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,ff W" ry,-f ,wr , ..,,-1 Y, :W . r 1 3 gi, JI, in, ah sz! IS' .xy rfy if 1 f,','a . ,.,.y-- -N" laik T fu s :X lx I 4 .,, 1 f J x. ., ' 7?f?M.Q , Hs. , .WH W . Q 2 E ' f Vw K' 2 A ff 3 fi V 5, u,fgs,Lfg by 'Kd , aw , f J 4 f- f N1 1 g ff fs . f mQh,aQ .- 1. A x at , 1 2 ' ,ww-w w L, ,, ,5 ' ifeffjaifi Z wg I 4 W+g'Q4'f".i aliWf"Q,i'7'jg A . Wm Q As ' W' 'FL M " 'Q 7 K V 4 ' 1- - .-, gf H D L ' X4 , ,957 il' ,ink gb ix. ,- 1 f , , 1 'S"'f?"f?,b 5 ff gli 'lf Qfs, flwx 'Wi Q52 DY' i 'nw " 2 A W Q fl , UW7-A fi- f,,f.,-'Wil' -'Muffy W-.. ,. "'1'2f yi' fl L fy 4': f Awww Ikwvi- ,F ,mn .A , QL .. K fll' wwf F? 'R nf ij? -N951 fa, .v,,, ,A Q Pri? , ' yi mms? 2 -Eslvk,H,i2kgsyLLp,A,Q1 7-W, uf? if fa. .f'.N:'!-'Q 7- I AM W f XI . X 8 X gi E ' THE 1949 UI NEWINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Newington, Connecticut I O ECAUSE HIS FRIENDLY ADVICE, EN- THUSIASTIC ENCOURAGEMENT, AND AC- TIVE SUPPORT IN ALL OUR ENDEAVORS HAVE CONTRIBUTED SO MUCH TO THE SUCCESS OF THE CLASS OF 1949, WE RE- SPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF THE SEQUIN TO HOWARD W. IDE, .S'iff1'11y, left ia riglzz'-S. Valerius, D. Kline, D. Thayer, O'Connor, A. Strelcliun, H. Macliol, E. O Brien 5. Jacobson, B. Treat. .Sivrmzd raw-V. Crooks. A. Sullivan, I. StCl1l13lCll,XY. Olson. C. Godvin, F. Sniertz. R. Lauer, E. Richards E. Kraus, Miss Kelly fadviserj. 'l'ln'rd ro-zv-L. Johnson, H. Carey, D. O'Connor, B. Corbett, R. Peterson, R. Miller, R. Arel, J. Gross B Atliearn. Ed1tor .............................. Assistant Editor ............ Business Manager Assistant Business Art Editor .,....... Sports Editors ............ Typists .......... Pliotograpliers ............. The 1949 Srquin SEQUIN STAFF ...........lolin O,Connor ............A11llC Strelchun ..............l'lerbert Machol Manager .......... .......... E nunett O'Brien, jr. Valerius ..........Sivert Jacobson, Betty Treat ............Helen Carey, Lilly Johnson .........Donald Thayer, Roy Peterson Crcctmgs to the Class of '49: You, as members of the Class of '49, are about to enter into a new phase of your life. New and different experiences will greet you, New horizons will beckon to you in the future. l sincerely hope that your school life has instilled within each and everyone of you a faith in the future of America. You have studied about the courage and faith of our Founding Fathers and their achievements despite tremendous obstacles. You have learned of the struggle man has endured seeking the goals recorded in our Declaration of Independence, in the preamble to the Constitution, and in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. You have a knowledge of how man has lived and struggled for advancement. You know the problems faced in our pas-t history and the hardships endured to achieve advance- ment in the political, social, material and religious life of our country. Continue to think of the faith and courage of others in the past, and you will realize what can be achieved in the future if only we have such faith and courage. A marvelous new age lies ahead for youth. America shall remain a light and an example for the free peoples of the world so long as youth emerge from our schools imbued with the faith and courage to go forward. The challenge is yours. We feel confident you will meet it. c ' ulonn B. PlENDERSHUT S'11f7CI'i1ZfC71dC'11Ii of Schools. 6 The 1949 Sequin With the coming of june, the Class of 1949 will have completed twelve years of elementary and secondary education. Your teachers and I hope that, in addition to the fundamental skills which you have obtained, you have acquired concomitant learnings in self-government and toler- ance as well as a growth of responsibility in domestic, hemispheric, and world affairs. Your ex- periences have been mainly in institutions made for young people, real paradises for children. You have been looked upon as individuals with rights and privileges. As individuals, few of you have experienced real defeat. You are now entering a type of world which may differ considerably from the one you have just left. The ease with which you are able to adapt yourself to the changes will be as good a measure of your success as the academic grades earned during your formative years. CnARLEs A. Bowes Princifval. The 1949 Sequin 7 V 4 1 Rss My SENIOR OFFICERS ROY PETERSON "Hard work recaps high pleasure." Roy . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . a natural talent for the keyboard . . . a big brother to the younger Boy Scouts . . . never lets homework interfere with fun. Class President 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Octette 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Photography, President 4, Chemistry Club, Vice-President 3, A. V. E. S. 2, 3, 4, Junior Board T. B. Society 3, 4, Student Council 2, Sequin 4, Honor Society 4. RAYMOND BOUDREAU "His friends? They are many. His foes? Are they any?" Ray . . . one of '49ers most popular members . . . has a sparkling wit . . . endless vitality, and personality plus . . . takes part in all school activities, usually as a leader . . . not afraid to speak up in class affairs . . . good sportsman. Vice-President 4, Student Council, President 4, Vice-President 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Boys, Glee Club 4, Soccer 3, 4, Sports Rules Club 2. VIVIAN OLSON "Her heart is always doing lovely things." Viv . . . kind of friend everyone would like to have . . . her main interest is Bob . . . always ready to work for the class . . . dancing is one of her favorite pastimes. Class Secretary 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Student Council 3, Honor Society, Secretary 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Scribe, Art Editor 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Sequin 4. HELEN CAREY "Her air, her iiiaiiriers, all who saw admired." Sis . . . attractive and neat . . . loves to dance and sing . . . her short- hand skill and pleasant personality combine to make an excellent secretary . . . busy with many school activities. Class Treasurer 4, Student Council 4, Sequiii 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4, Octette 4. , The 1949 Sequin SENIORS ROBERT AREL "lima fhiizgs are impossible to diligmzcf' and skill." Bob . . , Democrats' best friend . . . couldn't keep him out of activi- ties, except dancing . . . finds humor in all serious lectures . . . knows all the short-cuts in mathematics . . . how do you say "nuts" in Russian? . . . record shop's best patron for operatic records. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 A. V. E. S. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 Dra- matic Club 3, 45 Octette 3, 45 Student Council 45 Honor Society, President 45 Baseball 3, 4, Manager 3. BARBARA ATHEARN "She rims her fingers o'cr the keys and shakes prcludcs from thc'm." Bobby . . . spends a great deal of her time at the Hartford School of Music . . . knows everything you want to know about horses . . . a typical "brain" . . . one of the experts who's rarely stumped. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Scribe 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Sequin 45 Honor Society 45 Chemistry Club 35 Octette 4. ELEANOR ATWELL "A light heart lives long." Ellie . . . collecting snapshots is her favorite hobby . . . one of the diminutitve members of the class . . . quite active in sports . . . always has a kind word for everyone. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE BANULSKI "A sweet kind of grace." Flo . . . so quiet you'd never know she was around . . . loves to polka . . . glad to have her driver's license at last . . . always con- genial. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Typing Club 2. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS JOYCE BENGSTON "fl litllc spice and all fhafs nice." Joy . . . likes to dance . . . enjoys working at the theatre . . . has many friends because she is one . . . as gay as the Howers she wears in her hair. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BERNT BENSON "What should a man do but bc merry?" Benny . . . that impish grin . . . fond of girls . . . likes cars and work. Sports Rules 29 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES BRYDEN "Youth 'will have his .r'wing." Jim . . . never caught frowning . . . a joke, a laugh for every occa- sion . . . always surrounded by amused friends . . . present at all school activities. Sports Rules 25 Boys' Glee Club 2, 33 Soccer 3, 4. GEGRGE BUCKLEY "fl silent man is hr." Buck . . . hunting and trapping are his favorite pastimes . . . quiet, but makes your day brighter if you know him . . . wit of our General Chemistry class. Sports Rules 2. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 JAMES BURNS ' "The fun 'in this world is the least we can aford to miss." Jim . . . quite a dancer . . . always cheerful and gay . . . likes to drive that new Ford . . . the pins really fall for him on the alleys. Typing Club 23 Glee Club 2, 3. BURTON CALLAHAN "Better late than nezierf' Burt . . . personality plus goes a long way . . . can polka as no other Irishman can . . . respected for his willingness to help and to work hard. Student Council 4g Soccer 3, Captain 4g Class Vice-President 33 Social Committee Chairman 3, 45 Basketball 3. NVILLIAM ARTHUR CANZELLARINI "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." Bill . . . will be remembered for his excellent impersonations . . . his loud laughs and shouts are unparalleled . . . though no Melchior, he likes to sing . . . debonair, polish, and dancing, come natural to him. Boys' Glee Club Z, 35 Scribe 25 Mixed Chorus Z, 3. VVILLIAM CORBETT "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings." Bill . . . neat and snappy dresser . . . admirer of bright colors . . . typing skill surpassed by few . . . abounds with many comical tales of his experiences . . . a radiant and welcome personality. Mixed Chorus 25 Dramatitc Club Z3 Sequin 45 Boys' Cvlce Club Z5 Scribe Publication 4. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS VIRGINIA CROOKS "To be merry hes! lweromes you." Ginny . . . art may be her career, but now she paints for fun . . . active sports participant and fan . . . likes to try new dance steps . . . interested in music . . . ready sense of humor. Sequin 4. TH ERESA DAUPHIN "Ii lx beiter to be small and slnne, Than great and eaxt a shadow." Terry . . . giggles in high C . . . enjoys working in our cafeteria . . . Home Ec. just Wouldn't be Home Ec. without her . . . the kind of friend to have. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3. ROBERT DEVEAU "Let every man look before he leaps." Bob . . . one of our tallest and nicest . . . whistles while he works . . . has that well-groomed look . . . could his favorite color be red? . . . always on deck, never misses the fun. Boys' Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Sports Rules Club 35 Soccer 3, 4. GERALD TGCE "He is all mirth." Gerry . . . happy-go-lucky, carefree fellow . . . active i11 the held of sports . . . a twinkle in his eye and a joke up his sleeve . . . Peter Lorre of the Senior class. Baseball Team 3, 45 Basketball Team 3, 45 Soccer Team 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 EMILIA KATHERINE DZIOB "And hope, enelianted, smiled and waved her golden locks." Em . . . doesn't take much to make her blush . . . popular with boys and girls . . . pretty blonde hair . . . quite the little helper. Dramatic Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Scribe Treasurer 43 Scribe 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 4. MARGARET EGAN "Not quiet, not loud, not short, not tall, But a pleasant mingling of them all." Peggy . . . a sparkling carrot-top . . . her career is at the Hartford Hospital . . . very enthusiastic about dancing . . . nice to have around at any time. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE GODVIN "Sunny people make cloudy days seem short." Cathy . . . always on the go . . . has a good time at every dance . . . the girl who runs to get that 2:25 bus. Dramatic Club 3, 4g Town Crier 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 23 Sequin 43 Scribe Z, 3, 43 Scribe Publication 3, 43 Honor Society 4. ROBERT SICURANZA "Always ready for work or pleasure." Red . . . one of our outstanding athletes . . . popular with the girls . . . enjoys our social affairs . . . likes to hunt. Soccer Team 2, 3, 43 Basketball Team 2, 3, 43 Sports Rules Club Z3 Baseball Team 2, 3, 43 A. A. 2, 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS JOANNE GROSS "A wise and zmde1'sfa11.ding heart." Jo. . . a friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout . . . immaculately neat and well-dressed . . . an accomplished pianist . . . has served on the decoration committee for almost every class function. .S'equ1'n 4, Dramatic Club 4g Chemistry Club 3g Basketball Team 4g Typing Club 2, 3g Girls, Glee Club 2, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 4. RICHARD HEYWOOD "For he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny." Dick . . . one of the most active members of the A. V. E. S .... con- stantly in good humor . . . red hair is his trademark. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g A. V. E. S. 2, 3, 43 Scribe 4. WALTER HUBER "DVe are the makers of Mmsie, And we are the dreamer.: of d1'U01l15.v Walt . . . quiet in a friendly, dignified way . . . one of the brightest sparks in the A. V. E. S .... appreciative of fine music . . . dabbles in coin collecting. A. V. E. S. 2, 3, 4g Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4. SIVERT JACOBSON "Thou art fl fellow of good respect." Jake . . . that sunny, lanky Swede known to us all . . . despite a generally carefree manner, can be thoughtful and serious , . . chief interests are sports and an uncle in the Swedish Navy. Boys' Glee Club Z, 3, 4g Sports Rules Club 2, Sequin 4g Basketball Team 3, 4g Soccer Team 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin gg. ,gi i . F I LA., OF 1949 LILLY JOHNSON "She touches nothing but she odds a charm." Lil . . . tops in typing . . . our speediest and most efficient stenogra- pher . . . neat 'n nice . . . oh, that sky blue suit! . . . immaculate appearance. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Sequin 4 5 Class Secretary 35 Honor Society 4. MARGARET KILLIAN "Her air had a meaning, her motfenients a grace." Margie . . . always has a new job . . . easy to make friends with . . . likes to dance . . . never has an idle moment. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH KLECMAN "The world is as you take it." Joe . . . likes boxing and baseball . . . fond of hunting . . . silent but never still . . . the New York Yankees are tops with Joe. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3. RICHARD KLINE "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul." Dick . . . top artist of the class . . . always boxing with someone . . . a friendly smile for all . . . likes sports. Baseball 3. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS ROBERT KNAUS "Here is everything advantageous to life." Bob . . . handsome is as handsome does . . . neat and well-groomed . . . Well-liked by all his classmates . . . commodore of the sail- boats . . . personality with a bit of shyness. Typing Club 2g A. V. E. S. 2, President 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3g Photography Club 4g Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 3, Presi- dent 4. ELIZABETH KRAUS "To do easily what is dijicult for others is a mark of talent." Betty . . . quiet and composed . . . friendly to all . . . musically in- clined, plays the violin . . . the recipient of many 4-H awards for her fine sewing. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Typing Club 23 Sequin 4g Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Orchestra Z, 35 Scribe 3, 4. ELSIE KUHLMAN "Sunshine gay and pleasing." Elsie . . . loves those P. D. arguments . . . we recall with pleasure her impersonation of Dawn O'Day . . . would make a good model for Woodbury soap. Girls' Glee Club 2, 45 Dramatic Club 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 4. NANCY LAU "Then deem it not an idle thing, A pleasant word to speak." Nan . . . can talk for hours on the phone . . . enjoys a good laugh . . . dislike for movies allows her to attend only three times a week. Dramatic Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 4g Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 18 The 1949 Sequin OF I949 RUTH LAUER "Success depends on effort." Ruthie . . . noted for punctuality and a high scholastic record . . . always knitting presents for Christmas . . . has a varied circle of friends . . . often seen among the crowd of sports enthusiasts . . . busy as a bee. Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4g Honor Society 43 Sequin 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Typing Club 33 Scribe 4g Chemistry Club, Secretary 3. LORRAINE LENCZYK "'Tis sport that makes the world go Wound." Rene . . . leads an active sports life . . . likes to try new steps in dancing . . . a loyal fan of Roy Rodgers . . . well known for her independent spirit. Scribe Z, 3, 4g Student Council 23 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BARBARA LIEGEY "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Bobby . . . never speaks an ill word of anyone . . . will make an excellent nurse . . . likes to skate . . . has a charming smile which wins her many friends . . . just couldn't leave geometry. Dramatic Club 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3. MILTON LOCKWOOD "Play not for gain, but for sport." Milt . . . well-liked by everyone . . . one of our class athletes . . . quiet off the athletic field . . . has a way with girls . . . always gallivanting about. Boys' Glee Club 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Sports Rules Club 23 Baseball Team 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Soccer Team 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin 19 SENIORS MARVIS LONDIN "She was a shining light." Marvis . . . a giggler . . . pretty as a picture . . . a valuable adver- tisement for any complexion soap . . . active in church affairs . . . wants to be an R. N. Scribe 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Octette 4, Chemistry Club 3, Typing. HERBERT LUCE "You have heard the call of the offshore wind." Herb . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . teller of corny jokes . . . quiet individual . . . likes to tinker around with cars . . . spends much time in the shop . . .contemplates joining the Navy after graduation. Sports Rules Club 2. NANCY MACCUTCHEON "The secret of the universe turns out to be personality." Nan . . . cute as a button . . . always in a hurry . . . a new dress for every occasion . . . the person to have around to keep things cheerful . . . nice things come in small packages. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 43 Athletic Association 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. HERBERT LEONARD MACHOL, JR. "A day for toil, an hour for sport." Herb . . . Thursday night "soda jerk" . . . likes to tell stale jokes . . . timid when talking about himself . . . enjoys sleeping, especially in the morning . . . wants to get his hands on a Hy ball in left field. Sports Rules 2 3 Student Council 2, 35 Typing 2 5 Chemistry 3 5 Sequin, Business Manager 45 A. V. E. S. 3, Vice-President 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4g Baseball Team 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 PAUL MARSH "Honor lies in honest toil." Paul . . . has an air of reserve . . . talented piano and trumpet player . . . enjoys the outdoors . . . our super-salesman . . . always does his share of work for his class. Dance Band, Orchestra Z5 Boys' Glee Club Z, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 4. SHIRLEY MCGRATH "I shall go softly all my years." Shirl . . . quiet except on the subject of twirling . . . snappy major- ette with many trophies to her credit . . . enjoys playing basketball. LOIS NAMNOUN "Nothing hinders or dannts me." Lo . . . a whiz at jitterbugging . . . enjoys outdoor sports, especially horseback riding . . . ever tried her special spaghetti??? Scribe 2, 3, 4, Scribe, Business Manager 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 43 Student Council 23 Dramatic Club 25 Mixed Chorus Z. EILEEN NORRIS "I'1n Pep, Fm Vim, I'rn Vigorf' Eileen . . . ready to help in any class activity . . . spends most of her time in the gym . . . full of boundless energy . . . prefers art lessons to book learning. Class President Zg Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3, 4g Scribe 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4g Scribe Publication 45 Handicraft Club 4. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS ELEANOR NUGENT "Charming little chatterbox." Ellie . . . small girl with plenty of ambition . . . will be remembered for flirtatious smile.. . always ready to try something new and different . . . knows most of the songs on the Hit Parade. Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Senior A. A. 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Scribe 2, 3, 45 Scribe Publication 2, 3, 4. EMMETT O'BRIEN "Many loves of many a mood and many a kind Tell the life of man, and mould the secret mind." O'B . . . has an argumentative and debonair spirit . . . likes to tease the girls . . . enjoys dramatics . . . came to Newington from Hill- house in his junior year. Chemistry Club, Treasurer 35 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, President 45 Baseball Manager 45 Scribe, Sports Editor 45 Sequin, Assistant Business Manager 45 Mixed Chorus 3. DANIEL O'CONNOR "Thy purpose firm is equal to the deed." Danny . . . the one who can tell you what's wrong . . . always talk- ing about someone called Wollcott . . . N. H. S.'s champion chess player . . . "What can I use for my column next time P" . . . a hand- some Irish type. Scribe 3, 45 Sequin 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Sports Rules Club 25 Boys' Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Typing Club 2. JOHN O'CONNOR "A spirit superior to every weapon." John . . . the "brain" of the class . . . known for his morbid short stories . . . always manages to see the operas free . . . blushes a bright red . . . has a witty remark for every occasion. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Typing Club 25 Sequin, Editor 45 Honor Society, Treasurer 45 Octette 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 FRANCIS XAVIER PATZ "A fresh, a free, a friendly man." Frank . . . won't those Tigers ever win? . . . Newington's Bryon Nelson . . . always talking or playing golf . . . wears ties loud enough to drown out any noise. Chemistry Club 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 45 Golf Team 2, 3, 4. ROY E. PAWLOW "Still 'waters run deep." Hooks . . . the future engineer . . . sincere . . . likes to play inocu- ous jokes . . . an excellent baseball pitcher. Typing Z3 Chemistry 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Base- ball Team 3, 4. ELBERT HERBERT PECKHAM "Industry is the nucleus of his personality." Elbie . . . '49's 4-H enthusiast . . . one of our liveliest M-G-M helpers . . . finds satisfaction in industrial arts . . . conscientious student . . . swimming takes up a lot of his spare time. A. V. E. S. 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CARTER PETERSON "He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast." Bill . . . an active member of the class . . . the fellow who likes to hx UD cars . . . Glee Club's star first-bass man . . . gets along well with the girls. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 A. A. 2, 3, 43 Octette 2, 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS RALPH PICKARD "Bless the man 'who first invented sleep." Red . . . will be remembered for his long yawns . . . a familiar sight at Newington Theatre . . . oh, that Haming red hair! Boys' Glee Club 33 Typing 4. ALBERT O. PORAT "Care is an enemy to life." Oscar . . . familiar to everyone in his easy-going manner . . . not easily distressed by the thought of hard work . . . claims photography as his chief interest. Photography Club 4. ELIZABETH PORAT "Silently in her own way, She brings some cheer fo every day." Liz . . . prefers listening to talking . . . unruflied is her disposition . . . has a hidden sense of humor . . . always trying out new receipes . . . makes delicious chocolate cake. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT PORAT "Seest thou a man diligent in his duties." Muscles . . . calm, genial, and temperate . . . mechanically inclined . . . industrious . . . spends spare time travelling in his Ford and participating in church activities. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. - The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 EVELYN RICHARDS ullluxic exalts cach joy." Evie . . . loves fun with lots of laughter thrown in . . . telephone conversations her great weakness . . . music accompanies her wherever she goes . . . has an ambition to go to China . . . a Sunday school class of thirty First Graders is her pride and joy. Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Honor Society 4g Typing Club 23 Sequin 4. FRANK ST. PIERRE "Music hath charm, lifc hath fun." Saint . . . very talented accordion player . . . has a quiet and in- teresting personality . . . always well-groomed . . . has a winning smile. ELEANOR SELBIE "To catch the thrill of a happy voice and the light of at pleasant nyc." Ellie . . . original in everything she does . . . takes pride in Mid- night, her affectionate cocker spaniel . . . always cheerfully humming . . . dimples and smiles. Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Scribe Publication 3, 43 Scribe 2, 3. RUDOLF PAUL MILLER "Every artist was first an amatcurf' Rudy . . . forever champion of Buckley High's virtues . . . who could forget Rudy's experiments in the Chemistry Club? . . . very droll at times . . . busy amateur photographer. Chemistry Club, President 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Photography Club, Vice-President 4, Sequin 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS JOANNE STEMPIEN "O, saw ye the lass wi' the bomzy blue een? Her .smile is Ihe .rweetest that ever was seen." ,lo . . . keeps up with the latest styles . . . has blonde hair and blue eyes . . . her sewing machine is never idle . . . has a special interest in the Navy . . . a favorite of the general chemistry class. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Social Committee 35 Sequin 4. ANNE STRELCHUM "M0desty is a candle to thy merit." Stretch . . . an admirer of Nelson Eddy . . . never misses the Bell Telephone Hour . . . likes to read . . . a willing and busy worker . . . has a bright future. Dramatic Club 3, 43 Srribe 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Sequin, As- sistant Editor 4g Honor Society 43 Mixed Chorus 2. ANN SULLIVAN "Art is not a thingy it is a way." Ann . . . a red-head without a temper . . . often found sketching fashion designs . . . has a keen interest in popular music, movies, mysteries, and sports. Girls' Glee Club 45 Sequin 4. JOHN SULLIVAN "What should a man do but be 1ne1'ry." Jack . . . newly arrived from Windsor . . . has made many friends . . . enjoys a good joke, even when played on himself . . . attends movies frequently . . . knows everything about baseball. Boys' Glee Club 4. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 DONALD C. THAYER "A man sincere, honest, and straightforward." Don . . . writes everything in a little notebook . . . Oh! those flashy ties . . . very conscientious . . . always has that well groomed look . . . usually serious but enjoys a practical joke . . . headed for a career in radio electronics . . . our Hashbulb genius. A.V.E.S. 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Pho- tography Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 Typing Club 25 Sequin 4. ELIZABETH LOUISE TREAT "Full of cheer, full of pep Making friends 'with every s!ep." Betty . . . full of pep, vim, and vigor . . . such a good-natured wit . . . a teaspoon of work to a cupful of pleasure . . . always in the midst of things . . . a smile for everyone, a frown for none . . . friendship's right hand. Dramatic Club 3, 45 Basketball Team 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Girls' Glee Club5 Scribe Publication 35 Scribe 45 Honor Society, Vice Pres- ident 45 Sequin 4. ROBERT TREAT "Up and at them." Bob . . . likes fishing, hunting, and basketball . . . is known for his laugh . . . a movie bug . . . a Hash on the basketball court . . . famous for his hook shots. Boys' Glee Club 25 Sports Rules Z5 Basketball 3, 45 Soccer 45 Base- ball 3, 4. NORMAN PAUL TURGEON "He who sleeps in continual noise is wakened by silence." Turg . . . keeps things moving at the Pike . . . working all the time . . . always trying to catch up on sleep . . . likes the corny jokes he tells. Soccer 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Sports Rules Club 25 Typing Club 2. The 1949 Sequin SENIORS CYNTHIA G. VALERIUS "Full of fun and fancy free, Go away little troubles, don't bother nie." Cindy . . . lots of fun and mischief behind that bashful exterior . . . calling Nurse Valerius! . . . a merry smile and a twinkle in her eye . . . a likeable personality. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 3, 43 Scribe 3, 4g Typing Club 33 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4. SYLVIA H. VALERIUS "With inalice toward none and kindness for all." Syl . . . a model church and class worker . . . scurry, scurry, busy bee . . . a smile that won't come off . . . a love for music has our songstress . . . easy to know, easy to like. Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Scribe 3, Editor in Chief 43 Dramatic Club Z, Vice-President 3, Secretary 43 Student Council 33 Chemistry Club 33 Honor Society 43 Typing Club 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Octette 43 Sequin, Art Editor 4. FRANKLIN CROOKS "Of more than cornnion friendliness." Frankie . . . the amiable Lilliputian of the "49ers" . . . energetic . . . ever willing to participate in social activities and sports, especially dancing and football . . . one of our many philatelists. Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 A.V.E.S. 3. MELVIN KLECKNER "Happy-go-lucky, easy-go-free, Nothing on earth bothers nie." Mel . . . happy-go-lucky . . . tall and lanky . . . a frown never, a smile ever . . . all around athlete and good sport. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Soccer 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4. The 1949 Sequin OF 1949 EARL RONALD SIMPSON "A beam that aids but never grieves the sight." Simp . . . a great water enthusiast who gains much admiration for his high dives . . . a height seldom reached . . . a willingness to help anyone and everyone . . . full of rip-roaring fun. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3g Student Council 35 Basketball 3, 4. FLORENCE LOUISE SMERTZ "Charm strikes the sight and merit 'wins the soul." Fritzie . . .the ideal of courtesy, grace, and charm . . . zealous worker . . . a ready friend . . . an excellent judge in matters of taste . . . her telephone is always busy . . . can dance the night away. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 35 Student Council 45 Girls' Glee Club 4g Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g Junior T. B. Board 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Honor Society 45 Sequin 4. PHYLLIS STAMM "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Phyl . . . an attractive and skillful baton twirler . . . her favorite dance is the polka . . . an optimist with an ever-smiling countenance . . . our best mimeograph machine operator. Girls' Glee Club 4g Scribe Publication 4. The 1949 Sequin 'SENIORS OF 1949 ALLEN DAVIS "Laughter holding both his sides." Chalky . . . known to everyone by that name . . . friendly . . . takes nothing too seriously except playing on the teams for Blue and Gold . . . who hasn't heard his robust peals of laughter? AUGUST GRABOWSKI "Each mah is jusfihad in his indizficlualifyf' Auggie . . , known for his disinclination to talk . . , happiest when working on ears . . . one of the best with a golf club . . .main interests are First National and '41 Chevy. Sports Rule Club Z. NORMAN RATCLIFFE "As he thihleefh in his heart, so is ha." Norm . . . working somewhere all the time . . . always ready with a witty remark . . . active in all sports. Baseball 3, 43 Soccer 43 Boys' Glee Club 35 Basketball 3, 4. DONALD SINKIEWICZ "There is no diplomacy like silence." Donald . . . a humor all his own . . . likes to keep to himself . . intelligent . . . long, determined strides get him there quickly. The 1949 Sequin The 1949 Sequin Sdn illivmnriam Elramnr 15121111211 Eghurzkr 1931 1942 Her quiet, patlent, and friendly manner gay laughter seemed typical of Ele mor She loved life and hlled ewerv moment with enjoyment - - , won her many friends. Smiling blue eyes and , ' 2 . THE '49ERS Tn September, 1946, the class of '49 officially becamea class in the eyes of the school. Our day had arrived. We were Sophomores at last. That year we elected as our president, Burton Callahan, that energetic citizen of our fair metropolis. Our first, foremost, and indeed, only activity was the Sopho- more Hop. Having had no experience in planning a formal dance, we went ahead and tried it anyway. VVhen the dust cleared away, we found that we had actually been financially successful. Thus began a long and glorious record of profitable class activities which has never been broken. The next year, 1947-'48, the class moved up a step. Juniors now, we had more responsibilities, more activities, and a new president, Roy Peterson. Early in the year we concentrated our efforts on a Poverty Dance to which one wore what one pleased. This turned out to be a most enjoyable affair. Then in May our most important social function, the Junior Prom, was an outstanding success. Once more the class of '49 was on the credit side of the ledger. This year the class broke a long established precedent-we elected our president, Roy Peterson, to another term of office. An intensive magazine drive, climaxed with a gay party, started off the year in fine style. A New Yearls Eve Dance followed, then other activities. The class finished its last high-school year with a formal banquet and dance. The career of the Class of 1949 has been highlighted by cooperation and financial success in all undertakings. Let us hope that in future years the class members will continue this splendid record. The 1949 Sequm Tlzc 1 949 Svqzzizz TH E CLASS WILL To VVHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Know ye all, that we, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and forty-nine, of Newington High School, the town of Newington, county of Hartford, state of Connecticut, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this our last will and testament bequeathing these possessions that are lawfully ours : To: Mr. Allen, another election for next year's P. D. class. Mr. Bowes, an adding machine for the cafeteria. Mrs. Burns, an electric typewriter. Miss Clark, a pair of sneakers. Mr. Comeau, a Red Cross button. Miss Downie, buttons and bows. Miss Gallo, a lively Commercial Geography class. Miss Glass, asbestos gloves and a fire hose. Mr. Gowan, a Mack truck. Mr. Hendershot, a telephone wire direct to the radio station. Miss Holleran, windows that won't stick. Mr. Ide, a scrap book for his newspaper clippings. Miss Jamer, a lot less work. Miss Kelly, a homeroom of Seventh Graders. Mrs. McMann, a completely equipped art studio. Mrs. Murphy, a room with two doors. Mrs. Noyes, an ambulance. Miss Norell, a mechanic. Mrs. O'Donne1l, a little nymph that will erase her boards. Mr. Paskovitch, a big deep voice. Miss Rice, a party book. Mr. Roberts, a gym floor that doesn't rise. Miss Steeves, a mimeograph machine with a motor. Miss Sullivan, a calendar with large numbers. Robert Arel leaves his arguments in P. D. to a loyal Democrat. Barbara Athearn leaves on horseback. Eleanor Atwell leaves her long wool stockings to Barbara VVestermeyer. Florence Banulski all the words she never said to Dorothy Olisky. Joyce Bengston leaves her usherette uniform to Alice Sczpaniack. Bernt Benson leaves his cheerfulness to James Keane. Ray Boudreau leaves his energy in school affairs to Walter Schultz. 34 James Burns leaves silently. George Buckley leaves his friends in the lower grades. James Bryden leaves his easy-going nature to Richard Urban. Burton Callahan leaves his position on dance committees to VVilliam Carlson. Williaiii Canzellarini leaves his impersonations to Robert Mongellow. Helen Carey leaves her voice to Joan Carlin. VVilliam Corbett leaves the typing room, at last. Virginia Crooks leaves her artistic talent to Barbara Jacobson. Franklin Crooks leaves his glasses to Maurice Dougherty. Robert De Veau leaves his singing to Neal Colbath. Allen Davis leaves Newington High a little quieter. Theresa Dauphin leaves her giggles to Beverly Blaire. Emilia Dziob leaves her blushing to Lorraine Blinn. Peggy Egan leaves her red hair to Andrea Mahan. Catherine Godvin leaves her Scribe editorials to Lucy Cvallichio. August Grabowski takes his Chevy with him. Joanne Gross leaves her friendly disposition to June Hamilton. Richard Heywood leaves the projector alone. VValter Huber leaves his wavy hair to Walter Schultz. Sivert Jacobson takes his sweaters bought in Sweden with him. Lilly Johnson takes her pretty blue suit with her. Margaret Killian leaves her jobs to some Sen- ior who needs them. Melvin Kleckner leaves Fingerprints on the ceilings. Joseph Klecman leaves his love of boxing to Steve Gallas. Richard Kline leaves his artistic ability to Richard Hall. The 1949 Sequin THE CLASS WILL C Continued Q Robert Knaus leaves in his father's Buick. Betty Kraus leaves her 4-H activities to her sister. Milton Lockwood leaves his sportsmanship to Donald VVaterman. Herbert Luce leaves his ruddy cheeks to Rudy Samek. Herbert Machol leaves his corny jokes to How- ard Jackson. Raul Marsh leaves his magazine customers to the Class of 1950. Rudolph Miller leaves the Lab in a state of disorder. Emmett O,Brien leaves his dramatic abilities to Tom Keena. Daniel O'Connor leaves his portfolios to some- one on the Scribe staff. John O'Connor leaves his horror stories to Mrs. O'Donnell. Frank Patz leaves his golf clubs to Bushy Grabowski. Roy Pawlow leaves his trig problems unsolved. Elbert Peckham leaves three brothers. Lorraine Lenczyk leaves her moccasins to the Indian on the cover. Elsie Kuhlman leaves her blond hair to janet Reckert. Nancy Lau leaves so that she will have more time to attend the movies. Ruth Lauer leaves her knitted sweaters to Elma Parker. Barbara Liegy leaves her English notes to someone who can use them. Marvis Londin leaves her absentee slips to Mr. Ide. Shirley McGrath leaves her baton to Dolores Helinski. Nancy MacCutcheon leaves her smart clothes to Audrey Athearn. Lois Namnoun leaves a hole in the gym ceiling. Eileen Norris leaves her sneaks to Marilyn Treat. Eleanor Nugent leaves a trail of broken hearts. Vivian Olson leaves her soft voice to Agnes Turgeon. Elizabeth Porat leaves her quiet ways to Shir- ley Norton. Robert Porat leaves his muscles to George Oswell. Albert Porat leaves his sleepiness to Joe Haberl. The 1949 Sequin Roy Peterson leaves Miss Rice with a very quiet Trig class. Williaiii Peterson leaves his popularity to his brother. Ralph l'ickard leaves his red hair to jimmy Stewart. Norman Ratcliffe leaves his wise cracks to jackie Egan. Stanley Riley leaves his unopened books to Dick Petano. Eleanor Selbie leaves her dimples to Janet Parlee. Florence Smertz leaves a few inches to Theresa Di Pace. Joanne Stempien leaves her numerous jokes to Clara Kornak. Anne Strelchun leaves her quiet nature to Alice Eisenhofer. Frank St. Pierre takes his new Nash with him. Earl Simpson leaves Miss Sullivan with a quiet ho1ne room. Donald Sindewicz leaves quietly and slowly. Anne Sullivan leaves her Irish eyes to Peggy O'Connell. John Sullivan leaves his curly hair to Steve Arre. Robert Sicuranza leaves his white sweater to Alan Rowland. Lee Smith leaves his odd jobs to John Bedus. Betty Treat leaves the mirror in her locker to some lucky Seventh Grader. Donald Thayer leaves his interest in radios to David Logan. Robert Treat leaves his liveliness to Bobby VVhite. Norman Turgeon leaves his typing passes to john Soltys. Gerald Toce leaves his sister to the Dramatic Club. Cynthia Valerius leaves her book reports. Sylvia Valerius leaves numerous jobs to the next .S'C1'ib0 editor. Evelyn Richards finally leaves the Latin Classes. QSigned and Sealedj VVILLIAM CORBETT DANIEL 0,CONNOR 35 tr 4 'Q 5 , ' ' Q'1 A ftp 44 5 JQ A . 2 K M ff ' ' :?f1 a"2 Sglaipufff zflff ' 'Q f 1453351 .I A fgl 4 W , rv M' af - V6 Lf .. 'f zWz2,::gggypfg 4'g'f' 14 'ms , 'zow 'R an 'ffm V EQ ex gvzp 255 vw fiiyf MVH, Qfhh "fH'MQ 1 , R- ' 4. M1 W 2, -f 24117 ?gir , ,, , ,, -up , W,,,4"f Q ,na-Q., Q ,,,q, , ,, , qqn. W,m,ma . ' ' ' I5 'gal 6:7 , NK ,',Q" I ' L ' Q 4 "' Y 'P Rfk-5,'2, if 91' .,i iwif,43ff1?w gf I ' gg? lag Sh 0541 U5 i".-5' f fidg 2 Q as 5235333 '2rs :fQ 1 zff2f" L Q mfr F J QQ by , b ,- 9, 5 5 Q"lffM' V: Kggfififffe L L '35 ff'f. 4ffff'Q' ,,,:f-fx Q2 2 we +2 i Y QR- 1 ".5 5f Q I A-'21 fl "ff 'ff,'2f gi,f2m1e2f I.. fix'2fQ 5 5 g gi my , f ig f24y fa sig if ,5 QW , my iii? 4g?"' 4 A ' 'Fff' 5 43-4 J' f 7 2 T in ' 1 4Qjj2fgg2,frf3f 5 '51 5 3 Q? Vs-a v,Q, '-1 EF S: 'vflfiq , Sfgfiinfwf 'fe 'fy 471125 , ff' -P ' ' ' ?Qf ?'5g,Qf 3laQ-,N QQ? 5 T S4-if' -ZPREF ' i 'f:, T' -gy' N , N. N 3v'ifv'W7'n 0- , vw, N' I 9 "fr- . Q " f lg' lr! fx M J N' ' jyiy SH ,ff WM f 4xhf 4' Q af " M ,- , ga ff: :J E' g ,gX 2 T2 J, QQ S? Ag, U' Q ' me M w J, 5 'H 1 E 45-1. r-. W Mg, ig E ,Ui 7142, if ? ii' mi Q Q91 ,fha veg X dgqof FLg,N'.g Q 54 'Lf Q 12- 2 ? E Q?" 'S W wSQ"fA6 fff"'C' i ,V ,,t if? ,fgmjiby M Q3 5' ,iw an if 1 Qxx 'Basra QQ , C? xy gfgfk, A ,S Q 1 , '-'Q et Q Kyra? +30 U9 59 Q-Ty nb Q 8? QT, 'X,,1f5g,,,q9f4,u f A A, A v 0 pg-fgj Q ,Q Q95 cz G b fi wif? Q99 1f1f f xx E4 ,E Q0 3 G F NMQQQXQ Q Q? waox v25"gfM.xfMwq'iEywfgf 4Q5i?E YQ I, MFE yiggsnvgi , 36 The 1949 Sequin Thu 19-I9 Svqzrin 38 T110 1949 Sequin ! K 5159 ff'-fx tliqr .- -LF? 735- 24, N ig? R nf f , Vt. xxx if ma? X: MX N ' 1 :fl I Q . x X xxj fi Q , VX :qi harm fx 5.. . Basketball Team Km,cling-Co-captains G. Toce and M. Kleckner. First row-R. Sicuranza, S. Arre, J. Gancarz, R. Treat. Second row-Mr. Roberts Ccoachj, E. O'Brien, Intmanagerj, M. Lockwood, I. Haberl, S. Jacobson, N. Ratcliffe, R. Miller Cassistant managcrj. 2 This year Newington entered the ranks ot Class B competition with one of the best teams ever produced by this school. After seven easy victories and only two losses, Newington was eligible to enter the tournaments with optimistic hopes for a superior record. Mel Kleckner broke the all-time school record for scoring, with thirty-one points, only to surpass his own record later with thirty-three points. Newington ......... ,............ 3 3 Suffield .,......,,..,,..,,... ............ 2 l Newington ...,,.... ,............ 3 5 Goodwin Tech .......... .......... . 29 Newington ......... ..........,.. 3 9 Vtletherstield ............ ........... 2 6 Newington ......,.. ....,..,,.... 3 7 Berlin ,...,.......... .......,.. . 44 Newington .,,...... ......... l 7 Bloomheld ............ .........,.. 3 O 40 The 1949 Sequin Soccer Team Sitting, left fo right-VV. Mason, A. O'Connell, J. Alfano, M. Lockwood, B. Callahan, Co-Captain, R Sicuranza, N. Turgeon, R. Treat, G. Toce. Second row-R. DeVeau, M. Kleckner, W. Carlson, J. Bryden, S. Jacobson, R. Boudreau, R. Urban, R. Patz R. Vujs, Mr. Roberts, Coach. Third fort'-I. Gancarz, J. Flaherty, R. VValters, S. Callas, A. VVells, R. Anderson. Newington, although plagued with injuries in its baclcheld and handicapped with a new forward line, had a fair seas-on. The outstanding game of the season was Newington's smashing upset over a heavily-favored Wiiiclsor High team. In this game the "Blue and Goldn showed what clean play and cooperation could do against a bigger, rougher-playing team. Milton Lockwood was high scorer for the season with five goals. Newington .......,..... ......... Newington Newington ........... . ........ . Newington ............. .,....... Wetliersfield Portland .......... Suffield ............. Glastonbury.. Newington Ellsworth ........ Newington Wiiidsor .......... Newington Newington ............. ......... Bloomfield ...... Portland .......... Newington Suffield .............. Newington Glastonbury.. Newington Bloomfield ...... Total ........... ........... 1 2 The 1949 Sequin Gulf Team Lvff In right-Mr. Paskavitch, P. Flaherty, F. Knox, F. Patz, C. Grabowski, E. Meyer, D. VVaterman. Led by veteran Frank Patz, Neu'ington's golf team, although made up mainly of new golfers, has high hopes for a successful season. Scheduled Matches Weavei' Hartforcl Public Buckley Farmington Manchester lYethe1'sF1elcl Connecticut Interscholastic 42 The 1949 Sequin The 1949 Sequin NGXYlllgt0ll'S prospects seem bright i11deed with such sezisoued players as Norm Ratclille and Mel Kleclmer toiliug ou the mound. The team also includes veterans Milt Lockwood, Red SlClll'LLllZZl, Gerry Toce, Mutt Trezxt, and llerh Mzlchol. Xewin schedule is short but st1'e11uous. The Schedule May 2 .,,wvw.,..wW ,,....... May 5 ........ ......... May 10 ,.....,,ee .. ...... May 16 ..... ,.,e., ......... May 23 .,,..,e,eeel ee,e,e,, , 111ay 26 ...,.,e . ee...,.. . May 31 eeeeee, ee,.,,,,, at ......,eeee home ..,.....,... home .,.,,,.,,,,, at .....,...,,, home. . .,.. .. home ,.,,.,,,,,, at ......,..... gtllllls dia111o11d ...,,,,,.S1111slm111'y ,ll.....,l3loo111i:1elcl ,l loodwiu Tech ,.,YVl11SO1' Locks ...........Glasto11lJ111'y ,,......,Berli11 ..,,,,...,.Cl2illUJll GIRLS' SPORTS Cheerleader Squad Loft Io riglzt-A. 51.-spauiak, li. Trcat, M. OyCOlllll'll, F. Smcrtz, E. Norris, J. Rcckcrt, N. hlU,CCLltCllCO1l, A. Athcarn. Girls' Basketball Team Front ron'-S. Yalcrius, B. Athearu, E. Treat, V. Crooks. F. Smertz, J. Gross, A. Sullivan, Miss Clark fcoachj, L. Leuczyk, E. Norris. 44 The 1949 Sequin GIRLS' SPORTS Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and baseball were some of the athletic activities which the senior girls enjoyed throughout this year. From their instructor, Bliss Margaret Clark, the girls learned the rules and techniques of each game thor- oughly and as a result proved to be excellent players as well as good sports. In the fall they raced up and down the soccer Held kicking the ball with a vengeance in their elfort to make goals. Later their interests turned toward bas- ketball. Concentrating on hook shots, foul shots, dribbling, pass-es, and guarding techniques the girls played a fast, clean, and energetic game. After the basketball season volleyball, badminton, hand soccer, and hand baseball occupied their time. ,X new and lively unit ol folk and square dancing was introduced this year. .Ns soon as the weather warmed up, the baseball diamond was the scene of their activities. There they hit frequent home runs and pop-fly balls. The Seniors have also participated in play days with other schools. Un Novem- ber l2, eight girls went to YVest Hartford where a bowling tournament took place. On january l2 another playday was held in Manchester, and in the spring one was held at Newington. ln all sports, the girls played with enthusiasm and unfailing energy. The sports- manship which they have shown is certain to continue into their future lives. The 1949 Sequin 45 The 1949 Sequin Af? f Qp w X Aff! ffl I1 19405 q Siffiilgy, loft to riglzfs-l.. Uallichio, ll. R. Godvin. Hamilton, E. Parker, R. Boudrcau, H, Carey, C. Bau- sola, R. Blinn, L. johnson. Second ron'-H. Jackson, A. XYelles, R. Arel, Miss Rice, F. Smcrtz, B. Mitchell, R. Pittsinger, R. Patz, J. Alfano. 48 STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council is to promote closer harmony between students and the faculty and to work for the best interests of the school. Each year members are selected by the students on the basis of good citizenship. The Student Council is affiliated with the National .-Xssociation of Student Councils and the New England Student Government Association. This year delegates from the Council attended the New England Conference at Northfield, Massachusetts. The Student Council plans the social calendar, sponsors- an activity, participates in auditorium programs at Thanksgiving and Easter, and maintains the traffic squad. President? Ray Boudreau SecretaryfHelen Carey Vice-l'resident-Elma Parker Treasurerfulune Hamilton The 1949 Sequin Silliuy, left to rigflll-flv. Peterson, S. Yalerins, J. lJ'Cni1nur. li. Treat, li, Arel, V. Olsen, lf. jamer Qac viserj, A. Strelchun, lf. Sinertz, .SlfLIIIt11lIgV, Iufi 10 rig!!!-1.1.1. Huber, R. Lauer, l,. ulullnson, Richards, B. .-Xthearn. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Natiunal Honur Sucictv was lnnnded in 1921 bv tl1e Natiunal Asslmciation uf Secondary Sclwol Vrincipals. Tl1e ain1s and purposes of the National Hmiur Society are to pro111ote scholar- sl1ip. leadership, service, a11d character ZllllUl1g tl1e students in tl1e secondary sclwuls. Tl1e advantages of having an llcnior Society in tl1e sclifml include: creating enthusiasni for scl1ola1'sl1ip, pron1uting thc desire to re11der service to tl1e coin- innnitv, and encouraging tl1e ljllilillllg of strong characters. To be eligible for lnenibership a student lnust be a lllCl1llJCl' of tl1e Flllllllll' flass with a scholastic recurd of eighty-hve per cent ur uver. The Newington Chapter of 19-18 set up a rating sheet to aid in tl1e selection of new lllCllllJCl'S. This rating sheet allows points lm' eacl1 uflice held and for 1116111- bership in eacl1 activity or scluml urganizatiun. .Xdded to this, a credit is given for each point exceeding tl1e eighty-live per cent scholastic standing. lfacnlty spunsors and nienibers 111 tl1e Society rate pupils un ccmoperatifmn and effort shown in activities. lironi all these sources the total rating is obtained. Fifteen per cent ul tl1e class is chosen 1111111 those whu have the highest total rating. 1,l'6SlClQ1llffRlJlJ6l't Arel 9ecretarv-Vivian Olson Vice-1'residentflilizalmeth Treat Treasnrerffhlrvhn TYCCJIIINJI' The 1949 Sequin 49 tbllifflllfl, Ivft 10 riglzlvlf. Nugent, E. Dziob. B. Athearn, ll. Treat, C. Yalerius, li. O'Brien, S. Yalerius, A. Strelrhun, H. Jackson, A. Athearn. J. Carlin, Czop, R. Belkin, P. Flaherty. SLTOPIIII rote-Mrs. O'Donnell fadviserj, A. Dziob, C. fiodvin. N. Lau. E. Selbie, li. Kuhlman, M. Perkins, M. Godvin, P. Glennon, li. Kraus, E. Kraus, A. Sanderson, J. Caldwell, E. Richards. Third row-R. Vujs, K. Doolittle, R. Smith, B. Knox, M. Dougherty, B. Liegey, Dawson, E. Parker, -I. Gross, R. Lauer, F. Smertz, li. Norris, R. Kent, J. Keane. liozirflz row-G. Toce, D. O'Connor, R. Hall, F. St.Pierre, I. Kuhlman, R. Samek, NV. Schultz, XV. Peter- son T. Keena R. Arel R. Peterson. 7 I .V DRAMATIC CLUB This year's Senior lligh Dramatic Club boasted a record membership. The main aims of the organization are to instill in the members a greater appreciation of the drama, and to give them an opportunity to receive some experience in the various make-up techniques and in the production of plays. The elub's public performance this year was the presentation of the three-act farce-comedy, 'tI-ady Be Goodfl by Dana Thomas. The east of the play repre- sented a good Cross-section of the senior high divisions. l,resident-limmett Cflirien, Jr. SeeretarylSylvia Valerius Yice-President--Iloward jackson Treasurer-Anne Strelchun 50 The 1949 Sequin .Silliug-B. Treat, C. Valcrius, E. Dziob, li. O'Brien, S. Valerius, D. O'Connor, R. Lauer, V. Olson, J Carlin. .SlCL'0IId mit'-D. Codvin, M. Godvin, I.. Lenczyk, L. Namnoun, R. Heywood, H. Kraus, Y. Blclieon, E Nugent, Miss Holleran Qadviserl. Third row-B. Athearn, A. Dziob, J. Reckert, A. Strclchun, E. Parker, J. Sills, E. Kraus. THE 1948-1949 SCRIBE The policy of this year's Srrilu' was to provide interesting and accurate informa- tion of activities in the school and of the pupils in it. To do this the staff supplied more well-written news articles, better art work, an improved fashion page, a better coverage of sports, and a humor column. As in other years, the Scribe was a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press .Xssociation, and members of the staff attended the annual Connecticut Scholastic l'ress Conference. The paper came out every four weeks. Staff Editor Sports Iidifm' S5'lVia Yalefllw Emmett U'Brien A.fsz's1'a1fzt Editor I r Ruth I auel, Pzrblzrafzon Manager Dorothy Olisky Colzumzisf Daniel OConner Famhy Adwjws Aff Editor Miss Holleran Yivian Olson Miss Steeves The 1949 Svqiihz 51 Girls' Cleo Club .5'ilfi11y,Irft to riglzf--B. Kraus, B. Jacobson, G. Fatz, V. Mclieen, D. Olisky, Bl. Godvin, A. Sullivan, li. Treat, C. Yalerius, A. Sanderson, M. Perkins, E. Kuhlmann, F. Banulski, S. Valcrius, li. Norris, Cross, -I. Carlin, A, Athearn, J. Czop, A. Caldwell. Scrmza' roto-Mrs. Helsing Cadviserj, B. Riley, A. Turgeon, G. Rudelc, J. Gerrick, M. Egan, N. Buckley, V. Olson, H. Carey, L. Johnson, B. Rast, Parlcc, B. lilinn, L, Blinn, L. Pawlow, J. Rosecn, A. Sespaniak, E. Selbie, Sills, J. Reckert, l'. Stamm. Third mic'-B. Athearn, li. Stamm, C. Bausola, L. Gallichio, J. Benson, N. Lau, E. Porat, A. Eisenhofer, M. Hollis, B. Vtesterineyer, li. Atwell, Y. Morrelli, F. Bates, I. Dauphin, E. Nugent, E. Dziob, N. MacCutcheon, T. Dauphin, R. Pellegatto, A. Dziob. lfozrrlll rom'-B. Kraus, G. Sparkowski, ll. Battistone, B. Mitchell, L. Lcnczyk. L. Namnoun, B. Johnson, L. Hall, J. Bengston, Y. Fulton, R. Scliwager, F. Smcrtz, R. Lauer, E. Parker, J. Stempien, E. Richards, B. Liegey, D. LeClair, M. Galbraith, G. Stillman, S. Norton. GLEE 'CLUBS The members of the musical organizations of Newington High, composed of the Boys, Cilee Club, the Girls, filee Club, and the coin- bined Boys! and Girls' Cilee Clubs. have had a very busy year. Six members represented Newington at the All-State Concert at the Bushnell Memorial in Hartford on October 28. These members were Barbara Athearn, Sylvia Yalerius. Robert Arel, John O'Connor, Roy Peterson, and XVilliam Peterson. On the night of November 9. a quartet composed of Barbara Athearn, Sylvia Valer- ius, john O'Connor, and Roy l'eterson. accom- 52 panied by Robert Arel on the piano, enter- tained the guests of the school at Parents' Night. On Friday, April 8, all oi the members of the glee clubs traveled to Bristol to attend the Spring Festival of the Connecticut Music Fducatorsy Association. Fach group was re- quired to sing three selections. These selec- tions were judged, and weak points stressed, so that the groups might make future im- provements. The Fourth Annual Choral Concert was held at Newington High School Auditorium on May 13. The 1949 Sequin OCTETTE flroznzd fin' pimm, left to right-B. Atliearn, M. Londin, S. Valerins, Mrs. Helsing' Qaclviserj, H. Carey. 50601111 rom'-J. O'Conn0r, R. Arel, R. Peterson. XV. Peterson. .lf piano-E. Rielumls. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Sitting, left to right-R. Peterson, S. Jacobson, J. U'Connor, D. O'Connor, D. Tlxayer, R, DcVeau, F Crooks, Collins, N. Colbatll, li. Peckham. Sevorzd roru-Mrs. Helsing Qadviserj. R. Arel, P. Marsh, R. linaus, XY. Peterson, R. Boudrcau. E. O'Brien Jr., H. Maeliol, Jr., J. Sullivan, R. Heywood. Tlzirrl row'-K. Doolittle, J. Keane, R. Samek, R. Macllol, F. Patz, R. Pawlow, R. Miller, R. Porat, R Hall, L. Gilbert. The Z9-19 .SNNIIIIVIL 53 Siifizzg, loft to right--J. Collins, VV. Huber, 1-1. Machol, D. Thayer, R. Smith, XY. Mason, R. Peterson, R. linaus. Sfflnding, left fo riglzf-C. Ehlert, E. Peckham, G. Oswell. R. Machol, R. Arcl, R. Heywood, D. Logan, R. Vujs, E. Comeau Qadviserj. AUDIO -VISUAL EDUCATION SOCIETY Oihcers President-Donald Thayer Secretary-Treasurer-VYarren Mason The main purpose of this club is to train students in the use, care, and maintenance of the various types of projectors and sound sys- tems used in the Newington schools. A wel- come addition to the club's equipment in the fall of 1948 was a wire recorder which has proved to be a valuable asset to English classes. The A.Y.E.S. also provides a film strip service through which the other schools in town may borrow and use filmstrips in their classes. This service was started on a townwide scale in the fall of 1947. The school was wired for a public address system in the fall of '48 and the spring of '49. The purpose of this system is to allow the stu- dents to hear important speakers and radio programs without convening in the auditorium or having each room equipped with a radio. In case of emergency, a simple announcement over this system could direct the students out 54 Yice-President-Herbert Machol Librarian-Richard Smith of the building by unblocked exits. The .-X.Y.E.S. also provides an operator and a projector whenever a civic organization needs themg thus it is an aid not only to the school, but to the connmmity as a whole. Church organizations and the several Scout Troops in town have found this service very valuable. Newington High has benefited to a high degree by the auditorium programs this club has provided in recent years. Reginald Wil- cox, Richard Nelson, Rufus Rose, George VVedber, Williaiii Greenough, and Kenneth VVheeler have made appearances in our audi- torium through arrangements made by this organization. The most significant fact about the A.V.E.S. is that all the huge tasks it has performed have been done quickly and most important of all- efficiently. The 1949 Sequin Sitting, Ivff to fIvfl1lffR. M. Pellegatto, R. Anderson, R. Knaus, R. Machol, R. Peterson, R. Miller, A Porat, D. Thayer, J. Roseen. f Sfandi11g,Icffl0 right--J. Alfano, C. Ehlert, I. Collins, R. Smith, S. Gallas, J. Soehle, H. VYhitford, K Doolittle, A. W'clls, Mr. Allen. THE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club is a new organization this year in Newington High School. The main purpose of the club is to familiarize the members with the fundamentals of pictorial composition, photographic chemistry, clark room pro- cedure, and different photographic techniques, and to make the school as a whole more conscious of photography. Ifach week the members meet with Mr. Allen, their adviser, and conduct experiments or attend illustrated lectures on some phase of photography. This year the club hopes to purchase some equipment and set up a permanent dark-room in the school. President-Roy Peterson Vice President-Rudolph Miller Treasurer-Russell Machol Thc 1949 Sequin 55 I Z a i E we .SiH1'ng, loft to right-B. Carlson, M. Perkins, E. Nugent, N. MacCutcheon, D. Vklaterman, VV. Peterson Slafiding, lvft fo riglzf-VV. Schultz, Mr. Roberts fadviserb, R. Sicuranza, R. Patz. THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This organization is one of our smallest but most active clubs. lts aim is to promote inter-scholastic athletics and to arouse lively interest on the part of the students in support of their teams. During the baseball and soccer seasons the Athletic Association pays for the services of the umpires and the referees. Throughout the basketball season the members take charge of the games by issuing and collecting tickets for the games, paying the referees, keeping the score, and buying all the equipment. The money collected during this season furnishes most of the funds necessary to meet the sport expenses. To build up its treasury, the A. A. sponsored a dance at Christmas, which proved very successful. Coach Roberts and Eleanor Nugent, the business manager, have guided the club through a very active and profitable year. 56 The 1949 Sequin 'Us Lf! to right-Florence Smertz, Elma Parker, Miss E. Rice Cadviserl. Roy Peterson, Donald NYaterman T. B. JUNIOR BOARD This year Roy Peterson, Florence Smertz, Donald VVaterman, and Elma Parker have been the representatives from Newington High School on the 'lunior Board of Directors of the Hartford Tuberculosis and Public Health Society. Flor- ence Smertz has had the honor of serving as treasurer of the board. The members of the Junior Board participated in the Christmas Seal Sale by placing coin boxes' in various public places. They also helped in the testing and X-ray work given by the board in our school. Through friendly visits and letters they have kept up the morale of many T. B.-stricken patients at the various hos- pitals. They also helped their classmates in gaining a better understanding of this disease by having every pupil take a short quiz on T. B. which was sponsored hy the board. Meetings of this group were held once a month. Social activities included bowling, a Halloween party, a Christmas dance, picnics, and hay rides. I he 1949 SL'f1lll'lL lirmn' tululv, Ivff fn right--M. O'Cunnell, Miss Steeves Qadviserj, M. Daniels, Ci. Stillman, Norton, C. Bausolu. Buffs fulwlv, Ivff fu rights-D, LaClair, P. Cilennon, A. Sespaniak, D. Eflcly. Sizll' fulwlf, lvff In right-B. Blinn, l.. lilinn, Miss Downey Caclviserl. li. Bates. THE HANDICRAFT CLUB The Handicraft Cluh was iurinecl this year uncler the guidance of Miss ,lean Downie and Miss Dorntliy Steeves. As members of this mgaiiizatioii girls interested in making cleeorative and useful articles have haul an oppor- tunity to use their skills. They have spent their time knitting and Crocheting, :incl making jewelry, stuhfecl animals, and many things suitzlhle for the home. Secretary-'Vreasurer-Eunice Bates 58 T110 1949 Svquin I W.. , 4 ,N .. -V hhlh- i .... ..4h h N K Sitting, Ivff to right-S. Soltys, J. Sills, 1. Reckert, R. Knaus, H. Jackson, B. XYestcmcycr, M. Hollis B. Leigey. Stczlndizzg, left fo 1"l'gIlf4S. Dawson, C. Flhert, I. Collins, A. Carlson, F. Patz, E. Parker, R. Pawlow, R Hall, K. Doolittle, Miss Glass Cadviserj. CH EMISTRY C LU B The Chemistry Club was organized in 1947. The activities of the club included visits to a laboratory and a hospital, and a lecture by a local druggist. At the regular weekly meetings of the club various experiments were car- ried on under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Glass, the faculty adviser. It is the purpose of the organization to provide those students who are particularly interested in chemistry with more opportunities for study in this held. President-Robert Knaus Secretary-Janet Reckert The 1949 Sequin 59 SCRIBE PUBLICATION 7 Y' 'I Siffiug, lrft in riylzl--G. Stillman, E. Sclbic, E. Norris, D. Olisky, l. Stamm. L. lausulu, C. Goclviu. SCEOJI41 row--Miss Sleeves, G. Sparkowski, M. Dzmicls, L. Bliuu, A. Eiscnhofcr, A. Sespauiak, E. Nugent, E. Bates, M. LeBel. Third rom'---C. Koruak. M. OYCOIIIICII, S. Norton, XY. Corbett. H. Bliuu, V. Olson. E. Stallllll 60 The 1949 Scqzlin ff!! www? , xv Tlzv 1949 Srqn in :rim :UMEECE OZ :JSO 3 EU :IEC 3 SU LE? ,LO :MNEEEU :HO :ECU :rom 8:5337 H :Mimi :ggi :Om 2:2 SO: :IDE 30:2 SON? 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Raymond Boudreau sitting out a polka? james Bryden without a smile for all? George Buckley a class orator? james Burns without his Ford? Burton Callahan without his laughter? William Canzellarini a poor dancer? Helen Carey unsociable? VVilliam Corbett late for work? Franklin Crooks without a problem? Virginia Crooks without something to say? Robert De Veau not singing? Allen Davis without his motorcycle? Theresa Dauphin serious? Emelia Dziob not blushing? Margaret Egan a brunette? Catherine Godvin with nothing to do? August Grabowski selling hot dogs? joanne Gross neglecting the Girl Scouts? Richard Heywood hurrying? Walter Huber without his criticism? Sivert jacobson unfriendly? Lilly jolmson a slow typist? Margaret Killian unwilling to work? Melvin Kleckner disliking sports? Richard Kline without his sketching? joseph Klecman unpleasant? Robert Knaus without his smile? Elizabeth Kraus missing 4-H ? Elsie Kuhlmann without a new joke? Nancy Lau without her art? Ruth Lauer not knowing the answer? Lorraine Lenczyk without a new suit? Barbara Leigey a class hustler? Milton Lockwood discourteous? Marvis Londin disliking nursing? Herbert Luce causing an uproar? Thr 1949 Srqniu The 1949 Sequin CAN YOU IMAGINE. Herbert Machol a Yankee fan? Paul Marsh a poor salesman? Nancy Mac Cutcheon with a small wardrobe? Shirley McGrath without her baton? Rudolph Miller without a comment? Lois Namnoun disliking horses? Eileen Norris skipping gym? Eleanor Nugent true to one boy friend? Emmett O'Brien attentive to just one girl? Daniel O'Connor not talking about Wcmolcott? john O'Connor failing a subject? Vivian Olson with short hair? Frank Patz with one necktie? Roy Rawlow staying away from Uncle Ezra's? Elbert Peckham disagreeable? Albert Porat without his flashy shirt? Elizabeth Porat unable to sew? Robert Rorat loud and noisy? Roy Peterson not being a leader of something? Williaiii Peterson without a new girl? Ralph Rickard being wide awake? Evelyn Richards without her music? Norman Ratcliffe without a wisecrack? Stanley Riley with something to say? Eleanor Selbie minus her dimples? Florence Smertz with one boy friend? Phyllis Stamm neglecting the Drum Corps? Joanne Stempien not interested in a sailor? Anne Strelchun being uncooperative? Ann Sullivan without her scarves? Frank St. Pierre with an old car? Earl Simpson 5 ft. tall? Donald Sinkiewicz dancing a polka? john Sullivan annoying anyone? Robert Sicuranza a blonde? Lee Smith a conversationalist? Elizabeth Treat a poor sport? Donald Thayer without his camera? Robert Treat our tallest classmate? Norman Turgeon without his khaki shirt? Gerald Toce without a witty answer? Cynthia Valerius not being bashful? Sylvia Yalerius missing a meeting? wg - '- ,,A,L..I"fW S T110 19-l9 Scquin 1' IWW Suql III 67 '-mummy mix T110 1949 Sz'quz'n l 1 STATISTICS lVl0sf Pofmlru' Class Mzrsiriazz Burton Callahan Florence Sniertz Frank St. l'ierre, Evelyn Richards Melvin Kleckner Hazldsomc'.sf-Pwffiest Robert Sicuranza Marvis Londin , jwwi Ntmlml A Milton Lockwood Elizabeth Treat Ii 1 P l3vsfD1'U.Qz'd M C 1 Nmfml, mul du A cmcy as 'utmeon Robert Knaus Lilly johnson Ulf'-YS Wil Most Ejicimzf Norman Ratchffe lheresa Dauphin Vvilliam Corbett Lilly johnson Quicfest lV0111a1z Hrlfrl'--M1111 Hfztm' Donald Sinliiewicz Elizabeth Forat Donald Sinkiewicz Anne Strelchun, Catherine Godvin Class Tlzcsfvlan Ennnett O'Brien, Barbara Athearn ' y CIm'P"g5f Rudolf Mmm, Daniel O'Connor Sylvia Yalerius, Elizabeth Treat ZS' .t H fl 'c' ke y 'zggvv car 71 a r BPH Lmdmf Emmett O Brien, Eleanor Nugent 1 . Y . Y Roy Peterson Sylvia X alerius Robert Sicuranza ' , Mf1.sf Aflzlcflr Most Vvrsafzlc' ,uwl , K1 lr 11,1 Y . Roy Peterson Sylvia Valerius ' C lm ec mx 416611 L Orrlb i Most S1 lzisiir fed lllosf fefspmpd T tt WB., 'P " R I L john O'Connor Vivian Olson 'mme Hen ut I auer . Hardest lfV0rkw' Most Affrartzzfc B t C H 1 C 1 , Fil , Robert Sicuranza Florence Sxnertz ur on 3 alan dtlerme 'Umm , Bat D T ,f llflosf C,0lll'l6'0llS VVH, C ' H , amp, H I C YVillia1n Canzellerini Anne Strelchun I lam :mm emu een argl' , llloxl Seri 11: Most l.1kf'ly to Szrrceed D H Q lx, , x 0 T X Q 1 1 i , , , ona c ,, in 'iewicz . nn . t Roy Peterson Ruth Lauer, Sylvia Yalerius C re Cum . l,z'zfflz'est Dwi MOST fvf N'H-S Robert Treat Elizabeth Treat Burton Callahan Sylvia Valerius Deejmsf Blzrslzm' Clays Sgignfisf john CYConnor Emilia Dziob Rudolf Miller Barbara Athearn Czffest 51,155 Ayfgixgf Robert Knaus Nancy MacCutcheon, Richard Kline Ann Sullivan Eleanor Nugent Class lVlafl1e11za.tifia,n FfYi4'11'fllfF-Yf Robert Arel Ruth Lauer Ray Boudreau Sylvia Valerius The 1949 Sequin 69 QSRITIUI' Stlbttlllllll w Ja lJCtuIJL'1' ln L11 ZR Xll ut 2w Xm'v111'! U IZ 23 24 lkccml ll 73 .lum1:1rx 1+ X111 25 II411141 I' 011141111 1 1 March 1 1 Npril 1 X I5 QXIQL5' fm 13 27 Inns lil 15 111111 71 Nw I3 , .. ,... ae. 3'5" P I6, 50 N wwfwgfigggs H 3. .:z'5:252': 'gi , W 4 ,I gm, 155 , 9m33Qi"5 PI mf 52 Ira .. W .. ,M JL M ,,,13Z. M H . ...,, ..,,.:.:.: f .... i-fuffiglr 1. A .V :IV A? ,...,i. f, .Q N ,. ':'1'1"'Vq' ""' i if ' 5 11 ,fait - I W ,,. I .V V 58. f' . 11, if 'w h W wg gy WZ. 13 '.:f.:: if 55, 3 'E -3: . ww :MW W W mum 43. I 'Q B I , 3 X f, M M' 5 f af I X , I N WEN: -Iiiiiil-1' 'L Q 4 r . if . bw , S1 :sq 1 ,, -P - 34:-Hfrj , at 5 g S ' . ,. NW, . .1,g - M., Q9-fm" ,., J ig 'O' '95 x 1 Af L56 ll -V r it .lgiki--. , . .,,, 1, 'M an Nh 4 we 35' S' Y T110 1949 .Sfqum -.y Aswzzkfe ,. if "V X! -vang Qgfvu. urpfm .,,.. ,. sk! ...Q-5 new Wu' 4. I Q f 5 I 'f 'H ff is ,Q 5411 K f W 2 , 9. H Q a ,gg It 'S xg lf fat, li 1 Y Y J.: . 9 -' 5 SHE K1. e, -. Hu' 1049 Sufjlzirz 73 The 1949 Sequin QMS? fx-,f-fy x V 9 J, 'Ki 7 'x..f P S 0 7 4 ,f x ng N S A A if 'Q A xg! 'file X P? xx? :Ji XJ? IM L4 N, Ur 4- : fx 1 in ' x v S ak Q ff W iff 3, !f,MfN. ffzlf' J ff f fi f 'Q A o-4 ' ff :maids 5555-I 1 JL 24 xxx ., M F 'Args I ,, - xx hw ' 5, :gal ! a 52? s 143 A ae? wa! fu wx-gy, n4?f.Mr ' - 59 Wg-fig-I -M--.. I. rev. ik, 3, 21 , mx qw., .641 CA ' mx ix X fs 4 f ? N2 'rax , AI 5 76 The 1949 Sequin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. The 1949 Sequin " 4 We 70eze" EVELYN RICHARDS DONALD THAYER RUTH LAUER LILLY JOHNSON MELVIN KLECKNER ROBERT AND ELIZAB MARVIS LONDIN BERNT BENSON BARBARA LIEGEY HERBERT MACHOL JAMES BRYDEN ELEANOR ATVVELL SIVERT JACOBSON BARBARA AND AUDR FRANKLIN CROOKS BETTY TREAT RAY BOUDREAU HELEN CAREY BOB TREAT CATHERINE GODVIN HERBERT LUCE PEGGY EGAN FLORENCE SMERTZ ETH PORAT EY ATHEARN BILL PETERSON JAMES BURNS WILLIAM CORBETT JOHN O'CONNOR DANIEL O'CONNOR BURT CALLAHAN FLORENCE BANULSKI JOANNE GROSS ROY PAWLOW SYLVIA AND CYNTHI JOHN SULLIVAN VIRGINIA CROOKS BOE AREL FRANK PATZ ANNE STRELCHUN BOB DE VEAU JOANNE STEMPIEN NANCY LAU BETTY KRAUS ELEANOR NUGENT RICHARD HEYVVOOD PHYLLIS STAMM ROY PETERSON A VALERIUS 77 INTERNATIONAL 15,5 W n- - ., L?. -,7 'BIRW ' l""'5'-'-'GENC5 ' f OC LU Br ' ' e ' fe 'I EX. Q ?f NEWINGTONS ONLY SERVICE CLUB SALUTES THE CITIZENS OF TOMORROW EVERY SUCCESS T0 THE CLASS OF '49 O Herbert L. Machol Insurance 71 Cheney Lane Newington GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Newington Hardware Supply Tin' 1949 Srq f-xiii v Pu, "au, f We fxzxfl' 41- Q I a Zlaadei Extends His Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success and a Happy Future to the Class of 1949 3 1949 Sequin Compliments Of C A V E L T O O L C m pliments Of ATLANTIC MACHINE TOOL WORKS, INC. Compliments T of THE KEEN EY MANUFACTURING COMPANY NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT BEST WlSlfES Compliment from Newington Pharmacy of Wnl. Nelson, Ph.C. DR. VINCENT D. 0,NEIL Tel. 9-4-042 BEST WISHES from G0 TO NELSON'S FOR THE BIGGEST SUNDAES IN TOWN Your Hudson Dealer 1949 51171111-Il' Newington Furniture Mort Shop in NEIVINGTON and SAVE, for your NATIONALLY advertised furniture, including Simmons Bedding, Capehart Radios, and General Electric Home Appliances. 0 Easy Terms Phone 9-374-5 The Briarwood PATENT MEDICINES : SNACK BAR : SUNDRIES : TOYS 0 Phone 9-0025 289 Mai11 Street Newington, Connecticut Compliments BESTWISHES Cleaners and Dyers from Q COMMUNITY SALES, INC. 8 STODDARD AVENUE Donald MacDonald NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT 0 Tel. 9-5414 BEST WISHES from Compliments DRONSFIELD FLORIST of . MR. AND MRS. PAUL D. SHIPMAN 1076 Main Street, Newington Phone 9-5164 Nite 6-7279 T110 1949 Sequin Compliments of Metro's Soda Shoppe CANDY . . . ICE CREAM . . . LUNCHES 0 Tel. 9-0084 38 Cedar Street Newington, Conn. Compliments of Newington Theatre AIR-CONDITIONED Fon YOUR COMFORT 6'The Home of Good Entertainmentn Compliments of DR. TED LENCZYK ,IOYFUL GREETINGS fronl NEWINGT ON CENTER BARBER Joseph Gilbert, Prop. . S A.1'1.- 7 P.M. 1100 Main Street Newington, Conn. LUCK AND HAPPINESS T0 THE CLASS OF '49 o MAZZOCCOLI AND SONS BEST WISHES from ALICE'S DRESSMAKING LADIES' CLOTHES MADE TO ORDER AND ALTERATIONS 0 1100 Main Street Newington, Conn. The 1949 Svquin 83 FOR THE BEST IN TELEVISION AND RADIO N ewi ng ton Television Corp. AT BOB'S RADIO SERVICE Tel. 9-5633 FLORENCE'S BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENTS AND FINGER WAVES SHAMPOOS ,sa Moved Upstairs Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Phone 9-2730 1078 Main Street Compliments of EDMUND'S DAIRY FARM FRESH ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE Church Street Newington ECKERT9S DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Compliments Of FREDA FARMS Berlin Turnpike NEWINGTON BUILDING SUPPLY 174 FRANCES AVENUE Tel. 9-1400 BEST WISHES of COMMUNITY SALES, INC. Donald MacDonald 84- Thc 1949 Sequin Compliments of BROWN STUDIO CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER Tel. 2-8905 57 Pratt Street fHudson Buildingj L. G. Balfour Co CLASS RINGS Compliments AND CLUB INSIGNIA Of Newington N Diner IFOR LLOYD P. 0. Box 1 Great Borrington, Mass. The 1949 Srqu Compliments of Bob's Radio Service "THE SHOP OF HONEST SERVICE" Newington Center Telephone 9-5633 Briarwood Hardware NORGE APPLIANCES 258 Main Street Telephone 9-4712 NEWINGTON TAXI COMPANY OPEN 7:30 A. M. TO 1:30 A. M. EVERY DAY 1024 Main Street TEL. 9-4424 BEST WISHES from RAGNA'S ESSO STATION Berlin Turnpike ANDY'S PARKWAY SERVICENTER SUNOCO PRODUCTS TIRES AND BATTERIES R O A D S E R V I C E fsffsf Berlin Turnpike and Sanitorium Roafl PHONE 9-0076 BEST WISHES from THE ATRAX COMPANY 240 Day Street Newington 86 The 19-79 Sequin THE SCRIBE BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '49 BEST WISHES l-i-4-iTl DRAMATIC CLUB Th 1 495 Compliments JAMES J. GORRY PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR Rear of 1050 Main Street, Newington Phone 9-5226 or 6-4598 Congratulations on Your Graduation! New Brltlan THE HOUSE OF BETTER CLEANING DRY CLEANING CORPORATION Phone-NB 9-3767, Htfd. 9-3239 5 BONDED ROUTEMEN 5 CONVENIENT STORES Plant and Oilice-411 W. Main Street Compliments Of H. O. Penn Machinery Company 0 136 Day Street 39 Main Street 96 W. Main Street 45 E. Nlaifl SlI'66l Main Newillgtona Collllecticut Newington 88 The 1949 Sequin Compliments of CONNECTICUT STAMPING AND BENDING COMPANY RAY L. STODDARD Co. C""'P'f"'e"' Electrical Appliances of MARIE, Hairdresser 0 U ELM HILL OPEN T0 3 P- M- 26 Walsh Avenue Tel. 9-1670 l Compliment Compliment of of NEWINGTON HOME SUPPLY CENTER DR' M. fThe Store with the Big Weslirzghouse Signj KURLANSKY . 1096 Main Street Newington, Conn. The 1949 Sequin 89 GREETINGS T0 THE CLASS OF ,49 STUDENT COUNCIL AUTOGRAPHS 90 5 Dakille Studios Compliments 308 Main Street New Britain, Conn. Phone 3-3572 gf 1128 Main Street fCqmp'S Gargge Newington, Conn. Htfd. Tel. 9-5625 BEST WISHES Mill-Brook Sunoco Service CAR WASHING . . . ROAD SERVICE . . . LUBRICATION ulnvite Us to Your Next Blow-out" Main at Dowd Street Telephone 9-5158 CEDAR CI--E-me CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 42 Cedar Street, Newington, Conn. 612 Main Street, New Britain, Conn Tel. 9-3010 Tel. 3-0419 The 1949 Svqufn A Twinco Ycnrbook, Twin City Printing Co., Cllrunpaign, lllinuin QP L, Vg., Sw 2 Q E E E E . 1 , 3' E EEEM r' 1'rf VZ.-'.'i'f A 5 "' S 4' I+ If 5, P ln! 1: W llilf QS 515--i

Suggestions in the Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) collection:

Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 11

1949, pg 11

Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 72

1949, pg 72

Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 59

1949, pg 59

Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 37

1949, pg 37

Newington High School - Sequin Yearbook (Newington, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 97

1949, pg 97

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