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-1, 1. U 1 ,f, ,f 1 ff K - 1 f f f' 1" 1' ' , 1 X- l!.. If lf, f ,X , ,1 k, , I ,- 1! Ar I ff! , ' - f ,f I ff' I 1-' ' X, -I , " . . , I, If ,, , ji " lf' ,-" , 1" ,f 'V I f .f - 1 1 .. f lf' 1' -1' f ' ,f .1' ,f ,- , I A , 1 , A, A. f 1 , 1 .1 1, 1 if A,- 1Z 1' .11 ,f 1 ff J! , ff 1, ,A ,- f, ,f 11 1' 1" 1' , . J, I, ,1 ,f X1 1 ,- ,- 1 -' 1 - ,- f I A, 1 1 , , 1, If f If If l, I1 -1 If ' J, ,I 1' ' ,f -f ,f " .1 If ff gf ,f I I 1 11 .1 ,f ff 1, 1 ' .- f' , ,1 ' ' 1' 1' 1 1" ,ff 1 .f ,ff 1' X ,f f f' .f 1 ,, .- .. W 1, ,-. ...... , ..- . ' Qu' . -1 If ,.-' 1.-7 I ' fn' 'f' ,.-' If -1' 1' . 1 -' 1 f' ,W " ,-' , I. ,V I, ,1 .- 1'f 1. , J, ,f 1 K, 'J ' 1 '- A .. Y ..... ,.....-. . I 1-,NTUR P . . .g, ...Q 1--1-1-.v-N..,.,.-..f-...--, V . V Y .'f'Nu:fvm-..,... nun, AA aa.. . .M f L E QQMMQ A L 1, 1, K if X 1 R ,.fgf4p N-,ggf A A 4025 AW ,X C W1 l V Q , EW . , K' 1 ff W! , X iffy M W ft 5 fy'm7'JM J. ' 7 WA ff 05 g n 'I I J I s H x hiv I k ,J J ' U I Atv! F Wwgq fffypqfj vj Wi, fifzg J' M gf f QW Hrbi-2543, A ff? f57M'C Jyhfigk Xl, RCHUX ffwawtw A, G13 43 fax Tia MX PWA? My xomy Q- QQ6 5 yfVv?M9fJ VJ C '5 V 3 Q 131 A 6? A 529 fx 9- db Q30 9x JAM ,Eff 5 In 5 ?JL,5LQf'QiAlb62fXi?Digff i but r 1g,,.,'i 1 1 n J ,L . L' . Lf ' . L5 XX 1 xi . ,C ' ,AX U! J U' A0 4 X4 ' fw T, L LLL QQ, fl 3 V be O YN if H f Y- T N W Ma I + L A-EX lx 9-N Y X3 I . 93 I X5 T3 P? lb Vx ' I ' x lx 1' if X EQ DN SK! jzhf Dix N 243, 3 A . 1 2151 , 'lm X3 A-N :fs 3 JAN 9- O N n Vx up XD - 5 q X Q X 0.17 fl ,A xxx My 5 Q X - ' Q X 2 Q. R Q ' jx ' YW X A X9 fig 59 '91 2, X D P Q 'J J N 1 I Q! 3 23 ULN? is K Qfaf Ala B' QQ '25 .X f X Qgifgig f L n A, .ll T 606555 Y Qi, f ERQ142 04409 1 l Yysfiwib-dji?OJ,7Q'i A QAM 1 GX i , si, g Ky ! SDF ' jg 1 3 , LQ, ' :Q QUQV, Anjlgjoocigu gbQ'g3k5Q i 'T ?7OU - f?'+?? f 77 3.13 SS, 1 N 67 gg 32: 9 vw A QM Q 'A'A C5 w l , g H ll 1 - sq fqikfmgf, 2 S W if , 'wif + E 2 f' Cf? C 'U l fs- . gr. J Ldovflf 9 1f ' 9+ f l, , a MX 'O , - f !7 Q' fv- ff it ' MQ of E Vyygxifjfx Ugv Q gi I. gy. i , 64 - i1 UN LU ii: , . , K' Q l ' Y S f Lf A , l 1 ? l l 1l3l Q f , . k . ,kk,. . ,,.,j..,L,ff Xe , ., A,,, XV A . . ,g ,, w 1 -, 1:4533 Q1-154 , .. . , 3 . Q L M 5 V . - V j 4 g,. K f , 1 ey K ., 3 fry. In j- I S " .K K I . K !,lj,V1,L ,: L.-'EVE .A Q S'QV'W' 3 ' . DJ' M ,A g .WW 1422" wi fi-1. ,,:Q1fm,:? .- f .sf-1 f A , N .1 . ' -1 .,sa1zf3,i., q,1,1,:Q3' E ,I f .. .F .,+. ovnxcuw, QDi?9 g I ,ff 'V -1-'O -x.,if.f"'flUY1R,i,. ,X.. w1, ' ,1 'I' -X., . 4 1 X Z, XB, , Q Q x QU L M x, 4 gy! Q A 'LJ , f ' N' SS x I, -f Q X ' M G N NRG N QW r.-Tl! ,lj - f, V KJ x X V : 3 X X DJ ' N :J 1 'W , Ci? L59 .I,,kIA I I 0 4? rl, ., ' QQ 05 ' am YJ 5 fi f '5,,vXO, !,.ijfff3 if As ,,', ,j lj 'f .77 1 XL! f N 97- V f 747114 'J fy! , ,Ea wbgk - f Qwff A "' K' Of . F ff A 07, viii? J- 23V of Wvfwfw 7' ?f bADf' I. ff rt Cf? ' 151. ' f, Y 1f rv?-1 ,Q ' f: A,M Of f F Hs, LL f :fu We 24 TW JW ' I '22 I . 10,3 ,.,., . gm . 774, Q1 Lf v,,. Wm K f 11-fy , ' ,"' 'L - f f ",, ' yn ' y ff -yff A1121 '-ff, 2 'iw:fi'Lf',y ,,,' Q , A . if 'A ' I he Yearbook Staff Pre ffl ntsf ' ' "- ,"' "" , 1 V ff 1' fL',Q , ,, f Q' ffff f Wefzf'-M f -,ff J, f-ff: ,f ,"f 1w2:z4??m.' ' ,aff f ' ., 7 W , L,,, ,Q - ,",,' - V w , ,,', QFQWWWM' f, -. ' ' I!WQQ,f"'f 'f P 2 v -..M.,,,V -1' Q , 1 ADMINISTRA ION AND FQGULTY .... 2 W 3 , P ,,,,,..- a Smlle '16 If BOARD Ol? EDUCATION! Mr. Walden Sidebottom Mr. Gary Fitch Mr. William Steadman Dr. Walter Altbacli Board of Education Mr, Fred Hoffmann Mr. Richard Gaudc Mr. Robert Dunbar Mr. Sliadbolt Busi- ness Administrator BRANDT HOUSI-I SliC'RliTARlIiS-- Nlrs. Mcinkin, Miss Taylor. Mrs. Hillman, Miss Broak N, 1 -ir Mr. George J. Bligh Mr. Malcolm Redmore Mr. John Chiavaro Superintendent of Schools Director of Elementary Education Director of Secondary Education Mr. Albert Vertucci Principal Newfane Elementary School Mr, Raymond Weber Junior High School Principal K g it A 6 A , Mr. Owen wiuiams i A U Q Principal Olcott Elementary H Wrights Corners Elementary Dr. Richard Nealon Senior High School Principal ,f ..-W-w-M 4 Mr. Masters Scnior High Guidance Counselor Mr. White Director of Pupil Personnel Mr. Casale Junior and Senior High Guidance Counselor Mr. Dockery Reading Consultant Mr. Wright Mrs. Hcsch Junior High Guidance Counselor Reading COTISUIYLIHI 9X PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Mr. Donovan, Mr. Fcitshans, Mrs. Laws. NURSES-Mrs, Bradley, Mrs. Masters. PHYSICAL EDUCATION -Mr. Duffy. PHYSICAL EDUCATION -Mr. Conley. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Mr. Landsheft, Mrs. Blewett. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Miss Turnage. 5 Q 3 Teachers and Students in the News Newfane instituted a course in Cal- culus and Analytic Geometry this year. The course is designed for Seniors who intend to pursue a career in the fields of Math or Science. Newfane's high school Math stu- dents annually participate in two Math- ematics Contests: aj The Annual High School Mathematics Competition which is administered in the U.S. and its possessions and Canada. Newfane participates every year, and placed 25th of 75 schools in their region which comprises Western N. Y. This exam is for llth and llth Grade students. bj The Annual Buffalo State Mathematics Contests which offers competition for individ- ual grade levels, 10,1 1.8L IZ. This year at Newfane Central High, the Drama Club presented the three- act comedy, ARMS AND THE MAN, by G. Bernard Shaw. The play exem- plifies both Shawian satire and British humor. The setting is Bulgaria in 1890 and the major characters were the Pet- koff family. These characters are aristocrats and are typically arrogant, provincial, and parochial toward peo- ple of a lesser class. Catherine Petkoff, the mother of Raina and wife of Paul, was played by Lois Geist and Sue Winkley. These girls had to portray a scheming woman who desired both increased social status and material wealth. Lois and Sue did an excellent job of portraying Catherine. Raina Petkoff, played by Sherry Galambos and Dawn Shuman, was a young aristocrat who was an incurable romantic. Both girls worked arduously at perfecting this role, and enjoyed success with it. Tonka, the maid, a pragmatic, so- Mr. Caisse Mr. Ames cialistic, cosmopolitan character, was played by Brenda Hoyer and .laye Brayley. This role dictated that she cross swords with Raina, both socially and romantically. Nikola, the man-servant and buf- foon, was played by Lansing Dicken- son. Nikola supplemented Tonka po- litically, and provided a bit of humor for the audience. Nikola will long be remembered as "The butter-fingered donkey". Major Sergius Saranoff, the provin- cial, idealistic. romantic soldier was played by Bill Bowers. This character revelled in warfare and military repar- tee. Bill did a finejob. Major Paul Petkoff, father of Raina, husband to Catherine and military leader, was the tired, old patriarch of the family. Tom Klemick brought amicability to this somewhat dry character. Captain Bluntschli, the Swiss Offi- cer, chocolate cream soldier. and Shawian Superman, was played by Bob Lytle and Ron Raetz. Bluntschli was the middle aged, professional soldier who bungled his way away from bat- tles and into Raina Petkoffls favor. Both boys deserve special congratulations for their portrayal of this character. Special credit should go to Mark Mathewson and Ann Carr, stage mana- ger and student director respectively. Special credit also should go to the other students who gave their time and interest to ensure the success of this play. The words of Shakespeare seem to sum up this production: "lf it be true that good wines need no bush, 'tis true that a good play needs no epilogue". Dennis Caisse Director Science Fair Newfane Central School will hold its first annual Science Fair sponsored by the Junior High Science Club on March fourteen of this year. The Sci- ence Club is advised by Mr. William Sprague and Mr. Joe Meyer of the Ju- nior High School. The purpose of this project is to help encourage the stu- dent to develop an understanding of the necessity for organization, plan- ning, and experimentation in research. lt also serves as an opportunity for the talented student to express himself creatively. lt is hoped it will serve to deepen interest in science, mathemat- ics, art, and industrial arts as possible career opportunities. Winners in the Newfane Science Fair will complete in the North Western Zone Science Fair in April of this year. At the Zone level there are a great number of prizes that are available to the superior projects. Mr. Sprague Teachers and Students in the News Newfane Central High School stu- dents will participate in an enrichment program during their Easter vacations. Two groups will travel to Europe. Three years ago four Newfane Se- nior High School Home Economics students began to plan for a trip to Pa- ris to visit several high fashion design- ers and famous chefs. These four girls began to work for the goal by obtain- ing part time jobs. They worked sum- mers and during the school year. Last spring plans were again dis- cussed and this past fall plans were fin- alized for an extended trip to two ad- ditional cities. They will be able to visit London and Rome. Seven home economics girls and four adults will leave March 21st for a l4-day tour of the three cities. They will depart from Buffalo, go to New York City and on to London via Air France. The students are: Roxanne Blewett, Cindy Harrison, Debbie Harrison, Bon- nie Hiller, Candy Miles, Cindy Secord and Donna Zashm. Adults are Mrs. Mary Bell of Buffalo, Miss Maggie Mark- le and Mrs. Parke Morrow of Niagara Falls and Miss Mary G. Viverette, Home Economics teacher of Newfane Senior High School. ln London sightseeing will include Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paulis Cathedral, the famous squares, Hampton Court, British Museum, Windsor Castle and mod shops on Carn- aby Street. One afternoon four o'clock tea will be arranged and two evenings will be spent at the theatre. On one evening the girls will meet the perform- ers. Paris tourings will include a trip to Versailles, Notre Dame and Saint-Cha- pelle, the Louvre, The tuileries, many famous fountains, attractions of the Champs Elysees, Place de la Bastille, Dome Des lnvalides, the Madeline La Place Vendome, Sacre Colur basilica and a Seine River trip. The girls will visit several designer boutiques, French restaurants and tea will be served at "An Printempsf' One -'E-1, if t t , K-. V,-19 'NW , N' js.--1. s'T2Tis'ai-,. 3,.,.,-. .Uf . CS' ,wfxfiaf 'K V a . s- '1,g'e.. :L .5 I L K K XV! 'P F, - ' '- T555 -F evening in Paris will be spent at a ballet performance. Rome offers a Wagnerian opera one evening. Most of the girls are fond of ltalian food so several evenings will be spent dining out. Daytime tour high- lights are the Vatican, Spanish Steps. Trevi Fountain, Via Appia ruins. cata- combs, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Col- essium, Baths of Caracalla and Diocle- tian, Theatre of Marcellus, Olympic Stadium, the Via Condotti shops and the Via Veneto cafes. English speaking guides will be avail able to help in planning any other sights desired. Mrs. Morrow and Miss Markle under- stand and speak French. French Classes from Newfane Cen- tral School will be spending Easter va- cation in various parts of Europe. Twenty-six students including four from Wilson Central and one from Ken more will leave from Toronto for Lon- don and on to Paris. The group will leave March 21st and return March 30. Mrs. Olivera Kovacovic, Senior High French teacher will be in charge of the group and be their guide. Mrs. Marie Palisano, Junior High Language Teacher will be assisting. Al- so accompaning the group will be Dr. and Mrs. Walter Altbach and daughter, Susan. Several parents and teachers will go with the group to make a total of 44. Students from Newfane are: Bruce Aikin, Karen Aikin, John Blewett, Eric Buhyoff, William Caughill, Daniel Don- ovan, Glenn Enderby, Debbie Gavri, Nancy Hamelick, John Hayner, George Kirchner, Jayne LeValley, Sandra Mills Roberta Stranges, Elizabeth Strong, Molly Taylor, Ann Winkley and Shar- mon Zehr. NEWFANE--How does the world of plastics affect the homemaker? What should one do if his car stalls? What is one technique for refinishing a piece of furniture? How is a lamp switch wired? These and other questions are being answered for a group of girls in a prac- tical industrial arts course suited to their interests. The course, organized by the Industrial Arts Department at Newfane Central School, originated in an interest expressed by the girls who wondered why they were not permit- ted to acquire some of the knowledge taught to boys in industrial arts classes. The course content is practical rath- er than theoretical. The girls will be en- gaged in the routine maintenance of automobiles, appliances, furniture, etc. The material to be presented in the course was formulated by Ronald B. Perry, David J. Wollenberg, and Nor- man L. Kopeck, industrial arts teachers at the school. SENIOR HIGH BUSINESS ROW 1 MISS Guzzettx Mr Dreyer. ROW 2: Mr. Hoolihan, Mr. Connolly, Mr. Weir. DRIVER EDUCATIONvROW 1: Mr. McAllister, Mr. Morse. If' """"" SR. HIGH LANGUAGE-ROW 1: Mr. Stearns, Mr. Hoftiezer. ROW 2: Mrs. Kovace- JR. LIBRARY-Mrs. Donavan. vic, Mrs. Billingsley, LIBRARIAN. . Wo. SR. HIGH HOME ECO- JR. HIGH INDUSTRIAL ARTSfMr. Cleinman,Mr. Madej, Mr. Perry. NOMlCSYMiss Viverctte. 1 Lf L ' Rim? was JR. HIGH HOME ECONOMICS+Mrs.Wronski, SR, HIGH INDUSTRIAL ARTS-Mr. Bambina, SR, HIGH INDUSTRIAL Mrs. Hoppe. Mr. Wollenberg. ARTS-Mr. Kopek. - l as SOCIAL STUDIES-SENIOR HIGH ROW I: Mr. Wapen, Mrs. Burchard. ROW 2: Mr. Dolzmsky, Mr. Smith. Mr. Kopeck, Mr. Villellu, SOCIAL STUDIES-JUNIOR HIGH ROW I: Mr. Vanderheite, Mr. McLa hlin Miss Bunnecke. ROW 2: Mr. Joensen, Mr. Mona- han, Mr. Pixley, Mr. Traver . 'QQ OJ K ' I TN N V . XNVM SCIENCEASENIOR HIGH ROW I: Mr. Fink. ROW 2: Mr. Shaffer, Mr Haley, Mr. O,NeiI. SCIENCEAJUNIOR HIGH ROW I: Mr. Obuhanych, Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Mac Donald . K PM 5, JR. HIGH MATHEMATICS-ROW 1: Mr. Thrall, Mr. Livergood, Mr. Har- SR. HIGH MATHEMATICS4ROW 1: Mr. Groff, Mrs. Roberson wood, Mr. Beakman. Mr. Ames. SR. HIGH MUSIC-ROW 12 Mr- P1'iCC,V0C3lmUSiC! JR. HIGH MUSIC-ROW 1: Mr. Krygier, instrumental music1Mr. Geise, vocal music, Mr. Nemeth, Instrumental Music. MissWilIiz1mson, Miss McDonald. NEWI-'ANE TIZACHIZRS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS-Miss K. Guzzetti, See.: Mr. N. Kopeek, Pres.g Mr. D. Smith, V, Pres.: Mr. R. Dryer, Treus. SECRIETARIES-JR,HIGH BUILD NQ7M5S.GerSrung,Mfs. Buremiss Rukfeim. I I , I . . I auf Af Mn if 'I Mrs. Smith- liightli grade self-contained, Mr. Wei' ner liightli grade sell'-eontuined. absent due to military leave. CENTRAL IAILITMIZNTARY NURSE-Miss. Manning. :ir if 1,31 QXU I MA WM SIQCRETARIICS-JR. HIGH BUILDING- Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Atwater. L Al YT! W6 Q rf A Xt, I ,, 1,:,: . 3 wi' :fuk A X tl? VM SENIORS Springing before us a vast reservoir: alight with wisdom and hope. But We look behind-through broken mirrors- and see the fragments of youthful fr1ends 'E' -hmmm! gwnwm SHERYL AIKIN BRUCE AIKIN Business French Mathematics Science STUART ALEXANDER Art Mathematics Science BARBATA AUMAN Business ROBINA BALEKE Exchange Student JOHN BEALS Mathematics Science PHILLIP BANKS Mathematics Science 'ee' E ff! ,, E X SHIRLEY BENDT French Mathematics Science SHEILA BERNECKER ROXANNE BLEWETT Mathematics Business Science Spanish ELBERT BENTON French Mathematics Science WILLARD BOWERS French Mathematics Science JOHN BODY Industrial Arts KEVIN BRACKEN LESTER BRAUER Aft Mathematics Science Science DELBERT BROCIOUS Industrial Arts Music DARLENE CARMER DEIRDRE BULLARD LINDA CAPEN Mathematics Business Science Mathematics Spanish Science Vocational Bookkeeping MILDRED CLARK Spanish ANN CARR Mathematics Music Science FRANCES CHEASTY Art French YVONNE CONLIN ELIZEBETH COOK Home Economics Art Vocational Bookkeeping French DIANA COONS Business RODNEY COONS Industrial Arts DARBE CORSER French Mathematics Science CHERYL CULVERWELL Business LANSING DICKENSON Mathematics Science Spanish GARY DeVOE Industrial Arts Science JOANNE DONOVAN HECK Mathematics KERRY DONOVAN Mathematics Science Spanish DOROTHY EBERHART Business MARC DRAKE French Mathematics Science MARCIA DUNBAR Mathematics Science DAVID ELLIS Latin Mathematics Science DIANE ENDERBY Business MICHAEL FINLEY DAVID FIFIELD Mathematics Art Science DOUGLAS FARLEY Mathematics Science Spanish JOHN FLOYD French Mathematics Science ROBERT FOLEY SHERRIE GALAMB Mathematics Mathematics Science Science BEVERLY GASPER JACK GASKILL Mathematics Science Spanish LOIS GIEST ELLEN GAVILLER Mathematics Mathematics Science :few WW., EUGENE GENET Industrial Arts OS MARK GERSTUNG Industrial Arts Mathematics Music SHARON GINTY Home Economics ,mx mm- JOANNE GINTY Home Economics DENNIS GOETZE CYNTHIA HARPER Vocational Stenography Mathematics Science DENNIS HAMBRUCH Industrial Arts Mathematics Science DEBORAH HARRISON Business PAUL HARVEY Home Economics BL1Sin6SS lig BONITA HILLER Business Home Economics CONSTANCE HILLER LINDSAY HOBBS Vocational Stenography French BRENDA HOYER Mathematics Science PATRICIA HORANBURG Business Mathematics JOEL HUDSON JAY HUGHES Art Industrial Arts JOESPH JAGOW Business SHARON KAGELS Art Mathematics THOMAS J ANAS Art Industrial Arts MARGARET JUDGE Mathematics Science Spanish PHYILLIS KEYES Latin Mathematics LINDA KING Latin Mathematics Science PHILLIP KLUMPP Mathematics MICHAEL KRAMP Science BLISIIICSS THOMAS KLEMICK Industrial Arts JAMES LANDSHEFT Mathematics Science DENISE LaPORTE FREDERICK LAWRENCE Vocational Stenography Industrial Arts TIMOTHY LEISING Industrial Arts DEBORAH LENZ Business SALLY MANNING Mathematics Science LAWRENCE LIMBURG ROBERT LYTLE French Latin Mathematics NIHIIICITIHIICS Science SCieI1C6 KATHRYN MARTIN Business THOMAS MARCHIOLE KAREN MARSH Industrial Arts Science DIANE MASTERS Mathematics Science MARK MATHEWSON Industrial Arts BARBARA MAYER Mathematics Music KEVIN MCKERNAN Science Business W-I JULIE MAXWELL Mathematics Science KYLE MCNEIL Mathematics Science JOHN MELOON Industrial Arts CANDACE MILES Business Home Economics RICHARD MILLER Business BONNIE MILLER Business French Mathemaucs DENNIS MITCHELL SANDRA MILLS French Mathematics Mathematics Science SCiCIlCe ROBERT MURRAY Industrial Arts CYNTHIA NEIDLINGER MA Business French KATHY NOONAN Art Mathematics Science RGARET NOON Business CANDY O'CONNOR Art KIM PALMER DALE OSWALD Mathematics Science Mathematics LANA PARLIER Music A11 Science Business MARLENE OWEN Business PETER PATTERSON Business ' mn warm DOREEN PAYNE KRISTA PEMBROKE Mathematics Art Science Science PAUL PHILLIPS Latin Mathematics Selma KEVIN POLLOCK CYNTHIA PERKINS M fliendi, Music 21 .ema ICS Science 50161106 Spanish BENJAMIN PHIPPS DAVID PLATT Mathematics Mathematics Science Science TIMOTHY RACZKIEWICZ Mathematics Science Spanish BMSPW AUDREY RATHKE RONALD RAETZ Mathematics Science Art Spanish JU DITH REACKHOFF Home Economics Business MICHAEL REED Math DEBORAH RICHARDS CALVIN RICKARD Business Industrial Arts WALTER REINHARDT Business JERRY ROBERTS French Music CAROL ROBISON RANDY ROESELER Mathematics Latin Science Mathematics Science SHIRLEY ROOF Business Music CLAUDETTE ROGER French Mathematics Science - CAROL RUDD DEBORAH ROUNDS Art Business Business CHERYL Vocational ROBERT SAVIGNY Latin Mathematics Science MICHAEL RYAN RICHARD SAMSON Business Mathematics asa I Science CYNTHIA SECORD Home Economics -anew MARY SCHAICH Business STEPHEN SCHMITT Mathematics Science JOHN SEIB CAROLYN SHARTS Mathematics Vocational Stenography BARBARA SHAW Business French BARBARA SHUEY French Mathematics Science mm r DAWN SHUMAN Business Science WILLIAM SMIST French Mathematics Science THOMAS SIMONS Art JACK SMITH JEAN SMITH Art Business ROBERT SNYDER Industrial Arts DIANE STOUT Art Spanish MARTIN STEINAGLE JANE STOLZENBERG Business Business Mathematics CAROL STRONG Business Science LOUANN STOUT JOESPH STRONG Business Science French Mathematics CHRISSIE SUCHETZKY Art Latin DALE QBETSYJ SWEENEY Mathematics Art Science Business GLEN TALL Vocational Bookkeeping WW, 3, JACKIE TAYLOR Business GLORIA THOMAS Business Mathematics Science JOHN TROY Industrial Arts CAROL VARY DEBORAH VAN HORN Mathematics Art Science CHERYL TURNER PAMELA VINCENT Science Spanish EEN' RANDY WAHL Business LINDA WEIR Latin Mathematics Science SUSAN WINKLEY Latin Mathematics Science RAYMOND WILSON Art REBECCA WINKLEY Latin Mathematics Science BEVERLY ZASTROW Business RICHARD ZEHR Mathematics Science Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of conlidences. Long ago . . . it must be . I have a photograph. Preserve your memoriesg They're all that's left you DEBORAH TOWNIZR ROBERT SMITH Aft Mathematics Home I-lcononiics 5001100 Spanish MICHAICL KENNIS Business PASOUALIQ ROSIQMIQLIA Art CAROL RIEXINGHR Mathematics Science Spanish JOHN STAUDER Business X ,.y,,N R35 W 'Nm e ee SY R, -sw g4,ls.e,,-.., rl V 'f A ,35f,,',,f,,,.,9,5-,QQ ,,,. nm ' iff : :H ap--'1 1'N 'V'5?lf ' " ' J ' ' W " - ' ' V illfii 1 , .. x ', x V . Ez I n rv ,. , js,.E,,Vg:,s, L Q W 3 , ' A - Annual Homecoming Weekend 24 and 25, 1969. It was a due to the help ofthe N.T.A. ofthe student body. We hope It W111 to be an ANNUAL event. Ng , X A E Q M Awww 71, ff +43 .5 .: fm, '- I K , ffm, .rg . Q i t ,V Z, N W. ., tm! 'f ,W " " A ' ' Q W' -3 'lf VM -52,4 d eg M, . f MW, - Wages Qgmfwmwe 'i 1 'Jeff J Z7 7 ,ff vf.f:35fff'f' 45" '172eZff75i?5?"1i ,V , ' 1 N ww, f:fX,,L,5w1mQywi.v'A3Zles14': W if ,,v 42255 , E X E Q I i 5 S Z i,,,, , , , 7 ,,,, ,Yip , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,nn ,, ,, ,,,,, ,W ,Wm , ,, , ,, , , , ,, ,,,. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: D. Detsch- ner. ROW 2: A. Hamminga, R. Hall, S. An- derson. ROW 3: W. Brown, J. Borczynski, S. Banks. B. Miller, N. Converso. ROW 4: Clark, N. Hamelink, J, Kramer, W. Weber, D. Beals, R. Parlier, P. Hobbs. Jr. Class Officers:-ROW l: J. Greig, President. ROW 2: W Lukasik, Treasurer, S. Hall, Secretary, M. Shuey. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: D. Sahm, R. Smist, J. Miller. ROW 2: E. Har- rington, J. LeValley, J. Teague, S. Smith, J. Mularz, M. Stedman, K. Haag, K, Wil- helms, B. Richards, L. Lawrence. ROW 3: D. Jenks, C. Guay, B. Wright, P. Dudek, M. Thomas, J. Hendricks, J. Mc- Inally. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: D. Raczkiewicz, E. Schmitt, T. Payne, C. Schultz, J. Brayley. ROW 2: R. Ball, M. Sidebottom, P. Wilson, H. Kuhns, N. Hall, P. Godzisz, L. Buhyoff, G. Fiedler. ROW 3: L. Enseleit, J. Dux- bury, N. Klingebiel, T. Parker, S. Hicks, R. Timkey, W. Weidel. G. Tomasov, K, Rathke, ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: B. Sennett, S. Lo- pez, B. Neidlinger, J. Wcyers. ROW 2: K. Ogilvie, N. Marino, C. Drake, B. Taylor, C. Campbell. ROW 3: S. Mael. E. Strong, E. Scholtisek, D. Timkey, E. Bab- cock, J. Miles, M, Meyers, C. Beyer, J. Greig, K. Bud- de, J. O'RieIly. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW 1: R. Kneeland. ROW 2: H. Noble, C. Miller, B. Gould, ROW 3: D. Braun, T. Fowler, M. Harvey, V. Atkinson, S. Hoffman, E. Goin. ROW 4: E. Halo, R. Livermore, D. Jones. S. Torriere, W. Brown, R. Gurney, L. Horanburg, R. Platt. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: P. Schwei- gert. ROW 2: B. Caton, M. Pollock, V. Gloger, B. Caton, P. Waterbury. ROW 3: C. Moore, R. Tagg, A. Luke, R. Thomas, D. Maclam. Baker, P. Allen, K. Roy. P. Obuh- anych. ROW 2: A. Weber, G. Vin- cent, C. Platt, D. Coover. ROW 3: n son, P. Duffy, K. Peterson, G. Kir- chner, A. Platt, C. Lange. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: D. Krainp, K. Bowman. ROW 2: S. Adin- olfe, K. Wilson, S. Dettinger, D. Nixon ROW 3: G. Sprague, S. Goodman, K. Barrel, M. Shuey, M. Zafuto, F. Kan- ehl, W. Caughill, M. Daigler, H. Weber, S. Hull. ELEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: A. C. Woodcock, E. Buhyoff, C. Joh - TENTH GRADE-ROW 1: L. Morris, V. Luke, L. Wolfe. ROW 2: T. Pahl, J. Carey, K. Polasky, S. Verheyn, S. Senar, B. Slaght, D. Jones, D. Zastrow, B. Ka- gels, S. Lauvey, M. O'Rielly. ROW 3: P. Frischholz, D. Sullivan, E. Feeley. J. Covell, G. Dunick, R. Talarico, M. Camp- bell. J. Hutchins, J. Stranges, E. Vining. Class of '72 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Mr Smith, adv., D. Godzisz, president: Miss Guzzti, adv. ROW 2: P. Wood, secretary, D. Gabri, vice-president, A. Noon, trea- surer. TENTH GRADE-ROW 1: F. Steinagle, J. Williams, S. Lynch, D. Hayes. ROW 2: J. Phillips, D. Geist, J. McClure, P. Banks, R. Steinagle, S. Keller, D, Gabri, T. Ogden, J. Thomas, C. Wilson, L. Miller ROW 3: D. Wright, E. Duschen, P. Costello, B. Clark, D. Farley, J. Creaton, N. Sattelberg, B. Bowman, D. Sewar, T. Restivo, S. Kelley. TENTH GRADE-ROW 1: R. Bowman. J. O'Laughlin, D. Turn- er, C. Ives. ROW 2: S. Staples, M Kajawa, D. Class, S. Scarborough, D. Wilson, T. Aikin, T. Adams. ROW 3: C. Stevens, G. Shuler, D. Pomeroy, G. Helfrich, D. Far- ley, D. Oswald. TENTH GRADE-ROW 1: T. Wright, M. Klemick. ROW 2: J. Schafer, J. Bartlate, A. Smith, L. Powlack. ROW 3: T. Swan- son, W. Rollinger, K. Aikin, J. Goodman, D. Ewald, B. Nagel, J. Schmitt, J. Her- berger, D. Burbulate, L. Borner, M. Demmin. TENTI-I GRADE-ROW 1: A. Ziblut, M Rose, D. Fraser, D. Knox, R. Dean, T. Gibson. ROW 2: D. Antone, B.Ba1'on, D. Duhow, C. Harrison, P. Beiter, T. Ben ton, M. Werth, E. Richard. S. Forsyth. ROW 3: J. Reale, K. Baker, D. Wood- burn, N. Maclfarlane, E. King, R. Smith, L. Eglin. TENTH GRADEfROW l: T. Lauve, G. DeVoogel, J. Roberts, J. Linglc, A. Mit- telstadt. ROW 2: S. Pool, T. McKernan, D. Miles, S. I-loranburg, J. Hayner. ROW 3: T. Kagels, T. Lauvc, B. Shaw, K. Holzman, L. Jesson, L. Gavillcr, G. Heiser, D. Godzisz, A. Noon, C. Pipiles, M. Martin. ROW 4: B. Drake, R. Farley, G. Harding. TENTH GRADE-ROW l: C. Hennebohl, P. Riexinger, M. Mattucci, J. Drew, D. Goodman. ROW 2: S. Sposito, S. Smist, M. Taylor, B. Talladay, L. Woods, P. Wood. ROW 3: D. Obuhanyeh, J. Hall, M. Hellert, S. Budnaek, M. Peterson, E. Budnack, D. Woodburn, J. Gaude. ROW 4: M. Lid- dell, M. Gerling, G. Maedl, R. Halas, D. Donovan, J. Clogston, A. Weir. TENTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Humel, S. Harvey, M. Miller, L. Wurl, C. Taylor. ROW 2: D. Caraco. M. Shohboziah, B. Sonker, L. Jaenecke, N. Perkins, M. Fieger, D. Ramsdell, D. Converso. ROW 3: K. Kydd, C. Alexander, C. Hugaboom B. Vary, L. Hoyer, L. Nerber, R. Richert TENTH GRADE-ROW l: R. Reinhardt, R. Genet, R. Meyer, S. Troy, L. Wheeler. ROW 2: R. Mathewson, R. Byers, F. Lown, M. Kiah, E. Pryer, D. Waterbury. 'TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN THE NEWS Itas Academic In the fall a large group ofjuniors and seniors Went, with Mrs. Ives and Miss Carullo, to WBEN to try out for the quiz program, "It,s Academicf' From that group six were selected to represent Newfane High School. They are Marc Drake, Dorian Coover, and Ludwig Enseleit for the first team, and Cathy Platt, George Kirchner, and Wil- liam Smist for the second. As the Century goes to press, a date has not yet been determined for the taping of the contest at the WBEN stu- dios. Both teams are spending an hour after school every Tuesday and Thurs- day in practice. Newfane has done creditably on past "It,s Academicn programs, and this year's students are determined to do even better. Canadian Studies Mr. Smith TORONTO TRIP. One of the high- lights of this course is the trip to To- ronto. The Provincial Parliament build- ing, the new city hall, Yorkville, the view from the new Toronto-Dominion Bank, the walk along Yonge Street all make this an enjoyable and educational experience. Vietnam Guest Speakers On November 15, 1969, the Depart- ment of English presented an assembly program on the war in Vietnam. Guest speakers on a panel of which Father William Stanton was chairman in- cluded Dr. Conrad Topefer, formerly of Newfane Central School and now at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Mr. William Predmore of Ros- ary Hill College, Mr. Allan Van De Mark of the Van De Mark Chemical Company, Lockport, and Mr. V. Sum- ner Carroll, State Assemblyman from the 39th District. Their presentation was followed by a number of questions from the student and faculty audience. New Math Newfane instituted a course in Cal- culus and Analytic Geometry this year The course is designed for Seniors who intend to pursue a career in the fields of math or science. Newfane's high school math stu- dents annually participate in two mathematics contests: aj The Annual High School Mathe- matics Competition which is adminis- tered in U. S. and its possessions and Canada. Newfane participates every year, and placed 25th of 75 schools in their region, which comprises Western New York. This exam is for llth and 12th grade students. bl The Annual Buffalo State Math- ematics Contests which offers compe- tition for individual grade levels: IO, ll, and 12. v . 1. Q 1 51? ,K 1 :fha V? 3, V Z I 3 S4 Y 5 5 . I 1 1 . s . P 21: - -fi ' QEeifiZw:g:ziK L,.., NPL:- NINTH GRADE-ROW 1: R. Cassatt, J. LaPorte, D. Waterbury. ROW 2: N. Zim- merman, J. Culverwell, M. Schultz, R. Buffington, G. Gibson. ROW 3: B. Knowles, M. Gibson, A. Winkley, S. Hud- son, J. Davis, K. Nerber. ROW 4: R. Caton, M. Williams, D. Culverwell, R. Hudson, C. Mathewson, D. Fraser, A. Lopez, D. Udcll. NINTH GRADE-ROW l: M. King, B. Pawlak, R. Eberhart. K. Hanna, M. Brandon. ROW 2: A. Soulvie, B. Miles, L. Kanehl, M. Prosser, L. Kolb, G. Purser. ROW 3: G. Brocious, M. Donahue, L. Vincent, N. Stolzenburg. K. Cushman, A. Varcoe, J. Roth. ROW 4: G. Eubunk, P. Stranges, P. McKernan, A. Patterson B. Warner, P. Hopkins. NINTH GRADEAROW 1: D. Hofert, M. Folsom, D. Hause, J. Sprague. ROW 2: N. Platt, D. Rickard, G. Purser, J. Buliyoff, N. Gray. ROW 3: L. Hill, D. Wright, M. O'Connor, Y. Emmons, M. Chapman, N. Clark. ROW 4: D. Wahl, U. Braun, J. Miller, R. Click, S. Cass, J. Schweigert, B. Klingebicl. ROW 5: J. Adinolfe, P. Sullivan, L. Remington. ROW 6: W. Howe, G. Noon, P. Lange, D. Adams. NINTH GRADE-ROW 1: K. Bucolo, C. Rees, J. Clark. ROW 2: C. Pawlowski, E. Wilder, B. Under- wood, B. Bascom, N. Sherman, B. Shohbozian, M. Mann, B. Bell, C. Kramer. ROW 3: P. Noonan, D. Beals, E. Price, Y. Parlier, D. Sherrie, W. Hyde, E. Wittcop, J. Dreher. ROW 4: J. Stuart, S. Narshall, E. Clogston, C. Fahs, D. Huenemoender, P. Daigler, A. Pembroke, N. Peterson, J. Harvey. NINTH GRADE-ROW lt J. Kolbow, C. Cassatt, K. Spurbeck, M. McQueen. ROW 2: C. Briggs, D. Eber- hart, E. Nemeth, D. Knox, M. Palisano. ROW 3: D. Braun, N. Geartz, P. Yousey, S. Gooding, A. Rutland, L. Dresser, W. Hiller. ROW 4: R. Bye, S. Clark, N. Woodcock. ROW 5: T, Verheyn, P. Jagow, R. Black, D. Iago, S. Smith. NINTH GRADE-ROW 1: R. Kijanka. W. Bakos, B. Zimmerman, N. King. ROW 2: B. Chambers, G. Dunning, J. Russell. NINTH GRADE4ROW 1: R. Dimon, S. Confer. ROW 2: D. Palmer, B. Marsh, C. Stevens, C. Miller, N. Smith, W. Harrington, A. Obuhanych. ROW 3: B. Martin, K. Collins, S. Durick, L. Gilbert, S. Detschner, E. Gillis. ROW 4: J. Guay, A. Bailey. NINTH GRADE-ROW 1: L. Drake, D. Rosemellia, R. Edmistcr, C. Swan. ROW 2: J. Burnett, P. Leathers, L. Pryor, P. Forsyth, E. LaForme, K. Jennings, S. Den- niston. ROW 3: T. Zafrano, C. Miller, R. Heckert, D. Rohring, M. Buczkowski. ROW 4: M. Shuman, A. Caraco, L. LaForest, L. Wcidel. NINTH GRADE-ROW 1: B. Schwcigert, R. Hoy, W. Zehr. ROW 2: V. Martin, S. Polasky, C. Bardo, C. Williams, D. Barron, J. Ruf. ROW 3: J. Sidebottom, D. Weber, R. Fraser, W. Blumrick. ROW4: D. Duschen, L. Regan, C. Ncidlinger, J. Thomas, L. Simon. ROW 5: M. Lackner, T. Duscher, M. Prosser, G. Grudzinski, G. Hobbs. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW 1: R. Brewster, R. Roth, C. Banks, J. Savigny, T. Landshaft. ROW 2: S. Richert, S. Fifield, V. Keller, L. Covell. ROW 3: C. Baker, S. Liddell, M. Hall. N. Woods, D. Denny, L. Coover, T. Hahn. ROW 4: J. Henning, S. Snyder, C. O'Neil, M. Snow, T. Noonan. ROW 5: M. Wilson, T. Parlier, M. Dunbar, T. Schmitt, S. Farley, D. Zafuto, J. Smith. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW l: M. Hoover, K. Wilkins, J. Harrison, M. Brandt, R. Palmer, E. Fry, W. Dressler, T. Ryan, L. David. ROW 2: J. Johnson, E. Scott, J. Wilhelms, E. Clemons, M. Rosemellia, D. Zastrow, T. Butler, H. Silversmith, B. Thomas, G. Hale. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW 1: K. Budde, J. Otto, C. Beener. ROW 2: K. Hoy, J. Buffington, J. Class, R. Ryan, P. Conlin, M. Dunn, R. Parlier, F. Stout. ROW 3: R. Pool, T. Kennis, D. Smith, T. Reeson, J. Clare, J. Capen, P. Borczynski, D. Seefeldt, L. Lenz. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW l: G. Towner. ROW 2: D. Gillis, A. Myers, R. Darrel, L. Antone, L. Heiser. ROW 3: D. Barlett, S. Baker, R. Douglas, A. Thomas. ROW 4: R. Watson, G. Licata, P. Porter, J. Johnson, B. Brown. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW 1: T. Wright, T. Smith, T. Hall, M. Stout, C. Emery, G. Buhyoff. ROW 2: M. Pembroke, C. Denniston, J. Roberts, P. Cass, D. Zacat ROW 3: P. Russel, S. Bakers, D. Stout, S. Johnson, J. Taylor. ROW 4: J. Schuler, S. Manning, C. Steavens, J Stover, B. Mael, P. Herberger, R. Finley, S. Daigler. ROW 5: P, Dettinger. D. Hayes. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW l: J. Palmer, K. Thomas, M. Gilbert, L. Henderson, R. Parlier, C. Hill, D. Haight. ROW 2: T. Kramp, T. Talladay, J. Strong, K. Smith, A. Johnson, S. Tomkinson, R. Lingle. ROW 3: S. En- derby, S. Sullivin, M. Tucker, T. Smith, J. Dudek, J. Cheasty, J. Werth. ROW 4: R. Enderby, D. Kramp, C. Quinn, R. Woolston, R. Gibbs. ROW 5: D. Rathke, A. Judd. EIGHTH GRADEJROW 1: D. Stein, D. Miller, D. Witlierite, B. Beilein, E. Hermann, R. Williams, R. Bradley. ROW 2: J. Seeord, R. Palmer, B. Livermore, P. Ziehl. ROW 3: P. Roof, B. Walker, L. Wyman, R. FitzRandolpli. ROW 4: J. MeKernan, M. Goodman, C. Crane, M. Zafrano. ROW 5: B. Wagner, S. Bullard, C. Hudson, M. Grudzinski, K. Krull. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Berneeker, N. Adinolfe, D. Dunn, G. Clark, J. Randall. ROW 2: D. Grimble, L. Hedley, C. Pawlak, L. Parlier, J. Stoddard, J. Coomey, K. Ames, P. Perkins, S. Sherman, M. Winkley. ROW 3: C. Budnaek, D. Weber, S. Quagliano, M. Roy, N. Hiller, D. Shuey. ROW 4: T. Lukasik, E. Pipiles, K. Humel, K. Mittelstadt, J. Weaver. EIGHTH GRADE-ROW 1: J. Polusky,P.Ca1'me1', D Turner, D. Bowes, J. Aikin, P. Hawkins. ROW 212, I . Bentley, l". Gagliardi, K. Smith. S. Bottom. ROW 3: M. Sewar, P. Faulkner, N. Weber, S. Mylar, V. Miles, C. Verlieyn, C. Dimon, D. Stolzcn- berg. ROW 4: H. MacFarlane, A. Noon, D. Drake. R. Sage, D. Mattucci, D. Pomeroy. l'llGHTH GRADIQ-ROW l: M. Lese, N. O'Connor, D. Stevenson. D. Bradley, C. Snyder, C. Woolston, D. Ner- ber. ROW 2: G. Hopkins, W. Blood, D. Bailey, W. Wells, R. Phillipp, K. Williams, lvl. Carolus, B. Wolfe, L. Budde. ROW 3: H. Bossier, T. Marvin, J. linderton, H. Byers, L. Young, T. Budde. EIGHTH GRADE'-ROW l: R. Brewster, R. Roth. C. Banks, J. Savigny, T. Landsheft. ROW 2: S, Riehert, S lfifield, V. Keller, L. Covell. ROW 3: C. Baker, S. Lid- dell. M. Hall, N. Woods. D. Denny, L. Coover, T. Hahn. ROW 4: J. Henning, S. Snyder, C. O'Neil, M. Snow, T. Noonan. ROW 5: M. Wilson, T. Parlier, M. Dujbar, T. Schmitt, S. Farley, D. Zafuto, J. Smith. SliVlLNTH GRADE-'ROW l: K. Richard, S. Platt, S. Benson. ROW 2: G. Darrell, C. Cook, P. Berger. ROW 3: P. Haag, R. Byers, B. Poketo. ROW 4: J. lee- ley, D. Chambers. D. Beiter. Absent: J. Waterbury. SEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: B. Pool. S. Gladow, K. Johnson, D. Warner. ROW 2: D. Fiedler, S. Toth, L. Taylor, K. Weber. ROW 3: D. Pomeroy, O. Smith, C, Loeffert, B. Phillips, M. Mann, D. Baker, M. Kerwin, D. Auery. ROW 4: T. Eneerton, L. Hyde, N. Baker, C. Jackson C. Wilberm, K. Chenez. ROW 5: D. Sprague, K. Lange, R. Adams, M. Duffy, M. Faulkner, T. Paradise, N. Carosella. SEVENTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Smith, B. Farley, D. McClay. ROW 2: B. LaForme, B. Sherrie, G. Parlier, M. l-ladsell, J. Walker, J. Thomas, K. Quagliano, K. Krull. ROW 3: D. Wagner, P. Gibon, L. Dickinson, B. Pixley, R. Scholtisek, M. Boseom, B. Swigert, A. Haney. ROW 4: D. Kagels, G. Gaviller, S. Perry. SEVENTH GRADE- ROW l: F. lfucher W. Sherman, K. Tall. ROW 2: G. Wiley, B. Graham, P. Thomas, T. Stebtein, S. Smith, J. Donhue. ROW 3: L. Oswald, D. Pipiles, J. Morris, D. Thompson, J. Towne, J. Reackhoff, M. Neloan. ROW 4: J. Note, N. Cramer. W. Smith, S. Mosure. D. Soulvie, J. Farley. SEVENTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Auman. B. Simon. D. Pawlowski, K. Rathke. ROW 2: L. Malcolm, M. Sewar, S. Hoffmann, R. Devoogel, D. Kelly, S. Ruf, R. Roof, J. Smith. ROW 3: M. Hayes, S. Kolb, K. Webb, T. Taylor, D. Hall, J. Westgate, J. Peterson, P. Stolzen- burg. ROW 4: D. Reeson, D. Rounds, S. lirishliolz, C. Aber, B. Bouman. SEVENTH GRADLfROW 1: D. Clank. A. Wells, J. Patterson, V. Boyer, G. See- feldt, F. Young, F. Presnell. ROW 2: T. LaPorte, M. Ginty. A. Weaver, E. Catanesi, D. Kijanka, M. Clare, K. Heine- mann, C. Hutchins. ROW 3: J. Murray, D. Meyers, D. Sidebottom, A. Mylar, R. Horanburg, R. Wiley, L. Sears, J. Ripson, H. Kiah. SEVENTH GRADEfROW l: M. Wurl, D. Hobbs, M. Flint. T. Buhyoff, A. Barnes, J. Merrit. ROW 2: L, Mathewson J. Gow, J. Sovak, D. Hillman, D. Grud- zinski, J. Borner, S. Forsyth, S. Kinyon, S. Swanson. ROW 3: L. Baker, P. Smith, D. Bratland, M. Roeseler, D. Wilder. M. Farina, S. Townsend. K. Dillabough. a SEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: B. Henning, G. Hause, C. Podle. ROW 2: E. Harrington, T. Coates, D. Lenti- vech, A. Palisano, M. Kinyon, R. Malcolm, D. McKee. ROW 3: J. Voelpel, J. Wills, M. Hoyer, S. Donovan, M. Kelly, S. Jenks, S. Swift. ROW 4: K. Jago, W. lrlasclex, D. Stolzenberg, S. Maedl, L. Woodring, C. Dreher. SEVENTH GRADEAROW 1: D. Fiedler, S. Toth, L. Taylor, B. Pool, K. Weber, S. Gladow, K. Johnson, D. Warner. ROW 2: D. Pomeroy, O. Smith, K. Loeffert, B. Phillips, M. Mann, D. Baker, M. Kerwin, B. Avery. ROW 3: T. Enderton, D. Sprague, L. Hyde, K. Lange, N. Baker, R. Adams, M. Duffy, C. Jackson, M. Faulk- ner, C. Wilber, K. Chenez, T. Paradise, N. Carosella. SEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: S. Timkey, J. Rutland K. Gray, J. Miller, L. Lawrence. ROW 2: A. Gill. S. Black, G. Strong, K. Denny, C. Culverwell, P. Savigny D. Talladay, D. Albee. ROW 3:D. Graham, J. Watson, D. Flagler, C. Swan, L. Wittcop. ROW 4: M. Caton, B Shaw, D. Donovan, R. Burt. SEVENTH GRADE-ROW l: M. Hopkins, W. Blood, D. Bailey, W. Young, T. Budde. Lese, N. O'Connor, D. Stevenson, D. Bradley. C. Snyder, C. Woolston, D. Nerber, L. Budde. ROW 2: G. Wells, R. Phillip, K. Williams, M. Carolus. B. Wolfe. ROW 3: K. Bassler, T. Marvin, J. linderton, H. Byers. L ABSENTEFS-ROW 1: P. Gooding, R. Kuhlmun ROW 2: T. Schnoor, L. Schweigert, R. Meeks. B. Knox. ROW 3: M. Delange, R. Stout, T. Taylor. D. Schultz. .2 Q r QQ 3 2 5 3 5 3 fi f 5 E 2 3 i X, 5 2 2 2 x i ROW 1: Mr. Goodrich. ROW 2: Miss Zim- merman, Miss Gruybill, Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Moe. NIZWFANE CENTRAL ELEMENTARY FAC- ULTY- ROW l: Mr. Miceli. ROW 2: Mr. Lewis Mr. lfinberg, Mr. lforsey. ROW 1: Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Koukal. Absent: Mrs. Rob- Miss GardellfArt Mrs. Bcnzinger-Music. ison. MR. FINBERG, SIXTH GRADEfROW 1: S. Sherman, J. Brewster, V. Parker, M Seager, S. Cuzzacrea, D. Wemple, R. Troupe. ROW 2: M. Logan, C. Knox, G. Noble, D. Hughes. D. Bye. ROW 3: D. Schank, C. Manhardt, L. Duke, V. Bur- ick, S. Hall, H. Howell, F. Aikin, D. Ben- son. ROW 4: D. Schultz, L. Phillipp, L. Piatkowski, J. Hahn, W. Yunicki, S. Mo- sure, P. Collins, R. Schultz, G. Shaffer. ABSENT: B. Miller. ., 5. . MRS. KOUKAL, SIXTH GRADE- ROW 1: S. Smist, R. Goodlander, C. Shaffer, A. Lopez, W. Koepke, L. Mer- ritt. ROW 2: D. Polasky, M. Stolzenburg, W. Henderson, W. Piatkowski, R. Stover, R. Verheyn, S. Werth. ROW 3: K. Hoff- mann, A. Ward, D. Wheatley, D. Tuttle, J. Dye, J. DeLee, D. Olka, D. Bragg. ROW 4: L. Williams, E. Crane, J. Meyer, T. Truseio, C. Weston, D. Rutland, L. Goodman, V. Clark, W. Clemens. MR. FORSEY, SIXTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Baker, K. Mease, B. Cushman, B. Bullard, M. Hechert, N. Galambos. ROW 2: J. Bittner, T. Alexander, H. Johnson, M. Denneston, L. Wilson, G. Pedley, M. Klemiek. ROW 3: C. Platt, R. Miller, D. Grimble, D. Williams, C. Wilber, T. Tay- lor, L. Smith, V. Payne. ROW 4: G. Her- rington, K. Neelon, D. Lewis, S. Rob- ison, B. Gillis, E. Swan, E. Melcher, B. Williams. ABSENT: S. Kutt, T. Liscom. SIXTH GRADE, MR. MICELIAROW 1: L. Hayes, T. Glass, M. Stauder, D. Blumriek. Row 2: C. Hahn, K. Hopkins, D. Hobbs, M. Mazierski, R. Zayae, P. Stebliem. ROW 3: R. Benton, B. Dono- von, D. Herlan, R. Budde, H. Sehaieh, D. Reale, N. Allen, J Bishop, M. Toth, ROW 4: R. S1 ow, K. Marshall, B. Nerber, D. Biauce, L. Lrt wn, J. Budnaek, D. Hennebohl, K. Snerrie. ABSENT: J. Rosemellia, S. Ittoreland, J. Staples. D. Nichols. MR. LEWIS, SIXTH GRADEAROW I: J. Payne, D. Grudzinski, C. Stout, C. Faulhaber, K. Bell, M. Stevens. ROW 2: S. Smith, L. Doyle, D. Flagler, S. Barnes. R. Schurr, M. Strong. ROW 3: T. Whee- ler, S. Byers, M. J. Hogan. P. Smith, D. Fifield, R. Winkley. J. Aiken, R. Canby. ROW 4: D. Shuey, R. Hall, B. Stedman. T. Chapman, M. Colins, S. Hopkins, S. Lange, L. Stevens. SIXTH GRADE, MRS. ROBISON- ROW l: R. Kramer, B. Webb, E. Hunter. ROW 2: T. Bowler, D. Kennis, J. Miller. V. Palisano. L. Wright, C. Hoy. ROW 3: D. Haight, J. Ramsdell, S. Murray, R. Roy, D. Moulden, E. Bennett, C. Har- rington, L. Barbalate, R. Budd, ROW 4: E. Swiger, K. Thursam, C. Cramer, K. Hass, K. Olka, L. Beers, B. Hill, E. Wick, B. Murphy. MRS. STOKES, SIXTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Roger, C. Haney, S. Williams, J. Flint, J. Converso, D. Tompkinson. ROW 2: J. Vining, V. Hill, K. Farley, M. Maqueen, R. Clark, M. Stevenson. ROW 3: E. Emmons, D. Sullivan, A. Baker, S. Ryan, K. Roof, B. Bowman, M. Randall, A. Keiper. ROW 4: C. Scott, K. Jennings J. Zunner, D. Wilson, N. Bryant, R. Hud- son. K. Schulcr, L. Drake, J. Taylor. MR. GOODRICH, FIFTH GRADE- ROW I: L. Meyers, L. Coblentz, D. Wright. ROW 2: D. Kennedy, M. Smith, R. Harrison, T. Bradley, D. Barrel, L. Taylor. ROW 3: C. Palmer, V. Russell, T. Bishop, S. Wemple, D. Duxbury, D. Klumpp, W. Starkweather, P. Jayce, S. King, D. Fletcher. ROW 41 M. Baker, R. Wyman, J. Stover, D. Piples, B. Marshall, D. Scott. MRS. TAYLOR, SIXTH GRADE- ROW I: S. Dimon, E. Zelir, J. Pembroke D. Bailey, J. LaJoie, W. Donovan, K. Sweeney. ROW 2: D. Bucolo, R. Banks, T. Vincent, C. Farley, D. Jaehecke, D. Smith, S. Gooding. ROW 3: D. Meyers, D. I-Ioranburg, R. Weidcl, B. Smallman, G. Humel, R. Payne, M. Brick, R. Behm. ROW 4: S. Peterson, K. Mock. S. Reed, V. Dold, S. Kuhlman, J. Mathewson, D. Schmitt, E. Knowles. MRS. NOE, FIFTH GRADE-ROW 1: A. Liddell, M. Cramer, G. Alexander, E. Woods. ROW 2: L. Smith, P. Sheehan, C. Jennings, M. Gretsinger, B. Coblentz, M. Bradley, J. Adams, D. Smith, B. Roof. ROW 3: C. Gominiak, M. Knox, G. Sherman, J. Rounds, S. Mosure. ROW 4: K. Smith, M. Flagler, J. Baldwin, J. Witkop, S. Manning. MISS GRAYBILL, FIFTH GRADE-ROW l: E. Manners, G. Krauss, C. Munger, B. Bixler, J. Flagler, K. Cook. ROW 2: S. Ran- dall, M. Wright, C. Class, J. Shelton, G. Weber. ROW 3: M. Darrell, K. Farley, S. Tucker, K. Duhow. S. Luseher, D. Nankey. ROW 4: L. Vincent, L. Paradise, G. Wilhelms, F. Hobbs, B. DeVoogel, C. Watson, L. A. Keister. MRS. WILLIAMS, FIFTH GRADE-ROW lt C. Zawatski, L. Brew- ster, M. Sullivan, B. Gillis, D. Randall, D. Sullivan. ROW 2: L. Tut- tle, T. Avery, K. Gow, D. Manners, S. Jenks, I. Cheasty, L. Hen- ning. ROW 3: C. Blood, M. Woodburn, P. Myers, D. Klingebiel, E. Weir, K. Mathewson. ROW 4: N. Hall, P. Schryver, R. Lese, R. Rup- pel, K. Zapp, G. Enderby, K. Farley. MISS ZIMMERMAN, FIFTH GRADE-ROW 1: P. Patterson, A. Smith. ROW 2: J. Heselberger, S. Gag- liardi, P. Donovan, J. Neidlinger. ROW 3: M. Fletcher, D. Porter, D. Schliecker. L. Smith, K. Harrington, J. Voepel, C. Ellis, C. Price, D. Dillabough. ROW 4: S. Salter, K. Woodring, C. Weidel, M. Kagcls, M. Reed. NEWFANE ELEMENTARY ABSENTEES-ROW 1: R. Norman, D. Russel, P. King, D. Hesch, ROW 2: B. Meahl, S. Harrington, V. Heschke, C. Roselnellia. ROW 3: D. Langdon, P. Strong, D. Tuttle, A. Borner, M. Witkop, D. Norman, N. Smith, S. Mael, C. Edsall. ROW 4: A. Lange, M. Donovan, N. Fuller, B. Edmond, C. Fuller, J. Norman, P. Wright, W. Tucker. 1Vi!xh fe ' V-S l l ln CENTRAL ELEMENTARY ABSENTEES-ROW l: D. Nichols, B. Snell, S. Moreland. ROW 2: K. Hayner. G. Soemann, B. Miller, J. Skutt, L. Duhow, J. Staples NEWFANE ELEMENTARY FACULTY, KINDERGARTENASECONDAROW l: Mrs. Dunker, second: Mrs, Phillips, third, Mrs. Kirchner, se cond, Mrs. Roberson, second. ROW 2: Mrs. Daigler, secondg Mrs. Hartley, kindergarteng Mrs. Puff, kindergarten: Miss Campbell, pre-firstg Mrs. Oldenburg, first, Mrs. Graham, first, Miss Anderson, firstg Mrs. Corser, first, Mrs. Fuller, kindergarten, Mrs. Morey, second. Mr, Sanders-Physical Ed- Miss Ohara-Physical Edu- Mrs. Gerlach -art. Mrs. MandelareAVocal Mu- ucatlon. CHUOU- Mrs. Taylor-Librarian. SIC' ELEMENTARY SECRETARIES- Mrs. Gladow. Mrs. Huenemoerdcr, Miss Thompson. FACULTY-ROW 1: Miss Heim, Mrs. LaGraff, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Sears. ROW 2: Mrs. Caldwell, Miss Benton, Mrs. Starks, Mrs. Liddell. Mrs. Ca pen, Mrs. Rcbxnan, Mrs. Gaskill, Miss Camarda, Mr. Smith. MRS. LINDERMAN. MRS. LINDERMAN'S CLASS:-ROW 1: J. Briggs, F. Rolfe, M. Swan. ROW 2: L. Grossley, B. Morton, L. Silversmith, R. Poyfair, R. Rosso. ROW 3: R. Kibler, B. Coger, L. Cooper, B. Powell D. Cutter, P. Peters. MRS. STARK, FIFTH GRADE-ROW 1: T. Lopez, B. Sewar, L. Stauder, F. Dreher, A.M. Carosella. ROW 2: M. Mattucci, J. Boyer, J. Roberts, D. Williams, R. Chenez, C. Bye. ROW 3: P. Rodgers, D. Clemons, D. Melcher, R. Wilder, P. Farley, B. Galambos, A. Soles, S. Munn. ROW 4: J. Guay, M. Truscio, S. Rathke, D. Burgess, C. Rohring, M. Passuite, M. Budnack, L. Salter. Absent: A. Lange. MR. SMITH, FIFTH GRADEfROW l: W. Edmister, N. Lenz, S. Thomas, C, Aiken, S. Jex. ROW 2: K. Klino, R. McKee, M. Eadie, C. Carlton, K. Lingle. ROW 3: T. Fry, S. Hofert, E. Savigny, S. Zayac, F. Phillips, C. Upton, R. Mauk, F. Westgate. ROW 4: B. Law, M. Campbell, P. Noonan, K. Bowes, S. Cuzzacrea, O. Muscarella, R. Dunbar, B. MacFarlane, T. Ewald. MISS BENTON, FOURTH GRADE- ROW l: S. Carlton, D. Rohring, P. Troupe, H. Snow, P. MacFarlene, A. Rickard, M. Cuzzacrea, D. Fifield. ROW 2: T. Byers, K. Steblein, K. LaPort, P. Flagler, K. Kennedy, K. Reeson, J. Fry, R. Coleman, C. Heschke, N. Rob- erts. ROW 3: N. Stranges, J. Sawyer, P. Williams, G. Regan, M. Remington, L. Swanson, B. Caughill, B. Zimmerman, A. Wheeler. MRS. GASKILL, FOURTH GRADE- ROW 1: D. Jackson, D. Perkins, S. Noon, G. Schweigert, J. Kinyon, S. Baker. ROW 2: J. Smist, A. Smith, C. Mazierski, D. Griffin, D. Snyder, C. Zunner, S. Southard. ROW 3: L. Henning, B. Hutchins, G. Wilson, S. Perry, B. West- gate, B. Bradley. ROW 4: J. Mock, L. Vertucci, D. Schweigert, C. Kydd. MRS. SMITH, FOURTH GRADE- ROW 1: B. Baker, S. Singer, S. Clark, J. Ball, L. Smith, D. Miller. ROW 2: P. Schryver, C. Mottorn, B. Allen, S. Strong, D. Cleveland, J. Baron, J. Buhy- off. ROW 3: J. Renna, J. Cushman, P. Robison, J. Farnham, D. Reiger, J. Meeks, C. Drake, J. Price. ROW 4: K. Woods, B. Harvey, E. Dudek, D. Davis, S. Shaffer, W. Marshall, S. Altbach, D. Neelon. MRS. LAGRAFF, FOURTH GRADE ROW 1: K. Burgess, S. Bye, P. Meal, D. Nugent, C. Heselberger, B. Flint. ROW 2: J. Scott, A. DeChambeau, W. Wilson, B. Mauk, N. Nevin, R, Watson. ROW 3: K. Keller, R. Rutland, D. Stover, P. Farley, R. Salter, V. White, K. Hall. ROW 4: A. Luciano, K. Rounds, M. Brounscheidel, C. Mille, J. Keiper, D. Smith, K. Reed, C. Zehr. 45 E' MRS. RLIDMAN, FOURTH GRADE- ROW 1: G. Gillis. R. Budde, C. Miller, C. Woods. ROW 2: K. Puff, D. Lampman, J. Kuhlman, R. Parlier, P. Mattucci, D. Herrick. ROW 3: J. Schultz. M. Richards. T. Hare, L. Click, T. Thomas, M. Wheeler. P. Borner. A. Snow, R. Brown. ROW 4: R. Parlier, S. Iierris. B. Haney, D. Kirby, T. Zayaz, D.C1'ane. A. Sandusky, D. Kagels. ABSENT: P. King. MRS. HAYNER. FOURTH GRADE- ROW 1: S. Lampnian, R. Botting, D. Fletcher. V. Palisano, G. Patterson, T. Stevens. ROW 2: P. Meuse, B. Bailey, P. Mussel, M. Farina. C. Udell, D. Albee. ROW 3: C. Roberts, C. Bajema, S. Parmley, P. Puff. T. Schuler, K. Moulden. C. Soles. G. Weber. ROW 4: S. Geise. P. Judd, D. Oswald, P. Hahn, J. Currie. T. Piatkowski, A. Wilson, W. Zapp. MRS. CALDWELL. THIRD GRADE- ROW 1: M. Molisani. C. Vincent, S. Brewster, P. Hayes. ROW 2: B. Baker. J. Henning, S. Perry, D. Mathewson, D. Wurl. ROW 3: F. Adinolfe. V. Swift, A. Hughes. M. Eadie, F. Greenman, C. Lid- del. S. Geise. ROW 4: M. Ramsdell. K. Donovan, K. Schaffer, K. Masher, M. Sheehan, B. Bradley, S. Salter. ABSENT S. Harrington. MRS. LIDDELL. THIRD GRADE- ROW 1: D. Law, M. Dold, K. Weston. L. it 4 Burdick, D. Mock, C. Pratt, K. Dicken- son. ROW 2: D. Liddell, R. Brown, A. Crosby, J. Wright, M. Verguson, D. Shelton. ROW 3: S. Smith. J. Vincent, E. Culverwell, C. Haynes, S. Clark, A. Miller. R. Brown. ROW 4: D. Stedman, P. Gominiak. S. Drew, B. Williams. J. Baker, T. Lenz, M. Herlan. R. Bush. MISS HEIM. THIRD GRADEfROW 1: P. Johnson, G. Parker, T. Pixley, K. Houghtling, L. Bernecker, P. Soulvie, P. Haley, D. Griffin. ROW 2: W. Manners. J. Eberhart, P. Roberts, C. Campbell, S. O'Rourke, C. Pratt. ROW 3: B. Perry, M. Tucker, S. Wright, IT. Stranges, IVL Ma- rino, P. Bauer, L. Donovan. M. Sewar. ROW 4: D. Zafuto. M. Verheyn. D. Hesch, S. Kolbow, M. Piatkowski, L. Eikemeyer. ABSENT: J. Foley. MRS. RIEXINGER. THIRD GRADE- ROW I: P. Roberts. C. Vincent, K. Sweeney, J. Budde. P. Landsheft. B. Smith. ROW 2: E. Harrison. D. Braun. S Bailey, C. Rennu, T. Alexander, T. Martin. ROW 3: J. Burrows, M. Nankey, D. Bulger. M. Ramsdell, S. Miles, W. Pipiles, J. Gagliardi. ROW 4: C. Smith. L. Wright. M. Mills. D. Hudson. M. Butler, K. O'Keet'e. S. Drake. MRS. DAIGLER, SECOND GRADE- ROW 1: B. Gaviller, B. Coblentz, D. Her- rick, R. Murphy, R. Merritt, D. Woods, S. Meuse, C. Pratt, J. Ruppel. ROW 2: J. Gray, E. Smith, L. Lackner, J. Sherrie, M. Boyer, E. Brown. ROW 3: M. Durgan, L. Roy, R. Zafuto, M. Rounds, K. Regan, J. Barnes, D. Sherman, G. Duhow, D. Fificld. MRS. SEARS, THIRD GRADE-ROW 1: K. Frazier, L. Benedict, M. Clark, K. Hallifax. ROW 2: R. Catanesi, J. Wolfe, D. Watson, C. General, D. Cleveland. ROW 3: S. Haskins, T. Houghtling, J. Marino. R. Zimmerman, R. Ryan, K. Hill. ROW 4: D. Olka, J. Hopkins, C. Class, D. Clare, C. Luscher, D. Aber. MRS. DUNKER, SECOND GRADE- ROW 1: W. Mock, K. Benedict, T. Vin- cent. ROW 2: K. Quagliano, G. Bailey, S Staples, A. Joyce, R. Roger. ROW 3: H. Updegrove, T. Gominiak, W. Kreutz, J. Schuler, K. Forsyth, B. Murray, S. Scott. ROW 4: K. Krull, C. Hobbs, P. Puff, M. Angelo, P. Taylor, J. Haseley, D. Cole- man. ABSENT: R. Norman, D. Russell. MRS. KIRCHNFR. SECOND GRADE-ROW 1: P, Tuttle, T. Walders, J. Southard, S. Eldemeyer. ROW 2: K. Aber, T. Hoy. M. Horanburg, R. Schultz, A. Bradley, J. Condren. P. Milby. ROW 3: J. lfarlcy, E. Burlew, D. Sherman, K. Dickenson, T. Podeszek, G, Case. G. Kolb. ROW 4: R. Brounseheidel, G. Ball, J. Hambruch, K. Wronski, K. Starkweather. MRS. PHILLIPS, SECOND GRADE- ROW 1: E. Howell, J. Weber, L. Johnson, C. Cheasty, R. Weidel. ROW 2: E. Lohnes, J. Grcenman, D. Baron, J. Baker, D. Swift, L. Hare, S. Podeszek. ROW 3: M. Vertucci, J, Bissell, R. Wagoner, J. Cody, P. Sheehan, S. Brew- ster, B. Mazierski. ROW 4: S. Jackson, A. Noonan, M. Beane, M. Steen, E, Pettit, J. Currie. MRS. MOREY, SECOND GRADE- ROW 1: R. Reagan, P. Feeley, D. Schielke, C. Stover, R. Young. ROW 2: M. Frazier. K. Dunker. D. Schank, S. Munger, D. Smith, D. General. J. Kagels ROW 3: K. Jennings. W. Forbes. M. Judd, N. Darrell, W. Geist, M, Bragg, L. Parlier. MISS ANDERSON, FIRST GRADE- ROW I: D. Hesch, J. Zapp, J. Polusky, D. Dy, D. DeVoogeI, M. Horanburg, M. Sheehan, T. Bye. ROW 2: J. Rybolt, M. Salter, M. Bowers, R. Houghtling, B. Bisscl, G. Henning, R. Bush, K. Truax, S. Lohnes. ROW 3: A. Hare, C. Truslow, B. Nankey, M. Schaffer, J. Grimble, M. Meeks. S. Schoelles, B. Ammerman, T. Mzmhardl, C. Cooper. -2 4-.- 1 MRS. ROBIZRSON, SECOND GRADE-ROW I: P. Henning, P. Budde, K. Gow, S. Miller, T, Pixley. ROW 2: P. Buzynski, D. I-laselbauer, D. Merrit, R. Stolzenburg, K. Bassler. ROW 3: T. Swanson, K. Ellis, D. Wilson, C. Savigny, D. Soles, L. Boyer, S. I-Ieselberger, A. Williams. ROW 4: S. Weir, S. Dillabough, K. Craine, K. I-Iare, J. Pruss, W. Werth, S. ,. McKnight. I I MRS. CAMPBELL, FIRST GRADE- I ROW I: L. Greisser, L. Bradley, C. Smeragliuolo, D. Forsyth, M. Melcher. ROW 2: D. Lane, R. Brown, R. Scherer, D. Ellis. ROW 3: R. Spear, D. Hawkins, D. Piatkowsli, C. Smith, E. Haskins, S. Lee. MRS. CORSER, FIRST GRADE- ROW I: K. Strong, E. Berry, C. Laws, N. Hummel, P. Class, A. Roger. ROW 2: P. Eikemeyer, C. Luciano. D. Braun, L. Lamprnan, G. Kagels. V. General, M. Zayac. ROW 3: M. Benedict. J. I-Iallifax, C. Wilber, L. Gagliardi, T. Baker, T. Buzyniski, C. Grant. L. Zimmerman, S. Bussler. ABSENT: D. Norman. MRS. OLDENBURG, FIRST GRADEMROW I: P. Knox, L. Collins. L. Foley. W. Nutt, S. Krentz, K. Macek ROW 2: K. Wright, L. Haseley, L. Pratt, K. Anderson, M. Mills, S. Wolfe, D. Wright. ROW 3: IT, Yanicki, G. Joyce. M. Miller, S. Grieg. ROW 4: J. Hoy, K. Klumpp, J. Butler, K. Zimmerman, M. Wagoner. MRS. GRAHAM, FIRST GRADE- ROW I: J. Thomas. D. Wright, T. Miller P. Dold. ROW 2: T. Clare, D. Moon, P. Schryver. P. Williams. T. Flint. L. Camp bell, T. Schultz. ROW 3: R. Ifeilshans, D. Shields. M. Haney, J. Byers, L. Wright, J. Gominiuk, C. Crafts. ROW 4: M. Brown. L. Cleveland, P. Marshall, J. Estes, S. Kerwin. R. Vigrass. S. Swith, M. Lindermun. MRS. HARTLEY, KINDERGARTEN A.M.-ROW l: L. Schultz, A. Cleveland, M. Pratt, T. Smith, J. Parlier, L. Miles. ROW 2: R. Hall, D. Lisman, N. Wagoner, E. Beals, L. Carlin. ROW 3: D. Hobbs, J. Drake, D. Gilson, C. Swanson, B. Henry, K. Krull, M. Volschow. ABSENT: J. Avery, B. Mezihl, C. Roscmellia, D. Le Vant, B. Wurl. MRS. FULLER, KINDERGARTEN A.M.-ROW 1: S. Brounscheidel, J. Parker, A. Puff, M. Sullivan, S. Mael. ROW 2: B. Walker, K. Haggie, D. Kirbe M. Schuler. ROW 3: S. McCloud, B. Clare, L. Aber, J. Crosby, M. Smith, S. Class, C. Hughes. ROW 4: D. Fifield, J. Wronski, G. Botting, T. Nickerson. MRS. PUFF, KINDERGARTEN A.M. ROW 1: D. Zehr, I. Say, C. Platt, K. Collins, C. Burning. ROW 2: K. Ketch, D. Stolzenburg, T. Taylor, L. Klumpp, J. Nealon, M. Wellington, C. Horanburg ROW 3: R. Duhow, K. Sherman, R. Chapman, B. Bobzien, B. Capen, D. Moulden, D. Carlton. ABSENT: A. Borner, P. Strong, C. Edsall, N. Smith. KINDERGARTEN: P.M.. MRS, FULLER- ROW 1: L. Podeszek, P. Molisani, K. Munger, V. Haney, D. Murray W. Jones. ROW 2: M. Harding, D. Davis, S. Robertson, K. Benedict, D. Smith, L. Stanstreet. ROW 3: F. Lalioun- tain, E. Ammerman, S. Boissennen, J. Taylor, P. Angelo. ROW 4: K. Basslcr, K. Condren, B. Schnoor, R. Ward. KINDERGARTEN: P.M., MRS. HARTLEY-ROW 1: M. Campbell, M. Pruss, A. Horanburg, M. Shaw, D. Miles, J. Flagler, S. Zimmerman. ROW 2: M. Marshall, L. General, K. Vincent, K. Modie, R. Standerwick, D. Lampman, P. Ryan, ROW 3: J. Hopkins, R. Hallifax, R. Vaughn, J. Wilson, H. Petruskie, D. Bajema, T. Berning. ABSENT: D. Catanesi, T. Kublman. KINDERGARTEN: P.M., MRS. PUFF- ROW 1: V. Shields, K. Rowland, J. Burlew, K. Berner. ROW 2: K. Dy, J. Gow, V. Prieur, S. Vincent, J. Davis. ROW 3: S. Anderson, C. Landry, C. Nicholas, S. Lampman, K. Roger, R. Landsheft. B. Lodwiek, K. Lampman, R. Alexander. ROW 4: S. Zafrano, R. Swigert, J. Bowen, D. l-lesch, D. Higgins. OLCOTT ELEMENTARY FACULTY, KINDERGARTEN-SECOND: ROW 1: Mrs. Kramer, second, Miss Porretta, firstg Mrs. Feelcy, first, Miss Punara, first, Mrs, Hogan, kiiidcrgamzn, Mrs. Tompkins, second. OLCOTT ELEMENTARY FACULTY, THIRDfFIFTH: ROW 1: Miss Nicholas, fourth, Mrs. Brawn, fifth, Miss Kane, third. ROW 2: Mrs. Miles, fourthg Miss Gordan, third: Mrs. Shuey, third, Mrs, Stark, fourthg Mrs. Young, fifth. OLCOTT OFFICE-RIGHT: Mrs. De- Lange, secretary. LEFT: Mrs. Knopf, librarian, OLCOTT SPECIAL TEACHERS-ROW 1: Mrs. Hed- ley, Art. ROW 2: Mr. Seitz, Physical Education: Mrs. Mathewson, Vocal Music. Cabovej Mr. Napoli, Instru- mental Music. MRS. YOUNG, FIFTH GRADE-ROW 1: A. Coulson, D. Taylor, K. Doyle, D. Nerber, R. Riccio. ROW 2: D. Phipps, D. Ward, P. Ziehl, J. Hutchins. R. Ben- nett, J. Hoover, I. Gleen. ROW 3: K. Scott, E. Brandon, E. Bittner, C. Cass, G. Parlier. S. Laloie, P. Donahue, S. Barnes. ROW 4: W. Forsyth, A. Coomey, C. Rutland, L. Fitch, M. Luksch, W. Per- due, R. Santario, M. Herberger, N. Lown. MRS. BRAWN, FIFTH GRADE-ROW 1: D. Seager, S. Forsyth, R. Harrington, P. Barnes, L. LaForme, l-I. Harrington, S. Faulkner, D. Budde. ROW 2: M. Den- ny, T. Marsh, P. McKernan, P. Wilson, M. Toth, W. Huenemoerder, D. Dierolf, P. Ziehl. ROW 3: C. Shellman, A. Mylar, M. Nowack, E. Lenmert, R. Knowles, B. Russell, T. Hoover, A. Betzler, K. Shee- han. 4-.. MISS NICHOLAS, FOU RTH GRADEAROW l: R. Talladay, L. Gleen, E. Stolzenberg. ROW 2: Hill, M. Confer, M. Worth, D. Sears, T. Forsyth, A. Schultz, T. Rann. ROW 3: C. Fitch, F. Jefferson, R. Riddle, D. Slieeham, W. Falls, S. Cook, J. Soemann, C. Weber. ROW 41 T. Graham, M. Mittlestadt, D. Denniston, K. Ketch, M. Schultz, G. Krueger, J. Morse. MRS. MILES, FOURTH GRADEf ROW l: D. De Chambeau, A. Palmer. L. Haight, H. Palmer, J. Holzman. ROW 2: C. J. Toth, D. Bennett, B. Malcornb, W. Krauss, M. Pokitko. A. Brown. ROW 3: C. Daigler, P. Coomey, K. White, E. Walker, D. Drake, M. Phipps, K. Horan- burg. ROW 4: J. Swan, A. Diez, C. Kujawa, T. Olaf, R. Parlier, P. Riccio, K. Riddle. ABSENT: G. French. MRS. STARKS, FOURTH GRADE- ROW l: K. Sovak, J. Folsom, J. Greer, K. Kennard, C. McCloud, L. Glass. ROW 2: K. Johnson. J. Barbolate, L. Rich, R. Fisher, J. Hunter, B. Parlier. ROW 3: J. Barron, J. Daigler, L. Ludwig, J. Walker, T. Taylor, R. Bottom, J. Schliecker. ROW 4: D. Platt, L. Marvin, C. Wagoner, D. Santarsiero, K. Thursam, T. Gerling, T. Wronski, J. Harper. l MRS. GORDON-ROW 1: W. Knight, L. Budde, D. Stevenson, L. Kramp, ROW 2: G.Sch1iecker, S. Doyle, W. Horanburg, L. Wemple, S. LaFormc. ROW 3: R. Weir, K. Kelley, J. Ellis, B. Olaf, L. Barnes, R. Rose, P. Palmer, D. Wilhelrns. ROW 4: S. Platt, M. Tay- lor, M. Ward, C. Michalak, R. Drinker K. Wallace, K. Walker. MRS. SHUEY-ROW 1: D. Ball, K. Nerber, J. Logan, D. Cass. ROW 2: G. Denny, D. Denniston, C. Bittner, R. Harris, M. Yarington. ROW 3: T. Jef- ferson, E. Stegner, M. Knowles, D. Lon- don, B. Metcalf, S. Thompson, D. Troy G.E.Wallace. ROW 4: D. Bayer, P. Gow, E. Tothill, K. Krueger, P. Russell, G. Schiecker, T. Ludwig, J. Kramp. 1 s MISS KANE-ROW 1: C. Bennett, G. Malcomb, G. Banks, R. Brown, J. Schurr, L. Hillman, D. Miller. ROW 2: A. Barnes, E. Weidel, J. Scott, D. Ketch, A. Abraham, P. Knight. ROW 3 L. Worth, K. Stout, H. Henderson, C. Diez, J. Wagoner, D. Swan. C. Porter. ROW 4: T. Sheeln, D. Hcrberger. G. Betzler, A. Shellman, B. Powell, J. Johnson, W. Chapman. MRS. THOMPKINS, SECOND GRADEfROW l: C. McCloud, C. Gleen, R. Snow, L. Lese, L. Denny, C. Cameron. ROW 2: K. lfarrel, W. Faulk- ner, L. Gugliano, L. Haight, D. Kennard D. Ludwig. ROW 3: C. Riccio, P. Barbalate, S. Beiter, B. Hillman, P. Donahue, M. Knox, D. Smith, E. See- feldt, G. White. ROW 4: P. Braur, J. Powell, B. Edmond, P. Scefeldt, T. Tuttle, J. Asbury, D. Blanton, M. Ketch, W. Metcalf. MRS. KRAMER, SECOND GRADE, ROW li J. Marsh, M. Deitz, T. Doyle, R. Liddell, K. Brandt, K. Forsyth, J. Wright. ROW 2: R. Enderby, K. McKernun, S. Seager, K. Coulson, H. Toth. S. Hunter, D. Bittner. ROW 3: P. Knox, C. Ball, E. Daigler, M. Harrington, M. Confer, R. Betzler, D. Weber, R. Letcher. ROW 4: S. Walters, J. Hallifay, J. Weber, L. Scutt, E. Stuhl, M. Ketch, W. Rutland, J. Phipps. MRS. FEELEY, FIRST GRADE- ROW l: P. Zcihl, B. Gooding, K. Bowler, L. Smith. ROW 2: S. Bakos, B. Gleen, A. Voelker, B. White, M. DeChambeau. ROW 3: R. Northam, B. Kennedy, R. Mc Clain, T. Hoover, S. Addenbrooke, S. Johnson, A. McDonough. ROW 4: C. H. Williams, G. Gow, C. Horanburg, A. Schlieker, K. Coomey, P. Ward, B. Logan, J. Crosby, C. Liscom, ABSENT. MISS. PANARA, l7lRST GRADE- ROW l: lf. Skutt. S. Davis. P. Porter, J. Beiter. M. Boyer, ROW 2: S. Marsh, P. Zammit. L. Guido. P. Knowles, T. Hutch- ins. ROW 3: R. Taylor. K. Sears. C. Chambers, L. Cramer, C. Smith, J. Haz- zard, C. Scott. ROW 4: C. Kendzierski. P. Tugg. G. lfitch, G, Herberger, J. Rober- son, D. Hedley. B. Poole. Absent: C. Hendricks. MRS. HOGAN. KINDFRGARTILN- ROW 1: B. Knox. P. Betzler. C. Lu- Ifornie. M. J. Stolzcnberg, C. Hill. ROW 2: K. Gleen, D. Stevenson. R. lforsythe, S. Powell. ROW 3: G. Greer, G. White, K. Henderson. V. Hyde, K. Kennurd, C. Denny, G. Metcalf. ROW 4: J. Suntur- siero, S. Buffington. W. Swan. V. John- son. MISS PORRICTTA l"lRST GRADli - ROW l: D. Hedley. J. Lz1J0ic. J. Davis, I". Knowles. ROW 2: C. Malco1nb,C. Buffington. T. Wellington. S. Abraham C. Jefferson, ROW 3: J. Donovan, P. Hubbard, B. Scholtisek. K. Worth. J. Heinrich. C. Wallace. T. Toledo. C. En- derby. ROW 4: B. Palmer. P. Russell. T Nickerson. B. Tolbert. D. Wilson. C. My er. R. Ketch. 1 ABSENTEES, OLCOTT-ROW 1: K. Kelly, L. Banks, T. Snell. ROW 2: D. Geist, P. Rice, T. Snell. ROW 3: A. Hill, L. Driscoll, D. Rice, C. Kendzierski. ROW 4: R. Snell, T. Rice, A. Palmer, C, Hend- ricks, M. Rice. MRS. HOGANeROW l: B. Dunn, R. Skutt, R. Sweeney, R. Ender- by, T. Stahl. ROW 2: R. Bigelow, D. London, B. Cass, C. Hedley. ROW 3: T. Letcher, S. Moreland, D. Fletcher, S. Malcomb, B. Kramp, S. Wagoner, P. Jefferson. ROW 4: R. Cameron, S. Wiedel, D. Clogston, H. Hermann, C. Logan, D. Phillipp, J. Hazzard. ABSENTEES, WRIGHTS CORNERS-ROW 1: R. Palisano, M. Grudzinski, K. Palisano, ROW 2: W. Carosella, C. Ward, L. Stanton. ROW 3: D. Doherty, S. Fry, A. McNall, D. Soemann, K. Ward. ROW 4: J. Forsey, M. Alt, D. Kibler. asm Miss Shellbeffy- WRIGHTS CORNERS, FACULTY-ROW 1: Mrs. Merchant, first grade, Mrs. Speranza, third grade, Mrs. Nemeth, kindergarten, Mrs. Albright, first grade, head teacher. ROW 2: Mrs. Cleinman, second gradeg Miss Conley, second grade, Mrs. Taylor, third grade. MRS. TAYLOR, THIRD GRADEW ROW 1: S. Boyer, G. Hangartner, J. Chunco, C. Dunbar, R. Lane. ROW 2: T. Melcher, S. Noon, M. Strong, T. Whitehead, P. Brick, D. Farina, A. Tor- riere, T. Wilson. ROW 3: A. Fuertes, C. Farley, J. Reeson, P. Spear, D. Lukasik, S. Budnack, M. Polle. MRS. SPERANZA, THIRD GRADE- ROW 1: G. Wiley, D. Strong, C. Kennis S. Spear. ROW 2: E. Bartlett, M. Roth. J. Bowers, C. Swiger. G. Upton, P. Quinones, R. Keirn. ROW 3: P. Rcale, D. Easterbrook, D. Peterson, L. Lopez, D. Edmister, P. Botting, L. Sawyer. ROW 4. T. Fiedler, J. Munn, D. Zuyac, F. Poole, A. Lytle. MISS CONLEY, SECOND GRADE- ROW 1: W. Ferree. S. Steblein, A. Qui- nones, E. Jones, M. Rounds, P. Musca- rellu, C. Bowes. ROW 2: A. McNall, K. Bullard, W. Trouse. J. lfuertes, E. John- son, D. Bowers, P. lfarley. ROW 3: T. Whitehead. S. Benedetti, L. Clark, M. Maeliarlane, J. Kydd, D. Hueber, R. Bud- anck. ROW 4: S. Enderby, D. Kibler, M. Klino, D. Bye, S. Bridwell, M. Braun, M. Ewald, S. Handgartner. MRS. CLEINMAN, SECOND GRADE- -ROW 1: J. Houston, J. Bucolo, S. Schotz, J. Schultz, L. Zavac. P. Lopez. ROW 2: S. Bowers, S. Robinson, T. Had- sell. ROW 3: K. Sandusky, T. DeChan1- beau, G. Bowers, E. Jones, C. Thomas, C. Munn, W. Flecksenhaar, lf. Westgate, A. Clare, ROW 4: L. Bartlett, M. Alt, P. Farley, K. MacFarlane, O. Passuite, T. Brounscheidle, S. Leising, D. Easter- brook, C. Huber, M. Kilner. 't MRS. ALBRIGHT, FIRST GRADE- ROW l: B. Brick, K. Robison, T. O'Don- nell, K. Caton. ROW 2: D. Bartlett, L. Bowers, D. Sears, J. Nugent. B. Drake, S. Scliuler. ROW 3: D. Reeson, M. Camp- bell, A. Peterson, C. Maclfarlane, R. Schafer, S. Carlson, J. Truscio, T. Aikin, ROW 4: D. Prosser, M. Hahn, K. Sher- man, T. Fitz Randolph, C. Jenks, J. Hutchins, J. Wiley, A. Fuertes. Mrs. Merchant-First Grade ROW 1: C. Rogers, L. Boyer, L. Bowes, J. Ferris, C. Bartlett. ROW 2: J. Stauder, L. Upton, T. Munn, S. Fry, R. Kilner, Y. Houston. ROW 3: B. Drake, R. Steblien, C. l-lausclbauer, K. Bye, R. Mann, J. lidmister, T. Sidebottom. ROW 4: R. Boetcher, J. Far- ley. S. Gray, M. Pepcr. L. Stanton, J. Quinones, R. Parmley. Mrs. Nemeths4Kindergarten A.M. ROW 1: T. Lopez, L. Klino, S. McNall, K. Clemons, M. Quagliano. ROW 2: T. Trouse, B. lfeitshans, R. Socmans, N. Lange, J. Andrews. Mrs. NemethseKindergarten P. M. ROW 1: D. Tomkinson. S. Zayae, B. lflecksenhaar, J. Musearcllu, S. Duschen, S. Enderby, T. Burgess, J. White. B. Bowers, L. Bowers. ...-N... T: . et, L ' :- Mrs. Nemeths-Kindergarten A. M. ROW 1: K. Chenez, T. Miller, R. Westgate, L. Feitshans, M. Smeragliuolo, J. Taylor. ROW 2: M. Kan- kiewicz, S. Baron, A. Hale, S. Kenyon. Mrs. Nemeths-S-Kindergarten P. M.: W. Poole, D. Doherty, J. Nagel, M. Zastrow, C. Bowers, R. Chunco, B. Seirto. A. Brown, A. Porter. ELEMENTARY STUDENT COUNCIL-ROW 1: P. Meuse, K. Lingle, K. Rounds, S. Schaffer, L. Ver tucci. ROW 2: F. Dreher, M. Passuite, C. Heschke, lf. Westgate, C. Woods. wli fig. 'S Ei f S 1 E ggi' 'SDK' 4 I ',i,, I ,4,x his A ,uw 5 e hre 12, SPORTS Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. M See how they shine. , , , ,.., ., ., , ,,,,,,.,, , W, ,, ,,.,M., f V ,. ,. f V- f WMM- ,.W,, wW,W,,J,,,.Wf r'-1" MM-H-Y M2'fffWfr'rfWwfff -fMWWf"f"f"2V ""' W I W 4 HWWW, L.,,, uwaww, WWW BW 3 34?-3 f WMM www e WWW ,f Y Wm , W , W M V . M W QL, NY- - vwfwfwv-M3 , I f -V ,, f ,' 1 C fa ,,rr . ROW 1: M, Kramp, J. Maloon, W. Brown. J. Miller, M, Reed, R. Kneeland, M. Zafuto, M. Sidebottom, M. Gersting, K. McNeil, C. Donavon, R. Parlier, K. Sherrie. ROW 2: Coach Marchoni, Coach Caisse, J. Milles, J. Strong, E. Babcock, W Lukasik, G. Enderby, K. Bowman, J, Troy, D. Hanbruck, D. Brocious, K. Barrell, M. Shuey, D. Platt, W. Weber, M. Meyers, B. Nagel, G. Devoe, Coach Conley. This years team came a long way and gained in the aspects for which the game is played. The varsity team, led by co cap- tains Dave Platt and Mike Kramp found that there are many benefits in working together which only football can provide. Q, . 4 aw. r ee . 'fm Y .J in 1 . iff' M fs fx W rlgiL1Mi.. . , , -w'fi5eW'QgbF?' -Q ' - .4 'fs NNE!! "li ' x C is xi ' J " X' ' i 9 "" ' X ' 'N QU ff , fknifg' Q 1 g vi I f Q, Mg Bxll -ill, , ,if - v 3 gr 'f 5... If U ' WF? J A 4M,, 1 V3,, ' 9 ,: ,, A Fil " ' ' J iiww-21-igffi.. , ffl +V A-0-we ' J.V. FOOTBALL-ROW 1: J. Thomas, M. Werth, M. Platt, G. DeVoogel, D. Woodburn, R. Eberhart, T. Aikin, J. Adinolfe. ROW 2: J. Burnett, D. Duhow, R. Heckert, J. Slyster, J. Stuart, D. Pomeroy, P. Noonan, D. Adams, R. Fraser, R. Talorico, D. Rohring, J. Grieg, C. Swan. ROW 3: D. Weber, J. Sidebottom, G. Helfrich, T. Zafrzmo, J. Covell, T. Gibson, R. Douglas, A. Weir, G. Harding, C. Miller. ROW 4: B. Williams, P. Friscliholz. VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: J. Landsheft, M. Daigler, P. Banks, T. Rathke. ROW 2: N. Klingebiel, B. Nagel, R. Livermore Cmgr.J, J Jagow, C. Woodcock. ROW 3: C. Guay, J. Miles, M. Meyers, D. Buhyoff, G. Enderby. ROW 4: S. Goodman, G. Sprague, J. Gaskill, D. Ham- bruch. ll I I lil V X . - ' ' . 1' " " fl.-fizismfi WA fr if ' N , . 522 ,iff j K ky M NN . Lii, I tkxx . . A , Li A ?3'wg,- lx q,,:EL.LAxA A LLA1.',, i -C A in 'qvu K J W KVLL ,n jkrl qi? 9 W f . . Q. ' , i-f . J. V. BASKETBALL-ROW 1: lf. Adams. ROW 2: J. Sidebottom, B. Rollinger, D. Tuner, R. Farley. ROW 3: J. Burnett, P. Noonan, A. Weir, C. Alexander, F. Lown, Mr. Seitz, P. Frischlolz, G. Helfrich, C. Tompkins, D. Adams, J. Greig. VARSITY CLUB-ROW 1: D. Converso, J. McClure, R. Smist, N. Converse. ROW 2: R. Timkey, W. Brown M. Krump, R. P:1rlier,M. Platt, R. Platt, H. Weber. ROW 3: J. Landslreft, M. Gerstung, M. Zafuto, E. Bulfy- off, M. Shuey, J. Strong, K. McNeil. ROW 4: E. Babcock, K. Donovan. J. Guskill, T. Parker, W. Weber, D. Timkey, J. Jagow. ROW 5: G. Devoe, G. Sprague, B. Nagel, W. Lukusik, C. Woodcock, C. Guay, J. Miles, D. Platt. WRESTLING-ROW l: D. Beals, Man., J. Mclnully, D. Dunhow, D. Converso, J. McClure, D. Meyers, Man., S. Platt, Man. ROW 2: M. Gurstung, Platt, Mr. Livergood, Coach, N. Converso, K. McNeil. ROW 3: D. Platt, D. Woodburn, W. Brown, R. Platt, M. Zafuto. ROW 4: D. Owen, G. DeVoe, K. Donovan. CROSS COUNTRY-ROW l: D. Miles, D. Turner, D. Salim, J. Clogston, M. Liddell. ROW 2: N. Converso. J. McClure, D. Convcrso, J. Kramer, B. Smist, T. Adams. ROW 3: R. Farley, C Alexander, N. Klingabeil, J. Gas- kill, D. Timkey, T. Luuve, T. Lauve. ROW 4: H.Webe1'. C. Woodeoek, G. Sprague. E. Buylioff, C. Guay, T. Par her, R. Timkey. J. V. WRESTLING -'ROW l: J. Thomas, D. Eberhart. ROW 2: T. Swanson. Mr. Feitslruns, coach, D. Suhrn ROW 3: J. Adinolfe, R. Eberhart. G. Devoogel. ROW 4: T. Fowler, D. Weber, R. Bye. TRACK-ROW l: J. Miller. J. McNally, J. Beals, D. Beals, J. McClure, D. Converson. ROW 2: M. Demmin, F. Lown, E. Deuelren, J. Selnnit, D. Woodlurn, M. Platt, R. Parlier, T. Swanson, D. Miles. ROW 3: K. McNeil. M. Gerstung, T. Lauve, J. Clogston, W. Brown. ROW 4: B. Kneeland, D. Platt, K. Bowman, C. Woodcock, G. Spru- gue, G. Devse, T. Parher, J. Miles, K. Barrel, B. Nagel, E. Babcock. ls: nm..." . ,. ala. me G. A. C. JR. HIGHVROW l: M. Pem- broke, N. Woods, V. Keller. ROW 2: M. Hall, B. Mael, C. Budnaack, S. Liddell. ef. JR. PEP CLUB-ROW 1: M. Tucker, D. Pomeroy, T. Wright, T. Lukasik. ROW 2: A. Varcoe, J. Piathowski, M. Prosser, R. Buftington, D. Shuey, B. Mael, S. Toth, D. Warner, K. Ouagliano, D. McKee, B. Beilcin, K. Rathke, J. Roberts, M. Hall, V. Miles, D. Turner, S. Quagliano. ROW 3: L. Covell, L. Budde, B. Pokito, D. Stout, N. Stolzenberg, D. Stolzenberg, L. Taylor, P. Ziehl, M. Sewar, B. Pool, C. Wilber, J. Westgate P. Savigny, J. Pomeroy, R. Malcolm. ROW 4: N. Hiller, N. Gray, P. Sullivan, S. Gooding, G. Parlier, C. Hudson, D. Smith, L. Malcolm, C. Hill, B. Sherrie, C. Poole, A. Bentley, P. Russell, F. Gagliardi, B. Witherite, D. Wright. ROW 5: R. Enderby, D. Witherite, C. Budnack, E. Nemeth, J. Capen, D. Thompson, S. Timkey, J. Rutland, C. Quinn, N. Woods, V. Keller, C. Verheyn, S. Baker, B. Bell, E. Price, K. Collins. ROW 6: L. Mathewson, J. Walker, P. Grahmam, C. Loeffert, N. Baker, K. Weber, J. McKernan, P. Herberger, J. Buhyoff, A. Rutland, A. Obuhanych, L. Kanehl. ROW 3: Mrs. Laws, P. Herberger, S. Bak- PEP CLUB-ROW 1: W. Smist, R. Raetz, M. Ryan, L. Dickinson. ROW 2: P. Wood, B. Talladay, C. Turner, S. Pool. ROW 3: C. Taylor, P. Vin- cent, C. Drake, S. Smist. ROW 4: L. Woods, M, Fieger, S. Keller, S. Bernecker, S. Lenz, C. Pipiles, J. Guude, R. Winkley. ROW 5: D. Godzisz, K. Donovan, K. Wilhelm, C. Perkins, B. Miller, J. Teague, B. Shuey, P. Allen, J. LeValley, D. Obuhanych, R. Neelon. aplri ..,.. .JV . f-'gg .,..' N K .. J . f . - ...W ff -f . iw Y , ' W! 'I " ' ' "X YL-vi., F - f, ' W ...,........, - . . . - . . i . .. . ,. ... . . X 1 I ltr A MW R Hd 453 9 .3 Z . " f- .. . Y' 'f 0 "" 4 0. N 1 ' 'di-A:-:fl fl.. lllf qiv rl M "A M' M J' . s i , I , ' in gf . 3 I f 1, ,M .i 2 in AE Q, Y QA? J- J px an Zz v l. 5 ' C 7' M 1, 52, gi f J. , . W If 4 1 - A .4-4 -- -A -V .. ' . : wwf J 'L' ,. I - I .- I 11+-W V . V .um r, f f I nf' ff, 2.9.5-nuns 4 V 9 f w 1 V 1 gil x K j Ai id a y? M3 if A if XM ,fx Q Q W, 'J 3 ? f " ,, 4 5 1 3 W ff' Vx 3 I if if x ,SH WW 'WQ . fl , 5 gs' f 2 f J I , f ff. P i ...l. ..l.. J J' 5. . X. - ' ll no rg Qifiiwakwffg W EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL-ROW l:T. Parlier, T, Kramp, G. Emery, T. Landsheft, T. Wright. ROW 2: D. Pomeroy, R. Sage, A. Judd, D. Rathke, K. Krull, J. Smith, M. Dunbar. Sportsmanship On Sat., Feb. 7, Newfane Central School was host to the fourth annual, Niagara-Orleans League, Championship Wrestling Tournament. The hosting of such a large affair turned out to be a distinct pleasure. Some 100 wrestlers, coaches and managers descended on Newfane Se- nior High School at 9 in the morning and were guests of the school and com- munity until almost ll that night. More than 500 fans from the various league localities filtered in and out of the arena all day long as the matches were going continuously morning, af- ternoon and evening. Holding an athletic contest of any kind today is a real chore, what with smoking, drinking, altercations,de- struction of property, etc. creating al- most insurmountable problems for school authorities, despite all normal precautions. it is almost a joy to relate that in several hours of heated competition there was hardly an incident worth mentioning that reflected on the good name of any school during the wrest- ling tournament. The wrestlers, coaches and fans ex- hibited an almost unknown degree of sportsmanship and exemplary conduct during the matches and about the com- munity of Newfane. They cheered, and yelled themselves hoarse during some heated Wrestling matches but were ap- plauding both Winner and loser alike at the conclusion. lt is difficult to deter- mine why this group should be differ- ent from those at any other athletic contest but a high degree of discipline, love and respect was obvious by the boys competing, for their opponents and their own coaches. Perhaps this spirit was contagious. So congratulations to the men responsible for creating such fine ideals in young menithe coaches who have trained and guided them throughout the year. Thank you, wrestling coaches of the Niagara-Orleans League for your service and dedication to a fine group of American boys. We need both them and you in these difficult days, and the mantle of leadership that will fall upon their shoulders in the future. Sincerely, Joe H. Donovan, Dir. of Athletics Newfane Central School ACTIVITIES Amidst the cries and buntering voices March the clashing battalions of action l l Cheasty, B, Casper. ROW 3: S. Lenz, B. Auman, S. Staples, R. Steinagle, Mrs. Przondak, advisor, D. Payne, S. Johnson, A. FitzRandolph. ROW 4: D. Corser, literary editor: J. Maxwell, editorg S. Kagels. ROW 5: J. Mclnally. CENTURY STAFF ,ROW lt K. Wilson, K. Ogilvie, J. O'Rielly, L. Parlier. ROW 2: N. Marino, P. Vincent, C. Rudd, C. Drake, D. Masters, F. CENTURY BUSINESS STAFF-ROW 1: Mr. Dryer, advisor,D. Sweeney, D. Eberhart, C. Drake, N. Marino, D. Richards, J. Stolzenburg. ROW 2: B. Miller, D. Stout, C. Perkins, L. Buhyoff, J. Weyers, V. Fiedler, C. Strong, D. Clark. PLAY CAST-ROW 1: L. Dickinson. ROW 2: A. Carr, B. Hoyer. ROW 3: T. Klemick, S. Galambos, L. Geist, J. Braley, D. Shuman. ROW 4: A. FitzRandolph, B. Lytle, S. Wink- ley, W. Bowers. SR. HIGH DRAMA CLUB-ROW 1: A. FitzRandolf. ROW 2: R. Lytle, E. Babcock, L. Parlier, A. Smith, S. Lenz. ROW 3: Mr. Caisse, advisor: J. Bartz, C. Miller, M. Fieger, D. Godzisz, S. Mills, S. Bernecker, L. Geist, S. Dettinger, D. Shumzm, J. O'Reilly. ROW 4: C. Pipiles, C. Taylor, B. Cook. ROW 5: D. Nixon, R. Neelon, A. Carr, C. Robison, M. Hellert, L. Cupen, B. Auman, K. Pembroke, M. Clark. ROW 6: J. lfloyd, W. Bowers, J. McNally, S. Gulambos, D. Farley. B. Hoycr, S. Winkley. AMIHRICAN l"lliLD SERVICE-ROW lx J. Phillips, D. Godzisz, R. Baleke, Exchange student: S. Galambos, C. Drake, S. Mills, D. Shuman. ROW 2: P. Duffy, Hellert. J. Greig, K. Noonan, G. Kirchner. K. Donovan, C. Robinson, R. Winkley. L. Geist, ROW 3: S. Winklcy, R. Nee- lon, J. lfloyd, D. lfarley, R. Lytle, B. Bowers, B. Aikin. A "lr P ..., g fi fi, at R , 9, .,.., . x 1 , T f f , PW W . Nfl Ma , 4, gp if We , . 5 pt Y If I f I Q H5 14' " f : PATRICK DUIVIVY AND l"AMIl,Y-Patrick J. Duft'y,Jr. will represent Newfanc Central School American l"icld Service in the Americans Abroad Program. On March 3, Pat left to make his home for one year with the Lafuente l'amily in Li- nares. Chile. FORICIGN IQXCHANGIQ STUDENT Robina Baleke is thc for eign exchange student this year. She is Uganda, Africa and is spending the year with the Robert Winkcly Family. HONOR SOCIETY-ROW l: C. Turner, D. Masters, S. Galambos, A. Carr, P. Vincent, P. Obuhanych. ROW 2: D. Farley, L. Weir, B. Aikin, Mr Masters, advisor: M. Dunbar, S. Bernecker, B. Winkley. ROW 3: P. Allen, B. Miller, A. Platt, D. Beals, K. Peterson, B. Richards, G. Vincent, L. Dickinson. ROW 4: J. Beals, S. Meal, K. Donovan, D. Payne, S. Manning, J. Stolzenburg, J. Smith, V. Fiedler, J. Maxwell. ROW 5: L. Limburg, W. Smist, P. Hobbs, P. Duffy, J. Greig, P. Wilson, P. Godzisz, K. Noonan, G. Kirchner. ROW 6: R. Lytle, R. Roeseler, W. Bowers, C. Wood- cock, E. Buhyoff, M. Drake, D. Mitchell, D. Ellis, K. McNeil. HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERSWROW 1: M. Dun- bar, L. Weir. ROW 2: B. Winkley, D. Farley, S. Ber- necker. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB-ROW 1: D. Masters, J. Williams. ROW 2: K. Marsh, M. Thomas, Mrs. Masters, ad- visor: M. Dunbar, B. Auman. ROW 3: P. Phillips, L. Borner, J. Smith, C. Vary, D. Owens, K. Polasky, M. Pol- lock. SEARCI-ILIGI-IT STAFF-ROW 1: D. Shumun, K. Ogilvie. D. Richards, D. Masters, C. Drake. ROW 2: B. Zastrow B. Auman, I. Stolzenburg, Mr. Dryer, advisor, N. Marino, K. Martin. ROW 3: S. Knieser, E. Harrington, D. Enderby, M. MeKernan, J. Mularz, L. Stolzen- burg, V. Fiedler. t , , H-2.9, fi mf ,353 2 .... df 1 549 l9.H.A.-Row 1: S. llarvey, B. Sonker, R. Udell, D. llumel. ROW 2: T. Payne, E. Goius, Miss Viverette, ad- visor, C. Miles, R. Blewett. ROW 3: S. Lopez, D. Nixon, L. Jaenecke, S. Ginty, D. Harrison. ROW 4: D. En- derby, B. Hiller, B. Barron. S. John- son. STUDENT SENATE-ROW 1: B. Sweeney, C. Turner, S. Berneeker. ROW 2: P. Duffy, C. Strong, president, C. Perkins, secretary, Mr. Ingro, ad visor. ROW 3: K. Donovan. G, Kirchner, treasurer, Mr. Fink, advisor, D. Richards. ROW 4: L. Limburg, P. Costello, P. Hobbs. ROW 5: D. Stout, S. Mael, A. Noon, J. Greig, B. Miller. SR. HIGH BAND-ROW l: A. Smith, R. Farley, J. Schmitt, M. Drake, W. Brown, B. Drake. ROW 2: T. Wright, N. Sattelberg, R. Smist, J. Kra mer, K. Barrell, K. Palmer, J. Jagow, J. Miles, J. Roberts, J. Miller, T. Raczkiewicz. PERCUSSI0NfD- POTTICTOY, J- MCCIUTC, G- He1ffiCh- M. Drake-G. Kirchner-Practicing for Kenen Center Pro gram. Mr. Nemeth- and band practice. SR. HIGH BAND-ROW 1: J. Phillips, S. Winkley, D. Coover, G. O'Mara, L. Limburg, W. Smist. ROW 2: J. Hayner, A. Carr, C. Robison, T. Aikin, M. Taylor, J. Drew, A. Hamminga, K. Aikin, P. Duffy, P. Hobbs, D. Stout, B. Mayer. ROW 3: D. Hambrucli, G. Sprague, D. Broeious, C Beyer, T. Adams, D. Masters, G. Kirchner, M. Martin, L. Hobbs. t ,sv SR. HIGH PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, Cleftj-ROWI: A. FitzRan- dolph, A. Smith, C. Drake. ROW 2: W. Bowers, R. Byers, S. Det- tinger. SR. HIGH PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, Cbelowl-ROW 1: S. LenZ,S linger. - 2 "' S fe f if I f 1 wif i f h V...h W Mr. Price-a special thanks to Mr. Price and all others who helped so much with photography. Johnson, Mr. Price, advisor. ROW 2: D. Ewald, H. Hutchins, W. Rol- CONCERT CHOIR-ROW l:D. Shurnan. K. Ogilvic, N. Marino, S. Galambos. L. Weir. C. Drake, S. Lenz. ROW 2: B. Zastrow. L. Geist, D. Richards, J. Taylor, B. Auman, B. Taylor, li. Gaviller. ROW 3: J. Greig, K. Peterson, S. Knieser, K. Polusky, lf. Hale, J. Smith, E. Rallingcr, D. Payne, M. Dunbar, D. Eberhart. CHORUS NEWSfimprovisational pieces are "in" this year at Newfane. We finally conquered "Four Concord Choralesf' Gary is as shy and sedate as ever. Peggy is getting better at opening her mouth, but clo- sing it .... Virginia was an instant hit as the lead singer for the Fax, Price says: Remember the Unknown! CONCERT CHOIR-ROW 1: C. Miller, J. Bartz, N. Hudson, C. Harper, G. Thomas, P. Vincent. ROW 2: L. Horanburg, S. Johnson, J. Smith. C. Vary, L. Capen, S. Bernecker, S. Mills. ROW 3: B. Neidlinger, M. Stedman, J. Maxwell, M. Thomas, D. Ewald, E. Babcock, J. Seib, R. Livermore, C. Rudd. GIRLS CHORUS-ROW 1: P. Wood, B. Talladay, M. Miller, S. Smist. ROW 2: M. Fiegcr, V. Luke, L. Woods, N. Perkins, J. Williams, J. Thomas ROW 3: S. Sposito, J. Gaude. P. Waterbury, A. Luke, D. Obuhanych, R. Ncclon, B. Vary, B. Kagels, E. Budnack, D. Geist. SR. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-ROW 1: D. Nixon. ROW 2: E. Hale, Mr. Bambina. ROW 3: V. Gloger, A. FritzRando1ph, K. Polasky. JR. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-ROW 1: L. Wyman, B. Warner, A. Wells, T. Buhyoff, W. Wells, D. Clark, G. Seefeldt. ROW 2: G. Gaviller, N. O'C0nnor, D. Wagner, B. Pixley, P. Stolzenburg, B. LaForme, T. Schmitt, J. Rath, M. Flint, G. Hause, J. Voelpel. ROW 3: T. Coates, A. Haney, K. Jago, L. Dickinson, D. Lentivech, D. Smith, G. Hopkins, D. Gilson, E. Harrington, B. Henning, M. Wurl, D. Kagels, J. Merrit, M. Bas- com, J. Murray. ROW 4: O. Bratland, B. Schweigert, L. Baker, E. Herman, R. Horanburg, J. Note, O. Jahnsan, J. Endertin, T. Marvin. ROW 5: P. Smith, K. Smith, B. Palmer, L. Sears, J. Patterson, D. Sidebottom. ROW 6: J. Ripson, M. Carolus, D. Meyers, A. Mylar, R. Watson, K. Ames D. Mattucci, R. Swigert, A. Caraco. JR. HIGH ART CLUB-ROW 1: Miss Sheedy, C. Pawlouski, R. Hoy, M. Buckowski. ROW 2: C. Miller, R. Withcrite, M. Sheehan, W. Hyde, G. Purser. Miss LaPome. ROW 3: J. Guuy, E. Price, V. Mar- tin, D. Barron, J. Ruf, C. Pardo. ROW 4: L. Remmington, D. Dus- Chen. JR. HIGH RED CROSS CLUB ROW 1: S. Polusky. L. Wcrdel,J Sccord. S. Farley. Mrs. Bradley. ROW 2: P. Coniin, M. Brandt, R Parlicr, J. Polusky. ROW 3: J. Strong, C. Crunc, M. Schuliz'. JR. HIGH S. Manning. MIXED CHORUS-ROW 1: D. Palmer, J. Clark, C. Cassatt, D ROW 2: J. Miller, M. Hayes, M. Roeseler, R. Hoy, M. Zafrano . Rosemellia, L. Covell, J. Dreher, S. Polsky, S. Denniston, L. Drake , J. Harvey, D. Denny, Y. Parlier. G. Pusser. K. Jennings, S. Johnson S. Gooding. ROW 3: J. Polasky, J. Feeley, W. Dressler, R. Lingle, M. Wurl, R. Finley, D. Wright, L. Lenz, N. Smith, S. Cass, N. Woodcock, J. Schweigert. ROW 4: G. Licata. B. Brown, S. Clark, O. Brutland, L. Buken, D. Waterbury, T. Verheyn, R. Hudson, J. Johnson, G. Hobbs, R. Bye, G. Grudzinski. JR. HIGH MIXED CHORUS-ROW 1: S. Bullard, P. Ziehl, C. Denniston, C. Briggs, C. Baker, P. Carmer. ROW 2: M. Stout, S. Sherman, P. Class, P. Perkins, D. Miller, S. Tomkinson, J. Sovak, B. Livermore. ROW 3: E. Nemeth, D. Seefcldt, A. Ruthland, J. Talladay, R. Cassatt, D. Donavan, M. Caton, ROW 4: S. Smith, T. Butler, R. Douglas, O. Johnson, D. Pomeroy, L. LaI"orest, A. Lopez, L. Dressler. A 'Q- '15 23 Em ,M-'N -YL F 5,549 A W' V If 4 ,Mx . ,, n .J 'f w 1' A ' Qs gig K W, f' im ,k ,. ,S ,,,.m Z. -4 Q ,W zz , 1 5 F h l 1 +1 W ffm ww yy w I ,- vyigghfifga J JUNIOR HIGH BAND AaROW 1: D. Palmer, B. Shaw R Burt, T. Paradise, T. Smist. ROW 2: T. Buhy- off D Baker, P. Hawkins, C. Jackson, D. Hause, S. Syn der D Shuey. ROW 3: J. Cheasty, P. Jagow, R. Sage, B M lel J Kolbow, D. Weber. JUNIOR HIGH BANDB ROW1 D Tilladay T Buhyoff K Grey A Barnes D Kljanka T. Smist,C. Culverwell, C. Pawlowski, Mr. Kry gler ROW 2 R Burt W Shaw M Duffy D G1Ison T Paradlse E Harrmgton R Roof D Hobbs,D. Baker, W. HaseIey,G. Buhyoff,J. Har- rlson P HHWVICIIIS D Shuey S Blank N Carosella ROW 3 L Coover S Jenks C Jaekson R Adams,J. Thomas,J. Ende1'ton,S. Snyder, D. Hause J Cheasty D Hayes P Jagow R Sage T Noonan D Weber P Herberger B Mael R Fraser. JUNIOR HIGH BAND A-ROW I: C. Paw Iowski, N. Haseley, C. Culverwell, M. Mann, D. Gilson, A. Barnes. ROW 2: L. Coover, S. Jenks, J. Thomas, R. Adams, N. Carosella, G Buhyoff, D. Hobbs, D. Kijanka, ROW 3: R. Fraser, P. Noonan, P. Herberger, T. Noonan, D. Hayes, R. Black, DANCli BAND -ROW l: D. Hobbs. D. Ba- ker. T. Buhyoff. A. Barnes. ROW 2: D. Gil- son, R. Burt. D. Lentivech. M. Mann. G. Buy- hoff, P. Hawkins, R. Dimon. N. Carosclla. ROW 3: Mr. Rrygier. S. Snyder. D. Adams. D. Huycs, P. Hcrbcrger. B. Muel, P. Noonan. W. Blumrick. ROW 4: D. Wuber. C. Thompkins. .l. Rolbow. P. Lange. R. lfraser. J. Stuart. JUNIOR HIGH BAND-ROW 1: K. Ruthke, S. Ifurley, D. Hillman. M. lflint. P. Johnson. T. Stcblcin. S. Kinyon. M. Kinyon, P. Thomas. D. McKee.ROW 2: B. Pokitko. O. Smith, K. Tull, M. Gilbert. B. Poole. C. Wilber, D. Malcom. S. Toth. ROW 3: P. Roof. M. lfaulkncr. O. Locffcrt, N. Baker. K. Weber. K. Lange. S. Timkcy. J. Pctcrson. C. Thomas, C. Kramer, M lferriru, R. Dimon. C. Banks. J. Merril. J. Watson. D. Smith. R. Meeks. K.Ouug1iuno. ROW 4: B. Underwood, P. Lange. D. Adams. C. Thompkins. IQ. Herman, W. Blumrick. C. Ifahs. C. Quinn. J. Walker, J. Smith. S. Marshal, C. O'Ncil. L. Hyde. A. Obuhunych, M. Mann, C. Reese, C. Crane. LIBRARY CLUB-JR. HIGH ROW 1: P. Zichl. D. Smith. ROW 2: J. Polasky, C. Poole, C. Drcher. G. Purser, M. Schutz, J. Dreher, M. Hadsell. D. DcVoogel, T. Ryan, M. Roy. ROW 3: Mrs. Donovan. G. Towner. J. Stoddard. J. Weaver, G. Hale, J. McKcrnan. w E Wikia PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBwROW1Z J. Coomey, M. Mann, D. Pawlowski, M. Hayes. ROW 2: J. Harrison, M. Kerwin, D. Bernecker, M. Prosser. ROW 3: B. Pokitko, J. Piatkowski, D. Duschen, R. Kuhlman. ROW 4: B. Warner. G. Grudzinski, D. Mattucci, D. Huenemoerker, M. Prosser. P. Maciej. SCIENCE CLUB-ROW 1: S. Toth, D. Warner, D. Pawlowski, B. Avery, T. Paradise. ROW 2: N. Carosella, C. Briggs, R. Adams, D. Stevenson, C. Wilber. G. Purser. ROW 3: M. Ellis, O. Smith, J. Weaver, S. Johnson, L. Woodring, D. Sprague. ROW 4: D. Fiedler, R. Meeks, M. Mann, C. Loeffert, J. Westgate, K. Lange, J. Meyer, C. Stevens, K. Bossler. ALTERNATE STUDENT SENATE-ROW 1: S. Smith, G. Gaviller. ROW 2: C. Denniston, S. Black, L. Budde, C. Dreher. ROW 3: B. Pokitko, D. Zacot, C. Rees. ROW 4: R. Ryan, D. Haight, J. Westgate, J. Miller, N. Smith. STAGE CREW-ROW 1: S. Clark, R. Douglas, T. Verheyn, B. Warner, A. Caraco,W. Howe. ROW 2: L. Wyman, M. Branelong, J. Coomey, S. Smith, J. Polasky. JR. HIGH STUDENT SENATE-ROW 1: P. Herberger, Vice-Presi dent: C. Neidlinger, Treasurer, N. Clark, President: D. Sidebottom, Secretary. ROW 2: A.M. Palisano, K. Quagliano, D. Stevenson, L. Malcolm,'K. Lange, C. Pawlowski, L. Wittcop, S. Swanson, B. Beli- en, J. Coomey, T. Smist, B. Shaw. ROW 3: Mr. Harwood, Miss Li- Pome, J. Weaver, B. Bascom, C. Quinn, P. Sullivan, F. Gagliardi, T. Alberta, O. Johnson, R. Wriley, C. Budnack, R. Meal, N. Geartz. F.T.A.-ROW 1: L. Wurl, B. Talladay, J. Phillips, J. Hall, K. Peterson. ROW 2: A. Platt, Advisor-D. Casale, C. Hennebohl, D. Class. FUTURE SECRETARIES-ROW 1: J. Stolzenburg. ROW 2: D. En- derby, C. Harper, Miss K. Gazzetti, S. Aiken. ROW 35 J. Weyers, S. La- pez, J. Brayley, V. Fiedler. .4-wr' STUDENT STOREfROW 1: R. Livermore, M. Pollock. ROW 2: Mr, D. Hoolihan, S. Roof. K, Seager, G. Miller nett M Claude ROW 7 I N1Lhol.a5 l Yur- ingt n. ROW 3: A. Drake, W. Kelly, G, Smith, J. Krebs. ROW 4: L. Trivax, H. lferguson. JR. HIGH CUSTODIANS-ROW 1: R. Bur- lf. Swigert, Long A . . W. Laskey B Taylor N ,grim 5 ..??:V ,,..,Q,. 2535 iii, tg, r L, Sears T, Lyong C. Smith, A. Schultz. C. Darrell. Mr. Kuhns Senior High Custodians. NEWFANE SR. HIGH CAFETERIAAROW 1: M. Theis, T. Weber, I. Verguson, D. Milby. Blumrick, V. Woolston, G. Owen. R N. H .... .. .egzglg .. Eff' K K' H' 'FS' 52215: ROW 2: B. Pedley, B. Volschow, B. Marshall, J NEWFANE JR. HIGH CAFETERIA-ROW I: C. Liddell, V. Bernecker, G. McGuire, L. Feltz. ROW 2: S. Scott, R. Tonn, F. Brandt, I. Taylor, M. Leighton, P. Wright, A. Rees. ROW 3: S. Duxbury, L. Ginty, G. Adamson, H. Nagel, M. Lotz. 43 7ff1f9lTK:?"i5iY,fi :I-' Sfkwl-i'Q?53ae1:f - A - .f:5fe. . ' f a NT L :,f-.. .5- I 1' if V . M. Chunco. 1 . fl g3ifi733Q":f11'fV X -X 'V ie 'ye is S X 3 is ex . 5 XX X Ii XR ,gg I. .X Q x E , 2 ss I 'R F R OLCOTT ELEMENTARY CAFETERIAWROW I: A. Henderson, M. DeCham- WRIGHTS CORNERS ELEMENTARY CAFETERIA- beau, L. Wright, J. Meyer. M. Carnegie. ROW 1: P. Gow, G. Jones, NEWFANE ELEMENTARY CAFETERIA-ROW 1: F. Eberhart, J.Greig,C. Searle,M. Miller, M. Cook. ROW 2: M. Tompkins, D. VanAlstyne A. Tatu, E. Stierly. is S ' A I. .',- . flair Old irrends . . . Can you imagine us years from today, sharing u park bench quietly. I-low terribly strange to be seventy. V1 1 ' vw x 104 JBA! sr,-K -f,- , A .,,-..-.' we - :W MOST FAMILIAR COUPLE SHYEST I Doreen Payne Randy Roeseler , WITTIEST Barb Shuey Willard Bowers I l -s SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-ROW 1: Mr. Hoftiezer, K. Pembroke, Pres.g Miss Carullo. ROW 2: B. Sweeney, Treas.g J. Jagow, V. , Pres.g D. Stout, Sec. MOST AMBITIOUS Sally Manning Kyle McNeil Rebecca Winkley Doug Farley MOST POPULAR Julie Maxwell Jamie Landsheft ! BEST ACTORS Sue Winkley Ron Reatz MOST Kathy ARTISTIC Noonan Joel Hudson BEST DRESSED Patty Horanburg, Richard Zehr BEST MANNERED M8TClH Dullblll' Tom Klemick Diane Stout Denny Hambruch I0 -' ,.A' ' S 'if ve' I MOST DEPENDABLE Linda Weir, Bob Lytle MOST TALKATIVE Cindy Perkins, Kevin Pollock I 1 A BIGGEST TEASE I Carol Strong, Dick Miller kxgfzy' 2 I ' ,ff Q S5 ,,.. 33- ki. . , ,X R CUTEST Cheryl Turner, Kim Palmer i CLASS FAVORITES J X Claudette Roger, Bill Smist W m"'ffkA,,,,, 'Ei ' Mosr DIGNIFIED "T I , Carol Robison, Paul Phillips I ' A f ,A A yy A MOST STUDIOUS Pam Vincent, Bruce Aiken MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Sheila Bernecker, Mike Ryan ., . 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Suggestions in the Newfane High School - Century Yearbook (Newfane, NY) collection:

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