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 - Class of 1961

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v -. V V .1 ' 'PL "'1f . ', ' : .f - 'X ' ' 1 . -'-1--.-n. .N .ffl .1 - , ,. v-4 ,.4.1,.4,. , ., -'W - , r H1-S3 - ' - ' Qp,Y-.fe,' .. 1, "wg, v. --1.--, ,, . - ' ' ndff M U , :,..' H ' """ii,w . I fw-' , - 1. ' V wat-'-..,. . , b , , , 4,395 fh- 0 ,VA 5 .:. rn .S xc-'vet Ou,- ,.n1 ,, v . 'Qu ,1 ,RQ , 'Wm .X . M-'Wh- x , . 'X 1 1 X R ,- ,w , 1 , 5 mg: H A v ,, '. . ' " . 4 , , . - , ,..,..,. ,.A. , x ll J X Y ' L r x .,. -L,-.,i ,WI- 1 w P' ln- V W v VW W xr M Editor-in-Chief Darlene Grunke Associate Editors Sandy Kupper Paul Lowe Business Manager Mike Iackson Volume Xl Published by the Student Association, Newbury Park Academy, Newbury Park, California 5 rrrr 1111 Y II Inspiring Reflections of Qeggioud Unforgettable Reflections of gjrfracurricufai' .xdffaimi Dciilq Reflections of cgnzluafry 2 'N other things Miss Doris Suine, accountant and instructor, the staff declicates the '61 Yucca to uou because of uour Disposition Encouragement Devotion Impcirticiiitq Cheerfulness Abiiitu Tnouqntfulness Interest Optimism W 1111 Night or clclq, cmq month of the qecxr, there? acrivirq at NDA J . rf 'fl EG l -F ' n Strcmqe how thmq 7 ..,.,f-" D Y the space of just 'C "s iv li-lil l Q 'ZA 'mug V"i if nr-'L T - To some FRESHMEN. Principal L. W. Roth may give the impression of being cr smcxll giant. n W1 rf' 21 rf By the time students are SOPHO- MORES, they have decided that he may not be such cz stern fellow cxiter all. I I As another year brings IUNIORS necxrer to graduation. they become better acquainted with their principal and friend. 6 Fi :an change in 'our qears. Reflections about NPI-Vs twelve years of operation focus sharply upon the consecrated far-seeing BOARD OF TRUSTEES whose direction helps determine the rate of momen- tum-gaining progress. Members are ltront rowl Mr. F. F. Dupper, Elder Harold Maddox Elder Cree Sandefur. Elder Ellsworth Reile, Elder I. Alfred Simonson, Elder Iames Hardin: - lback rowl Elder I. F. Knipschild. Mr. Harry Schrillo. Elder A. G. Munson, Mr. L. W. Roth, Elder Dennis T. Black, and Mr. W. H. Gosse: lnot shownl Elder I. B. Chrispens, Mr. Emmett Iensen. Elder Dave Olsen. and Elder L. R. Rasmussen. Almost the first one up on the campus each morning and often the last one to retire at night, Principal L. W. Roth does a "man-sized" job at Newbury. Although the responsibilities he carrles as principal and business manager are 1 heavy, he is always ready with a cheery smile, a Word oi encouragement, or a pat on the back. Yes, Mr. Roth, impartial and congenial, is a friend to everyone. When students reach their senior year, things look so different. Often SENIORS wonder what made them so fearful iour years ago. My. how viewpoints change! 7 1 1 L I 1 f I Corxcentr 5 'J E E n ..wv""'r' I .6 1 1 i Reflections Many oi the school's responsibilities rest upon the capable VICE-PRINCIPAL, Mr. H. B. Wilcox. who finds time also to teach chemistry. physics. and geometry. "Is that spelled with a 'g' or cr 'i'?" asks Ian Hooper of Mrs. C. L. Nicholas. the REGISTRAR. f ,IWW l capable irxcli iduculs ministrcutive duties p QL.. M 1" I M'i... Miss Margaret Wilson SECRETARY T0 the PRINCIPAL types busily Carolyn Roth student secretary transfers a long dxstance call to the caietena carrq the In schoo . :TNQ .5 ing. "More commercial bills," says Mr. F. F. Dapper. the ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER. to Missi Tib perforatinq the checks. Being an NPA student often begins with meeting the vice-principal at camp meeting, reading a letter sent from the office of the prin- cipa1's secretary, getting an acceptance card from the registrar, paying the advance deposit to the accountant, obtaining a work assignment from the assistant business manager, and receiving a sincere welcome from the dormitory dean. bits. This means more work for Shirley Marzo, too. who is The BOYS' DEAN, Mr. A. G. Tappen Standing in hex' attractive apartment is takes a "last swish" before mounting Mrs. Hannah R. Yanke, the GIRLS' DEAN. his bicycle for his driver's ed class. WWWWufu...WuW,w..u....uu...xuuumwwm...u....... zu W WMNW.......,...,...,...W...W...W...-.......:manu Wu......xw N H ,WH...umH............................. .uuw.u mum. W... .- .. .... ,,...u...w....,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......NN..,.., .... , ww.. .. 'WWW W , WW WW WWW W WW WW .Lu u u wu u u u .. ........ .... .................... ...... .. ..... ........... .. .............. ..... .........,.....m.....m.wm.uWw, W W W WN W W 1 1 W W WWWHWHH WW W W W W WWW"W"WllWW WW'W3IW.'W W.W. W.W.W W.'WWWW.WWW.WWW.WW.u.WW u:wwmuui.u.u.vW'.W.WW..uw.wwWwwmu:www.uwww.wsuummu.WWWWWWWWWumWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW'WWW'WWWWWWWWWW'WWWWWWWWWWWW W W WWWWW W mv.. w . nu WW WWWWWWWW W 'W' s WY fn. WWWWW ,,..qa1,,,. ..., ,1 , -.Y 4' ',7i2Tl'! i. 55i"j:m'?1.' ' dxf.. Y - V W W 'KATE i' el.- " .1'WW' .."" .. - - ,A -P? . "' trliii .L - Q ' . u Q . x 1 w I. 1 Fx 'N J' as f QW 5 ,nw - W K W f A u J x 5 "" '. X '4, 4, ' 4 ' 1 W.. v, .......4 W x ........wWWMWWWWWWWWWWW . WW wx 1 , 5 ." 1 , ,. A VMHQ ' ME 'W 'N . .K , , M I XXX u V X 14. , 1 wr , .wm- , XR 4 NX 5 -,f','gY'yMAf'... 1 1 , ' ' . "'l "z""." ' L xx f X , ..y, vm-. KAW? ml. xv 4 5, U U ... 1,'3,g,p.g.,f,,, Jgg W X. ,v w,f,L.LL1a X, 'Y 1 o gm 12163 -m 1. xr- f -".L,15T ' 11 MLV9 ,Gr K rw v l ,f Y wg, ..f .H A 'Q .N - ll sy Senior M' I ,V , V .. ,, xg X -, 3: ,.- ' , ' . 1, Q ii Y i N - - . i 'Q if 513' if ',,," Studies ,...--- ...V+ fi' .Hg rj ..-' J. in The boys involved in this BASKET- BALL game tabovel seem to be quite tense as Paul trles for a basket. Paul Nakabayashl ftop centerl gracefully prepares to score lor the seniors in the HIGH IUMP at the coming school picnic. Finding the ROPES useful for some- thing other than climbing. lack Fiske tbottom leltl makes use ol the few minutes before PE class starts. Pow! tAhovel MARGIE did it again! Can't you iust imagine where that ball went? Mr. Earl Dupper tleftl. cordial as well as capable. teaches all BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes. Oooh, that was a near hit! lBottom riqhtl lack made it-alter all! Mczmg senior subjedzts great challenge -.f ' f L 1 N xksgipf .7- PLMQNH-G mug i- , t A Warm, sunny classroom . . . whispering, anticipating students . . . a friendly, smiling teacher . . , constant rustling of corrected quiz papers . . . These are characteristics of the first few moments in Philosophy of Life class before the usually lively discussion for the day begins. FUTURE 'Vs Care-tree rollicking students . . . piercing ring of the tardy bell . . . the unintelligible hum of teen-age voices . . . then a hush . . . a teacher's desk strewn with papers, more papers, and paper clips . . . the rhythmic click of a phrase- o-scope . . . another day in reading class. -3. , 3 it tg ft :Ei Jw N N IT, H Y ' "H" W 1' Iames Brimer President SA Treasurer '60-Sl: Beta Del- ta Kappa President '60-'61: Beta ,Delta Kappa Chorister '59-'60: Temperance Member '60-'S1. Paul Lowe Bank of America Award in I-'ine Arts Treasurer Student Association Member '58-'61: Seminar Member '58- '61: Beta Delta Kappa '58-'61: Yucca Associate Editor '60-'61. Sixtq Q5 Doyne Allen Vice-President Hale Wahine Secretary 61- Yucca Senior Editor 61- Seminar Member 60- Social Committee Member Miss Doris Syme Sponsor One-derful Cues' Wi' , ,jfs lm 'f "-37149 Eleanor Marzo Secretary 4 Year Club Member '60-'61, Hale Wahine Chorister '60- '61: Hale Wahine Pianist '59 '60: Seminar '57-'S1. Dorlin Griffith Sgt.-at-Arms SA Sgt.-at-Arms '59-'6lJ: Semi- nar Member '59-'61: Student Association Representative 'GO-'61. Elder Dorlin Griffith Sponsor W k X 1 4 if u S.- Paul Nakabayashi Pastor Beta Delta Kappa Sergeant- at-Arms '61: Student Associa- tion Member '58-'61: Seminar Member '58-'SL jaw-. ' Y' ' ' MT! 14-A Charlene Vanden SA Vice-President '60-'6l: Iun- ior Class Vice-Pres. '59-'6D: Seminar Member '58-'S1: Hale Wahine '58-'6l. l Hal Leland Seminar President '6lJ-'61: Beta Delta Kappa Pastor '59-'B1: Student Association Treasurer '59-'60, J 1 t Rt ag' P .,...., if w-J Gwen Avery Yucca Senior Editor '60-'6l: Temperance Vice-President '60-'6l: Spanish Club Treas- urer 'SU-'SL HV if'-all N "Z", ,A FL- '. Kr W .je xg, QW. ' 1 Z 1 Q 'uni . A55 Mike Iackson SA President 'SU-'61: Yucca Advertising Ed. '60-'6l: Iunior Class President '59-'60: Semi- nar President '61. Eleanor Anderson 4 Year Club '60-'6l: Rel. Lib- erty Vice-President '6l: Choir Member '59-'61: M.V. Leader '6D: Seminar '57-'61. , ,,.!g, Lincoln Morikone Bank of America Award in Science and Mathematics Beta Delta Kappa Vice-Pres. '60: SA President '61: Beta Delta Kappa Treasurer '59-'60: Iunior Class Treasurer. 041 Ion Thompson Yucca Layout Editor '59-'6l: 4 Year Club 'SD-'6l: SF. mem- ber '57-'61: Seminar Member '57-'61. M Iohn Cookson Bela Delta Kappa Member '57- '6l: 4 Year Club Member '60- '61: SA Member '57-'61: Semi- nar Member '57-'61. Ioanne Moore Studen! Association Member 'SU-'S1: Seminar Member '60- '61: Hale Wahine Member '60- '61. Marilyn Koelsche Salutaiorian Bank oi America Trophy and Award in Liberal Arts Hale Wahine Presideni '60- '6l: Hale Wahine Treasurer '59-'60: 4 Year Club '60-'6l: Seminar Chorister '59-'60, 1 "-5-i' ul' iff' Donna Cooper Hale Wahine President '6l: Hale Wahine Treasurer '59: 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: SF. Member '57-'61. fi, -U 'va ,Q 'vi--5 he ': a 1 -' ,Af 13 .J .1-na.. ' '52 Bill Lowe Student Association Member '60-'61: Beta Delia Kappa Member '60-'61: Liberty Club Member '60-'61. Pat Morris Hale Wahine Vice-Presideni '6l: Student Association Sen- ior Represenlaiive '6lJ: Semi- nar Member '59-'61. Bill Swaner Beia Delta Kappa '59-'6l: Stu den! Associaiion Member '59 '61: Seminar Member '59-'61 Cliff Stewart Beta Delta Kappa President '61: 4 Year Club Member '60- '61: SA Member '57-'61: Semi- nar Member '57-'61. Bette Thompson Valedictorian SA Vice-President '6l: Semi- nar Member '58-'61: Hale Wahine Secretary '61. Gale Bradford Sophomore Class Treasurer '58-'59: Hale Wahine Treas- urer '6l: SA Member '58-'61: Seminar Member '58-'S1. " "WI Wilbur Helmer 4 Year Club '60-'61: SA Mem- ber '57-'61: Beta Delta Kappa Member '57-'61: Seminar Mem- ber '57-'61. I-,. l Thomas Chin Beta Delta Kappa Member '59- '6l: Student Association Mem- ber '59-'61: Seminar Member '55-'61. Honor SandyKupper Yucca Ass. Editor '60-'6l: Hale Wahine Member '59-'6l: Temperance Member '59-'61: Student Association '59-'61. Roelle Seamount Newburian Reporter '59-'6l: SA Member '58-'6l: Hale Wa- hine Member '59-'61: Seminar Member '59-'81. uv-Ill,-1 . , lt, the Past t w Dave Kanas Beta Delia Kappa Chorister '61: Student Association Mem- ber '58-'6l: Seminar Member '58-'6l. I f5 Nu Karren Chilton Hale Wahine Member '57-'Sl: SB Member '57-'6l: Seminar Member '57-'61: 4 Year Club Member '60-'6l. Xff 'Z l S lim Lrn Beta Delta Kappa Member '58- '61: Student Association Mem- ber '58-'61: Seminar Member '58-'61 1.-. UH t 1 ir v X lx 1 Hut l Bob Southwick 4 Year Club Member '60-'S1: Beta Delta Kappa Member '57- '61: SP. Member '57-'61: Semi- nar Member '57-'61. l! W!! Louise Chayra Hale Wahine Member '57-'S1: Student Association Member '58-'61: Seminar Member '58- '61. '-R Kathryn Keller Hale Wahine Member '58-'6l: Student Association Member '58-'61: Seminar Member '58- '61. Ralph Torres Iunior Class Pastor '59-'60: 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: SA Member '57-'6l: Seminar Member '57-'61, 'SJ K Carol Marlin 4 Year Club Member '60-'6l: SA Member '57-'61: Hale Wa- hine Member '57-'6l: Seminar Member '57-'61. -5 Darol Baldwin Student Association Member '60-'61: Seminar Member '60- '61: Beta Delta Kappa Mem- ber '60-'61. iff-Lwwyrlr m A It fa WS V '--1-rs SB- if ,rv 1""'? Xe -9' 4, .'- xffc' , fs? F' ie Hope Baldwin Hale Wahine Member '59-'6l: Seminar Member '59-'61: Stu- dent Association Member '59- '6l. ..r ,, .tl 1.113 7 Winston Sarrniento Beta Delta Kappa Member '59- 'S1: Student Association Mem- ber '59-'61: Seminar Member '59-'61. -Q--Q, I.eRene Butler Hale Wahine Member '57-'61: 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: SA Member '57-'6l: Seminar Member '57-'B1. Killion Dalton Beta Delta Kappa Member '59- '61: Student Association Mem- ber '59-'S1: Seminar Member '59-'61. , .nt Helen Baker Hale Wahine Member '59-'6l: Student Association Member '59-'S1: Seminar Member '59- '61. Emest Yankee Beta Delta Kappa Vice-Presi- dent '59-'80: 4 Year Club '60- '61: SA '57-'61: Span. Club Sgt.-at-Arms '60. ,it Bob Leo Student Association Member '60-'61: Beta Delta Kappa Member '60-'61: Seminar Mem- ber '60-'61: Liberty Club Mem- ber '60-'61. IeriButzer SA Chorister '60-'61: Seminar Member '58-'6l: Hale Wahine Chorister '59: Temperance Member '59-'6U. 'Uh Charlene Shoen 4 Year Club Member '60-'6l: Hale Wahine Member '57-'61: SA Member '57-'61: Seminar Member '57-'61, Iames Wiswell Beta Delta Kappa Member '59- '6I: Student Association Mem- ber '59-'6l: Seminar Member '59-'61, Archie McClusky Beta Delta Kappa Member '59-'6l: Student Association Member '59-'6l: Seminar Mem- ber '59-'61. Marge Clement Hale Wahine Sgt.-at-Arms '60- '6l: Student Association Mem- ber '58-'6l: Seminar Member '58-'6l. our 11 25 Donna Groger 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: Hale Wahine Member '57-'61: SA Member '57-'61: Seminar Member '57-'61. Sharon Gillow Hale Wahine Chorister '60: SA Member '59-'6l: Choir '60- '6l: Seminar Member '58-'Sli Liberty Club Member 'SD-'6l. ,m..?.1.1,r'..- , W ,H ff- q"1fffl'f',': -1. -gt, . MMVI Ice Hensen 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: Beta Delta Kappa Member '57- '6l: Student Association Mem- ber '57-'61. Iohn Pearson Beta Delta Kappa V.P. 'Sl: Iunior Class Sgt.-at-Arms '59 '60: 4 Year Club '60: Fresh- man Class Pres. '57-'58. be Rita Schmitt 4 Year Club Member 'SU-'6l: SA Member '57-'6l: Hale Wa- hine Member '57-81: Seminar Member '57-'61. HU V 7 - -- gr-T-f, 'Vex Ioyce Wittmxer Yucca Copy Editor 60 61 SA Member 60 61 Hale Wahine Member S0 61 Seminar Mem ber 60- 61. Build the Fernando Flores Beta Delta Kappa '59-'61: SA Member '59-'61: Liberty Club Member '60-'6l: Seminar Mem- ber '59-'61. Future Iack Fiske Beta Delta Kappa Member '59- '6l: Student Association Mem- ber '59-'6l: Seminar Member '59-'61. Ann Davenport Hale Wahine Member '60-'6l: Student Association Member '60-'61: Seminar Member '60- '61, Le rj ,2- Nancy Sanders 4 Year Club Member '60-'6l: SA Member '57-'61: Hale Wa- hine Member '57-'61: Seminar Member '57-'61. L1 - X Nell Gregory 4 Year Club Member '60-'Bl: Student Association Member '57-'61: Day Student '57-'61. N: g Y , Marla Moore 4 Year Club Member '60-'61: Hale Wahine Member '57-'61: SA Member '57-'t-31: Seminar Member '57-'6l. Donald Pettibone Salutatorian Bank ot America Award in Vocational Arts Newburian Ed.-in-Chief '60 '61: 4 Year Club Member '60 '61: Student .Association Mem ber '57-'61, Not Shown Garland Blanton Student Association Member '57-'59. '60-'61: Beta Delta Kappa Member '57-'59, '60-'SL 27 New classes, as well Juniors for Mrs. A. G. Tappen, ENGLISH III cmd HOME ECONOMICS teacher, gives the Iuniors a sound background in literature and grammar. l gl I ll 1 I J As the bell rings, Iuniors-who hope to make it to their next classes on time- pour into the hall from their BIBLE DOCS and ENGLISH classrooms. r v Q X 1 Willeta Isaac. Iean Schneider, Gale Bradford, Doyne Allen, Sherre Prior, and Kay Wahl--several of the students from HOMEMAKING class-intently listen to a sales talk given by a vacuum cleaner salesman. as old nes, prepare the future. t Ron Graybill, READING student, begins searching for word number three in a 4000-word crossword puzzle. N l 'fi' x J X -X ff--' - Af , Q 7 4 ""'Q?59if'f'-..f2 T"1- ' f l Zfff4f3Y.ffL?':11. , t ,!,,.w:- 522: 'ill ,-' .fs L ,? A K xg: -,xl 5' . 6555-111:--..f', .1.V L 1 5 jfjxxl fit'-1 N! 5 H I' '-,..x 1 f ' ""-5 , fs. ,i NW' s Ron Graybill, Marla Moore, Ralph Tor- res, and Iim Fisher are the first students to receive instruction in GREEK from Elder D. K. Griffith, Bible instructor. .Hr Since this ts the first year RUSSIAN has ' been taught at this school, Mr. lack Dassenko pronounces some common expressions used in Russia. To Earl, Dave, Penni, Iames, Carolyn, and Ioyce. it offers a definite challenge. L. t lu - ,1 A-1 A+ 4 1 nat- 'F 1 H 29 More class 5 provide for careers of C A B A 3 D Rick Rogers and Richard Morda assist Mr. M. M. Pettibone. ELECTRONICS teacher, in demonstrating how cz trans- mitter operates. Lilve-minute timing is one of the many' n the TYPING room. a strong background the future ears ff Along with all the fun and excitement of growing older and becoming the lower half of the upper classmen, comes the realization that they, the Iuniors, must someday choose a life- work. Classes like Bible, physical education, and geometry help in laying a firm foundation for any kind of a career. Those who consider going into electronics or something in the science field can learn quite a few helpful pointers in electronics and physics classes. Students planning to enter business, find that typing, shorthand, general business, and bookkeeping contain beneficial short-cuts and ideas for them. Future ministers enjoy Greek, as well as their other Bible classes. Aspring hornemakers, as well, have not been forgotten in NPA's curriculum. ' l-building services Kay-.Wuh1, Iudy ostelmcm. cmd Hugh Denton experience nder the direction of Mrs. H. B. Wilcox l 1 rw Pastor, Carolyn Roth .slxl - w V. -1 'f It Q Sergeant-at-Arrns,Ron Graybill , fr .A 1 4 w-L A t- 'aft 1 5' h M! gf. fr- e- 'KJ '. nm' 1 ' - 41. 26-lrfgigg-,Q , 7 ' if mgrga - S ffzesawl -:A A 32 ' -Fu 1. x 1 ., ' Q 1 .YQ ' V . , President. Richard Wagner Q! Vice-President. Millie Duge -fi I . Kd , I Secretary, Karyl Iones Treasurer. Missi Tibbits Sponsor Mr. F. L. Lorenz La Dean Grenberq Darlene Grunke Gayland Hagy Elvia Guzman Pam Hendricks Raul Hayasaka Allen Fagan Donna Eaves Lowell Freeman Nydia Camargo Iudy Fuller Sponsor Mr. L. E. Wolie Juniors! Sharon Brown Manuel Cruz Sherry Durm Gerry Dunn Beth Davidson por new Io CI t I zers. Iudy Bosielman Craig Brandow Betty Brown Gene Bresee w 1 i IKEHIT-ll-IIHXJI'-5lYil 35 ,4 ny. I-V: I N fe! My 'I 4 4 Z L I A 45-1 I Rita Babcock 'N , ,IQ n -? 3 Marlin Baerg WN ' Q if Sandy Benbrook .JJ Q X 80' , .i 4 ' ' " 7 1 -'im' ' -1-453 fi- x Sv 5' HQ "Ph, 1" f 0 1 fc-E' 6 Q W a 1 i 4 N E - x iv. r ' if ' 'U' . .qi .- .af F' , U' LQ 3 if-4 Ra- 'X ? HQ! M X will 1 Q L- , 1 V in fin nr in 'Av K ig! 5?-' If x 4, X 'R' 4 1 A' Jn , x W f , 'F-2 ,Y M f -e- . - '- -f 552 '33, P19 "Qi ul in ---11: . -.0 1 ' Ti? 'sf A I K vcr? - wid- " N. i' 'K' 7 9,5 f C -at ,U r 'I fg- . I I ina.. . as ,J V n , vi E'- ' , 'lf' , 1 'L ' ,-, fx "'?b 'w fer' v si' ff' - "' , , X , M , mm, ,I ,U Q ' x ' , 4 . W , I 1 -Q, Nancy Minear lim Moore Rose Morikone Steven Mortensen W.-k Cherry Torres Iohn Porier Linda Newman -37 ,' -X R 5 Iudy Miller rn'-was k if .1"7w, di SRM f .'v' Alex Limon Earla Kirk Ioan Kirk Tom Pierce Cheri Manual Sherre Prior Iohn Scogqin Kay Wah Iohn Walke Bonnie Wheatle David Schiiine ,J H .QE '91-F E1 ffffi -. Rick Rogers IA T15-fair iffy-fwf'F Bti gmail I -15 'lu fgr X Q fl A 11132: J- rnfwfri ' P agerefiv- -if A , r,1:'Ij5'E 4 If "if- .Q-. - 5 Q, : ' yy I r-2,4 ' :.."-rw' - nf, In-vu 1 ,UIQ .rf TTT-775 'L i 7.7 'JT 15,71 M y .lwveww f . ga ,. 1, n. ,1 ..,. - , fi F5s'T':r 23525 -, -' img! Q r lif ' 1 M Q, ww - .4 . Li'-1 1' gf fr ff-ff. 'gf W 'Hdfff I- H4 IL A Y til' 34 I- ' 1 . ' .. Jrrk.. A I ...T'g'I my . 'UI 11 V l'l V mf ULQEI' W ?l1-Laerelf 'il Ie!! Howard Penni Huston Ingrid Iohansson Shirlene Housel Dennis Kay Willeta Isaac oan Kibbey ean Kibbey ike Kicenski Ifammy Mcliinzie an Hooper ..inda Loder Rose Wirts Margaret Westermeyer Betty Stephenson Victor Saphiloff Susan von Hake qs-- , -q in ' 5' 'L '-. l 1 lean Schneider David Spindle Saundra Santini Don Slocum r W ,o U s K F I I I FQ A I X X Z , . V 5' ' . ," 'J N . w 1 u ,' -x J A 3 A 'S' t V V V 1- -- x, ' . - , 1 - f. J ' S . 1 A f 'if k' . ' , - .- v .1 ' -'i'E,'W '--1,, - , . ,. q..1.,,,...,m 1. , v V , I ., , .',1l.1 yi-vga 'TL- ' X -V V ,X x V : 5 - 'FEL tfiigi-'1Wg..'3j"!':f4' L - at 1. 1- -f , ,Q -1 .W -page .u-:'.',, hy- u Patsy Russell Karen Weishaar l Marita Harklerode lim Ritacca Karyl Ryan Y 'vw ll' L K vi, 3' H 1 ',.,. Q old f 55-5 . . 'rf' V M -.3 xx X Soph more classes ' H ill -Q--uv---e-.-.,,. As the Sophomores begin another year at NPA it is with much pride that they have become the upper of the underclassmen and that they now have priority over the Freshmen. Their pride is soon popped like a bub- ble, though, when they realize that they are still ruled over by the upperclassmen. But they continue with determination to succeed for another year. Mrs I M Werner pulls down a chart on anatomy iust before the tardy bell rings for another interesting BIOLOGY class. Sophomores Wayne Cam Beauregard and Renee DRIVERS EDUCATION from 'lllililiillllll J Salina-un-1299 Ov Betty Senseman, Cliff ' earn about parts of ci cur ln Q1 Edward Brocrdbeck. ,Y li ,Q t lg fi The Freshmen start their first year at boarding school with mixed feelings and with the guidance of their superiors, the Sophomores. They long for their homes: but soon, with the busy schedule, they are studying and working without any pull on their heart strings. Their hopes that this year will bring happiness in activities and joy in their good grades, keep their minds continually busy. Mr. C. L. Nicholas, the LIBRARIAN and sophomore English teacher, looks lor an author card in the card catalog. 3 are so challenging' SUHUUI CAN 55 II.PllNl" hill f4 I-dx' it "TNQ mr- -' ' I 1 51 T? . L 1+ 133 't '5 . J t l -. C . . yo., P J .- flea. Steve Kohler Iohn Ramos Betty Io Senseman 22 I I .--9 ' a F tiger N N a .. tw, A-Q ,V . ., ul' I S ' s-J R, r I 1 ww ' X -0- M, 4.-J Reggie Allen Gloria Feiller David Fisher Sherry Mohr Ron Rau Ierry Snodgrass f-s H- w f'f'l'l- x V 1, :aa W , 5 3 ,x ,Ph A U 1, , -H. ge 3: fit 1 'P-1? , If kr It A H-4 A ' . .-fl Iodee Allred Arthur Buchheim Carla Lansing Eddie Lemmon Lynn Phinney Charleene Stoops pf? ., 1 f "ig riff I ff S ,.4- Liwvi K , .- sie. - Daniel Armstrong Charmee Fellows lim Fisher Cherie Morris Don Richards Greg White H D' 'eff' ' .ur lf ' , .. President A 1 f 'N - Harold Nakabayashi F573 J ' "-+L. D A Vice-President P 'V - 5. , ,. x Iean Hwang W, 1 Af-, ' 'V' 'N' -3 -3 Secretary-Treasurer l f, M .6 If I- .L , Q , Mary Strahan V K' ""' I? - -.pu Sergeant-at-Arms If 1 'fl t V 1 Darrell Rich s J V -y' . V Sponsors ' 5 ' Jn" p ' Mrs. Iulian Werner ff-f f ' Mr. Clarence Nicholas - M5 , xy f-:sw ,Q 'Mn I for r X Anita Bauer Wayne Cam Iolxene Lenz David Lumbert Suzanne Pierpomt Renee Taylor '54 .4 vw, A-4 "-r 1. dvd n L L , .,.., . vA..v N-'ff 11x v L 'nf ffm- ff' I V. F' ffl '- 11- ,- iulfvxxl LJ - 24 ' '-' 3" Y' .' -I ' H 'levi' ' Hyfyl. .44 ill, L? .:' x A 4 7 ST - . 1-4. . -V' Fx? .54 ia u,,7f'.rfV ffl E 'V l l ,ti ' ,f lu ' ' MV , . . I t ' , , 5-f X, , V A 4 .hi w V, ' A - 5 i N-Y. ,Q IW. ' Q: L 'nu wr ' :aw 3' ' , I 'ai ...l in ,F L f x L X A 'Q 1. N ,Q ,K ix 'X . W . ' l r V X g'?"':7'x g.,'gj.1., , V A ' "'-if f "ff2fsV Q o 'N if -K... , 1 'fa ,,,, Q.: if - f' 2 ' . H 9 ' '+V " .V gain ' l ,f 5 e -ef .... K X...-:l or o L L ' is .,y ' " - V 'I ' . W 1. 'l F r, 1 7: 4 i t x D 'C W if fb 'AQ at W :iq h ad .6 L .Q L XX' ,1 :R A A I :L , ' .. . l - ' . , Aff A.A' I I ,Hx M 'ie 4. ,gffzi-'11 r ' -24 f " " V, Larry Ballew Cynthia Cookson Bill Bauqhman Evelyn Cramer C. Beauregard Sherril Dorland Bud Feldkamp Flora Kiehm Glenn Crisler Donna Hochhalter Bob Cox Ellen Harte Allison Grayblll Darlene Lundy Robert Haddock Betty Markle Vic Hensen Shirley Marzo Barbara Newman Iames Lynn B. Nightingale Doug Peters Io Ann Pierce Not Shown: Larry Rupnow Vesta Santini Ion Rypdahl Ianie Schrillo Beniamin Sales Ianef Alspcch Ray Willelord . ax A . ,, .x F" , l O' l H511 Linda Thompson K..::'.. xx-.L ' 'Ag -Y l A I .' at YQ--' 'f ' C 61 'E' jk, sf' x A x-1 All Earl Wilson Richard Withey 'WgN,,r"f1,f f - A V .lg .5 'CQ fl' if ,er . 4 :fy . I , Bar! ' ' ,y ,ry '31 .A " t'i'i-lflivi ' o Ioan Valentine x. V L 3' XL- l iff' 1 3 ., 1' .I David Amatury Kathie Doherty Iohn Klamser Barbara Knox Ianet Whyte Freshmen grow through stuclu about equations, seams, verbs and texts. 1--gin Mr. L. E. Wolfe patiently teaches MECHANICAL DRAW ' ING to freshmen boys Wally Roth and Iohn Iones. Steve Aitchison tleftl seems a little confused, but his teacher, Mr. O. F. Lenz, is using the map to show him each detail for the OLD TESTAMENT lesson of the day. N ..- .Em SN-lp 'T lla is C11 5 .I . V, wk. . 1 1 ,, AV, , ,, ,I -- ' - f- 1 ':,1.j Stevie Smith, Linda Hare. Susan Nicholas, and Linda Quillen are showing their talents in SEWING class, taught by Mrs. F.. G. Tappen. 40 .A :Q to , ' Jf l X4 xg: ' ' cl D' lt 1 1 n 'Y 7.7 Q.. S -4 f h -' ' h g re , . W a W 't f.-L lv A ":' -his -Q4 ' -C -fa-, .. 1 -j, Ruth Alcaraz Stanley Amore Steven Aitchlson Bettie Beseniei Marsha Anderson David Andrade ii' IW? 9 1 ' I V '- 43. l E? in f' s 'V dv Q , A ' Q. - 9 I 64 -41 1 Q15 'VID 'nr K - Y! . f I 'I K Q ,wil 'A .- I J . ' , Q V ' ' We 1 ' , '. , htel -L , Q SN' E: Q , D , 'J y W 'S U -e , -J xxx 4 -ll 1 'I W - ' ,.'-'Til " Ml f Dy- 5 1 .L A 1. lf' .- - f M ff -rf? Lu M f 5 I, , gt .f -. T ' ,'-' .- ' ' ' M V P Q. rg -" -L U' FQ f. ' N' ed ' ' -... 7 -Jr P 'J' A - V '1 ' 4: 2 EQ xr . V Jerry Babcock Nita Cotton Edward Barry Lord Dale Bates Paul Cox Dauqhetee Special Students: Bruce Cooper Ginger Hamlin Linda Hare lack Lewis Fred Detwiler Cherd Chai Phinthusophon J ,, .3 - -' 3 1:3 A. Y an - 5 ,Ni .S 557: 1' VV I . ,.N., , Al frm. 5, E 5 K E , . nfs ff J 5 T, E , , "Q .f ' 3 ff Ai fx A V V l' f T 'W - ' ' ' ' -a If 1 if X 3 -5 1 " jg, Q, A--fx .1 ' fj""i.2'Ay-Aww-ja 1 f. I '. ITF - A r IEQEQQ-L 1 i iffp-gli X - ' ' ' 1 'M ' 'F 1' a h ,- f W - , N -I A ' ' lx l. V ,-'fi' , , . , X '3323 TL ,J-.:.f, ' lggi v 5,1 S fa new ' f ft. Dennis Dorland Kathy Miller Steven Gale Harold Iacobs Stephenie Smith Richard Morda Linda Larsen Ruben Fernandez lris Restivo Roland Iohansson David Lowe Dee Moshos Richard Felller Donna Moshos David Glover Suzanne Stowell Robert Mohr Bradley Peters Susan Nicholas Kenny Freeman Carmen Segura Iohn Iones Io Anne Ritacca Wally Roth -1 V 51, tg h I 6 'N vs- an L. fr L .l ff V ' f" 65' ff", 4 1 o . Adolph Tapia Linda Quillen Rick Watson Diana Wong 'D J 5 N fm, r I X X 4 xi-5 I 1 xx ff, sms L., 'af ' AN 'AG-T If. President Tom Marzo Vice-Pres. Ianet Hisinqer Sec.-Treas. Barbara Nelson Sgt.-at-Arms David Adams Sponsors V Mrs. Maude Wolfe Mr. A. G. Tappen 5 WMI "' N K an "-tus, Giikjn.. Refiectiorxs VARIQ Q71 V70 fhgfo V ff 1946 ' . N .Ls 'ti A Christian 1 f 1 1 I xl ' 1. MX if -W DEAN A. G. Tappen's tenor voice unites with his boys in singing during morning and evening worship . ,.-S i. fy.- 1 ..- ,.. -Q - -- .-, -R ,, ,... f Mrs. Hannah Yanke, GIRLS' DEAN. reads an inspiring Scripture before start- ing the day oi! right - with prayer. 44 ore than On opposite sides of the campus, at the same time each morning and eve- ning, voices can be heard rising in song as Christian young people gather in their worship rooms. The deans assist in molding the character of the stu- dents through their far-seeing Worship services. fb education is the ABCE. NPA's pastor, Elder Dorlin K. Griffith, qives an inspiring sermon each Sab- bath: however speaking is not his only responsibility. In connection with his teaching and pastorinq each year, he conducts a baptismal class. Each spring it is his privilege to baptize some of NPA's students. pug- RU' fg A smiling Elder Griffith on Sabbath morning stresses one of the main points of his SERMON. fl' I A solemn and memorable occasion for Elder Grifiith and ior Iames Brimer is that of BAPTISM. II the phases these Lf uth. ln the quietness of Friday evenings, Newbury youth strive together toward a common goal: their hearts seek their Friend and Savior in earnest prayer. ln these quiet moments they find peace of heart and greater strength to carry on G-od's plan for their lives. Seminar groups step forward for their Lord by visiting surrounding churches to Witness by telling of their love for God. Both prayer bands and seminar activities are inspir- ing not only to the students, but to all who come in contact with NPA's youth. 46 of spiritual life ar The Simi Valley church ls the setting for one of the iirst SEMINAR trips of the year. Ralph Torres and Wilbur Helmer :fx are accompanied by Ralph's sister. Cecilia Torres '58. enefuclal t Friday evening finds many hearts united in PRAYER as an extra blessing is gained through extra-curricular devotions. "How to Overcome Discouraqernentu is the topic chosen by the SEMINAR group consisting of Ron Graybill, Bette Thompson. La Deane Grenberg. Ralph Torres and Wilbur Helmet. Ulu E , rf y p day." comments Steve Kohler to Dean Akers quest speaker 16: the FALL WEEK OF PRAYER as they chat awhile on the ,A-ff ' r ..l JA , , , ,. .'z r Liffw 'I F' 4.5. Religious activities are varied. Whether it be a quiet soul-searching moment in the chapel during the Week of prayer, a half hour spent in discus- sion of an interesting Sabbath School lesson, a day Ingathering in the com- munity, a sundown hour spent in M.V. meeting, or a Sabbath afternoon spent in singing for appreciative senior citi- zens-no matter what the occasion-it results in a blessing for each individual participating. h ' 'E E ,,,,..Qf-L 4 t . 11.5, ,ii W 2 , A ,iv 4 U' L N A . , t itll if at . ll kiwi? 'Ii iu iv. , I i N M I- 5 ti rw. t . ' 1 l l J i. lj L , 1 , -. , I I ' 'iii V , ln 'Ali 1 Lv 1 -A" ' ' 5 N5 7 1 ,. V . . -,. -. ,V ., . . H V A X, 4 Y . Y VY- 4--:J -Q4 K, Shirlene Housel enioys having the devotional thought at one of the MISSIONARY VOLUNTEER meetings. "There is sunshine in my soul today," sings the SUNSHINE BAND to the senior citizens of Ventura Estates. The CHOIR, under the direction of Mr. I-'. L. Lorenz, blend their alto, soprano, bass, and tenor voices in melodius harmony. iBack rowl Helmer, T. Marzo, Brimer, Yankee, Thompson, Leland, Griffith, Willelord, Kicenski: icenier :owl Groger. Anderson, Tibbits, Sensamen, Lowe, Morikone, Sales, Wagner, Kanas, Wiitmier. Roth. Benbrook: Uroni rowl Gillow, Hooper, Duqe, E. Marzo, Xoelsche, Schneider. Io- hansson, Buizer. Stephenson, Morriszipianistsllv Anne RWGCC Gnd MIS- M4059 Wolfe- WW WWKWD1 Seeming pandemoniurn-a casual laugh-the squeak of a clarinet-the tap of the director's baton-then silence. That is a typical two minutes before band rehearsal. Of all the musical organizations at NPA, girls' chorus, octets, quartets and trios, per- haps the two best known are the choir and the band. The choir, besides performing for the church service every Sabbath, also has numer- ous occasions for leaving the campus to give concerts at other academies and churches Within our conference. lt is because of such activities that the NPA choir is fairly well known around the Southern California circle of Seventh-day Adventists. Not quite as often as the choir, the band has opportunity to give concerts at the academy: once in a while, it too travels "abroad." On these trips "outside," the band sometimes gives a secular concert with rousing marches and overturesg at other times, a sacred concert, including the music of Bach, Mendelssohn, or other great composers. ' My MW its - 1' if 't ' 'L , I N131 tj , lffi -' inf' ' 'ff' 4 L 1"f!r5.- IEW: ,- t r':1i,., A , , uma L .y 1.i.3,,:12l -Q lint i s 8 ,I 1. ip, e Syl, M ,,. E K' " L1-A :L f. -v ,HF ni., 1 r' 'Eg , .. 'f 54 'itil "lf i Sharps, flats, rests are cull part f music The GIRLS' CHORUS flop righll shown here at an informal rehearsal, practice diligently to learn the basic fundamentals in music. lBack :owl Siowell, E. Kirk, Thompson, Alspach, I. Kirk, lean Kibbey. Pierce, Ioan Kibbey, Anderson, Housel: Uroni row! Schxillo, Knox, Brown, Taylor, Harte, Davidson, Minear, Nightingale, Durm. Three of the TEMPERANCE officers labovel-Gerry Dunn, president: Karyl Jones. secretary-treasurer: and Millie Duqe. publicity secretary. display the three winning temperance posters in the ad building. Not shown are Gwen Avery. vice-president: Mrs. Hannah R. Yanke and Eld. D. K. Grifiith. sponsors. tl. Christian Lfout jtheir neighbor Along with second semester come new lead- ers to take over the responsibilities left them by the previous officers. Not only does this change offer a challenge to the new officers, but it also gives them an opportunity to Witness for their Lord through Seminar, Temperance and Re- ligious Liberty Clubs. Very active off campus, as Well as on, are the Seminar and temperance teams who visit surrounding churches giving very inspiring services. 'J-if -xl, ' 1,5-e '-ei The rights oi RELIGIOUS LIBERTY lleitl in the Constitution, are reviewed by Eld. D. K. Griiiith and officers Gerry Dunn, publicity secretary: Iacl: Lewis, presi- dent: Eleanor Anderson. vice-president: and Kseatedl Betty Io Senseman. secre- tary-treasurer. eil. '- 92412, " r .f Lf, .1.-M. A 5 ff:-Q11 wel' ' . .,.- ,.,,,.-J - , - 5. I., -. .. Nerja . 1. .Q . ., --M ' ' .- learn to serve as well as Q a The Religious Liberty Club is also an active or- ganization. Since this is its first year at Newbury, and since it is the only club of its kind in any Adventist school, it is quite unique. In all the thirty-six weeks of the school year, the two weeks that are probably looked forward to the most are the fall and spring week of prayer. Truths are presented to the students through consecrated ministers as Dean George Akers and Elder Tom Spindle. Many lives are dedicated and reconsecrated during these two devotional weeks. Research forms a large part of a SEM- INAR team. In the library labovel Elder Griffith explains some of Ellen G. White's writings to the second semester Seminar officers. Standing are Ian Hoop- er, chorisler: Darlene Grunke, vice-presi- dent: Iim Ritacca, public relations sec- retary: lseatedl Mike Iackson. president: Elder Griffith, sponsor: Karyl Iones, sec- retary-treasurer: lnot shownl Mr. Ed- ward Broadbeck, sponsor. "' P4 I: W , I in: u . 'll Ll Pausing for a moment after a SEMINAR meeting. Eld. D. K. Griffith offers an additional suggestion to the first semester officers. They are Hal Leland and Missi Tibbits. Not shown are Gerry Dunn, Marilyn Koelsche, Darlene Grunke. Don Richards. and Mr. Edward Broadbeck. The faculty room comes in handy during the WEEK OF PRAYER as Elder Tom Spindle counsels with Rhondda Greenwood and Barbara Knox. .In ,, fn...- 'EIU E, A . , . '- ...:.: I 7212 . v., " 1' r - ff f' p.f,1:, e 'ml 4 1 l l F 1 F 4 I V W P I I l f M I i W w +be lx , x 3 ' ' ly. W N V 7 , xwzvlhl. wx X .gi I an HH 'MOH' I 'UH ! 4 E, i s A ' s n ga n"': ,.. H :v','q4f2"f!uf ,rgP,,,1rZ.1 r,',45i,x 'gf .Q-"1 ik,"!'!k ",.x '- fl if W,-' .-"a',.'iu1 ,,-- ,irr,.l' B .af illpfy!! html!! 6lQ,l,v 0 eq, I., i '. ,an 'r,r 'rn fwfr' g'y'1,Q' 1.1.-wwf wp xl,-lil .,4l., K.. vw, 1 ,f , .,1r,.l'A', ,'lx .- ,F l g o.'.,.ut.."",Qcti 'lfiwv 5 Q' 3,1 ,,- l,-li! gy.: -A I l' ' I 54 ar..AV,.'ll,,s, 4' ,V X3 b L ,t A 4 f- n A. I D' . 1 ,v ,V .Q 1-ff . . , X ! ! X 1 A . ' 4 I 3 5' Lx- . ' f' r vm . if fu . X' if ' . Q I ! ' ' Y Q- ' '-K 1 0 Q 1 1, ,' I - 5 , , n , Q - I - A ,. " '- 'SJ-. 5... 5-, v' m - , A L .. 2 t S 7. 'I . 1 'N'. . .nw 5 - 4 , 1,2 ' 1' Lua? 3:-2.-1 3 ,Af Y R i -..Q I H. .X L? , Ima: -mb-.-...w - -. s r. , ml swf' N ff ' " fn , Q , 2, ,M W' -Q, Q, ' o an t. ' A , . Q - , 1 H' 5 !,'. ,N . .W -' v., , .. Q- , Q' f 1, .1 ,I 4 S J ' N X c A' 'ATX Reflections Second semester SA REPRESENTA- TIVES take time out oi their busy schedules to have a picture snapped. They are fback :owl D. Pettibone, D. Cooper. B. Leo, M. Strahan, Mr. A. G. Tappen. N. Minear. R. Willeford: fsecond rowl B. Thompson. P. Morris. I. Risinger. D. Spindle, D. Grunke. C. Stewart: fforeqroundl Mr. L. Wolfe: Knot shownl L. Morikone, D. Griffith. and D. Lowe. ! Students qctirt rewards throuq w, ,. The first semester SA officers complet a successful campaign, and the seco semester SA OFFICERS are proud carry on from where the others stoppe In front of the gym the second semest SA president takes pleasure in official breaking the ground for the new recre tion center. The officers are Nancy Mi ear, secretary: Bette Thompson. vic president: Lincoln Morikone. presiden Paul Lowe. chorister: Ianet Risinge treasurer: Ray Willeford, sergeant- arms: and Mary Strahan. pianist. -5 ".' -.'.'. I 5' - . -, 4. '. .-.5 1, .' -K. v . ,'. . Q , -.4 ---3 Q", 4' 0.2:- ' . ' Q01 I 0 '- ' J' I-2-5:1 1-:Zz-.2 -'-'cl-I-'.' 9 A J 0 "All right, the next SKATE will be trio skate, men's choice," is the call heard over the public address system in the gym. Immediately every quick-thinking male grabs cr friend and heads to the opposite side oi the floor to iind cr partner to complete the trio. This pleasant relaxation is enioyed on wheels every Monday and Saturday night as a welcome change after study and work. most successful ccampcaiqn. 'Will our sponsors never come?" o be the question of this happy hose destination is San Francisco. ho are qualified to go on this ense-paid. three-day trip agree seems group Those all-ex- that it as worth all the work and time they pent getting contributions ior the recrea- tion center to be constructed near the ymnasium. The students who are eligible re Karyl Iones, Cynthia Cookson. Ian ooper, Ianie Schrlllo, Iames Brimer, Dar- Eene Grunke and five other eager CAM- AIGNERS, not shown, who are still busy acking! f x 6 ,, 'tl z 'WZ rf-fff V' rw 1 1-' r-"" 'aihmuaihhiw J :na-uaizx 7gz.i'.1.' sn' .tk:Qt?aa QIEE' -.'-n-frte-es-.:.1:.e:1: rw I-n 11, ..' :::J s - '. ,L, X 4 - I Q r'l,l.,4:' -I Sb' lr 569.1-3 ' Y.--.1 M , f , I, :irq A 9 D N4 Charmee Fellows, Sandy Kupper. Doyne Allen, Gale Bradford, and Karren Chilton add to the Christmas atmosphere of the GIRLS' OPEN HOUSE. Residents oi both sides of the campus take part in the social activities of the school. Since officers chosen for clubs take their jobs seriously, original ideas soon develop. Girls' club has open house, Christmas by the fire- side, and worship at the bowl. Boys' club has an Ori- ental banquet, a starlight walk, and entertainment by the Globe Trotters. 58 Dormltoru club dinner, as well a Charlene Vanden and Millie Duge give a last-minute check to "Frosty" before qoinq to the cafeteria for the SEMI- BANQUET. At the other end oi the hall. while touring the girls' dorm, quests see a toboggan gliding down a snow-cov- ered slope. Idsei . it-mt err? SLM? Lecture Oriental Ihristmas affair What a coincidence! All the third term BETA DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS are in the boys' lunch line at the same time. They are Bob Leo, president: Gayland Haqy, vice-president: Bill Swaner. ser- geant-at-arms: Ron Rau, pastor: and IQ, Tom Marzo, chorister. . r 2 ll i 2' 3,1 it J VJ - 1 1 ff,: V ,HI 1 5 Y., - ii ,Q ,M Some of the decorations for the boys' club banquet are checked over by the second term BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS. They are Cliff Stewart. president: Iohn Pearson, vice-president: Ernie Yankee, secretary-treas- urer: Dave Kanas, chorister: lack Fiske, pastor: and Knot shownl Paul Nakabayashi, sergeant-at-arms. Singing a lively song by the warmth of a blazing fire at the bowl. second semester GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS sport their Hale Wahine sweatshirts that Bug Koelsche isecond from leitl made possible for the entire girls' club to get. Officers are Donna Cooper, president: Bug Koelsche, first semester president: Pat Morris vice-president: Shorty Marzo, chorister: Shirlene Housel, religious vice-president: Bette Thomp- son, secretary: Margaret Westermeyer, sergeant-at-arms: and Gale Bradford, treasurer. 59 -1 tr- Ll, 5, , t nel, ,rage Karen Weishaar accompanies "a cute little mountain girl" Barbara Nelson while she YODELS her way into the Swiss Alps. SAXAPHONES are Emie Yan- kee's ' and Icmet Risingefs way of showing their talents tor the festival. One of the highlights of the talent festival is a VOCAL SOLO by Ray Willeiord, ac- companied by Ioyce Wittmier. The last resounding note...applause. Carolyn Roth. Missi Tibbits. Karyl Iones, and Nancy Minear-the IUNIOR PIANO QUARTET-finish their piece and rise to take a bow. '-f.rl lu- mix t. A 2 5' A A. 5 I x l '4 v. The taleht festival offers a ehahee for NI3A's students to show their various talents. - Each year the Talent Festival brings many opportunities for the students to display their talents. The program includes instrumental solos and duets: piano ensemblesg vocal solos and groups, including yodelinq and accordion. The students put in many lonq hours of practice to make the talent show or success. The SENIOR OCTET blend their voices in harmonious melo- dies. They are lback :owl Lincoln Morikone, Paul Lowe. Dorlin Grifiith, Ernie Yankee: tfront rowl Shorty Marzo. Sharon Gillow-pianist, Ioyce Wiiimier and Eleanor Ander- son: lnoi shownl Ieri Butzer. 4 5 4 L 1.4 4.1. M, Sif- L 4 4 LLC I 44.5545 'z Z 1.54: tug ii L S 61 Z X ,ff X Sixtq - plus seniors to n rn nnon Mui stirs , e , Ln Rf activities - Including QR K A C ADEM After many rehearsals, the senior girls' trio will be able to perform their musical number very well for the senior recital: after much deliberation the seniors choose their class pins: with keen anticipation the seniors pack for their Weekend trip to Cedar Falls: senior ditch day climaxes the qood times planned by the seniors: with great anticipation the seniors look forward to the faculty-senior banquet, the last social event of a busy, Wonderful year. Um this surely is good food," comments Mr. The assistant poultry manager. Mr. Tom Mmear and his Dale Anderson the assistant dairy manager, to wife,Audrey. seem to be enioyinq the FACULTY BOARD his wife at the FACULTY-SENIOR BANQUET. BANQUET. alonq with Mrs. Clarence Iohnson -If lr clubs are great for everqone. hiv' 3 5 -v 4, A ,fi si CE' If W ,fi-5 "He 1 f 'e-I , 1 VA z. , F. 5 ' : fi xf. Jn , - 5 A A' t ' 41.1 I on l .3-Y . t l x l 1 ' ' ?-"' L ". T Shorty Marzo, Eleanor Anderson, and Cliff Stewart, treasurer, secretary, and president ol the FOUR-YEAR CLUB-look through an NPA annual of several years hack. with their sponsor. Mr. E. C. Broadbeck. "Whoopy, We're oil!" is the usual cry heard every year about the time the big yellow bus pulls out with a full load of Spanish ll students on their way to-who knows? But the Spanish Club isn't the only organization that is "going places." The Four-Year Club members of re- cent years have explored from the Salton Sea to the buttes of the Mojave Desert. Therefore, it is no wonder that most freshmen look forward to their senior year at Newbury with much vigor. Ll!! Q is if 4 UIQ-f - Rosie Morikone takes a whack at a gaily-decorated piiiata while Gwen Avery, Wilbur Helmer, Clilf Stewart and Pat Morris look on. During the year these officers plan pifnata parties and Spanish feeds for the SPANISH CLUB. Musical specialties care ctlwcaqs cu trectt X P D f r their listeners Mrs. Maude M. Wolfe ttopl seems pleased with the progress being made by her ORGAN and PIANO students Lynn Phinney and Mary Strahan. tllbovel The senior PIANO QUARTETTE - Eleanor Anderson, Donna Groger. Pat Morris, and LeRene Butler-perform for the talent festival in early spring. Their schoolmates and teachers surely enioy hearing Doyne Allen and Mike Kicenski play a VIOLIN DUET. ?' 0 ' Q S5 l 1.25 Life in the girls' dorm is packed full of frierxdlq fun-times. A A 7 X rf ' M 5 I 1 I ! I ' ' L Ley RN ' foes l l X lf I , Q 1 ! lt t 7' HALE WAHINE officers using the parlor for one, oil their weekly meeting are Urontl Ianet Risinqer, pianist: Beth Davidson. treasurer: Sharon Gillow. chorister: Doyne Allenz secretary: lbackl Carolyn Roth, religious 'vice-president: Mrs. Hannah Yanke, sponsor: Marilyn Koelsche, presldentg Millie Duge, vice-president: Margie Clement. sergeantlat- arms: Miss Margaret Wilson. sponsdr. ff l Eoqs enjoq dorm life in ca noisier, but wholesome, I L I YYXCIIYWXEP. g ID fo x , 's :-... ieb I 1 r 'n ix ,- 1 ,'gx. 44? -1 -I Ja-4 l ' A f-xx: ' This "shaver," Lincoln Morikone. has no worries: ihex-e's no ihe razor he's posing with. Planning activities for the boys' weekly BETA DELTA KAPPA meetings takes time. interest, cmd ingenuity. The officers meeiing in the boys' parlor are Wilbur Helmef, sergeant-gl-arms: lim Fisher, chorisier: Lincoln Morlkone, vice-president: Iumes Brimer, president: Paul Lowe, secretary-treasurer: Mr. A. G. Tcxppen, sponsor: cmd Incl: Lewis. pcrsiox. l X I X h 1. Student Assog,,,e4atlon ' 1 ilr'!f'I 1 F4 wil Wind, sun, and the scent ol hay help the SA OFFICERS lrightl anticipate more keenly the coming hayride. They are lclockwisel Millie Duge, secretary: lim Brimer, treasurer: Mike Iackson, president: Ron Rau. sergeant-at-arms: Charlene Vanden, vice-president. The rest oi the STUDENT COUNCIL members labovel ioin their ollicers for cz iaunt to the hills, but they won't get far in one ieep! Passengers include Don Pettibone, Darrell Rich, Mr. Larry Wolfe-sponsor, Richard Morda, lane! Risinger, Richard Wagner, Bug Koelsche, Cliff Stewart, and Darlene Grunke. The other sponsor, Mr. A. G. Tappen, missed the trip. gee 3 .mga J N.. fl cw'- ly all ,Iwi .- .l . 2, Nh? K .Iffl rl.. '- ' 1' irhtik LQ , . .. .. t 1 : . , ,N . PM , .,' -ea' .Q '?' - -15" . r1,f,'f'uLl . 'Y Mfg, V -.. M t- tt f t','gi'v L A 1. if , M . . 1 ,,,,,, . ..,, .A ... , ,ge ur-Year Club Q iqi' 'L To Twenty-four freshmen of '57-'58 are now completing their tourth year at NPA. Members of the FOUR YEAR CLUB are ffrontl Martin, Sanders. Moore, Shoen, Butler, Schmitt, Groger, Anderson, Cooper. Chilton, Koelsche, Marzo, and Mr. Broadbeck-sponsor: lbackl Southwick, Pearson, Thompson, Helmer, Morikone, Pettibone, Hensen, Stewart, Yankee, Cookson, Lowe, Torres: Knot shownl Neil Gregory. These tour-year seniors started out here at Newbury about the same time the SWIM- MING POOL did. The contrast between freshman and senior is almost as amazing as the pool in its "then and now" stages. et if L I 'sg --1"-TTQQ. . 1 - t 5 H, . tn, .-na,-1 E.,LL..rLR il 1 -. M . , I N w .. ' .f 1 Q Z-.f g l L , -'W --W -',g,f1,- "gf-r N t N . W, 81 Eh Wa. .,..- '- , V ..... ..,. A.. . ,A fu ,,5 '-M-ff 5 i""- .L 'T 15.4 ' ' f i ' A N -ff g ,H .:.,.- K SH 45 ' ' 1, U ' ' A .. ....---- --v:7I'.-f-.. --F - -' -...... ...,. -1-waz.-.....w' HH? '- V Aw A X ..- k ', ' . .U 1- ' "' .. 1- wr.: ar- :L 1411: '. - - ,, Xq h , , ' all 1 1-2'-'riff '--- -- f- I is -- x - - -----,-W , - 7 Pi Q- I NY hy vw, , ""' "X x -wha F' 'F' - , -4.4-....4,4 1 ..-.,. ..'gf':is '51 ,' '- o Y ' l- .,f -. ,. 5,'wf,, .W - . fw . , q 1 -mm. f fill , A9-'F-.L Wg' ' " wif' -, ..,,-Vi., Ml ' i 1 .-:V -, D S -V A Q ' 1 xc! , X U at 1: , , f",3Q.v-- 11 ' M " ' f f' ng f H V - "f7!?'?'f1f7'5' ,, . " I-. ' ' ' ,-... . Aff 4:-f.. iff - 4 ,.- 'qw 1 W in 'S 1 . "' ' H f..X.-ug!-in ' ,fi L- .k -, ' "'M's.- M 'f' w ff-l-fiafaf'-,gn 1 1- .- , e.xS?'5i:'-1, ,, , , ' fr , Qrgg X . - -ff ' W' '1"'f"" , Qi:.2g,i V V. X 'HL-liff-,554 ' '- ' 1 '- V- 5 C' mix- . M. .,. 'ti , -s-1' , .--'TT' . 7"'f:7 l L-ffCf71Ef"" . N - I-.4 Z A V' ' 1 V - ' ' - ,....-:LMA , ' ., L uf ,- ',fi:e.wfngv5,x, 333, 15,M.,:g.. . , - ,H 1 , 1 o ia, , Q . - f ' A:,'f5j'5ffi'1f4'-mlf'5EXff if" M252 ' '1 'ifffffi 1, R 1 " Ty ' ff H flag? fi Vw- f'f4w: :-pq xg' - I , A ' .L-:,,' fjiiffia. ' if -is , , Q v Mg, A Y' f lf., ' " my ' 'xii-fwlb, J Z' A ,Q H aiu!-fe. . . 4 X . Q Yi , A H - 1 - ' 5 , A 11: . K, - " gg 'z-A 1 1 31+ wiiE,.,, N i , 3- ' ' -' , . 'T ' 'O f:,.,E,,v f - N. s"N 2 4 , , ' ,-,nal X 1 :fy--.25 - . r 9,1 Q V Hb P , ,L . . 1 5, A , og . 1 4 - ' ia:-1 ' V 5 ' W , . '- , 'li' i 2 ' ' W: 5 ' i ,M " fib., X. 1 9 2' I fd . 222, , . I El W, ' "2 zz...-1 V Y 3 . " 'fx ' ' 'A ' J., ' ,. .12 Z .WL .X v -rf "v Hz? y ,rg . ag x2 6 I 1 f ' x Reflections HARACTE fs I RX IN If ff 1 ll H L WHO " -L Offieej bs give experiences t .lv I. f 4 .H Indy Falter and "Shorty" Marzo are really busy trying to take care oi the BOOKSTORE customers. rw w w ut? ,f In the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE Carla Lansing and Gwen Avery help Barbara Nelson with cr schedule problem. The Kibbey TWINS. Ioan and lean, receive some help in REGISTERING from Mrs. C. L. Nicholas. the registrar, before their folks leave tor home. - K ',,. f ,mi -L cxrietq students. f , l 'Q J' I 1 'l Z Rose's queailona about ihe rates on STUDENT LABOR are being answered by Miss Doris Syme, academy accountant 53 . -Z1 gg -4 Rose Wins figures the hours on the TIME SLIPS which are sent to the Busxness Oihce by the work departments Mrs. Io Wolie spends most of her time at the BOOKKEEPING MACHINE. -Q-QX 4-R C. , .I L . K 'T 'Q I""Tf ' ? -' lf Q' Q - 4 D ' '-:A N -,.1jff,"'?'f:"T"l f""f , ' "H x fi. "T ' V' ..: 7 .. fm' "I., .." 15' " ' r- if JV' .' "i ' ' ' 'ge + , ' , V 4- l.,, , --,-- ,, fl, ,, fx- , W V, , r Ji l . e - -is , 3 , ,I Y x ..- 'N ' 5' 'I 1, ,. A A , ,EP ex, 1 kj V S Mrs. D. K. Griffith. one of the CASH 'N CARRY store Hungry? You bet! Everyone eais heartily and happily of ihe delicious FOOD clerks. smiles as she waits on Gerry Dunn and David served in the academy cafeieria. This is how the cafeteria looks shortly after Spindle with iust a few of the many delicious the dinner bell rings. Cash 'n Carrq Ils bcakerq goods I , l .fm , ., jun, M-m-in-ui! Thai"-liifdlotik 'atdliiu jliilii. be lroiii' ille BHLKEBYQVQMAHQQQYV BSU arid his student workers musljbswbqking- coolilea again. 'Theisurelif Srrielllibodl vfBllEeEii:xi15pdd academy bakery nd! only 'xgqlggg jgggpthrg, sweets and ,lro3gze1xrgqdefbread2 ihrylhe cafeteria! uve- buf tor sale all stofes' and the Gush 'Ni 91915 l1R1XTaudi9re',9xx' the hiuhwmz oifexm cr pleasant stopping place-iqrs bnih icusiomdrs and siixdekils 'ialhigyi gpads, eggs. milk. honey-and even broomsg i j ' ' ' A 74 .Ll ' v, H: 1-:nf f ,' :'5 , ': rf . 541 Less than an hour later the bustling CAFETERIA looks this empty-quite a Mrs. C. H. Gardner, assistant f00d Servirre director. change! Newbury's students are especially proud of their attractively neat and and Mrs. M. M. Pettibone. cafeteria assistant. prepare beautiful dining room. crisp. vitamin-tilled SALADS lor dinner. which will Cafeteria is NlDA's busiest place 1 rye.. V 'wk About the time the nightwatchman is "turning in tor the day." one may seek the lights of the catetarta blink on. This means that Mrs. Ruby Lenz. FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR. and some ot! her student helpers are beginning to prepare for the day's meals. They have to start early to be ready for the 270 hungry students who push their way through the dining room doors three times a day. Not unttl about 7:30 p.m. do the cafeteria lights go out again, as the watchman returns to work. 75 Mr. Ice Rapp. LAUNDRY manager. instructs some of his laundry workers how to put nurses' uniforms through the mcxngles. 76 Lcaurxdrq help earn their wet gi 'T .k,imf.Q.' In ihe WRAPPING room Mrs. Gene Peters. assistant laundry supervi- sor, helps Bonnie Boyd fold sur- geons' gowns. ., . ...Il wx v . E u 5 iii gl ff. NN NW' I lat iv "Mu 'Y 1 5-127 r i' 1, lose .Sarmienio and Dennis Dorlimfl admire iwo 'ofthe HENS that bocxstfthe largest combs. DELIVERING EGGS in Thqusund, Ogks are ,Vic Hensen, 'Dgvid Lumberi, and Ben Sales. Wally -Roih and Tom Marzo 'llsierz with lnieresi as Mr. Iohn Minedr, POULTHY manager, discussek the new eijq washer ihct has been ordered, iqr the poultry department. NIU e has cmd clclir L cure used ! T X ' 'W 'bhrfvin poult, V cmq l- i i ja 1 PHSTEWIZHTL ' Wx MII-IIN' im' NPA? herd dl- approximately I4 mp-grade saws. 'Twu -sexism Bill Lowe and Hqlmer. on the sham el woklian for loday. ,Cliff Stewart., the ,man- 'ihat he's'ready to serve !he'mcmy "We can fix anything," seems to be the motto of the academy garage. Everything from a Ford to a Maserati is in good hands at the garage. The student workers number seven, with three service station attendants. This well-equipped establishment has all the tools and equipment needed for performing such jobs as Wheel balancing, transmission repair, motor overhauls, and the like. rg-v . always, ready io store Highway 101 who stop at the STATION. ' 'W-14 as can develop mechanical, skills. The academy farm, which raises fruits, vegetables, and field crops, is the scene of much activity during planting and harvesting seasons. Student workers learn how to till the rich soil, how to plant, and how to run the lathe, the trip-hammer, and the automatic hacksaw. Working on the farm is one of the best ways a young man can get on-the- iob vocational training while at Newbury . DISCING llopl the CITRUS ORCHARDS is one oi Iames Lynn's iobs on the farm. lRigh0 Winston Sarmiento cmd Rick Withey. garage workers, are getting one of the TRUCKS into better running condition. lf n ' n il N V L4 I 4, . -, . x :Alu 111' :ug me nrmv rm.:u"w..'::u.1n-2.wF1. :nam xx .-use gem. -a 9 Q42 xg Broom fczctorq orkers do real pr duction job. 1 :KW 1 ,X-N IN Heaps of "book work" and filing in the broonrfactory really keep Io Oster and Nancy Mineur, SECRETBRIES, busy the year around. liars in 1 ja i 'I , ' k - , , ' ' ' C Yu f 1 - i X 1-1 Af ' ' 11 wif' ' J. -:J-1 ,ly L, ., A '.' ,q -. ,4 , 1 W fl My 'i 1' ww . l.' url., A f .7 L, ,' , -X .H E-" ' ' N-N.. , .gi 'f 'Tx if 4 , I ' i N ,. X "'xV"'71 ' sv, 1. r I Nl' , , ' I' . Mil,-fiffx " TTY' 1:1 ff I . , K ,J fx ,,+,..--- :f"""- -V '- ' H+- W' ,MQ - l XXX . x fad,-J-A4-,A , an , '1 ,--'ffgfn X I ,f ' 4 X V! Y if N mlm H Ohe might say thaLihef1H:ceiBroorn-'SX shop, 0 edruiaiiperafed by New- bury' Ac emy. is the most "i1idustriours" ac -A orrmtl1,e,campus. With an ogiput-of'8,50'll dozen brooms ' grin a,tht'eE-month period. the factory - P obviously is a very busy place. Ace brooms ar delivered from Hawaii to C1ty..T ' 'broorftiactoryisemiltruc is " n'fhe y o"'almost constantlynreplen- -is 'ng the stock of broom handles . an broom corn. -X . Texasdindextram Sedilleftg K'-Salinlxlfilfiil 1.4 ,QQM N '- With a nillmberxqritlullziime employ- --me-'b"" I-' ' "66E'andfoverTiiHy"student employees doing their specialized iiobs, a broom ggqes ffrom broom straw to finished product in.gbLQiN,On,e.nl1:xlf..hour. Since. 'irthejqlheiest iphase of the business . opefed this year-the making of nyl n,mop-heads-the broom factory b ,.-fubipzzesui lougfeb. thqgever with , prddueuon-smms:i""' s - ' X, J lQ,.s,f1'TJl'iT Ellbexj son, assistant manager, runs ' .V e kip-loade 'i'as"l!mM-Wisweli works from g-top ,bl the,fBROOM STRAW bales. Y . , x h Z 1' 'Q' .. X WO- L... , R 1 L.. -4,1181 ,, . x S S ...f"""'--I'-H q 1 .1 5 4, 19g ffl' 1----5 X ,ff -4 , I 4,2 F ,., ""-is. N . V , :it- 5 X his Q t 91 it it W H". ' if ' . 1 , rm I 1.- ' K X 3 .. ' srl ls 1 U 'SF' . , my ' , .1-fif - ,Y 1 , y N . A 1 V i k ' W '- .il ls ZA , . V Q h .N ' I K ty f ' f R x t83 l 1 sl ln' dx., S 4 I - xiii - ' 1 . if -F4 M"""' yn L r ' f A X l -' 2 1 . - -, ,,t,.,,m....m..n.,, , Y , i . Mcmq percatlons are required for making cu broo lTopl Mr. Paul Hetterlee, bunching de- partment foreman. reminds Ernie Yankee, as he slips a plastic WRAP- PER onto cz broom, that the cover may not be on very long-especially il sales are good. fI.eltl Kelly Dalton and Rick Rogers can really work up speed on their iobs since PAINTING broom handles is done with iust one quick dip into cz paint bucket. 2 .l!Al1i,. ,, uni, .. 4. H , Mr. Gene Peters. academy truck drlver. waits for "Pop" Gardner to finish a check-up on the TRUCK so he can head for Texas to get another load of broom corn. -4 -J,,.v"lq, - ' ff. A- .EBHHNTU 5.71: 'ale' N' 0 li PZ- Q1 'r '- I n"'A'!7 Q , x Xu, X., -X A-'rn -,Vh ' xxxshuex F is-x 4 ,Q , ,L -..,kY Xe. X - Y' 1 N--. -1, -six -X "x, X -NXQX X. -x X-... .5.. "'--V, r, -A . u,mf' i.-,-., A-Sh. --,hss--W E91 Si ga ss Q1 E . Aqgrh- - fOpposlle page, lower leftl Mr. Marvin Meeker. hurl departmenl foreman, and Iudy Whiirock make a fast iob of SORTING the long com from the short, and lhe good from the bad, as they work daily to keep the "bank" filled. iI.ef0 Dorlin Griffith asks Mr. Larson to check the WNDING iob he is doinq. -q.,. . ', ,.g. . f.. .LQ ..u. LL I -,,,..:-'-'- -111- ii' 1- l.'1J' . ., ,. L . t cr". .,, , . , ,l f', i .':,.,,A, ,f . . will mf - --. J- A. L , .1 fig-N . ' "E ,.I. ,, , .Q ,-- 85 N ,,l.f- ,.1-uv .1 -.- Cclrperxters, pl e ecztricioms cn' "Sure wish this were my desk!" exclaims Ierry Snodgrass Io Mr. Clarence Iohnson. Both oi ihese workers assist Mr. M. M. Pettibone. building and WOODSHOP supervisor for the academy's old and new buildings. Drawing plans and supervising new construction could be cr full-time iob. but there's always the carpentry and painting maintenance that must be kepi up ioo. NQPQ. ,l his 'xbers 2 , W . ,L -W H, vi - ' ' - :I -iq? I'-' -T--:Hi . , - "U H W . ' .' I' la- V W .Jr w 1 lute, 1 "V ' I 1 Dale Kems and lack Fiske say that WIRING under the gym in the new woodworking classroom is lun when you have a genlal boss like Mr. Don Hilliard, the acudemy's plumbing and elecirlcal engineer. He too has a two- fold lob: pulling in all new plumbing and wiring, besides dolng all the maintenance necessary on equipment in the various departmenis and buildings. "5 K. ix lp- One iob that may not appeal to everyone is WINDOW-WASHING. but sophomores Ioline Lenz and Iodee Allred are good sports about it. L- v' Manu skills are us NPA departments. Not only is variety "the spice of life," but variety could well be the watchword for the work program of Newbury Park Academy. Besides the offices, the bookstore, the service station, the bakery, the cafeteria, the laundry, the dairy, the poultry, the qaraqe, the farm, the two maintenance shops, the broom factory, the janitor and grounds crews, other depart- ments offering work to students include the Tri-Bee honey- packinq industry, the newest activity-mop-making, Ventura Estates, and the academy, which employs readers for the teachers. Yes, on-the-job training of many types is available right here on the NPA campus. iq Earl Wilson, another sophomore, seems to be having fun MOWING the LAWN fthe modern, easy wayl-one of the many responsibilities oi Mr. Broadbeck and his grounds crew. n ther cried Being on Mr. Lenz's IANITOR crew is not all drudqery for Renee Taylor and Charmee Fellows: they seem to find real pleasure in polishing the Hammond organ uniil it literally shines. ,if 4' f 1 xl, S4 X 1 I V It's two o'clock in the morning. As Mr. Iohn Underhill, NIGHTWATCHMAN. punches the time clock behind the chapel, it is with the assurance ihai all is well on the NPA campus. Y' 'Hz 1 ' LI I 'H :Iii Ii. u.- 1 w elif' Y, Sl 52 H+ r e t ,Yuccct cm ab U11 X I ,fl I 2 'xx '-.,.f.,4 '1 ' ,at 15, 1 al. ff 'f',A-.. .,-.e5"'42""4"- V 65.5. -r ,, -A ra- i Y- 1. if .die ill Darlene Grunke, editor-im and Paul Lowe, associate editors: Doyne 'I-Xllen, Senior Class editors: Ml Class editor: Betty Io Senseman, under- editor: C51 Bonnie Wheatley. secretary: Ioyce copy editor: t6l Beth Davidson. advertising manager: t7l Penni Huston. activities editor: Ion Thompson, photography editor: tnot shownl Mike Iackson, business manager. Publications Staffs evvburiom record information Newlourufs wheels of progress, 11 -E XX -E27 My -t WH: i C1'Q:Dou lfottlbopea editoii, editor: C32 Gcxylond Hogy: news editor: 3151 Shdrrill i B Rose Wxrts. columnist: QD Earl hown! Mrs. L W. Roth. advisor, 91 Thank qou, Staff of '60 - -it Editor-in-Chief Karen Hut, Associate Editor Marilyn Launer, and all your other associates-for carrying on the tradition of making the Yucca a book oi which NPA can be justly proud! Important coqs in the wheels of Yucca production are the photographers who Work so tirelessly and patiently each year to satisfy the whims of the editors. To them-Mr. H. B. Wilcox and Mr. Herb Hummel-a whole-hearted thanks for another job beautifully done! vk su, S "+L Q ' 4 ' an " Z, 5 S A S SKQXV Luv Lu I , ef -F 4, Pmsr AWARD f IFGIL l 15 35 . :.i j 05009 S' -f 2 'P 3 2 2 E Q -B ?f S IW. xx 1 ,I 7ff'f'EkQf1 Although officially Mr. Wilcox is Senior Charlene Vanden gives Mr. Rummel. the school's During the time each fall when Mr. NPA's vice-principal and science PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER, a big smile as he takes Hummel is on campus to take portraits. instructor, unofiiciallly he is the her photo for the Senior Class medley. Mr. Wilcox generously shares his DARK- YUCCA PHOTOGRAPHER. ROOM with Mr. Rummel. 92 Milo.: 31... .Sl ACUNA. Luis Monrlque H7103-6 Valencta. Venezuela ADAMS. Davld 130 Willard Way. Apt. Port Hueneme AITCHISON. Steven 1165 Orange Drive Oxnard ALCARAZ, Ruth 15720 Bonsallo Avenue Gardena ALLEN. Doyne 950 Holly Vlsta Pasadena ALLEN. Reggie 1094 E. Meta Ventura ALLRED. Iodee 1056 East Avenue Chlco AMORE. Stanley 3813 S. Pactlic San Pedro ANDERSON. Bette 771 Luton Drive Glendale ANDERSON. Eleanor 482 Mesa Drive Camarillo ANDERSON. Marsha 425 N. Imperial Brawley ANDRADE. David 822 W. Main Street Santa Marla ARMSTRONG, Daniel 835 Hartzell Street Pacilic Palisades AVERY, Gwen 14735 Cumpston Van Nuys BABCOCK. lerry BABCOCK. Rita 2345 Chlqulta Lane Thousand Oaks BAERG, Marlin 39729 Rd. 56 Dlnuba BAKER, Helen 1112 First Bakerslleld BALDWIN, Darol 1849 Cedar 1217 Long Beach BALDWIN, HOPE 7716 Delmar Avenue San Bemardlno BALLEW, Larry 29 T. Street Bakerstleld BATES. Dale P. O. Box 187 Atascadero BAUER. Anlta Box 431 Heppner. Oregon BAUGHMAN, B111 3696 Cedar Avenue Lynwood BEAUREGARD. Clit! 854 Amoroso Pl. Venice BENBROOK. Sandy 3608 Stewart Avenue Los Angeles BESENYEI. Bettie 1211 22nd St. San Pedro BOSTELMAN. ludy 1630 Pleasant Avenue Los Angeles BOYD, Bonnie Box 873 Loma Linda BRANDOW, Craig 2824 Galley San Pedro BRESEE, Gene 3200 Rio Lindo Ave. Healdsburg iris BRIMER. Iames 10 V St. Bakerslleld BROWN. Betty Routeifl. Box 586 Arroyo Grande BROWN. Sharon 9826 Hasty Ave. Downey BUCHHEIM. Arthur 244 McMillan Ave. Oxnard BUTLER. I.eRene P. O. Box 857 Portervllle BUTZER, Ierl 2000 E. Chevy Chase Glendale CAIN, Wayne 6558 Victoria Highland CAMARGO. Nydla B Street 260 Mexicali. Mexlco CHAYRA. Louise 1012 N. Rowan Ave. Los Angeles C1-IILTON. Karren 340 Kings Ave. Morro Bay CHIN. Thomas Ave. Iuarez .ff1l2 Mexicali B.C.. Mexico CLEMENT. Marge 16243 Chase St. Sepulveda COOKSON. Cynthia COOKSON. Iohn 1030 Ash St. Arroyo Grande COOPER, Bruce Star Route Boron COOPER, Donna 504 N. Dover Rd. Covina CLARK. Iohn 4432 Sargeant Ave. Castro Valley COTTON, Nlta 1573 East R-4 Palmdale COX. Bob 12787 Rechi Canyon Rd Colton COX. Paul 1819 Clay St. Redlands CRAMER. Evelyn 1235 W. I-'tr Ave. Oamard CRISLER. Glenn 330 Nebraska Henderson. Nevada CRUZ, Manuel Ave. Bollvla 42397 Mexicali B.C.. Mexlco DALTON, Kelly 7758 Ethel Ave. North Hollywood DAUG1-IETEE. Edward Dr. 423 N. 4th st.. Apt. qtfza Port Hueneme DAVENPORT, Ann 127 E. Market St. Long Beach 7 DAVIDSON, Beth 1440 E. Chevy Chase Glendale 6 DEES. David 1706 Ochard Ave. Glendale DEATON. Hugh 911 W. 8th St. Corona DETWILER, 1-'red 10523 Kllng St. North Hollywood DORLAND. Dennls Lee DORLAND. Sherrll 36456 Dorland Dr. Barstow tll.0!0l'l fri el"Q DUGE. Millie 642 Toyopa Dr. Pacilic Palisades DUNN. Gerry 525 W. Camino Real Arcadia DURM. Sherry 11130 Pine St. Lynwood EAVES. Donna Rt. 1. Box 529 Arvin ETHERTON. Cheryl 8813 Marklein Ave. Sepulveda FAGAN, Allen 1000 W. Myrtle Visalia FALTER. Iudy 3012 St. Marys St. Bakersfield FEILLER, Gloria FEILLER, Richard P. O. Box 105 Newbury Park FELDKAMP. Bud 2507 Fairlax Balrerstield FELLOWS. Charmee 2001 Sandy Lane Bakersfield FERNANDEZ. Ruben P. O. Box 278 Barstow FISHER. David 1590 Trenton Ave. Glendale 6 FISHER. lim 1180 Bryant Rd. Long Beach FISKE. lack 5325 Wilma Torrance FLORES. Femando Ave Nichoacam 951 Mexicali B.C.. Mexico FREEMAN. Kenneth FREEMAN. Lowell 190 Academy Dr. Newbury Park GALE, Steven 927 Westmont Rd. Whittier GILLOW. Sharon 13315 Gladstone Sylmar GLOVER, David P. O. Box 517 Tracy GRAYBILL. Allison P. O. Box 63B Barstow GRAYBILL, Ron 11085 Hole Ave. Arlington GREGORY, Neil 825 Spruce Oxnard GRENBERG. LaDeane 7600 Scenic St. Fair Oaks GRIFFITH, Dorlin 190 Academy Dr. Newbury Park GROGER, Donna 708 Maryland St. El Segundo GRUNKE. Darlene 1139 Cadiz Dr. Simi GUZMAN. Eliva Apartado Postal H101 Mexicali B.C.. Mexico HADDOCK, Robert 5014 Sierra Vista Ave. Arlington HAGY, Gayland 7553 Telephone Rd. Ventura HAMLIN. Ginger 9501 E. Naomi Arcadia COLJJE We ?JllCC6L HARE. Linda 435 Cecelia Way Los Altos HARKLERODE, Marita 4533 Iones Ave. Arlington HARTE. Ellen 3944 Camellia Santa Barbara HARTUNG. Gale 5112 Caspar Ave. Los Angeles 41 1-IAYASAKA. Raul Ave. Marmoleros 41699 Mexicali B.C.. Mexico HELMER. Wilbur P.O. Box 633 Barstow HENDRICKS. Pam Rt. l, Box 578 Shatter HENSEN, Ioe HENSEN. Victor Rt. 1. Box 650 Arvln HOCHALTER, Donna 2610 31st Santa Monica 1-IOOPER, Ian 711 Atkins Dr. Glendale 6 HOUSEL. Shirlene 25767 Lomas Verdes Redlands HOWARD. Iett 619 Briarcrolt Claremont HUSTON. Penni Rt. 1. Box 336-A Arroyo Grande HWANG. lean 3205 Gregory Dr. Moiave ISAAC. Willeta Rt. 1. Box 278-D Shatter IACKSON, Mike 400 Dayloma Ave. Ventura IACOBS, Harold 4230 So. A Oxnard IOHANSSON. Ingrid IOHANSSON, Roland 264 Ardmore St. San Bernardino IONES, Iohn IONES. Karyl 1856 Decdora St. Simi IONES. Russell 1259 Laux St. Garden Grove KANAS. Dave l511Vz 5th Glendale KAY. Dennis P.O. Box 172 Shalter KELLER, Kitty P.O. Box 6158 Bakersfield KIBBEY. Iean KIBBEY. loan General Delivery Ukiah KICENSK1, Mike 1754 W. Ave. I-I. Lancaster KIEHM. Flora Box 33356 Los Angeles KIRK. Earla KIRK. Ioan 425 Cecelia St. Los Altos KNOX. Pam 7395 Pyramid Hollywood KOELSCHE. Marilyn 724 10th St. S.W. Rochester. Minnesota KOHLER. Steve 167 Spring St. Ventura KUPPER, Sandy 345 Las Tunas Arcadia LANSING. Carla 951 Date St. San Bernardino LARSEN. Linda S56 Tabor Lane Santa Barbara LELAND. Hal 337 Glenwood Ventura LEMMON. Eddie 5191 Sisson Dr. Huntington Beach LENZ, Ioliene 120 Academy Dr. Camarillo LEO. Bob 2610 Green Acre Dr. Visalia LEWIS. lack 1118 Excellsior Rd. Placerville LEMON, Alex Ave. Larrogue 911334 Mexicali B.C.. Mexico LIN. lirn 4434 Arcola Ave. No. Hollywood LODER. Linda 1509 Seal Way Seal Beach LOWE. David 565 Collins St. Oxnard LOWE. Paul 2970 Cortez St. Oxnard LOWE. Bill 1201 Reynolds N. Las Vegas, Nevada LUMBERT. David 11155 Pine Lynwood LUNDY. Darlene 217 Dempsey Rd. Oxnard LYNN. Iames Rt. 2. Box 267 Santa Paula MCCLUSKY. Archie 4l8Vz Hawthorne Glendale McK1NZ1E, Tamara 4322 Damsen Lane Visalia MANUEL. Cheryl 381 N. Riverside Riote MARKLE. Betty 2577 Midvale Los Angeles 64 MARTIN. Carol 325Vz N. Adams Glendale S MARZO. Eleanor MARZO. Shirley MARZO. Tom P.O. Box 824 Santa Maria MENDOZA. Robert 719 So. Bonnie Beach Los Angeles 23 MILLER. ludy n 1160 E. San Bernardino Redlands MILLER. Kathy 3120 So. L St. Oxnard MINEAR, Nancy 110 Academy Dr. Newbury Park MOHR, Robert 5813 Evergreen Las Vegas, Nevada MOORE. lim 524 Leeridge Terrace Glendale 6 Ave 93 aw ' -.1 , 'H H, "'.,:' " X ACADEMY POULTRY Quality Eggs '11, 5 x 4 H .. 1 34 'hE'li''I14 M . D l' mr. 'L fQ1i ,. :iv Y A iii V AY -an Fi I .-.... .......... ...... A f .,j'fA P V ACADEMY DAIRY Specializing in I Fine Dairy Products Whipping Cream Chocolate Milk Cottage Cheese ' Non-fat Milk ' Half 81 l-Ialf Buttermilk tll Paul Lowe and Marge Clement. Newbury's favorite "track stars" show their skill as they race around a tight circle at the "get- acquainted" social. 121 Bv the light of the old lamp pole, happy "Newburians" enioy the first "get-acquainted" social in front of the Chapel. t3l Don't panic! You'1l get there-it Mike hurries! 1 Hup two three tour The grand march is emoyed by all even on foot MOORE, Ioanne 1080 Grapevine Rd. Madisonville. Kentucky MOORE, Marla 1545 W. Ave. L-12 Lancaster MORDA, Richard 727 Acacia Ave. V Glendale MORIKONE. Lincoln 423 4th St.. Apt. 8 . Y Port Hueneme MORIKONE. Rosemarie 1798 W. Chapel Dr. Camarillo MORRIS. Cherie MORRIS. Patricia 13641 Droniield Sylmar MORTENSEN, Steven 436 Adelaide Dr. Santa Monica MOS1-IOS, Dee MOSHOS, Donna 2570 Trotlers Terrace Rolling Hills NAKABAYASHI. Harold NAKABAYASHI. Paul 3010 S. Anchor Ave. Orange Cove NELSON, Barbara 1905 Ridgewood Dr. Bakersfield NEWMAN, Barbara NEWMAN. Linda 1315 Hillcrest Dr. Arroyo Grande NICHOLAS, Susan Box 105 Newbury Park NIGHTINGALE. Beverly Rt. 1 Box 300-A Shatter PEARSON, lohn 148 Georgina Ave. Santa Monica PEINADO, Ilse PEINADO. Ricardo Ave. 9 17561-48 Maracaibo. Venezuela PETERS. Brad PETERS, Doug 180 Academy Drive Newbury Park PETTIBONE, Don 10 Academy Dr. Newbury Park P1-IINNEY. Lynn P.O. Box 745 Santa Paula PHINTHOSOPI-ION. Cherd Chai PHINTHOSOP1-ION, Kosit Rama 4 Road Bangkok, Thailand PIERCE. 10 Ann 2572 E. Mellbrae Duarte PIERCE. Tom 531 E. Granada Ontario PIERPOINT. Suzanne 1345 Spruce St. Oxnard PORTER, Iohn P.O. Box 83 Moiave PRIOR, Sherre 662 King St. Santa Rosa QUILLEN, Linda 5015 W. 20th St. Los Angeles RAMOS. lohn 618 S. Pine St. Santa Monica RAU. Ronald 12th St. Paso Robles RESTIVO. Iris 4119 Benham Baldwin Pcfk RICH, Darrell Box 105 Newbury Park RICHARDS. Don Route 1, Box 532 Arvin RISINGER. Ianet 5050 Sierra Vista Arlington RITACCA, lim Rl'l'ACCA, Io Anne 519 W. Baseline Claremont ROGERS, Rick 225 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara ROTH, Carolyn ROTH. Wally 180 Academy Drive Newbury Park RUPNOW. Larry 2265 E. Glenoaks Bl. Glendale 6 RUSSELL. Patsy P.O. Box 258 Barstow RYAN, Karyl 515 Loch Lomond Dr. Bakersfield RYPDAHL, Ion 1223 Westlund Las Vegas, Nevada SALES. Beniamin 2395 Lotus St. Santa Maria SANDERS, Nancy 831 Georgina Santa Monica SANTINI. Saundra SANTIN1, Vesta 4908 Leed St. Santa Susana SAPHILOFF, Victor 5022 Butler Dr. Arlington SAHMIENTO, Gerardo SARMIENTO, Iose SARMIENTO, Winston Calle 13. Okraies La Paz Bolivia, So. America SCHIFFNER. David 3926 Micheal Mar Vista SC1-1MlTT. Rita 43339 N. 41 St. W. Lancaster SCHNEIDER. Ieanie Route 1, Box 147-1-1 Shatter SCHRILLO. Ianie 5149 Los Angeles Ave. Santa Susana SCOGGINS. lohn 3604 Frances Ave. Los Angeles 66 SEAMOUNT. Roelle 5019 Sierra Villa Los Angeles 41 SEGURA. Carmen 5334 Sultana Temple City SENSEMAN. Betty Io 1114 W. Lancaster Bl. Lancaster SHOEN. Charlene 110 A. Ellis China Lake SLOCUM. Donald 6951 Santa Carlotta La Crescenta r. , W-. .4 SMITH. Stephenie 753 Orange Ave. Long Beach SNODGRASS, Ierry P.O. Box 1152 Boron SOUTHWICK. Bob 1165 Orange Dr. Oxnard SPINDLE. David 1525 Ridge Crest Way Monterey Park STEPHENSON. Betty 518 E. Valerio Santa Barbara STEWART. Cliit 2335 N. F St. Stockton STOOPS, Charlene 4235 Zepherlane Bakersfield STOWELL. Suzanne 5540 Parkcrest Long Beach 8 STRA1-IAN, Mary 950 Arcady Rd. Santa Barbara SWANER, Bill Rt. 1. Box 568 Glenn TAPIA. Adolph TAPIA. Sam P.O. Box 1086 Barstow TAYLOR. Renee 150 N. Wilson Pasadena THOMPSON. Bette 3634 Santa Clara Ave Oxnard THOMPSON. Ion THOMPSON. Linda 36709 96th St. E Littlerock TIBBITS, Missi 1465 E. Chevy Chase Glendale TORRES. Cherry 1572 Baia Calil. Sl. Mexicali B.C.. Mexico TORRES. Ralph 4161 Carlotta St. Santa Susana VALENTINE, Ioan B112 Lanora St. Bakersfield VANDEN. Charlene 4821 West 133 St. Hawthorne VON HAKE. Susan 456 Skyeway Rd. Los Angeles 49 WAGNER. Richard 2217 Channel Dr. Ventura WAHL, Katherine Newbury Park Academy Newbury Park WALKER, Iohn 3121 L. St. Oxnard WATSON. Rick 917 Eayama Oiai WEISHAAR. Karen Rt. 1. Box 153 Shatter WESTERMEYER. Margaret 228 Palm Ave. Santa Paula WHEATLEY. Bonnie 755 West F. St. Ontario WHITE. Greg 3 Bassett Lane Atherton WHITROCX. ludy 6369 lones Ave. Arlington WILLEFORD. Ray 717 Lemar Oxnard WILSON, Earl Box 56 Lone Pine WIRTS. Rose 1521 Flower St. Bakerslield WISWELL. Iim 331 San Miguel St. San Luis Obispo WITHEY. Richard 130 Willard Way Port Hueneme WITTMIER, Ioyce 5251 K St. Sacramento WONG. Diana 1914 Michigan Ave. Los Angeles 33 YANKEE. Emie 160 Genieve Camarillo 1 ' 1 :Lit Lewis V 'k 'ir' Il W A P In f-' V ' if ' ' A L- l.'V ' J, 1 N' - ' ' , ' J . j K, , . -' ' ' ' ' ' ' . ., , ty W 4. - . . - .X . Q . li . f . R 'WJ Q ,THA Q'-"' T W l . 7 is 1 1 . 'jhlxglalf . X l -Z i ll V -"Zi: .' , . ' " K Q V ' V H' -. .:.--- ' iii.. '- ' f -l ' V 1 n- if o " V X , 12" A13 , , 1 ' , ,Y 'Y 1 V." lu" "L A .L-I 1 ' W-gi.. .D -i .2 , K t his sh ,QA-, ji' I I J! C' 1 . Q. .WN A V I Iimmy Kathy Tim Dennis Einar Darlene Bobby Dale Rich Nicholas Freeman Rapp Blomberg Rustad Griltith Wolte Pettibone im, vigor, varietq, Grade school students are full and vitalitq. A constant source of energy around the campus are the members of the NPA elementary school. On a nice clear day, or a cloudy, rainy day-it makes little difference-one may observe the children engaged in varied activities from climbing trees and playing tether ball in the school yard to hearing one of Mrs. Underhill's new stories or doing an experiment in science. Established some years ago for educating "faculty kids," the school now has three teachers and sixty students both from on-campus and from the "booming" Conejo Valley area. Q 9 I E Ncs 0 'ii iii 'T GRADES FIVE and SIX tleftl take time out irom their read- ing lesson to pose with their teacher, Mrs. Iohn Minear. 97 ff--,J'1 uuql-.1nv3?'!4T ii , , A., ,. fv-., - . -1 J Y, . '. . LN' ying 1 ull' YA1wx1l"lg"Itt'5t"'f -., -q'M,lai!'.i!'! ld NS, .? N", '54'Jl?.,i11JVv Wvlfd L. l M., tu 'U 5 4 , '33 :JM IW' Q Q6 Mrs. Iohn Underhill ltopl has calmed her vivacious FIRST and SECOND GRADERS long enough tor a picture to be taken! Mrs. lack Dassenko Kcenterl smiles along with the THIRD and FOURTH GRADERS iust before class begins. E umumig ' pw I 911 4 w .HF V' n fl ' ' 1 .fliz 7 H Y 1 WV" W H MUG qw 'H f E f '1' J 1h V 2 ' " Q ll! A gll f A ,IX X . Hfi?Sf"n ?1 91 52, W k X E' g M M a H X EUGENE 0125: GCN l Q .DOUGLAS F112 LUNB5-:IQ CAPITAL E LDh.DI.5-4542 vfww gifcf' WWDLE5 po.Box 364 ACADEMY LAUNDRY the finest in Professional Laundry Service 1 a 5 I Qffi 5 -L if feww S-uf' ' f, 55 , ,, m , l Institutional Laundry Uniform Rental Linen Rental Family Laundry Qven Fresh .5 Q ' hx M -A ficadeuuf gadvuf Wleazlmg pdflg 100 ffeademy Qamye NEWBURY P!-XRK, CALIF 'dl L-5 rf Af f- 4 V, ! ci' f NM! V x I I fx: - A Bw, I couumnv Q? oaudzacted NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA Q'-7? J Q ,. X 3'-:I YOUR FUTURE? The sum total of the thoughts cmd actions you are thinking and taking today will become your future. Why not share in the bright- est future, the future of your church, as an employee of the Seventh- day Adventist denomination? The time to start shaping such a future is today. For information write or call SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE of Seventh-day Adventists 1535 E. Chevy Chase Dr. Cree Sandefur, President 1, Glendale 6, California Alvin G. Munson, Secretary-Treas. :His f ' fr If if , l F' P' f,llA ' - -,IMHO Q'- ' A'-Q l . QI? l 1 A , CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1961 Schrillo Aero Tool Engr. Company 8715 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles 46, California BUSINESS IS DEPENDENT UPON WELL"EDUCATED EMPLOYEES congratulations CLASS of 1961 ...our best wishes for success and happiness . . .whatever your goal lf'-9 JANSS CORPORATION R E A L T 0 R S RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL ONE WEST VENTURA BOULEVARD THOUSAND OA S Compliments of VENTURA DRUG 500 E. Main Street Ventura, California Miller 3-3252 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL GLAZING - AUTO GLASS METAL SASH - SLIDING DOORS AND WINDOWS GORDON'S GLASS CO. 156 So. "A" Street Oxnard, California WATCHES ' DIAMONDS ' JEWELRY 0 APPLIANCES MILLS JEWELERS J. C. Penney Co. House of Perfect Diamonds Over 40 Years 555 South A 401 East Main Street Ventura, California Phone MI 8-1879 Oxnard, California HUnter 6-262 1 -. if-Jvc: if I W ":'i1.lli?1lil I .Ti iv ga-:in The oldest Savings and Loan Association in Oxnard Serving the Community since 1921 I ul I inf j . I N T E R E S T CUl'l'9t1l .I Yearly Idle Payable Quarterly On All Accounts on Insured sa vlngs -iiw,l!!iE'3 illiilli' 11- :ali If y lil! and "Il" Sirllh Ulllfi, Clllfbmll lllllill' O-2811 I F' WALLEY MEADE SIGNS SERVING SOUTHEASTERN VENTURA COUNTY can HU 5-2107 KNOB HILL AUTO PARTS E. E. NIGHSWONGER E. D. NIGHSWONGER Phone HU. 2-2266 Phone HU. 2-4263 GARAGE AND AUTO PARTS Business Phone HU. 2-2215 P. O. Box No. 87 Camarillo, California HU 3 6934 BOB YEAMAN'S "House of Seat Covers" 429 No. Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California WESTERN LIVESTOCK MINERAL CO. Manufacturers of BLUE RIBBON DAIRY FEED 17108 South Pioneer Blvd. Artesia, California 'QF K' ,I -H Best wishes to the Class of 51 from PITTS AND BRADEN Agents for Richfield Products Camarillo, California HUnter 2-2316 Compliments of Du-par's Restaurant Coneio Village Woodpath Rd. at Ventura Blvd. Breakfast All Hours - Dinners Bakery - Food to Take Home Congratulations and the Best of Luck to the Class of '61 from Haz-Eds A 8. W Drive-in 1380 Newbury Rd. - Hu. 5-5717 Newbury Park, Calif. R. K. LIDDLE Jeweler Diamonds and Watches Clocks and Silverware Watch and Jewelry Repairing We Give Green Stamps VENTURA BOULEVARD CAMARILLO CALIFORNIA Phone HUnter 7-4461 I J ' -in 1 f Q . 4 l ' . 2 s . ,A L Ei-4- - 7 ' PIC I fp u , Q.: t -- -f ' , 5- ' . f E ill' 41 .s ' 1 ' X .P ' 'T f "J "AU Y.: f'Q W W , D5 37 ' - ' 6 r ZX A sl si 'Q ,, e. I A . 15 I I 4 ' Ni . i i i 0 A I' W' ,ezfti7jt.f..1,l il ,, '1' Z1jg?r5?fEQi:f,Q5f1 1f!i.Qg1Lf Sl i " ' gf -A' '311:1-g- -rig fs9ggfjagi-iff,-255Q,ffgIg5Z-' ' -we-flif V 5 1 I WV1' 1 V lm PACIFIC i N tt' K 'qt .--'-'WV A ,-,'21:ff'N 'A 95:9 t5"f'f1",'ff':N u wares-e...x-s Y xv' N ' . 'fjxatxgilx riiffk I I Ml' H. K "7i'f?7ff.-'f.,, S.,+L.' '14 X G77 ' 5 , 1 , if I V fzfwff Reef? W uf M 4 ml l Q- M I li .' ,ii X ,b'af"1.' ii ,f f ,er Sa I 5 K fgisggxrffke j W- :f2?ijg!g3i" We . Q4-:XFX ' 3355 W f ' ' X mygff-' ' 1 M ,A .4 .ka seg , 2' N 4 rf rx is it 53. ' V w A UNION o ' 'ix vl "flak la .A 'f xc' si ALL 2- O X dawn gm 'E 1- 'Q,pmf!i.4v my U Q' 046 k ' .. xx uf" A l' I in rr . "' . -Z' ,,x,.,v .1 - ' M II.. . f ft 'C M A 0 I A.S. egree in nursing ,, ,r fb aff N , p, l,,a,Sy 91 m . ' " 1' ' - P' 0 B.A. degree in 'l9 areas K " N ' in Q ' f " ' r , 0 B.S. degree in 16 areas If ff' X 2 gripes 5 , . ,J lj ly ' E' ' o M.A. degree in 8 areas X51 ' y , 0 M.S. degree in 2 areas C J Cf If f J - X l 0 8 terminal courses F I 1909 f I 13 preprofessional courses If K - 1 f " Congratulations to the Class of '61 from Jclymclx Supply Co. 4809 Second Ave. Pittsburg 7, Po. PORTRAITS 8: . COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Green Farm Produce Co SINCE ,924 Wagon Wheel Junction RUMMEL'S STUDIO Venwm Oxnard Phone 9-6207 Mlller 2-2131 l"lUnl'er 3-1126 I I0 So. School Lodi, Calif. Yisifg The Talley Corporation Newbury Park, California ir Manufacturers of Electro Mechanisms - Actuators Mechanical and Electrical Gear Drives Electric Motors AC, DC, Servos and Synchronous Hot Air Valves and Pneumatic Equipment Congratulations to the Class of '61 Phone: HUdson 5-2121 Lasposas FSS' 2447 VENTURA BLVD. CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA HUNTER 2-5513 l Maulhardt Equipment Co. International Harvester Trucks, Tractors, 84 Farm Equipment Hunter 3-2381 815 No. Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California LM HUDSON 5-3218 iii? -illd Enlnn K X Paints-Y ...Hays Jlfaraiware. 9 Jlouseularesu DOROTHY 3' 1714 Nswaunv ROAD ALLEN HAYS NEWBURY PARK. cAL1F. COMPLIMENTS OF 'I " ij1,i-....-, fugit- rscHNoLoGv IRQFLFRUAKQNT iijoiionrlbni - .'.,v'.i, - :'-LL. W . ,L PRECISION POTENTIOMETERS CLUTCHES ' BRAKES ' SWITCHES PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS ACCELEROMETERS 850 LAWRENCE BOULEVARD NEWBURY PARK. CALIFORNIA HU son 5f2165 4 Hour Service Free Pick-up and On Request Delivery Service VaIIey Cleaners Laundry Service E. M. "Bud" Dockery 52 Elm Drive HUnter 2-47I2 Camarillo, Calif. MOUNTAIN SAGE PURE HONE .. . .1 , .flww . ia' 'e ,.: 1--.-.. W .. xx. ?l1 ,kr-..::.-,-:,.., , ,,,,,,.,,,,E" , ,. -4: ,Y:x:'.iiP5.:q 4. ..., ., . ., .,.,, nu, ..,,.,-,-.gggfg'f-E f -. if I 1' ji" fl ...,,,...-...-,... R , , . ff. I ,ci-if -A' .2e.x!C'G.iz::u-.-Q-...... . . . . ..... -- ..-.....::,,,-315933 TRI- BEE HONEY COMPANY NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA PACIFIC LINIEIN SUPPLY CEI. 1545 N. VERDUED RDAD GLENDALE B. CALIFCIRNIA CITRUS 1-5174 "The Mod Walkod Abou! Cloihu in Town" ...- E. J. FDSTER, MBR. CHAPMAN 5-'ID47 - '.-i n. G. EARLL noon co. I SHOPS 5064-66 Lonkershim Blvd. ' 'F 'll'f0"'l North Hollywood Phone: PO 'I-9741 or TR 7-8919 with. rg " xx ' f I x 1 P. 1 as 'g . he Af fl V . 6 I F' If " , I xxx Ventura Estatesm A RESIDENCE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS OF1 THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CON- FERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS. NEWBURY PARK. CALIFORNIA. Greetings to the Academy from HU 2-2217 MAX RIAVE Clothiers See Us for the Latest in Men's Fashions MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR Lsv1's AMERICAN GENTLEMEN SHOES POST OFFICE BLDG. CAMARILLO NEW - USED SALES - RENTALS HEPISONS MUSIC STOIQE ALL TYPES EIF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ARTHUR HENSDN IDE WEST FIFTH STREET PHnNc HLI. 3-SEI43 EIXNARD, CALIF. 43" 5" xg HOLT'S TELEVISION 61 RECORD SHOP G.E. - PACKARD-BELL - ZENITH HI-FI - STEREO - AUTO HUDBO 5-2410 KERIVIIT VV. FIOLT 753 VENTURA BLVD. NINO BIASI a 4 THOUSAND OAKS, CALIF. laufzsngiasfa. 5fation51yl.-l- EATON'S PAPERS GREETING CARDS K 8. E Engineering Supplies BOOKS 8- GIFTS HUnI'er 3-3715 RUBBER STAMPS 246 WesI FifI'I'l SI. Oxnard, California Congrafulafions Io the Class of '61 from VenIura's only Drive Inn Shoe Repair Friendly Service While You Wait BIC TREE MARKET 1520 Newbury Road Newbury Park, California HUdson 5-2519 The Best of Everything for Your Table H0 We Give S8cH Green Stamps 0 G D maffhess INNERSPRINGS REBUILT - NEW MATTRESSES 81 BOXSPRINGS RENOVATING - REPAIRING - RECOVERING I2I6 E. COLORADO STREET Citrus I-9782 GLENDALE 5, CALIF. HUNTER 6-2655 CAPACO CALIFORNIA PARTS COMPANY AUTOMOTIVE 0 INDUSTRIAL VVHOLEBALE DISTRIBUTORS 901 NO. OXNARD BLVD. NORM ROACH OXNARD. CALIFORNIA COnQI'OI'UICi'l'IOl"lS Hunter and the best of luck to Ihe CAPACO Claiiooii 61 California Parts Company , , AUTOMOTIVE I INDUSTRIAL l"lClZ-ECIS A 8: W Dl'IV9-In WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Newbury Rd. HU. No. Oxnard Blvd. NGWIWFY Park, CUM- Norm Roach Oxnard, California Coneio Shopping Center Reseda Best Wishes Thousand Oaks 18448 Sherman Way to Jeanie's Casuals The C'OSS0f '61 ' We only look expensive - specaqiasfs an sizes 5-15 Seven Seas Travel Agency ' Sportswear, dresses, lingerie 344 so Sth S' ventura created by leading California stylists ' Teenagers! Ask about our honor charge plan. Mlller 3-3133 I . Congfm' ""o"5 lngle Brothers Broomcorn l'OlT'l GRAIN AND SUPPLY COMPANY Sperling Sales Co. 655 South Santa Fe Ave. 4700 Dlsfflfl Blvd- Los Angeles 21, Calif. I-05 A"'99le5 58, Calif- Silver State Packaging CONTRACT PACKAGING DAVlD'S JEWELERS Campion Academy Campus Loveland, Colorado BEST WISI-IES NOrmandy 7-5313 "' GEORGE MILLING COMPANY BULK FEED-MASH-PELLETS-GRAIN "Better Feeds - Better Results" First in Quality - Fairest in Prices - Fastest in Service A Satisfied Customer ls Our First Consideration nl do-1512 125.-.iii P-Mi' em CanoZgrgErk,ve' M C California "W" 112 fa flzwagp to eafzning ' 'i SAN FEIRNANDC1 HALL LA SIERRA COLLEGE Learning in a Christian Climate about ' ETERNITY with - GOD through a ' STUDY Write to: OFFICE or THE DEAN of 5f,?'ERRAg?gLEGE - CHRISTIAN ur: F B II d and I f + ' SERVICE ' FOODS FOR LIFE BREAD no preservatives no shortening no bleaches Relax with your friends and enjoy wholesome food at our lunch counter. ALL THESE AT FUUDS FUR LIFE MARKET 821 East Broadway Glendale, California CI 4-8601 Bob JCil5ee SHOP FOR MEN I WESTLAND PLASTICS, INC. Rancho Coneio Newbury Park Molders and distributors of TOMMIE TIPPEE Baby Accessories DURABRITE Housewares and Pet Supplies Qwmffs psy 1 6845, 0,121 195 frfinnrpark Elnuh Glhnuszmh Oaks, Glalifnrnizt For the Finest in His and Her Visit, Your COUNTRY SQUIRE 'I99 MOORPARK ROAD THOUSAND OAKS Roth Clothing Tuxedo Hudson 5-3515 Box 310 Dester 8. Riedinger SUPPLY CENTER FULLER PAINTS 2844 Ventura Blvd. for Rem Thousand Oaks Bush Shoes Ladies' Department We deem it a real privilege to be among your friends and well wishers. DON A. WREN 81 CO. Business Telephone Residence Telephone PL. 6-2609 PL. 6-3824 ,W jaw ridcoe BROOMCORN DEALER Office and Warehouse POST OFFICE BOX 146 'I05 N.E. 2nd LINDSAY, OKLAHOMA A special thanks is graciously extended to all our friends who have played a part in the role of making this year's YUCCA possible. Through your faithful service and generous contributions you have lightened our load. This special thanks we send to MIRRO-GRAPHIC YEARBOOKS, Glendale, for the production of the YUCCA of '61, RUMMEL'S PHOTO STUDIO, Lodi, and Mr. H. B. Wilcox, NPA, for the photography, OUR ADVERTISERS, and OUR CONTRIBUTORS from Camarillo Oxnard Frederick J. De Lay ,O.D. Oxnard Plumbing and Roofing Co. John J. McHaIe, D.D.S. Dr. W. P. Humphrey, Veterinarian A. L. Muff, M.D. Earn while qou learn COURSES OF INSTRUCTION 1961 - 1962 ADVANCED PLACEMENT Semester Hours English Composition-6 General Chemistry-8 COLLEGE PREPARATORY Bible English Foreign Language Ancient Church History lO Advanced Rei. English 5 Greek Bibio Dooiiiifios 10 Developmental Reading lO Russian Development of the E1'1fJ1iS1'1I 10 . Christian Church 10 English H 10 Spanish I Philosophy of Life lO Enqnsn HI 10 SPCI1'liSl'1 H lournalism 5 H1sl0rY Speech 5 Science American History 5 Mathematics Biology U' S' Government 5 Algebra l lO Chemistry World History 10 Algebra H 10 'Physical Science Geometry l O Physics Applied Arts Business Education Auto Mechanics I 10 Bookkeeping I 5 I A i M E ' II 10 Fm Ms u O QC Gmcs Business Machines 5 COOki1'1Q 10 General Business 5 Muslc Lessons Electronics l O ' Notehand 5 l1'1S'fIL11T1911T I-lomemaking lO Shorthand I 10 Organ, Electric iCtlieI'1'1CtlG YGCIISJ fshorthand H 10 Organ, Pipe Mechanical Drawing 5 T-Y-ioiifio 1 10 Meiqi shop io Typing ll io Plano Sewing lU I ' 1 Volce Woodworking I 5 Driver Education 2 A Music Organizations Guidance Required Woodworking +LeCtdeI,Ship Band Medical Cadet Corps 5 Choir Physical Education ZW Chorus 12 Subiect to demand earn while qou earn. NPAPS STUDENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ACADEMY DAIRY MAINTENANCE Filing Clerk Bottler Eieclicicfn Lab Ass't., Reading Feeder Trfflk Ellniver Lab Ass't., Science llgfmkel' Welder L b S ' I H E rocessor Rcgadetipervisor orne c Repairmom MEDICAL Typist Tractor Operator Nurse's Aide Truck Operator Tray Carrier BAKERY WGSTISI OFFICES Baker's Ass't. Bench Worker Bread Slicer Bread Wrapper Cookie Packager Dough Mixer BROOM FACTORY I C T Buncher Clipper G Labeler Mop Packager Office Secretary Painter Seeder Sewer of Mops Shaker CS I-Iurler Shipper Sorter Stitcher Winder AFETERIA Buffer Checker Cook Dish Washer Dolly Driver Garbage Disposal Operator Hostess Mixer Potato Peeler Server Window Washer ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Cadet Teacher Reader FARM Bulldozer Operator Fruit Picker Irrigator, Flood Irrigator, Sprinkler Mechanic Tractor Operator Weeder Welder GARAGE 6 STATION Gas Station Attendant Grease Monkey Mechanic Painter, Auto Grounds GROUNDS lanitor Call depts.l LAUNDRY Deck Worker Extractor Operator Folder Mangle Feeder Press Operator Sorter Stacker Truck Delivery Ass't. Washer Operator Wrapper Adding Machine Operator Attendance Clerk Calculating Mach. Operator Cashier Duplicator Operator File Clerk Gen'l. Office Worker Mail Clerk Payroll Clerk Reader Receptionist Secretary Store Clerk Telephone Opeator Typist POULTRY Builder, Misc. Caretaker, Baby Chicks Chicken Mover Delivery Boy Egg Candler Egg Gatherer Egg Grader Egg Packer Egg Boom Tanitor Egg Shipper Feeder Bepairman Vaccinator WOODSHOP Blinds Repairman Clerk, Billing Clerk, Filing General Carpenter Painter Woodworking Machine Operator Woodwork Repairman Reserved for qou Hope this index helps 7l'td6iU ADMINISTRATION Board of Directors .... ....... 7 Deans .......... ..... I 1, 44 Principal . . . . . . .6, 7 Registrar ..... ..... 1 0, 72 Treasurer ........ ........... 1 I Vice-Principal . . . .......... 10, 92 ADVERTISERS ............. 94, 95: 98-115 CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS ........... 4, 5 CONTRIBUTORS .........,. . . 115 DEDICATION . . . . .3 DORMITORIES Boys ........ .... 4 , 67 Girls ........ .... 5 , 66 DEPARTMENTS Auto Mechanics . . ......... 14 Bible ............ . . . 17, 28, 40 Biology ........... ....... 3 6 Drivers Education .... ..... 3 6, 37 Electronics ........ ....... 3 0 English ......... ..... 2 8, 37 Greek ......... . . .29 History .......... ....... 1 4 Home Economics . . . ....... . .28 Instrument ..... ..... 5 1, 60, 65 Iournalism . . . ...... 90, 91 Library ........... ...... 8 , 37 Mathematics ......... . . .30 Mechanical Drawing . . . . . .40 Organ ............. ......... 6 5 Piano ............ ........ 6 0, 65 Physical Education . . . . . .12, 15, 30, 31 Reading .......... ........ l 7, 29 Russian ......... ......... 2 9 Science . . . ..... 16,31 Sewing .. ...40 Spanish . . . ..... 13, 64 Shorthand . . . . . . 14 Typing ............... Woodworking ..... . . . . . INDUSTRIES AND WORK ...31 ...36 Agriculture ............. . . .81 Bakery ..... ......... 7 4 Bookstore .... ........ 7 2, 37 Broomshop ..... . . .82, 83,'84, 85 Business Office . . . . . .l0, ll, 73 Cafeteria ....... ..... 7 4, 75 Cash 'n Carry .... ...... 7 4 Dairy ......... ..... 6 3, 79 Electrical .. Garage .... Ianitors .... Laundry ..... Maintenance . . . Medical ..... Nightwatch . . Orchard . . . Painting . . . Plumbing .... Poultry ......... Woodshop ....... MUSICAL GROUPS Band ........... Choir .......... Girls' Chorus . . . Girls' Trio ....... Piano Quartet .... ORGANIZATIONS Student Association Beta Delta Kappa .... Four-Year Club . . I-Iale Wahine .... Spanish Club .... PUBLICATIONS Newburian ....... Yucca ........... . . RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Church ............ Liberty Club ..... Missionary Volunteer Prayer Bands ....... Sabbath School . . . qou find it' 70, 80. ....l2 ....58 Seminar ......... .46, 47 Temperance .... ...... Week of Prayer. . . . . . .45 ROSTER ............ ..... 9 3, 96 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Banquet ........ . . .58, 59 Campaign . . . .... . .57 Picnics ...... . . .15, 68 Recreation ..... .... 5 7 Talent Festival . . . . . .60, 61 SPORTS Basketball ........ . . . 15, 30 Swimming Pool .... ...... 6 9 Volleyball ...... . . . 12, 15 STUDENTS . Elementary . . .... 97 Freshman ........................ 41 Iuniors ......................... 32-35 Seniors ....... 18-27, 54, 61-63, 92, 117-119 Sophomores .................... 38, 39 TABLE or CONTENTS .... ..... 2 '19 xx, , X I The '61 YUCCA staff heorves oi sigh of relief cistheir job draws to ci close. This school qecir is almost gone . . . cmd it's been qgoocl qecir, The '61 YUCCA has reflected the past school -for qour enjoqment. As its covers close, reflections turn 120 to. . .T ..,. the future. . I., .,,. , w M.. 'ml ,gi - A, V 4-Vi Q. .A .- .f"' V h K 1 w-Wynn X ' I ,, 57' il I b 'J M 1 1 r ,',. ,J V-EJ in ' 3 L., ' ' ' ,,?v.,e5 , . 'H 'F-.3",-5f,::,f..,1 ,., , f I-pl " A V' 4-"JM . ,5v5,.fig-Weiss.-1 wi .A LV' , -,N . :Fi-ifl '. ml ' - L W ' .1-V.. .. v 3 3 I f Y T Aqwmf-34:5 ,3:,31'.f-1v -fl 25, -rf-.

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