Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA)

 - Class of 1953

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Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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WY hnlw you will lil-aisllw this r'hrmmim'h' us muvh an in of lhi liililllsl xl iff knms lh ' - - " sa ' ' ul iw shall: may this 1-hiss hrook luring IlH'I'l'ilSlllg1 l'lllOYlIll'lli as ll ix In-riisc-ri in lhi- wairs aiu-mi. Wlll'I'l'i-l PS li, !Xi'nuld N. ffolfin ii. Coil' Ni. llullun lf. lillfllllli l'. llrumislruni ,lulliu'l'l N. l,ilIll'LlSll'l' J. Xilllliilllfll Y. Milla-r N. Xioon' .I. P1-rkins X. iiogvrs .i. Sprugln- U. Walilvrs AliVl'IN'I'ISINlL iicul i'iiillll'ilLll'li Iiryunl lk-llin Dow Hunh-y l'4-rkins I'i4-rw lhmf SlilllXN mul XYUKHI 'IW PINL ihwuu-l . lhillmi ,louln-rl . lilliitlt' Xiunlhorn Nh-rrill Mourn- Nuyvs l'e-airsml . IQUSS Svoll Slauiciing Sullivan i'l' Coit' tillffilll Dumont . lfnu-rsmi HilWkl'SWOI'liI Hawkins Mamlhorn Niall Mvlfiiirrl . Mr'l'ihu'm' xiiiit'l' A ,ga 'L wa -' f3'S.2'fVhT X f A f- Lu-nw THE SENIOR CLA PRESENTS . . . The E XR-.. Dedication WE, the Class of 1953, wish to dedicate this hook to the entire faculty, as an expression of our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their guidance throughout our four years at Newburyport High School. We take this final opportunity to thank individually: Miss Bilmazes - for her tireless work in the Honor Society and the Student Council and her ready friendliness at all times, Mr. Bresnahan and Miss Brock - for their skill in the direction and production of the senior play, Miss Collins - for her supervision, as senior class advisor, of the numerous activities of our senior year, Miss Connor -- who has endeavored to make the guidance program an indispensable part of our curriculum and without whose help the current issue of the yearbook would not have been possible, and A Miss Plante -- for her patience and understanding in helping us out of our predicaments, of which there were many. 55 of Newburyport High School Newburyport - Massachusetts Mr. Noclc Although thc' Class of l95f5 may huvc- had ocvalsioli. only rare-ly, to miter the SlllNxI'lIlll'ltl'lPl1lqS ollivv, wv. along with tht- citizens in our Community. recognize and value the svrvivvs of tht- pl-oplv vn- vlosvd within those four walls f Mr. Rupert A. Novk, SlllJt'I'iIlll'Ildl'lll of svhools. Miss Doris llolwir-. S0!'1'K'lLlI'y. and Mr. Jamvs Hilton, lruunl offiwr. x. Mr. Hilton Miss Robie 4 f . ,,,f'd'S Mr. Murnane U Ilw 1'l'Illl'I' ol 11r'll1'll1' III our school ls. 11'1lho11l qlll'Sil0ll. lhc m.1i11 offiw. XY 1' fvvl lhul 1111 un' rivhvr in h111i11g knmvli lN'l'SOY'lilliY Ur. i,illI'I1'k J. xlllI'llillll'. our pri11r'i11z1l: 111- hops- lhul hm- may 1-njox l!iI'ilSllIll lhouphls 11h1'11 hm' 1'v111i11is1-1-s uhoul tha' Class of 1953. ihm' i4'IlL1lilf 1lllSt'Ill'l' of Miss AIIIIRI Brooks. zlssislallil p1'i111'il1:ll s nol gom- 111111olif'1-ml hy us: 1111 11-ish hor iIlllll'UYl'li ilvzlilil. , . H1411 111- 111 11111-I all lhn' l'iTi1'i1'Il1'y of Miss l':il'illlllI' l'la111l1-. sw 11li11'1 lo II11- lil'lIll'IlPili. is muah-111-1-sl ln' our proml llll'llll0ll ol hm 111 lhv I,1'1ill'illiHll of lhn- I'ilI-ilill'il-USS of 10513. Miss Plan+e Miss Brooks JU 5 'VI ,1 X 1 .,.z L. Mr. Cur'l'is . JT... X I f , X 14 ,vi , , ir Al lin' fur 1-ml of lin' firsl Hum' c'm'1'idur. umir - s " " lLlINIl1l'l'S and lin' llllm of Irlzlvililwry. is lin- oifiw of lin- Xvxxli . ' . . '1 uml Ur. Hmxurrl klllflii lin- din-ilu! L s 5 4 5 5 Q F 4 55. If ,lf vf " , j 1 Miss Tarbox Desk Clerks Firsf Row - J. Shorf, G. Smiih, A. Jones, C. Kalasklian, H. Lafoe, J. Gilman, V. MaH, N. Lancasfer, M. Walfers. Second Row - Miss Yagiian, A. Moore, J, Lord, J. Standing, M Warcewicz, C. Bryanf, K. Aurslanian, A. Conley, J. Perkins, J. Bichok, B. Ceilin, P. McEiwell, Miss Plan+e. Third Row - J. Miller, J. Chase, J. Pearson, L. Dumont B. Cole, H. S+reiH, T. Gerrish, P. Robichaud, S. Vigean+, N, McCallum, M. Morrison. 6 md Nllss l'r111m'm-' I'ulmx lin unlux lllxs unlilul lm llnu Florence Adams Home Economics, Household Arls Roberla C. Annon English, Remedial Reading Marjorie K. Balch Lafin Kafherine Barrefl' Shorfhand, Typing, Office Prac'l'ice ...ff ,g ,JH v l , rs. i X, X ix in L X k l 1 XX xl J, X x . J ,Q ,VL Q ,x' x, X XL X X X 5 x I ra, , Eng , Guidance X H' I , ,eo iA,,Yb9lQguB' VN Francis Bresnahan English. Hisiory, Guidance Olive Brock English, French Vicfor Cervizzi Physical Educalion , 4 f 3' iff ' 4 ii N Q A Joan Clinlc Ari Lorraine Coffey His+ory Mary l. Collins His+ory Mildred E. Collins Plane Geomefry, Algebra, Solid Geomefry, Trigonomelry ,, , yy .' 2,07 .wyffk Mary Connor English, Guidance G. Gladys CorbiH Biology James Deffley Civics, English, Pracfical Ma+l1 UL . UWM Claire Emerson English, Algebra Burfon G. Goldman Physics, Algebra, General Science Frank Graf Music we W 'Q 1 Joseph W. Hall Business Ari+hme+ic, Commercial Law, Economics, Prac+ical Ma+h George Harris Physical Ecluca'I'ion Ann Harwood Home Economics Theresa Hickey Music 'ix XMSQU 'cc ' wma or so S-X1 xx llrc Max lk -K. argare+ Kazarosian 'Ql1zllI?cQl,fcR,xYQLQiCW'lka QUW Edward J. Knapp Carpenfry Agnes L. Liffle German, Algebra, Plane Geomelry Carolyn Lorman Physical Educarion James F. Lyons His+ory, Geography Wendell M. Osgood Chemis+ry Waller Sheridan Problems of Democracy English William P. Smifh Prac+ical Marh, General Science, Driver Educaiion Cqgsws ilffvw aw- Nancy W. ornborger English Preslon I. Tifus Carpenfry . ...T Doroflhea Walfz French Chridine Yagiian ri Bookkeeping Ernesl P. Carroll Fred L. Clark Helen jones, R. N. Gage Pollard, R. N ' ' 'vu WA- X Gerfrude Lynch Nora Tolancl E+l1el Hopkins ll r : ,, X!! N 1 Etiglidrii. ', , i , - .ff ,--Q4 f.. fffpf 11fzf3!a,p '52t:l1f' 0- 1. , el. I, Q C . . : Q. ie. m,,,, ! .uh . - 'Q S Y G 24, gms, E ? 1 - ...una v ww' .9 N: f J Q J xx .7 - , ,x 1 - "'uxxn09 'leqtmkxswb af t 14 af! 1 . 1 Q f 1' JJ ' 1 SchoolSong BERTHA CASTELHPN '31 REBECCA PATTEN 'itil EMILY RFID '32 Adapted fr All hail! to our Alma lllalvr. To the Crimson and thfx Cold. All hail to 6-arh son and daughter Who has honors-d th flc- of oldg 'Young hvarts with the old unitvd, All arv hound in loyal tifig To Nvwhuryport. our High Sc-hool. Let us raise our voivvs high. Onward! Forward ! Onward! Forward! Onward! Forward! Newburyport High Sr-hool. hail all h All Hail! to the glorious luturv That the Corning years shall luring Wfv plc-dge to thot- our devotion. And thy praisv in vhorus sing. Thy green ivyld walls have- shvltered Classes who have hrougrht thee lame May we varry on the hanner. And he worthy of thy name! 12 om Il,4RV.4RDI,4N,4 ail! RORl'iR'l' H. ARNOLD 1396 Main St.. XV:-st Newbury Hl'Ill'dl'Cl "l dare anything: oneef, Aetirilies: Viee-Pres. of Honor Soeiely. Treas. of Senior Class. lfrl-111'lr'l1-ess, Debating Team. Reeorfl. Traek. Intra- mural Sports. Riology Club, Senior Reeeption Com.. ,lun- ior Prom Com. l'IVI'Il.YN I'ItlStlII,LA AIi'l'Hl'lt ll Center Street lflbkie "'Af'feelion is never wastedf, Aelivities: Pen Art Club. En- uilelz-exx. G. A. A.. Rasket- ball. KA'I'H HR l N lf 'l'l'llQRl'iSA AltliSI.ANlAN tl Sehool Street Kay "Happy. appreeiative. all ,round good eompanyf, Aetivities: Rand. Treas. of Mount Rural Players. Dlliee Assistant, Desk Clerk, G. A. A.. lfrz-ailclz-e'.vs. Viee-Pres. ol' Soph. Class. See. of Senior Class. Orehestra. Cheaper by flu' Dozerz, Why the Cll1'f71f'.S Rang. Lelawala, Senior Re- eeption Com. PHYLLIS lf. BAKER 368 High Street Pllyl "A merry heart maketh a eheer- ful t'0lllllt'IlilIlt't'.,, Aetivities: Glee Club. RICHARD W. RARKER il Lunt Street lliek "A sportsman and a gentleman, a winning eombinationf' Aetivities. Rasketball. Basket- ball Mgr., Mount Rural Play- ers. Traek, Football, Student Couneil. Clipper l'acke't, Rec- ord Rusiness Mgr.. Student Couneil. State Convention Rep.. Stamp Salesman. Col- or Guard. Marshal Staff. Raskethall Danee Com., ln- tra-mural Basketball. Gradu- ation l'sher. THOMAS C. RASHAW' 185 Low Stret Crump "ACL aet in the living present." Activities. A. N. T. S. BARBARA MAE RICAI. 31 Warren Street Harb "Nothing is so hard but seareh will find it outf, Aetivities: Raton Squad. Stamp Salesman. Desk Clerk. Clip- per Paclfel. Cal. Worker, Mount Rural Players. En- aiteh-ess, G. A. A.. Rowling Team. Graduation llsher. Homeroom Treas., Color Day Assembly Com. CARLIi'I'0N LINWOOD REAL. JR. 31 Warren Street Clark "Wit and wisdom are born with a man." Aetivities: Raskelball, Football, Traek. Mount Rural Players, Clipper Packet, Daily News Reporter, Glee Club. Senior Reeeption Com., l,f'l!11Ul1lll, Clippers Capers, Student Council. lntra-mural Sports, Graduation Usher, Riology Club. Marshal Staff, Junior Rotarian, The Virginianx. Assembly Chairman. Cal. Worker. Rasketball Captain, Stage Crew. JEANNE ANN REAULIEU I2 Utls Place ,,l'CIIlIl,ll' "Rright. happy and sunny are three better than moneyf, Aetivities: lntra-mural Sports. JANET FLORHNCIQ HICHOK 55 Hill Street Benchy "Good nature is the rarest of all gifts." Aetivities: Cheerleader. Rasket- ball, Desk Clerk. Field Hoek- ey, Mount Rural Players. .lunior Prom. Com., Student Couneil, Editor of Clipper l'aclfel, Honor Soeiety. G. A. A., Lelazmlfz. Clippers Cu- pers, Record Typist. CAROL HOPE BIZEAU 35 Moulton Street Bunny "Always laughing. LIIWEIYS mer- rv." Am-tix-init-5: Chorus. Ili-sk Clerk. Ilowlingr 'llt'ilI1l. SALLY ANN BLAKE 376 Highfjtrvet suit J "A mind 1-quell'-,lo any undvr- luking tI1atf"xsIn- pqts it along sidm- of." I '-I. - Af-tivilivs: 'Rvvnrdq 'Librurv As- . 'if . ' SISl21llIg Holto1"So4'1ety. Marf' shal V Staff. "Saying 'Stamp Saleoman, Cla'-v Club. C. A. Ar. Molrill Rural Players, Craclualion l'sIu-r. , 1 ' r Book l' Yivwvl fy -6 ,Slit -. "Que tht- ross-bud garden fgirlsfi Avtivitiv : Itlusir' Appreciation. Glu- Club. Intra-mural Sports. lL'1z-al'l1'l1-vxx. MAN Y ' tIArI'HIIItlNIi BUXLE 7 Y, 293' 1-d - Sm-vi . q' JI 1 'lnvy IYQSIW di 'nilit-cl. clemurc-. but 5 , I uys 'vady for lun." A1'tix'itic's: Hand. C. A. A.. Hon- or Socic-ty. Biology Club. FRAN C I S COR DUN BHADBUHX' 5 Ifuir Street Brad NNUYPI' ltxl St'Il00l Illlt'l'I.t'I'k'.u Avtivitivs: Intru-nnu'uI Iiaskvl- ball. 1. I' , ' 114. 1 R+ WE ci A1 Qty ifl it Q' ALLSTUN P. BRIGGS 368 Main St.. Wvst Nc-wbury xlllw "IIon't lulu- my sliynvss too sf-riouslyf' .Am-tivitit-sz Ihlsu-Iwa1II. Honor So- rivty. S0111-r. Iluskclbull. CAIIOLYN IttI'l'H BROWN 21 Cal1'lt'l'St 1't'1- l Carol "She got-s on In-r quit-t way." Mix tt' HI-YT HTH Illitl' 'ICT 2 71-nt Sl 'vt If I H. . . lfvll ' ' is too . 0,1 to talk- St'l'l- uslyf' I ' I Avtivitiv rl' r . I' A Club, Rand. . A. unt Ixrrul Players. Pen . r Club. HPC- ord Typist. EII'lII.fl'l1-f".N.Y. In- tra-mural Sports. CHARLO'I"I'Ii ICIJNA HHN AIYI' I0 I.unt Slrwt Clzurlollr' I'One Cannot know t'V6l'YIIlIIlg.-.I Activities: Biology Club. Dt-sk Clerk. Art Club. Cruclnution Usher. CLIFFORD WILLIAM CA IN Itt. I and Hunowr Str:-vt Cliff uSllt't'l' in silcrlcef, NORIVIAN JOSEPH CEDER 7 Tremont Street R Hd "Height is no aClvantage.,' Activities: French Club. Track. Inlra-mural Basketball. BARBARA ANN CI'i'I'I,IN 59 Milk Street Harb "A man says what hc knowsg a woman says what she pleases." Activities: Desk Clerk. Biology Club, Clee Club. Chorus. ARTHUR FRANCIS CHAISSON. .Ir. 280 IVIcrrimac Street .4 rl ie "I'imc ripcns all things. N0 man is born wiscf' Activities: Baseball. Football. Cal. Worker. IRICNIC MARY CHAISSON 280 Merriman: Street Renic "She lives and laughs as only .. she can. Activities: C. A. A.. Pen Art Club. Inlra-mural Sports. Chorus. Clee Club, Cheer- leamlcr. NORMA Com., 'Student f X FN At..ixabrook lLlf59j "Lovr- -CW Bogf' ' ties: ' Club. IVIount CQ- ural Players. lleb' ' A . Il,ibrary Assista15,lZ'IJes ,erk, Marshal 9 . io gy Q Club. ty. lin,- rzitrrh-exs. cnior Reception Com. I OSIQIL' 'H S'I'I'iR ' F I M 4 il H Btrut " lruc truth o itz' - by 1 - I it JCL'S2 ' otbalQf2Ilac . ' Ban SC g .rew. Meet Ari- zonrlt ,l'IH1lIllIll, Clippers Ca- perky CLI-IN CLARK COLLI NS Cross St.. Rowley Clen I"l'hcre is a time for speaking and a time for being stilf, Activities: Track. J. V. Foot- ball, Intra-mural Basketball. ALICIA CONLICY 75l High Strcct l,ixlm "The charm and playlulness of her talk." Activities: Band. Clec Club. Mount Rural Players. C. A. A.. Student Council. En- llilffll-l'.V.S, Craduation lisher, Desk Clerk. Orchestra, Bas- ketball, French Club. Meet Arizona. Senior Reception Com. CFORCIC H. COX 236 IVIain St.. YV:-st Newbury Lefty "A truly civilized man has no enemies." Activities: Soccer. Basketball. Football. Baseball. Track, Honor Society. French Club. llitch-ess. ,X if it B R RA CIIRRAN 2 High treet Barb A ile for every friend, a f nd for every smilef' Activities: Band, G. A. A., En- aitch-ess, Graduation Usher. ANGELO GEORGE DAGRES 1236 High Street funior "Money is like an arm or leg - use it or lose it.', Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Track, Lelawala, Clippers Capers, Junior Prom. Com., Football Spotter, Football Mgr., Treas. of Homeroom. Glee Club, Sr. Rec. Com. MARION A. DALTON 301 High Street May 'gShe was made for happy thoughts, for playful wit and laughter. Activities: Basketball, Lelawala, Pen Art Club, G. A. A., Grad- uation Usher, En-aitch-ess. Softball, Treas. of Home- room, ,Iunior Prom. Com. NATHAN LOUIS DIAMOND 17 Elm Street Nat "Tomorrow's just another day." IS M. DICKEY 1 High Road, Newbury oris "A gra hart, ang Sish ri - ' g A vitie ' esk Q, Mount Z' Ru' Pl , Basketball 0 r., Che eader, 8. : . A., Class icer In -mural Spqts, fm , Pen Art Club, Ba om., Junior Prom. Com., reas. of Stu- dent Council, Modern Dance, Field Hockey, Lelawala, Clip- pers Capers, Graduation Ush- er. .IOANN T. DOW 2 Ashland Street I0 uShe's little but sheis wise. She's a terror for her size." Activities: G. A. A., Chorus, Banner Com., Field Hockey, Saving Stamp Clerk, Intra- mural Sports, Pen Art Club, Graduation Usher, Mount Rural Players, En-aitch-ess. MARY ELIZABETH DOYLE 19 Fair Street Betty "The very room, coz she was in seemed warm from floor to ceilin'.,, Activities: G. A. A., Band, Bi- ology Club, Treas. of Home- room, Grad. Flower Com. MARIE ANNETTE DUMONT 85 Water Street N utsy "Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness, a11d all her paths are peacef' Activities: Graduation Usher, G. A. A., Glee Club, Chorus, Mount Rural Players, Intra- mural Sports, Photography Club, Biology Club, Senior Reception Com. MARTHA JEAN EDGERLY 136 Main St., West Newbury Marty 5 HBe silent and safe. Silence never betrays youf, Activities: Glee Chub, Mikado, I. Pinafore. HERBERT GILBERT EDWARDS 16 Oakland Street Shorty HA man of gladness seldom falls into sadnessfi Activities: Track, Basketball, Football Mgr., Mount Rural Players, Stage Crew. MARY ANN EMERSON Main St., Rowley Mau "She may be quiet and demnre, Maybe -- but don't be sure." Activities: C. A. A., Clee Club, Chorus, l,elau'ala. Intra-mur- al Sports, Pen Art Club, Mount Rural Players. DAVID A. ES'l'ARRUOIiS Sl Purchase Street Dare 'iLife is just one darn thing alter another." Activities: Riology Club, lfrenclt Club, lntra-mural Basketball, Rand. Honor Society, Grad- uation lisher. RICHARD li. FOLEY I9 Chestnut Street Dick "Let nothing come between sports and me." Activities: Football, Raseball, Track. Intra-mural Rasket- ball. ALAN AR'I'lltlR FOWLE 12 Myrtle Avenue Al "Better a had excuse than none at all." Activities: Football, Track, Mount Rural Players, Riolo- gy Club, Student Council, Clee Club, Chorus. Lelewala, Clippers Capers, lntra-mural Sports i:UoENE.r1iAN'kL1N FOWLER ,Ist St., Rings Island Cenex 4 "Often a silent, face has voice and words." . Activities: St-age crew. A. N. 'I'. S. Treas. MABEL FLORENCE FOWLER Cerrish Rd., Salisbury Mae 'cShe has blushes and attractive eyesf, Activities: Clee Club, Photog- raphy Club, Craduation Ush- er, Biology Club. NORMAN DANIEL FRAM 162 High Street N o rm. t'I'd rather be short and shine than be tall and cast a shad- ow." Activities: Glee Club, Mount Rural Players, Chorus, Bas- ketball Mgr., En-aitch-ess, Clippers Capers, Lclawala, Pres. of Mount Rural Play- ers. THOMAS ARTHUR FRASCONE 172 State Street Tom I shall be like that tree, I shall die at the topf' Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Library Assistant, Pres. and Historian of Soph. Class, Pres. ol' Junior Class, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Graduation Usher, Art Club, Senior Reception Com., Hon- or Society, Student Council. ROBERT JOSEPH CALLAGHER 12 Vernon Street Bob Quiet, but missed if not present." SHIRLEY ANNE GALLACHER 18 Auburn Street Shirley The well of true wit is truth itself." Activities: Mount Rural Play- ers, Senior Play Reading Com. PlMiXIANlllCl, D. CARAND Wvalton St.. Smithtown. N. H. Turk t'If principle is good lor any- thing. it is worth living up 99 to. Activities: Football. Track, French Club. Biology Club, El!-Ill'ft',l-USS. VIHCINIA IIAIC CARFI 350 Bridge lid.. Salisbury Ginnie c'I'lveryonc succeeds with a sweet. and cheerful disposi- tionf' .IANICIC ANN VCILMAN 12 l"air Street fan "Angels are painted fair to look like you.'7 Activities: C. A. A.. Mount Rural Players. Desk Clerk, Marshal StaFf. Clippers Ca- pers. l,eleu'ula, Craduation lvsher. Treas. of French Club. Student Council, As- sembly Com.. Record, Mod- ern Dance. JOANNE CLAIRIC CIHAHD I7 Hancock Street fo Nliucli thing in its place IS -4 best. Activities : Clippers Capers. RICHARD JOSEPH CIHAIID 17 Hancock Street Dick "Let us then be up and doing." Activities: A. N. 'I'. S.. Stage Crew. Q EARLE H. CIRROIR Main St., West Newbury H1-rm '4Always full of Iun you bet. ,lust the boy you wonit forget." Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Pres. of Soph. Class, Junior Prom. Com. , I . WM? ONAIQIJ Gil ifttifilrbrfxntt W? Z ,W SLIRT 'is what ou choose to lfflklltittb make it." Activities: Caf. Worker. NANCY IOLA COULD 220 Main St.. Wlest Newbury Red uSilence is a great peace mak- er.', Activities: Softball, Chorus, Mikado, Treas. of French Club, Clee Club. RICHARD BARRY COULD Meeting House Hill West Newbury Dick HEVUIYOIIC is responsibe for his own acts." Activities: E -ait X y W FR ARD K5' i TDSTROM 6 ain St., Rowley dj Frank GTO generous souls every task is noble." Activities: En-ailch-ess. Honor Society, Craduation Usher. 05 ,vu . 'ITIOMAS-'lfIJNVAlt'lJ HALPIY Brirlgt' llnclq. Salisbury A Twlzi --'ro know hirn iw, iikt- ham? Avtivitil-sz Barn-ball, Football. lntra-muiral Sports. lll.IZAI3I'I'l'll ANN HAlNLl'iY 9 llulton Strvvt lfvlx "Coocl-natttrvcl, kind. and t-wr willing." Avlivilivs: C. A. A.. Clvt- Club. Sw. ol l"r1-nr'h Club. illvvl .'1l'l'ZlIIIll- Clippvrs Cupvrs. Illll-flliffll-1'.Y.Y, Chorus. Lvl!!- ll'lllll, Mount llural lllayvrs, Nnrst-s' Ulliw Assistant, liowling 'l't'am. JACK MUlllllS HAHNCII 123 Stall- Strvvt llurrzvlzizf "Lilo is ont' long prot't'ss oi gf-tting tirorlfl Avtivilivs: l"oolball. liaskvtball. 'l'rac'lc. Clippvrs Cupvrs. Lf'- llllflllll. Studs-nt Council All.. tile-1' Club. Chorus. l'A'l'lllClA ANNIQ HAWKICS 2 Dalton Strt-ct PIII "What pt-rson van valvulate on what a girl will say or clof, At'tix'itit's: C. A. A.. Mount llural l'layv1's. tile-c Club, llvatl Cllvt-l'l1'atlc-l'. liaslwt- ball Mgr.. Capt. ol J. V. liaslwlball. liannwr Coin., junior Prom. Com.. Trvas. ol Home-room. lntra-mural Sports. lfivlrl Hovkvy. Mod- vrn llanvv. l.f'lr114'r1l11, lmlis llhulrz' l'p. Cracluation llshvr. ZICLMA llUlllS HAWKIQS 22 Yvoocllancl Strvvt Hlllllly "'l'ln' wrong way always st-vins tht- mort- rvasonalmlt-." Avtivitivs: Chorus. Clem- Club. Mnsit' Apprvviation. 66 as ANNE HAWKICSWORTH W'0tln-rslic-lcl St.. llowlvy .flnniv uSoltly spvak. swvt-tly smilvf' Avtivitivs: Clvo Club. Vic-1'-l'rt's. of Pc-n Art Club. C0llNl'il,lA llHODl1IS HAWKINS Haw-rhill St.. Rowlvy "A girl thoughtful and rt-svrvccl of mannvr.', Activitivs: Cla-0 Club. Fra-ncrh Club. Honor Sovivty. El lZAl3l'l'l'H ANN ICN 'ISDN Hai ' vv., liowlvy Hvtly Tr ' 1 is the prim- of 1 Jpl c. tivit Honor Sovivty. C. gs A. A.. llvslx Clerk, lntra- mural Sports. Cleo Club. Pen Art Club, Trvas. of Home- room. Junior Prom. Com., Modern Dancv. ltll'l'H ANN HICN IJICRSUN 36 Marlboro Street Rllillzfd And thv night shall bv lillvcl with music." Avtivitivs: Clvo Club. Dvsk Clerk. C. A. A. All'l'Hlllt ICIJWARIJ HOGAN 19 Olive Strvvt llogir' "Hr-is a sure card." Avtivitivs: Stagv Crvw. A. N. ill. S.. Clvt- Club, fllvvl Ari- 301111. m HARRIET ILANCEY I'I0IICH'I'UN 'J 16 Plummer Avenut I , TIIILLV 'LA good heart is lol-tter than all the heafls in the worlclf' Aetivities: Ii. A. A..,Honor Society. Iiaton Squad. Major- elte. Banner Com.. Library Assistant. tf'ltI-IDPIRICIQ CHARLES HIISSEY I Atkinson Street Fred "He owes not any man 5' Aetivitiest A. N. 'l'. H , E Y ' ' l:lWl-ITT W . ' 'F .U . I. . . ez' 5 ' t'BD t't'dSIOIl.,, Aalt-stats it tk Cl rk 1' A A JEAN ALLICN JtJLO'l"l'A -I Orange Street f 011 II ni e "I am at woman: what l think I must speak." Aetivities: Pres. of Honor So- eiety. Reeord. Ifre Club. Alvl 'I Ji N .IUNICS 3 es Strfet oppy " "u I o pe 1. III lun. A tit cn utr' ne I 'lx 1 tl o ' eti'1 es: . A 1A .. . sketh .. ' - i Mar- a I e r rea 0 c m P rl .h-I II.l. re' .T -' s. ' . 's. of . unt al Players. Intra- mural bports. Uifire Clerk. Pres. of l'Il't'tlt'll Club. Stu- clent Couneil. Cheaper by the lingen. Asst. Ifclitor of Clip- per Pllekel. IANICE ALICE IOUBIQRT 1715 Purchase Street lan HCreat thoughts como from the heartf' Activities: C. A. A.. Bowling Team, Desk Clerk. Honor Som-iety, Clipper Packet, En- aitch-ess, Glee Club, Student Count-il. Chorus. Graduation Usher, Home Arts. HICHARIJ H. KENT Main Sl.. Rowley Dick 'LCN-at men are not always wisef' At-tivities: Orchestra. Football. Intra-mural Basketball. I 4 7 EM D W thtr eld umor ian Marshal I onor Soc ietv DAVIS . I ,I ' U - Q' . ollc-IKBXI A an I JA t rien s fo er a fr' 9 I i A - : 'IL h'II, I ee . ofet 'ss Ro I . He' ' 5 ' , ROBERT EVEHE'l'T KNICELAND xVPIll0I'SF1l'ltI St.. Rowley' Hob MHeight is no clisadvantagef, Activities: A. N. T. S.. I. V. Basketball. BRUCE AHLEN KVNKEL 12 Chase Street Kunk MSO free. so kincl. so aptf, Activities: Band. HE ' CFIRTR Dj LAI-'OIC nl J Sli 12 Lin ll ree-t vlivilivs: lflvc- Cluh. De-sk wh ' is a wo o 4-of' N Clerk. Oflfi 4' Assistant. Jun- ior Prom. Com.. Mount Bur- al l'Iuy1-rs, Sluclvnl Counvil. Mrvl .4f'l.10lllI. Clipprrs Ca- pvrs. Rvvorrl. Honor Sovivly. Svnior Play Bvafiing Com.. Craflualion llshvr. Biology Cluh. lVlllSlf' l"m-slival. Crarlu- alion lilowvr Com.. C. A. A. hill-llifl'll-PSS. Assc-mhlivs. Caf. lvorkvr. l.f'l!lll'!lllI. junior Book B1'vi1'wvr. NANCY ANN LANCASTER 52 Washirigloli Strom-l Nancy 3A plc-asanl mixlurv of frivnci- lim-ss and sinm-rily.,, lctivilivsz Baskvlhall. C. A. A.. Honor Sovis-ty. Dc-sk Clerk. Clippvr l'ru'k1'l. Band. Mount Bural Plays-rs. Nursvs' Offivc' Assistant. Ell'llill'lI-INS. Trf-us. of Junior Class. Historian of Svnior Class. Junior Prom. Com.. Svnior Bc-r'1'plion Com.. Crarlualion llshvr. Crarlua- lion lflowvr Com. 'ATBICIA MABIH LAVOIPI 26 Fair Slrvvl Put Shi' would lalkg Lord. how sho lalkvdlu .1-tivilivs: Clive-rlvaclvr. Tri-as. of Homvroom. Marshal Stall. Svnior Bewplion Com.. C. A. A.. Reward. Savings Stamp llJ A'l X .urzoi Mill Road d Clerk. Appearai - dvm'c'ptivt'.i, ,lIiLlAN' LO D 1x9 MAH. 1 A 1 is good a lol . i fp 'vit'e De k i . onor y, IJ1 .sistanl. raduatio . her R 1 'fo 0 'ffl-nifty 9 -glow cfs!-vvvlio DUNN CHABl'.l'iS L0llNSBllBY High Sire-vl 9173757 'alVork first and lhvn rvslf, Avlivilivs: lliounl Bural Play- vrs. Svnior Play livafling Com.. Biology Cluh. Honor Sovivly. Cla-1' Cluh. Chorus. Dvlvaling Cluh. Iiillv Cluh. Band. MARC A Il lC'I' ISARICL Mas-l.l'lUlJ 60 High Str:-vl Pfam MA sw:-ol. illlI'ill'llYl'. kind gi'a4'c'." Avlivitivs: C. A. A.. Sluclx-nl Counvil. D1-hating Club. Pros. of Honor Som-ivly. 'l'rc'us. of Dfhaling Qui. i'il'f'lH'll Cluh. Eflitolxgoffl Rv rl. lxlarshal ,T taff, 1 oi nl urail lluyc-rs. I 1 is gAlnnf:N .- - 1 A. VAQEQSI: . .bfiin l., l-sl Nvwhury 7 JV"AlWa'sl'QH the- 'ln. looking tl' y-ilif l"!Af-lik im-s:fBaQn-llnall. Basc-hall. 'l'l'ac'k. .UCAN ANN lNlAlY'l'HUBN 6 Barlon Courl 101111 iiHl'dl' muvh. spvak lilllv. avl wisvlyf' Avlivilivs: Clvv Cluh. lk-sk Clvrk. Marshal Stall. Biology Cluh. Clipprr l'a1'kc'l. En.- f1iIc' fllc-vl .'1l'l.ZUlllI-. Clippvrs Cupzfrx. Pon Arl Cluh. Pliotograpliy Cluh, Cradualion llsln-r. Bannvr Com.. Mount Bural Playc-rs, Chorus. WILLIAM l"lll'IlJl'IlilCK . M RB 6-,pc - Ofhlilrzi -l.. ioyvlvy Kb -1 ,Inu N UA I f H carln-nlvr is kllQ A"vilivs: ' .. o Homf-room, ailvlz-ms. ALBERT E. MARSHALL 8 Monroe Street ALBY So lar as a man thinks he is freef, Activities: A. N. T. S.. J. V., Basketball. ln a ' Bas- ketball. Xli j H115-l"lW . -1 .. uryi n . ded and will 5 P 'a ' wasfi ! ' 'raek. lntra-mural Bask ball. Student Couneil. MARILYN ANN MOELYVEE Crane Neek St.. West Newbury M al Tit for sunshine and so it follows herf, Aetivilies: Clee Club. Pen Art Club. Ereneh Club. Mikado, Pinafore, Refreshment Com., Danee Com.. Softball, Bas- ketball. Cheerleader, En- aiiclz-ess. Craduation Usher Deeorating Com.. Clipper Parker. VALERIE CAROLINE V 10 Brooks Court A, 'al Une of the lnany to be ad- 07 - W MILLER f at , mired. to grant a ftavmg she's . 4. xi never too tll"t'd.,, ' Lf 1 Aetivities: Student! f'Counr-il, D.-sk Clerk. Flgiich pub, Photograph A lub. akfilee Club. s. Eu-Nl 1.-ess. Marsha . all. Honflzul Socie- ty Fiel Hockey, Nurses' Olliee Assistant. Pen Art Club. N ANN1.MA'RlE Momgrg 33 :leffers0r,1ESt1-S93 gi. Arm 5, 9 A . '0ne,-of the inapyr' to be ad- rnliredg 7156 is sire-et..6ute, and desiretlla' .' M-tiv'ities.:N'B'and, 'Desk Clerk, lMarshal star, Library As- sislilrit, Clipper Packet, C. -A. A,,v Refofa, softball, En. aftclr-ess, lg . P ff A liflllll'lfgl"ll ' 1 plllmnx DELICHT ' MARSHALL 3,1 ll Storey Avenue Ki lb Gloria Hwlhat sweet delight a quiet life affords? Activities: C. A. A.. Craduation Usher. Graduation Flower Com. X pq A L VIRCINT R A Haverh l e fl arm, A A ple ty of " A ..', ' iviti .. ark th Junior ' .. N a hal Staff. ra ' n ll r. Desk Hn qllxif- dI m has u ds ,g I . M WM Till En-aifclz-1 s. Clippers ei Jupers, Neel ,4r1':on.a. Pen rt Club. Banner Com.. C. . A. MARY ELIZABETH MERRILL Central Street. Rowley Berry Hin my merry Oldsmobilef, Aetivities: Pres. of Pen Art Club. llleet .4fI.lUll,ll,, Clippers Capers. Marshal Staff. En- aifcli-ess. Craduation Usher. Honor Society. JAMES ROBERT MITCHELL 20 Chapel Street Mimw "The nrst eighty years of a manis life are sure to be the happieslf, Aetivities: A. N. T. S. I Stree P rl-L BlfJHRII.L 'fl .5 hr: . 1 T J L tj Fw re M e s ihe wry orld in A'i ti ' tra-mural 1 DONALD JOHN MURPHY 3 Crvvnlvul Street Murph wrhough wt- can not out-vote them, wt' will out-argue the-mln Avtivitivs: Stuflvnt Counvil lit-p.. lnlru-mural Sports. Football. ICDVVARD JOHN MITHPHY 32 Moulton Strvi-t Murph Wlihvrt-'s u hopv for 1-wry wovf, Avtivitie-s: J. V. liaskvtball. intra-mural Sports. Track Mgr.. lluslwtbull. CARY ww It UHPHY ji ' S 9i"ll V 1254 .A , Hiaff' v only ont-s to f-gpg.. J. Mya AI'llVlllt'S1 Build. VINCENT A. NOLIN 351 High Strvet Vincvnt uSt't'Tl'l., anal st-ll-vontaixwfl. und solitary as unxystvrf' KAI" INF r:NCPi Nt Y Irvs-n ., liry L1,Rllll'll t l n r, uniijo waitf' Al-tivitivs flex- Clu . Chorus. C. A. A., Clipper Paclcet Typ- ist. fmlrizvalfl, Clippers Ca- pvrs, M001 Arizona, EIL-UIJZCIP vw "Wh- isH ,X A . 1 6 . ,. . -. - f f' 'fx-af' . Jlfh aff! JOHN JOSICPH tl'Kl+2lIl"I'I 20 Burton Strm-t, 'John I tn smiling." 1 llintl. Hl.FIANOIl JUANNIC iusoiv jiwg Of G , . . ,' 4, ,. I ., Q y , 'fait J Mx?i1,fA,24ll't-vi .fl A ' 'Y 4 on t.2J,fa.iL-lhitivt 4- ukv PW Aftivi vs: Ho r Sovivty, Dusk Cla-rk. Marshal Stall. Library Assistant, l'JTt'llt'll Club, En- 111'tc'lz-v.s.w. Graduation llslu-r. lil'SSlCl,l, MOlll.'l'ON l'l'IlliCl'I 7 llpluncl lloacl Russ 4'The price- of wisdom is above' rubiesf, Avtivitivs: Honor Sorie-ty, Rm'- ord llusinc-ss Mgr.. l"rcm'h Club. Mount liurul Pluyvrs. Junior Prom. Corn.. Stutlvnt Counvil. Crzulualtion llslivr. St-nior Play lit-zuling Com.. IL'n-11ilr'l1-ass. JOAN lVlAllll,YN l'l'illKlNS Rings ls.. Salisbury Pvrky WA rurv vornpouml of inystc-ry and funf, Avtivitivs: C. A. A.. Opvr1'tlu. Crucluution lishvr. llc-sk Clerk. Pllotogrupliy Club. Chorus. Bowling Tvaun. lfn- aitrli-vss, Marshal Staff. ln- tra-murul Sports. HDVVAIKD MAGIC Pllilf 257 Mvrriniut' Strvvt Pflfff' "lt is not knowing how. but being ablt-.H Avtivitivs: Stuclvnt Counvil, l"re-m'h Club. Honor Sovivty, liootlmll. Marshal Stuff. HAROLD EDMUND PINCREE 22 Collage Rd.. Newbury Pingee "A penny for your thoughtsf' Activities: Cal. YVorker. BEN HN FRED ' IFF 20 er feet n ' cas s h marked hat doth as ost en d Ac v' ' -2 A. . T. S.. Honor So .ety. Junior Prom. Com.. Senior Reception Com. PAY ixifxaclilfflf 28 cj K ut 5 'MT U if 1 mug ta . ?t a Great. sw'eet!6flerg2IbWlfA D Aetixtitie :V ,ee Clu3fl'll'e Art Club, ,.horus. Rio ogy llub. Meet Arizona. Clippers Ca- pers, Lelmcala. O. A. A. MARY LOU REILLY 13 Otis Place lllaggol "ll is not enough to do froodg one must do it the right way." Activities: Marshal Staff, Ras- ketball. Desk Clerk, Riology Club. Asst. lfditor ol Clipper Paelrel, Library Assistant. Cheerleader. HAROLD JOHN RICKER 28 Franklin Street Rick "Ry the work one knows the workmanf, Activities: Chief of Stage Crew, A. N. T. S. , Ts sae 5 6 5 EDWARD RAYMOND ROAF 113 Purehase Street Baron '4The world belongs to the energetif' man with an inde- pendent mindf, 7 Activities: Mount Rurffply- ers, Senior, Playvl' leadiR,5 ,I 7 Com., 1ii'9el.rdrRusincss . xy hy hav . w-T' X P AZPRIEIAQ SHIRLEY ug Home UD X 22 Hanoxgerigt.. ewlhary J'Jl'at MRs:jin9d as sugay.',J" AeLi-atieszk CleefClub. Desk Clerk. f'elau'ala. Clippers Ca- pers, Pen Art Club. Chorus e St, West Newbury , A Q, EAOEN PAUL Room 9 ?g , , : l gllllllillg 'Tlaiiy '- he who is contentf, e 'i ' s: Rand, French Club. Crew. J. V. Football. Mount Rural Players. Pres. i of Clipper Paelrel. lntra- ' mural Rasketball. Graduation Usher. En-aifelz-ess. Tr' -k. ,3 .RJ Hom-iris 5 ro . reet -fv AAN 'ILllfV "Theffsmile that doesn't come .A In O ' f VAP,'V " A ties: J. V. otball. Foot- ball, Track. Co-captain of Track team. NINA MARION ROGERS 55 Main St.. Ryheld Nine 'Tlnough work to do and enough strength to do that Workf, Activities: Honor Society. Li- brary Assislant, Graduation Usher. En-aitelz-ess. Marshal Staff, Photography Club, Biology Club. RlCHARlJ ASHTON ROGICRS 27 l"orrt-slvr Strve-t Dirk HAS inc'lint'tl lo misvhivl' us alvlv to. .At-tivilu-sc A. N. l. S.. Clw- Cluln. Maw! .'lfl',ZUIIIl. Tl'L1t'li. MARY C. ROSS 15 Tyngg Straw-t lgfglflll-li I in 'LA'.goofl laugh" if altirisliiifviivi 'at lhousuiii L f V, Avlivilivs: Wil-i'1'li-Ntifllir. Trvus. oi Sophf Clusf-if Homcroom 'lliw-a1:1llpf'r,AkSi-G, ,ol Junior czinfh' Insta.-115.111, tmiang TA-Lt5ltl?rl Mtlrsllullf' glyulli Fvsk '.,'Clcrk. Sturlout .l:0llg1l?,'f' flirt- "Assislant. C. AHA., Senior Rvr'1-ption Comf. lntra-mural Sports. lfri-nilf-li-vss. Fit-ld Hovkvy. Crzuluulion l'slu-r. CAROl,l'l ANNE SAYBALL 0 Nvptuni- Str:-vt Slrippvr 'SSlu- livt-s :intl laughs us only shi- vunf' Avlivitif-s: Ulm- Clulm. Chorus. l'vn Arl Clulm. C. A. A.. llvsk Clvrli. Cuiclunm- Ollivc' Ht-lpvr. Crucluulion llshvr. Clippers Cnprrs. Mvvl flri- sorm. Cul. Works-r. .lunior l'rom. Com.. Asst-nllmlivs. llPfVl'fRl,Y ANN SCOTT l6 Summit l'liu'v Sfnlly "lloorl-nuturwl. kinrl. unfl vvvr willing? Avlivitic-sz Ulm- Clulv. l"rvnr'h Cluh, Oi-sk Cl:-rk. C. A. A.. Crurluution lkhvr. EII-llllffll' vss. Honu-room Trl-ns. HENRY JOSl'Il'H SHARYCH 36 l"4-clvrul Strt-vt l'rof1'.Qsor 'All shoulcl ln- at pour-P." i Avlivitivs: Sora of A. lN. T. S. R l 'SSPILL H AMMOND SHORT l Higzhfivlrl Rd.. Nvwlntry Shorty G'Onv var it lwurdg at thc- other out it wr-nt." Avtivitivs: Trai-k. El!-!Ifl1'll-t'.W.V. ARTHUR l,Ol'lS JAlVll'lS SlVl'lTH. JR. 22 Ili-1-k Strvvl ' Smilly 'clfirst say to yourst-lf what you would lu-, und thvn do what you have- to do." Avlivitivs: Footlmull Mgr. JUDITH Pl4INlJI,l'I'I'0N SPRAGUPI Turnpike. Rowlvy Indy "All sludious yi-l in a joyous mooclf' Ar-tivities: Cla-v Clulm. MW! ,4ri:o1m, Svnior l'luy Rvud- ing Com., Trvas. of Honor Souix-ty. Crucluution llshvr. Marslnll Stull. Lihrurv As- sista t. Erzxlilvli-v.vs. ' TE IC lNl'f AND C 73 uin '. R ' fl Ian 'S qt on mukvs a wise- vufl. Activities: Mars .il StaH. De-sk Clerk. Honor Sm-it-ty. Ell- IITICII-PSS, Graduation Ushf-r. RAYMOND W. STANWOOIJ 235 Wuls'r Straw-I llookirv "Life is what you choose to make' it.'7 Avlivitic-sz E11-aitch-ess. Junior Ring Com.. Clfppefrs Capvrs, lntra-mural Basketball. KAIIIJCNE MAE STILLINCS 32l Merrimae Street Clziek HA girl of friendly ways". Aelivitiesz Photography Cluh. Chorus. Craduation Ilsher. l'A'l'ItICl'A MARY SITILIVAN 3 Cottage Court Sully ht ne V 1 like t all qw nd. ivities ' :pe Capers, , 1. A. . .lot I ral Play- MTS nd. C . YV . ,Hon- " I . ic istant. .ra lon I er. .Iipper 1' ' I. E1 tell-ess, Basket- lial. Fiel I-loekey, Intra- JAIVIES WILLIAM TUXBITRY 521 Merrimae Street Tux '6Cive me the wide open spaees.', Aetivities: A. N. T. S. 53. N , x I , ad 'et I HA yo sg not only in rt.'fi iH1ls: oothall, Baseball, d .ouneil. En-aitch-ess kt LA if-A J AC IELINE WA c, mural Sports. Treas. ol 20 fred Homeroom. lt J ki , V NBette tet nev . L ICMICIIY P. TODD A t ,ties 6 1 A P rt l50 itate Street l bk ort. 1d.QE ogy 'lmlry Cdl , C' J rs 1 S, Lela- HA good friend hl' malwsi ivala. E!-ailcll-f'.Q. A. A., .ivkre lu' 3lWi'YS lukfxs-H Treats. of Pen Art Ch J. Aelivities: Basketball. Baseball. Student Couneil. Freneh ,, , . , , Cluli. Junior Prom. Com., ll 4 RER LRHN and Senior lleception Dance W I A Com.. Lilmrary Assistant. of IOXZY Venul oral Busine N flrf. 'Nl 2' , 0? . . ,CW bf Y G- 6'-B with thyffgilt of laugh J ET. X40 of ' A 4435: P. Ilkfgtfipdob af B' tmrnnfi ei. grey " ,Nr ffijlllll f 'ialgnizlrp n Qllsrillilnit lveyo L I El.lZAl3E'I'H ANNE TI'liNBIlI,I. l2l High lid.. Newbury Reis 'A tender smile." Aetivities: Rweord Board, Clee Clulm. Graduation Usher, Mount llural Players, C. A. A.. hill-fIIlfCl1-PSS. Clippers Ca- pr-rs. fllvvl .4 rizona. Com., Desk Clerk lflz-111'lel1-ess. C. A. A., Cheer leader. Craduation Usher Intra-mural Sports, Photog raphy Club. 1 PATRICIA ANNE WHITE Moulton St.. Byfield Pat ' n0ft.ei1i a silent face has voice and wordsfi' Activities: Biology Club, Grad uation Usher. En-lziteh-css Stamp Clerk. Basketball, Junior DAVID NDNICS WDDD 92 Dromuvlcl Sm-vt IIUIY' HAI! lhv world lows u lou-r Avlivilivsz lfll-f1il1'l1-ms. CAlll,lfNl'1 D. YORK 29 lirmntim-ld Slrvvl Curl HAH is long! uml limv ll1'1'lll1gI.u .fxvliviliusr l'vu Arl Cluln. CONCRATULA'l'l0NS! 4 Tho Class of 1953 is llLlYllf'lllL1l'ly proud of its two outstumling sluclc-nts Y- xvllllillll Marr. Vill6'Clll'l0l'lLlll. und Jvun Jolollu. salu- luloriuu. Wfillizun. IlI'l'Slfll'Ill'0l.ll1l' A. N. T. S.. has lwvn in Ihr- shop lor lhv lusl llm-v yvursg Jm-an is gruduuliug from thc- vollvgwprvpura- tory 1-oursv and has lwc-u uvliw in a lurgv number ol' mira-r'11r1'im'11la um-livilios. Con- gI'illlllilll0IlS and lwsl wish:-s for voulinuc-ml slxvcf-ss l 5.511 .I f- ' . Y V41 t , v J' f rs ' , A V J D lf. J .dv I Q' , . UlCllAllD-fJOSlCPH Ln'-BLANC 21 Pxlrchalsc- Slrvel Ivrry "A moving l'illllillll't' twirmklvsf' lVlAlill,YN RUTH SPITRLINC Haverhill St., liowlvy "Who lwlie-ws that c-qual grace Cod 1-xle-mls in vvvry plum-P." Aclivilivsz Ulm' Club. Chorus, Pvu Art Club. fllf-vt Arizona. 27 BULLETIN 4107 PERIOD 5 March 2, 1955 PUPILS: 1. Chorus rehearsal period 5 tomorrow and every Tuesday in the auditorium. Members of the chorus are to report to the auditorium directly from period 2 class: do NOT go to homerooms first. The bulletin will be read there. 2. Monday's and Tuesday's main dish will be interchanged. 5. En-aitch-ess Advertising Staff will meet in the cafeteria at 10:15 today. 4. All seniors will meet in the auditorium at 1:45 today. fTeachers who have senior classes period 7 will please accompany groups to the auditorium.J 5. Wednesday at 6:50 N. H. S. Basketball Team will play Dartmouth High in the semi-finals of the Bay State Tournament at Lynn. Any students interested in a special students' bus are asked to sign up with Mr. Bresnahan today. Price of the bus will be 75c, tickets for the tournament 50c. 6. En-aitch-ess Write-Up Committee meeting period 5 today. 7. All senior lettermen in football and senior boys who won letters last year in baseball, basketball, and track are asked to meet very briefly in 502 at 2 o'clock today. 8. Girls who bowl will please meet in the gym at 10:15 today. They are B. Scranton, L. Akerman, D. Wein, M. Zartarian, M. Ross, V. Smith B. Kezer, P. Doherty, N. Boyle, P. Sullivan, J. Gilman, D. Dickey, J. Glynn and S. Smith. 9. The Heart Fund is conducting its annual drive. Seniors may leave contributions in room 205, juniors in 511, sophomores in 510, freshmen in 102 and the Vocational School in the V. S. Office. TEACHERS: l. Low Standing Notices will be sent out this week. Please have them in teachers' boxes in the office Thursday. Homeroom teachers will address the envelopes and leave them in the office Friday. 28 Auld Lang Syne 'l'lu- lflziss ol '53 sturtm-rl on its long: und uu'n1ora1l1lv jouruvy through N1-wlulryport lligfh Svhool ou Sc-ptvmlu-r 7. l9l'3. Wa- worm- all 1-will-ml. auul sonu- ol us wore' at littlt- fright- vm-rl. wlu-u wr' lirsl vunu- to Newburyport High. That hrst day ol woutlr-ring what tm-uvlivrs we would lli.lXl'. who would hr- in our vlussm-s mul what ut-w pt-oplv wt- would mt-vt is now hut an poignant mt-mory. Our larsl 1-lass lII4'1'llllgI wus rwlcl on Nan-zulu-r 3. l9l9. ll was ut this nu-vtiug that wt' mvt our m'w'ly-0l1's't1-cl rluss ollir'4'rs mul our vluss aulxisor lor tht- yt-ur. 'l'lu-y wfvrvx prvsi- ale-ut. N-il Wilv: xi1't--pn-siclvlit. llir-lulrml l"olt-yg sm-1-rt-ta1l'y. Marria- l'llunm-liurtlg tru-ustm-r. Auu Wuiswilos: lllSl0l'l1lll. Norma llolliug mul our uclxisor. Nlr. Lyons. 'l'lu- lirsl ste-p wv haul lo tukm- was tht' aulopliug ol ll vouslitutiou. Auothvr joh wus llu' svttliug ol tlu- amount to lu- puifl lor our vluss fluvs. Thr- vlass lu-lpml ou this prohlvm hy tlg1l't'l'ltIg to pay svn-lily-liw wuts lor tht- l'l'lllilllllll'l' ol that sr-hool yn-ar uml out' clollur vuvli yvztr tlu-rt-ultvr. 'l'h4- in-xt tinu- wt- mvt lor at 1-lass 1Ill'l'llltgI wus ou May 2l. WSU. 'l'his wus at lnrivl nu-t-ting ullorrliug llu- sm-rn-tary und tlu' trvusurvr tht: opportunity to rm-url tlu-ir auuiuul rc-ports. Un rm-turning to srhool in our sophomora- yt-ur. wt- volt-rl lor our um-w vluss ollir-c-rs. This task was muvh vatsis-r lor us this yt-ur us ww now wi-rv urqluiiuln-cl with tht- me-mlwrs ol our vluss. l"or tha- lirsl hull' ol' this your Nt-il Wlilt- was c'lvc't1'fl prt'sifl4'ul: KLlllll'I'llI1' Alll'SlLllllilll. x'i1'1--pri-sirlviitg lloris llickvy. Sl'l'l'l'l2ll'yI Nlury lloss. ll'l'llSllI'l'l'Z and 'l'homus l"rust'o1u'. his- loriuu. We- must hun- lu-vu an slvvpy class this your hc-vuusv wt' alicllfl llzuv um' rlalss mw'tin2's. ltlll vluss olliwrs w'vrv still . 1 m'lc'r'tm-rl uuclvr tht- rlirm-vtiou ol our vlalss Lulvisor lor thc yvar. Nlr. llull. Uur vlnss ollim-rs lor tht- lust hull ol tht- yl'LlI' wvrv pri-sitlvut. VIYIIUIIILIS l'il'll5l'UIll'I xi4't--pwsiclvlll. Dun Krivvlaliclg ll'l'LlSlll'l'l'. Nlalry lloss: historizlu. Nllflllil Collin. Wx' ws-rv ull glad to got luau-lc to svhool lor our junior your to svn- who would lv- our nu-w 1-lass advisor lor our first. rt-ully llig yn-ur in high svhool. This wus tht- ya-ar lor our ,luuior Prom. .tml now ws- w't-rv all vxvilvrl uucl anxious lor this important ulluir. Allm-r hzuiug 1-lm-1-tvcl our nvw ollicvrs, 229 Auld Lang Syne wr' livlfl onr lirst class nwi-ting on Urtolwr lfl. l95t. l.arl llc-al was our nvw prvsirlentg lloris llivkvy. Sl't'T'l'llll'y1 Nancy LLlllt'LtSl0l'. historian. Our vlass arlyisor was Nliss llalvh. This most important itr-ni at this nivc-ling was our Junior Prom. WI- clvvidvrl to harm- il. as usual. on 'l'hanksgix'ing Night. As wv l'0tllflllil all lu-lp to pl'i-paw this lmig vyvnt. wo agrs-val to haw two pvrsons lrom 1-avh homm-room 11-pn-si-:it ns. Alu-r tht- xoting had talu-n plan-in Ihr- lollowing wort' announwcl as thi- 4-ornmittm-1-1 Janvt Hif-liok. Angr-lo llagrc-s. lfarl llirroir. l'atrim'ia Hawkvs. H4-lr-n Lalov. ltnssvll l'4'irc'm-. l'iIllt'l'y Toclcl. Murivl Waltvrs. anrl litxllhlilllllll lllonll. 'lillis vornrnittvv to- gvthvr with tha' olliwrs worlu-cl wry hard and linally mailt- our .lnnior Prom a S1lt'1't'SH whim-li wc- will long I'l'ItIl'IlllN'l'. Anothi-r topic lor disvnssion at our lirst nn-vting was our long awaitvd vlass rings. Ml. Xlurnant- spokr- to us alrout haying school rings whirl: would ln- vln-alwr to liuy and r-asivr to choose in yr-ars to vomv. hut wx- yotvcl in our homo- rooms. altvr tht- mvvting. to kvvp vlass rings. Now wt- w'vl'i' all 1-will-cl about our rings. so wr' vhosv a ring vonmiittvv whirh invlnclvfl thx- following: Sonia CllUI'l'lliltllLtlt. Virginia Matt. Ailclrvy Jon:-s. Raymond Stanwoofl. and 'l'homas liashaw. Shortly altvr rm-tnrning lrom our l"vliruary yavation. it 1' yotvcl on our now vlass ollivvrs: Thomas l'il'LlSl'0Il1' was now our now p1'osi1li'l1t: Dan l'Qnv1'land was Ylfi'-lll't'SiCil'Illl Mary lioss. si-1'1'vta1'y: Nanvy l.ant'astr'r. tri-asiirt-r: anrl Norma Collin. historian. Our nc-w olliwrs worm- anxious to llllYt' our svvoncl vlass rnvvting. so ltlarvh 25 was svlwtm-rl as ilu- flay. llnring this nn-vting wt- le'arnm'tl that wt- liarl nramlv a prolit ol lorty-liyv dollars and ninvly-lixv vc-nts lironi onr Junior l,l'0lll. Hay Stanwoocl. the- vhairrnan ol thx- ring 1-onnnittu-. announwfl that our rings. w hi:-li wc- wort- all looking lorwarcl to I'l't't'lYlltg. would arrive- on Xlarvh 27. As lhv e-nfl ol tht- yvar was 1'l't't'IlltlgI up on us last. wo had to do somvthing ahout our svnior play lor thc- lollowing yi-ar. Hr. llri-snahan was aslwcl to ht-lp us with this prohlmn. Aftvr a hrivl clisvussion wr- votc-cl on a vonlrnittvv ol lixv to road plays and svlvvt tllv lu-st lor our svnior play. 'l'hv vom- miltov consists-fl ol AllflI'f'y ,lonn-s. ,lnrlith Sprague-. Don l.onns- hury. lrlclwarfl Hoal and David lfstalirooks. 30 Auld Lang Sync ,-'Kllllllll-l' llig 1'X1'lll lvl' lllll' Qilllllill' yl-all' mls lxy llily. 'l'llis lls llll' lllANl llllll- ul- hl'l'l' Ill'l'lllIllt'll Ill Lllll'Il1l llll- lxy Dil, 4l'l'4'lllUIlll'5.llllllU1'N1'l'1'llll MUll1ll'l'lllQ xxlllll lxy llily sigllllll-ll. l'lll'Il l'lllNHll'll Xtllllilllilll. llll- sl-llilll' vlzlss 'll'4'rllll'Ill. lll-flivlllvll . . l V llll- lu illlilIll'l'hl'Ill1'tllllI'll'1lXH'llH4lIll'l'lLlSs Ill'1'5lfl1'lll. lllollllls l'l'llsl'lllll-. 'xll4'l' il1'l'1'IlllllQl llll- llwml-l illlil l-xll-llllillg' lll-sl uislll-s llll' llll- llllllI'1' lll llll' Llllss lll 52. ul- I'4'llll4Il1'll Ill lllll' ll4llIl4'- mills. lll llll lllllt' all alll. ul- llilllllll lllll'sl-lws ill Ulll' lllllsl lllllltllllillll WWII' llll' f1'Lll' ul- will Llll l'1'llIl'llllH'l' llll- lllllsl, als ul- lolllx zlvlx UII lllll' lligll svlllllll lxllw-l' lllll' sl-llilll' yl'1ll'. lllll' vlllss lllxislll' lllll lllis lllg N1'ill' ulls Xllss llllllllls. :lllll lllll' llllil-4-l's llll' llll' llrsl llllll ul' llll- Yl'ill' ul-rl' llill'l llmll. Ill'1'rlll1'lllZ 'l'll1lllllls I'l'1lFl'4lll4'. xil-ll-Ill'llsilll'lll: li2lllll'l'llll' Xlll'FlillllillI, Sl'1'l'1'lill'f'l llllllvll xfllthlll. ll'l-llslllw-l': Nllllrw l,illl1'2lrl1'l'. lllslllrlalll. fllll' lIl'Sl 4-lllss lll1'1'llIlQ lll llll' f1'ill' ulls llvlll lu clwllll- Hll lllll' S1'llllDl' lla-wlllioll. llllllllllilll-vs llllll lll lll- l'llUs1'll. illlil llll- llalll- llllll Ill lll- lll-l-illl-ll lllllrll. .'Xl'll'l' lllllvll 4llsl'llSSlIlg. lu- lllllllly llvl-illlwl llll Uvllllwl' ll. VX l-llllllllillvv mls 4'lltlSl'Il Ill lll-1'lll'lllll llll' -'xlll :lllll Ill Illillxt' Nlll'l' l'Xl'I'Xllll1' Nlllllll llllxl' il Qflml llllll' llllrilly lll1'4lillll'l'. 'l'llls I'1lIlHlllllt'1' H115 lllllllv up ul' lull llvrslllls lllllll mlvll llollll'l'lllllll. llll-x XSl'l'l' Illl- lllllllxxlllu: l,illl'l1'lLl l,ll' xllill. llilll lXIll'1'l2llltl. Xlil-ill llllllll-x. 'xllilvlll llllulw-s, lil-lllgfl' flux. llllrls llll-lu-5. xlillf llllss. llllll l'lIl14'l'f Tllllll. tllll' sl-wlllll 1lilll1'l' lll lllll' ltillll U'2ll's all llifgll sf-lllllll lxlls il l-lllllllll'll- Slll'l'l'SS ll'UllI llll lllllllls lll kll-ls. YM- lxll4'N ul- XXl'l'l' I'l'illlf 5l'llllll'F XXlIl'll llll' llllll- 1'illlll' ln lllllllsl- llll' lllllllllgl'lllllll'l' lllbl' llllll glllllllzllillll llil'Illl'l's. Alllvl' lllIlXlIl2 llll- sillllllll' IIl4'llIl4l'N ill llll- 2lll'UXl'. ul- lull-ll Ill llllu' l,lll'illg Slllllills llll llll' ullllx, lllll' lllllslllwl llil'llll'l's lll'l'iu'll. llllill lIllIf'll illIlll'lIlJlll4lll illltl l'Xl'll4'llll'lll. -lllSl ill Iillll' llll' l,lll'lhllllil5l 'llllv llvxl llig lDI'0lll1'IIl ill lllll' svllilll' f'1'ill' mls lllll' svllilll' IllilY. XM- lliltl llll'l-llllx' 4'llIlr1'Il il lll-llll'l- tllll' lllllss llI4'K'llllgl llll lll-11-llllwl' I. Nm Nll. lllwsllllllllll llllll Nllss llrlll-lx XH'l'l' lllllli- lllgj' lm' llll'l'R1Sl. llllll lblllf xl 21N lllllllslllllllls vlllsslr. "5lll' slllllps In illllllllll-l"', xxllil-ll lllllrl lll' llh llllll sllIlllt'll ill lllll' lfllglisll llllssl-s. .-X ll'1-lllvlllllllls illlltblllll lll Xllllllx xxlls lllll lllltl llll- llrvll- llxllillll ell' lllll' lllllv. 'l'lll- llllllllvilx f'Ulllllllll1'l' llllll lo llllllxl- Jil Auld Lang Syne pllsll-rs illlll Illlhl Sll0l'l lllwllls lll lllv llilllf lllllll'llll Ill l'lll'lllll'LlQl' r Y llll' sllllll-llls ll: Lllll'Il1l. lllvy illhll llllll lu lllll llll Llll llb5l'Illllly lm' llll- ullllll- sllllll-lll lllllly. lfxl-l'yllllv llill l't'lIll'lIllll'l' llll- Slllbfl skit illlll lll'l'x'll-lx' ol llll- Illily. XM- L1l'l' sllrl' ull IlllISl llllw' slllll lllilllf' llvlwls lla il Illl'l'l'l l4l'SlIll ol llll- SlllIlt'IllS' Sl'l'lllQ lllia ilSS1'llllPlY. lllll' Illllf' mls llllillly lllll lbll llll' llll- lllllllll' Ull .lull- llillf' lXXl'Illy-llllI'll :lllll lXNl'lllf-llllllflll. Xlillly lwllllll- l'ilIIIt' illlll l-lltlllyl-ll llll- In-l'llll'llllllll'l-s. Allvl' llll' t'Xl'lll'lIlt'lll ul' lllll' Illily xxllf ml-l'. lu- 1-ll-l-lvll vlllfs llllll-1-ls lllll' llll' l'l'Il1ilIlllll'l' lll tllll' svlllml j,'ll:ll'. Xlll lllllvll , . . , lll Ll Vllilllgl' lxalw lllllllwzllllll. lllllllgfll. us l.Lll'l ll1'Lll llllb l'll'l'le'll lll'1'hlll1'lllC 'llllUIllilS l"l':lsl'fllll'. Xl4'l'-lDl'K'hllll'lIl1 XlIlI'll'l XxLlll4'l'S. Sl'l'l'4'lLll'f'1 llolll-rl xflllllll. ll'l'ilFlll'K'l'1 Xillllf llillll'ilSl1'l'. lllf- llll'lllll. llllrlllg' llll' yl'ill' llllllllll'l'l'f lvI'Ull1 llll- vlalsf llllxl' lN'l'll lsllrliillg Ull Ulll' vlllssllmllx. ,l'lll'y llllll- lll-1-ll llllllxillg lliligvlllly alllll XXllllllQlf' lu lllll lllll il gllllll lllmk lol' llll' rvsl ul lllv l'lilSS l0f'l1l'l'l5l1L1S Ll l'1'lllllllll'l' Llllll Ll SUllXl'llll' ul' lllll' Slllf' all N. ll. 5. Al Ll 1-lllss II1l'l'llllQ' Uillxlf' ill Xlill'l'lI Nlr. Xlllfllilllt' lllllllllllll-ml llllll llll' l'lllllflil'lol'lalll ul lllll' vlllss lllls xxvllllillll Xlilll. lll llll- XUl'illI0l!Lll Svlllllll. :lllll llllll llll- Silllllillllflllll xllls ,ll-llll llllllllll. ill llll- 1-lllll-gl' lllllllllllllllllw' l'Ulll4Sl'. Wl' llvllrlilx' vllllulmlllllalll- lll4'Sl' lull lllllblillllllllg :4l1lIl1'lIlSl Ull lu Qfililllillllbll l'l'lll'ill'N1llS, lxy lhly. lflllfs l3illll1lll'l. Llllss llalv. llllll vlllls llllll ullxlllsl ll xllllll lvl- lllllu' IIUXN llvllllxs lllfll lu- fillgillg. "All lllllll lu lblll' Allllil xlilll'l'lU W .K 'A 17N lf I fC ,f L , fl l , Xxx 32 We Bequeath Graduation is a special, gift-giving time, as we who are graduating this year are learning to our pleasure. Since we are told it is "more blessed to give than to receiven. we, the Class of '53, holders of valued and treasured possessions, wish to leave them behind as gifts, knowing that they will be cherished and handed on, in turn, to succeeding classes at Newburyport High School. To the faculty we leave our many thanks and heartfelt appreciation for all their help and guidance. To the juniors we leave our knowledge and sophistication hoping they will put it to good use. To the sophomores we leave the front door so they, in turn, can have the honor of banging it as hard as we did. To the freshmen we leave our experience and skill in giving oral talks 'cause we know they will be as scared to give them as we were. g'Allie,, Briggs leaves to g'Pent', MaeBurnie his broad shoulders. g'Beth,' Brunel leaves to Mary Kent her colorful sweaters. Charlotte Bryant leaves to "Gerry" Smith her key to the third fioor girls' room so that she'll be the first to get her hair combed. Doris Dickey, otherwise known as "Daisy Ditchyn, leaves to allot" Stevens her surplus wardrobe. uDick" Foley leaves to uSandy,' McLaughlin his abitity to play football. Good Luck, "Sandy"! uLish" Conley leaves to Mary Frost her big, blue eyes. "Shirl,' Gallagher leaves to Frieda Rowell her wit. Anne Hawkesworth leaves to "Bev', Morrill her shyness. Helen Lafoe leaves to Leslie Landford her golden voice. "Ray,' Noyes leaves to Marcia Landford her size 2 shoes. Fay Pratt leaves to Mary Ann Thompson her beautiful posture. c'Pat', Sullivan leaves to "Rusty', Russell her ability to get along with everyone. "Dave" Wood leaves to "Joe" O'Keefe his way with women. They don't bite, L'Joe". "Moon Walters leaves to Jane Evans her deep dimples. Mary Ross leaves to Florence Adams her athletic ability. Gym isn't so bad, Florence! "Russ" Short leaves his best wishes to all intending to take U. S. History in the year to come. Karlene Stillings leaves to Allen Downer all of her extra dates. "Gerry,' Volpone leaves to Roy Kneeland the key to Volpone Motors. 6'Jackie,l Waite leaves to Carol Dow her ability to stay out of school so often and still pass. 'fBetty" Merrill leaves to Leah Elkins her Merry Oldsmobile. That will save you from pumping up those hills, Leah! "Bunny', Cole leaves to Ann Bingham her dog. Now you can start your kennel, Ann! "Coxie,, leaves to .lohn McGrath his quiet nature. '6Jan,' Gilman leaves to Melinda Morrison all her dates with that certain boy. "Benedict,, Arnold leaves to John DeWitt his swivel hips. Maybe that will help you on the basketball court, John! "Garl', Beal leaves to "Bobby" Murphy his fancy dribble. We must keep our famous basketball team equipped, "Bobby"! Evelyn Arthur leaves to "Kay,' Bartlett her silence. Maybe this will keep you out of trouble, "Kay". Phyllis Baker leaves to "Jackie" Welch her dangling earrings. "Cliff" Cain leaves to Melvin Alexander his ability to play chess. lt's a great sport, Melvin! "May" Dalton leaves Paul to !'Judy" Durkee. Maybe ,"Buss" won't like it, but . . . '6Kay,' Aurslanian leaves to Jean Short her favorite teacher. I guess we all know who that is, don't we? "Dick" Barker leaves to Edwin Wright his sparkling personality. We hope you'll get as far as "Dick', did! Norman Ceder leaves to Henry Graf his many freckles, Norman has them to spare, and "Ting" has room for them, so that seems like a fair swap. How about it? Joanne Dow leaves to 6'Barb'7 Godfrey her tardiness so that she won't have to waste all that precious time waiting for the doors to open. Martha Edgerly leaves to UCilla" Emery her large collection of match folders. The car will look rather bare withont them, won't it, Martha? "Art" Chaisson leaves to John 33 1' ., Sigh , .I-via I 1, .. ,F Q4 7 3 g li 4 BEST LOOKING MOST ORIGINAL CLASS COMEDIANS Robin Msw.Norw Arm Moore Foy Praff, AmgeNo Degree Earl Girroir, Pafricia Haw 9 MOST TALKATIVE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC Dfairkm Lwoie, Roberjr Armofd Fussell Peirce. Judifru Sprague Mary Ross, George Cox WITTIEST CUTEST S?W'ov G.111.agPwer, Ru.-X-'dl Man+erNar1cy Lancasrer, Edward Murphy fil Senior Poll we BEQUEATH McGlew his membership card in the Cam Snappers. That's one way of getting in, John! "Barb,' Curran leaves to Mary Beckman her ability to get along with teachers. It might help you, Mary! Carole Sayball leaves to Claire Sayward her cooking dish. Maybe 'gFred" would like some home-cooking, Claire! '!Dave" Estabrooks leaves to "Reef, Healey his fancy hairdo. Eugene Fowler leaves to George Cole his ability to play the guitar. Now you can have music too, George! "Poppy" Jones leaves to Joyce Crooks her riotous iaugh. It takes less work to laugh, Joyce! '6Jan" Joubert leaves to Maureen Callahan her handwriting. May you use it wisely, Maureen! "Peggy,' MacLeod leaves to "Honey,' Frost her long, curly horsetail. Jean Ann Manthorn leaves to Cynthia Papa her innocent ways. "Lenny" Rogers leaves to "Dick" Canepa his curly, red hair. Some change from a whiffle, huh, uDick'i? John O,Keel'e leaves to Pearl Chase his arguing ability. Boy, he can certainly argue, Pearl. Starr Todd leaves to Helen Streiff his well-known grin. Marilyn Spurling leaves to !'Pat" Palmer the tan she acquires each year in Florida. Jean Lord leaves to Loreli St. Jean her strong, right arm. "Bob" Gallagher leaves to 'SB0bi, Sheehan his hashfulness with girls. Too tame, huh, "Bob,,? '4Tom" F rascone leaves to Jon Gustavson his snappy clothes. You'll be the best-dressed kid in school, Jon! uTommy', Bashaw leaves to t'Ed" Mullen his hammer and nails. Use them wisely, "Ed". "Norm" Fram leaves to "Herbie,' Kilgore his dancing legs. Boy, you can use them, "Herbie"! "Jimmy", Mitchell leaves to Norma Jedrey his temper. Letis hope you can calm it down, Norma! Nancy Lan- caster leaves to "Charlie', Plummer the record, "Walking My Baby Back Home". Don't break it! "Dani, Kneeland leaves to a desiring junior the job of being head marshal. Make sure you tell him to wear his shield, "Dan',. "Russ" Peirce leaves to g'Hebel" Griffin his saintly manners. Use them wisely, "Iodine"! "Don" Murphy leaves to David Steer all his late slips. Letis hope you can keep up with his, 4'Dave',! '6Betty,' Hanley leaves to Mary Jean Smith her fits of giggles. Hope you can tame them, Mary Jean. "Spid" Marston leaves to Nigel Cadell his good looks. Putting the two together will make every girl's dream come true. Frank Grundstrom leaves to "Stalin Blanchard his all-around knowledge. Irene Chaisson leaves to "Pat,' McElligot her sheer blouses. '!Joe" Cole leaves to "Bob" lVIcAniif his blush. It goes good with red hair, you know. "Barb" Beal leaves to Donya Mussells her sunny disposition. 'GBarb" Cetlin leaves to Jean Chase her complexion. 6'Lizzie" Doyle leaves to "Pat" Duggan her blue eyes. "Herbie', Edwards leaves to "Willie" St. Cyr his long legs. Now you can give the tall girls a break, "Willie"! Alan Fowle leaves to Louis Andriotakis his love for the stage. "Bev,' Jewett leaves to 6'Barb" Lattime her love for strolling in the corridors. Now, "Barb',, you can look over the field! Jean Jolotta leaves to Harvey Robbins her large vocabulary. Better carry an unabridged dictionary too, Harvey! Jack Harnch leaves to Shirley Chapman his car. Now you can have races with "Ting", Shirley! "Pat" White leaves to George Gurney her ability to get along with people. Can you use it, George? Nina Rogers leaves her willingness to work on the yearbook to Beryl Redman. "Hookie" Stanwood leaves to Lawrence Clothey his "sharp" neckties. L'Jerry,' LeBlanc leaves to "Bev" Merrill his ability to master French. Now your troubles are over, NBev,'! Carlene York leaves to Clarice Kneeland her freckles. Donit expect a "thank youv, Carlene! "Jimi, Tuxbury leaves to "Bobby" Scott his ability as a machinist. Hope you'll like it, g'Bob". '4Betty,' Turnbull leaves to Alice Holmes the time which she spends taking singing lessons during school hours. HGinnie,' Garfi leaves to Donna Marion her seat on the bus. No more worries, 35 BEST ARGUERS MOST BASHFUL MOST TALENTED Tlwomas Frascone, Joann Dow Gerald Volpone, Barbara Beal Bruce Kunkel, Helen Lafoe DONE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL CLASS FLIRTS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Daniel Kneeland, Norma Coffin David VVoool, Audrey Jones Edward Pllce, Sally Blalce Senior Poll MOST LIKELY TO BE LATE MOST POPULAR Donald Murplrwy, Belly Brunel Doris Diclcey, Carl Beal 36 WE BEQUEATH Donna! "Jo" Girard leaves to Jeanne LeBlanc her short haircut. That's one way of getting your hair short, Jeanne! ,J "Turk" Garand leaves to "Hoppy', Hopkinson his wavy hair. '4TommyH Haley leaves to "Don" Knight his school books. Hope they are opened more often. "Don',! Jeanne Beaulieu leaves to David Rigney her dislike for homework so the rest of us won't be shown up on that Honor Roll. Norma Coffin leaves to Norma McCallum her office job. Glen Collins leaves to "Tommy', Bateman his quiet disposition. Annette Dumont leaves to Doris Dawkins her high-pitched voice. Mary Ann Emerson leaves to Annette Geoffrey her love for clothes. Mabel Fowler leaves to '!Pat', Elwell her blonde hair. Now you can have those blonde tresses if you want them, "Pat"! "Dick" Gould leaves to "Mousie" Makos his carefree manner. Hope you use them in a good way, !'Mousie"! Carolyn Brown leaves to Karlene Pettingill her short legs. Here are the pedal ewctremeties you no doubt have always wanted, Karlene! Francis Bradbury leaves to Paul Hersey his ability to cut meat. Paul, l think you could use it. '6Herm" Girroir leaves to Yvonne Randall his blue jalopy. Those miles will seem a lot shorter now, Yvonne! 'gDon,' Gladu leaves to Matthew Kiman his job in the cafeteria. You might find some free food, Matthew! Nancy Gould leaves to Dale Corbin her red hair. HDick" Kent leaves to "Jerry', Kelleher his seat in Problems. You can catch up on your sleep there, "Jerry"! "Donn', Lounsbury leaves to "Charlie" Guilford his speed. Now you can get to places in half the time, "Charlie,'! '4Russ', Manter leaves to Frank Gagnon his quick retorts. Joanne Pearson leaves to Janet French her quietness. This will make keeping quiet easier, Janet. 'cDick" Rogers leaves to Elliot Rowsey his deviltry. Maybe Elliot wonit want it, HDicki'! Emery Todd leaves to "Tucky" all his love. Janet Bichok leaves to Hazel Fish her quiet way of flirting. Go to town, "Fishie"! "Pat" Hawkes leaves to Joanne Ricker her book on Wfhe Art of Gheerleadingn. Youill make a good head-cheerleader, flow. Beverly Scott leaves to '!Gurt', Gerrish her pink, litera- ture book. Will you really miss it, "Scotty"? Nancy Boyle leaves to Joan Miller her tuna sandwiches. We hope you like tuna, Joan! Paul Roger leaves to "Joe" Fowler his 'csharpi' socks. You'll put everyoneis eyes out, g'Joe"! "Judy" Sprague leaves to June Plunkett her love for poetry. It's really romantic stuff, June. Carole Bizeau leaves to Joyce Howard her poodle cut. On you it will look good, Joyce. Zelma Hawkes leaves to Marcia Zaremba all her gum under the desk and chairs. It might come in handy, Marcia. Arthur Smith leaves to Alfred Marshall his favorite saying, HI didn't do any homework last night." Donit use it too much, "Al", Marie Blanchard leaves to Joan Brooks her long hair. You'll have to buy some bobby pins, Joan. 6'Betty" Henderson leaves to Joanne Follansbee her long, green stockings. It may be the rage. soon, L'Jo". Henry Sharaych leaves to 4'Frani' McLaughlin his Blonde hair. Quite a change, huh, "Fran,'? "Sally" Blake leaves to 'gDick" Donnelly her brains. We aren't insinuating. uDick',. Arthur Hogan leaves to Joyce Hilchey a saw and some wood. That will start your house, Joyce, "Bohn Kneeland leaves to nDick', Morrill his lull length. ltcs nice to be tall once in awhile, L'Dick". "Pat" Lavoie leaves to Joanne Buckley her shorthand ability. Speedy, huh? uliillyi' Marr leaves to a worthy junior his office of president of the A. N. T.S. lt's a great job! "Jini" Matt leaves to Anne Evans a needle and thread. We know you love to sew, Anne! Paul Morrill leaves to John Bowes his band uniform. Horrible fit, huh, John? Vincent Nolin leaves to Sylvia York his bike. Maybe you can keep up with him now, Sylvia. Joan Perkins leaves to "Pat'i Webster her bowling ability. You should hit two hundred a string now, "Pat". Edward Pike leaves 37 MOST DIGNIFIED SHORTEST - TALLEST BEST DANCERS nice Cole, Edward Reel Paeierie Noyes, Bob Krieeland Selly Herwderzori, Norman From MOST DEPENDABLE CLASS DREAMERS WOMAN HATER - MAN HATER ld Loimsbiiry, Pal Sullivan Dick Foley, Alicia Conley Roberl Gallagher, Nina Rogers Senior Poll 38 WE BEQUEATH to "Doug" Rowe his assembly experience. We noticed you enjoyed the stage, 'cDoug". "Maggot" Reilly leaves to Margaret VanAmburgh her pretty, plaid skirt. We hope we'll see it gets some more wear! Harold Ricker leaves to Ovila David his love for English! Pat Robichaud leaves to Inez Morrill all her library time. Silence would he too much for you, lnezl Ruth Henderson leaves to Carol Gleason her long, brown locks. "Fred" Hussey leaves to John Welch his love for woodworking. lt's a great pastime, John. Harriet Houghton leaves to Carmen Lattime her ability to twirl a baton. Some day you may be at the head of that squad, Carmen. Bruce Kunkel leaves to Paul Reilly his ability to play the piano. Now, you can entertain that certain girl. Paul. 6'Rod" Lewis leaves to David Macliae his seat in 207. i'Albiei' Marshall leaves to George Sherman his love for red. Got to keep it in the crowd, you know, George. Marilyn Mclflwee leaves to Arlene FitzGerald her biology notebook. Look at all the work it'll save, Arlene. "Easy Edw Murphy leaves to HBobby', Locke his position on the basketball team. Carry on, "Hobby", "Ben" Plouff leaves his good nature to John Thurlow. It will get you a lot of friends. John. "Eddie', Hoaf leaves to Richard Holmes his briefcase. lt's easier on the arm, '6Dick". Gary Murphy leaves to "Fred" Prebble his test tubes in chemistry. Now you won't have to hunt for them. Anne Moore leaves to Carol Leary her marshal post. Now you have two positions, Carol. g'Val" Miller leaves to Harry Fish her seat in German class. German's so easy, Harry. "Junior" Dagres leaves to "Ronnie" Lounsbury his countless number of sweaters. ':Cornie', Hawkins leaves to 'tSandy" Meyers her drawing ability. Jeannette Standing leaves to Ada May Holbrook her desk job. Thatis one place where you can stay in the dark without being found, Ada! Nathan Diamond leaves to Sandra Webber his short walk to school. We know you'Il appreciate it, Sandra. "Rich" Girard leaves to "Albie" Buzzell his ability to understand French. Gloria Marshall leaves to Donna Tait her husky voice. And hnally, Harold Pingree leaves to Fred Maffuire his scorn for women. P7 The Class of 1953 departs from N. H. S. to become a part of a larger body - the alumni. In leaving behind us these gifts, of little intrinsic value, we know we have provided the wherewithal for the continuance of the school spirit and traditions be- loved by all graduates of Newburyport High School. e , dh, 1 sl ff A fi L 1? " i, Y I! ft fi -r . I - -1A JL S 39 She Stoops To Conquer Many Share Critic's Praise: NHS Senior Creditable S By BILL PLANTE As she has, ever since Oliver Goldsmith wrote the play in the last century, "She StOOp-ledl To Conquer" again at the NHS audi- torium to the delight of a large first night audience. Performed in a realistic setting which reflected the efforts of stage and property crews and the art de- partment. and with the participants beautifully costumed. the play transported the audience into the late 19th century life of a country squire. Roaf Delightful And what a country squire! One of the chief delights of the per- formance is Edward Roaf's por- trayal of Squire Hardcastle, whose jollity is strained more than some- what by the rudeness of Young Marlow, effectively played by Rob- in Marston. Marlow's rudeness is born of a misunderstanding created by the mischievous lout. Tony Lumpkin boor of the moors. played with gus- to by Alan Fowle. Tony, while in his cups at the Three Pigeons, di- rects Marlow and Hastings, to the home of the squire, which he des- cribes as an inn. Thus, both Mar- low and Hastings mistake the squire for an innkeeper, and the misconception plays havoc with the squire's decorum to the rib-tickling entertainment of the audience. Jekyl-Hyde Reaction ..The love interest in the play is provided chiefly by Marlow's Jekyl and Hyde reaction to women in sep- arate social stratas. He has no dif- Hculty with barmaids and such. in matters of boldness and success. but freezes in the presence of "modest" women of culture. As Kate Hard- castle, the young miss who stoops from her lofty position to deceive Marlow as a housemaid. Bernice Cole is charming. Her blond beau- ty set off by exquisite costuming, a merry twinkle. and a relaxed per- formance are captivating to one and all, the bashful Marlow includ- ed. As the secondary romantic inter- est, Hastings effectively played by Russell Short and Constance Nev- ille, played by vivacious Patricia Hawkes, complicate the plot by try- ing the patience of the fiuttery Mrs. Play how Hardcastle, portrayed by Betty Hanley. In Minor Roles Adding color and body to the per- formance were the many members of the cast playing minor roles. These included Paul Roger as Young Marlow's fathcrg Jack Harnch as "Diggory," Joseph Cole, as "Dick," Richard Barker as "Rog- er." Norman Fram as "Stingo," William Marr as "Amenadab," Frank Grundstrom as "Dick Mug- ginsf' Richard Barker, as Tom Twist. Kay Aurslanian as a maid, and Audrey Jones and Nancy Boyle as barmaids. Both Richard Barker and Paul Roger doubled their roles, as noted above. Fram Gets Laughs Especially effective among the "bit" players was Norman Fram who brought roars of appreciation from the audience for his portray- al of "S,tingo." The play, as with all period pieces, is not an easy one for a high school cast to handle. Gold- smith's style calls for extremely fast-moving dialogue, fi!led with "gadzooks" and "forsooths," and there is many a tongue-tripper throughout. It is to the credit of the cast that it finished the five long acts, totalling seven scenes, in a little over two hours with dia- log lapses at a minimum. The performance was directed by Miss Olive Brock and Francis Bresnahan. The cast: Sir Charles Marlow .... Paul Roger Young Marlow ..... Robin Marston Squire Hardcastle .... Edward Roaf Hastings ............ Russell Short Diggory ............. Jack Harnch Mrs. Hardcastle ...... Betty Hanley . . . . .Bernice Cole Kate Hardcastle Constance Neville. .Patricia Hawkes Dick .................. Joseph Cole Roger ............ Richard Barker Thomas ....... ....... P aul Roger -Stingo .......,....,. Norman Fram Tony Lumpkin ........ Alan Fowle Slang ................ Joseph Cole Amenadab .......... William Marr Dick Muggins ..Frank Grundstrom Tom Twist ....... Richard Barker Maid .............. Kay Aurslanian Barmaids . ...,.................. . . ....Audrey Jones, Nancy Boyle 41 THIC N ICWHI 'Ili Ill DHT IIAILN NICWS SA'l'l'llIlAY. JANANY 2l The Future See Here- wc arc. in Junc 19753. on "'l'hc Clippe-ru. a cruia'-P lincr of the Port Collins Company owncd hy Clcn Collins. VV? havv just sailcd down the Hudson on tht- first lcg of a world tour during which we arc hoping. Iikt- all tourists. to mvct somconc wc know. The first thing wt- do on hoard is chcck thc passcngcr lists. Wc arc grcctcd with many uu- n-xpvctcd surpriscs. Among tht- pass:-ngcrs ahoard our ship are' such millionaircs as thc Misses ,loannc Uirard and Pal liohichaud. who always said the-y wantcd to "roll in dough." We have with us the- world-famous jockey. Dick Harkcr. who iss traveling to a military hast- in ticrmany. To our surprisv the gzrcat mt-te-orologist. Brucc Kunkcl. and his friend. Clifford Cain. who is working in chemical rcst-arch. arc aboard. Such wcll-known cnginccrs as Donn Lounshury. David Iistahrooks. Husscll Ps-ircc. lfmcry Todd. and Harold Kicker arc hcrc toog they arc going: to an cngiiir-crilig confercnce in Stockholm. Swcdcn. The-rc arc two world travclcrs. Sally Hlakc and Francis Hradhury. along with us. At our first mcal ws- nolitgc that thc paintings on tht- menu cards arc cxccutcd hy outstanding coinmf-rcial artists. Virginia Matt. Anne Hawkcsworth. Mary Ann lfmcrson. and Cornelia Hawkins. The' daily cvcnts announccmcut tclls us that lfarl Uirroir. thc succcssful coach ol the Holy Cross Grids. is in chargc of tht- rccrcation program on this trip. ll' wc had tht- spacc, wt- could tt-Il all tht- dt-tails of our ship voyagcg our primary purposc. howl-vcr. is to mcntion the pcoplc wc mct on our trip. Un dcharking. wc translcr to a nt-'arhy airficld. Un arrival wc have' to await tht- landing of a larfzc passcngcr plane. 'lio our surprisc. down tht- runway slcp cams' lit-vcrly Scott. a school teacher on vacation. and Prof. l'idward lloali. 'llhcy stop momcntarily to spcak to tht- shipis hostcsscs. Mary Reilly. and He-tty Hanlcy. ll. N. llc-tty 'liurnhull is alrvady in tht- group talking almout hcr dcstination. tht- lntvrnational lied Cross at tif-nit-va. Switzcrland. Captain Russell Short and Captain Arthur Smith are- pilot and co- pilot. respectively. of our flight, which to our discomfort. was cancr-llvd hy thc airlincis president and owner. Norman Ccdcr. 42 'l'IIlf I-'l"l'l'IlI-I SICIC l.1'ilNlllQ llll' illl'IHll'l lm' lllll' lllmlvl. lll- flop lll lllspl-l'l , . . , . llll- lll-llll-l-llllwll'lll'll-ll llllll-ll NilllHllS l.l'lll1'l'. lblllll lll llll' l lIlXl'l'Nill lllnllslrllvlillll lflllllllallll' lmllllll lll' Allslllll llrlugs. lll llll- llllllll llll llll-l-l llll- sl-l'llllll Xllltlillllt' lllll'l4'. llillxllilfil lll'1ll, lllllv llilF llISl lllallll- il MUl'lll-SllLlll1'l'lIlll lllS1'0Xl'I'l'. llls- l-lllfl-ll alll-illl-lllallll lll lllll' M'l'l'l'llil'S. lll-lll' lll-l'l'lll. l,Sl5SlllU ll lllwls l'llllllll-l' all llllllll lllll' slllll IlillPl'l'N from alll lull-l' llll- . , 1 llllrlll. lll' llIl'lx up ll l-llpl' lll llll- Nl-ll Xxllflll llIIll'S. llXNIll'll lll' xfllllll' Lllallxfllll. Yll- rllalll llllll l.l-llrgll l.llx illltl llalll lxlll-l-lalllll. lllslll'l'N lll' llll- llllslllll l':l'ilY1'S ill'l' lllll lll will llllx lll-llllallll llllN ll'QIl'. VU- illSl slill'l l'1'll1llllQ llll' ill4lli'll' Xllll'lI lllll 1llll'Illl'lIl lf lllsll'all'll-ll lll' slvllll- AIIIl'l'I1'ilIl Sillllbfb llll lvalll' .lllllll U'lxl-l-lla llillll Nllnrrill. llllll lYllll'lDlll'. Slllll Xlill'FllDIl, Nllrlllalrl l'vl'lllll, llllll llllll llilll1l2'lll'l'. 'l'lll-l' svllll IIS lll llll' lllsl lllbilll plllllil' l'l'lillllDllS lmllill- lll llll- l'.'S. .-Nrllll lll wl- llll- Nl-lllllll'llllll'llll's slallillllvll llll'l'l- Alilll l"llllll-. l'll'2I!llK lll'llllllflrlllll. llUllIIl'l' l.l-mis. llllfl xvllllillll Xlilfll alll . . l 1 l . lll' lllllllll Lll'l' lmllll'lll's lll llll' l . 5. AFIIIY. llll-V. lll llll'Il. alsli . . , . ' ' . IIS ll lll' kllllll lllall hgls. ,l1'ilII lDl'illlll4'll alllll lxlllllll' lllllIl1'llilI'll lll. llll- xXilX1'5illHl ,lllilll l1'l'lxlllSLlll1l l.Lllll'Ll Xxillli' lll llll- All' l'lUl'4'l' 1ll'l' allall lll llll' lvlilllillg. ,lllSl als lll' ilI'1' illilllll lll ll-alllz il ll'lll'li. 1ll'lX4'Il lll' xlilfllll' Slgl, llall Wlllllv. SlN'l'KlS Fllllll lll' lwl Axll1'I' lllt'l'X1'll4'lIll'Ill lll. lll1'l'llllQ alll llll'Sl' pl-lllllv is lull-l'. XS1'lIl'4' llilplll lll lllHll'll "'l'lll- lflillpl'l'N llgflllll. -Nl lllll' Il4'Xl slllll lll- gll lllI!lI1'1llilll'll' lll llll' ,-Xllll'ril'alll l.XIll1'5S llllll'l- lll llllllllll- lllltllll llll- llml'all slgllls. lllllmlll llll lll- NUI' llllrkillp lll llll' llllil-ll lllll ,ll'illl ,llllllllall Slll- ll-lls lls lll lillil' il rilll- illlll llll- l'4lllIlll'N WlH'l'l' lll- will sl-la il lLll'Q1'. lllillll l'allll-Il Ul,Xll1'll lll liil'llall'll lX1'Ill. As lll- lI1'ilI' il blllilll llllkll. lll- lllllill- ll Xlill1'll rllpalil' slllbll, illll lll Ulll' hlIl'Ill'lM' lll- llISl'lPXt'lA Xillllilll lllillllllllll llll' pl'llpl'll-llll'. Hll lllll' l'l'llIl'lI lll llll- lllll-l' lll- llllll lllall sllllll- lll-ll pals- NI'IlQl'l'S llilll' jllilll-ll llS. Nll flllllll-l' Lll't' wll slrllllillg illlbllg llll' Ilrlmllll-llallll- lll-lak lllll'll lllll- lll IIS slllxllls. "lll'llll, 'l'lllll llalll-l. lll' Ilalll-lll 51'I'lI lllll lllll il lllllu llllll-Y xxllill lull l'ill'lll llrlllgs lull lI1'l'4'! lll .l llllll llljl fallflllalll. X1 lllll lll .1 lllllsl lllll palll lll lll1'XllJl'l4l lllll l'alll llllllli lll. "lin lllll 5l'l' lllillll lll' lllll' lllll l'lilSSI!lillI'5. 'lllllllf' "XX'lll. ll-5: llllll llll- llllll-l' llall' I salll llllSS Nl2llll4'l' lll ' . ' .. .' ,- 'Xl-ll lurk. lll-5 Ll l-l'l'lllll'll Iblllllll' Sll'1'0lllllillll. lll1'l'l' ill'1' llllill- Rl l41'Kl lll' llll' girls lllall'l'll'll lll lllls lllll1', l'llll llllml. llllflllgl llll' Ililil l'l'lllA ill llll- lwlllrsl- lll llll' ll'llX1'lS. lull' Sl'l'Il Xlilflllll llilllilll. l'.X1'llIl 'Xl'llllll'. l,llall'llllll' llflillll. l,all'lll I X3 'l'Hl-I Fl "l'l'RF SPIE liizeau. Carolyn lirown. llaelene Noyes. jean Lord. Ann Moore. Kay Aurslanian. Ioan Dow. lluth Henderson. Phyl- lis Baker. Janet liiehok. Virginia liarli. hlalmel lfowler. and Pat Hawkes all very happily married. Some ol them even have ehildren ol' their own going to good old Mt. Rural." "lt surely is lun to hear alvout so mam' of our old elassmatesf' "Did you know that Has' Stanwood owns a large truek- ing eoneern in Chieago?" "YVhy. not Tell us alwout itfi 'llle has a hundred trueks whim-h travel all over the lorty-eight states. Some of his drivers are former elassmates of ours. Harold Pingree. llave Vliood. Starr Todd. and lion- ald Cladu. Among his meehanies are Jim Tilxlulry. Alherl Marshall. Henry Sharayeh. Herald Volpone. liiehard Hog- ers. Tom Hashaw. and ,lim Nlitehell f all former elassmates. Hay's husiness is doing verx' well. too." "l'm surelv glad we talked to von. Tom. and we hope to see you again soon." After that very interesting talk. we lind ourselves going down the gang-plank to enjoy the sights ol ligypt. As we near the gate. a messenger is ealling out. "N on may today visit the king and his harem ol ten thousand wives." We thought this would eertainly he very interesting. so we pro- eeeded to the spaeious palaee ol the king. and wx hom should we meet hut the seeond King lfarouk. llolu Arnold. and every one ol his ten thousand wivesl And to think that way haek in V953 when he said his amhition was to hate a harem we seoFfed at himl 'liruth is stranger than lietionl As we plan our xoyage home again. we hear over the radio that the President ol the linited States. Carl Heal. is holding a peaee eonlerenee with the new lfzar ol llussia. Paul Roger. Present. we know. will he several seeretaries and stenographers from our lilass of V953 f Nlarilyn Me- lflwee. Pat l,axoie. ,Ioanne Pearson. Jeannette Standing. and Naney Hoyle. Hur thoughts go haek to those teaehers who. we also know. will lie lollowing the diseussions elosely -- Valerie Miller. is ho tear-hes German and Algehra at New- lnnryport High Sehoolg lfddie l'ike. a professor ol' l"reneh at Harvardg Herniee lfole. a lllslory' leaeher at the l'nix'ersi- ty ol New Hampshire. Shirley liallagher. who has just taken her new position at Newluuryporl High Sehool as a hook- keeping teaeher. and liexerly Jewell. a ehemistry professor at Boston l'niversity. As a result ol this eonlerenee. we hope that Herbie Edwards will at long last he the "Happy Ameri- eanu he has always hoped to he. 4-1 'l'llli I-'l 'l'l ltl-I SI-It-I Nlitlway in onr trip homt- tht- "tllippt-r" tlt-vt-lopt-tl t-ngint- tronlvlt- to tht- point wht-rt- tht- radio man. lfmmannt-l tiarantl. hatl to st-ntl an 5. U, S. to tht- nt-art-st linitt-tl Statt-s Coast tinartl Station. ln not too long a timt- wt- havt- plt-nty ol ht-tp antl art- on onr way again. thanks to two Coast tlnartl ollit-t-rs. 'liom l"rast-tmt- antl llit-k Gould. As wt- nt-ar Nt-w torlt. wt- art- thinking ahonl what a wondt-rlul time wt- hart- had mt-t-ting so many of our t'lassmatt-s of '53 altroatl. Wt- art- linally on tt-rra lirma again in tht- good oltl l. 5. A., our hoat tlot-king. to our grt-at t-onvt-nit-nt-t-. in lloston. Whitt- walking tlown 'lirt-mont Strt-t-t. wt- ht-at' a nt-wshoy t-alling ont. "l'ixtral lfxtral" Wt- pnrt-hast- a papt-1' lrom him antl art- amazt-tl at tht- ht-atllint-s. "llarnt'h ln At't'itlt-nt At Spt-t-tlwaylii Wt- rt-ad tht- small print to tlis- t-ott-r it is .lark llarnt-h. our oltl st-hoolmatt-. Ht- hatl lost t'ontrol of his t'ar w Ititt- raving in tht- lt-atnrt- at tht- Comho Spt-t-tlway. Wt- tlt-t-itlt- to go to tht- hospital to pay him a visit. Xlhilt- wt- art- waitinf: lor a taxi. a nt-w. l97fl Cadillac t-onxt-rtilnlt- tlrixt-s np antl who shonltl lnt- driving it hut Fay l'ratt. Sht- always said sht- wantt-tl a nt-w var. She- takt-s us to tht- hospital, antl wt- art- grt-t-tt-tl hy a smiling rt-t't-ptionist, Martha lftlgt-rly. Slit- introtlnt-t-s us to tht- ht-ad nnrst-. ,lanit-v ,lonlvt-rt. who taltt-s ns into tht- mt-nis wartl to st-t- Javk. Ht- tt-lls us that st-xt-ral ol our t'lassmatt-s art- ll. Nfs in this hospital. 'l'ht- ont-s ht- namt-s for ns ltlt'llltll' Audrt-y ,lont-s. Nina llogt-rs. Nlnrit-I Waltt-rs. ,lntly Spragnt-. and Alit-ia llonlt-y. llt- also says that ,lt-an Xlanlhorn is working in tht- t-hiltlrt-n-s wartl. llt-lort- lt-ating. wt- stop to talk to ,lanit't- tlilman. who is tht- tit-att switt'hhoard and tt-lt-phono opt-rator in tht- hospital. Slit- is tlt-lightt-d to st-t- us. Wt- ask ht-r if sht- knows a gootl rt-stattrant in town wht-rt- wt- might dint-. Slit- rt-plit-s. "tt-sl llavt-nit yon ht-ard ol' 'llarolt-is llint-ri ownt-tl hy tlarolt- Saylvalll"' Wt- thank ht-r for tht- tip and taltt- our lt-att-. wt- soon lintl onrst-lvt-s t-njoying a lint-. homt-t-oolxt-tl tlinnt-r prt-part-tl hy Xt-lma llawkt-s antl Nlarilyn Spurling. that wt- rt-mt-mht-r from onr high st-hool tlays as tht- ont-s who loxt-tl homt- t-vonomit-s so mnt-h. As wt- art- ahout to lt-axt-, two Air l"ort-t- pt-rsonnt-l t'omt- in. and to our grt-at snrprist- wt- lintl tht-ni to lvt- litltlit- and Gary Nlurphy who. wt- lt-arn. a1't- stationt-tl at tlrt-nit-r Air llast-. As wt- nt-ar tht- shopping tlistrit-t. wt- notit-t- many signs annonnt-ing. "llon't miss it' St-v our nt-w. all glass. dt-part- mt-nt stort-. llltt lloylston Strt-t-lf' Wt- soon lintl that tht- stort- is ownt-tl lwy om' oltl lrit-nd. -iltllllttlsi llagrt-s. 'llhv Iloors. walls. stairs. t'onntt-rs. antl t-vt-rytliingz within sight art- ol glass. 'llltrongli tht- t-rowtls wt- makt- our way to 4-5 THE FtVI'llliPI SEE "Junior's" oflice where we meet the former Betty Henderson. 4'Junior,s" private secretary. Later. while we are talking over old times. we learn that Barbara Curran and Harriet Houghton are working as sales ladies for him. and each one is floor-walker ol her department. Vlfe also learn that Annette Dumont and Karlene Stillings. interior decorators. are working in the home decorating departmnet. NVe finally decide that it is time to venture hack to Newburyport. While on thc train. we meet Helen Lafoe. a clerical worker for Northeast Airlines. and lieth Brunel. a successful writer for the New York Times. Un entering Newburyport we realize many changes have taken place. While walking down Merrimac Street to get a lunch. we see rnany new huildings. among which is Roh Km-eland's hoat shop. We stop lor a while and watch Richard Girard and Fred Hussey making repairs on a tuna hoat owned hy Joe Cole. We also stop by Eugene Fowler. working on the cahin of a new fishing boat. While we are consuming our fare. the chief of the Newhuryport Fire Department. Lennie Rogers. comes in. After we finish. we decide to end our trip hy going hack to our N. H. S. for old times' sake. Wlhile walking up High Street. we notice that the Lord 'llimothy Dexter House is now being used as a nursing home. The sign says that the home is operated hy Carlene York. so. naturally. we canit resist going in. Her medical secretary. we find. is Nancy Could, and some of the nurses working for her are Barbara Cetlin. a practical nurse, and lrene Chaisson and Gloria Marshall, both registered nurses. As we are looking around. we stop for a few minutes to watch a new television set heing installed by Jerry LeBlanc. Time is passing quickly. and we rnust be on our way to Nt. llural. We enter through the front door and go into the main office. where we Hnd Nancy Lancaster taking the place ol Miss Plante as the secretary to the principal. We are astonished at the new telephone system. switchboard and all. operated hy lflizabeth Doyle. As we start on our tour around the familiar corridors. our first stop is the physical 46 'I'lIl'I l"l"l'l NIC SICIC l'fllI1'illlUll 4ll'lllll'llll1'Ill. XM- linfl lliv girls' pliysivul 1-cln4'ulion elim-rloi' lo lu- Pail Snllixun. who. as wi' l'0IT'll'n'llll'l'. had suvh xxoncl1-rlnl linivs in gym allways cloingz lhings insicll- onl and upsiclv clown. Whilc' lulking with l'a1l. wv lvurn that Doris llii-ki-y is lvalvliing Phys. lfcl. al Dorf-li:-slvr High School :xml lhul xlilfy lloss is I1-au-liing Ihr salnu- SlllHjl'l'l at Amvshnry lliyli. l'nl also I1-lls us lhail Ilia-k lfolvy is linv Couvh unclvr Wnllvr Slivrinlain. who slill has to proclnc-v ai losing! lvuml Uni' nvxl slop is lln' 1'urpc-11li'y shop whcrc wb find B011 l'lonll' uml -Nrllnn' llllgfilll ll'ill'llllIg f'L1l'llt'llll'y. 'llhvy ask us il' iw lmu- xisilwl llu- physis-s inslrnvlor. Pm-ggy lllzlvlivml. Shi- in lnrn. lvlls ns lllzll Ll nw-xx voursv in lll'l'UllIlllIlg1 is he-ing lllllglll ln' X ine-1-nl Xolin, As nm- nm-ur lhm- 1-nd ofol1rjo11rm'y. iw slop in lln- rllIN'l'lIll1'Ilill'Ill-4 ollim- mln-rv wv uri' gxvvlvcl lay llu- Sl'1'l'l'lill'f'. Norniu Collin. while- wv 1ll'0 ainswvring mpwslions aluoul our lrip ainal clisvussing lhc- l'l1i.lllg05 lhul liam- clmvlopi-cl in lln- lust lwm-nly yours. il owurs to ns that il lm-nlim-lli re-union all lhm- 'lilmnksgiving lluy ,lunior Prom would lu- an irrm-sislililv iclm-ul 47 Firsl Row - R. Carroll, J. Anlonopulos, S. Thurlow, S, Smiih, G. Cole, E. Pilie, C. Kalashian, R.McAnif'i, J. Gilman, J. McGlew. Second Row - R. Morrill, E. Harringlon, M. Thompson, V. Miller, J. Duriree, J. Brisson, M. Ross, K. Garson, P. McElligo+, J. Hilchey, J. Sullivan, J. Riclmer, J. LeBlanc, Miss Bilmales. Third Row - J. Wysong, G. Fosler, R. Murphy, D. Phillips, J. Healey, R. Marsion, R. Barlrer, G. Volpone, W. Pilre, J. Harnch, J. Kennedy, J. Guplill. Student Council liillllilllxi aims lmxuril lin- lururnolion ol in-llc-r llxilCll'l'Slli'l Ll Allllil. llulslxiol. 18 ilillv Slllils-nl lluunvil. llllfll'l' lllv :IlliIlil!ll'l' of Nliss Yifglilll l llXll1 to lhv svhool. This your thc- Studi-nl ll0lllll'il luis llllfltl lulwn ilu- planning uf 2lSSt'I1llilit'S. IIlLlilliPIlillli'l' of 0I'I'l1'l' in lln l"ll.4'll'l'iLl. llllil Ihr- spmrsurilig of f'lilll1'l'!4 ullvr lhm- luxslwllvill Qalnws. Ihr-'t'l'S an- ltrlwalrcl lilli1'. pil-sldvillz iwurum- lull lllilSl1lilll. Sl'l'l'l'l2ll'yI and llulwrl Nlr First Row -- F. Balsley, B. Morrill, M. Morrison, B. Arnold, J. Jollo+a, J. Sprague, M. Zaremba H. Lafoe, N. Boyle. Second Row - D. Mussells, M. Keni, J. Jouberf, S. Myers, N. Lancasfer, J. Sianding, J. Pearson N. McCallum, N, Popplewell, B. Cole, H. Sfrieff. N. Rogers, M. MacLeod, S. Blalre, B. Scofl P. Balmer, N. Wein, B. Henderson, J. Bicholx, P. Palmer. Third Row - R. David, J. Pearson, G. Oulleffe, J. Kennedy, F. Young, R. Goldwaiie, D. Lounsbury R. Pierce, E. Roaf, R. McAnil'f, J. Healey, G. Cox, R. Bliss, J. O'Keefe, J. DeWiH, F, Grundsfrom L. Hiller, L. Ellrin. "' the Honor Society Eilllll F Z! 5 lf? ll 'l'l1c Nl'NSlllll'ylbUl'l illmplc-r ul llli- Nuliunul llmmr Sorim-ly ul Swurnlzlry Svlumls n 1-wn :norm-a1r'liw' Ofglilllllilllllll this your llluu in n-will ye-urs. l mls-r lln- ililvvliuil ul Nllss X lfgllllll l'lllI1lilll'5 all llu- lPl'Q1llllllIlgIUl llu- yi-ur uml Nliss llallvll llll'l'1'ill'll'l'. lln- nlwrs ul lllc- llmmr Sm-im-ly lnl'ugi'4-ssvil rupiflly lmxurnl llw olnji-vl ul' llu- iulgalrlizal- Iron In Qlvw-lop in llw im-nilwrs ilu-so fum' i'l1urum'lm-r lrzlils: s4'l1ulul'slliIr, 1-llzlnu-ls-l'. lm ulvrslnp. mul sm'l'xlf'c. lln- nllri-ws urn- ,ls-am Jllllbllll. pre-sulvirl: liulwrl 'Xrnulml. xim- liI1NlIl4'lll' xl1'llIl4l'l Xlmiismi 41'4'l'4'l'll'X" lllflllll Slilwlgllt' lI'l"l lll'l'I" xl'll"ll'l f'll'1'llllI'l .. L ... L ., . 1 . L5 ..s54.1 1. U1 ml 1-llulmlun. l'l Firs+ Row - Mr. Knapp, D. Sullivan, A. Parlrs, N. Russell, P. Barth, E. Apf, D. Carey, W. Packer, G. Ouelleife, A. Marshall, P. Chaisson, J. Mitchell, F. Dow, R. Fowler, H. Riclxer, A. Colby, R. Rogers, Mr. Titus. Second Row - L. Fowler, L. Page, S. Har+man, R. Littlefield, T. Bashaw, L. Webb, H. Barih, F. Hussey, R. Roaf, D. Whilney, Mr. Curtis, F. Blanchard, A. Hogan, J. Cole, R. Gold+hwai+e, R. J. Siiclrney, W. Marr, E. Fowler. Third Row - R. Fosillo, J. CuHer, H. Sharych, J. Madden, W. Noyes, C. Davis, R. ScoH, P. Lesage, R. Peabody, R. Leaviff, F. Apt, R. Kneeland, J. Tuxbury, W. Beaubien, F. Sfanwood, W. Hiclrs, D. Ryan, R. Girard, B. Plou'Ff, W. Fowler. A. N. T. s. ANTSD 'l'lu- Assoviution of Newlulryport Trade Students. an organization of all the boys in the ushopw. has lu-en in operation tm' eight vears. lfacll year these boys put on one ol the ht-sl danves at N. H. S. Many young men who are well-known in the vity for their varpentry and maehine shop work have vome from our shop. Offivers are presiclent, William Marrg vice-president. Charles Davisg secretary, Arthur Colhyg tri-as1m'r. ifugene Fowler: historian. Ben Ploulf. The advisor this year is Mr. Preston Titus. 50 Firsl Row - J. Slanding, A. Moore, V. Mall, A. Jones, D. Kneeland, P. Lavoie, J. Gilman, J. Jololla, J. Perlrins. Second Row - J. Pearson, J. Manfhorn, S. Blalce, M. MacLeod, B, Cole, J. Sprague, M. Ross, V. Miller, N. Rogers. Tlwird Row - C. Beal, E. Pilre, R. Barker, S. Todd. Marshal Staff Q 'iiill' ivlLll'5lIili Null. lllllil'l' lin' SlIllf'I'Ylhl0ll ul Hrs. Ami Hill'NlNlli. is um- ol ills most 11011-ssalry mgunixaxliolls in lhv srslmul ln-cl lrv lu--ul m'1r'l1'1l llm lxilvn-l'1ml 'xml . n n . L vonsisling of iXN4'IIly-lilllll' ullwr lmys ami girls. iill'y aid in urclvrly passing lu-twv In-rimls and in muinlalining r-xr-1-llm-nl .wsu-inlllv ormlvr. Ihr-v ure- all lo as "ll1v lil'i'SllIllilll.S ln-sl lil'll'llCiS.?, Sl so juslilialluly wlvrr Firsl Row - E. Curlis, C. Gould, R. Jones, S. Chapman, J. Shaw, Miss Yagiian, J. Dow, J. Howard, L. Hiller, M. Zaremba, J. LeBlanc. Second Row - G. Scranton, K. Garson, B. JeweH, R. Davenport, H. Brown, R. Leavi'H, F. Apt, J. Rogers, S. Blake, C. Beal, J. Greaney, D. Adams, R. Salvator. hiltlllla I' .' 5 U. S. Savings Stamps J X 4',,'-L...- H' ' 4 7. -'Wt l f l ll "M This vomlnitte-v ol students has ht-en formed lor thc purpose- of cxivourugiiig the ptiwliusc- hy tht- student body of limited States Savings Stamps. The advisor of this 1-ommillv is Miss Christine, Yagjizin. who has donv il thorough job ii. handling this lLll'QIl' stuff ol' 1-Hiriviil workers. 52 Firs? Row - J. Brooks, N. McCallum, J. Lord, N. Rogers, J. Sprague. Second Row -- H. Edwards, A. Rogers, J. Pearson, S, Blake, S. Blalxe, J. Hall, Miss Bilmezes. , , f X 4 Library Assistants l Q1 X .IQZWF 'sv sluflm-nts xlvsvru- IIIllI'll vrwlil lor lllm-ir mlsm-llifll M'l'Nll'l'. 'l'ln-5' xml only study pl-rimls lu ln- ml fluly lllll ulsu xsorli lwlorv mul ill-l1'l' svllunlz lln-y lallw lln Il mark swlulxslv uml am- xvrx l'4'5lHlllSIlil1' In llll'Il' In-rl41rl1mm'm-. l lull-r llu- llll'1'1'- lmn of Xliss lllllIlilZUS this glftlllll llili dom- lllllf'll lu lIIIlhIxlDX4' llw lilfmry l'zu-ililivs. 'Ss Firsf Row -- N. Popplewell P,. Palmer, S. Blalre, M. Morrison, M. MacLeod, J. Joloiia, H. Sirieff, D. Mussells, S. Blalre. Second Row - V. Mali, B. Morrill, G. Fosler, R. Peirce, N. Cadell, J, Bicholr, B. Turnbull, H. Lafoe. Third Row - C. Plummer, H. Robbins, D. Lieber, E. Roai, A. Jackson, J. Healey, J. DeWiH. N w.,x...h. R X ii a Y . The Record lillfltxl' lln- 1lii'1-rliuli ol illias Nanvy SOI'lllD0l'g0l'. ancl assislvfl hy Mr. xY'l1lll'I' Sin-ridan. thu- lim-vuiwl Stall has again pi'oclln'ml a lflli-!l0lt'll si-Imul magaxinv for thc- viijoyiiwiil ol all. 'lihv pllrposi' ol lhis organization is lo olh-r an opporlunily for high si-Imnl slnflm-nls lo han- avliu' I1l'ilK'llI'l" in jolirnalisin. Judging hy lhm' work of lhv slalli. this lPlll'll0Sl' svcxns lo haul lwvn varrivd lllfllllgll Yvry wvll. Thi- livvorcl vonlains short slorivs. in-ws nrilv-'lips on svhool 1-wills, sports rc'suim's. alumni nolvs. slim-vial l.ULlllll'l'S. anrl Illl0lUgI'ilI?llS. llns ye-ar Pm-ggy lxlLll'lA'0ll is lhv l'llllOl'-Ill-l'l1ll'l'. and linssm-ll Pa-ii'r'v is head lnisinn-ss TllLlllJ.1g1Pl'. 51- Firs+ Row - P. Chase, S. Halperin, R. Murphy, N. Wein, F. Gagnon, D. Wein, M. Smifh, L. Alcerman. Second Row - P. Duggan, F. Chamberland, L. Ellmin, J. Howard, J. Chase, A. Bingham, J. Brisson, Mr. Bresnahan, S. Demerreli, J, Manfhorn, S. Sayball, J. Jouberi, B. Manler, M. Callahan, E. Curfis. Third Row - H. Robbins, R. Barfh, D. Rowe, P. Roger, L. Lane, C. Beal, R. Lounsbury, J. Ropes. . GOnrnl1fl W QQA9 f' 'A-L-, . .ag NCHPPGY Packet" if ll! I ll' "lf 1 4' xi-' Q RFE ll' l l 1 222 ll M l XQ"i 'f- " llliw !ll'HNIHlIN'I' Vlllll. xxlnvll I!lllilISll1'4 ll we-vklv nvws Slll'1'l In vu-mln-rallimu xxllll llw Nzflrfuzryprlrl llaily f'v1'Il'.'. . ' s - x '1Illl lo llll'Ulll'll1I1' Illll'l'USl Ill l0lIl'lIilllSlIl illlll In 'urn-sn-nl lllK'lI'lll'Llll1lIlll1'l'1'SlIll"'lPl1'lllll ul lull ll X. H. 5. lor lllv l'fllllf'illl0lI illlll m'nl1'l'lz1l1llm'l1l nl lln- lNl'Wlilll'YIHlI'l lllllbllll lln mullllml goal ul lln' HCll'llN'l' l'au'lwl ' is In haue' an na-1-kly 111-xx b'Pillll'I' of ils mul. 'l'h1- ulli4'1'rs invlumlm- lXLl!l1'y Xvvin. mlilm'-in-4'l1i1-l: l'll'Llllli lrilgllllll. llurulllv VM-in. illlll llolu-rl NI llflllly. ussislunl 4-clilursg Sillltlfil ll.xlp1-rm. Nl'1'l'4'lilI'V1 Ummm Aililllli ll'C"lYlll'1'l' lhm- vm-rgvlil' advisor of llu- In-wspalpvr vluln ns Mr. l"rzmr'is lll'l'SHilllllIl. 55 Xa Firsr Row - B. Beal, J. Howard, C. Tiius, R. Barker, J. Hilchey, P. Roger, K. Aurslanian, A. Jones, B. Turnbull, P. Duggan. Second Row - Miss Brock, B. Scranfon, L. Ackerman, M. Warcewicz, A. Bingham, T. Gerrisli, V. Smi+h, S. Halperin, L. Foley, R. Woods, J. Sullivan, L. Elkins. Third Row - H. Riclrer, E. Fowler, J. Cole, E. Roaf, H. Edwards, D. Lounsbury, C. Beal, R. Girard, R. Peirce. The Mount Rural Players Thr- Xllilllll Nurzrl l'luyvrs. our rlrarnulir' vlulr. is 0I'fIillliZl"li llIlCll'l' Mr. Fl'21lll'iS BI't'SllLlililll and Miss Olive' Brock lo further an interest in and lo give practical vx- Iwrivm-v in ilrurnulivs. The ollivc-rs are Paul Roger. AllfiI'Pf' Jonvs. Kay Aurslzmiun. and floyvr- Hilchr-y as prvsicli-nl. x'ir'+--pn-sidmrl. sm-1-11-larry. and lI'l'iiSllTl'l' r'vspe1'livs-ly. Thx- 1-xc-vllliw lmard mnsists of Ril'llilI'Ii liurkm-r. Ann Hillgjhdlll. and Teresa Cvrrislr in addition lu llu- 0lTic'crs. ll is organizations Slll'll as this lhul illlfiilfll' the vuusv of l'iI'ilIT'l2llil'S LIHIOIIQI AIlll'l'lI'1lA5 y0llllQ'.,' IDPOIWIU. 56 Photography Club XT Firsl Row - L. Sewell, S. Paclrer, S. Everefl, M. Hx xx 40 Wallers, K. Slillings. s Second Row - N. Rogers, J. Manllnorn, J. Per- W lcins, V. Miller, A. Dumonl, J. Miller. 33 W' r . if N . . , 4 CB' 'l'lw l'lmlugrulml1y filulr. llvaulm-cl liy Miss joan Cink. is Ll group ol lmys and girls who url' primarily trying lo slimululm- llllt'I't'Sl in pllologruplly as an rwijoyulrlv liolilmy. lion-loping is om' ol llw rnuny llll4'l'K'Sllllg l4'l'lllllqllf'S ll-uriwcl lmy llwsc- sluclvnls who urs' always rn-zuly mul willing to ln- on liuml lo lake photos ol ull svllool avlivilivs :incl slum-vs: many ol the-ir plmlos Imam- lu-1-n pulvlislim-rl by lln- N1'u'l111rypnrl Daily Nr'u'.v. Pen Art Club Flrsl Table - D. Adams, Miss Clinlr, A. Dumonl. B. Curran, M. McElwee, L. Waile, P. Russell, A. Dagres, A. Reilly, D. Dawlrins, D. Mussels, E. Curlis, R. Salvaiore. Second Table - V. Miller, J. Manfhorn. J. Welch, - A. Hawkesworlh, C. Hawlrins, B. Cole. "Nl-4-1-ssilv is lll1'Ill0llll'l'0l. im'r-nlimil' is ilu- molto VXllll'll lliis vlull ll lll0lIlS. 'l'll1' . l l'1-n Arl Clulv. umla-r ilu- lc-uflvrsllip ol Nliss .luun Cliuk. has lc-nl unliring aissislzimw- lo lllm- sr-lmol in its numy a1r'livili1's. pzlrlivulzlrly llll' ,lunior Prom und llu- Svnior livce- mlion. Wm' lhunk llim- Pun Arl Clulw vs wi-iullv for llw skelclles Inudc- uvailublz- lor I . usa- in lhis 57 Firsi Row - A. Geoiifrey, J. McCurdy, J. Giiman, L. Andriofakls, A. Jones, S. Vigeani, F. Balsley, P. Doheriy, H. Sfreiff. Second Row - F. Hopkinson, A. Buzzeli, J. Kennedy, P. McEllwell, L. Elkin, N. McCallum, J. Brooks, B. Man+er,D. Knight R. Griffin, J. LeBlanc, J. DeWiH. Third Row - R. Barker, E. Pike, W. Pike, R. McAniH. Le Cercle Francais Thi- Ifrvm-h 1-lulw has programs of French skits. songs, gunws. and so iorlh. ul thi-ir monthly mm-citings. ils sole- purpose is lo 1-nvouragv soviuhility among this Fri-nvh sludvnls all N. H. S. The aim of lhv Vinh is to haw il spvviai program in lhv spring lu whim-Ii ull lin- i'il't'lIl'il viussvs arc invite-d. The offivt-rs are prvsidm-nt. Audrvy Joni-sg xi:-v-prvsidm-nl. Louis Amlriotakisg sa-1-rotary, Sandra Vigeanlg lrvasurcr. Junivv llilmam. This 1-lulm is under the uhiv leadership of Miss Dorothea Wallz. 58 Firs+ Row - E. Curfis, B. Cellin, P. While, J. Man+l'1orn, C. Beal, C. Bryanl, R. McAnilif, N. Boyle, D. Dawlrins. Second Row - M. Morrison, M. Warcewicz, B. Scoll, J. Broolms, N, McCallum. T. Gerrislw, B. Cole, A. Bingham, L. Landlord, M. Callahan, M. Smilh, J. Glynn, A. Gveolzlrey, Miss Corbifl. Third Row - R. Bliss, G. Cole, R. Donnelly, R. Arnold. Biology Club UP, in xxx. si! K BQ-K f X XXL..-.. ,lr ll s x I xU'i'2l? , l .l Qx KI' .... T FZ 5 V X l 'F ' 62 .,,. . 'E 11 , cf' , D , KM ' ' '31 0 Q ro I lc o 'lilw limlngy Lluli ullvrs Llll 0lJINJl'lllllllf' lo vurry on l'urlln'r slmlv in llu- livlmls ul mlvrm-sl r-iwailml ln lln- Ilmlnuv f'Ulll'Sl' uml lo spmlsur YilI'l0llS vily uml sr-lmnl . 4 . ill'lIXIlll'S. llllh yi-ur llll' llll'IlllN'I'S ul llls- Vlllll lllilill' XlSIlS ln llw 1-lvmvnlalry su-lmuls nl N1-xxlr1ll'x'pm'l ln uni' lzllks on llu- l'ill'l' ul 1-llv prulu-rlv. 'lilw nn-mln-rs also sulil IIlllll1'l'UllS l.llI'lSlIHilh :li-vurulmns ln :ml il l-llllll'l' Vllllr pmlm-1-1. Lurl llvul is pwslclvrll ul lln- 4-lull: Xllss hlzlclys Lurlnll. llu- il4lXlSOI'. 59 Q First Row- D. Marion, F. Rowell, A. Moore, P. Bresnahan, A. Dow, P. Chase, J. Macintosh, M. Warcewicz A. Sargent, R. Locke, A. Geolifrey, S. Thurlow, C. Titus, F. McLaughlin, B. Beaupar- lanl, A, Holbrook, B. Krelcorian, N. Boyle, J. Haviland, E. Littlefield, Mr. Graf. Second Row - Helen Hunl, B. Godfrey, N. Dean, J. Chase, J. Brisson, J. Clemons, M. Landford, K. Aurslanian, A. Conley, E. Doyle, B. Curran, A. Messenger, J. Brown, E. Cain, T. Gerrish, L. Foley, J. Sullivan, K. Carter, A. Evans, C. Jordan. Third Row - D. Knight, S. Blanchard, M. Allen, J. Batiis, F. Young, D. Haviland, C. Hatch, P. Morrill, C. Plummer, C. Guilford, H. Brown, G. Gurney, F. Maguire, B. Kunlrel, M. Alexander, P. Roger, E. Rowsey, J. Bowes, L. Lane, R. Lounsbury, E. Fowler, D. Foster, E. Terry, R. Loclre, R. Fosillo, R. Bofhwell, R. MacBurnie. X 1 Band S Under the expert direction of Mr. Frank Graf, the Newburyport High School Band has lent color and atmosphere to many school occasions. At all football games and at a great number of high school assemblies the inspiration and spirit is supplied in large part by our sixty-seven piece band. They are certainly deserving of our greatest praise! 60 -e'?'l'lUv l Firs+ Row - F. PraH, P. Robichaud, K. Sfillings, P. Hawkes, J. Dow, M. Dalion, B. Brunei, I. Chaisson, H. Lafoe, R. Noyes, L. Wai+e, Z. Hawkes, J. Perkins, B. Hanley, V. Miller, B. Ceflin, Mr. Graf. Second Row - J. Dow, J. Paulhus. C. Jackman, J. Evans, A. Evans, J. Jouberi, J. Manfhorn, A. Holbrook, J. Macln+osh, S. Andrews, H. Fish, E. Chase, J. Tirone, P. Bresnahan, C. Gould, J. Snyder. Third Row - H. Huni, B. Lounsbury, D. Healey, A. Hudson, D. Lancas+er, M. Day, E. Cain, G. Gurney, J. Lewis, J. Harnch, A. Fcwle, D. Foster, J. Clemons, M. Shea, L. Bar+ieH, A. McGlew, J. Langmaid. V kg' 1 fig '5 , 1' ' Chorus ' 4 fl Z nge: Z gl. ' f.,',-L .32 ar' Qs? gf 7 ff This yvur an nm-xx mgunizulimi was auidvmi to lln' numlwr uf N. H. S. um-lixilim-s lin- r'i1m'us. Ailillbllgh tha- group is in its illi'llIIl'y. l'Xl'I'y0lll' m-lljuymi singing: mul it'lll'Il- ing lllllit'I' lin- uhh- liil'l'l'ii0ll of Mr. i'il'LlIlii llruf. 61 Firsf Row - A. Evans, B. Brown, J. Brown, S. Thurlow, J. Haviland, F. Rowell, P. Palmer, l..Ellcin E. Lifflefield. Second Row - J. Brisson, R. Loclre, C. Plummer, J. Bowes, F. Maguire, Miss Hickey, R. Lounsbury J. Baifis, A. Messenger, F. Young, L. Foley. Orchestra pw. V 1 . . . llu- orvlicslru was 1'm'1'1-lillx' l'n-m'gunlzm-il ullvr M'Xl'I'ilI vvurs 11l1svm'1'. ll lllilllt' ll wry sw-u-ssful Lll7lJl'ill'illlI'l' ul ilu- llillLlIlliSQlXlllQ I,l'XUllOllLll uml Clmrislnms usvni- lvlws. ll IS liopm-cl ilu' UI'l'lll'SlI'll will hc- 1-nlurgf-fl in llu' lI1'ilI' llllllft' lly llllx Lllltlllliill of more slringvd illSll'llH1PlllS. 'Fill' I'0lIKllll'lOl' uml zulxism' is Xliss 'l'vrr'su Hivkm-y. 62 Firs+ Row - H. Hunfley, J. Evans, B. Currier, L. Wai+e, R. Noyes, J. Paulhus, H. Lafoe. B, Brune+ B. Turnbull, J. LeBlanc. Second Row - P. Carfer, P. Robichaud, F. PraH, D. Corbin, P. Baker, J. Hiichey, L. Elicin. Third Row - D. Paifow, A. Roy, J. Sargent J. Harnch, E. Rowsey. . Glee Club , Q ,, Q ., ' 1 1 Q 'f 'U 8 -' 0. '12 X"' 7 L W I rs ilu' Mlm- Univ. umlc-r lin- liIl'l'1'il0Il of Hrs. Niill'2LlI'l'i i'XilZill'4lSIilIl. IS ll iilulllx N-lm-vliw grroulm of lin- lu-sl voivm-s in svimoi. i'iLll'il mm-nllu-1' is l'il0Sl'll fm' xuiw quality xxmxw- rzlngm-. IIUU'-l'l'LliillIg ilillilly. lnlvli lilSI'l'll11lIIJ.lllOll. ami illiillliililliliy lo lln' or zffilllililliflll. in lin' svhoni yi-ur lin- Ulm' lfluir I'1'Ill'l'SlxlliS lin' svlmul l11llSi1'iliiy all pulvlii lH'1'ilSiUIl5 ami all svilnol LlSSC'IlliWii4'S. This UI'Ql1lIililii0ll slriu-s lmsalrnl ai linvr iulm' Ibl'4'llliIUll uf musxv. il lIl0l'l' llii'ilSlllIi iYil'lHilII:I of xulvvs. aulri un llIl1it'I'SlllIlIilIlg nl lmsim- I'ilylillIlS. 63 "The eyes of Newburyporf are on you All fhe live-long day: The eyes of Newburyporl' are on you You cannoi' gel' away. Shand and lake +he ball away, Boys, And march on down 'rhe field: The eyes of Newburypor+ are on you So hear our loucl appeal!" 6-1- Firsf Row - J. Bicholc, P. Lavoie, P. Hawkes. A. Jones, M. Wal+ers. Second Row - M. Ross, M. Reilly, D. Dickey, J. Riclrer, I. Chaisson, N. Coffin. PM Cheerleaders X s '29 " uv 4 J Hur r'l11'1'l'l4-alilm-lx. lml lay Pall llamkvs. haw guru' il long xxaly lmxurcl lnlilclin up lln' spiril and lmosling lllf' lllilfilll' of our ullllvliv lm-alms. lqmlvr ilu- Illilllfnll ulxi in n of Miss Q.lll'0IYll Lorman thaw' llzuv Iml llu- f'ht'4'l'lllQ of sllulm-mls mul xmlurx all ull nllrull and lmskvllulll gallnvs. n3 lVARSITYl E. Girroir, Capf. C. Beal, J. DeWiH, D. Canepa, T. Frascone, E. Murphy, A. Dagres, G. Cox, D. Knee- land, H. Edwards, Mr. Cervizzi. Basketball lJUNIOR VARSlTYl F. Gagnon, A. Jackson, P. Blake, J. O'Keefe, J. McGlew, L. Bresnahan, R. Murphy, D. Phillips, D. Rowe, N. Shea, D. Follansbee, Mr. Cervizzi. Our honor spol in sports this ye-ur goes lo lhe lulslu-llulll lvum. Wo won lhv Class I3 'l'itlv ol lhr- Huy Stale- Tourlwyl The- I'l"K'Ol'fl api-aka for ilse-ll. hook at ill WH' urm- mon- proud and hilarious over Ihr' sm-ason than Couvh Vim' Cvrvizzi is. if lhufs possilmlvl lmcl lay llupluin Curl licul and l'l'll1I'l1lllQ to this YPRIIIS Xill'Sily wvrs' Earl Cirroir. Junior lhlgrm-s. lffl Nlurpliy. lleorgv Cox. Tom l"rus1'om-. and llun klIPt'l2llId. Advulu'1'cl from lhv J. Yfs in-rv Ilivk Cum-pu. Uvoi'g1- Makos. Hn-rl: l'illWill'llS. John lla-Will. Holm Mr-Anill. Al Klalrslulll. and Paul Reilly. Congrululalions lor u joh well donvl 66 Dec. I6 Dec. I9 Dec. 25 Dec. 26 Dec. 30 Jan. 2 Jan. 6 Jan. I2 Jan. I6 Jen. I9 Jan. 23 Jan. 27 Jan. 30 Feb. 4 Feb. 6 Feb. IO Feb. I3 Feb. I7 Feb. 20 Feb. 24 Feb. 25 Feb. 28 hdarch 4 k4arch 7 BASKETBALL H.S. 48 H. S. 78 H. S. 6I FL S. 56 H. S. 67 H. S. 6I FL S. 64 H. S.lI3 FL S. 89 H. S 70 H. S. 83 FL S. 50 H. S. 59 FL S. 66 FL S. 48 H. S. 7I H. S. 56 H. S. 23 H.S. 75 H. S 60 H. S. 79 H. S. 99 H. S. 64 H. S. 6I Lawrence Spaddmg Sdem Peabody Sdem h4eIhuen Ipswich G5roveIand Saugus Punchard Amesbury VVin+hrop SL hdaryk Saugus Punchard Ipswich Spaulding Win+I1rop Amesbury SL hdaryk Peabody CIemen+'s Dar+mouII1 CDur Lady I lVARSlTY BASKETBALLl Firsl Row - Mgr. D. Dickey, M. Dallon, P. Sullivan, Capl. M. Ross, N. Lancasler, S. Halperin, Mgr. J. Howard. Second Row - C. Leary, J. Bichok, M. Wallers, A. Jones, B. Morrill, P. Moullon, Miss Lorman. Girl's Basketball ki1'Ul'LIl'l0XKll 25 N. ll. kil'0Yl'lilIlll lb N. H. lil'0X't'lLlINl 20 N. ll. AllN'Slllll'y 20 N. ll. lim-w-fly 53 N. H. Nlvllmn-n ll N, ll. 'liopslivlfl 22 N. ll. lpsxsivll lil N. ll. lit'0l'g0lfHN'Il C39 N. H. Ami-sliury 19 N ll. Nlt'lllll1'll .13 N. H. lfliol 5-ll N. H. lpswivll 16 N. l'l. liA'x't'l'ly' Jil N. H. 21 19 Cl l. 29 19 -7 .w6 S43 lfl 157 21 17 35 35 25 l foams' J. v. BASKETBALLl Firsl Row - D. Dickey, J. Howard, S. Carroll, D. Dawkins J. Brooks. C. Papa, A. Dow. Second Row - Miss Lorman, J. Brisson, J. Haviland, K Pe++ingill, P. Websler, P. Websler, J. Slworf. 68 Firsl Row - R. Marslon, R. Foley, R. Murphy, R. Arnold, Capf. L. Rogers. Second Row - H. Edwards, R. Donnelly, Capf. R. McAnlFf, R. Barlmer, R. Canepa, Mr. Cerviui C. Beal, G. Collins, J. Harnch, P. Roger, G. Cole. Track 'llllv F7511 1-flilinn ul llu- N. ll. 5. lrnvlx I1'illIl is slallml lo ln- :lf I-mn-rl'nI mul L'lllllllSlllhll1' :ls llml ul l952. llllll1'll Vivlnr H-rxiuiF llnvkxlm-is mall nm-Il look illl1'il1l lu 5lll'lPilrSlIIfl luwl va-urs rl-wurcl. mlm-I1 new lu :lv-ll il xvrx Quml mu: IIN- 4-ml ol lzlsl yl'lll'-S lrzlvk s1'ilSlbIl sam lXl'MlblIl'yINDl'l uilll Qix nim :xml um- loss in eluall lll1'1'l ilIlllilSl'l'UIl1l plum- in il ll'lillly'lllilI' IIIl'1'l xxilll llzlxvrllill mul Sala-nl. ln mleliliml ln ilu slmlm-mls mm lu N. ll. 5. mlm will "gn null' lor ll'au'l4, llu- lullmxillg un-lnlwrs cm vxln-4-tml lo rm-lmrl: Hula Nlr'Anill. l.vm1:1l'fl lfuga-lx. lil-I+ -Xrnulml. Afllllll' Xll'lAlllQllllIl fr1'Ul'QK' Lolv. ,lm-lx Hilfllfll. lin-lx 1.41114-pu. l.llLlI'l1's llalxw. Mlm: Mullins. llvrlm- ltwl , . , . . j . mmls, ,loc Lolv. Paul llogvr. Xlc-lun All-xumlvr. Imllm Xlurflmx. l.1ll'l In-ul. Ibn-lx lfulvy. llalvirl XYlllll4'Il. Ilif-k llurkr-V. Ilil-k llmmm-lly mul llulu Xlllflblll. Nl IFOOTBALL SQUADI Firsf Row - Mr. Deffley, R. Canepa, R. Barlrer, P. Reilly, A. Marshall, G. Cox, Capf. G. Cole E. Pilce, R. Donnelly, F. Serwon, A. McLaughlin, E. Mullen, Mr. Sheridan. Second Row - Mr. Harris, J. Healey, L. Rogers, R. Davis, B. Plouff, D. Kenl, R. Griffin, C. Beal G. Volpone, R. Foley, G. Malros, R. McAniFl. Third Row - Mgr. H. Edwards, J. McGlew, L. Courlemanche, D. Murphy, L. Graf, J. Cufler, D Follansbee, D. Foley, D. Foley, W. Beck, R. Chaligny, B. Paclrer, D. Noclt. Football i952-l95fl N. ll. S. luollvull li-am rln-nlonslrulcml il spark mul l'0lll'Ll!t' lhul nmm 1 . u-ln-mn lnollmll olmsi-rwrs say Ihr-y lmw not SKTII all Nlmml llurul lm' many yi-urs Um' ol Ihr- l'l'llSOIlS lm' lhe' lmys' t'lIl'0lll'ilsIllIg Slli'I'l'HS was lhm- l'0LIl'lIlllg ol xVillll'l Slwrimlun assists-al lay .lunws llvlllvy :mal lil'1'SllII1Llll 1'0LlK'lI. ll:-orgv Harris. Wvhvn Ihr lirlul whisllv lvlvw. llw Clippf-is haul ll l't'l'0l'd ul six wins unfl lout' lossvs. rlillf' high light of lhc- SPLISOII mmm' when lhv l.llIllN'Y'S mel il llvuvlly-luvorwl and llIHll'lil'illl'll Ama-'slmry High squad and lost hy just lhrvn- points. Playing lor their lust svason ut lxlounl Hurul were Donald Xlurphy. Herlriv lfclwurcls. Dir-k lriolvy. U4-rulcl Volpom- IA'OIlill'il Rogers. llic-lc llurkf-r. Cvo1'ge- Cox. and lfdwurd Pike-. T0 FOOTBALL Rochesier. N. H. Por+smou+h, N. H. C5lou':es+er No. AH'leboro Concord, N. H. Mefhuen Marlborough Laconia, N. H. Swampsco++ Amesbury Firsf Row - E. Scranion, H. Houghfon, L. Alrerman. Second Row - Miss Lorman, F. Mallock, F. Chamberlain, S. Sayball, J. Liiflefield, E. Curiis, D. Wein. Third Row - C. Lahiime, B. Be.-ll. P. Rogers. 3 ,X Baton Squad xx .:n Ff- 'gii .Q SIUIFIUIIV' 'll lllv Imvllrlll "'1ll1lt'S all llibllll' zlml away. lfollmwing lhv ilflllll n1ujorl'll4- uns Hur Nmllrul Ill"lll1'1l ln' HllI'l'il'l HUIIQIIIOII. drum lllLli0l'l'llK'. displalvml lhvir lliull- . 1 . . 1 l34lrIr1l"1 I31-'ll l1"ul1'r who xxurkm-fl llurrl xxllll lha' squad of 11-11 mvmlwrs. lllv Lulxxsm' Is Ulf, f.lll1lIXll IADIIIIAII. I A Firsf Row - Mgr. P. Duggan, R. Rowe, G. Cox, W. S+. Cyr, J. Foley, J. DeWiH, R. Grilifin, Mgr F. Gagnon. Second Row - G. Volpone, G. Malmos, D. Kneeland, T. Haley, E. Girroir, Mr. Sheridan, R. Leaviif A. Marshall, A. Dagres, E. Wrigl'i+, A. Briggs. Baseball 'lllw Nl'Nlilll'yIPOI'l High Svllmml luzsvlulll squzul ul lln- 1052 S1'ilSUll luul ils up, uml rlmsns. lmul linislu-cl willl il i'c'sp4'r'lailvlv svwii won si-wir los! l'1-vonl. Sm-nims who urn' Ir-ming llllx lvum. vial llll' llillllllllll Fllllll' in '53, urn' Dill! iXIll'1'lilIl!l. llvorgw lfux. zlml lhlssa-ll xiillllK'l' of lln- mmlml slalll. lfurl flirruir illlll Allslun llriggs. inlim-lil 1-lf. Uvlullil Vulpmu- illlfl Angvlu Ihrgn-S. ullllivlflvls. :xml 'l'om llallvy. wall:-ln-r. A r Autographs WL if A -" , v .- I 'HT .Q V K. Gmduation Program: Awdfdiz 4 Gi ' QR... -Q ,v I, . :: , ,n gp. . , 4? ' . flgj' Y ,I' ' x I'rinIml lu 4 r if if ill il xr, N ll' J 5 1 Our Advertisers When a class underfalces +he ro' p lecr of publishing a classboolc, +he problems fhaf loom largesl' are fhe financial ones. Our aclverlisers have provecl fhey are our friends by helping us our financially. Won'+ you read our aclver+ising seclion carefully ancl, when +he occasion arises, help us + o relurn +he favor? l 3- s..- Ni.xxi:lHYwm'l' l'lu1ss, Iv' Nlaly, IQS3 3 . . . lllill ANNIYEIISAIIY . . IIEIK IIIIITIIIIAY . . lllill lillAIlllA'l'l0N . . . Illill CIIIIISTRIAS Q '- 5-1'f0WLE STERLING TOWLE means solid silver beauty and lifetime service. Give her the gift that's sure to please - TOWLE Sterling. ., ,, , Mfr ' ,, . -' idly, lw - 3 -dnfs " 1 ' X-13 V. ,. H TOWl.E'S FRENCH PROVINCIAL .xgz-.a-vl2--- M , 1,7 5 1 . ,B V H lt V 5752.1 V- U., - - N B f L Z TOWLE'S OLD LACE .417 A5 TOWLE'S CONTOUR .L .... :. ..j. f X,-L Six., ' 1owLs's oLo COLONIAL """ - 4511.1 .9 46?-7P "' . L L L e--L sm ' f f "1-SA?l'1J3f5-K f' , ggi U' TOWI.E'S MADEIRA TOWlE'S CHIPPENDALE - sks, QIIQQQFQEE E'i'Z1.if9g, i f .- w.--.- ., Z N ,Z H , , -L A TOWLE'S RAMBLER ROSE ,ff "' 31 , inf., nl... X " fa U1 ,Mft -KH gf TOWLE'S KING RICHARD fifi Y, ,f,iiT'-'-A-- 311 K? ",,.1sLgg'Ls A- - TOWlE'S SILVER FLUTE5 f "X fgv cfim I ilpl-'.'.1l , , "f if x KLJ 1owLE's OLD MASTER fl ifii gghqg., TOWLE'S CANDLELIGHT gIL"',', , T- , TOWLE'S CRA FTSMAN il' " f - V , , e ' -,- TOWLE'S SOUTHWIND TUYYILE SILVEIKSDIITHS Since 1690 . . . 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TEL. 264I Commercial and Social Sfaiionery Supplies Complimenfs OT . . . HAYDEN'S JENNY STATION COmpIimen1S of . . . DANIEL L. LYNCH YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST STATE AND ESSEX STREETS TEL. 468 MILDRED E. CHASE TEL. 500 TYPEWRITERS and ADDING MACHINES Complimenfs of . . . GEORGE'S PAINT and SUPPLY KYANIZE PAINTS and WALLPAPERS 4I STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT, MASS. SHIP MODELS BY LE BARON BONNEY CO. I5 MERRIMAO STREET NEWBURYPORT GENERAL STORE "WHERE PRICES ARE LOWER" 37 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT LITTLE RED BARN ON ROUTE IIO, SALISBURY - BETWEEN ROUTE I AND N. H. TURNPIKE RAVE WITH CHICKEN NEST - 5.75 FAMOUS BAR-B-QUE SANDWICH LEON 81 TEDDY'S CO., INC. AUTOMATIC HEAT az-aa MERRIMAO STREET NEWBURYPORT Cornplimenfs OT ..... THE CLASS OF I955 C pffmenfs of . A A C Tpumenfs OT . . . CROTEAU OIL CO. SERVING NEWBURYPORT - SALISBURY PORT AUTO STORES 23 MARKET SQUARE NEWBURYPORT, MASS. TEL. 2365 C pl T T . . . ARTHUR E. WOODARD THE CHOICE SEA FOODS SQL "When you wan'I' The besi' Y? call oo ar 's" W d d Q ,ep RINGS ISLAND CLUB OF NEWBURYPORT TEL 2oI2 HOT RODS CUSTOMS WATCH and Cl-CCK DOw'S OIL BURNER SERVICE HOSPITAL 2 ASHLAND STREET NEWBURYPORT' 34 INN STREET WATCH - CLOCK and JEWELRY REP. TEL 'Ma THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK NEWBURYPORT, MASS. Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corpora'rion COmpIimen+S of . . . NEWBURYPORT HYGIENIC SAUNDERS DRUG STORE LAUNDRY H. CHESTER SAUNDERS, Reg. Ph. "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" COR. LIME AND PURCHASE STREETS a BROWN'S WHARF NEWBURYPORT NEWBURYPORT MASS PHONE zos TEL 2262 C pIImenIS of . . . 8 PREMIER MARKET INSURANCE 43 PLEASANT STREET NEWBURYPORT 40 pLEA5ANT STREET NEWBURYPQRT COmpIimenTS Of . . . C ,'7menIS of . . . I CITY BOWLING ALLEYS PAUL K. TITUS, D. M. D. AUTOMATIC PIN SETTERS I3 MARKET SQUARE NEwsURYPoRT Complimenfs of ..... C L A S S OF I 9 5 4 C pl Is of . . . C en S OI . . . GRAF BROS. D I I7 WATER STREET ETHEL'S LUNCH NEWBURYPORT MASSACHUSETTS 83 Complimerrfs of .... ROBERT E. WALTERS Buick and Frigidaire SALES Q SERVICE l55 Sfafe Sfreei' Q Newburyporf CompIimenfs of . . . NEWBURYPORT LUMBER CO CompIIrTTe-nfs of . . . NATE'S MEN'S SHOP zs STATE STREET I00 MERRIMAC STREET TEL. 20I NEWBURYPORT MASS AWNINGS BAIRD AND ELIOT, INC. FURNITURE and APPLIANCES I9 - 23 WATER STREET TEL 9l8-M NEWBURYPORT, MASS TEL 2286 NEWBURYPORT MASS PI T Co pIimenTs of . . . THE RAY'S TAILOR SHOP 54 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT penfsof... Cplervfsof... CANEPA BROS. CANDY AND TOBACCO co. BACK BAY TAXI TEL. 9II Complimenfs of ..... THE CLASS OF I956 CornplimenTS of . . . TWENTIETH CENTURY CLEANERS 7 BARTLETT STREET NEWBURYPORT MASS Compfsmenfs of . . . DANA SHOPPE QUALITY FABRICS REMNANTS - RUG MATERIAL TEL. 2455 25 MIDDLE STREET NEWBURYPORT, MASS. Ccmplimenfs of . . . rnpTimenfs of . . . SAFFORITS JEWELRY SHOPPE 36 PLEASANT STREET NEWBURYPORT MASS EST :evo Compllmenis of , . . BEVERLY BEAUTY SALON Complirnenis of . , . PEARSON THE FLORIST CENTRAL PHARMACY as MARLsoRo STREET NEWBURYPORT TEL. 5z5-w Complimenfs of . . . CTTmP5'mCVTT5 OT - - - GEQRGE A. SULLIVAN PERSONAL FINANCE CO. D M D 55 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT ' ' ' JAMES w. CHAPMAN, Mgr. YOU'LL MEET ,S EVERYBODY AT S'I'a're Sfreef - Nexf To Public Library BreaIcfaS+ ' Dinners Lunches ' Foun+ain Service U F BREWSTER BROS. Comphmenfs o . . . PURITAN CLOTHING CO. 76 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT CofnpTimenTs of . . . C iimenfs of . . . COLEMAN'S JEWELRY HlCK'S BAKERY 46 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT 45 PURCHASE STREET TELEPHONE 2I88-R TEL. 989 85 EST. l877 - INC. I927 BADGER FARMS CREAM ERIES MANUFACTURERS or GUERNSEY ICE CREAM CLAUDE E. BRIGGS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 2I PLEASANT STREET NEWBURYPORT MASS. Comphmenis of . . . THE MALL SPA Visif The MALL SPA SEE FOR YOURSELF . . . CompIimenTs of . . . ARTHUR S. PAGE EATON'S DRUG STORE 58 STATE STREET PHONE 929 "Where Pharmacy Is A Profession" Ccmpiimenfs of . . . THRIFTY FOOD FREEZER PLAN S MIDDLE STREET NEWBURYPORT TEL. I799 v compnmf-ETS of . . . LITTLEFIEI.D'S MEN'S STORE ss STATE STREET CompIimenTS of . . . PRCST'S BAKERY BAKERS OF INSURANCE AGENCY HEARTH BAKED and SOUR RYE VIENNA BREAD "Service, Safefy, and Savings Since I922" BUEKIE5 EGG BREAD PUMPERNICKLE 55 PLEASANT STREET TEE' 'bww TEL. NBPT, 2272-W iso WATER STREET A R T ' S G R O C E R Y ARTHUR G. JOUBERT GROCERIES MEATS I7If2 Purchase S+ree'I' Newburypor+ PHONE I924-R 86 INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS IN NEWBURYPORT AND ITS VICINITY Deposifs go on in+eresI +I1ird Wednesday in January, April and Oclober Dividends payable 'four'I'I'I Wednesday in April and Ocfober I32 YEARS OF UNINTERRUPTED SERVICE AND DIVIDENDS AGENCY FOR SAVINGS BANK LIFE INSURANCE Compllmnls Ol ' I I Congralulafions L. L. PEAVEY CO., INC. FOWL W . HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS S ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES .sv Q? 1 ss MARKET SQUARE TELE. 977 - oss NEWBURYPORT '7 STATE ST' NEWBURYPORT "FINISHED YET BEGINNING" BEGIN YOUR SAVINGS CAREER NOW WITH THE NEWBURYPORT FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK ALLAN R. SHEPARD, Presidenl CHARLES W. MORSE, Treasurer WILLIAM H. WILLIS, Assislanf Treasurer 87 I Z, Zfv,,,, F T I MQW WMM' 1 llilhp. :W I ' F I ulll I in fY".if1Q!li" Q -n A a K x M. 5 . A J , . - Aw . ,Q- 14 , ' .ugh 1 , A . L f - ,Q . .-- 1 r 9' L. I a,,, , A , 1 l s , Q- , Y " 1 Y. -" ix, , a:3T'.l::,.g' , , In -5 i .1 4, ,4.1,.' fu - -5 gr lv' . ,I 143 r ..4.T,x3...1L,-f54y?!i,5!EA?v. 1 fa'-1' Lg. :ig -, fl, ' 5'5" l in-' , ,,,.,' 151: 1- . ' AW-:,. I 4 A yn- W . i ., arg, ., .Nj ., 'V' Y I 1 "'w-bf M . X. Pa, 1341 -nr fgigf. jg Q gl Iv' 4- ' I pv- fhifl N 'Wal X 4 ,Mg "'-,s I.: Lf LFE? X'f?f'J-' .5 I . ' '- . , .' I -,' ' . ' , ' -Q .1 I ,V ,,:-51 - :MEL N 'Q .wg -A il-!11.k.v. 5 L, Q Pai-.lf f 35' .1 ' 'J-fir -' 1 H ,gg .Em-1 , -1 '-41: A -I. 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Suggestions in the Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) collection:

Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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