Newell High School - Lateral Yearbook (Newell, SD)

 - Class of 1951

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Newell High School - Lateral Yearbook (Newell, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 21 of 82
Page 21 of 82

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Page 21 text:

Semor Class Prophecy Barbara Bennett, the famous Hsl1de g1rl , has Just s1gned a contract w1th Donald Splke Myers, the 'pucker boyn They w1ll play a duet 1D the famous m0V1e I ll Sl1de By The author, Nancy Hlral, made th1s statement to the reporters when asked for an 1DterV1eW, HW1th that Sllde and pucker they should get by The world has Just awarded J1m Fredlund the t1tle of Hot Lipsn for h1S Splendld performance 1n NKISS, KISS, K1SS1ng W1th The Cornn Jeanie Bonner, who replaced Margaret Truman as the Lily of the W1te House, 1D the last 616Ct1OD was overheard repeating the Ten Commandments to the second John L , al1as Charles Lund, the new pr8S1deDt of the I W W Un1on Vea Brown, who has been try1ng out screen tests S1DCe her Sen1or play f1nally succeeded 1D rep1aC1Dg MarJor1e Ma1n 1n the new Kettle p1cture, Eichler for Widow Kettleu The st1ll h0W11Dg sensat1on, Bobby Bonestell the home type, st1ll 1 dulges in exper1ments 1D Kay's Cove and has Just f1n1shed the book New Steps 1B D1ShWaSh1Dg V1ola Rlchter has recently been 1nterv1ewed by reporters of the Da1ly P st' on UMarr1age Isn't Everyth1ngH The recent death of the late Tarzan proved to be a problem qu1ckly solved hen he was 1mmed1ately replaced by Elmer Elchler, better known as Bub who has been a successful actor s1nce h1S marr1age to Gertrude Dra1ne, wealthy perfume manufacturer, who took h1m to Nlagra Falls on the1r honey moon Laurice Robblns 1S happily married and as we enter her happy home, we hear the patter of l1ttle feet Yes the1r house has m1ce Lola Ne1sess r1Ch, young artist, has Just recelved her tenth d1VOrCe J1m Orw1ck, who spent h1s school days blowlng up balloons and walk1ng stra1ght l1nes for on lookers, has Just f1n1shed h1s book, 'Alchol Isn't Good For Youn The pUb11Sher, Mattha Schultz has referred the book to Nett1e 0rW1Ck for more exper1mental work on the subJect Lurene Webb the HLady of JUSt1C6' 1S Stlll wa1t1ng for her r1ng from Del R10 Texas June Ruby has Just started a repa1r shop for cars and hopes the J C Penney store will add th1S new department iG1r1s w1ll do anyth1ngJ Lorra1ne Mowrey, the star attract1on of the Wlggllng Brother's C1rCUS has ret1red to the NW1emer Old Age Homeu near N1S13Ud Hugh Caton, who has gone to Hollywood to try to put Francls the Mule out of bus1ness, has succeeded by becom1ng the champ1on hog caller Jack Holt, who 1S now liv1ng on h1s W1f6'S farm near Vale has Just re turned to h1S home from a debate on R1ghts W1th Women' On enter1ng h1S home, Betty Ruff h1S w1fe, speaks naturally, Is that you Jack? And he qu1ckly repl1es, It better be Dorothy Richards a prominent young starlet 1S now belng f1lmed 1D the latest mov1e, HDest1nat1on Sky She 11kes the atmosphere anyway Yes, folks, she st1ll sells popcorn on her days off D nald E1ckleman, who has been a reporter on the NLIVB and Love Itn paper, has Just been promoted to ASS1StaDt Ed1tor Th1s change was brought on by the heart break1ng storles he wr1tes Gene and Mary Scott, who's futures were decided but unsettled durxng the1r Sen1or year at Newell have Just been awarded the Nobel Pr1Z6 for the1r rend1t1on of the UPuth1e Tat Songn He Stlll calls her Tweed1e P1e The replacement of Faye Emerson by Ardeth Holl1ster on Te1eV1S10D has put radio out of bUS1DeSS for good Her two hour programs follow that of her husband, Arthur Godfry Consult your newspaper for t1me and station Last but not least we see Betty Donnelly way up there s1nging 1D the clouds She always d1d want to be a Slnglng stewardess 17 O J . . N . . ' H ' If I ' 0 ' ' ' . Il I ' If . ' ' ' ll . . . H . . . , Il . . . , . .n- 1 - 1 . . , " , 0 , . . . w ' ' ' H 'VV i . , . . . . 5 When asked for a quote she merely said, HI'll make it thirteen yet.H . . - . . . . , o l 3 1 ' - . Q . . . 7 . a ,, . . ,. . . ' ' -- n n l ' ' H -C-Il . . . . -- H. . Q 0 . . 7

Page 20 text:

Semor Class Hlstory In the fall of 1939 thirty first graders and their teacher, Miss Geneva Damm, now Mrs Brennamen, started the school year here at Newell Six of those pupils will graduate together this year They are Barbara Bennett, Bob Bonestell Betty Anne Donnelly Nettie Orwick, Dorothy Richards and Laurice Robbins Miss Martha Snook, our second grade teacher, had twenty eight of us to watch over and we kept her pretty busy The third grade picked up two more students who will graduate w1th us this year They are Elmer Eichler, and June Ruby Miss Katherine Davis instructed us that year and did what she could to improve our little minds The next two years, the fourth and fifth grades, were uneventful as far as our collection of pupils went however, an even thirty of us managed to keep our teachers hopping The sixth year of school was a long awaited period We were at last the big shots in the white building F1Ve new members Joined our group as we welcomed Lola Neisess, Don Eickelman, Viola Richter, Betty Ruff, and Gene Scott At the end of the term we gave a graduation play under the direction of our patient instructor, Miss Esmay The beginning of the seventh grade was a puzzle and muddle of bewilderment as far as we were concerned Bells ringing, and everyone rushing to be on time was quite new to s We soon caught on an now we get along Just fine Gertrude Draine came in from the country school and Charles Lund somehow snuck past the sixth grade and followed us, making a class of thirty two The eighth grade went along as well as could be expected Jack Holt moved to Lead and Elmer Eichler, who had left us again in the third grade, came back three eighth graders quite a handful for our teacher The next year we entered high school, budding over with excitement at the thought of getting to sit in the study hall with our very own desks As is the custom, all Freshmen from the surrounding country schools came to NHS, and so Mary Cook Nancy Hirai J1m Fredlund, Jim Orw1ck, Mattha Schultz, and Ardeth Hollister entered our group Hugh Caton and Lorraine Mowrey entered from different towns making nine new members Thirty seven began the tenth grade together, and who should come back to Newell but Jack Holt Hugh Caton was our class President and we all took part in more outside activities The Junior Class had thirty three members with Jack Holt as President, and Mr Mettler as sponsor Jeanie Bonner and Donaly Meyer were new members Jeanie came from Denver, Colorado Our play HSoc1a1ly Ambitions' was a success It was a comical production, at least to us, directed by Miss Notareschi Welcome to the Orientn was the theme of our Junior Senior Banquet That year was a first in two activities for NHS We participated 1 Homecoming for the first time and also had a high school annual for the first time Nettie Orwick was our Junior Queen and candidate for Homecoming Queen We started out our last year of school by electing Lorraine Mowrey as President of the Senior class Vea Brown came from Nederland, Colorado and Viola Richter came back from Oregon to make a class of twenty eight members Betty Ruff was elected Senior Queen and received the honor of becoming Homecoming Queen 16 , . . . . l D, I , . . .i . . Q . ' u . ' ' . to honor us with his presence. Lurene Webb joined the crowd making thirty- , . ., . . . , . D . . . . . Q . . .n

Page 22 text:

Semor Class Wlll We the Sen1or Class of 1951 possesslng such a great amount of beauty bralns, and brawn, do bestow the f0110W1Dg bless1ngs??? on our underclass mates, teachers, and friends I Barbara Bennett, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get to school to Albert Reltz And 1f that doesn't do any good he can have my alarm clock To M1ckey Doud, I Bobby Bonestell, w1ll my seat 1D study hall It 15 surrounded by g1F1S and 1S an 6dUCat10Da1 spot handy to me Mettl I Dona T hope I they 1 Jean1e Bonner, w1ll my vocal cords to Noreen Kosola They come when you want to seranade that spec1a1 guy Hugh Caton, w1ll my broad shoulders and manly phys1que to ne1l Isto Marlene Palmer, I, Mary Cook, w1ll my one man taCt1CS wh1ch were w1lled last year I hope she makes as good use of them as I d1d Gertrude Dralhe, w1ll my seat 1n the back row to Patsy Bryant Mr er can't tell whether you are s1ng1ng or not sober Sh1rley Mllberg, I Betty Anne Donnelly, w1ll my g1ggl1ng spells Donald E1ckelman, w1ll my reckless spendxng and bolstrous laugh to d Turpen He 1S 1n need of them o Lynnell Johnson, I, Elmer Eichler, w1ll my CrOOD1Dg ab1l1ty w1th the that she w1ll use lt for a different purpose than I d1d J1mmy Fredlund, w1ll my lnterests 1n Vale to Lawrence Benzel May keep h1m awake 1nstead of g1v1ng h1m a feel1ng of drowslness , Nancy H1ra1, w1ll my tap danclng ab1l1ty to Donn West He d make a char T Inte I J1m I 0 I' than I I Luci tacks C Ollie that I book Can W w1th I w1ll I It's I sens 0 1 g1ves th1s w1ll, we leave our ab1l1ty to humor years m1ng chorus g1rl 1D my outflt Delores M11eS, I Ardeth Holl1ster, will my romant1c r1des 1n an national truck They have that certaln someth1ng Maybe 1t'S the dr1ver' Jack Holt, w1ll my streaml1ne 11m0US1H6 and ab1l1ty to yak yak to o1l1ster Charles Lund, w1ll my ab1l1ty to w1ggle my ears to Lynnell Johnson Lawrence Benzel I Donald Meyer, w1ll my car It's more comfortable a p1ck up Lorra1ne Mowrey, Lola Neisess, le w1ll my qu1et and bashful ways to Florence Kuntz ave my cornet w1th that certain pucker attached, to le Mlles w1th the J1mmy Holl1ster, and techn1que on Nettle Orwlck, w Sh1rley Mllberg there qu1te ofte V1013 Rlchter, w she can keep them Laurlce R0bb1DS, to Marlene Palmer hope that she w1ll preserve lt as well as I have I, J1mmy 0rw1ck leave my bountiful supply of thumb how to use them 1ll my ne1ghbor to Donald Turpen I Dorothy Rlchards, w1ll my Job at the theatre He n Shlrley 111 my super1or grades to Lucllle M1les, with the hope as good w1ll my sp1ck n' span desk and carefully flled note Try to keep them as n1ce as I d1d June Ruby, w1ll my Jeans to Luella Rlchter w1th the hope that she ear them out I trled my best Donald West, I Betty Ruff w1ll my ab1l1ty to peek through a keyhole ut bend1ng over Gene Scott, w1ll my Dodge to Nell Isto He 1S 1D need of one His car never make lt Mattha Schultz, w1ll my ab1l1ty to throw a ple to Agnes Mestmacher costly, but fun Lurene Webb, w1ll my blush1ng ablllty to Albert Re1tZ He seems very t1ve Vea Brown, w1ll my Sklp Day you that school g1rl colored the few fr1ends we have left Sunburned Faceu to Agnes Mestmacher It complexion 1n that Jolly Jun1or Class, after hear1ng stay 1D school for Just one more year the Smillng Sophomores, we leave our superlor 1ntell1gence, w1t and the Frlendly Freshmen, we leave the prospect of three more glorlous 1D h1gh school Good luck our sponsor, Mr Selfert, we leave our quiet class meetings where much was aCCOmp11Shed To Mr Chr1st1anson, our pr1nc1pal, we leave our ab1l1ty to always come to school on t1me and never g1ve any thought to that temptation of hooky play1ng To Mr Austln, our super1ntendent, who bore w1th us for twelve years or less, we leave' 18 9 0 . I . 1 ' l ! y . . . . . . u , A . . . . . I, ' ' . . in I, . . . l To . . . . 'I, . . . . . To 1 ' . , , ' , ' ' - , Q n , . - 1 I . . 1 . . I - 1 . I u Q 1 . . 4 . ' . . , . . . . I . . . . . . - . H . U , . . . . . To , ' . , . . . ' , . 1 . . . . . To . . . . , - I, . . . . . To . . , , . . . . s ' , ' . I, . . . . . . Y . . . . . i . - I, - . " . " . . . To , '-'T ' ' 7 . . I . . . , . . . . U 2 1 . . . . . ' I, ' " ' . To .... To . . . . . To. p . ' ' . I To . '

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