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Q E" mai ' S gf S Q ef E Q S 5 E 5 S 5? 0 52' 2 19 S Q5 Q S E S sg so S 3' ffkfcfffffs Q57 Wir, I mlulvzk A Y 'X Qi? Eg 'N A-E MM E59 , XQ bij six, E o Xws gq 1? W Nw We Q Q Ncs LONG HOUSE WW! mmm! If fl! fill llfl IWC q an f fff ,la B? M W N396 W we Qi? 1 Wk . BNMW 'sud' W My Nigga Q2 Q I W 9? W QQ -mmm 'Q as A 1' f 2 4? Q Q, r F if W 9 WN 0 , I -n-1.5-'tab Jw I QQQIAM qgevdbw CKVP Q AW MPM .9m' 60009 x 6 A ' W5 13,69 A5 Q, J 1 in 5,1 4243 ak 9 . , X if Q1 ,Y XX QM Q'Q I fQI Q ' Q , EX-LIBRIS 3211: :rE55i5E5i5E5E5E3E 5. K, KK f W 2 fi 122' J ff NE Df- CAVQ -4 , .nnnuuuuuun .uunuusuuno 1 nuunnunnnnn A nnuuunuuu I .,5Sl,gj. V5 IS! A: I' V U , :::::::....5........... 4 f km : .::::::55S5555E55i55555555555 f ze:55555555555555555555555555555 Q1 ---az -- A .5f555555'55g,55Ti5F f ' -' 155555'5'555::5:.55'55f.45.55555 yfff f f :::::::::-.. :' 5g5-f:::::: Q , 5::2::::::5::::::::::.',::::5:': ,,ff-,if ' issgswsssssssasisssas:sssaseis 1' 1555555555:55555555555555 5555555 F' F5555555555555555555555555555555 .5555555'55'"555555555f5'Z555 ':::5:::::-"::4:5. ss ' ikggssf gfjt Qbmzx MQW , Y ,!A4anuu.Az,4A,6f.4fia.!.6AaA4 0'5nodnwLa,60,4ae,,4Za,fLa6,Z2fJAnwfu ffimudf: 4. 3 Zfljnyuwjqwwwjaoawfawgfff fnmw .,Z?C0.f0 .,ZfL66, Q CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIoRS CLASSES JUNIOR HIGH GRADE QPORTS ACTIVITIES AND FEATURES Page 9 Page 17 Page A3 Page 47 Page 55 Page 71 Page 83 OUR THEME Finding ourselves in the territory once populated by members of the Iroquois Confederacy, we chose the civili- zation of these Indian tribes as the theme for our 1953 nCentury.u The basic lawor supporting framework of the Confederacy was well expressed by Alexander C. Flick, NUsing the commu- nal dwelling house, the members of the league established a league of tranquillity among their people and encouraged peaceful pursuits.N Within our school we, too, unite to promote successful daily living in the light of democratic goals. The Civil chiefs held authority over all,as does the Board of Education. The Civil Council,comprised of the eld- ers, who made and executed the laws, is represented by the administration. Representativesof each ofthe nations forled the Great Council,our faculty. We think of our senior class asthe Mohawk, mightiesttrkw of the Confederacy. The juniors couldbe likened tothe next most important tribe, the Oneida. We give the name of the third tribe, the Onondaga, to the sophomore class. The Cayugas, the fourth nation, are the freshmen. The fifth nation, the Seneca tribe,had the most members, as do the seventh and eighth grades. The youngest tribe,and the last to become a part of the Confederacy,was the Tuscarora whose counterpart is the ele- mentary grade section. Now, let us follow the trail to the council fires. 6 u L Ease: .gu,vnup is. :Q C0293 fe-3 , 0 3 ' 7 5 'fxxjz - -o Y" 'Q - an 1 -'if 1'-'QS ULJH :S "'5ftl .,,,' 23524-'Vg I F QT' : :gy .I : V .92 U - ::9Hr . :0.:' .Pease 'sf'-22' .uv 8'3- Uivi UU 'R '32-: 2 552' v 8,1580 J'-fl qJ!'sD M Pan' WHS!-S ." Q SSSQS z,'tC4, lk, -:gf JJ 3 s-.23 2 Q..Q .3 .1 an v " vu f,bi . , .. , aa:gss: ::E.g 'S' Sv: :gase- v-5 ag Sb' ,US 'z'-be - 253 P C 551: 0' " 9 -up-riff! I: '5u'0 'Q' 5. 35'-:3 a,l v:b:'E 9 '-2:22 - 0 5:0521 :Qf.'J,. 62:30 221:53 5:9-Eu! gl ll EE :SE .Si,,SiS' DEDICATICN In the four years that lr. White has been with us, he has taught various subjects, including chemistry, physics, and business arithmetic. In addition, he has aided many students in his ro11 as guidance counselor. He has been very active in organizing the seventh and eighth grade baseball and basketball teams. To Mr. White, teacher, counselor, and friend, we dedicate this edition of the uCentury.n Rv' ,. . Ssvlg 'VQUP' ,uiiv ugfif 223: g,!:Zg 35'-Pixy , .34 iv. wtf 'u 1' 12 ujslfli Ushvl, Q:1Q.. 3 gal, I'i"!' i9 "IO l"::o Vpuv 2--:vs E5":':E ' . 552553 5'0ds2 :-2:39 U - -v,' 210229 CHEF: ,f ,ggi 'Ji' 13: zlfxig 'Q U .Q A hp:-'Y' :LESSLS Suzi .Q-PJ' . I .I vF:'9 1.0 lp o,U.3 wk" :NU "Q 02:4 ' 6528" V . nl 555:58 l'E:gs 54p"V v X 'I' il ' . 522552 C 'O ::Eio 9 igilr 8352 529133 "'35'2' Q '::eS':v 55520 fiiglil 5' YO XJ xl Q 1 7 5 1 ' u X 5 1 n I U qi 5 z U 2 'Z .v 0 :rig 3 9 X u I U I I! l"I 0 Y, :SL v .4 25 . U S' ' :X r I' 0 . E 9 35 ,- l v O , . : ."' R 3 ' - .: - - OV ' 51- 'ra in : s 'si '2 szfvi l an I - 2 O : Z" ' v :5'5"5 Q T ." 2 : S 0 ' o U. U .. , , v - E v . XVI N7 QW . . , .n v' ' I 1' ' Q: A ' Y t ZZ ..-f-"-'Q - ., , ,. - , tax.. . H '-4.5, - A :e -'iiiBEWWWDS'5'?f"Q'U"'99'Al0!?"'W"l'l!!M'Ullii 'Q?"l"ll -- - , . X.. 0' . ' -. v-at - f . ' - 4' ' 'ggi' 1 M a nnnannoononoiixutiokvvl -ini? -5.-ufiifixgnnnauuunnuuunanew-Hilv'-' V . if " I i S1ih3R1?.?22.33'i,2.3.8!..3A.2v'l?3':2!!352f'11213222.-25' 7 N 1 e' ff! , 5 u.N Y 3' I 3 v v'k dl sm .S 'UW I ' S I ., ig . U U--- D . K 1 ' ' 'blog ' ! rv ' P fr':,. I av 'i,- . 'Q ,C 1? ' .5 .2 -:J V J S '51 "' Q . 5 5 ' I' Xt X NN 61 . 'X K N 'x i OUR SCHOOL MAKING OUR LONG HOUSE LONGER 8 ADMINISTRATION c 1 ,I "fl.If!I I 1 ,I I," I I H s III'94S1 fI L 9 E aw. IQIIIIISQSSI f qw , :3i,II1vg.I I , ,. . .f 1 f 1 x I I I II ' X I f x -Xxx I ffl! I ff g ' Y In 1 I f f f N X f f, 1-iz, ,Z ' ,, f I E 0 5' " f 'ff -I.A I M- ,,-. ,Qi 5461, Y.. W. wq aii ,-2, Eg I: 'Q' N IQI In BOARD OF EDUCATION lr. E. Hertel liss H. Gazelle Hoffman lr. J. DeLange 5 4 5 , lr. H. Coleman lr. L. Treichler lr. I. Knox As he jogged leisurely westward about three hundred and eighty years ago. Little Eagle Heart, young Iroquois brave, was pondering the words of his elders. Around the campfires, and on hunting expeditions, he had heard discussions about the Iroquois Confederacy - a sort of Indian League of Nations - or an Indian nUnited Nationsu, how the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Tuscarora and Seneca tribes had agreed to abolish war with one another. The Iroquois League principles were Peace, Prosperity, Power and Equity for all, and Little Eagle Heart turned these words over in his mind, trying to fit them into the pattern of his life. He gradually realized that peace would help him and others achieve true prosperity, and that prosperous and contented people build a happy and strong nation. His elders usually concurred along themselves as to these two parts of the compact. Power and Equity, especially Equity, troubled himghe had heard many lengthy debates amongthe older men about how power should be used, whetherfor aggression or self-protection, and came to the conclusion thatif he were to live a peaceful and prosperous lifehe must keep himself physically strong and mentally alert all the time, so as to gain the respect of others and deter action against him and his people. Twilight was merging into night while Little Eagle Heart meditated Equity. He had a feeling it meant that he and his people should be fair and square in their dealings with others if they were to expect others to be fair and square with them. While watching the stars as he lay on the bank of the Niagara River that night he had a vision that if the Golden Rule would be practiced by all peoples everywhere Equity could become a great living force in his world -- and in our world. ' 6 'Q hw WS . 10 A Left to right lr. George Bligh Assistant Principal lr. Clifford Bentley Principal lr. lalcoll Reduore Elementary Supervisor Th c Cvrcoi C, LL C,I-xcini IADMINISTRATION H LZ-hlfhf hr?-0 rq-l1ifo-da, oh-on-c Q5 0 9 A o5r , f-'K Q.. 'Ke -Q0 lr. Hersee Landel Business Manager Mrs. Marjorie Hillman Secretary I-:QICTTZ 4.1 'Ill' Q fi . ,ff I iffy f W f,m' 'X if p1w..Q, ff : ff ,-we II 0-If I " ff.: ' g ,j,a.11""! 'I ISI K c Q 2 - 14: il' ""llljlll:ll1-19' Row 1 Miss Kehrer, Mathematics: Mr. White, Science - Guidance Counselor: Mr. Coppola, Social Studies - Language: Miss lcBrien, English Row 2 Mr. Nickson, Language - English: Mrs. Klock, Science: Mr. Denault, Commercial SENIOR HIGH ff A , IM ' A JUNIOR HIGH Row 1 Miss McGuire, 8th Grade: Mr. Enzinna, 9th Grade: Mrs. Day, 7th Grade: lr. Aikens, Bth Grade: Mrs. Ives, 8th Grade Row 2 Mr. Wilcox, 7th Grade: Mr. Katz, 7th Grade: Mr. Carnevale, 9th Grade: Mr. Morin, 9th Grade: Mr. Schwach, 8th Grade Q 12 Row 1 Mrs. Raler, School Nurse: Miss Crouch, Librarian: Mrs.Johnson Elementary Vocal Music: Miss King, High School Vocal Music, Mrs. Przondak, Art: Miss Viverette, Honemaking Row 2 Mr. Walter, Industrial Arts - Driver Education: Miss Hiller, Physical Education: lr. Miluard, Instrumental Music, Mr. Donovan, Physical Education, Mr. Chiavaro, Industrial Arts: Miss Chiavaro, Cafeteria Manager - Homemaking Mr. Bridges, Agriculture f f ig PECIAL ARTS 1 Q 13 I BACK FROM WILSCDN Miss Shellberry OC. 0 Q J GG 055' C47 ca QQ' is Row 1 Irs. Berkemeier, lst Grade: Mrs. Morey, Kindergarten: Hrs. Daigler, 2nd Grade: Hrs. Crossman, 2nd Grade Row 2 lrs. Fuller, Kindergarten: Miss Maxwell, lst Grade: Miss Hyde, lst Grade: Irs. Putman, 2nd Grade: Mrs. Ruf, lst Grade G. G GRADES Ro' 1 lrg. Neuell' 4th Grade: Mrs. Keers, 4th Grade: lrs. Starks, 3rd Grade Ro' 2 lisg parker' 4th Grade: Mrs. Reese, 3rd Grade: Irs. Liddell, 3rd Grade 14 Row 1 liss Zimmerman, 5th Grade: liss Andrews, 6th Grade: Irs. Reblan, 6th Grade lou 2 Mrs. Clare, 5th Grade: lr. Thurm, 5th Grade: lr. Kurek, 5th Grade: Irs. Woodriug, 6th Grade y Q16 GRADES 1 ii , , f, ,cv 3' - OLCOTT Irs. Wilson, 2nd Grade: Hrs. Salisbury, 3rd Grade: Hrs. Hartley, Kindergarten, liss Cozzens, lst Grade G 1 i 1 f i 15 OUR SCHGOL HELPERS CAFETERIA STAFF Row 1 C. Liddellg M. Leighton: P. Malloy: G. Chiavarog M. Smith: G. McGuire Row 2 R. Blumerickg M. Theisg E. Barrellg R. Neidlingerg G. Mohlarg M. Chunco BUS DRIVERS Row 1 A. Capeng R. Keneskyg W. Helwigg L. Herlg S. Nagy! J. Ginty ROW 2 E. Hillmang F. Cleveleyg W. Selipg J. Ginty CUSTODIANS Row 1 L. Baldwing J. Winkleyg C. Hamm: F. Seager Row 2 F. Lesterg R. Burnettg J. Loveless: F. Scott 16 HYou, the Mohawks, sit- ting under the shadow of the 'Great Tree' whose roots sink deep into the earth, and whose branches spread out over a vast country, shall be the first nation, because you are warlike and mighty.u SENICDRS ogy e ' 'Q gi" Mlibn'L'y'f! Diff 174: E fiff' iff' l X X , X 3 If ffl ff N X N X " X f , x X XX N 1 A' K """ , .0 ' xxx! Xxx ,XX Si ik is I ',,5i6i 'X ' 'x -" mv-v 14 . '-" ,, - - ,f 45. i ,'-1, ,L Q f' -3 'N "ss as ,1l:aI, 3,1 .3 1, V 7' 17 797125 553: ,NRI .f If -f.5Z:f'7l52 7'?Io?f7 'ilu .-. , . su .Le ,..., 1--ngagw,,g?2?fg,'swgez ,- . il. XL., ,M-f..,, , W... W.. - offfes--swe?.P..,.-, ge.. . M.--as ,Ph fy..-as -M- . ssa.'?g1e25?w52sfS?.i.f?a Q el ?6a1z'Yi?5" -'fS5.I?Ieiz-- 2 SES: ffsgagfslsggsgsiligffs 15- . .ma ,,.. , . fmmwwww' Q. Q. Q. .53 Mitzi:-az1:'a: .:' - T? I aff? ...eff 1: Q-fu -- 4. a W. IQ? -..:'1':sea1I'L:'..' :.. ' I . 1151 . . . z ...Ti , .,,,.E3 wwwwwwf 'ei President T. Chunco ghetti supper, a dance of hearts with the Oneidas the found the braves getting ready to be full-fledged - sf 7 SENIOR OFFICERS W get , 1 s 1 . is 325522. l'g.5fs1s2:1"7fII .':IEi,f N., is X 4 Q A 1. - .,-a . 5 QEQQWQQQQQ - '- .-.,,. .zirlasfliiwz 53555 T ' .. 'W ,. .1 WSP' S24 -.ifi5S5?I'J..2:'-5--...H QI? 'Q Aa..-w W. we al- -14: 25" s1sfS.4?fegggs.gz -9537 glam' he . .. . .. an Vice-President Secretary Treasurer l. McCormick L. Nesseltre 6. Douglas The llohawks began to prepare at the first loon to become good braves. The legend, "Outward Bound", by Sutton Vane, was enacted by thel. Their record of achievements includes serving food to the Felt lill, a spa- . They followed the trail down Hudson River to "New York." Final ceremonies, baccalaureate and graduation, members of their tribe. Then, New York. they followed the trail that they had reviewed to SENIOR AD ISORS Miss Hiller Mr. Chiavaro lr. Walter Miss Viverette 18 George Bradley 'George' Agriculture Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Football 3,4 FFA 2,3,4 David Ascher NPeten Science and Hath Intramurals 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball 2,3 Volleyball 3 Baseball 2 Merit Roll 2 Dramatic Club 3,4 Varsity Club 4 SENIORS Robert Brancato 'Bronc' Science and Hath Intramurals 2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 4 Honor Roll 2 lerit Roll l,3,4 Radio Program 4 Dramatic Club 4 Varsity Club 4 19 Darrold Bell nBelln Agriculture and Science Intramurals 1,2,3,4 FFA l,2,3 Stage Crew 4 Marilyn Branch nlarilynn Math Intramurals 1,2 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Library Club l,2,3,4 Coralynn Brown nCora1ynnu Music Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Neuspaper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 NYSSMA 3,4 Merit Roll 2,3,4 Radio Program 2,3 Dramatic Club 4 ' SENIORS Nancy Brown "Nan" Science and lath Intramurals 1 Century Staff 3,4 Merit Roll l,2,3,4 Library Club l,2,3,4 Q20 Robert Broun 'Bob' Business Intramurals Century Staf lerit Roll 3 Stage Crew 2 scheidel l,2,3,4 f 3,4 ,4 Jo Anne Capen ll-Io Il Business Intramurals l,2,4 Century Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 Girls' Playday 4 lerit Roll 3,4 Radio Program 3,4 Cheerleader l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Athletic Council 2,3 Leland Chamberlin "Lee" Hath and Science Intramurals l,2,3 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Volleyball 3 Baseball l,2,3,4 Class Officer 2 Advisory Board 2 Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3 Boys' State 3 Varsity Club 4 Thomas Chunco Nui-ke I' Industrial Arts Intramurals l Football 3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball l,2,4 Class Officer 3,4 Advisory Board 3,4 21 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Duane Carlton nnewey n Industrial Arts Intramurals l,2,3 Boys' Chorus 3,4 Football 4 Stage Crew 2,3,4 Gary Douglas 'Frank' Math and Science Intramurals l,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 3 Century Staff 3,4 Yolleyball 2 Baseball 2 Class Officer 4 Advisory Board 4 Honor Roll l Merit Roll 2,4 Stage Crew l,2,3 Varsity Club 4 Dora Colton nboran Homemaking Intramurals l,2,3,4 Girls' Playday 4 Athletic Council 3 SENIORS Robert Flagler HB0 b ll Industrial Arts Intramurals l,2,3 Honor Roll l Merit Roll 2,3,4 Stage Crew 2,4 22 David Dallmann 'Dave' Industrial Arts Intramurals 1.2, Stage Crew 2,3,4 3 Ronald H811 I1 Business Intramurals 2,3 Boys' Chorus 3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Football 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Volleyball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3, Dramatic Club 3 Stage Crew 1,2 Varsity Club 4 Harold Garman NHHI I' Science and lath Boys' Chorus 2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Band l,2,3 NYSSIA 2,3,4 Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Radio Program 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Speaking Contest 3 53 E, A SENIGRS Arlene Harrington NAr1eneN Business Intramurals 2 Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Band l,2,3,4 FHA 3 23 Robert Gominiak NGO ll Agriculture and Science Intramurals 1,2 Boys' Chorus 3 Newspaper Staff Basketball 1 FFA l,2,3,4 Boys' State 3 ,3 4 3 Barbara Kolbe NBarb Il Business Intramurals 2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. ,John Henning nJaken ,Math Intramurals l,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 3 Class Play 4 -Football 3,4 Basketball 1,2,4 Band 1,4 Merit Roll 4 Radio Program 3 Dramatic Club 3 V9F5itY,Cl!H,Q,r 3ENIORS ,Annette Lampe I uAnnetten Art Intramurals 1 Girls' Chorus 1,4 Century Staff 3 Art Club 2 Dramatic Club 3 24 Maxine Hillman lflax " Business Intramurals 1,2 Girls' Chorus 1,2 'Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 Class Play 3,4 Honor Roll 4 Merit Roll 1,2,3 Dramatic Club 3,4 Library Club 1 f Heinz larburg 'Soup' Science Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 2 Football 2 Baseball 2 Sigma Phi Fraternity William Lamplan llBi11Il Industrial Arts Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Football 3,4 Stage Crew 2 Varsity Club 4 55 ,iv 411: E525 W' A SENIORS Marjorie McCormick ularge' Hath and Music Intramurals 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Girls' Playday 2,3 Class Officer 2,4 Advisory Board 2,4 NYSSMA 3,4 Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Radio Program 2,3 Dramatic Club 3,4 DAR Award 4 Athletic Council 4 25 Yvonne Lucas uVonnien Business Intramurals l,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2 Girls' Playday 3,4 Cheerleader l,2,3,4 Library Club 4 Athletic Council 4 Nancy llller llNanll Business Intramurals 1,2 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 2 Advisory Board 2 Dramatic Club 4 James McDonough uLefty' Math Intramurals 1 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Volleyball 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Class Officer 2 lerit Roll l Varsity Club 4 S3 SENIORS Richard Neary Nnickll Industrial Arts Intramurals l,2,3 Boys' Chorus 3,4 Radio Program 3,4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Stage Crew 2,3,4 26 Sally lcKnight 'Sal' Business Intramurals 1,2 Girls' Chorus l Radio Program 3 Cheerleader 1,2 ,2,3 4 ,3,4 Linda Nesseltre nl-'indy vw Science Intramurals 1,2 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Class Officer 3,4 Advisory Board 3,4 Honor Roll l 2 4 ler1t Roll 3 Dramatic Club 3,4 Library Club l,2,3,4 Martin Oberliller nlartee' Industrial Arts Intramurals l,2,3, Class Play 3 Stage Crew 2,3,4 all Clifford Noon Cliff Industrial Arts and Math Intramurals l,2, Century Staff 3 Class Play 4 Football 3,4 Band 3,4 lerit Roll 2 3. ,4 SENIORS Angela Palia 'Angien Business Intramurals 1,2,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3 Newspaper Staff 3 Class Play 3,4 Dramatic Club 3 Library Club 1.2 27 Radio Program 3 Dramatic Club 3 Stage Crew 2,3, Varsity Club 4 ,4 4 Randall Patterson likannyll Science and Math Intramurals l Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Honor Roll l Merit Roll 2,3,4 Art Club 2,3,4 Dramatic Club 3 Donald Palmerton llnonll Industrial Arts Intramurals 4 lerit Roll 3,4 Dramatic Club 3 Stage Crew l,2,3,4 SENIORS Howard Place nHowardn Science and Math Boys' Chorus 2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Class Play 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 NYSSMA 4 Merit Roll 1,2,3,4 Radio Program 3,4 Dramatic Club 4 Stage Crew 1,2 28 Marion Parker Wlarionu Science Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 1,3,4 Class Play 4 Girls' Playday l,2,3,4 lerit Roll 4 Radio Program 1,2 FHA 4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Carole Schultz 'Carole' Science Intralurals 1 Century Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 3 Advisory Board 3 lerit Roll 3,4 Art Club 1,2 Dramatic Club 3,4 Elizabeth Rostas NBettyH Science Intramurals 2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 Girls' Playday 2,3 Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 SENIORS Virginia Schwach nGingerH Business Intramurals l,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 1 Century Staff 3,4 Girls' Playday 4 Volleyball 3 Baseball 3 Art Club 1,2 Library Club l,2,3,4 Soccer 2 29 S Bruce Royer ll Industrial Arts Intramurals l,2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Crew 2,3,4 Bruce Stark llBud Il Science Intramurals l,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Class Play 3,4 Basketball 4 Class Officer l Merit Roll 1,2 Radio Program 4 Dramatic Club 3,4 Stage Crew 3 Varsity Club 4 Phyllis Shelton NPhilu Business Intramurals 1,2,3 Merit Roll 4 FHA 3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 f" SENIORS Robert Stephen nButchn Industrial Arts Intramurals 1 Century Staff 4 Stage Crew l,2,3,4 30 Donald Slith 'Donn Industrial Arts and Business Intramurals 3,4 lerit Roll 3 Stage Crew 4 T,,,,,,I William Stevens YINic ll Industrial Arts Intramurals 1 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2 Stage Crew 2 Lois Taber 'Red' Science 4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 p 7 AV' Girls' Chorus 1 aaa N Century Staff 3,4 ' Newspaper Staff 3,4 pgs Class Officer l 0 Merit Roll 3,4 Art club 1,2 Library Club l,2,3,4 SENIORS George Taylor nZeke' Science and Business Intramurals l,2,3,4 Century Staff 3,4 Football 2,3 Basketball 2 Class Officer l Honor R011 1,2 Merit Roll 3,4 Varsity Club 4 31 Gordon Strong uGordieN Math Intramurals 1,2 Dramatic Club 3 Stage Crew 4 John Updegrove 'Upde' Science Intramurals 3,4 Class Play 3 lerit Roll 3,4 Radio Program 3,4 Art Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Raymond Taylor l9RaylI Agriculture Intramurals 1,2 FFA l,2,3,4 I SENIORS Keirn Vincent Nvinceu lath Intramurals l,2,3 Century Staff 3,4 Basketball 4 Baseball 3 Band 1,2,3 Stage Crew l,2,3,4 32 Robert Treichler 'Boots' Business Intramurals l,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Football l,2,3,4 Basketball 1,4 Band 1,2,3 Class Officer 1 Varsity Club 4 Roger Volkstadt hu. ' Ifkoglf - - lnth and Science H.-e::::l' 1 E23Zf"'3IZl?.. 23,4 ,ggg5g':5::',2 cCltllrg1stHif 3,4 'grit 2.3 C1535 W Dranatio Glnb 3 BH' 1 Library Club 2 Class Officer 3 Advisory Board 3 NYSSIA 4 Honor R011 1,2,3 llerit Roll 4 Radio Program 2,3,4 Art Club Dranatic Club 3,4 TOGETHER I2 YEARS Row 1 A. Lampe: L. Nesseltre: J. Capen: ll. Branch: I. Billlnn: P. Shelton Row 2 J. Henning: G. Bradley: W. Stevens: R. Brounscheidel: R. Flagler Row 3 R. Treichler: R. Patterson: R. Stephen: T. Chunco: K. Vincent: G. Strong 33 I ff S ,lx fix. x . A KIA YM ZBQQUXE flffiiif L' ggpiv sa If M, , . V I JUNIOR PLAY A fd A " X A N , rl Nr 1 Seated: A. Palia, Jill: C. Schultz, Hildegarde: E. Rostas, Irs. Shermer: C. Brown, Ellie lay: I. Hillman, lrs. Dalson: J. Capen, Sally Standing: I. McCormick, Student Director: M. Obermiller, Freddie Slermer: H. Place, lr. Sherner: J. Updegrove, lr. Dolson: liss lcBrlen, Director g Absent: N. llller, Paige: R. Hall, Bob The Classof '53 presented' n three-act comedy 'We Shookthe Family Treen,by Perry Clark, Friday and Saturday, April 25and 26, underthe direction of liss Mary lcBrien. Wwe Shookthe Family Tree' concernsthe ntrials and tribulations' of a teen-ager, Hildegarde Dolson, who finds herself without a date for the Prom. Irs. Dolson arrangesto have Freddie Sher- mer escort Hildegarde. Unfortunately, Freddie's mother insists that he wear knickers all of the time. In their efforts to be sure that he has long pants for the dance, Freddie and Hildegarde create many embarrassing situations. Other mem- bersof the cast, Hildegardes two brothers, their girl friends,and the little neighbor girl add to the general turmoil. A happy ending is achieved when Freddie pawns his graduation present to buy a suit of clothes. 14 11 - 'sex U I I f H ,lx ll A55 ff .Q is 1 ' s H I M SENIOR PLAY ft lhju' U, xt f yI4linl-- c W XM ' R 'fuv ' ixxnv J QM 'Q y'K I ,"f' N, X NiWix..55:, X X Seated xht'f A. Palia .... ......... Ann Row 1 J. Henning......Ir. Prior R. Vo1kstadt....Rev. Duke I. Hi11nan....lrs. lidget B. Stark............Henry Row 2 B. Place.. ...... ..Scrnbby I. lcCorlick...lrs. Bank: C. Noon.. .... Rev. Tholson Irs. Ives........Direetor .lr. Lingley R. Hall ...... xi HX, fQN The Senior Class of 1953, under the direction of lrs. lesley Ives, pre- sented Sutton Vane's n0utward Boundn in the school auditorium Friday and Satur- day, November 14 and 15. 'Outward Boundn takes place on board ship, as seven passengers find thenv selves heading out to sea, each hound for a destination, apparently known only to the steward. One by one they realize they are At the end of the journey, five of the passengers rewarded or punished according to the life he has gers, referred to as nhalfwaysn who had attempted turn journey and decide to face life with courage dead and headed for eternity. face the examiner and each is led. The other two Passen- snicide, start out on the re- 35 PAPOGSE T0 BRAVE sf 'E wr 6 34 1' v fm ' .. AE? A - 2 at xi 9 1 . .,, - W ei? .:5: Q- ' " ' SEE- ' 151-Q L ,WM,, .. , L. L,,A M. wixiifffiiaffii 1ffi1T.lUi'Sf:f', "X" ' img-f v,,-, . if , Wim ., ,:-F. ki Lgfxiiv, --,- fu e'v5K4aL.ff , - 1 Ps aa, x '1 2 A fir - 1:32 g 'I , 2 K 35: 1sw1fz,:ffs,f,1iszifffifiifvli' diifasgiwgzffgghsifififif i - ag 15? K -:Missa ,L ' '-Slf5is':s2i:?i1.:p: , ' fy xg A y - ii, ..,v , :. , ...- .. .. ' - Eff MG wi f f 2 2 feiiifagasff521:siwVsi63Qi??f'ff-1? WGA?f1fga4SfAg:W,.f5ZmT1S'f'FT7', 1 Iii. Mag , ,, 3, 5 ,K A A Q? ,Q 5 ff ,fp -v- E ,..... Ufdbq 333 , .,,. A f--, 3 9 ' sw viagwwg pkg I,,.i553F5:-lifilll.l : ..,L. 3, 3 SX Wh if is du 5 3' MAY rg 1 5 1 3. V- 234353 3 35 3."f' 5 H i f 3:?':-.." ' 3 0,5 3 1' 3 33 P. 3 3 3fQM3g3s3fj Lw53 1 3333333 v,--vf 3. .. 2 -333 .3 2:33 fffgwf 333.333 3, .,,. A , 3 , g3m-.gW.,Q3,R,- 3 Wzasza,.:.3-wk fa,'.a:3.,f-gm Z 32w333'33333fe333,3, Q 3 --.,, .5::' ui " YOYZ 535 3 33 3 H353 f ffgfgfakgg. 22395 mm , , ., 32 " ,-':-"'H g 3. E: E':1:?35!J: -2 ' . 3- -'11 345 . f 5:-,H---f:": .3':..4.,.,, ., -..... 3. 3 - 2 a ,. ..: ,. .,:: 67445. 3 gpg ng. , 2 3 25? a vi Q V fgigwfwf, 3 da -ia 55 S? 33 wr H Hwy ww , 2 5213 3'-51.3.-,,sa3g33.,,,f1 4!fVw7ef,c! QV i 5 33+ 4 rf 55 au '1' 3-4 R 2 233 3 3 mi 1 Q W X 3" 'Z 1 ., 'F wwf-33, 3 5595 U 122' -Jax ELL! T423 ffff. 3 -- ' f 3 1533 am 11439-AY I-Paw PAPOOSE TO BRAVE 8-Z6 254' zf? -- . 1,-iw:-W, .fe Ag n fi" 'f'1:.W. H11 --'bv i. A 'al " 2'fH:ff: 12' " 5 Q4 S "i!::25:+:F5: .- H gg fi Q3 4 1 ...i Q 4 up in "' 5 1 ae W P Y Q Es 1' 451+ f 3 N Ee V NWN ' 9 L f 's 59' ae S A my M AQ? W 2 T Q' ,gs l'w w.M al Ng-Q 1 E W vig SE LS W 1 2 3 M-5 . WfW,.:?i Sm Q Y ,W ,H 3 Q 5 Z 5 A 2- x Gbdidf tx saoqi., ami yi, 'lffrwviu if is 2' wwf 0f'15f.,ZfL PAPOOSE TO BRAVE Q, L "iQgh - nw-we Ohm A 0ff'J"'w 3 5 T . gh' Mig Eid ' QQ o5.alXn-v-o.-v- ,Zh . A i ,B " Y si E Wg '.: If iiiiff ' "-L. . -11' fU : .Qf' 'fzgi ' 'VW' .1- " Nj K .W ' nf., V V- -: Q., 1 2? A - H5 fwaaazf. V,--f f A - U W. mv. - , . :VMJM 2 I : E y W 1 1f.a.J ' Q ' M- as AA,. 1 V. 4,, , - f51w-'-'-1- ' X Row-J 39 -XXL..-.L 5 , 1z.w,Aggffm,:,, S 1 251' .64 PAPOOSE TO BRAVE ,V age t T 3 fy, , ..,L,a.Siji . S W .aff ,lf ff vt' N1 I K L H' K 'JA P 1 - f 1' V " f-.. ,, ': 4-avi 355535 . . 1- 45115224 K, Zf:f2Yi2i A?Vs '1g2zi.. X 5' , U jk 2 W QE 5 was as Us ,gk 1 si Q H Q f , W " WE fi . T' J, ASQ . sz Q vw fu... L. M M ii QM? .. N 5 R, hm Ami :- ,.p L -:ii " :Q . Mm Q . W 5 1 r- x .-.1-fmmlmn ,I -- M - www, 1 ,ga jgjx,pj5,,, A AMW mg .V W 3 A 1 V32 5,1 , . nnmgu.: ff: -- w5xM1 ,, ,. , . Qiii5S?g3LLEg 5 , T X3 Q p 3 f 5 Sad W 1 Hui B, , if W xy S5 -gif. fa Egg f WW! m 1 is M Q 3 S' is S35 L f 3 'S 4 1, WWW 555 21 ,Q Y' T. 51 5 Q 53 Q33 sg W? L W 1 15 , Q W. . Wei Q W7 Zum, HMM3 B NYX'-3 L ,,,,, NIL.. we Is. J +1 ,A " x1 ri .rf 1 Wea. .N f -bfglq wif- 'Sm 'W M8315 .,q,.,:.......y, :mud vin, f 5112?-is gil' 1-:"Hfs:e5r', . wr ..... '. .yeas A---' 1 ,.--1 ,gf-, - ,gm s ,J we A 4 Z. 40 795,31 S SENIOR REVUE .A 4255? ll cgi: The Class of '53's Senior Revue was presented on larch 27 and 28, when the group took a trip to NNew York.n They conducted their audience on a tour in- cluding a visitto the United Nations and many other places of interest to every- Olle. What's ly Line? Sign in Please! South Pacific niash That lan Out of Your Hairn, Sally large,'Doing What Comes Naturallyn Annie Get Your Gun New York, New York NIt's a Wonderful Townu M Sal S b Fashion Show Oopsimsggg: a u way Easter Parade 41 CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1953 of Newfane Central School, being of sound mind and body,wdo1hereby proclaim this to be our last will and testament. e eave w at patience we have to Mr. Bentley and his facult 't b. added to that which they have shown throughout the years. y so 1 -ay e , Each senior hereby sorrowfully bequeaths his most valued or cherished pos- session to the more fortunate ones who remain behind. May the best care and use be given to these bequests. Dave Ascher wills his golden locks to Mr. White... George Bradley his rock 'em sock 'em football technique to next year's team... Sally McKnight just hopes to leave as the wedding bells are ringing, and speaking of bells, Darrold Bell wants Beverly Gray to have his car... Lois Taberis leaving her red hair to Norma Bixlerso she can throw away the peroxide bottle CDoes the temper go with it?l... That book on romance technique of Bruce Stark's is left to Elton Forsyth while Bill Lampman's freshman fansgo to Dick Lute... Martin Obermillerwants Rog Strong to have his knickersand 'Sonpy' Marburg gives his peg pants to Ruth Hyman CWon't they lookcutell... Bob Bronnscheidelleft special interest classthe second day... Shirley Malloywdllreceive Donnie Smith's job at the Supermarket... CBob Brancato leavesthe shoulders ofallthe girls to the boys who want theml... Jane Wolford's trip to New York in the middle of March goes to next year's Senior Revue... The ehnlrmanof next year's Learn-To-Dance getsthe bunny-hopfrom Randall Patterson... Bruce Boyer bequeaths his morningnaps in historyto John Williams while it is the wish of Marilyn Branch that the driver of Bus 2 receive her driver training ex- poslence... Tom HaHdfax inherits some freckles from Barbara Kolbe... Roger Yolkstadt leaves Miss Kehrerin tears... lntne dramatics department, Marge McCor- mick leavesher aristocratic air from 'Outward Bound' to Mr. Carnevale and Maxine Hillman leaves her abilityfor portraying maternal roles to Bev Neidlinger... Bob Treichler nills ds dribbling techniqueto Bill Britt... Linda Nesseltre bequeaths her glassesto the basketball referees ilake good use of theml... Thatcm , calm, collected manner of her library cart to to Tommy Jones CP.S many voices to have ance record to Rose to LaVerne Moonl... John Henning'sis left to Barb Ammerman... Nancy Brown leaves Sandra Truax and Virginia Schwach gives her telephone number Tom, it's 4464J... Coralynn Brown wants Mr. Coppola and his her solo parts in chorus... George Taylor leaves his attend- Volschow... CThe cheerleading ability of JoAnn Capen is left Betty Rostas leaves her quietC?J manner to Claudia Wilsonemd Ronnie lebb receives the senior paint brushes and posters of Annette Lampe... Ronnie Hall bequeaths his salesmanship ability to Mrs. Klock while that 100 bus service from school to Stierly's is turned over to Don Klumpp by Gary Douglas... Dora Colton wills her energetic and peppy ways to Bill Brado... Ruth Bruning in- herits the nightly hitch-hiking from Lockport of Nick Stevens while Bob Gominiak leaveshis escapades in chemistryto Carol Harding... Lee Chamberlin just left his quiet manner in his junior year... The love problems of Nancy Miller go to Pat lilcox... Richard Neary leaves his Lockport girlsto anyone who has that Don Juan technique... Phyllis Shelton wants next year's FHA treasurer to have her long hours in the homemaking room while Richard Newman will receive Dave Dal1man's trips to the health office... Gerard Schwach will get that Ncharles Atlasn look of Jim McDonough's and Rosemary McLean receives Marion Parker's athletic ability... Regretfully Angela Palia leaves her Edith Head wardrobeto Kenny Liddell and with just as much sorrow Cliff Noon bequeaths his 'Scope Doodlersn jacket to Marsha Powers... Bob Flagler leaves his heartline calls at Stierly's to the girls who have to answer the phone,while the blind dates of John Updegrove are bequeathed to Russell Taber... Duane Carlton leaveslds attraction for women teachersto Paul Wood... Barb Goff is to receive Ray Taylor's morning saunter to catch the school bus... Next year's senior president receives TomChmwo3 favorite saying in class meetings, nLet's keep it downn... Harold Garman wants Sally Schoelles uohave the chairmanship of senior activities and Arlene Harrington leaves her late hours to Roselyn Rush... Yvonne Lucas leaves her Middleport npicklesu Csweet?J to Millers Pickles, Inc...The basketball trips of Keirn Vincent go to Ronnie Liddell... Don Palmerton bequeaths his back-stage work for the Stage Crew to Mr. Chiavaro while Butch Stephensleaves ds fur trappingto Jack Eaton... Howard Place giveslds posi- tion as the nPied Pipern of the NCS band to Jeanette Kolbow... Gordon Strong has tender memoriesas he leaves math classes... Carole Schultz bequeathsthe joys and sorrows of the nCenturyH to Dorothy Weinheimer... We hereby appoint the Class of 1954 executors of this will. Class of 1953 42 'And you, Onon- lagas, who have your habita- tatiou at th 'Great louutaiu' and are over shadoued by its crags shall be the third nation because you are gifted in speech an mighty in war Oneidas, a people who recline on your bodies against the 'Everlasting Stone' that cannot be loved, shall be the sec- ond nation, because you give wise CLASSES , R-12 'aku Chciihi wg Mia TSW' X . Xxx f ,AJ 1 I sa V 4 f '- Q .XS Jxxxull ff! f ZUjY , XS ft VW fj we ff S Qt S, S - X S N 1X 'l , ' 04" Q xx 531.34 counsel. ff I Q X X I QGSZMU .I we J xA 2 :ling '61, bfi ms ,Q xxx N - I V, Wg vm 'I get if ,fit 'ala' nv Qwep 1 fl X X 'xqQM 4 QI 31 iff "1 X X 'xmVffN lit!! I, TL- I1 Qgy Wlhhuo ,W f xv ' YMQ! QM vi-1m?w . ff sw 2 Nxfix it MW IA 1 N x K iff f f, 1 f f !gXt,XX XX pxx Iii? ff 1 az!!! 45312, Y "' ,4r9 ff' i'f23F ,,g- V -'.L:, .l X . Q:a:5ifN'w'E, 'Who ,, , I D. Deci, treasurer CLASS ACTIVITIES JUNIOR DFFICERS Seated D. Keirn, president Standing C. Dussanlt, vice-president: I. Brado, treasurerg R. lyman, secretary The Oneidas chose as their leaders: chief, Darr Keira: medicine man, Carol Dnlsanlt: recorder of legends, Ruth lymang and keeper of wampun, William Brado. 'School Dane' booklets were bartered so thatthe young braves could exchange their totem: with one another. The Oneidas invited the lohamks for a harvest dance daring the October moon. The lohawks smoked a peace pipe with the Oneidas daring the lihter moon. The Oneldas enacted a legend, 'A lind of Her Oun' by Anne Ferring Weatherly daring the rain moon. I Totems in the form of booster pins and lapel pins mere traded during the various dances. Big pow-vous were held after mock battles on the basketball court. The final dance of the Oneidas before being graduated into Un lohawk tribe, was held Friday, lay 22nd, The Oneidas also assisted the lohawks in their final step toward becoming braves at Class Night, Friday, June 5th. A SOPHOMORES OFFICERS The Onondagas made much uanpum just be- fore they became full-fledged braves. During the September noon protective skinsor book covers were bartered. Throughout the ten moons this tribe guarded the posses- sions of visiting tribes for a pow-won. One dance for which they invited the other tribes was held on Sadie Hamkin's Day. Their final pow-wow of the season was G. Mael, vice-preSid6li telling legends around the council fires. D. Klumpp, president C. Liddell, secretary 44 Row Row Row Row Row Row S. Tucker: R. McDonough: M. Sander: P. Wilcox: C. Harding: S. Malloy: J. Bush: C. Wilson Mrs. Klock: E. Lingle: R. Wyman: M. Powers: B. Harding: R. Volschowg R. McLean: B. Goff: Mr. Coppola R. Newman: K. Liddell: W. Brado: G. Schwach: T. Halifax: D. Keirn: H. Pet JUNIORS D. Weinheimer: C. Dussault: J. Hague: R. Bruning: R. Rush: N. Bixler: l. J. Kropp: R. Wilson Miss lcBrien: B. Ammerman: B. Neidlinger: C. Sherman: B. Gray: D. Clare: F. Payne: S. Schoelles: Mr. White R. Lute: K. Cooper: L. Wilson: L. Williams: R. Strong: T. Kaczor: C. Henderson: T. Jones 45 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 S. Grauer: A. Harding: S. Baker: J. Beutel: N. Warren: P. Stookey: L. Moon: Y. Lovewell: J. Adams: G. Maelz L. Hodom: C. Strong Mr. Denault: E. Schoelles: J. Hass: N. Bradley: R. Roberts: G. Cook: B. Reed: R. Nicholas: R. Pettit: D. Robertson: M. Culverwell: E. Phillips: C. Liddell: Miss Chiavaro H. Ranney: D. Klumpp: D. Ortman: R. Wemple: W. Laskey: W. Stephanskl: D. Wright: E. Forsyth: R. Taber: W. Rutland: J. Updegrove SOPHOMORES P. Stierly: N. Sturgess: N. Stark: M. Pedley: F. Meyers: W. Bobzien: E. Gibney: M. McArd1e: P. Lucas: S. Schnittker: M. Rann: A. Ehrenhardt: B. Colton: M. McKnight: J. Mularz: D. Deci: J. Eaton: H. Rakfeldt: D. Miles: A. Payne: J. Obermiller: J. Robertson: N. Phillips: Miss Kehrer S. Stevens: J. Williams: C. Porter: R. Ball: R. Pettit: R. Lamb: M. Volschow: H. Dieter: W. White: B. Gominiak 46 JUN16If-WG I I1 :Z ,I li ,QQ n if xx I by L ,, like ,h 5 fl, N? Il Q xx . f""l 1 Yfx W x QA 'YZSZX If 'X I f -. V+-' ,2?5 X' 'iii A "And you, Senecas, a XWQ' , 4 N people wh'o live in the 4 n'f'i1 9Q aqynmni-i,qf, ' 'om comfy- -nd vos- X sess much wisdom ' ' shall be the fifth F, N, f I , lm5i'W9'EfQg.j,ff',yj , nation, because you r H "5 understand better the -X ' I -Q1"f'f' ' 24, f a art of raising corn iq? E1 I -' '14 N and beans, and making 1 "4 s erif' of cabins." Q 1 -1 1? tw X N-Skff '- "' W ' 0 sf- ' rt I f , X U u f nAnd you, 2525 f -. S'i X Cayugas, Z? L I whose hahi- ji, R !x,fx , tation is , ' in the 'Dark Sgr , X A Forest' and 9 whose home is everywhere, n -NN shall be the W X I Y yy fourth nation, X X If '-if because of EQ U KN CX your superior I f N ,Ffh cunning in I t - fi hunting. " 'QQ' BVS-.X 141 of 'W X , , CJ N t va G M 2X.,- "y -v'. ' " 1 1 , ,. 1 mfiaaihxt ,ff -f ,, ,r M, 'vsiiassir ' K X.. ax' -M M:-'-zfgvhg-"?,?11l ' ' W 'fsfwun ' ,'QQ'ff,J ..--1" L. -X 'iq-mt K - ,-ER' x Q-:-. E " " -'ff 0: Ex 5' ,,,,, J: LA .gt X f , G A ' Vnnrn ,c JUNIOR HIGH ACTIV'TIES FRESHMEN OFFICERS Seated R. Liddell, president Standing J. liller, secretary, P. Ammerman, treasurer, D. Bates, vice-president .The Cayugas began their initiation ceremonies by serving their tribe hy trading pencils and programs at the mock wars on the basketball court. They gave a program of the nmasksn and sang the songs of the tribe and per- formed a ghost dance. Harvest moon found the Onondagas guests of the Cayugas and games of skill were performed. EIGHTH GRADE At the close of our eighth yearin the Long House we know that soon we shall be qualified to sit in council with our elders. In preparation we have delib- erated among ourselves, discussing questions of importance to us and to the rest of the world. We have found that in freedom it is necessary to let our neighbor speak,and to give his idea our grave attention. We have heardsdn legends handed down by the story-tellers, and have set in wampum the beauty of the snow, the stars, an autumn day. Nor have we neglected the history of the Long Heulez the deeds of our fathers are a lightto illumine the trail of the future. Our bodies and our minds are strong through work and play. Hear us, chiefs, for we are no longer children. SEVENTH GRADE People of the Long House, hear now the legend of the young braves of the seventh clanof the Oneidas, Keepers of the Council Fire. During these ten moons we have learned from our walks through the country of our fathers hom the brook has formed its bed, how our wild brothers live and how the clouds call the weather. We have sat at our council fires while our leaders told us of the great deeds of the mighty Iroquois and, though we have not been there, we can trace their trails alongthe great 0ntario,the mighty Mohawk and Hudson. We have learned how to make good trade with our wampum and how to trust one another. We have fought mock battles on the basketball and volleyball courts duringour gam- ing period. We have kept our bodies fit on the great field outside the Long House. We have learned, these many moons, the things that a good brave should know. Here, then, is our legend. 48 Row Row Row Row Row Row S. Yaude: M. Jones: J. Miller: R. Kaufman: K. Gifford: R. Br0UnS0heidel: P. Ketch: R. Miller: R. Thorsby: J. Baldwin: R. Peters: F. Folsom: C. Walker Mr. Enzinna: B. Sims: S. Lewis: J. Perkins: L. Knowles: N. Preston: S. Wood: P. Neary: N. Haines: M. J. Morson: D. Harrington: C. Rutland: M. J. Shelton: S. Howard: Mr. Nickson W. Brown: L. Harding: A. Klumpp: E. Kerwin: M. Parker: J. Porter: W. Kropp: R. Kramp: C. Smith: R. Stover: A. Vonsik: F. Larkin FRESHMEN N. Palia: S. Brewer: M. Dodge: J. Bates: J. Kolbow: S. Truax: C. Garman: T. Bangs: M. Ammerman: C. Pettitt: D. Hillyard: N. Gibney: M. Cathcart: D. Bates Mr. Morin: D. Payne: P. Bobzien: B. Nevin: J. Large: M. Arter: L. Buncy: D. Edmister: G. Taylor: J. McKnight: P. Linderman: A. Blumrick: C. Aderman: Mr. Carnevale M. Smith: R. Liddell: J. Rendall: G. Eberhart: J. Erickson: G. 0'Connor: G. Greenbush: A. Kohler: W. Voelkerg A. Bell: D. Reinbolt: E. Pipiles 49 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row Row Row Beals: G. Mear: J. Martin: F. Donahue: E. Kubiak: P. Munger: J. Croft: Helwig: D. Gow: E. Mack Liddell: C. Goff: F. Bitterman: H. Burns: P. Parker: M. Harper: Wilkins: N. Connor: R. Taylor: Mrs. Ives 0'Donne11: R. Thompson: D. Felix: W. Hoy: D. Sargent: R. Bistoff: Albright: C. Morey EIGHTH GRADE . Jackson: D. Fletcher: R. Olka: J. Wills: G. House: K. Gray: H. Myers: . Morehouse: D. Hornburg . Briggs: B. Donner: J. Trynadel: J. Schoelles: R. Stuckey: P. Baker: . Payne: J. Bye: Mr. Aikens . Grann: E. Dale: N. Kropp: K. Goodling: E. Kolbe: J. Thies: P. Hammond . Skutt 50 I Row Row Row Row Row Row R. Erck: J. Johnson: K. Wright: W. Nevins: W. Britt: R. Class: J. Powers: D. Hedley: C. Urtel J. Dussault: R. Wemple: C. Mayer: R. Kerwin: H. Ortman: K. McKnight: J. Dussault: J. Shuman: Miss McGuire C. Eberhart: T. Stupnick: L. Dale: A. LaRose: B. Wagner: S. Thiemke: J. Eggleston: L. Hague EIGHTH GRADE J. Bell: G. Nikitas: J. Farewell: J. Klumpp: C. Stover: J. Swift: N. Hickma R. Fralick D. Stevens: T. Brown: F. Everett: D. Lewis: B. Martin: J. Condren: R. Palia Mr. Schwach , R. Eaton: C. Harding: D. Vincent: A. Wheatley: A. Day: T. Ryan: E. Skutt 51 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Robertson: N. Howard: S. Donahue: N. House: G. Kneiser: S. Linderman: Parker: A. 0'Donne11: R. Fisher: S. Harrington Chapman: T. Clark: B. Barron: D. Culverwell: R. Pedley: M. Martin: DeCar1o: M. Day: R. Bates: M. Hamm: F. Strong: Mr. Katz Kipfer: B. Brandt: R. Scott: 0. Jeffery: W. Judd: W. Bailey: J. Glose: Taylor' R Hallifax: E Stahl . Chapman: R. Ferree: J. Stephanski: C. Mower: T. McMillan: M. Elster SEVENTH GRADE Schnittker: M. Mroczek: J. Stuckey: J. Atwater: R. Cameron: L. Lampman Leavitt: A. Wilson: R. Meyers: L. Sennett: R. Aikin Miller: E. Ehrenhardt: L. DeLange: J. Morey: S. Leibring: M.L.Eaton: Dale: N. Little: F. Felix: L. Drake: L. Clark Reinhardt: E. Sherman: E. Clare: F. Schuster: M. Bradley: P. Harding: Hartley: R. Sims: S. Donnor: D. Schoelles 52 f Row 1 D. Strong: J. Brown: C. Miller: T. Weir: J. Gilson: C. Bassler: C. Hunt: R. Warren: G. lcArd1e: B. Hammond: R. Reinbolt Row 2 E. Poyfair: J. Hun: S. Culverwell: H. Poole: W. Stein: R. Bradley: D. Adams: R. Kipfer: N. lartin: B. Enderby: E. Craggs: Mr. Wilcox Row 3 G. Donahue: A. Kranp: R. McDonough: J. Ergott: S. Miller: J. Brown: J. Whitmore: N. Guade: W. Reinbolt: M. Hughes: R. Tucker Absent K. Hyde: F. Greene SEVENTH GRADE JUNIOR HIGH INFORMALS 5 AV' -5757 k7'VWEii5T'f, 5 J 'w'-'U-Sf' ' 'V ws , -.3-JG. .-311125: ?3'f'k5GEE.9?Z if-bf:-1 -f Q . fa. 'U -f ,M .,., W. W..- M. ., ., .V , . :,x f ' . X, , :V f-2. -'f- . . A f' Y ff? 572 gl V . if Q 5 ,Q . 3 ' 5 fl. W . xg. 3,-gi: , , gigs W ,W K , ,aw ,, 71, .L : - - ushevs A Ladyu The Freshman Assembly V if .WW v- Gandy Dancer's Ball F ,, ,-,. .. .4 3 'g?IH?'Ma d A VA ZESQQTEJ xy me Y' has H wut.. EQ-,5 ,"' , .Lt g vs .1 , ,, K C ft ' Q ' ' A .. , .af--,z .--,.. ,-.- 1 ' K jg! , Wa Back When 7'M y Carol, Jean, Mar Lou Y From Bach to Boogie 53 ,- Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Ron 4 Byerly: D. Hawkins: C. Bangs: R Sipple Johnson: F. Zehr: P. Ferree: G. Chapman . Webb: P. Wood: J. Stephanski: M. Golden McGowan: K. Hyde: M. Jones: K. Poyfair: lcKnight: J. Grann: E. Sharpe: C. Ferree: W. Ferree: C. Helwig: Schoelles: D. Schrader ABSENTEES Newman: H. McPherson: G. Chapman Gominiak: F. Lampman: B. Hawkins Gleason: W. Golden: T. Taylor: R Hillyard: C. Howard: M. Jones: D Fisher: B. Hawkins: S. Hiller: E withrow: E. Buczkowski: P. Sherm Dennin: D. Perry Dwyer: K. Withrow: R. Marburg: S Winters: V. Hickman: F. Howard : P. Kessler: R. Barachman: P. Harding: : L. Hiller . Withrow: R. Millis: T. Chambers: . Ferree: P. Ryan . Bell: G. Edmister: J. Lesser: an: P. Culverlell: C. Moon: G. Zastrow: . Sahm: T. Gominiak: D. Sweeney: T. Major 54 GRADES ..o"""u,,N v X Ap J' d A 8 . sl f 3, , The Tuscaroras ' ff ,the youngest of the 'd :Jw Iroquois League,had joined the five tribes late, as have our own grade child- x f 'Q ren in the new Long House. 1411 J QR if 7 J Nh' ---- i ' kx ffls ' 1 2 1 1 X X 1 ' QW, I I x ..-V. ,, X ' s 7' W , I ,-" " .. In 1 f A . J , u 414, "' li ' 1 A------ ': f , . W' .-.v:---- g.' S. -Y - h. k v w- Q V' Em? ' , few-'Q' ' ' 1, f 5?-'xasggfyih ati N r 1 -1 N ' 1" ' ' 1 , . x xx l xx Lf! 1 1, Q :H 5 f' E - V N- , Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Shaw: V. Burns: S. Steen: S. Parker: P. Dale: A. Paradise: Kaltenbacher: L. Just: J. Frey: G. Griffin Shuman: R. Hickman: R. Wilson: J. Bobzien: P, Wagner: I. E. Condren: Wilson: J. Eberhart: J. Johnson: I. Unterweqer: Kiss Andrela Linderman: B. Stookey: D. Gray: D. Hunt: D. Day: D. Felix: G. Klulpp: Tanner: J. Case: S. Nicholas: R. Goodling SIXTH GRADE . Capen: N. Feitshans: L. Herl: G. Schultz: l. Wills: W. Clay: R. Hedle . Baker: C. Volschow . Feltz: R. lliller: E. Schwach: R. Burns: D. layer: J. Hughes: C. Wood: . Weaver: G. Donahue: P. Seeloffz Irs. Smith . Stupnick: B. Muir: B. Hillyard: l. Hedden: D. Foote: S. Eggleston: . Martin: J. Briggs: E. Connor 56 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 N. Hallifaxg I. Stover: E. Monts: R. Klumpp: H. Covell: J. Atwater: R. Ascher R. Wood: G. Paradise: B. Harrou: E. Donahue B. Beals: H. Regan: J. Erickson: H. Place: R. Flechsenhaar: D. Polacci: J. Knowles: C. Vincent: H. Linderman: J. VanA1styne: P. Liddell: lrs. Reblan ' J. Brandt: E. Howard: J. Lucas: J. Wendler: F. Skutt: D. Dempsey: D. Gow: l. lularz: K. lalloy: J. Clthcart: J. Harrington SIXTH GRADE Row 1 J. Hill: B. Murphy: L. Foote: G. Bridgeman: V. Capen: G. Cooper: I. Rush Ron 2 I. Ives: C. Fahs: P. Wheaton: R. Pollock: E. Sanders: D. Judd? H' DiTll11i06 Hrs. Woodring Row 3 S. Murray: R. Burns: F. Lampman: J. Dugos: W. Gillis: C. Stover: E. Skutt Absent R. Withrow: T. Chambers: H. Hillyard: R. Millis 57 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Strong: R. Mosure: D. Horanburg: F. Livermore: D. Atwater: N. J. Kerlil: Gray: L. Baker: J. Lewis Bellomo: R. Schnurstein: W. Ammerman: E. Dowse: R. Moore: D. Erck: Martin: W. Neary: L. Burt: Mrs. Clare Bush: R. Drake: A. Toenniessen: S. Greene: C. Rendall: J. Stark: Simms: L. Simpkins: S. Greenwald: D. Holtz Sweeney FIFTH GRADE Fleacsenhaar: G. Teague: J. McKnight: R. Marsland: S. Miller: J. Clark: Smith: G. Loeffert: C. Hughes Harrington: F. Hughes: J. Briggs: L. Flagler: F. Cheasty: N. lurphy: Mohlar: D. Brown: L. Frey: Mr. Thurm Hammond: C. Pedley: N. Watier: D. Schumacher: E. Tremmel: D. Tothill: Denny: R. Poyfair: J. Shaw Taylor 58 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Keryk: D. Ruether: W. Wilson: G. Taylor: H. Rakfeldt: G. Hotaling: Branch: R. Strong: W. Kramp: S. Edmister Feltz: J. Yaude: R. HcKernan: R. Bell: R. Meyers: K. Hackett: K. Owens: Brandt: K. Ta99: V. Bridgeman: lr. Kurek Powers: l. Hammond: P. Ryan: S. Cleveley: D. lilby, S. Blackley: J. Lutz: Klulpp: M. Felix FIFTH GRADE Allen: T. Leavitt: J. 0'Connor: D. Upton: Y. Wilson: G. Robison: J. Goble Crawley: B. Hartley Dieter: P. Flagler: B. Sherman: D. Tompkins: S. Donahue: R. littlestadt: Stupnick: G. Budde: J. Smith: Miss Zimmerman Sheehan: D. Navarro: T. Gregg? H. Graham: D. Brown: B. Janus: l. lartin: Lalont: L. Stevenson: R. Sage Major 59 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row l Row 2 Row 3 S. Bixler: M. Herrington: R. Wilson: G. Platt: D. Wood: C. Costello: E. Sargent: O. Kneeland: D. Seitz B. Feltz: J. Hyde: B. Urtel: C. Foley: S. Tothill: L. Mayer: J. McCoy: C. Dussault: B. Shuman: Miss Parker E. Kolbe: J. Stark: M. Johnson: C. Reid: N. Strong: B. Bucher: R. Vosburgh: F. Croft: G.'Walker FOURTH GRADE L. Baker: C. Oakes: K. Class: S. Miller: J. Hughes: J. Horner: D. Harrington S. Reuther: J. Rakfeldt: C. Smith: D. Voelker D. Murray: A. Johnson: M. Munger: L. Bangs: P. Adams: S. LaRose: R. Allen: M. Rhodes: B. Cook: D, Schultz: R. Phillips: Mrs. Keers Miss Adcock: S. Fralick: L. Brown: J. Williams: S. Bentley: B. Upton: M. Voght: J. Bates: K. Lampman: C. Darrell: C. Just 60 Row 1 R. Hedley: C. Drake: H. A. Brown: J. Clpen: H. R. Iendler: J. Dunker: S. likits: S. Row 3 I. Chunco: H. J. Tinney: Absent D. Ferree: T. FOURTH GRADE Row 2 Polacci: l. Allen: D Goliniak Row l H. Burns: R. Baker: R. R. lheatley: B. Hiller Ron 2 l. Blackley: S. Kuhns: I. lularz: J. Pusateri Row 3 I. Kaufman: W. Gillis: J. Parker: C. Wylamz I Schuster: L. Paradise: S. Sterling: F. Taylor: T. Rakfeldt: Berry: P. Thompson: H. Weiss J. Berner: J. Jackson: J. Oakes: D. Barron: H. Frey: J. Knoff: Irs. Newell G. Schoelles: K. Hurl: M. Feitshans: R. Feeter: . Goble: D. Knox THIRD GRADE Knieserg P. Heddon: R. Platt: F. Stolzenberg: K. Fans : L. Stolzenberg J. Thompson: L. luscarellaz D. lcClew: R. Schuster: : D. Wilson: D. Steen: HIS- H6050 E. Samson: J. Steadnan: E. Baker: G. Cheasty: . Hum 61 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Ron 2 Row 3 Absent JIM Mroczek: M. Babcotk: G. Altbach: D. Payne: E. Collins: C. Taylor: Thompson: G. Murphy: P. Smith: B. Phillips: J. Turner Malloy: S. Gaskill: A. Jones: D. 0'Connor: D. Bates: F. Martin: J. Knott: Miller: S. Budde: S. Maynard: Mrs. Liddell Urtel: D. Simpkins: D. Harrold: W. Powley: H. Hague: D. Brandt: G. Grann: Hughes: C. Baldwin: R. Rendall THIRD GRADE Powley: L. Wilson: K. Flagler: K. Gifford: J. Payne: J. Folsom: J. Caraco Taylor Navarro: D. Wheaton: C. Merrill: S. Mittlestadt: R. Miller: J. Berner: Maxwell: J. Tompkins: R. McGuire: Mrs. Starks Hamelink: G. Pettit: J. Eberhart: R. Jesson: R. Weaver: F. Lotz: C. Baer: Darrell: J. Muir Withrow Edmister W9 62 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Navarro: B. Mann: E. Muir: D. Greenwald: K. Gifford: S. Schultz: S. Sei z Klein: M. Pisarski White: T. Monts: G. Teague: M. Beals: D. Gillis: B. Miller: J. Liddell Klumpp: R. Burt: Mrs. Daigler Shelton: F. Bradley: J. Briggs: C. Seager: S. Sahm: B. Burnett: S. Bran t Griffin: J. Luckman Hardy SECOND GRADE Hale: J. Goodling: S. Bobzien: R. Clark Brown: J. Morey: J. Gillis Barachman: G. Mayer: J. Cash: L. Sharts Loeffert: G. Goodling: J. Chapman: Mrs Dodge: C. Burns: G. Dale: R. Johnson: P. Herrington: A. Taylor C. Whitmore: J. Manning: L. Eggleston: D. Kerwin: Crossman Quinn: E. Johnson: H. Taylor 63 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent VanA1styne: J. Leibrinq: J. Pettit: D. Aiken: A. Zoss: L. Marsland: Branch: K. Harry: G. Upton Voelker: D. Shulan: G. Taylor: D. Horning: R. Hackett: C. Stark: Newman: H. Schuster: Mrs. Putman Darrell: L. Martin: R. Slith: D. Schryver: D. Brown: L. Covell: G. Clarke: HUGHES Withrow SECOND GRADE Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 FIRST GRADE Owen: M. Strong: R. Culverwell: G. Erck: D. Sterling: P. Roberts: Watier Burns: Durkee Little : C. Schoelles: G. Maynard: M. A. Lennon: L. Phillips: L. Cammorre: Jesson: D. Hale R. Altbach G. Blumrick 'D. Clarke: M. Owens: F. Stark: M. Muir: F. Hammond: C. Hoetz: B. Erickson: H. Cash: Miss Maxwell J. Gleason: C. Emery 64 Row 1 P D Row 2 R P Row 3 E P Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Covell: n. Seefeldt: B. Blighi c. New-na S. IGGONM 5- Br0'1"""1d'1' - P, U : C. Miller grizizn: J. agiizigeg. Brown: K. Kahler: S. Rendalli R' 93191015 J- F1533 Fay- R. Granng Miss Hyde . ' Fienelkorn: P. Burnt: T. Brandt: F- Hillyard: C- J0'dYf T- Sargelt' Covell: T. Murphy: D- JOUUSUUK FIRST GRADE T. Brown: W. Steen: T. Parker: I. Enunson: I. L. Licata: P. Culverwell: G. Turner: R. Gloseg J. Striegel: C. Brown S. Stephens: P. LaRose: G. Redlore: K. lilby: C. Rhodes: D. Craqgs: J. Hausnan: D. Hoy: P. Foley: R. Raetz: Irs. Ruf B. Kuhns: K. Smith: D. Price: R. Pettit: J. Stolzenberg: P. Hyde: F. Neubecker: D. Goodlander: C. Brown S. Hiller: F. Howard 65 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Seib: S. Lewis: D. Price: S. Eberhart: R. Wright: S. Fuller: J. Hotaling Bates: M. Covey: D. Shuman Duhow: C. Feltz: L. Milward: J. Platt: A. Taylor: J. Israel: M. Tinney: Tompkins: G. Sterling: Mrs. Berkemeier Caraco: P. Wheaton: J. Hyde: D. Just: J. Klumpp: G. Poole: P. Graham: Rakfeldt: B. Koehn FIRST GRADE KINDERGARTEN Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent Hartz: P. Murray: J. Berner: D. DeLange: G. Ginty: F. Eberhart: D. West Sonker Gleason: L. Long: D. Lovewell: C. McClew: J. Class: J. Hughes: K. Wills Aiken: P. Bull . Goodling: V. Burnett: R. McQueen: R. Santarsiero: B. Sharts: J. Voght: . R. Spurbeck: S. Baer H. Bowman: B. Rutland 66 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Absent Row l Row 2 Row 3 Rm Burt: L. Samson: N. Rendall: C. Beers: E. Gleason: K. Covey: M. Stover Verguson: M. Bligh: C. Loeffert: M. McKnight: R. Taylor: D. Smith: Austin: C. David Paradise: S. Owens: R. Ginty: C. Bidleman: J. Maxwell Hertel: L. Withrow: S. Voelker KINDERGARTEN 0'Connor: A. Cook: J. Bell: P. Ausderau: R. Stephens: L. walker: Fiebelkorn: K. Klumpp: J. Gillis Halas: P. Gow: R. Quade: A. LeVa1ley: L. Schumacher: P. Poyfair: Sullivan: D. Swift Lauzonis: K. Moon: L. Brown: S. Johnson: S. Steadman: S. Feeter: G. Poo 67 Row 1 Goetze: K. Large: D. Murray: A. Towne: R. L. Gifford: G. Flag Tinney Row 2 Dale: J. Huenemoerder: K. Noon: M. Pisarski: B. Madera: B. Re Keyes: D. Baldwin: N. Wilson Row 3 Rose: J. Mann: D. Darrell: Mrs. Morey 3 Jo Mularz. LD Mikits. Absent Hiller: C. Fisher Row 1 S. Ranney: J. Smith: L. Shaw: L. Nicholas: R. Shaw: M. Wemple ler: ndall: G. Seeloff GLCOTT Row 2 D. Zimmerman: P. Mayer: B. Hill: A. Risley: Mrs. Hartley: T. Clifford: LaPorte: C. Fisher: S. Harrington 68 Row 1 Row 2 Hedley: L. Culver: D. Shelton: N. Bangs: J. McCoy: R. Heinemann: Hartman gaigler: M. E. Anderson: R. King: Mrs. Hartley: J. Weir: S. Dussault: mith KINDERGARTEN Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Absent FIRST CLCOTT Reed: R. Tagg: J. McCoy: D. McKernan: K. Kress: R. Dunn: D. Seitz: Weiss Sherman: J. McKernan: M. Bangs: C. Reid: D. Horanburg: M. Zak: D. Miller: Lesser: A Toenniessen .Miss Cozzensi J. Enderby: J. Sage: L. McDonough: R- Oakes? R- Fitchleei Clark: J. Hoover: G. Holzman , Sennett 69 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 D. Slaght: M. McKernan: R. Magrum: D. Horner: D. King: T. Ranney: T. Ranney S. Gregg: D. Hammond: T. White: D. Sinclair: B. Reid: L. Skutt: G. Fletcher R. Stephanski: S. Coons: C. Edwards: T. Schwartz: G. Wemple: B. Reed Mrs. Salisbury THIRD GRADE Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 OLCOTT SECOND GRADE T. Keryk: D. Bradley: J. Reid: N. Wemple: S. Montgomery: J. Smith D. Schuster: S. Ferington: M. Nicholas: M. Vi11e11a: C. Timkey:.B. Skutt: B. Marentette G. Weir: T. Nubelog P. Sherman: J. Sheehan: C. Sweeney: B. Weir: Mrs. Wilson M 70 SPC-9-RTS ug X yr' 5 . x , 0 E 's ,giilfsslfiise ff-ff-'e' w wi i4Y!iW!i!E:iU'l!W 1:23235 4.-Sq-..n!.h,4 one for miles to wit x!..l!l'!lleQf ness contests between "-!!!iE!!-5' n a t i o n s ' sjli::i55l55"'a. ififssssfsii-952. ' aifiiiffllsifiiiiiiii-'E?F 3? , ps. Ing a ! I, T M ig Q " X C 71 Row 1 W. Rutland: K. Vincent: K. Smith: J. lcbonoughg D. Klulpp: L. Wi C. Porter Row 2 Coach Smith: W. Bradog C. Thursam: R. Capeng L. loong D. Klunppg L. Chamberlin: R. Strong: W. Raetz BASEBALL The Neufane Baseball team had a good season last year. Sparked by Bill Brado and Chuck Thursam, they rolled up a seasoa's record .of six wins and four losses. The highlight of the season wasthe game against Royalton-Hartland when the Neufane nine threatened to defeat the league leadersand lost by only one point. The forecast for this seasonis very hopeful despite the loss of Capen, Slith, Klunpp, and Thursan. CI"N-41755, . 'L If'-As.. ' -e... 72 lson Rom l Row 2 XO 1" W SA' X fe 1Aib4 Q2 se 1 , cg 1 gf? 4 Od ft. If Treichler Clgr.l: J. lcDonough: C. Bangs iCo-Capt.J: R. Stover: C8I1i0l: I. Pettit: T. Chunco: I. Rutland KAsst. lgr.J: Liddell iAsst. lgr.l N00l: Coach Donovan: I. Brado: L. Wilson: D. Keirn: W. Stevens: AIIGIIHM I. Goodhue: R. Strong: D. Ascher: L. leon: J. Henning: 31351973 R- BIllG8t0S R. Hall: I. Lampman: L. Chamberlin lCo-Capt.J Kaczor: lr. Chiavaro CAsst. Coach! FOOTBALL Under the tutelageef its nem coach, Joseph Donovan, the Newfane football team romped throughan undefeated and untied season, minningthe Niagara-Orleans trophy for the first time in its history. Lee Chamberlin and Chuck Bangs mere co-cap- tains ef this championship team. Scores fromthe four league games mere as fellows: Nenfnne 38 Roynlten-Hartland 6 Nemfane 33 Lemisten-Porter 12 Nemfane 47 Barker 0 Newfane 20 lilsen 7 Next year eleven man football will replacesix man foot- ball as the fall varsity sport. Since none of the boys have had any eleven man experience, this season will be one of learning and building for the future. C 0 N G R A T U L A T I 0 N S To Coach and team 73 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 . Brancatog Coach Donovan, W. Rutland . Treichlerg D. Klumppg B. Stark: T. Kaczor: T. Chunco, J. McDonough, . Vincent . Brado: R. Strong, R. Hall: L. Chamberlin: J. Henning VARSITY BASKETBALL Although not overcrowded in the win column, with 3 vic- tories against 7 setbacks in league competition, this year's Varsity squad, captained by Bill Brado, accomplished far more than is revealed in the record books. Starting with a rela- tively greentean, only one regularof five returning seniors, along with four seniors in their first year of Varsity ball, Coach Joseph Donovan built a fighting team with an abundance of sportsmanship and spirit. A Prospects for an excellent season next year seen bright with a number of boysv n have Varsity experience to fill the shoes of the graduating seniors. In addition, thereare pro- mising recruits from the J.V. squad who have proven their ability. Next year's team will lose the services of nine graduating seniors. These are George Bradley, Tom Chunco, Jim McDonough, Keirn Vincent, Bob Treichler, Ron Hall, Lee Chamberlin, Bruce Stark and John Henning. 74 Row 1 J. Kroppg L. Buncyg D. Klumppg C. Porter: G. Taylor: M. Pettitg R. Lidde Row 2 R. Krampg D. Greene, P. Ammermang L. Moong W. Britt, W. Stephanskig R. Wenpleg I. Volsohowg Mr. Enzinna JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity had a fairly successful season, tak- ing five of the ten league contests for a .500 average. This year's team was composed almost entirely of new players, with only three from last year's squad. In their ten games, the boys outscored their opponents 376 points to 346. 0f the five games lost two were dropped by a 2 point margin,and one in an overtime period against Roy-Hart by one point. Besides havinga fairly successful seasonthe boys gained the much needed experience that will enable a number of them y to move into Varsity berths in the coming season. However, there will be some players remaining around whom Coach Enzi- nna can build the J. V. teal for next year. Newfane 29 Medina 23 Newfane 35 Wilson 37 Newfane 24 Lew-Port 39 Newfane 43 Roy-Hart 44 Newfane 44 Barker 37 Newfane 25 Medina 30 Nenfane 40 Wilson 42 Newfane 46 Lew-Port 44 Newfane 38 Roy-Hart 22 Newfane 52 Barker 28 75 Ro' 1 R. Strongg J. McDonough: W. Bradog C. Thursamg L. Wilsong D. Klumpp Ro' 2 Coach Smith: D. Ascherg L. Chamberling R. Hallg R. Capeng D K. Smith W6 VOIILEYBALL 52 The year 1952 saw Newfane Central enjoyavery successful season in volleyball. The teal took first place in the Class B competition and then defeated Barker, the Class A winners, for the overall Niagara-Orleans championship. They then journeyedto Dunkirk to the Class B sectionall. Here the Newfane teannvas eliminated from the Round Robin toll:- ney at the end of the two gales they played. . Klumppg 76 tif ITY Row l S. Brewer: S. Grauer: R. Bruningf C. Dussaultg S. Stevens Row 2 J. Capeng S. McKnight CHEERLEADERS This year's cheering squad was comprised of eight girls selected by a com- mittee of faculty members. Two girls were chosen to represent each high school class. Sharon Brewer and Sue Grauer completed their first year of varsity cheer- 1eading,while RuthBruning, Carol Dussau1t,and Shirley Stevens ended their second year. A new and able addition to the squad is Yvonne Lucas, a veteran cheerleader from Middleport, who joined the team during the last half of the year. Sally McKnight and JoAnne Capen have cheered for four years and were co- captains of the squad. The squad held regular practices under the direction of Miss Hiller and succeeded in arranging many new cheers and revising some of the more familiar The girls have encouraged the teams duringthe current sports seasonand have tried to build better spirit and sportsmanship throughout the entire school. The Junior Varsity c he e r- leaders, Na nc y House,Lynn Beals, Carol Morey, and jig? Mary Lou Eaton, Q39 added aid to the Junior V ar S1 ty basketball teamat all home games. CHEERLEADERS ,W J Left to right iii N. House I. . Be a 1 s ones. T5 'Q A 'F' 3 C. Morey M. Eaton 77 Row 1 G. Taylor: R. Pettit: R. Kramp: R. Ball: R. Stover: G. Eberhardt: R. Wemple: R. Miles Row 2 lr. White: J. Pascoe: M. Volschow: W. Stephanski: W. Britt: P. Ammerman: R. Taber: T. Bangs BASEBALL JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS BASKETBALL Row 1 R. Liddell: R. Palia: T. Brown: R. Wemple: W. Briggs: R. Stuckey Row 2 Mr. White: J. Schoelles: T. Ryan: N. Schnittker: J. K1umPPi J. Rendall: H. Burns: P. Baker: D. Stevens Row 3 R. Hallifax: C. Ferree: J. Gilson: R. Class: K. Gifford: B. Leavitt: W. JBCKSOII 78 Row l Y. Lucas: R. Rush: H. Sander Row 2 D. Colton: J. Capen: Miss Hiller: C. Sherman: I. Parker Absent C. Harding GIRLS' PLAYDAY TEAM This basketball season proved to be very successful for the Playday Team. The first game was playedat Roy-Hart with the final score, Newfane 28 - Roy-Hart 18. At Wilson the team again was victoriousby defeating their opponents 36-25. Next year's teamwill losethe following seniors: JoAnne Capen, Dora Colton, Yvonne Lucas and Marion Parker. The team credits its success this season to the fine coaching and leadership of Miss Hiller. 1 iggfg :J -Q 'Agri 79 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Row 1 D. Colton: S. Schoelles: C. Strong: N- Phi11iP5 - Row 1 Y. Lucas: D. Clare: D. Colton Ro' 2 3: ggaagi J' Hague: C' Hard1n97 Row 2 J. Adams: C. Harding: R. Rush: M. Sander Junior High Basketball Row 1 D. Lewis: J. Shuman: J, Bye cheextowagas F. Bitterman: C. Morey Row 2 J. Martin: A. 0'Donne11: B. Wagner: A. LaRose: S. Thienke: N. Kropp Row 1 D. Vincent: N. Preston: E. Mack Row 2 S. Liebring: M. Bradley: S. Howard Junior High Basketball uTootsie's Tossersu JUHIOI Hxgh Soccer 'Crimson Kidsn Row 1 B. Enderby: L. Hague: C. Walker: J. McKnight: B. Hammond Row l J. Dussault: S. Brewer: J. Dussault ROW 2 C- Senneiti A- B1UmI1Ck: Row 2 M. Dodge: P. Neary: E. Sherman B. Nevins: D. Bates: J. Eggleston 80 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS 9th Grade Basketbal Royals Row 1R. Fisher: W- Judd? Row 1 G. Eberharc: R. Liddell: ROW 1 J- Granu: D. Horlblrqi R. Hallifax W, Broun C' F,rree Row 2D. Culverwell: Row 2 R. Atwater: C. Smith Ro' 2 R. stuckeyz g, PQIIQQ G. Kneiser: M. Day 3, Briggs - - . Ilifax' Row 1 Row . ns1k: R. L1dde11: Row 1 T Ha 1 1 A vo G- Douglas S. Reinhardt: J. Schoellol: D. Horanburg Ro' 2 H . C1 Row 2 R. Taylor: K. Gifford: ' Burns' J' ark R. Taber: G. Strong: L. Lampman: J. Porter G. Taylor R0W 2 R. Thonpson: C. Stover: R. Fralick Row 1 R. Wemplet W. Stephanski: R. Pettit Row 2 B. Royer: R. Lamb: Sen1or H1g2m5ootba11 W' Bobzien: kg A C. Porter 81 V?Li- I Row l L. Beals: C. Morey: S. Schoelles: E. Pipiles: C. Strong Row 2 S. Thiemke: G. Mael: Miss Hiller: Y. Lucas: C. Walker: D. Colton GIRLS' ATHLETIC COUNCIL I is. 5145 g Q - 4524: I Q, 'J, VARSITY CLUB I N3.r' ' I Row Pettit: D. Carlton: T. Chunco: W. Lampman: D. Klumpp: K. Vincent: Porter: R. Treichler Row Brado: G. Douglas: W. Stevens: L. Moon: R. Hall: R. Strong: G. Bradley: I Chamberlin I Row Wilson: T. Kaczor: J. Henning: R. Brancato: Coach Donovan: D. Ascher: Bangs: B. Stark 82 ,4- , I I I I I I Red Jacket's ,' ,- I .4 su.- I I ."' ss I' ul Hunting TIiP ACTIVITICS 0-N L a ff Qf ufltx a E fx f W W. X 't L if 1 X . X-5 ' X 7 T-:gmc I4 If ' Q ie- 'dill :X-'X N, I 'l fx., 1 M ' .9 Mr .mf ! 5 m6'f K 'Q 5di'wo.r.l1 J ,- r" I -X ' if'Q'l- X V, J .--.1-' ' . xx , , 1 ,, , '- 1 i , ,, l"u"5E,z - f JJ , .ami Z ' , Q1 -L lki ' .- , -. 'C' x 5 . Z , ' . N 1 ,.., - 1' X L -- - -12139.- X I, ,gf Sd, L K, lx I x " rd lr' .ef . , 1 '59 N ,. lf' ,ff 1' 1 . 4. f 5 ?E S., Y X 'ff ,V f -1, , wh .' , if iii gf. ,gr ,ff E31 'q. 'X if X 1 NN '-?:. ' N W . . 'W Yi Row Row Row Row Row Row Lingle: A. Palia: C. Liddell: R. Wyman: C. Strong: R. Volschow: Bradley: J. Hass: E. Phillips: B. Goff: liss King Dussault: N. Sturgess: l. Pedley: G. lael: R. Brunilg: l. lcArdle: Harding: B. Lovewell: S. Schnittker: J. Bush Gardner: R. Bunn: D. Clare: B. Neidlinger: D. leinheiler: B. Harding: Parker: l. Pouers: S. Grauer SENICR CHORUS Zehr: E. Schoelles: M. McKnight: L. Hodom: M. McCormick: J. Capen: Stierlyg N. Bixler: J. Sipple: N. Miller: Miss King Hillman: S. McKnight: S. Stevens: R. McDonough: A. Harding: B. Ammerman Ehrenhardt: A. Harrington: N. Phillips Warren: S. Malloy: P. Wilcox: N. Stark: R. Rush: C. Brown: A. Lampe: Wilson: M. Kropp 84 wwiw' H Mp., ..g,.,,,.,, .. -.- .mme M--. V-af.. 'f"ff,1:'vfw,. "Lf -.. M: . f .Hp-v.,.1:..: ... 7 .1-,,:'..:"jw-' ,jj Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 I4 r .03 Bye: S. Brewer: E. Pipiles: M. Harper: P. Parker: M. Smith: S. Thiemke: lartin: N. Connor: P. lcKnight: J. Shunan Dodge: A. Day: P. Neary: J. Grann: C. Urtel: J. Bates: H. Cathcart: Goodling: L. Dale: C. Harding Dale: C. Aderlan: D. Herrington: J. Kolhow: D. Hillyard: J. Powers: Donahue: E. Kolbe: D. Schrader JUNIOR CHCRUS Goff: B. Wagoner: D. Bates: B. Nevin: K. Poyfair: S. Howard: J. Dussault: Dussault: C. Eherhart: Miss King Beals: L. Hague: D. Vincent: F. Folsom: J. McKnight: H. Myers: N. Preston: Fletcher: T. Stupnick Theis: M. McKnight: J. Large: R. Kaufman: P. Morehouse: N. Kropp: Lakose: J. Eggleston -'T' 9? 85 Row Row Row Row Garmang J. Kolbowg P. Woodg C. Noon: B. Royerg Mr. Milwardg B. Edmisterg Wemple: H. Placeg A. Harrington G rmang T. Hartley: J. Robertsong W. Jacksong R. Milesg A. Vonsikg Paliag R. Wemple Schoellesg M. Dodge: K. Goodlingg L. Daley M. Volschowg T. Kaczorg Rakfeldtg R. Lute: E. J. Daley N. Phillips Eaton: J. Henning: W. Stephanski: W. Rutland: R. Taberg R. Pettit SEYXHOR BAND JUNIOR BAND Row Row Row Row Lucasg R. Bradley: R. Pedleyg W. Briggs: R. Payneg Mr. Milwardg Reinboltg G. Craggsg D. Reinboltg E. Poyfairg W. Stein: R. Wemple Schumang J. Stuckeyg K. Hydeg J. Whitmoreg L. Daleg C. Miller: Lindermang R. Fralickg W. Reinboltg J. Morey Wendlerg H. Burns: D. Cu1verwe11g.M. L. Eaton: N. Gaudeg J. Theisg Robertsong R. Stuckeyg G. Donahueg R. Goodling Cathcartg P. Mungerg W. Baileyg R. Brounscheidelg S. Truaxg B. Hammond: Adams 86 :gs-f N Y S S M A AT NEWFANE R ff Ami N' W fm xl, W N31 A Newfane las privileged to he the site of the New York tate Sectional lusic Association meeting in 1953. NYSSIA eets annually in the fall and the sessions are attended y high school music students living in this part of Western New York. Similar sectionals are held throughout the state. The participants arrived at Newfane Central School on Friday afternoon, November 21 and stayed overnight at the homes of various people in the village. A concert was held in the Newfane Central School Auditorium Saturday evening. Guest conductorswere Mr. Francis Diers, directingthe chorus, lr. Donald Hartman,directing the band,and Mr.Joseph Wincenc, directing the orchestra. 87 Row 1 C. Dussault: R. Treichler: R. Neary: D. Brick: J. Williams: H. German: Roberts: Miss King Row 2 B. Stark: W. Brado: G. Douglas: H. Place: R. Volkstadt: T. Kaczor BOYS' CHORUS Row Row Row Row STAGE CREW Kerwin: R. Roberts: G. Cook: R. Lute: R. Neary: J. Obermiller: Robertson: J. Rendall: A. Klumpp Strong: L. Moon: G. Strong: D. Palmerton: Mr. Chiavaro: D. Smith: Carlton: R. Flagler: W. Bobzien: D. Greene Newman: B. Royer: R. Stover: K. Vincent: J. Kropp: A. Payne: K. Cooper Jones: H. Rakfeldt: R. Stephen Ball: H. Ranney: D. Wright: D. Keirn: D. Bell: R. Brounscheidel: Dallman: C. Noon: R. Pettit: J. Williams: W. Rutland 88 Q Row Row Row Row Row Row McArdle: G. Schwach: R. Brancato: M. Branch: B. Stark: D. Weinheimer: Nesseltre: H. Place: D. Ascher: R. Rush Miller: R. Wyman: R. Neary: H. Garman: J. Bush: Mrs. Ives: G. Mael: Volkstadt: J. Updegrove: M. McCormick: M. Hillman Payne: J. Capen: M. Parker: S. Baker: N. Sturgess: B. Gray: C. Schultz DRAMATIC CLUB Reinbolt: T. Ryan: L. Beals: J. Trynadel: C. Harding: R. Taylor: Reinbolt: P. Parker Carnevale: P. Hammond: J. Theis: K. Goodling: R. Bistoff: J. Croft: Walker: C. Helwig: C. Helwig: P. Gifford: A. Wheatley: E. Kolbe Katz: M. Reinbolt: N. Kropp: E. Mack: S. Miller: J. Johnson: P. Ferree: Martin: L. DeLange: P. McKnight: C. Goff: J. Shuman: W. Stein: M. Chapman A1 89 Row Row Row Row Row 1 G. Mael: N. Phillips: P. Wilcox: E. Phillips: S. Brewer: G. Schwach: R. Volkstadt: D. Hillyard: J. Miller: Irs. Przondak ART CLUB 1 C. Harding: J. Trynadel: P. Parker: A.Wheatley: J. Croft: R. Albright: R. Liddell 2 Mrs. Przondak: J. Theis: D. Fletcher: J. Dussault: C. Eberhart: J. Dussault R r s . F alick: R. Taylor: R. Cla s 3 K. Gray: P. McKnight: D. Vincent: C. Helwig: R. Stuckey: D. Bistoff: J. Walker 4 P. Baker: W. Briggs: C. Goff: L. Beals: E. Mack: A. Wilkins: K. Wright: R. Payne 90 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 P. Ketch: D. Klumpp: T. Kaczor: R. Strong: Mr. Bridges: G. Bradley: K. Liddell: R. Ball: W. Bobzien M. Volschowg D. Ortman: D. Keirn: R. Gominiak: C. Henderson: H. Dieter: R. Taylor: R. Pettitt: R. Brounscheidel G. Cook: G. 0'Connor: D. Edmister: J. Kropp: K. Cooper: A. Payne: G. Greenbush: J. Obermiller: G. Eberhart FUTURE FARMERS y FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 S. Brewer: M. Smith: S. Stevens: P. Shelton: R. Wyman: M. Kr0PP: L. Hodom M. Rann: M. Shelton: S. Howard: E. Lingle E. Pipiles: M. Powers: N. Preston: P. Stierly: M. Parker: C. Sherman: J. Large: P. Neary: C. Rutland: M. Culverwell: S. Schoelles: M. Dodge: Miss Viverette N. Haines: S. Baker: M. Jones: B. Lovewell: M. McArdle: S. Schnittker: J. Kolbow: J. McKnight: B. Gray 91 -nw- Row 1 E M Row 2 S Y N J Absent J Ammerman: B. Neidlinger: Wyman: C. Wilson Bixler: R. McLean: B. Gray: Crouch: J. Baldwin: N. Brown: B. Harding: Rostas: J. Bush: M. Powers: E. Sohoelles: B. Branch: L. Taber: S. Grauer: P. Shelton: R. Baker: B. Loveuell: L. Hodom: M. Sander: N. Lucas: V. Schwach: S. Malloy: R. Rush: Miss Sturgess: C. Strong: P. Linderman: S. Wood: Bates: L. Nesseltre Sipple: N. Haines LIBRARY CLUB NEWSPAPER STAFF Seated Standing Absent B. Gray: R. Bruning: S. Malloy: Miss McBrien: L. Chamberlin: G. Schwach: R. Patterson: H. Place M. Branch: L. Nesseltre: B. Kolbe: B. Lovewell: C. Harding: R. Hall: E. Rostas: M. McCormick: C. Strong: M. McKnight: L. Taber H. Rakfeldt 92 Row 1 D Keirn: R. Wyman: Mr. Bentley: L. Nesseltre: C. Liddell: D. Klumpp Row 2 T. Chunco: G. Mael: G. Douglas: W. Brado: C. Dussault: D. Deci ADVISORY COUNCIL ex Eg ig? 5 I yi if M STAMP CLUB Row l A. Wilkins: R. Albright: D. Reinbolt: Mr. Aikens: J. Williams: R. Stuckey R. Liddell Row 2 R. Liddell: D. Felix: L. Harding: J. Robertson: W. Jackson: T. Brown 93 WE'LL REMEMBER b. Oni: :pegs tgmetfhere 'as Under the guidanceof this big chief a lg c e , r. en ey. and the other members of the faculty, we have participated in many events and ac- tivities, which will long be remembered. This is the way we shall recall the teachers. When we take on responsibilities out in the worldthe experience we gained from the mock presidential election will benefit us in our political life. I - .. wmmayywwgmwwmnwxwa fw1 Q. 1wwv WwyewKww mg , - - - A .- ggnfwf . ' Y23 Egg, . K 'fn wwgTWgEm5k I .K , K serie:-5 f K ' tw e 4 if , as ':VEPEg'2eP5t3W5W' Q. 2 5- . rigggmxd 5531252 Mm ME at we-ff hw' AX E, fears fiinaz fi 'L 192 's'f?E:iW5fi?ziii -Q ,.-, 5: V. Qzgsanfa 552551: 5,3 at ,:sf1.s:2s:fe .me-1 as Q s tgga 2 ww w,D4 mamma Si'-f:'fS 'lfili-QQ 5 -F faxing Q ,w ww Hwwmwmwi kkwwm. We'11 remember that undefeated football season and those hard hours of toil whichbrought us our first foot- ball trophy. The other dances and social activities which we have enjoyed will long remind us of years at N.C.S. our happy That wonderful evening we spent in Paris with our queen, Joanne Capen, will always linger in our memories. Also, never uxbe forgotten isthe Junior-Senior Valentine Dance. When we tune in - Are you hearing me Shirley? 94 WE'LL REMEMBER i While the papooses are growing up to be Indian Princesses and Braves, they engage in various activities. Young Indian braves and future princesses nust know the ways of all peoples. Here they are as young Greeks. The Little Indians wade boats as they were learning about the Dutch At the round table the Indians gather to work on the many :-4-..--A:-A ,WA ..,,,., IS. The little papooses also have learned that they have to rest and to get the proper food in order to carry on their activities. Here is a group of fifteen little Indians at the Christmas pow-wow. 95 L Row 1 Mrs. Przondakg B. Kolbeg V. Schwach: C. Schultzg M. Branch, L. Nesseltreg N. Brown, lr. Walter Row 2 D. leinhelmerp E. Rostas: Mr. Denaultg L. Taberg M. McCormick, G. Douglas Miss lcBrielg L. Chamberlin: H. Garmang K. Vincentx G. Taylor: R. Stephen R. Volkstadtg H. Place: C. Noon: R. Patterson C. Schultz Editor D. Weinheimer Jr. Editor The Century Staff composed of seniors and juniors held its first meeting in October. At this one general meeting we chose as our theme the Iroquois Confed- eracy. Features for the yearbook were planned and the separate staffs each re- ceived certain duties. In February we started the actual work. Daily meetings after school and Sunday afternoons began in March and lasted until the Century was completed, April 1. The Business Manager, Nancy Brown, and her staff started taking orders for the Century, February 2. They sold yearbooks every noon hour in the bookstore and sent notices and order blanks home with the grade students. This lasted until larch 27 when all sales on the Century were closed. We have worked many hours on this yearbook but feel that it has been worth the effort. We hope now that you have seen it you will agree with Lay-Out Staff Linda Nesseltre, Ed. Harold Garman Gary Douglas Shirley Malloy Patricia Wilcox Ruth Wyman Business Staff Nancy Brown, Ed. Keirn Vincent Robert Brounscheidel Barbara Ammerman Rena McDonough Lee Wilson Photography Staff Randall Patterson, Elizabeth Rostas Robert Stephen Richard Newman Thomas Jones Beverly Neidlinger Literary Staff Marilyn Branch, Ed. Marjorie McCormick Carol Dussault Paul Wood d. 96 Sports Staff George Taylor, Clifford Noon Joanne Capen Carol Harding William Brado Malcolm Pettit Typing Staff Barbara Kolbe, E Maxine Hillman Mary Sander Yvonne Reinbolt Ed. US. Art Staff Virginia Schwach, E Roger Volkstadt Gerard Schwach Ronald Webb Jacqueline Bush Feature Staff Lee Chamberlin, Ed. Lois Taber Howard Place Sally Schoelles Ruth Bruning Beverly Gray

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