Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA)

 - Class of 1957

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Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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XTCH 957 CONTENTS FOREWORD DEDICATION FACULTY EN AITCH ESS SENIORS HONORABLES CLASS HISTORY FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS SENIOR PLAY LAST WILL AND TIISTAMENT SCHOOL SONG SPORTS ACKNOXVLEDGMENT PROPHECY ADVERTISEMENTS Echtor ID CI'1lCf Llnda Plunkett Bus1nessManager Alan ones Faculty Advlsors Mrs W1fCOmb Busxness Mrs Keenan Page , s I - - .........,...............,...........,...,.....,.............. 12 1 ...,................,.,....... 64 ' J ? 1 inf HE E -,L J., 1-sn., x , 1 I . gg, is A ' 1 5 , , l 1 I .fifoliewono We, of the '57 yearbook staff, have worked steadily for many months to produce this vol- ume of the En-Aitch-Ess. Withm these pages we have tried to record the many memorable events that have hap- , pened to us during our journey through high www school. A ww M We hope that, not only at the present but in the years to come, this book will be a treasured keepsake and that it will recall many happy occasions. MQ, r lg -r ,F T L A 1 i t L. I I I L i 1 . ,. 9 ' , I ' - - J' ' L" H W -F 6 5 ' 1'-QV 1, ,fs .. ,, Malaya. . - ,inns , A ' of A F- H 4 gil'-25.1 f E I, 'g . mal J f -.- ' yi M.. A lf' ,W 1 W 3 f 1 " f J' -4-K I af, 'g if 'Q " A Newhmo y -, S' Us Q- ' H' ' 1 .wif -.' ,f ' fi " , V . :- . . Q i , Y NL .if ml: 'V -Lkk K V, , V aw W 1 :fl DC G""'Y DEDICATION l ' v'Js'Q,, I' Q, IIANQ f L1 E ra: Q We the yearbook staff of 1957 rn apprecratron of her farthful assrstance and constant gurdance wrsh to dedlcate th1s volume of the En A1tchEss to our loyal advrsor Mrs fleanor Wrtcomb We wrsh to thank her for her con txnued counsel and express our pleasure in our assocratlons 4 s FACULTY W Xu-fr at fl MR RUPERT A NOCK To the Graduatlng Class of 1957 I vsrsh to congratulate all of you for your many fme achlevements durnng the past four years It IS our slncere hope that your study and tralnlng at Newburyport Hrgh School wrll prove to be rnvaluable to you rn the years ahead May I leave one thought vsrth you There wrll never he a substrtute for hard work d1l1 gently and rntelllgently applred The easy may IS not alvs ays the suttessful may And re member God gave man a hlghly developed braxn use lf Srnterely Rupert A Nock Slrpeflnlendenl 0 Srhoolr Secretary Truant Offrcer SCUCUIIY Wim. MRS DORIS PAGE MR C EVERFTT HILTON MRS FRANCES RISLEWIC 6 W-+-"' , ! I MR PATRICKJ MURNANE Many of us of the faculty envy you your years ahead To be flnlshrng hlgh school In 1957 at a nme when the electronlcs age IS really takrng form IS to be on the threshold of a new era of opportunlty Never before were there as many openmgs for tramed ambrtxous people never before the hxgh premrum on sklll You vull soon be adult members of a socxety whlch w1ll be spendxng weekends ln Europe makrng palatable food out of seaweed and usxng nuclear energy to guarantee fuller more complete and longer lrves Who knows some of you may even be rocketlng to the moon not IU Splflf but IH reallty Lucky people' PATRICKJ MURNANE Prmrzpal Qfflge Qlerlx Offlce Secretary 'g sua. '-,I MRS MARY SULLIVAN MRS WILMA LITTLEFIELD 7 MISS FLORENCE W ADAMS Home Economncs Slmmons College MISS ROBERTA ANNON Englnsh Boston Umversrty Umversxty of New I-Iampshlre Harward MISS KATHERINE BARRETT Shorthand T wma Offxce Practtce Boston Umverslty Salem Teachers College MR KENNETH BERFS Busmcss Anthmetlc Pmctxcxl Math Science Boston LIDIVCYSIIY Umversxty of Calnfornxa MR FRANCIS BRESNAHAN Englxsh U S Hnstory Tufts Colley: Engllsh MISS OLIVF BROCK MISS ANNA BROOKS MISS IORRAINE MISS MARY MISS MARY Afilfldfll Prmrlpal COFFFY COI LINS CONNOR Shorthand U S Hrstofy Hlitory to 1700 Gundrmce Umverslty of Iypmg., Hnstory from 1700 College OFILDIHIIOH New Hampshlre Boston Unnersxty Salem Teachers College BOWIE UHIVGFSITY Boston IIUIVUSWY 64 MISS G GLADYS CORBITT Biology Health Acaclxa Unnverstty m Canada MR EUGENE DALEY German Latm Boston College Boston Umversnty .7 MISS PHYLLIS DRAGONAS Problems of Democracy French Boston Unrverslty Harvard MRS MARGARET DUFFY Hnstory to 1700 Consumer Educatxon Boston IIHIVQTSIIY MISS CLAIRE EMERSON Englnsh Colby College MR CHARLES FOLEY III Pl'IjSlCdl Eclucatlon Health Sprmgfxelel College MR CONSTANTINO MISS MARY GIANNOT TI I atm lrench Lnnersrty of Prsa Boston College I' HALLORAN Massachusetts School Ita y Art MRS ELEANOR KEENAN Busmess Arlth Commerclal Law Clerrcal TIHIUIUS, Boston Umversnty CIVICS Miss JOAN LEFRANK Physrcal Educatnon Health Sprmghelel College MR JAMES LYONS MR FREDERICK MR RICHARD MRS MARGARET MR WENDELL MASSE JR MCLOON OLIVER OSGOOD World H1story Englrsh Musrc Sc1ence Chemistry Geography Glee Club Home Econom1cs Phys1cs Tufts College Band Holy Cross Frammgham Teachers Aurora College Ill1no1s Boston Unnversxty College MRS ANNETTE PALMER English Public Speaking Senior Play Drrector Bates College MISS EDITH PERSSON Algebra Trrgonometry Solld Geometry Review Math Boston Umversrty MRS MARY ROWELL Algebra Teacher s College Columbna Unrversrty New York State Teachers College 9 MR WALTER SHERIDAN Athletxcs Drnver Educatron Holy Cross MISS ELOISE SIMPSON Algebra Plane Geometry L nnversrty of Marne MR WILLIAM SMITH General Scrence Mechanxcal Drawrng MISS NANCY MISS DOROTHEA MRS ELEANOR MISS CHRISTINE SORNBORGER W LTZ WITCOMB YAGJIAN Englrsh French Englrsh Bookkeeprng Llbrarran Boston Umvefglfy Boston Lnrxersrty Salem Teachers College Northwestern Unxversrty Unrversrty of Massachusetts X 7' MR EDWARD KNAPP Carpenter Shop Beverly Trade School Massachusetts Depart ment of Educatron fTeachers Trarnrngj Semor Claw A411107 MISS MARY COLLINS , SIB, 15143 J Wellesley College Boston Unrversrty MR BARTLETT MISS HEI EN JONES MISS GAGE GOULD POI LARD Nursc Machrne Shop Nurse Slmmons Colleg.,e Massachusetts Depart Boston Umversrty ment of Educatlon Teachers 'Irammg Suzmr Ilomfroom Tezcfferi Mr. Eugene Daley, Miss Roberta Annon, Miss Nancy Sorn- borger. Also Miss Mary Collins. I0 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Because of my affiliation with the Newburyport Vocational School over the past number of years, I would like to take this opportunity tofexpress my gratitude and appreciation for the honor to have been associated with the faculty and the many fine men who have graduated, as well as those who are now attending classes. I sincerely believe that the students and teachers have made an outstanding effort socially, morally, and scholastically to make the Newburyport Vocational School one of the finest in the state. Congratulations to one and all and may we look forward to continued improvement in the future. Mr. Preston Titus, Vomtiolznl School Director. MR PRESTON TITUS INIISQ JULIE -IEUVELIS C14.ffl7dlr171J' Ca elerm lVork Wim -NJ' WW Mr Carroll and Mr Tarbox Mr Fowler Mrs Brown Miss Lynch Mrs Carroll Mrs To an . u I 0 o ' f ' err za 1 V 2 4! ' I A1 I ' , ,Q ,gal A -1 V' gn I I ,J 1 - '.-' ,K f ,T ' ak, ., ,U a ' ' J r W M , , . 'L xl i V V V V ' it gi, ' ' ' ' ' Y r Wrlte up Commzllee Adlffflflnf Commzllee Frrst row Valer1e St Jean Carole Chase Mary Stekxonrs Lmda HOPklHS Second row Barbara Barbaro Carol Kung Gall Nagler Janrce Bartlett Barbara Roberts Marrs Prost Cora Eaton Judy Mc Curdy Thlrd row Marjorre Clark Jean Wade Nancy Brown Judy Sar gent Joyce Crawford Ari and Photography Commztlee Seated Phyllrs Samt, Judy Meyers, Lmda Plunkett Edxtorxn Chxef, Carole Chase rw Om T Frrst row Carol Hewitt V1rg1n1a James Eva McIntosh Sheehan Jo Anne Cutter Nancy Roberts Second row Lmda Plunkett Elame McIntosh Carol Fowler Judy Cetlm Loretta Coussoule Mans Prost Ruth Mason Kathy Hodgdon Lors Fuller Carol Jones Thrrd row Prrcrlla Holmes Raelene Rayno Lorralne Grard Drana Lewrs Marrlyn Brown Mary Plche ESS STAFF 1 Frrst row Bonn1e Porter Janxce Bartlett Mans Prost Jean Wade, Llnda Plunkett Edltor 1nCh1ef, Cora Eaton, Judy Standmg Robert Mullarky, Dennrs Nason MCCUfdY, .lUdY MCYCIS Second row Gaxl Pollard, Gall Nagler, Marne Clark, Nancy Brown, Barb Roberts, Pat Packer, Pat Hopkrns, Barbara Barbaro I2 rl .yi in l J ,fl . P C41 ' N 3' Plunkett, Editor-in-Chief, Jane Antonopoulos, Pat Packer, Pat Judy Meyers, Alan Jones, Business Manager, Beverly 5 . ,Q .Wg A s ssmons JANE ANTONOPOULOS 32 Ashland Street HUC full 0 pep ull 0 u 11 true 1161111 to 51141311116 Afllllllfhl Marshal Student Coun crl Sec Gool Gov Day Offlcral Desk Clerk Fresh Class Sec Soph Class Sec Cheerleader Softball Grad usher Bxology Club Future Nurses of Amerrcl Club En Altch Ess Asst Ed Semor Play usher r Prom Comm log Color Day Comm Tumhlmg Group JANICE LEE BARTLETT 139 State Street Oh in dame all UIQ!!! Ar1111l1ef Orchestra Band M1r shal En Axtch Ess Assemhly Pun 1st Senior Play Make up Comm 'VIus1c Festlval BARBARA BELL 47 Bromflcld Strect Chmk Hap y 41711 I 1111111 rm I II ll by ltill 1 ey all 507116711 1 e me? AFIIIIIIEY Baton Squad leader S Receptnon Comm Honor SUClLtY Sr Class Hxstorran Grad uher Fresh Constltutron Comm LAWRENCI ROBERT BOGRAD 72 Llme Strcct Larry r Ihne 1111115 fmrl ue AfllIlfIFY Sc-mor Play Phys Ed Show Sr Reception Comm Stamp Collector Record HARRY BRAYEN JR 8 Norman Avenue Whltey L1 e 15 fur: one darn 1111113 a ter anolbu Aft11111eJ Freshman Football 'Q' 'Sk Y""-fy qv' 'Elsa-ag 'NE ,na-1 5' .as-f' f,:.f-.-A-4-. Q'-3-P ing, Ov U' UV" BARBARA MILDRED BARBARO ZQ Hltijlllilltl Axenuc Blr 5 11111 111 ltflllll usha ln Altcrlss Desk C ltrls Honor Socrtty Bmloysy u 1 Lol, Stutcn uncll usher IL rs xo oy x Of Kll 1 ss mp Collet lirskcthlll Slftlmll Tum mg, JOHN BECK 86 Federal Street ack Barn u1Ib a g1t 11 lzugbler and a renre lim! lbe uorla' I5 mud Actlyxtlcs Jr Prom Comm Sorh Class V1ce Pres jr Class Sec Fresh ,IV and Varsrty Foothall Grad Marshal SANDRA LEE BERGERON Pleasant St W New bury Sandy Ralhn quzel but ull 0 1411 Arfzfzzzef Desk Clerk LEROX BOLDUC Lafayette Rd Salbury Acc Tall dark and b11ndrf1111e need uf fly 771U7t. Aflllllldf Football Phys Ed Show EDWARD JOSEPH BRFNNAN JR Sl Street Nec Lf! tiny 111111 lamb btfwt be lerzpr alfllllflal Brscball Student Coun cll, Scnmr Play MARY LOU BRESNAHAN 49 Kent Street "Mary Lou" "Lei kn0u'ledge grow from more lo more." Arliriliesx Log Editor, Cheerleader, Record Ed., Honor Society, Mar- shal. Grad, usher. French Club, Good Gov. Day Official, Soph. Class Treas., Tumbling Group. LEON ROBERT BROWN 446 Main St N Newbury Leon AU fhllllfd be K1 pezre Arlrzltier 'lrack Honor Society MARIORIE FLORENCE BROWN 12 Ccnter Stree Midge She has a ralumz look bu! a Enid hear! DAVID CAIN Route 17 Newbury Daxe Shy uell flldflllfftd rererud Afllillllf Chcss Club DANIEL CASHMAN Garden St W Newbury Dan N01 mn Jefmur 7101 loo gm but all logetlaer ,1 If lla gf d ellau AfZI1IlI65 Key Club Student Council Jr Prom Comm Biology Cub ,. ,WW , , 'X ' rw. 1 no v-Q 'TK 1,4-any il W: U-OJ ,.--. i :gg slim ,f fi' f' Q ,pawn DONALD ROBERT BREWER 4 Boardman Street "Don" "Alm0ft 1051 in arf." Arliriliers Baseball Art Club, Phys. Ed, Show. MARILYN FRANCIS BROWN 4 Fenno Drise Rowley Marl F11 or runrbme and Jo Il follouy ef ACZIIIIIEI En Aitch Ess Log, Ves per Serx ice usher Future Nurses of America Club NANCY BROWN 22 Monroe Street Nanc Immrenl rlmen ad 0 El y izwzdlerf mime 1 fiend Arlnitlef Glee Club Band Grad usher En Aitch Ess Band officer Color Day Comm SHARON CRACE CARRIFR 7 Church St Byfield Sumr 0 Jeff mir lr utfirm e uiuhut Azflilmr Orchcstri Bind Vcsi cr Sersice usher JUDITH ANN CETLIN 15 Titcomb Street udy Tir not my laluif Io :unreal my llmurblr Afflllflff Desk Clerlx French Club Future Nurses of America Club Grad usher En Aitch Ess Log, Glee Club Senior Pl ly usher CAROLE ANN CHASE 902 Mam St N Newbury Re Indzzldualliy lbs ral! 0 mmmofz 1 e flfllllllkt Marshal lrench Club Orchestra Student Councrl Art Club jr Prom Comm En Axtch Ess Color Day Comm Honor So clety fresh and Sr HR Treas Grad usher Sr Reception Comm Sr Play Stage Manager Staieeeraft Club ERIC CHRISTOFISFRSON Church St W Newbury r1C Handrome thy znlrllrqenl AFIIIIIIFF Marshal Student Coun c1l Key Club Honor Soclety Bxol ogy Club Baseball Sr Receptlnn Comm MARGARET ISLLISON CLARK 337 Mam St W Newbury Marg A glrl 0 rlendly uuyr Artzumr Glee Club Art Club Grad usher PRESTON STEWARD COLE 52 Spofford Street Preston Tbefe If murine nz thu 111 111 DANIEL CONNORS 15 Charles Street "Buzza" 'A man of all laourr, ready for any lhlllg l' Aclzrztler Football, Track 'fir' 405 'Q 7, ei' MARLENE CHASE 21 Prospect Street Honey Ill md a uay or make it MARJORIE LOUISE CLARK Prospect St W Newbury MHIJIC Be happy and ,gay and you bare the uofld ullb you Arlzrzlzer Orchestra Band Prom Comm En Axtch Ess Grad usher Color Day Comm Sr Re ceptron Comm PRICILLA JFAN COLBY 18 Central St Byfleld Cl la Ar mrlmzd In murine ab e lo be ALIIIIIIHY Desk Clerk Vesper Serv vrce usher Cafetern Wcmrker log., Nurses Helper RONALD COLE 52 Spofford Street Ron An eary going boy and aluuyf uar Afmzlzer Track BRENDA L CORCORAN 21 Barton Street "Brenda" "The girl float nw fmlle ll lbe glfl uwrlh wbzleu Aflzzllnr Marshal, Grad usher, Softball, Ire-ld Hockey, Log, loot ball T1cku Seller Student Councrl Offlce Clerk ROLAND COTE 63 Elm St Sallsbury Rock A qfuel u zy and nz lfflfllfb gun Artuzlzef Marshal Honor Soclety Key Club JOYCE MARILYN CRAXVIORD 280 Hrgh Street She zoef on nz ber qi zef u :J Afflllllej En Amh Ess Senior Play Make up Comm Dramatrc Club Chou' JO ANNE CUTTER 90 Llme Street Ther: r nrllmzg w 1 u nz Ibe uofld 11941 1 m 111 Aftlzzlzer Desk Clerk Class Rxng Comm Log held Hockey Soft ball En Altch Ess Gratl usher Vesper Seruce usher Stamp Col lector FRANCES MAE DANIELSON lla Ilrst St Rlng Is Salxsbury Fran A 111114 flfillltflfc :mu and Ibefz ACIIIIIIEY Desk Clerk Fleld Hock ey Softball 'Iumbl1ng,Grou1 JAMES ARTHUR DEPAUL 62 Warren Street The rljle If Ike mm 171771161 Arm IIIFJ Record En Altch Ess StutlcntCounc1l Track Color Day Comm 'Iumblmg Group LORETTA COUSSOULE 18 Strong Street Loretta She mzy Le qulel and demure Mlybe but don! be flue Aclfzzzzer Student Councxl Color Day Comm Grad usher Future Nurses of Amerxca Club Honor Roll En Artth Ess Bxology Club Offxce Asst Bowllng CORNEI IUS EDWARD CURRIER 113 Merrrmac Street Connie W Ill? ulmzr fr my dale 10n1gl7t9 Arlnzllef Student C0unc1l Grad Marshal JV and Varsrty Football Track Log Jr Prom Comm Mar shal JV and VdfSlfy Basketball r Class Pres Semor Play MARY JANE CUTTER 90 I1me Street Mary fllumv ml lhe 71171 lrmkmg u Afflllflff Softball Frelrl Hockey Grad usher Soph Class Hrstorlan r HR T a Veswer Service usher SYLVIA CAROL DAVIS 127 State Street Peanut Mum' If well wud lo b e rpterh of lbe 11113615 Arllzlzzes Desk Clerk Band sembly Plamst En Artch Ess PATRICK EDWARD DICKSON Church St W Newbury GX Agreed to dlmgree Arzzzzlzer Phys Ed Show Color Day Comm Intramural Basketball CLAUDETTE MARIE DOUCETTE 65 Llme Street Mmnle S191 u If made for 111111173 lbouglalr or flzy ul 1412 and lauglvzer AIIIIIIIKT Offxce Asst French Club Grad usher Honor Roll StudentCounc1l HR Trers Stamp Collector CORA FLLA EATON South Mam St Seabrook Larky A 1411 1011772 girl md 61 fully good rporl 11611111151 Marshal Glee Club French Club Pres Honor Socnety R10 Rrco Grad l-'xamst Softball IRENE DALE EVANS 25 Elm St Sahsbury Irene Arl111l1er Student Councll Cheer leader Fresh H R Trias Honor Socrety Pres B rsketball Desk Clerk WILLIAM THORNE FITZGERALD 12 Kent Street B1 I d rather be than and .flame 1171172 tall and nut tl .!'hdd0U DANIEI J FOLLANSBEE 7 Garden Street Spook A wznnmg way plur 41 nendly Jmrle Afllllllef Football jr Class Treas frank Basketball Grad Marshal Sr Class Vrce Pres Marshal Sr Receptnon Comm Senror Play J Rotanan Stage Crew Manager pw mv uf" 'D-lv 'iid "lin-.., I8 fs YQ" if 'Y mfg' abd 'ts JOHN P DRESSER 29 Mam St Byfleld Whlskcy ll' ho deer 1701 11116 111771 uomm and rang RFUIJIIIY 001 blf ulmle Z1 e long Ar111111er Fresh JV md Varsrty Football Baseball Stare Crew S Receptron Comm Color Day Comm Record GILBERT CARROLL EMIIRY 159 Mam St W Newbury G1 He ulw keepr mozmg 1111! aluuyr gel fUl?1E1l here Aflllllltf Co Capt of Track Team Football HIRLFY MAY IVANS 13 Tulton Street Shrr H1111 1116 111111 716151 A011111 v Glee Club Blfkl Ves per Serxlce usher JOHN JOSI PH FOLFY 39 Forrester Street at .fr 1111116 1 ruzfltnlin 111 4 Hue 111011 fiffllllltj Fresh JV md Vrrsrty Football Sr Class 'Ireas Grad Marshal Track Blscball V Basketball Stage Crew CoC1pt of the Football 'Ium CAROLINF FRANCES FOWLER Prospect Street Carrot Care ree 14nl111111g exrziable Ac11z111e5 Grad usher Color Day Comm Cafeterxa Worker E A1tchEss CHARLES S IOXVI I R 436 Mun St XY' Newbury C huclt 11113 111111 111 1 5111111 r1111t 11 311 fl 1111111 Iootbzl 'NWUOOD IADD FOXX LI R IH8 XX ltcr Street I rdclle 41 dll 1111111 cc rcs rc 19 AN I S ANI S Glu Stutlcnt COLIYILII IOIS I UI I FR 17 Atvs ood Strcct OIS 1 If 1 1411111 1 o 1 l I rcnclm u 1 IL UNIILI Honor Nomctx 11Fss rc Hoc U 1 P111 1 omm lor D11 Cor Des Clcrlt itxctcrrft Club IANI T LORRAINF GAGNON il Izlm Qtrect Sllrsbury Pcanut 111 111111 51711111171 111111112 1 ALIIIIIIV Qtudcnt Councrl Baton S uid HR Ircls Glcc Cub BLVI RLX A GI RRISH 36 Mrrltet Strcet cs 111 1111111111111 lid 111111 1111111111 Ac1111111f M1rsl1'1l lm .i ' 'lui' 99' ',,xX f-:RW 5111555 DAVID BRADLFY I OWLER 12 Hantoclt Street Duc T1111 If 111171141 1111111 116111111 1' by 1111111 16111 co11111 111111 11111111 11111111111 Orchcstrr Bmd Offrcer Brass Qu1rt1t RLBECCA IAITH IRAM 42 Ilberty Strcet Becky W 11111115 11111611 Zl e1r61 0 111111 115161131111 1 1111111 Ac111111ef Orchestrl Rc1or1lLcI Cluef Log, Honor Socxcty Vxce Pres Band M1rshaI frcnch Club Brass Quxrtct Grul usher Oper ctta Orchestra PDWARIU IOQI PH CACNON 15 I lglc Strcct Eddm I1 ll 11111 11111111111 11111 6111 16 1113 11111 A1 1111111 AIN I 9 'Inclt oot bill Key Club AIN I 9 Glen Club DAVID C CALLACHI R ll XWCl0CII1Dd Strcet Butsxe It 111111111 1111 11111qu11r 1116 r 61 111111 611111111111 61111f1 11111611 1111111111 Student Councrl Ircs res1 Class Pres lrcsh IV Vqrslty Footblll Trial-. Sowh Class Vxcc Preb Coocl Gm Dly Offrcrll 1nclRep I1 Cllss Trcas Kcy Club Ireas Gnd Mxrslnl Rccord Scnror Plly LORRAINF MAY CIARD 186 Mcrrrmac Street Ramy 1 r 11111 1,1116 1110111 1 111113 1111 A1111 11111 Baskctblll 'ioftblll Grad usher Qtamp Collector Col or Dxy Comm En Altch Ess DANIISL STANLEY GUDINAS 54 Prospect Strtct Dan Noilung zr zmporrlble lo ez uzllnzg heart Arlrzllzer French Club Grad Marshal Sr Receptuon Comm HAROLD WILLIAM HAWKES 9 Woodland Street HC To know bzm rr lo llke blm Actwzlfef Football Basketball Track Key Club Grad Marshal Jr Class Vxce Pres Sr Class Pres Good Gow Day Offrclal Jr Prom Comm Student Councrl Sr Re ceptron Comm r H R freas CAROL ARLENE HEWITT 14 Atwood Street Carol Her rlendrblp IJ Jlmzgbt ofuafd and rprlngf mm lhe ht tr! Actzzilrer Softball Grad usher En Altch Ess KATHLEEN A HODGDON 35 Franklm Street Kathy Newer an zdle moment but lbrzfly and thouglzlful o otberr Amrzlzer Softball Student Coun cl Freld Hockey En A1tchEss Vesper Servrce usher Honor Roll Color Day Comm Stagecraft Club PATRICIA STEVENS HOPKINS 80 Storey Avenue a Sher pretly lo walk urtb and wrt ly lo talk lo and pleafant foo I thznk of Armztzer Basketball Good Gov Day Offrcral French Club Brology Club DAR Softball Log Head Cheerleader Senror Play Sr Class Sec Soph Class Sec En Artch Ess Student Councrl Grad usher Desk Clerk Future Nurses of Am errca Club af 't :wt ami' IL 'iffy PATRICIA JANE HARDY Bradford St Rowley 3 Harmony ullh ezery gran play In fha fur proporz om o her are Afllllllef Stamp Collector En Artch Ess Cafetcrla Cash Regrster Clerk RICHARD HAWKES 432 Merrrmac Street Rich For be ua! lb: quztt kmd ubore rmlure mfef 1:l7IEd Afllilllff Baseball Football Man ager ROBERT QUINTON HILL 58 Purchase Street Bo The lrrl ezglvlg 1tlfY o L1 mmzr 11 e are rufe Io be Ike happier! ACIIIIIIFI Baseball Intramural Basketball PRISCILLA FVELYN HOLMES 45 W1rren Street Pretzel Varzely If flu rprrc lf Afllllfl f Glu Club Baton Squid Softball Grad usher En Artch I'ss Sr Receptxon Comm Color Day Comm JANE SPIHNCISR HOUGHTON 7 Howard Street HIIIC' Good nature rr ibe oundalzon o all good zbmqr Afl11IllEf Desk Clerk Band Of frce Asst Grad usher Honor Roll Honor Socrety Tumblrng., roup VIRGINIA E JAMES Indlan H1ll St W Newbury Grnny A pleamnl mzxlure 0 rlendlznefr and Jmeerftj AIIIIIIIFJ Softball Band Honor Roll En Arrch Ess Tumblmg ALAN ROBFRT JONES 23 Merrrll Street He lookr qllIEl but look again Amzzzrer Grad Mar hal Record En Altch Ess Bus Manager Desk Clerk ARTHUR GEORGE JOUBERT JR 49' 1712 Purchase Strect I' Nolbrrzq greai u rr ezer dt'hIE1 ed urtlvout erzlhurmrm Arlrrrlzer Key Club Good Gov Day Offrcral Fresh and Varsrty Football Grad Marshal DONALD EUGENE KALE ZLOVZ Oakland Street Don A rporlrman and fl gentleman a wrnmng rambmalmn AfflIIll6I Basketball Football Jr Prom Comm S Receptron Comm Good Gox Day Offrcral JOHN ROBERT KELLEHER 37 Mlddle Street Demetrlus I agree ulila :za man r oplnlanr I haze mme 0 my nun Afllrltzer ANTS Band Assem bly Comm dw!!! lam fl' ghd f-an-ali 5' ARCHIE MILTON JANVRIN JR 28 Boardman Street Butch Iwo one lnour ulml be can do llll he trier Acfrzzlzer Orchestra Band Brass uartet CAROL ANN JONES 7 Charles Street Carol Her :he br are llae cfaeekr ffm! rlmme the fore Arllzzfzer Desk Clerk Freld Hock ey Band log Honor Socxety Irb Asst Good Gov Day Off cral Vesper Service usher GEORGE JUDD 51st St Plum Island Sonny Here today but abrenl mmormu ELLEN IRANCIS KELLEHER 26 Plummer Avenue Ellen lVlJen Imh eye: are rmzlznq Acllflller Marshal Lo Ed ln Chief Grad usher Cheerleader Fresh and Jr Class Hxstorran Record SHIRLEY ANN KENT Mam Street Rowley Shrr Sher llltle but rber wrre Jbe: 4 terror or her JIZF ACIITIIIEI Basketball J Prom Comm Varrety Show CAROLII ANN KING 63rd St., Plum Island "Carole" "Shu 111121 111111 1.111.011 111 1111171 .TZIU ci111." f11'111111u.i.', Desk Clerk. Student Council. Goml Gov. Day Official, H.R. Treas.. Grad. usher. Ir. Prom Comm.. Sr, Reception Comm, RONAI D I RANCIS KNICIIVIS 18 Tilton Street Smiley I'11f1 1111112 11111 6111111 If 11111 f Alt uw EBIN N LAMBFRT 6 Lintoln Street L11r11b111111!1111111 111 11111111111 Plus Ed Slums CARL RAX MOND Ll SAGE 11 Muclnotk Rd Silisbury otlt Hold 1176 1111' 1111 11111111111 lf 11111 1 I1111tb11ll liusebill N r Prum Comm AN Glee Club Student Council Stlgf, Crew AINTS Dance Comm I tramural Basketball SIHIIRLFY ANN LUCAS Churth Strut Rovxlu Shir 1 l I1 LJ 1 111 11111111111 I 11611111111 Stamp Colleetur Log Grad uilisr , 'K ws 3 if 1. 1, A ' it 1 mlm 'www lu. 4' .,.,-0 sf whim flu!-1 -.--4' "1"w 'Wi ff-sq. lt""" NJ 'f-W 'vw ..---" MICIIAliI. LEWIS KLEIN H Kent Street "Milie" "Ha l11n11'1 11111111' 111 hill' 1l1'111115." 1'l1'11I111f 1: Orcliextrgl. A.N.'I'.S., Band. Smge Crew, A.N.'I',S. Glee Club. Student Council, I-IR. Treas. CICJRDONI KONDRAT 18 XXIISIIIIHJOH Street Ci 1 111 1111111 111 11 111 A lllllf AN l S Iootbill S L Crux BI TH M I ANDI ORD 84 liromfitld Street Beth U 1 U 6 1011113 1111111 Art Club Blnl Stx3.,L trxft Club DIANA ILXVIS 70 Curzon Mill Roid Dmna H11 110151 If 1111113 111016 If gmfe 111 bu 111111 14111111111 l5ic1lo5,y Club I: Aitch is MARY GAIL LUNT 73 Columbus Awnue Gu I 111111 Q1 111111 1111 1115 311111 A011111 1 Bind Crul usher Field Hockey lNurses Helper IOAN CAROL MLDONALD PlcrsmtStr11t Rowxlq OJIIIC 1111 11 1 111 1' P L l II I 1111! 111 A 1111111 Stamg Cwllutor IAI 1NIulxIX1X1 78" Mcrrlmu 9tr1et C 1 1 I4 s 1 1 1111111 m C 1 u B ton SLILIII lull Hoc Prum C um Ar Clulv Imx m RUTH I' INIAQONI 46 Wxshlngton Street Ruthlc 111 17111117 111111 111 1 1 '11 11111 r Qtu lll'1fQ,k1L1IIk1l r rn umm 1cl1l Huclxu Stigurit Clu licmlxm, ELAINII INIYRA MLINTOSH Iolly Mull Rd Sulurook App 5 1111119 1111 dll ll fl 11111111 Du Cluk En Altnh Ess V191 er Qcruce L19l'1LI' DAVID MICHAEL MLPI-IAII. 88 Llmc Strut Daxe 11111 I11d1111f 11111 1111111g1 """' 1111 A1111 11111111 LX Club lrcas I5 l-.etlmll Iiaselwxll SU7AININI MAC I Y 50 Plun mer Axcnuc LIL 17 1 111111111111 Af1111111 Glu Club QtL1LC'l'l Councxl Vue Prw Record Mir slul Grid usher lr Pmm Comm Sr Receptmn Comm Irmch Club an Pins Mt R rll Pllynrs as per Scrum ughnr XVILLIAIVIJ MAGUIRE 71 l-I11mo1l1 Strut Spider 1111311111 1111 11111111 11111 1 II 11111 IN I 1 IS ct ill Prom Con 1 C lss Rmg, Comm A N 'I S bln Club JUDITH ALI TN INIQCURDY NO H1111 Strut LIKX 111111111 If 111 111111 H1111 11111 1111 culcuu lnA1tc1 S 9 mm Plu I'1cl1l Hoc 0 Color Un Comm I unch Club vnu flu I51s lwlll Hmm Qquul DYIIIIIIIC Cu IVA AIICI IVILIINIVIOSH Mlddlq Ixd XV Nuxlvury YC 11111111 C1 1 1 Scwftlvl Ofllu Asit G11 uslux CAIL IUNI MIRRIIL ll Bolrdmm Strut C111 s 1 1 llllg 1111 1 1 11 7111111 111 11 111 11111111 lilm Vcspu SUHCC' uslur 'I1l1nt Qhrm ushu JUDITI-I ANN MEYERS 31 Federal Street Butch Wflvoroezer la1ell1 me lmelb my 0 Afllllflef Glee Club Student Councxl Log, I'nA1teh Ess Art Club Jr Prom Comm Grad ush er Desk Clerk Semor Pl ly Fneld Hockey Stagecraft Club Color Day Comm B1olo3.,y Club GAYDI' N WELLS MORRILL 209 Hleh Street Shotgun Mannerf muh llae mlm Afflllllef Football Log, Record Track Key Club Student Councxl Fresh Class Vlce Pres r Prom Comm Intramural Basketball ROBERT G MURRY 33 Market Street Bo Tomwrou ll full ,nmzlm 1 GAIL LOUISE NAGLER ti Bowlen Asenue Gal Whaler er lmppenr at all huppenr ar It flaould 141611111165 Ln Artch Ess Semor Play usher Sr Play Txcket Comm THOMAS JAMES NICHOLSON Elm St, S. Byfield Tom One whom you like I1 ra riendf Acliritierf Basketball. NORMAN CUMMINGS MOORE JR 238 Mann Street W Newbury Norm A moral rermble uell bred man ACIIIIIIFJ Key Club Honor So lety lrench Club ROBERT JOHN MULLARKEY 20 Hlghland Axenuc llash A rzmuz and 41 lufla bulb are al uapr ound ulllz Boll Afmzlzer Bxologey Club Record Photographer En Altch Ess Photog rapher ROLAND JOSEPH NADEAU 6 RIVCEVICW Dr Newbury Rollle A Nl1ll10I1 lzl f If zlwr rurll do Aflllllltf En Artch Ess DENNIS 'IRUMAN NASON 109 Prospect Street Dennis Tlme rlpenr all .fhmgr nn man 15 born une ACKIIIIIEJ Marshal Stamp Collect or En Artch Ess Key Club Sec Semor Play Scxence Club Good Gov. Day Official. SAMUEL COLBY NOYES 24 Cottage Rd. Newbury am Silenre ir a greal peacemuker. Artivilier: Marshal Key Club. LESLIE GORDON PACKER 57 Bromfield Street ..LeS.- "N0 dangerr fright him, and no laborir life." Actirities: Marshal, Honor Society, Senior Play. EVELYN HOPE PERKINS 36 Elmira Axcnue A loyal rlend and a clarrmate true a In le 5153 md rermur loo Acllzztzer Baton Squad Future Nurses of America Club LINDA JEAN PLIJNKETT 154 Low Street Linda A une compound 0 myrleq and Artlzflley Cheerleader Color Day Comm Irench Club Pres O chestra Band Marshal SeniorPay Mt Rurrl Players En Aitch Ess Ed in Chief Sr HR Treas Jr Prom Comm Field Hockey Basketball Head Grad usher Softball Honor Roll Tumbling, Group Bowling Merrrll Public Speaking Contest Wrnner Assembly Plrticipant JAMES JOHN POLLARD 15 Doxc Strcet A good rfwrl rm! wily H2 rpm!! Afflllll r Iootball ANTS Pres and Scc Student Council Honor Society ANTS Glec Club Bas ketball CoC1pt of Track lcam Sr Reception Comm MARIS ELAINE PROST 86 High Street Maris I gm 41 uma-nz ulvul I llymle I murl rfmzle Arlzzrmr Desk Clerk Student Council Grad usher Field Hock ey Sr Receitxon Comm Senior Play Mt. Rural Players, En-Aitch- Ess Tumbling, ,.q.,, if mf N. exft' ,a T Q:-"Y iii Swv HS -gal PATRICIA ELAINE PACKER 273 Merrimac Street "Pat'f "Good-nalured, kind, and ever- willing." Acthfizier: Desk Clerk E -Aitch- Ess Marshal Honor Society Stu- dent Council Senior Play Soph Class Pres Good Gov Day Of flflal Grad usher Basketball Log Bus Manager French Club Sec Color Day Comm Field Hockey Softball Bowling MARY ELIZABETH PICHE 96 Ferry Rd Salisbury Piche For a belief rlend look no ar I er Afllilllff Gr ld usher JV Basket ball Sr Reception Comm Color Day Comm Bowling En Artch Ess GAIL ANN POLLARD 5 Barton Street Gal Slae If as good ar the IJ air Arlzwzzer Mlrshal Field Hockey Color Day Comm Band Vesper Seruce usher En Aitch Ess BONNIE LOU PORTER 3 Jackson Street Bon Small zzz Ji :lure bill ble In he :rt Amzznef Glee Club Grad usher En Artch Ess H R Treas Senior Play Promptei RAELENE RAYNO 8 Vernon Street HC N01 much talk buf a great sweet .wlenre Amzmer Student Council Grad usher Color Day Comm Sr Re ceptron Comm En Aitch Ess. LUTHER RFED 22 Liberty Street Sunflower Here mfe an allfleie flrong and outrtmzdzng Arl111l1er Football Baseball Key Club Honor Society NANCY BRADSHAW ROBERTS Nancy S0113 fpeak and to ily rmlle Aet111t1e5 French Club Future Nurses of America Club Vesper Service usher En Aitch Ess EVELYN MARY ROGERS 70 Main Street Byfield l'vie hz! pefwu cm rzleulztt what 1 gzrl u1ll My or do? Afflilllff Softball RONALD OAKLAND ROGERS 81 Main Street Byfield Ronnie A ellau :bu bath ezerytbnzg lmndrome about l?I7'71 Afllllllef Football Baseball FREDERICK ROPES Crane Neck St. W. Newbury Fred" He that if thy riend. indeed: be uill help lbee in thy need. Ac111'i!ier.' Marshal, Student Coun- cil, Track, jr. Prom Comm., Rec- ord, Senior Play, Grad. Marshal, Intramural Basketball. l"""Fl Cpu JL Y'-wr .-uf ps., 'K AIN 117 4' BARBARA JFAN ROBERTS 87 Prospect Street Barb She l11e5 the l01ef the laugbr .rbe fuer Afllllllff Mirshal HR Treas Softball Field Hockey Stamp Col lector Basketball Grad usher En Aitch Fss Senior Play Sr Recep tion Comm Baton Squad Desk Clerk Dramatic Club Sec Tum bling Bowling BRUCE ROGFRS 77 Purchase Street Bruce Inlellfgenl good laolelng uell mmmered Arl11111er Key Club Pres Marshal French Club Student Council Hon or Society Grad Marshal Consti tution Comm LYNWOOD CLAYTON ROGERS JR 7 Atkinson Street Linny Bowler' Ugbl They uerent meant or me YVONNE ROGERS 170 Indian Hill St W Newbury Yxonnc T err r 1 tr Il d xl de11lI1y be neatb her mild ex'termr Arlzzzlnv Desk Clerk Band Of fice Asst LYDIA B. ROY 33 Middle Street Lydia Nlou, or good lurk mr! an old rlnoe :fer me Aelizitietx Student Council, French Club, Desk Clerk, Office Asst., Color Day Comm. PHX l I IS SAINT 'Nl Boulexlrd Plum lsltnd Pltyl U 1 1 llllll ee sst xlee rslter luture Nurses lub En A1tel1Iss Lit Ves er Amernea C R Ill Pluers JUDITH IW SARGI NT Baehelor St VU Newbury udv A lldy 1.711 zyr 11111 1.711 :yr 1 adj 111111111 Sottbtll Stung Co ect er En Vesyer Seruce usher I'uturt Nurses of Amerrca Club Color Dry Comm IUGENI I SAUVAN 20 lying Street D 311111 bet! 111d do II 11011 14111111111 Btsebtll lootball Man ager V Iootbrll Btsketbtll BEVERLY ANN SHIIHAN 1 Barton Street ey 11111 L11 f 1 6111 01516 Nc 1 1111111111 111 151 7111216 11 1767 lllffl' A11111l1er Softball Future Nurses of Amerlcx Club Honor Soclety Log, Good Got D1yOff1C11l Freld Hockey Band Color Dax Comm SANDRA MAF SMITH 4 Purehase Street Stndy 11111111111 gf1r11fr111ZlHe and J111 6191111 lllylfe 1 1111123 rb111fle'1 Afflllflff Cafeterxa Worker VALERIE ST JEAN Mcrrlll St W Newbury Va .fl run! gn! 111dl01dv 0 un Shed f1l 111 111115 17120711 Afllllflkf Desk Clerk Student Councrl Band Irench Club Mar shal Sr Receptlon Comm Grad Planrst En Axtch Ess Senxor Play G1rls State Deltgftte jr Prom Comm Color Day Comm M Rural Players -mf ALFRED J SARRLTTE 282 Hrbh Street Ireddre A2157 le! .ffbfllll 111161 en if A6111 111eJ Football 123 I 1 151 -if BARBARA JEAN SHANNON 20 Eagle Street Barb 11" 776061 M Wil " Be 1115-111 and 111 e Szlenfe bgffdjf you ACflIIflFI Grad usher I A- CRAIG SIMPSON 48 Ialr Street Crarg Imaglnatlon 11 ar good ar many I voynget Actzwlzer Scrence Club 'haw' 9 111 NATHANIFL HOLMES SNCJW JR 10 Mann St Byfleld Snowball A 1111111-1115-1 If knaun by 1111 C111 rr Ar111111er A N T S A N T S Glee Club ,.-:al tl b'? 27 f 4 4 M - Ani I , I . . J 1 ' ., , ,, Y I., .. ln 'I71111'1 1.111 Il lfllftll' 11111 rt-11 " , ' P " 1 1 . f f . 01111 ' ' ' " 1 ' ,- f om A A ,. ep' ' : , Se-r"' Lf -. I - ' .J of ', , I , - ll'L I - ., ' 5 ' ,, - , , I, f ., t, , . ry H , , 1 y t 1, ' I 1 ll'- 5' 1, , . 1 . e . , e . , V A 1- 'A 1 . on A f T- L . - . X ' "Gene" V. 11 U , F 4 1 -Eg! A 7,3 g nga tr H . hm L Q T A Q t - WW' link VI- 11 i - t If I - . ' ' , , 11 . 3 -iff-1, , 1 ' A -:ai :J 'fi I if, , , I ' ,,,, , BH 1. -5' ,, . . 2 " 1. - - - Br' '. 47 of " '.11' . ' f ' 1 ,Vy Iwi' tn"-If .ll ' ' 1 . f kyyy , '. -H . J 1 ' K -11.55433 1 A er-X1 V 1 ' ' 1 3s - . , V A A , l .. R ,1 I Q 5 xi . 1, . -"1 , 1 5 K- ,D 1 L -A -'ff I 11 , , -y V - A' K A Aa V A, '-me 71' .IRIN . M. lg iq' -ll 'TL 'I f wg I .11 W V, 1 V- L' V I,-.Qi qv A A ' STEPHEN ANTHONY SOFFRON 230 Low Street Blackre Trouble ruler btblfld and gzllufrr wztla hzm ERIC JEWELL STREIEF Central St Rowley rlc He Ilya! kzlln knouledge fpanlk kit uardr Aellrllfer Key Club Bind Log, Marshal Honor Socrety Grad Mar shal Class Rmg Comm Constrtu tror Comm EDWARD P TOBIN JR 304 Rear Merrrmae Street Toby A qulel lrmgue maker a une head Aemzlzer Key Club Football ROBERTA ANN WEBB 29 Purchase Street Bobble L1 e IJ really Jzmple but men In .FIJI on making 11 campllraled Afmzller Softball Student Coun crl Field Hockey Brology Club Bowlrng Tumblmg Group Sr R ception Comm. Dramatic Club Color Day Comm. GEORGE MILTON WILKERSON JR. 7 Chestnut Street Chubby A good fiend be maker' joker he alwayr taker. Aftirilier: A.N,T.S. Stage Crew Key Club A.N.T.S Glee Club. 794' Tlhuvx ,JMS- 'S mano 28 YZ? 44-f"?' Picture o Available MARY IRENF STEKIONIS Lrttles Lane Newbury Mary A drughler 0 the godr dlzlnely tall and dlzznely an Amrrlzer Marshal Honor Socrety Student Councrl Grad usher Biol ogy Club En Artch Ess Asst Ed PAULA THURLOW 17 Hugh Street Paula Mule rugar and rfure and ererylhlng nrre Afllflflff Softball Bowlrng Grad usher Sr Reception Comm Color Day Comm Baton Squad Freld Hockey Brology Club Dramatic Club Tumblmg Group JEAN DONNA WADE 10 Vernon Street Cannle A uonder ul rport zn erery uay Actnzner Softball Basketball Co Capt Freld Hockey Bowlrng Col or Day Comm Desk Clerk Vesper Servrce usher H R Treas En Artch Ess Sr Receptron Comm Log RAYMOND WELCH 47 Carter Street T gger The world belongs to ibe energet ze man urlh an rndependenl mrnd Actlwtzer Football Basketball Baseball Fresh Class Treas Soph Class Pres jr H R Treas S Reception Comm. SUZANNIT VUILLIS 82 Winnat'unnett Road Hampton N. H. SuSlC' Thine eyer are like ilu dfep ue boundlerr beaten. Tkeirwlong ine larber dzrk, ar mearureleyr. All "A" Honor R011 a Packer Irene Evans Cor1F.1ton Rebecca Fram Errc Qtrerff Editor-in-Claiefr Barb Bell Baton Qquacl Iuder Pit I-Iopkmx Fllen Kelleher Ing Irndt Plunkett Head Cheerleader Luther Reed and Jick lnfllllfrlrr Rthecca Frrm Rumd Foley Co Captarn of Football Team I rltdlclurlnl 5,1141 ,,,,,1,,, 'N-vb ERIC SI REIFF IRENE EVANS Preudenlr Award: Mary Stelcxonrs Brology Cluh Mans Prost Dramltlc Club Cora Frton French Club Irene Evans Honor io Crety jim Pollard ANT9 Irntlr Plunkett Frenrh Club Bruce Rogers Key Club un Wada Co Ctpt of Baskethtll team C155 Emery and IIU Pollrrtl CoCapt f 'Iraclc Ray Welclr Capt ofBaSkLtb1ll team 29 Imda Plunkett Merrrll Puhlrc Qpealt mg Contest Wnnner Pat I-Iopluns D AR Marllyn Brown Betty Crocker Homemnltrng Contest Wrnnnr V ltrre St can Girls Qtatc Daw. Cal laeher Good Gov Day Rep Eric Qtrelff Boys Stlte JUNIORS 6 Av SOPHOMQRES 1. W fl FRESISIMEN V CLASS HISTORY We the Class of 1957 started our long journey through high school on September 8, 1953. It seems so long ago but actually it was just yesterday that we cl1mbed the hill and entered the doors of Newburyport High School: AS FRESHMEN Confuslon and fear were our bxggest problems on those first days at New buryport Hrgh but as tlme went on we became famlllar with the bell system locker combxnatrons the mad dash for the cafetena and the anxrous waxtxng for that two oclock bell And rn October we were offlclally welcomed to the hlgh school by the semors at the Sen1or Receptron Dance It proved to be a very enjoyable CVeI'llHg Now our blg problem was to get organlzed as a class Fxrst we elected a Con strtutxon Commrttee whrch conslsted of Barbara Barbaro Carol King Betty Coveack Enc Strerff Bruce Rogers and Rebecca Fram They drew up a constrtu t1on and the class approved 1t Next we elected officers Preyzdenl DAVID GALLAGHER Vice Prerldenl GAYDEN MORRILL Secrelary JANE ANTONOPOULOS Trearufer RAY WELCH Hzftormn ELLEN KELLEHER We also elected an Executrve Committee wh1ch consrsted of one person from each homeroom whose duty was to work together wrth the class adv1sor to carry out the wrshes of the class Members of thls commrttee were Barbara Bell ack Hawkes Betty Coveack Frank Trafford Lydia Roy and Art oubert To take care of all the class dues that were pourrng rn we elected homeroom treasurers who were Carole Chase Janet Gagnon, Carole Krng Jean Wade and The one sorrowful event rn our Freshman year was the death of our class ad vxsor Mrs Mrldred Collrns A bouquet of flowers was sent by the class as a trlbute to her Mlss Florence Adams was appolnted class advisor for the remamder of the year AS SOPHOMORES Prerzdenl PAT PACKER Vice Prefzdent DAVID GALLAGHER Serrelary PAT HOPKINS Treasurer JANE ANTONOPOULOS H zftorzarz MARY CUTTER We were more prepared to undertake the dutxes of a class and we readlly elected class offrcers Our class adv 1sor was Mlss Waltz In the second half of the year our class offxcers were Preyzdent RAY WELCH Treafwer JANE ANTONOPOULOS Secrefary BARBARA BARBARO 1-11110114111 MARY CUTTER 3I 3 7 7 . . I , 7 1 . , , 7 I 1 . ' - l : 7 7 I 3 7 1 ' ' ' . ' 2 , I a r x Q J ' 1 , ' , , Irene Evans. , . . At the end of our Sophomore year we chose our class colors, gold on white, and prepared to have a class banner made. As we completed our Sophomore year, we had reached the half way point in our high school career, BUT the best was yet to come. AS JUNIORS We started the year off successfully with our Junior Prom which broke the record for profit and attendance. The members of the Junior Prom Committee were: Sue Macey, Valerie St. Jean, Linda Plunkett, Jane Antonopoulos, Mary Jane Cutter, Lois Fuller, Janet Sheys, Don Kale, Fred Ropes, Ray Chovinard, Ed Gagnon, Bill Maguire, Dan Cashman, Charles Pike, and Carole Chase. The theme of the prom was Fantasy Land, and Mr. Lyons, our class advisor, did a wonderful job in helping to make our Prom the success it was. To add to that success, our football team won the rival Thanksgiving game with Amesbury and became the Class "C" champions which made our Prom a victory dance also. Our class officers who stayed in office all year were: Pfeiidwl ------------ CONNIE CURRIER Vice President ........ JACK HAWKES Sfffefdfy ,--,--------,VY---,----- JACK BECK Trearurer ..,..... DAVE GALLAGHER Hirmriafz .,,,......,. ELLEN KELLEHER We also chose our class rings which arrived in April. The girls chosen to represent Newburyport High School at Girls' State was Valerie St. Jean. Eric Streiff was chosen as delegate to Boys' State at Amherst, Massachusetts. AS SENIORS SENIORS, we had worked hard and long to receive that title and at last we had the honor. It not only meant that we were allowed to sit in the center section of the auditorium and to be seated while the underclassmen had to remain standing until the assembly began, but we were now at the climax of our high school days. Soon we would no longer be students, but men and women of the world. We started right to work and elected class officers: Pferidenl ..,............. JACK HAWKES Vice Prerident .. DAN FOLLANSBEE Secretary ....... .....,, P AT HOPKINS Trearzzrer .,..................,. JACK FOLEY Hirtorimz .....,,..,,..... BARBARA BELL Then, as the honor had been given to us as Freshmen, we honored the Class of 1960 at the Senior Reception Dance. The theme was Halloween and proved to be a big success. In November, we chose Loring Studios to take our class pictures. Most of them arrived before Christmas so that we could give them away for Christmas presents. At the end of November, Linda Plunkett was chosen Editor-in-Chief of the En-Aitch-Ess and work on the yearbook was begun. The football team succeeded in obtaining the Class "C" Championship for the 32 mt' if second successive year and, as usual at the Football Banquet, the Senior football players were presented jackets by the Boosters. 'Trophies were presented to co- ca tains ack Fole' and Luther Reed. P l In December, we chose "january Thaw" as our Senior Play. Under the direction of Mrs, Annette Palmer, the castwas chosen and work began. Because ol' close competition, some parts in the play were double cast, The play proved to be most successful, The one sad note was the illness of Mrs. Palmer'which made it im- possible for her to attend the play. And, now, the end is near. But much is there to look forward to: our Class Banquet, Class Day the Senior Prom, and most important and memorable of all . . . Our Graduation. tl 'it' if Q 0'7Qs ,si ,fi E 4? . , w ff' ,f 5 3 5' I in X 'Yi he 1 2- , , L A L 4-1 ' f i ' , 5.. ,F 'JARIK f 31 f ' Q K we fi 'N F3 M J' M n ' ., QW was- PG I "Qi'?2 ' xll P2 Md, I ,, , 1 A. X... FA vom rss Bert Looking SENIOR 1? 'N-8. CP' Eh' Ronme Rogers and Pat Hopkms Clan Flzm Fae MacKmnon and Conme Curner Moft Dependable Bruce Rogers and Pat Pacxer Done Mwt or ilu Srbool Mort Sludzouf Clan C omedmfu ll-l fl .f"' yr' Errc Strerff and Becky Fram john Dresser and Barbara Bell 36 Dave Gallagher and Carole Chase ,wil A fs V h . Hn bw I ,B F g I, K F f ' ,, ie Q 5 f 5 L V P w l , V all 11' k l lg ill in 7 4 " , ' 4 I - X In if 51 , lg l, ' Q' ,ra 'f ' 4 r l B l f I f , , .l k'f. Y I rf B B B Bl l f x ,A Z "Q, A K 1 l j M erlq 1 O ,M if ,, 5, POLL C lan Dreamer! Carole Chase and Luther Reed Preston Cole judy Mcflurdy and Ronnie Cole Mort C ontaglour laugh Mort Atlalelu Mort Popular Dave Gallagher and Pat Hopkins X x Woman baier Man beter 4 he f Carol Kung and jack Beck jack Foley and jean Wade 37 "Ks Craig Sxmpson and Mary Pxche ,an 1: ' M-'2' C., , a , f S5 Q . M .1 2 ee'zWga . - ff ,I .gr 5 , qi, I .XVYA C1111 Mnrrlll md Dan Follgmsbcc P '25 4, glfg, r. ' .V In be Lfzle s . E , - if, , . 1 3? V H gf S522 . ? .-' x -F' 0' 4 Q f H' 5 5 E: ff, 'f xg 1 i will Jifflf 'lQ1fl,.1ff1v Aim! l.ji'cff3 lo Sl1tkL'L'4'6j Rcbcuu Ifmm and Iirip Strcift' 38 PO Sb0ff6',l'l and Taller! Bef! Perfomzfjly Mart Original .QV nf...- -,W S X W Carole Clliasc and Craig Simpson 1 Bill Fittzfcrald, Judy Siirgcnt Bill Maguire, .ind Sylvia Davis s '52 5? f Biirlvam Barlmro anal Dan lfol- 5 Q lr1I1Sl3Ct ,. If? 3 Claim' Pc',fjl111fff.f l ,S jx w K 'Q Dan Connors and Mary Lou Brcsnahixn M0 if Bfiflvfnf Raclcne Rayno and Sum Noyes 39 Brut All Rn1f111lSf1m'lx if Linda Plunkett and Craig Simpson x F 5 164 ,am .rx Www 9 as 9' 5' wk W m . Q Y .,,, 5 J' A K . I A i , l .W V- f- ' f ., 'S f Am W' " ' , ,. i . A E f 1 - ' ,, A X. . A 1 ,g 'VK ' U 4 ,g is t ,f , i iQ 0 " HAM' B21 Mig ,df is 'KE lull- A! AIP' aj! is 2 0 QUQOQ xw K Z I e i XXI' . f , iii K 'ZQQ Mx V ' I vf if I 'xg' 'A ,f'2'f.. 1' 37 9' A ' ' , V - 1' 'x 'Tr' I W ' "3 ": s ' A 1 Q ,. 2 Y f , -1 - X 1 l. 4 fff w A 2 F - A . A ,Y , 3 iq ,- - A -, 'Tix N M 2 g '14, '. .- 1, ,A ,. . i Q T: K , ff 5 ,f ., 5 " 'jg Q 1 -. 'E ,-, 51, ' V" f f " ,VX - ' ' A Q f ,A ' X J: 1, A New l , ic' gf W S l X ,V .VIA -L 1 A, , K ' I A 'A 5 is - I 4 - 1' ET! ,N,,,Qf,F - .- K ' -:-. Q j K, , wi Rx :,. ag .,., , gffigf. 3 ' , ,TM V A , V, 4 wh . m Q , t 'TW vWM'QwL f, I ,Q - - , E ,,. A . M 1 g -V N ' at xi ' A ? qu-ff" 'Q -V, V' .W .-giriij A 'Q VA N ,, l A Q , . W hm 2 , . A w:V?- I ' Ki A I , 1 f A 5 A H W' ' 9"' 1: A" W " . ,X A nl' S YS V A .S fifty V ', ,. U I 1 , 1 ' 5' - R C N 9' 5 -1 5 g:f, , ,gs , f ll A .suv ..: Q, , 5, 3 . L , A v 4 'i 'S ':, -Li Q , I Xi". V xt: 'IA , ,' ' ' A A af! ! I '. " - I I X - '..f, 5 --f .. Q , w gk A .-,, 15 L f - 5 ' -. ,- J W al ,AtV I f , H l W ? ejgTxs5,,77' ig: A X X j X L M L i MV s. 7535 If J 5 ., fl ,, Q 1. Y is I tlifhfo 4 ORGA NIZA TIONS Frrst row Cynthla Pe1rce Joyce Short Polly Chase Alan Checkoway Rebecca Fram Irene Evans Ellen Kelleher Mary Lou Bresnahan Mary Stekronrs Barb Barbaro Second row Mrss Dragonas Sarah Stratton Sherla I-Iorgan Cora Eaton joan Rngney Carole Chase Pat Packer Ann Hall Suzanne Fortrn Lorrame Lrttlefxeld Ann Mary Murray Carolyn Farnum Peggy Finnegan Dot Errcltson Thrrcl row Bruce Rogers Norman Moore Greg Doyle Errc Strerff john Burrrll Errc Chrrstofferson NATIONAL HONOR SCC!! TY X z HONOR SOCIETY E I The Newburyport Chapter of the Natronal Honor Soclety under the lcadershrp of Mrss Phyllis Dragonas has been very actne thus yelr The members have sold book covers and banners throughout the year and planned assemblles In November they sponsored the mock presrdentral electron Off1cers are Presrdent Irene Evans Vrce Prcsrdent Rebecca Fram Secretary Ellen Kelleher Treasurer Alan Chcckoway and Commlttee Chalrman Mary Lou Bresnahan 42 P5510 55 First row Marilyn Ingalls Victoria Michaud Janet Gagnon Dot Erickson Barbara Barbaro Dave Gallagher Sue Buzzell jane Antonopoulos Joyce Brovsn Joyce Hodge Sally Colby Linda DeWitt Sccond row Mrs Duffy Advisor Betty Lou OKeefe Maris Prost Elizabeth Fendcrs Brenda Vigeant Gail Boxer Mary Morris Donna Bowlen Raclene Rayno joan Rigney Ann Mary Murriy M1ry Cutter judy Stuens Carol Gardener Mary Lmglois Carol Fournier Third rovs G Lattime Gayden Morrill Dan Cashman 'lom Healy Arthur Wein Mike Green mood jim DePaul Mike Klein Carl LcSage Carl Carnivel Francis Coffey STUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council, under the direction of Mrs. Duffy, aims toward the promotion of better leadership and service to the school. This year the group has sponsored as- semblies, Dress-Up Day, and represented the school on Bob Clayton's Disc jockey Pro- gram, along with many other activities such as: Basketball Dances, collecting money for the Salvation Army, and having an "Exchange Day" with Amesbury High School. The officers of this group are: President, David Gallagher, Vice President, Suzanne Maceyg Secretary, jane Antonopoulosg Treasurer, Barbara Barbaro., 43 1 First row Ellen Kelleher Mary Lou Bresnahan Mary Lou Kelleher Susan Snyderman Rebecca Fram Editor in Chief Greg Doyle jane Matheson Carol Gardner Second row Mary Matthews Stanley Gordon Ronnie DeWitt Alan jones Ronald Koruchowski Dick Bennett Mary Pat Mumane Third row Larry Bograd Gayden Morrill Bob Mullarkey Dennis Nason Peter Thompson Tommy Healy Arthur Wein M THE RECoRD 5 1- The Record Board is a group of literary students who write, select, and edit various types of material for the annual literary magazine, The Reford. The Editors who were elected at the beginning of the year are: Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca Framg Assistant Editor, Gregory Doyle. The finances of the magazine are managed by a group of students called the business managers who are headed by Gregory Doyle. The faculty advisors are: Miss Roberta Annon, literary department, and Miss Claire Emerson, Financial manager. The group meets regularly on Wednesday afternoon and on other days as the need may be. 44 Frrst row Lrnda DeW1tt Susan Synderman Maureen Lynch Mary Matthews Nancy 'iallrant Betty Lou O Keefe Fay Hardy Second row Jane Antonopoulos Carol Jones Kathy Hodgdon Pat Packer Mary Lou Bresnahan Ellen Kelleher Polly Chase Cynthra Perrce Lrane MacW1ll1ams Barb Barbaro Thrrd row Mr Francrs Bresnahan Judy Meyers Ernestrne Walton Martha Fellows Peggy Frnnegan Judy McCurdy Carol Duggan Joan Rrgney Mary Morrrs Denrse Duggan Garl Boxer Mary Lou Kelleher Ann Mary Murray Joyce Brown Irene Antonakrs Jane Matherson Fourth row Dot Hamlrn Polly Ann Havner Donna Bowlen Ronald Kozuchowskr Rrchard Doyle Greg Doyle Tom Healy Bob Morrrll Robert Hatch Carole Curry Dot Mason Brenda Vrgeant THE LOG H can MP ELA X' 'lWWVi-'YV The Log the school newspaper rs now an rntegral part of Newburyport Hrgh Sthool It has progressed from a mrmeographed publrcatron to a monthly edrtron rn true newspaper style Mr Francrs Bresnahan rs the faculty advrsor and the Edrtor rn Chref rs Ellen Kelleher Assrstant Edrtors thus year are Mary Lou Bresnahan Paulme Chase and Cynthra Prerce 45 5 v 1 3 -, L , , . ' v - . y -a 1 , s w v - , - Z - 1 a 7 1 . 7 . . . 77 . y r y , , - , , , J , r b 5 - r 7 ' - V s 7 1 1 a , , - ' X' wr ' " .i - r J f, J f f lf C f J . r5QwjfNj" fl 4,.,..,.lk k X .ff ff uma ., Vx E, xv 'fmt r, A ', , A . 1 - ff-2 Ai, 47 xl u A Y 7 N ' . , . , I ' 7 5 1 1 First row Dick Bartlett Bob Morrill Dave McPhul 'loin Pilxc Bruce Rogers Dennis Nason Henry Iynch William Quill Second row Eric Streiff Art oubeit Sim Noycs Em Christofferson Norman Moore Alan Checltowly Ronnie DeWitt Third row Leslie Packer Luther Reed Gayden Morrill Pete Gulmxn jmck Hawkes My THE KEY CLUB 61022, ' The Key Club, under the guidance of Mr. Eugene Daley, has proved to be one of the most outstanding clubs of the high school. Its aim is to serve the community and the school, and it has fulfilled this aim by taking a very active part in the Polio Drive, Good Government Day, among other services. It sponsors the annual Student-Faculty Basketball to raise money for the Polio Drive. The officers are: President, Bruce Rogers, Vice President, Thomas Pike, Secretary, Dennis Nason, Treasurer, David Mc- Phail. The Board of Directors include Eric Streiff and Henry Lynch. 46 Frrst row Charles Rogers Joel Lancey Charles Frost Rrchard Meldrum Wrllram Qurll jrm Pollard Lynwood Rogers Mrke Klern Bobby St jean Gerry OConnor Charles Fanaras Second row james Welch Joel Pollard john Healey Kenneth Bell Stuart Dalzell Stanton Vifoocl bury Phrlrp Reed Rrchard Wrlmot Richard Hatch Albert Knowles Harry Walton james Moghabghab joseph Rrchard Donald Mace Rennre Rogers Drck Doyle Lawrence Charsson Preston Trtus Vocatronal School Drrector Bartlett Gould Machrne Shop Instructor Thrrd row Mr Edward Knapp Advrsor Rrchard Kent Clyde Richardson Rrchard Glmes Lours Krnman Jonathan Pearson joseph Pearson Eddre Gagnon john Exans Brll Magurre james Rogers Frank Salvatore B1llMorr1ll George Wrlkrnson Lennre Chassron Arthur Noyes Her bert Tanner AN The ANTS rs an organrzatron for the Vocatronal School boys In the month of November they put on the Armrstrce Day Assembly In the sprrng they put on the annual A NTS Dance whrch rs usually very colorful and successful The A NT S ad vrsor rs Mr Edward Knapp who IS the Carpenter Shop Instructor Thrs year s offrcers are Presrdcnt rm Pollard Vrce Presrdent Lynwood Rogers Secretary Mrke Ixlern Treasurer Brll umn H1SlOflHH D1ckMeldrum 47 - - I 1 y I V - , y - 9 3 - - v y a 1 , ' Y y I a v . w v v , a n - , w - - - , I , 1 a I . u , , . v a a 1 y I ' C ,O ' lv .,' . . , - - - . . . . .r. ' . . . , , , . . A . ' . . I , , , ' ' 1 a 7 9 a a s Q 7 a - Flrst row Suzanne Fortrn Janet Dube Ann Hall Eddxe Coffln Peggy lmnegan judy Beaton Thlrza Morrrs Sarah Stratton Second row Mary Matthews Raelene Perlems judy Mullen ball Mcbrath Gall MJLKCHH3 Fna Crindall Connle Dedes -Ixne Matheson Shiron Roberts Gretchen Cobb Maureen Lyneh lbllSb Waltz Adxrsor Cu rtrs LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The French Club has a membershxp of thlrty thts year Pupils of second and thxrd year Freneh classes and freshmen who have earned a mark of B ID the subjeet may be long Meetlngs are held on the thlrd Monday of every month Programs for the meetrngs melude a showrng of Irench shdes Ireneh dralogues games and songs In May the elub sponsors a forergn language tea at whxch students of the French German and Latln classes gather to entertam each other and the faeulty A program of songs and skrts 15 presented The offlcers of the club are Edward Coffxn Presldent Peggy Frnnegan Vrce Presr dent Anne Hall Treasurer, Judith Beaton Secretary The advlsor IS Mlss Dorothea Waltz 48 I Z V v ' 1 ' 1 l A s ar' I- Y' w H I Third row: julie Melancoolc, Dot Mason, Richard Doyle, Tony Healey, George Bartlett, Mary Ann ' - M ' J r - ' , , J - ' 7 , l Q K 2. i 1 . N Q , 3 , - 2 ' , , - . . I l . . . 7 4. . .- - - A a 9 9 S , ' ' , l - FIFSI row Janet Dube Donm Bowlen Thrrza Morrrs Ruth Ann Bcnder Mary Stckronls Judy Meyers Sue Buazell Jane Antonogoulos Marthr Tellovns Nancy Salllant Second rovs Paula Thurlow Lmdfr Plunkett Wlnnle Messenger Lmda Towle Polly Chase Judy Thompson Ellen Kelleher Mary Lou Brcsnahan Barbara Roberts Valcrle St Jean Irncstlne W'dlfOH Judy McCurdy Roberta Webb Thrrd row Ena Crandlll Dorr Ann Dow Tom Healey Larry Bograd Norma Clough oyce Murphy Lynn Farnum 2.1 E.-if fx N- B1oLoGY CLUB wo XXL., 1 oo The Bnology Club rs composed of students who express an actrve rnterest rn brology both msrde and outsrde of the tlassroom Wrth Mrss Gladys Corbltt as faculty advrsor the club goes on freld trrps and undertakes xarrous projects whrch further the study of I'l'lfl1fC To be elrgrble for membershrp rn the club a student must mamtarn above average grades rn brology The offrcers are Presrdent Mary Stekronrs Vrce Presrdent Tom Healeyg Secretary, Winifred Messengerg and Treasurer, Judy Meyers. 49 Frrst row Rebecca Fram Lmda Plunkett Con Eaton Sue Macey Barbara Barhlro Vrlerre St un Second row me Antonopoulos Mans Prost BrcndxCorcor.1n Mrry Stekronms Pat Prclxcr Birblra Roberts Pat Hopkms Ellen Kelleher Thrrd row Leslre Packer Dennls Nason Errc Strerff Bruce Rogers My MARSHAL ST FF ,ff We have our own polrce force here at Newburyport Hugh School known as thc Marshal Staff, whlch rs under the SUPGIVISIOU of Mnss Claxre Emerson The Marshals are chosen by the faculty, and therr purpose rs to malntaxn law and order m the corrrdors They are vcry attentxve and are always on the job The Marshals not only keep law and order, but have other dut1es such as turning the llghts on and off and manntamrng cxcellcnt assembly order They are also justlfrably referred to as "the freshmen's best friends, 50 fl ..- 3 7 ' X- A 1 'T . ly L 4 'TT' .2 , f Z ,yi 'f' "4 YQ- " ,TZ e 'f L' , f ,ff A ' ' X , W , A l T . ' A F Y' J cs -4 'M' ,Q W 1 1 S . Q f fr W3 T A , T .3 .1 l I '," , a', ', l2'L,k4..J'R. .T :JL , Aa ", z ' 4 A 1' 7 C I 7 I ' 1 1 1 T I T 4 1 y 1 ' . , . , . , . . ,f lL V B ll U I SX .-A. 3 4, I'1rst row Cralg Szmpson 'Iommy Pxlce Fay Hardy Sarah Stratton Norman Moore Erxc St1e1ff Fdche Plel Second row Mr Osgood Adusor Drck Bartlett Erxc Chnstofferson Jim DePaul Dennls Nason Brucc Poore Alan Checltoway Art joubert Peter Galazxan Davld Frost SCIENCE CLUB A ncw organlzanon has been added to the actlvltles at Newburyport Hngh School, that of the Scrcncc Club The organ1zat1on of thls club was chlefly achxeved through the efforts of Mr Osgood and Mr Smlth Its ch1ef purpose IS to encourage 1ts members, who are rntcrcstcd ln any fleld of sc1ence, to do research and work on projects which mxght be bcncflclal to the future PhySlLS, chcm1stry or general sclence classes 5I ff Z Frrst row jay Espovrch Barbara Roberts Mary Pat Murnane Denrse Duggan Joan Rrgney Mary Hayden Mary Ann Barrett Rebecca Fram james Iagonlrs Second row Margery Randall Gall Merr1ll Raelene Perkrns Margaret Grrswold Carol Chase Norma Clough Mary Lou Kelleher Elsxe Stokes Mr McLo0n Band Dxrector Thrrd row Stanley Gordon Stuart Boxer Charles Houghton Davrd Prost Archre janvrm Arthur Weln Jerome Healey Rrchard Norrrs john Pollard S The Newburyport Hrgh School provrded color and musrc for football games and assemblres durmg the year The culmrnatron of rts actrvrtres was the concert held rn May The small but dedrcated group was drrected by Mr Rnchard McLoon 52 K if X l l l XS. alll f 5 ry r AN GIRLS CHURUS We Members Pat Aiken Irene Antonakis Nancy Astle Rita Barber Ruth Bender Mary Ann Barrett Nancy Bullens Cynthia Buzzell Barbara Carroll Judith Chapman Sally Cooke Charlotte Eaton Rosemary Fish Carol Fournier Kathleen Fournier Peggy Girard Marjorie Hampe Fay Hardy Judith Hartwell Mary Hayden Pat Honer janet Kalashian Lou Ellen Ladd Marjorie Leonard Gail MacKenna Brenda MacRae Carol Marciszka Ruth Masterson Mary G Morris Mary J Morris Thirza Morris Judith Mullen Mary Pat Murnane jean Norton Susanne Noyes Carolyn Porter Anne Reardon Harriet Reardon Barbara Roberts Sharon Roberts Ellen Ruggles Phoebe Satenstein Carol Scott Gail Spaulding Susan Sprague Judy Stevens Kathy Talos jane Terry Margaret Todd Stephanie Tompkins Laura Walton Margaret Wilkins Dorothy Wilson The Girls' Chorus sang at the Christmas Assembly and the spring concert this year. Consisting of fifty-three girls, this group performed a varied repertoire of three-part music under the direction of Mr. Richard McLoon. 53 ye' as F aff af' Smted Merry Lou Brcsnahm jane Antonoroulos Iurlw McCurdx Hmd Cheerleader Pat Hoy kms Irene Ex ms B1rh1r1 Blrharo Fllen Kelleher St'1UlllDj., In Ronan Helen Curoll lay Hardy lXllLllLf.D Isnch Nmcy iallunt Dot Erulxson Martha Fellows Sindy Cohen Sue MePh11l ZX we 5- CHEERLE DERS CHEERLFADFRS 1956 1957 Our cheerleaders under the lcadcrshlp of Pit Hopluns haue gone a long way towards burldrng up the spmt and morale of our qthletxe teams They work mdustnously sexeral afternoons a week to galn enthusiastic IUOUOHS and cheers. They are dlvlded 1nto three groups of five members eachg two groups cheer at alternate games. 54 Elune Weleh Mxrllyn Qmrth Mlry Ann CL1FtlS Denme DLlj,g.,lH Drum Mlyorette Donna Boyylen Blton Squad Leader pI1SL1lld HolmeS Peggy VUe1r l X ai Our Baton Squad led hy Donna Bovy len dcseryes 1 good deal of przuse for 1ts flne performances durmyr, our football season Although there are only few glrls on the squad they haye added Z1 yereit deal of eolor to eaeh game The grrls have new unlforms thxs year whleh they m ide themsely es with the help of thelr mothers 55 ll y y lll yl lyt BATON SQUAD ll ll? f lwllnlllQl tll y ll l Frrst row Dot Errclcson Pat Robrnson INancy Slllrxnt Maureen Iynch Gretchen Cobb Jane Matheson Mary Matthews Ann Cooney Marsha Lowell Carolyn Porter Second row Helen Carroll L11 Ronan Maureen Nrcholson Done Ann Dow Martha Fellows Andrea Karston Barbara Roberts Polly Ann Havner Dot Hamlrn Carol Curry Sally Sholes Thrrd row Kathy Talas Carol Fournrer Elrnbeth Welch Kathy Fournrer Dot Wrlson Drana Doran Susan Fowle Roberta Webb Judy Meyers Janet Rodrgrass Sally Cornell Elsre Stokes Gerry Randall Ruth Masterson Lmda DeW1tt Polly Chase Fourth row Irene Antonakrs Paula Thurlow Judy McCurdy Ernestme Murphy Natalre Lattrme Peggy Cooper Carole Gardner Leah Hall Arlene Worrndy Pat Honer Janrce Krekorxan Connre Dedes Judy Chapman Janrce Fowler Lrnda Peterson Lrane M3CW1ll18mS Gall McGrath Frfth row Harrret Reardon Joyce Crawford Cynthra Egounrs Lrnda Towle Sally Cook Margaret Glrard Judy Hartwell Paulme Dow Pat Packer Mary Moms DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatrc Club of Newburyport Hrgh School The arm of thrs organrzatron IS to further the mterest of dramatrcs among the students of the hrgh school Thrs group meets twrce a month to plan the presentatron of one act plays under the leadershrp of Mrs Annette Palmer The offrcers are Presrdent Mans Prost Vrce Presrdent Andrea Karston Secretary Barbara Roberts, and Treasurer Martha Fellows 56 : ' , . , " ra 'z , . , , 7 7 7 K Y 7 ' 5 1 ' r Q 7 a 7 3 K 7 1 I I ' 3 7 ' s '1 1 ' Y y 1 U S I 7 7 7 Y 7 S 7 'A' I , w 1 w a 5 y v 7 ' 7 v 9 ll' I ll ' b lu! . . I , , S , ' 1 - yv 5' if Fxrst row Julre Eaton Lrnda Peabody Marlene Chase Julre Melancook Dorr Ann Dow Mary Ann Curtrs Jean VC ide Dot Hamlrn Susan Poorc Pat Packer Sue McPha1l Second row Sylxu Durs lrene Evans Judy lhompson Evr Mclntosh Judy Meyers Martha Fellows Betty Lou OKccfe Margaret Drirmone Alrce W'oodbury Joanne Dockery Mlry Ed gerly Helen foley lNmcy Astle Wrnnre Messenger Lynn Farnum Frances Danrelson Claudette Doucette Pat Robrnson fx Thlrd row Elame Mclntosh Lydra Row Susan Fowlc Arlene Wfoundy Yvonne Roger Mary 3 Pat Murnane 0 Anne Cutter Barbara Roberts Rrta Bell Mlrllyn Merrill met Krelcorran j J Carole Gardner Janice Fowler Joyce Hodge Mary Jane Cutter DE K CLERKS AND OFFICE SSISTANTS ' fr! One of the volunteer serwices performed by the students during the school year is thflf of messenger or desk clerk. During, their study periods they run errands for the office and collect attendance slips 'md lunch slips. Many steps are saved by these Mer- curysf' 57 TQ' 419 Seated Pat Honer Mrs Eleanor Witcomb Advisor Sally Sholes Standing jane Matheson Mary Lang.,lois Mary Matthews LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ff? The Library Assistants are a ,group of girls who devote their study periods to assist Mrs. Witcomb and the students in the Library. They help other students in their selec- tions of books and assist in the circulation of books. They are also trained in the mark- ing stamping and mending of books. Our Library sponsors the Teen-Age-Book Club, and a member of the Library Assistants serves as secretary-treasurer of the club. 58 N Flrst row Loxs Fuller Da Mclntosh Jrm De Paul Carole Chase Mary Stek1on1s Linda Plunkett Ed1tor1nCh1ef Jane Antonopoulos Alan Jones Busmess Manager Bewerly Sheehan Kathy Hoclgdon Second roxx Mrs Vifrtcomb Advrsor Barbari Barbaro Carol lowler Elarne Mclntosh Ruth Blason Mary Pxche oAnne Cutter Errc Strerff Rlelene Riyno Pr1c1ll1 Holmes udy Meyers Gall Pollard Bonnle Porter Cori Faton Thlrd row Ctrol Jones Vxrgxnna James Mzrxs Prost Gall Naglcr Clrol Hewitt Janrce Bartlett S.11nt Valerxe St Jean Judy MCCurdy Fourth row Pat Hardy Judy Sargent Norman Moore Dennls Nason Art Joubert Joyce Crawford Dram Lexus , -I fly? Qt" law- - AITCH Ess 4: lltt 2 ' I 1? IIRUS The En Artch Ess Staff wlth Mrs Eleanor W1tCOmb as advlsor has worked hard to produce a yearbook whrch we hope w1ll be a treasured keepsake to each member of thc class of 1957 Wrth Lrnda Plunkett as Id1tor1n Chref the staff has attempted to squeeze bctween these cox ers as many memorable events of our high school years as possrble 59 ,' ',a 'L . "2 ,J ", Jean Wade, Nancy Brown, MarJoriexClark,bBarbara Roberts, Pa-t Packer, Pat l-Iopkins, Phyllis Q Q , I N F an C3213 .ff . l a n fmt- - - - ' X 3 ! ' f I THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS HOIANUARY THAIVH from the novel by Bellamy Partridge FRID AY and SATI RDXY FFBRLARY 1 and 2 1 Dlrected b3 Annette L Palmer SYNOPSIS OI' SCENES Act I Scene Scene Act II Scene Scene Act III A mormng ln .Iune Evenmg of the same day Next September Cearly mornmgj The follovvmg January Qlate afternoonj Early the next mornmg CAST Kneelmg Mar1s Prost QSarah Gage lrrxdayj Judy Meyers lSarah Gage Saturdayj Seated Pat Packer Paula Gage FIILIHYB Ned Brennan Uonathan Roclcvxoodj Judy McCurtly Mathxlda Rockwood Pat Hopkms Marge Gage Dan follanbee Herbert Gage Valcrre St jean fPaula Gage Saturdayj Standing Barbara Roberts Frxeda Fred Ropes fUncle Walterj Leslre Packer fMr Loonns and the Constable Dennls Nason fMatt Rockwood Lmda Plunkett Barbira Gagej Irrry Bograd fGeorge Hustedj Conme Curuer fCarson Saturdayj Absent was Dave Gallagher who played Carson Fr1day 60 ENXOR PLAY 1957 HJANUARY THAW9' This year's Senior Play was a fine success under the direction of Mrs. Annette Palmer. Carole Chase, our Art -Manager, and her crew did a wonderful job on the scenery, and the hard work of the people both behind and off the stage contributed to this suc- cess. There was one sad note to the success of our play, though. That was the, illness of Mrs. Palmer the day of the play which made it impossible for her to attend. But our faithful prompter, Bonnie Porter, filled in as director at the last moment and did a wonderful job. In December, the play and the cast were chosen. Because of close competition, some of the parts in the play were double cast. The play chosen was "january Thaw" which is the hilarious story of a New York family who moved to Connecticut to escape the hum-drum of city life. They buy an old colonial house but overlook the phrase in the lease that states that an elderly couple may stay in the house as long as they live. The Gages, the New York family, move in in early spring. Herbert Gage, the father, played by Don Follansbee, is a writer and finds it hard to get peace and quiet in his country home. Marge, the mother, played by Pat Hopkins, finds it quite to the contrary, and is having a lovely time restoring the old colonial house, especially the living room where the play takes place. The Gages' youngest daughters, Sarah played by Maris Prost on Friday and Judy Meyers on Saturday, and Paula played by Pat Packer on Friday and Valerie St. jean on Saturday, find great delight in living in the country. Their oldest daughter, Barbara, played by Linda Plunkett, has brought her fiance, George Husted, played by Larry Bograd, to the country with her, but he has to leave soon. All goes well with the Gage family until one morning while Herbert is putting out a fire, the original owners, the Rockwoods, return. jonathan Rockwood, played by Ned Brennan, and Mathilda Rockwood, played by Judy McCurdy, are staunch old Republi- cans who know their rights and intend to keep them. They move right in, and Marge frantically calls her lawyer, Mr. Loomis played by Leslie Packer. He is unable to get them out, and things really get fiery when Herbert returns. To make matters worse, the Rockwood's Uncle Walter, played by Fred Ropes, arrives with the Rockwood's son, Matt played by Dennis Nason. Then, the Gage's maid, Freida, played by Barbara Roberts, enters and upon seeing Matt announces that she is leaving if he is staying because she knows all about his bad reputation. Herbert is confident that he can get the Rockwoods out of his house, but as winter approaches, the Rockwoods appear to be comfortably settled forever. To add to this, most of Herberts family have taken a liking to this old couple. More trouble soon begins. Matt Rockwood has learned that the neighbors son has broken his leg and summons Barbara to help him set it. While they are gone, Barbara's fiance returns and everyone is astonished when Sarah announces that Barbara has run away with Matt. Herbert immediately calls Sheriff Carson played by Dave Gallagher on Friday and Connie Currier on Saturday, in hopes of locating Barbara. To add to this confusion, a blizzard begins and the Gages loose their electricity, their heat, and their water. The old-timers, the Rockwoods, had never used the modern inventions and, therefore, were well prepared for the storm. Herbert is determined not to become obligated to the Rockwoods, and tries to get along without their help. But because of a city habit of running to the store for every meal, the Gages find they have only a very few assorted foods, and as they sit down to a breakfast of corn flakes, mo- lasses, and olives, they are quickly deserted by the youngest daughter, Sarah. The compe- tition is too great, and one by one the Gages enter the Rockwood's room to find an abundance of food and warmth. Meantime, Barbara and Matt have returned from their errand of mercy, and George has left for parts unknown. Soon the Gages and the Rockwoods return to the living room and after learning that Matt and Barbara are not married, there is an air of hap- piness until Barbara discovers that George is gone. But, lo and behold, the scene is saved when Carson and the Constable played by Leslie Packer, drag in the much shaken George. The scene is one of tranquillity and happiness when Uncle Walter arrives a few minutes later. 'Uh if 1--C ---1 .,.,,,a.fw, 'Nw ,....,-, WN I VQ ,4 i ,H ig, . xi... 5,55 V3 1 i V' 4 I THE LA T ILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1957 BE IT REMEMBERED THAT WE the Class of 1957 of the Newburyport I-Ilgh School In the clty of Newburyport County of Essex Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the twenty seventh day of February In the year of our Lord nlneteen hundred and frfty seven belng of sound mlnd and body hereby do solemnly swear thxs to be our last wrll and testament revoklng all former wxlls by us at any tnme made I sxck SOII C IS I jane Antonopoulos wlll to Betty Lou O Keefe my h I Barbara Barbaro wrll to anyone who lrkes to roll pennles my posl tron as Treasurer of the Student Councll I jamce Bartlett wrll to Mxss I-Ilrkey two plano players who are ways prepared to play for an assembly on a mmute s n0t1ce fAny volun teers7J I jack Beck wlll my broken flnger to Eddie Smith Barbara Bell leave my lobsterburgers to Judy Callahan CDont get 'D Sandra Bergeron wxll my errands for Mlss Emerson to jane Mathe Go the long way It s more funlj Larry Bograd wrll to anyone In the Sclentlfxc course my abrllty to along wxth Mr Osgood Leroy Bolduc w Ill to Rlchard Wxlmot my snap jacks Harry Braycn w1ll to Earl Scranton my seat ID second perrod Eng class Mary Lou Bresnahan wrll to joan Rlgney my Stevenson buttons Donald Brew er wlll to Eddre Smxth my shyness Leon Brown wrll to any Freshman my old Nez: ru eebr Marllyn Brown wxll to Cynthia Egounls my bottle of peroxrde Marjorre Brown w1ll to Evelyn Mclntyre my seat In the assembly Nancy Brown w1ll to Dottre Hamlin my plald eyeglasses Davld Cam wlll to Nancy Sallxant my braxns ln German Class Sharon Carrxer w1ll to Sandy Cohen my shyness Dan Cashman w1ll to Blll Lane my old hockey strck Judy Cetlm wlll to Charles Prke my knowledge of German QWe shall flank togetherl3 I Carole Chase will to Pat Roblnson my secret formula for Instant red a1r I Marlene Chase wlll to Roberta Eaton my seat In Mrss Emersons English class CMy name IS on It Q I Errc Chnstofferson w1ll to Mlss Brooks my ha1r cut I Margaret Clark wrll to Nancy Dunn my skee be bop I Prrscrlla Colby w1ll to Arlene Brooks my chalr at frrst lunch CThey actually serve food then D 64 7 1 Y I - 1 U . - I - 9 . N11 ' 534 , , . , .. if, ,,.-,gl . .V l , , I "T" x a V I . 1 ' I A A I ' ' ' D . I, ' , " ' - . C 1 ' g ' ' . , I. Y , . . . . . , .. g t 1 ' . . I' h ' . 250 ' I, Ned Brennan, will to jack Lynch, my baseball glove. K ..,. I, A , . .7 , I ' , I, , , J , ,Q , I, ' , " ' ' , ' ' - I, ', 3 U , , x . ,, V, h ' . We Preston and Ronnie Cole wxll to the Lattxme tvuns our 1dent1ty fWl1o s WHO7777j I Dan Connors vull to Frank Salvatore my love for football I Brenda Corcoran vsrll to anyone who llltes to count money my job Of sellrng football trckets Roland Cote vslll to any deserving rock and roller my sldeburns and peg pants fThey re grooveyllj Loretta Coussoule vtxll to Andy Parasso my abrlrty to chew gum Connie Currner vulll to Jack Lynch my love for basketball I Jo Anne Cutter vull to Sue Mcphaxl all my boy frlends Mary Cutter vull to Betty Lou OKeffe my love for that certa1n senlor boy I Joyce Cravx ford mll to Fae Hardy a Canadran sunset I Frances Danrelson xx xll to Mary Ann Foster my out of class excuses I Sylvra Davns mll to Kay Barth my seat rn senror homeroom I Jlmmy DePaul yxrll to Judy Stevens my class rrng qWe hope you always keep xt J I Pat Dnckson vslll my accent to any unfortunate who mrght lrke to have lt I Claudette Doucette wrll to any Freshman my job as offrce g1rI rn hopes she vnlll enjoy It as much as I dld I John Dresser vull to Gordon Marshall my bralns I Cora Eaton vsrll to Llzzle Dow my Seabrook accent I Irene Evans vtrll to some lucky girl my pos1t1on as presldent of the Honor Soclety I Shxrley Evans vt 1ll to Bob McLaughlin all my detentlons I B111 Fltzgerald vull to Glen Dow all my problems I Jackre Foley vull my old nose to Gordon Marshall I Dan Follansbee vsrll to Jack Lynch a car for all those cold morn mgs QWIII a 57 Caddxe do?J I Carol Fovuler vull to Barbara Plouff my love for Seabrook boys I Chuck Fowler vull to George Ayles my football umform fW1ll It 1t7 David Fovsler vtlll to Janice Knight my curly haxr Rebecca Fram vtrll to anyone who can play rt my French horn Lynvu ood Fowler w1ll to Ronme my swrtchboard Lols Fuller mll to some talkatlve person my love for grvmg book re ports I Ed Gagnon w1ll to Arlene Brooks my rear trres I Janet Gagnon wrll to Carol Carver my lrkmg to do homeworkv I David Gallagher wxll to next years football team all my vrtamm pllls to prevent broken bones I Jane Houghton wrll to Don Marlon my seat rn Mlss Emerson s 5th perrod Englrsh class I Vrrgrnla James w1ll to anyone who wants lt my seat on the West Newbury bus I Archre Janvrxn will to anyone who wants rt my trumpet I Alan Jones w1ll to anyone who wants them my good marks rn Com mercxal Law I Carol Jones wxll to Betty Coffrn my colorful bangs I Art Joubert wxll to a good natured person my seat In 4th perlod Algebra class 65 el , y Y ' , .... K H ' 3 V 3 ' I y I m ll A ' 1 I . - I X I, , ' , - I, . 'l , ' ' - 7 1 A - 'A -S F I y l - 1 F 1 Y a ll a Q ' , S I ' - 'I I P J 1 v V v - gk, y L n ll 1 X I . ' I , , Y . - . v . 1 ,7 JN , , , . new 9 3 Y l ' ! 3 Y' ' l Y ' ' I, Gilbert Emery, will to Ralph Jolly, my sideburns. l , , , - . , u Y ' - V' ' - , , , 7 t 7 Y' 1 ' ! 9 ! ' f -D I, , " ' - , I, V , . .. . ,H - i Y I, . y Y. . , . . - p , M , , ' , ' . V 7 3 I 7 I . " , . , . , , . . , , , , . . . , . . , a y T - I l ' Y . - I Tr I 7 I . 1 ' . , , 7:- , , , , , f I George Judd w1ll to anyone who can afford to put gas ln lt my car I Don Kale vull to the Marshall tvs ms the whrrlpool QI hope they dont need xt D I Ellen Kelleher will to anyone who wants to do a lot of work my posrtron as edrtor m chref of the Log I Bev Gerrrsh w1ll to Mary Nobrega my books I Lorrame Grard w1ll to Dot Jones my abrlnty to argue I Dan Gudxnas will to Lenme Chalsson my abllrty to get along wlth teachers I Pat Hardy w1ll to Brenda MacRae my classroom dreams teachers I Jack Hawkes w1ll to Lennie Charsson my love for food CDont get too fatb I Richard Haw kes w1ll my height to B111 Menke I Carol Hevsltt w1ll to any Freshman who thinks he can study behrnd a German class my seat ln Mr Daley s 5th perrod German class I Bob H111 w1ll to Frank Salvatore my abrllty to get rnto trouble I Kathy Hodgdon w1ll to anyone who earns them my marks 1n U S Hxstory I Prrcrlla Holmes w1ll to Elalne Welch all my Amesbury boyfrrends I Pat Hopkrns w1ll to next year s candrdate wlth the loudest voice to yell Lrne Up my posrtron as head cheerleader I John Kelleher will to anyone who wants lt my knowledge of math and scrence I Shrrley Kent w1ll to Gayden Marshall my front seat 10 Mrss Emer son s room I Mlke Klern w1ll to Bob St jean all my cat clothes and my Brooklyn accent I Ronn1e Knlghts wrll to Eddre Bergeron my job of cleanmg tables ln the cafeterla I Gordon Knodrat w1ll to Leon Brrsson my abrlrty to get along wrth the teachers I Eben Lambert w1ll to Lennre Chassnon my good marks I Beth Landford w1ll my drawrngs on Mlss Emersons boards to John Pollard Carl LeSage w1ll to Gordon Marshall my helmet wrth the blrd cage Drana Lewrs w1ll to Helen Carroll my quletness Shlrley Lucas w1ll to Brenda MacRae my seat m Mrss Barrett s class Gall Lunt w1ll to somebody who lrkes krds my job rn Newberrys CHave fun D I Joan MacDonald w1ll to Patty Roblnson my hxgh locker CI hope you have a stepladder handy J I Sue Macey w1ll to Nancy Sarllant my optrmlstlc ways as she never worrres about a th1ng7 I Fae MacK1nnon w1ll to Betty Coffrn my class room of all boys CI hope you have as much fun as I d1d J B111 Magulre w1ll to the boys Mr Gould Ruth Mason w1ll to Betty Lou O Keefe my short harr Judy McCurdy will to Sue McPha11 my love for cheerrng practrce Elame McIntosh wrll to anyone who lrkes fxgures my seat nn Book keeplng class I Eva Mclntosh w1ll to George Poore my srster Shnrley 66 , . - . 3 1 I Y- , I I . 3 ! . 3 , , , - , , . . , . . . , , , - y Y. 1 . . . , . , . , . . . n 1 1 3 ' ' , . . , . . , . I Y B D ' 3 3 . I 3 5 5 9 I I, Carolyn King, will to anyone who wants it-my vivacious laugh. 3 . l 3 I ' l , , , , , . . . , . , , I, , ' , l - L . , . , . . , . I, . , . . . , . . , . 3 9 l ' 3 3 3 ' I, . . , . .. ,H ' i I, , l ' , - I, , I ' , - I, . , . . . , . - 3 1 3 ' I Dave McPha1l wrll to any Junlor my love for hockey I Garl Merrrll wrll to my srster Marnlyn a year s supply of bobby pms I Judy Meyers wrll to Lrane MHCWllll3mS a blonde dog wlth pettl coats on fThe latest fad J Norman Moore wrll to Judy Callahan my German accent Gayden Morrrll wrll to Dave Ons all my tall practnce socks Bob Mullarkey wrll to the custodlan all my old flash bulbs Bob Murray wrll to Squeak Stanwood my abrlrty to skrp school and e aw ay with rt I Roland Nadeau wrll to anyone that wrll take lt my seat rn Miss Yagjlan s class I Gall Nagler w rll to Mnss Connor all my strcks of swallowed gum I Dennrs Nason wrll to Anne Reardon my seat ln ith perrod Latm c ass I Tom Nrchols Jn w xll to Dave Chrrstenson a broken locker I Sam Noyes wxll to somebody who doesnt mlnd l1Z1VlHg his Sand wrches stolen an unlocked locker I Pat Parker w rll to Peggy Flnnegan my blond halr I Evelyn Perkms wrll to Donna Bow len my rrdes to school rn the mornmg I Mary Prche wxll to Pat Currrer my seat In frrst perrod lunch I Lrnda Plunkett wrll to Ray Grrroxr my baby blue Caddre and orch1d motorcycle so that he can make up for lost trme I Gall Pollard w 1ll to Sue MePha1l my abrllty to argue I rm Pollard wrll my actrvrtles to Brll urll I Bonnre Porter wrll to my srster Carolyn my love for school these last two years I Marrs Prost wlll to Davrd Prost a secluded mountam on whnch to contmue hrs radro work unbothered by nerghbors Rae Rayno wrll to Martha Fellows my sweetness Luther Reed wxll to Larry Currler my football umform Barbara Roberts wzll to Helen Carroll my pony tall Nancy Roberts w1ll to anyone who wants It my seat rn Chemistry c ass I Bruce Rogers w1ll to some lucky boy my posrtlon as presrdent of the Key Club CWe hope that thxs boy wrll do a wonderful yob lrke Bruce drdj I Lynwood Rogers w1ll to anyone that wants It my horrrble way of gettmg along wlth teachers Ronnre Rogers wrll to Frank Salvatore my good looks Yvonne Rogers wrll to Carol Scott my wartress job Evelyn Rogers w rll my bubble gum to Arlene Brooks Fred Ropes w1ll to some boy w ho lrkes to push cars my car flt s got new motor OJ now I Lydra Roy wrll to Carol Carver my job at Kresges I Phyllrs Sarnt wrll to Glenms Orben my seat on the Plum Island bus I Valerre St Jean w1ll to anyone lucky enough to get rt my seat on the West Newbury bus Judy Sargent wrll to any glfl who needs It my helght Al Sarrette wrll to Brll Menke my 1215 shoe Eugene Sauvan w1ll to John Healy my manager job Barbara Shannon wrll to Rosemary Frsh my he1ght CMake good use of rt Rosemaryj 67 muff, L. I Bev Sheehan w1ll to Nancy Dunn my blonde hair I Craxg Snmpson w1ll to Rrchard Schrller my space ship and all my secret formulae I Sandra Smnth w1ll to janet Kalashnan my seat ln 207 perxod 5 study I Nat Snow mll to Drck Wnlmont my abrllty to always be rn hot water I Stephen Soffron vull to Bobby Walton my hot rod I Mary StClxlOfllS Will my grace and polse to anyone who finds rt hard to walk Wlfllflllt trlpplng I Erlc Strelff wrll to any freshman who can make the grade my mar shal post I Paula Thurlow w1ll to jrmmy Foley a TOOTH7 fWhat do you need that for j1m9j I Ed Tobrn w1ll to Richard Doyle a gym su1t I Jean Wade vull to some lucky gurl my posltron as captam of the basketball team I Roberta Webb will to Sandy Cohen my comb I Ray Welch vull to some lucky boy my posrtron as captarn of the basketball team Boy s or WU I George Wrlklnson w1ll to joseph Pearson my outside carpenter yobs I bue Wrllxs vull to any underclassman glrl from New Hampshire my long dark eyelashes I Marjorxc Clark w1ll to Nancy Dunn my sprt curls I Leslmc Packer w1ll my seat In Chem1stry to any lucky person who can keep rt AMEN 7 N , RT' lx 0,0 al W 1 df' 68 f W MMR 1 x fy l hf f w"" 4 Q NE il fs 'VA G udry Thaw 0 Semm P lt 'd' f lf QW' '1 QI' X xii NIH lvl!! 'N Q L 'f:6lMLrfll!l T l 1 Jil -5 En Altch Lss SCHOOL SONG BIRTHA CASTIIIIUN Sl RIBIFCA PA1'IlN Sl M IY RIID QXQLOCY vol' I. Adzitmd fum HARVARDIANA All lull' to our Alml Mlflf To tht CFIIHSOH and the Gold Wlmo his honortd thu ol old Young, hc lrts with thc old umtul All lrc houml In loy 11 tru 'Io Nnwhuryport our High School Lct us ram our xoxcts hlagh Onw lrdl lorw lrdl Onvx irdl lorvrard fJIlVN lrcl' Iorw 1rd Newburyport Hxarvh Sthool hul 1ll hal ' All hill' to thc glorious future 'I h lt thc torumg, ymrs shlll hrmg, WL plcdtgt to thcc our dLXOflOII And thy prust m Chorus SIDS, rlhc lgrcch nj, d vu llls hun 5hcltcred Classes who h uc, brought that llIDC May we carry on the bmner And bc worthy ol thy harm' le 70 - '7 -likfl X Og X- u P N 71,2 :wil gs ' V A, s. 0- , ,f t fp "0 ws ml f'-uf' ,, '1 -- . X 5,5 X 1 l .. l 1 ! - 'ia' P :Lu ,mg F: 2 " Tirx. "-1:""' ,. ' ' as 11 ' ,I ' yr : - ecf e xr .- Q I Cf ,Q 6,0 3 . S K, T . C, I S , ,. gg . ' li 1. 1 '52 S W All hail to oath son and daughter 0 , 4 ' A Q ' 'L A 'Q l 0 ' . V ' - V ' Y I r f '. f ' 1 Q Q ' . L 1 s . E ' ' ' Y ' , L' L 'l. uw, L' I I ' L- I C ' . , ,. , ., - g ' , , , ' , J vt - f Y. - . . x X 5 ' -N 5 , Q ,, , ., 'L , rf XXX ru Y r 1 Y fan , , ' ' 9 H K ' 5 X"- fx l , 1 FD S A THLETICS MR WALTER SHERIDAN ACKNOWLEDGMENT We the EnA1tch Ess staff of 1957 wrsh to express our apprecratron to Mr Walter Sherrdan for the fme job he has done here at Newburyport Hrgh School As a coach he has proven hrmself to be one of the fmest Here at N H S he has made sports not just games but burlders of the rnmd and body He has taught us the true meanrng of vrctory and defeat He has shown us what sportsmanshxp really 15 We at Newburyport Hlgh shall mlss the smcerrty and earnest efforts of Mr Sherrdan and we wrsh hun success rn hrs new posltron Good Luck ' 72 d 0 fa F 9 'fm 7 ' ' 7 a 1 1 7. 1 . , . First row: Coach Chouinard, D. Connors, J. Beck, J. Dresser, C. LeSage, Co-Captains J. Foley and L. Reed, Hawkes, R. Rogers, D. Kale, Coach Sheridan, Coach Reilly. Second row: G. Morrill, R. Welch, P. Gulazian, J. Pollard, L. Bolduc, D. Gallagher, C. Fowler, C. Currier. Third row: E. Smith, T. Pike, A. Markos, R. Barton, Gor. Marshall, Gay. Marshall, F. Salvatore, P. Reed, B. Elwell, E. Bartlett, B. Menke, A Sarrette. Back row: Mgr. J. Stanwood, L. Currier, Mgr. J. Burrows, W. Tatro, J. Mullen, C. Carnivel, J. Moghabghab, R. Poirier, H. Barth, L. Mills, D, Hopkins, B. Fuller, J. Foley, McLaughlin, L. Chaisson, M. Zartarian, S. Boxer, S. Kupiac, D. Otis, G, Flint, R. Brown, Mgrs. A. Lippsett, J. Healy, E. Sauvan and R. Doyle. FOOTB LL We couldn't possibly be more proud of our football team than' we are of our team this year. Under the coaching of Coaches Sheridan, Chouinard, Foley and Reilly, they played hard and like true sportsmen. Their efforts were repaid by winning the Class "C" Championship for the second year in a row. Seniors on the team are: Jack Foley and Luther Reed, Co-Captains, Jack Beck, Jack Hawkes, Carl LeSage, Ray Welch, Dan Connors, Ronnie Rogers, Don Kale, Al Sar' rette, Gayden Morrill, Leroy Bolduc, Eugene Sauvan, John Dresser, Jim Pollard, Connie Currier, Chuck Fowler, and Dave Gallagher. -P Y 2 V . A .V llltl' igaaai COHCIT Foley and Coach Shtfidall Coaches Walt Sheridan, Bob Chouinard, Buddy Coach Foley and Dick Bove Knox, Charlie Foley. 73 m,..,.,,,M,n K - W AW, ww,-,Qu-gi Z .V-QW man 1. ri 3-.J FRESHMAN TEAM ,ow lf if f iw 3 K- fan -Exim lm S gsm N!! ,M ar it 6114.5 3:5 L? we R f 'F .am 3 "' QWQQW w'a?'if?wE MW V fxf-1, 2' Mm ENR ku 4' x.. fda., . .. lmgm , My ,N Q 'E fi. f -10 Km if" 9 ' V V 'gwuamuzs'-Au -Q""1'-gllili-jg' M M1 , ,M .g:,.k..6.,.453, .-,- V N :J : A l fa S5 . ' 1' ' 5 ' J L ju . ' f ,X , A 1 4 2 E ,,s "N" mf' X fl f 9f?,ff V, . X? MY E swap. S Frrst row B111 Menke Jack Teague Frank Salvatore Ray Welch Captarn Jack Lynch Conn1e Currrer Davrd McPhar1 Second row Coach Choumard Charles Prke Dlck Bartlett Alan Checkoway B111 Magurre Eddre Sm1th Peter Gulazran Bob Morrrll joseph Stanwood BOYS BASKETBALL The basketball team played a good season thrs year It had a record of 10 wms and 8 losses Under the coachmg of Mr Chournard the boys played all of therr games rn a sportsmanlrke manner Senrors on the team are Captaln Ray Welch B111 Magurre Conn1e Currrer and Dave McPha1l BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponentf NHS Malden Catholrc Alumnr St Ann s Ipswrch Punchard Punchard Methuen Amesbury Malden Cathollc Punchard Swampscott Ipswrch Coach Charles Foley Frank Blake Wrllram Fowler Steve Kuprac Swampscott Drck Kelleher jrm Foley james Rogers Eddxe Coffm Bob Moore George Ayles Drck Hopkrns Mgr Punchard Marblehead Amesbury 77 9 ' ......................1...., 65 56 ' ....w,...,.,.........,,.............,..,.. 67 73 . ' ............ , ............................ 45 62 ' .................................,.,...... 44 75 48 45 Marblehead .,r..,,,,,,,4,s,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 45 5 5 39 - ' ............................ 67 74 56 S 4 4 .................................... 63 44 , , . ' ........................................., 57 64 , . ' 4 . 2 ' .,.,..........................,..... 54 53 t . '- t ' ' t ...................................... ..77 56 ' ' .................................... 46 72 64 Seated Pat Hopkrns Pat Packer Barbara Roberts jean Wade and Helen Carroll CoCapta1ns Llnda Plunkett Irene Evans Lorrarne Giard Kneelrng Lrnda Peterson Elarne Welch Peggy Cooper Judy Callahan Barbara Barbaro Norma Clough Luz Ronan Phyllrs Estabrooks Standrng Peggy Frnnegan Mrss LeFrank Coach lmda Fowle Joyce Brown GIRLS BASKETBALL Thrs years basketball team which was captanned by ean Wade and Helen Carroll drd not experrence a very good season Although the record was only three wms the grrls worked hard under the leadershrp of therr coach Mrss Le-Frank Mrss LeFrank who IS new to the school system dld an exceptlonally frne job and was an rnsplratlon to the team throughout the season unror Varsrty Co captarns were Ann Carroll and udy Beaton They had a record of frve wrns I ,n Frrst row A Klern M Lynch M Greaney A Carroll andj Beaton CofCapta1ns C Phlllrps N Prke C Dow Second row B Whrtney L Buckley M Smrth S Sholes S McPhaxl j Melancook M Wrlkrns Thrrd row S Atherton Mxss LeFrank Coach I Prerce 78 9 . . , . I K. J - K .J Q ' - ' J . - 5 f 14 16 A A NSS T1 m y 17 C y Q xv, Q., x ' N J. , eia.,,3 Y 5 sf ,qu if v- Q Q gm 5.3- 159 'Sr JF 2 J '5 1 A 1 "" 1 v R' A f C j2'?jL5f'?'i 5, 1 ' Lv wi .4,,.,.M.., Eg f R32 f fs J 4' PRUPHECY XY'hiskey Dresser, following his life's ambition to "Eat, Drink, and be Merry," now reigns as the Maharajah of Punjab. Wliile eating, drinking, and being merry, his Private Nut Cracker, Connie Currier, announces the arrival of two Ambassadors from the United States, Dan Eollansbee and Eric Streiff, with their bodyguards, Beth Landford and Ruth Mason. As a token of good will, they present him with the latest model in magic carpets, designed by Donald Brewer. Anxious to try it out, he decides to gather together all his high school classmates for a grand fiesta in his palace. He gathers together his crew: carpet stewardess, jane Antonopoulos, his carpet technician, lired Ropes, his mechanics, Bob Hill and Chutk liowlerg and his all important pilot, Craig Simpson. As he takes off from the palace roof, his royal hairdresser, Barbara Roberts, waves good-bye. They no sooner get into the air when Gordon Kondrat, zooming by in his super-sonic 57, jumps out of the cockpit onto the carpet and is soon followed by his three stewardesses, Sandy Bergeron, Raelene Rayno, and Margaret Clark. Spotting on the private Mediterranean Island of associate millionaires, Norman Moore and Sam Noyes, and fascinating career woman, Mary Lou Bresnahan, he plunges down and they hop on. He turns up toward Europe and while passing over Germany, he lands at the Groovey Air Base and collects WARlfs, Marlene Chase, Lorraine Giard, Bev Gerrish, and Staff-Sergeant Eugene Sauvan. He heads now for open sea and runs smack dab into Pat Dickson who is on a raft sailing the seven seas. "Holy Cow, I've got a moth in my fringe!" Wliiskey screams. "I'll never make it to the coast." But arriving just in time at Al Sarrette's gas station, he has it patched, picks up Al and Lynwood Rogers who were there greasing his jalopy, and whooshes on. Passing over a Hollywood set he sees them filming a movie featuring dancer, Shirley Kent and "Rock and Roll" artists, Georgie Judd and Mike Klein. He stops at another studio and picks up hair stylist Paula Thurlow and assistant Gail Merrill who are working on actress Mary Stekionis' hair. Moving on to the next state, where in a sleek, modernistic new office building designed by jim DePaul, secretaries Margie Clark, Nancy Brown, Cora Eaton, and Fae McKinnon and Advertising Executive, Tom Nichol- son are picked up. Amid flying papers and numerous curses, accountants, Larry Bograd and Ned Brennan are picked up in the same building along with IBM operator Virginia james. 8I ,. . 'S 7 gy f M3 I +- , -.jf N7 'xg U - yy j x 'lwwg s 'E 1' 5' I ii-If Q ' ae- sill" j. s f? rp SR -5 ii? F i ,X 1 sd. yi v., I' I 4 . 'rg ii ,L 'i 2 .gg it at , . Eyligfg l 1 J Qc ,fix in f if 5 3, 'D eff In Colorado, garbed in khaki and concrete, the head engineer, Art Joubert, is consulting with the contractor Carl LeSage and Electrical En- gineer Dave Cain over a dam project. His Highness shoves them on the car- pet and before very long, is.signaled down by Conservation Officers, Eben Lambert, Dan Gudinas, and Gayden Morrill, who reprimands them for damaging the tree limbs in his take-off. After touring him around their National Park, where they see vacationing Carol King and Janet Gagnon feeding peanuts to the bears, Maharajah Dresser puts the carpet into over- drive and they proceed toward the Arctic Regions. In Alaska, bundled up in furs, are Pfc's Richard Hawkes and Dave Fowler, Sergeant Roland Cole, and Major-General Tugger Welch, who are stationed there at Ice Cube Navy Base. Sitting beside a pot-bellied stove in a little school house are teachers, Lois Fuller, Kathy Hodgdon, Priscilla Holmes, and Loretta Coussoule. They welcome the chance to see their old friends again. As the carpet flies over Mount Elvis, the noise of the reunited friends, chattering as in high school days, causes an avalanche. Life Photographer Bob Mullarkey rushes to the scene for pic- tures of the rescue of John Kelleher who is buried in the snow. On the scene helping are Mounties Leroy Bolduc, Preston Cole, Alan Jones, and Bill Fitzgerald. All these people are loaded on and they proceed towards Canada. Flying over Canada we spot a huge crowd surrounding Yvonne Rogers, Roberta Webb, and Shirley Evans who are competing for the world champion figure skater. The presiding judges are famous Yankee sports writer, Gib Emery, and the world's corniest cartoonist, Dave McPhail. In the grandstand is that suave American actor, Roland Cote, and his Cana- dian-born secretary, Joyce Crawford. Breezing along, the Maharajah is soon over Michigan State, where he spies Jackie Foley, the football coach who,is showing Don Kale how to intercept a pass without his glasses on. Nearby is the pool where Physical Education Instructor, Jean Wade, is teaching a group of drowning fresh- men how to float. A few teachers, Brenda Corcoran, Ellen Kelleher, Carol Jones, and touring lecturer Barbara 'Barbaro are talking with the new math teacher, Rebecca Fram. He crowds all these people into the rumble seat of the carpet and moves on, but before he gets very high, he hears faint toots, and descends to find Archie Janvrin and Sylvia Davis madly waving their batons while trying to direct a band of mad musicians. To the left of this wild performance, we find Janice Bartlett trying to teach a squeaky soprano the scale. As they fly over the old hometown, they see a most unusual sight. There, fifty feet out into the channel, they see Linda Plunkett hanging from an iron girder with a monkey wrench in her hand, trying to make the dream of her life come true-to build a bridge from Plum Island to Salisbury. In case of mechanical or mental difficulties, Diesel Engineer Mechanic, Bob Murray, with his assistant Eddie Gagnon, is standing by in his dinghy with nurses Pat Hopkins, Judy Sargent, and Phyllis Saint. After 82 persuading Linda not to bring her monkey wrench, they leave and head up through town. Who are those five women pushing those baby-carriages? Carol Fowler, Lydia Roy, Sue Buzzell, Eva McIntosh, and Bonnie Porter! After taking the babies home to Daddies, the girls climbed aboard and "we are off!" The Maharajah takes off toward New York, where he knows Leslie Parker is thriving as the town's busiest accountant. As he arrives, Leslie has just fired three of his secretaries Priscilla Colby, Jane Houghton, and Claudette Doucette for talking too much. His receptionist, Irene Evans, is interviewing prospective secretaries Diana Lewis, Gail Lunt, and Gail Pollard. A few miles out of New York, His Highness runs into a heavy fog and loses his way. Suddenly, he finds himself amid flying furs, wagging tails, yaps and yelps, and general confusion. "I'll bet this is judy Meyers, Dog Kennel,'i he says. And sure enough, as soon as the dog hairs settle, there's Judy all ready to go. As the load was getting rather heavy, the Maharajah hurries on to- wards Florida, where he stops at the University of Miami, where he bumps into Phys. Ed. Instructors, Luther Reed and jack Hawkes who are bawling out contractor Jack Beck for throwing saw-dust in the air- conditioning vent. joan MacDonald, Barbara Bell, and Sue Willis are found sun-bathing on the teachers' private patio. In a nearby office build- ing secretaries Sharon Carrier, Frances Danielson, Sandra Smith, and Judy Cetlin are assisting Leon Brown in straightening out his yearly inventory report. As they get aboard, the Maharajah decides he needs to reinforce the heavily-loaded carpet and stops at Stevie Soffronis gas station, where mechanics Nat Snow, Chubby Wilkinson and Ed Tobin stare in be- wilderment at their old classmates but there was no need to coax them to get on the carpet, they had already joined the party. Not far from Miami a big project had just been started. Ground-digging ceremonies were in process for a drastic experimental model hospital de- signed by architect, Carole Chase. Brick-layer Ronnie Rogers, seeing the Maharajah, drops a load of bricks on State Trooper Harry Brayen's foot and nearly gets thrown in the jug. Rushing to Harry's aid are nurses Beverly Sheehan, Pat Hardy, Evelyn Perkins, and Jo Anne Cutter. While helping them aboard, someone drops a lighted match on the carpet and the Fire Department is called. In a matter of seconds, a siren is heard, and screeching around the corner we see the fire-engine. Who is that sitting at the top of the ladder? No one but Fire Chief Dennis Nason in his new Mickey Mouse firemanis helmet. Trailing behind him is the ambulance, driven by Roland Nadeau. When they reach the scene of the conflagration, Medical Secretary, Pat Packer makes a record of all the injured and nurse Marilyn Brown treats the Maharajah for a slight case of the "hot footf' 83 1? K- I 4' 5 if 5 EH ag i 6 Y 1' , 4.1, f ... 3 ' at 1 if al X 16" K ff '37 6 by Q Q. if- on 4 2' Li- fl 144' X Sf JA While all this has been going on the crowd that was watching the construction of the hospital has gathered to investigate the commotion. Among this crowd we find Bill Maguire machinist, jim Pollard, Aircraft Draftsman, Bruce Rogers Agricultural Engineer, and Medical Secretaries Maris Prost, judy Mcilurdy, and Valerie St. jean who had come down to see their new hospital. Draftsmen Dave Gallagher and Lynwood liowler who have been walking around showing everyone the blueprints and Ronnie Knights, the engraver, who has just presented the' plaque for the new hospital, have just arrived. The attractive guides, Carol Hewitt, Mary Cutter, Shirley Lucas, and Margie Brown, sejueal with delight when they see the group. Everyone climbs onto the Maharajahs carpet and heads toward Cuba, where Mary Piche and Barbara Shannon are vacationing among the natives. Nurse Nancy Roberts pops up from the submarine base and underneath the cocoanut trees they spy servicewomen Evelyn Rogers and Elaine Mc- Intosh. As they are climbing on, lo and behold, who is that walking down the beach? The Waikiki girl herself, Gail Nagler, who is here comparing Cuba to her native isle. Now, they all get set for a long ride as the next stop is Africa! In a dense jungle they spot Entomologist Dan Cashman chasing after a zoo zoo butterfly with a fishing net. A few feet away, geologist Eric Christofferson has just discovered a new type building material called fffzlzbfz harm, They call to Buzza Connors who is up in a treehouse keeping track of his wildlife. They board, and the long trip is almost over at last, and His Highness and all his old classmates go to Punjab for the Grand Maharajah Ball in the Palace. This has been a fanciful prophecy--some of it may come close to the truth, but most will be far from it. We can learn this lesson from it, though: "Life is what you make it," and "What you put into life you will get back in return." ij ki! T 5? A A titf if T . lf i u " 'gif X R- 'W ii 1 r n 'Q E ' I J sf 4 If ga :iq A X' xiiviifikga , 'x r "EBV ' E sy ajzq . 84 ADVERTISERS Com plimenls of FOWLER'S STORE Wesl Newbury Complimenls of LONG HILL ORCHARD Wesl Newbury Complimenls of SUNRISE DAIRY Wesl Newbury JAMES F. BOWDREN Complele Insurance Proreclion 40 Prospecl Sfreel Wes'I' Newbury FO 3-5564 Complimenfs of YE COCK 81 KETTLE Speclal Parhes and Banquel FBCIIIIISS SEABROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE GROVER 4-376I Compllmenls of BARR 81 BLOOMFIELD SHOE MFG CO Seabroolc New Hampshire Compllmenls of DURKEES FARM SUPER MARKET Lafayelfe Road SEABROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE Merle D S+raw Jr AUCTIONEER cfo lhe Old Ma of Seab oolr TEL GR e 4-349I Compllmenls of GIROUARD S FOODLAND La'F y He Road SEABROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE Co pllmenls of GENE LITTLEFIELD Jenney Gasoline Slahon SALISBURY Compllmenls of BOYD S MARKET Groceries and Provlslons 43442 SECORD OIL COMPANY MII R SEABROOK N H O'l Boflled G Appl ces 96 Compllmenls of SAM BROWN I I n r 6 6 . ov r . m I U I Collins Slfeel' Seabl'0Ok, N. H. GRover - Folly I oad ' ' ' Seabrook, New Hampshire u- as-- ian CompIimenI's of 'Ihe R 84 G MFG. CO. Manufadurers of Me+aI ProcIuc'rs 63 CLINTON STREET AMESBURY MASS Comphmenfs of HOWE MOTOR SALES LINCOLN MERCURY TRAFFIC CIRCLE NEWBURYPORT KERKIAN S SUNOCO STATION c I N b ypor+ Mass Com pI menfs of M 81 V ELECTROPLATIN6 CORP TI HO 2254I WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP George R Chase Prop + NEWBURYORT MASS I 0 . I , Corner Summer and Merrima S Sales and Service ew ur , . e. - i TeIegrapIw Delivery Service Newburyport Mass. ' ' ' 72 S orey Avenue 88 Complimenis of CHERRY HILL NURSERIES Wes+ Newbury and Newburypori' KNAPP FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions 3 26I2 WEST NEWBURY CompIumen+s of TOWN HARDWARE W + Ne b y ALBERT J MACY BulIcIer WEST NEWBURY TI FO 3 834 HAYDENS ARTS AND GIFTS SHOP G ace B Hayde P op M WEST NEWBURY MASS GIBBONS Homemade CIIOCOIGIGS I' N CompIlmenI's of WEST NEWBURY DINER Compllmenfs of HARRIMANS VILLAGE STORE M wesr NEWBURY DICK SPALDING Jenney Servlce Sfahon Tel FO saszs w + Ne b ry WEST NEWBURY SPA Sealfesi' Ice Cream Feafured S e W 'I' Ne bury Compllmenfs of RICHARD BECKENBUSH Range and Fuel OII WEST NEWBURY MAPLE LEAF BEAUTY SHOPPE Barbara Ka rsion Prop TIFO+3 5 8 MapI SI' I' WsfN bry Mass KNIT KNAC SHOP Home of Bo+any Yarn 4 Maple SI'reeI' Wesi' Ne bury Compllmenfs of WEST NEWBURY BARBER SHOP s Offc S I WEST NEWBURY GARAGE Norman S Brown Prop S+ ef FO 3 554I F0 ' es w ur Complimenfs of I ' r . n, r . 4I2 ain Sfreei' Main Sfreef e. -8 CompIimen'I's of 504 Main S+. Wes ewbury I 282 ain S+. . - es w u CompIimen'I's of ' EIIison and Howard Clark, Props. Main Ire 'I' es w CompIimenI's of e. res -268 2 e ree e ew u , . w Pof ie quare Main V9 - 89 Complimenfs of LITTLE TREE NURSERIES Cenfral S+reeI Rowley Youd Be Surprised a+ AII Theres Donn on The Old Pllce a+ DODGES BIG DRINK In Rowley Besl' Wuslwes To The Class of 57 MERTON E ROBERTS 81 SONS George+own and Rowley ESSEX FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY ON THE TURNPIKE ROWLEY MASSACHUSETTS COOKS C-BROCERY MARKET ROWLEY MASS TI WH+ y 8 3 CompInmen+s of R Iey ass BROOKSIDE FLORAL CO INC ROWLEY MASSACHUSETTS D y WH 8 3922 Nghfs WH S3871 MacDONALDS DRUG STORE ROWLEY MASS THOMAS I GREGORY THE BARKER INSURANCE AGENCY S M S+ ee Ip In M TI II6 DON AND JIM SOOTER Soo'I'erS Cuhes Servnce + + ROWLEY MASS We're Open Every Day and NI+e Till II CompIimen+s of ' Cenlral S+ree'I' Free Delivery Service e . i ne -253 ' Cen+raI S+reeI' .I . MILFORD'S F. DANIELS I Tel. Rowley- ow ,M . QS' ' I .- . Complimenfs of Main S+ree+ O ' I1 C Complimenfs of pposl e e ommon I Main Slreel' IIA o. ain r 'I swic , ass. e. 90 Complimenls of THE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA JOSEPH BREDA Ward Balung Company Cambrnclge 39 Mass TRowbrldge 6 7080 LOCKE 81 COMPANY Wholesale Dealers In Beef Lamb Veal Pork and Poul+ry Bu'H'er Cheese and Eggs I64 BLACKSTONE STREET BOSTON I3 MASS AT HAYMARKET SQUARE CA 78550 9I l40 Albany S+. Complrmenfs of THE SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY C pI: fs If SPIROS BARBER SHOP Where +I1e Boys Go 342 HIGH STREET NEWBURYPORT CompIlmen1's of PORT AUTO STORES M In Ia y TEL HO 26272 FOWLES SUPER MARKET 34: Hgh S+ NEWBURYPORT MASS MILDRED CHASE Tel HO 26512 a Add 9 M h Compllmenis of BOXERS FURNITURE STORE B + w h PAT 84 PAM SHOP 30 STATE ST TEL HO 5787I CompIImen+s of EASTMAN S STUDIO Baby Plcfures and Arhsfs Supplres I2 CHARTER ST NEWBURYPORT Tel HO 26772 FRED W CHASE Cf fy Sh N b ryp ri HO 5705I HOYT DRUG CO INC RusseIIB Hyf Rg M TI HO5746I I4P + + N brypn M GOURMET FOOD PLAN Home Freezer Service CompIeI'e Lune of Meafs and Frozen Foods DELIVERY SERVICE I09 MI' Vernon SI' Lawrence Mass Tel MU 7 7233 92 om 'men o I . II II 23 ar ef Square New ur porf, Mass I i . , - - Typewriiers an in ac ines I n I . . , . es 's es ' 51 . ArIeen and Marvin Marcus Complimenfs of ., . ' . o , e . an. "Confe ione S+ore" e, - 33 S+a+e eei, ew u o Ieasan S. ew u o , ass. , o - I ' SHUTE'S IGA MARKET 3I High Sfreel' Specializing in Fine Meals and Groceries Free Delivery 8 A.M.-9 P.M. Tel. HO 2-45II Newburyporl' KUNKEL'S School and Office Supplies I' I' 'I' GURNEY'S Radio and Television Sales and Service BICYCLES-SCHWINN AND COLUMBIA HO 2-2032 Complimenls of WEBBERS SERVICE STATION S+ I NEWBURYPORT MASS The Fascmahng Sfore THE BAND BOX S+ fe S+ y Compllmenls of NORTH END PHARMACY WARREN STEER S CANDY KITCHEN 3I6 M c Sh el NEWBURYPORT MASS Compllmenls of D CASHMAN HARDWARE CO VERONICAS SALON DE BEAUTE + + S+' l 3 Charfer Slreel Newburyporl Mass FRANK K BRADFORD bk S I4 Sl' 'I N b rypol M s FRANK K BRADFORD el' AL S TAXI 2WyRd H PHONE HO 5734I WOODBURY McLEOD INC Paul A McLeocl Manager JEWELERS + + Sfr y + Telephone HO 59I8I KRAY S l'ore'F M ef os I a 47-49 SI fe S+ Compl me Is of PEARSON FLORIST 38 S+ I Sfre I' NEWBURYPORT Tel HO 2 48I2 35 S a e S reel' C . H' h d . or lg an 6 e SB 55 a . Newbur porl' I errima e ' I 30 S a e ee , Complim n s of Slucle a er ales and Service ' Willys 4hWheeI Drive Vehicles . - a a no 3 a e SI. ew u r, as . 24 our Service S or en-S'I'or or B y .... I . Women's Casua We r I I 6 ' 46 S a e eel' Newbur por , Mass. I n - I a e e Complumenis 'F TAFFY S MORTON WHEELER Compllmenfs of THURLOWS FAMILY SHOE STORE II SI'a+e S'rree+ Ne b rypor+ Compllmenfs of WEIN S 8: CHECKS M rice? Squ e C mpIme'I of ARTHUR S PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY INC and R I Es are 55 Ple s ni' S+ HO 2 4252 LIBERTY MARKET INC dep dei' Idpee SI1pLI:Jr'Iy CompIlmenI's I: S S KRESGE CO Your Friendly Five ancI Ten CompIlmen'Is f SAMPSON S e and WI1l+e Super Markef THE LITTLEFIELD PRESS JOB PRINTING L He p Offsei' D pI ca'I'or Merr a S+ ee+ TeI HO 59343 T G McGLEW WELDING CO STOP AND GO DINER AND BAR B CUE For Bar B Cue Sandwiches a'l' Their Besf CompImen'I's of FERN S RESTAURANT Fred Haley Prop ' o ' DR a ar w u o i ns i I - Be In en n-Shop n e nd nf Insurance ea I' 0 I e Service, Safeiy, and Savings Since I922" 28 Sfafe S+. Tel. HO 5-o4I2 a a . - . O . O I I 0 R d C e r ress . . u i . 24 im c r . - I I - - I Complimen+s of CompIimen+s of THE FRENCH CLUB THE KEY CLUB Newburyporl' High School Newburyporr High School Compllmenls of IMMACULATE CONCEPTION C Y O CompIlmen+s 'F H W PRAY CO Compllmenrs of RAYS TAILOR SHOP Formal Wear Renfals for All Occasions ROBERT H KNIGHT Tele so Records Appl ences pl PORT BEAUTY SALON T HO 06II Com plrmenfs of NEWBURYPORT Y TEENS HORSCH FURNITURE CO es+ o s n s HAROLD F LUNT EIec+r cal Applances Pleasa + 'r Ne bu yp r+ Mass H GOODWIN STORE 57 Sfale Sfreei' N EWBU RYPO RT HO 2 675I 95 Compllmenfs of THE DUKES . O I . Com imenfs of vi I n- - I 38 Pleasanf S+ree+ Tel. HO 5-33I3 Harold Harnch and Evelyn Whanal, Props EL. 5- . Fin of H me Furni hi g i i 25 n S. Tw r o , . T E - Compllmenfs of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO CompIlmen+s of FOWLES NEWS CO I7 SI'aI'e S+ Newburyporf KNIGHT GRAIN CO Gram Dealers Slnce l843 GEORGE E BISHOP PRINTER L He p ess Wa'Ier SI'ree'I' Ne burypori' Mass HOmes+ead 2 207I WHITEFIELD LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS of Newburyporf Compleie Fam Iy ncI Spec alfy Laundern Mofh Proof g Odorless Garmeni' CIeanlng NEWBURYPORT HO 2 4478 AMESBURY ROWLEY WH 8773I Compllmenfs of CANEPA BROS 2-4 Federal SI' ClgareI"I'es Cigars Tobacco TEL HO 2247I NEWBURYPORT JAMES D MAGNER Tax ConsuII'an+ Tel HO 5 3082 45 Pleasani S+reeI' Newburypori' Mass EATONS DRUG STORE 58 SI'aI'e Sireef Phone HO 2266I Where Pharmacy Is a Profession Compllmenfs of THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Newburypor+ Mass MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complumenis o COFFEE SHOP l40 Hugh S'l'reeI I ' Offsei' e r r ' ' 9 w , I a I 0 Q Fur Sforage-Rug Shampooing-Permaneni Wholesale Con'Fec+'onerY In - ' . . Q I ' ' ll - n . ' I of , I 0 96 TOWLE SILVERSMITHS whose crall lradnhons go loaclc lo I69O In Newlouryporl Massaclwsefls If1VI'l'G you To see silver made IH llwelr workshops and lo vlsul Jrlwe TOWLE GALLERY where lovely olol pieces of slerlung made by early sllversmlllws are on exlubul Monday llwrouglw Frnclay Workshop lours O 30 a a 2 3 Call or wrule for appomlmenl 97 Cpen from IO-I2 a. m. and 2-4 p. m all: .m.ncl:Op.m. U B E 5 Think of your 'Fu+ure Think of CBS Hy+ron Manu'Fac+urers of eIec'rronlc 'rubes and Iranslsiors CBS HYTRON A DIVISION OF COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM Danvers Newburyporf LoweII Kalamazoo Salem 98 . 2 CBS' T :IITI1inIc of elecfronics INC. CLASS OF I958 CLASS OF I959 CLASS OF I960 99 THE STUDENT COUNCIL CompIimen'I's of LINCOLN STORES THE CINDERELLA SHOP 44 PIeasanI' SI'ree+ NEWBURYPORT MASS Comphmenis of Co pI me Is of ROGERS BENDIX LAUNDRY Ha s Phone HO 2-4882 NEWBURYPORT MASS KEMTRON ELECTRON PRODUCTS INC C mp' e +5 f LUNT 8. KELLY HARDWARE 2426 PI sa I Sheer TEL HO 2295I o pI Iso Newburyporf Mass HOPKINS FLOWER SHOP NEWBURYPORT MASS G Hopk s O mpI e I e Is GEORGE E TWOMEY JOHN TELFORD ELLIOTT Funeral DlrecI'or Funeral Drrecfor Flmshed Ye+ Begmnlng Begun Your Savings Career Now Wu+h THE NEWBURYPORT FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK AIIan R Shepard Presrdeni' Charles W Morse Treasurer WlIIlam H WlIIls Asslsfani' Treasurer I00 Complirnenis of m I n 3 rri Sf. 0 im n o I l - ea n C m imen f Sforey Ave. Phone HO 5-93II A. . in , wner Co im n s of Complim n of ll O O I 0 ART'S GROCERY Ar+hur G. Jouber+ GROCERIES MEATS I7I 2 Purchase S+ Newburypor+ Phone HO 5-7904 CompIlmen+s o+ H CAM SNAPPERS CLUB b Y HOT RODS CUSTOM CARS CompIlmen+s of BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO 65 S+a+e S+ree+ Newburypor+ JAMES W CHAPMAN Mg CompIlmen+s of RIVERSIDE DAIRY an WEBSTERS ICE CREAM STAND TEL HO 24902 Mea+s and Groceries George Ayles Prop 20TH CENTURY MARKET DANIEL L LYNCH Regls+ered Pharmacls+ Your Prescrlphon Druggls+ Agen+ Greyhound Lmes I73 HIGH STREET DIAL HO 22232 h O CompIlmen+s of BOUTIN BUS LINE Char+erecI Tnps ANYWHERE ANY TIME T E of New ur por+ . , r. A - - I 346 Merrimac S+. Newburypor+ I65 High S+. Phone New'p+. HO 5-02II CompIirnen+s of I7I- - A+ + e verpass IOI CompIlmenI's of J J NEWBERRYS CompIlmen+s of PREMIER MARKET 43 PIeasan+ S+ Ne burypor+ Complmenfs of HAYDEN S JENNEY STATION Cor MarIce+ and Merr mac S'rs NEWBURYPORT MASS CompIlmen'Is of PHILLIPS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Green SI' HO 24752 Nexf 'ro Ihe Sfrand Theaire CompI1men'I's of MacDONALD BROS GARAGE Complumenfs of FITZGERALD MOTOR SALES 37 4I Llber'ry SI'reeI' Newburypori' TeI HO 2 4497 CompIlmenI's of YEATON OLDSMOBILE INC CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE Sales and Ser ce 9I Sfafe SI'reeI Newburypor'I Tel 5 7I42 DAVIS ELECTRIC SERVICE Aufomohve EIecI'rlclans NEWBURYPORT MASS BREWSTER BROS Insurance CompI men'I's of PROSTS BAKERY INC Bakers of HEARTH BAKED Sour Rye Vienna Bread Bulknes Egg Bread Pumpern cIcIe TEL NEWBURYPORT HO 26333 I50 WATER ST. . w I . I i . I . Il . - I Cen+raI SI., Rowley Tel. WI-I 8-39I3 ' U vi . . . I I , . I Complmenfs of PORTER 8: ROGERS CO Mens and Boys Furmshlngs The Bes'r 'For Less Snce I894 CompIImen+s of A FRIEND SAUNDERS DRUG STORE H Chesrer Sa nders Reg Ph Cor Lme and Purchase Sfreefs Newburyporf Mass Phone HO 24672 GOODYEAR SHOE SERVICE James AndrIo+aIus 32 Inn S+ Ne buryporf Mass RUTH SHOE CO for Dlscrlmrnahng Women KALASHIAN AND LEARY Range OII F el Ol Cor Ke I' a d Merr mac Sis Phone NO 24023 Newburypori' Compllmenfs of WARREN S Inlards Tales FeI+ Base Arr Squares e HO 2 63II II5 Merrnmac S+ CompIlmen+s of DALEY S RESTAURANT and Bakery CHARLES F BROWN ReIrabIe Insurance 282 Mann Sf Wesf Ne bury FO 3887I CLAUDE E BRIGGS CITY HALL BARBERS TeI HO 5 3373 72 PIeasan'l' S+ree+ Ne Iouryporf Mass Compl e +s of SAFFORD S Je elry Shoppe PIeasan+ S+ree+ Ne buryporf ESI' I870 For fhe Besf In Cleanmg HOWARD CLEANERS 81 DYERS 22 Purchase S+reeI' Newburyporr TEL. HO 5004I Complrmenfs o'F GORDART TELEVISION 22 Sfaie Sfreei' NEWBURYPORT, MASS. I I . u , . . - - . I . w , '- u Ii . , n n I . Exquisi+e Shoes E T I. - - , w I - Im n - ' w W I - 36 w Complimenfs of NEPTUNE VETERAN FIREMEN'S Assoclahon E C JONES 81 SONS Roofing and Sldmg of AII Kmds 23 MerrlII SI' TeI HO 5736I CompIlmen+s of THE STEVENS CO 55 Pleasanf SI NEWBURYPORT BAKER S MARKET 88 Wafer S+ree+ MEATS GROCERIES QUALITY SHOE STORE STONIE S GRILL 5 S+a'I'e S+ree+ Newburypori Mass Tel HO 59025 Compllmenfs of BEVERLY BEAUTY SALON HOMESTEAD RUBBER STAMP SHOP All Knds of Sfamps I4 A+ ood Sfreef Ne buryporf Mass Bes'I' Wshes Io 'Ihe Class of I957 Burion and Dorofhy Checlcoway THE CHIC SHOP 4I S+a+e S+ Newburypori' T P FANCY Hardware Pa ni Household Repairs 344 Hugh SI' Newburyporf HYMAN S RALPH SERVICE STATION Corner of Merr mac and Green SI'ree'I's 32 Meri' mac Sf NEWBURYPORT NEWBURYPORT Good Luck Class of I957' HAROLD E HUMPHREY INSURANCE 34 PIeasan'I Sfreef Newburypori' Mass TEL HO 57662 l I w w , 34 PIeasan1' Sf. TEL, HO 2-2534 I ... 5 .. ' I I i . I04 Complumenrs of THE CHASE SHAWMUT COMPANY Fuse SpeclaIls+s Slnce I893 Complimenrs of WHEKELBRA INC I Brldge Road Newburyporf TEL HO 2-6233 CHOINARDS BEAUTY SALON 66 PIeasan+ S+. Our Besi' Wushes 'Io +he Graduafes of I957 Enloy Yourself af 'Ihe PORT RECREATION CENTRE I9 Sforey Avenue Newburyporf Mass Have +he C 8: D Fleef Deluve 'Ihe Heai' C 8: D OIL CO I3 23 Mernmac S+reeI' Tel HO 2-42I3 HO 5902I THE BROWN JEWELRY COMPANY 8 PIeasan'I' Sfreei' Newburypor'I Mass Cash 'For Old Gold HO 5 309I HICK S BAKERY Blrfhday and Wedding Cakes a SpeclaI'ry Comphmenfs I EPICURE MARKET S S Puerce Assoc are Dealer 334 Hugh SIreeI' Newburypori' Tel HO 2443I Fred F Collis CompIlmen'Is of GARSON S Phoio S ppl es nd Camera Shop 27 S'Ia+e Sfree+ Newburypori' Sa es BUICK Service TEL HO 2 286I . . ' r Wa'rch and Jewelry Repairing ' I I o . + . . ' I I u I a CHAS 81 LUNT INC Insurance 870 957 PIeasanI' Sfreef Tel HO 2-4434 DR RALPH WALDO BARNARD OpI'omeI'rls+ e e N b yp + s Be I W he DR A COHEN Op+ome+rns+ + W DR ARTHUR J HEWETT JR Chlropodlsi' PocIla'rrls+ Appo Ime I' HO 50I5I I32 Hgh S+ b pl I DR KLEIN VeI'ermarlan CompIlmenI's of DR GEORGE W NICE Compl men+ f DR J H OCONNOR Denhsf I SI' e I' TeI HO 50922 CompIlmen+s of DR PAUL K TITUS CompIimen'I's of A FRIEND CompIlmen+s of GRAF BROTHERS INC 50 PI asan'I Sfr e+ ew ur or, Mas . I ' , s us s "Bes isI'1es" I I . . . . Office Hours by In n - - I . New urypori' Com Imen s of I s o ' Pleasan r e . - I 0 I06 L. G. BALFCJUR COMPANY AHleboro, MassachuseH's Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges MANUFACTURERS OF Class Rings-Pins-Club lnsignia Engraved Commencemenf lnvi+a+ions and Personal Cards Fra'I'erni+y Badges-Medals-A+hle+ic Trophies Class Giffs-Special Award Emblems-Service Badges Diplomas-Lealher Diploma Cases TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOKS 230 Boyls+on S+ree+ WILLIAM F. FRAZIER Bosfon I6, MassachuseH's Sales Represenrafive Tel. Cop. 7-7823 Complimenfs of GODDWIN'S Complimenfs of 5l Wafer S+ree+ Newburyporl' TEL. HO-5-768 I W f WN I A ll, 'Wi frilly: l I 'I W M1

Suggestions in the Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) collection:

Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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