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Newcomerstown High School - Newcosean Yearbook (Newcomerstown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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, Qu ,:.::.-f , 1,f.f. u f 4 V ,. ,gli - 1, rg In x -L- , ., , , , .1 Y , ..,,-,-,,..,,4,,, , A, ., , , A. ,,-.,,,,, ,,,,,,-,, .,,,.g-,, ' 1 VREALV,-YVjqA,V4-4Y.YAdL. ,J-gm-V-,,... J 55-., . - ,ff 3. . , 1 V f Qdvfcff, pf: xg I ,AQ ,flip f 7 qw 46134 ,Qf yu - -v 'WW 1' " Q 7he X950 flfwwwm ffcwlwme Zweniq-deam W 7Qe .Semen QZQ44 W! W Jfzqh Sokcacvl Afmcccvmwwilcvwn, Chia TWVO Erlilor-in-flzief Associnle Editor AdI1C'I'1l'Sl'lIg Mrzrzrzgfer Sales Mflllllgef Plzolography Eflilor Allzlzrlic 1fIl'l.fOI' Senior Class Editor Alumni Editor 'sw-.--.-.---v--, -.- A swf JOHN MURPHX' lWA11'1'HA JAN15 CARNIZY FRANCIS PI.-XVIZIK DICAN COMBS JOAN BARNETT ROBERT CHAPNIAN DIANNE DAVIS WRAE CARR CQ' , 1 61111 mnurrmu JAMES FREDERICK BARCUS Class of 1953 July 29, 19341 - December 11, 1949 GERALD DEfXN LEONI-I.-XRD Class of 1954 March 10, 1936 - December 11, 1949 ROBERT ALFRED Lovnuzss Class of 1951 October 31, 1933 - Marclm 12, 1950 JIM JERRY BOB -can , ei ff' U: 'Q 'gs wmv,- ..-'QWT ' Alfa. I , 1' i Fonrl be our memories of thee. Friends of our high school days. None lfnew thee but to love thee, Nor rmnzezl thee but Zo praise. THREE Ewacfcmjmg Sinha glldjttvfd WJ5 - t V " ' -wN- -if--W ' wwxx W- t 1 Eecficajmn This volume of the Newcosean is gratefully dedicated by the members of the Senior class to Miss Melba Steffen. Known to everyone as "Melba", teachers and students look to her for advice and information. A graduate of Newcomers- town High Sch-ool, she has returned to serve her Alma Mater faithfully as secretary to the principal for 15 years. Melba always has a friendly smile and a cheery word for everyone. FIVE SIX gem! ef Ncfawew The Men behind the Man behind the Mike THE BOARD OF EDUCATION of THE NEWCOMERSTOVVN PUBLIC SCHOOLS President - - EARL TITUS Vice President - - FRANK POWELL Clerk-Treasurer - OTTO J. BEITER Sitting: Otto J. Beiter, Dr. C. A. Hanson, Earl Titus, Frank Powell Standing: John Atkinson, John Heller . SW D. B. ROEDER, Superintendent of the Newcomerstown Public Schools: This is D. B. Roeder, Superintendent of the Newcomerstown Public Schools: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to broadcast from Station NHS over our new intercommunication system and to present to you the best in talented teachers and studious students, activated activities and tireless Trojans, alluring alumni and spontaneous sponsors. The next picture that you will see will be that of our genial principal, Fred Lowry. SEVEN 5- l w. Off 5, amp, FRED Lovvm' Principal of N.H.S. Wilmington College B.S. in Ed Ohio State University, M.A. KW n flow! i Mr. Lowry instructing his English Class in the writing of an essay on "The American Way of Life" EIGHT 2 9' WALLACE Bowan Muskingum College B.S. Ohio State University A5-Viszfmt Principal Seventh Grade English Class Spelling. Mathematics, Lilcrafurrf. English Mr. Bower teaching a --sw 4,5 lun-Q nv ' G' Q PORTZ WILBU11 TIIIMMEII JACK RUSSELL . C0119-ge' Muskingum A.B. Kent State University, English, Journalism BS' m Ed' Physical Education, B-5- Speech, Health, WOIIIZ Hislory Mllsjc Science, Lilerature f. ,ypd-6'2" 1 ,XV The Journalism Class studying newspaper Speech Class recording a play on the recordio, headlines with Mrs. Phillips Mrs. Portz directing NINE "This is the Law - Commercial Law,"li2jj!J Mrs. Mercer in spelling class, "The next says Mr. Braden l U word is 'bibbity-bobbity-boo' " 1 W' i CLELIA MERCER Muskingum College, A.B English, Spelling, Literature ,,,j,yLUA QA! , f 1' , RALPH BRADEN Muskingum College, B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University Business Education, M allzematics ,iw 6 I 1 - vi 'ai - H CHRISTINA MACMILLAN CHLOE GEORGE College of Wooster, A.B. Ohio University, A.B. Kent State UniVe1'5itY University of Wisconsin Spanish, Eflgllsh, English, Latin Library Students studing Latin sentences with Si, si, this is a Spanish class- Mrs. George 5461 In Deo speramus. Miss Macmillan, la profesora . A TEN Miss Stoner guiding her class in the study Mr. Sharrock's history class laughing of American Problems uproariously at one of his jokes . L V ' LUV . ,f jj-rf ,bfofl THYRA STONER Capital University, A.B. Ohio State University Columbia Univ., M.A. En lisxg!Social Studies ff fygfu' s.! FAHRILL SHARROCK Ashland College, B.S. Ohio State University Industrial Arts, American History DONALD WOLFF Wittenberg College, A.B. Ohio State University Matlzematzcs, Assistant Coach 1 f A , . 4 u x g up I 1, tif' IRENE STOLL I Kent State University Substitute Teacher Geography, History, English Mr. Wolff showing Algebra students how Students follow Mrs. Stoll's pointers to Hnd the value of x. in Geography. ELE Miss Duff's classes studying foods and clothing with the aid of gas and electric ranges, garbage disposal, automatic washer and treadle and electric sewing machines. ROSALIE WILSON EILEEN DUFF ALBEli'1' DAVIS Euogmrg RIFFLE Muskingum College, A.B. Muskingum College, Ohio State University, Ohio.State University Columbia Univ., M.A. B.A. in Home Ec. B.S.C., M.S.C. B.S. in Ed. English, History Home Economics Science, Agricullure Inf1usZri11lArts, We all regret that an JV- HiC0f1C11 injury has kept Miss Wilson away from N. H.S. for several months Mr. Riffle's boys busy in the Industrial Agriculture students learning about Arts workshop tractors from Mr. Davis TWELVE OW ,X X - A Miss Gehrke instructing students Mr. Smith and Biology students tracing the in typing circulation of blood in the human body I,II.I.I.-xN GIQIIRKII Bnxkic SMITI-I CLAUDE HINIJS Muskingum College, Illinois Colege, A.B. Muskingum College, B.S B.S. in Bus. Ed. University of Mix nesota Ohio State University Off? 4, Pf'11grt1l0', V Biology, Sccn . Chemistry, Physics, I MHlllCmHfiC 1 , Lf, ' "il L, ,X WILLIAM DUIITSCHI Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. Driver Erlucnlion, Plzysiml Educrztion, Coach of Athletics Mr. Hinds supervising Chemistry class in the Students in Driver Education listening to the making of chlorine gas by laboratory method. advice of their instructors, Mr. Durtschi and Mr. Roeder. "No crumpled fenders, please." THIRTEEN BETTY ZEINER, Secretary to the Superin- tendent, types numerous reports and letters MRS. FRANK POWELL, visiting teacher, gets statistics from Bob Chapman, Dick Jaynes, and Kitty Stalter as she prepares to use the tele- binocular and audiometer to. test sight and hearing l NOAH BYRD and CARL BOLTZ handle tons of coal in Hring the furnaces at N.H.S. 1 jf ,Vo FOURTEEN QM S . This is Joan Barnett, Secretary of the Senior Class: The officers of our class, Francis Haver, Barbara Walters, Harold Van Voorhis, and myself present the talented and illustrious members of 'the Class of 1950. FIFTEEN Semafw President - Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairmen C1IARLEs VEIKNHON ANGLE "Chuck" It's a difficult road to travel, but it's worth it. Mlxed Chorus 3: Hobby Club 4: Industrial Arts Club 1 -' 3 RICHARD DIZAN BAKER CCDiCk7? All great men are dying, and I don't feel so well myself. Hi-Y 2, 3: Boys' Fellowship 4: Industrial Arts Clubll: Thespians 4: Football 2, 3, 4. Varsity Football 4 Varsity N 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 1, 2: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Tumbling Team 2: Baseball 2: Varsity Track 3: Scholarship Team 2: Buckeye Boys' State 3: 'A Song Is Born" 3: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4: State Finals in Extemp. Speaking 3, Dist. Finals 4: Elks' Essay Contest Winner U Jo.xN WINIFIRICD BARN ETT "foc1nie" Her ways are ways of plcasantncss, and all her paths are peace. Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Class Sec'y 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 3. Soc. Chairman 4: Newcosean Photography Editor 4: National Honor Society 3. 41 Masque and Gavel 3. 4,, Soc. Chairman 4: Intra. Volley- ball 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3: Scholarship Team 2: Prince of Peace Contestant 2, 3: Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, 2. County Winner 1: "A Song Is Born" 3: Christmas Cantata 4: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4: Dist. Music Audition 2: Thespians 4. Y MAllILX'N FLORENCE BEAN "Bennie" Talk to her of Jacob's ladder, and she would ask the number of steps. Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Glee Club 1. 2: Class V. Pres. 1, Soc. Chairman 2, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 2, Pro- gram Chairman 4: National Honor Society 3. 4, Sec'y 4: Masque and Gavel 3. 4. Sec'y 4: Thespians 4, Treas. 4: Intra. Basketball 2: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 4: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 2: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 4, Scholarship Team 2: Prince of Peace Contestant 2, 3: "Sunbonnet Girl" 1: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4, Buslrgess Mgr.: Girls' Ensemble 2: Dist. Music Audi- tion , SIXTEEN - FRANCIS H.AXVlill HAROLD VAN VOORHIS - JOAN BARNETT - - BARBARA VVALTERS MARILYN BEAN, ROBERT CHAPMAN DAIKIIIELL PRESTON BEITER ulvoeyaa A nervy man with backbone can by nothing be outdone. Hi-Y 1. Sgt. at Arms 1: Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. 4. Se'c'y 2, Pres. 3, 4: Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- tam 4: Basketball 1. 2. 4, Varsity Basketball 4: Varsity N 2, 3. 4: Intra. Volleyball 1. 2. 3, 4: Intra. Softball 2, 3: Baseball 1. 2: Stage Crew 3, 4. CAMILLA ARLINE BILLINGS CCCathy77 With gentle yet prevailing force, Intent upon her destined course. Y-Teens 1, 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3: Pottery Club 2: Thesplans 4: Intra. Volleyball 1: Scholarship Team 2: "Death Takes a Hollday" 4, Prompter and Scene Deslgner: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: 'HA Song Is Born" 3: Speech League Winner 3, 4, Prince of Peace Contestant 2, 3, 4, Local Winner 4, County Winner 4. MARTHA JANE CARNEY "Feet', Marks and men have been my aim. Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Class Sec'y 2: Y- Tens 1. 2, 3. 4, V. Pres. 4: Newcosean Assoc. Editor 4: Student Council 3, 4. Sec'y.-Treas. 3. 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Treas. 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2: Intra. Basketball 2: Intra. Softball 1, 2: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2 Scholarship Team 3: Christmas Cantata 2: "Sun- b'nnet Girl" 1: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4: Girls' Ensemble 2: Dist, Music Audition 2. ROBERT MERLE CARR 44BOb57 A quiet studious chap. Hi-Y 2. 3, Boys' Fellowship 4: Industrial Arts Club 12 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Track 3: Tumbling Team 2: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: "Beauty and the Beef" 3. ROCILLA WRAE CARR iCRaby75 It's the songs you play and the smiles you wear That make the sunshine everywhere. Mixed Chorus 1, 4, V. Pres. 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3: Dance Band 2: Orchestra 1. 2: Class Sec'y. 1. 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2. 4: Newcosean Alumni Editor 4: Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3: Am. Legion Essay Winner 2: Christmas Cantata 4: "Sunbonnet girl" 1: Prince of Peace Contestant 2, 3: Local Winner - aaa af we Morro-Our goal the sky, our aim the stars FLOWER-Scarlet and White Carnations COLORS-Scarlet and White BACCALAUREATE - - MAY 21 COMMENCEMENT - - MAY 241 Charles Angle Richard Baker Joan Barnett Marilyn Bean Darrell Beiter Camilla Billings Martha Jane Carney Robert Carr Wrae Carr SEVENTEEN ROBERT EDWIN CHAPMAN '4Bunk" Strong of body, sound of mind, A beter man is hard to find. Class Soc. Chairman 45 Hi-Y 15 Newcosean Sports Editor 45 Hobby Club 3. 45 Industrial Arts Club 25 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Varsity N 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Softball 2, 35 Tumbling Team 25 "Death Takes a Holiday 45 Buckeye Boys' State. County Sheriff, 3. GERRY ANN CLOUGH 'Tandy She may be a stenographer, but we like her type. Glee Club 25 Future I-Iomernakers of America 45 Pottery Club 1, Sec'y. 15 Christmas Cantata 2. .TAOQUELINE COKER "Jackie" I slept and dreamed that life was beauty5 I woke and found that life was duty. Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 25 Am. Legion Essay Winner 45 "A Song Is Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 Dist. Music Audition 2. RALPH DEAN COMES HMOEQS Able, active, with brains and poise, He does a lot without much noise. Class Treas. 1, V. Pres. 25 Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, Chaplain 2, 35 Newcosean Sales Manager 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 45 Industrial Arts Club 4. Soc. Chairman 45 Thespians 4, V. Pres. 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 25 Scholarship Team 15 Buckeye Boys' State 3, City En- gineer5 Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, 45 "Beauty and the Beef" 3. LENA BERENICE GOUTS "Lena" A thoughtful girl, a calm sweet face, And a heart that's in its proper place. Mixed Chorus 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Future Homemakers of America 1, 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1. 2, 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 2, 3, 4. MARY KA'l'HRYN 'COUTS CCIfay77 1've trod the road of knowledge And now my feet are sore. Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 25 Intra. Volleyball 2, 3. ALICE PEARL DAVIS Cljudyw Silence and modesty are the best Ornaments of Women. Future Homemakers of America 45 Pottery Club 1, Pres. 1. BARBARA DIANNE DAVIS C!Dee5! By diligence she wins her way. Mixed Chorus 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 New- cosean Senior Editor 45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Pottery Club 1, V. Pres. 15 Thespians 45 Intra. Volley- ball 15 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 Prince of Peace Con- testant 25 Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, 4, County Winner 45 Elks' Essay Contest Winner 35 Christmas Cantata 45 "Beauty and the Beef" 35 "Death Takes a Holiday" 4. EIGHTEEN NORMA JANE DAVIS 'ifanien God surely made a very wise choice, When He gave Norma her lovely voice. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Y-Teens 45 "A Song Is Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 Dist. Music Audition 25 Music Festival 3. DONALD GENE DUHAMEL CCDuke77 He is a man of quiet ways. Band 1, 25 Hobby Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2. ELINOR JANE FIECOAT CCPerky79 Although a newcomer to this class, We find that "Perk" is a merry lass. Jewett High School 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 45 Y-Teens 45 Intra. Vclleyball 45 Christmas Cantata 4. KENNETH VVELKER FORD KCKenny-77 When I grow up to be a man .... Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 15 Industrial Arts Club 1, 25 Christmas Cantata 45 gSupbgnnet Girl 15 Pottery Club 45 "Beauty and the ee ' . MARY ANN GARDNER i'Maggie" Good times she has at will, And her tongue is seldom still. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 35 Intra. Softball 1, 2, 35 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4.5 Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 35 "A Song IS Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 "Beauty and the Beef" 3. MYLES FLOYD GREATHOUSE C!Bud77 Why be serious? It isn't any fun. Hobby Club 3, 45 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2. LARRY GORDON GWYNN CCLarry75 When fun and duty clash, Let duty go to smash! Mixed Chorus 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Boys' Fellowship 4, Treas. 45 Masque and Gavel 3, 45 Thespians 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 "A Song Is Born" 35 "Beauty and the Beef" 35 "Death Takes a Holiday" 45 Hi-Y Train- ing Camp 45 P.A. System Announcer 4. DONALD QROY HAMMERSLEY fCHam77 Success comes thru hard work. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Robert Chapman Jerry Clough Jacqueline Coker Dean Combs Lena Couts Mary Couts Alice Davis Dianne Davis Norma Davis Donald Duhanel Elinor Fiecoat Kenneth Ford Mary Ann Gardner Myles Greathouse Larry Gwynn Donald Hammersley NINETEEN DONALD EUGENE HANN.AHS 'gTidley" Speech is great, but silence is greater. Class Treasurer 35 Hi-Y 1, 25 Student Council 25 Hobby Club 4, V. Pres. 45 Football 2. 3. Varsity Football 35 Varsity Basketball 3 Varsity N 35 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3. FRANCIS EUGENE HAVER "Squirt" A friend to every lad and lass- What a credit to our class! Class Pres. 1, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 1, 3. Pres. 2, Boys' Fellowship 4, Pres. 45 Newcosean Advertising Mgr. 45 Masque and Gavel 3, 4, V. Pres. 4,5 Thespians 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Varsity N 3, 45 Intra. Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Intra. Softball 2, 3 "Beauty and the Beef" 35 Hi-Y Training Camp 2. 35 P.A. System Announcer 4. IQENNETH RAYMOND PIAVER f'Gord,' A wonder - a boy of few words. Hobby Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3. RUBY LOUISE HAYES ClRuby77 Why not smile and have some fun5 And take things easy as I have done. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 2. 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 25 Christmas Cantata 45 'Beauty and the Beef" 3, Prompter5 Dist. Music Audition 1. H.AROLD DEAN HOFFMAN "Satch,' Another All-American have We here, When he plays ball-Stand up and cheer! Hi-Y 1. 25 Hobby Club 3. 45 Varsity Football 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Varsity N 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 25 Intra. Softball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 2. MILDRED ELEAN Oli HOOUE 'fMildred" Let mildness cver attend my tongue. Mixed Chorus 35 Glee Club 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 3. 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 35 Intra. Softball 25 National Honor Society 4. ROBERT DALE HOOTMAN "Dillinger" l1tt.e nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men. Hobby Club, 1, 2. 3, 45 Football 15 Intra. Volleyball 15 Track 3. A'1 EILEICN ROSE HOOTMAN "Princess" A cheerful girl with a merry smile for all. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4, Pres. 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Y- Teens 1, 2, 45 Hobby Club 35 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1. 2, 35 "A Song Is Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 Dist. Music Audition 25 Music Festival 3. TWENTY ' RICHARD JAYNES HRed77 I'm a senior going to graduate! Pinch me! See if I'm awake. Hobby Club 3. 45 Industrial Arts Club 15 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3. 45 Varsity N 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Intra. 'Softball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Tumbling Team 2. SHIRLEY HARRIET JOHN "Flash" She's pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2. 45 Hobby Club 3. Soc. Chalrman5 Librarian 2, 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 35 "A Song Is Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 Dist. Music Audition 25 Music Festival 35 Girls' Ensemble 25 Offlce Girl 4. NORMA KATHLEEN JOHNSON CCNan37 There are lots of handsome men around, But there's only one for me. Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 45 Future Home- makers of America 25 "A Song Is Born" 35 Christmas Cantata 2, 45 "Sunbonnet Girl" 15 Music Festival 35 Hobby Club 3. Sec'y.-Treas. 3. RONALD MELVIN KAIL "Smiley, Labor at leisure. Hi-Y 15 Hobby Club 3, 45 Industrial Arts Club 2: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 25 Intra. Soft- ball 1, 2. 3. MARILYN ANN KOHLER "Kohler" Light haired and light headed. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 4, Soc. Chairman 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 3, 45 Intra. Basketball 1, 25 Intra. Softball 1. 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 35 Cheerleader 45 Ofdce Girl 1, 2, 3, 45 "Beauty and the Beef" 3. MARY PEARL KOHLER "Minnie Pearl" What I must do is all that concerns me5 not what others think. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Band 3, 45 Pep Band 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 35 Christmas Cantata 2. 45 "Beauty and the Beet" 3. Promoter: Office Girl 1, 2, 3, 45 Dist. Music Audition 2. VERNON GENE LITTLE "Gene" Friendly and easy going. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD LEE MALOY "I-Iarolflv I'l1 work if I must butf. Hobby Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra. Volleyball 1, 2. Donald Hannahs Francis Haver Kenneth Haver Ruby Hayes Harold Hoffman Mildred Hogue Date Hootman Eileen Hootman Richard Jaynes Shirley John Norma Johnson Ronald Kail Marilyn Kohler Mary Kohler Gene Little Harold Maloy TVVENTY-ONE - WILLIAM MEREDITH MARDIS ffaizzv I am not lazy: but I hate to work. I'i'Iobby2Club 3: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 4: Tumbling eam . RONALD FRANCIS MARTIN "Ronnie" I may be little but watch me, world. Waverly High School 1, 2: Y-Y 3: Boys' Fellowship 4, Sgt. at Arms 4. CHARLES 'CLIFFORD MATHEWS KCCHESJ I never hurry- Neither do I worry. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2: Intra. 'Softball 1, 2. JOSEPH WILLIAM MILLER lCBilly77 Theres nothing like work for a man to grow fat on. Hobby Club 3: Industrial Arts Club 1. 2, 4. BONNIE LEE MOORE CCBOn77 It's nice to be natural, When you're naturally nice. Y-Teens 1, 2: Future Homemakers of America 4: Pottery Club 3. EARL RICHARD MURPHY "Murph" Knowledge is grroud that he has learned so much. Mixed Chorus , 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Fellowship 4, Chaplain 4: Student Council 2: Na- tional H nor Society 3, 4, Pres. 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4: Thesplans 4, Pres. 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Softball 2, 3: Scholarship Team 2, 3: "A Song Is Born" 3: Chrlstmas Cantata 2: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4: P.A. System An- nouncer 4. JOHN ALLEN MURPHY "Johnny, The surest way not to fail IS to determine to succeed. Mlxed Chorus 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3: Class V. Pres. 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 1, Sec'y. 2: Boys' Fellowship 4: Newcosean Editor-ln- Chief 4: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Masque and Gavel 3. 4: Thespians 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 3: Intra. Softball 2, 3: Scholarship Tea.m 1, 2, 3 Buckeye Boys' State 3: Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, 2. 4, County Winner 1: "A Song Is Born" 3: Chrlstmas Cantata 2, 4: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4: Hi-Y Congress 1: Rotary World Affairs Institute 4: Speech League Contestant 3, 4: P.A. System Announcer 4. JAMES DANIEL PATTERSON CCJim97 Happy indeed, and blest is he, Who free from troubles can always be. Class Pres. 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, Treas. 2: Hobby Club 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 3: Intra. Softball 1, , 3. BARBARA JEAN PROUD "Barbara" The world's no better if we worry, Life's no longer if we hurry. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2: Chrlstmas Cantata 2, 4: "Beruty and the Beef" 3: Dist. Music Audition 2. TWENTY-T WO DONALD RICHARD RAY "Dick" I never do today what I can put off till tomorrow Hi-Y 1, 2, Sgt. at Arms 2: Hobby Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Intra. Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Sott- ball 1, 2, 3: Tumbling Team 2: Baseball 2: Stage Crew 31, 4: liBeauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holi- ay . ROBERT MICHAEL RENNARD lCDude77 Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears St. Boniface, Cleveland 1, 2: Class Pres. 3: Hobby Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Masque and Gavel 3: Thesplans 4: Foot- ball 3 Intra. Volleyball 3: Intra. Basketball 3: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Hollday" 4. GERALD DEAN RIGGLE ccpiggyas The best way to be happy is to have a good time. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Industrial Arts Club 4: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Tumbling Team 2: Projection Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY MARJEAN RISHER "Marjean', A grin or a smile, you could see lt a mile. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2: Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3: Pottery Club 3, 4, Pres. 3: Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Volley- ball 1, 2: Glrls' Athletic Assoc. 1, 2: "A Song Is Born" 3: Christmas Cantata 2, 4: "Sunbonnet Girl" 1: "Beauty and the Beef" 3, Business Mgr.: Ofllce Glrl 3, 4. MARY LOU ROE "Lulu" Ambition IS no cure for love, so why struggle? Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 3, 4, Pres. 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Asst. Soc. Chairman 4: Thespians 4, Clerk 4: Librarian 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 2: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 3: Prlnce of Peace Contestant 2, 3, 4, Local Winner 2, 3, County Winner 3: Speech League Winner 4: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Chrlstmas Cantata 2: "Sunbonnet Girl" 1: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4. JANICE RUTH ROGERS CCJanny7? Beautiful behavior is the Hnest of fine arts. Mixed Chorus 3: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 2: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Glrls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 3: Scholarship Team 3: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: Girls' Ensemble 2. JOHN JEROME Ross Cljerryil A girl, a girl, my kingdom for a girl. Caldwell High School 1, 2: Hi-Y 3: Hobby Club 4, Soc. Chairman 4: Varsity Football 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 3: Intra. Basketball 3, 4. MARTHA JANE SAROHET "Martha', Curly hair and pretty eyes, She should win a beauty prize. Plainfield I-Ilgh School 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Y-Teens 4: Future Homemakers of America 2: Pottery Club 2: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 4. GEORGE FRANKLIN SAYLOR KKBOO77 I never trouble trouble till trouble troubles me. Mlxed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2. 3, 4: :Sec'y. 2, V, Pres. 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Tumbling Team 2: Intra. Softball 1, 2: "Beauty and the Beef" 3. DALLAS EUGENE SHEPHARD "Charlie" He who invented work should have finished it. Ind4ustr1al Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, . MARGARET ESTHER SNEDEKER "Esther" Free from worry, free from care, When she talks, she says her share. Pottery Club 3, 4: "Beauty and the Beef" 3, Asst. Business Mgr. DONALD DEAN SILVERTHORNE "Silvie" In athletics he's the best, In everything he's stood the test. Student Council 4, Pres. 4: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 3, 4: Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketbal 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 2, 3, 4: Intra. Softball 1, 2. 3: Track 3: Buckeye Boys' State 3: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Mgr. 3, Mgr. 4: "Beauty and the Beef" 3. PATRICIA ANN SILVERTHORNE CCPat9? If days are blue and lessons hard Pat's good times are never marred. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 3, 4: Intra. Basketball 2: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Assoc, 1, 2, 3: Offlce Girl 4. ' CATHRYN LOU STALTER ffKilty7, She moves about with quiet grace. Mixed Chorus 1, 4: Glee Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 1: Intra. Volleyball 4: Intra. Basketball 2: Intra. Softball 2, 3: "Beauty and the Beef" 3. TWENTY-FOUR. HAZEL MARIE TEDROW "Hazel" Pretty eyes, pretty hair, Never known to have a care. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2. 3, 4: Intra Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: "A Song Is Born" 3: Christmas Cantata 2, 4. DALE ELDON THOMPSON CCTOmrny!7 I'm willing to study when nothing else occurs. Mixed Chorus 1: Glee Club 1: H1-Y 1, 2, 3: Boys' Fel- lowship 4, Sec'y. 4: Varsity Basketball Mgr. 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4 Intra. Volleyball 2, 4: Intra. Softball 2, 3: Scholarship Team 1, 2: Hi-Y Training Camp 3: "Sun- bsnnet Girl" 1. MARY ALICE TITUS ClMat!3 This intellectual pearl, we all surmise, Is as cute and dainty as she is wise. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 3, Soc. Chairman 4: Pep Band 3: Orchestra 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Soc. Chairman 3: Student Council 1, 2, Sec'y. 2: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Masque and Gavel 3: Thespians 4, Sec'y. 4: Homecom- ing Attendant 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3: "A -Song Is Born" 3: Christmas Cantata 2, 4: "Sunbonnet Girl" 1: "Beauty and the Beef" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 4. HAROLD. RAY VAN VOORHIS "Beeb" Vem, Vidi, V1c1. Class V. Pres. 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2: Student Council 1, 3, V. Pres. 3: Varsity Football 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity N 3, 4: Intra. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra. Softball 1, 2, 3: Scholarship Team 1: Am. Legion Essay Winner 2: Baseball 2. DONALD LEE VOGT CCD0n77 You will seldom meet with any man Who knows more and says less. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 3. BARBARA LOU VVALTERS iCBOb3! Tho' full of pep, fun, and play, A slight breeze could blow her away. Mixed Chorus 4: Class Soc. Chairman 1, 3, Treas. 2, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1: Cheerleader 2. 3, 4: Homecoming Queen Attendant 1, 3, Queen 4. MARJORIE RUTH WEARSOH 'fMarge" Somehow, I just can't make my eyes behave. Y-Teens 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 4: Homecoming Attendant 2, 4. DORIS LUELLA YARNELL CCDOdy77 For her we say, "It won't be long, The male influence is very strong." Y-Teens 2: Future Homemakers of America 2, 4: Girls' Athletic Assoc, 1, 2: Pottery Club 1. Martha Sarchet George Saylor Dallas Shephard Esther Snedeker Donald Silverthorne Patricia Silverthorne Cathryn Stalter Hazel Tedrow Dale Thompson Mary Alice Titus Harold Van Voorhis Donald Vogt Barbara Walters Marjorie Wearsch Jean Welsch Rothenstein Doris Yarnell TWENTY-FIVE - Joan Barnett PA'1'mc1A ANN PORTZ CCPHI77 Where there's a will there's a way. Mixed Chorus 1: Glee Club 1: Band 1, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: Future Homemakers of America 2: Intra. Vol- leyball 1: Intra. Basketball 1: Intra. Softball lg Girls' Athletic Assoc. 1. 2. SENIOR CLASS PLAY December lst and 2nd, 194-9 Seated: Joan Barnett, Mary Lou Roe. The Shadow appears Standing: Earl Murphy, Mary Alice Titus, ,. . , . Larry Gwynn, Bob Rennard, Dick Baker, Corrado Startgggtligrglggdggifdenln Pulsulf Dianne Davis, John Murphy Bob Chapman, .. ' Martha Jane Carney, Dick Ray, Camilla Billings. Grazia faints on returning from the garden. Cora - Fedele - - Duke Lambert - Alda - - - Duchess Stephanie Princess of San Luca Baron Cesarea - TWENTY-SIX "23eaZ'Z 7620 Q agcvlicfaqn Director-Mrs. Ralph Portz CAST Camilla Billings Rhoda Fenton Eric Fenton - Richard Ray - Robert Rennard Martha Jane Carney - Mary Lou Roe - Dianne Davis John Murphy Robert Chapman Corrado ----- Larry Gwynn Grazia ---- Mary Alice Titus His Serene Highness, Prince Sirki of Vitalba Alexandri - Earl Murphy Major Whitread - - - Richard Baker W fl! G 7 Wag ,246 7965 "Howdy folks! This is Station WNCT Newcomerstown, Ohio, bringing you the early morning Headlines by Hannahs. This program is sponsored by Riggle's Cud Chewers Company, manufacturers of 'Dairy Products with Personality". Now here's Hannahs with a concise picture of the news for May 24-, 1965." "Good morning! This is Don Hannahs. "The Ohio versus Barnett case has been dropped by the Grand Jury because of lack of evidence. State Attorney, Richard Baker, had accused Joan Banett, the well known news photographer, of taking unauthorized shot-s of the State Electronic Research Plant, which is supervised by Earl Murphy, and sending them to Senator Robert Rennard. The Senator is suspected of un-American activities. Francis Haver, Miss Barnett's lawyer, produced the pictures in question and they proved to be nothing more than pictures left over from the 1950 Newcosean. "Dr. Robert Chapman, dentist, and his assistant, 'Ruby Hayes, have just completed experiments on a new type of denture with removable teeth, interchangeable for day- time and evening wear. "The president of the 3G's 'CGwynn's Glorified Groceriesj Chain, Larry Gwynn, is being sued by Harold Hoffman, owner of Hoffman Hereford Farms Inc. at Dry Gulch, Arizona, for relabelling meat coming from his packing house. The manager of Hoffman's farm, Bill Miller, brought the situation to the owner's attention. Don Duhamel, the pack- ing house superintendent, says he is not involved. The manager of the local 3G's Market says that all beef he receives is labelled by his firm. Gwynn claims that J. Jerome Ross, the H.H.F.'s salesman, sold him the right to relabel the meat. Thus far Ross hasn't con- firmed the statement. "The R. F. Martin Air Craft Corporation announced last week that Donald Vogt, a Certified Public Accountant, had found their books in bad shape. Now what appeared to be a serious financial situation is known to have been the result of an oversight on the part of the firm's head bookkeeper, Patricia Silverthorne. "State Highway Commissioner, Gene Little, has issued a final warning to all heavy hauling companies. Further violations of the load limit laws will be punished by the revokin.g of truck operators' licenses indefinitely. The Carry-Most Trucking Company, owned by Clifford Mat-hews, is said to be the worst offender. Last week 'Dillinger' Hoot- man, County Sheriff, arrested two of Mathew's drivers, Charles Angle, and Bill Mardis for over-loading. "Last night the Trojan Plaza was opened by Jim Patterson. The building was de- signed by Dean Combs, architect. Mary Alice Titus, of Interiors by Titus, Cleveland, supervised the decor. The furnishinigs include some excellent pieces of classic art col- lected by the distinguished artist Jacqueline Coker, who is studying in Italy. "Donald Hammersley of the Hammersley Farmasootical Kompany reports that his technicians, Elinor Fiecoat and Marilyn Kohler, have discovered a new drug for bald- ness, but tests on billiard balls are not complete." L'The well known adventuress, Patricia Portz, will leave for Tibet this week with an expedition looking for prehistoric remains." f'John Murphy of the Energetic Engineering and Construction Company, that re- cently affiliated with Jaynes' Tile and Brick Company, has bought the right to a new type of plaster compound. This chemical, developed by scientist Donald D. Silverthorne, can be used to regulate the setting time of any plaster. TWENTY-SEVEN "The local wRoxy Theatre manager, Barbara Walters, has reported a fifty thousand dollar loss in the fire that swept the theatre early this morning. Kitty Stalter, super- visor ofthe local telephone exchange, says that Harold Maloy, Roxy owner, cannot be reached. 'LDale Thompson, veterinarian at the Shep Collie Kennels, owned by Dallas Shep- hard, has reported that the last of the strain of 'Barkless Collies' which they had de- veloped has died. 4'The Hit Happy Baseball Team, managed by Darrell Beiter, a former local athletic star, is scheduled to play their first game of the season at Durtschi Park this afternoon. uCounty Health Nurses Mary Kohler and Mary Ann Gardner have discovered that the shampoo used at the Curola Beauty Salon, operated by Mary Couts, is the chief cause of the skin irritation suffered by such prominent members of local society as Mrs. Bonnie Moore Ford, Mrs. Martha Sarchet Carruthers, Mrs. Marjorie Wearsch Hart, and Mrs. Doris Yarnell Stahl. This Shampoo which is a poduct of the Carr Curl Care Prep- arations Company, owned by Robert M. Carr, will be temporarily withdrawn from the marketf' "Two of the high school teachers herein Newcomerstown, namely Marilyn Bean, Physical Education instructor, and Camilla Billings, Speech director, have gone on strike. It seems that the principal, Harold Van Voorhis, has been allowing the History teacher, his wife ifnee Martha Jane Carneyj what these teachers consider special privileges. They say they will strike until present conditions are corrected. g'Tonight's program at Carnegie Hall in New York will be a concert given by Norma Davis, the Metropolitan Culoratura Soprano, and Wrae Carr, a reknowned concert pianist. 'Next week, 'the Discordant Philarmonic 'Orchestra, under the baton of Kenneth W. Ford, will give a benefit performance for the City Cousins' Country Camp. Dianne Davis, from the Quiz Kid Kindergarten, will be Camp Director this summer." "Jerry Clough, Lena Couts, Alice Davis, and Hazel Tedrow are opening the Com- mercial College for Dilletante Typists next week in the former Snedeker Real Estate Office. Miss Snedeker has moved her agency to the VVNCT Building. "Now for some humor in the news or I should say the local Daily News Mistake. In last Saturday's issue you may have read: " 'For Sale, a 1960 truck complete with jet engine, in the Downtown Buckhorn Church tomorrow for only S1.' The editor, Barbara Proud, wishes to apologize for the error. It should have read: LFor Sale, a 1960 truck complete with jet engine. See Kenneth Haver, owner, Gord's Garage' " cReverend George Saylor will conduct regular Sunday Services in the Downtown Buckhorn Church tomorrowf L' 'I give hour long piano lessons at my home for only S1. Miss Marjean Risher, Goodrich Streetf "That's all for now. Until tomorrow this is your newscaster Don Hannahs. Here again is your friendly announcerf' "Listen to Headlines with Hannahs tomorrow. Now stay tuned for the Happy Housewives Hour with Emcees Eileen Hootman and Shirley John. Their guests. today will be Mrs. Mary Roe Gates, Mrs. Janice Rogers Kohl, Mrs. Norma Johnson Stein- bach, and Mrs. Mildred Houge Bucklew. Don't forget the VVNCT Television Program starring crooner Dick Ray tonight. "Your announcer has been Smiley Kail. This is station WNCT, 1965 on your calendar." Script Writers: Dianne Davis, Jacqueline Coker. Collaborators: Dean Combs, Robert Chapman. TWENTY-EIGHT Questions Who is the: Best School Spirited? Most Studious? Best Athlete? Best Actor? Ablest Speaker? Most Dignified? Best Looking? Best Dressed? Wittiest? Most Popular? Smoothest Dancer? Best Vocalist? Best Instrumentalist? What Z What QW Girls Marilyn Bean Martha Jane Carney Jacqueline Coker Mary Lou Roe Mary Lou Roe Janice Rogers Barbara Walters Marilyn Bean Eileen Hootman Barbara Walters Mary Alice Titus Norma Davis Wrae Carr Answers Boys Francis Haver John Murphy Darrell Beiter Earl Murphy Robert Rennard Donald Vogt Harold Van Voorhis Dean Combs Richard J aynes Francis Haver Larry Gwynn Richard Ray Kenneth Ford Dianne Davis QZQAJ Wall We. the members of the Senior Class of 1950 of Newcomerstown High School, in the city of Newcomerstown, in the State of Ohio, having endured four years of higher learning, and thus being of supposedly educated and sound minds, do hereby renounce our claim to certain of our possessions, real or imaginary, virtuous or otherwise, in this our last will and testa- ment by the following bequests: Most Likely to Succeed? John Murphy ARTICLE I Charles Angle, leave the road to the Twin Cities burned up. Richard Baker, bequeath my football shoes to anyone who can H11 them. Joan Barnett, leave my tardy excuses to Bob Titus who I know can use them. Marilyn Bean, will my big mouth to Faye Quillen. Camilla Billings, bequeath my fourth period conferences with Mrs. Portz to La Vonne Bethel. 1 i 1 1 1 1 Bob Carr, leave with the women still on my trail. Wrae Carr, will my last bell walks to Dick Roe, Bill Cornell, and Mr. Durtschi. Bob Chapman, bestow my way with the women upon Lester Paulum. Jackie Coker, bequeath my ability to laugh heartily at Mr. Sharrock's corny, stale, and broken down jokes to all unfortunate Juniors. I Dean Combs, leave, not yet caught up on my thinking. I, Lena Couts, will my long, tight skirts to Patsy Beiter. I Mary Couts, bequeath my innocent look in times of need to Larry Atkinson. I Barbara lDee-Annl Davis, hope that I am leaving Diane behind. I Don Duhamel, leave my books for Jim Herbert to slave over. I Elinor Fiecoat, depart regretfully, after only one year at N. H. S. I Kenny Ford, will my yellow pants and red and white polka dot shirt to Marc Davis. I Mary Ann Gardner, leave Mr. Russell wondering about those boys in Newark. I Myles Greathouse, leave with all the rest. I Larry Gwynn leave the Nash still "panting". I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 I I I I I 'I Martha Jane Carney, depart, sorry that Durtschi didn't move. I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , Don Hammersly, intrust my desk in Physics Class to anyone crazy enough to take it. , Ruby Hayes, leave the band without a piccolo. , Dale Hootman, leave with my alias, John Dillinger, for Chicago. , Mildred Hogue, leave for West Lafayette. , Dick Jaynes, will my short legs and short arms to Bob Lindell. , Norma Johnson, leave for "Port" and Kenny Steinbach. Ronnie Kail, bequeath my smiling and friendly ways to Ronnie Vogt. , Marilyn Kohler, leave my daily trips to Russ's to Molly Beaver. , Mary Kohler, bequeath my ability to run thru the school house in five minutes to Kay Thomas. I Gene Little, instrust my copying to anyone who can get away with it. I, Ronnie Martin, bequeath my stature to Cliff Wilson. 1 TWENTY-NINE I I I, I I I , Clifford Mathews, leave for Londonderry. , Bonnie Moore, bequeath my inability to get Shorthand dictation to Moira Saylor. Pat Portz, leave N. H. S. a year ahead of time, very happy. , Barbara Proud, leave my Journalism paper blank. , Dick Ray, leave. GOODBYE ! ! ! , Bob Rennard, depart, leaving Bobbie Ann trying to figure out my Spanish conversations with Louise. I, Geary Riggle, leave "Kimbolton" Booth still talking. I, Marjean Risher. will my curly hair to Mr. Braden. I, Mary Lou Roe, bequeath my daily trip to the mail box to anyone unfortunate enough to have a 1 1 I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I. We, We We We, We We We We We We We We We We We 1 1 1 1 1 1 fellow in the Army. . Janice Rogers, will my brown eyes to Kitten Taylor. , Martha Jane Sarchet, leave as Mrs. John Carruthers. , George Saylor, am leaving, - - - still single. , Don Silverthorne, leave Carol Patterson, regretfully. , Pat Silverthorne, depart in a Black Ford. , Esther Snedeker, will my height to Norma Baker. Kitty Stalter, bequeath my nightly trips up and down the aisles of the Ritz Theater to Gloria Triplet. , Dale Thompson, leave the study hall seat in front of Molly, empty. Mary Alice Titus, bequeath my dainty walk to Mary Hootman. Harold Van Voorhis, leave N. H. S., wondering WHY Durtschi never moved? , Don Vogt, leave lot of books to be examined. , Barbara Walters, leave without Dean Combs. Darn it E ! , Marge Wearsch, leave to be with Don. Doris Yarnell, leave my wearing of jeans to Shirley Mardis. ARTICLE II Darrell Beiter and Francis Haver, bequeath our studious ways to Ruth McFadden and Max Roeder. Alice Davis and Hazel Tedrow, leave our ability to get out early to anyone lucky enough to get away with it. Norma Davis and Gerry Clough, will our ability to beat the tardy bell to anyone who lacks ex- perience. Satch Hoffman and Don Silverthorne, bequeath our height to Willie Shearer and Dennis Belle. Eileen Hootman and Shirley John, leave our daily trips up town at noon for chocolate cokes to Shirley Bond. Earl and John Murphy, do hereby bequeath our talents for aggravating teachers to Carolyn Wolff and Mary Schlupp. Jim Patterson, Dallas Shepherd, and Don Hann ahs leaveAbecause we have to, not because we want to. Harold Maloy and Jerry Ross leave Ed Scott. alias the "Cambridge Kid", to ride the "Ridge", i Keneth Haver, Bill Mardis, and Bill Miller, Leave. You Want More? ARTICLE III the Seniors of the E.C.O.L. Football Championship Team, leave many championships to be won by on-coming Trojans. the Senior girls of Shorthand II Class, having had good intentions, leave still unable to hand in a mailable letter. the members of the Newcosean Staff, leave any errors in this book uncorrected. ARTICLE IV the Senior Class, leave Miss Duff badly in need of artificial respiration, because of the engage- ment ring, which is cutting otf her circulation. the Seniors, leave Mrs. Phillips still teaching that there hain't no such word as ain't. the American Problems Classes, leave Miss Stoner with various bad effects caused by our poli- tical mud-slinging. To all our understanding teachers we leave these words of consolation "We don't come in duplicate." To To To To ARTICLE V the less experienced Juniors we leave our dignity. the struggling Sophomores we bequeath any dispensible intelligence in our possession. the faltering Freshman we gladly relinquish our "love" of learning. all students we leave any remaining books, desks, and teachers, who may have survived our high school days. We, the Senior Class, having herein disposed of our most significant and desirable prop- erty ask only that all underclassmen show their appreciation of our generous gifts by restrain- ing their joy at our departure until we have ceased to exist as a "body" so that we may have only the pleasanzest memories of our days at N. H. S. In witness thereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name, on the twenty-fourth day of May, in the year nineteen hundred and fifty. The Senior Class of 1950 of Witnessed by: Newcomerstown High School. Qiaruw Qacula ja-cquelfine Go-Refi Qean. Go-mid. THIRTY GMM 95X - 955 This is Bob lVlcPherson, President of the Junior Class: The Presidents of the Classes 1951-1955, Ronnie Yanai, Diane Duff, Jerry Beiter, Harry Lons, and myself extend congratulations to the members of the Class of 1950 and wish them lots of luck, success, and happiness. THIRTY-ON E President - Robert McPherson Vice President Barbara Whyde Secretary Betty Cordrey Treasurer - - Fred Schlupp Social Chairmen Ed Scott and Barbara Ann Ortt FIRST ROW-Betty Cordrey, Leanna Clutter, Marjorie Hursey, 'Davila Gallagher, Evelyn Cramlett, Barbara Angle, Sara Asher, Marjorie Beaver, La Vonne Bethel, Mary Dansby. SECOND ROW-Charles Groff, Nick Collins, Richard Casteel, Gene Baker, Charles Clough, Marvin Carr, Dick Campbell, Mr. Sharrock. THIRD ROW-Bernard Booth, Jack Baker, Glenn Everhart, Robert Bell, Tom Gainor, Charles Connor, Jane Addy. FIRST ROW-Miss Macmillan Jean Wise, Beverly Tedrick, Faye Quillen, Joan McDonnell, Shirley Riggs, Barbara Whyde, Kathryn Taylor, Sarah Swigert, Richard McDonnell, Michael Morris. SECOND ROW-Bill Regula, Richard Schwarm, Marvin Stocker, Dwain Sanders, Arlie Wiandt, Frederick Schlupp, Richard Mathias, Gail Rice, Mike Lenzo, Harry Meek. THIRD ROWeDick Robinson, Bob Loveless, Dwight Van Sickle, Robert Lindell, Clifford Wilson Eddie Scott, Jim Taylor, Gary McClary, Charles Thompson, Robert Titus. FIRST ROW-Pat Portz, Shirley Bond, Bonnie Reinhart, Gloria Triplctt, Ruth Haines, Dorothy Walkup, Miss Gehrke. SECOND ROW-Bob Rice, Barbara Waller, Robert McPherson, Louise Hughes, Marjorie Paulum, Barbara Plants, Ruby Dixon. Not in Picture-Robert Berger, Jim Herbert, Herschel Hewitt, Eleanor Angle, Doris Emler, Barbara Ortt. THIRTY-TWO cfm af wf THIRTY-THREE Scfffpeemeeed FIRST ROWAShirley Fillman, Ruby Lee Dansby Eula Faye Caldwell, Mary Ann Caldwell, Marjorie Addy, Grace Angle, Jeanette Duhamel, Norma Baker, Jack Ellis. SECOND ROW-Mrs. George, Earl Etter, Don Best, Odis Dansby, Bob Duffy, Jack Foraker, Robert Buzan, Dick Bassett, Glenn Bricker. THIRD ROWkBill Cornell, Marc Davis, Danny Everhart, Jerry Beiter, Larry Atkin- son, Keith Dennis, David Doss, Neal Frenton. FIRST ROWfBlanch Miller, Marilyn Moore, Ruth McFadden, Mary Ann Kelly, Marjorie Harding, Donna Myers, Helen Mardis, Lova Kunkle, Norma Heston, Mr. Hinds. SECOND ROWARuss Neal, Mary Hootman, Jim Mullen, Don Little, David Nay, Robert McDonnell, Richard Nolan, Pat McCants, Betty Mathews, Melva Little, Allen Hennis. THIRD ROW-Bob Lehman Dick Hackenbracht, Roger Hart, Gary Jurin, Clarence Johnson, Floyd McCoun, Charles Kail, Ray Meek. FIRST ROW-Patricia Yoak, Shirley Stewart Carmella Ricketts, Carol Triplett, Carol Patterson, Rosa Torgler, Lucille Smith, Moira Saylor, Thomasina Postlewaite. SECOND ROW-Gerald Snell, Bob Watson, Bill Shaw, Mary Schlupp, Carolyn Wolff, Ann Tilton, Carolyn Wigfield, Joan Walters, Max Sharrock. THIRD ROW-Ronald Vogt Dennis Welsch, Wallace Weaver, Max Roeder, Mary Lou Portz, Ted Swigert, Mr. Davis. Not in Picture-John Ott. Jesse McVey, Bob Clum, Ivan Ellis, Glenn England. ' President - Jerry Beiter Vice President Ted Swigert. Secretary Grace Angle Treasurer Carolyn Wolff Social Chairman THIRTY-FOUR Glenn Bricker Um af f95.2 67 FIRST ROWfDonald Baker, Dennis Belle, Patsy Beiter, Joan Cunningham, June Carney,'Shirley Clemens, Francis Graham, Louise Hammersley, Nancy Booth, Dorcas Dawson, Shirley Couts, Phyllis Cunningham. SECOND ROW-Mr. Riffle, Joy Harrison, Donald Baker, David Bilings, Don Gatten, Bill Greathouse, Don Hardy, Sue Gay, Veryl Combs, Dorothy Angle, Shirley Coker, Marjorie Groff, Mr. Braden. THIRD ROW-Tom Basehart, Walter Hannahs, Jerry Hardy, Jim Barcus, Junior Beal, Jim Barthalow, Carl Gray Harold Casteel, Bob Hall, Shirley Gephart, Jeannine Doss, Noreene Ford, Bill Burkey. FIRST ROW-Mary Little, Shirley McGee, Shirley Mardis, Peggy Kehl, Jennie Mack, Janie Lewis, Francis Hildebrand, Rosemary Lahmers, Sue Kohl, Delores Hicken- bottom, Joy Horn. SECOND ROW-Norma McCormick, Joyce Johnson, Dora Meek, Geneva Myers, Larry Longsworth, Scott Martin, Shirley Haver, Bob Lawrence, Don Neal, Bob Hash- man, John Harris. THIRD ROW-John Morrison, Cliff Newby, Ralph Harris, Clifford Lehman, Kenneth Loader, Mr. Riffle, Nancy Irwin, Bob Little, Dorothy Mardis, Patsy McE1haney, Doris Lyons, David MacQueen. FIRST ROWfShirley Walters, Kay Thomas, Sally Russell, Shirley Nolan, Mildred Vanderhoff, Joanne Tufford, Carolyn Regula Joyce Watson, Olive Williams, Shirley Stocker, Willis Shearer, Lester Paulum. SECOND ROW-Evelyn Van Syoc, Patsy Warner, Mary Lou Thompson, Carolyn Pat- ton, Thelma Shadowens, June Postlewaite, Charles Sanders, Bill Sickles, David Norman, Bob Speer, Jack Plants, Roland Snell, Bruce Norman, Denny Triplett, Mr. Braden. THIRD ROW-Doris Stocker, Ruth Wolf, Shirley Norman, Donna Whyde, Laura Jean Wilson, Gail Romig, Glenn Rhoades, Ray Ott, Ronnie Yanai, Dick Roe, Don Norman, Dick Shaw. Not in picture-,Robert Miller, Jane Greathouse, Juanita Johns. President Ronnie Yanai Vice Presidemf - Bill Burkey Secretary Shirley Gephart Treasurer - - Dick Roe Social Chairman Evelyn Van Syoc THIRTY SIX Gm af M53 Zzqklh We FIRST ROW-Doris Jean Tedrick, Doris Ellen Beall, Ronnie Bonnell, Bill Hicken- bottom, Roy Woods, Beverly Norman, Mayme Couts, Neva Williams Eugene Schlupp. SECOND ROW-Ervin Rothenstein, Naundice Oldt, Marsha Peoples, Donna Ford, Marlene Stewart, Carol Weilant, Delores Wyde, Bill Rowland, Mr. Wolff. THIRD ROW-Glenn Walkenspaw, Aaron Swank, Kathrine Prater, Doris Ann Ted- rick, Shirley Ann Kennedy, Franklin Spring, Floyd Zeigler Tommy Saylor, Dick Basehart, Eugene Wilkin. E FIRST ROW-JoAnn Basiletti, Judy Castle, Nancy Mulvane, Beverly Carr, Marilyn Mullen, Norma Dixon, Rachel Horn, Lucille Eckelberry, Jerry Baker, Bill Hall, George Brady, Mr. Smith. SECOND ROW-Bonnie Carney, Barbara Carr, Diane Duff Connie Bates, Hazel Campbell, Everett Bundy, Harley Campbell, Jimmy Freehan, James Beals. THIRD ROW-Reuben Etter, Jesse Basset, Wayne Greathouse, Jim Bailey, Gary Gadd, Jay Fairchild, Darrell Berkshire, Gary Berkshire, Bob Hammersley. FIRST ROW-Mrs. Stoll, Doris June Kail, Delbert Kunkle, Betty McClary, Mary McGinnis, Carol Hart, Earl Mackey, Don Roy King, Milton Lehman, Patty Porcher. SECOND ROW-Bonnie Loader, Etta Mae Kissell, Keith Ley, Gene Lyons, Evelyn Malvin, Lavonne Egler, Betty Plants, Wanita Norman, Ruth Ann Plants, Jerry Leonard. THIRD ROW-Charles Opphile, Bill Ross Edmund Johnson, Eugene Riley, Robert Miller, Clyde Mathews, Max Moore, Gail Robinson, Donald McCoun, Paul Roan. Not in Picture-Mary Ripley, Jerry Affolter, Eugene Smith, Glen Shaffer. THIRTY-EIGHT President Diane Duff Vice President Ronnie Bonnell Secretary - Mayme Couts Treasurer - Beverly Norman Social Chairman Jo Ann Basiletli elm af 7951! FORTY Saaeriik Qmcfe FIRST ROW-John McCormick, Ramon Wilson, Duke Heller, Enos Loader, Donald Miller, David Lauer, Norma Rufer, Roberta Moore, Jack Miller, Jack Norman Dorothy Postlewait. SECOND ROW-Harry Lyons, John McConnell, Larry Dansby, Carl Smith, Wanda Rogers, Nancy Gardner, Barbara Froelich, Rita Clouse, Geneva Mack, Mrs. Mercer. THIRD ROW-Jack Dennis, Carl Lauver, Carolyn Meek, Darlene Moore, La Von Norman, Darlene Ross, Tommy Elliot, Janet Portz, Barbara Atkinson, Beverly Lyons. FIRST ROW-Jim Baker, Ronnie Berkshire, Walter Brenneman, Tommy Coker, Dale Everhart, Charles Marlatt, Barbara Palmer, Doris Gephart, Barbara Patterson, Joann Cutshall, Joyce Haas. SECOND ROW-Carl Billings, Larry Hannahs, Kenny Phillips, Donald Dixon, Connie Hogue, Jack Bucky, Bob Kelly, Barbara Berger, Carol Lehman Mrs. Portz. THIRD ROW-Willard Norman, John Kelly, Don Frye, Darrell Chaney, Max Ham- mersly, David Meeks, Jack Conrad, Joan Hardy, Hope Bassett, Carol Arcore, Elizabeth Norman. FIRST ROW-Gene Shaw, Don Opphile, James Porcher, Lorin Wise, Robert Walker Jerry Widder, Richard Torgler, Carl Paulum, Paul Rothenstine, Shirley Welsch Romona Wilson. SECOND ROW-Paul Gallagher, John Rush, Harold Stocker, Bob Riley, Shirley Wil- ler, Sally Russell, Linda Smith, Marjorie Tish, Cora Russell, Betty Sweitzer, Ronnie Pickrell, Mr. Bower. THIRD ROW-Mr. Trimmer, Carl Hinds, Charles Scott, Jay Stevens, Larry Davis, Gary Ridgeway, Ronnie Walkenspaw, Ruth Vanderhoff, Jane Swank, Patty Visintainer. Not in picture: Lorin Landis, Mercedis Winters, Mary Shaffer, Juanita Rothenstein. President Harry Lyons Vice President Barbara Patterson Secretary - .lack Dennis Treasurer Barbara Atkinson Social Chairman Linda Smith 61644 af M55 FORTY-TVVO Nana Warm Through tlle lzalls of our dear lziglz selzool lWany Iinzes we pass, But the happy days we speml here All mils! and at last. Always we will love and serve thee. Hail from all the restg Here's a loast lo you, our lziglz school, Our Dear N. H. S. CHORUS: Hail Zo llzee, our Alma Mzzfer, N. H. S. we praise. Hail tlze Orange aml Black forever, Alma Mater days. This is Larry Gwynn, your station announcer: John Murphy, Edit-or of the Newcosean, and Don Silverthorne, President of the Student Council, now present to you a summary of the activated activities at N. H. S. FORTY-THREE Siecfeell Canned First Row-Roy Woods John McConnell, Veryl Combs, Hazel Tedrow, Shirley Walters, Marilyn Mullen, Carol Patterson, Barbara Palmer. Second Row-Mr. Lowry, Adviser: Charles Groff, Don Silverthorne, Bob Titus, Marc Davis, Dick Hackenbracht, Martha Jane Carney, Barbara Angle, Mary Lou Thompson. President - Don Silverthorne Vice President - - Bob Titus Secretary-Treasurer Martha Jane Carney The Newcomerstown High School Student Council was formed in this school in March, 1943. The purpose of this organization. is to establish closer relationship between students and teachers, develop higher standards of scholarship and conduct among the students, work for the general welfare of the student. body, and promote the general and personal welfare of the school. The Student Council is composed of two representatives from each of the six classes and one from each of the following clubs: Senior Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Junior Y-Teens, and Junior and Senior Boys' Fellowship. Among the things the student council has done this year are: selling Tro- jan-head pins, furnishing the school with a Christmas tree, and sponsoring many assembly programs. FORTY-FOUR 79419 ZMJLZOZZ 5 7mm First Row-Ruth McFadden, Pat McCants, Mary Schlupp, Leanna Clutter, Betty Cordrey, LaVonne Bethel, Wrae Carr, Barbara Angle. Second Row-Grace Angle, Carolyn Wolff, Mary Alice Titus, Martha Jane Carney, Janice Rogers, Dianne Davis, Barbara Whyde, Pat Portz, Don Vogt. Third Row-Max Roeder, John Murphy, Fred Schlupp, Keith Dennis, Earl Murphy, Charles Groff, Gary McC1ary, Mr. Lowry. flfazzmal ,Mmm Swan? First Row-Leanna Clutter, Janice Rogers, Wrae Carr, Jackie Coker, Dianne Davis, Mary Alice Titus, Marilyn Bean. Second Row-Joan Barnett, Martha Jane Carney Charles Groff, Earl Murphy, Dean Combs, John Murphy, Mr. Lowry, Barbara Whyde lnot in picture.J FORTY-FIVE , 76am SENIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW-Miss Stoner, Adviser, Mary Kohler, Sara Beth Asher, Gloria Triplett, Betty Cordrey, Leanna Clutter, Louise Hughes, Kitty Stalter, Marjorie Wearsch, Hazel Tedrow, Joan Barnett, Shirley John, Lavonne Bethel, Marilyn Bean, Mrs. Phillips, Adviser. SECOND ROW-Molly Beaver, Barbara Proud, Barbara Walters, Barbara Waller, Shirley Bond, Wrae Carr, Camilla Billings, Joan McDonnell, Bonnie Reinhart, Elinor Fiecoat, Janice Rogers, Mildred Hogue, Jackie Coker, Ruby Hayes, Norma Davis Kathryn Taylor. THIRD ROW-Martha Sarchet, Norma Johnson, Mary Alice Titus, Martha Jane Carney, Eileen Hootman, Jane Addy, Shirley Riggs, Twila Gallagher, Barbara Whyde, Pat Portz, Dianne Davis, Pat Silverthorne, Marilyn Kohler, Mary Lou Roe, Mary Ann Gardner, Sarah Jean Swigert. President ------ Wrae Carr Vice President - - - Martha Jane Carney Secretary - - - Ruby Hayes Treasurer - - - Jane Addy JUNIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW-Shirley Haver, Shirley Nolan, Janie Lewis, Louise Hammersley, Shirley Walters, Sally Russell, Kay Thomas, Francis Graham, Dorothy Angle, Joyce Watson, Mary Little, Marjorie Addy, Carol Triplett, Carol Patterson, Jenny Mack, Peggy Kehl, Doris Stocker, Shirley Fillman, Noreene Ford. SECOND ROW-Miss Macmillan, Adviser: Ruth Wolf, Shirley Mardis, Evelyn Van Syoc Patsy Warner, Dorcas Dawson, Joan Tufford, June Carney, Joy Harrison, Patsy Beiter, Ruth McFadden June Postlewait, Jeanette Duhamel, Mary Ann Caldwell, Eula Faye Caldwell, Carolyn Wigneld, Ann Tilton, Pat McCants, Carolyn Wolff, Joyce Johnson, Miss Gehrke, Adviser. THIRD ROW-Shirley Gephart, Dorothy Mardis, Rosemary Lahmers, Doris Lyons, Sue Kohl, Shirley Couts, Mary Lou Thompson, Patsy McElhaney, Donna Myers, Sue Gay, Mary Schlupp, Donna Whyde, Lucille Smith, Nancy Erwin, Marjorie Groff, Mary Ann Kelly, Margery Harding, Dora Meek, Delores Hickenbottom, Betty Mathews, Carmella Ricketts. Mary Hootman. Joan Walters. President ----- Ruth McFadden Vice President ----- Ann Tilton Secretary - Carol Triplett Treasurer Carolyn Wolff FORTY-SIX BW' 4-7 SENIOR BOYS' FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROWeMr. Braden, Adviserg Richard McDonnell, Ronnie Martin, Fritz Schlupp, John Murphy, Charles Groff, Francis Haver, Bob Carr, Charles Con- nor, Bob Loveless. SECOND ROWvHarold Van Voorhis, Bill Regula Bob Titus, Gail Rice, Dick Baker, Pete Hewitt, Dale Thompson, Larry Gwynn, Earl Murphy. p President ----- Francis Haver Vice President ---- Bob Loveless Secretary - Dale Thompson Treasurer Larry Gwynn JUNIOR BOYS' FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW-Mr. Smith, Adviser, Bill Sickles, Bob Spear, Dave Norman, Scott Martin, Cliff Lehman, Dick Shaw, Larry Longsworth, Mr. Hinds, Adviser. SECOND ROWfBob Watson, Kenneth Loader, Charles Sanders, Bob Buzan, Don Norman, Gerald Snell, Max Sharrock Jim Mullen, Bill Shaw, Don Little, Dave McQueen. THIRD ROWgKeith Dennis, Dick Hackenbracht, Marc Davis, Max Roeder, Larry Atkinson, Dick Roe, Glenn Rhodes, Gayle Romig, Bill Cornell, Walter Hannahs, James Barcus. President ----- Keith Dennis Vice President Max Sharrock Secretary - - Bill Shaw Treasurer Jim Mullen FORTY-SEVEN pcwiimaf UM FIRST ROWvMarjorie Hursey, Faye Quillen, Grace Angle, Tommy Postlewaite, Moira Saylor, Shirley Stewart, Ruby Dixon. SECOND ROW-Mr. Davis, Adviser: Marjean Risher, Norma Heston, Rosa Torgler, Beverly Tedrick, Kenneth Ford, Jean Wise, Jean Welsh. THIRD ROW--Melva Litte, Doris Jean Elmer, Barbara Angle, Evelyn Cramlet, Eleanor Angle, Mary Lou Portz, David Billings, Esther Snedeker, Patricia Yoak. President ---- Thomasina Postlewaite Vice President ----- Grace Angle Secretary - - Shirley Stewart Treasurer - Rosa Torgler afar, ew FIRST ROW-Mr. Sharrock, Adviser, Francis Hildebrand, Joan Cunningham, Laura Jean Wilson, Jeannine Doss, Marolyn Moore, Bob Hashman, Bill Burkey, Don Hannahs, Ronnie Kail, Marvin Carr, Dennis Belle. SECOND ROW-Charles Angle, Don Duhamel, Bob Lehman, Dale Hootman, Jerry Ross, Harold Maloy, Nick Collins, Kenneth Haver, Junior Beal. THIRD ROW-Carl Gray, Charles Clough, Mike Lenzo, Bob Rennard, Bob Rice, Bob Chapman, Harold Hoffman, Eddie Scott, Tom Basehart. President ----- Bob Rennard Vice President - - - Don I-Iannahs Secretary-Treasurer Joan Cunningham FORTY-EIGHT - alffealih QM FIRST ROW-Mr. Trimmer, Adviser, Jack Ellis, Clift Newby, Donald Nay, Alan Hennis, Veryl Combs, Russy Neal, Donnie Baker, John Harris, Harold Casteel, Don Hardy. SECOND ROW-Bobby Duffy, Ronnie Yanai, Don Neal James Barthalow, Bob Hall, Clarence Johnson, Jack Foraker, Roger Hart, Jerry Hardy, Robert McDonnell, Dick Bassett. THIRD ROW-Roy Ott, David Doss, Odis Dansby, Gary Jurin, Ted Swigert, Danny Everhart, Jerry Beiter, Donald Best, Earl Etter, Ralph Harris. I Nm GM FIRST ROW4Harry Meek, Michael Morris, Dwain Sanders, Marvin Stocker Richard Campbell, Bob Berger, George Saylor, Arlie Wiandt, Richard Schwarm, Tom Gainor. SECOND ROW-Jim Herbert, Bernard Booth, Donald Hammersley, Donald Vogt, Darrell Beiter, Jim Taylor, Richard Mathias, Dwight Van Sickle, Geary Riggle, Mr. Rilfle, Adviser. THIRD ROW!Don Silverthorne, Richard Robinson, Jack Baker, Gary McClary, Dallas Shepard, Robert Lindell, Clifford Wilson, Gene Little, Dean Combs. President ----- Darrell Beiter Vice President ----- George Saylor Treasurer - Clifford Wilson FORTY NINE FIFTY anime Jamemwkwn of zqmmzca FIRST ROW-Miss Duff Adviser, Mary Lou Roe, Patsy Warner, Carmella Ricketts, Thomasina Postlewaite, Fay Quillen, Joyce Watson, Marilyn Kohler, Hazel Tedrow, Marjorie Addy, Joy Horn, Caroline Regula, Moira Saylor, Jeanette Duhamel. SECOND ROW-Doris Lyons, Shirley Haver Shirley Mardis, Mary Lou Thompson, Dorothy Angle, Shirley Walters, Delores Hickenbottom, June Postelwait Lucille Smith, Mary Ann Calwell, Faye Caldwell, Alice Davis, Mary Couts, Patricia Yoak, Twila Gallagher. THIRD ROW-Rosemary Lahmers, Sue Kohl, Shirley Stewart, Barbara Angle, Grace Angle, Bonnie Moore, Lena Couts, Marjorie Wearsch, Mary Kohler, Joan Mc- Donncll, Doris Yarnell, Gerry Clough, Patsy McElhaney. President ----- Mary Lou Roe Vice President - Faye Quillen Secretary - Marjorie Addy Treasurer - - - Shirley Walters fmmmna 5 Sitting-Marjorie Groff, Bonnie Reinhart, Miss Macmillan, Librarian, Shirley John, Mary Lou Roe. Standing-June Carney, Patsy Beiter, Fred Schlupp, Barbara Whyde, Marjean Risher. 7 FIRST ROW-Mr. Rickey, Dover High School, Mrs. Portz. SECOND ROW-Mary Lou Roe, Mary Alice Titus, Joan Barnett, Dover High School students in white robes Dianne Davis, Martha Jane Carney, Camilla Billings. THIRD ROW-Francis Haver, Joan Murphy, Larry Gwynn, Richard Baker, Earl Murphy, Dean Combs, Robert Rennard. President - Earl Murphy Vice President Dean Combs Secretary - Mary Alice Titus Treasurer Marilyn Bean Clerk - Mary Lou Roe The Nevvcomerstown Chapter of the Thespian Society, Troop 1037 of the National Order, was initiated at N. H. S. the twenty-eighth of February, 1950, by students from Dover High School. Membership in the society is gained by earnings points in speech activities. These charter members of Troop 1037 urge all students uto act well your part, for therein the honor liesf, Annual Speech Banquet FIFTY-ONE XV 3 'E 5104! Hill H Sitting-Martha Jane Carney Associate Editor, Bob Chapman, Athletic Editor, Wrae Carr, Alumni Editor, Joan Barnett, Photography Editor, Dean Combs, Sales Manager. Standing-Francis Haver, Advertising Manager, John Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Miss Macmillan, Adviser, Dianne Davis, Senior Class Editor. Wemwwm 74 FIFTY-TWO 5 Martha Jane Carney, Dean Combs, John Murphy, Bob Rennard Barbara Walters, Francis Haver, Larry Gwynn, Bob Chapman, Wrae Carr, Joan Barnett, Marilyn Bean. First RowwDavid MacQueen, Bob McPherson, Bill Burkey. Second RowqMr. Smith, Visual Education Supervisorg Geary Riggle, Dick Hackenbracht, Keith Dennis, Marc Davis, Max Roeder, Bob Loveless. Siaqe Qfzew Dick Ray, Don Silverthorne, Darrel Beiter, Mike Lenzo. FI FTY-THREE Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank 1-Evelyn Van Syoc, Sarah Jean Swigert, Mary Ann Gardner, Elinor Fiecoat, Doris Ellen Beall, Patsy Warner. 2-Kenny Loader, Shirley Stewart, Shirley Gephart, Marjorie Addy, Frances Hildebrand, Wrae Carr. 3-Mary Lou Thompson, Shirley Kennedy, Larry Longsworth, Ruby Hayes. 4-Beverly Norman, Naundice Oldt, Dianne Davis, Bill Hickenbottom, John Murphy. 5fMary Kohler, Betty Cordrey, Carolyn Patton, Jim Barcus, Arlie Wiandt, Bob McPherson. 6fKeneth Ford, Marc Davis, Keith Dennis, Bob Titus. 7-Delores Hickenbottom, Mayme Couts, Sally Russell, Odis Dansby, Ronnie Bonnell, Cliff Lehman. 8ACharles Groff, Marsha Peoples, Aaron Swank, Carl Hinds, Paul Gallagher, Mary Alice Titus. 9ffBill Cornell, Bob McDonnell, Sue Gay, Donna Ford, Larry Davis, Dick Basehart. The Newcomerstown High School Marching Band is an organization of fifty-eight en- thusiastic and well trained musicians. They exhibited fine musical talent and precision march- ing in their spectacular performances at the half-time of home football games as well as the games played at Byesville and Dennison. They marched in the Halloween parade at Dover as well as at Newcomerstown. The Trojan Band. with eighteen other bands, participated in the New Philadelphia Christmas Parade, sponsored by the Chamber of Comerce of New Phila- delphia. At Christmas time the band joined the speech classes and choir in presenting the Christmas story. Three major activities of the band in May were the annual spring concert, the dedication of the Cy Young Park, and the Memorial Day Celebration. Q MAJ ORETTES June Postlewait, June Addy, Dorothy Angle, Shirley Couts. FIFTY-FOUR TRUMPETS TROMBONES Carl Gray, Keith Dennis- More DaVfS- Kennetn Mary Alice Titus, Paul Gallagher, Carl Hinds, Ford, Bob Watson, Odis Dansby,C11ff Lehman, A 5 k M h p 1 Ch 1 G ff. Ronnie Bonnell, Sally Russell, Mayme Couts, aron Wan ' ars a Bop es' ar es ro Delores Hickenbottom. SOUSAPHONES CLARINETS FRENCH HORNS Dick Basehart, Bill Cornell, First Row:Sarah Swigert, Doris John Morphy, NaUI2dlC9.01dt, Larry Davis, Bob McConnell. Ellen Beall, Larry Longsworth. Beverly NOFITIHH, B111 HICRGI1- Standing: Elinor Fiecoat, Mary bottom. Ann Gardner, Shirley Kennedy, Mary Lou Portz. Donna Ford, baritone: Ruby Hayes, piccolog Mary Kohler, drum, Betty Cordrey, cymbals, Evelyn Van Syoc, bells, Carolyn Patton, bells, Bob McPherson, Arlie Wiandt, James Barcus, Patsy Warner, bells, Dianne Davis, flute, Sue drums. Gay, baritone. FIFTY-FIVE 66404214 SENIOR CHOIR FIRST ROWfMr. Russell, Director, Norma McCormick, Sarah Swigert, Norma Davis, Ewila Gallagher, Elinor Fiecoat, Joan Barnett, Shirley John, Thelma Shadowens, Wrae Carr, Betty Cordrey. SECOND ROW-Jane Lewis, Barbara Proud, Marjean Risher, Joan McDonnell, Mary Hootman, Mary Ann Gardner, Dianne Davis, Barbara Angle, Sally Asher, Faye Quillen, Hazel Tedrow, Leanna Clutter. THIRD ROW-Joy Horn, Ruth Haines, Norma Johnson Max Roeder, Eileen Hootman, Marc Davis, David MacQueen, Tommy Gainor, Bob Buzan, George Saylor, John Morrison, Carolyn Regula. President - Eileen Hootnian Vice President - - Wrae Carr Secretary-Treasurer Shirley John FRESHMAN CHOIR FIRST ROW-Dorothy Angle, Patsy Warner, Patsy Beiter, Kay Thomas, Carolyn Patton, Marjorie Groff, Evelyn Van Syoc, June Carney, Joyce Watson. SECOND ROW-Mr. Russell, Director, Laura Jean Wilson, Joan Cunningham Noreene Ford, Sue Gay, Shirley Couts, Joy Harrison, Doris Stocker, Peggy Kail, Jennie Mack. THIRD ROWfSally Rusell, Donna Whyde, Dorothy Mardis, Patsy McElhaney, Shirley FIFTY-SIX Gephart, Shirley Walters, June Postelwait, Delores Hickenbottom. With Jim Barcus holding the banner at the Armistice Day celebration, members of the faculty and student body pledge their allegiance to the flag oi' the United States of America. Some of the loud socks at the Sock Dance. FLORA DORA GIRLS Jerry Ross, Mike Lenzo, Bob Chapman and Jim Taylor present skit at N.H.S. Carnival. FII-'TY-SEVEN al! Bob Chapman, Football Co-Cap- Queen John Murphy presenting Howers tain, kissing Queen Barbara Barbara to Queen Barbara Walters. Walters. Attendants Marjorie Walters Margie Wearsch, Marilyn Bean Wearsch and Marilyn Bean watching. tseatedl. The Queen and Attendants watching game. Dancing in honor of Wrae Carr, Mary Alice Titus, Queen Barbara the Queen Walters, Marjorie Wearsch, Marilyn Bean ROYAL DANCE Marjorie Wearsch with escort Mike Lenzo, Marilyn Bean and Geary Riggle, Mary Alice Titus and Larry Gwynn, Barbara Walters and Bob McPherson, Wrae Carr and John Murphy. FIFTY-EIGHT Queen, attendants, and their escorts. Bob McPherson, Mike Lenzo, Mary Alice Titus Larry Gwynn, Marjorie Wearsch, Barbara Wal- ters, Marilyn Bean, John Murphy, Wrae Carr Geary Riggle. 7 ' Spcwh This is your N. H. S. sports announcer Francis Haver: Trojan fans, we have here the football co-captains, Darrell Beiter and Bob Chapman, and two ambitious seventh grade athletes, Don and Jack Miller. What advice about athletics at N. H. S. can you captains give to these boys? Darrell: I would say you would do all right if you would follow the rules of the tireless Trojans. Bob: That's right, boys. N. H. S. Trojans stand for hard work, fair play, and good sportsmanship. That is why we.have had an undefeated football. season and a highly successful basketball season. FIFTY-NINE 7mm Gmckw Coach Durtschi, with the able assistance of the other T Trojan coaches, has once more brought athletic glory to N. H. S. T In his first year as head gridiron mentor he has produced an unde- feated football team and a winning basketball team. The East Central Ohio League football championship trophy and E. C. O. L. basketball co-championship trophy stand as glowing tributes to the outstanding ability of the Trojan coaching staff. Coaches Wolff, Trimmer, Riffle, Durtschi Eawzim GLM For the purpose of boosting the high school athletic program, the Trojan Booster Club was organized. Under the efficient leadership of President Christopher Yanai the club has donated a large amount of money' to the high school athletic fund and has entertained the squads with various prog rams. At one of the programs the members had the pleasure of hearing Tippy Dye, basketball coach at Ohio State University. Coach Durtchi, Newcomerstown High School, and Coach Dye, Ohio State University. SIXTY Qkem feacfam Here's our favorite slogan, We'Il put on the show, Here're the Hghting Trojans, Eager and ready to go. I CHEER LEADERS: Marilyn Kohler, Barbara Wal- ters, Molly Beaver, Marilyn Bean emma sam! ax , FIRST ROW-Assistant Coach Trimmer, Dick Bassett, Maryin Carr, Dick Roe, Dave Norman, Dick Ray, Dick Jaynes, Cliff Newby, John Harris, Bob Hashman, Max Roeder, Bernard Booth, Ralph Harris, Bob Berger, Coach Durtschi. SECOND ROW-eMolly Beaver, Barbara Walters, Glenn Bricker, George Saylor, Jerry Ross, Bob Carr, Jim Mullen, Gary Jurin, Francis Haver, Max Sharrock, Don Little, Roger Hart, Harry Meek, Clarence Johnson, Marilyn Kohler, Mari- lyn Bean. THIRD ROWfAssistant Coach Wolff, Dick Hackenbracht, Harold Van Voorhis, Dick Baker, Cliff Wilson, Don Silverthorne, Geary Riggle, Bob Chapman, Harold Hoffman, Darrell Beiter, Don Best, Bob Loveless, Jerry Beiter. PRE-SEASO N PRACTICE August 20. 1949. fifty-five hopeful griders reported for fall football practice. They were received by head coach Durtschi, and assistant coach Wolff, and were introduced to their new assistant coach Bobo Trimmer. As the men were separated from the boys under the un- mcrcifully hot August sun, the number dwindled to 35. After many hours of working and sweating the team was ready for its opening game. Except for the broken collar bone suf- fered by Pete Hewitt the Trojans had evaded the "injury jinxi' thus far. SIXTY-ONE Haver Van Voorhis Hoffman Jaynes Chapman Squad at summer practice session Beiter Silverthorne Riggle FRANCIS HAVER-Left Guard, Senior, Played 2 years, Received 2 letters Small but deadly to his oponents. None too big nor too small for him to move. HAROLD VAN VOORHISfQuarterback, Senior, Played 2 years, Received 2 letters An alert signal caller. Quarterbacked the team very cfllciently. HAROLD HOFFMAN A Right End, Senior, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter Played four games with broken thumb. An ex- cellent pass received. E.C.O.L. all-star team. DICK JAYNES-Right Halfback, Senior, Played 4 years, Received 2 letters Fast, shifty. hard hitting, and an accomplished extra point kicker. Good line backer. BOB CHAMPAN, Co-Captain - Right Guard, Senior, Played 3 years, Received 2 letters Played all the time with exception of a few seconds. Known by his opponents as very fast. hard hitting, and immovable. A good aggressive athlete. As co-captain he kept the team in spirit and led them to an undefeated season. E.C.O.L. all-star team. SIXTY-TWO Carr Ray DARRELL BEITER, Co-Captain-Left Halfback, DON Senior, Played 3 years, Received 3 letters VVas kept from three games with a broken rib but still second in scoring ln the county. Very fast and shifty. a potential triple threat and 111- dispensable. As co-captain did a fine job of lead- ing the team through an undefeated season. E.C.O.L. all-star team. SILVERTHORNE-Left Tackle, Senior, Played 4 years Received 2 letters The biggest member of the squad. He knew how to throw his weight to get his way from the opposing teams. E.C.O.L. all-star team. GEARY RIGGLE-Left End, Senior, Played 3 BOB years, Received 2 letters Very aggressive. Broke up any play that came his way. CARR-Fulback, Senior, Played 3 years, Received 2 letters Fast, fearless, and hard hitting, and an ex- cellent defenslve back. DICK RAYfCenter, Senior, Played 4 years, Re- ceived 2 letters. Wonderful insurance at center position. A qulck thinking and hard hitting line backer. Honorable mention, E.C.O.L. all-star team. I r l Wilson Baker Saylor Summer Practice Session Hackenbracht Beiter Jurin Mullen CLIFFORD WILSON-Right Tackle, Junior, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter A good athlete. Has lots of football to play yet. Deserves recognition as a swell team-mate. DICK BAKER-Right End, Senior, Played 3 years, Received 1 letter. Helped greatly in forming undefeated record. Unsurpassed in spirit and sportsmanship. GEORGE SAYLOR-Left and Right Guard, Sen- ior, Played 4 years, Received 1 letter. Suffered back injury early in season. but still played his quota. DICK HACKENBRACHT-Tackle, Sophomore, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter Should make a name for himself as a good line- man ln time to come. JERRY BEITER-Left Halfback, Sophomore, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter It crippled the team when he suffered a broken ankle in the sixth game. Has possibilities of great player. GARY JURIN-Left End, Sophomore, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter. A regular thls year and has lots of football to play yet. Fast and an excellent pass recelver. JIM MULLEN-Quarterback, Sophmore, Played 2 years, Received 1 letter Will undoubtedly develop into a wonderful back. SIXTY-THREE Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Sept. Sept. Sept. Nov. Nov. 16 23 30 7 141 21 28 41 11 SCHEDULE West Lafayette 0 N.H.S. 26 New Concord 6 18 'Uhrichsville 0 1 Ohio Deaf 19 32 Malvern 0 38 At Byesville 0 13 ' Carrollton 6 20 ' Cadiz 7 20 ' At Dennison 13 20 ' East Central Ohio League games. FOOTBALL MANAGERS Dick Bassett and Glenn Bricker, con- tributed through greatly to the successful season their untiring efforts and un- ' failing spirit. TROJANS HAVE FIRST UNDEFEATED, UNTIED TEAM SINCE 1938 TROJANS WIN OPENER 28 - 0 The 1949 season opened with a bang as the fighting Trojans administered a 26-0 defeat to the West Lafayette Generals in front of a large opening game crowd. The team looked good, but as coach Durtschi re- marked, "We have a lot of work to do." The Trojans went great guns as Lenzo scored on a 26 yard dash. Beiter plunged for two more and Lenzo passed to Jurin for the fourth. TROJAN POWER TRIMS NEW CONCORD, 18 - 6 Flashing plenty of bone-crushing power, the Trojans slammed their way to an 18-6 triumph over 'the rugged New Concord little Muskies. In a contest marked by hard tackling and solid blocking by both teams, the Trojans turned on the steam in the sec- ond half of the hard fought contest to come up with the victory. Beiter, Carr, and Jaynes each scored once. SIXTY-FOUR TROJ AN TEAM IS UNBEATEN IN 3rd GAME The 13-7 defeat handed down by the Uhrichsville Tigers to the hitherto unde- feated Trojans was a hard one for Durtschi's big team to take since the Trojans were the victors in every department except the final score. Darrell Beiter scored on a 73 yard jaunt giving 'the Trojans their only touch- down. The injury jinx caught the Trojans again as it sidelined Darrell Beiter for three games due to a broken rib suffered in this game. Because an ineligible Uhrichsville player participated in this contest, I-I. W. Emswiler, commissioner of 'the Ohio High School Athletic Association, handed down this decision: The game may be played over, or if Newcomerstown does not wish to do so, the game will be given to Newcomerstown by forfeit. The Trojans would, rather 'than accept the automatic forfeit, re-schedule and replay the game, but rather than play it over, Uhrichsville decided to forfeit the game. This left the Trojans undefeated. TROJANS TOP OHIO DEAF 32-19 The Trojans took a breather as 'they easily leveled the Ohio School for the Deaf team 32-19. After piling up a 32-0 count against the invaders Coach Durtschi let the rest of his 'team see action in the final period and that's when the losers scored all their points. The backs ran free behind the Trojan line, .laynes and Carr scoring twice and Van Voorhis once. NCTOWN SWAMPS MALVERN BY SCORE OF 38 - 0 In honor of their homecoming Queen, Barbara VValters. and her attendants, the fighting warriors swamped the hopeless Mal- vern squad 38-0. Coach Durtschi cleared the substitute bench late in the third stanza as the Trojans were already leading by six touchdowns. Jaynes dented touchdown ter- ritory four times and Jurin received a pass from Van Voorhis for the fifth. .laynes pitched to Riggle for the sixth touchdown. UN BEATEN TROJANS DOWN BYESVILLE 13 - 0 The Trojans annexed their sixth victory in six starts by ramming two touchdowns across in the third quarter and defeating Byesville 13-0 in a game played at Cambridge. The Falcons never threatened until the final per- iod but couldn't hit touchdown territory be- fore time ran out. Dick Jaynes started the scoring when he gathered in a punt and raced 50 yards to pay dirt through the entire Byes- ville team. Jim Mullen crossed the stripe for the second and final touchdown of the game. TROPANS DROP CARROLLTON 20 - 6 FOR SEVENTH WIN Victory Gives Warriors First Place In East Central Ohio Loop Crashing into pay dirt territory twice in the last quarter the Trojans dropped Carroll- ton 20-6 to take over undisputed possession of first place in the East Central Ohio League and keep their record unmarred. The war- riors gained their seventh victory of the sea- son without too much trouble except for a scare in the third quarter when the invaders tied the score 5-6. Darrell Beiter, back in the line-up, behind the bruising and ever charg- ing Trojan line, scored all three touchdowns. .fed Qca! We WM!! We EM! l SIXTY-FIVE TROJANS DOWN CADIZ 20 - 7 FOR 8th IN ROW Victory Clinches East Central Ohio League Championship Durtschi's big boys clinched the champion- ship of the East Central Ohio League as they won their eighth straight game by walloping the Cadiz Cardinals 20-7. Darrell Beiter scored twice on a run of 28 yards and ta 60 yard pass play while Dick Jaynes furnished the longest dash, an 81 yard jaunt in the second period. Long runs by the Trojan backs and excelent blocking featured the contest while the stonewall Trojan defense held the Cardinals well in check. Dads, night was ob- served with the fathers of all the players be- ing introduced. The fans gave a rousing hand to the senior members of the team who were introduced at halftime of this last home g-ame. DAD'S NIGHT fha fn rqciicw Victory celebration after Cadiz game. TROJ ANS EDGE DENNISON, UNDEFEATED, UNTIED League Champs Capture Nine Consecutive Wins The Trojans climaxed their 1949 grid season as they subdued a stubborn crew of Dennison Railroaders 20-13. The Railroaders fought hard but couldn't withstand the bat- tering blows of the hard hititng forward wall. The touchdowns were equally distributed be- tween Beiter, Jaynes, and Jurin. Being a rival game and largely deciding the record of the Trojans, one of the largest rooting sections Newecomerstown ever assembled backed the boys. The 194-9 team rates as one of the best teams ot play for N. H. S. and was one of the few teams in the State to be undefeated and untied. The undefeated and untied season was the first since the season of 1938. The record for the 1949 season was the best in Tuscarawas County. N. H. S. 20 - CADIZ 7 Bench-Bob Loveless, John Harris, Don Best, Dick Hackenbracht, Bob Hashman, Max Roeder, Clarence Johnson, Max Sharrock, Jim Mullen, Gary Jurin, Dave Norman, Cliff Newby, Bernard Booth, Don Little, Ralph Harris, Marvin Carr. Dads: Howard Hart, Bernard Chapman, Orville Silverthorne Preston Beiter, John Hackenbracht, Bernard Sharrock, James Parsons, Paul Van Voorhis, George E. Saylor, Ray Best, Glen Hurst, Thurman Nay, Clif Bender, Frank Horn, Henry Harris, Marshall Johnson, Thomas Carr, D. B. Roeder. SIXTY-SIX Q . A 7,Q1, QBQIV, GF' CHAMPIONS 1949 UNDEFEATED AND UNHED E76 5, Coach Durtschi presenting East Central Ohio League K9 Championship trophy to Co-Captains Bob Chapman and Darrell Beiter. 4 "I JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FIRST ROW-Milton Lehman, Jack Norman, Lorin Wise, Donny Miller, Duke Heller, Jack Miller, Jack Bucky, Clyde Mathews, Frank Spring, Jay Fairchild. SECOND ROW-Ed Johnson, Bob Riley, Max Hammersly, Jimmy Porcher, Jack Con- rad, Dave Meeks, Ronnie Berkshire, Larry Hannahs, Larry Dansby. THIRD ROW-Jack Dennis, Larry Davis, Gary Ridgeway, Bob Miller, Jim Bailey, Gary Gadd, Bob Hammersly, Erwin Rothenstein, Gail Robinson, Eugene Riley, Earl Mackey. SIXTY-SEVEN mm amazed The Trojan courtmen did their part in establishing a spectacular athletic season by scrap- ping their way to a 12 won, 6 lost record. The 6 Trojan five, composed of boys who had p1ay'ed Dale Thompson and Roe, efncient together all through high school, showed great basketball managers, Care for the Squadis enthusiasm and teamwork as they battled their equipment. way to the honorable position of East Central Ohio League Co-Champions. Their speed and smooth, rapid-fire passing attack not only brought high honors to the team, but also produced an honorable mention all Ohioan, Harold Hoffman. The Trojans won their first tournament game from St. Clairsville but bowed to Zanesville in the second. Coach Durtschi and his Varsity court- men with their well-earned East Central Ohio League co-champion basketball trophy. Kneeling: Beeb Van Voorhis, Harold Hoffman, Don Silverthorne, Harry Meek. Standing: Pete Hewitt, Dick Ray, Coach Durtschi, Darrell Beiter, Mgr. Dale Thompson, Jim Taylor. SCORES Home Games Games Away oPPoNEN'1's N.H.s. OPPONENTS N.H.s. West Lafayette 29 47 Uhrichsville 38 45 New Philadelphia 61 50 Cadiz 42 46 Cambridge 35 61 Byesville 67 66 Uhrichsville 43 46 Dennison 45 41 Scio 50 49 Carrollton 49 70 Dennison 47 57 West Lafayette 55 54 Carrollton 40 79 New Philadelphia 62 52 Byesvillc 44 67 Cambridge 51 56 Cadiz 44 67 Freeport 41 57 VVon - 12 Lost - 6 TOURNAMENT N.H.S .,,....,..... 45 St. Clairsville ............ 43 N.H.S ............. 42 Zanesville .................. 53 SIXTY-EIGHT Beiter Silverthorne Hoffman Van Voorhis Ray Shots of Dennison Game Time Out Meek Taylor Hewitt Clum DARRELL BEITER-1 yr. Reserves, 1 letter, 1 year Varsity, 1 letter DON SILVERTHORNEW1 yr. Reserves, 1 letter 2 years Varsity, 2 letters HAROLD HOFFMAN -V2 yrs. Reserves, 1 letter, 2 yrs. Varsity, 2 letters HAROLD VAN VOORHIS-2 yrs. Reserves, 1 letter, 2 yrs. Varsity, 2 letters DICK RAYH-2 yrs. Reserves, 1 letter, 2 yrs. Varsity, 2 letters HARRY MEEK-1 yr. Varsity JIM TAYLORS1 yr. Reserves, 1 letter, 1 yr. Varsity PETE HEWITTA1 yr. Reserves, 1 letter, 2 yrs. Varsity, 2 letters SAM CLUM 1 yr. Reserves, 1 letter, 1 yr. Var- sity, 1 letter SIXTY-NINE R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S R-E-S-E-R-V-E-S Reserves! Reserves! Reserves! RESERVE CHEER LEADERS Carol Triplet, Sue Kohl, Carol Patterson , SEVENTY RESERVE TEANI SITTING-fOtis Dansby, Bill Shaw, Bob Hall, Bob Hashmen, Ronnie Yanai, Larry Atkinson. STANDING-Dick Roe, Keith Dennis, Dick Hackcnbracht, Jim Mullen, Don Little, Glenn Bricker, Ralph Harris, Coach Wolff. WON-H11 LOSTf7 JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS Marilyn Mullen, Barbara Patterson, Joan Basiletti With a B With a B B-U-L-L a D With a D D-O-G-S With a With Witha B-U-L-L-D-0-G Bulldogs! JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM W THE BULLDOGS -S FIRST ROW-Jack Dennis, Gary Gadd, Eugene Riley, Bob Miller, Max Hammersly, Gail Robinson. SECOND ROW-Frank Spring, Jim Beals, Jim Schaffer, Ed Johnson, Dick Base- hart, Roy Wood. SEVENTY-ONE WGJMZZQXV FIRST ROW-Don Silverthorn, Beeb Van Voorhis, Harold Hoffman, Geary Riggle, Cliff Wilson, Dick Baker, George Saylor. SECOND ROWfCoach Durtschi, Coach Trimmer, Francis Haver, Dick Jaynes, Dick Ray, Bob Chapman, Darrell Beiter, Mike Lenzo, Bob Carr, Jim Mullen, Coach Wolff. THIRD ROWfPete Hewitt, Dale Thompson, Jim Taylor, Jerry Beiter, Dick Hacken- bracht, Bob Titus, Bob Loveless, Glenn Bricker, Gary Jurin. Wwe The Newcomerstown Athletic Department is fielding a track team again this year for the second time in the school's history. In addition to various other dual meets there will be the conventional East Central Ohio League meet held at Uhrichsville. After winning E.C.O.L. trophies in football and basket- ball the track team will be striving to cash in on the E.C.O.L. track trophy. The track squad is coached by Coach Durtschi with the assistance of Bobo Trimmer. Quaid! Baseball is among the sports activities in Newcomerstown High this year, after being out of the sports limelight for two years. There is no provision for baseball in the East Central Ohio League but various non-league games have been scheduled. The Trojan nine is coached by Principal Fred Lowry. SEVENTY-TWO Um Sfwmcvm 7he 4 SEVENTY-TH REE V, ,vw t For the betterment of I Q E VV COMERSTO VV and Commumty i 2 -'U CHARLES COOPER Director Wm. G. HEIFNEIK - President FOREST SMITH Director I . M. O. JULIEN Director C. R. YINGLING - Vice-President D. B. DOEDER - - Director H. S. IJQAIJING - - Treasurer LEO S- HPZLLER Di"6Cf0" ' C. C. RUSSELL Director W. E. OUII.-XN'I' - - Secretary ROELOF SMITH Director HERBERT HAWKINS - - Director 1 L., L .L SEVENTY-FOUR A-' S 'TTT V 'T 1 FOflgI'lIlllll7ll'OI'lS Class of 1950 T T There's a Good l l HARDWARE STORE Phone 2343 T in Newcomerstown A The fe eeoeoo A A ie E U R E K A C pl' ents of T Om lm Store Co. l The STARLITE A T T A W Drive-In Theatre R. M. PoRTz - Q1 - Mgr. A Rt. 16 - West of Newcomerstown 102 North River St- T T It's The Starlite For a Good Nite A To S , S -J L- -J T' ' iw" ee 'W 5 1 T BEST WISHES .... CLASS OF 1950 T T H A V E R ' ' ELECTRIC SUPPLY x L.- A E , ,, ,W A A., ,e,o,, ,M -J SEVENTY-FIVE f' Own" """"" ' " i CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS . . . A booster for N. H. S. and better styles and values BALTIMORE CLOTHING CO. L L., L L L L so LLL I LALLLLLL T' KI ' I 'NWT T' 'X Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Mrs. Lanning's Store 202 West State Street A The Produce Co., Inc. Refrigerated Lockers Dressed Poultry 2227 Phones 2655 L.- Le , ,L , ,A ,,,, .J L. J V I BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU .... Class of '50 And may your Success be exceeded only by your Happiness THE OXFORD BANK MEMBER F. D, I. C. L-, ,ALMA LH ,,,e ,,,,t--,,. Tw "N""T 7" 1 1 I Lots of Luck Fletcher and DeWitt Tin Shop o , 1 . Congratulations Class of 1950 OTT Radio Service Sales and Service RADIO TELEVISION ,L.- llcc LL I ,LLL L.- .1 SEVENTY-SIX . . V 47, , , ,YH Y' 'X f' W """ W ' 'W v rv 1 A Compliments of Gray Electric Compliments , and Plumblng w gf CRANE Products rpm' 118 Bridge street Phone 2883 L.- 8 Coil lwf---- 5 J! The Dennlson C0Ca'C0la Best Wishes Class of '50 Bottling CO. WELIQER Phone Dennison 66 i Sales 81 Service l 580 Heller Drive Phone 2558 L. ?i i, ,if CC V 'T i E 1 V COMPLIMENTS 01" BESST DRY CLEANING DIAL 2345 I K. ,J SEVENTY-SEVEN T' 'W 1 1 1 Compliments of l l Q Ward H. Bell Complmzents of Newcomerstown SOHIO Service 'cWlzere Service is a Pleasure Boydls Dairy Bar J. C. Penney Co., lnc. Hwhm Qmmy Rules., Ice Cream Dairy Products L- - Dee EE? -J L., .E D -me We .J F' E W H V W Y' K' Zvi TW 'W l 4 Y Hawklns l. G. A. Super Market INDEPENDENT GROCERS The Complete Grocery SELL Quality lVlerchanflise Plus Service G51 West Slate Street 1 F-R-E-S-H H 0 L S U M V BUSS Vault Works Manufacturers of Q 1 CONCRETE VAULTS Phone 4872 B R E A D uimby's Bakery Co. Uhrichsvillo l L.- , .,,,.,,. , ., E, ,-, .,, ,J L.- W ,.,, , , ,,.,, J SEVENTY-EIGHT Maker'sof FINE PORTRAITS BRIGHT STUDIO I. Lcnzo Phone 2371 AAA, A A -J W Warner's Bakery 735 West State Street Phone 2291 A A, Al A .J '1 P 'O N T I A C Sales and Service R0e's Garage , A AAAS JI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1950 Compliments of W. H. ROGEIVS Agency 'W I Best Wishes Class of '50 COULTER'S Auto Service I I AAAAAAA, ,eee A -J W Compliments of . BONNELL I Funeral Home AAAA A -J SEVENTY-NINE r "W t I i f' 2 COM PLI M EN TS OF THE FIRST N ATION A BANK Menlber of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation L., anal C a a A V' C A A iiiii 'T Vi' CAM it 'N Compliments of Congratulations, Class of '50 C. DUDLEY JEWELER A FRIEND Fine Watch Repairing , Frankle Barthalow 215 Main Street L- M.?f A4 Li J rw iiiiii it not awww rn-or w Congratulations Class of '50 v I N Titus I. G. A. Market L.- ,, I K Compliments of Scott's Five and Ten AJ L.- .J EIGHTY THE 'W l O O O I BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB L. .L .J Y S A 'W T' WT , O R T T ' S Complzmenls of Starkey,S General Electric R. C. A. PHILCO - MAYTAG Auto Parts Appliances - Radio - Television i . J -J L., SL S Elk? ..z! nn"ee"n A e nj COMPLIMENTS OF S 5453 13,543 B . P . E L K S N 0. 1 5 5 5 54,1697- ,JN T7 V O O T TTS 'W Insurance and Bonds KROGER Phone 2885 COMPANY 157 Main St. Newcomerstown, O. ,i L.- -J EIGHTY-ONE V- t t 36 years of Real Realty Service in Newcomerstown JCHN C. RUSS REALTOR Q ae aaa aaa,ii,Wea ea - fr 'P'AM""A' 'Z ' 'W Tvwwvvw-PP H ' 'Z W 'B i . FARRELUS IYUIIIIUIIIIIUHIS of PAINT and SUPPLY i 1 i Pittsburgh Paint Hardwalie Imperial VVHIIPHPGFI 1 Armstrongs Linoleum I 221 Main sm-get Phone 5001 lW,.- .J A., at aa WY .J f' H 'N I' ' ' P' 'W SMITH'S Compliments of S21l1lt3l'y Market 0 9 . Lleser s MIISIC Quality Mezits and Groceries Corzgrntulnlions Class of ,50 213 W. Main Street Phone 2634 112 Niain Street L., ,,,,m+,?,,a ,J L., , M, 7 ,, mis, J EIGHTY-TWO V NT V 'T T i X 1 Y Your De endable Home Owned Storr- P M SZ: T Where Quality Reigns Supreme T T TRY W X MASTER r Cooper Furniture C0. 227 West Malin Sl. - Nevvcomorsiovvn T T A L- A Ee EASE O -1 r Always A J A BOOSTER V' O QT T R ' V 1 We wish you, class of 50. T T egilggigrigg Apglfsgeegng SUFCESS T H. E. Leading A TIRE AND SUPPLY 5 PTIOIN' 2216 .lolul V. Slvpllmls, Mgr. X X Phone 2200 A Y L- erre O erre rr O ,J V' WT ' 1 OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '50 l ga A I :"f' T H0 CTIIIPIIIEIIT C0 T D 5 .k m PLUMBING HEATING 1 ELECTRIC HARDWARE A I . L.- A E. E1E,,,,,E,--,,,e -..J EICHTY THREE F 'X COM PLI M EN TS OF HELLER BROTHERS COMPANY of OHIO N ewcomerstown, Ohio Manufacturers of HELLER NUCUT and VIXEN FILES SWISS PATTERN FILES WOOD, CABINET and HORSE RASPS MASTERENCHES NAIL and BALL PEIN HAMMERS FARRIER TOOLS BRICKLAYERS' and PLASTERERS' TROWELS ooo T004 Lv xB W fs 405 x9 - , ,Www rv, Complimenls of MILLER Ei 'T Go Zo A. J. Police SHOE REPAIR Colonial Shoe Shop Where You Get Quality and Expert SHOE SERVICE L ,. ,, -J RESTAURANT W QUALITY FOOD PLUS SERVICE FORD9S Barber Shop 119 North Bridge Street 131 River St., Nevvcomerstown, Ohio Stop in for Quick Service LL LL, -J L.. .J E "WT T' ' "" Y' ' Best Wishes to the Class of ,50 C Z' mp lmemof Welsh and Marlowe A Friend High Grade Shoes for the Whole Family 137 Main. Street Phone 2383 a. . Ei iiiii is EELS .4 a.- -J I' WWZWT T' 'iw W 'H 'W Compliments of Kendricks Grocery and Service Station Guernsey and Tuscarawas Co. Line Phone 604-3 Sales Service Genuine Parts and Accessories L. H. 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Nature's Best Food T 'W RUSSELL DAIRY QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS DIAL 2348 EAST CANAL STREET L L L LLL ,J T C I 'T V' G G 'W Andyvs Body Shop Besz Wishes to ilze General Repairing 1950 Graduales Auto Glass Replacement Brown's Grocery Rear 224 East Canal Street Newcomerstown, Ohio 319 Chesmul SWCCL L LLLLLLLLL -J L.- LL Leee L LLLL LL L Li Y ,L Lwf, ,L ,T T, N MATT' ae wi LIONS CLUB Our Slogan L-Liberty PRODUCTS I-Intelligence O-Our N-Nations CO' S-Safety L LLL LLLL L .LJ 'Y-A "-A' "TY ' ' 'j Bender Oil Company P L U M B E R S , I Sinclair Gasoline, Oil, Grease B R A S S 24--Hour Taxi and G O O D S Wrecking Service y 2202 Phones - 2664 L L -J L.- L LLL L LLLLL Li NINETY ONE F, WE PR OTECT THE YOUNG .... Mo oseheart, Illinois WE PROT Til? ,ngal Qgrhm: of ECT THE OLD . . . Mooseh Congralulations to the Class of ,50 Nu. 1337 115-117 Canal Street WE J oin us and receive Zhe LE NINETY-TWO MEET EVERY THU Newcomerstow Phone 2612 W PA p P w fN I1 Y IIWIW' 0 , HH' X T ' f YU' Mk XYZ' xg P' T ,liz yy LQ' I W, MW E 1'KQ5,iWgWf'j ' Q W' R fe WI X ' Q' M 9 RSDAY NIGHT great benehls. C. E . HOLDSWORTH, Secr aven, Florida UUEIB n, ohio etary 1 e,E1T,1.i 'T vie pwgm MM: me sew gem' The ROTARY Club Neweomerstown, Ohio .LJ -j V' iw I l Compliments of Compliments of Ames Shell Service Dot's Beauty Shop "Service is our Specialty" "Dash in and see Dotv Phone 2650 Phone - 2300 ,LLL CJ no .J 7" "S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '50 CHRISTOPHER SUPPLY 205 South River St. CANDY - Gum - Cigars - Cigarettes WHOLESALE ONLY Newcomerstown's Only Jobber Phone 2303 A t , ,L it , -LJ NINETY-THREE ,F rw r' 1 v BLISS Auto Parts Automotive Parts and Accessories Brake Service a Specialty CIGARIETTES - POP - CAND Call 2417 L.- - Y MCCORMICK - DEERING Farm Equipment C. O. MODER INTERNATIONAL Motor Trucks V Compzimenzs of Atkinson Lumber Co. HARDWOOD LUMBER L., 1 rYr T, Y I l I Compliments of 1 l CosHocToN DAIRY l cooPERAT1vE Co. l L.. s ing, f R- A Lg Read and Use Coshocton Tribune Published every week-day evening and Sunday morning Local News - World-Wide News, Famous Columnists, Comic Pages and Many Other Fine Features - Eight Pages of Colored Comics on Sunday. Mrs. Charles Yingling-Coshocton Tribune's Newcomerstown Rep. Compliments of Evelyn's Beauty Shop 101 Cross Street Dial - 2607 J K. , , J NINETY-FOUR J Q P V T 'W V O O 'W Compliments of T The 0 T Rellable T H I C K S Auto Parts Company C0- Phono 2393 T L., E E EO EEO To -J T ,-E-W---E A EE -. T Fine f 'Y FURNITURE Oxford Cleaners V CARPETS "Jusl zz little 13etlUr" Pick Up and Deliver IDl'IllliS0l1 Ohio T Phone 4695 . E?,,,?o,. oM,.z L- E ,E ooooo +V O EEO To V V TT" TT T7 N CwOl7I,lJIffIlf?I'IfS of i T Wigfield Bros. Grocery T A T CONGRATULATIONS "The BIG STORE on the T I LITTLE CORNER" CLASS OF '50 L.- or -J 1 , , T T F A T F 1' ' - 3 omp mzenta of Frlend T . Beall Clothlng Store ' WVEST LAFAYETTE, OHIO L, O .J L., - -.-O -J NINETY-FIVE ?""'W 'JW Y' 'E Compliments of 4 Compliments Of Hinds Funeral Home 3417 North College Street PfeilTer's I. G. A. Store STONE CREEK, of-Ho P11039 2421 Phone 28483 New Philadelphia I L.- J L .J f" ' 'Y 'Nl TE 'W 'N Compliments of Ortt Motor Company DriVe,In CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE L.- , , MJ L..,r,, J TE Y WT T", 'W Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Lyons Service Station Your SOHIO Dealer 300 East Canal Street Phone 4551 K. .J L.- x. L, Yaggi Cheese Factory Manufacturers of High Quality SWISS CHEESE T' ' 'W ?"E"" v v HAFNER'S CHARLOTTE Original out Rate Beauty Parlor NEW LOCATION 216 MAIN STREET L.. E to L.- NI NETY-SIX K' W V 'W ?"" P 'W Congratulations Moore's Barber Shop By appointment if you wish Phone 2587 """' ' " ' ' f '1 lVIercer's Sunoco Service Station sUNoco DYNAFUEL Oils - Greases CONFECTIONS A to Z Lubrication V , i i Compliments of The DAILY TIMES Tuscarawas County's Leading Newspaper Your Home Newspaper Complete Acme Wirephoto Service 1 Only newspaper in this section offering this service. New Philadelphia, Ohio ,AJ L- -J I PHA' W 'W Best Wishes to Class of '50 Crawford's Dry Cleaning ?" P 2' ' W H 'PW v v l LAW'S Ritz Sandwich Shop Next, to theatre HSEE WHAT YOU EAT" l 112 Bridge Street Phone 2646 l l L.. n,l,ns,e ,,.l me C in ,,ll in ll. A-J 'DW Best Wishes Class of '50 MOORE'S STORE I l x. .i f" "VA" 'Tim' ' AWP' W 'W i zoLLER NASH Sales 81 Service DOVER, OHIO Phone 42526 New and A-1 Used Cars Complete Service on All Makes L L. JJ NINETY-SEVEN 2 ir' t 'X v 1 BEST WISHES lo the Class of 1950 1 NEWCOMERSTOWN NEWS Establislted 1898 L.. , , ng, T .J T' 'WW A ' ' ""' ' 7' 1 Compliments of MARSTRELL Service Station PENNZOIL PI'OdLlCtS 1 I East 'Canal Street L. at it it T' ' "W ' ' W Y' 7 Best Wishes Class of '50 See SCOTTY First Ralph W. Scott Agency General Insurance and Bonds L.- ,Wwe W, K ,, ,i A T, W ,, , , 1 1 1 6 Compliments of rf , , 7 Congratulations Class of ,50 W. E. OURANT 1 B A I R S "An Institution for 1 l Community Service" Ncvvcomerslown Cambridge 24,-Hour Barnesville West Lafayette 1 AMBULANCE SERVICE 1 Phone 2591 L- nlctttts,n1ltinntt on SCJ L. S no w?"W S FV' 1 Compliments of Compliments of 1 Denhamls Market 1 F 1 Groceries and Meats I DP- R- F. WHFFCH We Deliver l DENTIST 101 West Canal Phone 4502 l 1 L.- on ,tw C SWF ,- . .Z Li, n Y , NINETY-EIGHT F 'W T' 'W Y V ' I . I I E. A. Warner Gravgl 1 Good Luck To All Of You SAND and GR-AVEL Curtiss Jewelers 204 West Church Street Phone 2465 I I Newcomerslown, Ohio Leading GIFT STORE 14, -FAI -J LI AI II .J h NT V A A 'T V i Cj077Ip1i771f?I7fS of A f'0y71pIl'y71gn1g gf DAVIS World War II A W I I , Rexall Drug Veterans Assn. 1 Y ' L I I ssss -J L.- A IH-I is -J A W5 COMPLI M EN TS Z? QQIZ3' DAIRY AND ICE CREAM C0. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 4 L I -J NINETY-NINE V 'T VW C CC 6 Congratulations Class of '50 Liberty Truth Justice Equality BEITER F O E MUSIC SERVICE I X 1 f Dil Beiter Phone 4843 Se X WW L' C 6 C M JUS1lC I Eau GC F. o. E. we een ee-We ee Aerie Congratulations, Class of ,50 Congratulates Home Class of 1950 and Loan Co. JJ L.- 6 f' 'H V 'I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '50 Fine Foods and Borden Dairy Products 131 Main Street Phone 2666 L.- . YW J ONE HUNDRED F 'B TWSWD 'DWG " ' D "" S 'D' 'W ...- wwf.- . , Q DUN GAN NEWS Get your magazines and papers here DAILY and SUNDAY The only one in Town Phone 24186 Riggs Health Studio For Health and Reducing 0 Mechanical Gymnasium 0 Sulphur Baths 0 Massage 0 Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Ray Phone 5604 North College St. ,twin -J L.- ,fi ,W , , .J S 'W ....THECAROFTHEYEAR.... The 1950 Ford V-8 and 6 Cylinder - 'fm Azz New" i Bonus Built Trucks, V-8 and 6 Cylinder - Good Service i Q'f.- ' Genuine Ford parts. The most up-to-date Equipment Trained Mechanics R. LELLAN SHOEMAKER N 28 Years Your Ford Dealer Phone 2511 Di it .t.- ie ooolo D -.2' Compliments of A-MAC Restaurant D 'W Y' ' WT Compliments of Jeannie's Beauty Shop Phone 2477 and S DD!l,D.i L.- i do D -J D lv --'Y DDD? ' G-D D in lj We welll anything but the break Compliments of of dawn and W 1 zz hrolfen heart W rl N S l Sl1epherd's Garage 1560 on your dlal x. ,J . in S it ,J ONE HUNDRED ONE COMPLIMENTS OF THE BAND MOTHERS OLDSMOBILE with ROCKET MOTOR . . . . 5 " ROGERS OLDSMOBILE COMPANY 222 East Canal Street Ph ne 2594 THE NEWCOSEAN STAFF extends Best Wishes to the readers of this volume ol' The NEWCOSEAN K. ,, Y, E, J f 1 The Photo-Engraving Used In This Book Produced by The NORTHERN Engraving and Eleototype Company CANTON, OHIO Southeastern . lf 'V ' ' I - -i5H K' ,X M M M M - ' ' ' 4 157 17 H iq "BJ l H Q . Ygrmtimg Qompamy i' Commerfciall Printers and Publishers M HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAILS if ff tk Nfllzsucfys Pine lU1fr1rnt1ngH fs s 4 Y.. YY V-, X W 7, ,Win ,H EXW , J AMW of xv. aff. 5. 1880 'iGeorge Davidson 'R. A. Goudy 'Sadie Kinney. Mrs. George Donley 'Ella McCleary, Mrs. Jesse Neighbor 'Llllle Reneker. Mrs. Llllle Williams 1882 'Lulu Johns, Mrs. W. C. Scott 'Mary Neighbor 'Mlllle Reneker Ella Roseborough, Mrs. John Browning "C. B. Vogenitz 1883 'Dollie Dever. Mrs. Albert Wolf 'Anna Kipp, Mrs. V. D. Crater 'Anna Pocock 'Eugene Vogenitz 'Josephine Wilgus, Mrs, Albert Blcker "'J. L. Wlandt 'Llllle Whiting, Mrs. Caylor Etta Zimmer 1884 'Nellie Mlsklmen, Mrs. T. J. Biggar 'Belle Ylngllng, Mrs. J. Shondels 1885 'tBelle Beers. Mrs. James Neal 'Sheridan Barnett 'Emmett Eldridge 'Cara Moore, Mrs. Alvin Eckfleld 'Augusta Wilgus, Mrs. Will Irwin 'Lulu Ylngllng, Mrs. G. T. Geddes 1886 Belle Hicks, Mrs. L. A. Gooding Xenia Hinds 'Mame Knisley, Mrs. Albert Bellamy 'Manchies Wolfe May Zimmer, Mrs. May Barnhouse 1887 tGeorge Beers Alice Dever, Mrs. Fred Tlmmons 'Flora Fleming, Mrs. D. S. Bowman "-Minnie Leonard, Mrs. R. J. Peters 'Joseph Mulvane 'Maude Mulvane 'Anna McIntyre, Mrs. William Pace 'Ada Siffert, Mrs. Carl Waggoner 1888 'Elma Case, Mrs. Adams 'Wlnlfred Johns. Mrs. O. E. Wills 'Allie Lewis. Mrs. Nelson 'Jessie Leonard, Mrs. Grant Curtlss Nora Mlsklmen, Mrs. Edward Kipp Neva Tldrlck 1889 'May Dever 'Jennie Knowles, Mrs. John Hicks George 'Mulvane 'Bertha Mlskimen 'Bertha Shaw, Mrs. Frank Mulvane 'Lulu Tldrlck, Mrs. George Beers 'Donna Thompson, Mrs. J. A. McCleary, S Rena Vogenltz, Mrs. Fred Goddard 'Laura Zimmer 1890 Alice Crater, Mrs. James Turner John Davis Esta Hicks, Mrs. Horace Willard tHomer Jackson Sallie Kenedy "J. S. Mlskimen Mame Mlsklmen, Mrs. E. B. Hughes 'Telula Patterson, Mrs. W. B. Conley Llnna Roseborough 'Lucy Dickinson, Mrs. Frank English 1891 Warner Beers Cecil Crater. Mrs. Manuel Yingllng 'Harriet Carhart, Mrs. J. M. Rehard 'Gertrude Duff, Mrs. Wlll Barcroft rAndrew Mercer Minnie Neighbor, Mrs. .T. J. Stalher Maude Sultzer, Mrs. Maude Scott Llllle Thompson, Mrs. C. B. Vogenitz 1892 Carrie Onstlne, Mrs. John Hodden Bert C. Powelson Artha Zimmer, Mrs. A. E. Wler 1893 'Lena Burris, Mrs. W. R. Yingling WW. A. Berrs Rose Crater, Mrs. Samuel Kerr 'Georgia Neighbor 'hJane Neighbor, Mrs. Charles Baxter 'Anna Sells, Mrs, S. A. Emerson 'Lulu Schlupp, Mrs. Joe Atwood 'Adelaide Timmons, Mrs. Frank Helser 1894 Anna Burris Francis Cole 'Marian Durr, Mrs. George Scherlnger May Hogue, Mrs. Rollln Vogenitz Anna Moore, Mrs. Albert Zimmer 'Simeon Phillips "Ella Schlupp, Mrs. G. W. Henseler Roy Crater 1896 Robert Bassett Mary J. Beers "Francis Crater, Mrs. Bruce Erwin 'Estella Neighbor 1897 Martha Elliott, Mrs. E. S. Duff 'tClara Murphy, Mrs. Clyde Anthony Frank H. Murphy 'Joseph McCloy Melvlna Schneider, Mrs. W. O. Sparklln 1898 'Claude Berkshire 'Claude Hogue Thomas Leonhard Jesse Mulvane Lockie Mlsklmen, Mrs, E. R. Davls Katherine Mlskimen, Mrs. John Alber Anna Neighbor, Mrs. J. E. Kelser Edna Neighbor Ella Pace, Mrs. C, J. Roch Christa Ylngllng, Mrs. W. A. Beers 'Sarah Ylngllng, Mrs. S. Musgrove 1 899 Ed Crawford 'Ray Hart Addison Huff Besse Laub, Mrs. Frank LaPorte 'Roy Lee Lizzie McCoy, Mrs. W. A. Herzog Vernon Norris Charles Ripple Mahala Stocker, Mrs. Peffler 1900 'Daisy Crater, Mrs. L. Lewis G. W. Hallock 5Mittie Moore, Mrs. Chas. Ellis 1901 Myrtle Bramhall, Mrs. Pierce Hill George Brode Margaret Brode, Mrs. Wm. McCrady Anna Duff, Mrs. Crlffln Martha Hogue, Mrs. Chas. Rusk Zola Lacey L. .J ONE HUNDRED FIVE Elizabeth McCloy, Mrs. Ira Baumgartncr Burris Moore '-'Frank Neighbor Thomas Wlandt Clara Hoslelt, Mrs. Ed. Barton Kclley iiAnna Leonhard Harvey McCoy 1902 Ray Nellie Mercer, Mrs. W. S. Palmer Elvira Miller, Mrs. Chas. Reltz Myrtle Mauer, Mrs. Ea rl Pigman Harriette Murphy, Mrs. J. R. Reitz Mabel Snyder. Mrs. C. F. Randall Nora Sheets, Mrs. C. L. Pumphrey Mayme Shaw Bessie Wlandt, Mrs. Bessie Thompson .P "'Orvel Hiller Charles Leiser Loretta Milligan, Mrs. 1903 M. C. Gardner Cora Mlsklmen, Mrs. George Froelich Mayme Neighbor, Mrs. Bertha Sondles, Mrs. J Wm. Shannon Denver Reed Daisy Sells. Mrs. Lorin Neighbor Arthur srfyder Charles Tucker Helen Wolfe. Mrs. Jas. King Bankie Robinson, Mrs. 'Thomas A. Banks Anna Carr. Mrs. John tGeorge Corbett Charles Crater John T. Duff Bankle Scott 1904 Carter Carrie Daugherty. Mrs. Charles Reed Erma Emerson. Mrs. Chas. Hoagland 'Grace Lanning Sarah Mullett, Mrs. Ve rnon Bates Alta Peoples. Mrs. Ed. Henderson "Jessie Shannon, Mrs. G. B. Brode George Shurtz 'i'Glad.ys Waltz, Mrs. Ro Neva Whltin bert Salvage 85 "Mildred Wolfe, Mrs. H. Hetiing 1905 Nellie Reitz, Mrs. Smith Taylor ' 1906 i'Mary Banks 'Margaret Bassett. Mrs. Whiteside Forrest Couts, Mrs. Miller Moore '1'Charles Dickinson Harold Fletcher 'iDonald Frame Lenora Gardner. Mrs. Sylvester Stocker 'Karl Keolsch Florence Lelser, Mrs. William Zepp Jas. M. B. Mlsklmen Llbble Murphy, Mrs. Byron Crater Harry McElroy tWarner Robinson Francis Schlupp Jennie Sheets, Mrs. Martin Howey Ida Brode, Mrs. L. B. Harry Dlllehay Minnie Grossman Nellie Gelnghry Roy C. Hess Adelle Robinson, Mrs. Roma Longshore. Mrs. 1907 Draper James Robinson Henry Schubach Eva Mullett, Mrs. Donard Frame Mae McElro Y Mayme Mulett, Mrs. Earl Cox 1908 Ada Davis. Mrs. William Johnson Emma Gardner, Mrs. Oscar Boles Clifford Hinds i"Helen Jones. Mrs. H. Pearl Laughhead, Mrs. Helen Mlsklmen, Mrs. 1908 Porterileld Wilbern Fenton John Robinson Laura McElroy, Mrs. Howard Clark tNovella Titus, Mrs. Ray Lambert Harold Woodard 1909 Martha Anderson, Mrs. Paul Riggle Lola Bricker, Mrs. Fred Robey Rose Culver, Mrs. Guy Ackerman Alcie Emerson, Mrs. William Thompson Forest Leighninger. Mrs. Wagner Martha Culbertson Zella Mackey, Mrs. James Grimsley Lelia McCoy, Mrs. Clarence Walkenspaw Lena Leighninger. Mrs. Fred Riddle Edith Morris, Mrs. F. A. Rogers Hazel Murphy Clarence Portz Warner Portz Marguerite Park, Mrs. Heywood Diggs Paul Peoples John Robinson Katherine Rogers Neva Sells, Mrs. Earl Beattie Hazel Shurtz Leola Smith, Mrs. Ray Cunningham Rebecca Tidrick, Mrs. Oscar Mackey William Tufford Mabel VanSickle. Mrs. Mabel Dlllehay 1910 Leora Fletcher. Mrs. George Buchanan Esta Hinds, Mrs. Earl Knowles Lottie Leonhard, Mrs. Lottie Larkin Marian Mullett Mae Norman, Mrs. John Powelson Cora Mumma, Mrs. John Richmond 'fFrank Norman Kathryn Novis, Mrs. Sylvia Loader Ella Patterson, Mrs. Howard Parks 1911 Vernon Art Iva Beeks, Mrs. C. E. Richardson Floyd Black Lester Bucher Mary Couts, Mrs. Coyle Belter Emerson Davis Margaret Dillehay, Mrs. Roy Frame Dale Emerson i:Adda Fisher, Mrs. John Shadle Pearl Geinghry, Mrs. Ed. Cottle Elmer Hykes Mary Leech Helen Leighninger. Mrs. Fred Trees Clara Miskimen, Mrs. C. A. Harden Nannie Morris, Mrs. Grover Portz Clarence Owen Floyd Rogers Robert Schear Frank Shurtz Fern Smith, Mrs. William Furbay Charles Starker Ruth Stonebrook, Mrs. Arnold Dauer George Tldrick 1912 Daisy Anderson. Mrs. Carl Neal Ethel Arcore. Mrs. Fred Opphile Hazel Brown, Mrs. Joe Downs Joseph H. Fletcher Victor Hayes Gladys Haverlield Earl Knowles Opal Kohler Dean Ley Robert McCleary Edna McCoy, Mrs. Lester Pope Franklin Milligan Gertrude Miskimen, Mrs. John Pace Emily Neighbor. Mrs. Clarence Dullahant Mabel Pace, Mrs. Carl Siegrist Emma Portz, Mrs. Robert Wollery R. Lellan Shoemaker A. Rav Shurtz Grace Van Sickle. Mrs. Floyd Rogers 1913 Ernest Asher Frances Barcroft, Mrs. M. E. Kishler Ovel Beiter R. L. Chaney Wilma Couts. Mrs. Ralph Lelghninger Alma Dull. Mrs. Frank Henderson Zella Eagon, Mrs. E. V. Rohr ONE HUNDRED SIX r 's Mary Havertleld Hugh Macmillan Harrlet McCleary Augusta McConnell, Mrs. Wallace Haverfleld Anna McCoy, Mrs. Charles Cunningham Twlla McElroy. Mrs. Lowell Loomis Anna McKenzie, Mrs. R. J. Blank Eva Neumeister Ada Norman, Mrs. S. M. Clark rWilma Palmer, Mrs. Harold Rucker William Rothenstein Walter Sperllng Russell Schear 'Nellie Titus, Mrs. L. E. Weaver 191-L Walter Barcroft 'Grace .Beeks i'Esther Blair, Mrs. Cecll Norman . Mary Brown, Mrs. Herbert Cowgill Lloyd Cole Ida De Long. Mrs. Charles Parker 'Wlllls George Charlene Hart, Mrs. W. T. Mathews 'Myron Hayes Frank Henderson 'John B. Klstler SMelva Keast, Mrs. Charles Ray Helen Leech, Mrs. K. W. Keiser Ralph Leighnlnger Charles Ray 'Anna Reed, Mrs. John Glenn Grace Rennard, Mrs. Ernest Begert Ella Rogers, Mrs. Francis Simmerman Irma Shurtz, Mrs. Roy Myers Odessa Walkenspaw, Mrs. Odessa Grove 1915 JKathryn Atkinson, Mrs. Ed. Hossenlop Ledlle Barnett Estella Bean, Mrs. L. M. Wiandt Ralph Beers Chester Best 'tWllliam Brothers Leota Brown, Mrs. Warren Prosser 'Mary Crouch, Mrs. Floyd Faraar Grace Crouch, Mrs. Edson Stewart Carl Gardner Bessie Haver, Mrs. Albert Bader 'Samuel B. Hayes Blanche Henderson, Mrs. Russel Tldball SPaul Huff Asenath Leighninger, Mrs. Zara Abbott Henrietta Lleser, Mrs. Wm. Regula Margaret Macmillan. Mrs. R. L. Gaskill Elva Martin, Mrs. Ray Wolfe Daniel McConnell 'Verna Morris, Mrs. Raymond McPherson Charles Robinson Alfred Schlupp Edwin Tilton Ethel Wallace. Mrs. Ethel Wllkln 1916 Luella Beeks Lucille Beeks, Mrs. R. C. Cake Frleda Bonnell, Mrs. Alonzo Bailey Lucille Eagon, Mrs. Lancaster 'Rachel Erwin. Mrs. J. R. Inman Ernest Hinds Freda Hudnall. Mrs. Ray Thompson Aldrich Hykes Thelma Lewis, Mrs. Walter Hinds Clyde Marlowe Llllle Murphy, Mrs. E. O. Kinsey Eva Pace, Mrs. Wm. F. McDermott 'Vlolette Phillips, Mrs. C. W. Mlsklmen Edna Riggle, Mrs. Roy Jones Wllllam Tilton Helen Warner, Mrs. Edwin Brown Florence Wlandt Paul Woodard Vlctor Yingllng 1917 Ralph Adams 'Charles Botlmer George Brown Rosemary Cook, Mrs. W. L. Stephon Ralph Dillon Roy Euga Arthur Euga Mary Hartllne, Mrs. Paul Huff Roy Hildebrand. Ruth Jones, Mrs. J. Norman Kyle Ethel Kendleberger, Mrs. Victor Staneart i'Donald McCleary Mary McKenzie, Mrs. Edgar Combs i'Thomas Montgomery Ada Nugen, Mrs. Suntheimer Fred Reed Mabel Stahler. Mrs. Walter Young "Roger VanSlckle , 1918 X-Rachel Atkinson, Mrs. Robert Boyd Russell Bean Samuel Boltz Ralph Brown Roy Calvin Mary Daugherty, Mrs. Vernon Schupp Albert Dlllehay Mary Dreher, Mrs. Herbert Renner Birney Emerson Helena Hackenbracht, Mrs. Jack Norman Ina Hinds, Mrs. E. D. Lowery Marjorie Kaden, Mrs. Russell Bean Beatrice Nicholson, Mrs. Otto C. Meyer Charlotte Lewis. Mrs. James Murphy Eunice Leech, Mrs. Roy Lyle Bessie Ley Wayne Ley Woneta. Marlowe, Mrs. Noble Sherrard Fern McConnell, Mrs. Eugene Rousch Harry McFadden 'Beatrice Montgomery. Mrs. Ben Robinson Vera Powell, Mrs. Walter Cochrane Clarence Rufenacht Ernest Silverthorne tRaymond Smith Maude Tidrlck. Mrs. James Macmillan Catherine Tufford, Mrs. Ralph Brown Gladys C. Wilson, Mrs. Beechy 1919 Grace Alexander tPaul Atkinson Florence Barnett, Mrs. I. J. McClary Mary Bean Edith Botlmer, Mrs. Edward Schenck Edna Flnlcal, Mrs. Leroy Moore 'Franklin Gray 'Mabel Gunn Olive Kinsey, Mrs. Frederick Zimmer 'May Kuntz, Mrs, Atlee DeVal Christina Macmillan Ina Martin. Mrs. Clyde Marlowe Elsie Palmer, Mrs. Roy Smith Robert Peoples Lella Rlggle, Mrs. James Gimble Estella Ripley, Mrs. W. Wadelln Laura Robinson, Mrs. Upson Kyte Mabel Rothensteln 'fClarence Shaffer Owen Smith Grace VanSlckle, Mrs. William Dailey Elma Walkenspaw, Mrs. L. J. Smith Melvin VanSlckle Frederick Zimmer 1920 Theresa Barthalow Dean Beauregard Ruth Brown, Mrs. Kenneth Kohler John Burris Mabelle Chapman, Mrs. Harold Thompson Russell Dayton Alice Decker, Mrs. Leslie Besst Virglnla Dorsey, Mrs. Edward Henning Vernon Dreher "Elliott Duff Deborah George, Mrs. Howard Stephan Llo d Hart Y Charles Leech Ruth McCollum, Mrs. Frank Perone Irene -Morris, Mrs. Dean Beauregard Clara Nicholson, Mrs. Leo Fontaine Lucille Patterson, Mrs. Raymond Deesllc Estelle Peters, Mrs. Russell Norman Zelah Rush. Mrs. W. Wilson Joseph Snyder Elmer VanSlckle Virginia Welsh, Mrs. Ralph Marlowe L. .. L.- Y. L L ...-w.. . .- .J ONE HUNDRED SEVEN --P 1921 Marie Adams. Mrs. Russell Reynolds Heloise Asher, Mrs. Merle Rice Margaret Beers. Mrs. Fred Evans Lucille Carr, Mrs. Walter Young Mildred Emerson, Mrs. George Murray Helen Floyd. Mrs. Harvey Davis John Glazer Phoebe Hart. Mrs. Harry McFadden Beatrice Johns, Mrs. Paul Atkinson Jessie King, Mrs. W. Muhlein Madeline Ley, Mrs. Carol Makepeace Jean McCleary. Mrs. Harley Brown Wayne McFarland John Mahon Emery Martin Beatrice Mulvane, Mrs. Chester Best 'flda Nicholson 'fGrace Peoples George Richards Gladys Tfford, Mrs. Kenneth Beall Nellie Walton. Mrs. Owen Jones Dorothy Williams. Mrs. Charles Carlisle Ralph Portz Esther Woodard, Mrs. Esther Booth 1922 Verna Arth, Mrs. Boyd Wallace Clyde Barthalow 'fBeryl Beauregard, Mrs. R. L. Shoemaker Eva Blair, Mrs. J. Walter Anna Bond, Mrs. Clyde Kees Helen Brunn Edith Carr, Mrs. Wilbur Lapp Frank Carruthers Frank Dorsey Watson Daugherty Mabel Draher, Mrs. Ralph Marquand Pauline Dorsey, Mrs. Burton DeWitt Lewls Fletcher Carma Hagan, Mrs. Zona Rogers Elvin Hannahs Ralph Hiester Lorls Hunt Virgil Johnson Lake Loader Marjorie Mauss, Mrs. Chester Randles Earl Murphy Eugene Nelson Dorothy Oaklief, Mrs. George Hootman Carl Portz John Rehard Donna Rlggle, Mrs. Elvin Hannahs Gladys Risher, Mrs. Arthur Carruthers Frederick Schwab Lols Zimmer, Mrs. Craig 1923 Mary Barnett, Mrs. F. A. Moslander Paul Brunn Wilbur Dayton Burton DeWitt Helen Gefeller Mary Hayes Ethel Holder, Mrs. Francis Bethel Lloyd Huff Lucille Hursey, Mrs. Carl Portz J. E. Johnson Howard Kaden Florida Kistler, Mrs. Herbert Lemke Burkett Lansberry Orlan Loader Russell MacQueen Ferguson Macmillan 'Wilbur McPherson Helen Peters, Mrs. Arthur Mercer Calvin Peters Herbert Prosser Jen Evea Raine John Ray Thomas Ripley Beulah Regula, Mrs. Roger Smith Mary Robinson Helen Schaffer, Mrs. Bernard Chapman Mildred Schlupp, Mrs. Paul Key Donald Sheets Alveretta Sheely, Mrs. Burkett Lansberry Dorothea Swigert, Mrs. Alfred Marshall Leota Shoemaker Russell Taylor Helena Underwood, Mrs. Kenneth Bird Oliver Underwood Henrietta Vogenitz, Mrs. Roy Winkler Almena Yingling, Mrs. Lester Klshman 1924 Nettie Alexander, Mrs. R. Hilbourne Francis Angle Frederick Beauregard Lorraine Bond, Mrs. F. D. Davidson Harley Brown Wilma Chapman. Mrs. D. L. Bing Helen Cooley, Mrs. D. Bixler Ruth Davis. Mrs. Stanton McLaughlin Ralph Draher Howard Fletcher Emil Floyd Geneva Hackenbracht Mabel Hannahs, Mrs. Russell Tufford Frances Hinds, Mrs. Earl Titus Ilda Hunt Alma Kees, Mrs. Floyd Kinsey Thomas Larkin Lucy Lewis Irwin McCallister Glenroie MacQueen Mary Mulvane, Mrs. Kenneth Phillips 'Wilma Murphy, Mrs. C. O. Shull Delbert Neff 'iHarlan Neiderhauser Fern Oliver, Mrs. Edgar Ramage Bernice Palmer, Mrs. Wayne Dorsey Willard Palmer Mary Phillips, Mrs. Howard Davis Freda Riggle, Mrs. Walter Krause Evalyn Swigert, Mrs. Ernest Novis Alta Tufford, Mrs. Robert Clark Etta Taylor, Mrs. Ledlie Barnett Frances Williams Alice Wadelin, Mrs. H. O. Wise Mildred Wilson, Mrs. Grant Peters Charles Yingling David Zimmer Dwight Van Sickle 1925 J John Atkinson Elizabeth Barthalow, Mrs. Kenneth Arbogest Dilfred Beiter Honald Blair Ralph Bower Virginia Brokaw, Mrs. William Barron Robert Calhoun Irma Carney, Mrs. Vernon Leech Wayne Carney Lloyd Couts Joseph Daugherty Goldie Edwards, Mrs. David Higgins Olive Frasher, Mrs. John Gray Katherine Gilgannon, Mrs. Albert Miller Gall Hammersley, Mrs. Carl Everhart iiAnna Harstine, Mrs. Vearl Davis Margaret Heister, Mrs. Margaret Carr "Cora Johnson Max Julien Helen Kelser, Mrs. Richard Limbaugh Karl Lauer Charles Little Olive Loader, Mrs. Russell MacQueen John H. Miller Paul Momberg Mary Mugford, Mrs. N. R. Peterson Oscar Murphy Perry Murphy Byron Meyer Lorin Oaklief Mary Pace, Mrs. Paul Brand Wilma Regula, Mrs. Charles Stoner Rosella Schriner, Mrs. Roy Merkel Dorothy Schwab, Mrs. Philip Brown William Scott Elizabeth Shaw, Mrs. Ralph Portz Willis Stocker 'George Simmerman Freda Welsh, Mrs. Carl Martin Grant Welsh Joseph Whiting Elizabeth Widder, Mrs. John Shaw Dean Wise 1926 Gladys Alexander Ralph Addy Mary Carroll Beers, Mrs. Thomas Ripley Doris Berry, Mrs. David C. James Hilda Brown, Mrs. John Hogue Nellie Brown Mary Burris, Mrs. Harold Conover Willard Colvin Q ONE HUNDRED EIGHT Ravmond Craigo rCharles C. Crater Claradell Fisher, Mrs. Ermil Rice Mabel Geese Evelyn Greer Charlene Gardner, Mrs. Clarence Cunningham Forest Hammersley, Mrs. Forest Purcell Preston Hannahs Lucille Heskett. Mrs. Lowell Adams 'Dorothy Jones Bertha Kedigh Alvin Lehman Lois Little, Mrs. Ernest Miller Thelma Longsworth, Mrs. Joseph Hicklnbottom Howard Lyons Lloyd Martin Mildred McPherson, Mrs. Lester Baker Kenneth Neff Julius Nicodemus Novella Opphile, Mrs. Lorin Berkshire Alcie Patterson, Mrs. Earl Johns Margaret Reed. Mrs. Raymond Lindsay Irene Reldenbach, Mrs. Dallas Crider Robert Robinson Laura Rogers, Mrs. Irwin McAllister 'Bernard 'Slbole Elsie Smith. Mrs. Charles Little Martha Stahler. Mrs. Gilbert Hart Jessie Stocker, Mrs. Arthur Summers Max Tyhurst Arthur Wiandt 1927 Rachel Barnett, Mrs. Roger Stoffer Glenn Barthalow Ruth Barton, Mrs. Charles Crater Edna Bell, Mrs. Russell Stone Rita Bowen Margaret Bower, Mrs. Ralph Heister Clifford Blair Bertha Brode, Mrs. George Young Helen Brown, Mrs. Homer Loveless Helen Cappel, Mrs. John Barbie Carrie Couts. Mrs. Qulllen Clancv Craigo Marjorie Dorsey, Mrs. Paul Callentine Elizabeth Daugherty, Mrs. Thomas Watson Nellie Emrson, Mrs. Foster Blind Lorin Gadd iiEva Gibson George Hackenbracht John Harstine Claude Hinds Burton Hothem Francis Huff Helen Kokensparger, Mrs. Harold Roof Thelma Lehman, Mrs. Godfrey Meeks Marvin Loader Addie McFadden. Mrs. Homer Sharp Harold McVey Yvonne Martin, Mrs. Chester Hart Dorothy Maxwell Myron Mulvane Carl Peoples George Phillips Nellie Pickering, Mrs. Alvin Lehman Jean Ripley, Mrs. Forest Birney Doyle Risher Elmer Sneary Celia Smlth, Mrs. Donald Conrad Mae Taylor. Mrs. Julius Nicodemus Iva VanSlckle, Mrs. Gerald Zwoll Mabel Warner. Mrs. Wilmer Whitis Wllmer Whitis 1928 Florence Addy, Mrs. Max Julien Mabel Barton, Mrs. James Mlchos Wilma Baxter, Mrs. Hugh Basehart i:John Cooley Laurence Dlllehay Harold Earley Roy Fletcher Mae Furbay, Mrs. Gail Marks Clavis Gadd Florence Hackenbracht, Mrs. Harry Hothem Pauline Harbolt, Mrs. Waldo Oaklief Helen Hothem Mary Hudson, Mrs. Cralgo Mildred Johnson. Mrs. Glenn Stewart Martha Lauer, Mrs. Raymond McQuorder Chester Leonard 'l Leah Loader, Mrs. Frank Thomas Florence McDonnell, Mrs. R. D. Fletcher Carrie McFadden, Mrs. Howard Burris Eugene Mumma Russell Neiss David Nicodemus Vernon Parks Victor Peters Olive Ray, Mrs. Lorin Gadd Wilma Rennard. Mrs. George Wolfe Gladys Ross, Mrs. Oliver Welty Robert Shaw Harold Sneary Charlotte Swigert, Mrs. Lester Metzger Walter Thompson Oma Wiandt, Mrs. Harold Ripple Viola Wunderlich. Mrs. Howard Luthy 1929 Verna Allen, Mrs. Ray Murray Ben Barthalow Virginia Berry, Mrs. W. Agricola Hazel Bower. Mrs. Paul Cart Bernice Brown, Mrs. Berton Hothem Lorin Brown Robert Byrd John Callentine Constance Cooper, Mrs. Kenneth English i:Virginia Conrad, Mrs. William Thomas Frances Crater Rachel Crater, Mrs. Russell Treasure Robert Crater Jack Curby Mildred Early. Mrs. Paul Nay Margaret Fltcher, Mrs. Alfred Hotz Florence Folkert, Mrs. Robert Denham Walter Hammersley Izola Hannahs, Mrs. Lewis Fletcher Eugene Hartman Isac Hayes Hazel Huff, Mrs. Albert Norman Marion Johnson Robert Lee Helen Lehman, Mrs. Lloyd Huff Chester Lehman John Little Frederick Loader Carl Lyons Harold Marlatt Geneva Marlatt, Mrs. George Miller Joseph Maxwell Carl McFarland iiViola Mercer, Mrs. George Barthalow Violet Mercer, Mrs. Carl Hammersley Mary K. Meyers. Mrs. Raymond Hayward Matilda Murphy. Mrs. Lewis Hemlinger Hilda Ripley Thelma Neighbor, Mrs. Ronald Huff Mildred Oakleif, Mrs. Harold Preston Willis Roe Ralph Robinson Glenn Stewart Charles Stone Floyd Stocker Eugene Thompson Ruth Troendly, Mrs, Herman Sandel Mary Troendly, Mrs. Orlan Loader Arthur Tufford Mary West. Mrs. Jake Huffman Marjorie Wise. Mrs. Charles Mugford rElmer Yanal 1930 ikJean Barnett, Mrs. Raymond McCune Kenneth Bennett Irene Black. Mrs. Ambrose McDevitt Gail Bretzlus Gordon Brode Paul Buzzard Dallas Carney Bernard Courtrlght Charlene Couts. Mrs. Robert Robinson Grace Cralgo, Mrs. Willis Atkinson Ila De Vol Eleanor Dlllehay. Mrs. Ralph Brillhart Alwilda Fenton, Mrs. Charles Phillips Donald Ford James Geese Thelma Glazer. Mrs. Ralph Darragh Letha Hardesty Edith Heskltt Robert Hinds Opal Hothem. Mrs. 'Woy Mizer --- - . .J ONE HUNDRED NINE r ' " ' Af- ---'ff -' A -- -' - 1 f' 'N l Howard Jones John Foster iiJoseph Knezevich Jennie Furbay, Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe l Ethel Lehman, Mrs. Carl Peoples Howard Groff Earl Marlatt Virginia Hackenbracht, Mrs. George Temple Raymond McCune Harry Haver Geneva McFadden, Mrs. John Roll William Heifner 1 Mahala Mugford, Mrs. Robert Byrd Marjorie Hilligas, Mrs. Mike Tipton V Joseph Murphy Calvin Johnson Elizabeth Murphy. Mrs. Schmuck Margery Palmer, Mrs. Robert Wlglleld Charles Phillips Woodrow Portz Walter Quigley Ruth Richmond, Mrs. Willard Chaney Esther Rohrbacker, Mrs. Clarence Mainwaring Lucille Salliday, Mrs. Robert Crater James Shaw Allce Shearer, Mrs. Cecil Gardner Lilliam Thompson. Mrs. Gail Bretzlus Lucille Wldder, Mrs. Raymond Sherer Emma Wilkin, Mrs. E. C. Bower Andy Nendallo Yanai 1931 Lillian Asher John Baker Marjorie Bell, Mrs. Bucklew Twlla Boyd iiStella Brown, Mrs. Glenn Swigert Albert Callentine Leo Callentlne Eugene Cliapman s Jame Coe Gladys Cramlet. Mrs. Lawrence Wilkin Don Crouch Lucille Dawson Alwilda Denning John Dunlevy i:Vernon Egler Robert Emerson Clarence Euga Wllliam Folkert Alice Fletcher, Mrs. Clifton Little Virginia Foster Elizabeth Gombar, Mrs. Frank Moransky Woodrow Hayes Charles Herbert Irwin Hinds Eula Hollingsworth, Mrs. Harold Smith Irene Hothem, Mrs. Domer Laura Hudson Eva Johnson, Mrs. Albert Callentlne Dorothy Knezevich, Mrs. O'Neil Dudley Korns Marjorie Lafferty, Mrs. Dale Hurst Olive Leonhard, Mrs. H. D. Brokaw Irene Lindsey, Mrs. Willis Roe Clifton Little Dale Longsworth Howard Loos Frances Lyons, Mrs. Earl Wheeland Wilbur Marlatt Gertrude Martin Jennie Martin Margaret Maxwell John Menafee Arthur Oaklief Paul Oakllef Mildred Opphile. Mrs. Homer Hunt Alice Opphile. Mrs. Patrick Duffy Dennls Ott Everett Silverthorn Margarette Stamm, Mrs. Ellsworth Drnald Steffen James Tlsh Lulu Woodard Grace Wentz William Beers. Jr. Charles Arth 1932 i'iEdlth Barthalow, Mrs. Wilbur Franks f'fEdna Baughn Edna Black. Mrs. Lloyd Couts Edmund Booth Evelyn Byrd Iris Carr, Mrs. John Milburn John E. Conrad Charles Couts Thelma Crater, Mrs. Ray Dennis Marcella Eagon, Mrs. Edgar Emerson t., - L as Hs .-.ez .. - Ross Starkey Robert Parks Breneman Alta Kedlgh. Mrs. Clifford Wilson Robert Kelser Stella Knezevich Rachel Loos, Mrs. Shuman Art Betty Lyons, Mrs. J. Thomas Staudt Harold Lyons Florine Marlatt Ray Marlatt John Milburn Florence Miller, Mrs. Harry A. Metzger Margaret Miller, Mrs. James Meyers Eva Murphy Olaf Murphy Ruth Norris, Mrs. Jack Phillips Doris Palmer, Mrs. Herbert Smith Don Pickering Roscoe Pierce Wilma Pope. Mrs. John King Charles Raine Earl Reed Helen Rennard. Mrs. Virgil Dull Elizabeth Richmond, Mrs. Allen Barr Ben Robinson Augusta Rothensteln, Mrs. H:stetler Sarah Schlarb Ellis Sargeant Bertha Smith, Mrs. Bertha Willis Iva Smith. Mrs. Herbert Gander Vodean Starts, Mrs. Wilbur Bryan Darrell Stofer Waneta Wilson Marion Zimmer, Mrs. Russell Craig Robert Zimmer John Dillehay 1933 Robert Archer Pauline Barcroft. Mrs. Robert Britton Lucille Booth, Mrs. Chester Leonhard Richard Bonnell Eugene Bowen Betty Britton, Mrs. Clarence Thomas Alma Caddes. Mrs. Earl Reed Mabel Cappel, Mrs. Marvin Ulrlch Albert Clough Chester Cosner Alice Cralgo Lloyd Crater Arthur Dennis Robert Eagon Margaret Early, Mrs. Peter Saad Carlos Fletcher Edwin Fletcher Charles Foust Mary Foust, Mrs. Vernon Walrath Helen Glazer Alva Hannahs Elaine Hill. Mrs. Raymond Folkcrt George Hursey Robert Kistler Harry Langell Ralph Lehman George Little Ronald McAllister Everett McElhaney Ellen Shalosky Freda Mallett, Mrs. Robert Folkcrt - Mary Marlatt Florence Miller Thelma Mullett, Mrs. Don Loader fl1Lee Murphy Eugene Parks Eugene Porcher Gwendolyn Reger. Mrs. Kenneth Johns Lucille Reidenbach. Mrs. Fred Loader Theda Robey, Mrs. Oliver Underwood Philip Schlupp Ruth Jane Sells, Mrs. Roy Dennis Bertha Shepard, Mrs. Jack Turner Helen Shull, Mrs. Robert Patterson George Shurtz Laura Silverthorn Cecil Stocker Howard Stocker Alfred 'Swlgert Martha Taylor, Mrs. Rlchard Bonnell Max Tufford ONE HUNDRED TEN Helen Van Sickle, Mrs. Eugene Rlffle Letha Vierheller. Mrs. Thomas Seiber Raymond Vierheller Katherine Wlgfleld. Mrs. Robert Sondles Marjorie Wolfe, Mrs. John S. Ross Florence Young Mabel Stearns, Mrs. John Little 193-1 Albert Adkins John Asher Glenna Boyd Glenn Bradshaw Vera Chance, Mrs. Leo Calentine Lewis Carr Cora Clemens Elmer Cramlet Goldie Cramlet, Mrs. Ray Williams Paul Curby Ruth Fletcher Raymond Folkert Lillian Gombar Myron Hagan i'Hazel Harbold Emmet Hart Jack Huff Robert Huff Herman Hudson Mary Alice Keidlgh, Mrs. Lewis Little John King Ordell Korns f:Marv L. Lewis Robert Loader Pauline Loveless. Mrs. Hugh Endlich Neoma Lyons, Mrs. Chester Cosner Rosemary Lyons Marie Mallett Ray Marlatt George Maxwell Josephine Mizer, Mrs. Lawrence Gaskill "Earl Mclntire Godfrey Meek Thelma Paine Dean Palmer Robert Parks Frank Quillen Roberta Richardson rEvelyn Riggle, Mrs. Oscar Shalosky Charlotte Rogers, Mrs. William Heifner Jules Rohr Margaret Simoni. Mrs. Edwin Riley Clark Schworm Oscar Shalosky Kenneth Sheeler Carl Sleber Arthur Smith Melba Steffen Wilma Stewart. Mrs. William Calhoun Robert Stcffer E. D. Swlgert, Jr. Helen Taylor. Mrs. Dale Clark tMarcus Terrell Myron Thompson Virginia Thompson Ray Tldrlck Harry Torgler Laura Torgler, Mrs. Ted Fowler William Tufford, Jr. Eileen Warner, Mrs. John Furbay Lucille West. Mrs. John Neal Mxry Wilson, Mrs. Arthur Tufford Evelyn Wilson Lucille Wilson. Mrs. Dale Wiggins Arthur Wilkin Ruth Zimmer. Mrs. Morlan Anglemger 1935 Edna Alexander, Mrs. Paul Rich Evelyn Barcroft. Mrs. Carl Daugherty Willard Beal Carl Boltz Willard Bond Helen Booth. Mrs. Walter Hickman Ruth Bradshaw. Mrs. Carl Maurer Mary Burdette Paul Carruthers Lorin Casteel Hilda Chapman. Mrs. Wharton Palmatler Max Corbett Donald Courtwright Woodrow Couts Mabel Cralgo. Mrs. Otto Shaw Carl Daugherty David Davis f H "'F"' '1 Laurence Dayton Max Draper Marvin Derr Ruth Early. Mrs. Paul McCoy Robert Elliott John Foust Delbert Gadd Laura Gadd. Mrs. Harold McCormick Carl Groff Eugene Hackenbracht Bernard Hartman James Hlllegas Helen Hill. Mrs. Lee K. Noble Fred Hootman Edna Hothem. Mrs. Edmund Booth Leonard Gist Opal Fisher Lavonne Kees Janet Lacy, Mrs, J. G. Grznar Betty Lauer, Mrs. Glen De Vool Lloyd Maloy Eugene Matthews Edward McCall Richard McMillin Billy Miller Grover Moore Paul Mulrlphy Howard orman James Parsons Virgil Peoples Vernon Powell Ralph Reed John Schlupp John Taylor Paul Taylor Ben Tldrick Betty Myers. Mrs. Ronald Hellgren Yulah Miller, Mrs. Marvin Lindell Nelva Meyers, Mrs. John Foust Rachel Neighbor. Mrs. Stanley Hines Harriet Opphile, Mrs. Carl Combs Mary Pappas, Mrs. Wilbert Walton Jean Richmond. Mrs. Paul Taylor Retha Richmond. Mrs. Robert Falrchlld Mary K. Rodenstein, Mrs. Arthur Rothenstlne Margery Schlupp, Mrs. Thomas Roberts Ruth Schlarb, Mrs. Harold Corbett Ruth Silverthorne Mary Simoni. Mrs. E. D. Swigert, Jr. Mayfair Stocker. Mrs. Olaf Murphy Katherine Troendly. Mrs. Raymond Vlegel Ruth Widder, Mrs. Earl Cooper Thelma Wiandt. Mrs. Demuth Robert Wolfe 1936 Harold Anderson Evelyn Angle. Mrs. Lewis Craigo Thelma Bennett, Mrs. Wayne Miskimcn Chester Booth Harry Bower Donald Callentine Russell Couts Thelma Craigo Bessie Cunningham, Mrs. Boyd Walverton Marie Cunningham. Mrs. Kenneth Hostetler Woodrow Dawson Ocie Dansby Hershal Derr Vernon Dreher Johnie Mae Driver Clinton Dunlap Rodney Eagon Edna Early Isobel Early. Mrs. Paul Bailey Frances Fenton. Mrs. Glenn Shaw Therese Gombar Edna Grosenbacher. Mrs. Edwin Rank Paul Hammersley Georgia Mae Harris Eileen Helter Virgil Hogue Henrietta Hill, Mrs. Delbert Garrett Velma Hinds, Mrs. Paul Jones Ruby Hunt, Mrs. Frank Harding Blanche Kedigh, Mrs. William Shephard Grace Kenney, Mrs. Edward Eggleston Betty King Nick Knezevich Carl Lenzzu Rachel Lease, Mrs. Harold Baum Grace Lyons. Mrs. George Frazer Corle McAllister. Mrs. Robert Hagan Russell Marquand - ' Charles Miller ...J ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN T' " F 'J 'W' 'W 'T Wayne Mlzer Frances Milligan. Mrs. Robert Loader Eileen Murphy, Mrs. Russell Glazer Gladys Neal, Mrs. Lewis Reed Charles Norman Clarence Ortt Carl Phillips Wilma Phllllps Wayne Rennard Lois Richmond, Mrs. Willard Egler Doyle Riggs Jean Rogers, Mrs. Eugene Stewart Helen Schumacher, Mrs. Aaron Arth Dorothy Shaffer, Mrs. Marvin Derr 'iMatthew 'Scott Stanley Schworm Walter Smith Garner Stocker Richard Stoffer Evelyn Taylor, Mrs. Merrill Beal Alma Thompson, Mrs. Eugene Poocher Olive Toney, Mrs. Floyd Bender Evelyn Treasure, Mrs. Robert McCracken Morris Wolff Earl Van Sickle 1937 Charles Abbuhl Elsie Adkins Audrey Anderson, Mrs. Robert Klndle Kathleen Barcroft. Mrs. Joseph Tlsh Charles Barnhouse Isabel Baltrusaites Helen Best, Mrs. Ira Arth Martha Bond. Mrs. Hilton McMullen Robert Brode James Carr Buster Cooke Delphlne Dreher, Mrs. Raymond Wolfe Wilma Dunlap Willard Folkert Esther Funk, Mrs. B. J. Adams Hazel Gadd, Mrs. Ray Tidrlck Robert Geese ' Margaret Groff, Mrs. William Menzle Charles Gross Jean Gross, Mrs. Harold Marlatt Sarah Gross, Mrs. Roscoe Pierce Georgia Mae Harris Florence Hartman, Mrs. Eugene Bowen Bettv Haver, Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe Dean Huff Thelma Hunt, Mrs. Dudley Korns Horace Jackson June Kees. Mrs. Glen Sanor Elizabeth Knowles, Mrs, W. A. Finsley Ruth Kohler, Mrs. Glenn Hearst Betty Lewis, Mrs. Marion Newton Vlda Loader, Mrs. Donald Callentlne James McPherson Carl Milligan Leroy Miller Royce Moore Rita Maxwell, Mrs. Phillip Henry Mary M. Miller, Mrs. Horace Jackson, Jr. Eleanor Morton, Mrs. Robert Taylor Manches Neff 'Robert Opphlle Emily Olsen, Mrs. Wallentinson Carol Palmer, Mrs. Charles Abbuhl Robert Palmer Ruth Patterson, Mrs. William Medley Donald Porcher Mary K. Portz, Mrs. Richard Rank Robert Rehard Pearl Reldenbach, Mrs. Denver Cralgo Myron Rlggle Jean Riley Howard Robinson Chester Sharrock Gerald Smith Richard Spear Richard Stofer Dorothy Starker. Mrs. Wayne House Marian Taylor, Mrs. Carroll Gilroy Joe Tlsh Mavis Tufford, Mrs. Robert Van Sickle William Van Sickle Robert Van Sickle Dwight Williams Virginia Wilson 1938 Paul Alexander Wayne Angle Jane Ashelman, Mrs. Robert Boger Charles Berg George Berkshire Evelyn Boltz June Boltz, Mrs. Richard Stoffer June Latham, Mrs. Donald Stevens Iona Booth, Mrs. Charles Hothem Mildred Charleston, Mrs. Andrew Porter Esther Couts, Mrs. Paul Hamilton Florence Cunningham Violet Cunningham, Mrs. Gerald Emler Ann Davis, Mrs. Frank Laurence Merle Dorsey Edith DeLong Mabel Early, Mrs. Wallace Casteel Martha Ellis. Mrs. Chas. McCoy Gerald Emler Dale Fenton Virgil Fisher Alice Funk, Mrs. Clarence Huntsman Bill G oettge Eleanor Gray, Mrs. Harold Best Edith Grewell. Mrs. Clarence Butsher Betty Gross, Mrs. Jules Rohr Wayne Harstine John Heller Dorothy Hill Katherin Hothem. Mrs. James Carr Clarence Huntsman Sidney Jones Robert Knowles Jane Kohler, Mrs. William Worthington Jevene Lacey, Mrs. Wllliam Wolford Gladys Laughlin, Mrs. Robert Wurster Marjorie Lease, Mrs. Gilbert Roehm Vivian Lee, Mrs. Lester Herbert Ruth Lelghnlnger, Mrs. Robert Raach Josephine Lenzo, Mrs. Charles Herbert Mabel Marlatt. Mrs. James Hllllgas John McPeek Mary McAllister, Mrs. Paul Carruthers Walter Miller Mary Norris. Mrs. Harold Bates Viola Ott, Mrs. Laurence Ralph Pollock Lorraine Pope. Mrs. Charles Miller Mary Rector, Mrs. Andrew Patton Harvey Reger Margaret Sayre. Mrs. Harold Gilmore Chester Schlarb Rolland 'Schworm Ethel Sllverthorn, Mrs. James Dorsey Melvene Schumacher, Mrs. Edw. Jueijens Florence Steffen, Mrs. Paul Gotshell Thelma Swigert, Mrs. Lester Allwood Carl Sweltzer Francis Stroup Juanita Twyman. Mrs. Ralph Coleman Bernard Walters Irene Wheeland, Mrs. Robert Geese Roger Wldder Eunice Wlandt, Mrs. Francis Cross Verlle Wilson Christina Williams Paul Wolff Grace Zimmer. Mrs. Ronald McAllister 1939 Marvin Addy Walter Albright Thelma Angle, Mrs. William Warner Howard Atha Eugene Baker Robert Bender Harold Best Beverly Barnhouse. Mrs. Arthur Wilkin Edith Bond, Mrs. Carl Philips Jessie Burdette Russell Brown L. .J ONE HUNDRED TWELVE T' 'X John Budd Esther Cottrill. Mrs. Paul Hackenberry Mary -Couts, Mrs. Richard Gaynor James Couts Emily Dillehay Dorothy Edwards Earl Fenton Jack Gainor Steve Gombar William,Gumm Walter Hinds Martha Hootman John Hllligas George Houston Arthur Johns Rosemary Johns. Mrs. Frank Wagner Mary Kenezivlch Robert Latham Raymond Lawrence Carolyn Lelghninger. Mrs. Jack Gainor Maxine Lewis, Mrs. Harold Davis Jack Martin Bessie McElhaney, Mrs. Malcolm Ott Betty McFarland, Mrs. Carl Krebs Richard Morrison Wesley Mugford Paul Meyers Suzanne Neal, Mrs. Robert Stoffer Bertha Ellen Neighbor. Mrs. Gilchrist Betty Norris. Mrs. William Miller Martha Olson. Mrs. Emerson Price Harold Fenton Helen Pappas Nick Pappas Paul Parks Gladys Porcher. Mrs. Encil Mason Dale Porcher Robert Portz Robert Raach Brice Rector Charles Rlsher Eileen Robe Edward Robinson Vera Robinson, Mrs. John Hclfner Catherine Shurtz Joe Shull Marie Silverthorn. Mrs. Salrin Myron Smith Max Strause Bessie Thomas Anita Thompson. Mrs. John Better Lillian Thompson. Mrs. Paul Rehard Orville Tidrick Carol Trees, Mrs. Roger Wldder Edward Van Sickle Gwendolyn Walters. Mrs. Carl Osler Virginia Wldder. Mrs. Donald Pettay Ruth Wilson. Mrs. George Tidrick Marshall Wheeland Andrew Yanal 1940 Donald Addy Evelyn Addy, Mrs. Haver Leona Affolter. Mrs. Lester Fockler Roberta Ashelman Wilbur Barthalow Robert Best Fred Booth Lester Brown Robert Casteel Clifford Casteel Ansel Charles Dorothea Clarke. Mrs. William Farrell Florence Coker, Mrs. Vandy Beaver Mary K. Comerford Marjorie Dawson Edith June Downs. Mrs. Cecil Blbb Helen Elliott, Mrs. Bernard Goodall Doris Fisher. Mrs. Wayne Angle Molly Gainor. Mrs. Robert Thompson Mary K. Gardner. Mrs. Richard Bordenkircher Roger George Marjorie Grewell Doris Gross. Mrs. Ervin Maurer Earl Gross Norma Gwynn. Mrs. Harold Anderson Carl Harstine Eugene Haver Ruth Haver, Mrs. Gerald R. Spring John Hllligas Carl Johnson Shirley Kennedy, Mrs. Frances Veil Jean Kinkade Beryl Kohler, Mrs. John DeRing Carl Krebs Mardell Lehman, Mrs. Robert Shaw Eugene Little John Lawver John Marlatt George McCune Glenn McCune Kathleen McCune. Mrs. Eugene Heston Norman McPherson Jay Neal Mary Ann Neal, Mrs. Paul Parks Theodore Neighbor Walter Opphile Oliver Ortt Velma Ortt. Mrs. Robert Wolfe Annabel Parks, Mrs. Garner Stocker Thelma Patterson Norma Peters William Phillips Mary Porter, Mrs. Leo Shalosky Carl Powell Dorothea Ray, Mrs. Bob Casteel Norma Richmond. Mrs. Benjamin Murphy Chester Robinson Thelma Rothenstein Eileen Stephon, Mrs. Bernie Hell Mildred Sharrock. Mrs. Robert Brady Dorothy Stalter. Mrs. Paul Cochran Mary Stewart. Mrs. Dale Dyer Mollie Stewart. Mrs. R. Johnson Lucille Stocker James Styer Jean Thompson Robert Thompson Edward Warner Wayne Wells Edna Wiandt Florence Widder. Mrs. William Towne Jack Wilson Eugene Woodard Rose Yanai. Mrs. Thomaslna Catherine Zwoll, Mrs. Dean Cronebaugh 1941 Dorothy Jane Asher, Mrs. Elwood Martin John Barcroft Elizabeth Barthalow, Mrs. Raymond Toney Natalia Bean, Mrs. Dale Johnson Martha Jane Best. Mrs. Donald Addy Florence Best. Mrs. Joe Shull Twilva Black. Mrs. Lorln Schvvorm Wilma Bliss Cathryn Booth Robert Bond James Brooks Kathleen Buck Betty Conrad Betty Burdette Max Cooley Edson Cramlet Jean Cunningham. Mrs. Kenneth Brown Walter DeLong Betty Davidson. Mrs. Floyd Dean Eileen Dillehay. Mrs. Dan George Robert Edwards Evelyn Emler, Mrs. Robert Decker Robert Gray Thelma Gross, Mrs. Frank Long William Hannahs Charles Hill Mildred Hill, Mrs. Clifford Ramsey Martha Hill, Mrs. Miller Patty Hinds. Mrs. Robert Reed Wilma Hootman. Mrs. John West Eugene Hoffman Hope Johns. Mrs. William Maurch Betty Lehman Alice Mae Lindell, Mrs. William Bodenheimer Mella Miller. Mrs. Carl Craves Betty Milligan, Mrs. Lower ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN llawwilin 111 Jululllvl,-W--ull!!--fa mu .mv .. --'HHH - , -Nw . .. . .wana .sn w,l....r1u-vs an V ' ' 1 f' '1 Victor Lenzo Marvin Lindell William Little Lorls McAllister Harold Medley Ruth Ott, Mrs. Arthur Johns Walter Ralph Kenneth Miller Clarence Miller Gerald Norman Earl Oaklief Thomas Orr Kenneth Porcher John Postel John Robe Ruth Rector Lillian Schlupp. Mrs. Lillian Ruby Paullne Schlarb. Mrs. Byron Boose Mary Scott, Mrs. Dan Rasche Marjorie Sharrock, Mrs. Virgil Stocker Edlth Carol Smith, Mrs. Jack Dugan Carol Steffen Jeanette Stewart, Mrs. Earl Emler Frank Sapp Carl Schlarb Lorln Schworm Charles Smith Max Smith Harold 'Swigert Joseph Taylor Robert Twyman Dorothea Wllkln, Mrs. Marion Bluck Doris Wolffe, Mrs. Wayne Cross Betty Woods Delores Westphal Ralph Wise 1942 Norman Baker Nova Baker, Mrs. Fred Booth Franklin Bartholow Helen Bliss, Mrs. Paul Eddy Eleanor Ann Booth. Mrs. Don Brown Clarlce Ann Britton, Mrs. Robert Scoles Betty Jean Budd, Mrs. Dale Bonifield Robert Bundy Garfield Clark , Robert Cochran Wllmer Cochran Ruth Cordrey. Mrs. John Walters Lloyd Craigo Charles Cunningham Wallace Curtis' Gordon DeMarco Martha Ellwood, Mrs. Kenneth Miller Adelaide Fletcher, Mrs. John McCleary, Ted Fletcher Irls Lee Fowler. Mrs. Elbert Stratton Suzanne Gainor, Mrs. Robert Deeslie Anna Gamble. Mrs. Breneman Robert Gaynor Earl Gibson Glenn Gray Eileen Gross, Mrs. Chester Thomas Francis Gunn Barbara Hanson. Mrs. Robert McFadden Chester Hanson Donald Harrison Paul Harstlne Harold Haver Ruth Ellen Haver Ann Heller, Mrs. Robert Sales Ralph Hootman June Jaynes. Mrs. David Thomas Wllllam Kinkade Dorothy Krebs. Mrs. Robert Boyd Virginia Laughlln. Mrs. Robert Norman Wilbur Little Phyllis Lower, Mrs. Carl Mllllgan Ruth Mackey Kenneth Martin Audra McClary Robert McFadden Wayne McFarland Roberta McLaughlin, Mrs. John Watson Lura Lee McPeek, Mrs. Jack Vogel Norma Miller, Mrs. Wayne Ross Francis Moore Herbert Moore Rhea Eileen Moore. Mrs. George Everhart Martha Mae Neal, Mrs. Herman Glazer Phyllis Neal, Mrs. Harold Thompson Gloria Marie Norris, Mrs. William Schirner Merle Opphile Winona Porter Arthella June Rice Evastlne Rice, Mrs. Eugene Rohr Anne Russell, Mrs. Donald Shlrk Eleanor Schwarm, Mrs. Davis Frances Ellen Smith, Mrs. Russell Regula Ruth Jane Smith Audrey Stalter, Mrs. James Goettge Jeanne Stewart, Mrs. William Bretzlus Max Swlgert Jo Ann Trees, Mrs. Joseph Cabot Arthur Twyman Arthur Vlerheller Winlfred Walters, Mrs. Harold Brown Barbara Joanne Webb Jack West Elizabeth Wilson, Mrs. Denver McMullen Doris Wllkin, Mrs. Van Dusen Donald Wolff 1943 Mary Carol Adams Charles Ames Jean Ames Dale Baker Adeline Beahm, Mrs. Norman Day William Bean Doris Bethel, Mrs. Thomas Conwell Iris.Bethel, Mrs. Vlrgll Frutchey Louise Black, Mrs. Wayne Mlzer Roger Bliss Ellis Booth James Booth Martha Buck Nella Rose Budd, Mrs. Dale Baker Herbert Bundy Earl Carruthers Martha Covlc, Mrs. Durben Norma Cralgo, Mrs. Ralph Slack Robert Deeslie Jack DeLong Geraldine DeMarco Gladys Dorsey Leslie Early Dorothy Elliott, Mrs. McNary Lois Floyd. Mrs. Russell Peoples Gene Goodall William Grewell Lorln Hannahs Daniel Hewitt Raymond Hill Florence Hogue, Mrs. Vernon Haines Eugene Hootman Louis Hootman Ida Mae Hudson Lucille Hughes, Mrs. Harrison E. Booth Jesse Hunt Jack Jurln Robert Kohler Marvin Lawver Joann Leiser Robert Leonhard Jean Marshall June Maxwell Donald McLaughlin Victor Medley Mary Mollenkop, Mrs. Donald Clark Irene Morris Mary Lou Murphy. Mrs. Edward Robinson Doris Norman. Mrs. Norman Mason Mar'orle N r n J o ma Jean Palmer, Mrs. Thurman Rausch William Palmer Thelma Pappas Maxine Peoples Norma Ray, Mrs. Donald Rutledge Thelma Rector Jesse Richmond Robert Richmond Claribel Robe Max Robinson Norma Robinson, Mrs. Phillip Schlupp Joanna Rothenstein, Mrs. George Durand Harold Schlarb L- - .4 ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN Y' U J A J J F" 'J Vane Scott Edna Shalosky Roberta Shurtz. Mrs. Donald R. Black Helen Slmmerman Earl Stoffer Lester Swigert Ralph Tilton Esther Treasure. Mrs. Ralph O. Bankus Mary Catherine Van Syoc, Mrs. Victor West Richard Wilkln James Williams Esther Wilson, Mrs. Roger Beuhler Henry Yanal 1944 Paul Addy Arthur Atkinson Dallas Beal Betty Beaver, Mrs. Floyd Mason Violet Bodenhlmer, Mrs. Jack Martin Marjorie Booth, Mrs. Gerald Vetter Marilyn Bond, Mrs Roy Gordon Edlth Brass 'K Donald Carruthers William Chambers Janice Coleman Doris Cramlett Myron Cramlett Erma Dillehay. Mrs. Earl Gibson Kenneth Durben Earl Egler James Evans Leo Fenton, Jr. Archie Fletcher, Jr. Bayliss Guy, Jr. Marjorie Hanson. Mrs. William Bean Harold Hannahs Paul Hayward Barbara Heller, Mrs. James Majors Erma Mae Hoffman Harold Huff Selma Hunterson, Mrs. Clarence Linard Betty Johnson Lillian Kees Rosemary Kinsey. Mrs. Bayllss Guy. Jr. Ruth Klssell. Mrs. Kenneth Cramblett George Klstler Robert Laughlin Maybelle Lease, Mrs. Henry Cisneros Wayne Lehman Marilyn Jean Ley Jean Lint Weldon Little Jerry McCune Margaret McFadden Robert McFarland Marv Miller, Mrs. Gerald Lorenz Norma Jean Morrison, Mrs. Harold Fawcett June,Patterson, Mrs. Clarence Miller Robert Porter Patricia Powell. Mrs. William Tilton John Ray Grace Reinhardt Howard Rogers Wayne Schwarm John Ray Smhith Roberta Smith, Mrs. John Barcroft Robert Smyth Ruth Spear Philip Steffen Opal Stocker. Mrs, Henry Stonebrook Wilma Stocker, Mrs. Robert Brelsford James Lyle Swigert June Swlgert. Mrs. Edwin Tilton, Jr. Hazel Ann Terrell, Mrs. Hammersly Edwin Tilton, Jr. Jean Tufford, Mrs. Ellis Booth Norma Warner, Mrs. Robert Norman Richard Warren Marian Lee Watson Paul Wells Andrew Wllkin, Jr. Mary Wilson Richard Wylie Merle Bricker Doris Black Margaret Burdette, Mrs. Wayne Price Marguerite Burge, Mrs. Paul Beebc Marcia Byrd Ruth Fivecoat, Mrs. Smith Margaret Gainor, Mrs. Jesse Richmond Edith Golden Freda Guy, Mrs. Lehman Clark Bonnie Jean Hannahs Delphine Harstlne Robert Haver Carlos Eugene Holmes Audrey Hootman, Mrs. Frank Mlchael Lewis Huff Robert Hursey Robert Johnson Thelma Elizabeth Jones, Mrs. Edgar Cheary Daniel Jackson Kees Lucille Krebs Vearl Loader John McPherson Helen Mewbourn Joe Martin Miller Denny Milligan Marilyn Murphy, Mrs. George Houston Norma Murphy Ruth Ellen Murphy Eloise Norman. Mrs. Jack Kees Barbara Peoples. Mrs. James Bauger Martha Ann Reynolds. Mrs. Lewis Graclk Dale Rice William Ridgley David Robinson Dean Robinson Richard Robinson Edgar Schlarb Annettia Schumacker, Mrs. Luke Lucas Mary Schumacker, Mrs. George McCune Robert Shaw Arlene Shepherd Betty Lou Smith, Mrs. Wayne Lehman Wilma Smith, Mrs. William Brlver Clarlce Stalter, Mrs. Donald Laflan Edson Stewart, Jr. Bernadine Dawson. Mrs. Arthur 'Studd Joan Styer, Mrs. Eugene Schlarb Janice Taylor Lucille Thomas, Mrs. Victor Lenzo Kenneth Twyman Betty Louise Van Syoc. Mrs. John Klste Paul Van Voorhis Pauline Verbosky, Mrs. Dave Stewart Rachel Wheeler Dorothy Wlandt. Mrs. Bernard Schmidt Janice Arlene Wlandt. Mrs. Bob Riley Doris Widder, Mrs. Bernard Sharrock Mabel Wilson. Mrs. Weldon Little Russell Hart 1946 Francis Affolter Lorena Angle, Mrs. Russell Hart Virginia Angle William Raymond Art Donald Atkinson Robert Atkinson Paul Dale Atkinson Betty Jane Baker, Mrs. Wayne Schwarm Charlene Berger. Mrs. William Kinkade Betty Booth, Mrs. Brooks Fairchild Vera Bourne, Mrs. Walter Fillman Raymond Cappel John Carney Edna Casteel, Mrs. Richard Morrison Dean Courtwrlght Joseph Cralgo Gerald Crater Vernon Cramlett Mary Jane De Long. Mrs. Jack Shurtz Kenneth Dorsey Robert Fenton Fern Floyd, Mrs. Milford Bliss Joy Zepp Dean Fletcher Barbara Grewell. Mrs. Floyd Stockum 1945 John Hackenbracht Reta Jane Bagent John Gunn Anita Barnett Gloria Hildebrand, Mrs. Raymond Workman Mark Bricker Cecelia K. Hogg L. - .J ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN Patricia Imhoff Erma Jean Kail, Mrs. Donald Casteel Robert Kinsey Margaret Kirk Earl Ley Vivlan Llggctt. Mrs. Neal Roley Betty Lint, Mrs. Paul Miller Parker Little Marjorie Loveless Helen Lower Lois Medley. Mrs, Anthony Grewell, Jr. Alverta Maurer Wayne McFadden Robert Milligan Rosemary Norman, Mrs. Sam Ridgeway Marjorie Ott, Mrs. Jerry McCune Denver McMullen De Yuvonne. Peters Helen Proud, Mrs. William Welsch John Rector Florence Rae Rlggle Doris Rennard. Mrs. Willard Donley Donald Russell Joan Sarchet, Mrs. Walter Bernardo Donald Schwarm Bernard Sharrock Elsie Stahl Earl Stocker Robert Temple Donald Tyson Shirley Vieheller. Mrs. Rodney Bassett James Walkenspaw Glyada Whltls. Mrs. Donald Russell William Wlngeler Helen Jane Wolfe, Mrs. Harold Schlarb Floyd Haines 1947 Bonnie Addy Betty Atha Norma Beall. Mrs. Donald Eugene Darr Jean Besst. Mrs. Jack Walters Jeanne Byrd Anita Caster Norma Chaney. Mrs. Robert Kedigh Grace Chapman. Mrs. John Harding Joy Clough. Mrs. Lester Marlett Charlotte Conard, Mrs. Guy Hardman Bety Couts Shirley Curby. Mrs, Andy Yousko Betty Covlc. Mrs. Gall Belt Delores Craigo. Mrs. A. L. Schmidt Geraldine Dansby, Mrs. James Brooks Novella Dennis Evelyn DeRlng. Mrs. Paul Huff Beverly Dorsey. Mrs. Bob Johnson Kenneth Duhamel Norma Durben, Mrs. Curtis Judy. Jr. Wa ne E l r Y EC 9 Richard Emler Eugene Ervln Rhea Lou Evans Doris Flllman, Mrs. Robert Goettge Carl Fivecoat Josephine Galbraith. Mrs. Ermil Gadd Charles Gates Helen Gray Robert Hannahs Willis Haver Betty Hayward Betty Hughes John Irwin Mae John Gerald Llggett Joann Llndell, Mrs. Robert Jacobs Gloria Loader Dolores Loveless Suzanne Lyons Delmar Marlett Bettv Mason Dorothv Melley Jean Nay Dean Neal Marie Norman. Mrs. Vernon DeLong Betty Ogle, Mrs. Harold Haver Martha Patterson, Mrs. Ralph Tilton Kay Powell -s T' 'P' 1 Eddie Ray Robert Roe Susan Salrin Jim Schlarb Duane Smith John Taylor Mary Tedrow. Mrs. Fred Thompson Gene Whyde Pauline Willer Kenneth Wolff Lorna Angle. Mrs. Jack Jurin 1948 Jerry Couts Evelyn Arcore, Mrs. Victor Kopp Joanne Atkinson Gene Baker Jean Baker Mary Baker Ruby Belt, Mrs. Don Marsh Richard Blackwell James Boone Elizabeth Brewer, Mrs. Ernest Peeper James Brown Dorothy Caldwell Charles Campbell Robert Cappel Edward Carr June Casteel Joan Castle. Mrs. Archie Fletcher. Jr Jane Chaney Charlotte Coulter Robert Denham Joanne Farrar Thelma Foggin Wanda Foraker, Mrs. Donald McLaughlin Norma Ford Robert Glazer Evelyn Gray Mildred Gray Ruth Hammersly. Robert Harstine Mrs. Gene Chaney Betty Hickenbottom Lloyd Hunter William Jacops Joe Jaynes Frank John Luella Jones. Mrs. Richard Jurin Harry King Donald Kopes Charles Leech, Jr. Arthur Lenzo Harry Little Mary Lower, Mrs. Phil Mardis Vera McGee Bernard McKay Evelyn McKean Edith McPherson Gloria Meeks. Mrs. Dean Milburn David Mizer Donna Mizer Juanita Newby Marjorie Nolan, M Robert Nugen Thomas Pollock Lillie Rector Gloria Ross Paul Stewart Virgil Erwin Luke Johnson rs. Henry Yanai Anna Mae Rufer, Mrs. Dale Baker Duane Russell Norma Sanders David Sarchet Norzella Saylor. M Jack Schlarb Richard Sharrock Elizabeth Snode rs. John Gunn Joan Speer. Mrs. William Herbert Helen Stahl Allen Stewart Jack Temple Jeanne Tilton. Mrs. Robert Kinsey - Dale Twyman Alice Van Voorhis Grace Walkenspaw Fern Waller. Mrs. William Ludwig L .. . L. L., ,, L , .J ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN Donald Walters Waldon Walters, Jr. Wallace Walters Don Warren Bessie Mae Wells, Mrs. Frank Noel ' Mary Carol -Wlandt, Mrs. Vernon Cramlett Raymond Williams Martha Woodard James Worthington Betty Zelner 1949 June Addy. Mrs. Paul Van Voorhis Ruth Art, Mrs. Homer Hayes Sue Barnett, Mrs. Lorln Johns. Jr. Marjorie Bates, Mrs. Robert McVey Albert Beal Jack Beiter Beryl Ann Best, Mrs. Donald Kopes Ruth Burdette, Mrs. Richard Lower Betty Carney Clyde Carut ers Graedon Cornell Jo Ann Couts Margaret Dayton James Dorsey Margery Dorsey Patricia Evans Wilfred Evans Donald Fenton Beverly Foraker. Mrs. Robert Mauer Marjorie Froelich Audrey Groff Bradley Guy Jack Hampton Doris Hanlng Richard Hannahs Audrey Hashman Doris Herbert Herman Horn Beatrice Hughes Maxine Julien Wanda Kamban Don Kohl James Lehman Floyd Liggett Dale Maloy Julia Maloy Joseph Marlatt Norma Mason Joanne McCune Howard Meek Harold Moore Jeanne Murphy Marie Murphy James Nay 'T Joan Neal. Mrs. Jack Cunningham Martha Ott, Mrs. Wayne Slater Kenneth Patterson Larry Patton Gary Phillips La Verne Plants William Rauch Robert Ray Doris Robinson Alberta Russell William Sayre John Shaw Norma Shurtz Norma Shryock Edna Stonebrook Virginia Taylor William Thomas Dean Tedrick Richard Tyler Earl Tyson George Waller William Whyde Betty Wilson Robert Zeigler U: Deceasedh i aaa mam Zo Me b Lfwmafflf. JA . ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN I i V 707 7' A A ' 'l kdm Addy, Jane-32. 33, 46, 54 Addf, Marjorie-34, 35, 46, 50, 54 Affo ter, Jerry-38 Angle. Barbara-32, 33. 44, 45, 48, 50. 56 Angle. Charles, 16. 17. 48 Angle, Dorothy-36, 37, 46, 50, 54, 56 Angle, Eleanor-32. 48 Angle, Grace-34, 35, 45. 48, 50 Arcore, Carol-40, 41 Asher, Sara Beth-32. 33. 46. 56 Atkinson, Barbara-40, 41 Atkinson, John-6 Atklnson, Larry-34. 35, 47, 70 Campbell. Hazel-38. 39 Carney, Bonnie-38, 39 Carney, June-36, 37, 46, 50, 56 Carney, Martha Jane-2, 16, 17, 26. 44, 45, 46, 51, 52 Carr Barbara-38. 39 Carr Beverly-38. 39 Carr Marvin-32. 33. 48, 61, 66 Carr, Robert-16. 17, 47. 61. 62, 72 Carr, Wrae-2, 16, 17, 45, 46 52, 54, Bailey. James-38, 39, 67 Baker, Donald E.-36, 37. 49 Baker, Donald L.-36, 37 Baker, Gene R.-32, 33 Baker. Jack-32, 33, 49 Baker, James-40, 41 Baker, Jerry-38, 39 Baker, Norma-34, 35 Baker, Richard-16. 17, 26, 47, 61. 62, 63, 72 'tBarcus, James-3, 36, 37, 47, 54, 55, 57 Barnett. Joan-2. 15, 16, 17, 26, 45, 46. 51, 52, 56 Bartholow, James-36, 37, 49 Basehart, Richard-38, 39, 54, 55, 71 Basehart, Tom-36, 37, 48 Baslletti, Joan-38, 39, 71 Bassett, Hope-40, 41 Bassett, Jesse-38, 39 Bassett. Richard-34. 35, 49 61, 64 Bates, Constance-38, 39 Beal, Junior-36. 37, 48 Beall, Doris E.-38, 39, 54, 55 Beals, James-38. 39, 71 Bean, Marilyn-16, 17, 45. 46, 52, 58, 61 Beaver. Marjorie-32, 33, 46. 61 Beiter?2Jerry-31, 34, 35, 61, 62 63, v Beiter. Darrell-16. 17, 49, 53. 59, 61. 62, 67, 68, 69, 72 Beiter, Otto J.-6 Better, Patsy-36, 37, 46, 50, 56 Belle, Dennis-36, 37, 48 Belle, Robert-32, 33 Berger, Barbara-4.0, 41 Berger. Robert-32, 49, 61 Berkshire, Darrell-38, 39 Berkshire, Gerald-38. 39 Berkshire, Ronnie-40, 41. 67 Best. Donald-34, 35. 61, 66 Bethel, La Vonne-32, 33, 45, 46 Billings, Camilla-16. 17, 26. 46, 51 Billings, Carl-40. 41 Billings, David-36, 37, 418 Boltz. Carl-14 Bond, Shirley-32. 33, 46 Bonnell, Ronald-38, 39. 54, 55 Booth, Bernard-32, 33, 49, 61. 66 Booth, Nancy-36, 37 Bower, Wallace-9, 40, 41 Braden. Ralph-10. 36, 37, 47 Brady, George-38, 39 Brenneman. Walter-40, 41 Bricker. Glenn-34, 35. 61, 64. 70, 72 Buckey. Jack-40, 41, 67 Bundy, Everett, 38. 39 Burkey. Bill-36, 37, 48. 53 Buzan. Robert-34, 35, 47, 56 Byrd, Noah-14 Caldwell, Faye-34, 35, 46. 50 Caldwell, Mary Ann-34, 35. 46, 50 Campbell, Eugene fDickJ-32, 33, 49 Campbell, Harley-38. 39 56, 58 Casteel, Harold-36, 37, 49 Casteel, Richard-32. 33 Castle, Judy-38, 39 Chaney, Darrell-40, 41 Chapman, Robert-2, 14, 18, 19. 26. 48, 52, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 67, 72 Clemens. Shirley-36, 37 Clough, Charles-32, 33 Clough, Jerry-18, 19, 48, 50 Clause, Rita-40, 41 Clum, Robert-34, 68 Clutter, Leanna-32, 33, 45, 46. 56 Coker, Jackie-18, 19, 45. 46 Coker, Shirley-36. 37 Coker, Tommy-40, 41 Collins, Nlcho1os-- 32. 33. 48 Combs, Dean-2, 18, 19, 45, 49, 51, 52 Combs, Veryl-36, 37, 44, 49 Connor, Charles-32, 33, 47 Conrad, Jack-40, 41, 67 Cordrey, Betty-32, 33, 45, 46, 54, 55, 56 Cornell, William-34, 35, 47, 54, 55 Couts, Lena-18, 19, 50 Couts, Mary-18. 19, 50 Couts, Mayme-38, 39. 54, 55 Couts, Shirley-36, 37, 46, 54, 56 Cramlet, Evelyn-32, 33, 48 Cunningham, Joan-36, 37, 48, 56 Cunningham, Phyllis-36. 37 Cutshall, Joan-40, 41 Dansby, Larry-40, 41, 67 Dansby, Mary-32, 33 Dansby, Odls-34, 35, 54. 55, 70 Dansby, Ruby Lee-34. 35 Davis, Albert--12, 34. 35, 48 Davls, Alice-18, 19, 50 Davis, Dianne-2, 18, 19, 26, 45, 46, 51, 52, 54, 55. 56 Davis, Larry-40, 41, 54. 55, 67 Davis. Marc-34, 35, 44, 47, 53, 54, 55. 56 Davis, Norma-18, 19. 46. 6 Dawson, Dorcas-36, 37, 46 Dennis. Jack-40. 41. 67. 71 Dennis. Keith-34. 35, 45, 47, 53, 54, 55, 70 Dixon, Donald-40, 41 Dixon, Norma-38. 39 Dixon, Ruby-32, 33, 48 Doss, David--34, 35 Doss. Jeannine-36. 37, 48 Duff. Dianne-38, 39 Duff, Elleen-12. 50 Duffy, Robert-34, 35, 49 Duhamel, Donald--18, 19. 48 Duhamel, Jeanette-34, 35, 46, 50 Durtschi, William-13, 60, 61, 67, 69, 72 Eckelberry, Lucille-38, 39 Egler. Lavonne-38, 39 Elliott. Tommy-40, 41 Ellis, IvanM34, 49 Ellis, Jack-34. 35 Emler, Doris Jean-32, 48 England, Glenn-34 Etter, Earl-34, 35 Etter, Reuben-38, 39 I 1 L.- .-,,,..,... . J ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN ' 'S fmfeva cowl' 'cf Everhart, Dale-40, 41 Everhart, Danny-34, 35 Everhart, Glenn-32, 33 Falrchild, Jay-38, 38, 67 Flecoat, Elinor-18, 19, 46, 54, 55, 56 Flllman, Shirley-34, 35, 46 Foraker, Jack-34, 35, 49 Ford, Donna-38, 39, 54, 55 Ford, Kenneth-18, 19, 48, 54, 55 Ford, 'Noreene-36, 37, 46, 56 Freehan, Jimmie-38, 39 Frenton, Neal-34, 35 Froellch, Barbara-40, 41 Frye, Don-40, 41 Gadd, Gary-38. 39, 67, 71 Gainor, Tom-32, 33, 49, 56 Gallagher, Paul-40, 41, 54. 55 Gallagher, Twlla Mae-32, 33, 46, 50, 56 Gardner, Mary Ann-18, 19, 46, 54, 55. 56 Gardner, Nancy-40, 41 Gatten, Donald-36, 37 Gay, Sue-36, 37, 46, 54, 55. 56 Gehrke, Lilian-13, 32, 33, 46 George, Chloe-10, 34. 35 Gephart, Doris-40 41 Gephart, Shirley-36, 37. 46, 54, 56 Graham, Frances-36, 37, 46 Gray, Carl-36, 37, 48, 55 Greathouse, Jane-36 Greathouse, Myles-18, 19 Greathouse, Wayne-38, 39 Greathouse, William-36, 37 Groff,54ClgErles-32, 33, 44, 45, 47, Groff, Marjorie-36, 37, 46, 50, 56 Gwynn, Larry-18, 19, 26, 43, 47, 51, 52. 58 Haas, Joyce-40, 41 Hackenbracht, Richard-34, 35, 44, 47, 53, 61. 62, 63, 70, 72 Haines, Ruth-32, 33 Hall, Billy-38, 39 Hall, Robert-36. 37. 49, 70 Hammersley, Don-18, 19, 49 Hammersley, Louise-36, 37. 46 Hammersley, Max-40, 41, 67. 71 Hammersley, Robert-38, 39, 67 Hannahs, Don-20, 21, 48 Hanahs, Larry-40, 41, 67 Hannahs, Wa ter-36, 37, 47 Hanson, Dr. C. A.-6 Harding, Marjorie-34, 35, 46 Hildebrand, Frances-36, 37, 48, 54 Hlnds, Carl-40, 41, 54, 55 Hlnds, Claude-13, 34, 35, 47 Hoffman, Harold-20, 21, 48, 61, 62, 68. 69, 72 Hogue, Connie-40, 41 Hogue, Mildred-20, 21, 46 Hootman, Dale-20, 21, 48 Hootman, Ellen-20, 21, 46, 56 Hootman, Mary-34, 35, 46, 56 Horn, Joy-36, 37, 50, 56 Horn, Rachel--38. 39 Hughes, Louise-32, 33, 46 Hursey. Marjorie-32, 33, 48 Irwin, Nancy-36, 37, 46 Jaynes, Dick-14, 20, 21, 61, 62, 72 Johns, Juanita-36 John, Shirley, 20, 21. 46, 50, 56 Johnson, Clarence-34, 35, 49, 61, 66 Johnson, Edmund-38. 39, 67, 71 Johnson, Joyce-36. 37, 4.6 Johnson, Norma-20, 21, 46, 56 Jurln, Gary-34, 35, 61, 62, 63, 72 Kail, Charles-34, 35 Kall, Dorls-38. 39 Kall, Peggy-36, 37. 46, 56 Kall, Ronnie-20, 21, 48 Kehl, Margaret-36 Kelley, Bob-40, 41 Kelley, John-40, 41 Kelley, Mary Ann-34, 35, 46 Kennedy, Shirley-38, 39, 54, 55 King, Don Roy-38, 39 Klssell, Etta Mae-38, 39 Kohl Sue--36, 37, 46, 50, 70 Kohler, Marilyn-20, 21, 46, 50, 61 Kohler, Mary-20, 21, 46, 50, 54, 55 Kunkle, Delbert-38, 39 Kunkle, Lova-34, 35 Lahmers. Rosemary-36, 37, 46. 50 Landis, Lorin-40 Lauer. David-40, 41 Lawrence, Robert-36, 37 Lawver, Carl--40, 41 Lehman, Carol-40, 41 Lehman, Clifford-36, 37, 47, 54, 55 Lehman, Milton-38, 39, 67 Lehman, Robert-34, 35, 48 Lenzo,72Mike-32, 33. 48, 53, 57, 58. 'Leonhard, Jerry-3, 38, 39 Lewis, Jane-36, 37, 46, 56 Ley, Keith-38, 39 Llndell, Robert--32, 33, 49 Hardy. DOH211d-36. 37. 49 Little, Bob-36, 37 Hardy. Jerry-36. 37. 49 Llttle, Donny-34, 35, 47, 61. 66. 70 Hardy. Joan-40. 41 Llttle, Mary-36. 37, 46 Harris, John-36, 37. 49, 61. 66 Little, Me1va..34, 35, 48 Harrls, Ralph-36, 37, 61. 66, 70 Little' Gene-20, 21, 49 Harrison, Joy-36. 37, 46, 56 Hart. Carol-38, 39 Hart, Roger-34, 35. 49. 61 Hashnggn, Robert-36, 37, 48, 61, 66. Haver, Francis-2, 15, 16, 20, 21, 47, Loader, Bonnle-38, 39 Loader, Enos-40, 41 Loader, Kenneth-36, 37, 47 . 54 Longsgsgorth, Larry-36, 37. 47. 54, "Loveless, Robert-3, 32, 33. 47, 53, 51, 52. 59, 61, 62. 72 61' 66, 72 Haver, Kenneth-20, 21, 48 Loyvry, Fred-3, 44. 45 Haver. Shirley-36, 37, 46, 50 r Lyons' Beverly-40, 41 Hayes. Ruby-20. 21. 46. 54. 50 Lyons, Doris-36, 37, 46, 50 HCIIEF, Duke-40, 41, 67 Lyons, Gene--38, 39 Heller, John-6 Hennis, Allen-34, 35, 49 Herbert, Jim-32, 49 Heston, Norma-34, 35, 48 Hewitgb Herschel QPete7-32, 47, 68. L ons, Harry--40, 41 lVlX:Cants. Patrlcla-34, 35, 45, 46 McClary, Betty-38, 39 McClary, Gary-32. 33. 45, 49 McConnell, John-40, 41, 44 McCormick, John-40. 41 Hlckenbottom. Billy-38, 39, 54. 55 MCCOI-mick' NO,-ma-35, 37, 56 Hlckenbottom, De ores-36, 37, 46, Mccouny D0naldT38- 39 50, 54, 55, 56 1. A, .4 ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN DDD A 'T fncfwa ccwfcf 4 McCoun. Floyd-34. 35 Ott. John-34 McDonnell, Joan-32, 33, 46, 50, 56 Ott, Ray-36, 37 McDonnell, Richard-32, 33, 47 Palmer, Barbara-40, 41, 44 McDonnell, Robert'-34, 35, 49, 54, 55 Patterson, Barbara-40. 41, 71 McElhaney, Patsy-36. 37, 46, 50, 56 Patterson, Carol-34. 35, 44. 70 McFadden, Ruth-34, 35, 45, 46 Patterson, Jim-22. 23. 46 McGee. Shirley-36, 37 Patton, Carolyn-36, 37. 54, 55, 56 McGinnis. Mary-38, 39 Paulun, Carl-40. 41 McPherson, Bob-32, 33. 53, 54. 55, Paulun. Lester--36, 37 58 Paulun, Marjorie-32, 33 McVey, Jesse-34 Peoples, Marsha-38. 39. 54, 55 Mack, Geneva-40, 41 Phillips, Alwllda-9, 46 Mack, Jennie-36, 37, 46, 56 Phillips, Kenny-40, 41 Mackey, Earl-38, 39, 67 Pickrell, Ronnie-40, 41 Macmillan, Christina-10, 32, 33, 46, Plants, Barbara-32, 33 l 50. 52 Plants. Betty-438, 39 MacQueen, Davicla36, 37. 47, 53, 56 Plants, Jack-36, 37 . Maloy, Harold-20. 21, 48 Plants, Ruth Ann-38, 39 , Malvin, Evelyn-38, 39 Porcher, James-40, 41. 67 5 Mardis, Bill-22, 23 Porcher, Patricia-38. 39 Mardis, Dorothy-36, 37, 46, 56 Portz, Elizabeth-9, 40, 41, 51 Mardis, Helen-34, 35 Portz, Janet-40, 41 Mardis, Shirley-36, 37, 46, 50 Portz, Mary Lou-34, 35, 48, 55 Marlatt, Charles-40, 41 Portz, Pat-26, 32, 33, 45. 46 Martin, Ronnie-22, 23, 47 Postlewait, Dorothy-40, 41 Martin, Scott-36, 37. 47 Postlewait, June-36, 37, 46, 50, 54, Mathews, Betty-34. 35, 46 56 Mathews, Clifford-22, 23 Postlewaite, Thomisina-34, 35, 48, Mathews, Clyde-38, 39. 67 50 Mathias, Richard--32, 33, 49 Powell, Edna-14 Meek, Carol-40, 41 Powell, Frank-6 Meek, David-40, 41, 67 Prater, Kathrine-38, 39 I Meek. Dora Ann-36. 37, 46 Proud, Barbara-22. 23, 46, 56 Meek, Harry-32, 33, 49, 61. 68, 69 Quillen. Faye-32, 33, 48. 50. 56 i Meek, Raymond-34, 35 Ray, Dicki22, 23. 26, 61, 62, 68. Mercer, Clelia-10. 40. 41 69, 72 Miller, Blanche-34, 35 Regula, Billy-32. 33, 47 Miller, Donald-40, 41. 59, 67 Regula, Carolyn-36, 37. 50, 56 Miller, Jack-40, 41, 59, 67 Reinhart, Bonnie-32, 33, 46, 50 Miller, Robert-34 Rennard, Robert-22. 23, 26, 48, 51. Miler, Robert-38, 39. 67. 71 52 ' Miller, William-22, 23 Rhoades, Glenn-36, 37. 47 Moore, Bonnie-22. 23, 50 Rice, Gail-32, 33, 47 Moore. Darlene-40, 41 Rice, Robert-32, 33, 48 Moore, Marilyn-34. 35, 48 Ricketts, Camilla-34, 35, 46, 50 5 Moore. Max-38, 39 Ridgeway, Gary-40. 41. 67 l Moore, Roberta-40, 41 Riffle, Eugene-12, 36, 37, 49. 60 Morris. Michael-32, 33. 49 Riggle, Geary-22. 23, 49, 53. 58, 61, Morrison. John-36, 37, 56 62. 72 Mullen, James-34, 35, 47, 61, 62. 63, Riggs. Shirley Nay-32, 33, 46 70, 72 Riley, Eugene-38, 39, 67, 71 Mullen, Marilyn-38, 39, 44, 71 Riley, Robert-40, 41, 67 Mulvane, Nancy-38. 39 Ripley, Mary-38 Murphy, Earl-22, 23, 26, 45, 47, 51 Risher, Marjean-22, 23, 48, 50, 56 Murphy, John-2, 22, 23, 26, 43, 45. Roan, Paul-38, 39 47, 51, 52, 54, 55. 58 Robinson, Gall-36, 39, 67, 71 Myers, Donna-34. 35, 46 Robinson, Richard-32, 33, 49 Myers, Geneva-36, 37 Roe, Dick-36, 37, 47, 61, 69. 70 Nay, Din-34, 35, 49 Roe, Mary Lou-22, 23, 26. 46, 50, 51 Neal. Donald-36, 37, 49 Roeder, D. B.-7, 66 Neal. Russ-34, 35. 49 Roeder. Max-34, 35, 45, 47, 53, 56, Newby, Clifton-36. 37, 49, 61, 66 61, 66 Nolan, Richard-34, 35 Rogers, Janice-22, 23, 45, 46 Nolan, Shirley-36, 37, 46 Rogers, Wanda-40, 41 Norman, Beverly-38, 39, 54, 55 Romig. Gayle-36, 37, 47 Norman, Bruce-36, 37 Ross, Billy-38, 39 Norman, Dave-36, 37, 47, 61, 66 Ross, Darlene-40, 41 Norman, Don-36, 37. 47 Ross. Jerry-22, 23, 48, 57. 61 Norman, Jack-40, 41, 67 Rothenstein, Ervin-38. 39, 67 Norman, LaVon-40, 41 Rothenstein, Jaunita-40 Norman, Mary E.-40, 41 Rothenstein, Paul-40, 41 Norman, Willard-40, 41 Rowland, Charles-38. 39 Norman, Shirley-36, 37 Rufer, Norma-40. 41 Norman. Wanlta-38, 39 Rush.. John-40, 41 Oldt. Naundice-38, 39, 54, 55 Russell, Cora-40, 41 Oophile, Charles, Jr.-38, 39 Russell, Jack-9, 56 Opphile, Donald-40, 41 Russell, Sally--36, 37, 46, 54. 55, 56 Ortt, Barbara-32 Russell, Sally A.-40, 41 l i L.- ,,,, 11, ,, ,D ONE HUNDRED TWENTY Q l -an--. F 'Y fmfw ccwlucf Sanders, Dwain-32. 33, 49 Sanders, Charles-36, 37, 47 Sarchet, Martha-24, 25, 46 Saylor, George-24, 25, 49, 56, 61. 62. 63. 72 Saylor, Moira-34, 35, 48, 50 Saylor, Tommy-38. 39 Schlupp, Eugene-38, 39 Schlupp, Frederick-32, 33, 45, 47, 50 Schlupp, Mary--34, 35, 45, 46 Schwarm, Richard-32, 33, 49 Scott, Charles-40, 41 Scott, Eddie-32. 33. 48 Shadowens, Thelma-36, 37. 56 Shaffer. Glen-38 Shaffer, Jim-71 Shaffer, Mary-40 Sharrock, Farrell-11, 32. 33. 48 Sharrock, Max-34, 35, 47, 61, 66 Shaw, Dick-36, 37, 47 Shaw. Gene-40, 41 Shaw. William-34, 35, 47. 70 Shearer, Willis-36, 37 Shepherd, Dallas-24, 25, 49 Sickles, Billy-36. 37, 47 Silverthorne, Don-24, 25, 43, 44, 49, 53, 61, 62. 68, 69, 72 Silverthorne, Patty-24, 25, 46 Smith, Blake-13, 38, 39, 47, 53 Smith, Carl-40, 41 Smith, Eugene-38 Smith, Llnda-40. 41 Smith. Lucile-34, 35, 46. 50 Snedeker, Esther-24, 25, 48 Snell, Gerald-34, 47 Tufford, Joan-36, 37, 46 Vanderhoff, Mildred--36, 37 Vanderhoff, Ruth--40, 41 Van Sgfgc, Evelyn-36, 37, 46, 54, 55, Van Slckle, Dwight-32. 33, 49 Van Voorhls, Harold-15. 16. 24. 25 47, 61, 62, 68. 69, 72 Vlslntainer, Patty-40, 41 Vogt, Donald-24, 25, 45, 49 Vogt, Ronald--34. 35 Walkenspaw. Glenn-38, 39 Walkenspaw, Ronald-40, 41 Walker, Robert-40, 41 Walkup, Dorothy-32, 33 Waller, Barbara-32. 33. 46 Walters, Barbara-15, 16, 24, 25, 46. 52, 58, 61 Walters, Joan-34, 35, 46 Waltegss, Shirley-36, 37, 44, 46. 50, Warner, Patsy-36, 37, 46, 50, 54, 55, 56 Watson. Robert-34, 35, 47, 55 Watson, Joyce-36, 37, 46, 50, 56 Wearsch, Marjorie-24, 25, 46, 50, 58 Weaver, Wallace-34, 35 Wellant, Carol-38, 39 Welsch, Dennis-34, 35 Welsch, Jean--24, 25, 48 Welsch, Shirley-40, 41 Whyde, Barbara-32, 33, 45, 46, 50 Whyde, Delores-38, 39 Whyde, Donna-36, 37, 46, 56 Wlandt, Arlle-32, 33, 49, 54, 55 Wldder, Jerry-40, 41 35. Snell, Roland-36, Speer, Bobby-36, 47 Spring, Franklin-38, 39. 67, 71 Stalter, Kitty-14, 24, 25, 46 Steffen. Melba-5 Stewart, Marlene-38, 39 Stewart, Shirley-34, 35, 48. 50. 54 Stevens, Jay-40, 41 Stocker. Doris-36, 46. 56 Stocker, Harold--40, 41 Stocker, Stocker, Marvin-32, 33, 49 Shirley-36. 37 Stoll, Irene-11, 38, 39 Stoner, Thyra-11, 46 Swank, Aaron-38. 39, 54, 55 Swank. Jane-40, 41 Sweitzer, Betty-40, 41 Swlgert, Sarah-32. 33, 46, 54, 55, 56 Swlgert, Ted-34, 35 Taylor. Jim-32, 33. 49, 57. 68. 69, 72 Taylor. Kathryn-32, 33, 46 Tedrick, Beverly-32. 33, 48 Tedrlck. Dorls Ann-38. 39 Tedrlck, Dorls Jean-38, 39 Tedrow, Hazel-24, 25, 44, 46, 50, 56 Thomas, Kav-36, 37, 46, 56 Thompson. Charles-32, 33 Thompson, Dale-24, 25, 47. 69, 72 Thompson. Mary Lou-36. 37. 44, 46. 50. 54 Tllton. Anne-34, 35, 46 Tish, Marjorie-40, 41 Titus, Earl-6 Titus, Mary Alice-24, 25, 26, 45, 46, 51, 54, 55, 58 Tltus, Robert-32, 33, 44, 47, 54, 72 Torgler Richard-40. 41 Torgler, Rosa-34, 35, 48 Trimngieirwalvllber-9, 40, 41, 49, 60. Triplett, Carol-34, 35, 46. 70 Trlplett, Denver-36. 37 Trlplett, Glorla-32, 33, 46 Wigfleld, Carolyn-34, 35, 46 Wllllams, Neva-38. 39 Williams, Olive-36, 37 Wlller, Shirley-40. 41 Wilkins, Eugene-38, 39 Wilson, Clifford-32, 33, 49, 61, 62, 63, 72 Wilson, Laura Jean-36, 37. 48, 56 Wilson, Ramon-40. 41 Wilson, Ramona-40, 41 Wilson. Rosalie-12 Winters. Mercedls-40 Wise, Jean-32, 33, 48 Wise, Lorln-40, 41, 67 Wolff, Carolyn-34, 35, 45, 46 Wolff. Don-11, 38. 39. 60, 61, 70, 72 Wolf, Ruth--36, 37, 46 -38, 39, 44, 71 Woods, Roy Yanai. Ronnle-36, 37, 49, 70 Yarnell, Dorls-24, 25. 50 Yoak, Patrlcla-34, 35, 48, 50 Zeigler, Floyd-38, 39 Zelner, Betty-14 it Deceasedb L. 1 . . 11... , , .. .. .J ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE 1 y .iff 3 4 r UxMP4 , W O X AX H N if 4" 13- I al-JZ! AK-I 1 ' 4 JL 'N quy,!fLfMwMAUToGRAPHs - Ni' k , 1 HNF f ' ' 'X .J'f,' X V X rv 11 ,fb U . X .SPF V G r-'T M f -if UQ A ,X Yiilb Y.: X i'--.2 15.1 xx 3 , xt, IRYJ ONE IIUNDRICD TWENTY-TWO K bbq N N W! SN,APSI-IOTS .bl CX jc .X , . -Qs:-H311 M si ef , f .lx F H: W ly! J V 0944! AN V V N Jfbmjl wk hjcfaauf' I 2 9 X 7!,W7A 35 1243 A Xa I d 102 5 GPCIMPX. - M .4 ,C, I OW , J U 1 r . A , ,,- , x.. R X, J I Z W S ' Z L -W A f ' X 151, M iw OL' V 4 , J W cj X. H J V 1 rx Wd! f N, O , 1 ,, 6 Wil 0 ,ff QJ77Q,,,w AL! -- R N fimf W1 gf 0 N 5 , uf ww ww Q ' r ,xx I X 4 NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS ONI IIUNDRLD 1xxLNTYroUR 1 I z IQ QXWIW coz! T73 A jf fr yjxfj-X fz WM fy-ff X f 1 f ff K f K3 V' xl ' 'ft I N Q2 0 by fy W1 W wo ff 'f N I I, ,,- .XL 4.', A 0 NRM U fu ff X ,f",f54f" XE ' xxx VU X , JV X 4,-.. ' ' ' ' " ' ' 'f"' ' "' -- Y ' ' 'v' v 'n f-"' -s"-,-.K ,-ww f- .W-2:-,m:+,4,1f ..,. gy.: V V - V, ,-. .Y - , Y K 1 , :, f V , . f k i-T ' ,f .f V Y, ,jf V ,1: ,'v, 5.3. b. , I ,Ml W J I i v 1 if 'L-2--1 taif' 2:11 . .1- -11 12 1-". ' V' ' ,, -' - -- - f- f -.. . :- -- 1 -, - - M. Q ff 4- 1 '--. ff., Qw1.immH:f.2-M:MfW.Q.1:Q ,,1k,.AuLa L,,,,,,. , Y- niifggag, -.-..gxJ...11.i:3'2g.g.g:1:.-.,:.grL gMggfL.:+QQ4,.

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