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School Calendar SEPTEMBER la Thomas G.2Hm1eg ' 5 QMA., Ziff.-Zfgj, M PX usec WDW, qgram O C T0 B E R A c5?aff9?6ZG.mLfav 4 Z,-ala Jwfiw Gam '7 N155 Numan Innv fofmsnn lr a gfmvs CQz7 H I 5 'MR55 'Karen Egbedeg H5152 I8 A+ NOVEMBER . E -i 5 1 GMX!! fLF5!54vf FRAZSICIS W. STRONG DECEMBER I yawn I Fmkvirh P.Gmlltuwx3msllll 6 Glhsmhmx L1!lI.2lllmgzwr I0 jxfmgmg, Q6 Ruwcm Glatalaby C17 9'Il.a0,Qfm..4.fB.rK5E..ff4.. JANUARY 2 cZZM:,,.,cfa..W16,,L, 4, Qllolvmrl' Mmnmrinv iam-Tun 5 QIWBELB Qmgfrmmg 6' Q0 Niles Hvafrflenthng Savgvv Q4 4263, M54 Z?Efmz,,,,f Q8 Rohm-1 H.MeD0n0MgL Q8 lfqrzn ffewny DR la jffwiouigo PEER UARY I5 Im-rg Bejfrrrezt Qlarh 3 9QJ1Qrf7Wmz 65' fl I G 3 I 6 bmugnvlevnslnln QQ Exrrmlb 9 Dguqla 5 mgcaq ff 5fgQffD,4,EY H501 fax' " f School FEBRUARY la George Knieser ' Q QAW4, 922205 iq Kobgrf 141123 QQ Q36 25' JHN 6 B P-O V-f'V Q8 ' , MARC H 30 fmayjzm APRIL ' Q Eldrecl George Craggs QQ JZLA, lL.,.,,f.Q,.,..1. A A MAY I W'4Svu,v':1:wlj2.2U.2rrn2u 1 VL, 24,4 MZ, 30 4Rolwr'l'41WmiAnxrBrA2ilay 30 Nvlilia R 4 JU N E 3 JAM Bama Sr Calendar JUNE I 0 Tlbomw ipuxfil CIU1 I I miss Blum fran Mm, I3 .Joef Ericksgn I6 ,vmvcy .JAUQSON 2 .MA Chiang: 4 wjffawm 4 :MAS Lynne Qwega ncia 7 6155, QEW, 8 KMQQ ckxkdxm 'gxavkkxxg 20 'Miss M3116 Jaap 'Kocyyzo 1 Y Zap!-5001.27 26 35115 Jones 28 'RAymonHjTaluylRainx1a5l1T 1 Cgzfyanv IDM: G61-v 7 miss Dann Eva finighf fs pislmxh A1g. ZZ pirluvxh Simian Ski-lain L y 26 DANIEL B. HELFERTY 1-ww-T-ffN??wf'Aaw---WL vi 'wa ' .mi if - ' 'iii-1 1 li ww' V ,Q .U 1: if ,W 1-11.--e " ' ,t Q . I ,g x Lit ,, X 9 . a -mf s 0 1 1 ' v . . '1 . .L , 1 R f c K in K A 17' 'A -.. , Q., ., 1 Senior Class of Newfane Central School Presents l Q,--4,-,.. SJ? rl . ff' P15-,567 S-fe Newfane, New York 'Through These Hallowed Halls I lf e A yi ,. lz':::5 C5 ,WIN Q M A ' 9 W - - f Mrs. Mabel S. Lee Ex Libris abel S. Lee joins us in our se Hallowed Hallsn as our new nt of the Sole District. J EWFANE CENTR L SCHOOL V W, WRIGHTS CORNERS SCHOOL OLGYIT SCHOOL ,fu sf In K ., fi . g L, ,f-. A iufirftw h 'R '4 . Q. f,,-.v:,-,.-',p,',a-,-ti',':f.M,ga: . .: :N Q gr ,amy ggdawawwfwmaww :fi ALMA MATER Through the years of fun and labor Thee our hearts shall rule, One and all we stand to honor Newfane Central School. Chorus: Alma Mater,through the ages Let thy glory reign Whether fair or stormy weather Hail, all hail, Newfane. Onward in the path of learning Hold our steadfast way, While we from our shelter turning To the world may say. When our stem are feeble growing 'Neath life's heavy load, In our hearts the love still growing Brightens all the road. f 'audi -Qtek -Y +-m 3v- f' I-was 1.--w'7'.f -.H ,, ' ., ' ' fi, We . . ,,, ,O , , and g 1- M., W, N 5-2.33515"Pum,a'gsi" ,153 gh Silk,'-fag, ., xqf4,,,..,5,.,, .',5.,m2,14 . ,Hi 5 .L M.. A SEPT ocm Nov nec. DAN. Q FEB. ,,-,. MAR. 2 K ' e X APR. Il U N E. I MAY Through The e Hallowed Hall Through these hallowed halls manyci us have walked--some for the first time this year--some for the last. For those graduated, or soon to be graduated, these hallowed halls echo with many happy memories of years past. For those beginning their schooling at Newfane, these halls ring with laughter and new experiences in knowledge and friendships. Through these hallowed hal1s,as we stroll L1remeniscence,are found memories of the enjoyment and pleasure we had in the many extracurricular activities, of the hours spent in study, and.most of a1l,of the friendships formed. We remember the clubs and organizations, which served as a practice field for the learning acquired in the class room, and which helped to round out our education, making us better citizens. Sports bring back memories of sportsmanship and fellowship. Then, too, many times there has reverberated fun and laughter, as preparations were made for the parties, dances and plays, which contributed so much to the gaiety of our experiences with these hallowed halls. Yes, these hallowed halls do overflow with memories--wonderful memories--of work and play with our friends and fellow students. Our theme, HThrough these hallowed halls,U bring a touch of nostalgia as we remember years spent in fun and labor at Newfane Central School, our Alma Mater. Come, join us as we tour these hallowed halls. 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Seniors Classes Junior High Grades Methodist Church 80 Qlcott 83 Wrights Corners 86 Sports Activities 5 1-1---J - .4-..- .Ll Mr. Haley, a graduate of Lockport Senior High School, attended Salem College in West Virginia, where he majored in biology and minored in chemistry. He began teaching in the science departmentci'Newfane Central three years ago, at which time he also became our class advisor. Throughout our higu school years,Mr. Haley was available always Unhelp solve ww problems or to work with us on class activities. He always gave ofhis time most willingly so that we could carry out our class projects succem- fully. To many in the Senior class, Mr.Haley has been not only a teacher and advisor, but also afriend with whonlthey could talk freely. We,the graduating class of 1958, respect- fully dedicate our yearbookto you, Mr. Haley, for the many hours you have spent patiently helping us in so many ways. DEDICATIO This year's theme can be easily interpreted in such a way that it symbol- izes our twelve years of learning at Newfane Central School. The last three years were three of the happiest years spent in school. One primary reason for this was the fact that we were fortunate to have as advisors, Miss Liddell and Mr. Haley, They were with us, helping and advising, guiding and suggest- vQv-'---1. -le--N v-nf'-3. W. MES Liddelh a graduateci Newfane Central School,attended Albany State Teachers College where she majored in languages. She teaches Latin and French at Newfane. When our class needed themes for dances, or ideas for assembly programs, she always l listened tothestudents'ideas. When we needed to make preparationsfor our assemblies,danrs, parties or plays, she was always ready and willing'UJhe1p us. She spent much of her time helping tomake our class activitiessuccessful. To Miss Liddell, our class advisor from 1955 until l958,we want tJsayHThank you1 with due appreciation for all the unselfishluip and advice you have given us. As a smalltoken of our appreciation we dedicate our yearbook to you. DEDICATIC ing, criticizing and praising during these years. With their help, many of us have become better adjusted to the increasing responsibilities that people acquire in growing up. We can say, in all truthfulness, that we feel extremely proud and fortunate to have had class advisors such as Miss Liddell and Mr. Haley. 1 1-'liinuc-mamma-.qu garmin- fnnginanr ei, -unn- It is with grateful appreciation that we, the Senior Class of 1958, use this opportunity to thank our Board of Education for contributing their time and effort to give HThese Hallowed Hallsnof Newfane Central School He fine qualities they possess. , , The board has made it possible for us to have many learning aids and an excellent faculty which have led us to further our education. We hope we can express our appreciation through this yearbook of 1958. ,Q rt Board of Education ' 4 'M-viz, . y ..46 ,gf .AWK :V 'Jfj 9 eq TWWVQ Mr, Qllvavvland L. Mott ' ,,J pQM ffga A ,wa fs V YQ, WAQMQ y atlr f A ,awww law. hh zaWWv' Mr, john B. Strong Mr. Raymond G. Gaskill if f as f A H fwm, ,S 1, DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Until February l, Mr. F. Karl Frohlich was the superintendent of the First Supervisory District of Niagara County,which included Barker, Royalton-Hartland, and Newfane, Although Mr,Frohlich had served assuperintendentcf the district for twenty- seven years, Newfane was under his guidance for little more than a year. The duties of the superintendent include acting as the director of schools, making periodic reports to Albany, and keeping in close contact with all the schools in the district. Before Mr. Frohlich retired from office, February l, he was honored at a testimonial dinner, given December 2, at the Park Hotel in Lockport, by the District Teachers Association. As a result of a reorganization of school districts in this area,Newfane is now in the Sole Supervisory District, which includes the Wilson, Starpoint, Niagara-Wheatfield and Newfane school districts,under Mrs, Mabel S. Lee, who had been superintendent of District No. 2 for many years. 8 wwf ', Wa , 4 :Q f, wffffffff ff. 'f ,WW,, A, H,wW,,M,,,,, KQQQVV' h famqZ3.gwZ w " Mr. Duane E. Taylor Mr. Richard C. Beutel 1 ff 5 5 1 .V 2-11' -' Q 5 """ y yi FA DMINISTRATICN .J - . , H A rinsing- . 'Tw , , was-u.,. , - A MW K .. 9. ., A. , .qi A V K Mr. Bentley Supervising Prin cipal ww Mr. Bligh Director of Secondary Education Momma Mr. Redmore Director of Elementary Education W 9 Qiisfie - ' Q' - 'f::Q1 Jef ' xmiwr MWTQQ he I 113 'Q 'i B swf?- fr: Mr. Chiavaro Attendance Director s Cffices From The Mr. White Director Of Guidance 19' IE! 1 V-my Mr. Landel Miss M. Shellberry, Dental Hygienist Business Manager Miss L. Shellberry, Nurse 5 H Miss Wills, Librarian He1pergMrs.Hi11man,SecretarygMiss Bowes,C1erk-Typistg M19-Whitevpafbtime TYDiSf 10 ways ma r 9?1J 6,3 'xv ir, , M, : ,,,C,fff"N7 ,, lgwmwiw Mr. D , M . D . . . Mrs. Lasher: Mr. Villella- Mr. Lederhouse reyer' gommggigig' Mlss Helmerl Clt1zensh1p Bdugatiou Senior High Facult Mrs. Klockg Mr. Haley Science Row 1 Miss McBrien . Row 2 'Mrs. Ivesg Mr. N9Wk1IkQ Miss Liddellg Mr. Manly Mrs. Robersong Mr. Rabidqq English and Language Mathematics : ' 4 i 9 . 11 fsfw' M,MfS-,Smifh, JUHiOr High Homemaking iss Vlverette, Senior High Homemaking .S SH Mr. Swem, Elementary Art Elementary Vocal Music j Mrs. Przondak, High School Art Miss McCarthy Mrs. Porter Mrs W11k1n Librarian Study Hall 12 , Mrs. Beccue, High School Vocal Music MisDevereaux,JmuorIhghSchoolVoca1Mus1c Mr. Nemeth, Instrumental Music Special rts Mr.Cramer, Student TeachergMr.Weberg Industrial Artsg Mr.VanWie, Student Teacherg Mr. Capen, Industrial Arts Mr. Duffy, Boys' Physical Education Mr.Landsheft,Elementary BwsicalEducatdon Mrs. Blewett, Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Garman English . 'JJ ' Mr. Bridges Mr. Kiene AgfiC1-llture Driver Education 13 is I Ea Mrs. Brandtg Mr. Wrightg Mrs, Scott Mr. Schwachg Mr. Wilcoxg Miss McGuire Mrs. BOffOm3 Mrs. Sears Mrs. Dayg Mr. Wapen 7th Grade 8th Grade .hnnor Hi h Teachers Mr. Christenseng Mrs. Utleyg Mrs. Lindermang Mrs. Smithg Miss Clarkeg Mrs. Clareg Mrs. Nyeg Mrs. McKeeg Miss Rosati M155 Zimmermang Mrs. Stark 6th Grade 5th Grade Grade Teachers 14 ,, .. -- m Row 1 Miss Bentoug Mrs. Rebmang Mrs. Keers Row l Mrs. Reese- Mrs Liddell ROW 2 Mrs- Starks: Mrs- Gaskill Row 2 Mrs. Grahaxllg Mrs. Ruf 4th Grade 3rd Grade Grade Mrs, Fullers Mrs. Hartley Mrs. Crossmang Mrs. Moreyg Mrs. Daigler . Kindergarten 2nd Grade Teachers 15 Row l Mrs. Albright, lst Gradeg Mrs. Speranza, 2nd Grade Row 2 Mrs. Dowuey,2nd GradegMrs.Mackey,2nd Gradeg Mrs. Ziehl, Kiudergarteng Mrs. Merchant, lst Grade Mrs, Schultz, 4th Grade Methodist Church W r I g h t s C o r n e r s 'sis'Gi222?inS...:fH23i?:a5i3i 353' 52:32 Mrs. Phillips, 4th Gradeg Mrs. Gamin, 2nd Gradeg Miss Cozzens, lst Grade Olcott Mrs. LaGraff, Znd Gradeg Mrs. Wilson, lst Gradeg Miss Hyde, lst Gradeg Mrs. Corser, lst Gradeg Mrs. Shaver, lst Gradeg Mrs. Putnam, lst Grade 16 mgxyf Q-n - ---'U'- igg Nicks -I X Eugene are, Russell Pedley, Treasurer Jane Brown Secretary G1CS Presldent 3, u1el Cl Mlss L1ddel1 Ad I -lt v, Mr. Haley, Advisor V . . Hz", - . M --., -,.-ne. DAVID ADAMS Vocational Agriculture Merit Roll 9 Senior Band 9, 10, 11, 12 F.F.A. 9, 10, ll, 12 NYSSMA 9, 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 B BNDA BARRON Vocational Stenography Merit Roll 9, 10, ll Junior Chorus 9 I Senior Band 10, ll, 12 Century 12 NYSSMA 10, 11, 12 Senior Play 12 .Q ?' Seniors DRESS UP DAY WILLIAM BAILEY Academic Agriculture Boys' Chorus ll, 12 F.P.A. 9, 10, 11 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 All fourth year activities as of January. Fourth year honor and merit roll not available. 18 RICHARD AIKIN Science Merit Roll 9 Century 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 ROBERT BATES Vocational Agriculture F.P.A. 10, 11, 12 Football 10 J.V. Baseball 9 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 CARL BERRY Industrial Arts Art Club 9 I.A.C. 9 Intramurals 9, 12 RICHARD BOWERS Industrial Arts Different School 9 AG? Seniors DRESS-UP DY DONALD BOTTING Science Boys' Chorus 9 Anchor 12 Library Club 9, 10, 11, F.F.A. 9, 10, ll, 12 Junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 12 19 1 IRENE BODY Vocational Stenography 'Honor Roll 9 Merit Roll 10, 11 Honor Society 12 Century 11, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 Bxtramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 MARLBNE BRADLEY Vocational Stenography Math Honor Roll 9 Merit Roll 10, ll Honor Society ll, 12 Centorian ll, 12 Century ll, 12 Junior Red Cross 11 Library Club 10, ll, 12 Bxtramurals 9 Intramurals 9, 10, ll 1 9 X ROBERT BRADLEY Industrial Arts Science J.V. Basketball 10 Intramurals 9, 10, LARRY CLARK Math, Science Honor Roll 9 Merit Roll 10, ll Student Council 9 I.A.C. 10, ll, 12 J.V. Baseball 9, l Junior P1ay ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 11, 12 -1-5 f" 'FP' ' Q7 1 Seniors DRESS-UP DAY EUGENE CLARE Science Football 10, ll, 12 J.V. Baseball 10 Varsity Club ll, 12 Class Officer 10, ll, 12 Junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 JANE BROWN Vocational Stenography Merit Roll ll Student Council 10 Centorian ll, 12 Century ll, 12 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Class Officer ll, 12 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 THOMAS CLARK Math, Science Merit Roll 9, 10, ll Student Council 9 Anchor 12 Class Officer 10, ll, 12 Century 12 JzV. Basketball 10 J.V. Baseball 9, 10 junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9. 10, 11, 12 ""x l"N. .J if Seniors DRESS-UP D Y SHIRLEY CULVERWELL Academic Business Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, 11, 12 Centorian 11 Art Club 9, 10 Extramurals 9, 10, ll Intramurals 9, 10, 11 ELDRED CRAGGS Industrial Arts Science Century ll, 12 Library Club 9, 10, ll F.T.A. 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 DAVID CULVERWELL LYNNE DE LANGE Science Honor Roll ll Merit Roll 9 Class Officer 10 Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, ll, 12 Centorian 9 Century ll, 12 Cheerleader 9, ll, 12 G.A.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 10, ll, 12 Math, Science Merit Roll 9 A Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 21 Jo ANNE DRAKE Vocational Homemaking Different School 9, 10 Merit Roll 11 Intramurals 11, 12 EARL EHRENHARDT Science, Math Merit Roll 9, 10, 11 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, Seniors DRESS-UP DY MARY IDU EATON Math, Music Honor Roll ll Merit Roll 9, 10 Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, 11, 12 Senior Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Ensemble 11, 12 Student Council 9 Century ll, 12 F. T. A. 12 Cheerleader 10, 11, 12 G.A.C. 10, 11, 12 NYSSMA 9, 10, 11, 12 Junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11 22 LLEWBLLYN DRAKE Science , Math Student Council 11. 12 I.A.C. 9 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 JUNE ERGOTI Academic Business Centorian 12 Art Club 9, 10 JOEL ERICKSON Science, Math Varsity Club 10 Basketball 10, ll Baseball ll J.V. Baseball 9 Intramurals 9, 10, ll NANCY GAUDE Science, Math, Latin Merit Roll 9, 10, 11 Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, 11, 12 Student Council 10 Century 11, 12 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 i Seniors DRESS-UP DAY RUSSELL GARDNER Academic Agriculture Boys' Chorus 9, 12 Ensemble 12 F.F.A. 9, 10, 11 J.V. Basketball 9, 10 Football 9, 10 J.V. Baseball 9 NYSSMA 9, 10, 12 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 23 PHOEBE FERREE Vocational Homemaking Merit Roll 9, 10, 11 Centorian 9, l0 Century ll, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 JAMES GILSON Science, Math Boys' Chorus 9 I.A.C. 10, ll, 12 J.V. Basketball 10 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 p9 fNfN if CAROL GOFF Academic Business Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, 11, 12 Bxtramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 LAURA HAIGHT Academic Business Different School 9,'lO Senior Chorus ll, 12 Ensemble 12 NYSSMA ll, 12 Intramurals 12 ,...,, ,C Ji 46 Y A-r f' wr Wu-vi Seniors DRESS-UP DAY I 3 s , ,ef ,, 1, Kg ,A if ' , . , ,Va DWAIN GREENAWALT Industrial Arts Different School 9, 10 Intramurals 11, 12 ,K J , . ,ff ,sf .f ' ' 4 , rpwyjf 5, ex. JAMES GOW Art Different School 9, 10, 11 Student Council 12 Century 12 Varsity Basketball 12 PATRICIA HARDING Art Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, 11 Junior Red Cross 10 Student Council 9, 10, 11 Century ll Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 24 SUZANNE HARRINGTON Academic Business junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10, Centofian 11 Century 12 Art Club 10 G.A.c, 9, 10, ll, NYSSMA 11, 12 Extramurals 9, 10, Intramurals 9, 10, THOMAS HARTLEY Science, Latin Honor Roll 9 Merit R011 10 Senior Band 9, Student Council Century 12 NYSSMA 9 Junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 10 12 ll, 12 12 11, 12 ll, 12 11, 12 Seniors DRESS-LIP DY RICHARD HARRIS Science, Math, Latin Different School 9, 12 Honor Society Merit Roll 11 Boys' Chorus 11 Ensemble 11 Student Council 12 Anchor 12 Century 12 NYSSMA 11 Junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 25 1 CONNIE HARRIS Business Merit Roll ll Senior Chorus 10 ROBERT HAYS Industrial Arts Science Different School 9, 10, ll Intramurals 12 DANIEL HELFERTY Academic Business Different School 9, 10, 11 P.F.A. 12 Football 12 Varsity Club 12 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 12 MARION JOHNSON Academic Business Junior Chorus 9 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 Sensors DRESS-UP DAY NANCY JACKSON Math Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10 Century 10 Centorian 10 Intramurals 9,,10, 11 Bxtramurals 9, 10 26 KAREN HYDE Science, Math, Latin Honor R011 9, 10, 11 Junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 12 Senior Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Honor Society 12 Student Council 10, 11, 12 Century 11, 12 F.T.A. 12 NYSSMA 9, 10, 11, 12 Junior Play ll HELENA JONES Science Different School 9, 10, 11 Senior Band 12 Anchor 12 Century 12 F.T.A. 12 Senior Play 12 'X 'R GEORGE KNIESER Science, Math Merit Roll 9 Centorian 10 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, SYLVIA LINDERMAN Science Academic Business Junior.Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 10 Centorian 12 Anchor ll Century ll, 12 Library Club 9, Art Club 10, ll, Junior Play 11 Extramurals 9, l Intramurals 10 , 11 o, ll ll 12 -my I., '17 'TV if 'S' Seniors DRESS-UP DAY 1 ' JOAN LENTIVECH PHYLLIS KOEPPEN Vocational Homemaking Different School 9, 10 Senior Chorus ll, 12 F.H.A. ll, 12 NANCY LITTLE Vocational Stenography junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus Centorian ll Century 12 Art Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Bxtramurals 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 10, 11, Homemaking Different School 9, 10 11 7 27 1 2 1 DOUGLAS MACAULAY Science Different School 9, 10 Intramurals 11, 12 ELEANOR MOREY Science Merit Roll 10, ll junior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus 11, 12 Senior Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Ensemble 12 Century ll, 12 Cheerleader 10, 11, 12 G.A.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 NYSSMA 9, 10, 11, 12 Extramurals 9, 10, 12 Junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 A 6 E Seniors DRE SS-LIP DAY ROBERT MCDONOUGH Science, Math, Industrial Arts GRBTA MC ARDLE Vocational Stenography Different School 9 Merit Roll ll Honor Society 11, 12 Centorian 11, 12 Century 12 HAROLD O'CONNOR Academic Business Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 Student Council 9, 10 I.A.C. 9, 10, ll, 12 J.V. Basketball 9 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 28 A i Q53 ANITA O'DONNELL Vocational Bookkeeping Honor 11011 9 Merit R011 11 Centorian 11, 12 Century 11, 12 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Art Club .10 WALLACE REID Math, Science Merit Roll 9 Boys Chorus 11 I.A.C. 10, 11, 12 F.F.A. 9 Library Club 9 Assistant Varsity Manager 10 Intramurals 9, 10, 11 emors DRESS UP D Y Ai M y RUSSELL PEDLEY Academic Agriculture Boys' Chorus 11, 12 Senior Band 9, 10 Century 12 F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12 J.V. Basketball 10 Class Officer ll, 12 Junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, RAYMOND RBINBOLT Latin Merit Roll 9, 10 Honor Roll 11 Junior Chorus 9 Boys Chorus 9, 10, ll I.A.C. 9 Student Council 11, 12 Library Club 9 Intramurals 9 Q 1 EARL POYFAIR Science, Math Stamp Club 9 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 29 , QWWLE. M inf , V 4 Nify' W? '22'L Ax' Q' 25413 9 fs' 1 A ' 'A ,K f M, E V4 I ,L 1 GRETCHEN SAEGER Homemaking Different School 9, 10, 11 Senior Chorus 12 P.H.A. 12 WAYNE STBIN Math, Science Merit Roll 9 Senior Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Boys Chorus 10 junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 Baseball 10, ll Intramurals 9, 10, 11 Seniors DRESS-UP D Y LUCINDA SENNBTT Science, Academic Business Art Century ll, 12 Librar Club 9 10 y , , 11, 12 Art Club 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 10, 11 ROBERT SCHULTZ Art, Industrial Arts Different School 9, 10 Art Club 12 I.A.C. 12 Intramurals 11, 12 KAREN STEVENS Art Different School 9, 10, ll 30 K 2 DONALD STRONG Science Boys' Chorus 9 Student Council 10 Football 11 junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, ROGER TAYLOR Academic Aggiculture Boys' Chorus 9 P.F.A. 9, 10, ll, 12 J.V. Basketball 9 Football 10 Varsity Club 10, ll, 1 Senior Play 12 Track 9 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, ex X 4 ci 1 12 Seniors DRESS UP DAY JAMES STUCKEY Industrial Arts Boys' Chorus 9, 10 junior Band 9 Art Club 9 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 12 31 FRANCIS STRONG Industrial Arts Science Merit Roll ll Century 12 I.A.C. lO, ll, 12 All fourth year activities as of January Fourth year honor and merit roll not available THEODORE WAGNER Industrial AIYS I.A.C. 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 10, 11, 12 ,fx DIANA WILSON Vocational Bookkeeping Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12 32 Seniors DRESS-UP DAY JOY WHITMORE Science, Math Honor Roll 9 Honor Society, junior Chorus Senior Chorus Ensemble 10 Centorian 9, Anchor 12 Century 11, Library Club F.T.A. 12 Junior Play 11 Senior Play 12 Extramurals 10 12 10, ll 12 9 10, ll 10 , 10, 11, 12 4 Class Will We the Senior Class of 1958, being of sound mindC?J, wish to make the fol- lowing bequests to our administrators, faculty, and friends. Each has left his most valued possessions in the hope he will be remembered. To Mr. Bentley we leave the memories ofour friendly conferences .... We leave Mr. Bligh our squirt guns,hoping he can use them against next year'sstudents .... To Mr.Chiavaro we bequeath a yearls supply of pencils for writing late slips .... We donate our slightly used college catalogs to Mr. White .... To Mrs. Hillman we leave our many thanks for alllwr assistance .... To HE Shellberry sisters we leave many more happy years of checking teeth and pampering the ill .o.. To all other members of the faculty we will the fond memories of this, our Senior Class. We wish to endow the following people with our varied talents and abilities. Robert McDonough bequeaths his medical ability to Janice Haight .... Russell Pedley, leaves his job as the class treasurer....Edwin Howard will receive Wallace Reid's late English class arrivals .... Nancy Little gives her gab fests to Brenda Enderby .... Wayne Stein wills his curly hair to Jean Briggs .... Joy Whitmore wants Thomas Chambers to receive her high marks .... Roger Taylor leaves his many illnesses to Juanita Brandt .... Donald Strong leaves his chemistry problems to Edward Blish .... Helena Jones bequeaths her astonishing vocabulary to Letitia Lewis....Thomas Hartleyls original remarks are left to Maureen Fitzgerald..,.Connie Harris bequeaths her short stature to Rosalie Millis.... George Knieser leaves his nickname to Norman Hallifax CWe are sure he can use it.J .... Joan Lentivech waves good-by .... Karen Hyde donates her seat in chemistry to Joan Schultz .... Carol Goff wills her amazing talkativeness to Joanne Gow .... Laura Haight bequeathslmm ambition tube mxairline stewardess to Darlene Hunt .... Richard Bowers willlend oneci'his many cars knany junimrwidxdriving ability ..... Russell Gardner wills his hitchhiking to Sally Murray .... David Culverwell gives his hot rod Ford to Mr. Manly. CHe needs it?D...JoAnne Drake wanHsBonita Haseley toreceive her Homemaking Classes .... June ErgoH:gives her giggly laugh to Carleen Kaltenbacher .,.. Larry Clark leaves his motorcycle--running .... Irene Body sends her Honor Society position to Charles Davis .... Robert Bradley's seat in English will go to Jack Linderman O... Brenda Barron bequeaths her pony tail to Karen Malloy ..o. Gary Klumgpwillreceive Bruce Adams'taxi service .... Eugene Clare throws his football ability to Mitchell Mularz .... Marlene Bradley leaves her Century headaches to next year's editor .... We hope Darcy Dempsey enjoys hunting as Earl Ehrenhardt leaves his many excursions to her .... Phoebe Ferree wills her beat-up truck to anyone who thinks he can make it gon..Llewellyn Drake swings his jitter bug ability to Merle Hedden .... Shirley Culverwell bequeaths her trampmine stunts to George Bridgeman .... George Craggs wills his sound effects equipment to Roger Wood .... Lynne DeLange endows Heather Place with her G. A. C. leadership .... Mary Lou Eaton leaves her many boy friends .... Daniel Clark gladly relinquishes his position as youngest in the class to Miss Liddell .... Jane Brown's legible hand- writing will fall to the possession of William Ives .... Suzanne Harrington gives her willingness to work to Joyce VanAlstyne .... James Gow shoots his high basket- ball scores to James Dugos .... Patricia Harding sendsfwr many hair shades to Dawn Tanner .... Rosey cheeks are to be received by Larry Brandt from Nancy Gaude .... James Gilson leaves his ability to sleep through Macbeth to Miss McBrien. CWho wishes she couldQ .... Dwain Greenawalt endows Robert Ascher withlnshair style ..., William Bailey givesrmstardiness record to Robert Shuman..,.Joel Erickson gives his ability to talk in study hall to Barbara Beals .... Sylvia Linderman bequeaths hm:gymnastic ability'HxRose Burns.,..Douglas Macaulay leaves his car--parked.... Anita O'Donnell hands over her job as Senior Play chairman to next year's chairman .... Earl Poyfair releases his position as shortest boy in the class to Gerald Schultz .... Gretchen Saeger wills her long term papers to Raymond Flechsenhaar....Raymond Reinbolt wills his position as Student Council president to next years president .... Harold O'Connor leaves he few times he spoke to those around to hear him .... Mr. Rabidou will receive Robert Schultz's motor scooter. QWe all wish him good luck,D...,Jean Morey hopes her piano playing ability will go to Melissa Chapman ..., Greta McArdle dittos her typing ability for Michael Unterweger .... Lucinda Sennett giveslmr many pieces ofjewelry to Carol Volschow,n, Karen Stevens' long blond hair will go to Lynn Foote....Robert Thompson leaves his name for the office records .... Diana Wilson bequeaths her Bermuda shorts to David Judd...Prancis Strong would like Barbara Stookey to receive his mechanical ability .... James Stuckey endows Gayle Speranza with his height .... Richard Harris' quaint song HBirds Do Itn is left to anybody else who can sing .... 'Nancy Jackson mills her ready smile to Laurie Valmore...Robert Hays leaveslns worries behind..H Herbert Linderman will receive Marion Johnson's quiet manneL...Daniel Helferty's undying love for make-up ksleft to Edward Sanders .... Phyllis Koeppen leaves with that special ring .... Robert Bates leaves his light eyes to Mary DiTullio .... Donald Botting bequeaths his ability to play character parts to Barry Meehan .... Carl Berry just leaves-gladly....And, last but not least, Richard Aikin leaves his telephone number to all the girls in the Junior Class .... , Declaring this to be our last will and testament, we the classof '58 here- with put our hand and set our seal onthis, the twenty-third day of June,Nineteen hundred and fifty-eight. 33 Junior Prom "Almost Paradise" Many couples enjoyed dancing in a beautiful make-believe garden, which was the background for our Junior Prom--HAlmost Paradisen--held on May 24, 1957. Frank Loiars and his orchestra furnished the music. Much planning and preparation went into the dance, under the guidance of the class advisors, Miss Liddell and Mr. Haley. A beautiful garden setting was represented at one end of the school gymnasium,by fresh spring flowers surround- ing a small rock garden,with running water representing a brook. Handmade roses formed the centerpiece for each table. The chairmen of the various committees were Jean Morey,decorationsg Marlene Bradley, tickets and programs, Sylvia Linderman, refreshments, Laura Haight, orchestra, and Brenda Barron,chaperones. Lynne DeLange was the general chairmaL The highlight of the evening came at twelve o'c1ock when the queen of the Junior Prom, Lynne DeLange, was crowned. The attendants to the queen were Mary Lou Eaton, Jean Morey, Laura Haight, Marlene Bradley, Carol Goff, and Brenda Barron. The Queen and her attendants were honored at the Newfane Harvest Day Parade in August, 1957, and were sponsored by Shirley and Irene's Dress Shop. Bach girl was presented with a bouquet and a small gift. 34 .1f .1 ,- "Carouse" F5 N senior Ball 2 Kar- i,f HCarouselU--this word will stir delightful memories in the minds of all who attended the Senior Ball at Newfane Central School on February ll, l958. Using HCarouselH as the theme, the class converted the gym into a wonderland of pastel streamers and ballons. As the couples entered,the girls were given pastel green dance programs whm pink pencils attached. These were to record the events of the evening. Pastel streamers of green, pink, yellow, blue and white formed a Hsecond ceilingn over the enite gym. Multi-colored ballons, animal cutouts, and bright-hued parasols entire adorned the walls, and each table had, as a centerpiece, a small replica of a carousel. At one end of the gym was a large table, with the word, HCarouse1H behind it on the wall. On the table were the punch bowls and three large cakes with UC1ass of '58,H HCarouselU and HSenior Balln written on them. But by far, the most eye-catching decoration was the throne of the HQueen of Carousel.H It con- sisted of a swing--the ropes completely covered with paper carnations of pink, yellow and white. Twined between these, were red paper roses, and, leading up to the throne were risers, where the attendants to the queen were to stand with their escorts. The music was furnished by Frank Loiars and his orchestra,who were situated under the Carousel Hmusic tentn. The crowning glory of the evening was the announcement of the queen, who had been chosen by vote of the students. At midnight, as Thomas Hartley called their names, the attendants to the queen entered, one by one, with their escorts and ascended to their places on the platforms which flanked the throne. 'The attendants were Marlene Bradley, Phoebe Ferree, Lynne DeLange, Laura .Haight, Jean Morey and Sally Jones. Then, the queen, Mary Lou Eaton, was pre- sented, given a bouquet of roses and formally crowned HQueen of Carousel? After this, the queen and her escort were asked to lead the next dance, and as she and her partner danced, a large bag, suspended overhead in the center of the room, showering them with ballons and confetti. The attendants and their escorts were then asked to join in, and soon everyone was dancing. 35 "You Can't Take It With You" Left to Right D' Botting? S- Linderman' J Whitmore' B Clare M . I - ' . - R. - - K. Hyde, T. Hartley, R.,Re1nbolt, MZ Eaton, D.,SironZ?eyi. Ha5i?l?y,PD'PSi:g:f ' 1 W. Reid, L. Clark, M. Day, W, Stein HSomething old, something new, something bor- rowed, something bluen--an old quotation, but very apt in describing the Junior play presented by the class of '58, The three-act comedy, UYou Can't Take It With You,U was presented on March 29, and 30 at Newfane Central School. The Usomething oldn was the idea of having a Junior Play--every class has one. The dialogue was new,however,as was the fresh,inspiring talent used. The Hsomething newu was the idea of having the play Hin the roundn in the gymnasium,instead of on the stage. An innovation at Newfane, this was the result of a willingness to experiment on the part of Mr. David Manly, who directed the group. The Hsomething borrowedn was the talent ofthe members of the class. They included Phoebe Ferree as Penelope Sycamore, Joy Whitmore as Bssieg Jean Morey as RhebagLarry Clark as Paul SycamoregRusE1l Pedley as BdgDona1d Botting as Donald,Rheba's boy- friend, Wallace Reid as Boris Kolenkhovg Raymond Reinbolt as Mr. Kirby, Karen Hyde as Mrs. Kirbyq Wayne Stein, Michael Day, and Donald Strong as policemeng and Sylvia Linderman as Olga Katrina. Also Nborrowedu were the talent of Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, who wrote this masterpiece, and the Dramatists Play Service,Incq publishers ofthe play. The Hsomething blueu was the touch of medical mania that seemed to be circulating around. A female lead with pneumonia, a broken collar-bone, and a dislocated shoulder were all one big headadw to Mr. Manly. However, Hthe show must go onn--and so it did. There was certainly nothing Hbluen about the mood of UE audiencevdnwere,figuratively, of course, Hrolling in the aislesn. A small maker of exploding firecrackers did not seem to dampen the hilarity in any way, but, rather, added to it. 36 Junior Pla u 9' The Man Who Came To Dinner Senior Play For the cast, read article What is the recipe for a successful senior play? Let's try an excellent director, such as Mr. David E. Manly, working with a side-splitting comedy, such as HThe Mad'Who Came To Dinner,HCsub-titled, HThe Play That Gave Me Ulcers,n by the director.J Add a main character like Sheridan Whiteside, celebrated wit and lecturer, played by Danny Clark, some straight roles such as that of Maggie, his secretary, portrayed by Jean Morey, his rather unwilling hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, portrayed by Wallace Reid and Mary Lou Baton, and Bert jefferson, eager newspaper editor, played by Tom Hartley, and you have a fairly good start. Now stir in some real character parts, for instance, a zany Hollywood-crazy joker in a plaid coat, like HBango,n played by Llewellyn Drake, a bumbling, well-meaning, would-be-author and country doctor,played by Bob McDonough, a thoroughlyconfused nurse, Miss Preen, portrayed by Nancy Little, a Hslightlyn conceited Englishman, played by Dick Harris, and an overly-sophisticated actress, Lorraine Sheldon, portrayed by Sally Jones, and now you have a basic start. Now add those other vital ingredients: Don Botting as Professor Metz, with that delightful accent, Lynne DeLange, as June Stanley, Russell Pedley as her boyfriend,Sandy, Wayne Stein as Richard Stanley, Larry Clark as john,the butler, Jane Brown as Sarah, the maid, Nancy Gaude and Brenda Barron as Neighbors, Dave Culverwell and Dan Helferty as policemen,Don Strong and Eugene Clarezw convicts, Roger Taylor as an expressman, Russell Gardner as Wescott, Bob Bates as a radio technician, joy Whitmore as Harriet Stanley,and six choir boys. Anita O'Donnell was the general chairman. Now, the recipe is almost complete. But what would it be without spice? So, for spice, add such unpredictable elements as a mummy case, four penquins, an octopus, and a city full of cock- roaches. Then, for a bit of music, add the mad-cap lyrics of HLet's Do Itn and-- Viola! We have a successful play--almost. For the final garnishing, one must add the work done by all the back-stage committees: Make-up, with Connie Harris as chairman, Publicity, with Laura Haight as chairman, Costumes, under the dir- ection of Greta McArdle, Hand props, with Sylvia Linderman as chairman, Stage props, handled by Jim Stuckey,Ushers, under Jim Gilson'sdirection, and of counm, the business part, handled by Marlene Bradley's committee. George Craggs pro- vided sound effects. Put these all together, using a lot of hard work, fun, and, above all, co- operation, let it Hcookn for about six weeks and you have a fast-moving, three act comedy. While it is ncookingn, let the Hmaster chefsn, Mrs. Przondak and Mr. Capen, prepare those difficult props and Mr. Weber prepare the lighting and staging. When it is ready to be presented to the public, let Miss McBrien and Mrs. Ives put on the decorations--mustaches and make-up, eye-brows and beards, and the finished product is ready--HA thing of beautyn as it were. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, and published by the Dramatists Play Service, Inc., the play was presented in the auditorium of Newfane Central School on November 22 and 23. 37 WE f HM. l , Tx Bl -gn 0 0 "' 1 a 1 I 1 '5 X1 Karen Stevens ' ' llKimll 1. Famous For Bing last person to join ourclass 2. Pet Peeve School! 3. Famous Saying ULife is just a big joken 4, Secret Ambition To be a famous person. Eugene Clare ,,OttO" E, . Famous For Being Class pres - ident for two years 2 Pet Peeve Girls that play cards Famous Saying HHey,Jeanne!H 4 Secret Ambition To hook a nurse Sylvia Linderman Hsylll 1. Famous For Dictatorship 2. Pet Peeve 3. 4. J 1 2 3 4 Excess bragging Famous Saying HYou best bettern Secret Ambition To be a police woman Mary Lou Baton HLOU-ie!! 1. Famous for Tiny feet Z. Pet Peeve Boys who don't Robert Bates UBatesieH Famous For Good looks Pet Peeve Noisy girls Famous Saying nMary had a little lambn Secret Ambition To sing our Na- tional anthem at the World Series Seniors EVERY DAY P 3. Famous Saying ' HNasty blastn 4.' Secret Ambition To be Pat Boone' s secretary oel Erickson lIJoe1Vl Famous For Coming back to school Pet Peeve Brunettes Famous Saying HOh,CornH Secret Ambition To graduate 38 M. Patricia Harding Patu Famous For Blond? hair Pet Peeve Bashful boys Famous Saying HLet's get I Secret Ambitiggmg TO be a friendly Undertaker f 2 ' fi, V. f ,f . Ja: ,fZa'hwaah f 'I' 2'ff'7fI7 iff? ,, 1 riff ff fff lf tw, . ff A aff ff.. Wh, , . . f .my wfaewnyy Robert McDonough 1lMaC1l l. Famous For Being Dr.Bradley 2. Pet Peeve Literature 3. Famous Saying "Jump in tte lake" 4. Secret Ambition To take his boat around the world ,fmawww Q' H HW in W, in .,,., . ,Q 2, y,fAy,,Q 9 ,,fw,f W I ? ff , .f . 7'f" 1 ff, ff of , 4 yi!! f QQQKQQQ Y '55 A sf YL .wif If ,. 5' mr, V, up ,,,,A4 ag, Q'H.fArQ,,, 7 Q, V . . y nDanuyu 1. Famous For Pranks 2. Pet Peeve His job 3. Famous Saying UI may vomitn 4. Secret Ambition To be a bigamist Seniors EVERY D Y t -.. A f ff ff' ' :pg f A :,,f. fg :im 53 M dv " 'E c M 1' ,Q A W 1 Marion Johnson HMarionn 1. Famous For H! friendly smile 2. Pet Peeve Milking cows 3. Famous Saying Hohsli 4. Secret Ambition To marry Wyatt Earp QFWWW o ro m QOQT B I-DL! X SEASON ' 3 G 6 ' px 1497 r 1 xx' x june Ujuneu l. Famous For Her laugh 2, Pet Peeve Elvis Presley haters 3. Famous Saying nOh, geeln 4. Secret Ambition To be a million- aire 1 I ' will Richard Harris NRO Ck!! 1. Famous For His love scenes 2. Pet Peeve Broken guitar strings 3. Famous Saying HBirds do itn 4. Secret Ambition To wrestle with Yukon Erick 39 3 N f ai, 39 ng J It M .1 . 'Q Thomas Clark f W QwgRQ.fJJ i A Allll Q ,A A jr fx J X Donald Strong ll Jon!! 1. Famous For 2. 5. 4. Trips to certain places Pet Peeve dancing Famous Saying II - Sileneen Secret Ambition To own a deep freeze K 1 Roger Taylor llRogl! 1. Famous For Running out of gas 2. Pet Peeve Curfews 3. Famous Saying UI'm thirstyn 4. Secret Ambition To be Mr. America Gretchen Saeger HGretyH 1. Famous For Friendly ways 2. Pet Peeve Washing dishes 3. Famous Saying Hwellu 4. Secret Ambition To be an Air Force Nurse George Knieser nSkippern 1. Famous For Talking in Algetra 2. Pet Peeve History 3. Famous Saying YlGeeS!l 4. Secret Ambition To graduate from high school 5,1 . ..- Carol Goff nGoffieH 1. Famous For Zany moods 2. Pet Peeve low bowling scores 3. Famous Saying n0h, snootn 4. Secret Ambition To own a bowling alley Daniel Helferty "Dan" CDangerousl 1. Famous For Tough guy 2. Pet Peeve Girls with glasses 3. Famous Saying HThat's enoughn 4. Secret Ambition To be a lawyer gal ak A. .:Q,:..YgA Q, -, Brenda Barron Llewellyn Drake nDrakien 1. Famous For Plaid sport coat 2. Pet Peeve Squares 3. Famous Saying 4. Secret Ambition To go to Nova Scotia Seniors EVERY D Y UBrennyH l. Famous For Her pony tail 2. Pet Peeve People who think ON theyown the world , 1 x A 3. Famous Saying BCP' K ' "Man- o-man- a- Xl l '- ,, Q chevitz" V 1:1225 4. Secret Ambition ' '--SQL 'Ibhave twin girls ' fall' Ala , Jean Morey UMoreH 1. Famous For That white skirt 2. Pet Peeve Tardy people 3. Famous Saying nRea1ly???H 4. Secret Ambition To be a second Florence Nighth- gale 40 Bruce Adams HBrucieU 1. Famous For Trombone 2. Pet Peeve Snobbish girls 3. Famous Saying "Oh, please!" 4. Secret Ambition Tbmarry Princess Margaret "I lowe you madly" JoAnne Drake IYJOYD 1. Famous For Red hair 2. Pet Peeve Lockport fans 3. Famous saying HBeautifulU 4. Secret Ambition To be a Cadet at West Point Lynne DeLange YILY-uni-ell 1. Famous For lkrexplosions in chemistry class 2. Pet Peeve Prose and poetry 3. Famous Saying nOh you make me so madn 4. Secret Ambition Tb go to Milwaukee Nancy Gaude !1NaucY!l 1. Famous For Quiet ways 2. Pet Peeve Stnips and plaids 3. Famous Saying HI shouldnk haveU Suzanne Harrington 4. Secret Ambition To be a third nsuzyn grade teacher Seniors EERYD DECEMBFR I y , A V, 1 .-v Z5 45, 1:21 , 1 Russell Gardner URUSSII l. Famous For His car 2. Pet Peeve Cliques 3. Famous Saying UI'l1 drag youu 4. Secret Ambition To own the first nuclear car 41 l. Famous For Being a lot of fun 2. Pet Peeve Showing her ring 3. Famous Saying HSugarH 4. Secret Ambition To be first woman to take part in Operation Deep Freeze. CSOUth Pole? Russell Pedley HRussH 1. Famous For Balancing books 2. Pet Peeve Auditors 3. Famous Saying Uwhere did it gO?lI 4. Secret Ambition To be a nknight ofthe open roadn Joy Whitmore njoyousn l. Famous For Her ax 2. Pet Peeve Shortage of girls in Physics 3. Famous Saying l!Heyll 4. Secret Ambition 'Io sell knowledge pills 5 -1 Nancy Little HLittle Nancyn 1. Famous For Her laugh 2. Pet Peeve Serious people 3. Famous Saying "oh, shut-up" 4. Secret Ambition To be a lady wrestler Seniors E ERY DAY Phyllis Koeppen llphylfl 1. Famous For Diamond 2. Pet Peeve Report cards 3. Famous Saying HOh, Prankn 4. Secret Ambition To have 20 kids 1 JANUQRS, J' di To F X Q ,X Joan Lentivech ll ' If Joanle Robert Schultz 1. Famous For Headbands nB0bH 2. Pet Peeve Crowded buses 3. F S ' awggid Zggxgnsn 2. Pet Peeve Playing bus 3. Famous Saying UNO!! 4. Secret Ambition To tame Copper- heads. l. Famous For His motorscooter 4. Secret Ambition Tbbea stewardess Phoebe Ferree UPhoebusH 1. Famous For 1 f Her horses 2. Pet Peeve Indecision 3. Famous Saying HDown the drainn 4. Secret Ambition Ibride Nashua to his final glory Douglas Macauley Karen Hyde - 'IDOL-lgff vlHyd1en 1. Famous For 1- Famous For Customized Ply- Jokes mouth 2- Pet Peeve 2. Pet Peeve Unusual People My brother 3- FZUIOUS SaY1T1S 3. Famous Saying "Gee" . I "Oh! for Pete 4. Secret Ambition Sakesn To be H horse 4. Secret Ambition d0C'f0f Bea Veterinarian 42 Donald Strong Don l. Famous For ' Admiring g1r1 friends 2. Pet Peeve Working 3. Famous Saying HMaybeYl Nancy Jackson 4. Secret Ambition Greta MCArd1e To pass chemistry A HN Ol an HGretan l. Famous For F Half a day of fwt, 1. Famous or . school 'A F-ini Typing abllifv 2. Pet Peeve 2. Pet Peevek That half day LOW mar 5 3. Famous Saying 3. Famous SaY1Q8 "How are you?" "Oh, heck' 4. Secret Ambition 4. Serclggt ?ml1:iti0glu1 'lbb ahousewife 6 0 H - " e livank secretary S 'o rs Wayne Stein SEN 'OR "Steiner" BALL' Irene Body 1. Famous For HI n That curly hair reue 2. Pet Peeve 1. Famous For 3 ..:zz:0s2.5:gP1e . "who died?" 2- Pefgogggvgteady 4. Secret Ambition 3. Famous Saying To play center nHurry upn for the New York 4. Secret Ambition Kuickerbockers Laura Haight HLornaH 1. Famous For Flirtations 2. Pet Peeve Rude boys 3. Famous Saying UOh, Geeu 4. Secret Ambition Ibbe a jet pilot Richard Bowers nDiCkn 1. Famous For Algebra class 2. Pet Peeve Old cars 3. Famous Saying HOh, noln 4. Secret Ambition To pay for his 43 To paint alliga- tors pink bn ' . N . X, 44 L - i 1" " V, ' f 1, .ff ,- 'f A W g V .,,...,fjx Q .TJ '4 5, , ,5,!,,,m: If ' car f Qffk-,251 4 x Carl Berry HCarlH 1. Famous For Talking to him- self 2. Pet Peeve Girls 3. Famous Saying UAW, nothinglu . Secret Ambition To teach English 4 MMI!! 0 M9304 ul' lWfV0f .a it 1 h oh fi' "4 , Sensors Thomas Hartley E R Y D Y'Tom'l 1. Famous For Acting ability . Pet Peeve Paying attention . Famous Saying H0h yea, we known . Secret Ambition Tbbe competition for a certain restaurant 2 3 4 James Stuckey 1!J.imll 1. Famous For Towering height . Pet Peeve Brothers . Famous Saying HTel1 me about ith . Secret Ambition To be a school bus driver 2 3 4 Raymond Reinbolt HRaY1I l. Famous For Student Council work . Pet Peeve Physical labor . Famous Saying Hls that so?H . Secret Ambition To revise Ein- stein's theory 2 3 4 44 Wallace Reid nKing Wallyn l Ng, uv' . Famous For Sleeping in class 2. Pet Peeve Monday mornings 3 . Famous Saying HLet's get some- thing to eatn 4 To own lot . Secret Ambition a parking Theodore Wagner llTed!l l. Famous For His quietness 2. Pet Peeve English 3. Famous Saying "What do you mean I fai1ed?H Secret Ambition Tbauction tobmxo 4. Francis Strong HP ran!! 1. Famous For Getting lO0's in English 2. Pet Peeve Horses named Charley . Famous Saying nOuch!n 4. Secret Ambition Tbfind a panacea 3 Connie Harris nConnieN 1. Famous For Skipping school 2. Pet Peeve People who holler in Stierly's 3. Famous Saying nH0ly Gown 4. Secret Ambition To join the air force Helena Jones Ylsallyll l. Famous For jovial moods 2. Pet Peeve Notknowingpeople 3. Famous Saying HI am so paying attentionn 4. Secret Ambition To befirst woman to break Mark 2 Robert Bradley 1!B0bI! l. Famous For Unt alkative moock 2. Pet Peeve Talking robots 3. Famous Saying UAW, nutsn 4. Secret Ambition To be a sports caster Earl Ehrenhardt UButchH 1. Famous For 2. Pet Peeve Close shots 3. .Famous Saying nHe1p!n Hunting ability Richard Aikin IIDiCkl! 1. Famous For Talking 2. Pet Peeve Teachers 3. Famous Saying nYou better be- lieve itu 4. Secret Ambition To sell more re- cords than Ricky 4. Secret Ambition To lead a safad, into Africa Seniors E ERY D Y k ,ag 4 Diane Wilson 'ml' ,fitl Z. Www HDianen +2 f'F'j l. Famous For Stylish clothes 2. Pet Peeve School 3. Famous Saying nIUlbe jiggeredu 4. Secret Ambition To sleep for 24 hours without waking up James Gilson 1!Ji-mil 1. Famous For The minuet 2. Pet Peeve Speed limits 3. Famous Saying UHey,BlondieH 4. Secret Ambition To make HBerna dinen run XXXXX , 1 f fn X :X XSHGUB 5, Eldred Craggs HGeorgeH 1. Famous For Library duty 2. Pet Peeve Dud firecrackers 3. Famous Saying HYou wanna bet?H 4. Secret Ambition To be in charge of sound effects atWarnm7Brothers ,, . W.. El Lucinda Sennett UCindyH 1. Famous For A certain fellow 2. Pet Peeve Late letters 3. Famous Saying HYeh!H 4 Secret Ambition To marry a marine X 1 i I X., 1 Larry Clark Egfj? "Clark Bar" 29151 1. Famous For His hot motor- cycle 2. Pet Peeve A certain teacher 3. Famous Saying Hwherefs Lauridn 4. Secret Ambition To win a race with that motorcycle -Eggfiw EQWXQB amama Shirley Culverwell UShir1n 1. Famous For Teen Magazines 2. Pet Peeve School 3. Famous Saying HEI-I!!! 4. Secret Ambition To get 992 in Business Law M07 su? EBHLL GEZHWN H 1 Seniors EVERY DAY William Bailey HBi11H 1. Famous For Sleepingin English 2. Pet Peeve English 3. Famous Saying HI'm tiredn 4. Secret Ambition To stay awake 46 -gs Anita O'Donnel1 !1De-te!! 1. Famous For Popular homework papers 2. Pet Peeve People that com- plain 1 3. Famous Saying HReallyH 4. Secret Ambition To fly a jet plane 1 Donald Botting S, IIDOHII N " 1. Famous For HB French accent 2. Pet Peeve Crew cuts 3. Famous Saying HI didn't say thatn 4. Secret Ambition To invent a mechanical cow F 1 giigiykaf V g V. .iggiQg2f7Q 1, glvjggwy, . we MARJ' 'tix f I 1' ' iissjw E, ' if Earl Poyfair HButchH 1. Famous For Elevated shoes 2. Pet Peeve His height 3. Famous saying HEI-ki! 4. Secret Ambition b T0 go to college Marlene Bradley "Mar1ene" Famous for Being editor of the yearbook James Gow IlJi-mil 1. Famous For His likeable per- sonality Pet Peeve Seeinggirls smoke 2- Pet,PeeVe , - - Girls who won t Famous Saying b k tb 11 "How 'bout that" go to as e 3' Secret Ambition A , 3 Faigzgissaying To report for A ' H - - o A Hi!U Confldentlal 4, Secret Ambition 'Ib raise ostriches U Dwain Greenawalt E "Duke" -5 6 1. Famous For ' 0 Quiet manner Y Q 2. Pet Peeve Blushing I ' Z5 fa f 3. Famous Saying ,V "How come?" 4 ' 4. Secret Ambition i f To run a cricket X farm Harold 0'Connor 1lHarryIl . ' ' 1. Famous For 7 ea , n I O r S Being in all iffv girl classes .U 2. Pet Peeve M E v E RY D AY missions Pil5l,,5 atart ' 3. Famous saying ' 'tQKfJw2 A "I don't know" F' " 4. Secret Ambition To be a toe dancer .4 V ytig 5 . 'U' . ,A A A ,g , it F32 A Robert HaY5 David Culverwell f fii igli' J ane Brown "BOYD" uspidern it ' MJ-anew Famous For 1. Famous for P Emgarrassedblush Famous For Big feet ef eeve Talkative moods 2. Pet Peeve Stocking shelves Famous Saying lIHe ou I ll Y, Y Secret Ambition To play for the New York Yankees Pet Peeve Slow drivers Famous Saying !'Geewhiz!" Secret Ambition To go to the moon 47 Cars that run out of gas 3. Famous Saying "Oh, yeah!" 4. Secret Ambition To go to the moon lass Prophecy Well, here it is--1978, and for the sake of scientific research, Cor maybe just for fun? we have decided to find out how the class of '58 has fared in the twenty years since their graduation from Newfane Central. We've decided to do this by means of an airplane-and-rocket trip around the universe. First we will stop at the office of the Interplanetary Galaxial Ruler, where the wife of the ruler,Jean Morey, receives us graciously. While our visas are being prepared by June Ergott, chief of interplanetary visas, .we can watch UShat's My Linenfcelebrating' its twenty-fifth anniversarylonfdmirsix-dimensknal television set. Right here we meet a large group of our alumni. Sir Thomas Hartley, noted news analyst, is moderating the panel, which consists of Mary Lou Eaton, creator of the famous HLeprechaun Fashionsn for Martiansg Jim Gilson, celebrated Shakespearean actor, now starring in nMacbethUg Sally Jones, who is famous for nothing in particular, and Jim Stuckey, wealthy California playboy, We are now over Outer Zplyxt, and there is some kind of a ceremony in The occupations tonight are quite interesting, also. We meet Larry Ckukgtraffic cop for Sputniksg Sue Harrington, professional bug-slapper at the Arctic Circle, and Diane Wilson,private hairdresser for the Moon's versionof nGorgeous Georgen. The special guest is Dave Culverwell, renowned chef at the Waldorf Astoria. Our and After having our visas cleared we can embark on our tour,first by airplane. pilot for the trip is Russell Gardner, the astro-navigator, for this trip, for the rocket trip the pilot is Joy Whitmore. As weeanter the p1ane,we are degravified by our stewardess, Shirley Culverwell. We're off! progress! Why, the king of the country, Wally Reid, is marrying the princess of South Murgatroid, Karen Hyde. Vocalist Dwain Greenawalt is singing the national anthem, HWaltz Me Down to the Altar, Waltern. On to Africa, where we find Don Botting, fitting braces for buck toothed fish, and Marlene Bradley, typing dittoes for a Mau-Mau speech class. Look! Isn't that a set for a movie over there? Well! It's the set for Irene Body's newest picture,HSheenaH, and there's her co-star, Dick Harris as HTarzanN. Now, we are over Egypt. We see Nancy Jackson, weaving silk veiss for the wife of Sulton, Roger Taylor, and Joan Lentivech, designing hair bands for Gretchen Saeger, the Queen of Sheeba. Nancy Gaude is in the Sahara, coaching the record- breaking Egyptian swimming team. Flying over Australia, we see Anita O'Donne1l rehearsing with her all-kangaroo band. They're rehearsing their theme song nAt the Hopn. Bob Hays, press agent for the group, is composing another song for them called, nIt's in the Bagn--South America is in sight! Of course, there is a bull-fight in progress. Let's see whom we know! Why, it's Danny Clark coming into the ring like a matador--Whoops! He's being carried out by Bob nDocn McDonough, assisted by Nancy Little. Waiting to see if blood is needed is George Knieser, celebrated marathon blood donor. We now Hshootu over to England, where we seek out some more of our former studentsC?7 We find Llewellyn Drake, now Dean of Oxford University and the President of Cambridge, Earl Poyfair. Carl Berry we learn is creator of the Hnew lookf being worn by all fashionable ladies this Year. Look! There's Jane Brown, Scotland Yard sleuth, on the trail of a criminal--certainly not one of our former students! Over to Venice now, where we see Bob Bates,wealthy fish-stripping millionairecm another of his workitours. He is being entertained by Brenda Barron, gondolier, who is singing aVenetian love song. In Monaco, at the palace, we see Dick Aikin--babysitter for Grace Kelly's, ten children. He looks busy, too! Now, we go back to see which of our friends stayed in the good old U. S. A. Coming in over Florida, we spot Bruce-Adams, wrestling alligators. Also we find JoAnne Drake, who has built a reactor andfis supplying atomic power to the entire South. Jim Gow is selling turkeys on his own farm. Anybody want a neck? In Niagara Falls, there seems to be a festival going on. It's Laura Haight,trying to re-enact the original HMaid of the Mistu ceremony. Up in Alaska, Carol Goff is making a fortune selling refrigerators to the Eskimos.--We read in the New York Times that Eugene Clare, dictator of the U.S.S.R., has sent Phoebe Ferree,one-time political boss, to Siberia, where she is sifting salt for the Bob Schultz Salt and Soda factory. In the sports secion, we notice that Marion johnson has set another pole-vaulting record in the Alps and the stock brokers column, by Greta McArdle, reports that the Wayne Stein Trumpet works stock has gone up forty-three points owing to its endorsement by Kim Stevens, new dancing sensation. Her manager is the noted critic and actor, Joel Erickson. Now we blast off into outer-space, where we stop at the extra-terrestrial library, owned by Francis Strong,to look up Um biographies of some of our famous alumni in HWho's What,H written by Connie Harris. We find George Craggs, chief meteor-classifier to United Universe Inc.: Lynne DeLange, putting rings on the fingers of Saturnians, and Dan Helferty, construction engineer of underground sidewa ks for very short Martians. CContinued on Page 1013 48 ftuhinnd-4-ani-'H Q f -1 CASSS JUNIOR CLASS up-ax.. SOI' Bruce Smith , Treasurer Heather Place, President Mary DiTullio, Secretary Gerald Schultz, Vice-President F Nh Led through these hallowed halls by their officers and advisors, the Junior Class sponsored two dances, and on March 28 and 29, presented their Junior Pkqg nArsenic and Old Laceu. Their highlight of the year came on May 23, when the Junior Prom was held. x. W e is w 3 e ,fgrxwg 4 .V 1 ,,,, ., ' -1 X K Q W-,-8:95-11 .-Q-,Q-,. X - M - 5.3 1 Q, +1 '-rqfi, ,FK 1 --gf --,Q a 4.3 j 4' ' 2 g5.'-qfffr 4:55 Q. 4,-gr J' Q, if me .a ff-+fi" L . in Pfif fmi Tr 5 'vvlqrsw' W, o I1 g f c , c - f"'L 1 ' '--'f'2TT" '-M Q:- L--' . 571' W if Q :Z A K 0 ac retary Byron Hartley, President Barbara Beutel, Vice-President Edwin Howard, Treasurer ""'w..J lll a - Mrs. Roberson, sor The Sophomores held a class party, November 20. They also sponsored a basketball dance on January 31. Their biggest thrill of the year was winning Holly Hangingo It was the second consecutive year this class has won, decorating these hallowed hallso Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 W'7,2 B. Meehan: J. Johnson: N. Hallifax: D. Gray: R. Wood: R. Klumpp: B.Smith: D. Foote: J. Dugos: R. Beutel H. Place: J. Briggs: C. Kaltenbacherg P. Liddell: K. Marshall: S. Mullen: P. Harding: V. Capen: B. Beals: C. Green: J. Erickson: Miss McBrien . Steen: J. Hill: M. Unterweger J. Linderman J 0 . Bailey: R. Withrow: J. Smith: J. Wendler: R. MacIntosh: R. Rose M. Chapman: B. Buderby: P. Seeloff: L. Valmore: N. Martin: R. Shuman: G. Alvord: B. Murphy: J. Eberhart: G. Speranza: M. Regan: J. Brandt: Mrs. Beccue R. Goodlingg A. Kreutz: J. Herman: J. Haight: L. Lewis: L. Just: L. Herl M. Wills: J. Brown: J. Logan: G. Griffin 51 7 D. Groff: D. Dempsey: C. Volschow: M. Mularz: L. Brandt: J. Schultz- S . L. Vermeulen : R. Bowers: EL Sander: J. Cathcart: S. Eggleston: W. Ives: W W Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Clayg M. Dayg D. Gowg G. Schultzg L. Pooteg D. Strongg B. Bredefeldg Lampman Van Alstyneg K. Malloyg C. Barnardg L. Leeg P. Daleg P. Stewartg Millerg S. Nicholasg R. Jagowg Miss Heimerl Juddg E. Blishg M. Fitzgeraldg D. Schoellesg T. Chambersg R. Millisg Harvey Tannery R. Burns Juniors Lindermang G. Greenawaltg E. Connor: R. Ascherg R. Hedleyg E. Stahlg Covellg J. Casey A. McC1ureg R. Flechsenhaar DiTu1liog C. Torriereg L. Peltzg B. Haseleyg B. Bally R. Wilsoug Stookeyg J. Bobzieng W. Westong D. Huntg Mrs. Roberson Kunkleg C. Capeng J. Gowg C. Davis: M. Rush: G. Klumppg J, Lucasg Mayer: S. Murray Hedleyg N. Schnittker 52 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Fww 2 Row 3 Absent .W Carnegie: P. Ryang D. Tompkins Taggg R. Eadieg G. Loeffertg R. Harrisong W. Ammermang R. Pollock, Cheastyg S. Spencer- B. Beutel' W. Neary' A. Toeniessen' G d 11 Flaglerg J. Yostg J.'Ha1ifax9 MQ. Denault ' ' J' oo e Milbyg C. Howardg L. Smithg T. Howardg E. Brandtg D. Mohlarg I. Reid, Janas Dayg G. Doxtater Sophomores Sageg D. Holtzg R. Strongg S. Edmisterg N. Feitshansg B. Bridgeman Robison: R. Smithg D. Moreaug J. Lewis Vanderbiltg J. Yaudeg C. Jamesg K. McA11isterg T. Tuttleg Y. Wilson Rogers: M. Powers: T. Clark: S. Rose: M. Feltzz Mr, Drever Gobleg M. Hammondg D. Navarrog G. Taylorg T. Greggg E. Bredefeld Lutzg M. Kerwing R. Poyfairg D. Brown: E. Dowse Greeneg M.Hedden ,i, 53 IEE! Qsxi' "3-. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Myers: J- CUHUSYS D. Horanburgg M. Grayg D. Weeksg D. Shawg M1tt1CSt8dtj L. Strong Johnson: C. Millsg L. Burtg D. Brckg S. Stowellg R. Daughertyg Taylorg J. Scotty Mr. Manly Granamg J. Harringtong A. DeChambeaug P. Livermoreg C. Pedleyg Rakfeldtg R. Lasher Bellomog R. Schnursteing B. Hartley: C. Dieter Sophomores Flaglerg L. Marslandg R. Mosureg W. Wilsong G. Saegerg R. Branchg Ruetherg T. Hannag G. Allen Hughesg J. Endertong P. Rollingerg I. Dodgeg V. Bridgemang D. Raymondg Schieffeling K, Klumppg N. Murphyg C. Flechsenhaarg Mr. Newkirk Bakery D. Browng K. Kurthg L. Stevensong G. Teagueg R. Drakeg Daughertyg R. Krampg S. Cleveleyg S. Greenwalt Reeseg R. Hickmang K. Wrightg J. Whitmeyer 54 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent fix fi Costello: C. Vincent: A. Brown: J. Rakfeldt: R. Euderby: K. Lanpman: Smith Feltz: A. Nemeth: P. Kunkle: H. Weston: D. Townsend: J. Berner: Gominiak: A. Johnson: Mr. Lederhouse Johnson: K. Haight: L. Baker: R. Allen: R. Gardner: S. Ruether: Reid Miller: M. Carlton: B. Upton: J. Weyers: D. Seitz Freshmen Fitzgerald: B.Wi1son: J.Po1ewicz: M. Herrington: T.S1aght: R. Wilson: Bixler: C. Herman: P. Rapp Shuman: S.Car1ton: V. Yousey: J.Bates: R. Marburg: J. Roger: A. Lewis: Eadie: Mrs. Ives Mikits: M. Krueger: Goble: J. Briggs Dearborn G. Vickery: D. Sweeney: W. Chunco: M. Johnson: 55 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Weissg M. Berryg W. Goldeng J. Hughesg D. Rayg T. Rakfeldtg L. Brown: Pralickg Mayerg M. Alleng R. Wendlerg K. Feltong M. Muugerg S. Sahmg Phillipsg D. Murrayg Mrs. Lasher Justg C. Kreutzg D. Alvordg S. Gasperg N. Strong: J. O'Connorg Strickland: J. Iacksong C. Drake Smith Freshmen Walkerg W. Krampg J. Stark: G. Plattg J. Scottg D, Woodg E, Sargent: Czack: T. Newman Murphy: J. Dunkerg B. Cookg G. Morseg P. Adams: H. Gillis' B Sears' Perreeg J. Lesserg Mr. Villella ' ' ' Halifax- S. Bentley' K. Heil B. Bucher' B. Th to - - Farringiong M, Rhodes, , urs n' J Jagow' Baxter 56 Row 1 G. Gleasoug R. Naymang J. Starkg D. Uptoug G. Rammiugg 0. Kueelaudg N. Casalinuovag J. Williamsg R. Feeter Row 2 J. Lentivechg B. Shermang D. Knoxg W. Harringtong C. Darrellg H. Body: V. Barnardg D. Schultzg J. Hyde,Mr. Rabidou Row 3 N. Youngg J. Tinneyg K. Class: J. Richards: J. Smithg M. Feitshansg S. Millerg N. Nagelg M. Freer Absent R. Pratt F S h n Exhibits from Freshmsn Science Fair K Lampmang R. Allen: O. Kneelalldq T. New'maug'MLRhodesg A. Nemeth D, Gobleg J. Jackson EM A J . gf, fi in J :fs - A A A' g Q ..V lr 1 , ,V H WX ' X f .Q ' , ,4 f' ' ' J J A A ,Z , - . ' Made by K. Class ' A . 57 4.l.l1l 1 Bellomo R Burns- D Tannerg S Millerg J. Whitmeyer Row J. ' - - - , Row 2 R. Schnursieing N. Sohuittkerg R. Seitzg J. Llndermang M. Heddeu Senior High School Absentees Junior High School Row 1 R. Stephanskig B. Razqgg J. Pusaterig S. Schultzg D. Brandtg J, Bower Row 2 J. Magn1ngg D. Aiking L.Batastig W.C1arkeg D. Payneg E. Bakery K. Meyersg Y Q-mu +11 58 'Ti ffl .5- i ff .VG l P 2 n Row 1 Row s Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Farringtong W. Gillisg D. Hammondg L. Stolzenbergg D. Harringtong Giffordg D. Leathersg J. Woodardg R. Millerg G. Krueger ' Smithg G. Bdmisterg O. Jonesg S. Buddeg C. Moong F. Palisanog McKernang S. Kuhnsg D. Malloyg Mrs. Day Fallsg W. Powleyg J. Navarrog J. Valmoreg D. Hughes: M. Schultzg Burnsg L. Muscarella Pusaterig F. Taylor Eighth Bernerg J. Eberhartg J. Caracog D. Withrowg R. Foxg M. Paradise: Hedleyg V. Silversmithg D. Oswaldg G. Schoelles Steeng M. LaF0restg S. Gaskillg B. Reidg J. Brandtg G. Haightg Livermoreg B. Hawkins: S. Maynardg Mr. Schwach Smithg K. Davidg D. Wrightg W. Powleyg R. Millerg R. Darrellg L. Skuttg Leander 60 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent C. Edwards: D. Harrod: F. Croft: F. Stolzenberg: Smith: G. Pettit: Taylor: G. Graham: J. Folsom: J. Steadmau Rowland: E. Cronk: M.Yost: C. Strong: S.Tothil1: S. Felton: F. Martin: Reed: J. Lasher: L. Paonessa: Miss McGuire Hague: F. Lotz: R. Baker: R. Jesson: W. Mularz: C. Baer: D. Pomeroy: Poyfair: R. Magrum Eighth Tall: B.Smith: J. Gow: R. Platt: A. Roberson: K. Flagler: B. Phillips: -Gray: H. Troeltzsch ' McGuire: D. McC1ew: P. Leddy: J. Knott: C. Linnan: B. Miller: Barron: N. Rollinger: R. Rapp: Mr. Wilcox Winters: D. Bates: J. Thompson: J. Hall: P. Hill: R. Knieser: Altbach Brandt: J. Bower: R. Stephanski 61 6 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent I -f Q Taylorg T. Schicklingg R. Smithg T. Schwartz: A. Murray: G. Murphy: Sterlingg Q. Lewis: J. Payneg R. Nagy . DeChambeaug J. Rammingg R.Rendal1g C.Ba1dwing C. Lutzg S. Mittlestadtg Tompkinsg K. Haydeng J. Hamelinkg G. Wrightg Mr. Wapen Smithg jones McKay J. Muirg N. Freerg L. Wilsong S. Greggg D. Slaghtg P. Bckertg Eighth Seventh Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Taylor: J. McA11isterg J. Goodlingg C. Whitmoreg B. Collins: J. Osmong Hickmang J. Pettitg M. Villella Fitzgeraldg J. Liddellg E. Philleog D. Shumang D. Haseleys J. Youngg Klumppg J. Luckmaug R. Burtg Mrs. Brandt Farleyg M. Nicholas: K. Meyersg B. Marantetteg S.Montgomery: R. Smithg Navarro Clarkeg g L. Bggleston Aiking J. Gillis 1 I '-29' 'F' fl. .H ,, V. 62 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Browng B. Manng B. Johnsong K. Giffordg D. Greenwaldg G. Ferguson: Morey: G. Woodardg B. Weirg S. Bobzien Seeleyg R. Kronenbergg D. Dodgeg N. Wempleg P. Hardyg C. White: Shartsg J. Jonesg J. Yostg W. Van Alstyneg Mrs. Bottom Brandtg R. Vickeryg G. Taylorg G. Wempleg W. Parkerg G. Cheastyg Covellg W. Wilsong C. Starkg C. Wagner Seventh Marshallg A.Maceg S. Corserg S. Seitzg K.-Harryg M. Kapelag J. Turnerg P1owersg-D. Brown Ranneyg C. Sheltong T. Montsg R. Henningg B. Kanehlg J. Reid: Parisi: R. Barackmang J. Chapmang Mr. Wright h Bowesg R.Bstepg W. Burnettg D. Timkeyg G. Fletcher: R. Rogerg C. Hamng Uptong L. Kahle Absent E. Bakery S. Schultz 63 Y M , ' Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Gillg B. Skuttg M. Pisarskig G. Weirg R. Schultzg A. Zossg P. Quinn: Hughesg C. Millisg D. Bradley Ranneyg B. Millerg W. Cronkg J. Briggsg S. Hannag R. Troeltzschg Torriere: Q. Newmang G. Miller: J. Cashg Mrs. Scott Millerg G. Goodlingg P. Thompsong D. HOIH1UgQ P. Heddeng G. Daleg Saegerg S. Sahm Seventh Clarkg N. Leeg E. Buczkowskig I. Bauer: L. Marslandg D. Branchg Doxtaterg P. Shermang L. Miller: J. Sheehan Burnsg G. Mayer: M. Beals: R. Loeffert: S. Feltong M. Rozerg G.Teagueg Herrington: R. Drakeg D. Boyerg Mrs. Sears O'Connor' D. Murphyg R. Tuttleg S. Hannag K. Salterg S. Smithg Darre11g,P. Miller 64 5 .Q lg-1 f"L H Q 5 L -' 'f f A-,L"f':-s a.C, - .., fezli 'E :Nwwem Y - xx, V o ..., xi: 5 V533 s ' .Q 1 Q . .V S h A-+V ,Q , I Q' . X 4 if x ' ' ., . 9' ' 'f ' T f ?' 5 T 4 'M f +V f 3- ' ' . S eww 8 sz .M-Inf A lu vt ea Fira, 5 we 1 ,La-4. - :. - Nw.. - Fm- ,S , WI, .,-"' ll 5 ' ll yer!! .. no-Q4 Q. , N 'i 1 L f ' '- . V .. 3? . 4.1. 'Rf' gf a 'f'!-1'3'-x I -K -1 .1 , . a :'l'cF' w" Row 1 D. McKernaug D. Gillisg N. Bwingsg B. Blighg A. Hendricks: P. Culverwellg K. Withrowg S. McGowang M. Muirg D. Oswald Row 2 J. McKernang P. Covellg C. Brosekerg D. Craggsg J. Johnsong K. Smithg J. Millerg J. McClureg D. Daugheryg P. Foleyg Mrs. Linderman Row 3 G. Carltong R. Pettitg J. Sage: G. Zastrowg G. Rayg S. Fullerg P. Unterwegerg W. Flynng G. Maynard Sixth Row 1 F. Bradleyg C. Hpltzg J. Hydeg G. Hillg R. Wrightg J. Foxy S. Ferrisg M. Zakg C. Brown Row 2 . Johnsoug D. Schalckg R. Raetzg B. Shermang T. Brandtg B. Kuhnsg J S. Bottingg D. Griffing S. Rendallg J. Valmoreg M1ss Rosatl Row 3 N. Smithg P. Covellg J. Striegelg R. Gloseg J, Nagelg K, Baker: H. Kahle. S . Stephens ' Absent D. Price 66 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Rhodesg W. Troeltzschg B. Batesg P. Howardg R. Donner: C. Sweeney: Newmang D. Horanburgg D. Seefeldt McCoy: F. Starkg R. Daiglerg F. Hillyardg K. Weiss: W. McIntosh: Hydeg P. Burnsg P. Krentzg Mrs. McKee Steeng D. Thurstoug D. Palisanog S. Geistg J. Fiskg R. Altbachg Phillipsg D. Enseleit Seitzg K. Hallg H. Cash ixth Eberhartg A. Taylorg D. Kerwing B. Muirg F. Weir: M. Licatag Brounscheidelg G. Turnerg S. Patterson Shumang P. LaRoseg D. Peltzg G. Blumrickg C. Jessong K. Kahlerg Smithg S. Bdwardsg D. Johnsong K. Urtelg Miss Nye Isrealg C. Reidg R. Goodellg W. Kleing L. Dohringg R. Ripsong Rakfeldtg D. Barnes Absent D. Dietz .5 67 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent . Roberts: J. Suitsg T. Browng J. Leibringg K. Kryderg D. Sterlingg . Browng L. McDououghg J. Smith . Burusg K. Kressg L. Dickinsong C. Schoellesg P. Clarkg L. Camarreg . Stricklaudg K. Milbyg M. Dunng J. Zedickg Mrs. Utley . Taggg T. Lesserg J. Enderbyg . Estepg D. Justg D. Sears J. Hausmaug D. Lockwoodg P. Grahamg Sixth Beileing M. Lennong M. Strongg D. Gominiakg H. Taylorg C. Millerg Woolstong S. Lewisg B. Erickson: J. Klumpp Townsendg C. Emeryg J. Littleg G. Redmoreg M. Lasherg F. Lampmang Dunng C. Clarkg J. Speranzag Mr. Christensen Toenniesseng M. Oweng W. Koehng M. Covey: D. Goodlanderg G. Erckg Whitmeyerg J. Juddg D. Duhow Price -rf q WJ 68 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 AbSBI1t . Mikitsg fS. Peeterg Leddyg D. Goetzeg J. Pettittg C. McC1ewg T. Sargentg S. Voelkerg Seibg D. DeLangeg P. Kesslerq D. Schultz Rendallg P. Murrayg P. Poyfairg P. Eberhartg E. Poole: T. Laskeyg Keyesg L. Walkerg K. Kiegerg M. Harrisg Mrs. Stark Rickardg M. Tinneyg S. Plynng J. Huenemoerderg M. Blighg P. Caracog Moong W. Kirkg R. Taylor Burnett: J. Parkerg S. Baer Fifth Bckertg M. Pisarskig L. Yorkg K. Wills: D. Murrayg Y. Burd: J. Hughes: Bowmang G. Flagler Gint g L. Yeomans' L. Dickinsong Miss Zimmerman K. Kapelag D. Morse: E. Gleason: C. Newman: Y Robertsg G. Seeloffg D. Kryderg G. Watierg H. Leathersg W. Reeseg Loeffertg L. Samsong T. Jagow Fredrickson: W. Gibbsg J. Platgg W. Rowlandg S. Steadman , I 69 c Sow 'T McC1ayg J. Millsg C. Roathg R. Arendtg D. Lovewellg A. LeVa11eyg Oweug B. Brickg T. Murphy Wilsong L. Kronenbergg R. Chenezg D. Goodlingg M. Gaming J. Strangesg Steiug A. Hartzg R. Griffing A. Cookg Miss Clarke Rappg B, Hawkinsg J. Kuhlmang H. Corserg B. Shartsg K. Largeg D. Hoyg Bessg K. Covey Strumg J. Stolzenberg Fourth King: J. Gleasong W. Hawkes: A. Towne: A. Osmong R. Gintyg S. Hillerg Maxwell: K. Noong A. Leuer Beers- K. Klumppg J. Hatrisong S. Johnsong B. Tinneyg B. Shawg Liveriore' A. Feltz' S. Smith: A. Carltoug Mrs. Clare ' , A D lin W Sherman' D. Perryg R. Aikih: uv au av "" Q, 5' Pg PU 2 2 2 -H fg 2 2 3 9, N ,.. H E, w N H snow- 'J' sf sr:-1rf1Fsh2" W U m m S 1+ PF' M S pu H1 r+ Browug W. Spurbeckg . ar gg . , Pooleg C. Depewg C. Bidlemang R. Baehrg C. Krentz 70 Row 1 T. Tompkinsg D. Parkerg B. Rutlandg T. Caudillg C. Jowdyg J. Classg B. Maderag C. Burdg R. Raymond . Row 2 M Durieg D. Fowlerg J. Mauug J. Walshg D. Wardg D. Sm1thg D. James? J Dershamg T. Roseg P. Gowg Mrs. Smith Row 3 E Kruegerg D. Darrellg Q L. Sullivang M. Daleg L. Hillerg W. Halasg G Sterlingg L. Longg P. Burt Absent J Raczkiewiczg D. Verguson F ' fth Row 1 R Harveyg L. Licatag D. Bucherg W. Griunellg J. Schelmang R. Whitmoreg G Claudeg T. Fiskg M. Taylor Row 2 A Seibg R. Westong R. Richardsg K. O'Connerg R. Dunkerg D. Maderag L Withrowg C. Hillerg E. Kirchner: Mrs. Gaskill Row 3 L Zehrg C. Casalinuovag L. Wentlingg C. Reesg S. Lewisg P. Tomkinsoug M Kershawg B. Blacklev 71 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row l Row 2 Row 3 .chi Halas' M. Rakfeldt- R. Kell ' A. W ' ht- R C 1 - - Sautassieroq P. Hawkes Y, rig ' ' u verwell' R' Strong' Leuer' D. Eadie' K. Brown' J. Mula ' S. Ob mill - - Colliasg C. Blumrickg Mrs. Keers IZ, er er' D' Schultz' ggiggggsw- P0w1er: M. Lauveg D. Nemethg B. Pooleg S. Parker: T. Blishg Fourth Mittlestadtg N. Flintg C. Huenemoederg N. Foxg M.Robisong B. Costellog Geistg D. Greenwald Kelly P. Tonug L. Sattlebergg R. Searsg S. Brandtg P. Toung Enseleitg M..Beileing Mrs. Rebman Baldwing P. Richardsg J. Kirkg K. Behmg C. Sparrerg A. Poolg D. Stoutg Dietz Absent J. Gillis 1' rx+ 5--..J 72 Row 2 Row 3 Absent F Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent 5 ??'3J 91" Owens: R. Farley: R. Budnack: J. Tompkins: R. Paradise: C. Powley: Zastrow: D. Phillips: A. Schultz Treichler: C. Sims: M. Bellomo: J. Brick: F. Hofert: A. Schieffelin: Winters: E. Durie: Miss Benton Price: D. Fisk: M. Doyle: L. Brown: J. Janas: G. Hughes: S. Bates: Chiavaro Miller wth Third . Madera: S. . Cotton: C. Turner . Fiedler: R. Shields: J. Berner: J. Phillips: P. Sullivan: B. Darrell' . Lennon: C. Culverwell: Mrs. Starks . Foltz: J. Kaltenbacher: D. Drake: J. Walsch: A. Miller: C. Smith' . Nemeth: B. Rounds . Bowman: D. Moreau 73 5 Brounscheidel: P. Kneeland: C. Capen: R. Quade: S. Smith: ! 1 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Taylorg G. Robersong L. Loeffertg J. Gintyg K. Witty R. Schweigertj Hawkesg K. Collinsg M. Murphyg D. Powley Blumrickg D. Herrick: S. Landsheftg B. Stoutg A. Gillis: C. Martin: Culverwellg B. Smithg R. Wilkinsg E. Rogerg Mrs. Reese Bradleyg K. Hammelg D. Wardg B. Janasg R. Browng B. Goodlanderg Gaskillg E. Gleasong R. Tracey Gillisg C. Masuryg G. Boos Th' d Wilsong M. Rathkeg J. Burnettg S. Pettittg S. Johnsong N. Stoddardg : Iaylorg C. Newmaug T. Enderbyg E. Gleasong C. Hyde . Emeryg K. Gintyg B. Ripsong L. Reesg L. Smithg N. Justg M. Maynardg Baldwing E. Foleyg K. Leurerg Mrs. Graham . Tothillg K. Chaneyg J. Leddyg P. Capeng L. Donovang N. Millard: . Farleyg G. Hogang G. Carmerg R. Tomasov 74 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Whitmoreg P. Grayg T.Jonesg D.Churchi1lg K. Grayg B. DeVoeg W. Powers Hillyardg K. Keyesg D. Lindermang W. Gerling Fowlerg P. Ziblutg L. Hughesg W. Bealesg B. Cheastyg C. Robinson Townerg M. Mikitsg B. Grayg L. Bellomog S. Fiedlerg Mrs. Liddell Schultgg R. Browng J. Gasperg T. Eckertg W. Lotzg B. Cookg C. Rickard Scholtlsekg C. Hudsong L. Millerg R. Felton Third Bradyg J. Rogisong E. Bodyg E. Gasperg S. Wilsong D. Hambruchg Bonarg M. Woodburng R. Shawg J. Budnack Piegerg M. Milesg J, Hickman: J. Jessong N. Kappus: B. Wi1kiHSOH: Duhowg T. Kijankag A. Millerg R. Stepheng Mrs. Ruf Smithg L. Sonkerg R. Holtzg J.Lewisg I.Eberhartg D. Millsg C. Sippelg Klumppg R. Ver Cruysseg P. Barackmau Bowmang D. Moreaug R. Sparks 75 AL. A M ... Row 1 T S Row 2 C Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent 1 n Endertong C. Pettitg S. Bidlemang S. Horanburgg S. Drewg T. Wills: Brandtg C. Phillipsg D. Kinyong R. Winkley Withrowg R. Pelixg C. Reesg S. Fiuleyg W. Sonkersg R. Betzlerg Wilkinsg B. Millerg D. Gillisg D. Flowersg D. Kuhlmaug Mrs. Tompkins Taylorg D. Browng S.Varyg D,Budnackg C. Pusaterig G. Farrg R. Gaskillg Farrington: B. Barnesg P. Trimmer . Adamsg K . Sargentg . Wardg R. Beersg R . Herrickg Schweige Parsonsg Second . Tomasov' C. Gasper' L. Klumpp- M, Condren- T M 1. 5 M . J. Gerliogg G. Kappas , 1 ae , ' Vers' Buruetsg S. Johnstoug P. Cassanog D. Steeng M. Regang - Ciastalui I. Durieg L. Sampleg Mrs. Daigler Q . Voss' T. Zedick' D. Wilson- C. Claude- K A'ki ' rtg R. Ray? R. Burnett 7 Y ' ' 1 n' J. Hungerford Row 1 Walchg C. Middletong T. Buddeg R. Zanowg M. Behmg J. Paradise: Murphyg R. Giffordg M. Beilein Row 2 Pahlg B. Reinhardtg R. Caracog W. Bentleyg D. Kellg J. Erckg Euglishg D. Morehouseg R. Bealsg J. Gillisg Mrs. Crossman Row 3 Grav: L, Kaltenbacherg R. Salter: M. Russellg C. Browug H. Campbellg Hopkins: M. Tallg N. Baldwin O Absent Brown F I r 5 t O K I a n Row 1 Mrs. Hartleyg K. Udellg D. Browng- R. Websterg F. Oakesg R. Poleyg C. Jarv1sg C. Sharts Row 2 'J. Nhxwellg R. Raudallg D. Carmerg f Q. Eagdshefti R IP. Schweigertg 77 Row 1 C.Per Row 2 C. Rufq D. Porterg S. Hoffmaug R. Wilsong P.Phi11ipsg D. Malloyg T. Klemickg L.Geistg D. Bberhartg M. Finley Row 3 L. Hobbsg Mrs.Hartleyg F.Cheastyg J. Bealsg J. Taylorg R. Zehrg P. Myerg B. Maderag B. Aumang M.Quinteoug R.Samsong S.Wi11iams Absent J. Sparrerg D. Shumang C. Vary Kindergarten Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 A. Carry T. Parlierg S. Walckg R. Blewettg D. Farleyg J. Drakeg E. Foltzg R. Snyder L Newkirkg T. Kryderg E.Ba1dwiug J. Hughes: D. Bakerg B. Bentoug L. Wilsong P. Horanburg Mrs. Fullerg K. Schumacherg W. Reinhardtg K. Marving D. Hambruchg H. Nobleg B. Shawg Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Kindergarten ROW 1 Row '2 Row 3 Hungerfordg S. Bowmang A. Gillisg J. Gilli Gillisg D. Burkeg B. Brown Hi1lmangJ. Lewisg B.Mi11erg V. Burnettg S. Ba Seitzg S. Steadman Parkerg D. Swiftg W. Giffsg J. Stolzenberg Priceg D. Pricei W. Strumg H. Cashg D. Moreau Q , , , G ff Q .. D D. Polaskyg W. Smistg L. Stoutg L. Belliveaug W. Lindermaug C.Cu1verwe11gL.Youngg J. Poyfairg R. Udellg S. Madera K. Morettig S. Schmittg L. Weirg C. Aiking K. McNeilg W. Browng D. Mclntyreg S. Winkleyg J. Bodyg S. Kagels Mrs. Fullerg D.Bu11ardg S. Aikiug T. Hopkins S. Gintyg J. Sageg S. Eschrichg K. Gillis: C. Rayher Absentees sg R. Smithg W. Rowlandg ery D. Vergusong J.P1attg 3 J. Hughesg D. Dietzg 79 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Second Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Neidlingerg W. Budde: D. Sherman: B. Teagueg A. Waiteg A. Bellomo, . Burnettg J. Sullivan i . McCabe: W. Johnstong J. Redmoreg K. Devoogelg J. Cottong B. L1nderman Haddeng B. Donovan . Lauveg C. Borcyznskig P. Gaudeg D. Cronkg J. Heck: D. Murray, Culverwellg M. Bess: Mrs. LaGraff Sample: D. Pedleyg P. Tonng T. Hickman Beileing P. Waiteg Parlierg J. Beers Flowersg D. Hallg Farleyg N. Merrittg Croneyg A.McC1ayg K. Braudtg Mrs. Wilson Methodist Church First T. Malloy: K. Trombleyg D. Bartzg B. Schielke G. Fifieldg K. Hilwigg T. Kijankag S. Gerling D. Trimmer Smithg J.DeVoeg S.Zib1utg K. Crowell: T. Anderson 80 1 2 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Y Q , Bmeryg L. Greigg B. Duhowg F. Silversmithg S. Bradyg R. Lentivechg Doyleg D. Olka Bloukowskig S. Reesg G. Sattlebergg K. Hughesg R. Newkirkg C. DeVoeg Putnamg E. Gamin Chiavarog Hortong M. Nemethg Mrs. Corser Bealesg G. Belcherg M. Gilbertg J. Sherman First Tompkinsg G. Bentleyg R. Cookg M. Depewg Shieldsg R. Leuer Betzlerg J. Smithg D. Nagelg Herriugtong J. Smithg Miss Hyde Holtzg L. Taylorg R. Sandyg Donovang T. Farr D. Wilsong Towneg A. Chastaing N. Beseckerg J. Ginty C. Dohriugg V. Wolfeg P. Huenemoerderg G. Fahsg G. DeVoeg D. Oweng B. Oakes: A. Scheunemang P. Hillerg L. Williams: J. Maynardg P. Harveyg 81 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Kinyong D. Townerg D. LaPortg T. Flowersg J. Scholtisekg P. Trombleyg Waterbury Crowellg R. Milbyg Viucentg P, Fisher Callaghang P. Erckg Gaudeg Mrs. Shaver D. Schultzg N. Wiseg B. Woodburng B. Walkerg J. Kagelsg V. Porsythg W. Bnseleitg W. Drakeg M. Loeffertg K. Sippelg B. Gasperg F. Shepherdg First Burnettg V. Withrowg G. Brosekerg N. Powleyg W. Merrittg D. Trombleyg Fahyg G. Geartz 011221: R- Balleys R. Blighg D. McC1ewg G. Bberhartg J. Churchill: Udellg J. Pliutg D. Corserg K. Stout Bendtg E. Darrellg Osher Quadeg J. Longg D. McCabeg B. Benjaming B. Stednang M. Nemethg Neidlingerg M. Williamsg B. Hassg Mrs. Putnam Wolfe 82 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 M. Wempleg L. Roseg L. Nicholasg B. Hillg S. LaPorteg A. Risleyg S. Dussault: B. Reedg J. McCoy Row 2 R. Clarkg T. Harmong A. Jasong J. Weirg R. Culverwellg J. Schicklingg J. Burrowsg D. Daiglerg S. Haseleyg D. Sennettg D. Fisher Row 3 Mrs. Youugg C. Newmang D. Westg S. Narringtong L. Culverg G. Holzmang P. Mayer: J. Mottg C. Bakosg L. Shaw 5 U' Ul fb D H- 'mo -.5 its Q-I-gg :fb Z'-1 Gall! ?" Fourth LaPorestg K. Moutgomeryg J.Youngg K. Millerg C.Horauburgg K. Pletcherg Millisg P. Toenniesseng J. Flint Rauneyg P. Dussaultg T. Tothillg D. Daiglerg K. Dunng L. Kaplong Smithg M. Searsg N. Burrowsg J. Hedleyg D. Russell Kuopfg P. VanGruudyg J. Secordg E. Secordg M. Bortnerg Mrs. Phillips 83 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent O Fl Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 L. Wilsong M. Toeuniesseng J. McKernang D. Zakg R. Pollackq' M. Ryang R. Laubackerg G. Searsg S. Kaplong L. Kuhnsg K. Weir D. Shermang K. McKernang T. Tothillg D. Hannag S. Harveyg R. Horanburgg J. Harmon: K. Hammingag T. Philleog G. Groffg D. Russellg W. Robb1us Miss Cozzensg V. Atkinsong J. Smithg J. Kressg D. Hendricksg M. Weedg L. Schwartzg C. Harmony Y. Conling J. Nagel: B. Clarkg B. Murray T. Prevatteg D. Smithg C. Thornton rst Kindergarten . Leverg P.Sweeneyg B. Shueyg D.Kephartg B. Mayerg D. Plattg B.O'Connorg . Bassg C. Strongg D. Payne . Youngg L. Parlierg M. Bennettg J.Par1ierg S. Turner: J.Troyg S. Millsg . Millerg B. Strifflerg B, Zastrowg M. Kramp Mrs. Tompkinsg R. Taggg G. Felixg D. Mitchellg J. Wilson: J. Schwartz' R. wamg D. scnorzg R. Raetzg F. Lovm ' B G L B 85 . J., - . H , 'Q .f AMA ...f..w..4.....4. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Olco Wrig Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 it K. Palmerg C. Hillerg B. Hillerg L.Capeng P. Keyesg D. Bnderbyg D. Stoutg B. Estepg M. Canale R. Smithg B. Smithg D. Sullivanq K. Marting S. Bendtg D. Sherman: C. Dearborug P. Wapen Mrs. Tompkinsg D. Middletong L. Limburgg K. Pollockg J. Lederhouseg W. Blonkowski E. Osmong M. Footeg C. Secord Kindergarten hts Corners Fourth P.Redmang S. Hooper: J.Strangesg R.Hermang B. Naymang B. Suits: W. Bakerg D. Henning R. Smithg M. Urtelg B. Rathkeg M. Lytleg G. Laskeyg K. Schmittg L. Brethg R. Heschke D. Heuuingg P.Sargentg C. McCaiug T. Nichols: K. Hooperg Mrs. Miles Csubl 86 Row 1 M . Wiepertg j.Jagowg M. Grayg C. Blishg D. Roundsg B.Kingg S.Raczkiewiczg B. Freerg B. Sargentg K. Richards Row 2 A.Peddeug F. Roathg D. Smithg C. Grahamg D. Farleyg D. Strongg F. McCaiug K. Bowermaug R. Aiking S. Chenez Row 3 P. Kelleyg M. Hartzg R. Shawg E. Flyung R. MacFar1aneg. R, Richardsg G Ferrisg M. Rappg Mrs. Speranza Absent L Ferrisg J. Fitzgerald Ih' d R 1 D. R d ' - . ow A. Ritgig, R. Roger, B. Branch, M. Daughertyg H. Mularzg L. Smithg Row 2 iz :?g2gig R. Ferrisg L. Haightg T.Kelleyg R, Class: R. Gray. T. Sherman: R 3 . f - . . ow irsRaE2:SgV B. Brown, H. Bowman, D. Zappg W. W1lSOHQ W. Beyerg R. Urtelg 87 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Galambosg M. Walkerg J. Kanehlg M. Beyerg C. Seibg N. Stevensong Patterson Bucolog D. Flynng S. Glogerg A. Lilleyg K. Richardsg S. Torriereg jamesg K. Henning Dershamg C. Woodcockg J. Lytleg R. Manningg R. Roundsg G. Laskeyg Caughillg Mrs. Mackey Marino Second Row l Row 2 Row 3 First Realeg M. Blishg C. MacFar1aneg J. Muscarellag J. Noong L, Farley: Bernerg B. Gillisg L. Ferris Liugleg T. O'Brieng R. Smithg J. Gailieg B. Hawkins: E. Jarandg Clarkg B. Roathg D. Kahle Cakeg D. Bowermang D. Schmittg F. Strongg R, Fiedlerg R, Thomasg Lawrenceg Mrs. Merchant 88 Row 1 J. Stauderg B. Walkerg D. Goodmang G. Thomasg J. Gominiakg B. Robertsg Dickinsong C. Hall L. Row 2 V MacFar1aneg G. Jarandg R. Perryg J. Pettitg G. Clarkg L. Byeg Yanickig S. Nicholsg C. Dunbar N. Row 3 C. Parkerg K. Schultzg D. Richardsg K. Campbellg B. Bowmang S. Manny R. Kunkleg Mrs. Albright Absent D. Bowers F' t K'd t Row 1 M. Judgeg S. Galambosg J.Jagowg K. Kyddg D. Roundsg Mrs. Ziehlg S. Manningg R. Wilsong D. Oswaldg J. Robertsg D. Mooreg T. Raczkiewiczg W. Jenningsg S. Knieserg P. Wilcoxg R. Smithg L. Dickinson Absent J Brandtg J. Hossenlopp Wrights Corners Row 1 Bowmang J. Seibg S. Torriereg J. James: D. Farleyg T. Janasg M. Dunbar Row 2 Wedemang D. LaPorteg J. Smithg W. Farleyg B. Gowg J. Strong Row 3 Rogerg R. Roeselerg V. Pettit Row 4 Clarkg B. Fitzgeraldg C. Rickardg A. Rathkeg P. Lilleyg R. Lytleg Kingg Mrs. Ziehl O Absent Bowersg M. Mathewson a n Grade 3 Ferris Grade 2 T. Hickman Grade Prevatte Fitzgerald D. Pedley D. Sample Grade Skutt Grade 2 Marino P. Tonn Grade Knopf Grade 1 Bowers Grade 1 S. Beales Stolzenberg G. Belcher Toenniessen Kindergarten Bowers R. Benht Brandt N. Besecker Grade Prevatte Hossenlopp A. Chastain Smith Mathewson E. Darrell Thornton B. Gasper M. Gilbert Kindergarten Foote J. Ginty Osman M. Loeffert Secord J. Osher F. Shepherd J. Sherman K. Sippel S. Towne J. Wolfe Methodist Church .P-1-Ll' PORTS E -L , , , Jill., 7 llllllnia i Basketball X Informals Af' ...-i0 Varsity V Bridgeman S Greenwald J. Morey H Place B Beutel M. Powers J. VanA1styne M Eaton Che Repeat Pe rformance EFS Batesg S. Sahmg J. Hydeg C. Justg C. Drake Junior Varsit 4' , 7 gig if 9 W ' W asf ? 1 e'?iV f AQ 1? MQW, G 'E , V , .ay , I 8 ia V 1 I i f',' Z A My Row 1 M Unterwegerg D. Helfertyg G. Alleng D. Schoellesg D. WOOd: E. Sanders: R. Sageg R. Harrison - - - 0 - her' Row 2 D. Brown' N. Halllfax- J. smith, S. Eggleston, J- Case, R- ASC 1 E. Clare? M. Day: F. Laapman: J, Logang R. Flechsenhaar D . Row 3 Coach Duffy: R, Allen: A, Kreutz: M. Heddeng E. Howardg D. Carnegie, J. Chaneyg N. Casalinuovog D. Strongg T. Greggg R. Rose I Row 4 J. Knottg A. Robersong D. Gobleg D. Holtzg M. Herrington: S. Fralickg J. Jackson Football Football presented a bright picture in the '57 season at Newfane, after the previous no-win year. Captained by Eugene Clare and coached by Coach Duffy, the team charged through 2 wins, 1 tie, and 3 defeats. The '57 team started the season at a thundering pace and produced a great show of new energy and skill in Newfane football. Here's a salute for the '57 team, and a hope that next year's season will result in victory for the Alma Mater. Newfane Barker 0 Newfane Royalton-Hartland 31 Newfane Lewiston-Porter 33 Newfane Medina 30 Newfane Starpoint 6 Newfane Akron 0 Newfane Wilson 2 93 The 1957 baseball team certainly did well by ending up in a tie with Akron for first place in the league. After losing the first game to Lewiston-Porter, Newfane went on to win the next seven. They then lost the next one to Akron but beat Barker to give them eight wins and two losses. The highlight of the season was a no-hitter, pitched by Douglas Stevens against Starpoint. Although Newfane lost many players, via graduation, we hope that Newfane will be successfulin the year to come. ' Newfane O Lewiston-Porter 2 Newfane 15 Starpoint 0 Newfane 13 Wilson 2 Newfane 6 Royalton-Hartland 1 Newfane 1 Medina 0 Newfane 4 Lewiston-Porter 3 Newfane 26 Starpoiut 3 Newfane 1 Wilson O Newfane 0 Akron 4 Newfane 15 Barker 8 f Newfane 4 Akron 6 fPlayoff game Varsity Baseball - '5 CMH Ouffxx ' g A 1 K- 'l l ' L af.3nwn - A A' Ay ef l IND I Q 'T -,,.:- sg mfg Es - f 5 J.SCxfXuXx'7- E ' .755 ol Zqlb , R. Xfcsknsora- A lf 1 4'-'B' ' ' 1 i W D. S1'avan3 i gh SX Lf. Q Zii Q A ' 5 an SOB K K C' X X ljffxx P ljyklj l N Hal Q04 f'I ,BIEQXNOQNXLS w.Ja.ckson X li J-mum? ll. Suit? 51 1 94 thi' lg fl.E.cLAuz, rt L naqrrman E B. S R Goodla q venom? Htxrfltq W Shun G Locfferi' P Rqan ry 0,1 ...l if -J Gmumvv X M N-Nddehz n f J Cen 0 ' ' - 'u h F .2 - fe , f - 'n Q- I F e. f 5 . ' 5 ' I iw 1 P, ' ' . ki F. , , ll MH M g X M +1 mw '1m , I i ef . f f ff . l X , L f ' ,, f A , Ig u, Q Junior Varsit Baseball- 5 C, oad-x L ands he Fi' -- l -mn.uminA Row 1 J. Batesg K. Herlg B. Beutelg A. Toenniesseng P. Heddeng C. Millis Row 2 B. Feltzg M. DiTul1iog M. Eatong Mrs. Blewettg L. DeLangeg H. Placeg S. Murphy Row 3 C. Spencerg N. Martiug N. Rollingerg J, pusaterig S. Harriugtong J. Goodling Row 4 J. Brandtg E. Moreyg J. Clarkg F. Lotz Girl s' Ath etic Council V 't CI b Row I D. Sweeneyg J. Casey B. Hartleyg E. Clareg G. Schultzg R. Ascherg F. Lampmang J. Lindermang.D. Helferty Row 2 Mr. Duffyg M. Dayg J. Chaneyg N. Schnittkerg J. Smithg N. Hallifaxg R. Taylorg D. Caruegieg N. Casalinuova Absent J. Gowg R. Goodlingg R. Klumpp - 1 96 Row Row T. Taylorg C. Classy I. Dodgeg N. Strong N. Murphyg L. Leeg J.Hermang I.Bodyg J.Schultzg T. Rakfeldtg C. Costellog S. Steeng D. Dempseyg M. Kerwing J.Gobleg K.Herlg S. Greeng S. Harrington Row 3 Mrs. Blewettg J. Clarkg N. Littleg R. Wendlerg H. Bodyg C. Flechsenhaarg M. Aleng H. Placeg L. Vanderbiltg C. Torriereg B. Cookg J. Eberhartg D. Knoxg P. Rollingerg S. Roseg D. Mayer Row 4 S. Carltong B. Janasg B. Beutelg S. Greenwaldg J. Batesg S. Bentleyg M. Rhodesg S. Culverwellg M. Powersg J. Moreyg B. Bealsg N. Murphy Absent B. Bucherg S. Sahmg S. Ruetherg M. DiTullio SOCCER Under gray, cloudy skies last fall, one could see teams of girls clad in bright shorts and dark knee guards. These were the members of one of five girls' extramural soccer teams The captains for soccer extramurals were Irma LeeDodge, Katherine Class, Mary Jane Kerwin, Terrell Taylor, and Elsbeth Bredefeld. Unfortunately, the gray skies didn't allow for the playing of enough games for a champion team to come to victory. 97 Row 1 J. Bates, S. Bentleyg B. Janasg E. Bredefeldg C. Torriere Row 2 S. Murphy, L. Leeg J. Herman, I. Body: J. Schultzg T. Rakfeldtg C. Classy S. Steeng D. Dempseyg M. Kerwing I. Dodge, K. Herlg S. Harrington Row 3 Mrs. Blewettg J. Clarkg N. Littleg R. Wendlerg H. Bodyg C. Flechsenhaarg M. Aleng B. Cook, M. Feltzg D. Knoxg P. Rollingerg S. Roseg D. Mayer: N. Strong Row 4 S. Carltong S. Greeng B. Beutelg S. Greenwaldg M. Rhodesg S. Culverwell, M. Powers, B. Bealsg N. Murphy, T. Taylor Absent M. DiTullio BASKETBALL On Tuesday and Thursday nights,about mid-year,you could hear the victorious shouts of the girls' extramural basketball teams echoing down these hallowed halls. Among the loudest of these were those coming from the members of Elsbeth Bredefe1d's team, as they were the champions of basketball extramurals. Other captains were Barbara Janas, Sue Bentley, Judy Bates, and Catherine Torriere. 98 Row 1 B. Hartleyg D. Carnegieg J. Gowg R. Klumppg G. Schultzg N. Hallifaxg F. Lampman Row 2 Coach Duffyg D. Juddg N. Schnittkerg R. Goodlingg D. Goble Varsity Basketball This year the Varsity Basketball team did rather well chalking up 8 wins and 6 losses. There were l senior, 6 juniors and 2 sophomores on the team. Newfane ended in a tie with Wilson for the Class A Championship, and was defeated in a playoff game. Newfane 46 Lockport 63 Newfane 42 Starpoint 35 Newfane 44 Lockport 57 Newfane 51 Barker 50 Newfane 48 Lewiston-Porter 56 Newfane 62 Wilson 57 Newfane 40 Medina 44 Newfane 44 Royalton-Hartland 53 Newfane 61 Akron 47 Newfane 63 Starpoint 61 Newfane 50 Barker 56 Newfane 50 Lewiston-Porter 47 Newfane 52 Wilson 61 Newfane 60 Medina 50 Newfane 59 Royalton-Hartland 68 Newfane 54 Akron 52 99 Row 1 Row 2 D. Horanburgg J. Chaneyg W. Ammerman D Sweeneyg D. Navarrog N. Casalinuovog wi Chuncog R. Schnursteing A. Robison P. Ryang D. Seitzg M. Grayg R. Harrisong Coach Landsheftg T. Greggg Junior arsity Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL b k tball team didn't have a very successful season. The Junior Varsity as e They won five and lost nine games. Harrison and Ronald Schnurste th t ca tained b Russell Three freshmen and ten sophomores composed e eam, p y 100 in. The coach for the team was Coach Landsheft. Row 1 Row 2 T. Newmang J. Woodardg D. Woodg W. Krampg W. Goldeng J. Smithg S. Fralick C. Darrellg R. Alleug O. Kneelandg E. Sargent: J. Starkg C. Kreutzg Mr. Wilcox Freshmen Row 1 Row 2 Basketball Eighth M. Schultzg G. Taylorg L. Hagueg C. Taylorg P. Stolzenbergg D. Harrodg D. Hammondg H. Burns D. Steeng B.Smith: D. Batesg A.Roberson: Mr. Wilcoxg J.Kuottg J. Navarro: C. Livermoreg R. McGuire 101 304 Row 1 W. Burnettg G. Woodard, C. Whitmoreg K. Giffordg R. Vickery' G, wemple. Mr. Wilcox ' ' Row 2 G. Teague, R. Loeffertg D. Darrellg J. Sheehan: M, Beals- TD Seeley. G. Mayer ' ' Seventh Grade Ba ketball GIRLS' ATHlETIC COUNCIL The Girls' Athletic Council functioned very well this year. The Council was active in spreading sportsmanship throughout the school. Playdays were also enjoyed by many, and these events were sponsored by the G.A.C. Four girls from each class,7-12, make up the Girls' Athletic Council. They are chosen by a class vote, on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. During the football and basketball seasons the G.A.C. sold pop and candy at the home games. The success of the Sock Hop added greatly to the organization funds. The girls also sponsored a dance in the spring and an assembly was given in April. At the awards assembly presented every June, the G.A.C. gives awards to girls who have earned sufficient credit by participating in extramural sports. The officers during 1957 and 1958 were Lynne DeLange, presidentg Heather Place, vice presidentg Mary Lou Eaton, secretaryg and Mary DiTullio, treasurer. 102 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleading squad consists of nine girls from grades lO-12. There are two from each grade and three more from any of these grades to make up the nine. Chosen for this year's squad on the basis of their pep, personality, ability, and leadership were Virginia Bridgeman, Barbara Beutel, Marilou Powers, and Sharon Greenwald, sophomores, Heather Place and Joyce VanAlstyne, juniors, and Mary Lou Eaton, Jean Morey, and Lynne DeLange, seniors. Mary Lou, Jean, and Lynne completed three years of Varsitv cheering, and Jean was the captain this year. The cheerleaders held pep assemblies and they went to Hamburg and Roy-Hart to Cheerleading Rallies. Each girl felt proud to be able to work with the others to cheer the team to victory, and to promote good sportsmanship amoung all. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Junior Varsity squad is made up of five girls from the Freshman class. This year they were Susan Sahm, captain, Judy Bates, Carol Just, Joan Hyde, and Carol Drake. These girls helped 'the Varsity girls by cheering at the home games. They also helped spread school spirit and good sportsmanship throughout the school. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club had a very active and successful year. In the beginning of the year the following officers were chosen: Eugene Clare, president, Robert Ascher, vice presidentg Norman Schnittker, secretary, and Fredrick Lampman, treasurer. Eugene Clare was elected treasurer of the athletic account. During the basketball season the Varsity Club sold and collected tickets at the door. In January the senior members received their jackets. A Sports Night was held in April, and the annual Varsity Club banquet was held in June. CLASS PROPHECY CContinued from Page 483 We're all hungry after that long trip, so we'll stop at one of Ted Wagner's HRocket-hop Satellitesn. We find that Sylvia Linderman has her name in light, HSylvia's Scintillating Satellite-Sandwiches served here.V We dine on Ray Reinbolt's Pickled Watermelon Rinds, Cindy Sennett's Carmel Candy, and Russell Pedley's famous Cor Notorious?D Chocolate Covered Pizza. After this meal, Bob Bradley, chief cook and bottle-washer here, brings us some Alka Seltzer. While we recover, we notice Dick Bowers,pumping jet fuel for the diesel rockets of the Earl Ehrenhardt Jet Transport Company. u At the space-museum, we find Doug Macaulay, who is unveiling a display of paintings by Harold O'Connor. What's that going past? Well! It's Phyllis Koeppen,upholding the fine American tradition ofbeing a housewife--in her rocket trailer. It is trailing a poster announcing Don Strong and Pat Harding's new revue, with U50 Ccount 'eml 50V green Martians, And, we learn that, finally, Bill Bailey has come home. 103 Mrs. Roberson . Mr- Manly Miss He1mer1 lnformals P . kqgamg , Q 9,63 E? sf 55.11 ff' ",b 'j' ' Q" f f if 3 "" s f - F X .' ,, 4 qi, fxgmz Lg it .M V K' , ,f S47 ,,. ,,,, 41, - g, ' f . -5 Qi Q 5 Q . ,X Kiwi' ' - s s xffm Mr, Wilcox Mrs. Klock THE LATIN BANQUET April 29 1 Olcott Grades Sports Y' T' Y .ng-H, , . 5 ,M :Q 2 qH3 - X Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent McDonoughg R. Harrisg W. Reidg L. Feltzg R. Reinboltg K. Hydeg Murrayg T. Hartley: J. Gow Roseg C. Spencerg B. Stookeyg D. Juddg K. McA11isterg C. Millsg Rollingerg J. Brandtg Miss Viverette Bucherg K.Lampmang E. Blishg B. Meehaug K. Classg W. Goldeng G.Teagueg Fitzgeraldg M. Rhodes Casey L. Drake Senior Student Council Row 1 Row 2 Junior Student Council VauA1styne' G. Farrington' S. Bobz' - M D - -. Stephanskig M. LaForestg J: Chapman len, rs. ay' J' Pusaterl' Frtzgeraldg C. Burnsg B. Reedg G. Greggg C. Whitmoreg M, Pigarskig M1l11S: S- Corsers D. Murphyg K. Hayaeng B. Hawkinsg N. Rollinger 106 Row 1 S. Murray: R. Jagow: V. Bridgeman: E. Sears: P. Cheasty: J. Brandt: J. Hyde Row 2 N. Strong: M. Berry: B. Thurston: T. Rakfeldt: E. Bredefeld: R. Millis: C. Volschow: M. Fitzgerald: K. Class: R. Kramp: A. Toenniessen: B. Dowse Row 3 M Carlton: C. Flechsenhaar: C. Spencer: J. Clark: S. Carlton: K. McAllister: P. Seeloff: I. Reid: B. Janas: C. Just: J. Yost: G. Morse: P. Kunkle: Miss Viverette Row 4 M. Peitshans: N. Nagel: S. Greene: S. Ruether: B. Upton: K. Malloy: D. Erck: J. Jagow: P. Koeppen: J. Gow: D. Tanner: J. Bates: M. Rhodes Absent L. Baker: G. Saeger: B. Shumau Future Homemakers of America Future Farmers of America Row 1 R. Daugherty: R. Pedley: B. Adams: A. Roger: N. Feitshans: A. Brown: J. Stark Row 2 D. Schultz: Mr. Bridges: G. Platt: A. DeChambeau: J. Czack: G, Walker Bailey: R. Bates: S. Edmister: C. Pedley: E. Stahl 107 Row 1 Row 2 D. Schoellesg F. Strougg W. Reidg J. Gilsong L. Clarkg L. Marslandg D Grayg R. Wilson Z Chambersg R. Schultzg J. Rakfeldtg J. Gowg D. Shawg G. Bridgemang T T. Wagnerg R. McDonoughg R. Woodg D. Woody Mr. Weber Industrial rts Club Art Club Row 1 J. Williamsg J. Scottg J. Whitmireg N. Youngg P. Badieg B. Haseleyg J. Lutzg J. Lesser Row 2 Mrs. Przondakg J. Smithg R. Poyfairg L. Sennettg J. Rakfeldtg R. Schultzg R. Robisong S. Lindermang R. Wilsong H. Rakfeldtg L. Stevenson 108 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Whitmoreg S. Mulleng R. Jagowg J. Brown: D. Bottingg M. Bradleyg Brckg F. Cheastyg L. Sennettg S. Ruether Grahamg B. Thurstong R. Shumang J. Dugosg R, Millisg N, Gaudeg Bredefeldg R. Mosureg G. Craggsg C.Ka1tenbacherg Mrs. Porter: G.Morse Polewiczg J. Schultz: R. Rakfeldtg M. Rushg K. Class: J. Hillg O'Donue11g S. Linderman Library Club Row'1 Row 2 Honor Society McArd1egC. Torriereg K.Marsha11g D.Huntg M. Willsg I.Bodyg M. Brad1eY? St k - . Whitmore , Ebgghgzzitg K. Hydeg c. volschowg B. Meehang R. Hgrrlsg L. Brandt? Blishg M. Unterwegerg R. Shumang B. Haseleyg M. P1tzgeraldg D. Judd F5 'T Row l J. Lentivechg L. Feltzg J. Browug J. Dugosg R. Withrowg A. O'Douue11g M. Mularzg M. Fitzgeraldg G. McArd1eg G. Alleng R Badie- C Volschow Row 2 Miss Heimerlg J. Ergottg C. Capeng B. Haseleyg. M. Bredleyg D. Mayerg C. Kaltenbacherg C. Torriereg M. DiTu11iog J. Eberhartg W. Weston: D. Huntg Miss McBrien Row 3 S. Greenwaldg D. Tannery J. Gowg H. Rakfeldtg M. Wills: J.Hi1lg J. Lucas: L. Bakery S. Greeueg S. Liudermaug M. Graham Absent S. Mullen Senior Cent rian Staff Junior Cent rian taff ROW 1 J Goodliugg G, Vickeryg J, Batesg S. Millerg R. Allen: S. Gasperg . B tl - R. Clark- D. Hughes . Row 2 iisseMcBi!eng R. Henningg J. Richardsg M. Pisarsk1g L. Browng S. Sahmg P. Eadieg Mrs. Ives Absent R. Kronenbergg J. Bower: K. Hayden? J- Hall: S- GSLSPGI Row 1 Row 2 Jr Westong D. Clarkg D. Milbyg H. Rakfeldtg R. Harrisg M. Mularzg Tannery T. Taylor Nagelg Miss Heimerlg R. Jagowg J. Gowg S. Rose: G. Alleug J. Browng Jonesg Miss McBrieng D. Bottiugg J. Gobleg R. Withrowg J. Whitmoreg Rollinger Anchor Staff Row l Row 2 Future Teachers of America Bealsg S. Nicholasg D. Torriereg G. Teagueg H. Jonesg K. Marshall: Bredefeldg D. Mohlarg J. Hill Feltzg C, Kaltenbacherg D. Mayerg J. Whitmoreg J. Gobleg K. Hydeg Rushg L. Herlg S. Mulleng K. Malldyq H. PlaCG: J. Yaude 111 , .. , .-. . .. ..' - Row 1 D. Milbyg D. Dempsey, C. Volschowg K. Class, T. Rakfeldtg L. Haight, S. Steeng J. Hill Row 2 C. Pitzgeraldg L. Youngg S. Montgomeryg A. Nemethg J. Hallg S. Murrayg D. Horningg D. Malloy, Mrs. Brandt Row 3 D. Brandt, R. Darrellg N. Murphy, B. Bealsg K. Malloyg B. Murphy, L. Baker, G. Taylor Junior Red Cross Activities HONOR SOCIETY The Newfane Chapter of the National Honor Society had its origin in the Student Council under the supervision of Miss Viverette. Plans were formulated in the early spring of 1957. In May of 1957, the Newfane chapter began its operation with Mrs. Klock, of the Science Department, as its advisor. There were eleven charter members, Juniors and Seniors who had an overall average of 88, and who met the other qualifications in the areas of character, leadership, and service. The chapter then developed its constitution and made application.Rm member- ship to the National Honor Society,and the charter arrived in September of 1957. The second ntapping assemblyn occurred in October lf 1957, with the admis- sion of nineteen new members. Another Htapping assemblyu was held in April, 1958, when Lynne DeLange and JoAnne Gow received membership. f thReguliE monthly meetings are held after school on the last school Tuesday o e mon . The Society has performed three special services this school year: The operation of the schoo1's individual picture program, the compilation of a poll list of the eligible voters in the entire school district, and the performance of the judging of entries in the Freshman Science Fair. The Newfane Chapter of the National Honor Society endeavors to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students of Newfane Central School. 112 FUTURE HOMBMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America had a very successful year under the guidance of their officers, President, Carol Volschow, Vice-President, Maureen Fitzgerald, Secretary, Rosalie Millis, and Treasurer Elsbeth Bredefeld. Their advisor is Miss Viverette. October, the time of pumpkins and witches, was a month of bewitching social activities and Cinderella coaches for new members. It began with a rush tea. Then there was a week of informal initiation followed by the formal at the Park Hotel on October 18. Also in October five members attended the fall rally at Alden, New York, and the P H A officers presented a program at Starpoint. November, the month of thanks and feasting, was spent in preparation for the dance, HTurkey in the Straw,H held November 15. Rudy Coumont furnished the music for round and square dancing and a thankless gobbler was given away as a prize. In December, the yuletide month, F H A's annual event, Holly Hanging, which was held on December 16, kept the girls busy. Special services were performed by allthe members for the benefitof faculty and students during F H A week in March. The annual magazine sale was sponsored throughout the monthcH'April shovmrs. The whole F H A attended the Spring rally at Oakfield, Alabama, in May. Four of the F H A members attended dm state meeting m:Syracuse that Month, also. Achievement awards were given to deserving F H A girls hlanassembly in rose strewn June. JUNIOR RED CROSS -A very busy club this year was the Junior Red Cross. The members made cookies and party favors, and purchases and wrapped gifts for the Veterans' Hospital in Buffalo. At intervals during the year, members attended Junior Red Cross suppers at other schools. Their final activity was a picnic, held in June. The advisor this year was Mrs. Brandt, and the officers were Judith Hill, president, Linda Baker, vice-president, Sharon Steen, secretary, and Carol v 1 11 t . O SC ow' reasurer FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA An innovation at Newfane Central this year was the formation of the Newfane Chapter of the Future Teachers of America. An organization designed to help those students who are interested in teaching, the P T A supplies films pamphlets, discussions and tours of teachers colleges to assist its members in choosing a college. Because this was the first year, the main projects were to draw up a constitution and to obtain a charter. But the club also sponsored a HTeacher Recognition Dayn, and a trip to Buffalo State Teachers College. Theofficers elected Rnrthe year were President,Helena Jones, Vice-President Linda Feltz, Secretary, Kay Marshall, Treasurer, Catherine Torriere, Historian, Gary Teague, Parliamentarian, Judith Hill, Librarian, Suzanne Nicholas, and Song Leader, Elsbeth Bredefeld. Mr. Chiavaro and Mr. White served as advisors to the group. JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Two very important organizations within these hallowed halls are the Junior and Senior Student Councils,which are made up of representatives from allclasses in Junior and Senior high school. Their primary purposes are to foster the growth of democracy, good citizenship, leadership, responsibility, and a good school spirit. They accomplished these aims byproviding services unthe students, directing the social activities and the assemblies, and sponsoring campaigns and citizenship contests. The more prominent service events of the Senior Student Council this year were the Student Day, which was held on May 7, the opening of the School Supply Store, and the publication of the Student Handbook to be distributed the first day of school in September. Aside from revising the constitution and changing the student government to fit the times,a major change in the Council this year was the moving ofelections from September to May. The Council social events of the year were the sponsoring of a dance on April 18, and the holding of a banquet on April 20. The officers ofthe Senior Student Council were Raymond Reinbolt, president, Karen Hyde, vice-president, Linda Feltz, recording secretary, Juanita Brandt, corresponding secretary, and Sally Murray, treasurer. The advisor was Miss V i v e r e t t e . The Junior Student Council, which had its beginnings this year, has been very busy organizing its government, and establishing its constitution. In the line of service, it held many Junior high dances and sponsored a very successful poster contest on good citizenship. The officers for the year were Judy Pusateri, president, Gail Farrington, vice-president, Rita Stephanski, secretary, and Sandra Bobzien, treasurer. The advisor was Mrs. Day. Additional Write-ups Continued on Page 125 113 ,L , J ' J. f , 2 " ' W ., P A 3? 50? 1 L 'I 7 'Fr Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 . Johnsoug . Dowseg A. . Vickeryg . Bentleyg . DiTu11iog P. Rollingerg J. Briggsg S.Sahmg M. Grahamg C. Kaltenbacherg Yaudeg J. Morey: J. Clarkg B. Searsg S. Harriugtong J. Hyde B. Wilsong S.Stowe11g L. Herlg S. Gasperg N.Gaude9 Toenuiesseng J. Lucasg S. Ruether B. Janasg B. Bealsg J. Harringtong J. Batesg J. Richardsg K, McA11isterg S. Greeug B. Stookey Senior Chorus Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 D.Dempseyg S. Millerg Junior Choru Valmore' J. Caraco' M. Paradise' R. ess ' W d . Crofg Powley: W: Powleyg Gb Ggegg J on, J. oo ard, Rammlngi J- TQUIPIUHSZ P. Rowlandg J. Berne-rg B. Hawkinsg Haydeng F. Pallsanog S. Kuhnsg B. Poyfairg Mrs, Beggue SUI-115115 C. Moong C. Lutzg S. Feltoug H. Troeltszchg B. Reidn Re1dg M. Yost ' B. Smithg P. Hillg R.Darrel1g 1' 114 2 . ' fo JTZK , 'mf , "' 13 ' L' lf ..e.f..1V- 53,11 ...JJ dxf ' .IK-14S 1f.'L. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 a ' l NJ . Goffg N. Littleg R. Jagowg H. Placeg L. Burtg R. Lasher: L. Haightg . Malloyg H. Westong N. Strong: J. O'Connorg J. Polewiczg R. Millisg . Fitzgeraldg G. Saegerg B. Thurstoug K. Herlg S. Greeng K. Marshall C J. Yostg H. Bodyg M. Eatong D. Huntg Mrs. Beccue K M S. Culverwellg L. DeLangeg P. Koeppeng B. Beutelg P.Seeloffg M, Feitshans J . Gowg D. Tannery M. Hammondg M. Powersg V. Capen Senior Chorus Row 1 M D Row 2 D P Row 3 D S I ' . 2 Junior Chorus Sghultzg F, Lotzg L. Stolzenbergg T. Schwartzg D. Leathersg R. Smith? H ond' . Tall' J. Gow' H. Burns . . BZ?TOn:,Sq Maynagdgb S. gudde: M, LgPorestg R. KH16S6Ij S. Gask111g Leddyg N. Rollingerg C. smith: G- Wrlghfz Mrs: BGCCUG G Slaghtg P. Eckortg J. Pusatgrig F, Mart1ng D. Hughes: C. Baer, Brandtg S. Fallsg J. Hallg S. Mlttlestadt A-fr A1"T'-" ' s 1 5 'I' nl!! wgqsv Q 115 , Q V 4 A 1 ' A - Q M' Row 1 C. Darrellg H. Fitzgeraldg L. Browng C. Vincentg R. Gardnerg G. Griffing J. Smithg R. Kurthg R. Pedleyg D. Shawg M. Mularzg R. Reinboltg W. Stein Row 2 D. Dayg R. Harrisg A. Browng R. Withrowg J. Caseg W. Ivesg R. Pollockg W. Reidg R. Gardnerg R. Hedleyg W. Bailey: G. Bridgeman M. Eaton - Accompanistg Mrs. Beccue - Director AUSGTW L. Vermeuleng B. Meehan Senior Boys' Chor Seventh Grade Boys' Chorus , Burtg T. Ranneyg T. Ranneyg J. Chapmang W. VanA1styneg T. Seeleyg J. Luckmang R. Drakeg J. Parisig R. Troeltzschg J. Cashg H. Herrington G. Millerg P. Millerg D. Darrellg D. Wilsong D. O'Connorg K. Salterg C Timkeyg J. Sheehang W. Row 1 Row 2 Parkerg L. Marsland ' Miss Devereaux US 116 Bl, Row Row Row Row Row Row Row or , Wrightg J. Altbachg S. Roseg H. Placeg R. Wendlerg J. Goodlingg Taylorg M. Eatoug J. Starkg B. Bucher Dugosg R. Klumppg Mr. Nemethg W. McIntoshg G. Redmoreg P. Rappg Parleyg C. Whitmoreg J. Greyg E. Brandt Fralickg F. Starkg J. McClureg P. Adamsg B. Barrong R. Naymaug Bridgemang J. Morey Chambersg R. Goodlingg M. Kerwing W. Steing J. Jacksoug D. Gobleg Ba Hardyg S, Pattersong B. Costellog R. Taylorg G. Wemple? J- Hall: Weirg W. VanAlstyne I Batesg J. Gillisg D. Barrong G. Walkerg J. Thompsong J. Stre1ge1g Dohringg H. Kahle Grayg B. Manny N. Casalinuovag A. Robersong J. Knottg Mr. Nemeth Altbach 55 g,3 -!'mw,MMM4g5,-.M., U, h?'.1 117 'Senior Junior O Senior- bm .v..... T V.. Row Row Row Row Abs Band Juni Row Row Row fl! Q . ,,, -.ts ,' 'r ll,-'Aw 1- W' 'rv' 'A Y . . 1 1 2 3 4 ent 1 2 3 Hydeg M. Rushg T. Taylorg J. Gobleg M. Rhodesg M. Blighg R. Smith Nicholasg R. Stephanski Klumppg N. Wempleg T. Browng C. Browng R. Alleng L. Covellg M. Covey Starkg G. Bridgeman Haseleyg D. Knoxg H. Jonesg W. Chuncog D. Braudtg J. Morey, Troeltzchg R. Phillipsg L. Vermeulen McC1ewg H. Taylorg R. Wilsong A. McC1ureg D. Foote: O. Kneeland Loeffertg H. Covell Aikin Blighg G. Turnerg D. Parkerg K. Feigerg T. Roseg J. Maxwellg A.Tay1or Blumrick Rakfeldtg C. Newmang McGuire Perryg A. Oswaldg G. J. Manny P. Seibg P. Grahamg R. Raetzg B.See1off Carltong R. Wilsong T. Sargent Ol' ...,...,,. ,..., , .,.,, .'- - 1 ug , 4 ' ff-Nea ., ' w,..4.., 118 Row 1 J, Yost, C. Fitzgeraldg D. Torriereg T. Monts: G. Goodlingg S. Sahmg E. Philleog L. Youngg B. Kanellg S. Brandt, S. Feltong C. Wagnerg N. Wempleg R. Barachmang Miss Devereaux . . Row 2 D. Bradley: J. Turnerg S. Bobzieng M. HugheS? J- Goodllngi J- P?ttft? v, Hickmang s. Schultzg B. Buczkowski: P. Quinn: J. Doxfafers C- M1111S2 N. Gillg A. Taylor Row 3 C. Starkg C. Burnsg D. Brown: P. Heddeu3 B- Mafanfeftei M- Kapeldg S, Seitzg S. Corserg A. Mace, J. McAllister: N. Lee, S. MOHfg0m6fY3 L. Covellg G. Taylor Absent P. Thompson Seventh Grade Chorus Activities SENIOR GIRLS CHORUS During the second period of the school day a short distance from the hall near the music room is found the Senior Girls' Chorus practicing. The chorus is made up of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls who enjoy singing. Their music is in four parts, with the greater majority of it being sung a cappella. Last year the chorus received a 6-A rating at the New York State Music Competition Festival. The chorus participated in the Spring Concert, and also was represented at the Niagara County Music Festival, held at Lewiston-Porter Central School. Mrs. Beccue is the director of the chorus and the officers ar S e uzanne Harrington, president, Heather Place, vice-presidentg Sharon Green treasurer' and Shirley Gasper and Joan Hyde, librarians. , , 119 SENIOR BOYS CHORUS In the past year many have heard strains of music coming from the Senior Boys' Chorus and echoing throughout these hallowed halls. This small but enthusiastic group has progressed from an even smaller number last year, singing three part music, to its present membership of 27, singing four part music. In addition to participating in school concerts and having representatives attend the Niagara County Music Festival, the boys also have had several social activities such as a closed party in September and nSpring Swing,n a spring fantacy which ushered in spring with gay festivities on March 21. This year, the Chorus' primary objective was the purchasing of blazers for public appearances. Their officers Rm the year were Raymond Reinbolt, presidentg Dennis Day, vice president-secretaryg am1Howard Fitzgerald, treasurer. They are directed and advised by Mrs. Beccue. SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS' CHORUS Your reported walked down these hallowed halls and came to the music room where the Seventh Grade Girls' Chorus was practicing. This chorus had a very successful year, participating in the Spring Concert and an operetta. Miss Devereaux was the director of the chorus and the officers were Joan Goodling, presidentg Susan Montgomery,vice-presidentg Sandra Bobzien, secretary, and Cynthia Millis, treasurer. ' SEVENTH GRADE BOYS' CHORUS To the echoes in these hallowed halls have often been added the voices of the Seventh Grade Boys' Chorus. Under the direction of Miss Devereaux, the Seventh Grade Boys' Chorus has often combined with the Seventh Grade Girls' Chorus in their activities. Officers for the year were President,David Darrell, Vice President, Charles Whitmore, Secretary,Michael Nicholasg Treasurer,Joseph Parisi: Librarians, Kevin Gifford and Dwight Horning, and Social Chairman, Robert Smith. SENIOR BAND These hallowed halls are often filled with music coming from theauditorium, where the Senior Band is in a practice session. . Under the direction of Mr.Nemeth, the band gave a series of four assemblies this year. These assemblies were for grades K-S, 4-6, 7-8, and 9-IQ. i Officers for 1957-58 were Bruce Adams,pres1dent7Allan McChnm,v1ce president, and Mary Lou Eaton, secretary-treasurer. v Fourteen members of the Senior Band attended the Niagara County Music Festival at Lewiston-Porter Central School on March l. 3 'fy it Y Q S 1 1 Q ,, 'U A 3 1 Y wif .4 ir. , J V4 ,1 . .""',f ', 1 . ' W r- . .-.- ' P V ,.-4, ' V-.V A 2 , if-. ' -1 3- , i, , Q4 f-4 use ' - ff . ez ff l - A A .P , , -L I 1' ,, ' I 5 GV f' Row 1 C. Searleg C. Gillisg D. VanAlstyneg M. Chuncog L. Peltzg G. McGuireg G. Vermueleng G. Dieta Row 2 C. Liddellg M. Leightong G. Mohlarg M. Rutland: E. Barrellg M, Lotzg R. Neidlingerg G. Adamsong O. Brown: M. Theisg L. Wrightg R, Tong Absent M. Hyde A-Pm 1448 . 1-L, 'I if G. Jonesg M. Miller Wrights Corners Friday Plate Luncheon Macoroni and Cheese Stewed Tomatoes or Sliced Carrots Roll, Butter Peaches Milk Soup: Tomato, Clam Monday Plate Luncheon Hamburg on Roll Tuesday Plate Luncheon Wednesday Plate Luncheon Pork and Dressing Thursday ' gm, Plate Luncheon i A, Weiner and Roll f Baked Beans or ' A V. Sauerkraut K Relish Chocolate Pudding I Milk , Soup: Vegetable Ch1l1-Con- Came D. VanA1styneg K. Williams M. Wagnerg M. Sheehan Methodist Church Olcott Cafeteria Staff .,,. HWY , ew or 331. 'S' . 4 ., . AQ.. in . u I may u X 5. - "ul x 'lun 'f - ,me-N sen. .- -fm: NW' R 1 v Drivers Row 1 E. Howellg J. Caseg R. Keneskyg R. Campbellg L. Searsg J. Boni Row 2 D. Reinboltg B. Urtelg L. Herlg S. Patalanog H. Hillmang R. Bradley Row 3 T. Cleveleyg A. Seeloffg P. Erckg R. Culverwellg H. Hagueg E. Kramp Row 1 R. Burnettg J. Briggsg F. Seagerg E. Vincentg R. Bakerg G. Bain Row 2 ,R. Kreegerg T. Wormerg W. Baldwing J. Dickg W. Robinson J Loveless Absent . Custodians 122 Row 1 K. Hydeg R. Harris, L. Sennettg M. Bradleyg A. O'Donnellg S. Lindermang J. Browng L. DeLangeg Miss Heimerl Row 2 Miss McBrieng E. Moreyg N. Little, S. Harringtong F. Perreeg H. Jonesg T. Clark, M. Eaton, J. Whitmore, R. Pedleyg B. Barron Row 3 E. Craggsg R. Aiking F. Strong, I. Bodyg J. Gowg G. McArdleg T. Hartleyg N. Gaudeg W. Reid, R. Reinboltg Mrs. Przondak Senior Century Staff The staff for the 1958 HCenturyH was selected before the close of school in June, 1957. At the first meeting in September, the theme HThrough These Hallowed Halls of Newfane Central Schoolu was chosen. In October, schedules for assignments were distributed to the editors of the various staffs. Each editor was in charge of the work done by his staff. Early in November the pictures for the yearbook were taken. After Christmas vacation the lay-out staff began its task of piecing together each page. From February through April, many, many hours were spent after school, so that the nCenturyH could be completed. Now, as you have gone through our completed book, we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed traveling HThrough These Hallowed Hallsu with us. 123 Row 1 R. Jagowg B. Murphyg B. Haseleyg J. Eberhartg R. Roseg Mrs. Przondak Row 2 R. Shumanq D. Juddg L. Herlg J. Schultzg M. Mularz Row 3 C. Torriereg D. Mayerg H. Placeg C. Volschowg M. Willsg L. Vermuelen Absent J. Hillg M. Fitzgerald Junior Century Staff Junior 8 Senior Staff Members Layout Lucinda Sennett, Ed. Joy Whitmore Margaret Wills Heather Place Linda Herl Diane Mayer Barbara Murphy Greta McArdle Art Bonita Haseley, Ed. Joan Schultz Roberta Jagow Patricia Harding James Gow Robert Schultz Tyging Jane Brown, Ed. JoAnn Eberhart Maureen Fitzgerald Nancy Little Irene Body Marlene Bradley--Editor-in-Chief Anita 0'Donne1l--Managing Editor Business Suzanne Harrington, Ed. Karen Hyde Brenda Barron Judith Hill David Judd Jean Briggs George Craggs Literary Raymond Reinbolt, Ed. Carleen Kaltenbacker Robert Shuman Nancy Gaude Catherine Torriere Thomas Hartley Photograghy Richard Harris, Ed. Charles Davis Daniel Clark Wallace Reid Richard Beutel 124 Feature Phoebe Ferree, Ed Mitchell Mularz Mary Lou Eaton Lynne DeLange Helena Jones S orts Ji. Jean Morey, Ed. Bruce Smith Richard Aikin Carol Volschow Com. Photography Sylvia Linderman, Francis Strong Lee Vermeulen Russell Pedley FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Seldom found in these hallowed halls, but working in the agriculture room, are members of the Future Farmers of America. Under the direction of the advkwr, Mr. Bridges, this organization offers future farmers the opportunity to plan and practice the activities they will be required to do after leaving school. These activities include planting and caring for a garden, raising livestock, and learning and practicing the correct methods of plowing. During March the Future Farmers of America sponsored a poster drive, which stressed safety and good citizenship in the home and on the farm. Cash prizes were awarded t? those who made the best posters. icers or e year were Armand Ro ers resident- B president, Carl Pedley, secretary, and Robgrt Batgs, treasurer.ruCe Adams, vice INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The Industrial Arts Club offers to its members an opportunity to obtain practice in various skills, such as wood and metal working. They have many projects, making such articles as lamps. They also sponsor activities such as dances and parties. The advisor, Mr. Weber, helps to channel the interests of the boys into functinns which will have beneficial results. This includes such things as sponsoring asafety-first contest,training them uarun a film projector Rm various classes, and the running of the record players at the school dances. This year the officers were James Gilson, president, Wallace Reid, vice-president, Lee Marsland, secretary, and Larry Clark, treasurer. LIBRARY CLUB When you come to the center of the upper hall you find a door that leads to the library. The library club is an indespensable aid to the functioning of the librar . This year new reference materials were added and helpful booklists were prepared by the library club members and distributed to the various classes.- The club went on a field triptoGeneseo State Teachers College this spring, and saw the many opportunities that are available to future librarians. The librarian, Mrs, Porter, was the advisor to the organization. The officers for the 1957-58 school year were Donald Botting, president, Marlene Bradley, vice-president, Jane Brown, secretary-treasurer. ART CLUB A mixup in the school social calendar and confusion over promised and for- gotten dates had started the Art Club outon what seemed to be mmuneventful year. However, a great deal of fun and interest came to Art Club members at initiation in the fall. I Some members became very efficient paper hangers with the event of the Junior play. Hard work and willing hands made a very attractive stage. The Art Club held a dance on May 2, in the elementary gym, which they had decorated as a spring garden. i , The officers for the year were Bonita Haseley, president, Nancy Little, vice president, John Lutz, point recorder, Nancy Murphy, secretary, and Robert Schultz, treasurer. CENTORIAN The school newspaper, the Centorian, is published nine times during the school year. The Junior High staff is made up of students from Grades 7-9, and the Senior High staff consists of students from Grades 10-12. Mitchell Mularz is editor,assisted by two associate editors,Rodney A1len,and Maureen Fitzgerald. Advisorto the Centorian is Miss McBrien, Mrs. Ives advises the Junior High staff, and Miss Heimerl oversees the typing, including the cutting of stencils, which is done by the Transcription class. After the stencils have been typed and the art work added, the paper is run off by the general office staff. Many Centorian staff members attended the Annual High School Press Day at St. Bonaventure University, on May 15. 125 Autographs il 1

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