Newman High School - Yucca Gloriosa Yearbook (Sweetwater, TX)

 - Class of 1937

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Newman High School - Yucca Gloriosa Yearbook (Sweetwater, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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- 2 'V Qian ,fffuhy WA . ',' ff W W CZf4M,Z7771ceifZjl74f3'Mj!jfMjJ fy wif? f Wifi jijpfmh is Dia, MMM aww Aww! 4940 f? 'K 9mQf JfQ,L,fM, WM? 5W'?yW'M WMQKWM 1 7 X X 3 9 9 N MM? My M' . M ?,5fQMM,?jf5!7f?wjQgULW'ffIw,f5f W9 Jzwiiff W w'f0'Wff7V gf Vw MW WWW? WM' WM Mwggfwjy fiffwfaff f if W WM ,uf allot-'fJ'U' ,lgwjmyf , fyfflfwg W , x G 7' R X4 ggi 3065 QXBQXQBXQ A fy YD JS Y , X , ,., r r ., -. ' W we-mosewii Qf x f T, ,139 3f 9,x5oy ,15rlaaw1fxsaa.,s2,x , M, mm, ex N,xQf39'5Sf93SXTX'sSSXW?s, gsm may Qf NAA 5 ima , A W E FOREWORD Sometime in the Future as you view, Looking this Yucca Gloriosu through, The picture of your friends and you, Classmates, team-mates, teachers, too, May you be backward carried 0'er the way that you have tarriedg If you see once more with Imagination? eye The days and ways of years gone by, If this can be a means of all your joys recordecl, VVe, the Staff, shall be most humbly rewarded, For making this, the annual of to-day, So much bigger and better in every way. DMQDICATION To one who is like another you, Understanding, sympathetic, kind and trueg To one whom mere words cannot explain, Whose motto must be: "To give is to gain." To one who is always sweetly the same, Who is like Ald1'ich's "torch of flame," Who leads the students from dzuk to light, From bad to good, from wrong to right. To one who's pleasant, smiling' face Shows all of loveliness and graceg Thus this Yucca Gloriosa,-e'en our hearts, too, We dedicate most fondly, Miss Harkins, to you. ORDER OF Q-BOOKS Mu5fd7lLg'5 at M707'i CLASSES smmons JLUNIORS sopuomoums fWz4.v1fczng's at Play ORGANIZATIONS FAVORITES SNAPS SPORTS FOOTBALL TENNIS BASKETBALL Zin emnrierm We know, of course, that life On earth must sometime end, And yet it truly hurts us deep To know we've lost a friend. The simple explanation That death is just a gain, Is not enough to rid ou1' hearts Oi' loneliness and pain. It's bad to die at any age But worse to die in time When life is at it's very best- When a man is in his prime. Were he a man less loved by all And older in his time, Our pain would be less hard to bear But he was in his prime. When one must leave the joys And happiness at its best, It's hard to leave this dear old world Even for the greatest rest. Our hearts are not so bitter When we think of him above, Away from strife and worry, Enduring God's great love. -Thomas Allen. Y To the Students: It has been a real pleasure to me to have been as- sociated with the students of Newnian High School for the last semester of the current school year. I have ex- perienced nothing' but friendly and considerate coopera- tion from you. Your school, and mine, should become, and will, if we continually strive to that end, one of the best in the state. May I express the sincere hope that we may attain this distinction, not for any personal recognition that might result, but that a more superior training may be- come available for the young men and women of this community. A Sincerely, J. H. WILLIAMS. C55 Qi 95 GLQZB 6IHf COQJQ .5 '-1 05? ll YIQD The Superinlenclenl I am happy to have this opportunity to express to each of you my deep appreciation for what you have contributed to the ad- vancement of Newman High School. Your purposeful ideals and' lofty ambitions, coupled with hard work, will bring you that measure of happiness and success that I now wish for you as you journey up the rugged Pathway of Life. May you receive all the blessings that the Divine Creator of the Universe' has in store for you. Your friend, R. S. COVEY. Ci-he Principal l yy x To the Students of Newman High School: The time I have spent with you has been too short-short but very pleasant. I have been deeply impressed with the high, sturdy type of friendship that has its roots entwined about the heart of this school. All who leave this school can be assured of success if this good quality is mingled with restraint and self-control. You entered Newman High School to learn, and as you go forth to serve, it is my sincere wish that you set an example that is truly admirable, that you let integrity and honor be your watchword, and that you will bear a cheerful message to the world. Do this, and you will build a castle of happiness wherever life's way may lead you. A. V. WILLIAMS. QThis message was written three days before his death.J BOARD OF EDUCATION DALTON MOORE JOHN PEPPER A. G. LEE DR. A. A. CHAPMAN CP1'esidentJ E. E. ROY F. D. O'LEARY J. F. WILLS DAN SHIELDS The loyalty, good-will, and efforts of the Board of Education have been firmly impressed on the minds of the students of Newman High School. We wish to thank these educationally-minded leaders of Sweetwater for their cooperation in endeavoring to make our schools the best in West Texas. Q g 53 1 9- " 9015929 QP .2 MISS ETHEL I-IARKINS MRS. TIM TURNER MISS SARA WHEAT ENGLISH llIS'l'OliY ICNHIASII PUBIAU SI'l'1.XKINH IS. A., T, C. V3 Ifnivursity of .L li., Ahilm-nv17111-ixtinn Cullvpf'-1 Texas. llmdin Simnmnh. IS. S., l'. I. A., UHIVIISIIX ui 'l'vx:ls. MR. A. V. WILLIAMS COACH E. A. HENNIG 1'RINCII.'AI., PHYSICS PIIYSIUAII l'ZlJUl?A'I'ION, 1"OO'l'BAI.I, UOACII ll. A., Simmons University, M. . .X.. Univr:-aiiy of Colorado. ll. S., l'nlvf:1':4ity uf Illinois: ll. S., S0llIIlWI!SN'I'll 'I'v:u'Iu-n's' l'uI' lvgv: Univvvsily ul' Iowan. MR. HOMER DENNIS MR. J. W. HALBERT MISS RUTH GRAY MATU1flMA'1'ICS BIOLOGY IJISRARIAN A. B., S. M. U., A. M., Univvx- Ii. S.. Sul IIQHN Siem' 'l'1':l1'l11-IH' IS. A., Univm-sity uI"1'r'x sity uf Illinois. Uullvgvz M. S., Ukhulmmu A. S M. l'nlh'5.f1'. MISS ELLICE HUDSON MISS FLORENCE BOYD BOOKKEISPING PIIYSIUAL AND IlI'1AI.'l'II SEURE'l'A1i1Al1 'FRAINING EDUCA'I'lON TYPING - B. .X., lhlylm' l7llix'1-wily. 'Wm-n 13. li. A.. UllIX'K'l'SIlj' uf 'l'l-xux 'l'I-xns. MR. GILES E. BRADFORD MR. C. L. HARLESS MR. C. C. WILLIAMS lI1S'l'0liY, ECONOMICS ASS1S'l'AN'1' COACH. DIVERSIFIED OGCUPATIONS CIVTCS ll. A., llnivolsil-y of 'l'uxn:-z. t'OMllll'1lU'I.XI..XR'1'l'IlMl'1'I'1U Kansas Stntv 'I'f-nclwrs' College: li. H., clillllllllilil University: Uni- ll. S., IlIvMur1'y. vc-wily uf California: llllivvrsily ul' 'I'1-xus :md A. M.g Lifm: Ym':lIim1:1l UL'1'lifi1':1ll'. MISS FRANKIE ELLIOTT MISS LAURA SHERIDAN Sl-Zl5Rl'I'l'ARY 'FO SI71'l'IlilN- I-JNUIJSIL ..,,. l.. ,, H'M"'Nl 11. .x., '12 U. U.. L',- Ur '1'l-mms. MR. RUSSELL SIIRADER MRS. FRANK COALSON MR. LAWRENCE PRIDDY HAND, lllH'lll'IH'l'IlA Sl'.lN.lSll. .ll,f'llillR.l. l.1Nl'1 COACH l"OO'l'l3Al.I. li. A., NUllllIWl'Sll'lll llnivn-rsityg ll, A.. Sinnnuns Univ:-rsily: Uni' M. A., lllIlV1'lhllj' uf 'I'vx:ns. vvunaily ul'17nIm':ulug 'Fuxus 'l'l'L'lI, ll. A., RllllllL'lIl1lllCH, Texas 'l'vvl1. mul U. I. .L MRS. W. D. MAULDIN MISS RUBY WOODS Music umm: lfxuoxomrs N ll. H.. W. 'I'. S. 'l'. KI.: 15. M., IZ. N.. JI. 1. A., Fmt Collins lllll1llll'HlllIIIlllllN. Cnlulndu. X n .ll f ' fx Kyxxj W jj Mfg X- , , 9 J NLMA QYVIATER On Sweetwater's northern border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years roll by. Onward, upward, ever forward! Watch word-"Never Fail." Hail to thee, our Alma Mater! Sweetwater, all hail! ,fr XV Xa 5 J f 'XX-f- - gfrvx p ,lX I X WQQ 'Kel X fjllfkf , W W 'A 'T Q1 " Dj ia x' fi 1 JXNMMJ' Num ,ml WM, lj, ,w 'Q Wr1r,US'1'ANC Seniors, Juniors, Sophomoi-es-all Assembled for work by an urgent call Assembled here in the pony corral, 7 They work for good grades and a fine morale. The dignified Seniols are first in line. Chci.e clover is theirs by rights divine, Importance is the word for them: Others must bow at their every whim. Next in rank are the Juniors lowly, Working: hard, advancing slowly Toward the time when they will shine Just as this year's Seniors fine. IS AT ORK A necessary evil: green Sophomores' Nuisances all-gigglesome bores, Independent, self-righteous they be Until they learn humility. Y Be we Seniors, Juniors, or Sophomores green, That we all work together is readily seeng Our work is most interestingg we dare not shirk, Oh! it's something to see a Mustang at work. Tho' we realize it little, it's easy to see We're working now for what we may beg Out into the Future-each lad and maid Marching along in Newman Hi School's parade. -Margaret O'Keefe n ,J As? Q ,L ,f VA 4: W4 f .,,f,..f.f- 4,,,,,,,,Wf 4? . 17,1 , A,-Q fs' L!,""4!, If f . 'N'-' ' " - .fmw-f .,4.f,, , ' - ?'1?"d"'5W?-45-'ff .ld-"'6'..j!f,,Q'f I :jd :L 'Lil Vi V LF,C'fQ'A--'iff' iff! gl.-.f,,.f1'3'i 6 yw gf VII, ! V: 5: tu " -.-f' ' J VC!! J ,J V J I A .Du y'?,?'m.fwf- ,fini , .. JL A NWN 'gym Q If ' ,fp KN .jifgffpaij Efficfs'-,f,L,fLL!, if bfi!!! :F A .,,xi1- . J-7 Lwffl Qdk-'EMT - 3' ,' .eb , 'I' gg ' M ix-,LZ 'I . 'L 5 . iL'1l'fi-Vyifwlii . ff? ,. .f1.,,-JL A ' Dgffrdltrf-,lr Qfix-,QWPZJ M- Y 7-4 A 4 is ,.zf1,4e,fLi2gf5 A -, :Q V , ! ,.,a K-fi,-1,,4,fff AJ!! If., 7 f 'X-- mf"f2' ,VLl..'f9fY'.,,'llvJ-fd! ,i-jk! ',' v .,,- ,- 915 'M ' --: 1. n ,.. of , ,.1JiLfl-6136511 Jf ,IL I I 'V affjzgzlk'-vvfgjl-j.i,,-L I gc! W "pu-iff: jj .- ,,.,,3,LJLJ - Juv Q ., M-A, L L 5 'lv' 'QJLLQ-J U 5WN ,f'e wi 336553 ,TJ -1 I-IIGI-I SENIOR OFFICERS IRMALU DULIN President EARNEST LANGLEY Vice-President MARY JANE MURPHEY Secretary-T1'easu1'er Valedictorian EARNEST LANGLEY Hillld '15-1-'35-'2Hi, Ili Y 'IISJHI51 Vivo' Prvsiah-111 Hi Y '36, 'I'l'1-:lf-nlI'cl' "lm Ilul'l':ll1lll':l" '35, l'rm-silll-nl .Press U '36, Business. Mzmzugm-r Pony Hxpu-sn '36, x7i1'l"I,ll'5ldl'llI Sm-ninr Class '36, ln- I,s-lsvlmlastiv I.0ng.:1n- Spumsh Umm-ht. '56, Senior Play WSU. MR. GILES E. BRADFORD Sponsor MISS SARA WHEAT Sponsor MRS. S. N. DILTZ Class Mother MAXINE DILTZ ELLA RUTH MYERS Pep Squad 'Il-I-'Il5-'36, Spanish Club 35, Plesidl-nl of llruniul-ir Club '36, Girl lh-sn"ivu '35-'36, llllllllllill' Club '30, ll1'llll'llllllCl'l'!-3 'il-1. Hmil-lirenkers 'Ili llirw-tm' Sc-uiur Pay Cliupel '36, Gim- Cluh '34, Progruui Committee '35-'HIL ROBERT LEE CBobJ LUSK Heart-'Pukers '34, Soul-Breakers '35, llebute Club '34-'35, Secretary-Treusuv ur Debute Club '35, Debate Team '34- ':l5, Glee Club '34-'35, President. Glue Club '35, Pep Squad '34, Assistant, Yell Lender '35, Head Yell Leader '36, Girl Reserves '35-'36, Reporter Senior Class '36, Most Popular Gill '36, Drnnmtics Club '36, Tumbling Club '85-'36, Senior T-'lgy '36, Reporter Pony Express '35- 3 CHARLSA RUTH ALSTON Ili-Y 'IM-'35-'36, Chniruuiu Progruua Cmiililillm- Hi-Y '35, Scul'et.:?'y5Iig '3G. M-mtv 'IH-'35-'36, SlHllliSl 'lu '35- 'ZHS, Treusnrex' Spanish Club '36, Tennis Singles '35-'36, Cuptuiu Tennis '36, fElmrulSClnln '34, Senior Play '36, Mid- erin . euior. lleurt 'Parkers '34, PepSquud'3-1-'35-'36, Banner Czirxivr 'JI5-'36-'37, Glue Club '35-'36, Drmnulir- Club Vice-President '36-'37, Girl Reserve '35-'36, Senior lone nctl Pluy '36-'37, Soul Breakers '35, BEATRICE ANDERSON HARRIET REICH Pup Squud 'ill-'235-'36, Soul lireukurs 35, Press Club '36, Girl R-escrve View- Pivsident '35-'36, Sybil Thunlue-i Club 255-'36, Deelunmliuu '3-l, Senior Kuue nvtl Plny '36-'1!7. SARA NELL HALL Dm.-bute Club '35-'86, Girl Reserve '35- '3G, I-Ieurt. Tukers '34, Soul Breakers '35, Press Club '35-'36, Glee Club '34- '35-'3G, Pep Squad '34-'35-'36, Senior Play '36, Mid-Term Senior. MABLE WADE Heart Tukers 'El-l, Soul Breakers 'F"5, Pep Squad '35-'36, Spanish Club '35-'36, Sybil 'l'hulnua-2 Club '34-'35-'36, Vice- Presideur Sybil 'Plioxuus Club '36, Girl Reserve '35-'86, Senior Play '36, Mid- Term Senior. Pep Squad '34-'35-'36, Soul Breakers, Editor Pony Express '35-'36, Assistant Editor Pony Express '36, Press Club '36-'37, Girl Reserves '35-'36, Decla- mation '34-'35, Home Town Speaker '35-'36, Senior fone actj Pluy '36-'37, President High Senior Home Room '36- '37, fl we DOROTHY YOUNG IRMALU DULIN Cllmxwll Club 'ElJ-'35-'Z-Hi, S1-rrot:u'y Cbur- Vice-Prvsidcnt Heart. Tukurs 'ZLl, l'm ul Club '36, Spanish Club '35-TIG, llc-nrt Squad '34-'35-'CHL Vim-u-l'r1-siclunl Ilif.,b 'Parkers '34, Soul Bri-ukurs '35-'Jill Pep Snplmnmrv Cluss, Glue Club '34-'Ili Squad 'EI4-'35"I-Hi, Mid-term Senior. Soul 1fl'l'2lkL'l'S '35, Spanish Club 'Jin '36, X'll'l3'Pl'USidUlllf "Wheat Urnp Prusiilunt Girl lh-survu '35-'SIG-'Iii 1 i'I'FSllll'lli Ulgll S4--niur f,'lllSS. llc-lmll K'lub '1!5A'LlG, llrznnntiv Club 'IHS-'iii Sunim' Lone null Play llili. MARY TED GUNN ALETA FRAZIER Pep Squad '34-'35-'36. Banmcr Currier Pop Squml '3-1-'C35- lb llnut, lnllus '35-'36-'37, Girl Reserve '35-'246, Press 'ZS-L, Soul lirvuknws Hwbll 'llmxnns Club '36, Henri Talkers Club 'Il-1, Soul Club 'IHS-'157. Gb-o ui f Breukers '35, Svvrulsxry, Svuinr Play lie-sn-ivu '36-'37, Sl-nun 1, II '36, Glve Club '25-L, Mos! Popular Girl term Senior. 'II-l, Clmirmaun Sm-ial Cmn1nill,l-me 'Jl4-'Z!5- 'JNL WILLIAM BELCHER BURL JOHNSON llamml 'ZX4-'35-'IHi, llcbula- 'Il-l, 'l'l-mais AllLl'l.l'I'lll Sr-niur. '35-'I41S, Drum Mnjur '36, Spanish Club . 2.6, Senior Play '3G. JANE MURPHEY ll:-:url 'l':ikcrs 'JI-l, Sl'4'l'I'llllj'. Nou! Ilri-:nk urs '35, Viv:-4l'n-sid:-111, Assislnnl Yu-ll lnwull-l' '35-'1lli, llvlrutv fllllll Sl'1'l'1'liIlX '34-'35, Vicu'Presidunt '36, 1'rvss Club . s0d'1'0lill'y 36, Girl liuservv '35-Will. Glue Club 'Ii-I-'DQS-'36, Ser-r0l:lry TI!- V Senior Class '36, 'rlllllllilllg Club 'ZH- 'Zl5, Must Rv01n'0Hvl1mt,iv4e Junior Girl '35, 'Fvnnis Tl'IlIll '35, HIllilllIllIlil'l,' Class Svc-H-I:il'y 'Il-I, Junior Uluss S1'l'I'4'llll'j' '35, Hvlllill' Pay 1'lmpm-I '25li. LOW SENIOR OFFICE-RS BEN ROBERTS, JR. President W JOEL HODGES Vice-President MW MALVEN STEVENSON Sec1'c-tary-T1'easu1'c1' . x ' .za -wal BEN ROBERTS, JR. Pl'CSid0l1iL Senior Class '35-'36-'37 V. 1 -- - . l+'uutIu1II .H'ZS5, Ill-X, l'rusulcnt, ul l'mnI'n-lm-m'l', Pony IGx1.n'1-ss Stuff, Hilllll '1i5. MISS ETHEL HARKINS Sponsor MRS. M. K. STEVENSON Class Mother MR. HOMER DENNIS Sponsor l RUTH LA MBERT ll-il'l Rcsvrvv 'Zlli-'Cl'7. Se-vl'ulu1'y Sybil 'l'lmnms lflih '35-'Zlli-'1lT, llvurf '1'ulwr.+ I '23-I-'35, Soul lil'4'llliI'l'N '35-'JJIL WILLIAM WORLEY Spring Graiduute. BESS CARRIGAN Pup Squad 'il-I-'35-'?lIi. Sybil 'lllllllllili Club '35-'36, Girls liusvivu '35-'I'Hi. llvnrl 'Pnkvrs 'Il-l, Soul lircukcrs 'J!5. Ulm- Club '3-I. BILLIE EDWARDS Girls Sports Chili 'SIG-'HT. .l. B. WORLEY I"1mllulll 'IIS-'llli, ,llllll'li 'SIS BETTY JO WELLS Press Club '7Hi"ZV7, Girl lil-s0i'vus 'Illi- "i7 'l'n-uni-z "N-S-'fl7 Ilvlrllv 'QT llowrt r . , . ,. . , . . , . 'l'uk:-rs Tm, Soul ljrvnlcure-1 'Z5fi. LOUISE SCHLEUTER -lunim' 'Il5"Zlli, Svllllll' 'tlli-'37, Svniur l'l:1y '37. LYNIJALL STRINGFELLOW Sll1llllSll Cllllll4Sl '3'li, Pop Hquucl 'IHS-'37, Girls lfosurvr- 'IHS-'37, Slecrvlaury Spun- isli Ulub 'illi-'37, xfll'1"l1l'l'Nllll'lll' llmm lhmlu 'IMI-'37, llllillfl 'l'ukm-rs 'Il-I-'35 Soul llrrnkm-rs '35-'Illl. EDNA EARL PACE iil'lIll'i, 'l'ukvrs 'Il-I-'85, Soul Hl'Cllkl'l'S '35- 'Jlli, P011 Sllllllti 'Il-I-'Il5"2Zli"Zl7, Howl-- Hlwv l,'nrri0r 'Jl5-'IHS-'37, Spunisli Uluh 'Ili-THE. 'I'i-nnis 'l'u-:nu 'ZH-'Il5. 'l'ulnlrlin3: Ululv ':i5-'36, uh-IM Iii-sl-rw '35-'zm-':l7, llupmwlvi' Pony lixpruss '35-'IHi, l'1ditul'- in-Chiof Yuccu Glm-loan '37. EARL PROSSER lnwlnmtiu Club '36-'37 ALDEN BURGE Bund 'li4-'35-'36-'37, Hi-Y '37, Tennis 'IH-'35-'IIG-'37, Yunnan Giorinszi '37, Art Editor '34+'35-'3li- LENORA PATTERSON Spring:Gl'ilLllu1llv. Pep Squad '36-'37, Merry Make-rs '36, Sl'l'l'l'flI'l'j"'I'l'l'llS'l1lE'l' lJi'mxiaxl,i1- Club '36- '!l7, llvbnlc Club 'fllfi-'37, Girls Rcsvrvu 'Zllj-'37, 'Tennis '36"llT. LA VERNE BLEDSOE GLENN FITZGERALD iil'1ll'l 'l'lIkl'l'S '3N"35. l,l'1'5ili1'lli Simi lli-Y '5l5-'36, Vivv-Pi'esidvill Hi-Y 'Illi- llrvnki-rs 'Il5f'5lfi. f'1'lP Sllllilfi 'Ill-'NSY '37 Bnskvtbull 'EES-'36, Captain Basket- Illi. 'l'r1-n:4urer Junuir Class '35, Girls hull 'Fvurn '36-'1l'i, Sports Editor Xuvmai llvsviwl- 'ISS-'36, Yll'1"i,l't'Silil'lli Hills Hloriusa 'ZlT. ii1'H1'lYI' 'llfl-'2lT, HIN: Ululi '35-'Illl, Hui-- ivly lfmlillnr Yllftill lllurinssi 'ZlT. RAYMOND LASATER MARGARET FIFE llusa-lmll IlllCl'Nl'il0illNiil' lmxxgln- 'llilftl-1, IH-p Squml 'Il-l-'SS5-'Elli-'37, Hills l!vsm'vi- lwulaunulimi 'CII-'35, Spring Grmlunlv. '35-'illi-'I9T. Hemi 'Falk-'rs 'Il-I-'35, Soul nl'l'1Ik4'l'S '35-Zlli, Uno Ari Ping' 'JNL lic- , lmlv Ulnh '3-l-'35-'36, St'l'l't'Ullj"'i'l'4'ilSlll" ' 4-r NIIIJIXHIIIUIW' Class '31-'35, Vicu-Pl's-si- dont Junior Class '35-'5'li. Repoilvr Suu- ior Uluss 'IHS-'2i7. liimnzilia- Club '!lIiA I '37, lixlulnpoiulu-mis SjII"liiill,2I '33, ffl .3 Vim'-l'ln-simlm-lil Slmlunl liurly 'IZ5A'Illi. MILDRED CHAMBERS WESLEY WARD Pell Sflllild '34-'35, Glue Club '255-'iHi- 'l'r:lvelurs Club Sl'1'l'0l.2lI'y"l,'l'L'ilSlll'l'l' 'IHS- '37. Spznush Club '34-'35, Hum-t fl'nlwrs ':l'7. 'El-1-. Suul Breakers '35, Girl Re'scl'vu '30-'37. MARVIN WITT BETTY JO WELLS Buys Glue Club 'ESU-'37. Pruss Club '36-'37, Girls lim-scrvu '36- '2V7. 'l'e1mis '36-'37, Dvlmtv '37, Hcurt 'Panlcvrs '35, Soul liruukurs 'CHL MINNIE MAY STEVENSON MAURICE WALKER l'fvau't Talkers 'Il-L-'35, Soul .Bl'l'llk0l'S lli-Y Club '35-'illl-'37, linud '32-'2l2l, 'J55-'36, Glen Club '35-'?5fi. Merry Muk- urs '36, Appr:-ulil-u Club Sec-I1-tu1y 'SSG- J ESSIE MAE TUCKER tuduntl . 1D'1 ll'l' fl "- . '37, DELAS REEVES llranuniin' '36-'37, lli-Y '35, Spring llvuri, 'l'ukurn4 'Zl,I"1l5, Soul l511::Llcc1's 4-, 1 "XE "Hi Ar uni' C'll In "Hi "VT RUBYE MULLINS MALVEN STEVENSON llw-url 'l'nkc-rs 'ill-'35, Hnul Bwuka-i's '35-'2Hi, Pop Squad '7H"Zl.5-'2lli, Glcv Vlulv 'ZS-I-'35-'ZHi, Assistant Iirlitur Yuv- t-an Ulmiosn '37, Pup Squml Qunrlm-I 'Illi- lli-Y Club '35-'I-IG, Press Club '35"1'G, l'lrlitm' Pony Express '36, Spur!!-4 Edi- lur Pony lixpmss '5I5. Nzunud un Rntmy Sulmlursliip Cup twice '35-'36, Sw-rv' l:u'y-'l'l'P:nsul'e1' Senior Class '36, Spanish 01. Club '35, Declunmtion Plllly in Distrivt Meet '36, President Home Room '36, Uhuirninn Boys Meetings '36, JOEL HODGES CELIA MAE HENDERSON l,l'lllll1' 'Il-I-'Cl5-'illi-'37, lli-Y 'IES-'CHL lllvm- Club 'CH-'IIS-'ISli. llvurl 'lliIlil'l'S '37, vil'l"I,liCSlllL'lll, Juniors. Vim.--l'x-vsi- 'IN-'2I5. Suul lin-:nlce-i's '35-'Jiri Amxwnt- nh-nl, S1-niurs. Prvsirll-nt Slmlvnt liucly im- Club Vic-u-Prvsidcnt 'lili-'37, Pri-ss 'JI3-'36, Business Alllllilgvl' Yum-m':n Glor- 1'lub '37, Girls RCSUIVL' '37, Spanish iusal 'Jl7. Cuutvst LAVELLE KEARNEY HAROLD HOPKINS llvull 'l'ukvrs '35, Soul llnezxlu-l's WLS- Swing Gruduutu. Will, lllillllllillt Club 'IHS-'1I7. WILLIAM JUSTICE MILDRED V l-'ontlulll '35-'36, Biology 'fill-'37, Sucre- Home tary uf Fellowship C'ouunil,tm:u ul' Hun1e Yllilklxl Iiouxn '36-'37, A6 ling' IW , Q ,iz N 'Of , 4 469 ,J-arg! 63. 4,1 df, 1' J 10 LEORA REED JOE DODSON Pvv Slumd 'IH-'215-Wi, ln-an-1 'l'ukm's lanskell.nll 'zm-'ails-'37, lli-Y 'ws-'-us.'::'. 'Il-I-'35, Soul Bl'l'Zlkl'l'S '35-'36, Pony l"uutbnll 'ill-'35, Slmuisli Club 'lili-'llI. l-'xwess 'El-I-'35"Elli-'Zl7. Gills lh-svrvc l '35-36-'37, XriCl"Pl'l'Slil0lll Spanish Club '35-'36, Ruporlux' 'llunw l'fvm1oinim-s Club '55-'36, Ptesidlent Home Rnum '36-'3l. TOM HEADRICK MARY PEARL FARRIS 1-'m,1,1,n11 'g:4.':354':'li, 'l'l-ul-k ':l.l-'35 Tuunbling 'IR-uni 'ZH-'35-'itll-'Zt'7, Spnxts liuskvlbzlll '3-l, Glu' Club 'Zi-l. Club 'TU-'3'5. P11355 Club 'El5-"'fi- Spun' ish Club 'fill-'Jl'7, Pup Squad 'Jill-'1l', Pop Sqnnd Quurlvt 'IH5-'37, l'll':1rl 'Puli- l-rs 'HS-'35, Soul lin-zik"1's '35-'36, .lun- iur Cluxs lll'll1ll'l'l'l' 'ZS5-'36, LUCILLE COFFEE MARSHALL CURRY Xfig-U-lfrpgillf-nf. al' llonuf lfvuzmiizia' Club llzuul '34-'35-'Z'ili-'Zl7, Spuuisli Club '1354 '34, l'residc-nt of Home Elrunuinics Club '36-'37. '35-'36-'37, Tennis 'l'e:un '36, Sanib- l"dito1' ul' Yucca Stuff '36-"i7, Girls liv- serve '36-'37, llvurl, 'I'ukers 'SH-'35, Soul Bn-:ikvi's '35-'2lli, Pup Squurl 'Zill- '35-'3fi"Zil. RAYMOND RIDDLE BETTY CARTER Prvsidmzl. Travel Club '36-'5iT, Glu-1' Club Slmuisll Club 'fl-', Ser-rselzny Spunisli '35, Spxiug Guithullc. Club '35, Pmsicll-lit Sflllllllill Club '36, Girls lCl'Sl'll'Vl' '2l5-'36, Pep Squucl '35- .. . . . V. - H V.. .Ib, Kflrfe Club Jn, lll-:ul lukvrs .l-1, Huul liwaikm-m 315. - - ll GLORIA JOHNSON DORIS GAINER P1-n hquzul .l-I- -l.s- All, hxrls lh-sorv4- '2l5- Spring: Grnfluutv, 740. Hb-v Ulull 'Ill-'3i54'3Hi, llvurl- 'Fuk- 1-rs 'Il-I, Smal Iirvukvrs '35, l4llll'il!'X Sv- n-nvv Club Rcpurlur 'Mi-'Jl7. ROSALINE JOHNSON WILLIAM JACKSON IH-p Squad 'ZH-'35, Girls l'h-survv '2l5- Baud '36-'37, Enlgred '36, Druxuutil- 'Jill-'37, Hvurl 'I':1ka-rs 'Ll-I, Soul Break- Club '36-'37, 1-rs '35, Gluu Club 'il-1-'JIS-'36, Dobutc Ulub I 11 I Ulub 'Il-l, Ilwuuulin- ,V '37, Class liuporlinr '2fl. J. L. HEMBY Spring: lirurluutc,-. I - un'l,ur 'Illi- LESLIE E. GARDNER Hama '::::-':x4-'35-'36, Hifx' '::::-'::4-':m- uuiuivs Club '33-'34. EDWINA WALKER ll:-ur! 'l'ukux's '34-'35, Pup Squad 'JH-' 'Ili-'IHS-'Il'7. Giver Club 'El5f'IHi, Soul lilvnlqvrs 'IIS-'36, One Art Play fEl5-'36, 'lil'l'llhXlI'Pl' Gills Reserve '35-'Il6. Spam- ish Ulull 'Cl5"IHi. Girls Rvselwo '36-'.I1. Yuvvu flla.u'ius:1 Club 'IHS-'3'7. '36, Foullmll '33-'34, Gleu Club 'Il-l-'35, Drznuulic Club 'flii-'37, Buys Iluuur Iflvu- l Q MW Aw I I GUY FRED ALLDREDGE VELMA ALLDREDGE liuskelbull '35-'36, .x1l1ll'9llCl4'lA Club '25l3- Pup Squad '34-'35-'36, llvnrl 'l'ukl-rs 'Ci--I. '37. Soul Breakers '36, Girls Iiusl-rvv 'IMA '35-'?lfi, Snap llirlitor Yin-ru Gluriosu '25'T. LANA CRESS BUD ALLDREDGE IIOIIH: lduolxomil-s Club 'Zl5"3li, Gills l+'oulbzlll 'ZS-l-'SIS-'2lli, Uuplnin '36, l'l1X Reserve 'E55-'36-'37, 1'vpSquud '8-1"2l5- '35-'36, Drunmtiv '36, Mus! Impu '36, Heart '1'llkHlS 'IH-'35, Soul Break- Buy 'il6. . - .. - , ., . els 3:1-311, Cbmal Llub flu. WILBURN CBeefyD WILLIAMS HERSHEL GORDON Ili-Y Club '34-'35A'3l5, Glvu Club '35- Hlllld '33-'34-'35-'f'fi4'37, Hi-Y 'I54-'35- '36, Football '35"3fi, Band 'Zi-1-'85, '36-'37, Class IT:-purlvr '33 I, Yup-gn Glm-. YllI'l'2l Gloliusn Club '36, Basketball iosn Club '36, Glen Club '3-1935. Manager '36, ARLENE TOLER Home Economic-s Club '35-'3G4'37, Girls Roselve '36-'E-17, Vice-Prcsirlent Sybil 'Fhumzls Club '36, Henri 'l'ukf-rs '35, Soul ,Hl'0IllC0l'S '36, Nominating Commit- lvl' ul' tlw I'I0llll' I'1c'mmniics Club 'fill' '37, lilve' Club '1i5. . i ..., -. JUST REMEMBERING 'I'his t'Vt'lliIlt.I as I sit In-fore at dying glow in the fireplui-e, I think ot' my st-hool days. 'Phe most. huunte ing xnemorit-s me those of the days spent in Newman Iligh St-huol. Perhaps the students ol' that. bygone year of ltlIl7 vould he t-ompuretl to the lust glowing etnhu-rs ol' the t'irt-plum-e--tlu-ir lives stu-teliittt.: fartlter :md fartlu-r into the dilu unknown. Hut just for old tinu-'s sake. I think il would he intl-rl-st'iln: and ninnsl ing to follow all those students' destiuies. Iltfrt' um I, un old Intttlr-srnt't'etl llewspupel' wo- man, who has written many stories to go to many presses, hut I still rerneniht-r those N!'llll'il I wrote for tho Pony Express hnrk in old Newman Iligh Sc-hool tllmrlie Motgan. who went to I-'raun-1-, avquired at phony uri-ent and title und returned to Ann-iivn to marry the ue-west Imm-o Sensation, ltlswguret l"it'1-, now known as l"e-iuom- l"t-mone. .lust think ol' the dift'rrotu'r- of liunu tlress' status Iltlw. She is managing u very suurussfnl llt'tllll-N shop whit-h spf-viulizes in rt-during. The other day liuna said ltluiy Pt-:nl lf'arris t'lllllL' in and one would lmrdly know lu-r. It seems thntz Mary Penrl was resigning from In-r position as fat. lady in the t'il't"ll5 und there- lort- wished to lose six hundred pounds or so. By tho way, Luna poses, in In-r spare time, for "How To Be lieuntil'ul," in thirty easy lessons. T ret-1-ivt-tl at letter recently from Olan Bennett and it look me quite some time to reinenthet' that it was Os:-ar. i'iVlfif'Illij' he ami Miss ltlllire liueille Hud- son in a trunk moment settled their differences and said, "I do." Mulven Stevenson, the Shrimp Itlilliomtirf-, has for his new hotly guard, that pirture ot' ntusvular strength. Wesley Ward. 'Phey do very nicely together if it were not. for that notorious Raymond Riddle kidnapping Wesley und then rohhing Itlalren, or should we now say Mr. Stevenson. On my lust tour around the world I 1-ncuunteretl several of my former rhums, thus proving that the world is a small plan-o alter all. l'1arl Prosser has gum- native in Maxi:-o and wus .lust another pt-ou. Jann-s lfollins I met. in jolly old ltlnghunl, and Ins assumed I'lughsh manner was quite amusing. In llawaii I found Mildred Voss, Ilouise Svhleu- ter, aml Alline Jones getting into the swing ot' things and wearing grass skirts. Tut, lut. and they were surh modest girls in high sr-huol, ton. I found l'at l'ulterso:t married to .Iohn Palmer ltr-eper in New York. Pat was, nt-edlx-ss to say, having n wourlt-rt'uI tinn- spending P. .l.'s inln-ritum-e. .K st-rontl l.indIn-rgh. tilt-nn i"ilZll"l'llili, following in the steps of his hrotlnsr. is tn make a tonnd-tlu'- world flight lu-:inning next Monduy. In-arlt 5lrl'fIrny und J. li. Worley, nun' plalyillhi' professional rlllllililii. me gaining at nann- for them- S,-lvq-N in the World ol' Sports. 'l'lu'y were reel-ntly guests on Ripley's "lit-Iinvu It Ur Noi," lrllillt-I IWW they made those lust two touvltdowns in the lust. two minutes ot' tht-ir lust gmnr. In-his lit-t-res has rome lo tlu- I-nd that 1-vt-ryotto pretlirled, he is just n gigolo showing old ladies the town. Ile railed me it while hook and wus lauglnng: or-or tlu- fm-t that he escorted Rosalint- .lohnson to all the night spots while her husband, Walter Andi-rsou, roiuainetl on the Farm in Arkansas. liud Alldrm-cltzo grew ratlter shi:-kish and dyed his hair to heroine another Rohm-rt Taylor, but that did not click with the women, so he died ot' a deflated ego. Bess llurrigan showed some amhitiou, for sho may now he l'ound with Ringling Brothers Cirrus swallow- ing swords. 'I'ho hoy that. has risen ln the heights is Jon' Dodson, In tlu- short. years siuvt- graduation, he ho- vnnn- a politiw-ian and with the aid ol his vrooked parti- ners, Ileo Crow, Raymond Lassiter, and Murslutll Curry, he is now President of the United States. Joe created quite at sensation by placing ten females on his cabinet They are Betty Garter fthe wife of Mnrslutllj, Mildred Chambers, Lucille Coffee, Celia Mae Henderson, Jessie Mao Tucker, Ruth Iiarnbert, Minnie Mae Stevenson, Arlene Toler, Ilelen Bacon, and Marjorie Stevenson. 'l'he In-all of tht- Western Union System in Sweet.- wator is now Mr. Alden Burge, who has at last mar- ried that dashing young daughter of the most promin- ent. doc-tor of that city. Imagine my surprise lust. night when I dropped into a hot night spot and there found the new orches- tra leader to ln' none other than our own "Beefy" iVil- Iiams. l'lllu Ruth Myeis, the "gill with a tear in her eye," is Mrs. Williams in private life. Speaking of prolessiomtl entertainers, Josh Bill- ings is just another George Raft, and he has as his dancing partner, Ruth Gray, who, when not dancing, sings Torch songs at. the Ritz, during tea hours. Ruth told me that Louise Davenport and Maurice Walker were engaged as partners in a sofa nnmufactur' ing eonvern. As everyone suspected, lt'dna Earl Pace and George Bradford now have a, large rattle ranch in XVyoining and spend then' summers abroad. Fred Alldredge, whose wife is a member of Joe's cabinet, in other words Lana Cross, sits buck and lakes things easy. He says he's testing up from that. work he had to do hack in High Srhool. llaVelle Kearney and Gloria Johnson have the right idea about things, as they ate now the leading mod:-Is for Uolliers and Good Housekeeping. Ruby Mullins has enjoyed phenomenal success in the movies as another Marie Diessler. She says that she owes it. all to Miss Sala XVheat, who started her out on the road to fame. lwora Reed, the new Spanish tv:u'lu'r in Newman lliglt Se-hool. was it-t-ently installed in place of her sister, Mrs. I"i:tnk Coulson, who rc-signetl for a better position in llnllus. Ilershel Uuidou enjoyed some popularity after he was 1-hnsen as the Flerfklt- Ulnunpion of the United Slut-os, hut he has relapsed into oblivion now. Poor old J. L. Hemby-he has not ventured far as he is still striving earnestly to pass English under Miss lVheat. lvilliam YVorIey also is still staying just to keep him company. llyndall Stringfellow and Iidwina Walker are the "Whistling Sisters" who eonieron over XVBAP every thitd Wednvstlay at 1. o'clork, Central Standard time. lm Yi-xuo Ilh-dsoe is still trying to det-ide between lit-slie ii'3lllillPI' and Bob Glass, hut as Bolt is now :I hig International man we just imagine ln- will be the lucky one. 'l'homas Cross, under the utamtgetm-ut of Harold llopkins, is gaining fame and popularity as the new fs-ntln-r weight L-Itampion of Iladnkit County. 'l'om lleadrivk, after he was turned down by llvlen, wont into swlusion with NVilIam Justine :md thoy are fast. hevoming misers. Uh well, love is at funny thing. .lot-I Hodges, for whom some destined it great. future-, is now merely a eow-,yuu-or on the huge ranch owned hy Wilson het-per. Ben Roberts finally succumbed to the seductive charms of Velma Alldredge and married the gal. The latest addition to then' humble little cottage is a large, airy nursery. My thoughts have followed sixty'four seniors. Now the embers are blackened, and l must retire if I am to he fit for the routine of the office tolnorrow. Betty Jo W'eIls. SSDI Charlsa Ruth Alston Beatrice Anderson William Belcher Maxine Diltz Irmalu Dulin Aleta Frazier lr Tom Pat Glass Mary Ted Gunn Sarah Nell Hall Burl Johnson Earnest Langley Robert Lusk Jane Murphey Ella Ruth Myers Harriet Reich Marie Rogers Cullen Taylor Mable Wade Dorothy Young Bud Alldredge Fred Alldredge Walter Anderson Olan Bennett Floyd Billings Alden Burge James Collins Thomas Cross Leo Crow Marshall Curry Joe Dodson Glenn Fitzgerald Leslie Gardner Hershel Gordon Tom Headrick J. L. Hemby Joel Hodges William Justice Harold Hopkins Raymond Lasater Leach McElroy Charlie Morgan OS S Roll Wilson Neeper Earl Prosser Delas Reeves Raymond Riddle Ben Roberts Malven Stevenson Maurice Walker Wesley Ward Wilburn Williams J. B. Worley William Worley Velma Alldredge Helen Bacon Bess Carrigan Betty Carter Mildred Chalnbels Lucille Coffee Lana Cress Louise Davenport Mary Pearl Farris Margaret Fife Ruth Gray Celia Henderson Gloria Johnson Rosaline Johnson Alline Jones Lavelle Kearney Ruth Lambert Rubye Mullins Edna Earl Pace Lenora Patterson Leora Reed Louise Schlueter Minnie Mae Stevenson Lyndall Stringfellow Jessie Mae Tucker Edwina Walker Betty Jo Wells Arlene Toler Mildred Voss LaVerne Bledsoe Dew bffffo X f- fa- A ,- ,-- "" A f----'603J2,Q ni! WW Junior Officers RILEY SIMMONS President MISS LAURA SHERIDAN Sponsor HORACE YOUNG Vice-President MISS RUTH GRAY Sponsor MICKEY TUBB Secretary-'I'reasurer MR. C. C. WILLIAMS Sponsor 1 W v T Top Row: MARTIE WEBSTER NORMAN SHAFFER WALLACE CRUTCHER CHARLOTTE WEBSTER Middle Row: RICHARD BLANCETT HELEN BACON MURIEL LEHDE C. P. WOODRUFF Bottom Row: EVELYN HARRIS GERSON BERMAN JOE HERRING ELNOR WHITTINGTON D . JESSIE ERMA NULL THOMAS SPENCER W. R. OWEN W vs MMO Bottom Row: iddle Row: JAMES GRAHAM FRANCES ENGLISH INEZ RITTER RILEY SIMMONS TOMMIE LOU YOAKUM BUDDY' COX. FLOYD STAMPS BERTHA EBERLE TILLIE RICE M . Nm MWWL Top Row: MURL JONES MARIE LYNN JOYCE LANTHRIPE CHARLES MATYEAR Middle Row: HENRI ELIZABETH BROWN JOHNNY BIBB EMMETT McDONALD PAULA RAINES Bottom Row: HOUGHTON CROWE ALETHA GOODNOUGH ' WANNA RUTH BEALL ji ,Q f' ROBERT FREE 5 WW . Bw., U Bottom Row: MICKEY TUBB HORACE YOUNG Middle Row: BERNARD KIRKPATRICK MARY RUTH RASCO MILDRED BUCK RUSSELL VVALLACE JOHNNIE BRADSHAW JOYCE ROGERS Top Row: PAULINE PACE DELMA BLAND GLENN DEARBORN ANNETTE PITTMAN x W X f . - x , UQ WT OJV-rj' 'J:5XsV,.J' .. ,, 4 My .ff Q ,JAM Bottom Row: DOLLIE PERIMAN JACK FAVER MARSHALL BROMLEY LUCILLE DAVISON Middle Row: MILDRED KLINGLER JOE YOAKUM MONTE ESTES STONE LUCILLE HARGRAVES Top Row: JOYCE WHALEY R. B. REDDEN DOUGLAS BOYD ELSIE BARNHILL i if Middle Row: BERAH SMITH F. V. WALKER JOHN PALMER LEEPER MARCELLE MOORE Bottom Row: BURL GENE LYNN DOROTHY HUGHEY GEORGIA FAY WILLIAMS RANDOLPH NEBLETT Top Row: BILLIE BOB SWAIM MARY LOUISE CARTER JUNE HEATH BYRON MAYFIELD r' 'sf I, WLM N0 YG ,f I MARIE JESSIE M U' Ki 6 J A f if ,-To X K S ' K 1 0 , i I -357 "Q UA .' -'15 J HJ, N-'J 'Q Q H' 4' R -S A PJ: 5 "x. Jvrnfvbg u ,Qjidm vC4d,Ql74J-114, Q ,Lui 4'l,.fL .M-JT 41,00 -f,cJL!L,fL.Jd-.f01JJ0"""- ' wall'-Lf Bottom Row : ANITA GALLOWAY DAN SHIELDS JIMMIE DULANEY EVELYN KINCAID Middle Row: BILLIE BOB ALSTON GEORGE BRADFORD IRA BARRY BURTON STAMPS Top Row: REY NELL ALSTON ELSON RAY DODSON JIMMIE BEALL Junior Hal Alexander J. T. Allen Thomas Allen Rey Nell Alston Ira Barry Jimmie Beall Wanna Ruth Beall Maudie Bennett Gerson Berman Johnnie Bibb Richard Blancett Delma Bland Douglas Boyd Alma Dean Brand Johnnie Bradshaw George Bradford Juno Brooks Marshall Bromley Henri Elizabeth Brown Blanton Brown Cecil Bruner Mildred Buck Willie V. Burklow Waylon Cleckler Sherman Coleman Van T. Copeland Buddy Cox Houghton Crowe Wallace Crutcher Mary Louise Carter Geraldine Davison Lucille Davison Glen Dearborn Elson Ray Dodson Nelson Dressler Jimmie Dulaney Bertha Eberle Billie Edwards Frances English Robert Free Fannie Galbraith Anita Galloway Mildred Gantt John Ed Garrett Aletha Goodnough James Graham Mattie Joe Hardin Jimmy Hardy Lucille Hargraves Evelyn Harris June Heath Joe Herring Charles Hodges Dorothy Hughey Yvonne Hutchins Ma1'ian Ingram William Jackson Carl Jameson Marie Jessie Murl' Jones . Nell Johnston Bernard Kirkpatrick CIS S Roll Mildred Klingler Joyce Lanthripe Pauline Lee John Palmer Leeper Muriel Lehde Burl Gene Lynn Marie Lynn Byron Mayfield Charles Matyear Robert Morgan Emmett McDonald Marcelle Moore Randolph Neblett Helen Neeper Truitt Neeper Jessie Erma Null W. R. Owen Virginia Pace Dollie Periman James Posey' Paula Rains Mary Ruth Rasco R. B. Rcdden Leon Reeves Tillie Ma1'ie Rice Inez Ritter Joyce Rogers Sula Faye Rushing Albert Sanger La Rue Scott Helen Scott Roy Scudday Emma Lynn Shell Norman Shaffer Riley Simmons Berah Smith Josephine Spencer Thomas Spencer Burton Stamps Floyd Stamps Monte Estes Stone Clifton Stringfellow Billy Bob Swaim Mickey Tubb Lillian Tudor F. V. Walker Charlotte Webster Martie Anna Webster Marvin Witt Joyce Whaley Juanita White Earl Whittington Elnor Whittington H. C. Wilke Georgia Fay Williams Lud Wood C. P. Woodruff Dora Mae Worsham Mary Wilkinson Joe Yoakum Tommie Lou Yoakum Horace Young Sophomore JOHN PEPPER Class Gflficers A-fffn-,140-0,6 ,Zxg www President VIRGINIA HODGES W. B. CBuckJ WETSEL Secretary Vice-President MR. J. W. HALBERT MISS FLORENCE BOYD Sponsor Sponsor 9 lo,N'QU'U'fa 1 MARY LOUISE KAISLTR MARY PAXTON GARLAND BROWNING JIMMY JAY DOROTHY LANGLEY LESLIE COURTNEY DOROTHY JANE DAVIS HELEN WALKER VIRGINIA HODGES W. B. CSnooksJ THOMAS WILL FAVER MARY MUILLVAINE ROBERT ALLEN MARY LEE FAVER NANCY ZIEGLER LESTER BATTS VELTA CARRIGAN BILLY JO BROADDUS GLENDA KUYKENDALL BLANCHE BARRY MARY LOUISE CHAMBERS JERRY JONES NANCY FORTNER MARIAN VA UGHAN ALINE HARBOUR ROSCOE NASH YM LETHA MAE HANNA waypg-1,L.,,,jg BILLY vopn sly I fre yfwf . Rm EAI .Fffv-Mr W-ff facfvvf- 0, WML E DUNLAP ERBERT BELCHER vw GERALDINE HAMPTON FRANCES MUDGE J. W. WEBSTER IRBY JARVIS HUBERT POLLARD LOUISE SILVIA VIRGINIA PACE FERN ARMSTRONG FRANCES LOU DEAN JIM GEER S. J. MAY LILLIAN FRY BILLY STUBBS GLORIA SADLER BETTY LEE GRAVES FRANCES DARNELL IMO GENE TAYLOR JOHN PEPPER DEAN MATHEWS NINA TOLER BUCK WETSEL MARY KNAPP VIRGINIA LUSK MARJORIE STEVENSON JOHN TUBBS ROBERT FAVER ALBERTA STEVENSON CLOYD SLATER ANNIE MERLE HORTON IRIS MUNS HARRIE MAY GILLIAN INEZ LAWRENCE DOUGLAS STEPHENSON GLADYS RAY MARJORIE BRIDGES ELAINE ALLDREDGE MARY FRANCES WINDROW OPi'1OlTlOl'e CiClSS .lov Akins A. B. Allslrvllgc lilainv Alldrvdgs- Rolivri Allen Billy Bob Alston Fora Aiinstrong Paul Aston Jlllllllll' la-o .l:lllil'l' Ps-tv Baku-r f'lllllS liaini-ll. lflsie Barnhill Blain-liv RGITIQ' Lestvr Balls .lvssiv live lil'ilIll H1-ilivl'l Bvli.-ln-r Ruby l"rani-us Bvrlilvy .llorothy Blavk Fred Bonm-r -lim Bonner Lawrence Bonner Maxine Bonner Bryan Boom-r Mariu Boozvr Knnnvtli Bnwgl-r lVclch Bradbcrry Marjorie Briclgcs Billie' .lo Broaddns Charlvs Brown Gfllllllld Browning linlpull Brown Robert Burns Dorothy Busby Holi liuzlwc Vs-lla Cairigan Allie B. Carter Iniogune Cathay Mary lioniso Clianihvrs llllburtime Choate Robvc-ra Clanton .Xnniv Glu-nch-nnan Orvno Cokvl' Valuric Coker lNillio F, Uolvnian Dv NVilio Conley Mable Corbin Leslie Conrtnoy Faye Critz Rubye Rae Grossman Lillian Darnell Dale Davenport Jessie llavenporl. Mariloc Davenport B. H. Davidson Nc-ll lllva Davidson Dorothy .Tania Davis Ervii- lieu Davis Garland Davis F!'ahuc-ts lion 'lh-an Paul Fred lioinrint Rohm-rt ,Dodson Dorlhca Dunlap Dorothy Edgar Roy Edgar Ellison Edwards Joseph Elrod Roy Evans Zula Formliy Marilcc Favor Robert Favor YVill Favor Clifton Flynn Marie Flynn Nanvy Fox-tncr Lora. May l"oy 'A' C. li. Ifrvuman llatha lice l+'rc-cman Ilvilzurt l+'rouinan Calhlvun l"ruv1nan Lillian l"ry Alary lflta Haut .lim Uvor liillil- Hililns Ve-rnon llillcnwatoi- llarriv F-lan' Gilliam Nallonv rlomlfrvy Bc-tty law- Graves Srotl A. 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Monlzgoincry Marjorie Moore Billie Morris l"ranucs Mudge Tris Mans Roscoe Nash ,loyvv Nixon .Iohn O'Brian l'nl':l .Ivan Ugrlvn Mar:.:ai'Q't U'K1-1-l'v .ll-ssv Owuns l'aulim- .Pacm- lilixalu-lli Pznlllovli Mary Paxton Huy Pirkz-ll l'm-gfgy l'if-In-ll .lim Polk llnbc-rt Pollard .loyvo liasor Kola-rl liasor llarlanrl liaylion Gladys Ray liainm-y lh-ilils-n llarlvon ltucd Audio Mac Hagan llorotliy Rowland Hollis Rawlott Gloria Sadler C. lf. Svotl lncz Small Olvta Hvott Prontis H1-ntl Wilma Si-all Mala-I Slivppaid Earl Slllllltj' Dan Shia-ids lmogvm- Slnifl' liouiss- Silva-y lim-nnvlh Skillvrn Cloyd Slalur Gallia Al. Sniallwood l"ram-vs SUCIIVUI' Luna Mao Spencer llouulas Slvplu-nson la-star Slavs-ns .lllnorla Su-vm-nson Marjoriu Str-vonsun Billy Slnhlis Glenn Sl.I'iIl'L'llCl' Cliarliu Taylor Illlllglfllil Taylor Paul Taylor NV. B. 'l'll0lllllS Jana-s 'l'liornlon Billy Mai- 'l'illman Frank 'l'olcr Nina 'l'ulcr Dwifxlit 'l'0llllJ John 'l'ahlJ Marjoriu 'l'u1-lu-r liinniu llflm-rlo 'l'nll.lo Marian Vaughan Billio Voorhics ilcvil Voss J. ll. Wadclm-ll lbussull Wallauo llclcn Walker .l.Jullarrt Ward Carl, Watson lwan NVatsqn Doris Woatliurby J. D. llfubstci' Buck Xllotscl Fl'lllll,'l'!-1 Paul lVhil.o XVel.ha llouisc Whitmirm Jark xvllltllifll Cecile Wilkie XVado XVills Mary l"r:nn-os Winilrow R.aynioncl 'Wright Nancy Zia.-glui- GZMUSTANGS AT CDZQPLAY Important Mustangs-busy Mustangs, too, Most earnestly their studies do pursue, And yet take time when pleasure's hour doth come To make the old corral with merry voices hum. Such clubs as Press, Hi-Y, and Choral, too, Have the Mustang spirit thro' and thro', Dramatic and Apprentice are clubs that rate, As well as Staff Club, Girl Reserve, and Debate. We delight in baseball and basketball, While football and tennis are liked by allg Volley-ball, too, does add to our glee- Oh, sportsmanly Mustangs 'tis a pleasure to see. We have our popular favorites, too: Joyce Rogers: loveliness thro' and th1'o', Fun-loving "Pinkey," who'll someday go far, And "Buddie-Boy" Alldredge, so debonair. And Horace Young, the most representative boy, And sweet Ella Ruth, full of courage and joy, Fine girls and boys all of them are All gates to all hopes to them stand' ajar. Mustangs! live happily, honestly, true, Be earnestly sincere in all that you do, Oh, play on, gallant Mustangs, yet while you may For Life may not deal you thus all the way. -Margaret O'Keefe. Xa Yucca Gloriosa Staff' MISS ETHEL HARKINS Sponsor EDNA EARL PACE Editor-in-Chief JOEL HODGES Business Manager LA VERNE BLEDSOE Society Editor ALDEN BURGE Art Editor RUBY MULLINS Assistant Editor GLENN FITZGERALD Sports Editor LUCILLE COFFEE Senior Editor GERSON BERMAN Junior Editor VELMA ALLDREDGE Snap Editor W. B. THOMAS Sophomore Editor Yucca Gloriosa Club MEMBERS Elsie Burl Barnhill W. B. Thomas C. P. Woodruff Lucille Coffee Edwina Walker Edna Earl Pace Gerson Berman Marshall Cox Joel Hodges La Verne Bledsoe Velma Alldredge Wilburn Williams Glenn Fitzgerald Murl Jones F. V. Walker Alden Burge Hershel Gordon Miss Ethel Harkins, Sponsor ,fi fi'ii"i ,AWD Q J 4 M 4 'I by I Staff Of The Pony Express Editor ----. .................................. Malven Stevenson Assistant Editor --- ................ Mable Wade Associate Editor .... ............... E velyn Harris Business Managers ......H........... Earnest Langley, Ben Roberts Columnists ......................... ............ ..... .... --Harriet Reich, Horace Young, Malven Stevenson, Betty Jo Wells Home Room and Club Editor ............... Henri Elizabeth Brown Exchange Editors ................... Leora Reed and Mickey Tubb Personals ............ Jane Murphy, Marcelle Moore, Nancy Fortner Headline Writers ....... Johnnie Bibb, James Graham, Gordon Renfro Faculty Advisor --- ..................... Miss Laura Sheridan PONY EXPRESS AFFILIATED WITH PRESS ASSOCIATION The Pony Express is now a member of two state organizations, the Interscholastic Press Associa- tion, and Texas High School Press Association. Press Club ..-1 1 1 0 .4 .af . -,, OFFICERS FIRST TERM Earnest Langley ............. President Mickey Tubb ............ Vice-President Evelyn Harris - ..... Secretary-Treasurer SECOND TERM Mickey Tubb ................ President Betty Jo Wells -- ...... Vice-President Evelyn Harris ...... Secretary-Treasurer Miss Laura Sheridan --- ..... Sponsor HISTORY OF ORGANIZATION The Press Club was organized in 1936 for the purpose of sponsoring' the Pony Express, the monthly newspaper of Newman High School. In addition to sponsoring' the paper the objectives of the club are: ill to give students practice and instructions in writing, Q22 to give them a. knowledge of the newspaper as an important element in the existing' social system, and 13D to serve as an exploratory unit so that students may determine whether or not they wish to enter the field of journalism. High Spots In Press Club Calendar .Jointly entertained with Yucca Gloriosa Club December 11, at Miss Sheridan's home. Sponsor and twelve members attended annual Texas Press Conference in Abilene February 13. Successfully sponsored the date bureau for Junior-Senior Banquet and discovered what good sports the boys of Newman High School really are. Sponsored an Ugliest Boy-Prettiest Girf Contest. Exhibited baby pictures of the faculty members of Newman High School and offered prizes to those who guessed the identity of each. A representative group attended Inter- scholastic League Press Conference in Austin, May 7 and 8, coming back inspired to put out a better paper next year. They brought back memories of happy times spent at the Press Jamboree and an appreciation of the Univer- sity of Texas. ramatic Club QU' 0' Officers President --- ....... Maxine Diltz, first semester Rosaline Johnson, second semester Vice-President ....................... Margaret Fife Secretary-Treasurer --- -- Lenora Patterson Sponsor .......... --- Miss Sara Wheat Limited membership in the dramatic club, sponsored by Miss Sara Wheat, was determined by try-outs before a judging committee. Notable among the achievements of the club was the work done on the stage of Newman High School, and the production of a one-act play, "Elizabeth's Young Man," for assembly in the fall. The club sponsored the Interscholastic League contest play, "Poor Old Jim," including in the cast, Ira Barry, Margaret Fife, and Horace Young with Charlie Morgan as manager. Two socials were held during the year, a Christmas banquet, and a picnic in the spring. Late in the spring semester the organization for the coming year was perfected, and plans for the coming' year were made. Debate Club ill " ' ' MR. GILES E. BRADFORD JOYCE ROGERS Sponsor BETTY JO WELLS JOHN PALMER LEEPER MARY LOUISE KAISER CHARLES WAYNE HODGES LENORA PATTERSON ROBERT FAVER C. P. WOODRUFF During the term 1936-1937 the Newman High Debate Club under the direction of Mr. Giles Bradford made some encouraging progress. The club received invitations to ten tournaments during the season from Lubbock, Snyder, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Baylor College at, Waco, Amarillo, Denison, Abilene, Wichita Falls, and San Angelo. On February 7, 1937, two teams accepted an invitation to San Angelo. Both teams were defeated by Abilene. An invitational meet held in Wichita Falls on March 5 and 6 was attended by John Palmer Leeper, C. P. Woodruff, Robert Faver, Pat Patterson, Betty Jo Wells, and Mr. Bradford. In this tournament the girls were defeated in the first round, but the boys defeated three teams and went to quarter finals where Wichita Falls won the decision. ' Snyder visited the club for practice debates on March 19 and April 1, but no decisions were given. ' Eldorado, Texas, stopped in Sweetwater during a tour on March 20 and debated. The Sweetwater girls, Pat Patterson and Betty Jo Wells, won the decision, but John Palmer Leeper and C. P. Woodruff were defeated. On April 2 the teams accepted an invitation to debate A. C. C. in Abilene. Those making the trip were Joyce Rogers, Charles Hodges, C. P, Woodruff, John Palmer Leeper, Betty Jo Wells, and Mr. Bradford. No decision was given. District Meet on April 9 and 10 clilnaxed the debating season. The two teams finally selected for district competition were Betty Jo Wells and Joyce Rogers and John Palmer Leeper and C. P. Woodi-ui'i'. The girls were defeated by Fluvanna in the second round, and the boys were eliminated by Colorado City after having defeated Stamford. The teams made trips covering six hundred! miles on the expense money furnished by the School Board from the school budget. Those debaters who will be eligible next year are John Palmer Leeper, Joyce Rogers, Robert Faver, and Mary Louise Kaiser. Read from Left to Right: Gnlrie Maw Snmllwond Muriel hehdc Mildred Klinglur Veltu Gnrrigan Rnbye Rhea Grossman Doris XVezxthex'by Ilyndull Stringfellow Mildred Voss Virginia Pace Nell Eva Davidson Boss Cairrigzni Dorothy Edgar 'Wellhn Louise XVllliIIlll'l? lAlJI'2l Male Foy Blznwhu Barry Minnie lieu llollzind Lucille 'I-lnrgrnves Lothn Mae Hanna. Mrs. XV. D. Mnnldin :'.:4c.:wummv V Music Music I is a course in theory of music, carrying one affiliated credit. It is divided into chorus and sight reading, solfeggio, elements of musical theory, and history and appreciation of music. The Musie Club's membership is composed of pianists, band boys, and singers, thus deriving mutual benefits from these various phases of music. The President for the first semester was Marie Rogers, and for the second, Marshall Bromley. M r Q lin i Lu ,Im ra. W. Il, iilzmlrlin ti L lmlzi Mm- Foy inthy l'Idg.1:u' r-iile l'l:n'gr:ives Nlnrinn lngrmn IL' l'l lfuilx Mnrslmll ilroinlvy lim li1lllIIl'l' liziwn-in-v linnnvr pllilllli' Morgan llllllllll' llnlnney llohert Morgan 4. , .. QT.-.,z,p1fa5KTf.2j .Q www iv, W"S2M.1 '74, 5x:!g,ef5" gig,-Me, .lg 5 linwrvncc linuncr illllflll' Mm'p::1n lobe-rl Mul'g.gn1l Nlllllll'1! Ul'lll1'llvr Nfflrralnlll UI'lllllll'X lVillinln XVm'lu'y lim llomn-r 4'rwl lilblllllfl' Hrs. W. ll. illzuilflin lUl'lllll'Kl Kii'kp:1ll'i1l Iimmin- liulunvy Vlnrslmll Ulll'l'y w The G vs . . V, eu .xx 4 ia. lubs irls' Glec Club in conjunction with the Boys' Glee Club has relldered num- erous progrzmis, including Christmas and Spring Operettas, Commencement Exercises, C'hu1'ch in isic, and attended the Hardin-Simmons University Voice contests. L The clubs' objectives are for each member to gain experience in note-reading and to learn more of the technique of singing. I I I Buxtlm Elierlc Rosuline Johnson Rey Nell Alston Billie .lu Bruudclus line Nell Launlwrt Lillian 'I'udor Peggy Pickett Mnrifln lngrmu Mrs. NV. D. lllunldin Mildred Clnunbers Mary Ruth Raxsco Geraldine Davidson Mary Louise Cartel' Rubye Mullins Maury Louise Kaiser :Tune Health SpanBh,CHub A ERRADURA Lyndall Stringfellow Floyd Billings Richard Blancett Mildred Buck Betty Carter Marshall Curry Dorothy Jane Davis Lucille Davidson Louise Davenport Robert Dodson Sponsor MRS. F. D. COALSON Mascot YVONNE COALSON President BETTY CARTER Nell Helen Johnson Walker Bernard Kirkpatrick Billy Gibbs James Kidd Inez Lawrence W. R. Owen Mary R. Rascoe Riley Simmons Floyd Stamps Monte Estes Stone Herbert Belcher Biology Club President ...... Vice-President Secretary - - - - Sponsor -- --- - Jimmie Beall - -- -- Walter Anderson - - - - - Nina Toler Alldredge, Elaine Alldredge, A. B. Alston, Billie Bob Anrlorson, Walter Beall, Jimmie Brown, Charles Chambers, Mary Louise Courtney, Leslie Crowe, Leo Davenport, Dale Dodson, Joe Gilliam, Harrie Mae Gilbert, Lamar Justice, William Morgan, Robert Program Chairman -- --- John Pepper Assistants ........................ William Justice, Harrie Mae Gilliam --- Mr. J. W. Halbert Montgomery, R. H. May, S. J. Mclllvaine, Mary Matyear, Charles McDonald, Talmadge Pepper, John Polk, Jim Rasor, Robert Shafer, Norman Toler, Nina Taylor, Charlie Voss, Cecil Ward, Delbert Wallace, Russell Wills, Wade Sybil Thomas Club MEMBERS OF SYBIL THOMAS CLUB Blanche Barry Fannie Galbraith Virginia Pace Maudie Fay Bennett Aletha Goodnough Peggy Pickett Marie Boozer Minnie Lee Holland Leora Reed Bess Carrigan Yvonne Hutchins Inez Scott Velta Cairigan Loneta Jarvis Gabie Mae Smallwood Mary Louise Carter Pauline Lee Arlene Toler Imogene Cathey Mary Knapp Mildred Voss Lucille Coffee Ruth Lambert Georgia Fay Williams Frances Darnell Rae Nell Lambert Mary Frances Windrow Nellie Eva Davison Muriel Lehde Weltha Louise Whitmire Lillian Fry Iris Muns CLUB MOTHERS Mrs. Lambert Mrs. Davison Mrs. Johnson Sponsor MISS RUBY P. WOOD Lucille Coffee --- --- President Minnie Lee Holland ..,..,..,.. Reporter Ruth Lambert ............... Secretary Aleta Frazier --- Parliamentarian lst term Arlene Toler --- Vice-President 2nd term Rae Nell Lambert ...........,,, U, Sarah Nell Hall l- Vice-Presicleut lst term ----,,---- Parliamentarian 2nd term p Apprentice Club N A M Id Ainlmwsnxi, NYullor All!X2llHll'l', llul Allcln-4lg.5o, l"1'1-rl Bland, Dohnn liIl1IltZl'. Um-il Urnss, 'l'1nn Tlihh, Julnniil- Hurl.:l-, Ahh-u llmlsull. lflsun lhlv Dyur, Clmrhrs Iirl-ssll'r, Nelson Flynn, flliflnu flrnhuni, .hunus ll:-nrlvrsun, Ca-lin Jun:-s, Mnrl liynn, Hull Mutln'-ws, In-:un Nlvifnill, llI'u4-0 'lhivlu-i', .lf-ssiv Man- 'I'nvlcvr, Onvln Shia-lrlu, Dun Sh-vvmwn, Minniu Many hvllllitlll, lfurl XVm'lvy, Willixun NVitl, Manvin JOB l'l'!lCl'4ll' lnociuuuin dry cleaning slu-Ol, moml grocery lIll'l'hilllll' nnuthinisl priuir-r 'l'. R. upvrulur gross-ry plumbing gals nppliznlce nwclmnil: printer sw-ruI.:li'y assi. shipping.: vh-il: sum ulan y sinful invlul lx'ucl.1n' mcrrhuuic rvlnil svllhnr re-lull solling photo vngiuving: l'l'l2lil sc-lling sfnrv survivu unu-hinisl linck nw:-lmniv THE CREED OF FUTURE CRAFT 2 in nmk lhnl is ll'l'IlliX'l'. lhnt mills to Ilu- vrnn- -2- x incl 1 thu- glory of my Pillllllly. - - 'xnlx ul' luhm' null in plimlo iu wmnlr li. nslnp, n - of mflnsliy flu-pl-mls on wcnkmun o - iv is null whu rvnlim- thu vnluc ul -n xull':u'ne of souivly. 7 Y nimlun f an 4-ru-axlinL: llll'l'llillIll'iIl things is s 2 as wmk nl' url ul' :I wink uf gi ilulx llllllllll lu :ls llul- HUIINK' L'lllllUllll'N all llu' mr hn in nn nls :nu h ulnls nl zu mu-u-ly. U. l l r Inv: llnnl thi lllllllwllllll pursuits. 2lI't' jus! us lmuur- 4 Us u in sl :is lm'ln1xm-i'a1Iivu- :nul just as sms ' .um nl' sm-14-ly :ns ni-vnpntlulls in any :Ill nl hh 10. EMPLOYER Oliver llurni Imp. Co. Friomlly Cleaners Mullins' Tin Shop Pm-u Bros. Mnnigmnv-ly hvilld Co. Sl-rviuv Xvvhling Shop Wailsuii-Fnwlit Cn. Wm-stcrn Uniun Suuhvaun Grocery Otlo U:u'tc1' United Gas Co. Pm-Pplos Garage Kins0y's Printing Nolan County News ixlmrlgniximy Ward Co. ll, U. D. lvl. .l. Swuuden Swuf-twutel' Imp. Co. In-vy Bros. lvlmilgoinvry Ward Cn. XVul,suli'Fm-lit, Co. S1-zns, Ruvlnluk S: Cu. Sunhcann Grocery Sl-l'vim-v Welding Shop lluurnzlliunul Garage SMEN OF AMERICA l hulievc :in vduculied man is une who can awcomplish things. l believe in vocutiunzxl t'Clll1'2llilUI1 :und in the constant im- provement of my vocational abilities for only by such edu:-ation may 1 pxogressively improve myself :md my fellow nwn, I believe .in giving and deirnxmliug u square deal in any wnllc of hfc. J' hclicvc in nu mnmlily nf oppnrliniily fun' :ill pcuplc in l'llUl'lIlllUll, wurk :Ind SCl'Vll'C! to nninkuul. l hclievv thznl lumpiness limbs in work :ind in :wliivvi-nnent-, whuthur that wurk hu uf ai SUFVIUE nnturu or :ns :L result. of iny Cl'l3i.lllV0 effort. I lJcli0x'v thut hc who scrves thu hcsl. unjnys life must. MEMBERSHIP irl Reserve C7 f lv SLOGAN: To Fame Life Squarely. PURPOSE: To Find and Give the Best. OFFIC'ERS President .................................... Mattie Jo Hardin Vice-President ................................ La Verne Bledsoe Secretary .....................-........ ,,. ..e..... Mickey Tubb Treasurel' ..................... ., ................. Helen Bacon Churlsa Ruth Alston Beatrice Anderson Maxine Dillz lrrnnln Dnlin Alelu Frzlziel' Mary Ted Gunn Sarah Nell Hull Jane Murphy Ella Ruth Myers Iiarriett Reivh Marie Rogers Mable Xvildll Boss Cnlwigun Edna lflnrl Pau-e Luna Urvss Betty Cnrlm-r Mattie Ju Unnlin Mnriam Illgflllll llelun lim-:ni Vvlnnn Allllrvdge livy N4-Il Alslnu Iuvelyn lhuris Ilvltlm l'flJ0rll' Mickey 'Publi Joyce Rogers Joyce Xvhnley hu XVUIIILE lil:-Llsuc Mm',e,':m-t, Fife llc-mi IC. llrown M:lr1'1'll4- Hman- 'l'nmmiv Imn Yonkuln Bully Jo W1-Ils i4l'UI7l Rm-ml llnmllxy Ilnghvy li1'l'illl Slllll-il ltuth lmlnlmrl, Um-ile Willie I,ymlar,Il Htxingfelluw villllllllf l':u'u Wzmnn Ruth llenll Arlelu- 'Pulcx' l':lnline L00 Lucille Qqffvu lcllvllllllli Nvnlkm' Nlilclrf-Ll lhwk Rnsnlim- Johnson Hlm'in Johnson Imvillr- iIlIl'L:l'2lX'l'5 Aliililvll Clmxnln-rs Mary Pl-url Farris Ci-lin Mm- llemla-rson livnnrn I'illillfl3Ull Minnie Mm: Stcvi-ns Mnry Imnise Caller Aniln Galloway AI:-nv llnrbnnr Juni- Heath Null Julnnson Alnliv Lynn Jessie l'1rxnn Null Dolliu Il. Pt?1'l'llllilll lwggy I'im-lwlt. Many linlh Museo 'llillil' Rim: I.iI1inn 'I'n4lur Alihlrw-il Voss H igh-Y Club THE PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity h'gh standards oi' Christian character. THE SLOGAN: "Clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, clean szholarship, contag- ious Christian character." GFFICERS President ...... ......... - -- Riley Simmons Vice-President ..... -- Glenn Fitzgerald Secretary-Treasurer --- ...,................. Floyd Stamps Sponsors .......... --- Mr. J. W. Halbert, Mr. Homer Dennis MEMBERS John Palmer Leeper, Ben Roberts, Malven Stevenson, Maurice Walker, Houghton Crowe, Jimmy Dulaney, C. P. Woodruff, Emmett McDonald, Joel Hodges, Bernard Kirkpatrick, Jimmy Beall, Bud Alldredge, Robert Free, Marshall Curry, and Wilburn Williams. G C1113 K Allcllwlgv, Ifllauinv .lllrllwlgn-, Vclnnaa Alston, Ullaarlsan Ruth Alston, Key Null Jliifla-rson, lil-:ulrivu .Xrnnsta-ang, Fun Balcnn, Helen llvalll, Wanna, .linlll Bennett, Maiualic Fame lilvdsrw, lm, Verna: Bouzur, Mario Broaddns, Billy .lo Brown, Hemi Pllixamlwtli lim-lc, Alildrval Cill'l'l2fllll, Buss liZll'l'lg1lIl, V1-lla CIl'l'ill?l', 151-tty Clanton, Ra-liec-cal Cleudunnnn, Annie Uuffcu, Lucillv Coker, Valerie Cross, Lanai Dawenpu ri , .I a-ssv Davidson, Null Evan Davis, Dm-otliy Davison, Lucille Donn, Frances Lou Diltz, Maxine Dulin, Irmallu lluulanp, llmiln-an l'IlJv1'ls-, IiL'l'illll Plilgaxr, lluruilay Farris, Maury l'm-:url Fife, Mau'gau'cat F01'tllf'l', NZllll'1' GIRLS PEP SQUAD 1936 Fralzivr. Ala-lan C-i2llbl'2litil, Fillllllv Halllowaly, Anilal Uilliaun, llaariiv Man- Hnflfiwy, Naulina- il-uncliwllgll, All-llm fiI'ElX'l'S, Helly Gunn, Mau y Tull llnll, Hamill Ns-ll llaannal, In-than Mau' Hanris. livvlyn llauxis, l'wlilllklL' lla-allll, ,luna- llollaanal, Minnia- In-v llnrtun, Anniu Ma-rlv llnglmy, llurulliy JUIIIISUII, Ulolial Julnlstun, Null Kalissar, Maury Luuisar Klingler, Milrlra-ml Knapp, Mairy Iaalngley, llorullly llalwromfl-, lm-z her-, Pauline Iaclulv, Muriul Mclllvaiine, lllanry Moorv, Main-aallu if Nllldifli, l"l':1nc1-s Mullins, liuliyaa Mums, Iris Xlnrplay, .luna- Myu-rs, l'lIIaa Hull! Null, .la-basin l'il'lllil Pau-a-, 1'aullilu: Pan-1-, X ll'Q.flIllll l'z1ltw1'son. lmnm'u Pnxlaun, Maury l'4-rrinmn, llollim- livll .Pia-km-lzl, IH-gggy Raninus, fiilllllila linscu, Malry Ruth Ray, Glanalys limlalam, Ilamvy Rl'il'll, 1-lalrrim-It lfogvrs, .lnyuu ltogr-l's, Murin- liiialaer, lm-z Naullur, fllurial Hlaa-ll, Ialmmaa, Lynn Hilvvy, Imnisu SIIIIIHNVIIUII, Gubiu Blillt Smith, ISL-will Hpazna-a-r, lfraunznx Sll0IlI'0l', Lanai Mau- Stvvenson, Mnrjorin H1,rina,:fa'lluw, hynalalll 'l'ola-r, Arluana Tubli, Mickl-y 'l'n6lm-, llillialn Voss, Milrlra-al NVaLdu, Maillln- lVulkL'1', Ellwinai Mlm-ills. 'llniiay .Tn xvlliiilillifillll, lfllnnr Willa:-, U4-villa Winclrow, Maury I"l'illlll's Ynaakuln, 'I'u1llnxy lmn Young, llolwutllxy Zivgla-l'. Nanwy Pep Squad 2 .ef A4 .Q 1 : +',- 1 . 99 W4 kv f ' A .yah VM Rf W Www' . ""7'!ff JANE MURPHY, Assistant Leader TOMMIE LOU YOAKUM, Assistant Leader A A6 M4519 ,w . W, Q. 'sf' ff MISS ETHEL HARKINS ELLA RUTH MYERS, Head Leader MISS FLORENCE BOYD Sponsor Sponsor can QV., 1 vi, Mascot-Horseshoe Carriel' Hammer Ctl,l.'1'iCl'S CHARLSA RUTH ALSTON EDDIE HENNIG MARY TED GUNN EDNA EARL PACE The Band and Reserves RUSSELL E. SHRADER Director EARNEST LANGLEY Librarian WILLIAM BELCHER Drum Major Marshall Bromley Wallace Crutcher Herbert Belcher Hcrshel Gordon Roy Scudday Robert Dodson Charles Matyear Lawrence Bonner Dwight Tomb Joseph Elrod Leslie Courtney Herbert Belcher John Tubb, Jr. 'arshall Curry Lester Batts Emmett McDonald John Ed Garrett Bernard Kirkpatrick Albert Sanger John W. Pepper, Jr. William Jackson Richard Blancett Earnest Langley 1 MEMBERSHIP Girls' Sports Club .e. gf, , hy. x-2 if if is ...- FIRST TERM President ...... ..... .......... Vice-President --- ---- --------- Secretary .... .......... , ....... SECOND TERM President ...... -- ................. Vice-President --- --- Secretary ...... .....- Sponsor - - - -- - - - - Mildred Buck Wanna Ruth Beall -- Jessie Erma Null - - - Frances Spencer - - - - - - - Louise Silvey - - - - Jessie Erma Null Miss Florence Boyd Fern Armstrong Helen Bacon Wanna Ruth Beall Annie Clendcnnan Dorthea Dunlap Billie Edwards Mai-ilee Faver Datha Lee Freeman Anita Galloway Nadine Godfrey Geraldine Hampton Virginia Hodges Annie Merle Horton Mildred Howe Mildred Klingler Dorothy Langley Virginia Lusk Billie Morris Jessie Erma Null Dollie Belle Perriman Gladys Ray Raney Redden Imogene Shuff Louise Silvey Berah Smith Frances Spencer Lena Mae Spencer Imogene Taylor Elnor Whittington Dora Mae Worsham Nancy Ziegler Travel Club OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Rayllwnd Riddle ................... ....-..,,.., .,... P 1 'esldent Wesley Ward - - - Helen Neeper - - - - - - - ,-- - Vice-President -- Secretary-Treasulei OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Raymond Riddle ................. .................... P resident Helen Scott ....... Elizabeth Paddock -- - -- - - Vice-President - - Secretary-Treasul el MEMBERSHIP Helen Bacon Alma Dean Brand Willie V. Burklow Will Faver Mattie Jo Hardin Helen Neeper Margaret O'Keefe Elizabeth Paddock Raymond' Riddle Helen Scott Mabel Sheppard Wesley Ward Charlotte Webster Mrs. Tim Turner, sponsor Library Science Club OFFICERS: FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTER President ........ Vice-President - - - Secretary ..... Sponsor ....... Marjorie Bridges Roy Evans Robert Faver Gloria Johnson Marie Lynn REV. L. G. SHEPPERD REV. E. D. DUNLAP Geraldine Davison, Emma Lynn Shell - - - - - - - - - - Robert Faver, Billy Tillman ------------------------..------- Tillie Rice ------------------ -----e---- Miss Ruth Gray MEMBERS Helen Miller Emma Lynn Shell Audie Mae Ragan Clifton Stringfellow Tillie Rice Billy Tillman Louise Schleuter Kenneth Skiller Prentice Scott BIBLE INSTRUCTORS REV. J. P. CRENSHAW REV. F. W. HENKEL REV. L. L. TROTT REV. G. L. SMITH REV. G. T. PALMER 'KN Yg till Alden is, as usual, at the wrong place But his countenance does resemble that of a horse's face. Miss Sharp is frantically fanning to keep cool, But in her classes she maintains a strict rule. Mr. J. H. Williams snaps the whip, And as the head of Newman High he's really a pip! Doris Parsons behind Mr. Williams sits As the school secretary she really fits. That's Mr. Mitchem commanding the hose On the job you'll never catch him in a doze. Newman High School boasts of one set of twins- But Elmer and Velma will be gone when this school year ends. Q A12 'P ,. ug I l f Q Presenjcmg Our Fovorljces Plwolograplms of Favoriies Complimenfs of CLOCKS STUDIO -Dqlailene, Texas Joyce Rogers ,gnc Run, Myer Joyce QDLOISY 9-GOFGCC YOLITI8 C514 Alldfedge F-FORCES Mudge W.ll,um W.ll.QmS Fr Qnces 190.1 D Mable CLOGJQ- W. B. Weiss! L90 Verne BIeJs df, YHEEA LIHEEN M 1123 CyX'fKiS5 Joyce RO8CI'5 MUST FHPULHR EIRL N -xggm Run, My MUST RE: PREsENT11rr1uE: EIRL Cyvliss Joyce Wlwoley - Nlusfr REPRESENTATIHE Em EHOVGC6 Young lVl11s1' FHPHLAR Em xglmer 'KBUJ' AIIJWJSS "Ulf9fir.e,J9fQ- - f. QMM bfwwfk, Www 774012-QJf5'fhJ4 fyawdiw V6-fm, Frances abou Dean Cyviiss Frances vlefsel miss Mable Cwode ICJQV SITIS BIGJSOG Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dev. Dec. Jan. CALENDAR 7-School bells ring. 11-Our first game. Sweetwater 20, Roscoe 2. 19-Classes organized. Ben Roberts, Sen- ior Presidentg Riley Simmons, Junior Presidentg John W. Pepper, Sophomore President. 25-The unforgetable night-Sweetwatelh Brownwood. Sweetwater 8, Brownwood 0. 2-Special train to Cisco. Sweetwater 60, Cisco 6. 8-Hardin-Simmons' Cowboy Band ooncert in assembly. 9-Sweetwater 0, San Angelo 17. 16-Junior picnic. 20-Yucca Gloriosa Staff presented in As- sembly. 2 1-Amateur Typist presented. 26-Billy Lewis and Indian Chief give pro- gram. 5-Mid-Term Seniors present Bigger and Better Baby C'ontest. 6-Sweetwater 52, Ranger 0. 7-Seniors leave for the Centennial. 9-Seniors return-Everyone had a grand time. 12-Joyce Rogers selected Queen of the Annual. La Verne Bledsoe and' Frances Mudge attendants. 13-High Seniors have picnic at Boothe's ranch. 16-Abilene 47, Sweetwater 2. 20-Breckenridge 25, Sweetwater 6. 26-Sweetwater 6, Big Spring 9. Special train to Big Spring. 11-Juniors, Seniors, and Sophomores give pep rallies. Juniors defeat Sophomores in football. Press and Annual Clubs have party at Miss Sheridan's. 15-Low Seniorslhave box supper in Gym. 16-Juniors defeat Seniors in football. 18-Christmas Holidays begin. 4-Holidays end. Class fight. Seniors victorious. Jan. 5-Junior High tumbling club gives pro- Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. gram. 7-Mable Wade, W'ilburn Williams, Seniors' most representative boy and girl. Joyce Whaley, Horace Young, Juniors' most representative boy and' girl. Frances Lou Dean, Buck Wetsel, Sophomores' most representative boysand girl. 13-Mid-Term Seniors' examinations begin. 15-Junior party at Miss Sheridan's. Senior affair at home of Mildred Chambers. 17-Baccalaureate. 20-Mable Wade selected to go to Austin. 22-Commencement. 24-Death of our beloved principal, A. V. Williams. 28-Second semester begins. 1-New principal-J. H. Williams. 12-Annual Press Convention at Abilene. 19-Junior class gives style show. 22-Holiday-Washington's Birthday. 26-High Seniors present "Silly Songstersf' March 6-Spanish Club Banquet given at the Allen Hotel. March 19-Seniors give picnic at Lake Sweet- water. March 22-Date Bureau started. March 23-Lawrence Priddy head coach for coming season. Coach Clarke and Coach Harllss assistants. March 26-Spanish play presented in assembly. March 29-Roscoe glee club gives program. March 30-Dedication of the flag pole presented by the graduating Seniorslof '36. April 1-Snyder band gives concert. April 9-District Interscliolastic League Meet at Sweetwater. April 16-Junior-Senior Banquet. May 7-Senior Banquet. May 14-Senior Play. May 17-High Senior examinations begin. May May 23-Baccalaureate. 28-Commencement. 'H Wikis .J Looks bad, but- Remember Breckenridge! Prof, eh 'Z Well of all things, Vern and Leslie! The Old Scrub Spirit hal ha! lnterested ? Folks, this is Pinkey Whaley Watch the birdie! Why, Rey Nell and Buck! You cant fool me-she is no wood cutter. How will it end? Introducing Lawrence Priclcly Where are the rest of 'em? Observation Just another game Teddy and Leach Beefy made a touchdown! Beefy made a touchdown! Wait, Jane, don't hit me! Kinda cute, isn't she? '-9 Y ,.,,..- M ww" School Romeos Hats off to our new principal! Number 2, please Two Sophs Our noon hour gathering Miss Sweetwater Our "Smile Girl" One of our very, very bestest favorites Speaking of good cooks! l ! The ladies' man Our annual poet and her chum lra's big moment Another great day Sad memories One of our newest adiditions Pep Squad Canaries Aw, she goes with that little red-headed guy Our artist Ain't Love grand! l A faithful Senior "Old Iron Man" Legs appear on page 71 Memories of Breckenridge , ' xii 'XZ if' - FQ i g A i K E4 2 ' V 6 e iff gi il e is We 'W,s+f?"?? -V ' if kg' 71 1:,,fi"'75"'gf if H1 5222: me A3 ,, 1 f 5 45 f srfi: W miifif i-i,xll,?:'E1g x W'l'1?lw f f f' f f we ,g - ,V ,ki -V' ' , kfsfjh seg' ' ,Pi . ' - , ' fx- ff. at 1 1: 1 -1 - 1 . . ., 1 ' -:-,:1-:::-..:.1:rf' f' .ai::. . :H 5:i:I'--' ' -P I. 1.51 "".e:1 4 ..,,. , 'I":E.'.Is?i 1 . 253-1535:-1' if-:, 'g -' " fix!-Q ' -"'Q - ,W ga- A e Q . +. ' ' - -r J 'liinln 'Q - ' , ' " " 16 N1 .. - . RSX ,f-fees. 22 '-if ,f nr .A 'w g,1,jg-53 'L Z 3 YM. W3 ' 3 , W Ng ff- L. . ' 7' -. "wi ff: ' 4'-ww.:x ' +, sij' , f. A 6:35 ' fl :Q fa.: 5 11 .41 " '-" 1::I5" PF:-:Z-'l:,. III: '.:.--Sz' ' ' lgaiif- rar, Y? Yi? ,.,,x ,. ws, ....,... life? I fiv- f ..g.y--- k 1.144 5 U!-,Lg J .fivv I. ff- v I if ,Q ju 'er s -'fry , nvfwlugagf is r-exe-PJ I j ,INN ,, .'f"'fA?fY?'f 5 fi A vi. -ff, ,ff-.--geo 59.55. 1 8,1 as 'A-,V I W... -1.5553 , Q sn 4 M' gk ,pw 6 ! if Hai, in-4 'False proposal Ain't we cute! Mix-up Cut it out Chink, Cecil might get mad The best editor in the world C an't be wrong can she, George? Hi, Joyce! Just another couple of Lovebirds Our Pep Squad Sponsors 5: in X N' 1 .. .. --,-, E., ,.:.:.: in I I h T Two brothers s '- ,Yv- I ,fm w I' Little Bennie Roberts, Jr. ' -9 ' " . .:..f:,".:': is 5 r ' H-X M, ' ..... 1 X v6 f " wffqfw F. Another group of Romeos M ' si? Sgt .I S-fm Where are Horace and Leach? Squirmy Look at our editor! Oh for a boardi ! Has anyone seen Trott and Jessie? The morning after the night before ww M -sv :fp- , K w fmw? 1 if 'Vs Y M Wi gm J 2:- :gm 5 Just before the San Angelo game Pals Wonder who is getting talked about now? An outstanding Senior Boys to one side Girls to the other aide, please After serving' for two years as assistant coach, Coach Laurence P1-iddy was elevated to coach for next year. Coach Priddy, being an outstanding col- lege player, is well versed in football and is success- ful in instilling his know- ledge into every player. .iff Coaches For seven years Coach Edgar Hennig guided the Mustangs to many victor- ies, and has produced many outstanding college players. We regret very much to lose him to Tyler, which is but another step taken in his ladder to suc- cess. rags M 9' ' M rf gf' V : ,... ,,.. ,i 4 ggi'-., "4 xmf- ."3Y? ' . , -- .- ,lr R -- : . 9:1 ' . .V ,: ,. '1.q:,5:.-.s.,, - ..:-ia, ' fm - gs: .s ' -3.2.1 iz, F19 sf, ' Q ., ' -sz: ,.... - .gj 'g ,,E: 5 :Q 1 Q?-:-5511 ., fiffvxerlggg V.. iiggsfi Ra ,M 'S lg A Ifgiff gf: iii-'giij 33532-'3?a.I'zs'i" FK. fsffalssf-l.'5s1'l l fsfff' -' 5,4:j?l',,'s -rg , ' f Walter Anderson, business manager for the Mus- tangs, was always on hand when the first-aid kit or the water bucket was n ded. I' C. L. Harless, outstanding McMurry football player, worked with the Mustangs this season for the first time. Hai-less spent mast of his time running the plays of the opposing teams, and was valuable in this respect. Sweetwater fhuytangf , ,r X' , f 1. J-.ffg..,..Wf ,f The Mustangs started the 1936 football season off in high spirits and in fine shape. They took them as they came. First they defeated Roscoe, then Brownwood, and Cisco. Brownwood was favored to win, but the Mustangs had other ideas. After a hard fought battle in torrents of rain, the Mustangs won by a score of 8-0. Roscoe and Cisco offered little competition for the Mustangs. The Mustangs then lost gruelling battles to the San Angelo Bobcats and Brecken- ridge Buckaroos. However, many of the boys turned in their best performances of the season against Breckenridge. The Mustangs went on stampedes in the games with Eastland and Ranger. In neither game did the opponents make a score. Abilene and Big Spring' proved too tough for the Mustangs to handle, but they did not go down without putting up a good fight against these two heavier foes. ,A ,ef u' l 4. W' wi' M' l -2 ln zlfiiv YIM' if uf I CECIL BRUNER, quarterback, was this year's backfield captain. Cecil did the passing and punting for the team. BUD ALLDREDGE, guard, was line captain of the team. Bud turned in his most brilliant performance of the season against the Brecken- ridge Buckaroos. JAKE WEBSTER, quarterback, found stiff competition at the signal calling post, but proved to be a good field general while in the line up. CECIL VOSS, end, was a good man of defense. If he continues to get heavier, he should be quite an asset to the team next year. LUD WOOD, tackle, completed his first and last year as a Mustang. He always gave his best. BYRON MAYFIELD has completed his first year as a letterman. He had plenty of spirit and much is expected of him next year. X035 M lf' f' ov" :M ,ff 1 M' ,iii- TOM HEADRICK, tackle, took ample care of his side of the line. He was scrapping every minute he was in the line up. F. V. WALKER had lots of competition at the end position, but showed that he could take it. He has another year. RILEY SIMMONS, center, will be next year's line captain. He has been shifted to tackle, and much is expected of him next year. CULLEN TAYLOR, guard, was the only Mustang to make the ALL- DISTRICT team. He was also voted the most valuable man on the team. WILLIAM JUSTICE, fullback, was a hard fighting Mustang. He had lots of competition for his position, but records show he played about as much as either of the others. LEON REEVES, halfback, was the fastest man on the Mustang team. He has one more year. E . by , .. j 5, ,.,- - 1 :,:,..:,.. ' 'fi-':?,:f fb , .y , . . , A A . ' It .. -Q wi W I , sg- , f " Q Q- 4 gxwsqxs ,Q W , WS Q W ,MMM V V if Ya? J New S 1 i WILBURN "Beefy" WILLIAMS ends his first and last year as a letter- rnan. "Beefy" was the hero of the Mustang's one scoring talley in the Breckenridge game. THOMAS "Cotton" SPENCER has finished his second year as a letter- guard and still has another year. He always had lots of fight and gave his best while in the game. S. J. MAY has one more year as a Mustang. He had lots of scrap and much is expected of him at end position. LEACH MCELROY, halfback, has played his last year for the Mustangs. Leach chalked up more touchdowns than any other Mustang. He made a colorful eighty-yard run for a touchdown in the Ranger game. J. B. WORLEY was a tough and hard fighting halfback. J. B. scored the Mustang's lone touchdown in the game against the Big Spring Steers on Thanksgiving Day. W. B. THOMAS will be next year's backfield captain. He is expected to develop into an expert passer-perhaps another Sam Baugh. HORACE YOUNG, fullback, was a hard fighter and showed ability as a pass catcher. He still has another year. Girls' T67Z7ZZ.J Teams 3 , ii? Florence Boyd, coach. Senior Singles: Inez Ritter. Senior Doubles: Betty Jo Wells and Mildred Buck. Junior Singles: Marilee Faver. Junior Doubles: Nadine Godfrey, Kathleen Freeman. Bgls' Tefzfzis Teams 5 fm Y 1' ...4-.. - - C. H. Harless, coach. Playersg Joseph Elrod, Buddy Cox, Charles Hodges, Thomas Allen, John Tubb, Dale Davenport, Robert Faver, Billy Gibbs, Coleman Harkins. District Meet Entries-Singles: Joseph Elrod. Doubles: Charles Hodges, Buddy Cox. Bafketball Squad The 1986 basketball season was one of the most successful in the history of the sport in Newman High. The team was the best the school has ever produced. The cagers competed successfully with such strong teams as Big Spring, Abilene, Snyder, and Colorado. At the district meet, held at Snyder, the Mustangs were eliminated by Peacock, a team which placed fourth in the district. Letterman Glenn Fitzgerald, captain of the 1936 quintet, was one of the smoothest Mustang players on the court. Glenn had an uncanny eye for the basket, especially his one-handed sideline push shot. He was an ideal leader, and his presence on the team next year will be missed. He completed his eligibility. W. R. "Dub" Owen had never played basketball until this year, but that did not keep him from developing into a good player before the season was over. "Dub" played center and was later trans- ferred to guard. This was his only year to play. When a man was needed on the floor to "stir-up" a little chatter and arouse some spirit, Byron Mayfield was the man for the job. He was a letter man from last year and still has another year. Robert Free played forward most of the season, and was one of the most consistent players on the team. Duc to a serious operation he was unable to play in the district meet. He has another season. Jake Webster made an impressive showing this season at guard position. He is an exceptionally good ball handler, and could be counted on to bring the ball down the court. He has one more year. Although Joseph Elrod was handicapped by his size, he had a good eye for the basket and was a good little player. He has two more years. This was Jim Bonner's first year to play forthe Mustang cagers. He had a good eye for the basket when he could be persuaded' to shoot. He will not be eligible next season. Although Wilburn "Beefy" Williams was the first business manager the Mustang cagers have ever had. he set a standard that will be hard to beat. Ao QSN C550 Quia QDVERTISERS we Q5 We, The Yucca Gloriosa Staff, Wish to thank the advertisers Who, through their inter- est in school work, helped to make this book a success. We believe that you will be proud of your advertisement, and We hope that it will repay you in the future. Joel Hodges, business manager Edna Earl Pace Rubye Mullins Velma Alldredge LaVerne Bledsoe Gerson Berman W. B. Thomas Alden Burge Glen Fitzgerald Lucille Coffee 1101011 0:0 10101: mini: ricrjojoioxoixrioioioinriariojarioicxi :ia 111:14 0:0114 riuiniuif 1 ri 3 14 :nz 114114 14 im if 1114 1111 1 11011111 2014 101 91 1011 is fm 1411112101 . . . PRODUCED IN OUR SHOP . . 7'8lD7'6J'67Zf.f thousands of dollars worth ofthe most modern printing equip- ment, and the trades' most skilled craftsmen. 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ELECTRIC LOVE If she wants a date, meter. If she comes to call, receiver. If she wants an escort, conductor. If you think she is picking your pockets, detector. If she is hungry, feeder. If she is a poor cook, discharger. t If she fumes and sputters, insula- or. If she wants a holiday, transmitter. Poodley Walker-"No girl ever de fo l out of " ma a o me. -Mary Louise Carter-"Then who did?" Best Shows At The TeXas Theatre HENRY ROGERS Manager 101 111420111 ri nz 3 1 101030111101 1 111 1 1 1 141412 21:21:11 3 FOOD PACE BRO . MARKET BEST IN THE WEST Mr. Covey-lAfter crashj "Why didn't you signal?" Mickey Tubb-fWho made a left hand turnj "I always turn in here, you dope? Leora Reed4"What's your busi- ness?" Malven S.-"Book seller." Leora R.-"How's business?' Malven C.-"Gone With the Wind." 1 We've heard that college bred means a four year loaf made with dad's dough. Some crust, eh? soon FOR LIFE So .are those Photos that are Hand Tinted with Permanent Oil Colors MRS. U. H. 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Betty Carter-"Oh, it would be much easier to remove my veil. Coach Priddy-"What three words are used most among high school t l t 9" s uc en s. George Bradford-"I don't know." Coach Priddy--"Correct" GET THE POINT? It's the little things that bother us. You can sit on a mountain but not on a tack. SWEETWATER LAUNDRY CO. "The Laundry Does It Better" Phone 624 SCHOOL SUPPLIES Visit Our Soda Fountain At High School Headquarters' YOUNCFS PHARMACY Broadway St Locust Dial 2911 Joe Dodson-"What shall we do tonight?" J. L.-"I'll spin a coin and see. If it comes heads we'll go to see Mar- jorieg if it's tails we'l1 go to see Joyce, and if it stands on edge, we'll study English. Private Worley-My rank sure is unpopular in this building, Sarge." Sarge-"First I've heard of it." Private Worley-"Why every door I come to there's a sign on it that says: "Private Keep Out." GULF PRODUCTS Ney Sheridan Distributor Gulf Oil Corporation RUSSELLXS A Pleasant and Very Profitable Place For You to Shop Ph. 2142 Locust Sz Broadway 0:0 10201 111 1:43 2 1 301 ni 2:1 3 1 14 1 iuilivisioioi 1 ri 1 1010101011 is 101 101031 1011-1 ni 1:1 1410901111 2111111111 lil: BEST WISHES TO THE 1937 GRADUATES, STUDENTS, AND FACULTY OF NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL , ' us, IQ. . BEST WISHES FROM SVVEETVVATER REPORTER First In News First In Circulation D. A. CLARK INSURANCE-BONDS 307 Oak St. Phone 722 Sweetwater, Texas In Appreciation Of The High School Patronage NICHOL'S QUALITY FLOWERS Miss Boyd--"I wonder' why I have so much electricity in my hair?" Coach Clark-"Because it is con nected to a dry cell. To a tramp on the grass in the park-"You win the prize as the laziest man in the world." Tramp-"Thanks, pal. Roll me over and put it in my back pocket." Suitor-"I wish to marry your daughter, sir." Dad-"Do you drink, young man '?" Suitor-"Thanks a lot, but lct's settle this other thing first." Marjorie S.-"I never could see why they call a boat 'she'." Joe D.-"Evidently you never tried to steer one." "Are you sure," asked the old wo- man, "that this century plant will bloom in a hundred years?" 'tPositive, ma'am," answered the florist. "If it doesn't, bring it right back and I'1l give you another." Leslie G.-"Say, your old umbrella is full of holes." Ben R.-"Oh, yes, that's to see whether it is raining or not." THE THOMPSON AGENCY Insurance of Every Kind 109 E. Third Dial 2751 1111111 1114111141 iz: in: 1 1 1 ini 1 1 -1 1 106502 1:14 if r1oju1oiu:c:1u:o1n14n:o:cn:o1o:1v1nx1411050111-1141410101014 3, o anq54x1rr1av:4x:cr:4r1av:ev14njc: xiozojoioiozo oinioia Compliments Of JOHN HALL General Insurance Agency Hawkin's Cash Grocery Fresh Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Gas and Oils One Stop Service 555 E. 12th Street Sweetwater, Texas Compliments Of J. P. MAJORS Jeweler and Optometrist Sweetwater, Texas Texas Public Utilities Corp. PURE WATER ICE Phone 404 JOHN R. COX JEWELER Since 1895 Kirby Kinsey PRINTING A friend is one who sees your point of view and laughs at your jokes. "Yes," exclaimed the self-made man, singing his own praises lustily, "I began my life as a bare- footed boy." "And I wasn't born with boots on, either," came a remark from the audience. Quarterback Bruner- "There's a fly in my soup." Water-boy Hennig- "Don't worry-he won't drink much." Tiamp-"I've asked for moneyg I've begged for moneyg and I've cried for money, lady." Lady-"Have you ever thought of working for it, my man?" Tramp-"No, not yet, ma'am. You see, Pm going through the alphabet and I ain't got to "W" yet." COMPLIMENTS ELROD'S FURNITURE STORE "You Can Furnish Your Home Better For Less" Sweetwater Local Mutual Life Ass'n. Perfect Protection At Low Cost J. H. TUBB Wholesale Grocery J ENNINGS LUMBER CO. W. L. STUBBS, Mgr. SWEETWATER, TEXAS 300 W. 3rd Phone 2701 0 93111 ni ri 11 3-13111: in 101010101 1 1 ri 910111 ri 1011 if 141101 3 103111: 1 141 1 WALLACE'S Helpy-Selfy Compliments Of 1 a Laundry TANSIL S HARKINS' Exclusive Womenfs All Kinds Finished Work Dry Cleaners Apparel Delivery Dial 2990 111 Locust Dial 2652 Mrs. Starr's Sandwich Shop "BEST FOOD IN TOWN" 702 E. Broadway Blue Bonnet Coffee Shop "Say, Dad, I want to ask you something. "Well, what is it?" "If a lad has a step- father, is the boy a step- lad-der?" "Your father is a shoe- maker, and you haven't any shoes," scoffed the small boy. "Well, your father is a dentist and your baby hasn't any teeth," retort- ed the other. "Aha!" cried the egg' As it splashed a bit. I was cast for the villian And made a hit. Little Leon, age seven, had been taken to the zoo to see the animals. He stood' before the cage of the spctted leopard for a few minutes, staring in- tently. Then, turning to his mother, he asked: "Say, ma, is that the dot- ted lion that everybody wants dad to sign on?" Compliments Of Morrison Supply Co. WHOLESALE Sweetwater, Texas Round Top Sandwich Shop The Choice For The High School For Sandwiches and Drinks Phone 2004 710 East Broadway Compliments Of Compliments Of The Great . American Life Hgmg Ddgfy I Insurance Co. 114 W. First Dial 2132 San Antonio, Texas B. PETE STARNES District Manager BANKHEAD CAFE Where Culinary Art Meets Southern Hospitality West Broadway 111111111-5:1141 ,101-,:, mio 11010101011 xininivznioiuiar ui: uit x1oi0ioi4n:4r1o14n:cnio14x1n:1o1o1un11n1 uioiuinim 10111 1 :in 111 1 cfm: 1 ri init 10101 11 icrllanicleialinibicllxiclfsiarifria Compliments Of AUTO PARTS CO. W. M. MULLINS Compliments Of TEXAS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY XECCOPMICK-DEERIFTCX DRINK .NLFARM r1lf.rgHlNEs,,,ff' -1,S, X RIMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL IN BGTTLES HARVESTER COMPANY Sweetwater, Texas MRS. WETSEL'S BEAUTY SHOP "Preferred By Those Who - Want The Best" 311 Pine Street CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1937 H. A. WALKER INSURANCE Texas Bank Bldg. I wish to express my gratitude to the Seniors who have as- sisted me as business manager. Credit is especially due to Edwina Walker and Velma Alldredge. JOEL HODGES, Business Manager. io1ln1o1as1oi4r:o1oioi 11011 23014131 14 1 nic 1 rqsnioiui xi wiiflwh M XM iifikmja

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