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954 Lam prey :agp v NEWMARKET HIGH SCHOOL NEWMARKET, NEW HAMPSHIRE FOREWORD ln the midst of these days of looking ahead it is fitting to look back four years to another day full of hope for the future Eight years of planning and thought were behind you and four more years of construc tion were ahead You were still rather uncertain on sorne points but you had confidence that they would all work out Now as you look back you realize the importance of good plans and firm foundations You can see that a block placed crooked in a building can correspond quite effectively to a wrong turn in your life You now know that your courses were chosen to help to prepare you for the future lust as a building is built to withstand the weather We hope that as you thumb through the pages of this book today and in the years to come it will help to bring back memories of your years at Newmarket High School. And remember, you can tell your grandchildren that in your Senior year, 1954, the gymnasium was built. THE EDITOR DEDICATION To show our apprecnatnon and gratltude for all you have done for Newmarket Hugh School In the past three years would be almost Impossible Under your expert coachlng and lead ershlp our boys athletlc teams have gone on to capture vrc tory after vnctory The record rmproves as each year goes by In recognition of these things we dedicate to you Mr Land roche the 1954 LAMPREY l I ME Y I ,K 4 f . , . . I ' ' , . THE C ASS 9 The Emplre State Buxldnng In New York Cnty IS the worlds mlghtlest bulldung xt IS supported on a foundatnon two stones deep whlch In turn rests upon solld bedrock Barrlng a malor catastrophe thus buuldung wall stand for years For the past few months you have watched our new audltorlum gymnasium grow from a hole In the ground to a beautiful structure Perhaps you did not realxze lt but the foundatnon of the bulldung was constructed wlth utmost care and accuracy lts common knowledge ID the contracting lndustry that a solid foundatlon IS necessary for a good bulldlng ln lrfe as In constructuon a solld foundatxon IS necessary for continued years of satisfactory service that you must render throughout your llfe You began building your foundation formally twelve years ago In the first grade Year by year step by step you have land the basis of your lufe Have you done a good lob wall the archltect accept your work? Or IS your foundation a mere patchwork of one school year after another put together wnthout any plan for the completion of your lufe s structure? Free public educatuon ts one of Americas greatest glfts to nts t ens lt your foundation to a happy and successful lufe Busld at well make lt strong you alone wnll benefnt by your efforts . . . . . . , . . . . . , . , , . . . . - I I 1 1 . , . ' - 1 ' ' V ' ' ' ' cl iz . is . A . . I . I MR. AVERY University of Massachu- setts, Master's Degree in Education. MR. MINER University of N e w Hampshire, Bachelor's Degree in Education and Social Studies. FOREME xy MISS KUNINSKI Salem Teachers College, Bachelor's Degree in Sci- EFICB. MR. FARLEY Keene Teacher's college, Bachelor's Degree in Sci- ence and Education. MR. GRINDLEY University of South Caro- lina, Bachelor's Degree in History and English, Boston University, Mas- ter's Degree in History. MISS WOOD University of N e w Hampshire, Bachelor's Degree in Arts. MR. LeBOUTHILLlER University of New Hampshire, Bachelor's Degree in Science and Education. EN -adv MR. LANDROCHE Plymouth Teachers Col- lege, Bachelor's Degree in Science and Educa- tion. MISS NEVILLE Riviera College, Bache- lor's Degree in Arts. MR. CROCKER Boston University, Bache- lor's Degree in Music. BUSINESS STAFF and ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Business Manager , 7 Philip LaBranche Advertising Editors , Robert Morin Laura Johnston Robert Cleveland Marilyn Stevens Robert Shelton TYPISTS and PHOTOGRAPHERS Photographers Eliot Bosinger Robert Shelton Typists Hazel Gilbert Joanne Sevvall Muriel Lambert Mariorie Call DK STAFF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Edvor Patrrea Roorey Assistant Editor Shirley Clarlc BLsrness Manager Phrlip LaBran:he Facotty Advisor Mr. Grncley LITERARY EDITORS and PHOTOGRAPHERS Literary Editors Thomasina Finn Patricia Rafferty Photographers I 7 Eliot Bosinger Robert Shelton X CLASSES LH: J+..3, A S A aww! JbQ+l rs 5a'v All-Wav '13-on 3 " Qs FRESH MAN CLASS ' in First row: Marilyn Twombly, Virginia St. Hilaire, Elizabeth Shelton, Robert deRoch- mont, Robert LaBranche, Regina Ryan, Sandra Walker, Roger Harvey, Judith Hale, Joanne Reardon. Second row: Rachael Labonte, Donna Davis, Shirley St.Laurent, Lucille Roy, Harlene Szabo, Sandra Dodds, Anita Langlois, Betty Finn, Nancy Finn, Dorothy Dickerson, Sally Plumer, Mr. Farley. Third row: William Mason, Thomas Byron, Charles Latour, Edgar Moisan, Robert Zwiercan, Bruce Dexter, Jerome Mitchell, Richard LeBeau, Robert Szacik, Raymond LeBeau, Richard Emond. Fourth row: William Allen, Adelard LaBranche, Jerome Canney, Andrew Crooker, Donald Howcroft, Richard Mills, Edward Dutka, Thomas Talbot, Richard Wilson, Terence Mann, Richard Gagne. Carol Clark, absent when picture was taken. Forty-one young promising pupils entered the Freshman class on September 9, 1953. We found it entirely different from Junior High School. Our shifting from Room 2 to Room 3 carried greater responsibilities and more and varied activities. We knew we had a better opportunity of meeting new friends and building a better reputation for ourselves. We were informally introduced to Newmarket High by the gay Freshman Reception which was sponsored by the Student Council. A short while after this we elected our class officers. They are as follows: President, Robert LaBranche, Vice President, Robert deRochmont, Treasurer, Elizabeth Shelton, Secretary, Jean Ryan, and Student Council members, Roger Harvey and Sandra Walker. if FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President 7 Robert LaBranche Vice President Robert deRochmont Secretary 7 7 7 7 7 7 77 7 Jean Ryan Treasurer 7 7 7 7 Elizabeth Shelton Student Council Representatives 7 7 777777 Roger Harvey Sandra Walker We have but lald our foundations for the years ahead of us We shall continue to develop our talents and build upon our foundations that we may be prepared to face life bravely and unafraid of the many mule stones we must cover One of the great tasks of our Freshman year was to make St Pats Dance a success Thus dance was held on March l2 1954 We also had an enloyable outing In June chaperoned by Mr Farley our home room teacher Now our class IS looking forward to becomlng sophomores wuth great anxious ness although we feel this last year has been a profitable one and lots of fun if , I ' I , ' I I , . fri I I X F F' - owi- Xc-F 'X X77 FXX 1, ff! f, ' qv-77,5 i-T k--XX: ez: V V YV,, V r --f SOPHOMCJRE CLASS First row: Joan Dudley, Priscilla Wycik, Carol Walker, Lorraine Hamel, Bruce Hauschel, Sara Record, Gretchen Mason. Second row: Mary Lasofsky, Mary Dostie, Frances Brigulio, Elaine Fisk, Cynthia Hill, Carol Allen, Muriel Wawizkiewicz, Bar- bara Canney, Jeannette Belleau, Mr. LeBouthillier. Third row: Robert McGowen, Roland Cathcart, Beverly Norton, Carol Beaudette, Joan LaBranche, Nancy Dawes, Richard Pohopek, Kenneth White, Ronald McGowen. Fourth row: Richard Demers, Jacques Gagnon, Charles Chantre, Robert Otis, Ralph Nutting, Clifford Thomp- son, Donald Labonte, Richard Beaulieu, Walter Zwearcan. We entered high school for the first time as Sophomores on September 9, l953, knowing we were a step ahead and no longer freshmen. With Mr. LeBouthillier.. as our class advisor, our first class meeting was held on September 15, l953. At this meeting we chose our class officers. They are as follows: President, Lorraine Hamel, Vice President, Carol Walker, Secretary, Bruce Hauschel, Treasurer, Priscilla Wycik, Student Council Representatives, Carol Walker and Bruce Hauschel. Our first social event was the annual Sophomore Hop. This memory will stay with us for years to come. This event took place in the gaily decorated high school auditorium with music provided by the Art Turner Orchestra. We, of the Sophomore class, are proud of our participation in the various school activities, especially in athletics. SOPHCMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vrce President Secretary T reasurer Student Council Representataves We are all Iookmg forward to bemg Junlors wut we enloyed bemg Sophomores Lorraine Hamel Carol Walker B H h I Bruce Hauschel Carol Walker h great anhcspa hon although S 'I' Ill It laid, Mwglfir Vanilla 111 Allll' lllllljrl JUNIOR CLASS Furst row Edward Bousvert Robert Cleveland Shurley Clark Thomasuna Funn Charles Parent Marulyn Stevens Eluot Bosunger Hazel Gulbert Cecule Latour Sec ond row Aluce Lemere Patrucua Rafferty Maruorue Call Patrucua Rooney Dorothy James Dorothy Carroll Ruth Gubb Laura Johnston Mary Hull Joanne Sewall Muruel Lambert Muss Wood Thurd row Danuel Mutchell Eugene Langlous Davud Noon Ruchard MacDonald Davud Lang Phulup LaBranche Robert Morun Robert Shelton Donald Labonte Wulluam Byron We started our Junuor year at Newmarket Hugh School wuth hugh hopes of another successful year We were pleased to fund that we had Muss Wood for our We started the year off by electung the followung offucers Charles Parent Pres udent Thomasuna Funn Vuce Presudent Marulyn Stevens Secretary Shurley Clark Treasurer Robert Cleveland and Eluot Bosunger Student Councul Representatuves We set forth on our furst umportant task the Lamprey by electung Edutor Patrucua Rooney, Assustant Edutor Shurley Clark Busuness Edutor Phulup LaBranche and other members of the staff Our class rungs funally arruved un October Thus was sornethung we all looked forward to The rungs were ummeduately worn and dusplayed for the benefut of all We sponsored the annual Chrustmas assembly wuth the assustance of the muxed glee club Gufts were passed out and carol sungung was enuoyed A l I I A I D A I I I I I ' - 1 , , , , I I I I I I ' I . ' I I I I I I I I I ' home room teacher again. : , 1 , z , 2 , , - ,C , I I I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presfdent Charles Parent Vrce President Thomaslna Finn Secretary Marnlyn Stevens Treasurer Shurley Clark Student Council Representatives Robert Cleveland Ellot Bosnnger We held a class dance In Apral whlch proved to be very successful Our .Iunlor Play You Cant Kiss Caroline was held on Aprll 7 at the Star Theater It was enloyed by all who attended and partncvpated In It Our bug soclal event the Junlor Prom was held on May 27 at the Rocknngharn Ball Room We are now eagerly looking forward to being the proud occupants of Room 5 I- H P L-I .. .I - T I T ATIO AL HO OR SCCIETY 'T t First row Beverly Harvey Laura Johnston Harriet Lavoie Janet Burleigh Charlyn Stevens Shirley Roper Janet Mullen Second row Patricia Rooney Marilyn Stevens George Walker Shirley Varney Signe Bentley Absent when picture was taken Ann Geottrian The opening of school found the Senior Members ot the National Honor So ciety at the Student Patrol stations This responsibility is assumed by them as part of their duty to the school The first event ot the year was to elect the otticers Janet Burleigh was selected as President Charlyn Stevens as Vice President and Harriet Lavoie as Secretary Treasurer After the results ot the first term marking period we welcomed four new Senior Members They were Signe Bentley Beverly Harvey Ann Geotfrian and Shirley Varney The second main activity was to initiate these new members and the Juniors who were elected to be a part of this society These Juniors were Patricia Rooney Laura Johnston and Marilyn Stevens. The Initiation was held in the early part ot April and marked Newmarket High Schools part in making our educational standards higher. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q If x Z Q 5 : -- 7 6 S W Qi Sl.. SENICRS E H Q 4 7 1 -i I Y Q LIPERLATIVES Janet Burleigh George Walker MOST REPRESENTATIVE OF N,H.S. Janet Burleigh George Walker MOST ORIGINAL Sandra Roulo Elmer Bailey MOST SERIOUS Sylvia Sevvall Robert Mongeon MOST RESPECTED I-Iarriet Lavoie Stuart Branch MOST EFFICIENT Beverly Harvey George Walker MOST POLITE Harriet Lavoie Stuart Branch MOST VERSATILE Christine Ryan George Walker MOST DRAMATIC Signe Bentley Lee Wycik MOST ROMANTIC Janet Mullen Jack Gazda BEST DANCER Christine Ryan Elmer Bailey BEST NATURED Harriet Lavoie Ronald Weitzell GLASS BABY Lorraine Rousseau Robert Mongeon CLASS WIT Lorraine Rousseau Robert Mongeon PEPPIEST CHATTERBOX MOST ATTRACTIVE Shirley Roper David Moore MOST INTELLECTUAL Janet Burleigh George Walker MOST TYPICAL Janet Mullen Ronald Weitzell JOSEPH BENTLEY Nickname Joe Activities Buology Club 2 Junior Play 3 Honors Usher Senior Play 3 ELMER BAILEY Nickname Bucky Activities Baseballl 2 Basketball l 2 3 Biology Club 2 Glee Club 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Musnc Club 3 Pep Club l 2 3 4 Senior Play Property Manager A Sophomore Hop Committee 2 Honors Glee Club President 3 Official Basketball Score 4 Softball Coach 3 Student Council l 2 3 Ush Senior Play 3 Vice President l 3 SIGNE BENTLEY Nuckname Su Biology Club ee Club 2 A Jun Pla 3, Junior Prom Committee 3, Music Club 3, School Staff 3. Honors: National Honor Society 45 Secretary 3, 45 Stu- dent Patrol 4, ACYIVIYICS Service Club 4g Senior Play 45 Yearbook STUART BRANCH Nsckname Stu Actsvstses Bsology Club 2 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Golf 2 Junsor Play 3 Junsor Prom Commsttee 3 Mussc Club 3 Pep Club 4 School Servsce Club 3 Sensor Play 4 Sophomore Hop Commsttee 2 Yearbook Staff 3 hw. JANET BURLEIGH Nsckname an Ac svstses Basketball I 2 3 4 Bsology Club 2 Glee u I 2 3 4 Mussc Club 3 4 Junsor Play 3 u I Sc sce 3 4 Sen Play 4 Softball I 3 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Honors D A R Good Cstszenshsp Award 4 Glee Club Lsbrarsan I 2 3 4 Head Lsbrarsan 3 4 Hsgh School Reporter 3 4 Natsonal Honor Socsety 3 4 Natsonal Honor Socsety Pressdent 4 l953 Granste Gsrls State 3 Pep Club Hsstorsan 2 Secretary 2 Softball Man ager 3 Student Councsl 4 Student Patrol 4 Vsce Pressdent A Yearbook Edstor 3 RICHARD CASWELL Nsckname Cas Actsvstses Baseball 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Glee Club I 2 4 Junsor Play Asssstant Manager 3 Mussc Club 3 4 Sensor Play Asssstant Manager 4 Track 2, 3, A Honors Glee Club Vsce Pressdent 4, Sensor Play Usher 3, Sensor Receptson Usher 3, Student Councsl Vsce Pressdent 4 . V11 11 . ? I : ' 1 1 1 1 I I C o 1 ' ' ,, 1 1 ' 1 I - 5 ' ' , , 1, ' I - W " 'Y , , 11 ' ' 4' 1 1 'S' ,-19.121 H' .UQ .,-'X 3' 3 1 , ,a2V,-,f, -L, 'l g .Qu Q A :'r A :il - 1. , Y ' fs 14:75 I A , 7 I i1 ,t 45 . z 11J 11 Y' " 2 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Cl b 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' :PEP Cl b , 2, 3, 4, hool Serv' I, 2, , 5 ior 1 1 1 1 1 : . . . " ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' . . . . , 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 A 5 ' . - h 11 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 JOHN GAzoA Nuckname Jack Actuvntnes Baseballl 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Buology C 2 Jumor Play 3 Pep Club I 3 4 Sc ool Servuce Club I Semor Play 4 Honors Jumor Play Usher 2 1953 Granlte Boys State 3 Semor Play Usher 3 Vuce Presndent l JOAN FINN Nuckname Joan Actuvmes Bvology Club 2 Glee Club I Home Eco nomlcs l School Servuce Club l 2 ANN GEOFFRION Nlckname Ann Actnvmes Basketball 2 3 4 Bonlogy Club 2 Glee Club 2 Jumor Play 3 Musnc Club 3 Pep Club I 2 3 4- School Service Club 4- Senior Play 4' Softball 1 2' Yearbook Staff 3. Honors: National Honor Society 47 Student Patrol 4. BEVERLY HARVEY Nuckname Bev Actnvmes Bnology Club 2 Glee Club l 2 3 Ho e - Economics Club l Jumor Play 3 Musxc Club 3 Q M School Servlce Club 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Honors Natnonal Honor Socnety 4 Secretary 3 4 Stu dent Councll 4 Student Patrol 4 ,-,Y THOMAS MITCHELL Nlcknarne Tom Actlvntles Bvology Club 2 Glee Club 3 Jumor Play 3 School Servuce Club 3 Semor Play 4 Yearbook Staff 3 HARRIET LAvo1E Nickname Phoebe Actnvrtues Basketball 'l 2 3 4 Bnology Club 2 Cheer leading Club 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Home Economics Club 1 Jumor Play 3 Musnc Club 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 Yearbook Staff Honors Natnonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Natnonal Honor Socuety Secretary Treasurer 4 Pep Club Presudent Softball Assustant Manager I Student Councul 1 3 4 Student Council Treasurer 3 Student Patrol Usherette Jumor Play 2 Usherette Semor Reception Yearbook Assnstant Edltor 3 45 ROBERT MONGEON Nickname "Bob" Actrvmes Brology Club DAVID Moons Nrckname Dave Actlvmes Baseball 2 3 A Basketball 2 3 4 Baology Cu 2 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Musnc Club 3 Senor 4 Track 3 4 p Club 2 Honors Sensor Class Marshal 3 X5 JANET MULLEN Nackname an Actlvrtres Basketball l 2 3 A Blology Club 2 Chee leadmg l 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 A Home Economr Club Junror Play 3 Musuc Club 3 A Pep Cub 4 Sensor Play A Yearbook Staff Honors Head Cheerleader A Natuonal Honor Soclety Pep Club Secretary 4 Semor Class Marshal 3 Student Councll 4 Student Patrol 4 Treasurer A Usherette Senuor Play 3 Usherette Semor Receptuon 3 NORMAN PEASE Nnckname Peasne Acuvmes B logy Club 2 Glee Club 'I 2 Golf l 2 3 4 Jumor Play 3 Pep Club 4 School Service Club 3 Sensor Play 4 Yearbook Staff JOHN Pol-lopsx Nnckname Porky Clu 2 3 Sensor Play 4 Honors Student Councnl 'I MX Actnvmes Basketball 2 3 Buology Club 2 Glee Club l 2 3 Golf 2 3 4 Jumor Play Commuftee 3 Jumor Prom Committee 3 Music Club 3 School Servlce AC, RONALD RECORD Nuckname Ronme Actnvmes Baseball 2 Blology Club 2 Glee Club l 2 Jumor Play 3 Pep Club 4 School Service Club 3 4 Semor Play Commmee 4 if 'R SAN DRA Rou LO Nlckname Sand: Actlvntues Biology Club 2 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Jun or Play Commlttee 3 Jumor Prom Commrttee 3 Musuc Club 3 4 School Servnce Club 3 4 Sensor Play Commlttee 4 Sophomore Hop Committee 2 Honors Faculty Secretary 4 .. W S SHIRLEY ROPER Nnckname Shlrl Actrvmes Basketball 1 2 3 4 Bnology Club 2 Cheer leadmg 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Home Economucs Club l Jumor Play 3 Musnc Club 3 4 Pep Club 4 School Servuce Club 2 3 4 Sensor Play 4 Softball 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Honors Glee Club Secretary 3 4 Musnc Club Vnce Presxdent 3 Natlonal Honor Society 3 4 Pep Club Vnce Presudent 4 Secretary I 4 Student Council 2 Student Patrol 4 Usherette Jumor Play 2 Usherette Sensor Reception 3 l953 All State Muslc Festuval 3 4 LORRAINE RoussEAu Nnckname "Dora" "Muggs" Actnvmes Bnology Club 2, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economncs Club l, Jumor Play 3, Musuc Club 3, 4, Sensor Play 4, Sophomore Hop Commnttee 2, Year book Staff 3 Honors Usherette Semor Play 3 CHRISTINE RYAN Ntcknarne Chrts Actuvntues Basketball I 2 3 4 Buology Club 2 Chee leadnng l 2 3 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Home Econornncs Clqb l Junlor Prorr Cornmlttee 3 Mus: Club 3 A Pep Club l 2 4 School Servlce Club 3 A Sen or Play 4 Softball l 3 Sophomore Hop Commuttee 2 Yearbook Staff Honors Glee Club Pre :dent 4 Glee Club Secretary Treasurer 2 Home Economncs Club Prestdent l Presndent l Student Councll l 4 Usherette Sensor Play 3 Vuce Presudent 2 SY LVIA SEWA1. L Nnckname Sylvua Actnvltues Blology Club 2 Glee Club l School Servlce Club A Honors Usherette Sensor Receptlon 3 CHARLYN STEVENS Nnckname Steve Actnvmes Band l Buolcgy Club 2 Glee Club l 2 3 A Junnor Play 3 Muslc Club 3 4 Newspaper Staff l Pep Club 3 4 School Servnce Club 4 Sensor Play A Honors Basketball Manager 3 A Musuc Club Secretary 3 Natlonal Honor Socuety 3 4 Natuonal Honor Socuety Vnce Presudent A Presndent 3 Student Coun cal 3 Student Patrol A 1953 All State Muslc Festuval of - I I, - If - , . I I I Y' I I I I I I I , . ' . ', , I l I L- 1 I I I I r I l I I I g . . Q' . , . .. , I I I 1 I : I ' - , II - II I - 2 2 , fx ' A .' r ,1 Y' , - . I, If ' 5 I ' I 1 1 I 'I I I I I I I I I 4 : , 1 . I I I I I ' of I I ' - ' - I ' I is - I I SHIRLEY VARNEY Nlckname Shurl Actlvmes Basketball 2 3 Biology Club 2 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Junlor Play Busrness Manager 3 Newspaper Staff l Pep Club 4 Sensor Play Busmess Manager 4 School Servuce Club 2 3 4 Soffballl 2 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Junror Prom Busrness Manager 3 Honors Nataonal Honor Socnety 4 Student Patrol 4 GEORGE WALKER Nnckname Sam Actnvmes Baseball l 2 3 4 Brololgy Club 2 Basket Sensor Play 4 Trackl 2 3 4 Honors Jumor Play Usher 2 Presndent 2 4 Senror Receptlon Usher 3 Student Council 4 Student Coun cll Presldent 4 Student Patrol 4 Treasurer l 3 RONALD WEITZELL Nhckname Whrtey Actrvltles Baseball 2 Basketball 2 3 4 Buology Club 2 Glee Club l 3 4 .lunlor Play 3 Jumor Prorn Com mmee 3 Music Club 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Sopho more Hop Commmee 2 Honors Basketball Manager 1 Glee Club Presrdent 4 Usher Sensor Play 3 Usher Sensor Receptnon 3 Stu dent Councul 4 Lee Wvcnc N uckname Lee Achvmes Buology Club 2 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Jumor Play 3 Jumor Prom Commmee 3 Music Club 3 4 School Servnce Club 3 Semor Play Commmee 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Honors Glee Club Accompamstl 2 3 4 'Q CATHERINE ZWIERCAN Nnckname Cathy Actnvmes Glee Club 1 Home Economics Club 1 Junuor Prom Commmee 3 CLASS MOTTO 'F:mshed, yet begmmng CLASS COLORS Maroon and White S F rr iced ,e' peg nn ng Tre blue :Jr'r"s harm? been ::ra.'."r ue .we starfegl the frame,-.ork ora Septem- ber o T950 as a class of tory'-'.'.e freshmen. Being 'ne fresnmai' crex. .aere assgriecz 'Q Rgern Trtree are 'nat Nr. Miter was 'Q Le eg :yer ,wep- Eaczer 'fp r,jfr"ipa'e is ft" , Q' NHS. .xv freftez oc' clafs "'i'+-rf i Tne: .xere Rrr-wle-,t, Christ ' H- Rmb fpz Rreziler t, Jonn Gafclag Secrevtr. Sh r- lex Roper Treasurer, George ,'fa1u:r S"Jc:ewt Council, Harrie' lax: e and John Rohopek, We were accepted at N.H.S. :nth a gay and hilarious Freshman Reception. We spent the day in silly outfffs, boxqrng to Seniors, and passing out lollipops, while thc evet ng was spent partcipati . ' ' u ts and danci r frs' socia even as 1 Hallo een Dance at whicn vve selec cc 1 Farmer arntcrcttc provec o iccc s ui an was cn o ec a vv Ncrc wcl r Jrcsentcc rw ts r K vc part in the various activities including an assembly during thc year One of the tasks undertaken by us was the publishitg of a freshman ncws paper which Nas bought by many of the students In March we sponsored tnc S Patricks Day Dance The gaily decorated audi torium set the mood for a gala evening Our last class affair as Freshmen was a fun packed day at the Hampton and Salisbury Beaches We returned in September T951 to continue the structure which had been started the previous year Room Four was to be our new home room and under the supervision of Miss Wood we elected the following class officers President George Walkcr Vice President Christine Ryan Secretary Janet Burleigh Treas urer Terrence Dunn Student Council Representatives Shirley Roper and Harriet lavole In November, at the High School, we held the traditional Sophomore Hop which proved to be one of the most successful Dancing to the music of the Bob Thomas Orchestra was enioyed by all The highlught of the evening was the Grand March performed by the Sophornores and their escorts, and the drawing for the basket of food We sponsored an assembly another dance and took part in all sports and many actlvltles Again Nc closed the year .with 1 glorious trip to Salisbury Beach Upperclassmen at last' A September of T952 rolled around uve all felt that this was the year of a enge As has been in thc raft is the yunior year that offe th bg to whether you are going to be uccessful or not a or f vv c elec ion ot class off c u , c c c s u nr car i r l in ,f ati n ttc cirec sutcrvision 1 v r J u ti icr J c clcctcc Cla yt Stcvci C Sgnc Bcntlcy SLCICTBTY Georrgc Wi er Q f . C i 4 r r uc cn unci 4 trc ti 6.3 A :E s i ng in foolish st it s ng. Ou 1 - u l' l T vw' , Q vt' c, V N f T 1 l Q and F' w 2 1. lt a S lt be 'J f'1sf'l d s A y l by ll, We 1 2 r II er if tl in the , any sporw a td our class took an acti.1 L . .I g B - T st Q A ' , - V I t J , ' 5 - , X A X . L , . . ' s , ' ' ch ll . ' 1 JZ, it ' ' ' rs e i test as ' t ' 3 , Tne firz' moi item fo con: tc, cur attenwon 'as th A t' f '- i ers. These peru its ,wr ull lf r-sponi.l,le fcr our ulllvllllia during the one g y- , so tley were Zeleter .mth urir flf,'l1lgV'.O . Under l 1 l' t s ya V of our new liorriv rrorn ads iscr, My Le Po tl 'll' A, vt ia tl t' rl ii ' -' ns, Rrehflerit, Elfwefr Bailey, Vlce Rregclcrit S ' 1 ", Q- 'I g L ' Q llf. , Treaiurer, HT l H frriet Lwoe incl Rirgliarcl C fswell, St l I t Co 'l R'1r Izenta- HISTORY One of the most des red oblec tves of our luntor year fas to publush a suc ces fu yearbook At a m etng called by our prestder' Charlyn Stevens .fue declded upon our yearbook saff Tne commtttee heads were Janet Burletgh Ed Tor Harrtet Lavoue Asststa wt hdttor and George Walker Bustness Manager The yearbook Took a second place rattng fvuth the Columbta Press The theme of the T953 Lamprey was Treasure lslanl The knowledge splrlt of co operatton and the Importance of efftclency ga ned by workung wtth members of the yearbook s aff are valuable treasures that we wlll carry through ltfe Soon the arnval of our class rtngs stamped us as offtctal upperclassmen All that could be seen tn Room Stx for he next few days was the glntter of gold as we proudly dlsplayed our newly acdulred oossesslons The arrtval of Santa Claus George Walker style was enloyed by all students In expectancy of The yuletude season We as Juntors together wlth The Glee Club sponsored The Chnstmas Assembly whlch marked The eno of The fzrst half of our Iunnor year Upon belng launched unto The new year we began to thunk about our lunlor play After much careful readlng and studylng vve selected The play Father Was a Housewufe and sent for books When The books came There was a rush to lected The cast Rehersals began tmmeduately an antlclpatton of The flnal pro duction whlch Took place on Aprtl and was a success Agaln The valuable ex perlence of worktng wnth others was galned Also an Aprul The senlor members of The Nattonal Honor Soctety lnltuated The quallfylng members from The lunuor class Janet Burleigh Charlyn Stevens Har net Lavole Janet Mullen Shtrley Roper and George Walker lt was a great honor to those students as the standards had been ralsed before their electron On May 23 T953 came The most memorable nnght of the year In The atmo sphere of The garly decorated Rocktngham Ballroom The Junlor Prom was held Danclng to The soft musuc of Don Droulns Orchestra was enloyed by everyone The hlghlught of the eventng was the splendorous Grand March Wuth The flowtng gowns and happy faces glldang smoothly across the floor tt was a colorful clumax to an event whlch had requtred much work and preparatlon lt was truly the nlght of nlghts and wlll long be remembered by us all Our luntor year came to a close wlth commencement exerctses At thus tame we as Junuors acted as class marshals and ushers and receuved an Idea of what was To happen to us In the comlng year As we returned sn September T953 to our almost complete structure of know ledge we knew that every day would be fleetlng and that our hours at N H S were becomnng shorter and shorter We also knew that mlngled wnth sadness would be touches of happnness and prude We made Room Fnve headquarters for our ftnal year of constructton Under the skullful foremanshup of Mr Mlner we began to put Together the flna' stages of our educatnonal structure at N H S The electron of class offucers was held and they were President George Walker Vuce Presndent Janet Burlengh Secretary Shurley Roper Treasurer Janet Mullen Student Councul Representatlves Beverly Harvey and Richard Caswell Soon a class meettng was held and nt was declded that our class colors would be maroon and whtte y ,. fs I T . I A -s l T '. e t' c' ' ,t , A I I . , I T I . , Z I . y . . 4 , . . X , , , . , . 4 IA, ' I see what parts we wanted to take. Atter tryouts had been held, Mass Wood se- I K l ' V ' . - , ,, I l - I I ' - , -s . ' l U I I , . . , ' ' ' , 1 ' , : T : , 1 , ag ,,!,fC:l2V0fJ-ffa SENIOR HISTORY CONT Class puctures were taken In early October We ralsed money for our graduation expenses by sponsoring a food sale and a dance Money was also added to the treasury Through the sale of book covers Chnstmas cards stationery and bracelets In early November rehearsals began for the senlor play entutlecl Almost Eugh teen under the dlrectuon of Mlss Wood The play proved a success and all members of the cast can be crednted wlth flne performances Also In November Slgne Bently Shlrley Varney Beverly Harvey and Ann Geoffrlon were elected to the Natlonal Honor Society The Sensors as In the prevuous three years were well represented nn all ath letlc and socual events The reallzatlon that this would be our last year as active participants IH these actnvttles added a sad note In May when we were guests at the Junror Prom we thought a few short weeks ahead to when we would be having our Sensor Receptlon and our last appearance as the Senior Class of 1954 also contemplated a Sensor Class Trlp At thus tume we would luke to take the opportunity to glve due crednt to our prlncupal Mr Avery for guldlng us IH the right dlrectlons and to our patient faculty who have so ably provided the framework for the structure of our formal and Informal hugh school education They have gnven us a flttlng close to this phase of our Iufe and have put us well on the road to the next flnlshed yet beginning 63wff5pf"'d Goilufgzfgf WM my CTW W GJ ' C5 , o Many hours were spent planning for our Commencement Exercises and we 1 I f 0 A Sf I o ' T Q15 'ACTIVITIES CAM Muir bkv-Y I I. H I I I K be xi' P . qv: 3'I'I' qlu., I az:-.3 M I u BOYS' C-LEE CLUB as First row: David Lang, Philip LaBranche, Richard Caswell. Ronald Weitzell, David Moore, Robert de Rochemont. Second row: Wycik, Richard Gagne, Eugene Langlois, Mr. Crocker, Robert Shelton, Charles Parent, Charles Latour. Early in the year the Boys' Glee Club began to prepare for its busy season un- der the direction of Mr. Crocker. First we selected our officers. They are as follows: President, Ronald Weitzell, Vice President, Richard Caswell, Secretary, David Moore, Treasurer, Robert deRochemont. Our first activity was the Christmas Concert at which we performed jointly with the Girls' Glee Club. As soon as we returned from Christmas vacation we began working on music for the Spring Concert to be held in May. Much to our pleasure this was even more enjoyable than the Christmas Concert. We then began work on the Graduation Exercises, although we are loosing some of our "leading men." GIRLS' GLEE CLUB I Z , ff.: First row: Dorothy Dickinson, Sara Record, Shirley Clark, Patricia Rooney, Christine Ryan, Signe Bent ley, Shirley Roper, Janet Burleigh, Gretchen Mason. Second row: Lee Wycik, Alice Lemere, Hazel Gilbert, Regina Ryan, Joanne Sevvall, Janet Mullen, Patricia Rafferty, Muriel Lambert, Cecile Latour, Mr. Crocker. Third row: Sandra Roulo, Harlene Szabo, Nancy Dawes, Donna Davis, Harriet Lavoie, Marjorie Call, Cynthia Hill, Sally Plurner, Carol Allen, Lorraine Rousseau. Fourth row: Carol Beau- dette, Anita Langlois, Mary Hill, Marilyn Stevens, Dorothy Carroll, Charlyn Stevens, Shirley Varney, Ruth Gibb, Joan La Branche. The Girls' Glee Club held its first meeting of the year for the purpose of electing its officers. Under the guidance of our director, Mr. Crocker, the following were chosen: President, Christine Ryan, Vice President, Patricia Rooney, Secretary, Shirley Roper, Treasurer, Shirley Clark, Librarian, Janet Burleigh. The club consisted of girls chosen by Mr. Crocker, who picked the members ac- cording to their voice quality and their conscientious endeavor. The Glee Club made its first appearance in the Christmas Concert which proved to be a big success. Then we started working on the annual Spring Concert and Graduation Exer- cises. These also proved to be very successful. Again this year we sent four girls to the All-State Chorus. They were Patricia Rooney, Shirley Roper, Charlyn Stevens, and Marilyn Stevens. We also sent a good percentage of girls to the All-New England Chorus. ln the past the Glee Club has had a splendid record and we hope it may con- tinue in this way. MUSIC CLUB Ji 'iv . ' T yr N N' -- Q ' N 1 . , . . ' ' . 1 N N ' ,N ' . l T 5. - . 5 - X, , . K P - c. p . s. ' , ll x L tl . N n'o' xo l . . s ' T 1 . X .. s ' ' . i I v . c .. 3 'T f., , , 'al ' 1 ' . K. YQ, . lf - -f 1 Frrst row Shrrley Clark Betty Frnn Betty Shelton Lorrame Rousseau Sandra Roulo Davrd Lang Beverly Harvey Hazel Grlbert Janet Mullen Second row Srgne Bentley Patrucra Rooney Marrlyn Stevens Charlyn Stevens Sandra Walker Harrret Lavore Shirley Roper Chrlstlne Ryan Mr Crocker Third row Lee Wycrk Eugene Langlors Robert Morin Davnd Noon Robert deRochemont Bruce Dexter Absent when prcture was taken Alrce Lemere and Mary Hrll The Musuc: Club of Newmarket Hugh School, under the dlrectron of Mr Lewis Crocker had a very successful year The officers were President, Sandra Roulo Vrce Presrdent Rlchard Caswell Secretary Lorralne Rousseau and Treasurer David Lang Some of our actrvltles of the year Included a Boston Pops Trap, on May l whuch was enloyed by all who attended a musical movie assembly the selectron of plns to show membership In the organlzatron and an award for students showing outstandlng abllrty In the fleld of music Although we are only a young organlzatlon we feel that we have proved our worth through our actrvrttes and plans for the future 3 PEP CLUB Furst row Helen Noon Sandra Bassett Sara Record Phulup LaBranche Janet Mullen Harruet Lavoue Shurley Roper Carol Beaudette Sally Phulbruck Hazel Gulbert Gretchen Mason Second row Mr Muner Madelune Clough Jean Ryan Joanne LaBranche Marulyn Stevens Ann Geoffruan Charlyn Stevens Janet Burleugh Shurley Varney Sandra Dodds Harlene Szabo Chrustune Ryan Thurd row Carol Walker Crystal Marden Patrucua Rooney Robert Otus Jack Gazda Norman Pease Ruchard Caswell Sandra Walker Carol Allen Betty Shelton Fourth row Kenneth Whute Ronald Record Robert Shelton Stuart Branch Ronald Weutzell George Walker Elmer Bauley Bruce Hauschel The Pep Club had an enrollment of 43 members thus year At the unutual meetung the offucers for the year were elected They were as 'follows Presudent, Harruet Lavoue, Vuce President, Shurley Roper, Secretary Janet Mullen, Treasurer, Phulup Labranche Hustoruan George Walker The furst club sponsored actuvuty was an assembly The theme of thus was sportsmanshup The varuous aspects of sportsmanshup were duscussed from the pounts of vuew of the spectator, the athlete, and the otfucual Also the udea of sportsmanshup un every day lute was brought out We were glad to see that the Southeastern B League has adopted as an annual event, the Cheerleadung and Foul shootung Contest, started by the New market Hugh School Pep Club a few years ago The udea was started by Mr Muner and under hus skulltul leadershup ut was a success ,.., X, , - - - , SCHCOL SERVICE CLUB First row Dennrs Kelleher Charlyn Stevens Muss Kumnsku Janet Burlergh Mrss Wood Shrrley Varney Mr Avery Second row Sylvra Sewall Aluce Lemere Hazel Grlbert Carol Walker Sandra Roulo Chrustune Ryan Janet Mullen Cecrle Latour Sh rley Clark Th rd row Srgne Bentley Patrrcra Rooney Geo ge Walker Donald Labonte Thomasuna Farm Ralph Nutttng Dannel Mntchell Harrnett Lavore Shurley Roper Thus club as one of Newmarket Hrghs greatest assets The members are not chosen by strrct rules They only apply themselves to the dutues that call them to serve The club members are librarians, flag attendants student patrol members and the people who sell uce cream The club has no otfrcers as every member rs an officer ts has or her own se lected posrtron Club meetrngs begun wrth the erght twenty trve bell and ends wrth the two trngulshed from other students Indeed Newmarket Hugh would feel a great loss It a club such as thus dad not exrst X if 'K N fm J l , - thirty dismissal. Our members are seen all over the building, yet are not dis- , , llmrf I . , thi' - ,ff f rr, ' ll XXV, t+'Wfffc xx ,f ', rl, ,ly fy, If 'X' ' I X STUDENT COUNCIL Qs Flrst row Elnot Bosunger Janet Burlelgh Ruchard Caswell Mr Avery George Walker Sandra Walker Charles Parent Second row Helen Noon Jane Holk Janet Mullen Harrlet Lavoue Lorrame Hamel Crystal Marden Carol Walker Chrrstnne Ryan Thlrd row Bruce Hauschel Owen Russell Robert Cleve lan Ronald Wettzell Roger Harvey Robert LaBranche The flrst meetlng of the l953 54 Student Council was held In September The election of officers was the furst order of business and the results were as fol lows Presldent George Walker Vlce President Richard Caswell Secretary Sandra Walker Treasurer Eliot Boslnger The furst council sponsored actlvlty was the Freshman lnmatlon and reception Thus was a non proflt functnon so the most urgent :tem to be acted upon was the problem of securlng funds for the Student Council treasury Noon time dancung and the auctlonlng of lost articles not reclaimed were both suitable methods of obtannlng extra money Richard Caswell and George Walker attended the Wlnter Conventlon of the N H SC A In Manchester They brought back many worthwhile Ideas for further council actnvltles It was dectded an January to hold open council meettngs so that the enttre student body could act upon some problems Thss plan met with success wlll probably be carried on In the future chff' ' X l sfuoewr COUNC-ll, f, A 7 O 4? we 2? "t Q a Q, 'M 1 X xg S Q C FD 1 V I , L , 5 ' ' Q, . - . 'Wt 'IW' D . fa 4151 riff? - ' ' 1 4 - f l f K SOCIAL CALENDAR October 9 Pep Club Dance October lo No school October 23 Sophomore Hop October 23 Assembly Open November 6 Soclology Class Assembly November 7 Sensor Class Dance November 20 Cheerleader Rally December ll Movie Assembly December 22 Christmas Assembly January 22 Movle Assembly March 12 Freshman St Pats Dance March 26 Sophomore Dance April 9 Junior Dance Aprrl 23 Honor Society Dance May I4 Senior Dance May 14 Honor Society May 28 Juntor Prom May 28 Memorlal Assembly June ll Award Assembly June 17 Sensor Reception 'A eil. STAIRS ATHLETICS L...H....J .YHOXAI R Lnkzfs .tru I I T I I Q :J . ' Ln CROSS COU TRY I , Q- S 1 George Walker, Robert Gowen, Jacques Gagnon, Eliot Bosinger, Mr. Landroche, Robert Otis, William Byron, David Moore, Richard Caswell. The Cross-Country team returned to the wars in late September. They were off with the crack of the starter's gun and never stopped running until they crossed the finish line in Durham with their second straight Class B Championship under their belts. ln winning 47 consecutive meets in Class B competition they have hung up a record of 48 wins and two losses over a period of three years. The maior factor in the success of the team in recent years has been the continuing efforts of Mr. Landroche. He has conditioned the boys well for the pressure of a pro- longed season. Highlight of the season was the "State Meet" held in Durham on November lO. The Mules got out front at the start and held good positions at the half way mark. Eliot Bosinger was in first place at this point and he held onto the lead until the finish to become Newmarkefs first individual champion. The two state championships have been the result of a tremendous team effort. Many of the team members will be back next fall and we can only hope they continue to reign supreme in Cross-Country. STATE CLASS B CROSS COUNTRY MEET Eilot Bosunger 2 3 mfles 73 min 55 George Walker Ruchard Ca well Jacques Gagnon Robert Otis Davud Moore Wllluam Byron Robert Govvan CROSS COUNTRY SGC L 4 4 BOYS' BA KETBALL Frrst row Jacques Gagnon Davrd Moore Charles Chantre Donald Labonte Walter Zwearcan Second row Richard MacDonald Rrchard Caswell George Walker Mr Landroche Phulrp LaBranche Ronald Wertzel Jack Grazda Elrot Bosmger As the trme for the perennral kung of wlnter sports rolled around there was much questson as to what this years team was to be Would lt be mediocre above or below average? Much of the skeptucusm was due noticeably to a brxght look In thus day of basketball grants relgn supreme on the back boards However there were two thrngs we had In our favor Our coach Mr Landroche had re manned to coach us on to a successful season Also there was only one malor loss due to graduatuon so we had an experienced squad returnlng There had been much preparatlon for the 1953 54 season Many weeks of practnce were passed before It was tume for the flrst game The fnrst two games stall left a question as to how we would stand up against top competrtnon Our thnrd game wlth St Johns of Concord offered the bug test and although we lost a close game we knew we had the stuff to have a successful season We de feated St Johns ln the return game and came through the rest of the season wrthout loss Sportrng a 191 record we entered the playoffs on the spacuous Tnlton floor and proceeded to whup St Pats of Berlln Upon movnng to the record game of the playoffs we again encountered St Johns ln this rubber game the capital cnty aggregatnon proved to have too much polnsh and speed and although we left the floor defeated we left behind a year of basketball that we and many fans who followed us could be well proud of 7 1 1 I , . 5 1 1 I - I 1 1 I - . . , . . ' 1 . , . , - 1 ' I ' ' 1 . . , . 1 ' ' , . 1 BUYS' BASKETBALL 45 4.16 11, 6? Q 3 0 C 0147 9 Qs -O 6,3 04, Q4 K 0' 6 A J cf 'YK 8, -1, ' 3 -D fo 0 2 f 'B 9? 6 -2 0 ' W2 .1 'E' -a. 'Q m vi 6 v 7 G 1 d 3-39 Q 3 4, '11 2 P on be-46 K Q, 5 iaoffefp f E 1 Y Cy -Q, 'L lj, '31 O' 6 '25, 'Y , 15 -'22, 42 gf b aff Q1 b 9 9 in G, , b Q 0,33 'S Q GQ ev Q. 2 J' '90 -fo 'bo 3 62,0119 9 40925 Vo CX 1x9qNeK5 SS' I 0 29? QQGK O .sxso GIRL ' BASKETBALL First row: Sara Record, Crystal Marden, Shirley Roper, Dorothy Marshall, Helen Noon, Carol Walker, Janet Mullen. Second row: Patricia Rooney, Marilyn Stevens, Ann Goeffrion, Miss Kuninski, Janet Burleigh, Charlyn Stevens, Sandra Walker, Harriet Lavoie, Christine Ryan. DECEMBER 14 Newmarket-59 North Berwick-31 DECEMBER 15 Newmarket-48 Sanborn-27 DECEMBER 17 Newmarket-41 Epping-26 JANUARY 7 Newmarket-36 yy Hampton-21 JANUARY 19 Newmarket-39 lil fs: Robinson-29 xv' , up FEBRUARY 2 Newmarket-18 ' - Robinson-26 X FEBRUARY 4 Newmarket-33 Epping-25 FEBRUARY 9 Newmarket-55 Sanborn-42 FEBRUARY 'II Newmarliel-44 North Berwick-34 FEBRUARY 15 Newmarket-23 Hampton-24 JUNIOR VARSITY First row: Kenneth White, Eliot Bosinger, Donald Labonte, Walter Zwearcan. Second row: Richard Wil- son, Richard MacDonald, Mr. Landroche, Robert Shelton, David Noon. NOVEMBER 24 Newmarket-42 Pittsfield-15 DECEMBER 2 Newmarket-50 Notre Dame-10 DECEMBER 3 Newmarket-32 St. John's-33 DECEMBER 18 Newmarket-49 Immaculate Conception-17 DECEMBER 22 Newmarket-28 St. John's-21 DECEMBER 30 Newmarket-36 Immaculate Conception-16 JANUARY 5 Newmarket-43 St. Marie-23 JANUARY 8 Newmarket-54 Hampton-37 JANUARY 12 Newmarket-65 Somersworth-40 JANUARY I5 Newmarket-51 Pittsfield-24 JANUARY 19 Newmarket-64 Exeter-37 JANUARY 26 Newmarket-77 Hampton-33 JANUARY 27 Newmarket-57 Merrimac-15 JANUARY 29 FEBRUARY 2 FEBRUARY 3 FEBRUARY 5 FEBRUARY l2 E - 1 Q? N Newmarket Somersworth Newmarket Exeter- Newmarket- Merrimac- Newmarket- St. Marie- Newmarket- Notre Dame- CHEERLEADERS Fnrst row Shnrley Roper Janet Mullen Second row Betty Shelton Hazel Gnlbert Jean Ryan Thrrd row Carol Walker Harriet Lavone Marnlyn Stevens Sandra Walker Betty Fmn We re from Newmarket and no one could be prouder ! has been the slogan of the ten enthuslastlc gurls chosen to represent the Newmarket Hugh School cheer mg section through the 1953 54 season In order to save tame, tryouts were held In the sprung of fifty three It was a very busy day with about twenty enght gurls contendmg Of these flve were chosen from the Freshman class came Betty Shelton Jean Ryan Betty Fmn and Sandra Walker a substitute from last year, from the rumor class Hazel Gilbert Lavoue, Janet Mullen and Shlrley Roper Janet Mullen was chosen head cheer leader Conme Sharples was chosen Mascot Practice was soon under way In preparation for the annual Cheerleader Rally which was held December 20 New uniforms of ornglnal deslgn helped add sparkle to the occaslon We hope that we have done our part nn cheerlng our team on to vnctory through the season 1 -z x 4? II I ll I . u . . . 0 I . I I I I I ' ' Those girls returning from last year were: Carol Walker, Marilyn Stevens, Harriet S 3 --S 154 I l i 1 GGLF Fnrst row John Pohopek Norman Pease Second row Kenneth Whlte Richard Gagne Rlchard Walson Phllnp LaBranche Eliot Bosmger Robert LaBranche Bruce Hauschel Although our organlzatlon team has lust been formally started our record us already good with some of our members gaming recogmtlon In the State Tourney last year Under the leadership of John Pohopeb and Norman Pease we set forth on another successful season Thus year an added attractlon IS the opportumty to teach the game to the gurls of N H S lnterested nn forming a club of their own ooo . : I Q : I. .l 1. .1 1 ' I . . nan' J .QO5 .. May May May May May May June June June 6 Sanborn 7 Epprng Robrnson a E ot at Roblnson at Hampton at Sanborn Hampton 4 at Epprng 2 SOFTBALL A D BASEBALL e ge er o rr Jas all er rd VHWHWQ tea A o nere Jas a dec C16 l abuse ot able Knox ledge ot tte game e ov rt rnj oo twe te t are Ecfe Hamel Eddre Mullen Lronel Labonte Jack Gaz d Davrd Moore Rrclward Caswell George Walker Ronald Wertzell Robert Cleveland Charles Parent Robert Oils Jacques Gagnon and Robert Govven fa 9 5 1 X C Do 'o a ai lack t entnoslas a tt -.-1 fx f' f c:?:':-" to' ffm La, recite 'o fleld a Sx -'fl ' am. 'ls ' G 5' :A la G ' pltcrwing talent. However tne boys that did par- 3 tlcipa'e galned infalo I w l of l l T l Tlt ltr is talx C X l an lsll Z V ' f ' I - a, ' , ' , N f ' 6 32 A ' lo B l2f ' 9 l7 l9- t li , , 43 3 Qlf ' l2 20 28- l7 I2 f l 24 3f ll 23 A ' , ll I2 ,alfg-g"'2 g - Ezflfflfi 1, We f 691, 965k A Ron. PWM H Fl Z E L axpgv 6 FUNNIF S Q93 5HND'9 752- J' ' il uAn4, ,O -4 """"4 l 5? 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N kl N H Rolled Metal Shapes n ou dings BILL S DINER AND GROCERY Roure l25 Lee N H BOURAS ICE CREAM BAR Home Made Ice Cream Jewelry Glfis Mann S+ree+ Newmarlxei N Congrafulahons J J NEWBERRY CO Porfsmoufh Complumenfs of JARVIS RESTAURANT Porfsmoufh N H ,J Complumenrs of CONCANNON 8: SCRIPTURE I5 Daniel Slreef Porfsmourh N H Compllmenfs of SHERBUCK S BAKERY Porfsmoufh N H NEALS GROCERIES Candy Tobacco Groceries Cold Mear Ice Cream I89 Mann Sireer Newmarlref N H FRED SAULNIER Excavahng and Grading Lee N H Tel. Dover I645-II ROBBINS AUTO SUPPLY CO Paris and Acoessones Machme Shop Servnce Il0 Wash ngfon S+ Tel 630 63l DOVER N H R D McDonough Co SPORTING sooos We Spec allze an Ouffflng School A+hIe'I'c Teams as Well PORTSMOUTH John A Stevens Papenng and Pamhng Tel I22-4 NEWMARKET N H Lou's Dlner THE FRIENDLY DINER Porfsmoufh Avenue EXETER N H Open 7AM io I AM You Cani' Lose ai Lous I . .l........1. 1., I ' ' i I I as Individual Sporfs N. H complamems of THE ROCHESTER COURIER an NEWMARKET NEWS New England s Largesl' Weelcly Newspaper ALL YOUR HOMETOWN NEWS Besl' Wishes For Success and Happmess THE CHARLIE STEVENS FAMILY 8 Maple Slreel' NEWMARKET Besf Wlshes 'Io The Class of l954 from Russel H McGulrk ATTORNEY AT LAW Ne marlrel' Compl menfs of PAQUETTE S SUPER MARKET Thrrfl' Plus Qualify Equals Sahsfachon 92 Porlsmoufh Ave EXETER N H ROGER W GIBB Range and Fuel Onl Tel Newmarlref 222 2 R+ 25 ee N H TURCOTTE S HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE Plumber s Supplues Racluos Televuslon Frlgldalre Mayfag Producfs Furmfure Lmoleum Tel l70 Newmarlzei N Roberge Photo Wholesale and Re+aTI Servace EXETER Serv ng K ngman 5 LaBranch s Ne marlrei' CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR Farsi Class Repa r ng Open 8 +o 5 on Mon Tues Thurs 8+o9on Frl 8'I'o I onWecI 8 To 8 on Sal' Newmarket KATES STYLE SHOPPE 8: Son 444 Cenlral A e Dover N H fl . H H N. I w N.l"I. V .T L, .. - -- ' ii ' N. I I I ' ' V. W C I' ef f BEAULIEU S GARAGE AL gmEE65E0RY Mears - Grocerues - Beverages R+e I52-Towards Epp ng S' gramps Repalrnng and EIec+r'c Weld ng Tel. 209-4 Newmarkei e. I46-2 Newmarlref N. JAMES MARELLI Complnmenfs of Frulfs-Vegefables-Candy Frozen Foods E+ Man Sfreei Dover N H NEWMARKET N H FRANKLIN Dove' DEPARTMENT STORE Shoe Hosputal Dover N H THIRD STREET DOVER JOHN NESBITT Prop Newmarkef N H M H LACY co Mens Shop 442 Cen+raI Ave Dover N H T A PRIEST Prop Newmarlcef N H HamTHon Egan Te '73 M 5 EDWARD E GRISWOLD SYDNEY J '-ANGLEY Jeweler General Insurance Agency Newmarlzef Durham TORO LAWNMOWER SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Sales and Serv ce 27 Pleasanf Sireei' Alberf Ham T 0 P0'+Sm0U+" N H Mem SI Newmarlref N H el 8 T I ' , H , C. Priesl"s , , o I . I . I, . - N.H- N. H. THE MACALLEN CO N k+ N H THE AMERICAN CITIZENS CLUB of Pol sh Desce t NEWMARKET N H Q i n Cen'I'raI S+ I' Compliments of Robert G Durgln Post 67 American Legion NEWMARKET N BEST WISHES The Pa rent-Teachers Association H P HOOD 81 SONS Milk Sold in This School Served by H P HOOD 8: SONS H P HOOD 81 SONS lce Cream Sold in This School Served by H P HOOD 8: SONS and Hardware Store Ope E W A 9 NEAL HARDWARE STORE Compliments of TH E FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES NEWMARKET N H , . l"l. Visit Our Modern Sporting Goods Dover-Durham Road n very eel: 8 .M. to P.M. Diamonds - Warches - Jewelry MARIO A. LOPARDO oRA's CANDY SHOPPE Wafchmalcer - Jeweler , Dover, N. H. Phone 3277 25 Wafer S+. Exefer, N. H. ARLEN'S ' f Comphmenfs O "Where You Shop Wifh RAY'S SHOPPE Confidence" Dover, N. H. Dover, N. H. Comphmen+s of THE YANKEE SHOEMAKERS Newmarket, N H Dover YVONNE S SPECIALTIES Complmenis of Brudals Formals Sporfswear Coafs and Dresses KURTZS DINER Exeier N H C0mP"men+f of souAMscoTr RESTAURANT BATCHELDER S BOOK STORE Bdfbafa and He"fY Ca' PFOPS Open 6 AM io I2 Mudn fe Exefer N H Cor Fronf and Courf S+s Exe+er i N. H. ' ' ' . Complimenfs of ' i, . . . 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V , ,I-I, , . . ROCKINGHAM GAS CO NEWMARKET N H I Congratulations SHELTON S MOTOR CORPORATION HUDSON AND WILLYS SALES AND SERVICE Guaran+eecI Reconduhoned Used Cars NEWMARKET PORTSMOUTH 4250 LPFln FUELS OILS SAND GRAVEL CONCRETE Ne marxel' N H COLONIAL LUNCHEONETTE Newmarlxei' N H R C LOISELLE ICE CREAM CANDY TOBACCO ETC COMPLIMENTS OF GREAT BAY MOTO ART TURNER and Hus ORCHESTRA H R HAINES CO GASOLINE HEATING OILS COAL BOTTLED GAS Newmarlcef Durham I G A SUPER MARKET PHILIP LABRANCHE Wood Novelhes Lawn Chalrs ARTHUR D WIGGIN Newmarkei' N H Tel 22I I3 COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN 81 TROTTIER Newmarkei' N H I . . Ilo w ' , . . N. H. 29 R Co. u u , Newmarkef, N. H. - - I09 56 NewmarIre'I', N. H. Mr and Mrs Kennelh Anderson Mr and Mrs Wnllnam Audelfe Mr and Mrs Rexford Avery Mrs Sophia Baleman and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Roberr G Beauchesne Rene Beaudeffe John Beniley Eualnde F Blanchefle Clayron Bloom Nucholas L Bugullo Mr and Mrs Kennefh Call Mrs Phyllis Call Mrs ev and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John Carmachael Roland Caron John Carpenler Royce Carpenier Marhn Carroll Fredernck Cleveland Louns Crocker Herberf A Dearborn Burleigh Dennefl' and Mrs and Mrs Eugene and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Frlend r Mrs Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Roger Donovan Doshe C Dumas Alfred Durgm C R Durgln Bar+leH Fernald Edward S Flnn Raymond Geoffnon James George Wnllnam L Gnbson Fred Glelar Sarah Gulberl' and Mrs Ralph Granger and Mrs Edward E Griswold Mr and Mrs George Gruswold Mass Mary Gordon and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lmcoln Gowen Raoul Gullberl' Clufford Hale Peler Hamel Alberf Hayes Wnllnam Hazelhne Herman Hauschel Mrs JeanneH'e Hendzel Mr and Mrs Earl Hodgdon Mr and Mrs Rnchard Houle The Hui' Mr and Mrs Edward Johnsfon Rev Gerald F Joyal Mass Sandra Karler Mr and Mrs Roberl Kemsfon Mr and Mrs John Keni Miss Clavre Kumnslu Mr. and Mrs. Felux Kumnslu Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. LaBranch Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaBranche Mr. and Mrs. Arrhur Lamberl' A Graduafe of N. H. S. PATRONS and Mrs Charles W Lanq and Family and Mrs Ernesf Langloas and Mrs Ralph Laravee Arrhur LaRoche and Mrs Wulfred Lalour Mrs K Lavole Louls Lavoue Raymond LeBoufhllller and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Waller Llzak James Long Roberl Marden Charles Marellne Harold Mashn Joseph McGra'lh Emery Muller Forresl Mmer John W Mlfchell Plullp Mrlchell Volney C Morey John Mullen Muss Phyllns Nevnlle Henry Nnchols and Famsly John Norfon Roberf O Tash Siephen Pelcyar Sranley Pepek Morrls Planf Edmund Porigrale Pe'l'er Prari Roberl' Prall' and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mass Thelma Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Thurman Prnesl Louus Record Thomas Rooney Samuel Roper Wayne Russell James Ryan Joseph F Sargenl' Sewall Waller Sewall Owen J Shea Waller Shuna Mrs Muldred Subley Mrs Lllluan Sllver Mr and Mrs Abran Snmmons Jr Mr and Mrs Harold Sorensen Mr and Mrs Carroll D Slevens Mlss Florence M Sfevens and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John H Stevens Howard A Sfevens Frank Szabo Sam Taylor Henry Tracy rs Alice Trofher Mr Raymond Twombly and Mrs Lloyd Walker Mrs. Louus A Walker Mariorle V. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker Mr. and Mrs. Currier Wiiherell Mr. and Mrs. Kennerh While A744-on-.nav Tum: uuoor an - - Mr. . . ' . . ' ' Mr. , ' - . Mr. . - ' Mr. Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. , , , ' Mr. . Mr. ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' - ' Mr. . - - Mr. . - ' Mr. . ' MV- - ' Mr. . ' MV- - Mr. . MT. . Mr, . ' Mr. . Mr, , ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . MY- 0 - - Mr. . Mr- - Mr. . ' ' MT- - l Mr. . R ' ' Mr. . ' MT. . I Mr, , MY. . . . . Mr, , MV- and MVS- Fred G- Farley Mr. and Mrs. Herberi Philbrick Mr. . Mr, , ' MT. . . ' Mr, , ' Mr. . MT. . . Mr, Mr. . Mr, , ' M . . ' ' . ' Mr, , ' Mr- - ' Mr. . - ' Mr. . MV- - Mr. . - - - ' Mr. . i- - ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' , , Mr. . ' , , , Mr. . ' , , ' Mr. . , ' ' Mr. . , ' ' ' Mr- - ' ' ' . . ' . - Mr. . , , - - ' Mr. . . Mr. . . - - Mr. . - - Mr. . . - Mr. . . . M , ' ' ' ' 'i i . 0 Mr. . Y OJ D

Suggestions in the Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) collection:

Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 71

1954, pg 71

Newmarket High School - Lamprey Yearbook (Newmarket, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 42

1954, pg 42

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