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.. P HF! -Jn i 'I I, 5 'z IE - 'a , .:. f.. ,fl Memnrin Presented by The Senior Class ef 1954 Newfield Central Snheel Newfield, New York FCREWORD Between these covers we have endeavored to bring to you a bet- ter understanding of your school, its operation and school life. We hope you enjoy this yearbook as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. -The Seniors DEDICATION Mrs. Beach and Mr. Cancro have helped us immeasurably in at- taining our goal, with their constant helpful advice and guidance. To these two, we, the Senior Class, wish to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. FACULTY Third Row fstandingl: Mr. Nye, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Steinliailgh, Mr. Howe, Mrs. Corwin, Mr. Cassavant, Mrs. McCreary, Mr. Bauwens, Mrs. Gruen, Miss Blovsky, Mrs. Donnan, Mr. Cancro Second Row: Mrs. Cens, Miss Weaxier, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Johnson, Humpton, Mrs. Uonnellan, lVlrs. Miller, Mrs. Freidell, Miss Potter, Miss Thatcher, Mrs. Johnston, Miss Savervool First Row: Mrs. Van Riper, Mrs. Brekke, Dr. Fennell, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Novivk, Mrs. Kent, Miss Price MR. DONNAN District Superintendent All wishes are dreams. By helping one another, we have made our dreams come true. E41 CAFETERIA Luft to right-A l. Pakkala, lf. Forcl, l,. Seely, lf. Payne CUSTODIANS Lefz m Righz- Harvey Williams, Ralph Van Kiper School Health and Secretarial Staff Standing, left to right- School Pl1ys1'cian- David Ahisc-li, MD. School Nurse- Sylvia Kent, RN. Dental Hygienist- Bctty Chase Seated- School Secretary- Milclred Blovsky E53 THE CHALLENGE FOR MEN'S MINDS Oftentimes we hear students who are completing their high school education comment on the fact that there are no frontiers or new worlds to conquer or to challenge them. ln these turbulent times nothing could be further from the truth. Today the youth of this nation face one of the greatest chal- lenges of mankind--the challenge for the mind of man. How this challenge will be met and what final results will be attained rests with the graduates of our public schools. The challenge for menis minds manifests itself in many ways. As new secrets of the world and universe are made known, this challenge multiplies in intensity. Within the past decade man has discov- ered the secret of the atom, has conquered the sound barrier, but has not yet achieved the knowledge of the understanding necessary to live in harmony with himself or his fellow man. The challenges facing us today and which in a large part will be met by your generation are these: moral values vs. material values, faith vs. cynicismg and of course, Democracy vs. Communism. One of the weapons in our command is that of Faith-faith in ourselves, faith in our democratic institutions, faith in our fellow man. To meet these challenges and to test such faith, it is necessary that clear thinking be used by all of us. We must utilize the knowledge of the past, be aware of the mistakes and the successes of the past and present them in the proper perspective if our thinking is to be clear. There still exists a frontier, perhaps the most challenging of all, the frontier of men's minds. Our forefathers, the pioneers who conquered the frontier in our own nations, had at their com- mand a powerful force. Each of you has at his command that same force. What is it? It is trust. It is also faith and hope. The manner in which you use these potential forces-faith, trust, knowledge of the past, and the desire to think clearly will determine the outcome of this challenge for men's minds. E61 56591 V l JANE CAMERON llRed75 Echo Reporter 2, 3, 4 Girls' lntramurals 1, 2 Secretarial Stafl' of Annual 4 Cirl's Chorus 3 Vice-President of Class 1 Prompter of Senior Play 4 Volleyball Team 4 Basketball Team 3, 4 Softball Team 3 MARILYN CAMERON "Minx" Girls' Intramurals 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Secretarial Staff on Annual 4 Typist Reporter for Echo 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 3 Prompter of Senior Play 4 Volleyball Team 4 Basketball Team 3, 4 THOMAS CHAFFEE "Tommy" Football 2, 3, 4 CCaptain 31 Basketball 1 , 2, 3 fCaptain 31 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Tennis 3 Track 2, 3 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretary 31 Vice President F.F.A. 4 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Member of Tri-County Student Council EUGENE AVERY Gene Band 1, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, Manager Basketball 2, 3, Manager Football 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Tennis Team 4 E91 BETTY MALKOVSKY s:B.J.n Representative, Student Council Echo Staff 1, 2, Typist on Echo 4 Business Manager of Echo 1 Production Manager of Echo 1 Secretary Varsity Club 3 Varsity Club 2, 3 Cheerleading 1 2, 3, 4 Volleyball Team 1, 2 Tennis Team 2 lntramurals 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Drum Majorette 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Secretary of Annual Staff 4 Freshman Award Sophomore Award MILDRED HOLMES "Millie" Secretary of Class 2 Annual Secretarial Staff 4 Student Council 1 Echo Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Editor 4 Echo Production Manager 1 Menu Planning Board 2 Chorus 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Cheerleading 2 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2 Band 1 EILEEN BLOMQUIST Secretary of Class 4 Co-Business Manager 4 Annual Secretarial Staff 4 Exchange Manager of Echo 4 Typist for Echo 3, 4 Reporter for Echo 4 Chorus 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2 Volleyball Team 3, 4 Basketball Team 3 Softball 3 EDWARD HESLOP "Eddie" Student Council President 3 Student Council Representat Courtesy Corp 4 Band 1 Football 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Member of Tri-County 3, 4 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Sports Editor of Annual Menu Planning Board 3 ive NANCY FRENCH Girl's Chorus 3 Echo Stali Reporter 3, 4 Secretarial Annual Staff JANE SHULTZ Uaniel Treasurer of Student Council 1 Representative, Student Council Rep. Student Council 2, 3 Tri-County Student Council 1, 2 Council Letter 2 President of Class 2 American Legion Award 2 Archie Allen Award 2 Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2 Echo Business Manager 3 Echo Representative 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Annual Secretarial Staff 3 Menu Planning Board 1, 2 Tennis Team 2 DON BEACH ALICE PAYNE "Bang Bangi' "LiSl1,' Student Council Rep. 3 Vice-President 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Secretarial Staff 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Echo Typist 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Menu Planning Board 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 GiI'lS, Intramurals 1, 2 Basketball Captain 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 F.F.A. Secretary 2 E101 GAIL HELISEVA Senior Play 4 Echo Reporter 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretarial Staff of Annual 4 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2 Vice-President of Class 2 Sophomore Award 2 Science Award 3 Masonic Award 3 Student Council Letter 3 Junior Play 3 IVAR LANDSTROM iilkev President Varsity Club 3 VIVIAN WATR05 Varsity Club 2, 3 "Viva Editor "Memoriam Treasurer of Class 2, 4 Student Council Representative 1 Secretary of Class 3 Senior Play 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1 Secretarial Staff of Annual 4 Band 1 Junior Play 3 Baseball 1, 4 Senior Play 4 Basketball 1, 2 Girls' Intramurals 1 lntramurals 1, 2, 3 P. A. Announcer 4 Tennis 4 Annual Staff 4 Volleylmall 4 .lunior Prom Queen 3 Track 1, 2, 4 Typists for Echo 4 JOAN BURMESTER :floss Student Council Representative Property Manager Senior Play 4 Echo Reporter 4 Film Squad 1, 2 German Club 2, 3 Photo Club 2 Class Treasurer 1 RICHARD HILLICK EDITH PAYNE "Dick" Courtesy Corps 4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Art Editor Annual 4 Class Historian 4 Chairman P. A. Syst Basketball 3 F.F.A. 2 E111 Cm 6iEdie?3 Echo Reporter 4 Student Council 4 Glee Club 1 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Secretarial Staff of Annual 4 GORDON TERWILLEGAR 4:Twigaa Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 4 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Sports Editor 4 PEARLA SWARTWOOD Intramurals 1, 2, 3 "Perugia" -lUY1l0T Play 3 Senior Play 4 Senlof PIHY 4 Echo Reporter 4 Business Manager of Annual Qlrls' lmramrrralr, l 4'H SCCTCWTY 1 Library Club 1 4-H Treasurer 1 Craft Club 1 4 1 HARRY DOANE .IANICE DEVORE 1 739597, Annual Typing Staff 4 President of Sophomore Class Girlls Armua1AdV'irrg Awrard 4 Manager of Football Team Senior Play Assistant 4 American Legion Award I 12 ROSS YAPLE "Rosie" Football 4 Baseball 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 4-H President 1 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President of Class 2 President of Class 4 Treasurer of Class 3 Student Council Nominating Committee, President 4 Boys' State 3 Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4 Sports Editor on Echo 3 Tri-County Member 3 F.F.A. Treasurer 3 F.F.A. President 4 MILTON SHOEMAKER csshoeysa Art Editor of Yearbook Senior Play F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1954, being of sound mind, declare this to be our last will and testament. Jane Cameron gladly wills to Judy Chaffee, who's not at all shy around boys, her ability to turn red as a beet whenever boys are mentioned. Ross Yaple leaves his "lady-like-ness, as he portrayed it in the senior play to Herman Tits- worth. To Gary Allen, Milton Shoemaker gives his aggressiveness and hopes that it will enable Gary to hold his own in the senior room next year. Pearla Swartwood bequeaths her gum-snapping technique to Lois Hollister. Vivian Watros wills her ability to get out of her music lesson every other week to Beverly Daily who can never get away with it. Don fBang-BangD Beach wills to Eugene Chase the secret of how to split a telephone cable at fifty yards with one shot. Betty Malkovsky leaves her rule book on Wfhe Care and Courtship of the Malen for lVlary Miller to use. Ambitious Harry Doane bequeaths his motto 4'Never do today what you can do the day after to- morroww lespecially homework5 to Lorraine Crance. Mildred Holmes wills an economy size bottle of aspirins to Jean Marie Fuller and Janet Pakkala who will need them in their new job as editors of the uEcho." Eileen Blomquist leaves her ability to get a boyfriend whois willing to drive any distance just to see her to Cora Hayes, whois not doing so badly herself. Gordon Terwillegar wills his charming ways with the women to Francis Kippola and Larry Bay- lor who are both sort of shy. c'Fender-bendern Eugene Avery leaves the three remaining good fenders on the Driver Training car for Evelyn Bittikofer to bend. Edith Payne bequeaths to anyone who wants it her ability to stay at home at least once a week and bravely walk up to Mrs. Kent with her excuse the next day. Alice Payne willingly gives her freckles to Mary Ellen Smith. Gail Heliseva is leaving Lillian Pelto her key to the ice cream cooler. From Dick Dillick, 'Jean Marie Fuller receives the P. A. mike. Take good care of it, Jean Marie. Janice DeVore leaves to Bonita Everhart her ability to get handsome pen-pals. Thomas Chaifee wills his ability to remain a good sport, no matter what, to another good sport, Eugene Chase. Joyce Nero receives the secret of getting into school three minutes late without being caught by the "secret policei' from Joanne Burrnester. Marilyn Cameron leaves to Lawrence Teeter ability to burn the midnight oil and still be able to stay awake in class the next day. Ed Heslop bestows upon Howard Goff his snazzy way of dressing. Jane Shultz leaves her charms which enabled her to hold onto one guy for five years to Beverly Daily. Nancy French bequeaths to Bonita Everhart her shorthand ability. lvar Landstrom wills his ability to talk a blue streak without getting out of breath to Bob Blov- sky, who can never think of anything to say. To show our appreciation to Miss Thatcher for all her help, we wish to leave her all the check- erboards, the magazine rack, and our good behavior. To all of Newiield Central School we bequeath the task of remembering us with fondness. In witness thereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name in the year Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-four. U31 CLASS HISTORY The class of ,544 has few days remaining in N. C. S. Soon we shall leave these hallowed halls, never again to enter as students. Yes, our days as students are over but the memories of these days will never be forgotten. Our first remembrance was the fall of 1942 when we began first grade under the excellent guid- ance of Miss Twig. Thirty-five scared little kids came through that year with flying colors. It wasn't long, however, before our class began to expand. In the fourth grade we were joined by Ross Yaple, Gordon Terwillegar, and Richard Hillick. Ivar Landstrom and Harry Doane became members of our class in fifth grade. lt was in the fifth grade that several pupils began to show their interest in music. Ten pupils honored the band with their presence. In sixth grade Eileen Blomquist came to us from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Before we realized it, we were in seventh grade. We were fortunate in claiming a new teacher at Newfield, Mrs. Doris Votry, as our advisor who brought us through our first year in junior high school with honors. This year we held a card party which netted us, in our estimation, a small fortune. In the sophomore year we were joined by Nancy French who came from Ithaca High. We held a dance that year which netted us peanuts! We were all sorry to see Jerry Novak leave us to go to Fdorida. We were even more successful in our junior year when We used the profits from our play "Dam- sels in Distressl' to underwrite the cost of our uunforgettablea' prom. At last we were seniors. Little did we realize the work this would mean. But we had Joanne Bur- mester, who came from New York City, to help us. Our first project was the senior play, 4'Papa Says No!" which we all enjoyed and on which we also made a good profit. We also gave a supper for the Black Cats. We thought we would never get those dishes done. Of course, the 'aMemoria" has kept us all busy, but we have enjoyed every moment of it. The senior class of 1954 hereby wishes to thank Miss Thatcher for helping us through a trying but worthwhile year. We have had twelve short but memorable years which will never be forgotten. We wish the next year's graduating class all the luck and good fortune that we have enjoyed in the past years. THE CLASS OF '54 IN ITS FIRST YEAR AT NEWFIELD CENTRAL SCHOOL Back Row: D. Williams, E. Smith, K. Knapp, G. Heliseva, .J. Armstrong, B. Brewer, R. Guthrie, V. Cudlin, L. Cornish, R. Emery, G. Merithew, P. Sundquist, Miss Twig. Second Row: R. Johnson, B. Brewer, M. Hine, J. Novak, D. Beach, D. Seil, E. Heslop, M. Shoemaker, M. Eaton, M. Holmes, S. Crance, E. Payne Front Row: A. Payne, R. Malkovsky, V. Watros, M. Pakkala, J. Cameron, J. Swartwood, L. Hollister, M. Cameron, E. Avery. Absent: T. Lamb, B. Godley E141 PROPHECY The year is 1964. The scene: Eileen Blomquist, dark circles under her eyes, her hair a mess, the reason: she has finally succeeding in balancing the Senior Year-Book account. She finds that we made a profit of 73 cents which must be divided among the 24 seniors. She is seated at the controls of her prying-eyeometer and is desperately trying to locate each member of the class of '54. Let's peer over her shoulder and see what luck she has. Those in the path of the nearest channel, Ithaca, New York, seem to be crowding the screen. 1n one corner we see the senior mermaid, Vivian Watros, who is now the swimming instructor at the YMCA pool. And over here, quite a different scene. Gordon Terwillegar seems to be putting his land- scaping abilities to good advantage. He is beautifying the new sewage disposal plant. Now who is this trying to crowd into the picture? Edith Payne, no less, who has finally been forced to move out of her cozy little trailer. She finds a trailer becomes inconvenient when a family of five IS trying to live in close harmony. What is making all that clatter? Well, here comes Milton Shoemaker driving a Model T Ford. The last we knew Gene Avery was applying his marvelous mechanical ability by servicing Milton's 1963 Lincoln convertible. Who is this doing her washing at the local laundromat? Why it is none other than Janice De- Vore who is talking to Pearla Swartwood, the manager of the High Speed Laundry. Hmmm! A big basketball game is under way in the gym of our Alma Mater. It would seem that Ed Heslop and Betty Malkovsky have taken over the physical education department. Ed is just as bald as his predecessor. ' My word! Here's Dick Hillick testing his new combination potato-digger, washer, and peeler on Lhe hillsfof Ross Yaples' 500-acre potato kingdom. We hope Dick's invention won't spoil the modern OUSCWI e. A wedding! Jane Shultz must have put off the date until Don Beach could be sworn in as Justice of the Peace, so that she could be the first to enter the state of matrimony under his jurisdiction. Eileen is turning the dial to Owego, and there's nurse Joanne Burmester taking care of her prob- lem patient Millie Holmes, who has resided there for the last seven years. Eileen is trying another channel, New York City, no less. We see Gail Heliseva is fretting about over-due books at the New York Public Library. What's this? Marilyn Cameron's Small Animal Hospital where Dr. Cameron is now operating on a white rat. And to think it all started with two little rabbits! Who is this beautiful receptionist at Dr. Cameronis hospital? Why, it's Nancy French. She started out as secretary at the Animal Husbandry Department at Cornell. 'Still further away-Texas, no less! On the screen comes the office of Landstrom Nationwide Erucklng Service. We see two secretaries perched on boss 'fIke's', knees. How does he expect to get any usiness done this way? Crowding into the Texas picture is "Gentle Janie" Cameron, a recruiting officer for the WAVES. Seems impossible! There must be a tornado in the air. Something has switched the channel to Florida! At Vero Beach, we see Tom Chaffee training his pennant-winning Dodger team of 1964. It seems Tom finally became disgusted with the Yankees. . Oh, oh! A weak tube. The picture recedes to Peoria, Illinois. Harry Doane, President of the American Bowling Congress, is presiding over the anual convention. Harry became president after win- ning the national singles championship for five years. . Before the prying eyeometer blew out we managed to locate Alice Payne, who has gained na- tlonal fame by finally balancing the Federal Budget for the first time in history. Having successfully completed her task, Eileen may now resume her study of business at Mary- land University. E151 THE CLASS OF '55 JUNIORCLASS: Back Row fstundingl: Larry Baylor, Bob Blovsky, Francis Kippola, Howard Goff, Ronny Emery, Janet Pakkala, Joyce Nero First Raw fseatedb z Judy Chaffee, Richard Hayes, Lorraine Crance, Gene Chase, Mr. Howe, Beverly Daily, Bonita Ever- hart First Row fsftlingl: Mary Miller, Cora Hayes, Lois Hollister, Jean Marie Fuller, Evelyn Bittikofer Absent: Mary Ellen Smith E161 Qin, Q ,Q ,,.,, W 0 52, i 1 121 Vf? "mf ' 'lm 1' wk A, 'X KW 'Tfkxfv' . 4 EQ W ggz'fgf2.Q My , my my w W . il Q :iw .453 , JN c f - V, .fxdi A 25, ,j gg, 1 ., -5,2 ' 151152:- ,Tff ':?i.f3?f31:"' 1 5 ' -fx 1 Z 125' sf I W tx sg f' faq E ,H JN I 5 ff , J M Wi A 'Sw ' 4 Q 5 'ff ' W , R fe 'W 'W ' -1. . 1 K ' gl 4: +, 9 jf W J, ' 2 ? wg? I 1 ? I , -:-f5-',.Q-i'i'Nf"- . 11 m.W7i'Wa31'1"' I Y .arg A '- 794 ' ' W'-1,31 " 5rk'9"?4"'f'1 ,116 9' :ip-'gp '. if ,gig-iv xg '! , ,. 2.-ff f "1 - ,A:5'T,-.""'fFF." ' ' W i?1.J1f,,!,, t- E 1g , .iv ,Zigi 'QEZM6 A 'F aff! "" I I Y I Mm Sv ? 4: Q D -.. gif E, git.. an I 4 Ew- Q , ..,. flags: .E ,WV 111 , , y -y-.wz,...5..- Q, 4 5 , f 3332? .... , :,,??'i1j5:'i:.::f,, 4. ' , he H1 2291221 'Z 'sms Q bxgxl PLE 25 A X 'K V255 S W f 7 :ww afv Www W?-mm SF k 25512, f e z M P A 4 H? js 'A bf: Ek ,ii f ' if W ,551 1444 , M Q4 ,M " if X15 24 E mo xx V in Q X Y? FOURTH GRADE Bark Row: K. Foote, V. Schantz, M. Payne, L. Chase. D. Rappleye, B. Swansbrough, R. Hunter, J. Skala, P. Georgia Middle Row: K. Colborn, R. Kerr, L. Baker, M. Smith, C. Seamon, J. Sayes, Mrs. Donnellan Front Row: K. Maki, A. Jenney. T. Pelto, R. Watros, S. Murphy, S. Walton, D. Cutter THIRD GRADE Third row: Mrs. Donnan, D. Glazier, J. W1'ight, P. Breed, ,l.Struigl1t, R. Ross, R. Tompkins, R. Goodwin, .l. Ortiz, J. Sea man, R. Flavin, D. De Bell Sccoml Row: G. Potter, B. Makela, J. Kelly, R. Hamilton, L. Lanipila, K. Adams, N. Havlick, J. Eaton, C. Jacobs First Row: T. Vallely, M. Lackner, K. Bruce, L Roe, H. Carver, K. Pinkerton, E. Loring f THIRD GRADE Mrs, Gruen Buck Row: l.. Riihinen, .l. Cahill, G. Fuller. D. Vi'illiams, G. Lockwood, A. Jackson, R. W1'ight, M. Kerr, L. Polak, M Meils Middle Row: P. Jackson, S. Heliscva, M. Tompkins, B. Berggren. A. Matson, S. Cutter, J. Chapman, J. Lackner Front Row: S. Meyers, P. Allen, D. Alpert,. H. Seamon, B. Sawlmridgze, S. Fairvhild, D. Beck, J. Maki SECOND GRADE Mrs. Brekke Back Row: B. Tompkins, B. Brashear, F. Saunders, S. Wo1'ley, .l. Van Epps, B. Korlmel, B. Van, D. Makela, T. Havlik, M A. Ingram, R. Wheeler, T. Colulmrn, D. Bean Middle Row: R. Berggren, N. Tudi, .l. Wojtanik, C. Huhtanen, R. Pelto, C. Wa1'iS, T. Ahola, L. Yaple, P. Kippola, A Teeter Front Row: P. Hamilton. A. Foote, B. Maki, .l. Carver, A. Chaffee, ll. Titswirth, K. Palmer, B. Albanese SECOND GRADE Back Row: Mrs. Van Riper, R. Alwisch, P. Cilpatriek, T. Blayda, R. Payne, D. Wood, E. Harnish, P. Scanlon, D. Hine K. Brannan, E. Gables, C. Marshall, M. Blovsky, S. Moyer, C. ,loki Front Row: L. Knuutila, R. Goodwin, A. Button, K. Tripp, D. Wall, R. Alhanese, R. Tompkins, G. Canvro, T. Patana .l. Arnold, T. Hall, .l. Wright, C. Tierney, N. Andrews, J. Corliss FIRST GRADE Back Row: C. Switzer, P. Cassidy, C. Russell, L. Wright, J. Brewer, P. Johnston, P. lambs, G. Marshall, R. l3eRell, C. Erle Middle Row: T. Lackner, C. Rice, S. Mclflwee, M. Taber, ll. Maki, P. Shantz, C. Patana, .l. Wilson, B. Terwilleger Front Row: R. Kelly, B. Tompkins, C. Heliseva, P. Van Ostrand, W. Ostrander, C. Stilwell, T. Hamilton, C. Russell Xgzqq-Largs.-. gift! XL .,,, ,, My fi' six AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN Back Row: .l. Todd, S. Marshall, D. Cutter, S. Rutter, A. Eastnmn, C. Hillick, B. Turri, P. Wright P. Tichenor, K Makela Second Row: D. Holley, E. Seaman, M. Homiak, A. Maki, S. Moshier, D. Pakkala, D. Laplante, E. Eaton First Row: S. Todd, D. Russell, R. Pakala. D. Alpert, J. Navarro, M. Kelly, B. Aliola Absent: D. Everhart, D. Mosliier, A. Mave, J. Lockwood Twig E27 l MASHLVN ACTIVI TIES Tioga County League Champions Mu rderers Row! BASEBALL The Newfielcl High School Baseball Team, after last year's successful competition in which the team took top honors, is looking forward to a successful season this year with many of last year's cham- pionship teani turning out for practice. Newhelcl Newlield Newfield Newfielcl Newfielcl Newlield Newh eld Newfield Newfield SEASONS RECORD 13 2 9 111. 13 S 16 12 5 mi Tioga Center Van Etten Spencer Nichols Tioga Center Van Etten Nichols Candor Spencer Front: Eddie Heslop Rear: Coach Cancro, Eugene Chase, Ross Yaple, Milton Shoemaker. Don Bear-h, Cary Allen Cordon 'lemlllegar ex man Titsworth, Lawrence Teeter BASKETBALL The l953-54 basketball team was very unfortunate in losing many clo e ame There were four returning lettermen, Edward Heslop, Donald Beach, Herman Titsworth and Cordon Terwille ar In the league standing we had a five win-ten loss record, but came out 1n fourth place to make us eligible for the playoffs at Boynton Junior High. There we were defeated bv Van Etten 58 51 Newfield Newfield Newfield Newlielcl Newfield Newfield Newfleld Newfield Newfield Newfield Newfield Newfield Newfield Newiield Newfield SEASONS RECORD 33 46 52 53 42 47 51 45 56 46 53 57 62 43 46 I 32 Spencer Tioga Center Candor Van Etten Nichols Tioga Center Candor Nichols Van Etten Nichols Tioga Center Candor Van Etten Spencer Spencer .I-V BASKETBALL Sitting lleft tn riglzziz D. Corliss, R. Johnson, D. Hunter, P. Robinson, D. Henry, R. Trask, H. Patterson, E. Vanlile, K. Payne, F. Shultz, E. Seely Darnl: Row: L. Teeter, Coach Cancro FOOTBALL Buck Row: R, Trask, H. Coll, K. Payne, P. Paulsen, G. Allen, D. Beach Middle Raw: R. Emery, Coach Cancro, H. Titsworth, D. Hu lter, E. Chase Front Row: G. Terwillegar, R. Yaple, F. Shultz, L. Teeter, L. Flberhardt E331 Slamming Sons of Newfielcl The volleyball team is looking forward to as successful a year as they had last year when they de- feated everyone in our league to win the championship and go on to Binghamton for the sectionals. VOLLEYBALL Kneeling: R. Emery, E. Chase, R. Yaple, E. Van Zile Standing: E. Heslop, R. Trask, C. Allen, Coach Canrro, T. Chaffee, D. Beach First Row fseutecll: B. Malkovsky, C. Hayes, D. Knapik, J. Terwillegar, L. Hollister, E. Payne, M Miller Second Raw fseatedjz B. Brewer, J. Chaffee, J. Bnrmester, C. Lawrence, Miss Weaver, P. Swartwoorl, A. Payne, R. M. Holnlm First Row istandingJ: J. Smith, G. Heliseva, E. Blomquist, M. Laine, H. Henry, L. Pelto, S. Hunter, E. Seamon Second Row fszandingl : L. Sedat, E. Matson, D. Jackson, S. Kippola, V. Robinson, Nl. Holmes, M. Eaton, J. Cameron, M. Cameron Girls Intramurals rem 1 ,W as Xl we .RAI V1 xf Mui A 1 i g? 1 5 3? dv 'ifsi Y" A A 7f"53,,ifg.5 -WM 'mmm Sitting: E. Payne, E. Van Zile, Mrs. Beach, E. Heslop, T. Chaffee, E. Chase, J. M. Fuller Standing: D. Corliss, A. Titsworth, H. Titsworth, D. Beach, H. Goff, P. VanAllen, H. Cooper STUDENT The Student Council ollicers elected for 1953 President ............ Vice-President . . . Secretary .... Treasurer............ COUNCH . . .. .Edward Heslop . . . . .Gene Chase . . . .Thomas Chaffee . . . . . .Gene Van Zile Power Politics and Cold War Some of the things the Student Council has accomplished this year with the help of the student body and the faculty are: 1. Sponsored sending one boy to Boyis State. 2. Selected assemblies for the year. 4. Organized a Public Address system. 5. Presented the Student Council award 6. Formulated a sanitation squad. 7. Developed student relationships and o. Assumed the activities and responsibilities of the Varsity Club. to a senior. school spirit. 8. Prevented destruction to the school and community on Halloween. 9. Sponsored and supervised movies every Friday noon for the students entertain- ment. 10. Published a handbook relating to school activities and functions. This year's advisor for the Student Council was Mrs. Beach. E361 ANNUAL STAFF 4-H Szftzingz Miss Thatcher, I. LZll'lClStl'0I!1, B. Brewer, E. Blomquist, C. Terwillegar Standing: V. WHt1'0S, R. Hilliuk, M. Shoemaker, E. Heslop Back Row: E. Westbrook, ll. Beaclr, J. Knapik, W. Vallely, C. Snyder, R. Armstrong, D. Cutter, J. Walton, C. Berggren A. Miller First Row: VV. Payne, L. Sealy, Mr. Nye, E. Seely, J. Payne, D. Williams, E. Laine E371 Public Address Crew Secretarial Staff Sitting: ,l. M. Fuller Secoml Row: B. Brewer, V. Watros Back Row: B. Hillick, 1. Landstrom Sitting: A. Payne, M. Holmes, B. Malkovsky, B. Brewer. E. Blomquist, E. Payne, Mr. Howe Szand1'n.g: ,l. Shultz, J. Burmester, N. French, P. Swartwood, G. Heliseva, M. Cameron, J. Cameron, J. DeVore, V. Watros E331 Echo Staff F. F. A. First Row fsittingl: M. Miller, N. French, C. llayes, B. .l. Malkovsky, .l. M. Fuller, B. Daily Second Row fsiztingl: D. Marshall, E. Blomquist, B. Brewer, M. Holmes, Miss Humpton, J. Schultz, C. Terwillegar First Row fSllH1-llillgll C. Heliseva, M. Laine, .l. Pakkala, .l. Nero, L. Cra 11r: e, J. Cameron, M. Cameron Second Row lstanzlingl: .l. Chaffee, .l. Burmester, B. Everhart, P. Swartwood, V. Watros, A. Payne, E. Payne Sitting: E. Heslop, P. Robinson, T. Chaffee, R. Yaple, Mr. Nye, H. Goff, H. Titsworth, R. Emery First Row fstundingj: C. Allen, L. Baylor, E. Van Zile, B. Blovsky, F. Kippola, F. Heliseva, L. Teeter, R. Waris, W. Brewer Back Huw fstamlingl : K. Payne, W. Williams, R. Porter, D. Hunter, F. Shultz, D.Wil1iams, E. Seely, R. Hayes, W.Vallely I 39 l Band Library Club Buck Row: N. Allen, R. Pakkala, G. Heliseva, F. Kippola, J. Te1'willig:er, V. Watros Middle Row: Mrs. Corwin, D. Beach, L. Watros, D. Williams, E. Westbrook, F. Kippola, M. Miller, B. Daily Front Row: E. Laine, M. Shoemaker, S. Hunter, S. Kippola, L. Sedat, L. Crance, A. Doane, J. Pakkala Standing: M. Borgerson, A. Titsworth, R. Korlmel, P. Hall, R. Goff, D. Burmester, R. Schlick, V. Shantz, C. Tuuri, N Hulbert, A. Mazourek Sizzing: .l. Holmes, Mrs. Freidell, Miss Potter, J. Pakkala, N. Riihinen, J. Meckenberg, D. Williams E401 Boy Scouts Gul Scoufs Buck Raw: F. Heliseva, Middle Row: C. Brown, Front Row: B. Bean, L. Back Row: C. Wheeler, .l. Payne, D. Beach, C. Berggren, E. Westbrook, D. Van Epps D. Rose, F. Meils, C. Westbrook, J. Van Allen, L. Watros, C. Murphy Maki, L. Allmright, D. Pakkala, W. Payne, L. Reed, C. Zien R. Sf-hlick, J. Meckenberg, .l. Holmmes, V. Shantz, M. Borgerson, D. Waris, M, J. Shoemaker Middle Row: S. Brewer, C. Flavin, S. Boyce, M. Donnelly, J. Albright, L. Hulse, M. Alhanese, B. Peet First Raw: Mrs. Brekke , D. Goff, S. Waris, S. Marshall, D. Alpert, D. Maki, S. Zien, Mrs. Donnellan E411 Cub Scouts Brownies Back Row: N. Kc-rr, A. Grover, J. Ortiz, K. Foote, D. Rappleyc, F. Albanese, R. Tompkins. G. Hulse Middle Row: E. Polak, J. Blovsky, T. Eiswald, D. Tompkins, P. Berry, J. Mace, M. Smith, E. Hillick, B. Patana, P Chapman Front Row: J. Chapman, D. Glazier, H. Seamon, W. Berggren, M. Tompkins, C. Maki, L. Lampila, R. Wat1'0s, L. Roe Back Row: R. Kerr, E. Swartwood, M. Miles, V. Shantz, N. Norton, B. Swanshrough Front Row: J. Skala, S. Murphy, C. Fuller, P. Georgia, K. Potter, T. Pelto E421 M59-Y HAD A L Af ova QAN0f wuo OUR 8:07 wi "v'a'--"'------ f--- vwr- -,-.. M Q Big- DEA LE S. , CX wxlo 'mb WW' CHEF 5TAi?.TNi Co s-SvE9.QAT'x0p Nao m-sir REQ? AWAC GGL wma? S 1,99 woo x wHA1'.... Lmas? amodf ! awct, A L 5 2 3 , I, ,ln , iggifh V'V " . ..:g 3 " , 133- ,P .:.f g f-- fi :'V' I -5 W ow cmmuq 8' Yg. .. ,--. 'x A f ' A ' f 3 UYZESS PAQAQQ., Complete Banking Service Your account is invited THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Diamonds - Jewelry - Watches Glassware - Clocks Aluminum Wares Lelong Perfumes R. A. HIGGIE 81 BROS. CO. JEWELERS 136 E. State St. Ithaca, N .Y. CONGRATULATIONS... to the Class ot"54" ALUMNI ATHLETIC CO., INC State Theater Building Ithaca, New York Compliments of J. T. PRINCE GROCERY stone Watches Diamonds Sterling Silver Turquoise Indian Jewelry -at- PATTENS .IEWELERS 306 E. State Street Gifts Gems 45 CORTRIGHT ELECTRIC Established 1923 Hot Point Appliances - York Air Conditioning - Fluorescent Lighting Ithaca 3-'I529 R. D. 5 3663 Ithaca, New York "Wire Right With Cortright" Compliments of I. V. DELL I Bargains in NEW and SECOND-HAND CLOTHING J. J. NEwBERRY's 8. co. and SHOES State Street i S U I T S T Ithaca' New York Made to order-Alterations TED BARNETT'S POOL'S BLUE suNoco SERVICE GUI-F SERVICE -ati Corner Seneca and W. State Sts. 519 W. State St. Ithaca, New York Phone 4-9086 Ithaca, N.Y . Phone 4-6145 E461 Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS SPENCER CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY INC. B U Y STATE BARGAIN HOUSE SCHMAUS CLOTHING STORE NEW and USED FURNITURE "Known for good value" Bought and Sold Qualify Low Price BEST PRICES - SEE US FIRST tNCXt to State Theater? 516 W. State Street Ithaca, N 'I05 W. State St. Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 8032 Compliment of "Everything for the Office" VAN NATTA OFFICE EQUIPMENT Seneca Street Ithaca, New York Main Street 2915 Newfieldl New York Office Equipment and Supplies , Desks, Chairs, Files and Safes E471 SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE ROBINSON 8m CARPENTER BUILDING SUPPLIES Lumber Office 206 Taughannock Blvd. Phone 2337 Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of "54" MORRIS' MEN'S SHOP "6O Seconds from State" S. S. KRESGE COMPANY Your favorite 5 81 IO Meet Your Friends . . . ITHACA, N- Y- . . . at Kresge Soda Fountain Floyd Baily Jim Grover Compliments of ANDY SOYRING'S IDEAL BARBER SI-'Cp Automotive Electric Service I08 E. Clinton Street W. State Street Phone 9823 ITHACA, N, Y, E431 CONGRATULATIONS ALLEN FUNERAL SERVICE Compliments of JANSSEN'S HOME BAKERY Ithaca Shopping Plaza ITHACA, N. Y. Cleaning Pressing Ladies and Gents Alterations COLONIAL CLEANERS Clinton Hotel Basement Ithaca, New York CaII - Dial 8606 - Delivery Marlin A. Hancharik, Mgr. J ohn E. Hancharik, Prop S E W I N G S H O P "Everything a needle will do" DUNCKER ART SHOP Eida A. Duncker World Famous Cyma Watches Since 1862 HILL'S JEWELERS Iopp. Strand Theaterj Dial 6051 205 N. Aurora St. Ifhgcq, New York 49 Congratulations to CLASS of "54" THE SEELY FEED STORE SPENCER, NEW YORK Compliments of ROY'S BARBER SHOP ll4 East Green Street Compliments of Clinton Hotel BARBER SHOP Ithaca, New York H6 N. Cayuga St. Ithaca, N. Y VV. D' LYME Compliments of Mobile and Good Year Tires Weed Chains and Cross Chains RESTAURANT Prestone - Freezone 128 S. Cayuga Street H2 E. Green Street Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 9409 Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 4-9042 E501 Best Wishes to the Seniors CUDLIN'S MEAT MARKET "Best Meats For Less" Main Street , NEWFIELD, N. Y. , IT'S MACK s PHARMACY ITHACA 9079 for Ithaca Shopping Plaza Ithaca, New York OPEN FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Seven Days a Week Gas - SURBURBAN - Service The modern automatic Gas service for COOKING - REFRIGERATION WATER HEATERS - BROODERS ITHACA PROPANE CO. Third St. Ithaca, N. Y. Compliments of CAYUGA SMOKE SHOP I26 S. Cayuga Street Ithaca, New York Compliments of BOOL'S FLOWER SHOP 215 E. State St. Ithaca, N. Y 51 BREWER 8m BROWN Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work 306 W. Lincoln St. Ithaca, N. Y. Telephone 2946 Crane Plumbing Fixtures - Universal Runolle Plumbing Fixtures Janitol Gas and Oil Furnaces - Fluid Heat Gas and Oil Furnaces Chambers Gas Ranges - Samco Gas Ranges Complete Crosley Kitchens Complete Electric Ranges Complete Refrigerators Complete Garbage Disposal Complete Plumbing ancl Heating Systems Compliments ot HART'S PHARMACY 402 W. State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 8 Compliments of BEAUTY ART CENTER Open tor Evening Appointments 330 W. State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Dial 4-6031 DON STREETER'S Mobil Gas Service Washing - Lubrication Polishing Around the Clock ITHACA PROPANE CO., INC. Distributors of SURBURBAN GAS SERVICE Phone 9079 Open 24 Hours 'I09 E. Clinton Street State and Albany St. Ithaca, N. Y. Ithaca, New York E521 HORSEHEADS LIVESTOCK MARKET INC. Chemung Street - Route I7 Horseheads, N. Y. CATTLE AUCTION Every Saturday CAR AUCTION' Every Friday Phone: Elmira 9-3861 A A. E. VANATTA FARRELS MAYTAG SALES 8: SERVICE CHEVRQLET Guaranteed Repairman SALES AND SERVICE ALL WASHERS 335 W. State Street Spencer, N. Y. Owego, N. Y. Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 4-6626 Compliments of SWARTZ SMART WOMEN'S SHOP Elmira, New York WILBER VISUAL SERVICE "Everything for Audio Visual Education" SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE for Bell and Howell Co. New Berlin, N. Y. Albany, N. Y. 53 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ITHACA, N. Y. Complete Banking Service Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. NEWFIELD GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS Gulf Gcis and Oil LOVELESS 8m ZEISSIG Store Fixtures Cabinet Makers Kitchen Remodeling Formica Counter Tops Newfield, N. Y. Phone 4-7421 '03 5- Amore' 5" 'Thaw N Complimenfs of MONARCH RESTAURANT OSTRANDER NURSERY Home of Fine Food "Everything in Evergreens and Newfield, N. Y. Phone 47759 Quick Service 54 Compliments of J. B. LANG ENG. 8m GARAGE CO., INC. Sales and Service Studebaker Cars and Trucks International Farm Implements Phone Ithaca 2777 II7-I35 E. Green St. EAT AT ' " FUNERAL SERVICE - AMBULANCE HOMER'S RESTAURANT R' D- HORTON I22 S. Cayuga St. Ithaca, N. Y. Phcne 33-M Odessa' N' Y Comp,,men,so, GLAZIER'S RED AND WHITE Complete Iine of Groceries B4eatand Produce MONTGOMERY WARD School Supplies Gasoline - Drugs Hhow' New York Phone 47598 West Danby, N. Y. E551 DEALER IN NATIVE MILLWORK AND LUMBER AND LOGS BUILDERS SUPPLIES VOLBRECHT LUMBER CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LUMBER SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS SOUTH LANSING, N. Y. BOLTS AND BUILDER HARDWARE ITHACA 4-4318 OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Best Wishes Deal 81 Merrick Auto Sales Sales - Willys - Service 11-02 South Cayuga St. Ithaca, New York Compliments of ATWATERS The Corners Community Center Ithaca, New York BEST WISHES to the Class of 1954. STATE VARIETY STORE Open for your Convenience . State St. Ithaca, N DONOHUE - HALVERSON INC. PLUMBING - HEATING - APPLIANCES Sales and Service 210 North Aurora Street Ithaca, N. Y. 556 COMPLIMENTS OF PRATT'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 347'I ITHACA, NEW YORK Congratulations to the Class of "54" Mc GUIRE GARDENS Elmira Road Ithaca, New York Best of Luck to Class of "54" and Congratulations to Mr. Harvey Williams and Staff for an excellent job of building maintenance BALDING PRODUCTS INC. Geneseo, New York FINE FLOOR FINISHES NATIONAL GRANGE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY of Keene, New Hampshire Casualty Insurance Automobile, Property, Liability and Fire Lawrence S. Taber, Rep. Newfield, N. Y. Phone: 4-7608 CONGRATULATIONS Class of '54 ITHACA FLOOR COVERING Veos Wall Tile and Floor Covering 407 Taughannock Blvd. Ithaca, N. Y. Phone: 4-9913 E571 .l. J. DRISCCLL LUMBER CC. Building Materials 505-515 Third Sireef ITHACA, NEW YORK PHONE 2957 Good Luck io the Class of '54! Complimenfs of EVERDALE KENNELS Run by Mrs. Carrie Everhart TOY Pwdlrs Boston Terriers 424 W. stare street Japanese Spaniels Visifors Welcome Newfield, New York Hhclcci, N. Y. Phone 3436 B E ST W l 5 H E 5 Complimenfs of 'O 'he H zs. H Fooos Class of 'I954 HVVRIGHTSH Open 8:00 A. M.-11:00 P. M. Ithaca Shopping Plozo Everyday Elmira Rd. Ifhoco, N. Y. 327 W. State St. Srrrrrh ard Kay Wrighr uhm, N. Y. Phone 3-1355 rss DEAN OF ITHACA, INC. Mayflower Warehouses - Coast to Coast Local ancl Long Distance Moving Busses for Charter 401-409 East State Street ITHACA, NEW YORK Telephone 4-051 I CONGRATULATIONS! New Central Food Market THE TELEVISION SHOP Television Soles and Service ANTHONY CERACCHE Antenna and Coaxial Cable Installations Quality Meots ond Groceries 6'We sell" RCA, Westinghouse, Admirol State St Ithaca N Y SICIIS SI. Phone ' ' ' ' Ithoco, New York Sincere Wishes From . . . QUICK LAUNDRY Done While You Shop Fluff Dried 7 Hour Shirt Service Dry Cleaning 4-2495 613 W. State lthoco, N. Y. FOR A TREAT... see DicK MANNING Serving TOWN TALK ICE CREAM Modern Hostesses Profess TOWN TALK E591 Compliments of NORTON ELECTRIC COMPANY Cornplirnenfs Complefe Musical Service To The -af- Ciass of '54 HlCKEY'iS SHULTZ'S INN MUSIC STORE 330 E TS? T Street Newfieid, New York Ithaca, New York I J ITHACA MOTCRS COMPANY ITHACA, NEW YORK 327 Ecxst State Street Lincoln - Mercury International Trucks lnternational School Buses ffnljl Compliments of CAREY INSURANCE COMPANY Ithaca, New York W. F. Fletcher Co., Inc. When You Need Something Cleaners-Dyers - Storage in the Rug and Upholstery Cleaning 5 and 'IQ I03 Dryden Road Remember IO5 N. Aurora Street I Ithaca, N. Y. JO N E S Phone 2301 5c to 51.00 STORE "NewtieId Delivery Every Tuesday" lfhqcq Shopping Plaza E621 Mclncloe Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Refrigerators - Freezers Sales - Service Guaranteed "Drive Out and Save" Turkey Hill RcI. Ithaca 3-I 'I32 FINNEY MOTCRS, INC. 210 South Cayuga Street Compliments of I Ithaca, New York Phone 2088 SPAULDINC1 BAKERIES CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE I G. M. C. TRUCKS 8. BUSSES ELMIRA, NEW YORK K63 Compliments of .IOE'S RESTAURANT Specializing in Pizza 602 W. BUFFALO ST. ITHACA, N. Y Compliments of TOWN LEY MOTORS 333 Elmira Road Ithaca, New York 64 EAT THE BEST with WES 81 LES Watch for O P E N I N G at our new location JUST ACROSS from the Lehigh Station Ithaca, New York Compliments of CARL M. LOEB, RHOADES 8m CC. 21 'I East Seneca Street Ithaca, New York Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of T954 ROTHSCHILD'S Ithaca, New York LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE ot the Ithaca 3404 Cortland 'II28 Finger Lakes Region Congratulations d an BIKE SHOP Good Wishes to Bicycles - Wheel Goods Class of 'I954 TH E SEELY FEED STORES, INC. 407 Third Street Sales and Service Ithaca, N. Y. T15 N. Tioga St. Ithaca 6781 65 ALBAN ESE PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY Jobbing Given Prompt Attention 204 W. Seneca St. MANNING SODA BAR IOO Main St. Newfielcl Soclas Sundaes Lunches Milk shakes Sunday Papers Short orders Ithaca, N. Y. Tel. 4-5882 Phone 4-7430 B E S T W I S H E S Congratulations . . to to the Class of 1954 The Senior Class LUCE DAIRY CO. Quality Dairy Products MORSE CHAIN CO. Ithaca's Largest Industry Division of Borg-Warner Corporation iso J. C. PENNEY CO. "The home of Value" 1 15 East State Ithaca, New York Compliments of SEXTON QUALITY FOODS Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box JS Sexton Square Chicago 90, III. Sheet Metal Work of all kinds Eaves Troughs - Drain Pipes Galvanized Sinks - Drain Boards Materials on hand: Stainless Steel Copper and Galvanized Steet "If ifs sheet metal work, let George do it W H EATO N 'S SHEET METAL SHOP 909 W. State Compliments of HULL HEATING 81 PLUMBING CO. Burke Water Pumps Permutit Water Sotteners Westinghouse AppIiances 910 W. State St. Ithaca, N. Y. Dial 2419 Ithaca, N. Y. ' Phone 2316 67 TRIANGLE W. SATOMAA ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sales and Service Homer Tompkins, Prop. ZENITH - FRIGIDAIRE Van Etten Newfield, New York New York CONGRATULATIONS Complimentsof to THE SENIORS A. L. CORNISH IO02 W. State Street Plaza Shopping Center O Ithaca, New York Ithaca, New York E631 Best Wishes and Good Health to the Class of T954 LANGFORD BAKER 302 E. State Ithaca, New York R. J. BRUCE ESSO SERVICENTER 902 West State Street Dial 7367 Gas - Oil- Kero - Tires Tubes cmd ACCSSSOFISS Ithaca, New York WIRING SUPPLIES AND FIXTURES Dassance SI Anderson Charles L. Dassance Britton G. Anderson 428 Titus Avenue Ithaca, N. Y. Tel. 4-6233 CARL M. TABER RADIO AND TELEVISICN Sparton Cosmic Eye Television "We service what we sell" Newfield, N. Y. Phone 4-7550 69 Congratulations . . . to the Class of 1954 Wilkins Castle Wilkins D RY CLEAN ERS I38W.State DiaI2636 ONE HOUR DRY CLEANING SERVICE on all garments at no extra charge Also shirt laundry Best Wishes to the Class of "54" BLAYDA LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER and BUILDING SUPPLIES Newtield, N. Y. Phone 4-7677 C. J. RUMSEY CO. THAYER APPLIANCE CO. Hardware FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Paints Housewares Stromberg-Carlson Power Tools Glass ZENITH Radio and Television 206 E. State Street 417-419 W. Seneca ITHACA, N. Y. Ithaca, New York T701 BIEBER ISAACS Factory Stores Men's and Boy's Furnishings 'I5 Clinton Ave. Howard Shaver, Prop. Cortland, New York LEHIGH VALLEY COAL Gulf Kero. and Fuel Oil We give S 81 H Green Stamps Warren States Odessa, New York Phone Odessa 74 STURM BROTHERS CUT RATE PRICES on CLOTHING AND SHOES COAL AND CINDER BLOCKS O at Gwen Sffeef FINGER LAKES FUEL AND SUPPLY O 725 W. Clinton Street Ifhqcq, New York Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 2694 71 Lockwood Gardens G. L. F. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS W. C. Lockwood, Owner fuel OII gasoline kerosene "Member Telegraph Delivery Service motor on grease Distinctive TOMPKINS Wedding Flowers G L F Corsages PETROLEUM CO-OP Funeral Designs Ithaca 4-6032 419 First St. Ithaca 4-5883 504 Taughannock Blvd. "The finest foods . . . graciously served" LEHIGH VALLEY RESTAURANT 801 W. Buffalo Ithaca, New York We cater to BANQUETS AND PRIVATE PARTIES FRE EMAN'S MOTOR MARINE Storage - Service - Supplies Owen's - Richardson Steelcraft Cruisers Thompson Boats 425 Taughannock Blvd. Phone 9140 or 9408 Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 4-6665 72 CAYUGA LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS 801 West State Street Ithaca 3336 Compliments of CHAMPAIGN COAL 81 STOKER CO. B L U E C OA L Automatic Heating Equipment 801-803 W. Seneca St. ITHACA, N, Y, Phone 2573 ltI1C1CCt, N. Finger Lake Branch AUTO PARTS MAYFAIR 619 W. State Street I'I'I'lC1CCI, Y. Wholesale AUTOMOTIVE REPLACEMENT PARTS AND EQUIPMENT Specialized Machine Shop Service Phone 3451 Phone 3452 Meats - Poultry Sea Food - Provisions Specialists in Ready-cut "Portion-Control Meats" 109 N. Meadow St. Ithaca, N. Y. Phones: 4-9931-4-9932 73 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 ARCTIC ICE CREAM Compliments of ABBOTT'S GROCERY 9'I2 W. State Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 2273 Compliments of DAILY'S RED Sr WHITE Staple Groceries Fresh Fruits -Compliments of SMITH'S I. G. A. ancl O Vegetables Phone 4-7460 Main street Newtield, New York Newfield, N. Y. Main Street 74 ROCKER RUG CLEANERS Domestic and Oriental RUGS CLEANED Dyed - Mothproofecl - Repairecl Resized - Refringeol COLOR RESTORED by EXPERTS New and Used Rugs Furniture Cleaning VACUUM CLEANERS 305 W. Lincoln Ithaca, N. Y. The First National Bank ot oDEssA, N. Y. Bank by Mail Open an Account now Deposits lnsurecl to 570,000 By F D I c Congratulations to the Class ot 1954 GLENSI DE MONUMENTS CO. A. H. Belknap G. K. Belknap ITHACA, NEW YORK BEST WISHES ITHACA DAIRY PRODUCTS 203 N. Fulton Ithaca, New York CAYUGA BRAND BUTTER 75 KLI N E'S PHARMACY Frank M. IVIacMurray, Prop. 112-114 N. Aurora Phone 3344 WANTED! T I M B E R of all kinds HIGHEST PRICES PAID H. A. BATSFORD Phone 897R-1 ITHACA, NEW YORK Owego - New York Congrafulafions To ITHACA CLOTHING EXCHANGE 'he CIGSS of "54" Bargains in Rochesfer - New Samples SUITS AND TOPCOATS R. T. G. ESSO Sfudenfs Clothing - Bought and Sold SERVICE CENTER 335 E. Stare 522 W. Sfare Sfreef ITHACA, N. Y. Ifhaca, New York 76 CONGRATULATIONS... to the CLASS OF I954 LUCILLE'S BEAUTY SHOP NEWFIELD, NEW YORK Your Lo-Heat Cookware Dealer Call or write for free dinner CURTIS BEAVER Box 421, Newark Valley Phone Newark Valley 'I98 EDWARD I. PIERCE "lt will pay you to pay me to pay you" PROTECT YOUR INCOME Hospitalization Accident and Health Polio-and all life plans 509 First National Bank Bldg. Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 2944 Compliments of FINGER LAKES STONE CO. 'I23 N. Quarry Street ITHACA, N. Y. 771 CONGRATULATIONS tothe CIassofI954 WILLIAM PRITCHARD Dodge ancl Plymouth Dealer Dodge "Job RatecI" Trucks Ithaca, New York Compliments of ODESSA MILLS Compliments of THE CO-OP FOOD STORE The Store that the Customer Owns and Controls 609-619 W. Clinton St. Ithaca, N. Y. MILLS A. EURE COMPANY A. B. Dick Duplicating Equipment and Supplies Portable Typewriters 545 S. Warren St. Syracuse, New York Compliments of H O Y T S GULF STATION Refreshments Stand Elmira Road Ithaca, N Driscoll Bros. 81 Co. "There is a difference in Lumber" LUMBER 81 BUILDING MATERIALS 135 S. Aurora Street Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 2361 BEST WISHES... To Class of 1954 CONGRATULATIONS to the Builclers' General Electric Class of 1954 Materials Appliances PLUMBING AND HEATING BA K E R EDITH GRANT Dresses - Hats - Gowns LUMBER COMPANY in DRYDEN 120 N. Aurora St. GROTON CORTLAND Ithaca, N. Y. Dial 4-3882 79 A FINE 00MBINATION TIO . ITH N.Y. Aw OF ITHACA PRINTERS 312 EAST SENECA STREET ITHACA, N. Y. PHONE ITHACA 46016 ...FOII A PRIZE WINNING ANNUAL . Z.. .,.,., ..,...,.,... . . 1 Q 'Si iw 4 ,fKS w5' Ii Ll

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Newfield Central School - Memoria Yearbook (Newfield, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 19

1954, pg 19

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