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'a I .Y fs sl v '4 VAR If 545530.13 ff' fe 'f ga M N-Qs '70 f I 2, ?""' 6'-'ya fl VE o 1' "' 4' jj Q . i. ' s f x ' 5 X Y .nb f '- Q , ,Z V -716 f N V. V N Q , , 5.5 Q b pm. X Q . Iyxa- i mix Q W 5 2 7 W Y M 'WW -yr . , 1 ffgfs f 5 I f - l 1.-im, , a -, ' T555 'Q ', ' 'v' .fel . fa 1- 'V ' g 9 -- . Yu. H Q , , A ,l,!, , ' ' 1.5 . . X 9 275 3 , iii I 4 B if! gs 1591 .+I ' J'- :E .fl -,s 'Q N - .s :lj . 43 I Aj EK -fr A: ,VII hx ,E J "1 5 ' 4 1 .lx -1 Published by The Student Association of Newbury Park Academy Newbury Bark, California ?P-RK X 'Yo D v A uc Q4 ff!!! X w ' if " AU S gn L QW P1 '-.., " 3' 2 a,, , 5 T' ' 94 1 i' ' .. L., :.,..-- -- ...Q , -:-....... :-5-i'T. NNN-.- .QT 2:13--' 3: - ...u--.,:: 1:3-, Q -LH -.....-..- K. 1 -, ff PU' 17 ,ff rr" 7 N ff!-' 'N ,f 1 ,f ff' 'Ig' I 1 al, J . 7 ,.!',ff',- 'I lf 1 'H' ,Eff . , 1 .JL b 7-1, . - -' u -. bm 3 , I, .B ,f . , , ,,,,- 5 i Ah 1 n gm' ,-'- -.- VI , r Q- ,,,--. V 17, 1-.. ., r, :RH 'B-, Y X 1. 2- 1 1 FORWARD TO keep young the love for Christ to pause each day for guidance. . and follow as He planned--- TO keep the spirit of learning young with vim, vigor and vitality-- TO keep young each day with gladness --- TO keep young the kindness in each heart and lend a helping hand ---- TO keep on fire the work that must be done THE Yucca Staff of 1969 hopes to portray, among your cherished memories, THE YOUNG SPIRIT! . U, 5 I K ,ml N iv ."" , gl . 'cf . x f. . -w JL", 4 I ff f Adm inistration .Page49 page17 Students A Activities Page 88 Page 72 IND USTRIES 4 ,.,1, . mv J r,.,,,,,., . .. . X, ' V, ,.,, , . y, . rx .. , ' S ful, K: 5 . mefgf x 4 '-x 1 '-'-WFW5' L , 1 . . ,.,L.n,,- "VFW Along with the new school year came hopes for a horse corral. And, then, this dream became a reality for the Student Body and especially for Marilyn Judson, when, on September ll, a few horses were brought on campus. Ideally located across Academy Drive in front of the girls' dorm, some 42 horses are able to graze peacefully on the wide open pasture. Marilyn, who is pictured here with her horse, helps Mr. M. Rich, the man- ager of this new activity on campus. SOUTHERN Caliiotnxa nce oi Seventh-day Adventists cmss muvr, ortunzma, cmfomlxh mos - ua-ezam - 245-mme ' Coniere 1535 E-AST CHEVY Office ol Pmidznt Nay iz , 1969 Student Association Newbury Yark Academy l80 Academy Drive Newbury Yark, California 9l32O Dear Students: Another big year in Newbury Yarh Academy history will soon be leted. l am certain that it has been one oi the greatest ble years in your lives, too. The memories oi lasses and iriends that you have urwnytuws. ' ation comp memora ' the c ' d by yo ' E dedic oi and most all the good times, shared here, will be re-live ou tor your cooperation and spirit o Newbury Yark Academy. We are proud s tor better citizenship in come. I mmend y shown at t train world to ar will We co that you have E the school tha ' ' enship in the learned this ye ' may spur and o d citiz have emories llowmen you this world an Ny prayer is that the lessons you become a part oi your lite and that these m on to higher achievements tor God and tor your te Nest sincerely, h C. Retzer Helmut Yresident lm 1 , - . ,El 52 , ,ffs3?i2zFi' NH: l Ra, ZL"f N iii-H555 'U -- .I . . Li SHP ,J " "ig: ", "WSE 455' 1 ' . - ' - V 1 E The Board of Trustees of Newbury Park Academy: fleft to rightj Miss Ioan Reese, Recording Secretary, Elder D. C. Butherus, Elder Clarence Gruesbeck, Elder A. Russel Hagen, Mr. Elmer Armbruster, Mr. L. W. Roth, Elder Clayton, Pritchett, Elder J. W. Wolter, Elder E. E. Calkins, Mr. Earl Dupper, Elder Harold L. Calkins, Elder I-I. C. Retzer, Chairmang Mr. Benn W. Nicola, Secretary. Not Pictured: Mr. D. Lorne jones, Donald J. Davenport, M. D., ElderAngel De la Torre, Mr. A. W. I-Iamra, Elder G. Ray James, Mr. Emmett R. Jensen, Elder Merwin A. R. jones. Pacific Union Conference Representatives: Elder W. J. Blacker, Elder W. D. Walton, Elder W. O. Baldwin, Elder L. R. Rasmussen. Academy E Board We owe a debt of gratitude to the Academy board for the faith they show in C our future by providing the facilities and finances for our school. We, the stu- dents, appreciate their Willingness to cooperate in providing for our future. The achievement of our life goals would be impossible Without this help, and so, we extend to them our sincere apprecia- tion. Elder Helmuth C. Retzer Chairman of the Board of Trustees. ll School Calendar SEPTEMBER 2 Classes Begin 7 Get Acquainted Social 13- 15 Camp Hess Kramer For New Students 18 Launched 28 Camp 10- 13 5 Trip 11 15 20 23 27-30 OI Christmas 18-3 1 Christmas V Campus Party JANUARY 9 Second Newburin Los Angeles 11 Roland Myers - Romance of Words 12 Boys Open House 13 S. A. Elections 15- 17 Exams 18 Band Concert 26-28 Fourth Prize Newburian Snow Trip 1968-1969 9 17 25-30 1-5 9-11 1-4 10 M.V. Olympic D College Day at L Spring Vacation APRIL Week of Prayer Exams MAY Home Leave Choral Program ay LU- LSC FEBRUARY 6-9 Home Leave 15 Patriotic Chorale Program 19 LLU Counsels Seniors 20-23 Fifth Prize Newburian San Francisco 22 Kent Durden's Program "Death Valley" 26-28 Exams MARCH 3 S. A. Picnic 3-7 School Spirit Week 8 Alumni Day 17 NSA Optical Science 24 Band Concert 28-30 Exams 30 8:00 - Consecration 11:00 - Baccalaureate 8:30 - Class Night JUNE 1 9:30 - Commencement 12:00 - School Closes . . . enthusiastically welcomes an addition to our ho1se corral. M r. N icola. Out. takes a swing at the ball at Hess Kramer Camp- , . a.. ,. Xu sion. carefully reviews the details for plant expan if A. a ce a a man with an inspired faith in youth. a man with a new face, full of hope and new ideas to you--- We DEDICATE the 1969 Yucca. I5 'H mfg? J 57' I x V! Ji L X 'Q , S . , ,Q 31,3 ,xi FV ,.,,ff-'ws , . ,. ws ' ' .',N I .1 1. x x v, -8 ,- Age' f . nr L filo 2 A J ff Q AK SW X Tliim' ' .' y 3' ,qv-., .xt F.. wg W A J.. Egf- VE 1 E 3 -Q E -DEE. - 5 ,EJ L igif - gi 4: - E is-sm: n M?-:? 4, :- W ,rd M EE N Q Hi N gm 4 gggggii ile4?E -gig: ig4jE2EggiEEwEg??iEgii?zt5iiEg:g5f5? W v 4 g m9 A 5:5355 ik Qzia hgf 3:6 ga2:A!32:22:31- mizEias-rrzgz--:L-rr :: SEE T3 Lag. W ? :Ei :ii i ei- ' EE??EgT :A LEE: J gg: RL k gg F gg? gi :Z it N R il 3- -at f SAV -E: k at TY Wm W ?.T-- NII 1 AA-Y-:im-ig -KVi-E:-- A - -:JAE::E:iE--3 i gi- E L 551:-,Z E h ESS izjiaizz 1 : ? E5-?W tk:w:Hv M W A Al iii? W g 5? 5 Y 5-M 4w-AMh ,Mgiiw Q3im is :E Z: E J gi W ii 5 E5LW?1?i gE-j w 1i -3 n iii 2 S:Q?NiAWu man 6 - X i: i-:Q E izlg:--1---: ifEQ20ESE: E. it ix M K Z ? lg n3 m A:,K 2 Z ci E :E :::xE:t-'IQEZ:-Eng::gl5:52:h: -5:-M: ii iiiiig EEZ:-5:5-:xii:El E :F ML : 2 T 3 2in:Si-:E g-- I is is N - -- 5 A -F -F ig it M L,- ,g EEg::: ifin E !:ES ?lWSi5 W gggEQE3 g W : W m W 5:Q5:55:QR-isC:C:E::EgE-5:5F55:-2:E:-5:Ez-zz55:ZS-E:-:S5:-E:Sis-Zz:-Q3-:E13:52qEg:Ias-315:-:Eg5:52 ini? A Mi A Tm Q xKK wA k W if : xxx-5-5XE:QKA:EEEE--:Eh-:q E:--W 5:52EE:E:g:--'Z:--:E5-:-E-5:5-EE:5:5522-zzzcszs L 1 YV 1 gf ,- Z Q- E 5 9 U 5 e 9 s : v- -l ., E il , , 'lT 1 - Y ,rl YYTY- ik- ' : ' 'f 'f ' 1 A -' 1 . x , Li -,, f l vi . l 9-gr T Y,- -,1 V f ,- ,YY V 4, -, 1, , T ...L l. i -Y T -Y El ' , .'-T. 'E-.1 ....g, P4 lg' - ..7,... "? 1 i. ig . J , 'x 1 ' mio: 1-' 1 X- ,, f H- r 432 M' 3 lv All ifgff, x my-1: J fniff 54 . ' " Wal 1' .933 .1 F 191' .,.f- . 1 1 we Four-year Club Officers: Sidra Tappen, Vice -pres. 5 Chris Goad, Pres.g Jeannie Bryne, Secretary. Four Year Club john Ruckle, Pat Templin, and Sidra Tappen enjoy the refreshments at one of their "get-togethers" at the home of their sponsors, the Robert Brynes. I7 One of the highpoints of the four-year c lub activities was a trip to see the Harlem Globe trotters play in Ventura. I The sponsors of the Four-year Club, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryne. The Senior V , .1 . -4 Y 'lf-4 1 , X I JON RUCKLE 1 1 President X '. ' P-U-C- H ,----:A-4 Math """ ' W' v'Uf'5ff'jJ F' XA' 5 5 . T-I L , ,sul E Q G fd frf ig.. We 1 "f- Q Q2 . fre ATA? 5 PAMELA MASON Secretary MR, EDWARD BROADBECK L.L.U, Sponsor SHARI JOHN SON Undecided Vice-President ' P.U.C. Nursing 'I 8 Class fI969 53. ' 4- Ll mr 39 , EW E mn W S -:,:,:,:i:::4:1i::. m u ff w is o at the fair f . iv! -I. LYNN ART RES S STEVE PENCE QF -Q Sgt. -at-Arms LI-.U. Physical Ed-Music 1 , X5 y Pastor L,L.U. MRS, MARY ALICE WAHLSTROM Medicine CARLA EAGAN Sponsor Treasurer P .U . C . in Nurs e 1 9 'inn CHUCK ADAMS P , U ,, C , Business ELLEN APPLEY P,U, C , Teacher .,-.-Lu . 1.13 , .v,. THOMAS ALLEN L . L . U . Flight Surgeon KENT AST LEFORD Undecided Lawyer CAROL ANDERSON Vetura Stewardess LANNY BALLEW L. L. U . Education PAUL BEACH SUSAN BLOMBERG GARY BROWN L,L.U. L.L.U. Andrews Univ. Psychologist Psychologist Communication 11559 ju -gg 4 I, rx nr" Q'-16 , N-ff' SHQERYL BRUCE IEANNE BRYNE CHERYL BUCALO L.I..U, P,U,C, Undecided Teacher Accountant Education Mr. and Mrs. Wahlstrom, SA and Senior Sponsors, pose at the "fall festival". f I 2 I if RHONDA BUTLER CARMEN CAFFERKY Rl-IONDA CHILTON P,U,C,, P,U,C, P,U,C, Home Economics Medicine Education P I fi w 27' "fl W 'Wi 5 A53 QE I. . .lf H , V Barbara Stevens puts Senior "know-how" to work in Mr. Pereyrafs office. m ax YE 551 fi S-., 191 MARGARET DEAN P . U . C . Education PATRICIA FARLEY P .U . C . Education ' 'Q G Qin! V. . ' - . 1-ww -,, - ., an -'Qt , Q .-,, E? 4 5 1, 1: - M I 3 V - ' ,AE , .M fl. f""g MELVIN GALBREATH Univ. of Nebraska Artist 'UE .-g,.-Q 3 K 'age' T3 S BILL GERLING GAYLE GILBERT P , U , C , P ,U . C , Physics Psychiatrist JOANIE GOSSE KATHY HASTINGS L.L.U. P.U.C. Undecided Teacher WNW, B 5 Q3 ' "7 1 f. -s...J1' wail' CHRIS GOAD Long Beach C, C Civil Engineer PAM HENRY Ventura I , C , Nurse fx YUKIE HIGA CAROLYN HILLOCK Undecided L.L.U, Nurse Undecided Ellen Appley and Aon '23 if .,l - - 7. -n , egg, J N165 M SUZI HIX CATHY HOCH SUSAN IM L.I..U. L.L.U. L.L.U. Teacher Teacher Nurse ALLAN JAVELLANA RHONDA IEFFREYS VALERIE JOHNSTON I-.1..U. L.L.U. R Ventura Theology Teacher I Education 1 -ani .jxiai 'C' IN KANG CARY KIRK L.L.U. Pierce College nt UNO 01d timers, IViEdiCi1'le Archetict 'Dx ,ws- .A-ll' DARRELL KIRK W ,W , C , Engineering KANG UP LEE Undecided Architect SL 47. A -V--'Y Steve Pence, the "Spirit of '69" , in the presentation of the Senior "Count- down." MOY LEE LINDA LOWE SI-IELLEY McDERMOTT L.A. City College P.U.C. P.U.C. Undecided Nurse Literary Arts N4 STEVE MARNELLA BEA MORAN L.L.U. Univ. of Alaska Business SI-IARI NELSON KAREN PACINI P.U.C. P.U.C. Nurse Nurse 4 --.-fl' DENISE MUFF L. I.. U , Nurse SHA RON PI-IILLIP S L.L.U. P,E, 11 -J LINDA PREHN GREG REAVES P . U. C . L, L. U , dtliducation Underwater Photograghy JOHN RUSTAN Undecided Technician I , 'ii X- if, 'EP f 465-N iii TRINDA SCHLUND EVIE SMITH SHERIE SORENSEN L.L.U. L.L.U. L.L.U. Medicine Teacher Veterinarian FAY SPENCER BARBARA STEVENS Peninsula College Undecided Secretary Nurse SIDRA TAPPEN Ventura I. C. Nurse 1? .,-4' L . 1 -.-.1-pg. . ., ,, lm. if 1. PAT TEMPLIN NANCY TRUBEY L. L . U . P . U. C . Interior Decorator Socialogy E M .,,.. Ecaawc. ' jlrily' .I . i .T 14 ' y kt V ' V Mu 'W ! -sq "W in-rifle W W.-4 xi f , J: '- I A JJ J, L ,' ,C. A 5, Q I YJ ' I , ft va : i 4 "II J . X '-ik'- 'J LA , 1 UQ 7 q-as-Q49 Q. . Allan Javellana and Laurie Wrlght enjoy the Italian Cuisine of Orlando's Resturant during a 3 ik-wwf i 1 izfzillaiki 7': Riff: 9 it ,,.,,f4 m L 1 'Q 'W , 2, 55' 'fl l VALERIE VAUGHAN L.L.U. Home Economics LAURIE WRIGHT ELIZABETH ZAVALA L,L,U, Undecided Undecided Social Worker Fm" A l 1 l Y 1 l I J uniors-A C lass fl ed Clark resident Betty Allen Secretary 9 Miss Rhoenna Armster Sponsor 30 Fl The G0 Kathy Shear Vice -president Elba Covarrubias, Bob French, Sherrie Duran, Dou Bob Ha ns en display the junior class blazers. Th sets off next years seniors. 6 ' I Elba Covarrubias Treasurer Doug Severance Pastor Betty Allen, Ned Clark, Kathy Shear, and Green" blazers add that touch of class which Bob Hansen Sgt-at-arms W" ' ,ww ri 'ge i-1 Mr. Earl Dupper Sponsor v V, K, .vo " Hx 2' Juniors n The 0 -Study us -1 yr- "' ' lx X x.- --A gwvx-.uf ' 'A 'f-54, 1 JM 5:3 TAN -K A7 is "Yi Nw ' ' 19' 7 ' V- 15 .QS X Q ,D -4 IAA 'X X 'If'A'S - ' J apt Mr. Brown moderates a discussion period in Junior Bible class. Pat Aidcen Susan Allen Lv - . ,. , :A , f . X Q f i If 4 .+:5 V' e .Q-, f-"4 '- . ' . -Q ui-'-"f if-E T ' n V - ,1 ' , " ' "if ,.vrL, :ff f:1."'G1:i' -.- vl-.: 32,1 . ',- . ."mf:' H' - ' ' 1 ' pl ,, 2 ffm? - ,Q ' d ,fs A:-' . .. Clestian Andrieux u Karen Barnes l Joyce Austin Richard Baay Greg Baumgarten Lee Beck 32 J E Chris Beltz Robert Caffe:-ky '15 ,fer Charles Chang Paul Chexnayder Phil Collins Judy Congleton 33 Diane Carlson A n 15 1? Shelia Clouse -3' 'sf Tom Cossentine Juniors - n The G0 - Play QW 'Q Brenda Craig ! I 1 1 ' ,' K ' f x Joey Huerta draws a caricature of Kathy Shear at one Rina Draper of the S.A. parties. h ' e rs. ax XI, jack Craig Mark Davies il? Earlene Dupper lg . eg' ,df Sherrie Duran Dale Faust Margi Fingerle 34 2? fl X' A .I -0 ev' Bob French Patty Gerling Colleen Goffar Don Graham Rolla Graybill V 1 Wendy Guild Sali Hamlin 35 Judi Grounds H-M. -S , , .G Betty Allen and Elba Covarrubias get ready for some equestrian fun. Juniors n The G0 - Work .YQ Judy Hempel Victor Henry Debbe Jensen Marilyn Judson Kathy Kinder Kathy Kirk 36 if Joey Huerta "fi Kyi Kim Lee Beck spends his work time in the corrals helping with the horses. Cinda Lafferty Edwin Markle ..- , C1 me wa David Morikone Ve mon Pilon Ned Clark and Bob Cafferl-cy help keep an orderly music building. 37 .' 'Q' 'ai' 'T-1' ', in yell' sw M uw W , W b,, ,, S? Wulf ' L. W' Don Mead ai? Y H-L 'uv Moises Ramirez W TH, rm Y H 11 ,U .wgsz Bob Reiner Susan Remboldt Juniors On The G0 - Pray A R 1 ,M ap. ew ,, m ii V Michael Ringstaff Maria Rodriguez Pat Rosenthal 'QQ 11? 'dmv' N . 'Al Helen Scott Tom Son-els David Su-ahan .QQ nf' rx' gurl .i pa' Y x Loma West Peggy Wong Marsha Wright 38 Sophomore fheers Active Leaders Terry Walton President '7 Je annie Ruckle Vice -president Kathy Burnham Se ore tary Mrs. Maude Wolfe Sponsor Q kj'f"'."-fri Y Y 'L I :E 'Waits -,wat .V- Mr. Charles Barber Sponsor Sophomore president, Terry Walton, asks Santa Clause Nicola for lots of "Action" for his class. k ,Q S ir lfv V Y, b - W , .:s, . i 5 m e : '1 Y L.. - I R - 5 V , .-....,, ' r 1 1 .- ,' , . 3 5 Z f - v Miz. W1 f -'i 'Q . 'pr W so E ,f .:. 1 ri S 'f figs' V le Yi , if , ,e" T J ' ' 5' X Y' , W .gf , M, .s-, ,A W my 1 L A Janice Templin Treasurer Sheila Dick Pastor -oi f"U Lois Wiser Sgt. -at-Arms Sophomore Class Energized By Leaders , Y Q' MV Q5 l 'K lv-QP 1:-g-,.. ND Roger Ahlberg Duane Barnes Jodi Bean Andrew Bilderain ..:l" 5, oi' A 'TR Kevin Brown Vickie Bunnell Shirley Chaney John Collins Sheila Dick, class pastor, bends low as she enters portals of the Sophomore Christmas Party. H' Rodger Delling Carolyn Farley 40 Gary Goorhuis Kathy Hix Tag Johnson Darrell Gunter Stanley I-Iopson Edwin Kay Cookie I-Iammo on her face as s i W ,,., ,UW ei Cookie Hammock I. J , .5 , w A 1 Melody Jeffries Marilyn Ke tz ner ck gets that very certain look he talks to that "Someone" at the fall festival. 41 w Joe Harding fxgsfm WW' wie ? Ben Johns Class f'7I In Motion J ,nfs Q lA ,jg 5? I9 fs? .,-1 Eddie Magnelli Charlyne Mannes 'Af , A Q "4--V f:' Pamela Mullen Dale Nelson . 91 25' "my l " Darlene Pettibone Diane Renzi xx-,I . ,Iq a I M , few A U lf. M 4 'an saa 1: an e as is Laune Rae Mathews il' 5 Q Lf M' 8. . JJ I Ye 'W d d ' M jo Nordstrom 'arf' Kurtetha Sanders I LLJQV dl-A' F.. .fs 1 Pam Meadows 1-'ff' Sylvia Perez Launa Rae Mathews and Mr. Wahlstrom. Ra if .1 ' -X , " ' '5 ff-b'f' 5- -a..un '- ,rxffy .' V 2. ' -'gf i f Q2 - E E S A Dalia Santiago Stanley Schleifer Alvin Smith Rolondo Soto W-1: .4 'Ui Nancy Stevens Joyce Thurman Linda Vannix Isaias Velazquez try the "hard sell" on Ig 3 'OE Fred Warne Cliff Williams Helen Yang Freshman Class Learns Through Action Offcers Jeff 'Hempel Richard Clark Denise Denmark Presldent Vice -president Secretary Mrs. Carol Brummett Mr. Pat Howard Sponsors Freshman "prexy" jeff Hempel gets hauled to "jail" at the Fall Festival as date, Jodi Bean, watches help- lessly. N3 ii' gi' Michael Thorman Steve Rich Pastor Danny Barragan Sgt. -at-Arms Warren Bird Denms Carlson Manuel Castellon Steve Cavin C31-105 Cervantes Freshmen Thrive On the Active Lyfe Pam Cornell Wayne Cralg Betty Dodds U' Q Rene Drachenberg Jim Durkos Leyda Esplnoza Antonio Gonz ale z -15' A Qjn was ' X. N4 .4 ' 'X Corrine I-Iannah Roberto Herrera Scot Moore asks "ML Nicola?" for his autograph. l A-Q 1 'Q N"wi Tim Hoch Candy Lee Obdulia Lonieli ':,,fa if 'J 'K an L Moran Lorene Morikone Steve Miller Scot Moore ynn 47 T0day's Freshmen Aclzvale T0m0rr0w's jan Nelson Manlyn Rlngstaff Mlchael RObb1nS N ' tg., Anita Schlund Anita Schlund typifies aciive freshmen as she jogs her laps around the SYm- ...W-, 5 H ,,. ' Q 1' Eggb 9452- A. W , . . .. 1.,,L,L.,T,:e:,,..,L - i J-J f-f i E i E - : fi .: 1 , L , i Adm imstrczlion , sf K '-Affl , ,' ,N if ,1 rnfiqvg f F' ,Ji Hfqfq' gs..-v-4' ,lg IMT' - Mr. Nicola is friendly even on the phone. Anita Schlund reads the class schedule as Mr Wolfe re sets the clock. Miss Reese gives instruction to newly enrolled student and parents. w ,-:, Z-, xy f , . E QL W Y- 'l f"-nd in-Q '-.J Ivlr. Earl Dupper, A.A. Assistant Business Manager and Treasurer Mr. David Escara, B.S. , B.A. Accountant if-L' lam Mr. Adams consults Mr. Dupper about the Lau.ndry's work schedules. Mr. Escara working on the student's accounts. 50 4 I 0 N Mrs. Betty Dupper Mr. Don Pettibone, B.S. Machine Bookkeeper Assistant to the Treasurer 9'1" rf Mrs. Bryne gives Carmen Cafferky her money from the student bank. 51 Mrs. Virginia Bryne Cashier R egislrar Mrs. Beverly Rhodes Registrar 1 " ' f.-la - -Ii, ,,-0' If-9 Mls. Rhodes helps a new student plan her class schedule. Mrs. Edna Wilcox Attendance Clerk Mrs. Wilcox talks with students attendance. about their Bible V r W K. N QT? 5, ffl K F P r Mr. james Brown, M.A. Life Problems, Principles of Life. n Mr. Oswald Pereyra, M.A. Development of the Christian Church WEEE W z zig, e 1 a'lS: Senior students discuss life problems with Mr. Brown. J' Mr. Dale Rhodes, B.A. Ancient Hebrew History Business Adm inislralion X ,f I of aug., ,- Miss Rhoenna Armster, B.S. Bookkeeping, Miss Armster shows her bookkeeping class how to write Typing I 8 II, Notehand, Office Practice. an itemized list of expenditm-es. Shortcuts to effective note taking are learned by our notehand studenis. 54 ,gi English I r, e s 1- ' 1 - - , rl, Q ,E I 'if Mr. Charles Barber, B.A. English Working on composition, Pam Mullen, receives assistance from Mr. Barber. Mr. Lafferty helps students undemtand complex sentence structure. 55 Mr. Charles Lafferty, M.S. English, Reading, Yearbook 35-s istory Mr. Ed Broadbeck, M.S., U.S. History, World History, and U. S. Government. The class in U. S. Government discusses the question of national security with Mr. Broadbeck. 56 Mr. Broadbeck explains the important developments in freedom for die colonies in U. S. History class. if 2 . Mr. Broadbeck, who has taught at N,P,A, since its doors opened, holds forth on one of his burdens" . Home Economics fr" I ' 23 VJ 5? . nf 714' - We ,,, , T, Q-if .1 H fa ' K """' P 'Ar L If! :E ff "ff , A eip, ff f' N n a 11 1' H J1f"'Q4.2l lim Nt' N '77 Carolyn Hilloch and Kathy Hastings learn the intrica- cies of baking wholesome breadin the class in advanced Mrs. Mary Alice Wahlstrom, B. S foods. Home Economics A11 freshmen girls are initiated into the realm of homemaking in the class, Home Arts I. It is a required course dealing with beginning cooking and sewing. 57 I nduslricll A rls . E ' Y.,-T--Y Fi! 'i ' A portion of the completely new woodworking shop. Although in full use, work is still proceeding on completion of the facilities. Complete opportunity for developing skill in all phases of hand and machine woodworking is provided by the excellent equipment. ':"'?15 E-- ' bln A Mr. Larry Wolfe, B.A. Tech. .Um in f' Draw., Woodworking gl .J to if 1: at a t ..-. in W 2 n T EE' - 4- m . ,f ' "' 5-I I." , if T' E 4 1 ,r-e .:! -bl It Wi:-" in W N? X we 'f fi 1 113- 7 n " W al l - . i 'i - -if 2 ' W ' ff' if-.zzsfffreeew "lf: ,V - i t n Kang Up Lee develops skill in making intricate cuts on the jig saw in machine woodworking. an ,,-- -- T. N.. . 'T Y E11 I Mr. Broadbeck watches as Phil Collins and Vic Henry in- spect the front end of a car. They are making use of the brand new hoist installed this year as a part of the up-grad- ing and expanding of the vocational education facilities. Mr. M. M. Pettibone Electronics I s i H M U m if K, Mr. Ed Broadbeck, M.S, Auto Shop, Power Mechanics Mr. Broadbeck tests Rene' Drachenberg's identification of various auto parts. The mysteries of electronics and its function in sound re- production is probed by Mr. Pettibone's Electronics class. Foreign Language -J v Mr. Oswald Pereyra, M.A. Spanish I, Spanish II cariimfs Mr. Pereyra points out the tourist attractions Caracas to his Spanish I Students. Mr. Wahlstrom cheerfully greets his French I class with an optimistic "Bonjour. " i f fe ' is ' sniff? EJ? A , 4' 1-: .wer if ea: . ,. ' eisral " r - V 5 Z ,l M. g Mr. Gregg Wahlstromg M.A. French I, French II Library l ul Mr. Aitchison, the "busy man on campus, " tackles the moun- ' tains of bookwork involved in library organiz ation. Mr. Steve Aitchison, B.A , , Librarian M".Ec? s A ,ei r i f f ' ' L-22 .. - In the quiet atmosphere of the library, students develop scholarly study habits. 61 M ath Mr. Gregg Wahlstrom, M.A. Algebra I, Geometry, Adv. High School Math. IVIL Howard B. Wilcox, B.A. Algebra I. VH 2 X2 + - Z2 - 1 E2 a E2 ' becomes meaningful to Geometry students as they study our "1ifesized" model of a hyperboloid. Mr. Lawrence Wolfe, B.A. Algebra II. .--mm? V 2:5 f - in 3: 15153 ' xiii? 2535 ' :jg 62 ml K" Art fwfr: sifgwn :W 5, nil' T5 Lf xx ' J I N- Qf,fg,!', 7 Ja, f A .I 'A I Greg Baumgarten and Kathy Shear master the delicate art of ceramics. Mrs. Betty Clement Art I, Art II ., Pat Templin receives a glance of encouragement and approval as she Works on an original oil painting US lC Mr. Rhodes carefully demonstrates to Cheryl Bucalo how to execute a delicate passage. -id, if Mr. Dale Rhodes, B.A. """f""" Band, Ins1:rumen1s Instruction, Orchestra. Band members are ffront rowj B. French, S. Allen, P. Rosenthal, M. Dean, P. Mason, R. Chilton, H. Scott, L. Wiser, I. Templin, K. Burnham, D. Carlson, C. Farley, R. Graybill, L. West, R. Baay, fsecond rowj D. Rhodes, S. Im, P. Templin, L. Matthews, R. Butler, P. Farley, E. Appley, S. Bruce, C. Bucalo, S. Hix, S. Blomberg, R. Ahlberg, I. Ruckle, S. Chaney, S. Dick, P. Cornell, C. Grogan, L. Vannix, fthird rowj W. Guild, V. Bunnell, K. Pacini, G. Reeves, L. Wright, I. Nelson, J. Collins, S. Pence, C. Adams, L. Ballew, R. Soto, B. Gerling, G. Baurngarten, D. Barragan, T. Hoch, S. Rich, J. Frazier, A. Smith, T. Walten, D. Severance. j 5,1 A Choir members are ffront rowj S. Duran, K. Shear, S. Dean, B. Cafferky, R. Clark, J. Huerta, L. Lowe, E. Covarrubias, C. Brummett, lsecond rowj S. Hix, P. Mason, J. Bryne, V. Welch, D. Faust, J. Ruckle, C. Cafferky, J. Grounds, N. Folkes, N. Trubey, fthird rowj R. Chilton, C. Eagan, D. Carlson, P. Henry, G. Foster, B. Hansen, A. javellana, B. French, C. Bucalo, P. Farley, L. Wright, D. Muff, ffourth rowj R. Graybill, L. Zavala, S. Nelson, P. Beach, D. Severance, B. Gerling, S. Pence, I-I. Scott, S. Sorenson, S. Blomberg, M. Dean. 5. -"7 g, C I X144 Mrs. Brummett instructs Jeannie Bryne on the fundamentals of vocal performance. Mis. Carol Brummett, M. A. Choir, Chorale, Voice Instruction 65 4" -. 4 ,F Evie Smith receives instruction on the studio grand piano from Mrs. Wolfe. Mrs. Maude Wolfe, M.A. Piano and Organ. Mrs. Wolfe gives a lesson on the chapel organ to Nancy Folkes. Linda Vannix pu13 in a faithful practice period on the chapel pipe organ. 66 CHORUS: Front row: B. Squier, E. Wright, B. Senseman, G. Muff, D. Carlson, A. Bilderain, C. Chang, C. Hilloch, K, Hastings, C. Lafferty, I.. Mathews, Middle row: C. Grogan, C. Goffar, P. Cornell, V. Bunnell, D. Barragan, M. Ramirez, R. Ahlberg, S, Rich, M. Ketmer, M. Grounds, J, Larson, K. Burnham, Back row: L. Vannix, V. Perea, C. Allen, P. Rosenthal, C. Hammack, D. Barnes, L. Beck, T. Sorrels, P. Chexnayder, T. Allen, K. Barnes, C. Mannes, S. Dick, I. Ruckle, Not pictured, D. Milner, I. Rustan, P. Wong. ORCHESTRA: Back row: B. French, D. V. Rhodes, director, M. Ringstaff, N. Clark, R. Soto, V. Pilon, A. Smith, T. johnson, Middle row: P. Farley, G. Muff, C, Bucalo, C. Hammack, I, Ruckle, L. Mathews, K. Burnham, R. Chilton, Front row: B, Cafferky, T. Schlund, A. Aaby, C. Cafferky, R. Clark, Not pictured, R. Baay, M. Thorman, I.. West. hysical Education -2 Mr. Fordyce Koenke Physical Education Paul Beach shoots as Steve Pence referees 5 ,4 H, lxlxa 4 , - -.,.... 4' x. 11 'wr---N . , 5.1- Mr. Koenke referees an intramural football game. 68 'HH fa n .4- Canay Grogan and Billie Senseman take their laps around the circuit as required at each P. E. period. Mrs. Barber teaches the gii-1's the art of "Tinick1ing" as derived from the Phillipine folk dance. 69 A i rf 4 i f Mrs Macherie Barber B. A., ours P.E. , V " Y :af vi- T',,fCr. N ' Y ,-.,1,gV,Ak'f 471, , x ci, 7 fxf 7 VV ' ' X , .,.-.-..,- - . -1 ' , . ' A, - - . -1 ,1,,,L, 1 z ' V - ' " H' N" J ,..,, A 'Q .L "wg, - ' , gf A H 1 1 W -L' ' JST' e i "' .I , '- .x-' '.. r. ., I 'pi MXH A .4-, . . , Q Mrs. Nancy Van Pelt who assisted in the P,E, pro- gram part time this year, checks on some of the gi.r1's achievements. S czence Mr. Wilcox demonstrates the workings of some natural laws in a Physics lab. Pam Mason and Laurie Wright weigh out chemicals for an experiment in chemistry lab. Mr. H. B. Wilcox, B. A., Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science. David Morikone and Gordon Foster experiment with dis- tillation in physics lab. EF' i ,,.,. l at .kb 7 0 Q-R d dl ,Tb Mr. Fordyce Koenke, B.S. , Life Science and P. E. Mr. Koenke discusses a hard study question with Kathy Burnham and jon Collins. - One of the life science classes study one-celled life through the microscopes. y - o 1 o o 1 3 ,. 'fi iq V 5" 71 I ndustries During the previous school year, 1967- 68, students were able to earn a total of 33213, 298. 98 toward their school expenses. This represents ACTIVITY of the most rewarding kind, both in physical and in fi- nancial development. The figures on these pages indicate by their size the approximate part ofthe total labor dollar paid out to students in the major industries provided by the school. 0 5-1 fm 3-1 fm H 57675.00 812,000.00 513,000.00 Grounds Maintenance Cafeteria and Woodshop 2171 S545 , 000 . Laundry 40? 2471 551,000.00 385,000.00 Academy Mop and Broom Shops Services 73 I Ace Broom Co. LiLu.,f ' sflir LLM: Q .11 1, 11:1 ' .hir . . - ms, -' -wg ' , -: , :Q....1, , , . .,,,, I , N. V, ,, J ' -, fl. , l N x4. Xxx X ENS 1 ' ' V Nva. 1' xg.- N. Martin Baldenegro, supervisor in the broomshop, helps Obdulia Lomeli pack cartons of brooms for shipment. Mr. I. B. McCaughan, Ass't. plant super fri' 'f-5555 ----q intendant, Broomshop 'EEE Q, 3 21? 'X 'LJ I Winders at work in the broomshop preparing brooms for many of the Mr. W. A. Alexander large suppliers in the western states. Plant Superintendant Broomshop Lorenz ousewares Inc. .yr 11. L Mr. Robert Wisdom, mop shop supervisor for Lorenz Housewares, Inc. , checks Vernon Pilon's progress as he sews string mops. Q'- -'Qfue-l-A NSF55' H ,kv ,, . ' ' ' F 'A 2, N X ' .M aff, 'X ,a. , i ij' - X 'vw '-N.f':5 in-:N qgfh-.., 7,1 Y , 1 g agua- - -:T I 7 W Y W --e L T Q Mrs. Alyce Lorenz, Office Manager for Lorenz House- wares, Inc. 5 Mrs. Rosie Wisdom, secretary for Ace Broom Co. 5 and Ivlrs. Jo Wolfe, Secretary for Lorenz 1-GG' 4, Mr. Wallace Lorenz Manager for Ace Broom Co. President of Lorenz Housewares, Inc. Wklto Housewares, Inc., check over the days production needs. Mr. Virgil Olson, plant manager for Lorenz Housewares Inc. , stands by as one of the adult workers shows Pam Henry what to do next. Grounds Mr. Robert Bryne Grounds Department Mr. Bryne and members of his crew make repairs on the sprinkler system. The grounds crew keeps the campus in shape. 76 Ed Kay keeps the lawns trimmed C afeleria '- Q f'v?F! I 1 .1 , I Aw 'Vt r Mr. Pat Howard Food Service Director Iv A' I 1 Xfiin Q -J AE Mrs. Pilon, Cafeteria assistant, puts the finishing touches on desserts for a noon lunch. Lois Wiser helps Mr. Howard put out the salads for lunch. Mr. Frank Doran Assistant Food Service Director 3 ',:., .lzu .,::: I wf ff dc V IL ' n R eaders i n l' 2 r r fr- 3" 1 5 AJ? ..l ' -' History papers are deciphered by Kathy Burnham as she helps . Mr. Broadbeck with his paperwork. Shirley Chaney monitors the music halls to make sure quiet prevails and practice is perfected. The hieroglyphics of a physics problem is pondered by Bill Gerling. E,.,- 1 5 gy Q5 4- - , 'l 22,5 Ev' ' '-Qvnww N " mt, Q13-I., A 1 4 English III grammar is the forte of Suzi Hix as she aids Mr. Lafferty with his record-keeping. 78 5 ,vc V ,,,- g-.fz-. 14' .-A "'f'f The riddles of English IV are solved by Karen Pacini as she works in Mr. Barber's office. 1 r h f! x , ' f 'xr -' .fgffi aw The intricacies of bookkeeping sets are probed by Miss Armster's right arm, Susan Blomberg. a!'37r5'1-f L . :Z 5. J F If 5 ', Faye Spencer receives directions from Mrs. Rhodes as to the proper handling of a transcript request. The console of the Language Depa.rtment's listening lab is operated by Elba Covarrubias during a Spanish lab. "2 if 1 ,wi Books, books, everywhere, and Evie Smith helps in the library to keep them located and in their right place. F l ' 1 Miss Sheila Lawson came from Walla Walla College at the start of second semester to take charge of the library when Mr. Steve Aitchison was called to a more priority occupation with "Uncle Sam" , r 3 As one of her duties in the business office, Earlene Dupper helps the Academy Store open so that the students may provide for their sundry ne eds. if 55-'fr' While Johnson may have had his Boswell, Mr. Rhodes has Trinda Schlund who helps him with his many ac- tivities. 80 , , Q: nf- .-q-7.-,:e5:-- :Z-H.-V.,-Y.,-'V-,.,TT..fT? A Kgs .. ,. ,A 1. c .I cf" Mrs. Maxine Nicola, R.N. School Nurse .3 Yr. QL I af. U Dr. Fingerle, assisted by Mrs. Nicola, treats Jeannie Ruckle's injured arm. U W Mrs. Nicola practices her life-saving techniques upon un- resistlng Cary Kirk. A, C. Fingerle, M. D. School Physician " - 1 ' 1:"ff'?Si,s"i . . 1-1?-gas.. fee: f, 5 TTI: ' ' g.,?g:,.2 : .- I M f sf?-'FM ig - : fg-if "H i ,,.Yf I i"- 5 2-is ff, 4 5 Q JY? 81 Laundry -Q'f"" il-.U ' iff' "F""'7'!'T"'T'?l ,, -511.5 - 5, H , EE-2" Lil 41 . , M.r. Robert Adams, Laundry manager. Mr. Walter Freeman brings in soiled hospital linen to be loaded into the Washers. A representative group of the student and full-time adult laundry workers gathers for a group photo. 82 Workers sort out washed sheets to be put through the mangle. The Academy's commercial laundry pro- vides Work for many students to earn a good share of their school expenses . Many hospitals, motels, rest homes, and schools in the area depend upon the NPA laundry for clean sanitary linen supplies. This means the laundry must operate atnear- ly full capacity throughout the year. nr 1 1 . Y - ' ,L i -Z 'V f I S if, ' f 1 ' ., i Y . I f - it - vi.. 1-if Mr. james Triplet, assistant Laundry Manager, re- Other workers fold dry laundry to be packaged, as Mr. pairs the mangle. Adams observed the process. 83 M ainlenance Mr. Hilliard is off on his "Honda" to check the water level in the tanks. - 1. f 1 y,34.,. . .. , .n , ...l,l.,L, ?,1,h,.4 Ffrisii- , ' " ky.: ,- . M' .f 1, 3 p M.r. Donald Hilliard, B. S. Maintenance Supervisor Tag Johnson, Roger Delling, and Chris Goad help Mr. Hilliard make repairs to some of the cafeteria equipment. 84 rl E 'fl .. " Q .' fi . .' Mr. Hilliard goes over the days projects with Chris Goad. Wood Shop "F Cary Kirk, Greg Reaves, and Tom Allen put the first coat of a new paint job on the Girls' Dorm. Greg Reaves and Rene Drachenberg lift a section of the stairway for the storage loft in the new woodshop building. 85 Mr. M. M. Pettibone Woodshop Supervisor .VM ltx 'Imax A Mr. Pettibone and Dale Clement, his assistant in the woodshop, go over the plans for some of the remodel ing. Ed Markle has the responsibility of keeping the chapel ship- shape and clean. Each day he is there - sweeping, mopping, dusting, and whatever else needs caring for. J an itors The hallowed halls of the ad building are clean and orderly by John Ruckle. As he Works the grads of previous years peer down at him. 1 w 5 52 is 32 p- .lim Q,-.v-pun: 1 .gig JJ'-as l I . -,, Y' 1 c.. ., 1, n:5:aiF' -ffl . 15112352 ' 'H+ -we '- 'N 17 Lx' ' Ji. ' ' ' f h,T:5.1l - me Mr. Arthur Francis, Security Mr. Francis watches the campus while every- on e "sleeps?". Everything remains secure under his watchful eye. Campus S ecurily ,ax ll Melody Jeffries dusts a piano in the music building as she helps with the cleaning there New Students X1 K f Ingrid Arden, Vickie Dean, Vicki Perea, Marie DeMarco, Medai Ggbremedhin, JudyCarpenter, Carol Davidson, Claudia Freeman, Denise Stark, Laurine Jensen, and Deborah Milner. NOT PICTURED:-Ioan Larson, KarenLarSon, and Ruth Stockard. E5 1.1, Z -' if ," A :Q f 5 A M- SL C all if J Q 'Pwr-1 New Vai E4-i ii? 5 S Q in -:.,. ,AW r N wif ' in , .. Q x 5 . ' : '14-at f' . 1' V ,474 I . Adrian Aaby, Wassiem Moussa, Derek Li, Eric Kollwitz, john Downing, Bill Flake, Mike Mead, and Don DuBoise. NOT PICTURED: Carlos Amareno, Daniel Johnson, Richard Martineau, jose Gutierrez, Peter Di Sandro, and Carlos Fischer. 87 HHHH H HHH H H I HHH H H I H H a , V 'i? ti 215 ip? ' 1 I E gi E ' . l - ' E Egg T'. .t . 5 P f ' - ' F 3' Q - if-i ,H l1 F 5 15mg il 1 1 : Student Association ,on- .ll i x I F i L "Ei 'S .Jigga- -Q H N JL,-,Q..5ia.-Q FIRST SENIESTER OFFICERS: Nancy Trubey, Vice -pres. 5 Launa Rae Mathews, Religious V-p. 5 Shari Nelson, Treasurerg Susie Blomberg, Secretaryg Pat Templin, Social V-p. 3 john Ruckle, Presidentg Betty Allen, Public Relationsg Chris Goad, Sgt. -at-armsg Carmen Cafferky, Choristerg NOT PICTURED: Dan Graham, Parliamentariang Pam Mason, Pianist. Chuck Adams delivers the winning campaign speech for second semester president of the SA. Mr. Wahlstrom, SA sponsor, and Bill Gerling load airuck xx with helpful items for a need famil rovidedb an S.A. Y Y P Y Christmas project. If 90 E il, First Semester Sgt. -at-arms, Chris Goad, watches as Bob Hansen, newly elected Sgt.-at-arms for the second se- mester tests his strength to see if he can handle the job. The STUDENT ASSOCIATION is the constitutional group representing the student body of Newbury Park Academy. Together with social and religious functions, the SA provides an important link between the student body and the admin- istration. To help further this liason, an Executive com- mittee and a Student-Faculty Council operate to aid in the furthering of both student and school goals . John Ruckle, S.A. presidentfor the first semester, hands the gavel of office with its power and authority to second semester prexy, Chuck Adams. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Bob Hansen, Sgt. at arms, Patty Gerling, P. R. Sec., Doug Severance, Treas.5 Shari Johnson, Soc. V. P.g Chuck Adams, Pres. 3 Rhonda Butler, V. P.5 Bob Cafferky, Rel. V. P.g Susie Hix, Sec. 3 Bob French, Choris. 5 not pictured: Jon Ruckle, Parlg Sid Tappen, Pian. 91 N ewburicm Campaign Prizes K An:-'HQ' ' b , A l Evie Smith, Pat Templin, and Lois Wiser Count subs on the final day of the campaign under the watchful eye o Mr. Wahlstrom. School Party - 5 Subs Disne Los Angeles - I2 Subs Snow Trzp - 25 Subs and-I7-20 Subs Fred Warne and Lee Beclf, hi-jack a group of New- during the kick-off of the Newburian campaign. A- the unfortuna te sailors are Gayle Gilbert and Susan San Francisco - 45 Subs Billie Senseman, Denise Muff, Susan Remboldt, and Pat Templin are all packed and ready to make the trip by jet to San Francisco. Sheri Nelson has an accident and Bob Cafferky tries to be of help in one of the skits during the second half of the campaign kick-off. Religious Activities Rhonda But 1 e r, Shari jo h n s o n, Sheila Dick, and Kathy Burnham gather for do r m i t o ry prayer bands. School wide prayer bands are also held in the library after vespers on Friday nights, Mr. Brown, Kathy Burnham, launa Rae Mathews, joan Larson, Danny Graham, Vernon Pilon, Crystal Hammack, and john Ruckle meet for Seminar to plan a program in one of the churches of the conference. 94 The Boy's Club in cooperation with the Bible depart- ment sponsored a drive to collect food which the International Club distributed in Mexicali. Again, showing the spirit of coopera- tion and interest inreligious activities of all departments, the band took up an offering at the winter concert and raised S175,00 to help buy a kidney machine for a local woman. Pat Templin hands Mr. Rhodes the check as Bob Cafferky looks on. snr Qalluuoa s ' ' 5 O' N . pg!! I ' 1 :' 1. nip' ,, . .tt 19" .xi-1. .. Shari johnson, assisted by Mr. Brown, speaks at the Bible Camp held at Camp Cedar Falls for the Academies of the Southern California Conference, Mr. Brown stands with Eld. Fordyce Detamore, evangelist, who held the fall Week of Prayer. Eld. Detamore's grand- dau ghter , Lois Wiser, attends NPA, and Mr. Koenke was named after Eld. Detamore, 95 -. 5' , l T-L j-fa -in L, E s Mr. I. O. Brown, M. A. Bible teacher and Church pastor Chairman, Religious Activities Committee, Under the direction of Bob Cafferky, a group of students visit the convalescent section of St. John's hospital in Oxnard to sing to the patients. A V A i 't 545534 21' 'Spa eiwgiw Music Activities L 2 i .qg ,X Lssq f V ' xo CHORALE OFFICERS: Carla Eagan, Vice-pres. 5 Doug Severance, Religious Activitlesg Denise Muff, Secretary, Bob Cafferky, President. ww., " -4 A Bill Duge and Paul Beachplay an original composition of their own at the annual "Ta1ent"program, Nov. 23. k...4l I, Steve Pence, accompanied by Mrs. Carol Brummett, Choir director, sings a solo part in the Christmas Musical presented by the vocal organiz ations, Friday evening, Dec. 1 3. 96 :: :.' 1 -,--:- :rig 1 3 VV-ll-1 Z, ff:-3 Er' 'i' 5 1141.5 1 V H-' ' YA" 1, tsl? .L ' : I 35- Ei , 1? T :5f'i'fj i n -:?: 52,-,: ,-,r .-iii, f 1 y , Z J S E -1-'fr T! HE III nl ji L Tj iw 4 I 'IJ Ilfjl W ff., ii' III1 M il T - 3" 'fi if - E 1 1g 22. . ' f 5 45EwQE 1 I , 3 -1-, F3 iii , ' ,4.:i,.-,f -- 4-T .Trzj , :- f -- :J tr ' K . , : "?E"-. - i - 5 .--:V -2- 5 ss'A..u5-f.f'E' - I' E V..- V , .iii - 1, . ia l : L E K i E '-f - , Y, 5: r' -l ...Y'-' E F - 5: 6 l iz ' V-, 7 .-it 7 2 g 'f EEE? - : . ? L il? V E: 5 fi Tnbfgl-J.: A' :z?4,'?:, V Y .E l- lg ,....l1-A.L:Q T, : 1..- ...v.::-l-'T RL L ::f 1 , . e'5g1,- k ':,:-. 'A' 1 f A'-A W-' TH-. ?1.g fwjggfgi. ?5?i::5',Eii'- -Y " Tii--- - ':::w" - -355 f V: ' V -A+- '12 Eifgllzf-2? -522: -. .. ififsziii-ii'S5i?igiiiEQi?i2SgLQ2fiif : Qgil- - ' 'Lx' H'-W: Bob Cafferky practices on the violin as he prepares for special music. Allan javellana gives a vocal solo at the annual fall "Talent Program", Saturday night, Nov. 23. The offeratory for Sabbath School is played by Linda Prehn. joey I-Iuert, Banjog Lee Beck, the guests at the Boy's club op 97 Guitarg and Bill Flake, Bassg entertain en house. Yucca Sandra Dean c on - templates the pro- per picture for a layout. L J F"' .v-11l"l"'1-A A ' 53 -.-.aug .,.-1 f- ZX, rg' 1 . L... 'S' ' NL 'i ,,. ,IX ' -1' fi 'EVM The yearbook staff spends many hours in "working" sessions doing composition, layout, typing, and all the complex tasks involved with producing an academy yearbook. Pictured here at work are: Carmen Cafferky, Denise Muff, editor, Don Feyen, Pat Templin, and Tom Allen. A Editor, Denise Muff, type Wendy Guild types captions for N page layouts. y 98 s final copy for the Senior rosters. P' N ewburian -an f '51 "ix QW 'Xa -4-L X Mr. Don Pettibone, B.S. Journalism Jeannie Bryne Jeannie Bryne and Bill Duge paste up a layout Newbux-ian Editor for the Newburian. I the new edition of the Newburian. 4 I I NEWBURIAN STAFF: Carol Anderson, Kent Astleford, Da le Faust, je annie Bryne , editor, Mr. Pettlbone, teacher, Steve Hall, Pat Q Rosenthal, Tim Bradbury, Cheryl Bruce , and Susan Blomberg look over 9 in in X u Miss Sheila Lawson came to Newbury Park in the middle of the year to teach journalism after Mr. Pettibone 1eftforArmy service. 3Zllllu.E 1 H orsem cmshzp fly.:-I3 .' ff ' ' 4-:iz 11,1 'L , - ' , V Mr. Rich instructs some of the girls who are members of the horsemanship club in the proper handling of a horse. Mr. Myrle Rich I-Iorsemanship and pastureland. cares for the horses and One of our faithful "critters One section of the Horsemanship Club takes a pleasant Sunday afternoon ride. 100 INTERNATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS Ph11Co111ns, sgt at arms, Pam Mason, treas.5 Suzi Hix, sec.g Laurie Wright, 25 foreign born students are in attendance at NPA this school year. Hailing from countries such as Mexico, Korea, Turkey, Argentina, and the crown Colony of Hong Kong. 18 of these students are pictured in the group at the left. They add much to the International club sponsoredbythe Foreign Language department. 5 'Q li nl. 2. 1 x , J .Y 1 av , . f I. FIRST SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS: Evie Smith, Pres- M1-S, Erma Nicholass identg Susie I-Iix, Secretaryg Jeannie Ruckle, Pastorg Carla Dean of Girls Eagan, Choristerg Pam Mason, Pianistg Paml-Ienry, Sergeant- t-Armsg Not pictured-Shari Nelsong Vice-President. Hale Wahme . N J' K Mrs. Nicholas confers with her , HE? ' moruter, Rhonda Butler. .L 3 A 1 n Rf, Mrs. Macherie Barber-5 D99-11 Of Gil-'13, Assistant SECOND SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS: Kathy Burnhamg Pastorg Ellen Appleyg Secretaryg Janice Templin, Choristerg Pat Ternplin, Presidentg af Helen Scott, Pianistg Karen Barnes, Sergeant-at-Armsg Marilyn Judson, Vice -President. 4 1 I - 2 N liz! 2 Mr. A. Tappen, B.A. Dean of Boys E- FIRST SEMESTER BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS: C hris Goa d, sgt. -at-armsg Bill Gerling, pastorg Chuck Adams, pres. 5 Steve Pence, vice -pres. 5 Bill Duge, public relationsg Steve Marnella, sec-treas.5 and Allan Javellana, chorister. Beta Delta Kappa Mr. Tappen and his secretary, Mrs. Tappen, give monitor Chuck Adams the days schedule. SECOND SEMESTER BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS: Greg Re aves, pastorg Lee Beck, sec-treas.5 Allan ja ve lla n a , public relationsg Lynn Artress, vice- president, Danny Graham, parliamentariang Melvin G a lb re a th, sgt. -at-armsg Torn Allen, presidentg Paul Beach, chorister. B.A.K. Open House Danny Graham, Boy's club parliamentarian, holds forth onthe old "player" piano in the lobby of the boy's dorm during open house. A view of one of the boy's rooms shows 5 "Alfred", Don Feyeng "Robin", Steve Penceg and "Batman", Lee Beck ponder the solution to the current crime problem in Gotham, NPA. E interest in aviation. The "Irish Tenor" of the Boy's dorm, Mr. Tappen, as he renders a number during the open house program. Boy's club president, Tom Allen, and his date, Cookie Hammack, pose in the new worship room during the "big night" of open house in the Boy's dormitory. Steve Pence, Lee Beck, and John Ruckle emote in one of the scenes from the "Batman" production put on by the members of the boy's club. - 1 i e 1 v 1' x 1. l J- ,J , 1 F4 ' 24. Teen- Topp ers Short-Stops -In atv! , , ... ,A . f . E 3 N- I .. - . 'lim-xk- , ...G-,fm 'f A Q 'Q gy-w ff TEEN-TOPPERS: Pat Aitkin, Susan Remboldt, Faye Spencer, Laurie Wright, Kathy Burnham, Helen Scott, Rhonda Butler, president, Margaret Dean, Sheila Dick, Marsha Wright, Wendy Guild, Janice Templin, Karen Barnes, Liz Zavala, Kathy Kinder. SHORT-STOPS: Back Row: Linda Prehn, Sandra Dean, Carolyn Hilloch, Judy Congleton, Rilla Draper, Gina Muff, Billie Senseman, Pam Mullen, Vida Welch. Middle Row: Mildred Del Valle, Judi Grounds, Pat Rosenthal, Sherrie Duran, Denise Stark. Front Row: Cathy Hoch, SHORT STOP OFFICERS: Sandra Dean, V-P Nancy Stevens, Anita Schlund, Pam Cornell, Judy Carpenter. Linda Prehn, pres., Carolyn Hilloch, sec. uldoor Clubs 4 ... 4. r ' '- .uns-fe Kent Astleford, a member ofthe surfing club, rides a Wave in to the beach on one of the c1ub's outings. M 4 M.r. Forrest Reaves, Navy underwater expert, teaches a class in Scuba diving for the Scuba club. Lanny Ballew, Chris Goad, and Mr. Tappen prepare for a motorcycle ride in time hills. The motorcycle club is sponsored Danny Barragan, Andy Bilderain, and Gordon Foster, by Mr. Hilliard and Mr. Tappen. three members of the cycle club sponsored by Mr. Wahlstmom and Mr. Rhodes, take an evening bicycle ride. 107 F' Y . "uw-I . t A I-T 5' Jn. 4 su- T .4. K " D' AQ ' Ev '. -AH ff., -' , M1 55, . ., , Lf' ,pf M 1 5112 2g4: g4g : ' 3" s..s PERIUD .I ar' .xv .,- --N f-HIR PLHV nu CD00 H vlslTun 'QI I , W.: 1: Wx' ,4-..-5 , U 'SJ , f- ip LIJ, 1 .gm 4uf...,. ' s 1:1-6 - ,, :rf - .- 4, C 4 L mr' Church School Ruth Bredstrand Rodney Gunter Preparatory A clion Mr. john Craig, B.A. Grades Seven and Eight, Principal J, . 3' 14'- Us ixjlv , . , , ,1 f -- , .fan maze: ,I E Joyce Hilliard 1 N Tom Hundley 'mama' X. f nf 0 W5 4, 5" ri is A 11 V' Linda Nalley Becky Posner L , 1,1 Dottie Rich Glenn Smythe , iz V I 5 V '53, . F Q , . all ,gy I X H4 4 Q , 1 i N Q ' 7? E he A . ' 51 110 Arthur West Grades Seven elrzd Eight Back Row: B. Clairemont, K. Chase, M. Tappen, J. Hilliard, Mr. Craig, C. Hilliard, D. Rich, R. Posner, R. Bredstrandg Front Row: J. Miller, I. Paulman, D. Posner, R. Gunter, G: Smy-the, S. Tatum, T. Hundley, A. West. Grades Four, Five Arid Six 7 Back Row: R. Doran, D. West, T. Schmidt, S. johns, C. Van Pelt, F. McGhee, Mrs. james, J. Nicola, T. Bryne, L. Moles, S. Craig, B. Adamsg Front Row: D. Moser, R. Freeman, B. Tatum, D. McKensie, R. Van Pelt, D. Duchnick, S. Duchnick, N. Moles. Grades One, Two, Arid Three Back Row: S. Posner, D. Moser, D. Berg, D. McKensie, C. Craig, Mrs. Ragsdale, G. Freeman, R. Brummett, S. Tatum, R.Wisdom, R. Jeffries, C. Loug Front Row:S. Cochran, P. Scheideman, D. West, J. Clement, D. Hilliard, I. Lorenz, D. Nicola, E. Dupper, D. Adams, M. Van Pelt. 111 A. L. MUFF, MD. E. CORNELL Y. Cl-IANG, M. D. E. CAFFERKY, M. D. A. KIRK, M. D. S ponsorshzps Color Pages Newbury Park Academy Laundry Ace Broom Company Lorenz Housewares, Inc. Honor Students - Class Butler, Rhonda Chilton, Rhonda Dean, Judy Duge, William . Eagan, Carla Gerling, William Wright, Laurie B. RUCKLE A. GILBERT, M. D. P. C. WAN, M. D. H. MORIKONE, NLD V. SABO, D. D.S. f1969 I-Iix, Susan Mason, Pamela l Pacini, Karen Ruckle, john 1' Schlund, Trinda A Welch, Vida 1 'T L r 1, ll2 2 ., ,Ay1L-:1 l.? ' - 5ll: ,,,,f,lxw Z - 5--'Qi Y 5 --,tg Jrf W WW W WA - : - 'i- : , :f - .-r' :, ,,Y i L , iv Tl , XY Y -1-3 Y im sf 1- tri i i: 35 gl-l : 41: . if fi f rlr? ff E-: gy - Ji u 1 Y- :Y+-- ,Y YY , -Y-ri -" ,t , Y- ,, Y-f - - Q-T' X' Y - n 7 - : ,, -1- -4' +"' f : 'Milk Sl5f5?f J? S 5552 K fig, Xffgw 55 Qgsgfsi 1 Glendale Adventist Hospital l Have you eonslo'ereo' the 200 career opportunities in l1'os,oi al Work? JUSTA FEW UF THE'0L'L'UPA7'l0lllS THAT EXIST AT GLEIVDAZE ADVEIVTIST HUSPITAL Admitting Clerks Messengers Accountants Bookkeepers Cashiers Credit Managers Pa'yroll Clerks Secretaries Social Workers Receptionists Office Managers Dietitians Cooks Bakers Diet Aides Market Managers Receiving gl Produce Clerks Gardeners Housekeepers Janitors IBM Key Punch Operators Laundry Workers Seamstresses Librarians Clerk-typists Multilith Operators Recreational Therapists Physical Therapists Occupational Therapists Audiologists Speech Therapists Vocational Counselors Pharmacists Telephone Operators Mail Clerks X-ray Technicians Orderlies Electroencephalograph Technicians Electrocardiograph Technicians Carpenters Plumbers Electricians Engineers Painters Security Watchmen Medical Record Librarians Medical Transcribers Record Clerks lendale Adventist Hospital, 1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, California 97205 12731 244-4534 5. . , ,Q I D , V I ' I ez., I , VENTURA I-1 SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Y HIGH EARNINGS ON SAVINGS Y REAL ESTATE LOANS Y COMPLETE ESCROW SERVICE Y SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Y TRAVELERS CHEQUES Y CHRISTMAS CLUB Y HIGH RATE ON AL E PORT RAITS 81 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 1924 RUIVIMEL'S STUDIO 321 W. Walnut St. Lodi, Calif. 95240 Phone EN. 9 -6207 com-ours nerosns Y I.I.S. SAVINGS BONDS I... CONG RATU LATIONS r:::...z'z:7'zilLv:G,,S?:.:f:.,.':.: ASSOF 642-8501 CL Vsntura Savings and loan Association 250 So. Mills Road, Ventura 1969 SECURITY PACIFIC Percy Risolio, Owner NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THOUSAND OAKS BRANCH 173 N. Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks!Phone 495-7041 CON EJO LUM BER And Masonry Products Telephone: 2 - - 493 -33 1 1 967 Los Feliz Drive 497 - 13 1 1 Thousand Oaks, California FOOTHILL MATTRESS CO. 495-3210 Res. 495-5307 Innersprings Rebuilt OAKS LUNIBER 84 New Mattresses 81 Boxsprings HARDWARE Across from Jungleland Renovating - Repairing - Recovering Simmons complete line of pew, iiffello Mattresses - Box Springs - Hide-a-beds 1965 T.O. BLVD. THOUSAND OAKS, CALIF. 248-3548 3738 N. Ver-dugo Rd. Montrose, Calif. 9 1020 VENTU RA ESTATES Senior Citizens Retirement Home "Your home away from home" D . C. Butherus, Administrator Ventura Estates Ph. 498-3691 Newbury Park, Calif. 91320 1 l"'f. 4 T. gre. iWEll:QJ', 0 lflilazgm WWMP- Wahoo , - ' s W-..i3'v if -. ff K f4:g.wx im-QS. su'l .,l.fl, it A3 . ' " -5 . Lglobo y ut Deals". 1. i ,FAQ ,. L DDLE t . i Euros 0 seg H f lo A -HQEWN tffxsiiisaiaxiggl libisaifo 251205151134 A-JS H' Vast. BARBER FORUM al io... - ggi LQ . ' K' Quia 5.3314 fi ,gf , Eb ng ffjrgs.. . VY 1 v -1 ,llt,lQ,". T N ., -,ji v1-. ..L1., , 1963 - Lff.Q'.o.!' pb U JEWELER 'rails ie,..1l5VV'l?reltll?E6re is a ciiiference , Y yvxli. gy! 65 or . J Q :Nl ksyvzgt J , KYLI ga i af, , in lgrksg . 1,1 --,.,.,,' - L rv .e h 1 so Q., -fi -Qu "11 at ll 0ZNQC" Q1 ' F i. ll fri -.,'. f H' ig ' " " Diamonds 8K Watches Ml lg NiW.,F2ia 't+P'df'jx Clocks 81 Silverware +5 'M lll'iiAa'.11jgeaSgC13rS K Wafch 8. Jewelry Repairing fig X I .gr Fleet and Leasing Dept. A W in l . Q 'e'- fi.-so I Ph. 642-6701 or 3440 E. Main St. Pondofoso Shopping Confor 485-6761 ventura, Calif. Phone 482-2108 Camarillo, Calif. 93003 Sl b llllliililllIlllllllillllll"ill i"""H!'l'liliillililll uni in w ilu ' 'i1lh'Ll5f!lliM?'i: f. zr' H'i'l'fi 4 illiewl ll illilllwilrmli J N1 WM 'H HIM 'W WW Lili 'Wi I Ilihnp mm nw umllill lil lil Q ll li ug IH i 1 r r. ' ew 'NH ll Ji 1 f llw ' it I ' .mi in ' 3 im l Hill 2 V 5 5 G? l L iii 'psf Q mf v i ' X N X X X X I' XE? M M I X -EUGENE ol2,.12'.GoN DOUGLAS F12 HANDLES FROM 'l"I-IE LUMBE2 CAPITAL OP HE WORLD. LDh.DI.5-4542 .gwut 2-27' HAND'-E5 PO,BOX 364 Graduates Southern California Needs You Alumni from Newbury Park Academy are found in almost every church in the Southern California Conference. In their dedication, leadership, and consecration, they make a valuable contribution to the Work of God. In this most populous area of the United States there are many outstanding opportunities for service and professional challenge. The Southern California Confer- ence invites you to consider this area in your career planning Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Aclventists 1535 East Chevy Chase 245 1876 Glendale, California 91209 243 6231 M yBA:Jb tt'S1 GTIQMUVXWLJEL TECOLOTE CAFE Q . WCM 333 soixgus RD. Um H AM S os ELL 25 MM' fb ' Ip M MA JP JWWVDQE RILLO, CALIF. I Ii - MW M ., M fp W A157 s P a Rd.fCamari11o W Prop. M1 e Loza U Tel. 482-4318 'W CL wa . 1 ' Q 35hNQ aw raffffl M wha 1ffJ09ZfUMf f giwwa arm ygnj Jawa LAZZW7 Jrazifrffz sg D 965000 1 . ,mag HOME FURNITURE co. fgjyvgpf, ftf ' ,f fd, ' 7' ,' I SQQEQ ado? ,,f'i5,Jf 650. lblfffnizg Z6 L70-U! R9 ,Z 1: 9 Z , LE, Misa, ' SHkSa565f?1W5v,?L Eg f ml, . f5QQwzo J aff QL f I S C . 0 I , yjggw .4247 Q2 Lylf 7 . , M776g5Z'?g6Zgdf,aQaczA4 Xnafd , H 1 "'70'Od4ZQEMtri11O ?M sP41'Qt , alifofnia ADC i i ' , Aamibwa YM? KA de Zvi!! ' PHONE-182-2109 I RIM M 76041, WW- ' , . I WM 4 ,1.i.v,f'1:,.7:., - .:a.....g.:,Q,.f.1,.fL 1 mp, M, , V W , I . " EARL JOSEPH-SHOES . Z 15' ' 320 vsNruRA BLVD.. cAMAIuLLo MACH' ' ' cff,Zf ,ML I N I.7f,4,a,, Cf024J6Z4f..44.JZ,, 5 Maeaav Yau" .LACE wa- I 970 EARL JOSEPH , 482-2113 229' VENTURA BLVD- awv, DWAYNE Isom CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA I2 .493-8609 B .483-B533 59 ' L' es Us POGGVS .fi Camarillo ,wif ii. 515' lffim - ' AW' -' ' L' - WJ 'SA Lf NJGM Jagrgacyb BIII Bremer J we 130 Palm Drive, Oxnard, California W K. C. ifsuggfvl- fr., dfsiau f'1r,,,.fE., . if QP' 4 'L"9'g1l ' . ,F ' .. rin -QS' 5s..IIf'f K Representing ' .I f QA' AJ t 9,1 gli -1 .EHg1::L,.JI'I9l Sfofe FoIXnU:2s:uS:c2aeFiZmPonIes H Q2 4305 I L Since 5.41890 W 3 J. In Igjp, Fm, fi E3 3'OOmif'Q'O"f "'i"0iS F22604Vgntura Blvd. I ffm? A K Qamarillo :N I.. 7.1 I-.Im :ix L if I I ,N-Af, I J, j JI-,I 'F YT if r J . -nv I T0 .Q -B, 'fa THE TALLEY CORPORATION W NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA II' A LEADING DESIGNER AND MANUFACTURER AI t 9 Electromechanical Actuators tb I Flight Surface Control Systems I. 'M Boundary Layer Control Valves .L , ft' Pneumatic Regulating and Control Valves Custom Electrical Motors, AC, and DC Specialists in modern flight requirements Commercial Airliners, Military Aircraft Space Vehicles, Missiles, Target Drones Congratulations to the Class of '69 N My I I . X O The management and staff of P. D. Food E I 'xn xx Services Inc. commends and congratulates gk n x , the senior class of 1969. XR XE is I .N R L0 ' S Paul S. Damazo, President g I Eg S B. P. Howard, Food Director SX .CLEA Newbury Park Academy X gp x . S P.D. Fooo SERVICES E 5 I A mo' yn X- :CQ S nNcoRPo A it in P QA RATED 5 I is An Adventist non-profit food service man- agement corporation servingS.D. A. insti- tutions in the .Pacific Union Conference territory. Central Office - Glendale, California 1 N 9 6 C0016 T0 Westlake ,.. -, E ,... ig? - ...... O 0 ' it A r r -A 'i . .L , Q . r i X' 'M XXX 1 .,ir.,,rr3y5rLL ' "r ii mi"'iriri""iiiillll'll"ti' 1-' " rXiXXiiiri rrrrrk ' XX .,3, 1'argiL','wi:rrQ-fQlr'1iri GOLF CLUB-18 holes. 67 par. Also driving range Both lighted for night play Open to the public from 7 AM to ll PM Annual membership available Visit the Pro Shop. Also lessons . 1 sim- "'i5ll'tW"- --'n L 7 ? g- ,piraw 4.-. ti ff 4 "" ' 'I if X WfKXYSi??f':' il' r " '41 - J....'f 1 - i +4 - arf L , gn '. .lx 5 ' r. wi' is ., "MV ' f r CHAUNCEWS COFFEE HOUSE-For is good meal or a snack Varied menu featur- ing luscious hamburgers and dralt beer Blglgghxhe family Open daily from 6 A M, to 1 . ,rr r r -J iin rr " 'ltrrliiiir it f itrailrirrrliirrrrmrrri Wi, l li rf fr bm .7 . 7 Ar liy y liii . wil' r rr. ii rliil' rr r l X X i wi i r ii r 'ri rim rrir 'ir' l . r-rrrrrrrriiri-rrirrrtrwr.r ci. lim-ill .,,r, r. r,,., rzrfrlrnllril-ir'J'ixrlilr-if ,XI Mn i.X Nlliillll , XXXX X, XlX X, X X XX Xi-XXrXXli ili rll,,l.ihlii,lX 5XXl XX XXX Q-i'l:"'WTr" illlirirrmri-r -ir-li wir r.ri,ririiriiuiiiiirmrri 1X ilii-if-rift girlriu iiiri TENNIS CLUB-Membership now open. Courts are night lighted, spacious lounge area. courts fully protected from wind 7 AM to li PM Pro Shop for all acces- sories Lessons by appointment .y,ffg..rrffqg, ,rl "D -AV:-.Y 1 In V 'Q' ' " 7 fi? T ' r T ' ' 'M " - .r..,,. . r r - gf, . X, '1 1, Walw- r , . 1 rr 'ir'flii'lr'firi" ' x X X 'QlXX l,' l,Xll' r lil' ' RESTAURANT 8- MOTUFI HOTEL-Fino gourmet luncheons and d-nners. Banquet and meeting rooms available. ll A M. to 2 AM Sunday rairich breakfast. Lodgings for your out-ofetown guests Hates from' 512,00 Prepared by GUMPERTZ, BENTLEY Gs DOLAN -4flv9fIiSillglPublic Relations Even if you don't live here yet, you're invited to share our way of life and enjoy many of the facilities we've created for the residents of this "city in the country." Come play our 18-hole golf course, practice on the driving range or join our tennis clubg all are lighted for night play. Stroll along the shores of the 150-acre lake and take in the scenery. Hike through the lovely countryside, Visit Foxfield lor horselziack riding lessons and gallop along the miles of Westlake bridle trails. Stop by for a meal or snack at Chaunceys or a fine luncheon or din' ner at Westlake Inn. Use our neighborhood shopping center whenever its convenient. Browse through the Automotive Center when it's time for a new car. And while you're here, be sure to tour the many model homes we have to offer. Our neighbors are always welcome. Life here is too good to keep to ourselves. So come soon. And often. Westlake The New City in the Country Directed By ,Ar'vrericar1-Hsiwririain Laind Company. A Division of American-Hawaiian Steamship Company 6 Ya, Inj , - 'Q IQ vp? b 3 .QQ 5 , J., 4 ff H, A J r A' , jp i b ,Z L , Ca ' QA , 9 if 1' 4 N 3, 4- , Y ." H A 9 'M ' ' 4-Q, ffm., is I .14 if v , ,, A N . N H ., 4 5 . x 'Y HJ V, , Ea ,E X ff' 5,7 R ll, "' J fm K 9 A -v A , J , IW: inks A h . f 5 COJIVIPLIIVIENTSA M AJANSSQFOUNQ ATION .X ' ,, ' 5, as ,A K 454 -B " Y 4, H, it 4 . W ,, ,414 'W F ' J 49' z 1:9 . th. vf -- ,Q ef JV . H- 3 3 X, , "LY .44 , .5 , ' ' ' .gf QI' -- my 4,, az, , 4. J- 7 W. 1 gh. ,QS Q3 5 1 t If ' V ji .J ,gi J W tv 1-45 'QL AQ 'A lv .EMA f ' :S 57 -2" 1 1 .5 4, AYLJQ9 Q ,J 14- 4 4, ks? V ,. I 4 'y 4? if rj G an if , 5: , -V R - L ., . W .,, W U X I f, 1 QB VL ,, -X 15 A-7 5 44,4 Qww www! XD , EWBURY PARK EQ ua-QWSNA but ' 'JOM luIjL1oACADEMYa.v4JL, x Congratulaitlons Q I Wwuv q.l A W 254 NMMA - PHONE 482-1450 fm CITY limi FLORAL 8' G'FT SHOP PON DEROSA CHEVRON 1285 THOUSAND OAKS BLVD LEROY HARE 255 ARNEILL ROAD THOUSAND OAKS CA 91360 CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA I x. U 0, J Q W . -.1 FJ, -vp, 2 . " li- 1 v . ! VII... f.,,, - ' L -4 5 A J N- 497-1644 faq 5 IN A T Wldlll'.l"E MEMUETEE MEDEGEE EENTTEE l l SERVICE I EDUCATION f " RESEARCH l P' Sw I 1720 Brooklyn Avenue lf ' :Q I Los Angeles, California 90033 Xgsmg Congratulations To The m Class of '69 967 0lb8 P. O. BOX 891 75 DEPOT ROAD GOLETA, CALIF. D. G. EARll FLOOR C0 Carpet Linoleum Tile Hardwood Draperies for AMA, E we wfJ,.fffaesmvfe es 5,25 6 55070 A V ig ' 71 141-2104" ,mQ,,Wl0w9fJ,ew thousand oaks planning 3 3: archite cture A engineering systems ZETA INTERNATIONAL 5066 Lankershim Blvd. Phone 761-9741 1429 WEST THOUSAND OAKS BLVD- THOUSAND OAKS, CALIF. 91360 The Well-rounded one. LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY has long been known as a center for education in the medical arts and sciences. Now try our LIBERAL ARTS. The College of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor's degrees in the humanities, the natural sciences, mathematics, the social sciences, and essential fields of applied study. Then you may earn an advanced degree in the School of Education, the Graduate School, or the School of Public Health. And coordination between liberal arts preprofessional programs and professional courses fMedicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Health Related Professionsj means that you start and finish preparation for a professional career at the same university. Loma Linda 92354 LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY Riverside 92505 T' A A g u Sandra Dean, Denise Muff, and Tom Allen visit the home of Conejo Savings and Loan Association. Conejo Savings proudly serves all ages . . . from great grandmothers to small fry barely tall enough to reach our counter. Any age. . .any size account. . . it's all one big, happy family at Conejo Savings. Why don't you join us. . . soon! 'ln Me center of nearly everylhfngu Funds received by Ihe' A ' 'he 7st CO EJ O f N Nsuneo SAV IN GS ' " " l 0 " " ' S 5 0 ' ' ' ' ' O " EARNINGS COMPOUNDED DAILY, PAID QUARTERLY ONE WEST THOUSAND OAKS BOULEVARD l THOUSAND OAKS. CALIF. I PHONE 495-7424 "!,Y1,q,,, 252532215321 - -'Bluff -'Af fill-igpggigil . . jrr ,T . il H rrrq ' .ffl f virr - - ff',f.rr .wfliwi-if gnHFl45l2:gig:, .l'i'r---r rl rf'rWH-145.2 -v-. 4 Class ADAMS, CHUCK - 970 Stmset Avenue, Venice, Calif. Santa Monica Jr. Acad. Annual ed, S.A. Pres. sophg NPA BDK Presg S.A. Presg Stud. Fac. Council-Sr. ALLEN, THOMAS - 5906 California Avenue, Long Beach, Calif. 90805 Exec. Council-Sophg Class Pres. Irg BDK Presg Stud. Fac. Council, Exec. Council-Sr. ANDERSON, CAROL - 691 Mesa Drive, Camarillo, Calif. 93010 S. S. Superintendent-jr. APPLEY, ELLEN - 926 Birch, Wasco, Calif. 93280 Kern Jr. Acad. Ass. Annual Ad Man. -Fresh, Sophg Class V. P. - Sophg NPA Hale Wahine Sec. -Sr. ARTRESS, LYNN - 3155 W. Big Tujunga Road, Tujtmga, Calif. San Fern. Acad. Class V. P. Sophg NPA BDK V.P. , Class Pastor-Sr. ASTLEFORD, KENT - 31 as Ivy sen Diego, Calif. BALLEW, LANNY - 5701 Tahama Street, Sacramento, Calif. 95841 Executive Council-Soph. BEACH, PAUL - 11630 Val Verde, La Sierra, Calif. 92505 Belta Deta Kappa Chorister-Sr. BLOMBERG, SUZY - 788 Ruth Drive, Newbury Park, Calif. 91320 Gymnastics V. P, S. S. Sec. -Sophg Sem. Sec. -Jr, S.A. Secg Stud. Fac. Council-Sr. Four-year Student. BROWN, GARY - 3433 Mason Court, Santa Susana, Calif. 93063 BRUCE, SI-IERY - 1305 Cranbrook Avenue, Torrance, Calif. 90503 Four-year Student. BRYNE, IEANNE - 900 Marion Street, Newbury Pads, Calif. 91 320 Class V. P. -Soph, Newburian Edg Four-year Club V. P. -Sr. BUCAID , CHERYL - 2607 Beekman Place, Phoenix Arizona 8501 6 BUTLER, RHONDA - 103 N. F Street, Oxnard, Calif. 93030 Orangewood Acad. Class V. P. Fresh, Sec. of Band -Jrg NPA Gen. V. P. -Sr. Honor Student. CAFFERKY, CARMEN - 1707 Mildred Drive, Glendale, Calif. 91206 Class Rep. -Jr. Stud. Fac. Council, S.A. Chorister-Sr, Merit's Who's Who Among American High School Students. f'69 CHILTON, RHONDA - 340 Kings Avenue, Morro Bay, Calif. 93442 Honor Student. CHO, WON - 1370 HauserBlvd, LosAngeles, Calif. 90019 DEAN, JUDY - 8690 Wellington, Ventura, Calif. 93003 Co-Valedictorian, Bank of America Certificate Winnerin Mathematics, Honor Student. DEAN, MARGARET - 311 Mesa Lita Road, Glendale, Calif. 91208 Four-year Student. DEAN, SANDRA - 2324 Iroquois Avenue, Long Beach, Calif. 90015 S.S. Sec.-Sophg Jr,g S.S. Supert.-Jrg Srg Short-Stops V. P. -Sr. DUGE, BILL - 2183 Westridge Road, Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 BDK P. R. Sec. -Sr. Honor Student. EAGAN, CARLA - 1474 N. Sth Street, Port Hueneme, Calif. 93041 Linda Vista Jr. Acad. ASB Treas. pianist, Ass. ed. of paper-Soph, NPA Chorale V.P, Hale Wahine Chorister-Sr, Honor Student. FARLEY, PATRICIA - 12513 Michigan Avenue, Colton, Calif. 92 324 Four-year Student. FEYEN, DONNIE - 717 S. E. 6th, College Place, Washington 99324 Walla Walla Acad. Class Pres. -Fresh, Asst. Annual ed. -Soph, Annual ed, ASB Treas. -Jr. FISCI-IER, CARLOS - P.O. Box 105, Sanitariurn, Calif. 94576 FOSTER, GORDON - 7368 Hollister Avenue Sp. 13, Goleta, Calif. 93107 Four-year Student. GALBREATH, MELVIN - 1510 Eagle Street, Les Angeles, ceuf. 90033 GERLING, BILL - S73 WalnutDrive, Oxnard, Calif. 93030 Linda Vista Jr. Acad. ASB Sgt-at-arms-Soph, S. S. Supet- Class Treas. -Jrg BDK Pastor-Sr, Bank ofAn1erica Certificate Winner in Lab Science, Merit's Who'sWho Among Ameri- can High School Student, Honor Student. GILBERT, GAYLE - 7348 Rio Hondo Place, Downey, Calif. 90241 GOAD, CHRIS - 4921 Oregon, Long Beach, Calif. 90805 S.A. Sgt-st-arms, BDK Sgt-at-arms, Four-year Club Pres. Sr. Senior Roster GOSSE, JOANIE - 3554 Quincy, Santa Susanna, Calif. 93065 HASTINGS, KATHERINE - 310 Royal Avenue, Simi, Calif. 93065 HENRY, PAM - 465 Mara, Ventura, Calif. 93003 Linda Vista Jr. Acad. Annual Ed. -Soph, I-Iale Wahine Sgt-at- arms-Sr. HIGA, YUKIE - 3232 Fo rnier Street, Oxnard, Calif. 92505 HIX, SUZI - 9600 Jody venue, Whittier, Calif. 90605 Class Pastor-Soph, Sem. P.R. Sec. -Jr, H.W. Sec,Inter. Club Sec. S.A. Sec. -Sr. Four-year Student, Honor Stu- dent, Bank of America Certificate Winner in English. I-IOCH, CATHY - 563 I-lalkirk , Santa Barbara, Calif. 93405 IM, SUSAN - 850 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. JAVELLANA, ALLAN - 825-B Colorado Avenue, Chula Vista Calif. 92010 Class Treas. -Fresh, BDK P. R. Sec, Chorister, Inter. Club Pres. -Sr, Four-year Student, Bank of America Certificate Winner in Foreign Language. JEFFREYS, RHONDA - 2125 Tenth A ve nue , Oakland, Calif. 94606 JOHNSON, SI-IARI - 713 Arbor Avenue, Ventura, Calif. 93003 Linda Vista Jr. Acad. ASB V. P, Annual Photo Man. -Soph, MBA Class Sec, Sem. V. P, S.C. V. P,Ass. Annual ed. -Jr, NPA S.A. Soc, V. P, S. S. Supet, Class V.P. -Sr. 'sfvgk ., A 3 LIJOHNSTON, VALERIE - 693 La Luni. ojai, Calif. KANG, IN - 2639 Miami Street, St. Louis, Missouri63118 KIRK, CARY - 624 East Church, Santa Maria, Calif. Surfing Club Pres. -Sr. KIRK, DARRELL - 5005 Lopo Canyon Road, Santa Susana, Calif. LEE, KANG-UP - Ataturk Bulvar 22 3-9, Ankara, Turkey. LEE, MOY LEU - 429 E. 30th Street, Los Angeles, Calif. LOWE, LINDA MARIE - 1259 -2401 sm-eat, santa Monica, Calif. 90404 MCDERMOTT, SHELLEY - 1138 Harvard Street, Santa Monica, Calif. 90403 MARNELLA, STEVE - 73-517 Siesta Trail, Palm Desert, Calif. 93360 Class Rep. -Fresh: Soph, BDK Sec. -Treas. - Sr. MASON, PAM - 590 E. 11thStIeet, Pomona, Calif. 91766 Class Rep. -Jr. H.W. Pianist, S.A. PianistClass Sec, Inter. Club Treas. -Sr, Co-Valedictorian, Bank ofAmerica Cer- tificate Winner in Music. MORAN, BEA - Box 46 Dellingham, Alaska 99576 MUFF, DENISE - 181 Anacapa Drive, Camarillo, Calif. 93010 Exec. Council, S.A. Tre as . -Fre sh, Class Sec, Temp. Club Pres. -Soph Sjr, Annual Ed, Art Club V.P, Exec. Council, Chorale Sec. -Sr. Four-year Student. NELSON, SI-IARI - 1905 Ridgewood Drive, Bakersfield, Calif. 93306 H.W. Pianist-Soph, Teen-ToppersV.P. -Sr. PACINI, KAREN - 3301 Colgate Lane, Bakersfield, Calif. 93306 Honor Student. PENCE, STEVE - 2102 Paseo Delmar, San Pedro, Calif. 90732 Class Rep. -Soph, BDK V.P, Class Sgt-at-arms-Sr. PHILLIPS, SHARON - P.o. Box 1415, san Luis obispo, Calif. 93401 PREI-IN, LINDA - 4945 Gould Avenue, La Canada, Calif. 91001 Short-Stops V.P.-Jr, Short Stops Pres. -Sr. Foru- year Student. REAVES, GREG - 8876 Aberdare, Ventura, Calif. 93003 Linda Vista jr. Acad. ASB Pres. -Soph, NPA Class Pastor- Ir, Scuba Club Pres, BDK Pastor-Sr. RUCKLE, JON - 4695 La Espada, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93105 Exec. Council-Fresh, Class Pres. -Soph, S.A. Rel. V. P, BDK Pres, Stud. Fac. Council-jr, S.A. Pres, S.A. Parl, Class Pres. -Sr. Four-year Student, Honor Student, Bank of America Certificate Winner in Science and Math, Merit's Who's Who Among American High School Students. RUSTAN, JOHN - 224 Thoreau Circle, Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360 Four-year Student. SCI-ILUND, TRINDA - 2036 S. West Street, Anaheim, Calif. 92 802 Four-year Student, Honor Student. Senior Roster SMITH, EVIE - P.O. Box 94, Fawnskin, Calif. 92333 Stud. Fac Council, Class Treas. -Soph, H.W. Pres. -Sr. SORENSEN, SI-ERIE - 14679 Mesa Drive, Victorville, Calif. 93292 Exec. Council-Fresh, Four-year Student. SPENCER, FAY - Evergreen Mobil Court, Route2 Box 488, Sp. 5, Port Angeles, Washington 98362 STEVENS, BARBARA -10080W. Front Street, Atascadero, Calif. 93422 TAPPEN, SIDRA - 180 Academy Drive, Newbury Park, Calif. 91320 S.A. Pianist, Four-year Club Sec. -Sr. TEMPLIN, PAT - 461 N. Concourse, Montebello, Calif. 90640 Class Rep. -Fresh, S. S. Secg H.W. Sec. -jr, S.A. Soc. V.P.3 S. S. Secg H.W. Pres5ArtClub Pres. -Sr. Four- year Student, Bank of America Award Winner in Art. TRUBEY, NANCY - 390 W. Mission Road, Corona Class Rep. -Fresh, Class V. P, S. S. Supert. -Jr. S.A. Gen. V. P. - Sr. Four-year Student. VAUGHAN, VALERIE - 5007 Raider Road, san Jose, Calif. 951 1 1 WELCH, VIDA - 5330 Roase Drive, La Sierra, Calif. 92505 Temp. Club V. P. -Sr. Honor Student. WRIGHT, LAURIE - 313 Mara, Ventura, Calif. 93003 Class Sec. -Jr, Inter. Club V. P. -Sr. Honor Student Saluta- torian. ZAVALA, LIZ - 4224 N. Arden Drive, El Monte, Calif. 91731 H.W. Sgt-at-arms-Jr. Four-year Student. U Active Underclczss Friendshzp Aaby, Adrian 1986 W. Kern San Bernardino, Cal. 92405 Ahlberg, Roger 2021 Jose Ave. Camarillo, Cal. 930101 Aitken, Pat 11570 Hillcrest St. Loma Linda, Cal. 92 354 Allen, Betty Jo Box H Cambria, Cal. 93428 Allen, Carol 59 Woods Ave. Roosevelt, L.I. , N. Y. 11515 Allen, Susan 895 Medford Ventura, Cal. 93003 Andrieux, Clestian 1039 Terryview Ave. Pomona, Cal. 91766 Angulo, Mauro Calle 47 15458 A Carmen, Campeche, Mexico Arden, Ingrid 717 Fay Dr. Glendale, Cal. Austin, Joyce 234 W. 124th St. Los Angeles, Cal. 90061 Baay, Richard 2100 Connie Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla. 73115 Barnes, Duane 8800 Sth Ave. Hesperia, Cal. 92345 Barnes, Karen 8800 5th Ave. Hesperia, Cal. 92345 Barragan, Daniel 1405 Almond Ave. Santa Barbara, Cal. 93101 Baumgarnen, Greg ' 1016 Jackson S.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico Bean, Joelle 75 Taxco Court Simi, Cal. 93065 Beck, Lee 30553 Palos Verdes Dr. San Pedro, Cal. Beltz, Chris 18561 Oriente Dr. Yorba Linda, Cal. 92686 Bendek, Rodney 42 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Bilderain, Andrew 543 Oak St. Glendale, Cal. 91204 Bird, Warren 4276 112 Hitch Blvd. Moorpark, Cal. 93021 Brown, Kevin 3433 Mason CO'L'l1'1I Santa Susanna, Cal. Bunnell, Vickie 1232 N. Orchid Lompoc, Cal. Burnharn, Kathy 2721 Alamaba St. La Crescenta, Cal. 91214 Cafferky, Robert 1707 Mildred Dr. Glendale, Cal. 91206 Camarena, Carlos 1411 Via Las Vegas Los Angeles, Cal. 90033 Carlson, Dennis 1432 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Carlson, Diane 1432 Thousand Oaks.Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Carpenter, Judy 4140 N. Rogers Spring Valley, Cal. 92077 Castellon, Manuel Montivedeo 5680 Mexicali, Baja Mexico Cavin, Steve 212 Campbell Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 Cervantes, Carlos Callejon Mecanicos 31745 Mexicali, Baja Mexico Cheney, Shirley 760 S. Upas St. Escondido, Cal. 92025 Chang, Kyimg 3015 S. Norton Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 90018 Chexnayder, Paul 416 Calle de Castelana Redondo Beach, Cal. 90277 Clark, Ned 154 Seeno St. Monterey, Cal. 93940 Cladc, Richard 154 Seeno St. Monterey, Cal. 93940 Clouse, Sheila 744 N. Verna Newbury Pads, Cal. 91320 Collins, Jon 9063 Hubbard St. Culver City, Cal. 90230 Collins, Phil 9063 Hubbard St. Culver City, Cal. 90230 Congleton, Judy 132 E. Simpson Ventura, Cal. 93001 Cornell, Pam 1061 Divina Vista Monterey Paxk, Cal. 91754 91.1 ,. ll Cossentine, Thomas 7537 East 2nd St. Downey, Cal. QM41 Covarrubias, Elba 1171 S. Mott St. Los Angeles, Cal. 90023 Craig, Brenda 258 Dorena Dr. Newbury Par, Cal. 91320 Craig, Jack 258 Dorena Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Craig, Wayne 258 Dorena Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Davidson, Carol 5273 Almar St. Riverside, Cal. 92502 Davies, Mads 16401 Royal Hills Dr. Encino, Cal. 91316 Dean, Vickie 1606 Chama Dr. Hobbs, New Mex. 88240 Delling, Rodger 15106 Weddington Van Nuys, Cal. 91403 Del Valle, Mildred 6077 Delphi St. Los Angeles, Cal. 90042 De Marco, Marie 1635 Waverly Rd. San Marino, Cal. 91108 Denmark, Denise 145 Arroyo Way San jose, Cal. 95112 Dick, Sheila 5700 Via Real Sp. 94 Carpinteria, Cal. 93013 Di Sandro, Peter P.O. Box 1435 Ontario, Cal. 91762 Dodds, Betty P.O. Box 90 Norwalk, Cal. 90650 Downing, John 7458 Del Rose Ave. San Bernardino, Cal. Drachenberg, Rene 1614 Michigan Los Angeles, Cal. 90033 S ludent Roster Draper, Rilla 3834 Tuller Culver City, Cal. 90230 Dubois, Don 14936 Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Cal. 91403 Dupper, Earlene 194 Hilliard Lane Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Duran, Sherrie 834 W. Duarte Arcadia, Cal. 91006 Durkos, James Camp Cedar Falls Angeles Oaks, Cal. 92305 Espinoza, Leyda 1908 New jersey Los Angeles, Cal. 90033 Farley, Carolyn 1251 3 Michigan Ave. Colton, Cal. 92 324 Faust, Dale P.O. Box 109 Kerman, Cal. 93630 Fingerle, Maigi 1075 Calle Arroyo Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Flake, Bill 5511 N. Muscatel San Gabriel, Cal. 91776 Frazier, W. James 13441 Imperial Norwalk, Cal. 90650 Freeman, Claudia 703 Hillcrest Rd. Beverly Hills, Cal. 90210 French, Bob 650 Eastwood Dr. Oxnard, Cal. 93030 Gebrernedhim, Medai 3960 Welland Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 90008 Gerling, Patty 573 Walnut Dr. Oxnard, Cal. 93030 Goffar, Colleen 4062 Bledsoe Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 90006 Gonzalez, Antonio 3198 Los Robles Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Grogan, Candy 1004 112 N. Verdugo Glendale, Cal. 91206 Grounds, Judi 241 N. Warner Ridgecrest, Cal. 93555 Grounds, Merry 241 N. Warner Ridgecrest, Cal. 93555 Guild, Wendy 4516 Atascadero Dr. Santa Barbara, Cal. 93105 Guiterrez, Gilbert juan de la Barrera 53312 Cal rol de diciembre Mexicali, B.C. Mexico Gunter, Darrell 14556 Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Cal. Hamlin, Sali 300 Twin Lakes Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 Hammack, Crystal P.O. Box 499 Lake Isabella, Cal. 93240 Hannah, Corrine 4910 Fairview Rd. Hollister, Cal. 95023 Hansen, Bob 2440 Border Links Rd. Visalia, Cal. 93277 Harding, Joe 1101 S.E. Sycamore Dr. Apt 3-B Santa Anna, Cal. Hempel, jeff 761 Camino Las Conchas Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Hempel, Judy 761 Camino Las Conchas Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Henry, Victor 2725 Laurel St. Napa, Cal. 94558 Herrerra, Roberto Avenida Arista 91460 Mexicali, BJ. Mexico Hix, Kathy 9600 Jody Ave. warner, cal. 90605 Hoch, Tim 563 Halkirk Santa Barbara, Cal. 93105 I-Iopson, Stanley 254 Redfield Ave. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Huerta, Joey 1103 Renton St. Torrance, Cal. 90502 Jeffries, Melody P.O. Box 133 Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Jensen, Debbe 2134 W. Fernwood Court Simi, Cal. 93065 Jensen, Laurine 483 E. Cyprus Covina, Cal. 91722 Johns, Ben 7618 Pioneer Blvd. Whittier, Cal. 90606 Johnson, Daniel 10850 Petit Ave. Granada Hills, Cal. 91344 Johnson, Tag 4134 Santa Rosa Dr. Moorpark, Cal. 93021 Judson, Marilyn Rt. 1, Box 924 Escondido, Cal. 92025 Karakulakian, Edwin Karim Khan Zand 19471 Tehran, Iran Ketzner, Marilyn 1147 Lundy Dr. Simi, Cal. 93065 Kim, Kyi 1410 4th Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 90019 Kinder, Kathy 604-B Kearsarge China Lake, Cal. 93555 Kirk, Kathy 5005 Tapo Canyon Rd. Santa Susana, Cal. if-Ls F rierzdshzps Last . 1- . . V I Kollwitz, Eric 18835 Silvermaple Way Santa Ana, Cal. 92705 Laierty, Cinda 910 Marion Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Larson, Joan 370 Scholl Dr, Glendale, Cal. 91206 Larson, Karen 6788 Boulder Ave. Highland, Cal. 92 346 Lee, Candy S172 Sierra Vista Riverside, Cal. 92505 Li, Derek 2334 Keller Street Burbank, Cal. 91204 Lomeli, Obdulia 1100 Adlama Ave. Colonia Pro-Hogar Mexicali, Baja, Cal. Magnelli, Edward 181 Anacapa Camarillo, Cal. 93010 Mannes, Charlyne 119 Gibson Ave. Simi, Cal. 93065 Markle, Edwin 10490 Hole Ave. Riverside, Cal. 92505 Martineau, Richard 15347 Pa11one1la Ave. Gardena, Cal. 90249 Matthews, Launa Rae 4123 Benton Drive Lakewood, Cal. 90712 Mead, Don 250 E. Los Angeles Ave. Moorpark, Cal. 93021 Mead, Michael 3021 Grand Ave. Fillmore, Cal. Meadows, Pam 190 H Street apt. 37 Tustin, Cal. 92630 Miller, Steve 7625 Fostoria Downey, Cal. 90241 Milner, Deborah . 10617 Ainsworth Drive Los Altos, Cal. 94022 Moore, Scot 4327 Narrot Torrance, Cal. 90503 Moran, Lynn 3592 Buffum St. Santa Susana, Cal. 93063 Morikone, David 423-8 Ventura Rd. Port Hueneme, Cal. 93041 Morikone, Lorene 2150 Grand View Drive Camarillo, Cal. 93010 Moussa, Wassiem 602 Briardille Ave. Orange, Cal. 92667 Muff, Gina P.O. Box 158 Camarillo, Cal. 93010 Mullen, Pamela 946 Florida St. Imperial Beach, Cal. 92032 Nelson, Dale 1318 Calle Bouganvilla. Thousand Oaks, Cal. 91360 Nelson, Janette 1905 Ridgewood Drive Bakersfield, Cal. 93306 Nordstrom, Jo 2225 Lindale Simi, Cal. 93065 Perea, Vickie 8619 Creder Ave. Downey, Cal. 90240 Perez, Sylvia 601 Collins St. Oxnard, Cal. 93030 Pettibone, Darlene 60 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Pilon, Vernon 42 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Ramirez, Moises 129 A Wilson St. Petaluma, Cal. Reiner, Robert 3499 Mason Court Santa Susana, Cal. 93036 Remboldt, Susan 1509 Wilson Terrace Glendale, Cal. 91206 Renzi, Diane 3490 Quincy Ave. Santa Susana, Cal. 93062 Rich, Steven 112 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Ringstaff, Marilyn P. O. Box 279 Escondido, Cal. 92025 Ringstaff, Michael P.O. Box 279 Escondido, Cal. 92025 Robbins, P. Michael 626 Valinda West Covina, Cal. 91790 Rodriquez, Maria Mineros Sun M675 Mexicali, Baja, Cal. Rosenthal, Patricia 3149 M St. Oxnard, Cal. 93030 Ruckle, Jeannie 4698 La Espada Santa Barbara, Cal. 93105 Sanders, Kurtetha 721 W. 50th St. Los Angeles, Cal. 90037 Santiago, Dalia 164 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Schleifer, Stanley 1017 Tuttle Simi, Cal. 93065 Student Roster Schlund, Anita 2036 S. West St. Anaheim, Cal. 92802 Scott, Helen 25138 Starr St. Loma Linda, Cal. 92354 Senseman, Billie 1114 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster, Cal. 93534 Severance, Doug 1560 Bonnie Brae Pomona, Cal. 91767 Shear, Kathy 185 Roth Court Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Smith, Alvin 10791 Anderson Loma Linda, Cal, 92354 Smith, Phil 5015 La Sierra Ave. Riverside, Cal. 92505 Solorio, Hilda 16 De Septembre 1460 Mexicali, B.,C. Mexico Sorrels, Thomas 1211 Cannell Dr. Simi, Cal. 93065 Soto, Rolando 14404 Mansel Ave. Lawndale, Cal. 90260 Stark, Denise 783 Foxkirk Rd. Glendale, Cal. Stevens, Nancy 10080 W. Front St. Atascadero, Cal. 93422 Stockard, Ruth 52 Academy Dr. Newbury Park, Cal. 91320 Strahan, David 950 Arcady Rd. Santa Barbara, Cal. 93103 Taylor, Susan 264-B Elwood Beach Dr. Goleta, Cal. 93017 Templin, Janice 461 N. Concourse Ave. Montebello, Cal. 90640 Thorman, Michael 10041 Pico Vista Rd. Downey, Calif. 90240 Thurman, Joyce 11032 Bushnell Ave. Riverside, Cal. 92505 Vannix, Linda 362 Calle Larios Camarillo, Cal. 93010 Velasquez, Isais Ejido lndepenca San Luis R. C. Sonora, Mexico Walton, Terry 3854 Altura Glendale, Cal. 91214 Warne, Fred 1196 Patricia Simi, Cal. 93065 West, Lorna 222 Lakeview Ave. Spring Valley, Cal. 92077 Williams, Bill 5273 jones La Sierra, Cal. Williams, Clifford 814-890 Victoria Ave. Indio, Cal. 92201 Wiser, Lois 11461 Flower St. La Sierra, Cal. 92505 Wong, Peggy P. o. Box 6503 Kowloon, Hong Kong Wright, Beth 44751 N. Rodin Ave. Lancaster, Cal. 93534 Wright, Marsha 2354 Academy Pomona, Cal. 91766 Yang, Helen 1157 N. Normandie Los Anglees, Cal. 90029 Mr. Robert Adams Laundry Manager Mr. Steve Aitchison, B.A. Librarian, Speech Mr. W.A. Alexander Broom Factory Plant Manager Miss Rhoenna Armster, B. S. Business Education Mr. Martin Baldenegro Broomshop Supervisor Mr. Charles Barber, B.A. English Mrs. Macherie Barber, B.A. Physical Education, Ass't. Dean of Girls Mr. Ed Broadbeck, M.S. History, Auto Mechanics Mr. 1.0. Brown, M.A. Bible, Church Pastor Mrs. Clarence Brummett, M. Voice, Choral Groups Mr. Robert Bryne Grounds Superintendent, Bus Mrs. Virginia Bryne Cashier, PBX Operator Mr. Dale Clement Woodshop Mrs. Betty Clement Art Mrs. Ellen Clouse Latmdry Mr. John Craig, B.A. Grade School Principal Mr. Frank Doran Assistant Food Service Direct. Mr. Earl Dupper, A.A. Ass't. Manager, Treasurer Mrs. Betty Dupper Machine Bookkeeper Mr. David Escara, B.A., B.S A ccountant A.C. Fingerle, M.D. School Physician Faculty Mr. Arthur Francis Campus Security Mr. Walter Freeman Laundry Mr. Donald Hilliard, B. S. Maintenance Superintendent Mrs. Donald Hilliard, B.A. Lam-ldry Mr. Pat Howard Food Service Director Mrs. Arthur James, M. S. Grade School Teacher Mr. Milton James Laundry Truck Driver Mr. LE. Joyner Broom Shop Sorting Department Manager at Rio Linda Mr. Fordyce Koenke, B.S. Physical Education, Biology Mr. Charles Lafferty, M.S. English, Reading, Yearbook Miss Sheila Lawson Librarian, Journalism, Speech, and Newburian Mr. Wallace Lorenz Broom Factory Manager Mr. LB. McCaughan Broom Factory Ass't. to Plant Manager Mrs. Erma Nicholas Dean of Girls Mr. Benn Nicola, B.A. Principal, Business Manager Mrs. Benn Nicola, R.N. School Nurse Elder Oswald Pereyra, M.A. Spanish, Bible Mr. Don Pettibone, B.S. Ass't. to the treasurer, Journalism Mr. M.M. Pettibone Woodshop Superintendent, Electronics Mrs. Marie Pilon Food Service Assistant Mrs. M. Ragsdale, B.S. Grade School Teacher Miss Joan Reese, B. S. Secretary to the Principal Mr. Dale Rhodes, B.A. Band, Bible, Instruments, Orchestra Mrs. Dale Rhodes Registrar Mr. Myrle Rich Maintenance and Horses Mr. Felix Rosado Laundry Mr. Bob Snow Laundry Truck Driver Mr. A. G. Tappen, B.A. Dean of Boys Mrs. Marion Tappen, B.A. Secretary to the Boy's Dean Mr. James Triplet Ass't. Laundry Manager Elder Harry Van Pelt, M.A. Bible Mrs. Harry Van Pelt Physical Education Mr. Gregg Wahlstrom, M.A. French, Math Mrs. Mary Alice Wahlstrom, B.S Home Economics Mr. H.B. Wilcox, B.A. Science, Math Mrs. Edna Wilcox Attendance Clerk Mrs. Robert Wisdom Broomshop Secretary Mr. Larry Wolfe, B.A. Ass't. Principal, Industrial ANS, Math Mrs. Maude Wolfe, M.A. Piano, Organ 1969 Yucca We live in deeds, not in years 5 in thoughts, not breaths, In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-throbs. He lives most Who thinks most, feels the noblest and acts the best. Faith and despair depend on how we see it. Life offers no bargains . You pay for what you get and Get what you pay for. Everything has its price. If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the sameg Yours is the Earth and everything that:'s in it, This above all-to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Then you can not be false to any man. And--which is more--you'1l be a Man. This is the battle, but the world is too confused To try to live it without help, If you can be true to God, to yourself, and to your country, And feel free to pray and give thanks because you're free, Then, and only then, can you say you have won! Denise Muff Editor 1969 Yucca fffffgiv QQ fa ' V I7 ff! " 1" if Lf P' . , ' , L ,, -' 47? Y , .rbjbf f'.,.f W G I , . Q- fr 'fn 1 K R, y V A bi? I, yiyj ' d,!,,,1Y U 4 APL, lv! fg , .Myjik nc, gl lv lv . 1 . , Y , fa JM ,gil 2 -J fi, '52 K, I 5 Ggi 'V f J 1 Q ji I KK x fl wif L,.f-jeff ' lx All gf! X- 'nv 4? '-. N Sir Aj ip fM.f',5 rf I-vafhvfll V, -'vw ,I fy," 'I A5 vp. 'r an ' 'K .4 we 4 f ,f wk A L Xi EQ, "ffm Ay I -QQ' f Sy km . R 1'ff'x 5 , P In Ip p DN tkvxk E Ni A , ,-L. QU' W L 7 f 1 ' 0' 'ff X0 JM -7,f14,.Qcf-1-avqb .27--f fnlgf ,64 , 1 6"WvQ?f,e,a2f,!fz4fC' 74. r y, guy, 1 El' : 2 gf f'Q,,f5f,I,,.Jf' - X J H9 - , , 'A W- fi? . .A 4 Y 'K ., gk . xy ,iff fx n , A Q -L..L .- 51 Y Qx PE4:,jZf'xh. L1 7"---., 1' Q ,gi .VL bg Q: ' ff 4 JU T ' ' Q s -1 xf ,rw 'C 4 45 fe 5 5 In 1,0 fx vi LCN x rv A viljix AL, ' ,.4, fu' W- Ki' g xg? QV g ,- W '-' ' QD 4 .. Q1 Q, Y 59 Q1 RA x--- A ' X V 'Q I x V A Ny! fd . 'G' - L 4 we 4 ,PX 5 Y. L 'L 'gf " ' fu .Q 'rx gk U Vx 1 We-A' . , 5 s E f' '- A X 1 'x E M.4.,'v.l,AQ' II, fy? ' g b LXN ix Av- 0A':m xF.L x H H -H -, r A ' .gi ' Qlf "N .X mrww WM ' PW! JVM IQ W 9 . -Q fa kwin, ff' K JJ I ,v'f"Liy ' w W", ' , f My - Q '-x' ajax Gy hy . R- I 'pbyjkf 11 N vig ,J '.,i'19-:TJ Rf! 95? , Q, if MQJ 3' fi' ,ty ffl fb jj- " VQJJM VY! 5, :bfi Q- ff ' -f l K x U X- A, . X ' 1"-I Www Y B , ' F. X 140 P -,A I 15, ' 9 J. I - " N y ' ' ff, ix f- . ,. ' , 4,6 ,Aqaba Jgwilzag ,Mya 6fJ L . .3 xg., 79 Us 9 A RQ we Z-defy Zum :ZAQQQ 940446 5350 gym, .35 U .,.' I ,N GV74-96 a . DCM, A ww U . v i L-f Q- 44wy ' yawn! IZA fAk., '-X. R s . A.a ?7'IC Gi v QQ!-og Q54 QAQDL X ix V 1,. e '5Q- I f "' k 26,0 ,AWLLGIJ 444.1 coclwu 41 Zyl, 5 '35, " Y' 2-' nl- Q If U 3 6-LQQIAV A614016 6267 I . ' 7 W - , . ' 'iv 1 , vklly Ne. B D , , V05 Q9Z tg xxi VS, , if a 1 JdQ!Le4'Q,LlfQ!,,Z.4.1.1f ,goo N-5 -K J 1 ' ' my xl -I 5- f ,ff , I ' I ,M '3 fi ' if A '- f Q4 u - 4--f J 'R ,Tk A . 4 ' f 'N I4 in xl. ,. , . Sita- Aw' . s ' 1 gif , H fi? ' Elk K J Nz" 5 0 " 4 , n I ff' , VY,. rn, -D . Am 3 ' ,,"..-ik ff-, ,T ' f 1 N - -,, jf? --'v-' L' f' '7 f"' fi , . 4 W X. AJP! ,Law Lf ',0rM,4wlf , ,,, X I Q4-LQQJ GLU ,Awww Afgfuli' AM, up 441.44520 762651 5,46 ,Dia 9560661 A 1, WMQ 6'Q,, ,64'?.f' 'N -'J WW' W5 1 4 .I ,hi N' k If .S , A -L! v x I' MM 'lfvbwf wb 1 .4 B1 ' LQ mfg Ziff? M Lfgw Qkvifvxi tcm vu ww, Q, Aiwbmmmw awww A low, K 1? 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Suggestions in the Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) collection:

Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 153

1969, pg 153

Newbury Park Academy - Yucca Yearbook (Newbury Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 112

1969, pg 112

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