Newman Smith High School - Illiad Yearbook (Carrollton, TX)

 - Class of 1983

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Newman Smith High School - Illiad Yearbook (Carrollton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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wfpfi, '15.,,f'g tag: agagw?-45 " w,-'iq-N719 V . , . 'L '- ws'f,241: a abif-a3gagf'jig"'N-QC3'11' - 5 'L,pq,:gg-, 1.,?f.L:m,3s53.13-xi, ,g .n4qy,i.5k,, 'a-A.I.f' f---f f . ge ii - I , :f1Qf..q A Q , ff"""1t-ik?-vf1,'i :-1:-2,34-V2-ff,.,ff!:-,fair n'w-1:f---.y..H4,g,J.-,ws-:ff-:Iv-.1e.q,1.La . agp 1:Qf1.w-:Slit 2 5 X: ,,,,,,,fh.,w1 my-.b - f-3.-5.5: 'ff 1.-im,-Wm ' w 5' -- awe ,'f'-.V.--:,:.vZ1'ieNL1w'v:,-waz'-25121,-vf.13,L'..'s4'-'i:ff:.sf '-f1'i4-A-xiii. -"'-Q-f?51'3g"'v -' , , ig: 1fff'f:f.f"'5w f ' '-J?-fix , , - f:i'QM53h'i',1,f, ,um 5 M, QQ L- L A-fffssfciwkgg-rawWav-15.251-4-'va'-.rJ:?9.:vff4.3,pg.fg.f-'?"'.:i-.if'- Y i f N H faryff. 'if --.v - wf.uQw..-msn ff". ':fJ:,4,W ' ,mf-Qwk: 1'gxm4 a?'M'i+ m'-"'T-4-'f'-lT'- 1-W1 ' 'r74m'4f'5' ifiv'Y'."."-l'f1f-iz'-1"f"fi!kT 'ft' A -1: 'I+ ' -fa-'Liv t -iwf-fr "ii vrzwww W N ,ra 'rf' 10 'gn V-f.'i7Jzdf:H whit'mfER':g,t5w.'-Wt-1-Lagr-sfgf-St '. ,WM :.- V 'Y , 'sg' - 1 a .. if .,,aU,s.G': V - - . A-1-Q V-whiigfigff. rw' K g'mqw-1 ,qw u.,:"273fSW-gl 5. 'f-E,zf,:1S!:f:1wffwrwsy.'1'nl1".W1'f4H1 - '. Eg, -. ' ' . X-.M - a . x, fffl f " , 15? W J V I M,-.ff 'fif"12:ff'X-J M. u ,M A-fW?5ffff'Ww . ., af.w. .f. .. a ' L af 1 a f ', Y iw f12'ff4e 1 '-1 ' W fywawaw-,wfsaa4rs:f1Sfff11g:ec2zg3,f:1w2 - V N ff-1, ' 'A H 'ffuw' .' Y, , - 4. MQ . Q Q! Ay ,w.f:ff'- Lffgl' -' ""4"1f2'f1f1"1-:gui '- . -egizigg Y fitfaglfif' a HJ' ' X H-4,f1,'., if f,1'f-.mia-.,y,swrfT3?Z '-WH-'-ff 42 Li-'ffzi .'fI5'gf2:fi'T??5Y?i:2 '95, 'T'H'xJA:p- Q H ', . .pLff-2?'::vf:ww ,fmwh ' ' ' " :'i:fiy ,. ' ' 'SAW wg? Airfu ' ' Y ' " , - ' f- . ,aaa . 'wx ,f.-.wg , . , x - fl Y af f-V:-' K-'--fix 'A Ms--L am x H - A -.-2:2 . we. ,W wil 1-' -.ML X-'nk 'fi "-'-1. nf' 1,- J. uw' Y 'Lak Q Q . :gn - 'MQ3 X". X, "-QM. 1 l"'u -, ,. .. . A . , .M W ,w-.. 1,-af ",-- X ff- . - A. ' '. -1 4 ' '- LL' , 'YIM ' -- , ai 1, -:Q . -1: " , - an ' ,152 'fidfxv F w " , G L- my Fig A 'sv-Y AM-W. - xv - na.: ir ' aw? Q 1 ':2::,.1", 3' ,gf-4,1 -' maze" ije -N A fi.-gi' ' fwmm' ' 1 'x1? 5L'Y,'f5 Q , ,: :iv ge Qu: iff. :fx ,nil ff QM '-:.r?- 'M Alqwua, -K, 1' 1-xr ' ' 1- Mm' ' X . -7 "iff T? . WV '. ,.. V , ,QQ Z Qu, gf AQ, Ji -. Y . , .- :guy ' - ,. .rx ., QQL Q-,. Q 4 .,. yi. QQ fy- - f-' paw?" JJ, LQ f -Y f'1,g-asa-. 'ff Y f ' V- 2 1 za.:-, ., QQ135 7 -f fra fi-lf' .V , V, Q ' ' X A ' - 1-if' Q 4 1 1 f Q' Q f - ,Q ',,5.. ,L ,. r k, J if ' f' af-.wwf ,f"5Ci'.'i3?:,: .' ,, V , g-..':Q"w1:W Q .bg . .--my . v,-, ,, ' Fran' , . "LM 3-qw, ,ga if 5 ug. if ' X, .LY i- -V ' Wi'fffx,.f?i. 5--152, ki, , Q QQ !',A ,ir ,,i,,,Q . , ,Q - , ,Q ,Q 'Rv' Q .,.'. , 45" 'Y ff' , 11" vim 415-VJ' 'if-E". -SQ? -r Y J-,.,4 W ' --rff Q, ,W-Q , ,ff ,V-'v'7f7"1 1, sw:-1 , , kg!-NH, X4 Q:-Q, . . Q V-,Ti QQ . - ..fQ,QQ.Q Q ,QQ Q-Q QQ W , 35.-, Q yQzQ4Q,. , Q , 'Q , I gy 4 -"'M'i.'T' xl- ,pp ' 5 "i'fWxQ --J-as-N T", -' . 'WWI ,Hall ' Z1 'X 1,55 .JY 1 "- '1 -Tm' ' fu '!fff11f52eLg,i1.Q4a3-zz.-.f ' ve L. .4 Z., " Y - if ,J -Q Ay, A G X ' ' I U H542 ,, 5 -,1 , f ' a " M' Newman Smith H.S. 2335 N. Josey Ln. Carrollton, Texas 75006 Q .. QA 'ENN , I Vvafml-'Al ' 0 5 n agiuslnf' . . - - i ps, A i 1983 Q - ' u3 DIQEMIEIQE 11 If If V We. x 1 SL g Rig: . " 4 Y 5' -Y B, - 'ey S X F ., 5 Ac ' ' f , , 5' , rf: .:-af: 45-mfg. y,4gL..,,..:. 5 ' , ,,. 51 ' ' .LJ-iw 6 .4,.w.'f,r-sa-fwgffw V A Qi if 155'1W53Y4'9-W'Q1fT iffv v: L. 12.3.15 .f L I 9 Q Q - if ' ,Q 5 ' - Q, A Misa ., fegmifzf , 2 , , if , if. .wg I f X T- f .ag Ag-1'-Q., f 'f fi 'inf an,:L4zgHfQ.:f- 2, ,. A 3 1 by ,. ,. , fx' 1? , E. Q5 fir ff A - x '-fi' - ff A' 1--:Lv-w-Q::, L. 5, iff 4 ' -.W 4.x L - n nn H gl 2. ,J .wg - 6 ,ss L 5' 1 -ww Jn. 1' 5, "- , ,M,Qg,, M Q remiere .ll 55 ca ACH The actual making of our school year began to affect the students long before the official opening day had reached us. Upperclassmen frantically fried to earn enough money to last them through football season, and hopefully until the holidays, while underclassmen nervously awaited their induction into high school. Would we meet new friends? Would we keep our old friends? Would we pass all our classes? Would we have any fun? Never-ending questions that filled the catacombs of our minds and boggled our brains were soon put to rest as soon as the first week of school was behind us. Our football and volleyball teams as well as our cheerleaders, band, and drill team had already been cast into their roles and their parts began promptly after dawn. Our fellow students soon obtained their scripts and also were soon back into the pace of high school life. Once the credits were finally assembled, we were introduced to a prelude of ac- tivities for our possible pleasure and a prelude of school work for our definite displeasure. The administration beam- ed a new appearance with the arrival of Dr. Charles Blanton, from Kimball High School in Dallas, as our new prin- cipal. The year was beginning to take the shape of a classical premiere. "ali .1. t vzfivil-. ' 9354- f' l L.-U :f.u.,-.- ' -l' ' ' if rf t f , ff-f ,.. ,. 1. PEGGY MCVEIGH, ASLESON, and PAT GRlMM consider the three various lassels to go with their graduation C89 and gown. ill. Jonesl l -QI ' Q . . 5 V ' I I 4 I II 0.5.- ' I -- U I 1. I I 'II I Ig' F: 4 ,?.1. 3, , '21, ,gsm -L, -1, 2 , -X X E . L. . 3 - I .. fi V " H rw, V. 1 W , 5 ' 5 1,1 X , 1 ,gp f,2,e1'4' 1 gk" Q-CQ I xx QL' Li, K 5. . I fl, .I 1- .I 55? I ' xx. ' I is -LQ' s .A N Q-' 11 -aa-ae ., - 1:54 Vvfx 5 . as ' 3 V' Q TIM HALL and CLIFF their next class during a IR. Jonesj I 13,5-v,,.,,t .. Q G f t ,i'4I.'. SVI m.f'1 .,.II: ,iw ,R V5 IR. Jonesb GFIISHAM BURK take a rom the SHor Ice NATALIE STALEY holds a pose during her per- formance in E.S.C.B. IR. Jonesy fp 4 I--we Ii' - Al in I , .fi"" 1 1 N 35, I r i, I ll The last day of the school week once again proved to be the highlight of our autumn season. Ma all came together during Friday pep rallies to promote school spirit and, in most cases, to release some emotions. The whole day climaxed later in the evening as we watched our football team clash heads with villains from a whole new district. With the addition of a couple of Saturday night games, a Beach Bash Dance, a Homecoming Dance, the always wild and crazy "R. L. Turner Week" and some dubbing here and there, our fall billing was filled to the end. The reel started really rolling along with the arrival of the holiday season. Along with il came the thoughts of Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas gifts, and New Year's Eve parties. Seniors celebrated the season with first of many outings at the Ice Skating Party in November and the rest of the student body found some celebration at the Christmas Dance. Winter Break gave most of us a much- needed vacation away from school and time to do some last-minute shopping before leaving town or running out of money. lt also gave us a chance to get together with close friends or some good times. After the intermission, we returned to school and were immediately thrust into our first exams of the year. We also lost some good friends at the close of the first semester as some of our favorite faculty members changed jobs. Most of us sur- vived the January massacre and entered the second half of the picture looking tor- ward to the arrival of spring when we realized we were the star performers of our own premiere, stars of our own world premiere. .Ill f - 1 ..-. I ..f - uf - x ' Ku' W 5,3 u , n l. i l' I X M A x .L 'i H T. . 4 f if T rg 'T S- 5 if W D if 3 ep. 5 4 2 f fwslffrfa A 3 fi A ' .Q I -. F 4 , ,f . ai: ' . , 1 fe,,,22, , M . ig I T 5. V, 'El . a I v ' if .24 42 , B I' ,Q -X 1 3,-flax, E, , 1 if QE? ff ' v ' Z 'M 'X A ,v'Zf"i:- . 'ffl . 1 .f"4'3l'1":' 'I ' l !.'A"'4'6 , , fjl,1w.'i'c.',j'm. l 2.711 af. r 4 ilu,-fe f 21,1 . , .L 'i?"'fl--'tl-,vu -5- ,,g,- -'H ,,c,wy,q M ' '. .1 g Q ' 4- W, . ,e , r 4- ' H- '.w.3:3' g. ni ' .5 ' ir, 'Q' . - i.E,'l+5'i.lzsQ'-t'.' ialil, iii - 5w'filg't'P-lifff'f -:wif ' B iw .., lm,-', -,lg 1 T Q 4: "'52-P-'ffl-"'l". J , 1'-'ive' 1 1433 acer. flggffl fvsflff f . my final? lim .Ville f is 5,4 . sg: ' , ,,,, '7..,g?-' ,G kAi5,lt.f-L is ,yr ge.-Q- -3,6-f if' 'Lf 1 3. 1 ii' 2 .1,. .1 ' . s 1 .9 s-,r,f.l:-' if 455 ' 44 , , A L ff Biff i f i Q' ,V l. ff T T W4 r 'grp' I5 fv tk I' - - , ,A . ' muiisa --:Y 1-1, . if . 3 5' -- A . f e f. 2 at til.- ,Q r.f.Z..1v f . -- T 11 fri '- . - if """".-w - ' 'f '.a f- , 'fu 04" 'Q 'f, f", 'if 4 'iii V i v, 'X 7' -?,- 'ir-014111, ". wfliifw' B V'!"fl,"' -"M, " uv, 'Nw' Q AM l ? 1 .5 I' ty.. 'gl . ,I ni, ff' Af, 5 E fi'V..'.'-fk- 'I' ' ' v.. T J.,-' 3' -'-vig' I 'Q A-n I1 I M, Q 5 'ti A H Q 4. . A ll as rt if ei 1 l lfferent olesg A .., J K-N A ., ir-1ja ,..r Mr ,meme W 41 QF , W X xl 4 iw.. '- A-,..,,.. P-fa.-Z.. ,Otiicer-HeIioway'arrcfOftTE:er Crow discuss the eftects violations and DAN ROARKE. QR. Jones! ' ff 'U'.:f 'E al Qi- SEQ - Q N WW' nu Mrs. Rider t as EU presents the Pixie Awards at the Annual Statt ring Halloween. QR. Jonest SHEEBA JOHNSON and TAE CHUNG determine the results of their chemistry lab. lL. Ramosj 4 E' R F 3. Htl ijt 9g,LL',ff mf A A 4' I I J! I JEFF WASKOW and RON JONES ttade notes about their Mustangs. QR. Jonesj 1 ggi ,tjiq-QQQQ ,,-,,' ,w 6 Opening rf Q. e 3' A 'Q H K m -1 ' -55 .Jar , 4 ia- , . -- 1,-.Q ww . M 'f 'gm 3' l - world Dremlere W av-'ra 'lax' rf, "aww Q' 'H 'V " . 5J?7f'f1'iff7i' -11?fff , 5' ff WJ- FA 4 , . -14"-'11,-4153 15, z'..ff4: . IJ:-1 Y? Q .4 YJ 4 , J 'f-M Q ' 5- Y 'Q s in X I 4 wi . X I -all V,, 'U ,Jer ,E QFRKA ! xl l , -I I -: X" A -.f 1 ffil. , 1 xi 5 ah- 1 MH' 5 14.1, -1 4. 1 ' ff, vw ky 13, , Q -. f X 1 - 1 'E 1. ,X UM f if 1- Q, A A, 'f ,fi ? . e x- 4.- +1-, Q ., J, .0 R. an . ,1,. - ,: v. 1,5 ,. wg, . wh a ' YQ, Q ' Q- 3. 'fi f ag, , '3- N f 1 Q., - .Lf ffz. -f sig, , fl 4 X. .Q. X :-2 .rg - M, K li 4.1 15 f 1-, -3. ,X Qs ., ,ze is .Q 11 .U 4, W Vik wiv: -' zi, fi Y, f 5, x' , I .Av , '1:Laf,L. Q 4 f X I , i 5 : A. X -I my l X X 1 s l I Y 1 I' ,X,g,v 7 x I 5 fa. QMM + 'M' "ww-v.. gs Bum Fax gn, mfnmff 1-ry , z Mk. 5.'r . . 3 1 -3, .W ,A ' - 1, 41- -4 . ' f ff 3 K ff A - J - X K 'K ' ,iwfhn-fS1'1A f 115- gf' '-f' " :-Q :Ei-ms..1n2m., -. 4 xx. f"ixw WfeJf:4 - f-:fw i fb if-'Saud-if 'xfwaf . K ' - : fi . , ' f - . f- 4 ma f m: Q 1.'2f41w,, - ' f 1 "'w.i,fg--,GT . vfrv' ' ' ' f ' ' ' f " :-'f -M y-f. I f .- ,-X 19 .15655 v. , , - f -- Q , ., , ., 1, L: Q." q.Ays-x.- W mm Q PM 5 if My MIS. Fioih w0rkS wiih MANUEL perfecting dance steps. QR. Jonesl N . , , I . . . .P . 1' ' . CRUZ at 'f 'F A "Er ZH' ' Q A 1 -- If 'v R' 1 f' , 1 x O N '-,A'-.. 7 A im u Yx it" H'. ".' Mg xv- ' 'M . gn. xx N f ' " "' -it 'W We .. l H S Q ar e w ""'E'6s ches1ra.4R.JonesJ 1 V3 AZ tb V Q . ,--'V g' fp V w 1 T 4A ,I r 'W ifi' ,, Y 1 fgi I ' , f 4 Q. . iw. ' -A .X Q," 2' x -V, 6 it' I 'I' A 'GRE Fonssrsn, MARK MAT- niews, cuFr Munoock, STACIA sivsss, mov WHARTON, LlSA ' MOORE, and LORI EBERLEIN ikehearse musical number with ac- ! Cbmpanisf JEFF HALL. QD. Norridl J A K ..,, ' T fi L CRAIG cnssrsn de 'nstrates has o tr for Fiddlers, CAST and CREW: Craig Chester, Rosie Lara, Desi Doyen, Stacia Sivess, Kelly Linders, Tanya Meurer, Lisa Brown, Natalie Staley, Cliff Murdock, Thomas Pentecost, Scot Chester, Troy Wharton, Brian Hoffman, Sean Benlel, Mark Matthews, Manuel Cruz, Cheryl Penland, Lisa Warner, Jeff Shiverdaker, Tim Hall, Cathy Henry, Sean Carey, Vicky Baker, Brent Barkley, Stacy Bloom, Kim Bredford, Laurie Coleman, Ryan Dedmon, Shawna Fields, Greg Forster, Sansoo Hahn, Danielle Hall, Alesia Harbison, Brad Hawkins, Grant Hawkins, Stanley Johnson, Janet Mailloux, Miriam Mattay, Lisa Moore, Dwayne Petty, Liesl Poetschke, Sandra Ray, Melissa Reeves, Rosie Richards, Bill Shiflet, Candy Stone, QP.. ' ' :T'7:fI' f gif, , pi:-fffsgf 1. ONTHE O as I ' NH 1-:fx , ,lf V L X, , 1 few ' -41 it , T ,,. A I ': it f X , X ,cz nl af hm-'W -- 'sn-fp V' Meade 'iii' cali P CAST and CREW con't Zachary Warnerm, Martha Wynn, Kim Vaneck, Daniel Zacharias, Tracey Haley, Scott Harris, Mike Ryalls, Kim Burgh, Sean Donohoo, Michelle Escobedo, Karen Gath, Jill Graham, Gina Limsky, Jeff Parmley, Matt Peterson. ORCHESTRA: Elam Taeed, Patricai Price, Michael Per- due, Glenna Harris, Craig Thomas, Mike Borgstrum, Katie Clemence, Scott Donohoo, Tracey Sons, Yuvitta Polite, Donna Burks, Michelle Matthews, Jill Wolf, Joy Adkins, Kristen McDonald, Elizabeth Williams, Sharon Davis, Lesley Leyer, David Abmayr, Craig Scudder, Joel Black, Leslie Laminack, Devra Scott, K. K. McMahon, Jeff Hall. ix.. MANUELNQRUZ, BRIAN HOFFMAN, CRAIG CHESTER, MARK MAT- THEWS, S IHAHN, THOMAS PENTECOST, DAVID DWYER, BILL SHIFLET, an L ZACHARIAS celebrate the proposed marriage of Lazar Wolf to S' aughter, Tzeilel. ID. Norridj I 0,v,gN"x,k,.- , ' , Q-I rf' ,Y A " A P L. Q' I I' III I Vi v x 4 :.- 'L 0326153 fu .gy ,.:.4,- ,, , ,..,X 2 1:11 ,.,4 rf Lu., 1: f A v-P Im Cfgfjf' , ' ' v L , r 'K 4 T., ,l 7.1 K-. --. x 1 . ...., .,. . .. i ' li 1 'll if my f ' f - , - 5 'X 9, X 0 .xv . In 0 ,, . 1 I ' , W 4 .1 Q - . 4 , exg ti Qiiil 1, ' K hx , 1.2 ' .gkifim H Sf -L 1" .f Q l . gp -- ,, ,. 'Q in A s .. v' .-A L?" 'T 4 "J 1 I K T , ,, , , , I rw fr'f'?rf?f?feffIHff2fI v2fII'wI1iPfI',ItI t,:':IIEQI'i.I. I 'I Qt " I ' ' II t5I3mIIIt:IttI.IQIILII I'I ,I.tfiI'tI"i I I Q ,,,, SUSAN KIRKHAM stands out ot the crowd with her balloon bouquet. IK, JohnstonI A typical Freshman speeds around the corner - this time with a Big Wheel. IK. Johnstoni I x "f' 'I ,IQILW , ,L imfIi'iImy I ,,,4 ,V ,, 1,4 Efiitti I II IIIJII 'iii II I -WWII ifelf ,J ,I ,IL.i!II,'t1i I II. II 'Hhs' I is in 'I +I-If I' II II ,I-LII t,II,I,I 2 ' II' i ,XI I I I gf --ww! MI ifqrd'-I'1'f-ll' - I Ani I ' I II I I I I . I I I 1 I I I I 5I is II If II Ii II Ii git SI it I Ei it ..-I A . 6 IB , ,. Y,,,,,,., ,,a. MMM! f, it , , I: " " . II 'O Ae Qi E A DELLA DOUPHRATE joins in the Thursdayis theme by if - I I , , WESHHQ S UHIQUS DWG hai- IK- JOIWSIOHI ii , KL fi SHERYL WILLIS and DEBBIE LONG hel each other I 7, , .mfzghzff,MagZZzfgZ4,24,I2aL,W- ,fw,.y, ,I W IIAIIINLI IIIIIIIIII III I I -J - I x, ,LSZZ az, 12 ' r Zi I' I I ' IWW I Iiwi'I'I'XIIIIi 'WXII ,ii Vi ,I 'IL - . .z, rw' IIIQIIII ' Out WIIIW IWHII UCCOVHIIOUSI IK- Johnstvrti , Ie,-gfflgw 145, 5425, -igilfigil " jfiui' '- ., I :I It' hti"1II'xiIt-II tI:IIi'III' III I' II :I IIVIIIIIQIIIII .. . ,,,,,, ,, , , I , IVWJ MI. ,Y If 1, I , . I 4I,1Ixf,.,, mf, Inu MIG, 4, gL,Vy,,aft f,,, ,II ,,,,,, ,, - ,, iv 315' i Y I E1.d"'I 'ifYIr,i?n F'2?T2'f?f fT"f"' I ' ' ' ? J i i'iIQVi.h'ifYWi9-WTI-VI IIWZIFUI In I", ' F'II?"'11m UWFIkiigh?yw?iiI2oEf1if??45?3?f"2224,i2fE'3f?Z5t1if:f,::2 , I, far, 22,2121ZfeI1,I,,fff,IQ K ,,,III-L,,,II-uIutgI:,Idawg'LI H ff I .fqffIaIIeIMfI-II .f III:-,W-WIKI. wIwk..Z, , -f ,L ,Wm ,. I I I I f I , I 1 I , I . I I It IM IIIIII I:-I J " ef WI aff. f M. ,WIQ-,,III , I It ,. 1 , ,: 1,f4g1,sQ,1-,I ft: V3 I iw., aI-iItIIfI ..iIII I I i I IIIWIJE If-Wi' 3 ,T"ZI2I'I--Yi3'WIII5fit I 1"IW"WI TI I 'Z ' ' 1"f"4' f ? 'hftqwk I- VIII il- II 'I' - I Q EMS TITWITIIX IIIi,II+jIIi IIIIIII A-'Aw fffyffffffn if fQ,fAVfnnQ,z24m.1:1Q,woe je Iu,I.4,fI,III,,IIs.I, suIIxI.I ,Mu ,,,Iri It nm ,I 3 'L I 'P' x-1' QQ I Pl-s 'a XV, 1 u 'I Ab x V+'- fi 'Y Nj' F5 . in the we Q , S S + 42,13 Punk rock seemed old to some. but was a way of youth to a few. Many felt the need to repulse those not into their way ol living and t ok lo the streets in a bummed out attire. o This proper dress was the essential faelor in ' ' ' ws on ma- eompletrng the scene. Diverse we jor issues were the basis for group and song names. All this constituted PUNK! .A 5 HAZARQ C' Y fXfn 4 -srn YL "Gr H W w ff, ya 'f XM ,An +1-'mt 13 4 !g,s1 x 75 fff 'RED LRQCKERS wr! ' " 'P L .j.. ---.--w 6 i0 f , '::::::. ::: s::::.- ::::. ::: ::::::::. f .WM0 ' - --- -'1 ::::::.::: ::: ::: f- ' "' " uno 0:0-an .qs V, X .sh 'F S ftlal JV 7' if al nf 0 e vo New XYffiW '15'4 ' f lip-u-u-:J E E2 QD 2x -I JUN-fre Pgf 5 Lb if DfVZif3V1 'rg f W. rl 4L q A . X. 20 Above: The lenghty lines during registration Right: Officer Crow calls parents in an effort to were caused by the new college-style format. tighten the truant policies. QR. Jonesi QR. Jonest Changes I-IANGES NTENSIIZ EAD .Qt .. , 1,1 The year began with many changes. Two new administrators, Dr. Charles Blanton and Mrs. Lora Folsom, were perhaps the most prominent additions. Dr. Blanton, the new principal, brought mixed reactions from the students and faculty at first. But, after having time to become acquainted with him, they began to realize that he was a great asset to Newman Smith. Mrs. Folsom had been an administrator at Smith two years ago, and returned this year in the capacity of assistant principal. Most other changes affected school policies. The tardy policy was tightened exten- sively, allowing students one tardy before detention work was assigned, and two tardies before the student was referred to an administrator. Pep rallies were set up on a rotating basis in order to keep them from interrupt- ing the same class too often. Each class was shortened five minutes in order to create the thirty minute assemblies. The Odyssey was distributed free-of-charge as a new student service. Changes were also made in the appearance of the school. The new varsity football fieldhouse was the largest addition, but a covered walkway was also put up outside the gym. Although changes generally tend to upset the normal flow of production, the people who make up Newman Smith were able to benefit from theirs throughout the year. ff" TWH-nn. "' t. c x in O 3 T T ,W W f ---lim, . T .. , , . A. Top: Pep rallies alternated class periods enabling more students to show their Trojan Pride. tK. Johnstonl. Center: Mrs. Borcherding and HENRY FERNANDEZ take a break after writing tardy passes for late students. tFl. Jonesl Above: The long-awaited fieldhouse was a welcome addition to the Newman Smith campus. tK. Johnstonl Left: KENNY DURANT gives NATALIE RUSSELL her free issue of the paper. tK. Johnstonl Changes 21 :nu-Q1 I 'r Above: The Varsity cheerleaders exhibit one of their many routines during a pep rally. tR. Tatei Right: CRAIG HILL and CRAIG HAMMOND vigorously play their trumpets with the band during a pep rally. tR. Tatei .i Opposite Page Top: HAL MAYO catches the , spirit as he yells for the senior class. tR. Tatei Far Right: The senior class seems exuberant at a pep raliy. tR. Tatei is-QL? X ga QW I 22 Pep Rallies Snirit Dose Pep rallies were changed this year from dominating sixth period to fluctuating between first and sixth periods. This idea pleased and upset certain members of the faculty. The coaches seemed somewhat upset because the football players needed to be fired up at the end of the day for the game that night. The rest of the faculty were somewhat pleased because their sixth period classes were not interrupted every Friday. The students had mixed feelings about the pep rallies. Of course the seniors were excited about having the pep rallies earlier so that they could attend. However, it was hard to rest of the students since they had to go back to class after the pep rally had ended. Dr. Blanton helped the spirit rise at several pep rallies by speaking and firing up not only the football players, but the students. For the first time in about a year, each class exhibited its spirit each week by continuing to stand during the entire thirty minutes of the pep rally. 5-5 .fifk-exft 94 -,, , K-V, N-.X KX .Nh xx. ,. ,K .NPK ., Q ,XKS ,, MZ. Kia -. . R. . ..... Pep Rallies 23 1 gee 24 Fridays r A Right: PEGGY STANLEY, ROBIN FLEMMING, and AMY HOLLIDAY get into the surfin' mood, Car- rollton style. Below: CARL HORN waits to pay for supplies, in an effort to prepare for the next week, tR. Jonesl Bottom Lett: TODD BASH and TODD GLOVER practice thier brass before the pep rally. tK. Johnstont Bottom Right: RON JONES takes times out of his Friday schedule to 'vandalize' a lriend's Car. tK. Davidl .WF T id A Swv? Nz? at O' L L A as QQ, FIQIIDA LIFE Fridays were once again the highlight ot our week. With our minds focused on pep rallies and football games, we quickly forgot about our algebra exams, English essays, and government events. Dances could often be expected to follow the game, whether we won or lost. These school sponsored activities were not the only way we achieved our social limits, however. A few deviates got off 'papering' houses or 'shoepolishing' cars, while for those of us who had cars tor could 'bum' a ride with someone who didt, a late night snack at Chili's or a cruise down Forest Lane would satisfy us until Saturday night. For those of us who were apprehensive about how Saturday would begin, we could go watch the sun rise from the 7-1 1 vldeoroom. AQQP' i1S5fN Left: LORI BARNES and MARLIN EDWARDS get Above: The Varsity team celebrates their victory together at the Beach Bash. lR. Jonest over Turner. QR. Jonesl Fndays 25 5 T3 169,23 pgfto L wa 5 I I 4 Mrs. Roth stands in an emcee during one of the lengthy rehearsals. TRACY GIDDENS is chased by the evil SHERYL WILLIS in The Wizard of Oz. Bottom Right: CINDY SIMMONS administers aid to STEPHANIE MOXLEY as MELISSA REEVES heats up. Opposite Page, Left: MARCI GO beats the primeval drums lor the skit. Opposite Page, Right: LESLIE BURKE performs the "Singing in the Rain" part ol the final show. Opposite Page, Bottom: ANDREA NICHOLS demonstrates a 'lay out' during the Opus ll portion ol the Finale. IPHO TOS BY HON JONES2 26 Fantastic Finale f NEWSBREAKERS 0 e Seven deaths in Chicago 2 because of tampered Tylenol 6' capsules caused the largest ,Q I 5 i scale public panic to occur within 4 Q years. Several other packaged - -- Q products were tampered with ' and, subsequently, brought about tamper-proofing of Over i The Counter drugs. -gs V., ffea gas .sein N b k EIGHT WEEKS OF PURE ECSTACYl It all end ed wlth the slgnrng ofthe agreement to end the National League Football stnke on November 16 1982 Maybe next year Flokle voters responded to great sounding oampalgn promrses as they threw out the rn perrenoed Attorney General Mark White s vow to do away wlth the state gasolrne tax After the electron he was unable to Keep his word oumbent Governor Bill Clements for the inex- Nbk29 .ii t Top Right: The junior Troymans perform the routine that they learned for the pep rally. QR. Tatej Above: The junior cheerleaders show the stu- dent body their agility as they make a pyramid. tR. Tatej Right: The junior football team spiritfully gathers after they were introduced at the pep rally. tR. Tatej 30 Powder Puff q J 3.35 N.. . 37 , DD DEED fl: EAM SENIUIQS' WDIQIY IDA S fl: The term "powderpuff" at Newman Smith not only meant junior and senior girls battling it out on the football field, but also junior and senior "men" who became twirlers, cheerleaders, and Troymans for the day and later at the game. Practices began around one month before the actual game night for both junior and senior teams. The players were given various plays to memorize in order to prepare for the game. The cheerleaders, twirlers, and Troymans also had memorizing to do. The cheerleaders had cheers to learn and twirlers had routines to "perfect," while Troymans had to learn to "dance" The game turned out to be a bit less than the cheerleaders expected. Neither squads were permitted to cheer at the game because of some incidents that occurred at the pep rally. However, the game proved itself a success when the seniors came out on top with a score of 18-13. l Top Left: RHONDA LUCK artfully applies make- up to complete the feminine twirler outfit worn j N by noNJoNEs. tn. rarer Above Left: The senior Troymans perform their routine with precision at the game. tFl. Tatet Q Above: DAVID GARZA leads the rest of the senior cheerleaders on to the gym floor at the pep ral- A ly. tFl. Tatej j j Left: The senior football team lines up as they 3 1 are introduced at the pep rally. fR. Tatet 1 . Powderpuff 31 32 Fadsllfashions Left: MARY FLORES walks away while she displays her fashionable mini. iD. Norridl Below: Racquette ball is a popular sport, as demonstrated by DAVID GARZA while in a mood. t.l. Sittonl Opposite Page, Top: For the sporty driver, like Mr. Sparks, the new Pontiac Trans Am walled for a trip down the road. tk. Johnslonl Oposite Page, Bottom: The variations of poker left ROBERT WESTER losing more than his money. The other players benefited by his misfortune. l.l. Sittonl sys ' - 1 Ht. W -www, vu.. l3IfI T 6' 9' CDO 2 i'Ti'i Knit - ,P 2, '1- nv-'A DDDULADII7' GAMES The ability to fit 'in' with the popular crowd relied on what we had, what we wore, what we liked, and what we did. ln order to conform to these fundamentals of social eliteness, the various fads and fashions had to be accepted without reservation. Wishing to be popular, we had to wear mini-skirts, or brightly colored clothes. Anything that completed the Olivia Newtonalohn look would also be tolerated. Besides the way we dressed and how our hair was styled, what we had and what we did af- fected the way we fit in the crowd. New cars were popular for the sporty side of life, while athletics or games of chance added spice. By participating in all of these, popularity was within our grasps. tif we knew the right people or had the bucks.l l Fadsfliashions 33 ' ed Thai our schooi ran smooihiy aii by iiseiig tions oi severai, we We oiien beiiev whiie in reaiiiy, had ii noi been ior The e wouid have wirhered away. Our very speciai "iamiiy" did more ihan cieari our carpeis and serve iood. They Took ihe iime io make our "home away irom home" someihing io be proud oi. Numerous iunchoris were periormed by our adminisiraiiori, iheir siahs, and our ihdividuai ciubs and organizations. The iiiiie exira produciiviiy we pui in BEi-iiND THE SCENES aiiowed us io be recognized in such areas as drama, music, aihieiics, driii ieam, ioreign ianguages, and iournaiism. . Kohn and Mrs, We had compuiers Thai oniy helped Mrs iedious operaiions required ior graduaiion. the repertoire oi our Miiiaway with ihe ' ers composed ' E AT SMiTi-i ciai backsiag duction or LiE These spe pro 34 Behind me Scenes 'Fx S ,fa fi 12 t ix' 5 1 x xx W 1. -ag 1 X .S Before entering the field, the Varsity Football team takes a few minutes for prayer. lR. Jonesl JULIA MULLINAX turns in her attendance slips to Mrs. Margi Richardson. lR. Jonesl ..... fi. Wi ,B ,.,r,....,1 g. Q 'rg C-1 '94 if LINDA BURKE prepares Teenage Sexuality for publishing in the Odyssey. lR. Jonesl Mr. Moyer unloads new supplies to keep the school going strong. lK. Johnstoni Behind the Scenes 35 iw 5, Lv 41, '7 A 'J-wL.e.1, Above: JEFF WASKOW, LORRI BARNES, BECKY BECK and JOE PASCULLO eat at Judge Roy Bean's. QR. Jonest Right: RICHARD LIMBERT hurriedly goes through the drive-thru in order to save time. tR. Jonest 36 Eats 1'- I .4 .21 Q K VAIQIDUS DLACES T0 UNCH pt' s' N' W iv'-"N"'iTi'i. . A ffik' 9' Y' is The idea ot going out to eat for lunch and dinner progressed to a new summit through the year. Various places to eat encouraged people of all ages to spend their hard-earned money satisfying their appetites. Restaurants around the Dallas area included: Chili's, Chl-Chi's, Bennigan's, T.G.l. Friday's, Peoples, Magic Time Machine, Steak and Ale, and Crystal's. Seniors discovered early in the year that time was scarce during lunch periods. This created a last pace at a drive-thru rather than a leisurely lunch spent in a restaurant. Anything, however, was a step up from having to slay at school and consume whatever happened to be prepared by the lunch ladies in the cafeteria. Left: MARLIN EDWARDS gets caught offguard leaving McDonald's. tR. Jonesl Below: T.G.l. Friday's was a popular place for students to grab a bite. llfl. Jonesl .-, Q gig 2'Qi5:f'z-A--- . X N f-.- . , hi Eats 37 w.......... V SIJA ASPECTS CDVEIQED LIFE 84 LIDVE Visual representations were a major part of our lives. Movies depicted every aspect of living. All types of physical and psychological problems were overcome. tLike the problem of what to do when a "SOLD OUT" glared out at you from behind the ticket window.l innumerable obstacles cropped up in the way of true LOVE, but were usually put asunder with the aid of goodness. Evil anecdotes composed the interest elements of the "soaps" Seniors could watch "All My Children," "One Life to Live," or "General Hospital" and report the various synopses to the underclassmen the next day. We even had graphics in our own school. The immeasurable yards of filmstrips that were shown in Health, English, and Biology were supposed to enlighten and entertain us. Watching the often childlike cartoons, we found ourselves daydreaming about the real world, rather than the adventures of Billy Bob Butterfly's Eye In The Sky. LISA FUHBMAN and MICHAEL KARMANN stand in line at the Plaza Theatre for tickets to a matinee. CB. Jonesl The generation oi movies, which started at Christmas had something to please everyone. Here are a few: ,a f' f. ...,......,.......,.,N ..,...-,., M A ,v , 'ffl' fx , x ,., -..L .. ..,,,,. 3 y JL X, ff L 1 . il'l its , 5 fjfqgx, , AV' X , ,.- f' X? Q V f . Uv I o. 1 ,, , R xx V .. I Q ff xx v . J, rl F, ,lf Lf . of 1' 4. , Q A W ' , 'ae . ,Q V ' Above: MICHELLE BowEN gets involved in Below: RHONDA LUCK is enveloped in me Ago- the intensity of the movie. QR. Jonesh various plots of"One Life to Live."4R. Jonesj : , Jef X-Xl -ti X 4x , . ,, Visual Arts 39 Q , DATE. Mli'!!'! IWEDNESDAY, FIFTH PERIODI RHONDA: "Lyndal Guess what? David finally asked me out tor Friday night!! Gan you believe it? Friday is only two days away! Good grief! I've got to get something to wear, get my hair cut, and . . DAVID: "Roni I finally got up the nerve to ask Rhonda out. I don't know where we're going to go yet. Got any suggestions!?! . . tFRlDAY, 3:30 P.M.l RHONDA: tOn her way home trom schooll "O,k. It's 3:30 now. David said he was going to pick me up at 7:30. That's only tour hours away!!! I'm never going to have time to go buy new shoes, wash my hair, iron my new blouse . . DAVID: l0n his way home trom schooll "O.k. It's 3:30 now. Let's see I've got to wash and wax my car, take a shower, buy some Binaca . . QFRIDAY, 5:30 P.M.J RHONDA: tLooking into mirrorl "Oh no! It's 5:30 already! MOM! Would you iron my new blouse? What did I do with that new sweater I bought today? Oh my gosh! I think I left that sack in Lynda's car! . . DAVID: iLooking into mirrorl "Why won't this darn razor work? Dad, can I use your razor? Mine broke, At this rate, I'm going to have to call Rhonda and tell her I'll be late. Great impression tor a first date! . . QFRIDAY, 6:30 P.M.l RHONDA: iStiIl looking into mirrorl "Why didn't I buy some new mascara yesterday? THIS one's all clumped up, Let's see, it's 6:30 now. I've got just enough time to iron my new blouse IMOMII, and get dressed . . DAVID: tStilI looking into mirrorl "It's already 6:30? Where did the time go? I've still got to get gas and MONEY! I used my last tive at lunch yesterday. Looks like I'Il have to go and cash my paycheck at the bank . , QFRIDAY, 7:30 P.M.l RHONDA: "O.k. It's 7:30 and I'm ready on time for once. I can't believe it. The one time I'm ready on time, he's late. What a way to go on the first date . . DAVID: t0n his way to Rhonda's housel "Oh no. I knew I was going to be late! I should have gone to the bank this afternoon. What is that? RAIN!?! It figures it would rain since I just washed the car . . tFRIDAY, 7:45 P.M,l THE DOORBELL RINGS. Top Right: CHARLOTTE HARRIS appears dreamy as she gets ready in front ot the mirror tor a very important date. QD. Norridl Right: A couple appears cozy as they park in the dark, "lonely" parking lot behind Target. tD. Norridl Above: JAY CHUNG hurriedly fills up with gas so as not to be late to pick up his date. QD. Norridl 40 Dating Top Left: STEPHEN MOITZ and BETH RHINE must separate and go to their different classes. QD. Norridl Top: RHONDA NEWMAN and SCOTT HARRIS seem to be content as they discuss future plans for the weekend. iD. Norridl Above: RENEE TRAGHELLA and GARY BLANKENSHIP talk about what they would like to do when they go out Saturday night. QD. Norridl Dating 41 Above: GLENNA HARRIS appears shocked as she gels a pie in the face at the orchestra booth. IK. Johnston! Right: HARRY RE VER munches on chicken while sitting at the fair. IK. Johnston! i CUUNTIQ FAIIQ T SUCCESSFIJ l ' As usual, the Carrollton Country Fair proved to be a tremendous suc- cess. Folks ot all ages gathered to exhibit and buy homemade arts and i E , crafts that only Carrolllonians could enjoy. Booths were set up for such 1 I rf things as woodcarvings, crochet items, monogrammings, games, and j 5 N A last, but not least, food. Ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts were shared with friends and neighbors all over the CarrolIton!Farmers Branch area. One old gimmick that was carried over from years past was confetti ' eggs. Friends and enemies broke these confetti filled eggs over each I other's heads to show affection of detestation. Food booths were prominent at the Country Fair. They consisted of such things as egg rolls, hamburgers, homemade ice cream, cotton can- y dy, corny dogs, chili, and much much more. All that attended the Carrollton Country Fair were pleased. The fair also at created hope in the minds of others for next year. a . Mis f ' ' Top: CRAIG HUFF T supervises the fun and ex- l X ' X citement of the Spanish Club's rampball. KR. Jonest F 9 Above: The Trojan Band marches fo the beat of l a first place marching award. iK. Johnston! Above: STACEY CANALIZO satishes her thirst while working at the Senior Class booth. KK. Johnstont Left: ROBERT BENNETT struggles to keep his head above water in the dunking booth. IR. Jones! Fair 43 WHAT T0 BUY? UNDRAISERS Above: KEITH DAVID sells DECA carnations before school. Above Right: STEVE SHEERAN and MIKE BOUTIS sell cupcakes tor the Senior country fair booth. QR. .lonesI Center: Mr. Hendricks buys goodies from VICKIE MAHON to support the Senior class. LJ. Sittont 44 Fundraisers "Does Anybody wanna buy . . .?" This ques- tion was heard every day ot every week. It creeped up on the unsuspecting hallwalker between classes, and converged on the bus crowd after school. The only way to avoid the first plan of sales talk was to completely ignore the box-carrying Freshman. The real key to Plan A was the 'worthy cause' that needed to be sup- ported. Clubs needed money to compete at conventions, attend summer camps, and pay tor little extras in scenery for the drama depart- ment. When this failed to produce sales, she would have to switch to Plan B. Plan B consisted ot isolating a friend and giving him the 'guilt' trip. "But Bob, you bought Shelly's Band soap, Kelly's Troyann key chains, and Patty's HOCE pizza! Why won't you buy my Freshman cook- ies? Do you like them more than me?" This along with a few tears would usually convince the entire hall to purchase WHATEVER you were selling -just to keep you quiet. Below: MICHAEL KARMANN fills out receipts for Bottom: MARY MATTHEWS purchases her 'Fid- the '83 Iliad in front of the unveiled cover. QD. dler on the Roof' tickets to support drama. iK. Norridl Johnstonl !E x- at s X ' . 1 f i, k Q , x sv ,.--. f A .ks Q t xg ss t K -sa , S .. J. sf l U Q 52537 ggsf E' Q QE J fqsg V 2 fl- yff iff 5 , H. 14 lc-c-p . Fundraisers 45 AX kv. 915, cp. cf '55, '. 2 . 11 . .4 in f .u Z f . 4. V an ' .F - sg 5. pf' 1 Q. .g A.. ,X .34 .., 3- LQ .41 -4 5 ,17 if 11 , 1, .-. gr - Lg.. 1, ,1 ' K vi, M - f gf :, :Q , .-1 wt wp fs 'fi L-2. 3 .5 Q , Q, P? fl Q., ' ,,. . ,. sv- , 4. .. 'V N., 5. wi hw' . A. .Y .. 5131..- 5? 4, rx 1. .5 . lg: , , 1. 1 . . ,. -L1Q.. Sf. - , v. .. . . . Q . gg H fl ' we mf Hmm-H M swag .N f f 9' Qgsg Lgaw K, K. K , .. A .vyv 31.1 ,wi,wif-.3-54.--.X.1i,-,f4,U, . y-k, , Q. 4- . ., ,. , V, -I L -K . f . , 4, 4 11 q Ld.. "Q 'f':'. ,iw .-5-2 V ' .f X-'Y-If W -' 'S' j.'Wfi.""lT5ii1'a: ',"ff5I'Y'1q2:'w.wi:X.- ff 1 '.,,i. Mn. NFA.. J.: .531 ',-ff N.-f .. f. . 1' f -X , w -I-jf-f . I ' . .. -, 4. va f af - . . .A-2,4 .W 2 1' K w . ,,. ,, ,, .K .lf , , A .- - x -, 3 ' 1'.-As., 4:w,.,4,e.v'w Q-xl. -' 5 fh X 2 muff' .- , Im: . ' :vw -- .' : f 5 ,fy g V - .' -9,--.-fi ggi ,w:f,,,..g-an ,.,,, . -. Aff. -. f, i,- .X E 1 gL w M.,.g1yf : , -:,,m,-f,y.- .. 4 A Q A ' -' -. .- 1 . v wh: . .. IJ 1 K- '- f affftfk ' 4 W' ,V . ffiiilk '- ' b ' ' . - ' ' .P , -- ,,,'-Y',,'1,,",,,"L1,f,5,5fj4A3 W fi H .911- :Ji A fl J? K . -, ff? fi, -1 .yi . -2:52. . ff. .414 -.N . . 1 nf :ff- :ei 1 .1 'Lf -we wiv 7143.555 . Fi'-' ' '. wx: lf.. .ef -N ,V . . in ' fry .wx f S 15. ff . 31 115 if I' -1. .. ' 5 :vez P X-.V Q. . ,,.,, . 4.4 ,- 5 ' gui. -F L fx. .A . y 1" ' ., fr fi' F 3 P3 I - -w g., if, ,ff . f W .' i' ' .Q ie! ., :fry - fe ,.. .4 , .5 :cf 15. .-km 7 ' N fr G1-f . TE: 'iii . . 37532 I 'il still Aiirfd JEFF SEVEHDAKEH , ,S VW 1 WI IUVBII YDU believe me." in Escs fer your dreams." - MILDRED WIL D d JEFF KW? fx V WEEDI. K? 'fl want to Q0 on the ' stage!! - Years Ago DEBATE! CUEDC DN Stage presence, the ability to express the moment, thought or action. That is what drama and debate are all about. Hundreds of students spend many of their waking hours trying to master that art. They want to raise heads when they speak and to have everyone thinking their way. Under the leadership of Ms. Peveto and Ms. Schleimer, the drama groups competed very successfully at local, state and national levels. These groups also produced public performances three times this year, beginning with "ESCB" in September, "Mildred Wild" was the one-act performance, and the year culminated with the presentation of "Years Ago." Dr. Rhodes was a driving force behind the success of the debating teams this year. Tournaments took the squads to many cities across the state of Texas, ranging from Grand Prairie to Houston. The Hillcrest tournament was perhaps one of the most successful for the squad, with it winning first place in overall debate sweepstakes. At the U.l.L. district level the debating team of James Clendenon and Chris Martin placed in the quarter finals in standard debate. 141.11 Row l: S. Roper, H. Drake, E. Williams, D. Ahmann, B. Putney, E. Morin. Bow 2: Dr. Rhodes, J. Matsushita, J. Lyon, B. Dyess, J. Brown, T. Kim. 50 Debate -f -'55 we 'vm gg 795,531 How 1: L. Bowen, N. Staley, R. Lara, T. Haley, M. Wynn, K. Gath, Peveto. Flow 2: S. Bloom, L. Nelson, V. Baker, L. Warner, S. Nicholas, Poeschke. Row 3: C. Penland, C. Henry, C. Chester, S. Fields, T. T e Row 4: D. Doyen, A. Sprague, C. McElroy, M. Motley. Bow 5: D. Dwyer, Wharton, B. Hoffman, M. Baranowski, G. Foster, T. Gonzales. Hey in-li.. in-rf -QLAHW, A.. .1-, Opposite Page: Top: CHRIS MARTIN, BRIAN SULLIVAN, and JAMES CLENDENON proudly display two of the many awards that they received this past year. IR. Jonesl This Page: Top: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS and BECKY PUTNEY take notes an TAE KlM'S presentation. QR. Jonesl Middle Left: DIANE AHMANN contemplates how to best present her arguments. IR. Jonesl Middle Right: Much of debate is based on group ettort and guidance. tR. Jonesl FW: ' if 6.1. 1, if V1 fs. . , .. it . . ' 'T 1 22 A s . 1 .,,- f 3. . ' -ef - es "'- ii ' F5 i gig' 7px5 Q4x f 4: . fr f. sf: . , - . 'r,. Qfv, 'R i -- 5 ii 1 nl w 1: K. Gath, L. Poetschke, N. Staley, R. Lara, T. Haley, M. Wynn, V. Kel, L- Warner. L- NelS0n- ROW 22 S- R0DeT, C- Henfy. D- Duyen, S- Row 1: M. Wynn, T. Haley, N. Staley, L. Warner. Row 2: T. Wharton, R. IGS, M- MHUHY, C- Penland, D- Ahmann. T- Kim- ROW 32 B. Putney, DF- Lara, B. Hottman, C. Penalnd, S. Harris. Row 3: C. Henry, V. Baker, M. Mat- odes, J. Matsushita, B. Hoffman, B. Dyess, T. Wharton, J. Lyon, E. tay, D. Doyen. rin, Ms. Peveto, E. Williams, J. Brown. Debate 51 m .N .g, .a 1 .p ix . Xxrx 1 l l all if yr . .gk 4' A, , f ...:, T' 1 , T7S",, K e.. ' ': so X jig-Yr A., , A ef Ja? l -, . i V . l 55 4 l 1- . , .ir f Q . ff ,WU f X In L 2 ' Hifi' A s X A f 855 Q , A S Y :Alix lo .V 4 .. l ' ! Row 1: L. Anderson, C. Carpenter, C. Dixon, J. Hall, A. Jackson, L. Love, A. Minderman, L. Rake, L. Warren. Row 2: S. Anglin, L. Caso, M. Escobedo, S. Hammer- backer, D. Johnson, R. Martin, M. Melkus, L. Rex, T. Willard. Row 3: L to H: Y. Baldy, D. Clinton, K. French, N. Hankins, L. Johnson, S. McBride, G. Nash, C. Fluthmiere, P. Womack. Row 4: K. Bowman, L. Cobler, A. Fietz, C. Harris, M. Johnson, G. McCoy, K. Prats, T. Samples, T. Woodruff. Row 5: T. Cain, S. Copp, T. Fuentes, J. Hendrickson, K. Kavanaugh, L. McCullough, M. Orozco, J. Sartor, S. Worlham. Row 6: K. Corzart, B. Cordes, C. Giles, J. Henry, H. Green, K. McKinney, P. Pross, B. Smyth, T. Zanotto. Row 7: S. Glidewell, G. Hill, K. Lewis, S. Hoechsetter, C. Davis, R. Travis. fs.rN-1 Q A V ,, L M ,T wr-Mm-N fnfxx NX jg ug - 5 fl ft ' j f' 3,5 as :K T . .. ' ,jg ? AK, gimp? L N, H. W3 , it 1 ltr 2-M+-sf f f , fe tal it s 'ff' 52 Flag-Corps!Twirlers I2 SDIDIT E TENSIUNS Pep Club started the football season off with hand routines, cheers, and school spirit. They made a striking appearance in their new green and gold uniforms. As the season ended, pep club spent many hours ol preparation for drill team and cheerleader try-outs in the spring. The Trojan Flag-Corps and the twirlers prepared for halftime performances, con- tests, and pep rallies. New members were in- troduced to the experience of building Trojan spirit through their performance. The two clubs along with the Trojan band and Troyanns participated in UIL and Parade of Champions, and later qualified for state com- petition in Austin. Opposite Page, Top Left: Row 1: C. Cobbler, A. Turner, K. Halliday, V. Williams, D. Putney, K. Head, K. Fultz. Row 2: A. Sanker, S. Howell, P. Holland, K. Erickson, A. Biggs, L. Cox, V. Granchay, K. Gibbs. Top Right: Twirlers: N. Dryer, D. Rose, C. Hesse, A. Chaffy. This Page, Top Left: KRISTY HEAD shows how cold foot- ball games can be. iR. Tatel Top Flight: KIM MCFARLAND executes one of the hand routines during a football game. lK. Johnstonj 'fax -WZ. if it gr . ' , 3 ,aid . .a..,,,,,,Mhm ff f . -' r . Qt . 5 'fir K' ----- xi' 'ii"'i"'7' ,ix :'f?i,A. j"A" ef f I .3 ft 31' ' fmqiygb-md.. 'Jkt - fig . Y 1- 1 ' J Q fx' ,Q , XXX L I C ' Y .ff I A Q. Jw X, . i K . 'I 14' ' 5' V 3.2 'I I . 3 ' is . -Q, ,U Q, K 'ef 'fr A X ' j ,R b A ,V ,. , -7 ,sf - . X K " 2?-f f, vi' it h I I I , 3- ' ' A v .l If ww. ,xv ,Wei 3' ' .. 5,411 ,Vy ,395 Q .4 w.clLgN,A.' .K Q L W Zvi' ow 1: J. Allen, J. Brown, S. Boehler, L. Bowen, K. Johnston, K. McFarland, G. Sabalore, C. Tanner, A. Sprague. Row 5: N. F W- i , . Lawler, K. O'Neil, M. Steere, D. Ward. How 2: S. Allan, D. Batten, C. Cockrell, S. Herr, K. Hall, L. Knobloch, T. Meuer, L. ,f f A ,.s,.f, 'ii ullard, R. Coffman, L. Folsom, K. Jones, E. Ruthmeire, J. locum, B. Wheeler. Row 3: V. Ashby, S. Burt, T. Cravey, C. reeman, B. Kersting, M. Luce, L. Reagan, D. Van Noy, M. illiams. Row 4: S. Bloom, M. Carey, V. Deal, M. Kirkpatrick, 1 jr 53 if: Sayre, L. Taylor, C. McElroy. Flow6: L. Benton, L. Cockrill, J. wg : 1 .ff - Fiddler, A. Harris, D. Bradshaw, L. Kraus, S. Shih. Flow 7: L. Deloach, H. Kinney, D. Howell. Pep Club sa v9 YQ -1, Q Nr , N .. , 9. v sl Ex ..x. .i MM 11 MAIQCH N , With a surge of music, flash of light, swish r banners, and a syncronized step, the 1982-83 TrC jan Marching Band took to the field. After a stylis salute by the Drum Majors Marty Hammond and Jo Adkins and a clapping of hands to "get the beat, the halftime extravaganza is on. The band begir' its ever-changing series of patterns and lines. Wit a sudden change of mood, they begin to winc down, like toys out ot energy. In a single movemet lines have reformed and the non-stop show takes different twist. Percussion instruments may tie th show together by rat-tat-tatting through their ow style of music: or, a soloist may make the fin piece one to remember. tcontl T Wt BR f 6 ff 2 Row t: S. Howell, V. Williams, C. Cobter, A Turner, K. Head. A. Galley, C. Hesse, D. Rose, N. Dyer, D. Putney, K. Gibbs L. Cox, L. Yarbrough, K. Halliday. Row 2: J Lewis, M Hammond, M. Phillips, J. Henry, H. Wray, A. Sanker, K. Erickson S. Reece, M. Felton, B. Grady, J. Striptung, G. Reece, K. Wilson, K. Nead, S. Armstrong, D. Scott, A. Biggs, V. Granchay P. Holland, C. Scudder, R. Owens, M. Kelly. Row 3: K. Kinstley, J. Bauer, J. Singleton. L. Laminack, S. Harris, M Mathews, A. McKenna, J. Weaver, C. Ebanks, R. Ivy, S. Lang, B. Kokel, K. Laktns, M. Blair, L. Huber, S. Donch, D Burks, A. Hubert, K. Phelan, T. Cooper, L Williams, T. Smith, P. Munoz, T. Brackhahn. Row 4: S. Johnson. D. Ahmann. J. Woulfe, B. Thompson, A. Cogar, K. Smith, L. Boydson, L. Smith, K. McDonald, K. Eatmon, S. Walker, L. Ashby, D. 54 Marching Band Owen, M. Price, M. Bass, C. Harris, K. Ackerman, E. Brown, K. Fuller. Row 5: M. Englehart, G. Whittaker, K. Bolsom. Conner. C. Lowry, K. Munoz, K. Talbot, L. Baker, B. Bunch, C. Horn, T. Bash, R. Green, S. Smith, T. Norton, K. Smt M. Wiedemer, M. Harris, K Pattord, J. Chatfin, D. Poirier, C. Martin. Row 6: M. Bryant, D. Adamyr, J. Rittenhouse, Peterson, C. Hill, C. Hammond, B. Holman, B. Breckridge, M. Lark, T. Mills, S. Scudder, K. Ebanks, G. Nash, D. Baile- J. Skelton, M. Rawlings, G. Krllam, J. Bauer, N. Cotterill, G. Bolle, J. Oros. Row 7: R. Lappin, S. Bryant, C. Harris. Briers, J. Lassiter, J. Black. M. Abbott. B. England, P. Morgan, J. Chung, S. Harris, T. Glover, M. McKenna, M. Ruth ford. D. Crawford, S. Fiore, R Gonshek, M. Grittin, D. Shannon, S. Davis. L. Leyer, and M. Chancey. QAND 982 Then it's off of the field to stand at attention for the other band's performance. Finally, back to the stands, where the work continues, playing tor touchdowns and performing crowd pleasers such as "We Got the Beat." The Band's performing time was not limited sole- ly to football games. Hours of practice went toward UIL, The Parade of Champions, and state competi- tion. They placed 4th at The Parade of Champions, and received all "ones" at UIL marching contest. This qualified them for state competition, where they received a "two" overall. Dedication, pride, punctuality and responsibility are all characteristics of a band member. Practices starting at 7 o'clock in the morning, and marching in the cold, wet, and mud tend to do something to the sole. "Mr. Bohls is very demanding, and he knows itg but he doesn't ask for anything you can't do." said Joy Adkins. 5 i. vb S9 Q . fr f g-,F-Y' . ll .t Q- K 1 fwx, IQ' 5 T Opposite Page - Top: MARTY HAMMOND, Drum Major, directs a perfect halftime. QR. Jonesi Middle: At one time or another, almost every band member found himself watching, rather than performing. CR. Jonesl This Page - Top: JOY ADKINS took her job seriously, whether it be directing or creating routines, she was there. QR. Jonesi Middle: The band executed maneuvers with great precision. QR. Jonesi Left: "What, that song again?" t.l. Sittoni Above: JOY ADKINS directs at the Parade of Champions. QR. Jonesi Marching Band 55 BAND: A FULL EAITS WUIQIY The marching season ended with a sigh of relief, but the band went on practicing for state competition in Austin. lt was then time for Area Band tryouts held at Southern Methodist University. As a result four separate bands were created. The traditional Symphonic, Concert, and Jazz bands were brought back again this year along with a new group called "The Trojan Technique Band." During the month of February the groups began preparing for the University interscholastic League Solo Ensemble at W. T. White High School. The Jazz band also participated in a Jazz Band Festival. Later in April, the bands hosted a U.l.L. Band Concert and Sightreading Contest held here at Newman Smith High School. They concluded their successful year with one last concert and Music Festival followed by their Spring Banquet in May. 56 Band :X -"""? film'-"'in'I15-Q T Fv" '5'55 FF "':E:: Z 'wiht iW"""' X Q +793 Q, . ff A l Q? ..,...s. W... . K Q it . A J - H' . M es: ww - , if f- W V. K 215- , .W .7 I fi 1. , mm,k i 12 . Ig' . m,... :e w ' .. as -- -1s.a..Q,vsf -- fv:f'e .we xg vf-. - . - TQ, sf - 53 is 5'-.f'.ffIsK z R2 " V ww - X : - . my 1, , ,,k, K A A wwf rf.. ' ' he : xi: IT? ' ' " use + 1 7 fi.. -, '-.if f ' :,,g.g'g 4 -iff?" -f " ' 2 ' tg ,V . .im . . Queers .. :yr J- M132 sew s : sw.5W. M f ,i 5 A I I v? A Ik Qgfef ax. ' . . i, I , , . as i Us I h .. g.. I ,u ef K X it si - R- 1 .55. g A rv if . . .ml . 1 5, . V Q J A 3 ,. , iff -f 3. "f- z ei: w Opposite Page, Top Right: RICHARD LAPPIN par- ticipates in the sound of jazz during band class. IJ. Sittonl Top Left: CRAIG SCUDDER decides to kick back while playing during Jazz class. IJ. Sittonl Bottom Left: CRAIG SCUDDER watches MIKE LARK do all the playing. IJ. Sittonl This Page, Top Left: The flute is one of the many in- struments heard in the Concert band rehearsal. IR. Jonesl Bottom Center: SHAWNE MCLEAN expresses her en- thusiasm during Concert band rehearsal. IR. Jonesl Top Right: DEAN SHANNON huffs and puffs until the sound inally comes out. IR. Jonesl Left: As demonstrated by RICHARD LAPPIN, STEVE BRYANT, and KRIS MUNOZ, the saxophone is an im- portant touch to jazz music. IJ. Sittonl Above: MARK HARRIS concentrates on his music dur- ing Symphonic band rehearsal. IJ. Sittonl. Band 57 557 2, :I - "2 5-151i :"""' -I" S4 --i"' 1 :,.1--1' TROJAN TECHNIOUE BAND - Row 1: K. Lakins, D. Ruml, A. Catley, D. Donner, A. Cogar, K. Gibbs, D. Owen. Row 2: T. Nor- ton, L. Sayer, B. Holman, B. Breckinridge, C. Moody, J. Long, M. Lebarre. Row 3: K. Erickson, S. Harris, S. Fiore, K. Fuller, A. Scheunehmann, C. Martin, D. Henderson. CCNCERT BAND - Row 1: M Bass, K. Bolson, K. McDonald, B Kokel, A. Hubert, S. Harris, A Sanker. Row 2: K. Head, A. Scudder, B. Thompson, K. Smith D. Scott, S. Johnson, K. Acker man, J. Werner, K. Phelan, H. Wray, C. Harris, J. Skelton, J. Weaver, G. Nash. Row 3: B. Grady, M. Felton, L. Lamniaclo, B. Arruda, M. Ferrell, T. Sons, A. Biggs, L. Cox, K. Smith, G. Bolle, D. Poirier, M. Bryant, M Wiedemer, R. Green. Row 4: C. . Caslignoli, S. Peterson, B Owens, G. Killam, K. Ebanks, D. Shannon, and M. Griffin. SYMPHONIC BAND - Row 1: D. Ahmann, J. Adkins, A. McKenna, R. lvy, D. Burks, C. Ebanks, L. Hubert, M. Blair, S. Donch, K. Halliday, S. Lang. Row 2: K. McDonald, M. Price, S. Walker, C. Harris, M. Matthews, J. Woulle, L. Williams, M. Harris, C. Lowry, L. Leyrer, V. Briers, M. Chancey, D. Rose, C. Harris, S. Davis. Row 3: K. Ealmon, N. Dryer, L. Boydson, L. Yar- brough, L. Smith, L. Ashby, D. Abmayr, J. Rittenhouse, T. Mills, C. Scudder, J. Henry, M. Lark, S. Scudder, M. Rawlings, T. Bash, K. Talbot, S. Bryant, S. Smith, C. Horn, J. Oros, M. Phillips, L. Baker, B. Bunch. Row 4: J. Stripling, K. Wilson, S. Kay, H. Kennedy, M. Keeler, J. Chung, M. Rutherford, M. McKenna, T. Glover, B. England, J. Singleton, P. Morgan, J. Black, M. Abbott, R. Gorishek. Row 5: M. Kelley, J. Bauer, K. Kinstley, J. Lewis, P. Sacco. 58 Band!Orchestra M QE 4 if S' - - vm CONCERT ORCHESTRA - Lisa Beazel, Michael Borgstrom, Robert Bryan, Robert Carroll, Scott Donohoo, Andrea Porter, Yuvitta Polite, Robert Stadt, Daniela Stolar. SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA - Joy Adkins, Lisa Ashby, Donna Burks, Michelle Chancey, Sharon Davis, Scott Donohoo, Becky England, Jett Hall, Charlotte Harris, Glenna Harris, Jayson Henry, LeAnne Jenn- ings, Sheeba Johnson, Olynn Korsmo, Jett Lewis, Lesley Leyer, Janet Mailloux, Michele Mathews, Kris McDonald, Andy McKenna, Michael Perdue, Patrica Price, Elaine Reiss, John Smith, Kimberly Smith, Tracy Sons, Candy Stone, Jeff Strip- ling, Elaham Taeed, Craig Thomas, Michelle Weber, Liz Williams, Kelly Wilson, Jill Woulte. JAZZ BAND - Row 1: Neal Cot- trill, Kris Munoz, Brenda Bunch, Steve Bryant, Richard Lappin. Row 2: Jett Hall, Scott Kay, John Singleton, Becky England, Todd Glover, Jett Lewis. Row 3: Tittanie Smith, Pete Sacco, Todd Bash, Mike Lark, Jason Henry, Marshall Rawlings, Craig Scudder. BandlOrchestra 59 +7 DIQCHESTIQA WELL The screech of violin bows being drawn across untuned strings, the pluck ofa bass as the player tries to find the right string, clarinets wailing out A flats as the piano player pumps his ivories - these are all sounds of an orchestra tuning-up. The Newman Smith orchestras were very finely tuned this year by Mr. Kenneth Dockray, as he led them through unmatched performances locally, statewide, and even in Carlsbad, New Mexico. For the first time at Newman Smith, the orchestras held what they hope will become an annual dinner in the cafeteria. The dinner was held on October 21, and proved to be a great success. A covered dish supper was also held during the year, to help raise money for the groups' various activities during the year. The Symphony Orchestra took Sweepstakes, earning a Division I from all the judges in both Concert and Sightreading portions of the contest. In addition, musical history was made as the Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Band earned Sweepstakes honors. Other concerts during the year included performing at the Great Texas Pick-up, a Kiddie Concert for local fourth graders, and a spring show in the theater. The year culminated with a banquet at the Summit Hotel. The lights go up, the director's sticks find their normal place on the shelf, stands are dismantled, violins and basses return to their ever so stuffy cases, and the orchestras go home until the next concert. 60 Orhcestra NED 1--"""' -- 'L 0 ll + P5 S - r 1 H p-l S 1 .1 K - 134 5 R P J g g E-e..e'.!,!:-.'?:r- E zaf ka A W i N-' 1413 Opposite Page: Top: Mr. Dockray demonstrates the proper way to play the violin. QR. Jonest Bottom Left: Constant practice and hard work went into being an or- chestra member. QR. Jonest Bottom Right: T.M.E.A. REGION XX OR- CHESTRA - Row 1: J. Maiiloux, L. Jennings, O. Korsmo, E. Taeed, J. Adkins, J. Woulfe. Row 2: S. Johnson, J. Smith, P. Price, S. Davis, J. Henry, T. Sons, M. Perdue. This Page: Top: The pianist is perhaps one of the most important members of the orchestra. CR. Jonesi Bottom: Orchestra members per- formed at the Great Texas Pick-up. i Orchestra 61 Q.:-.::..".I.'.... "'::.-: --. ..... --Ilglir A Ilii II! 1 EH!!! iiii illl """'llllI---. .Fl I if 55 l l ssx asa Opposite Page: Top Left: KELLY LINDERS sings a solo with A Cappella and Vocal Ensemble at the Great Texas Pick-Up. QR. Jonesl Bottom Right: Members of the Vocal Ensemble in a complimentary performance to help the PTA. QR. Jonesl This Page: Below: Mr. Sparks, the new director, worries about the upcoming UIL competition. QR. Jonesl VOCAL ENSEMBLE - Left to Right: J. Hall, Qon the pianol, M. Keefer, Qon the drumsl, T. Hall, S. Ray, C. Murdock, L. Coleman, S. Chester, R. Richards, L. Cooper, M. Matthews, L. Alexander, S. Sivess, S. Hahn, K. Linders, S. Bentel, P. Lapiers, T. Pentcost. Not Pictured: K. Kim. 62 Chou A CAPPELLA - Row 1: J. Obar, J. Ward, D. Bjornson, K. Linders, C. Cobler, R. Tragella, L. Alexander, J. Mailloux, C. Minn, R. Richards, K. Kim. Row 2: L. Cooper, M. Luce, C. Crowder, L. Coleman, C. Penland, J. Wynn, K. Vanek, S. Ray, V. Baker, S. Sivess, T. Crowe, K. Dicker- son. Row 3: L. Moore, C. Stone, M. Mattey, K. Head, M. Dale, A. Murphy, K. McCullough, L. Huber, B. Vollmering, S. McLean, A. Stephens, P. Lapiers. Row 4: M. Abbott, J. Shiverdaker, Ri Owens, S. Rutherford, B. Hoffman, T. Hall, G. Forster, M. Matthews, J. Parmley, C. Smith, W. Preston, T. Pentcost, D. Zacharias. Row 5: S. Carey, S. Johnson, J. Hall, X. Chester, G. Nash,l D. Petty, S. Bentel, L. Southerland. Row 6: M. Johnson, S. Hahn, M. Keeler, C. Murdock, C. Barr, D. Wadyko, L. Nguyen. , CHUIIQ UNDEIQ NEW DIIQECTDIQ ' C7 ll + 2' If g ,A gg 0351! 4 S X 999' x S I 6- - ' N 1 , l iss-r-'inn' I Ib 0 are 9 -ff L . x- ' v wx' y t X 6:9 I fOMEN'S CHOIR - Row 1: A. Peterson, M. ioodman, M. Ho, L. Lutz. Row 2: V. McCauley, L. Kavanaugh, M. Escobedo, L. Ouinn, P. Webb, l. Hensel, T. Cain, T. Vaughn. Row 3: T. Trung, L. Bradford, S. Martin, D. Hall, D. Kelso, J. Irby, lfl'f3ms Under the new direction of Jim Sparks, the choirs started the year off on a good note. Vocal Ensemble added choreography to its performances this year. lt also became a show choir specializing in pop music. ln addition, Vocal Ensemble participated in concerts at Brookhaven along with performing for junior high and elementary schools. During Christmas, A Cappella and Woman's Choir sang at Sakowitz Village. Vocal Ensemble performed at Retirement Inn and all of the choirs joined the orchestra for a Christmas performance at the school. All the groups performed spring concerts and students from A Cappella participated in the Fine Arts Review. Vocal Ensemble helped the school out by performing for the PTA during "Love NSHS Week." They were joined by A Cappella in providing entertainment for the first Great Texas Pick-Up. Officers for A Cappella choir were: Jeff Hall, President: Kelly Linders, Vice-president Stacia Sivess, Secretary, Laurie Coleman, Treasurer, Janet Mailloux, Librarian: and Colleen Cobler, Social Chairman. The officers of the Women's Choir were: Mi Sook Ho, President: Susan Broussard, Vice-president, Anita Peterson, Secretary, Lisa Lutz, Treasurer, and Melissa Goodman, Librarian. f A4 Q ,Q . w I Mya ,, U ' .. is V QW? My y Q A . 5 D. Young, K. Hobbs, B. Corbes. Row 4: L. O'Brien, K. Griffin, D. Nurnberg, L. Bowling, A. Powell, T. Edwards, S. Ballard. Not Pictured: S. Broussard, J. Ruston, T. Woodruff, R. Martin. Chow 63 EADEIQSHID DAD EXCELLENCE STUDE T SENATE AND NI-IS At 7:30 the first Thursday of every month Newman Smith's National Honor Society met to discuss current activities. These students not only had above average grades, but they also pledged to be students of strong leadership, service and character. Members sold Smithmas cards and tutored weekly by appointment. New members, accepted fall and spring semesters, were kidnapped and taken to breakfast at Kip's. In the spring, NHS members competed for national scholarships with the sponsors making the final decision. Mrs. Strickland, Mrs. Fife, Mrs. Noell and Mrs. Mohammadi worked closely with the students, giving support and guidance as sponsors of the National Honor Society. The 1982-83 student senate represented the students and the administration of our school, along with providing services forthe community. During Christmas, the Senate held an annual canned food drive. Canned food was collected and delivered to the needy. Senators also publicized and sponsored the annual blood drive held February 10th. Close to 100 pints were donated by students and faculty. Members organized the distribution of student lD's in the tall. This was the first year that personalized l.D.'s were given to the students. The year was concluded with an exchange day, co-sponsored with R. L. Turner. Student senate members attended classes at Fl. L. Turner, thus allowing them to see what life at our sister school is really like. Overall, it was a very successful year for our student senate, with many goals reached and many campaigns fought and won. ,"""'W .-A l .. 64 Senate SENATE - Row 1: T. Kim, C. Beattie, T. Haley, P. McBride. Row 2: J. Lyon, J. Chung, J. Smith. Row 3: J. Bryer, J. Stripling, S. Davis. Row 4: A. McKenna, J. Armentrout, S. Davenport, D. Ahmann. Flow 5: L. Jennings, J. Marjley, T. Jones, K. Smith. Row 6: J. Archimbaud, T. Tinley, T. Maerer, C. Atler, J. Fiddler. Flow 7: S. Chung, J. Wynn, M. McKenzie, M. Go. It -fri 4,3 A'-I V 'tow 1: J. Grady, S. Bryant, J. Henry, P. Nguyen, T. Wagner, K. Clements, K. Carroll, K. AcBride. Row 2: M. Reimers, E. Taeed, S. Gon- Campbell, Mrs. Strickland. Row 4: S. Davis, Mrs. galez, C. Denson, R. Newman, T. Haley, D. Noell, M. Prather, G. Caso, P. Rendessy, D. .ong. Row 3: M. Chung, Mrs. Mohammadi, H. Garza. Opposite Page: Top: The Senate blood drive was very successful this year adding close to 100 pints to the school's account. CR. Jonesj Bottom Left: BARBARA TAYLOR, Senate spon- sor, in addition to enjoying motorcycling, gets a kick out of arm wrestling freshmen for their lunch money. QR. Jonesj This Page: Top Left: KATHY CAMBELL, SILVIA GONZALES, RHONDA NEWMAN, and DARRIN BROWN enjoy refreshments being served in the Jr.!Sr. lounge. tK. Johnstonl Top Right: PHYLLIS MCBRIDE and JOYCE OBAR, seniors, pin DENISE TACKETT, junior, at the NHS ceremony. tK. Jofinstonj Above: STEVE BRYANT, senior, lights the open- ing candles at the National Honor Society spring induction. tK. Johnstonj National Honor Society 65 Tom Sawyer, Tarzan, E:MC2, "Real Men" and their quiche tpronounced kwitchyj, Reaganomics and the space shuttle: these are not merely words or things, rather they are answers, something which a Whiz Ouizzer holds near and dear to his heart. Whiz Quizzers put many hours each week into scrimmage and study in order to know answers about the past and pre- sent, traditions and fads, music and math. All of this work set the stage for competition against other schools in the area. Undaunted by defeat against Skyline High School, practice resumed during the spring semester in anticipation of victory the next year. Under the leadership of Mrs. Ded- mon and Mrs. Parker, fifteen members competed for the four active team positions, with Terry Wagner, James Clendenon, Jeff Adams and Thomas Pentecost finally facing the Skyline team. Veni, vidi, vici Latinam . . . Caesar said it once, and now it is the slogan on last year's Latin Club t-shirts. Loosely translated it means "l came, l saw, I conquered Latin." Latin may be a dead language, but the club last year was alive and feeling fine. Made up of members from both Turner and Smith, the club does not meet during the football season. Activities for this year included a bake sale, a Christmas party, and a spring banquet. The Christmas party, which was held at the house of Phyllis McBride, was combination toga party and new member initiation. Members were also re- quired to bring toys which were later donated to Santa's helpers. The theme of the spring banquet was Roman Mythology, with each member dressing as a mythological character. Elections for officers were held at the banquet, and prizes were awarded for best costume. Whiz Ouiz - Row 1: J. Adams, T. Wagner, T. Haley, M. Reimers, W. Campbell, S. Bentel. Flow 2: T. Kim, C. Martin, J. Clendenon, A. BODD. J. Lyon, A. McKenna, T. Pentecost. 'X ,f 'iw t A .fm A i yt .... .. t lie l'lIl U ZAND LATI C I3 4 p '5- L P1 I 7 O i , . Cy, i K x Q O , , . IO X 0 O if- :viz-.K g,5'O'-5-3 . up-Q U A - veit . I 'iw ' "A ' 1' rf I insert' 5 'Q 4 i 'W 9 5 A f 66 Whiz Ouiz K' ,I Q4 5,2-,s 91 'fl 5241? . f,','a it M.. W K V 'Mn x T. Eaton, Fl. Shackellord, B. Whitstone, G. Clendenon, D. Ahmann, J. Adams. lB.L.T. Fioarl C. Bastyr. Bow 2: S. Stringer, G. Owens, X . Club: Row 1: Ms. Baxter, L. Blakey, P. M. Smith, T. Kim, O. J. Sultan, P. McBride, J. Top Left: O. J. SULTAN, senior, affectionately looks at his plate, hoping for seconds. lJ. Sittonl Top Right: Mrs. Baxter, latin club sponsor, listens intently to the conversation at another table. lJ. Sittonl Above: Yet another latin club member cringes at the thought of initiation. QJ. Sittonl Latin Club 67 SPAN Sl-I AN FIQENCH Buenas dias . . .Como esta usted . . . O, no hablo espanol . . .Lo Siento. Did you understand that? Well, the average spanish club member would. One ofthe major requirements of the club is the ability to use the language. Spanish games, dances, meals and projects such as pinata making, were an important part of Spanish club meetings. The club also participated in the Carrollton Country Fair and, with the help of its traditional rampball game, the club brought in well over 35180. Money from the fair and from MSM sales helped the club finance out-of-school activities, such as a Christmas fiesta, a spring field trip, and a traditional banquet at the end of the year. Club members also purchased t-shirts, which were worn in support ofthe Foreign Language Week in the spring. Club officers included: Craig Huftt, President, Terry Wagner, Vice- Presidenl, Teresa Jones, Treasurer, Sharon Davis, Secretary, Joy Adkins, Historian, Glenna Harris, P.A.S.F. Reporter, Kris Carter, Nancy Kenton, and Shelley Wortham, Project Chairpersons. What do Mardi Gras, calendars, "The Three Musketeers" and French Fete all have in common? Why, the trench club, of course. The club kept a busy schedule for the 1982-83 school year, filling their calendars with special speakers, field trips, competition and parties. Maurice Elton, Professor of French at S.M.U., presented a slide show, and Katherine Bohnard spoke about music for a joint meeting with Fi. L. Turner. The two schools also joined together to attend the Dallas Theater Center production of "The Three Musketeers." The club excelled academically through the French symposium competition, which was held in San Angelo, and French Fete Competition in April. ln celebration and study of Mardi Gras, the club's program for February could be attended only by those brave enough to wear costumes. A prize was given for the most creative costume, and the competition was tough. The club finished the year with a banquet. With parents in attendance, awards from spring competition and officers for the following year were announced. 68 French and Spanish Clubs LUIBS I I V F v i c Spanish Club: Flow 1: K. Carter, S. Davis, T. Jones, G. Harris, J. Adkins, i Wagner. Row 2: V. Baker, S. Rupert, T. Fast, J. Grady, N. Strickland. R 3: J. McClellan, M. Dale, S. Bittner, L. Bonavita, J. Crim, K. McDonald. l l l Opposite page, top: TERRY WAGNER prepares to lead the Spanish club in a second round ot bingo. QR. Tatel 'PTC es' Club: Row 1: J. Smith, M. Reimers, K. Richmond, E. Taeed, L. Ol Adams. Row 2: S. Jacobs, G. Hill, L. Jasper, S. Gonzales, V. Gonzales, N. D. Nichols, T. Wagner, T. Vaughn, L. Jennings. Row 3: O. Lauger, Kelley, L. Coleman, L. Huber, D. B0pp, C. Ebanks, A. Biggs, S. Bentel, Bottom Left: JENNY and BOBBY GRADY, Spanish club members, share a bingo card. lR. Tatel This page, top: ELHAM TAEED and MONICA REIMERS show just how pleased they are with trench club calendar sales. Below: Maurice Elton, French Professor at SMU, spoke at a french club meeting. -,. I French and Spanish Clubs 69 114 ociff and 1a...+..,,5 The Art Society began the year with elections for officers. These officers, along with Mrs. East and Mrs. Youngblood, led the Art Society to its purpose. "To enhance our aesthetic awareness." To do this, they had meetings with guest speakers such as Jane Jones, held a cookout, met at Crystal's for a Christmas party, and visited the Dallas Fine Arts Museum. Photo order, print order, develop the film. How many times have the photographers heard this? Probably too many. The photographers put in many hours of their time, out as well as in school. Many of them burned up gas on their own expense to travel numerous miles to football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball games, track meets, and club meetings. They constantly rushed around to capture student activities as they occurred. Ron Jones and Kent Johnston also entered pictures from both the yearbook and newspaper in the lnter-scholastic League Press Conference Competition. . '. Q, 13 I gf., ,I - K ' Top Left: STEPHANIE ROBERTS and VALERIE DEAL rest during the El Greco exhibition. CJ. Ashcraftl Top Right: AMY REEVES is caught monkeying around at the cookout held during the Fall semester. Middle Left: Mrs. Youngblood awaits the ball to fall her way in a volleyball game with art students. Above: Jane Jones demonstrates a few of her watercolor techniques as art society students observe. i Row 1: Jenny Pruitt, Justina Zismer, Presi- dent, Jill Graham, Activities Chairman, Rober- ta Willer, Secretary!Treasurer, Melissa Meek, Historian, Mrs. East. Row 2: Norman Huh, An- drea Poirier, Julia Crim, Renee Freemyer, Ar- mineh Babaians, Mrs. Youngblood. Row 3: Gaston Huckabay, Mike Sherwood, Aaron Wickware, Rita Vasquez, Jennifer Markley, Lynne Jennings. Row 4: Valerie Deal, Bobby Clayton, Kim Cozart, Yvette Hammill, David Lamb, Sara Vazquez, Russ Burkett, Serena Barncord, Stephanie Roberts, Nicole Muchia. , Y l V... 3 it mm. t J, , Y, Y --.WM i N131 ,-. , x X K Qqg:-we . xx J ' ' .ft felfiy '15 Jw, rv -T ivy as -kg I 3 J Wa' Top Left: RON JONES . . . escapes from yet another photo assignment. Top Right: JOHNNY SITTON . . . Have I got a really good deal tor you! iR. Jonest Middle Left: JEFFREY ASHCRAFT . . . Well, at least someone works around here. lR. Jonesl Middle Right: KENT JOHNSTON . . . What? You're asking me to take another picture? iR. Jonest Bottom Left: RICKY TATE . . . This doesn't work like an average camera, does it? QR. Jonest Above: DAVID NORRID . . . Check ya' later guys! iR. Jonest Art Society And Photographers 71 14 picas, 10 helv. lightfrita n. ay By Linda Burke Throughout the year, the staff of the Odyssey has learned a new meaning to the word deadline. From the first issue in September to the last spring issue, the staff members diligently worked on reporting the news and events of Newman Smith High School. An average day in the life of a report- er usually consisted of interviews, fact- finding, or typing. Occasionally, the staff was rewarded with a party to com- memorate a holiday or someone's birthday. After the features, columns, sports stories, and editorials were complete, we were faced with the task of counting the words, writing the headlines, and trying to squeeze them on a page. If we managed to make it through this stage fwhich we usually didl, next came paste-up. This was when the paper actually began to take shape. When paste-up was finished, the paper was ready to go to the printer. During the little free time we had while the pa- per was being printed, we doctored the injuries we sustained from the sharp X- acto knives used to cut copy. Our final reward came when we dis- tributed a month's worth of hard work in li, Lf 3 9? the final form of a newspaper. The cafeteria served as the best place to get the papers to the students. .3 -s I gf Go Djbas gi" D916 . 91 uebb 19,0 the xcllvg 0K WG X. Q55 'XQKO 546 X -xc' Q' 004 609' QP' N .f 1669 QQ 1 I fweox we G SGGXG eve Qlahoox OKG Sb? oi ye' QN -Q65 'N' 5:00 OW 96 ye v . 09 x K 5 9 , ya owe tk age? doe -an ' QQQOXQQQ6 5 0000 we Q Wig was W., 4- HW L"-X' 6 . 6 ef oQq qex .wee V09 mo 'hah g QQOXG Gate 9309103 EQGQ XofxG5'QeeKo'90x09' 0 f 100' N5 g Wx -Q95 00 x-25" G9 . 6 9,70 0 t OQAOZYQ O 6059 X099 o0G6xN06o Q45 6 'A X NN - G90 Xe 0KK9'f'Q'Kd.9t0effXxixGK' 0999 006' 606 'KW of eip 250 009 Q' Q O06 5'Ke'. gig 9,66 . YARV X70 95 QQ? .009 9 SX -Q KQ55 eio N-,Xe we-px ,ado :Now ado cogwevaqe i 603 Qimiffmb xo 'waged as SXQMWGQQYLQY 'tx X0 -Qt .9 e -ge .ae X ew owox 'te-90 6455 ow 695 ' ss QX ' QX Q35 Q40 ,695 .09 QNX. o N6 '10 .eievowxoxoagwexx '50 Q60 OSX Q0 v0 60 3,5 06 si By Jen Archimbaud One of the rigorous requirements of being on the '82-'83 Odyssey staff was going to camp at Trinity University in San Antonio. As the time drew nearer, the idea of interrupting our sunny lazy days of summer with work did not seem pleasant. But once we piled in the van and headed out, things started to look up. The next five days were filled with fun and gave us memories we will never forget. ...the "Help! We're being kidnapped" signs in the window of the van...the Chinese fire drill in the middle of downtown San Anto- nio...Mrs. Rider getting carded at the movie...the pig-out parties on the balconymgetting the "Double Fisted Mug Award" for causing the most trouble in the dorm...sneaking into the guys dorm and wrapping them with toilet paper while they sIept...dropping the keys down the elevator shaft the teachings of Mary Margaret and Chet Baby the Mexican restaurant that still had Christmas decorations up singing Happy Birthday on the river ride practically getting blown off the Tower of the Americas playing the alphabet game on the way home and nearly getting run off the road because our driver was so absorbed in the game Although we had fun we did learn a lot and when we left we were anticipating the first issue of the ODYSSEY UD SSE ' LW! z,-. V ea ... 3 24 Lea' . I s 74 Odyssey I -f :mins-nr. - I ie kv STAFF EXCE S A Oma- ttmiiuzm S' mn. , ,af 'H sg! NNY 4 'E fd 3 Q r if iPrevious Pagel Top Left: JENNIFER ARCHIMBAUD and LINDA BURKE work together to create ar design new layouts. tR. Jonesi Bottom Lett: The Odyssey statt takes a break from its normal everyday routine to have a party. il Jonesl Top Lett: JULIE HREBEC, JENNIFER MELKUS, and JENNIFER ARCHIMBAUD all work on paste-up, tr final Step before taking the paper to the printer. tR. Jonesl Bottom Lett: JENNIFER MELKUS draws artwork for a tront page story. IR. Jonesl tThis Pagel Top Lett: SUZIE CHUNG, junior, types a story lor the upcoming issue of the ne Odyssey deadline. IR. Jonesl Top Right: KENNY DURAND, sports writer, puts away his press pass after covering a football gamt tR. Jonesl Bottom Lett: GAIL McCOY telephones a potential advertiser during lunch. tR. Jonesl t0pposite Pagel Top Lett: JENNIFER ARCHIMBAUD, editor, prootreads copy tor accuracy an perfection. QR. Jonesl Top Right: STEVE BROWN adds humor by playing his air guitar to start the day oft. QR. Jonesi Bottom: Odyssey statt - Row 1: R. Jones. Row 2: G. McCoy, J. Archimbaud, Mrs. Rider, Melkus, L. Burke, D. Bopp. Row 3: K. Durand, S. Brown, J. Hrebec. 5- mf ILIAD STAFF DIDEMIEIQS Deadline? I don't understand. Someone told me that this was a study hall, or was it recess, oh well, I don't remember exactly what they told me, but they sure didn't mention any deadlines. I know that for a fact. Copy? I thought that was against school policy! Anyway, I don't think that anyone in here has written anything worth stealing. Fourteen thousand characters? What's that, the cast of "Gandi?" This class is totally confusing, totally. Ouad-pack? I know, it's a joke! A quad-pak is what you get when you put four aggies in an MG Midget. Ha-Ha. I still don't get it. Cropper? Oh, I know that one! That is from back in the days of the dust bowl and Okies, when the banks owned all the land and the peo- ple worked the land for a share of the crop. WRONG? Well, I would like to see you tell Mrs. Dedmon and Mr. Hendricks that! This past year has been a very special one. We have grown very close as a staff, not just in our ability to work together, but on a personal level as well. Perhaps the one activity that helped to draw us the closest to one another was "Pixies," This exchanging of gifts between anonymous people forced us to look al each other in a different light, not just as classmates, but as friends as well. We tried as hard as we could, but just couldn't seem to find out who that mysterious person was. In our attempt to create the best book possi- ble, we began to explore new horizons in search of innovative ideas. The addition of two full-time artists to the staff certainly helped to express cont'd on 77 This picture was inserted to merely prove that the yearbook staff does not get preferential treatment. ldare you to try to identify us. 76 Iliad Staff ,off v m L . . sw L ,V -was rf' Opposite Page, Top: KEITH DAVID relishes the ab- solute power of having his own office. Bottom: DEVO SKIPPY HITLER PACO CORN-GRINDER SCROOGE GARCIA Ill - need I say more? This Page, Top: ANDREA NICHOLS, Troyann extraor- dinair, rushes to cover her nose - it wiggles when she giggles! Top Right: DEANNA HENRY and food, look for one and you'll find the other. Below: The two red-heads were a constant source of amusement tor aggravation?l for the staff. ' -'i MQLJE ' E fi me X'- ff Bottom: JOHNNY SITTON struggles to escape from RHONDA NEWMAN'S death grip. lAll photos by Ron Jonesj our ideas in print, and it sure didn't hurt to have them around when we needed just a little space filled. We also began to turn to the community for help, and even contacted the movie studios for different ways to express the book's movie theme. Under the leadership of David Garza, Editor, Laura Ramos and Michael Karmann, Assistant Editors: and Mrs. QMOMI Rider we just couIdn't seem to lose. Whenever a problem arose, there was always someone to turn to for help. Whether it be special graphics, word choice, teacher complications or general mass confu- sion, our troubles never seemed to last very long. The chattering, friendships, clutter and games all "quitely" came to a close as the twelve senior staff members prepared to graduate. The journalism department will never be the same, you might say that we left a "lasting impression." Iliad Staff 77 HE ILIAD STAFF S3 Opposite Page, Top Left: CRAIG HUFFT and DEANNA HENRY, Organizations, Top Right: Mrs. Rider, sponsor. Bottom Left: KEITH DAVID, Ads. ' Bottom Right: MICHAEL KARMANN and DELLA DOUPHRATE, Student Lite. This Page, Top: ANDREA NICHOLS and DAVID LAMB, Art Staff. Middle: DEB WALTON, SHELLEY MacDONALD, LAURA RAMOS, and the elusive WENDY CAMPBELL, Academics. Bottom: LYNDA SEXTON, DAVID GARZA, RHONDA NEWMAN, and MICHELLE MCKENZIE, Sports. tAII photos by Ron Jonesi 6 ul 10" I X zmrq I Q 78 Iliad sims' DEIQFDIQMEIQS IN Acn0N SDAIQK AND DS CHDLUI3 SPARK, which stands for Smith Peer Advisors Reaching Kids, is exactly what it says, reaching kids. It is a group of students organized to learn the skills needed to communicate with children of various ages. ln order to become a member ot this organization, the students must be elected into the club based on their personality and ability to communicate. Once the group is selected, they work on improving their listening and communicating skills. The students put these skills into action when they visited the Car- rollton elementary and junior high schools. Toward the end of the year, they went on their annual trip to Meridian, Texas. Psychology is a club to help students under- stand a person's psychological behavior. To do this, they involved themselves with various group activities. During the semester, they studied about dreams and what they represent, and positions in which people sleep. They also studied abnormal personalities and watched the movie "Sybil" to help see the split personalities in action. 80 SparklPsychology . 4 v .109 :P 1' Y Q -'ff' gpt' ., , ,,. . 1 -if ' f- of ,V at-M"-1 , 1. f ft vfh ..f'4'f..Lv. .,v 1 . af: . 5?- .xx , ,.,wts.u,hKmhr I- 'ii iposite Page, Top: SPARK I enjoys a quiet talk under "ledge B" at Meridian State Park. ' Lett: WILLOW O'BRIEN, SCOTT YEAGER, and Dr. Barkley enjoy interaction group ac- ties. IJ. Sittonl Idle: SHELLEY MacDONALD, RHONDA STEPHENSON, and STACY CANOLIZO participate in ie birdie" psychology game. p Right: MICHELLE BOWEN found herself a Spark buddy at Carrollton Elementary grade toot. Itom Right: PEGGI PROSS, SAMANTHA MCLAUGHLIN and NITA KESWANI lay in various eping positions. s Page, Top: Apparently CHAD BEATTY didn't want PAULA BOLING to risk breaking the nera. Jve: SAMANTHA MCLAUGHLIN and PEGGIE PROSS hold hands in a group psychology ne. K, -vp NX 'Ox it-Sf 'QL J 2 Psychology Club Row One: J. McCoy, R. Acevedo, P. Pross, L. Love, N. McCartney, N. Keswani - Vice President. Row Two: B. Greensteln, K. Halcomb, T. Olson, V. Brooks - Program Chairman, R. Nichols. Eff SPARK I Row One: Dr. Barkley, T. Giddens, D. Tackett, S. MacElvaine, C. Simmons, M. Bowen. Row Two: T. Whelihan, H. Mayo, H. Rever, C. Beatty, L. Burke, P. Bollng, Mr. Towers, S. Broussard, K. Cozart, C. Marcus, L. Dean. Row Three: S. Canolizo, M. Rich, Ms. Engels, Ms. Youngblood, S. Sheeran, D. Carter. illsiw- an: SPARK ll Row One: T. Jones, J. Ferguson, S. Jacobs. Row Two: Dr. Barkley, B. England, S. Yeager, K. Dickinson, E. Fletcher, W. O'Brien, S. Taylor, G. Trostel. Row Three: R. Schackieford, B. High, D. Carter, C. Heasty, C. Martin, C. Choates, J. P. Morgan, M. Dale, A. Tinker. SparklPsychology XY, 81 82 UIDIDS AND WATE ADVENTUIQES - We're going on a snipe hunt . . . running through the woods, canoeing through the rapids, and skiing down the mountains. Each year Woods and Water plans many dangerous trips which usually do not go as planned, though they enjoy their adventures tremendously. This year's club consisted ot ninety-six members and seven sponsors. The sponsors were Mrs. Noell, Mr. Studderl, Mrs. Watson, Mr. Jones, Jim and Sue Ellis and Jim Rider. Each year the Woods and Water club has monthly meetings and trips which include: canoeing, hiking, camping, and snow skiing during spring break. Theyear ended with a day ol intramural competition at a nearby camp. ....w,s"""TF, This Page: Top Right: ROBIN DAVIS strays from the rest at Palo Duro Canyon. Above: KATHY CAMBELL and SHELLEY MAC- DONALD attempt to get a "Colorado tan." QR. Fureyl Opposite Page: Lett: LUKE JOHNSTON seems to have hurt himself at the Purgatory, Colorado ski lodge. lR. Furleyl Right: PAUL WOOWARD takes a swing over the river in San Marcos. tR. Studdertl Woods!Water :Y ,J ,,' ,wh g M35 n First Row: R. Furey, C. Stow, S. Sivess, D. Stat- Zanotto, S. Wortham, J. Cherington, E. Fletche lord, T. Pentecost. Second Row: R. Williams, S. L. Guns, S. Pearson, Mrs. Noell, Mrs. McCollur MacDonald, V. Brooks, T. Olson, K. Halcomb, C. Fourth Row: D. Shipman, C. Choate, B. Page, I Gonzalez, K. McGenn, M. Weber, C. Newman, Boren, R. Davis, J. McCauley, S. Battaille, Mrs. Reel. Third Row: T. Curley, M. Dennis, T. Kelley, C. Bennett, Mrs. Brent. f- 4 l fl .X -1 1 '1 J r I 1 T ,J --':if'3Z,u" I - . - f A J, L. - , . I It 1 W x 'fklaf' llc ,, 4, .l .f 1 Q1gf,fff1 , . f fa-fwr,i iii? 5- 13..- it .fir ,J .. l ' ' .J 1 N ' f- if-f 7-'mf -' . Q - - . lx' x 1 ll ,L r ,r 'N ' J, J ' V1 . pg' Tir' i ' gi I .VA' ,fifxx ', 1' 1 '55 A , , 5, - .- 3,3 4 .5 ff, ' g 1 in X. '- ' jj? ' 5 -f 5 7 .' rl T if rst Row: L. Knobloch, A. LaFleur, B. Ellis, P. Freedman, L. Dulaney, J. Hendren, L. Johnston, lrey, T. Hatterty, K. Wright, P. Woodward. T. Bowen, S. Berry, B. Bannister. Fourth Row: E. econd Row: J. Armentrout, A. Cogar, R. Nilson, K. Outler, J. Schall, C. Rocek,J. Conti, T. awells, G. Wells, P. Smith, K. Vaughn, C. Wright, C. Vaughn, D. Richmond. 'owder, R. Nichols. Third Flow: H. Loomiller, J. 85 Woodslwater 83 84 Varsity Cheerleaders vilfSit C BBYIBHUBYS Means Sllifit Varsity Cheerleader. Those two words meant so much to a special group of girls who put a lot of hard work into that name. Hours of dedication and patience went into being on the Varsity Squad this year as they qualified for national competition and created a superb Spring Show. The year began early for the Squad with summer camp at Southern Methodist University. The Squad came out of the week long camp with six superior ratings, three spirit sticks, and a nomination to the Award of Excellence. This was the third year in a row for NSHS cheerleaders to be given this honor. The squad, under the leadership of Sheryl Willis, Head Cheerleader, also taught workshops at North Carrollton, Dewitt Perry, and Vivian Field Junior High Schools. Making banners for football games, decorating lockers and gyms, and constant working sessions proved to keep the squad busy throughout the football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and baseball seasons. 'MX 9 .,,, M. Q1 Q vi Jkt J a V l 5 A Opposite Page - Top: STACEY CANALIZO prepares a banner for an upcoming game. lK. Johnstonl Bottom Left: OLGA MOLLINEDO, mascot, kept the crowd tired-up with candy bribes. tK. Johnstonl Bottom Bight: SUSAN StLL boogies to the beat. lR. Jonesl This Page - Top: Mrs. Willis, sponsor, was a driving force behind the success of the squad. CK. Johnstonl Middle Lett: SUSAN DREIER en- courages her class to yell. iJ. Sittonl Middle Right: OLGA MOLLINEDO and CINDY SIMMONS revel in the crowd's spirit. tK. Johnstonl Bottom: DEBBIE LONG, KELLIE CABBELL, SHERYL WILLIS and STACEY CANALIZO - The Four Musketeers. tJ. Sittonl 1 3 :fy A55 - ,Q K :T ,Phi I 1 srss. A I QQ-J vAl1d l'0ShC BBYIBHUEYS Superiority. That word is worth a million when it comes to describing the Junior Varsity and Freshman Cheerleaders this year. Competition began with attending summer camps at Southern Methodist University, where both squads did well. The Junior Varsity girls were awarded all superior ratings, including two spirit sticks and a Superstar ribbon. The Freshman Squad won the Award of Excellence for their level, a first for a Newman Smith Frosh Squad. They also received two red ribbons, which are equivalent to an excellent rating: four blue ribbons, which are superior, one Superstar ribbon, and two spirit sticks. Competition continued at state level, where the Junior Varsity Squad was awarded a blue ribbon, and the freshman girls qualified for nationals. The two squads did not spend all of their time in competition, devoting much of their free time to building spirit in the school. Locker decorations, pep rallies, competitions between classes and sporting events were a major part of their personal lives. There were always banners to be made, gyms to be decorated, and new formations to be practiced. Being a cheerleader was not all cost free either. Uniforms, uniforms, and more uniforms were all funded personally by the cheerleaders and their families. ls all of this hard work and expense worth it? Just ask one of the cheerleaders after try-outs in the spring. lt is doubtful that a negative response will be given. This Page, Top: LISA ADKINS and DAWN PITZER do their best to keep the crowd charged-up. tJ. Sittoni Opposite Page, Top: MONICA WALKER boogies to the beat at the Lakeview Centennial pep rally. QR. Jonesl Top Middle: NATALIE LANDERS isn't biting a nail, lust worrying about possible volleyball defeat. lK. Johnstont Far Right: MELISSA WALLING cheers for the volleyball team. QK. Johnstont Middle: Freshman Cheerleaders join in the school song. QR. Jonest f, mtl Ezflt' L.. "' ' . ...5f"-' "'77fQ::"E'f.'3f:':..:'Z?'7 f"" ' 'Qt E Inf'-'ff' .. . "'-33: .Qi F-' ,T " .5f""""':7"""":':f'Qi'4'3'4.'.E7."'f.E'.: ""1l'f.Z'7. ' S... ' ' Q 'I1.'117"'J...L""""ZT.,ILIZ'i.."'.I 541227. - . J... . . .V ..-. W .....-ffl. -Laval-L.-.321 1-. -'JJ' 0 .-.--ui2'ABl1r2k171!.4:i'5r!Ti4 ,HTH . ,.......,. ..--................. l...,..-M A ...M-.......---.---.......-.. .. ----.. lit .- . 86 J.V.!Freshman Cheerleaders ?'f rsgt Q.. gtk' 4, Q X of ' UMM- ' Q , N up U - ' I X X pdl: ,ff Qi- fx f , K t , . y' A A . . . ,L .F xii- sg: - 6 Ni 'wi-.Fx g els A . -A 5 mm' ff' 5. .-.F4,,. ... 1 x , ,Q ,V :ATT . W 51,1 Frosh Squad: Bottom: K. Outler, B. Gailey, M. Walker, N. Landers, K. C01 D. Ohler. Row 3: L. Coacher, C. Duvall. Row 4: D. Green, D. Cox. Top: T Bash. 5 -l l l Es ' W1 if -fi: H Z ! s. 3 Jumorvarslty Squad Bottom S Roberts, M Go Middle G Batson S Moxley C Hunt, D. Prtzer Top M Reeves A Furcowrn L. Adkins J J V !Freshman Cheerleaders 87 competition. The Troyanns participated in The Parade of Champions and UIL competition. Straight "ones . er competitions includ d M' ' ' they have many fond memories of lil BECKY BECK, TAMI l2I LINDA SEXTON, TRACY REDMON and SHANA THACKER watch the band compete at the Cotton Bowl. tK. Johnstonl I3I DONNA HUCHINGSON, DEBRA GRISHAM iai LINDA conostu performs to Hcornin' in From I IRHONDA NEWMAN' LORRI BARNES, and DANA VAN NOY practice before an upcoming watch the football game. K. John t8l ELIZABETH AUGUST and AMY REEVES show the newest styles of sunglasses. IK. Johnstonl l9I ALESIA HARBISON leads the Troyanns in one of the . stand routines. IK. l10l ANDREA NICHOLS, PEGGY McVElGH, and LAURA RAMOS relax after a hard day in Troyanns TIQDYANNS 83 The lights go up, the clock reads twelve minutes the band starts to la p y, and for your halftime pleasure, onto the field marches the 1982-83 Award Winning Troyanns. To prepare for this performance the Troyanns have dedicated many hours of practice, including early mornings, late afternoons, and a week's stay at Southern Methodist University for camp. With all senior officers and 18 senior line members, leadership was especially strong this year The junior s uad . q members promised to make the next year just as successful. The new members or "Ann " ' ' ' ' ' ' , ies, were initiated during the summer into a life of hard work and discipline. As the season progressed the members were no longer separated by grade level, rather joined together to form an energetic team which proved to make this year the best ever. The lights dim, the energy is now directed to at UIL qualified the drill team to compete in state competition at Austin Oth ' e iss Texas Drillteam and Marching Auxiliary, which were held in the Spring. The L Troyanns concluded the year with their 4 traditional Spring Show. As me 1982- '- 83 Troyanns look back at the year, hard work, lasting friendships, V. and good times. TOOKE, and VICKIE HIGHTOWER show their craving for lollipops. IL. Ramosl and LESLIE BURKE clown around during' the Turner pep rally IK Johnstonl Q the Rain" at the Parade of Champions. IK. Johnstonl 5 performance. IR. Jonesj IGI DEANNA HENRY takes time out to I stonj l7j NICOLE MUCHIA waits on the sideline for halftime to begin. IK. Johnstonj Johnstonj Austin. IL. Ramosl , I' Troyanns 89 4, -'7 Andrea Sr. Lieut. , fi 90 Troyann Ofiicers Debra Roth, Troyann Director, has been a major influence on the Troyanns for 316 years. Sociai Officers: Peggy McVeigh, Treasurer, Leslie Burke, V. President, Becky Beck, Secretary, Debra Grisham, President. QR. Jonesi Sylvia Gonzales ist Lieut. U - t 3 - wr- , ff' Jeanie Richards 1 Sr. Lieut. .. ' ykljc.. . . , , .yy Bottom: L. Cordelli, L. Elliott, N. Muchia. Middle: K. Lamb, M. Meek. Top: V. Gonzales, T. Redman, A. Nichols. l L. Barnes, K. Monk, L. Ramos. Middle: T. Parker, M. Tweedle, R. Top: J. Mackey, D. Van Noy, K. Galley, C. Denson. P. Duke, D. Henry, K. Williams. Middle: E. August, A. Holloway, J. Top: R. Lowell, A. Reeves, D. Huchingson, A. Harbison. Bottom: T. Tooke, B. Beck, S. Jacob. Middle: V. Hightower, L. Burke, D. Grisham. Top: K. Cochran, R. Traghella, T. Duhon, C. Fragle. Bottom: S. Thacker, L. Sexton, J. Squire. Middle: T. Collins, S. Davenport, M. Bowen. Top: S. Gonzalez, K. Boduch, S. Nash, A. Alger. Bottom: G. Asleson, P. McVeigh, D. Barnard. Middle: S. Powell, S. Holmes, L. Wright. Top: J. Richards, S. Groves, S. Hrbacek, S. Laney. Troyanns 91 4 S M11 1 m N3 . x M 1 f - ,bt x . . .i f ,,.:k:4a1b:f.f1vk?xL 31 " -1 -f ,lf-iff f, lx if ,. 1, U x e 3, Q? 5 V' 'if' .4 M, 1, ..:-Q - '. 4. 'l . . 3,4 -x ,fl x k .-. , 3 X .f 4' 'Wg 5 J f R 14 V s -SQ 1 -,,. .f ,fe X .Q 'Q L-wg. ,ha Za fi xp... ,md ff 13' ,Q . 4:'?3cAx zj, . x ' is . M x ff o . Zwfiilf 1 f' . E 5 -Ye ' -2'-.- - 1 , f. ,,.l'L?: 1 45 " . A1 Q wif ,f 3 A , ,yew - ' kg- f - if rjym' .f M ' 1 'ik f f D' I 1 .. xg -U 3. gg 5, .4 .. ,x. fr. ,K If -, if 1 H" 5 ,I 7- ' vin 1 f L -'JZ JI 4. 57 . ,- J E." yn s M W . .W ' N I 94 I -2 1' 514 .fi t in 'X The 1982 Varsity Football team began the year behind the seat of high expectations. High school football critics had the team picked to finish high in District 8-5A. Head Coach Bubba File and assistant coaches Charles Quisenberry, Lance Brown, Jeff Davis, and Dennis Lemmons provided the team with all their knowledge of the sport. It seemed as if Trojan Football had finally come into its own. The Trojans opened the season with an im- pressive victory over Berkner, but dropped their next two pre-district contests to Denton and Lakeview Cenntennial. The Trojans opened district play against defending district champion Grand Prairie. The Trojans played with tremen- dous enthusiasm. The game was locked in a scoreless tie until midway through the fourth quarter when Kendall Quisenberry put the Tro- jans on the board with a field goal. However, two misread plays by an overall stubborn Trojan defense paved the way for a Gopher comeback and with little time remaining on the clock, the Gophers scored to win the game 7-3. Center Right: ALBERT SEGURA, junior, chases down a Duncanville back. IJ. Sittonl Below Left: Junior RICKY POPE rushes for a Hrst down against Grand Prairie. tR. Jonesl Below Right: BRIAN SKINNER, junior, uncom- monly misses a thrown pass. IR. Jonesl The Trojans' performance during the next few weeks included a victory, a loss, and a tie. The Nimitz Vikings proved to be the team to beat in district play. The Trojans displayed a fine offen- sive effort against the Vikings but came away short from the eventual district champion. The Trojans rebounded from their loss to Nimitz by registering a shut-out against the MacArthur Car- dinals. Entering the final week of play, the Nimitz and Grand Prairie schools were forced to forfeit all victories after a UIL ruling. This gave the Tro- jans an outside shot at reaching the state playoffs. The dream of reaching the state playoffs was destroyed after the District Ex- ecutive Committee reinstated all victories forfeited by Nimitz and Grand Prairie. Right: Junior KENDALL QUISENBERRY calls the count for senior JIM NE VINS. IR. Jonesl 7 A lglxy. -.s .ff 'F' 50 it A M. A " ' If jg ' UQ . 0 f , .,- . . L 'HS I 5, 1 as 1 'fire ff l . . ig be ' X '-1 ' N we - . wfnagggj- .- -i fi 1 ii. P. - . W .W-1. .4 rf qaT?'sisv r -.f.fqw .M , ,,WL..t5. e.. M K .ta m ' ,... . wwf Jr. . "ir . an is .. ,,. . . I , te- . .. W varsii Football . I rr.. .. Y .V . We :gimp-W. -HRM an Vee , g., , ., I -g "'W'wH- ,Mr i I . e v W- " sie- - ' -A mtv.. . 5 ...K ,.., .,. t- - fa- ,,, .-A, .. , --,L,,, .. ,HMM T' 1s,vj"?- .f, .35 . ..,. .. fn- .- MT.. . we , ' 'fe 39 'fx-az'f'i1:f.. N Lk G. 6-Sfifi-. .. .- 'ff 'Iv' . Q. . ,JA ., 0 :lmfmv :V .i ,,,,,... f. 'Nvn .a-, . . E . A R' ' A fl? Q .,-, 4 .,,,tlgz, X, , , .vi e VM 1 I g-.wk ,i R , g Wm f 'Q ' ' , . ' ' nwdw I i It-it-wi Lb .- Q JVM? ah, fs A ai 'M ' -- . ,' -2.4 ?ff'4Sii?'f'1"fiwf.'..A Q-.Af-11275 .'..".Wg , .--vg ' ' if qv., :fy i - 1 Jaffe: .-is 'R 'V ix 4 , J' smfktcw : K "A, V ' X 5 ' I . " 'W 1 8Y ' ..5PH , ' . .f . T. . 375' 45"-l Xa 'QQ' ""' -.----A-....,.,, J 5, 1 . , , ' " . " .4 . . L, "'2 A5i , W ,gs i 4- 5'3" " f. 21.5 D " - in Q" I 1 1. qu. nwa.:iiQ+.,..fs e "Emi ZX' Pg? .M ::fi.'Z Above Len: ooivivie enowiv, Sophomore, con- ::..::14:r::..::"+ .. - 11' K-""--T'-"---" -E-IiEE"E.?I-'.?2f?':'I-?"":ti'' ..I':T1'5'L':':.-' gi -l ' i1 1-'ff---r-'Eiga' :.-a-z:-s-.:-2ga1i-24:-ge:.-2:.5'F.:f:e.e-:g,:'g3,,-:-5- gs-:-2,-32:5 templates what move he should make next. IB. :zz-Ltr. ,"":2-'S-,E-,:-"-'B'-'.1'...:-5-3 1T-El-Z-:E':F-:?E'f-:.i4LZ-l"r.'I.Q7-IQgg'5.:.5.-'55"' 55-35: " ' 'i'i'.:. Jonesl Above: Senior RODNE Y HARE uses feetwork to get himself into open area. lR. Jonesl Row 1: B. Steele - mgr., D. Garza, J. Green- wood, E. Fletcher, Rod Hare, Rob Hare, R. Hig- gins, J. Coker, R. Freeman, A. Segura, D. Smith, Don Brown. Flow 2: H. Esaadi, D. Rotko, R. Pope, G. Williams, M. Armalavage, M. Boutis, B. Smith, D. Ackerman, S. Prothro, M. McKee, B. Skinner, C. Tucker. Flow 3: J. Nevins, W. Can- non, C. Glidewell, C. Nixon, C. Wilson, P. Lowry, S. Price, K. Durand, M. Rockwell. Bow 4: D. Turechek, W. Preston, K. Ouisenberry, Dag Brown, K. Green, S. Harris, C. Coates, G. Daven- port, B. Doerr, M. Schmitz. Varsity Football 95 Right: KENDALL OUISENBERRY scrambles to find an open receiver. iR. Jones! The final week ot the season was still highlighted with the annual meeting ot the R. L. Turner Lions. Senior Rodney Hare scored two touchdowns and a fine defensive effort by seniors Ward Cannon, Robert Hare, Rick Higgins, and Darran Brown helped the Trojans defeat the Lions tor the second time in two years and allowed the team to record their third shut-out in the same period. The Trojans ended the season in fourth place with a 343-1 record and again showed critics that the Trojans were on the verge ot being champions. J ' JV' i'f"9J. Top Left: Seniors RICK HIGGINS and DARRAN BROWN Iead the way for RODNEY HARE. IR. Jonesi Above: Senior JA Y GREENWOOD tumbies with a Lion defender. IR. Jones! Right: Senior CHARLIE NIXON and junior CURT WILSON protect the quarterback. IR. Jonesi 96 Varsity Football 5 Lx U ' " 3, A " 5 5 S" 5 iq... 'Ps nb' J' .. Left: Senior WARD CANNON rushes in a third and short situation. tR. Jonesi SCOREBOARD Berkner 21 15 Denton 13 21 Lakeview Centenniai 15 21 Grand Prairie S Grand Prairie 14 19 Duncanville 17 17 Nrmrtz 7 MacArthur ................. 2 -0 R. L. Turner ................ - District Record: 3-3-1 Season Record: 4-5-1 VARSITY FOOTBALL ' " ...... 'Irving ....,................ 27-14 .... I111IlfQIQI1QQII.-27 ' 3 ' 140 Lett: Senior RICK HIGGINS bulls through for yardage against Nimitz. tR. Jonesi Below: The team chose senior KELLIE CARRELL as the 1982 Football Sweetheart. IR. Jonesi Left: Junior ERIC FLETCHER returns an intercep- tion against Irving as senior ROBERT HARE comes to his aid. QR. Jonesi Varsity Footbatl 97 VAIQSITY MAKES DLAYDFFS The 1982 Varsity Volleyball team went one step further in its quest for a state title. After finishing in 3rd place last year in tough district 13-5A, the Trojans finished as district runners- up and advanced to the regional playoffs this year in District 8-5A. Trojan Volleyball, this year, was able to bring to Newman Smith a name of respect and fear to opponents. High moments in the season other than reaching the regional playoffs included two victories over cross-town rival R. L. Turner, a victory over eventual district champion South Grand Prairie, and a victory over perennial volleyball power Arlington Bowie. Despite being a very short team, the girls turned in the best season ever in the history of Newman Smith Volleyball. They also entered the playoffs for the first time ever but were eliminated in the first round by Arlington High. Junior Sharon Mayo was named "Outstanding Defensive Player of District 8-5A" and was also named to the lst All-District team. Senior Phyllis McBride was named to the 2nd All-District team and senior Barbara Dixon was rewarded with an All-District Honorable Mention. Head Coach Ruth Stovall and Assistant Coach Barbara Edwards found the team to be an ex- ceptional group of girls. "I received countless compliments on the hustle and the determination of my 'little' girls," commented Coach Stovall. With a solid nucleus returning next year, the Tro- jans should be expected to once again finish high in the district standings and perhaps reach the final step towards the state title. Right: Junior CHARLIE McVElGH tries to return the ball. fR. Jonesj Row 1: R. Tuck, P. McBride, T. Duvall, C. McVeigh, S. Mayo, L. Francis. Row 2: Coach Ed- wards, K. Miller, T. Worsher, B. Dixon, P. Henderson, M. Ossian, K. Dubes, C. Francis, Coach Stovall. Far Right: SHARON MAYO, junior, sets up the ball for a return. lR. Jonesj Right: Senior BARBARA DIXON prepares to return the ball. lR. Jonesl 98 Varsity Volleyball miami:-1 F' Q be L.. -wx C xml R 1- Left: Sophomore TRACEY WORSHER reaches high as PHYLLIS MCBRIDE looks on. QR. Jonest be ooooo 'A'-fs 3,5 X S 'N .Q 422 if if ' 1 Q Top Right: Senior BARBARA DIXON begins to react to a slammed ball. iR. Jonesi Lett: Senior PATTY HENDERSON sets the ball up for a possible spike. iR. Jonesi Above: Junior CHARLIE MCVEIGH dips low to bump the bail. QR. Jonesi Varsity Volleyball 99 Right: BARBARA DIXON, TERESA DUVALL, and SHARON MAYO await the arrival of the ball. lR. Jonesl Above: Junior CHARLIE MCVEIGH sends the ball back across the court. lR. Jonesl it 1 f r -,Q 1 F --an Above: SHARON MAYO and TRACEY WORSHER defensively react to the ball. QR. Jonesl Right: Senior TERESA DUVALL backs up senior PHYLLIS MCBRIDE. lR. Jonesl 100 Varsity Volleyball .Q fav .J s-awwgwv ll -uf your :P Left: Senior PHYLLIS MCBRIDE sets the ball up tor an oftensive attack. QR. Jonesi VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SCOREBOARD Games J J Pearce Richardson Lake Highlands South Oak Cliff Grand Prairie rvung S Grand Prairie Duncanville Nimitz MacArthur Grand Prairie rving S Grand Prairie Duncanviile 3 5 Scores 1 1512 4 611 1571816 1531512 1510 1512 1510 7 NImI1Z MacArthur R L Turner 1315 1513 11 15 16 18 District Record 12 2 Season Record 23 8 . . ....... 15-11,9-15, 1-15 ' ............. - ,15- ' ........... 15-4, 15-4 ' ........... 15-5, 15-5 ' ' ' ............ 15-8, 15-5 'I ' ................. 15-1,15-5 ' . " .......... 15-8, 15-8 ' ' .,.......,. 14-1, -15 'R. L. Turner ..........., 15-2, 'I ' ........,........ 15-8, 15-2 ' . " .... -1 , - ,8-15 ' ' ...,........ - ,15-8 ' ' ' ................. 15-6, 15-8 ' .............. 15-4,15-6 ' . . ....., - , - ,15-6 District Playoffs vs. Arlington Below Left: Senior BARBARA DIXON returns the ball to continue a volley. CR. JonesI Beiowz Junior CHARLIE MCVEIGH shows her con- centration and determination. iR. JonesI varsity voiieybaii 101 S- 'Qi 5 3 K nd G! 1 .FW ik +R ' TIQDJANS CAN'T IBE 1 After a disappointing season last year, the 1982-83 "Hustling Trojan" team rebounded this year by remarkably setting 8 new school records, including a seven game winning streak prior to the district race, to help the team finish he season with a very improved and impressive record of 18-13. Head Coach Jeff Foster, with the assistance of Coach Ron Hargrove, was able to overcome the obvious weaknesses in size and quickness by stressing the importance of aggressiveness, shooting, team concept, and good hustle with the team. The "Hustling Trojans" opened the season by defeating Lewisville, Lakeview Centennial, Burleson and then, by taking 1st place inthe Grapevine Tourney, the team was able to boast . an undefeated 7-0 record at they entered the annual C-FB Classic. The team finally fell into reality as they were only able to capture a consolation championship al the tourney. BEA The district race provided the Trojans with a "very competitive schedule" as witnessed by Coach Foster. The Trojans were able to split district games with Grand Prairie, South Grand Prairie, Duncanville, lrving-Nimitz and continued to dominate high school basketball in Carrollton by twice defeating crosstown rival R. L. Turner. The team was unable, however, to tally any victories over eventaul District 8-5A playoff representatives Irving High and undefeated powerhouse Irving-MacArthur. The Trojans ended the season tied for 5th place in the final district standings. The team was able, however, to triple its number of victories over last season's record - "a great team accomplishment." Outstanding team members included seniors Mike McGregor, Brad Davidson, David Steely, Greg Davis, Bill Gallina, and Hal Mayo who provided the team with good leadership as well as strong enthusiasm. McGregor, Davidson, and Steely received All-District Honorable Mention for their efforts throughout the season. Left: Senior BRAD DAVIDSON questions the call of a personal foul against him. lR. Jonesj l low 1: H. Mayo, D. Steely, B. Davidson, J. Drew, C. Wilson, B. Harris, G. Salois, B. Gallina, C. Bryer, Coach Hargrove. javis, E. Fletcher. Row 2: Coach Foster, M. McGregor, K. Jackson, Coach Varsity Basketball 103 Scoreboard Lewrsville Lakeview Centennial Burleson Grapevine Sherman Garland Berkner District Grand Prairie rving S. Grand Prairie ,.... Duncanville ........ Nimitz ............ MacArthur ......... R. L. Turner ........ 51 67 50 57 55-41 43-50 50-51 54-70 33-32 District Record - 6-8 Season Record - 18-13 57 44 59 42 55 52 66 49 40 66 77 73 61 52 fl 69 56 46 64 44-53 74-64 80-74 49-53 64-53 VARSITY BUYS BASKETBALL Plano East .1 74966 1st 2 d I ' ...... - - 104 Varsity Basketball Top Right: Senior MIKE MCGREGOR tights for the control of a rebound. tR. Jonesi Top Left: DAVID STEELY, senior, passes the ball around an unsuspecting opponent. tR. Jonesi Above: Senior GREG DAVIS gains control of the ball and heads tor the goal. QR. Jonesi Right: BILL GALLINA, senior, handles the ball carefully over a man-to-man defense. IR. Jonesl 'GJ V xxtttlxts x 9.5 I 2, 2 fill' New Above: Senior RHONDA BIBBY was chosen by the team as the 1982-83 Basketball Oueen. QD. Norridi Top Right: Senior DAVID STEELY leads the team down court. lR. Jonesj Left: Senior BRAD DAVIDSON overlooks the defensive tactics of a Lion player. lR. Jonesi Varsity Basketball 105 The 1982-83 "Lady Trojan" varsity basketball team was again able to show improvement over the previous year by finishing the year with a 14-13 record. This was the first winning record ever accomplished by a "Lady Trojan" team at Smith and Head Coach JoAnn Spradling expressed her pride with the team. "The girls competed well and would have finished with a better record had they not been hampered with illness and injuries," commented Coach Spradling. injuries that did affect the team included Jari Wilson with a stress fracture, Merit Ossian with a slight shoulder seperation, and several cases of the flu. ln addition to these setbacks, the "Lady Trojans" played with a low number of seven players that also set the team back with a disadvantage. Ot the seven members, four of the girls were seniors and three of the members were juniors with the tallest girl only standing at 5'10" creating another prominent setback of the team in team height. Right: Seniors BARBARA DIXON and ROBERTA WILLER bring the ball down court. lJ. Siltonl 66 AID TIQDJANSQ VEIQCUME Despite the setbacks, the "Lady Trojans" rolled up a spotless pre-district game record of 4-0 and were also able to take 2nd place at the Greenville Varsity Tournament and take 1st place in the Carrollton Varsity Tournament. The district race proved to be very difficult for the ill-ridden "Lady Trojans" as they were able to defeat only R. L. Turner in the first half of district play. The second halt of play looked more promising for the team as they defeated R. L. Turner, Grand Prairie, and South Grand Prairie. "We enjoyed playing together. We knew we had a wide variety of talent so we had to play together to help each other out. We did what we had to do," commented Roberta Willer, The realization of the team's disadvantages by each member enabled the team to counter with an inspiring advantage: strong team unity. With total team cooperation and enthusiasm, all seven members contributed an important role in the team's success. Coach Spradling, J. Wilson, K. Johnston, S. Mills, Fl. Willer, M. Osslan, K. Dubes, B. Dixon, S. Mayo, R. Tucker. 106 Varsity Basketball Lett: Junior KIM JOHNSTON handies the ball cautiously beneath a Cardinal opponent, LJ Sittony VARSITY GIIILS BASKETBALL Scorohurl Sherman ................... 56-39 Alien ....................., 44-33 J. J. Pearce ................. 55-35 Thomas Jefferson ............ 67-39 gk mimi' 1st 2nd MacArthur ......... 35-50 45-56 R. L. Turner ........ 32-23 3620 Grand Prairie ....... 47-63 4841 Irving ............. 46-60 2649 S. Grand Prairie ..... 38-46 32-29 Duncanville ........ 40-57 38-68 Nimitz ............ 53-71 27-34 District Record - 4-10 Season Record - 14-13 Above: Junior MERIT OSSIAN leads a pursuit ot opponents down court. tJ. Sittoni Lett: Senior BARBARA DIXON tries to shoot over an apparent "stutt." IJ. Sittonj varsity Bskebd 107 V t A Above: Senior BARBARA DIXON adds to more points in a victory over Grand Prairie. QJ. Sittoni Top Middle: SHARON MAYO, junior, goes up for two against Thomas Jefferson. QJ. Sittonj Top Right: Junior MERIT OSSIAN is able to out- extend a MacArthur player to the net. iJ. Sittoni Right: SHARON MAYO, junior, breaks away from the coverage of a T.J. player. KJ, Sittoni 108 Varsity Basketball i.....-, l l Left: Senior JARI WILSON shows a quick reac- tion lo a loose ball. tJ. Sittoni Bottom Left: BARBARA DIXON, senior, makes a second tree-throw attempt. LJ. Sittoni Bottom Middle: Senior KRISTI DUBES prepares herself for a free-throw. iJ. Slttoni Below: Junior KIM JOHNSTON shows an exam- ple of pertect team hustle. tJ. Sittoni 1,7 , 't"' A ' I - e" A J iir J , 5 i ti- i tg' ual . 15xt msQ.",..q... Ayvwww MW... ,f J, ,- Varsity Basketball 109 VAIQSITY TENN SW NSS 5A With the conclusion to this year's season, the Varsity Tennis team was able to give Newman Smith its first tennis district championship. The team opened district play in the fall with a tie against Irving MacArthur. However, because of the number of sets won by Smith, the match was given to Smith. The team rolled through district competition undefeated. The double's team of Julie Hrebec and Patty Burbridge compiled a record of 48 wins and 2 losses as they won Smith's first individual district and regional titles. They finished 3rd in state competition at Austin. After winning the first tennis tournament ever at Irving, the team made a mark for itself in Smith athletics. Coach Victor Chaccia com- mented, "The team was the best group of in- dividuals l have had the privilege of coaching." Flight: Junior PATTY BURBRIDGE shows her state-qualitying form. tJ. Sittonj Far Right: Junior KELLY EVEFHNGHAM demonstrates her back-hand. QJ. Sittont BOYS - Row 1: M. Brinker, T. Tenbrink, K. Labor, C. Burgard. Row 2: E. Lawson, J. Walker, J. Driscoll, Coach Chaccia. GIRLS - Row 1: D. Bryan, E. lngebritson. Row 2: V. Granchey, J. Hrebec, P. Burbridge. 1 10 Varsity Tennis CHAMDIIDNSHID VA:::,t:.:,i:':'S Matches MacArthur .... . . Grand Prairie . Duncanville .... .... R. L. Turner . . Irving ....... Nimitz ...... S. Grand Prairie L.D. Bell ....... .... Jesuit . . . P ano ..... Hockaday . . . Burleson ...... .... Richardson ..... .... J.J. Pearce . . Sl. Marks .... Highland Park Greenhill .... Scores .9-9, 11-7 .... 13-5 10-8, 10-8 13-5, 10-8 ....15-3 16-2 . . 0-9 9-0 ...8-10 4-4 . .7-4 6-3 .8-10 4-4 10-8 10-8 16 2 12 6,10 8 I f ' 99 9 O Ursuline ..... . . . 13-6 13 5 117 District - 1st Left: Junior JASON DRISCOLL returns the ball to continue a volley. IJ. Sittoni Above: Sophomore JOHN WALKER overdoes his reaction to the bail. IJ. Sittonj Lett: State-qualitier JULIE HREBEC practices her lethal backhand. IJ. Sittoni Far Left: Freshman EDIE INGEBRITSON keeps up with her good form during practice. IJ. Sittonj 2 ,f 5 2 Varsity Tennis 111 ' ig, ' Far Right: A Trojan wrestler attempts to take down his opponent. fR. Jonesl Right: Wrestling Head Coach Dennis Hutcherson watches his state bound team during a dual match. fR. Jonesl IQESTLI It was once again a year of sports dominated by the varsity wrestling team. The team qualified for state competition for the sixth time in the team's short six-year history. This year senior Darin Smith took 1st place in state competition in the 179 lb. category and senior David Kelly took 2nd place in the 115 lb. weight category. Senior Pat McMullen and sophomores Leif Fuhrman and Rex Roberts also qualified for state competition with Rex par- ticipating as Region lll champion in his weight class. The team placed 7th overall in state and 3rd in Region lll competition. The team did well in major tourneys around the area by placing 1st in the Equitable of lowa tourney in which 14 teams competed, 1st in the Lake Highlands tourney in which 28 teams com- peted, and 2nd in the R. L. Turner Christmas tourney in which 26 teams competed. Among other exceptional successes during the season, victories over perennial power teams such as St. Marks, Lake Highlands, and Irving MacArthur highlighted the season and gave the team the confidence needed to reach state level com- petition. Despite a low number of upperclassmen, few returning lettermen, and some minor injuries, the team was again able to match past perfor- mances with the talented coaching of Dennis Hutcherson who experienced the "most fun I had coaching in a good number of years." Right: State runner-up DAVID KELLY, senior, dominates in this regional match-up. fJ. Sittont 1 12 Varsity Wrestling 1' 'Www W. my xi.. ls., A., 0-J T' . ff Tis 1? G IQEACI-IES STATE J" .15 ,-x. - I ' ' 40 Lett: Senior PHILLIP SORGEN takes down his adversary. CR. Jonesi Beiow: Senior DAVID KELLY, is knocked oft the mat by an opponent. KJ. Sittonj Above: State champ DARIN SMITH, senior, tries to escape the grasp of an opponent. CJ. Sittonj Left: Sophomore REX ROBERTS maintains an advantage over his opponent. KR. Jones! Varsity Wrestling 1 13 Above: Senior DAVID KELLY prepares to take down his opponent. tJ. Sittoni Top Right: Sophomore STEVE MOITZ struggles with an opponent. QR. Jonesi Row 1: D. Gomez, S. Moitz, D. Kelly, R. Roberts, P. McMullen, L. Fuhrman. Row 2: W. Orrell, D. Smith, B. Coleman, K. Durand, C. Bennett. Row 1: S. Abercrombie, J. Long, M. Peterson, K. Cameron, D. Tanner, R. Furqueron. Row 2: P. Sorgen, T. Cannon, J. O'Brien, J. Oros, R, Stat- tord, J. Jaramillo. 114 Varsity Wrestling hrs opponent pnor to a match QR Jones! Score 28-39 45-26 37-33 41-22 45-21 33-32 28-32 52-18 Left Sophomore REX ROBERTS squares oft with xv., is Above Sophomore LEIF FUHRMAN struggles for Left Senror MARK TREZZA slowly begins to put Varsity Wrestling 115 I UIQIES HUIQT SEASO The Cross Country teams had a struggling season due to injuries. The team had many strengths, even though injuries proved to be a big factor to the outcome of the season. With returning lettermen on both teams, experience was definitely a strength. The Girls Cross Country team won second at the Mountainview Cross Country Meet, and also won second at the Duncanville Cross Country Meet. The Varsity boys Cross Country team won third at the Mountainside Cross Country Meet. Outstanding boy runners were Tim Maxwell, Tahir Walji, and Alex Gonzales. Outstanding girl runners were Jodie DeWitt, Chris Pedersen, Amanda Zapata, and Lisa Funk. Injuries hurt the two teams in district. Two A jx Y ,lb W ,W N Qi. V ,M 5 as 1 . r, Q: -1 'A' 1-1 , m-12.-2 ' ""1 ,I , Q 5 A if 1 .K .I ., yr i.,Q,,L, - ' ' t,-,wr-7 '4 f A X- :' k"3. fits' -' ,FN .g ' K., . 1' s . X ' ,i . 0 . f. Ms, Z . . ww ,gif .wa g Jiv- vv-!""7 'J L-,bn . -W, . my . ,A I Above: CLIFF MURDOCK hustles on while being pursued by another runner. jR. Jonesj The Girls' team takes the initiative at the start of the race. lJ. Sittonj Row 1: M. McKenzie, N. Gupta, K. Campbell, L. Funk, A. Zapata. Row 2: J. DeWitt, J. LaRiviere, C. Petersen, B. Rhine. 116 Varsity Cross County starting Varsity girls, Jodie Dewitt and Michele McKenzie, and one starting Varsity boy, Tim Maxwell, did not run the district meet because of injuries. 'tl feel that injuries hurt us and cost us from winning the girls district and at least sec- ond forthe boys," said Coach Mike Stewart. The Girls Cross Country team placed fourth in district and the Boys Cross Country team placed fourth in district. Senior Amanda Zapata placed second in district which qualified her to go to Regionals. "Taking the injuries into considera- tion, we had a successful season with our run- ners," said Coach Mike Stewart. STEPHANIE JOHNSON drives on to the finish line. lJ. Sittonj we 1 'it"5L 1 no-I .-, .fri ,, -A "Y . .. Ansari.-..s. ' ,, ,, ,M 1 ., ,, - " 4L.g,gv .samlwrwrff T x"i.t f FA - 3 1. ve A, H gp' 'vsggl :vars -.-xy 4 A I . M! A, ,Lain F T11 mAsj','1..4-.- -'Wg . - M 1 - f -1 ,. V A -, T, -,iff sue? ..x'IXPQ,gJvi:Qf,,' 9,5 , . I S -"K X N , ' 1 wif f. J- gt 'Ae 0 " .M 'sf A x' l uf X ' tr Q, if y ' es " F' D .P Q. 74 Q K . 1 . 1 y ' '3 Q kk . - '95 2 5 - V A f A ,t -- ,-. - , it ft". rt' 4 X .9 if T. if we-Q .. vi ' 1 'WR - ',iXi5s?'EL-V. :lr L , 6. ' D I. A Q- ' . K . 1 'E . ,A , --fa ,A R 'Q' f Af' LXR k lf Pitt ' 4-M . ' 4 ,1?"'ff iff -' -3 ' vt ?"?f+feff5lf uh Q.55s?f -1-' Xf 1- , .f::.-TS? A. B .. Beg an X ,..... .v ,Qs . it me-. sf 'QU , t' L S4354-5' 1 Wir' ' .. - , -A 'fs-. T-sxigigfal . , . '4 ff A,,.. Liu f 'W . . 'sr' 3 1 ,Wh Q I, -,Lf Q V, D. Ameykffxe ,,,x, . M . QQ' i.Q,g,xf 'M .df - . - ,J .. ' A W.. f '. C ,-'- fZ""3'-"i....,'lfx 2 25' 3 ,. ,. -' ' . F N sq, H 'Q , Q .l 1 1, s:-fqr.-we 1+ . . . . S.JW"'xr.-tr. ...R Y.. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCOREBOARD Meet Boys ir s Richardson ...... .... Arlington High .... .... Spruce ....... .... Duncanville ...... .... n Mountain View .... .... n District ....... ..... G I 5th 6th Arlington Lamar .... .... 4 th 4th 6th 4th 4th 5th 4th 2 d 3rd 2 d 4th 4th 36 r . Above Left: TAHIR WALJI closely follows another runner. lR. Jonesl Above: JANINE LARIVIERE shows her endurance and determination. lJ. Sittonl Row 1: R. Tinker, R. Hunt, M. Gonzales, D. Little. Row 2: D. Stattord, T. Maxwell, K. Coward, T. Walji, K. DeWitt, S. Hite. Row 3: T. Weis, R. Moitz, S. Sheeran, C. Murdock, V. Werner, A. Gonzales. Varsity Cross Country 117 Right: Sophomore YONG SONG awaits a falling ball in a district game. tK. Johnstoni Below: YONG SONG, sophomore, leads the team downfield against R. L. Turner. tK. Johnstoni igfgr ,,,,,,. .J 4 Under the coaching of Don Burrell, the Varsity Boys Soccer team continued to improve their abilities once again this year as the team consisted of all underclassmen and one senior. Despite some bad breaks, the team was able to pull out two victories during the season including a 4-3 win over Lakeview Centennial and a 1-0 The team was blessed with talent at several positions and particular stand-outs included goalkeeper Derek Shipman, forwards Ray Aronowltz and Yong Song, and defensive specialists Joe White, Alan Heath, and Steve Campbell. A sprained ankle injury to Steve was a costly one as he was hurt during a warm-up prior to a play-oft game with R.L. Turner. The team was defeated by the Lions 0-3 and ended The team was, however, "very competitive" according to Coach Burrell and "a few breaks could have given the team a winning season. The team was very young, so l'm looking Right: ALAN HEATH and DAVID NORRID struggle for ball control against a district opponent. tK. Johnstonl 118 Varsity Soccer ww ' ,,,Wf,agvf" "ilu """" "" ' ' -.N -at A.,, '95"""'e ,gin-.....a. ' -4 A .t 'r xt li.. -Sq.. CDMDETITIVE TEAM DIQUVES win over Irving Nimitz. the season on a low note. forward to next year." 3 7 X was ,I 3 I ! ' J E J " A, . ,QW I 1 ,. g,?Q:iw,.A , A 1523 H ,E.,p,y,fA fn' N ,'. A,k bd Y .-. uvfnfyx , Lt " , 1,2 ff lv " ' fW5?1"f'W 5x'l'4f7' ,",:-3,1 fl 5- .. va gi Above: Senior SONG JON wrestles with an op- ponent fora possible steal. fK. Johnstonl Left: Junior ALAN HEATH uses his defensive tac- tics against Plano. iK. Johnstonf W- . Below Left: Senior SONG JON once again takes the offensive. CK. Johnstonl J , Sr' A A . N ' S , fs 'M Below: Sophomore JOE WHITE begins his ap- proach for an open shot. QK. Johnstonl A if . an rf wi " A Q, ik!! x A QL, Q- md" xg' - A Warsaw . M '. ' ,g .- 'W y ., 4, A Varsity Soccer 119 "mr: A J ,J reaffirms- -mn... 1 VARSITY BOYS SOCCER Scoreboard Games Score Lakeview Centennial ............. 4-3 W.T. White .................... 1-2 Grand Prairie ....,............. 2-3 Irving ........................ 2-2 S. Grand Prairie ................ 2-2 Duncanville ................... 1-3 MacArthur .................... 2-4 Nimitz ....................... 1-0 R.L. Turner ................... O-0 District Playoffs R.L. Turner ................... 0-3 District Record - 1-3-3 Season Record - 2-6-3 Fright: Senior OUEN LEE manages to keep the ball away from a Plano defender. iD. Norridl Below: Junior STEVE CAMPBELL patiently awaits the arrival ot the ball. tD. Norridl Varsity Soccer CFS -' ..,. ...J k g MQ ,,.1 fi. MM S Row 1: J. White, A. Getrides, S. Schoon- Kang. Row 3: M. Bartalos, Y. Song, B. Wrigh maker. Row 2: S. Campbell, O. Le, D. Norrid, Coach Burrell, K. Wright, M. Smith, P. Moll D. Shipman, B. Greenstein, Fl. Aronowitz, U. l l JMXV ow 1: S. Ramirez, H. Crossland, J. Grady, D. Francis, T. Graffeo, C. Francis, P. Henderson, D. opp, L. Jennings. Row 2: L. Yates, N. Wiles, L. Carlson, R. Wendt, Coach Seibel. reenstein, T. Greenstein, L. Taylor. Row 3: L. VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER Scoreboard Games Berkner ..... W. T. White .... Grand Prairie . rving .......... Score 1-2 1-0 5-0 S. Grand Prairie . . . . . . . . - Duncanville .... Nimitz ...... MacArthur . . . R. L. Turner .... R. L. Turner ........... rving ................. MacArthur ............... Bi-district District record - 6-4 Season record - 6-5 I O 6 4 2 0 4 9 1 O 2 3 1 4 2 I 2 1 1 2 North Mesquite ................ 2-4 Lett: Sophomore TRACY GREENSTEIN keeps the ball away from a Lion defender. iD. Norridt Below: Junior ROBIN WENDT returns the ball with a butt from her head. QD. Norridt , any V fi if-ef '.i' ' ' "Jil ,M , ,,,, N-ff' c 4 ,..-,. , - 4 4 H J Q, -ff vp 'fig ff ff. M .,.. S . . . in ,k 'f'. g 1 j '- -. . , auf-1'-'fees r ' 1- na. Y 1 , 'V ww 6 A fy , 'f ' , j r? ',, . . fa - 044- ll ' my 'Q ' 5 . "ff,-, -" 1 - I i f N. . X 1, . . A " ,Q-1 S vw 4+ pf - . . H M72 .-.1 . 'f.s.f 31' f .. - ' 2 f za .. X v " ,.-gw' ,. ' Varsity Soccer 121 f ,er M- Qu? Above: Sophomore TRACY GREENSTEIN tights with an opponent for ball control. tK. Johnstonl Right: Senior TAMI GRAFFEO tights against a Nimitz opponent. tK. Johnstonl Bottom Right: Sophomore TRACY GREENSTEIN sidesteps a Nimitz player. tK. Johnstonl Below: Junior DIANE BOPP averts an opponent and a steal. tK. Johnstonl .xv-wk' Nu W K .5 5. 122 Varsity Soccer Lett: Junior ROBIN WENDT keeps a steady eye on a descending ball. QD. Norridt Below: Seniors PATTY HENDERSON and SHARON RAMIREZ pursue a wandering ball. tD. Norridl ISIIQLS I DDSTSEASUN DI. SBHSOVI. As expected by Head Coach Susan Seibel, this year's varsity girls' soccer team finished with a tremendous finale to their exceptional Despite finishing the year with a district record of 6-4, and only boasting a title of runner-up in the district standings, the girls' team was able to find a place in the post-season play-off as District 8-5A's second represen- tative. The girls' earned a spot against the North Mesquite Stallions in a bi-district play-oft game, but were unable to keep their winning ways roll- ing as they were eliminated by the Stallions in a 4-1 loss. However, the team's trip to the play- offs included a few impressive victories such as a 5-O shut-out of Grand Prairie and a 9-1 thrashing of Irving Nimitz. The team lost its chance of a district championship in the dis- trict's final play-off game against Irving MacArthur. Coach Seibel found her team blessed with "good leadership, good attitudes, a strong defense, and a will to win." Left: Senior LORI YATES and sophomore TRACY GREENSTEIN try to gain possession. tD. Norridl Varsity Soccer 123 x S W.. ".,ef.,', eg-YM. .g Q' 'f ' l l 7 A 7 . -- g 3 ,gf Q, Y 3 -I BYXQX YM' j' R'-4 .- s - Z - - . fy.. .ca j fs : as 4 M., U . Rigid, -ggi, ML it 0.13, ,i.QMgda'g'5x wg! Y ox 1 si' Q, . J.. ' 1 Vim . V K kk J I J. .... .Wg I . . . -K ' ' ff q.'n Y- H- ' 7 ' ., n '- 'nd' Ks X.. . Q t ,- J, 1 scat A .fgxkmw . -ses 'I -. ...4 - ' . ' .ts ' af' .1 . SLK -'ETX -.L- f ws ' '- . A ' SVVMWK The Varsity swim teams had another victorious season. The team's final record was 8-2. The lady swimmers were 2nd in district, 4th at regional meet, and 18th at state meet. The boys were 3rd at district and 17th at regional meet. The only iniury this season was a head iniury to Tami Van Gurp from a diving accident. lndividual girls honors this season were . . . Tami Eaton: regional record in butterfly, 2nd at state meet, school records in butterfly, individual medley, and freestyle. Paige Eaton: school record in breast stroke, and 500 freestyle. Tami Van Gurp: school record in diving. Honors for the boys were . . . Mitch Baranowski: school records in back stroke, individual medley, and 500 freestyle. Top: KELLY BRUNNER, junior, does the butterfly with perfect form. lK. Johnstont Middle: Sophomore, KIM NEWSOM, comes up tor air during the sidestroke. lJ. Sittoni Row 1: D. Craig, M. Baronowski, K. Kelly, O. Korsmo, D. Freemyer, K. Holland, K. Newsom. Row 2: G. Owens, D. Atkinson, M. Lucey, A. Gardner, H. Crellin, K. Kolb, T. VanGurp, T. Nevill, S. Staggs. Row 3: Coach Leonard, B. Miranda, J. Nevins, R. Rhea, K. Brunner, C. Holladay, S. Sell, S. Price, J. Browder, C. Marr. Row 4: R. Green, M. Ralich, B. Stephenson, B. Seeley, D. Skierski, D. Richmond, J. Fellers, C. Vaughn. 124 Varsity Swimming GTUDNSADDUN :wet , l L.. -....., 2 E. V yn T 158 .., l 4.1.1 .1 -ln vs inihlv .i . 1- I --- 1,-ir I . 4 NW' i ' W' 954' 1' 2. .5 ,,y .,,, 'ze A f- J' rfflflfg . we! Y, Q S 15" leaf wif' gl 6' 03' 44. '-wt ,, . X L52 .X er?" ev Amy-Lf .aw Top: PAIGE EATON, senior, eyes the finish line doing the breast stroke. tR. Jonesi Middle Lett: ORLYNN KORSMO, freshman, con- centrates on her next race. tR. Jonesi Above: A Trojan swimmer struggles to finish the iast lap. fK. Johnstoni Left: KIM NEWSOM, sophomore, tries for the vic- tory in the back stroke. fK. Johnstoni Varsity Swimming 125 1 'I' 'HQ IQ' fit Uwhxg is 'L .'1 Jim' u' ' 'VJ 43' Q 'A L' gikx fnimff Q 1 " ,V , ., ' 1 It . - In 4.'.Nyiy-I N 'QQ Q x sxcjqwggxq gl . U .wx f Q i A LN JI v , N - ' PM R 1, 7 .0 Q K v - H ' , Q' .,'A f 4 . ' 1' x' ' Y I ... fav! q a fs 1 w l"'yu'f' . vm X' A 'Y ' 'M X X I :wa Ar - - - N. ' . v""'v fp, 3 M13 1 - "iQh"' 1 'ff' ' .1 -nn kv dfivm nk ,IQ 5 'hr' ffff- K ., , -Q1 1 W... R V A .r .. , ' vo' M I , fl: 'xx-5 'K' .,-5 kg 3- xx Vs! ' I fri! ff- Y X? -4, J I 'F J. 'L 'lr' .352-I , 1' -Q N 2 ,' gf 7 .E kk., JL . gfjtfrf' , if N 4 . Z I 'F P - 1 f 14. 'M ,. ai . J X -ffm Axli-7' ,. 'W ' M' if . wr. " f . L ' Q ' f 54 ' H zmifiyf- . zww ' i7f'4i,,,,g --ex ,4- gl Z1 NQN8 nl' J, ,514 . x D . , - ,r I J. K fix- ., 33.1 za. . Y 51? A61 Q.. R of 3 ' x 'f 4. A. ' n ' 1 . 1, .gifs 4 K - N U 1 4' 11+ M . 5 . ' "1 A w,-,fel W J . r L 4 is ' V .. . , 'r VARSITY GOLF Scoreboard , Tourneys Place Texarkana lnvit. ...... .... 5 th Arlington Hts. Classic .... . . . 7th Dallas lnvlt. .,....... .... 4 th Irving Nimitz Classic . . . . . . 4th District ......... . . . 2nd h Regional . . . . . . .7th ow 1: D. Foor, J. Christie, T. High, M. Peters, l. Nauman. Row 2: Coach Hawkins, J. Burr, O. y Sultan, B. Watts, S. Nauman, T. Brooker. g J 1 'far 5 x .ci - ,G ,fvgg--Q .I-.12 r V ,, ' A- r aM..,w . ' ' , . V . ' . v ff. . i f v. 7 . - Above Sequence lL to Rl: The correct and professional golf swing is demonstrated by varsity golfers MARK PETERS, O. J. SULTAN, JASON BURR, and BRIAN WATTS. lJ. Sittonl Varsity Goll 127 f , 221,--. - if . . ,.,-' . ' -S -.1 ' a . s V F., , ts, ' :Q- .. 1 K, ,TEAM lolmclilis DLAYDFFS The regular season play of the Varsity Baseball team once again ended in success for the team and the school. The team finished their 7th consecutive winning season as they also made a third trip to the post-season playoffs. After reaching the bi-district playoffs last year only to lose to Plano, the Trojans posted a 2nd place finish behind Duncanville with a district record of 9-5. The bi-district playoffs placed the Trojans against Richland High from District 7-SA, After playing with much inspiration throughout the year, the Trojans future plans of reaching the state finals were denied as Richland High handed the Trojans two consecutive losses. Baseball coach Lance Brown, who was helped by assistant Coach Fred Howard, found the team to lack in consistency of play. Despite this setback, the team was able to have all-district bestowed upon them. Senior Joe Piazza, junior Billy Murphy and sophomore Donnie Brown were selected for the all- District team. Senior Mark Cornett was chosen for the 2nd All-District team with junior Albert Segura received an honorable mention and Donnie Brown was selected as Sophomore of the year. Top: Senior JOE PIAZZA loses control of a play at third base. ID. Norridi Right: Senior DARRAN BROWN keeps a cautious eye on an approaching pitch. IJ. Sittonj 128 Varsity Baseball 24 i Top: Senior MARK CORNETT begins his final Above: Sophomore PAUL CARMON awaits the release of a pitch. iD. Norridl throw from the pitcher. CJ. Sittonl VARSITY BASEBALL Scoreboard Games Berkner Sunset Plano W T White F W Southwest Distric! Grand Prairie rvlng Duncanville Nrmrlz MacArthur R L Turner Scores I7 Dlstrlct Playoffs vs Richland 1st Game 1 3 2nd Game 8 9 Season record 1512 District record 95 6-4 6-0 5-7 . . ' 14-1 . . 5-6 ' ' 1st 2 d " 4-3 3-4 I ' 18-2 2-6 S. Grand Prairie 4-1 8-3 ' 3-6 1-5 ' ' 2-1 8-2 4-2 7-4 . . 15-5 7-9 'i,, . af I ff 2 Above: Head Coach Lance Brown contemplates the next move for his team. lJ. Sittonl Varsity Baseball 129 ., 1 'Z 1 i K 3 5 3 .L - 'JZ .1 a Q 4,'51r' S Aoove: Varsity players collide in the outfield during district play. lJ. Sittonl Top Left: Junior ROBERT PENA begins his throw to Hrs! base for an out. iD. Norridl Top Right: Sophomore DONNIE BROWN receives congratulations after a Junior pitcher BILL Y MURPHY warms up prior to a game. lJ. Sittonl home run U Smom Varsity Basebatl 131 BUYS The Varsity Boys track team won district for the first time in Newman Smith history. Newman Smith won the championship 120-101 with South Grand Prairie trailing. With 46 members, the team broke all ofthe school records except in polevault, 800 run, and the 1600 meter relay. Records set by this group are the following: Rodney Hare got 10.65 in the 100 meter dash, 21.73 in the 200 meter dash, 39.6 in the 300 hurdles, and long jump with 23'10". Robert Hare set the record tor the 400 meter dash with a time of 50.45. Robert Smith got 15.54 in the 110 high hurdles. Tim Maxwell set the record for the 1 mile run with the time of 4:38.60. Alex Gonzales got 10:08.1 in the 3200 meter run. The 400 meter relay, which consisted of James Turner, Robert Hare, Robert Smith, and Rodney Hare, set a record of 4216. Jett Hakul jumped 6'6" in high jump. Mike Schmitz threw 56' tw' in the shotput and 172'11" in the discus in the North Garland Raider Relays, Mike Schitz placed third in the Texas Relays. He is the tirst Newman Smith student to ever place. The preseason strengths for the track team were in the shot, discus, hurdles, and the sprint relay. Team captains were Mike Schmitz, Ronnie Taylor and Steve Sheeran. "This was a super season. The super dream came true. Newman Smith reached maturity and became winners. They were super athletes with great talent. This group came together for a common cause," said Head Coach Charles Quisenberry. Assistant coaches were Dennis Lemmons and Mike Stewart. Right: ERIC GALE spins around to throw all his weight into the shotput throw. Row 1: K. McMahon, D. Ackerman, K. DeWitt, A. Gonzales, M. Boutis, R. Taylor, J. Turner, T. Maxwell, L. Fuhrman. Row 2: Coach Quisenberry, S. Slay, R. Smith, C. Wilson, M. Schmitz, R. Shakeltord, S. Sheeran, K. Johnston, T. Walji, Coach Stewart, Coach Lemmons. 132 Varsity Boys Track WI DISTIQICT B 1 1 1 3 .. ix H5 .px .44-' . .. . .. .. 1 J . ff. pw- R Varsity Boys Track Scoreboard Meets Place Burleson .......... . . . 3rd Theo Rigsby Relays . . . . . . 3rd North Garland Raider Relays .... . . . lst C-FB ........... ..... 3 rd xl, Goldsmith Relays .... ..... 2 nd Plano Relays .... .... 4 th District ...... . . . lst g s f Top: CURT WILSON steps over the hurdles to overcome his opponent. RODNEY HARE shows his form while his brother ROBERT watches among the judges. JAMES TURNER hands the baton to ROBERT HARE so that he can finish the relay with victory. Varsity Boys Track 133 ji its Varsity Girls Track Scoreboard Meets Place Highland Park . . . .... .llth Lewisville .... ..... 3 rd Richardson ........ ..... 4 th CAFB ................... 5th District .................. 5th ' ..' in ki " f' aw .r or N..sf f 'V Top: KATHY CAMPBELL talks to Iracksters RICHARD MOITZ and KEVIN COWARD while .IANINE LARIVIERE and LISA FUNK watch the ongoing race. Above: JARI WILSON and JODIE DEWITT talk about the upcoming relay they have to run while watching the 2 mile. EVA GRAVES, WENDY WILLIAMS and PENNI STEELE watch the 100 meter dash while MICHELE MCKENZIE stretches tor her event. 134 Varsity Girls Track tS'3Axv . l D YT' r nan- -df W, V69 NUMIBEIQ I-IUIQTS TEAM The Varsity Girls Track team went into the season with 7 returning lettermen and regional and state qualifiers in the shot, discus, and high jump. Although the team was small and did not have enough people in running events, they were extremely strong in field events and led in scoring in nearly every meet alter field events. Kristi Dubes came in first in every meet and Roberta Willer came in first in every meet in high jump. Both girls qualified for Regionals. Robert Willer jumped 5 foot 7 inches in high jump. Kristi Dubes threw 123'1" in the discus and 36'1" in the shot. Eva Graves ran a 12.3 in the 100 xv' . ,vv"" rfffiff . ,,fruQg5,fif 1. meter dash. An exceptional meet was the . ,,.,?1::f,-g5i:1:,L'-fe, Richardson meet in which the Lady Trojans placed fourth out of 20 teams. "ll-Af:f:"'.: if Above: EVA GRAVES shows her form as she gets height in the long jump. Below: KATHY CAMPBELL uses her endurance to beat a Mesquite runner in the 200 dash. ?! R m- 'Av 3, .,,,.. It Q is-fa. 'Wt' 13 -- ,tn -,,, ,,,, kliiygsk LA is , r -Q L. to R.: Coach Spradlin, J. LaRiviere, K. Camp- bell, R. Carter, M. McKenzie, B. Dixon, E. Graves, R. Willer, K. Dubes, S. Johnson, S. Mills, J. A deWitt, P. Steele, R. Rich, L. Funk, Coach 5? . - .ki - .W fs... -as.. 1 Edwards. s . k-.k A . Varsity Girls Track 135 ..- A i l ACTIVE EAD FDD F.C.A. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes male and female chapters in Newman Smith were once again two very active groups in school athletics. Members met throughout the year to decide on many fun and exciting events such as camping trips, breakfasts and special dates to attend some professional and college sporting events around Dallas. Members were able to become closer to one another and closer to their Chris- tian beliefs. 4tlltit'. Row 1: P. Rich, Fl. Wendt, M. Sion, J. Song, S. Carter. Row 2: A. Won- ingburg, A. Banfield, L. Jennings, T. Ltmsky, T. Duvall, P. Henderson, D. Bopp, K. Grant. 136 l il l 1 Top Right: F.C.A. president SHAWN PRO- THFIO brings members up to date. IK Johnstonj Top: F.C.A. girls listen to ideas for a fund- raiser. fK.David1 SEGURA KK. Johnstonl Right: PA TTY HENDERSON makes a sugges- tion to TINA LIMSK Y. 1K . Da vidj Left: Members DAVID GARZA and ALBERT l Flow 1: K. Durand, D. Smith, S. Prothro. Row 2: Ft. Taylor, R. Segura, R Freeman, D. Garza, J. Hirsch, D. Hall. Row 3: M. Boutis, S. Sheeran, M Schmitz, S. Harris, B. Mullens, J. Bennett, A. Segura, R. Nichols. l TAKES IDISTIQICT With an unpredictable finish for the 1982 season, Coaches Bob Hunnicutt, Gerald Keith, and Jim Gazziilo had good expectations. The team's size, speed, and lack ot experienced backs were a weakness in the beginning, but the coaches felt the 17 juniors led the team through the season. The JV finish- ed 1st in district standings with a 7-0 record. The final season record, however was 8-2. Some exceptional games for the team were a close win over Grand Prairie, 15-12, a victory over Duncanville, 18-9, and a shut out of Turner 31-0, with 3 touchdowns by Greg Biasatti, and excellent leadership by David Rice and the whole team. Injuries to Jeff King and Ftex Moxley limited the offensive output, but the team still pulled through. Coach Hunnicutt claims this was a very enjoyable season with the best team effort he has ever coached. All three coaches are proud of each player. Left: JEFF KING, sophomore, easily maneuvers around the other team members. iK. Johnstonl Above: JUDD CRUSON, sophomore, awaits the signal to attack his opponent. QK. Johnstonl Left: TOM WHELIHAN, junior, goes for the extra point while junior CHRIS OGLE holds the ball. lK. Johnstonl J.V. Football l .,. -1' Top Left: Sophomore ROGER LEWIS, gains yar- dage. tK. Johnstoni Top Center: DAVID RICE, sophomore, prepares to throw a long bomb. KJ. Sittoni Top Right: RICKY COE, junior, plans to torture his opponent. tK. Johnstont Above: JOE HUFF, sophomore, glances back at a successful play. QR. Tatei 138 J.V. Football -:Q-2-2.2-srfzf.:-:-:-:-:-:-5.-zsz-z-a-.-s-aafi-:ta-.Is -2'-'-"'-8"2-H:-S.:-2:2-:I:i::2:.f2:2:.2I' eE-3-':3f: 32:s:s: .-Efii-frisiii-5235222222222 !.!!'.-925-l!:U5l'U-' '1 !!!2!l!!2 ..!-Q.-T-:!.,'Q!W!!EWEE.t'5!'IiEEE'5 Qi . Li2T.-7E:13"...1E5.Ii7?.1f1:Z 1'?3" '-'Qi-32'-:'E"E.'7'T':'5E-'-f" rr ' E- sf .-.2 . .. - 'E-'E- 'E-:'i-'g5:?' 2':-1 5'-Tf':.. f R ' '564' ii' .2 35.4, s '17 M :.34'f.S'1 .sign '5' -r:99':99 ' .U 3221? , :Et-' fi' .p 3 .3 9,23,, yn :rf--, ..,, 3 . 5, . . I... 36 g as ,gmt new QS.: 10 . '26 '2 E 3:51 3.4.-efltlgy ,:f1'f4-'.5ff1't,- i-yfgfifgai-' 3 40,55 ,Q 1 H875-30,911 ,,4S, .gift 32' .,s,, - . . bhksd IRIS, 3- 51-32: ,Q l--, , . . I . .1 gk i A . 3 s xv 10, 4. .N J V - ' -f. J' '- :' 0 5l'. Y ." s : if I A ,rg, t .W . V , X , A islam- K, . Q., -.uw -K Q., ,.,, , .ui - . 4 -A flg. I Row 1: J. Marin, J. Turner, S. Cockrell, B. Battershall, C. Ogle, R. Pena, B. Greenstein, D. Munden, F Segura, K. Kang, R. Hamilton. Row 2: G. Huling, R. Taylor, T. Whelihan, R. Bennett, M. Brighton, E Rice, I. West, M. Glassburn, J. Allen, J. King, S. Thomas, J. Hirsch. Row 3: Coach Hunnicutt, T Dawson, K. Roach, R. Lewis, D. Martin, G. Ridgley, G. Biasatti, J. Redding, M. Dunn, S. Preszler, F Dunn, Coach Keith. Row 4: R. Moxley, B. Mullen, B, Parker, D. Zacharias, Ft. Coe, J. Huff, J. Crusoi C. Tzouanakis, R. Ruston, D. Hopkins, G. Gilbert. Far Lett: TOM WHELIHAN, junior, powerfully punts the ball. KJ. Sittonl Leii: GREG BIASATTI, junior, avoids an oppo- nent's grasp. IK. Johnstonl Below: Junior, MIKE DUNN, takes a break after a hard play. iR. Tatel ' 7 1725- 3,52 - ff ' H... A - . ' : ,' 1 i , 1? ' li. ' . if ' V, M Lett' ATrojan player fights offaclose tackle. iK Above' JOE HUFF sophomore goes over the N, WEJXQ Q I E 'uf Johnstonl ' next play with Coaoh Keith. LJ. Sittonl J.V. Football 139 The J.V. Volleyball team started this season with a bang. Under new leadership of Coach Barbara Edwards and also Coach Ruth Stovall. The team worked hard for their district title. The team's district record was 14-O, and the final season record, however, was 31-2. The J.V. team final district standing was tsl place. This makes two years in a row in this position. All the players gave total effort and com- peted in many hard games for the title. ln the Grand Prairie Tournament they won the 3 games against Arlington to advance to the finals. ln the same tourney, they took South Grand Prairie for the Championship. ln this tourney, Dena Carlson showed outstanding leadership, while Robin Wendt displayed strong leadership in the Carrollton Farmers Branch Tournament. The girls played exceptional ball throughout the season making Coach Edwards' first year a great one. Both coaches were very pleased with the excellent turnout of the 1982 season. NNN? , . Xi . --Q ,.....,.-l--sl 4,-'f""" M ,,pf,.,. r- l Q iw' s' ,.i9'W U My . . 39" E G FH w -I P Q P Z We , 'b, I w,:'..'2-22515 mf. 27? . gwelaxi, f ., ws, .Jie ' faflgkgl 2' f a er, sl, fl-Mt, 2.35 ' eff-.ry uf Above: DEBBlE SWITALSKI, freshman, practices bumping the ball beforea ADOVGZ KIM BODES. S0Dh0m0f6, SPik9S the ball to the awaiting Op game. lR. Jonesl DOWNS- CR- Jonesl 140 J.v. Volleyball was U " ' I I if 12559 L- .... , . , C sa lv 39' I .,' .j'i.L." Zf:g"'V V "lQ,l'QW 5 N ' gl' ' 1 fl 1 c xv +1 f Z A25 'ow 3: K. Miller, Coach Edwards, K. Martin, B. Brewer, R. Wendt, K. Rountree, C. Francis, Coach Itovall. Row 2: D. Switalski, K. Bodes, D. Carlson, K. Dixon, L. Francis. Row 1: L. Jennings. Y vw , .. eww, W.. 4 ,,,,m,.ff.Wm,,' . . at Above: KIM MARTIN, sophomore, bumps the ball with deep concentration. IR. Jonesl Above Left: KIM DIXON, sophomore, spikes the ball while a Ieammate looks on. IR. Jonesl Above Middle: DENA CARLSON, junior, sets up the ball so a teammate can spike it. IR. Jonesl J.V. Volleyball 141 KEEPS I-IUSTLI , This year's JV boy's basketball team entered into a very competitive district. It was one which had excellent coaching and a strong traditional background in basketball. Despite these obstacles, the JV team still pulled through with a final record of 5-9. The Trojan team had many strengths that helped them to compete in the new district. Strengths such as size, knowledge of the game, rebounding, and passing ability were a big asset to the team's overall perfor- mance. The weaknesses, such as a lack of quickness and weak shooting, were improved throughout the season. The team consisted of 15 members - 14 sophomores and 1 freshman. Full team support was given by all 15 members whenever any five players were on the floor. "There was steady improvement every game. We had very competitive op- ponents," said Coach Ron Hargrove. Fifteen games were decided by three points or less in- cluding five overtimes. The Trojans hung tough Above: DAVID RICE passes to an open team- mate. QR. Jonesl Right: LOUIS JOHNSON tries to pass through the arms of a Lion defender. QR. Jonesl Far Right: PHlLlP HARPER tries for two despite a Cardinal player's block. QR. Jonesl 142 JV Basketball in overtime against South Grand Prairie which resulted in a victorious 73-65 win, and also in an overtime with MacArthur with a 51-50 edge. The JV team tied for third in their district. Coach Hargrove is "very optimistic about the future ot the players when they compete on the varsity level." i S-HQ.,,.,..,v Q- Q .J 91" ll Below: JOHN LAPIERRE shoots for two over a Cardinal defender. QR. Jonesl 1 Middle: CRAIG CASTAGNOLI through the Cardinfi defense. QR. Jonesl . sas . -xv, x A , m . 0 55' Y Q- ,,A is Al. ir E3 ,7Vb,,3lu K, W nyc S 4 H v' ff- Ah- ' x f'1 138. 1 354' fx! "z' .? '2wS"" -4. inf vu SMITF '22-5 Ns ,fi IEIIQLS KEEP I DIQUV The girls JV basketball team entered their district against teams that were larger in size and seemed to have a better shooting percen- tage. But even though the other teams seemed to have advantages over the Trojans, the girls still pulled through with a 1 1-9 record. Some of the players on the team had a year's experience prior to the season. Ouickness was also shown in the girls' performance. Shortness and weak ball handling skills were primary weaknesses of the team. The team consisted of 8 members - 3 juniors, 5 sophomores. The Lady Trojans' most difficult opponents proved to be Irving, MacArthur and Duncanville. However, they played very well against Duncan- ville and MacArthur in their second games against these teams. All members showed great Middle: KEESHA HOUSTON blocks for the re- bound. tJ. Sittonl Above: KEESHA HOUSTON makes a fast break towards the basket. jH. Tatel L. to R.: K. Warren, K. Dickson, K. Rountree, K. Houston, B. Patton, P. Fiyals, R. Freemeyer, R. Tuck, Coach Spain. 144 JV Basketball improvement throughout the season. Coach Foylene Spain added that her JV team was "a good group of hustling young ladies who really put their hearts into it." 6-TA Below: BARBI PATTON shoots for two as KIM DICKSON sets up for a rebound. iJ. Sittont if nys X Left: BARBI PATTON and KEESHA HOUSTON block out Cardinal players for the rebound. QR. Tatel Below: PAULA RYALS waits for the team to set up an offensive play. lFl. Tatel . . f N i 2 -41 -we - Q . - e , -.., fu. Left: PAULA RYALS tries to shoot over a Cardinal wall of defenders. CR. Tatel Far Left: KFtlSTl ROUNTREE contemplates her next strategic offensive move. QR. Tatel JV Basketball 145 .V. GA NS EXIDEIQ ENCE This year's JV boys soccer team was on the Pi move. They had a good season and Coach Don " Burrell said that "they gained a lot of experience." The team ended up with a final district record of 4-3, and a final season record of 5-3. Several outstanding team members were Jay Giglio who proved his talent as a goal-keeper, and Carlos Menendez, Donnie Nickolyn and Johnnie Taylor who did exceptionally well as forwards. Mike Weens, Thad Glddens and David Howard represented Smith as outstanding defenders. Luckily there were no injuries to hinder the team during the season. Coach Burrell says that "5 or 6 players will have a chance at making varsity next year." Top: Freshman STEVE BARNES tries to steal the ball away from an opponent. iD. Norridl Flight: CARLOS MENENDEZ, freshman, out- maneuvers his adversary in district play. iD. Norridl 146 JV Soccer E. Oo Qu W HW '75'M""'3"f Kr .. ., , - -nrt Jf- 1 V, or . B QQQQQ 5 .3 . TW so , A to C A osx, : mari' A. "9' Vat? spgpn .K Vkk, z Exif .. . . A' f we .. T if fQ'f:ifly.7'1 if. A D ' l 1 KQAL mmx. - f 'm'h ww Qi .e.r.1.g.ffim fri. A . M: ,gf Wgfyg., . .. +A f Wm-iw., 41- f. we ."'Q if A' Q ty J wif 5.35 it 5? A. A qt ,ax ez 5" "W -f 3 X . 1 H1540 J -..,,.giw 9 ff . A 4135, ":g4..i'Kr: A fs? eu' r. g Top: Freshman DAVID HOWARD collides with an opposing player. QD. Norridb Left: MIKE WEENS, freshman, advances fo break up an offensive play. QD. Norridj Row 1: B. Clyaff, J. Jones, M. Cromis, C. Han, T. Giddens. Bow 2: M. Weens, N. Huh, D. Petty, B. Hoffman, S. Carson, D. Howard, H. Paik. Bow 3: Coach Burrell, A. Chefa, S. Barnes, B. Carson, D. Nickolyn. S. Hegemann, D. Poirer, L. Nguyen, J. Giglio. JV Soccer 147 H., . T 2 M .L t ...ff . ? . f . , The J.V. Baseball team was once again placed in a position where the competition from opponents was stiff and tough. The team, made up of two juniors and experience. Overall the team suffered ln the pitching throughout the year and managed to lead the team once again to another winning season. Coach Richard Valenta headed up the team and, through cooperation and hard work, was able to end the year on a positive Top Left: CRAIG BARR, sophomore, slides in to reach third base. ID. Norridl gi I ,,IV V. , Mi, 'H .351 ,gf ,T . 1 ', . . T fl .V. FACES I DU IEAM in t .e rg at . it T lrri . gggg 2, 5 twelve sophomores, managed to fight off their 3 ff Y T' f lg E. ,A g T L opponents thanks to a much needed strength: . T Q . ' it W K 5 Qi iiiii T i f T staff because of a lack of pitchers. Outstanding gg A Q B Jig ga players Paul Carmon and Tim Hall led the team T T A g R "t gy g A I ' -wx . . l., B ,. in K 5 . 'ag ' . by V t" e e f T t e slll or B note for both the team and himself. g r ' f .grg f- A ..l. iff . V... K V, 5 . V Top Right: KELLY LUSK, sophomore, concentrates on his nextpitch. fD. Norridl Right: RICHIE STRINGER, sophomore waits for the ball fo throw the runner out. KD. Norridl 148 J.V. Baseball sw. . . r A if as este't ' - he M of -ww--"nm: - mfigm Q f ig -fs'-21215:-Q.:-,lf .vis xy, f jg-qi. 5.3 1 V- 'aff .Q ff P733 57' ii 1 fl . W'1.,.e. fy . gag-2 egg -f K, i " v- s' rs fy A I ff " f ' o ' , Q, of e e. , f"uT UE XEW' . wa ev- . ig, . Q3 gage. 9,91 V x.vL?, 'Z an KQV., - 4 X Yffiwvif, fe S 'mi A , 5 5 an ' ' ' - ,X 'l , YV ' 'o F, '41 fb. 1, pf' ' , .us kr, ML: .ms K ri f .hawkaa 2.15.2 Q5 f . , . Q o I fr ,Q .i , -. 1 ' -iAA.aA,sf:"! ., ' nf x m,- " fr? x 9+ .. A , ' " '- Mu'A,' ,y.'v' 3. A :"'UiEf-Q" .1 12'iZ' .Q5fC'ff QQ? 24131 'jr' Q? e 'Mis' f. V R ff, "' ' ' 4 V ' . 5 , ' ,, 1. 5 of 4l'Q mf ' M fe . ' W --A i-. ' . I M., ,fp-can-rv-uqQT, , A f J 1 ' -1 .. , -for Q P f A " i """"9" , Ti ,, 5 e ".r:'ff ' ' , ' e ee Ae W ee Above: Sophomore GREG TUCKER keeps his eye on the ball before knock'n ahomer n J 't n I Q U .1 'SI to J e, e Above Len: Sophomore TIM DRIVER glances over while e oe. ,Arg 'jf running on the field for the next inning. QD. Norridy 7i f'3 'r K . V pf -K Wir ,. f I , ' " .: , ' h .ae mf , w hy Lg U 5, In A ,D 14 .. e e 'fbi e. - me I, Lo .hx AQ, f I' kt fr., fl e , wt., 'S ' S 'fg".,,4rYi-gg Q. Q url e' 1, J ,W W 'Q e 'o'QlN1'rf" 5 e +' i- , rt:-e e ,- 3 J-Jfr f "Mir fe A, f f,+'rf.H ' f ,Q M, ,N 'if' ad' we - , , V J, . Q, ,lui .D 4 7 Q ., .Sf ,,Q,,!!,wgg..Jr,.,.x' V Lt ,Qifil 1 ffkfv 4Wfz9X4"w "'.',' LQ .X V' N4 '- ini an X-'I ge o. ,, .fx '. f' - .NS 50" , J.V. Baseball 149 KEEPS TID I With 9 juniors and 8 sophomores, the JV Boys Track Team took eighth place in district. Head Coach Charles Ouisenberry says that "The JV was an excellent building program tor next year's varsity." Team leaders were Wayne Preston, Rodney Freeman, Ray Dunn, David Rotko and Ricky Pope. Wayne Preston won the district championship in the shot put. An exceptional meet tor the JV team was the Burleson Invitational in which they placed tturth. Assistant coaches were Mike Stewart and Den- nis Lemmons. "This team had tun and enioyed the progress and improvement," said Coach Ouisenberry. Right: Row 1: R. Tinker, R. Hunt, S. Schoon- maker, J. Persaud. Row 2: K. Quisenberry, S. Slay, W. Preston, D. Poirier, M. West, Coach Stewart. Below: DOUG POIRIER runs the distance to get to the tinish line. A Newman Smith pole vaulter jumps well over the bar with ease 150 JV Boys Track -0' 'H' 'Ziff I' 12" Mt' qu- X sv M' 'HW-Mwz ww, w 5 5 ' I,!1 . I 5- ., 431 1 os Gainli ri ce The Freshman Football team overcame their major weakness which was a lack ot experience. They accomplished this through rigorous workouts and playing games against tough op- ponents like Denton, Lewisville and Plano. This was partly due to team strengths such as good size on the offensive line and strong running backs. Members that improved the most throughout the season were players Derek McDutfie, Chris Burns, Tracey Storey, and Dicky Gomez. This year's team, which consisted of 63 members, was coached by Head Coach Mike Stewart and assistant coaches Fred Howard, Don Burrell and Richard Valenta. The A-team ended the year with a disappointing record of 2-8. The B-team, however, mirrored an exact opposite record as they achieved a successful 8-2 season. "This freshman team has much ability and will, through hard work, produce several good foot- ball players," said Head Coach Mike Stewart. A tired Trojan player takes a break from his game routine. IH. Talel 4 - 4- , - M... A Row 1: J. Schall, G. Ayensworth, M. Edwards, D. Morris, M. Hite, D. Fugitt, D. Hall, R. Chancellar, D. Aldrich, D. Sample, S. Kairalla, M. Cruz, J. Bur- dine, D. Seltimi. Row 2: S. Johnson, G. lllingsworth, M. Morrison, T. Mills, P. Klime, R. Furqueron, A. Adams, T. Wheeler, M. Ftogers, T. Storey, J. Garrison, M. Berry, C. Walker, M. Marcom, R. Garza, M. Hays. How 3: C. Wilemon, B. Philpot, B. Stradford, J. Evans, D. Etheridge, D. Knight, B. Har- mon, M. Metzger, M. Vessels, B. Dairs, J. Montee, D, Castillo, J. Bradford, S. Waimwright, M. McKenna. How 4: B. Tutunjian, S. Blind, B. Banister, D. Brashear, C. Collis, P. Nowatney, J. Irwin, K. Ueckert, G. Weiss, C. Burns, B. Krieger, T. Cannon, M. Cobb, D. McDuffie. ROBERT CHANCELLAB overpowers a Lewisville player into the sidelines. 152 Frosh Football z. 225.-5.-an--omni' su AW, if 1 I x , QV W 'W-WSH 1 ""1 , . B eff ag i :X . X- I 9 ' Y -A L ,, , , s .. t, .. "4 f- 1- is -M3..1g-- I - je v ai X: 2 1- , 'A . i -I i '-., WJ . aii:',f"i:'fft" V" " 'igfw-"V-:im fx suwaf , .. 2, Q, . 3-M,-I-E' I-3 f M. -W 'ffi"f1fit'fff:'??5f? f ,H-.I 1' 4 f- ti' ' J1jawf.3Ng:d . 5 L.,,Q.l L., .X A ffffsi if SJ I I ,-:3S:i?f?f i iilewf-.-', is .--, 'vw 'NN ,e -fx. 44 ,k,-.YfNTv Q. f 5,1 -1 I nw. ' .vw sw BM me-a wif", "5 3,1 1 ' sq.-www. , .Nara V . L.ix-W K Q BRIAN BANIS TER flies through the air to hook a pass. IR. Jonesj Coach Burrell expresses his disbelief while wafching lhe game. IR. Talej BRIAN STRAFF ORD plo ws through defenders as JEFF IRWIN looks on. IK. Johnslonj DREW MORRIS secures the ball in mid-air, IR. Janesj Frosh Football 153 hlrd The Freshman Volleyball team, behind the coaching ot Susan Seibel, finished a satisfying third in district. "The team did quite well con- sidering lhe change in district and the higher level ot competition," said Coach Seibel. The team tallied a final season record of 9-5. The team consisted ol 14 members. The team's strengths were the players' enthusiasm, good attitudes, and the desire to be better players. "The team was hard-working, dedicated, and never satisfied. They were always striving for a higher goal," said Coach Seibel. Team captains were Kim Grant and Bon- nie Simmons. The team's weakness was a lack of playing experience, and not having played together as a team. Tbe team played in a much stronger district this year than ever before. Mt. - .A if Q 3 4 1 .1, ' , ' ' 'QW Y . ""' u fjlgffr, 'T Tia1'r'rf:r-sement,-srQ..-..., i.Q """"' r"1r" ' we-A is Top Right: LORI GATHRlGHT slams the ball as STACY CARTER and JEN SONG look on. CR. Jonesl ' Above: LORI GATHRIGHT bumps the ball for a possible point. tR. Jonesl Row 1: J. Song, T. Limski, K. Grant, M. Sion. Row 2: L. Gathright, D. Hall, J. Redmond, P. Cody, T. Francis. Row 3: S. Carter, R. Rich, A. Scudder, L. Erickson, B. Simmons, S. Seibel. 154 Frosh Volleyball n ew ltflt 'la Wm. Nmmmwy tiiil KIM GRANT shows her form as she hits the ball over the net. IR. Tatel DANIELLE HALL spikes the ball while KIM GRANT and MARY SION observe. IR. Jonesl Coach Seibel gives a pep talk to the team before the game. QR. Jonesl KIM GRANT shows determination as she hits the ball over the net. QR. Jonesl Frosh Volleyball 155 FIQESHMEN With a predicted season finish near the top of district standings, Coach Gerald Keith and Coach Jim Gazziiio anxiously awaited this year's basket- ball season. Some of the team's leaders and strong players included David Leamy, Neal Cotterill, Keith Holland, and Brad Torsch. Also, Greg Weiss, Todd Paulette, and Kelly Wilson helped the Trojan team through tough games. Some strengths that the team was able to put forth were quickness, size, and the good old "basketball smarts." The team won three trophies at three different tournaments, and won the consolation championship in the district tournament. The coaches feel there is some great varsity potential among the group. They also believe the team will have continuous improvement as it matures. ,A O we I A kt.. Top: JOHN GLOVER uses his dribbling technique to bring the ball down court for another play. QR. Jonesl Above: KENNETH UECKERT holds his blocking position against his oppo- nent so he can catch the rebound. CR. Jonesl 156 Frosh Basketball I-IDDD IT I 7 N11 1 wa 4 K sm. Above: TODD BADGET keeps an eye on the ball and shoots for two while the opponent applies pressure. QR. Jonesl is -i E gh I . -Z -1 Above: KEITH HOLLAND out-wits his opponent with a quick move to the goal. CR. Jonesl Far Left: NEAL COTTERILL shows his shoot form for two points. lK. Johnstonl 'M Left: VERNON ROTKO drives in for a lay-up to help , the Trojans with a victory. lR. Jonesj p. Row 1: B. Torsch, T. Paulette, D. Dwyer. Row 2: Coach Keith, J. Evans, N. Row 1: M. August, J. Glover, J. Harlow. Row 2: M. Weens, V. Rotko, T. Cotterill, D. Leamy, G. Weiss, S. Blind, K. Wilson. Badget, K. Ueckert, C. Kaehey, J. Sanford, K. Holland. FI'0Sh Basketball 157 STUFF FDD TWD Fast ball handling, dribbling, passing, and above all, shooting, are some ofthe needed skills for basketball. The freshman girls basketball team had many hard workoutsg drilling, running, and building stamina for the coming season. The freshman girls basketball team was again coached by Ruth Stovall. The girls had some weak basic skill fundamentals and several very short players, but they were very energetic and had good speed. Tina Limsky, team captain, said "the other teams were all pretty big and tried to use that to influence us." Tina also said that Coach Stovall kept their spirits up and was an inspiration that kept them going. One very exciting game for the girls was a 36-8 win over school rival R. L. Turner. Coach Stovall said the girls improved almost every game and had a very exciting and enjoyable season. Above: A Trojan player puts on her defensive pressure aiming for a jump ball during a game against Wilkinson. tR. Jonesj 158 Frosh Basketball Top: AMY SCUDDER and BECKY BURR fast break to the Trojan territory to start a new play. tR. .lonest The Trojan girls huddle around Coach Stovall to talk about their next plan of action for a victory. IR. Jonesl 'illlljjw f l wot. V.. l . 1 i i 2 . Above TINA LIMSKY jumps to knock the ball in- Above: Coach Stovall gives a firm command to Egigfjj hghgpsmgnz d2gitciTqej0fnSg'gnJ1he ban to Trojan hands QR. Jonesl the players to guard the goal. QR. Jonesi Q ' Q 3 Row 1: R. Houk, T. Limsky, M. Sion, K. Grant, C. Cornett. Row 2: K. Theisman, T. Carroll, B. Burr, A. LaFluer, A. Scudder, L. Erickson, Coach Stovall. Frosh Basketball 159 FIQESHMEN UN I-IAIQD With 18 girls on the freshman track team, they were able to have entrants in all events, and even fill all entrees in some events. The team usually had someone place in each event. The girls team placed second and third in their tri-meets and in the last meet, they won first. "These young ladies worked very hard but had a lot of fun at the same time. Overall it was a good season," says Coach Foylene Spain. The boys track team started the season with a fantastic first place in the first two meets. Outstanding members were Todd Cannon who won first in polevault in district. Paul Nowathey won fourth in the two mile. Tracey Storey won fourth in the 300 hurdles and in long jump and Dylan Fugitt won third in 800 run. "Overall, this season was a success. This team has much talent in all areas of track," says Coach Mike Stewart. rf """'-H--....,,,. LL 'l' and wsveg Above right: PAUL NOWATNEY keeps ahead while an oppo- nent closely follows. DARRON ALDRICH sprints to the finish line as anchor of the relay. DEREK MGDUFFY easily steps over the hurdles to win the race. 160 Ff6Sl'llTlEl1 TI'3Ck U.,-1,-1 ' rw W uw W' M W mm 3 f r az ,gw-aff ,"QQ.f., Merrfw, Q, Q . . .. ,glam ,gsm www-f-'m ff ' 'fi 'Ml'--s rm psig: 4 'W sk A-wasp. ww. '5 -f-aw " , ' 'fue-nw: W ,V U N , A ,Q Q . , ,N " 2 '-.''5 'iff A A H , , , 8, A, 1 , MQ, ra 1 J- w - ' ' 5 ' ' . Q, .. ,,x......, . ' ,. , , . S5 . Q I- -,, 'E f x Q . W - n ' . 1 5 Q ,fs A ...N -' ,, -A.. DEREK MCDUFFY sprinls out of the biocks in order to get ahead of his opponents. gp...--.--, . -.....-...- A RACHEL RICH struggles to stay ahead in the 2 mile. Row 1 1 S. Johnson, S. Hoechstetter, C. Dixon, C. CagIe,. Row 2: K. Gram, M. Sion, T. Limsky, R. Houk, E. Glosson, Coach Spain, Row 3: W. Williams, T. Carroll, A. Scuuder, A. LaFIeur, K. Theisen, B. Burr, R. Rich. Freshmen Track 161 162 Letlermen STUNTMEN 0 Football Doug Ackerman Mike Armalavage Mike Boutis Darran Brown Donnie Brown Ward Cannon Chris Coates Johnny Coker Brett Doerr Kenny Durand Hisham Esaadi Eric Fletcher Rodney Freeman David Garza Chuck Glidewell Kevin Green Jay Greenwood Robert Hare Rodney Hare Scott Harris Rick Higgins Paul Lowry Mike McKee Jim Nevins Charlie Nixon Ricky Pope Wayne Preston Sam Price Shawn Prothro Kendall Quisenberry T Marty Rockwell David Rotko LEITEIQMEN Mike Schmitz Albert Segura Brian Skinner Derek Smith Robert Smith Charles Tucker David Turechek Greg Williams Curt Wilson Volleyball T Barbara Dixon Kristi Dubes Teresa Duvall Patty Henderson Sharon Mayo Phyllis McBride Charlene McVeigh Merit Ossian Rogina Tuck T A T T y Tracy Wascher T l S kevin cowardg Alex Gonzalezigi it i Scott Hite Tim Maxwell A Richard Moitz Cliff Murdock Steve Sheeran Dan Stafford Tahir Walji its HE EAI? - 9 f 1982-S3 Cross-Country Kathy Campbell Jodie Dewitt Lisa Funk Stephanie Johnson Janine LaRiviere A Chris Peder J, L " i AAA Michele McKenzie M J it Eric Brian Kevin ClJI'QTm 83 A . J if Us .I 'ima wtf, fait ff-- ' ' A 'U at' . . J li f'if' C . Tennis Mike Brinkeii Chip Jason Mike 5'1" V at 9 V- avid Steely' Curt Wilson Basketball J Barbara Di f J Kristi Dube-' im Johnston Shannonw Merit Ossi n Roberta Willer Jari Wilson N txxfr Wresttiig Char Bennett Brian Kman ,Vp D rand J 4' Jim X. ff tit ti 'tt , X 'at ,gnnulfdv -wg xp' Q X Q3 fl M 1r'2,-3, 9 'F o Q L14 0,1 S , 1 sic Z . H3 ,.,,W ilihdmt 2 n no X . an Lgrlex Gonzalez Boys Track Doug Ackerman Mike Boutis it Kevin Coward Kyle Dewitt Leif Fuhrman Eric Gale 5. ,4- akul rt Hare Rodney iiare Kent Joh n Tim Maxvris? ' Curren McMa Grieve D Doug Porrer Wayne Preston Quisenberry Schmitz . .-n f Steel? 41" Shackelford Wendy Wnlliidlson Sheeran We .s3.'b"' ,ft 4 X X X X' w"X"X'XX 1 X L , X X -' an f""'f X T,X,X, X ,X l X X X X " XX 'XX X . ,., , ,,,w,,fV,, , cv. X X W, 1,?f,V,V,X, m,-X , V, 'X ,XX XX, X, XXX J? -X--. XXX' XXXXXXXXXX XM 1 o , X ff X y 4... Q55 'bf , , ,HC 1.'XvXYX,y,X:X Iwi- 1 X ,X , .ri ' -Q I: 13 . 3 -! - wr ,gk 1. . -S I:-u K 4 'ii .L ,,, ,V kv I ',' -A ' lx- .L ...,L T42 , M - , T' ei ff.. ad Zi? ., p 331' f -is gs: I L . ev, .S N? , 3,5 +1 4 f -wg s W g . -M if . 5 H . el 1 fi? 1, 35 1: mv us. f k-if 1 +L .1 1 ar-- 1 51' wg vii: ' ,Az , .. 54.1, Sf' ' i?'.' ?! ii -1 L, ,ia ,c,. Q?" ei-. 45 . 4,1 'L-3 ' lf. ..v 'Q 33 4' V A: .A,, 1. ' ,fl 'L' ' fas- qs: 1123 "ri: Y: ,gym h A mea .1 ' t 45. -, QT.. --.x fs: . fig? Mr .xv .gg - rv., ,W SD. YEAIQ 1 DUI? LAST After spending eleven years in school that one special year finally came, our senior year. For some it was a dream come true. While for others it was just another year. We gained many new and special friendships as well as losing some. We shared good times as well as bad. We all learned and shared many experiences together. Our senior year was filled with many ac- tivities. We wanted to spend our last moments in high school together. We had Ice Skating parties which gave us a chance to get together and have a good time. A senior night at Six Flags let us turn wild and act like kids again. We had other activities such as: a luncheon, an outing, prom, Powder Puff and many others. These activities gave us a chance to get closer and to be ourselves. After graduation we will all go our own separate ways. Some of us will work, go to college, or just bum around and take a vaca- tion. We will always be able to look back and be able to remember all those special moments we shared throughout high school. Behind us, we will leave the memories and traditions set by the CLASS OF 83. Top Left: MARLIN EDWARDS and JEFF WASKOW give RON JONES a lift after an exhausting routine. Top Right: CAROL OWENS misinteprets the sign on the restroom door. Middle: RENEE FUREY, DEBORAH DRYDEN, and JULIA MULLINAX take a splash on the log ride at Six Flags. fC. Huftl Bottom Left: RAY HOBBS, DANA VAN NOY, GAIL ASLESON, and MIKE BOUTIS make a train while ice skating in Frestonwood. Bottom Right: MARY MATHEWS and LESTER PRICE get one step closer when picking up their graduation announcements. 168 Sr. Candids MUMENTS F i i i WEA it D 1 lll A llf.. , M wx.. ,W.w'0 .,L.Qi3 1 f. llsll L E. M. X Top Lett: SHELLEY MacDONALD will do anything for a date to the prom. tC. Huftl Top Right: The all night party at Six Flags was enjoyed by many of the wild and crazy seniors. QC. Hultl Middle Lett: DONNA HUCHINGSON admits that the seniors of 83 have class and are Number 1. Middle Right: ROBIN SHEPPARD tells friends about her date last Saturday night. Bottom Right: SANDY MCCOY lakes a ride on everyone's favorite, the Merry-Go- Round. QC. Huftl Sr. Candids 169 UU STANDI SENIDIQS The Outstanding Senior ot each category is chosen by the teacher or teachers directly involved with that category. They are chosen based on ability, integrity, sincerity, eftort, leadership, perseverance, willingness to give extra time when needed, and ability to work well with others. These students are chosen to represent Newman Smith and are classified as the best. The following 27 ladies and gentlemen are most assuredly "Stars ot ,83',. Choral Drama Jett Hall Natalie Staley Journalism Latin David Garza Joyce Obar Speech D.E. Tracey Haley Ha Nguyen '151' Athletics - Girls Athletics - Boys Jari Wilson Rodney Hare Foreign Language French Terry Wagner Kim Richmond Band Business Joy Adkins Denise Rose 'svfxx ff ff ity. Industrial Arts Industrial Engines Mark Trezza Robert Duncan r ,Mvx ,QM fx i Orchestra P.E. Elham Taeed Terry Carr X Science Social Studies Greg Caso Debbie Long . 8.0 13 f wqp Dratting H.O. Tim Slampes Leah Hammond C.V.A,E. H.E.C.E, Charlie Bennett Richard Mullins Outstanding Seniors 171 SENIUIQ 0 Each year the senior class goes on a senior outing during the spring. This year's outing was held at the Austin Patio Dude Ranch on May 6. Tickets were sold at 312.50 each and approx- imately 200 seniors participated in this event. From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. many activities were held for students to partake in. This included volleyball, horseback riding, horseshoes, pad- dleboats, and video games. Hayrides were also available to those who didn't mind the itchy hay during the tour of country scenery. At 6 p.m. dinner was served, an all you can eat barbecue which consisted of roastbeef, sausage, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, and toast. The most favorite activity was laying out by the pool, swimming, or just standing around with the hope of not getting thrown in. To end the event with a big splash, a few daring senior guys threw Mt. Studdert in, clothes and all. My-M Tl I3 SUCCESSI: ui? 'he 0-hull .15--M 3? E Top Left: TEANN LA GUARDIA, struggles with the life jacket before going on the boat ride. jJ. Sittonj Top Right: KELLI COCHRAN and DAVID KELLY lounge by the pool to catch some rays. jJ. Sittonj Middle: MARY MATHEWS and CAROL OWENS enjoy the all you can eat barbecue. CJ. Sittonl Bottom Left: JENNY GRADY, TEANN LA GUEARDIA and PHYLLIS MCBRIDE go horseback riding. QR. Jonesj Bottom Right: MIKE MCGREGOR spikes the ball while playing volleyball. jR. Jonesl 172 Senior Outing 5... ,, . i so I e LN l 5,46 HJ, 7 5 as .ff.,"f'Tig3 LA. an l 1 wi, ir I as gifs Lilkgf.. ,B Top Left: MIKE MCGREGOR and MIKE ARMALAVAGE chicken fight against RHONDA BIBBY and JIM NEVINS. IR. Jonesl Top Right: This was a recognizable scene alter the lun activities planned throughout the day. IJ. Sittonl Middle: ROBIN SHEPPARD and KINDALL HOLBERT hike their way down to the paddle boat rides. IJ. Sitlonl Middle Right: ROBBYN BIRD AND CHRISTY HARDER sit by the pool side and have a chat. IJ. Sittonl Bottom: "Well Ieemy tell ya pardnerf' David Garza gives an Imitation of John Wayne. IJ. Sittonl ff.. . I. e 35,94 rf: ' ' CU'Qi:Q1, I . K Q . u- N.. Q nf' - I .. .HY M xx t g 25, "r airy Srl l L. lm 9 I b 5 -1 3 D Y r ' ' K aw' U ' V' ., ff. gy' ,. - ",- Q,-Q f W , - N . S I: - -B f N : sw, if . : as ,l Q it Sri f IP s 'V' , ' ' 1 I , 1 X s M A, l x..f- , .V U 0 1 5 0 he A I 54 ,, A. gp, M, . c ., ' , W V!" 22" . ei .B I Q -r , :. f ' S, I 1 3 : Senior Outing 173 SENIDIQ TA That special and recognizable moment finally came. The Senior Awards Assembly recognized the seniors who received scholarships and outstanding award. There was a total of a quarter of a million dollars awarded among the very talented and distinguished students. Following the awards, the time came to take the final walk. The seniors for the last time presented themselves to the student body by walking under the arch and around the gym. Some seniors were happy that the time had finally come and others were sad that they would have to let loose of their high school years. Afterwards, seniors caravaned over to the Marriott Ouorum Hotel for the Senior Luncheon. The lunch was served buffet style with the addi- tion of a few mice to the menu. Pranksters received their laughs from watching the girls panic over the uninvited visitors. Following lunch, a talent show was presented by the seniors. lt started off with a piano solo and included vocal solos, a dance, an orchestra duet, a jam ses- sion, a humorous short play, and ended with an oratory by Tracey Haley which gave everyone a chance to think who and what kind of people they really were. One of the favorite acts was that of David Gar- za as he stood in front of the senior class for the last time to sing them a solo. Michael Karmann produced a slide show with memories from our past years. The senior members of the choir ended the luncheon by singing the class song "Up Where We Belong." v 51-' ENTS SI-I NE Top right: JENNY GRADlC salutatorian, and JOYCE OBAR, valedictorian receive their awards for their outstan- ding academic achievements. Middle lett: CARY NEWSOM and PAT McMULLEN dish out the chicken parmesan at the luncheon. Bottom left: JEFF HALL, STACIA SIVESS, and TOM PENTECOST proudly receive a choral scholarship. Bottom right: JOHNNY SITTON, RICHARD MOITZ and TERESA CARTER show their feelings of relief after walking through the arch. ,iv 174 Sr. AwardslLuncheon sa? Q ,gaw- Qirbrx Top right: LISA COOPER converses with POLL Y LAPIERS and JO YOE OBAFI before they eat their lunch. Top left: TRACE Y HALE Y presents her last speech to the student body, Middle: BILL GALLINA and TIM STAMPES glance through the pro- phecy book. Bottom left: DAVID GAHZA and Dr. Blanton joke around before the banquet. Bottom right: BAY HOBBS Is checked for "mice " b y Mr. Studdert. 4-'N X - if lPhoIos by R Jones and.I Snlonl b Sr. AwardslLuncheon 175 A TDUCH DI: C ASS I: IQ DD After weeks of planning and preparation, the big night finally had arrived. The ladies have chosen their dresses, styled their hair and rush- ed to be ready on time for their date. For some, this is the most important date of their life. For others, it is simply another big occasion. The gentlemen have rented their tuxedos, bought the tickets, and arranged to pick up the corsage. This is their last big chance to show off their dates. This is the last school get- together before graduation. This is the Junior- Senior Prom. This year's Prom was S18 a ticket, but was well worth the cost. lt was held at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, and the food was excellent. A salad started the meal and prepared us for an excellent filet mignon. The filet was topped off by a baked alaska for dessert. After the meal, the band "Reunion" played a variety of songs to everyone's liking. The music consisted of everything from the Beatles to Melissa Man- chester to Michael Jackson. The turnout was great and every table was filled. The theme of the Prom was "Up Where We Belong" and the table decorations carried out the senior chosen class colors with a centerpiece that consisted of lavender and creme flowers and a big lavender balloon floating up on top of the tables. After the Prom, only one thing was on everyone's mind: Celebration. People did everything from renting rooms, to renting clubs, to having parties at home. By early morning, only breakfast and sleep was on the agenda. One thing is for sure, the 1983 Prom will hold memories for everyone for a long time. . 1 A ses as K Won MM Arm Arn JN -4 K' ,ifjk A 4' ' O fr o ,.. S ' .7 .--- ' 7 .Jn O Y 5 5 giliigwg ggi .r A N r A s f .. 1.. Y f . Ml A . 2' -A gif. .R W . .tt Q ,, 1 .,.V, 5 .5 . ,. xg Top right: MIKE DUNN and LAURA DULANE Y en- joy a slow dance. Above: RHONDA BIBBY and GREG DA VIS look onward after dancing. Middle: Many were seen wearing a top hat and cane as shown by JOHNNY SITTON. Bottom right: ROY BROWN, ROBERT HARE, and RODNE Y HARE pose together for a group picture taken by Gary Studios. 176 Prom gg . X . ' f Kiln N up X i' if v N 6 - Q Q 1' S i , 1325! 0 7 Q W - 4 . y .--, LL! E n ' '-we 2 Q, 1' lf, . ogy.. .f x ,...--P s 1 Ai . f ' X f A . C is y' A W 7: ' l YA? """"l L xv, xx G y I5 "t l ,,J . Q. 'Y Qjg , c --Q wp' Rig? I rw M4 . ,Q A as f , M lfefv V if x 4152351 X 5 ifdggf , sg F u' si .4, E1 - A . -.qw 1 6:5 A' , Y' N N 0 ' 1.3-3 2 'T f ' Lg ff-Q 1. 4 x MQ W . f E si. ,ggx Wal 'M 'PIA u .,,m.2gfgg- I W awww 4 1 1 i -r fi -- is ,E 4 t Left: The Mahon y mobile leads the caravan to N TSU. Below: JOHNNY SITTON entertains his audience with his Richard Nixon impression. to Bottom left: HAL MA YO waves at his parents during rehearsal. Bottom right: RODNE Y HARE looks at his diploma with mixed emotions. ,K 5 tPhotus by J. Sigmon and R, Jones! Graduation 179 J s ' ' 3 ,L K, 3. I E I I in N I V , y ' , 'V 4' v in I s 1 - .r , .X af S J - . 3 U ' 4' - W' r,"5 i'fQli , M G y V' D H If K V x gl ?. , . Q 'V in QA., 1? EQ A V . ,J Q K my -7 . A 'if Q f 'fly' ' :M -'R V ,A o .. f . "' 4. V.-. px., A , ,Sq 1 .f ., Q .r. . 1' , A !f .Q ,. v -.4 1 4 Q M' n C f' QQ v' .- 'MQ - . 1 , , A H 2 Q Qwym Y al' ijt filfs ' xx fe, .dQf"1".:g fwfigdxb K 'f' 'jam ,ggi ysfiwq' Ei' xtwri. 42,-0 " an 5 'K ' M ie, I-'. A . 5 ' V ..fQ"1-' I . t - 1 I ld 5 ,z 1 1+ g I ' .. nf A 7 .1 . 'F J , V, , , 4 , Y A 3 Q "f" jf ff i. ' . , '40 31 I A ,-'ff ijjy' 'vi 1 ' ,A In 'X In 1' 1. ' Q ,a ' Q A 1 y 'Q b t 3. . ll, E Y i IA, 'X' I tt if tg k . ' XT! v X R f ,. x X fs , f ff N ,I A 'fr A ,' ' 4 1 If F fin Eg - -.1 Rl li Dr. Charels Blanton looks on as the class of '83 lhro ws their caps. 9 MONICA REIMERS look on as a friend receives her diploma IQ. AN SS NSHS Mr. and Miss NSHS were David Garza and Robin Sheppard. David's service in the Executive Commit- tee helped prove his leadership abilities. He served as president for every year except his freshman year, when he was the vice-president. David was also the editor of the yearbook, and was on staff tor 3 years. He received an appointment to the West Point Military Academy where he intends to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. Robin has been at Smith tor 5 years, attending 8th through 12th grades. She was a cheerleader for 4 of those years. She was also the 1983 Homecoming Oueen and is a member of the Distinguished High School Students of America. She plans to attend Stephen F. Austin University where she hopes to earn a teaching degree in Special Education. NOMINEES: Robert Smith Vickie Mahon Richard Moitz Alesia Harbison Darran Brown Tracey Haley t 182 S8f'll0l' Favorites Q .67 ki ' Y' ..g. . 6 at Q 'fx I' A! CLASS FAVORITE NOMINEES: Stacey Canalizo, Christy Harder, Robin Sheppard, A. C. Garza, Richard Moitz, Rick Higgins. lvl' X . A .J A213945 . 1 ,fa 1 .7T1T'-1 Ward'Gannon andgAlesia MOST BEAUTIFUL and MOST HANDSOME NOMINEES: Rhonda Bibby, Kindall Hoibert, Andrea Nichols, Troy Garis, Robert Smith, David Turechek. Senior Favorites 183 ,2- MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED NOMINEES: Debbie Long, Phyllis McBride, Rhonda Newman, Steve Bryant, Jayson Henry, Tom Pentecost, Dan Staitord. 184 Senior Favorites 51-r!1'- A s MOST ATHLETIC NOMINEES: Barbara Dix- XJ ff M on, Joyce Obar, Roberta T Wilier, Robert Hare, Dar- ' ran Brown, Darrin Smith. MOST TALENTED NOMINEES: Julia Crim, Rosie Lara, Stacia Sivess, Craig Chester, Jeff Hall, Scott Kay. Senior Favorites 185 1 i em? T3 ii X 436- R47 Tiff: Q 5 , Q , F ,tin , 1 . tl ,B ie L B eer l r ff, K' V ki . Ar Weis TI- 1' df 'V .ff fr ' are 1ks,e.,,11,, tale, - Lairra Angie Baiijl Shawn Bail Sherrie Bame fMarrdyfBarncerd 5 ll nerfraarneeai JQefBauer5f B BJGMBBUSF f Kristin Baumler Bryan Beard Chad Beattie Rebecca Beck Richard Beiier? eff Chariie1Behneit Q" B Jde' Befirreii 1 ' Daria Biasatii ee Rhonda Bibby Judy Bickei Robbyn Bird Andrew Bopp ESeE'iibrel B187 "XX ,,.,. ,XXX X, ,- XX fefezeeh 4,5 X ,XQXXX 4 XXXXXXXX ,XXXXXXXXX ' ,X X X,X,1 XXXXXXXXX X , if si XfXX:XXX'1XX-.XXXX HXXX Xq X:'fXX-- XX XX, X X X ' XX XX' X' X"XX',-X ' H ffX2rX': XeXX'XXXX XXX,XfXXXX- "XT XX W:-X fi 'X 'X .X TXX XTX X X ' ' - XX XXX- X XXX'- X XX ' X-XXX X- V ' XX 'XXX ' X'X XX X XX XX 'XX X X f f Mike Boutis XX XY' ' XQXXX' XX XX XX XJXX XX X XX X X X X X 'X X X 1 X X X X X' " XX X 'X - X - X XXXXX EX XX 3- XX X- X XXX X ' QXXXJ 'X XX - - -XX XX. 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Q -L ,f,' ,,,, fy, W, it fff' f fx - --5 ,:.z,c, ,,,, M, ,7 . , ,,,,,, ,, ,,, ,, ,N g W 12 -5?-' f A QA 'Nu ,' .Avy on .i i flili fw wr iiE2z5iif51'QaJJ'NA-1- w - vQ5 35, .f :f a v ' I :"- V' N X 2 7':"'?.51 'Wifi-EQV :f2.5E.-'iEiE? k'A H' ' Q ' ya A ' ' ' , f Y 12 A Q gwlwfifv ,fl-1 wvwfm 'iw f A aw .W 'wx Wigan j ,Wil 1f1f2'gf:43Q-?vp9'1-ff ::'.:: : ,,,f 5zAf,,ff1L.ii .52ffli1?5z':if:f fI'5iiik3?Q K ' f ,L Q I gf Mui? W, QM Q1 Qqgsbywp Wm ? ww 'M,,.wx, wawwqqgfwk f -1 5 ' ' w 1 L W2 M' 15 hh ,1,f5wwii,W 5 my me 1 1 fe 10" S 'A 'ag h Steve Wonder Jr. 0-was RODNE Y HAHEQ makes his debu! at a PARK err f eat. I V. Mahon! 4"5fw-n -x x QXN it 5 WW iiii i a V' ,V t f aq, J' 7 1 f'T,,n'f. . ia if , - . ' - ' -.R ia, ff 2 ,. Sgr' I 1 " ff-ff-45. tiiifj, 1,-,if H, 7 f X Qi X. is O r' 5 K 3 H? ,N Liza DAHRAN BROWN shows his air guitar iexpertise during a SPARK retreat. iV. A Mahon .LV- , I g i g 56:1 -, lfi 'Q ,qwfri , Ei , t t Theresa Tbone ' Marc Trezza r Dave Turechek Tiffany Tweedie Dana Van Noy Rita Vazquez . f,r 1933300 if ' rrrr M. A Lv- 3 Q , .,, ,.,,, L ,,,.,, .,., ,,.,,... Q1,,,,, j fahir Walji Jeff Waskow i 5gQDonaid Weast Kevin Weaver i 209 ajpxgaperiy Weich Wfiaweikef gg Vineeagwernexi 1K3fiW?????Ya Aaron Wickware John Wiedemer Barry Wiggins Roberta Willer ,V ,f f,,, ,rf ,,,f,,1, , W aaaafvefuaicaufwiiifams .a W?Q'aW'!f?'US0nQ a f 3 l 'iipfll Wayne Woodail Paul Wooward Martha Wynn Tom Yannessa Amandirlianaiaiaa a Jusgang 'CIP XR 'X . at w"5i ,RA 'S- Dt X20 QQ O ff' Mrs. Strickland discusses the class f with KELLI CARROLL. rn. Jones! Class Elie el L, -3 A L Vice Presidentg Vicki Mahon, Treasurerg Mrs. Fife, V op: Debbie ong, Secretaryg David Garza, President. Bottom: st Mrs. Strickland . K Q Executive m Em V0 I6 Q. .gg i -.01 to have SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DOUG ACKERMAN Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10, 11, 12, "B" Honor Roll 12. IOY ADKINS Band 9-125 Head Librarian 10-125 Drum Ma 'or 125" 1st Division UIL Solo and Ensemble 11, 125 All- Retgion Orchestra 125 State Solo and Ensemble 115 3r Place Dallas Symphonic 'Festival Solo Competi- tion 125 Executive Committee 105 Spanish Club 10- 12, Historian 11, 125 Orchestra 11, 125 Musical "Pit"t Orchestra 9-125 2nd Division UIL Solo and Ensemble 10-125 3rd Division UIL Solo and Ensem- ble 9. LISA ALEXANDER A Czippella Choir 9-125 Vocal Iazz Ensemble 11, 125 All- egion,Choir125Top 44 of Class.. MIKE ARMALA VAGE Wrestling 9, ,105 Football 11, 12, GAIL ASLESON Honor Roll 9-115 Who's Who Amon American High School Students 11, 125 Drill Tiam 10-12, Troyann of the Year 12, Troyann Miss Pizzazz Nominee 125 Executive Committee 12. ' - MARTHA LYNN BAKER Band 9-12, Ldnrarian-10-125 Executive Committee 10, 125 French Club 9, 105 1st Division LIIL Solo 10. MANDY BARNCORD Latin Club 10, 11. LORRI BARNES Drill Team 10-12, Miss Pizzazz 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 FHA 11, 12, Secretary 115 Pep Squad 9. JOHN BAUER Band 9-125 Senate 10, 115 "Hello Dolly" Cast 10. KRISTEN BAUMLER Executive Committee 9-115 French Club 12. CHAD BEATTIE Executive Committee Vice-President 125 NHS 125 All-Region Iazz Ensemble 125 Latin Club 9, 105 SPARK 12. BECK Y BECK1 , Pep Squad 95'Drill Team 10-125 FHA 9, 11, 125 Ex- ecutive Committee 12. RICHARD BELLER Baseball 11, 125 FHA 12. CHARLIE BENNETT Woods and Water Club 125 Wrestling 10-125 CVAE Coop 11, 12. RHONDA BIBBY A Powderpuff Football 11, 125 Basketball Queen 125 Class Favorite 105 Nominated for Class Favorite 115 Nominated for Most Beautifu 12. ANDY BOPP Whiz Quiz 125 Honor Roll 9-125 Math Team 10-12. MIKE BOLITIS ' ' Football 11, 125 Track 125 Powderpuff Football Troyman 115 Coach 125 FCA 11, 125 Executive Committee 125 Senior of the Month - October 1982! LANESSA BOYDSON Band 9-125 HOCE 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Concert Band 9, 105 Symphonic Band 11, 12, Sweepstakes Award 11. - DARRAN BROWN Who's Who . ,Among American High School Students 115 Football 9-125 Baseball 10-125 SPARK 115 NHS 12. 212 Senior Accomplishments STEPHEN BRYANT Band 9-12, Vice-President 11, President 125 NHS Vice-President 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Executive Committee 115Iazz Band 11, 12. LESLIE BURK Executive Committee 125 Drill Team. 10-125 Psychology Club 125 Powderpuff Football 11, 12. WENDI BURKLE VOE 125 FHA 11,125Wornen's Choir 10, 11. KATHY CAMPBELL Spanish Club 11, 125 Executive Committee Secretary 105 NHS 11, 125 Track 9-125 Cross Coun- try 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Honor Ro l 9-12. WENDY CAMPBELL Newspaper StafcV95 Executive Committee 9, 105 French Club 105 hiz Quiz 125 1st Place LIIL Spell- ing and Plain Writing Contest 125 Yearbook Staff 10-12, Sophomore Editor 10, Photo Editor 12. STACY CANALIZO Executive Committee 9, 10, 12, Secretary 95 Cheerleadin 9-125 Who's Who Among American Hi h SchoofStudents 125 Track 9, 105 SPARK 125 FI-FA 115 Drama 95 Psychology Club 12. TRA VIS HOWARD CANNON II Football 9-12, Captain 125 Track Captain 11. KATHY CARR Track 9. KELLIE CARRELL Cheerleading 9-12, Head Cheerleader 105 NHS 11-125 Best All-Around 105 Best All-Around Nominee 115 Class Favorite 125 Football Sweetheart 125 Orchestra 95 Executive Committee 10-125 French Club 10, 115 Who's Who Amon American High School Students 11, 125 Honor Roll,9-12. TERESA CARTER Drill Team 115 Executive Committee 10-125 Or- chestra 9-105 FHA 125 Pep Squad 9. GREG CASO Honor Roll 9-125 NHS 125 Tennis 9-11. CRAIG CHESTER Lead Role in "Fiddler on the Roof" 125 2nd Place in State Competition in Dramatic and Duet Events5 Best Actor Award in UIL One-Act Play "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild"5 Degree of Ex- cellence in NFL5 Member ofthe International Thes- pian Society5 Nominated for Most Talented 12. SCOT CHESTER ' A Cappella Choir 125 jazz Ensemble 125 Musical 12. BOBBY CLANTON Football 9, 105 Track 105 Art Society 9-12. KELLI COCHRAN Senate 95 Drill Team 10-12, jr. Lieutenant 11, Sr. Lieutenant 12, Aloha Bowl 125 Executive Commit- tee Secretary 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 NHS 125 Honor'Roll 9, 125 Choir 9, 105 Pep Club 9. ALLEN COKER DECA 12. IOHNN Y COKER FHA 125 Football 9-12, Captain 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 125 Powderpuff Troyman 125 Track 9-11. LISA COOPER A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 125 1st1Place UIL Solo and Ensemble 11, 125 State Solo and Ensemble 11, 125 All-District Choir 125 Iazz Ensemble 12. CHRISTA CORE DE 115 VOE 12. KEVINCOWARD Cross Countr 10-125 Track 10-125 SPARK 125 Powderpuff heerleader 11, 125 FHA 125 FCA 9-11, IULIA CRIM Art Society 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 PTA Art Contest Winner 11, 125 Most Talented Nominee 125 Top 1596 of Class. GARY HUDSON DAVENPORT Baseball 9, 105iFootball 9, 125 Powderpuff Troyman 12. , K EI TH DA VID Football 9, 105 Yearbook Staff 11, 125 DECA 111, 12, Reporter 12, Ist Year Vice President 115 Area and State Competition Winner 11, 12, Placed in .Na- tional BRAD DA VIDSON Basketball 9-12, Defensive Player of the Year 11, All-Tournament Team Grapevine Team, Honorable Mention - All-District 12, Dallas Morning News Player ofthe Year5 Honor Roll 9-125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11. GREG DA VIS Basketball 9-12, Co-Captain 125 Woods and Water Club 11. - SHARON DAVIS S m honic Band 9-125 Debate 10, 115 NFL 10-125 lXl,HS,11, 125 All-Region Band 11, 125 All-Region Orchestra 11, 125 All-Area Band 125 National Merit Scholar 115 Spanish Club 11, 12. DA VID DA WLE Y BasketbalI5 Spanish Club5 HECE5 FHA. ,, 3 ' , CINDY DENSON - Drill Team 10-12, Ir, Lieutenant 11, Sr. Lieutenant 125 Art Society 105 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 NHS 11, 125 Honor Ro l 9-125 Marching and Symphonic Bands 95 FHA 11. DALE DEVINE - 5 Honor Roll9,105HOCE11,12. ERNIE DIAZ Baseball 9-12. BARBARA DIXON Varsity Track 9-125 Varsity Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Varsity Basketball 10-12, Captain 12, MVP Basketball Tournament 12. BRETTDOER Varsity Football 12, Ist Team All-District Defen- sive Lineman, 2nd Team All-Metro Defensive Lineman, .I , CINDY-DOUGLAS Executive Committee 10-12, Secretary 11, Cor- responding Secretary 12. KRISTI DUBES . Volleyball 9-125 Basketball 9-125 Track 9-12, Regional Qualifier 10-12, State Qualifier 11, 125 Band 9,10. I ' LISA DU HON Pep Squad 95 Executive Committee 125 Drill Team 115 Powderpuff 11, 125 Basketball Sweetheart Nominee 12. KENNY DURAND I Wrestling 9, 10, 125 FCA Secretary 11, 125 Powder- puff Cheerleader 11, 125 Football 9-125 Newspaper Staff 125 Executive Committee 9-11, Treasurer'11. TERESA DU VALL Volleyball 9-12, IV 10, Varsity 11, 12, Outstanding Contribution 125 FCA President 11, 125 Executive Committee 105 Basketball 9. NANCY DYER Band 9-125 Twirler 11, 12, Received Superior Rating in LIIL Twirling Solo5 Symphonic Band 11, 125 Latin Club 10, 11. CYNTHIA EBANKS Executive Committee 9-125 Honor Roll 125 French Club 125 Concert Band 9, 105 Symphonic Band 11, 125 jazz Band 105 Flag Corps 105 Marching Band 9-125 State Solo and Ensemble 115 Second Division Ensemble 9, 10, 125 First Division Ensemble 115 Se- cond Division Solo 10-125 Sweepstakes Award 115 State Marching Contest 12. MARLIN EDWARDS Football 95 Basketball 9-125 Powder-puff Troyman 11, 125 Honor Roll 12. YVONNE ESSMAN Orchestra 9-125 Art Society 10, 115 Woods and Water Club 11. DEBBIE FELT Pep Squad 95 FHA 11, 125 French Club 10. MARY FLORES OEA 11, 12, Historian 125 3rd Place Winner for OEA Scrapbook 12. CHARLA FRANCIS Volleyball 9, Varsity 10-125 Varsity Soccer 9-12, Best Defensive Player 11, Captain 12. LISA FLIHRMAN Art Society 9-125 Newspaper Stag 125 PTA Art Contest 2nd and 3rd Places5 Honor oll 12. RENEE FUREY Woods and Water Club 11, 12, Historian 11, Vice- President 125 Executive Committee 11, 125 Powder- puff Player 115 Psychology Club Vice-President 125 French Club 10. ERIC GALE Football 9-115 Track 9-125 Wrestling 10. BILL GALLINA Basketball 10, 11, 125 Powderpuff Troyman 12, TROY GARIS Baseball 9-125 FHA 125 Nominated for Most Hand- some 12. A. C. GARZA FHA 125 SPARK 115 Baseball 9-125 Football 9-115 Powderpuy Football Coach 115 Class Favorite 9, Nominate for Class Favorite 12. DA VID GARZA Executive Committee 9-12, Vice-President 9, Presi- dent 10-125 Yearbook Staff 10-12, EditorlSports Editor 125 NHS 125 Senate 10-125 Football 9, 10, 125 Best All-Around 115 Most Likely to Succeed 125 Mr. NSHS 125 Top 10965 Devo Skippy Hitler Garcia 12. KAREN GIBBS Flag Corp 125 Powderpuff Player 11 . TIM GLASGOW Band 9-125 School Musical 9, 105 Art Society 9-12. ALEX GONZALEZ Varsity Cross-Country 9-125 Varsity Track 9-125 Lettered in Sports 6 Times5 Powderpuff Cheerleader 115 FCA 105 MVP Track11. SILVIA GONZALEZ NHS 11, 125 SPARK 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Top 10965 Drill Team 11, 12, 1st Lieutenant 12, Miss American Drill Team 12, Miss Texas Drill Team 4th Runner-up 12, Nominated fyr Troyann Miss Pizzazz 11, Superstar Girl at SM Officer and Line Camp 125 Executive Committee 125 French Club 11, 12. VIRGINIA GONZALEZ Track 95 Pep, Club 115 French Club 11, 125 Drill Team 125 ho's Who Among American High School Students 11, 12. ROBIN GORISHEK Honor Graduate 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Science Fair Honorable Mention 115 Symphonic Band 9-125 Honor Roll 11. IENN Y GRADY Spanish Club 10-12, Treasurer 115 Executive Com- mittee 11, 12, Historian 125 NHS 11, 12, Historian 125 IV Soccer 115 Varisty Soccer 125 Powderpuff Player 11, 125 Honor Roll 9-125 Who's Who Amo? American High School Students 11, 125 Top 10 5 Salutatorian. IILL GRAHAM Art Society 10-12, Vice-President 125 Honor Roll 12. MARTINGRAHAM Orchestra -9-115-Football 95 Track 9, 105 Pit Or- chestra for "Hello Dolly" 10. EVA GRA VES Basketball 9-125 Track 9-12, Lettered 10, Won Medals in 100-Yard Dash 12, Won Medal in Relay 125Powderpuff125 Women's Choir 10. ROSLYN GREEN Band 9-12, Officer 11, 125 ipanish Club 105 Ex- ecutive Committee 10-125 HO A 125 FHA 12. KEVIN GREEN Football 9, 11, 125 FHA 125 Powderpuff Troyman 11. RICHARD GREENE Swim Team 10-125 Executive Committee 125 Powderpuff Troyman 11, Cheerleader 12. IAY GREEN WOOD Football 9-125 Powderpuff Troyman 115 FHA 12. NEENA GUPTA Executive Committee 10, 115 Cross-Country 10, 115 French Club 9-125 NHS 125 Honor Roll10, 11, 12. TRACY HALEY Senate 9-12, President 125 Corripetitive Theatre Arts ,Squad 125 International hespian Society Honor Bar Member 10-125 National Forensic League Double Ruby Member 9-12, President 125 Band 9, 105 NHS 11, 125 LIIL Literary Winner 9, 11, 125 LIIL One-Act Play 9-125 School Musicals 9-125 S eech and Drama Tournament Director 125 Whiz Qluiz 11, '125 Executive Committee 11, 125 Most,Likely to Succeed 125 Nominatetgvfor Miss NSHS 125 Senior of the Month -- ovemberg American Legion Optimists and Lion's Club Oralory Contest Winner 9, 11, 125 Who's Who Among American Hi h School Students 11, 125 Science Fair Winner 15 125 Top 1096. IEF F HALL A Cappella Chair 9-12, Section Leader 10, 11, Presi ent 125 Band 11, 125 Vocal Ensemble 11, 125 Orchestra 115 School Musical 10-125 Nominated for Most Talented 125 FTA 105 UIL Solo and Ensemble 1st Division Piano Solo 125 1st Division Quartet 125 1st Division Small Ensemble 11, 125 State Qualifier for Small Ensemble 11, 125 State Qualifier for Male Quartet and Piano Solo 12. MARTY HAMMOND Band 9-12, Drum Major 11, 125 All-Region lazz Band 115 Honor Roll 11, 12. CHRIS HANSON Executive Committee 11, 125 Woods and Water Club 115 FHA 125 HOSA 125 Track 9, 115 Latin Club 1O,j11-.i 1 QQ I CHRISTY HARDER Cheerleading 9-125 SPARK 115 Homecoming Princess 11, Nominated for Queen 125 "Princess and the Pea" Cast5 Nominated for Class Favorite 11, 125 HOSA Secretary 125 FHA 115 Track 95 Ex- ecutive Committee 12. ROBERT HARE Football 9-12, All-District Team 125 Track 9-125 Basketball 9, 105 Powderpuff Football Coach 11, 12. GLENNA HARRIS Orchestra 9-12, Olfficer 125 Spanish Club 11, 12, Officer 125 Honor oll 9-11. CRAIG HARTSELL Swim Team 10. PATRICIA HENDERSON Varsity Volleyball 10-125 Varsity Soccer 10-12, Captain 11, 12, MVP .11, 125 Powderpuff Player 11,12. IEFF HENRY FHA 11, 125 Football 95 DE 11. RICK HIGGINS Executive Committee 11, 125 Football 9-125 Powderpuff Football Coach 11, 125 Baseball 95 FCA 11, 125 Co-Captain of Football Team'12. RAY HOBBS Football5 Track5 Powderpug Cheerleader 11, 12, Nominated for Powderpuff ing 12. DORIS HOHMAN Soccer 95 Spanish Club 9, 105 Honor Roll 9, 105 FHA 9, 11, 12. CARL HORN Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Executive 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 115 Who's Who 115 Choir 105 Top 12955 1st Division UIL Band, 1st Division UIL Marching5 UIL Con- cert Sweepstakes 11, 125 FHA 125 Musical 105 Key Club 11 . GASTON HUCKABAY Won 1st Place Twice for Audio-Visual Contest. CRAIG H UFFT Executive Committee 9-115 Spanish Club 9-12, Vice-President 11, President 10, 125 Yearbook Staff 11, 12, Organizations Editor 125 SPIRIT INC. 11, 12. ANGIE INTRAVAIA 5 - Art Society 9-12. ROBIN IVY Marching Band 9-125 Concert Band 95 S mphonic Band 10-125 1st Division Ensemble 115 Slate Solo and Ensemble 115 Sweepstakes Award 115 Alternate to All-region Band 125 Chamber Orchestra 115 "Hello Dolly" Cast 105 Honor Roll 12. AMIU IACOB International Club 8, 95 VICA 12. RON IONES Yearbook Photographer 9-12, 1st Place Sports and 2nd Special Egects Photography Awards at ILPC Convention 1 , 1st Place Spot News, 3rd Place Sports, and 3rd Place Portrait Photography Awards at ILPC Convention 125 Executive Committee 125 Powderpuff Twirler 11, 12. MICHAEL KARMANN Honor Roll 9, 125 Executive Committee 10-125 Spanish Club 115 Yearbook Staff 10-12, Student Life Editor 11, 12, Copy Editor 11, 12, Assistant Editor 12, Spirit Inc. 11. SCOTT KAY . Symphonic Band 9-125 5Marchin Band 9-125 lazz Band 9-125 All-region! Band -9-li LIIL Solo Rating of 1 9-125 State Solo Rating of 2 1-15 All-region Iazz Band 12. ' - Senior Accomplishments 213 MARK KEEFER Varsity Soccer 101 Marching and Symphonic Bands 10-121 Yearbook Photographer 10, 111 jazz Vocal Ensemble Drummer 121 A Cappella Choir 121 Band Solo and Ensemble Contest 11, 121 Choir Ensemble Contest 121 Troyann Beau 1Z1Powderpuff Twirler 11, 121 Orchestra for "Annie Get Your Gun"1 Band Historian 11, 12. HUGH KENNEDY IV Soccer 9, Varsit Soccer 10, 111 Marching Band 9-121 Concert Bandy9, 101 Symphonic Band 11, 12. NANCY KEN TON Executive Committee 12: Spanish Club 11, 12, Ac- tivities Chairperson 121 FHA 121 Psychology Club 12. MICHELLE KILBY Varsity Tennis 9-111 FHA 12. HELEN KIM French Club 11, 121Art Society 11, 12. MARY LADD FHA 11, 121 ODP-VOCCT 9, 111 Executive Com- mittee 91 Key Club 9. WISTER DA VID LAMB I Il Art Society 9-121 Industrial Arts Club 91 1st Place National PTA Cultural Arts Contest 101 Grand Prize, 1st Place PTA State Contest 10, 121 Assistant Art Editor for Yearbook Staff 11, 12. Concert Band 101 S mphonic Band 11, 121 "Hello Dolly" Cast 101 DE A 11, 12, President 12, Area ll Winner 11, 12, Stale Finalist llj Honor Roll 12. SARA LANG 5' SANDRA LANKFORD FHA 11, 121 Varsity Track IOIIV Soccer 11. ROSI E LARA Competitive Theatre Arts Squad 10-121 Theatre Arts Department Secretary 121 School Musical 10- 121 UIL Literary 10-121 National Forensic League Degree of Excellence 11, 121 International Thespian Society 11, 121 United States National Speech and Drama Award Nominee 11, 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 121 TFA State 121 UIL One-Act Play 11, 121 Children's Show 101 Ex- ecutive Committee 111 Pep Squad 91 Basketball 9, 10. LAURA LESTER HECE 12. DEBORAH LONG Cheerleading 9-121 Executive Committee 9-12, President 9, Secretary 122 Senate 121 French Club 10, 111 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 121 NHS 11, 121 Nominated for Most Likely to Succeed 12. ' CHARLIE LOPEZ ROGINA Soccer 9-11, All-District 10. SHELLEY MacDONALD Tennis gf Executive Committee 9, 11, 121 Honor Roll 9, 101 Spanish Club 9-11, Secretary 111 Woods and Water Club 11, 121 Yearbook Staff 121 Powder- puff Player 11, 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 121 Ski Club 9. VICKIE L. MAHON Volleyball 91 French Club Secretary 101 Executive Committee 10-12, Vice-President 11, Treasurer 121 Varsity Cheerleading Mascot 111 FHA 111 SPARK 111 Senate 9-12, Treasurer 121 Powderpiytf Football Player 11, 121 National Merit Leaders iip Award Member 11 . IANETMAILLOLIX Orchestra 9-12, Vice-President 10, President 111 LIIL Sweepstakes 12, UIL State Solo and Ensemble for Voice 11, 121 Choir 10-12, Librarian 12, UIL Competition 10-121 School Musical Orchestra 9-11, Cast 121 SPIRIT INC. 11, 12. 214 Senior Accompttshments BRENDA KAY MALONE Drill Team 10, 11. IOHN MALONE Football 9-111 Wrestling 12. SCOTT MARLAR Band 9-1 11 Soccer 9-11. TIM MAXWELL Track 9-121 Football 9, 101 Cross-Country 11, 121 Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 11, 121 Who's Who Among American High School Athletes 11, 122 NHS 12: VICA 12. MITCH MAYBERRY Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 12. MIKE MAYES Varsity Tennis Team 9-121 4-Year Letterman on Tennis Team. HAL MA YO Basketball 9-121 Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 11, 121 Executive Committee 11, 121 SPARK 101 FCA 9-12. IAMIE McAFEE Pep Squad gf Women's Choir 101 FHA 9, 10, 12. PHYLLIS MCBRIDE Senate 9-12, Secretary 11, 121 Volleyball 9-12, Captain 121 SPARK 111 Yearbook Staff Organiza- tions Editor 111 NHS 11, 12, President 121 Powder- puff Football Player 11, 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 111 International Foreign Language Award 12. IAMES McCAULEY Rodeo Team Bull Rider 9-111 Powderpuff Troyman 111 VICA 121Szoim Team 10. IESSIE LEE McCOY Psychology Club 12. SANDRA McCOY VOE 121 Pozoderpuff Football Player 11-12j Honor Roll 12. MIKE McGREGOR Football 91 Basketball 9-12, Varsity 10-121 Class Favorite 101 SPARK 111 FHA 12. KENTMcKlNNIS Football 9j Soccer 9, 101 Newspaper Staff 10, 111 FHA 12. CLIRREN MCMAHON Iazz Band 10-121 Football gf Varsity Track1 Powderpuff Football Troyman1 Played Guitar in "Pippin" and "Fiddler on the Roof"1 Wrestling 91 Psychology Club. PATRICK I. McMlJLLEN Varsity Wrestling 9-12, State Qualifier 9-12, Regional Champ 11, 3rd Place State Champ 11. SHA WNE MCSEAN A Cappella Choir IZQ Spanish Club 11, 121 FTA 101 Band 10-12. PEGGY McVElGH Drill Team 11, 12, Treasurer 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 1.21 Ex- ecutive Committee 11, 12. GARY MERCER Football 9, 10. KARLA MONK Drill Team 10-121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 121 Honor Roll 10-121 V E 12. I, P. MOORE Speech gf Art Society IU: SPARK 121 Psychology Club 12. MIKE MOTHERSHED Baseball 10-121 Basketball 9, 111 Honor Roll 12. IULIA MULLINAX Band 9-111 Executive Committee 11, 121 Powder- puff Football Player 11, 121 Woods and Water Club 121 Wlw's Who Among American High School Students 11. RICHARD MULLINS Football 91 HECE 1211-'HA-HERO. PETE MLINOZ Band 9-121State Marching Contest 12. CLIFF MLIRDOCK Band 91 Football 91 Basketball 91 Track 111 Varsity Cross-Country 11, 121 Barbershop Quartet 111 Powderpuff Football Head Cheerleader 111A Cap- pella Choir 121 Vocal Ensemble 121 Lead Role in "Fiddler onthe Roof"12. RHONDA NEWMAN Executive Committee 11, 121 Drill Team 121 French Club 9-12, Winner of French Excellence Award 9, 101 Spanish Club 10, Winner of Spanish Excellence Award 101Choir gf NHS 11, 121 Honor Roll 9-121 Yearbook Staff 121 Powderpuff Football Player 121 Miss Carrollton 121 Nominated for Most Likely to Succeed 121 Ski Club 101 Track 9j Pep Club 111 Win- ner of French Dance Competition 11. CARY NEWSOME Cross-Country 9, 101 Track 9, 101 Swim Team 10- 121FHA11,121DECA12. HA NGLIYEN Executive Committee 9-12, Treasurer 9, 101 Who's Who Among American High School Students 121 American Management Association Seminar 111 DECA 11, 12, Treasurer 12. ANDREA NICHOLS Drill Team 10-12, Sophomore of the Year 10, Sr. Lieutenant 121 Executive Committee 111 French Club 12: Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 121Ari Society 11, 12, 3rd P ace PTA Art Contest 11f Nominated for Most Beautiful 121 Yearbook Staff 11, 121 Top Score in Troyann Tryouts 11. RICK NICHOLS Speech and Debate 9'11j History Club 101 Woods and Water Club 11, 121 FCA 121 Psychology Club 121 Powderpuff Football Troyman 12. GINGER NITSCH Executive Committee 9-12. IOYCE OBAR NHS Treasurer1 Varsity Volleyball 10, 11, District Honorable Mention llj Varsity Basketball 111 Var- sity Track 10, 111 Honor Roll 9-121 Powderpuff Football Player 11, 121 Executive Committee l2j Latin Club 11, 12, Vice-President 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 111 Nominated for Most Athletic 121 Senior of the Month 121 Women's Choir 91 A Cappella Choir 12: Class Valediclorian. ROMAR OBAR Track 91 IV Tennis 101 Spanish Club 9-111 Art Society 12. CAROLE OWENS Cheerleading 91 Drill Team 10-121 DECA 11, 12, Area II Oifficer, Chapter Vice-President, Area Win- ner in A vertising 11, 12, Stale Finalist in Adver- tising 11, 121 Honor Roll 9-121 NHS 11, 121 Senior Executive Committee 121 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 121Pozoderpuff Football Player 12. LILLIAN OTTINGER French 9-12, Historian 121 Executive Committee 11, 121 1st Place Photo Contest in Carrollton Coun- try Fair 11, 121 Crew Member in "Hello Dolly"10. MELINDA PARKS DECA 11, 12, Historian 12, Area Winner 125 Key Club 11. THOMAS B. PENTECOST IV Wrestling 95 Football 105 Marching Band 9, 105 A Cappella Choir 9-125 Vocal Ensemble 11, 125 Nominated for Most Likely to Succeed 125AWhiz Quiz Captain 125 Lead in "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Years Ago" 125 National Merit Seholarg 1st Divi- sion LIIL Solo, Swing Ensemble and Quartet Com- petition 11, 125 2nd Division UIL State Competition 115 Qualified to Compete in UIL State Solo, Quartet, and Swing Ensemble 12. IOE PIAZZA Varsity Baseball 11, 12. SCOTTPITRUCHA Band 95 Football 9, 10, 115 Tennis 9, 105 FHA 125 Honor Roll 9, 125 Spanish Club 9, 10, MARK PARATHER Senate 95 Tennis 9, 105 "A" Honor Roll 9-125 SPARK 115 NHS 11, 125 Texas Students Industrial Arts Club President 12, Honor Graduate. RUEBEN RAMIREZ FHA5 Football 9. LAURA RAMOS Drill Team 11, 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Executive Committee 10, 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 10-12, Academics Editors 11, 12, Associate Editor 125 Pozuderpuff Football Player 12. JACKIE REDMOND Pozuderpuff Football Player 11. MONICA REIMERS French Club 9-12, Vice-President 11, President 125 NHS 11, 125 Senate 10, 115 Executive Committee 9-115 Honor Roll 9-125 Whiz Quiz 125 Honor Graduate. PAUL RENDESSY NHS 11, 125 Honor Roll 9-125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. KIM RICHMOND Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 French Club 9-12, Secretary 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 125 FHA 115 Talent Show 12. MARTY ROCKWALL Football 9-12. DENISE ROSE NHS 125 Maiorette 10-125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Senate 10- 125 Executive Committee 95 Spanish Club 9, 105 Key Club Treasurer 115 SPARK 115 Symphonic Band 9- 125 Marching Band 9-125 Honor Roll 9-125 Powderpuff Football Player 115 FHA 11. RENEA RUEDRICH Honor Roll 11, 12. SUSAN RYALS Band 9, 105 Honor Society 9, 105 Honor Roll 9-125 Newspaper Staff 10, 115 Executive Committee 12. IAMES SANDERS Swim Team Captain 10, 11. STEVE SCAMARDO Football 9, 115 Psychology Club 12. LISA SCHMIDT Band 9-125 State UIL Ensemble 115 Spanish Club 105 FHA 125 Symphonic Orchestra 115 "Annie Get Your Gun" Orchestra 95 "Pippin" Orchestra 115 Parade of Champions 11, 125 State UIL Marching 12. MIKE SCHMITZ Football 9-125 Track 9-12. SUZANNE SCUDDER Band 9-125 lazz Band 10, 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 115 UIL Solo and Ensemble 115 Honor Roll 9, 125 Pozuderpuff Foot- ball Player 115 Chamber Orchestra 11. LYNDA SEXTON Drill Team 11, 125 Key Club Secretary 115 Powder- puff Football Player 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Executive Committee 10, 125 Honor Roll 12. STEVE SHEERAN Varsity Track 9-125 Varsity Cross-Country 11, 125 Basketball 9, 105 SPARK 125 Executive Committee 9-125 FCA 125 Class Photographer 125 Powderpuff Cheerleader 115 Senior of the Month --- December5 Industrial Arts Club 95 Part-Time Yearbook Staff Photographer 12. ROBIN SHEPPARD Cheerleading 9-115 Class Favorite 115 SPARK 115 FHA 125 Executive Committee 125 Homecoming Queen 12. IOHNNY SITTON Football 9, 105 SPARK 115 Pozuderpuff Football Cheerleader 125 Honor Roll 125 Yearbook Photographer 125 FHA 125 Executive Committee 12. STACIA SIVESS Superior Rating in UIL Vocal Solo 9, 11, 125 Iazz Vocal Ensemble 125 Superior Rating Vocal Trio 11, 125A Cappella Choir 10-125 Senate 105 Woods and Water Club Historian 125 "Fiddler on the Roof" Cast 125 Nominated for Most Talented 12. CHAD SMITH A Cappella Choir 9-125 Powderpuff King Nominee 125 UIL Solo Competition 9-12. IACKIE SMITH Spiriteers 95 Executive Committee 125 FHA 12. LYNNETTE SMITH Band 9-125 FHA 125 Symphonic Band 10-125 Soc- cer 95 1st Division UIL Solo and Ensemble 125 Pit Orchestra for "Hello Dolly" 10. MELODY SMITH Symphonic Band 9, 105 French Club 115 DECA Vice-President 115 Senate 10. ROBERTSMITH Football 9-125 Executive Committee 9, 11, 125 Track 9-125 Basketball 95 Class Favorite 11, All-District Track 115 Texas Relays 12. TIFFANIE SMITH Band 9-125 Stage Band 9-125 SPARK 115 Senate 115 Powderpuff Football Player 12. LISA SOLI Swim Team 9, 105 HO 125 Pozvderpubff Football Player 125 FHA 12. PHILIP SORGEN Wrestling 11, 12. DAN STAFFORD Who's Who Among American Hi h School Students 11, 125 Cross-Country 9-125 lgrack 9-115 NHS 11, 125 Woods and Water Club Vice-President 11, President 12. TIM STAMPES VICA Vice-President 125 Varsity Golf12. PEGGY STANLEY Pep Squad 95 Drill Team 105 FHA 11. ALISON STEPHENS Women's Choir 9-115 A Caggpella Choir 125 French Club 125 Woods and Water lub 10, Vice-President 115SPARK 125 Pep Squad 95 FHA 9-11. RHONDA STEPHENSON Track 95 Varsity 10, 115 Art Society 9, 105 Psychology Club 11, 125 Powderpuff' Football Player 12. CARLA STOW Woods and Water Club 11, Secretary 125 Executive Committee 11, 125 Latin Club 11, 12. KAREN STROUD Executive Committee 9-125 Typing Secretary 115 Spanish Club 125 Pep Squad 9. BRIAN SULLIVAN Football 95 Executive Committee 105 Whiz Quiz 11, 125 Speech 10-125 Debate President 125 State Qualifier in Speech and Debate 10, 125 "Hello Dol- ly" Cast 10. O. I. SULTAN Varsity Golf 9-125 Spanish Club 9, 105 Latin Club 12: Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 12. DONNA TABER Spiriteers 95 OEA 11, President 125 Honor Roll 125 FHA 125 Competitive Speech and Drama 10. ELHAM TAEED French Club 9-12, Treasurer 125 NHS 11, 125 Honor Roll 9-115 Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Mistress 9-125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 125 "Hello Dolly" 105 "Pippin" 115 "Fiddler on the Roof" 125 UIL Solo and Ensem- ble 9-11. TAMI TOOKE Drill Team 11,12. MARK TREZZA Varsity Wrestling 11, 12. ROGINA TUCK Honor Roll 125 Varsity Track Letterman 10, 115 Volleyball 9-11, Letterman 12. IEFF WASKOW Boys Basketball 9, 105 Who's Who Amon American High School Students 11, 125 Powderpu f Football Troyman 11, 125 Honor Roll 9-115 F A 12. KEVIN WEA VER Psychology Club President 12. LORRAINE WELKER FHA 11,1Z5VOE12. ROBERT WENDT Football 95 Track 95 Track 105 VICA 12. KELLY WHATLEY Pep Squad 95 Pozoderpuff Football Player 11, 12. AARON WICKWARE Art Society 9-125 2nd Place District PTA Art Contest. IOHN WEIDEMER A Honor Roll 9, 10, 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 12. BARRY WIGGINS ICT President 2 Years. IARI WILSON Varsity Track 9-125 Varsity Basketball 11, 125 FHA 125 SPARK 115 Best All-Around 11. WA YN E WOODALL Threw the Largest Party in Nezoman Smith History 12. PAUL WOODWARD Soccer 10, 115 Key Club 105 Woods and Water Club 11, 12. LORI YA TES Varsity Soccer 9-12, Captain 10-125 Powderpuff Football Player 11, 12. IUSTINA ZISMER Soccer 9-125 Art Society 9-12, President 125 Ex- ecutive Committee 10, 11. Senior Accomplishments 215 I 2, .M s A mm A iwirmm K' Mg 0- if 50:09, 7, 5 ggggg ,ggggggiig M qwggkg sys? " WT???Q4 ,, X ings gkgxww wgm 1 yff gf fu wff' K -ig' gg:-2gsi.gL51fgUJg' g e s Wwwwv fL H"55WWWWWWWWW awww. ,,1y?. w,,1l,,,, iwwiw ,,,, ,,,, ,,, W,,m., . wwf? , .f 4 - wa-'V ' ' w Y ,yawn -V A , . :fm . F , iv fszfgg ' i, ' 3-1 ,,,VN . L... 1 ,.-., ,H ww. Q . v 4 ...Q .... s .-f, e 4 -1 '2mz'w:-Hewffnv 4 WwWw?? Ww,,w- wiwwwr was'iiifisfiififfif ..,... .. E5'f1ffff7ilVfL . .... iigsigff-:Qs 523153 Why, .,,,,l,..,,, X W..-..5..k.5f. x LM, 5,f,w:., .V M Q 2' x 5 l , , Q if Q Ll V. G.. .. X 1 r f,4?, X J-sm, Q, . -5, 2 , .g -ffff W .S Eiiwii mwmwsw X X S 5 A Q .....-.f.: , -- -, .1 .s., 'R EW? x few Qi-551 K 3 Q1 1 an . 5 s ' 6 N s Q . R ,nw X x v PM ffm. aw 'ff' 'MJD '1 'X A l 1 W , in 6 . 5 Q vita .IQ . - ,,f,f:,i1,,.,1L Qi 'f -11--f , ---- i.::i'i.'i. ..... l... hlwf. - i. K V ,, 4 5 x Lf! 1,965 my f H", 5? . Y' -x , '4 ,iz K 57 fy ,Wig V ls 11- - -. 1 Qui 45:3 Eg Ju 4 , -gg 'H , M J ,.g ggg , SY' .Era fa . ,I .2 - K ig: .V ff' 6 Q6 ,-' 2 . .1-, , rn' -1 - 4 . ' K tx: 1 . l up e y: V w a .a 4' auf ri ff '1 k ' ,if ' I. ,X ku.. A . , .mnwf . Q., , :. Va ,,,,,,-,x,.,, , ---- -- - I - W wiv' VH, J. K . , xffyk it sf, . fu Q, S v '1 's-vllkgff .4 at + ,- .. xx, 1 3 4 9, A 1 1Qgn,:'2jvf 7133395 2 X .- JL-g - ,L f 1' , -- ' L - - .V g - r,, j,, :f l-Ie w . Vx, -an-.g'i'.H" "1 1 2 - , 1' I vi Q K ,Q , ,,... I, -v 'ffm'1a'vi'-34.::z+f-f4f1:'1.2--,mg-.iw i m.w..,:,E-11,3 ,,,gM'+,.,,w ,:,..n,,, ,g ..5,, , ,,1,',. x Q In ff-. fr-wx. .. ,W 1-.M . - , - - ' - . - , f :4 ' f .N -' :1 -.1 '-'-Ly f. --Q14-ffl:-. ffgzsmf 1-M f 'v.":jg:Q,!f1, 41.,..v...:" ' ' X 'I ' :Q . . -Q 1 Q45 . fi iw , 1.21 .,x A : if .xg ,fp L ws? ,mi- ra ., ,.-A , -:W , 54: D . .V fs V .S- g. gn .7 dxf Iis gt' .QL . - ,tif :ri Q 52: Q it :Phi :ii ff, , ilu .fw- Kax Q24 J U J, my wg, Q Q I' X .T .55-: 55751 TQ 1-, , f 417' 1, f Q J, -Q -, J 13, .. ,,f is if K 1-- vf 7, . .11- . 'l",.. YE? '--::.- KZ -kg gan eu: . 11 WS". ' ff if 9 1 .- li? .n. CC? Nominees: Robin Burr, Traci Giddens, Olga Moilinedo, Eric Fletcher, David Roiko, Curt Wilson. 218 Junior Fav0fiIeS iv 4 'llllu iei .9 'J iiii ' W 6- Q i.,'1--- wi i i Fi i . Nominees: Jodie Cherington, Keily Linders, Patty Manderfieid, John Drew, Tony Jones, John Smith. if 11 3 vs. :Qs .f-- E. fl I DLANS l:ll.l. EAI? 'H rw- V , '--wg ,lr 3, "N 6 Wi-, gl , ' 1 Q '45 -, , Q - I F-'x sy r Lia' R - 5 , gg .. . L.,i . l 1983 proved to be a very busy year for most juniors. They became increasingly less concerned with fun and games and began to focus on their futures. They started looking at colleges as well as choosing careers, and began taking col- lege entrance exams. For some juniors, the year provided a chance to buckle down and get serious about their work. Although little time was left for entertainment, the class of '84 managed to stay alive in the spirit department. They re- mained avid supporters and members of the various extra- curricular clubs and commit- tees. Their junior year was highlighted by the annual pow- derpuff game, senior ring delivery, planning the 1983 prom, and the prospect of final- ly being seniors. The year left them with many fond memories ' 'rs T' Q" X 3 on at .5 Ewa?" ' '-Mmgs ,. ,C Tx, 'if' Q5 'X x E E 84 1, A as well as many great hopes for their futures. 1 . an W is . A Mark Abbott Scott Abercrombie Ron Acevedo Lisa Acosta .left Adams Tim Anderson Jen Archimbaud Elizabeth August Bryan Autrey Evelyn Aviles Emily Axelson Allysa Aynesworth Juniors 219 220 Juniors Kellie Badgett Cari Bailey l Vicky Bailey Shannon Bancook Shauna Barber Wallace Barnett Raymond Barr Michael Bartalos Jerry Barton Todd Bash Tommy Bass Samantha Battaiie Bridgen Beaty Robert Bennett Sean Bentel B or 1 Tina Bernard A B yCl1ris,Berry S SYeU'lndaf39fl'Y S Greg Biasatti Julie Bigger Anna Biggs Corine Boduch Tina Boggs Paula Boling Calvin Boliver Gregory Bolle Diane Bopp Andrea Borel Michael Borel Mitzie Boren Catherine Bowen Tracy Bowen Darin Brandt Shelly Breedlove Terri Breedlove A k ffff . Y X., vi. tn 5 Ti- i . r X is , I V' .4 , 5 N' Y, At- we R x 1 ' Q 5,555.8 ,V B new ii Yi? A - 'rv B 'K X, . X get. 5' - 1 .. e W A f f J 'dk .. X ' N L ' 'iff it ' ,R hive i'.f:'l 0 ' 0- . Q' ,fax N 1 1: S . s - - fa,-i Lf. me viiete fixitif. '-.,5'J'-'-5 'i'izT5fiaeFf2:?a1Ua - Q X X : -4 52, 4. Q ' 77 W , , t BN' BTN W iN iv., A , r -,.- . 3 .. A l aft ai' K2 . s i it 'Q ' L Y QL AV g Baal , X' i P , xg ' ei" ,i .Aj ra ,gg . Ag f' it ,N A l -' ,, Qi? f . ' , , v n g r-f , to Al,, X' vw' N ii' 1',,,,j. ha 'V . S xj ,JL V S4 , ' 4 ix 1 ' -f ' I X r if ii' ' ' t X '. V X t Q Q I X K 4 B w 3 BM., sf ?E,,a 0 H' 4 ef R qyi N fare' ,B Michael Brighton Michael Brinker ,j 2. B Valerie Brooks X BBB' B, Kelly Brunner 1 - Robert Bryan 'h x m i B B ' - Chris Bryer , rl Q .- A Chris Buczkowski wmv' N J Bs Q 1 gg Brenda Bunch 'iff Parry aurbrrdge . l Linda Burke B l if , Li' I ' vii' B-..1,BB.r 'I K 5: gg w ,B is B l f Barbara Burnett B' Y B f eevr BB Tim Burnett M3 " Bf B Robin Burr L 4- -in! T? Q I ,ag B X ' Gary Bush ' " B B Daluana Byse Br BBB fgifi k , fy. 'N if .illk i':5M M K ' '- - V i B AA Steve Campbell gc, - Mark Cannon v Dena Carlson A ' Jason Carr B N 2 it B I X Kalhy Carr f' ,gif 1? I if Daniel Carter " 'B U 4 X r Dave Carter Y -X' T . " 21.6 Kris Carter i 'QB V Brian Chambers B .WJ ' B5 n " 5:35 Jodie Cherington 4 rr B g DeborahBChesler x K XBJB s L dr. Bf' B W l fs' 'B B-r ,B rf --r- Bs-+rYErff B 4 B ilBiB 5 B B BB . JOHN FERGUSON tries to get our of answer- ing queslions by hiding his face from the ,X Jumms 22, BBBB B leachef- lK-J0'1"S'0"? Suzie Chung Katherine Clemence James Clendenen Chris Coates Steve Cockrell Alfred Coe Mary Coffee Christi Coffman Brian Coleman Laurie Coleman Karen Cornett Phillip Cox Kim Cozart Danny Crawford Mike Culver Jeff Cunningham Juan Curbelo Teresa Curley Debbie Dagostino Michelle Dale Margaret Daly Greg Davis Robin Davis Timothy Dawson Pamala DeShazo Liz Dean 5 ,gig 4...,An 3 wi 1 rx gzfr i s 1 X 1 N.. his .. si 2 .f 4 t N , ' are-H Q? viii YJ 'Q .L as 4 r, J""1 'l 55, . vii ," .5 -. . f j.LR:N..4v ,Q I N X f - 43. -FQ, 15 C C 5 5' uf 'ff lit s ,. 4 Q, N g A M V K V , , . i sf , . " X '. . V i f ii'i' ? A 5 te X . ' " 9 ie!! J I .I , il. Wifi , jig e -fx ,t it he PM Some ,ls S. 'J y fi TJ 3' Q! , .jf Xorg if A , LV , , Q it . S Vx ,.'. 'X R L if If ' . f" "-l 110- Q Ronnie Delgado Melissa Dennis Denise Derville Mina Dewji Anne Dietz Desiree Doyen 4 ,N Juniors were always willing to events. Here, ROBIN BURR and TINA BERNARD spend their morning selling carnations. fK. Johnston 2 Q h X Q l F J ites A J J' l a , K l t- 3- -7 h K I If Eid? .K ,V 5 X 16? Q :A - V As I X , . . J A, '-aa. .X 5 I L i A iw J N V, L rl L G ,,,, 3 iw - .f . i Q- ,. 5 - 'L JG rf if .P Susan Dreier John Drew Carolyn Drinnon Jason Driscoll Jennifer Druckamiller Cathy Duke Pam Duke Michael Dunn Mike Dunn Tuan Duong Rona Duzenack Tami Eaton Debbie Edwards Becky England Phillip English Vivian Escobar Kelley Everingham Nita Faulkner John Ferguson Rosie Fernandez Juniors 223 224 Juniors Rhonda Finley Steven Fiore Eric Fietcher Henry Foust Mischa Franklin F F .lilt Freeman Rodney Freeman Sylvia Fuentes Sandra Garcia Karen Gath Brent Gathright Alec Getrides Traci Giddens Mark Glassburn Todd Glover Wilfred Go America Gonzales F Cindy Gonzalez Veronica Granchay F Brian Greensteln Scott Griffith Donna Grimes David Grippy Robert Gunn Neena Gupta Kelly Gutschlag Lan Ha Karl Haag .left t-lakul Karyn Halcomb G i F G Lara Hall 4 Susie Hanktns Nan Hardaway LaDonna Hardee Lisa Hare Ax' Z ff' We F 6 2' ig. zgi .fri f K rx ex ,M F i K 'iii T ' dw I ' V ' tux X X gf. i fj :, !'g N K ' 'I yi "K, .. Q Qi ,eijmg K K K x 4 ui r Q L . K "' N 4 K l it I v 0? if s iw 2 IW Sk 'Nl , P i r X 1 jx. t U . W .1 i 5 W 'Kyiv ji x in ji K ' , K t if 4' 1 ' by p ik.. , -me ' I 4 i ' K 57- G N11 i inf 2 K etKf 5 I K . 1 ii' 1 ,K x S 1 4 .A " 'X X. x tw fi F 5' x an 6' I , 6 'tg Q I Q v it X "4 it . 4 .wry V i 'Qi X 5' X i 1 Q . 41 nl 13 1 f va tg! i R, . . 0 W? V 9 whmx 3 W ' ' Q . . . Ni i I TF R Gp X Q7 5 1- , i 1 f . 2 '- ff' 1:-E Q 7 fx-X' -".f?f f .fav ',"'ax V 'A qw 45 K .- 4, r' H' ,rr fi ie 1, A L V N. . , .1 , J! ev ri S-T " J, Awkx We e 54' e is Robin Highers Ellenllinion ri U J 'iii l rg A Cindi Hire J x X John Hirsch I H of ' 4, Thomas Hite A at " John Hohman :4 ' J F43 11' , SQ X J ooooh , P gli! l s l... l l l Gregory Hargrove Brian Harris Kirby Harris Scotl Harris Lisa Harris Jana Halhcock Chris Heasty Alan Heath Johnny Henderson Jon Hendren Cathy Henry Lisa Herd Helene Herron Marie Hervey Terry High ,Q I James Holaday Jackie Holbrook Shari Hollingsworth Connie Holmes Debbie Hologa Juniors 225 Susan Howard Shel Hrbacek Lezlie Huber Norman Huh Annette Huiing J. L. Hurley Kim Ivy Kevin Jackson Pattie Jackson Suja Jacob ME Scott Janeway Michael Jarreii Suzi Jayroe Mark Jenis Le Anne Jennings ' 171 il IA k X he narrates a sleepytime story for the library. IR. Jonesj l x tiff 'mf K Y N sr, T , 3 X hz sg f Q s S 5 b we R in . is vs, Q ' .1 5, S 3 X Irr , ei T oo! 5 ,M ' 'r rQ'm,,i as s f..1 l , r r 1 sh, X K tx, David Johnson Sheeba Johnson Shelby Johnson Trevor Johnson Kent Johnston Kimberly Johnston Luke.Johnslon Wes Johnston Brenda Jones Teresa Jones Tony Jones Robert Karmann Brian Keaveney Douglas Kelley Lisa Kerner J Nita Keswani Dan Kim Ji Kim Diane Kim Tae Kim John Kirby Donna Kirk Martin Knoerr David Kokel Janine LaBarbera William Ladd Juniors 227 if S ,B ekbq George LaFleur Kim Lakins Sally Laney Rich Lappin TRACY GIDDENS lakes a day away from all her school responsibilities to go shopping. IK. Johnston! 228 Juniors S JiWeon Lee Starlett Lee Jeffrey Lewis Kelly Linders Michel Ann London Cary Lowry Paul Lowry t Allen Ludford Carol Lynn y James Lyon Scott Macelvaine Maria Machala Jan Mackey Paige Maddran Chris Marlin David Martin Andy Martinez Mary Martinez Junko Maruyama Jeff Matsushita f Hi Mike Lark Mylinh Le J I as ,fd ' ' . 5: ' 15 - 'rf ,K X . Ame,-,V ff gy f eeee 51 -13 1 X . K X ix i A ' K A ' il . ,, r N. .. 1,,... Q .:.k - .:.k me 12, . 'er e y eee it eeel 3 - C lif yey er :., I kg . fl -e 563 -is ft! HQ, A M l deff .SVR . K Q . '.:1 .will gl' J X AW K mx . , . w- r ' , ' "" ' N we ,.v, e fx J wr ' NLP? ' 'X , lg ,S ee. ,E . 'G , .Q J .5 .. . 'yi I .re , ft E4 , lei 'X ru- 14-' -a.. ,.,' x h ld S A 9, A ., K, r YV t qw: . la gg fa W 4 N 'Q 4 I 4 , QXNW. A Il A1 5 A A. ,B if K 1,25 l A-, - it iii. a N W. - t "'-' sas, S C Q5 ' Q A . -5" it, ts, 2 . 1. mfc fx K5 -s ,X A 6 , xx I rg' mtv-A A 'Q .2 James Miller Karen Miller Shannon Mills Tina Mills Olga Mollinedo Chong Moon giveusa i IR. J Miriam Mattay Sharon Mayo Larry Mayran Sherri McCarley Francis McCauley Melodie McCauley Kristie McCullough Skip McDougald Kathleen McGinn Lorraine McKeag Michael McKee Andrew McKenna Jean McKinney Samantha McLaughlin Babbi McManis Charlene McVeigh Gerold Meiss Eddie Meza Chris Miller Dawn Miller 24 . xg- 4 w ofthe Pep 230 Juniors Bobby Morris Bryon Mullen Sherry Munden Billy Murphy David Myoung Greg Nash Sandra Nash Stanley Nauman Michael Neidert David Norrid Felicia Norton Erin O'Donnell Chris Ogle Tanya Olson Wayne Orrell Merit Ossian Greg Owens Lisa Pace Geraldine Paciella Karin Pafford Jim Panenka Jeftrey Parmley Carla Parsley Robert Pena Cheryl Penland Karen Persuad Paul Pina Andrea Poirier Luster Polite Ricky Pope Sundy Powell Wayne Preston Mary Lynn Price Melissa Prithcard Peggi Pross ,, - rf.. , f 1 1 d P 'S J., Pi? as J. ,E V' fe t N. , . , l I' ,X -l GPN X G Gigi' .A ,,. airy. I ,H Q Y fl , . , 5 .M J K -- fgfgrggfg ... i .mi .. 1 !R:s,n. S' t t4 If LJ ai X1 ji, we J . A 7 ia we ,aris e J G X 4 ' , f A-r -. A 5 Q Z' W .k i :rx ' f A f ,, , r.lij . vifff' I ' x. AQ V 'NX Xt , .5--1 fix i I ,H 4 xx l' N X we I s,....1 I ,'fQ'J-3, .Q . : N ,."' .i if V1 li i 6 , fi -cw: ,iv , N ."iff Y . . If , f ay if ' ,in 4? I..--v X E Jenny Pruitt Renee Pulte Kendall Quisenberry Tracie Rains Brian Rakovan Devika Ramdhan Rudy Ramirez Lynne Randoll QF 3 r' I Zia Trojan mascot, OLGA MOLLINEDO, gives the crowd a shining example of TROJAN PRIDE. KJ. Siitoni 55 fi 4 M., 'Ll -L M ar' J 2 5 I i 4. .. ,L "' Q' Y' ' .V Q , M J X" fx ' X , 'xl !,Zbr2",: i hiss P41-s, 'ata A Q ff l , l l l Marshall Rawlings Kathy Raymond Tracy Redman Janine Redmond Marleah Reece Amy Reeves Harry Rever Stacey Rhine Jason Rich Melissa Rich Rosie Richards Alalna Richardson Danelle Ringler Steve Rivera Stacy Robinson Juniors 231 s 232 Juniors Lisa Robson Michael Rollins Yvonne Romine Joyceln Ross David Rotko Kristi Rountree Chad Rowe Kelly Rumery Mike Rutherford Jeff Sample Carolyn Sanders Jeffrey Schmidt Michelle Schurrer Simon Scott Nicky Seely Albert Segura Tom Sterlazza Richard Shackeltord Jett Shiverdaker Mike Shocklee Cindy Simmons Brian Skinner Derek Smith John Smith Patrick Smith Sheri Smith Stephanie Smith Lee Sorber Syneace Staggs -ai' 7 p 'X E J . r x f 9 i x , . ,. . " Y Q A ' M 4 ' Qt' by HW' R A I l fx 95 , K 5 1 + . .5 , , 1, X i. SN iv'-'wg Q! s 1 t. e is w4"'1 . M' y. T 'Sl , f ,NJ fs- . , ,- 'Z- Sa K C Q f " 1 ig X 2. 'X a is 2 pw I I vo , . :Q ' 'S ' I' V :.. 1 .fi ' 'R ' A' ,. X 454-, 1' Q.-41.1. fffmo- 11, .r wc.: 'f Q .1 0!! MPX at g-N. . I Q M x agua ww ..., 42 , . , I 'N w , ' Q t .su T ag JI 452 KV, -:L f' f"m-if 1 UKQ1 rv .5537 ay ,asm I .W : : .C ..-.,, 1, , . - -'i?aY5"'k'? 'fin'-"5 lent ' we 'fi 1 J-Pe owing, uegntsf aww' t ifsiewear, 1 F 'if -' f .A ss? -' ,wi 9' gsirrifeyifg .1rsi'.-tQ'wf',-Jef' -.21 i:s.'-551 ,,- 'fit' Q. x l L Y Q fif.ij.1s ,"- ' Q X , 1 V Q . 4, :JQH3 ir' s ' -r 'Fifi-?ffi'f 1 - sk is lk B Lv 4? X t ,A- 'vs if -.fl -1 1 . f f' ' ."mHi- 'C A Q' h-.X .Q 9 D , J a 15 FRN' .. 1 if el f , ,Q ---11,4 A If . ' 5 K vi , X L Q . . x 7 X' Y Ji , fr 0 J fs, xt -,M e, ., , zQ 9 . ffg . S. zggijw wjjiw, . Igffggu X f Rini- YK . K L1.. r -cs' . px , if I9 of Q3 iff! 1-3 . X 15.5 TTS' ' N .y,7uTg,. Q g . ,- ltffsaiqt. fi I 'Q ! 1 'X . riff fl V, Ov 4,v,'x Candace Stone Regina Strain Scott Stringer Stephen Sturm Dalya Sulaiman Lex Sutherland Bill Swanson Denise Tackett Ronnie Taylor Sharon Taylor Anthony Tenore Shana Thacker Jeff Thimesch Melissa Timmons Adrienne Tinker Gigi Tranan lyie Tran Greg Trostel James Turner Kenneth Vaughan Roger Villarreal Jill Voelkel Barbara Vollmering Donald Wade Sheri Walker Lisa Warner Kala Warren Tracy Wascher Jim Waskow Juniors 233 Brian Watts Tracy Waugh Michelle Weber Tim Weis Greg Wells Lisa Wells Robin Wendt Thom Whelihan Glen Wilhite Greg Williams Kim Williams Julie Williamson Curl Wilson Mary Winsand Benjamin Wolf Edward Wood Sarah Worsham Trevor Worthington Brad Woulfe Kevin Wright Lori Wright Tommy Wright Robin Wrotney Lora Yarbrough Alicia Young Lana Young Shannan Young Daniel Zacharius -fx any vw N' wr. I 2 A 'ss W fl i ggi 2:2-3 X in R., Hx as ' 4 r, r.-: ,gli .. ,, ,Q T r T T at . T T sss' J jx V Q ,E 1 Q X Y Q g3ififtffrs1'lN ..f ,r I Q 3 if r , T 'r ew W., 'li r T gg, tt '15 it A V , Rb.-'DIS fi Af. ' 2 vw-all " at , A L T -.Q ,T , , , M ,pf 'X 'X .r 1 Q G ' t .V I gig Nici .1 A lv + X t . gm f i i s .,r,, , .. L'- . f Y' ugh ii. Q ,tt T 3 fi' -- l , . Y N, fs ID. EXEC. IDA SES M NE ,g-4'-----, 4 A I l"' ' if ' , TAE KIM tries to stay awake during a r early morning meeting. fR. Tatej Jones, Treasurer. ront Row: D. VonFeldt, J. Schmidt, A. Reeves, B. Rakovan, G. Trostel, D. Carter, Fl. Duzenack, S. Iollingsworth, K. Pattord. Middle Row: T. Kim, N. Keswani, D. Edwards, M. McCauley, l.. Burke, K. larter, P. Pross, A. Tinker, L. Yarbrough. Back Row: N. Gupta, T. Redmon, S. Thacker, M. Bowen, J. iruckamtller, S. Munden, J. Cherrtngton, D. Byse, J. Pruitt. 5+ The Juniors pulled through and had a large turn out on their committee. Their biggest con- cern tor the year was raising money tor the prom. They had many tund raisers which enabled them to have the dinner-dance prom at the Anatole. They sponsored two very successtul dancesg the Beach Bash and the Sadie Hawkins dance. They also won the magazine sales against the Seniors. To add to their tund raisers they sold candy and had two bake sales. The Junior class was also responsible for powder putt which turned out to be a big success. The Executive Committee led their class, worked hard and had a good attitude which helped make the Juniors have a great and suc- cessful year. f Top: Sponsors: Becky Rockaway, Terri Youngblood, Jim Mason, Irene Simpson. Bottom: . 'Paula Boling, Secretary, Sharon Taylor, Vice President, Denise Tackett, Presidentg Teresa 'Il Jsgjv 'sw ?4....sEiP' 4. g ...SE A .iy gl Treasurer TERESA JONES counts the money made on M8M sales. TR. Tatej xv.. . M , - H . ..r. h -bg . ixg V Vxzi J . it -'... H ec, 35 d . . .... . A CLASS FAVORITE NOMINEES: Gina Batson, Andrea Furqueron, Dawn Pitzer, John Chinnock, Jeff King, Rex Moxley. 236 Sophomore Favorites vm- it laws-R.. X' ' 8. BEST ALL-ROUND NOMINEES: Lisa Adkins, Jodie DeWitt, Stephanie Moxley, Paul Carmon, Forest Nussbaum, Gerry Ridgeiy. SUI. IQL ' as wr Why anyone would want to wrap Mr Towers sophomore counselor as 'W shown above is beyound comprehension Unless of course the circumstances are taken into constdera lion Such circumstances as pep rally competition and sophomore com pelitors Alter thinking about it it all becomes -r clear The sophomores participated with such vitality in all events that they soon became noted as the most spirited class A W in the school. And with ' ' A . , good reason considering X 1 1 ,, that they won the spirit an -, A A ,L stick at 3 out of 6 pep Q f rallies. The sophomores excelled in all they were in- 1, 1 volved in which was as ' much as they had time tor. Q There were 18 soph- A omore Troyanns 2 Troyann managers O s 1 - sophomore cheerleaders rf band members soph- J f A . omore executive commit- tee members and in- numerable sophomore H athletes. The sophomores f 9' ss, ,J uhxlk .-. Q, g were able to make 1983 a X. 1 , , great year and hope to do T V 1 the' same for the rest of 4 i ,ff their years at Newman ff' 1 rm Q ff' - Smith. g '69 Yr 7357? A 0 9 r 5 . rt. I ab i i f t s 4 x A I . c,,.. ' Y' A r f 2 Q A 3 X L A t , ' I Qi V .. ' 7. V ' my g I QQ. .. Vit., A , A f A - 1. fl t 'Q i A ' , mx if . ,1 . J . V V i .1 ' NJ ,N bk gk i 3 ' V I Y an Q , v ' 5 'HQ T NA S y YB tan .. DP' . ! 1 Q QL N we Q xx X l ' if .4 ' af 1 t is .Y 1 A A f X l QQ. , x l ' , 'rf . 4 si ' A Q5 'I c fi ' , A Mi. x 5 0 FW ls g Tammy Adams Trobi Adams Lisa Adkins Heather Agro Dianne Ahmann Scott Alexander Angie Alger Summer Allan Trey Allen Donny Anderson Andy Apple Stephanie Archer Ray Aronowitz Bryan Ashley Melissa Atkinson John Ayers Todd Ayers Armineh Babaians Amy Banfietd T Danah Barnard A Sophomores 237 y Craig Barr Chris Baslyr Gena Batson Billy Batiershall Michael Benklifa Tracy Biddle Dawn Bjornson Joel Black Angela Blackmon James Blaine Lavonda Blakey Kim Bodes Karen Boduch Lisa Bonavita Kelly Borcherding Kelley Bowman Bubba Boylson Debi Brady Becky Brewer Tammie Brooks Donnie Brown Elicia Brown Mary Brown Debbie Bryan Jim Bryer Craig Buczkowski Chip Burgard Kim Burgh Troy Burkle Sean Burns Jason Burr Susan Burt Cynthia Campbell Ginger Campbell Kandi Campbell John Campo Shannon Cape Sean Carey Paul Carmon Robbie Carson Craig Casiagnoli Shannon Chaffin Paul Charbonneau Owen Cheney John Chinnock Corbin Choate James Christmn Jay Chung Sophomores 'f ga, 'Q C ii rrfggiszs 6 , 'V "'- P x r K ff' !,,! .f 'S f x is ,-: C- fi. I 5 or , ,,,i 1' iai X eil A r Ne, al . n N S s J ., - f 's ' 3 va 4 ' L, b J ' ' 9 kc' X ' fi ' ' "Pig , x '." 2 . 9? V 5 rw K3 kv W A f W wifi S Fla if ' ' li' -f fr . K Mk , J , 1 ev- xy ' lr ,, -. I 'ails Lf! ,. , U . i r r,,.f or be is J Ci.d ir ,V ,IQ Q. qaxggstxcynl A V 1, In K ff A 4 , f f is x NYX . rl S 1 1 ir! I , ll A , I.. Q .F ,, C, - ,J eg. MNA. .1 , Q 5 , ,,, v4 , .-we ri - 1 . S J Q , C r, f A l W S + al so I kfry K I k g 9 'X , .tru-gh R .ir C Za, rs' gl . .r , ,. I 3 33: S V W - 7 Y 4 Xr.,,' viL,iAQ X In I Y W l l ' B ' J - f' sg fm J g -1. - ' af an . ,. -. E f. V . U V .I ., . , p .Q ' ii if . . Q W s. 'UE ifklgw M I Q ' , 6 . -J -f A X J , O gk itt i f I ' l -1- 6' I., 'L gm? . "5 14' W " .-.rt X' I I I 4 'ff Q. ,- S., I 5 . 2 D ' r . 4,5 si , T , g,-,l F V .. I L ff' T A Q I K l -..iid A A v ' 5 A M h kj, 4 K WV ke :. i,,,,,,,. 4 V ' 'V' i'i'i+'D , D' ' ,.,, T Q , it -1 3 X4 ff' fi R S " 'QE--V G f 'Z " if YT" 7 ' Fx , 1 l ,v ng 1. Wvzvv f fha-. ,I 'f. 4 ' Q -f x u , x A J ' in 'V vw .L .,. .Q X K it 'x 1 it X .Q X 5 'Yu l it l f Q l gt I M ,fx 5 ' :Xa ft A, . ' Q we t ,,,, NWA b , 1 . ' b ,544 ' af I I Q " in 5. 'Q a 5 'I K ,ax , in 1 i 5 j st l Colleen Cobler Tammy Collins Mike Conaway Linda Cordelli April Cornwell Andy Cotlerill Monique Courier Lauri Cox Heather Crellin Heide Crossland Cricket Crowder Tracey Crowe Jud Cruson Steven Culver Felix Curbelo Brent Dahlen Suzanne Davenport Valerie Deal David Devine Jodie Dewitt Greg Dickerson Kim Dickson Wayne Diviney Sarah Donch Della Douphrate Timothy Driver Tracie Duhon Laura Dulaney Keefe Duncan Ray Dunn Bobby Durham Don Dyess Kim Eatmon Paige Eaton Keith Ebanks Lisa Edwards Tanya Edwards Scott Emery Ricky Engel Mark Engelhard! Kristy Eubanks Tammy Fast Mike Ferrell Chonda Fiddler Audra Fietz Robin Fleming Sandy Floyd Doug Foor Sophomores 239 Chet Fowler T Chris Fragle Lisa Francis Julie Freedman Rene Freemyer Liet Fuhrman Dana Fulkerson Kim Fultz Lisa Funk Philippe Furey Andrea Furqueron Danny Gajewski Christie Gallina Lori Garis Gray Gilbert Christe Gillarcl Kim Glenn Marcie Go Manuel Gonzales Missy Goodman Jeff Gorvetzian Matthew Gournay Robert Grady Tammie Graham Licia Greenstein Tracy Greenstein Mark Grittin Kerri Grillilh Darrell Guentensberger Tony Guthrie Sansoo Hahn K Tim Hall Kathy Halliday Sandra Hamer Roger Hamilton Yvette Hammill Cheryl Harris Chris Hatfield Eric Haynes 240 Sophomores at EE? il ji 3,'W'f. ,fn if Qc K f be FT' 5- WL ,. lffifiek i s,, 5+ .I ' 'Wil' l f , erm X w .. sv-- exra .. I , Jw , A, ,Q ti il Ke . sfffe s 1 VE 9 X sr t ft- mwlmmuqpg "Maybe if l add some ketchup to this specimen, it will taste a little better. . 45 K Q we ffl X, 2 F s 'F s Q 'tems 4' at 1 l , 1 '.... Xl - V331 S G ft W -'M X. ,,. lta -" QS 6 J K F , ,Mt T- ytt ," xv . 1 A, ..,.... s K, A t x N.. l he rt, Wx f VA, ,l i i i 1. ' .. K lfs - --w f 7 t. 4 1 t - 'k ,Q ,ty ' l " , 1. 1 F is F I tt.'.,t 1 M ' 3' T t T I Qi ' T ' G age i it .sf af ttzti S - W 4 j5g,n area ii st'ii 4 1 a V is C l I l V l r , Q .r Hg V . -,..A- l .11- .W , QC M H , . L, virgo ' f x . eve S LV , an I e .., 7. f.: :. b Q. f M gy N an t i J E, G 5 is-X If I u. ,J I C' J 1 'f C i , 1 if I irv 5 P I 1 I 4,3 " J K C? t ye . 4 .. ies? My Q u , 3 ef, Q, yi Q 4 W V Z F , i rig,-J f X .Y ,X I - Y Y A CA A f C . ' X 1. '4 1 saw' Lei. Q A We ynwjh. ., 1 Troyann, CHRIS FRAGLE, is the epitome of a spirited sophomore. Here, she is presented as a nominee for sophomore princess at the homecoming pep rally. Kristi Head Laura Hearrell Kathleen Hedrick Stew Hegemann Deborah Hendren Drew Hennis Deanna Henry Chelle Hensel Jennifer Henson Frank Hernandez Brent Herndon H Sandy Herr Chris Hesse Kim Higgens Craig Hill Brain Hoffman Tammy Hogue Pam Holland Amy Holloway Brian Holman Shan Holmes BGtSy Hooten Damon Hopkins Keesha Houston Amy Howard Stephanie Howell Denise Howells Joe Huff Gary Huling Ricky Hunt Sonya Hunt Shehla islam Larry Jasper Donna Johnson Keith Johnson Louis Johnson Vicki Johnson Kwoni Kang Chris Keaveneyr A Sophomores 241 ri. Michael Kelley Jeffrey Kelling Kim Kelly Deby Kenton John Kidd Greg Klllam Sue Kim Jeff King Misty Kirkpatrick Steve Kuhlo Darcy Kuhns Brad Lacy Tommy Lafterty Kelly Lamb Janet Lapierre John Lapierre Janine Lalfliviere Theresa Laster Robbyn Lawler Arin Lawrence Charles Lawrence Karen Leonard Roger Lewis Andrew Lillycrop Kia Lim Hong Lim Greg Little Kevin Long 3 1. ,Q . I t 6 .5 . ya x j -:Rx W e 5 47 As.. 2 av fx J M . , fit I ..'xeV kk - kr Ny ? at J U iii L 7 T if L., Xe A fl mg? Qs I it 1 L, . 4 z . ' try, ' ' sql I O O The people who are best able to give an objective opinion of J the class of '85 are those who know them in one aspect or another. Administrators, teachers, coaches, and class leader at Smith all have very strong opinions ol the sophomores and what J. Q50 they feel the future has in store for them. They were asked to submit these opinions for the following two pages. ' .V i. LQQAQS X Q A uhh I A X 9 2- Sm gg- 5 TP, ' 1 ' 'ks "For.the class of '85 I wish one of the crucial qualities of all "' creativity That quality being the ability to hold fast to confusion S until confusion comes clear. " - Dr. Charles Blanton, Principal . . an experience and a joy. . . lam glad to have known them W2 - Ruth Jolly, Sophomore Exec. Sponsor "Somewhere between early practice and successful perfor- mances the sophomore Vtnnies' Hnally became Troyanns. " f -- Debra Floth, Troyann Director T I A iz? 53.-'f A -lg 4 ,L M QE ,, . 'fat 7 M l i 242 Sophomores .Q T , N . L , , 5. . fa 1 4 . L :Q W 7 X i A t - i X 4' , fa 'r-I 'V aka' 5 M D L,,. N 1 'Iii' .. iii- 'J '- . H Q g M if " X . 5? :X L4V:QE"5gx'tW I f L'- 'i ' . '-'- -.5 ig . i ii mr or A . "The soph 's of '83 have the character to be winners. lbelleve NSHS will derive the sense of pride found in the class of '85. " - Jeff Foster, Athletics Coach - ff. Q. "Potential?. . . Yes! 'ii "' Desire? . . . lhope!" A L - Mildred Peveto, Theatre Arts Director gb K 5 ax il fn l -K 4 fi .4 .1 . : VM' P' T sc 5, -f . g I , n ,X , ' L 1 ' I.b.g "The class of '85 is ambitious and glowing with talent. We will take NSHS to the top, - C A 1 representing our school and our class in the best possible way. " U L! -- Chris Fragle, Sophomore Woe President ' -' r X sl 3. , "The class of '85 is an important part of Smith. We 've got what it takes to be on top A ' ' and we've proven that with our spirit and TROJAN PRIDE." N an - Marcie Go, Sophomore Senator fr "The class of '85 is the backbone of NSHS TROJAN PRIDE " 'gps Q, - Michele McKenzie, Sophomore Senator N j L M P . 4 .I jg 'T . if-537' . 5. it 154 1 .- 15 gin K I .- A C T r-. X 1 was i Q L, A x..""". - 8:1 - ss . 'I Francine Loomlller Gina Lord Lisa Love Rondi Lowell Melanie Luce Chris Lukowiak Belinda Luna Kelly Lusk Richard Lussier Jennifer Mahon Dyann Maloney Jose Marin Denise Marohl Kathi Marlin Kim Marlin Rhonda Martin Tracie Marlin Lloyd Mauch Noelle McCartney Michael McClay Gail McCoy Tony McCoy Kristen McDonald Sophomores 243 Linda McFaddin Kim McFarland Michele McKenzie Kym McKinney Kerri McKinnis Tammy McLaughlin Jodi Mcheeiy Michelle Mears Missy Meek Jennifer Meikuas Jeff Mercer Tim Merrill Stefani Metcalf Dena Meyer Karla Miller Carolyn Min Tammy Moffett Stephen Moitz Patricia Monger Jeanie Moore Lisa Moore David Morehead Bobby Morgan Paul Morgan Eddie Morin Rex Moxley Stephanie Moxley Nicole Muchia Chris Murphy Bruce Neal Keith Neal Kim Newsom Deanna Nichols Steve Noska DeDe Nurnberg Pithou Nuth Laura O'Brien Jay Oros Ken Owen Bobby Owens Christopher Page 244 Sophornores Bob Parker Tonya Parker Meiayna Parks Patrick Parrigin Kayiynn Patzig Steve Pearson Michael Perdue 'ir fi . oo., N 3? V .... .rs .. 1. gk .1 ,Iss t Fx -44' l 1 We X o if .5 as 1 -oil? ' ,jsp ' 'reap xi.. Q ,r 9 r sr M' T - or ' I " " ' Q , 1, s M 'Q r . . - X i ' it . , t . 14 1 gr .ik f . in o , . sf, '15 r 1-Y gr E 5 I W ' .s 1 X1 i A silt? 'P' , .-.. .... .5 422 wh E . .lr y ' - r W , 1 gc . y ' nm of , i W in Q' . 1 Him . ,""' ,if ' fn 41 ra, . S. . Xi- - or.- W' Q ., sg - '15Qs 'faq r 1 P wr P . EM X K A -J s 1, A V Ng. Yywsfuir 5 '5rs'sX'r- W' 5r,gw,QNA 4 - ig .Q - i ' Q, Y A P. F . i 1 s ls , ., .. L .sn-., ri '--5 W f i 'K . V. r r fe , re rif f li , ae rv. " .- fi Q was '-NR A 1 ,Mig y Q x 5. cf l fr. k :L as .- A we .. .rf-di of -.z:- wif' wi I Q -P s, . rg, X Q 8. 4,9 he F sf , 'DTN 'IS . . or as Q cj 7 7 -,.. t ' ', ' s..i,g!s.jX3j' r I ,...Q ef Q ...rr i ri , 1, Q , fi 7 55 , L L " - P ef L if s 9 as fi , 'nr' N in .W N I 'Q ' A .. W l . V DLT X fp i. X 'Ar .,,A.rl, b HA' L 9- a is-i " 1 I sir- cS3S5f55: s ,Li . . Francisco Perez Rogelio Perez Larry Perry Mark Perry Joel Persaud Ken Peter Mark Peters Anita Peterson Scott Peterson Mark Phillips Ken Plnnalre Marcie Pitts Dawn Pitzer Rochelle Plaza Liesl Poetschke Doug Poirier Bill Poliey Shawn Pollock Trevor Prather Katherine Prats Scott Preszler Patricia Price Shauna Price Tracy Price xy N K sage . K 5 . Q , y L V L tssi so . .Li ,Z l y Q - Q, a Ei f r,:, arse E ' rg B 1 I 1 B .. W kkri si J I " 'fyga ' PR APZP A r fff 54 it Y' L f 4' X M aattrr M re st" - L ' ' ' ,J Q. e , l M i A L i ,. 4' , k U . Y I. ,E I 'Tx ' Doug Putnam i ff, ,- Q Becky Putney Troyann and Laurie Ouinn out at the Country Fair to show us who 's 111 N 5 r ' ., -1 L if Q -f- r7 ss ieserf fry Piss - ' N - it iS ' fi 1 it L , lx Bryan Rainey Steve Rainey Lisa Rake Mark Ramos Jeffrey Redding Sherry Reece Sophomores 245 Inn 9 rMeltSSaReeveS R R Regan Reeves Connie Reilhmeier Erica Reithmeler Paul Ressa Beth Rhine it Dianna Rhodes R David Rice Finni Rice Gerald Ridgely Kelly Roach Hex Roberts gglephanie Roberts 5 Leta Rogers D it D Mark Rohne Steve Roper Sherry Rupert Kirk Russell f ilie Ruely Ruston R Mike Ryalls Paula Ryals Doug Saul Robert Schmidt John Schoonmaker -:ii-' r 1651. ' Qi" 'J 3 wk D Qi D href? f f 1 r re r 5 tel ' ti 1 r "1 246 Sophomores tw Q KYB: " ' ' -. 5 1: :- ' I 1 l t W Q X K. in X Julie Schroeder Jarnes Scot! Craig Scudder Jennifer Seebock Robert Segura Robert Seiler Laura Sharp Selma Shih f f ' 'Q' 0 ' x' fd. kxxl Yi, Fil 5 , for Q :J .4-ff' l v p, all ' it ' l 'l' 5 3 Q ir..-i S T'- -flee!! fr ' 1 Derek Shipman Matthew Shone Stephanie Slters Harold Sigears John Singleton John Skelton Julie Skora John Smalley ' fiat 1 We W, 0 -e . , Y . , ft S c .. Es r. J Tl , Q' S XM if ' , M I-. ' 3 A W" I V - KE ' J Q4 x 1 1 qxfil . T nw, - fy kk , K 6' l N 5' ,t Q12 l A I 3 ff W1 VW T S i at eiii K J R., lit-ft r. N- 'fe S J tiff A 52,3 1, -va . m A- . .t"' ze 1" ff mem be W S rim!" ,Q i .cz Fir fs: , f, i Z .1 fi' ,im rw if Re' . ,tgegA3.,wr,-1 at 5 H, T S T wwmurgfsgiifz A 4 - . ff' -.v fl if ,f l 2 ' ww h N, Q Q S "1 4 f if t f' -- ' N re 6, it sh, ci Lisa Smith Mike Smith Yong Song Tracy Sons Michelle Sorokwasz Kent Spencer Dave Spradlin Julie Squier Penni Steele Tim Strain Sherry Stricklin Richie Stringer Jeffrey Stripiing Diana Sturgeon Connie Suiter Stephi Sullivan Melody Sutton Polly Talbot Rebecca Talbot Rick Tate Lori Taylor Michelle Taylor Todd Tenbrink Daniel Thomas decorate the ' J J Sophomores 247 1 Robert Tinker Matthew Tionloc Jeff Tischer David Toms Renee Traghella Greg Tucker David Turner Judy Turner Tamalha Turnham Mary Tweedle Chris Tzouanakis Kim Vanek Tammie Van Gurp Doug Van Noy Toti Vaughn Sara Vazquez Toai Vuong Michael Waddell John Walker Jenny Wallace Jennifer Ward Kristi Warren William Waugh Tim Wearley Dwayne Weber Cynthia West lan West Gary Whitaker Joe White Barbara Whitstone Craig Whitworth Brad Wllemon Tracie Willard Elizabeth Williams Susan Williams Dianne Wilson Robbie Wilson Dwight Winborn Kim Wise Jennifer Witham Kery Wolcott Judy Wong Shelley Wortham Bret Wright Jennifer Wynn Elizabeth Zandvliet Tania Zanolto Matt Zapata 248 Sophomores ,.f ,. 5 - ...xx ,K ...J Ur' 'it f' 'Q ,K jaz- 'af Q, 4 XMB? 3 . t if Q Titty 1: -N , ,if it fe 2 J, f, NA' ' it t 67 i YW 3 lv. f 5, f .f A , J "' J, ,j . ii: 4lqg Q m,me,1i D t X 'SV' . M ' 5-4, X ik J f , it S s X ,, it it Q, Je r z .Q - 1 ,rx lv f Y, r 1 T. rrit g if T . ,Nazi x T. . fr 1 F t 1-Lg LM XV.k , ., K, A It ,qt Q r 1 'vi . 1151 F' -f ,iv- -4,-fax, rar-Q 51 .t,t1' fi g I " l if V -' rr ' -nl 4- K -ff, ,1 454 sf-r ' A J sv, A . ,yy 'K Wliifs , vig! 4 ' V 41 g to 4 at 5i . uw :S 1 I l gp G- xi? - .W an 1 Q -g ,-QQ? ' A z Q s , ' f V .K ' it y , ,, . ' X l AY Et A v s 1, " . A 'ti' . it ? : H T X A ' 5 A XK1 aka! r Q y -21-, F . it V. I 'i of 3. Q . N . ,ff T x ' H' l 1 4f'e'?a V iff' ' 'gw 1 5 t ' eerfi ff' J if-.55 rf geeks SE SDD DDS MAKE The Sophomore Executive Committee spent most of the year building their finances through fundrasiers. Homecoming mum sales turned out to be one of their most successful money-making projects. They helped pro- mote TROJAN PRIDE by selling spirit items during football season. Later in the year, they sold green Trojan litter baskets. They spon- sored two successful dances and donated S100 towards the purchase of a new sound system for the boy's gym. The committee was very strong because of its many dedicated members. Class President, Suzanne Davenport, felt the class was "a very spirited and outgoing cIass" and that "the fact that we won several spirit sticks at the pep rallies shows that the class of '85 definitely has TROJAN PRIDE." sponsor, Fragle, vice c . retary v V V gf Exec members listen to Mrs. Jollys ideas for new IR. Jones! Sophomore Exec. 249 I f l pf A fI3ESHMAN'S FIIQST DA An average freshman walks in the front doors of Newman Smith A for the first time. He looks around A A him dazzled by the huge amounts g ,, A Q I if of people milling around, He looks A by at his crumpled schedule and my yi begins his search for his first l period class. As the final bell ap- A proaches he feels a sense of , A ' Panic. All of the halls look the same i s ' and the school takes on the ap- , - , A l gg. sigh of relief he finally walks into ' 2 f- . the right classroom. He takes a ' seat looks around at all of the q strange faces and says so this is W pl A highschool. g . i el- I tx' is , 2 , Jes Q .. ,. me fs: W' uf as vf J gs: Q- is '- .' , earance of a great maze. With a . , lz'r A f 1 D . X is X l I , P sr 'Q r I? K a A My H i s ef 6. gy 9 1 . ,V .5-s 'jggi.1i in ' -,mf st. ,,,,5l : k-,i- W f . ' , fi! . ly - Z, . X jr J i V Q , f .43 ii . fc. - . s , ,xl ., ,X P . 9 Q A4 David Abmayr Kelly Ackerman Allen Adams Neal Adams Darron Aldrich Julie Allen Laurea Anderson Ronald Anderson Shara. Anglin Shane Applegate Carlos Arandia Scott Armichimbaud Elizabeth Arebalo Jeff Armentrout Shawn Armstrong Lisa Ashby Vicky Ashby David Atkinson Mike August Grant Aynesworth Chris Bach Todd Badgett Chris Bakke Yvette Baldy Laura Baley Shelley Ballard Freshmen 251 THAD GIDDEONS and FFONNIE AN EHSON work on One of their numerous art proie isu at 2 HSYOVU 252 Freshmen Shawn Berry yDeLynn Biggs Stephanie Bittner yLisaBlackmon - - Michele Blair y L L Scott Blind Stacy Bloom Shanda Boehler Kathryn Bolson Michael Borgslrom Lisa Boewn Lisa Bowling Brendon Boyd Todd Brackhahn Jeff Bradford Kimberly Bradford Dana Bradshaw Douglas Brashear April Brazier Brett Breckenridge Wcky Briefs Brian Brown Julie Brown Tanya Brown Mike Bryant Dianne Bulloch James Burdine - i Donna Burks Christopher Burns I Peter Burns Rebecca Burr Angela Caffey Corrine Cagle Tracey Cain Keith Cameran fi , 5. 5' , 4 Bryan Banister ' ' Mitch Baranowskt .-e ' " ry, my , SteveBarns 1 ' 1, I , tri. ' L, - X- ,X 6,52 Q. Ni M fu, B fKrisBarton. ' mir i L i TaniiBash ' we i as .jy RussBasselt V ' , -fi X i if James Batteas W . -L Nancy Batten L r gf ? Paul Baumler -- , W' X i g x , ri, ' ' ' Q? , Donny Bealy y it Lisa Beazel 1-- L we ' - Lisa Benton . 5 g uf ri Q L t xt fx'. ,1 L 3 M K at I K ' A ' Xl .5 I A' x we f: K 4 .iw A 1 fx , ia ' A t it , if' 1 w egg... at 4 L . A ,X - f , . i v J y V 4 - ,, ft- 4 " Q ! ' L, at at L Q ,, isa. 1, 1 L ,mhVV .1 G I L' " Q ' -B - is f -Q ij t? .Q Q x K LL 1 , . 3 L ,fi . 5 L at A L, f.E..,L nw - , W X A I w' x gllgfi ,,- X by xxx . K t' X .Nt A X X . li gr 2. ll' lil l lf ii. X, r -vs-r rf 1: ' r , 4: D 4, ixf? f ' 'li if X-.lil L 1 .A .af .. V '-'. U-A - ' " ' A . -laws K 4. V- qv. Qi i 'ax' D , mt 3 'ly if xr l a a f in C 29 -- keine- 1, , . ' ,. 'gm-rt, C' f L . . 1 Q tm. . . 19' vt ., X K L V - xx " or ' e-l ,tx a,l,'Yl1j4 AR A lg 55? C 'Q' s. flu- , " f iz, A at 1 I N V ' 'Mg D ,Lg ... Dwayne Cozarl' I , , X h David Craig ,f f-4, L "V y Teri Cravey . ,X D. Michael Cromis' 'Cf ,f ManuelCruz V Ngan Dang 1 -' I 4 - XS QE - -L Cynthlalbavls 'K' ' Randy Davis ff 3 Lisa Deloach . . KAKVS 3 9 A' , ' Richard Cours .x ' ,l Q ff 1 Kimberly Cox . Dawn Cox K gf. 53, N 'L Susan Campbell Todd Cannon Michelle Carey Camille Carpenter Robby Carroll Tracy Carroll Steven Carson Shane Carter Stacy Carter Lisa Caso Vrglllo Castillo Joey Calalasl Frank Cervantes Joni Chaflln Robert Chancetor Michelle Chancey Tania Chavanne .lellrey Christie Laura Clement Mike Clint Robert Clyalt Michael Cobb Kely Cobbler Candice Cookrell Lori Cockril Pam Cody Anne Mary Cogar Teresha Coleman Christopher Colts Laura Conner Joe Conti Susan Coop Carolyn Cordes Carrie Comett ,Neal Cotterill on an accounting assignment. IK. Johnston! """""'huN Freshmen 253 254 Freshmen 'K"k Brian Dietz g Melissa Diviney i ' it Cheryl Klxon Wckie Dollar Sean Donohoo . Jill Dornhan Kelly Driscoll I Jill Druckamiller ' xlenniler, Duncan Katrina' Duncan Cheryl Duvall David Dwyer Michael Edwards Brad Ellis Tommy Elwelt Jeffrey Engel Kimberly Etickson Lori Erickson Nicole Ertel Michelle Escokedo David Elhridge Jeff Evans James Fellers Mary Felton i ,,ii,, 'Delane Feir Jennifer Fiddler . Shawna Fields ' Leisel Folsom Greg Forster Tami Francis Cheryl Freeman JDan'Ereemyer ' ' ' Kristi' French teresa Fuentez Dylan Fuggit Erik Fuhrman Kevin, Fuller Reagan Furqueron 5 M g . .. ., ,f, ,swf A, J . If .. , mx., xr, X X i K x - ,F ' ki 4i-' 3: 'Erik fha QL.. F Y as - .,,- si 'I :ta Q - Lisffsil- '23 ' 7 W 'f , i --N- mv, F5 Q x f ,Q A -A - kgs, ".- ' N 1 asf' f new 'H A X 'S I , . X:-N51 . ,Ruff It -nw X. ., ,T Mi . f is 'SNA X H Q iw 2 t AY W , . Mk A I 1.9, K K - 1 F Q .. i t 888 .41 gl- f ' 2 'A 'X .e., rf, in :"1 K Jf i . by i Q J . . X . . A -X Q L. A Q. Q I :I A . ts E355 'vv' . 'T' J - 4 1 A ' L X f . if E ' . L-wil, F5 i. vw .gg .X 'E . . fi, " r . i U ,Q ,ce F 5 .A ig. ' 1 A 15, my ev 1 is 1 X " K X4 .. Sr . rs ' ' F Q . F Nt 1 J , ix ,ff E J . ee if X . Xeef, A 1 ,' ' ' Z. X"5," i , gf' A 'F i I . i l g J 7 4 Mitch Baranowski is a prime example of an academically oriented athlete. Mitch is a mem- ber of the swim team and specializes in the 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard freestyle. Mitch has been on swim teams for eight years and enjoys competing. He enjoys meeting peo- ple and traveling to surrounding cities for meets. Mitch has an 'Al average and is involved in speech and drama. What are his hobbies? He collects comic books! He is one kid who's not "all wet." "Fl 33 , N I - X X It X4 3 Vx , 'G ' 'sf l 4' . " fe? ,Q tv X ' eg., J 'I W -, - , new - ,V ' 5 ' J A J. fl' , X ,, "I . 'i V XL - f ' 'ix l ,t tiki A t ,. .. Q ff! ,- .- '54 - r" ." " , A V , G .lbw ,xiii i w df! E ,T 1 B, .i 1xri'hawne1r fr tl. B at M' nj m,.u V J -M Q - if fy . J- X X 1 I Y 'A - yy? l - In 4 I . ' t ,, J .. 3 ' D ff 'G df? t B 1 A , . . f . y i A-D f if X 1 A ix ,TQ Q x , t fa at X sl f, , 'V 1 ' M ff , tx 1 ' , QNX ,., i 3 A l T941 ,fm At , fr i at K X ' 'ff 57 rf" ' C' 2 ll , Pe 5 Q 3 J fl 1 Y 1 Q ,, 2 A i .' - i i I x Q I f EV D - ' t -l J 'iii .' f J- H y ,, W if aa 1' 'i , , U ge, if ' ' J fag .N-:el ,y ' 4 -ae - J V V K' ' Q k' -5 , A , A it ith l rm Q W 1 V . ,- :RER au. .e v I L '- . .fv ti-N 'Y " . 2' " . or ,, . K 1 - N 'S K' , K X X Lx l ' I, Brenda Gailey Mark Gajewski Alison Gardiner Robert Garlat Joe Garrison Robert Garza Amber Gates Lori Galhright Lisa Gibbs Thad Gibbens Christine Giles Stacy Glidewell John Glover Laura Goacher Dicky Gomez Troy Gonzales Monica Grady Mike Graham Kimberly Grant Dana Green Rochelle Green Susan Grimes Hung Ha Danielle Hall Douglas Hall Jennifer Hall Kimberly Hall Larry Hall Stacy Hammerbacher Chin Han Lori Hankins Brian Harder John Harlow Brent Harmon Angela Harris Cathy Harris Charlotte Harris Sharon Harris Steve Harris Michael Hays Ben Heasty Gordon Heerema Danielle Henderson Joy Hendrickson Jenny Henry William Herr Bill Hester Gary Heyen Gerarda Hill Matt Hite Suzanne Hoechstetter Lynn Holland Keith Holland Robin Houk David Howard Sandy Hubacka Angela Hubert Johnny Hudgins Newman Huh Gregory lllingworth Edie lngerbrilson Jeanne lntravia Jerilyn Irby Freshmen 255 Jeffrey Irwin J Farooq islam Annie Jackson if f fi IJ ,ff L,I1 y J Tonrrgirahhasaf aiai ' J 1 f,, Jamming Cheryl Jennings Susan John Cari Johnson Christopher Johnson Michelle Johnson Stan Johnson Stephanie Johnson Karen Johnston John Jones Kimberly Jones Laryssa Jones 'William Jones 3 Shane Kairalla i i g :LGR Kaming J Kelli Kavanavah J Christopher Keahey K 1 J J seeffafiilrellyer K Y J Dawn Kelly - Steven Kennedy Jill Kersey Betsy Kersting Charlie Kim l-lolli Kinney Kenny Kinstley Dara Kleiman Paul Kline David Knight Diana Knobloch John Kohut Rebecca Kokel Kim Kolb Orlynn Korsmo J Rina Kraus J Billy Krieger Belh Krimm V Keith Kupier V - Kevin Labor Angie l.alFleur Leslieflgarninack Chrlsly Lamirand J Natalie Landers J Allyson Lane Terry LaRoux Russell Larson Allen Lawler l X 4 fare- Q ' I JJ 1 l af Q, . are Q s. qwg ,-i 3 .. i r. 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Diane Lawson David Leamy Myles LeBarre Kimberly Lewis Lesley Leyrer Ly Lkn Una Limsky Linda Llscano Doug Little Jeffrey Long Helen Loomiller Mike Lucey Kris Lundberg Lisa Lutz Arshad Malik Mike Marcom Davld Merkel Chad Marr Curl Marlin Susan Marlin Kelly Maslerson Michele Mathews Maeda Mayran Slacy McBride Vicky McCauley Laura McCuHough Derek McDuflie Mice McKenna Kristine McKinney Mark McLaughlin Heather McMulen Morl Melkus Carlos Menendez Scoll Merlz Mice Milzger Sanya Maurer David Miller John Mills Amy Mlnderman Pamela Minor William Miranda Christopher Moody Jamie Monlee Drewry Morris , Mathew Morrison y John Maser Mitchell Mullens Krls Munoz Yashi Nakagai Gina Nash Mark Nauman Lisa Nelson Tracy Nevill Douglas Newman Loan Nguyen Donald Nickolyn Freshmen 257 258 Freshmen enenlsnn Stacie Nitcholas Monica Norton ' Tim Norton l 'Pauttlo o lmmiumhlii R TKUHYOUWGV .T ltichvlpfitnzco - ljs '5KflSll'0l.IUSf T if i'5fD6bri1f0wen i Y r NBIIIQLIIIRPHR ,'QfrScottPar1c T T fuawnepanee T uzmanraeff fr f - T Steve Patrick Christine Pedersen Stephen Perry Matt Peterson Dwayne Petty Kate Phelan Billy Philpat Clinton Pierol Yuvilla Polite Kim Prather Colin Prewitt Michelie Purdin Dawn Putney Teddy Qualls Clint Raley Mike Ralich Jack Raymond Mike Read Laura Reagan Tami Redman Judy Redmon Mason Reeder Elaine Reiss Tana Rex Pam Reynolds Rechele Rhea Rachel Rich Shannon Richards David Richmond Anthony Ringueberg Julia Rittenhouse Shelley Roberts Chris Rocek Barbara Rodriguez Michael Rogers Lee Roson Vernon Rotko Scott Rumbo - Scott Rutherford Gina Salvatore Deron Sample Tasha Samples .lim Sanford Ashley Sanker Jennifer Sarlor Lori Sayre Amy Schall Jett Schail Tamara Schoenewolf r it Q, 5 t l 5 ,Q - M , V we I 'gg "' , ' el V 9,5 it 'il X , ' I- K' 1 .. - if Q T T T, is " ' ge i i 5 5 . 3 'r' 6 I X ' ' X. I Aa . . ig '5 ' N s. In - 7 -ee, Xian " ' iiiil T ies ' 1, X4 "1 ' it at R T 1 f 5 ' T 3' - rg? 1 T . ia X il 2 . 4-A l jill W4 aegew 1 ' if if X W Y T , N dk, ,g , . f , ' . ' x V3 -LJ . r , r y l lg y l 7 f 4 1 f X M s -X 'F A r l ' . ml T 1 ll ll ll -1 5 3. g":.,Qvi3., , .- A its Y T ' Gil an r F- . . V. ,fro-,., S - . .SQA l""'!',"Tx -.-ff ' " . 65 4 -E1 K K S VT'-, . FIELDS works with weights Science ID Norridj '?'h.'.-f - -- -F , C. 73 . ls ktxfisl If x v .., : 1 at F Ni SHAWNA . . . Shawna Fields is a prime example of beauty and brains. Shawna has been in three beauty contests the Mini Miss Dallas which she won the Miss Jr. Country Fair and the Miss Jr. Dallas both of which she placed first runner up. Shawna works just as diligently to keep up her A average. Shawna is very interested in speech and drama and participated in The Fiddler On The Roof. Shawna commented that she enjoys the opportunities and the variety of ctivities ottered at school. '?D'f5 s o T- 1, 3 f 4 Q + 1 if Q KR ' P A fi. iff . 51 HX .. T ..-i.- QQ T ff f v sf sz , 1 ,t j Ha. I gt 'Z ,Q w ' 1 l s, i 5 fi. ? . .X A . A 'isa T 1:3 K 4 17 - T . T- . M Q ,f -I ffl n 'L R Qj ff . 'ff ' - cw lf yy f. V' ,rv so g ' kk .1 .nv ir..-5 , F . .V N ' 'i ,. S 'X A Ja V, A L A a 1 . ' si 2 A L an Jn: X K X H 4: Alex Schuenemann Michelle Scott Devra Scott Amy Scudder Lisa Seazel Bryce Seeley Sean Sell David Settimi Dean Shannon Deon Sharp Bill Shiflett Alicia Shook Barbara Silas Bonny Simmons Mary Sion Doug Skierski Greg Skinner Jill Slocum Clay Smith Kellie Smith Kim Smith Kristim Smith Sam Smith - Billie Smythe David Song JimHee Song James Spradling Amy Sprague Robert Stadt Oliver Staedtler Roger Stafford Traci Stanley Suzanne Steere Bart Stephenson Susan Stiner Tracy Storey Daniela Stolar Brian Stradtord 260 Freshmen Terry Stroud Shelley Sumner Debbie Switalski Quentin Talbot Kyle Talbott Calhy Tanner David Tanner Scott Taylor Kelly Tenley Kimberly Theisen Sam Thornton Randee Travis Lisa Tuley Andrea Turner Mlliam Tutunjian Phil Tyree Kenneth Veckert Danielle Van Noy Meg Van Scoy Craig Vaughn Michael Vessels Gary Vollmering Tracy Wadyko Steven Wainwright Clifford Walker Jennifer Walker Momica Walker Michael Wallace Melissa Walling Dayna Ward Lori Warren Jennifer Weaver Raechel Weaver Penny Webb Mike Weens Greggory Weiss Julia Werner Andy Wefferlln Beverly Wheeler Todd Wheeler Michael Wiedemer Bobby Wiggins' Beau Wilder Corby Wileman Nancy Wiles Erin Williams Nendy Williamson Steve Willman Kelly Wilson Patricia Womack Bradley Woodard Tracie Woodruff Jill Woulfe Healher Wray Toni Wrotney Kim Yang Dalenna Young lnske Zandvliet 3. a X -s' I l i i l i 1 r l l 2 Q- Q, -.- ' 'D . r . i , fir T ' T Q' 'a no 'Sigel ear' - fri -Q vj ' - ,B x , " X - , 1 ' . -wif Y jtekx If I . X Y . XJ K , . 1 ' . W K ll . f nlxrl M fg 'R' 1 1 - Af Y ' as 6 ..,. ,vm it -Ari Q R l i ' 1 Tuff V - J- -V s i 8 . , .I -- " ,H X 1 Q 3 ' 1 . ' ' f' '.-'i. 21,5 , 13? , N ,.. --Q, ,Q ' 1 1 Wpii KL.. r ,, . 'K me or e fi iii -- i ff-X K , -QQ!! A ,. P5 - . .KY-... A X31 Qfagj V , V il gig, L ' , D A ' ' , ri l X Q S' 3? F' X ' . . X i .. 1 qw i-:ri J I K lf: ,v. Q lj e 4 .1 , f i g 5 wg ' Y WX l fftf T T i"'r' ego' X x ' fm , Y R - ij.j,,...3 t gi, T xg T, T Q W ,xp Q T 5 A ' V' ' T QQ 1: iifigif l l J In L' - I "' 26,3 'x l A r M T .. TA I f -.. V 1 e y if-4 l x1 'Mai-2112 , ' Eli F A T 'iff fi " f Q- r . A . l T iq no 5 l l l i gl fl all 5, 2 i FIQDSI-I UIQK WELL TI'I FEW The Freshman Executive Committee had very few members, but that did not stop them from leading their class through a good year. They met every Wednesday to make "7 ,ip ,Q I W Lassiter readsfapud q1Qalce9JS'7256Sl ef? ort, fl? TateJL4 If 4'rit"':i?w MOH! MELKUS and SHAWNA FIELDS 'xlliaif Q-5' ...N .. , ,,,,,,V , . . K Front Row: S. Fields, S. Hammerbocker, M. Melkus. Back Row: J. Druckamiller, B. Kersting, A. Gardner. Lgresulfsm Talel plans for the year. They participated in some profitable money-making projects to raise finances for their class. They sold ornaments during Christmas, chocolate chip cookies in March, and M8tM's later in the year. They also planned a party for the Frosh class in May. President, DeLynn Biggs, felt the com- mittee could have done more with more class participation, but also felt that the small committee worked out well and got the class of '86 ott to a good start. x Ar" - I R T I Top: Dr. Lassiter, Mrs. Norris, sponsors. Bottom: Scott Archimbaud, treasurer, Hooin d'5CUSS Plans for Class pany' f ' 3 67 Houk, secretary, DeLynn Biggs, vice president, Cheryl Dixon, president. FTOSTT EXEC. U.- , A 15 ll' 5 1, . ., .r 4 W f ,- ,ii 11, .5 9, x - v f r sf I' lg . 4 'R ' f -51' 5. .X 5: ' ' tg. fif- izgg 3 xa 5 .iff ' LMS' A, 2 'S' 'QQ gm .. , : ui: . Qs. -5. , Lf Q if Ei 4. .k V - '31, wk 'G' , H, ,fl ' -fc 2. ' ,Q I yi 254 iq, IE il-V 'rm E 13. , m, ff' ,.. 4, :,:,.Q 1' 'GIS' ,V-'is' 'E 'nz 1, ' Q. . eff f' .-fl' ' :K - if . :fl :Q 1 .Sm I. 3,1 , aa' Q -5 1, 59 5 x 1 :ik . .Qs ' Q , ,' Y, 1 ' ji, , X. .Q-X ,, W f. ,:,1-. V , . 1 - ' - - ..-' -A .'- f.: ' . 1 , . , -, ,- k t -f-.gpg-af :f m - 4 " Z 'wi--v , f ,. ' 5 ' f -f, N i ' - ." 'f 1 'fr . f x. ' -35f. qM,,:.-mf,'+3fr:'.'.qL gr' -, fi:--1 4-,gh if:-," 'iff' fi-1:2 Y f f' - .155 uv y2.,,qzfag5.,,..,,qR, bw,-,W ag.. .-2, 2, , J ,L rg + '- 5441- 3:5 f-1.5 . 1 ,J .if,L.4Q1g.fQw 7 -'H ' ' i ' ' . - ' 4 " ' Y 'A J-A 5 X' b Lrefgh .4'4.u,, iw A64 :-f,'l""?1., . Qi 1 L -my ,.. we "' " 'W1f'f" ' Q, , -1: ij 4,5-, 1 ' p 1 1Y :gffA,' 5,2 q ' Rf f' i 5 'f .. ?f? !f5F gb X I , f Lid gg ff -X235 T55 , y Q 2:1 if 13 iii f,. 4. '1 f fm 'ft E .1 it ,iz ,gf .1 if, ff. ,Q A 11 'I ' . SCL F1 'Q , 51 ff? x.. 1. 55 'K 153,- .gy if 3- fi vi W' ,122 w ,. W gg, ,Af ' f ,, 71:1 fn f 15515 L9 - Q . 5555 , 5, - x :fu ,K ,ir - ii, A Q W1 Q! J, .L fy :-Q4 . 4, 4' fy Zi :EQ 7:4 711 .3 , 2, A 1 Fx. ,.,. ff. 22: LA ml? jf 15, . 55 Ny E11 pf gg. wg - if 5: 5 F524 NSHS WELCDMES DD. BLANTD Dr. Charles Blanton, the newest and possibly most welcome addition to the Newman Smith administrative staff, got off to a great start this year by establishing rapport with the other members of the administra- tion and faculty, as well as the student body. This was an easy task for a man with such a dynamic personality. Although his responsibilities as principal kept him busy nearly every minute of the day, he tried to find time to be around the students. He could often be found in the halls greeting students as they went to class. The one word used most to describe his personality was "neat," And he truly is a neat person. His genuine enthusiasm and spirit for Newman Smith helped boost "Trojan Pride" to an all-time high. His performances at pep rallies gave real in- sight into his fired-up attitude towards being a part of Newman Smith. He would like to make NSHS, in years to come, identifiable as number one in every possible realm. One indication of this is the District 13-5A Dr. Blanton exemplifies TBOJAN PRIDE by raising his hand to the Alma Mater. iR. Talel Q. Sportsmanship Trophy that sits in his office. High at the top of it rests a button that says simply "Trojan Pride." It seems incredibly out of place, yet remarkably appropriate at the zenith of that massive trophy. Dn his bookshelves right along with all of his "important stuff" sit old copies of the Iliad. When asked what his goal is, he replied that he most wants to rid Smith of apathy. He feels that once this great obstacle is overcome, the other problems that students face will be much easier to accept and deal with. He will accomplish this goal because he is the type of person who is willing to be innovative in order to get results. And for times when innovation won't do the job, a gold four leaf clover hangs above the door in his office. Maybe it is a sign of a bright future for him and all of the other people who make up Newman Smith High School. y xg X VJ, if , if g E 5 .Q .Vi .. :hi ' ir K VV:. I L.-XV. N f 'tiff N ' . yu. X 'Sf-ssc. ....,,, V .13 School Board Members Left to Right Dr Dan Long Mike Blalack Donald Sheffield Paul A Watten, Scott Smith, Nan Walvoord, Don Hammond. tFl. Jonesl 264 Administration T D0 IT All. FDD YU it Mrs. Lora Folsom rejoined the administration this year, but this time as the assistant principal in charge of instruction. With this new job she took on many new responsibilities. She handled the budget, schedul- ing, data services, substitute teachers, and student teachers. She managed to get into the swing early and take care of business the en- tire year. Mr. Ron Studdert remained the assistant principal in charge of pupil personal services. He took charge of all U.l.L. organizations, fund raising projects, the Senate, in school suspension, detentions, the ac- tivity calendar, early dismissals and lunch passes, public relations, and proof of residency. Mr. Bowlin was in charge of all building main- tanence, security, fire drills, some class observations, lockers, and discipline for the 11th grade and half of the 9th grade. Mrs. Watson disciplined the other half ol the 9th grade plus all ot the 10th grade. She also handled all text books, the teacher duty roster and some , class observations. 'g Top: Mrs. Watson listens intently at a faculty meeting early in the year. Left: Mr. Studdert shows that it is sometimes necessary to be able to do two things at once. Below left: Mr. Bowlin bides his time 1 1 it E W. Q W v'14,f:e sr. , ,i . Q. , . . 551- I 4- ' 7 i l .45 W Q I by gl E M .2 J during lunch duty by chatting with Coach W i Ouisenberry. Below Right: Mrs. Folsom was "back in the ff I' ! I i I saddle" in administration this year. Here, she 3 s 552, wi as 3, m.:3 vs. goes over some teacher evaluations. lAll pic- tures this page - R. Jones.l gg! l l S ik Administration 265 Colleen Baxter John Bohls Kathleen Brent Cletus Brewer Peggy Brown Don Burrell Sylvia Butler Victor Chacchia Ron Cole Ellen Cook Andy Cummings Jeff Davis Pat Dedmon Cynthia Delaney Kenneth Dockray Mary Doyle Madean Dubus Shirley Duderstadt Linda East Barbara Edwards e ntold Story Most students and faculty alike would agree that Cherylanne Noell is a fun-loving person. Most people do not know just the extent of her craziness. Mrs. Noell likes the fun side of life. She likes to introduce entertaining ideas into serious events. She met her husband in an unusual way. Mr. Noell was a disc jockey at KRLD. Mrs. Noell used to call in her requests nearly every day. After six months of phone conversa- tions, they had their first date. Two years later, they were married. The wedding itself was also unusual. Instead of the customary bride and groom on the wedding cake, Grover and the Cookie Monster presided. When asked if she was accident prone, she nodded vigorously. She commented, "It is my destiny to be accident prone, I'm also allergic to everything." As sponsor of the Woods and Water Club, she has chanced fate often. Once, in the early morning hours, she gracefully fell off a six toot cliff. Although she seems to have a prominently comical nature, she does, however, have a serious side. She has several personal philosophies. "When you reflect on life, the achievement is not that important, what is important is how you got there. Sometimes people take life loo seriously and you have to laugh, it is a way to cope." 266 Teachers I ,fe , V ,ut 1 ff t, my 5 ek VA r -6',li.5,, -'Q K t t . I Y 'tr im L ' at M333 , ,f , W te 2 'l Jmnuwit A Jimmie Elliott Janice Engels Virginia Erxleben Judy Fife Bubba Fife Lyndall Forney Jeff Foster Coach Brown, true to his nature, sleeps through registration. tFt. Jones! Joyce Fredette Luis Garcia Ron Hargrove Jim Hawkims Jeanette Haws Robert Hembree Bert Hendrick Carol Hillman Sandra Hinesly Fred Howard Robert Hunnicutt Dennis Hutcherson Dana Johnston Ruth Jolly Karl Jones George Karlsven Gerald Keith Cathy Knox Cathy Lassiter Orlew Lauger Karen Lewis Donna Loewen T68Ch9l'S 267 268 T68Ch8l' S Robin Logan Caroline Marcus Jim Mason Archie Maulding Joyce McClellan Melody McCollum Gaynell Morgan Sandra Morris Cherylanne Noell Jennifer Norris Judy Panneck Charles Quisenberry Richard Rachel Norman Rauner Judy Reel Jane Rice Cynthia Rider Leroy Roberts Rebecca Rockaway David Rotko Peggy Roy Sally Saar Calvin Salois Richard Sands Lisa Schleimer Susan Seibel - ,'k..::i :hk E ' W ' ,. re. 5 1 SQ ' , 5 gf .. ,T .,yy cgi X' ' Ft , 'arf f, 4, g e .-:gl e ,J ,,...-viii' K i v . as Mr. Hendrick looks happy enough. His students should be too. I doubt he could find his gradebook if he tried. Wouldn't you like to hire him as a maid? lR. Jonesl Q 5 A Qwgl,-j R QF , J is my at x 1 eee ,R ' L L :AQ f1-- .P W ifrwwkr R 4 , V "i' M , ig ?-Es , ' yr ew Q lu f K, . f ' l 1' J btggi-Eb: l 'fit?r21' T .cl . , J - Karp ,,- It is ,- f'xL...' R v gg 'r , 1 -, Rims-- f J W ra-S t eiff 37' ,. ': ' L, . f Nl ,. rs, W . Q . i, ' . 1 , -W ' J "il ' . Q it ' ., , X l iiii . I 1 -- ' t,.' '..-- Y I- N i . A ' sf 'Vt ' . 3 l i l Y., . 'AM 'lf :fa ,. ll -,A. Q .jaw V . 1 f V gy J W 0 'S I U , Q . his-S 1 -Q 3. Irene Simpson LeeFtoy Simpson Foylene Spain JoAnn Spradling Marilyn Stradier Ruth Stovall Nancy Strickland Shirley Tarpley Barbara Taylor Jacque Tindel Raymond Trenta Ann Troyer Janice Tull Richard Valenla Kathi Vaughan Eloise Willis Larry Wilshire Becky Womack Jeanne Young Terri Youngblood TEACHEIQ DET IDEEVES Everybody has at least one pet peeve. Since teachers are people too, ibelieve it or notl they are thus entitled to their own pet peeves. Student pet peeves are dif- ferent trom those of the teachers. Students are upset by punishment, badgering, and authority. Teachers, on the other hand, are disturbed when they are forced to punish, badger, and use excessive authority on students. lt is a vicious circle. When asked what their favorite pet peeves were, some of our teachers responded like this: Mrs. Noell: "Students who spend more time complaining than working." Mr. Hendricks: "Girls who do their nails in class." Mrs. Roy: "Students who ask for a free day." Mr. Hembree: "Cheating" Coach Fife: "People who say 'yea,' 'naw,' 'oh manl' and especially 'My old man!lady.' " Coach Hawkins: "Math and science 'butts' who don't know who Tip O'Neill is." Knowing some of these teacher pet peeves may come in handy some day, especially when you start to cheat, reach for the nail polish, or complain about unfinished work. Just remember, teachers hold the red pen! tHint: if ever in Coach Hawkins' government class, just pretend you know who what's his name isli Ever wonder what one of his pet peeves could be? IJ. Sittoni Teachers 269 Mrs. Miller tries not to laugh as she listens to a students amusing story. KR. Tatei MJ S.. ' t-"We Aff? ASSSSSMEX -----.-...... 4 V . 1-WNW .sw n ..... . cm. ,, or if Q . if , we 1 Top Right: Mrs. Douphrate chuckles as she pro- tects her typewriter. tR. Jonesl Above Left: Mrs. Lackey looks at her paperwork with a look ot frustration. tR. Tatel Above Right: Mr. Towers shows off to some ad- mirers and tlexes his muscles. tK. Johnstonl Right: Mrs. Nance and Mrs. Douphrate enjoy themselves at registration. tR. Jonesl 270 Counselors ,f l I l it .l , gli pw , ,., We Qt! ., .gsm-env ,,.-4" Being a counselor is easy right? Wrong! Not many students realize or appreciate the endless responsibilites and duties that counselors have. Not only do the counselors help students with academic, in- dividual, and group counseling, they organize testing, deal with schedule changes, and countless other tedious jobs. The change of counselors at the second semester added to the confusion. Mrs. Bar- ron, who replaced Mrs. Sitton as senior counselor, took over the responsibilities of helping seniors make important decisions about col- lege, making sure that seniors had enough credits, dealing with college referrals, and recommendations, presenting scholarships, and writing the Senior Scoop. Mr. Barkley remained as the Jr. Counselor and was involved with helping students plan their schedules for college prepara- tion. He was also a SPARK leader. Mr. Towers, sophomore counselor, was involved with the PSAT and other testing. He used the Stanford Achievement Test as an aid for placing students in the proper courses. Mr. Towers was also a SPARK leader. Mrs. Miller, who replaced Mrs. Nance as the freshman counselor acquired the duties of placing students in their required courses and helping them deal with one of their most traumatic years. Mrs. Lackey replaced Mrs. Douphrate as the vocational counselor and placed students in CO-OP programs and Pre Employment labs, as well as helping students who were interested in vocational careers. We salute the counselors for a job well done! get ,gl -25 if Top Left: Mrs. Sitton puts her best face forward. lK. Johnstonl Left: Mrs. Barron laughs as she gets caught exercising. lR. Tatel Above: Mr. Barkley and Mr. Towers clown around at a SPARK trip. Counselors 271 SECIQETAIQIESQ l.II3I2 IQIANS Tha sacralaries worked diligently throughout the year keeping up with student attendance. Each grade had a designated office to report to. This benefited the secretaries because it enabled them to work with the same group of students throughout the year. lt also gave them a chance to become acquainted with the students. The secretaries com- mented that the most commonly used absentee excuses are: "My child is sick today," but really they are going shopping or out of town. "I overslept," or "l'm eighteen years old." The secretaries enjoyed work- ing with the students. The librarians kept busy throughout the year to provide us with large amounts of materials. They kept up with over 17,000 books to choose from including books for recreational reading. Leona Russel along with a new addition to the staff, Marilyn Rose, were the librarian aids. Janet McFarland and Wanda Stauffer were the librarians, with Mrs. Stauffer as the head librarian. The ladies provided us with programs that enabled us to find quick research. Some of the things available were: readers advisory microfiche, copying services, vertical files, periodicals, and reference materials. The library staff was always found available to assist a student or teacher in any area of the media center. ., . I f f-1-f' A I . N., , ul A , .- Us QQ..'. 1 .rt Top Right: Mrs. Brocherding struggles along with a student to help get him through registration. QR. Jonesl Middle Left: When she is not answering telephone calls or signing blue slips, Mrs. Cooper can find something else to keep her busy. fR. Jonesl Middle Right: The secretaries are: Wanda Evans, Sue Kohn, Cheta Kiker, Imogene Millaway, Dorothy Shaw, Joella Borcherdimg, Margi Richardson, Karen Cooper. fR. Jonesl Bottom Right: Mrs. Thurman and Mrs. Sitton try to figure out a student's schedule. QR. Jonesl 272 Secretaries L -1' F if W 11 .... T , A K. ,, ...MY as ,, , ' ,ij f t if-lk-ff . . L ML: g K . ' sf - 13-M Q: li' ll. i n A u - , 'ff xx Us . A I 1.1 4 f . Q , ,il 4 e s ri 3 ,' Zi The librarian aids are: Top: Leona Russell, and Marilyn Rose Librarians are: Bollom: Wanda Slauffer and Janel McFarland. QR. Tatel Wanda Stauffer and Leona Russell check up on an overdue book. iR. Tatel Librarians 273 l A Required classes get the best of STEVE ROPER, especially when his locker gets stuck. QR. Tatet TRACY WASCHER does additional reading in her history class. QR Q- 'QL Jonest ' fa ,, , i" K wx- A LNH9 555 .imstf -rf? Students work with magnets and lead in the lab during physical science. QR. Jonest Mr. Hendrick's world history class surrounds him while taking notes. QR. Jonesi 274 Required Classes Y!! ASSES I: I2 T E TAIKI Going to High School is an event in which we all seem to have to encounter. Passing through High School was an event we all struggled to achieve. The enjoyment of High School was up to the individual. We were responsible for the outcome of our years spent at Smith. As we went through the year we were faced with the embarable event of having to take those required classes. The most common of all was English. Boy did we ever get tired of writing those essays. That good old research paper accounted for those late nights spent at the library. And the night before when we were up till the crack of dawn putting the final copy together. That yellow and black book known as Cliff Notes sure pulled us out of all those times we fell asleep instead of reading those novels. lt seemed to be a very popular and hot item during the year. Mathematics was a course to speak for itself, "A Big confusing messy headache." Memorizing all those formulas and functions topped it off. We found ourselves falling asleep with numbers dancing around our heads in- stead of sheep. History and Government were favored by most of us. Even though we often wondered why we had to take it. lt gave us the opportunity to learn about our country and other ways of life. We became very good at taking notes after having a history class. Science was quite interesting. We had the opportunity to do disections, chemical experiments gravity, force and nature and so on were explained. Health was a class which proved to be very profitable. lt taught us the things we did not know about ourselves and gave us more detail on the things we thought we knew. Health taught us to know about us. Struggling through those required classes was not that bad. We all en- joyed them in some way. And we had to admit that we learned something which would help us later in life. K 'an- Top: SUSAN RYALS uses Cliff Notes to get her through the novel. QR. Jonesl Above: The research paper had many students using the media center. tK. Johnstonl Lett: EDIE INGERBRISTON and TODD PAULETTE work on a lab during science. QR. Jonesl Required Classes 275 TIQY ITS YOIJ'I.l. LIKE IT. "Parte vous francais?" 60 PRINT "iH+Ll 3!B-C'K:", Eyes on copy, 'L 'S-Q., type. student lift "What's that mean?" student 112 "I don't know." student iii "Well, how'd they learn it?" student 112 "By taking electives." student IH "Oh. Are you gonna take any?" student it2 "Yeah, it's an easy credit and I can sleep for an hour." teacher: "Oh no you can't! These electives at Newman Smith are not easy classes that you can lust sleep through. The courses include career interests as well as hobby interests." student iii "Really'?" student 112 "Then why do people say they're blow Off?" teacher: "Because that's exactly what students do. Blow it oil as long as they're passing. lt the courses are taken seriously, then they'll be to the student's advantage. The only easy part about electives is that they're optional. Some can ease the 51 A i-.-- pressure from the solid courses. But most require interest ii and will to learn skills." student 112 "What kinds of skills?" student iii "Yeah, how can electives be to our advantage?" if teacher: "Well, for example, students interested in drama, art, or athletics can be taught the skills for these careers. Other electives in the field of business, such as typing, shorthand, or data processing can also teach the basic skills needed. Electives can also help students decide it they really would enrwy these types of careers." student :ft ' ell, what are we waiting for?" student 112 "Let's go sign up tor one." teacher: "Slow down boys, no running in the halls!l" see now . . . how do we put this thing back together? says and CHRIS MOORE. iK. Johnstonl . L M. Q. HX' ali' Looks like COACH DAVlS survived another drive Mr. Sands closely watches to see it they'll T4 with student, TAMMY COLLINS. iK. Johnstonl cut off their fingers. tK. Johnstoni 276 Electives 5- K A I -...Ac ' 1 IW ai i JOHN Feneuson seems to be dreaming of jobs, i' Ietterheads, and margins . . . LK. Johnstoni SHERYL PENLAND was caught singing her heart out. tK. Johnstoni .fix wr LISA CASTRO tries burning her striker to create a It you ever need a correct answer, ask the flame. tK. Johnstoni computer. QK. Johnstoni Electives 277 VDCATIDNS The vocational classes at Newman Smith helped teach students skills in order to help ready them tor a career after high school. Vocational classes are electives so students had the opportunity to sign up tor them based on their personal abilities and in- terests. Some of the clubs opted to do tund- raising to help raise money for group ac- tivities. DECA had the weekly carnatlon sales during football season and also participated in the ever-famous candy sales. The clubs also gave members opportunities to match their skills against other high school students in UlL competitions. Along with all the fun and games, the vocational classes were able to help students learn practical skills and fun- damentals in order to prepare for their careers. 278 Vocational ' fwfr vi J 'iii it -s . " 1 C LKTIMO VDD!!! All! IUTIWIII FHA: Standing: Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Hillman, D. Kenton, K. Wolcott, K. Eatmon, C. Hesse, S. Smith, A. Tinker, S. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Simpson. Sitting: Dr. Lassiter, V. Hightower, R. Vazquez, J. Wilson, K. Jones, E. King, R. Johnson, D. Steely. v W v 'Na 1-1. 'ali INDUSTRIAL ARTS - Standing: Mr. Rotko, A. Cotlerill, K. Vaughan, M. Prater, M. Ferrell, L. Mauch, Mr. Mar- tino, Mr. Sands. Kneeling: W. Diviney, H. Winborn, P. Smith, M. Gournay, M. Trezza, S. Hite, K. Owen, C. Hatfield, G. Tucker. VICA INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS L to R: T. Max- , 'et X'- well C Nixon P Woodward S Fiore, Mr. Park, M. 16 Helmlinger, S. Applegate, D. Howard, T. VICA - L to R: T. Wright, R. Villarreal, S. Janeway, W. Ladd, J. Sample, D. Ahrens. VICA - L to R: S. Harrington, X. Dang, T. Ander- son, T. Stampes, M. Ramos, G. Hargrove, L. Borel, B. Thurman, K. Leake, J. Bennett, F. Perez, Mr. Mason, T. Sultana, E. Atkinson. hr 'C' VOCaliOnaI 279 The vocational classes at Smith offer students a variety of fields in which they can learn skills and develop career interests. The pictures at right and below show only three of the areas classes are offered in. Right: KENNETH VAUGHAN busies himself by selecting some steel for his project. CR. Jonesj Below, Right: CHRIS MOORE and AMJU JACOBS test some electronic parts to make sure they are working properly. QR. Jonesl Below: Mr. Bourland offers an objective opinion to CHRIS BURNS and JEFF IRWIN about their san- sf' ding techniques. Although Mr. Bourland teaches industrial engines, his practical knowledge prov- ed helpful to the woodshop students. KR. Jonesl Qi " i1a'H fryyv . J! J f . ,rf .M Q. ...x .', 5 ' fp' Y ff sw ..., S. . .. DECA - Back Row: A. Coker, T. Yannessa, M. DeLoach, C. Newsome, M. - -4+-,ax 1 1:1 .. 2. U- sf... ,4 .z.'s-1-'H '-'Ar 1 MOOUY. T- Worthinswn. T- BSSS- Second ROWI B- Beafd, K- David, S- HECEXHERO - Standing: A. Huling, C. Edwards, C. Fitzsimmons S LHHQ, D- Hanson, 3- Rivera. D- Hall, MVS- HTUGSIY- Third ROWS J- Voekel, T- Hankins, R. Mullins, J. Ruston, M. Reece, J. O'Brien, Mrs. Hillman. Sitting J WSUQN, T- Ballard, K- Jones. K- Cornett, K- CSN- Front ROWS C- HOIHTSS, Fl. Schmidt, L. Reinecke, R. Johnson, T. LaGuardia, J. Freeman. Burr, D. Edwards, M. Parks, P. Maddrin, H. Herald. 280 Vocational lil l it Lett: Things don't always go the way they are planned. Here, ROBBY DUNCAN has to consult the service manual for a little assistance. QR. Jonest Center: With only a few more screws lett to replace, KEVIN FREEMAN works diligently to get this motorcycle in perfect running order. tR. Jonesl l x r' NUS:A+ Below: ln the vocational classes, students learn how to use various types of equipment. They must also take the responsibility of maintaining the machinery. GRANT AYNESWORTH smiles tor the camera while working with a bandsaw. tR. Jonesl is it N--.ull 'ft - L is ' 'tux f ill L' il H Q o - A f f'- l OEA - Back Row: B. Burnett, M. Schurrer, W. Burkle, S. McCoy, M. Boyd, VOCCT - Standing: Mrs. Delaney, R. Fleming, T. Biddle, L. McFaddin, D. iM. Flores. Middle Row: N. Hardaway, P. Manderfield, D. D'Agostino, D. D. Nurnberg, D. Kleiman, W. Lawson. Kneeling: T. Turnham, A. Harris, A. Kirk, J. Hinton, S. Rhine. Front Row: K. Badgett, T. Boggs, M. London, S. Blackmon, K. Kelly, H. Crossland, S. Floyd. Sitting: T. Graham, P. Talbot, Kirkham, K. McGlothlin. L. Purdin, T. Adams, T. Redman, A. Gonzales. vocational 281 X X, X X X N X ,QWXXH M XX VXK XX X XX X X X XX X X XXX X XX X X X Ibm' 5' M M.. Mm Tw - ,Eg-I EH ' nun ""'SIlrn M' WD5 Sew, , , V, , , .1 -V, X X , X X -ax M. 4,1-3 .lip Q is 5 J X I if M , M ,....,f' n ,ni .511 Q f 1 A, Q55 Q N , M 22,5 x ,KX AGI C ,If Nm ' K ' ' ' .Q ffsfw Q f x ' K ., , ' ,Q ,lx 4. D fg V1 . .:' , T '. fl h. L, .. , . .- f I -.fl . Q.-A.-.f,?L,-'-Q.1-,A-,Y 'i'25'-v-'l"i'u!.f1g-" Lf'3'i1Yx54-is-Esiff" ,,37y '.-325434 3 gkgumi iii-1-ifxki ?Q'Sf'f,',w5lSv we - . L Q-,E U f K . '1 lf, WLM- ,wt .U -k -' - , .. -. Q.-Lf.. 1'C 'l'4"' LG'?z ' . , I.: . zw . 152' Q5l:G?'affif'f'1A..g44'N 'JH "" -iixrvgm 2's1vQ.+f,.11:.1f'imiia fu, -1 11- J ' ' . 1 - , 3 . ii . TN Silk Y I, i if, ,, U if 1 in f QQ a 1? . Q. . , . A, 'L Q. Q I fiffii K E 1:4 - em. f if- sirf KT 'iff' T 4513"-kill . .Jgyz.A:, .1 cf. .bi 9 . tw 1 -. m - : fy. "2 5? . Q J 'fi 1,1 ' .55 . 5... " 1 ' ' ,s , .11 'iw zz .Qi 53: 'Q pi if' ,3 gi, ,. ,M ni 5 332- . ,fx :S 'W 333. - my .fr-si :vii 1:55 fs? Qi, 'fi"!1Z . K'- ..:ygk,f,, ' -' . K gf. vr. Q E.. f Q:-, -, , 53. :sp K ww. ff" ' .22 21 anni- Ina 15. ' bfi ' 'A ,E 'Z-S3 ' Qi? , Wai? H4 vqlfg' s 1.x 1, V. , We love and continue to be richly bless you 284 ads From Double Trouble to Double Eagles You've doubled our thrills along with the bills G is " D 5' ' r -. 1 ,fly 4 -hr 47 Y' XX ,, SQL May you be doubly blessed in whatever your quest Congratulations to Joe and JOhl'l 7' ' in FROM MOM AND DAD GRANDPA TURNER AND Wm GRANDPA BAUER xy Shi Dear Mrs. Hinsely: You've given us your courage, You've given us your love, You've given us everything and only asked our cooperation in return. gh A guiding hand upon our shoulder to point us in the right way, Yes you've given us many things: education, ideals, and dreams, But our greatest treasure is honest 286 Ad true, and pure . . . The leaves of tall, dry and blow away, Pages turn and fade, But with us you will always walk. I al yd I . I For you see, your greatest gift is . . . you! Thanks for another year well done. DECA , fi? Aa as-' , , 1 ' A - ff -' 1 Y :Ng . K . M- -X 3 " Q-A Dear Teann, You've grown into a beautiful young lady, we love you very much and are proud to say you are ours. Love DAD, MOM, JON, AND MARCUS jf A Proud of you, Wendy as always 1 Sharing your ,T , 'F' i happiness too .vp t . Dgnna, 4' ,a Just wanted to put it v f i t , ,,,, gg in writing Q A You arethe M ol s A , Along with mis wish f sen , yer 1 , , , sweetest, 2' f lor you I Y Ol nsnn an most I beautiful ' 'M' X - ' daughter ,M N A A Z Happiness anyone 'V Always, could ever Wendy have- A y, 9 Congratu- A lations , A - and A ma' 'l A' Lots of Best wishes and we love you very much. Love! MOM, DAD, BEN, EDDY AND MCM, DAD, TOMMY SlaSAN AND INGER Ad 287 sw 1 sz 'W , il 3 p "i . ' r l'kA'1,w Q' ": , It took time but it finally rolled around Brad Love MOM AND DAD You are off and A running on a good start. Keep up the good work. God Bless You! Much love, MDM AND DAD AND ALL THE FAMILY - ALL 43 OF THEM. ' fmt e ll ll '11"N, We the 1982 83 Illad staff present our award to Mrs Cynthia Rider, for all of her hard work dedlcatlon, and support We love you' R s 1 : 6, 1 I fy Q V-N AU, Congratulations Lynn you have completed a Major Milestone in your road to success. May your life bring you happiness as you have brought happiness to us. Love MOM AND DAD It he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house ot wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind, For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another. - The Prophet 290 Ad lliln ngratulations Aaron MOM, DAD, ALLEN, AND ANA f H TROY WHARTON performs in a drama production. I Congratulations, Martha I J.,V K fg, Q ,157 " ' A i A i ,,,,,r Q if Y ,,, f , --' is A f'r1 A ,--' sig? - ,Qs if Ei gg, 323 You are our Love and Joy. Stay as sweet as you are - Love - MOM AND DAD JEFF SCHlVERDAKER's expression adds variety to a drama show. Ads 291 Congratulations! I love you and will X , D D support you always. af ' ggi. D I Dale You have made us very 1 proud. 1 D ' Elizabeth: Congratulations and good I Iwzls in all you do- You wlll always be our e ove you. as as MoM, DAD, BEA LENA AND chosen one' Rosen Love MOM, DAD AND RUSS 1 Congratulations Stacey "Bug" Love, DAD, MOM, KEM, AND ZONDRA JEANEA Baby, l've always yy been proud of i l you, but never as much as ,, . this year! The hard work and determination paid off The best is yet to come! Congratulations, wayne Love, MOM For your long yours of practice and determination to succeed Your unrelentless PRIDE and DEDICATION and Your superior accomplishments, both together and individually We Congratulate each of you. Band Seniors 1983 Love, YOUR PARENTS X To Ricky - Our Son We knew you could do it K Congratulations Senior - You did l it all sf! l When you get into the world - Promise Yourself: To be so strong that nothlng can disturb your peace ot mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your triends leel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side ot everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times, and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement ot yourselt that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, to be too noble tor anger, too strong tor tear and too happy to permit the presence ot trouble. We love You Very Much and Remember: We wish you good spaces in the lar away places you go - ll it rains or it snows . . . May you be sale and warm - And if you need somebody sometime you know we will always be there. 296 Ads MOM, DAD, STEPHEN AND THE ZOO Together you have come this far Each of you our shining star Going now your separate way What more is there, we can say? Just remember how much we care As you dare what you would dare Keep in mind that as you grow Don't go too fast nor go too slow. From our nest you must try to fly So difficult it is to bid goodbye Let us thank you dearly as you ....--ugqh depart For giving us so much . . . from the bottom of our heart. YOUR PARENTS 113993 Yesterday's future turns tomorrowis past From love and guidance comes memories that last So many years under wings shelter Bring too many tears of days spent past We love you, MOM, DAD, GREG BURK MOM, DAD GRISHAM R. A. Noneman 298 Ad Q 14 1 f' Q 'X in U' 3 . N .M or Congratulations Melody! If r 0 5 Hi r 4 x Hold fast to dreams for it dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. We Love You GRANDMOTHER LOLA MOTHER AND DAVID KR :WX if 2 19' :Si l l '-f,.: ,,.. "Q iff' ,. X . ---- asus? X XC 6 'K ! 'N A . , K ., .kiikb K sf' ...W Congratulations Kristi! We are all very proud of you You have come along way in reaching many of your goals In life. May the Lord guide you Ih the years ahead. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all Thy ways S acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path." Q km Proverbs 3:5,6 Much Love From Your Mother and Grandparents Congratulations Jennifer What you are is God's gift to OU. What you make of yourself is your gift to God What a wonderful beginning! With much love and pride, Mom, Dad, Bobby, Billy and Amy 300 Ads A F2 f I ,u m ,-A 'TZ' if I Congratulations to our graduating Senior. We love you and hope for you a happy, successful future. DAD, MOM, KIM, TODD AND SHEILA I LISA WARRNER gives a good excuse for not having her homework at ESCB. Scott Even when you were six months old, we knew your reach would be tar . . . , "-'Y ' H2 4 , .K if-M, E Q A." X "-rf L . WE ARE PROUD OF YOU Love, MOM, DAD AND ALL YOUR FAMILY ,,ffN,' I ss, A ,M H 'E If it's not done my way, I'm not gonna do it at all! Ads 301 CONGRATULATIONS Lynda Class of 83 You've made us Proud again! Love Mom and Lesa We've given you all our love. We've sheltered you with tenderness. Your charm has gladdened us with joy. We have lovely, lovely memories. Graduation day is here much sooner than we thought. Our prayers are with you Dear that you've learned the lessons taught. We'II love you forever and a day and for the happiness you've brought. We'Il forever grateful stay. gW5!Q??z. Qu fa, , F 5 .- - :f gK.. '??3,qW, ,I 7,912 , 45,31 w..s.,4gz 'm czeg-w ,1-m I Friends are needed wherever we go To spend the night or go see a show For all the times thru thick and thin Everyone needs a special friend. You mean more to me than I can ever say I know our friendship will stay this way Cause God brought us together four years ago and He's planned for our friendship to grow and grow. 302 Ads To 0ur " '1 t Daughter 3 -5 Q. y. 4 Deborah: ii Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eaglesg they shall walk and not faint. Love, if3'?,uvg,3W-"' K tg? ai ' g -J' 5 ,yy ffl' il Dad, Mom and Kerry CHERYL PENLAND, junior explodes with a burst of song. Love, X Dad, Mom, Ken V 1 To our favorite Troyann, We are proud of you. SUSAN DREIER, junior, IS flustered by the difficulty of the routine. Congratulations Joy Adkins Love, Mom Ads CCNGRATULATIONS, Mom, Dad, and the gang at work Keep in touc ommvx HAIR QUARTERS 247-6151 Q O 5' Bw -- -Isl 3' as 5 S' Em 1 L QE U N 4... 0 : fn: 7 :la U, m CD4 nr Fl' :HS '92 Ei OI W :P- Lf K 1 ,af 4 ,-6? .L Z To one great daughter like you who will succeed to reach always to the final determination and will never lack the love and spirit. From us, Papa, Mama and Sis F. ' ll f l 95 0 V ,gn , j,.,..N 1 7 Seniors would like to express our appreciation for all the hard work and help you have given us over the years. We hope you will have memories of us in years to come as we will have of you. Thanks, Senior Exec. 44, 6' ,LI w..J I -V--u ., W' if Jaffa' ,-4"",h ,,,-0 The Many aces Susan Samanfna, lim .me Ja, af Cl ffm, flzia ia enough. 250 ,mf fool, AML am! ,neue ouer the pmt, for if i4 goneg .MJ J., ,wi Ae fmuLAJ ami ine fume, for if lm not get mme. .five in flw pfejenf, am! maize if 50 Leaufifuf fllaf if wiff Ae worflz remembering. and... jo fllaf uery alzeciafwmeone in our huea. WOW! dll!! lad Wa, flw rm! riae up fo meef you, may flze wine! Le afwayb af your AML, may flue aun Alzine warm ,.,,,,n ,W fm, ,4,m1f1.,, f.,ff,.,ff ,.,,.m ,W nn, ,an f 0,eUe, ml, Q1,Jl.0fJ ,ou in flue ,Jafm o!.!vh.4 llannl y yOu in flue pafm OLMA lla fl ll Richard, Congratulations! We're proud of all your achievements. You made it! Love Mom, Joe, and Max Mark, We are proud of all your accomplishments and wish you much happiness and success. Our Love, L Mom and Dad .Y Congratulations Ernie We're proud ot you. Love Mom, Dad, Gloria and Mario Troy, Congratulations, We've always been proud of you. We love you, Mom, Dad, Lori, Christian and Big Jon ., 4 if 'ti , - I Ads 309 Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you, but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrows, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladnessg For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable. Congratulations Rhonda! We Love You! FLY - Love, Mom, Dad, and Nicole BEIIIC Carrollton NA. 2625 N. Josey Box 5500 Carrollton, Texas 75006 1214i 245-5561 Lobby: Monday-Thursday - 9-3 Friday - 9-6 New Accounts: Weekdays - 9-3 Saturday - 9-12 Noon Drive-ln: Monday-Friday - 8-6 pm Saturday - 9-12 Noon Member F.D.I.C. Member Banc Texas Group 310 Ads GOOD LUCK SENIORS! The Handbag Store 2609 Ramblewood 242-2961 Quality Handbags at 20-50ofo off Retail Prices lgucfgk Hallmark Shop p i a aa e : , 5 ' A IQ . 2 . 1 X ' , A 4' ,, - k -4' f "r"g+" ' "' " if 2 g5ka22+:,,:,,':,:r e 1 . 'iiQb+++ A, ,g Qi A' t :fi- " t 2 2 3 w if a an But one thing I do: aura Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me. Philippians 3:13-14 you lzaue macle u.4 very proual Csongrafufafionla and goof! AML in aff? J we KOUQ yOu. mom, cibazl, gene ana! WML C o n 9 r a t u a t o n s r KEITH, It has been a pleasure for us to have you as a son and a brother. There have been numerous times where we have needed someone to lean on and each tlme you have been there as always Even though you are the youngest It IS qurte apparent that you have the biggest heart Your concern and compassion IS that of a much older lndlvldual We hope that someday you as we have wlll experuence the same thnll as us by watching your own children grow and mature mto flne young adults It IS obvlous that you have done lust thus and It has been and wlll be ln the many years ahead our pleasure to know and above all be km to you All Our Love Forever Mom and Krm Look Out World Here Comes Michael' Contmue your hard work and follow your dreams Our love IS always wrth ou Mom and Dad Robert and Stephanre W. as wc-'Q'-'f"X l , - - l 1 - I . . . , . . y I l ' l 5 . . , A . I . . 5 A y . ' x or D J.., . 1 g a y . lk 4 . f 312 Ads Jersey's Shorts Caps Trophies T-SHIRTS ET CETERA Doug :Q Debbie Pevehouse 2630 N. JOSEY LANE 8 107 CUSTOM DESIGNS CARROLLTON. TX 75007 DISCOUNT TO GROUPS 12141245-S197 INFANT THRU ADULT NF-lTURE'S CORNER FLOWERS 81 GIFTS 207 CAR ROLLTON PARK SHOPPING CENTER CARROLLTON, TEXAS 75006 245-6589 BELTLINE AT JOSEY We Wire Flowers Everywhere Congratulations Sara We Love You JACK and BETH SHIRLEY SUSAN SHIRLEY owrvsns MANAGER l Julla, ff ,ff ff' 'J From playing with playdough to cruising Forest Lane, From peddling the little red car to driving the "Good Times Van," From rulfles and lace to blue jeans and punk boots, From a cute little girl to a beautiful young lady, We've watched you emerge, giggling along the way, Congratulations to Our Senior! Loye Always Mom, Dad, Janet and Diane I-1dS To Kevin Congratulations and Good .i Our Luck! Baby y ye Has 4-. vine Grown K1 M051 4 and 'i V1 Dad - --H Owner: Doris Clay Q1 F 1 ' -'A A Cigrgfgzgs, Fine Jewelry, Hair Care Love A 5 aoss N. Josey Ln. I Y ' 1 S 2 , Mom and G- 5 492-0021 '4'.:.'f'...., ffrne Best Li'l Hair ,Jef " House in Texas" f QW Don't excluse yourself. . .from - - precious moments Warm encounters beautiful attitudes ii a "f A . g Maiestic discoveries 'fiiii iiii v ' flowing intimacies ii Sensory development For these are the ejwels -ii y i Placed in the crown of your destiny X ' lwalter Bindery 2 ij , 4 ,f We are so proud of you! it X X fl Love, " fy Mom, Dad, Amber, Tiffany, Billie Eddie, Mamie and Jesse 314 Ad L A fam EEXH'-I if ,gy L" my if f 1- '-ff fi fiffll 2 is r:.:g:.-M1 1"-eff? 'A S .-, i 3 Ya! ., 'Vai it Rv. , - . - V ..' lt is ffkk ' 5. 3' if 375:54 gn - x,-. 1 if ,'..- , 4 V K .tv T73 'kixifii' Ljf 'ft ' lj ,r x , . ,HTTTU l 'Q 1 i fl t Gallksleson Lorri Barnes r 18 Becky Beck Leslie Burk Kelli Cochran indy Denson bi ,-g Kaye Galley Silvia Gonzalez Virginia Gonzalez Debra Grisham ,WV5 '23 W Alesia Harbison Donna Huchlngson Peggy Mcveigh Karla Monk aan: at 'D , Q x Rhonda Nemman Andrea Nichols Carole Owens Laura Ramos f l ala' t- W 2 'xii , f. 3? fa' t-fi! ,. 4, M ,Ma N., 1.1 ,A JL 1 is Li -1 'fi Jeanie Richards Lynda Sexton Tami Tooke Dana VanNoy Outstanding Seniors 315 Congratulations Rognia We're s Proud of You have come a long way, but the race hasjust begun. MQI11 and Congratulations - We love you. ,X ff SM' Nu Dad 4 Phil. 3:13 Mom, Dad, Sharon, Teri r f f' R ' Red was always our favorite color! Love, Mom, N it ,wie Veronica Anne, As ou were then so r , ty , , V,., U y ,. ,,,, l i,, 52 "Our PRIDE and JOY!!l" A Love You, Moit and Dad 1 Q 316 Ad John Singleton, Stephanie Howell and Jenny Pruitt in action brewing up a magic potion at . . . 'i' rigiiif illsvuwww, 1 TRINITY MILLS AT JOSEY LANE CARROLLTON, TEXAS 75006 I.8I1eSS3, working with your smile . . . If 33525: It's been a pleasure As well as on your smile. Dr. Kessner and Staff rf I '5 F '+I We wish you continued success in the future. Ads 317 x 4 4, Alesia To a daughter and sister whose dl'e8mS and 3C- complishments we cheered, the disap- pointments we shared, we wish your future dreams ful-filled as we remember your dreams of today. Q-fffA i S Congratulations!! With Love From Our Hearts Dad, Mother, Jason, Venessa and Bruce --X t nn do , 'K l Q4 -If 1 . We are very proud of you. 18 months to 18 years - We loved you then, We love you now, We'll love you forever! yCongratuIations fromMOM . AND DAD - BRIAN AND JERRY GRANDMA AND POPSKA J 5 if QU 1 X4 b . sl ' A i Ai" 364 . . V r N Ash X 1,4 ,JHUFF 'URLQK Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 Ads 319 .ITN , X 5 rx . -h gg , 4' K I r. r t.: I y pf I 1 I A K :I 1 I I 'I' I I 1 I , f I I'. If fr '.l ' I XXX II E3 LFQB xxx if 1, , 1 V 'wwf if fr. ,la r, ,fi I ff ' I Iyf V, I I i X C7 X. X , X .IV If ! "I x, 1 . ,ra 1,4 Kr ..7 ug fi' ez9f?sz2 ' J M O O O If? cf-aaa ATQR Sb! . , ,,, 320 Ads V? 5 e 3 E Ron, During high school I didn't have many true friends, but I can gladly say that you were one. You helped me be better through our competing against each other, and I hope you can make it down to U.T. someday sol can continue to show you that Canon cameras are no good. Congratulations! Jim Qi 25 X? .I ' 'c I Q I .Q O 1-- N Xu M y .. I 'I ,- I f' .f. 23 ,0 A eq E U n X ,ir I ' I ,Q y S is Lisa Marie Cooper 1971-1983 l 1 "Shoot For The Moon, . . . should you happen to miss . . . You'Il still Be Among The Stars!!!" Congratulations!!! We love you, Mother and Jim WOODS AND WATER Congratulates its Seniors! K. K. McMahon Julia Mullinax Charle Bennett Nick Carrozza Kathy Campbell Rick Nichols Julie Densmore Tom Pentecost Cathy Edwards lVPlADl Renee Furey lVPlPl Renee Pulte Stacia Sivess lHist.l Dan Stafford lPres.l Carla Stow fSec'yl Vince Werner Roni Williams Russell Howell Robin Johnson Shelley MacDonald James McCauley Paul Woodward May your rivers all be whitewater And your snow all be powder! YOU CAN HELP Conserving electricity and all forms of energy not only helps save our nation's precious energy resources, it helps you and your family save money. Do your part by closing windows and doors when the heating or air conditioning unit is on . . . don't graze with the refrigerator door open . . . hot water takes energy - try a shorter shower . . . turn off the TV or stereo when you are through with it. Work with your family to save energy now to assure enough for everyone when you start a family of your own. TEXAS POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility Ad 321 Mgr, .. W, ,,, .. fl Ei at iz if' 'V f f vw 'N b QQ M? , . H., ii Qiffgy arg? 350111 a caferpillar Q EB X w1H1 gfilzzezfcn 3 A Hmmm dc bqaufiful bufferflzg XM and wxfh a smile, 1 Qfflglg PIZZA 458-2575 CQNGRATULATIQNS SENIORS '83 Junior, srrvf RIVERA shows Off his punk 5519 Prestonwood Village attire on punk da y. KH. Jones! TRUYANNS s" ' Thanks for making 1982-83 the BEST! i Mrs. Roth To the most creative annual staff ever, a . M--my I wish Iife's very best! , . , , W, it Thanks for a year full of surprises!! 'i'Q y . I 1 d f th pple pies, the candy, the necklace charm, the towels, the pink dish, the music box, A I A ' M ' th d ppl the pepsi bank, the E.T. key rings, the pins, the cards, the deco ator tin, the y ' , ' l dle holders, the crystal plate . . .J gl" N ,X N f ' X, Aspocial thanks to my "Secret Admirornwhoover that is for the lloworull Mascot Shows Off her And a sincere, heartfelt thanks for the fghjggefjffff HS 'he alma mafef fs Pfayed' FANTASTIC DIRECTOFFS CHAIR!! Ad 324 Ad "Congratulations, Seniors of N.S 083i on your Graduation day" From: E 90 A 6 srumos Ca2m.Ro5'?5IaEa?5E06 pfjjwfrul- 7724f'b4'4i 1 VW' Congratulations To 1983 Seniors Xl E- , ,1' X ix. 7. . I 1 J, b t , T Tiffany Tweedle catches Ihe rays at the For your Telephone needs we have a large Sew' Omg' W' Jones, Selection of: - Decorators - Cordless - Standards - Answering The elephone Store Machines - Complete Line Of Telephone Accessories Bring your tassles to The Phone Store and receive a 10'Mm Discount On the purchase of your first phone. Ad 325 Si Ita man does not keep peace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a . different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or tar away." Th0fe8U ' 4 . y Q' Q I 'E' zu 'Eg QW! iw X -,e ., .1 ,g AY, 9 Sv NOW AND X? A f:'5f3g.gv J. f' My M-sn va If if aw 8 42270 QU 00 . , K . e K a ALWAYS! DDENING ..........,. . . . I 7 SNEAK DDEVIEWS . . . . 8-45 Musical ...,.. ,..,.A..A 1 0-13 Homecoming ..... 14-17 Punk ........ 13-19 Changes . . 1 20-21 Pep Rallies ..1, 22-23 Fridays ,..,....a 24-25 Fantastic Finale . . , 25-27 Newsbreakers ,... 23-29 Powder Puff A A... ..,i,. 3 0-31 Fads!Fashions . 32-33 Behind The Scenes . ..,... 34-35 Eating .....,., 36-37 Visual Arts .... 38-39 Dating ..t. 40-41 Fair ...,r........t..........ri,t,...,,.,.r.... ....,...r,.. 4 2-43 Fundraisers ,........,.,.......,......,i,.,.,...... ............... 4 4-45 BEHIND Tl-IE SCENES . , . . . . 46-QI Drama .....,lt.. 48-49 Debate ,..i ...,,... ...... 5 0 -51 Pep ciubfnag corps 5253 Band ,.r,.rt,,.. - - - 5459 Orchestra ..... 5861 328 Index Choir,,-,, Senate!National Honor Society .W-........62-63 -. N64-65 Whiz OuizfLatin Club , . , 1 . 66-67 French!Spanish Club o.., 1 , . 68-69 Art Society!Photographers . , 1 . 70-71 Odyssey o...,...,,.,. , , 1 72-75 Iliad .....,, . , . A I A 73-79 Spark!PsychoIogy ..,. I 1 V 30-31 Woods and Water ..o, V 32-33 Varsity Cheerleader . . . A I A 34-35 J.V.!Freshman Cheerleader 1 , A I I 33-37 Troyann ,..,...,...,.., V 33-91 NDW DLAYINI3 . 1 . 94-1155 Varsity Football ...,.., . 1 ,-,.-.- -.,,,,,,,,,,,- 9 4-97 Varsity Volleyball ...-. , 1 V 98- 101 Varsity Boys Basketball .... 1 , V 102- 105 Varsity Girls Basketball .... . . , 106-109 Varsity Tennis . . . 110-111 Varsity Wrestling ,..,. 1 12-1 15 Varsity Cross Country A , . 116-117 Varsity Boys Soccer -.., 118-120 Varsity Girls Soccer . 1 . 121-123 Varsity Swimming ,,.. 124-125 Varsity Golf ...,. 126-127 Varsity Baseball -,.. 128-131 Index 329 Varsity Boys Track .... Varsity Girls Track i,r,.... Fellowship of Christian Athletes J.V. Football ,..t,l,.,.,. J.V. Volleyball .,,. ' ,... , J.V. Boys Basketball .... J.V. Girls Basketball . . . J.V. Boys Soccer ..., J.V. Baseball . . . J.V. Track . . A , Frosh Football , . . Frosh Volleyball ...... Frosh Boys Basketball , . . Frosh Girls Basketball . A . Frosh Track ....... Letterman Pages ..,.t.... 132-133 134-135 ... 136 137-139 140-141 142-143 144-145 146-147 148-149 150-151 152-153 154-155 156-157 158-159 160-161 162-165 IZEATIJIQE DIDESENTATIDN . . 1615-215 330 Index Class Candids ..,.t,t, , Outstanding Seniors ...,. Class Outing ..,.t.., Luncheon , . , Prom . . . . Graduation ,..t Class Favorites . . , Class Portraits .t,, 168-169 170-171 172-173 174-175 176-177 178-181 182-185 186-210 l l I I - I I I I I I . Executive Committee l..I Senior Accomplishments 212 215 CIDMINI3 AITIQACTIDNS 216 2151 Y - i . 5 I - - ' ,e.,.,..e, e.4,.,,..A..,.14..,e.,,...,..e...4e,.,...e....,.e...,,. 2 11 ' ' .. .. .,, .,, , ....,e.e. J ,,,,,,..e....,..,.,e....,... i....218 Junior Favorites .,.,e . Junior Class Portraits ..,, Jr. Executive Committee ,.., Sophomore Favorites ,.t.. Sophomore Class Portraits , . , . Soph. Executive Committee . , . Freshman Favorites ..,.t Freshman Class Portraits .... Frosh Executive Committee ,.,i,......,.........,...,,. ,,........ 219-234 235 .,..4.236 237-248 , . , , J . 249 250 251-260 ,.. 261 DIQDDIJCTIDN STAFF , . . . . . 262-281 Administration ,,i.........,,,.,.,i. A , ..,.,..i.,.t.i. ,,,,,,.i,...,..t . . Teachers ..... Counselors 1 , , Office i...... Media Center .,.i Required Classes . Electives .......,,.1....,.t.t.... ..,.,..,..i... ,,.J.t.t....,... Vocational .,,it.............t,,.,,.........i...... .............,.... 264-265 266-269 270-271 272 ,.i.,.273 274-275 276-277 278-281 IDUIBLIC IQELATIUNS . , , . . . 282-327 Inde 331 Right: All lockers were cleaned out and the combinations were changed for the next year Belo w: Dr. Blanton presents the graduation class at Commencement exercises Bottom: RHONDA LUCK and SHELLE Y MA CDONALD proudly show off their Diplomas Opposite page: The cafeteria is Hlied with discarded papers as two students brave the wi E he ,..ck1ii'!w F ' 332 Closing X I , .Y - w5-ffi.f' ' . 1 p f W ' I Tun Xl K iii 1 . an ,si Closing 333 ..lllll---- ll ' " N4 jg l l 5 Below. DEBBIE LONG and SUSAN DRIER perform during the Iastic F ' I ma e. Flight: Mr. Studdert the clullered halls during lhe P Qc P qih vw., --CY, , Nl W Q0 1983 ILIAD -- IDIQLID IDIQEMIEIQE DIQUDUCTIUN STAFF DIRECTED B Y .............................................. PRODUCER ....... EXECUTIVE PRODUCER . . . ASSOCIA TE PRODUCER ...... DESIGN CONSUL TANT ......,. SCRIPT CONSUL TANT ......... DIRECTORS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY . . ............... . . . . PRODUCTION MANAGER Production Assistant . . 'SNEAKPREVIEWS' Staff 'BEHIND THE SCENES' Staff PRODUCTION MANAGER . . . ................. . . . . Production Assistants . . PRODUCTION MANAGERS 'NOW PLAYING' Staff Production Assistants . . . ........................ . . . . PRODUCTION MANAGER Production Assistants . . PRODUCTION MANAGER SET DECORA TORS . . . CINEMA TOGRAPHERS . 'FEATURE PRESENTATION' AND 'COMING ATTRACTIONS' SIaII 'PUBLIC RELATIONS' . . . . . .Cynthia Rider . . . . .David Garza . . . .Laura Ramos . . . .Michael Karmann . . . . . . .DavidGarza . . . . . . .Michael Karmann . Rhonda Newman IFALLI Wendy Campbell ISPRINGI . . . . .Michael Karmann . . . .Della Douphrate . . . . .Craig Hufft . . .Andrea Nichols Deanna Henry . . . . . .DavidGarza . . . .Michelle McKenzie Rhonda Newman Lynda Sexton . . . . .Laura Ramos . . . . .Wendy Campbell Shelley MacDonald Andrea Nichols Deb Walton . . . .Keith David . . . David Lamb Andrea Nichols . . . Jeffrey Ashcraft Mark Chatelain Kent Johnston Ron Jones Da vid Norrid Johnny Sitton Ricky Tate 336 Production Statt . , 4 , h 4 , . . v , . V .. 'Q 51" ' ' '71 1".'5. Ji"-N' -V lv .X , Y X ., uf Q ,'f,., mf- A.. ..r:q-nf :f'4.lf5,'ua,,5,Q9x wg :ffJ"'T., H , 4'w1,1,"1r':l-w,.A': ::-' f"3g,irw ... .,4, .1.,-ev. ,Q -9618-fm.: wk ,eq V- ,-fy-,L.,.-, ,jx 15.152, Vx' X1, ' X, :, - N-' 'rn -.X',??,1'Ir" ':"3fyJ.6,Q,',v9Cw. ' -'sv :M : if ' ' .LA-5 'V' W1f"3-- "viii l'?55'.fMC71if"3lfPi"'U. X 1,m.41,?-42 fr-aw-:-i?:f mS"fem,4s.f 1'af:FwQw f f-,, , - gf. -'xr-,3x.4-J.-2,ag,-,w,,fg.v' 'Q,'Q1If""" ww- , 1. 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Suggestions in the Newman Smith High School - Illiad Yearbook (Carrollton, TX) collection:

Newman Smith High School - Illiad Yearbook (Carrollton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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