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emoria Published hy The Senior Class ol I950 lllewliehl Central Sohool Newlield, New York Dedication We, the Seniors of 1950, proudly dedicate the 1950 4'iVIemoriau to Mr. Robert T. Robinson and Mr. John Cassavant. In our opinion, these two have done the most to bring our high school years to a successful close. We thank them and wish them the best of luck in the coming years. lil Read left to right, First How: Irene Ollila. Divk Knight, Corinne Cooper, Benny Minteer, Mary Baylor. Mrs. Lans- downe. Sefond Row: Bessie Xif'fillll'6', Violet Hendrix, Don Jackson, Charles Mikulee. We, the Co-Editors and the Staff of the '4Memo:'iai' of 1950, have helped establish the permanent name of Memoria for our year book. We have also followed the idea through to have a hard Covered, bound, completely engraved and printed year book. As Editors, we feel that the class has done very well. They all did their share when it came to going after uadsw and everyone co-operated very well with each other and our advisors. Co-editor .... . . .Benny Minteer Co-editor ........ .... C orinne Cooper Business Manager Sports Editor . . . Artist ...... Artist .......... Publicity Manager. . . Avtivities ....... Activities .. Class Poets . . Advisors . . . . . . .Dick Knight . . . .Donald Jackson . . . .Bessie McGuire .. .Violet Hendrix ...lrene Ollila ......,lanet Seely . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charles Milculee Mary Baylor, Bessie McGuire . . .Mrs. Lansdowne, Miss Todd Dedication of the New Addition Top, left to right: Edward Long, former Newfield Principal: Mrs. Laura Smith, vice-president P.T.A.g Gabriel Mecken- burgz, President of Board of Education: Claude Kulp, Superintendent of Public Schools in Ithaca. Lower: Robert T. Robinson, Principal, speaking. Claude L. Kulp, Superintendent of Schools in Ithaca, gave the address at the dedication of the addition to the Newfield Central School, January 14. Gabriel N. Meckenburg, President of the Board of Education, dedicated the new addition. Robert Towne Robinson, Supervising Principal, told why the faculty and the students appreci- ated the new building, and Laura K. Smith gave the response from the parents. The Newfield Central School Band, under the direction of Mrs. Arquit, played several numbers including "The Star Spangled Banner." Reverend Earl Barfoot gave the Invocation and Reverend Vern E. Spencer gave the Benediction After the program, parents visited rooms of the new addition. Refreshments were served, and the Educatoris Band played for square dancing in the gym- nasium. Mr. Long, a former Newfield Principal, gave his appreciation to the people of the community for making this dedication possible. g E41 First: Buurd of I'iIillf'U.tifH1I IA-fr to right: XIV. Rolminsrm. I,l'illl'iIH1I1 Hr. Kc-rr. XIV. I,1lylH'. XIV. xl1lZllllI'4'k. N111 Korln Xlr. DUIHIHII., Mrs. Knapp. Nlr. NI4"l'k9IlIH'I'Q. Urs. l,umlm. Sruzlzzlz Parents visiting: ne-xx afhiitimm Tlvirrlz l7anr'ing at the llerlivatiorl Flfllfflli 'I'I1f- Elllli'EllQ'll Nlzwstros: lrft to right: Nlr. AlilZ0llI'f'k. Nlrs. Nrquil. Nlr. Holninsnn, Hr. :Xrquit. NIV. lx:-rr. Fifth: Rr'frPshn1f-nts all the- Itt'1li1'i1Ii0ll l 5 1 Firxt Rout Miss l?PIH,lflI'lC. Miss lfliuss-. Miss 'l'hat4'l10l'. lllrs. Holm. lllrs. Arquit, Miss Todd, Nliss Prima Hrs. Miller. SCIYJIIII Row: Mrs. Lansdoisnv, Hrs. Buselli. Nlrs. Bern-li, Miss Lrulglilin. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Van Hipvr, Miss Saxerrool, Nlrs. Novak, Mrs. Kont, Mrs. Robards. Tfzfrrl Row: Mr. Canrro. Mi. Noxif-k. Xlr. Robinson, li'rinr'ipal: Mr. ffassavant, Nlr. Svholtmrln, Mr. Nye. Mildred Blox sky Secretary Faculty Alhertine Miller, Kindergartvnz Cone M. Brown, First Grade: Pearl Prine, Firstf-Serond Grade: lllargarvt Van Ripcr, Serond Grade: Isabel Fendrivk, Third Grade: Barbara lraugrhlin, Third-Fourth Crado: June flhascl, Fourth Grade: Thelma Novak, Fifth Grade: May Suvervool. Fifth-Sixth Grade: .lohn Novick, Sixth Grade: Eleanor Hohn, Home EF0l10IYllC'SZ Rosonia Beavh. ,lr. High Math: Nora Arquit, Musiv: ,lune M. Buselli, Commerce: George Canvro, Physiral Fduvzitionz Karon Lansdowne, English: lloisurd Nye, Agriculture: Beverly Robards, Library: Fvangelinfr 'l'hat0l1c'r, Frenrh. History: Virginia Todd, ,I r. lligrh English: Thomas Sc-hoitman, DFlVPliSq Training, Sovial Studies: John Cassa- vant. Vive Prinripzll, Svienre, Math: Rolwrt T. Hohinson, Supervising Prinvipal: Sylxia Kvnt, Svhool Nurse: Nlildred Blovsky, Svvretziry. i Url Ivy Class History The Senior Class of 1950 has had many wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable years together. We began our freshman year with Mary Baylor as president. This year we had our first square dance and made our first tidy bit of money. Richard Knight became president in our Sophomore year and guided the class right on to our Senior year. Ah, Seniors! A great day. Our rings arrived in September. We had our senior play, "Me and My Shadoww in November. We are having a hard-covered annual again this year and we are keeping the name "lVIemoria.,' This year the girls are wearing white formals for graduation. We are having our first semi-formal dance on graduation night after the commencement exercises. Prophecy 1955 A. C. We will look ahead into the future to the year of 1955. As soon as I can hail a flying saucer we shall start our journey. Ah, here comes one! I believe we shall start at old N.C.S. Janet Seely couldn't stand to leave Newfield so after grad- uating from Rochester Business Institute she is secretary to good old N.C.S. By the way, Janet won the R.B.I. Loving Cup Award. Here comes another of our Seniors. Yes, itis Benny Minteer zooming down past the school at 80 mph. Guess he doesnlt like to be reminded of his school days by looking at it. There's a motorcycle cop following him, his long hair blowing in the wind. Wait a minute, thatis a she! Why, itls Violet Hendrix. Sheis stopped him, but what's she apologizing for? Oh, oh, Violet, you made a mistake trying to arrest Chief of Police, Minteer. Here comes another car. It's stopping! That blond at the wheel looks familiar. That's Shirley Lawrence, pardon, it's Landstrom now. But there must be at least ten children there. Therels a sign on the door, "Landstrom,s Nursery for children from 2 to 5.7' You sure had us worried for a minute, Shir- ley. Thatis all for Newfield, so letls be on our way to Ithaca. Here's a cute little farm. It says, Armstrongis Kid Farm .IH We always knew Lester and his fav- orite blond were going to settle down on a little farm and raise kids, but we didn't know they meant goats. Let's go right down main street here in Ithaca. Thereis Pottefs Photographic Studio. I'll park the saucer and go in. Why herels Mary Baylor, wife, Secretary, and model to the most prominent photog- rapher in Ithaca. They look very busy so let's hurry on. Here,s something different, Ollila's Beauty Salon for Men. That sounds like one of our Seniors. Sure enough, itls Irene, and this man she's giving a permanent wave to looks familiar. So, this is how Ray gets curly hair. This looks like a new store! Malkovshyk Farm Implement Store. Betty Wheaton must be around here-Bob says sheis home doing the plowing. Some of that Home Economics might come in handy yet. There doesn't seem to be anyone else around, so letls look around the U.S. a little. This is an odd looking place. No wonder-itls Texas. Will you look at that big mansion! And the oil wells! Who is that cute red-head in the nurses, uniform? Itis Eleanor Arnold, and who is that sheis pushing around in the wheel chair? VI7hy, itls Don faokson, the oil tycoon. Poor Don is just recovering from a nervous break-down he had from over work. As long as these two look so happy letls hurry on, because there is another Senior in Texas we have to find. Therels his place. It's fenneyjs Dufle Ranch, catering especially to female dudes. That's our How- ard, all right. Ever since Van Johnson got married, Hollywood has been looking for someone to replace him, but I'll bet they never guessed he'd be from Newfield. Darwood Teeter sure is a good actor, and to think he refused to be in the Senior Play. Here is a movie marquee, what does it say? Durwood Teeter starring in '6Woman Haterw with Lana Turner. It must be his latest smash hit. Look at that Cadillac convertible across the street and that handsome man behind the wheel! He even has a police escort to protect him from all of those women. We always knew Charlie Mikalec would get to Hollywood, but we never thought, he'd replace Clark Gable. From here, letls go out over the Pacific. There's a big yacht below us! Letls see whols on it. Well, look at that! There is Geraldine Smith sunning herself. I'll bet I know where she is going. lVIust be she got tired of waiting for her boyfriend to return from Japan so she is going over to meet him. fill On to Francel We knew Bessie McGuire would make use of the French she took in school. She is teaching English in France. She graduated from Buffalo State Teachers College last year. Let's go find Corinne Cooper. I hear she is in South Africa hunting big game. There,s the jungle below. Let's land and see if we can find her. There she is with a big gun hunting gorillas. Hey! That's a strange gorilla. It has red hair, or is that her hunting companion? I can see Corinne is a suc- cessful big game hunter, so letis start for home. Seems to me we've forgotten a couple of our Seniors. Here comes something flying toward me. Is it it another flying saucer? No! It's Dick "Superman,' Knight. He just saved Jane "Lois Lane" Free- man from a tiger in Africa. One senior is still missing, but I know where to find him. On to Poughkeepsie, New York. Here's Vassar College for Women. What are all those girls swooning about? Oh, I seel Roger Burggraf is the history professor. That's the Prophecy of the Seniors of 1950 so now as Superman races me to Newfield, I'l1 say Class Will We, the Seniors of the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty, do hereby be- queath our material and personal possesssions to the Junior Class, in the year of our Lord, one thous- and and Hfty-one. Lester Armstrong wishes to leave a little of his shyness to GUESS WHO? Gus Eberhardt, of course! -1-"Good-bye for now." TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Our little lover ,Janet Seely, wills her ability to fall in love with a different guy at the average of one a week to Donna Jean Avery. To Philip Chafee, the law breaker, we leave Mary Bayloris ability to pass her driving test the first time. To Alice Greene, a recent bride in the Junior Class, Shirley Lawrence would like to leave her ability to hold a guy until she gets out of school. Don Jackson feels that everyone should be a gentleman at all times so he gives this ability to Frefl Lamb. The Romeo of the Senior Class, Dick Knight, wishes to leave his way with the girls to Henry Pesu. Not that we think you,re fat, Bev, but Howard would like to leave you some of his slenderness and height. Eleanor Arnold would like to bestow her cheerleading ability on Ruth Cassavant. To Lois, Irene leaves her ability for keeping her hair in place. Our Muscles Man, Charles Mikulec, says he would like to leave a portion of his muscles to Keith Williams. Benny wishes to leave his Ford to Dick Classen because he thinks it must be a tiresome walk up to Teeters and back. Not that we don't like you the way you are loan, but Violet would like to leave you some of her weight, say ten to fifteen pounds. To Norman Hojman, who is never quiet, we would like to leave Bessie's ability to keep quiet. To Tom McGuire, Durwood would like to leave his ability to get a girl. Roger Burggraf would like to leave his ability to fall asleep in class to .lean Beach. In order that there will be one big guy in the Junior Class, Corinne would like to leave all her height to George Dorn. Betty Wheaton would like to leave her ability to chew gum to Mary Louise. Violet thought it over and thought maybe it would be better to be minus a few more pounds and says she will glady give some to Catherine Horton. Irene would like to bestow her ability to tell jokes to Sonya Cornish. Gerry Smith would like to leave a hand full of her boys to Helen Shultz. To Dora Teeter, Roger would like to leave some of his studious ways. To Mrs. Lansflowne, the Class of 50 would like to leave all the erasers she has been looking for all year and our brains and good marks to pass on to her next class. E91 Class Poem Our school life is rapidly passing, Our stay here will soon be o'erg We'll remember our books and learning, As we try to learn some more. Weive tried to do our best, As time goes fleeting byg We hope weive passed our test, As we give a good-bye sigh. Our teachers, we wish to thank you, For the time and effort you've spentg Our principal we wish to thank you, For the friendship and understanding you've We'll miss each and every classmate, As we each go our separate wayg As we open lifeis golden gate, Almost wishing it were possible to stay. Yet we know that we must leave, To make room for the nextg We outwardly smile as we grieve, That it's good-bye to the school we love best. Mary Baylor Bessie lVleGuire U01 lent RICHARD KNIGHT So far as my coin would stretch, and where it would not, I have used my creziitff President of Class 2, 3, 4 Business Manager of Annual 4 Student Couneil I, 2 Tri-County Student Coum-il 2 President Varsity Club 4 Senior Play Cast 4 .lunior Play 2 Uperetta I Sports Editor E1-ho 4 Echo 2, 3 4-II Secretary 1, 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Co-Captain Basketball 3 Fottball 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2 Varsity Club 2, 3 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Public' Speaking Contest 3 Ping Pong Tournament 2, 3, 4 DONALD JACKSON Hflulomobiles are not ferocious . . Vic-e-President 3, 4 Treasurer of Class I Student Couneil 2, 3, 4 4-I-I I Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Ir is the man to be feared." Football 2, 3, 4 Volley Ball 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Operetta I .lunior Play 2 Senior Play 4 JANET SEELY 6'Speak low, if you Seeretary of Class 2, 3, 4 Student Counc-il I, 2 Cheerleader 4- Glee Club I, 2 Band 1, 2 F.H.A. 3 4-H 2 Er-ho 3, 4 Intramurals 3 speak loven Varsity Club 4 Operetta 1 Senior Play 4 Library Club 1 French Club 1, 2 Sanitation Squad 3 P. A. System 1, 2 Council Letter 2 Student Council Judge 3 CORINNE COOPER uBluslzing is the color of virtuee' Treasurer of Class 4 Secretary of Student Council 3 .l.V. Cheerleader 2 F.H.A. 2, 3 Freneh Club 2, 3 lieho Editor 3 Eeho 1, 2, 4 Co-Editor of Annual 4 Intramurals I, 3 .l unior Play Cast 2 IIIJ Courtesy Corp 3 P. A. System I, 2 Senior Play Cast 4 Tri-County Student Secretary of F.H.A. 3 Shullleboard Tournament 3 Counf-il Letter 4 Reply to Wlill 3 Class Prophecy 4 Couneil 3 LESTER ARMSTRONG 4'Of a good beginning, cometh a goof! enclv Varsity Club 4 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Manager of Basketball 3 Intramurals l, 2 Senior Play 4 Manager of Raseball 4 ELEANOR ARNOLD M I am not arguing with you-I am telling youu Clee Club l, 2, 3 Frenvh Club 2 Echo 3, 4 Intramurals 3 Operetta I J. V. Cheerleader 4 Senior Play 4 Shullleboard Tournament 3 Advice to Juniors 4 MARY BAYLOR "The surest way to a manis heart is through my kitchen: Salutatorian 4 Annual Staff 4 President of Class I Varsity Cheerleader 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Echo I, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 3 Operetta 1 .lunior Play 2 Senior Play 4 Council Letter 2 J. V. Cheerleader 1 French Club I, 2 Assembly Committee I, 2 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Courtesy Club I American Legion Award 8 Masonic Award 3 West Danby Award 2 Home Bureau Award I Dance Co-ehairman 4 Class Poet 4 Class Will 4 ROGER BURGGRAF I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to me sadn' President of Student Council 3 Football 4 Intramurals 3, 4 U21 Tri-County Student Council 5 Masonic Award 3 Baseball 4 VIOLET HENDRIX "Laugh yourself into stitches" Evho Produvtion Wlanagier 3 Annual Stall 4 Student Jury 3 Advive to juniors 4 lntramurals 3 HOWARD JENNEY all is better to weep at joy than to joy at weepingw Senior Play 4 Basketball 2. 3 F.F.A. President 4 lntraniurals l, 3 EEA. l, 2, 3, 4 Uperetta l 4-H l, 2. 3, 4 SHIRLEY LAWRENCE "As merry as the day is longf, Valedivtorian 4 Vive-President of Class Treasurer of Class 2 l.V. Cheerleader l Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Band 1, 2 Echo 1, 2, 3. 4 lntramurals 3 Operetta l 1,2 Junior Play Cast 2 Courtesy Corps 2 Council Letter 2 Sanitation Squad 1 Frenvh Club 1 Library Club 1 Senior Play 4 Prize Essay 3 Home Economics Award 3 Class llistory 4 BESSIE MCGUIRE "A man says what he knows, a woman says what will please Vive-President Student Council 2 Student Counvil Representative 3 'l'ri-County Student Couneil 2 Ollivers of Glee Club 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Library Club l Produvtion Nlanager of Echo, 1, 2, 4 Art Editor of Annual 4 Operetta l Courtesy Corp 1 U31 E1-ho 3 Senior Play Cast 4 .lunior Play Cast 4 Counvil Letter 3 Dance C0-vhairman 4 Frenvh Club l, 2 lntramurals 1, 3 Assembly Committee 3 Ping Pong Tournamerl Class Poet 4 Class Prophery 4 Reply to Will 3 r2,3 CHARLES MIKLLEC It is easier nol Lo speak a word at all than to speak more ztorzls than we shouldfl Student Counvil 3 American Legion Award 8 Clee Club 1, 2 Operetta 1 4-H 1, 2 Sanitation Squad 1 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball Captain 4 Vice-President Varsity I lub 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4 BENNY MINTEER 'Turn up the lights, I Joni! want to go home in th Student Council 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Band Ollicer 2, 3 Echo 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Asst. Manager Football 3 Senior Play 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Operetta 1 Co-Editor Annual 4 Junior Play 2 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, IRENE OLLILA "You lah-a-me and I lah-a-you." Clee Club 1, 2, 3 Library Club 1 F.H.A. 2, 3 F.1'l.A. President 3 Evho Typist 1, 2, 3, 4 P. A. System 2 Annual Staff 4 Operetta 1 Council Letter 4 Class History 4 Echo Reporter 1 CERALDINE SMITH 4'Absence makes the heart grow !0lZll6f.M Student Counril 4 Varsity Club 4 .l. V. Cheerleader 1 Varsity Cheerleader 4 President 17.H.A. 2 F.1-1.A. 2, 3 E4-ho Feature Editor 3 U11 Evho Staff Reporter Senior Play Cast 4 Junior Play Cast 2 P. A. System 2 e rarh 4 1 Assembly Committee 2 Reply to Will 3 DURWOOD TEETER "A friend is never known until Ll man has need." Senior Play 4 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Vice-President 4 Junior Plays 2 F.F.A. Sevretary 3 Intramurals 4 BETTY WHEATON NDO unto others as you would have them do unto you Band 4 Majorvtte U51 Senior Play The Senior play presented this year was one of the highlights of the school year for the seniors Me and My Shadowl' was a great success and brought a large addition toward the senior's expenses Me and My Shadow" was an uproarious comedy in three acts concerning a young attorney, Roy Har rington, and a mysterious young East Indian girl. The appearance of Mrs. King and Arleen further complicated matters, hut everything turned out to everyoneas satisfaction. The following people took part in the comedy: Benny Minteer ...... ............ ....... Bessie McGuire Richard Knight Geraldine Smith Janet Seely . . . Mary Baylor . . Corinne Cooper Donald Jackson Lester Armstron T161 FS. . .Boy Harrington .......Shadow . . . . . .Bruce ..,....Mrs. King Arleen Harrington . . . . .Susan Fisher . . .Georgia Butler . . . .Sheriff Hickson . . . ..... Sahu Cf ff CLHSSES XX SJW. S 4 Read left to right: First Row: Dora Teeter, Donna Jean Avery, Beverly Laurence, Edith Emery, Joan Heslop, Jean Beach-vice-president, Catherine Horton-treasurer, Ruth Cassavant. Second Row: Richard Classen-president, Norman Hoffman, Keith Williams, Helen Shultz-secretary, Alice Greene, Sonya Cornish, Henry Pesu, Miss Thatcher. Third Row: Phillip Chaifee, Thomas McGuire, Fred Lamb, George Dorn, Robert Howell, Gus Eber- hardt. Junior Class The Junior Class started their year by electing Richard Classen, Presidentg Jean Beach, Vice- presidentg Helen Shultz, Secretaryg and Ruth Cassavant and Catherine Horton, Treasurers. The school paper, the "Echo,,' progressed well with Lois Beck as co-editor. Dora Teeter acted as Business Manaver and Donna Jean Aver as Exchanve Editor. Catherine Horton was assistant editor. O Y e Beverly Lawrence, Jean Beach and Helen Shultz were production managers. The Class of '51 was active in Student Council. In the January election, George Dorn was elected president and Ruth Cassavant was elected secretary. Dora Teeter and Keith Williams were chosen to be Representatives. As projects, this class sold Christmas cards and stationery. They had a 'Valentine Dance Febru- ary 11 and another dance later in the year. E181 O . .il H3 aura l Sophomores First Row: Anne McGuire, Joyce Crimsey, Carol Tuvkergsecretary, JoAnn Kaiser, Joyce Carlisle, Elsie Teeter. Shirley Tucker, Loris Wimer. Second Row: William Shultz, Richard Vargo, Robert Poelvorde, Mary Mazourek, Jane Freeman, Joan Cassavant, Sally Dassance-treasurer, laddie Mazourek, Paul Crance, Mrs. Buselli. Third Row: Richard Jackson, Donald Clickner, Roger Slator, Douglas Donnan, Richard Rlovsky, Allan Teeter, Wlillis Butler-president. Freshmen Read left to right, First Row: Geraldine Saunders, Charlotte Brewer, Carolyn Schwartz, Nina Eaton, Ellen Kunz, Pearla Swartwood, Nancy Cahill, Janice DeVore, Katherine McGuire, JoDiane Dellgtreasurer. Second Row: Joseph Tompkins, Lenin Benicki-secretary, Nancy Watson, Florence Drader, Beverly Schulte, Priscilla Seely, Jeanne Pakkala-vice-president, Theota James, Jane Watros, Howard Swartwood, Mrs. Hohn. Third Row: Alfred Milligan-president, Terry Chaffee, John Mikulen, Robert Schliek, Addison Doane, Robert Powers, Edward McKinney, Tommy Chaffee, James Adams, Ronald Tompkins, Gerald Chase. U91 Eighth Grade First Row: Marilyn Cameron, Jane Cameron, Mildred Holmes, Vivian Watros, Betty Malkovsky, Eileen Blomquist, Gail Heliseva, Vera Cudlin, Barbara Brewer, Edith Payne. Serond Row: Eugene Avery, Kelton Knapp-treasurer, Teddy Lamb, Jerry Noyakvpresident, Donald Beaeh, Iyar Landstrorn, Charles Clayton, Cordon Terwillegar, Fred Knight, Mrs. Robards. Third Row: Bill Hendrix, Edward Heslop-secretary, Harry Doane, Clifford Bohinson-Xire-president, Howard Robin' son, Robert Carlisle, Milton Shoemaker, Dick Hilliek, Boss Yaple. Seven'rh Grade First Row: Leslie Cornish, Lorraine Cranceepresident, Doris Dorn, Jeanette Snyder, Leticia Drake. Jane Schutz, Eve- lyn Bittikofer, Sandra Cranve, Janice Mazourek. Sevonzi How: Gary Ayers, Arlene Clayton, Bonita Everhart, Judy Chaffee, Beverly Dailey,fyice-president, Jean Fuller, Janet Pakkala, Lois Hollister, Desmond llenry, Divk Novak, Mrs. Beach. Thin! How: Larry Baylor, Howard Goff-treasurer, Ronald Emery, Donald Williams, Bolv Bloysky, Milton Eaton, Bill Leonard. C. Terwilliger, Charles Armstrong, Bill Brewer, Lavsrenre 'lleeterfseeretaryy Eugene Chase. 5203 Sixth Grade First How: Deanna Cameron, Hose Marie llolulr. Doris ,lac'kson. .loan Washlallrri, Helen Haynes. Hollis Henry, ,lo Ann Chaffee, Jane 'l'Pi'nillegar. Svrulizl Row: Kenneth Payne, Marjorie Raton. llora Armstrong, Una Xlvlfall, Shirley Wright, Marie Laine, Villftfif' Roh- inson, Mr. .lohn Novirk. Third Row: John Norris, Edwin Sealy, l,axsren1'P Saunders. Franris Schultz. Boyd fiorliss. Uennis Henry, Wlinton Wil- liams, Javk Morrell, Douglas Wlilliams. Absent: .lacquelinv Smith. Fifth and Sixth Grade First Raw: Patrivia Yan Allen, Lillian Sedat. Shirley Kippola. Sandra Hunter, l.orrainc' Tftetfr, Br-tty Yann. .lune llovert. Anita KI:-nun. Sf-fund Rauf: .li-'rry Nlrvkvrilmergi, Fredvrivk llelisf-va. Carole l.anrei11-v, Edith Garvin, Harlan ffurkendall. ,ln inn Svrih- nvr. David Classvn, Miss Savercool. Tlzfrd Row: Ted Vargo, llavid Corliss. liligrmif' Yan Zile. Roy Trask, Francis Cornish, l'aul Hiihinen, flrtliur Birvh, .lamvs Brovlusay. Abxwitz Esther Matson, Helly Russell. Kill 4 Fifth Grade First Row: Elaine Button, Shirley Clayton, Hazel Lasher, Elaine Seamon, Janice Cornish, Nancy Hall, Lorraine Car- lisle, Gloria Inman, Dorothy Teeter, Sevond Row: George Armstrong, Paul Robinson, Walter Terwilligar, Dorthy Knapik, Dolores Marshall, Joyce Horton, Earl Westlirook, Harold Van Dermark, Mrs. Novak. Third Row: James Payne, Kenneth Seamon, David Hunter. Dayton Lockwood. Albert Miller. Donald Rell, Ronald John- son, Lester Saunders, Robert Stupke, Robert Seamon. Fourth Grade First Row: Rosalee Korliel, Irene Jackson, Laura Terwilliger, Normajean Payne, Mary Rell, Sandra Shulte, Marilyn Miller, Beverly Stupke, Phyllis Van Zile. Second Row: Robert Ayers, Miehael Morollo, Jack Allen, Charles Berggren, Lawrenve Marshall, Jerry Rlouxett, David Teeter, Jack Chaffee, Jimmy Van Zile, Ronald Ayres. Third Row: Robert Armstrong, Henry Dell, Rilly Holuh, Roy Lafwkner, .lim Covert, Lauri Rlomquist, Nelson Allen. David Bell, Charles Murphy, Roger Armstrong, Miss Chase. Absent: John Knapik, John Emery, John Cahill, B. F. Emery, Ed Armstrong. E221 Third and Fourth Grade Read left to right: First Row: Ceralrline Kunz. Alive Mazonrek. lloreas Wlilliains. .lavqueline Yaple, Ruth Sf-lilivk. ,lune Pakkala. Hazel Garvin. ,lurlith Holmes, Naney Hulbert, .gl'!'lll1l1Rl7WI Nancy Haskins, Franves Russell, Carol Straight, Mary Ann Matson. Mary .lane Shoemaker, Anne .lean- ette Wetherbee, Lois Novak. Nina Riihinen. Tliirzl Row: Ned Armstrong, Donald Cutter, Edward liaine. Wvllliillll Bllflifk L0lliS Alllfiillli, Flf'Ll?I'if'li KiDP0l8. l'l2ll'l'! Cooper, Rivhard Pakkala, Dale Iiverhart, Clyde Brown, Miss Laughlin,'nt: ,ludy Mevkenherg. Marilyn Borgersen. Donald Pakkala. Third Grade Head left to ri,qht,,fil'sl Rout liuherta Goff. Theresa Knapik, Nlarilla Havlili. Leona Smith. Mary Ann Tufli, Cram 'l'uuri, Janice Wllliill1lS0ll, Alvis Doane. Scvurzzl Row: Lois Dell. Rudolph Bauer, Kenneth Carlisle, Allen Cahill, Peter Robinson, David Beavh. George Dud- geon, Jerry Stark, Rivliard liavkner. Third Huw: Edmund Codley, VVilliarn Stupke, Rivhartl Lasher. Robert Cameron, Llewellyn Seely, Ralph Yan Kurin. Riehard Curkendall, Charles Thomas, Christopher Snyder. William Payne, Miss l"en4lrif'k. Absvrztz Sarah Seely, Eugene Tobey, Charles Korlrel. 5:31 First Rout Bonnir' lluily, Allie Second Grade nz' Loxeless, Bonita 'l'isalr'l. llorolhy l"I1nvry, .lllfly Willli1ll1S0ll. Dora Coll. Carole' Whc'c'lcrr, Killilll'lTIl llcnry, lflairw Hrlive. SPVIIVIII Hour: William Vlilllilllil!-3. Kvitll Huntvr, Raymond Millvr, Carl VV:-stlsrook. Houard Nlakvla, Frwlvrivk Xlvils. Roll- ert Xil1Z0llI'l'k. Rolls-rt llrnn ison, Vlvilliam lNlm'Kinnvy, Stvplaf-n Hmm-kuay, Nlrs. Yan Ripe-r. Third Row: Rollaml Uvan. Cary Zion. lfrlisard Pakkala, .lovl lfklmlni. Frank l.a Nasa, Holwrt Havlik. Yvrnon Svlirevk. Gerard liurkv. lionalnl Naxarro ,4I1.iPnt: William lavkson. M' aus MN+aW..m-,z,3eW1gTv:'3gg Slandfligz Beverly l'c-vt, .lunv Sllili First and Second Grade x, ,Ivan Tompkins, Kvnnvlli Waslilnirn, .lllflilll Kippola. Neil Kc-rr. Miss l'i'ivv. Billy Patana, Lois 'lic-Q-ter. lic-xonv Maki. Billy Pakkala. l,c-all Hill:-c-. Roger 'lit-rwilliger. Sitting. left to right: Sharon llrmx vr, Rivllard Shultz. Lloyd rlitilllllliilli -Xrlvne Rose. .lolln Ayers. Elilllflllli Ilillii-k. Lynn Vifatros. Mary Coilley. lflanrl Maki, Anna Smith. ,ILIIIIPS ixl0I'l'f'll. Donna Seamon. Jonathan Robison. ,lolin Lavk- ner, Lyla Allen. .lainie-s jar-k son, Carol Baldini. If 34 l FIRST GRADE Sflllllllillgl .linnny Van Allen. Norxiii Bremer. lkxvirl Curr. David Xxlllllilllli Paul We:-llurfmk. .lnniee Nllxriglit. Klar- ian Payne. 'l'unnny Cruxely, Carolyn Henson. Shirley vlllllilllili Tmlml lfisuzlltl. Kllnirlolte lllllillllili, Xlrs. Brown. Cillvert Norris. Curl Sezunun. Raymonfl Comlxxin. Snnelrzx fi:-n. lflnine Suurtxsnod. Billy Berggren. Kathy lfklmlni. Sealed, Front Table: Philip lfhuprnun. lfilward Polak. Dniifl Tmnpkins. liillf' Carlisle. Penny Krauner. lfmily Nlurnllo. jllillllll' Table: llze .-lrins. Putty Wuloga. lrene Szymanski, Sunalru Nlnrslmll. .lolin Hlovsky. St. lfluir li4H'IllNll. Hawk Table: Georgie Nluzruirek. Nliekev flllmanese. ,ludv Clazier, .loan l'nelxum'mle. Navnv Turli. Connie Blmskv. MORNING GROUP OF KINDERGARTEN lfirxt Row: .lolm Patana, ,lameS'l'udi. FI'klI1l'Q'SAll1illlPSl". l,eR0y Chase, Gene Kelly, Veutis Arins. Roger W3Il'0S. Mielizu-l Smith, Rieliard Wright. Second Rnur: Paul Smith, Hiehurd Cooper. james Harfoot. llurlmru lurnes, Agnes Bean, .lane Skulu. Marvin James. Kathryn Potter, Hulbert llardesty. Third Row: Alton .lneks0n, llilI'l'y Seaman, Dan Lee Huppleye, Rayrnond Tuuri, Kenneth Foote, Dickie Hunter, .lerry Miekelsen, Mrs. Miller. AFTERNOON GROUP OF KINDERGARTEN Firxl lfnur: Georgie Hulse. EllN'Ell'll Coll. Dale lfutter. .lnlin Patana. xllfllilkl I.zu'kner. Serurzzl Roux: Arlene Jenny. Naney Norton, Nlureia James, Darlene Williams. Ellen Nlelfalll. .lay Lackner. Susan Murphy. Third Row: Karl Maki. Leliuy llllilSf'. Paul Slllllll, Gene Kelly. Yentis Arins, .lumes Vlllllll, Robert Hardesty, Rirllurrl Cooper. H53 Service Personnel JANITORS R. Yan Ripper. I-I. Wlilliams CA FET E lil A Mrs. Fowl. Mrs. l'z1ym Mrs. Snyder BUS DRIVERS Read left to right, First Row: Herb Emery, .lim Tudi, Bill Holuli. Second Row: Bill Blovsky. Carl Talmer, Gerry Clazier. Milton Todd. XJ s sz is x ffffy I7 1 W! ' fl XT "J 1 ,f W V ,f"ffi,. gl Q W X r N. L J mf M O lb. NN. Read left to right. First Row: Mrs. Beach, Dick Blovsky.-treasurer, Helen Shultz-vice-president, Roger Burggraf- president, Corinne Coopers--secretary, Mrs. Hohn. Second Row: Gerald Chase, Donald Williams. Dick Vargo, Fred Lamb, Bessie McGuire, Jane Freeman, Keith Williams, Alfred Milligxan, Benny Minteer. Student Council The Newfield Student Council, which was set up in 1939, has, for the past 11 years, been trying to form an active, democratic Student Council which would do its best to help the students. Much has been accomplished in that time, but much needs to be done. This year, to help the students and carry out their wishes, a noon-hour program was set up dur- ing the lunch hour to keep the students active. A schedule was set up for different activities. The Stu- dent Council decided that it could do away with the courtesy corps and the sanitation corps, feeling that the students were grown enough so that there should be little need for these organizations. The Stu- dent Council was allotted S5100 for paid assemblies to be held at school, by the School Board if the Student Council would pay the rest of the cost. This was discussed quite a bit and the decision will be left to the new Student Council, which took office oliicially on January 31, 1950. This year the elections were very lively and the candidates all put up a good fight. The election results were very close throughout the halloting. George Dorn was elected president, Joan Cassavant, vice-president, Ruth Cassavant, secretary and Jerry Chase, treasurer. E231 First Row: Henry Pesu, .loan Cassavant, Donna J. Avery, .lean Pakkala, Elsie Teeter, Vivian Watros, Catherine Hor- ton, .lane Watros, Beverly Daily, Joyce Crimsey, Eugene Avery. Second Row: Sally Dassance, .lane Freeman, .lo Diane Dell, Howard Goff, Lillian Sedat, Betty J. Malkowsky, Shirley Kippola, JoAnn Scribner, Eugene Chase, Ivar Landstrom, Jack Norris, Laddie Mazourek, Bill Butler. Third Row: Betty Wheaton, Dora Teeter, Joan Heslop, Kelton Knapp, Eddie Heslop, Bob Schlick, Ruth Cassavant, Helen Shultz, Charles Watros, Gail Heliseva, Mrs. Arquit, Francis Kippola, Paul Crance, Dick Vargo, Fred Lamb, Ted Lamb, Douglas Donnan. Band During this year, a number of new instruments have been added to the band. Most predominant among these is a new BB flat sousaphone, which made its first public appearance on January 14, at the dedication of the new annex. Clarinets have also been purchased by Donna ,lean Avery, Sally Das- sance, ,lo Anne Scribner and Lillian Sedat. In February, the band, which is under the direction of Mrs. Nora Arquit, purchased fifty used uniforms in good condition from Cornell. The first public showing of the new uniforms was at the Feb- ruary 25 band concert, and donations were accepted to help pay for them. On November 17, 18, and 19, four students attended the N.Y.S.S.lVl.A. Sectional All-State Band and Choir at Potsdam. Donna ,lean Avery and Douglas Donnan played clarinet and baritone, respect- ively, in the band. Fred Lamb and Charles Watros sang bass in the choir. During the last part of April a concert was planned which was mainly solos by members in the band and about the second week in May the band went to the N.Y.S.S.lVl.A. Spring Band Contests, where a number of band members played solos. The band will march on Memorial Day. The band is now made up of about forty members. There are twelve clarinets, nine cornets, two flutes, one oboe, three trombones, two baritones, two basses, two French horns, five percussionists and six twirlers. 1291 A- Read If-fr to right, First Row: Mr Mahoney, liaddiv lllazonrek, Paul IIranve--sei-rc'tary, Dnrwood 'feeter--Vive presi- dent, Howard .lenney-president, Dil-k Vargofreporter, Holm llowell-treasure-r, Mr. Nye-M-advisor. Svrorlll How: Holm lloelvorde, jim Adams, Dick Bloysky, Roger Slator, Phillip lfhallve, lrc-ster Arrnatrong, llivhard .lack- son, 'llvrry Chaffee, Henry l'esn, 'l'f11'r1l lfnw: ,loseph Tonmpkins, llilly Shultz, l.enin Beniki, Norman llollman, llonard Suartuoml, 'llornmy fllraflee. A .. ' 'Q Lower l,lf'l.llI'B, left to right, First Row: Mr. Mahoney, Ronald Ayres, Ronald lfmery, Cordon 'lierwilligxer-Sevretary and llreasurer, Ross Yaplefljresident, Milton Eaton, lvar Lanstrorn, Mr. Nye. Svrrlnd Row: Dick Hillick, Clarence Terwilliger, Howard Coll, Howard Robinson, Ed He-slop, Kelton Knapp, Charles Armstrong, Harry Doane, Phillip Chaifee, Eugene Chase, Ric-hard Novak. Third Row: l.arry Baylor, Robert Blovsky, Teddy Lamb, .lerry Novak, Donald Heavh, Donald Williams, Lawrence Teeter, Desmond Henry, Fred Knight, Chuck Clayton. ,4 bsvnzz Michael Pakkala-Vice-President. l 30 l Read left to right, First How: Bessie fllciliure, Janet Seely,Yiolf-t llezidrix, llelen Shultz, Corinne Cooper. narolyn Schwartz, Carol Tucker. Philip Chaffee, Dick Knight. Second Row: Bonita Everhardt, Jeanne Pakkala, Ellen Kunz, Dora Teeter. Shirley Laurence, Elsie Teeter, Shirley Tucker, Beverly Lawrence, .lean Beach, Mary Adams, Geraldine Smith, Irene Ullila, Edith Emery, Janet Snyder. Third Row: Miss Blovsky, Dick Vargo, Theota James, Geraldine Saunders, Catherine Horton, Betty Malkovsky, Sally Dassance, Donna .l. Avery, Mrs. Buselli. Echo Staff During the year, many different types of publishing were tried out by the Echo Staff. They de- cided on a mimeographed paper to come out once a month. Ollicers were: Editor, Corinne Cooperg Assistant Editor, Helen Shultzg Sports Editor, Dick Knightg Production Manager, Bessie Mcfluireg ,lanet Seely, Violet Hendrixg Circulation Manager, Caro- lyn Schwartz, Business Manager, Philip Chafeg and advisors were Mrs. Buselli and Miss Tofld. At the election in ,lanuary it was decided to have co-editors. The Co-Editors are Lois Beclf and Carole Tucker. Assistant Editor, Catherine Hortong Circulation Manager, Carolyn Schwartz, Produc- tion Managers, lean Beach, Helen Shultz and Beverly Lawrence, and Exchange Editors. Mrs. Bnselli and Miss Todd are looking over the Echo again this year as advisors. E311 Girl Scouts First Row: Alive Payne, lloris Dorn, lf-titia Drake, Anita Kleinm, Lillian Sedat, jane Terwillegar, Diainu Canwron. Shirley Wright, .lane Canwroii, Marilyn Cameron. Seronrl Row: Jo Ann Svrilmer, Shirley Kippola, Sandra Hunter, Doris .lac-kson, Valerie Robinson. Brownies Front Row: lflaino Bi'in'v. lionnio Dailey. .ludy xl6f'lC6Ill7llTfl. Lois Dell. llarolo Wlieoler, Dora Goff. Svronz1Rour: Donna Svzunon. Rolwrla Goff, Carol Straight. Allie-ne l.ove'lac'o. ,lavkie Yaple. Bonnie Tisclf-l. Mary A. Tumli, Geraldine Kunz. Marilyn Borgersen, June Pakkala. Third Row: jo 'Xnn 5:-rilmc'r, Xlury ,l. Shoemaker. Nlrs. Yuplr-. Nina Riiliinen. Lois Novak, Nanry Haskins, Norma Payno, Marilyn Nlillf-r. lintli Sr-hlirk, Judy Holmes, Mrs. Yan Allen. Patty Yan Allen, Yalorir' Robinson. V521 Boy Scouts Road loft to right. First Rauf: Royd liorliss. Clifford Robinson. Gary Ayers. Fred Lamb. Ted Lamb, Donald Rmivli. Eddy Hoslop. Buvky Yilllfllxfllliifli. Ronnie Johnson. Nlr. Robinson, Howard Robinson. Scrmid Row: Dick Novak, Ross Xaplv. Jerry Novak, Iyar l4klINlSlTlllTl, Butoh Avery. Cub Scouts First Row: .lame-s Payne, Daxid Bm-in-Ii, Nlif-kf-y Marollo, Rivhurd liippola. SUVIIIIII Row: Peter Robinson, Bill l'uynr', llenry llell. Ronald flyvrs, .Iawkie Norris, lluvid fllLlSSf'Il, Robert Ayers. llilI'l'y Cooper, ROSS Yaplc, l,LlYlll fiorliss, Dale Ewrllurl. Tfzfrd Now: Iyar l.iHIl!lSU'llI1I. fflillord Robinson, Paul Robinson. lfddic- Godloy. Rim-bard llllliliillll. Frwl Nlilvs. .le-rrv Mc-f'kvi1lJ61'g. L :za 3 l Ifirsl Rout: Mary Baylor, Donna J. Avery, Don Jackson. Jane Frcemanv-Secretary, Dick Knight--President. Dick Classen-'l'reas11rer. Geraldine Smith, ,loan Heslop. Second Rout Benny Minteer, Lester Armstrong. Keith Willliams, Shirley Lawrence. ,lanet Seely. Boll Howell. Richard Jackson. Coach Cam-ro. Third Rout Charles Mikule4'fvice-president, Thomas McGuire, George llorn. Fred Lamb. Roger Slator. Roger Burg- graf, Dick Yargo. Varsity Club The Varsity Club was organized several years ago to promote school spirit and athletics. Mem- bership in Varsity Club is limited to athletes who have earned one or more letters in baseball, basket- football or volleyball. The Varsity Club has been growing steadily in membership and now has twenty-five members. This year the Club gave sweaters to all the senior members for participation in sports. The following received sweaters: Richard Knight. Lester Armstrong, Charles Mikulec, Donald Jackson, Benny Minter, Mary Baylor, Roger Burggraf, Shirley Lawrence, Janet Seely, and Geraldine Smith. The officers of the Varsity Club are: Richard Knight, presidentg Charles Mikulec, vice-presi- dentg jane Freeman. secretaryg Richard Classen. treasurer, Mary Baylor. news reporter, Don Wat- son, corresponding secretaryg and HCoach', George Cancro, ad'.'i:'or. The Varsity Club has prospered under the leadership of its officers and is planning to buy an electric scoreboard which will be erected in the school gymnasiuum. lnitiations which were held for the new members of the Varsity Club. liilj .1 ul , xl f' 222 F49 'Z 1 gif First How: Roger llurggraf, Dick Knight, Mike Williams, Hob Howell. Dick Classen. Charles Mikulec. Second Huw: Coach Cam-ro. Dick Vargo, Dick Jackson, Roger Slator. Keith Williams, Al Milligan, Tom M1-Guire Third Row: Phillip Chaffee, Clifford Robinson, Bill Hendricks. .lohn Mikulec, Ed McKinney, Lester Armstrong. Football Newfield . . 14 Dryden . . Newfield . . 28 Van Etten Newfield . . 24- Lansing . Newlield . . 30 George Jr. Newfield . . 40 Candor . . Newfield . . 6 Groton . . Newfield . . 58 Spencer . Total . . .... 254 Total . Newfieldas first football game of 1949-50 was played under the lights at Percy Field. Newfield won the game l-'11-12 after a seesaw battle which lasted throughout the game. Dryden scored on a fum- ble by Newfield near Newfieldls goal line, but Newfield came back to tie and then win the game. After the Dryden game, the inspired Newfield team beat Van Etten 28-0 but lost to a strong Lansing team 24--'1-l at Percy Field, then Newfield came back to win two hard-fought games over George Jr. and Candor. Next came the disasterous game with Groton when the hard-fighting Newfield team seemed to fall apart. The game started off with Groton making the first touchdown. Newfield started rolling in the second quarter. They brought it up from their own l5 yard line to Groton's 4. Bob Howell took it over for Newlield's only score. ln the last half Groton scored 3 more touchdowns and held Newheld scorless. Groton won 26-6 and that ended Newfieldls bid for the championship. ln the last game Newfield defeated Spencer 58-30. 5361 Firxt Row: Dick Knight, Keith W'illiums. Svrorzzl Row: llick fflassen. Boll llouell, fioacli Cuncro, Mike Williams. Georgie Dorn. Volleyball In the past three years Newfield has become very well known in the Tri-county Conference in volleyball competition. Newfield now pointing towards a third straight conference championship with an experi- enced team coming up, along with some excellent candidates for playing positions. The returning: members from last year's championship squad are: Don Jackson, Mike Wlil- liams, Bob Howell. Dick Knight, Dick Classen, George Dorn and Keith Williams. The new candidates for playing time are: Durwood Teeter. Doug Dorman. Lester Armstrong, Roger Burggraf. and How- ard Jenney. LIST J Read left to right, First Now: Keith Wlilliams. Douglas Donnan. Nlilu- Williams, George Dorn, Gus lflmerhardt. Second Row: Fred lrilfllll, Mgr.. Boh Howell, Don jackson. lioacli llancro. Dick Knight, Dick Illam-n, Phillip Cliafiee, Mgr. Varsity Basketball The 19-1-9-50 season hegan with the return of hve lettermen: Mike Willianis, Dick Knight, George Dorn, Don Jackson, and Benny Minteer. About these five the team was formed with the addi- tion of Dick Classen, Doug Donnan, Bob Howell, Keith Williams, and Gus Eberhardt to the ranks. The team started the season slowly but poured it on in the last half of the season to end up in third place at the end of the regular schedule with a nine win five loss record. The team then went ahead to win the next two playoff games over Lansing and Candor, by respective 45-43, and 44-43 scores, and the Tri-County Conference Class C Championship. With the Tri-County Title, the team had earned the right to represent our league in the Section IV Class C playoffs. In our first sectional clash we met Kings Ferry. header of Cayuga County League and after a close game throughout we were on the tail end of the A10-39 score to end our season's play. Our con- gratulations to this year's team and the best of luck to the returning lettermen next year. The SC2iSOIl,S record: Newfield 25 f-Spencer 410 Newiield Van Etten 39 Newfield 254Dryden 40 Newlield -Dryden 49 Newfield 2l f- Lansing 241 Newlield Lansing 3l Newtield 35f'Ceorgei,lr. 22 Newhcld McLean 34- Newfield 37- Van lltten 241 Newlield wwellshurg 31 Newfield 32- Newfield 4-11- Wellshurg 31 Nlt-Lean 31 Conferen ee playoff: Newfield Newfield oton 5'l- Ceorge, jr. Spencer 26 1110 Newheld -15-Lansing 13 Newlield Candor 43 Sectional plrzyojz W7ins-- Newhelcl 39-'flXing lferry 40 Newlicld Opponents T Read left to right, First Row: Terry Chaffee, Fuzzy Milli ga-1. Dirk Vargo, Paul Cram-e. Addison Doane, Richard Jackson. Second Row: Fred Lamb. joe Tompkins, Clifford Rnlminsogi. Bill Hendrix, Roger Slater, Howard Swartwood, Bill Butler, Coach. Phillip Chaffee. J. V. Basketball Newfield . . Newfreld . . Newfield . . Newfield . . Newfield . . Newfield . . Newlield . . Newfield . . Newfreld . . Newfield . . Newfield . . Newlield . . Newfield . . Newfield ........ . . . Van Etten .. .... 24 Van Etten . . .... 14 Dryden .... .... 2 8 Wellsburg . . .... 24 McLean .... .... 2 2 Lansing ...... . . .38 George ,lunior .. . . . . .16 McLean ...... .... 2 8 Wellsburg . . .... 21 Dryden ....... .... 2 S George Junior . . . . . . .16 Spencer ...... .... 2 5 Dryden ..... .... 2 8 Spencer .... . . . ...... 25 The ,lunior Varsity were not so fortunate as the Varsity, winding up the season with a record of fl- wins and 11 defeats. After losing their first four games to Van Eten. Yan Etten, Dryden, Wellsburg they beat Mc- Lean in a close 25-22 victory. Then they began to strike much stiffer Competition when they met Lan- sing, Vllellsburg, and Dryden. Their season, much like the Varsity's was highlighted by rnany close games which were very exciting. Among these were their 27-23 and 12 to ll- losses to McLean and Van Ellen and their 22-25 and l7-l6 wins over McLean and George Junior. By the end of the season many of the boys began to show the skill and Hght which will be neces- sary when they fill the places of those who will be lost to the Varsity by graduation. I 39 l First Row: Bob Howell, George Dorn, Mike Williams, Roy Teeter, Chuck Mikulec, Dick Knight. Second Row: Dick Jackson, Keith Williams, Tom McGuire, Dick Classen, Coach Cancro. Baseball Baseball practice started April 10 this year, with 11 men coming out. Six of these men are letter- inen from last year's squad, however. They are as follows: Charles Mikulec, Donald Watson, Dick Knight, Dick Classen, Don Jackson, Tom McGuire, Keith Williams, Gus Eberhardt, and Bob Howell. The newcomers are: John Mikulec, Dick Vargo, Howard Jenney, Roger Burgralf, and Richard Jackson. In the 1948-49 season Newfield swatted their way to the championship of the Southern Division of the Tri-County conference, with an eight-win, two-loss record. Jim Drader and Don Watson pitched four wins against one loss apiece, to lead the team in reg- ular season play. Lansing, Northern Division Champs, beat Newfield out of the League Championship 9-7. Al- though Newlield out-hit Lansing 12-6, a number of Newiield errors contributed to the Lansing win. H01 Top, left to right: Donna J. Avery, Joan Hes- lop and ,lane Freeman. Lower: Geraldine Smith, cfaptaing .lanet Seely. Top left to right: Eleanor Arnold, .lo Diane Dell, Nancy Watson. Bottom: Dora Teeter, 1-aptain: Theota James. Cheerleaders This year the cheerleaders were chosen by two representatives of each high school class and the faculty. The five highest scored girls were placed on the Varsity squad and the next five on lr. Varsity squad. Geraldine Smith was elected captain of the Varsityg Dora Teeter headed the "J.V.,s.M During football season, the cheerleaders followed the team wherever they went, rain or shine. This year, both Varsity and Junior Varsity have a number of new cheers and still have the old dependable ones. The ,l.V.'s have a new cheer, the uHuddle Yellw, which was liked by many people. The Varsity girls came up with a number of new cheers from the g'War Cryu to the 'LVarsity Yellf' The cheerleaders have done a fine job in cheering and encouraging the crowd to cheer. The girls have cheered the boys on when they needed some help, or when they were on top. E411 A FINE GOMBINATION ,-411' may PRINTERS 312 EAST SENECA STREET ITHACA, N. Y. PNONE ITNAGA 2282 . . . FOR A PRIZE WINNING ANNIIAL GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATES OF NEWFIELD CENTRAL SCHOOL- BOTH OLD AND NEW VV. A. MUNSEY F urnifure Bedding Rugs . ELMIRA ROAD ITHACA, N. Y. PHONE 2006 BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS ERIE J. MILLER DeSofo Plymoufh 209-215 SOUTH CAYUGA STREET PHONE 2521 ITHACA, N. Y. H551 Complimenis of ITHACA CO-OP G. L. F. SERVICE, Inc. 120 Soufh FuI'ron Sfreef Ifhaca, N. Y. 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Complimenfs of GDESSA MILLS 63994 cooking, Memred Congsartullafions 0 e Bottle Gas Class of 1950 'fk Mefefed for YOU' WILLIAM T. R anges 'R'lTfil1fQ,.HeaterS' PR'-TCHARD CULVER'S SERVICE Phone I1'haca 2029 Dodge and Plymoufh Dealer Ithaca, N. Y. 461 J. G. PRITCHARD 81 SCN Ithaca'a Buick Dealer Since 1913 Modern Service Department Body and Paint Shop Home of "Better Valued Used Cars" Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds Eaves Troughs-Drain Pipes Galvanized Sinks-Drain Boards Material on Hand: Stainless Steel-Copper and Galvanized Sheet If lt's Sheet Metal Work, Let George do it Wheaton's Sheet Metal Shop 909 W. State Street Dial 2419 The Farmer's and Merchant's Bank Spencer, N. Y. "We Solicit Your Account" Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit lns. Corp. The Banfield Co. 1898 52 Years of Service i950 o i i 1 Building Materials Lumber Heating and Plumbing General Electric Appliances Floor Coverings Halligan Furniture Youngstown Kitchens GE, RCA, Philco, Stromberg Carlson Television 471 CORTRIGHT ELECTRIC H 'r P I Appl Y k A C cI I g FI I L ght g I1 31527 RD 5 3663 I h N "Wire Righf Wifh Corfr ghf CHOICE MEATS AND POULTRY The Public Market II5 Norfh Aurora Sfreef Ifh N Y Cayuga Lumber Company Building Maferials G. E. Appliances 801 Wesf Sfafe Sfreef Ithaca-3336 HULL HEATING 81 PLUMBING CG. Plumbing-Hearing Gas and Oil Burners Pumps-Appliances 910 Wes? Srafe Sheer Ifhaca, N. Y. Complimenfs of .I. B. Lang Eng. 81 Garage Co., Inc. Sales and Service Sfudebaker Cars and Trucks Infernafional Farm Implements Phone Ithaca 2777 117-135 Easf Green Sfreef -I9 Compliments of BREWER 81 BROWN CO., Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work, Roofing 306 West Lincoln Street Telephone 2946 American Standard Fixtures Rexoil Oil Burners Case Vitreous China Fixtures Briggs-Beauty Ware Roberts-Gordon Gas Burners Conversion and Forced Air Gas, Oil, Coal Fired Heating Systems DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Diamonds -Jewelry - Watches Glassware - Clocks - Aluminum Wares Lelong Perfumes R. A. HEGGIE 81 BROS. CO. Jewelers I JOSEPH ABBOTT'S I. G. A. STORE 912 wear slave sneer I Ithaca, N. Y' Phone 2277 136 E. State St. Ithaca, N. Y. I Compliments of GENATT'S . "SPENCER NEWS" IITOF To Teen Shop" I Spencer, 142 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. N LOCKWOOD GARDENS ELI FRAND Florists I TRIANGLE SERVICE CENTER 419 First St. Dial 2245 Ithaca, N. Y. . Body and Fender Works Gas and Oil 2-.. . L- . . . - -222 . 2 . L 1501 Compliments of the SPENCER G. L. F. I Feed, Seed, Fertilizer and I Farm Supplies I MEARNS ESSO SERVICE "The Place with the Big Tire" 217 South Cayuga Street Ithaca, N. Y' EVERGREEN FLORIST Wedding and Funeral Arrangements Hair Cuts 75c Jim's Sanitary Barber Shop 623 West Buffalo Street da thru Saturday 8 t 6 p Open Mon y a. m. o . m. Spencer, N. Y. Plenty of free parking James Fronciamone P SERVICE GARAGE RIPLEY 8m WATT MOTORS 417 East State Street IRear Dean'sI W West Seneca Street Ithaca, N. Y. , U d Automobiles Repair Work I II'l1aCa, Pl1OI'1e TOWNLEY MOTORS USED CARS BOUGHT - SOLD - EXCHANGED Reconditioned and Guaranteed 0 R.D.5 Ithaca Phones 2481-2241 V2 Mile South of the Plaza on the Elmira Road I5II NORTON ELECTRIC CO. ALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND HOUSEHOLD FIXTURES 409 WEST STATE STREET I I ITHACA 2596 NEWFIELD 47386 ANDY SOYRING Automotive Electric Service IO8 East Clinton Street Ithaca, N. Y. "lt Pays To See The Specialist" 140 West State Street Ithaca, N. Y. C H ARJAN 'S Shopping Plaza o Gifts and Cards For AII Occasions NEWFI ELD SERVICE GARAGE "See Us Before You Buy A Tractor" Ferguson System R. Matson Phone 46421 R. Payn e P. D. FITZGERALD Trumansburg, N. Y. Farm Equipment International Trucks Phone 240 Compliments of LETTEER RED 8m WHITE Odessa, N.Y. CcmpIiments of H. C. T. MOTOR CO. Your Hudson DeaIer Ithaca, N. Y. Compliments of TEETER 1 CHEVROLET, Inc. 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from SCANLON'S FOOD MARKET 510 West Clinton Street Ithaca, N. Y. OPEN NIGHTS AND SUNDAYS Sales A Und V 'WW gewfce K. M. AINSLIE Plumbing and Heating , Forced Air Heating Systems Steam and Hot Water Pump Service 202 Center Street Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 186 Dryden, N. Y. Phone 9312 This bank is in a position to serve the entire needs of the community. We invite your account. Tompkins County Trust Co. Ithaca, N. Y. o Member of the Federal Reserve HOWARD L. SMITH Distributor of Pyrotax Gas and Appliances -hone: Trumansburg, 8-R, Residence Trumansburg, 227, Store Compliments of MESSENGER'S STORE Newfield, N. Y. Best Wishes from LOUNSBERY FLOWERS Your Florist in Ithaca System E 409 College Avenue 'lln College Town" Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat Phone 3327 L sz Compliments of LAYTON ' DAV5 HQI-LAND I APPLIANCE 525 West Seneca Street C O M p A N Y lfhaC3f N- Y- I 304 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. I I Norge Dry Cleaning Refrigerators I Washers C Electric Stoves E-- E. ..a- ee . aaoa ease e .. E. E .E --. Congratulations to the Class of '50 Compliments of HART'S . . I . PHARMACY MCGUIYG S Gardens I Aozwesfsiafesffeef Elmira Road . Ithaca, N. Y. I Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 8794 ea. .. . . F ag. C. C. e E . . . Best Wishes to the 1950 Graduating Class- Conger's Rotary Service Elmira Road and Meadow Street Ithaca, N. Y. CharIey's Auto Body Repair Pony Hollow Newlield, N. Y. . Automotive Painting and Repairs "Let Us Estimate" 541 MGDDICK AND AH RHART Odessa's Only Department Store Phone 481 i . l Good Luck to Class of '50 C Anything You Want Will Be Here l W, Compliments of VALLEY DINER . Elmira Road Phone 6246 Glazier's Red and White Complete L ol Groceries, Meat and Produc G l Drugs-School Supplies y J p 8 M Sullivan y N f Id47598 wesfosnby l C T O l l Wiiiri KING'S TEXACO SERVICE Havoline Oil - Marfax Lubrication Tel. 42313 .lust Across from Sunny . EI ' R cl lfh , N. Y. Furniture Carpets 'ma ca aaa Rugs Appliances ae Drapery Compliments of Elmira - Williamsport - Corning BROOK'S PHARMACY 126 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. .l. .l. DRISCOLL LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIALS 505-515 THIRD STREET ITHACA, N. Y. PHONE 2957 SPENCER CO-OP, lncorporated Spencer and Trumansburg Store Owned and Controlled by the Members Trade Rebates Paid to All Customerson Amount of Purchases General Merchandise Feed, Coal, Lumber, Lime, Fertilizer, Etc. Harvester Co. Farm Machinery, Milkers, Coolers and Trucks Spencer Co-operative Society Feeds Phone Spencer 39 Trumansburg 155 Newlield 47277 i561 S E E L Y' S Congratulafe the Graduating Class A. E. VAN ATTA Chevrolet Sales and SEELY MASHES, Sewice SEELY DAIRY RATIONS t t The Sealy Feed S'I'0feS, 8 Spencer, N.Y. Owego,N.Y. Inc. 407 Third Street Ithaca 2955 STATE DI ER "FOOD AT IT'S BEST" 428 West State Street Ithaca, N. Y. PHONE 2883 V371 Compliments of MAZOUREK BROS. Farm Implements DRYDEN DRYDEN Be Thrifty-Buy Here Lower Overhead 0 Lower Prices THREE FLOORS FURNITURE AND RUGS OPEN ON THE "T" NIGHTS TUES.-THURS.-SAT. Until 9 p. m. 0 Closed Wednesday Afternoons Please Look Elsewhere First I 616 West Buffalo Street I IVAN H. SPANGLER I I I Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 2575 I Wayside Furniture Store Dryden, N. Y. I I Success In The Future ROBINSON SL CARPE TER Lumber Office: 206 Taughannock Blvd. Phone 2337 Coal Office: 915 West State Street Phone 2028 I isa MARICN'S ELECTRICAL SERVICE o 305 Ithaca Road, Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 8852 Complimenfs of W- E I Mobil and Firesione Tires T I Weed Chains and Cross Chains N PRESTONE-FREEZONE Ifhac N Y. PA 112 Easf Green Sfreef Phone 9409 EDNA L. RAPPELEYE 0 Corner Service Cenfer C dy, Ice Cream, Pop, Gas, Oil, Efc. Newfield N Y I Op y d y 7 30 I 9 Wesf Sfafe Sffeef Y EE I I WY Y 7 I Buy SCHMAUS CLOTHES Iihaca, N. Y. Phone 3436 I 1 and Save Money I I Ne I I Sf I Th afre Ifh N. Y. 59 fgnwzzfulzffbnf fb A42 675155 M7950 Complimenfs of Complimenfs of Baldwin's Furnifure . ROY S Store I BARBER SHOP T 114 Easf Green Sfreef Trumansburg, N. Y. Ithaca, N- Y. , ongrafulafions cuDuN's MEAT MARKET I T C . PARKER'S SERVICE STATION T 1018 Wesf Sfafe Sfreef wfield, N. Y. Phone 47443 1 Ifhaca, N. Y. Phone 9657 MARION'S BIG TOP GEORGE'S RESTAURANT Dryden, N. Y. Y 128 Soufh Cayuga Sfreef ADVANCE EVERY SAT' NITE I Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 28121 Congrafulafions fo fhe 1950 Class of N. C. S. NEWTOWN AUTO SALES 232 Soufh Cayuga Sheer, Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 8904 Ifmll Complimenfs of THE SEELY FEED STORE FEED AND SEED GREENWOOD'S RED AND WHITE "A COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIESH 636 Wesf Slate Sfreef lI'haca, N. Y. Spencer, N. Y. o Phone 2687 Funeral - SERVICE - Ambulance E. M. RUMS EY R, D, HQRTON G Phone 33M Odessa, N. Washed Sand, Gl'aV9laI1d CI'USl'1ed Sfone B. N. Millard, Pres. W. L. Millard, Vice-Pre Spencer Road-Ithaca, N. Y.-R. D. 5 Bulldozing, Excavating, Trenching Dia' 2015 and Grading Transif Mix Concrefe WILBER VISUAL SERVICE I Special Represenfafive for o Bell 81 Howell Producfs O Telephone 28 Genesee Sf. 119 Sfafe Sfreef I l Phone Il Phone 4-2426 Ithaca' ' New Berlin, N. Y. Albany, N. Y. 623 Congratulations from B. F. GOCDRICH Compliments of TRAINOR'S l "Complete Line of Auto L U N C H Supplies" 102 West State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 3432 ROCM 118W East Green Street Ithaca, N. Y. Y C. .l. RUMSEY 81 CO. HARDWARE 206 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from ITHACA G. L. F Cgflff N Congrafulafions from CI f 50 E KIRKUP AND PHILLIPS "Y Chrysler-Plymoufh De I ICE CREAM E EE E Complimenfs f E AUTO THE E COLLEGE PARTS West Sfafe S E E E FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ITHACA, N. Y. CIfBkgS I I I CO C HOERGER'S STUDIO G IG 33 I l Congratulations to the Class of "SO" VlC'S l DARI-LUNCH l Sundaes Sodas Sandwiches l 632 West Buffalo Street Phone 3-1042 Compliments of THE SEALTEST COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from . R O T T M A N N ITHACA FLOOR COVERING Roofing and Remodeling 406 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. 704 West Buffalo Street Phone 5153 Ithaca, N. Y. A Se K Dial 6232 I if-'fffwfja On Main Street Elmira, N. Y. Protect the Dearest Spot on Earth- Your Home" 66 AMES ELECTRIC WELDING CO. Oxygen Therapy Scott Air Pak. 618 West Buffalo Street - Phone 9972 Hhaca,N.Y. Contract Welding Distributors of Electric and Acexylene Linde Air Products Metallizing and Machine Work Oxy.-Acet. Welding Equipment Resurfacing All Metals by Lincoln Arc Welders Metal Spray Method Lincoln-Weid Supplies "AMES AIMS TO PLEASE" "The Best in Drug Store Goods" FAH EY PHARMACY QUALITY SERVICE PRICE "The Best in Drug Store Service" 154 East State Street lthaca, N. Y E671 l WES AND LES BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS Phone 2819 1002 Wesf Sfafe Sfreef Ifhaca, N. Y. ".lus1 Made lf" LAST AD IN THE BooK HILL'S JEWELERS 1 1 C,,i,,,,e,, 1 Ithaca, N. Y. Phone 4-1121 ff?-1 A u,,i,,e,5aHy Q- ' I 1 Q- 1 approve-grown 1 EEE E v p,g:fg,f..1 folks prefer it em' 1 ' 'SQVQ' because it is so N. 'Z ' All Kinds of Insurance X ' I palatable' , I If you cannot purchase this in your home 1 ' town- 'te us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago C901 1 ALLEN INSURANCE 1 S t 1 BX llll AG EN CY Qwaz, .zona V Dial 47511 Newfield, N. Y X 68 Congrafulafions and Besf Wishes To fhe Class of 1950 ROTHSCHILD'S r lfhaca, New York r 1 L d g Deparfmenf Sfore of The L Finger Lakes Region L w,..w v v,v,. ll , ,, BO0L'S for FLOWERS Nexf Ithaca Hofel Phone 2758 COMPLIMENTS OF JOE'S RESTAURANT 602 Wesf Buffalo S'rree'r lfhaca, New York E691 3 Y xx E I Q 5 5 21 Q ii X 5: y 15 51 Z5 32? 5 51 'Q 5 2 Q 15 E M 22 Fx STUART V. CARPENTER CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Hook Place Extension Ithaca, N. Y. Wekamew "Where Our Kitchen Is As Clean As Our Dining Room" 14 MILE FROM ITHACA ON ELMIRA ROAD Private Parties and Receptions Accommodated Phone 3400 Legal Beverages E721 l L. S. BALFOUR l THAYER COMPANY 3 APPLIANCE co 1 Attleboro Massachusetts Known Wherever There Are Frigidaire Appliances Schools and Colleges" 1 1 X RCA and Zenith Radios o Youngstown Kitchens Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations-Diplomas Personal Cards . Club Insignia-Medals and Trophies l ' 1 5 W West SeI'leCa Slfeel' 164 Hermitage Road Rochester, N. Y. i Ithaca' N' Y' l l W Y, We ,W WZ,,.,-W 7,14 7 .. -,?,,, I FAlLlNG'S PLUMBING CGMPANY l Complete Bath Rooms in CRANE STANDARD KOHLER Timkin Oil Burners Myers and Gould Pumps Rudd and Penfield Water Heaters lthaca 9708 Q Q l l 111 soufh Fulton sneer Ithaca, N. Y. lil ITHACA PHOTO Supplies That Finishing Touch "Say It With Snapshots" Stop In Today At 105 WEST GREEN STREET Ithaca, N. Y. Use the new parking Iot right next door I I Congratulations ! O ALLEN FUNERAL SERVICE U60 Seconds from State Street" 0 MORRIS' Clothing and Haberdashery tor Young Men Phone 2197 Ithaca, N. Y COLLEGE CHEVROLET CO., Inc. "Where You Always Get Good Service" CHEVROLET PASSENGER CARS V2 TO 2 ToN TRUCKS Used Cars with An OK That Counts 201-203 East Tompkins Street Ithaca, N. Y. 74 Success in the Future I DORN'S STORE Newfielcl,N.Y. ELMER T. HURST Phone 2050 Bottled Gas 0 Ranges 0 Refrigerators Water Heaters 109 East Clinton Street Ithaca, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF PRATT'S FLOWER SHOP MEMBER F. T. D. 324 Seneca Street Ithaca, N. Y. L I DEAN OF ITHACA, INC. . MAYFLOWER WAREHOUSES COAST TO COAST Local and Long Distance Moving Busses For Charter Nos. 401-409 East State Street Ithaca, N. Y. PHONE 40511 I J. E. WALSH AND SON, Inc. l Your Ithaca Nash Dealer I Elmira Road at Meadow I Ithaca, N. Y. o Sales Service Parts I lthaca's Finest Radiator Cleaning I and Repairing Be Sure To Have Your l CYLINDER BLOCK CLEANED When We Clean Your Radiator Congratulatons and Best Wishes SHULMAN'S "Itl1aca's Oldest Furniture Store" 103 West State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Compliments of LOUIS HERMAN FINE FURS FUR STORAGE I l Telephone 4-0141 318 EAST STATE STREET I Ithaca, N. Y. Our Best Wishes To The Class of '50 1 WRIGHT'S SPORT CENTER 1 Ithaca Shopping Plaza i Elmira ca lth NY ht R d aca, Smith and Kay Wrig T if i BABYLAND The one sfop sfofe ' Ithaca 2186 r JANSSEN'S HOMEBAKERY Ifh PI Ithaca, N Y for infants wear and expectant mothers l 1 STOP AND EAT AT + SAMME'S RESTAURANT 122 South Cayuga Street Ithaca, N Y at the Ithaca Shopping Plaza COME TO THE Open Evenings Free Parking S E NIO R B A L L June 26, After Graduation MACHEN'S FLOWER SHOP JOHN M. MACHEN Rear - 612 South Plain Street Ithaca, N. Y. E771 NEW LINDEN GARAGE MOTHER ZERCJ and NEW LINDEN CAB 227-231 Linden Avenue Ithaca, N. Y. Division of G.L.F, Frozen foods are better foods and pound for pound, the year around, foods are cheaper. 0 Q DIAL DIAL 9422 2054 225 South Fulton Street Ithaca, N. Y. STERN'S LADIES TAILORING Coats and Suits Made-to-order-Remodeling of all Types State Theatre Buiiding, 109 W. State Street I Ithaca, N. Y. Telephone 2071 Compliments of Compliments of I "MA" SMITH'S I. G. A. Store Newfield, New York LADIES' READY TO WEAR 106 West State Street Ithaca, N. Y. Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Motors GOOD LUCK 0 TO ALL GRADUATES o Boat .Iohnson's Yard Sales, Storage, Service, Supplies Ithaca, New York Chris-Craft ZION'S Ithaca's House for Fine Furniture 78 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS .,A ,011 - I.,-Clay. 4 X- X, , j.. W , 1 Il 'H 'ft' Q , :W fer-.,. , 4 , . N has ., R ,l V, f "5 ka Mu kmk ,. ..Q. -. V M, 21-rw -Q: var..-,Q A .W V Q A-wr . 1 , ,V . -, l m- ,- .ir V ,, , I, W H ,gf ff-f . :f 2,S-n-M - .,i.Z 7 ffk'!-" W' - v 2""' - ' 'Y' -'H , 'lffffai -'ww-., fm' ww. LWJ1, ,M ., 1 , 1 5 y fyv' .fw V " 3 "1 "" 1 M:-hh 'I 1 X' Q'-gy W " . '! . 5' Fi ' qc 4 rnq x, . A " ' " f"1'? " ' ,f5 5 . .- Mm ,1 L, WJ, Q, ,- S .- .Fr . W, 1 f --A V . . ,.,- H 12 kg W - 4 , , f ,K , vi V 55- - - .,X- by , ,gil .,,-,4E'..1Fg,jg f, f g ,.g- x ,.4'- -pf, -m - - ' f A ,' f.i:r4-fflwf ., , .', C Lv, 12"xw s. u 4 ,M 4 fww?-f .sa fs-QW .A , 1- M1 NYM mmf kafSQu,.g,fm, . f 1- 1, , :' :i,.fr51U,j'. ag., ,, 15,-V K :V - M W ' - V P 'Wff vf 1-5054554 'ff"1f::fvlj -141-' .1 ., 'Q 'W ' ' - " - ' f - ' . , ' ' -"f19-wa,-:ZW ."f"."4 '.-1'I"'i 2,1231 . " -2 af" wF ,x-J HF'-v ' ,Q-. f"'4'f-il' -f""-2 4' "'h'Lk'- ,--' A' fi --,-'.:i,..-F :J -.,-.. , - , f -A R . ' K ' 5 ' ' . H ' .:'fi'::z, f W W- im wad Qfygwf-wf'i"fw .4-:M 4 1. V-i-:'f.-az'-we,Hr-' ' - ' 'Z' " 'f"ZET?ff X 1?Fw Tf 1 A:- ' , J. I'- , IW . , ,. , .,,, ,,...,. ,H , . . . , ,V., 21 WY, 4 I . 5 'X , . ., . ..,5,, , ,ww ,. f M- ,f - -- "':'W:,w'- , ,1.:- , f 'K-f'f"fzVi"-2 .54 V x - what 1 1 . R 11 9- aw b Ww 5-M '11 :A ? .q f 1 .M

Suggestions in the Newfield Central School - Memoria Yearbook (Newfield, NY) collection:

Newfield Central School - Memoria Yearbook (Newfield, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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1950, pg 46

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1950, pg 87

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