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UNITED STATES NEWPORT AZORES es X as E G-'Q PONTA DEL GADI Q BERMU DA 4---"' 4 1 1 A . 'B . .,,, Xxx IDA I F- I 2 FRANCE TOULON MI SPAIN ' BARCELONA GIBRALTOR G23 PALMA X X x x x X X I N , f xx Y x x ,f If l,,- X ITA LY X DEAU IEU TUNISIA SICILY '43 J A LG E R IA if Rf T' "N A MOROCCG8, I I IT QA 'L f N9 gg, 0 FD LIBYA . 'il .f E P I I IN MEMORY OF FRED L. GREENE, JR KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY 27 AUGUST, 1965 ? Y USS NEWMAN K. PERRY QDD-8833 was built by the Consolidated Ship Cortporation in Orange, Texas. Commissioned on July 26, 1945, NEWMAN K. PERRY was named in me-mory o Ensilgln Newman Kershaw Perrjy, U. S. Naval Academy Class of 1901, killed in a boiler ex losion in the USS B NNINGTON in 1905. fter her maiden shakedown cruiseinthe Atlantic Ocean, NEWMAN K. PERRY sailed West in November 1945 to become an active unit of the Pacific Fleet. The summer of 1946 found NEWMAN K. PERRY at Bikini Atoll for O eration Crossroads, the first test of the atom as a wealpon of naval warfare. Durin her Pacific tour, NPEWMAN K. PERRY was awarded the COMMANDER D STROYER FORCE PACIFIC ' ' ' ' 1949. NEWMAN K. PERRY was one of two ships "E" for outstanding battle efficiency in both 1948 and 1 ' I in the entire Navy to receive the Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Award in 1949, in recognition of her out- standinglfitness and readiness as a naval unit. ' NE MAN K PERRY transferred to the Atlantic Fleet during 1950 and participated in a Mediterranean de lo ment A Navy Yard overhaul in 1951 supplied PERRY with many new equipments aimed towards P Y - increasing her effectiveness. Refresher training at Guantanamo Bay followed this Navy Yard Tpfriod. Following three years of routine operations, including a detployment with the SIX Fleet in the Mediterranean, NEWMAN K. PERRY earned her thrid Battle Ef iciency "E" in 1955. In a second Med- iterranean deployment duringthe sameIyear,PERRY was selected to represent the United States Government at the inauguration ceremonies of W. . S. Tubman as President of the Republic of Liberia. Repeating her previous performance, NEWMAN K. PERRY again won he Battle Efficiency "EH during Atlantic Fleet Operations in 1956. PERRY returned to the SIXTH Fleet in 1957, and participated in Mid- shipmen Cruise Alpha. , June 1958 found NEWMAN K. PERRY in a new role as a school ship fci:r1CO1MMANDIER DESTROYER i e Jordan Crisi FORCE ATLANTIC. She ogerated in this capacity out of Newport, Rho e s an , un S when she was recalled to S COND Fleet to 'participate in extensive readeness exercises. This was followed by a seven month Mediterranean deploymen . In. 1959, NEWMAN K. PERRY Joined Destrlolyer Flotilla Six, serving as Fla ship for three months and changing her homeplort to Charleston, S. C., EWMAN K. PERRY again depqoyed to the Mediterranean and served as Flags ip for Commander Destroyer SquadronSix. An extensive yard period followed, Pery's return to Charleston duringwhich the ship's3-inchgun mounts were removed and the latest, most effective air Search 'radar' equipment available was instal ed. Man interior areas of the ship were also renovatedf Following this overhaul, NEWMAN K. PERRY left Cixfarleston for another period of refresher training at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in preparation for her participation in the first manned Mercury capsule re- covery of May 5, 1961. August 3, 1961 found NEWMAN K. PERRY again operating in the Mediterranean, this time mos extensively in the Black Sea Area. After returning briefly to her home port in March 1962, NEWMAN K. PERRY plarticipated in the Presidentail Naval Review in April and two amphibious operations in the Caribbean. She t en returned to Charleston for a well earned Navy Yard overhaul. Routine summer training operations were climaxed in October 1962 by the sudden deployment of Des- troyer Sqpadron SIX in the vanguard of the Cuban quarantine forces. Besides fulfillingl er mission as a radar pic et ship, NEWMAN K. PERRY earned added praise for a high state of overal readiness which enabled her to pierform many other duties as well. NEWMAN . PERRY returned to Charleston for a short stafy after the Riiarantine was lifted, and then returned once again to the Mediterranean in 1963. In April 0 1964, NEW AN K. PERRY left thelactive fleet to enter Boston Naval Shipyard for conversion. During a period of eleven months in the yard, NEW- MAN K. PERRY was completely rebuilt above the main deck, and the newest anti-submarine warfare equipment was installed. Leaving oston in March of 1965, NEWMAN K. PERRY proceeded to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to again undergo re resher training, and then in May returned to Newport, Rhode Island, her new home port. June and July found her participating as an activegunit of her new Squadron, Destroyer Squadron Twenty, in making preparations to become its Flagship and to deploy again to the Mediterranean in August 1965. STATISTICS DATE OF COMMISSIONING: 26 July 1945 LENGTH: 390 Feet, 6 inches FULL LOAD DISPLACEMENT: 3460 Tons BEAM, MAXIMUM: 41 Feet, 2 1f2 inches DRAFT, MAXIMUM: 20 Feet, 6 inches SPEED, MAXIMUM: Over 30 Knots ARMAMENT: Two 5"f38 Caliber Twin Mounts AS ROC. TWO MK 32 TORPEDO LAUNCHERS SHIP'S COMPANY: 19 Officers 261 Enlisted 3 1 CDI! R. T. BAILEY C0 MANDI G UFFICEB COMMANDER RICHARD T. BAILEY, U. S. NAVY, was born in Washington, D. C. on 9 September 1927. He attended Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, D. C., and was graduated from Bullis Prepatory School, Si ver Springs, Mailiy and. Commander Bailey was appointed to the United States Naval Aca emy in 19 5 and was graduated and commissioned an Ensign on 3 June 1949. fter graduation, Commander Bailey reriprted to USS WINSLOW QE-AG-1273 and served as Assistant Gunnery and Assistant ngineer Officer. He later served in USS PUTNAM QDD-7575 and USS MERGANSER CAMS-263 and, in 1953, commanded MERGANSER during combat minesweegiing and truce patrol in Korean Waters, Corn- mader Bailey was awarded the Bronze tar Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device for his meritorious service as Commanding Officer of USS MERGANSER. From 1954 to 1955 Commander Bailey served on the Staff of Commander, Mine Flotills ONE, Sasebo, Japan as Assistant Operations Officer. In 1955 he was ordered to the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California and, upon completion, served on the Staff of Commander Hawaiian Sea Frontier as Assistant Operations Planning Officer. From 1958 to 1960, Commander Bailey served in USS MCGOWAN QDD-6785 as Executive Officer. In 1960 he assumed command of the USS SEARCHER CAGR-45. From 1962 to 1964 Commander Bailey served in the Bureau of Naval Per- sonnel, Washinston, D. C., as Head, College Training Programs Section. He assumed command of US NEWMAN K. PERRY QDD-8833 in January 1965. Commander Bailey holds the following decorations and awards: Bronze Star with Combat Distinguishing Device, World Warl Victor Medal, Occu ation Medal, National Defense Service Meda , Korean Service Medal C2 blattle starsj, Flnited Nations Service Medal, China Service Medal and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation. Commander Bailey is married to the former Jimmie Louise Fendley of Portsmouth, virginia. They have four children, Diane M., Richard T., Jr., Susan M., and Howard T. 'v 1 ni I. , 117.144 11-QI'-LW' it i Lum E. F. P0 Elms, Jn EXECUTI E 0FFlCEn LCDR Edward Francis Powers, Jr., was born on 4 April 1929 in New York City. He attended Manhatten Prep before enlisting in the U.S. Navy on 27 Aujgust 1948. After service on board USS ALLEY FORGE QCV-455 and SS GARDNERS BAY QAVP-395, and havin? been advanced to Aviation Boatswain's Mate First Class, he attended O ficer's Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island and was commissioned an Ensign in 1955. After commissioning, LCDR Powers saw service in the USS HUNT QDD-6745 as Gunnery Officer, the USS FIRM QMSO-4445 as Executive Officer and on the staff of Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force Pacific as Assistant USW Officer. Prior to reporting to the USS NEWMAN K. PERRY QDD-8835, LCDR Powers served as Commanding Officer of the USS HICKMAN COUNTY CLST-8255. LCDR Powers is entitled to the following medals and awards: Navy Unit Commendation, Good Conduct Medal, C ina Service Medal, National Defense Medal, United Nations Service Medal, United Nations Medal Navy Occupation Service Medal, and the Korean Service Medal. CDR Powers is married to the former Patricia J. Gilligan of New York City. They have five children: Lynn 10, Brian 8, Susan 6, Stephen 4 and Gavin l. A V... .4 'ai '- ','-- .. , ,' - V,4:iail.1, . ,gf A - -M,,,,g.,-,Lg LT. . P. CAPRIO, USN LT. J. D. SCHLEGEL, USN GEJPERATIONS ENGINEERING DEP RTME T HEADS 'W J xg. i -c k , LTJGB H WALKER USN ENSF G BITTER SC USNR WEAPONS SUPPLY ..v, .. . .. - Y 1. 0-ax.. viqf-...--1.11.f.f,.f..,-.,--5.-.L .v..-..,... , 13 .J g K YL rl s r' I L' Aff" :alla x XX' Y. Y 7"Tf-'f"'T"'?'-""'1""'1"' '?"" " """Tx"'V M'-'J T, ' .Z..,.., . g- -...,. A , TJ.: f3TZ5fT'Jf77 r- .,v',-L.,,.-- -..,,:H,. 5. . I I L i 1 i i I l 1 5 L i . J I 3 2 1 . fl H, .X , 1 l 1 v I ii 1,- L ri Q. 5. I, 1 l -1 l wr C0 - -- 'uW--A-nai- ' - ' A .........- .--, . .-..., 4 ...W , ...M S UADIIO TWE TY l l A DER DES RIIYER 52 I. ll ,l GEIIRGE F. BIIIT ER, J R. f Captain George F. BRITNER received his commission as Ensign il psplan graduation from the United States Naval Academy in December During World War II, Captain BRITNER served in the battleshigs lg- USS ARKANSAS 1BB33J in the Atlantic and USS NEW JERSEY QBB6 J E both in the Atlantic and Pacific. Following two years of postgraduate training in naval engineering, from 1948 to 195 he was assigned as .1 Engineer Officer of the US FARGO QCL106J and from 1950 to 1952 A was attached to the staff of Commander Cruiser Force, U. S. Atlantic , Fleet. He attended the Naval War Colle e and, in 1953-54, was Executive Officer of the USS PRICHETT CDD561? Upon completion of this duty, he was assigned to the U. S. Naval Academy in the Department of Marine Engineering. In 1956, he reported to the USS CHARLES R. WARE QDD865J and served as her Commandincg Officer for the next two years. Following 5 a short tour on the Boar of Inspection and Survey in Washing-ton, L. he was a member of the staff of Commander Carrier Division FIFT EN t, in the Pacific Fleet from 1959 to 1961. Back to sea in April 1963, he was gl assigned .as Commander Destroyer Division 102 for a year and then be- lp came Chief of Staff to Commander Cruiser Destroyer Flotilla TWO. ll On 25 August 1965, Captain BRITNER assumed his present duties as 1' Commander Destroyer Squadron TWENTY. 'l Capgain BRITNER wears the American Defense Medal with Fleet li Clasp, uropean-African-Middle Eastern Area Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Area fl Medial Q9 starsj, Navy Occupation Medal CAssia tk Euro e Clas' J, A- V merican Theater Medal, World War II Victor1yIMedal, Philippine Hiber- , ation .12 starsb, National Defense Service edal and Armed Forces , EXped1tionarEMeda1. ' Captain RITNER is married to the former Isabelle Watts of Old Greenwich, Connecticut. I ll ll Fff?:ff1zLd'?2iQ2552e2,-Lwraariiili.Keir-:-1-1.4.., -fz:,1,f.::f': 4 .9 - . f - 1 A . 'i """ ini" "N --A-L---G - : 1 ..,-4... ....-. nf.- ,...lL..g.,l.,,Li.Ql, 1 'S 7 :HW Q f f, f f, 3.259 W, ,wg f gya , M, LCDR. J. I. HANSON, USN LTJG L. DGCLERS, USN Materlal Officer Electronics Officer K1 , 1 . Wx ,4 R.A. DIO W. V. GRIFFITH SMC YNC M , 4. ' ..., 4 , X X ,, X X, X xxc,. X, ,-xX X X , X XX Q QXWXX ,N ww is x XX f X f, X Mx XWXSMXXH X XM rw WS, X X ffX,,X f 1 X X, X X M W Y M Xi 4 f ff W I i 2 VMS? Nm X' X '4 12 WX X gp . .wwf RX fy X 5-Xyy' 3 ' X mwgf X 1 X3 f gr XX5 C Q 2 1 c K fx mwx Q 1 - XXH X , f 4 mxyc, Q if .. X X X- gt XXX, J, . .X N ,Q ' XX X X X a S x Y -X xx MQ Xff 5 2 X , X S XX X WX X - Q gXX..w5xX'X 5fX5XXf Q X , Qiasffnfc Xfx . X , AY ,. Miz, QV NWXQQW 'X SZ Xwwww 'K YA- X ,X XX XXX, V5 .X , c mzfi x Z X SQ5XQxy QS .f xv xx X X XX A x X.. X 4 ' cf 5 ' X.,:- sf! 'K N -XX X X B -X f N 'AX Xf XQNX , X X H X. XQXQXWXXQ-Ag: .XWNMZ X X. B. S. RIVERA SD2 R, W, BISHOP R. R. DUCHARME CYNSN YNSN -X-' --N-,aa-----V4 ..-,,,,gL,- - 421 A . 1 Flu T mvlslo LTJ vm-1 , TH?-9 ri fy, G R. T. HARWOOD, USNR FIRST LIEUTENANT - . LQ., ff.-,,-Aa' gg.:LgA1fg,,j: Agn-Q fp fg 1 I uf ' Sf' 3111KJ'flfzjfff27537"'57'i33'ifT?- ' -f4 '.' 1-4 -, ....-J.-..-H-.- V...-...4--....,...1..f,... .... -..W ..,.1:,z.4."f1...1.' xii L2-'5txw:.iL: ,W A ' - - .1'.- .- -1- I' -' ' 'fY"'1- '-, .-:" .. ' 1 Q ,JT '-!'l"Z::ff.24P H cs. 1.1. W-v7J'4."5f" E. R. THOMPSON BM1 J. C. SALISBURY BM2 ,X S. F. ELLIS BM1 G. E. BURNETT, JR. C. F. BUTLER BM3 BM3 x S. D. SHELTON R. D. SORUM BM3 BM3 V. N. ACVEDO SA J. M. BUKOWSKI SN' ' N. RTR Wm X XX N M .Q , B. R. DEGRASNXID GAGNAGE .7 4 l '2 K J WC F47- w F. L. -ARAGON W. M. BROADUS SN BMSN V. J. CASPER G. L. CONLEY SN SA A. J. D'IMPERIO R. G. ELLIS SN SA R P FERGUSON R J FISCHER 4 B uT , ou MN,-I I N 7' San E W5 Z E65 kJ B0 97,2 al 2 C J I K SA SN E193 ii:-a2?4?iifEi +'i.:iii1i1flEQif. QL A-'fffi 197 ff 1ffE?'3f i51Eiff7f.'Q 3E'fL1.ff,ij .. .. U- .. ,, .. ,, f ..,- -...,...A,....grL',..'--1 . . N-. . .. .-4-.-.Ac-: f1...1'- 'nv ...... ......,-,.......... ..-SM-,.,..'..xuLL-".14C!azakm ' "' - A. R. GARDNER SN J. GESSLER SN fi B. E. HARTMAN J. M. HAUGEN SN SN 'R 'ww' 'ff 'uw-5.-.-...: --- V, q . '-------- N , Q 3 , I XE I 1 CJ ' SKA 30,0 I J W A I R. D. HYATT W. D. JONES R. P. KEOUGH SN SN SA J. E. KOLESKI SN D. J. LAPINSKY SN E. CND LAUZON SA H. P. MIECZKOWSKI SN D A. W. MORAN f ff ww, ii' ,., V f-:X ww 'W hx-4 f , , X U ,, f, , Hoff! W wma, X ff D J. D. OLMSTEAD SN D. M. MANCINI D. E. MARKUSSEN SA SN g. 9 f, A ifwf Ulf ' S55 f VN 4 X if Nw. 5 ,. ,. ,487 f ,V i J. A. PERLMAN D. W. QUILLIN SN SN 7 rl ". v '-. I N L K r X L N -6' , . 'f' f ' ' 'S T-'iii 1-:iff "T f'1-9'1',fjfT-.Q' I-Q-L' 'wfIi'1IF:F-1' :.i,f'HL 'lfffx' " ':T:T:T 1 . - r . . 'f ' H' -iw"waw Hrz-5va'1-' -,m1-A,u-,7km,,.,- M-KL.-A...,,,,..-D-,s.,lLLA, Jr X 1 , i 1 N ,,- , . f-1' F, ,f f A-Kar' -. N..-.4 -.4..un.N,, 1. 1-x w- ,T ...- M. L. REED SN H. M. SIMAS SA R. J. ROSE SA A G. W. SWEREDOWSKI SA. . J. S. RYALS ' SN B. F. SYLVIA . SN R. L. WEGNER W. C. WOEHLER W. CND WRIGHT SA SA SN E. R. BARON SN SEC D DIVISIII g 1 ,M iwfw MMM ENS R. J. KLAMPFER, USN ENS J. C. YOUNG, USNR Second Division Officer Fire Control Officer E5 v J x 4 L- .. - uma.. C. J. BREWER GMGC + xxxxx Egan . ,.3..gZjfbXgQ ...A 7, A,.,, Q 5 A. CND BRYAN GMG1 f s f Z -1.. QQXQffR A ' X, .X X I 'vw - A W A f-v -,Af NX X A - K , fv- N 2 X Q X XXX - ,f .- sw, . '-'. ,, -Xkzff .A.. . Q. K A ,A , L fc, ,-.i 72? 'I -1 fx XXX, . 6 , f1 I sv 1, f , JQR. GRUBB ' A ' Qplf Q25 2 Ns - Y? axf' ' E iv-'T--'7 ,, 4-it - Jill. , X f uh 1' ' I E f 1 . AWAQSN fa A .Q -1"-' N S A -: A. CND YOVAN GMG3 'E - Z- fait- gi 4-2- . A I 0 ' i 1 f-' 1 Q Q P -.. if " 4 Equal' V , RO P I 9 , H , we w -, ' Y 'K .. -71 - -if L .f 4 if J. J. D'APOLLO G. J. DURINKO G. E. MCGRATH SN SN SN W. P. MORRIS, JR. W. F. ALLEN FTCM FTG2 D. G. ALEXANDER R. A. OLIVER A F. E. PADDOCK FTG3 SN FTGSN D. W. LAMBERT E. P. RICHARDSON S. A. VIEWEGH FTG3 SN FTGSN 7 N 'VZ R. D. LE FEVRE D. J. LYTTLE J. J. PLETT FTG3 FTG3 FTG3 N F A S DIVISIO LTJG R. A. MICHELL, USNR AS Division Officer P. D. MACPHERSON A. H. BROWN A GMG1 GMG2 AVALLONE G. H. DIXON F. J. MIDKIFF SN SN SN N ,1 X WW q. r X S SX 4 1 Lora - , J Ji C- DAVIS J. P. ZWEBER TM3 TMSN J. CND VANOS ST2 G. J. BACON SN E. P. CHAMPAGNE STGSN C. E. PRINSTER STGSN ... 2 O 0 IH QL L. A. OLDMAN ST1 F. J. DREHER STG3 J. L. O7HARE STG3 G. E. WILLIAMS STG3 I 4.9 4 I 'Eff-9 w 1 LUJO , ,4ig,.,,11......1!:L .Y W TT. if ,-- - - ""' ' ifffgn W "W 1 IDIV S 1 fi gs X Q 5 1 1 1 Y 1 Y 1 1 1 1 I, 1 11 1 1 1 1 I1 '1 1, 11 il N1 if 1 I1 41 I1 I I1 ,, N 1 M 1 j 4 ,,.W, . Z , 1 W Xxmxwic f X " W S ' 1 ir X 4 W 1 1 I , L , Q W.-. 4- ZX 1. ,faamwfcn-ff ' ,, 1 mwwwfmx 5 1 ' W , 3 Q , . . XZ A .2 , 0 ,. . Q f . I 0 We 15 X, 1 ' f f f f ,, H B 29. X K , 1 , A .WCW X- .11.XZ 71 wi 07N 1 W Z69'f1AFWwhA775 . 1 4, S. , ww W way Q ,Sarah 0, ' 2 1 W sf X. Wwvfv -Wxmwww 5 ww Q 0. , .ww f f 1 1 1 1 XW 1 1 1 f LTJG R. G. WELLS, USN NS J. R. CA PBELL, USN 1 CIC Officer Electronic Material Offlcer i J 1'l , li 111.-f I ' ' W. F. CAVITT RD1 ' S. CND IVERY, JR. RD1 'if . .. .. . . 0 f A , filll fi ,KKKVVV N VVV' f s , g f R . RRRR . . 3. q.AAA I M . . WQXW A My x ..'U R ,iff , ' I . .1 ., mmf , - 4 .MN . Q .1021 D. A. DEERING M. J. KOVACS R. G. PEARSON RD2 RD2 RD 2 4- Z-, v'f".55-T7-Efife?'fu-1if'Z..e:f.f--WT1' 's' "'7T"Tf'f,-f. -.711 if-1 755.1 ,:'if17?'757ZfF-'TT5 ' Jfif ' ' ' 'T . . .Rf . . . . , , Jn-,r .4-J 1,3-':, .gghg -I-5 'j' 'E,-4.V"'j:1 HTL . ,Qf i' V VJLV!!i:,,, f- :V .,-- ,W .. ' Lag 5 I ki Q- W V :gas , B. H. KIEWE R. CNP RINYU f RD3 RD3 N. B. SMITH D. A. WALKER RD3 RD3 AP' D. B. FURR T. F. GAUGHRAN SN RDSN D. L. SHORT RD3 ' 'ffh W ' S .,., ff - 4 " 'TS1 1 HT", f f fy f21iff NXS. NY J' f ff I 7 , . ff f l if .WW x . 5 . pf C. CND BRONHARD, JR. RDSN R. A. POLE RDSN W. R. SANDERS R. F. THOMPSON R. EQNELLS N SN RDSN ' . .mf ' hxX R , 1" , ,,,,, , ww y ' Q . 5.1 QKQI . .I 1271?-L., X .. lf 55' R .. gf, , ,,,Q, X . R A ,.. I. , X Y R. E. BUSSOM L. J. COE ETN3 ETR3 J. R. DUKE J. F. HECKETHORNE ETR3 ETR3 'E' fav . 5553 iii? S . CE ?IR.g.gIOTT gl 132 ke R. L. SVIR ETRSN H. E. INGALLS ET1 M. G. SOUDERS ETR3 B. C. SINCLAIR ETNSN R. H. WOLSKI ETRSN I W, -.x. A v,-NL-mffu , ,,,,, , . ....,,,. L mam, 1f,. , ,,:,: ,W .,.,,,...,.-,..-i. N DI ISIO X s ff ww ' -' ,Zz , ,,f,' , LT-IG A- C, YERKESAUSN ENS. w. L. PALMISCHIANO, USNR Communications officer Assistant Communications Officer rf .--hhw Av my . - . 111 -g-.1 1f',:1f'1w-.4-'Q' -af f"-f . an x M -U--mm .. d.L...l.-,...,...-.. .N J. M. LAWSON T. W. PETERS RM2 RM2 D. J. HASHLEY J. K. JENKINS RM3 RM3 S. O. HARBIN RMC 'WSL HB0 . Q 0 R. C. LIONETTI ' .r D. E. LOTT r i T. J. O'BARA J. K. WILLIAMS RM3 RM3 U3 8 R.. FS r ,-1 2 .1-nl A . ,,,! f. 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JIMMERSON .. ..... i . .... .5 ,5 ,,',.,, i f ..... . .. .Y f, f XXX .Nw W ,. ,. . M. f, f ,Nw ff fx X X xxx X XV .wxf WXLU M ,' ' " , f 4 BT2 f G. E. MATHIS BT2 2 R. R. BOURGET R. T. CHIDLEY W. E. FUNCHESS FN FA FN S. L. GATES F. KN, LAMBERT FA FN .X 3 ' 'ya' X R R ' . 1: nw We 4 . M . S s-I f X Q . R f . Q - -Q- . i I W. R. LOHAUS I ' 5 R R' JK FN 5 , 2 - k b I i Q 9 0 T s IYQX- E ' W '25 if 2.3 Z-.-L' o 5 'Q ., - ... , ,, o ' 0 , ' M 'wx U f l ' Q' I f G R 9 -.. 4.--3 4-""' N' X Q.. Q.. , Y. E 9-1 - 1 T D MCCLANHAN - -A 41+ - - Whlilifl.-,ftkr-farv'-:Lg-2 L-1. ' f ,i.ff:.-f....' ' 1 1 Q? I e l I J 5 E W W l P' XSD - ,X M X f . 'Q .mm -V Mal ,, ,, f , . ,, f ,W , ' ' fifwgiggkwx 5.5 f ' f . . fa! . ,,,,, , -- --ALA.-' 11 .g.'- '.:g'." 2. 1" ' ' 2 . - .. .,'.Y-,,,,,,.......- -, ff, lg."-' X W'-Q-7'-'A 514. 1 Sn' 3-a,:,:q?LH-'. gi'2 :1?'9 " D. QND MOORE D. A. PEENIOLA BTFN ' L. T. SIPES FN G. L. BAILEY FN D. A. ST. LOUIS BTFN W. H. WHITE W. 1. WILDER BTFN FN 1 , .ff ,,,, ,-,4s, 1. L . T-m ,W X 1 1 mvlslo 1 H 11 11 1 1 1 11 I 1 11 1 -5 I I 1 i I 1 . 11' KI' 111 1 I 1 F 111 111 11' 111 V1 1 f I I I1 ll .i 11 1 I 1 A , 1 1 ss 1 Q L'I:JG D. J. KOBOR, USN 1 Main Propulsion Assistant 11 if ss,sisss , J. H. SUTTER MMC 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 I J J. L. CONNELL F. I. GERACI MM1 MM1 2 ? P 2' P . ? 5 ' 3 if , 5 52 5 ? ef J is P 229139 'Qrd-,,,X X ' M... 3 .E W. O. JOHNSON MM1 E. H. BANSE A MM2 J. R. CANADA ' MM2 A. W. NELSON G. E. MELTON MM2 MM2 E Q QL-, A -mS f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V. 1 1. 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 wi 1 1 1 i. 11 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 JV .,.. T, J. M. ASHCRAFT MM3 J. P. -GOWEN MM3 ' P. H. FOWLER MMFN A. J. MILMORE FA Egg? S HQ -+-2ffw':":::2g-Q'-1-5r.2,g',gs13:-me - fs.-', .-, ,xx fc --. 1 1 R. H. BERNARD MM3 H. J. HOWLAND MM3 T. E. GARD MMFN J. D. MCQUEEN FN T. R. FOZZARD MM3 D. W. NEWPORT MM3 C. E. LONG MMFA A. E. NOLAN, JR. FA .:. ,. . -, ' 1 - - , I , ' .. 5---1k-7I'-:-f-f3"-i21'TIL.'g.:.':,':g,.1:"x',' mr -"v-'r5-f.-- J .:..vb.L::s.m:.iQ ..J..L .-.....'-l4.'.- ,4 5. 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HARRELL FN f,, .1 f . ,rf , vm, f ,, Q. 4 Q - mf 1, W Www ff, ,, I W , y , M mf g -f Jf, ' L f , MZ ' fl. v 1 ' I ' I ,V f , f W Y f X 5 f I X WWMMQSQWW wwQMwW--2 A A Am WW 2i R.K . SMITH FN W. J. LE BLANC SF1 A. E. GONZALES DC3 A. C. SHAWVER SFM3 J. G. SIMS YN3 SUPPLY DIVISIUN am G QQ! X. J ,aff f . ENS F. G. BITTER, SC, USNR H. R. TODD Supply Officer SKC i'.v-Sf:..fiP.'fz.-mg-fz3.f.::gvL ' "'..i.i.'5'.12...,,g. '- , R. R. BAILEY SK2 W. D. PETERS SK3 l A. E. BRIONES TN "ff: 7 P. P . v V' fri.: ,V ,,. -,,,. ,M Q . , , A. A . ,....-.,.:m.v .U Y. - ? L1vl-1f1"'1v2-aff:-1 , 5'-'11, -5 '-Y.. -., . '-A:--.':. ' -4,31 :'. ri L' l' "ww fr ' , '1'.,L.-'fYIf1.3iP-"" , '5:g'iIiF'f-55:1 -s iff?'j:f'?'t.-qTitvf'.f2-ilf R. H. SEGERSTROM SK1 H. TQFRAISER SD3 R. T. MERCHANT SK3 L. G. CLEMENA SKSA ' E. I. CORREA TN H. C. HARPER ' R. G. TENIENTE TN TN J I T f K u I I A I R. A. COCK MAVEN M. T. BAGNATO i CS1 CS2 . SN . J J 1 ! .x ffiif Mrjffi lxxiv 'G' K. x H r l J ff . , Lp if . if . f i' 'X 1 1 ,l .3 K W. J. GSEIFFITH J 0 ' , ' Y M J .,...s-- .f--1 f 5, 1' 'xl XX V J "b 1. 25'-f Q 5 2 .fw J. J. HUNT SN I 5 I 4 F- P- KEANON, JR- D.M. O'BRIEN D. QNJ TCRRES g DK3 SN SN fe-rf--1,15-'. , f...f q.......v..:v-,f-,..3,. .l N, TY.. Ani..-,.,.,. E I 11-r V' 1' 1' -' -"1 " 1 " . 'ri' ,I.T"ff""f7"'1,i"""FW".'-!'.'Z""'.I1''Z.'W'?T!I""f"'T"i-TY-""i' ."'.1:T.'L.'4S:'11f""'f5I.""' . "ff"--"Y-"-'V--x'-"v-A-'------W f- . V - K- - ,. . , .. . .. .-, -..W-.. ,. . -11' -""'S' '- - , - 'A rv - - V ' 1- -. - -9 -f--r. A .gf-f-' . Amir:-'A x-1 -' .1 r-ff, .. ' - , - . R " ..,..1-'.'rF'-"UFFe-?"TW:'!"f":'i-H'-I--N-H-:'1"-f."f's.:?g-qgv-fv-wwWW77fz-'a-,v-f-1-mvI:A"'r' 4.5-fr'mmm-Arms-mLwe. '.N.,--.N2-4.L1-...,.4.fn:.m,..- 1 .,.15gL4,pz-,. at-M331-3Aflg5gg,g.g23gJ,.ff?.33f3 QE,1f .1'21P'uf:..Q..: jj-ggfgl 3 2221 gififzi-31QaqgkiilfriigCi M. K. DAVIS SN J. R. ST JACQUES SH1 W. KNJ OWENS, JR. SN H. D. LILICH SH3 B. A. SCHUYLER SN K. R. SPACKMAN SN E. W. NORRIS SA R. E. PRITCHARD SN E. A. SNAPP SN II 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , A f Z ,llr ,V ,,,.,. IIVIV I - . A - I W .I I. I I """'f ' ,I II? v,,, I I "" ' I Nxffffwf I I mn W 'ffgmga Q 'I ,.,, T4 I I I I I I I I I I I I -.... 11, 'I I cf F LI I I I J' I I , I ff - t ,.. A 5, :..,.I , V 1 1 AA . Q N I NAPLE , ITALY 3 2 E Y V. it if bi P M . , gm 2 fs fd 1 X E. I. I 1 i W1 . 7 i F I U ll 2? lx K L ' L F. V i 5 A r s . L 1 v v. 1 'v 4 K , v A, . Zi 'M 'N Y fi 1 'A . I W I v w 1 l I It 1 I. ,n 2 1 4 THE IVIEDITERRANEAN ITSELF HAS A REPUTATION OF HAVING THE MOST PRECIOUS SHADE OF BLUE. HER PORTS GLISTEN LIKE JEWELS IN THE SOUTHERN EUROPEAN SUN AND GLOW LIKE FIRE- FLIES AT NIGHT. WORDS ALONE ARE INADEQUATE TO DESCRIBE THE PLACES TO BE SEEN AND EVEN THE FOLLOWING COLOR SHOTS FALL SHORT TO TELL THE' FULL STORY. ' ' ' " -1, L Y Juv- - L -' No COMMENT! BEAUTIFUL BEACHES f - 4 ' 1 Af , , I ' Q -"- "?vL"f1r -,,A,4'5:, HQ W ww 1 iff'-, fx..,.."' 5 ,, '. If ,, x I, . , . I, 1 L f"-TT! -, Nug P-. .431 , .1 fgff '15 - . -- '--,w -- www ..,-ff. L ivy ' v-.,.'.'f ,- 'L : 1 f .?Q15f33fl3 ?f1f3?il7"'2 -v Vf,,f'L'4i"ii1'J'2: :Z x 'f' X, , 22??f2uLQM7f1?5iQ5 N Z ' .. 4.355-44: v32Q,Gi.4 . ,.-- Fx 1.-'r ,f+fw?'.3, A2 Mi x.., V Q '. , 345s7:,.K.,.wr,f,,v.5:-15,1 1 f '44f1.f 4 V- . ."3,f5, , ?'1'52'v3 mf-Q ,f flu. 1, -, I A .4 - www bil- 'A ' ' AL. 1 ,, V A . , ,V L, . " 'Ig f?.,..v' ,. "'s..'.,.: ' H "'--1 'Br ' I-ge' ,,M.ff:bf ff., -,ff 3'w:5,f ,J 1 fu' 1' . -4 , x ""'f,:?.15p.',kL'f f .PH ' , ff '. - P' F 'Sf' -r Y- T 1-.mfg ,AQ ,yvfa 5,1 wi. nf' 'Eff .- ff 5 Ag f rw, Juv 'gif -Lf. 1? W . A . 1 ,,,, . .Q -, ,, , -'Ik 1 ' 'V ':7f,'f, f' rg," :Vx ' 1 , , lf? -E xf ' fi'lg."4 P . .. ,K . .Q f A V, ,,f.,, ft.. , V K E. ' 442531: 41--, ,351 f ,5 Wgy, , -, , qw:-' , . ll K 74. gixbjv, .Y-H .:,' ' E' f , f' Y if W A. V -. r 1 xr I ri! P11 7 1 'f 1 1 A x w J X Asad Q- . D D T v l r T i , 3 I CANNES HARBOR IS FULL OF SLEEPING YACHTS BEACHES ARE SOMETIMES EMPTY FRENCH FISHERMEN CAST THEIR NETS STATUE ON GROUNDS OF THE ROYAL PALACE OF MONACO 1 r 5 r ' , CHURCH OF ST. PETER IN ROME - 3755. ENTRANCE TO CATACOIVIBS IN ROME ANCIENT SITE OF THE ROMAN SENATE 21 'Cir N ,- ,. J 4.,..,4,'f 1 L 4 ,Y v 1,4 J. 1 1-f -- e 313.1 1 rw 1229331 M 11, fn -' 4., ,Q A AA A M4 LI +71 zgffw ,, min we Q 1 Wf- fm, In Wwe Qs?-zilxx. , ki 1. : , f , '41 Gini Q' ugrtv, -,MQ 'L Wkf 'LAQQJ' .. M -, gs, A GARDEN C-OURTYARD IN POMPEII IVIUSEUM AT ENTRANCE TO ANCIENT POMPEII 'nraqgg 75,1 Qi I 'I I I I I 1 1 I I J 'I I ANCIENT COLUMNS IN POMPEII BREAD OVENS IN POMPEII 3 1 I I ! 1 .J THE FAMOUS ERECTHEUM ON THE ACROPOLIS "EVZONE" GUARD AT THE ROYAL PALACE I I I y , , , i , 1 K -""f"--T"'-iggi :,g4,." ' EEE, Kham, BOY WITH DONKEY FRIEND SHOPPING FOR FLOWERS , ,. M. , ww Y, Q ' f DETAIL OF SCULPTURE "THE SANTA MARIA" FAMILIAR SIGHT TO SIXTH FLEET SAILORS ,I I II I I I I NI I I I I I I II I I 'FII I I I I II E I - I I 1 I Il I I II II I I I Y we I I. I I s i I f, I I l I I I I I In I I I I I I I I S I I I I If I I I 5 e ,I H I I 'I I 'F I I I A EEEEWEEE I . i Z I Ir I I I II I ,I A . - - - 'fs 'Q - J www-'-r-A-1 V - Q -E E 1-'VQIQ-ww:-1:2 -!A.Ll5F.'U .""E5'?'5?EM::fLHiff , , , 1-55.1-f.,'8!!,L..-,.4.v .1441 4. aim: ,QAM E. f X. I f. V E.,..,fH ,LE-.,.-. -ML., - - r BEA LIE , FRANCE TUULO , FRA CE PALMA DE MALLoRcA Kiki in I' BARCELONA, PAIN ,, ...,..,-....,. I Y vi- ,.., --A,.,, .Y., . ,, , Y 4 N r A 4 C 1 1 - . J w lu V---4-.1 klnb L 1 Ja.. x.,. -vpgiw-'Lf-wav' amz. 1 ffm' 'hs- 1 r 4 1 I 1 E 1 1 i r 1 V I 1 1 1 1 1 l I 1 1 f v. i 1 R 1 1 V 1 1 1 321 A 'J 11 ..! 1:.-.1.-'r,f- Ga 1.1 - -'-U . .uk 4 Sl-IIP'S C0 PANY ROSTER CAPRIO G. P CAROUSE G C HARWOOD, R. T KLAMPFER R. J KOBOR, D. J. MCMAHAN, R. C. MITCHELL, R. A. PALMISCIANO, RAHL, R.. L. SCHLEGEL, J. D. STOUT, M. D. WALKER, B. H. WELLS, R. G. YERKES, A. C. YOUNG, J. C. BITTER, E. G. CAMPBELL, J. R. W BARTO, O. C. BREWER, C. J. GLENN, H. L. GOOD, R. L. HARBIN, S. O. MACHEN, T. W. MORRIS, W. P., JR. SUTTER, J. H. TODD, H. R. WILDER, D. E. BRYAN, A. QNJ CAVITT, W. F. CONNELL, J. L. COOK, R. A. DUNCAN, M. L. EARL, D. R. ELLIS, S. E. GERAC1, F. 1. HARRIS, K. A. HESS, E. P. INGALLS, H. E. IVERY, S. QNJ JOHNSON, W. O. LE BLANC, W. J. LOGAN, R. J. MC PHEARSON, P. D. ODNEAL, J. D. OLDMAN, L. A. SEGERSTROM, R. H. ST JACQUES, J. R. THOMPSON, E R. OFFICERS ENS WAYNE, N. J. ENS NORWICH, CONN. LT WEST CALDWELL, N. J. ENS WASHINGTON C. H., OHIO LTJG AVINGTON, PA. ENS NEW BRITAIN, CONN. LTJG SO. GLENN FALLS, N. Y. ENS YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO LTJG MADISON, KANSAS ENS PROVIDENCE, R. I. LTJG MT. PLEASANT, MICH. LT TAMAQUA, PA. LTJG SCRANTON, PA. LTJG HUNTSVILLE, ALA. LTJG GLASGOW, KY. LTJG JOHNSVILLE, PA. ENS MEMPHIS, TENN. CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS BTC APOLIO, PA. GMGC MIDDLETOWN, R. I. MMC PORTSMOUTH, R. I. ENC WATERFORD, CONN. RMC BALL GROUND, GA. BTC SOMMERVILLE, MASS. FTCM WEBSTER, MASS. MMC NORMAL, ILL. SKC PLEASANTON, CALIF. RDCS NEW BEDFORD, MASS. FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICERS GMG1 NEW BERN, N.C. RD1 MIDDLETOWN, R. I. MM1 NEWPORT, R. I. CS1 MARION, OHIO HM1 FOREST CITY, N.C. SFP1 NORTH KINGSTOWN, R. I. BM1 STRATTON, MAINE MM1 RYE, N. H. PN1 PEORIA, ILL. EMI YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO ET1 MIDDLETOWN, R. I. RD1 BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MM1 MIDDLETOWN, R. I. SF1 FITCHBURG, MASS. BT1 MIDDLETOWN, R. I. GMG1 NEWPORT, R. I. IC1 CHICAGO, ILL. ST1 AUBURN, WASH. SK1 SELBY, S. D. SH1 NEWPORT, R. I. BM1 BLACK CREEK, N.C. ...P IWWWWT .CQfff"'1,'3.f. . " " '- 1 . " S'Lf1f'i-V HQ--4 U 's' .YZ PQ E:'?I1f"fl7IC""ffffQ3Qi:1Q1Tf53-" lqiilf.I.QA-Tlz'i:j7":73Q'f.1,ff1' ": '1" ' " 1g,T"'., T A 3-fqagfvl-Q5-af "' . v ,.'.mf:f7f"1, 24.23.-:mlf-I :fini -' F-.g.Hg1ga,- 1 aug... f--4 Sv- ' .v.f..Af P-21--: F.. ff. . T A 1 .gui'-.s:1f.fi2??F'fSUF7f ff z7.L:1'1fi4?-:-Piifff if . , .g. . 'L 'I' ' .1 ' ALLEN, W. F. AMES, A. M. BAILEY, R. R. BANSE, E. H. BROWN, A. H. CANADA, J. C. DEERING, D. A. FEKETY, J. T. JIMMERSON, R. E. KOVACS, M. J. LAWSON, J. M. MTHIS, G. E. MARCUCCI, T. A. MAVEN, C. H. MELTON, G. E. OWEN, E. QNJ PEARSON, R. G. PETERS, T. W. SALISBURY, J. C. WINDISH, W. QNJ VANOS, J. CND ALEXANDER, D. G BURNETT, G. E. BUSSOM, R. E. BUTLER, C. F. BUTTZ, J. R. CHAGNON, W. A. DAVIS, J. C. DILTS, M. E. DUKE, J. R. GRIBB, K1R1 GRUBB, J. R. HASHLEY, D. J. HECKETHORNE, J HOWLAND, H. J. HURLEY, L. J. HUTCHINGS, R. W. JENKINS, J. K. KEANON, F. P., JR. KEMPF, J. L. KIEWE, B. H. LAMBERT, D. W. LE FEVRE, R. D. LILICH, H. D. LIONETTI, R. C. LOTT, D. E. LYNN, D. D. LYTTLE, C. J. MERCHANT, R. T. MURPHY, C. R. NEWPORT, D. W. F. NOTTINGHAM, R. A O7BARA, T. J. O'HARA, J. L. PARKER, E. B. PETERS, W. D. PLETT, J. J. REYS, E. D. RINYU, R. QNI RUSSELL, T. E. SCHALL, G. F. SHAWVER,'A. C. SHELTON, S. D. SHERMAN, J. R. SHORT, D. L. SIMS, J. G. SMITH, N. B. SORUM, R. D. SOUDERS, M. G. 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FTG3 WEST CONCORD, MINN FTG3 TOMS RIVER, N. J. SH3 MOUNT VERNON,,MO. RM3 NORDWICH, N. Y. RM3 PATASKALA, OHIO MM3 NEWPORT, R. I. FTG3 GREENWICH, N. Y. SK3 RIVERSIDE, CONN. PN3 COLBY, KANSAS MM3 OWOSSO, MICH. YN3 SOMMERVILLE, MASS. RM3 JOHNSTOWN, PA. STG3 BRONX, N. Y. EM3 FLORENCE, ALA. SK3 WORCHESTER, MASS. FTG3 PLACERVILLE, CALIF. SD3 NEWPORT, R. I. A RD3 HICKSVILLE, N. Y. BT3 BRANFORD, FLA. BT3 ELDERTON, PA. SFM3 HUNTINGTON, PA. BM3 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS EN3 SLATER, MO. RD3 BINGHAMTON, N. Y. YN3 LENOX, ALA. RD3 KEARNY, N. J. BM3 ST. PAUL, MINN. ETR3 FENNVILLE, MICH. IC3 SPOKANE, WASH. RD3 PINE BLUFF, ARK. STG3 ASHEBORO, N. C. RM3 LITTLE MARSH, PA. GMG3 LA MARQUE, TEXAS ACVEDO, V. N. ARAGON, F. L. AVALLONE, J. P. BACON, G. J. BAGNATO, M. T. BAILEY, G. L. BARON, E. R. BOURGET, R. R. BRIONES, A. E. BROADUS, W. M. BRONHARD, C. QNJ BUKOWSKI, J. M. CASPER, V. J. CATES, S. L. CHAMPAGNE, E. P. CHEDLEY, R. T. CLEMENA, L. G. CONLEY, G. L. COOPER, M. A. CORREA, E. I. D'APOLLO, J. J. DAVIS, J. C. 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NON RATED SA SN SA SN SA FN SA FN TN BMSN RDSN SN SN FA STGSN FA SKSA SA FN TN SA SN SN SN SN SN SMSA SN' SN SN ETRSN EMFN RMSN SN SA SN MMFN EMFN FN SN MMFN SN RDSN SN SN TN SN SN SN SN SN MMFA FA SN SA SN FN FN SN SA FA FN FA SA SN SN BTFN FN SA FN SN SN EMFN FA FN SN SN BRONX, N. Y. MONTROSE, COLO. NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y. SPRINGFIELD, MO. LAKE WELLS, FLA. CLARKSBURG, W. VA. PALISADES PARK, N. J. WOONSOCKET, R. I. DAANCHARI NAVOTAS , RIZAL EVANSTON, ILL. FALL RIVER, MASS READING, PA. PHILADELPHIA, PA. LLANO, TEXAS STAFFORD, CONN. STOW, MASS. SAN ANTONIO CAITE, P HANNIBAL, MO. JAMICA PLAIN, MASS. HIL. SAN JOSE NUEVA ECIJA, PHIL. CLEVELAND, OHIO DAYTON, OHIO ST. LOUIS, MO. STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. BERWICK, PA. GREEN BAY, WIS. WEST PATERSON, N. J. ROCHESTER, N. Y. BALTIMORE, M. D. GIRARDVILLE, PA. ROCKLAND, MAINE BROOKLYN, N. Y.' GRETNA, LA. LINCON PARK, MICH. WAKEFIELD, MASS. COLLEGE POINT, N. Y. ZANESVILLE, OHIO PAMPA, TEXAS NEWPORT, R. I. ROCKINGHAM, N. C. MOBILE, ALA. AUSTIN, TEXAS SYOSSET, N. Y. N. W. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MILFORD, MASS. KINGSTON, N. C. ESTES PARK, COLO. BRONX, N. Y. N. E. MINNEAPOLIS, MI HOUSTON, TEXAS LAKELAND, FLA. ELKA PARK N. Y. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. VICKSBURG, MISS. WOONSOCKET, R. I. S. E. CANTON, OHIO NEWPORT, R. I. . BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS MINERSVILLE, PA. WOONSOCKET, R. I. NAHUA, H. H. WATERTOWN, WIS. PHILADELPHIA, PA. COIPAGUE, N. Y. BIRMINGHAM, ALA PORTLAND, MAINE THE DALLES, OREGON NEWPORT, R. I. ROUND LAKES, ILL. EUBANK, KY. MARKHAM, ILL. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO RULLEL, PA. WEYMOUTH, MASS PITKIN, LA. NEW ORLEANS, LA. POTTSVILLE, PA. NN. I 'I - I -I . .- ...Ry.1fg.-sv.'Ir1EIrgQaavII:I:I:..IIrftfser: Tm"-I ,df I I i ff I I 1 I S .1 L J .I . I 5 E I S I I . I' I V I I - 9 5 I I I I I I -Ii 'SIYWTW WNW , , ,, ,,,,,,., .. ...,....,,-..,.....-,. . E., I- 1,-H , - V,-:aa-y.,-gp ' I., .:1g::,xg:7f - I W HNHTK , ,YN MV, U In .4 ,, .-.-. -- v--I fy I A V f A V, .. . .. L- .N 1 ,M ,- 4, , ,N V 1,43 1 V 'Q V .A k 315144 VS.:-:',..:'..l.'. bp. . ' 4: 3. -,g, k5. if ,,,,,,5,-Lg 1 f-z-- 3-'Laing-I ,E M, 5,1 -...Q 'Z"7i4A Z. i':-w f . A .22.LI.'F'.L. .IF - . 'fm W -91 13.32 I NOLAN, A. E., JR. NORRIS, E. W. O'BRIEN, D. M. ODELL, T. J. OLIVER, R. A. OLMSTEAD. J. D. OWENS, W. CND PADDOCK, F. E. PERLMAN, J. A. PERNIOLA, D. A. POLE. R. A. PRINSTER, C. E. PRITCHARD, R. E. QUILLIN, D.-W. RASSETT, K. D. REED, M. L. RICHARDSON, E. P. RIVERA, O. CND ROBERTS, W. J. ROSE, R. J. RYALS, J. S. SAMDERS. W. R., 11 SCHUYLER, B. A. SHEPHERD, G. L. SIMAS,'H. M. SINCLAIR, B. C. SIPES, L. T. SMITH, D. J. SMITH, D. F. SMITH, R. K. SNAPP, E. A. SPACKMAN, K. R. STEINER, C. W. ST. LOUIS, D. A. SVIR, R. L. SWEREDOWSKI, G. W. TENIENTE, R. G.. THOMPSON, R. F. TORRES, D. CND TROJANOWSKI, L. M. VIEWEGH, S. A. WEGNER, R. L. WELLS, R. E. WESTON, J. G. WHITE, W. H. WILDER, W. I. WOEHLER, W. C. WOLSKI, R. H. WRIGHT, W. CND ZGLINICKI, M. J. ZWEBER, J. R. FA SA SN FA SN SN , SN FTGSN SN FN RDSN SN SN SN FN SN SN FA FN SA SN SN SN IMMFN SA ETNSN FN FN EMFM FN SN SN FA BTFN ETNSN SA TN RDSN SA SR FTGSN SA SN SN FA FA SA ETRSN SN FA TMSN FORT LESS, N. J. LAKE CHARLES, LA. NEENAH, WIS. HOOSICK FALLS, N. Y. COLOMA, MICH. I WATERVLIET, MICH. ST. LOUIS, MO. HAMMOND,N. Y. , UNIONDALE, N. Y. I . QUNICY, MASS. . SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF ST. PETERS, MO. BELLE HARBOR, N. Y. DALHART, TEXAS ST. PAUL, MINN. I DAYTON, OHIO S. BOSTON, MASS BRONX, N. Y. BELLMORE, L. I., N. Y. NESQUEHONING, PA. NEWPORT, R. I. SMITHFIELD, TEXAS BRIDCETOWN, N. J. ANTIOCH, CALIF.. SLATER,MO. RIVERHEAD, N. Y. VALLEY STATION, KY. GRETNA, LA. , THROOP, PA. BEACHWOOD, N. J. JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLA NILES, OHIO WOBURN, MASS. BALMAT, N. Y. HOYT LAKES, MINN. SYRACUSE, N. Y. SAMPALOC, MANILA, P. BARBEAU, MICH. CHARLESTOWN, MASS. CHICAGO, ILL. INDIANOPOLIS., IND. ANAHEIM, CALIF. NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. CONCORD, MASS. WARREN, R. I. OAKLAND, CALIF. ST. LOUIS, MO. BUFFALO, N. Y. J NEWPORT, R. I. , PHILEDELIPHA, PA. WEST ST. PAUL, MINN. CRUISE BO0K STAFF ENS W. L. PALMISCIANO - ADVISOR R. G. PEARSON, RD-2 -. EDITOR L. J. COE, ETR.3 - ARTIST B. I-I. KIEWE. RD-3 - -ARTIST D. A. VVALKER, RD-3 - PI-IOTOGRAPHER ION ,. ,.,, -....-... D.L.I.IS.. ,. M- , if 25 Si, I' ii' !: '1 1 ii' 1 if . 1 Eg I ez- ' EW i Q . Lu 1.5! ,gr .1' I , W 1 ' w r K, ,,, r r F QQ 5 .1 1 . , ! V1 ,Q ' Y, 1 J , . I I ,Wt fl i , 2. 1 IN .Y if 5 g.: 1 , E 3 . .v N Y K is , ,, 1 1 , 1 I F L 3 Tp , ' 1 Q I I I I F E ,T A T li T ! 1. M! ' E T HT 'N -I , i 1 fi A H, I UNITED STATES NEWPORT F v T , . .3 AZORES X G0 Q BERM U DA - 5 me PONTATIP DEL GAIM s 4' A . l v i 1 1 .- ff ,T sa . ' Nz if . 3 'Q' rn. T i H . ,gh E .1 I 14 , .T f W E1 1 L3 L7 is I 1 W mi 1, 1 ii- DA ' 2 1, , 'X Q ' I X X X x x XX I NX ffl xxx FRANCEO yfy - ll, I ITALY N . N ' TOULON A ---I BEAULIEU Xxxss ' 63 H NAPLES 'J-I SPAIN BA Q JI SARDINIA I l I ' BARCELONA db PALMA GIBRALTOR 1 SICILY TUNISIA - ' MOROCCO ALGERIA LIBYA

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