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fN Q N ,X ' AAAA Q EE Q4 o X?A A Q ff 4 gm, CSN 2 , fi JN 'l XJQQ H? fre 9-5 :W f X ,,,,..-- S 2 J A X 5 4 I LL 4-XTX re""'fb 5 'W V W 2 14,016 yfiww E K 32 N 7 M t W Ex 5? y an A EX v SN 5 gy x ix is . 4 Q E 'Rf R, X S f gi 5 E: P SRXQS' 9' N J L I 5' N X sz 0 25 1 l E Q if Q3 X j a , ,fa 3 L A jf? 'S i+. , f 1 4 I V 1 4 1 4ll x Presentln our balletl I el INNEWFANE CENTR Senior Class Q57 Century Newfane Central School 4 . I 'f a 'D 4 41 'G' 4 4 3? 41 qv 4 .mag 41 4' 4 ga' P aa 4: Libris X ar 9 - -- J - X -:ra -af 1, -Y-'ss W' X41 41 41 ,X 4 .4 Q ix '4 44: l'.g -la-r ff " 1 l 4..-1 4 "Km, EWFANE CENTRAL SCHOOL WRIGHTS CORNERS SCHOOL OLCOTT SCHOOL ALMA MATBR Through the years of fun and labor Thee our hearts shall rule, One and all we stand to honor Newfane Central School. Chorus: Alma Mater,through the ages Let thy glory reign Whether fair or stormy weather Hail, all hail, Newfane. Onward in the path of learning Hold our steadfast' way, Whilemm from ourshelkm turning To the world may say. When our steps are feeble growing 'Neath 1ife's heavy load, In our hearts the love still growing Brightens all the road. , 22 ir' if 4 ouk B LLET ax Ballet, an art once enjoyed only by wealthy city people, has now become familiar to all through the medium of television. Because both young and old have shown an interest in it, we have chosen ballet as the theme for our 1957 Centur Tie sponsors, who make possible the presentation of the ballet, might be found in school as the Board of Education members. Whereas the performance of the ballet is the responsibility of the directors, the carrying out of the school activities is under the direction of the administrators. The choreog- raphers, faculty members, work out the dances, or learning activities, to accompany the story of education. The beginners, as they learn the five basic ballet positions, remind us of the children in the primary grades as they are introducedto the three R's. After the essential positions have been mastered, the dancers learn the steps of elevation. In like manner, the intermediate students augment their basic knowledge through the addition of new subjects. The junior ballet members are now ready to study the steps of advanced skill, just as those of the junior high broaden the scope of their knowledge. Having gained these skills, the young dancers may now practice lifts as they approach their goalg similarly, the underclassmen pursue the more advanced subjects. Finally, after many years of preparation, the ballet artists are ready to make their debut as ,polished performers, many of them in starring roles. The seniors are now ready to take their places, many of them to become outstanding h1their chosen vocations. Music is essential to the balletfand in today's school system, music has become an intricate part of the school curriculum. Conditioning is very important in the life of the ballet performers. Such conditioning might well be the province of the athletic department in its various sports activities. The long and diligent practice that is necessary before the ballet dancers are considered ready to perform might be compared with in meetings,acthdties, and projects of the various extracurricular organizations Of the 5011001- The managers of the ballet carry out their duties which result in its smooth operation. Likewise, various staff members contribute their efforts toward the smooth operation of the school. Now let us sit back and enjoy the ballet, nNewfane Central.n 4 1 4 I I 4 1 J 1 ill TABLE OF CCNTENTS Administration Seniors A Classes Junior High Grades Wrights Corners SI A Oleott 84 Sports Activities Mr. Albert Nemeth The seniors take great pleasure in dedicating the 1957 issue of the Century to Mr. Albert Nemeth, our class advisor for three years. Mr. Nemeth,the lUStru- mental music teacher, has ever been ready to help our class at any time. He always had some clever ideas and helpful suggestions for our parties and other programs. These have been greatly appreciated by the seniors, who have come to value Mr. Nemeth very highly. As our advisor, he has not only given us ideasand suggestions, but he has worked very patiently right along with us. For all that you have done for us and for all of your work and patience, we thank you, Mr. Nemeth. l 1 F 1 i 4 1 1 1 I ,lu Mrs. Marjorie Hillman It also gives the seniors great pleasure to dedicate the 1957 Century to Mrs. Hillman. nMarge,n who has been the school secretary for several years, has aided our activities and performances in many valuable ways. She always has the answers to any questions that come up, and she has been willing to do all that she could to help us in every possible way. Please accept our sincere appreciation, Marge, for all the ways in whichyou have helped our class to carry out its activities and to reach its goal. Mr Cleaveland L. Mott Mr Duane E. Taylor Mr. Luther B. Treichler To The Board of Education, A ballet cannot be produced without the pres- ence of the sponsors. The seniors, or stars of the ballet, are very grateful for the many things which you, the sponsors, have done for us through- out our school careers. We shouldlike, especiany, to express our appreciation to you for allowing us to improve our yearbook by the addition of twenty- four pages and by the new hard covers which are -being used in addition to the soft covers. We trust Hmtyou will enjoy our edition of He Century, which is, we feel, bigger and better because of your generosity. ' A ' The Senior Class of 1957 Newfane Central School lost a valued leader, co-worker, and friend, Miss M. Gazelle Hoffman, who died September ll, 1956. Miss Hoffman had served efficiently as the District Superintendent of Schools of the Third Supervisory District for over forty years, and she had become a familiar figure to all those who were associated with this school for any length of time. Because she had a very active part in the early stages ofthecentralization of Newfane, and because of her deep interest in all things that concerned Newfaue Central Miss Hoffman will live on in the memories of all, and her lasting influence will be felt by many more people in the coming years. MEMORY MISS HOFFMAN Mr. Raymond G Gaskill Mr. Richard C Beutel s.,,.fjN5,g fix r xg jgggl 4 DM IN ISTRATIO U. . .the performance of Um the responsibility of the directors carrying out of the school acti les is under the direction of administrators. . . K Supervising Principal Mr. Clifford H, Bentley Director of Elementary Education Mr. Malcolm Redmore Director of Secondary Education Mr. George Bligh dministration Directors The administration, faculty, staff, and student body of Newfane Central extend their warmest congratulations to Mr. Clifford H. Bentley,who has compmted a quarter century of service to the school as its principal. Under his guidance and direction, Newfane Central has grown and developed into a school which will be long remembered by those associated with it. 10 4 I 4 1 ..1 PLAN AHQQ 4-f W sa WL X M iv x f if 1? L f ,F 7 ' W- 5 ,t 1 L' 'A K' Director of Attendance Mr. Chiavaro Business Manager Mr. Landel Director of Guidance Mr. White From the Cffice Dental HY8i9UiSt Miss M- Shellberry Secretary Mrs. Hillman Nurse Miss L. ShEllbGffV Assistant Secretary Miss Bowes ,ll l ull, --Y-W--v---3, ----- V--------1 -----'- -"H"-v "' I Languageg Mrs. Ives, English . . D Row 2 Mr. Denault, Commercialg Miss Heimerl, Commercialg Mr. Kiene, Driver Educationg Miss Hamilton, Mathematics Senior High Faculty HThe choreographers, faculty members, work out the dances, or learning activities, to accompany the story of education. . .H Row l Mrs. Lasher, English 8 Social Studiesg Mr. Morand, Social Studiesg Miss McBrien, Englishg Mr.Haley, Science Row 2 Mr. Rabidou, Mathematicsg Mrs. Klock, Scienceg Mr. Manly, English 12 Homemaking Miss Viverette Librarian Mrs. Porter Aff Elementary Art Mr. Swem High School Art Mrs. Przondak Special Arts High School Vocal Music Mrs. Beccue A Instrumental Music Mr. Nemeth MIS. Cfamp l Junior High School Vocal Music Miss Devereaux HOmemak1ug'Cafeter1a Elementary Vocal Music Miss McCarthy Agriculture Mr. Bridges Choreographers Industrial AIYS Mr. Capen Mr. Weber Elementary Physical Education Mr. Landsheft Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Blewett Boys' Physical Education Mr. Duffy 13 uni r thgh Row l Mrs. Bottom, 7th Gradeg Miss McGuire, Sth Grade: Mrs. Day, Sth Gradeg Mrs. Scott, 7th Grade Row 2 Mr. Wright, 7th Gradeg Mr. Wilcox, 8th Gradeg Mr. Schwach, Sth Grade Choreographers Grade Mrs. Gaskillg Mrs. Corserg Miss Hyde: Mrs. Putnam lst Grade Mrs. Daiglerg Mrs. Moreyg Mrs. LaGraffg Mrs. Crossman 2nd Grade Mrs. Fullerg Mrs. Hartley Kindergarten 14 . Mrs. Shawg Mrs. Liddellg Mrs.Rufg Mrs.Reese5 Mrs.Starks 3rd Grade Miss C1arkegMrs. Starkg Mrs.Smithg Mrs.C1areg Miss Zimmerman 5th Grade Mrs. Rebmang Miss Churchillg Miss Bentong Mrs. Keers 4th Grade Choreographers Grade Mrs. Liudermang Mrs. Woodringg Mr. Christenseng Miss Rosati 6th Grade 15 Wrights Corners Row l Mrs. Merchant, lst Grade, Mrs. Albright, lst 8 2nd Grade, Mrs. Speranza, 3rd 5 4th Grade Row 2 Mrs. Schultz, 2nd Gradeg Mr. Duemmer, 5th 8 6th Gradeg Mrs. Ziehl, Kindergarten Row l Mrs. Gamin, 2nd Grade: Mrs. Salisbury, 3rd Gradeg Mrs. Phillips, 4th Grade Row 2 Miss Cozzens, lst Gradeg Mrs. Hogan, Kindergarten Glcott Choreographers The Newfane Central School District has three schools--the central school in the village of Newfane, and two branch schools at Olcott and Wrights Corners respectively. These two branch schools are a very important part of the school systemg in fact, they are really part of Newfane Central itself. Each service which is provided for the students at Newfane Central is also givento the Olcott and to the Wrights Corners schools. The art, music, and physical education teachers have regularly scheduled classes at Olcott and at Wrights Corners. The services of the nurse and dental hygienist are also given to the branch schools. The students at these schools receive the monthly issues of the nCentorian,H which contains news about their own activities. Bus routes are planned so that they include these schools in their daily routes. It is very interesting to note that there are cafeterias in both the Olcott and the Wrights Corners schools. Each day these cafeterias serve the same menu as the one that is being served at Newfane Central. The Wrights Corners District was annexed to the Newfane Central School District on June 30, 1956. A new school was built, in which there are classes in the kindergarten through the sixth grade. Mrs. Eugenia Albright is the head teacher at this school. At the Olcott school, where kindergarten through fourth grade are taught, Mrs. Beatrice Salisbury is the head teacher. In the very near future, there will be an addition to the new school at Wrights Corners, and a new school on a different site will be built in Olcott, providing that the bond issue is approve?6by the voters of the Central district. S ". . .the ballet artists are ready to make their debut. . .many of them in starring roles. The seniors are now ready to take their plxes. . to become outstanding in their chosen vocations. . " NIGRS ' dis X 'v XS , I' IQ X Mrs. Beccueg J. Eggleston, Vice-Presidentg E. Kolbe, Secretaryg Mr. Nemethg W. Jackson, Presidentg R. Wemple, Treasurer Senio fficers and dvisors The Senior Class of '57 hope they have made the most of their position and the opportunities granted them as Seniors. They also hope they have set a good record for others to follow. They have undertaken many activiies in order to make this what they consider their most successful year. They were hosts to the Juniors ata closed junineSenior Partyin October. They also held a successful football dance. On November 16 and 17 they pre- sented the Senior play, HTime Out for Ginger,H and were highly-praised for their effort. They participated in Holly Hanging h1December. In February they staged the Senior Ball with the theme Oriental Fantasy, Although they are a bit reluctant to leave N. C. S., they nevertheless are looking forward to Class Night, Baccalaureate,and most importantcf all, Graduation. The finale of the year willbe the one day trip,which they are eagerly anticipating. 18 Memoriam ANNETTE ROGER 5,1 , -' K The Senior Class lost one of its members, Annette Roger, on October 29, 1955. Annette joined the class in our Sophomore year. She attended North Tonawanda schools before coming to Newfane. Annette had a well-rounded personality and was liked by all, The Senior Class showed their sincere feelings toward her by acting as honorary bearers at her funeral, which was held November 2, 1955, at St. Bridget's Roman Catholic Church. Annette was born August 29, 1938, in North Tonawanda. Her parents live on Route 104, Ridgewood. I9 ,ri ra WE Wi ggi? magawqwglg gwi pf- , page 't 'WWN--.,mwMHv ' f . at .Q tiif rfua K . .3 K f. 3 3 as M , an , 51,3 we-M .F:,,::b, - frlnrwy r?eaff'm36 f fwywwmy r,mmwwy,mEg 'NW wifi, .-q4i:f'LEifnw ' -wi, 3 lmwiwrze ywwvweaxipi .Ragga fi '5kHkEE3w'E5 f. Qwwww QMW QHHQA Q ROBERT ALBRIGHT Merit R011 l,2,3 Asst. Varsity Manager 2,33 Stamp Club 1,23 Art Club 23 Student Council 2,43 Intra- mural Sports l,2,3. FREDA BITTERMAN Merit Roll 2,3 Sr. Playg Sr. Chorus 2,3,43 Art Club 23 Intramural Sports l,2,33 Extramural Sports 2,32 Cheerleader 43 Class Officer 2,33 Yearbook 4. Fourth year activities are as of January. Fourth year honor and merit roll were not available. PAUL BAKER F,F,A, l,2,4Q Intramural Sports l,2,3. JACQUELINE BEALS Merit Roll 1,2 Yearbook 3,43 Jr. Play? Sr. Play3Cheerleader l,2,3,43 jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,43 G.A.C. l,2,3,43 Art Club 23 Student Council 23 Intramural Sports 1,23 Extramural Sports l,2. 20 DAVID BAKER Industrial Arts Club 2,3343 Intramural Sports l,2,3. Seniors I1 tage 4? GORDON BOTTING F.F.A. 1,2Q Intramural Sports l,2,3. A s ROBERT BOYER Came to Newfane '55g Jr.PlaV: Basketball 3,4g Football 3,4g Intramural Sports 3g Indus- trial Arts Club 4. lx LINDA DALE Merit Roll 2,3 Sr. Band lg Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g NYSSMA Zglntra- mural Sports l,3. JANE BYE Merit Roll 3 jr. Playg Jr Chorus lg F.H.A. 2,3,4gIntramural:ports l,2,3g Extramurm.Sportsl,2,3gStudent Council 3,4. ,Lama 5 5124: 'Sf3va?If'f ,magma from fl nff.w+ wmv 3 www WILLIAM BRIGGS Eskdbdl3g Intramural Sports l,2,3: F.F.A. l,2. Seniors FRANCIS JAMES CONDREN Merit Roll l,2,3 Intramural Sports l,2,3. 21 Stage BARBARA DONNER A JERENE DUSSAULT Merit Roll 3 Yearbook 3,4g Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g Intramural Spm1s1,2,3g Extramural Sports 1,2,3,4. RODERIC EATON Jr. Play, Sr. Playg Sr. Band l,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Basebal12g Football 3g Intra- mural Spad 1,2,3 glndustrial Arts Club 33 Yearbook 4. JUDITH DUSSAUET Merit Roll 1,2 Yearbook 3,45 Jr. Chorus lg St. Chorus 2,3,4g Intramural Spmd l,2,3g Extramural Sports 1,2,3,4. Seniors H' n Stage If ws JUNE EGGLESTON Honor Roll 1 Merit Roll 2,3 Yearbook 3,4g Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4gG.A.C.2,3,4g Intramural Sports 1, 2,3g Extramural Sports 1, 2, 3,45 3tudaR,CouncilZLC1ass Officer CAROL EBERHART Merit Roll 1,3 Yearbook 3,43 Newspaper 3,4g Art Club 2,3gIntramural Smnts 1,2,3g Extramural Sports 2,3, 22 ROGER ERCK Merit Roll 2 Intramural Sports l,2,3gYearh book 4 FRED EVBRETT Merit Roll 2 jr. Playg Industrial Arts Club 2,4gBaseba1l Zglutrammal Sports 1,2,3. Se ROBERT FRALICK Honor Roll 1 Merit Roll 2,3 Yearbook 3,45 Asst. Varsity Manager 3,43 Varsity Manager 43 IndustrialAr1s Club 2,3, 4g Intramural Sports l,2,3. WILLIAM FERREE Merit Roll 1 Student Council 2,33 F.F.A. l,2,3g Intramural sports1,2,3g Class Officer 2. DEBORAH FLETCHER Jr. Chorus 1gSr.Chorus 2,3,4g Intramural Sports 3gF.H.A. 4. 23 R CHARLES FERREE F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Intramural Sports l,2,3. nSeniors Stage KAREN GOODLING Honor Roll 1,2,3 Yearbook3,4gNewspaperl,2,3,4g Jr.P1ayg Sr. Band l,2,3,4g Library Club l,2,4g Student Council 4. DOUGLAS GOW Merit Roll 3 Intramural Sports 1,2,3. WILLIAM HOY F P A 1 2- Intramural S orts - ' - 1 1 p 1,2,3. LINDA HAGUB Merit R011 l,2,3 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Extramural Sports 1, 2,3,4g Library Club 2,3,4. CAROL HARDING Jr. Chonw lg Sr. Chorus2,3,4g Intramural Sports 2, Library Club 1. 24 1 KAREN GRAY Merit Roll 1,3 Newspaper 1,2,3,4g Jr. Playg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g Art Club lg Intramural 3Drw1,2,3g Extra- mural Sports 1,2,3,4. Seniors I1 Stage 4 DAVID HORANBURG Varsity Club 1,2,3,4gFootbal1 lg Intramural Sports l,2,3. gsm L,- ' JULIA JOHNSON Yearbook 3,4. WILLIAM JACKSON DAVID JAGOW Merit Roll 1,2 Merit Roll 3 Yearbook 45 Sr. Band l,2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 33 Lniramural Sports 1,2,3. Intramural Sports l,2,3g Var- sity Club 3,4g Class Officer 'Seniors Stage if TELLENM KOEPIE Honor Roll l,2,3 JOHN KLUMPP Newspaper 1,2,3,4g Jr. Chorus 1' Sr. Chorus 2 3 4' Student Jr' P12153 3 FjF'A' 1'ii.3'gE Council 23 Intraxinural Sports Basket? f4' Baseba 1 l,2,3g Library Club 13 Year- Intram ral Sports l,2,3. book 4. PATRICIA KEYES Sr.Chorus 2,3,4g Library Club 2,3,4. at 25 NANCY KROPP Sr. Playg Jr.Chorus lg F.H.A. 2,35 Intramural Sports l,2,3g Extramural Sports l, 2, 33 Library Club l,2,3,4g News- paper 4. MICHAEL LEE F.F.A. 1,23 Intramural Sports l,2,3. ROBERT LIDDELL Asst. Varsity Manager 1,2g Intramural Sports 2,33 Year- book 4. DONNA LEWIS Merit Roll l,2,3 Newspaper 3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,4g Intramurm.Sportsl,2,3g Extra- mural Sports 1. 26 ANN LAROSE Merit Roll l,2,3 Yearbook 3,4g Jr. Playg jr. Chorus lg F. H. A. 2,3,4g Intramural Sports l,2,1 Eura- Seniprs Stage Q? SYLVIA MACDONALD Jr. Playg Sr. Chorus 3,47 F.H.A. 23 Intramural Sports l,2,3g Extramural Sports 3. ETHEL MACK Jr. PlaygSr. Playg Intramural Sports l, 2, 3g Extramural Sports l,2,3,4. Kathryn McKnight Cheerleader Zglntramural Spods lg Extramural Sports l. BARBARA MARTIN Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 3,45 Intramural Sports l,2,3g Lib- rary Club 1. CAROL MAYER Merit Roll l,2,3 Newspaper 3,4g Intramural Sports l,2,3g Exhmnural Sports l,2,3g Yearbook 4, 27 JOANNE MALONEY Yearbook 3,45 Art Club 3. gr-ll Stage Senignrs Q PATRICIA MOREHOUSE Merit Roll 1,3 Yearbook 3,4g jr. Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g Intramural Sports 3. Chorus lg F.H.A. 33 CAROL MOREY Honor Roll 3 Merit Roll 1,2 NYSSMA 25 Newspaper 2,3,4g Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Cheerleader l,2,3,4g Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4gSr.Band l,2,3,4g Intramural Sports 2,3g Extra- mural Sports 2,3,4. HARVEY ORTMAN Intramural Sports l,2,3. HELEN MYERS Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 23 Intramural Sports 3. ZINA O'DONNELL Honor Roll l,2,3 Class Officer 2gYearbook 3,4g Newspaper l,2,3,4g Student Council 2,35 Library Club 2. 28 PAUL MUNGER ArtCldo2,3g Intramural Sports 1,2,3. Qeniors Stage ROBERT PALIA Merit Roll l Football 4g Sr. Playg Basket- ball 3,4g Baseball 35 Indus- trial Arts Club 2,3,4g Intra- mural Sports 1,2,3g Varsity Club 4. ROBERT PAYNE F.F.A. l,2,3g Basketball 3g Intramural Sports l,2, DAVID SARGENT Art Club lg Intramural Sports l,2. SHIRLEY POYFAIR Newspaper 2,3,4, Jr. Play, Sr. Chorus 2,3,4gIntramural Sporm 3g Art Club 33 F.H.A. 4. 'Seniors A n Stage THOMAS RYAN Newspaper 2g Intramural Spmis 1,25 Industrial Arts Club 4. 29 JOHN SCHOELLES Merit R011 1,2 Yearbook 3g Jr. Playg Basket- ball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,33 Football 3,4g Industrial Arts Club 2,3,4g Intramural Sports l,2,3g Class Officer 2,3g Van sity Club 3,4. JANET SHUMAN Sr. Band l,3,4g Jr. Chorus lg Intramural Sports 1. 8 JACK SWIFT Intramural Sports l,2,3. DOUGLAS'STEVENS Jr. Playg Sr. PlaygBasketba1l 2,3,4g BasebmJ.2,3gIndustrial Arts Club 2,3,4g Intramural Sports 1,2,3. RONALD STUCKEY Merit R011 1,2,3 Newspaper 1,23 Sr.Playg Stamp Club 1,25 Art Club 25 Stgdggt CouncD.2,4g Intramural Sports l,2,3g Asst. Varsity Manager 1,3,4gYearbook 3,4gIndustr1a1 Arts Club 3,4. 30 IW n NANCY SMITH Came to Newfane '55g Intra- mural Sports 3, Seniors Stage ROY TAYLOR Merit Roll 1,2,3 Stamp Club lg Yearbook 3,45 Sr. Band 1,2,3,4g Art Club l,2g Intramural Sports 1,2,3g Varsity Club 3,45 Football 3,4g NYSSMA 3. 1 1 Y 4 1 JOAN THEIS Merit Roll l,2,3 Yearbom:3,4gNewspaperl,2,3,4g Sr. Band l,2,3,4g Sr. Chorus 3,4g Intramural Sports 23 Ex- tramural Sports 1,2. XM ff? DONNA VINCENT Honor Roll 2,3 Merit Roll 1 Yearbumi3,4g Newspaper 29 jr. Playg Cheerleader 3,43 Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g G.A.C. 2,3,4gIntramuralSports l,2,3g Extramural Sports l,2,3,4g Student Council 2, NYSSMA 2. CAROL URTEL Honor Roll 1,3 Merit Roll 2 Newspaper 2,3,4g Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g Jr, Chorus lg Intra- mural Sports l,2,3gEXtramur8l Sports l,2g Yearbook 4. SANDRA THIEMKB Honor Roll 1,3 Merit Roll 2 Newspaper l,2,3,4g Jr. Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g l,2,3,4g Yearbook 3,4g mural Sports l,2,3g mural Sports l,2,3 G.A.C. Intra- Extra- Q 'Seniors W BARBARA WAGNER Sr. Chorus 3,4g n Stage Intramural Sports 3gBxtramural Sports 33 Student Council 4, RICHARD VALMORE Came to Newfane '55 Baseball 3, Intramural Sports 3, Foot ball 45 Industrial Arts Club 31 RICHARD WEMPLE Merit R011 2 Sr. Band 1,2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,4g Intramural Sports 1,2,3g Football 3g Basketball 2,33 Baseball 2,35 Varsity Club'3,4. ALFRED WILKINS Yearbook 3, Football 3,4, Var- sity Sport Manager 3g Asst. Varsity Manager 3,4g Jr. Band lg Sr. Band 2,3,4g Stamp Club lg Industrial Arts Club 2g Art Club 2, F.F.A. lg Intra - mural Sports l,2,3. Fourth year activities are as of January. Fourth year honor and merit roll were not available. i Seniors I1 32 Stage ANN WHEATLEY Merit Roll 1,3 IntramuralSports 1,2,3gExtra- mural Sports 2. JUDITH WILLS Merit Roll 2,3 Newspaper 3,45 Intramural Sports 2g Extramural Sports 29 Year- book 3,4g Library Club 3,4. Oriental Fantasy es' fl The Class of 1957 held their Senior Ball, February 22, from nine to one, with Mel Beck's Orchestra providing the music. The theme, nOriental Fantasy,H was carried out in the colors red, black, and gold. The roof of the gym was transformed into a pagoda style roof, with the oriental colored streamers coming together and forming a large square in the center. From this square hung large red Japanese Lanterns. The sides of the gym carried pictures of dragons, and the doorway was decorated with hanging beads. The tables were each covered with red and white table cloths and decorated with a centerpiece composed of yellow tissue paper flowers, parasols, and fans. The throne where Jacqueline Beals, elected Empress, presided, was a rick- shaw, covered in gold and black and placed in a setting containing pagoda and trees. Lynn's attendants were Sandra Thiemke, Carol Morey, June Eggleston, Barbara Wagner, Freda Bitterman, and Donna Vincent. nr 33 A 01D ell- R, Boyer' A, LaRose' B. Mack' S. MaCD0Ua1Q9 R-Eaton D Vingggtg D. Stevens, C.Morey, J. Schoelles, S. Poyfairg J.BYS? Beals, T. Brown, F. Everett, K. Gray, J. KlumPP T. Brown, L. Beals, A. LaRose, E. Mack, C. Father Knows Best The Class of 1957 presented their Junior Play, HFather Knows Best,H by Kristin Seigel, in the school auditorium, March 17, 1956, It was presented by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company. In HFather Knows Best,H father, portrayed by Douglas Stevens, was concerned about his teeniage daughter, Betty, played by Donna Vincent, who had accepted a date to go dancing with Ralph, a new boy in school, portrayed by Roderic Eaton. Others in the play were Carol Morey, as Margaret Anderson, Shirley Poyfair, as Kathy, Jack Klumpp, as Bud's friend, John Schoelles, as Bud, Lynn Beals, as Janie, Sylvia MacDonald, as Ramona, Jane Bye, as Patty, Fred Everett, as repair- man, Robert Boyer, as Officer Johnson, Terry Brown, as Mr. Brinkworth,EthelMacL as Mrs. Wembley, Ann LaRose, as Mrs. Woolsey, Karen Gray, as Perkins, and Karen Goodling, as Mrs. Jones. Miss McBnien directed the play with the help of Zina 0'Dounell as student director. Each Hbehind-the-scenesn chairman had a committee to help him and the whole class supported the committees. t 34 Junior Play Senior Play E. Mack, R. Stuckey, C. Morey, T. Brown,-D. Stevens, L. Beals, F. Bitterman, N- KIOPPS R- P31183 R. 13311011 5 V an 3 fitiiiaeeese ef' . 35,56-,,w E ,wgrggk we--va Q56 -NY 1 W 'QE' Jog 'f 1 .w ff? mr 5: 'ASW LgLF i,,"' lag? if me , W e C Morey, R Eaton, E Mack, R St11CkeY W5 '42 mme a,,i Q ,' M .yr 'G 6 ummm.eawwmwewm f , 3 - i we 1- 'fini-siiweae il 7' rwaeefseiiwfigd .ease-rmww me fewmase Q 1 . lf 9 A ,, N, it f my ., im 2.- :K L gg f - pi Q., . - -S is ' ' it aa W M Time Cut For Ginger A girl playing football? Ridiculous--unless the girl's name is Ginger, played by Ethel Mack. Notoriety to set the town talking and jeopardize a man's job? Certainly--after Roderic Eaton, as Father, lectures at the local high school, and Ginger makes the cover of Life magazine. Add the conflicts in the lives of Ginger's two sisters, Joan, portrayed by Freda Bitterman, and Jeannie, played by Lynn Beals,--and you have areal dilemma .... and incidentaUy,athree- act play entitled, HTime Out for Ginger.H Sum up this chaotic situation and mix-up,add other zany but lovable people- you find a rollicking comedy. It has all the elements: love and romance, humor, in a football helmet, nostalgia, in a raccoon coat, music, in HBoola, boola. . . Harvie Carroll, you're a foolang drama, in a teen-ager's growing up, and last but by no means least, a warm hearted plot. Mr. Manly was director. Zina O'Donne11was general Play Chairman, and others in the cast,in addition to those already mentioned, were Carol Morey, as Agnes Carol, Nancy Kropp, as Lizzie, Terry Brown, as Eddie Davis, Robert Palia, as Tommy Green, Ronald Stuckey, as Mr. Wilson, and Douglas Stevens, as Bd Hoffman. The play was written by Ronald t Alexander and given with the permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc., November 16 and 17 in the school auditorium. . 35 B. Bates: B. Blighg C. Emeryg D. Barnesg S. Seitz R. Boyerg W. Ferreeg J. Bye D. Starry L. Daleg C. Mayerg C. Eberhart T. Hartleyg P. Ferreeg L. Clark September October November 16 22 December January 36 5 12 14 21 21 21 29 3 5 5 9 ll 11 12 17 19 19 23 24 26 27 29 29 2 6 7 9 12 14 17 20 21 23 27 28 29 30 4 5 7 7 11 13 14 14 18 19 19 20 21 2 4 4 8 8 10 11 11 SCHOCL School Opened FHA Skating Party GAC Dance Pep Assembly Newfane at Wilson CFootbal1D Centorian Dance Brockport at Newfane Senior-Junior Party Roy-Hart at Newfane Junior Class Dance IAC Assembly Lewiston at Newfane Senior Class Dance Columbus Day CSchool Closedb FHA Rush Tea 7th 8 8th Grade Dance Newfane at Medina FHA Assembly Art Club Party Western Zone Meeting CSchool Closed? FHA Formal Initiation at Park Hotel IAC Swim Newfane at Albion junior Red Cross Dance Student Council Assembly Sophomore Party Student Council Dance Veterans' Day CSchool ClosedD GAC Party Senior Play Junior Class Assembly Art Club Swim Thanksgiving Vacation Lockport at Newfane CBasketballD IAC Gym Night Newfane at DeSa1es FHA Dance Newfane at Lockport IAC Christmas Party Pep Assembly Newfane at Roy-Hart FFA Parents' Night- Library Club Christmas Party 7th A 8th Grade Party Newfane at Akron Starpoint at Newfane Christmas Concert Assembly Holly Hanging Christmas Concert School Closed for Christmas Vacation School Resumes Barker at Newfane Junior Class Dance Assembly on Manners Newfane at Lewiston Freshman Party IAC 7th 8 8th Grade Dance Newfane at Wilson February March 29 5 April May 30 8 June 11 - 14 - 15 18 1 Akron at Newfane 4 5 8 15 21 22 22 10 IAC Bowling Party 12 12 17 29 29 31 CALEND English Department As Newfane at Medina 24 Sophomore Party FHA Swim Newfane at Starpoint 8 12 Newfane at Barker 15 Lewiston at Newfane IAC Dance Wilson at Newfane Senior Ball Medina at Newfane GAC Dance sembly Sophomore Class Assembly 5 DeSales at Newfane Student Council 7th 8 8th Grade Dance Washington's Birthday CSchool Closedb Newfane vs. Sloan CClass A Sectionalsb GAC-Varsity Club Assembly Y 7th 5 8th Grade Game Night Junior Play Art Club Dance FHA Dance 1 1 8 12 26 Centorian Assembl 27 30 3 5 So homore Class Party 1 P , 2 Starpoint at Newfane 6 Newfane at Wilson GAC Party Newfane at Roy-Hart GAC Dance Medina at Newfane Student Council Skati Music Assembly Newfane at Lewiston Senior Concert Newfane at Starpoint Senior Class Assembly IAC Dinner Wilson at Newfane . Junior Prom Akron at Newfane FHA Skating Party Newfane at Barker Memorial Day CSchool 8 9 10 13 15 16 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 27 29 3 Varsity Club Banquet 4 Achievement Assembly 5 IAC Picnic Class Night School Examinations Baccalaureate Commencement 7 14 20 Regents Examinations 23 24 Music Assembly Junior Spring Concert School Closed for Easter Vacation Lewiston at Newfane QBasebal1J ng Party Closed! M. Mularzg R. Withrow Jane Bye N. Kroppg R. Albright B. Donnerg J. Johnson: J. Shuman 'Baken Favorite E pression HDon't bawl about it.n Pet Peeve Girls from Star- point Famous for Iishn convertible Secret Ambition Drive at Daytona Beach 2. Pet Seniors 1. Favorite Expression "0.K., you guys--" Pet Peeve Playing the piano for an audience Famous for His hot-rod Ford Secret Ambition Graduate from high school npennyn l. Favorite Expression Iloh, gee.u Peeve Slow drivers 3. Famous for Trips to Florida 4. Secret Ambition Own a house trai 1er HMachineH 2. Pet Peeve 3. Famous for Hook shot 1. Favorite Expression F nOh, I don't know about that Physics students 4. Secret Ambition Be a bus driver nGoodieH Favorite Expression UI've got so much to do.H Pet Peeve People who don't 'fry Famous for Chasing kids for newspaper assign- ments Secret Ambition Have the highest marks at Houghton Backstage HEbbieH Favorite Expression "Tnavs right." Pet Peeve People who smoke in the lavatory Famous for Funny laugh Secret Ambition Work as a party hostess 38 HLindan 1. Favorite Expression Hwhy not?H 2. Pet Peeve When a HCertainH person is late 3. Famous for Singing alto in chorus 4. Secret Ambition Operate a taxi service between Newfane and Wilson UDunbarn Favorite Expression nHOld it!u Pet Peeve Work Famous for His candid camera Secret Ambition Eliminatemmrk and watch others work nB0bn 1. Favorite Expression HI don't know,H 2. Pet Peeve His size 3. Famous for Size 6 shoe 4. Secret Ambition Be the world's tallest man Bittyu . Favorite Expression HI hate 'cha.H . Pet Peeve People who don't know what they want . Famous for Hm'WmmmHhMr . Secret Ambition HMB a bemny salon in Florida 4. llJudyiI 1. Favorite Expression uQuiet, p1ease.n 2. Pet EQQVQ Noisy people in the library 3. Famous for Her good marks Secret Ambition Own a library uDu Pontu 1. Favorite Expression HOh, nuts.H 2. Pet Peeve School 3. Famous for Sideburns 4. Secret Ambition Live on the Lock- port-Olcott Road llDougIl 1. Favorite Expression Hon, heck!U 2. Pet Peeve Car trouble 3. Famous for Dragpng wiU1Mum r 4. Secret Ambition Own acar for taxi service Seniors NJ-ohnn l. Favorite Expression HOh, shucks.H 2. Pet Peeve Warming the bench 3. Famous for His hall consul- tations with a certain junior girl 4. Secret Ambition Graduate with Mary Lou Favorite Expression USO what?n Pet Peeve Boys who like to neck all the time Famous for Two terms as a class officer Secret Ambition Take a certain teacher's place nMurtleN Favorite Expression nYou know.U 2. Pet Peeve Seniors with a diamond Famous for Working at Boes Secret Ambition Get married? Backstage HJQSSIY nKr0ppieH 1. Favorite Expression HHOW queer.H 1. Favorite Expression 2. Pet Peeve Marry a million aire 2. UShut up.u Pet Peeve History class 3. Famous for Engagement ring 4. Secret ambition The bench Famous for His hot Ford Secret Ambition Play Basketball with the Globe- trotters nMackU Seniors Backstage HDussU nBarbH 1. Favorite Expression Favorite Expression Censored! Pet Peeve The army Famous for I Her athletic abll- ity Secret Ambition Participatein the Olympic Games nChuckn UNO kiddin?H , Pet Favorite Expression Hegesxfn nlf You say So.n Pet Peeve HLitt1e micen Famous for Being quiet Secret Ambition Get married 1. Favorite Expression "oh , ye ah?" 2. Pet Peeve Blondes 3. Famous for His cute little Cal' 4. Secret Ambition Famous for That "De Sales" letter Secret Ambition Swim across the laketo Canadafshe can't swiml Be the World's Champion Speller UGeneH ' '. 'f 1-535 ' 1. Favorite Expression ' "Let'S get on the "" "R ' I People that think , if axxgle they know every- . 2. Pet Peeve Hung but ?C"ua11Y Not selling his know nothing ffpgglw jalopies 3. Famous for Jyiicfss 3 Famous fo Working at Foster's - , "Q5fif?'l ieli if ',e,- ' - I - . . 4 p.Ve3Q3-EMMA Picture taking 4. Secret Ambition xrwm ffi ,aiiigggg ,p.' Vp-V lul 4, Secret Ambition Have a hotter car 51. 7'l.Q, papa - - than Gow's - .f f,VV ey 40 Be Einstein, the second Yfsamlf Favorite Expression nHow 'bout that?H Pet Peeve Empty gas tanks at 8:20 a.m. Famous for Being innocent Secret Ambition Win nationaldoub- les bowling cham- pionship with Bill Sen nBealsieH l. Favorite Expression HThose are the breaks of life.H 2. Pet Peeve Riding to games on the players' bus 3. Famous for A quick reply on an remark 4. Setffgt Ambition Devise a new method of education iors HTankn 1. Favorite Expression nGood deal.H 2. Pet Peeve Noisy class meet- ings 3. Famous for Narrow waistline 4. Secret Ambition Wi1nationa1 doir les bowling cham- pionship with Sam lYBaIbH 1. Favorite Expression HHow the heck are you?H 2. Pet Peeve Boys who wear Levis 3. Famous for Dancing ability 4. Secret Ambition Have a Polish Wedding 41 llJanieYY lYBObH 1. Favorite Expression HO.K.n 2. Pet Peeve Unknown 3. Famous for . Square dancing ability 4 Secret Ambition Discover a 5015 mine Hwheatiesu 1. Favorite Expression , :.l Q7fE HCome on, you FgjFEgQft kidsxn gxgh , 24!g ,,,. Q Q 2. Pet Peeve Qggfpp H ,., pp f', Waiting in the igifvig tit p homeroom His, i'i'. A. ' 3. Famous for gi if 'ugt, -Q! A serviceman ,Q 4. Secret Ambition Be a Wac gm, 51 , , A Q '-I ?f::m5f55'.5.2'f fi Wwimmwwwwwfwy R. wwf- Y- my 1- f F wt Qifl' , ig WWxwwW?fW aww Wy' .ag ,t,faf',, A 1 I !J7z'iK ,.d3?F' an 2:25:54 :,.f,H-Wwemfxfxmawm Fai 1 f-awaits: if -aff. .. as we me ml - ,, ,Q in -A Backstage USargen 1. Favorite Expression UNO kiddin'H 2. Pet Peeve . Banged-up Ponhacs 3. Famous for fHsChar1ottevi11e walks 4. Secret Ambition win the 564,000 question K 1. Favorite Expression HO1iver Streetn 2. Pet Peeve People who know everything 3. Famous for Being a hot rod 4. Secret Ambition Own her own car IIJag1l 1. Favorite Expression nSo's your old man.H 2. Pet Peeve His sister 3. Famous for His nhair-don 4. Secret Ambition Teach industrial arts at Sing-Sing HHarveW 1. Favorite Expression nOh, go on.H 2. Pet Peeve Girlsvdn take his favorite type- writer in typing class 3. Famous for Fis sophomore girl- friend 4. Secret Ambition A Type 100 words per 1 minute 1lNa-ncyll l. Favorite Expression Unknown 2. Pet Peeve Noisy boys 3. Famous for Her very quiet manner 4. Secret Ambition Becam:Perry Comofs secretary ll 1 2 3 4 Zinan . Favorite Expression nOh, Lizzie.N . Pet Peeve Cheaters . Famous for Her wide-ranged ability . Secret Ambition Masmrmathematics Seniors Backstage nBubb1esn 1. Favorite Expression HGee, I'm hungry? 2. Pet Peeve Small lunches 3. Famous for Her small size 4. Secret Ambition Gain weight livin!! 1. Favorite Expression nYou've got me, girlie.n 2. Pet Peeve Gym!?????! 3. Famous for Wearing 2 class rings 4. Secret Ambition Assist Miss Williams at U.B. NVotskyH 1. Favorite Expression HHoly gosh.H 2. Pet Peeve Girls who boss him around 3. Famous for Apples 4. Secret Ambition Come in first at Indianapo1isSped- way HBoozerN l, Favorite Expression nUh,ah,we11,ah--H 2. Pet Peeve Algebra class 3. Famous for Breaking things 4. Secret Ambition Be Mr. America 1. Favorite Expression Censored. 2. Pet Peeve Homeroom 3. Famous for Athletic ability 4. Secret Ambition Get Horanburg "Kolb" 1. Favorite Expression Hwell, rea1lyEV 2. Pet Peeve Reporters who don't get their assign- ments in on time 3. Famous for Being the girl 4. Secret Ambition Be editor of the UUnion, Sun, H Journaln S e n i 0 r S "Bill" 1. Favorite Expression HYea:h.!l 2. Pet Peeve The girls at Newfane 3. Famous for Talking too much 4. Secret Ambition Build a stock car that would beat Baker's Backstage HSandyH 1. Favorite Expression USO whatlu 2. Pet Peeve Making decorations 3. Famous for Size 12 skirt 4. Secret Ambition Eata banana split F HBeefH HH0fUVu 1. Favorite Ex ression P HArf-Arflu 2. Pet Peeve Cas without tmms- missions 3. Famous for His strangle hold 4. Secret Ambition Be Mr. America "Big Bob" llPe-te!! Favorite Expression HAre you finished yet?" Pet Peeve Shy boys Famous for Being engaged Secret Ambition Have twins YlMarty1l Favorite Expression HOh, well.H Pet Peeve Some teachers Famous for Her many rings Secret Ambition Get out of school 1 2 3 4 Favorite Expression HNasty B1ast.n Pet Peeve Losing drag races to Liddell Famous for Helpful attitude Secret Ambition Own a '57 Oldsmo- bile 98, convert- ible with loud duals Melvan Favorite Expression H0h, no! Pet'Peeve College boys Famous for Playing the piano Secret Ambition Play the biggest organ in the world Seniors Patn Favorite Expression HWell, dig fhatiu Pet Peeve Competition Famous for Forgetting that ring Secret Ambition Get Mike all to herself 2 3 4 ns-Iimn HJ-ulieu 1. Favorite Expression 1. Favorite Expression nWeU,boola boola? wyou tellin' me?H Pet Peeve 2. pet Peeve LaZY P90P19 Her love for Famous for Newfane Central Hot P1Ym0uth 3. Famous for Secret Ambition Barker '57 ring Give his boss 4. Secret Ambition orders Become a chemist HBilln l. Favorite Expression Ewell, I'1l be Jiggeredin Z. Pet Peeve - Peggy 3. Famous for His cooking 4. Secret Ambition Become a dairyman HSteveH 1. Favorite Expression nGees.n A 2. Pet Peeve DonnaC?J Ba c k stage FaEZE2.f.3Z HSwiftyn 1. Favorite Expression CSi1ence7 2. Pet Peeve Slow people 3. Famous for Coming to school just before the bell rings , 4. Secret Ambition Lead a safari in Africa Secret Ambition Take over Steve A11en's show HCarolH 44 3. 4. l. Favorite Expression HIs yomfnewspaper assignment done?H 2. Pet Peeve Her long rides to schoo1CFrom Lock- port? Famous for Her black outfits Secret Ambition Be chairman ofthe HBazaarH VYDa,V-ell 1. Favorite EXprSSSi0H Hwill you please repeat that?H 2. Pet Peeve Homework 3. Famous for His height 4. Secret Ambition To sell insurance YlR0gl! 1. Favorite Expression "Got your car?" 2, Pet Peeve People who won't give him a ride 3. Famous for Pumping gas 4. Secret Ambition Own the Kendall Gas Company WQ?i32EE3i+ ani? Twfggeeeal Qef 5 5' xr ' - , ' A. ,. fn' . ' iwmckae' A WY eeanelumr or i t f W u Ak Fm Q a T 2 ai , at K I L r s 2 , 1 V cw t,v.k ,f,cwr agar . ,- . aw : . 1,41 ,Ay . ,- fi ., 2 ' 1, :fQ,.k,. QU ,, sv 5-: W , 3 , ff ' -r DF W X wi ,V .M x,i,,z, .- gift' - ef J .i'5'W.1f iftra. Eliiflf eliiiraa if ifriifl, - .L.,g4Q'3:V W gf ,f .5 ,, , iwnaeamrn 1:1 - .'.f,.fw,g- J ', 5 A W .- HDUSSII VI ' l. Favorite Expression Mlken H ' A YO? look 1. Favorite Expression accident looking H ,S th tt gn for a place to 2 Petmplaeteve ema er' happen.H 2. Pet Peeve Working at the stand in Olcott 3 3. Famous for Wrh ng letters to a certain guy 4 4. Secret Ambition Own ared licorice factory HAnnieH 1. Favorite Expression HOh, gee.H 3. Pet Peeve A certain DeSales boy 3. Famous for Her out-of-town friends f cret Ambition Become an effi- cient Kindergarten teacher Z. Sc 45 Girls that always tell him to shut- UP . Famous for Iis very talkative moods . Own a great farm nCarolH 1. Favorite Expression UAW, shucksin Pet Peeve History class 3. Famous for Her reddish hair 4. Secret Ambition Have a husband very soon 2. Seniors Backstage HGraisieu l. Favorite Expression HYOu idiotln 2. Pet Peeve Having her name spelled wrong 3. Famous for Her parties 4. Secret Ambition Be a Hbigwign in the Waves 1 2 3 4 lIJ'O!I 1. Favorite Expression HGet the point?H 2, Pet Peeve Being bossed around 3. Famous for Art ability 4. Secret Ambition Paint the second Mona Lisa HLeWieU Favorite Expression HI'm mad at Paul.H Pet Peeve l Boys Famous for 2 Her Blonde hair Secret Ambition Take over her 3 father's Turkey Farm 4 HFletchH 1. Favorite Expression UOh, noin 2. Pet Peve Car accidents 3. Famous for Lilclrg underclas s- men 4. Secret Ambition Become President of THB LONELY HNUSCWB l!BOmb!Y 1. Favorite Expression HWel1,if it isn't Ungwopkk choicein 2. Pet Peeve Calories 3. Famous for Her diets 4. Secret Ambition Sing at the Met. 46 llT.R'!l Favorite Expression HWhere's Beef?H Pet Peeve His Hmalen com- petitors Famous for His curly hair Secret Ambition Marry a rich widow Seniors Backstage HPeanutH l. Favorite Expression nTough rice.U 2. Pet Peeve Homework 3. Famous for Being short 4. Secret Ambition Go out with Tab Hunter 1. Favorite Expression ggigg Qgggig "YOU 5012 me-" 2- Pet Peeve PS0P1e in general 3. Famous for g?QQQEhEmQgf 4. Secret Ambition A EEQQEQEQQJTQ Mmm first million Qgggffiigii ,:". A'EE by 158 ':t'1 m llwimpll l. Favorite Expression HShaboom.n 2. Pet Peeve Babysitting 3. Famous for Drum playing 4. Secret Ambition Own Harrison's HLindaH 1. Favorite Expression HLike thisiiu 2. Pet Peeve People who don't appreciate ballet 3. Famous for Ballet dancing in the locker room 4. Secret Ambition Be a model 1 2 3 4 Favorite Expression UOh, nuts.H Pet Peeve HPat Favorite Expression HWell, now.H 75 M. ,lb Mis " ud "' -fs qv " ' J, Y Il Wise kids Famous for Hmdng troubkewith teachers Secret Ambition Own a nbign car IIROHYI Favorite Expression WSmi1e pretty.H Pet Peeve Shy girls Famous for Snapping pictures of unsuspecting seniors Secret Ambition Take pictures of cover girls Pet Peeve Mushrooms Famous for Md ng people wait Secret Ambition Drive mlarmy tank 1-if K4 si 5 . ,W .X Seniors Backstage l1Mayer1l 1. Favorite Expression HOh, come now.H 2. Pet Peeve Freeloaders t V 3. Famous for Her hot HO1dsH 4. Secret Ambition Become astock car racer lass Will As we, the Senior Class of 1957, prepare to leave this school life, we dis- tribute our most valued possessions to the faculty and to the students who will take our places next year. Bob Albright leaves his hot Ford to Sharon SteenCBe careful Sharon, it may fall apart? .... Lynn Beals leaves her bashfulnessC?D to Bob Bradley. . . Paul Baker wills his house across the street from some Junior who can't make it to school on time .... David Baker leaves his truck to bring in the play props .... Freda Bitterman wills her job at Stierly's to Connie Harris. . . . Gordon Botting just leaves, gladly .... Jane Bye wants her ability in driving a car to go to Lynn DeLange .... Barbara Donner leaves her homemaking ability to Roger Taylorfapron and alll .... Bill Briggs bequeaths his quiet manner'HJCarol Goff. . . .Jerry Dussault refuses to leave her cashmere sweaters to anyone. . .. Judy Dussault is keeping her DeSales letter ..,. Carol Eberhart leavesherheight to Jim Stuckey .... James Condren wills the high shelves at Foster's to some lucky six footer .... June Eggleston leaves her ability for getting homework done to Dick Aiken .... Linda Dale wants her place in girls' chorus to go to Mary Lou Eaton .... Rod Baton and Fred Everett leave a piano duet .... Debbie Fletcher leaves the Sophomore boys, reluctantly .... Roger Erck donates his job at Kendall Gas Station to Laurie Valmore .... Karen Goodling leaves her marks to Jim Gilson. . . .Karen Gray bequeaths the clean-up work after a home party to future hostesses .... Chuck Ferree leaves his spelling ability to anyone who wants it .... Linda Hague leaves hmtplans for decorations to all de underclass- men .... Bob Fralick is taking his brains with him, but will leave his camera to Tom Chambers .... Carol Harding leaves her place in the homemaking room to Phyllis Koeppen .... Bill Ferree bequeaths his farm chores to his sister, Phoebe .... Doug Gow. is leaving with Penny McKnightChoneymoon-U.S.A.D .... Julia Johnson leaves for Barker .... Dave Horanburg wills his strangle hold to Danny Clark .... Pat Keyes won't leave Mike Lee to anyone .... Bill Hoy leaves his unbleached curls to Nancy Little .... Ellen Kolbe bestows the HCentorianU editorship to anyone who can handle it .... Bill Jackson leaves his gavel to next year's class president .... Nancy Kropp wills her quiet manner to Dick MiUer .... Dave Jagow bequeaths Hs trips to the office uJMarlene Bradley .... Ann LaRose leaves for Plattsburg .... Jack Klumpp donates his height to George Craggs. . . .Donna Lewis leaves her bottle of peroxide to Pat Hardingfso she won't run out? .... Mike Lee leaves for Alfred .... Sylvia MacDonald won't leave her boyfriend in Barker to anyone .... Bob Liddell wills his muscles to Jerry Schultz .... Ethel Mack wonft leave gym .... Paul Munger bequeaths his loud muffler to Mr. Schwach .... Joanne Maloney leaves her art ability to Cindy Sennett .... Harvey Ortman wills his typewriter to Nancy Martin .... Barb Martin leaves her long hair to Mrs. Beccue .... Sam Palia bequeaths his sweet innocent look tolhornton Logan .... Carol Mayer leaves her place in shorthand class, sadly .... Pat Morehouse wills her Shiny, black, long hair to Mr. Wilcox .... Tom Ryan leaves his nicknameCHT.R.NJ to anyone with the same initials .... Carol Morey hands over'the care of He piano to hersisterQkan. . . Dave Sargent leaves his ability to teach history to anyone who wants it . . . Helen Myers will not leave her engagement ring to anyone .... John Schoelles wants his brush cut to go to Donald Botting.. . .Zina O'Donnell leaves the head- aches of the yearbook to next year's editor .... Doug Stevens bequeaths his front seat in English class to Wallace Reid .... Judy Powers leaves her multi- colored hair to Mr. Manly .... Ronnie Stuckey wills his position as photography editor of the yearbook to?? .... Shirley Poyfair leaves her appetite to Suzie Harrington .... Jack Swift wills his good natured manner to Bob Bates .... Janet Shuman donates her poster making ability to Russ Gardner .... Roy Taylor leaves to become a great scientist .... Nancy Smith wills her quiet manner to Sylvia Linderman .... Dick Valmore leaves his job of packing apples to some sturdy Junior .... Joan Theis wills her diet to Donald Strong .... Dick Wemple reluctantly leaves Laura .... Sandy Thiemke wills her ability to organize to Diane Hanna .... Scoop Wilkins leaves his ability for making prompt answers to Darcy Dempsey .... Carol Urtel bequeaths her long trips to school to Fred Lampman .... Donna Vincent leaves her sports agility to Anita O'Donnell .... Barb Wagner leaves Chemistry class, gladly .... Judy Wills transfers her many duties in the library to James Dugos .... Ann Wheatley leaves to set up house keeping. . . . 48 HHaving gained these skills, theyoung dancers may now practice lifts. Similarly the underclass men persue the more advanced subjects. . .H LA ES Row l Mr. Haley, B. Clare, Presidentg D. Clark, Vice-President, Miss Liddell - t Row 2 R. Pedley, Treasurer, J. Brown, Secre ary Junior Cfficers and Advisors The Junior Class has been training for those activities that are going to prepare them for their grand finale in 1958. In this training, they have been putting on several different types of activities. The first activity was nThe Hit Parade Hop,n the dance following theopening football game. Colorful records made of construction paper covered the walls, which gave the elementary gym just the atmosphere for dancing. Next came one of the magnificent successes of the year--our assembly. The student body accepted Tom Hart1ey's portrayal of Steve Allen with gales of laughter. Under the direction of Mr. Manly, the class gave its presentation of the three-act comedy, HYou Canft Take It With You,U by Mossltmt and George S.Kaufman, March 29 and 30. A great deal of interest was aroused, as the gymnasium was used rather than the stage proper. Imagine--no footlights, and no curtains be hind which to prepare the various scenes. Two parties with the seniors and a basketball dance were included in the year's activities. However, the Junior Prom in May was the highlight of the year. It was held, May 24. 50 Row 1 R. Harrisg M. Dayg R. Reinboltg T. Hartleyg J. Stuckeyg W. Baileyg R. Gardnerg T. Wagnerg D. Culverwellg E. Clare Row 2 C. Goffg M. ' D. Hannag M. Miss McBrien Row 3 D. Bottiug L. B. Barrong D. Macauley Harperg P. Ferreeg L. Haightg S. Lindermang M. Bradleyg Johnsong J. Moreyg E. Poyfairg M. L. Eatong N. Littleg Senuettg K.Hydeg L.Clarkg B. Adamsg R. Bowersg J. Whitmoreg Absent R. McDonoughg L. Drakeg H. O'Connor Juniors Row l S. Reinhardtg E. Ehrenhardtg T. Weirg R. Taylorg G. Kneiserg J. Gilsong W. Reidg R. Aiking R. Batesg W. Stein Row 2 L. DeLaugeg C. Harrisg M. Hammg I. Bodyg R. Millerg R. Pedleyg J. Logaug A. O'Donnellg P. Hardingg S. Culverwellg J. Drakeg Miss Hamilton Row 3 S. Harriugtong F. Strongg J. Browng R. Bradleyg G. McArd1eg N. Gaudeg D. Clarkg D. Wilson: J. Ergott Absent R. Classg D. Hedleyg R. Schultzg D. Greenawalt 51 Row 1 Miss Heimerl, G. Schultz, Mr, Capen Row 2 M. Fitzgerald, B. Smith, T. Tuttle This, the first year oforganization for the Sophomore class, has brought much development. At a meeting in early September the class took thir first step towards unity. Officers to lead them through the year were elected asfollows: President,Gerald Schultz, Vice-President ThonasTutth, Secretary, MaumfnPitzgerald and Treasurer, Bruce Smith. Highlights of the year were three class parties held November 7,January 30, and May 1, in the elementary gym. To aid the class in planning their activities two advisors,Miss Heimerl and Mr. Capen were appointed, and have given much help and guidance unthe Sophomores. Gfficers and Advisors ophomores Row l P. Wagner, T. Chambers, F. Lampman, R. Hedley, E. Bredefeld, J. Cathcart, . Eggleston, L. Lee Row Z . Eberhart, M. Chapman, J. Brown, H. Place, R. Miller, B. Beals, Row 3 . Judd, R. Wilson, J. Lucas, J. Hill, R.Millis, M.Fitzgerald, D. Harvey, S I - P. Seeloff, C. Green, Mr. Manly D R. Rose nL--,iL 1- n,.,,, f. A 1 a., Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent . Vermeulen: E. Blishg D. Footeg D. Gowg R. Pollockg D. Grayg R. Klumppg . Dayg J. Lindermang E. Sanders . Huutg J. Brandtg R. Jagowg L. Valmoreg B. Haseleyg S. Steeng P. Dale: . Capeng J. Ericksong R. Shumang Mr. Morand . Murphyg D. Dempseyg L. Lewisg C. Davisg J. Searsg S. Mullen: . Schultzg K. Marshall . McC1ureg G. Greenawalt Sophomores Connor: B. Meehang B. Smithg R. Woody N.Schnittkerg H.Covellg E.Stah1g Footeg D. Strougg W. Reinboltg N. Hallifaxg J. Dugosg J. Smith Murrayg J. Van Alstyneg C. Torriereg D. Johnsong J. Briggs: Kaltenbacherg S.Nicho1asg J. A. Hermang V. Capeng B.Stookeyg D. Mayerg Liddellg M. DiTu1liog L. Feltzg Mr. Haley Tuttleg R. Beutelg A. Kreutzg C. Volschowg J. Haightg M. Willsg Johnsoug M. Rushg L. Herlg L. Justg J. Wendlerg R. McIntoshg G.Griffin Koeppen 53 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Goodlingg J. Rowleyg R. Withrowg J. Casey G. Schultzg R, Ascherg Mu1arzg'B. Howard Weston: G. Speranzag H. Lindermang R. Flechsenhaarg M. Unterwegerg Craggsg M. Regang B. Bnderbyg Miss Liddell Bobzieng K. Malloyg G. Klumppg L. Brandtg B. Harrodg D. Tanner Burns: J. Croftg G. Kunkle Sophomores Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Freshmen Mogeaug R. Strongg D. Curtissg B. Hartleyg G. Robisong G. Bridgemang Feltshausg R. Sageg R. Mosureg G. Donahueg J. Lutz Scotty E.Parkerg C.Ped1eyg S.Hiscockg C. Spencerg M. Carlton: J. Yost: Sweeney: J. Halifax: C. Dieterg Mrs. Ives Marting B. Janasg A. Toenniesseng H. Rakfeldtg R. Kurthg T. Greggg Goble: E. Bredefeldg Y. Wilson? F. Cheasty 54 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Daughertyg D. Navarrog G. Alleng K. Jackson: D. Weeksg G. Ramming, Reutherg D. Shawg D. Browng J. Lewisg B. Eadie Klumppg J. Goodellg K. McA11isterg J. Whitmeyerg M. Heddeng G. Teague Beutelg L. Flaglerg L. Smithg P. Rolliugerg Mrs. Lasher Greeueg G. Doxtaterg R. Miwlestadtg S.C1eve1eyg S. Stowellg B. Harden Taylorg B. Brandtg J. O'Connor Bndertoug E. Skutt Freshmen Drakeg P. Flaglerg R. Myersg L. Marslandg J. McKnightg B. Brandtg Wilsong D. Caruegieg D. Horauburgg T. Hanuag R. Daugherty Feltzg F. Hughesg N. Murphyg B. Macaulayg J. Yaudeg D.Mi1byg J.C1arkg Schnursteing B. Dowseg K. Taggg J. Bellomog Mr. Rabidou Grahamg R.Hickmang D. Brown: A. Rogerg M. Hammondg M. Kerwing I. Reidg Poyfairg L. Stevensoug V. Bridgeman 55 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Freshmen G. Loeffertg W. Ammermang C. Vincent: R. Branchg R. Smithg M. Grayg D. Holtzg L. Strongg D. Tompkinsg S, Edmister S. Roseg C. Flechsenhaarg A. DeChambeaug M. Powersg J. Harringtong L. Bakery D. Raymondg J. Smithg T. Taylorg D. Erckg L. Burtg Mrs. Watson D. Mohlarg C. Howardg G. Morrisg S. Millerg F. Livermoreg B. Wilsong S. Greeuwaldg W. Nearyg R. Harrison K. Bowersg M. J. Prainerg P. Ryan: D. Tompkins AbS6l1tE6S Row 1 F. Bakery R. Schultzg G. Greenawalt Row 2 P. Ryang D. Schoellesg R. McDonoughg L. Drake Row 3 J. Croftg P. Koeppeng R- Burns Gff stage, we playg we studyg we eat L is . ' . V ' K 56 The Jun1or ballet members are now ready to study the steps of advanced sk111, just as those of the jumor lngh broaden the scope of their know- 'S 4 WJU ICR HIGH f Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Wardg D. Alvordg D. Townsendg K. Haightg C. Costellog C. Hermang Caughillg P. Baldwing R. Halifax Feltzg M. Preerg J. McCoyg M. Kruegerg J, Knopfg J. Briggsg Gominiakg L. Mayerg J. Hydeg Mr. Schwach Mungerg R. Marburgg S. Carltong P. Hardeng M. Feltong J. Bernerg Shuman Bowersg R. Feeterg J. Strickland E' hth Strongg L.Browng W.Goldeng J. Rakfeldtg D.Woodg D. Dearborng H.Frankeg Lampmaug B. Thurston Morrisg B. Canaleg S. Sahmg D. Bullardg M. Aleng C. Kreutzg S. Mikitsg Nemethg K. Beileing Miss McGuire Smithg S. Bentleyg S. Miller: S. Gasperg J. Batesg R. Allen: S. LaRose Westong B. Sears: J. Polewicz 58 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Gleason, R. Enderby: K. Class: A. Brown: T. Rakfeldtg M. Berry: Pratt: R. Gardner: P. Nayman Johnson: S. Murphy: D. Barron: F. Taylor: C. Darrell: J. Roger: Body: P. Badie: R. Phillips: Mrs. Day Baker: G. Walker: J. Tinney: G. Vickery: S. Reuther: M. Feitshaus: Richards: W. Harrington: N. Nagel Eighth Crawley: W. Kramp: 0. Kneelandg G. Platt: J. Hughes: B. Sargent: Upton: D. Neeper: H. Weiss Lesser: B. Cook: B. Urte: P. Rappg H. Gillis: J. Dunker: C. Foley: Schultz: A. Johnson: D. Murray: Mr. Lederhouse Ferree: C. Just: K. Herlg S. Bixlerg C. Smith: C. Reid: V. Ybusey: Jagow Ray 59 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent E o 0 Naymang N. Casaliuuovog J. Starkg J. Starkg R. Wilsong J. Czackg Seitzg M. Herringtoug W. Chunco Shermang N. Youngg R. Wendlerg J. Farringtong D. Gobleg J. Williamsg Fralickg P. Adamsg D. Knoxg C. Dussaultg Mr. Wilcox Fitzgerabdg C. Drakeg K. Feltong B. Bucherg B. Uptong M. Johnsong Rhodesg J. Jackson Slaghtg E. Baxterg P. Kuukleg T. Newman ghth Seventh Mooug D. Hughesg J. Valmoreg R. Smithg K. Giffordg F. Stolzenbergg Pergustong D. Oswaldg B. Phillipsg W. Powley Rammingg R. McGuireg J. Hamelinkg M. McKernang P. Hillg M. Smithg LaForestg C. Wempleg D. McClewg C. Livermoreg P. Rappg Mrs. Bottom Smithg S. Buddeg J. Navarrog D. Brandtg J. Hallg B. Reidg D. Harrodg Altbachg R. Bakerg G. Winters Cronkg B. Poyfairg C. Strong 60 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent D R L R W R G. D. D. N. C P R. Payneg J. Folsomg G. Greggg A. Farriugtong R. Klawitterg J. Woodardg Norwayg K. Flaglerg H. Troeltzschg T. Schwartzg R. Platt Smithg J. Knottg M. Yostg D. Batesg N. Gillg J. Turnerg C. Baerg Rendallg S. Mittelstadtg B. Hawkiusg Mrs. Scott Gillisg G. Taylorg B. Smithg B. Millerg M. Schultzg R. Knieserg Stephauskig J. Thompsong J. Steadmang J. Gray Seventh Pettittg J. Payueg B. Smithg M. Babcockg A. Murrayg G. Murphyg Withrowg F. Lotzg V. Mroczekg D. Hammondg H. Burns Malloyg S. Gaskillg P. Rowlaudg G. Edmisterg R. Magrumg J. Eberhartg Freerg J. Bernerg C. Smithg P. Leddyg N. Rollingerg Mr. Wright Lutzg J. Brandtg G. Schoellesg G.Haightg S.Fe1tong J. Muirg W. Mularzg Eckerfg J. Pusaterig A. Jones DeChambeau 61 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent L L R. Jessong J. Dowerg C. Taylorg S. Sterlingg R. Hedleyg D. Harringtong R. Poxg D. Leathersg F. Croftg L. Wilsong M. Paradise S C . Kuhns: J. Tompkinsg D. Slaghtg R. Darrellg H. Hagueg F. Marting . Baldwing B. Reedg D. Steeng S. Maynardg L. Poanessag Mrs. Brandt . Skuttg W. Powleyg L. Muscarellag J. Caracog Q. Lewisg C. Edwardsg . Stolzenbergg K. Davis: L. Batisteg R. Miller R. Weaver Seventh Absentee Row l R T Row 2 R S Row 3 E P Feeterg D. Rayg Slaightg T. Newman .DeChambeaug C.Strongg Falls: B. Poyfair Sears: G. Kreugerg Kunkle Absent to Travel to Veterau's Hospital R A14.-l.--1., v 1-.,-4 - - --.-, - 62 7-he N X HThe beginners, as they learn the five basic ballet positions, remind us of the children in the primary grades as they are introduced to the three R's. After the essential positions have been mas- tered, the dancers learn the steps of elevation. In like manner, the intermediate students augment their basic knowledge through the addition of new subjects.H Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Parkerg D. Browng B. Skuttg M. Pisarskig A. Zossg L. Millerg Marshallg B. Bowesg B. Weirg R. Smith Fitzgeraldg G. Teagueg M. Bealsg D. Shumang J. Briggsg S. Hanuag Cronkg J. Liddellg D. Boyerg W. Van Alstyneg Miss Rosati Farleyg B. Millerg P. Hardyg L. Youngg R. Tuttleg S. Moutgomeryg O'Counorg S. Brandtg R. Troeltzschg R. Loeffert Sheltong L. Whitmeyex Sixth Burtg S. Corserg J. Pettit: V. Hickmang C. Whitmoreg G. Weirg Greenwaldg D. Branchg S. Seitzg P. Sherman Mayerg J. Parisig G. Goodlingg D. Bradleyg S. Sahmg C. Waguerg Kanehlg H. Harriugtong J. Klumppg Mr. Christensen Rogerg K. Salterg C. Hammg L. Kahleg R. Clarkq M. Hughesg S. Hannag Nicholasg J. Smith Ellisg G. Rayg D. Wilson 64 Row 1 Bakery J. Doxtaterg P. Quinny K. Harryg R. McClaing E. Buczkowskig Schultzg E. Johnsong J. Sheehan I Row 2 Hasleyg N. Wempleg J. Reidg D. Darrellg G. Cheastyg M. Vlllellag Schartsg C. Whitey J. Jonesg T. Ranneyg Mrs. Woodring I Row 3 Taylorg D. Browng L. Navarrog C. Timkeyg G. Fletcherg D. H0rH1Hg: Aiking C. Hiscockg B. Burnett Absent Heddeng B. Manny J. Gillisg G. Dale S' th Row 1 Taylorg G. Woodardg K. Giffordg L. Marslandg E. Collins: J. Osman: Bryarfizg J. Morey: J. Goodlingg B. McClain Row 2 Ranneyg C. Newman: J. Luckmang T. Montsg G. Millerg L. Egglestong Starkg B. Menog J. Cashg J. Chapman: R. Barackmang Mrs. Linderman Row 3 Rogerg N. Lee: G. Uptong M. Willsong C. Millisg S. Bobzieng C. Burnsg . Vickeryg B. Marautetteg L. Covell Absent Feltong T. Bauer L65 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Zedick: D. Barnes: K. Kryder: P. Roberts: E. Muir: S. McG0wen: J. Fox: Klein: D. Lockwood: G. Turner: C. Holtz Burns: L.Rickard: G.Redmore: J.Row1ey: F.Stark: K. Kahler: S. Valmore: B. Sherman: P. Cbvell: D. Daugherty: Miss Zimmerman Judd: J. Fisk: D. Price: S. Lewis: J. Sage: M. Corey: D. Rhodes: J. McKeruau Caudill Fifth Phillips: D. Sterling: P. Seib: G. Carlton: F. Howard: L. Licata: K. L. Stovall: R. Goodall: G. Zastrow: P. Graham Raetz: C. Feltz: W. Rowland: K. Milbyg D. Seitz: N. Smith: Foley: D. McKernan: C. Emery: Miss Clarke Hyde: M. Muir: J. Rakfeldt: C. Miller: R. G1ose: C. Brown: T. Bates: W. Koehu: B. Kuhns Daigler: J. Bstep Eusleitg R. Voss: J.Brown: Beileing 66 Bd ardgg Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Eberhartg L. McDonoughg R. Bonig A. Taylorg K. Withrowg S. Ferrisg Jowdyg W. Troeltzschg D. Horanburgg D. Gillisg D. Seefeldt Bottingg A. Toenniesseug M. Oweng C. Malloryg P. Clarkg C. Jessong Enderbyg J. Millerg R. Dunng W. Mclutoshg Mrs. Clare Lesserg S.Stephensg J. Smithg D.Kerwing N. Ewingsg C.Reidg G. Maynardg Hallg F. Lampmang D. Griffin Nagelg B. Erickson Fifth G. Erckg C. Browng J. Hydeg S. Brounschgidelg Strong: G, Hillg S, Fullerg R. Ripson McCoyg L. Clarkg D. Johnsong K. Weissg D. Justg J. Israelg T. Brandt: Taggg K. Kressg Mrs. Stark Craggsg M. Lennong S. Geistg H. Cashg J. Striegelg T. Brown J. Hausmang Bradleyg P. Smith Klumppg W. Steeng Nubelog D. Priceg S. Rendallg P. Unterwegerg R. Donnerg J. McClure 67 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent R P J M L F J. F O Altbachg D. Goodlauderg M. Zakg C. Newman: L. Dohringg R. wrightg Culverwellg H. Taylorg B. Blighg D. Gominiak Johnsong D. Schalckg G. Blumrickg P. LaRoseg P. Burnsg K. Smithg Dunn: J. Littleg D. Shumang D. Duhowg Mrs. Smith Camarreg J. Johnsong H. Kahleg P. Covellg S. Pattersong R. Pettitg Hillyardg C. Schoelles Leibringg H. Frankeg C. Sweeney fth Fourth Row l C. Depewg S. Oweng W. Kirkg W. Shermang B. Rutlandg A. Osmang J. Classg J. Pettitg A. Leuerg M. Bowmang L. Hillman Row 2 N. Wilsong J. Mularzg J. Harrisong F. Eberhartg P. Poyfairg B. Tinneyg P. Burtg D. Keyes: D. Jamesg J. Walshg E. Steing Mrs. Rebman Row 3 D. Morseg K. Coreyg L. Samsong B. Hawkinsg G. Flaglerg D. Parkerg T. Murphyg S. Baerg J. Kryderg C. Hertelg S. Steadman Absent C. Johns 68 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Goetzeg M.Echertg W. Hawkesg K.Willsg D. Murrayg S. Voelkerg R.Arendtg Towneg P. Kesslerg D. Perryg K. Noon Manny T. Roseg P.Gowg S.Feeterg B. Bessg V. Burnettg T.Rappg D. Smith: Newmang M. Gaming J. Dershamg Mrs. Keers Klawitterg K.Moong D. Hoyg G. Watierg T. Sargentg J.G1easong R. Aikeng Shartsg G. Seeloffg A. Feltz Murrayg C, Burd Fourth Halas: H.Leathersg R. Fitchleeg B. Maderag J.Sto1zeubergg D. Lovewellg Paradiseg Y. Burdg R. Gintyg D. Swiftg P. Caraco Griffin: K. Klumppg M. Durieg A. Carltong D. Goodlingg S. Slithg Pooleg M. Stoverg A. Cookg K. Fiegerg N. Rendallg Miss Churchill wardg J. Chapmang C. Bidlemang G. Sterling: J. Plattg K. Largeg Huenemoerderg T. Willsong R. Taylorg D. Livermore Vergusong B. Reese 69 Row 1 J. Hughesg J. Maxwellg A. LeVa11eyg C. McClewg R. Quadeg D. Barberg M. Peacockg C. Roathg M. Pisarskig S. Hillerg W. Sturm Row 2 C. Beers: R. Leddyg S. Johnsong L. Walkerg L. Sullivan: L. Longg E. Gleason: M. Tinueyg G. Gintyg L. Mikitsg A. Hartzg Miss Benton Row 3 T. Tompkinsg B. Kruegerg R. McC1ay: D. DeLangeg C. Loeffertg L. York: M. Blighg B. Roundsg J. Parkerg W. Spurbeck Absent H. Corserg M. Daley G. Poole Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Fourth Third . Mittlestadtg R. Budnackg S. Geistg K. Maderag A. Wrightg C. Chpeng Grinnellg S. Smithg K. Halas J W. B. Parkerg D. Baldwing C. Simsg M. Beileing J. Kalteubacherg B. Gleasong B. Cookg R. Shieldsg D. Lennong G. Treichlerg.Mrs. Ruf J. Kirkg C. Chiavarog L. Wentliugg M. R. Kershawg A. Pooleg D. Nemethg M. Lauveg M. L. Taylorg J. Berner f 70 n av so an 3' 3 2 3 Q U5 N V4 FY' 5' FFFPFI' 'U 'U 5' 53255: F' 2' 593555 P" H"""P"4f'U H Q oil!! mopufogv I I mgwww P'H'Hl+ HH UNH HYDWOO fUf"P"fDD HP"p"'UQ Q.-.Q ..- we-ru 1-1?j'f5" av - 2:55. NF' f'D'1-1 QU MW FH-Q4 H 22' 'S !ll"U 'C H-ali' qc ' 533 3 ,Ql I an-'ff 5 ?'5f 5. 23? ff- ' P-I O- Flm Fi' '11 ru -- E 5 P H' .. F 9 GI M 1 gp 1+ H 0 3 5 'F-' Q .- o H xg il w -- Q. Q-. 5' v-1 ' z 3 5 :I 'E- P' P4 F' S- f-'Q 5 C-:PO 5 S bl CII u J 93' Mi PH D-'fb WH Q-u C OO it O -um 3 73.0- ' F4 m2 Q..- 'H 03 Ho I+ fb ld OH ' O E Sf? O Q-2 H OU! Qs D- ...M 1+ F1193 'se QM P9 UI 'U Q H G4 L-1 W B 93 UI F' 55 O P3 1+ W Third Row 1 . Sparrerg C.Greenwa1dg A.Schu1tzg G. Claude: R.Cu1verwe11g R. Whitmore Phillipsg C. Powleyg K. Behm Row 2 . Gillisg R. Leuerg R. Westong L. Sattlebergg R. Williamsg E. Kirchner P D' m m D e m W O lt! w H I-In m . Putnamg S. Obermiller 71 Fisk- R. Santarsierog J. Cottong D. Bucherg M. Robisong J Dearborng A. Millerg M. Doyleg nd J. Schelman I. Eberhart D. Stout Row 1 T , C Huenemoerderg G. Hughesg P. Hawkes Row 2 P Sullivang P. Tonng D. Drakeg L. Withrowg R. Richardsg S Brandtg P. Tonng B. Roundsg E. Durieg Mrs. Reese Row 3 A Collinsg B. Pooleg D. Owen? S. Brounscheidelg T. Jonesg S Lewisg S. Bidlemang M. McKnight I h' d ROW1 - Parker' R- Smith- M. Lytle- P Kue 1 d- N - . ZgstroQg D. Fiskg 5. Bates Y . e an ' ' Fox' Row 2 ' Fiedler? M- Ensel-Sit? D. Eadieg J. Nemeth- R Dunker' Ro 3 - gfihultz? R- Harvey: C. Culverwellg Mrs. Shaev ' , Absent . Sears Q 1 . v 5 72 Row l ROW 2 Row 3 Absent Row l Row 2 ROW 3 Absent Barrettg N. Millardg C. Hydeg M. Woodburng B. DeVoeg R. Schweigert Scholtisekg L. Donovang T. Brady Landsheftg P. Ziblutg D. Dunowg E. Gleasong E. Cheastyg N. Kappus, Goodlanderg G. Carmerg T. Zedickg Mrs. Crossman Wilkinsong R. Holtzg E. Taylorg C. Hudson: R. Shawg W.Lotzg L.Schultz Farleyg S. Bidleman Beales Gerlingg Bonarg D. Blumrickg Mikitsg S Sonkerg B. Barackmang Second L. Loeffertg J. Gintyg P. Stovallg D. Hambruchg S. Wilson Linderman C. Emeryg L. Bellomog K. Leuerg J. Jessong J. Burnett Fiedlerg R. Wilkinsg Mrs. LaGraff Smithg A.Gillisg M.Murphyg N. Justg C. Sippleg R. Whitmore J. Ellis 73 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Hawkesg E. Bodyg K. Senghaasg W. Powersg S. Johnsong D. Hillyardg Pettittg T. Enderbyg P. Gray Milesg J. Hickmang G. Hogang L. Millerg D. Powleyg R. Tomosovg Wardg C. Matting K. Gintyg R. Stephensg Mrs. Daigler Q Smithg J. Frankeg J. Gasperg R. Arnoldg K. Collinsg T. Eckertg Kenyong V. Baird Smithg G. MacGaffick Second Townerg J. Budnackg R. Culverwellg C. Newmang R. Zanowg K. Grayg Robisong C. D. Sherrieg R. Brown Herrickg B. Stoutg L. Hughesg B. Ripsong G. Gaskillg T. Hickmang Foleyg T. Kijankag C. Robinsong Mrs. Morey Browng M. Maynardg P. Capeng J. Lewisg D. Klumppg R. Feltong R. Tracey Rayg M. Stoddardg J. Leddyg J. Fieger ' 74 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Shermaug L. Sargentg C. Phillipsg S. Myersg S. Drewg P. Gaudeg Horanburgg P. Murphyg M. Russell Durieg D. Neidlingerg B. Teagueg W. Bentleyg C. Wilkiusg R. Betzlerg Browng G. Willsong A. Bellomog S. Bonig Mrs. Gaskill Burnettg S. Varyg R. Burnettg K. Aiking C. Pettittg L. Arnoldg Hopkiusg A. Waiteg L. Patterson Reiuhardtg L. Phillipsg D. Pedley First Cottong C. Borczynskig J. Gerlingg J. Heckg J. Lytleg T. Wills: Condreng S. Brandtg D. Kinyoug C. Aikin Buddeg P. Tonng D. Wardg T. Endertoug C. Farringtong K. DeVoogelg Lindermang B. Withrowg C. Grayg J. Erckg R. Pahlg Miss Hyde Williamsg P. Cassauog M. Stovallg D. Budnackg K. Tomasovg C. Browng Beileing H. Campbellg N. Baldwin Absent M. Gunnersen 75 i Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Klawitterg G.Farrg M. Behmg T. Buddeg K. Culverwellg M.Bessg B. Walchg Claudeg C. Pusateri Shermang J. Beersg D. Trombleyg J. Burnettg A. Quadeg C. Bairdg Gillisg B. Bidlemang L. Sampleg Mrs. Corser Gillisg D. Sampleg D. Herrickg M. Regang P. Trimmerg R. Salterg johnsong W. Sonker MacGaffickg R. Gifford First Sahmg D. Murrayg J. Lauveg C. Gasperg D. Cronkg L. Klumppg J. Lewisg Paradiseg G. Kappusg C. Rees Steeog E. Gaming J. McC1aing D. Caracog M. Chapmaug B. Browng D. Kellg Sulllvaug B. Taylorg R. Bealsg Mrs. Putnam Schweigertg T. Newkidcg S. FkHeyg C. Gaskilh B. Fmxwsg L. Kakenbacherg Redmoreg R. Winkleyg E. Donovan Chastain 76 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Hassg D. Wilsong M. Nemethg L. Taylorg S. Henryg P. Huenemoerderg Enseleitg T. Farrg K. Smithq S. Crowell Smithg M, Depewg D. LaPortg R. Farleyg R. Blighg B. Woodburng Pattersong P. Fishery R. Milbyg M. Burnettg Mrs. Hartley Olkag D.Hal1g G. Sattlebergg T.Kijankag R.Benjaming M.Noong D. McC1ewg Cookg G. Parlier Nagelg S. Bealsg M. L. Gilbert O Kindergarten Schultzg R. Bendtg G. Belcherq L. Dearborng A. McClay- C Dohring. Forsythg P. Harveyg J. Fliutg K. Stout , ' ' Malloy? F. Trombleyg P. Senghaasg D. Townerg G. Bentleyg G. Eberhart' Schlotlserg P. Waterburyg D. Bartzg D. Trimmerg Mrs. Hartley , T0U1Pkif1SZ T. Doyleg L. Croneyg D. Brandtg J. Gintyg N. Powley' Putnamg R. Kinyong S. Brady ' Hilwigg D. Gunnersen 77 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Callaghang T. Andersong R.Herringtong M.Loeffertg W. Drakeg J. Kagelsg Maynardg C. Basslerg P. Hillerg G. Fifield Smithg G. Shieldsg S. Emeryg R. Schielkeg N. Beseckerg T. Betzlerg Beileing W. Hockenberryg C. Parrottg E. Darrellg Mrs. Fuller Tromoleyg B. Qasparg. P. Stovallg J. Smithg J. Longg T. Donovang Schl1tzerg F. S1lVSISm1fhj K. Blonkowskig B. Walker Fahsg S. Towne Kindergarten Waite: M. Nemethg P. Erckg S. Gaudeg G. DeVoeg T. Udellg S. Ziblutg Yorkg J. Hortong K. Crowell Geartzg K. Sippelg S. Gerlingg W. Merrittg N. Merrittg B. Oakesg Duhowg J. Chiavarog R. Quinterng D. Oweng K. Hughesg W. Stedman: Row 2 Vincentg V. Lauriag V. Withrowg D. Olkag Mrs. Fuller Row 3 Corserg M. Holtz Absent Beersg A. Chastaing B. Neidlinger 78 Row Row Row Row Row l 2 3 l 2 Grade Absentee Nagelg J. Leibringg G. Daley A. Nubelog J. Gillisg Manng R. Donnerg D. Priceg D. Wilson Stoddardg B. Ericksong H. Frankeg G. Stricklandg Reese: R. Daiglerg J. McClureg M. Daley C. Shelton Pooleg G. Rayg S. Feltong T. Caudillg P. Ellis: Searsg J. Estep Fahs: D. Gunnersonj Callaghan: K. Hilwig Bakery S. Towne f P H an - R Jwewk 5 :" jg M ggw Vlgl Row l S. geaisilS.LEllisg D. Fergusong L. Browng H. Corserg 'aw uuluv QMQQMWMQ' Nfew . en a - . Whitmeyer' P. Murray' L. Baldwin' K wwwwnilgQmQ gy K. Hammell, Y 7 7 Row 2 J. Beersg L. Maceaffickg S.Bealsg Ml.GilbertgD.Pedleyg f W ?gy? gage Q A. Rhinehardtg D. Nagelg J. Fiegerg W. Neidlingerg jg? A. Chastain . WW 1Q ,gwQQ5R55 5 Row 3 R. Cheastyg R. Giffordg R.Rayg M.Gunnerseng R. Searsg MQWQQQQ Q? XL 5 G. MacGaffickg P. Barackmang J. Ellisg L. Charles .,, Q E V 5Q mmwww mmmWp Q Q 5 .QS I! -1- Q 253 . .,. W 'hgh X K ,mf M QTEK SWA E5 Q , if 'W Mg? 5 gli Q 1 , Q iff J ig ji. -777 . .2 1 V H Qg E . Q7 W Q Q Q. Q 43? I M 5 Q Q :if " MZ if Wi 225 im . R Q., R iz YE? X E 79 ROW 1 J- Speranzag R. Drake' K. Urtel' L. D'Ck' - D T 1 1 1nson . h t - M . D - J. Yostg P. Krentzg R: Teterg W. Flynug L. Towhsend urs On, I uemmer, Row 2 D, Ogwaldg R. Henntngg D. Torgiereg S. Smithg R. Schultz: R. Lilleyg R- L1l1eY3 J- McAllister? J. SU1tSQ R. Kronenbergg D. Murphy Fifth S Sixth Wrights Corners South 51882 Third S Fourth Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Strangesg R. Heschkeg S. Littleg W. Baker: J. Strangesg D. Henningg Henningg G. Laskeyg E. Flynng R. Herman Urtelg M. Harris? P. Redmang L. Dickinsong R. Chenezg Mrs. Speranzag . Jacksong K. Schmittg R. Smithg K. Tadiog T. Laskey Brethg L. Kronenbergg S. Flynng B. Suitsg T.Gil1isg B.Baehrg P. Wattsg Raymondg E. Naymang T. Jagowg J. Raczkiewiczg C. Krentzg B. Rathke R ' .Al- L A . 80 Row 1 Row 2 Peddeng P. Kelley: B. Janasg D, Roundsg B. Freerg Mrs. Schultzg Rogerg S. Bowmang B. Grayg C. Pederseng C. Blishg G. Ferris: D. Flynn Bowermang M, Rappg C. Grahamg M, Rathkeg D. Farleyg R. Richardsg Wittg J. Taylorg D. Moreaug D. Strongg M. Berryg M. Grayg L. Ferris: Rickard Second Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 First 8 Second Jagowg M. Wiepertg K. Richardsg G. Laskeyg S. Glogerg K. Henning Roathg R. Urtelg B. Parkerg B. Branchg S. Chenezg Mrs. Albrightg Torriereg R. Ferrisg R. Thomasg J. Bucolog D. Redmang R. Aikin Beyerg J. Rathkeg S. Raczkiewiczg B. Kingg R. MacFar1aneg L. Stoverg Sargentg R. Thomasg M. Dearborng E, Bickerstaff 81 Row 1 D. Rattersong S. Galambosg M. Beyerg C. Seibg A. Rathkeg K. Washburn L. Smithg H. Mularzg R. Caughill Row 2 R. Rogersg A. Sandolfinig D. Zappg L. Ferrisg R. Roundsg A. Wilson' Mrs. Merchantg B. Jamesg M. Wilsong M. Daughertyg L. Haightg M. Dersham Row 3 T. Shermang R. Roundsg T. Kelleyg R. Manningg R.Classg J. Kanehlg R,Gray, C. Woodcockg K. Richardsg H. Bowman: L. Little Absent N. Stevenson Frst Row l J Row 2 K E Row 3 R L Kindergarten Pederseng F. Lawrenceg K. Schultzg J. Dedmon Bernerg J. Realeg L. Dickinson: C. MacFarlaneg N. Yanickig Mrs. Ziehlg Bowmang D. Schnittg V. MacFarlaneg C. Dunbarg J. Gominiak Fiedlerg J. Pettitg C. Farleyg J.Gailieg G.C1arkg F.Strongg E. Littleg jackson 82 Row l Row 2 K C D K M 0 Hallg C. Parkerg J. Stauderg G. Thomas: S. Manng Mrs. Ziehlg R. Smithg Richardsg D. Bowermang T. Flechsenhaarg D. Goodman: R. Perry Campbellg S. Towneg J. Muscarellag B. Hawkinsg D. Bowers: J. Noong Brandtg J. Covertg L. Byeg G. Clark ndergarten Wrights Corners Absentees Row 1 K. Cakeg D. Liugleg J. Muscarellag M. Blishg R. Perfy Row 2 F. Roathg L. Yeomansg D. Daff0Ch?J. Klngi P- Sargent? L. Haightg L. Urtel 83 Row l M. Proctorg J. McCoyg B. Reedg D. Westg L. Shawg D. Prevatteg J. McCoyg L. Culver Row 2 Mrs. Phillipsg D. Seunettg L. Nicholasg J. Hillg S.Harringtong S.Haseleyg P. Mayerg T. Harmony B. Reedg C. Bakosg C. Newman Row 3 J. Mottg S. Dussaultg R. Culverwellg B. Hillg T. Cliffordg A. Riseleyg S. LaPortg D. Daiglerg J. Weir Clcott orth Stage Third Row l J. Hedleyg M. Malloryg M. Bortnerg K. Knopf: J. Hillg R. Herbstritt Row 2 K. Montgomeryg K. Dunng H. Flintg P. Dussaulti P. Van GundygJ. Secord B. Secordg M. Searsg S. Ranney Row 3 Mrs. Salisburyg S. Coxg C. Horanburgg M, Millisg J. Youngg K. Miller W. Laskeyg D. Daiglerg L. Smithg J. LaForest 84 Row l J. Conlhn J.Hammingag P. Stolzeubergg S.Hendricksg C. Smithg C. McKernan Row 2 N. Sabog W. Harveyg T. Wahlg J. McCoy: N. Marchg G. Bassg R. Bradley Row 3 R. Foxg G.Striff1erg K.Maclamg D. Maelg R. Williamsg D. Holzmaug B.LewIsg T. Horanburgg R. Skuttg W. Mallory Row 4 Mrs. Gaming K. Wilsong K. Villellag M. Wempleg C. Lewis: J. Daiglerg M. Slysterg L. Murrayg L. Halifax Second 85 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent First . Poolg P. Dunng W. Hillg .HerbstrittgA.Vossg J.Flint .Hedleyg D.Wi1song R.Fe1ixg . Knopfg W.C1arkg D. Browng . Dunn . Herbstrittg'Miss Cozzensg .Malloryg R.SmithgD:Demminy . Menog K. Bassg M. Jansen: Dunn . Thorentong L. Zimmermang Secordg C. Stolzenberg Row l K. McKernang R. Murrayg B.Clarkg K. Hammingag M.Weedg Y.Conling J. Nagelg 1 D. Hanna Row 2 G. Searsg R. Horanburgg T. Prevatteg J. Harmong D. Shermang R. Laubackerg R. Pollockg C. Harmong D. Zakg W. Robbinsg S. Harvey: J. Smith Row 3 Mrs. Hogang K. Weirg D. Smithg L. Schwartzg M. Ryang J. McKernang D. Hendricksg L. Kuhnsg C. Hill Absent G. Groffg J. Kressg C. Thorntong T. Tothillg M. Williams O Kindergarten Olcott Absentee Row l C. Secordg C. Stolzenberg Row 2 T. Tothillg G. Holzman London Bridge at Olcott 86 ,Q l G. Egxy l 6 S9 XR! aj fi 35 5,.,- +7 E af' KVSPORTS itioning might well be the province department in its various sports ll Row 1 . Taylor, J. Porter, J. Erickson, W. Britt, P. Ammermang R. Boyer G W. Jackson, Mr. Duffy Row 2 W. Brown, R. Wempleg R. Paliag R. Valmoreg J. Schoellesg A. Kohler, R. Liddell, A. Wilkins Varsity Baseball - '56 The 1956 baseball team had a very successful season, After winning a prac- tice game against Barker, the team went on to win five of the eight leaguegames. The most exciting game of the season was played against Roy-Hart, with the Newfane nine winning, 6 to.5,after nine innings. Dick Valmore was the leading hitter for the season with a .465 batting average. This year's outlook is very good, despite the loss of seven members via graduation. May l Newfane 3 Newfane 7 Newfane ll Newfane 15 Newfane I7 Newfane 21 Newfane 24 Newfane 27 Newfane Barker Wilson Akron Medina Barker Roy-Hart Lew-Port Roy-Hart Akron 88 CexhibitionD C9 inningsD CexhibitionD Cexhibition3 4 Row 1 P. Lampmang B. Clareg J. Schultzg J. Klumppg N. Hallifax D, Stevens? J. Lindermang Mr. Landsheft Row 2 L. Clarkg M. Heddeng C. Vincentg B. Smithg D. Footeg W. Steing G. Klumppg Junior Varsity Baseball - '56 The 1956 Junior Varsity Baseball team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Landsheft, enjoyed a very successful season. After an opening game setback, the team won its next four games, and played a one all tie with Akron. The highlight of the season was a five to nothing no-hitter,pitched by Doug Stevens against Barker. Besides having a very successful season the boys gained the much needed experience that will enable a number of them to move into Varsity berths in the coming season. However, there will be some players remaining,around whom Coach Landsheft can build the J.V. team for next year. Newfane 2 Wilson 3 Newfane 5 Barker 0 Newfane 8 Roy-Hart 6 Newfane 12 Lew-Port 1 Newfane 4 Medina 2 Newfane 1 Akron l 89 Mgr E. Clareg D. Strongg R. Ascherg D. Stevens: J. Smithg R. Fralick, Mgr. Row 2 Coach Duffyg R. Reinbolt, Mgr.: R. Taylorg D. Carnegieg P. Bakerg N. Schnittkerg J. McKnightg J. Caseg Coach Landsheft Row 3 M. Heddeng W. Steing L.C1arkg J. Schoellesg B.Hart1eyg R. Paliag T. Logan The football team had an unlucky season, as they cou1dn't seem to win Football a game. They fought hard and evinced good sportsmanship at all times. We wish next year's team the Newfane 2 Newfane 7 Newfane O Newfane 6 Newfane 6 Newfane O best of luck. f Wilson 13 Brockport 31 Roy-Hart 19 Lew-Port 12 Medina 25 Albion 19 90 4.--alia... Row 2 R. FralickQAssistant Manager: Pl LampmangR. Boyerg D. Stevensg J. Klumppg 7 Varsity Basketball Although the Varsity Basketball team didn't win every game they played, far more was accomplished than is in the record book. The fellows have shown that they are always in the game fighting. The team won 8 league games and lost 6. They also went down to defeat in the 4 non-league games. Newfane represented the Niagara-Orleans League in the sectional playoffs against Sloan. Starting as a relatively inexperienced team, the players, under the direc- tion of Coach Duffy, developed into a fighting team with sportsmanship andsphit. Next year's teamxwill be without the service of eight graduating seniors. These are Paul Baker,Bob Boyer, Rod Eaton, Bill Jackson, Jack Klumpp, Bob Palia, John Schoelles, and Doug Stevens. Captained by Doug Stevens,the team scored a total of 856 points. +Newfane 45 Lockport 65 +Newfane 32 DeSales 41 +Newfane 35 Lockport 54 Newfane 56 Royalton-Hartland 53 Newfane 45 Akron 37 Newfane 70 Starpoint 40 Newfane 56 Barker 61 Newfane 35 Lewiston-Porter 69 Newfane 55 Wilson 65 Newfane 36 Medina 43 Newfane 43 Royalton-Hartland 49 Newfane 49 Akron 45 +Newfane 38 DeSa1es 51 Newfane 41 Starpoint 38 Newfane 68 Barker 62 Newfane 43 Lewiston-Porter 63 Newfane 57 Wilson 52 Newfane 52 Medina 50 +non-league 91 tg C. Klumppg D. Juddg Taylor, Mgr. Row 2 R. Goodlingg C. Vincentg S. Egglestong J. Smithg B. Smithg J. Liudermang D. Footeg B. Hartleyg B. Howard Junior arsity Basketball The 1956-1957 Junior Varsity Basketball team, composed of eleven sophomores and two freshmen, revealed players with great prospects for becoming valuable members of the 1957-1958 Varsity team. Under the leadership of Coach Landsheft, the team won five games and lost thirteen. Four of these defeats were non-leazuers. The J.V. team was composed of boys who showed good sportsmanship and a great deal of ability. 92 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row l Row 2 Row 3 . Hammond: G. Winters: R. McGuire: L. Hague: J. Hamelink: B. Smith: . Mularz D. Steen: D. Harrod: J. Woodard: D. Leathers: Mr. Wright: F. Stolzenberg: M. Schultz: G. Taylor 1 C. Livermore: L. Skutt: H. Burns: C. Taylor: G. Murphy: J. Navarre: G. Wemple: J. Berner D W Junior High Basketball G. Allen: M. Herrington: S. LaRose: R. Allen: T. Newman: C. Kreutz: J. Stark: S. Fralick:C. Howard: S. Mikits: F. Taylor: H. Weiss: J. Stark: W. Wilson G. Loeffert: M. Gray: W. Golden: T. Gregg: D. Navarro: D. Carnegie: Mr. Lederhpuse: Mr. Wilcox: P. Ryan: R. Harrison: W. Chunco: R. Hickman: D. Tompkins: D. Brown D. Goble: C. Darrell: W. Ammerman: W. Kramp: G. Robinson: J. Woodard: E.Sargent: J. Hughes: J. Rakfeldt: D. Seitz: N.Casa1inuovo: D. Horanburg: R. Badie: L. Smith 93 Tall man, Schultz. Let's have action! Mr. Wi1cox's Boys Norm, Jerry, Fred Did you make it, Fred? V 94 Sophomore All - Stars At practice. heerleaders Junior Varsity D. Erckg V. Biidgemang S. Greeneg M. Powers: S. Hiscock arsity D. Viucentg L. DeLangeg M. L. Eatong J. Van Alstyneg C. Moreyg F. Bittermang H. Placeg J. Moreyg L. Beals 95 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 G Row 1 ROW 2 . Feltzg B. Beutelg N. Marting L. Beals: D. Viucentg J. Batesg . Toeuniesseng A. Farrington . Brandtg P. Eckertg M. Eatong L. DeLangeg J. Egglestong S. Thiemkeg . Sahmg B. Reidg Mrs. Blewett . Moreyg S. Harringtong H. Placeg F. Lotzg C. Spencerg J. Clarkg . DiTulliog K. Beilein irls' Athletic Council Varsity Club . Paliag R. Wempleg Mr. Duffyg J. Schoellesg R. Taylorg W. Jacksong . Valmoreg F. Lampman . Carnegieg R. Boyerg D. Ascherg E. Clare: A. Wilkinsg D. Stevensg . Horanburg 96 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL junior High School basketball at Newfane Central was organized in December of 1953 by Mr, Wilcox, and has progressed very satisfactorily over a period of four years. Mr. Lederhouse joined the team as a coach in 1954,and Mr. Wright has taken charge of the Seventh Graders of 1956-57. The present squad consists of approximately 70 boys in the three Junior High grades. The most recent accomplishment has been the formation of a Junior High School League. Team members, in addition to Newfane, are Wilson, Starpoint, Niagara-Wheatfield, Roy-Hart, Medina, Akron, and Barker. The team had agood record for the 1956-1957 season and hopes hahave players advance to the Junior Varsity squad. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS This year two girls were chosen from each class, with three others selected gromdany of the classes in the senior high, to make up the Varsity Cheerleading qua . Selected on the basis of their ability and sportsmanship were four seniors, Donna Vincent, Carol Morey, Lynn Beals, and Freda Bittermang three juniors, Lynne DeLange, Jean Morey, and Mary Lou Eatong two sophomores, Heather Place and Joyce VanAlstyne. The squad held practices under the direction of Mrs. Blewett, and they attended cheerleading rallies in Hamburg and in Lewiston-Porter. Many new cheers were taught by the cheerleaders and learned by the students. Carol Morey and Lynn Beals have completed four years of VarsMy'cheerleading and Carol was the captain this year. The girls have spread school spirit and good sportsmanship throughout the school and have encouraged the teams during the current sport seasons. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS D The junior Varsity squad was made up of five girls from the Freshman class, instead of the four from the 7th and 8th grades as in the preceding years. The junior Varsity cheerleaders cheered only at home games. GIRLS' ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Girls Athletic Council enjoyed a successful year under the leadership of its president, Sandra Thiemke. The Council was very active in supporting sportsmanship throughout the high school. The girls also sponsored playdays involving various other schools. During the football and basketball seasons the GAC members sold pop and candy at all of the home games. In September the Council held its annual Sock Hop. The girls also sponsored a dance in the spring. An assembly was given, March 12, sponsored by both the Girls Athletic Council and the Varsity Club. Awards were presented by the GAC to girls who had earned sufficient credit participating in extramural sports. The officers for the organization during 1956 and 1957 were President, Sandra Thiemkeg Vice-President, june Eggleston: Secretary, Lynne DeLangeg and Treasurer, Mary Lou Eaton. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club was quite active this year. In the fall officers were chosen as follows: John Schoelles, presidentg Eugene Clare, vice-presidentg TGIFY We1f,FS9CfetafY9 and Robert Boyer, treasurer, David Horanburg was elected treasurer oz the athletic account. In November the club sold gym suits, and in January the senior members received their jackets. The annual Varsity Club ban- quet was held June 3, 97 SOCCER Row 1 D. Milbyg M. J. Kerwing E. Bredefeldg D. Dempseyg S. Steeng E. Mackg L. Hagueg K. Grayg L. Leeg S. Clevelyg I. Body Row 2 Mrs. Blewettg C. Goffg S. Culverwellg S. Thiemkeg B. Janasg J. Gobleg B. Beutelg J. Hermang D. Mayerg C. Torriere Row 3 J. Bberhartg K. Poyfairg H. Placeg S. Rose: N. Littleg M. Regang S. Harringtong M. Feltzg D. Erckg L. Burt K Row 1 M. Kegang Row 2 D. Milbyg BASKETBALL Row Row Row E . BADMINTON Extramurals Mackj C. Moreyg C. Torriere Mayerg J. Hermang J. Eberhart D. Milbyg M. J. Kerwing E. Bredefeldg D. Dempseyg S. Steeug E. Mackg L. Hagueg K. Grayg L. Leeg S. Clevelyg I. Body Mrs. Blewettg K. Poyfairg B. Janasg A. Toenniesseng C. Morey: J. Gobleg B. Beutelg J. Hermang D. Mayerg C. Torriere S. Culverwellg C. Goffg M. DiTu11iog H. Placeg S. Hiscockg P. Rollingerg S. Roseg N. Littleg M. Regang S. Harringtong M. Feltz 98 ACTI ITIE sff G5 3 MC g ff 3 N,-xv' K HThe long and diligent practice thatis necessary before the ballet dancers are considered ready to perform might be compared with the I xgN meetings, activities, and projects of the various extra-curricular qw organizations of the school. rs YY M. UHILTOHQ U. LEW1S? D. lV1l1I'I'2i.yg IVL. blliipilliill, J. DIHUGL Row 2 S. Hiscock: J. Bobzien: D.Pletcher: M. Fitzgerald: G. Taylor: C.Volschow: L. Just: R. Millis: D. Hanna: F. Livermore: S. Miller: G. Doxtater: S. Greene Row 3 J. Yost: B. Bnderby: J. Bye: J. Clark: B. Dowse: C. Capen: L. Valmore: J. Erickson: D. Wilson: A. LaRose: C. Spencer: J. Yaude: Miss Viverette n Row 4 K. McAllister: V.Bridgeman: S. Poyfair: GI Morse: K.Ma1loy: E. Bredefeld: Y. Wilson: A. Toenniessen: B. Janas: B. Beals: M. Powers Future Homemakers of J, America The busy Future Homemakers of America have done much to provide activities for the students of our school. The members of F.H.A. look forward annually to the beginning of the school year, when the initiation of new members takes place. After wearing odd clothing for a week, the new members are treated by the F.H.A. to a formal ball at the Park Hotel in Lockport. A semi-formal dance was given in November, and the music was furnished by Wemple's Orchestra. The F.H.A. Holly Hanging was the largest ever, this year. Over two hundred students and teachers were served dinner in the cafeteria, and afterwards they went to the elementary gym to dance, and several received gifts from Santa. The Freshmen won the prize for doing the best job in decorating their given areas. In addition to these gala events the F.H.A. has sponsored two roller skating parties, two bake food sales, a swimming party, a sportswear sale, a magazine sale, a bowling party and a spring dance. The F.H.A. has been represented at all of the F.H.A. district meetings and they took an active part in F.H.A. Week in April. The officers helped greatly to make the year H'56-'57,H very successful. These are President, Ann LaRose: Vice-President, Jane Bye: Recording Secretary, Rosalie Millis: Corresponding Secretary, Donna Lewis: Treasurer, Carol Volschow. 100 Row l Row 2 Row 3 D9-Y? B- Smith: R. ReiHb0'lt9 J. Byeg R. Albrightg R. Harrisg B. Wagnerg Stuckeyg D. Carnegieg R. Valmoreg J. Schoelles Feltzg S. Greggg S. Roseg D. Alvordg R. Alleng P. Daleg H. Weiss: Juddg C. Spencerg R. Jessong J. Pusaterig P. Rappg Miss Viverette Navarrog K. Goodlbngg J: Bates: J. Egglestong B. Bucherg M. Mularzg Hydeg P. Harding: S. Ruetherg B. Beuteg J. Logan tudent Council Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Junior Red Cross Reidg K.Ma1loyg K. Beileing J. Hillg S. Steeng M. Bradleyg P. Hardingg McAllister Hammondg H. Placeg S. MacDona1dg J. Clarkg R. Marburgg J. Hallg Lewisg Mrs. Smith Batesg L. Bakerg D. Vincentg K. Grayg K. Classg C.Vo1schowg S. Fralick .iiuuiuhf 101 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Bakery D. Stevensy R. Wempley R. Classy Mr. Weber Chambersy R. Wilsony F. Strougy L. Clarky D. Schoellesy R. Paliay Valmorey D. Jagow Fralicky R. McDonoughy R. Stuckeyy R. Boyery L. Marslandy D. Gray Casey D. Shawy F. Everetty J. Gilsony W. Reidy T. Wagner Industrial Arts Club Future Farmers of America Pedleyy A. DeChambeau Lewisy W. Baileyy W. Briggsy R. Taylory C. Ferreey B. Adamsy Ferreey S. Edmister Daughertyy A. Rogery D. Bottiugy S. Reinhardty R. Payuey G. Bottingy Egglestony A. Wilkinsy R. Pedleyy Mr. Bridges Donahuey N. Feitshansy P. Bakery R. Gardnery J. Klumppy M. Leey Stahly R. Klumpp 102 Row 1 R. Millisg M. L. Hammg D. Bottingg P. Keyesg L. Hagueg A. O'Donne1lg M. Bradleyg K. Goodlingg N. Kroppg R. Jagowg C. Kaltenbacher , Row 2 S. Reutherg J. Browug J. Hillg R. Beutelg R. Withrowg J. Whitmoreg M. Mularzg S. Lindermang B. Smithg L.Sennettg J, Dugosg N. Gaudeg J.WiHsg X Mrs. Porterg R. Pollockg T. Rakfeldtg K. Classg M. Grahamg G. Craggs R ibrary Club I R rt Club I Row 1 J. Whitmoreg N. Littleg J. O'Codnorg S. Lindermang C. Flecksenhaarg B. Haseley . ' Row 2 Mrs. Przondakg H. Rakfeldtg R. F1GChSeHhaarg R. Poyfalrg J. Scottg J. Schultzg R. Stevensong R. Daughertyg J. Smithg R. Roseg L. Sennett 103 Row 1 S. Culverwellg A. O'Donnel1g J.Whitmoreg R. Withrowg K. Grayg G. McArd1eg J. Willsg C. Urtelg M. Mularzg J. Browng Z. O'Donnell Row 2 Miss McBrieng N. Littleg D. Starrg S. Harringtong S. Thiemkeg N. Kroppg S. Poyfairg J. Searsg C. Mayerg S. MacDonaldg D. Lewisg L. Feltzg C. Eberhartg C. Harrisg Miss Heimerl Row 3 C. Moreyg J. Theisg M. L. Hammg P. Keyesg B. Barrong D. Hannag I.Bodyg Row 1 Row 2 Centorian Staff B. Feltzg D. Hughesg H. Westong S. Greenwaldg H. Rakfeldtg G. Alleng S S J. Payneg B. Urtelg K. Beilein . Greeneg J. Batesg J. A. Bower . Sahmg R. Knieserg R. Alleng Miss McBrieng Mrs. Ivesg K. Goodlingg 104 V Is that so? fmgeM1:21H. w.Higf5Qfwg.,',f ,-" AYIGESQN1 ffk' Aff . , as f' A wQ,e4 A in ' 3 . i f-wwf y ' -Q-",x n,V:H rep gm fix 7 Q, MW -I 4 s , .V g 1 A +-'-- LW 5 -1 ..-. V. a s LL , . W ' -L. fffwgf , fggmxs Do it this way. he 'N ,W . E?Q5?MQQ bg fa k?3WfH5g3y g f W'M:Ji5i Y u,f.- - : . - ,V Jn 1332- A , N xk--. Q miwfm-gm LY, ,iw 7W?Him fx ' , . ' M f H qesefww -sz f af 'I'm a Happy , H Such mistakes! Papers! Papers! Call again sometime HfTwas the night befofe Christmasn Facult lnformals NGieemingn smiles! Remember '56 Sports Nite 105 ,x INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The Industrial Arts Club is composed of a group of boys advised by Mr.Weber. The officers are President, Richard Wempleg Vice-President, Robert Class, Secre- tary, Fred Everettg and Treasurer, David Baker. They have undertaken many ac- tivities this year for pleasure and to show their ability to play together as well as to work together. They started off in October with an assembly, featuring two films1m1safety. They held two gym nightsat which everyone had a good time. A dance was mmeduled in February, and another in March. Both were well attended. They were hosts at a dinner in May, also. To top off their year a picnic was planned and enjoyed by all. STUDENT COUNCIL The officers of the Student Council are as follows: President, jane Bye, Vice President, Robert Albright, Secretary, Barbara Wagner, and Treasurer, Richard Harris. The council's advisor is Miss Viverette. The Student Councilhad quite a few activities this year. The members acted as guides for Parent Participation Night, helped at basketball games, took care of the calendar in the foyer, set up the year's assemblies, and set up the cal- endar for the next year. They've given an assembly and sponsored two dances, one for grades 9-12, and one for grades 7-8. The council is composed of students from grades 7-12. In the council there are six standing committees. They are the Service Committee, Assembly, Social Affairs, Recreational, Executive, and the Constitutional Revision Committee. The Junior Red Cross, which was part of the council last year, is a separate organization this year. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL This year, the Junior Red Cross, which was formerly a division of the Student Council, was made into a separate organization, under the direction of Mrs. Gladys Smith. The officers elected were President,Judy HillgVice-Preddenq Sharon Steeng Secretary, Marlene Bradleyg and Treasurer, Kathleen Beilein. For the first activity of the year, the members of this organization made two hundred Halloween favors for the Veterans' Hospital in Buffalo. In November, fifty favors were made for Thanksgiving for the patients in two nursing homes. As another service to the Veterans' Hospital, twenty-two gifts for game prizes were bought and wrapped. Also, a program, using talent from the grades, was presented at the Veterans' Hospital and at the Infirmary. In order to raise the necessary funds, a membership drive was conducted throughout the school, and a benefit dance, HAutumn Leavesn, was held. Gift boxes were distributed in the kindergarten through the eighth grade, and these were filled by the students. h . Some of the girls assisted in the Bloodmobile when it was in Newfane. Filling a chest with school supplies, health items, first-aid kits, and musical instruments was the largest project of the year. This chest was to be sent overseas. The last chapter-wide Junior Red Cross meeting and supper of the year was held at Newfane, May 14. The program consisted of a piano solo by Ronnie AlHmch and a puppet act given by Kathleen Beilein. 106 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA To start their steps through one more busy year, the F. F. A. boys elected the following officers: President, Charles Ferreeg Vice-President, Roger Taylor, Secretary, William Briggs, Treasurer, Bruce Adams, Reporter, William Ferreeg Sentinel, William Bailey. The formal initiation of the F. F. A. Greenhands took place, December ll, at a dinner in the school cafeteria. The F. F. A. also supported a basketball team made up of club members. Mr. Bridges, the club advisor, acted as coach. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is afunctional organization, set up toaugment the services offered by the library to the school. Members help to keep the library running smoothly, under the direction of Mrs. Jean Porter, librarian. They have work schedules set up for duty at the main desk, and volunteer additional time to help with other jobs, such as care of books, decorating the bulletin boards, typing and filing. Social functions are also planned by the club. During the annual celebra- tion of Book Week this past year, they entertained the Library Clubs of Wilson and Barker Central Schools. They have also had field trips to local library systems and other places of particular interest to Library Club members. Meetings are held monthly by the club. Officers fbr this year were President, Patricia Keyes, Vice-President, Donald Bottingg Secretary-Treasurer, Linda Hague. I ART CLUB This year's Art Club has been quite busy. Since their initiation party in October they have held several dances, splash parties, and skating parties. At the Costume Ball,held in the elementary gym May 3, a prize was given for the best costume. Officers elected for the yem:werePresident, Sylvia Lindermang Vice4 e5denL Raymond Flechsenhaarg Secretary, Helle Rakfeldtg Treasurer, Nancy Murphy. Mrs. Przondak is advisor to the club. CENTORIAN The school newspaper, the Centorian, has just completed its sixth year of publication. Again this year, as in the past several years, the staff took a trip to St. Bonaventure, May 8, to attend the press conference there. The paper is published nine times during the school year and costs five cents a copy, or forty cents for a subscription. Complimentary copies of the paper are sent, upon request, to any graduate of Newfane serving his country in the armed services. Copies are also exchanged for the papers of many other schools throughout the country. This year the Centorian staff sponsored a dance, September 21, gave an assembly, March 26, and sponsored a baked goods sale in the spring. Editors were Ellen Kolbe, Karen Goodling, and Joan Theis. Business Manager was Zina O'Donnell. Advisors were Miss McBrien, Mrs. Ives, and Miss Heimerl. 107 Row 1 J. Hydeg B. Shumang J. Dunkerg C. Dieter Row 2 C. Foleyg L. Burtg K. Beileing B. Urtelg J. Yostg R. Marburgg J. Jagowg V. Youseyg S. Hiscock Row 3 C. Justg M. Powersg G. Vickeryg D. Erckg M. Feltonq K. Feltong J. Yaudeg B. Janasg S. Greenwaldg N. Strongg S. Ruether Row 4 E. Bredefeldg S. Gasperg J. Tinueyg J. Ridhardsg B. Uptong M. Hammondg S. Millerg G. Doxtaterg S. Clevelyg T, Rakfeldtg C. Costello J ' Ch S 'o Cho Row 1 F. Bittermau- M. McKnight' M D'T 11' . . G. Speranzagfsn Harringtogu M: Lf satis. 1gg?EY, J. Buggs: B. wagner: Row 2 L. Daley S. Culverwellg P.Dale' L. Heri' D Urt 1- K G . . R P. Morehouseg D. Dempsey? J Eggleston 1 . e , . ray, M. F1tzgeraldg ow 3 C. Kaltenbacher' D Tanner: B Mur h I - ' . D - . . K. Malloyg s. PSyfa1rg K. Marshall P Y' J ussault' P' Keyes' L' Lee' 108 J Row 1 P. Eadieg B. Feltzg Miss Devereaux Row 2 J. Clarkg B. Beutelg H. Bodyg M. Grahamg J. Bernerg C. Herman: S. Sahmg M. Carltong P. Adams Row 3 G. Morseg J. Harriugtong C. Drakeg M. Johnsong K. McA11isterg S. Beutleyg S. Carltong J. Knopfg J. Bellomo Row 4 K. Classg B. Thurstong M. Berryg K. Herlg S. Greene: B. Wilson: J. Batesg L. Bakery M. Feitshausg H. Weston ' C ho S ' Ch Row 1 D' Hunt: N' Little? M' Regan: B- Martin: B. Beals- S MacDonald- L- 7393155 P- Seeloffs S- Thiemkei R. Jagowg M. Chapman-,Mrs Beccue Y Row 2 P. H3Fd1HgQ IJ. Lucasg D. Fletcherg B. Harrodg R.,Millis- N Gaude' ROW 3 LVh1tmoreE Dil Hannag J. Theisg D. Vincentg C. Morey ' ' ' - arper' . arding' P. Wagner' J. Dussault' B. K lb - 5 - . L. DeLauge: v, Capeng,B. smokey ' ' O S' ' Lmdeman' Absent L. Haightg P. Koeppen 109 Row 1 J. Rammingg J. Tompkinsg D. Steeng S. Gaskill Row 2 s. Maynardg D. Malloyg S. Mittelstadtg B. Reedg M. LaFores1:7 M- Y0S'fS F. Marting A. Jonesg P. Eckertg J. Pusateri Row 3 Miss Devereauxg V. Mroczekg B. Reidg D. Hughesg B. Smithg N. Gillg L. Muscarellag R. Stephanskig B.Phil1ipsg W. Powleyg L. Hagueg R. Millerg G. Taylor Row 4 H. Troeltzschg J. Payneg K. Davisg G. Pettitg G. Greggg J. Folsomg R. Jessong A. Farringtong J. Bowery Q. Lewisg K. Flagler: G. Kruegerg K. Gifford Seventh Grade Chorus Senior Boys' Chorus C. Vincentg G. Griffing D. Dayg D. Curtissg R. Hedleyg M. Mularzg L. Footeg R. Withrowg W. Baileyg D. Shawg W. Steing R. Harrisg R. Reinbolt Accompanist - C. Morey Director - Mrs. Beccue 110 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row l Row 2 Row 3 B. Hawkins, R. McGuire, P. Rapp, N. Rollinger C. Lutz, J, Brandt, D. Slaghtg J. Turner, G Wlnters, C Strong P Ledd S. Kuhnsg B. Poyfair G. Haight, D. Harrodg M. Babcock, C. Moon J Mulr, B M11ler, C Ba1dw1n, C. Baer, S. Falls, R. Darrell, J. Hall G. Murphy, L. Wilson, C. Taylor, F. Croft J Valmore, M L Parad1se, C. Edwards, J. Caracog F. Lotz: B. Smith, S Felton, D Hammond Seventh Grade Chorus Junior Boys' Chorus D. Barron, H. Fitzgeraldg A. Nemethg S. Fra11ck, R Ph1l11PS J. Jackson, F. Taylor, J. Williams, C. Darrell, T Newman W Harrlngton D. Goble, G. Gleasong L.Browng A. Brown, R W1lSOH, R Pratt, K Lampman Miss Devereaux f Row Row Row Row K. Goodlingg K. Hydeg J. Gobleg T. Taylorg B. Bucherg J. Stark W. Reinboltg M.Rushg M. Rhodesg C. Whitmoreg E. Brandtg P.Adamsg B.Barron R. Smithg R. Naymang J. Greyg R. Klawitterg P. Robertsg G. Redmoreg O. Kneelandg D. Gobleg D. Footeg R. Eatong D. Hasleyg V. Bridgeman D Farley: W. McIntoshg M. Blighg F. Starkg Mr. Nemethg M. Nicholasg D: Wempleg W. Burnettg R. Stephanskig R. Taylorg G. Bridgeman Senior Band Junior Band Row 1 N. WempTe9 J. Klumppg P, Unterwegerg R. Alleng S. Fuller Row 2 V. MOII1SQ T. Manny J. Parkerg P. Grahamg P. Burnsg J. Rakfeldt Row 3 T. Caudellg R. Bonig G. Carltong R. Plattg D. Perryg J, Altbachg Mr. Nemethg J. Knottg Q. Lewisg N. Casalinuovog W. VanA1styneg L. Dehring 112 V Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row l Row 2 Row 3 M A .T M J R E. O -1 W DJ 3 Q.. Of-4 C19-1 Eatong J. Goodlingg R. Wendlerg H. Place Wilkinsg W. Troeltzschg H. Covellg G. Loeffertg W. Chuncog D. Knox Moreyg J. Theisg C. Moreyg R. Wilsong C. Dussaultg J. Jacksong W.Stein Kersing R. Goodlingg T. Chambersg W. Jackson Dugosg D. Aikeng J. Starkg B. Klumppg B, Adams: S. Fralickg T. Newmang Altbach unior Band Dershamg J. Turnerg C. Browng T. Browng B. Bligh Newmang R. Taylorg J. Hallg K. Giffordg K. Jowdyg G. Wemp1egR.Phi11ips Striegelg P. Hydeg P. Seibg G. Wintersg R. McGuireg D. BatesgA. Browng Barrong L. Vermueleng G. Walkerg R. McC1ewg H. Taylor GIRLS' JUNIOR CHORUS The Girls' junior Chorus is composed of eighth and ninth graders who enjoy singing together in a group activity. They work toward the ideals of good choral singing, which are good voice quality, clear diction, and appropriate interpre- tation of songs. This group, together with the other choruses, performed in two assemblies, the Spring Concert, May 17, and the Christmas Concert, December 19. The officers are President, janet Clarkg Vice President, Judy Batesg Secre- tary, Katherine McAllister, and Treasurer, Elsbeth Bredefeld. Miss Devereaux is director. GIRLS' SENIOR CHORUS The Girls' Senior Chorus consists of those girls from the 10th, llth, and 12th grades who not only enjoy singing but desire to improve their singing abilities. Their part in the ballet is to provide the choral background music. In addition tothe chorus rehearsals, each girl isa member of a voice class, which meets once a week. At these classes, the girls concentrate on developing good voice production, proper breathing, diction, voice agility and other technical aspects of singing--similiar to the exercises at the bar which must be mastered by the ballerina. ' The major performances of the Girls' Senior Chorus were the annual Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. In addition to these events they planned to enter in the competition Festival to be held in Lockport in May, and also were represented at the Niagara County Music Festival this spring. The officers- of the chorus are President, Donna Vincent, Vice-President, June Egglestong Secretary, Linda Daley Treasurer, Laura Haightg Sophomore Representative, Darcy Dempsey. The Chorus is directed by Mrs. Beccue SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS The Seventh Grade Chorus was composed of both a girls' group and a boys' group. These young vocalists worked toward the principles of good choral per- formance. By mastering these principles, it is felt they will be prepared for more advanced singing activities in the coming years. The officers of the girls' group were President, Arlene Farrington, Vice- President, Georgia Gregg, Secretary, Virginia Mroczek, and Treasurer, Joan Valmore. The officers of the boys' group were President, Patrick Rapp, Vice-President, Gary TaylorgSecretary, Harlan Hague, and Treasurer, Quinn Lewis. Miss Devereaux is the advisor. BOYS' SENIOR CHORUS The officers of the Boys' Senior Chorus are President, Raymond Reinboltg Vice President, Richard Harris, and Secretary, Dennis Day. The advisor of the Boys' Chorus is Mrs. Carol Beccue. The Boys: Senior Chorus participated in two concerts this year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. Several chorus members attended the Niagara County Music Festival at Starpoint in the spring. BOYS' JUNIOR CHORUS B ' ' Chorus officers are President Chester Darrell, Vice Presiggit Ogiymghglailsong Secretary, Albert Nemeth, Treasurer, Stephen Fralick. This,chorus participated in the Christmas Assembly and the Spring Concert. Accompanists are Sue Bentley, Marilyn Graham, Katherine McAllister, and john Jackson. Miss Devereaux is instructor of the chorus. SENIOR BAND The officers of the Senior Band are President, Richard Wemplei Vice President, Heather Place, and Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Morey. The advisor is Mr. Nemeth. The band gave two concerts, a grade assembly, and a high school assembly. n , . t d The band has some new equipment this year. They have r1SGrS, S an Sv folders, and chairs. These, it was felt, improved their appearance, as well as their music. , , . Mr. Nemeth belongs to an organization which sends him two popular Plece? 3 month. The band enjoyed playing them as much as the audiences enjoyed hearing them. The band has grown to include about 65 players. They rehearsed MondaYS1 Wednesdays, and Fridays, first period. A large number of band members attended the Niagara County Music Festival at Starpoint in the spring. 114 FIIIW Q51 I Nw-- -,5-, -, n,, 1 l Row 1 M. Leightong C. Liddellg C. Gillisg G. McGuireg M. Chuncog L. Feltzg G. Dietzg D. VanAlstyneg M. Theis Row 2 L. Wrightg G. Vermeuleng G. Mohlarg M. Hydeg M. Rutlandg E. Barrell, G Crampg R. Neidlingerg G. Adamsong O. Browng L. Smithg M. Lotz Cafeteria qi Staff Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Neidliuger Managers Lf 0 P M. jonesg M. Miller A. Nicholas Wrights Corners Olcott 115 Row 1 J. Lovelessg E. Vincentg R. Burnett, Head Custodiang C. Hamm Row 2 R. Baker: F. Seagerg J. Dickg W. Baldwing W. Robinson: J. Briggs: G. Bain Custodians Managers Bus Drivers Row 1 E. Howellg R. Keneskyg L. Sears: L. Herlg P. Erckg R. Bradley Row 2 H. Weedg M. Bouig T. Bradleyg A. Capeng A. Campbellg L. Case Row 3 A. Seeloffg R. Olkag T. Clevelyg H. Hagueg B. Urtel 116 In Memoriam On the morning of October 22, the faculty and student body were very sorry to hear of ihe passing away of Joewinkley, beloved custodian. HJoe,U as he was known to everyone, was always ready with a smile and a pleasant word. He seemed to make troubles disappear. Joe had been at Newfane for many years, and he was loved and respected by students and faculty alike. He will always live in the hearts of all at Newfane. 117 CW 1 We 'II J WK if L U K lmwd , Q?-gy VSYJQLTJUS' 9532.5 N! Af 4 ffqal fl ov'YJIvH3 YIVIOUVTCCWICYD S QXTL rivers TM lair. Hd D J 9 4 W1 N e ve r XXV! Enola? g..+.,1' F2.IL.1xTe,M. Q I Zflgw 1 'Dou'S 'BQKIBQJQ' v I dwkzftlilkf k A fi avi E- 50? in xl U fi rs. one S rammzn 1' HES V 'DL ,T SJ0a.n "i M ld C 3 T Amp J if Forget U U nw P1.,.7.,cf QW, wsu, sum My N N f 'XX xxxx X KMKQ Sm? 5 Q A w if K W' gg j -qv 7 ELLLIS N Gfrllmd 5-- ' 4 C XJ VX our J J f GMA Y SWTYQSS ,pT'0VYK Queen 118 1 Row 1 K. Gray, C. Urtelg k. Fralickg R. Taylorg R. Stuckeyg R. Erckg R. Eaton: W. Jackson, J. Willsg L. Hague Row 2 F. Bittermang C. Eberhartg A. LaRoseg J.Dussau1tg J.Maloneyg Z.O'Donnellg J. Dussaultg K. Goodlingg C. Mayerg S. Thiemkeg Mrs. Przondak Row 3 J. Johnson, L. Bealsg J. Egglestong J. Theisg P. Morehouseg D. Vincentg E. Kolbeg S. Poyfair Senior Century Staff The yearbook staff chose the theme of ballet for the 1957 nCentury,H before the end of the school year in June. With the reopening of school in September, the members of the staff began to tackle the work involved in producing a year- book. Everyone was very happy when it was decided that a limited number of hard cover yearbooks would be made available. Each individual staff was given a list of duties and work was then begun in earnest. The dummy was set up and then changed several times before everyone was satisfied. The write-ups were written, corrected, and written again. Sub- scription blanks were seen in the hands of the business staff as the sales campaign began. The dark room saw much activity as the student photographers began to develop the pictures which were taken. Sketches of ballet dancers cond be seen wherever the art staff happened to be. As the various material was collected, the typewriters were put through their paces as the typists did their work. Last, but not least, the scissors and glue were seemingly overworked as the lay-out staff labored over the details of each page. Now you have seen the result of this work. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the ballet, HNewfane Central.H 119 Row 1 P. Harding: L. Sennettg K.Hydeg N.Gaude: J.Dugosg G.McArdleg T. Chambers, J. Brown: A. O'Donnel1g J. Whitmoreg S. Linderman Row 2 Miss McBrieng M. L. Eatong P. Ferreeg I. Body: R. Harrisg M. Bradley, L. DeLange9 J. Moreyg Miss Heimerl Business june Eggleston Ed. julia John Ellen Kolb George Cra SOU. 8 885 Shirley Poyfair Photography Roy Taylor Ronald Stuck Robert Fra Roger Erck James Dugo Cam Ed. ey lol EL lick S Thomas Chambers Junior Century Staff Junior 8 Senior Staff Members Zina O'Donne11--Editor-in-Chief Ann LaRose--Managing Editor Layout i Sandra Thiemke Ed. Carol Mayer Linda Hague. Anita O'Donne11 Lucinda Sennett Jane Brown Tyging Judith Wills Ed. Nancy Gaude Irene Body Marlene Bradley Robert Liddell Jerene Dussault Judith Dussault Feature Lynn Beals Ed. Joan Theis Freda Bitterman Mary Lou Eaton Lynne DeLange Literar Karen Ggodling Ed. Carol Urtel Patricia Morehouse Karen Hyde Joy Whitmore Phoebe Perree Art Sgorts JoAnne Maloney Ed. Donna Vincent Ed. Carol Eberhart Patricia Harding 120 Jean Morey Karen Gray Sylvia Linderman Roderic Eaton William Jackson

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