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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1959 volume:

is ia' K... EA.. gd, I. 41, K 'v 3 , 'P ...Q l D , ". '. TF 35 7- f- Fa' P'-'ge' 'f' '---Q ff--. -. -Uv... ,, ,vw WYM-,vnu Ahh, H vi-A . , 5 1- W-womjsf ,V g , Rlxwm ' . mm, M. ,V gig! v" . x V i . g ' ' vxmww ' Mm! M, wX-' A,,,q.,m,A L I - 'lm A. .V 3.1. ff-4' L- ,. ifwp we ' ' A gh . A Qi' , v. f ' rw A ' ' X FJ X if i x , f' T - 1 Q - 1 M ,W sw if S 1. by 4 if . gg 34 - ' Z V .P 9 ' :J ,M ' :V I, ' eff -f M- "li M " 1 ' W 1 3 Pii A? 3 ., 'Q ti f f I , H 3,1 Q.-bfwfxm Q 7 ' l J Q ,' 3 I V,--M1 1 M-- 'vf'-7" af ', ?"'S7T-WX ME Mx, ' , ,ef -, Q 'ff 3 W K" '?4ffLkf,'i: - , sm 'uw' "" L , I HWMIUM' , N ' 5 , - 5 'L 3 , f li L f "V "" 'A l nl if.,-..' ,lfign g l , Y, '- 3, 6. V T ,U - 'n -fm v- l ' ' V, X fx -553-. 1'-'l'5E5I kk r I . iff'--r rw'-v Q 2 gh" ' ' ' ' I fl Q , I 2 wa v -5-il? L 771 -f - - lf f -' af' 1 'QQ 1, 'gi' N if ,, fi., I r 5 ,cw iii? 'fs'.-- ,517 vw: - -1-:ww 1qe?w'Q'f' b N ww ' swf- ' 5, Zig!-12 1, VJ?1Tfl5i!?i. is 5 if ' r GE.. gf A J' L E P If zrf 'H ' Q ,D 5 - E , QW? 1, n I , MTW wifi :dx s ' lr I t 7? I. M Q M lfrx. w H V W gn. 5 ii vi? frumu l 'X' D4 WN ll 98 . AS. f' 'E'-D ' .W--. 41.5 QQ! Together we came . . from farm, year, we shared our high school days to year, enriched our . . together. students of 1959, w shared. you remembrances have done together. minds with the wealth ish to leave a record of f familiar places 0 11'- F village, town, and city. In the past gerher. We grew closer to God with the of education, and spent our carefree hours In this volume of the Comary we, the the joys, cares, and expenses we have We, atNewman, inthis volume, leave friendly faces and of the many things we "That which combined us was most great let not a lesser action :end us. " ff W.-.- Father Thomas Green, pastor of St. Mary's parish, is always willing to take time out from his busy schedule to talk with us. Marie Carney and Betty McFadden are taking advantage of this opportunity. "Make God happy in yourmunity Z6 In We, the class of 1959, dedicate this volume ofthe Comary to our school, Newman High. Newman, we thank you for every help you've given us in the years we've been under your guidance. We thank youfor the know- ledge you haveyinstilled, the faith you have strengthened, and the joy you have given us. As we leave your familiar corridors for the last time, may we say never will we forget you. Always will we love you, New- man High School. f If Sister Barbara Ann Sister Mary Adella 7: Reverend Frank Bonnike Mr. Robert Cahail Sister Mary Clarice Sister Mary Denis Sister Mary Dominica Mr. Leo Foust Sister Francis Therese Reverend Joseph Highland Mr. John Hutten Mr. Robert Kennedy Mrs. Margaret Knoll Reverend Fredrick Larson Y Sister Leorita Sister Francis Therese, Principalg and Bob Meyer, senior class president, plan school activities for the students. Mr. Don McGinn Reverend William Meyers Sister Mary Miguel Sister Patricia Jean Sister Patrick Marie Miss Joanne Rau Mr. Edward Scheck wf6Jyomwzaf s Sister Dominica, Father Meyers, Sister Francis Therese, M.r. Don McGinn, Miss Joanne Rau, and Sister Leorita examine the blueprints for the new high school which is being built. Adviser Sister Patricia Jean, Co-Editors Mary Lou Adams and Mary Burke, and Assistant Editor Mary Hoffmiller keep to the yearbook theme by working to- gether. Wav 52446 MARIAN staff members Mary Pat Lease, Sharon McKee, and Mary Austin give cash support to COMARY staff members Dennie Polzin and Jim Meyer. COMARY STAFF: '. Co-editors . . . . . Mary Lou Adams Mary Burke Business Manager . . . Jim Meyer Close quarters force yearbook staff members Art Baylis, Bob Koehler, Emilie DePasquale, Ron Lawson, Pat England, Sharon Hill, Loraine Bardouski, to work together. Sports Editor ....... Ron Lawson Formal Photography . .Lyle Eshelman Make-up Staff .... Mary Hoffmiller Loraine Bardouski Pat England Sharon Hill Pat Carrnody Emilie DePasquale Business Staff .... Dennis Polzing Art Baylis Sports Assistant . . . Bob Koehler 4 N 1 1 1 V sa:wM fffwzw OFFICERS Bob Meyer, President Susan Sullivan, Vice-President Janet Mohr, Secretary Shamus Moore, Treasurer ADVISOR Sister Mary Clarice Behold, how good and how pleasant it is forbrethern to dwell together in unity. Psalm CXXXIII fmaw ROBERT MEYER SUSAN SULLIVAN PRESIDENT ..... . . Robert Meyer VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . Susan Sullivan TREASURER . . . . . Shamus Moore SECRETARY . . . Janet Mohr CLASS SPONSORS Sister M. Clarice Sister Pauick Marie SHAMUS MOORE "Let's have a dance after the game. " JANET MOHR TOM ACKERT I U DY AUGUSTINE MARY LOU ADAMS "Time out for lunch. " LOU ISE ALDRICH "There's years of work in there. " MARY AUSTIN FAUSTINO BAEZA mwfm- ---' LORRAINE BARDOUSKI JOHN BARTEL "Anyone thirsty?" DAVE BAYLIS MARGARET BEIEN DICK BRECHON KEN BOESEN ROSEMARIE BRESSANELLI "None of those lunch time rides, Marie. MARY BURKE MARIE CARNEY JUDY CO NCU T ELLI CONNIE CUNNINGHAM PAT ENGLAND A mid-day snack PHILIP CORNWELL , w CAROL FOLEY o JOEL FRANCQUE BILL GARTNER GARY GARLAND "Ladies firs c. " JOHN GILLMAN ROSEMARY GLEASON SHARON GREGORIUS How about a cha cha?" EUGENE GRENNAN 'How about s o me potato chips, Mary?" u MARY HERMES ED HERMES o N SHARON HILL ADRIENNE HENRY "Forgot my lunch again, mom" MARY HOFFMILLER MARGARET KELLEN I ERRY KOBBEMAN DAVE KOEHLER KAREN KNOLL DAVID KOOY "Chivalry is not dead. " PAT LENDMAN RONALD LAWSON MARY ANN MC ANDREWS KATHY MC ANDREWS ' "Is the test very hard, Sister?" ELIZABETH Mc mama CAROL Mc CAFFREY We'11 take two, Kay. 4 JERRY MC CORMICK MARGIE MC CORMICK KAY MC DONNELL BETTY MC FADDEN L When is your book due, Jim? JUDY MC GINN FLOYD MC KENNA LLOYD MC KENNA HM MEYER E PAT MURPHY " Play Chopsticks will you? BOB NIESEN SANDRA MICHEL NADINE NELSON FRED POW ERS "Anyone want to donate a brain? DENNIS POLZIN PAT RANSO M TOM REG AN DELORES RIESS "Sure you're on the right sentence?" AL RIOS JIM RIBORDY PAT TERROCK DAVE SPROU L HELEN RODRIQUEZ "None of that lunch-time cramming. " ED SANDOVAL ,, 1 "Good thing Sister isn't here! " RGBERT VOCK GERALD WHITMORE HARVEY VALDIVIA SHARON ZINNANNI fwf- Bill Gartner, Margaret Kellen, Jerry Kobbeman, Susan Sullivan, Jim Meyer, Judy Augustine, Carol McCaffrey, Mary Austin were inducted into the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools on June 1. Requirements for membership are high scholastic attainment, personal integrity, and marked leadership ability. Honors Conferred by Bishop Loras T. Lane on the night of graduation, June 1. James Meyer - Beatrice Bittorf Jacobs Scholarship Susan Sullivan - St. Catherine of Sienna Medal Bill Gartner - Lewis College Scholarshipg Perfect Attendance Award Mary Austin - Loretto Heights Scholarship W OFFICERS Mike Regan President Ann McGinn Vice -President Rosemary Hermes Secretary Doug Miller Treasurer Advisers Sister Dominica "Give to all peace, concord and unity. CLASS OFFICERS: Ann MCGinn, Mike Regan, Rosemary Hermes, and Doug Miller plan prom activities with Sister Dominica. "Go aheadgl won't do anything. " Terry McDonnell, Jane Kaup, and Peggy Naughton. Could this be hutch hour? Mark Bauer, LeRoy Razo, Dorothy Razo, Joan Noe, Pat Palmer, Eileen McKenna. ,may Is this how you do it? Jill Brown, Virginia Villa, Larry Stein- hagen, Dick Valdivia, Carolyn Whitebread, Carol Yowell. "Holy Mary, Mother of God . . . . . " PeggyGrennan, Kar- en Snider, Neil Garland, Flora Gordon, Janet Herback, Maurice Sondgeroth . Whar's so amusing, Pat? Mary Pat Lease, Pat Ryan, Sylvia McMullen, Tim O'Neil, Bob Koehler, Sharon McKee. Sherry Cramburg, Pat Carmody, Emily DePasquale, Bob Deits, Penny Fester, Gerri Caldarola, Julie Dale, Jack Brown, and Dick Oberholtz gather to read the latest MARIAN. Juniors "conversate" on the convent steps. Dale Dace, Pat Burke, Michele Brouilette, Shirley Boedigheimer, Joe Fer- nandez, Harry Forehand. Book reports due tomorrow? Pat Joyce, Frank Cesarek, Bill Boesen, Judy Lauff, Margie Rios, and Rita Martinez. Tell us too, Melissa. Jim Henry, Melissa Reuter, Joe Hodge, Don Zinnani, Judy Lendman, Dave Gordon, Larry -Carrino. What's so interesting! Karen Rakestraw, Bill Rice, Jim Mc- Cormick, Linda Adams . Juniors not pictured: Angie Manzano, Joan Regan, Jim Frasor, Tom Nichols, and John Ross. It might explode, Watch out! Mary Lou Wells, MarvinJuarez Joanne Bland, Tom Welsch, Janice Bruno, Laura Bohnert nwmkwm' 550 OFFICERS Dan Reeser, President Mary Lou Menz, Vice-President Steve Duerst, Treasurer Nancy Schrader, Secretary ADVISOR Mr . Leo Foust Iwould we were all of one mind and one mind good. ' Shakespeare ,-1-I-11, C50 Mr Foust goes over pop corn sale wrth of f1cers Steve Duerst Mary Lou Menz Nancy Schrader and Dan Reeser John Juarez, Gloria Razo, Denny McCor- mick, Chuck Potts, Steve Duerst, Lucille Van Wassenhove, and Nancy Papoccia seem amazed at the wonders of a microscope. A casual get-together. Mary Hellem, Shar- on Klocke, Mary Pat Foley, Theresa Sutton, Mike Clavin, Jim Finn, Kathy McKee, Terry McMullen, Tom Frickleton, and Sandra King. Mary Jo Thompson, Mary Hutten, Anita McBride, Nancy Schrader, David Anrews, Don Craft, and Dick Bogott help Sister with her business work. Why the line up, girls? Kathy Egan, Judy Finn, Barbara Gleason, Norene O'Nei1, Sharon Goy, Ann Cunniff, and Nancy Matera. Looks like Barbara Sondgeroth, Mary Guccione, Bob Richards, Mary Sullivan, Mary Speaker, John Pichiotti, Mike Preston had a good class last period. What are you ringing, Robert Miller, Paul McCaffrey, Betty Cunningham, Mary Cunniff, and Mary Car- mondy, "The Bells of St. Mary's. " Jim McCue, Joan Bartel, Bar- bara Bartel, and Sandra Bellini watch Don Koehler and Pete Gartner behead Lincoln. A typical morning finds Ron Adami, Tony Merlak, Chuck Ackert, Mary Jane Murphy, Peggy Hoff- miller, Dick Benton, and Judy Saunders in the busy supply room with Sister Mary Denis. "Are you coming?" Mary Lou Menz, Lupe Ortiz, Susie Sleeper, Betty O'Malley, Tom Armoska, Larry Brandon, Ed Bartel, and Dean Dace. .fs-,mr Where good friends meet -- Steve Lendman, Gary Hall, Dan Hermes, Sandra Cooney, Nancy Dempsey, Karen Allen, and Agnes Aldrich. Watch out below! Ed Acke, Mike Propheter, Michele Herriry, Mary Carol Klocke, Sally Vittorio, Carol Thompkins, and Sue Nicol. Newman beanies fascinate sopho- mores Bernadette Gothwaite, Louise Fatchel, Kay Faivre, Ginger Grennan, Dan Reeser, and Dennis Reily. 1 I s 4 1 OFFICERS ' lim Kobbeman, President Sandra, Buckmeier, Vice-President John Ybarra., Treasurer Carol Helms, Secretary ADVISOR Sister M . Miuel "Everything that lives, lives not a lone nor for itself. " Blake 7mm Cla s s o ffic e r s Sandra Buchmeier, John Ybarra, Jim Kobbeman, and Carol Helms make a visit to the nurses' office. "Will it hurt?" Mrs. Knoll "Gee, I just can't decide what to get. " Gerald Boedigheimer, Sharon Cesarek, Mark Moore, Bill McCue, Sally Meisel, Jim Mullen, and Terry Moore. "Back to school again. " Ann Faivre, Pam Bardo, Jessie Delgado and Linda Dondero. .. DMM Everybody relaxes at the end of the day . . including the janitor. Wayne Vic- toria, Sue Troye, Bill Welch, Mr. McCleary, and Bev Shultz, Ray Villa, and Jim Wendle. Fines or Fees??? Sister Leorita receives one of the two from this group. They are Julie Meyer, Mary Regan, George Ransom, Frances Perez, Fred Norris, and Herbert Priester. aff.: msmaa,fis2i:QmA sarrra,fr.s,,7,,,,L,M.. , , ., .. One of the favorite pastimes of New- manites is conversing during noon -hour. A typical group includes Anna Marie Arnisqueta, Mike Cesarek, Janet Kraus, Rose McBride, Terry Hoeler, Marilyn Hedrick, and Jean Harvel. I Between class rush. Joanne Boeson, Vickie Bramm, Marietta Adams, Carol Empen, Marie Cesarek. "Beat that drum, Mike." Mary McGinn, Dennis Bradley, Gary Dace, Mike Mohr, Jim Allen, Kathy Beien, Kathy Burke. What are you drawing, boys? ,Terry Kelly, Marvin Bohnert, Steve Flosi, Bill Adams, Ioel Floto. "Don't look down, now!" Christine Valdivia, Sharon Adami, Dick Clementz, and Tom Finne- gan. "Row, row, row your boat . . . " Pat Propheter, Meg McDonnell, Mary Grieb, John Kiefer, Sharon Sondgeroth, and Leo McAndrews. "On1y 100 calories!" Ruth Manzano, Jack Lawrance, Sharon Kelly, Ed Martinez, Sister Adella, and Barbara McA1eese. mw1f of fm imma 1 fwW 2 X ' '-'H '------- -M W" --www--'mmww-'wsfb 111, ...,. ,un in , -L , ,unnwzww-ff! QWAM. N -,z eww-mfswi-Qwww'Uwvmfrmwmwmm5 Sodality Y. C. S. The MARIAN Glee Club G. A. A. Band Industrial Arts N Club Library Club Choir COMARY Smooth runs the water where the brook runs deep. Author unknown Now what would you do in a position like this, Mary?" Most of the students time is spent in the classroom. The greatest activity of the student is learning and training the mind. Hutten, my ribbon just broke. " "Now all we need is a boat to pull us. !" QM, Qu was ev ,613 'M-.. VW? Alex Rios, Mary Austin, Chuck Potts, and Gerri Caldarola werethe officers elected to head the student council. This year the Student Council was revived at Newman. Most of the students presently at Newman did not realize that there had been a Council here before. Although there had been no active Student Council since 1955, it was at one time an important organization in the school. Sister Ellen Mary, previous principal, started to revive the Council when in 1957 and 1958 she called meetings of all the heads of organizations of the school. Sister Francis Therese again called the heads of the clubs and groups and suggested to them that the Council be revived at Newman. After this group voted to put it before the student body. 'I'he students voted 186 to 89 in favor of the Student Council. The faculty then voted to approve the Council and on Friday February 16th, Al Rios, Mary Austin, Chuck Potts, and Gerri Caldarola took over as officers of the Newman Student Council. Before the students were asked to vote for the Council they were told that the purpose of the Council was to promote unity between the students and the faculty. They were told that the group making up the governing power of the Council would have the power to petition the faculty and make request for the entire student body. sway The Sodality officers Emilie DePasqua1e, treasurerg Sylvia McMullen, secretary and Marie Carney, vice-prefectg help Sharon Hill, prefect, with the Sodality bulletin board for the coming month. Moderator: Sister Patrick Marie fs -ms. .V ,- .J ,,.., , .1.,,r,q,,,L5 ,5 ,,, 4 Aw-,s,, V ,ww,,t,m.,,.,.,,.14l?nm, . Something new was added to the activities of the Newman girls when this year they took a Sodality sponsored trip to Kentucky. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Loretto Motherhouse, Loretto Kentucky. Ste- phen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home" and Gethsemani, a trappist monastery, were among the other places of inter- est enjoyed by the girls. Hifi? The Catholic Student's Mission Crusade is a new student organization at New- man interested in helping the foreign missions. Sister Miguel is the adviser, and Janet Mohr, Jim Meyers, Harry Forehand, and Sherry Cramberg are the major officers. Here Mrs. Mary Mohr, R.N.,he1ps the officers pack medicine collected for the missions. 765 The Young Christian Students is an organization of high school boys. Its purpose is to promote awareness of Christ 's place in a student's life. Father Bonnike is the adviser, and its officers are, Gary Garland, Dave Koehler, Jerry Kobbeman, Bob Vock, and Denny Polzin. 66? This group of junior and senior girls under the advisership of Father Larson voluntarily give weekly re- ligious instructions to public school children. Zim! FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Pat Terrock, Penny Fester, Lupe Ortiz, Mary McGinn, Nancy Fonder, Larry Skala, Tom Murphy, Kathy Burke, Dianne McCormick, Linda Adams, .T anet Mohr, and Marilyn Hedrick. SECOND ROW: Carol Fatchel, Connie Fester, Ronnie Whitebread, Pat Propheter, Linda Snyder, Donna Bramrn, Dave Andrews, Mike Propheter. THIRD ROW: Ruth Shumaker, Ed Bartel, Nancy Grennan, Bob Diets, Christine Lease, Bob Bauer, Tom Guccione, Gary Dace, Tom Ackert, Pat Murphy, Kathy Murphy, Herb Priester, Dick Clementz, Mike Mohr, Gary Hall and Dean Dace. Band Director Mr. Robert Cahail BACK ROW, Left to Right: Ruth Manzano, Barb McA1eese, Anna Ma- rie Amesquita, Mary Beth Hutten, Margaret Kellen, Susie Sullivan, P at Lendman, Margaret Galindo, P at Palmer, Mary Lou Menz, Virginia Villa, Dave Kooy, Rosemary Her- mes, Mary PatLease. FIRST ROW: Rosemary Gleason, Dorothy Razo, Christine Valdivia and Angie Man- zano. Choir Director: Sister Barbara Ann FRONT ROW: Barbara Bartel, Michele Herrity, Dorothy Razo,MargieRios, Gloria Razo, Mary Jane Murphy, Kathy Egan, Nancy Matera, Mary Sullivan, Betty O'Malley, Mary Austin, Pat Ter- roch, Sharon Gregorius, Pat Lendman. SECOND ROW: Sandra Bellini, Nancy Dempsey, Adrienne Henry, Sally Victorio, Shirley Boedigheimer, Anita McBride, Pat Burke, Norene O'Neil, Janet Herbach, Sandra King, Flora Gordon, BernadetteGothwaite, Mary Lou Wells, Karen Snider. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Menz, Sharon Klocke, RoseMarie Bressanelli, Betty Cunningham, Angie Man- zano, Sharon Goy, Mary Beth Hutton, Sharon McKee, Peggy Hoffmiller, Barbara Gleason, Ann Cunniff, Sandra Cooney. FOURTH ROW: Marie Carney, Loraine Bardouski, Carol Foley, Lupe Ortiz, Virginia Villa, Sue Sleeper, Judy Finn, Pat Murphy, ,Tudy Lendman, Sue Nicol, Kathy Mc- Kee, Mary ,To Thompson, Melissa Reuter. 1959 was a busy year for the Glee Club. Besides the annual Christmas Concert, the Glee Club sang at the program IH honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Diocesan Mass in Rockford, and the Mass and Music Festival in Aurora FRONT ROW: Betty McFadden, Pat Palmer, Peggy Naughton, Ginger Grennan, Karen Allen, Nancy Papoccia, Sandy Michel, Mary Hermes, Kay McDonnell, Judy Augustine, Sharon Zinanni, Mike Propheter, Pete Gartner. SECOND ROW: Lucille Van Wassenhove, Joan Regan, Mary Carol Klocke, Sharon Hill, Margaret Beien, Theresa Sutton, Mary Hellem, Kay F aivre, Joan Bartel, Karen Knoll, Dave Kooy, Herb Priester, Sister Barbara Ann, Director. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Gleason, Mary Cunniff, Nancy Schrader, Kathy McAndrews, Judy Lauff, Carolyn White- bread, Nadine Nelson, Laura Bohnert, Mary Speaker, Dave Sproul, J im Frasor, Bill Gartner, Art Baylis, Richard Benton. FOURTH ROW: Pat Joyce, Judy McGinn, Penny F ester, Mary Car- mody, Mary Guccione, Mary Hoffmiller, Linda Adams, Carol Tompkins, Terry McMullen, Bob Miller, Dan Hermes, Bob Vock, Tom Welch, Don Koehler. Bill tries to get clever ideas for the next issue of the Marian from Co-editor Sue Sullivan and some of their assistants, Tim O'Neil, Jim Frasor, Sylvia Mc- Mullen, Gerri Caldarola, Ron Lawson, and Margaret Kellen. Faculty Adviser, Sister Patricia Jean. Staff members set out to deliver the latest issue of the Marian. Bill Gartner, Susie Sullivan, and Judy Augustine go over last minute details before posting the assignment sheet. As an organ of communication the MARIAN, the school paper, aims at drawing the students and faculty closer together as a family. .742 Walffalr XX Published six times a year .A . i scnoot s r "- ,se cf., 3'-G -S XE .fir fi--' Z. f : - , r -f--! . .1 I -W XR' i 1' .Mi CO-EDITORS ..... by the students of Newman High School Sterling, Illinois Sue Sullivan, Bill Gartner ASSISTANT EDITOR ...... Judy Augustine ASSOCIATE EDITORS .... Margaret Kellen, Sylvia McMullen EDITORIAL EDITOR ....... Gerri Caldarola FEATURE EDITOR.. . ..... Pat Carmody PHOTOGRAPHER Ron Lawson ARTIST ...,,......,.... Michele Brouilette BUSINESS MANAGER ....,..... Bob Vock REPORTERS ...... Mary Lou Adams,.Karen Knoll, Rosemary Hermes, Margaret Beien, Sharon Hill, Delores Riess, Mary Burke, Sharon McKee, Pat Joyce, Karen Allen. Barbara Bartel, Kay Faivre, Kathleen Mc- Kee, Nancy Papoccia, Mary Sullivan, Lupe Ortiz. SPORTS WRITERS ....... Jim Frasor, Ron Lawson, Tom Nichols, Tim O'Neil TYPISTS ....... Mary Austin, Karen Knoll Emilie DePasquale. Mary Pat Lease CIRCULATION ...... Rosemarie Bressanelli, George Ransom, Melissa Router The Girls' Athletic Association is under the advisership of Miss Rau. It is an association for all high school girls with the promotion of better sportsman- ship as its chief purpose. Although much of the time is spent in sports, the G.A.A. also puts on a carnival, Christmas party, two banquets and initiation. The major officers are: Rosemary Gleason, Secretaryg Pat England, Vice- Presidentg Miss Joanne Rau, Adviserg Rose Marie Bressanelli, Presidentg Mary Austin, Treasurer. The job of the minor officers is to act as chairman of the various sports and ac- tivities offered by the G.A.A. Angie Manzano, Margie McCormick, Sandra Cooney, Kay McDonnell, Ann McGinn, and Nancy Schrader. "I hope the children at Saint Vincent's like these dolls," say Dave Sproul, John Bartel, and Art Baylis. The members of the Library Club are a great help to Sister Mary Clarice in her library work. They devoted a great deal of their free time to library work. OFFICERS: Marie Carney, Presidentg ,Tan- ice Bruno, Secretaryg and Mary Pat Foley, Treasurer. The Industrial Arts Club is organized to promote both craft work and shop skill through movies, speakers, and books. This year the boys sold dolls at Christmas time and operated the concession stand at our bas- ketball games. This year the Industrial Arts Club of Newman became a member of the Illinois Industrial Education Club. They received their charter April 23, 1959. OFFICERS: ,Tohn Bartel, Presidentg Gary Garland, Vice-Presientg Art Baylis, Sec- retaryg Dave Sproul, Treasurerg and Bob Vock, Publicity. Librarians inspect a volume of the new encyclopedia. Judy Saunders Carol McCaffrey, Barbara Bartel, and Gloria Razo. - -fy! Gin g e r Grennan, Meg McDonnell, Bev Schultz, and Kathy McKee led the cheers for a very successful Fresh- Soph season. WWW All through the season those four perky cheerleaders Mary Austin, Judy Augustine, Janet Mohr, and Kay McDonnell could be found at the Newman games, cheering and smiling, and most of all representing the school in a Catholic manner. into e W O On November 1, 1959, Patricia England was crowned to reign over the Homecoming dance as Queen Pat. Her attendants were Sandra Buckmeier, Ann McGim1, Susie Sullivan, Mary Austin, Mary Hermes, Janet Mohr, and Mary Lou Menz. Team representatives pictured are Torn Regan, Ken Boesen, and Ed Sandoval. Co-captains Tom Regan and Ken Boe- sen crown Pat. The crowning was followed by a long remembered dance. wwwnnxmuwffwe Wesgfwtz swzafsfmtxwiya esmwfmwrrurezmewmmsrmalnw ll Q y Pat Terrock, Mary Lou Adams, Denny Polzin, Kathy McAndrews, Judy Augustine, Jerry Kobbeman, Joel Francque, Bob Vock, Jim Meyer, fkneelingj Jerry McCormick, Mary Austin, Shamus Moore, Janet Mohr, Ed Hermes, Judy McGinn, and David Kooy. Father . Mother . . Anne . . . Enerstine . . Martha . . Frank . . Fred . Bill . . Dan . . . Lillian . . Jackie .... Mrs. Fitzgerald Larry ..... Miss Brill , Joe Scales, , Doc Burton . . . . Shamus Moore . . Mary Austin . . . . Janet Mohr . . . Judy Augustine . . . Kathy McAndrews . . . . . Jim Meyers . . Joel Francque . . . . Bob Vock . . Jerry Kobbeman . . Mary Lou Adams . . Dennis Polzin . . Pat Terrock . . . Ed Hermes . . . Judy McGinn . . Jerry McCormick . . . . David Kooy "Cheaper by the Dozen" is the story of a rather large family of 1920. In fact, Mother and Father Gilbreth were the parents of,twe1ve "Angels". In the play Anne, the oldest girl, suddenly becomes interested in the opposite sex. Her father, the defender of efficiency, has little use for spend- ing time drinking sodas, riding in cars, movies, or dancing, and the chaos that follows proves to de- light audiences of all ages. DIRECTOR: MI. Don McGinn STAGING: Bill Gartner, Sue Sullivan, Gary Garland LIGHTING: Ken Boesen, Bob Meyer, Gene Grennan The prominaders danced till mid- night to the music of Marvin Greene. 068 One of the biggest nights of the year in the lives of juniors and seniors is the night that they go forth into the spotlights and enter into the world known as prom night. This year the seniors were guests at "Stairway to the Stars. " The juniors transposed the New- man gym to a paradise on earth. Only in their Dancing attire could these Newmanites look so dreamy and grown up. , fs-W,w fmw. we - Q- .,, , , .,,,.,w H ,Y Sharon Hill, a tt e nd e d by her court, Norene O'Neil, Mary Pat Lease, Marie Carney, Sylvia Mc- Mullen, Emilie De Pasquale, Dorothy Razo, and Sandra Bellini, crowns the Blessed Mother. l Father Green speaks to the Soda- lists following the crowning of Our Lady. Sister Patrick Marie Sodality Mod- erator congratulates the girls on a lovely May Crowning. mmsmwsmmwwwagq- Z 2 W T 1 1 1 W 1 l ,, , , , , , Y, , , , 7,,,,, WH , :Nanllmzxa1Qf.i,a'vmm,.1,w', -un 1-W : , 1, 1- 1 Bishop Loras T. Lane pre- sented the senior class of 1959 with their diplomas June 1. Alumni filled the auditor- ium to see the class graduate, for this was the last graduating class of Newman High School. The graduates proudly left the commencement ceremony with determination to uphold the ideals that have been taught at Newman High School since it was founded in 1915. fly. f... Q, INTER-S CHOOL Football Basketball Track INTRAMURAL B Basketball Volleyball Badminton Bowling Ping Pong He who learns to play the game with othersg learns to live with himself better. Author unknown D. POLZIN T. REGAN E. GRENNAN E. SANDOVAL E K. BOESEN B, GARTNER I. KOBBEMAN D. KOEHLER TOP ROW, Left to Right: D. Hermes, G. Grennan, D. Zinanni, F. Cesarek, I. Hodge, E. Sandoval, H. Forehand. MIDDLE ROW: I. Kobbeman, J. Frasor, D. Koehler, L. Carrino, D. Gordon, B. Boesen, B. Rice. BOTTOM ROW: B. Koehler, M. Propheter, P. Ryan, D. Polzin, T. Regan fP1ayer of the Yearj, K. Boesen, B. Gartner, Coach Ed Scheck. ' - 59016 D. GORDON J. HODGE D. ZINANNI B. RICE I. FRASOR H. FOREHAND P. RYAN B. BOESEN B. KOEHLER L. CARRINO F. CESAREK D. HERMES M. PROPHETER 52.1 .501 zz.. TOP ROW, Left to Right: G. Kohl, J. Finn, D. Dace, R. Adami, J. McCue, G. Hall, S. Duerst, I. Kiefer, J. Kobbeman, G. Kelly. MIDDLE ROW: M. King, Harms, E. Martinez, Finnegan, Hermes, Wendle, W. Vittori, J. Ybarra, D. Reiley. BOTTOM ROW: Boedigheimer, B. McCue, B. Adams, G. Ransom, P. Propheter, G. Dace, J. Allen, D. Clementz, I. Mullen, and Coach Bob Kennedy. Sterling Savanna Dewitt Morrison St . Thomas HOME 20 27 12 26 13 STERLING SAVANNA WON 2 LOST 7 AWAY Newman 7 Newman 20 Fulton 13 Newman 7 Newman 6 St. Marys O Newman 6 Bettendorf 49 Newman 13 Newman 14 Amboy 14 Newman 6 Newman 12 DEWI TT MORRISON ST. THOMAS BELOW: Ken Boesen, only senior to complete the season, is one big reason why the Comets had such a good season this year, finishing third in the Illowa Conference for the 1958-59 basketball season. Ken Boesen Alex Rios Jlmfw ABOVE: Alex Rios was one of the mainstays of the varsity basketball team until knocking his right elbow out of place in a basketball game at Fulton, Illinois in the late part of the season. BELOW: Ed Sandoval, one of the finest defensive basketball players ever to play for Newman High School, and a fine supplement to the team this season, was chosen King of Sports for the G. A. A. Car- nival for his part in this years ath- letic events. Ed Sandoval BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Manager Ed Bartel, Ed Sandoval, Al Rios, Dave Gordon, Doug Miller, Bill Boesen, Assistant Manager, Mark Bauer. TOP ROW: Larry Carrino, Don Zinanni, Jim Henry, Frank Ceserak, Ken Boesen, Harry Forehand, and Varsity Basketball Coach Bob Kennedy. Dave Gordon Doug Miller Bill Boesen Harry Forehand Jim Henry Don Zinanni Larry Carrino Frank Ceserak TOP: I. Kiefer, E. Martinez, G. Kohl, D. Keeler, I. McCue, R. Villa, W. Vittori, C. Ackert. MIDDLE: G. Ransom, J. Allen, D. Reeser, F. Norris, G. Boedigheimer, E. Acke, B. McCue, M. Propheter, Mr. Don McGinn. BOTTOM: C. Potts, D. Reiley, T. McMullen, D. Bogott, M. King, I. Ybarra, G. Hall. ST. THOMAS ROCK FALLS FULTON WON 18 LOST 9 HOME N. 64 St. Thomas 66 N. 48 Rock Falls '74 N. 7 1 Fulton 79 N. 6 1 S t. Marys 58 N. 58 Bettendorf 60 N. 67 Mt. Morris 47 N. 73 Dewitt 57 N. 51 Morrison 47 N. 84 S avanna 7 6 N. 66 Amboy 60 ' A WAY N. 78 Tampico 49 ST- MARYS N. 61 Sterling so BETTENDORF N. 83 Dewitt 55 N. 65 Morrison 69 N. 7 1 Bettendorf 64 N. 84 Savanna 78 N. 69 Amboy 45 N. 62 Fulton 7 9 N. 74 S t. Thomas 5 9 N. 74 S t. Marys 67 MORRIS ON HOLIDAY TOURNEY N. 71 Prophets Town 52 N. 52 Morrison 54 N . 81 S avanna 63 NEW-MOR -ROC - STER -TOURN. N. 66 Morrison 48 N. 67 Rock Falls 74 MT, MORRIS DEWITT MORRISON SAVANNA AMBOY N. 69 AMBOY 57 STERLING REGIONAL TOURNAMENT N. 61 ROCKQFALLS 70 ' TOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach Don McGinn, Larry Carrino, Faustino Baeza, Doug Miller, Bill Rice, Ken Boesen, Harry Forehand, Coach Ed,Scheck. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Bauer, Bill Boesen, Jim Frasor, Don Zinanni, Frank Ceserak, Dennis Polzin, Leroy Razo, Tim O'NeiL 7511- c5'Q0'f7 In TOP ROW, Left to Right: Miller, Frickleton, King, Finnegan, Richards, Ackert, Kohl, Hall, Reily, Clavin, Bogott.THIRD ROW: Flosi, Armoska, Picchiotti, M. Propheter,Craft, Andrews, Potts, Koehler, J. McCue, Reiser. SECOND ROW: Coach Don McGinn, Finn, D. Dace, Duerst, Villa, B. McCue, Allen, Kiefer, Bress- anelli, Ybarra, Coach Ed Scheck. FIRST ROW: Martinez, Merlak, Wendle, Virtori, P. Propheter, G. Dace, Clementz, Ceserak, Mullen, Harms. WW Bill Boesen, Gene Grennan, Frank Cesarek, Ken Boesen, .Terry Kobbeman and Mr. Ed Scheck. The Newman Letter Club, up to this year, had simply been an organization in name. Now, due to the hard work of Coach Scheck and the officers of this year's N Club, the organization is starting to go places. As a club for the athletes of Newman High School, it has done a splendid job of furthering the cause of good sportsmanship here at Newman this year. Congratulations to Coach Scheck and the boys of the N Club. May we continue to be able to say "well done" in the years to come. .fam TOM ACKERT: pp. 11,55 President 23 Football 13 Y.C.S. 2. MARY LOU ADAMS: pp. 7,11,63 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Comary Co-Editor 43 Sodality 1,2,3,4: Class Play 4. LOUISE ALDRICH: p. 11 Sodality 2,3,43 Marian 2,3: Glee Club 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3. JUDY AUGUSTINE: pp. 11,57,61,63,29 Cheerleader 2,3,4: Marian 2,3,43 Class Play 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. MARY AUSTIN: pp. 12,52,56,59,61,62,63,29 Student Council Vice-P resident 43 Homecoming Candidate 4g G.A.A. Treasurer 43Cheerleader 2,4. F AUSTINO BAEZA: p. 12 Industrial Arts 1,2,3,43 Cross Country ls Track 2,3. LORAINE BARDOUSKI: pp. 7,12,56 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 C.S.M.C. 43 Sodality 2,3,4: Glee Club 2,3,4. JOHN BARTEL: p.p. l2,60. ' Basketball 2,33 Y.C.S. 2.3: C.S.M.C. 4: I1'1d11S12I'i211 Arts President 4. ARTHUR BAYLIS: pp. 13,7,60,57 City Commissioner 43 Industrial Arts Secretary 43 Track 3. MARGARET BEIEN: pp. 13,57 Sodality 2,3,43 C.S.M.C. 43 Marian2,3,43 GleeClub 2,3,4. KEN BOESEN: 13,62,7O,72,77 N Club President 43 Boys' State 3. RICHARD BRECHON: p. 13. ROSEMARIE BRESSANELLI: pp. 14,56,59 G.A.A. President 43 C.S.M.C. 43 Sodality Unit Leader 43 Glee Club 2,3,4. MARY BURKE: PP. 7,14 Cornary Co-Editor 43 Sodality Unit Leader 4j G.A.A. Volleyball Chairman 3, Marian 2,3. MARIE CARNEY: pp. l4,53,56.6O Sodality Vice-President 43 Glee Club Secretary 3s Girls' State 33 Library President 3,4. JUDY CONCUTELLI: p. 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Socality 2,3,43 Unit Leader 43 Glee Club 2,3,4. PHILLIP CORNWELL: p. 15 Industrial Arts l,2. CONNIE CUNNINGHAM: p. 15 Glee Club 2,3,4Q C.S.M.C. 43 Sodality 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. O PAT ENGLAND: PP. 7,15, 59, 62 Class Vice-P resident 23 G.A.A. Vice-P resident 43 Homecoming QLIGSIIQ Sodality Secretary 3. CAROL FOLEY: p. 16 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Sodality 2,3,43 C.S.M.C. 43 Glee Club 2,3,4. JOEL FRANCQUE: pp. 16,63 Industrial Arts l,2. GARY GARLAND: pp. 16,54,60 Y.C.S. l,2,3,43 Class President 23 Basketball 1, 2,33 Industrial Arts President 2. BILL GARTNER: DD. l6,57,58,29 Football 1,2,3,43 Class President 33 Marian Co- editor 43 Boys' State 3. JOHN GILLMAN: p. 17 Industrial Arts l,2. ROSEMARY GLEASON: pp. 17,55,57,59 Class Secretary 33 G.A.A. Secretary 43 Choir 1,2,3,43 Sodality Unit Leader 4. SHARON GREGORIUS: pp. 17,56 Sodality Unit Leader 43 G.A.A. Carnival Chair- man 2j C.S.M.C. 43 Glee Club 2,3,4. GENE GRENNAN: pp. 17,77 Football 2,3,43 Boys' State 33 J' unior Class Treas- urer 3g N Club 4. ADRIENNE HENRY: pp. 1s,56. Sodality 2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 3,43 C.S.M.C. 4. ED HERMES: pp. 18,63 Basketball 1,2,33 Class Play 43 Football 1,2,3: N Club 2,3. MARY HERMES: pp. 18,57,62 Cheerleader 2,31 Class Vice-President 43 Glee Club President 4. SHARON HILL: DP. 18,53,57 Class Secretary 13 SodalityPrefect43CornaryStaff 43 Marian Assistant Editor 3. MARY HOF FMILLER: pp. 19,7,57 Comary staff 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Sodality Unit Leader 43 Glee Club 2, 3,4. MARGARET KELLEN: pp. l9,55,58 Choir 1,2,3,43 G.A,A. 1,2,3,43 Marian Staff 2,3,4j Sodality 2,3,43 KAREN KNOLL: pp. 20,57 Marian 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Glee Club Secretary 43 Sodality 2,3,4. JERRY KOBBEMAN: pp. 19,54,63,7O,77, 29 Football 1,2,3,43 Class President 23 Y.C.S. Presi- dent 43 Class Play 4. DAVID KOEHLER: PD. 19,70 Football 1,2,3,43 Y.C.S. 2,3,43 N Club 43 Band 1. DAVID KOOY: p.p. 20,63 Choir 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Marian 3,4. RON LAWSON: p. 7,2o,58 BOYS' State 3: Y.C.S. 2,33 Marian 2,3,4. PAT LENDMAN: p 20,55,56 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Choir 2,3,4g Pep Club 2. KATHY MC ANDREWS: pp. 21, 57.63 Library Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play 4: Sodality 2,3. MARY ANN MC ANDREWS: p. 21 Sodality Unit Leader 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Student Council Representative 4: G.A.A. Bowling Head 3. ELIZABETH MC BRIDE: p. 21 G.A.A. l,2,3g Glee Club 2,3. CAROL Mc CAFFERY: pp. 21,29 Class Secretary 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sodality 2,3,4g Sodality Unit Leader 4. JERRY MC CORMICK: p. 22,63 Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,25 N Club 1,2,3g Y.C.3. l,2,3. MARGIE Mc CORMICK: pp. 22,59 Sodality Treasurer 3: Sodality l,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4, Bowling Chairman 3: Pep Club 1. KAY MC DONNELL: pp. 22,57,59,61 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4gSodal.ity2,3,4g G.A.A. Basketball Chairman 4. BETTY Mc FADDEN: p.22,57 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sodality 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4. .TUDY MC GINN: PP. 23,63 Sodality 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 4, Pep Club 2. FLOYD MC KENNA: p. 23 Industrial Arts l,2,3. LLOYD MC KENNA: p.23 Industrial Arts l, 2, 3 BOB MEYER: p. 6,10 Class President 4: Football 1,2,3g Track 1. .TIM MEYER: p. 23,54,7,29 C.S.M.C. President 4: Basketball 1,2,3g Y.C.S. 1,2,3,4g Comary 4. PAT MURPHY: pp. 24,55 Band 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3,4. BOB NIESEN: p. 24 Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g Track 1,23 NClub 3. SANDRA MICHEL: PP. 24,57 Glee Club 2,3,4: Sodality 2.3.45 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Pep Club 2. JANET MOHR: DP. 10,54,55,61,62,63 Cheerleader 4, Class Secretary 4, C.S.M.C. Sec- retary 4: Head Majorette 4. Sl-IAMUS MOORE: PP. 10,63 Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4g Class Treasurer 45 Class Play 4. NADINE NELSON: PP. 24,57 Sodality 1,2, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 3,4. DENNIS POLZIN: p. 7, 25, 54, 63, 70 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4g Comary 45 Track 3, 4g Class Play 4: Y.C.S.4: Boys' State 3. FRED POWERS: p. 25 Football 1,2,3g Basketball 23 CityCommissioner 4: N Club 2,3. PAT RANSOM: p. 25 Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4. TOM REGAN: pp. 26,62,70 Football l,2,3,4: N Club 3,43 Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4. JIM RIBORDY: p. 26 Football 1,2,3g Industrial Arts 3,4. DELORES RIESS: 13.26 Sodality 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Marian 2,3,4g Pep Club 1. AL RIOS: pp. 26,73 Basketball 1,3,4g Student Council President 4. HELENA RODRIQUEZ: p.27 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Our Lady of Good Council 4. ED SANDOVAL: p. 27,70,73 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g N Club 2,3,4. DAVE SPROUL: p. 27,57,60 Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Basket- ball 1,2,4g Track l,2,3. SUE SULLIVAN: DD. 10,55,58,62,29 Glee Club 2: Choir 1,2,3,4g Marian co-editor 4: Class Vice-P resident 1,45 Sodality 2,3,4. PAT TERROCK: pp. 27,56,53 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sodality 1,2,3, Majorette 4, Glee Club 1,2,3,4. HARVEY VALDIVIA: p. 28 Industrial Arts 2,3,4g Student City Election: Boys' State 33 Student Council Representative 4. BOB VOCK: PP. 28,57,60,63 Basketball l,2,3g Y.C.S. 2,3,4: Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,2,3,4. GERALD WHITMORE: p. 28 Intramural Volleyball, IntrarnuralBasketball: P ing Pong and Badminton Tournament. SHARON ZINANNI: pp. 28, 57 Glee Club 2,3,4: Sodality 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1.2, 3,4. Z , Like Coach Kennedy we would like to tell our benefactors something quite confidentially. Without you we would not be able to finance the COMARY. We want you to know that we appreciate it. Boys' Athletic Association Frantz Manufacturing Company Lawrence Brothers Wahl Clipper National Manufacturing Company Northwestern Steel dc Wire 50 .x Theresa Kobbeman leads three cheers for our sponsors. 44,-n s Artistic Floors Johnson Lumber Company Rock Falls Dairy Auman's Knights of Columbus Rock River Sports Store B 8aJ Barber Shop Charles O. Larson Company Sterling Schools of Beauty Culture Bun Austin Chevrolet Speaker 85 Lendman Sterling Home Improvement J. B. Dillon Oil Company McCormick Liquor Store Mil1's Auto Body Shop General Distributing Company Prince Castles ,Fairfax Hardware Halderman Pontiac Quality Oil Whiteside Grain Sc Milling Company , Rock Falls Cleaners Thank you for supporting our yearbook. J Exam A A 81, S Dairy Armabelle Ray Jewelry Arcade Laundry Bachman's Fashion Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. William Bardouski Bardo Rexall Drug Store G. E. Behrens Company Bender and Burch Music Company Blackhawk Luncheonette Blackhawk Music Company A. E. Bogott Sn Sons Bradley's Clothing F. P. Brown and Son Burkholder's Broadway Texaco Cashway Lumber Company Celletti's Sportland Chesters Coca Cola Company Colonial Beauty Shop De Anne's Deem 85 Rick Tire Service Dixie Carmel Corn Shop William Doyle Dunbar's Furniture Store E 8: W Eberhardt's Auto Body Shop Eberley's Drug Store Eshelman Studio Ewing Motors R. W. Flock Agency Foodland Grocery Franks Market The Gazette Gehering Jewelers Gerdes Jewelry Dr. Peter Gray Grennan Sc Son Funeral Home Harlan's Hart Jewelry Haskell's Fifth Avenue Store R. Heelings Cash Market Herb 8a Lee Motors Gary P. Hill's Agency Hill's Electric Hardware Co. Humphrey's Agency Ideal Cleaners Ed King Plumbing 85 Heating Larson 's Texaco Station Leo I . Lauff Long Poultry House Luigi's Pizza Lundstrom Greenhouse D. Manfield Company P. J. McAndrews McDonnell's Real Estate Dr. JohnJ. McDonnell Dr. Torn J. McDonnell Mt. and Mrs. Frank McFadden McNeil Electric Miami Dining Room Mileage Mart Mylin Agricultural Store National Bank of Sterling S. W. Naylor and Company Overly Standard Station People's Super Market John Pignatelli Ridgeview Hotel Rocket Lanes Dr. W. P. Rock Rock Falls National Bank Rock River Loan Corporation Rock River Medical Center Dr. Schrader S Kc K Clothing Scott Stores Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sharon Dale Sowles Sterling Bootery Sterling Camera Center Sterling Fashion Shop Sterling -Rock Falls Clinic Su1livan's Men's Store Dr. Tim Sullivan Swartley's Ted's Haberdashery Toy Center Vanetti Appliance WSDR Weaver Sheet Metal Wetzell Agency May we express our gratitude for the continued support extended to the COMARY by the persons and firms listed above. The staff C .,,, rv U E S2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbooks Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. V51- , f if P l s , Q 5 l in ' v if ' ' 17? L -IT' , f 2 p 7 Q ff' Wzifrf ' " 5 'G . Q4 h 1 , ii-'W 3 , !: wg X -f' . f 511 iw f ' 9 fl - ,"' U iiu fi-.QQ 1, I q' LJ-lf -' 5 MES, Li? WS' 'S-al 5 Jw ' fig WM lv g, 9 . ,W H ww , Qffhffqn ', f :TEES , Wiki, A Www , .. ', 3 T'f"Xh4, L?-,354 'wa .. " JN .. 5 12:-A -, '3 :- lknfw-w QA.. 4 N 5, "W-.......f. WJ, '- " ' yfl' 9 my LA. .FWZ 'Q , L' , 511 - ww in A 1 mf ,A , ei , WE? Q " ip ' 3 . y ,MW ag. M? 3 - 4 F Q X 2 wi ' Lim? , ' W-:iw K, WQM Wm Tm as ., ,,m,,,lA,? i Xa, E I I I ' '. :' W 6 , . N.':. MLq f nl . , 2 L 9 I X, 1 f G' 1 ,A W 1 . ' Q- V. A gg - Q! Q ' "W 1 M 1 - wg" V - 5 Q 2 ' 22 ' ' ,M if 3 ,W , , ,K N' M "' U ' .3 :ygHQ,QWf u- kjjb 2 :k 933l'?.T:n-lm Q . -Q'-fx , This ' 15 wzf ' Sy if . . 5 a, f' Q1 1,1 Kai' f vw ifrgrr - ' 'fy Q7 , ff 1 -g i , 5 fgwyf fr , V V Y U.. MY YA - -JJQQP ,A -,MI N I V I A L I n 'NM g I Aff.. I ' 1 I ' 1 " n ,I ww F 5 I S 1 1 1 T-' l . J J, . . - i E a ,jg -its G ' ,Il fr-- '.. . '."z ' :.- ":v tl' if-fl, 1 E L' NS .s p ,,l. f 'iw A 1.1 Q. vw , , , ,gy 1 f xg-"-' f 87 I 5 r-MCs 1- ' I f 321. - fr ' H 11, ' V -I .,,,. ': 514 " A :'i'4.' .i al 4,11 ' if ,A '-V: 'Q ff' 1, -T: -- ,B" l T313-' V 'E -' 1: aff- . ' 5 I. +10 n "lf, f'ft.,:, 4 N, , '4 P " iii"-f' . ., U 4 gf 551, HV-N ,v , V. . 5 A .1- L ig- -pf 'Zn , J' Q1 ,pun wp., 3 ." ' ,..5.,,,.. 1, - .fgi. . . f. ,, - .,. ..4.Q':' 5. ' s 6' - , E an , , -1 -p.,, fx It 2. . . 1'. " 1 ,, -it s ,.., z' A 5 r Q.: 1 9 L 5.1 ,. K-...Q l 'Q A ' - . -' 1 N J - 5'-1 ., 1 L sl Wy J , - I4 . nd .' . xx -,. - ' - ln 1 'f ' 1 1 a . gx' V U ' F. 1 . I n :'. x' x g . 'nu -1- m

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Newman Central Catholic High School - Comary Yearbook (Sterling, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Newman Central Catholic High School - Comary Yearbook (Sterling, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

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Newman Central Catholic High School - Comary Yearbook (Sterling, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 65

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Newman Central Catholic High School - Comary Yearbook (Sterling, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 22

1959, pg 22

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