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Newburyport High School - Enaitchess Yearbook (Newburyport, MA) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Cover

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rr V , , , 1 f Compliments 1 of I CLASS QP 1920 Compliments of Hatch Brtohers Comphments Dodge Brothers Comphments of G A Learned Co 0 0 0 Q w-- 7 Please Putronize Our Advertisers -7 1 WARNER DIVISION? Bay State Cotton Corporation NEWBURYPORT MASSACHUSETTS EDVN ARD LITTII- P d WILLARDJ HALE V P d VN ILLIANI F HOU TOIN C I WILLIXNI H WELCH T ll Elrst Nat1onal Bank 16 State Street, Newburyport SURPLUS 91 OOO II Pt O Ad Q Q CAPITAL : : SB150,000 U CZISC 'fl ronize VW UI' YW I 77777. Tim YYY F x Compliments 3 MARTIN DUGAN Of PLUMBING N 5 fl nd Plouff Shoe Ma HEATING A 40 State Street arket Sq Newburyport An N H S Comphments Backer Dav1d P Page Young I aches The Hos1ery Shop The New Vo1les are beautlful Better take a look at them H W PRAY Then 1f lf s HOSIERY you are lookm for we can glV6 you excellent value 23 27 STATE STREET Osgood SL Goodwm NEWBURYPORT 57 State Street Swasey Brothers Com pllments CCNFECTIONS 31 MARKET SQUARE NENVBURYPORT Jere B Lunt Plc se Patron ze Our Advertisers rt T M ., l ' f-'f H f ff H f - ff-2 ' ,Y , H 4- H-f f f--, f ,f---1 1 , N o o o 1 l of T l . 0 ' 1 J o i . . 3 . . , f . . V no 0 l 0 D 1 , , . T 3 N Incorporated of A O l a i ' Complunents Dr C D Downle H D Stlllman Clwnlng Presslng Repalrmgl A VS kf' A1R A New Taleum Powder I or Instwnce Pompemn lrlgrxnu or Lidy lvllry or 1 New F1 e Powder lX11r3 C lrden or Poudre l Ame or wen A urei or Pllmcrs CHARLES L DAVIS 1 HARMALIST Charles W Perry DRUGGIST Cor St ite St and Market Sq New buryport Mass Stes ens Sells Tor Less Stevens Company Clothlng, Furmshlngs Hfnts for Men SL Boys 39 Plewsmt Strut Nuxburxport LARRABEE REG ISTE R E D GPTOMETRIST LYES EXAMINED l ENSFS C ROUND CUX1IIlX1llTN F A PERKINS 49 PLI ASAYNT STREET NFXX PURE PORT The Rexall Store D3 PLEASANT STREET NEWBURYPORT NTASS Please Patron: ze Uur Advertisers as K -X , 4- , 79 . V A X A x of ya 'ffl - x O I. A 0 0 Q i lk-I H , , , V' C Q O A . N . . . W I i L Ladies' and Gentlemelfs Tailoring ' , - ll 'or Junranteed 3l - casonable Prices 5 1 , w . 1 s N 1 A ' A 'L ' x 5 w -1 - 15 llll tI'Let,, LVV7L1l'YpOI't c,LAS5ES RILIDAIREID l , N :N - I .- . - " '. UP : . . .uv H . ,H . . 1 1 ' 1 x ' QC ' ' u , Y w' ,, u c ls ' X W 9 in A Vx as F ,A sv ' 4 L I 0 O 44 1 1 -yy ' " . T , - -- x . ' - , - - e K C 7 7 J - ' ' T ' 'l l l Q l I - U55 Q. . 1 ., ' . . . ee. 7 V , AT 0 PERCY l-l. FERNALD Electrical Contractor 39 PLEASANT ST. NEWBURYPCRT TELEPHONE 55 Whiteneld Mills A COMNQQQAENTS F A M 1 L Y LAUNDRY R l-hck s Bakery NEWBURX PCRT A LITTLEFIELD P MASS Cornplnnents of Glen M1lls Cereal Comp any Newburyport Massachusetts W1 IHITIC Morse CARPENTER SL BUILDER Compllments SZ M rllv o Str ct A FRIEND Pl P O Ad t . , Q 7 of ll Ol' C X Residence Hanover S . Newbury Ccbmplimems of CLASS OF 1 9 Z 1 ll: Ift ' OAAd t' Rensselaer lifiiilii Polyleehme f,?.lZ'EZf5EI2i IllSllllllC F KC FH g M L r gtfh 1- S J dSp d r T 5, b ti 1 x d mp s pplyto JOHN vV NUGENT Reglstrdr Compumeuts of The Trrumvrrate o'o'm J E r WE ARE CGNTIINUGUSLY GROWING The I-IeraId Press 27 Inu Street 1 Newburyport PRINTING ENC,-RAVIING DRAFTING DESIGININJG Please Patromze Our Advertxsers . ..1L1...- , , . . O ..ii.l1- . . g -i.-.11 Cqurses ln Civil .nglnccring . .. . Rfiifhflnicnl En lnecrlng I . .AL Electrical znginecring IV. l.. . Chemlcal l-Lngineerln . . 2.1, and Gent-ral S -' -X QB. . Also Graduate an ccial Courses. Unsurpassed new Chemical, Physical, Elo t ' I, M - chanical an Nia erials estin 1 La oratorivs. For catalogue and illustrate pamphle s shrw-.i g work of graduates and 5 u ents and views of buildings and ca u ,a q , ' I o Q 0 0 .iii .iii- lii N -fy-fa--5.1 0 - .i I9 .... .- . Q? 3 X fv 'CN ,tt M v - F H5 Q V 1211111 w fvlwge- ui' i' '.31'nwfj EJHKMTIVI fm MMIII I .l rffl'l,', Ill L'!'xix". 1 :H .fxlvli 'Ni Inv? 1 N1 :iIAi"l:f QI ,i , 'X .f. .ilil A Y1'li'xI IW c, l' s Afxff ll Mull i JJ VN :lf, 4,"'x!fW fs wfxzw lv JI +I!-szr I A Ic cw-.',rLm,, 1IU.fI' YI :xlf 2 y l Lxlmifk-1 , lil' l4l.l!'-' IMA'-E The l-hgh School Record PUBLISHED br mr STUDENTS f ff NEWBLRYPORT HIGH SCHOOL NEWBURYPORT MASSACHUSETTS MARCH NINETEENTWENTY Edltor ln Chief Cl1arlesH Tedforcl 20 Literary Staff Helen P Noyes 20 Elizabeth WllllamS lVlarjor1e Rogers 20 Margaret ohansen Louis Gmsburg 20 Cam1ll1a Stevens Ewan R Hayes Zl Alumm Edntors Helen Pond I9 Wnllard Lrttle Athletnc Editors Louls Schwartz 20 Ruth Holton Exchange Editors Mnldred LaCro1x 20 DOYOUWY Clarkson Class Edntors Charlotte Dondero 1920 Annie M3CFaYlal'lC l9-22 Alexander Caldwell 1921 The Cleaves Twms fArtl1ur and Alfred, l920 ART EDITOR Helen Hncks 20 Busmess Manager George E Parker 20 Assistant Bus ness Managers Clement Sargent Zl Lyclston Bliss 22 EZ UOSPI-121 SSLUE C . ,' . ' " ,'20. ' ' ,' . J ,'2l. . . Q. I .. '.2I. .' . ' ' ,'08. ' ,' . ,'20. ' , ,'2l. ' . D f THE I-IIGI-I SCHOOL RECORD 2, . ,, 'fin' ' TIME Lost Sixty golden minutes each set round wlth slxty dxamond seconds somewhere between sunrlse and sunset No reward IS offered for they are lost forever How many of you waste your t1me5 One mmute one hour or one day3 It lS a crlme that IS commltted dally AI though pumshment IS often slow m commg lt surely comes How often has a man lost a large busmess deal be cause he wasted an hour how often has a loss of tlme cost a llfe Thmk of It Take your own case Whlle each of us IS young the wasting of txme does not seem serxous to us How often we s1t m school ndly dreamlng of what we are golng to do That should not be our alm We should have as our goal ac compllshment lfear however that we do not have any goal at all Llfe should be too dear to us to lose a mln ute of tnme We should use our tlme advantageously ln school ln study and at home "Dost thou love llfe then do not squander time the stuff life s made of ' Florence Adams, '20 SCHOLARSHIP Should anyone ask you, "What lS a hrgh school for5" you would doubtless thlnk hlm msane Everyone knows, of course, the purpose of a hrgh school But does the hlgh school, our hugh school, fulflll lts purpose3 When each of us leaves thls school will we take wnth us the knowledge that we planned to obtaln when we entered the school5 Wrll the general students have the fund of general mformatxon that wlll and them substantlally rn whatever career they follow3 Wlll the commerclal stu dents have a workable knowledge of business prmclples and of phonogra phy3 Wlll the college and sclentlfic students be prepared to enter college or a un1vers1ty3 Those questlons marks are enormous l fear Every now and then we have mass meetlngs to arouse enthuslasm for athletlcs plays and other school actlvltles but we nev er call a mass meeting to arouse lnterest ln the scholarshlp of the school A school wouldn t be much without these aCtlVltlCS but lt would be absolutely nothmg wlthout scholarshlp er haps we don t need any such meetmg perhaps every pupil ln thls school IS do mg hrs best to make hrs hrgh school car eer worth whlle perhaps we re all sall mg along on A s and B s but I doubt t Don t blame the teachers, college students lf you can t pass those college boards, don t fmd fault with the school, commercnal students, lf you fmd you're nowhere when rt comes to actual bus mess, general students, don't say, "MV whole four years were wasted," and condemn your mstructors, untll untll, l say you are sure that you've ulmblb ed" all the knowledge that this school and nts faculty can glve you I0 A flifig flfcf J ttto of Of , X V1 '01 , ' ! I ! Q 1 ' 1 9 9 p i I n 9 D -1 O 0 . R Wm" " I ' I I , , 4- . , . . ' P - THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD STANDARD Have you ever stopped to reallze how valuable the tralnlng that you re celve ln Hugh School IS to you or how much you can make xt worth3 Gener ally lt takes two years of Hugh School before a student begln to realize the posslbllltres and the opportumtles off ered him After two years he surely should have determlned how much he IS gomg to get from nts benefnts It IS a natural and entlrely human boast of an underclassman to relate hrs cleverness ln evadlng certam asslgn ments We all understand for once we ourselves were IH the same boat so to speak have wasted IH drawmg half thots and carlcatures on pieces of arithmetic pap er or rn starlng blankly out of the wm dow But lf we reckoned the amount of time of such moments we should be appalled at the fact that we could have studxed a complete language or science It w1ll be a broad mxnded progress we underclassman who can benefit by hrs predecessor s experlence ln usmg those llstless ldle moments ln studylng or ln reading somethlng that wlll be of value ln addlng to hls General know ledge knowledge whlch at the most can be only an atom out of the world s treasure house WHY CAN'T N H S HAVE THE TRACK FACILITIEs OTHER SCHOOLS HAVE7 When we read the daxly papers and see what successful meets other schools are holding and how enthuslastxc they are over track we feel rather envious because we cannot turn out a crack team too Why are we unable to turn out a crack team3 Not because f lack of Interest or support on the part of the student body not because there IS no maternal ln thls school but the reason can be summed up ln the phrase of three words lack of faCllltl6Sl New buryport doesn t glve track the chance nt should have because rt furmshes no place for practice There s no smooth cmder track for the runner s spikes to dng up m the Fall and Sprung no mdoor track or available hall to speed around ln dur1nU the winter Newburyport Hugh has always tralned a fine team IH Splte of these handlcaps ln the track history of recent years of the Crimson and Old Gold only one defeat ln a home meet recorded and that was be cause N H S has no tralned contest ants for two events thus glvrng thelr opponents seventeen undlsputed points and even then Newburyport lost by only one point' Such a record should be kept up Many fellows are wnllmg and eager to tram lf only the opportunlty 13 glven them Why not glve them that chance5 Why cannot Newburyport give lts Hngh School the chances other schools have'-' Recently a clty ln the central part of the state appropriated SI 25000 00 to gxve 1ts boys the athlet IC faCllltlCS they should have Another town m the eastern sectlon of the state rs makmg plans to erect a stadlum and bulld a track for lts school Why you ask do they do th1s3 Because they belleve ln promotmg athletlcs and glv mg the youth of thexr CltlCS the benefits that track athletlcs develop physlcal and otherwlse Why cannot the cxty of Newburyport grve xts boys a chance and also benefit the Clty as well by provld mg N H S with the facxlxtles for track such as other schools have? I I , . . , o . . . . Q . 3 ' 1 1 - . . 3 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . I 2 ' Q . 'Z . y 1 1 Seldom do we think of the time we . . , ' v ' . . . , - , . . . 5 - . ' 7 . Y Y 1 1 1 1. .ll . , Y I ' , Fx 1 Q 1 1 . . Y . v , " Y . 1 1 1 . . . . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD DEMOCRACY IN OUR HIGH SCHOOLS Democracy un our hugh schools may seem at furst a rather lumuted and nar row subject But when we see that the hugh school tsudent of today us the cutuzen of tomorrow and that the chuef duty of our cutuzenshup us that of takung un actuve unterest ln state and natuonal aflaurs the securung of sound democrat uc basus for our cutuzenshup us seen to be umperatuve Our modern hugh school represents theh furm foundatuon upon whuch our udeas of democracy should be founded A democrat does not essentually re fer to a member of a deflnute polutucal party but stands for the men or women who belueve 1n government of the people by the people and for the peo p e It us on thus platform that our natuonal polucues are carrued out States men may duffer as to pollcues not so much as to how they wull affect theur personal unterests but as to how they wull affect the unterests of our country at large We the pupuls of thus hugh school may duffer as to polucues and as to man agement of school affaurs but we must not let the personal element enter our controversues and Judgments There have been too many cluques of late Too much personal unterest and very llttle school unterest seems to be the vogue It us tlme that we awoke to the fact that personal unterest us very poor traunung for our future duties as cutuzens The polucues unvoked by personal unter est are bad and only temporary at best On the other hand those pollcues unvok ed by school unterest are usually good and lastlng un effect Perhaps ut us because of the defects un our school government that these cluques are allowed to exust If so we should be wullung to lusten to plans for the alterung of our exustung school government Some plan should b offered that would band the dufferent classes together wuthout losmg theur status as classes makung them as one wuth the sole object the advancement of the school as a whole We see that offerung pruzes for stor ues creates a spurut of fruendly rivalry among the students lVlany contrubu tuons were sent un from Whuch the foll owung pruze works were chosen The Junuor pruze was awarded to Emuly W Page for her story On wrut mg an Essay and the Sophomore pruze to ohn Parker for hus poen A New Hugh School No pruze was a uors but George Hubbard s The Duary of A Freshman deserves honorable honorable mentuon as does George Noyes s ln Utopua We hope that the Freshmen wull wun a pruze un con nectuon wuth the une ussue These storres are publushed un thus ussue of the Record and are well worthy of the readers attentuon The Freshmen seem to have more artusts un their class than authors The Grve and Take headung was done by James Clarkson The Edutorual headung was admurably done by Ruth Connolly and Beatrlce Fogg contrubuted the Recorclograph and Alumnu headungs At the tume thus ussue went to press the wunners of the Art awards had not been chosen but ut looks as uf the Freshmen wull get theur share of pruzes The cover desugn was drawn by George Parker 20 and Helen Hucks 20 drew the Athletucs headung IZ . .. . U Y v ' e . , . f . . . . . y , - 1 s n A , ' ,-- , H . ' i . . y . - J., I H ' 1 1 ' ' warded to the Freshmen, or to the Sen- , - - . . . , 51 ' 'V ns - 1 uv - u , ' 1 1 I p . ' ' ' St , 1 ll , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD In Memonam DENNIS C LOWELL The statement IS now a commonplace and generally acknowledged to be true that our Ilfe s success IS measured by our devotlon to the welfare of our fell owmen Those whose actrons are m splred and guxded by this rule of Irfe ac qulre a strength and nobleness of char acter whlch are reflected ln the Ixves of those about them Thelr footprints on the sands of time the tempests of time cannot destroy for they are made lmperlshable by the cherlshecl memor ICS transmlttecl as preclous legacies to future generations The wrxter was probably more close Iy assoclated wlth Dennls C Lowell than was any other person connected prlvllege so to be IVI1' Lowell was a man of sturdy and forceful character and of an unusually alert and dlSCI'lI'l1 lnatln mlnd He was lnstlnctlvely a gentleman and never dld he stoop to an act unworthy of one of God s noble men HIS devotlon to the best mter ests of the school was proverbxal To serve these Interests was his alm and wc knew that whlle he was rn charge of the bulldlng all would be well I-I1s care was amazmg Suggestlons of change here and there were seldom necessary No remedymg of a defect ln the bulldmg failed to recelve hls lm medlate attentlon I-Ixs resourceful ness and watchfulness frequently saved the clty from large losses and the pup 1Is from an mterrupted education And withal he felt a responslblllty for the proper conduct of the puplls and was of valuable asslstance to the principal ln tlns phase of school admlnlstratlon An lncxdental mdex of his character IS shown ln hls treatment of ammals Sometimes homeless woebegone cats would Wander lnto the bulldmg I'Ie would feed them and make them com fortable untll they could take up their wandermgs agam Plgeons have been a source of much annoyance to us of ten becommg lmprlsonecl m the ventl Iators lVIr Lowell would Ilberate them at a large expendrture of time and effort and yet clespxte these vexatlons IH or about the bulldmg he would take lt to the boxler room and endeavor to restore nt to a normal conclntlon I-Ixs Ilfe was spent ln more than meeting the demands of his callmg and ln ceaseless endeavor to promote the welfare of all about hlm This unselflsh expendlture of energy at last told upon hls health Hrs fmal Illness came on anuary 20 when he suffered a shock whrle on duty at the school He passed away at hrs home on Wednesday January 28 with out regammg consciousness In his death the school loses a devoted friend and fellow worker Dana C Wells I 3 Wifh. our High School' If was a rare if he found a pigeon chilled or injured . I . . - X 1 4 u J , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD LOUIS A QANBORN ATHLETE The passmg of Louls A Sanborn on Feb 24 was a great blow to all who knew hum He was one of the best athletes ever turned out by the N H S Loule not only made reputation here ln Newburyport but brought fame to hlmself by hls wonderful pn-xvzng at Tufts College Sanborn mp amed the N H S football 1n l9l3 He was rl ways the mamstay of the nam pnylng rovmg center He would smash up play after play whether lt be an Q 1d run skxn tackle or through center A more conslstent and aggressxve and tue less player IS yet to be found A lzttlc mcldent whlch shows Sanborn s xalue to hls team can be clearly seer m the game between Haverhlll and Newbury port hlgh ln 1913 HaVCTlllll at that tlme was considered the best team IH ln the first perlod and en caxo ed to plle up a blg score ann would have donc o had lt not been or the wonder ful defenslve of Sanborn H broke up all kinds of plays but ln doing o played hlmself out Near the close of the second half Louxe was so badly used up that he was taken from th game 1n an unconscious condltlon l was then that Haverhlll llf l up .1 blg score and won SI 0 This goes to prove Sanborn s great value as a foot ball player After graduatmg from Newburyport hugh Sanborn entered Tufts College Coach Whelan soon recogmzed the great possxbllltles of the Newburyport boy and when Tufts llned up for lts first game Sanborn had made the team He was one of the few men who make the varslty ln their freshman year ln the early part of the Harvard Tufts game Loule tackled the Harvard quarterback so hard that he broke his own jaw partly paralyzmg hum so that he could hardly talk It was not untxl the game was over that the coach learn ed of hls 1n1ury At the close of the season Walter Camp mentloned San born as a possible cholce for All Amer lcan end Not only was Sanborn 'x grldlron star but he was also a classy dxamond performer Playlng both first base and shortstop Sanborn earn ed the name of Blg Slx He was a heavy hltter and hls defenslve playlng was always a feature ln the track meets Sanborn could al ways be counted on as a pomt gamer He stlll holds the N H S record for throwmg the shot Although a terror on the grndlron and a fearless athlete l..ou1e was a ready to help ln any undertaking that would benefit hls former school San born never lost hls love for N H S Even after hls fame at college he was always ready to help m any way possl ble to put Newburyport on the map IH athletlcs When Unlted States declared war on Germany Sanborn answered the call by enllstlng ln the medlcal corps l was while ln thls branch of the SCYVICC that hls health falled hum and after ser Vlng somewhat over a year he was glv en a medical dlscharge Although ln 111 health for a long txme he made a great comeback He even played bas ketball for the State C-uard and played baseball the followmg summer ln the lndustrlal League But once again his health failed frm and he was forced to we up athletlcs forever Hls condxt lon gradually went from bad to worse . so .' y , u y ' 1 n 1 he ' ' ' ll I U! u I 3 . a , - T- ' 1 Y . ce It ' - I , . . . . 4 E - ' ' . tj i .6 . n , - , ' 33 . . . . . . . n l l , , ' . . : " '- K ' . , the state. Haverhill opened right up quiet, unassuming chap, and always . . Q, . . 7.1 5' 7 f, L 1 ex ' S f - , - ' . . . ' . e ' , . , . . D S . .- , . . . . . 1 t 1 ' . a v T A ' 4 I k 4 1 . t y - r ' . L- ' . ,, . - : f , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD I5 until the final relapse. ecl out. His death was a great blow to All in all, Sanborn was one of the all those who knew and associated with greatest athletes that N H S ever turn him In Utopla What could be more pleasant Than a land where one could dwell Wlthout thought of sm or secant Or the ring of a perlod bell If there IS such a place on earth That s where I wlsh to go For l value more the joys of mirth Than those which seem so slow If l could be rld of stupid math Solld eometry and trlg l d thmk l cl walk the crooked path If lt led me to the brig George Noyes 20 The Dlarv of a Freshman My Aunt gave me thls oshderned book and made me write ln t Sh sa d that rf l dldn t l would get licked so l suppose l shall have to l will be gm w1th the list of presents l got for my blrthday Aug 25 l recelved two dollars but my father made me put lt ln the bank Say what s the good of having money lf you have to put It in the bank5 l al so got three books one dandy Wells Brothers The Youn Cattle Km s The second was about the adventures of a boy on a long trip to sea For the most part it was dry although there were some exciting parts The other book was a story of two old maids Think of lt' And a love story at that all about how they both fell in love with the same man and Oh l wlsh somebody had some sense around here Aug 28 Went out to Devil s Den to day and almost fell down the cliff We tartecl out early in the morning and took our lunch We went 1n swlrnmmg at Four Rocks and then we went up to the Den After a while we began to feel hun ry o we built a fire and roast ed some spuds When we had finish ed our dlnner we went down to the swimmln hole a am as we found that lt was only half past ten After we had gone in swimming twice more we de clded to head for the Basin We went up the wron road and when we finally noticed it we had gone so far that we thought we had better keep right on Then the funniest thlng happened We came to a sprln and were just going to et a drinl when we aw a bl fat worm in the bottom of it Brll Jones came up and leaned way over to see the worm O v , . . 1 y 0 Z v . . . .. . ,. 1 , . o . U H Z ' 7 1. e , . . . . . . . . 1 , S - , , g s - . . . y , , , - ' cr cv C3 3 7 .. . , , 1. . . ,. . . . . G C7 Y - V 5 5 ' - K 1 O . - D . - . . . ' , , , . , f g gl . , 3, , g T Q A . , , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD when the board slipped and he went ln head first Hrs head stuck m the mud and we had to pull hxm out by the hoofs He was all soaking wet andmad We looked ln the sprmg but the worm was gone Poor thrng he never drd Bull any harm so why should he be so cold blooded Sept 2 We had to go to school to day Everythmg IS all mrxed up and you don t know where you re at Sept 5 Nothmg domg now Have to go to school all the mormng and tudy all the afternoon when I am not practrcmg on the vlolm Gee I can fiddle Sept 8 I was slttmg ln school today trylng to wrlte a story when I heard somethmg go spat spat spat I d1cI nt know what lt was as lt seemed to come out of the wall Then I began to thmk of somethmg I had read abount Infernal machmes that ran by clockwork and lmmedlately the nolse sounded exactly Irke the trckmg of a clock I Jumped up and hollered that there was a bomb rn the room Everybody Ilstened and the treks kept gomg faster and they all made for the qurckest way out of the room I don t know how rt was but the teacher got there Hrst He Jumped out m the hall and yelled Flre Rrght away there was a not wlth all trymg to push thelr way to the door One door was broken off and rn another one the glass was cracked The prmclpal went mto the room where rt was but he couldn t hear anythmg Several of the teachers came cautlously ln when the norse began agam The prlncxpal went over to the corner of the room and what do you thmk he found3 There was a leak rn the roof and the water ran through and dripped down Anyway Sept 28 I was playmg baseball this mormng When I came up to bat I hlt the ball a great clout I made a home run but the ball went through a wmclow m room 7 The teacher asked everybody who drd lt When she came to me I sald I cannot tell alle I dld lt She told me to report for afternoon ses slon every day thls week Lucky lt IS sday Oct 3 We got our report cards to day I got E. m deportment I won der why George Hubbard 23 The Marshes Ye marshes how candid and slmple Tolerant plams that suffer the sea and and nothmg wnth holdmg and free the rams and the sun Ye bubllsh yourselves to the sky and Ye spread and span like the cathollc offer yourselves to the sea' man who hath mlghtlly won God out of knowledge and good out of mflmte pam And slght out of hllndness and purity out of stam I6 . , , . , . ' Y I ' ' Y 1 . . . . . ' 1 . . . , S . , produce some awful squeals on the old it sounded like a bomb. , . Y 1 ' Y -- . . , - . . . . 1 W , , , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD The hot August sun has already rnsen hugh over the vast marsh lands down by the sea To the east on the ocean coast the distant sand dunes loom up l-lere and there between their hum mocks one catches a gllmpse of the shimmering band of sandy shore gleam mg like old dust ln the morning sun light It lS luke a golden serpent wmd xn away northward and southward lVlult1tudes of small creeks run crlss cross here and there cutting the wet lands lnto geometric figures These creeks are fed by the larger streams whlch entwlne all about the vast area The blg rlver calm IH lts grandeur stretches more sedately across the land There are no signs ol' llfe except when a solitary duck salls overhead wlth a soft whlrrlng of wings or a small marsh hen frightened by the crack of a sportsman s rlfle rlses suddenly from her nest Occaslonally a red fox bent on forage dashes across the open spac There on the edge of a marsh mallow clump a snake glltters for a moment then Uhdes away into a rlft ot grass l-lush' there IS a musk rat a blg black fellow splashing into the muddy water At flood tide the marshes are more lmpresslve than ever Especially so lf the moon IS full magnetlzlng the water to rxse over ltS banlts untll lt all appears like inundated Zyder Zee Then the lntrlcate channels are a shln mv mesh of silver As the sun drops It tmts the wxters wlth a multitude of van colored hues When the sun drops below the western horlzon a strange hush falls on the marsh lands lt s eventnde And now comes the mght The full moon rlses All nature IS qulet the ebb tlcle runs out sllently and slowly The rlver was as serene as Egypt s Nlle Rays of the moon s llght enhance the scene The cry of the loon sounds from the far away woods Presently the cool falnt breeze whlch has been so consplcuously absent dur mg the hot days of haylng comes a cross the dunes from the sea It sounds llke a slgh ln the stlllnessl Peace reigns over the marshes length and breadth and sweep One can hear the falnt boom of the surf away of ln the dlstance ln the late fall and early wlnter the marshes glve one a feelmg of sadness Even the lone stacks of hay scattered hene and there add an a1r of melan choly As l walk across them alone with my hldden thoughts l thlnlc of the whlte snow blanket whlch will cover the lmmense expanse untll another sprung Now the cold penetratln wmter winds sweep from sea to wood lands Mlth a force whlch glves promlse of a sudden snow squall The northern mldnlght wlll soon wrap the earth wlth ln ltS starless fold So l am at last somewhat content to leave the marshes to seek the warm fire of an adjacent farmhouse beyond the bordering hllls Alexander Caldwell ZI ' v , . , , Q - .. 1 , ' . . , - . . . . . . v - 0' - l . is . . . . v - . x , ' of .D . . y ' s , Y - 1 v ' . an . . n , . 3 . . ca v ' - V D y . . . . , . - y v , . , - H CS. X - . , H . . . . u , v - v Z, " 4 . . - , 0' v y - 1 -.3 - 7 . , ' . ' - , . . Q .D . . , K .. . . . . . c ' 4 I8 THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD A New High School fSophomore Prize Contribution Vlfhen l was a hoy the authorities said lhey d have '1 new High School before they were dead But now they lie mouldermg beneath the slab And the citizens know their plans are just gals It has been the thing with or without reason To defer the hulldlng to some more suitable season on1e thought the present site would T was central quiet and open too Some thought here and some thou ht there Some tried to place It everywhere But thouvh they combed the city round No 1te to please 111 could he found l he c1ty fathers Uot on their ear And mmed thin s up a lint l fear So the quarrels clld stew and simmer 'XVh1le prospects of the school grew dlmmer Xnd dimmer still the years have made l1n1e tools and seems to have mlslald nl he H1 h Sr l1ool still IS made of dreams P t llldllj twill he lt seems 1 acl elnld that enters feels that he Vwotild ch nee dream for 1eal1ty 3 ct he roml up declares that e Hopes the IICW High School soon will Je ohn Parker 22 Present Day Superstitutlons Probably the most famous present day superstltlon IS the hrealxinv of a mirror If one IS unfortunate enoufh to l1re1lx a mirror 1cc1dent1lly tl1e old SUJLISUIIOII ys 11111 su C11 yens lm 111' when the IT 1r1or IS broken N1 my the Saints Maid off evil Another super t1t1o11 is that of mmf pointed gifts If a pointed gift IS giv en to a friend the old superstition is that the friendship w1ll soon end The only way to keep the friendship IS to glVC the person wl1o presented tl1e ift a penny A bird at tl1e window means death likewise thirteen at a table Superstitlons ran high in the wir Each axlator hid l11s fu orlte EI'Hl'JlCl1 painted on his plane lach machln gunner had his luclty token to keep his sun from nn miner But one of the most mt re llI'l0' war superstitious IS that l1 three eifrarettes on one t l 'hi superstition was brought I I hv tht llUSSllI1 troops w en w 1 Il ot death in the Qrthodox thtnth Vfhen 1 1n1n was dead the Rus 1111 placed 1 candle at l11s head 11d one xt fit L1 foot Thus orlglnatecl th: su cr t1t1on th 1t 1f three cigarettes 1 Ll ll 1 fd on one 11 itch the un Ortu 1 1t1 pfrson would shortly d1e is sup r t tion xx is ri 1dly observed during the w xr 'tlifl 111 mv 1 poor fellows lite h1s hcen 111 1de m1 erahle by the aCCld ental lu ht Il ot three ciffarettes on one 11 1lf ss n a 1 Dudley banders Zl 0 P s ' ' ' ' .7 1. , 1 . , , C , . , C 5 . . J . . it ' ' K it. " . 4 i 'Q ,, 1 ' ' Q ' as ' , ' 1' ' .s R . -J - , - do, LZ' Qt , ' C , . y , ' 1 3 tra ,, . k , . gg "1 . gif 1 1 A . ,. h ' A . Y . Y . ' ' ' . l . .l ' , ' . 9 C c 5 , jr 'l i J. 7 . . . '. 5 1 kr . C 3 . D 1 . . . ' . i . - g of ligg tina! 1 , ', 2 ' ' ' 1 1 z 11111 1' 1. rf .xt is " k ' .' 1 11' ' ' sa 5 2 Q 1 f ' ,z .ad o 'i1'it!!a't' h . 1 h luck will follow unless avoided by say- they c':1111e thc,-re to fight. Originally ' 5, A 1' ' ' 1 . H1 at it 'e the sig ,, A h ' ' 1 ' ' . 1 " . . : 2 2 ' ' '. g' f' ,g 'V sl s 2 ' , 2 , ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' - at re if t1 . ' ' ' ' i i . . , 1 'e 'gl tg , 1 2 ' f - ' ' ' ' zz ' e .' ' J ' . Thf I ' . . , A gi ' P S I 'Z .' - ' . ' f' N 'z 2 Q v . ' 1 ' ' . , ' ' ,. 1. ' - 2 . ' - . . K .S . E ' r .gr Q g .4 4 .D z f' 2 ' z ' ' , V1 ht '31 .Qu 1?'lil'1. .. , , Q . 1, , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD On Wrltlng an Essay I JUDIOY Prlze Contrlbutlonl When l Wflte an essay my greatest dlmCL1lt16S are ln gettlng started and ln stopplng at the rlght tlme l do not know whlch of these dlftlcultles IS the harder to overcome Each has lts ar gument ltS forclve argument Choos lng a subject IS most harrowlng to my temperament 'lnd to my abllltlCS as a wrlter There IS a regular process whlch lnvarlably employ ln search of ln splratlon Let me relate to you an ex PCTICDCC whlch follows the general CUYTI culum and does not ln the least exag gerate the dlfllcultles whlch BTISC wlth my llterary attempts At about five oclock l sharpen a medlum grade Velvet pencll to an lnfln lte degree of polnt procure a tablet of lmmaculate whlte lawn paper seat my self ln an easy chalr by the flre wlth my carefully prepared lmplements place the polnt of the nlcely sharpened pen cll at the top of a spotless PICCC of pa per and befrm to medltate My pencll as lf gulded by unseen powers sketches vague but Ueometrlcally perfect stars When about twenty mlnutes have elapsed an lnsplratlon strlkes me suddenly that l am stunned l grlp my stylus wlth frenzled eagerness and Glance qulckly down at my paper Shades of departed astrologers' The planets' My lnsplratlon twlnkles away lntO ln absolute nothlngness and mlng llng wlth the smoke of my flrst attempt lsclrrled up chlmney to joln the earthlv ll hts ln dls ust l seek the pmtry and re turn 'lfter hawnf eaten two doughnuts but have ne le-ated to remove thelr tr l ces from my llnfer tms and now thor oughly perplexed countenance l rush to the kltchen and come back rough from the effects of sandsoap but greasless l go the plano and strlke cloleful mln or chords at sad lntervals whlch make the cat stlr restlessly and look about for posslble means of escape Then sudd enly for some reason p0SltlVely n known to me l burst lnto merry rlppllng trllls and falry llke cadenzas whlch mer ge lnto Chopln s Mlnute Waltz a com posltlon whlch perslstently makes me thlnk of an encagecl blld trylng to es cape l lnterrupt thlS 1ClCa ln a more pathetlc fashlon The blrcl IS my ln splratlon the cage bars are the pangs of hunger stlll unsatlslled by the two doughnuts The supper bell rlngs and l Hee to the dlnnlng room and to the enjoyment of my evenlng meal My hunger satlsfled l contemplate my glass of water What I'T132lCal charm lurks wlthln that transparent llqllld' What shadows and soft llghts are there to cool the heated llps' l ralse the glass traglcally and PBSSIOH ately taste the nectar' But what strange taste IS that whlch greets my burnlng ton0ue3 Salt' A practlcal yoke' A glance across the table reveals an lnter ested watcher l TISS haughtlly from the table ask pOlltCly to be excused and Wlth a freezlng glance at my broth er l walk calmly from the room go dlr ectly to my desk and wlthout further lnsplratlon wrlte a long and condemn lng essay Cn the conduct of Brothers What a characterlstlc sketch thls IS' It IS hardly necessary to dwell on my apparent fwlllng It IS self PVI ent May It sllftlce to say that my essay on brothers dlcl not close llntll l h lcl glven full vent to my feellnffs COUCCYDIHU the SPCCICS Emlly W Page O O . . . . . , . o o ' C l ' - .. - , , . . - . . , - - 1 l Q o ' 5 - f D ' c , ' l c. ' L . 5 . -. - l . ' , l ' . O . . . S0 C, ' , y rs - n . ' D ' v a " c . R D- T, - . . . 4. 7. 5 , , L . . 2 ' , un- , . of r . n - ' .fl . ' , 2 , I ' I 5. . . ,. , d . r Y , . c 5 . , .5 . r, . . ... . Q , , . E' . . Z h , I . F 3 . . gh ' s A ' L ra rl l . . . 20 THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD My Ural Theme IVIy oraI theme, That haunting theme. 'Tis the bane of my existence. Of that I dream, Gr that I scheme Wlth desperate perslstenee thmk ln vim try Ill vam o seek in lnsplr ltlOIl thlllk lzgalll I lll ne lr lllsane Brow wet wlth persplratlon WltIl dlz7y head Oh se1lseIess heacII IllauCIlIJIy I mumI9Ie XVIIII feet Ilke Iead IVIy ldCdS dead Baek to my seat I fumble Oh woe IS me' Oh heIpIess me' I'o me a hramIess creature Oh fate declee Ihlt I sIlouIcI see 111111 2 ss J Peggy Flashes Ih2 2 llIet sun sank sIowIy over t e Robert gttwlrt olhelwlse Bob 1 l,eCI 810111 pexIx tm Clllf., t clll r IS 1 wl ll l It wlllc tral lIv llld lll 1IxlIl IIIFII' SI ow 2 ips IJIusIl 2 l III IOM lls pl IX llluIe Ily mls sIopts Ihe soft su l mer IlreeLe sway c y vxll ID 1 x 1IIey IP td the tlps of the glint Iuls ind lustIed l sy 2 II vwlth mo e rl Ill tIle nl lllf 1111113 md deep III l green lLlIl1 iIlIIN l ld c r pptd I IIN lt the ltt e 1L1IIy tIle nr wls th1CIi and reclolent or olest stltloll flve IIIIIQS UOVNI1 tIle Dull tl lcIor of In ll alll and sweet fern m ell I Il leI ro llfrI oll thull Pl l Iux st ltteled dumps of purple save c ILIIIIIJ I1 fl J'J1I1 tIllouf1Il tw lcIcIed 1 splcy tam to the 'atmosphere qulel pe ire ot thc torcst and h ld Qhd F f I . . 1. , I ' " , ,Ii 2 ' . ' 2 ' 2 I ' 24 ' , 2 ' 3 , . 2 , I . , ,-4 ,Q .AX tI 1 DIBRJ Ifllgghsh IPEICIICI. cN1lIT1IIII1lSIi"P'lS IIPZI 2s'2' ' S " he - H 2 . , jzgj. f'."2 2 's ' f he cs- tl'tcIgr:cI sIo f'y I II 5 " Iillg "I, 4- 2 2 " g .' fi Y-'2 J 5 Ind' Q HCI I 21' '- ., I' soI'IIy above the purple shadows of the IloIlIJillg IJl'icIIe strap. Ihe train from .' 'I Q R ll ' S 2 f- tIlf cit Ibill' fIo f ' thx '2 , , tI 3. 1 A . , fz 1 2 ' ' great Iui 'ity, Illls illlz " CI IN ' 2 Qi 4i',2 E-Y I 2 'j.I2 Io - 'Y 2 sI'I 21 .2' 2: ',,' f I'.'.f2. 'ig' ' U'- Iec 2 sl 2 7 ' 3 .2 CI ey, Th i 2 ze. , CIJ- 2 ""2 l .. " ' IIlgfi1!1I"tIIfI, Ill? 'A 2, Ie. 2 2 :. uw 2'.'.z 2 - THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD ed luke a grant snake mto the yawmng mouth of a tunnel whlch bored its way throu h the base of a monster peak As Bob clambered up the rocky path which was heavy wlth sllence save for the cllp clop of Chow s hoofs his heart was as heavy as the load which the little mule stumbled under He had no eyes for the molten Gold and crlm son of the sky eyes for nothing save perhaps the rocks and hubbles beneath hls feet for he moved along with bent head moody faxlmg to hold his usual cheerful conversation wlth Chow who lald back hls long ears bllnked hls blg eyes and wondered what on earth was the matter Up and up wound the trall finally endlng upon a smooth rock ledge high upon the mountaln side overlooklng mlles and mxles of vxrgm forest protect ed by Uncle Sam There on the ledge was the post of Robert Stewart of the tlon Careful watch was kept from the ledge each day by Stewart or his HSSIS tant Patsy and lf any mdlcatlons of a forest f'-IIC were slghted alarm was flash ed down and across the valley to an other station and asslstance was quick ly obtamed When Patsy saw the qulet processlon come to a stop before the cabm he hurrled out took Chow s brldle from Bob s hand welcoming hum with a dazzling lrlsh smile and Glad you re back Bob and led the llttle mule away to the stable Bob stumbled up the stone steps of the cabm threw off hxs hat dropped m to a chanr on the plazza and stared a cross the tree tops Ten days slnce the quarrel and Peg hadn t glven ln yet Stubborn lxttle Wlll she has h muttered She was wrong she knows she was wrong but she just wont give But why does she keep me walt mg llke thls3 She can t she can t mean that she isnt ever gomg to be sorry and make up l cant tell her l m sorry because l m not and anyway l was ln the right Oh darn these hot tempers anyway' Oh Peggy Peggy He glanced away down the valley to ward l-lellograph Statlon No 3 where Peg and her Dad an old forest guard llved and upon hls tanned strong face wasa comlcal expresslon of mmgled consternatlon and tenderness Nlght came quletly over the purple hllls and folded ltself closely about the llttle cabln There were no stars and the heavy alr gave prophecy of com mg storm Suddenly the clouds were pierced by a mighty thrust of llghtn mg and then on the heels of a thunder mg roar came the ram IH solid sheets The storm raged all night long and shook the little cabm on the ledge Great lVlanzan1tas ln the forest below crashed to the ground whlle branches and torn foliage whirled madly drlven before the wmd Down the valley at Statlon No 3 an anxlous rosy tear stalned face pressed close to streaming wmdow panes wlth wlde grey eyes peering up up towards Bob s precar :ously perched station W1th an angry toss of her well set head Peg turned away from the llttle wmdow Peg Wythe she scolded your e a sllly blllyl What are you crymg about ld llke to know3 You don t care lf the sllly old llghtnmg does strxke Bob Stewart anyway cause hes mean A crash which seemed to split her ear drums sent Peg stumbling to the wln dow agam A bllndmg Hash revealed 21 . . . . , - Q - ' ' in. ' - g . . . . I y , . , . - Y . . U . , - . ' 1 ' Y 1 '- cs . ' - , . , . , . . , . y , . . , . . , , - - ' , 4 E . . . . I Y U. S. Forest Guards, a heliograph sta- the force of the hammering thunder 1 - H 1 ' . ' I 1 1 " , 1 , ! q Y Y - , . , - , . , , v v V , - , . . . . , - 1 . . ' Y , . --,. It 1 u ll ' ' ' . e ' - y .. y . . . . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD lor 1 moment the ram drenched trees wxrthout rnd rn th xt rnst int a hugh red wood '1 stone s throw from the cabrn xx rs torn up by rts roots and hurled to trc frcrund lh rrnpact of rts great u erght xrolcntly Jarred the solrd struct urc of the shrclx and 1 heavy branch ol tht red wood crxshecl through the window shatterrng the glass and tr rcl Pe to h r ltne s lhat mrnute of mrfrhty ch xos showed Peg how futrle hom petty 1 thrng was her chrldrsh stub borncss Vtfrth her rnffer gone and 1 wholesome lc rr tilxlllv' rts place eg Bob l ccps safe oh what a lrttle oo l am' lXflO1llll'tU dawned cool and clear an the sun s prercrnff rays unconcernedry sc arched out each tart of wrecxage left tu st J X thrn wrsp of grey srnokt rose -,tr'1r1 hr up from the chrm nay of the cabrn on the ledge rndrcat rnf th rt Patsy w is preparrng breakfast or wr- l rly tlernrr g hrs ero Graph rnstr rrnc nt but hrs usu rl cheery rt unrrrusrc l w hrsrle was not splrttrng the keen nrountarn arr He was worlt mv dogveuly ullenly nd he fru refused Patsy s solrcrtous rnvrtatron to brr altf mst Down rt st tron lNo 5 someone was flushrnvf and Bob angrrly rn ide prepar rtrons to trke the nressaf e Lvrclently an rnexperrenced operator was at the rnstrument for rt came slowly But rt cunc surely never the less and as the words spelled then sclx es out flxsh by frce SORRX BOB eamete message l-le flashed back one word to hrs Peggy down the xalley C O M l And the astonished Patsy stood star rn rn the xbrn door rs hrs undrgnrhed boss ran swrftly dovr n the path srng mv lustrly l: lmabeth XXlllll'llT19 20 Krngs 'XX hen th sun shr res through the trees And the brrd wrni s hrs Hrght on e nrornrnf breeze Alr krnds of sonffbrrds around garly srng Of nrornrn the brr ht colored orrole s And dovxn at the ocean round Emer son s Rocks Wlrcr e screamrng the sea gulls alrght rn great flocks Vtfhere they clrve rn the vwater for fishes galore The gulls are the rulers of ocean an shore 'Xnd out rn rl 0 woods wht n rlw lr ts dance and flrtlter The sun his gone down rnd the brrds cease to brclcer Crlrdrng henerth the congennl moon rght The vener rble owl rs the ltrng of the nrght And down on the marshes where everythrng s strll Where mystrcal forms ire each bush and low hrll And werrd rs the quret and lure of the moon Rules the heron hrs krngdom of marsh and of dune Marjorre Rogers 20 Z2 ' 1 - 'Q' B l ag Jus' if ' ,: 'rx '. h l' - " , 2 ' a ' ii ' - ,, ' ' J 'L A - 2 v V ' , 1 5 ' ' , 'A ,zx, v '.' . ' ' ' ' 72 Q ' ' S ' H ' 'h - ' 'M l X gm . M e ' ' A 3 T, J '. s ' . 21 ,g ffly lf.. v 7: A ' he ' '- c lt - I I fr . I r . 'e . J z ', r 2 1 ' ll ' 2 E 'f - f t e. 2 .' ax " 1 . o 1 ' , J ' ' gr , ' g, C 1" ' 1 - s 'L Q gg e ' e. V' ' z ' . 2 tg , : ' .5 E . , , , , l K Y Y C . A7 r . . - . Q . A I - ' -.'. Y' 'z g , ' f 'e 1-, ', ' - - , , li z " 5 ' P 1 J . 1 . f 2 stumbled to her feet sobbing, "lf only flash, zr lnerttitic grin spread over Bobs t12r.z --- , ' f l z'. W----I - 4- ll - 4 D , d r ,of y - - - - ' ' ' ,, ' ' N-G-. . 2' ' - g ' ' K ,. ' z . - by l H q crm. r' ' ' A ' ' g' H C2 A '2. " ' . ' ' . 3 jg ' - H . U ' ' ' ' Y ' ,- B Z K . , . . Q 1 . 5 . Q 'g 1 2. as " . i"r "IQ O 7' ff . . 'z . ' ,, . , ., f ' r . ' - 'gh . I ' 1 Q . 5 . -K 1 I .ir y - . f , z ' , , . A fr Y , I 1 . . . . ' r N 5, , . . 1 . 4 1 1 Q A' c 4 K - A sv -4 rv 4 Q , nt f, I , .' ,. 1 . 7. V . . 7 .- . . . , , . . . r , -7 - ' Z I ' ,f :'. , . K I ' , . . . -71 ,y , , kv C f V d . . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD The Mller who s thwt fellow ox er there lean mg agalnst the post3 querled Georg Oakes the new member of the Cranton track team Oh that s Ted Thornton he Mller lauvhlngly replled Captaln Paul Henderson Say IS he really good5 A mller IS a treasure' No that tltle was lven to hlm when he came IH last 1n the Bradley meet last year l-le couldn t run a lqord downhxll but he s ot an rdea that he can some day run off wxth the mxle' He s a mx hty mce fellow though Well lf at first you don t succeed quoted Oakes Perhaps that s hrs motto Well be around th1s afternoon at 3 00 sharp for cross country runnmg lve got o speed uptown and get the mall long' l ll be on deck cap' Ive Uot a new palr of splked shoes l want to try out See you later The boys hurrled off mn opposxte dl rectlons A moment later the boy spoke of as the lVl1ler moved slowly across the street and entered the school gymnaslurn Several l'I'11l1l1tCS later he appeared on the clnder path ln the rear of the bulldlng and after a few starts and short dashes to get warmed up he cast off his sweater and stood clad 11 a lnght runnmg su1t and sneakers l-le glanced casually around to see lf any one was observm hrs secret practlce and then started off around the track He Jog trotted four laps on the quarter mlle track and then went rnto the -lock er room A few more secret practlces and then Ill show Captam Pauly some thm he muttered to hlmself as he slowly dressed Xt three o clock twenty fellows ln cludlnff the lVl1ler left the gym cmd started on 1 flVC mule cross country run lhe lVl1ler managed to hold T113 own that afternoon although hls run nmv was not extraordmarlly brllllant Capt Henderson spoke a few words to the boys after the run Remember fellows the blg meet wxth Dudley Hall IS only two weeks a way' Every fellow has got to practlce hard ln the next two Weeks We ve ot to w1n for Cranton' May I run the m1le3 called out Ted Thornton Want to wm agam l suppose' Jok ed the ciptam Well l m a whole lot better than I was last year Thornton sald defiantly amld the laughter of the squad Oo ahead Ted old scout' We ll we a dmner ln your honor lf you wm ,ard the captaln Thanks but l guess you needn t make any elaborate preparations plled Thornton We dxdn t expect to cried a voice from the other side of the locker room Hurrah for the Mller called out someone Oh cut lt fellows some day l mlght surprlse you' laughed Thornton Go to lt Ted old scout' Were r10ht here Wdltlflfy' Xnd stxll Jokmv the group broke up -X week later the llst of track men to be taken along to the meet at Dudley Hall was posted Ted Thornton thrllled wxth pleasure when he saw his name afnonff the others l ll do my best to get sonne polnts 9 C6 79 H 7 - . U . V - U r . D, . P . D., f - . a 4' y ' . .t . U lt -- . D , U , . . , , t L C Q - - .. . U . . . f-1 U . -y a 5, - -. . . . . . . . . s . D . .1 U . . . O' 1 za . - . . t. . v r . , . . cr 1 C, - . . . 1, . H or 0' :a 1 :Q ' o ' H . - H U . ,- y ' - tt l . .t . . u . . , . ' C Q . . - t .. , . S H . . . O , , H . . 3 . tt v - r. 1 1 - f, 1 - . . . . . . . u O. . . D , N . . . Q . . . . . .. - , " 1 . . H . c , YC' .. . -. . .t . . ,- . . 1 . . lf tt . 1, , , 1. U .A . . v 1 . , . ,- . . . .. . .. -v . D . . . . . . vp ' n o' fr L, n 4 ca ' ' o . 4 Y - . ' c 4- . . 5 . v . 4. H tl - . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD for good old Qranton he muttered as he turned away lhe day of the meet came at last and the team and rts supporters went over to Dudley Hall by trarn amrd the cheers f Cranton s sympathlzers Every runner seemed to be complarn mg of some pam rn hrs leg or srde or of a headache They were evrdently nervous before the meet Once that they were off the trarn and rnsrde the Dudley Hall locker room all the rmag mary troubles vanrshed and the fellows became eager for the fray l rom the very start of the meet thrngs went wrong for Cranton They lost the 440 when therr best runner stumbled and fell and therr best broad jumper rnjured hrs knee ln the frrst trrals Thrngs dragged along untrl Qrantons supporters were once more rnsprred wrth hope by Qranton s takrng all three places rn the shot put and hrst and second rn the hlgh hurdles The score stood 61 to 59 rn Cranton s favor Cranton was rn the lead at last and only one event the mrle was left They must wrn erther first place or both sec ond and thrrd place to wrn the meet and the shrnrng srlver cup whlch stood on the judges table All out for the mrle' came a loud ca Say Fl ed called Captarn l-lender son to the lVlrler Please get us a thrrd rn thrsl l ll do my best Cap' called Ted as he hurrled toward the startrng lme A hush fell over the crowded stands as the srx runners three from each school took therr places Ted was placed besrde a Dudley Hall runner wrth a red D H on hrs whrte Jersey 'l he D H made Ted decrdely nervous Would On your mark' roared the starter cuttrn short lqed s solrloquy l he runners crouched on the startmg lrne and settled therr sprkes frrmly rn therr startrn holes Get set' The lrne of bended backs bert for ward Bang' Amrd the cheers of the throng the lme shot forward slowed down and settled rnto a steady run down the stretch The runners ran easrly sav rn therr strength and wrnd for the last a Once they crrcled the track and they began to strung out Twrce and the drstance from the leader to the last man was frfty yards sounded for the last lap The pantrng runners endeavored to speed up Ted was runnrng rn second place He sprlnted to catch the fleetrng runner from Dudley Hall It all happened m a moment I-le stumbled somehow or other and sprawl ed rn the tracls A groan arose from the cranton stands He s out of rt They ve passed hrm O l These and other crres filled the arr Then a mrffhty cheer went up for the plucky runner He rarsed hrmself qurckly and stum bled on The blood was streaming from a sprlce gash rn hrs calf Two runners had passed hrm and a thrrd was creeprng up on hrm He clenched hrs teeth and steadred hrs strrde some what Oh how hrs leg ached He could fee the warm blood trrcklrng down over hrs 24 , . O , . ' .. ' . , . A ' . , , I Y , u . Q - . . 0 . . R C. . h l p. L . . . V , . I .1 ' . C , ' , 'lhree times around, and the gong a a 1 N U 1 ' Y' C I . 1 1 L A ' . . 7 . , . at i I . v, it I n .Iv . ll lv . ll. h. rr - H , -' ' 9 v V ' Q Al 1 vi ll ' ' 9 ll I I! ' 4 . - Y . , . , . ' -1 f ' I . . . ' I THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD ankle and soakmg mto hls stockm l l dimly saw the form of x Dudley Hall runner two yards fxhewd He must pass hlm The crles of the crowd came dully to hlm He trled to run faster Oh how that leg throbbecl' Almost unconscxously he turned rn to the home stretch He drove hls tlred body mto a little more specd He gamed slowly but stewdxly on the runner m front Halfway to the tape h caught up wlth hlm But he could do no more He was exhausted Dlm ly he saw the tape ahead He heard the labored breathlnff of hrs opponent With a Gasp for axr Ted shut hrs eyes and wlth a fmal effort staggered and fell across the llne a bare two mches a head of the Dudley Hall runner Then somethln seemed to snap and the llght vamshed Ten mmutes later he lay on the locker room bench wxth the tralner bandagxnff his gashed leg he Wmter Agam the fatal hour Seven A lVl Automatlcally l awoke and snuggled down farther mto the covers wlshmg that l could sleep on and on forever But the gods had not wllled xt so and l had but fifteen more minutes of luxury The room was stlll falrly dark and cold bitterly cold what had been a tunbler of water now was an Iceberg and from the sound of the wmd howl mg around the chrrnney corners a tem pest was ragmv outside l hewrd the customiry rmvm of bells blowing of factory whistles and the far off shriek of a locomotlve warned the shlvermv pedestrlans that It was well nngh traln time The crusty snow covered slde walks creaked and groaned ln txme wlth opened his eyes Where dm I3 he gasped lts all rzght Ted old boy' said Qaptam Henderson softly l l lost the race' l m sorr moaned Ted On the contrary you won the meet' We needed that one pomt to wm Oaks f ot second which tled and your one pomt won Were all proud of you old man and you ve gxven an honor able meanmg to your title The Nhler That was the plucklest race I ever saw and you ll et your dxnner all rlght and better than that a letter and your name IS to be added to the llst of athletlc heroes that IS kept ln the trophy cabm ct at school' And the captam shook hands wlth the hero of the day Wrth a falnt smlle Ted gazed at Hen derson s face for a moment and then closed hrs eyes and lay back among the sweaters plled on the bench 'Yam scurrymg feet of courageous early rls ers and as It seemed to me they chose my wmdow for their cheery good mormngs and exchange of oplmons re Uardlng the flerceness of the wmter Qlel h bells tlnkled merrlly past and the sputtermg and Hashlng of the trolley car warned me that zero hour was nearer The h smv and roar of steam was a Q elcome sound blended with the rack ct of 0 xl bemv thrust mto the heater Gradually the room had grown light cr 'md brl ht sunshme had penetrated mto the cold and drearmess of It all wrth on last yawn l heaved back the ton of covermv and was greeted by a blast of cold axr that nearly look my T 25 , . . U, 4 ,, . - . 5. c. . . 1' ' r . . r. - . H . 1 c . g , , . . . H V . . . . ul . -Q . . " " . y, , 5 . . - , I V A V ' ' 1 . . r . X Y Q . . - r, Q y 1 . - , . . . . ' C 1 ' . . . . H -. , . I cr - e D . 3 q v 1 ' ' . . Q. . U - c . . . . . , uS D . 0 -- O O 1 , . . . . 1 1 , . . . . D . . .J g v . -r .v y a ' - Ee ' ... D 1 ' "V - v ' . . A I . . 5 D . c V 4 ,D . . . U I . H C ra ra Y -:a C 4 . -f . ' .U . v - 1 -3 5 . , V . -3 C 1 - ' :a THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD breath away I was sure a cavalcade of mxce were playlng hockey on the floor but heeding none of them with a bang I slammed down the wlndow and snapped up the curtalns catching a glrmpse of men runmng by hangmg on to thelr ears the very PCTSOHIHCHIIOH of the frl ld zone Oh for the good old sunnmer mornlngsl The usual hustle and scramble foll owed and then wonderln what fort unes thls new clay held I trudged merr ily the fnnlllar path to school lVIarv Hurd 22 A Case of Mlstaken ldenuty Marlon Yarmouth sklpped gaxly down the Campus stairs and rushed lh on a group of laughlng glrls Oh glrls she cried enthuslastlcally guess what s happened3 You can t5 I thought not Well you know that cousm of mme that I used to say was such a SISSY3 Well I recelved a letter from hum thrs rnornmg and he s coming here, to thls very college What will She hesitated for a moment out of breath then contlnuecl To come to my polnt what do you say lf we sort of break hum ln at the start Great but how shall we manage Its the glrls chlmed ln Why xt s just as sxmple as can be You know he s horrlbly afrald of any thmg wlth skirts on Why zt was ages before he came near me hrs own cous Of course he may not be quxte so bad now that was slx or seven years ago but from what he said ln his letter he s bad enough Listen Please Mar lon lf lt absolutely necessary for me to make the acquaintance of the young Iadles at college go easy on lntroducmg me to them Oh I ve just the thmg' broke m Al1ceF1sher a glrl always ready for mnschlef We ll get hlm m the parlor m the reglstratlon bulldmg and and 'is the excited glrls drew around her she put forth her plans It was the day of the 1rr1val of Arch xbald for that was hls name and IVIar ron was reading over for the flftleth time the descrlptlon of her cousm lVIy halr IS extremely llvht and I have an extremely dellcate complexlon I am about five feet seven and qulte sllm Further more I shall wear my large tor must bel she thought and she smlled mlschlevously as she stepped lnto her taxr bhe reached the statlon just as the tram pulled ID and p ered up and down the platform for her cousm e heard someone behlnd her asked the way to the college and turnmg she confronted a young man who was ap parently lookmg for someone I-low do you do' she greeted Im so glad to see you' Dnd you have a pleasant journey3 The young man blushed and stamm ered Why er yes er are you MIS er3 Yes, I am I dont wonder you dldn t recognize me because I ve chang ed so since you last saw me l would nt have known you elther lf lt hadn been for your perfect descrlptlon of yourself Saymg thrs she took the embarrassed 26 . 'g' . , . . , A I - , . 1 , Y . g 1 . y . A A .i Y I g V V - . . , . D .V Q . .v G 1 v ' f Q . . . Q r . - 1 y y 1 4 1 ' . . , n -- Y ' , , . . .D . I Y . . . i the boys say!" toise shellqglasses. ,"What a sight he I ' f , . , s , 1 u N- w w , , . 1 9 " , ' . Sh . . , . , , , , - . s Ax U! I 1 Y - ' 7 in. ' . ' ' , . , x - n . I " , - n , . , a U 4 . ! , D , . . ll I . I I q I u . n I4- , . L Q I ll ' I I 1 U V' , . . . . . .. . . --, , THE. HIGH SCHOOL RECORD young man ID a cousmly way by th arm and led hlm to the nearest tam and before the poor fellow had txrne to re cover hls scattered senses he found himself on the Campus steps They went mto the re 1str1t1on build mg to gether If you wlll please come Into thms room to the rlght l will call MISS Math ews the prmclpal she sa1d twlnkllnd Wlth merrlment You know Archl bald you must see MISS Mathews be fore you vo to your room The youn man cleared hls thraot nervously and muttered somethmg a bout havxnv heard that rule before Marlon had no sooner turned to leave than from every corner of the room gl glm glrls came forward and gathered about Archibald reetlng hlm wlth smiles and friendly salutatlons for a moment the young man was stunned then an lnkllng of the truth seemed to dawn on hum and he rose mllmg My dear young ladxes he sald I don t know as thls ns the usual manner m which you greet new comers or lf It xsn t why you should greet me thus llfmw ver nf xt s the custom l shall not protest But now you ve had your fun w ll one or you kmdly go and tell the grrnfltzal that the new Gymnasium ln tructor has arr1Ved3 The xrls tarecl at hxm mcrecluously t cn l'CallZlI1U thelr mistake they blush cl fr rnously and fl d ln conclusxon I wlsh to say that when th true Archlbald dnd arrlve pranks were played on hlm by the re pentant gurls Soapsuds l am a ack of some trades and far from belng master of any of them ex cept for one of whlch l should by all rlghts know somethlng If lt IS true that practlce makes perfect It IS not toe danclng nor wr1t1ng Greek verses ln lamblc pentameter nor COITIPOSIHU odes to the moon An attempt to wrlte lamblcs on my part would be enough to make any old Roman or young one either hold up hls hands rn holy horror and lf l should essay an ode to the moon xt would surely be sufhcxent provocatlon to make her turn into green cheese lf she hasn t already whlle for the toe dancmg "3 3 ll No mme IS 'A lesser art but none the less worthy for that and mterestlns., also n spxte of not havlnv Poetry s flelds of 'xsphodel 'md falery seas forlorn to explore but be mg confmed to the more prosalc Kmg dom of Pots and Pans There lve let the cat partly out of the bag and mlght as well let the strmgs go Its dish washmg Some are born to dnshwashmg some acqurre dlshwashmg and some have dlshwashmg thrust upon them If you have been the latter you will know that a llkmg for thrs art IS not gained lmmed lately When Lmdy from South Ca hna departs unexpectedly with her weeks wages and a half dozen of the best sllver tea spoons and there IS no one to take her place the three weeks after her leavmg 13 an expenence m deed At hrst you thlnk lts a lark 'md splash ganly through the cups and saucers Then the next four or flve days lt begms to pall and the frymg . ' , C ' ' 1 c " ' 1 . S 'A . . .. . -. . U - 1 n . . . . . . . Sz 1 - - l I , .. . . . . v 1 t . . . . . . . - 1 C ' X if u . . .. . . . - v 1 1 -1, - , . . .. . . . . , " 5 , ' ' U , A ' , ' .. . H g . s . cr ' or' f 3 11 " ! . ,N . . . . .. 1, ' .. . ., . , D . C ! , c . S Z HO o' cr ' ' - v Q. D . 0 , O . . . , - U-- , 7 i . . . . . . . . 1 - ' v v 1 'D D 1 y . . . 1 9 . . . -- 7 I . . . y - - . . Y . . V , 1 c . v . D 1. 1 . . .. . H . . . n ' 1 THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD pan has to be condemned and handed back for another scrub Next you be Eflll to have Dlghtmal es of plles of dlrtv dlslles and the corners of your mouth droop at meal tlmes Then the whole world seems plllng full of dlshes and the refraln l m forever washlng dlshes floats through your braln lncessantly Flnally comes the desperate stage when you feel llke throwlng the whole d lrn trayful agall'lSt the ICC box door the slght of a fork fllls you Wlth lmpot ent rage and anythlng remotely resem bllnga dlsh pan makes you want to Jump and down and scream Then the reactlon beglns and havlng declded that you mlght as well grln and bear lt dolng dlshes becomes less lrksome Besldes belng good exerclse dlsh washlng has other values It IS a pro moter of an agreeable dlSpOSltlOH a means of relaxlnv the mlnd and IS a mlne of ldCaS for those of a phlllsophl cal character And hasn t one a satls fled feellng when every dlsh IS Wlped and every cup and saucer hung ln lts proper place' And lt also lncreases one s love of Nature ln the hurry and curry ol our nervous age you hardly End tlnle to notlce whether the sky IS blue or grey But lf you have a fllteell mlnute perlod after exch meal where your vlew IS llITlItCCl to one of the wln dows you learn to apprecl ltc the color of the sky the change III the apple boughs that tap avalnst the pane Flrst Wlth green leafy fingers then wlth bar llmb etched agalnst the cold Or ly sky then lald Wlth pearl and ermlne ln wln ter Best of all changes ln sprlng they bloom and you open the wlndows wlde at dlShW3Sl'1ll12 tlme anr the fragrance of the plnk and whlte blooms and the llutrng of blTdS drllts 111 on the breeze whlle you splash about ln the snowy suds and notlce the raln bows that the soap bubbles make ln the glasses and you declde that ln splte of dlshes though It really becau e of them that the World IS a pretty old place after all Dorothy Clarkson 21 Houses Skyscrapers at Sunset Monsters grlm dour forblddlng Hucldlecl ln close and cramped array Countless wlndows wlnklng twlnkllng Starred wlth llght of closmg clay A Farmhouse ln Winter Presslng close to earth s warm breast Lulled to sleep and dreary rest Doors and wlndows tlghtly shut Galnst the north wlnds plerclng cut Snow ln plllng treacherous drlfts Torn by Wlfld ln eddylng rlfts Pells agalnst the WlIldOW palle ln a shrleklng maddenlng raln A Haunted House At Mldnlght Clatterlnv shutters glanclng wlndows Schemmff nlght and murmurlng shad ows Ghostly foot steps through halls re echo mg lvlldlllght hags Wlth Fngers beckonlng Nvhlsperln thlou hllps shrlvelled and cold Worldly nlysterles centurles old Louls Clnsburg 2 0 c . V ' , L Z ' ' 5 , 1 . . V c ' , ' Z . ll 1 . . . . . . . L L . . . L L . , c ,Q ' . . . T ' 1 K 1 - 1 . . . y . L L c c cnc , 1. 1, . . . - . 2 ' , 1 L7 , ' C . . . L . Q L. L L V . L ., , L . D c , L , - . . ' '-1 N - 1 , V L -1 - 1 1 ' - '. ' ' ' . L 1 11 0 'r 1 . . .. . .l - S ' " S , 1 . . . -' V ',, . . . . . 1 - ' 1 0' 1 1 1 1 1 - , . . 1 1 L . . . . . . -C, 1 1 D .. 1 . 1 L , - - 1 1 L . . U . . 1 1 1 0' ' cr ' ca 1: v 1 1 , . . . . , . THE. HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Two Sp1r1ts A golden sunset was burnmg on the western hills and the vlolet golden shot must hovered over the world lsn t thrs just the tlme of day for tales of haunted houses and werrd fanc1es3 Twas at thus hour whlle wandermg through fields of flower cltles that I came upon the Haunted House On the edge of a haunted purple wood at the foot of a purple hull fac mg the purple east wrapped ln mystery and sllence stands the house haunted by two splrlts the Splrlt of Tomorrow and the Ghost of Yesterday ln the room where the sunllght dwells the Splrlt of Tomorrow llves and makes them beautlful wxth her throbb presence She hlls them with per fume llke the breath of dream flowers She hangs them wrth glorious tapestrxes of woven dreams she paints wonderful pictures of Love and Happiness and the beauty of Tomorrow ln the room where the dayllght flames the longest IS a great golden loom There the Splrlt of Tomorrow lingers most weavln thmfs wondrous ln thexr beauty And as she weaves she smgs 1 son of I ove and Happlness and the beauty of Tomorrow ln the shadowy dlm rooms he Ghost of Yesterday dwells She spreads ray colourless webs over the windows to keep out the sunbeams and moonlight md st xrshme The rooms are bare and hold only a gray veiled couch a llver hxrp and a dull drab loom The Ghost of Y esterday rests on the couch whlch IS vague and shadowy llke a far off mountam peak and she dreams sad sorrowful dreams of yest erday She plays songs of sorrow for Yesterday on the great gray harp and her volce goes slghmv through the rooms like the yearning moan of the wmd She weaves her sad sorrowful dreams on the drab dull loom and the thmvs woven are colourless and sad There IS a perfume of wlthered flowers and dead dreams and a famt whlsper of haunting muslc But the Ghost of Yesterday IS happy m her own way Llke some of us humans she cherlshes her gray dead thmvs and would be un happy rf she knew what so many call happmess The Spxrnt of Tomorrow cannot know sadness because to her everything rs happy to her the whole world IS made of blrdsongs and pmk roses and gold en twlllffhts and whltely shlnlng nights Sometlmes their songs meet and form strange muslc Sometlmes the two Sprrlts meet but they do not see one another for their hearts are too far apart one rn the bright of Tomorrow and the other ln the shadows of Yester day So ln that tmy aged house ln the cen ter of a purple world two Splnts dwell but no one knows for no one would ever venture near It rs haunted and ghosts may harm people but O the lessons learn d lf anyone but l the Wmd had ever peeked into those dus ky dusty wmdows' Marne Lemorey U O , . . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . , ' - 1 O 1 1 ..... . 1 o . . , . 1 1 1 1 ' g, - 1 1 1 v . 1 , D 1 ' U . - . Inc . . . . 1 c , . ' --' . 5 1 ' . D . 1 Q, - - 1 1 2 fl 1 - 1 ca 5 c if ,. ' ' ' 1 , I , kr - - 1 1 S I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 n 3 5 ' - 1 - 1 1 , . , . ' 9 ' ' . 1 - sf 1 . ' - S , 2 . . , , . - . , . 1 W - Tlll lllCl-l SCHOOI Rl I ORD After An Hour 5 Pcrsual of dn Dlgtlouary ames exclalmccl Mr Xveathers Xlxtm at m clc me wral xmcw luxe xoun 1eQtson 1 ntf 1rf 1 nfl xltlxouf dllllflg room Xvluerc on cxrtlm clxcl llllk C you get tlm it lil xclx 6503 Pl S 1111111113 JC 0 l lmow Cllcl l get llmxl l lx lam l W J or5,an3 drawled ames 1 1 t t 14 muy mengy 0 ames eat clown at the txlole mfl mn tw F1 l1U1l1OuSC Cleared his tluro xt wlllu in an ol lmpmt ll xllw lx110flx me 0 before he lmef an mmf Imrc Vlfe V ll vs xs this muy vslulo l xx xx ww 1ss1Cluous,ly dpplylns., p xml to our lam L J fll O1 cr l mcym our mclosmv struc tum lou the morclaclous lnraggirt cloffm xtllmnl NIU llm xl he fould Worlx fxstvr tlu m l oul l 1 f S? 11 l ,Ll runrxmccl sllenl ll l L11 x as to remark tlxxt l M is m xlclloll uxtlm 1 tlme brush and dealt me U1'lSU'wDCillI1 '1 blow wltlu hw lowcr cxtmmmlx f 'I VT I-l 30 2 ' ,l f A .ilf ,V 9, A ' , , ' , ' , ,H ' . ,. 1 . 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'P ll, X'm'11l2xsl.n lu Ili l l1i:'l'1--ilu-1, ' 2 '23 2 ' ' 'A "fat 4 sl-"na-ll .ln ms. uso tlmtls all ,' ,, Q 3 15' 3 l ,srl ,,1 pc'.1 '1' lllr flllllYl12,?'f'lOT 2: 2 ' 2 2 474 QU nfl A llrl linux: lsfW'l1fJlH lllw lxlxlllx. llll. WN -7 ll Q! THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD ii Sch eLSch L N TES N maui SS ThlS year Newburyport Hlgh School boasts seven new teachers a phenom enal number even for us We most cordlally welcome them and hope that they Wlll stay a long tlme Wlth us Mlss Mildred Butler of Wellesley graduate of Wellesley College comes to us from Wllton N H She teaches English and has coached successfully the Senlor Play MISS Marlon Dana of Rutland Ver mont has been appomted head of our mathematlcs department She graduate of Smlth and taught last year at Exeter N H Mlss Dorothy Smyth of Manchester N H from Boston UHlV6YSlty ln l9l9 IS teachlng En lush and French She has helped greatly ln our Record work MISS Agnes Burnett a graduate of Bates, taught last year m Milford, N H her home town She has been a splen did coach for Girls' Basket Ball this year Miss Elsle Vlfhltney of Malden, IS teaching French She la a graduate of Radchffe and taught last year at Yarmouth, Mass fi Mft Mlss Ethel Whxtmarsh has been ap pomted head of the French and Cer man Department Graduated from Bates she came to Newburyport from Portsmouth N H Miss Georgla H Blalsdell of Lowell has charge of the Hlgh School Drawlng Classes She taught last year m the lpswlch grades and Hlgh School She IS a graduate of the Amerlcan lnstltute of Normal Methods and Mass Normal Art and has also studled at the Hyann IS Normal School Mrs Moseley who taught drawing ln Hxgh School a part of last year has charge of that work m the elementary and prlmary schools thls year Mlss Noyes who resigned as head of the Enghsh department ln une I9I9 taught ln New Bedford this fall She 1 spendmg the wmter ln Old Fort N C We hope the weather IS warmer ln the South All the students of N H S. extend to her most cordlal wlshes for all success Mass Jones, who rs teachmg ln Brls tol, Conn, sends enthusiastic accounts of her work there 31 ...f,,,,,,,, r ,, W, . f Q 1 E 59,9 Q Lag . on Y 3 Schoul4:'ickaoL sf 1? 'ZZ X' f A V, tk ' - f, A I X - ,. Q -4-4-51,-,,,,,,,7 ' - - E Q X s gr Q10 1914 S " H11 591-3 . i , Q '1 S E-, 'L ,A e-one was V . ' , a n u . u ' . is a -il , n . . . 7 ' . . J -- . 7 K .3 . . . , ' THE HIGH SCHOO1 RECORD MISS Lucy B Morse has th1s year 110 ll appomted head of the ldnL,11s11 De partrnent and IS Very suceessfully carry 111 on the worls. formerly done 11y lX11ss Noyes Other teanhers who left us 11st year for other vxorl-1 were lVl1ss Ayer Mrss Curr1er MISS Collyer 1lV11s Collmsl Mrs H1114 Cn une 29 Mlss M11drer1 Co11y1r 1nd R11ph 13 Colllns were lT111'l'lCCl 1t 3 etcr s hmel o u w o went to t11e weddm oycd 11 Il 111ense1y We w1s11 the111 111 good fort une 111 thelr m 1rr1ed l1fe To 6111111-p11s111on1cf11 IC 1111 111 th death of Mr Lowcll the 111 h 8111101 has secured Mr H1ram Brooks of th1 elty as Janltor 1920 F1110 l'Oll0Wll'l1 oth 's XVL YQ 1 res1de111 Vxee Presldtnt N 1ry X11 1111 ll Qeeretiry 1 1 lreasurer M API 111d1 C1upt11l Audltor 1 111al1et11 5. Perlxms l'llStOl'l3I1 Lllzalqeth V1 1111 11115 Semors Recephon The Reef-ptlon to the new tea111ers f'lV9Il by the Class of 19711 w1s held 111 Tl 1111 H111 October 17 r1111 nu111l1er of te mhers 1nd s1ur1111ts YNfYt 131836111 11101 111 en1oy11111 eve11111 s111111 G1111es were played 111 r 111111111 1 1 111 s or 111 e1L11rs 1 stu ents NN ere held 11111-,e p 1r1111p 11 ll1g1Ul'I1lbl1Cd ood 1IllllbC'IllCll1 1111- Hall w1s decorited w1th the 11111111 1111111er 11111 the brown and gold 11111111 The Grand march was c X1 1 Pr 1f1c1t 'Xlary Ananmn an 1 Ro Xdams r X711 'Urs XX ells lN11ss Dana ISS glUX1l1 N11ss Nlorse 1nd 'X11ss Vlhltney If 11111111111t1e who pl1nned the af C 1111111111 11 Roy Ada 1 l11f1"'71'f lf' en IV X Cl I l111'flSf'I1 Doro1l1e1 Cashman 1 1 1 17 11111111 lqred Cnse 11 r 111 1111111 Run e 1 WIS lullflll'-llfid hy WTIQ ts cjfif tr1 1 1 1 1, 11 1170 shotud be pro 11 1111 tl 11111 1ted football team o 1 111 11 o 'lv to th wfmcler ll 11 11111 C rl C 11111 Qimue 11111 T111 111111 Herl hw LOUIS Tralster 11 r 1 R Ada 1 'N11111er1 C 111y re 11111 13011 119 rl 0 s1 WNf 111311891116 111 1 LP 111 a 1 111 111111 d nex 1111.111 gf 111 1111 vear 1111 ll was rresented at 111 P P1716 T11 111 hlonday Fx enlnfr 1111 NVX1 Q sa Js T 1 11 1 1 111 1111 vx thout a 1 1 11 the 11'1t1r1nf' efforts o 1 111 1 1 11111 11111 C1 ar 1 11117111111 play 1 1 1 11 11111 erne 1 1 r1nd 5 e 1 C M111 11111 lf 1 lvllss A116111 32 ' A , ' . n , , ' , ' ,M class 11. 1. V ,' 5 Z ' - J' , lel ltf' -1 . 1 . ' C1 lJT'1S1ff1C11t. 1.1 V y .f . M . -l-- X 115. 1. 'V . .. . M' , , 'A A Y 111 ' lived. J .4 , .K ! A nlh- . . K 'HV . ' , , 4 I 4 - H ' u 11111 wr-11' '11 2' 1 ,, ' 4 ' ms. ........Z1 l11111'11 'll .1 1 1. 1 fl ij . l 'ta J ' Ak llvv - x K. R21-.1 .11 . 2 ,.. . , , s - , - 7 clll1Yl111' JN. 11 2' . ' . llc. . 111. P1 Z? H A AH K I 1 S ll f1f'111f111 17: Alfli' 11 1 Q 1-11.11. ' Si, 1-111 E ' 11 - Nl wiv ES ' .A h 1 I - 2 Y , K V r 'l e. 111- '12 1. .1 1, 5 ' ' - ud V . , 1 1 1 1 11: ' ' f . 1 K Y H ,V it 1010. l ' 1 ., P fl 4 . 1 1 gp L 1 7. ,ls " 11 111 0 11. .1 . . 1. 1 Edel- 1 , , . s D ,X . W 7 W G V . . W ' I ' Cunt. C1 11111- 1-121 lcfsz 1.e . ov ms. TTT-X cNl12l1'l't'Z lf11l11"'. ll ' 2 Ai . F d Cnr 1'1' r, 1 511. 121 n, 1 . ' g ver: 2 1 1'l111s1'11 ---.....,-..- forthe f1rst l1111fyez1r. 'HMI 5-'HW ig 221.3 ,AH H , C1 1 D 1.1-Roy ,'Xfl1l111S 1,,,11, rii.-111' :md Q, vs' Img-Y ,HH X 1 nd I' -1 ' -111 1' 2 Af' will 111' rx -'1f 11 1111 1111 'z 11 t . 1 1 1111111 111151 ,X-,,-in., V , , 1' I ' V .1 I K1 1111- .111 " .f B111 ' 1-511111, 'S A V 2 Y 1151171111 fc 1151 ' . 1 , p--lk-1 ,11 1' 511' . ea ' J ' ' .,, . , 1 l"4111'11'11ar1' 151. T 1 . V., 1, 'K P: ', ' , . ' ' ' . 1:1111 . . ri h'tClW. rf . , . .. as . , ' 1:11':1e'11.' 11'e .1 . ' ' . f C1 '1' 1 . ' . A " rrl lX1'Ss1?1 11-1' 1114 .111--111-. '. v 1' :heel . .2 ' . 2 .' 1 S fr 1 11111 1'11f'1. 11 was 2 '. ' for ' 1 2 2 , ' 1 A ' :J ' . a1111:11 1111s 111 11111 11. 11111 11 f' ' Cl 2 ' ' . ' 2 e ' " 1 '1 - 11111 1111-11 111-111 111 111111411 11 2 ,iz 'u - text 1 ' 11 t 1 '1 1 .' 111161 one 111' 1111- 11111 cl. . ' , . 1 1 .2 '1 1 - '1'11-- 111.1-.'. WN'll.l 11 1.1411-lT.I1'Yl1Sl1 1113111, ' 'Y " g 1 L , . 'A -11 1111- 1111111 '1'rs. . 't' THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Rlchardson as Celia Faraday the eld est daughter of Wllllam Faraday carr red out her part to perfectron whrle George Parker rn the role of Colonel Smlth just back from the front was a dellght of the audlence These two carrxed out the real plot of the play and brought ln many humorous srtuatlons Few except an old mald herself could have equalled Amanda Guptlll s portrayal of Aunt Ida She had a very dlfflcult part but was one of the real outshmrng stars of the evenmg LOUIS Gmsburg or Admrral Grrce as he was known deserves honorable men t1on An Engllsh admiral himself could not have been better His whole make up and actron was very orlgmal and he recerved the hearty applause of the audrence on many occasrons Much could be Sald of all those tak mg part of the daughters of Wllllam Faraday of Mr Faraday hlmself who played hrs part exceedmgly well of the Englishmen and the Engllsh butler All drd splendldly and are to be con gratulated on thelr good work To some It IS very easy to act on a stage and to others lt IS a very dlfllcult matter but all of the cast eemed to be entire ly at ease and took therr parts very nat urally The muslc between the acts was fur mshed by the l-llgh School orchestra under the dlrectlon of lVllss Adams Candy was also sold between the acts CAST OF CHARACTERS Admlral Grxce fretlred Louls Glnsburg Wrlllam Faraday Fred Chase Colonel Smlth George Parker Robert Tarver Charles Tedford Henry Steele Norbert Carey ames Ralergh Carl Cahrll Martm Tlmothy Herllhy Cela Faraday Alerta Rrchardson Madge flVlrs Rocklngham Dorothea Cashman Evelyn Lady Tranchard Anna Haley Phyllls Faraday lVlel1ssa Gooch Mrs Chlsholm Faraday of Chlcago Amanda Guptrll The SCHIOYS are grateful to all who helped make thelr play a success pecrally to lVl1ss Stevens who had charge of the candy committee to the orchestra and to lVlrss Butler who coached the play Senlor electrons for the last half of the year are as follows Pres Trmothy Herlrhy Vice Pres Charlotte Dondero ec Carl Calnll Treas Helen Hay Junior Notes The annual umor Prom was held on December the flfth at Grrffln Hall The Hall was decorated with the class colors The committee that made the affair a success was made up of Mildred Ballou Camlllla Stevens Evelyn Flagg Henry Welch Raymond Lucey Russell Kneeland and Audrey Caldwell Mr Wells acted as patron while the matrons were Mrs Xvells lVl1ss Dana MISS Butler and Miss Smyth 33 . D l H T I. . " , J ' . . ' J .. .I K Q , . .. ' ,es- - , .1 ' , v - . 1 ' ' ' 'r Y l , S. '. S - i ' , 1 .. . 1 J THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD The Junlor Class Ofhcers for the The members of the committee were first part of the year are Presldent Earle Twombly Vlce Presldent Katherme Pearson Secretary Ewan Hayes Treasurer Sylvla Holton Audltor Clement Sargent Hnstorlan Ralph Carey The ,Iumor Class Letter Men are Earle Twombly Russell Kneeland Robert Hazard George Littlefield Louls C-lnsburg Edward Kelley Ewan Hayes Dudley Sanders Edward Fltl gerald Ralph Carey and Henry Welch The .Iumor Class Officers recently elected for the last half of the year are VICC Presld ent Camlllla Stevens Secretary Irene Whlte Treasurer Russell KIICCT and Auditor Mary Flagg Hlstorlan Evelyn Flagg MISS Smyth has been appomted Class Advlsor 1922 The Sophomore Freshman Party was held on February 6 ln spite of the unfavorable weather condltlons In addltlon to the freshmen the sopho mores mvlted all the football fellows to attend Several favor dances and seven ln seven out were enjoyed dur mg the evening and punch was served at mtermlsslon The Hall was very prettlly decorated with the class colors and a large Newburyport banner whnch extended along one slde of the wall Lawrence Llttleheld Mary Hurd VIVIHH Marr Prlscllla Hughes Mlldred Welch Davxd Nelson Charles Freeman The matrons were Miss Gooclwm IVI1ss Towle lVI1ss Smyth Miss Butler Mr Wells was a patron CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Edgar Stevens Vlce Presldent essle Robertson Secretary Ruth Smlth Treasurer Kate Smlth Class Advlsor lVl1ss Wood The electlon of officers IS now nn pro gress for the last half of the school year Lawrence Lxttlefield has been elected presldent and Hamllton Conant vlce presldent Several sophomores went out for football thls year but none were pleced on the hrst team Bertram Woodward however played m enough games to gam hls N I92Z has made a good sI'ow1ng ln basketball thls year altho none from thls class made the school team A few however play on the second team of both glrls and boys Class pms have recently been recelv d The colors are green and gold I923 As yet no steps have been taken to wards orgam the Freshman Class but the members of the enterln class hope to organize ln the near future There are a number of athletes ln thrs 34 9 , Y! . , , , Y I - J I U . President Earle Twombley. ' I Y - 1 A ' k ' ' ' l I Y ' ' e. L . ' Y 1 ff Y, . , . g , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD class Fred Carver started hls Hlgh School athletlc career early by wlnnlng hls N ln football He IS playlng on the basketball team now and lt looks as lf the Freshman Class IS golng to have another N to ltS credlt Two Freshmen also showed up well Track practlce last September The Freshmen have also been actlve ln sell lng tlckets for the Senlor Play The Class of 1923 feels greatly lndebted to the Sophomores for the splendld tlme glven them at the Sophomore Fresh men party on Frlday Feb 6 The muslc ln thlS school conslsts of an orchestra and a Crlee Club The flrst of these has been lncorrectly call ed the H S Orchestra but we prefer that lt be known slmply as the School Orchestra as many of the members are ln the grammar schools The School Orchestra was organlzed ln the fall and has been holdlng regular rehearsals ln H S Hall where the new plano has been thoroughly appreclated The Orchestra has been practlclng ln the hope that a concert may be glven by them and the Glee Club but to accom pllsh thls lt Wlll be necessary for the members of the Glee Club to show more enthuslasm than they have pre vlously shown The proceeds from the antlclpated concert are to go for some much needed muslc for both these orvanlzatlons A hearty appeal IS made to the members of the C-lee Club to cooperate IH thls matter and have a large attendance at the meetlngs The members of the Orchestra are as follows Vlollns Theodora Upton Vora Conant Edlth Rogers Carmen Pond Dora Barth Carlyle Haggerty Rufus Rundlett Kenneth RObblnS Camlllla Stevens and Everett Teague Plano Helen Pond Cornets Florence Pond Charles Lovejoy Clarlnet Marlorle Rogers Horn Murlel Martell Drums Fverett Soule c . 7 - -- -- . Y v . , . . - J 1 1 , v - - . ' 9 ' u u 1 v . v ' ' ' y 1 , . 1 ' 1 . . ' 1 v . . . , I .. . 36 THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD BASKETBALL Ralph Qarey ZI and Carl Cahill 20 were elected manager and captam re spectlvely A fairly hard schedule of about a dozen games was arranged Three men were left from last years team and qulte a number of lower class men to make up a good team Wah Llttle was elected to coach the team and It IS due to hrs work that Newbury port has been successful thrs year GLOUCESTER GAME Ihe flrst game of the season was played at Gloucester on ,lanuaryl0 F' Newburyport was defeated 68 t 7 Although severely defeated Coach Llttle was satisfied wxth the work of the team Newburyport was handlcapped by cap drd not enable them to use much team work On the other hand Glou cester was accustomed to the baskets and could shoot baskets at any angle NHS Ca 1lll f Kneeland r f Welch fCarverl Herllhy r b Twomblyl b GHS lhurstonl f Gordon r f Smlth c Curtls r g Thomasl g . ' X H I , T "sc s lk 0 . l the smallness of the gym. This handi- h' . . . T .' . . . c. ' , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Score N H S 7 G H S 68 Floor goals Smith I3 Gordon ll Thurston I0 Cahxll 2 Kneeland l Foul goals Cahill Referee Murphy Tlme two 20 mln perlods HAMILTON GAME Hamllton Hlgh the flrst team to op pose Newburyport at Clty Hall was cle feated 20 to 7 on anuary l 7 The local team was far superior to the Ham llton boys as shown by the fact that ln the last half Coach Llttle sent m the second team Cahill and Herllhy played best The llnup N H S H H S Cahnlll f Davls r b Kneeland r f Mc Gmley l b Welch c Burns c Twombly l b Malone Cummlngs r f Herllhy r b Katz l b Score Newburyport 20 Hamnlton 7 Goals from f'-IOOT Burns Davis Cahnll 4 Kneeland 2 Goals from foul Cahnll 8 Burns 3 Substltntes Moymhan Lucey Carver Edelstem Valpone and Adams for N Referee Gorwalz Tlme lD mm periods AMESBURY GAME On anuary 21 Amesbury Hlgh was defeated by the score of 20 to I4 It was no doubt the best game seen by fans ln Clty Hall Throughout the ame nt was m doubt who would come out the wmner At the end of the Fnrst half Amesbury was ahead by 8 to 6 Durlng the second half some wonderful playmg was exhlblted by the Newbury port team At one moment Ames bury would be leadmg by one pomt then Newburyport would shoot a bas ket and agaln be ln the lead The seats nn the hall were all filled A few hundred Amesbury fans and Stu dents accompamed thelr team New buryport students must also be com mended for the good school splrxt shown by them at thls game Herllhy and Cahrll were the stars Herlnhy especnally shot baskets at most difficult angles The llneup N H S A H S Cahxll r f Comronl b Kneeland l f Newell r b Welch fCarver Barlow c Herhhy r b Moughanl f Twombly Adams b Curner r f ScoreN H 0 A H b Goals from floor Cahill 2 Herlnhy 2 Kneeland 2 Carver Currier 3 Barlow Goals from foul Kneeland 4 Cahxll 4 Moughan 4 Referee GOYWBIZ Timers Orcutt and Murphy Tlme 20mm perlods HAMILTON GAME Newburyport journeyed to Hamllton and defeated Hamilton Hugh by 27 to I0 ThlS was Newburyport s thlrd consecutlve wm and thelr second wm over Hamllton Herlnhy Moymhan and Kneeland starred The lmeup N H S H H S Ca 1ll l f Davls r b Kneeland r f Mc Glnnley l b Welch c Burns c Herlnhy l b Cummmgs r f Twombly r b Malone l f 37 J . ' ' , ' , ' : Dc. . 7 :ff c Jr.. '.. . . ' . . . .S. 2 . . '. l4. ' . . . . 2. Y Y l H. S. Y U A i J 1 ' . I ' . O ' . hi f f 3 i f THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Sc0reN H S 27H H S I0 Goals from floor Cahlll 2 Kneeland 3 Welch Moynlhan 3 Malone Cummmgs Goals from fouls Cahlll 9 Burns 6 Substltutes Lucey Moynlhan Eclel stem Adams Carver Referee Archlbald Tlmer Whnte I5 mm perlods DALTON GAME. Dalton Hrgh champlons of western Massachusetts defeated Newburyport at Cnty Hall l 7 to l 3 It was the clean est and closest game of the season At the end of the frrst half Dalton was ln the lead by three polnts but Kneeland shot two goals one from the floor the other from the foul which tied the score However Dalton by thelr great defense formation prevent ed Newburyport from shootmg any more baskets Herlxhy and Capt Cahlll played well whlle Carver dld splendld Worx ln guarding Price Dalton s center and one of the speecllest basketball players ln the state lqhe lmeup N H S D H S Ca rlll f F Woodlockl f Kneeland r f D Connorsr f Carver c Prlce c Twombly Adams l b McMasterl b Herlrhyr b B Woodlock r b Thescore DHSI7NHSl3 Goals from floor Kneeland 2 Cahlll 2 Herllhy Price 5 F Woodlock B Woodlock Goals from foul Cahlll Kneeland Prlce 3 Referee Martmson Tune 20 and I5 mm periods GLOUCESTER GAME Newburyport was defeated for a second tlme by Gloucester Hugh 33 to I0 Newburyport dld well ln holdmg thelr opponents to a score as low as that Herlxhy was the star for Newbury port Adams and Kneeland also play ed well lihe lmeup N H S G H S Ca rll l f Curtls McDonald r Kneeland Moynlhan rf Thomas Murray l Welch Adams Smlth Twombly fEclelste1n r g Gordonl Herllhy l g Thurston r f ScoreGHS 33 N H S I0 Goals from floor Smlth 3 Thurston 5 Gordon 8 Cahlll Kneeland 4 Goals from foul Gordon l Referee Gorwalz Tlme I5 and 20 mm perlods SWAMPSCOTT GAME Newburyport was defeated Swampscott Feb I4 by Swampscott Hrgh School 34 I5 At the end of the first half Newburyport was leadmg but was unable to keep up the good work ln the second half Newburyport was mlnus the services of Rusty Kneeland the star forward but his posltlon was well taken care of by Herllhy who was shifted from right back Capt Cahlll and Adams played a fme game PORTSMOUTH GAME On Feb I8 Newburyport journeyed to Portsmouth and defeated Ports mouth Hlgh School 38 to 27 It was one of the snapplest games of the year 38 h' .. ', .g. . , C ' l-- , ' .g. ,. ' .C ' JC- ' C- . . . at THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD At the end of the flrst perlod Ports mouth was leadmg but thls made our boys play all tne harder and hnally wln Carver was the star of the game H outjumped hrs man all the tlme and an o ca ed flve baskets Herllhy and Cahill also played a good game each gettmg 6 bask ets from he floor The lmeup N H S P H S Ca all l f Purber Sweetser r b Herllhy r f O Leary l Welch c Averill r Adams l b Varrell l Twombly r b Cotton l ScoreNHS39PHS27 C-oals from Hoor Herllhy 6 Cahlll Carver 5 Ol..eary2 Sweetser P Bad ger 6 O Badger Varrell 2 Cotton Referee Schmalzrled Tlmer Orcutt Time 4 I0 mln perlods PORTSMOUTH GAME. Newburyport defeated Portsmouth Hrgh Saturday February 28 at Cnty Ha I8 to I0 It was a fast and close game throughout At the end of the first half the New Hampshlre Champs could only score one basket agamst our team but at the close of the second half by a late rally they advanced the score to ten Edelstem and Adams played the best game for Newburyport both on the offense and defense Carver also played well The lmeup N H S P H S Cahill l f Klrkpatrlck r b Herllhy r f O Leary, Furber l b Carver c Badger c Edelsteml b Averill I' f Adams r b Varrell l f ore N H S I8 P H S Goals from floor Cahxll 3 Herllhy Car ver 2 Edelstexn 2 Varrell Badger Z Klrkpatrlclt 2 Goals from foul Cahlll 2 Referee GOTWBIZ Time tour I0 mln perlods AMESBURY GAME Newburyport was defeated by Ames ers gymnasium The fact that Ames bury won does not at all mdxcate that they were superlor to Newburyport but that they were more accustomed playmg m a small gymnasxum Cahill and Carver played a slashlng game for Newburyport The Summary N H S A H S Cahxll Nloughan Herllhy Kneeland Currler Moymhan Carver Welch Barlow Adams Twombley r Corporon Edelsteln Herlxhy Newell Score Amesbury Hugh 20 Newburport Hlgh 9 Goals from floor Barlow 4 Moughan 3 Currler Cahlll Carver Goals from foul Nloughan 4 Cahnll 5 Referee Parker Summary of Season Out of eleven games scheduled for the season Newburyport has won and lost hve and has a return game wrth Swampscott Hngh It defeated Ham llton Hrgh twlce, Portsmouth Hrgh, ' K 39 ' ' - Sc 2 . . . . . . l0. . e ' , ' , - h' . . , . . ' . . ' . b. A Pam' C' P- Badgef' O- Bmlgef bury High March 3, 20 to 9 at the latt- . . . f. . : . . . 5 . . . . in 1 - 5 - 6, . . . 0 5 1 ' 1. f. r. f. ' 11, . C' ' . b. ' , - 1. b. THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD champolns of N H twlce and Ames bury Hlgh It lost to Gloucester Hlgh twlce once to Dalton Amesbury and Swampscott Hlghs Of the above teams whlch defeated Newburyport only Gloucester and Dalton proved to be superxor to the locals the other schools wmnlng because the breaks were wlth them For the good showing much pralse IS to be glven to Mr Xvlllard Llttle coach of the team who developed one of the best that has ever represented Newburyport Hrgh As a local man he has always worked for the best n terests of the team and his unselfxsh ef forts are brmglng results BASEBALL Wrth only three regulars of the 1919 season IS antlclpated Charles Kelley 20 will captaln the team while Samuel Ldelstem has been chosen manager Mr Orcutt who has for the last few years developed wmnrng teams w1ll 'xgaln coach the team A hard sched ule IS bemg arranged GIRLS BASKLTBALL GIFTS Basketball was started late ln November but many thmgs have hmd ered the regular practlce A large number of glrls are Interested ln basket ball this year and City Hall has been se cured for practlce on Tuesday and Thursday of every week Miss Bur nett has kmdly consented to coach the gxrls lVlary Ananlan 20 was elected man ager and Ruth Holton 20 captam The manager has arranged several games with the nelghborm schools but the schedule IS not complete Besxdes the school team each class IS expectmg to hay e a team Several llve ly mter class ames are antlclpated n the near future PORTSMOUTH GAME The first game o the season was played January 23 when the N H S girls played Portsmouth and were de feated Our gxrls played very well consxdermg the few practlces they had 1 The lmeup N H S Portsmouth Hay f H Naurck f Caldwell f F Howard f Towne N Anamar' c F Badger c Anaman K Pearsong L Bragdon Score N H S 22 Portsmouth 47 Floor goals Badger I8 Howard 3 Nlurck l Towne 4 Hay 3 Caldwell 4 ldouls Badger 3 Time Two I and two 8 mln periods TRACK Not much was done durlng the flrst half of the year Ill track athletlcs owmg to the lack of facllltles A meetlng of the last year s track men was held ln September and Chas H Tedford f the Semor Class was elected actmg captain Tralnmg was started last fall but was dxscontmued on account of lack of maternal A bl mass meetmg was held rn the hall the last part Feb and the boys were addressed by Capt ledford Mr Montgomery Geo N ject of track Post r and Ed ward Ronan on the sub 4U . 9 T ' ' g I T . , . f 3 - hed. H. . . . A. . . . team lost, a very successful baseball R- H0lf0I'l, E- Kezer, g- M- Dennis ' . . . o U . - . I .g . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD By the tlme thls lssu of the Record IS ln the hands of the students It IS hop ed that track athletlcs wlll be glven such a start that N h S wlll send a team to compete ln several meets thls Sprlng An lnterclass meet IS planned for the last of March IH whlch numerals wlll be awarded to successful competltors We hope to be able to award N s ln lnterscholastlc meets FOOTBALL Donald Lovejoy 20 was chosen manager but was later succeeded by Edward Fltzgerald Zl George Par ker 20 was elected to captam the team Elght letter men remalned from the l9l8 team Wlth these and qulte a few new men Coach L W Orcutt pro duced an exceptlonally good team PUNCHARD GAME The flrst game of the season was Wlth Punchard Hlgh of Andover at N H S grounds on Sept 27 Although It was a tle scoreless game Newburyport out played her opponents At one tlme the local team was on Punchard s one yard llne but could not push the ball over The baflllng Shlft formatlon of Punchard was easlly re pulsed by the Newburyport boys Ed elsteln Eaton and Adams were the stars The llneup N H S P H S Eclelstem Chandler Adams Sulllvan Hazard L G Colllvan Parker fCapt Dyer Llttlefleld Carter Tralster Woodward R T Nlcol Herllhy Cahill, R E Partrldge Kneeland B Dulklrk Twombly R H B Payne Carver L H B Dalton Eaton Cllnton Score N H S 0 P H S U Referee Sanborn Umplre Ceo Hatch Llnesmen Montgomery and Cahlll Tlme two twenty mln perlods PORTSMOUTH GAME On October 4 Newburyport Journey ed to Portsmouth where a slx to slx tle game the second tle of the season was played Here agaln Newburyport out classed ltS opponents but the breaks were agalnst them Eaton Herllhy Llttlefleld and Kneeland were the stars Herllhy Averlll Adams Varrell Hazard OLeary Woodward Badger Llttlefleld Archel Parker capt Bldden Cahlll Flannagan Kneeland Rutter Eaton R H B Klrkpatrlck Carver R H B Benjamln Twombly Plper Score N H S 6 Portsmouth 6 Touch downs Kneeland Klrkpatrlck u stldutes Hurley Plper Pllgrlm Ne vllle Cook Holton Referee Pllgrlm Umplre Cragan Llnesmen Magulre and Mont omery Fleld Judge Dean Tlme I0 mln perlods 41 ' ' e " . .J C . . . . - . . R. G. . . . . 4 J Q 1 . Y ' . F. B1 A - The lineup. ' ' L. E. ' L. T. ' L. C-. ' ' . . . R. T. - - T ' R. G. ' ' ' . C J c. ' , ' ' R. E. - - Q. B. - ' F. B. ' i .. . . . Y . . 0. S bn . . . y . y . . , I L. T. ' g . ' ' . The Ilneup LAWRENCE CAME THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD NEWBURI PORT FOOTBALL TEAM 1919 ST JAMES On Oct I I Newburyport journeyed to Haverhlll and played the third suc cesslve tue game of the season It was a very poor game The crowd was aI ways on the field and prevented the backs from clrcllng the ends St ames playmg was very rough Llttlefleld and Capt Parker were taken off the field because of Injuries N H S Edelstem Adams Hazard Parker Capt Llttlefleld L G ffhnsburgl C R G St ames Tamalan Mmehan Ryan Connors Cullen Woodward CTra1sterJ R T Crowley Herllhy fCah1IIJ R E Carmody Carver L H B Barry R H B Cromn Twombly I-Ioltonj F B Buckley ScoreN H S 0 St ames 0 Referee Brown Umpire Lucey Fleld Judge Marstrofsky Tune I2 mm periods Lawrence Hugh was defeated by Newburyport I2 to2 Thls was the first wln of the season The game was one of the cleanest and most excltmg games ever played at the Hngh School grounds Good 42 IAQ' , ' - c .. .. . , .J . ... .J ' - LE. - . - L.T. ' ' . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD lme buckmg produced the first touch down Kelley wlth good lnterference skirted around rlght end and made the second touchdown After the game the Newburyport players were commended by the Law renee coach for their clean playing and good sportsmanshlp The lmeup N H S L H S Edelsteln act capt L E GranclR E Adams L T Wallenwack R T Hazard L G Trembly R G Gmsburg c Thompson c Woodward QTra1sterJ R T Cook, Tralster R G Kelley L G Herllhy fCah1llD R E. Callahan L T KelleyL H B Rlordon B Carver R H B Bradely R H B Twombley F B Young L HB Booth F B Touchclowns Carver Kelley Safetres Lawrence Referee Sanborn Umpire Lawler Lmesman Montgom ery Tlme Il mm penods METHUEN GAME Metheun Hugh was defeated by the N H S Oct 24 30 to 0 The game was throughout one slded All sub stxtutes were given an opportumty to Play GLOUCESTER GAME Newburyport defeated Gloucester Hlgh at theN H S grounds 7 to 6 It was the hardest earned game of the season Newburyport scored her touchdown by three successive forward passes Much enthusiasm was shown by the students at this game They were throughout the game cheerln the boys of the team and thus helpm o gam vlctory Cahill s end runnmg and Edelstem s playing were the features of the game vlctory ln he evemng A dance was held ln the evening at the North End Boat Club to celebrate the vlctory The llneup N H S Cahlll G H S lVlOlsen Edelstem MacLean Woodward G Goldman Parker capt Glnsburg Harrls Smith Merchant Tralster Herllhy Kneeland fCarey7 B Gordon Kelley L H B Carver R H B Thurston Stanley Read ScoreN H S 7G H S 6 Touch downs Cahrll Read Goals Cahxll Referee D l Perry Amherst Umpire Sanders Clarkson F B Cleo Hatch Fleld Judge C D Mont gomery Dartmouth Trme I2 mm perlods PUNCHARD GAME Due to the cancellatron by Beverly another game had to be arranged wlth Punchard Hugh Thus time the score was dlfferent Newburyport when the final whlstle had blown had scored two touchdowns and one goal Cahlll made the Hrst touchdown on an end run Lme buclcmg and a for ward pass brought forth the second touchdown 43 ' 4 . J . . . . 'U - ' . . ' L. T. Kneeland fCareyD B. Drescher L. E Littlefield R. G. Hellem . . . ' . ' R. T, ' . . . . . ' R. E. - , ' ' l 4 9 . . THE HIGH SCHOOL. RECORD Edelstem and Carver also played we The lmeup N H S Cahnll PHS Partrldge Nickle Maclnnls L G Carter Edelstern Woodward Parker Cnnsburgj Dyer Llttlefield R Cr Cllnton Tralster Sulllvan Herllhy Lawrence Kelley L H B Payne Carver R H B Dalton Sanders F B Chandler ScoreNHS l3PHSO Touch touchdown Cahlll Referee D l Perry Urnplre Geo Hatch Head downs Cahlll and Herllhy Goals from lmesman C D Montgomery Time I2 mm periods PORTSMOUTH CAME Portsmouth Hrgh was defeated by Newburyport hlgh ln thls Clty 33 to 0 Newburyport completely outclassed her opponents and Portsmouth was never m Newburyport s terrltory All f Newburyport s touchdowns were made by lrne buckmg Edelstem who had been shrfted from tackle to half back made three touchdowns and played a great defensrve game Carl Cahill who started at left end was taken off the field early ln the game wlth a spram ed ankle The lmeup N H S P H S Cahill Plannagan Adams Badger Hazard L G J Plper Parker Reardon Llttleheld O Leary Tralster Varrell Averill Rutter N evlll Herlrhy Kneeland Carver Edelstem L H B Kelley P Plper ScoreN H S 33 P HS 0 Touch downs Edelstem 3 Adams Carver Young Goals from touchdowns Adams Z lVlclnn1s Woodward Gmsburg Cook Frost Carey Daley Patterson Hllls Twombly Rltchell Plper Referee Smnth Umprre Hatch Lmes man Klrkpatrlck Field udge Mont gomery Trme I2 mln perlods THE AMESBURY GAME Amesbury hlgh was the last oppon ent of Newburyport High The Ames bury team came down supported by a large delegation of students and fans wxth the determlnatlon to wln But when the fmal whlstle had sounded Newburyport had won 6 to 0 Both schools has secured bands and had paraded to the grounds New buryport students numberlng about three hundred and wlth the Newbury port Cadet Band at the head of them arrlved at the Held Hrst About ten o clock the Amesbury students arrived with the Amesbury Cadet Band B sndes the students there were several thousands of spectators It was the largest crowd that ever assembled to wrtness a game at the N H S grounds Both teams had been lookmg for ward to thrs game all season and both confidently expected to wm New 44 ' C. ll. ' R. Cr. , ' ' . ' R. T. 0 v n u n l ' R. E. . ' L. E. ' Q- B- - L. T. - R. H. B. ' Q . C C, 7 ' ' F. BQ. ' A . ' ' R. .T. h ' v ' f f - ' R. E. - r Kneeland B. Dunkirk Kelley. Substitutes: Sanders, Perkins 0 0 l . I I 5 l - , s n : 1 J , - o , 1 s I 0 - 9 l , I v ' I e- L. T. ' , THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD buryport threatened Amesburys goal lme many tlmes but could not put the ball over Newburyport was rlpplng great holes m the Amesbury lme but when lt looked as tho they would score Amesbury held The Hrst half ended wrth the ball on Amesbury s five yard lme In the second half Amesbury carrled the ball to Newburyport s 20 yard lme only to be held for downs Then the local team started down the Held rush ed Amesbury completely off thelr feet and went over for a touchdown only to have the umplre rule lt illegal and take the ball to Amesburys ten yard lme A drop luck by Newburyport farled Newburyport determined to score Three forward passes followed m close successlon and the last one thrown by Kneeland found Herllhy nestled b hlnd the goal post wrth the ball ln hrs arms While the whole team played a Hne game the playing of Edelsteln Parker Kelley Carver and Kneeland was ex ceptlonally good The lineup N H S Herlrhy Drckson L E Vlolette L T Berry L C. Tralster R T Lrttlefreld R G Parker Hazard L G Adams L T Moughan R T Sanders L E Barlow R E Vxetor Newell R G Kneeland Q B Murphy Carver R H B Currler Edelstem L H B Bashow Kelley Rice Score N H S 6 A H 5 0 Touch down Herlrhy Referee Twomey of Harvard Umplre Blake of Dartmouth Lmesman Smith of Dummer Assrs tant lmesmen Whrte and Yeaton Time I5 and I2 mln perlods Summary of the season The 1919 team was one of the best teams that has ever represented New buryport Hrgh School It won SIX and tled three more games out of the nlne games scheduled It defeated Law rence Hrgh the flrst time rn twelve years Gloucester Hlgh one of the best teams m Essex Co also suffered defeat as drd Amesbury always a rival of Newburyport ln recognxtlon of the good sportsman Shlp and the gentlemanly way the boys played the Pope Class of the Baptlst Church tendered the team a receptlon at Cnty Hall The Alumm Assoclatlon remember ed thelr work by presentmg them with sweaters On New Year s Nrght the N H S gurls gave them a banquet at Central Church But much credrt must be glven to the substrtutes who stuck by their team throughout the season These boys showed up at practlse dally and made the regulars work hard to hold on to thelr posltlons Let us hope that Newburyport Hugh Qchool teams wlll always show the same spmt and always come out as vrctorlous as thls I9I9 football team has done 45 ' ' , F. B. ' somehow, tried the aerial route. , , ' , ' e- ' , . . . A. H. S. ' ' ' R. E. ' . . ' ' C. ' THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD GIVE IAND TIAKE We extend a cordlal welcome to all who wlsh to exchange wlth us We shall be glad to see our old frrends and we are always eager to recelve new ones As we have been helped by varlous crxtxclsms we glVC ours hopmg that they too will be of some good Lawrence I-Ilgh School Bulletin Such a well wrltten magazme as yours deserves more plctures Recorder Brooklyn The varxety of your paper IS very good Brown Alumni Monthly You certam Iy keep up the mterest of your alumnl The Early Tralner Lawrence We 'xpprecxate the work put ln the publish mg of your Fine paper The photo graphs are good f !,,,. f x,- .f'Z',,,. --R Mluelm The IVI1rror Waltham Advertlsmg at the foot of each page lS a good Idea We hope xt brmgs good results PhllllpS Bulletin Andover You keep In touch with your graduates Your war lssue IS partlcularly Interest ln The Clarion Arllngton You have a good collectlon of stories and your cuts are clever Wlth such artlsts why uot have more3 Llfe ns real Ilfe rs earnest And lt mlght be made subllme If we were not kept so busy Pluggmg Latm all the tlme Everyone IS dead who wrote It Everyone IS dead who spoke It Everyone must dle who learns lt Happy death' I thmk he earns xt Ex 46 W I V il , , i fin A YY i - f , A A1 T I I I g W n . g' ' ' ' . --Ex. THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Llves of great men all remmd us We can make our lxves subllme And by asking foolrsh questlons Take up all the teachers trme LIVES of Editors remmd us That thelr llves are not sublime Freshman Sophomore umor Senlor Post Graduate For they have to work like thunder To get their paper out on tlme E A school paper IS a great mventlon The school gets all the fame The prmter gets all the money And the Staff gets all the blame Ex Emerald Moonstone Soapstone Gnndstone Tombstone Ex l'Ll"lP'lTp JJ Jrfrffff f, U-PIL 'MUNOTES F If ALUMNI ,vor frf P Cf! ll If Qp I Jr JU! L fg. The class of I9l9 rs keepmg lts motto We Can We Wrll m an ex cellent manner Whether ln college normal school or office all are push mg forward and upward Marlon Peabody Dorothy Cheney Pauline Charles Florence Burns and Lols Perkms have decided to become teachers and are attendxng Salem Nor mal lda Crattrell made the same wlse decision and IS at Bridgewater Normal 'urn ii Thomas Cahrll IS takmg a course at Boston Umverslty Tom IS gomg to be an expert accountant Dorothy XVllSOl1 IS at Wellesley and enters the class room as quietly as ln N H S days' Shortly after graduation Helen Cashman became Mrs Sullivan and she IS llvmg ID Portsmouth Caroline Barth IS workmg ln Coles office 47 ' ' 5 ' ' . X. ' ' . Ex. l J u LTFL j-lll: pf Nfl, hi If f-IV - :vo UE'l"llftFfll'll'l N' . J Y? I 1' FJ Il .......- 13 i ll THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Salem Commerclal clalms Ellen Matthew Helen Twomey and Ruth Perley ls there a lunch counter there Ruth3 Wllfred Kneelancl IS at Brown He has not forgotten N H S as he fre quently makes speeches at school to stlr up enthuslasm ln athletlcs Emery Cleaves IS studylng at Har vard We expect great thlngs of our class leader Another one of our favorltes Helen Hurd IS at Vassar Vern Rlchards smlllng countenance may be seen at Porter 8. Rogers Whose class pln are you wearlng now Vern3 Agnes Casey has a posltlon ln the ofllce at Warner s Mlll At Framlnghim Normal are Eleanor Dow Charlotte Gould and Helen Ball Ruth Evans lnd Gertrude Kelley are morklns, III the office lt the lowle Manufacturlng Co Dorothy Shatner works at the Towle also Paullne Watts IS attending Boston Unlverslty lsadore Ctoldsmlth 15 at Tufts Pre Medlcal The lnseparables Evelyn Thomas and Eleanor Rogers are stuclylng at the Unlverslty of Malne Dorothy Nock IS attendlng Slmrnons College Helen Larrabee IS havlng a wonder ful tlme at Mt Holyoke Danlel Welch was to go to Sprlng held Thls IS the last we have heard of hlm Loretta ordan IS devourlng books and knowledge at Radcliffe Reta Rufts and Ethel Landford are employed ln the ofhce at Hanna s Phlllp Pearson IS at Tech Dartmouth clalms FYHHCIS Merrlam Norman Marden and Rlchard Frost ire attendlng Northeastern Lvelyn Melnerth IS at home Helen Pond IS studylng muslc bhe plays at N H S three tlmes a week' Dorls Nuttlng and Ellzaheth Pearson ne tuclylng at Plerce s Secretarlal School Mllclred 'lhurlow and Lllen Ives are lttendlng Lynn Burdett Sarah Stevens IS taklng post graduate studles at Hlgh School May su cess crown the efforts of every nlneteener v v 1 1 . . ., ' - N . , ' ' 1 1 - , . 1 . t . . 1 - . . . lt va ' . , - . . . c ' . 4 . ' c ' . . . v v ' - . . ., . OU. l , , 1 . . 1 . f z' S ' Y .7 X x 1 2 M' . s - . Z 5 . . . . . 1 , it . tt . vu THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Parker ln HlStOIy He salled down the MISSISSIPPI and landed at Plum Island George must have been thlnkmg of the nlght before lVI1ss Burnett Well Freeman I mlssed you yesterday afternoon Freeman Oh' now that s too bad I was hoplng that you would forget' But I have to come back this after noon to see some teachers and Ill drop ln to see you at the same time Parker 45 translatmg German The ox xs the gentle household compan ron of man Goodness Geor e IS that what you re Iookmg forward to3 MISS Dana Miss Boyd do you aI ways come on the car3 Paulme No only when I m lite Miss Kelsey IVI1ss Kelleher state the dlfference between filteratlon and dnstrllltxon of water IVI1ss Kelleher Why er drstxllatlon kllls the bacterla and fllteratlon re moves the bodles IVI1ss Whxtmarsh to 45 I m gomg to glVC you translatlon to do for I don t know what I can mark you on VOICE from the class On our faces IVI1ss Whrtmarsh I shouldn t want to Hunk all of you' lVI1ss Morse Hazard why are you Iate'9 Hazard Well er because Im not on time MISS Towle to 4G I wonder lf we wrll thmk the same of Wllson and Pershm m a hundred years as we do now of Vvashlngton and LmcoIn3 INO answer from the class Mass Towle Xvell we will walt and So now she IS never late' see' Ll . . u . . ' U - . - 1 1 11 . . . . n .1 . . . u - - - . 11 . - - - . 11 ,1....i1i ' , H . . 41 1 . K . ' 1 1 . - no ' , o 1. 1 N ' - 1 1 . ' , 41 H ' . . 11 0 ' 11 1 . . . 11 ,1i,...1- 1..T...i . U 11 Z rt ' ' . 11 . H - . n 0' ,..-.-ii. 1 9 1 ' . 14 - Cl o . .. . . - H . , - - 11 1 . 4 - . .. 1 -1 . .I - - . , c . . 1 . 11 THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD Mlss Goodwm during study perxod thlnk xt w1II be necessary for me re seat some of you puplls By Godfrey sand Murphy N I-I S and A H S may comes to peace terms yet! Mnss Kelsey Now taste thls acld very cautrously Fxtzle Would lt klll me lf I swallow some of 1t3 Mlss Kelsey No lt would take much more than that I thmk MISS Whitney at conduct sesslon Mrss Doyle please come here to the desk and glve me your name There have been many cases of mxscon structlon around school lately Here are a few examples E Tedford ZL A short Ilne IS the stralghtest dlstance between two polnts Glnsburg 4L A mask was a play whlch gave the royalty a chance to wear clothes IVI1ss Towle Fellman what IS the Re pubhcan platform made up of3 Ever bright Fellman Planksl Mlss Towle to Bloom who was proct ormg the files Bloom lf you d stand slde ways the pupils could pass easlerl IVI1ss Morse What book dxd lsack Walton wr1te3 CIVIeanmg the Complete Angler Lovejoy 20 A fish story IVI1ss Dana to 3S pup1I Put the Hg ure on the board right here behind me where everyone can see It Miss Morse to Clancy who was readlng traglc poetry rn a qulet way Put more life ln It Clancy Why you re Just as sweet and gentle I From the theme on Henry Esmond The Chevaller de St George was the Prmce of Whales MISS Whltmarsh to stupld 35 Now please don t study your French unt1I after the German exammatlon I d n t want hash' She trxed to Marr the Flagg but Red was patrlotlcl IVI1ss Dana ulet glrlsl Cary' What rs the purpose of these words3 Fellman To HII up the page What a carefully thot out answer' You know that poem Work3 whlsp ered one pupll We I had t learn lt' You know that poem Snow Snow beautlful snow3 asked the other pupnl Yes Well I to shovelled lt' ' 1 I . . ns . . I , . . n . -.I . . . t h H n uv, . f u . n . rr nv rr - u ' . , . . . I H 1 . . . . ' ' n ' . u - . as . . ' ' : v . H . . . l an . . .I . . . ' ' ' ' , I - Q 9 1 . H . va . u . ' s . no ' ' u n u . . vu . . . ' . U - .-mimi 1 . u . . .4 . uv as u . 1 O ' 77 - - ' - n 11 rr sv u . . ' u H . . . nv - so - uQ . . -I u n u . H - uv ' ns an an we . rt . , , . mm. . - u I .4 vu . . n an ' 3 , . .. - a 0 . va u 1 u y - . -y - - sn . o . f ' v . - - u Q- - H 44 . vu ' v . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD lVI1ss Goodwm Adams put your desk cover down You are not al lowecl to get mto your desk after the bell rrngs Suze of our Senlorsl Heard rn Room 4 qomeone ns whlsp lVl1ss Morse Now I want you to stop whlspermg before you begun Mr Orcutt m physlcs 45 I ve llved on artlhclal rce for two years' Some dlet well say' MISS Towle ln Hlstory 4S How clld Vvashlngton get on the other sxde of the Delaware5 Bright Semor He crossed over Crrewt stuff' Worthy of hls diploma he not3 lVl1ss Morse fm Engllsh 4L.6:Sl Who was the muse of H1story3 Voice from the class lVI1ss Towle' Our Hx h School IS hlghly honored' Heard ln room I0 What system of typewrrtmg do you use3 Oh luse the Hunt and Peck sys tem What IS that3 Why first you hunt for the keys and then you peck at them' NOTE This IS the edltor m chief s favorrte system 51 ' u ll " . , . r V 1 - . . ,.. ' A ' L . . '. ' .. is -....-...-. 1 : ilk 1 n - k . " ering, hut, l trust it's no one here!" - H - " , . -Q---ii-- lg . .K . . : .. K ' . li ,....l- - I 5 ' I 1 1 Sl v' . At n I! Y ' . , L...-.-. .. K . I . u THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD HY-Y7oRxf loo X""-' 'THE SHOCK THAT COMES T RIFE TllvlLo Reckless Records FRESHMAN TIDBITS Peck s Bad Boy Kenneth Bowlen The Llttle Mmlster Forrest Peabody Huck Fmn Ted Kezer Tom Sawyer Walter Short Tmy T1m Charles Cook Red Pepper Burns Norm Smnth SENIOR TIDBITS Lnttle Lord Fauntleroy Peanut F ellman Lydia Langulsh Alelta Richardson Prof O How WISC Louls Ginsburg Mmnehaha Helen Landford Llttle Slr Galahad George Kalashlan The Doctor Louis Schwartz I ' '? f I' , , ' f ' . 'Ne' y ,. ., L xx .......,, . H jo X V 17 in A-XY T 'ON QE uw A ,L li?-N - 'Q .iw f -S +V - --li? Q -, "f4 J 75-5 . . .. ' ' " nr . . nv . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD VJ!-Io WHO NHS 2 Qs yy' Ildff' flip W f 4 'f 455' X2 'vue 4 Gooju Kmcf ' r 7 'QC 'bow' Wow" I U r 6fS'b f x f ,., X X df? wif' SLIP fsghy my ll BOOK I IST FITSU OR MISFITS3 Get Rlch Quxck Walllngford Sammy Edelsteln Stlll ,I m ohnny Rundlett Our Mutual Friend Mr DanaC Wells Les Mlserables N H S before exams Innocents Abroad The Freshmen Sharp Eyes Mr Montgomery The Cup of Fury Hank Holton A Nameless Nobleman Ernest Addxson Old Curlosxty Shop Paulme Le Morey The Three Musketeers Culsy Jellotta Abby Perkms Beaver Stevens Seventeen' Chas H Tedford Sancho Panzan H Bloom The Odd Number" Malcolm Hoyt POPULAR SONGS The Vamp Evelyn Flagg Zl Nobody Knows and Nobody Seems to Care Roswell Noyes Mandy Amanda Cnuptlll I II Tell the World Dame Perkms 2 Baby jlm ames Clarkson Freckles Ruth Kitchen Daddy Long Legs Tlsh Woodward Dardenella Grace Felker 23 My Laddne Wxlllam Elllot 23 Little Slmpllclty Mlldred Ballou 2l You d be Surprlzed Cammy Stevens We all Fall Lawrence Freeman 22 Buddies The Cleaves Twms 23 Oh' That Curl nn Room I3 Vlvlan Marr '22 ' S RT , . , ina., : " ,f ' , -, '- 493'-Q. ,I Q 4-'.:f f T ' . f pf' ni' I f , ,pF .- . ' 1- y fl' f u'! , I In-J ,115 3 ,, ,. - I I 'F' 'If 4 I I x , -, A ' 'N gf f fx " 35?':9a--I3 - - 44' os--'. 4 -.X V - ' uh f ,Qf . X, 1 be ,--A , ,X .qu I - 1' K -' ' I' X ff bf . if I I ,...- , ,if f ' li x , , - I fd ff. As . o Ury' L 'ip f-ideal .sb -' O I' ,ws 1 ,-1,90 xx-"' , t ' 'I ,1'2f?,Z' -Lys ilfalgcl ,, U , ,MQ C. X .wi . - " ' ",w'QW Mx KL., ,f A If ' -b 0 MW, QP 99Qg - . N 'NE 2 I - -f' Q ... . . , . . . . .. .. H . . . . -. .I .. 'ZI 1 I . . .- - '20 . . . . . . 3 . H ' J '23 . . . . ., . . . . ., 2' - .. . H . V. .. ., . . H . . . . . . . . n - - - - - v ' I a Q. .. -- .. H .. -. . 1 I ' .. H . u I 1 I . THE HIGH SCHOOL RECORD azz Baby Edward Fitzgerald Zl I m Chasmg the Cnrls Around I Want My Old Glrl Back Allan Clarkson 20 Sweet Slxteen Mary Flagg Zl WlShlng that Dreams would come true Robert Stevens You ought to see her now Mxldred Welch Dreamy Alabama Earle Twombly I Mlght be Your Once ln Awhlle Douglas Eaton Wonderful Pal Dorothea Cashman Hrs Majesty the American George Parker Keep on Smlllng Carl Cahill Red Head Ralph Carey I Am t Cot Weary Yet Charles Kelley You Know What I Mean Margaret ohansen Dune Blues Fred Carver The Naughty Waltz Lydeton Bhss l Want a Doll Antolnette Stevens Have a Smrle Raymond Lucey Angle Face Rusty Kneeland It s never too Late to be Sorry Henry Welch Pretty Mnckey Mary Ronan Dud Sanders ZI Peggy Margaret Lrttle 23 I m Always Chaslng Rainbows Norrrs Foster 20 Oo La La Wee Wee Arthur Ferrlck 23 You INever Can be Sure about the Crlrls ohn Parker 22 Oh' What a Pal Was Mary Mary Hurd 22 Everybodles Happy Now Rita Cahrll 23 Patches Marlon Kelley 23 You re a Mllllon Mules from Nowhere Anna Haley 20 Oh How I Hate To Cret Up ln the Morning Ruth Hoyt 20 Slow and Easy Gyles Mulklken Zl Dear Heart Audrey Caldwell ZI I m like 1 ghlp Without a 'gall Malcolm Smlth 2l The Sunshme of your Smlle Mrss Butler Upstarrs and Down Miss Bayley Lonesome Clement Hnlton 23 Waltmg The Semors 54 '23 -- -- -- -- ' '22 I ' '21 J ' - - - K--K--K--Katy Kenneth Reynolds '22 '20 . '20 ' .20 . . . .. . ,20 . . 'ZI y . . . '20 - J '21 I . ' ' ' '23 ' - '22 , . K K . . 5 . n 92" . ' . ,Zi . . U H '2l 'ZI l I . ,ZZ . . . , - ,X ,V J ...ii- Compliments of Towle Manufacturing Company 4 omg TRADE MARK LMFHQ STERLING Newburyport Mfxssaehusetts Comphments of C I McGregor Sr Sons FLoR1ST Porter SL Rogers Company YOUNG MEN S CLOTHIERS HATTERS and OUTFITTERS ATHLETIC Gooos MENS SPRING SUITS SVVEATERS ALL UNDERWEAR FANCY STX LES S. COLORS SHIRTS SL NECKWEAR Pl Pt O Ad 3 C C 4 o 1 L 3 . S , Tir, or , , , O , , r,ii,:, ease a romze ur vertiser NX hen you are PZISSIHE our way come rn and see some of the new trnts and envelope shapes of Eaton s I-Ilghland I,1nen Pearson s Bookstore Eden Washrng Machmes Llghtens the labor ln your home A school glrl can do the washmg as Well as father A k f NEWBURYPORT GAS AND ELECTRIC CO Robert McK1nney UNDERTAKER 130 State Street Newburyport I-Iouse of Sportrng Goods D Sr M OFFICIAL LEAGUE BALLS CUARANTEED FOR 18 INNINGS FULL LINE D SLM GOODS aques Hardware Store Pl Pt O Ad f X X n 1 4 , 1 1 i.i 9 O O 0 O 0 . 1 s or a Demonstration. 9 0 - l F F O J . I I ease a ronize ur vertisers WE CAN WE WILL WHAT? P SATISFY CUR CUSTCMERS Try Gur H1gh Grade Chocolates College Ices and Mllk Shakes Fowle s News Company Pl P O Ad N V I ,I I E 1 , 4 TRY OUR . . . College Ices HIRAM WATTS 34 PLEASANT STREET NEWBURYPORT The Cutter Co Complrments PAINTING and DECORATING SIGNS I M C A XVAII PAI FR AND PAINT MLCllHDlLS Court Ne wx bury port LOWELL TEXTILE SCHOOL Four year courses 1n Chemxstry and Textlle Degrees of B T C lBachelor of Textile Chemistry and B T E CBachelor of Textllc Engmeermg offered for completron of pre scribed four year courses Three year drploma courses IH Cotton lkianufacturlng Wool Manufacturmg Textxle Deslgnlng Certlfied graduates of Hrgh Schools and Academres admltted wrthout exammatlons For Catalogue address CHARLESH EAMES S B Presldent Lowell Mass Please Patromze Our Advertisers AT of 3-5 - 'Q- Coloring -f- Textile Engineering BREWSTER BROTHERS Insurance 56 STATE STREET NEWBURYPORT T I pl 562 Say It Wxth Flow rs PEARSON The Florlst 38 State Street T 1 C SL R Newburyport Comphments of Compliments of H J KEEFE Dr T H Chwers DENTIST THXI Servlce 20 State St Newburyport Comphments of Compllments of Ernest Foss T1mothy S Herhhy Please Patromze Our Advertisers . e c mone CK ' e !7 E O c . onncction ' 5- ,,,,, R, Y, 1 ,,,,, wif, win ,W -W , in ,.,, , M, W W, , ,, ,W . O O O O Q .1 f. ir ,. , 7,,, Y Y, V Y- ' , , , . . 9 Compliments of G M Goss THE PHOTOGRAPHER 42 State Street Newburyport Merchants R Ed Thurlow I Latest Styles m Natlonar Bank Mens Womens and XVM A JOHNSON Presldent Chlldrens Shoes XVM ILSLEY C3Sh1Cf STATE ST NEWBURYPORT ICE CREAM and PUNCH FANCY CRACKERS Andrew Graham SL Son Fred W Chase MARKET DANCES and SOCIALS Z6 Market Square State Street Newburyport Newbuwpoft Please Patromze Our Advert sers 0 9 Mfr- ,M , it ,T A .. -MQ ' ' W' "' 'L fl ll lx 4 o . 1 r 1 . , ' fl g, ll ll ' iiiTTiiV V LET Wfliir YY,, nj4 Tff,?: X "iT',,,?:f 'YT ,ir V Wir' 'i 'rf 'V T 'ififTf - 1 la . ll ll l A l 1 ,J 1 if i -" I 'L' F Comphments Irtney Tedford Crackers Parker Freddy Chase Leroy Adams Please Patromze Our Aclvcrtlsers ' of 4 S. CC ' 37 CC CC 77 IWW ' HIHHEI HENRY KROHN Compliments Grocerles and Provisions A Cor Wlntgrcaiiyssg gton Sts Tel 1210 Compllments of COINDIIIULDIS f Clty H111 Blrber Shop Wm T Humphreys Three Barbers AND HENRX I-I CI-IOUINARD INSURANCE Pol 73 St te Stn Tx I ryp rt as Complzments of WILLIAM CCLLIS Woodwell Lunch Qholce GTOCCTICS Pros 1s1ous ind Fnsh 21K 219 NIFRRIMACIX STRELT T1bbets Baker John Elhot I O O F Bulldmg UNDERTAKER I 3 Plmsemt Street Please Patronlze Our Advertisers of . ' . in . o uv 7 L' 1 o u o 4 L 1 A r J. I I J Ll let f Icwwu o , M S. ' I I fr to L I m- .L I - I' Q I I Nwlwurmm, Mass. 29 Market Square H "W W Y' Y Y' 'Y Y 'W T! ' W' H 7 ' , g,,',1," Lf, itil 2 . 5 O V I I I I I DL C 1 Compliments of 2 in 1 Shoe Store Boots Shgeg Compliments of Rubbers at lowest prlces Abraham GlbbS prop J R Thlbault 23 Pleasant Street Newburyport The Home of Good Shoes Wrlght s Crchestra 99 Muslc for all occaslons Quahty Shoe Store 50 Pleasant St Cor Green l M E XVRIGHT Manager Newburyport 801 R Com phments of Eben Bradbury G 1 V In p 1 C PHARMACIST ICE CREAM Cor State and Pleasant Sts CPTIZIZDY DRUGGIST State Street Compllments of M1tchell SL Company Haverhlll, Massachusetts Please Patromze Our Advertisers 0 ' 0 o Q 0 ' 9 X Qf . . o , iii.- . . , ., . 1 3 'Phone - o Y . . C 0 C ,W : ,mzw , -if-V-. V C,-T -1,71-mf?--,f,T Compliments oi CLASS CDF 1 9 Z Z K ....,.-.., f-in Q Pl Pt O Ad QCD V ll . , . , ,, Q , , , -,gu:a , ..:e-snap, 1:1.,,, ,im ,.., Nathan D. Dodge Shoe Company THE CORRECT DoDoE H Fon ALL oooAs1oNs 5 V' 4 EMU Comphments of The Brown jewelry Lo CINCORPORATEDD 3 Pleasant Street Newburyport OPEN FROM 11 A M TO 12 P M Urrental Restaurant Chlnese and Amencan Food 12 and 16 State Street Ne burypo t Ma s TELEPHONE 1120 .- A -A YY,-V Q . D . 9 -0 O O W r , s .

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