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4 5 E 3 E 1 5 Q 5 as Q I 2 S 5 5 2 S s 5 E 2 3 iz E H 4 Z i F X Q mmfx i 2 . S 3 is ! XM -Y , lx nw if "NVQ ,ix ' if 5 , fgl, 5 ' as Q1 W if! .hiv S S N' A w Q 2 an , f f M W if N W W GF S Mvgsiifw , U of Miifif' W N 23,,fw ff mfg m2'5f,,,zf Qwjgfyw My iw MQW fffffw A "cf" 1 QMQWM S Ek 35 fin N Q 2 5 Wg QQ N ffgig 55? K X2 YI Q55 MM QM Q Ms QQ , , MQW 'N 55 z Q www W N 'J Qfg, g 559 Uivi Xf-SSA f56,6L"'7-.Y WNW R , . Q YrJZ'Q"' 1519 SX? M N K l N N tg E , Q59 ,. 5 "ff:',l'?55"""f"""E' A I MQ "x iii ? R ' HIP,-FQ ' ' WE" sbt A TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Dedication Social Activities Band and Chorus Yearbook Staff Clubs Sports Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 8th grade 7th grade Advertising Index YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-Janet Swanson Assistant Editors-Judy Eddy 8 Nancy Dunlde Administration-Shirley Wood, Judy Eddy Social Activities-Jean Kalnbach, Mary Perry Band 8 Chorus-Pat Beclcs, Roger Mattson Clubs-Mary Parker, Kathy Bouchard, Sue Bristow Sports-Marvin St. Jean Seniors-Kay Sayles, Lillian Wright Juniors-E. J. Berry, Carol Clark Sophomores-Pat Garret, Mary Leiphart Freshmen-Grace Bodine, Penny Barrett 8th-Nancy Smith, Diane Routhier 7th-Una Somers, Frances I-lelmer Business Manager-Barbara Cant:-all Advertising-Karen Bessler, David Jessup, Mary Ann Miner Business Staff-Joe Cantrall, Rosemary Smith, Sharon Bugg Photographers-Bay View Studios of Traverse City, Mich., joe Cantrall, student photographer Miss Ev-Ann Anguilm Advisor 2 A0lT1ll1lSU2AUO!1 Mr. L. DeC00k MI. Kilpelil. Superintendent of Schools Principal Newberry SCh001 McMillan Township Mr. Ryan Mix Biggs Guidance Counseler Librarian Left: Mrs.Ja.cobson-Secretary Right: Mrs.Lafond-Secretary 4 M xx W.- lw g f Wm wma vf- f R AM 1 744 All Jf f Mr. Allen Mrs. Allen Miss Burgmfzf Qstsgbylf 21132235 'xfxay First Semester Gym Second Semester Gym Basketball Coach B-Team Miss Anglium Commercial, Year Advisor Mr. Burton Mr. Berg C0l'l1Ule1'Ci2.1 Cgmmgrcial Mr, jackson Shop, Auto Mechanics Mr. Trembath Mrs . Kronquist History, Junior Class Home Ec. Advisor MWM 1 J 'KM hO1I lLlnCh Many thanks to our cooks Mrs. Arneth and Mrs. Miller Tl1ere's no time like chow time. This is what I like about school Chow line 8 stuoent wonkens l Q5 KQCQQG 1 Nagy? do '0y6Q,0l' 'Y ' Library assistants: J. Brown, L. Folstad, M. Gonsor . 21' CDOKKXO Guidance office workers: L. Fossit, D. Hampton, N. Smith M. Kilpela helps organize enrollment cards. f 1 Basketball programs in the printing. Di HunterTC. Immonen, B. Gorsuch, R. St. Martin, R. Holt. Help is help wherever you find it, even helping to keep our halls clean. R. Patterson, A. Daglesish, G, Owen, A. Mattson Helpful typists: A. Moore, B. Sissel 9 Our library plays a major role with the studen1s. Miss Biggs, our lilrarian keeps the information and bools available to studenis in all curriculms, fiction or reference-they are here. Home Economics Requirement English 3 Math 1 Home EC. 4 Science 1 Civics 112 Amer, History 1 Typing 1 Art 1 College Preparatory Re quiremenis English 4 Math 2 or 3 Science 2 or 3 Language 2 American History 1 Civisc 8 Amer. Prob 1 Composition 112 Typing 112 iafw -Y: S I 1' 1 ' I . N: gf? Q , 1 -lvsfvm-1-W K Commercial course Re quirem enm English 4 Typing 2 Shorthand 1 or 2 Bookkeeping 1 or 2 Com'1 Law 1! 2 Business Science 1 Com'l Geography 1 Civics 112 Amer. History 1 Math 1 or 2 3 :S A K I We learn to cook too' f General Comse Requiremenis English 3 Math 1 General Science 1 American History 1 Civics 112 Typewriting 1 Gy-m G Guidance 2 Study Hard! Our comuse of study contains five different areas of education: the College Preparatory, the Com- mercial, the Home Economics, the Industrial Arts, and the General Course. Graduation from any one of these courses will mean satisfying the requirements of the course in addition to enough electives to total sixteen units of credit and four years of high school attendance. Our new addition put to good use! Industrial Education Course Requirements English 3 Math 1 General Science 1 Shop 2 General Drawing 1 Mechanical Drawing 1 General Metals American History 1 Auto Mechanics 1 Trades 1 Typewriting 1 Civics 112 Special address by guest speaker Dr. Spenberg. The Newberry High School Chorus presented two fine numbers to open dedication program oeolcatlon Through efforts of the steering committee, our guest speaker, Dr. Sponberg, and our band and chorus, under the direction of Mr. Ericson, the dedication ceremony was a great success. The studems of Newberry High School wish to take this opporttuiity to thank the citizens of Newberry for their fine cooperation and sacrifice in making possible the addition of an industrial arts department to our high school. Special thanks go to the steering committee made up ofg the school board, the school officials, and the local citizens. ai,-'L , ni 11-'... Superintendent J. L. DeCook and guest speaker D, Spongberg Vice President of Northern Michigan College. Dr, Rettke, chairman of steering committee. Y x ,-5 1 QNF,-ii gk it Xi Q Q ' - N 4 w - Sk S x X -M X x. ' M ' xkg. Sk gy - 1. A Q35 lf- 11 s N X X N ikbk . '3' l ' X X50 X S 4 . 3 4 ,. ,, ,W X HRW:-5 M K in Q X 'S X. 1 x XS x Pi -1 +-Q 7-ax Qwskf W A " - 22:55 . 34 -A is X 5 X Q X .SEQ 1 . iff Svifga x x , APS :qi P , - KN., gc X k A x. 2 ACU IIIIGS 5 3, -ibs 1 tahquamenon nevlew The Tahquamenon Review had its annual succesful show on Monday, November 10, 1958, written and directed by Mis Angiulm. The featured guest was A1 "Moe" Brown, along with our home talent C. Williams, I. Suxrell, M. Leiphart, A. Purdy, R. Schroeder, L Perry, I. Strolle, S. Stuart, I.. Berry, C, Oberg, M. McLean, M. Fuller, B, Aten, P, Carlson, R. Grubba., G, Hunger, A. Moore, B. Smglemn, U, Somers, and F. Helmer. To add more to the Soda Shop scene was B. Purmort, I. Aho, E. L Berry, M. Kilpela, and the band members D. lane, R, Mattson, L, Derusha, B, Middleton, and Mr. Erickson, Everyone enjoyed the even- ing to its fullest extent. 'LACE BOOKS HERE 14 has The mysterious and laughable play "Bull ln A China Shop", was presented by the class of "59" Thmsday, December 4, 1958, The cast consisted of J. Surrell, S. F1-ang, A. Furlong, M. Maki, M. Kilpela L. Wright J Swanson, B. Purmort, B. Mom-oe, J. Dav1s,I. vwauam, and A. Johnson. This hour and a half w'as,enjoyed by the cast as well as the audience. semon class pta if PM ,i i W' 'X N Bull in a China Shop was selected as one of the best mystery stories off the year. It was performed as one of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series. Tlus play was truly one of the year's most exciting mysteries. The method of enticing a young detective to a home of old maids was original and witty. One after another had to be ldlled to keep the detective around to investigate. When the detective finally transferred departments to stop the crime wave among the ladies they burned the house down. , , Detective O'Fi.rm had joined the arson squad. Few in the audience knew which of the ladies was the mmnderess. I 5 QUEEN CHRISUNAS BAN The Annual Christmas Ball, "The Holiday Hop", was held Monday night, December 29, 1958. At 11 p.m. the traditional Grand March began dis- playing the beautiful formals. Afber the March, the line proceeded to the punch table. A glorious evening was enjoyed by all. kmq 'I6 Jumon Drzom committee Shirley Wood, Jean Reh, Ernie Kracker, Mike Lent, Carolyn Williams, Jeri Thorley, Karen Bessler, Kathleen Ennis , Carol Wynn, Linda Fossitt, Ernie Terry, Sandy Martel. Linda Folstag Jeri Baker, Archie Webber, Carol Clark, Lora antel, Jean Kalnbach. Sandy Martel, Mary Perry, Jim Richmond, Shirley Wood, Jean Reh, Conrad Rader. Viola Carlson, Carol Clark., Archie Webber, Roberta Pu.m Frank Murray, Lora Nantel, Mary Perry, Linda Eolstad, Janice Harriman, Jean Kalnbach, Ben Kinsey, Jeri Baker. Lois Teske, Joe Putvin, Conrad Rader, Charles Dean, John Slcinner, Jim Richmond, Ed Torkko, Doris Katrno, Janice laCross The annual Junior Prom was held May 15th in the Community Building. It was gayly decorated in the colorful spring colors. A wonderful evening of dancing and refreshments were enjoyed by every- one who attended. These pictures are taken of the groups who made the JLu1ior Prom possible. E. J. Berry, the Junior Class President, was camera shy at this time, but we all know he was behind the scenes won-ldng and pushing us on to success in om- projects. Jumon pta CIBIIIEHIIIIIG The junior Class presented their play Clementine, a comedy in three acts, Tuesday night at 8:15, March 24. It hardly seems as if the pranks of one peppy bomboy would set the whole neighborhood in a tizzy and rouse the temper of the Women Voters, but thats what happened in this lively and laughbale play about Clementine Kelly. Clementine .,., Jeri-Lou Thorley Cathy . . . .... C2101 Clark Hank ............ Ben Kinsey Jane Ann , . . , Sandi Campbell Abe, handy man . . . . Ernie Terry Pete ....... . . john Skinner Bertha, maid ..... Linda Folstad Tubby ....... .... I ay Maki Mary, mother ..... Shirley Wood Miss McNeil ....... Lois Teske Gerald, father ...... Bill Herman Miss Pringle ..... Nancy Dunlde snapshots Getting ready to blast off? 0 GO as Why so happy? S253 we www Steady girls ! W ,iz v. .E J a How he ,S cha Sadi nged e Hawkins D 3-11Ce y lbw eons Iixxsgf Q C09 HEY, no fair Peelqng Love is grand looks like trouble is brewing Caughr off guard , Standing, L to R., Mr. Ericson, D, Jessup. 3rd row, K, Bessler, L. Guilmette, W. Aho, A, Rahilly, B. Bennett, S. Nelson, D. Smith, M. St. jean. 2nd rowg D. Lane, E. Hetrick, S. Gorsuch, W. Newville, L. Bugg, S. Neimi, I. Rettke. Front rowg T. Beaulieu, L. Teske, M. Leiphart, I.. Hendrickson. BAND Back row, L to R, J, Reh, Pres., C. Oberg, Student Conductcrg K. Bessler, V. Pres., Front rowg S. Newville, Sec-Treas.g S. Gasuch, Freshmen Rep., S, Neimi, Sophomore Rep. Sport events, pep assemblies and concerts-all were made enjoyable through the efforts of the N. H, S, Band and their director, Mr, Ken Ericson. Composed of 50 members, the band made two public concerlsg the Christmas program and the mid-winter concert. The band attended the Upper Peninsula Ba.n.d Festival in Marquette, April 25, 1959, where they earned their traditional high rating, Hats off to a fine organization and the wonderful job they have done for N. H. S, Standing, L. to R., R, Smith, P, Duflo, L, Derusha., D, Hermann. 4t.h row, R. Mattson. 3rd row: J, Brown, W, Freytag, J, Swanson,NA, Johnson, E. Bessler, C, Oberg, J. Reh, J. Strolle. 2nd rowg R. Buck, S, Newville, J. Maki, P Becks, M, Ennis, J. est, J. Mohr, J. Johnson. Front row, S. Dahl, A. Purdy, K, Mattson, M. Kilpela. Back row: L. to R.: B. Schroeder, S. Neimi, J. West Kneeling: B, Hanger. - - - rw E5 A. Cx Q kv V Back row, I. to R5 B, Schroeder, A. Campbell, L. Lyon, C, Oberg, T. Foley, P. Soulliere, R. Booth, I. Richmond, R. McCutcheon, G, Andary. Third row, E. Niskala, T. Harriman, E. Brown, R. Pum, J. Va.nZoren, D. French, S. Ritterhoff, G. McLaren, L. Smith. Second row, I. Mannings, J. Baker, M. Huggins, N, Calor, M. Corbin, R. Grawey, A. DeWeese, A. Sherlock. First row: S. Marks, L. Taylor, L. Hood, S. Green, F. Dean, U. Sommers, A. Johnson. chonus Soloist: G. Perry, S. Marks and accompanist A, Johnson. 22 'ss F1 4. A 1 Back row, L to R3 D, Hunter, J. Strolle, G Davis, B Cousino, D Lane, G Monoso, A Weber, B Bailey, G, Perry, S, Strokes. Third row, V Scott, C Williams, L Pierson, A Kujala, N Smit L, Pedit, M, Cronlc., K. Wynn, D. Bergman. Second row, S Kleeman, I Pum, K Williams Williams, P. Gallagher, J. Hampton, E. Herrick, A Furlong. First Row' K. Ericson, I LaCrm H, Bowler, S, Falor, K. Hood., B. Riley, The Newberry High School Chorus, composed of 75 voices presented 3 exceptionally fine public programs during the school year. A memorable performance was dedication night. When this group began the program with 2 selections, "Oklahoma" and "Now let Every Tongue Adore Thee." The group participated in 3 school asembliesg Thanlssgivlng, Christina and Easter. On Saturday, April 11, 1959, the chorus attended the Upper Peninsula Chorus festival where they did a fine job representing Newberry. The festival trip was financed by selling ball point pens. On March 13, 1959, the group sponsored a very fine St. Patrick's Dance at the community building with music by the dance band. One selection enjoyed by the entire audience at the Spring Concert was selections from "South Pacific." Music is important in the lives of all persons and our Ohm and G P M' D ' ' High School Chorus is a ine example of really El'-l-C5011 fine music. S The second annual TAHQUAMENON, backed by 45 staff members went to press in the early part of April. The effort of the staff to improve the publication over last year resulted in a larger book with more pictures and a greater variety of organization included. The staff sincerely hopes that you as a TAHQUAMENON owner are proud of yolu' school yearbook. Sitting, l. to r. assistant editors: Judy Eddy, Nancy Dunkle. Standing, 1. to r. advisor, Miss Anguilm, editor, janet Swanson. tahquamenon staff Sitting l. to r. Carol Clark, Kay Sayles, Shirley Woods, Nancy Smith, Una Somers, and Frances Helmer. Standing 1. to r. Donell Leiphart, Grace Bodine, Diane Routhier, Pat Garrett, Mary Minier, Pat Becks, Mary Perry, Marvin St. Jean, and Mary Parker. 24 Sitting 1. to r. B. Schaap, P. Barrett, L. Wright, M. Leiphart, N. Dunkle. Standing 1. to r, K. Bessler, I. Kalnbach, V. Bugg, R. Smith, Miss Anguilm, B. Perry, S. Bugg, D. Jessup, R, Mafgon, E. J. Berry, K. Bouchard, J. Eddy, S. Bristow. This bulletin was prepared to give the students a sneak preview of the yearbook. SX Q W' QQQQ' 1. to r. A. Moore, B. Canfmall. Sitting 1. to r. J. Cantrall, B. Cantrall, S. Bugg, R Smith, K. Bessler, D. Jessup. Back Row, L to R5 Mrs. Deward, M. Kilpela, D. Hampton, J. Pum, D. Routhier, R. St, Martin, C. Clark, L. Wright, M. Heppe, 2nd row, B, Hermen, C. Lewis, F. Halma, J. Maki, F. smith, M. my, M. Maid, D. Henderson, Seated, A. Williams, A. Purdy, M, Corbin, U, Summers, D. J. Bouchard, A. Williams, M. Leiphart. Pres. D. Williams V. Pres. C, Rader Sec. - Treas. P, Gauett Latin Club Membership in the latin Club is open to all those studenis who are now studying Latin, and to those who have previously studied it. The Newberry Latin Club is af- iliataed with the National Junior Claxical League, and with the State and Upper Peninsula units of this league. The purpose of this league is to foster and encourage all activities which will add to the interest and value of the study of latin, and to the ap- preciation of its importance in the development of the English language. Le Cercle Francais The purpose of the club is to provide further opportlmity for French conversation, study and recreation. To be eligible for mem- bership, a student must have an overall C average, have good moral standards, be en- rolled in a French course of at least, second year level, and take part in the all French initiation assembly. IIRGDCN ClUB Pres. D. Henderson Vo Pfesa C. Sec. - Treas. F, Helmet latin cluls D Back row L to R5 M. McLean, J. Richmon, M. Gonser, Dwyer, B. Hermen, D. Williams, C. Rader, D. Herman, D. lane, J. Brown, 3rd row, S. Daul, B. Bennetx, G, Bodine, B. Schaap, A. Rahilly, M. Miner, I. Torgason, J. McTiver, P. Beclcs, 2nd row, L. Straka, R. Schroeder, L. Hendirckson, I. Harriman, C. Frances, J. Biterly, R. St. Martin, M. McCutcheon, Mrs. Pelleiia-, Seated, N. Musgrave, J. Vogal, J. K. Eddy, S. Bristow, I. Smith, P. Galrett, M. J. Surrell, J. Transue. 26 'lTl2l-hI- ,ay .nk wif Back row L to R5 N, Dunkle, S. Newville, L. Pierson, R. Smitlg F, Helmer, D. Moulder, K, Zimmerson, I. Kalnbach, L. Fositt, 2nd rowg S, ambell, K. Mattson, L. Falstad, K. Williams, J., L. Nantell, N. McNeal, J. VanZoeron. 3rd rowg Mrs. Tredo, J. Baku, J. Ray, S. Martell, E. Hetrick, S. Nelscns, C, Clark, seatedg S. Russell, A, johnson, J. Thorley, C. Kowalsld, L. Teski, U. SIIIIIIDEIS, B, Riley. Pres. Pres. J. Gibson V. Pres. C. Rader Sec. G Tres. J. Monnosso Back row L to R5 E. Cracker, K. Ulbeck, J. Gibson, R, Mattson, C. Rader, D. Hermen. 2nd rowg J. Mal-ci, J. Johnson, J. Richmen, E. J. Richmen, J. Johnson, Mr. Sensiba, seated, W, Graker, R. Shroeder, D. Jessip, J. Monosso, J. Aho, B. Aho. 27 For the first time in many years, Newberry High School has an active Commerical Club. This group consisting of first and second year short- hand students who work towards a betta lmdersmnding of the potentials of the business world. Like in the construction of our new building, the com- mercial club is building to- wards a growing knowledge of the fundamentals of busines. Back Row L to R5 Iarriger, B. Case, L. Guilmette, K. Sales, D. Thirley, F. Helmer, N. Smith, S. Bugg, B. Singleton, B, Matelski, 2nd row, Miss Angiulm, B. Sissel J. B-own, R, smith, L. Nootou K, wuuomo, A. Mohr J. Panula 3rd row, M. ir. clm, seated, D, Ioiphm, B. f. Bon-y, A, Matelski, vf Bjorklund, J. Boloor, s. Nelson, R, Grubba, M. Norman. CCITIITIGRCIAL CLUB STSUOEDI COUUCII. "The meeting will now come to order!" President Radar and his cotmcil have been busy during the past year with new ideas for the better- ment of our school and the education of the student body. Among the major projects for the year, the following have received much work on the part of the council: dres in school, exchange student plan, and the C. L. Bysuom Out- standing Senior Award. an Back row L to R5 I. Kalnback, E. J. Berry, D. Richmen, M. St. Jean, B. Middleton, B. Brown, L. Derusha., S, Stokes, D, Moulder, G, Mattson, 2nd :ow L to R5 C, Maris, S, Nemi, J. Mohr, R, Schroeder, P. Becks, B. Riley, S. Daul, L. Stralca., C. Kowalski, Front row seated, Mr. lemlce, T. Bealiew, D. Leipart, S. Newville, I. Surrell, J. Baker, W. Freytag. 28 L n. A. OH! my head ache! Then come along 8 the future muses will help you. This swup Of Promising Young ladies have organized with the hope of learning more about the field of nursing. Although they have no adviser at the present, it will some day be a fine club at N. H, S, 8 give many future nurses a background in the chosen profession. Special thanks to Mrs. Sunell for posing with G helping us during the past. ia., Back row, D. Henderson, 1. Kalnbach, Mrs. Surrell, C. Immonen, S. Frang, J. Swanson, L. Wright, S, Marley on table, L. Anderson Va Pres. M. Parker, V, Pres. G, Andary, Sec. 8 Tres, D. Thor- ley This past year die F. T. A. has become one of the most active organizations in our high School. The membm have received actual class- room experience in working with the elementary remedial program started this year by the Superintendent. F. T. A. is open to all Junicrs and Seniors with high scholastic standings. Back row L to R5 K. Zimmerman, M. Pen-y, B. Purmont, B. Hermen, G. Andary, S. Frang, D. Tharley, K. Sayles, M. Maki, 2nd rowg Mr. Trembeth, N. Smith, S. Newville, S. Woods, L, Anderson, L. Falstzad, J. Swanson, M, Parker, Seated, B. Riley, U, Summers, M. Huggins, J. Thcrley, L. Wright, A, Furlong, B. Berry, D. Leiphart. 29 mA1Ih ClLlB Front row, L to r: B. Purmort, D. Henderson, R. St. Martin, S. Newville, S. Frang, M. Heppe. Back row, 1. to r: T. Beaulieu, G. Andary, D. Hunter, J. Gibson, G. Moore, and Mr. Sensiba, advisor. I I I I ClUB SCIENCE ClUB Officers: L to r. D. Jessup, 1. Thorley, and B. P'LlI'I1'10I't. A - Q 1 - Ist. row, 1. to r.: B. Gorsuch, T. Beaulieu, G. Andary, D. Hunter, J. Caudell, D, Gorsuch, J, Surrell, B. Kinsey. 2nd, row, 1. to r.: A. Weber, M. Bm-own, J. Puckett, R. Holt. J. Ketvirtzis, Mr. Allen, advisor, R. Ney, G. Moore, L. St. Jean, and Back rgw, 1, to r, J, Aho, M, St. 16311, M. Fiugefald, C. R3d3I, J. JOhIlSOl'1, B. Pm-mart, A. Fyvie, D. Jessup, 2nd, row L to R5 R, Schroeder, S. Fr?-HS: K' Bessler, S. Wood, S. Martell, I. Harriman, Mr. Dammann, advisor, lst row L to R, K, Ennis, N. Caudell, S. Marks, M. Ennis, L. Teske, J. Thorley. Front row, left to right: seated, D. Hunter, M. Kilpela, L. Wright. Second row: U. Somers, D. Thorely, D. Hen- derson, J. Swanson, M. Huggins, R, Berry, M. Heppe, R. Grubba., M. Nommand, M. Parker, Mr. Bentley, Third row: D. Hendricson, B. Purmort, S. Newville, I. Gibson, F. Helmer, B. Gorsuch, D. French, G. Moore, P. French R. St. Martin. Another lirst comes to N. H. S. For the first time students of our high school were able to pur- chase their own high school paper. This paper, sponsored by the Senior Composition class, was re- ceived with much enthusiasm. Congratulations on the fine job. We are looking forward with much anxiety to next yea.r's publication. tomahawk talk L. to R5 T. Beaulieu, M. Kilpe1a,I. Surrell, B. Corsuch, D. F rench. First row, L. to R, D. Leiphart, B. Riley, E. Hetrick, M. Corbin, A. Furlong, S. Marks, A. Williams. Second row: C. lmmonen, J. Hampton, M. Maki, K. Sayles, L. Anderson, J. Vanloren, S. Frang. Third row: Mr. Bentley, D. Lane, T. Foley, J. Strolle, G. Andary, J. Ketvirtis, C. Oberg, L. Lyons. 31 national hOn0l2 SGCIEIY First row, l. to r. Barbara Cantrall, Jeri-Lou Thorley, Miss Dwyer, advisor, Carol Clark, Anna May Johnson. Second row, l. to r. Sue Marks, Mary Parker, Linda Folsmd, Marjorie St. Clair, Sally Newville Carol Immonen, Sharon Frang. Third row, 1. Uo r. Jim Gibson, Donna Boyer, Margaret Kilpela, Dorothy Thorley, Diane Henderson, Nancy Dunkle, and Tom Beaulieu. Absent from picture: Margaret Maki and Kaye Zimmerman. The National Honor Society was organized in our high school in 1927. The emblem of the Chapter is a flaming torch, which is the symbol of light borne into the dark places. It is only fitting, therefore, that the motto should be "Light is the symbol of truth". The colors of the organization, blue and flame yellow, make this motto even clearer. Blue is the symbol of truth within us. Flame yellow symbolizes light with which truth radiates the world. The ideals for which the society stands are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Membership is limited to those students who maintain a "B" average throughout high school. In the past fifteen percent of the Senior class was elected. Now, five per cent of the Juniors and ten per cent of the seniors not already members are elected. New members are initiated on Class Night. To date there have been 89 boys and 197 girls installed in the National Honor Society from Newberry High School. DGECH ClUB First row, l, to r. Bill Purmort, Jim Surrell, Miss Dwyer, director, Judy Scholuts. Second row, 1. to r. Carol Wynn, Rex Howard, Barbara La,Fex, Bonnie Bailey, Carol Clark, Diane Sn-awe, Joan Wilkins, Jean Kalnbach, 3rd row, 1. to r. Karen Burns, Dorothy Moulder, Mary Parker, Marga.ret Kilpela, Niomi LaFex, Nancy Dunl-cle, Sharon Frang, David Lane, and Jim Dwyer. 'W' , fax W' J V ,Q A ' Qii1.f?2 '!g: N L- . Q P. gg, w- ' 'X -'-' .. .-5w:+1- 'wiv " if 'FW if f Q3-Eg i , ...- , . ,, KK Q . ' f - wg- x N . Athl6tlCS Back row, 1. to r. J. Maid, B. Midd1e1:on5eE. Priess, D. Anderson, C. Lewis, J. Ma.nv111e, V Momoe, J Pellitier, A- Elmer, D. Williams, 2nd ROW5 Mr. ntly, B. Lackey, B. Bailey, G. Cobe, F. Everhng B Bouchard, K. Kalnbach, T. Mclnnj? B. Carpenter, B. Brown, J. Fair, Front Rowg B. Thcrley, J. kown, J Dwyer, K Garrett, D. Frasier, K. Tyda, . McGi1vary, A. Campbell, D. Weber, I. McCutu.chion. Absent, P Villimm-e, M. St Jean, IIOOIBAIL B IEAIW1 Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Sea,son's Record 2 1 1 Manistique 35 Soo 8 Marquette 26 Manistique 32 Munis ing 6 Soo 6 QaYaY.RHYyJ lil I 6Yi10TBALL, 'i Xu Left Row, L. to R., Mr. Hansen, D. Hunter, G. Murray, R. Buck, J. Puckett, S. Kleeman, L. St. Jean, G. Andary, R. Nay, Mr. Allen. Second, I.. to R., J. Mald, I. Caudell, F. Elsner, B. Kensey, T. Beaulieu, R. Gorsuch, G. Ketvertis, W. Dunlap, G. Moore, M. Pellitier. First Row, L. to R., G, Perry, C, Dea.n, A, Webber, R. Holt, P. Carlson, M. Brown, D. Gorsuch. ARSITS The N. H. S. Line Up Arthur Allen - Head Coach Leonard St. Jean - All Conference, Fimt Strings A11 State, 2nd String wr 35 if in i S 2 Gary Andary T. Beaulieu Ben Kinsey S. Kleeman Q Newberry 6 Newberry 7 Newberry 12 Newberry 6 Newberry 6 Newberry O Newberry O y K .z L YV 33217 1, 1. J ,f 74 It Ml, A . A, weber Jim Puckett Bob Ney , C' 'A 9 y N 4, N ,,, Q r QQ., r 1,4 x . ., ... 1 ru . eV.-. :,-' , L" '. Richard Buck David Hunter W,- Gary Moore Dermjs G. 36 fl 5' 4 Max Hown Ron Holt L, St, Jean F. Elmer Ne guanee 31 Marquett 24 Soo 12 9 Manistique 32 Gladstone 6 Munising 0 hwx Fscanaba. 24 Jeny Pemy Charles Dean Bob Gomsuch G' Ketvirds W- DuU13P Jim Caudell G, Mun-ay 37 Back Row, 1. to r., J. Groh, D. Frashier, R. Stendel, J. Brown, I. Aho, B. Riley, J. Maki, I. La.Fond, I Dwyer, B. Brown, B. Ney, D. Williams, E. Torkko, E. Priess, P. Villemure. Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newbexry Newberry Newberry Escanaba St. Ignace Mlmis ing Engadine Engadine Marquette Paridise Manisti que B IGAD1 Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Tournaments Newberry 71 Manistique 62 Newberry 71 Escanaba 67 Newberry 52 Negaunee 40 38 Grand Maris Soo Marquette Mmmising Manistique Soo Manistique Escanaba. Gary Andary Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Varsity Escanaba St, Ignace Munjsing Ne gaunee Marquette Gladstone Manistique Ishpeming VARSIIY Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Newberry Bob Gorrsuch Soo Marquette Munising Manistique Soo Loretto Gladstone Standing, 1. to r.3 J. LaFond?, Mr, Allen, coachg P. Villemure, E. Priess, B. Ney, B. Hown, D. Williams, A- Cnnwnl-m'l'I. mann apr- T. vqrvnr- Knoolino-s D. Frnehipr, T, Grnh. R, Rilov. T- Rr-num- David Hunter Bill Arneth jim Caudell jim Surrell 40 Frank Murray jerry Ketvertis Leonard St. jean Joe Potvin Keith Harkness Karl Parker Coach 4'I John Skinner Ya Left to right: K, Eyimjs, J. Tharley, C. Immonen, S, Wood, S, Martell, M, Heppe and M. Huggins. J X o HJ wg cheenleaoens Left to right J. Mohr, P. Garret, D. Bouchard, A, Purdy, C. Dunlap, L, Stake., D, Hampton. 42 classes SGHIORS The day had finally come in September of 1955, when we were to start our high school career. As Freshmen, we elected: President, Margaret Kilpelag Vice President, Carol hnmoneng and Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Cantrall. One of our Hrst activities was decorating the float for the homecoming parade. Our homecoming candidate was Pat Hollingshead. When we came back as Sophomores we felt a little more asm-ed of ourselves. We started the year off by electing our oficersa Tom Beaulieu, President, Cary Andary, Vice President, and Angela Furlong, Secretary-Treasurer. This year our float for homecoming took second place, the theme of it was, "Let's Give Them A Wailing". This year Kay Sayles represented our class as homecoming candidate. Our advisor for om' Freshman and Sophomore year was Mr. Carl Berg, As upper-classmen we elected our oficus as follows: President, Jim Surrellg Vice President, Mary Parker, Secretary-Treasurer, Donna Boyer. Angela Furlong was our homecoming candidate this year. During the year we were kept busy with various activities including the Junior Play, "Father Knows Best". To climax the year the Iunia' Prom, "Spring1jme Fantasy", was held in the Community Building. In the fall of 1958 we entered N. H, S. as "Great Seniors". The leaders of our class were elected as follows: President, Jim Surrellg Vice President, Tom Beaulieu, Secremry-Treasurer, Bob Gox-such. Carol lmmonen was homecoming queen this year from our cla.-B and Leonard St. jean was king. The Senior Play, "Bull in a China Shop" brought much applause, and the Christmas Ball, "Holiday Hop" Iroved to be an evening to remember. Our class advisor for our Junior and Senior years was Miss Dwyer. As the class of "59" looks back on their high school years we all agree that we had four eventful and exciting years, ones that we will remember for the rest of our lives. 44 james Surrell Rgbgrt G01-such "Jim" "Bob" PI'8Sid2nC S ecretary-Treasurer Thomas Beaulieu ll Torn ll Vice-President Valedictorian Miss Genevieve Dwyer Class Advisor Margaret Kilpela " Margie" Salutatorian ,- K fi ? J' 9152? -ffm? . 5 if-fi R4 'bei ,ww 1 .QPQQE X 3, N. . CQZEI, 7.1 . i l? . 925' L - 1 E: 2: . , Q 1 ,, :.:-, . R Q k 7 .X . Qfliy I A ,, .. xiii I.: fig: Q 1 Q vw: gd , g -wx y W A gg, 3 5' lm Q Q VV. ,. :- wwf: , - ' s Y 5 R X :W as sv W ' 5 . 6 ' wfev .L SM Q, K -:,-- 4 vi' 4 X wig Sw 51- 1 i A ,vm .,: 'f .:1- sv :fe Q X, by gn -ma. Q .I .Ek fn, Q.. X-"wg -.M 1 'Wm-W: 24 ,Q Q Jrr,-naar' 75L. 'fwwfi-55: - + Knwqfhgl 5,,",g4-Y' P' . ww QA ,V rgvmw R75 A , ,A.w15'. , . .fy ff . rf! , 4 6 1 Qs, , mf , ,V x QNX 253, , Fa 512. tif , gf.. .. 'rf -.-:lu W ..., . 5 Yr 1 151 Ya l in W 4 W N 1 v W Aw M ., Q L 'V vs! - A 1 4 , ,EM 5 4. ,N j .. A 'x " IE-.:f1 H -Q 23. - 5 H ,Y . ki ' , . X, ,gin . . 5 ., K A ,X K X W x ,L 2 W X mfg : QS fig .L Q w 59:5 ':-Q: -s: , 1 E Q I K ' 5 f E' .5 Q -1.4 Barbara Riley Carl Oberg Sally Newviue VlBunnyll Hsalll Kay Sayles james Puckett HJ iml' Janet Swanson Ronald St. Martin Bonnie Singleton N IVROHII Daniel Regt-mir Nancy Smith !lDannll Dmnthy William Thorley Leonard St. Jean Mary Normand llsaintll Spencer Kleeman Judith V3-U Zoefen Beverly S issel uiluden Amber Williams Andrew johnson Gerald Monosso lIAndyll HJ ex-ry!! Lillian Wright ll I' James Strolle HJ'i-rn. ll In Memoriam Charles Surrell 1.13 Joan Wilkins Charles Surrell was born on September 5, 1941, and came to Newberry from Detroit when he was a Freshman. He was with the class of '59 until his death on July 4, 1958. His cheerful disposition brought him the respect of his classmates and teachers, As a friend he was loyal and sincere. His name will always be remembered by his classmates. I xx 6 l S 1 . gg U -'cur e 2 A ' 4 Berry Linda Folstad Carol Clark john Skinner President Vice-pres. Secretary Treasurer Jumons 108 students composed this year's junior class. With the help of our class advisor Mr. Trembath we soon got into the swing of things. A competent group of class officers were elected. This was a year for secondsg jean Kalnbach was elected home- coming queen candidate for the second time and we successfully entered the homecoming parade with a winning float entitled "Good Luck Indians" featuring a floral horseshoe. The Varsity cheerleading squad featured four jr. girls, the foot- ball team seven boys, and the basketball team six boys. We had six students on the student council, three in the Annual Tahquamenon Review, and ten were picked to act as hosts and hostesses on Senior Government Day. Our special fund raising projects includedg selling license pl ates, sweatshirts, sponsering a movie, producing the junior play and giving a prom. The year ended with a sigh of relief and many memories of our junior year at N.H.S. but with a bright outlook towards our "Senior" jean Kalnbach qu een candidate year. its 59 Lucy Abram Leo Alcorn Kenneth Bailey jerry Sue Baker Clem Bergstrom Dale Bessler Karen Bessler Vienna Bjorklund Annette Brow Eunice Brown Ben Butler Karen Burns 1 x Sandi Campbell Mary Cronk Kathleen Ennis Nancy Galor J tif X 'U' 5 Lana Guilmette Philip Carlson Charles Dean qs..- i g 5 E xl Viola Carlson Ardirh DeWeese Linda Fossitt Robert Garrett Gen Harriger a ,Q Barbara Case Nancy Dunkle , ,Ns Y l Dale Fox Dennis G0rsuch 6 rh Janice Harriman . M. Richard Frasier Delores Grame s u X Bill Hermann XJR.. P'!n Harryet Cl egg Wayne Dunlap 'E Howard French Sandra Green Ronald Hol r -. 1' 6 Rex Howard Carolyn Kowalski 9 Q L. Jay Maki Gail MCl.nren 5 ,X Sharon Nelson 5.4 Doris Katmo Ernest Kracker Barbara Kittel Janice L aCross john Ketola Anne Kujala if-rf "-' fi in f I X 1 -Q - at . Sandra Martell Andrea Matelski Belinda Marelski Nina McNeal Tom Momingstar Dorothy Moulder Camera shy: Fred Elsner, Richard Kirzel, Mike Lent, Charles Lewis, Mary Perry, Charles Spalding, and jerry joe Williams Pat Kirby Herbert Lennox Ben Kinsey joe LaFave I E Q Y Roger Mattson Robert McCurchen Frank Murray Lora Nantell C' I 'yr Mike Pelletier 'TER' I arles Perry 1 Richmond 'if E' 4 se Smith rest Terry f dred Welty E gy Roger Sandra Ronald Stendal Loi s Teske Ardirh x Perry Russell joe Potvin Eleanor Scherpinsky uw Q Ros e Sr. Martin Jeri-Lou Thorley Roberta Pum Roland Schroder A .. ' F a ny ?' K . . X W Carson Stoddard lid Torkko Williams Carolyn Williams Shirley Wood 5 Conrad Rader jim Sherbrook jean Reh Berry Singleron equy. Diane Su-awe Larry Swisher Ken Uhlbeqk Archie Weber Carol Wynn Kaye Zimmerman G: E 4-L William Aho lieth Benn ett Allen Bradley George Burbach l ,- sf ' Dennis Williams President we 4 Colleen Anderson Carl Bcrgluncl 1 UM, George Bral ey Kenneth Burkett ii .. 5, 1 I A., A V gigff0fdfLeQJfg - ' Viccflfres. Donald Anderson Roger Berry 1 "ll Sue Bristow Frank Butler joe Cantrall Treasurer 1 Bonnie Bally Berry Bodine Max Brown Alex Campbell Fred Everling Secretary Sandra Baldys Donn a Bouchard Linda Bugg Glen Carpenter X if lv' xg I 1' Jdy Carroll loria Dunlap ary Fitzgerald no U 'X vin Gibson ne Hampton uld llyvonen 'Tl if 'La 'x Bob Cousino jim Dwyer ljkll Gallagher F-3 I X Milo G0nser Beverly Hanger David jessup George Davis judy A. Eddy Par Garrett ., -an b ,A I Qi fir Rose Grawey Matt Herrrick john johnson -, Q , X N ' sf -X EN inf qu-uv 'S'.W France s Dean Judy K. Eddy Keith Gehrerr .g..' iT 6 Or-v f Jim Groh Bonnie Howard Ken Knlnbach 1 ? . fi: 4. A rm 2 -1 ba Leslie Derusha Shirley Falor Karen Generou Pearl Haley Myrtle Hutchinson Alice Keele-an A "'1 wg ac' -" f ' Norbert Ketola Barb Maddox Bob Mcliilvery "W, 1-r Mary Minier lilaine Niscula Dorothy Pc-rry if 5, 1' f F'- 1 w K. Nancy Kirby Sharon Kleeman joe LaFond Mary Lciplmrt jill Maki Clarance Mark Diana Martin Maureen Mdfutahu Doris MCGinis Mike McLean Jeannette MCTivar jvc Metcalf 1 K f M ESR: K' N N V M ug' ' 1 Nancy Musgrave Willa Newville Bob Ney Sally Niemi Delores Normand Gary Owen jim Panula Murvle Payton jerry Perry Elwood Priess jackie Pum Abby Purdy is X, S., anne Rettlce la Sevarns ithy Taylor :d Vancamp iil Williams Diane Routhier lfmily Short Gary Tervo . .,.,,se 1 t Peter Villemure Karen Williams f- Qi' Bonnie Schaap Richard Schroeder judy Scholtus Ina Smith Karen Smith Marvin St. jean Lorna Torgerson judy Transue Ken Tyda vu , . , 5 - Y :f"' A Don Weber Kathy Wynn Dick Williams The Sophomores started the year with a total of ll'5 students. ln B Team football the sophomores sponsored 20 members-in basketball 10 members. We had 4 sopho- more cheerleaders backing up the team. Our class won honorable mention for our pep-poster and we put on a pep-assembly called "The 61 cent Question". ff rx wb X N. VN .yeh -M- XFX x - fig nn .X X , X Ag 4 A i Bob Brown President Bob Bouchard Vice-President -ll' Li P 6 X U! I x ' 4 john Aho Mike Amxstrong Bill Bennett Rome Booth Doug Brower Q Q L If X y Everet Anderson Penny Barrett Ed Bessler Kathy Bouchard Carl Brown fneshm n Barbara Perry john Grawey Secretary C' ,p 'f P 7 Treasurer 148 strong--the Class of 1962 entered N.H.S. To start off our high school activities, we entered the Homecoming Parade with a float entitled "Hold That Line!" We didn't take first prize, but we did enjoy the fun of participating. In athletics we were no laggers-- 16 freshmen partici- pated in "B" football and 10 in basketball. Also the "B" cheerleading squad was favored with 2 freshmen. At a pep assembly in October, sponsored by the fresh- men, we outyelled all the other classes to win the pep jug. ln December this mighty class won first prize in "Pep Week" with our poster and slogan "The Negaunee Miners Smell De-Feet." Remember Mr. Dammann's smelly chemi- cal solution? The freshmen sponsored another pep assembly in Febru- ary when the entire class participated by singing the Lestoil song. CPopular cleaning fluidl. The class of '62 is noted for activities which are out- standing and different. Let's keep it that way all through school. .ff sh B X ye 'N-o Bob Armstrong Pat Becks Richard Best Ruth Bower jim Brown 1 jean Betterly Gary Bitely Grace Bodine Judy Braley Bob Bridges Wallace Bridges Patsy Brown Richard Bugg Janice Burns s QQ-wr . YW? Malva Butler Margaret Cl egg Alberg-Dalglei gig Mary linnis Wayne Erkintalo Darryl Frasier George French Ted Hale Dwight Harkness . 15 1 i X? Linda Carlson Mike Conlon Donald Dishaw TL, R 'wi 1 I bn! "Z-Q,-,X ii V egg z Juanita Carney Howard Cooper Pat Duflo 1 445 1 X Xi I W '1'!'N"f jim Fair Alan Fyvie Linnea Hendrickson 3' 'Vu is A W EN Q S. Nancy Caudell Sue Dahl Art lil sner T' 'YY 1 1 -' ' X.: jim Fitzgerald Clara Fox Charles Francis Kenny Grames Marie Glenn Sandi Gorsuch jean llelmer Dean Hermann Barbara Hill .U in' QW! X E , IP' x . X " ai X, X' -X Snnin Ilyvoncn Hill Kracker X1.1ry lam' l.nss 1 J if A C nHJQ rl Eivind. " nw - '- I Art Nlmltlox tlilhcrt Mattson Ruhcrtn Uhr-rlc Charlie johnson Donna Kraft Renee Lcazicr -'R' 1 l rx Q, T jim Maki Mike Mattson llarrictt Olsen J, f x w: W K Q 'Q an Sharon Kltvhnson Joann Kropp john Mcffutcheon fl rf! f 62 is ,Mm Hy Pauline Manville Searle Mercier Frances Ott L 'S 5 1 K 'G' il' , Z: If Alma Keinonen Bob Lackey Wayne MCGahan ,M if lggt v' My 5 .. , ,V Q -. Kgs gf - ., 4 1 f ij ,LW i' f' My v .M v sf iiii in . Carol Marks jane Mohr Carolyn Petlit vm, Q gm Q. Qi-gp 5, 91-f if . wr? ,l X Paul Kerala janv Kiucl jim Lambert N14-ritlcxh l..1nc Tom Mclnnis iflarcnco N1t'Nzun.xr1 'ag ov 'Gif I n . U, 4- ... '!.":' Q1 to www Us 1 - L. ' jean Marsh Terry Nlntlmit-u Dennis Nnntcll K2ll'.llCl' Nirk:-rson Ken Pelle-tt-ir Wallnct- llltxnck E xltcr Potts Sandy Quinlrm Ann Rnhilly lly Rittcrhoff Marilyn Rout litl Rushfortl irhnrn SL'llI0l'tlCl' Ginny Scott Anita Sherlock M if S- -Q. QE s Smith Vt-rn Smith l.onnn Soullierc dn Strnkn Mary jo Surrcll Helen Taylor nnil Van QTLIIIIP jenn Vogel lmster Webb i Betty Richardson Leon St. Clair Arnold Sissel Charlotte SOVKI Lana Taylor jonnnc West Y gag wb- 'C J - ,cvs ,' 51' v Dan Richmond llill Riley Bill Sumpsull Bert Sumter Bob Smith Dan Smith W A fp... , Kay Sprang Sue Stokvs Sharon Tucker licvcrly Tuttlt- lion Wifkwirc Marvin Williams nz T1 Back Row L to R, V. Marlo K. Stendel, K, Darr, W. McLaughlin, G. Krueger, df. Mattson, M. Mclle J. Heppe, A. lehman. 3rd Row, G. Adams, R. Grubba, C. Adkins, S. Brownalnl-L Calkins, G, Gala, D. Bodi, P. Foley. 2nd Row, A. Pum, S, Fulrlz, D, Maki, F. Scherpinsky, I. Wood, T. Bradley, S. Stuart, Mrs, johnson. lst Row, W, Hauglie, K. Berry, T. Schaap, P. Haley, M. Pike, I. Duilo, F, Chippewa. eighth qnaoe Pres. - G. Krueger Pres. - L Middleton V. Pres. - J. Heppe V. Pres. - L Libby Sec, - Treas. Sec. - Treas. S. Brown R. Mattson Q Q Q -fa wk. ' fr' 4-2, Back Row, L. to R. R. Russell, E. Hood, S. Thomas, R. William, D. Krueger, J, Taylor, D. Bjorklund, R. Carroll, I. Fisher. 3rd Row, J. Ha.rriger S. Johnson, A, Robinson, B. Anderson, J. Su-aka., A. Bergmn, 15. can-ou, T. Gromely, znd Row, Mm. DeCook, J. sebum, S. Wood, D. Overland, B, Burbach, D. Rintamaki, J. Lehman, R. Mmm. 1st Row, L. Berry, J. Midalewn, L. Easley, L. Libby, c. Ford, D, McGi1v2.ry, E, Green. 70 nw- , 4 . .- Back Row, L. to R. L. Green, C. Zeke, B. Stratton, N. Burton, L Beny, J. Livinshon, B. Iaiti, M. Bridges, R. Va.nZoren, M. Fuller. 3rd Row, D. Robinson, B, Myezs, D, Fiugerald, S, Short, J. Harju, J. Villemure, E. Groh, P. Manville. 2nd Row, Mr, Parker, D. Maddox K. Bennett, B, Bradley, C. Wabsey P. PattersoniM. Ketola. 1st Row, P. Hatton, R, Miner, B. mme, 1311. Perry, R. obinson, F. Doyle, D. crank. Pres. - M. Fuller Magazine Awards V. Pres - B. Myers lst. Prize - Pat xg Sec. - Treas. - Manville. 2nd, B. Stratton Prize - Karen ' F01-Ymds .- A A, ' Q93 This IS Pat s second an . ' nb ' l, in A ,Z , wg? year to win lst. K. im g dv? F1-zen A .. Q - Back Row, L to R5 Mr. Easley, D. Turney, L. Demarest, G. Bryers, L. Lutz, R. Bennett, C. Niskola, J. Patte1s0n. lst Row, A. McMullen, F. Richardson, B. Dean, T. Collins, G, Wood, K. Pike, G. Stephenson, H, Holnleso 71 Back row, L to R5 L. Hale, In McLean, K. Folstead, T. Bays, C. Traicoff, Sitting, C, Williams, J. Moulder, C. Brown, D. McLean. seventh GRACE QQ Back row, L to R, L, Frang, M. Carpenter, J. Fossift, J. Hedger, B. Bergman, G, Hunter, A, Bjorklund, C, Isuso J. Carlson, R. Oberg, 3rd row: S. Robinson, L, Perry, R, Cousino, J. Somers, Rfxjocko, J. McLean, P. Mullenax, V. Yeske, I.. Kowalski, 2nd, row: R, Paul, J. Alexander, K. Daglesh, M, Salter, M. Bennett, S. St. Clair, C, Brown, Mrs. Monroe. Sitting: R. Mark, M. Gibson, V. Normand, D. Straka, D. Shepherd, E. Brusseau, R. Groh, C. Vogel. 72 Back row, L to R5 K. Glenn, A. Belcher, L Iackey, R. Nelson, M. Richmond, R. Southwood, J. Panula., K. Folstead, J. Berry, S. VanSickle, 3rd Row, D. Niscola, D. McLean, G. Bugg, P. Haniger, M. Knauf, R. Heppe, M. Wood. 2nd Rowg Mr. Erickson, M. Derusha., T. Mercier, R. Criqui E. Menley, S. Caswell, C. Traicoff, F. Green. Sittingg G. Aho, G. St. Clair, S. Sevarns, D. Schroder, B. Bruseau, S. Mahar, A. Belcher, I. Ford. N" Q 'NTI Back row, L to R5 C. Williams, M. Peterson, J. Hendrickson, J. Kracker, S. H-own, G. Glenn, M. Dwyer, J. Scholms, D. Bryers, D. Teske, I. McTiver, 3rd Row, J. Sales, I. Glenn, G. Tyda, R. Justice, T. Jordan, T. Bays, S. Bergman, D. Oberle, I. Lundy. 2nd Row, Mr. Truckey, C. Ketola, M. Bugg, L. Hale, J. NeH, A. Pedit2M. Painter, D. Dunlap, B. Aten. 1st Rowg P. Carl-9011, D. Fyvie, T. Eddie, L. Matelsld, I. enker, I. Moulder, E. Smith, R. Sova, S. Craycraft. 73 Compliments of FERRIS DRESS SHOP For "Smarfness 8- Style" MAC'S CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "59" C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Congratulations Seniors CE?55,,0f wEl.rsR's Fo Sums STANDARD HARDWARE SERVICE Compliments of Congrafulafions Class of '59 suRRELL's rmzsronla NEWBERRY if 00-OP STORE Home-Made Sausage Our Specialty COMPLIMENTS OF DUKE' S BURN'S SPORT SHOP Hunfing 8. Fishing Supplies if is Q Live Baif See us, we've got if Compliments ot Comp! me fs gf GuilImett's People's Market Electrlc Famous Brand Shqp Name Foods FINEST IN THE U.P. 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ORCHARD GROVE MOTEL Close io Business Disfrici' Clean - Modern - Showers RAHILLY MOTOR COMPANY 77 Adams, Gail 70 Adkins, Claude 70 Aho, Gary 73 Aho,John 14, 27, Aho, William 20, 27, 62 Alcorn, Leo 58 Alexander, Judy 72 Allen, Mr. 6, 30, 35, 39 Allen, Mrs. 6 Andary, Gary 22, 23, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 39, 46 Anguilm, Miss 6, 24, 25, 28 Anderson, Betty 70 Anderson, Colleen 62 Anderson, Donald 34, 62 Anderson, Everett 66 Anderson, Lanita 29, 31, 46 Armstrong, Mike 66 Armstrong, Robert 66 Arneth, Mrs. 88 Arneth, William 40, 46 Aten, Beverly 14, 73 Bailey, Bonnie 32, 62 Bailey, Brady 23, 34 Bailey, Kenneth 58 Baker, Jerry Sue 17, 22, 27, 28, 58 Baldys, Sandra 62 Barrett, Penny 25, 66 Bays, Ted 72, 73 Beaulieu, Thomas 20, 28, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 45 Becks, Patricia 21, 24, 26, 28, 66 Belcher, Albert 73 Bennett, Beth 20, 26, 62 Bennett, Karen 71 Bennett, Michael 72 Bennett, Rollie 71 Bennett,William 66 Bentley, Mr. 4, 31, 34 Berglund, Carl 62 Berg, Mr. 6 Bergman, Arvid 70 Bergman, Betty 72 Bergman, Darlene 23 Bergman, Sharon 73 Bergstrom, Clem 58 Berry, Betty Jo 28, 29, 46 Berry, E. I. 14, 25, 27, 28, 58 Berry, Jallan 73 Berry, James 71 Berry, Kay 70 Berry, Lynn 14, 70 Berry, Roger 62 Berry, Ronald 31, 46 Berry, Stanley 47 Bessler, Dale 58 Bessler, Edward 21, 66 Bessler, Karen 20, 25, 30, 58 Best, Richard 66 Betterly, Jean 26, 66 Biggs, Miss 10, 7 Bitely, Gary 66 Bjorklund, Allen 72 Bjorklund, Donald 70 Bjorklund, Vienna 28, 58 Bodi, Donald 70 Bodine, Elizabeth 62 Bodine, Grace 25, 26, 66 Booth, Rome 22, 66 Bouchard, Donna 26, 42, 62 Bouclnrd, Kathryn 25, 66 Bouchard, Robert 34, 66 Bower, Ruth 66 Bowler, Hazel 23 , 46 Boyer, Donna 32, 47 Bradley, Allen 62 Bradley, Barbara 71 Bradley, Teresa 70 Braley, George 62 Abram, Lucy 58 30 , sa, 66 Braley, Judy 66 Bridges, Michael 71 Bridges, Robert 66 Bridges, Wallace 66 Bristow, Sue 25, 26, 62 Brower, Douglas 66 Brow, Annette 58 Brown, Al 14 Brown, Carl 66 Brown, Carol 72 Brown, Eunice 22, 58 Brown, James 21, 26, 34, 38, 39, 66 Brown, Judy 9, 28, 47 Brown, Judy 30, 35, 37, 62 Brown, Patsy 66 Brown, Robert 28, 34, 38, 39, 66 Brown, Sally 73 Brown, Stephen 70 au Be 73 Brusse , tty Brusseau, Edith 72 Bryers, David 73 Bryers, Jerry 71 Buck, Richard 21, 35, 36 Bugg, Linda 20, 62 Bugg, Gerald 73 Bugg, Mildred 73 Bugg, Richard 66 Bugg, Sharon 25, 28, 47 Bugg, Vercil 25, 46 Burbach, George 62 Burbach, Robert 70 Burgraff, Miss 6 Burkett, Kenneth 62 Burns, Janice 66 Burns, Karen 32, 58 Burton, Mr. 6 Burton, Norman 71 Butler, Ben 58 Butler, Frank 62 Butler, Malva 67 Calkins, Herman 70 Campbell, Alex 22, 34, 39, 62 Campbell, Sandra 17, 19, 27, 59 Cantx-all, Barbara 25, 32, 46 Cantrall, Glenn 25, 62 Cantrall, Lauri 67 Carlson, Joanne 72 Carlson, Linda 67 Carlson, Pamla 14, 73 Carlson, Philip 35, 59 Carlson, Viola 59 Carney, Juanita 67 Carpenter, Albert 67 Carpenter, Bob 34 Carpenter, Glen 62 Carpenter, Michael 72 Carroll, Beverly 70 Carroll, Judith 63 Carroll, Richard 70 Case, Barbara 17, 28, 59 Caswell, Shirley 73 Caudell, James 30, 35, 37, 40, 47 Caudell, Nancy 30 , 67 Chippewa, Frank 70 Clark, Carol 17, 19, 24, 26, 27, 32, 58 Clegg, Harryet 59 Clegg, Margaret 67 Cobe, Gary 67, 34 Collins, Tom 71 Conlon, David 67 Cooper, Howard 67 Corbin, Mary 22, 26, 31, 47 Cousino, Robert 23, 63 Cousino, Ruth 72 Cox, Mr. 5 Craycraft, Sharon 73 Criqui, Rita 73 Cronk, Mary 23, 59 Dahl, Susan 21, 26, 28, 67 Dalgliesh, Albert 9, 67 Dalgliesh, Karen 72 Dammann, Mr. 4, 30 Darr, Kenneth 70 Davis, George 23, 63 Davis, James 15, 48 Dean, Charles 35, 37, 59 Dean, Bernard 71 Dean, Frances 22, 63 DeCook,J. L. 7, 12 DeCook, Mrs. 5, 70 Deloria, Linda 67 Demarest, Leo 71 Derusha, Leslie 21, 28, 63 Derusha, Michael 73 Derusha, Ronald 52 DeWaard, Mrs. 4, 26 DeWeese, Ardith 22, 59 Dishaw, Donald 67 Doyle, Frances 71 Duflo, Irene 70 Duflo, Patrick 21, 67 Dun1ae,Nwcy 17, 19, 24, zs, 27, 32, 59 Dunlap, Dorothy 73 Dunlap, Gloria 42, 63 Dunlap, Warren 67 Dunlap, Wayne 17, 35, 37, S9 lggvyer, James 26, 32, 34, 38, 39, Dwyer, Margaret 73 Dwyer, Miss 4, 32, 45 Easley, Linda 70 Easley, Mr. 5, 71 Eddy, Judy Ann 24, 25, 26, 63 Eddy, Judy Kay 63 Eddy, Timothy 73 Elsner, Arthur 34, 67 Elsner, Fred 35, 37 Ennis, Kathleen 30, 42, 59 Ennis, Mary 21, 30, 67 Erickson, Mr. 5, 14, 20, 23 Erickson, Mr. S, 73 Erkintalo, Wayne 67 Fair, James 34, 67 Falor, Shirley 23, 63 Fisher, James 70 Fitzgerald, Diane 71 Fitzgerald, James 67 Fitzgerald, Mary Ann 30, 63 Foley, Patricia 70 Foley, Tim 22, 31, 48 Folstad, Karen 71, 72, 73 Folstad, Linda 9, 27, 29, 32, 58 Ford, Cherrie 70 Ford, Ivan 73 Fossitt, Janie 72 Fossitt, Linda 9, 27, 59 Fox, Clara 23, 67 Fox, Dale 59 Fox, Wilburt 39, 48 Francis, Charles 26 , 67 Frang, Leon 72 Frang, Sharon 15, 29, 30, 31, 32, 48 Frasier, Darryl 34, 38, 39, 67 Frasier, Richard 59 Frasure, Williams 71 French, Albert 67 French, Delores 22, 31, 47 French, Howard 59 French, Philip 31, 48 Freytag,Winnie 21, 28 Fuller, Melissa 14, 71 Fultz, Shirley 70 Furlong, Angela 15, 23, 29, 31, 4 Fyvie, Alan 30, 67 Fyvie, Donna 73 Gallagher, Patricia 23, 63 8 Balor, Gerald 70 Balor, Nancy 22, 59 Barrett, Patricia 24, 26, 42, 63 Barrett, Robert 59 Behrett, Keith 34, 63 Benerou, Karen 63 Bibson, James 27, 30, 31, 32, 49 Bibson, Marie 72 Bibson, Melvin 63 32, sz Mann Blenn, Gerald 73 Blenn, Irene 73 Blenn, Karen 73 Blenn, Marie 67 Bonser , M110 9, 26, 63 Bomerly, Tom 70 Borsuch, Dennis 30, 35, 36, 40, 59 Borsuch, Robert 30, 31, 35, 37, 39 :5 Borsuch, Sandra 20, 67 Brames, Delores 59 Brames, Kenneth 67 'rawe ohn 66 ' yn J Brawey, Rose 22, 63 Breen, Elizabeth 70 Breen, Frank 73 Breen, Linda 71 Breen Sandra 17, 22, 59 smh, 'Edward 71 Broh, James 38, 39, 63 Broh, Patricia 72 Brubba, Rita 14, 28, 31, 48 Brubba, Robert 70 Builmette, Lana 17, 20, 28, 59 iale, Laurena 72, 73 iale, Ted 67 ialey, Pat 70 ialey, Pearl 63 Iampton, Diane 9, 26, 42 63 lampton, Jewel 23, 31, 49 lanager, Beverly 21, 63 ianson, Mr. 35 iarju, Harold 71 larlcness, Dwight 67 larkness, Keith 41, 49 iarriger, Judy 70 iarriger, Gen 14, 28, 59 Iarriger, Pat 73 Iarriman, Janice 26, 27, 30, 59 iarriman, Trudy 9, 22, 49 iatten, Pat 71 Iauglie, Walter 70 ledger, James 72 Ielmer, Frances 14, 24, 26, 27, 18, 31, 49 lelmer, Jeanne 67 gnggrson, Diane 26, 29, 30, 31, ' I lendrickson, Dennis 31 , 49 lendrickson, John 73 lendrickson, Linnea 20, 26, 67 leppe, Judy 70 leppe, Marguerite 26 , 30, 31, 2, 49 Kerman, Dean 21, 26, 27, 67 Ierman, William 26, 29, 59 Ietrick, Ellen 20, 24, 27, 31, 49 letrick, Matthew 63 Iill, Barbara 67 lolmes, Harry 71 lolt, Ronald 9, 17, 30, 35, 37, 59 Iood, Eugene 70 Iood, Karen 23 lood, Lois 22 loward, Bonnie 63 loward, Rex 32, 60 luggins, Mary 22, 29, 31, 42, 50 Iunter, David 9, 23, 30, 31, 35, 6, 40, 49 lunter, Gerald 72 Iutchinson, Myrtle 63 Hyvonen, Arnold 63 Hyvonen, Sonja 68 Immonen, Carol 9, 29, 31, 32, 42 Jacko, Roselind 72 Jackson, Mr. 6 Jackson, Mrs. 4 Jacobson, Mrs. 7 Jessup, David 20, 25, 27, 30, 63 Johnson, Mrs. 5, 70 Johnson, Andrew 55 Johnson, Anna May 15, 21, 22, 27, Johnson, Charles 68 Johnson, John 21, 27, 30, 63 Johnson, Sharon 68, 70 Jordon, Thomas 73 Justice, Robert 73 Kalnbach, Jem 17, 27, za, 29, az, 58 Kalnbach, Kenneth 34, 63 Katmo, Doris 17, 60 Keelean, Alice 63 Keinonen, Alma 68 Ketola, Carol 73 Ketola, John 60 Ketola, Michael 71 Ketola, Norbert 64 Ketola, Paul 68 Ketvertis, Gerald 30, 31, 35, 37, 41, 50 Kilpela, Margaret 9, 14, 15, 21, 26, 31, 32, 45 Kilpela, Mr. 7 Kinsey, Ben 19, 30, 35, 36, 60 Kirby, Nancy 64 Kirby, Pat 60 Kittel, Barbara 60 Kittel, Jane 68 Kleeman, Sharon 23, 64 Kleen-ian, Spencer 35, 36, 55 Knauf, Mary 73 Kowalski, Carolyn 17, 27, 28, 60 Kowalski, Linda 72 Kracker, Ernest 27, 60 Kracker, Jane 73 Kracker, William 27 Kraft, Donna 68 Kropp, Joann 68 Krueger, Gary 70 Krueger, Richard 70 Kronquist, Mrs. 6 Kujala, Ann 23, 60 Lackey, Judine 73 Lackey, Robert 34, 68 LaCross, Janice 17, 23, 60 LaFave, Joe 60 La? ex, Barbara 32, 52 LaFex, Naomi 32 LaFond, Joe 38, 39, 64 LaFond, Mrs. 7 Laiti, William 71 Lambert, James 68 Lane, David 14, 20, 23, 26, 31, 32, 50 Lane, Meredith 68 Larson, Candace 72 Lass, Mary Jane 68 Leazier, Renee 68 Iggiphart, Donell 24, 28, 29, 31, Leiphart, Mary 14, 23, 25, 26, 64 Lehman, Anthony 70 Lehman, John 70 Lemke, Mr. 4, 28 Lennox, Herbert 60 Lewis, Clifford 26, 34, 62 Libby, Linda 70 Livingston, Joe 71 Lundy, Linda 73 Lutz, Lyndon 71 Lyon, Lee 22, 31, 51 Maddox, Arthur 68 Maddox, Barbara 64 Maddox, Diane 71 Mahar , Dennis 73 Maki, Donna 70 Maki, James Richard 38, 68 Ma1d,Ju1 64 mam, John 17, 19, 21, ze, 27, 34 ss, so Maki, Mn-gmt 15, ze, 29, 31, 48 g, Janet 22 in Manville, Jim 34 Manville, Pat 71 Manville, Pauline 68 Mark, Clarence 64 Mark, Randell 72 Mark, Valarie 70 Marks, Carol 28, 68 Mun, sue 22 29, ao, 31, 32,50 Marsh, Jean 68 Mmeu, sandra 27, ao, 42, so Martin, Diana 64 Matelski, Andrea 28, 60 Matelski, Belinda 28, 60 Matelski, Laurence 73 Mathieu, Terry 68 Mattson, Albin 9, 50 Matson, Carl 70 Mattson, Gilbert 28, 68 Matson, Karen 21 , 27 Mattson, Rodger 14, 21, 25, 60 Matson, Roseanne 70 Maxson, Michael 68 McCutcheon, Jolm 34, 68 27, McCutcheon, Maureen 26, 64 McCutcheon, Robert 22, 60 McGahan, Wayne 68 McGilvary, Daniel 70 McGi1vary, Robert 34, 64 Mclnnis, Doris 64 Mclnnis, Tom 34, 68 McLaren, Gail 22, 60 McLaughlin, William 70 McLean, Danile 72, 73 McLean, Jim 72 McLean, Mike 26, 64 McLean, Mary 14, 70 McMullen, Albert 70 Mc-Namara, Clarence 68 McNeil, Nina 27, 60 McTlver, Jeanette 26, 64 McTiver, Joanne 73 McPherson, Sam 51 Menly, Emma 73 Mercier, Searle 68 Mercier, Thomas 73 Metcalf, John 64 Meyer, Alan 50 Meyer, Beverly 71 Middleton, Bill 28, 34 Middleton, John 14, 70 Miller, Robert 71 Miller, Mrs. 88 Minier, Maryann 24, 26, 64 Mohr, Jane 21, 42, 68 Monosso, Gerald 23, 27, 55 Monroe, Robert John 15, 52 Monroe, Mrs. 5, 72 Monroe, Virgil 34 Moore, Adra 14, 25, 28 Moore, Gary 30, 31, 35, 36 Momingstar, Tom 60 Moulder, Dorothy 27, 28, 32 Moulder, Joe 72, 73 Mullenax, Pat 72 ,eo Murray, Frank 35, 37, 40, 60 Musgrave, Nancy 26 , 64 Nantell, Dennis 68 Nantell, Lora 17, 27, 28, 60 Neff, james 73 Nelson, Richard 73 Nelson, Sharon 20, 27, 28, 60 Newville, Sally 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 53 Newville, Willa 20, 64 Ney, Robert 30, 35, 36, 38, 39, 64 Nickerson, Karalee 68 Niemi, Sally 20, 21, 28, 64 Niskala, Clifford 71 Niskala, Deloruee 73 Niskala, Elaine 22, 64 Norrnand, Delores 64 Normand, Mary 28, 31, 54 Normand, Vania 72 Oberg, Carl 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 53 oberg, Richard 72 Oberle, Donna 73 Oberle, Roberta 68 Olson, Harriet 68 Ott, Mary Frances 68 Overland, Richard 70 Owen, Gary 64 Painter, james 51 Painter, Michael 73 Panu1a.,James 64 Panula, Judy 28, 51, 73 Parker, Mary 24, 29, 31, 32 Parker, Mr. 5, 41 51, 71 Patterson, John 71 Patterson, Phyllis 71 Patterson, Ray 9 Paul, Roger 72 Payton, Murvle 64 Pedit, Arden 73 Pedit, Carolyn 68 Pedit, Linda 23, 51 Pelletier, joe 34 Pelletier, Kenneth 66 Pelletier, Micluel 35, 60 Pelletier, Mrs. 4, 26 Perry, Barbara 66 Perry, Beverly 25 Perry, Charles 61 Perry, Dorothy 64 Perry, Gerald 14, 22, 23, 35, 37, 64 Perry, Linda 72 Perry, Mark 71 Perry, Mary 24, 26, 29 Perry, Rodger 61 Peterson, Marla 73 Pierson, Lynn 23, 27 Pike, Mervin 70 Planck, Wallace 68 Potts, Walter 69 Potvin, joe 61 Priess, Elwood 34, 38, 39, 64 Puckett, James 30, 35, 36, 53 Pum, Ada 70 Pum, Jackie 23, 26, 64 Pum, Roberta 22, 61 Purdy, Abby 14, 21, 26, 42, 64 Punnort, William 14, 15, 29, 30, 31, 32, 54 Quinlan, Sandra 69 Rader, Conrad 26, 27, 30, 61 Rahllly, Ann 20, 26, 69 Reattoir, Daniel 5 Reh,1ean 20, 21, 27, 61 Rettke, Joanne 20, 65 Richardson, Elizabeth 69 Richardson, Francis 71 Richmond, Daniel 28, 69 Richmond, james 22, 26, 27, 61 Richmond, Mickel 73 Riley, Barbara 23, 27, 28, 29, 31, 53 Riley, William 38, 39, 69 Rintamaki, Richard 70 Ritterhoff, Sally 22, 69 Roat, Marilyn 69 Robinson, Alice 70 Robinson, Donna 71 Robinson, Robert 71 Robinson, Sandra 72 Routhier, Diane 26, 65 Rushford, Edward 69 Russell, Raymond 70 Russell, Sandra 27, 61 Ryan, Ivan Mr. 7 Salter, Mark 72 Sampsell, William 69 Sautter, Bertel 69 Sayles, Janis 73 Sayles, Kay 24, 28, 29, 53 Schaap, Bonnie 25, 26, 65 Schaap, Tom 70 Scherpinsky, Florence 70 Scholtus, John 73 Scholtus, Judy 32, 65 Schroeder, Barbara 21, 22, 69 Schroeder, Diane 73 Schroeder, Roland 30, 61 Schroeder, Richard 14, 26, 27, 28, 65 Schultz, Judith 70 Scott, Virginia 23, 69 Sensiba, Mr. 4, 27, 30 Sevams, Ella 65 Sevarns, Steve 73 Shepherd, Donald 72 Sherbrook, James 61 Sherlock, Anita 22, 69 Short, Emily 65 Short, Sandra 71 Singleton, Betty 28, 61 Singleton, Bonnie 14, 53 Sissel, Arnold 69 Sissel, Beverly 28, 55 Skinner, jolm 17, 19, 41, 58 Smith, Daniel 20, 69 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Edgar 73 Ina 26, 65 Karen 65 Lois 22, 69 Nancy 9, 23, 24, 28, 29, 54 Robert 69 Smith, Rosemary 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 61 Smith, Vera 69 Somers, Judy 72 Somers, Una 14, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 50 Solliere, Loana 69 Solliere, Paul 22 Southwood, Richard 73 Sova, Charlotte 69 Sova, Roseanna 73 Sprang, Cheryl 69 St. Clair, Gloria 73 St. Clair, Leon 69 St. Clair, Marjorie 28, 32, 52 St. Clair, Sharon 72 St. jean, Leonard 30, 35, 37, 41, 54 St, jean, Marvin 20, 24, 28, 30, 65 Stendel, Karen 70 Stendel, Ronald 38, 61 St. Martin, Ronald 9, 30, 31, S3 St. Martin, Rose 26, 61 Stephenson, George 71 Stoddard, Carson 61 Stokes, Sue 23, 28, 69 Straka, Daniel 72 Straka, Jackie 70 Straka, Linda 26, 28, 42, 69 Stratton, Bonnie 71 Strawe, Diane 32, 61 Strolle, james 14, 21, 23, 31, 56 Stuart, Sue 14, 70 Surrell, james 14, 15, 28, 30, 31, 32, 40, 45 Surrell, Mary jo 26, 69 Surrell, Mrs. 29 Swanson, Janet 15, 21, 24, 29, 31, 53 Swisher, Larry 61 Taylor, Catherine 65 Taylor, Helene 69 Taylor, Gerald 70 Taylor, Lana 22, 69 Terry, Ernest 19, 61 Teske, Lois 19, 20, 27, 61 Teske, Dana 73 Tervo, Gary 65 Thomas, Sueretta 70 Thorley, Bruce 34 Thorley, Dorothy 28, 29, 31, 32, 54 Thorley, Jeri-Lou 19, 27, 29, 30, 32, 42, 61 Torkko, Ed 38, 61 Traicoff, Cheryl 72, 73 Torgerson, Loma 26, 65 Transue,Judy 26,65 Treado, Mrs. 4, 27 Trembath, Mr. 6, 29 Truckey, Mr. 5, 73 Tucker, Sharon 69 Turney, Dennis 71 Tuttle, Beverly 69 Tyda, Gail 73 Tyda, Kenneth 34, 65 Uhlbeck, Kenneth 27, 61 Van Camp, Roland 69 Van Camp, Ted 65 Van Sickle, Sharon 73 VanZoeren, Judith 22, 27, 55 Van Zoeren, Raymond 71 Villemure, Joe 71 Villemure, Pete 38, 39, 65 Vogel, Cora 72 Vogel, Mary jean 26, 69 Wabsey, Charlotte 71 Webb, Lester 69 Weber, Archie 23, 30, 34, 35, 36, 61 Weber, Donald 65 Welty, Mildred 61 West, Joanne 21, 69 Wickwire, Donald 69 Wilkins, Joan 15, 32, 56 Williams, Amber 26, 31, 55 Williams, Ardith 26, 61 Williams, Carolyn 14, 23, 27, 61 Williams, Crystal 72, 73 Williams, Dennis 26, 34, 38, 39, 62 Williams, Dick 65 Williams, Gail 23, 65 Williams, Karen 23, 28, 65 Williams, Marvin 69 Williams, Richard 70 Wood, George 71 Wood, Judith 70 Wood, Margaret 73 Wood, Sharon 70 wood, sim-iey 19, 24, 29, so, 42, 61 Wright, Lmim 15, zs, ze, 29, 31, 56 Wynn, Carol 32, 61 Wynn, Kathy 23, 65 Yeske, Virginia 72 Zehe, Charles 71 Zenker, Ivan 73 Zimmerman, Kaye 27, 29, 61 1 rnwfuws anorn ERS , , A... hx... ux.b.i-.r 'Fifi' ' X 1 , ' I 4 L O. . 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H I g i: i.4,1,,g, ' wh 4, In aw 1 '76, Q W1 Q wx Q www fa W x m Nw

Suggestions in the Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) collection:

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 45

1959, pg 45

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 68

1959, pg 68

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 63

1959, pg 63

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 85

1959, pg 85

Newberry High School - Tahquamenon Yearbook (Newberry, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

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