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Newcomerstown High School - Newcosean Yearbook (Newcomerstown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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-ge 5 T . fi 5 '. S A y-gk E N i' 5 :- z- . 1 f 8 ,. . 1 , X f , f D . 1 M v x . , A . ,nn A i LS 5 . , V , I . , ' I .. 1 4 . ' -. . 1 .Q . 1 gs - ,, L, 5 'h 5: sf .W , li , 3,2 .f K K. , , , X 1 v f . -. N f u A , . 5 , ' f . f s ' i ' . ' f x . Q V w ' ' sk, . X A . r 4, T 9 ' ,A - Y u A I V A 915 s ' 2 Ffgff , 'u . 5,1 .N -Vw'--. vf 3 , 1 -- 1 ' I - , W Q . ,. n -. n A, .f o A H . X , X .if -Xu E w R ,J k . I L ,., ga - I m N - . "A ', uf . gfxi 4 - 'z' Q '. Q 5 'Vg X 4 " 3 -1 sm. 5-.5 'LV W5 Q li 34nl?l4TE1.. '!T!Ell4Bih l!?.3f,i'?RL!:.'if FW-'WZ E.x.2"3EE.'i"3 SQ NEWCCDSEAN Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS of 'Newcomerstown High School 5325514530 NEVVCOMERSTOWN, OHIO 1945 Newcosean Steiff Richard Robinson . . ....... E ditor-in-Chief Peggy Gainor .,. A. .A.., , A ssociate Editor Annettia Schumacher i.... ..v..oo B usiness Manager Janice Taylor ,ooooooo C- .o.A,.. Assistant Business Manager Anita Barnett - v,eee,v Advertising Manager Marcia Byrd .... ......c S enior Class Editor Louise Curtiss ....t , .,tc, Class Editor Marilyn Murphy ,uuu .,ec,.. C lub Editor Dale Rice uu,., A . ,..,ccr Athletic Editor Bill Ridgley ....ut ,c...., P hotography Editor To Robert Eugene Riiile The Class of 1945 dedicates this volume of the Newcosean to Mr. Riffle, Industrial Arts teacher, who served the class as a patient and understanding advisor, and who is now on leave of absence from N.H.S., serving in the army of the U.S.A. PAGE THREE - Wm' w,,,,, ,M ,, W , -. - ,.. , .. v... W P --.4 PAGE FOUR MELBA STEFFEN Secretary to the Principal -il LEADERS!-IIP . ESTHER TREASURE Secretary to the Superintendent PAGE FIVE PAGE SIX IN MEMORIAM ...!7.3u. 1 . . .- DR. E. C. SPEAR November 22, 1944, marked the passing of Dr. E. C. Spear who gave many years of faith- ful service to the Nevvcomerstown Public Schools. He became ill the night of Commence- ment, May 23, 1944, after he, as President of the Board of Education, had presented di- plomas to the graduating class of which his own daughter was a member. "Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea." -Tennyson Board of Education 1944 President ., A . w Dr. Edwin C. Spear Vice President rddddd Leslie S. Besst Clerk-Treasurer A ,e,. -. .-.Otto J. Beiter Otto J. Beiter, Frank R. Powell, Leslie S. Besst, Dr. Chester A. Hanson, John Atkinson. Arlie R. Bonnell Knot in picturel 1945 President .......... .. .... -Leslie S. Besst Vice President ...... Frank R. Powell Clerk-Treasurer -. .... Otto J. Beiter PAGE SEVEN W N PAGE EIGHT D. B. ROEDER SUPERINTENDENT NEWCOMERSTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS D. P. WHITMER PRINCIPAL NEWCOMERSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL PAGE NINE N. l'l. S. Faculty Newcomerstown High School was reorganized in September, 1944, into a six year high school consisting of grades seven to twelve. The school now has an enrollment of 525 students and twenty teachers. DANA P. WHITMER Oberlin College A.B. Ohio State University M.A. Principal of N. H. S. CHRISTINA A. MACMILLAN The College of Wooster A.B. The University of North Carolina Latin, Spanish, Library MARY SWIGERT Otterbein College A.B. Home Economics PAGE TEN , This page is sponsored by: HELLER BROTHERS COMPANY OF OHIO ALWILDA PHILLIPS Ohio University A.B. English, Journalism, Dean of Girls CLAUDE L. HINDS Muskingum College B.S. Ohio State University Science, Mathematics CHLOE GEORGE Ohio University A.B. The University of Wisconsin English THELMA THOMPSON Muskingum College A.B. Duke University H istory, Speech MILDRED MILLER Kent State University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University M.S. Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping DWIGHT MCINTURF Ohio State University B.S. Ohio State University M.A. Industrial Arts MARY BELLE FAIRCHILD Ohio University Physical Education WXMRB-Wil N. H. S. Faculty WALLACE S. BONVER Muskingum College B.S. Ohio University World History, Commerce MILDRED COX West Liberty State College A.B. West Virginia Uni- " versity M.A. Biology. Mathematics, Science JEAN COCHRAN Obe'lin Conservatory of Music B. Mus. Ed. Music AN GUS WILSON Holbrook College A.B. Ohio Northern B.S. Physical Education PAGE ELEVEN N. H. S. Faculty MARY SCHWENDIMAN Capital University Geography, Science MARY MCCORMICK State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. B.S. Home Economics, 8th Grade, Literature, Spelling BERTHA ELLEN GILCHRIST Kent State University English GLADYS BEALL Kent State University History, Literature ALMA G. NEIGHBOR Chicago University Western Reserve University Art, Music, Penmanship, Mathematics LORENE RICH Muskingum College Mathematics, Writing N. H. S. FACULTY ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE T0 SERVE IN THE ARMED FORCES: Peters, Harold Pickering, Donald Riffle, R. Eugene Sharrock, Farril Thompson, E. Louvanne Thls page is sponsored by: SCHUMAKER IMPLEMENT STORE and MARY LYNN BEAUTY SHOP PAGE TWELVE SCHOLARSHIP 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Jack Kees, Annettia Schumacher, Ruth Fivccoat, Dale Rice, Marcia Byrd, Richard This page is sponsored by: DOT'S BEAUTY SHOP and D. B. MOORE Robinson PAGE THIRTEEN Seniors, Class ol L945 President .....,....., Vice President .... Secretary ............ Treasurer ,W .... Social Chairman .....................,......,. Student Council Representaive ........ Student Council Represenlativc ....,Y.. Dale Rice Bob Hursey Schumacher Marcia Byrd Richard Robinson Ruth Fivecoat Jack Kees ....Red and White Colors . Flower .,.. ..........,..............,..... R ed Carnation Motto be .... .. .... , .................. .u,.... N ct finishing, just beginning "JUNIOR MISS" Presented by SENIOR CLASS AND MASQUE AND GAVEL Hurry Graves ,..... Joe ,,Y,.... .7 .... W Grace Graves ...... Hilda ,...., Lois Graves ......... Juiiy Gravess. Fuify Adams ........ J. B. Curtiss ......... hllen Curtissm ., Willis Reynolds .w....... Barlow Adams W .... ,, Haskell Cummings .,.,.... Western Union Boy ........ Merrill Feurbach ..., r 1 B1 own Ste l'ng ' ....... . Albert Kennedy .,..,, Tommy Arbuckie ...... Charles .............,..... MARCH 15 AND 16 CAST Henry ....,.................. ......l........ . Director .... .... , , . Dale Rice Edgar Fisher Schumacher ......Patricia Imhoff Peggy Gainor ----'jfllilarguerite Burge ....,..Gloria Hildebrand Richai d Robinson iiiiiiillorothy Carmony ..........,...David Linn Bill Ridgley Dean Fletcher Lloyd Cunningham ..,Lewis Huff .......Edson Stewart 7 Robert Atkinson .....Robert Johnson ....Edgar Schlarb .,.........Richard Cappel .Thelma Thompson JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET .VV.... ......... M AY 11 BACCALNAUREATE .....,.............. . V, .... MAY 20 COMMENCEMENT ....,...AA,....,... ---... -------- M A Y 21 , l lhe Seniors Best MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ACTOR Lewis Huff Richard Robinson Annettia Schumacher Peggy Gailwr BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST DRESSED Edgar Fisher Richard Robinson Lucille Krebs Louise Curtiss MOST POPULAR BEST ATHLETE Dale Rice Edgar Fisher Marguerite Burge Delephine Harstine MOST STUDIOUS BEST LOOKING Lewis Huff Denny Milligan Arlene Shepherd L0uiSe Curtiss BEST VOCALIST FRIENDLIEST Lloyd Cunningham Robert Hursey Peggy Gainor Dorothy Carmony BEST INSTRUMENTALIST BEST DANCER Robert Hursey Dale Rice Ruth Ellen Murphy Joan Sfyel' PAGE FOURTEEN This page is sponsored by: B. P. O. ELKS, NO. 1555 N RETA JANE BAGENT upudgyn Transferred from Coshoc- ton 15 Glee Club 25 Mixed C h o r u s 35 Scholarship Team 25 National Honor Society 4. KENNETH MARK BRICKER "Butch" Football 1, 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Reserve Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 3, 45 Hobby Club 25 Dancing Club 35 Varsity N 3, 4. DORIS EILEEN BLACK "Doris" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. So- cial Chairman 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGUERITE BURGE Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, So- cial Chairman 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Mas- que and Gavel, 45 In- tramural Basketball 15 Homecoming Queen 45 May Day Queen 3, 4. Don't Take My Penn ' Junior Miss This page is srronsored by KROGER GROCERY AND BAKING CO. and MERCER'S SUNOCO SE Seniors, Class of 1945 ANITA JEAN BARNETT "Nita Bum" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45' N e W c o sean Advertising' Manager 45 Intramural Basketball 2. KARL MERLE BRICKER Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Varsity Football 45 Re- serve Basketball 1, 2, 35 Intramural Volleyball 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity N 4. MARGARET ELLEN BURDETTE upeggyvv Girls' Athletic League 45 lntiamuial Volleyball 4. MARCIA ANN BYRD "Annie" Class Secretary-Treasurer 3, Treasurer 45 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4, SUCW' tary 3, Vice-President 45 Newcosean Senior Editor 45 Student Council 2. Secretary 25 Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Pres- iztnt 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Trio l, 2, 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 45 Intramural BaSk0tbHll 2: Don? Take My Penny. Publicity Chairman RV. STA. PAGE FIFTEEN Seniors, Class ol 1945 RICHARD F. CAPPEL uljickn Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Reserve Basketball Zig Varsity Bas- ketball 4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, Il, 43 Var- sity N 4. FRANCES FICRN CASTEEL Girl Reserves l, 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Danc- ing' Club 23, 4. DORTIIA I.. COUTS uljotvv Home Economics Club l, 2, Program Chairman 3, Reporter 4: Girls' Ath- letie League, 4. EUNICE GAYLE CRAIGO "l'Iunie" Girls' Athletic League 4g Dancing' Club 2, Il. This page E-sponsored by: DOROTHY LUCILLE CARMONY "Dotty" Tlansferred from Alli- ance High School 4. Girl Reserves 4, Masque and Gavel 43 Junior Miss LUIS JEAN CLUTTER "Clutter" Girl Reserves l, Cl, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Scholar- ship Team lg Dancing Club 2. DFILORES JEAN CRAIGO usisu Girl Reserves 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 4, Secretary 45 Band Color Guard 43 Home Economics Club lg Spanish Club 43 Library Club 43 Dancing Club 2. LLOYD CUNNING HAM "Shorty" Hi-Y Il, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Glee Club Il, 4, Mixed Cholus 3, 45 Band lg In- dustiial Arts Club l, 23 Football 23 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball 3g Var- sity N 3, 43 Junior Miss RALPH NV. SCOTT, AGENCY and DAVIS CUT RATE DRUG, Sells for Leu l'AG IC SIXTH li N HARRIET LOUISE CURTISS "Curty" Gill Reserves I, 22, Il, 4 Program Chairman IZ, So- cial Chairman 33 Newco- sean Assistant Class Edi- tor 43 Student Council 25 National Honor Society 43 Glee Club I, 23 Band I, 23 Spanish Club 43 Scholar- ship Team 33 Cheerleader II, 43 Ilomecomingg At- tendant 2, 3, 45 May Queen Attendant Il, 4. RICHARD CLARENCE DURBIN "Dick" Industrial Arts Club 2. 3, 4. EDNA RUTH ENGLAND "Ruthie" Gi1'l Reserves 33 Home Economics Club I, 43 So- cial Chairman I: Camera Club 23 Girls' Athletic League 43 Intramural Volleyball 4. RUTII JEAN FARRAR '.leanie" Girl Reserves I, 2, Il, 43 Gle e Club 43 Mixed Chorus 45 Gills' Athletic League 4. snug This page is sponsored by: L. O. CURTIS and DURBIN'S SERVICE STATION Seniors, Class of l945 IIAZEI. .IDA NNE DOWNS "Jo" Transferred from Duluth, Minn. 2: Waynesboro, Va. 4. Girl Reserves 2, 4: Newcosean Salesman 43 Glee Club 2, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Band Color Guard 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 2: Intramural Bas- ketball 4. RAYMOND EARLY uRayu Ili-Y 43 Football 23 Var- sity Football 43 Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 EMDRY VIRGII. ERVIN "Virgf" Ili-Y 2, Il, 43 Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus I3 ln- dustrial Arts Club I3 In- tramural Basketball 2g In- tramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4. EDGAR YERNUN FISIIER uljo-Ihhvv Class Sgt.-at-Arms ill Ili- Y 2, Il, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 43 Masque and Gavel 43 Reserve Basketbill I, 2: Varsity Basketball 23, 4, Captain 43 Intramural Basketball I, 2, Il, 43 Intramural Vol- leyball 1, 2, II, 43 Varsity N 3, 43 Junior Miss PAGE SEVENTEEN Seniors, Class oi i945 LENA RUTH FIVECOAT Class Vice-President 3g Girl Reserves 1, 43 Stu- dent Council 4g National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Glee Club 3g Spanish Club 4, Dancing: Club 2, 3, President 2, Social Chair- man 33 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 4, Vice President 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Don't Take My Penny EDITH GOLDEN endif-" Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dancing Club 35 Girls' Athletic League 43 Intramural Volleyball 4. BONNIE JEAN HANNAHS upugsv Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4. ROBERT HAVER "Nubbin" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus lg Indus- trial Arts Club 23 Varsity Football Manager 1, 2, 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Hobby Club 23 In- tramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity N I, 2, 3, 4. PAGE EIGHTEEN This page is sponsored by: THE PRODUCE and C. B. GUY GROCERY MARGARET LOUISE GAINOR Anpeggyvy Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Newcosean Assistant Edi- tor-in-Chief and Salesman 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Trio 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Masque and Gavel, 3, 47 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, Mixed Dates, Don't Take My Penny, Junior Miss FREDA MAXINE GUY unflaxrv Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 3, Secretary 4g Mix- ed Chorus 4. DELPHINE MAE HARSTINE "Feenie" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Newcosean Salesman 43 Student Council 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Student Council Repre- sentative 3, Treasurer 43 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Gills' Athletic League President 4, Intramural Basketball Captain 1. 2, 3, 43 Intramural Volley- ball 1.2, 3, 43 Junior Miss, Property Manager CARLOS EUGENE HOLMES "Sherlock" Transferred from Coshoc- ton 3. Mixed Chorus 3, Varsity Football 43 Danc- ing Club 35 Varsity N 4. AUDREY HOOTMAN Home Economics Club 3, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 33 Intramural Volleyball 43 Girls' Athletic Lea ue 4 Club ROBERT E. HURSEY Class Vice President 43 Hi-Y 3, 45 Band 2, 35 Or- chestra 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 33 Scholarship Team 2, 33 Model Air- plane Club 2. THELMA ELIZABETH JONES Home Economics Club 23 Dancing Club 3. MARGARET LUCILLE KRI-IBS "Punkie" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Newcosean Salesman 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, -13 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 23 In- g, . Camera Club lg Dancing -z Seniors, Class ol 'IQ45 LEWIS I.. IIUFF "Doc" Ili-Y 2, Il, 43 Student Council 2, ily National Honor Society 4, Presi- dent 4g Masque and Gavel 4: Football 1, 21 Scholar- ship Team l, 2, 3, 4. Junior Miss ROBERT JAY JOHNSON "Chink" Hi-Y 3, 43 Band I, 25 In- dustrial Arts Club lg Football 1, 23 Varsity Football Il, 43 Reserve Basketball 2, 3, Intra- mural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 23 Junior Miss DANIEL .JACKSON KEES "Jack" Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3. VEARL MELVIN LOADER Ili-Y 2. 4g Glee Club l, 2, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Scholarhsip Team I. 2, 4g tramulal Volleyball I, 2, Camera Club l. 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Lea- gue 4: Cheerleader 3, 43 Intramural Basketball I, 2 3 4 v n . This page is sponsored by: THE OXFORD BANK and WELSH AND MARLOWE PAGE NINETEEN Seniors, Class of 1945 JOHN McPHERSON Spanish Club 4, President 4, Scholarship Team 4. JOE MARTIN MILLER Hi-Y 4, Camera Club lg Hobby Club 23 Model Air- plane Club 3. MARILYN EARLINE MURPHY Girl Reserves 4, Newco- sean Clubs Editor 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 45 Spanish Club 4, Girls' Athletic League 4g'Scholarship Team 2, 3, 4g Dancing' Club 2, 3, Don't Take My Penny RUTH ELLEN MURPHY "Murph" Class Treasurer 1, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 3, Program Chair- man 4g Ncwcoscan Sales- man 4g National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Boys' Glee Club Accompanist l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Trio 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Octet Accompanist l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 43 Scholarship Team 2, 43 American Legion Essay Winner 3, Mixed Dates, Junior Miss, Business Manager PAGE TVVENTY This page is sponsored by: JAMES B. CLOW AND SON HELEN E. MEWBOURN uMax7! Transferred from Olivet College Academy 2. Girl Reserves 3. DENNY MILLIGAN Hi-Y 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 23 Football 25 Var- sity Football 3, 4, Co- Captain 4g Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 41 Camera Club lg Varsity N 4. NO RMA LOUISE MURPHY Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Span- ish Club 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Library Club 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, 4. ELOISE RUTH NORMAN uwazxv Home Economics Club l, 2, 4, Secretary 2, Pro- gram Chairman 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Danc- ing Club 3. BARBARA J EAN PICOPLES 'fam-if' Girl Reserves l. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Scholarship Team 3, DALE EUGICNIC RICE Class President l, 4, Re- porter 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 43 Newcosean Athletic Editor 43 Student Council President 43 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Band l, 23 Masque and Gavel Vice- Ptesident 43 Football 13 Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain 43 Reserve Basketball l, 23 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity N 2, 3, 43 American Legion Es- say Winner l, 33 Cheese Cottage. Junior Miss CHARLES DAVID ROBINSON unaveu Transferred from Cadiz High School 2. Ili-Y 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Intlamural Volley- ball 3, 4. RICHARD MONTGOMERY ROBINSON "Basil" Class Vice-President l, Social Chairman 2, 4, President 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Newcosean E d i t 0 r-in- Chief 43 Masque and Gavel 3, 4, President 43 Intramural Vollevball 3, 43 Scholarship Team 23 Dramatic Club 2, Business Manager 23 Homecoming Master of Ceremonies 43 Don't Take My Penny. Junior Miss This page is sponsored by: Seniors, Class of ?l MARTHA ANN REYNOLDS "Mutt" Class Social Chairman I3 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Home Plc Club 1, 23 Masque and Gavel 43 Library Club 1, 2, 3. -11 Don't Take My Penny WILLIAM l,. RIDGLICY -lain" lli-Y 3, 43 Newcosean Photography Editor 43 In- tramural Volleyball 33 In- tramural Basketball 2, 33 Model Airplane Club 23 Don't Take My Penny, Junior Miss DEAN ROBINSON Hi-Y 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, Treasurer 2, Reserve Basketball 33 In- tramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 43 Intramuial Basket- ball l, 2, 3. EDGAR DICAN SCHLARB itEg,g,vv Ili-Y 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 13 Intramural Bas- ketball 33 Intramural Vol- leyball 3, 43 Junior Miss JAMES B. CLOW AND SON PA G li TW ICNTY-ONIC Seniors, Class of 1945 ANNETTIA JANE SCHUMACHER "Netty" Class President 2, Secre- tary 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 1, Social Chairman 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 Newcosean Busness Man- ager 4, Student Council Secretary-T r e a surer 33 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Trio 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 4, Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, Cheerleader 45 Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Prince of Peace Win- ner 3, 4, County 49 Drum Majorette l, 2, 3, Cheese Cottage, Don't Take Mu Penny, Junior Miss ROBERT VALDIMERE SHAXV "Trigger" Hi-Y 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 2: Intramural Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4. BETTY LOU SMITH Band 1, 23 Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. CLARICE D. STALTER Giil Reserves 2, 35 Glee Club I, 23 Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4: Library Club 4, Home Economics Club lg Dancing Club 23 National Honor Society 4. This page is sponsored by: HOME RESTAURANT and SHEPHERD'S GARAGE PAGE TWENTY-TIVO MARY SCHUMACHER Girl Reserves I, 3, Song' Leader 3, Glee Club 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 39 Girls' Quartette 2, Da n c i n gf Club 23 National Honor Society 4. ARLENE SHEPHERD Llsheipiv Girls' Athletic League 4: Camera Club 2, Social Chairman 23 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 In- tramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Winner in Poetry Contest 2, National Hon- or Society 4. WILMA E. SMITH "Smitty" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 45 Newcosean Salesman 43 Library Club 2, 3, Girls' Athletic League 4, Treas- urer 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4. EDSON LEROY STEWART, Jr. uLel,0yu Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Mas- que and Gavel 4, Treas- urer 4g Football 1, 23 Var- sity Football 3, 45 Reserve Basketball 1, 2g Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Varsity N 3, 4, Junior Miss CAROL BERNADINIC STUDD "Bernie" Girl Reserves 1. 2, 4: Dancing Club 3. JANICE TAYLOR Girl Reserves 1, 45 New- cosean Assistant Business Manager 45 S t u d e nt Council 45 National Hon- or Society 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 4, Vice-President 45 Library Club 3, 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 3, 4: Girls' Ath- letic League 45 Scholar- ship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club 2, 3. KENNETH TYVYMAN "Kenny" Hi-Y 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Boys' Octette 1, 2, 3: Band 15 Dramatic Club Business Manager, Serg- eant-at-Arms 25 Intra- mural Basketball 25 Don't Take My Penny PAUL VAN VOORI-IIS "Van" Hi-Y 45 Industrial Arts Club 2, 35 Dancing Club 9 This page is sponsored by: Seniors, Class ol 1945 GLORIA JOAN STYICR "Joan" Class Reporter 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Pres- ident 25 Neweosean Sales- man 45 Glee Club l, 25 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 35 Li- brary Club 45 Girls' Ath- letic League 45 National llonor Society 45 Ameri- can Legion lissay Win- ner l. LUCILLE THOMAS "Tommy" Transferred from Chi- cago, Ill. 4. Girl Reserves 45 Band 45 Orchestra 43 Girls' Athletic League 45 Junior Miss, Prompter BETTY LOUISE VAN SCYOC "Blondie" Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic League 4. PAULINE V ICRBOSK Y "Pukie" Transferred from Gary, Ind 2. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 In- tramural Baskethall 2, 3, 4. SANDERS STORE, General Merchandise, Feed and Fertilizer and F. A. CARRUTHERS, General Merchandise, Feed and Fertilizer PAG IC TW ENTY-'I' l l R IC li Seniors, Class ol 1945 VIOLA RACHEL WHEELER Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mix- ed Chorus 45 Girls' Ath- letic League 4g Camera Club 2, Secretary-Treas- urer 2, Intramural Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 4. JANICE ARLENE WIANDT "Skeeter" Girl Reserves 23 Glee Club 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Home Economics Club 2, 4, Social Chair- man 3: Girls' Athletic League 4. MABLE MARIE WILSON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Band 1, Presi- dent 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 3, 3, 45 Scholarship Team ,Don't Take My Penny, Prompter Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1945, not being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath to the classes that will follow our path, the following: Denny Milligan bequeaths that "innocent look" to Dick Jurin. Peggy Gainor relinquishes her voice to Patty Imhoff. Joan Styer leaves her jitterbugging to Barbara Grewell. Richard Robinson leaves his wisecracks to Joe Craigo. Ruth Ellen Murphy wills her piano playing to Kenny Patterson. Pauline Verbosky gives her nickname, "Pukie" to anyone who is unlucky enough to receive it. Dale Rice bequeaths his athletic ability to John Erwin. Marcia Byrd leaves her friendliness to Glada Whitis. Annettia Schumacher leaves her speaking ability to Elsie Stahl. This page is sponsored by: DOROTHY JANE WIANDT uDot!! Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 3, 4, Don't Take My Penny, Stage Crew RIS JEAN WIDDER Gill Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Newcosean Salesman 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Library Club 49 Girls' Athletic League 4. RUSSELL HART fno picturel Transferred from New Philadelphia High School WlDDER'S LUNCH and E. R. SWIGERT HARDWARE AND SEEDS PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Class prophecy Edson Stewart wills his way with the women to Bob Milligan. Louise Curtiss bequeaths her sophistication to Martha Woodard. Anita Barnett leaves her curly hair to Bill Raach. Edgar Fisher leaves his basketball ability to Bernard McKay. Betty Lou Smith gives her tomboyishness to Margaret Kirk. Lucille Krebs bequeaths her trumpet to John Ford. Marguerite Burge wills her strut to Helen Jane Wolfe. Lewis Huff leaves the "Lab" a mess. The Senior girls leave Mrs. Phillips' car empty. Witnesses: The Senior Class EDGAR SCHLARB ROBERT VALDEMERE SHAW, CLARICE STALTER Attorney CLASS PROPHECY . ' Perched loftily on the high seat of a rickety old wagon pulled by an ancient looking horse. a despondent man proceeded slowly down a back street of the city of Cleveland. Now and then he would shriek unnecessarily at the horse, and at times would chant mechanically, letting the people know he was in the junk collecting busi- ness. The year - - - 1960. The street and the people traveling on it were typical of all places in Cleveland these days. Since Denny Milligan had been elected to the presidency of the United States on the Quemobratic ticket over Ohio Senator, Bob tNubbinJ Haver, things had gone wrong for everyone. Now and then, the man reflected, as he paused to wipe his perspiring brow, a white collered fellow could be seen around. For instance, this fellow on the back of the wagon-what did he say was the name? Rice-reporter for the Cleveland Times. He looked as if he were deep in thought. The old man had been right. Dale was deep in thought, and he was thinking his class of fifteen years ago, instead of the story he had set out to get. What had happened to that class? Strange how they had drifted during those few years after graduation. He knew very little about any of their whereabouts. There was Freda Guy, editor of the Columbus Dispatchg Norma Murphy, who taught Spanish in a Nash- ville high schoolg Lucille Thomas, first woman governor of Ohio, but beyond these- he knew very little. The persistent blowing of an auto horn brought his mind back to the present. Turning, he recognized Marcia Byrd, long distance truck driver for Veral Loader's Taller-Than-Average Modeling Agency of New York City, and he shouted to the driver of the wagon to pull over. Only last week he had read that Marcia had crashed into Margaret Burdette's Fifth Avenue Flower Shoppe in New York. But she was, it Seemed, still determined to drive. The article, Dale remembered, had named some of Vearl's more renowned Taller- Than-Average models 3 Barbara Peoples, Clarice Stalter, and Rita Bagent. ' Dale wtached the truck weave uncertainly out of sight, thanked he old man for the lift and proceeded homeward. ' Evening found Dale attending the circus--the world's largest-The Bungling Brothers. His old friends, Mark and Merle, had made quite a place in the world for themselves with this great show. The first sight which met his eyes was a huge gaudy poster showing Sampson, the Strong Man, flexing his muscles. Dale immediately recognized him as his former classmate, Lloyd Cunningham. "No doubt the weights are camouflaged balloons," he said to himself. Strolling nonchalantly down the way came Joe Miller, smoking an endless chain of expensive imported cigars. Behind him trailed six little reasonable facimiles, slyly pocketingc the endless chain of cigar butts, while their mother, Francis Castile Miller, who wal ed farther behind, wasn't looking. The Millers, to Dale's point of view, weren't doing at all bad from Joe's used car business. Looking around, Dale found that he was in a gay, hilarious crowd. Everyone seemed to know everyone else-he knew few. Suddenly he found himself being led into a fortune teller's tent. and the palmister was saying, "Cross my hand with silver and I will tell you the past, present, or future." And Dale, for some unexplainable reason, found himself willingly handing over his hard-earned money' and in a voice tliigtydiddt seem to be his own he was saying, "Tell me the whereabouts of my class of It seemed preposterous, but suddenly she was telling him in a fast lisping voice of his friends of high school days. He listened amazed. "The Dontdomery Dord Co., under the management of Bob Hursey, is having trouble again with the government. The Big Three, Kenneth Twyman, Advisor to the president, Dolores Craigo, Secretary of Labor, and President Denny, held a meeting about it last week. The country, led by Representative Annettia Schumacher, the second Clara Booth Luce, is clamouring for an explanation. The whole controversy is based upon the fact that Denny bought a suit at Dontdomery Dord's and did not pay for it. Denny, by the way, married Martha Reynolds way back in the '50's. Martha is a very active First Lady. She lectures frequently all over the world, and last spoke This page is sponsored by: H. E. LEADING, TIRE AND SUPPLY and HAFNER CUT RATE PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Class Prophecy to the natives of Borneo on the subject of good grooming. The fact that they didn't undersand a word she said, doesn't enter in." ' Here Dale nodded, and the fortune t:ll'r conlinued, "Every home now has a television radio designed by Lewis Huff. On any Sat- urday one can tune in on WWVA and hear Mable Wilson Little and her seven little Wilson Littles play old-time music. This station is managed by your old friend, Ray Early. "Ulf course, for classical music one can always tune in on NBC and listen to Ruth Ellen Murphy's modern arrangement of 'Chopsticksf Pauline Verbosky tells horror stories on Station PBC. Jean Farrar, famous opera singer, can be heard in broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera. 'John McPherson, a submarine commander, while on a secret mission for the government cracked up on the Fiji Islands last week where he narrowly escaped dis- aster. Luckily, Joan Styer, eminent woman aviator, happened to cruise by. She returned him to Mrs. McPherson, Uanicel who had been on the verge of a nervous breakdown at their home in Brazil." Here the fortune teller paused and then continued brightly. "Betty 'Smith won the Kentucky Derby last week with her horse Prince, the country's favorite.. Shortly after the race, however, Prince collapsed. Radio com- mentators such as Paul Van Voorhis, Dave Robinson, and Joanne Downs, and horse critics such as Edith Golden, who owns a ranch in Nevada, remarked that they were surprised that Prince had held together that long." "Edna England," continued the fortune teller, "was the National Woman Cham- pion Motorcyclist of 19595 Edson Stewart is head of the New York Police Florce. Edgar Schlarb is president of the humane society in Baltimore, and Eugene Holmes worked his way up to the presidency of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Thelma. Jones is employed as a nursemaid and governess in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Studd, lBernadine Dawsonl of Richmond, Indiana. Janice Wiandt, Bonnie Hannahs, and Betty Van Scyoc pooled their resources a few years ago and bought a swanky beauty parlor in the business section of Miami, Florida. Jack Kees, famous lawyer of that city, is conducting a case ftiled by Rachel Wheeler who married the Duke of Pa Dookaj against their establishment. It seems that Rachel ordered a mud pack there one day and by mistake got plaster of paris. It was necessary for Arlene Shepherd, a sculptor of that city, to chisel it off. Anita Barnett is head of the state home for tired and retired athletes in Seattle, Washington. Employed there are nurses Helen Mewbourn and Lois Clutter. Bob Shaw, Richard Cappel, and Dean Robinson serve as ward boys. One of their most recent patients was Edgar Fisher, Manager of the Newcomers- town Sporting Goods Company. Punky, when she asked for his release, explained that their small sons were little practical jokers, and that Edgar was still quite capable of earning a living." "A few of your former classmates are doing quite well in secretarial work," beamed the fortune teller. "Wilma Smith works for the Campbell Soup Inc., Audrey Hootman works at Wright Field in Dayton, and Eunice Craigo is secretary at Heller Brothers Company. "Richard Durbin operates a fox farm in Guernsey County, Doris Black and Dortha Couts are married and live in Newcomerstown. Louise Curtiss and Margaret Burge are both Powers models. Dorothy Carmony is now called the 'Harmony Car- mony of M.G.M. in Hollwoodl. She is the second Betty Davis. Virgil Ervin is out there, too, making the sound effects for M G.M.'s lion-at a big salary. Ruth Five- coat, Dr. of Philosophy, teaches at Ohio University. "The Marlowe's live in Canton, tDorothy Wiandtl. Their three little girls never miss any of Bill Ridgely's fnow Bark Fablel pictures. "Richard Robinson, multi-millionaire movie director ,and Bob Johnson, a promi- nent west coast shipbuilder, engaged in a duel several years ago over the hand of Peggy Gainor, famous Swing Queen. 'Hershel', for reasons unknown, played Hamil- ton and shot into the air. He was rushed to the 'Webringthembackaliven hospital in San Francisco where he was patched up by Dr. Delphine Harstine, prominent special- ist. However, it took several months for him to recover. Perhaps it was because Eloise Norman, Mary Schumacher, and Marilyn Murphy, three very capable nurses, were assi ned to his ward. Bob, by political pull, evaded the law and is now courting Peggy argentlyf' The fortune teller giggled and instantly Dale said, "Doris Widder!" "And you're Dale Rice!!" Dale Rice! Dale Rice! He could hear his name being called and he nodded his read crazily. Everything was twirling and he could hear Doris giggling. Then he was wide awake for Miss Thompson was saying, "Dale Rice, everything has happened in this fifth period American Problems class, but this is the first anyone has gone to sleep and had a nightmare!" Arlene Shepherd, Helen Mewbourn A This page is sponsored by: MARSTRELL SERVICE STATION and SCOTT STORE 15: In 1019 PAGE TWENTY-SIX JUNIORS, CLASS OF 1946 President ., .. .. . ,. , L Vice President ..e.,v, Secretary ..,,,,,.e A,e. C Treasurer eee......... - Social Chairman SOPHOMORES, CLASS OF 1947 President ...,ee E- e.,.ee do L or e......,e. L - C- ..see.ssesee L A Vice President,ccc.ccci .ssss..e L Secretary and Treasurer.,,c,L Social Chairrnani ..., FRESHMEN, CLASS OF 1948 President ,.,. . E so cci,ic Jim Walkenspaw Bernard Sharrock oMarjorie Loveless o-,,-,c-,Jim Schlarb Celia Hogg' ccGlada Whitis E ,Willis Haver Kenneth Wolf -Bob Hannahs E ,ico Eddie Ray Eddie Carr Vice President ccccci. ACSCCC Bernard McKay Secretary cccc,.,ccocc cc.ii G race Walkenspaw Treasurer Y ,,,,, , ,,,.i Jack Welsh EIGHTH GRADE, CLASS OF 1949 SEVENTH GRADE, CLASS OF 1950 This page is sponsored by: RITZ NEWS DEPOT and LIONS CLUB PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN Juniors, Class of 1946 Joe Craigo Jerry .kr ' Richard 1. 1 John R0 W Thjs page is sponsored by: COOPER URNITURE CO., YOUR DEPENDABLE HOME STORE PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Francis Affolter Lorena Angle Virginia Angle Jack Art Don Atkinson Bob Atkinson Betty Baker Eugene Beall Chazlene Berger Betty Booth Vera Bourne Raymond Cappel John Carney Edna Casteel Dean Courtwright Vernon Cramlet Crater Mary DeLong' Kenneth Dorsey Richard Durben Emler Bob Fenton Dean Fletcher Fern Floyd Bai baia Grewell John Gunn Hackenbracht Floyd Haines Ruth Hammersley Gloria Hildebrand Celia Hogg Pat Imhoff bert Kinsey Margaret Kirk Vivian Liggett David Linn Betty Lint Parker Little Marjorie Loveless Helen Lower Virginia Lower Alverta Maurer Wayne McFadden Denver McMullen Lois Medley Helen Miller Bob Milligan VVayne Murphy Rosemary Norman Margery Ott Helen Proud John Rector Doris Rennard Florence Riggle Don Russell Joan Sarchet Eugene Schlarb Don Schworm Bernard Sha1'rock Elsie Stahl Earl Stocker Robert Temple Don Tyson Shirley Vierheller James Walkenspaw Glada Whitis Jerry Wilken John Wilson Helen Wolf Juniors, Class ol 1946 This page is sponsored by: J. C. PENNEY 8: CO. Q PAGE TWENTY-NINE Enol- Sophomores, Class of 19-47 PAGE THIRTY Bonn Betty Ke Rh Wi This page is sponsored bv: CHAPMAN'S DAIRY, PHONE 4649 and PAUL J. ATKINSON ' Lowell Addison ie Addy Betty Atha Paul Atkinson Norma Beall Jean Besst Helen Bodenhimer Jean Bricker Jean Byrd Donald Casteel Norma Chaney Grace Chapman Marjorie Clark Joy Lou Clough Charlotte Conrad Betty Couts Covic Shirley Curby Geraldine Dansby Novella Dennis Bvelyn DeRing Beverley Dorsey nneth Duhamel Norma Durben Marie Egler Wayne Egler Bill Ervin ea Evans Charles Farrar Doris Fillman VValter Flllman Carl Fivecoat John Ford Josephine Galbraith Charles Gates Helen Gray Robert Han na hs llis Haver Betty Hayward Robert Hudson Sophomores, Class ol 1947 Betty Hughes Jean Hursey John Irvin Mae Johns Don Johnson Vernon Kees Curtis Lauver Bill Lehman Earl Ley Jerald Liggett Joann Lindell Ruth Little Gloria Loader Delores Loveless Susan Lyons Delmar Marlott Donald Martin fno picturej Betty Mason Dorothy Medley Jean Nay Dean Neal Marie Norman Betty Ogla Eugene Ott Martha Patterson Maiy K. Powell Bill Raach Eddie Ray Robert Roe Susan Salrin Duane Smith Tacy Lou Stocker John Taylor Janice Tedrick Mary Tedrow Freddie Thompson Waldon Walters Gene VVhyde Pauline VViller Robert VVise Kenneth Wolff This page is sponsored by: KISSELUS GROCERY and ROE'S GARAGE PAGE THIRTY-ONE Freshmen, Class ol 1948 PAGE THIRTY-TWO This page is sponsored by: LIBERTY SHOP and C. J. STEWART Kathryn Allbaugh Lorna Angle Evelyn Arcore Joanne Atkinson Gene Baker John Baker Mary Baker Ruby Belt Roberta Berger Richard Blackwell James Boone fno picturej Elizabeth Brewer James Brown Dorothy Caldwell Charles Caldwell Charles Campbell Robert Cappel Eddie Carr Martha Casteel Jane Chaney Robert Denham Donald Dennis Joanne Farrar Thelma Foggin Norma Ford Peggy Gardner Robert Glazer Raymond Goodall Evelyn Gray Mildred Gray Robert Harstine Donald Hart Betty Hickenbottom Clifford Hill Teddy Hill Bill Jacobs Mary Hudson Joe Jacobs Joe Jaynes Frank John Glenn Johnson Dick Jurin Carol Jones Luella Jones Harry King Donald Kopfs Robert Lauer Charles Leech Arthur Lenzo fno picturej Harry Little Betty Losey Mary Lower Joan Luce Phillip Mardis Loiin Marlatt fno picturej Bernard McKay Evelyn McKean Edith McPherson Margaret McVey Gloria Meeks Dean Milburn Evelvn Miller XVayne Miller Mary Miskimen David Mizer Donna Mizer Juanita Newby Marjorie Nolan Robert Nugent Tom Pollock Lillie Rector Louise Rhoads Gloria Ross Harold Rothenstine Duane Russell Joanne Castle Norma Sanders David Sarchet Norzalla Saylor Jack Schlarb Robert Shalosky Richard Sharrock Dean Shaw Elizabeth Snode Joan Soeer Helen Stahl Allen Stewalt Robert Tedrick Jack Temnle Twila Thompson Jean Tilton Dale Twyman Kenneth Vanderhoff fno picture? Alice Van Voorhis Grace Walkenspaw Fern Waller Donald Walters Wallace Walters Jerry Walton Bessie Wells Earl West Mary Wiandt Raymond Williams Martha Woodard James Worthington Betty Zeiner Freshmen, Class of 1948 This page is sponsored by JOHN C. ROSS, Realtor and JOHN S. ROSS, General Insurance and Bonds PAGE THIRTY-THREE Eighth Grade, Class el 1949 UPPER PICTURE: FIRST ROW: Joseph Marlatt, John Shaw, Donald Fenton, Velma Shepherd, Gary Phillips, Jim Whiiis, Alma Connor, Betty Carney, Ralph Neal, George Waller, Herman Hoin. SEVOND ROW: Mrs. Neighbor. Bradley Guy, Ma1',qery Dorsey, Beatrice Hughes, Floyd Lieggett, Marjorie Froelich, Norma Shryock, Phyllis Smyth, Marjorie Bates, Jimmie Lehman, Jim Davis. THIRD ROW: Billy Evans, Virginia Taylor, June Addy, Albert Beal, Jack Beiter, RI3l'g'3I'Ot Dayton, Dick Hannahs, Pat Shaw, Harold Meek. FOURTH ROW: Paul Landis, Doris Robinson, Virgil Mewbourn, Maxine Julien, Sue Barnett, Audrey Groll, Kenny Patterson, Billy Thomas. LOWER PICTURE FIRST ROW: Mrs. McCormick, Ruth Burdett, Larry Patton, Audrey Hashman, Robert Ray, Martha Grotf, Eleanor Gatten, Eugene Waller, SECOND ROW: Neola Blackbourne, Norma Shurtz, Alberta Russell, Patty Gadd Paul Sarehet, Jaonne lVIcf'une, Betty Aifolter, Irene Hill, Beryl Besst, Lillian Dansby. THIRD ROW: Emma Lou Dansby, Lloyd Opphile, Kenneth Huntsman, Charles Me- Cune, Doris Herbert, Ruth Shull, Richard Yanai, Bill Hammersley, James Nay, ,Dick Callentine. - l , e , ' FOURTH ROVV: Dale Maloy, Billy Sayre, Earl Tyson, Dean Miller, Bill Whyde, Harold Clum, Harry Barthalow, Valjean Vandeihoff, Julia Maloy, This page is sponsored by: R. LELLAN SHOEMAKER. SALES SERVICE, CALL 206 PAGE TIIIRTY-FOUR v, Seventh Gracie, Class oi i950 UPPER PICTURE Q FIRST ROW: Miss Rich, Barbara Proud, Janice Rogers. Ruby Hayes, Sonny Ham- mersley, Charles Angle, Donald Hannahs, Dale Thompson, Mildred Hogue, Francis Haver, Jim Patterson, Dariell Beiter, Marvin Miller, Mary Kohlerf Mrs. Gilehist. SECOND ROW: Haold Van Voorhis, Shirley Johns, Marilyn Bean, Mary Alice Titus, Earl Murphy, Vernon Meek, John Mathews, Robert Chapman, Gerry Clough, Marilyn Kohler, Norma Davis, Wrae Carr, Plilen Hootman. THIRD ROW: Betty Hunnell, Doris Miller, Alice Zwoll, Maijean Risher, Mary Allen Gardner, Patty Silverthorne, Martha Carney, Mary Lou Roe, .loan Bainett, Bar- bara Walters, Jacqueline Coker. FOURTH ROW: Wilmer Eckelberry, Gerry Riggle, Walter Brown, Max Sibole, James Bradshaw, Richard Quillen, Harold Hoffman, George McGinnis, Ray Mur- ray. LOWER PICTURE FIRST ROIV: Raymond Meek, Harold Maloy, Kenney Ford, Ronnie Kail, Donald Ray, Bill Mardis, Myles Greathouse, Glenn Baker, Norma Johnson, Dick Jaynes, Dallas Shepherd. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Johnson, Bill Shalosky. Darrel Riggs, Kenneth Haver, Forest Stanley, Anna Vanderhotf, Edna Brady, Kitty Stalter, Martha Callentine, Mrs. Schwendiman. THIRD ROW: Fern Williams, Virginia Hart, Joann Bassett, Beulah Stanley, Camilla Billings, Mary Clough, George Saylor, Larry Gwynn, Bonnie Morre, Albert Lin- dell. FOURTH ROW: Joe MePeek, Floyd Markley, Paul Poreher, Earl Wolff, Kenneth Newby, Jack Bricker. Ronald Gates. This page is sponsored by: I .BALTIMORE CLOTHING CO. , PA G IC T H l RT Y-Fl V IC Loyalty We're loyal to you, N.H.S. We're orange and black N.H.S. We'll back you to stand 'Gainst the best in the land For we know you have sand N.H.S. Rah! Rah! So keep that in mind, N.H.S. The best are behind N.H.S. Our flag is our fame protector On, classes, that we may do great things For our own N.H.S. Fling out that dear old flag of orange and black Lead on, ye Seniors, and ye Juniors, ahead A Like classes of thrift and courage, v Placing reliance, shouting defiance-N.H.S.! Amid the broad green fields that nourish ou For ho.nest labor and for courage we stand For unto thee we pledge our heart and hand, Dear old Newcomers High School Grand! This page is sponsored by: THE PRINT SHOP, COSHOCTON-NEWCOSEAN P PAGE THIRTY-SIX r land RINTERS FELLCWSI-IIP N EWCOSEAN STAFF Standing: Marcia Byrd, Dale Rice, Marilyn Murphy, Bill Ridgley, Annettia Schumacher. Sitting: Peggy Gainor, Louise Curtis, Anita Barnett, Janice Taylor, Richard Robinson. This page is sponsored by: L. H. BARNETT AND C0. und C. O. TAYLOR HARDWARE AND CO. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN Stuclent Council National Honor Society Secretavy , , STUDENT COUNCIL President tooo I L to . L L I I Dale Rice ViC9 Pl'9Sid9Ht to f Charles Gates Secreary and Treasurer L Delores Craigo Advisor , Mr. Whitmer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST SFIMPISTITR SECOND SEMESTER President , ,,,,,. ,,,,,.,,, ,Lcwis Huff Presiflenf ,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , . , ,,,,,,,, Tluth Five-coat Vice Presfdent . ., ,,,, Ru'h Ellen Murphv V150 President ,,,,, ., Margaret Kirk ., ,,,, Marilyn Murphy Sicretary ,,,,,,,. , i,i, liable Wilson Treasurer ,,,,,,, ,i,, Dean Fletcher Treafurer ,,YVV, .,,,V , Y, Deljihin Harstine Azgviz-ox' ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,,. ,,.,,,, ,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ll I r VVhiin1er PAGE THIRTY-FIIGHT This page is sponsored by: ROBERT E. STEINBACI-I COAL COMPANY Student Council FIRST ROW: Margaret Kirk, Representative of Junior Class, Helen Stahl, Repre- sentative of Freshman Class: Dale R'ce, Representative of Hi-Yg Janice Taylor, Representative of National Honor Societyg Charles G:tes, Representative of Sophomore Class: Ruth Fivecoat, Representative of Senior Class: Rhea Lou Evans, Representative of Junior Girl Reserves. SECOND ROW: Mr. Whitmer, Advisor: John Ford, Representative of Sophomore Class: Dean Fletcher, Representative of Junior Class: Jack Kees, Representative of Senior Class, Donald Kopis, Representative of Freshman Class. The Newcomerstown High School Student Council was formed in this school in March, 1943. The purpose of this organization is to establish closer relationship between stu- dents and teachers, develop higher standards of scholarship and conduct among the students, work for the general welfare of the student body, promote general and per- sonal welfare of the school. The Student Council is composed of two representatives from each of the four classes and one representative from each of the following clubs: Hi-Y, Senior Girl Reserves and Junior Girl Reserves. To be a member of the Council. a student must have two qualifications: A "C" average, and a sufficient number of credits to be a member of the class which he repre- sents. Among the many things the council has done for this school are: Sponsoring of Hall Patrol, poster campaign, sponsoring of many assembly programs, and the buying of an Honor Roll for N.H.S. men and women serving the armed forces. National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Lewis Huff, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Marilyn Murphy, Dean Fletcher, Janice Taylor, Mable Wilson, Margaret Kirk. SECOND ROW: Delphine Harstine, Dale Rice, Annettia Schumacher, Jim Walken- spaw, Ruth Fivecoat, Mr. Whitmer. The Newcomerstown Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized here in 1943. The object of the society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the de- velopment of character in Newcomerstown High School. The membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. This page is sponsored by: THE CAMBRIDGE JEFFERSONIAN, 'Southeastern 0hio'a Great Home Daily" PAGE THIRTY-NINE G irl Reserves AGIC SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Vresicleilt Tico President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman Song' Leader lleirorter Am ir ors JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES President Vicc President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Reporter Song Leader Advisor This page is sponsored hy: BLACKWELL AND EGLER BAKERY and BONNELL F FORTY A nncttia Schufnacher Marcia Byrd Margery Loveless Fern Floyd Ruth Ellen M urnhy M ary Schumacher .Ioan Stver Mrs. Phillips and Miss Miller Betty H ughes Bonnie Addy 7 Grace W alkenspaw Mildred Gray Betty Hayward Jean Byrd Louise Rhoads Miss Fairchild UNERAL HOME Senior Girl Reserves FIRST ROW: Miss Miller, Annettia Schumacher, Marcia Byrd, Marjorie Loveless, Fern Floyd. Joan Styer, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Mary Schumacher, Doris Black, Pauline Verbosky, Glada Whitis, Gloria Hildebrand, Mrs. Philips. SECOND RJOW: Dorothy Wiandt, Doris Widder, Lucille Krebs, Peggy Gainor, Marilyn Murphy, Mable Wilson, Norma Murphy, Helen Jane Wolf, Clarice Stal- ter, Louise Curtiss, Freda Guy, Lois Medley. THIRD ROW: Betty VanScyoc, Ruth Fivecoat, Frances Casteel, Barbara Peoples. Barbara Grewell, Elsie Stahl, Janice Taylor, Celia Hogg, Margaret Kirk, Lois Clutter. FOURTH ROW: Alverta Maurer, Delphine Harstine, Joanne Downs, Anita Barnett, Martha Reynolds, Florence Riggle, Jean Farrar, Dorothy Carmony, Betty Lint. During Girl Reserve Week, the Senior Girl Reserves held a campaign which showed the interest the members have in making this organization popular and re- spected. Tags, designating the occasion, were sold to every member of the school. The Senior Girl Reserve Banquet, the climax of the club's activities was a great suc- cess. Every person present enjoyed the gaily decorated room, the banquet, and the program. Junior Girl Reserves FIRST ROW: Miss Fairchild, Betty Hughes, Bonnie Addy, Grace Walkenspaw, Mil- dred Gray, Rhea Lou Evans, Jean Byrd, Betty Hayward, Ruth Rector, Edith McPherson, Joanne Farrer, Mary Ellen Hudson. SECOND ROW: Norma Beal, Susan Salrin, Helen Stahl, Louise Rhoads, Joan Castle, Martha Woodard, Elizabeth Brewer, Dorothy Caldwell, Dorothy Medley, Betty Losey, Marjorie Nolan. THIRD ROW: Delores Loveless, Gloria Ross, Fern Waller, Jean Tilton, Evelyn Kean, Helen Gray, Mary K. Powell, Evelyn DeRing, Jane Chaney, Betty Hicken- bottom. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Loader, Elizabeth Ann Snode, Grace Chapman, Helen Bodenheimer, Joanne Lindell, Joy Lou Clough, Twila Thompson, Evelyn Arcore. The organiztaion of Girl Reserves is a part of the Young Women's Christian Association. This great organization has chapters in nearly every county of the United States. Its purpose is to teach young women how to live good, clean lives, helping them to understand more about their God. ' This page is sponsored by: ZIMMER LUMBER CO., Mule Hide Roofing and Alpha Cement and CAMERON MEAT MARKET PAGE FORTY ONE MGSQUC dfTCi GdVZi Hi-Y President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor PAGE FURTY-TWO MASQUE AND GAVEL Richard Robinson Dale Rice Ruth Ellen Murphy HI-Y This page is sponsored by: M 8: K STORE and OGlLBEE'S BAKERY Edson Stewart Miss Thompson Dale Rice Edgar Fisher Jim Walkenspaw T Joe Craigo Mr. Roeder Masque and Gavel FIRST ROW: Dale Rice, David Linn, Richard Robinson, Edgar Fisher, Edson Stew- art, Lewis Huff, Miss Thompson. SECOND ROW: Robert Fenton, Peggy Gainor, Gloria Hildebrand, Dorothy Car- mony, Kenny Twyman, Robert Atkinson, Marguerite Burge. ' THIRD ROW: Martha Reynolds, Pat Imhoff, Annettia' Schumacher, Dean Fletcher, Ruth Ellen Murphy. Masque and Gavel, the national high school recognition society for the promotion of Speech for use, was organized at Newcomerstown during March, 1944. The purpose of the organization is to have students work for steady and conf sistent improvemeni in their oral English in all of its uses in their high school and com- munity: iiist, by striving for excellence in the classroom, in all organization ac- tivities, in school assemblies, in acting, public speaking, and readingg second, by striving for a better relationship between high school and the community through cooperative activities with all recognized community groups and organizations. HIV FIRST ROW: Dale Rice, Edgar Fisher, Edson Stewart, Robert Haver, Joe Miller, John Gunn, Bernard Scharrock, John Hackenbracht, Richard Cappel. SECOND ROW: Bill Ridgley, Dean Neal, Delmar Marlatt, Bill Ervin, Robert Kinsey, Jerry Crater, Denver McMullen. THIRD ROW: Carl Fivecoat, Lewis Huff, Bob Atkinson, Wayne McFadden, Merle Bricker, Richard Robinson, Dean Fletcher, Vearle Loader. FOURTH ROW: Edgar Schlarb, Raymond Cappel, Lloyd Cunningham, Earl Stocker, Don Russell, Robert Fenton, Kenneth Dorsey, John Carney. FIFTH ROW: Raymond Early, Robert Shaw, Kenneth Twyman, Denny Milligan, Francis Affolter, Paule Dale Atkinson, Jack Kees. ' The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The motto is, "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." The ambition is, "To do the best we can in speech, manner, study, and in service, to make life most worth-while for ourselves and the community." Dennison pg PAGE FORTY-THREE lnclustrial Arts Club Home Economics Club INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Social Chairman News Reporter , Advisor HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President 7, Vice President Secretary , Treasurer Program Chairman , So-:ial Chairman Reporter I , Advisor , f The page is sponsored bv! C. O. MODER, McCORMICK, DEERING FARM E PAGE FO RT Y- FOU R Donald Casteel Robert Temple Richard Sharrock Allen Stewart Dean Milburn Mr. Mclnturf , .Vivian Liggett Lorena Angle Mary Jane Delong , Helen Miller Eloise Norman Virginia Angle Dorthri Cout-x Mrs. Swigert QUIPMENT lndustrial Arts Club FIRST ROW: Mr. Mclnturf, Donald Casteel, Bob Temple, Richard Sharrock, Dean Milburn, Allen Stewart. SECOND ROW: Tom Pollock, Richard Blackwell,. Bob Denham, Dale Twymn, Arthur Lenzo, Earl West, Sonny Williams, Bill Jacobs, Harry Little. THIRD ROW: Bob Lauer, Bob Temple, Ronald Walters, Eddie Carr, Charles Camp- bell, Eddie Ray, Bernard McKay, Wallace Walters, Eugene Walters. FOURTH ROW: Walden Walters, Jack Schlaib, Bob Milligan, Raymond Goodall, Bill Raach, Kenneth Durbin, Bob Wise, Donald Hart. A The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to discuss and carry out a program that will be of benefit to the members, the school, and the community. Emphasis is placed on hobbies, arts, crafts and, social good times. Home Economics Clubs FIRST ROW: Vivian Liggett, Lorena Angle, Mary Jane DeLong, Virginia Angle, Mary Tedrow, Jean Nay, Eloise Norman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Swigert, Mary Carol Wiandt, Edna Casteel, Betty Ogle, Evelyn Gray, Peggy Gardner, Shirley Curby, Betty Mason, Betty Couts, Marjorie Clark, Lorna Angle, Joanne Spear. ' THIRD ROW: Ruth Hammersly, Thelma Foggin, Josephine Galbraith, Mary Lower, Helen Lower, Rosemary Norman, Virginia Lower, Marie Norman, Janice Wiandt. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Vierheller, Edna England, Charlotte Conrad, Pauline Willer, Norma Chaney, Luella Jones, Edith Golden, Bessie Wells. The Home Economics Club is an organization of girls who are interested' in better homemaking. As one of the club's projects the girls sell milk to the students during the noon hour. Also, the girls help serve at banquets and luncheons at school. This page is sponsored by: DARREL O. BEITER POST NO. 3303, VETERAN'S 0F FOREIGN WARS PAGE FORTY-FIVE Newcosean Staff Buenos Vecinos NEWCOSEAN STAFF Richard Robinson Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Peggy Gainor Business Manager A Annettia Schumacher Assistant Business Manager Janice Taylor Adyertising Manager Anita Barnett BUENOS VECINOS President John McPherson Vice President Janice Taylor Secretary-Treasurer Norma Murphy Advisor Miss Macmillan PAGE FURTY-SIX This page is sponsored by: RITZ THEATER and C. E. CRTT CO. Nevvcoseen Statf FIRST ROW: Annettia Schumacher, Business Managerg Marcia Byrd, Senior Class Editorg Richard Robinson, Editor-in-chiefg Marilyn Murphy, Club Editorg Janice Taylor, Assistant Business Managerg Miss Macmillan, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Peggy Gainor, Assistant Editorg Bill Ridgely, Photography Editorg Anita Barnett, Advertising Managerg Dale Rice, Athletic Editorg Louise Cur- tiss, Class Editor, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Ad Salesman. THIRD ROW: Lucille Krebs, Ad Salesman, Wilma Smith, Ad Salesmang Joan Styer, Ad Salesman. The 1945 Newcosean is the twenty-second edition of the high school annual. Newcosean-what is the meaning of the name? "Newco" comes from the name of this towng "se" is taken from the word "senior"'g "an" is taken from "annual," Thus the name "Newcosean" was formed, meaning Newcomerstown Senior Annual. Buenos Vecinos FIRST ROW: Ruth Fivecoat, Louise Curtiss, John McPherson, Marguerite Burge, Janice Taylor. SECOND ROW: Clarice Stalter, Marilyn Murphy, Norma Murphy, Miss Macmillan. Buenos Vecinos "Good Neighbors" is the name of the Spanish Club, organized in January, 1945, by the members of the second year Spanish Class. The purpose of the club is to help the students of this school have a better knowledge of Latin-American countries by studying their language, music, and history. The motto of the club is "Amistad Americans, del Norte y del Sur," "Friendship of the Americas, North and South." This page is sponsored by: BRlTTON'S GROCERY and WOMEN OF THE MOOSE, CHAPTER 29 PAGE FORTY-SEVEN Librarians Book Niending Club President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor President Vice President Secretary-Trea Advisor P HINDS FUNE PAGE FORT Y-RIG HT Sll l'9l' LIBRARIANS , Celia Hogg Marilyn Murphy Dorthy Medley Joan Styer W . Y Miss Macmillan BOOKMENDING CLUB , a,7, , P P he Mary Mislcimen A Jane Chaney Charles Cates W ae Miss Macmillan This page is sponsored by: RAL HOME and I. G. A. CSelf-Sen-vel BOWERS GROCERY Librarians FIRST ROW: Martha Reynolds, Doris Rennard, Celia Hogg, Rachel Wheeler. Doris VVidder, Janice Taylor. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Murphy, Dorthy Wiandt, Dorthy Medley, Miss Macmillan, Norma Murphy, Joan Styer, Clarice Stalter. Where can I find Einstein? How do you pronounce Gdynia? Who wrote Frank- lin's Autobiography? Are there any more books like 'LThunderhead"? Is orthoethy- lozyanomonobenzoylamidochinoline really the name of a drug? These are some of the questions that the librarians are asked as they help their fellow students select stories and find reference material for class assignments. Booic Mending Club FIRST ROW: Peggy Gardner, Jack Schlarb, Mary Ellen Hudson, Charles Gates, Norma Beal, Earl West, Jean Tilton. SECOND ROW: Joan Wiandt, Jane Chaney. Castle, Mary Miskimen, Miss Macmillan, Duane Smith, Mary The m school in cleaning and repairing library books. embers of the Book Mending- Club perform a very practical service for the Stage Crew Dean Milburn, Kenneth Wolfe, Don Tyson, Don Schwarm This page is sponsored by: COSHOCTON TRIBUNE AND TIMES-AGE and BAIRS PAGE FORTY-NINF Band Girls, Giza Club BAND President Mable VVilson Vice President Bob Atkinson Secrotary-'I'1'easurcr Robert Hannahs Social Chairman Duane Smith Advisor Miss Co:hran President Secretary Social Uh Advisor PAGE FIFTY airmzin GIRLS' GLEE CLUB This page is sponsored by: GREYHOUND LINES Mzircia Byrd Freda Guy Doris Black Miss C'01'hran dn Girl d FIRST ROW: Marjorie Dorsey, Beryl Best, Marguerite Bulge, Helen Jane Wolfe Peggy Gainor. SECOND ROW: Challott Conrad, Gary Phillips, Earl West, Don Walters, Lucille Thomas, Mable Wilson, Betty Atha, Audrey Hashman, Marjorie Nolan, Pat Gadd, Jim Nay, Novella Dennis. THIRD ROW: Martha Groff, Mary Powell, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Richard Sharrock, Lucille Krebs, Harry Little, Larry Patton, Eugene Waller, Richard Yanie, Irene Hill, Norma Beal. FOURTH ROW: John Ford, David Mizer, Rea Lou Evans, Doris Robinson, Bonnie Addy, Marjorie Froelich, Virginia Taylor, Bob Wise, Gene Baker, Norma Beal. FIFTH ROW: Bob Denham, Richard Hannahs, Albert Beal, Billy Evans, Marjorie Bates, Margaret Dayton, Dale Twyman, Fern Waller, Helen Bodenheimer, Bob Hannahs, Arthur Lenzo. SIXTH ROW: June Addy, Richard Blackwell, Dorthy Wiandt, Dean Milburn, Grace Chapman, Maxine Julian, Donald Shwarm, John Gunn, Robert Atkinson, Kenny Patterson. SEVENTH ROW: Paul Atkinson, Duane Smith, Kenneth Duhammel, Wayne Mc- Fadden, Allen Stewart, Bernard Sharrock, Edson Stewart, John Hackenbracht, Robert Glazer, Bernard McKay. s' Glee Club FIRST ROW: Marcia Byrd, Freda Guy, Doris Black, Celia Hogg, Marjorie Loveless, Annettia Schumacher, Pauline Verbosky, Donna Mizer, Louise Rhoades, Gloria Hildebrand, Peggy Gainor, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Joann Farrar. SECOND ROW: Mable Wilson, Glada Whitis, Helen Proud, Jean Besst, Rachel Wheeler, Lucille Krebs, Helen Wolfe, Mary Ellen Hudson, Jean Tilton, Fern Waller, Jerry Wilkin, Betty Mason. THIRD ROW: Betty Hickenbottom, Marie Norman, Joanne Speer, Virginia Angle, Gloria Ross, Martha Reynolds, Pat Imhoff, Joann Castle, Betty Hughes, Mary Tedrow, Betty Zeiner, Mary Schumacher. FOURTH ROW: Helen Stahl, Jean Farrer, Bonnie Hannahs, Peggy Gardner, Mil- dred Gray, Lorena Angle, Shirley Vierheller, Grace Walkenspaw, Joann Atkin- son, Evelyn McKean, Janice Wiandt, Bessy Wells. This page is sponsored by: PHILLIPS RESTAURANT and THE HOME BUILDING AND LOAN CO. PAGE FIFTY-ONE Q Boys' Glee Club Mixed Clworus l l BOYS' GLEE CLUB l'i'esieclnL David Linn Secretary Paul Atkinson Social C'liaii'man Lloyd Cunningham Advisor Miss C'ochi'an I'resiednt Vice l'i'esidcnt Secretary T ro asu 1' e 1' Advisor PAGE FIF'I'Y-TWO MIXED CHORUS This pagc is sponsored by: BEITER BROS., CEMETERY MEMORIALS David Linn Lucille Krebs John Gunn Charles Gates Miss Cochran Boys' Glee Club FIRST ROW: Charles Gates, John Gunn, David Linn, Lloyd Cunningham, Dean Fletcher, Paul Atkinson, Ruth Ellen Murphy. SECOND ROW: Dale Twyman, John McPherson, Harry Little, Richard Sharrock, Gene Baker, Bob Denham. THIRD ROW: Robert 1-Iarstine, Earl Ley, Vearl Loader, Kenneth Twyman, Duane Smith. Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Joanne Farrar, Marie Norman, Mable Wilson, Fern Waller, Virginia Angle, Annettia Schumacher, Lorena Angle, Shirley Vierheller, Freda Guy, Doris Black, Betty Mason, Ruth Ellen Murphy. SECOND ROW: Tom Pollock, Glada Whitis, Betty Hayward, Delores Loveless, Bonnie Addy, Norma Murphy, Rachel Wheeler, Rita Bagent, Lucille Krebs, Helen Jane Wolfe, Peggy Gainor, Marcia Byrd. THIRD ROW: Peygy Gardner, Joan Speer, Jerry Wilkin, Bonnie Hannahs, Mary Ellen Hudson, Pauline Verbosky, Jean Farrar, Helen Bodenheimer, Betty Hughes, Helen Gray, Joann Atkinson, Evelyn McKean. FOURTH ROW: Jean Besst, Joan Lindell, John Gunn, Mildred Gray, Lloyd Cunning- ham, Dale Twyman, Elsie Stahl, Janice Wiandt. FIFTH ROW: Mary Schumacher, Jack Schlarb, Paul Atkinson, John McPherson, Vearl Loaler, Robert Roe, David Linn, Earl Ley, Charles Gates, Duane Smith. This page is sponsored by: TREASURES SERVICE STATION PAGE FIFTY-THREE OI'Ci'l2SlIl'd FIRST ROW: Richard Shariock, Norma Beal, Helen Bodenheimer, Rea Evans, Ruth Ellen Murphy. SECOND ROW: Donald Walters. Duane Smith, Paul Dale Atkinson, Grace Chapman, Betty Atha, Mable VVilson, Bonnie Addy. THIRD ROW: Robert Glazer, Arthur Lenzo, Allen Stewart, Kenny Patterson, Robert Atkinson, Mary Powell. Girls' Trio Seated: Peggy Gainor, Ruth Ellen Murphy, Annettia Schumacher. Standing: Marcia Byrd. Since the girls' trio was formed four years ago it has sung at a number of school functions and b e f o r 0 several organizations. Among these are the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Civic League, and The Music Study Club. This page is sponsored by: C. LENZO and HUNNEL SOHIO SERVICE STATION PAGE FIFTY-FOUR ever1tl1 and Eiglwtlw Grade Glee Clubs BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROXV: Glenn Buki-1', lltllllllll Huy, lltlllillll Fm-11ton, Kv11111-th l'lUl'1l, vltlllll Shaw lll121ll0S Anglo, Dull- lio11t111u11, Ronnie Kuil. Sl'll'UNll KONV: .Nl1's, Nl-ig'l1l1o1, llill'l't'l lliggw, Dall- 'l'l111111 msun, Dallas Shm-1l1v1'1l l l l!1'z11ll1-y Guy, 'Ut'0l'jIl' Waller, Mylvs Gl'l'21ll'10LlS0, llnwz11'4 Mc-1-k, Bill Sl1z1lc1skv. v l . Tlllllll ROW: lJ1ck .lz1y11vs, Bill 3llll'lllS, l.2ll'l'j' l':1tt1111, laZll'l'j' Gwynn, .l1111111i1- lmh- lllilll. Allwrt L111doll. l"Ul'lI'l'll NOW: K1-1111cy llQlll41'l'S0l1, Allu-rt Bc-nl, Yilljvllll Y1lI1lll'l'l1Ull', l'lill'l Wolfe lllL'll2ll'll l'lllll'Iltlll0. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB l"lllS'l' ROW: llllllllllil Billings. A111111 Y:1111lu1'l111ll', .Nlz11'tl1z1 f'z1llv11ti11v. N411'111:1 .li1l111s1111, l'lllt'l'll ll1ml111z111, llZll'l7lll'2l l'I'Ol1tl, Www fl.ll'l'. Blililwml llH.Ll'lll', liz11'l1111'z1 Walla-rs, .xl2llg.1'1'l'j' llumvy. Slal'UNlT HOW: Alina llUlllll'l'. -l:1n'si11ili114- fl'llil'l', Nlz11'A111:111 lCiSl11'1'. Nlzvy K11l1lv1'. Slzuy Alivv Titus, Mary l.1111 lim-, Sl1i1'l1-5' ,I11l'11. l'z1t1'ia'iz1 Griilil. l1'1-111' llill. ll:-ryl lil-st, .Nl1's. N1-ig'l1lm1'. Tlllllll HOW. l'z1liy SllYl'l'lll'1l'l1ll. Klillj' A1111 l11ll'4lllL'l', li111111i1- Blmwiv. lCil11:1 lgliltlj, ,!:111i1'v llugcrs, Nvoln Rllll'lilPUlll'lll', NlZll'1l'2ll'k'l llilylllll, lllll Slmw, Nluxinv -lllllvil Bllll'll12l G1'uIl'. l"Ul'li'l'll HOW: -lililll lg1lI'IlK'll. llnlwy ll2lj'l'S, Bl,11'111:1 1'z11'11s-1. l'l4'l'Il Willi:11114. l!1-:1I1'i1'1- lluglns. 5l.111l511 IH-1111. li11tl1 Slnill, N111111z1 Slll'yUL'li, Sul- lg2ll'Ill'll. This p:1g'1- is s11i111s411'wl lay: STOFER'S RESTAURANT and WOODS' l. C. A. GROCERY ' PAC IC l"l l"'l'Y .F Homecoming Queen and Attendants Drum Mejorettes HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Sitting: Marguvritt- Burgo, Qucvn. DRUM MAJORETTES Poggrv Gainor, Marguerite Burgv, He-lon Standinfg: .lozmn Fastlv, Froshmang ' , , . . . . Jana,-Wolfe. Hvlon Gray, hophmnorvg Mal'-1m'1v I.nv4-lvss, .Iuniorg Louise- Furtiss, S1-ninr This page is sponsored by: NEWCOMERSTOWN FLORAL and JONES, LYDICK, AND CASTLE PAGE FIFTY-SIX SPQIQTSMANSHIP I l N . 1 ll l 1 ' l 4 Francis Havcr, HGCQ, I wish I could bc- Dale Rice, foot- ball co-captain, Edgar Fisher, basketball captain, or Denny Milligan, football co-captain." This page is sponsored by: HAVER ELECTRIC PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN Football FIRST ROW: Dean Fletcher, Eugene Holmes, Bob Johnson, Mark Bricker, Denny Milligan, Dale Rice, Bernard Sharrock, Bill Raach, Eason Stewart, Merle Biickei, Jim Schlarb, Lloyd Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Joe Craigo. Bob Atkinson, John Irwin, Eddie Ray, Sonny Williams, Allen Stewart, Kenneth Wolfe, John Hackenbracht, Kenneth Dorsey, Eddie Carr, Donald YValters, Robert Haver, Coach Wilson. THIRD ROVV: Dick Jurin, Dean Milburn, Bernard McKay, Ray Early, Charles Leech. Bob Lauer, Delmar Marlalt, Harry Little. SCHEDULE September I5 At Coshocton ,,,, . .39 N. H 0 September .. .22 At Barnesville . . . . N H 19 September .. . 29 At Uhrich'ville .. ,,,, 37 N H 11 October ,,,,,,, 6 Millersburg . .. .. . 7 N H 46 October ,,,, . H13 Doylestown . . N H 41 October . ,,,. 20 Canton St. Johns . ,,,, . N H 0 October . .27 At Carroll'on . . .. .. .12 N H 0 November . 3 Dennison St. Marys. ,,,,,,, N H 32 November . I0 Dennison . ,,,, ,,,, . .. . N. H. 18 1944 FOOTBALL SEASON September 15, 1944 Coshocton Score 0-39 In the opening' game against the powerful Co'hocton Redskins, the Tao- jans went down to a 339-0 defeat. The entire Newcomerstown team played impressively, but they could not match the power of the Redskins Co-Cap- tains Milligan and Rice were standouts in the Gold and Black backtield along' with Fletcher. September 22, 1944 Barnesville 19-7 The Trojans uncovered a smooth working attack to defeat Barnesville 19-T. With the score tied 7-T at the half, the Trojans exploded with two touchdowns in the second half to completely route fhe SlT'l11'OCk9. The spectacular climax running of Dean Fletcher accounted for all three touch- downs. September 24, 1944 Ubrichsville 14-37 In a l'ree-'scoring game at Uhriehsville the Trojans were defeated 37-14. After trailing badly at the half, the Trojans came back to outscore Uhriehs- ville in the final two quartets. Rice, fleet halfback, scored both touchdowns, one on a 130-yard gallop. Stewart. stellar end, place-kicked the points afier touchdowns. This page is sponsored by: McALLISTER'S DAIRY PAGE FIFTY-EIGHTi ANGUS WILSON Coach Football October 6, 1944 Milleriburg 46-7 Newcomerstown high School's annual homecoming celebrating the 25th anniversary of football at the Trojan school, was crowned with success under the lights at the Athletic Field when Coach Wilson's gridder's trounced the Millersburg Spartans 46-7. Quarterback Fletcher led the scoring with three touchdowns. Rice, Milligan, Schlarb, and Stewart accounted for the other four. The victory gave the Trojan warriors an even break on four starts. October 13, 1944 Doyle stcwn 41-0 Newcomerstown gridders rode roughshod over the Doylestown high gridders and notched a 41-0 triumph. The Trojans scored six touchdowns, a safety. and three conversions. Schlarb, Rice, Milligan, Fletcher, Bricker, and llolmes each contributed a touchdown, while Stewart kicked two conversions and Milligan plunged for one. This was the third victory in five starts. October 20, 1944 Canton St. Johns 0-7 On a wet and slippery field, and playing in a downpour of rain, the Trojans lost to Canton St. Johns, 7-0. The lone score of the game came in the second quarter on a sustained march of 50 yards by the Crusaders. In spite of the slippery conditions the Trojans completed three aerials in three attempts. But the attack bogged down with goal in sight. October 27, 1944 Carrollton 0-12 Fumbling away two golden scoring opportunities the Trojans' superior running game went for naught as they dropped a 12-0 decision at Carrollton. The Trojans had all the best in statistics, registering 12 first downs to 9 and amassing 186 yards from rushing to Carrollton's 108. But with pay dirt in sight the Gold and Black grid machine stalled. The hard running and deadly tackling of Denny Milligan was outstanding. November 3, 1944 Dennison St. Marys 32-6 Newcomerstown's Trojans defeated a game but outclassed Dennison St, Mary's football team in a Dad's Night game 32-6. The Trojans' superiority in power was evident at the outset as Milligan, hard-running fullback, broke through and sprinted 65 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage and Stewart place-kicked the extra point. From then on Coach Wilson substituted freely. Schlarb scored twice, and Fletcher and Stewart once each. November 10, 1944 Dennison I8-6 Newcomerstown's Golden Trojans rose to great heights to turn back their arch rival Dennison, 18-6 in the concluding game of the season. Although they were the underdogs, the inspired Trojans turned in their crown- ing achievement ofthe season. The bone-rattling blocking of the Trojan forward wall was superb. And the broken field running of Co-Captains Denny Milligan and Dale Rice kept the Railroaders back in thpir own territory most of the evening. Milligan accounted for two touch :towns and Rice one. The victory gave the Trojans a record of five wins and four defeats for the season. T FORMATION FIRST ROVV: Edson Stewart, John Hackenbracht, Mark Bricker, Bernard Sharrock, Bob Atkinson, Lloyd Cunningham, Bob Johnson. SECOND ROW: Dean Fletcher, 503 Jim Schlarb, 55, co-captain Dale Rice, 51, co-cap- tain Denny Milligan, 521. This page is sponsored by: Northern Engraving and Electrotype Co., Canton, Ohio, Engraver for Newcosean PAGE FIFTY-NINE Football DICNNY M ILLIGAN Fullback JIM SCHLARB Right Halfback MARK BRICKHR Qualterback and Guard IGDSON S'l'l'IWAK'I' lin ni DALE RICE LC-ft Hixlflmck DEAN FLETCH HR Quarterback EUGENE HOLMES Halfback BC B JOHNSON End ROGERS SANITARY MARKET, Quality Meat and Groceries and for Your PAGE SIXTY BOB ATKINSON Tackle JOHN HAFKENRRACHT Guard limi Ray CR' ntvr M E RLIC Ii Il ICK EK Tackle' Football BILL RAACII Tackle This page is spoxmsorvd luv: EUREKA and DAVIS CONFECLFIONARY LLOYD VUNNINGHAM Guard JOHN IRWIN Guarcl HICRNARIJ SIIARROCK l'm-ntvr KICNNICTH DORSICY Right Guard P.-XG E SIXTY-ONE Basket Ball FIRST ROW: Dale Rice, Mark Bricker, Edson Stewart, Edgar Fisher, Coach Wilson, Richard Cappel, Dean Fletcher. SECOND ROW: John I-lackenbracht, Eddie Ray, Kenneth Wolfe, John Irwin, Jim Walkenspaw. VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON The Trojan quintet compiled one of the most outstanding records in the history of the school, by winning 14 games and losing but 10. They were barely nosed out by several oi the larger Class A schools in the district, and measured Brown High, of Cambridge, 50-48 in 3 thliller. Their arch-rival, Dennison, was nipped twice during the season by the smooth-working Trojan Hoormen. They also upset once-beaten Cambridge St. Benedict in a ding-dong battle on the home court. The feat was ac- complished by coming from behind and scoring seven points in the last minute to win 33-32. The starting lineup consisted of Captain Edgar Fisher and Mark Bricker at for- wards, Edson Stewart at center, and Dale Rice and Dean Fletcher, guards. ln the district tournament at the Trojans were paired with top-seeded Zanesville and went down to a 60-33 defeat. Dale Rice and Captain Edgar iFsher, who was leading scorer for the season, made the all-tournament team. Port Washington SCHEDULE N.H.S Millersburg ,.....i,., ....... 3 9 N.H.S. West Lafayette ,,,. .-.,... 2 6 N-H-S. Uhrichsville Y,.....,.... ....,.. 3 9 N-H.S. Coshocton .,,,....,,,.., ...,,.. 3 9 N-H-S. Dennison St. Marys ..,i.., ...,,.. 1 7 N-H-S New Phila ,,,,,.,,,,,-,, ,,.,,,, 3 7 Cambridge ,,,,,..,,,i... ...,,,. 4 4 N-H.S- Dennison , . , ..,. 36 N-H-S Tuscarawas ,,.. ..,,... 5 1 N.H-S. Mt. Vernon .7 H 42 N.H-S- ,.....,39 N.H.S Tuscarawas ,,,,...... Carrollton , .7.. .. West Lafayette ..,,,, Uhrichsville .,.., Port Washington .,,. , ,,.... 26 ,,,..,,,37 48 N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S. This page is sponsored by. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK PAGE SIXTY-T WO Dennison ....... ......., 2 5 - Cambridge ..................... ........ 4 8 - N.H.S Coshocton .......,.......,.... ....... 5 7 - N.H.S Millersburg ....................,..,,. ......, 2 8 -- N.H.S Cambridge St. Benedict ........ ....... 3 2 - N.H.S. Dennison Si. Marys .............. ..,.... 1 5 - N-H.S Zanesville fTournamentJ .......,,......,........ 60 - N.H.S ' Thfs page is sponsored by: N.H.S.., Basket Ball .......26 ....,.50 ......43 42 ........44 33 DALE RICE EDSON STEWART EDGAR FISHER DEAN FLETCHER RICHARD CAPPEL MARK BRICKER THE W. M. BRODE CO., GENERAL CONTRACTORS PAGE SIXTY-THREE Reserve Basket Bali s C l FIRST ROW: Harry Little, Dick Jurin, Don Kopis, Bob Lauer, Sonny Williams, Del- mar Marlatt, Flip Walters. SECOND ROW: Coach Wilson, Philip Mardis, Bernard McKay, Ken Wolf, Bill Raach, Allen Stewart, Eddie Ray, John, Eddie Carr, John Hackenbrach. SEASON SCHEDULE Port Washington ,,...., N.H.S. Millersburg ..A, , N.H.S. West Lafayette .,... N.H.S. Uhrichsville .,,,.,,,.,. N.H.S. Coshocton Y .... 7, .... N.H.S- Dennison St. Mary ,.,,... N.II.S. New Philadelphia .... N.H.S. Cambridge .... .,,.r. N H.S. Dennison . N.H.S. Tuscarawas ,A N.H-S. Mt. Vernon .,,. N-H-S- 'Tuscarawas ...., N.H.S. Carrollton ,,....,,,. N.H-S. West Lafayette N.H S. Uhrichsville ...,,s,,.,. N.H.S. Port Washington , .,.. N.H.S. Dennison ,D .... Y, N.H.S. Cambridge ..,,.. N.H.S Coshocton .,.. .,,, . . N.H.S. Millersburg ,.,,,,,......,,,.,, N H.S. Cambridge St. Benedict ,,,,,, ,,eo..,. N Caxrollon ,,.. .... ..,, N . H.S Cambtiiige St. Benedict.. N.H.S Dennison St. Marys. ,,,,,, N.H.S. SEASON The l'QS6l'VC basketball players had a veiy successful season and many of the players show promise of developing into real varsity material. Standouts and usual staiting' plavers were VValkenspaw, Ray, Wolif, McKay, and Irwin. They were a speedy und high scoring outtiL and with a little more experience, they will really make a name For themselves in the district basketball picture. Th s page is sponsored bv: COLCNIAL SHOE SHOP and BOB'S NEWS STAND, Cigarets, Magazines, Candy PAGE SIXTY-FOUR Seventh and Eighth Grade Bulldogs FIRST ROVV: Sonny IIZilllll1Ul'SIUy, James Nay, Gary Phillips, Bradley Guy, Ralph Neil, Robert Illiy. SICVUNIJ HOW: Charles Angle. Rieliarri Ray. Harold YanVoorhis, Hill Whyzle, Richard Hzinnahs, Lloyzl Ligget, Francis lluver. Varsity N FIRST ROXV: Roh h Milligan. Flclgar Fisher, Robert Atkinson, Ilean Fletcher. ' ert Ilaver, Robert Johnson, Edson Stewart, Dale Rice, Ilennv SECOND ROW: John Ilackenbraeht, Ray Early, Blll Raach, Jim Walkenspaw, Kenneth Wolfe, Eddie Ray, Lloyd Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Merle Bricker. Johnny Irvin, B1 "I Sha ' -k R' -h crnfnc trim , it arrl Cappel, Charles Leech. This page is sponsored by: NEWS AND INDEX AND RIGGLES DAIRY PAGE SIXTY-FIVE Cheer l.2dCiZVS Lucill l e Krebs, Louise Curtiss, Betty Huges, Annettia Schumacher Victory! Victory! Is our cry, V -I-C-T-O-R-Y, Are we in it? Well, I guess! Newcomers' High School N! H! S! Girls, Athletic Association President .,,,.. ...,.... Delphine Harstine Vice President ....,, l..el...,,,. R uth Fivecoat Secretary e,le..,,.. ......,,l.. C elia Hogg Treasurer ....... ...i,.. W ilma Smith Advisor e,..,r...,.,..,,., ,e.........r...,, ..,... ..,,..... M i s s Fairchild The Girls' Athletic Association was formed in September, 1944, to promote an attitude of go nature of the G.A.A. provid 3PAGE SIXTY-six od sportsmanship among the girls of the school and their teachers. The oranization's activities is the developing of strong healthy bodies. The es recreation and good Wholesome fun for everyone of its members. This page is sponsored by: GILL STUDIO, PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NEWCOSEAN KREBS, REFRIGERATOR SERVICE Merle 15, 43, 57, 61, 65 Addison, Lowell 30 Addy, Bonnie 30, 40, 41, 51, 53 Addy, June 34, 51 Affolter, Betty 34 Affolter, Francis 28 Albough, Kathryn 32 Angle, Angle, Angle, Lorna 45 Angle, Arcore, Evelyn 32 Art, Jack 28 Atha, Betty 30, 51, 54 Atkinson, Donald 28 . Charles 35, 55, 65 Lorena 28, 32, 44, 45, 51, 53 Virginia 28, 44, 45, 51, 53 Index Berger, Charlene 28 Berger, Roberta 32 Besst, Jean 30, 51, 53 Best, Beryl 34, 55 Billings, Camilla 35 Black, Doris 15, 41, 51, 53 Blackburn, Neola 34, 55 Blackwell, Richard 32, 45, 51 Bodenheimer, Helen 30, 51, 53, Boone, James 32 54 Booth, Betty 28 Bourne, Vera 28 Bower, Wallace 11 Bradshaw, James 35 Atkinson, Joanne 32, 51,,53 Atkinson, Paul 30, 43, 51, 52, 53, 54 Atkinson, Robert 14, 28, 43, 51, 54, 58, 59, 61, 65 Bagent, Rita 15, 53 Baker Betty 28 Baker, Gene 32, 53 Baker, Glenn 35, 55 Baker John 32 Baker, Mary 32 Barnett, Anita 2, 15, 37, Barnett, Joan 35, 55 Barnett, Sue 34, 55 Barthalow, Harry 34 Bassett, Joan 35 Bates, Marjorie 34, 51 Beal, Albert 34, 51, 55 Beall, Eugene 28 Beall, Gladys 12 Beall, Norma 30, 41, 49, Bean, Marilyn 35, 55 Beiter, Darrell 35 Beiter, Jack 34 Belt, Ruby 32 41, 46 51, 54 Brady, Edna 35, 55 Brewer, Elizabeth 32 Bricker, Jack 35 Bricker, Jean 30 Bricker, Mark 15, 58, 60, 62 Bricker, Brown, James 32 Brown, Walter 35 Burdette, Margaret 15 Burdette, Ruth 34 Burge, Marguerite 14, 15, 43, 56 Byrd, Jean 30, 40, 41 Byrd, Marcia 2, 13, 14, 15, 37, 40, 41 47, 50, 51, 53, 54 Byrd, Noah, Janitor Caldwell, Dorothy 32, 41 Callentine, Charles 32 Callentine, Martha 35, 55 Callentine, Richard 34, 55 Campbell, Charles 32 Cappel, Raymond 28, 43 Cappel, Richard 14, 16, 43, 63, 65 Cappel, Robert 32 Carmony, Dorothy 14, 16, 41, 43 This page is sponsored by: ATKINSON LUMBER CO. AND HARDWOOD LUMBER, Wholesale and Curl PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN lnclex Carney, Betty 34 Carney, John 28, 43 Carney, Martha 35, 55 Carr, Eddie 27, 32, 45, 58, 64, 65 Carr, Wrae 35, 55 Castle, Joann 33, 41, 49, 51, 56 Casteel, Donald 30, 44, 45 Casteel, Edna 28, 45 Casteel, Francis 16, 41 Casteel, Martha 32 Chaney Norma 30, 45 Chaney, Jane 32, 41, 48, 49 Chapman, Grace 30, 41, 5 Chapman, Robert 35 1, 54 Dansby, Emma 34 Dansby, Geraldine 30 Dansby, Lillian 34 Davis, James 34 Davis, Norma 35 Dayton, Margaret 34, 55 DeLong, Mary 28, 44, 45 Denham, Robert 32, 45, 51, 53 Dennis, Donald 32 Dennis, Novella 30, 51 DeRing, Evelyn 30 Dorsey, Beverly 30 Dorsey, Kenneth 28, 58 Dorsey, Marjorie 34, 51, 55 Clark, Marjorie 30, 45 Clough, Gerry 35 Clough, Joy 30, 41 Clough, Mary 35 Clum, Harold 34 Clutter, Lois 16, 41 Cochran, Jean 11, 50, 52 Coker, Jacqueline 35, 55 Connor, Alma 34, 55 Conrad, Charlotte 30, 45, 51 Courtwright, Dean 28 Couts, Betty 30, 45 Couts, Dortha 16, 44 Covic, Betty 30 Cox, Mildred 11 Craigo, Delores 16, 38 Craigo, Eunice 16 Craigo, Joe 28, 42 Cramlet, Vernon 28 Crater, Jerry 28, 43 Cunningham, Lloyd 14, 16, 52, 53, 57, 59, 61 Curby, Shirley 30, 45 Curtiss, Louise 2, 14, 17, 37, 41, 47, 56, 66 Downs, Joanne 17, 41 Duhammel, Donald Duhammel, Kenneth 30, 51 Durben, Norma 30 Durben, Richard 17, 28, 45 Early, Raymond 17, 43, 58, 65 Eckelberry, Wilmer 35 Egler, Marie 30 Egler, Wayne 30 Emler, Richard 28 England, Edna 17, 45 Ervin, Virgil 17 Ervin, William 30, 43 Evans, Rhea 30, 39, 41, 51, 54 Evans, William 34, 51 Fairchild, Mary Belle 11, 40, 41 Farrar, Charles 30 Farrar, Jean 17, 41 Farrar, Joann 32, 41, 51, 53 Fenton, Donald 34 Fenton, Robert 28, 42, 43 Fillman, Doris 30 Fillman, Walter 30 Fisher, Edgar 14, 17, 42, 43, 61, 65 This page is sponsored by: BISST DRY CLEANING CO. PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT Fivecoat, Carl 30 Fivecoat, Ruth 13, 14, 18, 38, 39, 41, 47 Fletcher, Dean 14, 28, 38, 39, 43, 53, 58, 59, 60, 61, 65 Floyd Fern 28, 40, 41 Foggin, Thelma 32, 51 Frolich, Marjorie 34, 51 Ford, John 30, 39 Ford, Kenneth 35, 55 Ford, Norma 32 Gadd, Patricia 34, 51 Gainor, Peg!-TY 2, 14, 18, 37, 41, 43, 46, 47, 50, 51, 53, 54, 56 Galbraith, Josephine 30, 45 Gardner, Mary Ann 35, 55 Gardner, Peggy 32, 45, 49, 51 Gates, Charles 30, 38, 39, 48, 49, 52, 53 Gates, Ronald 35 Gotten, Eleanor, 34 George, Chleo 10 Gilchrist, Bertha Ellen 12, 35 Glazer, Robert 32, 51, 54 Golden, Edith 18 Goodall, Raymond 32 Graham, Charles Gray, Evelyn 32 Gray, Helen 30, 41, 53, 56 Gray, Mildred 32, 40, 41, 5 Greathouse, Floyd Greathouse, Myles 35 Grewell, Barbara 28, 41 Groff, Audrey 34 Groff, Martha 34, 51, 55 Gunn, John 28, 51, 52, 53 Guy, Bradley 34, 55, 65 Guy, Freida 18, 41, 51, 53 Gwynn, Larry 35 index Hackenbracht, John 28, 43, 51, 58, 59 61, 62, 64, 65 Haines, Floyd 28 Hammersley, Ruth 28, 45 Hammersley, Sonny 35, 65 Hammersley, William 34 Hannahs, Bonnie 18, 51, 65 Hannahs, Donald 35 Hannahs, Richard 34, 51, 65 Hannahs, Robert 27, 30, 51 Harstine, Delphine 14, 18, 38, 39, 41 Harstine, Robert 32, 53 Hart, Donald 32, 45 Hart, Russell 24 Hart, Virginia 35 Hashman, Audrey 34, 51 Haver, Kenneth 35 Haver, Francis 35, 57 Haver, Robert 18, 43, 58, 65 Haver, Willis 27, 30 Hayes, Ruby 35 Hayward, Betty 30, 40, 41, 53 Herbert, Doris 34 Hickenbotton, Betty 32, 41, 51 Hilderbrand, Gloria 14, 28, 41, 43, 51 Hill, Clifford 32 Hill, Irene 34, 55 Hill, Teddy 32 Hinds, Claude 10 Hoffman, Harold 35 Hogg, Celia 27, 28, 41, 48, 49 Hogue, Mildred 35, 55 Holmes, Eugene 18, 57, 60 Hootman, Audrey 19 Hootman, Dale Hootman, Eileen 35 Horn, Herman 34 Hudson, Mary 32, 41, 49, 51, 53 Hudson, Robert 30 Huff, Larry Huff, Lewis 14, 19, 38, 39, 43 PAGE SIXTY-NINE .index Hughes, Beatrice 34 Hughes, Betty 30, 40, 41, 66 Hunnell, Betty 35 Huntsman, Kenneth 34 Hursey, Jean 30 I-Iursey, Robert 14, 19 Imhoff, Patricia 14, 28, 51 Irwin, John 30, 61, 62, 65 Jacobs, William 32, 45 Jacobs, Joe 32 Jaynes, Joe 32 Jaynes, Richard 55 Jones, Carol 32 Jones, Luella 32, 45 Jones, Thelma 19 John, Frank 32 John, Shirley 35 Johns, Mae 31 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Donald 31 Glenn '32 Kenneth 35 Norma 35, 55 Robert 14, 19, 58, 5 Julien, Maxine 34, 51 Jurin, Richard 32, 35, 58, 64 Kail, Ronnie 35, 55 Kees, Jack 13, 14, 19, 39, 43 Kees, Vernon 31 1 King, Harry 32 ' Kinsey, Robert 28 ' Kirk, Margaret 28, 38, 39, 41 Kohler, Marilyn 35 Kohler, Mary 55 Kopis, Donald 32, 39, 64 9, 60, 65 Kopis, Douglas Krebs, Lucille 14, 19, 41, 47, 51, 52, 53, 66 'PAGE SE VENTY Landis, Paul 34 Lauer, Robert 32, 64 Lauver, Curtis 31 Leech, Charles 32, 58, 65 Lehman, James 34, 55 Lehman, William 31 Lenzo, Arthur 32, 44, 51, 54 Ley, Earl 31, 53 Liggett, Floyd 34, 65 Liggett, Jerald 31 Liggett, Vivian 29, 44, 45 Lindell, Albert 35 Lindell, Joann 31, 53 Linn, David 14, 29, 43, 52, 53 Lint, Betty 29, 41 Little, Harry 32, 44, 51, 53, 64 Little, Parker 29 Little, Ruth 31 Loader, Gloria 31, 41 Loader, Veal 19, 42, 43, 52, 53 Losey, Betty 41 Loveless, Marjorie 27, 29, 40, 41, 56 Loveless, Delores 31, 53 Lower, Helen 29 Lower, Mary 32 Lower, Virginia 29 Luce, Joan 32 Lyons, Suzanne 31 McCormick, Mary 12, 34 McCoun, Charles 34 McCune, Joanne 34 McFadden, Wayne 29, 43, 51 McGinnis, George 35 Mclnturf, Dwight 11, 44, 45 McKay, Bernard 27, 45, 51, 58, 64 McKean, Evelyn 33, 41, 51, 53 McMullen, Denver 29, 43 McPeek, Joseph 35 McPherson, Edith 33, 41 McPherson, John 20, 46, 47, 53 McVey, Margaret 33 Macmillan, Christina 10, 46, 4 Malloy, Julia 34 Maloy, Dale 34 Maloy, Harold 35 Mardis, Phillip 32 Mardis, William 35, 55 Markley, Floyd 35 Marlatt, Delmar 31, 43, 58, 64 Marlatt, Joseph 34 M arlatt, Lorin 32 Martin, Donald 31 Mason, Betty 31, 45, 53 Matthews, John 35 Maurer, Alverta 29, 41 Maurer, Robert Medley, Dorothy 31, 41, 49 Medley, Lois 29, 41 Meek, Harold 34 Meek, Raymond 35 Meeks, Gloria 33 Meeks, Vernon 35 Mewbourn, Helen 20 Mewbourn, Virgil 34 Milburn, Dean 33, 45, 51, 58 Miller, Dean 34 Miller, Doris 35 Miller Evelyn 33 Miller Helen 29, 44, 51 Miller, Joseph 20 Miller Marvin 35 Miller, Mildred 11, 40, 41 Miller, Wayne 33 Miller, VVilliam Milligan, Denny 14, 20, 43, 58, Milligan, Robert 29, 45 Miskimen, Mary 33, 48, 49 Mizer, David' 33 Mizer, Donna 33 Moore, Bonnie 35, 55 Murphy, Earl 35 1 7, 49 59, 60, 65 Murphy, Marilyn 2, 20, 37, 38 39 41 47, 48, 49 Murphy, Norma 20, 41, 47, 49, 53 Murphy, Ruth Ellen 14, 20, 38 39 40 41, 42, 43, 47, 51, 53, 54 Murphy, Wayne 29 Murray, Raymond 35 Nay, James 34, 65 Nay, Jean 31, 45 . Neal, Dean 31, 43 Neal, Ralph 34 Neighbor, Alma 12, 34, 55 Newby, Kenneth 35 Newly, Juanita 33 Nolan, Marjorie 33, 50 Norman, Eloise 20, 44, 45 Norman, Marie 31, 45, 53 Norman, Rosemary 29, 45 Nugen, Robert 33 Ogle, Betty 31, 45 Opphile, Lloyd 34 Ott, Eugene 31 Ott, Marjorie 29 Ott, Martha Patterson, James 35 Patterson, Kenneth 34, 51, 55 Patterson, Martha 31 Patton, Larry 34, 55 Peoples, Barbara 21, 41 Phillips, Alwilda 10, 40, 41 Phillips, Gary 34, 65 Pollock, Thomas 33 Porcher, Paul 35 Powell, Mary 31, 41, 51, 54 Proud, Barbara 35 Proud, Helen 29, 51 Quillen, Richard 35 PAGE SEVENTY ONE Index Raach, William 31, 45, 58, 61, 64 Ray, Richard 35, 55, 65 Ray, Edward 27, 31, 45, 58, 61, 62, 64 65 v Ray, Robert 34, 65 Rector, John 29 Rector, Lillie 33, 41 Rennard, Doris 29, 49 Reynolds, Martha 21, 41, 43, 49 Rhoads, Louise 33, 40, 41, 51 Rice, Dale 2, 13, 14, 21, 37, 38, 39, 42 43, 57, 58, 59, 60, 62, 65 Rich, Lorena 12, 35 Ridgeway, Sam Ridgley, William 2, 14, 21, 37, 43, 47 Riggle, Florence 29, 41 Riggle, Gary 35 Riggs, Darrell 35, 55 Risher, Marjean 35, 55 Robinson, David 21 Robinson, Dean 21 Robinson, Richard 2, 13, 14, 21, 37, 42, 43, 46, 47 Roe, Mary 35, 55 Roe, Robert 31, 53 Roeder, Donald 8, 42 Rogers, Janice 35, 55 Ross, Gloria 33, 41, 51 Rothenstine, Harold 33 Russell, Alberta 34 Russell, Donald 29, 43 Russell, Duane 33 Salrin, Susan 31, 41 Sanders, Norma 33 Sarchet, David 33 Sarchet, Joan 29 Saylor, Paul 34 Saylor, George 35 Saylor, Norzella 33 Sayre, VVilliam 34 PAGE SEVENTY-TWO Scherer, Howard Schlarb, Edgar 14, 21, 43 Schlarb, Eugene 27, 29, 58, 59, 60 Schlarb, Jack 33, 45, 49, 53 Schumacher, Annettia 2, 13, 14, 22, 37 39, 40, 41, 43, 46, 47, 51, 53, 54, 66 Schumacher, Mary 22, 40, 41, 51, 53 Schworm, Donald 29 Schwindiman, Mary 12, 35 Scholoske, Robert 33 Scholosky, William 35, 55 Sharrock, Bernard 27, 29, 43, 51, 58, 59, 61, 65 Sharrock, Richard 33, 44, 45, 51, 53, 54 Shaw, Dean 33 Shaw, John 34, 55 Shaw Patricia 3.4, 55 Shaw, Robert 21, 43 Shepherd, Arlene 18, 22 Shepherd, Dallas 35, 55 Shepherd, Velma 34 Shull, Ruth 34 Shurtz, Norma 34 Shryock, Norma 34, 55 Sibole, Max 35 Silverthorn, Patricia 35, 55 Smith, Betty 22 Smith, Duane 31, 49, 50, 51, 53 Smith, Wilma 22, 66 Smyth, Phillis 34 Snode, Elizabeth 33 Speer, Joan 33, 51, 53 Stahl, Elsie 29, 41, 53 Stahl, Helen 33, 39, 41, 51 Stalter, Clarice 22, 41, 47 Stalter, Kitty 35 Stanley, Beulah 35 Stanley, Forest 35 Steffen, Melba 5 Stewart, Allen 22, 33, 45, 51, 54, 581, 64 Stewart, Edson 14, 42, 43, 51, 58, 59, 60, 62, 65 Stonebrook Edna Stocker, Earl 29 Stocker, Tacy 31 Studd, Bernadine Dawson 23 Styer, Joan 14, 23, 40, 41, 47, 48 Swigert, Junior Swigert, Mary 10, 44 ,45 Taylor, Janice 23, 37, 39, 41, 46, 47, 48 Taylor, John 31, 51 Taylor, Virginia 34, 51 Tedrick, Janice 31 Tedrick, Robert 33 Tedrow, Mary 31, 45, 51 Temple, Jack 33 Temple, Robert 29, 44, 45 Thomas, Lucille 23, 51 Thomas, William 34 Thompson, Dale 35, 45, 55 Thompson, Fred 31 Thompson, Thelma 11, 14, 43 Thompson, Twila 33, 41 Tilton, Jean 33, 41,49 Index Titus, Mary 35, 55 Treasure, Esther 5 Twyman, Dale 33, 51, 53 Twyman, Kenneth 23, 43, 53 Tyson, Donald 29 Tyson, Earl 34 Vanderhoff, Anna 35, 55 Vanderhoff, Dean Vanderhoff, Jean 34, 55 Vanderhoi, Kenneth 33 VanScyoc, Betty 23, 41 Van Voorhis, Harold 35, 65 Van Voorhis, Paul 23 Verbosky, Pauline 23, 41, 51, 53 Vierheller, Shirley 29, 45, 51, 53 Whitmer, Dana 9, 10, 38, 39 Wolfe, Earl 35, 55 Wolf, Helen Jane 29, 41, 51, 53, 56 Wolff, Kenneth 27, 31, 58 Woodard, Martha Ann, 33, 41 VVorthington, James 33 Yanai, Richard 34, 51 Zeiner, Betty 33, 51 Swoll, Alice 35 TH! PRINT SHOP OPP. PBNNA. STATION cosHoc'roN. omo PAGE SEVENTY-THREE fe, 'ff U ,, 447 x. , .Mez , HAH , W. H: F1 . -, ?+' ,435 ' , X, .Y f - r - v ff, j "fl, ww. . J K A .25 'A .A . - 'Refs ., ., .-.3 , . .4.-L . fVfX'fi , , .M - ..r.A"1 . .wb fm L. , - f1'..L-E Sf , . , V, ,'..f,Q-332525 , Kay. ' . W 1,- ,M , A - H. n . f Y ' v,W if LX VJ, - -. 1 bf tif ,F - fig. 1 ' Q if ' ,ji ax 4 . A , .. , .J -. ,. ,, .A M. A ,if ,gf my ff ix xl, :ix fff 55 11211,-. ' I . , , dh , ,1 v I x . :QE ji! 4 y,g:g7.'i5 nie: w:2:f:: .4 1 ' 'Tn gp,,,4Sf .,2 , "fd: ., ., 52 X M . V -, - Leif' f fx -- wwafa- b' -3- Q L- W W ,:,1.,,,.., me qc' Y 1 -2 Wa. ' -4- 1 - f 31 ?'?5igf'5v,435f . K. X- 1 ,.f ., X, ,, . +,4f-my, ,V yy , .,, X 45. 'QM - jf - , ', ,, 21341223- .5-3 . -fivfi? FQIJEQ Q 'ii - . 1 1tA5gLfRw,w': H .Nw-. f .54 . z. -: ie?" ' . 1'17f'r'4 4-1 13 15 J . ' 521332, ffl .. 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