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 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 82 of the 1952 volume:

W WV, , ,,,---' l Jffgr, ull pi! e l I 3 5 Q, rr VN M- 1 Qi M U I i,,,,"' 'I 'mi- 15. . 'L 'H -. . lbw 5 'M X. Ami' . 4,1 J I,- I . .lag-wif" if 'lbw' 'v-1 Ka . lx ' iff X l l .. 5. f W V! My ,ff Win Af' -1 Am fm HSV 'W 5 W 1?- W Wi' " , , v s ' x,,i"v 'U jf 3M LA ww ,09'LLf! If . JY? K 'JW ' ' dIgn"!fx' BU O 41' A I 5 W We Z, N 1 E211 bZ, ff"'i' Z A V A 5jd ',' JL I. M I , ,,.L ., ,fZ 'f 42? 414 Cwbw , Qafqfd ,J f44 V ff-lyk I! ring? Z? 1, M QQ,f,wfJ gb M Af 1' 'Q I ' 1 . 1 K2 1 mf N 'W ' x t x, If 'x " X' . . -,C Q .LL -.WI f a ' , K , , d ., K. " . ,f 25 iw ' -,si-W.. X 33255 SIE 5 ima? 5f53Q?f5g Six is 5 Q 3 im? ff QSE R Riff if ESS A Mgwmw Qgxgifj E mmap' it ali jZw7WMf?'47 Kgkfiig A QA mwwmz ass J- 5 X f - 'xiii ja? gag . HS -5 in JE? QE? N W.. six ,gig 3 25 W3 X 5423 fsiwffiffiwfg ,tn , . x WX' 3 If of X W . JA N , ,fi ,Y M' I . Z X '1X ,f:NV' . M -A ' ig lil? E JL Adm EQ " Q 15 ik! X 3 J N H u . SX M ...x. Ax M ,S 3 Lg EW sg V lIi , .Q-7 1 . ' Q Y xx 'J M iii!-X:?xf-, 3 SEQ wks 2 HH if N N vhs' W ofbpsu M TAYLO, x ' PUBLISHING COMPANY xyswxwqigg HQM wyf yawn W. 71. S. 9 ' Fey 74a 66:44 Ulf 7?52 'UHHK mf Q W N: df 2455414 guinea Stat!! Wade Brorby Allan Joslyn A Eckle S Maury Mullendore Miss Del Thomas Robert Bergsfro Hamm! v ' .Mft-.. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Wade Brorby ASSISTANT EDITOR Ann Eckley BUSINESS MANAGER Allan Joslyn ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Maury Mullendore SPONSORS Miss Del Thomas Mr. Robert Bergstrom ' SPORTS ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS Skip Lawson Doug McCoy SNAPSHOTS AND ART WORK Arthur Schlaikier Barbara Scott Larry Martin Ann Eckley TYPIST Pauline Wegher MUSIC Joan Elliott Velma Blakely Katherine Gibbs Joan Elliott Viola Fegert Clyde Bayne Fred Gittin Pauline Wegher Betty Lou Morris Barbara Morrissey CLASS PROPHECY AND WILL Betty Lou Morris Ann Eckley We Decldcdle WhaT is more To be desired in This world Than a True friend? MR. CROUCH, our principal, has been iusT ThaT To each and every one of us-a True Triend. In appreciaTion of This priceless warmTh of human aTfecTion besTovved upon us, we sincerely dedicaTe This annual To Mr. J. Emmons Crouch. He has led. buT noT compelled: has advised buT noT dicTaTed, has divined our individual needs and has aT- TecTionaTely helped us To aTTain Them. We, The class of 1952, would do well To dedicaTe ourselves and our TuTures To The principles by which our friend, Mr. Crouch, has guided us. Bocic, GERALD Upton 3. BOCK, GERALDINE Upton 3: Class Treasurer 2, Junior Play 3, Glee Club l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, D.E. Club President 4, Carnival Queen Candidate 4. ,, , BAYNE, CLYDE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, FFA Sec. retary 3, President 4, Glee Club l, 3, 4 Boys' State 3. BLAKE LY, VELMA ANN Glee Club i, 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Band I, Ensemble l, Junior Play 3, FHA l, 2 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Candidate for Home- coming Queen 4, Prom Committee 3, Carnival Committee 3, 4. BRORBY, WADE Class President l, Boys' State 2, Debate 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, 4, N-Club President 4, Student Council 3, Student Council 4, Homecoming King Candidate 4, Junior Play 3, Prom Com- mittee 3, Carnival Committee 3, 4, An- nual Editor 4, Glee Club 3. CLAIRMONT, BOAKE Football 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Pep Club 4, N-Club, Grand Rapids, Minn. 'l, 2. My i ECKLEY, ANN Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, FHA President 3, Debate 3, Junior Play, Girls' State 3, Prom CornA mittee 3, Carnival Committee 3, 4, Dele- gate to National FHA 2, Annual Assistant Editor 4. Ei.L.toTT, JOAN Safety Council 4, Student Council 3, 4, Pep Club President 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Carnival Committee 3, 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Band 2-3-4, District FHA Vice President 3, FHA Vice President 3, Girls' State 3, Class Secretary 2, Class President 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Junior Play 3. FREDERIKSEN, ANNA Sundance l: FHA 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Guess, KATHERINE FHA 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4. ERTMAN, FRED ml Football 3, 4, Track 2, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, FFA Sentinel 3, Glee Club l, 3, 4. FEGERT, Vioi.A FHA l, 2, Glee Club l, 2, 4, D.E. Club 4, Annual Staff 4. 53'-1 if Ut S' +931 by., a fx, tv, 2 v ' t V Q tl AL, A ,i ' 1,-A. W SCHLAIKJER, ARTHUR Winner, S.D. l, 3: Witten, S.D. 2: Football 3, Basketball 2, 3, A, Track 3, 4, Safety Council 4, Annual Staff 4. SCOTT, BARBARA Lovell 1, 2: Cut Bank 3: Pep Club 4, Annual Staff 4, Candidate for Homecom- ing Queen 4. I MULLENDORE, MAURY Football 2, 3, 4,,Basketball l, 2, 3, N-Club 3, 4, N-Club Secretary 4, D.E. Club Treas- urer 4, Annual Staff 4, Carnival King Candidate 3. PRICE, LAWRENCE Football 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, N-Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Annual Staff 4. ' 1 x Kft'?i?5Zi1f:, I A SCOTT, CHARLES FFA l, 2, Glee Club l, 3, 4, Carnival Committee 3, Annual Staff 4, Prom Com- mittee 3. TETRICK, EUGENE Carnival Committee 4, Pep Club 3, 4. WAGNER, BILLY Carnival Committee lg De La Salle High School Minneapolis, Minnesota 2: Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4. WEGHER, PAULINE FHA l, 2, 3, 4, FHA Historian 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club l, 2, 3,-47 Annual Staff 1, Prom Committee 3, D.E. Club, Vice President A, Carnival Com- mittee 4. Del Thomas Class Sponsor Robert Bergstrom Class Sponsor Q, Quad' Love at first sight Double Trouble Jeannette C. . Bob S. Rah! Rah! Rah! Doug and Maury Rah! Rah! Did you hear the one about "How the Crow Flies?" ., 1 A '47 "General Bob" Smilin' J ack What was in that punch, Bob and Molly L ' L,.: M'-sf 15' gif'-W vsfi gs, , x Q Morning after the night before What's this, Melvin? Ride 'em, Violet! Pat and Judy Homework?? 1 if ?4 M? I 1. 71 -. I Boyd, NXax'me Brown, Rkdnavd Budeson, BKXX Law, Heodxe Cawes, BXXN CXarX4, Ba , ,G M 4L"'X"I3' ,ME 'pf X. C? 'X x E PxXXen, Bad D. Bamer, Raymond Xieonekh Beer , Boque, ' Ha1,eX Bob BorgKaXXx , Box gKaXXX , Roy Dern, Cum g , Jeaneffe Davies, Jeanne Denny, George min s Geor . 99 Devilleneuve, El ' Dixon, J' oise lfn f, 5 , Q- Q-"""""""? tim., , 1 5 4 Aol f 4 ,' i f 'Q 2 v if 1 Draper , Violer Ea fl'lSI'lOl'7, A lyqe Farella , Joanne Q Ml, 12 - A A Q-,1 VN FW 'S ya Feasfer, Lorraine Franklin, Shirley Ferguson, Cora 'irili-' Ferg uson, Edward Gardner, Ge Goodson, Clara Gould, Berry Grieves, Reg ansen, Shirley , 4, fm' rald ,El , .9 .1 v Ha yne, Richard uhfnan, Co Kearns, Kay KU'70'Y, Gerald Mifich, Tom Horton, Ellen lleen 'Rossa Ry de Rogers, ohn XX, X4aX'xXu r Dean ini ,Y 5 wavze, Bone Sdn Sew eXX, Bean Skmmons, Don ---Q- 6.1" oberq, Davkd OXN ev, BXXX ?aXv0q NXarxjXn ren, l P akion, Oermks Veierson, Nancy Ray, Dean Af' s Slider , Landis Sore Sr Svvindler , Dean Tannerj Duane Tafe M' , mia nson, Arlyce rain, Boyd H ',,,, I A Nr a , , Taylor R' , lchard Toppenberg, Madonna Trenary, Jifn Updike, David Walfers, Al W bert arson, Donna VWS W on, Wayne iffse, Jrny l'l47o'ey , lecrnaro' V147o'eJg fldeflflh Vwlson, B FUCS 9 V", A , ,. JUNIOR CM SS '447!aro' Morgan Cfass Sponsor SPONSORS Byron K C7 fnder oss Sponsor Av: --....,,,.,,.,.a f . K, mp., :Vw-, g ,f, - ,LTA ww X , 1 31 f '50 f ff he we 4' bee 49 fw J vi V 3 aff, K I k,,.,,fk, .,h,f , - ' ,Q 5- , ,W A J ' 5 y: L , f , ,ce Z, l , Q I M, 15 AV , ,4 f gy gy, ,J V f VM N W S ,W 1 , V ,fic 1 Q31 4+ ,ff 4 or '3 : J' 1 . 4 f, M, 4 45 , 644 f L 5,4 M Qi f W Whew! Finally Over. Z Grrm! r i , Feet Tired Girls? Hubba - Hubba Put me down, I'm Innocent 4, R y., All Messed Up, Ah! For The Life of a Freshie ' f'- J" if -, '. V 71 ',Js':"Q4 f,-, 5,-,wah f' . f'-e 'k'.' k'e.L f 'k-' 'ff X' ' 2 - eee' eee 4 ' "-""?'f"" ev.. 4524 1 - 'i uf' K " ' f .1161 VVh.1t'chLa see R. McCoy? may Bam What beau '-vu - ix as ? ,K Q Q f 2, fv I I MW WM ' i' 55714 5 f I , fmwf f '-" 1 ' K ' W Q 'X yy ,L i. , x 'll- Cook, Edgar Cool, Colleen Craig, KaTl1ryn Cummings, Irene Cummings, Margarei Curry, Dwain Davis, Robert Dougherty, Gayle Ellis, John are Ackley, Lyle Anderson, Bob Baird, Jerold Bayne, Kay Bayne, Wayne Borgialli, Minnie Borgialli, Orval Chittim, Claralee an f'2 lf" ,fwnm I vw, A 1, , :f 4' Q. , W Q! I 1 Fawcett, Doris Field, Foster 5 lv Fillenger, Lois , ,557 Hagius, Mary Jo 44,4 """ W 'l 'HY l l Hansen, Daniel sf 'L i , 7 F ll ' s, ei ,,,,W i g M ' - K Hansen, Fred ',,, 51, 31 'rf ' 3 F, ""' me 5 F fp? Hanson, TommY 2, S'f'f" K F s f Nei' if 5, ,V V f . . f , ,..' i gzaggf- A V V , , - Af K F F Q F I A , If , Q A 'A , V, , ,..,,, X, ,,, 'X V V X V , 37 Vfryy Lfry ,1L V ,V A V ,, sl 1 AUG Heuerman, Audrey Howell, Don Huber, Jack Johnson, Dolores Jones, Judy Keeler, Wendell Kennedy, Marrianna Kudlock, Keith Martens, Shirley -Nd' Monahan, Molly Morgan, Naomi Mullen, Joseph Pool, Pairicia Purcelli, Neal Rambo, Pai Rich, Beiiy Rich, Clyde Richards, Noble McCollom, Kenneth McLeland, Beiiy Mendenhall, Lester Miller, Duane Mills, Patricia Miner, Carolyn Minier, Bob Mitchell, Joan nr-'ff PM ' ,Ala R b Maril n Ro en Arthur Schrader Sharon Schulze, Janel Shrull, Joanne Snyder, Carol Anne Spencer, Thomas Slifes, Evelyn Tanner, Merril Thompson, Merline Thompson, Glenda Upclike, Belly Jo Wagner, Joyce Willaclson, Virginia tCI:fi""' liek! Horrors! Wanna Fight. -, 1 initiation J. Whoopee! Ta-T-Ta ff 0 Going Hunting 7' fy i La Da Da La f I What are you doxng down there Peek-a -Boo! Qrncmknn! Love Doug McCny? Dub. Oooopps! Tripped! Oofff! Clvme up for . W, V 45' Y 54 , Wi, ,U ,,,f 1 , , X pf 1-. ,gf -tk... N 'f ,mi , 1 nf A93 ' u M ff f M A " gl! 'uf' M, fi ,ijff i" 74 K. A V, 'X QW WPS! 3 ww. 42 , f L . X x ,.Qk V ,, , X ,gil Vf V is fvff fi, mf' X ,Q Wrgu, 1-5 vi nf, ,, H f t..,VLT,w H 1 X , if 9 '1 X . 1 x 5 'Q A' ' A ,X va QFW E ,F s, s w QQ? kts. s fi! 4 ,iw tv fl or sf Y 5? 4 Q R :Q x 1 f ik 14, f 1?-. f . N vffkf, WY, gk V X K X K Q ,. X. ' 'Sf gi, 'wi' Q, f I t ...ff I Ackenback, Gail Asher, Bill A Chittim, Selma Beer, Katherine Bohan, Thomas 14 17 , ,. 5",.g,A.,,r. . Cook, Calvin ff ,, t Cullum, Virgil M, -A E Q 'Y -w ' gf 5 fr - yy Bond, Gertrude ,A V ' A Bonner, Emerson 'su ,J .6 Currey, Norine Denny, Edward -FN 'N 'Us ww, 5 "7ff"f3"' ff' W r 'ir ' lf ,f 1' 1 Borgialli, Harry ' ' Boulden, Frances 'X f . X all W. L. fi 'iw ,,VA,,V , K 'K , ,,,,., VJ uf i at Q s....- ye ,ff ,,,' - x " 11 .51 A X X Dixon, Jerry X " ' ' f , 1 0922 w 3,1 V V, , ,, ff I Mya, 'WW 1 ,fl f ff fwf, ,,,, Boza n i ch , Teddy A V I lf! ,,,,y, Carlin, Josephine f rrr' E Ellis, Ruth Ann Evander, Margery Carr, Larry Fawcett Feaster "SILTY tk Elloitt, Dwight 5, , 1 if ,S W Q 4' 'UI if 1 4 dr ff: 9!f"f'rf sv.. I Peterson, Mae M. Portwpod, Duane Schwarze, Shlrley Portwood, George Pzlnskl, Jantta - ,V A'70'4?23fUff?tfL'? 5'tYde'f NNY f Statler, Glen - '3 l l . nenn f X Rawhouser, Marvin W m"'f? A Q Roozen, Harold 7L S , X, .ww 'Of 1' l e "" ,K 2 ' ' I , mai V, -nm 7, Z ',V. ,awk 1 ,,.,.f .2 Straun, Ruby Taylor, Loretta Rust, Ruta Updike, Donald Van Buren, Gray V' f- vw ft,-.ff , Wilson, Arthur Wiltse, Jeanette Schulze, Vivian Satlee, Kenneth '4't ' " 1 Schaeffer Joe Schoonover Darrel Witzel, Mary Jo Q Woodworth, Richard at ' Hiya ,K S ' Wil? l ,121 k k 1 .X,,,. W ,,., C .Q -z,52:a: imf-:V-..QMm, if ,M , x V Q ' X ki.. uf 4- 1 Best Looking Best Personality VELMA BLAKELY and FRED ERTMAN ANN ECKLEY and WADE BRORBY 2 Q 3 ff L ,Q 2 I in 5 Leadership Best Sport Most Athletic BETTY LOU MORRIS and CHARLES LAWSON BARBARA SCOTT' DOUGLAS MCCOY 'X Most Popular Scholarship JOAN ELLIOTT and ALLAN JOSLYN ANN ECKLEY and FRED GIFFIN Friendliesf JOAN ELLIOTT and CLYDE BAYNE X 'on 4.- g, Best All Round GERALDINE BOCK and WILLIAM WAGNER 441 7065! Had eat' The Senior Class, being sounder of body than of mind Desire that the following be left behind. F.F.A. President, Clyde Bayne leaves a curl or two To Marvin Rawhouser, that's generosity for you! And Velma Blakely leaves her dairy-sight unseen- To any fan of True Confessions Magazine. Gerald and Geraldine Bock, the twins, Leave with identical and grateful grins. Wade Brorby leaves a dripless icicle, his latest invention That Mr. Macy should patent it is Wade's intention. Boake Clairmont sighs, says, "Ain't love grand!" And leaves with Betty Lou Morris by the hand. Roy Downs, known as "Tex," leaves his Southern drawl For Clyde Rich, to try out on "yo-all." Ann Eckley leaves her drawings and cartoon contraptions To Gerald Baird, who'll provide the captions. Joan Elliott leaves her generosity sweet For Miss Kinder's use when writing our grade sheet. Fred Ertman leaves his roving eye To Gerald Kundy, to cure him of being girl-shy. Viola Fegret leaves for her current hobby! Meeting Joe Mullens in the theater lobby! Anna Frederiksen leaves her dangling earrings To Alyce Eatherton, who needs more of the things. For Katherine Gibb's desk, there's a change in store She leaves it to Shirley Franklin, whose feet can touch the floor And our scholar, Fred Giffin, who's not a fuddy-duddy Leaves his brains to Johns Hopkins for even further study, Peggy Hereford leaves her golden blonde hair To Jean Sewell, if she'll promise to keep its color fair. Nadine Jones leaves her prize possession: the form divine To Tom Spencer. Q"twould improve his line.j Allan Joslyn leaves his automobile ln the barrow pit. Missing: One wheel! Skip Lawson leaves an ice cube to cool the flame Of Joanne Farella's temper during a losing game. Byrd Lynch leaves his sideburns and fancy boots To any aspirant of the rodeo chutes. Larry Joe Martin, our singing pride and ioy Leaves his voice for any monotone to employ. Roy May leaves third period study hall To Miss Thompson, who iust can't stand a brawl. And what Doug McCoy leaves makes his parting hard: He leaves to Mr. Ratigan his Safe Driving Club card. Rex McCoy leaves his cobwebby books To Mary Jo Hagius, who'll brighten their looks. Barbara Morrissey leaves her place on the prairie bus, Where she'll be missed by the rest of us. Maury Mullendore leaves his Beau Brummel smile To any swain who may need it for a little while. Lawrence Price leaves his football suit and gear To Noble Richards so he'll match every other player. And Art Schlaikier, who left his halo in heaven Also leaves his boots upon a desk in Room eleven. Barbara Scott leaves nothing to anyone, and here's why: She's saving it all for a Montana guy. Charles Scott leaves by the Grace of God The shock of graduating got him, he's pushing up sod. Eugene Tetrick's memory is his bequest, He leaves by Mr. Crouch's personal request. Bill Wagner, the bashful soda ierk, Leaves Lyle Ackley with most of the work. And Pauline Wegher bequeaths her lily-white hand To her latest Prince Charming at his command. So we, the Class of '52, on departing from the rest of you Leave memories and wishes for N.H.S.- Its continued growth and its student's success. We all leave oufr lockers, down the hall, We leave our desks here, one and all. We leave the under classmen the privilege to be Seniors in l year, or 2 years, or 3. We leave with our sponsors the hearty thanks they rate And to the whole faculty-3 summer months in which to recuperate! endafz pw Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. This is your Home Town News Caster bring- ing you the latest summary of the news. Todays news from Korea does not pertain to the war but instead it concerns "Doug's Dugout," a hot-dog stand on the 38th Parallel, owned and operated by Doug McCoy. It seems that our G.l.'s prefer hot-dogs to K-rations much to the dismay of army headquarters. If you are bothered by freckles, your worries are over. Nurse Ann Eckley has discovered an entirely new and painless way to remove freckles. This amazing discovery was brought about byymonths of research. Ladies are you tired of your present hairdo? lf so, Larry Martin, known the world over as Larree of Parree, has the answer to your problems. At a recent fashion showing Larry presented his newest creation which he calls the" Mexican Hairless." Roy May, who recently made the news headlines with his threats to clean up politics, is doing iust that. Roy scrubs the halls of Congress every night. Secretaries desiring to advance themselves should read Joan Elliott's book entitled "How to Elevate Yourself in the Business World," or "Marry Your Boss," written while Joan was employed by the firm of Mangus, Mangus, and Mangus. Millionaire playboy Boake Clairmont left New York harbor today on his yacht the "Modernaires" bound 'for Brazil. Boake accumulated his fortune through the manufacture of porch lights. He claims that his best customers are bashful boys afraid of the dark. Allan Joslyn still gets a bang out of life. Allan is president of the "Nutty Novelty Nook" specializing in firecrackers, exploding cigars, and numerous other comic gimmicks. His company's motto is "You name it, we'll main it." Teen-agers all over the country are flocking to the nearest concession counter to try a "Dreamer's Delight," the new confection concocted by Geraldine Bock, America's leading soda-ierk. Charles Scott, noted adventurer and explorer, returned to the United States after a five months trek through darkest Africa in search of King Solomon's mines. Charles called his expedition short because life in Africa was getting boring and he desired to see the bright lights of Newcastle again. Dwellers of Mars may expect a visit from earthans in the near future. Professor Wade Brorby announced yesterday that his space ship is nearly completed and that his greatest problem is finding someone to make the trip. Wade had originally planned for the ace let pilot, Rex McCoy to make the iourney but Rex has other obligations to attend to. He lust became a grandfather. Mrs. Bill VanAlstin the former Barbara Scott, was chosen as the "Homemaker of the Year" by the socialites of Cut Bank, Montana. Barbara states that home- 'inaking just comes naturally and Hubby Bill agrees. Currently playing on Broadway is the famous actor Charles Lawson, who stars in "The lce-Man Cometh." Critics report that this is Charles' greatest role probably due to earlier experiences as an ice-man. Rodeo fans were greatly disappointed today at Champion bronc rider, Byrd Lynch was thrown from from a broken toe. The name of the horse incidentally, The Federal Bureau of investigation announced this Madison Square Gardens. his mount and is suffering was "Spirit of N.H.S." morning that Nadine Jones has been added to their staff. Nadine will specialize in cases involving the where- abouts of lovers who have-shall we say-flown theicoop. Fred Griffin was appointed president of the Vassar College for women. Fred contributes his success to hard work and a superior knowledge of the problems of college life. Pauline Wegher, internationally known interior decorator who at present is redecorating the offices in the nation's capital, revealed to-day that she plans to use red as the predominating color. Pauline feels that it will look especially nice with the red tape. Singer Fred Ertman will make a personal appearance in the Belgian Congo. Fred believes that the natives will want to become civilized after hearing some of our American cowboy music. Art Schlaikier, oil magnate, will begin his expedition to the arctic sometime next week. Art heard that the oil market was frozen and decided to try his luck where it should really be solid. From Puerto Rico comes the news of a native revolution. Angry citizens claim that General Eugene Tetrick of the Civil Air Patrol has grounded too many pilots for reckless flying and a general misuse of the skyways. Rancher Clyde Bayne reported yesterday that his herd of iackalopes is much larger than previously expected. Through experiments Clyde has found that iackalopes thrive on peanuts and popcorn. Governor Billy Wagner confirmed the report that Lawrence Price has been appointed head of the Wyoming Highway Department. Politician Maury Mullendore has been appointed ambassador to the island of Bingo Bingo, which is inhabited by a tribe of Amazon women. Maury was chosen for this position because of his diplomatic charm with women. Word has been received that the insurance business in Greenland is a very profitable one. Katherine Gibbs, the insurance agent for that territory, told re- ports at an interview that the Eskimo's feel that fire insurance is absolutely necessary for their igloos. Velma Blakely, famous Power's model, will publish an article in the Colliers magazine which will tell how she has successfully combined marriage and a career. Reprocessed bubble-gum is now guaranteed to be 95? as good as the original product. Betty Lou Morris, who began her fact growing business by reconditioning the bubble-gum left under the seats of N.H.S. announced that, although her product is not as elastic as the original, its bubbles are guaranteed to be almost as good. A group of vacationers in one of our parks yesterday, were astonished to find a hermit living quite. peacefully in one of the more remote parts of the park. The hermit was Gerald Bock who claims he became an antisocialist because he couldn't stand flying saucers. Not the scientific ones but those which his wife threw at him. Lady undertakers are fast becoming a fad which is sweeping the nation. This fad started when Barbara Morrissey opened her business recently. Barbara is as- sisted by several little undertakers-all of them named Johnson. Anna Frederickson broke all previous flag-pole sitting records by staying atop a TOO foot pole for T23 days. Anna passed the time by trying to decide what to do in the future. She is still undecided but is thinking strongly of becoming a steepleiack. The French President recently presented Viola Fegert with the French medal of honor for her outstanding achievements toward bringing about world peace. Her theory is that we should all live on separate planets. As our closing news item we bring you a story about a very unusual occupation. Peggy Hereford is running a lost and found service for engagement rings. She also deals in second-hand rings which are guaranteed to tie the knot as well as a new one. l 1 . U ' 1 . First row, left to right: Boake Clairmont, Kenneth Beer, Bob Davis, Raymond Bainer, Dennis Patton, Jack Clark, Earl Allen, Dean Swindler, Douglas McCoy, Maury Mullendore, Allan Joslyn, Leonard Wildey, Jim Dixon, Charles Lawson, Larry Martins. Second row: Glen Statler, Edward Denny, Orval Borgialli, Calvin Cook, George Denny, Ed Ferguson, Danny Hansen, Wade Brorby, Jim Trenary, Richard Haynes, Bill Oliver, Fred Carr, Billy Cattles, Ace Rogen, Dale Moden, Dean Rider, Manager. Third row: Coach Morgan, Dean Ray, George Dern, Harry Borgialli, Bill Burleson, Billy Wag- ner, Boyd Strain, Kenneth Sallee, Keith Kudlock, Art Schlaikier, Melvin Wildey, Noble Rich- ards, Neil Purcelli, Foster Feilds, Jerry Dixon, Larry Carr, Coach Ratigan. ALL CONFERENCE: Wade Brorby, Doug McCoy. HONORABLE MENTION: Maury Mullendore, Bill Oliver, Bob Davis, Jack Clark, Raymond Bainer. BRORBY MULLENDORE LAWSON MCCOY Co-Captain Co-Captain DOGIE SCORES Newcastle. .,,... ..,..... 1 2 Sundance ..,,,A ,,- 0 Newcastle ,,,,... A.,,. 6 Custer ,.....A ...... 1 9 Newcastle, ,...., .,,..,.. 1 2 Gillette ,,.... .....A 2 7 Newcastle .....,. ..... 0 Upton ...,. ..,,.. l 9 Newcastle ,...... .,...,., 2 O Provo ,.... ..... 3 9 Newcastle ..,.,,. ...,.,.. 1 3 Midwest ,,,..,. 6 Newcastle ,,..... ..... 6 Buffalo ..,.. ..,... 3 8 Newcastle ....A.......A...,..,.... 6 Edgemont ........., ...... l 9 NEWCASTLE-75 OPPONENTS-167 SCHLAIKJER WAGNER MARTIN JOSLYN CLAlRMONT Q., I l. An. First row, left to right: Dean Ryder, Managerg Art Schlaikier Fred Carr Dean Swindler Melvin Wildey, Jack Clark. Second row: Danny Hansen, Dennis Patton, Richard Hayne Douglas McCoy Bolo Anderson David Updike, Coach Ratigan. Newcastle ,,...,o Newcastle ,..,.,. ...,.. Newcastle ....,., ........ Newcastle ..,.,.. .,.... Newcastle ....... ...... Newcastle .,..... ,...., Newcastle ,...... A...,, 4 9 Newcastle ,....,. ....,. 5 7 Newcastle ....... ....,. 5 i Newcastle .,.... ...,,, 3 O Newcastle ....,. ...... 2 8 Newcastle ....o. ....,. 3 6 Newcastle ,..,,. ....,, 5 2 Newcastle ,...., .,,... 6 8 Newcastle ,..... .,.,a. 4 0 Newcastle .,.... ...,,, 5 I Newcastlem, ,,,. c.,.,e 3 5 Newcastle ,...., ,,,,.. 4 2 Newcastle ,..... ....,, Newcastle .,.... ,.,.., Buffalo ,,... Gillette ,,,. Custer .,,.c.. Deadwood Spearfish Upton ..,,,. Edgmont ,- Gillette .,.. Sundance Buffalo .,,. Wheatland Lusk .,,.,... Edg mont .- Sundance Midwest A- Wheatland Provo ,..... Edgmont ,. Upton .,,. Midwest ,, ANDERSON HAYNES PATTO N I ,ff .wiv if CARR CLARK Y eu- X ff A J' wifi X: - .. 5. V I-4 wg! N i M4 le , L . -'f,..v gf .- SCHLAIKJER M. WILDEY 5 X 'M ' ' . 1 f ' Hs f f'-MM ' L if "" I ,H A Af ' 2 .4 A gg - -is .V , ,, N MCCOY-Captain UPDIKE ' - ,M , Q. . 'f'-N' X ,A xi, fx ' 1 f .,-fliziv - 1- ' . ,ji .' if! ' - V-Q. Q..,,, 52 DZ SWINDLER ,pw at .1 HANSEN Standlng left to right: Don Howell Lyle Ackley Coach Bob Berstrom Boyd Strain Edgar Cook Earl Allen, Kenny Beer John Ellis Sam Hoy Coach J B Fxelds Kneeling George Dern, Duane Muller Rolland Tanner Wayne Wilson Newcastle. Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Thus was the first year for wrestling at Newcastle Hugh School lt was organized by B Fnelds and Robert Bergstrom The Dogle matmen have done very well thus belng thelr first year of wrestling They also attended the State Tournament ln March Coach Morgan's Basketball BSquad had a very fine season during l95l T952 wnth record of ll wins and 2 losses This page sponsored by CRUM S DEPAR Qbfwwzzm, Top row: Coach John Ratigan, Jack Clark, Wade Brorby, Maury Mullendore, Allan Joslyn, Lawrence Price, Earl Allan, Richard Haynes, Jim Treneary. Second row: Dean Swindler, Bud Updike, Dennis Patton, Bob Davis, Kenny Beer, Boake Clairrnont, Assistant Coach Morgan. Bottom row: Fred Carr, Charles Lawson, Douglas McCoy, George Denny, Danny Hansen, Larry Martin, Manager Dean Rider, Noble Richards. Maury Mullendore Wade Brorby Doug McCoy Allan Joslyn Secretary President Vice President Treasurer Zkwl ELLEN HORTON MOLLY MONOHAN DELORES JOHNSQN JOANNE FARELLA 6,0 A ARM ERS 0 Fit A 2 7.7.4 a WW W President A.... ...... .......,... Vice Presidenf Secretary ,..,,A.... . -- -- Clyde Bayne Tom Mifich me Byrd Lynch Treasurer ...r,..,. A.....r.... F red Carr Reporter ...,,,. Advisor e.... George Dem Richard Rovvles , X eey, - 71 0 ' a 4 1 President-Nancy Peterson Vice President ..... ....... M axine Boyd Parliamentarian ,,v, , , .. B etty Jo Updike Secretary ....,.. .,,... S hirley Martens Reporter ..,........, .,.o,.. M ary Jo Hagius Treasurer ...... ..,,,.. H azel Borgialli QXQMAKERS Pianist ..o,,s...... ,ss,,. C Iaralee Chittim Historian ....... ,,..o. A Iyce Eatherton ,bo OK' Songleader ..,oo ,,.,..sA K athryn Craig s: ' 2, En E1 . 72 ELM Q 6 . .. 5 If o 44,0 oem NEW YN Advisor-Mrs. Elma Slenker Chapter Mothers-Mrs. Leo Cummings, Mrs. George Franklin l in DZ. 6 S l ill I I l A 4:1 ' I'-'N H Geraldine Bock, President and State Vice President, Cnot shownj, Pauline Wegher, Vice President and State Historian, Maury Mullendore, Treasurer, Doug McCoy, Secretary, David Moberg, Duane Tanner, Peggy Hereford, Boake Clairrnont, Rolland Tanner, Larry Martin, Rex McCoy, Barbara Scott, Barbara Morrissey, Cora Ferguson, Viola Fegert, and Sponsor, J. B. Fields. rodent awed! lf ix A I V ,,.Q. , -1, President, Wade Brorby, Vice President, Maxine Boyd, Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Jo Updike, Betty Lou Morris, Dale Moden, Dwight Elliott, .lim Dixon, Albert Walter, Bob Slenker, Joan Elliott. Opzew So PHOMORES SEWORS ll ff ,ri President ............... ......, J oan Elliott President .,.,,,,.,,, ,.,,,, B ob Slenker Vice President ......, ........ A llan Joslyn Vice President ,,-,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,, N eal Purcelli Secretary ............ ....... B arbara Scott Secretary .,,........ ,,c,.,, M ary Jo Hagius Treasurer ......... ..,..,.. F red Giffin Treasurer .,..... ....,,,-, R obert Scott JUNIORS FRESHMEN ,. I F ' Thin ' A 'sr T ,- . A, O '- ! 1,5 ju z? PT9SiClent ...... , , - - , , Albert Walter President .ec...,.,,..., ...,c, D Wight Elliott V566 President--i-,i-i .... David Updike Vice President .,c,,,.,c,....,c,... Marge Evander 5eCrefary-Treasurer .... . -- ...... Ellen Horton Secretary-Treasurer cc,...c,c,.. Shirley Schwarze Best wishes to the Class of "52," DOW MOTOR COMPANY Gorilla Cook in Action Gorgeous George in Action Suangle him, John! of 1 Tiki 5 V 51: Qi, h , Q, t , if 1 J, H I x Lf' ' A N 'ivffw Z L ' e '1-f ' 'I' Y-lv, Z 1 ' hi-, A V 1' V In .' V ' Be Careful, you'11 get sunbumed! What's on your mind, Doug? n V V.Ah I, Mistletoe and Matching Sweaters. Ah, Love! Ouch! You're twisting What's the Big Ioke?? my arm!! sr , W X -W A MLM J 7 91 0 we J 8 ,f 1 Oh, that Tick1es!! Ha, ls it good, Doug?'? Kornsilk Katie Smile Awhile I I I Zcuwl CLARINETS Maxine Boyd John Rogers Ruby Strain Ruth Ellis Margaret Hays Gail 'Ashback Mary Crosley FRENCH HORNS Judy Cummings Arlyce Sorenson Jeanette Keener DRUMS Charles Lawson Jeanette Wiltse Madonna Toppenburg Margy Evander BASS Shirley Martens Lyle Ackley Donna Wilson BARITONES Kathryn Craig Georgia Franklin Alber.t Walters FLUTES Shirley Schvvarze Mary Jo Witzel Francis Groner CORNETS Allen Joslyn Jeanette Cummings Jerry Gardner Ann Hurt Earl Allen Jerry Tewell Don Berman Gary Burnett Jerry Dixon Francis Boulden NEWCASTLE FURNITURE CO. Best wishes to Class of 1952 TROMBONES Bob Slenker Linda Hansen Janice Hansen George Denny SAXOPHGNES Joan Elliott Betty Lou Morris Marilyn Roby Betty McLeland Bobby Gray TWIRLER Patsy Coy .nam GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Under the Direction of MISS DEL THOMAS Winter Concert-December I4 District Music Festival-April 25-26 Spring Concert-April 3 State Music Festival-May 2-3 0 ll 6 I I I its ,- This page is sponsored by KIMPORT'S VARIETY NevvcastIe's 5 and IO Cent Store ' 5. ,, 2 f gQfQ, 4'o."e" .Q O Q4 45 ' f' wr-nz , 1. , --aNl.,.w.. ,,,W,,,, tw.- , WM, ,g,.f:1.1p?f.i11,f,,f, V, .,f-,Q J N f Q 5 ' , m , ,..-,, , - .4 , ',.gf,: f . . .H V gaqd Zee em Third row: Clyde Bayne, Duane Tanner, Tommy Spencer, David Upclike, Torn Mifich, Fred Erirnan, Charles Scoll. Second row: Jerry Gardiner, Neil Harrison, Joe Mullin, John Rogers, Roy May, Merril Tanner. First row: Don Howell, Duane Miller, Larry Martin, Billy Cattles, Lyle Ackley, Miss Thomas. dxeaf imma H 'e bi vs "' 4 .'l . ' ,"' Jerr Dixon Bob Davis Y Margery Evander Molly Monahan Everyone from babes in arms to grandpa on canes enioyed the annual high school carnival last Friday night. Confetti, toy horns, balloons and other such noise makers kept the gym a very confused but happy place. Bingo kept the older folks amused while the younger generation were trying their luck at various stands sponsored by the high school classes. The highlight then swung to the floor show that demonstrated local talent. lt was opened by the girls' triple trio singing several numbers. Next on the program was cowboy singing by John and Fred Ertman, Billy Cattles, Tom Mitich, Clyde Bayne, Charles Scott and Larry Martin. A pantomine "My Shadow" sponsored by the public speaking class featuring Reggie Grieves as the doctor, Jeannette Cummings as Molly, Geraldine Bock as Mrs. Smith and Fred Gittin as Bill Johnson. Charleston exhibit was danced by Pat Pool and Tommy Spencer. A hilarious Hawaiian dance presented by some very talented dancers from the boys' section ot the Fresh- Richard Hayne Charles Lawson Ellen Horton Geraldine Bock man class. Wade Brorby was master of ceremonies. The most awaited event of the floor show was the crowning ot the Carnival King and Queen. The candidates were all seated on the stage. They were Geraldine Bock and Charles Lawson, the Senior candidates, Ellen Horton and Richard Hayne as Jun- ior candidates, the Sophomores elected Molly Mona- han and Bob Davis, and the Freshmen candidates who were Margy Evander and Jerry Dixon. This year the class that sold the most cake tickets was the Sophomores who sold 5290.00 so their candidates, Molly Monahan and Bob Davis were crowned as Carnival King and Queen. A dance was then held in the gym for all who were able to attend. During the entire carnival re- freshments were served in the home economics room. Everyone had a very enioyable time despite aching feet and throbbing heads. ' -Jeannette Cummings 152 gs..-"T, 'W ,. ' Wade Brorby King Queen Allan Joslyn Barbara Scott Douglas McCoy .loan Elliott Velma Blakely ' 52 Newcastle won big Homecoming Game October T2 when they scored T3-6 against mighty Midwest. Homecoming day was officially opened at noong a pep assembly was held directly following the lunch hour and was followed by a parade in which all the classes and organizations of Newcastle High School participated. The parade was followed by a show at the Dogie theater which was attended by a large number of the high school and grade school students. The game started that night with a kick off by Newcastle re- ceived on the fifty yard line. The first touchdown was completed by Oliver and Wildey went over for the extra score. By half time the score was 7-6 with the Dogie team in the lead. At the end of the second half the score stood 13-6 in favor of Newcastle. Homecoming was then clim axed by the dance at the high school and the crowning of the King and Queen followed by the grand march and an evening of dancing. The King and Queen were crowned by the King and Queen of the T951 Homecoming, Ken- neth Gaskill and Bonnie Mar- quiss. min 9-Ufag A--,-,-.--Y ,,,,, 4 Vsoiei Draper Shirley Hansen David Upclike jerrnncrre Cummrngs jerry Gardner Nancy Peterson Billy Carries jack Clark Duane Tanner ik lberr W :hers Arlyce Sorensen Ellen Horton Maxine Boyd Bill Burleson Miata Tate Tom Mirich 7, 7, G C ' " 1 r wrrs we in ll The Grand M arch Behold the Qbneen A Lonv Walli Jeannette and Fred dance. 1 f X XM! -fcfmudaa Standing: Jeanette Cummings, Nancy Peterson, Noble Richards, Bob Slenker, Tommy Spencer, Maxine Boyd, and Pat Pool. Sitting: John Rogers, Joan Elliot, Mr. Crouch, Wade Brorby, and Alan Joslyn. Defale Left to right: Tommy Spencer, Barbara Morrissey, Maxine Boyd, Nancy Peterson, Mrs. Crouch, Mary Jo Haguis, Pat Pool, and Betty Lou. Morris. WW po' 4 . S 'fa Xiszfrzsi-as , if '.'l"al fi zzyyff: 15 ,ff o1cffu27ffa,QG,'66o'n4.Ta Th SENIORS OF l952 THE ROAD AHEAD For some if leads +o college . . . for some, a place in business or indusfry . . . for ihe girls, perhaps, i+'s marriage and a home. Regardless of your choice, opporiuniry lies ahead. Oppor- +uni+y fhai' siems from The American way of free choice, free speech, freedom +0 build a fuiure. THE AMERICAN WAY Zzfnfafk cafzffmr 66444 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT In MR. JAHRMAN'S SHOP CLASS FUTURE DRAFTSMEN , - I L . T' 'ff .. I x M, , ' 1 'v v ' awe , HARD AT WORK SCIENTISTS AT WORK This page sponsored by FIRST STATE BANK aim lfmmfs a .1 - Nam me on n. co. "Producers of the Famous Mush Creek Crude Oil" l 723 g , I,1DZ I 'fi' I . I 1353 3, . :ph 3. -T , , 'ei' 1-Q :f . Vs: F '22 f 2-12s 15:41 11. 12, nam --le. , - gg. . 3nq,q ' iw, 2 -1 "" 'MBR' , E 2 -il - -i L Y "' gl Y -1 3 Y- ' r e 1 .f - . , e V 2 ii I 43 CRAIG E MMM!! Q OLDSMOBILE BULOK CHEVROLET OQO Newcastle, Wyoming Phone 66 5? Compliments of WQZZW4- DI DE L.: N E S15",fX Q -' TT C- A To Ihe Class of '52: "YOU HAVE OUR SINCEREST WISHES FOR A GREAT FUTURE." SIOUX OIL CO. Denver NEWCASTLE Chaoron Rapid CiI'y 202707 sooo Fooo ,SIX u..1:--. . we. .. I K I J f 4 - A ,, 6 'gap' , . ,, -IE.. '---, ...-531,51 Gzzilgzzii- .V .. -,,.--g1z11IEE'3g:iX- Gaim" H2122 ,,xhaIa.ue:ga2Awxainw -"' QIQIQIWIQLQHHI-:IamMm... Mary Ann Shop FROSTY MALTS HAMBURGERS DELICIOUS MALTS Phil and John SE Rvacel wwf C90 D 6 IS OUR y FIRST I I THOUGHT SLY'S FOOD MARKET NEWCASTLE, WYO. PHONE II "You need Ihe money we can save you!" W 1 rd PL. 1 Your: HEALTH --'-" "--- 7 4X 3, 3, 1 BZZINESS DRLIEQ 1 f The Rexull Store Prescrip'l'ions Franklin 8: Cu'H'er Vaccines and Serums Weston County Drug Co. e 359' , if 'N W g s s :au E f l cb D . 'U 0 7 5 2 1 2 ITI g x Q, xx 3 Z 2 0 E' 5 m 2 5 -I 2 E 2 I' I -I Q "' 9 3 3 'Q E m 1, 2 5 P-1 32 E VI Z J, um ,Z 7' 3 -4 70 m suv The Home of S're+son Ha+s and Levis Compliments of Cooperative Refinery Association L ELP YOU J, , 099 iVVARD CZWMJQZ 50. The Best in Building GOOD LUCK CLASS OF "52" Prescriptions Filled ZWCQ4i'Z6 Ofzue Jewelrs PHONE 40 Qualily Merihanclise NEWCASTLE. WYOMING TO BE SURE INSURE WITH if I Grieves Wm .24 ELECTRIC ASPLIANCES AUTOGSNUPPLIES R E EAL 'STATE SAY IT WITI-I FLOWERS Yours +0 make ,,52,, a lhrHfy one NEWCASTLE J C PENN EY ydvfkoif gg? . 'Company A Newcastle Bakery O Af A QUALITY BAKED eg GOODS I 3 2 X Q Aslc for Sunrise Bread Bottled and Underground Gases Butane Plants Gas Ranges Propane Plants and and Gases Appliances PHONE 564J , STOP AT THE Compliments of 5 of H HWY ye QTEL SERVICE 8. LUNCH Phone 462 "For the Rest of Your Life" Elmer Grimm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 Look Ahead to the Years Ahead With FEEITEIEEI O Z'-1:1-'J' 'ET' 1'-:Q lf? if ewcawffe M0542 0 If There Is SomeI'hing You N cII ee n HARDWARE PAINTS and APPLIANCES See 2QZ 1-14 QDWARE MODERN APPLIANCE STORE YOUR Gnunnubnucimc DEALER Phone 307 Newcasfle, Wyoming COMPLETE DRY CLEANING SERVICE G Phone 348 TED 8: LEE COCHRAN COCHRAN INSURANCE COMPANY CLEANERS PHONE I93 MEATSMQ6 , VEQUAQLES xy - M44 if V 5 a aa gyda 2- ii I 9 Fi SUDEF2 MARKET WE-gg6lC6i Home of National Brands NEWCASTLE Black Hills Cold Storage 'XT QQZMZQQ DAl RY PRODUCTS PHONE 52-W Slriclly Modern Newcaslle, WYO. Air Conclilioned Phone 76 in QQZKZ fif ki! , TOURIST COURTS - APARTMENTS One Bloclc off Main Sfreel' - " gil Alfred Donielson Jennie M. Donielson TTTT T MM! lfiltql - 'Z - V 1 ' B., If T "' l f T al 0 ffl, Q7 MWWZWQW iii-T6Nfz 562 QEADY-To-WEAQ CROSELY Appliances MONARCH cg C914 Zff E L.l: LJTIQICJ 'itil-lCDlT' PHONE ai4-w ja ycrmfz DOG!!-T THEATRE Sl-lOW PLACE QF EASTERN WYO. I s I 1 8 Compliments Of Donaldson Shoe And Saddle Repair Hand Stamped Personalized Bells Novelties - Buckle Sets - Billfolcls Nloccassins - Wa'tch Bands Full Ranch Supplies Hand -M acl e Boots Made To Measure l-2 Blk. South of Post Qffice if is is is CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Modern Cleaners Next to the Dogie Theatre NEWCASTLE, WYO. 4 X Y ' 8.2 5' ll ' i y Xi n Congratulations at Seniors ot '5l 5 J 950 You who graduate this year are tortu- nate . . . fortunate because you live in an era when electricity has clone so much to recluce the clruclgery ot man- lcincl. For all ot you, the continuing development ot the uses ot electricity will malce lite easier and more enioyable now and in the years to come. T Qzgwrdfmmo Wye fzfczgfc .S'f2K4,v7' fffw' QJWW wifi Wlfffwflf xgxif pl Q wf, !w.ofy-Lflllf ,M W8 QPQWJWQMU X122 'iii 2:1 V r 1 L , 2 7. Q-Q fl gf, :LST 2 Lf. it , af 2 va 3 1 f -. 4 1' 3 Wi J jf 4 , . A. 4 , .fy . f ,"E4n,g -V t. . - ', . , 4.-rp m K -WCHQQQ , ,U bn.. 1 ff, -ww - --5 'P Nw fi' N ., u l-.v'.'f'w .' .:, .Y ' Mmm ' 1:2-A:-.' j - "f 734 ZA ,Y"'4. " . 5" ' d5 ?':2ilA'1 'WHY ' 1 I ' "5 V . 1 'E X7 1 if' w i . ,W 5.4 Z N V Qin, -ig. ' +3 'f71'f,517f', .. v 'y Q ' 15, 'FV " 1 4- ,M 'jilkixxv' ,, I 535 , 'E fwffi, V ,'l',uAy, N gf f L' T -.zgufgig " , 151 'P' ? ' '1'f'i 1 Y - 4' -.. w sge2-ff ' fa: w f" hfnl - YZF? wiL"f"E4",JQ -- l' ' HQ -" 1'l'-Tj ji' 'M-, '. Hn, -1. x :Jm N:?,p ' - 2- .'-:2m'f1-Tim' wp -V vlmfsf,--im' sz ar I wx 415 V -sw A,-ww 1, 1, xnxx- in., - ,K ,,11,W. . -F2-' wb- uf wi," , ,mf "!51fi'1v- .Qaf'5' ' 'f V I 43' ., - ' 1 N - .1 1 -sqm 1, - , .V f Vi,:w'., '-',':':' 1 ' -"1L"'4. fri I ' , .5 m in- ., V' fj iinfh' - - ufi. 1 ' u e- 1, J i' 2 ,ima , 1 W is 45 ' l' 1 ' ra f W, if' f 1 ' 1 , Jain" ' X . vm? , f ml, f V W av ,. V V , A F. 'cg -Q.. 'M ' M , . ,, 5 ', 1' '-. ,, .,. W' '.L,, - . A ., . Q'-. H, , E 4 . 'Z . ,.,f'j , . . V, - J. ,. .R HR , , '."' Q x fi? , , M i,ax..,. Q, nf x V . 2-, nv' ' , Afza-'fga'z':-fwi-V EMF . A ,V N. K, . Tv.. 1 Kg' , K - -'L -1 1 VM.. , . , "F I' '. x Q. -A .f. 1 fr' -V , - f -x 4:-m W . + - , V n A, , . 2 x ,, H . V . r L . , , r' 'ff' ' . 9: J 1 , ' ' " e an -- - . . ,K , w U-ff 1 ' "1lV'1f ' . .1 v. . .4 4, M. ,I . 'iff' A, W .-.jr , .1 ' ,. lv , , fl ' - ' . 4 4 ,M - 4,,,- , . 1 ,. ,, .ps A ,1 - , ,, , + Q . -r. 1 4 ' , J' -X I J., k. ef .V , L. ., 'MH' . . g..,,'- , .' 1, x , f x, .. ' 1 4 nil . . , -L2 . 1 '1 A 1- ., Q35 I Vzy ,A,,gN: x -rf W , ' 4 -M. -f , , ,VM , , f 1- 4 1,, l 4, " ' 'Q 01' ' X ,A-.wq MW. i La if ,.,.-M 'N N N '5"ff'4"""A A 1 x Y M ' r 1 -4"""" f MQ 2 " 1 ,g,.J - ivww' MQW! lisp! i K1 f 3 an .. -6 ,,,. WN, .,., . ,Y' AA 4N' M f sv- 'W' 52 Q. X ff' p sv ,-f..,,,x f ,J wa fda!! 4 in uk A Q. , , ,CW ff 1 . xv x 3 7. . Lf 3 go- 55? ,. v, gn, 3 SQL ' K Tax .ww N li 4 ray, ...M ' 4 JY .W-Q' ', ,M I 512 La -it tg, V' ,V 1 ..f ' I" . if ig,q. "' ' 1 , r ,A A 31,1 , 1 Y, f Q 'E I I I

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