorraine Hamel, Vice President, Carol Walker, Secretary, Bruce Hauschel, Treasurer, Priscilla Wycik, Student Council Representatives, Carol Walker and Bruce Hauschel. Late in October we held our first social event which was the Sopho- more Hop. The high school auditorium was gaily decorated, and music was provided by the "Art Turner Orchestra." Lorraine Hamel and Robert de Rochemont led the Grand March. September 8, 1954, was a big day for us as we were beginning our third year of high school. Mr. Stone was the advisor of Room 5 with thirty-one pupils reporting for classes. IQSQ fo cgfarobm an fl! The election of officers was as follows: President, Richard Gagne, Vice President, Robert de Rochemont, Secretary, Carol Beaudette, Treasurer, Richard Demers, and Student Council Representatives, Robert McGowen and Donald Labonte. Lorraine Hamel was to be our yearbook editor, Carol Beaudette assistant editor, and Bruce Hauschel, business manager. We were true upperclassmen in November when we received our most prized possessions . . . class rings. The next big event was the Christmas party sponsored by the Junior Class. ln May we presented our play which was entitled, "Where's Laurie," directed by Mr. Folsom. The cast had a most enioyable time, and it will long be remembered by us. May 20 was a big night for us. We held our annual Junior Prom which turned out to be very successful. The gym was gaily decorated with orchid and white streamers. The Grand March was led by Gretchen Mason and Robert de Rochemont, and we danced to the music of "The Cavaliers." Carol Beaudette and Robert de Rochemont were chosen as class marshals for the graduating class. Carol Allen, Jeannette Belleau, Lor- raine Hamel, Richard Demers, Richard Beaulieu, and Bruce Hauschel were chosen as ushers and usherettes for graduation and the reception. Our Senior year has finally arrived. September 7, l955, was here and twenty-five Seniors were in their same seats. We were again in Room 5 with Mr. Miner as our class advisor. At our first class meeting we elected officers. They are as follows: President, Bruce Hauschel, Vice President, Robert de Rochemont, Secre- tary, Carol Beaudette, Treasurer, Richard Demers, Student Council Representatives, Gretchen Mason and Robert McGowen. Late in September we had our Senior pictures taken. We also chose green and white for our class colors and red rose as our class flower. June 14, 1956, is the closing of our high school days. With mist in our eyes, loyalty in our hearts, and a regret for our departure, we pass from "possibility to actuality." CARCL BEAUDETTE Ns Easf 1 nof esfamenf Gretchen Mason leaves her abnlnty to sneak out of offnce practuce to Joanne Reardon Robert de Rochemont leaves has love for music to Bobby Whute Carol Beaudette leaves her talent for forging Phys Ed excuses an the safe keeplng of Mr Landroche Bruce Hauschel leaves has 39 Olds to the future N H S hot rodder Jean Ryan Muruel Wawrzkuewncz leaves her serene manner to Joan Pohopek Ruchard Gagne leaves has guutar to Joyce Grochmal Jeanette Belleau leaves her abullty for getting Into mlschlef to Judy Hale Richard Demers leaves hrs qunet smlle to Denms Abbott Frances Brlgulao leaves her knack of talklng her way out of anythung to Bully Mason Rnchard Beaulleu leaves has bashfulness to Ronald Davns Carol Walker leaves her buultun PA system to Connie Bloom for furthermg her cause Ken White leaves his spelllng ablllty to Sandra Dodds Lorralne Hamel leaves her 'ob as chnef edltor to anyone who has a full bottle of asplrln Good luck Sandy' The McGowen twms leave thetr nicknames Ding and Dong to the Sklarsku twlns Nancy Dawes leaves her artnstlc talent to Mrs Teen Now she can draw the pnctures on the blackboards Bernard Balllargeon leaves his DA and charm to Casey Call Joan Labranche leaves all her money to Denny to buy a murror for the gurls room Jacques Gagnon leaves has white bucks to Mr Greenwood Cynthia Hull leaves her philosophy of llfe to Mr Mlner Walter Zwearcan leaves his crewcut to Walter Schultz Mary Lasofsky leaves her ponytall to Jane Holk Richard Pohopek leaves has knowledge of science to Mr Greenwood for further use an has teachnng career CLASS OF 56 - I . . . , . , - . . . ll f ll 11 ll I - 1 1 Zi . .. -!:, M- Mfg fbi h- Lahu- 1 . A ' '15 , 1 I .f i f -I., wgjfsg. . V wiv, 1 . My X 'Z' 5 Ls' ' f 4, .-ik ff, , .. , ' 1 m 5 V s. ,. A A ' i , fl .1 " ' 1 ' 'v ' .1 V Q f ff 14 " -kziifi' A 3 ' Q x ,i U fn' vxyqkh v Vi Q-.1 A ' 1 w N 1 I ' l ff-Lv' 1 I l I Y ,ff 1 1 ir ' I -cap? . - -f 32 - s .71 5? ' if 9, , if - , ,- ry, . , . " Fin fry , Ya' f -Y vmfv--wk- M, mf?-gh. 41.411 :NMA L N. f , 1 2 1 Q'- gx 10' 'fs ef ,u gl 3 A wah, Q- ,f4mwM I W ' 'vn-f w may t, , 'A+ I ,ii 'WIA fb Vila? 1-an 23111 ' 4 U W 952, hx.. W.. ,I nf' gt H6 , . , ,N L. .10-'C '. van! a , , ., el, -kv, . ax I Yi -N---, ,-..... ,. , M. -.-ann-N. ,-.. mg, - lf M-up-.M-, ,ll L.. ' 3 T' if . X. 1. .f,y: Q, M 1441555 af , 9 , 3. v I' 1-'2"+"ff?g'i"f-x. - ' -Leaf, :fu b H ,, af. ,A ' 1' 5 E- if ' ...fl v-I li: ,ff x V. A AVE' f . ., F '-.. :Y ' - - . - fi 4 Eff-m' gg ' -uw-"H , Q' . A 5 . 355' 1 I I I I lv .I, 1 7 ...ff 1,6214 fIA?,?,,,,:- Kg if G X x X 'l' , TT?- T' - ,... -41" I X XX X J First row: Betty Shelton, Lorraine Hamel, Mr. Avery, Carol Beaudette, and Jean Ryan. Second row: Sandra Walker, Andrew Crooker, and Judy Hale. afzbzzaf H612 OI' OCIQQ At the beginning of the year, the Lamprey Chapter of the National Honor Society's membership was limited to one. As the year progressed several students from the Junior and Senior classes were awarded membership. Mr. Avery was our advisor and working with him were President, Lorraine Hamel, and Vice President, Carol Beaudette. Since there was only one member at the beginning of the year, other Seniors were chosen to make up the Student Patrol. ' ' 1 Q Sl First row: Carol Hazeltine, Connie Bloom, Bruce Hauschel, Mr. Dorval, Lorraine Hamel, Sandra Walker, Anita Geoffrion. Second row: Walter Wheeler, Jackie Roderiques, Judy Hale, Albert St. Laurent, Gretchen Mason, and Robert McGowen. Third row: Eugene Hayes, Bruce Dexter, Richard Wilson, Bob Gowen, Dennis Sklarski, and Robert de Rochemont. CSfz10Q12f Gouncz' At our first meeting on September 20, 1955, the Student Council elected officers. Lorraine Hamel was elected as president, Bruce Hauschel as vice president, Connie Bloom as secretary, and Sandra Walker as treasurer. The Freshman initiation was the first activity sponsored by the Council. The Council has diligently attempted to contribute to the improve- ment of the school as a place of work and enioyment. Mr. Robert Dorval, our advisor, has guided us materially in our efforts. Z fy I i , ,. 'WW " "md E, , ., A 6 sl. gQ'5,j' L. ie? ' First row: Alice Mongeon, Dorothy Dickinson, Rose Pelletier, Gloria Gagne, Rita Talbot, Madeleine Clough, Carla Donovan, Mary Lasofsky, Muriel Wawrzkiewicz, Jeanne Ryan, and Anita Geoffrion. Second row: Geraldine Bogacz, Marie Robitelle, Betty Finn, Nancy Finn, Eleanor Bomze, Cynthia Nelson, Joan Pohopek, Carla Grant, Harlene Szabo, Sandra Bassett, and Mr. Crocker. Third row: Sally Dawes, Elaine Keller, Cynthia Hill, Sally Phil- brick, Jane Hoik, Jackie Dodds, Nancy Dawes, Crystal Marden, Sandra Dodds, Connie Bloom, and Joan Labranche. QUE 969 S616 At the opening of school, the Girls' Glee Club elected the following officers: President, Jeannie Ryan, Vice President, Sandra Dodds, Secre- tary, Betty Finn, Treasurer, Connie Bloom, and Librarians, Madeleine Clough and Betty Mitchell. Mr. Crocker was our Director. Soon after, the Girls' Glee Club presented a Thanksgiving Assembly in which they gave a meaningful speech of Thanksgiving and sang selections. The Spring Concert was a memorable event. We look forward to next year with much anticipation. . 1 , l l l S 1 I ' 3 E it 3 L 1 Q First row: Richard Wilson, Robert de Rochemont, Richard Emond. Second row: Bruce Dexter, Owen Russell and Paul Savko. Seated: Mr. Lewis Crocker. ways 7 gke Although the Boys' Glee Club lacked quantity, we truly accomplished a great deal during the year. We participated in several assemblies and gave our annual Christmas concert in the Community Church. We then began preparation for our spring concert, which was well received. The year was ended by jointly participating with the Girls' Glee Club in Commencement exercises. We hope next year will bring us continued success and additional members. l at -n--J First row: Jean Ryan, Robert de Rochemont, Betty Finn, Mr. Crocker, Sandra Dodds, Betty Shelton, Paul Savko, Eleanor Bomze. Second row: Carla Donovan, Jane Hoik, Judy Hale, Carla Grant, Harlene Szabo, Carol Walker, Sandra Bassett. Third row: Robert Schultz, Roger Harvey, Constance Bloom, Anita Geoffrion, Sandra Walker, Robert Gowen, Bruce Dexter. yyzguszc' The Music Club of Newmarket High School, under the direction of Mr. Lewis Crocker, had a very successful year. We elected our officers: President, Betty Shelton, Vice Presidents, Sandra Dodds and Robert de Rochemont, Secretary, Betty Shelton, Treasurer, Jeannie Ryan. Our activities of the year included a "Boston Pops" trip, which was enioyed by all who participated. We also presented an assembly, and sponsored a highly successful dance. . i First row: Robert McGowen, Richard Pohopek, Roland LaPlume, Dennis Kelleher, Mr. Avery, Bruce Hauschel, Robert DeRochemont, William Mason. Second row: Madeline Clough, Betty Shelton, Frances Brigulio, Cynthia Hill, Joan Pohopek, Jeannie Ryan, Gretchen Mason. Third row: Carol Walker, Crystal Marden, Lorraine Hamel, Joan LaBranch, Carol Beaudette, Harlene Szabo, Betty Finn. cscfoof cseruzbe The school Service Club went into action with the opening of school and resumed its position of rendering service to N.H.S. Included in our membership are the office girls, the ice cream sellers, the flag raiser, our janitor, Denny Kelleher, and many others who perform a service for their school. lt has been our goal to serve the school in any capacity of which we are capable. The duties that we have performed, under the direction of Mr. Avery, will remain our contribution to N.H.S. We look forward to serve again next year. 15, of LSP ' H. V - V .if 'PT' 'E' .' ,, . First row: Sandra Walker, Madeline Clough, Virginia Labranche, Virginia Brigulio, Sally Philbrick, Mr. Landroche, Cynthia Nelson, Sandra Bassett, Jeannette Belleau, Jean Ryan, Carla Donovan and Anita Geoffrion. Second row: Frances Brigulio, Genevieve Robertson, Sandra Dodds, Carol Beaudette, Constance Bloom, Lorraine Hamel, Crystal Marden, Carla Grant, Harlene Szabo, Jane Hoik, and Joan Pohopek. Third row: Betty Finn, Carol Walker, Robert White, Richard Wilson, Robert Gowen, Roger Harvey, Bruce Hauschel, Kenneth White, Roland LaPlume, Dennis Abbott, Betty Shelton and Gretchen Mason. 723, om The first meeting of the Pep Club was held on January 4 and found us with 34 members. We elected our officers: President, Carol Beau- dette, Vice President, Bruce Hauschel, Secretary, Sandra Walker, and Treasurer, Carol Walker. On February 4 we sponsored our annual "Winter Carnival Ball." The music of John Howe's Orchestra was enjoyed by all and the gym was beautifully decorated for the gala occasion. We selected Connie Bloom as our queen and Bob Gowen was king. The success of our club was due to the guidance of our advisor, Mr. Landroche, and our appreciation is great. The Pep Club Winter Ball was held on February 4 and there was a large attendance to witness the coronation. When the big moment arrived, it was revealed that Connie Bloom and Bob Gowen were king and queen for one night at N.H.S. Douglas Sklarski and Carol Roper were prince and princess. President of the Pep Club, Carole Beau- dette, and her escort, Bob de Rochemont, crowned the king and queen. Mr. Landroche planned and supervised the affair. It was really a night to remember. September 30 October 14 October 28 November 4 November I8 February 4 February l7 March 2 March 16 March 30 A rx l3 May 4 Ma l8 June l June lil mmf Calm JU- Freshman Reception Sensor Dance Junior Dance Sophomore Hop Cheerleaders Rally Sensor Dance Junior Dance Freshman Dance Musuc Club Dance Sophomore Dance Student Council Dance Junior Prom National Honor Socaety Dance Senuor Reception 3 0 C I C oooooooooo C C Winter Ball p 'l y . 'i Inc? 241 -7" M. - Z' f Z . -x f f' , X J X QQ, g XX 'ii Z Q. v Q ."-7? fi, -Qc ,' J Z 1 Nix rt' X- 1 :U 7 --'I +y: NX Nei 'FQ x ry' :ff 'NM Cb U ffl, f f f I x fl XX X rib'- N N X TL all loorfs f 'W fr! A In f Y Q L fx JAH j W 4 'L 7 XX M 1 x is x I I 1 ' X ll, im f x '. K W f ? N f Mx X IR. x , a X l f - fgw J ,. .Auaqjgfoiv F865 lOl E First row: Jacques Gagnon, Kenneth White, James Howcroft, and Charles Chantre. Second row: Coach Leo Landroche, Paul Savko, Eugene Call, Robert Gowen, Richard Pohopek, and Roger Harvey. joys 7 asfefgaf On November 4, basketball practice resumed once again in full force. With the loss of three of our varsity players, Coach Landroche had to produce new players to fill their shoes. The new team lacked height and experience for varsity ball, but hopes began to rise after defeating the alumni and winning both games at the Jamboree. Our first scheduled game against St. John's on December I, dimmed our prospects for the oncoming season as we lost to them, but New- market's fighting Mules came bouncing back and enioyed a victorious season. We ended the season with a lo-2 record and were off to the tourna- ment. In Durham, our boys came out runners-up in the State Class "B" Tournament. Three out of the first five, Charlie Chantre, Wally Zwear- can and Jacques Gagnon, were placed on the All-State squad. We wish to thank Coach Landroche for his expert advice and train- ing of the team. We are looking forward to another such successful season next year. Alumni ....... St. John's .A.. St. Marie Pembroke ...... Sanborn .,..vv St. Marie -,,,.. Sanborn r,r,.. Pembroke ...... Lancaster St. John's o,7,.. Raymond Exeter ,oo..... Hampton .,... Somersworth Raymond ...... Exeter ....o,.. Hampton ,o..7o Somersworth Penacook 'Newmarket ,,,,,,, ,7..,, 'Newmarket .,a.., 7,,,,7 ' Newmarket " Newmarket 1' Tournament Games BOYS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE '55-'56 Conant ,,.a, L,,, 4 2 Exeter ee..... ,,,, 5 3 Alviane ...., a,e. 4 1 Gorham .....,,a,,,, 47 S W .,, 2 , w x, 'F 1 5 'ff- ? Ai . Visitors Newmarket Score 42 54 61 50 72 80 44 53 28 84 E 25 51 47 73 E ,aeea 57 69 51 66 at L,,a 35 40 , 38 47 68 77 be E E 46 63 42 56 1 a,.L, 37 64 , 66 57 48 64 ,eaae 58 67 38 65 First row: Genevieve Robertson, Rose Pelletier, Sally Philbrick, Carla Donovan, Madeleine Clough, Nancy Gooch, and Sandra Dawes. Second row: Betty Shelton. Third row: Joyce Grochmal, Jean Ryan, Carla Grant, Carol Walker, Coach Greenwood, Sandra Walker, Crystal Marden, Lorraine Beairsto, and Harlene Szabo. 912067 J atsiafhf Although we started practice rather late in the fall, the turnout was one of the biggest for girls' basketball ever seen at N.H.S. Through a series of eliminations, fifteen girls were left to make up the squad. Betty Shelton became our manager. Under the coaching of Mr. Greenwood, we enjoyed a season more successful than any of us can remember. We ended the season win- ning six games and losing six, and we were proud for having achieved such a record. We sincerely hope that next year's team will have the benefit of Coach Greenwood's training and that they will surpass our record. Q ze-' ,K 5- F - Eg ig Q 'SFF 'sa 'UZ' 1271 , - ,Z in Q- gg aa' E Y 5 was A ,Z I 1 D 1 2' .JP ,Z v ,., f 2 r. Z ax: - - X' ,' :S ' 5 4 ' . 4 k , F 9.- 1 , ,Tr Af- 1 ku' eklxllg YL 'F' if . N X 7.4 F . 3 ,J if RF? '31, I iff? - -" -, me First row: Kenneth White, Roger Harvey, Eugene Call, Paul Savko, and Jack Beairsto. Second row: Coach Greenwood, Owen Russell, Richard Hazeltine, Albert St. Laurent, and Richard Crooker. unzbr arszky Under the supervision of Mr. Greenwood, the Jayvees are having a fine season of basketball. We ended the season with an outstanding record of 15-3. This was Mr. Greenwood's first year of coaching Jayvee basketball at Newmarket High and he has done an outstanding iob with the future varsity players of N.H.S. Our new Jayvee team has plenty of height which enabled us to win most of our games. We hope next year's team will have a record lust as good, if not better, than this year's team. We would like to wish Mr. Greenwood the best of luck in his future years at N.H.S. m'f?9l5 First row: Richard Hazeltine and Henry Smas. Second row: Robert Gowen, Albert St, Lawrence, Mr. Landroche, Jacques Gagnon and Owen Russell. TGC Newmarket High's Mules kicked up their heels at the starting gun and continued on to win decisive victories over all opponents during the regular cross-country season. We remained undefeated. ln November the boys faced twenty-seven other schools in the annual interscholastic meet held at Durham. To finish second was an achieve- ment of which Coach Leo Landroche and the harriers may well be proud. To next year's team, we wish continued success. First row: Robert Gowen, William Byron, David Noon, Richard MacDonald, Jacques Gagnon, and James Howcroft. Second row: Mr. Stone, Benny Gooch, Robert Melanson, Owen Russell, Roger Harvey, Eugene Call, and Robert Labranche. J asegaf Practice began in the middle of March and we proceeded to do the best we could with such a small turnout for the team. Our team, under the coaching of Mr. Stone, did fairly well during the season, winning the smaller proportion of our scheduled games. We hope this year's team will do well, and we wish them luck in their endeavors. 6 A W 'ff -L ml - ww QW ,yy 1 fl' 7' me t if W ,7N W, Q ' lp' M--a MQ 2,42 fsyrdf In the sprung of 55 we had many gurls present at the tryouts After much practice and careful ellmlnatton the team was reduced to eleven The softball team consisted of Carol Allen Carol Walker Carol Beau dette Sara Record Barbara Canney Lorralne Hamel Carla Donovan Joyce Grochmal Sandra Walker Harlene Szabo and Jean Ryan All veterans reported as we lost no players an graduation Under the skull ful coaching of a U N H student Carol Murphy we had a very suc cesstul season Our able manager Frances Brlgulno was a great asset to our team The BCQUISITIOH of a new tueld aided materially In our vlctortes Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Sanborn Hampton Raymond Exeter EPPWQ Raymond 26 Epplng 6 20 Sanborn I6 13 Hampton 23 7 Exeter I8 U D P T " Tb !v' ' I K ' ri - 'r'7' N ' Hx - 5 25' , : Y .A ,Y ,vi - 1' I 73 H t , a""'f5"Fl , .' . ' I N' , , 1 '-,E'fA1,SJ 2.1, i D , E v ' ' 2 ,fl f' ' . If - l rf I H-N' l fu' bf - we-fs f t H f I K ' V ' ai. J ,4 r ll s X X 47 ' ' , .- , 1 M ,.-,a - lm I X i 1 V lq 5 , lg X Q,l ' r , I k I X "-C c ' w. 7 , J .1 I e - V K l L xg ily. ., , 4 N as '-- ' , , 21 ,,,, I2 , 10 ,,,,, 19 19 , 8 , 5 . , , 14 , 38 ' , ,, ,, 4 'H+-.vb-. , ' 655 Q .Mif- rfia.. - .' '-UQ.. J .ex ,Q ' Q ' , -wi we - ff f., 1 4354 L 4. 5 'f ' .'Kg2,l,f'eA R 1 5114, 4123, 4 ,W f , -wwf A. ,., Fm!! , 1 A6 1,-.Q-f . . , 1.- 8 L' - "V .s 1. 32-iii. . GQSJ jprop GGY On June I5 T976 I decrded to attend the much antncnpated art festival held annually In New York Cnty As I was purchasrng my plane Tucket I spred a dustnngulshed looklng gentleman seated at a huge desk ductatnng to hrs secretary and sur prlsungly enough that secretary was Cynthna Hall The srgn on the door read B D Baullargeon T W A Chlef Engineer of Aeronautlcs But to my greater surprase I met Grnny St Hulalre as I boarded The plane she was to accompany us as head arrlrne stewardess Seated comfortably I funally Took notice of The attractlve WAC next to me and nearly fell to preces when I discovered It was SF C Mary Lasofsky The blow was carrled even further when I recogmzed Two hugh ranking Naval Offncers across The arsle to be Admirals Ruchard Gagne and Robert McGowen U S N As we landed In New York I noticed a large group of people gath ered around a plane lust In from Hollywood AT closer Inspection I reallzed The great attraction was Jan Bell that great star of Cunerama wrth her latest admirer wealthy playboy Rlchle Pohopek Of course I could recall when she was lust plaln Jeannette Belleau lead actress In our Junior and Senior Plays Durectly behind her mcndentally was newest movie Duck Demers who was perhaps the most distinguished and Talented man ln the fnlm capital Upon reachlng my destlnatuon I went directly to The art Testrval at Central Park I found myself admlrlng the unlque arrangement and was told that It had all been supervrsed by Mass Carol Walker There were several works of art portraits and modern art panntlngs adornlng the area and on them I spotted the famlluar lnltuals NED for thus years festival was In tnbute to the world renowned artlst Nancy Dawes There were several celebrities attending For Instance there was Charles P Chantre famed novelist and hrs old school chum the top U5 screntlflc chemlst Walter Zwearcan closely examunnng The por tralt of Richard Beaulieu who had recently been named good will am bassador to Mars after havnng designed the frrst successful space shup over a decade ago Robert de Rochemont The modern day Christian Dlor who had made a name for himself as wardrobe designer for the popular Boston soclallte Carole Beaudette accompanied Gretchen Mason head X ray technrcnan at the new modern N H S Class of 56 Memorlal Hospital which had been planned by archltect Kenneth White I I 11 -I . . I . ,, I - 1 I I - . . I I . . U I . . I her indispensable secretary, Joan Labranche, and the director of her .I . I . . . I I . . . I . , . . ., I ' I . I l I ' ' I I - , l . ' I - . . D . I I I I - . - . . . I Of course I could not overlook the person who had contrrbuted wholeheartedly toward the construction of the new hosputal Frances Brlgullo could well afford to after havlng marrled a wealthy uranium miner Prevuous to her marriage Frances had stumbled onto fame on her own as contemporaneous author of several books of poems Our two classmates who had stayed behund to benefnt Newmarket were there One was Jacques Gagnon who had become coach at N H S and had put the growing cuty on the sports world map by having turned out a championship basketball squad for twelve consecutive years Furthermore they had succeeded In captunng the U S Class B Cham plonshup sux times The other was Muriel Wawrzkuewucz who had founded her own school of photography In Newmarket At the closing of the festival the sponsor of the whole affair Bruce Hauschel President of the Rocket Car Corporation of Amerlca nntro duced the guest speaker Ronald McGowen the most versatile orator of the 20th Century I was relieved to have learned of the success of all my hugh school companions and l Lorraine Hamel was content to return to Washington DC to resume my post as personal advisor to the President LORRAINE HAMEL ' may 2 I ' I ' ' ll ll , . . ' . . I - I I l I ' - I I I 1 1 . I I I I tl ,o v U, R : Z ,',' I f r wr . 1 B X 'W' ,iv i ff 3 f v N, - s -2 -f 'f' I., , x, f f 56 X , gg f f X Zff llff bf? W JJ "-QQ qgj J ii 'Q P! i 93,111 u If If f Tc 9 4iQ??f: A ' 0 X ' 8- f , f W f , I f X I ' I 4 D X E f f , G X- 'K , Q 'J,k . , ,2 I' if- . -, ,, " "' ' . .-? ,,,:,gQ,-gi -49 , ' - M.: W8 ROCKINGHAM GAS CO NEWMARKET N H I Congratulations LeCLAIRE MOTOR SALES INC Chrysler and Plymouth 32 NO MAIN STREET Newmarlcef N H Tel OL 9 373I HAMILTON ELGIN WALTHAM EDWARD E GRISWOLD Jeweler NEWMARKET N H BEAULIEU S GARAGE Eleclrlc and Gas Welding Telepho e OL 9 3437 Insurance Taulor Made for Your Needs NEWMARKET REAL ESTATE NSURANCE AGENCY 72 Ma Sfreef NEWMARKET N H NEAL S GROCERIES Candy T bacc Gr cerles Cold Meal' Ice Cream I89 MAIN STREET Ne marlrei' NH Complnmenfs PISCASSIC GRANGE NO I79 Compllmenls BLANCHETTE S BAKERY Compl:men+s and Besr Washes of HAUSCHEL S FARM , O I 8. I D I Wrecker and Repair Service Tel' OL 9-inizl n - - o 0- o ' of w , . . . of ROBERT G DURGIN Posi' 67 AMERICAN LEGION NEWMARKET NEW HAMPSHIRE Complimenfs of Complumenfs of LAUREL FARMS DAIRY Exe+er N H DOT S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS CORSAGES Telephone 339I Exefer N H JORDAN S LUNCH Mann Sfreef NEWMARKET N H Congrafulahons THE FAMILY SHOP Max Bomze I46 Man Sfreef NEWMARKET N H Compllmenfs of AL S GROCERY Meafs-Groceries-Beverages S W Green Sfamps Tel l462 Newmarkei' N H Compl menfs of GRIFFIN S HARDWARE Mann Sfreei' Newmarkef N H LOU S DINER The Friendly Dlner Porismouih Avenue Exefer N H You Can I Lose a+ Lou s PRIEST S MEN'S SHOP YOUNG HARDWARE COMPANY T A PR'EST prop I35 Wafer SI' Tel 574I Newmarkei' N H ExeI'er N H I I . - I I I 5P'I'19 S+- Open 7:00 A.M. fo I:00 A.M. F I Il I THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO INC TO CLASS OF 956 3 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON SS I Official Photographer I FRANKLIN DEPARTMENT STORE JOHN NESBITT Prop Newmarlcei' N H Complumenfs of ROCKINGHAM COUNTRY CLUB Easy Io Fmd Hard 'Io Leave NEWMARKET N H TU RCOTTE NOTARY PUBLIC MORTGAGES EDWARD J DONDERO Real Es'l'aI'e Ne markei' Ne Hampshlre Oldf eld 9 3763 J F BROWN AND SONS Your InIernahonaI Harvesfer Dealer Always aI' Your Service EPPING N H CompIlmen'I's RENES SPORT SHOP All Occasion Service ALICE STUART HICKEY Flowers and Glffs HARDWARE CORP Plumbmg and EIec+rlcaI Appliances I26 I30 MAIN ST NEWMARKET N H Tel OLcIIneId 9388I Cenfre SI'ree+ Exefer N JANET BERGERON Halrcufhng a Speclalfy 4 Wash ngion SI'reeI' OL 9 3742 Newmarkef N -.Du 1 of , , . H. n uLuAN's BEAUTY sHoP - I , . H. 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BATCHELDER'S BOOK STORE I and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rextord Avery Charles Bassett Adelard Beaulueu Rene Beaudette Henry Belleau John Belleau and Mrs Alfred Bergeron Mrss Helen Bllnn and Mrs Normand Bousvert and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Henry Bosunger Henry Brandt Nrcholas Bngulno Wllllam Cashman Mrs Helen Caswell Anthony Clrnllo George Clark and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Leslue Clark Henry Coesons Raymond Cook Albert Couture Robert Dorval Rev Eugene Dumas Mass Amella Dutka yjafrons Congratulatronsl ROBERT G DURGIN UNIT 67 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles Labranche Archue Labranche Frank Labranche Rudolph Labranche Peter Labrecque Arthur Lambert Leo A Landroche Julien Laplume Raymond Laponnte Alfred Lepage Joseph Lepage Walter Maclnnes Stanley Malek Archie V Manooglan Herbert H Mason Royce McGowen Forrest Mnner Amedee Morrn Jr Ludger Mornssette Wllllam Murphy Arthur Pease Mr Jack Gadza Newmarket New Hampshlre Mr Sarah Gllbert Muss Mary Gordon Graduate from N H S Mr Edward Hamel Mlss Jeanne Hamel Mass Carlene Hull Mr and Mrs Carl Hull Mrs Mrldred Jones Wilfred Latour Bernard Laughlin and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Lewis Crocker Harold Dawes Edward Dostne Edward Funn and tamlly Gerard Gagne Stanley Gazda James A George Davud Gilman Sr Llncoln Gowen Bernard Grochmal Fred Grochmal John Grochmal Peter Hamel Albert Hayes Walter Hendzel Earl Hodgdon Wsllnam Holt Richard Houle Charles Jablonsku Lemuel Johnston Robert Keller Mrs Dlana Laughlm Mass Beatrice Lebeau Dr Charles Manning Mrs C Mnlette Mr Robert L Olson Rev Frank O Connor Mrs Ruth Perkins Mr George Prescott Mrs Joan Russell Mlss Laura Sewell Mrs Lnlllan Sllver Mrs Avls St Hulalre Mass Prlscllla Wycuk Mrs Anuela Hozman Mrs Eumce Kendrugan and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John Norton John Pohopek Peter Pratt Herb Rlchmond Chester Roble Wayne Russell James Ryan Walter Shana Harry Silver John H Stevens Wulluam Sobozencskn and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Robert G Stevens Ross A Tenant Kenneth Varney Lloyd Walker Marlon R Walker Rschmond Walker George Wnlley Stephen Wawrzkue WICZ Mr. . 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Suggestions in the Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) collection:

Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 31

1956, pg 31

Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 42

1956, pg 42

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