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Newcomerstown High School - Newcosean Yearbook (Newcomerstown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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--1-----V --1-..-W ,, GMM The NEWCOSEAN Volume Thirty by The Senior Class Of Newcomerstown High School Newcomerstown, Ohio l953 T VVO Foreword . . . "All 11111 ll,'Ol'1I17.S' 11 slnge. A1111 1111 1111' 1111111 111111 1110111611 1111fr1'1y p1ay1f1's. Tlmy 11111'1f 1111111' 11.15115 111111 1111'1'r 1'r111'11111'11s. v A1111 111111 IIIIIII 1,71 111.9 1111111' plays lllllflj' fNll'1S., -WII,L1.AxM SI-IAIQESPICARI1' Many parts are played in the drama of our high school life at N. H. S. and many acts are preformed in the theater of education. In the roles we play in our classes, clubs, and in all other acts of our school life, New Horizons of knowledge, oppor- tunity, and happiness are constantly being unfolded to us. These "New Horizons" are presented in this edition of the Newcosean as a three act play with the members of the Senior Class playing the leading roles. Our new stage curtains are open in anticipation of Act. I. The Newcosean presents 1 New H orlzons lJIY1IlIl1fI.Z,UI1I from Lift' nt N. H. S. by The Newmsenn Sm TROJ AN THEATER Continuous Performance September through May THREE FOU R Dramatists . . . THE NEWCOSEAN STAFF Iflffflll'-1.77-l'lll'l'f - - Tom Baselmrl Assorirzte lfflilor - Dolorvs Hickvnbollom Senior KTIIISS Ifflilor - Evelyn Van Scyoc' floss lfrlilor ' Sally Russell Allllrflic' lirlilor - - Dick 'Roe l,llfJllIgI'llf7lI.l' l'frlilor - - Bob Ilull As.v1's1r111z PlIOfOgI'IIf7lIk1' lffriiior Bill Burky fld1lt'l'ffSiIIg fllllllllglv' - Bob Hnslnzlml AS.S'l..S'lI1IIl flflI'C'IAfl'Sl'Ng Aflflllflfflfl' - David lVIaCQ11ee11 Snlvs fwrzrmgvr - - - Carl Gray Assismnl Sales fWm'1agz'r - Nlarylou Thompson Typisl - - - Peggy Kehl Adzfi.-:fr - Cllrislirm Macmillan Dedication . . . Z' THIS production is dedicated by the Class of 1953 to Mrs. Ralph Portz in appreciation of her faithful efforts to guide the students of Newcomerstown High School to new horizons in dramatics. FIVE Trojan Theater N hS g E trance ' " EW HORIZONSH Pl1'OI,OGI7l'f fl 1'0rn1'r in lln' 1117117 of l'lll'll .S'lIl!ll'IIf 111 fVt'IlY'OIIll'I'.S'fU1l'II lliglz Srlzoul ACT I All Pmonms all N. U. S. Lllllillg Club Pc-rioml ACT Il N. H. S. Amwx illlll ROUIII j.j:5IH4. Pc-riocls 'l. 2. 5. -ll ALT HI N. H. S. Alhlvlir Fivld and Csf'D1Ili!SiUIll. 7:30 p.n1. lffPII,OGT7lff TIJ1' SIIIIIU c'orm'r in ilu' lIl'III'f of 171011 .vf111l1'11l 111 N. Il. S. SE V IC N BIG H 'I' Q A corner in the heart of Prologue' each student at N. H. S. 11111111 W'1"r1' 111y111 111 you N. H. S. VV1V1'1' 111'1111g1' 111111 11111111 N. 11. S. PV11111 1111011 you 111 s1111111 'U11111.s'1 11111 1111.91 111 11111 1111111 IV111' Il 11' 1111ou' you 11111713 .w111111 N, 11. S. 1111111 1111111 S11 1'.'1'1',1 111111 111 11111111 N. 11. S. T111' I'l"S1 11r1' 1IU1ll-V111 N. H. S. Our 111113 is 11111' f111111f p1'ol111'1111' 011. 1'111.v.s'1'5. 111111 11111 11111111' 1111 gl'l'lI1 1111511515 1"11r our 1111111 N. H. S. l'v1I'IIg 11111 111111 IIFIII' 11111 f111g of 111'1111g1' 111111 1I11ll'A' 1,1'1111 1111. 'V1' S1'111'111'.s' 111111 ye 111111'o1's. 1111111111 1.11111 1'111.vs1fs of 1111111 111111 l,'OLU'1IgU P11Il'I-IIIQ I'l'1I'llfI!T6'. .911ou11'11g 1112H1111C11 -- N. H. S. Alllllll 11112 br111111g1'111211 17111115 111111 1701111811 o11r 1111111 For 1111111151 1!112OI' 111111 for I'OllI'llgl" 11111 s1111111. 11111' 1111111 1111111 11111 p11'11g1' 11111' 11111111 111111 11111111 IJUIII' 11111 1Vl'Il7f'OI7Il'I'S High S1'1111o1 g1'111111. The Board of Education of the Newcomerstown Public Schools Sitting-Dr. C. A. Hanson, Earl Titus, Frank Pm. Powell Standing-John Atkinson, John Heller President - - John Heller Vice President Dr. C. A. Hanson Clerk-Treasurer Frank R. Powell NINE DON AI.D B. Ronin-111 Lima Central High School Manchester College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. Superintendent of the Newcomerstown Public Schools TEN DIRECTORS xref:-M "W+sral""' ,A,, A y l l l IJHAN O. CLARK Freeport High School Ohio State University, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. University of California Principal of Newcomerstown High 'School I I Drama Critics Muskingum College B S Ohio State University, M.A. Science History Jr H1 Basketball Coach Washington Pa High School Muskingum College A.B. Phys Education, Geography, Assistant Football 'Coach Nom BARTH Bridgeport High School Asbury College A.B. Biology, English Sand Fork W Va , High School Glenville State College A.B. Shorthand Typing, General Business Fm D L DOMENICU Holloway High School Ohio State University B S. in Education Health, Phys. Education Driver Education, Varsity Football and Track 'Coach Bremen High School Ohio University A.B. University of Wisconsin MXRGARET GEORGE Altoona, Pa., High School Kent State University, B.S. Typing, Shorthand Drama Critics CLAUDE HINDS Newcomerstown High School 'Muskingum College, 'B.S.g Ohio State University Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, 'Agriculture CLELIA MERCER TWELVE Cambridge High School Muskingum College, A.B. English, History, Music JOAN LOEW Monroe High School 'Miami University, B.S. in Education Spelling, Literature, English EARL MURPHY Newcomerstown High School Kent State University Muskingum College Mathematics CHRISTINA MACMILLAN Newcomerstown High School 'College of Wooster, AJB. Kent 'State University English, Spanish, Library ALWILDA PHILLIPS Newcomerstown High 'School Ohio University, A.B. ' English, Journalism ELIZABETH Poivrz Newcomerstown High School 'Muskingum College, B.S. in Education Speech, Science, English J I I Drama Crltlcs EDNA POWELL Bowling Green High School Denison University, A.B., 'Columbia University, M.A. Visiting Teacher r ALEX ROBERTSON Cambridge High School Muskingum College, A.B. Science Reserve Basketball Coach EUGENE RIFFLE Dennison High School Ohio State University, B.S. in Education Kent State University Industrial Arts Z JACK 'll Uss1c1,1, Akron High School Kent State University, B.S. Band, Choir FARRILL SHARROCK Plaintield High School Ashland College B.S. Kent 'State University Mechanical Drawing, American History DONALD WOLFF Newcomerstown High School Wittenberg College, A.B. Ohio State University Mathematics Varsity Basketball and 'Baseball Coach MARY SWIGERT Newcomerstown High School Otterbein College, A.B. Home Economics THIRTEEN FOURTEEN Business Managers SHIRLEY BOND MELBA STEFFEN Secretary to Secretary to the Superintendent the Principal Cast of "NEW HORlZONS" CLASS OF 1953 President - Vice Presizlonl Secretary - Treasurer - Social C lzairmen 'Class Play-"Lost Horizon" Senior Scholarship Tests Career Day - - Baccalaureate - Trip to Columbus - Rosemary Lah - - Dick Boe - Denny Triplet Evelyn Van Scyoc Laura Jean Mullen mers, Bob Hashman November 13 and 14, 1952 - - .lanuary 30, 1953 lVlarCh 27, 1955 May' 17. 1955 lVlay 19. 1953 Commencement - Trip to Washington, D. L. Iles! 11f'lor.s' .ll1USlSllllI,i0llS - Alnlesi speakers Alosl lillglliflfll - WHO'S WHO - Sally Russell - Shirley Gepharl - Sally Russell - Shirley Gepharl lies! Iles! Iles! lies! looking - rll'1'.SS1vl - I'O!'I1IlSfS - - - lIISfl'IlI776I1l'!IllSlS - Smoollzesf l1!If1CC7I'S - llfilfiesi - - I'lI'I'l'II1i1l-FSI Bas! rltlzleles - lies! personality - Mos! popular - Best school spirit - Most likely to succeed Patsy Beitor Shirley Gepharl Evelyn Van Scyoc Sue Gainor Shirley Coker Frances Hildebrand Doris Stocker Shirley Coker Dolores Hickenbotiom Sue Kohl Dolores Hickenbottom Doris Lyons Nlay 22. 1955 May 241-28, 1953 VValter Hannahs Dennis Belle David lVlacQueen Denny Triple! Denny Triplel Carl Gray David NlacQueen Konnelh Loader Balph Harris Clill' Lehman Bob Hashman Ronnie Yanai Bob Hashman Dick Roe Bob Hashman Bill Burky FIFTEEN f 1 411 a - Cast of "New Horizons" DORA ANN MEEK BAKER Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES L.BAETHALow Cljirnui Hl-Y 43 Pottery Club 2: Sclence Club 1: Thespians 3, 4.3 Football 1, 3-, 45 Varslty Football 3, 4-3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Var- slty Basketball 2: 'Base- ball 33 "Our Miss Brooks" Sales Manager: "Lost Horizon" Stage Lighting: "Balcony Scene" 33 "A Certain Just Man" TUM BASI:ll1AR'l' "Tonz,' Newcoscan Editor - in - Chief: Natlonal Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Vice Presl- dent 3: Basketball 33 Wooster Scholarship team 1. 2, 3: Senior Scholarship Team 43 Hobby Club 1. 2. 3. 4., Pres, 3, Sgt. at Arms 4.1 American Legion Essay Winner 1, 2, 4.3 Buckeye Boys' State 3: "Our Miss Brooks". PATSY JEANNE BEITER CCPat77 Class Social Chairman 3, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 41 Llbrar- ian 2, 433 Homecoming Attendant 33: Glee Club 13 Choir 2: "Our Miss Brooks" Makeup. SIXTEEN DENNIS BELLE 'fBelle" National Honor Society 3. 4.3 Spanish Club 4., Presi- dent 4: Wooster Scholar- ship Team: Hobby Club 1, 2, 3, 43 American Le- glon Essay Winner 1, 2, 4. NANCY BooTH Xotlgery Club 2, 3: G. A. VV11,1,1A1v1 H. BURKY 'Turkey' Class Vice Presldent 1, 2: President 3: National Honor Society 3, 4.1 Science Club 3. 4.3 Wooster Scholarship Tem 2, 33 Hobby Club 1, 3, 4. .TUNE MAHLENE CARNEY llluneii Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1: Band 2: Choir 2, Librarian 2. DOROTHY QMARDISD CIASTEEL CCDOIU YJTeen 1, 2, 3, 43 Health Club 4, Pres. 4g Librarian 1: Offlce Glrl 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2. H AROLD CRAIG CASTEEL "Birdie" Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Health Club 1. SHIRLEY CLEMENS CCM !7 07 Student Councll 2: Pot- tery Club 2, 31 Student Council 2, President 33 G. A. A. 4., Publicity Chair- man 4-: D. A. R. citizen- ship wlnner 4: National Honor Society 4. SHIRLEY ANN COKER CCCOke,S Y-Teen 2, 3: F. H. A. 1: Varslty Cheerleader 3, 43 G. A. A. 43 Glee Club 1: Band 2: Cholr 2, 3: "Our Miss Brooks" makeup: "Lost Horizon" makeup. Class of l953 RONALD DEAN COLER iCLefty!9 Health Club 3: Thesglans 3, 4: Hobby Club 4.3 holr 4: "Our Miss Brooks" Business Mgr.: "Lost Horlzon": "Pink and Patches." JOAN CUNNINGHAM "Jeanie" National Honor Society 3, 4g Science Club 2- G. A, A. 43 Wooster Scholar- shlp Team 1, 2. 3: Senlor Scholarship Team 4: Hobby Club 1, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 1. 4,3 American Le- glon Essay 2, 3, 4-y Cholr 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 4. DKJIKCAS DAWSON Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 41: Choir 2, 3g "Our Mlss Brooks" prompterg "Lost Horlzon" prompter. DOROTHY DILLY CCD0t77 Y-Teen 1. 2, 3, 4.: Health Club 4: Homecoming At- tendant 4: Band 1., 2. 35 Cholr 1, 2- Glee Club 1: Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4.: "Our Mlss Brooks" 3, SEVENTEEN I .,,,.,,...n-V-:itz-.--. .-.- YM, -f -4---A - - -- --vin --- -.. .WH-. . Cast of "New Horizons" ROBERT DUFFY CfBOb!, gncllustrlal Arts Club 1, 2, EARL ETTER CCLHSIZP9 Health Club 3 Industrial Arts 1- Hobby Club 43 "Lost Horizon' . SHIRLEY CCOUTSD FORAKER Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2: Band 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1: Choir 2, 3-5 Majorette 1, 2, 3. SUE fGAYD GAINOR CCS!!-g!! Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Thes- plans 1. 2, 3, Secy. 2: Li- brarian 1, 2- Wooster Scholarship Team 23 Prince of Peace Winner- Local and County Winner 2: Speech League - Local Winner 2-State Sem1-Fl- nals 2: National Honor Society 4.: Glee Club 1:1 Pep Band 1, 2: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vlce Pres. 3- Christ- mas Cantata 3-, 4.3 "Lost Horlzon" - Properties: "Summcns of Sarie1" 3, Band 1, 2. EIGHTEEN ' SHIRLEY ANN GEPHART "Shirley,' Class Secy. 1: Y-Teen 1. 2, 3, 4., Pres. 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: Span- ish Club 4-3 Wooster Schol- arshlp 4,3 Offlce Glrl 4,3 Glee Club 1: Pep Band 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, 4: Christmas Can- tata 3, 4.g "Lost Horlzon" property manager. FRANCES LUCILLE GRAHAM "Fran', Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Homemaker of Amerlca 1. ff! CARL LLOYD RAY "Greasy" Newcosean sales manager: Thespians 2: Varslty Bas- ketball 4-g Homecoming Queen Escort 4.3 Hobby Club 1', 2, 3, 42 Buckeye Boys' State 3: American Legion Essay Winner 3- Chrlstmas Cantata: "Our Miss Brooks", "Lost Hor- lzon": "Balcony Scene 3 Band 1, 2, 35 'Pep Band 2, 3 Choir 1, 2, 3: "Echo . MARJORIE 'JOY GROFF "Margie" Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Li' brarlan 1: Glee Club 13 "Our Miss Brooks": "Lost Horlzon" prompter. cgwguf, I-,V-'W Iwg,yntfwmI'wI?r'1I73,,h,1,pfvv:vnQqi'gyI1Im-1e?aIqaffE!FF"l--M I- BOB HALL "Halsie,' Class Treas. 2 Newcosean Photography Editor: Stu- dent Councll 4: Health Club 1, 2: Science Club 3- Football 1, 2, 3, 4:5 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4- Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varslty Basketball 3-, 4.: Varslty N. 2, 3, 4: Woos- ter Scholarshgx Team 3: Photography lub 4. WALTER HANNAI-Is "Walt" Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4, Vice 'Presldent 4: Thesplans 3, -1., Presldent -Lg Football 4: Varslty Football 4-3 Wooster Scholarshlp Team 2: Senior Scholarship Team: Buckeye Boys' Stateg "Our Miss Brooks"- "Lost Horlzon": Balcony Scene": "Monkey's Paw"g "The Splder's Web". DONALD HARDY HDOVZSJ Health Club 1, 2, 3: Var- gtylx Football 43 Varsity JoHN HARIIIS Health Club 1. 2, 3- Span- lsh Club 4: Football 1, 3. 4: Varslty Football 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Varslty Basketball 43 Varslty N. 3, 4' "Lost Horizon" stage crew, wr 'al V Aw Class of I953 RALPH HARRIS "Napoleon" Health Club 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4-: Varslty Foot- ball 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Varslty Basketball 3, 4.- Varslty N. 2. 3. 43 "Lost I-Iorlzon" Stage crew: "A Certaln Just Man". JoY LORRAINE HARRISON H1077 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4: Librar- ian 2, 4: American Legon Essay Winner 1: lee Club 15 Cholr 2, 3, 4.. IROBERT LEE HASHMAN C lHash!7 Class Treasurer 23 Vice Presldent 3: Social Chair- man 4: Newcosean Adver- tlslng Manager: Science Club 2, 3, resident 3: Varslty Football 1, 2. 3, 4- Basketball 3, 4- Var- slty N. 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Team: Photo- graohy Club 4: Hobby Club 1: Stage crew 1. 2. 3, 4- "Lost Horizon" stage crew managerg "Our :Miss Brooks" stage crew man- ager. SHIRLEY ANN HAVER Y-Teen 1, 2. 3, 4: F. H. 9.31: Llbrarlan 3: Choir N INETEEN Cast of " ew Horizons" DOLOIKES HIOKENBOTTOM Newcosean Staff, Assoc- late Editor 4: Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 2, Vice President 415 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4: F.H.A. 1: Thesplans 3. 4: G, A. A. 4: Wooster Scholarship Team 1, 3: Speech League 4- Glee Club 1- Pep Band 1. 2, 3. 4-: Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Sec. 4-1 Christmas Cantata 3. 41 "Our Miss Brooks":" Lost Horlzon"- "Summons of Sarlel"g Thespians. Treas- urer 4: "A Certain Just Man". FRANCES B. HILDEBRAND "Fragile" Science Club 2: G. A. A. -1.: Wooster Scholarship Team 1.. 2: Senior Scholar- ship Team: Prince of Peace Winner 2- Speech League 2- Photography Club 41: Hobby Club 1, 3: National Honor Society 4: American Legion Essay Winner 3: Tumbling team 4.: Pep Band 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3. JOY LEE HORN F. H. A. 1. 2g Pottery Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 4: Photography 4: Choir 1, 4: Christmas Cantata 41. GAY JUANITA JOHNS CCGay!7 Y-Teen 33 Health Club 4: Librarian 43 G. A. A. 4: "Lost Horizon", Usher. TWENTY MARGARET ELOISE KEHL ClPeggy77 Newcosean Staff, Typist: Y-Teen 1, 2. 3, 41: Glee Club 1. MARTHA SUE KOHL "Suzie" Y-'Teen 1, 2, 3. 4: Student Council 4, Vice Pres. 4.5 F. H. A. 1.: Spanish Club 4: G. A. A. 4-5 Homecom- ing Queen 4: Office Girl 4: Band 2: Choir 2, 3,3 Reserve Cheerleader 1. 2: Varsity Cheerleader 3. 4- Student Council, Vice President 41. ROSEMARY LAHMERS f'Hosie', Class Treasurer 3: Social Chairman 4: Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4' F, H. A. 1: Ameri- can Legion Essay Winner 1: "Lost Horizon" Make- up. CLIFFORD E. LEHMAN CCCHH99 Hi-Y 1: Hobby Club 2, 3, 4, President 45 Band 1. 2. JANE LEWIS CCMut55 Y-Teen 1, Photography Club 4., Hobby Club 3, Choir 1, 2. LESLIE LITTLE lCLukey95 Science Club 4g Spanish Club 4, Hobby Club 2, 3. IQENNETH EUGENE LOADER 1' 07" C ny! 3 M Hl-Y 1, Thesplans 3, 3 Hobby Club 2, 3, 41, Pep Band 1., 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4., Choir 2. 3, 45 Projec- tlon Crew 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 4.5 Christmas Can- tata 3, 4., "Our Miss Brooks", "Lost Horizon", "Balcony Scene" 3. LARRY DALE LONGSWORTH "Weary" Class Social Chairman 1- Hl-Y 1: Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 43 Wooster Scholarship Team 1, 2: Senior Schol- arshlp Team 4, Buckeye Boys' State 3, Pep Band 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4., Choir 1, 2: Projection Crew 2, 3, 47 Stage Crew 4., Christ- mas Cantata 3, 4, "Our Miss Brooks", "Lost Horlzon". Class of I953 DORIS JEAN LYONS "Sloppy Joe" Y-Teen 1, 3, 4., Program Chairman 1, President 4., National Honor Society 2. 3, 4-, Treasurer 3- F. H. A. 1, Science Club 2: Thespian 3, 4- Program Chairman 4, Spanish Club 4., Secy. 4, Librarian 23 G. A. A, 4.1 Wooster Scholarship Team 1, 2, Senior Scholarship Team 4- 'Prince of Peace 3, 4, Speech League 3, 4.3 "Our Mlss Brooks", "Lost Horizon", " B a l c o n y Scene" 3, "Echo". DAVID MACQUEEN "Flash" Newcosean Asst. Adv. Manager, Hl-Y 1.3 Science Club 27 Thespians 4, Hob- by 'Club 3, 41: Choir 1, 2. 3, 4, Intermural Volley- ball 1. 2g Christmas Can- tata 1, 2, 3, 4, "Our Mlss Brooks", "Lost H0rlzon"g "The Spider's Web". SHIRLEY MAE MARDIS CCpug!7 Y-Teen 1, Health Club 4- F. H. A. 1. 2: Hobby Club 2, 3, -413 Choir 1. azcmmih. SCOTT JOSEPH MAR1'IN "Scottie" Boys' Fellowship 1, Stu- dent Council 4.3 Science Club 4, Senior Scholar- ship Team, Hobby Club 2. 31' Student Reporter 4, Projection Crew 2, 3-, 4- "Our Miss Brooks" "Lost Horizon" Sound effects and lighting. TWENTY-ONE 'TN' nr.,- W Y . .Y Cast of "New Horizons" PATRICIA ANN MCELIIANEY Gfpaf! Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4: Health Club 41. Secy, 4: F. H. A. 1: Thespians 3. 4g Senior Scholarship 4- 'Prince of Peace 3: Buckeye Girls' State 33 Glee Club 1: Band 2, 3: Christmas Can- tata 3g National Honor Society -1: "Our Miss Brooks"g "Lost Horizon", Business Manager- "Pro- fessor Roads" 3. GENEVA JANE MYERS "Jeanie" Y-Teen 1: Pottery Club 2, 3: Choir 2, 3, 4.. DONALD EUGENE NORMAN CCDOHH Boys' Junior Fellowship 1: Science Club 4- Varsity Football 33 Varsity N. 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4-: Hobby Club 2, 3 Ameri- can Legion Essay Winner 3g Intermural Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Projection Crew 3, 4,3 Asst. Student Sports Reporter 4Ig "Our Miss Brooks", "Lost Horizons" Stage Lighting. SHIRLEY NORMAN Y-Teens 2: F. H. A. 2. TWENTY-TWO SHIRLEY PARKER "Shirl" Newcosean Salesman- Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 1 CAROLYN MARGARET PATTON "Carolyn" Y-Teen 2, 3, 4: Program Chairman 45 National Honor Society 3, 4: Thes- plans 3, 4.- Co-Social Chairman 4.: Librarian 3, 4: G. A. A. 43 Wooster Scholarship Team 3: Glee Club 1- Pep Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4Ig "Our Miss Books": "Lost Hori- zons": Thespians play 3, 4- "Summons of Sarlel"g "lMonkey's Paw": "Why I Am A Bachelor", Sound effects: "The Salvage Mongers". LESTER LEROY PAULUN Gilles!! Industrial Arts Club 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Team PRISCILLA J UNE POSTLEWAIT "Junie,' Y-Teen 1., 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 13 Thespians 4: Librar- ian 3: American Legion Essay .Winner 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4- Choir 1., 3: "Lost Horizon": Thespians Plays 4: UA Certain Just Man". CAROLINE JUNE REGULA lCReggie93 Y-Teen 2, 3, 4: Health Club 4.3 F. H. A. 15 Ll- brarlan 3: Choir 1. RICHARD C. ROE GCDick53 Class Treas. 1, Pres. 2. Soclal Chairman 3, Presl- dent 4.: Newcosean Sports Editor 4: Hl-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, President 4. Dlstrlct Pres. 45 Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4.: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity N. 1, 2, 3, 4.3 Band 1.3 Cholr 3 Track 1. 2 Projection Crew 3, 4: Student Announcer 412 Boys' Fellowship Club 1- "Our Miss Brooks": "Lost HorlzOn". SALLY JANE RUSSELL "Sals', Newcosean Class Editor 4- Y-Teen 1, 2. 3. 4, Soclal Chalrman 4: Thesplans 2, 3, 4, Soclal Chairman 3. Secy. 4.7 Senior Scholar- shlp Team 4: Speech League 2: Ofllce Girl 2, 3, 4.5 Glee Club 1g Band 1, 2, 31: Christmas Cantata 3- "Our Miss Brooks": "Lost Horizon" Business Man- ager: "Summons of Sar- iel" 3g "Balcony Ecene" 3: Prince of Peace Con- testant 1, 23 "The Splder's Web". CHARLES WILLIAM SANDERS "Chuck" Newcosean Salesman: H1- Y 1: Hobby Club 3, 4: Cholr 4. Class of I953 WILLIS SHEARILR "Willie" Health cum 1. VVILLIAM EUGENE SICKLES uBiHH Hl-Y 2, 3, 43 Health Club 4. HOLLAND LANE SNELL iCBabe79 Industrial Arts Club 3, 4: Varslty Basketball 4- Var- sity N. -1: Stage Crew 3. 4: "The Splder's Web". ROBERT LEE SPEER ClB0b?7 Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. Al: Health Club 4.- Stage Crew 3. 41 "The Splder's Web". TWEINTY-THREE Cast of "New Horizons" DORIS STOCKER "Rozie,' x Newcosean, Advertlslng Salesman: Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: "Lost HOrlzon", Makeup. SHIRLEY STOCKER CCRed,, Pottery Club 3: G. A. A. 4, Treasurer 4. KATHLEEN DIANNE THOMAS HKay7, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Student Council 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4: HealthClub 45 Thesplans 3, 4-: Senior Scholarship Team: Speech League 35 Ofilce Girl 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: "Our Miss BrOoks"5 "The Splder's Web". MARYLOU THOMPSON HLOu9! Newcosean Asst. Sales Manager: Y.-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4,5 Student Council 1, 4, Secy. 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Prince Of Peace Contestant 3: F. H. A. 1, Treas. 1- Thesplans 3, 4: Sganlsh Club 45 Sen- ior Sc olarshlp Team 4: American Legion Essay Winner 4: Pep Band 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Christmas Cantata 3, 4: "Our Miss Brooks": "Lost HorIzon": "B al c O n y Scene": "Professor Roars"5 "A Certain Just Man". TWENTY-FOUR 47 DENVER CRAIG TRIPLET C!Denny77 Class Vice President 45 Health Club 2, President 2: Industrial Arts Club 3, Treas. 3: Photography Club 4. MARY JOANNE TUFFORD H1075 Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4: Librar- ian 3: Wooster Scholar- ship Team 35 Glee Club 15 National Honor Society 4: "Our Miss Brooks" Busl- ness 3Manager: "Lost Horizon". ELYN MARIE VAN SCYOC CCEU93 Class Secy. 2, 4: Newco- sean Senior Editor 4: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: Pep Band 2, 4: Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Choir 41: Christmas Cantata 3, 4: "Our Miss BrOOks"5 "LOst Horizon". SHIRLEY WALTERS :meg slugs Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4- Student Council 1: F. H. A. 1: Thespians 3. 4: Glee Club 1: Band 3- Choir 2, 3-5 "Our Miss Brooks": "The Salvage Mongers". More W. ., ,,. DOROTHY WALKUI1 CCDOt77 Ncwcosean Salesman: Y- Teen 1. 2: Student Coun- cil 4: F. H. A. 1g G. A. A. 41. Student Council Rep. 4: Tumbllng Team 4: Choir 1. 4: Christmas Cantata 3, 4. JAY WATKINS CCJay,7 Student Councll 3: Hobby Club 3. 4. Vlce President -4. JOYCE ANN WATSON "Squeak" Y-Teen 1. 2. 3. 45 F. H. A. 1: Glee Club 1: Band 2: Choir 2. Class of I953 OLIVE WILLIAMS "Ollie" Pottery Club 1, 3: Sclence Club 23 G.A.A. 4. LAURA JEAN CWILSONJ MULLEN "Iean', Class Treasurer 4: Y-Teen 2, 3, 4. Secy. 3: Spanish Club 4: Wooster Scholar- ship Team 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4- Hobby Club 1: National Honor Society 4: Cholr 1: "Our Mlss Brooks" Make- up: "Lost I-IOrlzOn" prop- ertlcs. RONALD GARY YANAI "Ronnie" Class President 1, Vlce President 2- Science Club 3: Health Club 1. 2: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4.: Varslty Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4- Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Varslty N. 2. 3, 4: Photography Club 4. PATRICIA JOANNE WARNER IGPat!Y Y-Teen 1, 2, 3-, 4., Treas. 2: F. H. A. 1: Thesplans 3, 4- Prince of Peace Con- testant 4.: Glee Club 1: Pep Band 4- Band 1., 2. 3, 4.: Cholr 4: Christmas Can- tata 3. 4 "Our Miss Brooks" g "Lost Horlzon": "Echo". TWENTY-FIVE Senior Class Play "LOST HORIZONH "Lost Horizon" mtv., Seatedf-Bob Spear, 'Rolland Snell, June Postlewaite, David 'MacQueen, Carolyn Patton, Mrs. Portz, Dolores Hickenbottom, Kenneth Loader, Doris Lyons, Don Norman. Standing-Bob Hashman, Jay Watkins, Dick Roe, Bill Ross, Larry Longsworth, Carl Grey, Sue Gay, Jim Barthalow, Walter Hannahs, Dorothy Castcel, Marylou Thompson, Sally Russell, Evelyn Van Scyoc, Pat McElhaney, Pat Warner, Scott Martin, Dorcas Dawson, Marjorie Groff, Shirley Gephart, Shirley Walters, Joyce Watson, Sue Kohl, Shirley Haver, Shirley Mardis, Doris Stocker, Joan Tufford, Caroline Regula. Jim Barthalow, Stage Manager, Marjorie Groff, Dorcas Dawson, Promptersg Caroline Regula, Joan Tufford, Dorothy Casteel, Olive Williams, Charles Sanders, Geneva Myers, Shirley Haver, Ushers. Taking down the scenery: Joyce Watson, Shirley Walters, Sally Russell, Don Norman. Dolores Hickenbottom, Sue Kohl. Pat McElhaney and Sally Russell, Business managers. Makeup: Ronnie Coler, Marylou Thompson, Shirley Mardis, Jay Watkins, Carolyn Patton, Dolores Hickenbottom, Rosemary Lahmers, Carolyn Patton, Dolores Hickenbottom, June Postlewaite, Doris Stocker. Q! I if Lost Horizon SENIOR CLASS PLAY - NOVEMBER 13 and 14, 1952 Myra ...,,.,i., Elizabeth ..,.. Wyland .,.,., Rut hertord ..,.. Chang ..,..... Conway ....i Mallinson ...... Miss Brinklow Director f Mrs. Ralph Portz -CAST Warner Evelyn Van Scyoc Roe ........Earl Etter .......Ronnie Coler .,...,.Walter Hannahs .. .,,... Larry Longsworth ............Doris Lyons Henry Barnard LoTsen ..,,....,..... Helen ....,,.,.,,...,..,. The High Lama .,...... , Tashi ...........ii.ii.,. ,...,. A Tibetan ...,. Ai-Ling ....... .....,,Kenneth Loader ..,...,..June Postlewaite ...,..Marylou Thompson .........,David MacQueen ,Delores Hickenbottom ......,..,..Donald Norman .....,..Carolyn Patton T NVENTY-SEVEN Hotel Astor New York, N. Y. lVlay 22. 1963 Lt. Col. Thomas Basehart Schofield Barracks Oahu, Hawaii Dear Tom: We attended the opening of the Broadway play 'LFuture Horizonsn in New York City. Since you were unable to attend. we knew you would like to hear what. a big hit the class of '53 made last night, Sally Russell was magnificent as the leady lady. By the way, her very lovely hair style was done by .loanne Tufford and Caroline Begula. her private hair stylists. David lVlacQueen, Kay Thomas, and Bonnie Coler were superb as. her supporting players. The play was taken from a book written by the brilliant author, Margie Groff. Pat. Warner did a fine job on the dramatization. The scenery was elaborately done by the outstanding interior decorator, .lim Barthalow. Many famous critics were present, but naturally we noticed our former classmate, .loan Cunningham. The orchestra was composed of Bill Burky, juice harp, Bob Hall, jug, Gay .lohns, washboard, and Geneva Myers, with her sweet potato. They were directed by Carl Gray. Set directors were Bob Hashman and Dennie Belle. Vocal numbers were presented by t.he famous opera star .loyce "Squeak" Watson. The lovely costumes were designd by Peggy Kehl and Dorothy Dilly. The very beautiful theatre is owned by Sanders, Kohl, and Graham, Inc. Lighting was operated by Larry Longsworth. Dr. Walter Hannahs and his nurse, Pat lVIcElhaney, were stationed nearby in case of sickness. In looking around, we saw many familiar faces. Sitting in their box were lVIr. and Mrs. James lVIullen CLaura .lean Wilsonj. In the balcony we spied the noted missionary .loy L. Horn, recently returned from her post in South Africa. We also saw three familiar faces who have made a name for themselves in the field of nursing: Shirley Clemens, Marylou Thompson, and Shirley Gep- hart. A party in honor of the play cast was held at the luxurious "Trojan Hotel" owned by Denny Triplet. The famous coach of Notre Dame, Dick Boe. was present telling his ex- periences as head coach. The outstanding scientist and teacher of physics, Lester "Eistein" Paulun was telling his theory of working "pi" down to the nearest hundredth. Don Norman, the geologist of our class. brought a few specimens of rock with him for display. Carolyn Patton and Shirley Haver were radiant in lovely gowns designed by "Bosemary" of Lahmers of New York. Harold Casteel who is running for governor of New York, told us what he would do if elected. TWENTY-EIGHT Doris Lyons, who is teaching language at Columbia University, and Delores Hickenbottom the "mad" professor of mathematics, were in a deep but interesting discussion of why the rings are around Saturn. .lay VVatkins, who had just returned from a trip in his newly built space ship, was asking as many questions as ever tsame old .lay.D Income Tax was the main subject, at the table where the famous account- ant, Ronald Yanai, was sitting. .lust returned from the L'Paris Ballet" in which she is starring, was Jane Lewis, who looks lovelier each time we see her. Joy Harrison, Broadway comedienne, kept the party alive with her bom- bastic giggling. The head waitress fcr this gala affair was Shirley Walters. Roses, compliments of the well-known florists, Shearer and Sickles, Inc., werellgiven to the ladies. 1 ob Duffy, on a short leave from the Indianapolis auto races, is recuperat- ing from a dislocated nose received in a race. Besides the music by the orchestra, records were given by the Speer Bop Shop. owned by Robert uVVaxy" Speer. Admiral Donald Hardy of the U. S. Navy, has really made a name for himself by the looks of the 'tscrambled eggs" on his hat. Earl Etter of 4'See Etter, Sing Better" studios, was passing out free tickets for a singing lesson to all members of the class. Scott lVlartini, the brilliant optometrist from the lVIayo Clinic, is another outstanding product of the Senior Class of '53. .lust there by the skin of her teeth, was Dorothy Casteel, who hurriedly flew in from Dick's base to be with her old friends. lVIrs. Don Best, CDoris Stockerj, slipped away from her husband and four children to renew old acquaintances. Olive VVilliams and Shirley Stocker, secretaries together with Boland Snell, Secretary General of the United Nations, were present. One of the loveliest sights we had seen for a long time was .lune Postle- wait. the famous Power's model. Of course, Leslie Little. director of labor relations of New York was there. The class all cheered to see "Lukie" finally got his "uppers" Cliff "Buckshot" Lehman had just returned from an elephant hunt in the Belgian Congo. Telephone operators do all right for themselves by the looks of Dora Ann Meek and Shirley lVlardis. June Carney, who, by the way, has just won the VVorld's 'Champion Short- hand Contest, was accompanied by Patsy Beiter, who ran a close second in the contest. Shirley Coker, famous Blues Singer who is starring at the N. H. S. night club owned by Nancy Booth, told us that Shirley Parker and Dorothy Walkup have just started on the last lap of their "Bound the VVorld Bicycle Try." Even though we hated to leave this wonderful party, we had to start home since it was so late. To make sure we had enough gas, we stopped at the Harris and Harris Service Station owned by Balph and John Harris. Hope you have enjoyed hearing about all your old friends, and how they have advanced up the stairs of life. We are looking forward to seeing you at our next reunion. Your classmates. IWrs. Thomas Gninor KSUU Gayj Evelyn Van Scyoc TWENTY-NINE Qllm-:is mill We. the class of 1953. this twenty-second fl ay of May. 1953. regrelfully bequeath our treasured possessions, which we hope will be ch erished forever. ARTICLE I I, Walter Hannahs, leave, still wondering what makes Mr. Sharrockls mustache slick and shiney. I, Pat F.cElhaney, bequeath my ability to skip study hall to Naundice Oldt.. I, Don Norman, will my seat next to the teacherls desk to Bill Hall. I, Dick Roe, leave my ability to get out of school to Butch Walkenspaw. I, Frances Hildebrand, will my Saturday nights at the "Qi" Club to Mr. Sharrock. I, Charles Sanders, leave W Navy bound. I, Dorothy Casteel, leave for Great Falls, Montana, to be with Dick. I, Joy Harrison, will my levies to anyone who can get into them. I, Dora Ann Meek, leave Nellie Shearer still waiting for the red convertible. I, June Postlewait, will my place at the head of the band to my sister, Dorot.hy. I. Dorothy Dilly, leave Mrs. Swigert still puzzled about where I went every fourth period. I, Kay Thomas, leave my place behind Melba's desk to Mary Ripley. I, .Jim Barthalow, bestow my football and basketball No. 29 to some lucky boy. I, Nancy Booth, leave Mr. Sharrock still telling corny jokes about Guernsey. I, Sue Gainor, bequeath the playing of Loyalty at the pep meetings to Barbara Atkinson. I, Shirley Coker, leave! Although parting is such sweet sorrow. I, Rolland Snell, will my careful driving to Everett Bundy - he needs it I I I I, Evelyn Van Scyoc, bequeath my bangs to anybody who can wear them. I. Shirley Gephart, bequeath my stature to Francis Buss - who can surely use it. I, .Jane Lewis, will my height to Margie Tish. I, Joanne Tufford, bestow my ability to get out of school the eighth period to anyone unlucky enough to have a job. I Carolyn Patton, bequeath my warped kettle drums to Walter Murphy - Poor Walt. I Sue Kohl, will my smile for everyone to Mayme Couts. I Pat Warner, leave .Iay to the Junior girls. Hal Ha! They think. I I 7 S 7 Bob Hall, leave regretfully and with t.hings undone. Bob Hashman, will Jane Swank to 7 ? P ? ? ? her Mother. Ii Ronald Yanai, leave and I am glad. I Flash MacQueen, leave my ability in Physics to Ronnie Bonnell. I Doris Stocker, leave in a Blue Oldsmobile. I I 7 7 Willis Shearer, will my ability to get out of school without an excuse to Dean Jacops. Doris Lyons., leave my classmates still wondering if my special guy is a sailor or a Guernsey Cowboy . Shirley Haver, leave the girls still wondering whom I took to the Senior Y-Teen banquet. Earl Etter, will my way with the women to Stanley Johns. 7 7 -. 1 , Harold Casteel, leave Physics, I hope. Dorcas Dawson, leave Miss George still giving dictation faster than I can take it. Larry Longsworth, leave Porky Berkshire without a ride to school. I I I I, L I, Dot Walkup, leave at last. I. Joyce Watson, bestow my seat in Mr. Clark's office to any unfortunate Junior. I, Gay Johns, leave with the rest. of the class. I Rosemary Lahmers, leave in a Blue Mercury - Goodbye! I Bob Little, will my upper plate to anybody fortunate enough to use it. I Don Hardy, leave my daily trips to Palmerls to anyone lucky enough to get by with it. I Shirley Parker, bequeath my sweaters to Mary Woods. I Ralph Harris, bestow my studious way 'to Jim Barthalow, who will be here next year. I, Bill Sickles, leave my seat in American Problems class to anybody who can get 'through that class. I Dolores Hickenbottom, leave Hooke's Law of Stress and Strain to the next class of weary Physics students. Shirley Clemens, will my name 4'May" to anybody who has the ability to acquire it. Olive Williams, will my telling of jokes in study hall to Robbie. I Joy Horn, leave almost everybody wondering if I will get past the Canibals of Africa. 7 -. n -t L I 7 THIRTY I, Margie Groff, leave my incompleted homework assignments for the Juniors to finish. I, Peggy Kehl, leave my place on the Newcosean Staff to anyone who likes to type. I, Lefty Coler, relinquish my daily trips t.o the office to Bay Heston. I, Frances Graham, leave to be with Bob. We, W, We, We, We We We We 9 7 ARTICLE II Bob Speer and Lester Paulun, leave N. H. S. with regret - that we didn't leave sooner. Scott Martin and Kenny Loader, leave Physics class laughing at the poor Juniors whom Hinds L'Shang - haiedf' lgiclli Roe and 'Cliff Lehman, leave Miss Barth and Mrs. Phillips still looking for us in t e alls. Patsy Beiter and June Carney, leave our ability to swipe food from the Home Ec. lab to the Junior Home Ec. Girls. Basehart, Belle, and Burky, leave with everything that isn't nailed down. Dolores Hickenbottom, Doris Lyons, and Laura Jean Mullen, bequeath our seats in Physics class to any girls unlucky enough to take them. Sally Russell and Marylou Thompson, bestow upon the dignified Juniors our ability to keep calm at the basketball games. Frances Hildebrand, Joan Cunningham, and Jay Watkins, bequeath our ability to arrive aliter the tardy bell and not be late, to any one fortunate enough to get away with it - all t e time! ARTICLLE III We, the Seniors of 102, leave Mrs. Phillips still taking attendance. We, the Seniors of 105, leave with Mrs. Swige rt still telling us to remember the consequences. We, the Seniors of 101, leave Miss Barth ---- still telling us to be dignified. We the Seniors of Physics Class, leave in spite of Hinds. Wilnessesr C Signed jTHE CLASS OF 1953 PEGGY KEHL RVELYN VAN Scroc Senior girls type addresses and prepare Easter seals for mailing in the Newcomerslown area. Typing-Joy Harrison, June Carney, Patsy Beiter. Folding letters-Shriley Clemens, Sue Gainor, Evelyn Van Scyoc, Nancy Booth, Geneva Myers, 'Marjorie Groff. Standing-'Shirley Coker, Kay Thomas, Peggy Kohl, Dora Ann Meek, Doris Stocker, Miss George. THIRTY-ONE Larry Longsworth, David MacQueen, and Kenny Loader prepare to put Christmas tree on River Street balcony. THIRJT Y-T WO When the American Problem class presented a pre-election assembly, Margaret Truman sang 'LlVIissouri VValtz',, with her father at the piano. The presidential candidates gave rousing speeches to an enthusiastic audience. Caroline Regula-Mrs. Eisenhower Roland Snell-Mr. Eisenhower Don Norman-Mr. Nixon Pat McE1haney-Mrs. Nixon June Postlewaite-Mrs. Ives Tom Basehart-Mr. Stevenson Harold 'Casteel-President Truman Joan fCunningharnf'Margaret Truman Scott Martin-'Miz 'Sparkman Understudies Juniors, Class of 1954 pI'0Sl.Ill'lIf - - - Vive Pn'.viflf'r1l Sl'I'l'l'flII"Y - T1'c'nsz1rf'1' - Sofia! fylllliflllllll Make-up Crew Sophomores, Class of 1955 l'r'z'si1lc'11l ---- Vim? l,I't'Sl'Ifl'Nf Sf'l'l't"lI1l'j' - 7vI'L'!ISI1l'l'I' - Social fwlIf1il'III!'f7 Ushers Freshmen, Class of 1956 Pres1'11'z'ni ---- Vice PI'l'SI.1i!'f1f Sl'I'l't'flII'.1' - Tr011s11r1'1' - Social F1lIIl.I'lIll'lI - Costume Designers Eighth Grade, Class of 1957 lJl'l'SI'IlUI1f ---- Vice Prvsirlcfnl SC'!Tl'UflIl'.1" Q 7vl'L?!ISl1I'l,I' - Social Flmirnizuz - Property Managers Seventh Grade, Class of 1958 Prcesirlzvil ---- Vive pI'l'SI.I1l'IIf - Scfrrefzzljy - 7'I'l'IISlll'UI' Sorifll ClllIfl'fV1flI1 - Ronnie lionnvll - Roy lvoocls Donna Ford - - - Bob VV0bb Carol Slorkor. Dirk Bnsvlizirl Ronnie VVulkvl1spnw - Susie I'Il,li,i'IllilIl Barbara Atkinson - - BElI'b2l1'il Pallersoll Enos loader. Ilarlmra Palmer David lVIillnn'n Ann Burley Nlnry VVooris - - - Sonja Marlin Nancy Dayton. Nlnrslmli Julien - .lorry Nlyers Ruth Schlupp Shirley Slliliiibl' - Frank Olrli Ronnie Fllfbily Dolly Buss .lim Ponrocl Dirk Burky Don Nlulvane THIRTY-'I' H RE PI l, X Understudies - Juniors First row James Baily Jerry Baker Paul Baker Richard Basehart JoAnn Basiletti Connie Bates Second row -f V Doris Ellen Beall . Gerald Berkshire -H' Na - Ronald Bonnell Jane Booth - Eugene Bradshaw Everett Bundy 'K 5 , .iw ,E 3 i' 14 Third row Harley Campbell Hazel Campbell Barbara Carr Beverly Carr Bob 'Carrico Mayme Couts Fourth row Robert Davis Dianne Duff Lucille Eckleberry Lavonne Egler Reuben Etter Dora Evans Fifth row4Jay Fairchild, Barbara Folkert Donna Ford, Sally Frenton, Gary Gadd, Bill Hall. Sixth rowfAlan Hart, Carol Hart, Thomas Hart, Raymond Heston, Bill Hickenbottom, Bill Hulfman. Seventh row-Norman Haesley, Dean Jacops, Stanley Johns, Edmund Johnson, Doris Kail, Shirley Kennedy. Junior Class Play THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED April 23, 24 CAST Laurie Huntington .,....... Dianne Duff Amelia Dennis .,,..... ....... ' Shirley Kennedy Sidney Huntington .,,.............. Jim Baily Caroline Blakesly ...... ........ B etty McCleary Martha Huntington .... .....,.. B everly Norman Grace Schoenbeck ..... ................. C onnie Bates Wally Huntington ..... .................. G ary Gadd Waola Breckinridge .,... ........ N ancy Strickmaker Miss Gustavesky ...... ...,..,.. M arsha Peoples Therese Brown ......... ................. E velyn Malvin Joan Wood ........,..... ............. M ayme Couts Newsboy ...............,........ .......... G lenn Walkenspaw Ted Wood .....,.........,....... ............. G ary Berkshire Passerby ..,................,..,..i. ...................... A lan Hart 'Lillian Wood ..........l........ ......,.. M arlene Stewart Man with little dog ....... ...................... B ob Webb Mark Bradford .............,..... .......... R onnie Bonnell Passerby ...........,............ ...,.............. N aundice Oldt Horatio P. Honeywell ........ ............. R oy Woods Little boy ...........,...... ....l... B obby Bill Norman THIRTY-FOUR L J if, 1. Class of I954 First row Don Roy King Hiawatha King Etta Mae Kissell Milton Lehman Keith Ley Bonnie Loader Second row Gene Lyons Earl Mackey Evelyn Malvin Clyde Mathews Nancy Mulvane KNO Picturel Betty McClary Jennie McVey Third row Beverly Norman Wanita Norman Naundice Oldt Marsha Peoples Ernest Powell Eugene Riley Fourth row Mary Ripley Paul Roan Gail Robinson Dale Roe fNo picture? Bill Ross 'Charles Rowland Tommy Saylor Fifth row-Eugene Echlupp, Jim Shaffer, Nellie Shearer Marlene Stewart, 'Carol Stocker, Nancy Strickmaker Sixth row-Aaron Swank, Doris Ann Tedrick, Doris Jean Tedrick, Carol Vogt, Glenn Walkenspaw, Bob Webb. Seventh row-Rollin Welch, Carol Weilant, Delores Whyde, Eugene Wilkin, Roy Woods, Floyd Zeigler. PRODUCTION STAFF Director ..... ...........i...... ...,...............,.... M r S. Portz Business Managers ...................... Doris Ann Tedrick 'Carol Stocker Stage 'Crew .... Eugene Wilkin, mgr. Everett Bundy, Jerry Baker, Tom Saylor Property and Lighting Mgr ...,... Glenn Walkenspaw Prompter .................................. .................. B ob Webb Sound Effects .....,,...i..,,. Gary Berkshire, Roy Woods, Alan Hart Make-up Chairman ....,...,................... Nancy Mulvane Ushers .... Doris Kail, Bonnie Loader, Stanley Johns, Bob Carrico, Doris Jean Tedrick, Bill Rowland, Nellie Sherer, Dora Evans, Barbara Carr, Beverly Carr, Hazel Camp- bell, Doris Ellen Beall, LaVonne Egler. THIRTY-FIVE 'f'fb"'g"' Yi' in ' 'TYCEG'-Y?""'iT"TF"' " 3' ' Va Make-up Crew - Sophomores First row Carol Arcore 1 Barbara Atkinson James Baker Hope Bassett Ronnie Berkshire 'Carl Billings Second row George Brady Walter Brenneman Jack Buckey Gene Callentine CNo picture? Darrell 'Chaney Joyce 'Clifford Rita Clouse Third row Tommy Coker Bonnie Couts Joan Cutshall Larry Dansby Neal Davis Jack Dennis Fourth row Ruth Dixon Tommy Elliott 'Dale Everhart Barbara Froelich Don Frye Nancy Gardner Fifth row-Doris Gephart, Larry Hannahs, Joan Hardy, Duke Heller, Carl Hinds, Connie Hogue I Sixth row-Susie Huffman, Robert Kelly, Pawnee King, Delbert Kunkle Lorin Lar- rison, David Lauer. Seventh row-Norma Lawrence, Carol Lehman, Enos Loader, Harry Lyons, John McConnell, John McFadden, THIRTY-SIX xF1rst row Geneva Mack Carolyn Meek David Meek Jack Miller Darlene Moore Roberta Moore Second row Shirley Neal Jack Norman LaVon Norman Mary E. Norman Willard Norman Donald Opphile Third row Barbara Palmer Barbara Patterson Carl Paulun Kenneth Phillips Ronnie Pickrell Betty Plants Fourth row Janet Portz Dorothy Postlewait Gary Ridgeway Robert Riley Wanda Rogers Darlene Ross Class of I955 Fifth row-Juanita Rothenstein, Norma Rufer, John Rush, Cora Russell, Keith Rus- sell, Sally A. Russell. Sixth row-'Carl Smith, Linda Smith, Jay Stevens, Harold Stocker, Jane Swank, Betty Sweitzer. ' Seventh row-Clare Taylor, 'Marjorie Tish, Richard Torgler, Patty Visintainer, Ron- ald Walkenspaw, Robert Walker. Eighth row-'Shirley Welch, Jerry Widder, Shirley Willer, Neva Williams, Mercedis Winters, Lorin Wise, Calvin Yost. THIRTY-SEVEN Ushers - Freshmen X First row Bill Addy Eleanor Ahle Goldie Alexander Jim Alexander fNo Picture? Dean Baker Russell Baker Jack Baumgardner Gary Beal Second row Martha Beiter June Belt Peggy Bender Roger Bradshaw Clyde Brown Nancy Brown Ann Burky Third row Frances Buss Gary Carney Albert Carruthers Larry Chaney Gary Courtwright Mary Cutshall Eva Dakin Fourth row Betty Davidson Barbara Davis Catherine Davis Delores Davis Nancy Dayton Duane Doss 'Sandra Elliot Fifth row-Richard Fairchild, John Ferris, Jimmy Fillman, Junior Foraker, Kathe Frenton, Danny Froelich, Allen Gaskill. Sixth row-Hugh Gwynn, Joyce Hammersley, Paul Harbold, Eleanor Harris, Jane Hogue, Charles Holdsworth, Glenn Huff. Seventh row-Lester Hursey, Betty Johnson, Marshall Julien, Roy Kearton, Marjorie Kedigh, Juanita King, John Kistler. Eighth row-Freddie Lehman, Linda Lehman, Ronnie Lehman, Chester Lindell, Margaret Lindell, Donna Loader, Evelyn Lyons. T'I-IIRTY-EIGHT Class of I956 First row John McCormick Bob Marshall David Marstrell Gary Martin Sonja Martin Ginger Maurer Dillon Mayhew, Jr. Second row Roy Meek David Milburn Donald Miller Raymond Miller Arlene Moore Dick Moore Carol Murphy Third row Walter Murphy Donald Mullet Eugene Mullet Nancy Myers Edith Newby Elsie Newby Leroy Parks Fourth row Sandra Patton Mary Peeper Judith Pickett Patty Pittson Mary Plants Wayne Plants Joe Poole Fifth row-Dick Poorman, Jim Porcher, Connie Rehard, Lee Ripley, Cynthia Roeder, Carol Rogers, Mary Rush. Sixth row-Delores Russell, Jack Saylor, Ronnie Shaffer, Walter Shaffer, Freddie Sieber, Judith Stalter, Norma Stocker, Ruth Stocker. Seventh row-Dean Taylor, Melvin Tedrick, Gary Tennant, Robert Tennant, Marjorie Treadwell, Jimmy Triplet Kathryn Vogt, 'Roland Walters. Eighth row-Vonda Welch, Melvin Whyde, Vera Whyde, Gary Wigfield, Donald Wil- kin, Charles Williams, James Williams, Mary Woods. THIRTY-NINE Costume Designers - Eighth Grade FORTY First row Marilyn Angle Philip Arth Marlene Baker Carol Berg Vera 'Brady Marilyn Brindley Second row Coralyn Brown Georgina Brown Beverly Calhoun Beverly Callentine Donald Carrico William Casey Third row Shirley Casteel Wanda Corbett Patsy Couts Galen Craigo Robert Cross Gerald 'Dansby -99 i Fourth row Connie Duff Evelyn Etter Vaughn Fairchild James Foraker Ronnie Furbay Wilma Garretson Fifth row-Larry Groif, Pauline Harris, Edna Heller, Ellis Hunterson, Gary King, David Lawver. Sixth row-Gordon Ley, Larry Maloy, Kay Martin, James McDonnell, Faye Mullett, Gary Myers. First row Jerry Myers Eugene Nolan Bonnie Norman Larry Norman Terry Norman Marcella Newby Second row Judith Oaklief Frank Oldt Rosalie Parks Opal Plants Jeanie Portz Carol Postlewait Third row Katherine Renner Jane Rothenstein Jean Rothenstein Lawrence Ryan William Russell Ruth Schlupp Fourth row Roland 'Scott Shirley Shaffer John 'Shaw Jolene Shaw Norman Sondles Harold Stein Class of I957 if I sf- , fb. Fifth row+Margie Stewart, Jack Stoffer, Janet Stonebrook, Darlene Thomas, Leroy Urban, James Wallace. Sixth row-Elaine Walker, Donald Watson, Esther Weilant, Donald Wilson, James Wolff, Robert Woods. a FORTY-ON E Property Managers - Seventh Grade tg U MW' x H First row Patsy Ahle Marjorie Art Cora Arth Ruth Balthis KNO Pictureb Donald Bassett Janet Boone Marilyn Bordenkircher Second row Dolly Buss Richard Burky Betty Carnahan tNo Picture? Donald Carr Carol Carruthers Phyliss 'Courtwrighl Walter Craigo Third row Carla Crater Theresa Davis Judy Dennis 'Carolyn Egler Joan Everhart George Farris Fourth row 3 1 J F - j i A -ti, George Fenton N - ' - 1. Jean Gray V. Q' x ' 3, e Ve J, i s . rf. tj. ,. Q . Edward Groff ' ' ' K ' J, .5 Q .. Q, , " 'E " Sandra zu ,iq ' ' " A f' , ."lifg M Hickenbottom . d 5 ' K.-A - ff , . X. Jack Rogue ' ' f 'TQES53 A "" I ff f ik - - Patti Johns Fifth row-Junior Johnson Richard Kahler Doris J. Kearton Patty Keith, Rebecca Kelly, Rebecca Leonard. , ' Sixth row-Dan Loader, Judith Loader, Laverne Marlatt, Patty Marstrell, Forrest Mason KNO plcturel, David Mayhew, Betty Moore. FORTY-TWO Class of I958 i First row Donald Mulvane Martha Murphy Mary Newell Robert Nera Judy Opphile Robert Osler Second row Eugene Parks David Patterson Richard Patton Gary Paulum iNo Picturel Edna Peeper Jim Penrod Larry Peoples Third row Sandy Peoples lNo Picturej Virgil Plants Barbara 'Poorman Sharon Porcher Larry Price , Nancy Rogers Barbara Ross Fourth row Diana Ross Aaron Rothenstein Merle Rufer Carol Rush Rudolph Russell Clarence Silverthorne Fifth row-Judith Stewart, Linda Stocker, Sandra Summers, Blaine Tish, Joy Trip- let, Vienna Urban, Glenn Van Voorhis. Sixth row-Patsy Walters, John Watson, Maxine Watson tNo Picturel, Stephen Weis- brod, Edward Welsch, Patsy Whyde, Johanna Wllllams, Martha Yarnell. FORTY-TH REE CURRICULUM AND COURSE OF STUDY NEWCOMERSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL COURSE FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR Required English I English II English III American Problems Subjects Algebra or World History American History Gen. Mathematics General Science Latin I Plane Geometry Chemistry Latin III-IV College Industrial Arts 1 Latin II Adv. Mathematics Physics Prepara' Home Economics I Biology 'Latin III-IV Speech I-II tory Physical Educa. Home Economics II Speech I Adv. Mathematics Industrial Arts II Personal Typing Personal Typing Physical Educa. Drivers Educa. Bus. Law Choir Psychology Health Educa. Drivers Educa. Aeronautics Choir Health Educa. Aeronautics General Business Comm. Arithmetic Shorthand I Shorthand II Qommef' Latin I General Business Typing I Typing II C131 Industrial Arts I Biology Bookkeeping I Bookkeeping II Home Economics I Latin II Drivers Educa. English IV Physical Educa. Industrial Arts II Health Educa. Journalism Home Economics II Business Law Physical Educa. Psychology Drivers Educa. Choir Health Educa. Industrial Arts I Industrial Arts II Industrial Arts III EHg1iSh.IV Infi'-15' Physical Educa. Plane Geometry Advanced Math. Journalism trial Biology Chemistry Phy?1CS Arts Physical Educa. Speech I BUSIHGSS Law Drivers Educa. Psychology Choir Speech I-II Health Educa, Drivers Educa. Choir Health Educa. Home Economics I Home Economics II Home Econo. III English IV Home Physical Educa. Biology Chemistry Journalism ECQU' Plane Geometry Advanced Math. Advanced Math. OTYUCS Physical Educa. Speech I Speech I-II Drivers Educa. Physics Choir Business Law Health Educa. Psychology Drivers Educa. Choir Health Educa. Home Econo. IV Gen- Latin I Biology Speech I English IV eral General Business Plane Geometry Advanced Math. Journalism Industrial Arts I Latin II Chemistry Physics Home Economics I Comm. Arithmetic Home Econo. III Speech I-II Physical Educa. Home Economics II Industrial Arts III Bookkeeping I Industrial Arts II Agriculture I Physical Educa. Per. Typing Agriculture I-II Drivers Educa. Choir Health Educa. Spanish Per. Typing Business Law Psychology Agriculture II Drivers Educa. Choir Health Educa. Home Econo. IV FORTY-FOUR New Horizons ACT I All rooms at N. H. S. during Club Period FORTY FIVE Student Council and Girls' Athletic Association STUDENT COUNCIL First row- Marylou Thompson, Sue Kohl, Mary Ripley, Vonda Welch, Jack Dennis, Barbara Patterson, 'Connie Hogue, Judy Opphile, Janet Stonebrook Don Watson. Second rowiRaymond Heston, Gary Berkshire, Larry Longsworth, Bob Hall, Scott Martin, Gene Wilkin, Bob Webb, Gary Carney, Mr. Clark, Adviser. Not in picture-Dorothy Walkup, Gene Riley, Pat Beiter, Mayme Couts, David Mayhew. President ---- Jack Dennis Vice President ---- Sue Kohl Secretary - Marylou Thompson Treasurer - - - Bob Webb Adviser ----- Mr. Clark G. A. A. First row-Dolores Hickenbottom, Ginger Maurer, Shirley Clemens, Jane Booth, Barbara Folkert, Nancy Booth Olive Williams, Gay Johns, Dorothy Walkup, 'Barbara Carr, Betty Plants, Nancy Gardner, Barbara Froelich, 'Carolyn Patton, Doris Lyons. Second row-Sonja Martin, Nancy Dayton, Shirley Stocker, Frances Buss, Carol Murphy, Cynthia Roeder, Peggy Bender, 'Connie Houge, Mary Woods, 'Carol Rogers, Ruth Stocker, Sandra Elliot, Patty Pittson Barbara Patterson, Joann Cutshall, Mr. Domenico, Adviser. Third row-Dianne Duff, Nancy Mulvane, Donna Ford, Carol Stocker, Beverly Norman, Jane Swank, Rita 'Clouse, Wanda Rogers, Joyce Clifford, Ann Newby, Shirley Coker, Elsie Newby, Cora Rus- sell, Martha Beiter, Evelyn Lyons. Fourth row-Nancy Brown, Linda Lehman, Marjorie Tish 'Carol Lehman, Darlene Ross, Darlene Moore, Mary E. Norman, 'Barbara Atkinson, Janet Portz, Marsha Peoples, Mary Lou Rush, Marjorie Treadwell, Dolores Russell, Marlene Stewart, Susie Huffman, Shirley Kennedy, Naundice Oldt, Hazel Campbell. President - Cora Russell Treasurer - - Shirley Stocker Vice President - Hazel Campbell Sergeant-at-arms Eleanor Harris Secretary - - Barbara Carr Adviser - Mr. Domenico FORTY-SIX Hobby Club and Projection Crew HOBBY CLUB First rowfCarl Paulun, Norman Haessley, Kenny Phillips, Ronnie Berkshire, Jim Baker Duane Doss, Allen Gaskill, Lester Hursey, .Dick Fair child, Junior Foraker, Milton Lehman, Hiawatha King, Jay -Watkins. Second row-Mary Cutshall, Arlene Moore, Dolores Davis, Ann Burky, Marjorie Kedigh, Betty Sweitzer, Joann Cutshall, Joan Hardy. Joan Cunningham, Jack Norman, Robert Kelly, Gary Wig- field, Jack Saylor, Adviser, Mr. Sharrock. Third row-Roberta Moore, Don Wilkin, Charles Holdsworth, Gary Berkshire, Harry Lyons, Pat Vis- intainer, Shirley Willer, Jo Ann Basiletti, Dennis Belle, 'Charles Sanders, Dave Meeks, Larry Longs- worth. A Fourth Row-Keith Ley, John Kistler, Jim Baily, Bill Burky, Roger Bradshaw, Dick Basehart, Carl Gray, David 'MacQueen, Paul Roan, Cliff Lehman, Ronnie Coler, Tom Basehart, Lorren Larrison. Not in PictureADavid Lauer, Kenny Loader, Shirley Mardis, Earl Etter, Aaron Swank. President ---- Cliff Lehman 'Social Chairmen - - Jo Ann Basiletti Vice President - - Jay Watkins Dick Basehart Secretary - - Joan Cunningham Adviser - - - Mr. Sharrock Sergeant-at-arms - Tom Basehart PROJ ECTION CREW First row-Harold Casteel, Larry Longsworth, Jerry Widder, Ronnie Berkshire. Bill Hickenbottom, Dennis Belle. Second row-Jack Dennis, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Carl Hinds, Dick Roe, Scott Martin, Gary Berkshire, Duke Heller, Adviser, Mr. Hinds, Don Norman. Third row-John McFadden, Tom Basehart, Walt er Hannahs, Bill Burky, 'Bob Hashman, David Mac- Queen, Jim Baily, Glenn Walkenspaw, Tom Elliot. F ORT Y-SEVEN Senior Y-Teens and Junior Y-Teens SENIOR Y-TEENS l President - - - - Doris Lyons Vice President Dolores Hickenbottom Secretary - Beverly Norman Treasurer Kay Thomas JUNIOR Y-TEENS President - Marjorie Tish Vice President Joyce Clifford Secretary - Barbara Atkinson FORTY-EIGHT Program Chairman - - Carolyn Patton Social Chairmen Song Leader Advisers Treasurer - Social Chairmen Advisers - - Sally Russell, Mayme Couts Evelyn Van Scyoc - Miss Barth, Mrs. Phillips Mary E. Norman - Rita Clouse, Susie Huffman - Mrs. George, Miss George Senior Y-Teens First row-Mrs. Philips, Caroline Regula, Francis Graham, Peggy Kehl, Laura J. Wilson, Patsy Warner, Carol Stocker, Dorcas Dawson, 'Lucille Eckleberry, Evelyn Malvin, Miss Barth. 'Second row-Joanne Tufford, June Carney, Beverly Norman, Nancy Mulvane Donna Ford, Kay Thomas, Shirley Walters, Delores Hickenbottom, Dorothy Dilly, Rose- mary Lahmers, Marylou Thompson. Third row-Shirley Parker, Shirley Coker, Dora Ann Meek, Sally Russell, Sue Gainor, 'Marsha Peoples, Shirley Kennedy, Dianne Duff, 'Carolyn Patton, Doris Lyons, Marjorie Groff, Shirley Gephart, Lavonne Egler. Not in Picture-Doris Ellen Beall, Patsy Beiter, Mayme Couts, 'Shirley Haver, Etta Mae Kissel, Sue Kohl, Dorothy Casteel, Pat McElhaney, June Postlewait, Joyce Watson, Evelyn Van Scyoc, Joy Harrison, Doris Stocker. Jr. Y-Teens Initiation Donna Loader Judy Pickett, Mary Lou Rush, Dolly Buss, Vera Whyde, Betty Lou Davison, Cynthia Roeder, Norma Stocker, Marjorie Treadwell, Linda Lehman. J r. Y-Teens First row--Betty Lou Davidson, 'Catherine Davis, Shirley Neal, Vonda Welch, Merce- dis Winters, Barbara Froelich, Darlene Moore, Betty Plants, Norma Lawrence, Martha Beiter, Patty Pittson. Second row-Mrs. George, Norma Rufer, Sandra Patton, Carol Murphy Cynthia Roeder, Frances Buss, Peggy Bender, Sandra Elliott, Carol Rogers, Ruth Stocker, Betty Johnson, Nancy Gardner, Mary Woods, Barbara Patterson, Miss George. Third row-Doris Gephart, Linda Smith, Dorothy Postlewait, Sally Ann Russell, Shirley Welsch, Rita Clouse, Wanda Rogers, Joyce Clifford, Vera Whyde, Juanita King, Nancy Myers, Joyce Hammersley, Marjorie Treadwell, Eleanor Ahle, Carol Arcore, Ruth Dixon. Fourth row-Nancy Dayton, Nancy Brown, Darlene Ross, Linda Lehman, Marjorie Tish, Mary E. Norman, Janet Portz, Barbara Atkinson, Donna Loader, Judy Pickett, 'Sonja Martin, Mary Lou Rush Ginger Maurer, Evelyn Lyons, Jane Hogue, Hope Bassett. Not in Igcture-Eva Dakin, Juanita Rothenstein, Judy Stalter, Norma Stocker, Bon- nie outs. Senior Y-Teen Banquet, March 13, 1953 FORTY NINE FIFTY Hi-Y and Photography Club HI-Y First row-Mr. Wolff, Billy Addy, Gary Courtwright, Walter Murphy, Junior May- hew, Gary Tennett, Ronnie Lehman, Marshall Julien, Gary Martin, Jack Buckey, Bill Hickenbottom, Walter Brennemen Russell Baker, Earl Mackey, Rev. Holyoak. Second row-Ronnie Walkenspaw, Bill Rowland, Bob Webb, Gary Carney, Gail Rob- inson, Bill Sickles, Dave Milburn, Gene Lyons, Roy Woods, Dick Roe, Bob Marshal, Duke Heller, Jerry Widder. Third row-Jack Dennis, Tommy Elliot, Bob Speer, Harold Casteel, Carl Hinds, Larry Hannahs Don Frye, Bob Riley, Fred Sieber, Hugh Gwynn, Jim Bathalow, Gary Gadd, Ronnie Bonnell, Larry Chaney, Walter Hannahs. Not in Picture-Clyde Mathews, Tom Saylor. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row-Jim Fillman, Betty McClary, Connie Hogue, Barbara Palmer, Frances Hildebrand, Susie Huffman, Joy Horn, Jane Lewis, Stanley Johns, Adviser - Carl Lenzo. Second row--Ronnie Yanai, Bob Hashman, John McFadden, Gary Beal, Ronnie Pick- rell, Denny Triplet Darrell Chaney, Bob Hall, Bill Hall, Bill Huffman. Hi-Y Induction of Hi-Y officers in the College Street Methodist Church: Rev. Holy- oak, Adviser, Ronnie Bonriell, Chaplain, Roy Woolds, Secretary, Dick Roe, President, Walter Hannahs, Vice President, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Treasurer, Mr. Wolff, Adviser, Mr. Clark, Principal. A copy of the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible was presented to the High School library by the Ministerial Association: Dean Clark, Miss Mac- millan, Rev. Donald Doss, D. B. Roeder, Rev. Henry Holyoak, Rev. Charles Foust, Rev. Floyd Eckert. FIFTY-ONE 'E v. Future Homemakers of America and Thespians Stes-.Juli FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Dora Evans, Nellie Shearer, Nancy Strickmaker, Doris J. Tederick, Bonnie Loader, Doris Kail, Beverly Carr, Kathryn Vogt, 'Connie Bates, Mary Ripley, Patty Porcher, Mrs. Swigert. Not in Picture-'Carol Vogt, Wanita Norman. President - - - Doris Ann Tedrick Treasurer ---- Kathryn Vogt Vice President ---- Carol Vogt Reporter ---- Connie Bates Secretary - - - Nellie Shearer Social 'Chairmen - Dora Evans, Wanita Norman Adviser ----- Mrs. Swigert THESPIAN TROUPE NO. 1037 First row-Pat McElhaney, Kay Thomas, Doris Lyons, Marylou Thompson, Marsha Peoples Beverly Norman, Dianne Duff, Pat Warner, June Postlewait. Second row-Dolores Hickenbottom, Sally Russell, Walter Hannahs, 'Carl Gray, David MacQueen, Ronnie Coler, Kenny Loader, Mrs. Portz, Advisor, 'Shirley Walters. Not in picture-'Carolyn Patton, Jim Barthalow. President ---- Walter Hannahs Treasurer - - Dolores Hickenbottom Vice President - - - Jim Barthalow 'Program Chairmen - Doris Lyons, Dianne Duff Secretary ----i Sally Russell Social Chairmen - Carolyn Patton, Carl Gray Adviser ----- Mrs. Portz April 11, 1953 -- The Speech Department won first place in the District Contest of the Ohio Speech League with the play 6'The Spider's VVeb". The cast included Sally Russell, David MacQueen, Walter Hannahs, Doris Lyons, Bob Speer, Rolland Snell, and Tom Saylor. Mrs. Portz was play director. FIFTY-TWO National Honor Society and Wooster Scholarship Team NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row-Marylou Thompson, Shirley Gephart, Carolyn Patton, Kay Thomas, Dianne Duff, Naundice Oldt, Beverly Norman, Mayme Couts, Dolores Hickenbottom, Joan Cunningham. Second row-Dennis Belle, Bill Burky, Tom Basehart, Glenn Walkenspaw, Jim Baily, Larry Longsworth, Doris Lyons, Adviser - Mr. Clark. Not in Picture-Doris Ellen Beal. 'Members intitated April, 1953-Laura Jean Mullen, Shirley Clemens Joanne Tufford, Pat McE1haney, Sue Gainor, Frances Hildebrand, Gerald Berkshire, Alan Hart, Barbara Atkinson, Doris Gephart, Susie Huffman, John McFadden, Barbara Pat- terson, Wanda Rogers, Linda Smith, Marjorie Tish. 1952 WOOSTER SCHOLARSHIP TEAM First rowfAdviser - Mr. 'Claude Hinds, Lucille Eckleberry, Mayme Couts, Naundice Oldt, Barbara Atkinson Wanda Rogers, Joanne Tufford, Joan Cunningham, Dolores Hickenbottom, Laura Jean Mullen. Second row-'Shirley Gephart, Carolyn Patton, Sally Russell, Joanne Hardy, Susie Hulfman, Dennis Belle, 'Bob Hall, Gary Berkshire, Alan Hart. Third rowvBill Burky, Larry Hannahs, Jim Baily, Dick Basehart, Tom Basehart, John 'McFadden, Harold Stocker, Gene Lyons. FIFTY-THREE Student Librarians and Book Mending Club STUDENT LIBRARIANS Gay Johns, Carolyn Patton, Doris Kail, Bonnie Loader, Pat Visintainer, Carol Hart, Jim Baily, Shirley Willer, Marsha Peoples, Nancy Gardner, Barbara Froelich, Miss Macmillan - Librarian. Not in picture?Patsy Beiter, Joy Harrison. BOOK MENDING CLUB 'Seated-Neva Williams, 'Carol Weilant, Jennie McVey, Barbara Davis, June Belt. Standing-Miss Macmillan, La Von Norman, Delores Whyde. Not in picturesShirley Norman. V President - - Shirley Norman Secretary-Treasurer - Barbara Davis Vice President - Jennie McVey Adviser - - - Miss Macmillan FIFTY-FOUR Industrial Arts Shop Machines INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Mr. Riffle, Everett Bundy, Bob Carrico, Bob Duffy, Roland Snell, Bill Huffman, Lester Paulun, Robert Davis, Glenn Walkenspaw, Jerry Baker, Eugene Wilken. Not in PicturefFloyd Ziegler, Gail Robinson. President - - Gail Robinson Treasurer - Robert Duffy Vice President - - Roland Snell Social 'Chairman - Everett Bundy Secretary - Glenn Walkenspaw Adviser - - - Mr. Riffle Shop Projects FIFTY-FIVE Newcosean Staff and Nature Club N l NEWCOSEAN STAFF First row-Evelyn Van Scyoc, Senior Class Editor, Bob Hall, Photograph Editor, 'Bob Hashman, Advertising 'Managerg 'Carl Gray, Sales Managerg Marylou Thomp- son, Assistant Sales Manager. ' Second row-Sally Russell, Class Editor, Dick Roe, Athletic Editorg Tom Basehart, Editor-in-'Chiefg David MacQueen, Assistant Advertising Managerg Miss Macmi- llan, Adviser, Dolores Hickenbottom, Associate Editor. Not in picture-Peggy Kehl, Typist: Bill Burky, Assistant Photography Editor. NATURE CLUB First row-Goldie Alexander, Harold Stocker, Kathe Frenton, Doris Jean Tedrick, Carol Hart, Naundice Oldt, Raymond Heston, Carolyn Meek, Margaret Lindell, Mary Peeper. Second rowfJohn Rush, Keith Russell, John McConnell, Alan Hart, Robert Little, Marlene Stewart, Carl Billings, Enos Loader, Adviser - Mr. Robertson. Not in picture-Carl Smith, 'Clare Taylor, Dean Taylor, Mary Plants. President - - - Alan Hart Secretary-Treas. - Naundice Oldt Vice President - Dean Jacobs Adviser - - - Mr. Robertson FIFTY-SIX Newcosean Advertising Salesmen and Journalism Class, Science Club and Spanish Club NEVVCOSEAN SALESNIEN AND J OURNALI SM CLUB Sitting-David MacQueen, Bob Hashman, Frances Hildebrand. Standing-June Postlewait, Joan Cunningham, Sally Russell, Dolores Hickenbottom, Dorothy Walkup, Shirley Parker, Charles Sanders, Adviser - Mrs. Phillips, Marylou Thompson, Sue Gainor, Dorothy Casteel, Evelyn Van Scyoc, Marjorie Grotf Patsy Warner, Peggy Kehl, Frances Graham, Jane Lewis, Don Hardy, Geneva Myers, Ronnie Cole r, Doris Stocker, Dick Roe. SCIENCEE CLUB Jay Fairchild, Bill Huffman, Gene Schlupp, Gene Riley, Scott Martin, Don Norman, Ruben Etter, Ad- viser - Mr. Hinds. SPANISH CLUB First row-f'Betty Mc'Clary, Joy Horn Vonda Welch, Laura Jean Wilson, June Belt, Norma Stocker, Bob Webb, Denny Belle, David Marstrell. Second row-Adviser - Miss Macmillan, Doris Lyons, Sue Kohl, Marylou Thompson, Shirley Gephart, Jane Swank, Don Wilkin, Robert Little, Ginger Maurer, Bill Ross, John Harris. Not in Picture-Kathe Frenton. President ---- Dennis Belle Secretary-Treasurer - - Doris Lyons Vice President David Marstrell Adviser - - - Miss Macmillan FIFTY-'SEVEN -nr-N' -,ha v. Study Hall 5th Period Pyramids Physical Education Class Connie Hogue, Shirley Welsh Joyce Clifford, Linda Smith, Rita 'Clouse, Sally A. Russell, Dorothy Postlewait, Susie Huffman, Hazel 'Camp- bell, Marjorie Tish, Barbara Froelich, Shirley Willer. Tumbling Physical Education Class First row-'Connie Hogue, Linda Smith, Barbara Froelich, Doris Gephart, Shirley Welsh. Second row-Rita Clouse, Dorothy Postlewait, Susie 'Huffman, Shirley Willer, Sally A. Russell. FIFTY-EIGHT Office Girls Mary Ripley, Kay Thomas Sue Kohl, Not in Picture-Dorothy Casteel, Sally J. Rus- sell. Frances Hildebrand, 'Shirley Walters, Dora Ann Meeks, and Rosemary Lahmers refinishing sew- ing tables in Home Economics Class. Stage Crew Bob Spear, Roland Snell, Bob Hashman, Larry Longsworth, Kenny Loader, 'Bob Hall, Ralph Harris. Mr. Byrd Senior Girls NEW HORIZONS ACT II N. H. S. Annex and Room No. 304-, Periods 1, 2, 3 4' FIFTY-NINE ,Jr v Trojan Band First roww'Clarinets-Wanda Rogers, Doris Ellen Beall, Carla Crater, Janet Boone, Martha Murphy, Peggy Bender: TrumpetsfSandra Hickenbotto m, Larry Groffg Majorette-Cynthia Roederg Trumpets-Judy Ophile, John Watsong Baritone-Steven Weisbrodeg Trombone-Patsy Walters, Dolly Buss, Glenn Van Voorhisg Snare Drum-Bobby Cross, Cymba1s4Connie Duff. Second row-Majorettes-Dorothy Dilly, June Postlewaitg Saxaphone-Jane Swank, TrumpetAJeanie Portzg Clarinet-Edna Heller, Frances Buss, Saxaphone-'Carol Murphy, French HornfKay Pat- ton, BellsAEvelyn Van Scyocg Pat Warner: 'Snare 'Drum-Walt Murphy, T'rumpetswDolores Hick- enbottom, 'Mayme Couts, Bill Hickenbottom, Clarinet-4Cora Arthg Bells-Nancy Gardner, Major- ottes-Dorothy Postlewait. Sonja Martin. Third row-Saxaphone-Barbara Froelichg Clarinet-Janet Portz, Shirley Kennedy, French Horn- Beverly Norman, Diane Duffy Clarinet-Mary lou Thompson, Saxaphone-Shirley Gephart, Snare Drum4Carolyn Pattong Saxaphone-Kenny Loaderg Baritone-Don Wilking Trompones-Aaron Swank, Marsha Peoplesg Flute-Barbara Atkin song Bass Drum-Mary E. Normang Sousaphone- Rolland Walters. President - Dianne Duff Treasurer Shirley Gephart Vice President - Aaron Swank Manager - Richard Patton Secretary - - Dolores Hickenbottom Director - Mr. Russell February 12, 1953 A Band Festival was held at Dennison with Dover, New Philadelphia, Uhrichsville, Den- nison, and Newcomerstown bands participating. Mr. Minelli of Ohio University was guest conductor. March 21, 1953 Members of the band entered the district contest at Massillon High School and received the following ratings: Superior - Ron Bonnell, Gary Carney, Kenneth Loader, Excellent - Barbara Atkinson, Nancy Gardner, Doris Ellen Beall, Wanda Rogers, Cynthia Roeder, Carol Murphy, Beverly Norman, Mayme Couts, Walter Murphy, Very good - Shirley Kennedy. At the State contest Gary Carney won first place, Ron Bonnell and Kenneth Loader won second place. March 28, 1953 The band participated in the Band Competition of District 8 at Canton McKinley High School and received the rating of Excellent. SIXTY CHRISTMAS CONCERT BAND CHOIR The Christmas Story Beside the 'Cradle Here I Stand Jingle Bells Rhapsody Send Out Thy Light lVIarch of the Little Tin Soldiers O Lord, Our God Vvllllel' Wonder Land Kenneth Loader, To Bethlehem Singing Soloist In the Cathedral Band Star Spangled Banner Arioso I The Lone Crusader Symphony No. 6 The Thunderer Larghetto Teddy Bears' Picnic Legende BAND MOTHERS' CLUB Band Motlzers work at the Refreshment Smrrrl During Football Games Mrs. Lawrence Groff, Mrs. Ira Arth, Mrs. John Atkinson Mrs. Charles Crater, Mrs. Howard Patton, Mrs. Kenneth Beall, Mrs. Mary Rush. Mrs. Lawrence Wilkin, Mrs. Cecil Gardner, Mrs. Joe Bender, Shirley Willer. President - - Mrs. John Atkinson Vice President - Mrs. Charles Froelich Secretary - - - Mrs. Earl Murphy Treasurer - - Mrs. D. B. Roeder Beautiful Savior Hallelujah Chorus SPRING CONCERT Them Basses Choir May Overtrure Syncopated Clock Eroica Student Prince Minuetto Fiddle - Faddle Jazz Pizzacato Stars and Stripe s Forever I Hear America Singing Hospodi Pomiliu Echo Song Love Song Haste Thee Nymph Listen to the Lambs Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee Go Not Far From Me, O Lord Now the Day is Over SIXTY-ONE CHOIR Soprano Section First rowfEvelyn Van Scyoc, Shirley Neal, Linda Smith, Betty Davidson, Sandra Elliott, Frances Buss, Peggy Bender. . Second row-JCora Russell, Joan Cunningham, Pat Warner, Shirley Willer, Mary E. Norman, Eva Dakin, Dorothy Walkup. Third row-'Marylou Thompson, Dianne Duff, Sonja Martin, Shirley Kennedy, Kaiheryn Vogt, Carol Lehman, Jane Swank. Bass Section Ronald Bonnell, Aaron Swank, David MacQueen, Walter Murphy, Kenny Loader, Ronnie Coler, Junior Baker, Charles Sanders. Alto Section First row-Connie Hogue, Mayme Couts, Joy Harrison, Beverly Norman, Nancy Dayton, Mary Woods, Carol Murphy. Cynthia Roeder. Second rowfJoy Horn, Doris Ellen Beall, Carol Vogt, Janet Portz, Dolores Whyde, Katherine Davis, Geneva Myers, Wanda Rogers. Third row-Barbara Palmer, Mary Lou Rush, Marjorie Tish, Pat Vistintainer, Barbara Atkinson, Sue Gainor, Jo Ann Basiletti. SIXTY-TWO Seventh and Eighth Grade Choruses EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS First row-Marcelle Newby, Ester We-ilant, Wilma Garretson, Darlene Thomas, Carol Postlewait, Jean Rothenstein Jane Rothenstein, Beverly Calhoun, Ruth Schlupp, Kay Martin, Mrs. Mercer. Second row-Carolyn Brown, Beverly Calentine, Shirley Casteel, Jolene Shaw, Mar- lene Baker, Marilyn Brindly, Judy Oaklief, 'Connie Duff, Patsy Couts, Jean Portz. SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS First row-Nancy Rogers, Sandra Peoples, Joy Triplet, Sandra Summers, Forest Mason, Sharon Porcher, Judy Dennis, George Fenton, David Patterson, Sandra Hickenbottom, Don Bassett, George Ferris, Terry Silverthorne, John Watson, Larry Price, Teresa Davis, Janet Boone. Second row-Dick Patton, Judy Opphile, Carol Ann Rush, Dolly Buss, Carla Carter, Marilyn Bordenkirker, Martha Yarnell, Patsy Walters, Carol Carruthers, Junior Johnson, Blaine Tish, Joan Everhart, Betty Carnahan, Glenn Van Voorhis, Larry Peoples, Robert Nera, Robert Osler. Third rowANMary Lou Newell, Linda Stocker, Marjorie Art, Patsy Whyde, Becky Leonhard, Doris Jean Kearton, Dianne Ross, Judith Stewart, Barbara Poorman, Martha Murphy, Patti Johns, Walter Craigo, Maxine Watson, Patty Keith, Barbara Ross, Mrs. Mercer. Not in Picture-Vienna Urben, David Mayhew. SIXTY-THREE Homecoming SIXTY-FOUR Homecoming Queen Sue Kohl At the Game: Walter Hannahs, Norma Stockerg Harold 'Casteel, Linda Smithg Carl Gray, Sue Kohl, Clifford Lehman, Carl Stocker, Dorothy Dilly, Jim Barthalow. and Escort 'Carl Gray The Queen and her 'Court at the Dance The Homecoming Dance The Queen and Court Dancing New Horizons ACT III H. S. Athlelic Field and Gymnasium, 7:30 p.m. SIXTY FIVE Trojan Athletics N. H. S. COACHING STAFF Bob Carroll, Assistant Football Coach, Fred Domenico, Head Foot- ball and Track Coach, Alex Robert- son, Assistant Basketball 'Coachg Don Wolff, Head Basketball and Baseball Coach. TROJANS RAH! TROJANS RAH! RAH! RAH! TROJANS CHEER LEADERS S First row-VARSITY- Sue Kohl, Donna Ford, Shirley Coker, Jo Ann Bas- iletti. Second row-RESERVES- Barbara Patterson, Mary Woods, Cora Russell. Third row-JR. HIGH- Dollie Buss, Becky Leon- hard, Connie Duff, Dar- lene Thomas. SIXTY-SIX FOOTBALL l FOOTBALL SQUAD First rowfLarry Hannahs, Gene Bradshaw, Gary Ridgeway, Don Hardy, Larry Dansby, Jim Barthalow, Duke Heller, Don Frye Dick Poorman, Bob Carrico. Second row-'Coach Fred Domenico, Bill Hall, Bob Webb, Gary Gadd, Gail Robinson, Bob Hall, Bob Riley, 'Ronnie Yanai, Dave Meek, Earl Mackey, Gene Callentine, Jay Fairchild, Roger Bradshaw, Coach Carroll Third row-Gene Lyons, Butch Walkenspaw, Bob Hashman Paul Roan, Walter Han- nahs, Alan Hart, John Harris, Eddie Johnson, Dick Roc. Football squad anrl clzeer leaders in Hallowe'er1 parade Toss of the coin in the Massillon Reserve game SIXTY-SEVEN RONNIE YANAI- Co-Cap- tain, Fullback, Senior. Played '4 years, received 3 letters. Was an outstand- ing player on offense and defense, a deadly opponent to every one. RALPH HARRIS- 1 DICK ROE - Right Half- back, Senior. Played 3 years, received 3 letters. Played only 4 games on account of in- juries, but was a hard ball carrier to stop. X . QQ ix .X , , ye new ME H BOB HASHMAN - Right End, Senior. Played 4 years, received 2 letters. Was a great pass defender and s t o p p e d every one who came his way. Co-Cap- BOB HALL - Right Guard, tackle, Senior. tain, Left End, Senior. Played 4 years, received 3 letters. 'His pass receiving scored many points for us this year. Played 2 years, received 2 letters. A good athlete. Senior. Played 4 years, received 2 letters. Small but deadly to his opponents, none too big for him to move. Deserves recognition as a swell teammate. JIM BARTHALOW - Left DON HARDY-Left guard, JOHN HARRIS Right end Senior. Senior. Played 1 year, reecived 1 Played 3 years received 2 letter. Was a good sports- BACK letters. His 1nJury hurt the 222. and always after his FIELD team a great deal. ED JOHNSON - Right GAIL ROBINSON - Left BILL HALL-Center, Junior. Played 3 years, received 2 letters. An excellent cen- ter and a deadly line backer. guard, Junior. Played 2 years, received 2 letters. Was in there tight- ing clear to the end, will be a big help next year. guard, Junior. Played 1 year received 1 letter. Worked hard on the line and was an excel- lent defensive back. JAY FAIRCHILD - Right BOB WEBB-Left halfback, SIXTY-EIGHT tackle, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Got a lot of exper- ience this year and is a good ball player. Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Came here from Adena this year. Was a great help in our backfield and will be next year, too. N, , RON N IE WALKENSPAW- Quarterback, Sophomore. Played 2 years, received 2 letters. Was a regular this year. He is an alert signal caller and has a good pass- ing arm. BOB RILEY -- Left tackle, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Gained a lot of ex- perience this year and was always working hard. GENE SCHLUPP - Right Halfback, Junior. Played '1 year, received 1 letter. Played most of his time on defense, but did a good job of it. RONNIE BONNELL -Full- back, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Came to the team from the band and became a regular in our backfield. DICK BASEHART -- Right tackle, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. 'Came to the team late but still played his share. LARRY DANSBY - Left tackle, Sophomore. Played 2 years, received 2 letters. Deadly to his op- ponents, will be a great help next year. DUKE HELLER- Quarter- back, Sophomore. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Will undoubtedly develop into a wonderful fullback. LINE TOM SAYLOR - Left half- back, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Played defense but always after the ball car- rier. ALAN HART - Right end, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. 'Should receive a lot of credit for his effort. PAUL ROAN - Left end, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. Should make a good name for himself next year. CLYDE MATHEWS - Left tackle, Junior. Joined the team late in the season, but proved to be a good line backer. NEAL DAVIS-Right guard, Junior. Played 1 year, received 1 letter. A good defensive player. JACK DENNIS - Right tackle, Sophomore. Injured early this year, but will be back next year. Watch for him. SIXTY-NINE Football Season Loudonville was the first foe for the Trojans of the 1952 season. The Trojans, a lot smaller than Loudonville, dropped a 30 to 6 decision. Their only score came from a 15 yard pass from Ronnie Yanai to Dick Roe. Yanai's place kick for the extra point was no good. When the Trojans entertained Butler it was a hard fought game but the hosts came out on the short end of a 14- to 6 score. Ronnie Walkenspaw scored from the one-yard line where Yanai crashed over the goal on a quarterback sneak. In another ECOL game the Trojans could not stop the Carrollton Warriors, who won 39 t.o 6. In the 2nd period, John' Harris caught a pass in the end zone, thrown by Ronnie Yanai for the Trojans only score. The Trojans traveled down along the Ohio River to meet Wintersville, who wont a hard fought ball game. The Trojans' first score came when line- backer, Bill Hall, intercepted a pass and raced 15 yards for a T.D. and Yanai kicked the extra point. A little later the Trojans smothered a punt on the 10 yard line where Yanai smashed for a T.D. and on an end run made the extra point. The Trojans returned home to meet the Zanesville Rosecrans. In the sec- ond quarter Yanai plunged from the six yard line for a T.D. and passed to Ralph Harris for the extra point. After the halftime intermission, Roe smashed through the middle of the line for a 25 yard run and a T.D. Yanai passed to Ralph Harris again for the extra point. In the homecoming game in which Queen Sue Kohl and court reigned, the Trojans entertained New Concord. 'On the first play of the game Ronnie Yanai crashed through the line for 70 yards. and a touchdown. The next time the Trojans got the ball Yanai got away again for a 60 yard touchdown run. In the 2nd period Ralph Harris intercepted a pass and ran 55 yards for a T.D. At the half the Trojans were leading 18 to 7. In the 3rd period the Trojans scored again on a pass from Walkenspaw to Ralph Harris and Yanai passed to Ralph Harris for the extra point. But New Concord was scoring, too, in the second half. The 3rd period they scored 6 and in the 4-th they scored 14+ points to win 27 'to 25. Massillon Reserves romped to a 55 to 21 decision for the Trojans' 8th loss. Ronnie Walkenspavx' started the scoring with a T.D. from the one- ard line and Ronnie Bonnell plunged for the extra point. Then Yanai scoredy from the 5. Pass from Yanai to Ralph Harris for the extra point. A last period pass from VValkenspaw to Ralph Harris was good for a touchdown and Bonnell made the extra point. The Tigers were ahead only 28 to 21 in the last quarter, but then the bottom fell out. and they scored 27 points. In the last game of the season the Trojans met the Dennison Railroaders in an ECOL game. The first quarter ended with a scoreless tie. In the second period just before half, Bill Hall int.ercepted a pass and ran it to the 2 yard line, where Bonnell smashed over for the touchdown and extra point to tie the game at 7-7. On the first play after the halftime kick off. Bonnell ran to his left and found himself trapped, but reversed his field and ran into the open and galloped 67 yards to pay dirt. The try for the ext.ra point failed. This is the way the periods ended: first, 0 to 0, second, 7 to 7, third, 20 to 13, and fourth, 39 to 13. Sl VI N'l'Y Basketball . . . VARSITY First row-Coach Don Wolff, Jim Barthalow, Ronnie Yanai, Bob Hall, Bob Hashman, Ralph Harris, Dick Roe. Second row+Carl Gray, Gene Riley, Roland Snell, Gary Gadd Ron Bonnell, Jim Shaffer, Bill Hall, Manager Gene Lyons. West Lafayette ....,.., .... Carrollton .......,...... ,,,, SCHEDULE Home Games Opp. NHS Games Away Uhrichsville ................ ..... 4 7 New Philadelphia ...... l.... 5 5 Byesville ,,,...,.,,.,...,,. ,.,.., 5 6 Uhrichsville ....... Dennison ............... ...... 5 3 Barnesville ...... West Lafayette ...... ...... 6 5 Rosecrans .... Philo ....,.,................ ...... 8 3 Scio ............. Freeport ..........., ...... 7 8 Dennison ...... Carrollton ...... ,..... 5 1 Won - 4 Lost - 14 The East Central Ohio League is made up of four teams: Newcomers- town, Uhrichsville, Dennison, and Carrollton. They played each other twice in the 1952-1953 basketball season, with Newcomerstown and Uhrichsville tieing for the champion- ship, each winning 4 games and los- ing 2. This is the way they stand: Newcomerstown 4 - 2 Uhrichsville 4 - 2 Dennison 3 - 3 'Carrollton 1 - 5 Cambridge .....,..,.,, ,.,., Byesville ...,.......,..,,,,,l ,,,, New Philadelphia Opp. NHS 65 51 43 44 67 34 86 50 98 57 67 37 64 50 95 30 59 51 89 56 Tournament ........,,.. ........ C oshocton, 715 NHS, 45 Coach Wolif receiving the co-championship trophy from Mr. Clark, Vice President of ECOL. SEVENTY-ONE l SEVENTY-TWO BOB HASHMAN-Right Guard. 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: '2 years Varsity, 2 letters. Was a good shot and was always after the ball. RONNIE YANAI-Left Guard. 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: 2 years Varsity, 2 letters. In there fighting till the last buzzer. JOHN HARRIS-Left Forward. 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: 1 year Varsity, 1 letter. Always kept the score keeper busy. RALPH HARRIS-Right Forward. 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: 2. years Varsity, 2 letters. Always in their getting rebounds and scoring points. BOB HALL-Left Forward. 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: 2 years Varsity, 2 letters. Small, but always after the ball. DICK ROE-Right Guard. 2 years Reserves, 2 letters: 2 years Varsity, 2 letters. Put a lot of steam in the team. JIM ABARTHALOW-Center: 2 years Reserves, 1 letter: 2 years Varsity, 2 letters. Was going the hardest when it was the roughest. ROLAND SNELL-Left Forward. 1 year 1 letter. A good shot and ball player. ino picturej CARL GRAY-Right Forward. 1 year Reserves, 1 letter: 1 year Varsity, 1 letter. Should be congratu- lated for his sportsmanship. Varsity, Reserves First row-Coach Alex Robertson, Harry Lyons, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Jack Dennis, Duke Heller, Jack Miller, Larry Dansby. Second row+Marshall Julien, David Milburn, Gary Carney, Hugh Gwynn, Alan Hart, Dick Basehart, Larry Chaney, Manager Bob Riley. I I Junior High First row--Frank Oldt, Ronnie Furbay, Jim Penrod, Jack Stoifer, Eugene Parks, Don Mulvane. Second row-Coach Wallace Bower, Gary Martin, Gary Tennant, Fred Seiber, Jim Wolff, James Foraker, Ronnie Lehman, Clyde Brown, Manager Bob Riley. SEVENTY-THREE BASEBALL and TRACK In First rowvJack Dennis, Jerry Beiter, Jim Mullen, Gary Jurin, Max Sharrock, Bill Shaw, Jack Ellis. Second row-'Coach Bower, Glen Bricker, Jim Barthalow, Don Best, Keith Dennis, Don Nay, Ralph Harris, Ronnie Yanai, Ted Swig- ert, Odis Dansby. This experienced team played only five ga mes because of bad Weather, Winning three and losing two. They played in the Class A tournament at Bridgeport against Zanesville, losing 9 to 1. Costly errors accounted largely for this loss. SPRING SPORTS Baseball and Track are included in the 1953 Trojan schedule. Mr. Wolff is coaching the baseball team, and lVlr. Domenico is coaching the runners. Several games and meets are scheduled for these two sports. Ronnie Bonnell Gene Riley Bob Hashman Kenny Phillips David Lauer Alan Hart Keith Ley Larry Hannahs Jim Baker Bill Hall Bob Hall Jim Barthalow Tom Basehart Dick Basehart Duke Heller Marshall Julien Jerry Widder Bob Marshall SEVENTY-FOUR 1953 BASEBALL TEAM Schedule Ronnie Yanai Bill Hall Jim Barthalow Dick Roe Walter Hannahs Walter Brenneman Gene Lyons Carl Smith TRACK TEAM Gail Robinson Walter Brenneman Alan Hart Hugh Gwynn Ronnie Bonnell Gene Riley Jack Stoffer Don Wilson Plainfield .........,..,....... Home and Away Gail Robinson Harry Lyons . John Harris Ralph Harris Lorin Wise Jack Norman Jack Dennis Duke Heller Cambridge ....... ....,... H ome and Away Rosco ................. ..,..,.. H ome and Away Gnadenhutten ..,..,,..... Home and Away Tournament at Bridgeport Schedule Bob Webb Cadiz ,,,,,,,,..,....,,........,..,.....,...,. April 10 Larry Chaney - A - Fred Siebel' Cadiz pm 27 Dave Milburn Uhrichsvllle ........ ....... .....l. M a y 5 Jim Baker Ronnie Yanai Bob Riley Tom Elliott, Mgr. Frazeysburg Tuscarawas County Meet .....,.. May 7 VARSITY Jim Barthalow Neal Davis Dick Basehart Bill Hall Ronnie Bonnell Bob Hall Larry Dansby Don Hardy Jay Fairchild Dick Roe Bob Hashman Bob Webb Duke Heller Paul Roan John Harris Carl Gray Ralph Harris Eddie Johnson Gene Riley Gail Robinson Tom Saylor Gene Schlupp Roland Snell Ronnie Yanai Alan Hart Ronnie Walkenspaw SEVENTY-FIVE A corner in the heart of Epilogue! each student at N. H. S. SEVENTY-SIX ALMA MATEH Through the halls of our dear high Many' limes we pass, Bu! the happy days we spend here All nzusl emi at last. Always we will love and serve Ihmf, Hail from all rhe reslg Heroic a loasl lo you, our high school, Our Dear lV. H. S. CI-IORUSZ Hail Io ilzee. our Alma Mfzler, N. H. S. we praise. Hail the Orange and Black forever, Alma Mater' days. school SPONSORS of all productions at N. H. S. Main Streel. Newcomerstown, Ohio SEVENTY SEVEN I ' I SERVICE To THE COMMUNITY, STATE, AND NATION THOMAS C. MONTGOMERY POST 14 NO. 431 legion NEWCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO L.-i,,,, , E ro " 'W Fo 'Y CALDWELUS . Cornplzmenls of Sohio Service Manager BONNELL Roger L. Casterline 500 E. Canal Street Phone 8-7557 Newcomerstown, Ohio I L.- AI-- , -J L- - J f""" T ' 'Y Best Wishes to all of you . . . Class of '53 And may your Success be exceeded only by your Happiness T H E O X F O R D B A N K MEMBER F. D. I. C. LT' YW ""' "'H '-'QT-"SF-7?'l J SEVENTY-EIGHT Compliments of KENNEDY "1 TEE O EEE O 'W w Atkinson Insurance Agency MARKET 1 Insurance and Bonds 202 West Slate Street Phone 8-6400 t NEVVCONIERSTOVVN, OHIO t Canal Slreel Newwnierstown H .-.- . ees.. - .--HJ or - Er - E... H V H QW V" 'T Snlzns' Svrzzice Genuine Parts and l NeWC0lnel'St0Wn Accessories Floral L. H. Barnett and Co. I I 1 1 9 ' Phone 8-7121 238 West Canal St. I B U R G E S .. E. WEE. -H-.M ,J L.-. eww., . r. . . .J Congratulations Seniors . . E 'W I l A booster for N. H. S. and better styles and values l BALTIMORE CLOTHING COMPANY l l use Ee..E-. ..r E . is .J K K 'W T" use i 'W Carl Iirebs Best Wislzes - Class of 195.3 Refrigeration Elliott Tri-Valley 1 WILL-BURT Oil Heating Dairy Products 539 West State Street Phone 8-64-08 203 Liberty Street 1 Phone 8-7350 Newcomerstown, Ohio E-.-.--E--r.e.-,r.-...-.--mm.mHE.i r--..-., . , U- ...J SEVENTHY-NINE V PEPP S Z7 V' .P WELKER . , , , 1 COI7gI'fIflllIIfIOVIS to lim C lass of 53 Sales X SCPVICC 1 BUICK GMC TRUCKS 1 THOROSEAL S 530 Heuer Drive Phone 83349 Q To lfcvp your masonry walls dry A NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO O 1 Ed. Holder 1 1 Nowconlorstown. Ohio 1 1 1 . LZ LSLLDLO ,,CC ,LO L.: rv'-' 7' ' S' Y "PY" N74 Y Y COMPLIMENTS OF BESST DRY CLEANING DIAL 8-7144 LL L S, We DLL VS S P PS7 S A 1 Pom ' ,, plznzenls of K E L L E R ' S 1 1 RITZ THEATRE DRESSES - JEWELRY STARLITE HOSIERY - DIAMONDS DRIVEBEIN THEATRE COSTUME JEWELRY-WATCHES , amos Theatre Ph. 8-8232 219 Main Street . 1 4 Corporatlon L., CCSC L LDL, L., LC L ,S A LL S f" 'A A E""""' W ' "Wk JT' 'H' 'P'A"""" ' ' WALL PAPER Compliments Of ' G L PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS YOung9S 1 ' KODAK CAMERAS , , SCPVICC Statlon Bill Heifner'S 129 West State Street 114 River Street Phone 8-6100 NEWCOMERSTOWN OHIO LTYV71 A- AJ L.:' YA'n A-.TWA 'EfT7"'l""'if' EIGHTY I' 'N FOIW PLI M E N TS OF HELLER BRGTHERS CGMPANY of OHIO MANUFACTURERS ozf Heller Nucut and Vixen Files Swiss Pattern Files Wood, Cabinet and Horse Rasps Masterenclies Nail and Ball Pein Hammers Farrier Tools 0 To Q0 of UW 50 ' '77 u.m 4,05 x9 L. H, Y, WW J F. BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1953 Compliments of I J. C. Penney Co., IIC. i1.Z Best Wislzes to the Class of '53 Robert E. Fife Real Estate Broker 111 M Main Street NEVVCOMERSTOWN, OHIO L.,,,1,,, 11, 1, Congratulations Class of 1953 EGLER BAKERY Phone 8-7171 Y., A, , SMITH'S Sanitary Market Quality Meats and Groceries We protect the Young . . . N100-sehoarl, Illinois We protect the Olrl . . . Moosehaven, Florida Frozen Eoodv Frish-Vegetables Congratulations to the Class of 1953 ,ongratu ations 1 cfm of 1953 LOYAL oRDER Phone 8-8317 112 Maint Street Ll e a-H-1 NO. 1337 f -are eeeeee e - Q - ml, V TR' ' 0 Congratulations ,f i from Qi 0903 Stgffer Hardware 115-117 Canal street Phone 8-8348 Nevvcomerstown, Oh1o 1 Your Friendly Dealer We meet every Thursday night Phone 8-7133 Join us and receive the great benents D. L. PORCHER L., ,W ...Z Linn W 7 -H ee ig- J ,EIGHTY-TWO 7' ' AW' I AA 'W T" """"" 'W Compliments of v , y . 4 Compliments of Crawf0rd's Cleaners Iris Beauty Shop UML I- IJ L, MILLS MLS CL ,J Y, -Aw , , Y, , Tj COMPLIMENTS 011' FAIRCHILD INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO CALL 8-7342 j I I ,ML L.,,,WLIIs A-MLLWLJ BEST OF LUCK TO YOU FROM The Class of 1953 VOTE I III I 'T Congralulrzlions Class of 1953 Ott Radio 81 T. V. Sales and Service RADIO TELEVISION LALO ssss LLMLALIJ I V A As A E -.3 cnue FUEL 2 GASCOMPANY s I BEST wzsmzs L SENIORS OF 1953 I , , I Aw-,YLJJ L., I , I ?L,,,.,,...3 EIGHTY THREE T' 'W T' "7 ' iw in 'X BEST WISHES lo Zlze Class of 1953 I I v f7onzplimenls of M. W. Brown Sz Son Cement Blocks and Builders' Supplies I I NEWCoMERsToWN tires so or 'ir J NEWS nfs to 2 Q McCormick Deering I Eszablislzefl 1898 l Farm Equipment l C. 0. MODER i International Motor Trucks LI ' ' "7 'J "7' ' ' ' ' fi J 'VV '77 BBB B777 'M 'BBB 'W T" 7 it 7 7 7 7 'W B. B. Chadwell and Son GENERAL STORE fwOlIIf1I7lIlC'lIlS .... I GICNEIRAL MERCHANDISE of FEED AND FERTILIZER J Bernice, Ohio Phone 8-7077 A A we J CoCA-CoLA f- --I BoTTL1NG Co. B RAMSEY'S i HEATING APPLIANCE Wise Furnace 'IAP'-MAIK IIC. U. L PAY. off. E and Sheet Metal Phone - Dennison G6 Roo1f1NG AND SPOUTING I 1 l L: ,I L.: .J EICHTY FOUR J- Congratulations to the Class of 1953 From CHRISTOPHER SUPPLY WHOLESALE - JOBBERS CONFECTIONS TOBACCO CIGARS CIGARETTES CANDIES Phone 8-7411 R R R 'W EV' HORROR Complinzenls of l THE MORGAN DAILY PHARMACY Prescriptions TUSCARAWAS COUNTY'S Carefuu LEADING NEWSPAPER 5' ,N , l Compounded Iho only newspaper m eastern 3 Ohio Wlliffll gives Comlllele Wl1'9' Corner 'fjillliil and Bridge Struf-ls photo and news Coverage in- l phone 8-7187 cluding all local and sports news NEVVCOMERQTOVVN OHIO and Complele , 'l'nsCm'awas county coverage. l x. S L- A L BEST WISHES, CLASS OF '53 RALPH W. SCOTT AGENCY SEE SCOTTY FIRST General Insurance and Bonds Ilfll I Y-l IV "H 'o""""- 'x r' 'W Best Wishes to Class of 1953 Hackenbrachfs Compliments Orchard Quality Apples and Peaches THE RITZ LUNCH PHONES: Fruit Co. - 8-8191 Res. - 8-7546 Farm - 8-8016 VIRGINIA COUTS John Betty Dick LIACCECCCCACAACII C , Recalls -J x. All - -A .z r' W-' 'eee no "crew N' ' 1 I GOSHEN BRICK AND CLAY CORP. Extends its Wishes of Success to Each One of You L .Z x - ,Arai Y 1 Besl Wislzes lo the Class of 1953 T" "ABM A'--n"""A 'A "W T" '3 To Buy, Sell, or Trade REAL ESTATE from Charles R. Leech c60ld,, Bill Rutter BROKER shadybcnd, ohio Phone 6202 Phone 83181 stat he I 1,4 Q. C, .J Ve e'-I ee- eve! R- "s r"'e L 'vos on co' 'i Oxford Cleaners Congratulations Pick-up and Delivery Class of ,53 Service A k. J uto rec ln Phone 8-7287 C Sl W W g L., I I, 1 ,J L.- -,l-ll .a EIGHTY-SIX AMP' W' P' - "v"'l TW PURITAN LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Launderers - Dry Cleaners Rugs Cleaned V 'W BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1953 H A V E R Feathers Renovated U , E L E C T R I C and a complete hnen service including Towels, Aprons, Coats, S P P L Y and Uniforms New Philadelphia Phone 4-2368 Uhrichsville-Dennison Phone 530 I C . or L.- , ' eeee 5" i'i"' 5M"'i A 43 Conzplinlenls Complimwlls Ol Of NEWCOMERSTOWN B. P. O. ELKS HIGH SCHOOL No. 1555 BAND MOTHERS' 4-f'lAi1i. ASSOCIATION Q, C, C ,ze L.- . .. -J EICHTY-SEVEN T' '3 , I For Shopping Convenience, Pleasure, and Economy- Shop at your local I. G. A. S Wffneae "few paicedpaeuail Hawkins, Super Market G58 W. State St. Phone 8-8354 Titus Market Main Street Phone 8-7101 TORE guwzycfay of line Zifeekn C. B. Guy 81 Son 101 River St. Phone 8-8440 Kennedy Brothers 602 E. Canal St. Phone 8-6322 L.- , ,,,,, nv..--.- W J if ---ffe-------f f- 1 V , Y.. W, ,,,,,, W7 , A ir 'x f' 'm Congratulations to the Class of 753 UNGER Lumber Company Your Friendly Lumber Dealer Stale Xi Beaver Street Phone 8-8346 lil BERG'S PennZoil Service Motor Tune Up Phone 8-8339 NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO L., N W V N H, VY,V ,ff ,,,-.JL Ll ,Y ,, H J rf P - H ei .rr w "We Fought Toghetlzer . . 9 S Now Iietls Build Together" General Repairing Auto Glass Replacement World War.II . Veterans Association, Roar 224 East Canal Street 1 Inc. Newcornerstown, Ohio Newcomerslown, Ohio EIGHTY-EIGHT "7 7' Congratulations to the Class of '53 21 Truck Stop 2 Au N' Conzpliments Opal N Ile Luke's Drive In . and Business , 0 John N era Service Station t and A .. -J Professional 7---A - - eeeeee- W 5 Walter Raymond Women's , Funk s Club Mobile Service Gas - Oil - Lubricating - Tires Accessories - Auto Repairing 700 E. State Street Phone 8-7227 Newcomerstown, Ohio I . L.- . A., ,,,7 H 7 7 Wm, S , H ,, ,, A ,AY -J V' C C P ii PM P 'T Y I Congratulations VV. E. Ourant - Funeral Director Class of ,53 VV. B. Parks - Funeral Director Rogers Agency W. E. Ourant , Funeral Home Wl1e1'e you get better servzee 407 E. Canal Street Phone 8-64-22 Phone 8-69.18 South River Street AMBULANCE SERVICE Q-:W .-. .s.Vts ,A,fM-J L.- ll ,S ,new Swv 04.2 F' mPAT"7 VM T M777 A7 TT Compliments of K 85 W Market Bliss Auto Parts Complete Line of 449 East State Street AUTOMOBILE PARTS Expert Auto Repairing aml Serzfiffzf DELIVERY Cigars Cigarettes Candy Soft Drinks L.- ,, S e L.-. S. .J EIGHTY-NINI' r as ir' A 6 H -w Zimmer Lumber Co. Telephone 8-8422 Newcomerslown, Ohio MULE HIDE ROOFING ALPHA CEMENT 2 Good Luck to the Class of '53 9 Ortt s Wallpaper Sr Paint Store 09 Main Street Phone 8-6366 Newcomerstown, Ohio Read and use The COSHOCTON TRIBUNE Published every week-day evening and Sunday morning LOCAL NEWS WORLD-VVIDE NEWS Famous Columnists, Comic Pages and lVIany Other Fine Features Eight Pages of Colored Comics on Sunday Mrs. Charles Yingling Coshocton Tribune's Newcomerstown Representative , L , ,LW I .eLe-.J LAWS. MEADOW GOLD Compliments of Marstrell Service Station DAIRY 592 E. Canal St. NEVVCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO Telephone gg Mgg g 2162 Coshocton, Ohio V A- AAA A A or C. E. RILEY , . Compliments Newcomerslown-8-7427 W. A. MATHIAS B A I R S Newcomerstown-8-7126 Cambridge Bal'Il6SVill8 Newcomerstown 1. , Ivoire C IW ,ut L.: Ie L Ie, .J NINETY I' 'T MY BEST WISHES to the Class of '53 BRIGHT STUDIO MAKERS OF PORTRAITS CARL J. LENZO, Photographer T' I fl0III12ll.IIIPl1l.S' of '3 I' W' ' 1 Congratulations Seniors and Trojans ,... Joe's Market Better Merzts for Better Meals Charles Don Clarence E Joe Mary 1 shoe ...le H ,W NA'l IONAL BANK T' so some M b Compliments of em er F' D I C Federal Reserve System e Borden Company NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L- ee. to .J L., H., e t C f' s or as 'W We N so it ' -1 Compliments of Wa1'd H. Bell NEVVCOMERSTOWNS Cofnplifngnfg Our lVI0ll0: l g'Ser11ice" of L. I THE I MILK . . . Nature's Best Food Russell Dairy Quality Dairy Products 8-fi1l48A1f Engl Canal Street W. M. BRODE COMPANY General Constructioner L.: C ,. -J L-.. t .1 N I NPITY-'I'WO lf' gn "W" H 'X Best Wishes to the Class of '53 United Steelworlcers of America LOCAL UNION No. 2391 '1 Il 00 n. se es .J r ss F ssssssss sss s 'W V ssss s ss s s i THIRSTY? . . . JUST Frigidaire Ironrite WHISq'LE I . . i 12 1 li be Chuck Ylngllng 1 , one 9 ' Wright Vess Cola 94' Bottling Company COSHOFCTON, OHIO x. esee - A.: L.,veisseW.S is .JU r' s 'W rs s s Tw Compliments of FFST WISHES QUIMBY'S G,-mum of 1953 Holsum Bakery y F012 FINE BAKED FOODS I ff il iq Wfomen of the Moose Q I , 13 u. L., S . S .J NINETY-THREIL fr.- - Compliments of A Friend Of N. H. S. W".-"'T T" W ' ' 'T ' v Compliments of NEWOO I PRODUCTS JT Manufacturers of V Compliments of SHARROCICS Amoco Service Corner Of Pilling and State Streets I L-, I 'fi FOLDING FURNITURE and TOOL HANDLES JUVENILE FURNITURE Af M4J L.- ,, - .J I IV, I ie rf 'I f70ll1lJliIll6lllS Compliments Of STOFFEIFS Restaurant ScOtt's Five and 'ren We ,JJ I., .J T' S QT V' 'H I I C,,,,,,,1,,,w,1,s BOYD'S DAIRY BAR "WHEI?E QUALITY RULES" Poland Barber Shop Ice Cream Dairy Products Lk LLL LMJ' L., I L LI, , LLO J NINETY-FOUR 7' Y' 'WH' "Ti A' T TT T A V' WT O O Q7 Tl1Cf8,S A GOOD T Y HARDWARE STORE In Newcomerstowrz The ' Eureka ALCHROME PRODUCTS 102 North River Street C 0 Store Co. Ralph Portz, Nlgr. A. .-,,, -J Besl Wishes to the Class of '53 T P L U M B E R S , Palmer Texaco B R A S S Service G O Q D S Corner Slate 85 Goodrich NEVVCOMERSTOWN, OHIO teh mzle -J t.- he or O O T or he -J O 'T Tv T TT T CONIPITIIICIIIS of i r s CLOW STARKEYUS T AUTO PARTS 1 GASTEAM RADIAToRs at ee at -J and at 'Y i R - I ED NIT T . GAS F R U T BUSS Bllrlal Vaults HEATERS ' PIZRPETUAL PROTECTION Q Newcomerslown, Ohio Phone 8-7438 t -J A .J NINETY-FIVI4 r,,,,-,,, Y . ,, I HAFNEIPS r Original Cut Rate 216 Main Street 1 L.- D ,nl l ,,, ,- n- ,- 1? f' iw ' I' 'B Compliments of Evelyn's Beauty Shop 101 Cross Street Dial - 8-8341 TDD W, ,P ., Congratulations, Class of 753 Good Luck to All of You! h . ,T ,C HOME CllI'tlSS Jewelers Blllldlng and Loan I Company LEADING GIFT STORE L-,D De ,D D,, -,. ,J W ad ef ee I . . I 01 tt Motol Company Complinwms Chrysler Plymouth Salas Service Of and T. V. Cable System L.- ,D , DAVIS DRUG Y., , , ,, W, D r pO77gl'll1l1lHIIONS Class of 1 1 1953 DAVIS Confectionery L., not ,ni , RECAPPING VULCANIZING ACCESSORIES APPLIANCES H. E. Leading Phono - IVIain Slreel - 8-84-00 Phone - 550 E. Stale - 8-74133 .1 m. ,ee I .11 NINETY-SIX ,A - -, 1 1 T" ' " ' W? T' 'W t 1 l Grey Top Cab P 24 Hr. Service Fully Insured - Courteous, Dependable, Drivers. i DIAL 8-7282 r Special Weekly and Mileage Rates. t "Go today the Grey lop way" 144 E. Canal Street 1 Comfortable Waiting Room Joman's Used Cars ! Choice selected from servicable Q Used Cars. E High Quality - Fair Prices l "Used 11111 Noi Abzzsezf' Owned and operated by Joe Hootnian 144 E. Canal Street J oe Hootman 1122 W. State Street Conzplimenls l Of Mayor Lorin D. Gadd Class of 1927 be ,JJ 'WWW in I "iw A' 'W v Hempleman Studio of Dance YVorl:l War II Vets' Hall River Street, IXIQVVCOIIIQFSIOVVH, Ohio Competent Teacher in Tap, Toe, Ballet, Acrobatics, and Baton l , NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO Teacher and Manzzger - Janet Wolfe L., 8..,,,,cv,c--c,Iu---.,cDDDIDI ,J as sew In I I 8 ,A F' I Vw W7 I Wm. Kendrick's l County Line Grocery Fomplinzenls and of Service Station Phone 8-7705 L. DDI -J I Compliments 5 Western Auto l I THE t oH1o POWER COMPANY Associate Store , l"Q'l 2 I Home owned and operated f Ln' l l l H ' ED DOMIN ' p Main St. Nevvcomerstown t.- eeeer IDD r. r e,,.,--..-,s, r, ,J L: r ,J NINETY-SEVEN F' 'W 1 4 Y A A -. ' .55 U i IIOIIIE fEflllll3!l'lEBl'l' C0. --'life FEE I E 'KRA- .. -, PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRIC HARDWARE L--. - A.. EEEE L. no on J Go Zo Zhe I A . LlfT'S TRY Colonlal Shoe Shop ' 1 VVl1c-ro you gel Quality 5 and Expert Shoo Service J P 227 W. Main Street A. J. Police, Prop. A I NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO Lf . .-.Aw A -LLL .AAA J S-I .. .L L ,, J r' on low r' R q I N w 1 w 1 l I Com lirnents o p f FOI7Z1III'l71Cl7lS L ATKINSON of Lumber Company I HARDWOGD I Hinds Funeral Home LUMBER f L: . o ,J L J NINETY EICHT hi-1 ,,,I, , Y- , , Wh COM PLI MEN TS OF THE NEWCOSEAN STAFF T, , 7 ,, ,, , , ,,,n,,,,,,,,, rf, 'T' PM 'W Compliments of r 1 Maldora Restaurant 119 North Bridge Street I 1 1 A , ,,.J 'T Dawson Shoe Store Newcomerstown's Family Store 157 Main Street Newcomerstovvn, Ohio 1 A Compliments Of N E L S O N ' S Main Street ' "T" 'TTT' ' 'S LOTS OF LUCK Fletcher Tin Shop 1 I he ,. M,,,io,,o-.i Ferrell's PAINT and SUPPLY PITTSBURGH PAINT ,7,,.,.,, ,W, W -i 'E 7' 'N Complimerzls of M S1 K Store IMPERIAL WALLPAPER ,md ARMSTRONGS LIN LEUM ' O R1pley's Better Meats 1 221 Main Street Phone 8-7496 1 1 m. In S, oo,o when ,P-,oI,Ao,.4 L.- one some or Sonor so .-.J NINETY-NINE The Photo-Engraving Used In This Book Produced by The NGRTI-IERN Engraving and Eleotrotype Company Canton, Ohio L fe, , J Unfnenfb fern printing Fjcnnpnny Urqlmafnd " IQO S. Seventh St. Qnnzfnfnlge. Un ONIC HUNDRED TWO WWW 4 INDEX OF STUDENTS Addy, Bill 38, 50 Ahle Eleanor 38, 49 Ahle, Patsy 42 Alexander, Goldie 38, 56 Alexander, Jim 38 Angle, Marilyn 40 Arcore, Carol 36, 49 Art, Marjorie 42, 63 Arth, Cora 42, 60 Arth, Philip 40 Atkinson, Barbara 33, 36, 46, 48, 49, 53, 53, 60, 62 Baily, James 34, 47, 47, 53, 53. 54 Baker, Dean 38 Baker, James 36, 47, 74 Baker, Jerry 34, 55 Baker, Marlene 40, 63 Baker, Paul 34 Baker, Russell 38, 50, 62 Balthis Ruth 42 Barthalow, James 16, 27, 50, 52, 64, 67, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75 Basehart, Richard 33, 34, 47, 53, 69, 73, 74, 75 Basehart, Tom 4, 16, 32, 47, 47, 53, 53, 56, 74 Basiletti, Jo Ann 34, 47, 62, 66 Bassett, Donald 42, 63 Bassett, Hope 36, 49 Bates Connie 34, 52 Baumgardner, Jack 38 Beal, Gary 38, 50 Beall, Doris Ellen 34, 49, 53, 60, 62 Beiter, Martha 38, 46, 49 Beiter, Patsy 15, 16, 31, 46, 49, 54 Belle, Dennis 15 16, 47, 47, 53, 53, 57 Belt, June 38, 54, 57 Bender, Peggy 38, 46, 49, 60, 62 Berg, Carol 40 Berkshire, Gerald 34, 46, 47, 47, 53, 53 Berkshire, Ronnie 36, 47, 47 Billings, Carl 36, 56 Bonnell, Ronald 33, 34, 50, 51, 62, 69, 71, 74, 75 Boone, Janet 42, 60, 63 Booth, Jane 34, 46 Booth Nancy 16, 31, 46 Bordenkircher, Marilyn 42, 63 Bradshaw, Eugene 34, 67 Bradshaw, Roger 38, 47, 67 Brady, George 36 Brady, Vera 40 Brenneman, Walter 36, 50, 74 Brindley, Marilyn 40, 63 Brown, Coralyn 40, 63 Brown, 'Clyde 38, 73 Brown Georgina 40 Brown, Nancy 38, 46, 49 Buckey, Jack 36, 50 Bundy, Everett 34, 55 Burky, Ann 33, 38, 47 Burky, Bill 4, 15, 16, 42, 47, 47, 53, 53 56 Burky, Richard 33, 42 Buss, Dolly 33, 42, 49, 60, 63, 66 Buss, Frances 38, 46, 49, 60, 62 Calhoun, Beverly 40, 63 Callentine, Beverly 40, 63 Callentine, Gene 36 67 Campbell, Harley 34 Campbell, Hazel 34, 46, 58 Carnahan, Betty 42, 63 Carney, Gary 38, 46, 50, 73 Carney, June 16, 31, 49 Carr, Barbara 34, 46 Carr, Beverly 34, 52 Carr 'Donald 42 Carrico, Bob 34, 55, 67 Carrico, Donald 40 Carruthers, Albert 38 Carruthers, Carol 42, 63 Casey, William 40 Casteel, Dorothy 'tMardisl 17, 27, 49, 57, 58 Casteel, Harold '17, 32, 47, 50, 64 Casteel, Shirley 40, 63 Chaney, Darrell 36, 50 Chaney, Larry 38, 50, 73, 74 Clemens, Shirley 17, 21, 46, 53 Clifford, Joyce 36, 46, 48, 49, 58 Clouse, Rita 36, 46, 48 49, 58, 58 Coker, Shirley 15, 17, 31, 46, 49, 66 Coker, Tommy 36 Coler, Ronnie 17, 27, 47, 52, 57, 62 Corbett, Wanda 40 Courtwright, Gary 38 50 Courtwright, Phyliss 42 Couts, Bonnie 36, 49 Couts, Mayme 34, 46, 48, 49, 53, 53, 60, 62 Couts, Patsy 40, 63 Craigo, Galen 40 Craigo, Walter 42, 63 Crater, Carla 42 60, 63 Cross, Robert 40, 60 Cunningham, Joan 17, 32, 47, 53, 53, 57, 62 Cutshall, Joan 36, 46, 47 Cutshall, Mary 38, 47 Dakin, Eva 38, 49, 62 Dansby. Gerald 40 Dansby, Larry 36, 67, 69, 73, 75 Davidson, Betty ss, 49, 62 Q Davis Barbara 38, 54 1 Davis Catherine 38, 49, 62 1 Davis Delores 38, 47 L Davis, Neal 36, 69, 75 Davis, Robert 34, 55 Davis, Theresa 42, 63 Dawson, Dorcas 17, 27, 49 Dayton, Nancy 33, 38, 46, 49, 62 Dennis, Jack 36, 46, 47, 50, 69, 73, 74 Dennis, Judy 42, 63 K. Ji , -JI ONE HUNDRED THREE 3 f' 'T INDEX OF STUDENTS fcontinuedj Dilly, 'Dorothy LAngleJ 17, 49, 60, 64 Dixon, Ruth 36, 49 Doss, Duane 38, 47 Duff, Connie 40, 60, 63, 66 Duff, Dianne 34, 46, 49, 52, 53, 60, 62 Duffy, Robert 18, 54 Eckelberry, Lucille 34, 49, 53 Egler, Carolyn 42 Egler, Lavonne 34, 49 Elliott, Sandra 38, 46, 49, 62 Elliott, Tommy 36 47, 50, 74 Etter, Earl 18, 27, 47 Etter, Evelyn 40 Etter, Reuben 34, 57 Evans, Dora 34, 52 Everhart, Dale 36 Fairchild, Jay 34, 57, 67, 68, 75 Fairchild, Richard 38, 47 Fairchild, Vaughn 40 Farris George 42, 63 Farris, Johnny 38 Fenton, George 42, 63 Fillman, Jimmy 38, 50 Folkert, Barbara 34, 46 Foraker, James 40, 73 Foraker, Junior 38, 47 Foraker, Shirley f'CoutsJ '18 Ford, Donna 33, 34, 46, 49, 66 Frenton, Kathe 38, 56, 57 Frenton, 'Sally 34 Froelich, Barbara 36, 46, 49, 54, 58, 60 Froelich, Danny 38 Frye, Don 36, 50, 67 Furbay, Ronnie 33, 40, 73 Gadd, Gary 34, 50, 67 71 Gainor, Sue fGayJ, 15, 18, 27, 31, 49, 53, 57, 62 Gardner, Nancy 36, 46, 49, 54, 60 Garrentson, Wilma 40, 63 Gaskill Allen 38, 47 Gephart, Doris 36, 49, 53, 53, 58 Gephart, Shirley 15, 18, 49, 53, 57, 60 Graham, Frances 18. 49, 57 Gray, 'Carl 4, 15, 18, 27, 47, 52, 56, 64, 71, 72, 75 Gray, Jean 42 Groff, Edward 42 Groff, Larry 40, 60 Groff, Marjorie 18, 27, 31, 49, 57 Gwynn, Hugh 38, 50, 73, 74 Haessley, Norman 34, 47 Hall, Bill 34, 50, 67, 68, 71, 74, 75 Hall, Robert 4, 19, 46, 50, 53, 56, 58 67, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75 Hammersley, Joyce 38, 49 Hannahs, Larry 36, 50, 53, 67, 74 Hannahs, Walter 15, 19, 27, 47, 50, 51, 52, 64, 67, 74 Harbold, Paul 38 Hardy, Donald 19, 57, 67, 68, 75 Hardy, Joan 36, 47, 53 Harris, Eleanor 38, 46 Harris, John 19, 57, 67, 68, 72, 74, 75 Harris 74 Harris Harris , Ralph 15, 19, 58, 68, 71, 72, , 75 , Pauline 40 on, Joy 19, 31, 49, 54, 62 Hart, Alan 34, 53, 53, 56, 67, 69, 73 Hart, Carol 34 54, 56 Hart, Thomas 34 Hashman, Robert 4, 15, 19, 27, 47, 50, 56, 57, 58, 67, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75 Haver, Shirley 19, 27, 49 Heller, Duke 36, 47, 50, 67, 69, 73, 74, 75 Heller Edna 40, 60 Heston, Raymond 34, 46, 56. Hickenbottom, Bill 34, 47, 50, 60 Hickenbottom, Dolores 4 15, 20, 27, 46, 48, 49, 52, 53, 53, 56, 57, 60 Hickenbottom, Sandra 42, 60, 63 Hildebrand, Frances 15, 20, 50, 53, 57, 58 Hinds, Carl 36, 47, 50 Hogue, Connie 36, 46, 46, 50, 58, 58, 62 Hogue, Jack 42 Hogue, Jane 38, 49 Holdsworth, Charles 38, 47 Horn, Joy 20, 50, 57, 62 Huff, Glenn 38 Huffman, Bill 34 50, 55, 57 Huffman, Susie 33, 36, 46, 48, 50, 53, 53, 58, 58 Hunterson, Ellis 40 Hursey, Lester 38, 47 Jacops, Dean 34 Johns, Johns, Johns, Gay 20, 46, 54 Patti 42 63 Stanley 34, 50 Johnson, Betty 38, 49 Johnson, Edmund 34, 67, 68, 75 Johnson, Junior 42, 63 Julien, Marshall 33, 38, 50, 73, 74 Kahler, Richard 42 Kail, Doris 34, 52, 54 Kearton, Doris Jean 42, 63 Kearton, Roy 38 Kedigh, Marjorie 38, 47 Kehl, Margaret 4, 20, 31, 49, 57 Keith, Kelly, Kelly, Patty 42, 63 Rebecca 42 Robert 36, 47 Kennedy. Shirley 34, 46, 49, 60, 62 King, Don Roy 35 ONE HUNDRED FOUR 'T INDEX OF STUDENTS tcontinuedj King, Gary 40 Mayhew, Dillon, Jr. 39, 50 King, Hiawatha 35, 47 King, Juanita 38, 49 King, Pawnee 36 Kissel, Etta Mae 35, 49 Kistler, John 38, 47 Kohl, Sue 15, 20, 27, 46, 49, 57, 58, 64, 66 Kunkle, Delbert 36 Lahmers, Rosemary 15, 20, 27, 49, 58 Larrison, Lorin 36, 47 Lauer, David 36, 47, 74 Lawrence Norman 36, 49 McClary, Betty 35, 50, 57 McConnell, John 36, 56 McCormick, John 39 McDonnell, James 40 McElhaney, Pat 22, 27, 32, 49, 52, 53 McFadden, John 36, 47, 50, 53, 53 'McVey, Jennie 35, 54 Meek, Carolyn 37, 56 Meek, 'David 37, 47, 67 Meek, Dora Ann '16, 31, 49, 58 Meek, Roy 39 Milburn, David 33, 39, 50, 73, 74 Miller, Donald 39 Miller, Jack 37, 73 Miller, 'Raymond 39 Moore, Arlene 39, 47 Lawver, David 40 Lehman, 'Carol 36, 46, 62 Lehman, 'Clifford 15, 20, 47, 64 Lehman, Freddie 38 Lehman, Linda 38, 46, 49 Lehman, Milton 35, 47 Lehman, Ronnie 38, 50, 73 Leonard, Rebecca 42 63, 66 Lewis, Jane 21, 50, 57 Ley, Gordon 40 Ley, Keith 35, 47, 74 Lindell, Chester 38 Lindell, Margaret 38, 56 Little, Robert 21, 56, 57 Loader, Bonnie 35, 52, 54 Loader, Dan 42 Loader, Donna 38, 49 Loader, Enos 33, 36, 56 Loader, Judith 42 Loader, Kenneth 15, 21, 27, 47, 52, 58, 60, 62 Longsworth, Larry 21, 27, 32, 46, 47, 47, 53, 58 Lyons, Doris 15, 21, 27, 46, 48, 49, 52, 53, 57 Lyons, Evelyn 38, 46, 49 Lyons, Gene 35, 50, 53, 67, 71, 74 Lyons, Harry 36, 47, 73, 74 Moore, Betty 42 Moore, Darlene 37, 46, 49 Moore, Dick 39 Moore, Roberta 37, 47 Mullet, Donald 39 Mullett, Eugene 39 Mullett, Faye 40 Mulvane, Donald 33, 43, 73 Mulvane, Nancy 35, 46, 49 Murphy, Carol 39, 46, 49, 60, 62 Murphy, Martha 43, 60, 63 Murphy, Walter 39, 50, 60, 62 Mack, Geneva 37 Mackey, Earl 35, 50, 67 MacQueen, David 4, 15, 21, 27, 32, 47, 47, 52, 56, 57, 62 Maloy, Larry 40 Malvin, Evelyn 35, 49 Mardis Shirley 21, 27, 47 Marlatt, Laverne 42 Marshall, Bob 39, 50, 74 Myers, Gary 40 Myers, Geneva 22, 27, 31, 57, 62 Myers, Jerry 33, 41 Myers, Nancy 39, 49 Neal, Shirley 37, 49, 62 Newby, Edith Ann 39, 46 Newby, Elsie 39, 46 Newby, Marcella 41, 63 Newell, Mary 43, 63 Nera, Robert, 43, 63 Nolan, Eugene 41 Norman, 'Beverly 35, 46, 48, 49. 52, 53, 60, 62 Norman, Bonnie 41 Norman, Don 22, 27, 32, 57, 74 Norman Jack, 37, 47, 74 Norman Larry 41 Norman LaVon 37, 54 Norman Mary E. 37, 46, 48, 49, 60, 62 Norman Shirley 22, 54 Norman, Terry 4'1 Norman, Wanita 35, 52 Norman, Willard 37 Marstrell, David 39, 57 1 Marstrell, Patty 42 Martin, Gary 39, 50, 73 Martin, Kay 40, 63 Martin, Scott 21, 27, 32, 46, 47, 57 Oaklief, Judith 41, 43, 63 Martin 'Sonja 33, 39, 46, 49, 60, 62 Oldt, Frank 33, 41, 73 Mason, Forrest 42, 63 Oldt, Naundice 35, 46, 53, 53, 56 Mathews, Clyde 25, 50, 69 Opphile, Donald 37 Maurer, Ginger 39, 46, 49, 57 Opphile, Judy 37, 60 63 Mayhew, David 42, 46, 63 Osler, Robert 43, 63 Al L 3 .J ONE HUNDRED FIVE lr- eee e v INDEX OF STUDENTS fcontinuedj Palmer, Barbara 33 37, 50, 62 Parker, Shirley fNolanl 22, 49, 57 Parks, Eugene 43, 73 Parks, Leroy 39 Parks, Rosalie 41 Patterson, Barbara 33, 37, 46, 46, 49, 53, 66 Patterson, David 43, 63 Patton, Carolyn '22, 27, 46, 48, 49, 52, 53, 53, 54 Patton, Richard 43, 63 Patton, Paulun, Paulun, Paulun, Peeper, Peeper, Penrod, Peoples Sandra 39 49 Carl 37, 47 Gary 43 Lester 22, 55 Edna 43 Mary 39, 56 Jim 33, 43, 73 , Larry 43, 63 Peoples, Marsha 35, 46, 49, 52, 54, 60 Peoples Phillips , Sandy 43, 63 Kenneth 37, 47, 74 Pickett, Judith 39, 49 Pickrell, Ronnie 37, 50 Pittson, 'Patty 39, 46, 49 Plants, Betty 37, 46 49 Plants, Mary 39, 56 Plants, Opal 41 Plants, Virgil 43 Plants Wayne 39 Poole, Joe 39 Poorman, Barbara 43, 63 Poorman, Dick 39, 67 Porcher, Jim 39 Porcher, Patty 52 Porcher, Sharon 43, 63 Portz, Janet 37 46, 49, 60, 62 Portz, Jean 41, 60, 63 Postlewaite, 'Carol 41, 63 Postlewaite, Dorothy 37, 49, 58, 58, 60 Postlewaite, June 22, 27, 32, 49, 52, 57 Powell Ernest 35 Price, Larry 43, 63 Ross, Barbara 43, 63 Ross, Bill 27, 35, 57 Ross, Darlene 37, 46, 49 Ross, Diana 43, 63 Rothenstein, Aaron 43 Rothenstein, Jane 411, 63 Rothenstein, Jean 41, 63 Rothenstein, Juanita 37, 49 Rowland, Charles 35, 50 Rufer, 'Merle 43 Rufer, Norma 37, 49 Rush, 'Carol 43, 63 Rush, John 37, 56 Rush, Mary 39, 46, 49, 62 Russell, Cora 37, 46, 62, 66 Russell, Delores 39, 46 Russell, Keith 37, 56 Russell, Sally Ann 37, 49, 53, 58, 58 Russell, Sally Jane 4, 15, 23, 27, 48, 49 52, 56, 57, 58 Russell, Rudolph 43 Russell, William 41 Ryan, Lawrence 41 Sanders, Charles 23, 27, 47, 57, 62 Saylor, Jack 39, 47 'Saylor, Tommy 35, 50, 52, 69, 75 Schlupp, Eugene 35, 57, 69, 75 Sehlupp, Ruth 33, 41, 63 Scott, Roland 41 Shaffer, Jim 35, 71 Shaffer, Ronnie 39 Shaffer, Shirley 33, 41 Shaffer, Walter 39 Shaw, John 41 Shaw, Jolene 41, 63 Shearer, Nellie 35, 52 Shearer Willis 23 Sickles, Bill 23, 50 Sieber, Freddie 39, 50, 73, 74 Silverthorne, Clarence 43, 63 Smith, Carl 37, 56, 74 Smith, 'Linda 37, 49, 53, 58, 58, 62, 64 Snell Roland 23, 27, 32, 52, 55, 58, 71, 72, 75 Z Regula, Caroline 23, 27, 32, 49 Sondles, Norman 41 Rehafd, Connie 39 Speer, Bob 23, 27, 50, 52, 58 Renner, Katherine 41 Stalter, Judy 39, 49 RidS0W3Y, GHPY 37. 67 Stein, Harold 41 Riley, Eugene 35, 46, 57, 71, 74, 75 Stevens, Jay 37 i Riley, Robert 37. 50, 67, 69, 73 Stewart, Judith 43, 63 RQPICY, L09 39 Stewart, Margie 41 RIIJICY, Mary 35, 45, 52, 58 Stewart, Marlene 35, 46, 56 Roan, Paul 35, 47, 67, 69, 75 Stocker, Carol 33, 35, 46, 49, 64 Robmson, Gail 35, 50, 55, 67, 68, 74, stocker, D01-is 15, 24, 27, 31, 49, 51 75 Stocker, Harold 37, 53, 56 Roe, Dale 35 stocker, Linda 43, 63 Roe, Dick 4, 15, 23, 27, 47, 50, 51, 56, Stocker, Norma 39, 49, 57, 64 57, 67 68, 71, 72, 74, 75 Stocker, Ruth 34, 46, 49 Reeder, Cynthia 39, 46, 49, 60, 62 'Stocker Shirley 24, 46 Rogers, Carol 39, 46, 49 Stoffer, Jack 41, 73, 74 Rogers, Nancy 43, 63 Stonebrook, Janet 41, 46 Rogers, Wanda 37, 46, 49, 53, 53, 60, Striekmaker, Nancy 35, 52 62 Summers, Sandra 43, 63 L.- ONE HUNDRED SIX 2' 'W' WW 'Y INDEX OF STUDENTS fcontinuedj Swank, Aaron 35, 47, 60, 62 Swank, Jane 37, 46, 57, 60, 62 Sweitzer, Betty 37, 47 Taylor, 'Clare 37, 56 Taylor, Dean 39, 56 Tedrick, Doris Ann 35 Tedrick, Doris Jean 35, 52, 56 Tedrick, Melvin 39 Tennant, Gary 39, 50, 73 Tennant, Robert 39 Thomas, Darlene 41, 63, 66 Thomas, Kay 24, 31, 48, '49, 52, 53, 58 Thompson, Marylou 4, 24, 27, 46, 49, 52, 53, 56, 57, 57, 60, 62 Tish, Blaine 43, 63 Tish, Marjorie 37, 46, 48, 49, 53, 58, 63 Torgler, Richard 37 Treadwell, Marjorie 39, 46, 49 Triplet, Denver 15, 24, 50 Triplet, Jimmy 39 Triplet, Joy 43, 63 Tufford, Joanne 24, 27, 49, 53, 53 Urban, Leroy 41 Urban, Vienna 43, 63 Van Scyoc, Evelyn 4, 15, 24, 27, 31, 48, 49, 56, 57, 60, 62 Van Voorhis, Glenn 43, 60, 63 Visintainer, Patty 37, 47, 54, 62 Vogt 'Carol 35, 52, 62 Vogt, Kathryn 39, 52, 62 Walkenspaw, Glenn 35, 37, 53, 55 Walkenspaw, Ronald 33, 37, 47, 50, 51, 67, 69, 73, 75 Walker, Elaine 41 Walker, Robert 37 Walkup Dorothy 25, 46, 46, 57, 62 Wallace, James 41 Walters, Roland 39, 60 Walters, Patsy 43, 60, 63 Walters, Shirley 24, 27, 49, 52, Warner, Patsy 25, 27, 49, 52, 62 Watkins, Jay 25, 27, 47 Watson, Donald 41, 46 Watson, John 43, 60, 63 Watson, Joyce 25, 27, 49 Watson, Maxine 43, 63 Webb, Bob 33, 35, 46, 50, 57, 74, 75 Weilant, Carol 35, 54 Weilant, Esther 41, 63 Weisbrod, 'Stephen 43, 60 Welch, Rollin 35 Welch, Vonda 39, 46, 49, 57 Welsch, Edward 43 Welsch, Shirley 37, 49, 58, 58 Wigiield, Gary 39, 47 Whyde Delores 35, '54, 62 Whyde, Melvin 39 Whyde, Patsy 43, 63 Whyde, Vera 39, 49 Widder, Jerry 37, 47, 50, 74 Wilkin, Donald 39, 47, 57, 60 Wilkin, Eugene 35, 46, 55 58 57, 60 67, 68 Willer, Shirley 37, 47, 54, 58, 58, 62 Williams, Charles 39 Williams, James 39 Williams, Johanna 43 Williams, Neva 37, 54 Williams, Olive 25, 27, 46 Wilson, Donald 41, 74 Wilson, Laura J. fMullenl 15, 25, 49 53, 53, 57 Winters Mercedis 37, 49 Wise, Lorin 37, 74 Wolff, James 41, 73 Woods, 'Mary 33, 39, 46, 49, 62, 66 Woods, Roy 33, 35, 50, 51 Woods, Robert 41 Yanai, Ronnie 15, 25, 50 67, 72, 74, 75 Yarnell, Martha 43, 63 Yost, Calvin 37 Zeiglcr, Floyd 35, 55 68, 7'l ONE HUNDRED SEVEN 5 ' r ,De A X 500 55,4 Q02 Sgwfjw Q ,My M 16 A JL Il SM' ' Q" vb jp Wk 2 Q M g ,gg WH 1 'UD X fbofjjfjjj N-Q. W M7 A - i6f'f f k2gQff5igl J? 4 , lik' Z W K? W5 Q my is ' EY 0: 9' w ul ,ONEHUN K ' Law DRED EIGHT SYM 'W vf b x V Q 5555 fQfW,w Ak ah SMMQGQ ONE EHUNIJRICD NINI ONE HUNDRED TFIN

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