Newcomerstown High School - Newcosean Yearbook (Newcomerstown, OH)

 - Class of 1955

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Newcomerstown High School - Newcosean Yearbook (Newcomerstown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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1, Q " Q 1 ' 2 . --1 12.-rfggf g 9 4' sr, ,I kk, ' ,ef A ! . M94 A ,, .t -vig -511 ,f, I -f1.- .1-xgrsi- -AH-' , , -Q Vg -r ffffjqaa . 1 Y .' 1 fr ' ' 1 " M X :N '- 1 'M' ' , 5 -1 L X ., A " A 4 2 ,-4,51 ' Y Q- W'-5x7q.", 1341-2 . - V f , A f f V W ja, . , 5- 4:--'H-13' ' 1 V. N., .C 1 V, f ' K K , ' ' " ' V , V, 4gVAQL . , , v W. . ' el, -" AU, ' ,, . iff 1 3, N Ai- , Q:-yi 71 b U 4 -..Q .4 , -1.2 :J .- , ,zarfff Q , ' ww rf, ',: , . , 1 2-5 1 I f4:J1gg5,,l.'-,Ig-:Af ,I I. - If , Q - Q35,ffg.,, L V A .-f5ffT15, -, . 1- 'glgiafx-. 3: N I -L ff- 1. V, ' g ,.,v?g' K gpg , ., 'fs f - 57, 'g f 1 'ftff ' " ff?'3?'f?Sv2?'2':i1.-Q ,, . A I V, ' 5, '-,f-rf-f,-M asm, 1 2 gf ,?ujQ,fm.13,1 1 ', " . w ,feQfg- -5-v',:w'a-f' A ,my 1, .-7 Y 'f:jvfQQf,Qx , fff + 1 Lrgrf-1" " A :H , 4 ' ' I -:Q fr gg 2 ' 1 4 -fff,,fwg, --- ,Jain f-Q51-fyyg,,1.' gg'-1,-' 5,5 Him' K Q-fig A .f I M, - , . - 5- 'za ' I .YM , W1 + .i gy .M , A 1-' , 4.1-.5-ik, ,fav ' v gggpfggqpgy f' - 113 1,-zs' 3.2-.,.5,.A Sfjff . -5 New-4 sl f ' 'vm' ',-.,.ff'?f,- , . 'jPx?.5g f '- Q ,, , fgv- f., :1 s.f.,, ' TL?iS:12 :fr . .. . ,- ., - ' - 3, ,igfiy L K A . 15? gy., , LL- - xgfw y ,algqif f '.a:.,". 1 I -, , ,, -A .3. 'xr . J, , ,AQQQQ-3m.zeQag,g,g ' f- nf, V. v J., fx-L. r - ' k Q1 ' I - - fu: 'B 1555: 3177562- 1 . -, 'j -.grgx A 1, j:.l Y f cfm? - '3Y1.'3-'Viv'-E, ,. ,-,. '. ,v ,, ' fx. AA . L. +L " . , :Y zawiaa' - A A , ,. , f 1, qi.: 1 gLfy,-w " - wf gevfc: 'X ' H ,Q gr f-1,2 5' N , -' ' . 24,1-Lgfaleg- V - - , . W2 ' ' V' 'f4.,v,q,-,Ag if lgfgpj-I. 1 .Q , , H ,, .SEff'M.11- W ' - .3 ,g---. f - f ,'i74' V "l2r " , lf? - ff CHE- 'Qi '.,y ' 4: - ' " ' ':ff+s"? TL H Q -, .:.i,5g. ,, , f fy " ' x cfsff- A I ' -, A jg' jgg,-g,:4,Zm V. ,,,,,y' mg, ' , - j "f:Q"Q,.jC-'+L 'fi - j, i . Y- 1--wv,'.fA.,,:..v,gAp .. Q, f 1 in -L fa V: " K gf V - 5 7 .sf1s1Sn-'sf,1a-1'w.ff'--- ,. , ,Q zx ., -'Jfrfg'.i-qxLg.asNlj!ff-' N - A .-hi,-. ,, , ' ' 1 ' 2.22521 -' 4 gag? Q -jffggisi. if ' -. :J 4 -.1 ' '44':::' ,-L, ,. . ' fr,-, . M .i it - if .V 1 "I ip . ' Vw ' -Y: ' rfb yy ,- ' A ' - A '- -J, -is ' yn .gpm I XXX 1 X W ww,asf,g..N,, ' A-G k A- W I - ,Q ..-N 4 . 1 4 w TROJANS TROJANS TROJANS mo J XX' X. N A 'v THE N NEwcosEAN as-s7""wm . L Volume Thirty-Two 1 .. ,K l --.1 Q 5 sl o f 'PJ i 2- Vg -Y, .Q 5 i lsqlg f Newcomersfown High School Newcomersiown, Ohio 1955 s TRoJANs TRoJANs 1RoJANs TRoJANs .i ,K I M NHS '55 NHS '55 NHS '55 . A ,Qi Foreword We, the Seniors of N.H.S. hereby dedicate this thirty-second Newcosean to our parents. With the goal of graduation attained, we pause to pay tribute to our guiding light-Mom and Dad. With your help and encouragement we have been able to tell this story of our Senior year at Newcomerstown High School. So, proudly, we dedicate this Newcosean to you and say ...... NHS '55 NHS '55 NHS '55 I I m. I I X X I I I I I From afar it gleams Alma Mater Through the halls of our clear high school Many times we pass, But the happy days we spend there All must end at last. Always we will love and serve thee, Hail from all the rest, Here's a toast to you, our 'high school, Our Dear N.H.S. Chorus: Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, N.H.S. we praise, Hail the Orange and Black forever, Alma Mater days. 5 -5 1 Q .f,X,.,g , ,T vw 1 N as we enter into the clierished halls as .W Mak QI Sqn, , M. 5 .K gxgtg rf., A, n . l . K 3 sf-l ' W 1 6 Caught in ci iam Rushing to class 7 I I I I I I I I Up and DovIIn I I X I I I I I 8 I I Sweating over our studies si y 'I , X ij 'vfgikg Kb! umm :I A H x I! 4 ,.f'f' x X" 'J 5 , 9 -qpvvl-rr1r"" ' , through their administration l Our superintendent, D. B. Roeder, is one of our pilot lights of our twelve years in Troianland. He saw us plod lrom grade to grade and finally emerge the mighty seniors of 1955? To him we owe a debt of gratitude for his patient ways and firm administration to give us a better way of life. Through the years, we vlill remember him as ! "one of us." I l l I l T 10 Q l The Wheels of NHS run smoothly wmmwm ff! Playmg Santa Claus and enloymg lnfe nn general as well as taklng care of admlmstratlve matters of NHS IS the task of Herbert S Gary He IS never too busy to discuss the problems of students and teachers with them He graduated from Ohio State Unlverslty with degrees of Bachelor of Scnence and Master of Arts To Enrich our lives I I Board of Education Sitting: Mr. Frank Powell, Mr. John Atkinson, Mr. Earl Titus. Standing: Dr. C. A. Hanson, Mr. John Heller 12 A wealth of knowledge E ' A Assistant principal, Wallace Bower, is very interested in sports. At one time he thought he would try to study law, but decided to be a schoolteacher instead- He is a graduate of Muskingum College and Ohio State University. Dollie Carson, a graduate of Glenville State Teacher's College, chose the teaching profession be- cause she likes working with other people-especially her "struggling" shorthand students. In her leisure time, she enioys reading novels, seeing good movies, and "iust relaxing." She dreams of a long vacation with all expenses paid. She is an advisor of the Jun- ior Y-Teens. 13 Reabling, i I Rudolph Crispeno joined Newcomerstown's fac- ulty this year ....... a graduate of: Indiana State Teacher's College. He teaches commiercial subiects and one of his hobbies is photography. l 4 l l l l l t l I I l l l l l r u I John Crumley wbs graduated from Kent State University. He is director of the high Fchool march- ing and concert bands and the high school choir. He teaches ele- mentary music. Mr. :Crumley pro- duced a fine march ng band this year and develope the playing ability of many studints. l l I 1 Fred DiDomenico planned to make a career of the Marine Corps but changed his mind. Now he teaches health, drivers' education, and physical edu- cation. He is the football and track: coach. He is very interested in teen-agers and tlneir problems. Football is his favorite sport. 1 4 l l l l 14 Reading, Newcomerstown was and still is the.first love of Chloe George-Latin and English teacher. She grad- uated from Ohio State University and attended the University of Wisconsin. She is advisor of the Junior Y-Teen Club. Her favorite hobby is fancy work. Eleanor Doss, a graduate of Miami University, teaches elemen- tary music in the mornings and language arts in the afternoons. Her hobby is music. S. Robert Heffner-divides his teaching between biology, general science and math. He attended Clarion State Teachers' College, University of Vir- ginia, and Ohio State. He is the Advisor of the Nature Club. 15 . Y '55 . . W5 .. H912 4 QE? 3. 35. - 'diff uzozn' 4. I I I II. sf.-N, I wriiing, ' Claude Hinds-the man who knows what makes the world and everything in it go 'round. He is able to transmit physics, chemistry, and cldvanced math into hard heads. Whether the subiect is easy or hard for them, his students enioy watching demonstrations and performing their own experiments. You can never tell what will happen next. He is the Advisor of the Projection Club and a graduate of Muskingum College. He also attended Ohio Statd University. I I I I I I I I I I I I Basketball coach and assistant football coach, Floyd Hixon has a secret desire to coach his own baseball team. He hopes he will realize his wish this summer in Cleveland. He is a graduate o Ohio University. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I "Joe College", sigh the girls asl Robert Leon- hard, geography, world history, and plhysical educa- tion teacher passes. Athletics are a mtluior interest of this man. He is the Reserve basketball coach and baseball coach, and played basketball and football himself in his high school days. He is p graduate of Kent State University. I I I I I I I I I I I 16 Q I I I I I M,,,,N I ancl Arithmetic Ohio University claims as one of its alumnae Alwilda Phillips-teacher of English III and IV and Journalism. She is also advisor of the Senior Y-Teen Club. She believes sincerely in today's youth-they return her sincerity by believing in her. Earl Murphy, who is a farmer in his spare time, attended Kent State University and Muskingum College. Q He teaches math and language arts. Clelia Mercer was graduated from Muskingum College. She teaches English, history, and is director of the high school choir. Her hobby is hand work. 17 We are imade ready 4 l Gene Riffle has been in charge of the in- dustrial arts department fort years. Shops were organized to teach skill in hlandiwork. Mr. Riffle is a graduate of Ohio University. He has attend- ed Bowling Green, Ohio State, and Kent State Universities. He is the advisor of the industrial Arts club. l Elizabeth Portz, our very able speech teacher, is a graduate of Muskingum College. Her hobby is reading plays, of course. She is the advisor of the local Thespian Troupe. What would we do without her to direct our plays. l l l 4 l u 1 Living in a mild climate Robertson's dream come true. Director. His main hobby is lvacationing. One student remarks, "Robbie is spre a swell guy", we echo the refrain. A graduate of Muskingum College, he's also advisor of tlle Future Teachers of America. He is one of the lzlest liked teachers in N.H.S. l would be Alex He is Athletic 1 1 18 l l I to face the future Rachael Stoffer, who was gradu- ated from Denison University, also attended Muskingum College and Duke University. She teaches lang- uage arts and music. Her hobby is reading. Mary Swigert, a graduate of Otterbein College, teaches aspiring young girls the fine art of cooking and sewing. She is not only advisor, but a true friend to the girls. Her sunny disposition would brighten any kitchen. She is the advisor of the Future Homemakers of America. .RX Farrill Sharrock was graduated from Ashland College, and attend- ed Kent State University and Mus- kingum College. He is a collector of American coins, antiques, and guns. R liuxiv-an ig 19 i develop body and mind Chemical engineering was the goal of Donald Wolff, a graduate of Whittqnburg College until geo metric figures and algebra iproblems got in the way ten years ago. His favorite hobby is photography He is the advisor of the Hi-YlClub 1 i i i l 1 i i i i 1 in Edna Powell was graduated fro Denison University and Columba University. She also attended te University of Wisconsin. Mrs. Pow ll is the visiting teacher. 3 i r I I I I I 1 l O N L I I i i I Frances Titus, although she is not a regular teacher in our high school, is a great help in the library this year. She was graduated from l Otterbein College. I I i I 1 1 20 X Guiding us each day Melba Steffen Secretary to the Principal X1 The office girls are Barbara Froelich, Wanda Rogers, Linda Smith, and Betty Lou Davidson. Mrs. Clifford Wilson Secretary to the Superintendent 21 health, food, transfportation P A Mothers serving students at the cafeteria during the noon hour. The cafeteria serves all 12 grades, de- licious, well-balanced lunches. 1 1 1 Phyllis Geiser, the school nurse :attends students who may have 'health difficulties. She is on duty ievery Tuesday and Friday. To her 1left is Mary Lou Grimm, the former Qschool nurse. They are both swell ipeople. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Here are the men that bring us :safely to and from school. We are .thankful for their carefulness with, iand consideration for our lives. 1 1 I I 1 1 and warmth, are vital to our education Don Clark is our head janitor. He is a very energetic fellow and conscientious about his work. He is a friend to all. NHS has no better sports fan. We thank you, Don. Gene Whyde is our assistant janitor. He comes at 2:00 in the afternoon and helps Don. We like to take this opportunity to thank Gene for helping to keep our school a cheerful place to study our lessons. Thanks, Gene. 23 ,rrwviurn-fi' Ir1f-nr,--rp-vm-W ww. - , ,iff-. I - 5 -wg-fix President . We're the best, O, man alive We're the class of "55" Seniors Rah, Seniors Rah Rah, Rah, Seniors! Vice President Secreta ry Social Chairman Flower "Pink Rose" Class Colors "Charcoal and Pink" Moi-io "We build the ladder that we c 24- I I I I Treasurer I I I I I I I I I I limb" I I I I Social Chairman CAROL JEAN ARCORE 4 BARBARA JANE ATKINSON Acky f,,.-uv 'ti.Xw- 4 N? LQ., X Q JAMES WESLEY BAKER "Snake" CARL R. BILLINGS Ilcobll RONALD E. BERKSHIRE llporkll WALTER M. BRENNEMAN "Samson" 3 V JOHN EDWARD BUCKEY llBUcklI FRANCIS EUGENE CALLENTINE llGeneIl THOMAS D. COKER "Silas" GRACE YVONNE COUTS " Bonnie" JOANN CAROL CUTSHALL IIJOII LARRY RANDOLPH DANSBY ushogu ALDEN NEAL DAVIS Ilcothll I .ION DAVIS DENNIS II-lock!! RUTH ANN DIXON llAnnIl BARBARA JEAN FROELICI-I "Froellch" THOMAS LEE ELLIOTT llTom ll DONALD FRYE lIDon ll NANCY MAE GARDNER "Nance" DORIS JEAN GEPHART "Doris" LARRY ALLEN HANNAHS ul-crryn ALFRED L. HELLER "Duke" CARL L. HINDS "Hindsy" CONNIE MAE HOGUE "Constc nce" ROBERT KELLY "Cowboy" ' PAWNEE FISHER KING "Pawnee" RITA MARIE LANNING Fuzz: DAVID WAYNE LAU ER N Dove CARL F. LAWVER Iljohnll CAROL ANN LEHMAN Sireich ENOS LELLAN LOADER Ilcorkll JOHN DANIEL McCONNELL IIMGCII DAVID MEEKS "Dove" HARRY LEMOYNE LYONS "Harrison" JOHN McFADDEN 11Mccrl U JA?K DEAN MILLER nDinkn I ww...v vis -wif A 12" ROBERTA JANE MOORE Blrdle SHIRLEY LORRAI NE NEAL Booisue NJN LQVON CAROL NORMAN La Von MARY ELIZABETH NORMAN Mary E NOLRMA JEAN LAWRENCE NORMAN "Jean" 31 DONALD OPPHILE lIDonll 1 Qu-f-:YN wa' W t Q f' ,i , BARBARA ANN PALMER llBcrbll BARBARA ANN PATTERSON "Pottie" CARI. L. PAULUN "Carl" KENNETH JAMES PHILLIPS IIKen1l RONNIE PICKRELL IITexll I JANET ROSE PORTZ "Portzy" DOROTHY JANE POSTLEWAIT "Dottie" ROBERT LEWIS RILEY Rlals WANDA LEE ROGERS "Wanda" MARY DARLENE ROSS nkossyu NOMA KATHERINE RUFER IIKGYII JOHN E. RUSH "John KEITH K. RUSSELL Keith CARL THOMAS SMITH nsminyu LINDA VON SMITH III-inll IAY E. STEVENS Q HAROLD L. STOCKER Harold .JJANE MARIE SWANK "Swank" BETTY RUTH SWEITZER usetsyu CLARE TAYLOR "Clare" MARJORIE ANN TISH "Margie" RICHARD ronclen "Dick" GEORGE UNDERWOOD uGeorgeu PATRICIA JOAN VISINTAINER IIJOII RONALD DAVID WALKENSPAW "Butch" SHIRLEY EILEEN WILLER llsuchll MERCEDIS ANN WINTERS "Cedie" JERRY LEE WIDDER I "Hoy Barber" 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 RO ELLA FAYE WILSON "Rosie" 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iii f 1 ..v V1, -ff- 'inf WQMLJ' f lin. .- 1 hw .,f ,. M Qzfffbms- ai 1 3 I f 1 X S , Lg. 3 3 ff lv ff Q ,N Ji , 5 1 I , 'x-v" .- 2- 5 5 . ,Q Aw- ,T ix' 7 Flgz F V' - "Ti " api + W ' - ffw..,'2:f.'f:fe,t, I- ff 'Wray-en' W. 1,1 ' .VF a 'spa 1 f i r 1 , 'QL I1 , . A'i4'r:gmy'3',g'a,Q-r , . .1 " - V J, -.a.1 J hsfwggtfi-QSM ve 5. 2 s - ' x Q to L ,. .Q-,QS J I P t Je- iv- ' 'rw ""' ,,' ,Q n , 'T' -me , 44' -af-f . X f' 5 X Q 5 .K 'vt , ," if 'B . l t. we .- a -,fs-,W a. 4511" ' g N 'SR - X .. We s r N E A, K ,fs A J t :- ua , Class Of '56 Bill Addy, Eleanor Ahle, Goldie Alex- ander, Dean Baker, Junior Baker. Gary Beal, Martha Beiter, June Belt, Roger Bradshaw, Nancy Brown. ' fx - A . , ,Q 5, f 'LA v Ann Burky, Frances Buss, Gary Carney, E ' g 6' ik kLa-L- 3 V- A g -Q " "" ti L Marde Castle, Larry Chaney. " X 'J xg " ,, B ki. j f A jg-s .A . , B 'ff' so N D 'ci ,, ' J L L L 'R-D' '- Z if f , .7 f Pri. J D 355: uf' D V QW ,N . ,. - tk As ' 'il ,k J ' Gary Courtwright, Mary Cutshail, Betty t M 161, A A-,P A 5 is 0 'V ' W -4 Lou Davidson, Barbara Davis, Catherine N' ' H 'Qi A ' g lg. I G Davis. .f 3 so A 5 sg, 3, i ' J K 4 'N I i 4' X N r' fl L L I A DI D ' D D 5, 4 ,Q L -:-4. Q, , eores avis, Nancy ayton, uane so X, X l ' 'ws A 'f , Doss, Dick Fairchild, John Farris. .st Q .X -. v , I S' , , X , 'vt' 'T ' .12 . 5 ' t 1 K X 'AE is W . , ' .Z 7,7 - Q Y 12, A ,ffl 'M ,,k, L, Jim Fillman, Junior Foraker, Danny S ff 5 W- J J f .av-E ix if "" Froelich, Alien Gaskill, Hugh Gwynn. ' I , f 1 is K 5-W K if g y A . A in B Wm. X' . 3 i -N 1: , E A 46: .gzip gt xx kk Joyce hlammersly, Paul Harbold, Jane ' Q X ,W 1 , tr ' 'gi si 131, Hague, Charles Hoidsworth, Glenn Huff. ' -V ti: 15 A ,tci i citc if J -' x it "" V Q A .. ,,, , W, , A ,cy . A ,A I t Q g , -X 1. 4, L Y me Vi t ,elr it ' I ' ' . V. 1 Q John Huffman, Lester Hursey, Betty ,Q -n' ' gg -r' -s i -. ' . . . .gg L tr- A , all Johnson, Marshall Julien, Marlorne il 4" :Ita cs .. .:. AL, if "- Kedfgh- t D 'F' W " D t D --f' K :st X i . ' l t .ef T t ' l JL ny- -'Q . k ,V+ , L 1 Q Juanita King, Harold Lawver, Fred 'D ' f pq "'-.T st... -J . "' . -N 1 ff' - V ,N , ' """ Lehman, Ronnie Lehman, Chester Lindell. F w ' ' to . L is.. L '- ' L 1- C V t x Q . Q , 'ef P 5-jfjsrjkig X M. , it -1 L L ' 'E' w B- L J L., if x L , tie 1 w ' Margaret Lindell, Donna Loader. ' L . ,sm 38 X ns' it. K j ifxrf , - , , of 4 f f ..f 'l is l . i Class Of '56 Evelyn Lyons, Eugene Mallott, Bob Marshall, David Marstrell, Gary Martin. Sonia Martin, Junior Mayhew, Roy Meeks, David Milburn, Arlene Moore. Don Mullet, Carol Murphy, Walter Murphy, Nancy Myers, Edith Newby. Elsie Newby, Sandra Patton, Mary Peeper, Judy Pickett, Mary Plants. Wayne Plants, Dick Poorman, Connie Rehard, Lee Ripley, Cynthia Roeder. Carol Rogers, Mary Lou Rush, Delores Russell, Jack Saylor, Ronnie Shaffer. Walter Shaffer, Thelma Sharrock, Fred Sieber, Judy Stalter, Norma Stocker. Ruth Stocker, Dean Taylor, 'Bob Tennant, Marlorie Treadwell, Jim Triplet. Katherine Vogt, Rolland Walters, Melvin Whyde lno picturel, Don Wilson, Charles Williams, Evelyn Wilson. Mary Woods. A, 1 ,- .U Y' up 4'-4 it ' 'vs .. , t ,..--. "X yr 'f t . . sr V "" -4-V , ,' '- .fs . I QA 1 Q'5'v " r . ' .J 1g,,43f - -., y 3 y .,. 3 . I . - .,' ?' 1 ' f-N Q, an -gig 'gfg 1 , -fl? V..- i . Y" A . sw - 61 i, X QQ K st ag 'cf 't' l l ' l K 'ii l 1 l '77' ' t . 1' "' 0- - if Li ru 'Yrs rs. 'N W' s .- . x 3 4-Q , in-5 .os , ov- - , -v- x . ' 5" W R ' N I , A' Y W 4 W """"'. ..- 'if' if 4. . A g 1: r an . . 1 A. X cg- J L l 1 .fm """ if 'Q--' ' ZZ' 6? It 4: . JN- M If I K-5 r Em. C., wg' - ' I f A A .I X . Q 'C xi. w , 4' yt'-M ff- - tw W 'A ,J 'V ..,, . elf R C ,X ' ve. -.5 ,,.N 'f i ,uf I 'L' vw V, it Y, f .5 Q . 's I '. f l ' I gl v ' W ea 5 y Q e:'f fi! '42 7. . if ow K -- X -e X 'J ' " i Q ' R v l W ,.l'e"-fi ofa- is QQ. L n .,..-'S uv we . li' ,v- S -5 'fx r y :Q-in , Al fi.: ' ly? yi Q L ' ? -5- i 'vi "' A . A- ff I , . 'V' i Y- . 6' , . - 'crygf' ,r l K ' 2 pf A -ur Q 'K' E E x 4 Q ' E l .4 l 1 Y er.-1' L' A 4- 1 v , ui' 'i ' is 7 . ri. I tg, 4' L W' if . "' lu etxer ', ' vi, Class Of '57 Mary Adams, Marilyn Angle, Phillip Arth, Marlene Baker, Florence Bassett. Sue Belt, Carol Berg, Vera Brady, Marilyn Brindley, Coralyn Brown. Georgina Brown, Beverly Calhoun, Bev- erly Callentine, Don Carrico, Bill Casey, Shirley Casteel, Wanda Corbett, Palsy Couts, Galen Craigo, Larry Creachbaum. Bob Cross, Charles Dakin, Jerry Dansby, Connie Duff, Evelyn Etter. Vaughn Fairchild, Marilyn Folkert, .lim Foraker, Arminda Forney, Ronnie Fur- bay. Wilma Garretsan, Bob Gatten, Larry Graff, Pauline Harris, John Hart. Calvin Hartline, Edna Heller, Lillian Horn, Ellis Hunterson, Donnie Kehl. Ronnie Kehl, Kenneth Khune, Gary King, Juanita King, David Lawver. Class Of '57 Gordon Ley, LindaALyons, Larry Maloy, Kay Martin, Mary Martin. Jim McDonnell, Patsy Miller, Faye Mullett, Gary Myers, Jerry Myers. Wanita Myers, Marcella Newby, Eugene Nolan, Bonnie Norman, Terry Norman. Judy Oaklief, Frank Oldt, Don Opphile, Rosalie Parks, Opal Plants. Jeanne Portz, Carol Postlewait, Kathryn Renner, Jane Rothenstein, Jean Rothen- stein. Bill Russell, Ruth Schlupp, Roland Scott, Shirley Shaffer, John Shaw. Jolene Shaw, Eloise Shreve, Norman Sondles, Harold Stein, Jock Stoffer. Janet Stonebrook, David Sweitzer, Dar- lene Thomas, Myrna Underwood, Elaine Walker. Don Watson, Don Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jim Wolff, Bob Woods. , Ja Q . X I Y f I QI? ,ir . W E 1 " X .. H ' .fig ,T ' - 'E . 5 X f sf E ,X 2 1 4 N ix t E r as 375' ,uv I' ' Pe J if X hh 5-'P R: 0 . 1 1. ' . 'E l 'fl 4, L , . - Q . fggax A wp ,arf S V' I li. , ' is I lil. zu? 3 A YT : args 'r. i if .75 ic' I A N. 'L 1 up-ff 'V' is H -mv' ' a 45, . 1 Q ft' I J A gy , . z X , Sl' n-..x xv. 'GN' ' fi :'-L1-A' A -L ' ---.- - '. o ' 19 1 'ce' Q! 490. .sv Q- L f- fv- A' ,1 Yu Jiyff. -'S+ 'J 4' A VJ C, ' , - 'L . ..s- ,. s"' Q 4 X View it s , 1 e 'if' A, 1 JM 3 v- 1 . 2 K '31 . ' ' suv- ST R "' ' Qrrv .dx F' J f . .,. a t Q" 1 fx L g ? . V 0 YJ 54'-vt' rm' ' f ' 1' Sri- "' ta b . ii . L sefkgi, I rf. , C C I K K rs, in ,of :J Q A I ls' ts! X Q, 'I "'- - gm in H., 'Cv e-. 'Q 'vu 'QA AN ,ri ,,,. JK K ,fkk "ist: f L . s 535Q?555,, J 1 i s , K is . . si 4- it :V an so Qs, ...-.. s 'UN u, , lbs. -,ali 'Os - - w-xr ji A U 9 . A at ,cm . . s 4 '. ' Q 'fill-" f -N' B .. . ,earl yvhyxq I Y News ,E . ,nn -ar' .ff 'x 'vs 'V' as 'P A l' I fs 3 5"'Iff ,-agus. . l V Class Of '58 Bonnie Adams, .William Albaugh, Patsy Ahle, George Alexander, Cora Arth. Linda Ashley, Don Bassett, Roger Belt, Janet Boone, Marilyn Bordenkircher. Beverly Bowers, Dick Burky, Dolly Buss, Don Callentine, Roger Callentine. Don Carr, Carol Carruthers, Phyllis Courtwright, Walter Craigo, Carla Crater. John Davis, Theresa Davis, Judy Dennis, Margaret Drayer, Carolyn Egler. Gretchen' Ellis, Joan Everhart, George Farris, George Fenton, James Gatten. Lester Green, Jean Gray, Virginia Heston, Sandy Hickenbottom, Jack Hogue. Patty Johns, Calvin Johnson, Richard Kohler, Patty Keith, Rebecca Kelly. Becky Leonhard, Chester Little, Dan Loader, Judy Loader, John Mallett. Laverne Marlatt, Patty Marstrell. Class Of '58 Melva Marquand, Forest Mason, David Mayhew, Betty Moore, Don Mulvane. Martha Murphy, Fred Nay, Robert Nera, Mary Newell, Judy Opphile. Eugene Parks, David Patterson, Richard Patton, Gary Paulun, Edna Peeper. Peoples, Sandy Peoples, Virgil Plants, Barbara Poorman. Jim Penrod, Larry Sharon Porcher, Larry Price, Nancy Rogers, Barbara Ross, Diane Ross. Aaron Rothenstein, Merl Rufer, Carol Rush, Rudy Russell, Terry Silverthorne. Judy Stewart, Linda Stocker, Betty Stout, Sandra Sumers, Jim Tedrick. Blaine Tish, Joy Triplet, Glenn Van Voorhis, Pat Walters, John Watson. Maxine Watson, Steve Weisbrod, Ed Welsch, Patsy Whyde, Johanna Williams. Betty Wolff, Martha Yarnell. -t we "" es.. 'N X -.- sv - ' D -I", J Q, y, K .A td c R f is-. li" f ' E 7 g. I fi 'C Q -. J" QI, ,Q ' 1 7 if A "sh K N - yr" S' l w-4 , , -. V Q T- N, I Q K - f . -Q , .Ny In e .nfl .. J.. hir! l . J' n ' w -I K . its . fr Q. ' ml srl" " J 'UN I av. J, .Q gp ,vt r y .gs 1 --we 'V-f"1l'l1.K, w- -N ,Q an K A l ... 6 I' .uw 3 tk A ,sv ,.,. . ' t y 'ht F " J J " ,,. , S if . ' ts' 'S wi is t . . xi, 4 , " S : -:ss vv- .- H .Nay 'E v -3, 3 S V ,L J ll 1 L. P. ' L' 'X t W" ' N V- ' I T . f '.,., ' 'C l is A Rx 4 ANG' D J .,,g,TA " 'Fl :L . A x ' -4' 'r 4- , 1"f A 5 N we t - t , 1-f 11 ,, K , 1 ' " ' . 1 .ni-f. r,-- ' fx :S A 'A L., I. HN, X. N, . QM- V Y" . 'T' 1 J t fe 5: ' V: IG, . -q.. 'N Y V lf' I 1 F E 4 V, ,., X I tr'--' if ws- J ' W . I V it 5 3 43 y N. 'Cf' 5 .Y 0.- , . . 4, Q ,,,5. "2-"' Nasa Q - ' be-ii' 3 'iw' 6. 2, 'C' Fx MP 'vvi' QM' 7.-v fc" 1"? 'w vnvrr Q. 'W , .tr-q .,. ""' ", . , . A 159' KL' A l Q, A Q I ...D S. 2 'f-2' tg-if xv-. s Q K X fe.. fi. ... . sim J'- , A. A gg i . f E .4 my X tt . . 53 ' V. 1: AN 'W' iqglzbf A Li ,A V - 1 ,N P -ji-- I f f 1. iqlgfilo 'gf-M A H , m .1 N A 1. .wigis ,I lx'-tl.. K 5 A l Q " J ,132 intl: 'vu , - 6 ,K ,A sy t k I 375 Q Q., . 2 '? - H I L 3 1 V .tim ., ' Class Of '59 Earl Anderson, Tommy Atkinson, Janet Baker, Ruth Bassett, Judy Beiter. Harold Best, Betty Bodkins, Betty Bor- denkircher, Pauline Bowers, Larry Carney. Rebecca Carpenter, Wanda Chandler, Robert Craigo, Bonnie Crater, Carolyn Dansby. John D. Davis, Peter Doss, Melvin Duhamel, Sonny Eggleston, Judy Elliott. Linda Erkshire, Dixie Evans, Ruth Ann Favors, Marian Gaskill, Dean Geese. Diane Gross, Kenneth Haas, John Har- bold, Leonard Hart, Gary Hickman. Sidney Jones, Roger Kedigh, Alla King, Linda Kissell, Larry Loader. Janet Lyons, Gary Marlatt, Larry Mar- latt, Judy Marshall, Peggy Marstrell. Class Of '59 Bob Mathews, Micky Mayhew, Marilyn Meeks, Sandra Miller, Mary Ann Mullen. Steve Myers, Ann McCall, Lynda Mc Cants, Floyd McCormick, Nancy McCul- ley. Larry McEIhaney, Danny McMullen, Delphine Newby, James Nolan, Helen Jane Norman. John Norman, Robert Opphile, Harold Opphile, Jean Pappas, Mary Lou Riley. Carole Roan, Bobby Robinson, Kay Russell, Bill Russell, Sandra Sauerbrey. James Saylor, Ralph Smith, Barbara Somogye, Stanford Steed, Richard Stewart. Joann Walker, Rosemary Warner, Rich- ard Watson, Jimmy Whyde, April Williams. . Carol Wilson, Terry Wise, Ann Woods, Alice Hazlett. i . Q'-r'+ . yy -li 5, - . ' ff ' Q y i s . 4. I me v 'N' A "f, Lv l 4 l ew-1 .Y-' T' - "' -1,2 A, I .-.- C i --A ..,-W . . 5 s f W 1 .5 , I Y-:3.,.E l "' -5 9 1 fl 1, - l N M of . 1 'W Lg", Q l Q' 'D Q, , ,Lv Vx M W , L I W Q ,,. s . W ,J fm- A W, . '21, 4 ' , ' WNV Rig . K l 5 A 3- "w.. .4 A 1 .. . lk' l , J 2 I ,.. :css sa., l J Q J ' 1 .eii rw J' if " sas -ff 7 .LJ N ' .,, 1 I ' ' vel- , 4 CN "' ' - - f . 1 5.-E, A .' ms I gifs Mi-.L - 4' A A A A , ,JK , , ., NU l A x l if B. ' X ZZ, M B... J C "VM ' I , ...J H A i :T Q ' ' aw JG -22 N -1 Qt:-Q'-. I QQ 9 n My S K mi.. - JA .4- W J ' J' U 'D " A Q, . - R . ,gf nf., . ,Q y 7 a 'xi .4 J i !A.4 l I . . , A . ' k L . J, . J so , J , L i - l 'X . A 'f W -"L B 'D' vs K " ' - l 'Wd J '- ll W N -T 1 'xl .21 rw D- 'W W rl AND ,. Fi , 1 . -x, , A .f "J ,. -A. j L. A i Q , ' . X ' l 5 .K e.. i 0 . Q . - , I ' 6' Q' as I 'V W X i , 1' I I' J Y " 0 ' ' is ' Fc 'e "B "" f Q " 0 in ' i ' - 1 .. ' I K A' ' . ri "N ' . , 'ae 7 ,i , .M J ' - , t . 'ix' L . 4 , . k iw y j igg A ,.. ...,...... ,Y Q . . Class Cf '60 Carol Art, Kenny Arthur, Del- bert Ashkettle, Donald Baker, Janice Baker, Harry Bcsehart. Mary Ann Bassett, Walter Bates, Daniel Berkshire, Marilyn Bon- nell, Barbara Bordenkircher, Al- bert Bradford. Kennet-h Brennemon, Gail Bricker, Barbara Brode, Bobby Brown, David Brown, Frederic Brown. Hallie Sue Brown, Jim Callentine, Stephen Carr, Nancy Clark, Joyce Corbett, Glenn Couts. Linda Couts, Linda Crouch, Ruby Davis, Priscilla Dayton, Karolyn Dorsey, Martha Jean Dorsey. Vernon Durben, Robert Egler, Jerry Evans, Wilma Evans, James Everhart, Mary Gadd. Karen Glazer, Mary Jane Gray, Betty Gutherie, Ruth Harris, Dor- othy Haver, Paul Hover. Dixie Lee Hayes, Carol Heifner, Curtis Hinds, William Hogue, Brenda Hootman, Thomas Huff- man. Clyde Knutsen, Karen Hurst, Robert Johns, Gary Johnson, James Johnson lno picturel, Roger Johnson, Pearl Marquand. K-west, MW.. , W. N ,WF -v V S svfw - , Class Of '60 Flora King, Jerry Kiser, Robert Lenzo, Connie Lyons, Douglas MacQueen, Danny Mardis. Gary Mathews, Gwendolyn Maur- er, Roy Mayhew, Chester Meek, Larry Miller, RuHame Milligan. Bonnie Moore, Fred Moore, Paul Morrison, Glenn Mullett, Jay Willis Murphy, James McCormick. Richard McCune, Peggy McGinnis, Susan Oaklief, Fred Opphile, Sharon Opphile, Dianne Ortt. Danny Parks, William Parks, Rachel Ann Phillips, Barry Pickett, Virginia Porcher, Mary Porteus. James Ruby, Gary Russell, Robert Shaw, R o b e rt Smith, Arthur Steed, Janice Strictmaker. Calvin Tedrick, Carole Thomas, James Tufford, Brent Under- wood, James Van Sickle, John Waelde. Sandra Waller, Robert Watson, George Whyde, John Jr. Wil- liams, John Williams, Mattie Williams. Gladys Wise, Barbara Wolff, Susan Wurster, John Zeiner, Patsy Sue Jorden. iw 4 5: 'Fl X 5 Q .,. Viv ---E f s -.Q mi I " v i '33, - iv ' - - ' - 1 . L- J , Q ' L, . ,fwx t 'QT'-f L' ss T7 "' ,A 4-1' rl "ls A .1 A - -,K . J x J K 11 ft: ' X 'I'- V-. . I a 5 -4' 2? - 3 M H J , 4 - M" J . J -1 J 7 ' ' V " S. -- is S l in l 'iw' f' v P..-ss - X' - ' s- f -' 5 n , X s"'ll 'i iff! 'e 4' S so 7 g ,Q x vt' t V ' vt r' t N. - ' - ft , .. GM ...Jr 1 . 5,4 vm . Q 'N' s, fi . . "" 'X ig- -V 5 .,, , , 'wr' J J .-tif J lt in ..- ,,A. My , Y J if-vs v J S A .R V' s .5 ' " 4 Y, 'cm . H we- Q, :Q xp ,X l, tl , i K J , gi , R' 1 fl' ll, .- . Us Q X .. gi, A 3 . 1' bvax 6- A I-1 I J d gs- 1 H -r ...- , t . f--l.-- ' : l ' in 5 'TJ' 'fl J 'Fell' H It Qraijisv . is-st, L . Y f , X i . 'f 'Et , , 1 .Lp ,-Q, I 'L ' ' :Wir A.. . fs ff 'T'.A1l, , ,, , ll 9 M M K il .. 'vs EN 1 fi.. - J V gvwx v ' ,.,- 'Ha' 'L l 'Ir " X -L y .4 ,M r Q' ' R ,.. -' e . . M, , , 4 J N E " ' ' 'g n I l ,V ..L X -"fs, if N , ll f -. 'H ' . 7 l,'i'-jx s - f t ' . . ff " L .- , . 1 . f-I -1 -lv i'11z1ztlx1l1z1l,: . f 4,1 , 4 .Lv ,4 in Q M V, , . .' ,y g -' N- -' X," ' H ' 1 ' R ' J A- 5 f 7 Q" :gp -,-l - , -J I 'W ' ,ffl , , ,mfg . "V F K '.k, SL A x ,,. A 4 x fr X rig- wah I I . Q Q v 1, 4: tl' 4 A 72 is , xl, The organizations geared to make the youth of today the good citizens of tomorrow. Senior Scholarship Team First row: Joann Cutshall, Wanda Rogers, Mary E. Norman, Barbara Atkinson, Nancy Gardner, Rita Lanning, Linda Smith, Janet Portz, Barbara Palmer. Second row: Jerry Widder,,Harold Stocker, Carl Hinds, Duke Heller, Pat Visentainer, Marjorie Tish, 'Doris Gephart, Mr. Gary. Third row: Ronnie Walkenspaw, Enos Loader, Keith Russell, Walter Brenneman, Tom Elliott, John McFadden, Larry Hannahs, J Wooster Scholarship Team 1954 l First row: Barbara Atkinson, .lanet Portz, Sandra Patton, Eliose Shreve, Wanda Rogers, Linda Smith, Darlene Thomas, Cynthia Roeder. Second row: John McFadden, Gary Carney, Pat1Visentainer, Ann Burky, Nancy Gardner, Jeanne Portz, Marlene Baker, WalterrMurphy. Third row: Fred Sieber, Larry Hannahs, Don Wilkin, Gary Marstrell, Galen Craigo, Charles Holdsworth. 48 1 J Senior Y-Teens First row: Mrs. Stoffer, Joann Cutshall, Carol Rogers, Linda Smith, Wanda Rogers, Sandra Patton, Frances Buss, Cynthia Roeder, Carol Murphy, Rita Lanning, Barbara Atkinson, Mrs. Phillips. Second row: Betty Sweitzer, Barbara Patterson, Dorothy Postlewait, Ruth Stocker, Betty Johnson, Eleanor Ahle, Connie Hogue, Judy Stalter, Ruth Dixon, Mary Woods, Jane Hague, Nancy Myers, Mercedis Winters, Barbara Froelich. Third row: Doris Gephart, Bonnie Couts, Mariorie Tish, Janet Portz, Barbara Palmer, Mary E. Norman, Sonia Martin, Pat Visentainer, Mariorie Treadwell, Joyce Hammersly, Betty Davidson, Evelyn Lyons, Mariorie Kedigh, Nancy Brown. Junior Y-Teens First row: Miss Carson, Ruth Schlupp, Georgina Brown, Sandy Peoples, Sandra Hickenbottom, Nancy Rogers, Carol Postlewait, Sharon Porcher, Darlene Thomas, Eloise Shreve, Judy Loader, Mrs. George. Second row: Beverly Calhoun, Janet Stonebrook, Kay Martin, Bonnie Adams, Betty Stout, Linda Ashley, Marilyn Bordenkircher, Dolly Buss, Patty Keith, Patsy Ahle, Barbara Poorman, Carol Carruthers. Third row: Carolyn Egler, Corolyn Brown, Marilyn Brindley, Patsy Couts, Carla Crater, Judy Opphile, Jeanne Portz, Barbara Ross, Judy Stewart, Martha Yarnell, Janet Boone. 49 Hi-Y First row: Jack Stoffer, Don Watlon, Don Mulvane, Terry Norman, Don Bassett, Jack Dennis, Dick Patton, Walter ,urphy, Gene Parks, David Mayhew. Second row: Mr. Wolff, Jim Penrod, Larry Peoples, Junior Mayhew, Bob Marshall, Carl Hinds, Gary Carney, Ronnie Furbay, Hugh Gwylnn. Third row: Walter Craigo, Laverne Marlatt, Walter Brenneman, Jim McDonnell, lJohn Huffman, Tommy Elliott, Dean Baker, Junior Baker, Dave Milburn. I I I I Hobby Club I First row: Gary King, Galen Craibo, Kenny Phillips, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Dick Fairchild, Bill Casey, Vaughn Fairchild, Duke Heller, Carl Smith. Second row: Marde Castle, Patsy Miller, Linda Lyons, bhirley Shaffer, Mary Cutshall, Delores Davis, Arlene Moore, Shirley Casteel, Connie Rehard, Martha Beiter, Jack Stoffer, Blaine Tish, Steve Weisbrod, Third row: LMr. Sharrock, Don Frye, Duane Doss, Danny Froelich, Gene Callentine, David Lauer, Neal Davis, Jack Buckey, Larry Dansby, Ronnie Berkshire, Marshall Julien,l Gary Martin, Larry Chaney, Gary Carney, Roy Meeks, Junior Foraker, John McConnell, Roger Bradshaw, Harry Lyons, Tommy Coker, Jim Baker, Bob Kelly, Pawnde King, Jack Saylor, Harold Stocker. I l 50 I I I I 6 Future Teachers Of America 0 O 1 a i First row: Linda Smith, Wanda Rogers, Connie Hague, Nancy Gardner, Mary E. Norman. Second row: Barbara Atkinson, Mariorie Tlsh, Doris Gephart, Pat Visentainer, Mr. Robertson. Industrial Arts Club First row: Kenny Phillips, Dave Lauer, Carl Hinds, Richard Torgler, Pawnee King, Harold Stocker, Ronnie Pickreil. Second row: Mr, Riffle, Enos Loader, Don Frye, Jay Stevens, Carl Lawver, Claire Taylor. 51 Future Homemakers Of America First row: Bonnie Norman, Kalhryn Renner, Ann Burky, Virginia Heston, Opal Plants, Vera Brady, Florence Baslett, Wilma Garretson, Marilyn Folkert. Second row: Carol Berg, Mary Martin, Juanita Myers, Thelma Sharrock, Catherine Davis, Mary Lou Newell, Evelyn Etter. Third row: Mrs. Swigert, Norma Norman, Kathryn Vogt, Beverly Bowers, Marlene Baker, ltllary Adams, Juanita King, Betty Moore. Proiection Club First row: Calvin Hartline, Dick Blirlcy, Glenn VanVoorhis, Bob Cross, George Fenton, Gary Myers. Second row: Mr. l-linds, Jerry Myers, Larry Groff, Allen Gaskill, Don Watson, Dick Poorman, ChesterILittle. Third row: Jerry Wiclcler, John McFadden, Larry Hannahs, Lester Hursey, Gary Beal, Jim Forsaker, Glenn Huff. I I I I 52 I I I I CI b First row: Mary Peeper, William Albough, James Tidrick, John Watson. Second U row: John Rush, Keith Russell, John Shaw, Larry Price, Mr. Heffner. A' I b Firsf row: Ronnie Kehl, Carl Billings, Larry Creachbaum, Freddie Nay, Mr. U Crumley. Second row: David Sweitzer, Dan Loader, John Hart, Gordon Ley, Frank Oldt. 53 G A First row: Pat Walters, Connie Duff, Diana R ss, Martha Murphy, Judy Dennis, Patty Johns, 0 0 Ag Carol Everhart, Patty Marstrell, Forest Mason, Edna Heller, Jean Rothenstein, Pauline Harris, Elaine Walker. Second row: Mr. Leonhard, Car l Rush, Cora Arth, Becky Leonhard, Ruth Wolff, Jane Rothenstein, Sue Miller, Nancy Gardner, Ja e Swank, Shirley Willer, Delores Russell, Marcella Newby, Darlene Ross. I 0 0 First row: Barbara Davis, Juanita King, Forest Mason, Sandy LU Sumers, Jean Rothenstein, Mrs Titus. Second row: Janet Portz, Shirley Willer, Jane Swank. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 54 I I I , s I Thespians First row: Nancy Gardner, Shirley Willer, Barbara Palmer, Mary E. Norman, Rita Lanning, Linda Smith, Mrs. Portz, Barbara Froelich, Pat Visentainer, Janet Portz, Joann Cutshall. Second row: Carl Billings, Don Frye, Ronnie Berkshire, Walter Brenne- man, Carl Hinds, Keith Russell, Duke Heller, John McFadden, Doris Gephart, Barbara Atkinson, Mercedis Winters, Dorothy Postlewait, Connie Hogue, Wanda Rogers. Pep Band 55 Book Mencling First row: Melva Marquand, Margaret Drayer, LaVonne Mrs. Titus. Second row: Gretchen Ellis, Jean Gray, Juanita l Club Betty Moore, Sandra Sumers, John Davis, Calvin Johnson, Lester Green. Student Activ l 1 I l l ities l l i Norma Rufer, Mrs. Doss, Barbara Davis, Joy Triplet, " X :Q High School Carnival 56 A a i l 1 s rs Wi Q W3 I,. r.. :Q I .rv bmkgfi ew'-'W I Hobby Club lndusirial Arts Club Crazy Mixed-up Band I Mrs. Clelia Mercer if Mr. John Crumley I l l -1 M -A lb-4 ,,,. 4 ed ,M U " ' 4 1 ...3.,,,,: -, M'-www ,fwwnszwr W, N'-vl r,z'-wr M j ' First row: Barbara Atkinson, Eloise Shreve, Jolene Shaw, Shirley Willer, Pat Visentainer. Second row: Jerry Widder, Roger Bradshaw, Waiver Brenneman, Junior Baker. l v 1 ,l A . a 1 Qt' First row: Rita Lanning, Dolly Buss, Arlene Moore, Delores Russell, Con- nie Hague. Second row: Marilyn Brindley, Mary E. Norman, Barbara Palmer, Doris Gephart, Mariorie Tish. . Q , l 1 s , ' I . fs i St ags it K I V 3 1 Sri A' f, 3 ' I 3 5 2 i .- ,. iq , ' . z. 3' H! I I 1, N i ,U l 0 N. 1 s H . ss ' 3 I iilll , First row: Nancy Dayton, Virginia Heston, Kay Martin, Mary Woods, Carol Carruthers. Second row: Con- nie Dulf, Faye Mullett, Marlene Baker, Nqrma Norman. ' First row: Carol Postlewait, Nancy Myers, Patty'Keith, Dorothy Postle- wait. Second row: Jane Hogue, Barbara Froelich, Jane Swank, Sharon Porcher, Linda Smith. 2 . l , yl " YQ. 5 'iii I .A " -- I ' ,KN U 3 , ir . E l lx Q Q IK ' 5 L, gif J , 5 Y x ilnpv 1- .. Nm , a Q 'S+ fi ,A , . fi ..-Q .4 if! 0' W- fx -1 Kun k 3 Q-5? 4 ,wi-l' .K Q. if QI- lv A. wfrx Band ASSK yr' ina First row: Carol Murphy, Sonia Martin, Dorothy Postlewait, Jane Swank, Cynthia Roeder. Second row: Janet Boone, Sandy Miller, Mary Ann Mullen, Marilyn Meek, Carla Crater, Marilyn Bonnell, Linda Crouch, Carol Rush, Becky Leonhard, Martha Murphy, Shirley Castell, Judy Oak- lief. Third row: Frances Buss, Barbara Froelich, Carol Postlewait, Edna Heller, Eddie Welsh, Cora Arth, Nancy McCulley, John Zeiner, Barbara Ross, Patsy Couts. Fourth row: Sandra Hickenbottom, Judy Opphile, Jeanne Portz, Melvin Duhamel, John Watson, Jim Van Sickle, Jay Willis Murphy, Larry Groff, Gary Johnson, Sandra Patton. Fifth row: Kenny Brenne- man, Douglas MacQueen, Helen Jane Nor- man, Kay Russell, Nancy Gardner, Mary E. Norman, Larry Price, Dolly Buss, Pat Walters. Sixth row: Janet Hothem, Jim Wolff, Walter Murphy, Bob Cross, Ralph Smith, Glen VanVoorhis, Steve Weisbrod, Gary Carney. Our Homecoming Queen .A X may Crowning of Queen Queen, Attendants, an Escorts First row: Dorothy Postlewait, Barbara Palmer, Barbara Atkinson, Linda Smith, Queen, Barbara Patterson, Wanda Rogers. Second row: John McFadden,,Bob Riley, Tom Elliott, Jack Dennis, Carl Smith, Keith Russell. S, , . . Attendants N-,, rw fwfr!!! Halloween Parade 62 l I l i l l I Queen and Attendants Presentation of flowers by Co- Captains, Ronnie Walkenspaw and Larry Dansby. l Wanda Rogers Hey Team! if x 'if' Kay Martin Barbara Atkinson Say Team! Connie Duff Mary Woods Barbara Patterson Q 1 5 "X cf' X GENE CALLENTINE ECOL Team Slow in finding his prowess, Gene came through this season with line bucking greatness. He loved to bowl them overll NEAL DAVIS ECOL Team Playing both offense and de- fense, Neal did a tremendous lab accelerating our defense. He proved to be a leader. TOM COKER Always ready when needed and ccllled on to do a iob. Small but willing. Hit That Line! Determination is 902: of footllaall. Larry proved this time and again 'this season. His continuous effort paid loff. Nice going Larry. I ,Y. .rlfggfy LARRY DANSBY ECOL Team Lary lived up to all expectations this year as a Co-Captain and a stellar tackle: thus, hope "Shag" goes on to college ball. DUKE HELLER A senior who has proven his capabilities as an outstanding team player. Working hard at all times to improve his special- ties. -, . - . . '1 ' l' V my I.. . . ,Q , rv.-f2,"',4,.. ' ' 4" ' 1 s l ' ft, L. ' as , - f . ' y.. 1 4 + 4, It ' . 54: tfn 4" xQ.ii4 y X' s il? 1' J. RONNIE WALKENSPAW A co-captain giving the specta- tors many thrills and chills as he caught many passes and turned them into touchdowns, Butch will make some college a good end. . v , ,n 'grfoq ,L-Cuz., ,lf 'i N,.x.W.. V KAL: , N 'A ,,, ., r, . .- ..s..k,,.,.. 1 ' -X t lui' tgffnf if.i:.sQ,s at ij ..-it" Tfllift . " 'rg-,d,,' vl'5 ww' X sir-s+f'ff,5i5fltt . if -:GK . 3 J- x , L. . . , -Q ,, -. - . 5fg'. "S'rf'1i,, 'h ' f ' N ' 4 A ' ' - 7 A T: 4 w ' ' fain . mf v A "long one" and a lot of fight. De- manded a lot of respect for opposition and will be back another year. DICK FAIRCHILD outstanding LARRY CHANEY Dick has done an iob at tackle this one of the most improved play- ycar-he is ers of thc squad. Talk Soft, But Hit Hard MARSHALL JULIEN RONNIE LEHMAN BOB MARSHALL Lot of natural ability. With a Everlasting effort. Can't put him out. With two years behind him, and little drive, he should become Will see a lot of action again next year, one more ahead of him, Bob one of Ncwcomersiown's great backs. Hustle means a lot Marshl should make a few opponents take notice of his capabilities. Let's go Bob! I cc - ,. A .4 '17, 4,33-p-. A ,yd a-. iigiaw-ff.. ff' si' r5ffi'vf?f...s its , si. 'I' Fit ' A ie., ..l,Ml", as R rv . ' V514 Q6 'i gfKeQ,'iQf,iehYtii'l' .1 , ,z . Lt, L igsjam R 3424 . gy! fs, tif A ' if 'Q gpg- ,NESS ,w,si,h'f 5.1 -fe' .fm .tp-V, 1,4 .9 A- 1 K UN l ROY MEEK A iunior with promise-with a lot of hard work and determina- tion, Dutch could become a stellar center on the 1955 squad. FRED SEIBER Slow in finding himself but it is evident he will come into his own his senior year He has a strong pair of crazy legs .4 .. , N. -,S '.4wfEozi11'?2 1' . DAVE MILBURN Z Fast and shifty. Iniuries hamperedi him his sophomore year. Should really hit his peak next year. i Get That First Down WALTER SCHAEFFER Desires contact never backing up from anything or anyone Will see a ot action on next years team JACK SAYLOR A need for more determined ef- fort. Could become a fine de- fensive man in the future. BOB TENNANT Bob's hard work and determina- tion earned him the honor of both offensive and defensive duties Plan on great things from Bob again next year ix ROLAND WALTERS Reporting to the squad later, "Role" became a prime factor in our offense as a center. With another year to go, he should be among the best. RONNIE FURBAY A sophomore who has shown promise both in practice and game situations. "Furb" will be cl capable general in master minding play situations. PHILLIP ARTH .-hw-"' . , , . fi N., - VAUGHN FAIRCHILD A sophomore with a bright future in Slow starter, but came on as the football with some experience behind season progressed, Tough as him. nails and a desire for contact. Smack 'em Hard Gang!! JERRY DANSBY With the will to accomplishll Jerry can elude many a potential tackle, and could equal with Little's greatness. ELLIS HUNTERSON A lot of spirit and hustle. With two years ahead and continued effort, he should become a great lineman at Newcomerstown. ' -9 , ,ws ,,, . -A 5 N K " V9 t A .fs ,Rs-1-L 1. ali , , W 33? f 1 ,. i, 1- - ikly' ua! "' ' "'?'P..' ji- 1:-f,,,i:y,' ,..1.i A ' fui sf'-'f FRANK OLDT Smal but determined Next ear TERRY NORMAN His second year ot' varsity ball and only a sophomore. Terry can should see Frank in a starting be th rank among the top at his guard He has the desire that a coach cant position. overlook BILL RUSSELL Has little to say but with more knowledge oi the game could land himself a position on next years team Let's Hear Those Shoulder Pads Crack Harder' l l I l ROLAND SCOTT JACK STOFFER 1 Got over being Shag's tackling The might mite. Really gives the sport partner and started out on his everything he has. Only a sophomone, own. Will be an asset at our so look out! I future bull clubs. I DON WILSON Small, but mighty at heart. l look for big things from Don in the future. rf' . get , Jr' ., P - , I .pm , ilgfggzazig ,bf A ti .,' K his , L14QAL41 JACK WILSON With an ambition to be better than his older brother, Jack has shown potcntialities with two more years, .lack should reach his goal. "1--1-5" , , fu l y . E 1 E ., .t sa' .17 19 L .4 -'gt ' I . . 5. 91 1 AAR-eff-4: " Junior High 5, f1'7:f'33'f'laFl -19 'ati s--5.. .tit 'till l l ' 'I 'U n s Football 'ff M W g t 4' First row: Roy Mayhew, Harald Best, Bob Mathews, Don Bassett, Larry M.:Elhaney. Sanford Steed, Roger Callentine, Walter Craigo, Bob Craigo, Terry Silverthorne, Mickey May- hew. Serond row: Coach Bob Leonard, George Whydc, Danny Mardis, Gary Mathews, Jerry Kiser, Bob Robinson, Art Stccd, .lim Tuflord, John Williams, Jr., Jim Callentine. Seniors Of '54 Squad L. to R.: Floyd Hixon, Head Basketball and Assistant Football Coach. Fred Dillomenico, Head Football and Track Coach. Bob Leonhard, Baseball, Junior High Football, and Assistant Basketball Coach. Bob Heffner, Junior High Basketball Coach, Alex Robertson, Athletic Director. x "' 1.29 X si. - .r . 'GEN ""' 'Gi , ,. j V ji. ., idinlf"l-4- Q , 3 ' " ,J . .5 -' - 'ft ffl ,. . 3149" P 5 2 , J 9 sr its A ' Q is XFX? Q 4 N 'N--x ' QF I 1241 A h 'ik 2 53. xl .. , Q 1 1 'Q' 5 1 Sa- -5- in Reserve Basketball Firsl row: Gene Parks, Dan Carrico, Frank Oldt, Rudy Russell, Bob Cross, Galen Craigo. Second row: Ronnie Lehman, Jack Stoffer, Terry Norman, Don Wilson, Dave Mayhew, Don Mulvane, Bob Tennant. Third row: Walter Craigo, Roy Meeks, Gary Carney, .lim Penrod, Fred Sieber, Harold Lawver Roland Scott, Bob Leonhard. Reserve Cheerleaders NANCY ROGERS SANDRA PEOPLES X lm jr. A, Jw? 1 Gan C L. gil! Avllu 3 5' , , 5 4 4 if 4 kv! S' C RY J 1 g N-...- Track First row: Dave Milburn, Waller Brenneman, Russell Baker, Bob Malshall, Duke Heller, Gary Courtwright, Frank Oldf, Jerry Widder, Rudy Russell. Second row: Jim Baker, Hug Gwynn, Dean Baker, Don Callentine, Larry Chaney, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Roland Scott, Phillip Arlh, Jelrry Dansby, Coach Fred DiDomenico. Spring Sporis l I BasebaH I First row: Dave Lauer, Jerry Widder, Kenny Phillips, Bob Tennani,: Ronnie Lehman, Jack Stoffer, Gene Parks, Blaine Tish, John Shaw. Second row: Jack Dennis, Jim Baker, Harry Lyons, Larry Hannahs, Roy Meek, Lester Hursey, Coach Bob Leonhard. gilt? J Q.: J C ey. r x ll J ii Z 6 In the Spring a young man's fancy ....... Spring Queen and King. Spring Queen, King, and Attendants. Kay Martin, Terry Norman, Barbara Palmer, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Wanda -Rogers, Duke Heller, Nancy Brown, Dave Milburn, Nancy Rogers, David Mayhew. 73 I I I I I The SeniorI Night of J I I I I I I I I I by I I I "Act well your part, there iIn the honor lies" I Thespian Plays I I "Submergecl" W5 are proud to say that SUBMERGED place first ih the District Contest, and did extrenlely well in the State Contest. I i I I I I I I Scene from 4 "Did you Say Mink?" Scene from "High Window" I 74 i I I Junior High Operetfa. Snapshots Of Interest E Jailbird. This Is Your Life. Help! Help' Miss MacMillan. 75 CAROL ARCORE "Quiet, capable, and attractive." I, Carol Arcore, leave my seat in Home Economics to Gretchen Ellis. Y-Teens l,2, Future Homemakers of America 3,4, BARBARA ATKINSON "Marks and men have been my aim." I, Barbara Atkinson, leave my birthday present from the Senior boys to any Jun- ior girl luclc-unlucky enough to have a birthday during school. Sec. 2, Soc. Ch. 4, Newcosean 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Sec. 2, Pres. 4, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Wooster Scholarship Team l,2,3,4, Sen- ior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Spanish Club 3, Buck- eye Girl's State 3, Office Girl 3, Homecom- ing Attendant 4, Choir l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band l,2,3, G.A.A. 2, Cheerleader 4, World Affairs Institute 4, WHIRLWIND, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JAN- UARY I6-make-up, DID YOU SAY MINK. JIM BAKER "They call me Snake lwhen I'm awakelf' RONNIE BERKSHIRE "Sure-you know that" I, Ronnie Berkshire, leave with this thought, "Say it with Flowers." Newcosean Staff 4, Prince of Peace 3, Thespians 3,4, Soc. Ch. 4, Hobby Club l,2, 3,4, Proiection Crew 3, Student Announcer 3,4, Choir 3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY lo. SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, TAMING OF SUE, J. CAESAR. CARL BILLINGS "They call me "Cowboy" l, Carl Billings, intrust my seat by the window in Physics to anyone crazy enough to take it. Future Farmers of America 3, Thespians 4, Stage Crew 4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SUBMERGED, J. CAESAR. WALTER BRENNEMAN "To be an actor is his goal, SUBMERGED proved he can do it" I, Walter Brenneman, leave my place in Senior Directbry choir to Ken Brenneman. I Hi-Y 2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace 4, Science Club , Thes- pians 3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, Choir 3, , Track Team 2,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY la, SUBMERGED, J. AESAR. JACK BUCKEY "l may be little, but watch me, wbrldn l, Jack Buckey, leave at last. y Newcosean salesman 4, Hi-Y l,3,lHobby Club 4, Stage Crew. l GENE CALLENTINE I "The neatest boy in the Senior Glass" I, Gene Callentine, leave Dan my layng, lost trips to Fresno. 1 Health Club l, Hobby Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 2,3,4, Track Team 3, Baseball 4, Var- sity N 3,4, E.C.O.L. All Star Football 4. TOM COKER l "Of friends he has many"l I, Tom Coker, will Rudy Russell to i'Jo-Jo." Hobby Club 2,3,4, Varsity Footballl4, Var- sity N 4. I l GRACE YvoNNE cours I "A cheery delight in every w y" I, Bonnie Couts, leave-willingly, gladly, and FINALLY. I Y-teens i,2,s,4, Health Club 3, chlsaf i,2, 3,4, NIGHT OF JANUARY lo. JOANN CUTSHALL I "A general favorite and a good Ifriend" I, Joann Cutshall, will my laughlto my sister. I Newsosean Staff, Y-Teens i,3,4, Wooster Scholarship Team 2, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace 3, Thespians 3,4, Hobby Club-2, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE. t LARRY DANSBY i "He gains friends by being a e" I, Larry Dansby, wish for two mor years to play footbbll with Dave MilbuLrn lthe cool onet. Health Club l, Hobby Club 4, Sta e Crew 3, Varsity Football l,2,3,4, Co-Ca tain 4, Basketball l,2, Varsity Basketball 3,Ii, Base- ball 3, Varsity N l,2,3,4, E.C.O.L. IAII Star l Football 4. 1 NEAL oAvis I "An athlete who is a sportsman als well" I I I i l I l 76 I I, Neal Davis, leave Roll Walters wonder- ing why he can't stay away from "Wilma," Health Club l, Hobby Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 2,3,4, Varsity N 2,3,4, E.C.O.L. All Star Football 4. JON D. DENNIS "A girl, a girl, my kingdom for a girI" I, Jack Dennis, leave with this thought, "Go west, young man, go west." President l, V. Pres. 3, Newcosean sales- man 4, Hi-Y 4, President 4, Student Council 2, President 2, Thespians 3,4, Protection Crew i,2,3, Stage Crew 4, American Legion Essay Winner I, Homecoming Queen's es- cort 4, Choir 4, Varsity Football 2, Basket- ball l,2, Varsity Basketball 3, Baseball l, 2,3,4, Varsity N l,2,3,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6-Business Manager, SUBMERGED, J. CAESAR, Intra- mural basketball, softball, volleyball l,2. RUTH ANN DIXON "She is a gallant creature, complete in mind and feature" I, Ruth Dixon, will my ability to spend most of my time in the Home Ec. room to Patsy Miller. Y-Teens 2,4, Future Teachers of America 4, Pottery Club I, Hobby Club 3, G.A.A. 2. TOM ELLIOTT "So easy to get along with" I, Tom Elliott, leave my loafing in Mr. Hinds' class to anyone who can get away with it. Secretary 3, Soc. Ch. 4, Newcosean 4, Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Sec. 4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Proiection Crew l,2,3,4, Stage Crew l,2,3,4, Homecoming Escort 4, Foot- ball Manager 2,3, Basketball 3, Intramural basketball 4. BARBARA FROELICH "Her cheery smile greets you all the while" I, Barbara Froelich, will my place in the office to anyone who likes to run up and down steps. , Newcosean staff 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Thes- pians 4, Librarian l,2, Office Girl 4, Choir 4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l, Tumb- ling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, HIGH WINDOW. -f -'WYE .Y-,navy .- DON FRYE "He's always on the go, never takes it slow, North, east, south, west, he never takes a rest" l, Don Frye, leave Lindo Ashley to John Huffman because she's the life of the party. Newcosean salesman 4, Hi-Y I,2,3, In- dustrial Arts Club 4, Thespians 3,4, Hobby Club 4, Stage Crew 3,4, Varsity Football 2, Varsity N 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, SUBMERGED, J. CAESAR. NANCY GARDNER "Her aim is high and always true" I, Nancy Gardner, leave Mr. Hninds this comforting thought: You think when I leave, you will be rid of silly Physics questions. But wait until next year, then you get - Duanel Newcosean Staff, Y-Teens 2,3, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Wooster Scholarship Team 2, 3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace l,2,3,4, Thespians 4, Librarian 2,3, Hobby Club I, Choir I, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band I,2,3,4, Pep Band 2, G.A.A. 4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, DID YOU SAY MINK. DORIS GEPHART "AbIe, active, brains, and poise. She does a lot without much noise" I, Doris Gephart, leave to find a young handsome Doctor. Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teen l,2,3,4, Soc. Ch. 4, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace I, Thespians 3,4, Choir 4, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Properties, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SHE WAS ONLY A FARMER'S DAUGHTER, DID YOU SAY MINK, TAMING OF SUE. LARRY HANNAHS "Step 'n Fetch it has nothing on him" DUKE HELLER "Ambition is no cure for love, so why struggle" I, Duke Heller, will the high hurdles to Hugh Gwynn. Newcosean Staff, Hi-Y I,2,3, Senior Scholar- ship Team 4, Thespians 3,4, Hobby Club 4, Protection Crew l,2,3,4, Stage Crew I, 2,3,4, Buckeye Boys' State 3, American Legion Essay Winner 3,4, Varsity Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Track Team l,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3, Var- sity N l,2,3,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, Business Manager, SUBMERGED, J. CAESAR, Intramural Bas- ketball, Volleyball, I,2. CARL HINDS "The friendly farmer with an Angus cow" I, Carl Hinds, will my ability to have Mr. Hinds 5 periods out of 8 to Walt Murphy. Newcosean salesman 4, Hi-Y I,2,3,4, In- dustrial Arts Club 4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Thespians 4, Proiection Crew I,2, 3, Stage Crew 3, Marching Band I, Con- cert Band I, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, J. CAESAR. CONNIE HOGUE "A smile here, a word there, she spread sunshine everywhere" I, Connie Hague, leave in pursuit of hap- piness. Newcosean staff 4, Y-Teens l,2,3, Treas. 3, Pro. Ch. 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Student Council 2, Prince of Peace I, Speech League 3, Thespians 3,4, Photog- raphy Club 2, Choir 2,4, Marching Band 3, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Make-up, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, TAMING OF SUE, WHIRLWIND. ROBERT KELLY "When fun and duty clash, let duty go to smash" PAWNEE KING "lf silence is golden, he will be rich" RITA LANNING "A sweet kid, and a wonderful editor for the '55 Newcosean" I, Rita Lanning, leave to enter the nursing profession and also hope that all the future editors of the Annual have such a wonderful staff as mine." Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teen I,2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace I, Thespians 3,4, American Legion Essay Winner I, Choir 4, Marching Band I, Concert Band I, Pep Band I, G.A.A. 2, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, SHE WAS ONLY A FARMER'S DAUGHTER, DID YOU SAY MINK. DAVE LAUER "A grin or a smile, you can see it a mile" I, Dave Lauer, leave NHS with Claude Hinds wondering what happened to most of the KCLO3. Industrial Arts Club 4, Hobby Club I,2,3, 4, Stage Crew 4, Baseball 4. CAROL LEHMAN "Talk to her of Jacob's ladder and she would ask how many steps there were" 77 y Q Student Council 3, Hobby Club I, Choir I,2,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Tumbling Team 2. ENOS LOADER "Friendly and agreeable" I, Enos Loader, will my ability to get out of school early each day to anyone lucky enough to have a iob. Vice President 4, Industrial Arts Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Health Club I, Student Council 3, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Nature Club 2, Hobby Club 3, Stage Crew I,2,3,4. HARRY LYON5 "Why be serious, it isn't any fun" I, Harry Lyons, leave still trying to get out of Chemistry. Newcosean salesman 4, Science Club I, Hobby Club 2,3,4, Stage Crew 4, Varsity Football Manager 3, Basketball I,2, Var- sity Basketball 3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Varsity N 2,3,4, JOHN MCCONNELL "His interests are hunting, fishing, and art" JOHN McFADDEN "Two great men were born on February 22, George Washington and me" I, John McFadden, leave my front seat in American Problems to some unlucky Jun- ior who will have to listen to "Robby's" corny jokes. President 3, Newcosean staff 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Wooster Scholarship Team I,2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Thespians 3,4, Presz 4, Photography Club 2, Proiection Crew I,2,3,4, Stage Crew 4, Buckeye Boys' State 3, American Legion Essay Winner I,2,3,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SUBMERG- ED, J. CAESAR. JACK MILLER "Better men than I have lived, but I doubt lt" I, Jack Miller, leave my basketball ability to Gary Martin. Health Club I, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Var- sity N 3,4. ROBERTA MOORE "I've trod the road of knowledge and now my feet are sore" I, Birdie Moore, leave my ability to get to school on time to Don, Roger, and Jim Callentine. Health Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Hobby Club I,2, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Soc. Ch. 3, Presi- dent 4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6. SHIRLEY NEAL "A red-headed girl with a cheery smile" I, Shirley Neal, will my perfect record of attendance to Don Mullet ADIOS. Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Choir I,2,3,4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6. LAVONNE NORMAN "I never hurry neither do I worry" I, La Von Norman, will my seat in Journal- ism class to Betty Johnson. Poor kid. Student Council 3, Wooster Scholarship Team 2, Bookmending Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4. MARY ELIZABETH NORMAN "Her iovial disposition accounts for her many friends" I, Mary E. Norman, will my perfect at- tendence to Connie Duff. Ha. Ha. Secretary I, Treasurer 4, Newcosean staff 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Senior Scholarshlip Team 4, Thespians 3,4, Sec. 4, Choir I,2,4, Marching Band 2,3,4, Con- cert Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, G.A.A. 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Make up, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SORRY, WRONG NUM- BER, DID YOU SAY MINK. NORMA LAWRENCE NORMAN "She is o quiet girl - at timesI" I, Norma Norman, leave my ability to be married and still finish school to any Jun- ior girl. Y-Teen 2, Future Homemakers of America 4, Pottery Club I, Choir 4. DON OPPHILE "lt's a difficult road to travel, but it's worth it" I, Don Opphile, will my ability to beat the tardybell to Paul Harbold. Future Farmers of America 3, Hobby Club I,2,3. BARBARA PALMER "She walks with a stately aIr" I, Barbara Palmer, leave my dignified title to John Huffman, Take heed, Johnl Treasurer I, Soc, Ch. 2, Newcosean -Staff 4, Prince of Peace 3, Thespians 3,4, Sec. 4, Photography Club 2, American Legion Essay Winner I,4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Choir I,2,4, Vice Pres. 4, Marching Bond 3, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, HIGH WINDOW. BARBARA PATTERSON "Her pep and vitality can't be surpassed" I, Barbara Patterson, would leave, if I had one, A CAR-to Marshall Julien. Soc. Ch. I, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4, Y- Teen I,2,3,4, Treas. 4, Student Council 2, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Soc. Ch. 3, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Cheerleader I,2,3,4, Tumbling Team 2, Homecoming Attendant 4. I CARL PAULUN l "Time bothers me not, it just passes" I, Carl Paulun, will my ability to leave the gals alone to Paul Harbold-he lovds 'em. Future Farmers of America 3, Hobby Club I,2,3. L KENNY PHILLIPS : "Dark and mysterious. Look out, girls, here comes another wonder" I I, Kenny Phillips, leave Claude Hin s' 6th period study hall quiet, for once. Industrial Arts Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, I-lobby Club I,2,3,4, Stage Crew 3, 'Basebdll 2,3, 4, versity N 2,3,4, l RONNIE PICKRELL "You, a maker of mischief?"l Industrial Arts Club 4, Photography Club 2, Hobby Club I, Varsity Football ll JANET Poizrz I "A rare compound of iollity, froliclir, and fun" I, Janet Portz, leave still afraid of mice- eekl Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teens I,2,3,4,: Prog. Ch. 2, Wooster Scholarship Team 2,3, Sen- ior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Pc-Jace I, 2, Speech League I,2,3, Thespianls 3,4, Prog. Ch. 4, Librarian 4, American Legion Essay Winner 2,4, Choir l,2, M rching 'Band I,2,3, Concert Band I,2,3, Pe Band I,2,3, G.A.A. 2, FATHER OF THE ,BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY 16, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, DID YOU SAY MINK, TAMING or sue. I DOROTHY POSTLEWAIT I "She spreads happiness everywhele she goes" I, Dorothy Postlewait, will my plhce as head majorette to anyone lucky enough to get it. Treasurer 3, Y-Teens I,2,3,4, National Hon- or Society 3,4, Thespians 4, Homelcoming Attendant 4, Choir 2,4, Marching1 Band I,2,3,4, Concert Band I,2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Maiorette I,2,3,4, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OE JAN- UARY I6, DID YOU SAY MINK. l I BOB RILEY I "Strong of body, sound of mind, al better man is hard to find" I I, Bob Riley, leave Mrs. Phillips still vilonder- ing how I ever got out of Journalism. l I l l I l l I 78 I l l I Newcosean Salesman 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Health Club 3, Thespians 3,4, Hobby Club I, Stage Crew 2,3,4, Homecoming Escort 4, Varsity Football 2,3, Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, Track Team 2,3, Baseball 3, Varsity N 2,3, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SHE WAS ONLY A FARMER'S DAUGHTER, SUBMERGED, HIGH WINDOW, J. CAESAR. WANDA ROGERS "An all around girl with personality plus" I, Wanda Rogers, leave my ability to talk in Band and still keep first chair to Carla Crater. Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Future Teachers of America 4, Student Council I,3, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Wooster Schol- arship Team I,2,3,4, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace I,2,4, Speech League 2,3, Thespians 3,4, Office Girl 4, Homecom- ing Attendant 4, Choir l,2, Marching Band I,2,3, Concert Band I,2,3,4, Pep Band I,2,3, G.A.A. 2, Cheerleader 4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, Make-up, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, DID YOU SAY MINK, TAMING OF SUE, World Affairs Institute. DARLENE ROSS "Always busy, never weary, always happy, always cheery" I, Darlene Ross, leave my athletic ability to Cora Arth. Y-Teens I,2,3, G.A.A. 2,4. NORMA RUFER "A smile is a trademark of a happy girl" I, Norma Rufer, will my height to anyone who would like to be tall. Y-Teens I, Student Council 4, Bookmending Club 3,4. JOHN RUSH "Must men study?" I, John Rush, will my ability to get out of Robertson's study hall to anyone who can get away with it. Nature Club 2,3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6. KEITH RUSSELL "A man passes for what he's worth" I, Keith Russell, will my sixth period study hall seat in the library to any lucky future senior. President 4, Wooster Scholarship Team 2, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Nature Club 3,4, Thespians 3,4, Buckeye Boys' State 3, Homecoming Escort 4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, J. CAESAR. CARL SMITH "lf it weren't for studies, I'd get along fine in school" I, Carl "Smitty" Smith, leave all my love- making talents to Ronnie Furbay. lBelieve me, he needs them, girls.i Newcosean Salesman 4, Nature Club l,2, Hobby Club 3,4, Stage Crew 4, Student Announcer 4, Homecoming Escort 4, Var- sity Football Manager 4, Varsity N l. LINDA SMITH "There are lots of handsome men around, but only one for me" I, Linda Smith, exchange my crown for wedding bells. Vice Pres. I, Soc. Ch. 3, Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Prog. Ch. I, Song Leader 2, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Wooster Scholarship Team 3, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Thespians 3,4, Soc. Ch. 4, Librarian 3, Office Girl 4, Stu- dent Announcer 3,4, Homecoming At- tendant l,2, Homecoming Queen 4, Choir l,2,4, President 4, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE - Business Mana- ger, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SHE WAS ONLY A FARMER'S DAUGHTER, TAMING OF SUE. JAY STEVENS "He's a longfellow, but not a poet" I, Jay Stevens, will my seat in Agriculture class to anyone who wants it Future Farmers of America 3, Industrial Arts Club 4, Nature Club 2. HAROLD STOCKER "An intellect of highest worth" Future Teachers of America 4, Industrial Arts Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Wooster Scholarship Team I, Hobby Club 2.3, Stage Crew 3,4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6. JANE SWANK "A high-stepping maiorette with a cute grin" I, Jane Swank, leave my ability to get along with older boys to Nancy Dayton-Hal Newcosean Salesman 4, Prince of Peace 4, Thespians 4, Spanish Club 2,3, Pres 3, Librarian 2,3,4, Hobby Club l, Choir I,2,3,4, Treas. 4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band l2, Maiorette 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Tumbling Team 2, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, DID YOU SAY MINK. BETTY SWEITZER "The best of life she will always get" I, Betty Sweitzer, leave my excuses to get out of 8th period study hall to anyone lucky enough to get away with it. Y-Teens l,2,4, Librarian 3, Hobby Club 3. CLARE TAYLOR "The world's no better if you worry. Life's no longer if you hurry" Future Farmers of America 3, Industrial Arts Club 4, Nature Club 2. MARJORIE TISH "Well, I flunked that one" I, Marjorie Tish, leave with the thought that parting is such sweet sorrow. Y-Teens I,2,3,4, President 2, Future Teach- ers of America 4, Student Councik 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4, Senior Scholar- ship Team 4, Chair 2, G.A.A. 2, Tumbling Team 2, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, Intramural Basketball 4. RICHARD TORGLER "Silent energy moves the world" Future Farmers of America 3, Industrial Arts Club 4, Nature Club 2. PAT VISENTAINER "Wedding Bells are breaking up that old gang of mine" I, Pat Visentainer, will my 4 periods a day in the Home Ec. room to anyone lucky enough to get them. Newcosean Staff 4, Y-Teen l,4, Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Wooster Scholarship Team 2, 3, Senior Scholarship Team 4, Prince of Peace l,2, Thespians 3,4, Librarian l,2, Hobby Club 2,3, SOC. Ch. 3, American Legion Essay Winner 2, Choir l,2,4, March- ing Band 3,4, FATHER OF THE BRIDE- Business Manager, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, MRS. HARPER'S BAZAAR, DID YOU SAY MINK. 79 RONNIE WALKENSPAW "Without sports, life would be a mistake" I, Butch Walkenspaw, leave my ability to get along with Coach Hixon to Dave Mil- burn. President 2, Soc. Ch. l,3, Hi-Y l,2,3, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Senior Scholar- ship Team 4, Hobby Club 4, Proiection Crew l,2, Stage Crew 3, Varsity Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Track Team 3,4, Baseball 3, Varsity N I,2,3,4. JERRY WIDDER "A genial friend who has a wonderful voice" I, Jerry Widder, will my place as miler on the track team to Frank Oldt. Good Luckl Hi-Y l,2,3, Song Leader 3, Senior Scholar- ship Team 4, Proiection Crew l,2,3,4, President 4, Buckeye Boys' State Alternate 3, American Legion Essay Winner 2, Intra- mural Basketball I,2,3,4, Track Team l,2, 3,4, Baseball 3,4, Varsity N 2,3,4, Tumbling Team 3. SHIRLEY WILLER "Good times she has a will, and her tongue is seldom still" I, Shirley Willer, leave my ability to get out of class to Bill Addy. It's fun, Bill. Newcosean Staff 4, Prince of Peace l, Thespians 4, Librarian l,2,3,4, Hobby Club l,2, Student Announcer 4, Choir l,2,4, Marching Band 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Tumbling Team 2, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, HIGH WINDOW. ROSELLA WILSON 'IFriendly and dependable" I, Rosella Wilson, leave ............. Il Transferred from Cambride High School 4, Y-Teens 4, Future Homemakers of America l,3, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6. MERCEDIS WINTERS "A girl who is always happy and jolly" I, Mercedis Winters, leave my ability to come in late and not get a tardy excuse to Beverly Calhoun. Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Prince of Peace l,2, Thes- pians 4, NIGHT OF JANUARY I6, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, DID YOU SAY MINK. Announcing Senior I I I I Activities I 5 . . I Seniors Best I Most Popular Best Looking Most Likely to Succeed Ablest Speaker Best Athlete Best School Spirit Best Actor Most Studious Friendliest Most Dignified Best Musician Best Vocalist Best Dancer Wittiest Linda Smith Barbara Palmer Barbara Atkinson Janet Portz Darlene Ross Barbara Patterson Janet Portz Mariorie Tish Barbara Patterson Barbara Palmer Barbara Atkinson Linda Smith Linda Smith Roberta Moore 80 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I 1 I I I Ronnie Walkenspaw Gene Callentine John McFadden Ronnie Berkshire Ronnie Walkenspaw Duke Heller Ronnie Berkshire John McFadden Larry Dansby Keith Russell Larry Dansby Jerry Widder Ronnie Walkenspaw Ronnie Berkshire 4+ . I fjiugw Y H: New 154' fi I -I Ng I it Rita Lan ning Ed itor-in-chief mt, Duke Heller Sports Editor Financial Editor ,ss Annual Staff .Q-7-4.3: A ev gi A .qi . .gif-'f 4 Mum Linda Smith Typist Barbara Atkinson Club Editor ,fl Doris Gephort Yi 52.4 VLA ' Assistant Editor Mariorie Tish Subscription Manager Barbara Palmer Music Editor Not Pictured ff -. " Mary E Norman .Ioan Cutshall Connie Hogue Senior Editor Underclassmen Editor Dramatics Editor " MW Janet Portz Nancy Gardner Dorothy Postlewalt Assistant Club Editor Subscription Manager ' Tom Elliott John McFadden Photography Editor Assistant to all Editors Ronnie Berkshire Assistant Sports Editor W d R Shirley Willer an a agen Advertising Manager Administration Editor 81 1 I First ravi: Ronnie MCFGdd6L1. Second t Dorothy Postlewait, t I i I 4 1 4 Newcosean Adv 'N 'Q 'Q Q A11 Berkshire, Carl Hinds, Larry Hannohs, John row: Jack Buckey, Shirley Willer, Jane Swank, Pat Visintoiner, Barbara Patterson, Barbara sing Salesmen Froelich. Third row: Jock Dennis, Curl Smith, Harry Lyons, Bob Riley, Butch Wcilkenspow, Duke Heller, Keith Russell. Thespian Initiation Greek Dance H Greek Tableau New Members 84 1 Junior-Senior Banquet Qi-L Preparing for the greatest of events!!! W-19 M Q9 Graduation March Processional Processional Recessional 87 Y This then is the corl1plefion of high school an mold as we live ill as we work, as we pra I years hence, what lwlll we have accompllshe K sooo l I as 1 l I he beginning of Cl new life - - - life we will we help each other - - - where we will be only God knows. - - - ish? 3,- 15 4 l 1 il , , 5 5 A? K i - m 3,7 r 1 ll! , A 2 Q2 Q- ix, ' e 5, Q31 l l l l .lwli l , lL,.4 5 w . 1 1 . fijl , 5 ' ,l e 1 , 4 . fs' fig Q is fi l R 5 27 gl- i .y , , 5 .4 , 5 , 3 , L, , Y . f 9' Q4 4 S I - l l 4 fi , A e Q 3? Mr. Roberison Mrs. Phillips Mrs. Swigert 0ur Wonderful Senior Advisors Open wide please! II lIlon'f be so sfubborn, donkeysll Thespian Halloween Party. Donkey basketball game. B ,,v's.',g . ' Thespian Halloween Parly. ' Don'f laugh, you're supposed To be sickll Senior Home Nursing Class. 90 i GLOW GASTEAM RADIATORS and GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATERS Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATION STORE Newcomerstown, Ohio Compliments of MARSHALL INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance and Bonds I32 W. Conol Si. Phone 8-6400 Res. 8-6344 OXFORD CLEANERS Pick-up and Delivery BONNELL Service PM W7 FUNERAL HOME Phone a-1 II Compliments of 24 Hom BELL'S SOHIO SERVICE STATION Ambulance Service 1 "Ml LK" Nature's Best Food RUSSELL DAIRY SEALTEST Dairy Products Phone 8-6484 East Canal Street 1 W. B. Bouscher BOLlSCHER'S I. G. A. MARKET , Phone 8-7101 131 Main Street Quality Groceries i Moderately Priced Compliments of BAKER AND CASEY ELECTRIC Your Frigidaire Dealer 520 Main Street Coshocton, Ohio I Compliments of MARSTRELL Service Station I 542 East Canal Street Newcomerstown, Ohio Compliments of THE CITY LOAN :To Buy, Sell, or Trade 1 REAL ESTATE 2 Charles R. Leech AND sAvlNGs coMPANY I B""'e' Phone 8-8181 OU Complimenls FUNERAL HOME I of P5CZ'eI-T352 Meyor Lorin D. Gadd Ambulance Service ' Class of 1927 Congratulations Class of "55" Compliments of DR. R. F. WARREN Roeeks AGENCY u Phone 8-6218 - South River Dent-Ist Where you get better Complimenfs Of Compliments SHARROCICS 0' Amoco Service SCHLARB'S Corner of Pilling and State Streets I II9 North Bridge T. V. CABLE SYSTEM RCA PH I LCO Sales and Service WELKER Sales and Service BUICK AND G.M.C. 530 HeIIer Drive Newcomerstown, Ohio Best Wishes C. B. GUY AND SON Class M1955 I. G. A. HAVER ELECTRIC IOI River Street Phone 8-8440 ' MORGAN PHARMACY Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 'FARMERS ELEVATOR Earl Pope 1 Grinding - Mixing Muster - Mix Feeds Phone - 8-7777 . Porr Washington, Ohio Con ratulations Class'of 1955 Corner Canal and Bridge Streets g Phone 8-7187 NEVVCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO on Radio sf T. V. I Sales and Service RADIO TELEVISION CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I The RITZ Lunch Compliments of Evelynis Beauty Shop 101 Cross Street Dial - 8-8341 Compliments of T H E FIRST I NATIONAL BANK Mem ber I F. D. I. C. Federal Reserve System Congratulations to Class of 1955 Distributors of NUM NUM POTATO CHIPS Pretzels - Korn Kurls Corner River and Canal Phone Chris Yanai - 8-7411 Robert Haver - 8-7866 Compliments of FORD BARBER SHOP 217 Cross Street COMPLIMENTS W. M. BRODE GENERAL CONSTRUCTION 100 Elizabeth St. Newcomerstown Ohio BEST WISHES WTNS 1560 your d ial FRONTIER MOTEL R. Lellan Shoemaker Manager Nevvcomerstown, Ohio Roger OLDSMOBILE Cars and Service Sunoco Products Two Big Names Phone 8-8325 v PLUMBING A HEATING Hollis EQEIIIPIIIEIII' C0 -N'T.f.S!.., E L.: - , a i ' K 1 ELECTRIC HARDWARE M. W. Brown 81 Sons B. B. Chadwell and Son 1008 West State - Nevvcomerstown GENERAL STORE MOIWHI' and Cement GENERAL MERCHANDISE Steel Window S3511 :FEED AND FERTILIZER Water-Proofing Paint Bern'ce Oh 0 Phone 8 7077 COMPLIMENTS OF THE JONES METAL PRODUCTS CQMPANY 1 T WEST LAFAYETTE, OHIO BEST VVISHES CLASS OF 1955 T H E LUNCHEONETTE BEST WISHES Class of '55 Ralph W. Scott Agency See Scotty First GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS Tlzerefs' A GOOD HARDWARE STORE In ZVGZUCOIIIUFSIUIIVII The Eureka Store Co. Ralph Portz, Nlgr. 102 North River Street Compliments of Iris Beauty Shop ROBERT E. CRAMLET BUILDING CONTRACTOR Box 94 Phone 8-654-6 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1955 HACKENBRACHT ORCHARDS FRUIT - 0 - MATICS Quality Apples and Peaches JOHNNY BETTY SANDY Read and use The COSHOCTION TRIBUNE Published every week-day evening and Sunday morning LOCAL NEWSI WORLD-VVIDE NEWS Famous Columnists, Comic Pages and Many Other Fine Features Four Pages of Comics on Sunday Mrs. Charles Yingling Coshocton Tribune's Nevvcomerstovvn Representative C I I I Compliments I BAIRS I almbridge Barnesville I I Newcomerstown I I I I I I I HAFNEIPS I IOriginal Cut Rate I I 216 Main Street I I Congratulations, Class of ,55 The HOME Building and Loan Company Compliments Of N E L S O N 9 S Main Street I I I I I I I 1 John C. Ross I I I I I I 'jx '- . V- F I Q REALTORS 3 I . .. Mt2.1z2':, ' ,I I I I . FDr:::::" ,bo i ESTATY' I I I I I I I Z Best Wishes to all f y Cl f 55 And may your Success be exceeded only by your Happinc THE OXFORD BANK MEMBER F. D. 1. C. Dawson Shoe Store compliment Newcomerst0wn's Family Poland Barber Sho Store P 157 Main Street Bob Poland and Harry Barthalow Newcomerstown Oh Newcomerstown High School The Seiherling Rubber Uompany NEWCOMERSTOWN Congratulations Seniors .... A booster for N. H. S. and better styles and values BALTIMORE CLOTHING lCOMPANY Complirnants . Congratulations Seniors and Trojans . Joe's Market of A Better Meats for l B M I DAVIS DRUG me' ea S Charles Don Clarence ' Joe Mary Zimmer Lumber Co. Telephone 8-84122 Newcomerstown, Ohio MULE HIDE ROOFING ALPHA CEMENT Good Luck to All of You! Curtiss Jewelers l LEADING GIFT sToRE 1 1 Congratulations to the Class of IQSS From r CHRISTOPHER SUPPLY WHOLESAEE - JOBBERS CONFECTIONS TOBACCO Q CIGARS CIGARETTES Phone 8-74-11 CANDIES l I B. K. PFEIFFER CHEVROLET New and Used Cars and Trucks Phone 44335 Cnadenhutten, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF BEST TIN SHOP Furnaces, Roofing Sheet Metal BEST WISHES to the Class of 1955 NEWCOMERSTOWN NEWS Established 1898 THE HICKS COMPANY INC. Complete Home Furnishings Dennison, Ohio K. J. McCants Agent FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Life, Auto, Fire Phone 8-8123 or 8-7523 14-2 West Canal Street Newcomerstown, Ohio GO TO THE A. J. POLICE SHOE REPAIR Were you get quality and expert shoe service New shoes for sale Compliments SMITPVS A SANITARY MARKET 1 Home of Good Foods of Frozen Foods, Fresh Vegetables Congratulations 9 ' Class of 1955 Scott s Flve and Ten Phone 8-8517 BEST WISHES g , Congratulatzons CLASS OF 55 from C A S T L E ' S STUFFER HARD WARE 0 XOUR FRIENDLY DEALER Furmture Wallpaper . . 1 Phone 8-7133 Palnt y BEST WISHES .TO THE SENICRS QOF E i 5 5 7 7 l Dr. Glenn M. Ebersole M. Vernon Lee Atty. Dr. John H. Walde Opldmetrist W. R. Agricola M.D, R. A. Mowbray Atty. C. A. Hanson M. D. Roy D. Hilderbrand M. R. L. Mccuuey D. O. 1 1 MY BEST VVISHES t h Class of '55 BRIGHT STUDIO MAKERS OF PORTRAITS CARL J. LENZO, Photographer E ALCHROME PRODUCTS CO. PLUMBERS' BRASS GOODS Compliments of M Si K Store RUSSELL GRUBBE, MANAGER t and Ripley's Better Meats Ferrell'S PAINT and SUPPLY PITTSBURGH PAINT IMPERIAL WALLPAPER ARMSTRONGS LINOLEUM 221 Main Street Phone 8-7496 Congralulalion Class of 1955 EGLER BAKERY Phone 8-7171 BOYD'S DAIRY BAR "WHERE QUALITY RULES" Ice Cream Dairy Products I BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1955 I Compliments of 1 A PENNEY'S J. C. Penney Co., Inc. 1 4 HHHE JHINWNE EL EAMHHQUEE UHIU 1 l 1 Congratulations to the 4 Class of ,55 NORMAN ROBERT BAKER BROS. B. P. O. E. . Plunhbing 8. Heating I LUMBER and Lodge 1555 BUILDING SUPPLIES Newfom 'Own' Ohio New Installations and Repairs l featuring American Standard and Other Nationally Advertised Fixtures Hot Water and Hot Air Heating Lumber and Building Supplies l Free Estimates Nevlfcomerstown, Ohio Phone 8-8346 Compliments 1 Compliments Of 4 I Dennison Coca-Cola Bottling Co. PHONE DENNISON 66 , AND PROFESSIONAL 5 WOMEN'S CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF NEWCOMERSTOWN BAND MOTHERS ASSOCIATION Compliments To The Class Of BEITEPUS MUSIC SYSTEM H5575 River Street DR. G. W. MURRAY Newcomerstown Ohio BEST WISHES FOR THE Class of '55 REISER-WEST AUTO SALES Dodge and Plymouth Congratulations Class of 1955 DAVIS Confectionery H u V W 1 I COMPLIMEN TS OF HELLER BRGTHERS COMPANY of OHIO ' . N MANUFACTURERS OF Heller Nueut and t Vixen Files Swiss Pattern Files Wood, Cabinet and Horse Rasps Masterenches Nail and Ball Pein Hammers Farrier Tools 4 w f BRO l Q I 3' '32, f il.,-.i...- 'U au l '9 'O i 'VCE 155 i W Newcomerstown Floral BURGE'S Stoifer FORD Sales Your Friendly Ford Dealer NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO YFHWH "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" ROTARY CLUB ,ffm 11 f' '5 Lx A U K7 QE ie-ii? Newcomerstown, Ohio MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS Telephone 2162 Coshocton, Ohio or C. E. RILEY Newcomerstown-8-74127 VV. A. MATHIAS Newcomerstown-8-7126 RETREADING RECAPPING VULCANIZING ACCESSORIES APPLIANCES H. E. Leading Phone - Main Street - 8-8400 Compliments of Bliss Auto Parts Complete Line of AUTOMOBILE PARTS Expert Auto Repairing and Service Cigars Cigarettes Candy Soft Drinks 4 Compliments BESST'S CLEANERS Dial 8-7144 IOHSON'S SERVICE STATION ' GULF PRODUCTS t South River Street , Newcomerstown, Ohio Sporting Goods Wall Paper Kodak Cameras G L Paints Bill Heifner,s 108 River street Phone 8-6100 HUDSON'S I. C. A. CROCERY Q GOSHEN 602 East Canal Street Phone 8-6322 BRICK AND CLAY Quality and Service 1 I I EXTEND I ITS I WISHES OF SUCCESS ' TO BEST WISHES EACH T0 THE CLASS OF '55 ' ONE OF YOU IN THE YEAR 55 Ornamental 5 Iron Works I 1 Eldon H. Waller I COMPLIMEN TS OF FILLMAN 'S IMPLEMENT SALES Port Washington, Ohio K 3: W Market CASTERLINE SOHIO SERVICE 4-4-9 East State Street ROgerME' Casterlme anager Phone 8-7557 DELIVERY Newcomerstown, Ohio SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, STATE, AND NATION THOMAS C. MONTGOMERY POST No. 431 Hmeaican .fegion NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO Compliments rj FAIRCHILD INSURANCE Congratulations N Class of '55 AGENCY General Insurance ' O can 8-7432 C Sz W Auto Wrecklng Neweomerstown, Ohio i i i i Congratulations GLASS MUSIC STORE lv Nw Q "Know the Joy of Class fd. .55 Making Music', Phone 742 LUKEYS DRIVE IN Open 24 hours a day Coshocton, Ohio : Open Every Monday L Tuesday 81 Saturday FRIGIDAIRE-IRONRITE Chuck Yingling BERG'S Fleetwing Service Motor Tune Up '24 , Phone 8-8339 l Newcomerstown, Ohio I 4 Compliments Compliments W i STOFFEIPS Hinds Funeral Home f Restaurant WALTERS BROS. Sinclair Service Corner of Canal Sz College Streets 24--Hour Service Phone 8-84-04- NEWCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO Good Luck to the Class of '55 DURBEN TIRE CO. 330 Ray Street Phone 8-8182 Gooo LUCK T0 THE CLASS OF ,55 W. I. Roe Sz Son CONCRETE BLOCKS and THOROSEAL 6044 River Street Phone 8-63141 Compliments of ATKINSON Lumber Company HARDWOOD LUMBER Funk PONTIAC Sales Your Authorized Pontiac Dealer Gas Oil Accessories 700 East State Street Phone 8-7227 WJER 1450 Voice and Choice of Tuscarawas County FOLKERTS STORE CROCERIES, DRY GOODS WAYNE FEEDS HARDWARE, FARM SUPPLIES Phone 8-7878 Guernsey, Ohio Andy's Body Shop General Repairing Auto Glass Replacement Rear 224- East Canal Street Newcomerstown, Ohio Compliments of NEWCO PRODUCTS Manufacturers of FOLDING FURNITURE T STAHL LUMBER CO. 1 Millwork N and 4 Complete Ruilding Suppllcs I I Phone 8-8200 , BUSS BURIAL VAULTS and 1 Perpetual Protection i .Manufacturers rj' Concrete Vaults J 3 Distributors for Clark Steel Vaults I Phone 8-7438 I WILLIAMS FURNITURE CO. A GOOD FURNITURE I PU RI TAN AT LOW PRICES I CREDIT AT A COST I YOU CAN AFFORD I I LAU N DE RE RS OUT OF HIGH RENT DISTRICT 115 Front Ave. S. E. New Philadelphia, Ohio -. l'ilIb:...., Sales I' -33 P I Service Q-1 'T' Parts Accessories L. H. Barnett Sr Co. 238 West Canal Street Phone 8-7121 IDRY CLEANERS FUR STORAGE a ONE OF OHIO'S ' BETTER LAUNDRIES MELVIN NOE ' Driver I PHONE 8-8264- I I COMPLIMENTS OF THE BORDENS COMPANY New Philadelphia Ohio Qomplimenls Compliments of of 9 Young s Newcomerstown Service Station 129 West State Street NEWCOMEBSTOWN, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE DAILY TIMES TUSCARAWAS COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER The only Newspaper in Eastern Ohio which gives complete Wircphoto and News Coverage including All Local and Sports News. ' AND COMPLETE TUSCARAWAS COUNTY COVERAGE I i BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 55 UNITED STEELWORKERS QF AMERICA LOCAL UNION NO. 2391 I 1 Darrell 0. Beitel' Compliments of POSI- NO- 3303 OMEGA CLEANERS Veterans of c 120 w. CANAL ST. Foreign Wars Phone 8-7507 l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 55 BOYS AND GIRLS OF A General Electric NEWCOMERSTOWN V HIGH SCHOOL Progress is our most important product I I 5 THE DAILY JEFFERSONIAN Coshocton Cambridge, Ohio Plant l N I ,Q 11, 1 4' tw L. . .fwfr ,J -eff. .s- - J. Y' - 4- 5, .., u- 1, A 1 ,ny 4 581' wx u K . Q 0 6 4

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